Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 25, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 25, 1851 Page 1
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4 THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6788. SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 26, 1861. MHCE TWO CENTS. HER ARRITAL FROM EUROPE. DAYS LATER INTELLIGENCE BY THE AIT MAIL STEAMSHIP BALTIC. USAGES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC. At cline and a Panic in the tton Market, d(C. Ac. Ac. Tho tail steamship Baltic. Captain Cumsto* her wharf at six o'clock yes terday a he left Lirerpool on Wednes day, the . half-past ten o'clock in tho morning. "refore, made the passage iu ten days, s nd thirty minutes. The folio itraot from tue log of the Baltic, by ?* be seen that on one day she made 35T>j i* Baltic. At 10:65 A ? .7, May 14th, discharged the pilot off li, lur.vlaj. 11 50 A. M , Pastm-t l'.Ook bore li hree miles. li stance. latitude. Longitude. Triday, M; .2W 51? (W ft* If Saturday, ' 288 60* IS' 23* Sunday, 1 21W 40* Of 31" 27' Monday. 1 308 4T* 48' 38* 32' Tuesday, '? j, "i 46' 14 45* 2^ Wednesday,' ?? >\ 44* 04' 62* 26 Thursday, ?? 2 42 66' 60* 30' I rtday, <; 2 I 41* 00' 06* 22' Saturday, ' 2 i 40* 13' 72* 46 Reached San I miles, at 4.20 P. M Stopped at Qi 6 P. M , making the run in ten days, seven teen minute*. The passage ? >o?t entirely by steam alone, the square sail. Jt thirty-four hour* during the voyage Pi r till Saturday, 4 A. M., we eMk-rtcnred a 1 'td and ??a. Tbewiadwa oni a westerly direction. Thero hav ntl very short passages since the ' J- Wo annex a list of I hose wl made from Lirerpool to JN'ew Yor vendays:? T1CE TKEH PASSAOE1 OP 1861. ?S (easier.. 7\ws. Pacific (An ? April 0 day. 21V hours. Ami (Br ) . ..April 10 u 1H '? Arctic (Am . .Slay 10 " 18 )? ? Africa (Br ..May 10 u 17 '? Baltic (Am {..May.......18 fc 6 - Anncxet R STEAMSHIP BAJ.T1C. Mr J B ( in . Mr J D of EC Hoot, I M C?rp* sad lady. ? Pit 14. U It Wa-laos. U 11 skier. ?li. om S E I'eabody, t. UmI. ?>0, Lieut .a th. W P Draper, ?. E Martin. ?. Brooklyn. M r oolil??h?i<lt, ?f.Uadolrtia JR K??i. j J Ritnkon., Ik 'y Mrs Kathbona. Albaay. Ml Mia* UitkkoBe, So, Mr. Mr k.taooaa, Jr, <1*. Mr M Mr Kvaia. Jdr Ba. MrCoafW, Mr Bar Mr Nutria, Mr Pura. C Oralisa. The ik 'ie Bnltie id four days later than y the Africa. We ure ul to Mr. Canning, the | urser of the Ha >apcrs and news. Thcrewa?a j . Liverpool cotton mar ket. andaeonsid 0. Tho market or publio securities ras exceedingly Conaolr in l.oi nduy, the 13th in.'t., were 9TJ a P7|. The French f a closed In Paris on Monday, the HM . 35c.; and the Three I er I'-enta at Wf There wae no cl datuff* Account* from lid lnat , oonvey a hope that the mil - 'r. tion in the country was about fubt jrvequenee of the l?uke of Tercelra . ai, and the appoint ment of Marshal Fiiiilanha as Prime Minister, with the Baron* Ha Mura. He Franco*, and Merancblmti for the War, Nary, and Finance Uej artmiuii. The mini?try was not deemed likely to be of lorg duration, and public opinion was in faverofan administration of which Count Suva. ilio, Viscount Vanderia, and M. Carvalio she did jurn x pari. on account of the respectability of ikeso men. There ha.s been a large robbery of California gold in London. (See particulars in Inaa.) The now? fr >u> the aaatinvot is unimportant. The Hortin l'nrliam'nt wa< pioiogued on the IK h bod. The Prisldaot, in behalf of the King, alluded in terms of gratillcaton to the good understanding rusting between th (,'baniners mid the govern incut, and thanked .hem for thoir patriotic c*er tfvltt. Count Pille Hrahn tas been appointed to tho Prc pi.lcnoy of the tSchHwig-IIoLtoin and lsmoii.k A?M>mb1y The ah air-hip A-^rica, from Boston, arrived at Liverpool nu th* li.h instsut. It war rwiitufd tint intelligence had been receiv ed of I be dealt tie King or Naples from dropsy, hut the staureut could not be traced to rest upon h ny solid foudation. The Paris /"wstrwr publishes a decree of tbe l'rc al Jeut of thiFrench ropuHis, appointing <i corral I rllwier tisyrrnorCJencral of Algeria ad intfrim. In pace of Clycral l/ilaut} ju1, waose mission u tar urinated M- lhijs? b?s l?een re clericd Prvnidrnt of the Fienct A ?-wibiy for the neat three months, by a graat mr'rity General Bedeau waa elected Vice iYuMsa IV l'ris /st Pntm cont tins a disavowal of the constito "nnl plan for ahr 'gating the electoral law tf Mar,*lio-h it regard* ea the standard around which te P*r, J of order inus: rally. The revision cf the ?tirtit'ition and the fusion question were the only t< leu of llarvission. The|ue*n Isabella, of Spain, has had the mis fortur to hreak her leg, in deluding from her cirrise at Araryue*. Th elect 'C telegraj'? fsuu Vork ? Liverpool u.adi Use t nouneeuieat, on the lUtla inatat, rela grett match race run on taatU) ? ?TltlV DAT. Jkliuiiis ) T'lt I ?it-trass, .Wang rmtrbc .... t trdjnr.,.11 i (he great 1 -og.eeeeefavorably. Tlie at endure ? the 13th inst.j and the '?esipts at the '.erda/, in'l#|<endently of th.-amount taken . on tiokets, were jtl.V.i; Tie total amount of foreign pioksg** received was J?,055; ('olonia!, 1,317; Channel Islands, B7. The Pope, who questioned the right of the Spanish goverament to sell their own church lamia, ha* sig ed a mm-nrdat whioh makes those ?alee legal Vucoum Melbourne was In auoh a precarious gate of health, that but alight hopes were eaW fesned of his ultimate recovery. Idtij f raoklin's vessel, the Prinea Albert, was to ?ail fot toe Aretio regioiw on or about the 15th tf May Italy A letter fn-m Rous*, IstM May 1st, -ay* Umt the Pre wolrwt oV the syarxia ('ordinal franco*!. he* Just I sewed s? apT-al to all Italy cellln* open all ?o*d t'ntbo Uc? to awW. be funds f># the i-ree?h>n of a K/man Co footle rathMrat In tsslnn The ar*wstl Owned maatbs herb by the ( arilnet Vlear OeneraJ did not produse th* ihsrirwl mnls The prsfrrtwd -dllle- I* to be Aedl.e.t. ,1t? St Vrls* ant ch-U Pw >ey* a.-. I atria et'esa.-d t - It Our I<oiidon Correspondence. Londo!!, May 13, 1861. 'Iht Great Ixmdon Exhibit am?Description of the Departments ? Distinguished Individuals ? The English Ministry? Protection? Girardin't Charges against Chun gamier and Ctivaignac?Theatrical, fyc., fyc. Truly the Exhibition ia a marvellous exposition of civilization. The opening econo was gloriout in ite assemblage of intellect, grace, beauty, elegauoe, and the gorgeous musae* of msHerpisoea of art; and now, after the lapse of several days' careful I ex iminalion and critical investigation, I must can ! didly confess that there are gems of surpassing merit eo lavishly spread forth, that the combination surpasses the most extravagant dreams of the ima gination. There is a refreshing charm in wander ing beside the crystal fountain?tho fragrant exotics, the balmy air, kisses tho cheek; and eye and ear are captivated with sights and sounds redolent of poetry and inuric. And to day, especially, was one of those exquisite days which force oven the most reluctant abroad. Tho sun above was unclouded? the wind whispering words of spring and flowers? you enter the aercal palace, and above your head waves tho ancient elm, stamped with the impress of generations. The transept is before you, rising aloft until it seems to kiss tho blue flrmameut; and under its ample canopy are groups of statrary, crimson oorered seats, fragrant exotics, soothing fountains; and then, suoh loveliness of form and (Vature, framed and set off in graceful garniture that one is seized with deepemotiou, and recalls the fervid dreams of youth, when first ho pondered over the talos of the genii. My previous letter oou vcyed an outline of tho inaugurating ceremony, and the disposition of the various products thoro ? '"fhe^ew days that have elapsed have been dili gently improved by those contributors who were unable to complete their arrangements by the proscribed day; aud even yet ltussia is ulmort a blank, save a few exquisito vasos, and specimens of arms and armor from the Cau emu*?ft power stronger than tho Autocrat chains in its frozen frtters the products of Northern Europe. America, of all foreign nations, may boast of having furnished within tho time, the most com- [ r.lcte branch of tho exhibition. It is signalized for the i?rfect order und classification which prevail, ! and is only open to ono objection, namely, that, | with tho abundant stores ao profusely scattered , throughout the wide-spread regions of the republic, | t wbrucing every soil and cliiuc, the specimens of . nrt and nature were so limited. There b yet time , to rectify the omission, and relieve the American de partment from this reproach, franco has yet | much to perform, though, even now, one is , natod with the bijouterie diamonds, brocidet, rib- , bona. .Scripture ]>aintinga, luid jiorcclain so lavishly displayed. Ono wreath of diamonds, valuidat many thousands, draws many a female eye; but the dia mond par excellence is the famous Koh-i-noor?the Mountain of Light. It is placed on an iron pedss tal, near the transept. It is ooverod by a small glass shade, and the shade is covered with a lolly cage of golden colored bars, while a policeman stands sentinel to guard the nrooioui gem. The great value of this diamond demanded extraordi nary precautions, and those were secured bv mtro dueirg mechanism within tho pedestal, wuoreby, should any ono seize the bars of the cage to force thorn open, the Koh-i-noor would instantly disap pear, sinking down into tho metal shaft. It is absolutely impossible to convey even a brief Sketch of the many articles of surpawing worth which Ptrcw your path on every aide, though ?tea country exhibits some meeimeu to which visiters throng?thus, Italy furnishes two superb pictures iu Mosaic, and they alone are worth a voyage from jour shores. Austria boasts a marble figure veiled, so delicately fashioned that youdisoern the features beneath the tell, and pause and wonder at the skill of the artist. Then stands the lovely female figure, calm, cold and motionless; yet ovary outline ot the face is elear and palpable, though over all u spread the transparent veil of marblo. A suite of r-??m*r furnished after tb< AusUiau fa,hi?o. with inU'd floors, richlv decorated aud painted opiliugs, aud furniture efaborately carved, are oue of the altrao tions. When 1 pa?Md through, the artist fer the Uu. trat'd yews was busily engaged sketching tho foriu?, to trauifei them to tbe j'heotH of tntt journal, where you may soon sec them, with many other marvels BOW In process of production. I ue work men of Prussia, of Austria, aud of I-ranee, dressed in their respective national oostumi are busily occui icd preparing car * and frame' to receive the vet unpacked goods. The contribution! of the Zolherein are cUstod together, and yoti waader imid the ingenious productions ol Dresden, t>er lia Saxony. M'urtumberg and Baden?specimens or stain, d glaa-. of rare merit. Colored glass ol? let*, raid tkm\ urn#, and Uioio Jooontl^o for nam cuts for which the Zollrerein art renowned. The meerschaum of Germany has not been omitted, and samples arc shown evincing the ingenuity or the artist*. In meerschaums alone there tunst be rnauv hundreds in the rows or races. Some of them are superb pipe*, aud an- lavishly and expensive y ornamented. I have been agreeably disappointed with respect to the crowds 1 anticipated it i iruo that from the galleries you may look down up-.a iuu\inir ihovMndi run^ii'K through lb' dttiorcii depat tiuvnls; but w. pressure or iimoufonto'i' > ?? espcrlcoced, and thus vou oan estimate tho h'J? p. .'portions of th- j W. Yesterday, r*p?iiaUy. Icu.g wnrm and b?l ny. and sue i relief n the i??i cold wouthrr, drew forth an unusual mm of visiter*; jet no where *a?ih -rstht s!ight-w?t stoppage or delay' Early in the day la IHmheaie d CM <un?, the (Jouite de i'aris, aud la Lushes*.- I Nemours l?imd through Ibe hroueh departusesit. 'bey w.-re received with profound resp'Ot. J'" ,'uw opened, s rartrgi ">? firmed, ami the lifted hsts saluted them La I hmh.-*sc de N'-mour. .? a very loetly woman, tail, rather thin, w-h mi-k.df.t* and a elear complexion, fho worn a light vbitc gnuio tofJ m icu ipreii ill if '??* i he <>lu Ihike of Wellington is a ooustant sttenl ant; dressed in his little short cloak, Ire go ? p- -. it g about *i>d talking to himself lite Uiseti temes occasionally rhe regret*. 1 funoy, b ivie< excluded the exhibitor* the first day. ?ud now t ics to inako nro-ndi for a two!!*-* s.t?fi0Ji vilit*. Nccoccan rxpluin why?aeii appro i i.Ji" ? were felt about the pe .-sable inangu-rtica .111 sorts of rumors circulate'I, menacing every form o u,i ci-r. Very many letter- wore sent t > th< j ' M" wsminghcrnot to attcud. They were not de. eernl; but ibf f; lUf tiwU'* ! ol proceeding in state, she preceded with hut one pair of horse* to her carriage. The prcvjuutio t. against mi ri-vwr ?r notim w? tm loraiwa n ??- poi ?eo 8l*r?l^Miiraiboil tb? bnildtng, nod b'l--? "f t im |* ar* krpt i.ii hand in llu vicinity. A It ite ball waa {iron lL<- oilnr evening, mid th mi t?r>? thou.-nnd ??>>? inhlrd ou tb< oooeiion, inoluuuig tha rhh i f the l.nglieh and foreign ailMMiaoy. Tim re art t?> be war or Mare !?*???- and drawngr H?mr. An absurd incident t->ok pi ?oe at n prerioiu l'**ee. Lord (tough, tb* Irdian *oldi< r, wa? there. It war ii timatcd t<> him that fbe Qooaa wiahoi to *.><ak to IdK Hi "*? In ought forward: she 'told out hi r bond, which the old man took In nil, luteid u{ kUeirr Mh* wa? n. tiled wah hi* stupidity, and ronarked ulood t " I- it |??*ibko any one mm bo *o ignorant of etiqic tt. !" Talking of tough rcmiada mo of another Indian general?Str II. ntaith, now dripintbi Kaffirwar. Ilrdtdnntatarvl highin India. ??at |? i u i w ? a i whi . a ir u -a nt'ioiwini ni^u i u a thongh he made* tna?terJjr movement ?houhetoln >4 !*.r IT Littler in Inn- of a superior Mikhfotoe, lu ting nil hi huggage. The Kaffir war will Ih> to Lngland vliat Algrria it to Tranoe- an insatiable demurer j of blond and gold. Tbe Kaffir* fight Well, and ot to I fho white* In craft. They prowl about the I i nmjw. and often ?boot dawn men within n hundred I jer<le of the arntry. A'i offioer recently from tho pornr of oitorationo, meriionod an oneodot* to m?, I which will riplatn to you tho character of tho r*->e. A quantity of cattle w?r# guard. <1 by eoatriei placed all ronud tlia enchant*, daring the night, n Kaffir crmwlod ia, and uturod one of their inf-mal mraamt?tho cattle got in'uriated, br>'k? bound*, dashed away: tb? KMir -dung to one of lham and got clear A party of drngoona In-tantl* NlldM ar.d rode aftor (h? m, ret fK? cattle bad boaa hur rbd off fifteen milce before they were overtaken The troopa defeat the conic*In Mouth Africa, and Mr II. Muiith ia spoken of contemptuously. 1 he pwrli UDMtar^ ne w? labut a repetition of the oft told tail of this ?eesiona-oeeiwianoloffeati and qiioe ti' noble victories The preetiae of eu.toeee ir fading away from Lord John Kueaelra banners, and he ia snubbed by every tare stateiaaaa The TtmM aeeke to account for tbe declining popularity of the minis ter by uatombing an *ipr*Mioa of the Puke'*, I hat the Kafor* bill would dertrov the ro.ten boroughs, and rabatltnte a nla*e of iixloponJent ?"laWa quite beyond cabinet infuonee or eo?reloa That i lea cannot be accepted aa a eolation of tbe I prreent quest b e. M the Reforta bill wea i |oeeed jean "dnco c< rtelaly, long bcfcft the I election of tho p. v#*ut house, aa 1 Led J aba redo at the summit of the wave until within the I ait yeir. The Timet ii unwilling to admit the oause of the decaying popularity of the oabinet; but in the sa loons of the lleform Club the cause Is oponiy discuss ed, and that ii, the want of agricultural protection. It it curie us to watch and listen to the language of a member who happened to hare run down to the country and seen his constituents. Ho is no louger the oxer oouhdent and dogmatic tyrant of the room He hae had palpable and unmistakable evidence of declining wealth ? and discontented constituents. He feels and confesses that the battle of the Cora laws mu.-t be fought again; and this time it is to be presumed that Irish members will remember that Ireland not being a manufacturing country, she can only prosper under protection. Lord Stanley is by no means anxious for the retirement of the whigs. His time is the autumn; at that period he will be in a position to acoept the responsibilities of Prime Minister. In the meantime, he will be found sustaining them. The law courts lament the .r:i loss of an ex-Chancellor. IntoMiflonee has coine to town that Mr. l'epys, Earl of (Tottenham, died ? ' the Du " " " ? at Pletni-Santa, in the Duchy of Luooa.the 29th ult. His declining health forced him to relinquish the office of Chanoellor last June, and he slowly sank from that period until his death. In French political circles, a recent statement of the Preste, above the name of M. Kinilede Girardin, has stimulated curiosity. Girardindcoluroa that in.March, 1848, Gen. t'hangarnier proposed to Ledru Kollin, then Minister of the Interior, that if he, the Gene ral, were permitted to take 12,000 men of his own selection, ho would invade England and revolu tionize this country. Girardin further intimates that Cavaignac and Chongarnier are intrigued to gether to bring about a military dictatorship. If either of such accusations be true, how profoundly corrupt is the whole system of European politics! The theatrical world is substantially represented by a host of performers of the highest merit, and the houses are thronged every night. Her Majesty's ~ ~ ~ ">lacho; theatre boasts Montag, G anion i, and F Labi while the Italian eeoures Grid, Castellan, Louise, Tuglioni, Mario, and Bianohi. This last Siguor " * i - - ^ has just appeared. Buckstoue, J. Wallaok, M rs. FiUwilliaui, and Miss Reynolds are playing at the Haymarkct. At the Italian Opera last night, a ri m treat was afforded by the appearanoe of Mario and Tumbcrlik?the two greatest tenors. Both were in capital voice, and Mario's singing was the very soul of poetry. Bianchi failed to make much im pression ; and bis style of ainging and noting has keen sharply criticised in the morning journals. The weather is not warm, and the troos are not yet in baf. B. - Our Pari* Corre*poiwlenee. POLITICAL AFFAIRS. Paris, May S, 1951. I Demonstration? Dinners to the Soldiery? Uuis Nap vJeon?Political Parties? Oirardin's Charge against Clmigarnier and Cavaignic? More Bourbon i in the FM?The Turkish Intur rfiction, $c., 4'i The service made in commemoration of the Em peror Napoleon'* death, at the Ohuroh of the lnva lides, created much ?ensation in tfc> city, not pre cisely on account of iU political bearing, but for the manifestation which took place alter the cere mony terminated. It appear* that when the Pre hi.f, nl was leaving the hotel to return to thoKlyst-e' he m?t, on his way to liia carriage, about two kun dred jersons belonging to the .Society of the 10th Jicccinbrc, com man iod by a M. Oallix. Every mnn of that party wore 011 hi* ooat a tri-oelor rib bon, to which was hanging a medal, and all of thctn uttered the shout of Five Napoleon? Though thcro wn* uo echo to tlio unconstitutional ory among the crowd, Louis Naptlcon wont to M. flallix, and ?hook hands with him ; then he marchod iu front of thew Nupoleonaircs guard tnhtu and 10 do wed tlKiu. This fact was, of course, oomiucnted upon in several ways by the presa of Paris; and I muit (sy that the action of the President was oonmWred as impolitic and out of season. Unfortunately for Louis Napoleon, the people who arc around hitn, instead ot giving hiiu good advice, seem to exoite hirn to act against his own interests', Another unpopular stop of the Pit.iJsiil ??, the wctkly dinner given every Thursday to the officers of the regiment* now in garrison in Paris. Oe Thursday last, tho 7th regiment of artillory wns at the Klyfec, and this evening th? chief* of the Republican Guards, either of infantry or cavalry, will bo around the table of the Prealloot, snd will driuk his champagne. 51 Carlier, the Prefect <-1 Police, is our of the guests, no meaas a ill be apared t? taisr np enthusiasm. A state-uian ol much wit, with whom 1 was speaking about these dinaois, w*. of lb > Opinion that it win "uo go" on tl... part i f the Pre-ident, for. as at the battle of Waterloo, " our French guards dine, but never surrender!'" . M Is-on Faucher, the present Minister of the li.ter or, has ordered the prefects of tho eighty-six dri?;tmrt>U of France to come to Pa-is At a pri vate meeting which lo?>k place in the Ministry of tbo Hue de I ircnelle, he 4e'eloped to them tb?' /due dt mm pa gne, whieb waa to be followed in order to obtain the triumph of Louis NapiloooV cause No mi ni were to l>r spared t? obtain a la'gc number <>l vot< ? ia fnvor of the revision of ih 1 eon ?dilution, nrd tli?' oateiision ofthopewersof the 1 rw sick lit. Thua, it is W' ll understood thai wo aro 011 tbi . vo ol liavi- r a veiy sarinu# struggle; hut I am afraid 'hat this will prove more aguiiu' than in favor of L uis Napolroa. Tbe nephew of tho I n point is. ill niv opinion, a worn out man. lie one In to put aside all personal ambition, an t retire p. private life after tuc four yea'* of his rub. is over. . , . It ia said, <n Mime quarters, that Lout* Napoleon will soon reaume his journey through ih* d-part n ( His, sod will this lnue proceed to th-- aeu ham tli per'uiei.u, 1 siting Lyons, fireuehle, W {una, T< oIon, ,Ma?. iUe?, Nim> I, Moulpclier, and Bur deana. At Toulon, lie will review the Frrnth fleet, reviewed by him la? year at GberHourg. 1' a pwof of thvs 1 Jin or, I will mention that our ivl iti.ial M i'creava) J Vmhinoa, has roo lived orders to -ail f ont Brest with all the men of war under hU coot mat d. t<> proceed to Cadia, Algiers, U ho ms, t: ,i then to Toulon, wtwre h-v wdl w.nt I ?r further outers. We sha'l sec whst will bo the result of this it* journey of l-owa Mapoleou. Whilst the imperiUists an thll datof a. in lln ir rnwi r to win the party, the ??>claliav. %n at work; aiid without much lata, without nay detn -i at ration, ihiy ifnily niHiie a large number of pro si lyte*. '1 heir iut lUiilaiy iMsmpblei* are seen and r,iiit everywhere, a' i I may **y that th?y *'? wri'irn with MNBlw and uMtlW. Among tits mi st impious and diabolic*' of th **e works, I Will sj ah ol a preW Med trvg'idy in Ave a.-ts, entitled I'he I hint h or Christ," a socialist play, whi.h t the we ,^u utirn of folly, disguised uu ter a re I of ? r a a a. . u ! Is !*, aul kns goodmM. Xnvier Aaurias ia iwauthor M de (iirarlin, in hia journal, lex Pie*?c, has made an attack against tfenernlaChangafBler and < avaignac. am'tting tb'-m of having proposed, in |H|W, to M Is-dru Itnllin, t? elect a landing in Eng land, and to violate blur ape an pauoe It will be re membered that M deftirardin was then imprison ed, and k, pt in confinement for about a mouth, and llie euueesto whieh he attributes this violation ol hi* frc<*d"in Is that, knowing the plot of thoee two' Ge neral". LhsT used that way to foroe hiiu to h < silont. It appears tha' M. I ( dm llollin rafuaod to take tbe proposed step, and that this wsi the cause of the insurrection of June I am sure that, being now in t reat Britain, the ex memher of the I rovis onal govetnm< nt often regrcta his refusal on that oei-a slon. No doubt a la dling in Kngland would hare been mt? popular tbua a silly affair like that of Kumow Ii W iu Belgium No answer has y*t been made to M de liii-aniin hy the two (.enerala. We shall SS* if they will always keep their mouthashut. It Ij not to br|ji?T^fl, for M ?lo a whip moved hy a steam engine. lie never slops floggitig, even wlmn be is fogged. He festival of the tih of May ha* not met warm or enthusiasm in the province* than in I aria The reports whi-h arrive here are all alike, wnioh lilimsr. that, though the weather was not as rloudy 'a* it wa* in Paris, the poeulatlon showed tbe greatest imtifferenec for all the display made by the prelects and mayor*, who wereofflctally obliged 'I'he sou* of the unfortunate King I*oul* XVI. have ?> often inadc their appearance^-we have ?o ?Ot n lie* rd of the liuki'sof Normandy. I ouots of St. (iermain, ami other mooh Loul* XV I. a?that a few more arc not of much account In that family or pretender*. At thki moment a very straoge de mand Is made ta Madame the Ihmhee* of Angou leme ami to tho ( >ut?t of Ghambord, hy the widow and light eh 1 Wren of ? perw-o who ealled htmaslf Le (iempte ?b> M mndorf. who was, dunng hi* life, a Prursriiin eloekmaker, at Berlin Thl*1 man, who pretended to He the genuine Lhike of Normandy, "li^d <?n th* ItKh of April, rVtlt The w.dowof I N1r.umlofg has givesi *0 her i hildrrn the of lhuiH</c* A>rMtt "is y*m 'V g?rprnm"?i of I Holland granted to that family an indooinity whioh amounted to lOb,0OO franca, for the ceselon of a new projectile of war invented by the late cloolunaker, Moundnrff. It is said that nil these B jurbone hare received a very poor education, and are not very worthy of the title to which they are pretending News from Croatia announces that the Turkish troops hare occupied the fortress of Behaes, and that thia had pat an end to the war. The msur/ets bad abandoned the place, axd sought refogc in the Anstrian territory The journals of Stockholm, of the 21th ult., an nounce the flight of the celebrated socialist, J. Sand wall, formerly publisher of the Gizette, of Gothembourg. j Tbit true disciple of Proudbon had stolen fifteen thousand thulcrs from a public bank, In the office of which he was employed, How honest are these men, and how they must inspire confi dence! 11 11. It. oossir or iwms. 1'aeis, May 8, 1851. Astronomical?Met fort ? Phenomena?Strangers in Pans?Pleasure Trips to Isonrlvn?The Fourth of May Renewed?A mat Navigation?Strange Theft ?longevity? Raphael?A Paris Grand Exhibi tion?Christening?Mr. Phalen's Party, Q-c. '/"hough warm wcaCgp Las not yet made its ap pearance, we hnve enjoyed three fine days since Monday last. Astronomers who have been re quested to give an explanation of the present tem perature, hare published a report, stating that, at this moment, the earth is surrounded by a large number of planetarian corpuscles, whioh are inter posed between us and the sun. We shall remain in

this condition till the next moon, or till the 20th instant. The ]>a?sage of the earth among these nebula' has bee n already signalised by falls of aero lites, and about a doten aoeounts have been pub lished already in the newspapers. Thus far Paris has been spared; and, though the city has been free from the invasion of aerial "bricks," we have sights of many strangers, who often, at night, arc met in the cafes, rest vurants, and public gardens, as "tight us bricks." Who can believe that the number of foreigners now in the great city of Paris amounts to 80,000 persons 1 The greatest part of these foreigners are English men, who, used up by the bounties of the World's l'air, have come to France. Two thousand citizens of Berlin were present, on Tuesday last, at the per formance at the Hippodrome. The circus of the Klysian fields is nightly invaded by Spaniards, and the '/"heutrc Fran<;ais by a large number of Kus cdani. But, en revanche, the aristocracy of Tarii have abandoned the city. The season is over, and all the danseueor, dandies, sportsmen, lions, lorettes, milliners, dicssmnkers, and all the idle people, have taken leave of the capital. This may bo called lhe "retreat of the ten thousand" on a large scale. Th<*re is no way to resist the strength of toe torrent, the waters of whioh arc rolliug tao ship of lashion toe ards London. The eta of railway pleasure trains has already begun. A company ha* beeu organised, by wnich, for the small and trilling amouut of UK) francs. (|$0,) tho Parisians arc tak"n to London, via lfioppe and Boulogne, furnished with a ticket (going and returning) for the railways and steamers, a bed room, meals, the pleasures and sights of the Exhi bition, during an entire week. The undertakers of J this speculation, who livo at the Boulevard Mont- j mailtc, No. 17, have already published their pros- | pectusin all the newspai>ers of l'ai is, and nave j j <>-tcd their large bills on ail the walls oi the city. i lite first train will leave in a few days. Every tiling is already propared?wugon?, stage*, steam ers. The passengers have ouly to give themselves and luggage to the company, whoso agents wr it ady to take rare of men and thing!. Set on houses, well furnished in every style ?>? comfort, have opened their door* for tho guest* of the company An excellent eook Las heated his foumetiu.', and every trav, ilor may enjoy the l>oet dishes to be had in the gr at capital ot England. Seven days in lawdow tor one oimdrod and fifty francs! Is not that fhoap 7 1 am sura Lbat this company will have more to <lo thai h.u been ant oipated; a id I would ad Hsu all tbu A utoi loans wbustv intention is te visit the grand Exhibition, to come firvt to 1'aris, and tbcncc Uiay uiay proooed to London on these trains <U ftauu. The second anniversary day of the 4th of May, 1HIH, will take place, thi. pear, on Sunday nest. It will I* remeinbv rod that the bad weather pre vented one-half of tho tauiounood onto, tumuii utn taking place; and, Os" "acq icntly. the Minister Of the Inttrior has issued au ordinance, which says that the regattas and illtanioadou will be g>veu ou Sundav next. Though tnir is not preoi*oJy the atne tiling as it v><-uld have bty<n on Sunday, it will be n sort of compensation to the unfortunate pcoplt belonging to they-til rammer# of Parts, who Lave lort very by tho inclemency of the weather. ,\c? received from ]'< Ifimn and tb? D'pirtaen! of the Nor'b announce I bat the BooJ of the IachuI \ is thr?nlcuing U? U?< mu b d.unu^a. From l\>uruay | tot ? lud, a c; ace of ob >ut aeventy-nino mile*, the water* have cvwrod the < "Untry. at I nuch fear i ntirUiMtltf lite more are of their heigh . Th< inv.-tvry of aerial navigation, according to a report Made b? nl><>dy of couipctoat mou, la u ? >? ??'?hed, ai-o mil noon bo rendered public. A Mr Viite# /\ i.?Ir??, no engineer will known in I'lirii, hu* Icui.o out a mi nun to direct balluo '?>. tin i hi- in h i?tion if to gilt au early exhibition of h.* proo--**. 1 hi* is> litii iuau boa taken out a patent, a id hi* ?e iivt w ill lherib>ir be m.oii lendoicd put-ic. 1 will take the fiiwf i pport unity of giving an a.v int of 11?t ? x| i riiiiunte made by the inventor A v? ty rur oue belt wan diauovereil 'n .*anil?y, dm tag iht abchi, nt th? Fardtn An Planter. It ap jtai.t that a eaga coot titling a t?U|e li lloa w.mi t-iokrn open, ana the an,, *1 oarri- <1 away Oa the following iuon.tig lie k(C|>er of tho gnd*n traced tl.e ttdatc* to the > c.oro ?.| tho Peine, near w he-It a l.iti <:l,cri hief i-taic.U with !?'. nd had been left. 'I h.-, | i tinp?, *ul lead tho p dice on the track ol tl a# tniii pupil* of Vierann . The orlihritiad reMior 1, who wv 127 jr? Km old, and rc-i-led at the Hotel du Invalid*, oh-I an Mm.lay iutt l?/ na attmk of tndueu**, which had turned in-oa plcuriey. The fe i-iil of tho Han of fo tf Htiaaiohi** - o.| t wo republic*, were nil. idc.1 by a large number <if people The timet'ur*M painting will m ir with much pleasure tl -t n n- w picture by the divine Kaj aael, m * dk. ovi red, a ft o w.ek" '.go, in anuali r-llage of the I '?parttnaut dc la I home, near 1 'rang--. A i mate bought it for :t,kt franc* < jditii. and tiaei''g found tint tnut be bad made an amnuent bargain, he took hif ph'tnie io I'aii*. where he wilt mmiii sell it on h hall of tile j?oor of hia village. A Mr. lioreaii, arobiteci. ha* yaapowd to the g nominal t to in i in tho ? Wmnp* ! Ivvetw, a ffeantic Mri/lurc. about like that of H.i J? Park, in ItHikin, for di i t Mi it ion, to take pi* o ml yeat. A national #nh*ci ipt ion i# pre-pored f ir the purtam, whii b would cover the cX|>cn-^- Two million* <>f franc* arc wanted ho the uehievement uftho aif*ir. it i* aaid (ha: about half of the rain i* ail early tldwtM. Mr. Hn water, th? tol-tiled Amerioau dcnti-i of Hue de la Paijt, in Pari*, on Sain-day 'o?t, hid ht* ?ecuiid eon chii*t?ood at tho linglisb ctabaaey Tho anrwaot.T w** perfonu-d In Ihc throne rooiu of tho hotel, atHl the godfather wa* the worthy Irord Notmanhy, a Mint* d by Prince#* i'-attera, who n a# the godmother. A very few friend# had beeu in Wed to that ftU Jr fmmmk, which off- de l great plra-ure. The urbanity and nobility ef ?entin>*nt* of the dietii-gui.-bed lord, and of hi* moat amiable lady, wore mueh appreciated by Mr. Hr?*w#tcr, hto dutiable wile, uud their gno*t#. I will Griinb thi* letter t>y firing lb tny reader* the dew ription of ar -ry charming p*cty tQfi< h took nlaoe at Nlr. Phalnn'# reeideaoe, Pue Neure du Klatteariin, in Pari*, on Thni?Jay ceeniug la#t. 'I In# boMiitahle gentleman and hi# pretty and ?ml able lady thought proper t-i give a la't onteria-n tcent to thoir cr untryiii. 'i. who are r. ry numorou* in Paria, aad conac-fUi'Btly they distributed invita tion* to two-hundred per#'-n# I hetr elegant hotel wee brilliantly decorated and illuniinatod, the tuu Mi- wa# excellent, aad the refreehmcnt* oxguUite. Among the American ladle* there pte*ent, I met the bright Miaraa Karwer; Mia* Rive*, tho aocom rliahed de tighter of our Miaieter in Pa* ji; heramta? ble ?ldter-l?-law, Mra Riree; Mr*, and Mi** MouU ten: Mia* Martha Kicharda n, the daughter of tho prewdeot of the ll?ak of Philadelphia; one of the nngrlie belle* of Neunport, whoee angclie faee *M mtn h admired by the young men present; Mr*, fykea, of Kiwtoa, MIm Lirnper. the pretty daughter of the American i'onenl at HaTre, and aereral other* wbeee n*mo*, unfortunately, are now out of my memory The gentlemen of the United JRnte* prearnt, wore M<<ear? Draper, Mbeiton, riaadford, tlew amiable Secretary of the 0. tt I^egatlat, Mean, Sykea, Fry, Wtekoff, Powell, Willw. (iranger, I' ichor i Wa, Cray ton, Ac. Tuo danoiag had an ?grmblo intermkoeica aheut iwo v'clock, ca?#*4 by the appearance on the Uble of an exeollent *ouptr chand in which the cook of Mr. 1'halen had "played all hu talents, and during whioh the WM frwl> ^ruik t0 tho heaIth of th* ftkntres q( la iryaxum. Then tho dunce wm ream and till haif-mut three in th TmUM gU(S,ta retVrei' hi?hl? delighted with the amiable reception of Mr. and Mrs. Phulcn. X be health of Mr. Kirea is a groat deal better, and hU fncnd.i.m Washington and ft'irginia will learn with much pleasure that he wilfeoon be able to resume hu worthy representation of the United Mates in Paris. jj pj j? AMERICAN* IN TARIS. A Harknce*, ('lucid oat I John I) WUlard Troy L M P.ckins. Piijugusy. K M Kotcb, New Yog" K tlarsed, Philadelphia A 8 Robertson. do. Mim a Mr.N. t>ulliran.N.Y M K. Slooomb. Boston Russell boring Boston J R T Jobn. Buffalo Mrs A V. lliret. N York Y It Duff, New York M. J. Kilty, Virginia. J. jf Watson, do Y Johm-U> New York W. L. Luddanla, Philada. K C Kelgoit. Lancaster. J. J Stradcr. IMncioiuUi J. Rtradcr, Cinrluiiati J It 8mith. IT 8 Nary <\1> Unmans, Boston. It C Root. New York A .r Boyd, do II Y Lambard, do r w. Holland, do. II K Draper. do John Taylor. Dewcref MO Uea, do Tl' Jo lir1{', N,,w Vork J" Martin, Jr , 1'hllada Ur. R.8 IlswarU.toJunibia A M. Lawrence, Now York K 8 Ilcndcrruu, N Yurie C Mintou, do 0 M Od.ihcim. i. Philada \ II Rurbanam. No dm lie M| A Odolh.-ini. r, do F It Jouxdan Cincinnati Miss A. (Mrihclunr do A ustrU. A Irttorfrom Vienna, dated the T'h Inst , vat.- Uut a courier amTed there on the previous day from London, with import ant despatches, which wen- owiened imme diately to the hmpcror The Kuglid, government hu, It ih said, notified its readiness to regard the admittance M all the Aurtrun provinces Into the Uermanic Confudo. ration as a purely tirrmau .|ueetiou, provided the otlici tieiiuan ?oieruuieuU rou-cut to reKurd It a* auch and agree to the proposal of Austria Thia, if true U lauta mount to a withdrawal of the protest made a aho-l time riDce by the English gorernment A Uniform a; stem of weights and measures for the ! wholc empire occupies tho attention of the Chamber of i omiuerce at the present moment, Such a system would ' roufer great benefits upon trade tfnrraliy tu Austria A letter fn.m Venice, of the Oth iost , innouucie th.? uT^V*/i *he Kind of Ureece and parts KlnwOLhohaa taken up hi* residence at the palace bt the I)uke of Modena. The Arthdnohes# If ildecard-nod the (Jrantl Duchess of 11. esc Bad suite alight."! at the Governor s palace ^ A telegraphic despatch dated Vienna, 7th last aartt ? .??? ?? .?^ Ntokcraof the capital, MM de K^ths. child, Mna. Schaup aud Kc, nig-warter, hare had a con ftrenoe to-day with Bamu de Kubcck. President of the Council or the F'uipire, tocouie to an understanding on the financial arrangements nccc-sary to carry out the minis!. rial proj. ct The ?tat? of the finances Ii so up permoet in every ouo'a mind, that the Council of the Empire ha* decided on opposing all political me.wmre. so long as there pecuniary esuharMssiucntschaliis.nUoue " Pnutla. _ Ti:r Ctxisr ok -inn chambers. Th? journey to Toland of the Kin-of Pru^i* fs dcfinl tiyely tlaed. H? will enter W arsaw on the If.fh inst !? M^dt.? U a"<'l'Uui uhclhrr the Kmp.ror of Austria w II be there at the sane tiiu- Th. Emperor of Kus*ia will mesa tha Kiag of Prtu-ia on his arrival in Wax...* ^ a? U^f W 11 vcompan/ KIm KrfHierick, bxkI N -A-irtxl'? the Cmj*. * (,hA05^H:,T- ?fir Ho^-i un thf? ?th. in th? It T ? 1?* *'7 tllc WLlawin^ yntfch Xroai M JlliLiUlIl 1 ?. firallrua?The fruwian C'lmmte-rs h?re reached the r"' r'r ?<! regnlw eetwinn Public affaire hare lor four uv.nihs j <1 to their austous attention and stn iiuousezcrticne Tlcir deliberations opened at a crl tMsi and much disturbed juncture. All the millUxy ra aawrrucot ih.. nation acre . aisdout to nj "T threatening aaoc rs en a scale that the I'rusnan people bad tu??er tnv fwr" "?*< n *ud with a "U'toss tbat Ims *i?en the Prussian p?s.|dcn full H-oe (f tb irown strength ?,ij he.ccic tuaiid.<! the inspect uf foreign nations Cir. umstance. in ihe m. aritmie int< rreuial, atuih the government of bus Majesty dec nsu it th-ir duty to take ad ran I age of, inorher ts> a?otd n war with brother races But there were other subsets Which In the then -tateof tb.nes. appaal-d to th. att. nt: r of th,. I'htn.Un The patrioti?n of tha I ? wet hamhers ha* nure r? b. less avoided OonJUoW wht.u wi uld have ben t nly fit to ondarvcr the position of I rtA. ia , i.iiij to prejudice to r tntervts at home Whilst they would have died her ensmi-s, both ezternai afKdinternal.with hope Wltbacal havsyov.nenilemeu. 1 fulUthd your dm r? and entitled yourvelvn. to th? thanks ot your count,, TbirU-f-urbilU having pac ed through the Chambers, have U n laid bsf,.^ th, (sorernn^nt, and have. In part, revaivid tb< r.,yal sanction too narr ate., the sat.sfaction. genllem-n, of having put the ?act bin ell o a enminal cole org-nMy nee if?| ,n<t whp.h h?a br< u in prwer. prop* rut In t-.r many years Y?u ?>> y? ur 'SJ I-tiiI-m.. #?n tkv ?;%vn au<l iflM lnconu -lak wluik.lute pa- <d Into law a means JjZTlt?' T*'"'*" "r >l ri*v' f ? " 'be jm Wi rtlHSM C will not on!/ Ik* th hurUUi c?f (At K?lb. ni.;, hut t... (aj.e thruisolrc* Will ti mrn-o light, j en..1 T.? sta'e . >|s . iltute f.,r : . . .r laui is s,.tti..l 1 and try the gr at of 11rnllli .r. tbaiera you have ft, 3 tiu* gvrrTMnvnt with inuaus of cor?riitf thr pr>?t .T.h^i?! "U"Dir ,,f tb- strength j <dtb? lai d, which was ti<-4 witb<>nt manifold and penun iwul ajy.mtags- for the army its, if It many law jrijccts have t.ot during the *e-at..n t?rn h'sirM to maturity, the,on* to wl | h they hare b??u utj. trrt. url the p. tltl ne which h.avn bra ro.,e;?ed | rr |e c'ii g tic., have at teat gin a the govw nnieu; ! et.ut .laut inalsnal. I n their can lul eon?ide??non You i have, genu*ici-ii l.y the decision you hare c<wnc to re latlve t. the hllU that bars leeu laid h-fwr ,0u , rrr-d that In all , ? ,'tial lratt-rs the c-.v ?. i,merit a i 1 tit. I fblatiie bMll.? "ntirvly agr. - li u th? de^ra jf lUe ' gov, itro.nt to maintain aud further lo promote this ?cm no m ?r th* ear- ful ?.t- rvar, >, a.wi rig .rous . tc rot, o uf the laws A rrtroepaot of UiU ecas.ou is also calcc.ated to oom h-wate th? c, isicti ,, that the gs?l ISPs, ft J ? rsmain.'. ?ujbtuib.a the u?.w foims 1 f Ike c< iptiton.>o *ud lb. mam M.ud.uanof the O. rcl(.| msnt <w the luiure .bwi.m -.s uf Pniuia must ?* "'stoiei.sncc of historic fnci. t u,,in. that the non ? ? Is. ,|er Od we have jo. t pa.s,^| throtuh I,a . not b - u j * i, vh? ciianii? of thisbeoaOcial d-v fupi. , 1 ' . 1 tn'.o i.f t.ll divine ami human online m,a. , lit" i r.vll. ? is ihe paasluua lluu agltale them But I |. .. V uic.i, In wh,.t v. r lotni u u,ay , h .w Itself w,ll fiii lis Ma'.sty> ffuvcrr uisot wai. hl.,1 md Srui and ! i ?^"ed Th- threatening pradUou of tha*. rri . 1 I." i tt.*' ii c,r r " 'Auns tit t? t, she inimI urs -ii' ?? y frf on goremmcnta at U tixt In hstv* ? ? ui.iujr whboul . centra! peer, fee afo.aal ,.n all I-a. at home ,.|,U Wh.lhui the Ucriwau ?. r? m. uia r ...rn ?o the c>|,| f. rms of tha Ih-t, ., wtM'hrr the ff.y tu-ii.?* us abandoned) plan of a r irgnrilaati >n . f tt' u, ? -u. rati I.. hr ,?ghi Int-i?ff.Nit, 1. ' ?' ' ?? of t'rusate will la, la u i ' i t in i lib.. a r( eo.unger. d Hut the ti it. sk and Ewafwnw* lor a hi-ppv and gi'irious tnture. I ,r i I" .Ural arid ?? t.rtsl u .pr .veu.eut fcr tbv Incasing I r t.rtsa wi Ifan. rf the U I and lu p >wer arid InnnictOe all rd ym. will (In I ., o. in : f.. , a lafa.igaWa oa ! ?! and ouidsii 'f.isiiniliy of all whn in t u h and loyally have lBa ?4sl in< ftu, llts ..hi inacr ? >"i1v*t " t,"'r ? W ith <>?al fur King and Ah. he n.v ? | th ,mb. r.C ,o: t Srhwar.a, 1 * i a 'n' ,yr?luU.ed the tihambft on 111. lar. Is . . I he r . ? r, InaouiuallM the hytislatu-w fs i I at ha.' >.<il rj u or vtskonal ?!?,? and had aasiv l many i,-iiivw i?w. In ?nakempMing how -r,-, I ?le.1 j p't i a] stair ' ihrrusny, the -? f tmd 1 t" 'Ii | p. t tat wtc h ?? - u i.wt wi h /iatis'%ctl?ri The siiusgle b fwo, a U, p.i,tand the f.ilu-a sldl cui t uii d uuau nil,, we* r.r ?' I -c . iU uf t>y?r *' <- llat would i. .1 f >in lhal deeps saw ac j "if mm I un m. iswre w rm hut Im t.-f that a n. t.ctlve Pr. vishr. v WiaiPl watch ever Promt,, aud f I. per llir, sb al. , .Us. ..'A Ii.? err fsTniidahic I ley mighr at.. ?: p. i, dm-nt of Jowl use la ?fcirh ihr w|?f4r iRUrr'ft'ti ?| Thf t?*oiit toll. V h?rn rifin >i l'. journal* U> Ul* II'h, and A'hri,* loth* dub tut Th* jwml ,it ( .toloum#' iiltlM til a I (hrw IVhA hail altiri il and ilUpxnmi lli? luauf* lit* la ltn?nia ua ti r Ali !v d'.fh m. l i'*dJ Capitoh. A *r*at num'*i ?>( th* r*'.|? w,r? hiitrd. and man) lakiu pni- mip An >nn*i llir latt*r Wnr* *???*! *4 t rri?n ?Ait*** ?h?? *uat* ji nmai m-nlma* Dial nlnt*. a m**"ium ? of th* pri'Tinr ? rf VlOifl* and forty itaa- au? <niopr ?aMaad in thi Inti *r.t,f? bad horn 'I b; th* !~iiU*u. TH* Ath?n> y urnahi e. u.ain nothing in th* shap, of pi' n. ?> Ilrtgaml# Ua?>- a^MinUra in o*n> ul?rab4* tiunha r? in iftffon ill pn-rtoi** Ju Acarmanln, ? I..11.I of M) ir-o lo t glmn ha" I to lh? *ru"il fbrip, anil th* Major iVnwmul and At# if th* fVtrittrr imrfi wpr* kilh <1 TTi" l*o lit!i only lo?t oi? una Tk* fatanu* brigand ht?-f. I'aien.aU I., appmrnacr m lb nrighbot b<od of Poly fir* on Un ?uli uilt, nl tka i*p*4 ?f forty ?? n rillflirnlafifllil Stal?n In lain^an! ffr?m th-L|n r oir'nrl.r Slat 14 j On Thuri Jay '.aat, tbr Y'ft I odla I'aoipinj '? ntaawif (lit at W ? -Urn arrived at *Vt thanaploa. with apnoia, I ul. lii 11, ar J g 4.1 ifwt, f>t;n Mrhl-o California noil th* V -ft Itidir* Worth M.-ar'r a million af <1"?|af* Th* ? 1.4* rf 1 hi* wn* dmyatrhpil to London in four wagon* by Ifcr Ingraft* tralu ju*t b-'i r? light o'tloek en Chora day night Th* ??*#? ua ?rr* th? ordinary oprnonna. and Ih* ' nw *'-Trr1i>g tki-y had aw tarpaulin fa*t*ti.-f at lh? alii** with I Two rlwrh* maJ ? ? m?w ngrr* b*l?iyt inp to tbr Wilt Imlta Company wmt no ty th* lug**** t.-ain In a rlo**d rarrlagn TVIr dut!*# war* to tuard th* ?*(f na aft?r lb*y arrtrrd 'o London at t* 1 o'rlock the aw tt morning. aaJ to ?** ih* g> 4.1 ao 1 ailrrr aaf*ly Iftlfh d tn ttw Hank of H igI*?i' Th' wagon* warn r ughlj wrigbxl 1* for* tboy lift * 'ithaript in >n Thura day night auJ at ala o'rli-.k o? Irtday morning pr*pn ratk n* war* ir*?l? (Mr ucl'>adlng * horn Th* wright of rurb of 1 t,rm appraml to V tk- nam*, bnt on "cainlniug on* rf th,- wagnna. thl** boa w wht-h aoooriliiig t> th* man)(bit *vt.Tait?d gobi tn?t w. rth tt-V'Oh or ah-ut XA.otX w?r, m.<HBg A aonarl'-itlm ?v h'-l 1 an I it rajrrtaiant i*ta,l aato th* prvtb aHlI'.J f a p?-r*-a got t'tvg tuiJor th* tarpaulin and *r r.J fh*t*ning? wlth nt ratting 11 war m,.j It waa f> an 1 ti,u; a p*rv>'i -iU g?t ntibr ?n<t at again "n fear m'rit-? Thrr* ?? no MM th'-rrA-rn, ort?rt*:-v?l that a laH.og a .1 ?%t*n. air* rtSbiry had b*#ri "Trr-iV |.u*l!"? *o4t** f.?r* ?a* ma J* afafiialnt "t w'tv '? ' I a ap-'M '.rain >ort f*< at ion I- n to t '.th .ao t ? warning ?bi ?ia bikkMauJ tk> tH.'ty -I.- .n ta* .a A kt robbery At Winchester information ?m girsu w ibd county constabulary a ad OP the city police, and all od the alert Just above the WinehoattW station there Is a bridM crossing the Hue on the Ftodkbridgc ruad, cloae to taa bridge, there ia a roadside ina, named the Jolly Farmer, at the fore door of which there tf a path trading down t* the railway fence, and to the arch er the bridge At Avn o'clock on Friday afternoon, a lit Mr cowboy, mated Tup? Bin, waa bird nesting near this spo.V and in a thick thaiM ?bah. clone to the railway arch, h.* found a bog about a foot long and six luchee in height a.trf depth, which ho took to bit mm tree* It waa directed' to Dunbar k Leu*, l l.lntehouee. and waa>uppo*ed from it t weight, to contain ! lead or shot. On account of ita having been Mad eUm 1 to the rail it wa.< taken to Mr. Deane. the WinnhestaC 1 station inact. r, and it proved to be otkeof the mlmtag 1 boxes ef gold duet, the value of ita coo tenia Mac ! 6 COO dollars. Tw>. policemen wcrs burnt ktmteiy ordered to watch the spot where the baa waa gonad, and at about eleven o'clock at night an ill lookgn X A-liew, very | respectably dressed, with a beg under )th arm, wad j seen to walk dowu the path from the Jol^ Farmer, aad | whra within a doeen yards eg the thorn bv?fc he was ?** I cured by one ig the policeman on watch li t had beam walking to and fro on the bridge for heure in gltrneume ?< : th? day, and waa continually calliug m the (pntoMf-houee j for Hoairthing to drink lie was had (TO before dhe Win Chester magistral ex ou Saturday. and dusted tadia aims te ' he William 1'i.mpiin Tiu> third officer of the Qr*?k ' Western was present at the examination, and ideottbed the boa as one brought home by thatjahlp. The arise t ner was remanded until Friday nrxt. From the sana tion of the box wlien it ws* found it lir believed that M 1 was not thrown there front the wagon, but must have l bi>e/i deliberately jdsred there. Winehs *t?r Is the se ' rond station from Kouthampton. aad it. is quite dastt when the luggage train arrive* there As soon as the discovery of the box Ikv the oonbap I wit* mode tlie fact was oommu"lcale?l to I ondon by tc ! legraph. and Inspector Fidd. the most ace? mptishad de t? rtive police officer in the kingdom, left th > fflati H|iaM| tor Winchester .lust as he arrin-d there. I 'amplio waa 1 brought into tlie railway statioa, and charge d wMh be j log concerned in the robbery. The prisoner vm net , sitown to the police. Ills story L. thai he is 0 tailor hp trade and that having nuamdled with his wWe be leA. Loudon for the country in search of work. IVU bnag loi,ad whir>< be vu wb' owing to his having nibnf hie way while proceeding to the Jolly Fanner for wftgh nient Measra. Brown, Shipley A Ce.'i Ctrtnlar. Livxareoi, May 13, Idol I TV paste in co'iott wot oAalr, rnJ e f<u-tlvr derta*. f j fully (Arr* rt ?'iAs fp one Ktlf of a penny per V> At 1 imreg j sitie, rix do'. ,f fht rrrrr.lm of J/iy !"*. with a m.t*6 ' so Irregular that oorrect quotations are out of tsse qu'* ' tlon. Fair Orleans nominally,OV, aC.Sd.; Mobile, G^d., 9p I Land*, .-Vi'l., middling, S1-, s3\'il per lb Thsnks tec the four days ending this evening, 11,000 bales, of wblah speculator* have takes t,o00, and exporters 60O The larg" import of flour during the last three lsyn, has clu krd th* slight improvement in our corn market, I whith clo.w*> quietly at last week's prioe* Trade, t ommrirf, wijdPlnWf# i > cm the Llei rpool Courier, May H) Ar the BUTT-!, merry month of May proceed*, humors b?K>m<* UuTf' UK-JHOt, and ayroptc-in* of 11 Htomly. m D. t a-tire trade .ielUc during th. <m*uln? wammer The produce mar*--t* bet* and ia kondoB, a** aup DlhJ and at tho public w?t?? which hsw tukjm pl?<* durislftL win*. tL bidding hurebaeu of* IT^iur claruct-r iuaoBie lindane** price.. h*"' *l*o Mightl* ' Tbc'po-itioa of tho money market r*iuoinJ for tha ? -t K. unaltered AUh?.Rb llv Bank of K^J luxne wwu"l on Friday .-ahtbii a further ^rrw^f Wal? U< u ta the extent el hope, eie baRiunia* U tn inU-!l*ii.ed thai the Inyo lnfltt-\ of arri-r in thi- country from Amor oa to el?w the m.hf of tie ?? v wiJ-a fair, will ftwaMy tco-l to the Jimiiiution of the c.port of K"?d and ?*??* : coin wblict tin ritnrB* nrtain# from th? ciport trad* of Mn.rbai-d April. whinb are reported to flSIffiStf? nun oo doubt brin? for?i?ti exchangr* to a y.-ftii vi to thL- country I ?d. r llvae clr,-um<4aw?o<s th.-i" b b a in*' ty in itif'wtod by ?v~. mtu-ily re peetle< (be mom-went. of the fc?? ?*.-? !a:.d .ad ih. rat. <1 do-eouut than pr*?l?Ui4y _m?~t. ?,.?it>r. te.iui* eatlchi.J that rhouli the eorew be Uhlr. -d. and the .ate of Interact IwI M ?H per 0>at , lew wveiic only would elapee until the P??0** . ^ w ,uld t? I gain declared A' pr-eout V.U.? with i/<el cnJ< re. mcnU are aoi-M/ liacouuted at ? per Krerai cauece ?m com kino* Nfatukt the cotton A in nod ?h?- an- laiye import*. :nct. avd j-ce|;U at !.?? bbil-iwna porta of the United Htnlae and the rathe*** iii'l lie. ouinytng a-pect. ofetlutr. II) tb diXilel. of The axc'.n. x irrivi d here on Mnodny aJrla.' ua of a daaHaeJa ii, h.?\ .rk market ?? th* anient e? halt ;?nt per l?, o .i tug tbo Peek . ndrw April 2V On that day'a tale ptn 4< *f?>rb -?*%r!vnd fit r>% Hi* ?*H?. ti-al it* nt.-u e? i I. mi a-.-jn.ed a M mewha* firmerBafjaat, hut wilbmit charge In pri.i- Ttie re?. IpU at toe a?l^ ni'e'vort .eere, Uth 5*!, tilt JlOWt ba wI In okomB if ibtii*, oflwat ?? ?r. Ibe npidta Bniata *Be I-, Ue tl.i 1*< of i.avO. ?.v X*. aoU U e Uock on band an* ?n dlpboerd te-l rlerri t ? f fi OOO h* " ??sUia" at tha ean-e time imt ?. -*-? It I "Hb parttm late'-* ?1 In the fott-.n trida .'n tbamhar aidewf the AllamUO tout a- ,-ulall' na an-l < nj-ct'ire? without Horn aAom r'-.t-oting the "eiti.inyr en.p " Aeroeitlrorly the At* i.alrl vi t Uo Hwua n-acbid n." l*rr Uk> *rriea. Tl, -, were rumor, of u U^ll.gfr*f la tb- Haulk.r. Mate* Irajcihe* wtih eaten^we lar-au* dona by tail., ' floaAki" fc- IT< hwblj Pi-penting ef U?e fi'i-tifti." "f tbi-v I ?u r the Amerny a Jm tc.-? till v- wt.-.t the prrater part of th- puWlo had out th-m ilirej fir. thai th?y w,*. Uulg- r-|wr? mada ui> lotrhr e <h id- thm . f tai* ng Sapc, aid tl.uart.ahhnc tl.e hotd r? of o-tt n in l.te.rpool ?o Oeeca n inBrra en pn h*t of the m ar a4.pr1.aoh of a aceta* adranoe the price .f ah dmo.ip?io?ie ? Wit "?? h upht U wt tiA t wice taufrht ic a.. M bat ineoatro T-rtible Biaiim. ind wo ar- irt-od U ?ee that our aa?jv rkM. n-ljibtoo* the auluucn. of U?acbfc?ter and ttm aurrr-U'dlr?. Irn llUoe hare folly r arit, I IBtalua BBem annuU i-,m?-etiod inter ah-l pmacinwt cail.>y ai tham real worth Indent It ie bat aurprtaiwf that a body ol mm carrytn*on a baalne v la? Mmj eu?-h a? onoru.oui aim ..nt of i ?plUl na n-tton loanufactBrr-ra BB, bare not ??"? Jitr* ainoe, takeB anme t?pe to eeeuw thi niMlvia au'lnat the dlepr?dtli>vi of lb. l, vy uowarrnntahte cbarK-e ?nv th lr '- lUm 1 J" l?ie? aoul't he c, ly don- r.a-al'lieh a y.U-m ?? W? tbr< 1 pb all the onlton diatiiota whuao t.urtxi** '? woolU lie to orpor' v. -ekly on tha etave of Ih. iri'-wiaj orepe, and tbt? tliron?h a enrr-poiide-j ai New tork to an air nt here who eb u d ' omplla ?ud (rrapb a full and tnin d. I.rr_ at of th* trior ami fnr^ ?aid ran.e to erery rarly who w -ut-t auh- rlt?- ?? ??" Hy thla mean* thefrmu.lwte' l I .'?>? of Ataa r.,,.n icl.?n v old ll.wari- and th. ?m auBH-r Inli .-m.-.i of the real .tatc .f the-r-.Jjv ... that 1*. could ee felj tnnha bla pur.-bar"* ? ire Ibtt he '''P1**; * U - It.....- " .Id hla pocket ylnlud v- 1 >?*? * m of Ibroanmle of |<rund- >frj taar u '>eea nv ''"?ibe ?.wib r I. the Utter -od of tke ? ?h - M ratlo-r untari-mMa it tb ? ?r.e * I'lUeu annuo atmo pher. t*ii* i|C a ' 1 otd ??? ?' (.a 1 b.a nea-.fl "f the y?r U ha*, b ,w. *>*?'?' leVb tor *> and t-.U' ?? ry- ...o?: t .> ho fanm ' could itrrirr toward, for-in< fbrwmtd tbo rot of X. y . .re DOB lew. ha bin to b.' ?Ae. Pd by the lliao eb.-B I he corn law w. n '^.7' " fro,,7Z qnrutly. lb. gratn trad* kep* e? 1 ? . iuaw.^ Im the latter ?ad >* I >e pm-i ' .^17 o!T.. I liar. Ibe and for noma.-, wlea. ??d hetv enalded to ubtaia all;:h'?y nd-nf ed prle-w for eh.a' fltn.1 iuU, OaUBenl and IoUikti ,'r"b"'1^ la-.a rU if II air are to hand J it- m ft i*vt thne nya, rtf ih#? H >h *?' * f ? n -aiete H h.ddeoid a UmpmUen tt-.y-nlU^ * ?? l-irn their Unpr- in the trv - Hi-. i> - m ? ? u deateui u. own ? lb- 'W .?rni;.U...e-l.-fa.,.al'i.*a?h ??n>o <4 the corn rtcl.w. may M,. . t to I liny ^m-id kro-w tho r al tfeh. on hand, ? are 'r* hk4 '*"? w, ,ld -cn.-ft na mu. h a. tha P? M c by gfamA > f-iiw-atnw. We huw?, the tli.t ire t o? rwr.ndtam r-lurnewlll I.e BvadVof . tra.1- that U o U-ndl.* ?? m.m awry day N twi the **TBhV (ion r4 I he M..r>rh.-t?r hred of y.""J* 1 dnVB arrlenlture ?o the ?-?r.t pnoatht. >? wu ara r'a4 to team thai ih- . baoceUif of tho ? etiequee hna. ?t \aJ> n>r. ntct to tak- ti* eiaa of tho llTita.:. IM" ?'U rooddonUi. .1 amlnrra, .^ahalbe -dt < 'b. ti tf tl.ey i"?? .how -.bat the r iam uot eaal.aed an, pJcme Ai 1 lit Vaukr-e net, ?<mM ?# ' .,u-ea" that Will t-an <-a*j taetc Tr?je In ?h- .nannfW-turi. ? AlMrirU auB?hha *<*>4, trwe attach any rr^l.t to lire ?.-r. rar e-l-JTU whtoh Uata r-iiMtn rmrloue (narter. id W?h hameaahlr and Tmkahl^ The pnalne-f of and / ar^V 'h M .rcbe-P-r look yl ?dny and betw.-ea a aliufpfah hem hn and and th- dlHracting t. uft -aunta re^wdif* the aotton-roy k< hamf.lyknaw ?a T keep at^helow I. the only ehancat"hut tht* oaw not ???! be Too , unlea. by Uavlau reoow we to ahr-rt lime ' and'h?4 would t?> a . ? rioua try whack to th. trlumpoa.f free trade, wbleh ...1 to ? lerata th- cam dUi. n ol the work in (J rla?afbrd *m pie emytofment, r,.ri wmraa and rteoty -f food au^ 1 raxn-nt TbU cheap loaf aneathJB It wr t?M appeur full ? feci and few mm tb* wtU -.l? paa ahouid thiB,t? erlat ?a they are at until If ,, a le*r.iar?' ?tham -alr-a would ha ?lad of th' ImpoaiP of ? fc? doty The market for pubUr imeurt^ keeya aacaedlu.dw at'-ady.aml ww ura-gratUlod to laurn that Uie aatlh n,p' 'of the aceouut ba? pmfre# ,.4 farnrubly Aa r-rar ta railway aharaa. my ^.k deyawaakon ha. eileh d durinc the ijreBter part of MP s wwek. lltlla bmdn- aa a. \wyt- ?od the ralueof all thy . adlnf atoek* d-<tUn- >. two per pent A rather W OCT Be I Ins haa r?t*l*t T?trr-Uy m' rnirj Ha.ty T iuo? ffmnaaa arat ?i'"l?r ? la'hie mo'Tiiiit'a mark-? . ?ud U?hUy l"?P' p,'Ve" wnreaedablt'hri, but tly uw uaa afwaat B??t "J * ? and aa almost rBttrw abacnr 1* bujduy ^ - ccnUner a" wep. ay 4?r,^uy llfhl-r than hey ha but amy thle tyrMw g ****?._"? "2. dbU 'mpmr'-neoV TheiwXt'tW^^hh*WWa? ye- a' a ny?-nr h^. ue eha... ?* m TbU With e-*aM fryeto nn.t .wloBlal J" -enark that p udma ?ba r-eu.i ? I* Utalci.. IA# aeai.mi fee ? -vie" h- - 1 . nruri, WoM 'h* ? aa -ae ?" < Ml V "*' -UMkt. ?' - * * W,:l4 *?