Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1851 Page 4
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11th of August, a little after nine o'clock ia tho forenoon, baring travelled a distance of 256 mile*, litis was, of course, long before tho wonders effected by vans and railways. Many other important matches hare since taken place at York; amongst which we may allude to those between Altisidora snd Cameltopard, in 1814, Ncgociator and Jock o'Laird's brother, in 1821, and others well known to fame. Wo however firmly believe that none of them were of more importance than the one to take nla.ce on the 13th instant, nor of such surpassing interest to the public. And well may this be tho case when we oausider the quality and performances of the horses engaged. It is difficult to describe the excitement this match has already caused throughout the county of V nrk. All the railway companies that have connection with the city of Y ork huvo determined to rum special lains on the occasion, for the accommodation of the visiters, and aie making arrangements for pouring them int-o the city by thousands. The Watch "Committee of the t'orporation have not been inat tentive to their duties?they havo inado application lor theattendance of polico from Leeds, Mull, New jastle-upon-Tyne, Doucustcr, &.o., in order that the ground duiing the races may bo effectively kept, nod the public protected. This appears to be tne more requisite, when we recollect that when Mrs. 1'hurntou rode her celebrated match, the aid ot the uilitary was required to keep the ground. The xccomiuodation on the grand'etand has boon con siderably increased, an I various improvements have been made at the M and aud on the course, by direction of the race ccuiinhtce, which wo have de cribed on previous occasions. We can only con clude our rt marks by noping that tho ox poet at ions of the supporters of the turf may not l>?- uLappoint d in any respect, but that the event may prove as interesting as they up ct. foreign Music and the Drama. We find the following n one of the leading criti cal journals of Lnclaid :?Mr. J. W Wallack, the tragedian, from Au? rica, and Miss Laura Ad dison, nave upper re J, during the past week, in tlrst pieces. "King Kicbard the Third" was pro ?Juceu oa Wednesday, when Mr. Wallaok, as Duke of (Mooter, ?leculcdly gained ground with the au dience. J.i this part, he ?exhibits talents ami othe qualifications which peculiarly fit him for it. Hi -ictirg is remarkable for its intensity, and here the scheming, plotting, sanguinary, ambitious, violent, deceitful, and yet oourageous tyrant, is ad mirably shown by thus young tragedian, who has evidently studied tho text deeply. Tho working *p ami out of this part, in which lies nearly all tho story of the play, is an undertaking ia which his ?uicccss is unquestionable. Me is tins centre of at traction, and your attention Is repaid. At first only designing, b ,t uft< rv> urds unscrupulous, snd in the sequel rec* Iways -a.iigu.nary, and never other than brave* he - a fua ful ro to pott i. sr mount rvg atl --b-ta-1and triumphing, eceti ?> b-ver. tL :t his fall m ly b? the mme terrib'e Mr I. W. WalUak portrayed all this fa.thl'uiiy, an-1 defers c-j iil the .'(.plauso that w a* -j unaaiiavitsiy aud line: Dy bellowed upon hiui JcrroTd**; . v me ly, "i vtire.i ft >r> l'>u?aeai," has been tncccssful at the J lay-market theatre, Lon don. Tho piece laekr merit in itl construction, bat is full of ait aud satire. The first representation of the Guild of Literature ti.d Art'. > auuounced to take place on tho loth of May. a . I'.- icn.-hiro House, before Her Majenty and the Prince Consort. The play of .Sir L. K. I.ytton, entitled "Tv .'t .Po Bad as We St-ecu, or Many .sides to a Character," is to be performed under tfie raa i .igemi lit of Mr. Charles Dickens, by Mr. Jtobert Fill, Mr. Wilkie Collins, Mr. IfudleyCostello, Mr. I'cter t unningham. Mr Charier Dickons, Mr Au sMtsaEre. \. R. A., Mr. John II. Home, Mr. Douglass Jerrold. Mr. Charles Knight, Mr. Mark IxMnou, Mr. J. Westlsnd Mars ton, Mr. Frank ."loae, Mr. John Teunicl, Mr. F. W. lophain, aud others. Portions of the ^cenery have been pi> -.ntcd by Mr. Abaolon, Mr. Thomas < iriove, Mr Lowie Hughe, and Mr. Telbin. Siuie ihing, in th 'ante spirit, in bt-half of a national stage, is contemplated here in New York. Itnehei '?? announce 1 to appear in I.or.d'in on the reeondCf Jane. The French theatre is wr); su? taincd thr.e ti.non each week, and Anderson, tho Wizard vi -e >.-irth, occupies the house the other ihrrc tiigh ?. Mr. Mitchell continue; to be the Mr. Cop'.-'arul, of tho Amphitheatre, I^ircri>'?<?1, which In- i il! retain*, has taken the Strand Pho aire, London, and calls it Punch's Playhouse another U* .'ration of tho desecrated drama, and lone, a ? a', Ly mi actor. vho always uickc > tho wn-.-t !?! d of manager. Tho opcuiug night was it total fal'uio. ??Th" ' '.b rs" of Schiller, his failed at lfrttry lone, '.'ha actor'a love of tradition I d to the n >i\ul el . .. wretcheddrama,anil wo peteeire tho r<,-ult. h. success of a play thirty yours ago, ?? litee of it frr in ai bolt g a guarantee of its pretit now, is war: !. g. ' .e result is incTitahly the tame. Mr. i V ism W'aHack is now playmp itlehard ihet. Ill th V .11 -n week at t!?o Ilayout:!;et. Tho ?'Taitu3 ? ' of Mt lihre, translated and adapted by Tahn Ojfi.'Vr.l, has tv-en quite sueoh-sfui at the ?not hot. ?, Mr. Webster rcpreaeatlag Tartnffe. , Madame V *< i.-, since Ler re-eppeeranea at the Lyceum. a:t-r h-r recent iodiaposition, has nlaye i sriNV tn-ulos in the comic drama of "A !?:.> of fiecKOir:'g Tho theatre hit- been numemoly , and fnrh . ihly attended everv night. The -?i?l "i IId 3 ??' - r ?. tainmerit or the "Queen of the Krofn," w!J! iletract nothing from the ccbbrty of the ma: ay ? et t iu the pr-i hc-lion of this da*- <>( pieces, in which tho wbka and humor efthe author I arc aided 1. the splendor of the ?u'.?c m siciw. "Love iu ? Imiv" has proved to bo oo< of the ' most si. slcouic hes that has been produeed oa j the t g for aoue liuM. 1' i-?till iu the | hey-day i! '?. pr polarity, ami notsrUhatinding the j left* ' ts'c or t hoat ri tall generally inee Knvtcr, draw i ? .aetous auitii ? ees to the l*rioce?a'?. i utie ot Cvstttof : - \ hami'ia," is a de< .Ucd hit. .*up rotted hi '. j-'? .1 be ll. ? comltnod t th ...j of Mr ;? ? t i - Keiley, Mr. Harley, Mr. Wigati and Mr. M ; it rou-t hnvob, tn poor indeed not to bate bet ? lut -?iul. At ti<t* i:? ?/, Messrs. Morris Harnett an i \o gu* Hea /s I, j .inn dratna of tho "t.'*arin? " eon* tinuc- > r. ? -ivo tlio approtal of Nawtb is an lien'v -. lay:,- .|. r.'ioanti- drama of " Mario lit? eanpe" bee boon tL" first dish in the Adelphi oalvi tali ment every evening last we, k. There are few h*t . Madame t\-k sts-'a ?s/?rf<nVf which ?he play* with i0"re truthful e*prve*lon a: d finer fleet than tIn*. Th- re i? ample toy, for th ? peculiar drollery *>f Wrigltl intho aatliodasti *pe ulaior : i } et stock companies -nd pi 'ee- cf m pnlar re -ration. 'I he 1 inghal-l. fan - of"f.ono?n l og," and the rrHrcd (hiry drainn of ** <fFlannigan *04 the !'a r" )>i which Mr llthl--n per- natc i ywnritr ratitri.lag Itish pos.-Hitt. and Mies J-'MmvII iisiit In pretty swccthiMit. Mary heirnaa, have loth bet r-'' / siKCtset'al as nficrpleeoi. t.'ail' i"? 'toian ' oUaelioil ha- U 'U r?-otienodat W.o--r' ?>> |,;?c with several a<ldilions rc'atiag |o ?he tf'ii ? * I tust in* th* tribes of North tn, rice A? < >.|* t them J< a spkudld ut-del of ttie '-alUnf N vg.i a. It i? repreaontad in winter, >? itli ieitles hanging pendant from the o; the enrfae ? f tL *ui >? Ditr g r<ninti> eahihit* nothing bat -m w. i. hi ? the irer i? rottrod with ice dowa t> where th -1 tp la commi ne?. Mi < Il> i 'ewcit lis boeu petlormiag at the 'Ui 4, ? ?r The t rc 11 oj ai. Miss 1 ... Itai t>s n j? rforwing at (?ia*gew. Mr, h- 'vc? ha? returnod front the I remit ?ncti"! ? I,, t . r coin) I, ting hi* brief hut an*' *u" cr tblc-ga; cnt. Ut i-inime-lwliily to app-w it Her IhfHtre. Jlerr 1' - , ., th - celebrated ? lerman -infer, has .rrivod I'm v, m rorff for I. ii-l-n, where he i? engaged fo* tbe oa?ou, Wo reeentiv rntlfal tlie rcmarkabb* ? np,- -ion he t,reduced at Ntwtgard, r.n his firs', aftwarance. in tno }oart of Obertbal, in tho Mn?j.?tti',M g| Ibr h't " Mmnnertnnt' o>c, ,i," ;,t Ix-q -ig, I a: t, of an utileishr d "vm by MendoUtollU enti led "l.o ley," were perfbrmi-d. Ileport spraV. i uighly of the draflMrtie beauty of this composition. Thr l-' tlo 1 iimilv mm|o their :'j j ? trance, (hit ? i-aion, at the Music Hall, I nthlin, at .Mr. Machin toah's con.-it, en ln-t Monday evening. The por ^rmaarr *i ihr?v lalfntcl iintrnmrn!iH?t'fllc"t?d I Lc ' I ? t lia- at Jirg-h been p-odneed at the 11. i rc an Carlos, l.i boti; and Madame -toll* hav apj si i In onu ??f her flnaat ehsracU-r* Mcr .-w< * ,i Utl* piece hits ee. n -urpassed thai of hef Ar*s. in H detailamido." Abe-r the fourth it, the n ilea. > ? a lie- i h, r on the -tago twenty times; a: I the c u,| formed a trlnmpbnl pro" t mion and woerted her t > her residence. The I hike il# est -(iotlm rc,*-ntly nrodn -I ?\ new ?Kr?? eniitM '? ( aailda." It na? b- n played thr.? diu i ut the theatre of tint ha. '?! m i nunteToti- vndieui-e, who tiavo warmly aiq umi<*t the music; tbeWurds art, however ? i? too often the ca?e, i ut . f i rather tafa-i?r tfeaeriptlon. A icw cciaio-ition. by the ?vtin illustfiona author, ?ailed " i| >?, o MpcttPo," is about to be produoc<i st Herlio M Jul- ? Hitler, a once celebrated t',ermnn tenor, tell known and highly appreciated at theatres in his native lao-i, where also aori -si of '?ia operas, row forgotten, were pro<laced, has died, at Char hvttenbu-g, in his Tlstyear. HoUaiii !<ji fin, h-'l hii o|?er,'i, '-The Ba?v>ha naia; ' :ir I. from what i- know i of it, ii it ft period the incoeM w'll b* as gr nt a- that of the " Tuttl Unaiitr. by the anu- nnthor Tb# singir r of 'ta lame KregtaHll and Tlonooni, in " l,i.' ?li ' uammtni," has en . ted quite a <en -atlon at Madrid 'Jlu torno \la -et ha- also horn ?ri atiy iijipiao led. Aft?r h.tving sung at n .reneert ijiven at the pnlnce, her MaJ< ?ty, on the following lay, forw ir'b d 1 ? Ma ?"t an eforatit chain studded with wriilUttt*. unbounded applause, and ever7 piece plajed during the evening was ensured. At Lyo>?<, n fraud mass, by Adolphe Adam, has been ex ' j the stage of the theatre. This would sccui profane, and the good "Lyouais" thought so?for, the day after, his opera, "Glralda," whs performed on the name stage, when it was gene rally rcinurkod that Adam had mistaken only the words, and that his bad mass would wake pretty opera uinsie. The Sultan has, for the first time, at Constanti no) !o, visited, with his suite, and all the highest functionaries, the Italian Opera, to open the season. His Highness hired the entire theatre, and admitted all the public free. Amongst artist.' of celebrity, in London, is Herr Gustavo Holzol, the barytone, who, both as a singer and composer, met with such complete success sow years since. A new tenor, llerr lleicbhart, from Vienna, bring-: with him every requisite for gaining the highest public favor, viz:?a fresh young voice, full of timbre; an excellent mode of vocalisation, which might only be expected from an Italian; and, above all, a most touching and expressive delivery of the vocal strains of his fatherland, which go to the heart of his uuditory. Herr Mentor, from Munich, considered as the greatest living rrrfwosi 011 the violoncello, has ar rived in London, and is going to perform at the Musical Union, of which Mr. Ella U the director. '1 he German journals exhaust tho dictionary in praise of Herr Mentor. Dentil* In Kurope. The Earl of Cottenham, late l-ord High Chan cellor olGreat Britain, died ut I'ielra Santa, in tho Ihieby of Lucea, on the 29th ult., in the 71st year vcar of his age. The lion. Charles Edward Pepys, oorn in 1H24 (Clerk of the Crown in Chancery), succeeds his deceased father us Earl of Cottenhaui. Five other -011s and six daughters survive their noble and distinguished parent. Tb<? Karl of Bantry expired at GlengariSf Lodge, at 9 o'clock on the 9th inst. The noble earl was born on the 6th of August. 1767, and wts conse quently in his 84th year. The deceased nobleman I was at all times a most firm and consistent conser vative. The late earl was married in November, 171*9, to Margaret Anne, daughter of NViJiiam, first Earl ofListowcl, and by her "(who died in lS3f?) he had four sons and a daughter, the eldest of wlmm. 1 Viscount Bcrchaven, succeeds to the titles und estates of tho deceased earl. Tho Cardinal Patriarch of Venioo was taken ill during the celebration of mass on Easter Sunday, mid compelled to quit the church. His eminence was carried home forthwith, and received medical aid; but a violent inflammatory fever came 00, and upon the fifth day (2otb) ho expired. BlurktU.. l ?i^ Mover Maaxrr, Friday May ff.-KntfUh iru. :?< I very good, closing steadily; not * great Oe^ of business. Iliiilwuy market declininj" a* connote improve I, and market flat and beary *11 day, clwlns at it* lowest with a *>ry downward apjt'irtnct CIf* 1113 prices . CobwU account, V!'i ,V?. Loxrow Co** MAarn, Friday, May 9?' t-V-il-h wheat at our market to-day it small out mulera are' and trade is inactive at tte enrreney of Monday last: foreign sale# rvatricted. owiu, to larg ,tip .lie*, but at ate ut termer terms Hour and n>?U nr min'allr unaltered. Barley, beans, and atoadil/ at Monday's rate" line oat. fully aa dear; inferior, both >'i lVh and foreV-n. difflcult of in, and the turu cWap or. " in e.. ds so arc 1 ly anything doit* ?|^1 ^tiole **? , U-4erv J-ti^lish white wU. at 13# to ?7e; red do .a* * ? ? l.iviai'oa. VrldayMar li.-Thia is the fourth cons-, cutive weok during which the demau ahaa 1 U. "lin.itcd and uricc, declined. The gradual Incase , in the retire receipts, Pointing O a crop larger than I had Is. n, induced thtrsde.o iyT ry kPcrii-cly in the hope that eucta a policy, on th-lr part.., mir'.d rrdueo price - The estimates of tho pre???t crop | now rangefrcmliaW.OUO to2 MOflOObales The ? Ot the next ha* been retarded by inuud.'t.ona, and joee.d lu some haiar t by partial ftoaU : o? 'U ?*[?"_> the progrc- ? of prices will idtimateiy depend and. 10 th .rJ nt er.licalpe.iuon if the niarUot, each ?"?*? report of it will be anxiously looked ?*?*?"| dur'n ? the present wick hare VrOU .? 1*' ?>alo* "10- . day', th. 1 ? i= a Ihlr attendance c? the trade, but none -uy . largely; the sales are 5.0*0 bales at prr.ia,...rates American doreriptlons hare been precsed for *?'e . an I in tli? absence of a tfood demand, ? ,d., : .line of frc m on.-right h to a <t uarter of a poany per lb haa i".n submitted to. the author!' -d anoU.-UTforfair 1 >ri< s.?. slid Mobile being reduced oac-o?hth of a p. nay ai d thai of fair I'plr.tida on. quarter id a pew P-r ,b. | Bwritaan" KgyptUn are dull of rale, and th. y f.aye e- - cli nil from an eighth to a quarter of a B11"/ ] ' Purat, a.e aery dull of sale, anl In them a further Je. , cline of an ei/Lth of a penny per lb has been Kienrred. bid. s o! Anaeri. an and 80 or Sural bar* been taken on -]?< cula t ion. and '2i:0of Americnn. SO Pernam. I.J j iLfaia, and V? Sural for export. 1 h" stock r-u.aibring . |? re on tb<- 1st of May baa been carefully eo tate.1 by tne | >.iine mean 1 n mrtad to at the clot- ofeanh sear, and It is found to be less by ?Uk.ik - bales tbsU tile e.nmate ' iB?,l of It?th- deficitury bslug almost cvolmilfely American This dtffrw net mainly arises froinrotton ?. $ forwarded drctlyfrom the ship to in.-ort; r. ir, the T and pc?v"?i'iently rot rrturnr-l In the *, kit vnlc- fimtoi tht? m-w*k?900 Jltorjjla. Sd r *M ? I 0 stained do H I. a lid J ; t* 8? LV??d fi*d a t. ,d; itm N?w (Means, hV,'d a H .d ; 4.-M M.obde f ,1 a b'.d ; l.lCOPcrnain and Taralb. , ^d. a? ,d.. 5T9 P.t' and Maceio, ~-,A a TS'd.: K? Muranhain. . Sd a ,1 (eO Kpyptlan. f'^d a t?' ,d, Id Uenisrsra. S i., : 1 fa tbagrna. 4d : 4 ?nrnt,:i a i' ,d. ihl, da's 1H51, bags: sam- time, 1? H) ?S. o^? }%?. flcVka-On this date. 1U1. 001 7? l?a??; sums time. Itk'HJ. 500hag*, l.n > rro?i Coa* F.arnswnr. Friday. May ?.-Tbe Cora 1 ? rhanci *a* well nllemlesl this morning by mUirrs and danlcr* Tbataa was a (to .d tone in the trade r and -e?ne .ubeta-. 'sl 1 * wen made of wheat at. J d ?ur. at tciy fully the rau ? T?. -^-y. In n f w ??"???-^ .aah ndyoneewa.m..d?v Am- ? utBanr. IndUneorn ai, , r mmanded exln-me pn.. - 1 he best niesllnj ?au. st'.',1 s< atce, went up .'?? P*r which U an Ji?n? - r id per bu het; end ?*ta.. ai iiuproyed Ml. Mr lead. Pa; f t'an bcuos were In rnquswt. and ttd. per ,|t 1, -b-r Barley tcaree, and Id. per buslii 1 denrv r Jivriroc- Pe, ? CrriuJ?T. ?ew Tti?. W.?* K*ni*n It Li*. Ms* 9 1W1 ? fugar--'There eontiau.i* Tery ? J demand, a.-ii th. -alts aremsain rxten-ltc.anieutil ,r.? to !<>0 hhd- 1! H , P0w) B- naal; uhaur ? ??' ,-l Mauritian,.T? Od lofUHi nd. end Ma.lra wJ? ,?.rcwt lor ign?Port - Hh-o and Yeue?u'l? ?? i d to 41s. Ul pcrewt duty paid, and I*a-? aud *r? t?. tc fd In t- 1. i Mo'a--" Portor?i ?? fi wn th ,,usT ltd |mt rwt Coffee?Fine Jauu.tca U.? to lib tkl |>ls n tat I' 1 (Vilon 4 ? i ' ' '|iUo '*4 ' inUle-f-'s M.tniV tkl f"r eldtfi) counl^dam ?a,,l nn<I I" to I'tf forr .un l, Maroealho ?'?' M il.a cunsra 1*" to 64a ; and wesh. d P.lo.W* tor mod, and 11 *Cd i-r ewt fordsnaged Trinllad ro >a4l? ?? r r et I'.ie. -Carolina. itt? U. Ik" tel. perc"t. au.s Bell rai H?. ::d to hv p. r ?t ft low broken to root whit* r i.aa?The sale' Jo not > a wed to puns of aJ b!?J t, Thr msrltst 1* very quiet, and trices are barely st.iprrt' J >ery little done n Past lndi? trysallrry sitichs t*r -tje 1? 4t per lb . ahed Uf fur bleuk and low ga.nblrr. ld? . Afc su gurnet :a. h. : r? arl-ago. l?s ; "a<< .lour, lis f-er < wt ; c*-lor . II .' , .i 1 ? 4"?d p- r lb , ca tor a 1 Ta , .l? h I perewt. raltr m 2s. od for low an' -7. ?- i? f. ;'.V f ?rrent reflraetlcn and nitrat. if soda, la* C-J 11 r rst, tiuan?Per Prmrian the*. es.ntiour? a sail Irti.a id but ..the* kin-l. are dlf?l< ult of-ale at pre **' "? ret,**. I?J-woods?!H Oomlngo logwool. t I la* to 17a.M.I OMnfMh. kin- *1 fW email, and s;?ic XI It" fur hrge. Parnn..!a. i- i lJs tel nod . l't|. IP- jer ton far Uif.ri. r to ?14* Ids for g ? <4 M? t'l.'p ? tine ri tsortcJ Aaaeri-in rns1.' c. iwi.-o, ;<l ; fine nb'jc. lie per ewt g.bcs?87a t. f-* . , .1 _1, p.r~?l for pearl lltdci I ,-t ln.'.? . ?< 1 J s. t -sir 5 1 - aiso ?'.?< 1 I'n't I "ate at ?> ?'i? , h.s is*- ? 11.1 s 41, t tc. W p?r .l> Brimsten- at ( . 1 4 tyiier. :?rnr. t k I'hiiad i;.lil* * - arrive. ( r . s1 Tripsfl rcsH 4 -. Olire oil h.. be. * la , : d. u aiui. at pr.oea ra'.h. rin f** r ef V,,r wl-suetb r ? he- been an huprcnui daman J. ?ti,tr.?P- r j hiahsr p*V--? demanded ' il .?*?? 1 ? . and pn'e rape. MM par ewt In .i ^ turp-nllna no | , ' a; ' I'a.'sji oil lower The Ulhja rw.r",: is a.act . :.Ha bs*?t_' b.wn arnptad f.w Peterst MS TO av . 1 I |u /-net?' j tfriaiAM; Hmtli mn?l a >n1ii j t 1 an - 1 to .'He Tt a Jute maik t la I it *t , ft''t> toflt&n pa* tun tetr yarn, 17- per l j I, . t s, pBs'rntew Mtaasr, Pe -?? Msy 9.?'Three ; t... festure *?' Inb f"?t te> e-prrt lnthetw.f, ?t- . , .ndha he- n Inat.r* but holders in In* an* ?.He , hafan- l aarlad Th* st-mk of p .rk tvalnlm- - n i- .i.-te Is < ,y I g.,t. Iiusime-has in rir.e- iaan.-e , i... B ? 'I ? limit,-I eralo Without all-ration in ealm ther t.aet .1 a f?.r Imjuiry t<? I awn and m fa* th- ( tt .?rt. bate I it pretty w II cl-arsJ off hut th-al . ?. . .Iral s bare arid ntly lc*,.-n< ,1 the cm.sumption ?In.o-t t<? a ec-n p-nd-nc extent with the falling "d in SUB" y I? i ix-- ><41 si'iety at 46* to M>? p.rewt No ahs.tatdemyat lansled. Th*ra haa been a rapid Mran'e .1 > to 3* id p. r rwt on lard, with an iner-?s<sd e? t< nt of bit-ln-ss th- sale* r?? hing *?> to 1<W ton* 1 .? ha# l-*n rsther mng* jnqulrM for , the mxrk-t. r r.r, I# bare <t suppty A* T r7 law price* th-re i.aa lean rather ui-ra lining' in butt-r I it-1 reoor luo Musn, fs. ur, Hit 9?This mar k< t " Tititiiu ?? to sympathis- with th* general d- le?i 'o ob-eisaNt Order, ai ?> f?r from ?bundsut. and the rlr.ady low rrie*. ?e<.ni likely to gire plan- to worse I ate adrio s from Am?rica ha?e n ?? i.r<>*ed tf.n -nreuraglng kind, there heleg llltladl-po. 1 1! n to r.dd to already large steel-. In pig Iron a further decline ha* token rlaee and the arti-l- ia mneH n? ? 4., tel Tin plate*^. be?n rather ahnndant, and* hs?- had to submit to lower ral-t bead ?o t c' | |>i r witlioul change City Intelligence. A-eitn * Ctitaisn Cs.rt?n Tue?lay aft-nocwi a yi nng inen. naw-il W illiam Coeine. harksep--r at th*? Cri -cnt. ri-rner of En-liango place and Hanover ?tre. t waa sl.bN I In the 1-fl side by ,1' hn Oakley, of ho ? Hull.van ?trr-r t Oakley cam- to the aaioon, In an almost f-eTitle stale, and railing I'oaine-nt of d.xira. rhargri him with baring repeated!* tak-n improper Hlcrtlc with hi* (Oakley'a) wife, and ot ultimats-ly sesiucuig her ft. m the rath i f rirtue Cosine per -mptorily dentml tho ihargo. tHklry then etniek him. the blow wa* return c-l 'iy Cosine, and a sctiffle on-xied The contending par I - - s-r t lark Into the Crescent, eti'l strurgll>? with esc), rdht. win n t'akl, y drtw a kniie. tod plungod U into Ilia up side uf hi. antaaonlat. who f-41 ta the door aoperently 1 o'lr-j fiflk-r Will lame, of tho first ward arrlv-l ri-ottiy rifcr. took ibikley into custody aod e?-nv. yid h'm to the T-mhs The wound, d man 1* now in the hew Votk Hospital, late ting under ettrtwe affuny. It i? U Ui red the wound will prove mortal Hserers A.' tPritt ?41? Tvi sdsy cveolag a sailor, a 11 med Charles Wright, wa. employed in oonveyl?g ps (kst-a of goods to tha fourth eti^y of tha huilding. corner ?f rtilt'wl ami CUB streets, wijen going too near W ? 1 itoiiwif Kk bf?Un^* *1 MfWj" \0 w d. i th of nearly Pfly f?*t, bmlalng th* whole left ?l* of htatwff* and rtratring M-riona inlatmat Injuries. Hr.ia in the llo-pitai in a Mite at CffmUtiaa, and '\*ff'gri*f fcam fker'ti'" jffiff Theatrical ut Moatcal. B?wrir Thbatbb.?The brilliant attractions If tut evening crMUd id Immense mdmUmumu the patrons of the above popular and well maaaged theatre The grand historical play entitled "Walter Tyrrell, or the " Mh I Saxon's Oath," with Ita beautiful aceuery, costumes and appointment#, hu made a decided hit it will be re pea ted to-night with the Maine distinguished cut, Mr n. Kddy sustaining the oharaoter of Walter Tyrrell: Miaa 0. Wemyaa the part of Bditha. and Mra. Woodward that of OhlU. Thia will be followed by a popular song by Mia# C. Illffert; and the erealag'a entertainment# wl] terminate with the greatly admired drama of "Claude Dural, or tho Child of Mystery," whioh i? replete throughout with the moat effective scenes, and ha# al waya elicited unanimous acclamation* wherever it has been performed?Claude Duval, Mr. 3tuvena; Col. Blood. Mr. Tilton; Cbnrlea II., Mr llamilton; Deter I'rance Sir. Jordan, Aurora Sidney. Mia* 0. Wemyaa, and hady Howard by Mra. Woodward?forming a caat of,-undeniable celebrity. Mr. Uaiublinavema to be unceasing iu hia ef fort* to maintain the proud position he has held for no many yi sr.-, a# being not only the beat tragic actor In thia country, but alao one of the most intelligent mana gers on the American atage. We are happy in perceiving that hia efforts have been responded to by the dramatic public. Daomwav Tiihtiu ?Thia evening is aet apart for the benefit of Mr. M arren. the active aud respected tieasur-r of this theatre The dramatic public ahould be aware that thoae benefit* come but once in each year, and. con sequently, they ahould endeavor to sustain those men. who are eouatantly iu attendance on tbern every night in the jear. Stars, who appear but for a few nights ge nerally receive Rpecial murks of favor, and why not thoae who are always employed, bail, rain,or shine, iu order to contribute to the people's pleasure and comfort? Mr Warren la a wry civil and gentlemanly man, and it ia hoped hia friends will do their duty to-night. The bill ia exceedingly attractive. Th? performances will com mence with the beautiful play oi the ?? Lady of'l.yons," in which the celebrated Amoricun actreaa, Miaa Klisa Logan, w ill mult.- lu-r first appearance in New York, iu the beau tlful character of I'auhne. in the ?? Lady of Lyons," and Mr. Conway will sustain his great oharacter of Claude Melnottc. with Davidge, fhsw, Reynold*. Fredericks, Mrs Ishcrwocd, and Mrs Knight In the other characters. The entertalnmeut# will close with -Who's your Friend!" Let Warren ap-t a sub-tantlul proof to-night of the great esteem entertained for him by the dramatio public. Nisi o's Gaitufc.v?'The return of the distinguished co median. Mr Utiiry I'lacide. ha# drawn large and highly res pertu Lie audience# to thia spacious, well ventilated, aud beautiful theatre. There In a great advantage in having theatric well ventilated during the summer sea son. and Mblo's is a location where, although the house may be den?-lv crowded, yet there ia always a sufficient supply of wholesome air pervading every d- parlment. On the wore of hriilifi. this ia a very important feature. To-night, the performances will commence with the farce of "The Village Doctor.1' with Placldo as Pierre Bonra-ur, Jordan as Padaise, with Meaar*. Arnold. Sloan, Mra Sloan. Mra Herbert, and Mrs. John Sefloti, iu the other characters The amusements will conclude with the r.i-w farce i f ? The First Night." with Mr. I'lacide in bis in'mitablo character of Duferd, aseuttd by Messrs. .Ionian, Conover, Sloan. Florence, Mrs. John Sef ton Mr. bluan; and an efficient i?r?i dt hallrt will en hance the nttraetic-n of the piece. This is a great bill, and no doubt will hare the otlccl of filling the house. Hi?roN ? ?It Is almost ncedltar to say that tin bill otTeiuu tor this evening's amusement is very at tractive, the pi ec# gou- raily selected being of that light an J pi :? <lng character wkih wiU always command good to"js--s, an# give the utmost pleasure and enjoyment, livrtua !.Nv ? tue p-plo'i favor. Ilia ma nagement, without exertion, is the bc?t we have ever c'strini. It* is active, determined, and a gn-a-head kiud of man. that must ssways peeper; his setection of d'srr.a# is e -o 1 and bis - srp, drarmlt-jtte is composed cf the best comedians ol the day. The porfoi'mnuoes tie, , vtuirg vnic-mm. nc? with tile com.ay ?f a' short P. , a.ela y. rrr one,' in wl.I u Meters hluke, heater, Bland,Mr*. Po-hv-U nr. 1 Mr., Sl -'tsMt will sustain the leading character* A favorits Is Had by Mrs IL luian, .'an 1-y Mi*s Walters and M. Prednriit, and the or chestra viff piay revrral inspiriting airs The amuse j.isy teveral inspiriting mont* wi 1 conclude with the "Toodlt# " Toseo Burton ia hU ceiebre'.-i cbarnrter of 'i imcihy is worth th<? price 01 ?dui?.-ivn. h*.- Oe*l Thta T ? i.Trry night thMfBTOriU plACOof .imu-ririrUit u third to it, lltniO-t cayacity, to witi rw the rf prr* n< it:ou of the mioocrfuJ fairy spectacle of -1Hi ? .a 'Jiio iniiri-nso outlay wliuh I So UMjiawrrinu-t liar. iwor.vtJ for tic g,a?d and imr ceing noooery, or ret, a. a n u'i..... nt cortiiu.-*, equipment*, and a Teat Mnoonf ct other p-meetl.*, which aro-rf tho wont oo.tly a?-<.-ifin ar <J rr-ii forUi unrei-real admiration, erill bo rpf.*ni \?ith double inters from it* populaiity In r-M-'icuUriy lni>^ o. ih?i,,bi. Mcharib. and (.intern. It will be r? pciii.d x :na thi* evenlim. Tho n:nu-menu win com* "* r *? t..o now operatic, burle-iuo eatrara (a d Dtmlo an!," which Ltbotavi v . uPi ft-r It:- th sin-. an I baa V-on trlum ?! ' r'^lv"J ^ Princlr/.: part, wmutaiaad be ?. , "? ,,'-rUp!' '? 1'afor, ML.i K MnUnt. and it I I'rcw After wliicu. Mr-. Mnleii:.-* will execute h-r l+nv' iful ? >? - facce " hocure er*u early in the ??/ ?-i' h usoj. crowd.-dgt an early hour. ? Brnj o'u. e I"C,. M -T7U* -renlng Mr II B Phillips Uo- ? l.U benefit, when U bill of great ticreH* will be pre d.M."- amu.;. .141 lite entertaln ^ ?nM wj.l poaei me* with ,hr fa eori' ? mus-M oomedy tf " her . ,11., with Mr lynoe ax Chart's, Mr. J U So dt ast'aplam <op, srnl Mary Ttylorae Mary Copy, in hlfhihcaill wu^ a?jTi.r?l ImiiIi'.iiI The nest tea uro alu * grand batt*t 4^. Introduce ' ? "r^l v Banw atii Mr Smith, I,? i C, , !7 ,?'frtntde l>??.?; the I'o'.iij* NaUona.0, by r L Yf ' 1 ?')' <"+: sad the fl-brated COir|w>'l|lnB ofl-odfr. cali.-d ihe Y boe, < f th- \ 'ghtia *ale biieetl cirode Dswe* will danco A RasdcCrrrssIro I in character I hi* ... i ? *,eediugiy ? ttraMiee. so tsr; b it whin it m knwti a?eb, thai (he HiUtary dieuiA if Th > In* nrlU.v" wj j,,. jwrfoinnd. ?.!;b Mary Tsrlor a, t icleira ?vi| i.<1 by Itr-.-. I.yn-H. laylor, Ihiltn. Ph i np<Mtiigi im I ?,b Rayruoad,and MUr Julia6tuli I 1 rt-pnte the hcu- wiU b. hi|,>d at an early hour *.?^,51 dm malic rryrwwnUtlona of ! the rab maa 1] la-ru gl*, the ?tmM eatb fa-ttrn ai.J picaMnrr. rh.- eut, rpahiui.-nt. of It r.e miracle* 1 f Infant B-i,H? *rr?IM!lJ1Maj<4 cither ?. thi anck-ul or u?o.l.m - M J.W rnx "? ? >c :lar e-.- T??. 1 *' '"f Mu-run are tuno?u,e, ?nl loring t^u, oc i "iT ,ur>*d %w*l',h" kP^>ciM lrct.irc ! ? >?**'? "e<rl at iui 1 arly heur T? d..y !'dr> ap ; | ear In I wo Kr'a- ch?rs-ter? Itoih of efirsI'Le a l.llllptMUn Kcan.aiwit??irg"?iur< .--a, I ''er^h 'rr U"r AU "b' U ' * frewnl ai an t.,.,,,,-, patrarrlnary euceea, hich Is, atV'd-d m? laaum-'ahle concert < of the I aborc lalButuUe roaipaar of r fro performer - Ueoo t It IT-r-rr< t f( IhcL-grrat wrrtb ead pop alar ;? Au 1 o h r bttrici ifa profraauae to-nigh: l'i..?i' M.xnaai.a -Tl-l. unparalleled bv>J are The r? w '" r' v U ? r ^hied wpceta. I'hli.e. , ?<i"-?lii- tV-ra. aurt the >ir.^eDa 1 ? ' ItC" wlto Ui* sriat'H 1 An etoel ? *? I l? (.ffni'J fv>i lAin I 1 ?? V 4 h, t T iff 11 ty Kshisi f.t n#? on lid , ' * 'r*? ? nt. ^ ?? jfi^ frr?m s ' r??'1 ' .1 ?.! h i l *ei ,n ?"?"/ torn. Son t J .r'fu*"' ?'liaittaaeo, for waat of room. ' l w-'^ V. r'i>' ' ctn"""?" f""' toau to tows, one I a. J t, n hofr , |,|| t nt',( ty n *c ar? emptor>. j ? ?be.Lf. -ex.,!,: Lr.ent with tiwdcors ft e'ephast, ii. y .f lorte.t will be id New RrtiD.wieli the'JUh Kab XW.' fork o'kWZ tl' 'OJ -,U ? ,^ ?^tiUrmaaUlheaMfatam Tr.a mrer /' r? ,M. *' *[' Ir'.re, in the ' "t '?il*eye"'nr M ehope that h? an I f.??? w. ,-th? | cca?i<tt t-jy h.i?/. bump r . ??'?? it* *?., the trafcdlaa lis*"# l?rd In the clt ? ' b I *-?''? PI'*1"1 ?t" Tidrsc v .htrt I .,-J Ot.tHo Paw, bran yrrre e,sf)vi ru*?ter!y | p? r. lie perforated fsi hi* nrigtwi ohmaoUr Um.maa, on Friday Ud, with rsaailaWpowsr. fa ? ?y e? Ik i te or lP l by the pr -tr as c^uai'y cfti. I Marine Affalit, Pi. eras 8uit Trt ?ti?/a.-Thi, it the ma tut of arcibrr new f-?'*era-bufll elipo-c tltip Rhe l?p-y ar t!e-d l.?r. iron, Me.lfMcl, m?? , whare ,he ?a built by ?1 Jm. O. OurUa, CM Uhcwias MastrwoM ths clipp. r l Shooting Atae \ 1 " will eeg'.brr ahiot 1 Md i?a*. n?r , Imv'Ii on S,.l la |jj f-et/ani oa Umk I*., e*i ?me lr. ..pi, cf Area M, and t.?th <tfh*|| SIS feel Her * ,\tet * ' <*wh:?o C%i Bhe U or-ppered tad c^-?w* la-'.a.d ar>.i it w4; lUr dead rUe I. " ' ' *? ? !'1 , rf ?"" it c-reled mil fwwar-l and alt |fc?r fr rah.. I e'nfnttly fire fee| At hoc b .w |? a yc.-y . Cu y -a-w .1 am airy-lioklog Sgu-e ofa aad ' hrr 1 **'? '? '^mmeaM ? h a gilt wresth She!,of me.i-.,n b-r-u -al h~r Warlrngs are esrrie.| w*;; out ; 'ho. g.elWi r, , ci r?* hn is' y than rear >f .he ,!?,? ! ' v' ' *';?} '? ?'???'?: k- tort',1 .r?rt.,i ware, i r - ?' *? *"f r ^ Ovuidfus m U r The MtUa* rf her Stem s* ry llgtt an! h-f r-.n y,ry ,f,rp I ,cing little eh.,^ .V h.w dr.g.iag I n i.l .1 e.l -,i u h ?aL- Uef ? t. . i sf . s ?w. of j Si. u. f-tir l?. he*, but tar ??f ? p U ? ry oser, holb fore I *i j ?n e. *?? 'r*ib4l,, f"??'Mt!e sr I nmM-bip. a fie tie 1 r III two rsU-l*. w II twC onder a ha f p? | d , f rn f . t l-a,;, P t.ncrted T. .h t h live ?'.r tkr * m? " * robinnr.. ipiftll.lls fsraiduaj; I'e pera iiing I* e iap*? d of eslinw.eel, tnsb'igetj/ ar I r wtr ?n<od, vMb gill ptlaoters an I rl<-h.y ran.d aiouldiu i "lac r'aie ruem. i f whrhdt there trr eighl, are a*eo Sio d to e-*rf-aond. Iler eparr'ng I* light sad graceful, lai iir-srt* n fir ? ad;t.,H srt-arsr.eef. h r .. f\ ,U ? is palated Ua. k Hi * ?'" Hnd ?* V ff r? inr ? n ?l<* I 'h' T-deyrsrh apar sr, to h ? well eslcu ."1 r? "1 I"f??*l'htlwle.t * t? ? oli|VH>r Aeet ?n?t her frletvlc sr* r n?denf ?h?t 'rs -.r.~.|, ??ren,ih s' I err? ees-t Iqg quality, ?b* a'snde ua-iirpo?wwl. hh. i* <?.?!. d i,y Mw.r. P\ near -ar aei Cn . r ?0e f n Slid u ?rewiring her r*rxo ?f 'he f.,d of Marl m*n ?eFert. f.y l sl.f rn's sari f'hla. when? ?ho will ??art in nh-oil three ?. ,?t, |p, (n .5,1. rt,T p, Jo? ? fTdryr.i a,. IJ? r e'a.itn. 11. | < ('apt K llerlnw s gen lli mr.i eorm eterj sr.tli th ll oU'S an I K.a?l Indi i frfuf , ,r' 'fei r M i?ai I e ?Met*n Mnitk. w*. Maohne. v ?\i p J r* " Appaii'isae. ft. hate c ntrarl. .1 Wr, Andrew ll>rk? *ivi othrrr. 4 Vt- tport, tr. buii I s Hnn c. 1 per ship rf 'A.J u.m* to be ? iupI .rc-J In th. ?.pnm whole Urlu ry ia tbr TaelSc S,t~n 5??"?K,-TI? tehocaer Jane, Capitis ctewiey, elr^r <1 frt m Ihl* ?w.rt far M. John. N R io &? Met In fwlnaing up a rergo of rnpoer rsnk .rmr y-sre ago fn sn a wrrr ki 'i ir ?i m-sr llraud Menan .She i* rhar ? end l.y Otpt I'arlote l!icket<?,ei, if thi.* rlty, s Will rnierprteing me-cheat and km* benn pre !"???< by rwhoerner P.eyilla. earryfag wuh-easHoe armor sad all e.l hrr meeweaiy sepsratue? ,V?w tWerd M? wry t-.aa oc i'etaai iwios *ar, B? Ptkahb** ? W are I ics. i*I to Irarn that It has been dotermin-d tneetsb lk?h > line rf Mr-am psrket*. to run weekly, hr tweet, Hal lienr ee and 1 he?* Mnn, ronebrtlag of (?m propeliers of ? fm.t ,no toas b.,r1h-n They witi be lib f?et long lln ' *W'|14 Net d-ep, With ngiar* of |Qp bor* piwiy. affording iptee for a Urge freight, an 1 handsome teeom motfatlonx for fifty to elxty passengers. The first of these yewaels will be on the line in August next, and we hare no ilouht will be amply patronized by the travelling and mercantile community ?Charlestm Hrtrury. Tut InOw IwHT Houit at Sou Km?The building of the new iron light house at Sand K ey. distant nine miles from Key Went, has been dUoontinued until next season. no appropriation has been made. On ac.eount of the death of Brover Major Linaard. It U - opposed that the Carryaford Light llouae will ham to be abandoned. unleaa another superintendent la cent out. It wae to have been lit on the 4th of next July.?Chtrlts um Conner Lsfw Hrr>?At Calais. 12th Inst , by Mexsr*. Porter, a fine brig of IPO tone, called the African. At R bbinsUn ixl inst . bv J. W. Cox. Esq , a brig of 180 tons, called the Parah 11. Chare At Mattapoisi tt. evening of' ith, inst., a superior bai k of 200 tons, owned by K. L. liar-tow, Ksq., and intended for the Atlantic sperm whale fishery. L*i stHCX?At Calais, on the 12lh of May. by Mexsrs Porter, a flnf brig of IPO tens, called tho African At llobbinston eu the 3d, by J W. Cox. Esq., a brig of ISO tons, called the Sarah H Chase. At Mattapolxett, on the evening of the 15th. a superior bark of 2\K) tonx. owned by R. L. Bur-tow, Esq., and in tended for tho Atlantic sperm whale fishery. SHIPPING. Notice.?passengers per steamship arctic, fer Liverpool, will please tu on board, at the loot of I anal street, on Saturday, Hay 24. at U o'clock A. M. and scad all luggage not wanted ou the passage on board on Prt day, May 23, aiarKed below, with the number el tboir berth. Forthrworldsfair tiikniwaxdstaukch steamship NORTH AREKK A, J. II. Blethen com aiander, will leave Pier No. 4. North River, tor Liver pool, on Tuesday, June 17th. This ship has three voyages to Chsgrea only, aud thereby fully toted her speed and sea qualities to tl.e tniiaat satisfaction. She has superior accommodations lor 3AI persons. Fare to Liver pool, $100. Forpassaga, apply at tl.o otfioe of R. J. VAN bKWATKR, 23 Water street, corner cf llroad. ? here plan of

cabias and state rooms can bs seen. No lrvyht taken. An czpctiuaccd Surgeon on board. The new yore and Liverpool united state Mall 8tcamers.?The ships oempridng this luts are th following'? ATLANTIC Caps. Wxi PACIFIC Cspt Nye. ARCTIC Cspt. Lnoo. BALTIC Cspt. t'oio.'tsek. ADRIATIC Cspt. Grsr.on. These ships havlag baaa bnllt by oca tract expressly for governmant ssrviee, every ears has been tsksa In their oon struotion, as also in their sngiBOS. to insure Xtftagth aud ?peed, sod their aooommodattoas tor passengers are ua Viuallsd fer slogans# or oomlort. Price of paasago frees New ork to Liverpool, $190; oxclnsite use of extra aire state foots a, $??; from Liverpool to New York, ?55. An experi enced snrxeen will be attaokod to eaeh ship. No berth tea btxoonrod nntii paid for. morose? rsres or sait iwo:? From New York. From LirecT'wR. Saturday, May 10, 1M|. Wednesday, A;-iil 30, Wfl;, Saturday, Map iM, " Wedurrdsy, May It, ?? Saturday, June 1. " Wednesday, May 28, *? Saturday, J una II. ? Wsdncsaay, Juas 11, " Saturday, JslyV, ?' Wedaesday, Juni X, - Saturday, July U, ?? Wednesday, July 9, - Saturday, August L " Vcduosday, July A " Saturday, August 1R " Wedncndsy, August fi. M Saturday, August 30, ** Wednturtay, August 30. ** tetrrdsy. September IS, " Wednesday, September A, " Saturday, September 27. M Wednesday, Soptom'r IT, "* Saturday, October 11, " Wednesday, October 1. ?? Saturday, October 3d, ? Wedaesday, October 10, " Satnsday, November \ " Wcdnesdsy, October 20, ?* Saturday, Nevember 22. " WodnasJay, November H " Saturday, Decembers. " Wednesday, November 50. " Satnrdav. Decembers. ? Saturday Dvoember L3, " Baturdey, December V, * Fer freight or passage, apply to BDWARD K. COLLINS, No. 66 Wall street. N, T. BROWN. SHIPLEY & CO., Uvcrpool. E. 0. ROBERTSH CO., 13 King's Arm Yard, London. L. DRAPER, Ja., 8 Bouluvsra, Moatinartre Parte. The owners of these ships will mat bs accountable fir geld, Silver, bullion, specie, Jowul -jr, precious etones. or motalsl anlees bills of lading are signed there Cor, sad ths value there! Iberia expressed. After the tret of April sent, the rate of trelrht by the above steamer* from Liverpool will be materially rs teoed. IjtOK SOUTI1AMPTON AND HATRB.-NKW TORE H 8te,? N*?ii?u<>n C om pin t-Tht Unit*! !?55 .7* 7, 'or Harre, toncAin* a> Noulti&mpion to UUtLemtili and p???riif.rt. ua Saturda^M,, t! .7 19 ifftfiS?"Ritor. Pr.'oi-if pa?i? aim All Wttaro Buit paw throiu-h the Fait Oflioe. t'ur f^jUhi ut ts 10 0KT1"ER LITINOSTON, Apeak No! 1.AOR SaVA.SNAH.?TIIJC SUPERIOR STKtutniu . ?u?rii.a. (i.:mu..j ip"Vfr".P T 7?'JZ.*"? "" -"S il?/, It 4 0elooH.r il lor frclftht or paieapr aprl, t> ??*?,*. i. *. wi ?. v ?? MITCHIU., IN Fr?a? atreot TfcaAlabama, (.apt. I Billow, on .Sal.irdaj. Pl.t w,.'" ' I iHsssmiraj's June Forfrouhiorpt.-te. ?pri, t? "" bu ?* | PA VIS. R KOOKM k CO RBnrrri r ? PAC-'r'0 MAIL STFaM hill ?' < >rpant. OM V Throaph l.iaa ftr C'Blilorata and Onri .a C'la?rv? L?< RrAurM-OB Wo.lP.odkr. Mi, i* if PS* Ki ?pload.d rUarn-Mp ORESCENT CliV, I,flu toll,' J J sSSsP? ivS at 177 W eat atraef. C. ro.r tt arroa .tree" U #r ?T- ass* fc Iviil I 11 ? ir ??'l prodeely kl 3 c 'clock P M ftr?m In, par it Pot .f Warr-n .tree! N It won JV: (O'ori.inen t ooalli, direct lor llareoa aud New t/r'cena .&? alcon r'r.'i*? '?'?? J JR. O. KO lltRTS. ? i ? ti iL h r pur ?* **? ,0"% . ??? : i r : ?/;: ^ I NDl KRMDENT LINE 1 ? 1 ' ? 1 , , , N 5 to l Uiforaia. at Ihe I Mr Ml rrlroed ro'tao THAN I OOUt il 7L r?f?o.-r SROiaSR JOK A JIMB, I.w wtxtr or. hat ar 1 roved liTMlf ai . ? t> . kCUM riMbli U.e .arid, a.ll porit.rel. >r V. a * 5 8 rv- Wj .11 . M , at Mo, la. U. v.",i'k"/?? h ?***5,<rI "* P-oitrscMd aHtirlra l,it.-M?*n aad ?!? -d. ha. ??tt ei'tlleal re.MlatWa and .! PV!Tr\c- m Jaaal BBS wilt h IOI?li>d With prov Wll tl I B -tli I btMJ Bi.BBrr; aitj arpoHal c?r. for if t-m'-nVt ?m. , r ? a 1 i? farr.iahid wtih aa Ira* >**,!? n. ?^ oil; jar.itloB el balliaa ,?d ot" i.U>,^ iLf. '"w*1"? ??<? H.'?w A loo,, aVpMlaaaed fy.Vi'" 1 ?f tap n?> A.-ra..?-r nfa U?ipt h. -n m.d. will. M't. n , ^ U"Tn ard^otL / !' U' r,<H,l',ih* ?t?a , r- . M.^Vt^^^^^;v.Vr^r^^Vli,ar:^1ilr tu. to lb: ..ol, thrjuga . ? oa. V^,) n - " H ' CtMli? U >".rs*% | Ir.N. plNDENT TflROCOn 1.1 OPPOSITION To rZ&yWT* f?'KV,rs:;:.; ' O "or la-t trtn la 1 i,a.,M .u .. ?u. -*?- - ftp ta CloorM war ??? ,/ iiVi^rJo'Ja ?4 ^ 1 ai HSknmti % cir.s j ajuit fl."??* *e"*r hjw fir.) .<1 ..r #1 tficrnrpt' IwslV tlHlMtMo r. .? fcT A P{S?ii II?*8TT.ak.n r f </*p. NT.~/OTLt ^ "rrvTr', r, '-1." i k InaTta lU.. I a ? *? ,h* 'Oitrd h?rt'i mail#, will eaa UM IVlT*.^ 5?' r2V~ ''laadllk Tha fellowdm -o.aai r?'V*-r Morrar U Ua PmSS, liaM IrtTf M'alwijrM"^;*" nr" " t>' . eta "aiirhiV; UhPiiriN WlOririntM: rANAM^ lEU**' h*l'l I.WMI I'll iiosWii" J." Mj. i. ( I HOI IN A SthVia OOLOMRlV**??'' Mi or'n oc'ti 4N7?"",!4:::? *"?: '*? S l^zj^rXxi: l'"?' P &?&??tfkdSF2 r-??a :Pui f * MTa'rf'f.^L*! f!^"y *" *>MM r?f IK? k-ar. UBtta<l..^mX! ,TW"'"; P^wrr. Uitm.P. , H'r.^h'rfc r.aauj 1 lVS ?f M ??'^aTm,714e,3IU*Hrtk w ?i'i?nU:A V"?>to*i CRrsi p VTCITT I nwu*. Itlpihrf Wl'+i' ? 4l?5! i*"'- CMNRukkE 1 ..|1.Bi UirlaAaVV *01*1" rint *f"?.PHlA.I,ldU ,-aa ? Bin ft?rCf Buroa aw th# 11th ani AN', tl vo. fv7ilWr 'TrT'P' *L "ORAM) a" PttCON wll; Irraraa^r!!?.%.w ,""1! N" l?rl?err aad Cha?-a. I ear ?I 1# pb I ', i? 1 ???*" Bal.lUo drkantion at pet ?hii ii toll..? i t ****'?"ami with U.e rarlft: i. on Meitrr t t'lXiWjA* from ll.w Oil,ana aad aorta I Mr he aa, ?I*i* "f 0|,'f' ? PhfadM froat Wow brlMai w it pl.T.: rT^f"" Am,rr?"1 UWTMO. h C?? areata, at SdStf <??"?er<* *"w T,rt >??? '?? f J2). '? Eta ho ret m?. ta ?ATy. f?. IB lower eabin. to B^L law. la ?taeraoto. to |I?T '??TTorE h. Chac-M will U atUo l*w>0. ?fr eh.i/.^Vk"^,\M* 'Waia*' Wi?M'i t.l.oe portf, j awd M Ik! u Li^(' V"? pl lh* ' *f ,h' Ci ?pBk?.i| 1 ?? tholramaeo. ITT Wm .treat P'.* ,sc<>- T>%%t ATI M II\E. WE IIF.ii eli-rii .S i w?.*,'!"** th* ?*? dil ?l-iael New Torh h lilt of tlla .i ..lfl k *' *" R.rer. The htilld r. or.Ml u ?k?? ^ i'.7,r* 4,r*M '''' '? 'i Bhtra't the fMl-rl s; i'ais ;r S" .".?.?;r;;.,.,i: 1 - ? ?>? E ?. SUTTON k r? . M IfaU olreek T"' N ri?. 'PI RM?H> AMI I \CT S11| IN" J.vJj, r*7?h 'ON A Til AN will tail sa Mi.lif. ,"d wt" iH'liNMfmil Pen Rot ah ToVLTw i. ~ I O ?"iT*r,l Irip. Thro'ioK tlckolt for Call loraia at rad.ead rate*. Tor a*.?i!;e. arplr to i 1L HjlliWtMWaRllRRR, SjirttiHA n.R sai.r -rocs stfawpra (.on fn"? to I."" faei toar . a," da. (?*? ? .Bdraaiajt do j, latlhet leap; tr* pffll'T St. Rm^njiDa. ii lll rifi'ii'Jb"!.iW8 '?? < eoadr neiai enolaot I. fro? A,:?' "?* Botl ' dlaititof bmi .J ft't.oa?. For farther lal""aai i.-n, aprlj to I'll AS. tr COPSI.A WD, he Broadway |i">B.'A'-f THE. SPLENDID PRKWIIIM CfctJR BOAT I . . 11 WD, A# foot, arw, end In ce-id . rd> will Deri I reokfta ' " ?"?< B""*r AHanllo V*ALJ T.,,, "*v ?"n* aai.r, as nrrr, smw mes at i *?n *"'? ,f ?*ma? AIUIBWMTI. ATRK-BO.YKS, 3$ CI r& boief. 60 otBtl. l)oor tela rise* at 7X o'clock. Tbareday e tenia*. May 21 w rirfurmrd Il.rpu4 historical play it/led WALTER ' ELL, or the hnuc'c t>?tL?William the Second, Mr. Tl BOWERY THEATRE-BOXES, 35 CENTS; PIT, I2? ??dU, Oreheetra boaea, 60 oeate. Door* opeaat7; cur will be t TYR _ TUtoa; Prince llrarj, Mr. Punc: llurb Rivet, Mr. Hamilton; Walter Tyrrell. Mr. E. Eddy, Teeeel, Mr. Jordaa; Edith*. Miae We myaa, Merger, t, Mice II.B< rt; Ul.lta, Mr .. Woodward. After the play, Miea lliflert will wine a Popular Sun* To ?oaofude with the drama of i'LAl'DB DUVAI,?Claude Duval, Mr. Steven*; Mervyi., Mr. Pop. ; Colonel lllood, Mr. Tlitou Aurora Sidney, Mi a Wcaiyss. BURTON'S THEATRE.?CHAMBERS STREET, REAR of ( ity Hull.- hoaec, Dreae Circle and Parquet, 50 oeatc; Family Circle or Second Ti r. 13 ieuts; Private Boxen. $3 and $5; Orcheetra Soutc, 75 c> ut?.?Ooora open at 7\, to ?eaava V?M MQPirR / J CI UVB.?-lAOOTB OpCU ft( * %l? ?* btffiu lit 7}+ o'cluck.?Tliuivday c\cuing, Mar 22, will be played the favorite comedy of A SHORT RK.ICN AND A MERRY ONE?The ( bevaliar Moralise, Mr. J. W. tatter; ,, . , , ? . Morange, Mr. J. W. taster; Gabriel Coquiuartl, llr. Blake; Count.-,a dc l.oianno, Mre. Knaarll; Adela, Mrs. Skerrott. Tocnnclude with the popular comedy of the TOODLE.S?Mr '. imothy Toodle. Mr. Burton; Mre. limo. Ioodle, Mre. Hugh**; Parmer Prank Acorn, Mr. Bland; Mary Acorn, Miai A iston. RATIONAL.THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOX! lit cent*; Pit. 11% ounU; Private Boioa, V5. Moore open at CJf: eurtaiu rn-ea at 7*? o'clock. Thursday evening. May 22, will be nrceented the grand lairy epeotaole of THALABA, THE DESTROYER-Thalaba. Mre. C. R. Theme; Mohareb, Mr. Brandon; All. Mr. Ln favor; Ilaffne. Mr. Thompson; MR S a IfiRHUWUi ??' "M aaaaanw, mII. a UUU1BHUU, Month, Mr. C. Taylor; Samba, Mr. L. Poa; Onelaa, Miaa E. Meatayer; Arratocu, Miea Malvina. I.uka, Mra. Drew. Tha entertainment* t? iw.uimanoo with a new extravagant*, en titled DAM 10 AND PI TniO?Boa Damio, Mr L. Fox: SI*, nor, Mr. Herbert: Dior.-latin*. Mr. La Favor; Phil latiua, Mr. C. Taylor; Sal-Auihy, Miaa E. Meatayer. M-LLX JENNY LINO'S GRAND FAREWELL CON CERTS :n new york, Previoua to her viein to Niagara fall*. Wextern New Tork, the Lakce, Canada, Boatoa, aad Lor final departure for , Europe. The i.ublie are n.tnoi tfullj informed that theM Conoert* Will VERY SOON CLOSE. THE EIGHTH GRAND CONCERT v ill take pirne at T R I P LP R DILI., ON FRIDAY El EMltd, MAY 33. raoaiiMMi-rtkr i. Overture (fi so the new . pera 1.' Knfant Predigue) .. Auber. Arm?"Cruda fuasate atnaaia." (Lucia di Lata meruit or) Doniaetti. Signer Bclletti. Hesitative?' Relmbeu'.i." Itouinnje?" tp xclo la-oiail 1* Ntrmaadie," ( Roberto it Diavolo) Meyerbeer. kulAa. Ja.vny Ltrru. C-:d- irilno (n th* French Horn Fuel.a. M Submit*. I?uct-"A11 idea di m-tallo," (II BerMer*). . . Rossini. Sgnor Salv i and Signer Billet tl. So, na ?"Ah ncn rrsd.e." Aria?"Ah aon giuagn, (l.a S-'usambula) Bellini. Ilii.i.1. Jt'iv* Li.-vn. PART II. Overture?(Tl! rre*td?r*,| Benedict. Romania?'" Spirit" geotil," (I a Favorite) Donizetti. Slgnor SalvL Aria?r.-h vieni nen tar lar," (Notredi Figaro) Mozart. Mm La. Jannv Ijsd. Trio f-r the Voice and two Flatea ( Camp if Si lee. a) Meyerbeer. Written expressly for Mil*. Jenny l.iad. Wdi I B. jKiear I.I*I>. Aria?" Cd.t; 0 rnettci," (1 d Ainorc) DonizettL Signer BclletU. Ri innn-a?"Csra Adorat*." (11 Uiurnmaala) . .Merceiaate. ' 8lgn>r Snlvt. "Tlit Lap. R0j.< of Simmer" An Irish Ballad. Mi Li.a. J , * v v Ln P. Ooadi'-cter M. Brrrtmcr. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, tembiaing the Aral mr-ncal talent m An.erira, numbering nearly ONE nPNDRED PERFORMERS. h*? been engaged tor the*- concerte. The auction for Friday a l.'eueert will take place at Trip let llall, oa Thtraday, May TJd, at 2i) o'oioolt. The priie of tiekete Ima been fla.-d at 3."., >L end 31 eaek, tceerdicy t* lomtioai and all of theae tiokcta eatitlo the holdtre to mikviki aeeui-icg their acata. A *|ie-HU' ncir.bir of tickets will t* allotted to too publle S3 a, bey .ail wliioh tlicm will be no rnnx werri tor any *o?, or vmd r tiny rn-tonoe whatever. The low priooa wLiehti ko'.? Lave been tlxed muit reudsr tlii* rule abso lutely per*B-.ji< ry. An olfoe for tna sale ?f ticket! will be epeaad at Jollie'l Riisk Store, 900 BROADWAY, every day, except the bel bath, Irnm 5 A. M., t* b P. M., ? here diarran.a may he r-cea. and ?i a'a KCcred. Th* tew rrmnimny Farewell Concerts will be civoa en HON DA IS, WEDKf SHAYS, and FRIDAYS, at Gnatla flardan, or at 1 r.pler fI.t 11. n.< will be announced. Dtoro ep-n at t}, e'o'.oik. The Couoert comraencoa at B o'rLck. Bsoka eoatalniwg the werda of th* tonga may be obtaiaod at th* door?pri- e. 3S tunu eaoh. T11E NINTH GkA.ND CONCERT will he givia tin Muni,at Evaviau, May 12k In ecu..-1a- a'? ?t the w>,h which haa i *ea vary reaerally exri* ,1-cd 1 y th* pul l.c, they are imjh if.illy intovmid Hint " *'.!\Mi M'JRNINU CONCERT A CR w!U Ir rivca at CFSTLI GARDEN, et u meotinr at half-pa,t one. and'.iap :?t half put tl r-e o'clock, Ow THDRSD tV. Mav ~th. Tlcktta for the Mcrnlag Coai it are n ? ready. P T. BARVUM. BARNCVS AMERICAN MM.UM.-P. T. KtRMnf, 1 rorrintorenit Msna?cr Jviiu (lri-nwi?4. Jr., Assistant fcanast r.?(eery vft?ri.?>.i ana areata* a i?k. la the anrraooa, atin'iloclt. Till YOPNUCOt I'I. C-Henri, ctta de Viji,. Mise K<'? llnt< Baa; L'haftes de UI >nsiUr, Mice ll!n Hat. /??-. The XINt. SC. AKI'I'.N KK-nal^bard, Hr. Beat, la t hoove; no, at 8%'rl'k. the fvitrth act. nr it r" 'nr, of ?oTr ~ _ tha MEHCBANT OP YBN ICK?Sbvteeh, Miea f. Batasuna; Portia Hi as Hat) Hate- %a. TUK YOU Mi COVPl.t-llea riette. Hit* K?l? Knter.,?a; Charles, Miss Bllva l'.\t-iaaa. The HMII.UAIi OtPto'l -Isastl .'oi l. Mr llafawny. | Dt rla? the . cieaeon ,nt t f tli ttrttetr.aa tSUIlta, tha fraa lt?t, with tho c*ci (itloa <1 tl.e WaaB| must ?t aeeos.-ity ba ftieyoadod. AdaiOMop, 7> i-eat.; ehlldree under H jfrstt lilatts.; eenls In parquet tr i.\?ily ( shillia;; extra. Scat - fur t..o (tenia* may La sicarixt duiiuj tha day. N'OTI' U.-.l.N AMATEUR DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION, of (? i>.l ?!sr.,Iitt is d.- irons of ebtalain* a few mora y< iv 4 l.vue ? of r?spaataWlltjr. A a ait* opportunity Is now of r ??! t- tho- ts.tu <4 ? re iar rsr itmral. Com loan l-Ll !?.. BI Utreed to T. .V II.. II. < I.tAt Pee* Often. NKDICAIo. OR. R.tAlMiAB, PHYSICIAN AMI !tl/ KU HON. HAS r-aM.I '.vNi II I.I, a sari alroit, half a bieok fraa Broadway. l>r. It 's r asultin* hoi r? at Ms eflee, are fru'a ?? a 1 1 * . la Ik. .r? ... ? aa a .. I T a. >1 law I I. , ?? '?2 t .11 J i>'; in th" aft*rr, ? n. and front 7 to in the asm la~. datlog witch h'.tira, iat >t?d?. tith?r froia tho rity or ?oatry. may rot.v.' the ???< tar up a any aul ail <t.?,.*.ee ta which the httBan 'rsme Is suhjee*. Call, to tU.l foodie* punctually nti- ndrd ta. N OT7t *.-Tlll llAMRMOm D WISH r* TO INFORM t.ranasra apd t',- tut:-. ^ aurally, that ha e<itl e. n tint,*., t? prrrtrtk>, i n tha moat epynrcd Karoneen method*. M si1 ilic-ases tl i. t'litata ? iturv, (tscaaai at the rkia. IB pedir.cnt. to metrlac** ar. fhosc wh.v by i?* .* a ? 'Ml v*e? wait t.a dretraI .i it ol y nth, httre ho.a is'sss ustet for the ,I :t e? an < pi-..area el lift, ??/ alaa apply wish I ?er'aiaiy al tart. H bit f.ANIT, M. D. alary i > . 11 L .penvrd strart, bear tireadany. piH-oNa ik WAR! rr MhiiicM, aid, fhotlb I read ti a fallowiay ?"lli.s r. rtlces that I was cured hy Pr Balas K Dneae ?tr?ci. tf painful aad oserrt str? a* n,j . t?. artt.s. If thtoat, fane tt l I ea.i; ale" ? .Ival ;a.u lb By hoars ant joint. --C. Vf. (ill but.*. 1A"> H .nth .irctk tt a'm mf> to tha a'a?a ?I1 st Ice. p? sldermsn Itth Want J. tt-1 it. thiiriisa, 1.1,. War I Amt'.er?I scflcr-.i aw the mtayrles Imaplaaale, few* di alntlaaraafcaus*# hj saoe* aiy aud diwii ~ i) on t arivus par'i ( hi) lc<>, nrot . ?? aad ' f I was a pe.firt rripi'lc, a.t I wh.oo a >l cow 6i. d ta had, ta n..j."itahu* I will a,t ?*t ?pt d? a (A I Bis safer Int.-. I will st ita i ? ?? ?? .. i? aay aa who wU* call apaa m at l? i'*ho?ty Pll>, ? HSr>, "irssr Mtent ai.d Hald n lari l.r . in.. J> l'*ia-m e? ee. ;, rar'A m?.?Capia n Rln,', i fa N.', I?r K*la? (<aa r?(W ta huaAiw11 ot Maaliar the*., Uaolaarsfan to t t: p. aaosaa (eo-rsi'y. ii? at ai.d it. RI.UIFISTVN niv.i t < ? \ rxwptri tnsared hy th-(Viat hrrnlra syaa 4r, Dr !> . k'a I'A >ak W a'cr-, li i Ui i uM . f aolos. ca ?. aattsaan, tMiitt .tilascnar ??P"4>t a*, i -H ?A tuaao/t , t. >aai Iba^s MaoafactaiaAht, I lay) r. Ib.ohcit.r N V. tha oalr tr?" a'.d R.-r uUi j r ,I11"? ir a . 1 s^ts r .a lh' .aBtiaeat af Awcplea. Is a-,'. t as 'ri.-l * fraas F* ttce 11 i ?c. o Pit ?L.riu, -I Barcity uat a< ? Hu itsmlsfnli I" ^ eTinsit ,i itiit haul a i h/ A. li. * D. tiki*. i :..uii sis ll. Uutailp: ,et. 3 iiil pea hi, ?. Paris ami i -i >n i *t?i .i <?- ri. rAra r duraaas. ia ? i ? h-ur>. by a tec*tah|- appllaatlaa, withoat paiat la.: -. i ??wht c? ; l?ff??i aad'tstsiaal af '.lea '*? ao ih.n.s ai<tieiaoa <tth tha laaal resrty aad i n sbett aay -n ther. apet'i. " ?a*s ik > (us t Ik. oartMl p. at ,ti ar ha ha i"ii4si>, af ysart fnratlee ft ? ? tl r t r I' .1. Ian '? lie. a i .rassii' ran ita l.e atrt tnrra di.'r !?* atwaa wl'Ccat raestlc, which ethersa.r, caused by their a?t cyal. I cr tha ti'ia*.- -.oismi e ea ill. M - Jt|>: iaa ?ith tl . and thl h 11 U I o r' j-fctn 'W that n n ria er.1 1.1 It. In m I m ia (t-e day H V I r'p A be IsKaiapalioattna rurt ; a afe? i ?"* aflers tscr tim ber trc-d a leap Up ?- t\ IVrmd. I pe l a??r V?*. ta Sop jsat so ho cared i t? ab *?? ? s ft.-a Of I Oheiao sh .,oat hens* I , j ' ? ?(',' I1 ' > ? I had treat ?? *t la a start t'ata Jaa r taat. Yaa ei.i?4 t- of the swt if si : hi", tie alters aa aty ha i< aad fa.* la a th ft t r.?, s't. r I ltd tare stdst tiros stj - . r ? yet*. I- Id- * r^as at i ? quae* as i 1 ? h ?. ? f? VI ta. I r? ? a I" tth Aa.lKr, N.J 1,.< *? at a in ta tco caa, hy ?acl..taote? W tr at- I hy .nasi t d. ? , , ? -r t A '? l? f t' M aad fta 11*. M. i' Lakho.n t, m t: dsiiti. t, i?t do?r> fmai Br.,a may. Dt.c TOR TOP KMC I r Itfl TWENTI ftVW f'RXTT By meaaa f the faciei Awalsriss, at free/ it ,? IIM lie a I 1 y i. iai, Uutticth : w ? h jh i hua ? d , or te la*a. rhowir p dtsoasas aad rrali .riaath as I j ar r> ?'??: rnA tarm. hy Wllliasa > cawy, M. 0 ? ? ar the 1 ,rally af Pirtasy'raaia In* tari-ia f tat ot ear ret ?(*??? aro f?,tn ill. dia-nt t. aat a," the rr. .paw (leea ,j plain Iaa (tut. Tha ehoi-ter aa Sale At nee la VitU.y of part' laidf at'.atloa. Ill 1 ahevld le r-a-l ty er, r* ?>??. t " tiMW, hata hern . rtaa-.te it? c arrart<p( ,tlar- ie pt etawa . r'c 'la* yeuraaleea uadsc t| ar- af aay dnatoe ?. mitto* what his preteasleaa may be. r?a a eayy af shi? tra'y softl rh. ' 1 ? r -? i ' lily, pairtiewlarly Utess can Wr i*i rrmni'ry ?ift' tin a ? - in;, |T?i a?v atpi s j tnvr tcasplc , - mar .aa , d, a ? th*?l af r>tarala( h-tat w.thaat t. i ? i j i r thr I'aet -t Aiaealai. Pea tapta as a id p -??i . ij . .. r.. t ?- . it . ?elaa t"tea (hatiM t ?aeaa f'c 1 ?tin's T? iti~* i.n M t-rlr the ruthet A'aeulayl ta, rttcry this Ifi* I . O-a n>y.. 'aa Art pi ream *eadlrt| trrtalr tire eaata ea*l> ?ad so a le'tae, pill remit r and ropy ?i i lahcoh hraaeil. er fee tepfea Wtf! b? mi tor a? dollar. Adders br wt I'tit Nts. i.?j sprwe etr- . Phllad li al-?, for aalo hy PUia*er It TutruiuaA f? Broadway, Sis If- rh. 4i.i\fU\ nr* tRb-."l IHir.S' ANTIPOTR. A APR. trtHlr/ ? t. nitst -? t.rtlr rure nfarlyptedtaordera It makraa tpoedy apfa, withmt the len.t restri. lion* ?l diet, drlah. e-poaare. r ? l'aasn la apalu hi <a In haataese. let, pr-tpn-tcr ,haJlrnys a slrpla ? a-i wi.lah the rantarywIO aot eniw. nndrr thr fa?( tlttrc c.f are haa lrcd dullara. It Is put up iu battlca, with '.II dirtttiros, at tl. tioa hottta Iscta S o ?, V mail) ac thftd la tf a day- f'Tsalely# II W'M. IPS llrosd toe aad !"? Ilsytr l i treet. N V.; W. R Kiltie, Iff llsno'.cr, 8 ?t?a, W rtdkt It Co., New OtrlnBd NKW HUH' Al KHNIA-A Cf>WrL?TR PRACTIOAfc w rh at, tht rata r? an J traatm at ?f delicate dice s??% aad all f ha hit,dr t aflc tha* tllastrstad bi a rreat naai her af hestitjfully rain fed pl**ea, as lathfa polifa, l-y H.iBct ll'stwirh, tl (? , lactvir-r cn ittrffy tar d'easats if the above aamrd aator v It i? * laree auarto 'Uw raem; '"'"ad edttwa, |.ri< c RIO. Rrtract boat the " Itnstoa^Jledi al tad Barctcal JoafaaT"-" It may laid, feacfetrly. to ba tf* to lur> rd'e c* A?t itt'a w rts ?a th? "auto faouly ?t lia-saadt sad fhr sapert r %n suytMn* er tha hind ?ve? f ibllshad ia thle caunbry." A' thof #1 The ? ataUy PhysadlMi Mtaa SB rente. Author'fa rh n " Calf-..thaae, an t Its lopto ral k rf 'ttt. At Ae.," sloth eJlti-n, fonrfaa flataa pel04 ai. fSimi* at tho yahiiih irs. arRiSfyf.Hk townsvo. ta Brno Iwap. and by the tutha* (*W lined- iy. mio ru TTI.K ( CRIB-DM. COOPRR AND ??? AN phy. at* Raoaevaltatraat, ffeta thalf aaparaisllad taw aoac la ilaesM*. ma? ha rtll"d na ia tho trestBeat of tha t obtains'a aaaaa, wtthoat atccury. I>r C-coat'l pw tts, ta will (ad him at 2S Baaocs'lt itrti. aear < hssthmma aa' no whtra else. Beware of tho a-aoha la Daaao Itraah nk. MOIRIRON IB CONBCt.Tin roif WJDlMTt A1.I.T oa 'crtala d'eetaaa. which ha treats rrtthnat mercery. Bneent naaaa cored la a few days. Thirty aaa yean" peartieo _ . babilj'" * * Mat ta c ,re aanaad Aahll.ty, As , arle'nt frota aalA ah ore. Ilea hie Keaj^a dlplaBa la hA pe4va*( at** I *!>?? 'HttK ITT1 ft l*?UUtwfti, JkWwot rue* ?t 7 3? ? Ore** cixoli tal pMjutt, SO Mkta, family l third cir lo*, a5 cents, 0?lVrj ,Bt? Private koio*. and $6 Trauuiafa Benefit, be performed th. ndiuirod pW of th* L41?f Of LToVi? I >uude Molnotto, Mr. Convoy; Col. Damns. Mr. David^m Glavi*. Mr. E. Shaw; Gavpard. Mr. ReyuohD.'BoanMaat MrZ Frederick*. Pauline, M.m Etna Loni. After whieh tta ?Ucceeefnl comedy of WHO'S YOUR ? RlRND-YUWdiJf L.tithrriiea j, Mr. Havidg*. Oiloe F airland, Mr. Conway; LiTi Bale Bin en, Mrs. Abbott; Cootlui Eosedale, Mi** Aadectea Nihi.o's.?manager, mr. john 8irTON.-T?oirI ru, SO cent.; I'm at* BuiM, $3.?Doori apuil half* pud 0; to coiamen-e nt half-peat 7.?Ftrformeao* Rvacm Night.?Fourth bight of the eugsgement of Mr. H. Plnoidew who uill appear at Dufard, m which character be tu re ceived by a delighted auditor*, for *ever?l aight*. with th* ?oft vooiferwu* laughter an 1 continuous tpyltnM, dwil( the entire rcprea-utation of the new piece, which will by played every eveuing lurlug the wc*k.?Thuredey, May 1% tho pvri'i rmunre will com'nenr* with th* VILLikOE DOC TOR?Furr* Bone.i ur. Mr 1'laeid*. After which th* n*|W piece called the FIRST NIOBT-Dufnrd, Mr. Plaoid*. nROCGHAM'9 LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAKBROOMB ?trc t.?Drree Circle and Parquet, SO cent*; Family I'irclr, 2.> i ent* Orel-*tra Stall Seat*, $1; Private Sum, fS. Doors open at 7,'?; to brain at 8 o'clock, Benefit of H. B? l.iUipe, Prompter. Thur?2ay evening, May 22, the perform uki will commence with the miaical comedy of CBARLRM II -Charlee, Mr. I.yonr; Captain Gopp, Mr. J. R. Soott, R4 ward. Mr. Dunn; Mary Corp. Mbi Mary Taylor. After which, a Grand Bailtt Ditertieement. To conclude with tbomilit* tary drama of the IN V1NCIBI.ES?Central Verdun. M* 1.) iin-.-. Brntnr, Mr. 11 B FhUIipr. O'Slaeh, Mr. BrouwnAWi Vutnlre, Mix H. Taylor; Juliette, Miss JuliaOould. TVI BCHANIC3- HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, A? J.vJ. Orand street.?Open every night daring th* we*h l Ttl8 ot'dinal and well known CHRLM MINSTRELS, oomprieing an ofBciemt and eereatll* "nn*i el ? talented " and "experience! performer*," under ' management of E. P. Chriaty, whoaa ooncerta In thin ihm for a aucoeaeion of "tve yeara," Lava been r*oelv*d wMm favor by highly respectable and taehlenahln niliiiw Tickrti ? ocnt*. Door* open at half-past aia, oommann* a4 eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Sa turday next, for the accommodation of " -fti and Jut* nile*, oommoncing at 3 o'clock, P. M. Fsllows* minstrels, at fellows- musical Hull, No. 44-1 Broadway, between Howard and dramf ?tre-t*. Open every night during the week. The eeUbra**4 original end well grown Fellow*' Mic*treU, " ' "mmMMw an rttelent and versatile corps of talented and egnerfouMS perf i-mers." under the dlrcctlou of J. B. Fellow*, wno**o*m oert* in thia city for the lait year have been received w4M tropoli*. Their concerts consist of Burlesque Italian Owi Scene*, Witty Saying*. Solo*, Dnrt'.s, Clu run***. Daamn^ and Instrumental l'crformaccca. On Wedneed*) and Satnr day afternoons, a grand concert for the accommodation at ladies and families, Commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. Admhi ? ion. IB cents. Door* open tt 7 o'clock ; to comineno* at 8. Brougham's lyckum.-mr. walcot respect fully announces that he l a* (by the lib ral oo-.pereuon of Sir. llro'.igham) arranged to take a Farewell Bvaedt a* thla popular establishment I.n FriJvy evening, the 23d at May. prior to hla departure for England on th* Bith. The en tertaiamcnts will con*i*t of the first a t tf th* op*ra at GIN DEKLI.LA, the favorite comedietta of USED UP, and the lemvu* o!;. mpic e?tr.?c? *nr? >ft' ijUVttSAHDTII MAIDEN-M r C'run Tcrfct tuuc) Mr HrTh* Savage. (firit time) Mr. Walevt < ? pen. TIIPLMM HALL.?ORAND CONCERT. ON rrgsiiAY evening. May 27. at Tripler lit 11 v iv.-n to ll.uetreto th* new system of Professor Urn.' Von ?? >- . o Yo wl pec formers?Mle* C*r*llae Hiff, rt tar ? p'. swea ? Yoowi Susrtctt* of gcntUin-n an t. ur*. ?. la : . ?! twohww red joung ltd First *1 p c I il .ouu.nn pil of Alar J an 1 Voll^ue, tar irr ?' < (''>.??' K ywl Sim nicii, acd VivLn Sola ol the ti-.-r.i . > ...a *u-. >ir?t np ? Barsn^o uf the aocompli.h;il nw ? ?l O.I H i-anroace, lo V lelopccliist, Mr. Klchwrn. Sc?. ? ? Mr KeiUedi Sol* Cere* dj Basscttu. Mr Dre*r!:rr. b*'.5 t wgitle. Mr. R1*W togcthrr with a select Onboatr*. cou, >stiui of tie I.Lowing eminent nerf rmer* ?Me*sr*. Noll. Or*4*ael. Keyer, SUev* Urebner, Richer9. Jte.iby, Kiatael, Dre.K-ker, Eiefer. Sohmiu. Brenner, La Croix, Hcin?rke. Eltr, Weiae, and Scata. Th* uholr nadir tho Jlrccti n of Mr. George Loder. Franklin mcskcm, 173 cuatuam ?<if akb.-qm LEA, Bol* Proprietor.?A dmissUB?SMU la PrtpMB Boxe*. 60o*bU; Stage Seat*, 77>ioibls; Bote*, 25 ceutuPm* quet, 12W eente.?Blegaat Saloon porformanao* every AAac noon and Kvanlnc. Eutortaluiuouts commeno* In the afMt noon at 3 oitloca, and in the evening at 8 o'cioek. Tig ?nUrtalamant* ar* variod and ? 1 iot. and *uok a* o?n b* ww at oo e ther ilac? of amusement in New York, conaiatiag *1 L*a'e Female Ethiopian Oprrs Troupe, n urn boring Mk**n BformerG beiog the large* t and at tho earn* time th* mm! ?bted band In th* United Steto*. n troupe of M?d*l Ar kl*ti who ar* aelected for their beauty and figure, and wM pcreonato a number of beautltul tableaux, takea tr*m Ihf Slotnro* of ancient and modern tlaee; a eompany of Ana iris, who go through a variety of r ate of strength and dexterity; Madame Rosaline, tho only Female Juggtar in th* world: a company of Male and Female Artists, who will*ivm an anhiMtion of Marble Statuary unequalled in thaww*l? together with a variety of iutereeting perfunnanoo* ovoeg afternoon and ovsnlng. For partioutara oee bills of each dnfk TO Tlir: TI1EATRICAL PRorESSfO.V.-WAVT1A, aovaral Ladles and Gentlemen of ability t > engage fs* ens year, In the new and lommoaious Theatre at Sao Fran Cisco. CaMforr.ia. For further particular*, laqniroof Wflliawt Dsyton. Rjuth.rn Kxabsnge, Ni, 1 State street. Now Yoctu letter* oust te post pail. AML'BKHICirrM IM PIIILADKLPIUA. HARNUM'S MUSEUM, PIIII d DELPHI \ P T. BAR ctm, I'ripri.' ,r; lleury Santord, Auuiaat Maaagar.? Meuday eec-ing, benefit of the acombLehad aotre*-, MVm Aloxiaa Fisher. The Interesting en to cay, A LI. THAT lil.fT TERH IS NOT OOI.D, which ha- lc?n | l*vod with great cere* the ROUGB DIAMOND; la* fine old comedy of WILD OATS, and the grand lyrical ilitna. v ith elegant oo> noew and aopolr.taienti. called t! e l.tllt UP THE I.ARR. wfS all be produoed during the week, with other sterling attrac tions. The afbrrneoL* are mad* merry by nleurtag ftrwa taudcvlUeo, and al.ort dramas. The cariosities numb** m*ny thsuiand* of th* m**t w .od-rf-.l k.n*. Admls*iwa to thch? a* i one i^rfucnane*, 23 ocul*. elilldtva uadar torn year*, 12S cent*. MAKniA(iK. W11YSO OFTEN UNHAPPY THE CAUSES AND TII K KKMBBT. At ANY AND MANY A WtTF. I.NDURUS rSABS bodily niRVrtaj una of oiratnl . oraiali. prjaTitaeWd ho,alee., 'luHttcrin. her l>fo, thai -t her hml.nnd. Bad I ardinj tli? future r-hir- o! her ohi Jrea, from am win"-*. If kaewa. avoid Lava a per* I the aufjenaf. tba aarAI tc the wife, eud to t '.r bu'bnnd cubar. eeent'ai* and yoaJ bry diAraltioi harlbc tholr orutio in tli? inltj binawtoobe dotan aad harraoeed La cvaec-tueuro wf the aicLuaa* MM Cumjartju af hi* kv.' -in. Ilea importaat tbat to- eeiiorr ahoald bo known to ewakp Wife, t? trery huaiarl. that th" dr- vlfal and Inrttiai eriitaiornroa to the h'ojth and horpttKtael tain mar ha araided! Hfe i* too abort and I ? nith too rro-iau* tubmaE any yrttoa vf ttr ewe <-> I? o-vut without Ujoful' -ajaa. ni i t at the ttDr. Ilia Uu?ly niaUttU atm entitled at follawi, l.u In-ea the nttuuj al eerie* the hewltk and Uts Ufa af th< waned*. u < r?r TWO '.it, N Dlif.ii TIlOfStSiD aarina hart hacm (old t lr. e th* ?w t r-'iti"* we* ItaweE. 1 l.a nithor t ?? beea iadth ad to aAiectw ft by tha oft* and pr'.?;D* r*.|oe?t ef the ? ?t.o ? rrc baa a inlfowl to I publication for nil tory hold drar |t> or aii may h*?e aa f rtuurty uf ebtaiain it), hm al ha?o farured h.oi a t) '?in-iiu ol el earuiaicLja. #<m? at trtatdk an am Br led la the ad ten I- nit'.,.. ...... . ? _ THE MAKJtlED WOMAN'S rftiVATK ui:d:cal c o m f a s? 19 u, BY Hit. A. M MtrUOKAU, raartnaoB or mtraata or 7\ ?ntiri'i f J-t,i?n l-'tr. rr -\i. Pr-c* yj. THIS WORK 18 IN TIN DEI) EM Kt 1 ALLY K>U THE It Mt K! K I), or thair . uir<ii|>'.aUii? m irriar*. aa it dtaodaeaa Irryrttat ae.rru whkb showM ba hu-oa to 1.10m aa( ti uUrly. turi ?r?ry f. male?C ? wlfn, tha n'tli?e- thr nna at baa bnddtafl lata waauuhaed, or lh<- no la tha dealiae af y* ua ta whom nntor eoatniiiplat-t an tmrirteet <>oa din eorrr tha <r ?uw*. ay to|U'n, and tiie mnet 'flu t. at reme-ldaa and m ?t crtaia mole af earf, ta ditry a mpLamt ta wtuah h r aaa le enl jaot. The rt'tlaUnw* oeataiaH In f ?ya harr yrett! ? hla? inr l? ti attrandj. aa t-? Hinnm?raMa I'tt.-rr roeeft' . br tha (v-.-uch he it rt .'mil lad by the at.Uriw yubtiah) ?? *tVMV siriir ak? UNTi ti'Pi trivii JCatranf #/a /.??? ?-/raet < ? leetn.fa nay It* b Dntroo, May 1 Itff, Da . A M Mitiirtt' My dear N.r Vi* Maratod Wa men'e fllllllt Mi Ji'al t >mf ? ??,' tor wi.lrh I eab'i "d awd dellar t* yonr addraat caaed p?i If to haad. I ooold aot ear ? ti-rtl?d yaa With tbeoi i?? Ion, lot that I na tm yell. d by a - aof (taUf id*. '< i at'etlf aad atfe, ta Mtd hMtraaretr rtrhBorr* u t .V?r f It eim ttoat. My wilahaa be- e r'r. oy?lt>i|r t(Bliladf?r e me thfaa ywaaa br aaara. ia 'ttran-. if of r r treat ?nt?nt .-at ?iB'ti avr ? Lt-Itha k'tartn?J dunud p. niarmant. at -ry r-roaeet?i me n ra aid mere d. .??!?.au ' awd ireataahad had, yateudl her ait e m iina'a'ot la if. a.-.d whi; a oat, a* tha Kit ooaa aiaa. d?poind ?f I eopt-eoed that ate -i i.iaaiw le. and " . i/Bed toyaaif to la :tt tl> yr -r,?. Atthla * Itr,n (eoo alor I to o mratta) I t.. trd yo .' b?t k h.htbly aaad haaaf. ad aontelnina ? i.-.a matter* r n hiac rat - nee. im iu ro?eipt aad yrneal, I eanaat etpy -i to y?w the rakMd ? ad .rded r- r r. tat t:-? )ry |u |a*ne i npartee t - rif ?>ii, a l.tra n inat ti e yron' li<io,nrj- of M L 1) eiB-tar aeaafdaS a remedy. I- .-p . 4 a yraaaect ta ma wn.el I I ttfa toaefin-d eaa yooeiii*. N . |>etoalary aooad d. |>1,..|. ill ar?r reyni the < n IWad I era aadre ta roe far batir been ti ->m*taati la-faa ???< to ae tba ataalrm cntn.neo >a ise Married W>maw'a Pri<a)?M<di ai lira yaalaa.' Re) * r thla "eaa'tAer j ar wr old n.ito aaaaad ? -I a < red. ia all bet .r yr >? ?,.,ill; . n-.t wi'< auuU hard h- :b ia be; Itnrt, an I ?y rhiliron I'D n. sbcrl.-aa. f.eererl f- em a f - -f?'. COMTKir.Nt^ f'bliMlTH. Uamraa. Pa.. 'Ht H LMI w r Da a* Sin-I be?rr ;-ia '.at i-a *i. .1 -o ta boar with ma In ewrroa'l 1st opoo year Mra?. what I aebwaao ladi" ( >o V r half ef e reolf and * l*| the eblt^aM na ?t (bad nar" Iter rudar te ye, ia hnyfay aialebn otiorraiawab ?| r? <rr'r ? *-t l? yam p it i rainahla *rrl?i Vr'amaaM rritutr M<dlaa1 < earfnaian II 'm U o worth i'a aa*J 10 Cdld t? tat. If I ntprena my?U rim r wrrntly. yaa wjf a<- I'm) I ttiai . da ai to? aa -uli. m n I yoaa Mm ett< nt ta trkt- < Ibaea th ? h 't. > - iwneatt*A I w#a abate mat'faatiaa wbae t pfiaiard y tr b..eb tfirewab bba nieroat < ari'-"ily. I loe\ af? a It ?? ea? of th'm r?t rnrleaaaa a. rata al r y life. I hod bo ( ? aw tea poara. nam wan th" father af eeren >hi '<? I ??? loa* atm.clmy ?n'*a>i?lly, hahfeaawd . I i <".b ' - ain a mad -rat* eammm ten -r tut tht reanltraf ary ?t at rt -rl at nt tha aad IaA ru- iViii ol re I rti at the l-t.r-einy of eaeh y. or. oaE t-nt anlf trttb t' ? ? -? a'tai I eeoee-nf. anllodaa wadk bar lytht ae<v"ten.. af life. Idanily, tl.ia r iaeaaah afhdt WM' b -o|eno I barr ita ? i* ' up. n ? , .-?l<li I ??lt la?V eayahie ta ? adurt tm touiiaaMr-o 1 fait tba aaaaatfly ai prrrereran e. . . U.iarenif'i. aaeev u? atm.-tl-ra my part war iwpaam tite |a eeenr-ioraoa of tbo aft. I mated oeaditnea if my whm I * ilia imoari. nal ml-rurl-rf. .) r. r ?l* J -am. anil af th* ilm I aa?d' mlififrl. "4 '? enurae ?pa,.la <-f lohtaw t- , . I arte and maaa.*ni. ni of bawa b?1<" odnira. 11 rttaE tiea ar ?a Tram < ?U"-o of ran. b I awunoial V\ aabw) a raid I fay* ii>"? had I th? ait ynn ?a lire arar acafwl What rrontr* myaifeh"t. ultra r? itrrkoi arar i tbelaww Jay a and alialTmirr m tht r pr .-rata oa a bed of atehamMi alfaf ? I o h * -mid ha> e beea abt I'd had I then >-naa a aa?M at tba Itemed ? oai?a ? I'rleatd Medaoal < om?ea a*. P'.i irntiftt* a Isiit. TO THOJE Jtal MAllRir.D- iiiD I E^OITIfj rntt a - ri rm*. Nor. Ml lSdf. Dr. A. M M rrartna af.?Ilad I ka<r>aof the Rm eortamA a,at- -r* trailed i (ia tt ? Marrlad Vt oaawa'l fvtyote M"dteal veto fa oloa actio y dra ace, boa mtfb mlaarf I talent nwam ii- l. I hnttbufl- -d i-arafmm'aeo* ohi'h PnyeM yt la yaarbanh, altloul ha ?<?t whnt to da. I el twlaea a e??y. aad 0 nad my ? n- trented af. I ire* *t'tf famaSB aijf*?tUhar??!l < f the ial< rnrn- l >a eoatoin d la IU poyw Dihrr art daily recti od el tu o obarn- wr, a laranaary m Mintl 1 ihoreyat ?tmdry:"d tbat nea'aarflatlaa mandaya. at p- rhapo heeitat n? a? to ttl* j - pr "y of ta?arrta?k tba am rp r., it-illtiee nttend.tat - p.,a it. the lasportaaea of botaM I ?? .?ed - f the tor ma e nta.naj i-r thaan p on oo Mb> limarrly .afvD ine tue if fa l re h nppia'.ee, caanot bo off# It U. af can ran, iaiprnatieabla to fctrrya-rr fally tha r^ ?. ut rhbj" ' a tfot-d ol, M 1h?y art of o nttarn air. -tlr fm tmried for tbn married, ar tl :*e raatniaeDifac marnaM a'.thet n it ai -oarary, aiaod it D erefy na" ? dotr ta baaam* poeaeeord ef hbnwl'dya a Ann by tba ??mrni?a ha WMMm aift, a mctbar. et a alrttr, ta?d be rut ieut, aaa haohrl*?a^ torot# wili. nr. aK\r tr mat*,, fju ot rObTAUK. TO THE mra. OB tha ro-eift af lha 0?? f>-l'?r. "JSJj'.iWT - mans phiFat* ?1D'*AB^eteS ??*fajy?rjlr- f*e A 4 Mdl S" f 11" ba.Toi, N.w PaJi rai. plthabaae ??S?a. No. I? Uh rtr rtreot, New TarE. (A-rk >i'**> pfl)i'i i * H ? **v '"V "*i*,*"" ?Uh.n thrii moiuid. with yorfer* anKtr aad eotamtw. Vf r aeleat "K Br idaay. aad at tKa rahUdhiat Ofca Ui Liberty itprat. Maw Torh j l.ltrl- k ?'? Alhaay . W^E D|e tid i"'ar ; T 1. Poterma, uscheatant Ibnt f%BhM>

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