Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 24, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 24, 1851 Page 1
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saa THE NEW IORK HERALD; WHOLE NO, 6787. MORNING EDITION?SATURDAY, MAY 24, 1851. PKICE TWO CENTS. . DOUBLE SHEET. MMvmmmmmw. JENNY LINO'S OKANDCONCERTS AT C ASTLE(i KR 4t%t on Monday Itemln< W?y 2?>, and TUnr?dajr nfter no#n, Ma, 29.?Ttoket* f?r I n1 ??? Coacorti, lor uhoioe MIU, uriuti In any part of the h u*>. for .alt-at .1A Oil It 4 at BROT.lf.K'8 Muelc Store, >'i Broadway --dMI. t|*? So. JENNY LIND'SGR AND CONCERTS At CASTr.K (JAR don ~ Ion, onAtobday Kveuiag, May ?i. tad Thursday af'.er Booa, May 29.?Oholea ?eat* for lite ?Ik.v? Clgwrtl can bo obtained at BARTI.ETT Ik WELFoRD'N U>..k .Store. No. 7 Alter Uoum? rwnymber, No. 7. Alio, lift-like Da/uerrco type* of Jenny Mod. Tickets foe .tunny limps ninth farewell (trend Concert, to bo hold it (artle Garden, on Monday uventng, Mae Ktb. are ready for a I parti of tits lion- >, at ?Even* ? Brlttou'i up town hn.ket tml. ti'.C Uro.tdwtt/. Ati->, tdckfU for Thnraday'a Concert. 2itfa in-A. Tickets for jenny linds ninth farewell Itread Conoert, to ho held at t.'uatle OarJ *n, ou Monday evening. May Nth, are ready for all par? cf th. houae, at It. Bailliene'e eoientific book-tard. 2u0 Broadway. A loo ticket* for Thnreday'i* Concert. 29th loot. ??rpiCKETS TOR JKWNY LIND S CONCERT, HON HA Y -!? evening, at Caitle Garden - Seat* to all nerti of the " ; tti re ol ADKl A NOR. SlIEIt bonie may be had at th? book _ ... MAN ft Co., No. 2 Aator H jnit, the laairt. Ticket# alao for Thuriday morning concert aro ready for delivery. ?r I CAGE. FOR THE OTHER AMUSEMENT-: SEE SEVEN Til ?AhibB ME AUCTION. J We BROWN. AUCTION REIt ?MANUPA3TOIIY FOR ? the malting of all kind* of i'larlnK Vint .ig and lts,i mea# Card*.?J. W. Brown will eell, ly oroer f uilrnijei at No. 4S l.ndlow atrott. ob M. oday. May 2>!, at W o'clock, tao entire atock of Machinery, Pn, Toole, I ti:ad"ra, Plataa, Ro., Ro , rcqul.lte fur tlio abov* buMncri. \! .il tenia ? ith out reiorve. Um be iein on the ur raing of .ale. dirlvto <1. W. Foot, 211 Pearl rtreet. Br HUMBERT R KENNEY.-MuND.. i MORNINO, May 2Ufh, at III o'oiaoh?HoaiohclJ famt ir., at No. 7, ?Joraletncn itre? f, ?<c ad ? or from Honey "to t. by cata logue, tla> entire turnItrre contained in toe home, et ne' t Hug of malinger y ind walnut parlur furni urn, i arrt I :bk!.o cany Sofai, Chain, marble top Centre an. Fan , Brusieli, Ingrain and Venetian carpet., ML. D . Bureau and Waelwtandi wit h mr.rl I* a yinj But and other Foditcadn. belt hair M .ttr*- ??#, Ti ding, Table Cutlery, illvrr; plated China ? 01'. ok Olrandolee. Mantci Ornam. n tr itc . Lr At. t o . r; eurnitnr. and ut., wl n which the olc t Catalogue* may be had at Hie ?alae roetu . s.itui :*. PLANTS AT AUCTION.?ROSES, IN GREAT VARfl'.Tf Carnation. Verbena*. Ornngoa, 'in' ? 1 >. R, .i Tryon'i heed Store, No J John street,4 mb J, A 1' .i iniei o-n, Jcracy City, thte day, (Saturda,-. May 21,} at n:u( pa 10 o clock. JOHN KEF.SE. AUCTIONEER?VALUABLE ANCIENT and modern I'ictnree, Drawing., Print*. &?.. contain inp highly talu?d work* by MeUu. Claude, ilenj'ietn. i'aul F'.ttcr, Le.: alio, flue modern faintinfi, exblhitrd at the Kuyal A cad I nr.y, to be raid hy auction, at the Oalkry, 27S 8r< adway, one door irom White ilrtet, dn Ifciit - day. Mi j dh. utelcM'n o'clock A M Catalogue! at Coeley i auction looni, and at the Gallery, A UCTION NOTICE.?TUOS. BELL. AUCTIONEER ? By H. N. Buik?Thic d.iy. at l?!-{ o'clock. In "leanrtiin ' treat, a large ?ale of Valuable Far- | TK'CBii, lON'orlk William nitnre of nil deieription*. Carpet*. Oil Cloth, French Bed oteade. Book Cuua, I.ookirg olaeree, Bcrcaa.. Ro.; aire, ?for aceonnt of wli'm it may concern. 1 Gold Patent Lover Watch, I London Gun, I qr cask and S demiiuhai FrouoU Brandy. U Rocking Chair*. Uug?, Mat*. N. . Monday, W1-^ o'clock, at the c..rnrr of Lafnyt'e I'laor and Fourth ..trcrt, the liuueeloid Furniture anu perecnal etleotd of the lata l>r. iSKle. ly order d t.atntori. Alt". I'lar.t*. Hutho'iir. &,o. Tllos. UKLL, Auetlonor. AUCTION NOTICE.?H. f. WtLI ARD, AUCTIONEER, will aril, tbi mi rntng, 'aturday. tfay Nib. at half ? it It'e'ciui.. at thu Sal* i Room, N,>. J)0 itrcadwav, near S< ad ? ?<rret? ii.oh earn.'.! he'iwhold Parnlltire, Table Cut ?try, *? <1 Bconfu Vi arc. Catalogue at tl o Bale* Ro. i. Hll LEEDS. AUCTIONEER-U H. I.VLI'S at CO ? r in a*II at Luetlwa. day. a; 12 o'rle.'e. at the aalei mar No. A Wt 11 *tre*t, 'ne eet Doable Ifirnca^. ear act Hnri- Hnrcaaa, one Nleigl Roho, one eel Berae Net* unr act Cbt* Jilt* cue Refrig*. at* r. ?>ii* Compiua for/?< i<t: to K".her ?1th an n> ortuMul of Kitunrn t/teaillf, Maltiag, 'ilX*t and t urret. for. All) TO LKt. C'tT" A ore At iOSKEKS. to kixt tvto \c* ' l.i i ?.?!?? r t-. i at, rttuoud ? on* won of rheAoH-:. I'o ?M?i u ot cao ii;q no hut itrn odirtetv. Tt.o w'.hor to r.fcy foe oeeofotiiB ot,uut tbo bih of J c?. lo.|Oire of C I- Mm! r. >.fi ? Ast.r He ?. CAOII !>.t r TliC I'ARN Of THE I ATE ifoos.t CLARK, r, c ? 'i , iu* Mil ?? r ?, i.tuit. iutio lowo ol Eroo Cho-tcr, ol " ?! l1^ tail- from tho TuoUalto. c-rot of IM (tilm Raifroid. !?. i? lertkerif If tt. roil Vitir, - Ir r it C! ? :cr t.. Now Kn '.'?!!?, Ij t * oAiUrtj M, o< En' Cbrit? r. t> it nd.lck toodo tt M ? ??'rod:, "n thoTorn iiif :d luuMtfii ii-'ur . t Urgi tie>, t n?, ne >Oi(vc tuft.r ill I MM*. isn;?re hoa.O, Or ' Of hh^ ,,.,y Vil'fii.i, *!? is i A cooditina: olui (Mikriiae ?*???. Tt o (jrrti I' I ? .. , ! MM* if latprwr nt".'. Tot oofMu* lit' .- it Hamb*I Clark. IK Eurtttott otrrrt. N V.. .nliMo < . *? llo vrur.irc. rr i t:.? or.Jf. . ? i ^ Vow RmJiciU. JOHN fOVLIKO, Er--atrr oi c(*rk, o react. l^or "* ???-a f! an did or r-'R" o vi rr ?< > *v r *W ?r r a riillltwr, ? r try r'""'i ? h? - ?'. cupi - UiltoM k lui'llru kayttfL T ?c ? lli >i filllofrr ??? Ur :y No. Ill Mini ... . f ? Mir: hA> B IBBw? tt*.-*. noil t -=?orteJ, , ?. . f jj- r c. ? t, at d U oi * d.. 1 O good Iraco; ?1U Irt Io* 1 vl-t ?6 B \t-i <K be-Aft. I APR RAI.r. 1. ft?"?' OO0NT1E ItSMIiKSf WITH loift.'t fit :u? ??(loft: s > *? i:..?, ? . ,4. ?o' Ho* ??ti ItiUraod I t?w?. otooot' m to E-ior.t U >00' Id Not ri . rem it, ht < o Hum tier of lai io And Sott*. E- tl*i * ill tit, ? 1 ?' tt in t. . ,-,"tt 4rjr. Th* hotto. Io i orl/ Itrw, ? -< twoli?r-?A0 .???it t?i ? : . i . ?'<! old il flt'lM t'.roo *aoot *'Hi B foTBOM. 024 lu * mr."o roofii for cooatag. \ covd ? lit' W?tof B"d t'lilrr.t. "I jtrovltd.? oto ' tnJ-<m !j '? A lot ?i" ? ck*4it-rvHf.-t;, i ,.f i irii -? if" ? I' - rfxfory rift ill ?, tt t. >* i ? > ;i?* e! it .m ? lot Ut tor. o cro-d a f.tll ftl'.'i - I TfhM t. . .i t f r trail., r. Iff teii. oilof. i . lolte H'M, A. KCYMH.U5, CuOpol Krf llBt t I it . |7"R M I K 1 II R f'AHI OK K ITt.'ll R V AS T> <KI> r tit. i ? I*, 11 .. t,i i > j ? I! .. |ii tl I l?? f f t "'f i it *i i .1 . t l,-" r ; i, t* ?*..t I*!. .1 It ,v.j I of i. ,i II, '.'II I t'1 f1 I I ??oii *Ai j? -Mir i.r.'.rr o.i rps stohn, m>. i./ * To'.f. Hr'?! >1" - I '1', msi !? > .' if r? frc - Sic I, IHil. A,.*, fl.k . itirilil. lot jr ? - . A vol f ij.i, tiikfiBQ I hMf't'U. A|.|.lf?.n i!t |r*?Jiu. ri.-tv I'll rur ?1( " K, IITTi'r.f!^ /NO c ?00 r fill ol tl?, t': oVr*.. nil f Of.- volt tHfrr ion : tt I Hoi mm t*r t. > ? t b. f. ido* Li t .- ml. . m (u Cttl * of II f l???i> . t ||M lJM?r Bill DIM A run KAI.r, H'l'lTt OV TP It A nrtir (f N'tft i t r onl V?r. -t i. I,, r-n , J t OtilM ... i*(|? :. Bt M tlllot* 1 ?*'. . 'no 111 in/, r.i mo-klvh init i,o<?-i r :r .1 r,l ? inl't didlv 'If 'I I i r?r rjr I ' . if !?' *il?Bl II- !! in I. ?* Ir- tit I lit- a I ... * ho .? ? t?>'. ?. w .'Im of r ttlorr t. ... r. ? . h ?orto4 ouitiif* fori '? tn-. ' ?'?. t .r ,i- .11? ? ? ?* ?t i oi I i ?r r>? o io. .t ? Ird ct i'lof - ? ! ? off ? ir f-foo | ? ??? 1 ohti ' v ? I*. ? oi .1 r..?' ?? t'"mo* it 4 ... r i n. < a it f III/. Hnr t ?? i.tifffwil. AMliillk f'tg .' ? , or Io J hARWri 1. |M Kroo?o t>r f'O Lift I RAN Jol T T (HI I t. hi II 01 .? V-AA4NIN7. R ??d I- ird ?>l . 1!T IJ-.*.'. ;, :t. .rr.ioo t.'tmoBh till* ri'f : t of Nr. ill 1?? ? l*?v. . ? I.M-O It OnUdtot Aob. Mt ood If la-? Io Roll ll?r To. S IVi rtront ?mr !-? n I* 0*4 1'NK No I d . "if ?%. .eArf WV1; tr '.ft ' "if "it ? *it . 3 I'rt tt r t r.uO ill. Af %.} M No. '. *? ! i'riil, r-.T- - * - K t! r ? I' I ' C'B Ml HALE?A N.IASAIT ANUCOR. 1 Cidit t,i eotthjr n>: l'nr?. o.ur h oaoA Of rord"** Bsl t.ldi is ft I i. .0 ft of t tl'OVo 1 11' I t . B, 'W i.roor V MMM ?e til IvnoftM l? I t-|t ).? tt Mf Hi ? ?( (Hi Ni.!<> II -*-l, t| li, < ??!? r, of Ho d?( ?. of 14. .1 i AAio. lit ol *ot, hou.i. try I'r .Alfm. O I tT-JV A PR i V A T f FA VIET, A 'Mo V fO.Boh rot*, oi cot wit't ir .-II til I it Not. 11 ? ?'n i* c itJ?i ob, ?% 1*1 Ckoi . r. sir" t. K-f - -? it" ' ?*?!-?- *oo. R|H> or run ,"ir. at iiomarr*. nu n or 1 It* II rot i fi/ i ?ri :k it.lirr. h*R * O ?fcc l?o* H'ilo ti ? Itj. oi th? f-rrj . ... < I iokod in .'O kild?.TIti ? Bono Bill f ?l H ?vtr/ *oimr|i??4. Hit li'f I 0 tvo'tr to ?h. k-tSri - i *?#! kHch'f. R*. h f. Ic-rni nUi* | oftioa iiroB. la lalf' ot Ur ! * I ??!?.?! I fit. 4. of W. W. ?Sir PR*. Af ni. ??o lit no :?o.tort ?n?. ir cor-fAor Ltfli .44*.?1 otrn*t ooot Modi, a Rjr.. r ? TtrOitdo.) kink. ?nd no ??r (ilfSr ! r m : ui 7-o> m|. n/!?*? I c.-liMflr luj-ito o' ? , Mr! tor, utortb' |tftr.'?i. or fnotf-nl*, r?r , Mrlkif. . ll^o ot l.ow, I Hr.. I'n|. X1 OW1 * * MUT ttf mlli r.ViN -roi RALR, A fo.m of okoMl Id) Mft IaUm illlw>?f liitllR. II . I-. -??mlk-rit Tlwt toio li B'tr. * . 't ?' t mi |R lh? m?iO ?n'rltntlol wor. rr, I* mo-I r* Mf!'. *1*0 Mtlfh ?? r.-onii, tit Ml nr.. of ?)? i**oA rnnO.|i|ii( ?,? ?rffl, rirrf ind o. 04 *rr/. It Mltoi line -j ! p( InrWM MnieA ti'hii,irl...4 ? re Mr. mm T1.' ? r. t ir. li ?.(? m l tlrih r ? ri ? r'l * * *001 TO-1 tf i f fm-i Thi iMitrfoi orill i?' ?r.M oo ofp to - t tn., prof-iri r. '?m tto Five, i'i, o. I o- IctAO. th* ?o.o_-. ' ?) rl A L ET A#lld I. R ItlUHlR. T t in*-. ART*. NATIonaj, ?CAI>RIIT Of OMtON.- T1TU TWTWTY ?*?11. At ?.?i tfWin At* fwbt?-, m Uric g?l.>r*x, No. *? ll?>*Aw?? immIM *??? **.r*ok, ?*??? ? a. v. o?U4 W I* ? A l-'-MiMf 91 ?"?? ; ???.? ?i<k ?. (4 WM I l*H 'NN. By rrt?!f U Mm Oan'.'.l ifMWiOMJE. Car. Vwwmct. * A. iNVRAfsl.f. AN U t'Tl ?*>! Hl.'OtmNO RNC1MRWH J Ion "f Arafc** n r.l t>?-.ior-i, ?i?.?? nr wKiMmi'?ofk ? *?1 Ar??lr|~ Im ?r~rVC'.iii, or11tnitar V? for At.r?-4 wMH,'fco ? >?. ta ?j?rU?'tl ?% hf Wit.*, W HI, *4 or. rpo (. conmiwvra jo*t prcfi v ri> i ?r Arrfto, ft lit ft nnr.rtor l.ln. Piif- ?li *?. %' ir ?*>? ?or?-? r< I.a nl.i >r. Wlt%l? R*r%v,(, ft?r*.A, TV ?, f 7? tPl '4 Ro tWa*. fc' . wAi-l ?M '?? at a r?.t?eAI >u ?f ft >n "4 M7ty?Vr??r.. ? t' INa 1 AM*, -4 VrrtUftit* rf (Wn.t tr, MM"*". r?fe?r1ra>.l? l. w Ala., ft I at oAmRMImRm. '' raa si ?ks -h. h/ VoiupiT JV-fti Uir lo "Itlftf Ih!*l(l??. Il l ura ruAlffri If ...f4 j? W*? *' a ?lma> ft* l> r*?i il, k.aml.i *.o?*<-?oofi rfral A ftr-ft II/rftW-'Mft *r?t t (Tii|??, H flihlf nriwntf! *V? fr?? f. ?..r ? >>?IH |?? T tff* Mil. >' l?l, ?? '? <? U?? h?1f Ki- ?.1* as IfMllifl'/W'l Ar I.A Irt'olff It.fliHOlR.l *1, ills., ??<* imumvim ?>??- *?tw. * A *jAt.* r?A &?< Hm *crr ?t* KG I All NOTION. P02T OFFICE, New YORK?NOTICE.?THE MAILS (. r Unit'"! Ntite* Mail Steamer ARCTIC. will eloe* at thi* ? (Tii-" on Saturday, the 34th inet., at inij A. M Letter* for tin* < ntin-ut tnuet le prepaid 21 ornt. evoh rate. May idd, IV.l. W. V. DKABY, P. M. I>OST OFFICE, NEW YORK-NOTICE?THE MAILS I ?r 1'iiitiid Hatce mull eteemer will rlnee at thie ofll *? on Monday, th? 2<th iq?t., at 2 I'. M. Letter* inunt he pre paid f. r t. e foil' win* plane*, per Ohio Havana. 12>i cent! per rale, Cha/r. 20. rent* per rale; Panama, .'*) ceuta par rat.,; Sonthwr.. L'oaat of South A merle*. Alt ornt? per rate; t'l.iuv, 10 cealo per rate; Sandwich (aland* 40 e*nl. per rate. WM. V. BK.tDf. P M (t ARO.-WORKALL ft CO. RETURN TUKIR THANKS V to the I ire Department, and their friende ycaer.ttly. for the aiueient a.d rendered la eitinsniiahinr tlx tire at th<dr . .ti'Mi-hrorr.t. laat evening. They take ti.l* oceaalon At in 1 rn their frtand* ant lit public. Utl their In*, i* not ** treat a* penrrally ani poaeu, and that they will r**?me emt io* to ainrr >w. or Monday, at farthest. and c intiauo to de an every day a* umial. They have alreadv in operation a temporary pattern elmp in the ii?l*hi. rhood. which th.y will n*e until the hullninre e n he repaired. The reat of their prontiet* being uninjured It either tire or water they arc prepared to caecnte or<l?r? tor Jawing, machinery and saw*, he usual. 2d Elm etrdlt, May O. lhAl. PEARL 1IOSE COMPANY, NO. SB, DESIRE TO R5 torn their aincere thank* to Mna*r*. Neehitt ft Correll, efthe IvyOreen. for tho geueroue and liberal eunoly of re freai.uicutl furnished at the tiro in Duane ?treet. May 22 AUGUSTUS UURO, Foreman. Am AM Hauit, Sect-tary. fUHKMKN'S VISIT.?TnK COLUMBIA UOSB COM pauy. cf Philadelphia, with magnificent upparutue, wili vlill New York, on their way to Bunion. on Monday, S'th In t., hy the incrnlnr lino, t amden ami Araboy, auJ *111 tic received hy thn U.,rion H"?e Company. No i. Nt? York, a* tneir*; a. d will aleo *pend t?u. time in New Yorli, on their rvture ftom Borlun. BO'.V i EV PF.NCIBt J-.- ' OMPANY ORDER. NO. T? - The h-jveral member* ot this Company ar? hereby -U~ rect-J to aseemhlc un the ntage o < the Theatre, ia full uniform. ?:th crape on the Kft arm. and t*i rd belts, onSnn.iay, at ?,'?*'o'clock, for the purport.- of paylor toe la?t tribute of r?;vt to '.heir departed brother, Joseph Dana. By order, A. U. FURUY, Captain. J as. EvrPAnn, O. S. "ItEh.KKi'EU ?MISS CAROLINE WOODRUFF wilt fad a uute to her ad Ires* In the Lower l'o*t 0 2% 0 1 A B >TAI. CHAPTER NO. 12 - TUB member* ei ti-ia ChaMli are ineitod to meet at .. i ? Broadway and Grand etr-et, wr ?? . r ;. .. ,t <? tint, at 'J o'clock A a., for tho pun , f n'tintr * ith Ct-n' err, and proceeding to N?w ?r!., to - it. ia the ubr.t. u f tho Anniversary of tho Urtl r, j New J.;.?*> 1> . order rf ?. i. ' till tlMRRUORN, Sachem. Ww W. ?WHAWWA ? '' .1C. LM: -V.. {V . . Ir.R NO. 2, O. U. A. -Till: MEM A Ml" i i''.spear. and the Order ia general, r-a ro t.?e? I t ttea t. at tne roouts, ecrner of ciraud and Lud !i "tia, thte (Saturday) morning, at S o'cLc'i. to tiulta with t'l.ancorv ia the teleoration or the Order in Now Jer sey. at Newark. JuBN P. HOPKINS, S. Thoa L. Thornri.t.. C. of C. II Anew ??shades- in rrooki.vw.?w. 11. no b-.rtaoa rorr-eclfiiliy inform* In* frknds I hut r.? I ?? fitted up and fnruiahed the u| per pe ft "f hli prcmbtoa, earner of f o-irt and liar.Loo atreete, aa ? *'shadm;" ami tlsat ho will b> glad to bis tiiraa, and all cthorn who choose to call upon lilro, till* it j, (Saturday) thu'JIth iuntunt. Holme carpenters. attkn non.?this iiocsu < arpentera of the city of N v i'trk ara rr<|ucatrd to at ti-nd a , jMI ' meeting, at Convent n flail. No. 179 Wooairr atrort, < a Monday evoulap. May 1K>, 1151, to eympathiee with tli" Philadelphia hcuaa oa.-poatt r? now on a iiriao. A full attendance Ir rrquratrd, at buai.uwe of vital Importance will ho irought forward. Nr.W VORK AND UARLKM R.lll ROAD COMPANY? At tl>s ausual meeting of the etookhuldare, on Tuoaday. Mr.y - the fu.iew ma geutlerann -on ananitnotiely elect* 1 DinwU ?s for the onatilrtg year:?Hohi-rt Schuyler. flenrRn llrtkrr, Philip Dator. Jonutl.&n it or got, Wtlfirm S. IVi V tveru, tl. M. HUtchtord, Tbotaaa W. l,odLw, r J ward Humect, Vt ir. 8. Miller, Char loo Ik n Don, V; n. C. Wi'turnr* lloovrr tu in-51. r-.W, leaac t. Ilaviland. At a entec<|uest meeting c! the Dlrotj^nrt, Hubert Schuyler t ? p, war nn.tiim.Ujlr eleeted Pronil.nt; Otnrge Knriur Vies Pmeidont; M. if. Lilttchfonl, Tr.oauror, and Alc.anl?t Kyle, Jr., Secretary. TEX/.B LAND ALIEN CT.-TU it PND&IUIONRD OP ft re li eervlcr: to an ap~nt it all trattota appcrt".ijing to lande Ir. Tnxao, 1st partloularly o auloot naireited If li and freer, re pa tec:; ft r the earn Tenna eac-do.-a'.a, toll ?c mad* known whea iafermtd w&a t ie to he dc no. Addrent II. (1, CaTLETT. Dalian. Taaae. Nri? aKMANOPMIiNT. V UNTBY PAPER COD leetrc yo'.cily.?Colltttlou i cn tbo tvwn ef Corning, iUleefhcv Vora, arr uade wltlt pc wptarsi, ?-i em eel locUrn: of kttao, Uraf'.. la .. It irerr direction throng hum ?Ke Vn'tcd State a and Canada, rapvliy, and ahead cf tank iltr.r. J. T. VAN A LECK. eCcc t raer of Vt all and Bread ?tracta Zl'JN'S SALVATION AND PABYI.OVB DE*TRtC ? .on I?Tt . ?? nho le t' < hrl-i and noytl l ??irapr t >e t?lfi ? i e nta ? I kit II . te abooi eo vl HI of on thr naaiona. on, jr. ir, anls*tit.n ( till 1/ t ie t -lief, toi a, and oho-li ei ? jn ai' od My thr .>p la' u??tart ,*"r ?f(, ol. it fny be heard thru* liutta to-morrow, at U isnl Zioa CLap.-l, '."?J Ailra ttraat. ? J ADfM< Ol RME?OCCASIONED HV THE TU ?TO OK U*irl I. Ken. 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Dealer* will do well lo call aaii cxaraire the uaiue (warranted euprior to ary ethers in tl? market), at the aeuorul depot, ill Maiden lane, t>r at the Cnited States I.e. beet tore, .1 -May 'Hit T. C. * ISAM &1H1E. 3<L I'yreteelial.iti. AI.aiigf SVFPLT orTlAL i'. i n >: iHOTVUri pound boa*#. jwet reeelvi a at the b mptrc City Tea Com Cat) t warobinn), IT Catl arlno Kt?*t. ,tduy of tl at Buhxrnua trilw to be tuat villi under t!;?? ?p*' it a el tan t?e riant. tr?m the aristocratic tly o t< l! e humble broa 1 leufvd Muck, yclept Bnliea: all tf eKcollout llavor and quality, aoccrdiiig to llit-.r dennruinatlca, and are dtapoueed to tiio public a1 nearly wt.oleJaU price*. Ccnentr ira nf Tea M d I t'ee will do well to exutniue cur a. ?k t< f r? per ciiUiingaioew licit, K Cati.arise a'.rcol, near tL? market. V OSK It JO YOB. UOMt rHOTECTIOJS?tlOHTNINC BODS AN la MA* ctiine Vt orfca. ? 'I'm utility ot Lightairg K?d.< beta uu lorjier a quoitieo, n'>nt viil delay tc stall iui maelvea ?l tdila life j ro'eetlon. The underpaid having a thirty-tore* year*' eapcrtenee m Europe, and three y /ara in tola city, truuld ree;'?otfu!!> solicit to* yatn.nara of the rublii. J. 1 ei.N Iti Ntl K J. KiiKN, OfTioc, N.. Mirth Wllilare ctrut, Sd atory, cr No. M ]t< ado otrect. Dirtily rxwpcctablo raftmowed can b< ryvwc,. JhT B1.ACK VARVJSn, FOR STOVRS AND PII'F. Gratoe and all hiaaa of Iron.?It preveuturust. and gKre rr p. rmaucut and fcoantlfhil a pcliah to *T atevrr it it applied, aa can be made on a c?a?li body. Hold lnfhiao.ty only at No. 1' John otrent. ilcmeiuler the No. and la I)r ol lyo, by Mra. Hayes. Long canary Mm for half 4HNTI4TI riarera; alno, aome nice breech Lap Dngr, just ?rr|fd? uc ?S \t itehl igloo street, Lotwocn Barclay and R*biav a liieata All very handaomo and nice. CL'KKS AN'U LOOMING OLA ViFS.-KL b K > ry, (lot* Sperry & whow,) No. Id Maidou tan*. invitee the attention of dealer! to hi* assortment, which eowtprue the leading styles ot Clctlta, eticfa aa Marine, Otltoe, Maul 1. Ac., at very low prioce. Alro, the Fenny Tka?*?i*-*s <l neatly warraotod Urtu* Cloak, for meddler Bikkfo, line di Hare a down. I.i.osier b!tw, at vary ton Iiipu.e. Nos. IS ka-Oeit l.aao and 110 Broadway. 1ABIMb-TBY TI X GI.RNKlfi.D TATIINT DOMM ?A kanooil Fonder bvarch, a truly tnvalwable artlole for purpoiei'. Sold by all re. portable eroctre In New dork. beoohlya, W'..lian.atnirgh. Jar. Agent. UtO tf A LK kli, ltt l'ioe utieot, aciKiud floor. riMIll MAKKIAGK ALMANAC.?JI'ST KK 'CI VCO FROM Jt l-cadoo, vlih) curicua aad uycellcat book. .To mo carried cr unmarried laoy, this wvrl: poaioMea tne der.|Mu<l la* toieat. Dot only awing pain and trouble, but utrteve ex pon.y. Sold Id wrapper ', jOccnU. Sent by mail to any part (f the olty or oouatry. bCiiM'So It CO.. lidSwoi D AM Li'lTAl'K.? Uvr? lie it. *ho-i?anit th'Brand baft. Art dead UM dry fcilww ptwgi. lli re I in uBuuoib?red ni< and lUiib A aalieleotury By L)?d'i powder an.! hU p41l?. The world's delivered tron the** Ull. J>edrr, 1 auob en icy yea, |{e At tncr u I-> it. egraui lirpot, "111 iu tJreadwey, ant vb tbc d<* r Tlir number in III. ri^O spot PUUM^Wi OLDEST E. (ABLUICID X ?.. l lekt li'c(tn? id New Vork, to l? diepoimi ol. ?ita a iciell tt??U of troth :id well i.^'i! <1 Uwi? .ud . ' ?.? Terms rctoounble, .tod iwnntMiUie ptse- J iiOB gives. lit JUO (?(???>?ioli .trout. UANf.M AND I'LINAt hd .-GEO'lGB PirRCH N 1 o. l.uv?'! n iiei i ?i M ! Hr'aJwwy, letivru ihir Lontii end fourteenth t.ifete, for the ...In <t Ineir celetrmr l htiific md Vt.nie..i. W arrnuU'I is yine an lafoetu u. Of fice tlUJ ISrveiuty, in the Awotiur, ?i..1 tA'iau'.iiMie* Mere. UKUKlilt t'lKnL'lu ?v CO. 17?V|:7,V MAS MIS OWN 1 AN I) I.O.I D.?Tflh f I'1ST ?Id r*yi:iar nii'iUM* of t!l? fourth Amnflcau UiU.diOiT Alio. < ml. ti will be lie 14 vt Tuesday evanlnic. Way ?'tl., wt 'V.trr.a Bull, corner vll*li??r And Henry etreoie ?m lue in,uf..y i'w. will Id pn> ?nle. All pfi-aoi.e de'lnus ef puronadux t.n.ii no it hotivow, ?tid p*> Inir for tli.m with the money tmy Pol* pay tor refat. Wlc i . riled to Attend. U. J Well Itl' .VI : rtlir), ttli. .. No. 7 Clinton Cesrt, JJxbniia rtreut. A.! U it tl/.fk Ht. J'"'!: ?: rpiir. UBI LAR tb'ATRK EU.TIR - -THK I'ROl flli:. X fi*-. I.? .lie re.'sctly mwitu to impreeeiunwi. In tAeir l'j I tiler 1 lit. r ei r.Urn* to? world be | r idee i'- e -. 'iu far ? *? p IcKy t> r: flea. V:c?* I liter* nan !? t .ore <; ? / tdiai et l m one ii.lnwlc. Are AdAi tod i-* nr.t h wl of "in./, fin ii it Ititb' V Aim, Int.- illleri fur re per uiilla ml fultoll.-. I! ?' wtil Liter frdul l,lMfito SUM ,;ilie?l |?ie J>. i-.Hli'S Uriah way. 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Till WRIT . m r.??-'j < M pp r W>er ?iM| i I'rr n (>l?rl 0t gf??n?l f??r a *? ?* i, li?f r (v# f i# amt B#t ni l*< p iliy*1 <?11 J* trwf?y hf v* ati r,| m4*.f #f ? aturf mti* **?>? r?4. thORt ??>? Ji (yttart) * ?.* I. at w.tior fclmit i*. ?rili atov*, j?r? ?rale f| l<? r t?uitt| iMriNvf, wl^o'i ?y| ' p ? *? in a ?l<rt Ua<H, lytaktr^ tf# H? ?r !1 k oara *?f Uta ?tW^r vtiif-tt, r%?i a .Ir Hit* (tmaty ?? Mm* ??? xa tt I .a iii '-t l-x?i rtef | nrti^a tptt, In W>?Vrb?iMr ? aai rs!tirn Mrtt ?? th* *?*!? ?? I*?f fill |iCMnlif#. tn

h II 1 Hi ltnv.%. 27 BfM4, ?f ! I'Wii f Si I., ?1 currimo. I AM NOW MaAIMI riNIt DHAA.A A NO FROi^ * <"*lo At IW.; Aim, ft ?ur-rtcr oioftl" M*I>M Fro'H ' ? ' ' n. J IV I ? y ,. I a IO ?*?."? 4 I'taiMM ? lit n? ?ii nm 4n|*o ?mr? l>* l. 'ti ..-oak t*o*r'<1 '0 fur. l.k?? B I I \ K K f., Ill tYlilloa "tr-i-A. Hie iwr 1 !?!liu. r*?d ? ?? A-. an J ?io<i* A" orsrr., tffKCTS WANTBD -GCrii A.A < '.A ? raoi.i.fT ? ',.nr Jrwolrr. Fin ?nr.< % a. I %4i? or fl?a tkf<. ? haolar tnr itir ar'f.'!?? ( r ?ol< ( !a Urn" ? r (?loll qooi ?ill I* A?tra<l<?i At tk-ir riti.KM- , Vjr l*A>ln? ??*'"(?? f r ?'?Arti ion A lm* U? tab lli? Pari Ofle-r, <? II. I.MVRTr, Jtf Ik r*rfc Ki?, #Ib !*? Trnok pir-nr) ? *4or Maria'* N. H.- r?r?li fri'i A.'i? n'ttlri iiiMlrl Vo, ud Mm ft:! oala? (ruli) ri alt'*4 {o r ror?rn of | rt. (?? ABTO'r CliOTftlNn. rrHNITCRIt, WATCMM, AN ? > 4 irj ? AalaA.?Ftflf fr "#at ?M| tA ia naA.? rtcrlo-4 fr?m oihr- j>?rt?r?. ori1! bi fif UmaWAM n i f r^odo, on mal to ? v tho ?a?-io; iU-r, ?fct- Alii *'A?"4 If Atn-.IMev-nA. IA AC It. LI ON. No. U W^aJ ('root. U!i?A'V-N i; Vi' l.y.a MATKI PION 1A loo MATKIMr.'t M?Ti" fAST, C* L?WW TO WIN A rral*?a?r Low!' A. of I. , h?l r* irr1?! ta 1> "for, Mil I oi?4 lo oaf o4?i r*o*. *o A of tn 1 1 V ' ''o-n I'i" ? ^os: ? -n to ? or A' >>?A AC' 'Urwiff a oltr- ???. TNi W. if. '.tiii NplhMi|HM At1 a *> H Oro r|?r(fV" ?.l '.?r. lil'UWM. A? P ?*? o | 0(1 '? \* ifi ? .,t V*' * kllMAV ?? -ia?ri* rilA i * ArU'tAaato MayoiUMi Ad.'.ro yp-ih ' ?* AnJ it.-iirftor Ui?a rrof a* r Uotuo, Moa*. Nt'oOArj Wa ?f?? HrNtOftMMimkArW The For re-m Dlrorre Cue. SCI'EHI'JR OOt'BT. Before 'hhf Justice OakloJ. Mat IT*.?On the rue of C<it\arivr V Fomtt m. Fitri* Forrrit ? ? *ult for divorce. being c,.llc<l Mr. O'Conor. couum 1 tor the plaintiff. answered that be *#? ready. Mr. Van Burrti wild that the plaintiff bad niril for a struck jury in the caw. and that the motion ww? pvud.d tlU te-morrvw. and the! abe had al?o mo*.>4 for a c< uunlr. ion to examine Mr. Kotikv iu I'Uiltih Ipliia, which motion war also to l>o beard l-> morrow, lie (.Vfr. Yau It. j war gratified to fled, that not wlth-bonding lira, t'orrot bad t-worn the'. t?<th the Modal jury aud the teeMmory rf Mr PtWioy won indo< penaably tMoeuary toruran ft* In r a futr trial, thnl the plaintiff* counsel avow, d bin readin*** to go on. Tho defendant had aleo made application for i> eorat.l-alou to examine a wi t n-t. * ill h?w Orlc.'.u*. which motion would ab.o bo h ard to morrow (feainroay). Ho. therefor*, *U?g?*tcd that thl* cau.? be referred untd to m .rr. w, Mr O'Conor remark. <1 that eounicl luvd committed an error fn ? fating that Mra. l'orreet hiid .-worn to that cf frt; she may h?T? sworn to the materiality of awitua**, or a thousand w;to.>r< ?. yet that would not prevent hrr la ir g uUc to po on with five or low; arid, although she hau uppii. <1 icr a hjx v...l jury he vu willing to go un w!tli one from tlc> pre.*, nt jury lL-t. He (Mr. O'Conor) cotftutd that lie waa somewhat (akin by kurpri.-e at liudtig that lhaenure wae on tho cr.Umdur for to-day; and though bo had no wltncaaoa in c art, the opening Etati nu n', w. aid tok. ,<rri" the witnoetes could, no doubt. b< bera at it* ecncliudoa. The Chief Justice, under all the rlrcuui-tanoee of tho caec. aald ucwiuld rtwerve tho tie tid Monday, at no jury trial* w r? heard on detuiday... Adjourned till Monday morning l(l?lt trl" <?? lllTttJ Fes*ton*. Before Judge Hoc bo tad AiU'-ij: n Miller and Oakley. Mat 28-? 7Tie Indielmrni a)-attut J?l,n Grahr.m a.W Ik l''iK (' Graham, Jar jisuauli ami Hall try.?Tho case of li'ulinin und lie Will C. Unburn. iudi<-t?-*l for an a. -m;.i and battery committed on tho person of Mr. jhadh It Krunttt, is Novi-iubi-r last. was sat dvwu for trial on trot. bnt as a ra*n war on trial on that dry which bad b<. n oonmicnriii eevorni dayt> bo lorr,itwa? liuud mcesttiry to put ifl thv (iridium trial till to d-.y itv. Dirtrict Attorney culled the rase thlr morning, and was about to go m with it. when thu Court *sk<ri ritiawl it ihe trial would occupy more than or.u <t.iy Ccuiiscl for tho d- f iioo replied that it would I lie Court then intitr ited that they would uot take up the enure to day. but would "el it d >wu foe tho flr?t week of tin* Jure term, when they wouid hold witernoon sc.t atoua. la order to try It. The rvaron aiMgned by Judge lhrbo for putting off the c&tS. was-that to day was the In ! trial day of lb-tori:i. u?d tbo Ccuil era* act willing loc/tunn-ucc aut buMofls* that wue Ul-ely to continue bej' nd rho rxpimtion of the ti-rin. When this disposition had two mad" of the nutter, ?cunee! for tbo aeij-v J ltro?<* tad suggested to tile Court thai since it wua nun uudcrskood tuat tela c.vo u?uld be tried la Jua?. '-ell parti,-.*" Hhorli br ad niim.-bi-d a;. i,in.t makiDf couieicuta on the proepoctire I row edition. ?huge fcavbe okil the prcyricty cf abrlal'-ilar; from | c(Kia ?r.ta would be i|>pareut to ail, and. therefore, it , ?a not nt-ovrnry for the Court to nmark upon it do j the i aw. went off. Pr-niVad far CMtoir.'-ky I rtftrtj by faint ? Two ti, n, iiemvd t?n i J-.rvis and llenry It Hoy -re, | b vdi-d uuilly to ol-'aic'.ag u pit. d, worth p.:l. [net t flatten L hatnee, l?y false protinces The f?lws pro- , unc" oowlttm iu the prlsouor going to Mr. llama*, j to wi.,n. ,'aivt reprei vntod that be wa? xout b> C-ptatu I Jarai.-.. of the leaner Pacific, to p.-ocuru th<> pistol, | which he Kogtivj u*" authorial"' ? ** receive. The j jriei aui wire, cut lothere-mtenUwy * one y -areach < ' r/, </- ?. . Str-I'n ? li 'J Chain.?A young Ban Of Hijiciabli rpptaranre, named Horatio Defnrret km plnei I oil Ulal. I'liaro d with grant i r -eny, iu striding a gold curb cf ?la. w,.r;li |t<i, |bw tie jewelry elore of ille ?ia. l'ftiloi U 1'iauk, it No. 34 Courtlandl ' eel, < .. tie- I'd id Api 1 1 Cbubw II ranch belrg rw^rn. to-i'i. boy above ic oiren- d :wo lueu oau.e toll, i i ., in C-unuiudt atiiet.eud iu< aud i> o> uf artiii"wbkfc they >:,ia thry I'-cdri"! !>?' rrl I'hcy rtpmwofi d UoBm-Ivi a as luerobacta In ihe; otry ine aad said U,.-y wen-dung bn-ine,:* in Tr-'j; out * ?id I ?idHi wa/lorr> >t. and luat h. was a tucuiber i f thi firm j ?< fi i le*1 it Co , ufl' tk?r in lli ? l .ii i' '... W varpri, ait'net.. I'nvr?la frn-ixt. after feeting iu bis l?n>t p> eaet. witn ay, am i.'.di.wpy ii lun ut. >ead he b.el l?i hi btijpc : uyiui butl .t Lit h >tel. 'iti! tau >t gofor li, rway !?? wi .a ?<.U lelt III* friend alone Iu the "tore Alii .? ,i n,o I me I eii.. t!? I'l s loo. s?y wtg I * wop la go and M?wtui kijo bi? Mud an I tVuiii tbo tw-< ? jen illir* fruit Irey " wtr. I >>i.>4.' at god* *boybrourht Inndoaengolu -itibcbe. i' nctyvt tialated; ih-err" laid on k ?he!i. and aflit lb . two cuols oiers hi d lot' the tlmv. iwl before any huh n?< caui. iu. the p' Jpr.Pt. ra (vuuiitl the ili'iloa a.... t iUAu thai one had tliaipp, esed turpi* ion, c-f no tunc, riwo-U on tie <a.i u wuigkvn uii utnc at I'omvt a-d l.-trnd lothe tViUowina June the d* tei.daut r;i ui.Cfto.and hud to bait Tn? wit totr i'r.kclt pointed to the nr -uae*'. ar.J aaki he ro r. pio/uU b:m t? th* man who Waa iu his -tor.-, aud > ho gave hi; Dume as |'i rr ? I. t'n il.e part of the d< fence. * n ml v ry tvaporUbl" wills?*? a w.n* littii?.iio?d r..i the '.md anl iIhi tmii. nn-ny of two nth rs I I y ctuiUiloAHi. in u< igUb'>rlug Matte, u I# lead a'l guti.k (saijlklj I f t-ve thai tlora lie In ho r>'tbi UtTiu ilanl, *t lit tu.waila froy ea (lie !il if Ai ill; it un of th > ?ll vn ? weat ?> far n* to ?Wvvi that l.*y . it** linn Iu Troy rfrrj U iy during th titiuth of April. |K;?I An abdra. t fr -m a b.i tk *e i u. t w:i. |.lto prid> ii d. vhKb Weuk I.I prove mat <-u li.c urmil g ul Uv>-*<i ? f Ap'U. Mr. l> ?form -I. in p i -n. tia ?io a pint-l tea i f tueit nt a m.*iV* ? -ar bi< hue llieknp r < t th" n,-*il.<I le w I ? t:.jul. at. I t--nO d H - itily to lie ;?? t Tb p i-di.,g J? I, h r ? a k d ? he <*>?! ?aut Id li* t Ale i u ) if. with ; i t "'.un -:iy iu lion e h .' it ft* II 1 up.-n urge a r.lit trie fee pi.i ? r (fi'ti'ir i p'o?d that li ? in n r?-rt ill ly up , )< at d t.Hi li'i.Mtai to wairaut a rot" <icn PVt.'uJ.i? | I lit I liisliv*'l'd thai j ry to return * I'nriaai Vtrdiot *4 ' t ? t i.u'ly. 1 k wisii.. ale I Vr tihwroit w*. dia cb-i;,id p? prrjs.'KAT r?r tuk uha'.d jcBy. Tin t- aldJory ameiiit *..t aiet aniiuuur*d that II i j ha. ?< nplt ti U Un ir 1. !iji . f.-i ilio irrui Tb ? f're nal, '? u tin } he . a ptTW-i iik .1 lu make t th- o ut, MdMt.filiktl illvMhl It oar than*o r?u| a mI t IU ? kslllt <W h H 11 (HI til. . lb* I r.-l/og du Ige n Wtklfc d ? I*i?t li,. n ui. f . y n e i nil . li l'.c lli iu l Jury tu ill erniri %n tap id in tinir presau'uiei.i the l 11.1 d li ,jie si ?t li n .'i'..hor? o. Willi tiio Ikiikl of it' <0|,ii lt? fo< Vliipi,, f, ?.|, in. ot IT I* llrar d f laarii el troll g ab"i in el , Ibwf Uixiri, w, uei ir.f ieitidiy data f il r > the' lu H ? ?' t < 1. ' e III btlr ?, lit it. II > 1. ' ? v; t.l* 'I tin v.,r. >UI i hriitell, and piiMiit>?f lire, ci y, a id "tad* it 'L. fiinur ibty tuiv* if* ? inuih tlnat le taiU) of i, I <?< r . nCflt, n.ilr k' .. ? Jt*ahil th t< wiib g o ? " pit.., etii ikuluu ii i Ije leter Ui y ha'aao tk.d I ? li l.'l< Ugl t i, t* ri perd'i g the jarmai. .t w de a it tin .r . ) at. aid ? I l>,;i? el.ii i! J. and ?hi'b R* WW l I ' If (*l >? le i I, |l. . I , J I. .11 I I .' .I'll/ u le to hall * in tin i.utimuf thlt hi),s i ah,.- o isJ ol ll n I tet . iniiy It ir II" i, r suLg./lt kit ? rtk <1 ki.l o ,* vl:iii'.i k . eft te-a ? prwei iiPeJ In ?h? I, t li el, li.l f . ' r.l r.n kk . ... il... I "} P i ri l?? in ). S?111,,, , " l.i | ri ? nt a k rp<11 ?| ai j,, ?Ml p ?e I , ,1) tin s< n Is] I U PI ui.uel'y lie . 11 on lb. In. i i l 11 e e -j rent o lU nm I ki 1(0 II, utio eo ? M OH ? huh i irrt 'j I rt-rn. fc' ?# ii? tl di. f ,lur < I, ar Very apparent Mi? avers/e i.o.nle ? | . a i i." t ii., ui tin, l.u hi >g it ? ? '?t * J, ? in j idli.s km. 11<? nn-.ih-r ?f r I t m ls;?.it > ol il ai c .ii t, ue>d IJi, an*l ,u kl h - O i on . VI 11,. le I .ki ?. a c.'4,.r I d e ll. i pr' ? n. iti nntinf *? | s.l l.awt. I dl r variuna uA-mm | "I ? I el, h are ltd, ',e .IP .1 p lit UIWh >? ?d bntlry. ill. id'tlyi it',,:, e va rincy. loiirg th* pa> lyiai. at*. ? w< "v prn a/.au" i ?r lie w ?i* , u, (ad ie i .one leu pi'iau.iii roafasd ,1 t Wit) prrvwb* L,.i !al i i aiti'i; j, i *Ms mehr lit n *r?l t* n'y iu. ?f* <?' aipiiii'd v.riuiaif pmik vilatg in lila ydfelif I .< I ha uiao "tlrpntlBWd of lid* rrisco t leire a"w no fu* i lit it ? r, r Hi*, pr par , l.oilni aii- -i > f p reotn* -iu my who e - il.. n C* mi* ol ire art i-ppfWur,"**. m*-,',lk f.rdLobe," no l" ihsir tri*. i. it aid ItBMl a itnaaaoi. wh r ? ifg noaide f*. ,.|v? mil ? -? r-'-r i Pek al e,> n l leoattv lory bavc ( wTtu*g. brt t. ???Hie pulse ititi i^t u to ts p'< rt.utad l.y ti.o!f t.'eiiiu.'ti/ Tn.'ae UiT v uitl* vini ham tb" art and nuiAwry of tin, f. I n I 1 In... ils ?f ?is? art Uk*r ."i?o no1 ir .ay if Hum <, MUbtoUnMNl ttierongMy iialaiel for any kin4 <>?' ink" iijr. t poi. thvvs parliruiar tnin'* 'iwaansr wrtiili afiplJ, alih r*j.,aj A reo, to the Jittiv '? | of JdTe'tnn a .el Rett a nrrlati; and In one pari - - */ a., r-i,,** . i: at III steio g- r I'-rni *,f con J ullMkUon In thea" lien pri sons there are no *aper k;P>ii. i-f ti a- -m; l-'it all ocelipy i ll.r aoinoretnti sncloanra. otthln iIgbt and bearing if lathoiber. In J, ifi rvcr Market prleon Umrc u* but twenty thrco | c lis 't inlii iry viae, ,,f wHP b "dyhteen cniy'.p n i - > at tse pr eat ot ttnw, I r i' l. p'trrwee.*?number .f 1 prltH.nira, a" Tiie numler r-rrri'.ttt-d to thi? prp.i i net-rave P.*) pe? m .tith, fr?,i M evil warn*. A t> lit lot ot grmund'n,nie<tuuily ?rlj,,|n.t th<- prts-.n, and if Lt a mat tor of tu rwrtt? to U Is lofn-eV- "? It t-.d-inge b> tha c ty?tiaat It bae not h-wn <? i^m-frlnPrl to tb* prlvou, . an "1 m.'.n d I,..: ]!?.? - "iti . n. wbP-h <e.i-jM| ' b''aU all tboivde oomplalned of. an?t a aJdalmvIri l ly aeei nunodat that .< tlon -f Hp- city fW t'.?era Market frteon e* n'di a "uiy tw-mty spih . in wUP-h tbervem teplt m has thou forty perrm non fo>d ?b> 'n* alt ibt sorr.tnlUatn!* from ha wards?and ibe i sBv eT'.la exist tu tfcleai in Un. prison >.t ?p<;t n ( in ep.w of .bsa fikcts. ? UP. '? rand In-tuo.t r- gards t*? < city na i^bi-ota of eia? u-i crirno, lo.U - l tf heij.- ol*. * 11 f r->A,nr,,t: u p th ir (nuntoa Idib' wonld /?>., e?n o'dbiuf t- I nt to vtay the ;* , f cr'Bat thai h ?t-.iwblng w'tb w b ji.-vnt rtetlea over otar oity. u-1 eomtptlaj eo n r >y rf r,jr y-ntb' Iiut tbie Otand la a,we. t P not tw Ir'i th s* th., i *1- v vtie and c-rtgln '4 i.i 'bo crt ^a < t1<ti rrv t g r . bM *r-n ? t'> ? ? - '/ j '? - to <1 they ' kink 'hr Junor in Bt. aa aendiviytl m tbirflty ral ?? > 'd d! otherar.vee. th, bom'^y ivi" * tfnfla* lethv parent of a eery urge pngrtrn sf tbo erimo rbtob Aba ut prisoua. Out 3r"b^nUf bnrv ????>/ the miarhlrvoua effect* of this Sundnj liquor traffic.and stringent laws an- upon nuratatute book* against It Hut rf what avail la It. If these laws are not enforced as tech n lurtiiig halhath intlliM they are not? We must |. oh to our city authorities for protection; and if the ordinance* now ? xiating are Inaufflclent. they must be strength'ned. We mu?-l look to that great lev,-r if civilisation. the pros.,. to p"i%t to the enormities of thia traffic W> mu?t I ok to the pulpit to do lla duly. We Dili t aak s 11 our good Citizens to took at It; aud if found to la a.* we have .dated, we evil upon the heglala tore pros*. rulpit and eitiacna, all to null# 1* the great worli of crushing tide hydra. Tlieae two subjects viz ?tho limited armiamcalaUotwi of < nr clly prison* and eonai^ueut Impossibility of clas sify iiig olltudcrx. and the Sunday liquor traffic?which fuilibhtsn lhlge portion of till lamatea that All three pri.- u-histo been singled out by thia tiraud Inquest, not I- -cause tlicy aie tlie only aoureea of rrline lu our uliat. they an> the moet prominent and moat fruitful entree*. and therefore requiring the prompt attention of our authorities. it U with much graUfical...n we ham noticed, within a b w usys. that the Mayor has put forth a proclamation ordering an mfi-rci rm nt of the laws relative to Helling ll<;hor on the buldaih. If be will enforce that law. an imp taut dep will been taken toward* the aocon p'... him nt of those ?:t at reforiaa we all hare in view Am the w am weather i.< approaching, mum* of the sta tion houses will r> quire the attention of the Health War den* The confined quarter* and badly ventilated rella, situated mostly tu the basements of ihe buildings, wtli licet continual uttru'.lou, to )rcvent aickacea durtnf the ?i. minor. 1 he :ii tcntion of the propt r nulhnriUe* la also rallnd to j the dilapidated stale < f the Interior walls and celling- of ? the H< llcvne line pits'; l.n-1 the inly cflioit:nt remedy that ! run 1a- nppl.i d to make it At for ita prcacah unes, Lm to dtr ciolleli the whole Interior, and put it up nnew Another subject demanding atteiitiou la the Small Pox lloMpltnl on Mlackwell'a Inland. The building mow u*cd for thnt porpo*? is unworthy the of hoapital, and U a dlrgThce to tho city A proper building, auitablu for ( this pur pore, should be iinnnvtlately erected. The aiok if thia dl-aase. wbe may be carried from our midet, ought to lie om a i II accommodated a- the prison patient*.whien la n< v fur from being the -ase; but they have been allowed to die trout exp-wurea. unavoidable tn the preaent building, aft.r hi tin,! become convalescent from their first disease. The- (Jnuid lnqatet were uiui-lt frnilfhd with their ex amination of idl tho other buildings.he.. conncct'-i with all the other iurtitutious ur-cu both Island* VT M K VKtlDKLL. Hiwt S Co-MrT*!?T, Si crctnry tinned Jury Hiotc. May Sb. IdSl. Com won Council. FOASD OK ASMST.tNi ALOLKME.V. Mat -> - 1br l'rcfiiifii* in the Chair. Thenu&uterafthetu.-1 meeting were r< ad and approved. AcmHui t Aldi'ioan ittCikTM* moved a Hu*pon*ion of j the rui h, to take up the leuiuu 'trance of Jotu-ph ."mod ? ulJ otfcin,against the r>i;ridliu l! couth a .reel. which , via acted on last evening, tu the other Hoard. The > ruka ?ttr feu-peudrd; and the que*'ion on concurring j ? lib the Boaut of Aldermen, In m-pi ndir.,; the proceed- I I la retard to rcftoding South strict. ?r.d put a ad carried rr.TiTton* ?w unco. Of tba l.eoorder, the City Jiuire tWstriet Attorney, M:U rsirlou* otto n octiBWU4 v.uh the flourt of Urat rat f-. -i r. K-ttiiy forth tho ibcbtrrenit nr. of the pram at | c uri to m. und raking that ruituUe nf artmcnti a hall . be rfttdily provided t" tarry on the buidui.-i of the Court ii N'-oii nti OC B liliain Vt kite, a lunula r of il mo j C- cv nj No.'II fcr remuneration for Injurhv, received at thi fall of the btnlJiii,"' in Twi-qfyAnt dWll (tf i t ulharint- Straiten n-,J uiL rt to art curb and gutter -u iu k fend to fin ; oUlu v-ah b.twciu 1 of./-eighth aud ' Forty-Math iliict*. I I'tnionfetisaoMaf ovrvern of proper / Id Tr iyetm-t, I ighiait haUllng a sever in Mild >imt Krfcmi tiNit t feoerrrn. C a miitec on lloade, ricoi.unending t coueurreocr i vu ti -.-j ol Aileim, r\ in tbu aduption of tho reao- j r. 1 light J fourth etnet from Ninth avenue !'vi 1m -? e Of Coouilittre on at root, adron-e t* ' Htbrvie It Co., lo pare Broad??y, ! ' tt 1' i i l Bon 1 atr< ct-i. Ot (Vnutuiltee on I r-i .? rdir^i a ooocurrroca in tho r. M.iuii ei > ? i.. . ! Au- .-men 'ii bi r,- all the sidewalk- '-n ! i i ij t nt" -treat fc.'jpil. l>f Comm'tta-on tba Fire j I* !>e11tin ut. in favor of rvoctrrrtag la th< actiea <>f the i heard ol AMitottui the n,-oluut>n f rrmdlogfor th- raw . pi li> of tli heUre of Uui- no.- l(i-o iVit.eaoy N > - V t>? utm c?t-Ci!tUe. la tar or of punch* :i:: n h^uo in 1 Ivrvtity-totih itmt, for Fi-glue Oowpttuy No T. UfOm- I h." it ot: I'- : d ? ra-evtr.tvi ld::i ; a ooC urfa aoa with ttfea | l.i.eid of Aldciu>.<n iii tlu-a t ptlou of tk-reaolu iun ti.d < rd r atce to rtaulaio u",i grado Ftflh :i*vuu.>, Vorty -iC od to rk'Vi nlj flr-t MriwU Of C inniltte.- ,.q Iji v l)i piiltto nt, In fafor Cf ctntinr.ina oavawiaant 11 it for eewar built In boorth ?tn it. fiuut lb* Bowery te ArrtiM H and appointing Abncr Dnnfurd Collector. Of Klatfear; OntiMlltht. Il fmw bt a oi nrurceti * with til* i otlxr li >aru. to r< utit the tax of UaA.rty aud Break. Of 1 **;?>? oot- nattti lu farot oi o> ttourrinc t - r.fuod tuon.-jr 1 I. I Ll#e.>-. Of ?rue o> arttj.i* t*- ;n fc? r of p.t) 114; ar l-j-tar for ; it-pi |- ctly ba i'. Of aooie j-naunll-v. tondu<v taa of Arthur tirny; to rcatH tax of Jooa Jl. Mwk. at train Uaylord ( la. k. J. If. OnuaiMi-. Alle rt fia'tbiTii, aifel il ll Jt'Oaa Of a Due Cvuimlt' <v. In fa Tor (1 cor,< uri In,- villi heard of Ahaimeu to pay (bai. Vt. Our foe Hit ef ItrUevua Iota Cl 0 mni llaa oa UitHaife fuT',1 of iwyte, te, ul> Mul- a', ad f ,r cart- , lii| n aouie. fnu and after let Ju c r- ? I Uf ea:<M r.. 11 f,. a^aturt talsaig ap the rvili of th Ilartem 1' ,ii-r,i Company front their terminitioa 111 t'emt, . tin t to I riy--? ? 1 d-f-"'t Of VcaaitlM ? n K-'ada, In 1 ?or >f r- i k.11 . t, f' :>? no?. fro,- i71th atmct to ll-ftb Mr>a t. a a e??iint*y 1 .nl 0 CtHo'nilu* , 11 Koadt, la fnv< r <f oj -aliir kUiy 1,. ,.ir?< t, fi -m hiifhth to | lit 1 a art-lie I Cl ",i mi it?,ea. Frt t.t the 1 ' ? ii if A, w# -ne nlH. vltb a- .-tament , liil.<. br'i' .. a ilrniti aud tiUtn/ 11 .ueKeu I da | I tl -1?a T%t Mtb ktid TkfeTt. 11 h atn-et*.. ,,d Armor a A aid li aid a lever bo," in Thirty . 1 nth hire-1, fr- m feilHi U feivth nr. out ? t?t Tlurtj .ifih .trect fe'id ? ?I ptlfll -i an it ay be 0 < Irtsaf 111 d tl er Hao-'.f il . ?H* li.liU ct Incu r; lis :n the In (aoVer, aiktuf M It- ill wni o, | it ,'ibi' a -eflui.-ut nuiul r of -cowa tu re- | n>. ?e (tit, ire. ton U* proper J-irtC-' if OrpChlt. anaoiui iuN - l y ?.? i-'ar," A Vni au Bnv.udr th-.t thi New York III! lliMiitu I , 1 red I tup It;- ' ? re|nin4 t' e .u*v ? lltt nt d,. ,t l> : ? to 1 ? ei,, iw 1 ct ? ? tli -a el road, al I If, I ' 3 -i li.Ttl aid 1 ii;l.iy-ftt' fth rtlet ,. Ule a?ue M inn ,1 1,' 1 if In) -ixin r'i ? t? 1 nr.-ut lit AwM All. I ly that t ru > Lr I, . 1,1 w ,.,d eri 1111a. iruin mill,*11' t ii)ir,. 1 Tire to npp viM Its# I hft.tiri r'utdi. ui dcr Ull It? u 1 .tin' ? 1 no 1 t tit Kr 1 (all 1 -I 'hi1'' li frit id <>> '. 11. Aid Mulllltlid. la.ii 11 11 Annii ? r 10 At, 1 1 .* .\ t> 'l?ti.;i? tirin |. , . .111.1 feiiij 11, at t uitu -eiiarr of llept.ra!- i 1 li'. 'it 1 neii.r to b< earmd lino-ffect?adopt n?. "> A,-, 1 Altl laimaf,; tbu.' ? '-.lali if Ki^tlth ui i 1 bet?<?ii feiftN-f, urt I u-t Fni/-ti lt it .irta-a br lift ten ai.d put-., a ui J do,it.' o i-wr.v c (J-rtnu* 1 b< 1 ft trut My A, >-i aM Kr*ui,ii Ci hoO VaU r , ,|ir be l-'il In Fn" y-tit.l ?,r-et lam r .yn,h l? I eUt li a ? t t.liC, l, Oi r tli Ull, bill a uf tie * ivii'O .i.tll* link > ti, ? In 111 A I it t Ki.KHeii. w..i i.witit of 11 lit m .li eii -i.e.- i taoi 1 ? -leer. i>ptnrwof ,r ||?|| nati t. rf I l??M t fe'l ?-t t. 1,,-H'tltiC ,ii> i? U nv ihel. nib waid; e-'o ntuu calma nly i 1.111, ?i u 1. a" > * -- M11 h 1,1 t. ttiadl'i i a. i.toiinit 'd* I, r ward: Nvuutt< .utwiiil ami Aui-u tui rota it ?"f trm'tt ? on Snlarbi-itiii Oflrt, In f< pritlii K Jthnd rati, fig MH> <M> m e.nuu ui ? i } > t ? it ie? U' 1 ,a ii tu oi of, r ol ? ot I',,1 t. a nitty, if t ui cii- 'H v* h . ?ii u f.N ,(Ill n Ol until,; th n<> ptieB id to ?abn.ll wa <?'. n It., t 1 i.i-i 1 wr itiin Ilir^nuilHruf KnalJali linlil* .lUlf In IF I. Tl>e PrvBtll jr*Temuj'-ht Kit n- ?atly Ihui lilt it K the talon- i t' the |mi ? t |-<i|iuJwIivm ?i|' I ri too, tin ??Ui< ?... ili? ti'Riaii it< in .Mii ii itijn bwo l> t'U dull ? Ml I ill? Il'l'teil k I!.)' ?? Ml ?.f ( II UNt Bril Mill / I -?l|t ft!i-*, )i !?i <l, i 'i I bo t liaii" I 1*1* kI* tis ) Arionliinj tn ib" ii;!. . J return ul ibo MmU li M'f tbr Inti'fmr?CUUiJ in <i front t'm return* u Hi'- prrknl#, In v, i.i*)?i?, (i -I iji ii.i pul nut Ln: ilkf i if lire Uillt rei.t I' | wiMklfi unit i' it'nut, fki- ?it. ti|<) ma I)???( ItHicam in KiijiM Jit,>iill,lKU UiliibnMit??)lMtb rtte*, aii'l, With tbt irlAnd of I l?riirt, krr tslvali!* In AlgWW, Marti uqot, . iuh divicnj ", I'ou' i'.-iii nj, kn , il ?ill arn<Hun t*< mora | iLfii <*?,-<*( >M. Vt tii i 4[~ret t*. tu.' mi in ii-r i>l | fi'ii'tpi it* i't *;? titti'i i*, it iiK^'i-ilf* I j t V d * '?; i'i *!?? '. ujiw r i? i f 7^,t* ana I iiyiiaL, in | <mkhm )MU >1 iIm miimli;, ahuL I. ooti-.'l-trably : L?* iitm. mviotii i> tf.n nvuhiUvii, *mo it eaoco?U d ?Mill Tk( fiiltuwiug arf a fa* of ? Li? |ri'i.ial iocaiitrea fmii' otMi by t ??<* f'.tiy | liah i ? i trii, ^atuUy, IH. l'Wa*L ViraUlM, I >t (irttntia, ( liiiiuiUn, f- 14-r? *, A:. \ 2ft,((A) (?? m? yari ago tkm n.n* wire tu*? IV JJK c tbe capital ?i.d*)! HireJ?>/;.?-tur I Mar (If.PCJ), ai <1 Ltu tnviron\i!)i pn? sad to ?'u? - ( n(4"ii!ia, Wioardanik, Kua^oiWtt, ! U imili#, ,vm? !tu??, Patrobore, ."aui-r, .Mfowbati.d, Wtaifirrg*, Montreuil. Ire , it.dWO f'-.alu/iia ia i ja<* y an f-nyliah oniony, atilia thei'?a>rita ! retort of f?noli*#. In coii'^ wrvio ot tbr jurity of th'i air. *ha iUI ghttul anonr* in Ho oe Tirana, imxL^ ! rabo jvt'er* of p-vir'aiona, tbo aatbu an J port* whi h 1 ia on* if thr fincat in J t March, ani It* pltii.islty j to l.uglai J. r"th tho facility if rt"iu inMbut?aiw | VioB With t otkatoM tw?co .iailv, Dotror omre, and liotiiloa direct twi, o wmkly, "j* toaaplijadklpr.^ktia of tho Lamm'-rcta! Mean* i>'i'V*ay, and in ire by tboeo if tbo O'auar 1 ."Warn Navigation forestry, nrel rirt two. It La th > twai ret j*o*. an l*c i at for pnrtiaa going f> Porta, lu ly, fcu-. nail baa the al rartic; i o*?r (.'aUia, aimra a raJllisloct quantity of wattr to thn pavKabai thai* it it mora |?refi rablo ftr'.Vi ic?il pa. c?tatailon Uian tho oth r. t aJiiia, Maaio Vil)?, 5s . Piorre, t^olnDM, and Oointr. a.i'O (fort ^t'.y uywart!* of 7,'?*'?); i ? i kirk, lory-ioa. Uiu^y-llouif, and WormL Ik, M. Onaof, I wti. hikI Anoor.ticn. ?, 1,2 >, A minimi .ilia, A rto \ I >ou?i, At. V -.lao? :?u?aa, ?U ^ ni. ayo vk :h ?< ionaj | in the north where English resido); Rouen, Havre d? I Grace, Dieppe, Caen, and other part* of Normandy, j 7,000 (formerly amounted to 12,000); Orleaa*. : Nantes, Bl?i.", 'l ours, &e., 4,000; Barrages, Fae. ; Bordeaux, Toulouse, and the department of the : Tyrc-nccs, 3,700; Montaelier, Numes, Marseille*. I Toulon, he, 3,500 ; Aix, Avignon, Lyons, &?? I 1,000. The other* are distributed in diflbreab part*?St. Male. Brest, Cherbourg, Hochefort, ha Rucbdle, L'Orient, &o. Admitting that eaoh oaa expends on an average 5f. or 4s. per day, the sum 'spent annually by the English resident ab sentees in France would be abeut ?6, 4Kjm Marling, which is at a very moderate oaloulatie*. This, however, does not inolude casual touriaM i visiting Boulogne, Calais, Havre, Dieppe, Part% *te , or parsing through France, en route to Switzer land, the Rhinc, aud < iermany, Italy, and via Mar J bellies to the ports of the Mediterranean, Malta, he., by the overland mails to India, aud vice versa, which will considerably increase that amount. At i Brussels, Ostccd, Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp, Liege, \ erviers, Lharleroi, and other parts of Belgium, a great number of English are domiciled, aa that the present cem-us taken in England as to the number of her Majesty's British Lorn cubyeota must be very imperfect?indeed, it is utterly impossible ever to ascertain what is the actual number ef English in the various parts of the globe and ew colonics. Oar Ilaliluiare Correspondence. Baltimore, May 23, 1811. Jbrdrwftvr Fire?House of Rtfua??Pauper*from New York?Powder Mill Erplotim, tft. A destructive fire occurred last night among the warehouse* on Smith's wharf. The warehouses at Charles Prendcrgraat and James T. l'rendergras were entirely destroyed, while that of John W. Brown, shipping merchant, was greatly damaged The upper stories were occupied by Messrs. ,s?|i men,Gray, Parrott & Go., sailmakors; Charlc< F Andrew* axel Joseph Weathers, public Weigher*. 'J"he amount of Iom. ? hich is not very great, is fully covered bj insurance: but if it hud not been fgr tbt slate i oofs of the adjoining buildings, the damage would have been tinmen <<*. TTic work on preparing the grounds ech-otod fee the site of the Baltimore riuiiec of Kcfugi- nas coji mene* d, arid the erection of the nooessary building* will Lc vgorously prosecuted to completion. It as about three miles from tho city, commatiding a view cf the city and bay, and the surrouadiag. cuntry for ninny miles. The Mayor of Baltimore has received a spread letter from the Mayor ol* New York, coiamuurcat ing information of the fact thai a large number ef paupers, recently arrived in that oitv Iroin Europe, were packing up fur a professional visit to Balti more. The excellent accommodations aod good fart at our Alms House, make Baltimore a point of attiooliouto tho wandering paupers; but (hoy Will L-eicehcr be compelled to work on the farm. With the shower hutb punichmeut ii: rase cf refusal. On.- of the buildings attached t ? ileal ty 's pow der mills, h few miles from the city, was blown up on Wednesday aft? rt.oou Fortunately there was no ova in it hi the tiuie, and it is suppo-ed to have been earned by friction of the machinery. Owr Panuuin < orr?s,,.,?,Knf.<-. 1ja:uj>!a. April?, 1?1 * " of Pannma- lmpr<n+nnnt* in CUy~A<.v(J Acuv?Sj/lettdni !I 'eddi? ig~ JJatnnA crnt then* c/ the StnoriUu, .Jr. * toy ItuA.fioui Lima. 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Mie H m. .y?hi;. in Ih port and at l.^pa. an ,?!aoU , t ten daunV-L ^ | V. **!0 , .* U;H'* s;t,J among ih. hi. 14 M. I }r L V .' ? l4) P'Utf,t iL?ht mi It17' Jlu ""i.V:ore-1 v!"' ?? *>*%*??? Ul it gun*. I LU waraoeaoiei Unorj a* ,<?? u. S i'm T' ' H,t iua hi b III a. 1.*,.tail an,. f4 ..t,.. ri' 'j', l',,"ua.U v'.t te j *"**'11;'' ' " '>?"*?? * J- 1' ?J1 r * - ? f ?; ??? ?? Nin >NI, tafir Hi.a Ji.inlu iwc, ??the cauee ofgrwvauaa l ir.of K*\ " Theteru. hafo.wttr?.? I'trtO I mi , I. t 1 mij.j o that the t.rior it.jeilii ttava ?ucet o.bcu 1 .itii.,1 f.)r,!,, tnni bC on |L.'. i'V,rrt " W ' U?? bornd tn?^.r? on th. .j mm i :v. etoMill in t . i , ,? ? at u?t! rK4,0 ,Lmv u"~y 11-re ujo. teal\:k t,f;',;f ,ie?"1 cl"'r,,t nr<fdi?^ I< fc l'l"?c v .?t I.H . eur ?. eu ?rl( .,. ^ 3f ? l?'tH-?|? f et ci? VV. K: c, on- tf J" fc '?oh.rea A a ,iir Rice h^ til M'| III,v, .a.,.a.w . a.l,|?r h,, , ?? t'. /mk-uoh, , ??n,..?.? , hi - ? ? r ?h!? pile ?r the or- in lit . ?. Jf ' ""?> ' "" 1 ?r,. ... ? 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