Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 23, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 23, 1851 Page 1
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** . . -sdwk ^ J*. THE NEW YORK HERALD. 0. %tf ? WHOLE NO, 6786. ? MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1851. BlUC? TWO CENTS.' BOWERT THEATRE.?BOXES, 28 CENTS; PIT, 12>< cents; Senta is Orehaatra Boxes. SO cents.?Doors opei mt7; to coaamenot at 7)1 o'elook. Friday tTaniag, May 2\ twill be repeated the draiaa of KAI'E.*.1.1.E -t ount lC.irbelle ?ie Foil, Mr. L. Eddy; Count Adnll? ilea Montes, Mr. Tilton; Mr. Gregory Jumble, Mr. Jordaa; I'auliue L Genua, Mi?a Wcmyia. To be followed by the oomed* of the YOUNG MCA MP?CaB'ral Beaoaaia, Mr. Hamilton; Joaeph. Mua J. .Beuia: Elira. Mra. I.effiaawall. The performanue will eon <lude with the drama of TBI FLYING DUTCH M A N ? Van ?derdeeken. Mr. Steven*; Lieut. Mowilrvy, Mr. 1'opc; Toby "Tarnish, Mr. Jordan; Leatelle, Mi-a C. II lifer t. Burton s theatre, chambers street-boxes, Breaa eirole and parqaot, 60 oenta; Family circle or as cend tier, 26 oenta: Private boxea, (3 and $5. Doora open at 7J?; to begin at 7% o'clock. Friday evening, May 23, will be alayed the eoaaedy of SECRETS WORTH KNOWING?Mr. cJretille, Mr. Holmaa; Mr. Egerton, Mr. Bland; Koatrum. Mr. Abater; April, Mr. Blake; Nicholas Rue. Mr. Burton; Pletho ra. Mr. Jobaaton; Mra. Uraville, Mra. Rueaell; Rote Sydney, Mra. Skerrett; Sally Downright, Mra. Hughes. Pat tie Zia ?ytarilla, by Mi.w Walters aud M. Frederic. To conduit with tilt farce of MY PRECIOUS BKTSEV-Mr. Bobtail, Mr. Jiurten; Mra. Bobtail, Mra. Ruaaell. JATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET-BOXES, 2b cent*: Pit. P-')k oenta; Private Buaea, hi. Moore open fsT At b\: ourtain ritee at "l\i o'oloeh. Friday erasing. May 23. will be presented the grand taigg epeetaole ul THAI. A BA, THE DESTROYER?Tbalaba, Mra. V. R. Thome; Mohareb, Mr. Brandon; All, Mr. La ravorj llnflua, Mr. Thompson; Month, Mr. C. Taylor; Samba, Mr. L. Fox; Oneiia, Miaa K. Meatayer; Aoratoon, Mlta Malvina; I.uka. Mra. Drew. The oatertaiumeata to eomaence with a new cxtravaganta. en titled DAMIO AND l'YTHIO?Don Damio, Mr. L. Fox: Six ?>, Mr. Herbert; Dion-lstiua, Mr. La Favor, Plul llatiue, Mr. C. Taylor; Sal-Autliy, Mine E. Meatayer. TV! LLE JENNY LIND'S GRAND FAREWELL CON JLfl CERTa IN NEW YOKE, Previous to l.?r viaita to N.agara Falla, Weetern New York, Che Lakes, Canada, Beaton, and htr nnal departurt for Iturope. 1 he pnhlie are resneetfnlly informed that thaaa Concert# ?rill YSKY SOON CLOSE. THE EIGHTH GRAND CONCERT will take place at T R 1 1" I, E R IUI.L. ON FRIDAY EVENING, MAT 23. r? 00 RAM Mr?PART I. Oi ?r;ur* (fr a the new opera 1/ EnfaiSt Prodigue). .. Aubcr. Aria?"Cr la (ua?U tuiauia," (Lucia di Lam uiarumor) Donizetti. Signer lielletti. N-citative?" Rainibault." (Romania?" (Juando lascluii la Normaadia," (Roberts il DlavolS) Meyerbeer. Mullu. JtN.iv Lino. Concertino on the French Horn .. Fuclis. M. Scbimtz. Duet?"All idea di quel ru. tillo," (11 Barliirre)..,. Rosiini. Sign or Salvi aud Signor Belletti. ' Ah n?n credea." Aria?"Ah non giunse, (La Sonnambula) Bellini. Mzille. Jaaav Lnu. PART It. Overture?(The Crusaders,) Benedict. Romania?" Spirito gentil," (l.a Favorita) Donizetti. Signnr Salvi. . Aria?Deb ticai aon tardar," (Nozzedi Figaro). ... .Mozart. Mm.l.a. J as or I.ikd. Trioforfhe Voice aud t?o Flutes (Camp of Pi losis) Meyerbeer. Written expressly tor Mile. Jenny Liud. Nolle. Jssst I.imj. Aria?" Udite O rustic!." (L' Elisir d'Aiuore) Doui/stti. Signer Kclletti. Rumania?"Cars Adorsta," (11 Giuramento).. .Uercadante. Signer Salvi. "The Last Rose of Summer" An Irish Ballad. Moli.p. J PR or Lim ??'Coming through the Rye." (by general de ?ire( A 3. etch Ballad. Mlle Jeiwv Liru. Conductor M. Brxaoicr. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, Oomtiaimg the trst musical talent in America, numbering Uearly ONE HUNDRED l'ERFORMERS. Das been engaged for these cor certs. d'hs price of tickets hat been aged at #2, and $1 each, According to location: aud all of these tickets entitle the ; Holders Lo ai'SHiat securing their seats. A speoili. number of tickets will bs allotted to ths publio ' press, beyond which them mill be no rxrs tickets for any | Vernon, or under any pretence whatever. Ths low prices rit which tickets have been hxel must render thisrulo abso lutely peremptory. An eftos for ths sals of tickets will bs opened at Jollio'a Music Stors, SO) BROADWAY, every day, e*eept the Sal bath. from d A. M, to A P.M., , Where diagrams may be seen, and seats secured. The lew remaining Farewell Concerts will be given on oeoivc u i ., - i i *? a i euioive .. MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, aud FRIDAYS, at Castle Gurdcn, or at Trtpl'r Hall, as will be announced. Doors upon at Ov, o'clock, lhe Concert commences at 3 ?'?lock. Books eontair ing the words of the songs may bs obtained t,t ths door?pruc 20cents -sih. THE MNTI1 GRAND CONCERT will bs given nt CAST! E GARDEN. On biuMiav Lvsmiu. May 3G. In cone?qu'oce of the wish which has bn u . *rv g-aerally w> i. sadd hy the pwblie, they are respectfully nfui ;u "1 that A GRAND MORNING COM-EKi' dill bo given at CASTLE GARDEN, Co." mt nnag at Lali-pa>t cue, unl tcimiualing at hall past tire# o'clock, On THURSDAY. Mar 2iRh. 'J ickets I T the M aruiLg Cou . ,rl a;; u >w_t >* P. T. BARVUM. JENNY I.1NDS F.IOU'I II GRAND f OXCEKT, AT ?? Triyltf Hall, oi Friday evening. 1FW iast ?Tu k-ts for tht most desirable Mats nay bo bad at 11. 1> AI LI. II. KE'S> bei rntihi Uookitiro, !figi Ur<m say. Tiek *# fur J cany Lutd's Eighth Grand Concert, at frit 1 r Hall, n Fr day evening LVANsABRir 2..J. iray bo obtsuic.! nt WV lir adway 'JAN'S Vptown Bookrtn??, ^?Vre?*?,ND.r T??PLER Music Store.VVircX*. ? *Fhaser^menSer 8$??^ J EN N V UK D'S 0RAN D CONCERT AT Tt 1 PI.ER nA Lt on Friday evening. May 28.??fcoico Iront seats m the "varouettejind dress circle," together witU others in AiVsmat 1 snrteof tfle h. use, for e l- it B ARTLCTt A WELHHID1 ? rhetors, N o. 7 Asti r Uo. -t. R member No. 7. Also, life like Dsguvrreotyp. i of Jenny J f N'NT LIN D'S GRAND ' ONCFRT AT 1 RIIM.f'.K HALL "ridey OSVniag Mn , it.?Front s its tn nsronette and . circle, t i -noa.''-mnt o| home can t< i't?u : at I Ayl ES ft llKUTIIER 3 Uinvic store, AN' Brian!*ay. SnS .-the number. SHIPPING. N ?ICE.-l'ASSI.NGl Rh ri.R STFAM^niP AR< TIC. . . ...r Liverpool, will plcve be cn board, at t'.e foot of | :so?l Mrcit, on fcatnrday. May JS, atII o'clock A. M., and una all D dk?t? not want, u n t he ps-sagn on board on 1 it? . Isy. May t". mark, d bcl >w, wltli the nnni'ier of their birth ni1 ii* an M W. sri.F.NDi l> AND FAST 8A1I.IN0 >RTUf Wf'R 1 D"< FA1K.?THENRWANDSTATNt H s' :> NORTH t MERICA, ?' H. Blcthen_f n i r wil' lee.' i'ier N . t. North River, for Li ?a Ti(??lay. Juu< 1. h. Thia silly hs? mads throe wise . o CIt r<e on'v. end tl-teby fully te.tod hsr (?1-vciTaad s?* q .sillies to t. e Ijllest oatislart.on. She had sosperiiracv' u. ur.'dait< ne fad dew yer.onn Pare tO_ JU' ail I) at the s ol K. i VAN Srh aTFR I'ifk' r struot. lira, r of Broad, whdf* ylao ?! ?b;u- rd?? to r ? an 1 t u. Nolr An t'lfn uccdfuri weal arJ. I ,w( ;? l-'it rUAt'i'TUN A'. D IIVVRB.-N'EW YOUR rai Br . Navi<at u Compnar.- Ihs lollid t Rotes Ms ' ' am. I- PRAN'KI.IN. jamts A. Wotton ?mat.'l r. O.I.' ove I r, touching at dortl snip to a to Load o- malls aid yass-nrerm on Saturday. Ms/ 31. a- If it ir. rNo. 4N rth Rive*. 1 g?.i .,f i.-iersr'. bill. All lttl r-. stpaeotl r ? ? i 1 ? IW'V. For freight, of sersz-. ooplf W MOK'l .fit.. JUIVINOSTUN. Agtut. ??. I Br ' NDI 1TN :?ENT TIIR?H"MI LIN E.?OPI'OSITHiN IO ?''I it-.'.S-fo' I a ' !l.r i'i tickets at th- 1< w Mrs'-i 1 r t hstri?, an'! K.1 ?' a (Jam ? ) Tic new .dtp . ?! ? ..?i , i.RiirilER ."?NATHAN will learu vitf iy m m day, Aii' u ? at IP M . for fhngtes und i . .. i bet# f r the ?! adl.l at- iWehiy New Url ?a?. . j i ii'i.n rsaiui for vsn I'rsnoi- ?, it " o W-it -* . 1 tor rss I I id at i ll* oOce. M e or- t'.e ? > u ? la f ii this I, "lite '? aiuer. 1'a.v ? n or- will r u It the.r o-'i tr t'l il.i.allli u| n us udf-ro yureha-.o* ukst BERYoaDfc to. J.(it rlioadtiisecystre.t. 1 OR SbN FR Ml IS' o DKSPATi H I INK.?WI BEG t, , ,r s'i .' i???! t' t' a >w tiltletsMI' ? York bi lit illpyr sb'o LAGi.E. at pier ?tv e North River. ThoWullleva rif thin syi?. di I ship w,re dlrm lod to o.t t the fao'.est \set 1 in tLc I nil d Bts as. and ? .u bat be. n |iionoun"ed by %h i>? w i !? oi'itl i > > i i tie I toemdli. ?- ?o??"?-ing ov r, v qvit'te Ir nil this objtdt. Froight will betaken at 11 r, I ?* It .', f' r a dv *% \ i. E D tl'TTOP ft CO . si Wall street. fytrirtt MAIL STFAVPH1P i'lMI'ANV. ONLY M 1 !,r i 1 ,ns lor Cal ' ii'it gad Gregoa vis Cbsgcs Bl ind tor I'si t i m* nsd Dreeoa vis Cbsgr-s I "? ? ? WS; May 2-. at d I'.M I,pi i,did at *'? iiohip CR E1-1 t.M C111. i.#b! tons, J. J iir, (oi. mst 'fr will *sit i W : lay. Msr 3N at preeiso 1 y .'t s'cl .'h P. M . fr. IB hi r pit r r t tlie foot ot Warrenatre-t, y! R. with tfts OovsTti???at Mails for t'hs^f.?, eoaneetlBg with the fati.ritd tailed Stales Moil ste-.msT.lp Nortlio to lest e I'aasn a on or about tbu Iftthof dans. Fori ight or psttag' av-pl> a i ths i (nee, Nod. >14 aud W Soutn sUesl. or at in W cm etf tt, dvrnot M arrua street. TMiED STATES MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. r< i N-tr Orioaas direst, via Havana, en Monday, May at 11' M - Fare llsduevd.?The syl?a<Hd donblo-ngins smol ip DUIO. kM tons barshoa. J Fiu lley Sehen-k, S N tommsader. sill -otl proole*ly at 3 o'olock. P. __ a. t _ _ .1 < a wf U ... w afradl M B with tkd f>m her i?i?t tl fool ?( Wirt ;? PC. R., flih tht ivernm-at malls, dirtst for llavsas and N'W Orleana bagtrs 1'aao.ngers traastcfeeif at Havana .o ths splendid >nMe agta* steamship FALCON. Freight taken to New rlesns at .HI (eats p. r cuMe foot. Spool* only taken oa eight to Havana No WB of ladlag will bo signed after IS ststmor hat vaKed. rof fmlsht or passage, apply at thd Boo si the seatyany. in West sursot, eoruey of fTarrM^ >ACH" MAIL PTEAMSUIP COMPANY. ? ONLY TliTf' gh I iu? f r ten 1 roneisoo.-Faro ^"lueed?Oa Kaposi Mi, JJm'i, at 3 p, M. phe splendid dsn blo-sagins ntoamsaip Gil to, H it*) tons Ja-. Fladlay S< beue's, U. S. N., a .?.insider, will tail n Mm lay. Msy at proel'elyl ? closB r, M , from her phr sf (ho foot of Warms street. N . R.. with the g 1 rnmout trails f-r b hagros, vis Uavaaa. bilisgres possrngers trtaafrrr-d at Havana to lha srl"ndld 1 louMe em " steamship TA I.CON. Psss*ug?rs leavin^^a vl.s ofiio ? II connect with the steamship NtlRl ? T HN FR, ts s*il from Tannins, a or about ths Uth of Jnna I or neighbor pss-os- . Spi I at thocflioe. No M and M South street, orStNo. t.i Wert street, 1 oru-r of Warren. SlEAMER- FfiR RALE FOUR STEAMF.R.n (CO! d'n.uig cng r ?( Ir 01 I'M) 11 LVi f?( t )n?g ; one do. (a con leasing do I. lBftd long: the pr'ueller Steamers (00 tlen?iof ' ? t'u sLftad two d (at n-'"Sden ting engines I. fto u i? TV is I lies Also, our Marine Holier lea fart dianiet und'.?* ie 1 Isug I t fnrtl oilaformatiwa, ayyl* to f?l.\* W. top El. AND MBfoaAwa*. ?AOR NFW ORIFAN". DlRFf'T -TIIR FINE NEW Jr dew Ms engine seam r. WINMEi 0 RtlOTT ' W# i ?ad hnrtbm (. 1, - Keanev Covillard. will depart from p-?# Pi t N irtn Riisr. at thr-e d'tloek P. N , on Monday. A J ,l8l. ? ,, freisht or pssss snpl. 'o ?AV l?. mty'JA# ft 1 t? . '?> II ?* f Iff tb. AHUSKAUCITI. BROADWAY THEATRE.-E. A. MARSHALL, 80I.E I.ersee: O. II. Barrett, Manager. Doors open ?t 7 V, cur tain rises at 7\. Dresa circle and par'juet, SO Mat*; family and tliird circles, 29 ni!i; Gallery, 121(1 eta ; Private bote*, >4 *nd t?. O* Friday c veiling, May 23, will b* performed the pity of THE STttANGKK?The Stranger, Mr. Cenway; Ha rm Nteinfort, Mr. Frederick*; Mr. Solomon, Mr. Whiting; Mr*. Ilaller, Mia* Logan; Countess Wintersen, Mr* Abbon. Ane-'tte. Mian Olivia. After which, the drama of A DAY OF RECKONING?Count D'Arental, Mr Keynolda; Mr. lio ouillard, Mr. Shtw; Claude Moreau. Mr. Conway; Count*** D'Arantnl, Mi** Auderton; Fancbctte, Mi** J. Gougenheim. NIBl.O-M GARDEN.?MANAGER, MR. JOHN S?FTON. Ticket*, 90 cent*; Private boxci, $9. Performance ova ry night. Filth night of the engagement of Mr. II. Placide, who will again appear in two of hi* favorite character*. Fri day. May si, Overture by the Orchestra. Alter which, the dramatic anecdote, NAPOLEON'S OLD GI'ARD-Havre sack, Mr. 13. Placide; Melanie, Mr*. Sloan. To be followed K" the farce of the WASHERWOMAN?Widigcts, Mr. Sloan; iry Vt hi to, lira. Sloan. To conclude with the new piece called the FIRST NIGHT? Mont. Dufnrd, Mr. II. Placide; Hyacinth Parnasau*. Mr. Jordan. Mi** Arabella Fitijame*, Mr*. J. Sei'ton. Door* open at 6,4; to oemmence at 7>j. KOUQUAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME street.?Dress circle and parquet, 90 ota.; Family ciral*, 29 cent*; Orcheatra beats, $1, Private bone, $9. Door* open at 7ii, to begin at S o'clock. Farewell Benefit of Mr. Wal cot, Friday evening. May 23, the performances will cem muncc with the first net of the opera of CINDERELLA? Prince. Mr. Dunu; Dnndini, Mr. Wulcot; llnron Pompoto, Mr. Leach; Cinderella, Mi-* Mary Taylor. La Sylphyde, by Mile. Duty Dane and Mr. G. M . Smith. After which, USED I P ?Sir lharle* Coldatreom. Mr. M'ulcut. Toconclude witlitlie SA V AGE AN D THE M AI DEN?Crummies. Mr. Brougham . Mr. Folair, Mr. M alcot; The Maiden, Mis* Tayleure. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 172 BROADWAY, ABOUT Grand afreet.?Open every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'! MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient nnd versatile "oerpe" et ''talented ' ana "experienced performers," under the management of E. P. Christy, whoa# oonoeriSa la thi* olty, for n auoceosion ol " fire yenre," have been reoeived with favor by highly respectable and Isahionabla audienoca. Tickets 29 cents. Doors open at half-paat six, eommenoe at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Sa turday next, for the aooomuodxtion of Lndiaa and Juve niles, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. X. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL Hull, No. 441 Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets. Open every uight during the weak. The celebrated B Hall, No. 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand 'eta. Open every uight during the week. The celebrate" original and well known Fellow*' Minstrel*, "comprising an efficient and versatile corp* ot talented and experienced performers," under the direction of J. B. Fellows, mhoae eon certs in this city for the last year have been received with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion of this great me tropolis. Their concert* consist of Burlesque Italian Opera Scenes, Witty Sayings, Solos, Duetts, Choruvses, Dancing, and Instrumental Performances. On Wedneaday and Satur day nfternoona, a grand ooneert for the accommodation of ladies and families, commencing at 3 o'clock P. M. Adnaix sion, 29 *<ntt. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; to commence at 8. THKIi'l F.R HALL.-GRAND C ONCERT. ON TUESDAY evening. May 27, at Tripler Hall, given to Illustrate the new *j atca. r i Prulessor Krnst Von HeeriDgon. Vocal per* former*?Mill Caroline Uiifcrt, Mr. Stephen Leach, a Vocal Quartette id' gentlemen amateur*, and a chorus el two hun dred v oung ladies. l int appearance ot Mr Adolf/.unn, pu pil of Alard and Moliquc. Member ot the Chapel Royal. Mil i i . fib I I iolin Sol-, ol the Opera at Hourdcaur. First ap pearance of the accomplished Pianist. Mr. G. F. 11. l.aiirenoe. Solo Violoncellist, Mr. Eichorn; Solo Flautist, Mr. Reitrol; Solo Corno do Hassetto. Mr. Drcschcr; Solo Fagotto, Mr. Lit/.; together w ith a select Orchestra, consisting u the iollowing eminent performer*:?Messrs. Noll. Qrosohel. Reyer. Slier, (irebuer, kit horn, Jacoby, Rietrel, Drooeher, Kiofor. Schmiti, lirauner. I.a Croix, Heinorke, Elts, Woisa, and Seui.t. The whole uuder the direction of Mr. George Loder. Barm m s amerioan museum.?p. t. baknum. Pro; ::etor and Manager; John Greenwood. Jr.. Assistant Man**-r.?E\cry afternoon nnd evening this week. In the altirnoou, at 3 o'clock, THE YOCNG COL'IT.K?Henri etta d ? Vlgny. Miss Kate Bhtci.ian; Charles de Ulo'iville, Misa Ellen Bateman. The KING'S GARDENER?Galuehard, Mr. Kent. In the evening, at Ko'cl'l', the fourth act. first scene, of the MERCHANT OF t EN ICE?Shi lock, M.*s F. Bateman; l'ortia. Miss Kate Bateman. THE YOUNG ( Ol 1*1,E?Hen rietta. Mi** Kate Bxtrman; Charles, Miss Film Bateman. The KAII.ROAI) DEPOT?Samson Jones. Mr. liadaway. Luring the engagement ot the Bateman children, the free list, with the exception of the press, must of n-ee*?itj be suspended. Admission. 29 cants; children under 10years, I;1, ets.; sent* in parquet or tamilycircle.on* ihil-ling extra, heat* tor the evening may bo secured during the day. Franklin museum, 17*Chatham bquare.-geo LEA, Sole Proprietor.? Admission?beet# in Print* Box**, #0 cents; Stage Heate, 3714 eente: Boace. 25 oeate; Par quet, 12% cento.?Elorant Saloon performancee every After Boon and Evening. Entertainments commence in toe alter noon at 3 o'riuoh, and in the evening at 0 oVloeh. Tin entert tinmenta are varied and select, aadsuch as can be aeet at no ether place ol amusement in New York, eouaietin?a Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering bltuw Crformers, being the largrst aud at the eaae time the mow lcutcd band In the United States, a troupe of Model Al tiete who are eelected lor their beaaty aud figure, aud ? m pereonale a number of beautiful tableaux. txken from tlM picture! of amieut and modern times; a company of Arab . Girls. who go through a variety of feats of strength and , dexterity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in the world: a company of Male and Female Artiete, a ho wtilglve an exhibition of Marble Statuary unequalled in the world, together with a variety of intor<etiu? periormaueee every afierucou and eveuinx. For particular* eeebiila oieaou dap NATId.NM THEATRE, ItOSTUN -TUB f-<"l; Bi ll ri hat ing leased the aboic ? .tab! suoieo' lor a term | tf years, ar now ready to receive propesale f:m, ladle* and xcntUtm n of the theatrical profession, of acknowledged ta- , lent, for ci.jxaaen.enta. Season to con-inenee in August or S f ?l. All I'tt- rs I I t ;? ? IJ I w 111 ri ? II ' i m ? - diate attention from J. If. Wtight, A.Uag Msiop- r, or U. U. Spear, Stage Manager. J. IV W illOIIT, G. 0. SPEAK. It. W. FEN NO, ?WW.May!?,MM. GEO hird. TO 'illF. THEATRICAL PROFESSION.?WANTFD ' !? t ernl l adies aud Gentlemen of ab.lily t ? rngagn f?r I oneyerr, In the new and coinmodi?ne Theatre at San I ran riaeo, California. For further partfenlars, inynirenf H III am Ilayton. Southern Exchange, No. 1 State street, New York. 1 ? luuet be J*?* st | uid. AHl'IEMillTM IN PIllJLADKLtPIUA. " U A IN I M S Mi' V. PHILADELPHIA P I It :* nnm. I'r pri ? ,r; llenry Snnford, Assistant Manaser.? M'nday rven>u.? benefit of the nceomt'lithed actroi*, Mis* A!> (ins rie' r. The iatercstiaj romeuy, ALL THAT (sLIT TKtt* IS N t/T OOI.D, w hlch has been played with grer I sue c s i ? Kin (.11 DIAMOND; ih ? floe eld temd) f Wl 1.1) OATS, and the sraod lyrual drama, witb elegant scenery end srpoiatwetil*. culled the LAI'Y OF THE LAKE wifl ell be produced during the week, with other *G rling ultras ti s>. The afternoon* are made merry by tdea,iug lar.ea vaudevll! ??. anJ eh rt dramas. The curiosities number many thousand! of the most woudrrful hind. Ad mi i a to three and one (?eriurmanee, 25 ctat*. children under tea years, U,s cents. MIUPPINU. Ih OR CALlFnKNIA.-TIIE SPLENDID FAVORITE fsst st nni'hlp NEW OKI.LANS, will I n I'a.isiut IJthJune. f, r San Franelvce. I'i rsoas who nro d?!ir?ut of I r. i? iirini ll.roiuli tli k, I* by li, ludrp-ndrnt LI as Bit** I rates llian any other ottice, will du well to < all nt No. 'J Ast ir Hons. , as we are Hie only authorized agent* lu New York fnfthi, splendid steamer. Fruinlit will sea' thriuzh to ben Fran i- ? ? y steamers llrotn t Jonathan and .sen Or lean* for W eta. J or pound. llr.KI URIt dt CO., 2 Aitor II -ua--. Veecy it. INDEPENDENT LINE TU CDACRCS DIim'T. AND H tliri.iirb tickets to California, at the lowest reduced r ,t*s I sffare ?The new and splendid et amir BROTIICIf Jti.N I TI1AN, I tin t?n> register. Itatiui pro?ed bereolt one ol the | fcefSdt veaenl in the w.rlJ. v ill i-oeitively sad fr m pier I, N. 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The Reception of the President at Albany, and Dis Departure for New Tork. The Excitement among- the People, Interspersed with a Fight. THE SECOND SPEECH OF HE. WEBSTER, dK., dM., &f. THE REMAIN I I!R OF MR. WF.RSTEP.'jJ SPEECH AT BUFFALO. Bittalo, May 21 IM1 But gentlemen,continued Mr Webster, there are other things about this State of your*. You are here at the bottom of Lake Erie. Ycu look out on lae far expanse of the Went. Who came here? of whom are you com posed 1 You are already a people of f.tty thousand, a larger population than that of any N w Englaud city, caeept Boston, and yet you are but of y sterday. What la your population? A great many of them are my countrymen, and I epe them with pic -.ire ; but these are not all, there are aim Irish and Germans I suppose on the whole, and In the main, they are salk citizens at any rate they are well informed, and th. , ,:.i ; a large portion of your population TV; 1. t o consider generally what Ls the partiisu? ? j. i country, and of your city as one of the ?> -u .. to the West, in regard to thi. foreign ir. .in v " 15 ' '> immigration tc.this country is cnorm ? . . ..t Ireland, Ocrmnny, Switzerland, Stc. . t r it ured to be a simile, when anytblug of a ten c energetic nature took place, to My that it broke out like an Irish rebellion '' Forty thousand strong doe# not begin t<T compare with the emigration to the United States. Emigration comes here with a perfect ru.-U from erery part of Ireland, from Liverpool and the Shannon, from Dublin an l front Cork; emigrants come from the northern ports, from Belfa-i?and here they are. Into the interior they come, and will couttnue to come ; it is in the order of things and there is no possi bility of revoking It. Oentlemen. it is not three cen turies and a half since Columbus di-covered America and he came here by authority of the Spanish govern ment. lie gathered up some .* Id aud went back with a great name. It is a murk shorter time since the Irish discovered America, and they come in much greater numbers ; but they don't come here with the idea of carrying back a name, but mean to live liere for cvtr. They come to r-uiain among us. and to be of us. and to take their chances amen; us Let them gome. There arc also Germans Your city, I am told, has a very large number of thrifty, indu trlous German people Let tin m also come. If his Majoty of Austria, and the At'-triari government, will allow them to come, let them come. (Great applause) All we de-Ire. whosoever pome, is. that they will Americanize themselves; that, forgetting the thin;:* that me behind, they will look forward?and if they look a* far a. Iowa and Miuue-ota. they will not liok a rod too far 1 know that many flroui Kurope come here, who hare been brought up to different pursuit*. to different form* of application and even to different sys tmis of agriculture; but a- a general thing, I believe it if true that when they hie removed from the temptation* of the citieaof the Atlantic C'*?t. and when they get into rigion* where Uceaare tot* foiled and land cleared, they prove tliemaelvca worthy tend respectable citizen* ; and perhaps, gentlemen, you will excuae me if, without too long a speech. 1 any a little relative to our Ameriean system on thi- subject of forelgu emigration In the Ih-clarwtiou of Independence, declared, a* you all know on the ftli of July. 177 a a ??li-uin and formal complaint la made a aln?t the British King that he sought to pre sent emigration front Kurope to the colonies, by refuting hi ? assent to rea enable law- of natnraliration, by rea son of which, it was s.t. the couutry did not till up. and the public land* were not purchased. It la worthy the attention of any gentb-maa who wishes to nr-jualat himself with the eaj'iy hl-tory of the country in Mil* re tpcet. to refer buck to th<- naturalisation law* pa?--d In the time of Washington K.very on-' ran are what was the prevailing idea at that period The idea of en couraging emigration fr-tn Kpmpe was universal, and It was di sired that three who w.-h-d totu ?I unrealized, should her .'Ui ? aC'inninted with our system of govern ment lief re tiny voted?that they should have en In tel cat in the country. t hat tin i mi ;bt n?t tie led away by every designing demagogu- At that day notasdy foresaw such development* and -uoh enlargement in the com merce of the country as we now ace; and therefore, at all period* of Washington's admtniat ration, they were look ing to sec h"W tfo-y should pay the debt of the revolution, Whatever wi may think nt it now their great resource to pay Ho ir debt. r .i* th. ir nubile domain They had obtained, before the constitution wu- formed, a grant of the Northwest Territory, which Win kin-wil to be popu lated by In h exiles, capable of fiirtibhlng great pro diu t*. by agricultural lal-.r Tin longv.-s <>f that day hcked to this Th?y h?d no'de* bow-udden would be the gr at Increase of our commerce. ?r h w plentiful would be the revenue lr on that ? -urn- and therefore their whole r>-*our< ~ na* to ?ee how for they eoutd en courage foreign emigration, (which it was vxteetMi would bring capital Into the country,) wHh an Idea of meli a coitf.irmity with our American system, and to American Institution- as would rvn-lcr . migration safe, and not ding. ruus to the r inuion weal iisntle tlxli. we are net arbiter* ot our own late, Human fore sight falters aud fail- Who could t'orem-e or r >n jcrtiuv at that lay v Lat our vj - now s.-e or beheld ' i We ?es-thl-ftn . -si orfbrevM V.r could we -lay this emigration If wi w.-tud We eethete l? a rn*h of people ftt in Kan )*? In Anierh a that exec* d* in a single no.nth. ' ai d at the vlngh port of V w York, the population of I uiasy slcpl- citb* on the .Ailanti - c-w*t. Thl- la the | eass* and tt I* to b> no-t an I to.1-e . ou-lder *i It would be i f t I h to att< mpt to i betrto t it, If obstruction were safv The thing ran't'? done. You may nut. inte r, gentle no it.although I am to m?d<- I to suppouc tint jon re ; no mis r anything about it. that, la my fare pondages 1 With Icrd Aah'tuion, wtio came nut here to negotiate j the tri aty of IJ. we examined the -uhject of the ira ' pras meut of A?trri> .m eltl .-n t p to that day. Kng i land had iu l-ti d on Hi" right to vi-.t everv Anorican ?hip In tune of war. and II she found any Kngli hm-n. | Irtehuo n. -r Welshmen on hoai I of her. to pre** th.-m Into her ervtee, on the gr?un I that they e -uld not trans fer their allrgianri I need not -ay. genlh men that this -uli.jeet wa-a moiG r-d negotiation It wa* at one time uggi st< d by the llrislsb trlni-G r that this right should be i xetri- 4 in r< rla.n latitudes At another tlnv It was -llgtf' ct* d that tills rl|?ht lu-uld not I* extended to I the deprivation of any American veaael of for crew I iiuiafiiiid >.r aslmmcd. gcntleni. n. Indeed I d<.n't know that f ought to -ay It but with your permission I will ay II. thai on that oeca*ton it wa- deckled that every man on board of an Am. H. in v. ? t. either mercantile or naval, wa-|.fotec |. 'l by the flag of America (Tre mcmlon* applause ? No matter If hi* speech did be 1 tray him?no matter w hat brogue was on hi* tongue? If tfo- Hart an t .(tipo- w. re over httti b ? ?? for that pur)***' an Anicriran eltl"n (Cheer* ) Well, genile Iin.-n a* we ar- h.-re indulging in a ?>rt of saturnalia, and as we are talking of ourselves a little? (Crle* of who"' go on.")?let tne?t?y. that front tlmt -Uytotlil* we have heard of no prvten i<nt? on the part of the British

government, 'hat It could -end ?n (flof on boarduf any American hip. and tak ? fpnn her any human being , what/ser. ait.l n> v r -hall i<<reat ) l, ?rd A-hburt'-n. with whom I negotiated and corresponded on ? that ?uli|e. t. was a jttdb-iout and wl*c man II" was a ' giani deal In thi* country He was married in thl- coun try lie kmw scmcihing <?f thl* country; and he-aw various rotation* between I hi- country aint Kuglnnd tn a far nort j hil. ?..phical point of view thi.n mo*t others; . and he stated In a ape. rb. which i* <?* re ort aomeuhegi. I must a.Unit thai whey a lit bull -ul.jeel Irish. Kng 1 is-It or W-frh, b. ine- ,n American. and rlaltn* no longer the protect! ? "f U.- own reunify Ills own coun try has no right to rati him a suvfect. and t<> put h.m In a jo-itiou to make war on tii* adopted country; and It *pp< ,.r* to tn.?," he i.ddmi that w? may count It omong th- dlsp*-n-atioiief-f Providence, that tfo> new te--ilitiea of iran-porting men from . nntry to isnintry. f.y tfo'power of ?' ? am and qnlekly. ar-' de?lgn t-dby h'gher wi dont " 11* said, ?' Wc hava more people than l?n.i, and yott hate net land than people. Tak-as many IVi m u- a* y?u pit I?- That -eeuf to he the order j of thing* and It i? not t'- be stopped.'' I told him that waa toy ? pinion too. U.ntkm. 'i this emigration la not to "><?-topped; we must keep thing* as they arc; wu must lint re all sih -. cut h> r? with the nee< aelly of te-ooming Aincrkan*. We must ten- htfo m we mu*t endeavor to lie-til an American heart into all their h* -om* (Ap pian-e.) (gent I. ui< n, if It w. ra not so late in the evening I sr. old -?J a few more wi r,Is?(Cries of f, on. goon. ')?. Clout tho pul lie lands cf this conntry,'and tfo' fo rt <lt pt.atfh-fl t?fo ma le of them Whak shall we d> with th. tn ' There they cr? ?ninoonticg to a vu*t extent of frrtitniy?rich in Its natural ff'idiy: but r;m anyone tell me what is the value of lap , ngfonuc.'t?d with cultl ration and ??'?! htc ' A ?*mut'Cd xcrs * woubl n< t In Mich g caw- . I* V( tlfuo| g .|-'Jgr >flml |*bvt?d worth In the extreme interior ? Land is a theatre for the application and exhibition of human labor, and when human labor go** there it create* it* value, and without it it 1* not worth a rush from '? Don to lieer shiba " I don't wish to aay on every acre of land there murt l>a a settlement: but there must be human labor somewhere n<ar it; tnrre mutt be aomething besides the mathematical division* apportioning it into sections, half section*. aud quarter section*, before land is of any value whatever. But, gentlemen, w? have had a series of event* in our commercial relations The commerce of the country ii fitting the coffer* of the country It has supplied, add now supplies every want of the government. What, then, shall we do with the public lands? During lust C'Ongrtus. acts were passed distributing large quan tities of litem?varying from 180 acres, or more, down to 40 acres, to those who had rendered military service to the country This was all very well; nobody goes fur ther than I do in desiring t" make happy those who have borne arms in their country's cause, as well as their widows and orphans; but this does not appear to me to answer the exigencies ol the case. What is to be done?? what is to become of those who come to this oountry and have nothing to buy land with? That's the ques tion, gentlemen; the last measure proposed by uni be fore the last CougToss was the short and simple proposi tion. that ? eery man of twenty-one years of age, who would go on :tuy uncultivated land in the country and take Tip 100 acres and cultivate it for live years, it should be' liis. and there was an end of It, and if his widow and children did the same, they to have it One of the great evils of this military bounty bullaess is. that when warrants are issued, manage it as you will, they fall into the hands of speculator-, and do not accrue to those whom it was designed to benefit. They sell for a trifle, and they fall into the bands of speculators, as I have already stated. Let me tell you an anecdote on this subject.?1 brought forward tie's matter in the Senate of the I'nitcd State*, and soon afterwards I received a letter from Europe, stating that it was wrong andunjust, because it would inlet fere with the rights of those who had purchased warrants to settle on the public lauds, as a matter of speculation (Laughter.) 1 wrote to them that it was just the thing 1 warned. 1 was glad it was so, anj I wante-l it should be so My proposition was, that these should not l>e alienate I that they should lie frs? ot claims for debt that they eh old be free of debt, i * they -houid uot be transferable. and if a mm <:i I land 1 efore five yea,* ho should loae it M". ?<? -1EK* - "ONI> SPEECH IN W'FFALO UcfPALO, Muy 22. Idol. 3!r Wei ?' :ivr <1. speech this ufternoon, to uu imnu i..? i.wh , >? teited it with great euthu Tii ? ' n i ? c :.-:dered to be one of Mr. Web i r Lest c ' lit ?? no very lengthy that it will be iinpoaaibic t Lot u telegraphed for Friday morning's :K' THE PI ESIDENT IN I'TICA. I'iioa, May 22?12 o'clock M The President was obliged to go to bed, last night early, with a severe oar-ache, to which lie is subject. He got It by exposure with his hut off. This morning be Is better, and has visited the Lunatii Asylum, with the Mayor and Common Council. He goes through to night to Mew York, without stopping. He starts in a few mi nute- There i- a uiiLltury guard of honor waiting on him at the hotel. THE DETATtTtE FROM t'TKA?INCIDENTS ON THE KOVIE TO AI.1JANY. Ai SAM. May 22, 1K1. Wh n the trwin left Itica with the President, at eleren o clock in the morning, a considerable number of citizens assembled around the cars who gav. a parting Cheer, while th. soldiery fired a farewell shot But on the whole, the reception at this place w?. not so cordial a* at the other place* along the route from Buffalo owbg te the erd inttu. nee of a barnburner Mayor ,ud other barnburner*, together with the free soil and abo Utlon wbig*. Thie lafluence acted as a wet blanket on the kindling enthusiasm of the people. It was the worst pos-ible taste for the Mayor to say, ,* he did in his address to the President, that the people in the ralley of the Mohawk, including himself, were in favor of free soil, though not in favor of resistance to Uw It was treading on the Pr.-rld.-nt s corns, and reduoed him to I the awkward dilemma of saying, in reply, - that so far at free soil can be maintained consistently with the con stitulion he was in favor of it too, but the constitution and the laws must be supported, et ail hazards " This I* ambiguous language, aud may either mean that the l President la a free soller in piinciple, though he upholds ' the constitution or it may mean simply that he is in favor of every Hale poMcmlng either the free or slave institution, ju?t as it plea-es It was. altogether, a ren/.e t"?F> It seems that maay of .ho citiaens arr greatlr annoyed at it. It was tin first time that free soil was mentioned in th- presence of ihc chief magUtrate since ho loft New York. The train arrived at IlerlUmcr at half past eleven I " dock, and a crowd Immediately ciliest-d aronnd the cars, and gave rather a faint cheer for the Pr.?ttunt A wag unbooked the last car from the train, and th? I ram went ale ad a short distance. aud came near leaving the 1 r^nitlrnt lu l.inj Thi? crratt*] much merriment We arrived at Little Fall, at tw.He o clo. k 1 hi is. crow i'^.u '.!!]rr^|h"n..,h<' funu"r- ??d a t onsl.t table ' r. U l ^ . -110,1 J A Spencer, who accoii. hf? .k ""'t'"' ?fr"m 1 ,ir" <? Albaov, Introduce- I t i ual tenJ ITU *h' President sai l in a e nv. r-a tlWftl tow, fit* Wii gUj fo vrt. Huff! n|?nttr?-nt rr??? I {Th.Tw^ t "'CiisnsX tort., were In a fair condition, but he wished to ... ? br X r. " " 1,1hr 'he government and he trusted tbey would warn receive It The crowd ch - r ed. but not with tnurh enthusis in ft .!< lines Hi- woe reached at tw. hr,. o>b?k Here the rare .topped for ten minute-, to let the paaang-r* hav Id th^?l? r rr,,,-n ' n ??"' Ornhsm avail main .1 VT.i.m si '1'P- rtonit v 'l b' Pn sident re main, t t iitside the ears, telktr. to the people The* did not eluwr or , vtnee any eml o . . ,V, .' m-u T W<* Vi' J nt whera a few pe, v , ""' h i Mound th- ear. ami Hi IV-i,i-nt v. a. d shook I lands with ti??, tliioii?h the window ehe^r.'d k* rua\> O The people tiir, r. d the j r, rid-ut on leavi-. ? lb* trail, reached Amsterdam lit half-pa-t one iork t There a great crowd were watting f .r (he ear. a i l tliroused around them Tie Pr detent .ho-u hand* kt. n'r" ?'ir""'..?'' d'D^ UUi' ' ' Wic-m lie SOOke Ati.4!jr mi I familiarly r At iwoo rb-ck We cams to ?cIm nrrta lv This Is tlie _?}Z .ciV r^ wtnsge In the tHai- N,? i?rk *hieh is raid to b, M-bri| The principal Inbatrftant ? *r, tmtrh who hare -. tie t down , tlem^v- ,nV| rill r?u? . *'"* "" r ",, k' hpcini ale at PI Ui. IfWPP |? r.nhi.' ctiihu.K-.w ?... b. f. th-' 1 ,no, lT " l,u " r rr""1 *l? 'n ru-I.e-l artmnd the tar, and shoaled TnetPre-w?ty \ d-...ita 1. X * '.f Altant in?| Hrh.-u^ U.lj wftitr I . u tl?r Vnm\4*nt ,U> t* him lot* at. ih?* ear- r. r . -b-rt time at.d t Olv u s hotel t m t the mr uibe-rs of t !??-.- I>,>|p.. -.A!,*"?1 *" ????ihe rs de.-eadaet Irom the car., the mutitude pressed em ill 1Mb a tide tha* h ? Wr l,rn. '?fee thm into fh- !i.| n| tfa :? .r , |?? . aledttlir.. aad.onfu.ton Tie wh., wa were t-rn'. and the memUr. of th. ..Ua t wen- caril-d aw blsgleUy-ptggledy jn th- enwd MstTe ,r"2"i" " Mm** '"rw"'/"' > ? v-rl an.1 now ;.JI2.. """"'??d* w.i-. o-i , r n . ...rat - ' 'mvwv ? ?.? r r? " hf ?t? iff * ? name Cfthe t .minion Counetl and lb ,-ltl ?.< nt f frh IM *Ma<I/ 1 rlefiy a-knowir Iged th- rowtpim, at more ??'?;?? n d permit him to >iy ^J'^^*r,"aidrt,t th. n return I to th.- e,r and the sam - fn? l>" 1 "" ' wll b-t > II ?t t.V wrhim tt length th- fr I. irtea ls w . , ' I"" hi' ,h' "th r aJ sT ????'If left la hin t t\Z t* *vwr ** n-vi *vw m\ mciu^iNt ?( n. n of"!7"'V '^nrU J*1*' ,V"4'".and othe, ge,lt|e ST*.? '.W fr"?> tlbnnv. aeeou.pau. | ih 1 l?id. nt to the capital of the nl.te ARRIVAL Ar ALItAttT, Th- cars arrived at Alhany at thr to. . .ad r-.? ? ? waa the t Mkvnnt at Pels. n<>. ta-ly It was -till greater here. The train wa* surrounded by thousand* of the peopled,lefty the working , ta..e. The other rag. Were detached from the trala and proceed -I to the tap-d The rresident'a ear remained at thr, mm r Bf I. lie I. w ?? was. s. IW1I s*)H? ^ ?*??? ?? I ?"1 Broadway and Colonic itw< t Wa|UBg ^ (b, to join him The ear was lnrke.1 up. |a order to keep off th- e?rer multitude bat they climbed np into the wimlow . end several cam- Into the car in that way The denmmtra ti"0 waa rnt hu-lnttir, and. ft a fur ha nuinhor>? ar?' con. f?r the -Ity ,4 Thurlow Wevd. the hot bed "f free aoi||*m and ahoiltloni-m A large MB r eld hark, and the wnoHy head- were not In the rrottfl r?itl as. . A a M * whole, the proeeasion was imt-tsing r, w< r- num. r -m- friendly t-ann rs vit-nded across ? !2* was ow- of the oppoalt- bind sen* ul nlT . * W Printing ??dice. * n?T"" '^"-pieuo.i- In the line of pro.. -to,, it fotbTi.. 5- % ^*rr"" <>""??' r of cheap material and th grm.nd -"*r,?'lk)n in targe bta. k P iter, on a whit. ? ? own ?aan rn i.woae S Aed sne-ringly from one of the Koehe-tcr banner. Jy h**" lately remoTe-l fr-nt tbeoffle-of fn-pvrtor of th,- Port, and the wwrd dear l> -ignifleant. the sliver greys and toward whig* had a sent*- shout it m the street and the reporter ef th. P,sm? v*riW. m:v[rrk ,n ,h" w''" The banner howeter r. nmined during the proce#ek,n n- . pAMary and clvle proression movad u? iI-fL ling around, re f-rm. d. and the Presi. aw^'Lj reticw thrnngh two open lln*a of mllharv , J1?'was then -hown to the carrtage Jr,T. ht bigij dr.wn by fcur grey hor ?,?nd ',4V h.s att beside the Mayor neeorapaof "* by Mr (Iraham of . h? Navy aud Mr Crittenden, ? tornoy General Itr?? the first carriage aud immediately after the military, then a long line of carriage* followed and an immense Dil>? of people The following wan the programme : ? order of procession. Military Escort, under command of Col Fritkee. All.uiiy En mrtt boards. Cant. J.Oakorn. Albany Republican Artillery, Cupt. Frcdondall. Worth Guards, Capt. Caaaidr Washington ICitle Company, Capt. Trigsr. Albany Uurgeaeea Corps, Capt. Spolman. etcorting the honorable the Common Council. Fire Department, under the command of the Chiet Engineer and Assistants. Different Civic Societies, according to order. The whole under the command at Maior (lea. John F. Towaaend, Marshal of the Day, assisted by Col. E. Friabee and Capt. A. Farnaworth. Gov lluut, it will he observed. was not in the profes sion It is said that he left home designedly, to avoid be ing present on the oceasisn The proceaaion at length arrived at the Capitol, when tho military formed in front to Keep the crowd back, which whs n very difficult matter. If the cuptaina had done thia better, and interfered lea., with the reporters, the result would have been more satisfactory. Mayor Piaai and th? PaMioEfcr came out on the steps of the building, aud lm, Llonor addressed the Chief Magis trate as follows :? Ma Phsjudi.nt?It becomes my agreeable duty aetidg in behalf of my fellow citizens, to tender to you and the gentlemen accompanying, a hearty welcome to this an cient city. It was my good fortune to lie present at your arrival in the city of New Vork, and to witness the en thu-iiicin and ardor with which you were received by the many thousands of that great metropolis; but allow me to nay you will meet here from our citizens, though less in numbers, as warm heart s and as cordial a welcome. We receive you as the chief magistrate of this mighty nation Wi are proud to recognise in you a distinguished son of our own State, and lately an esteemed resident of our own city Accept then, sir. the welcome we tender you aa citizens of the t'nion us New I orkers and as Alba nians. The whole State, regardless of sclfl.-h local inter ests. rejoices in the completion of that gr.-?t work which you have been induced to revisit at this time Such works while they encourage agricultural industry and fremote commercial interests, give increased strength to lie bonds of our Union Accept, sir for yourself and your cabinet, our most cordial wishes for your individual | prosperity, and for your safe returu to the important duties that Hwnit you. With the hope that your journey through this State has been as agreeable to you as it has teen gratifying to your fellow citizens her, again I say, Mr. President and gentlemen, welcome The foregoing was received with loud cbeers by the people Mayor l'erry is a democrat and a Union man, aud has acted very differently from the Mayor of Utica The Fresidint replied as follows ? Ma Mavor ami Follow-Citixi ns?After ten days of constant labor, and frequent speaking in Ihr open air, 1 liuve scarcely any voice left to aJdn-s you If any- ] thing could add to the pleasure 1 have derived from the d.-:ii n trstlons I have lltflwd here, and every where ! else, it is that they were spontaneous The few days I j have just paesid in traveling through the Mate of New York, are the most gratifying I have spent in the whole cour.-e of my life. If I could appropriate these sponta neous liouors to myself, they would overwhelm n?? liut I know that they are not intended for me petsotnilly, but a. an evidence cf your devotion to the constitution, and your determination to support me a . the executive in ir.aintuiniig the laws You have referred to the most important public work ever acr< mplislod in this country, it is a source , of gintificutioD to me to hear that there is 110 I eal prejudice here against it. It is an evidence of the returning suavity of the people, and that farther, n rrtb or scutti. west or east, the people regard such works of public utility as for the interest and the glory of the whof. country, I have not, during this tour, hitherto thus spa ken. and pardon me if for a moment I refer to my a'im.r.lst:Mtii n, and to a few public facts within the la -t two or tlire* y< ara There have been great revolu tion-. which roinmcticeU in France, aud swept over the whole continent of Europe They hive ended in bloodshed. The restless spirit, extending to this 1 country, ha* only resulted in organic changes in va rious Ftib s. but I rigrvt that fo many of our citi ?4 us have txki D a part in a revolutionary move ment affecting auother country, and that they have been induced to do so in older to share in its plunder. In (his case I have endeavored to enforoe the law. and 1 will add that, while there is a penal law on the statute boi k. i shall always carry it into execu.ion II cud rlu'i r- '< 1 tuu-t now b-ave theg ntleiu-n who are with me to sp .'>!t to you?two members of my cabinet; 1 hnve left unotk r behind me in lluifslo Your r >rdial reception of him. when he arrivea. will be most gratifying to n.e while lie wtd regard surb a demonstration in this capital of the empire Elate as the proudest day of his , life The President thus concluded amidst on'husia-tie (tetti. Mr Critt, ml. n and Mr GraUmn Were loudly eah"U fur, and briefly adilrc ,tl the paoalr, but their *p.vehe? w?re In *nl>*t.mi-<-. ri'iMi.vioiM of what tliey uehvrred tire where. au.t which have beenreported iit the finoid Thr Prtaidi nl thi n withdrew. mil the Mayor anl Coa nn-n Council of '1 ror waited on liiin to 1*7 him the,r r< -fx<rt*. They had ad ready invited him to thrlr city, hut hr could n?-t accept the Invitation At Fit o'clock, a diunci *?, glv-n to the Prc-iJ'-nt an.I M* cabinet, at Couowa llaii The Mayor pre-ii'-U. an,I rave the tna?t of ?? Our gueata:" to which Mr. Crittenden m it Mr Graham replied?th ? President having prerl.u* ly.lei. In the ciiri-c of hia remark*. Mr. Graham c?b ?"?fed that, oonaiiiartng bow Mali a portion of mankind liav 'n," ycd Ufct rty. in any portion "f the w >r! l. for n thou. ii i year*, the peranum nl of thlaeoimtry mux well worth -tiujfgli.ig to preMiivc?at<"Verum>-iiiuiid.-rwhkb tbo nation had jr<"i>eii'd. ?? no country had ever U.-lo Imftet He com lt d d by Riving. '? The ?t.,ie ?( New York: Great in ber r ? mrce- and vatrgiw, may ?lie ne vir fcffrt that on lor defied* In a great dtMOO the l?oec aed pro-)nit) f the cr nntiy end the maintenance of th cietnuti >ii f th United Stat** ' (Inadc'iet* ] Th* next ton* *n?, Tl.. hii-in** uaenandmerchant pi I "i -of AlKmy?Uia-t o* Coming " Tlie ( art , then btok up. Mid tl.e Pr ?iJi nl on l hb cabinet i.-fi m tar 1 ,.*e Newton fur N ? I ox ?, r o'olook Cntb< way C ibe lent a nui-t?r of Romon e?-i|le? and Other tr<?'j*k? Were vet eU in rut' -tre t 11M a larj Uiiflrr iftai A- hurtling in the :r.-.t A Urge crowd i" do* I the ml tarviothe la*' The Pi aotdrnt WW* I beer. 1 i . :.i v.g the .1 I 1 (HAT. it Th ? ??! ttolt tut in-in 111 j. VVi I A ? the 1 at ' I td i > k i iganl b>u I he nt w|> nhi.ii thrilledlit t 1* arta id tin- inultllu le fti iva front lloafmi. TH* (Iiftvi T'liN 1 I llfVi 'It/* COIMfTPTi > ft' *xn?A'tit'?niv???;: m Mkt'vv pecliTimi to ?rr??, inc. R'lt ?* Ma* 22. : ;'ii Th llr-f c i-n' .???? hy n ir y a pally vda, h?v. | a . I a hill c?!.itt? ? -ar nti<>n I *la>* people to ?no nll 1 e eoti t,tu" ?? of the ,-Ute The bit! f r it a mt ' fleet. i? ' ? he au' Hllt'.ed t?the p-.ifle ft*r thr r 0| htnv d I r r a The U t.?e jit j'i nil ii.v td- !, it named, to I* I tlgrfivA, J Ihe hill ei^. crn'ng the ml" ?( .r|?x| ratlng drink* Tl.- ??ill 1 n i d'lnjvat tkaa anything that lit,* yet . -w u > n ? ir ?. ute 'e, .. In ? avtri!"!' ' K tw- '?*?- < v ? t i Hv, \ bert Tlminil)' i Wb ? ?!. ?; th dute .- ante,! i Ml the taeanev i?ru-limd !>y Ut-1 teaignatiun jf ttedeiiok ton-. ? b to- et it In n |.|y tn a* Invitation la peak ilur ? ? tl ->r- it ' tngr.'ii'Mo. ? aura ? Mr r ,ntn-r *rt(.' <? ' i. ?*? .? Itnita. liajf J< i- ?1 Mi !?> ,? - r?T m f v ? ' r obiiged to . -el.*. . ?,r Invitation It ;? nI.n toy )>??*? r t? lai.tgl. acthi / In !l,? i n ? *1. i i .v ln> feat- wamili tl the file. if 'ie- ioni, >?*?* tii nf v .'tee in?v lud la li . ? i n- * h tit a '? w't i .i I Irn-t -I "f* it* wl'l *e j 1 to a<. r. the "l -t of Mt Palfri r. tbdferv al, h n. ?? and ind-tilde -mil daft i f our party 111* charneter ?tttm ind* th* tic ra lion of all It -h ttn| coritnan i their Vote* vim Jin per e-n f anil ? wllii th* ptibtle i uaoit awoMf, >?at of i riMin *tr. ? t* i lloM ' ?! d o| i "imt what e?r ? .) ' ?' lb I'tr' -t ? i i * '.f in Mi ?. II ho tan opinio im on the vital qia-dh-ne nf the ? ty Sad a r aponoe in the 1 hi- f i t *"r*'a i nin.- ma; ruy of th, grant j.-i, d t *r* eotrii.nWea'.tU 111* trlnn.pb. *.b taal of lit tl lit tin- adiob, ii { i - -let *111 go kr oi ? l'.i?r(?v -iti oi In V:, tebit-etta agnMwl the eb? i-tlnir e',: -int.onaJ urn, i trafi ti Pto-b nt"-n. wtilt- vetiag h I'nt-n lnvai y ami r. th* ?ldrti ? tJwitia'hH- *IU never ftwv t the tri ? nrlnci pi- ofth u-t;t ? tt ? -<>tdi ,* tn wbteb, freclootnnd feot no v 1- T j'ion*. wilil. *iat v ami n i trr -I mt I. vertical Vt r lalthfniir your*. . It ART Vg PIMM R T-> I'r I vtt ? Ilowt i lu. ii an td th'-1 re# bod CMHol t "tumitUi Go ml ridge Pnihylrilaa Oi-nornl v??tvt?tl> nt *t. T.nult, h- levcn, May Id !h."t Tl < Mw K ITumpi.r y Moderator announce I to the Ptan I ng Cootnt.'.iee a-eport frMn he H ard of I'v Ign Mlavi- n*. which wa? refhrv'4 t" x vpecial e nnniitter of Ave ?rnfler* Th, Tr. a ttr- r'. report "?? ft'flV'danl refnr t. I'he iw-ntiieh aatMkl Ptort from-de Heard of th- ?Ti-t, in m* ioytral ivnary wa? received, and will In act- I up' n oa M -dne- lay m-vt The ebatlon of aProfe --' of i>rlental atM ti'hllrai literature t*k#f p! ice or the mm,- gay The ennvmlttc' atmotnfed la*t ?'?In. a "I iter tnber. to h port on a plan ft* t-vtahH*'iin4 a "hmj r?lisloa< n-w-j?j"f. it pott d fnv rahiy it wax r ?? ? lve?l aT.'tUMuatbc <1 le. riu l.mi Je th'- pe< ini rder hu next da| hr I <v i. May 1MV.I Aft'r tho n?i*l at'-rpi. ? llll <1?K? l.n-lnpM, tbr Jt rrctor wi?r<? . '..|t ,| n, foiiort. _jw the Wart rn Thatu dl< *l J"< aiioirjr- >fr?-r? ll*r?w. Awtfl. (button Mtl.rainc, rkton. K rr, and Akuri'l. I ?>* Hid-rr?Maa-r I.Hrtii/" Al< mi d r. Johti . B. lb nji?i;,lii and William Tin r-'port Tr- di dit'irat"* of i"W "ponding bndlra W< rv tlion nbaaitt<*d, an 1 iki> -iiKj rt nf the BnlillratPm of a cheap riligioitr j>?|? r taken up ni?' T!m ns.ied at laivtli I fnatiy. si r< > intion w ?? al"pt.?J. de< Urine that "hlU tito drMnbl'ii. ? ?>! the I'jcct I- r"ofe??ed lit In th pti m ii? ?tafc M th. Imr h and board nt pnl.'.im tfc*. It l? not otHftt. at lo taka ietk<n upon the and iho a hot watt- r In- Ib rif >r la'<1 it hft table The . ni'iy tb?n a?li im?'d till M 'n.lay Kami liitclll(rtirr< ft n?f Mar 31. JVi TJi U"' I Ha,' i > it r 'Kii'-ro to ?>i.rr"? lilt I'rend rr<'' 'ei . u awY ?d f* f?mm. ? . ?,?> ? y?-ftir.,|? ^ ' Latest from Washington* THE WORLD'S FAIE, ETO. Waskiwi. t a.t, May 22,lSkd. The U 8 brig Washington leases here for New Teife next week, to tit out tor a surveying cruise In a letter froui Mr Kiddle the American Coma er at the World's Fair, i ecuired by the last steamer, 1 state* that Colonel Held gives an assurance that will he no hindrance to the admission of article* fa America until the 1st of August Our countrym** i strongly urged to send over their productions The Mexican awards are all paid off. except la< where there have been injunctions. or where partiea har* not appeared Antl-Lrwll Meeting In Phlladelphls-dlnMl Kxcltemcnt, die. Piin.ADri.rMiA, May 22?It P M. As anticipated, the whig rally of the aati-Lewisited was a grand scene of 'disturbance, l'eleg B. Saveny presided. Resolutions denouncing Lewis were read, amid Inter mingled hisses and cb eers, by Samuel Lloyd The as*, tion for their adoption was out, and they were decided to he carried by the chair, though the hisses and graana were deafening A private quarrel occurred just then between twa E* thtee opponents of Lewis and h . many friends. A fraoa* rmued and the police intern red. nnd carried off WlUiaaE I'sul. Janus Kelly, and others of the LewisiteP, to th* lockup. tiuiet was somewhat restored ufter this movement, hi. the speaker* had been frightened oil by the t-on find an None appearing after half an hour, the meeting waa ad journed by Sir. Planning Alter Shepherd * quickstep by tbe band, the vaat a4 st mblsge were forced to leave, the gas being aktift guisbed. Interesting from Bantn Ft?The Mexlnnmt Mouitdary, Ate. CiscneisTi, May 22,1M. Bants Fedates to the 23d of April have been receive^ by which we learn that the Boundary Commissioners am the Rio Grande below Sonora, had decided to plaee ft corner (tone rix miles below that place. The K1 Paso mail brought news, as usual, af Indian depredations Tulda and Ferguson's train was attacked in Gornada del Miesto, and some men were killed. Ma horses and train were captured near K1 Paso. The troops In New Mexico are dying of scurvy and far want of exercise. Tli* young officers and soldieta ass pi rmltted to leave a life so ruinous to health. The Apaches have violated the treaty which thsg made only a mouth or two ago Col. Calhoun gives entire satisfaction, as Oavernar ta the people of New Mexico. Beparate meetings had nominated Cspt Reynolds and Maj' r Nightman. .is candidates for Congress There I* a good deal i f excitemeut aud log rolling on the aahfaat throughout the territory. The pried* in the country were candidates for the Le gislature, ai.d it was taid they were sure af Mag eli i ted > ;ve tribes of Indians, vii , the Cheveness. CamaaafcsB, A r*| ?lH? s. Kiowas aud Apaches, of t he plains, wasw at Fort Msckay. to make peace Ths principal chitdswaaa eittlng in council it) Col Hoffman's tent, and the nu ny of smoking pipe* of pi arc had taken place It pi >babl? the Chi ji uces and Arapahoe* will inject t treaty; but the others will not From the South. TP 1AT. FOR ROltBISQ A l'OST OF HIT:?t 'B.lN PAfll Off IN DISTRESS, ETC . Bai Timaai May 22, IBM Tlic Soul Li rn mail, was received to-night In the mailer of Henry Kin?brotigh. tried at Bavaeeak fcr grubbing the Ctlumlus poet office thej jury Med to agree. The . t> ? r Of! ton arrived on Saturday frcm H in da, with *. i men connected with thi Cuba Itiva-ion. Tts*? huudr d men with l*Si horses, reached .larksonvUe.aad it n.hincd one wet k i ntawped. when. learning that Mm iuTafkm wo postponed. Un y dispersed for home slasts penftlees. About l.r.'M -trtnge men have been at Jwak I' tvlllt at different time* eince the iniu<ni wu pn jecteU.?after Mpiatidri ing lh< ir lund* and hedgingfc-ean the fltirens. Ibey di-l'crnd It I* supposed the angina, invasion plan is now aband ued. 'J In-cutter Kinney IE still, ht wi vcr, < i seting A baaaplcloiio Hchoontr. Ni wro?T, K I, lit; 3, ISM The fcfccor.rr Flirt, wbiih put in bore on Woujay Ua to repair Uamap.s wi reported to be one of the to merged in the Clibo expedition; tnd it rt al.o i that -lie Ii-kI oi*tei n till, it ?r?l IV reran ua nwtto t"?ili i. lire 1" file i-pieh i.e crott. and top I j b> r ni! n'-.-ht tut o n tlie next Ui&ri.'ng. baring r? |aii J d;.mi.;r' . the KhoODe: wa- permit led to weigh tw i-bor and depart The Georgia lit Sew Orlrntaa, ovo, No w Otitieo, Mar 21, 1AM Th??ie<rjU bring- 500 fhi?Nent,er?, in'in l ag <tm. 1' F hitiI ii recalled from t aiiinrvi* Met- i M Vi tor the in < d. faulting t !I f of tfc; I of l.oUl-.aua liar be--u ttiod and ae |uitted II in l to one at I.ottla a 1 lie . I ? ?? ? Mar 21 II A ? I* hi:- Tap* .? r th a y -o Mala ereu >* la-t doing mo h lair, -ce to a number of In/. VoTeiai ; r--a r te imur. J but u ? .?too ween loat ??????? e \| Tlaratxtrnl ni.rl Mnatcal. II ?.*? 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