Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1851 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. TK.WXi--.Vt.^-vr, < WHOLE NO. 6785. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, MAY 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. DOUBLE SHEET. a* Auvrto*. A^TCTIO^NOTICB.-THOfl. BKI.f . AUCTIONEER.? By II. N. Booh.?Special sale. I'll* lay. ?- half past 10 o'clock, in the auotina r'oms. No. 10 N -f n William ?onprUlu elegant Fumitora, splendlJ i'aintin<e, numerous le-ukiag Glasses, S I laaofortee, a > of Perfumery. Milli nery ul Fancy Articles, Dry Hoods. Lanine, GUandoUs. Fanes, Cutlery. Work Boxcl. Unas, Clocks. So. Friday, ot half part 10 o'olnok, at '/SO Caaal *tr>ot, a (food variety of ftousdbold Foraitnra, Beds, Huddlac, Carp-da. Maat-I Orna ments. splendid crttaaoa rolvi-t Sofa an I Rocking Chair. to watch. Particulars to morrow. HI'.1.1.. Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.?ORHNHOrSF. PLANTS AND Dahlia*.?Oa Friday, May Zj, at 10,'-, o'clock, ut 7d Broadway. a choice oofleetiea of Creonli-une I'lanta ani Dahlias, from tho naroorio* of M-sosrv Dun In p Jt Man'el, ?aoeioiotin* of Moathly Ilnncs, Gcra.iiums, Jeseatn.aes, l*e ? an las. Rose of Sharon. Trr^aau. Dalilisi, Carnations, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 67 Dey street. Assignkes sai.r of drf moods, millinery. aad Farcy Mood*. Friday at 10 o'oloek, at 614 Uranl ntreet. Csnslstiag sf a large and valuable stock of ataplo aad fancy dry goods, via : iaec? g'ore.-. beilery, silks, inlfli acry and fancy ortioles. well worthy tiie notice of the trade had tihera. Catalogues oa morning of sale. K. I.'. It SMI', AnelUue-r. J W. BROWN. AUCTION!.ER - MANUFACTORY FOR o the making r.f all kiada of Flaring Visiting a id llnsi ?oooa Card*.?J. W. Brown will aelt. by order nf assignees at No. 4rt Ludlow otreet, on Mraday. May id, at 10 o'otoch, the entire otook of Machinery. Preaees Tool*. < Winders, Plates, Mr., Ac , reqnlrite for the above business. Will be sol 1 with out riocric. May to aeen no the morning of sale. Apply to J. W. Foot, 214 1 earl atreet. M. NrCi'RMHK, A M TlnN r.KIL IT Ft "II KK. Lienors. Ac.?Mm MeCsirirlek A Co. will mil, Idle w|WP? day, at 10 o'oloek. at 13 Spree- Wren, a general a.-- rtm?nt ?of Furniture. fr?m? fan ilr giving up hosiaaksspiag. eta ?luting of Sorti, Chain, inarblu top Tables, Chandelier,, au ?lugaat mantle Clock, an elegant ?et of double Harness, Oliver plated, rew ?cost $7b A Do. 10 quartor a *?ks Brandy, ' of Ttaa, Ci ' T ? elegant mantle Clock, an elegant <et of double Harness, ailver elated, new?root $7f> A lot of Ttaa, Creoerino. Ac. WM. McfORMKK. AUCTIONEER. ? FUR VITTRI Sals?This day, at 10 o'clock, of Eighty V-t etrest. between Second and Third are i?, w| I ho sold th? Furul tore of a family riving np l.on e eep r,;, o-m, >ing the usual variety of parlor, ocOrootn, and aivehen t ur 1* if. lYUIEODOKF. MALI ARF. AUCTIONEER. -TaLII\lll.C A Into at Fort Washington. In ih? Twelfth w ,rt of IV OstynfNsw York, at auction.- Vallal y A ' ye. < nil se auction .??Thursday. May 22. at ISo'tl--ea, at tr,? ?? r 'lants F.xckaago, ifRidovlrabla loto In the Twelfth vard ef ' ? oil/ of New York, running fr-m the lllnge'rl's r - I t- v'.e rhrtr- embracing very eh?te? sp-.u f-r r.tmo aitea Teutli Mid Fllevnath avennee ran thronrh this prey ,t? aaty access renders H *ne ef the moet de.lra'ie ..'??< Ic i perm an eat residence. It ie within a ehnrt a.s've-s of *u.e Tubby liook Station. and half a mile fr -j t> . ill/.. Rn.igs. It will be aeld la jinreela t- anit pnrvhtaero. Tho title te thia property is indUpwtaW*. Terms, whi-h v.ill he a'e-in modatiag made known ut the sale. For lithographic rasp*, apply at the office of the auctioneer, 27 Wall etrc.t, now ready. Br n. H. LFF.Dti A M'.-IRIDAl MAY SI. AT 10'-. o'clock, at the saleo r .' m. No. 1< Wall street, ach In \sscrtnn4il of 11 inee, Brandies, Mad-Iras; Ac., comprlelas; Madolrae?Old 1 endon Fartleular; Blan iy: Yietoria: Old noiitk Side Broerre; auperi-r eld Madeiras, io bottle., Ibi o rted by Oilleeple aait Mcl-eed in lvto tee old Cabof Grape daloo Madeira. Old Sicily. An . ull of which are the hiihec rrade cf win-t) at eem" to this utark-.t. S!;orm u?Trial?, pain, from the et-ok of tic I- G-a. IValter Smith, vintage IS2S! deli ato old Auscntlllisdo: eupsrb old Fer llnsiid, One ?>td Iltinni >iy Mao anllla; delicate old R luanot ehiteel.'ti den Dock, Cold; Kndnlph; lainvrlol; 1 n-hor; l.i?b"a,fc E ri?Soft rior oi.i Kegins; rich eld fruity llsr-ay: old and Ac.irate Tasrnej: detknte LoonarJ"; eup rh Korig; Laud ssan'e Bne old 1'iirf. Ac. Brardles-I'sfi Otari; dark Jo.,; Oimac. srintago UCdl; rich old Ilrnae -ey; pale oh amp ague, %e. Sundrioio I 'lnmpaynee; Clarots; Gin; Ram; Wliitky, Ac. AU'J au le v. I^s of Havana S..gar? of vari -uu b.-anXi. warratiied < uhaeta Wine ?3-iO .-oens Cahaarla umi. va.nod en Uie est.-r. is e s(neyar.l of d. f Rchuman, Es.;.,ol Ohio, heiiug the first coaslgumsnt ever made to this city; it ie (ree frcm a.- ol-il. sal :r- ry other auUtanoe. The public j* referr'-l n- r special advertloe reat r sp- tUg tiiU shipcrvor wlae. Samples e.u be eisminr 1 at ostr Store. Mdjrr a ? sand dolag t'-o W- i .. . . ., . .. ? .r furUief pn I<? a.., innolre at I< 5 B i" r>. HALE '< !?B P A UtA Ol' TIIE LAI I. MoSBS I.I.ARJC, ? dotd-ata. n'Uf t'?' i'i rua, aoMald la thr !? ? j I ?4t Clrf?t<? ?k?< I '>' Vila from ths Turirt.'i UhIi u Ralltmid. K to lwuolod r. rth'rly by the ri) 1-sdwr tr?-i P*?- Ch-attar ha New P. e.'.nlu, nnni:.!y b.- too i>' l*#t C"uea!"r, oa wbiet raada it lira tJwr its. toHnli rcad (i ?>?? Ibr >mb u i co?ai nxilM t.our*. a la r?-n barn, t t n for mre aheda, mil. hr -im. attvi*t*o MtU<lkMi >>ar/nt Ao.ndiare. al! is good soadllira, sit) a t -nl I'Ull b*UM. Tbe lim ?> ii ? ! i^h olate af imar T'i i tefstoa aawy. laqnire to ISatMa ClarR, M Flt<*b<>tli atrost, X.T., AlpUroa Clark, * a tit* prrui.! ??. >r t?tin <? Aarrlgu I *? ftew Uochell* JOHN fw I.IH, Kxceator of M"" la rk, W<??..J. W(;R RAI.P ! f. : Vi.wl. THE FOrR RTOtiV AMI tiaonaieaat brink Sonne, oa Mi* rrrot? rIjr ol.fn of . ?%? nt 3Ttr.f, to tofttei Twentuvli aod Tm "y ttr.t aim 'a.Nn. W, Vst S If liav r 3 k; II rt,? r inula oa 1 aui toaplgeea. Tbr htanla bat aav tor abm< * ikf. 1i<|mn of ft*aria lllnrLN li-imril, 8Wl9:xtk attuaa, bolura ? AW .or Imn t to " i'.M. Fo* bali.-vr .m k or youth* andcsa. irrt'i ClrbKIa,-.. wi'.k tbr t i nr ?. t .1 I n al ???m 3U" lirnwdo ar INe ?.anr.;t t-> .it-., tic ... city t' r Mm toiait. ?a. 1 rriaa lltorsi. Andys'10 i.e. 13or 8* 7 c if < mock .1 v ?? i ixrcRrn ok a * Inm-ir BMP". toyntber with a I. .tna ot mi vaan f- aa ' !?? t Mk). I TI unw dolay 4 reed kaafeoaa r<ir further rnrttr- lara. iu.,f?rr in tbe at.ira, pi a. ? iurutb ami \ to waoa Thlr'; nftt 1'Thirty eaitn e>' -u. U?0? ?Ai : A N.MNIMft OPPORTUNITY 1- NOW V I r-e> ' r , mill f. I>f SB) p i wic 1 1 I ?n' t ?t ftteet to c< lam <i> * loiainaas Say a" fi-o w. II I i.-- >a; .'<d lam > 1 ? ' itorn, N< I "N'iat'i Itanni 11" Mini kaa a li| lit ato'.'l, wtll kaai.rtal. ?r>i '? iht (or 1 '??A u tap di ' I M " Ira-U; to'l In- l< * a til t? a CI .1 trtocr. rtOEStlH (>V TO J.I I -AN 11.1 ,.tVi (OI ST .V .1: Rrab. taori mtlan fmat ! ait Itnarniar,, u tbn Otul>?b Kir?r Apply to W.??!.? to- .rt. !*- I' ladwa.. DOI PAI.I TDI It A-E OX THE A TORE, 80. ME I J'nU.n rt. In ,1 irt, rasa I.HA I'm ? tr fi. m May I, ISM. a ur; i ,irakfc bsataan. !? ati.'i. .tapir Uto prrtalaa |3oi! nai v a rrni.ic uoc?k m ithjr a ykw r doapa <1 Braadsay, b-aaaatanii 1 fortotoystr aa* H urAwal with or nithaat tits laraitsrs Lrtjo Ihr-ia y.aratoriif (rta tntpiknat ku ntk put irtioh ear ?! rnqu'rwit An aa K.S 11 Rii iter, tUliir wbei u ItWl t law caa to> btd 17 i*k ii ah im n >1 '.1 roui an ilboa v n.t pi ? r rinbi d I .itttn, altsa! I . n vi,a plftb I a aa I t '-t < ti 1 *ary ar t: Mtt'rO'n To I# rrrttnrl |rtll *ha I t of b . ? M ?? r natt >a a laaaltr anrall ? ?. In ? A4- r . * f trill a?fr?a," at bltr u'' ?? f Ihia pap r. ftKtirjKi 1;, ttnii Mi., k on pixhihr^, "1 for aatr. an t'.? f CM aart Irwn rt -o-i., Jtrwlir Haa a p .Italia. I..d I a raatti Mil t a trn Tsto atwtl I r bwiaan. I* .ftp lb* ? nly -? .r? ot. 11? Tnuf 1 .* rTn ll.'tnat n i rarllina "'if in, t'.e pr . t"lt lop t?' at l'i ' 1..r> ? r I arrkalara Ito.tii r* I . t ,. ff , ?. A.1 ftCIIANJ ' AMI OTt:.... WHO l?t<liiP. TO LO J?1 o?U tbntj fan tlina Ik lbs imwl haallbj an4 r???-ao'. alllaan 'i tnia nMeifj, art iai w?a to a?'? nd ton ?>i, n| f. nr teafoA 1st* at Aa(< rt ' / A. J Ttlanoknr. at II a'olaak IIU dar fAtMli I. li lit tiimilT ?MBMa?. fJF.flAR I" OR K A OP AA 1 r Til K PTOCK AMI PIT n t.,r?? "I ft Sr, a, :n??. ?il. bo anld fin *p. aa t'.r tr not ?SIH Am tUm tora'tirx to sttoM to. Apalp at (A Taurth araau. rt rn a >4 to I? to itrrat. T ARtPAC HAII.10A f> TI Hi.?Til J" MiH.V'IMBklU affrr (br awl*, daitokPSbt* ai I ray. >?.??' 11 ? a ..f lam 1 Par Railroad Tlon 'I Iri i. 9 ? I'. ? f*. 1 111 t 1,9 I?nt T. a ti 77i?y ?IH alan b? prapirort la> ooatra t fur lit. A, ;,nry#i J In* boantlli r 12 to dt toat lose, of any flaae-lmi fn 2- (rod ttaara' ar, af < ? 7 "? - oo <? ?.tartly aa aai. a raRiiH oc ok s ia co. fiftrr and darbdy a-ar thaCr"i shoal. Ra.'r .1 l>- p t.Tr .y. rpo LPT PR A P It I.I 8 BOI AR Bl tlilWNB* iktXANn Jl asd tAlid A"..ra Sf NIt1* Hrnad a aj., ut-ai>ro tl,ror-b tt-m sitis Nt, IW Alan, to- ? iu pitlidiar 8ra. Ito tad 117 Broad ?ay, niH -m is bo,- v 4 , t r??y ?tr"nti Sfpnr lift it) bol'dlnn N. J [i- >? t *ttt' Mi to.rmrait I* brlUira No t !>./ ?1? AdUltsR Ay t, am * " ? toy to Nr. I l?r nwsto, ? n o No. P. 111- 1.?or. IJAO I.rT i MIT or TUP! FA .IIOVtULK RCILT _ lluooo, TJ payor ! Mrert, r. saintln . of npl*tdl i ft n* And toev >'r'ir m, Mm oo?ad Sour, uloa rt n inltoattW, SII.I r-a ol t.i 1 '.?li >? to tat, to ft nsiaJI tornlly. P ? a*mioa M 1 to *" ra iaiai?4:atoty. in^nirt 1 Uaa ri m.-* IPO I F!T OR I'lR BALE?R VltA'ANT AND CO* 1. modlr.oa ndMalry fSaiAkltto, ri; rjund id ty aardto.a aad tolda la a hi b l ib ef 1 ililrafioa, a II ollaaa. N w iorany i'nowodnn pta?n it otniliataly. ladalen "f *r. Haa'iny, of -tfc. Madto < Hat. I. or 8r flatlaa, af'to doyb, ->t No. ?8 Atlanta aim-A, Saath furry, Brooblyn. TO LKT 111! LOPT Ot UR TUB MW V0R1 UA rnarroan liailn < No. Vi i>raao ?l*h stre"t, -oranr if ?tar' lay, wi ll t?<. and b??irty a iand> 1 m" Mt'Saaa fpota ? Armattrin* ??rr>?. luaalra la tto Dn ;a* rr" 'B UaiWry. o? of P.. A BKfd r \ N?. 1 al I alt-'B atr 't. f|A? 1 ? LPT rtlfiAVTLT ICRNIfiRRO SOITBA, 0* xajfln rooioa at P2 Warrsa ttf*at IIKMOVALI. U PBOTAL- IABKS I! COOKR ItAA APR it ID BUS ,I\ Itoit and Par alt* ra tt trahcoso N a !>J to I#- H?adwij, whora a fall t-d foai|>loto aa-. r tat >k' may ulkaya to fiaaa. UEMOVAI. M tib f If KB I.N, IMI'flRTRR OP WIN RA ard Lisa n. baa moored ft-Bt ltd f.itorty ?tmot to No. ?A Fr- at ttrkot. RKNOtAL. I>R I.0TPNRR ? RAH mrPTRMARt tor ti)" etaint*?o 1 raw mill af Bar dloeaaoa, bo. ?? n Mm raid ?ai 1*1 Hrrad*ay. Itoatonoo dlo'diarr'a from t' MMWtofl "dD rw* rrwi -wmy. < mmn- wm a rtot.^ra ' T aatnrnil am*, aa.i >to titiani dlitmonlma noAaon h) tbn aari iNraf ia Sob or* "ax atttont rtok "f folB. (VniaMai.lo (W M RnpaJd lat'nra r isaod fHltoa n.arr iroa ? m 1 JVjmh ft'm ?ta WMfV to* ktot iM fi IMA MAR 4 Mtkanf toa(ti AmuiauufijrwB. 'PUR HAMBLIN KESTITAL.?AT VN ADJOURNED ?I minting of the friends of Tbomns S. Hamblin, Kjq., uant^er and proprietor of the Bowory Thmtre. held it t.m Aitor House, on tile evening of the 30th Mej instant, S* Ik User, Esq., In lh*uh?ir. it was Resolved. That the proposed T -otinjoni*! b? giv-n to Mr. tlmnblin at tu early day, nt Castle Garden, which hit be-u literally and gratuitously placed at onr disposal for thin pur pom, by Messrs. French k llcUer, ita proprietors. Rreofved, fur'-hor, That the thank* ol Mr. Ilnrablin'a friends 1V given to tbo?e gvntl-ui u for thutr liberality and courtesy, and that the off-r b? gratefully acoepto J. Ex "B " An Executive Committee ??* lh?n uppoin'-d, to take ( general supervl?l?a of tk? arrangements for the proposed Testimonial. A Committee on Printing wax a'.ao appointed. W. II. Bf lc, K*q.. *u gnanimouely ehoseu Treasurer. Tha Executive Commltt'? waro instructed to Invito th? cn-oi -opera tion i f .uoh profc.atonal tab nt >. may be im-Uncd to place their ? rvtaaa at the Jispc-ition of th? comi..ltl. o, in order to tnbat - tlte nttrxitloas of the proponed f-atival All letter* in rep!jr to tbia invitation to be addressed. "('..m nitu of Ham jin Festival,'' at th? Aster lions* nhcra eno or morn of t; < member* will be oor.atantiy in attendanoe. Thn tu.. o inir then adjourned, eubject to a eall frnn the Executive Committee. S1.TII O Kit it. Chairman. Jamb* F. Otih, &e*tetery. J iX.VY LINli S EIGHTH GRAND CONCERT, AT i'ripler liall. on Frldny e veu ing, i'< t in?t.?T|. huts for Ihe most deairmbl* -cat* may be bad at H. UAII.LIKKKd Hoi cnti.K Bookstore, ?*.*) Broadway. Tiok?t? for Jenny Lund's Eighth Grand Concert, at Tripler Mali, on Krldny evening. 23*!. nay be oktalnod at <#C Broadway, EVANS It UKIT TAN Uptown Bookstore. TICFETA rOR JBNN'Y LIND'A GRAND CONCERT, at Tripler Hall, on Friday evening, May 23d, for ohotoo to ai ? and ail parte of the Uoutic, for alio at B A It l'LB IT tt WJ.i.lORD'8 Bookatere, No.? Amor llouee. K-m-mbur, No. 7. Also, lifelike Daguerreotype# of Jenny I.lnd. JENNY I.IND'S GRAND CONCERT AT TRIPLKR 1 llall, ob Friday evening. May 23d. Ticket* forchoioo seats ? to all fart* of the betiao, for isle at J Ayl'Ed it It (tor 11 ERA 1 PICKETS FOR JRNNY UND'SCONCERT?FRI day evening, at Triples U?H. Heat* to all part* of the houee uiay be had at the took store of A DR1A N CE, SHER MAN 8. CO , No. 2 A?for H'Oee. opposite the Museum. ?J- FOR TiiK OTHER AMUSEMENTSSEM ANOTliKK PAGE. THE Tl'RP. UNfON COCRSC-:. 1.. I -TROTTING QORflg EMPEROR. hal1 brother to Trust*1*, that trotted twenty mile* in 1ft* t on the hour . i standing at J hn I. Sn-di*or's. at *12 (I," season, sejnn ?dtauu?. i'or tleulnrs, inquire of John 1. .- nedtk-r. J. IllDOU, f'NION COVKbK. I, i.?TODAY, A TROTTING v' i',.t . f. r ti C. To v me off at 3 o'clock, r. M.. on the Vnj-,n 'l'rt.l. V.. !. >??. , in harness. Mr. Someriadyke n? u s t> I n .. ?nt- h; 'Jr. N-lson name? bla> k mar* k- ??. Tho trot t i> "If preeiielr at.l f. k. S'?/?'* run hourly ikons Grand iToet 1 Peek Slip f-rri-e, Wi'lUms burgh. Fare eaeh nay, lb*? cents. Aduiittanno to all parts Mloents. JOild I. HNKDIKEK. Proprietor. f ' KNTRKVU.I.R COI.'RSB. L. I.?TROTTING.?A PC USE t - of iu't), mile heat*, best throe in Uve to wag .ns; wagon and driver to weigh .HiJO lbs. To come off May 2S Kntri'a t? cits' I rlday, May 17b by ten o'cloek, at Madden'* Hotel. JOEL CON KLIN. Cr.N'TRrYII.I.E COCRSE. L. I.-TROTTING -MON day. Mar 2<'., at three o'clock, P. M . pore* rule heata. in b?rn-js. George Nfl#?n!rnter? bl. g. lil* k Llrrry; Owner enters b. g. Lloaeet John; Jt. MoL?.ngb!in eaters b. g. I'slham; George Hayn- r enter.* ch. g Selim. JOIX < ONCKLIN. Proprietor. Ki.b noVAK PLEASCKP GROUNDS?TROTTING?A pure* of t2"> *111 come off on Friday, the i-lj, for horses that never trotted for money. Mil.> heets. be*t three of live, te.eid.e. Brook* enters b. g. Uumbell Bee; 1. Wood raff i C. cntei entire t. Starr. W. Van C. inters I. g 'I'm llioiub. J. S. ? nteif b. in. Fanny, K C. Martin enters b m. Lady Taylor. The ahav* to eotno tfl at half i ajt tbree c'cloek. 8POHTIXO. rpo TB E m GEOROR CRH Kit ti OB.?THE UNDER I. hu c>t tleern mm to play the ; t. Utott* i Oliehot cii'b ?I?I| their eleven teat, for tar amount from ! lloftl.tdA). !!???/ reaiy at toy tun ? at T. airman'#. float , i.rooklyn Lfi.ll, where *? match cto be inaile for SI'"' tl j ? Brooklyn. Mty 19th. O. ? I'ODUAKI). ! The a'-ove r!in!lpe?"> to the St. Georee'e t'lnb, fortniM | n! Criefcet. ia % h"?*. Them U ?o each pernon ?? G. htod- | trd; it id well Lnnwii tlifl Mr. tmerge*' ( Inb do n 1 pi..y | ,r nwrey Ar tbr liirllarfty of named nppi ere to ;te*tbe I i lea that I ha*e t d- wit a tut halt-uyi-, I ter to dliarvw *ay ocaur-*. ion with the iirlai refernd to. tiKUKi.K srornAitD. ? ,4 n T'?N MARKET AOtlNSTLOVfi ISLtNH Hi. t.i- on I rn'n? i. v ill *? < lit the ..hallrare of John It >o ?i Davl l Sn. Jeher, a?d wtlTruw U. -mia e.|aat butt* foe owe boa ire 4 lit tUowiaal lellari. ROBKRT TILI.rORD. THOMAS H VVS. Jobs floe eorat cp, or tar It down. (l 11 \> t> STREET HALL. 1-7 GRAND STKKKT, NEW * York. Tie- ureal rat maUh, between the eel" 1 l>h i'-.g " Hat." aint IK- well kmian American d"g " Kail r* ?A."eaeh t-i till* tuOrwli 'or ytUnalde, will lake pinoe it V v ly reeuli>g. May 21b 1841, at the above retina. A'tar * ui. j liivp ? nl bo i raowa bait, f ir a handeom X?e collar. T?... r> alii aim. i n tl.o ranio ?venlaa. be a awn p. take be ? r - n wire f th? fan rite ?icnll dote, ti kill late. D?r? will tc '.fwn at aeeen o'clock. A nnteir.eata to ri.uimeaoeat ti ;!it. T loket ?. 60 nvata rauli. N.B- > he pnblie are maured l at there will le no uieafpvintuenl la tl.u match coattnr t f. ha theft ire now ?-?? band atm e MM rata la r itJlnee*. and which > ay be aoen at tl:? ahovr room. IIMANCIAU \1 RT KOI til. I T A IS llAMa.-NOTIi U IS HERABT If J j|ie. a. t.'iat the third isdtalan-nt of twenty tiv? p.r eeet t C|' the c*c4?il dtvck of %fcu M-trip-l^an Haiil, will l*p... i . I .iir -lai '?*h ? ? y ? June neat, at ? S ir batblti n ra, No. 64 Wnliatreet. My order of tne Board of Dir- . i Int J. t. tt II.I.IAMS, Carhier. N-w V ?'... May Id lAf.t _ _ N^VRVTORK FLOATING DKT IKK K OAMPAKT. -A ' litMtad of tire per cent oa the capital etoi k of this . \ too I eay baa been deelarod out of tho i arnluea for too ear r>nt in nioatha, raj a bio nn anil alter the Mho day of May 0 at The traimfCr book will be el?*<d fms tb. lei Mnyto tl. day cf p'.iment. My order of tho Hoard af Dtrr tart Arrii b\ l4l. H.V. MASON, Ikeretary. riVABtURTI MIMNU COMrANT - PPRSONS ts i *1 lerr-.-'d In tt.? ak- ro atll pteaee call a ti old rr.'r . td. where thvy wlU nae an an im af the au>i'I i.?r nla \? 11 n. I KKR1H, 46 H all atrewt. (MrOICAUO C'ITT IdlAN BRALRD PROPO III VIU be it.v iv..,. at the Mayor'* aStoe. la the city ef Chiearo. ted at t?' iftf.' ef Straehaa ? Seott, la the r,ty of Nova 1 rk, nnl.l the let day ot Juno neat, fir a loan ef Twoaly Svo Till uracil l)>li..ra, for a beroa u.-f eaeewdiur ti n ytten. T: . lanka to '-o bellied in nm >1 not lew than Oeo MindroR d .lUla oarl at ne Ir ley-et f aoven |er oenlnm pe- nnaow, pijal le * rri annually, and prlneipn and intirii. Birahle at the Afnefl 'an Eirlnnte Bank. In Now Ynrk, rr nttSnof. I ll< ?-eltho titty Treaaaror, Ui Ciiiciutu. By order of tho Com t*. Cum,II, Wit. iiURN KK. Ma|Of. i i'bltaro. Aprtl to, 1WI. I>k.NKSri.f AMA RAII ROAD- NOTICR TO COR I. travfifa.?J'r p->ea!? will herevalr id fkom t n!| Is i?u Id h of Jena real, at Jvkiiatnwn and Strai it- fer tho irvii'av and ir aai-ii.y f that part of the meant ediii ? a I of the I'enaaileania n.ilrna i t eteeen Alteon, In Hletr b-unty. nnd I rtnale'e I't'lnt. a lew milee kelow terasa. In I Canitria, a dlataneo ef BatllN. The read tllW tnia di .n ?? w't rraee the AMev.hany ?e nridai. enr innt.oina taste of tho 1 etetiivt r.rbdtua < r> r?d In tut* oonat *y. land 4r toe ?na.uer ef eateoatre ? i.Ui.ira awtbanhnieota. a ad ?jt lav -ia. there v III to one ti nnel I.A?l ja-da ut Iri.yW. at the I 'i e if in vaaataia and another of ??! rirda i'ip",'li i rra-rje * l*< int. T rota -a h. monthly Fey fnrtker infer i a i t . *. ? ly t ard MiM.-r. t ? i . , a ? iv I . ? r. r -fi ll Taf i. oa r it.uiy. or to Rtrktiard K-eaar. r. A. ; F.btia. X. Aluta Hate <-.wp?y. J. r.l?UAK TIIDMSGN. t'Mof R iRhtrof. R- inner D'pannrt. F. K K. Co.. I'hilad-lpl.ia. May I Ittl nrril I NEW JRRSRT RIPUkRIRO AND HI IIM 4 11 W ., Sub. I'.il - It a in ? tlwy "f tbe .0 .ar In,,. b?l?t thia dat, tt tl.o Ch-miiany a olltee, > a ark N?w Jarwr, t. fill. *irr rrntb^iee e #ee or mim m ? el ? it?4 lilr ? ? j t r?i?San nrl T. Jonea. wl New Verk, sa'ooad Fowler, of I Newkirki Jaaea 1. t N?w Turk. Kir! i. I J nn. ? i > N -walk. New .1 ri t ?' I .ntatbii,if Mewari Mew .1 y; tt llllaw - .wii tee. ef Rehear Sew Jefi r- fl ?? tt vtiaa of Ji -1. Illy At a rn unnn ot w-wti ir of th ? tniwetero. I! # f llewtny iR'era were dn'y ole't 1: ? dim* I- Cnrtta, I'pain. at: MMal Fowler. Floe, Mamo ? I T. J- n ?? Tr e-trT U? rtr tf .Saie**, Bocret try: Al?r and. t M. '-U.un.ln-a. Ae-i?t-r.t Seeeo'eer Ity or ier CtuK'iB tr. AAVAUI. Serrrtary. S'l b f UW| TO I END ON R'lS 0 IRR RORraAOR ? el\.r,4y4ffy In anme tn anlt ?| wl' ? ? nt? "a i v.. In -ite te- l ee'. r la tbi* city. Rrnoklyn, or MTIIIaotthtirab. A f!y t ? ItHiltn, N. II Wall etoeah. It the t rot. a tt ot*r rtte. btnwitk ________ e. .?n nnn tg i.oar, Rt mi per crrt irtr v?#f" IIF-MT ..? boad and ?..firart, nn yeelwe tno rut eitaut. In thia citr. f. r n line ef yoero. le ota or tier- lain. Airleto JOHN F. OiNMlfr. No O Wall ?Ln et. enroor or Brnad. IRRtRARORR. ? .. ASRl'KANt t. NATIONAL LOAN FUND I.IFR I t A winner < e of larodoa ?General Ateai I aEotfl tt nil atr?t, N w York, M it, Istl ?< ap tG |lM4>?k' and rnrylno f-ttS.771 T ? wilb tfnwal tnblo of tho onelaty asr-eda' the aomrwd. who may take ent Ihefr pelMea md-r three 1 a iee, yreatnot r-? W.l? pr- *awt and proaoootdro a l.aat- e? ? bat can he oii'itrtf by life aeenranon r?n thlt tat le th* a.aorvt u intltbM. at any Uaaa, to r?efee nt late reel an IniB?litto ?d*aaee. t# the atteah ef enantlf the ar.i nn< f the paid aaaeal premioms witkont aeoorfte. per e >onl HahiUty. or dep.Mtt of tho tnlley, bwt hy atmrc *? dure K nt there n. ar the half pr mivm may be ae withhold I rtnp the ?!-ne leltlltttM of tho pellep. Alan, in UbO ? orst -i the aaawn J at any Unto not m)tlilat to noatiase the |?i|. y, ea Ite mrr-ador. oaa baliof Vkeaaaaal preacna* will be r tarned by the a uMy. At the lent \nnnal laeeetlaatlea. pepert-jd la May. 1NH, tke h- nn-ee dr. larrj t 'he newr- l air the rytion ..f a rotors of IA y- r o-nt a ti.?lf ji?ail?ria Is eaeb, or a rererei aary aAdl'ioa to theortyteai eua keen rod by oaeh pnUey, eary.aa frrn ?> to OS per eeat. ki aiv pi-a ef k-iaoa^ already *e ilarod, will bo frtad la tke toclety't lamphlet. tofetber with tablet af ratee, and ttP. r taf raailea, on artll-allaa ta 71 Wall itr?i. ot tt tap ?f the teanrioe. B-ee i f rnc-aaa. A parte eaar. at a r "i ra'e asaaal preatsa. Isesr* life ; and If he tsroleee te ran h the aye if no y am. the fsl' itn laesred, np to plATO, ?HI be paid to hla: er If hit be ah ooeor before that reotid, the >ta aj ir?4 wiU be paid be kit iaally or l"?f r-preeomtaitoee. a -Ttoii nitnrTone re? nr. C. RI'WARD EABIt HT. Chairwina. I J. Palaer. T. C. Taeke*. P. S. II wia'.i, fWury I ad lata. Wa. Van Heek. Rohert J. Dtllea. tld J Rearsy Re ie ere. M D. TV Board mart e' ry W?4ne#itay, a'.71 Wall etmet. f?r tke Tttit'HT- bsoloee*. a and other fcroty? rtakt ttiis tt 1?i" rttee of ettta ir-mtsm. J. I.Fd NliER (TT.t RR. General Ae-wC and Ikponn'endowt ef the Cabtef rtoaee Veal Bead. PAPRH nRROIROR. An. F< St FRRBCR PAPRR nAROINGE. DROORATTGfR ti Tbooi la waal ef the abeoa arli 'Ke tkonbd not aii to look tXr ayh oar ?etakRehawak ad their la?omnt at4 tiij maw he boot eeaenltod b* a bolt. TllOlrtyl I CO., ? rtartNr** 8in(t R*iHw tad CkMkMk NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. HOMEWARD TRIP or THK PRESIDENT AND CABINET. Th? Reception of the President at Syracuse. Tbc Public DiJiocr to Ir. Webster, at Buffalo, Jm, &o., ?ui MovimrnU of Um Pmldcnt and Cabinet. MXNEU TO MK. WKasrZR AT BUFFALO. BurraLa. May ill, 1861. The dinner to whlrh the Hon. Daniel Webster waa In rtted by the people of the rMy of Buffalo, took place at the Mansion House this erening. and waa one of the grandest affair* of the kind which the queen city of the lakes hae wltneswd in many a year, At about 4 o'clock the company took their placea after which Mr. Webfter was escorted to the seat of honor, b hii Honor Jamea VTadsworth, Mayor. On the right o' thr chair were Mr. Webster, Iloo Mr. Tracy, and Hon Mr. Mosely; and on the left Postmaster Qeneral Hal Major Oen. Riley, who figured in the battles of Contreras and CvR? (lordo. Ex-Collector Hogera. Dr. Pooto, and Judge Mullet preelded at the other end of the UUs. After the company had partaken of a splendid dinner which would reflect credit on any hotel iu the country the May< r of Ruffalo railed the aanemblage to order, and ffpoko as follows : ? spkbch or tmk matoe or buffalo. Mr Webster, my follow eltli ns of the city of Buffalo desire me to tendur lo you their cordial acknowledge ment, for the di.tirgui.hcd houor you hare conferred upon their. by rlaitlng tlicir city, and by your acceptance of their inrit-ilion to a public dinner. Furh is our dis tance fbcm the capital of t lie "nation. thai we rac"ly hare an opportunity of seeing our distinguished statesmen among us, ana we fcv| t he uiore r?v.?r of this opportu nity?the fl.":it which has occurred in many years?to trtulsr you the tribute ol? our approbation cut coull deuce. which 1. eo emineuily due I > your public serried and historic careor In all the darn hours through vrhlcli the country has parsed since yim first tooit a p ositiou in the affairs of gorerntaetit, your countrymen hart al wry* assigned to you tiic post wl?:r?la was the D<o.t pro bable danger ; and, standing with your hand on ths constitution. I.j all sessorw. loalnlaiiuvl the union of thc*e hint.". (fluent applause ) History mj.i of f'ato, that if be could not save, he at least prolonged the !i ladies ef Home; and we rlr, fed that the American countitution, tlu> M i'ua ( (carta of the liberties of the world. Is safe while yvu lire. (Applause.) I might, sir. ep at of our 1 J? cullar local [ ? ittlonj I ruigLv cpeaa of the rude begin ning C that petty village which you now behold. after tnsny year* of absence, a twuud commercial city. I mighi speak to yott of our ootuuarrce, which is our life's blood; of the Importance Of our int-Turl improvements to us as a city, aud to New York an a Htato, but 1 k tow that it is octane- .-cry to call the attention cf a discri minate staUsuuui like y ou to mieh sutrieeU; and know log nr 1 <lo the impatience tber? is to near th? sound of that roi<n> whieh h*.s hold In thraldom th* ritifn* of this rc?i nputiie, I, sir, b.' introducing t> yon my fcUW-citltens of Buffalo, C o-m- nd >u? sp pIltUAo) Ajeoou m the epila'JJo subsided, Mr. W ,s- c arose sl 1 spare.'- foiltw, ? ? MR. WKBJTR* i -r SR< ??. Mr M^yer snd fellow illlmn ef (lie ci'7 of Th iTdo ? I know that la i-gurd to the eond'Uou of tiro country you t>>?. a., l thiak, th. ? thro U hut c.Tw All-eljK>ryagqiifa ti< ri,and that W the prveerratSeB cfthii Ual >1. (1 bwi) unU if dod glv' 9 urn at.Haglht to u; .oaiethiag tri yon, and to your tflkw rtWiai On that Mjbjue'., tu rners: w. (OuilnW.i rf upvoatiao, for *?rn,? time) In thi* eoclal irt-~vWsw nod Inttttmrw, g'nllemeo. I wo?uJ not willingly v-phw to ouch a lofty, all impo-taot tl.i 4.;. 1 d< 1 nlht-r, on tUU occasion toanewcr y?u uaottltrna of ltuiiuio, ri.ny it whom I here !-.vt the nleaourr of -< ? in* In former tmir?. 111.107 ?f "h "? ho i'?of U" a fi oi-raUuo nhicM has grown up Mm* I wvi h*?o. brat with att of wboai 1 1 *yui|iatny f ,r the ernl prop! i-rlty which lu?? 11^ui.-hi! int-lf city, i,od t'.ie fkir pr-~t, ecta w' ft00id' aoe hoi U out I* lorn th'-ni (Af.pU'VuO <jp/itii-n<oo.' ham had t he |?li-a?nr?? ?>f h*i?r to th.' i;-nl city "f Bulfho thrno Umre Wore 11. ij* wVut 1 . n-.-.p If i? lu 1 YJu, with my s'anilty. areata ;?nlr<J fy Juilwe Story mdhh Iron'ly, toairly t?M that aiwiya .ittm.-Hip neighbor of 7 .nr., ti?? V*11* f >1*704 t, lit, twllcniil, 70a atvl your postfi ity wid l.vrt- .. JL-t/i ifiu?ii.<l 10 i.lil. r In imritpl utty B !?? o we "note to llutf.ilo I r- taroaher it win *11 > that ttooo thero were S.'ofl p.'cp4.> Ink. (laughter) It ir fr <h li i.iy m "llm-tlcn wh-n it w*k cnli- a wwt?; *ui! i? ? t I'-uil- r cf ?*? -wis ?%. 1 ?rr- ral-cd upon to 1,.-efteiu the Witt* -f n rt-iin bottree which Wero d ? kii /? <1 by aa-aiill" of thr Rritlah I rat hiw ad .?>??. <??* lean-it,in una. Ictir fity then l?>ol en lie ! 41.,I, 'lie* hM folo.uru ill. *l?l propf''! ily bad l*-u?r 1 bud the phaittw if alilrmln| y?u or yoiu f*'l-r> irti-th. In (Ik IVrk and I rnvmb<r 1 ?ti t? M. iur-ty 1 tlwr thii r.. thit I lui^ht *iy with .if. ty tli.:?w? arum or ei^ifaeu >?orrnlioaU 00 La*-.* IiHp. 1 J.uipl.t- r 11 rd .f. tnine 1 lad I (nn-nWt ana*hi r tlln.- to nil. in.-<1 ai-t 1 hope Pint* jartlni (?> (I'niip*ruefi nro In-rw The If" pIuid nt rfliutfn.1 ||I'1 nip till fn ..t boti' r cl telK'nrlntl to mr * rnwnt irf ? n iitl p. t I !' rilti - ? n i.lrfn f. .1at, c' rj..o*, hi*. 1: ??lunt t-i wh'ili pr-w to the mo?(1i ofu. Thry .Mcnift-J lh. I." ik'bt I11..I;., sir a taiM" out walant thw,In 1 p. nd It to ax>. (Appl;ti?e.) The tat-le wa* ?a4 ". an 1 f ii-.-. it 1 at 1 ot i-onrip with (,-wm: j4i?r?Mr V Hen 1 W'ft h* r?- It July, tlw Iree ?v atanihn*. an* !n abeitt !i?p ns-i k* thn? P*s in I kpBl taliie of hrai llfi'i work npe*hl.- iw:.: to my letipe which w thpn .:i l--*toa V h?.. 1 w nt to ^1* Plol hi ti (ilih 1 -1 a.i to the u-a nIJp. ni.'I tliere It ktniidi tiew.ln tiicj* *t rr-< m -n oty hew**, and tl. it will pIn'hI a* tlon* a* 1 tlsrN,*ad I hop* r>*lon| a* (i ?? hoc will .tsixl, , Afio.'.iw* ) And I taki '.hiioor.v * Ion to ri'tcrali my HiiiiU* for tbM b-outlful pro*, ut (A11 UiM ) I rw ptovi ' it- I aui jr-uit to poa-i * It ?? -I I r/r pror 1 In ,-JI the rr-'siii-t.'/o/i thr it 1. - ?? '?/?? >u ('.j., '-iu-- ) 1 hgnlii 10 Bitftln hiftr-n yr . ? ago, in??rit"nih in thr Ifr* That 'thick va* in July ?l?'? I l?ft the > 1 rnaat in May It wa? eoo?i af---t;ie Um'niiliin of (fnoir'i JaokMO'it idoiti. mt-Mi, aait Hi* cci? it?ri4Wt et Kr Via iiiwai, I re.- 4hn* 1 ,ir:*i'l ty tlw way i f t.H? lsa.. ? ;*ia oanal* and raitrrad* .nil ao 1 n u? thu OHk> Ai-J I w.i* on '.'i? Ohio HIti r 1 tinnk. it Wlp-elirg on ti- ? Intk of May. wlien w? In ud of the tar e-? -?f ell ihe baric ti- ? b'akiug, up of all t'i in ;<l " the oouott) and Mr v.u? forui* pro rUiontlon fur Mil tita OPwilbti of Unn*rp Th.y'sihor ha?i? niM oitr |-rt-r?ep I went Ir the w*y 1 i "ipn. tin y II 'O-i. hint 11 > eia, anc h-d the (Mmaiifw r>f mini, ny hiVa-dtlMM of Hudhtn wy Hrot M >?f, ir uili-men, it Ii a afrt pl-i-n a i r me to 01 that heti eao lint time ami lha t--ewit. the population 11 ? -ir ity ha* iup.- i.i-i at lea t ii?if ( Ipl'lnuop ) Arid I- iTslo i? t ? ? acHy of M) (MO i iUa'.i !r!.f? It M tll.'i 'ibt ?lly IM of lha - f J.We of tb" ag" er. ieftl eeuBtrt f *9j iJ it g> ntta nen, with a ile pi r- f r >**<?*, tafertar r>uly ta JTOMt o ?n hrnaaaa tra 1 re ?/! the -anw (veMilry. t??/ vw we eirfletp.i<< lnlh-? ?an-e deetmy, and i*p*are -?e are h- in4 l? thiaaiSN t.i b Mr parai or r*il AU 1 ??* U ; 1 il-o?i I your latrpvt, at IcaM I f < ! H la lie no and tb- re h net In *!iler rep, or I yond the taha. a ottj ptaaMoi, atre? fill'i ? Vd of wt i-at 1 . . 1 m isy >HVr mark of jiriu I- ity. in eh'. 0 I f 1 001 i'.o !???? ukr an intPTPe. rat then, gentir met! thi.i# atrlkaa roe. J >? ar all ? "All. ? ia-es hr-eo. (rhi- rw) 1 t*rp U wy friend le ar aw fpolatin* |e fha Honoralfa Alhi rt'I Traay.) VTe a re young r-. a t y Uwr hatvla m* If yon pt*a?? 1 UMi.1 tir ) It auroa to m- but a>h rt time aj". aail bor? we ?re OmMvi*') How, tV- do I ar* iroanl aw In-rr ' B by the rtalnK gimmatlW hassa talr-u po? imIiid * 1'ifii ? (Ai'plmiw) >a la'.h <r?. be ftiehten od, ye ro ' > UarcMiil -fbo y uih of Itafalo I-ntw tak--n ponereal-ia "f tha efy ' ( tp, lau >N-> Bit thi n. yrei nnmar' '"4 w wean rrf Bnff-J.. aid yaa f -'iag Wifee of I'nfTahi fa* Mi-libor frelcbteeed (W urm-l fir thrwe who he*'-tehea poiaeeehia wU l-? ynuf protoelcr* ? fUuphteWl- ami 1 'aUP-we that (hi* |s trne tbriaghoat Uia ?Irate rcninty of Krte The ?trong araa of yn-mg ne a till the ami 1 lie a'poma* nuwitiitli n take* hoMPa' any topnm-mint i hktaliu evary pubtte propept- -tak?a (uetniil on donl-t. ft-om age *?u 'Rfierten.-a- lot your m-n in'hi* errantry pueh t-,w*r eewryfelng? oo?upiat-t < ar ritliiiK Ueutti-men, I need not my tt 1* I Ida (K*at rwlgl.l'orSrk ?t r f rwi %m] tlda great At ate of y-wira U full of Ihlogt Mrikiiig ta thi *yn ami t< tbe tiuaginatloa The *j* -taetr wblol> y-'r Mate prruiate tbe wafer* of New T rH lha on' oral phencmoaa <4 f-r"? 1 "ft - ?n raeMir* to a or7 high iVvrea Them la t'-le noble rir~r ?1 f ? tb? N agara, the whoc lake fmra wMrh I. l->raa?, tha falla Of N'sg?r* the wr -dar of'.he wertd. the lak-u aad wat-r? of the Wk-'imlicy clra* Why. bo* raany thlai-i are thrti'la thUrrpaJIWa'e ut New Turk Uiat attrarU the nuMdi'T Iitwl drawn the itti a'k n of Buri po. I bml the lea?nne <f K-log a f-w wiw*n ta T irop?. ami '-wery ene aikid me h w lona H bach to fi to Ntagan fniia. and ro w ton* 'e me rlh-r "urtoatthe New V*t la all if a c lattoa,. In He fall" Ita rtWara aol rer-oadary waOere In attmrtfwo to all the wce'd tbefe le toe - It* cf Haw T'Wk. I? llu? Htnfe rf Hnw k <wA flrnUrmea 'he notiiir i III -hararW mi far pennl'* the aalnda of praaaiori ial men all ower the world, that

thrra are m,.n* nvn wtui we eery rtr^r- 'abte aad latid llgt- nt, an 1 who dr- not nn-m to know Uter la any part r,f the Cnltrd hut N -? York (Lanyt trf ) I ??> In Knplaad, and whe" t w?? tlwrn, it War, w-ked i f toe, 1/ I tkl net irate fr- wi Hew A *k (Or-al. laorjhtpf ) I toid them ny-wtp poiiw frnta Now Tort. (ContlniwJ linghtr-r.) That m wreath log (flrrai laughter.) Well, pealieoieo. I had the honor erwe to he InrHed to a rtate din tier ty Ui- frcrd Mayor of Londrn t,e ?i-ap-rvly an I aer rpidaaf geatleaaaa (t au?t.l/-r ) Hi bad a big wtg ea hu head, ail t?wd?re-l arutrlbhanai d>wa Mnd and t I id lira tracer to e?* tHw?en hl*i Re I the bety liiayer?T? kn/t tlrrra Wrm ^MV> whh all U-> Itinipiea a ad ir rpwraeerap r f % t "?d M-.y ?r'a dinner By and brv. la the ecraraa of the pmoeedUaia hle isrdilf if.-nghl MPfO u*? iftM t bar loth we-- n? racvrd. to fake t oaiee of hkl Kr.rt r%a go mi. Ma miitokJ a>A le kaow phe 1 wao. I la twa i?v 1 *. oal-r N tr * "M**-' ^ bftt little idee of any ?Wr but New Terk. (Laugh ter.) He arose?'? Gentlemen." said be, " I glee you the health of Mr. Web-dcr,? member of the Upper Senate of New York." (Greet outburst of laughter ) Well, gentle men, it wee ft great honor to be a member of any Senate of New York; but If there was rm Upper Senate, to be a member of that would be a great honor, Indeed. ( Tre mendous laughter.) Gentlemen, NtW York, the State of New York?let me indulge In a moment's reflection on that great Uuine. It has so happened In the dis pensation of things that New York stretches from boun dary to boundary?your fcUow-eHisene, to-day, are eating eiams at Mont auk Point. 700 miles from here, and you are regaling on lake trout You stretch along and divide the whole country. New York stretches from the frontier of Canada to the sea The State of Nww York divides the (country. New York divides the Southern States from the Lastern Here she is. into two heads, one down at New York, and the other at Hulfalo, like a double headed snake, there she He*. Well, what are you to do with her T filed, Ann. and immoveable, there she is (Applause ) It has pleas'-d God, in assigning he* a position in the con figuration of the earth's snrfaee, to cause her to divide the whole Booth from the Kavt, i and she does so. physically and geographically, as she stretches here in the whole length and breadth. ' she divides the Southern from the Kastern States, j But. gentlemen, that is her inferior destiny. Il> r info- ( rlor characteristic, for I forebode anything of her, if I , Jo not mistake all auguries, her destiny is, likewise, to | unite the Slates fn one political union. (\ oclferoiu applause (tud cheers.) Genrieny-a, nothing nil* my im- I afi.ucjlon. or comes up more to my Idea of a groat, enter- j pricing, and energetic State, and these things which ; nave been accomplished by New York, connected with ! commerce and Internal Improvements. I honor yon for It. When I consider that your canal runs from the j iekesto tide water; wh'-n I consider, also teat you have a railroad to tide water, and when 1 examine, as I Lave examined, that stupendous work, hang up; as \ It were, in the air, on the southoru range if nioun- , talus, from New York to Lake Kris; when 1 cou t-idcr Uio energy, the power, the indomitable re solution which effetrted all this, I bow with reverence to the genius and p. ople of New York, what ever political party may lead, however wrong It may he ' directed on. It takes care of itself; it is true to itself; | it is true to New York, and being true to Itself it goes j fax In estatlb-hlng the Into/eft of the wholecountry, in I my opinion. Yor > ne 1 wish it so to proo,-?d 1 know r th< f? are quertiotia of a local and Btatn character. with which 1 have nothing to de. I know there i* a propo- ? altlon to make this canal ? f yout-greater and br aider. If I may so say. to give to New Yolk and lis c <nimrrc<< { morepewerto let out what it has win. gr>anr facility. I know not how that may comport with State polities or State arrangements, and I sualt be ha; py to see tho day when there shall be no obstrtftUen or hindrance In any article of trade or cotumere* going . ut right, straight and strong, with breadth enough, and margin enough and room enough, to carry all to its market May 1 *sy, p nth-men, that a bri ad. deep and att; i.* canal reallre*. a Lid more than tvaUles, what the pec' lift? k> Id of the Kivor Thsmea. "Oh. could I throw like the*, And make this etr-wiu, My great i As It Is my th<-me, Though deep, yet clear, k'liough gentle. y,i not d-.ul, Strong without fenr. B Ulisist overflowing full." flTer* owlr.g to the lateaeaa ->f tie. b'"ir ftrd ite bad wording of the wires we were -ompellcd t? br- at oT our report] TO* BBCKTTION AT 8?!*.ACT" <* *tr?iM#y '-1?U % A. M 10 b'cioeh. Mr KcikpeU Urnieur *nd, which cnxtita of rr?r.<UU^ cltlror. Cvuwioncnd J lA/lr* Ol, tha balcony of U? ll.HK*. and A Unm (rt/wd a?*< nti4.<l in (tool Shortly, the Ma/or kid C?*ua C.-uacii. (Vacinitwv, of Kncopt^ nttJ Oorcmtttr* of Armny <-u.,ntr, accompanied tiir lVcullcot and ?ultc to tV Firrt ward; tUrico to Penitentiary ft HI, theoow ly 1-odi at pott to JtEM fctro-t, thno~. jown' Jamo* rtrmt to I.och rtrwt, IAmm dun Lock ?trmt to 1 aycttn btreet, thence down l'a/ett? btreet to Walnut rtrw*t; thenea t* 0. ?c<? rtr'rt, thence down Oenraen atr>H to Fay, (to pack; iL?m Finance atrent to Ononda ga etreet; thence dcwn (>?iivia,(a atmet to Saiina at.tot; th. ace <Vo.n Hkilaa iroet to the 8y*n.;u.e Hou* rusiJC BV!u?:s?s trocror or atthxtio*. Tha p< ni.o?Ua7, *OT?mod by ('apt Ja?.t>h A Yar.1 ?b<> rmibted a raiaabin rituaUon uadcr gerr'aaient to t*ht in (ha M dean war, ami wan afler-rarda decapl t.itrd by lh? Filia*?rw admlnUtrcAton. aa boia^c a da *A.>u*t.t n? thU ooraaKm, be ?m th* Oraaii Mamhai of the tal <n TV Orphaa Arylma at tha extremity of tl* city. view of it a ad tha ra-ioaa'haa, a wblcl then am aixtaaa |? th? city, (uetuding '.hat ? Mr May, the aboiltioairt Aa for tha aait work*. which cttead one an large a t. rtii/n of one .Me of the city there u nothing eltrao I'fa r-xmt thm A.- ?Si* procr-aiea y*a? 1, a large a umber *f l-wh l*. bocr., w,*hiog ,,n (ha -a r i-J girwtLrea chnar* (br tha enlir^rrpent of the Krte Canal On panning Pryctt- Tart, there m a nureVa' of yrbi wi?o walfatl u..r L*ndk.wcUlef? ealhajilaatkaUy In fa<!, *w..-yw?wn, ,hl> iVrridaut and hi. -a-.a t w-re *?. luly rxwir d. N? wltivdaiM.u* iho city u doui w mile. niAa ? mertutic Mayor ard Common Cocooll, >?1 ei..? :.wd heart!Iy in thir natlwaal flalon demrcrtra tl' n In fwt the eeoUmeat appeared to bo unai Imooi and tic whni* aiTatr in hlybiy endliaoh. to My aanw' n<.>*m?,r*?Oaf-ar,*! ,L1,* waa lono?oma wratcb I ul : aadCliU poated, ar.d had thou dlctrihut-<d tironyh Uaodty ami v.nt to Booh.wtor. tho pnryart of which one that tho kliia.npr-n w?r? rlmiwf and r-cown-nd Iikt f'kCtira alafaa to be'ara t board it .mid thai it w?. Intend.U to lynch Um porwon ?!,o ?<* Uao* up tf ha could b- found. lb.' Mo.oa d.lir*r,.d tl.w fmlowlny addroa. in wdornt tog tb? iTuaidattk to tbo ouy ? , A;>f?**rvo op Tlta MATOB. Mr I rai.Mi.-nl in b bah of lltr U rporaUon of tbi, * aommit'on of our eitio. no. I V.m the l> ?nor . !T" ,'"w 10 r-> -'?? th ? dutio ? .rh.d nin Ivw. ,f yourc-'.lu.t ?a? m>J nrnttifi . ^ of lha rac.trat nit f ?) . ,,Jr tiro Atala W a wi ,o. ?,a y,m OO U,.. ' hi. f ,n.T. IrUa of ihw gra.t rj.t.tUc- aMcU n than .hloh m.m. I* W??? "*? th- **fWw and 'ii lAoraonuU* atMfe a . a Lil. . K V U J taduljpo >nm hi^M vhrt icmIh th. o... n.ala 4 .*in? o and tnlar.wa lb ? tra pair < ipiaa i f <iir wMI bo k.Tt ?l.a dr in ??? w ami ft. nd> ?lni-ttaii>>n ?, comdnc. .1 a. %m or ,rn th- p .co. Um b.ppi.wv.. , op-n, an I pi "y of .m. ctaun..* i^uf; w , i ^ lk.t ,h. lnniJukr ??utrt >4 ?.nr n-lt to Wnl.r. N or Y .rk wu ? ' Odtw oI the couplott n of taut f -at w rk ?f I nan tiiW|,V, (h N w y .f% ?a,1 Mita It, (a ...| I r,m, ^ .Tti iLJ "TV " "n'* 11 h^rtiiipaVa In th? ban. tu IZt 'Ti V W" "" i1' -" i"U r " ,mpr 'famcnt. afn r .1 r ttol-alwo v.u, .4, nr. with lhab.. ?'7imy* ? I* f "" l^oMnrtkn that l . ap<4 w?|ch wo n..? aiand war a w.Maria.. , oj ... w i. n, p, fioiw a Itoantifiil mty, with * ponntaUon tnai y twiiip Aim U? momiid To our litm iai i" , i ? iik >.t w.r ev..w and r?,1, ?t i.?a ? I .... pr-< *. tta. lnp do tbow ?r-W. rM.flr IMabt* I fur ? ur j rapid prrpem.^t ,j x (in ynnofal * rrorn uo-i^ duly a, pi-,... ? if,, il(,p , ,n.r- of oi.caudin, Urnn , * ' ? ' r '? j ni ? ... . I ! t!..m.? .!?. rar whah Iho |.all imi y.m-rniuaei oi?Tb?? union* tCriiUo jur1 ?.'!?'inn Aynln do wn bb! ym ? 0,r 2kHatM!T: "-I" rT>Tr ?""inl-tf'U ??. to iU r^lTrtil ^.) *rW" m W~dut to you, ?,.tiro TV fr-Mdopt rrtu wd thMkp in a f. w wor-l. I niooiUl nMntb.a th.t tha Uorwaa military com maim i.ol d flw Tmnatant or, ntmtii.j .nit of thn h"t?i. and i>a 1 b? rwturu, l.y riM..u'lar arm* and by anrarai i -rn ia f-? two plana* id ,rluanr.. A ' a.ita... drtm around tha -Ity and l(? ?ub?rb* bar la* f-?m tar?Un*f?d at It o oiock. a nnmhar of iadiaa W.W pr-a.otnd tofhn Fraaldant la tha drawlQ( room anj tl.ny la tnm pi*unt?J hlai with bnaulifiii h-^o (?*?? A of chitdmn aad nrroral ymtiamna war* atao 'nfril-Mkad Manntlm# thn er wil ln-r*a??d hafbra tha dour, ami tha raUa fur tlUmoro war* loud and I on* At '**'* MPuwl rt tha bal.ony.raJ ?** warmly chcamd Mr I.arway Itufr,n, lb* at Hayor of tha oltf, for aiaily loi*.,ju.vtj tb* P**al<J.>r?t to tha papylo, nmUtrt ion I oVnra . J"* Fhjiamwrr'* rrnct. lywwt fiuawia wM-l m a mIummI with ( ^ . 'Pf a.'r fnr th? lank tnu day*, and my ^ " y*?***> I \rn wnabta (?> addrna* you farther than to my, tho r*napl*< n I ham hnri mat w?fh y pnraJlarly yrattfybt* to tan, comlap, aa It d.rar, .r ti th wn who rwMa i% lh# rL inlty -f n-y blr'hplao.. ' , "?f ?? "V? 1 waa rrbw-i I do aot appro * '*T <h- y am not latrnda-i fir m7par roniuy?thay am bridrncm rf y.*r d*rn?lnn to IV orrntry and novnituMen. and to th. balnn ( flirao for th^ Cnloa ) TV fnnMnut emtin?..t. by ted.** IV | aopln that Mr OlUnadrn an.1 Mr Oraham ^ hl? ^ h-ttrr ahie to ?p. ah to thrm thrm f > aan % r ^I'liiPr and Mr Orahaai w*m thnu aailad for '' ^ l*T'" frf "?un .imn wWw at iaagth Mr (Iunu, ?*M. f rr,i) ant **id .. M* KllUk's kPURCIt mww y*am ay* I i?ont thmu*h your mty, hat wnuM ? .1 B,vw T?? or l*ln yapr? ham nia.1* ** fc"** ? rhaagw la ita accaraaoa, an M mnld take a f'MtVf '? 4# brffr r%aa*? fm ,|iw) d ?r? ifea r -untry. and rutin ad* were established, ccmmunlcntliu Iiom one place to another aluust with lightmng #pet-J I recollect reft tins in my youth, of a frlltw who rowed dragon#' troth which sprung tin around htm The canal*, the railroad*, and the telegraph#. when apread ever the #oll, do not give htrth to <nnlea, but to wealth, and yesce and rirdt rat ion Buch ta the change produced that the author of Hip Van Wiukle. who ha* iininortallacd the hank# of the Hudson. ha* uhuudaat material* now for a similar volume of equal interest. In contraeltng the percent with the past. T rejoice that I oan claim clliaen chip with tboee whom I m>o around me; and this is the beautiful peculiarity of enr Confederacy, that wlion-ver we go. from Niagara to the Rio Orande. or from the At lantic to the Tactile, we are always at born* We hare a destiny and a great mission to fulfil; and It' the experiment we ere now nuking foil*, the Uu>t hope of man on earth 1# loet. It become* iu, therefor.', not to confine oar virion to .oetional view* but to look at the whole I'nlon a* the anchor of safety at home, and ea our pride abroad, wherever we may go [Three cheer# were here called for and given, for the whole Cnion ] We are thirty-one States, ww have a common language a common history, and a common glory that ought to warm the heart of every American Hitherto, in tinu sof difficulty and of danger, we have known no North, |u> South, no Kaet, no We*t. I need not refer y?u to the tiiu? when the Wood of the South flowed fn? ly in kx.whusitti and in this State few the i omuaen country, and when the mouoflhe North r< quit' ti the obligation, by play In; the same part in the Boo'h. burb was cur bond of union But, in these Ut ter d?y*. anemia* have sown tare* among the wheat, while good nm dept. The m< n cl Hie North of former day* thought Washington and hi.- ascocUtoe fit romp* ?ill us foi tiiotu It . e-in* 1 here are m<u now In the North whociitertiiudilfermtoplnlou.H Tlii*government, formed after lor g aru nn\iou* deliberation may not be tbi h? st (lilt eouM b. devised; but once destroy H, acd you will never replace It by another comparable to tt. A'.ti nipts ha-. ? I ta n nude to son*true the constltut Ion dif fereiilly from our father*. and chicanery ha* been u#ed in giving the go-bv to ? hat do< i not chime la with local feel ing wtiile there i a rigid exact ten of the ubiorvanoe* of the othc r part# But you will not dv tliU?you who re quire that ' Very ottlcor of toe law. from the cu.tom house officer to thi Tn'sident of the United State*, shall swear to support the o-'Tiftitulioa?nit a* an abstraction, but as a practical thing?not In part but .w a whole?not su? l*w to b? disregarded, and another to lie curried out Hume Uiink that wen they In the eou uc Hi, of ihe creator of this world, they would Ur. re made It a better one than It is. (Lanithtcr ) 111* a good eni u,;b world 'or tna, and ?o I s*y of the constitution It is the proud heritage of our fulfil rs, bought with Ihi-ir blood, and If wi are loyrl to It there Li no limit to the fuluro destiny of thla nation WfcMI I look on thl# el'y, that a few yafif* ago w*. a mora#'with scar-eiy a home upou It for human h*bl ta'iou 1 s?e how It ha# spruni# tip under a government wh eh re ward* virtue, and givi * encouragement to la dn-try wealth for labor, mid freed mu fi-r all. (tlreat cheering.) But for it# fo-deriug care und protection, this valley wouid be now ? It we# when tt was wamlerid o*u ty th* Itiv'in* 4 the hear. Destroy this government now, and Um lucvm# NaMe horrors of mil mMtnu.*: war must bu -w. There L* no telling into what a gulf Of in Wry tUr country wouid be plunged by such a eaiamlty. t aside the O'VMtb of nt?u who snythe I nton 1* a curve, and who t?aeh jou to svule It# piwtniora. Kevert to the principle# and prvMee of the early tathi rv liv d when the constitution vu vjopt iJ, nad y- n wl'l ?## timt Ui?y regarded it a- binding in till It* p.irts? a Talon if charily an t affecUou. and mu tual ! rls-hmiiso If t he Cnion had not tx-wn firmed at the time of the rev "lotion, the re would hvre been border war# and Days a' In Mnmpe, Instead ef the cultivation of the gott.tho davetopc-Kieut if our n '.jhty resources, au>l the erecvi. ? of monument# of civiliwiiil'U and pears. I tar. then, tri'iv-mil the I'nhtt to live luteal iKs-li-rity Mr. (iemJi m then Withdrew amidst loud CP OCT*. Mr CarrTWVcaw being vociferously called fur came f>rw?rd and said ms. cxrmncor.n a spishoh. T1 ii dor ? iwttr\ll> no of kindm-e 1 Urr rrerired la W t t. re Ni? York, aiakn nw feci aa if 1 w n -ant tut v.j own Keotoeky tri. tvU I trod (Ui. .Mfcl to a >t < niy a wttrwtf phac-riee (o mo, but of ii. i ruction, in that it maiai ia. r.W a dncper i ? rani f.?r cur common c> iiotry BHbn tlih, I clalirvod prery acre of It *o mr (?Oj ac* Iftit it U tnyownand tlot the darter of inaittli- of p. rfciacii if tin- L'niti-I St at-a, U iora-tkln{ iti'-T- thau a dta-l lo'trr. Tbrrn it a ialiwito in tho *-:ria, '-1 an. an Aiu. ib-au cltL*-ii." (Great rn.-riu,; ) \t booTrr iila? h;? haod I up-st llio ..wod buaJ i?f twice, tot KUn find inyctiaa Hi?m; and an oppoeer (Loud ehc r .) Yl lit you lot auy man the itjarla* kj whloh our fathom Dade no one' (i'ri?o of -Nicer " ?? i. Tar, ' '? Ot m ") Vt ? *r? no in f< -tin*, ot>- nbtcod, odd la lan^iuao, and onn in tb m ntlntftu'a t.f frntna W' j luido the ooeathuUuu? Not onn Halt tut ail the Stair a. it wae a Rrca. o.unpaet of aif?? lioti ai d tl etl*irU><d beetw mathaui Aivl aboil (orb loan only ot-K-TT* wkrt part la .-erre-roUe to btlU '-lf* TMn ir a m.-i.-cn pot'iienl Pccay. i woo a g-?wn ui .a tafecoj l.".rl miy Mwir Ion alx nt the Uai n N .w, w am VoiJ it u ft bargain .Hh licit wvt nci-.>iap*ulod by death xrd k it fu>-b In- i ilram- hnat y tnugx th.t bii>tMH||irH ul ii-cuar-- to My frinod - it in ta? ork of ^aJ. ty in ntitrh ?ngarnocct up not onJj our lll..-rti?-?, but tl.. .? of all tn.enkt.iii The Uiitury of tUxi country rta bo read only by ii , iuftb it Ik* ft rrdft-OO aad ratio-x wat ler id iter a front lh? Atlantic U the ti.y uf ;-?an Ktanri. oa. yet -UI U-udin^ tc ythi ra"*virn YVc am tnada op of the laoat ijLrl Ceur mtUtlal* Tit li?gttll Una anv b< inaibiinl are bi-lo; and tL'-tij h 'hey a.* fpiaMc fr-ut illffi-rcot r.w.-i. tin y arc aot.-i i-x uli.U In -.lit nam- Amrric vi m -uid. and lb- < wryM tl ? .1-1 em at weutr-lfd in tbl? friwi eou-.trj 1 tar, -ejoyc i th. lny in tlx-b -euty of your pomtry ami I .-..ley ? f ir cr- e,<-U wealth an.t pnitpcr ity Kdica ) II T'. "? raJ'r- s.H and r,.r.U. that p?an t. r.-cgh jenr city aiU Id- utiiy ynn ?' ii ail tb- gmit xum- (.! i on - ? tat w<h!IL a o ire your. ntlM I ho Orntftr ot a, r.utill 111 - w?rrpri-. Ant wb.'U tbrrtabapbMM-.vwt.t f the Hri? Cauai la cctn |f<t< I Ibtn will the aaaaau-t of jour pre.p?. Ity be full. Mr '' r? ueiu Ld ' y -*/??/. in. ocuMI m ?*r fo-;t>4 tbeir I <w(..iiiii4y ami bliida.c? | llcrc otic eh ? r^ rmcn glVvo f t ? id hourtek) arid i.ia. j abnvu f n U. :nr OUy, ml ai'< nliw b>< m for'f- Orinn] Ibc l'r< ? V< ,.t at. 1 m. nt. r? of tha ftMad then wltb d e w, and the rr-.w-l J|.|?fwd Mtiortiy ait.a on* (?'rlc(k tf t* ? n - n? a.,d tw.i lyii?ltid |?.h m cat .k> ?n lai c|4?ihIU i ti.' a' the Hyra. uanliimao Tbriliftr {wrrNlid at d IL? l ic-ldrr! en I 1-ia party oat at r'!bee i. id Tin- rr r. Urrd early UoVr* any total* urr- *h"i o Ihc h: \ m ar .? it 4 *anl 1 (Soi rmat j,|<i?.cira la pnpr^n ,, tM !?-i. ? Tbo Htala* -ftliti Itappy P | i IJ ??? ' -wr gl 11 c? I'i m ? nine air! fi r i ? -t " Hm t. art waa ri v?d? d ft It I- ,,rrat otitburut ?u Judtt* Lawrratoi i.h.l a. t eiowc ? ftPKM II Ot JHD0K I twmfll VI/' I a ??. -'-o l?< witlioui tin* tlpi .I* I aaa atitiaiUic tL g-i ltrttj..n nita, In-day oa. I in- had lift-i 1 inrd M I In I ? Mat till hi- waa a maa I rm??r taaid i fit till rccr-ntiy th Ueh I an twon- y u?" yrara <f t|.i tid iqnuib (i irwit lai'-rtiii-r i lj tht Ui mn ta III (arte flat.. I ilut lit Or to thft ia jlttf if It' Vtoul.l ? i ? ? tm trhj- < r ? nlJ w? t >i ai; ? ? homm of c i nil ,?iati?' rr wriulil wv ht e- a 'ti-o? btht, anh m nebif 1*1 If hett wln-ro ? uio if nor aiaiaaaa aid tin y win d jpi bo (te dn-trur-tlrn >4 tba Union, aa.l ha?? a io * ? at I ill .f ti.? Caret " What la til-*?tn* to Vie- a. tic tramp card' |* Knafaa will bt Im.p.'J (Laugbtcr.) It ?<mld l-t a? lii? jaakace ?aid fthrt ttilita tl > "ft 'i-i chl ft or I., t cfury uaa tit. car* of b if lihari of lanfthtcr ) i dad I bat /fib di rw-oitrfiWii I-aatalt-n ptanribai- f-thuotty iat.i end at t d' ai.r- In *? tbft foar ' abartaia party a>d ib - ayHatk.n II U>? d u m o il a# laf'e. t |>o r*4 a- " ihal all a ? a ?ill kn .? lUci wo art a |?ro 'a pr-aw.rd to uabrft-l ilia law A ^'le' w.ah ? u1 "i* u?-v?tto- a tro*. ri.inntit withnut libarty ( .r wit! Wi n ftHtnUrd Itwrty tb?1? no I - b?rt r at tl Anal! fti>,>(Qui Jcwti iti ricfti Milbt and byn . d' o, * Mo ' Wi *.r lefty aiau fit*, fi-r tb> OOWftUJ Jt ? ii a- It ift Itai -in wbift* atad tb mrwaato ? '.?! ihrwi- I ? ? partto* of# auMtf'di aire-it yit ftft iMtH aftaltbiilwiltB IM toe ???? Tboll - i tinuo * V I-I'll raltr-vl- an I ?e ? ate i Ir- a-U I .-at P-H.I' IMI-V ifi--?ebat! la* MiWtad ? tit Tb* ir-uli ?" t* b?'ii?i* ' M( " iudol tho bar>4 ? truck up !b> Mtf bannfta " l"t M.e. r ' r ,?i hi. in- c ctra thft li-akt ' MiL Ui t I di ti ? r !h- Tl . MftOt rf1 lc llnilad Jttati ? ' TV t. ti wa? r?-.d?e-l with la orb cnlboetaom. tba oft .tr) i mu| tolVIr Sod M- I* P In lit 111M fliiad lift aaid ?? ftt--?p.-l? of w? nil LIT. I tot tratd to mm hftta to-day lb* Proaflanl f tba IT. Mod .'aloft ami i re uib?r? of itla lilaaariatir aabf M ? And. ? h i I di.'arwtih I uam oft many p littnal print* I aai bftprp tbat U-ara u a .".tiiaiea oa Whir# wo can nnltw . nftt that la, a namo of tbr?a fttatan I iwti? ootftel ffw MI Hard Ullnw, .* ?ry of bl-party. It.I 1 I ha i 1-1 tic.1 )?a ha. town f und ?(H?l In tb* a. i hi) t ftck i . p-ift .l ?1 Mm ty tlv r.a?tH CO,cr(fancy (.tpptinow I Wft o^- It ia a tront maaanr" tr l.m. and tt-a Jlcklfft'dihr.l u- n ohs a.-acenfnaT bltr hare that tba Vmiim ift acnt ' ftbofl on-tciudo ty ?l*iag a wtitbo nt ' ihr - -rftry Of th? Ni ?y ? N ".rib Oam Itna * i nt ti.4 .ng - -t wen *" liail I.It War * w.-rda ./ iiiiM-o, ?c n ttrful hat1 tr*t*r .a" tba future frolB Ua? autipy bcu-b '* TV-lrtit wftft r??dffd ? ith rr?l ftbrwrinp Ma WaattaM la r-pfUkdint. mU ? ?a. utoMaai'a sru mi. Tb r* U ona thing I bat or-cure to ate lire, w- am WA far fc-tn Ib? t.nnada fr-nticf , and If ll.ccft U ant aM tirrd of tba Union awl tV gfte -rnmewt gmkr which w be'-- pewpefftd, b' ftl any pooplc on tbc fhoe of tha .arlh - l." tl!i-r? N- ar.y wkene acrupiaa of ennwictwo oha> t leant let Ui. Hi pn- tbc pcflup- la at hawl (I tagb . i f 1 Let than, c-.nepnr? an. nare hy wbcc? tbey gtt. with thr rfpubiloenWni thoy hate b-ft. and 'f they dn Art find ti contract la nt tbc frw inditntlnnft of thU country, ail I care tay Ir. tbat thoy *rw ilka th* artri.-b. wlic u Iliai and ill Wo tta Iwed lb tb?- cbo.l. think log b# la a?*urc. wticb rftftryhoelf deft ?"?? bi# dcn t<w I *.hank yog. gct.tbmv n ; tod I it** y*i 'n Macntaai f New VocV?UKhfl bt toon U.c > ?*. nm of c^Mb thai bar j- litical p- wi !c mi -IdlitM ,1 naaotir, b?f boo t.V'i ml IrJubitant* thai n m ft"" It la tbc form of opprcrwinn Tbc t. act bat-ng bfwadraak ?? Vaff t'-UJwla toaa and laid? mx ual: w.-i a amen. Aa -hofirtd M?y?* ? f Hyratows bn waa n , icfttod to Tewtond H?tk"?d that a? the ancfewt .-yraenca w** die ? 'rrTMi'iic-l W r It- tyomtc ijm mo-J-cn-'>ni Ibc diw tltyn 'bod ft* fcea<to"i And cfl-r a p???c.f?ric on Rcnt-vk? be c reiuded ly r' -Tkcdlalaaf t lay and t rllt--i. ?cli - tp'-d "xl Ij " |?P-?t ip ^ Mr Jc 'tftftt ?a wa* fail. ?! upan and aaid t>a ' P. rlXti.ft ? a M'HIplN Y ew bam twftui facaa. J t* axwrdatc wiy baato wltb one ?ti* Na ab?*'.ac4 ? ?ftfi-' * i' 'tb#' ?h? '##? fad I have alluded to?indeed, you have named -my iUadnt cut countryman, Henry Clay. [Hera the etwll eW t blv rov and cheered for iwm? minute*?Mr. fl'tki* (joining In the tribute] I thank you for it. II ka name that deserve# to open all the fountata* enthusiasm in the hearts of patriotic and ar dent citlzena I hail the honor or standing by M> aide for yiare. and I knew he waa devoted to taa o#W* try; and I witnessed the unflinching intrepidity wMB which he nurwu. d what ho believed t? be right war )MV interests. You ail know too well what aervieer ha ren dered on a late occasion. to require to be reminded at them particularly now. Thin trial* ha* doie one goad. It hue made u? whig*, and democrats. uwlamUod each other belter A long party warfare hud built up walla of reparation, an 1 each believed that notbiwg | could be good that waa not on bla own aide. TbuOW i wulU. of late, have given way before the spirit of pa triotism How litU"> is party strife compared with ? battla for tha Cnion! It is like ca?t-off gaimi wis, I? | old, and dirty, and mean, to be picked up in tha -treeC , It- nry (*?? has always ranked among (he first elans m ' patriot* standing up like a man aud passing the Judg ment of a sage and a staiieuina. no matter whloh wag | the result mi*nt operate either for or against him. ' Mr 0. concluded by returning (hawk* for the tw# . ruent The members of the cabinet then with drew the dinner party Anally broke up Mr gave following i-ewtirm-nt ?? "The Head of the Government?A pa't- ru of rtd-Utr, be haa preierved Inviolate th- proud token of regard as received from the Unit lady pnv-eiited. lie weald rroetvw It from no other " This sentiment waa received with ?hnut? of lawghtan It being tinderiloed hit it alluded to m irt the President by tba first lady Introduced to I whloh, h was sard, he would tot permit to be repeatedly another. The dinner party then broke up. At 3 o'ctoek the President and bis cabinet left Hy-wcuse. in a ap train. forUtica There waa a larye crowd around t cars when starting, who cheered vociferously. The train arrived at Oneida at 4 o'clock, where Ihssu war a multitude <?< tlecu-d aud tho President waa w#t> ccmed by the discharge of cannon, and other dsns? sirs! ions of joy. At Rome, there was a similar demonstration?or rstbar a gr-ater one, aa far aa numbers were ecocerae* A actional salute waa fired, aud the enthusiasm waa-lm tainas. AkkfVAI. AT CTICA. The train srrVwd at Ctlca clout twenty minute* pax fire o'clock, where a eon ld-rable uuiuts-r of inhsi tan is turned out, together with their military eninpams* After the tiring of a falute, the President was earrtcd by the crowrd. nod borne between the open Us -A formed by the military to Bsfg*' Hotel. lie was aldrrawd on the steps by Mayor ninmow. Th* President briefly r. pli. d AlV-r I banking thn Mayor and Ootnmca Council for the r.*-option hs haa inet with, he proceeded to rnloglie ti>e beau ties af thw scenery of Western New t urk lie said vital if any one who had ever beh?I l!th>-e- scene* aVntld viidt any other place, he would And a difference by compartan^ ai J like this country lsdt-r and better on his retmra H-was glad to nee so many rf the cltls-ns of U Man. Of whom the Mayor waa the ofb.-Iai orA?a devoted to Mm corvtitutioo and the Union Then- was then a term. od n ru?h and tba Preside*; was t>ornr niongtnlo one of the p;irlors of th* hotel, sad they so press. d Tilra there that hnfwaa obligial t* Ink* n fuffe in another, A precesalon was th< u f -rtn-d. and thn Mayer ami Council accompanied the Pmudout tk the atresia. P?outiles were 1 iifhUyi iu tl.? . renliig. and, ab OM k. a dollar and-a had . war |;ivwn at B< 11,4.1 by the Commltte. of lh? . oU- u n-.c Pr.wuleul retinal early and Vher" vs. no sps or t. aata. Thus tnded the movem-nta o|' the li-eldwit ml suM- tor this day I RSI'ABATIOKM AT A.'iuxr. Ai bast, May 21, IML A special meeting of the Common O-mnc it was bstfi aC teefre oVlook M. ywkrday, at whicb a eommiUea van ap|*>lut*d to make arranr ? mauls to tcuder to PrmMm* and his cabinet, fhe h?pllaillies af its* skty, upon his return t* the seat of governmosit lb Is < l it that the military, Or men, cud oirle societies, k o.s ? l? ni with an cnoort 1'h. y will arhvw in I city, with the Weals m train, U.u afvenwsm. mu wsmt*k's visit to Roctrr*T?k. n? itaarss, May 21, Iflfi The (Ion. I>anitl will visit Ibis city o*> " teeming and remain a few hoars, lie will addr cHiasne. Uallliuart City fownrll-AuutKcra Kril Item.*, <vr. kti r.steaa May 21, INI. An ordinance Ru ael.toc 1 ,too shares Railroad dividend stock ha* been passed by bobh branch*, of oar C< unctt. The Southern mail has armsl A vb-lcut hail aturrn passe 1 over I>iuw>4dia fa, oa W.due-Jay last M.-uasaslargs as c*r.- fell, in *cma placsi* flee inches d.xg. la Prla C -r ore Ui- bail ws* two Iii-Im . d.? - an J great is w *? done to the < r -p* In ftutth < andlna the crop*are euftering for want at rain In New Ortrane the weathrr is scombing but. and tba rltlecti* air *tanlng for the N .rth Th.- Pv syiww mabaa a r. re . liarg"* of swlmllliqi a once odatmaaad pillir in They an ?llrg.-d to bar* tskrn plana In Cri tial America and Cuba, ait-u the fs'lilsa or PasbM U Prt n< b. VllglhU CONVMlllM. ?? May *> tin. If tb* Oonvmtiua la day. Mr 1MU taut *'? 1 down. If a (laoWrr nugnrlty. A ??>t? la ?r ? t;d Uic atfininlii, by r Junta* tV Warfara mm jwf'J. ?i". in Hi" Loa, r Ifman bv oaiowd a prutiaM dt lata, ahloli U M*I1 prn.lfng Th* raniprnaitat U, lit rrtr alill c-n^d. r-Avaf Tltr Hl?iuiN)?l ( tdlMaii on the Dnlavrin. Vim naai i an, May 11, IBM. TV im|.rnw*ni. t ? li thai no lira* ta? r? loat hf iM RraaiUiat radial'n l**t M*b' on tlis IV In warn. OafA. Davl* n Biainrtl with th? hot'. all nl^lii, ai l b; frak Pierian* < b'nk* ill watt nr?-' Tbetw www revmlj par Ipf V II ' -j-| A I :'J '? ll ir>f aUi n p?. 'I to bm> i y tl?? ? -\mt- tut afw- r<Mu< Imr a droit 4bl*.. Hm aouh In h ? wy Imunrd. mm Ihi ?ri'i rt it ?r?l pipiu. salt am naw wi-itel ' I . Mtmmm IiW'Ti* .*?!? I l?d*y. f ir < h uliiaa ? lib Ultif lira i?^i agar* anil a loll frrtflbi. Tlir I'nalifrlMlaa (Itnara ?ml of Uaa MUvrry liiiroian, l'nr.4. May ?1-8?? P TV h ut .!? ai t ? \*i nU; I. v kaJ nl a* d litl* I Ma morning an th. gerefta*. and la* ji?4 ? li'I Ihi'aai'oitairn'? and ana -1 lit* ? ??nt?a iS n |ufi. 1i a* '?? th' CI ii" li JO-' wbon- ?i r ana |.i?aad If tin ?? 11jo of liwt fl ar >Iaiiuaab><aa?lta litaldatarr?KUi ttaa of * haainlor. Karma May V, HH la fbotii'. oii.iw of bafn ll* Vat it I la VriataiuMi ** day, All>-ft Hv.rn.ltbe ?bv wm ri ?---ti u> Ibr Anaaa #i ? to fUl <h? ?araai-y arrest"tind i f ih* r?*alaam 1 >a oflRdfrMl !:.?fciii?-?S .I n rnl Mr Tl.-rraJta* bar loo? i? I ?-aetj npLifMniff bHi'' tlu ailgaa? no "alufilay. 1 (aawaaa Uayaa fa. UlllUia R. Laataa a aft albril, I'aif aa-a May M !*?? IV infill avKiTMii Willi un n l.*ataa nod CilVla ? a aiirfin.lMl (I it after rvoti until In n nna? ?(? rnlty I) t? iurat f r who .'.alrd bdw afWPWn ri t ha 1 Iwa ?nti red into t. ' ?*?! th" tartwe W a a Hliiai ?.t *hti h I'm y I a I on AhM wnnhd ***?**?? Dialed I elora I ha i fwuna: *4t ait ba-woif tiHaal of tha S|iaaaahl|i Hargla at (htaaaa. K.w li " ana May ? 1AM TV atmaaalilf fiw-?*. fowa turt ma Havana, a* llfld at thla furl tO'ifaa IV laiarttlan tapwaa IV-la fa art fuatt _ Wii nia.ta" Way ft '*?*? Aa lajirotiaa bad 1 <dd a. rmd ah ?tW b?UrHr? ?* MM At a*, and aa wrm drawl iya eui lake ylaea uattl Ml ~oar< I i-tAa* ape a Uw tnar't* af ikn Ma* .fir*. (Ii taadrr Vlanalltoaa. W nir?."w, May II. ML T rn i1 ih.* dn*i H nf at-* Ala I fatal iaa la laenrrw' TV r- wral-in la ly I* Wfog haaa, a h1 (A iht'i in hut >ltA y^ar, I* >\U1 In tV ?f^fauMN i Waitk. Mat liar IKiaatar. Komi, May ?. ML TV itriimr ? hlUfi' ra, Wrw Vfk fr r MakUa, kaa fRA In hrr* alight daa.aya la Ar an^ton. Arrival ?* IV AlaKami* at It'anaah. AaraffiM, May B, 1AM. TV atnair-tilt lltUnr. rapt 1 adl irrir id Vf* at I a RMfe ikla ?' M . ffam f-w Tort Thr Brrak In IV W al aah taaat* Ara??T| May f>, ilti. Tha Tiiivta AtaAr, af Andnrday. uaya Vi*t lb/ t ml ra 1V b vn-b ranui wcvU ba r-; h.o-1 *> m t<r alia* hnaAA fa paaa tk* aait day Tita kii ai'tn B C?w-a,f baf* rotM ?** Mairrortit at Mr Flandrr', tha fiiawnf af IV MAwa-v hi* tad MWUatyfit Bailrt C-nj .ay, n .ultra fa M* fraoaatUawa bat*. aa b yv- If .o.l f >ado* ?ad <'rydw. Aa vV dL yoaal of tV 1 ^aii tf ta?t myaay M lb- ao?aR af AlifiiKth, and lb.< rbrolaU*?? wbirt Uw iKHr yartlrtVa aaw UiV ted!r<?*"ft. If l? ? -uHta ?*M. b^RnUa^ . tyaaiiiiy *<?li ft Vmt*

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