Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 22, 1851, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 22, 1851 Page 6
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la any on# frgm this port to Uxedoa ? Idverpool, would ahnoet <r?U a panic In tbi nauoey tonrkot; now, a shipment of mm and two millions per Book for several consecutive weak*, creates no surprise, ?a pan!a not the tenet change In the atoak market or la teaaalal affairs, In any way. It will, therefore, be seen that la this, If In nothing more, California has produced a flnaaalal revolution. Whether other* will follow as Mb* prodnct of gold in that country Increases, er not, Maaa aoly win determine. The annexed statement exhlhlta the aondltkm of the feaaka of this Mate on the 29th of Mareh, 1851, compared With the 21st of Deoember, 1M0. The March report em beans returns from 212 hanks and branches, and the Pea mber report retnras from 208 banks and branch we Maw Yaaa State Bams*. aaaovacea. Dec. 21, AO. Mar. 23 >61 l ea as and discount* except to directors and brokers *00,0709.1 *161,203,401 Ismm and diseounta to direc tors *^15,189 6682,030 ?All other liabilities, absolute er contingent to director*.. 1,772834 1.844.722 jLl sums due from broker* 3408.181 a.874.118 Baal aetata 3,360,219 8.480.460 Bands and mortgages 3.2IM.1H0 3818,001 Bleaks 14,036.447 MA82.88* Promissory note*, other than far loans and discount* 187,818 106 883 Bam and expense a?*ount.... 686 OKJ 647 883 CerdrafU 211.881 261368 ?ie 11 (KI7 788 2096274 Back Items 11 316 841 H^M.287 Bills ?f solvent banks on hand 2842072 28*4847 tBilla of nupended backs on hand 6 207 6 282 Be timaUd value of same 2847 2,103 Baa from solvent banks on demand K 464 370 12,648,144 Bae from solvent no credit 848 W 863676 IB a* from suspended backs an demand 1?C * 64,7 01 IjlriliiiUd value of same ... 87 714 14,863 flw from suspended backs oa credit 8.V46 ? Add for eenta 884 840 Tefal recourse* |M9 410.827 8168.827.400 ? The whole ef this it< id mid portions of ihone marks f form an part of the general aggregate I MAaiUTM *40.864.820 *61.022821 8,6894176 8.727,883 la eireaiulion not rrgis bnd 611AM 644,062 Begtstered notes in olrculatlon. 27.314.875 27,927 481 Bae Trans an Traasarer of Mat* of N. T. 25.(0,613 916,741 aa depositors em demand 63,082,447 60,227,188 ae individuals and eorpora ttaaa. other than banks and dapaallore 872871 2,604608 Baa banks or * i on demand 24.2193198 24.726 084 Bae banks on cr?dit 786.890 690,180 ">ue to others, net Included In cither of the above beads.... 1,837.816 1,430,604 Md for cents ail 323 Total *109.410,827 *168 826 893 la the Mareh iteteuMBt there la a discrepancy be tweea the *Total Resoureee" eni ''Total LlablUdee." TBI* occurs from balance* not being I or ex. d The following table exhibits the condition o the banks 8a the 28tb September, the 21st December, 1860, and the 89th March, 1861 Stnl. 38. '58. Dsr 21. 'SO. Mar. 39, *61. lswaeaaddiscounts *wi,7',4<,t83 *104,294.812 gud.MV.Ul 13,177.944 14,088647 14611.668 (P?M? l4.4ia.S10 ll,!?,7?N y.Uifi.Z7t fash Itsm* IU.49X.M4 11.315,Oil 11.334.397 Bask setts 3,411.917 2 M'i 972 2.68*841 Baa from tank* 10.402 VtO 13 407.031 U?.?4I4 CapilAl 4M.01H.7ii2 49.Hm.H30 51 022 H39 Pi.616.656 V 9?U? 38.4''1.518 i B? peal Is 48.KB.W2 63,483.447 64.227.186 Bae te bank* 23,644,0-7 36.006.188 S?,3t5.3M 1 the above figures It will be sewn that the bank lag aapital in the State Is steadily increasing. In De 4 amber It was *1 241.068 larger than it was at the date of Ac previoas report, and In March there was a further addition of *1.U6,009; showing an aggregate Increase in di month* of *2 404.067. The Metropolitan and torn* two o?three more banking Institutions have gone into Operation since March, whtoh has further increased the taaking capital of the State some three or foar million*, la Bet, within the last six or eight months, the banking capital in the city of New York has, by the creation of auroral new Institutions, been Increased nearly six and a half millions, equal to twenty-fire per cent. Thora Is a alight increaae in loan* and discounts, ?ting to *1,991 349, and in circulation of *666 572 1 continue* to ba drawn from tha banks, aad tbe re turns show that ott tbe 29Ui of March there was *2,841,524 lam In tbe vaults thah there was at the previous date. On pampering the report of the New York elty hanks of the ?am* date, w* find that *3.922,160 ia specie had been drawn from these Institutions during the warn* period, Which prove* oonclusivoly that the country banks have been gathoriog in tha precious metals. Ia th* line of s, the figures show a withdrawal about equal la oaat to th* specie paid out. Stock Kirhum. ? osrt ffr H7S, iav MNHudMBoali 80 da MJ0 US HMIrta liMM W WUnliUillK a?S 30 (to 1'hanli But 1U?V 400 Bo 21 M 0*1 and Had fall 121 100 dn 430 21 M Bask North imw'i J00 100 Ba?dto< RX My NMatropohtan Bui par ISO do 46 NllltoaU BUD K "X ?00 da *10 44 7MXarfia Cttal 16K JO# . da ?i ? M da 16)1 100 da *60 46 55 da 10 760 da .'AX aWZrkftK M* MM da a3 40* M da l?V 000 da bt MV 66 do MO MK 900 da U3 44 y MB do *00 Ml SJO Portamactfc DD BS Ml da ail) M 60 do MO do NO HB 60 On 49) djZ 17" da **X doBbriaaoN l!3X NO da 80S ?0*ao4 E Syrb-vu |U ft# da fry 16 N Tort ft M Hiraw 1I7>? 000 Hariau HE 7S\ It Iladaoa Blwrr KB AO m da 9 da 900 da M do Mom 7* ~ 360 <to _ 60 8taola?tao BR 43 100 da MO n 00 da UV 100 da NO T3\ 0ECOND BOARS. ftlOMCB Loan *87 117 "60 alia Rnbdlao RR M WOO Brit Cnoa '71 ail ?V 100 do Bono do M0 ?? 2d) I oi( Ialaad RR M 400 aha IwdlK 1R MO MM 100 do ai It M0 do 6ft\ inn rrtamontl. DD "X 8o do b3 4''V 100 Bart a KR 74 |B do- NO 46'. *k> da M0 7?x 400 da t* 100 Bnrna Canal oft) 16 NO do ?B M IS Erit RR ?V 24 llorrbon ft Enyprrt ?( %?' Harltaa (24 call) all 73 100 da - " da aid SAX IW da ftPi NO bt.\ 100 da I* *v'2 M da kS) .60 JO Dal ft Ifadaaa full 191 900 do iranram invn itbt m. N| R RBWdRD.~l.091 THE EABI.Y PART Ol LABT PO wtah, a black aad baa Tarrlar, with Ualiyaa. No. 2nd Broadway aarrarad -a th* nnllar. Thr abort ra?ard will ba paid kj rn toning hlta to K. M HOI'EISO. Ma. IB Math LOST?ON H IUKUDAT MORNING. BETWEEN THR City Hall and Paab OtAna, a (laid Wat. h. Any par inn ratnm.ay tha aajno to lid I'aarl rraot. will ba aaitabl? ra arardad. GILLRJIPIB, DEAN ft CO. Na* lim ?PKCIAL. ROTK KI. NEW TOME AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY? At ttia annual mm in( af tfcr ab'.nkholdfra, ?a Taaaday, Bay Nth, tba fnllnwiaa (ahllrmra wara nnaalinunaly alaot?i ptiaiiti? fi'r tba tammy jaar ? Rabart Subnylar. 11 aorta Barttr, I"Ellis Oilw. J n a than tlnrjw, William 8. Wail* wara, M M. MbSohtoM, Tbawa? * Lad), a, Edward Hanannt, "B?. 8 Miliar, Citation Daaicn, Wm. * ?ia?nra, Oaorar ftoar Karri*, Iraac f. Harllaad. At a aabaciaant ra.-m.n ad tba Dirratora, Rabart Sahaylar. Bag., waa unaal w.maly aatad Praaidaat; i..arfr Barbar. VI.a Praaldaat; B. M tabCnrd, Traarnrtr, aad Alaaandar Kyla, Jr., 4a. rat ary. flftAPl'lLA Gl ABMt-ALL THOSE PBRVINA TBAT VM Intra ) r"tar no tba ?arnrain? of th? iirafnltb Gitnrdt, oa I rlday ant, Aid May. ara raanradad tn attend a drill and ?aaMry af lb' a-.t? pany *1 tha Laid- llr 'I Mn.tma, noraar af tlbryatia aad Halanaayairrala. at ? .. rlofb on fhoroday a?a aiaa. 12.1 la a. mp|. t. al.a >.al arraay. tuaato. and abtaia Nab aaaiyiaaato. My "rdar ?t J A ME8 911KJ.TON, Captaia. J. H I.awcw, farrrtary pm tntn. 0 TBI HUMPMMBI order or BMBT 9VU I baaaat.rair dnt) aa Jnnior Maanlaa, E imii Una layanal Haaaata?tba N. O.'a?ba attaatabla at lr < T too iidr Drill Rnninr. "n Thnrrday aaaain*. IN, t? wtiaaaa tna aatSIMva drill id ?ba Etafulla Guarda, an I ba partimpata to tba ft M lun.adlataif thrrraft>r. ? y ardar nf tba Myatarluaa Nina, BA7.1 I.M. JUM. Masonic noticr the mpmhrri opindii'Rv daat I Nn I "A aad tba fraiarnHy la raarrtl, ar Va an' atrd to attand b? fan ara I .f nir lain brutli.-r, < analdy It Okaa, fr. m ltd Hilda a (trail, i? <? Tb ir-day, at 2 n ?il'.rk. ?y ardar af TlDiMAd A llRttTf. W. B. J. W MMtriN n ... The joitbNEt Mrs tloRRIMOBBV SMAIIIII Damn and ftnbnanlnnt b i ty of ibatiiby of N#w fatk. ? Ala nirriiny . I tbi- k?d*. hal.l at Mr I m m< K. illy a. Ilrr ?1 naa Mall, a..ra?r ?f Hnu I -n and tllan air.-.a, on turn lay nraiinp, May J'lh, itwa? Kra-'ia..! That tl .? at. .aid ba tha lad anbl.ralarn IbraORh tba pnbllc praaa antbryhaaa U a<drd in kold lhair larrtlayn la Mr. It Illy a It...una, II,r ? ,aa?a Hall r,<ri.,rof ,| i-t-.a an. Allan atr-^ta, ao Oral Mai.|ay af nbah np ath. GROR0I OAKLAND, PrraidaaE Joaaw Tin, Sarrrtnry f^iikoraoN thot.-tbi advbrtijrb intend* JCd (aakloooahatt aad rtlh r ?. tl .mi.-al ' or In Rnrnp-, ? >.d | raip. ?aa t.> a . tbr.niyh iha in.atari- Mny p .Ma I Rnltiarliand nn f,n t p?ril? f?r tb. honnbt 1 hbi haalth, ai I Vat.ld lika t" mrata . i.tinman ? if. nlnil'ar riawt. fhr ?d r.Mlaar a frianda and brnnalatonaan in all ttr a nntrinn ho wan Id pnaa ItiMnyK, a >.ni I off. r.i . lb/ f?. ilit- <. and add ? aah I" O'a "aar and pi arttr. if t in tup Tim br.t af rriarat |? ylaan bad PmiM. An Irnaa ??* r. O. Naw Yarh, (aw ana ara.i. I. EDWARD II I IV.,' r I'I Tult op THR * AI. pal. It tirnnd itrr?t, anr dnat watt ..f Br .adway. Otllaa art trnm It till 9, and 7 V' V aran.nwa Tba ? Ibnd -f tha Ipal ia at t ai?< r ||. whara all lit- rary aad aatln-wa in nil . am na n n? i.? latt. D THA A LAND AQRNCr-rilR IIN N El) Of Era bla iar?.#?> u an awaiat la ail naal'ara appartaiaiao to l?a*a in 1ayaa sat |?r*iriilnrly p. arlan- unlaaa-Ad land) End C' (?f? patorta f-rtka r?m? Trrma ?adarnba, and will la aada knawn akaa ml rntad wknt la in ba d. nr A idrnaa M II. CATLRTfTlmnna. Taaaa. JE/RW ARHAVURMENT ?i OWN f bPAPER COL it la. tad tdni< t ly.?tlaMaattanr no tbn t?wn af t'nminE Sawta ? I Naw t nra, ara mada with prnmi-taann, aa am am la. #1 a. t.-a OmftE fta., -a iran dirnaOon tbr (yhnat to# t? lad 0ta<< ? and t'"na la, rapidly, an ! abrnd nf ?>| tonao I. T. VAN VLECE. cftca aamar (f Ball bad Or bd Etowtft w Wanted immediately-a ladt intending to tr?NJ In Iar*fi, vult ? MnpcMI Ln4y'e Maid, ssho in A iitin of Uio continent, and can ipt*I Frcneb, Italian, or Spanish. She unit predaoe good rtliniM for boavety and capacity from b?r former employer. GoeA wagee nil be ?>???. No Eaglieb, Irish. SooOsh. or Aw rican, aood apply. A letter addreeeed to " Senora," witb ? be name and reaideaoe of the applicant, will be Imme diately attended to. WANTXD-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, to do gtaeral boneework la a email Erato family, and to take eare of children; ban no ohjec a to go a email dietanoc in the eonatry. Qood refereaee from ber loot place. Can be eeea for two dare. Pleaee ap ply at No. IS Eleventh etroet, eeoond floor, front room. ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tion ae Cook. The very beet of certificates from ber last place of ecvea years, and only terminated by ber em ployer going a lone distance in the country. Pleaee apply at No. Jti west Thirteenth street, botween the Fifth and Sixth avoauee, npetaire, front room, eeoond floor. N.B.? No ob jections to go a abort dietaneo in tbo oonntry. WANTED-BYA HOST EE8PECTABLE YOUNG woman, a eitoatlon ae Chambermaid and to aariet in waehing and Ironing, line the boat ef eity reference, and hae tbe privilege of being ooen at tbo roeidoneo of bor preeont em ployer, 77 Christopher etreet _ % WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO HAN, A eitnation ae Seamstress or Nam?hae no objection to go in the country. Can glre tbe beet ef referenee. Inquire at No. 04 Ninth avenue. WANTED-A (IIICATION, BY A COMPETENT young girl, ae Nnree and Seametroee; no obleetioue to the country. Ooed eity referenee. Call at No. 70 Eaat Fif teenth etreet, at her lant place. Wr ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, ae Chambermaid and Waiter. Would aeaiet in tbe weening er ironing or plain eowlag. Hae good oity relo reaee. Call at No. Ml Broadway. Can bo Men for two daye WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLE AGED Frenchwoman, ae Seamstress, in arespeotabl* private family; the would bo wiiliag to make kcraclf generally aee a aktaatlam 4a aa 4a 4 ka aamaitwvi Fan (ha aamtaaa Frenchwoman, ae Seametroee, in a respectable private r; the would bo wiiliag to mako herself generally i ful. No objection to go to tbo oonntry for tbo earn "pply at No 12 Doetroeee* etreet, corner ef Caanl etreet, (adeon rtratt. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE pretestant young woman, ae Chambermaid, Waiter, or to do geuernl housework; understands taking ear-: of children and plain tewing; hue no objections to the country; can be tern at 42 Stauton at., third basement from the oornor ef Forsyth itreet. Beat of refvreaee given from ber loot sit nation. WANTED?BY A RESPr.CTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, aaituatioa iu a rotpectable private family av Cham bermaid and Laundress; one who perfeotly understands fine waehirg aad ironing; no objcoti-in to go to the oonntry with a family; and ran give tbe best ?f eity reference. Ploaso call at 171 First avenue, ono door from Eleventh it. Call in tbe crockery store. Can be tern for two days. RITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A SMART TI DY GIRL. V V to do t-1 amherwork or waiting, or assist in taking oaro of children; ean five satisfactory reference from her last place, where si a bus lived two veer*. Call at 74 University Place, l.etsre*n Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, for two days. WANTED ?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A situation to oook, waah and Iron, or to do general boneework; beet of oity referenoe ean bo civen. Apply at No. 3A0 Mottst. Can be seen for two days If not engaged. WANTRr-A SITUATION, BY A SMART TO0NO girl, lately landed. Hat ae abjection to go in the eoua try; wages not so much an objeet as a comfortable and re spectable home. Can bo icon for two days at M Spring street, Int fleer, baok room. WANTET-BY A YOI'NC CIRL, PROM TOE CO UN try, a eitnation to do general housework in a small private faml y. Bas lived two years in ber lost plant, mnd san give good referenoe. Can be seen for two days at B/7 Madison street. WAKTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO W'n, situation- one to do cooking and washing: ths other, ebainhorwork and waltii g. Can be soeii for two day* at M Pitt street, front basement. Good oity referenee ean be given. On* baa lived four year* in ber last place, and the other two. WANTED-BY A RESPECTA 3LK GIRL. A SITUA lioa as Cbtmbormsid and Seamstress. It competent to do an* sort of needlework roeulreti by the lad*. Can give good referenee. Please local! at No. 4 Trinity Plaee. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NCRAE.BY A R8SPRC table yoaag ? ho It need to the oar* of children, who !? a food Alain lower. Good city rcforonoo given. PliaM apply at 114 Clinton atreet, in the raar. drat floor. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A illnatloa aa C Uml armaid and waiting. Can give rood reference from h<T la*t place. Pkaar call at ISO Naaaau afreet, firat law, Brooklyn. WANTED-A 8ITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa Nuraq aad Scamatroaa, or Chamber maid and Scan>atre*e, The beet of < itv reference girtm. Bay to aem for two daya. Plena* apply at the corner of Ulcka and Pacific ?tract a, near Atlantic atreet, in '.he (torn, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA tion aa Chambermaid la a private family, or to do amo ral houaawork la n mall family, or to do oooklug, tr Ironing. Plane eall at 173 Eluaheth (tract. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION aa Cook, and to aaaiat la the waehtirc. or to taka care of milk aad butter, la a pood paatry and tread baker. L'aa ooaie wall rooommeaded for rnch a lituatloa. Can be aeea for three daya at 47 Jay atreet. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A YOCNO WOJUV. aa a firat rata Cook. Waahor aad Ironor, in a email prieate family; nnderttaaiie baking aad paatry. Tha boat of , aity refareaoe earn be givaa from her laat place. Can be aeea fer two dart, l'laaao call at llw Ele,aulh atreet, bctwtea Fleet aad Second aeeauea. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLR YOUSU WOMAN, a eitaatioa aa Chambermaid, aad te a flret rate waahor and lroner; haa an objection to do the hoaaowork of a prieate family. Haa the heat of afty refbreaee, If roaaired. Pltaee aall at 179 Variok atreet. front baeeaueut. Can ba acta for 4wo daya, if act angagad. _______ _____ WANTED-HY A RESI'It'T A Bf.K MfDDLP. AbKl) woman, a altuatdoa aa road plaia Coafc, aad U a Brat rata waeher aid ireaer. The beat ef city refereaoa eaa be circa. PVeaer te *aU at 31 rraakfort airont, ta the rear, Front room, flnt floor. Cam bo noew for two da/*._ WANTF.D-BY A RESTECTABLR TOUNO WOMAN, a aituition aa Chambermaid. Ch.ldrea'o Maid, ar fitam auraaa. Una >><< woil roe mmomdod. Baa ao ablectloa tatha aonatry. Can he eeew for twa da/a, at 1J3 Pi/toon tn rtreuf. hatwaaa Saeaath aad Eighth Affiant. _____ Elf ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A MTV 4TION. Te la a ar tat, family, aa Soamatroaa aad Dre><maker; would wait oa aae oc two ye?a/ ladica. aad go la the cofiatry with a family h.r the rammer fiegivngo'd city rafareaee aa b>.'aharecta* aid "opaMHiy Pirate apply at Pie. X Kirktaauth atroat. befw.oa Powrtk areaac aad Br adway. on* *44*. Can ba aeea Cor I we daya. WANTED BY A EidiPECTABLF YOUNG WOMAN, a aitoa'i .n t4 da rt.aab*rworh. t r to taka ear* el ?aj drcn ; nan do plain aeer>ac. | wacld prefer ta gfi fittb a lad/ ta Lhr eewalry f >r U c nna r. W ag ee *M N MM M etieot aa a torn Portable home Oood cdty rodbromeea frem her laat |4a- e OA! be gfeea Plena* call at 131 Wait Twentieth atreet, between SeveaUi aad kjghth aaaaaaa. Gam ba aeea far twa dtja WANTED PY A PKOTKMTAM YOUNG WOMAN. A *1 toot* on to do goaeral btaaework, or ta take "are at children, la a triraae fna.l/ Good city redbronre raa be a. can l'laaao call at, or oddf-cea to, W IKeeawick araaaa. Can ba aeea fop three dlfi. WANTED BY A RPJiPETTABI.r YOUNG WOMAN, a ettuotioD be de r*aaral ha??ew<>rfc, or ehamborw irk lad waiting; la a good w??har and Ireaer aal a plaia nook. Oood eity referoace glroa. Apply at V> Yt-rayth atreet, ea tl.e aecond floor. Imoh rocm. Can be aeea for two da/a. WANTED.?A KESPrcTABI.r. YOUNG GIRL WANTS a aataatioa. aa WaMreaa. la a Protowtaat. Tbabaat of city reference, oaa bo girew. llano* apply at lit TwoUtii atreet. VV ANTED-- nv A KFAPECTARI.B TOUMU ROMAN. Yr a elVoatiea aa Cook i la a good baker aad aa ag rallant waaher aal ir aer A pr"rale family pe.-fcrrod. Na ebtoetiea te a b< nrdlng haaaa. Caa ba aeea for twa tape. Pleaaa aall at 41 Market (tract. ________ _______ WANTED-A SITUATION H V A ya?a? wanaa. aa Coek, or b> do general bona* work, la a firet rata *?Khar aad ireaer TV* heat of aft* refareaM caa ba pttm. if required. Pleaaa aall at Ma. TV Rtetagboa atreet, In the baaenient. WANTED?BY A iMt*f! Y '>1 \ G ?. I HI ? ltl'Tr>V yrnra ef nge, n altnntioa, to mint thildro* Bud de light work. Inquire nt 430 Greenwich atreet. In tha ate re. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RSSPECTABLB wniwea, aa Cock. *a<l,a- aad Ir* ar ia a g ?xl bat -r. Una na to go n abort tietaaea la tka eieatry. Tlx beat af ally refereaoa can ba gleea. Apply at tt Eiag atreek ia tka threa I and aaadia n. r.. for twu daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, a* good Cook, Waaher, and Iroaar. Tha beet of tlty refcreaee from her laat pla*e Can He ee-n'or three date, if aat aagacad. PI. a** aall at Na. fit: (Tint >n place. Wanted by a respbctabuf, protestant (?man. a aftnallan, aa Hi?we*|e< per aa l Cook . la aa aaaallaat paatry, aaha, ant bread baker. M- -t aeea teptiaa al io teatiwasiala Be to rhari'-ter and mpabllitr. Pleaaa eall at No. 71 Foarth ateaao, belwaoa Ninth aad froth etretta. , Want id- a situation, nr a respectable yen a* we in an. aa Cob or renarai * r Mat la a prieate family; boat ef ?i y refcreaee riven I'lta-e eall at 143 k mieth atreet, ia the raar hathling. Baa ae ?>) jeciioa* le ge a abort dtataare la the eoantry. caa be ***? tan daya. WANTED-EITCATIONE, HY TWO YOU NO WOMAN ef gaed refeyenee. ? >e te do general b oaew ?rk, the other ii < kambi ti-aid. It alter, ar Nwra*. no objection*to go a ahart diataaoa iu the (wintry. Apply at W Mulb< rry at. J ap ataira. *T,"NSl BV TWO ?"SPRiTARLR L'Acin tin a ritiNs nv >?'? ?; i .pmi.u *" i 1 a eg ???i n ? i * i ? re e ?. ? w t,, .re ( hantbaraield and Waittr er to iln I aa waehlna; they are b'th good a>."he and egc?ll> nt waeher* and lroner-. hae<'no abj relteaa to go to tha country fer the aumurr month* Good refrreaeeran bayieta from their laat pfae* ea to <he raeter aad eapntilily If required. I'l-ate call at Id Slcth neenno, batnoea Taewty-aeeand and Twenty third atretic, lor two lift Hf ANTED A SITUATION, BY A RE'PRTtNI.E ynnng t-mia In d > general kt neework ia a am ill fa nifly. ar do ehatnberworh >r tato rare ef rhl'ir-n t.'an ?l*r gaed etty refareu< e. pfenea call aa ff' Enrarta atroet, firit tioor, np ataira. 1o ba aeea from tan till f?ar. It; ANTED BT A RE'PECTANI E YOUNQ WiltfA N, If a titiiatlun na ft>aitlri>i. and to lika earn of "hildrea. ft onld l.ate ne objection In go a ahort fiaian- a In the reun try. Good refernneq gwtn, t an ba a- en for three daya. at II* Char ton afr?at. WA N T t D-A Sin ATION, n\ A RESPECTABLE y on a woman, to d- < hainlo rn ork and ae . ? at la waah lag inn Inning, or wenlri ba willing to d" ganernl hoaaaworR la a email ptlrnfe family, or wonld h*?e ne obJoeMi n lo go ?a tie ronalry for tha oamtr with a ladr. Tha beat ef re fen m-e ran be glean. Plraaa to rg|| at Nn. A3 Market atreet i ir irnit fer two dayt, if lot eaitgrd. fifi/AN-TP a SITUATION *s FIRST RATE COOK, YY by * ?'?ady. e-fir. w .ratn: nnde- I'ngln all It* eteiana braiabes ae4 tan be highly feeemmmdad fri m lamllira abr i aa llead In, la town at rraarnt. lit* nt obja< t on to aaatat n waahlng< r iraoiag, if required. Pleaaq Inqnira at HU IwalOh atroat. fron' In*, mart BET ANTED- RY A EEsrnTAffiR Yftt'NO WOMAN' ?? a iltoatlon to do ehifoberwoTk *v I watting In a -r. *11 rtloai* i?mlly. or t* rtngmaral h"i*r*w*rh: aha lean eieal -at waiter, aad hae alwara ll?ad in th* beet familiar, line tt a bapt of eity rafertnta. liren rati, fog tan daya, at * I boa ItPtal, a baeameab. WAHTS. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PERSON. A SITUA IWi to eoek, *M ?d iron. 0??1 ?Hy nfireaM. Apply tort Sixth avenue, op stain. WAKTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yours girl, as Nurse and Seamstress;understands the ?at* or children; or a* Chambermaid and Seamstress. Una ao abjections to go a short distance ia Uu country tIt* good city reference. Apply at the took atore, No. 360 Broadway. Con be mob fur two day*. WANTED?BY A RBSPECTABLE SCOTCH GIRL. A situation ao Chambermaid, or to take care of Cnll drea. Ploaoo call at 296 Wort Nineteenth rtroot, ia the bare moat. ^ A NT E D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE t . girl, a* Nuroe and Plain Bower; la aooustomed to the care of children. Caa giro unexceptionable city roforoaoo aa to character and capability. Apply at No. 147 Bllaabcbb WA N T E D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant M on,an, la a good 1 oob.Waahcr. and lroaor, and la willing to make henelf generally useful. Can giro the boat city reference.. Apply at No. 11 Franklin etreet. WANTED?BY A RBSPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation ae Chambermaid or Sao Waolier and Iroa - or; aho ia a good aeamatrooo, and ia willing to make heraelf generally useful; baa no objection# ta go a short dietanoo in lho eoaati eooatry; good city rofcreaoo giron. i'l<aee oall at HA klcrerAh street, aornar of First avenue, third Boor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, a# Scametreee la a private family, or ia a dreeeaakiog eitabliehment, aha understands draea and shirt making; haa no objection# to traval with a private family. Can giva good rafareaoe If repaired. Can bo seen for thrao day# at S77 Eighth avcaua. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, who lo willing to maka herself generally nasal; ia fond of ahildren?la a good wather and iroutr. Hao lived eighteen month# ia bar present place. Apply at 21 Cherry street, op itairfl. To be aeon for throe lays. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a attention aa Chambermaid or to tako vara uf child run. Good rcferem-a ean bo given from her lust plaoo, whore she lived two yoare. Apply at VB Broadway. w ANTE D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, ao Chambermaid and Waiter. Can if young woman, aa Chambermaid and Waiter. Can prconau the beat of city reference from bar laat Mtuation, wl.vre aba haa bean for toe laat tw? yean. Can be two for two days, at ?23 Eleventh etreet, between the First avenue and Avewoe E. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED woman, aa Naree and Seamatreee. who is con potent to tak< the entire ebarge ef a young bisby from ita birth, or to aaeilt la ehgabarwork. Baa lived foar years In her place, and can give the heat of city reference from tier lent plaoo. No objection to travel for the maimer. Calle will he beard of for two daye. Please apply at Mil Broadway, ia the Ra tio i tore. WANTED.?THE VERY BEST SERVANTS IN THIS city can ha obtaiaed at 7 Carmine street, Saleot Pro testant Agency; and 106 Chambers street, the old aooiety eflioa?established I Sib. Several hundred are sonetantlyoa hand. N. B.?These are about the only otLuea patronised by the flrst faiullits and flrat class servants. Term# re dact d. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do ohamberw irk; is a good wauher and irouer; or t<> aarac and do plain sowing; lias no nbje-otlon to do housework, llaa lived two years m hur laat place. Can be aeon fbr two days, at 134 Twenty aecond street, be tween Scrand and Third avenues, third floor, hauk room. WANTED?A 81TUAT10N. BY A YOUNG GIRL, sixteen yeara oi age, aa Child's Nurs?; ean sew neutlv. No objection to go ia the country for the summer. Ap.dy at 66 Murray street, between 1# sad 2 o'clock. Wanted? in a prench family, a servant girl talking the French language; a German preferred. References .squired. Apply at 630 Houston street. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A young girl, aa Chambermaid, or to take core of child ren, or to do housework in a aiuall private family. Best of aity reference from her laat plaea. Can be sent for three days, at 213 Weuater street, second floor, bask room. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SO It EH HONEST, and attentive man. whs is lately lanlad, an Coachmen or Orson, or Walter or (jardeaer. Be understand* a'i these branches; Is of the Church of England; hisj the '-*st elly reference; haa aa abjections to town or country. Can be seen ft r two dove. from 1) to 11, at No. 119 Twelfth atroet, between Fifth ana Sixth avenue*. ESSS^FSBtsiaaagi iuanrH r, uu4 & ^UnBiBfttiuD U/ prove tru*tworlhv oad**r uli ;;Iriur"' ?? ??n v^r\. ^uS&wsxsur?" eMi * ?*???*?<?? WA NTXD?DY A liiL Nfl MAN, TWI NT V rOI K yeara old, who write# a g.-..d plain haad, eteady am pluynant in a at ?* of any daemption, where lia will not ba re tturf-I to * orb on Sanday. Raf.rauov gi?en bj apply ia( lo Mr * k>t- coraar of Groan and Fourth atraat*. Wanted? by* a young frenchman, or good bahlta. who apaaka and writei th? ku^.iah lap <" tolarnMy wall, a aitnation aa a atorakaapar ha u willing to make bimreif gaaarally uaafal. Rood given. Apply at lUo Raada at. whara ha tan h< aaaa for la o daya. Wanted?a salesman in a wnrn \sii;gv airy (tore lu 1'hiUdalphla, who la thoronghly ao <iuaint?d with hi. kueirnre.tTg aueh an <>a? aaood aalary wttl ha paid. Aildrtaa, poetpaid, ISAAC KKED It bU.N, 1Tb North Sacoad at., railaa, lpMa. A I TOl'NC MAN, WHO HAS LATELY ARRIVED from the old country, wiahee a eitnaunn aa Coach is an, or tir<om and Valet. Uaa good Dublin city rafaranuj. Uaa ooobjacuout lo town ar oountry; ar aould traaal with aganllamaa. Addreae Fatar Htnry, No. 3d Firat avenue. or B. A., Harold oA a. A| RESPECTABLE FROTESTANT GIRL WISHES TO obtain a aituatlon as nrat-rata Maanatmaa, aa aha Uaa had oeuaidcrabla i? la London. W eald Kara no abjection to vaJt on a lady: would bo an a?|aUitlna to a family g> ing to Inropa. tJ'leaee addman a. R-, S llall I'lat*, lid floor, appoaita Tompkina nnrktl. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa Stawardaaa, or to travel with a family to California. Rnfaraaraa axohungad. Can ba aaan for oaa woak. at Na. 21 rukl-acth * treat, in tha rear ; ar Mi Xaat Nino taenia atraat. wngnala no obj"ot. _______ ARFJJPECTAM.U vol KQ HUMAN w ishes a sitc aUon aa Cham harm aid and to do plain aewing. Haa na abjection U travel with a lada. Vary beet af airy reference, can to git-n. Planar oal) at SO Mott .treat, near lanaton atraat. Una ba aaoa for two daya BOY WAXTED-BOT WANTED. ABOUT It TO II ?rut af age, U a book aUr* ao? who u ae-|uaiate4 trial. U? Eranrh UasiaM will ba pralocptd. UltartatNo. "1A Hroaaway, ?p >ftlli | BARERF.PER ?WANTE D. A si ? IDT H IN TO AT toad bar. Ona wbo bar we ait bnainaaa will rautre a lair remuneration far bit aareioea. Nane .tber naol apply. OnU at US Broome atraot, at II A. M DRT GOODS SALESMAN WANTED ONK WT.i l AC ? qualated with tba buelaeee. Apply at 6A Canal at. Drug clkrk-wantrd immediately, one who thoroughly nndaratanda bu bnataara, and la fully ?wipetwnt K faka rl.arue of a (rat olnaa atnra. TV boat af rate rrf*rm or repaired. Nana but an Amenaaa uand apply. All.. M alreet. eorarr of Hrury atraat. N My* UIIIT CAEPKNTBRh WANTED TO WORE ON THE t ' I', aightar tan g?,.d e?prri?a??d ship carprntwra. Nona nrod apply wlth..ut goad t roommandaUra* from ahJpbulldern u all known in this elty. Apnty to Praaoie Bpten, Saorrtnry I'nnama Railroad Company, PI Broadway. SITUATION WANTED 111 A YOUNG W DM AN, AM > bamt -rwuud and Menmetreoe: has tha boat ol rafwta". from h?r la*t ptaoa. Caa ba aaaa far two da/a, at Na. btfl ll.dK. atraat. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A TOTNO WOHAN, TO da yamarwl howaawark la a mall pr.?nt? family; la a prod Waahrr and iranar, and ona da plain ?okln*. Un# gawd r-frr-a m from bar la.t plana. Can ba .aan lor twa daya, at N . w II arte i ttraet, flr.t floor, front man* Situation wantrd-iiy a resi-e. t tni r young woman, a. 1 oak. I. aa r.. rllaat waahar aad irnar, and a flrat rata bakar of broad, aba aan ftra g?o 1 rtf-r-a w na to character an J capability. Tlaaaa apply at Na. I Math etr-et, Hctad hauaa from tha Bowery. Caa ba aaan far two daya, if not engaged. CITY ATI ON WANTED?BY A FIRST RATE LAUN 0 dreaa, wba ona da Franrh fluting, and tally rnpnbla af brr fcaainaaa; haa na abjection to go la tha aaaa try. l'laaaa oall at bar praarnt employer'.. *>' Broadway. SITTAT ION llVlll. B1 A RESPECTABLE YOUNO girl. ?' taVa rnra af rhtldrea aad da plnla rawing, tha brat cf city raf. rmar from har last plnoa ran So gun. Ap ply at tba ftrrt brink beaee-n the corner->f Want fliataantit atrr.t, aaar EigbU. naaana, la tha bnaamaal. Caa ba aaan far two day*. SITUATION WANTED. HY A RESPECT A RLE YOUNO ar acuta, to da ganaral bnurrwork, waahingnnd ironing, aad plain ex.king. Na nkjratlon to go n ahort d.ataaao in tha r .antry. The brat-It* r*f* rear, gieeg. t na ba aaan fag two lira. Apply at I7A klliabath atraat. t|- . DRKIbM AKERS- I w | ? if D, oi.ri'N t - I ri t E lien f?r a yaang girl with antsa rwietta it IrntntGr, whrta ?ha ran haaa an app< rtnalty of Irgrt ing tha bnr.o.'ra that ..hly She haa a>rtad ona ye*r at it. la aa eaerlleat a< e tr. ang a aery Indnrtrivne and obliging girl Ad dreaa or anil at 17J Ueator rtra. t. S|10 LADIES. I WISH I'l OBTAIN A SITUATION AS fl Child'a Nuraa, er ta da light rn.rb. f..r atonng woman, who la arttre, hoaaat. and and alb.grthrr oam p- lint f?r tbr ..nation. Addraaa r anil at 171 Uaater Itr- t, a Lara aha may ha >a?a. rpo SHIP f.ATTAINS BITUATION WANTED, B1 t M. rrrp. naklr y. uaa Wetnnu. aa saawardora. ar h. tratal oith a lamlly, ar aa Caab uitn a pritatr lao.tly. Can ;? ik tha Trenah. Gorman, and Kngli.h langnagar. W ul l pro. air tratalliur. ir aa<' mad to aha ton. Can prodtva good rrftr a.a. la^ulra at f-1 Wnlkrr atraat. 'I'D MSBi HANT TBILORB.-WANTPD, BY A YOUNS 1 man of rtpariauoa. n rilnntion a. I'*ntala..a and V'lel ' -ttnr in a ar.l e|?.? ??.| in aatohllahiurat. who a.ald ai?' Mtrald . , " V. nwnnantlf, WBo a- .n ilMo ? hV in" V f' areaaonry. for< and Id .mJ'? rr"k >*?*? Sdlr. - " i *nm*a. 11 **"* A OVER, I tTRLY A 'trmi kitlnud. aaaarraant nlth ,.|i , ^,.,t (?rr?? f ' r'rra I ia arrtl. ra to iha act ,. ,f mansfmrlnru 1*i?r H ... i wt tw. ri r? fiMNlvi Dkill it4 tMig ffieMtftl *P I lj, \ ?* pR* I, ? I ? ?. , \ irttfl K lift, i 'Uall , Of lor ?kfl R?<t %% tlit offfro of lit in ptp?r. ??tTi#r.n m a vor*a uw9 J (A (till % ? ?"Oll.ifT R| U'lilff lit % (hnIodI P ?|ts | fimlljp; or *? tllll to A litvtllinic totilUmtl. Nn ohjwe j t i>ntn chf f?ll tl I.** lint. A ? H it t4 JTt FNrd Hiit- r, fr??ia II o tlotk, A. H. till 3 I'. M.* I nill t? ??Un4rH to lilt I E|S(I PASS NTS AND 01 A SOI A ? iNDu T*n ? tpirint*Nt' I'tttlh. Mam , ?<( I m tl. f H** ? i*r. Iff'Ultry in f-i '1 Hilk, %?4 _ .pjr. nf-r. t< Dan. %?,? Maaom ,.tl ^ n.yb It rnmprlet. Er.bftdary in < ?'d. ?>iarr. ann. nno I htuillfl r|.e making .f ' Ol' .ra on I Apron., Cwrtnm'J_?f g.p. rant naitnua. Enn.7 Cniw, Mltraa, fc ,' i r. nVi w > 9?iRftl tbft yonrt I an,aa can apply t> amerlara to IIRI w Ml,S Id'b Mat'.nia, 1. W. U. f .. ate,. Krgnl.n unnafaetory, Ol t.rat.d itraat. fji <> M ER t HANTS. FA TENTS EN, A Nl> OTHER* - n Mant.d, hy a gt?d anloaman, who l.aa had ara-ral )>nra ??|otrl> n,a ar a .tfnmrrritl tra.rllar, a Gtoatlun aa Ayt at, itaaallar, at Cnllaatar II wonld hnta ?n abjrrti..n (? tratrl 1 rwafly n e?ai?"it. ar rntat lnt > nay fa,, and rrnrnnalda ? rw*t or ant. A dime. C R 8., IDrnl l efflco. ff?0 11,,1 Dt DEALERS IN AiTirR BUSINESS I man. all, rll' Ir li.' ny. I ? n Jrct 1*1. wlnhra no .-n .a., n.ra t whara I la aart Irct wanld he 1 nod a fv r r maarrattnn rl'*n. Enr.wa hi. nydna"? and ia not afraid of noyl. I. r |.?rtmnlara nitdreaa W., aflia* ol tnla pipar. RE' llM?d WARTEO-TODRSFN1 rCTHBCOVN aa tyy, fer an in.rat rirern nca'i ? e'.d. N? <aa nae I ayp.y anlaae with a bianal at mi'* i-?i??r? alt no.I ,' ?rtero wp'taeld. Arptj, yit., r,fcrauc a. %?, ll',llngkhR Na. b B tat Mtt<all ?titat tbyr d-ara T*m Dt ?* twrr. (HFORMATION WANTKD.-M. lUrn, FROM W >lt I setts*. la Waerttembarg, wuta ialbriuatioa eftftfe Meter Barbara and brother d*rju, who arc aald to nddrfl Pltta bu|L Pereeno acquainted with their twceeet abadc, arc aolicitcd to give Uformation of it. by addreeemc, OtAoe et the Eeuteehe Sehacll|K>et, 77 Chatham street, New Fork. Eaehaagae pleaae copy. INFORMATION WANTED.?OF JOHANNA IK)LAN.

who lived in Tenth atract ia HMO. Any iafurmstsoa or bar will be thaakfnlly received by John flattery. 40 Marten atreet, Maw York. ^ ?VIlCAIn The celebratbd prima donna, professor in Hinging, Rio'ra Elian Valeutiui, wboae papila' eoaoaru have Lean ea brilliant Bit water, will five rammer maeioel private Soirlee, where ber papila and bereelf will Mug before faakieaable andicaaaa. The price of ber ieaaona ia net aa high ia rammer aa la winter. Hbe ana be eaaa at bar reai deae^ til Broadway, every day, from 10 o'clock A. M. till MUSI C.?WANTED, BY A VIOLINIST AND A Pianist, latley from London, a aitoatioa ia aome pen teal amacememcat, cither in the city or to travel; aaa furnish a singer. if requieite; beet of eity rvferenoaa given. Addreaa Mama. Boi No. (Herald etkee. OR PALE-A VERY HANDSOME AND COSTLY 3E eead band Pianoforte, Doe ton made, ia goad order, will F be cold at a meat eacrtteo, ia eaaaeancaee of the family breaking up bonseheeping. Apply te N. P. B. CURTISs, Agent for fiewee' American Patent Action Pianofortes, Na. *33 Broadway, where it eaa be ace a. INSTRUCTION. Madame barbier, formerly teacher at the College (lienri Qnatre) in 1'arie, ie deeirouanf having lew papila to inatrnci in the French Isugnnge. Tenaa will be moiernta, and the beat refereaoc aa to eapab'lity eaa be eeen at 107 Oraad street, (rum 12 to 3 or S to 9 in |tba evening. Spanish lanouaoe.-a. p. baez, teacher and Trenvlatoref the Spaabli language, will give leaeona at hie reeidence, or in any part a' the city. Translation*. eci tntike and literary inelodad, will so correctly and paaetn ally made. Addreaa Mil Bread way. AUVIR B. GOLDSMITH'S WRITING ROOMS, 2S9 vf Broadway, tret eoruer above the Irving Hoaee Teraw red nerd one-half, via:?$21U for tan ieaaona one hour each? ptationery, 40 cental or twenty Ieaaona f?r $?'>, including ata Hancry?payable an aabaariMnf. Private iaatrnation nt the reame only. Per anla, Coldamttb'* Gems of r ' Peautanahlp. WANTED-BY A LADY. WHO IS rULLY QUALI ftad by long riperieaee, na daily and resident gover ness, feur young lvdi.'o, te receive ganvrnl instruction nt her awn reeidence. iieeidee receiving n liberal English educa tion they woe Id enquire n practical knowledge of Frenoh ard Italian, which language* ahe poaks a* a native, and leeeotaea the plane. She ,ot< ids U> take but four pupil*; and the term a, far general instruction in tboee hranoliee, fiem 9 till S dully, ?ni he Ran per three monthe The hig'ie t reft rencee riven na to nbilitioe and reepeetabtliiy. Addreaa, Stbelerv, Broadway Poet cAca. KINK ARTS. National academy or design?the twenty Math Annual Eahlbition of the Academy ia now cpaa t< the public, at their Oalleriee, Na. MS Broadway, oppoaita Bond street, from 9 A. M. until 10 P. M. Admittance* tenia; eeaeon tickets, 10 eeata I catalogues, OH eaata By order of the flennell. . H. SHBOOflUR. Cor. Sacratary. N. ft. FINK ARTS.-A YOUNG LADY, HAVING A FEW leisure hcura, would like to takaafaw lelmlara In till I'elntlng at ber residence. Pleaee addreaa C. B. M.. at the ?Sn of tble puper. OOPAHTNEUSaiP N OTIC KB. The interest op lbmuel simmons, as one of the cepnrtnerc of the firm of Wat. Nance k Co., Pi anoforte Manufacturers, of the elty of New York, ceased, bv mutual eoaeent, on tke 77th July, ISM. WM. NUNNSftCO. Copartnership?the subscribers have this day formed Copartnership under the lirm of ANGULO ft MORA LIS, for tke traneaetlon ef general Uomiaieeion busineee, Havana sugars aad tcbaeao-ieaf, at III Water strut.. MIGUEL AN'fil'LO, NewY.rk.May 'st, 1S61. MANUkI, MORALES. PARTMK WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE GROCERY aad Prttdace Comuileeioa Uuaee. well eetabtieued. aad delay a g ? i bueinee*. A person nequaiated ia the West, and having from two to three thousand dollars, may addrese R. at this offioa. To tailors.- partner wanted, wirn a ca pitnl of from t'.UlU te $3,(9 , te tuln a person nlmncy null established, who wishes to eiteed Die busineee, and bne seme emennt vf capital. Ref.reaeee given aad reqmred Addrese Beg i. Taller, this often. BOU8K8, HOOMS, dir., WASTKO. Turks rooms and a basement wanted dp towa?not liicher thaa Twenty-gigtb etree'. Kent a ? derate. RrvnectabU rtlfftMN exchanged. Audrou to Boa Utrald Often. HOU5E.-WA.NTED TO U1RE. A TWO OR TUIICI ?Ury mod. ru lieur* on tin wnt etd? of Broadway, b.teren Franklin Dad TwenHoth itmti. and atar liruad way. Kent net to need foot) or >400. Addraaa J. It., Id Wall (treat. PUBLICATION!. SERMON IAW8, NEW YORK, WJL-LAWH OP THE Btato of New York, paoaod at the Seventy f. arth aoeeion of the I erialaturc of the State of N?w York, fcrat aaaatoa, prleeOe., Juat publiehed and f-r ealr by BANKS It GOULD. 1*4 Naagao at. LM ITTEI.l.'R LIVING AGE.?CONTENTS OP NO. 307 I2}? oentn?1. Lord ilotWnd ? Foreign Krminiet nm. Quarter ly Review: I. Original Latter of W Ilium Ptnekney, l.H, rary World; 3. Madame da Dealt* and Madanx- da Atnet. Chamber*' Journal; 4. The I'aaoa Apoatle. do.; A. Mauri,?* Tiaraay. the Soldier of Fortuae, Chap. xaix.?axxi., lJo'.hn Uniroralty Magatlne; 0. Thiara talked of in London, Chaia b*ra'Journal; 7. "I awevpa tha Crnaatng, " do.; S. Prvciooa Cargo** la Englaad, llaaapehira Adarrtiarr; 9. A Twslea t?ath ia Cnlautta, Chamber*' Joarnal; 10. Jamalea la 1*40, rammer. II. Abd el Kader and Lord Londonderry, Sp. eta tor; I". Writlnjre that are Nevolntloalxlng Europe, H orhing toa RepuMie: IS. Kemoaatrau*** againet Romieh Corrup tion* la the Clitiroh, F.aamlaar; 14. Cheap Pnatape ia 1Kb), Literary Portfolio. Short article*. PuGll.hed wisklv, at aia dollara a year, by K. I.ITTELL ft CO . Beat.n aadoald b? DL WITT ft DA> ENPORT, Tribua* Unilding., New York. TBI MARRIAGE ALMANAC, OR LADIES PER petaal Calendar, in which every day of the par ia marked with reference to three important vporhi. by Dr. A. P. Drebrrwrr. The prevent title haa been adopted a. being the mart ample, although the work haa a much larger ae.ww. rrloo, 10 oval*. Real by mail to any part of the ooaatry, bC'HLOSS ft CO., IW Naaaau atreet. lAAHrh', or THOROUGH RESOLUTE BUSINESS Ivv l.aHU. are waatad la th4 Waetef! HI SC*ewJ2> State*. to aell the Amarlear Lawyer and Hueiaeaa Man | Form Book, compiled by V W. Beadle, Ee CvBtaiaiag I,? ial F tr??, aad luatrm ti me rrioUltatoalmoatarrfypoaeibl* no-'ifflrtaa" la the ordinary iraaaa?tl><nt of boelaeae, with the Lawa el eaok Statu on H otehold and flomaetaad Ea*mi Uoaa, Maelmalcr' I lea, l-oli-rUon of Dabte, Contract'. I>?'J . Wllle, Chattel Mortgagor, Right# af Married Women, fcr ,ftr., beetle* a great x arlety of tatormatloa oa runb enbierta aa Portage. Putin Laade, Petentr. Colaa. Weight* and Men anrea, I atoreat, Bookkeeping, Naturalliation, fcc., ladiapen aaUe to men-hunt*. tn?,-hani farmera, pr.-faarianal men, fte. It alec ooatain' Thirty on* State Map*. d'tided Into onxintlra, and a Map af the United Statee. The wnrk baa been,men.led by Jndga* hint. Kdmnade, aad othare. TLr retoll j^tee ie yt rente. In rtrong binding, and out dollar, ia lanthaf. A earn) I ? j >( in roper con r?l will be tent to any onr daelrotia of engaging la the aale of the work, ea the receipt r,f fC rente, p-et pal I. to the paMlrhera. Ne piri a need apply who be. aot energy aufBr-ixnt to eaum elate dollar* a m nth over all etpenaoe For fnrUtar information. addr'ea peet paid, or apply pereoaaiIy to PHELPS ft 7ANN ISO, IK llr ndway. New York. Oil V OOODli, Ar. PARASOLS-THE SrilSCRlBER HAS JUST RE oelvod. and ,'frra lor ludtaa' iaepoetion. twealy aoeee af rieh Pnmaela, MdbMwnammMdft^m of 00'lor, wbirb ho I Uio SLLP1N of th* aewoed at ttea, aad In every variety I leenahlod to eel I pnrMealarty aheap. I'lN. Maatilln Smportua. 441 Broadway. fhRlENTAL FRINGES.-A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF VP Canton Crape SKenl Vf ? ?, o. w aad rleh pattern' for aala by ALFRED tPWA Rl>3 ft CO., IE' Paarlatroet. \| ANTILLAS, MANTILl.AS.?MORE NOVELTIES Xvl Srom Parta.?The propria! r of the Paria Mantilla Etn porlam, hfll Broadway, invitee th* attention of ltd We t o a freek arrival, thle moraine, of ?..m. esqniaitaly b-mitifal deeigne, la tvtry aoaeoaable fahrle; ooaxietiag of thr rlrhoet black and rotored Silka. both plala aad watered, with grae. - fal trimming* of fringe tr m 4 to 12 tnehn" deep real llrneeele and other laooe. Ala*, ""me elernat .fvimea# of enwint.r Mantilla*, ia aerial loaturea, eaoh ia Mik Tie euee, Tnlle da I'ladee, llercaea. fte., ft'-. The** r>tid*ar* all of the blghe.t and riohe.t elaao. hat will b* *ol? at the *?'** eatremaly aodrrato price which have already gaia'd for thil eatanliahment each iininenre pi onlarity GEO SI l.i'lN Fl 11-oa .e if ITNDIR GARMENTS FOR THE SEASON -THOSE IN ' want of them will do well W rail and tannine thnea at haatln ft H iy 'e, KM Howery. fhey ar* 'ery plriwmnl to wear, olaali", dnrahle, aad not llablo to ahr'uk in wMiuag. Allwkndmlmhonlth and oomfort wodr thorn. I.IHIURN, L'RFM II AL< ? IIOL. Iioab. AND PI RE SPIRITS k ayp. fir r 11 any oFeryd for *?l* In thla eitg; imperial r?'gent'a p. nah, af rnyrlwr tailltyi 'em ?n lymp, nfeu^ermf gaality; aad breach culnrtag. of 'uperlor iinallty. by L. PCKDY. d) Beoeer itrrot. Sol* oicent for the #al* >f Pr. m-., ? eelckmud pure ifirlta, D> ni-atin brandy at ?6v. th* galioae ;ual to any imp*>rud for $11ft. C" ' 1< II AI.RS LONDON AND DUBLIN PORfKR - b* Jn*t r* ?" ived, a fieeh .opplV *1 lh? eaoie oolehratrd Ale*. Pert if. ft*.. wbWh have gnea anrb nni?' real tetiefae Wot. W arroated part and ynulno. A DAIJ.IMOKK. 4 0 Arwu" atreot. e*m*r Cfeaby. fttPHKM AGKMCIkS, dW. REMITTtMCES TO ENGLAND. IRELAND, ?NI5 Seatlai d. ?Drelt# on eel* f r any "aimik from At ipwefda, whleh will be oa ihrd at any Bank in th* ITnltad Eingdem. Alo? Park ago* of ?* *ry deoerlptioa forward*! at Ion ratoe, by all the *Vctnier<, to any part of Enmpn. by 111! A EDS. 8A N FOB |i It I O.'S t reaon'lnn if Eaprroa, At A lar ft to I* and IS Wall at ooi Small parrrla will h* r. coi. l ti't half peat aia* A. M. *1 Ike day of aoillag of ovary otenmer *?> Bare pa, ff*UB WORLD'S FAIR THE WHOLB OF THE OtROD E of tha I S. whip st Ijxateeo* kavinn bevu .mnveynd from Snnthampton, aad depealleit In tb* Cryelnl I'aWua der anp dlrot tlnn, we ar* nr*t>orvd ta aire every $ it ntion t* th* n iebea of onhiblter*. Par lie* i lelti'it Rnylan In so'tl ta call at nttr b**rpool and Londea ? lie*#, whor* they will And Slot of th* tale at Aaieri an t'Wapnpora, wher* their lei tore mar la addreaovd. wher* lattera *f er' dttmoy be pro ?nrtd. aad oxary attention given t* ?b if wtehee and lata foot*. EDM All.' , x > lift m l> ft CO.. M Wall atroat. New Tub f CoL mbia Balldiaga. ijverpoak and 17 and Id Cnrahitl l.endon nHFRFliRD ft CO.'S Fast REPRESS id CALIFORNIA I w-Chrtn Frotir ?I'-iatarn, 10 rental Preiehu caate twr lb.! M?.?le Ne* pap?rv, t eant- by the hnndre.l, ft.7 Sett ah'pai'ot ni l b- by the faet eteamohlp Bi-nlhar Jt.aathan, en Rnnlay. May pi. Mall* etoaa at 2 * P M Small parrel roerlvrd till IP M Parhagneof litlbe., wat?r prt -f, rreolvd till |n A. M. Mr II Tf nd ae#cmp?nle? anr freiabi ard mail* it tn ( in iv? ta Panama. No. 2 Vaaoy ?treat, Aatnr M< oaa, Itavl rk SI A IhlSHVIM.. MATklEONV MtliR Ftsf. OR IM?W TO WIN A Lot or.?Frfkaoaf La* t n. f London, bartag artlvof ia BeeOia. will aead to any addnoe, aa receipt of ??? dollar pnet raid, plvn dtrrMlaa* te oaab'a ladle* HMWMtl win m* davotod aftlottnne ef th* nprnelto aot. The preano, ta - In fit, bat an capM? xt ee that all may be marfrd. tree ape-titer,f aga. ?| pearanro, er perttloB i and IneVi th ,<igl ant I an at. It ana ba arranged with auih oaa* and daliaaay thai dadecticn W lmp*o*it|e. Aillrw I'nifiwt IxwIob. R??l>t Man*. Nolrtttr ukta from th* Part <>ftr* aftlxt* tft* yaot a* 11 |tii irnm. WANTED?TWO QOOD BOTI TO WAIT ON TABLE, at WiMla'a Diaiai Salooa, N ?. IS Gold ilMt. OnM iktd; b?;i will hau lUtlf MfUyaut. Wanted- a purchaser for a business pro lutlof $M0 par nioatu. Alao. t purohaaer for A yo way, wall biroka Kackiaji Horao, harnaaa a> d ?a?gp. A partaar In a loa* aatabhakad kuaiata*; aapital ra<tairad. WAX*). Wan tad to parchaoa, a llouaa Bad Lot botWMA C'LaaWn ABd CaabI atroata Apply at lit Choaibara at. WAKTKD-BY A Yt'CNO MaN, A SITUATION AS C"acl>*aa aad Gardeaar; ha fall) uadarataada hlaba alccaa in both oaparitlea Can maka bim'clf yaaarully ua? fal. Goad rafavaana caa fca pin a a* to capability Bad <ba f?'-tar. Caa ba aaoo for two 4aya at J6 Graat Joaoa atraat. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITER, BY A RE apactabla yon ay man. who uadarataada kit kuaiaaaa la all 1U kraaoAaa parfaotly, aad baa a raforaaoa froia bia I.Aat plaoa, wbara ha baa Uaad for four yaara. A liaa ad draaaad to box S.1H Poat ottoa. will ba attaadad to. WANTED?BY A SOBER, STEADY YOU NO MAN, aiitnatioa a* Coachman?ha aanarataada tha cara of bartaa. aad ia wllllay to aiaka hlaaalf yeaarally uaafnl to hid amplc jrr. Ha uadarataada workiay la ayardea. Can ylrc the lartof city rcfaroaca, if raituirod, from hia laat plaoa. Plaaaa add rata a Aota to tha ??oc af thla papar, to J. ilaa darcoa. MUHDINO, *? A FEW GENTLEMEN, WITH THEIR WIVES. MAY obtain large pltutnt room*, and good board, 1a a mall private family, at No. HI Carroll place Imry .t' nUon will b? paid to domestic . omfi rt Good rcferonee required. Board in Brooklyn?a gentleman and his wife, or two, or three siogls geutlesoce. can bo aoeemmo datrd with a pleasant room, by applying at 2Ni Jay street, near tbe City Hall, Brooklyn. Torino moartM. BO A R D?SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS, IIAND Knily furnished. with board for familiee and single g- ntlemen. maybe bad at 1M Cbamboro street, with warm and told water baths, Me. A eheioe nf rooms way bo bad by immediate application. Board-to let, unfurnished, with hoard, the stoond floor of u new In-ase. pleaeentlv Inoatod la Twenty-(rat afreet, with all tlie modem improvements, or would let tbe above separately to aiuele gentleman, or gen tlemen and their wivee. Tcrme moderate. Addreee M.F., Union Square Feat I flea, BOARD-OF.NTT.EMEN AND THEIR WIVES, AND ?ingle gentlemen, onn be aoeommodated with board an pieeaant roume, at 110 Leonard etreet. BOARD.-A GENTLEMAN and HIS WIFE. OR two or three (ingle gentlemen, can be aeeouim >dated with plaeaeut moms and full or partial board, by immediate application at .170 Broadway. Boarding .-rooms plkasantlt situated. with full orpartial board, can be bad by applying at N o. 2 Cellega Place. B CARDING? TWO GENTLEMEN AN DTHIIR WIVES 'an le pleatantly aooommodated with large eqnnre rooms, w ith pantries; elao four single gentlemen with single rooms. Tie house has been rvmovnted end newlr furnlihcd; baud,. me garden, fce. Those wishing a pleasant and eom fortnl Is boma would do well, by reuaing early application et 17!' Eighternth street, near Eighth areune. |>OA RD1N0.-A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE. OR ?LF two single gentlemen, can be aernmui'idate d with a pit arani front rootn, on second floor, with a bed room attached, with full or partial board. In apr.entc family, in a genteel part nf tha city, near two routes. Kelereaee* exchanged. Addrnea B x X.. Ilerald office. BOARD-IN A PRIVATE FAMILY OF TWO PEE aona?A pleasant front room and bedroom, newly fur nished, to 1st to n gentleman and wife, or two single gen Utmrn, where no ether hoarders will bo taken, in n good l> cati n and an unusually pleasant house oontnining bath, he. Terms moderate. Address Urqwater, Ilerald office. Board w anted?hv a gentleman, for a lady, in a retired and quiet family where there are few or no oth?r boarders either on the north or west aide ef Use eity. Addreee J. H . Ilernld office. BOA RIJING DOWN TOWN?WITHIN THUMB MT. n ntrs walk of t ily Hall?Two or three elsgle can tinmen, sad a gentlemen and bis wife, own he aeeonimodntad with very pit asset rooms and bjed. at No 44 Uarelay stret. He ferenoc required. A few day boarders own also be aooommo dated, OA RD.?PLEASANT AND HAND-IOMELY FUR B niched rooms, with hoard, for families or single gsntle no. may be had at 190 West Fourteenth street, stages peas the boner. Warm and cold bathe. A large garden at tached to the bo nee. Dinner hour G P. M. References es cheated. Boarding at flushing, l. i.-mrs. uunt has a few ri urns disengaged. which she will let to families er tli.glc lemons, for I >ng or short periods, on very re.wortnhle terms. Tbe hones is delightfully situated, leer initiate* walk from the landing. The captain of the Island City will glee paatengere tbe neoeseaiy din-Hone. COUNTRY BOARD, AT SPOTSWOOD, NEW JER rey, )U miles from Sonth Amhvy. on the Camden and Amboy Railroad, in a private family, for the summer months. For pertionlnrs. inquire el C. W. Hopkins, ?) Reskmen street, between the hoars of tee and three. UNION SQUARE-ONE OR TWO SINGLE OENTLE mea, er e family (without email children or servant), tan ba aoeommodated with rooms and board, at No. 4 Union Bqnsrs. WANTED?HOARD IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, ON Brooklyn Heights, for two young tnon. wits eaa give good rrfeitueee, and itqulre tbe earn-. Addreee J. J. II., this i nice. LODtilROR, Ac. A FRENCH PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET TU SI NO LB geatltmta onlj, two large, pleaaeat anl tary wall fur niahed ro>m?, with full or partial liard, bk of hath, Ac. L< cation pleaeent aad vary near Broadway, weet a Ida, not blahcr thaa Ueuahon afreet. A ldioaa Q. !>.. Broadway l'oet Oftce. Fl RM-Hfli BOOMS TO LET-TO OKKTLRMEN aaly, at SS? lleaatoa a* root, a few doom a art of Broad war, aoaaietlng of a a ait af roe wj oa Uie ttrft floor, parlor* aad bedroom* cannaairaUay oa the oeuood auJ third ? sera, aad afilaaoaat a Ace la Uie beeeoaent, raltabla for a yhyal-ian. The bona* If aawly farniahad throughout, aad aataiaa a Lata. Furnisher parlor and bedroom to let in a ameil pnrote Aamily 01 Uir*w peraoar, to one or two aingl* inaUaatii. without lean, la a quiet aad pteaoaat aaighharbo. <i. Furniture arw. Rcfaraaooa given and re qnhrvd Call at 134 Frmakllo atroat PtXNlbHLI) ROOMS TO LET?11) KIN OLE GENTLE ai*a, nltheut Ueerd Alno, a baaemeat for a dottor'f offlo*. Apply at Ad Ctiaton ptaoa. IjH'RNMMF.D ROOMS.?TO Ijn, TO TWO OR TQRF.E aire! ? r-ntlemea. a hatidaoiue rail af ro.-a>r. with ward reb* and paatria* on th* aanaa floor, aad well furninhnd, wfU.otit t< art, with a email private family, where there are ao children or benrtnre. T1.? jTivlivgo of a bath can nlao ha W} l\*f? r.aU pt _ LODGING*. Ac -rCKMSUED ROOMS TO LET, WlTrf out L' art. at No. 1.1 Jay (treat, aaar Or ranti.h ; tcrma moderate. There la a dialog ealoen at Na. 316 Greenwich atrtet, rloor fcy. TWO OR THREE OENTI.EMEN CAN HE ACCOMMO datcd with ?iogle lledrooua. with the uat of a both. Apfd) at Sdl Botatca rt. IIORSKS, CA&H1 A?BS, ?a. yon SALE?A PAIR OS MATCHED SORREL HOMES, A alatooa hoada high, aoand and tea tie. Ave and alx yeara old; aill bo ooId raaacaahir. tha owner having no u?.i for their. Tliey ran Sa aoea at Haaaaa Narrla' (table, HI Kiath a vena*. For pertacalare, apply U Gear** Geofrey, Ne.W W alar a*, root. L'OR SALH-T1IE MOOT MM EN DID SADDLE HORHF. A in the wrld. He ia a bright aorrwl. 13>u haadf high, el* veaie old, kind ia ataxic aad double He waa gad by tha eolebtated rare horee Boetoa. and hie dan hy Shark. Price fSPfl. Inquire for WM. CRAFT, at Tmpkiaa and Braah'a lanhee yard, at Hekehes, near tb- farrr. rOR SALE OR EXCHAKOK-A PAIR OF IRON r.RAf A IUtw?. eletenr hand* high, all year* eld. aad eery etylinh drt-i ra. Can ha area far oaa aroak, at Wlllard Road'a ftatla, No. I7d Meroer atrw i For sale, a pair op small size black Iloreee, fourteen hand* high, Ave year# eld. well hr-k* to finglo aad donble baraoef aad ladiaa (addle. Warranted la every reepooA Can be aeaa at Difbrow'a Rid lag SohooL I N a. 30 Feartli a era a*. Prior ?r?. ! I' OR KALE. AT A BARGAIN, IF APPLIED FOR If eeoo, a foil bloadad black Mara. l.'-S haade high, of great eadaraaie. Ayaera aid, thla apriag, recently fee a tha anna te*. warraated eennd aad kind; will trot a mile la throe ' mieatee. la haadanna, and ol the beat ? '.ok in the Ktoto. I.e a I nadaana eaddlx mere, aaa be boa.-ht f ir &M. ae Uie ! oarnj I a1 an naa fur liar. Andrea* Bleak Harry, Herald i afllea, atatiag wham aa iaterriew caa bd had. For sale- a sorrel iiornf, siyen years old, aheet I., haade high, en and aad kiad ia all haraooa, aold | fafl want ef u*a, Appi> to C. A J. C. TALINTINF.'S table, 75 ASwatroot. l^OE SALE?A MAflNlFICFNT DAPPLE BROWN ? Rare*, ?li yeara old tkia <prir r, of pn gflifal Name, and r>a* >f in* ant daelrabla fanulv la the ett*. War rented f-t'eitly eoatid and kind. f..r ant*. no tha owner U ??? th? ait). I rhaaoty aadetyl* ofaeU"r. aannvt ha u<*?eh*d |a th* . tty. Re ,.De a*ol apt ly Bah-aa wlllmt bo pay E*W. laah. Addi**a II. C . Herald ofllne. D 01 ||1| A MM.FN 010 IMRK HAT VOPNtl a Reroe Jn-t frqm th* eeontry. 13 hard* hlrh ? and. kief, and fe?t Any par-nn ia want o' tnnh a I aa, rr.lf Ifpl) atbTPHka alip. Alan, a I gbt llur^y and H iru?? a. The ataae will h* (old eeparato or b cthar FOR SALE A 1IAPTIPCL RAY HORSE, ABDCT fnnrteen haade high, aontid, aa<l -rntlr la harneei, and a lir?t rat.'>ad tie hare*, will he , Id in frnnl of II. lernda tnetira ratal, Wall ttrett, oa Hamrday. 2lth May, at U i o'aleek. ?H K Ittl A BI.ihiD MARS. PKRFEtTI.Y WIIITR, a tad nne of th, llne-t aadal* h .roea fer a lady ia th- .'It* llaa b*? n ae?.I ia ?lngla aa I doah** harnree. and la a tdea-ant ?ri fr? a dtl*?r. An? peraoa w|?i lag a allow* tad tafe aad II, htraa I r a lady nr tHM, Bit* aiply at th* -.tahla In f rt'ik lia ti" *1. ttt kh oh aaat ?f Brnnaway Prie* SI A - - ?- ?? LViR OAI.B A tot KAWAY CARRMOt, PULL PAN A^ n?l 4. ptt-nt aalet made hy W ,.ed T.itnlln-<>a k Co A ten one pint a Wagon, pater atloa. en am 'led hep, wltb ., tn I Oafte ,tla? two etlt lltraaae, he Apply to R aUto. I New ttrert. tiliOTHISfi, Sit II R ROWERY AM) KI EF' HER STREET HPT I f tehlft able Tailoring Eptafetlaliinent and I let hi aa Riot* 'a J,.I i, Delia, B rrhant r*ll?r, ,.31 11 ?? Py, and N IlEleerhrr atr*. i il tha, cteaitner?t, Doeeklm. and Ti i Vaelmtai <?'*!? Faraitmtlg Unoda. A". Military nnl furm* aiadr t rd* r. and enmp ".ire enppti-d witii d.-.patrh. i. DOI AN,a rn?r af Blnoaker itrot and En wary. t I AST opp (LOTH I NO AND PI RNITirRR W%N TED V/ I adi.e nrgoatlemm tee'leg the rtty, ar broaking np 'i"U(?ka*ping. caa obtain the hi?h?et aafh pricefbr CtwtntBW fernitnrr, he., by (ending through th* Poet, *r at hie rnab | W Di'ASfll.POHP, u El tree A N. B - Indira attended by Mra. DnataMoep. ("A AST flFP CLOTH I h fl. PI'RNITl'RK, WATCHKA. END J Jewelry naat-d ?I'tltr p-r rant n ere than nanally r- eltcd other pariire. will by yaid f -r tha abotn da a< nntlrn nf ? od? on tankirg appi ration to the eabnerlher, o!.o will att r.d by arp<-ntrirn ISA 11 I. I TON, Wo. IT Wall ttrneL Ltd.. ? it leaded by Mr? I on. ? ? AST OPP < I.OTMINO, ETC.-LADIES ANDaRNTLB ? mi n ran .1 tela to* i igbetl tth pr" ? for **?? afl or m . nf bted e'. II Ing, and enparflu n* artlelae o| * eery dee ? riff Ion ly Pet din * -heir addr*-n. Ihringh p -t r "Ui r ? 1*. *e by celling aa Jam*. ? taiiry, at hi- atom, 11 Or**** atraot, * "tr I hat Lara ? treat. ( a AST OFF < LOTHINO ANDPURNITURE WANTED.? v ladiea i r f-atlemea hariag an* caat na ci thing . r fur altar* to dktp- -a of, i ta nbtaia a fa r naah pn.-e for th* ta-aa, by tending f -r the eabearibar, at hi* real Wace, ar throvgh imy. m ?. con**, MKiatimi r t. i \r in, C4htl ^ UtriKbl. K*wns bodb*. mew roobkllr, V v.-rirfs I IB Mt?MM t?4 l>.ti...M. iuuw rtoiAoaoo barla* BBdartoaa uUmvi lu^roxiMtt by l*a wtdiitoa af mm Waty aloaptng opartaMoti. art dim 1*4 rooaa, kiMku. foe., yrUI tpn f?l Ut mmum Jtu I at. liati UltafUattl kM hag* mada oa tha awl Uieral wale foe the plauWra u< Kl reaiaata o# yfotton. Bad tal'rut <nrrUI>{ apportaiaiag to a city Ratal of th? Drat erdti. lu laauiaa it tinrNMM far beauty ui h?aJttifuln.?e bait, ajjnm to tit waUrTar Lou i?U?4 Somad. ui >l? ?>iu r?m of eoumtry. Tfca tafia Will be maiaUiaed ia a aaparb autu, wad tha Itatk of Wlma aad Liquor of tAaehotooothiad. " cwwris pece, /*.. PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON.?THIS ff Mat la mow opaaod for lira tomtom- Tbo mmatonAl ta happy to am tar la to Mra^Mtttt artth partita who iturt to faror Li 10 by aiakiox it their ataanicr rtsidaata. Be Hi always bo foaad oa tbo i roawiaoa. Tbtra art "till wtaul aaita of apartaaaau wad alula roasao dltaagigid. Now Bnghtoa, Hay 6, Wl Y. BLANCARD. CPA HA THING AT, L. I.?TBI PATJ O Ilea Hotel haviag undergou- a thoteeati repair, will aptu aa Uit (rat of June nelt. Cart t\it the South 1'arry, BrtoA h n at 4 o'olock, P. M . for J>aiil-A, "abort tU/M will M !? rtadiaaat to toarey rial tori to the koeao J. M. DMNTNAIX, Prtrrkter. Mansion hoyse?Tnia>PACiout> houpbon TBI lladaoa rircr, at Eighty-Hath atroot. will ba apaaod an tbo (rat of Jars. Tbroo aory doxlrabto room" for fwmtitaa, aad tight for alagla genUaaeu. art aot eagageC. atagad padB aiary half boar. Apply oa the rr mima Tub union is now opened by the scbsw ban. No. t96 Broadway, oppoatta to tba Art vakm. wbara (bay will ba laoat happy to ore thoir frtaada aad Ida pub 11a la gaaaraL A I.BERT I-OSCI. 11, ram WOdPBPTF. SHELI.BY'8 SOFT CPAitd, CKEI N TI7RTI.F. AOVPANB Staaka. prepared a laCroole, Salmea, Shrimp tiuaee, Peat, Lamb a Frin, < aeiar. from tbo Volga. aad then poaoliarly flarsrtd and delicate Oycora kun aa tba MaaaaohuatICa ?aya, at 33ft Broadway oornir of Aathony, at tha Mfa of tbo arahaegno globe lamp. SHELLEY'S -LADIES' DEPARTMENT IN PKIYAYB rooms, oatraaro in Anth< ay, jo?t out of Uroa<lway, aa? door tblaaldc of Chnat Church I u.ites aad ataUeaaea 4s rlront to topaftar tbo opera, theatre, or ooaoort, will (ad all tha dolieaoiaa of tbe taaaoa, and frtiu, iota, aad t?? feoiionary. ?UCBLLAKSOVB. AMTTENTION OMBRES !!?YOU 7LIAT ARB Iff If ANT efgood Segern con Nod then. wholeeele Ud retail, Id Warren ? Win* anil Llonor M..rv. No. ltlf, Orunnwlak. be tween Dry and Courtlaaat etrocle, under tbt I'aalfta Hotel. I JUST RECEIVED, A CHOIC E l.OT OF CIIAMPAGNB. ? Ta perrone buying it. it if adtienble to mak* a aall at 1'A I.Lit! ORE'S coir !>ra ted llranitj store. 43U Braaaaa otrewt, eerner efCroehy. N. B.-Varmni hraade aad low prieoe. Fourth op j u l v eik.ks fireworks -tile luoit extenalvc and epleadld colored and brilliant l ire wrrki la tbiacunatry. (erg* and email, of ata and fanciful deeigne, can be ntitainrd of the tube. ribara. Deilerj will do well la aall and aiamlno thr eamr ( warranted euportor to lay alkara ia the market). at tha general depot, "w Hal Oca lane, or at the United Statra Laboratory. Jirny Oily. J. 0. k ISAAC tbUK, 3d, Pyreteefr.l-te. BWM llVTirUL MACHINERY, AN UNAURPASSHU aaforimant of new and elegant t> p?. an oxtenMto carletT ef tplrudid border*, ornamcti'a draixaa. Re . aed A practical knowledge of thu bn?lno"? In which ha ia ??mm. ?nabi< SUTTON, tha job and rard printer af Mi Piiltaa atreat, to execute ordera in the hr> t atylt of tha art, nitA the utmevt diepateb, and cheep for . h PISTOL BELTS. SUITABLY PGR THE CALIFORNIA markat, made in any queem 1. c. at abort aotHm. Alia. Military Cape. Ilelte, Knap-it- k?. t artridg* Ilexes, Unyuagt aad Sward Bcabbardp, linn Slinge. Ae . Ro. JI^OIIN A. UtkER. lit Pal tan -treat. Honduras t'ocm.NKM . iungal indioo, etc. AO crroona prima cilv*r> curl In at; alen, ilOabaata mpu rior He eraI Indigo: IX do. prime Manilla indigo, faraala by JOHN B. MURRAY, II Old Slip, corner Water at. OPERA GLASSES AND SPECTACLES?A PINE A*, .vortment o' thr mn?t perfect opera gleeeee. jaat received from Paria, for aala and I ire ai tha optical*at af M. Grldhachcr, 71 llowery, w here etcry pereoa aaa Aire be lotted with good apeetecloe. warranted fur a vepegior qaaliiy, with pahhlraand perieoopio glaeere, applied aeeorl ing to the praatiral and oplirul rule- of optica, by M. (lot* I a< bar. Praalical Optleiaa, 71 liawary, balwaan Uaatnr and Walker etreet*. TO HOUSEKEEPERS-H E ( AN KP' OMMRND THR Sl??r Plated Toa Seta, Tahlr Porka, +6 and |7 per do a., t'altera, Baakcta, Ac. plated ?n U?ru, Ieilvar, aa tha moat durable articles of the kmc. Alan * Ana atneb af Ormal* Glrandolea. Hantla Candrla) raa. Solar, Chandeliers Ac., at A.'Nnrgan'a, 731 William etreet, between FulVea awl Ana. appoaita the Chnroh. DON T LOSE SIGHT OP THO-K K1V g POUND PACK aet? of Tea ?Von can eceure good Tra at a maeh lew trice than ia usually charged. We .ay thia, beetuee wa now it?all wa w aat ia ynur appreciation ef It. If it'* worth yanr whila to bny yenr taa lu tl ia w:iy, by all maun* go t aither of our cataniiahmonta, IS Catharine etreet, ar '10* flrcrnwirh etreet. Maw York and China Taa Company, tr tabliehad DdO. CHKIsTIANSON It CO A LARGE SUPPLY OF TEAS, IN FIVE AND TIFKLPB pound boxra, J art reooiveo at thr Empire City Taa Com paay'a warrhoner, !C Catharine etru-t. consisting ai that nnmeraaa trihe to ba mat with under tha ?pernea ef kAe Weu plant, from tin ariatnaratie Ilyann t? the humble bread leafed black, valept Bo' aa; all of rxeallaat Saver aad quality, according to their, and are diapenaed to the pablie at nearly wbolaaalr prioet. Consumers ef Taw aid Ccfce will do well to ..amine oar ateek before pur < haling aiaewher*. IT Catharine a true-., near the market. VOSIR JOTCE. GVCAR STORE, dtt? GRFENH It'll STREET, !*. Y ? O Sugar. Tra, Cofre, kU.iaarre, Ri.<e. Npioea, Re., ef the Sacat quality, eold w holeaalr aud retail, at'.be laeg* Sugar atorr, aa above, at euch pri< ec aa will inau-a perfect aatia faction toa'.l purchaacra Farailiaa wiahlng to roenre a favor able plaar to parchaae the above warned article*, pleaaa aall and examine, a* all huaorahle means will ba employed to grcare aad retain a large ?bar- af puhlM untronad*- Or dtre for tbe country oarufull) not a|> aad delivered ta any part af the elty. Grot era nn>i taa pellnre. please awli, aa l cava yanr large par rentag ? often paid aloe whore. No. *"<. between Caaal and .spring streets Hi: DOBQt. Home frotection?lightsing rods and ma. ehiat Work*. ? The ue Hit r of Lightning Bade beta* no longer a question, nona will delay to a' all tkemaqltec ul tbie life protection. Tl.r undersigned having a thirty throw yaara' experience la nj.d three rear* la thisatty. Would reepectfully eelielt the lair nHct of the pnblt*. i. IS KM Rl MG R J. K KRN, OAce, No. M North William etreet, M ate rj, or No. M Raada -Lrvat. Highly rrep rtoblc rrforeaeue can be gi'ta TO UOl'SEKREPERS ?CARPETS CLEANRD FOR SV orate per yard, without awripeiaw; alee, table covers naarth rage. Ac ; wl.ivr crel-r ahawla eleaaad ar dywd nay ahada: drveoct cleaned whale: faary raaU xlgapld. agu't af alethaa cleaned for J.I: alec, military alotlitag. T 5MITIL TUand Tut* Allen atract. one dor above GraaA. SWAIN'S IMPROTFD PLANETARIUM.?TRACHRRS. aad thoac iataraatad la general adoration, art raoart. fully invited to rail aad examine Swala'a Improved Plane tarium aad Apparatus whim Aaa raoclved the command* tiea* of the Iret profeaeUaal trarhrra ia Now Ea-' -e V MASON R LAH , Boekeellvn had P _ ?Park it. w PATENT HYDRANTS.?BART HOLOMEWS SELF-ACT log are tha right klad for tra-mrota, allavw, Ra., aad comply with the rrgulatlene of the Water Bcnril, beaaa never left ruaaiagwhea not ia oaa. arc etrong. durable, act hb lv to freaaa, will not buret the pipe, and are aagtlp repaired aithoat digging Have Vara iu axteaelve ore for daajraarn pact, aad are highly approved of bv tha Crntaei Water Da Certmenl. Aiao, double liydrnata, for two yarda For aaka y the plumbara. Ilea are af imitation! (THANDOR'S PILVVR Pl.tTlNO AND SILVER TLA J ted Ware?War at-d f-r family aaa Sva year- Table Svoana and Fork- -|-e a. and ovary arilala af Slvar Plated H are la t ? tioa Lvary deeerlptiea af MataL old Spu'ma and Forka. ' ak. Ua.--to, Traya, (Aa tore. Oaa die eaickt. Glrandolea. Rc., Oliver plated : H ata be a aad Jewelry raid plated to order, et lew pricoa, aad gkort avtiae. ORea No. Id Wall (treat. New Yora. EBift IN WALKING, AND COMFORT TO THE FRET ? Hall a | anaue-rorvim Boot* aad Nha*a are the aadv-t. aaaievt, aad moat aamfirtabla aver ? Wared ta the pwAlka. Tkoae kaviag ecrna, bnnionr. ar nay taaderaaaa ef tha hat Will And ea trial their great enpt rteriiy over leather. H UEO II a I I No .1 *?? r Honaa Ba-clay at root. II N SPRING TOU MUST PI'HirV TOUR SYBTRM TA ami' ualan far the change of weather, which aM-ete aad ergatabla life. V e paw plea, erapimaa, dta ?'naia. and billau>aa?a. which tbea alfaet the tya lem. ere readily a v filed bv r.vugh'a Tallow Deeb PWa, which parify, *lreagtb?a. and animate. A II iMlll.UKKi (at Kn.g'n ) l*a BraadtMay LTON'S roWDRRS IN THE PALACE. Tha laat on dtt Fr?m o'er tha eaa. Ctmaa from the English na?' -n. The tnaact raea Daaraaea apace OKI Meet -iapopn latien' N aw Would yoa k a war What tb i ? ? then, no, fa ctarvv. la eeta. In palaaa d ' lie l.yan'e care. Switt, bnrtnlae*. enre ? k" oth-r " banea" are fnllaeiae. Me pet Inf l.yon'a Mngroia Fewder, fwe de-treytag inaaeae Bad i 11 la for egllrpatlng rata aad mien, a ja llroadwag. BALD AND GRAY III ? tkS.-RFAD IT WILL P?B''R tl a hair to grew, at the earn- eara It af dandraW ai d if n-e Ait., aw h. Iliah t|.a hair, II eer'eia'y glare :t a mown elarn.ieg le. b aad feeling an I krape H ?( (wiahont omng ??fun) marb I. nger than aayilP.g lever aaw. Saab are tl.a quel lieiafjana*' Oral llalr Kael .-ailea. Mold only at *13 Broadaay. *? I' > ? - c Mun it a v r > di.'iw*. BiLtofML Dark. M. ar talU w >kla w oi l An i a ? ata af Jawan' f ham., ni S< ap mate M white, olaar, ??' aad Imaotifnl. It enreeaee-g t ad af ernptti a. pimplov, rrwakleo. aalt rhenm. aanrvy. R? Trv it - twill deli.M t"? liny it on', at ttfi Broadway, th< dt)M t af Jaava' l.ily H I it*. (I itxn MRS BREWSTER. FROM I'M 11 J* liRI.Ptl I t, I ' the tree?l ea* m t raltl rated Planet Reader, teadrre hOV rote tare I Indict and gi I maw at Ihlo (dtp tn wir-i . gy. lava, aad law matt-re interpretlag draama. Re , bv ec|. euce and lie be., be of erne Ira c. n ?taatly relied an by Napu lean, aad will tell the name of tic lair ?r gaailantaa Ih-y a III mcny: aloe, tha e a ma of tha vlaitar. Kaaidm.oa, til t.rand at.cct, Lanlee, 75 aanta; Uantlcman, f I. THA v-PCI.|,K lift' GI IDE. Pjr?0 TMATELI.ERS mil mi ei .l'Tfl new SVPERIOM 1 (.id Mi<t?eiittl line between Ralt'n.i.ra and I vwdarlakiv hurt. Staunton. Va., Richmond and Patarabnn, Va.. Lyach. barg. Va., Raleigh. N. C and I harlaatoa S. C. The publ a are her. hy inf. rated that tha la-ga aad epteadld law rraatnrw ?teamcr Baltimore, Capi Aloandcr MaCanalan I Attad ap with atat* rooma and l.'ei bertha, and ananrpaaaad ia apani and areammi doti.m by ear b. al aoath of New Verb, la aaw running between Ite'tinn re and A e*ala t'reah, via tha month of Potomac and rtn-y Point, In . una ti?a wltb tha Rich m ad and rrcleriekvi nrg and aad rote re bury railrcada. Paaaeag-rg by Ihia line l-atiog Commerce atretk wharf. Haliint. re. gi A a r|?, b. P. M.. on Tawdhpt and frt daya. reach I'rcdnrlrkehnr* hy 7, A 'I , the aawt da*. Rich mono by II. A N? and P-Urdtirg about 1, P. M., from which point they piaoecd farther co.tkh wltb paarinsoro kt tha great mall Ilea. Thr .ugh tiehesa by ihla aupurior Itwo l?t cieaa pateugi re from Haltim. rr to I radariok-bnrg. Rt bn Richmond. Ml ta Patcr-hnra. f? Mh ta f'hwrlawtaa. S C., SI.V moalannd atale rm ui extra Forward aabia pas tawgera to rreriebchurg. iiwlnding naala aad iodfdac. M do. do. da, to Richmond or 1'ctarahac*, si ,Vb, Inelwdtn* mi tie aad lodriag. For farther w.farvostloa s. ply al lb? SouU.0TW railroad ofhea, adJ-Wiiug tha Wsab.agtaa rsllreadi aMct. Pratt etreet, or to _ , , CHAR WORTIIINGTON. Jw . A east. Rsitlwinro. Marab II. Ml. 1,'ammaraa otPbat ebnrf Ntw ftIRR AND I'M I I.A HRI.f'Hl A ? NRW TORE aud Philadelphia direct- L'altaa ''.ataa Rti: Idea.? p reugb in dH konru, ela Ncu Jcea?y "alIronS. Aura ru tu-ad tn 5.t far drat a'aaa and 5J AH fcr aacowd alaoi. fmauw Jltw fork at A A. M , fbwm Lot af Caavtiaad ?treat: tad at ? A M and I P. M , from feat ?f Liberty atreat. I.anue Fblla talpMt at* and P A W aad A P M.. ncim the N ot bf Vtl NflBMt <" tMDRN tin aJHill .mi ? an LIRE PHOM J New Torh ta Philadelphia- Leaeet pier No. I N. eta River, hp .t ornboat JOHN rOTTRR: Mamlaa IJwa, at f t'vloofe, A M : Afternoon Lias. alt . clc b, F. k. Par* ba af'.' ar line SR forward dank, ti iatlg. aat Unatt I i'tlml F. N tire. 5^ Rh LIUM ifoat

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