Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 27, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 27, 1851 Page 1
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?' O.Zl THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6790. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. double sheet. Auction noticb^rreniiol-se plants, dab Um, Ac.?Ob Tuesday. Msy 27, at four o'olook, at the ??tort of Thomas Dualap. 6M Broadway, a choioe assort 11, sit ?of Greenhouse plant*. Ac.. conelstlug of Roses, Ornuiuws, ?*P* Jessamine*, Petunias, Mnhvrnins, Hsleotropos, Jacobins, cRose of Sharon, Begonia*. Ao. Alto |f?J Double Dahlia*. >bitcly paoked la bankets 3 000 Cabbage plants. *? R- CARTER, Auctioneer, *7 Dry ttraat, cornsr of Qresamich. -A V CTHON N.OTI C E?GROCERIES, WINKS. TEA, f ?ult. Smekad Baal, Ac.?Oa Tuesday, Mar 27, At 10?o clork. ie froat ofthe store, 37 Day street. Smoked Salmon, Raisins. Figs, Brmdy, M?iArA? Clarat, Champagne, Segars, Erouoh Cord I nit. I'*4' *??> Ou and Molatve*. Can. ??Corks, Papar, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, p/ Pey street, corner of Grotnwich. AUCTION NpTICE.-l'EREMPTORy SALE OK RICH 2nd *,Itin Furniture, Ac.? Will be told at nuo ?"r *???} "treet' o? Wednesday, ' t!a*i **. ?"1,? c'0#'t. consisting of a general assortment of -if i 4 Bedroom Furniture, Counting House Desks, Ac. ?Catalogues ready at the aalearoom. If. E. WILLARD, Auctioneer. gON NOTICE?THOB. BEKL, Al CTIONBER 1. N Hush. Tliit day, at lUJs o'clock, In the aiic ? 10 North William street, extra nale of valuable > of all descriptions, from famillea removing. Ac. ry-Goods, Tabic and Bad Linen, n quantity of artiolaa " Ac . from a Hotel, left by somebody, and ithsr . will be tletcrlbed at the sale* Alt", Daguerreotype Ipparntua. TBW. BELL, Auotionear. JOHN KEESE. AUCTIONEER?VALUABLE ANCIENT and modern Plctnrca, Drawings, Print-. Ao., containing Highly valued works by Metsu, Claude, iBerghem, Paul Pot ter, Ac.; also, flue niedern Fainting*, exhibited at the Royal Academy, to be aold by auction, at the Oallery, .179 Broad way, one doer from White atroet, on Wednesday, May 2d, at eleven o'clock A. M. Catalogues at Cooley'e Auction Rooms, and at the Gallery. JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER.?SPLENDID BUILDING Lota on Third avanue, and on Seventh and Eighth -streets, Brook)} u.?For sale at auetion, oa Tuesday, May 27, at 1! o'clock, nt the Merchant!' Exchange, New Vork, eight Iota on the east side of Third avenue; three lots on tho south ?Ida of Seventh street; three lota on the north aide of Eighth street, in rear of the above. Terms?fO per oent may remain on bond and mortgage for three years. JW. BROWN, AUCTIONEER?STATIONERY?J. W. ? Brown vaill sell, at 168 Greenwich street, by order of assignees, at 10 o'clock, on Thursday, Mar 29, the entire large and well aasorted Stock of plain and fancy Stationery, contained in tho above store, embracing Playing Cards, Printing Cards and Boards, Utter and Cap Paper*. Port Bonaoios, Wallets, Copying Presses; Cap, l)?ray. Medium. Royal, and Super Royal Papers; Envelopes, Cutlery, Writ dug Cases, Ac.. Ac. Sale peremptory, and without reserve. Porparticulars, apply to J. W. root, 214 Pearl struct. RC. KEMP. AUCTIONEER.-OIL PAINTINOS-TO s morrow. Wednesday, ut IDo'clock, at *5 Nassau ?tract, between John and Fulton streets.?R. C. Keuip will ?ell at auction, aa above, a line collection of about lai) old, original end modern Oil l'aintinga, all handsomely framed, and consisting of a variety of pleasing parlor subjects, among which are to be found several originals by Teuniers, Paul*, Psoiue. N. Poussia, Paul, Potter, Vernet,Be. Also, some fin* American Views, Pastile Paintings, and about 30 Rue French colored Engrnvinga, Catalogues on tho morning ?f sale. JOHN T. ROLLINS, AUCTIONEER.?PLANTS AT Auctioa.?This day, Tuesday, Muy 27, at 1IHJ o'clock, at E.J. Tryon's seed store, No. 9 John street, near Broad way: Petunias, verbenas, moat, Bonrbon and Noisette Tosce, carnations, double dnhliaa of the best kinds, pansies, -daisies, very large fig treoa cactua, Asiatieus, a new rose, Fortune's yellow, being from Jao. Dwive, of Hartford, in Jine order, and sold in lots to aooommodate. JOHN L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER-LARGE ssle office oil Paintings, Engravings. Ac.?K. C. Lan rance A Ce. will sell by auction, on this day, Tuesday. May 27th. at eleven o'clock, at their salts room, 12 Wall street, * very large collection of beautiful Oil Paintings. In rich gilt Irsmes, Ac., all handaome parlor subjects, being copies and originals front the English, Italian, Dutch and Ereneh School*. Landscapes, Marine pieces. Fruit, Flower, and Came pieces. Interior. Ac Alao, n line of fine Engravings from Lnndsecr, W'ilkie. and others, in splendid gilt and rote wood frames. Catalogue aow ready. O V.HUMBERT A KENNY, AUCTIONEERS.-ELEGANT -IF Rosewood. Mahogany. Walnut, and Enamelled Fur niture, ia their spacioue aalcs rooms 172 and 174 Fulton afreet. ( Mi;- tm Buildings), Brooklyn. By eatalogns. on Wednesday morning. May 2*tli, nt luo'eloak, n large and ?pi, ndid OMortmrnt of carved roaewoed, mahogany and walnut Parlor and Chamber Furniture, embracing almost ?very daeirabl- article, useful or ornate, for household pur poses, Including one parlor suite. consisting of Sofas, style ?f Lewis XIV.. large and small Arm Chairs, and four medal lion bark parlor Clialrt. In richly onrved rosewood and figur ed criinion satin brocatelle: 1 suits Sofa and 6 parlor Chairs, in isrved rosew , d and rich narrow silk plush; 1 richly de corated enamelled chamber suite of ID pieces, valued at $160, frraislied with marble top throughout, one ufthemost btau tlfrl i fl t d at auction this season; also, several suites sub ordinate quality: 1 pair ornate French plate Mirrors, 00*24 darhra; 2 superior mahogany eatoaslon Dining Tables, As.; also, silver and silver plated, riohlr decorated French, i bl ue. and Bohemian glassware, hoe ivory handled taole cut lery . papier mscbie goods, mantel Clocks, French palutod Window Shades, pare curled hair Mattreaeee. Paillaeees. Ac. Also, 1 Guitar aad case; 1 Violin and vase, with a small ia waiea of common i rookery and household furaitnro, with Whlsb the em to mffl ontnwnre Wie attention of pwrchnoor< da particularly invited to this sale Catalogues, and the ?oode for eaauiiaation. will be ready the day (in the evening I; gaslight) pre< ions fo the sale. Sale peremptory. HOHHRHAM. Every man his own landlord -the first regular meeting of the Fourth American Building Asso ciation will be held on Tueeday evening. May 27th. at Warren Hall corner of Oliver and Henry stroote, when the monthly hues will be payable. All pi rsons dasiroas of purchasing their own hauaes. and paying fur them with the money they ?s* pay for rent, are invited to attend. S. JKSSL'RL'N,Sec retary, Office No 7 Clinton Court, Bcekmaa stroet. Ail meetings art pnblie. HICHOV AL>. \vr? o. norrrr. a as fitter and Mani.tattumr of Chandelier and On Fixture* of avery dearripuoB, baviug removed ft rn hi* late Ctore, IM Fulton atreet. to 7 Jnhn ctrrot.afaw doora from Broadway, take* thi* opportunity of informing hla patr?na and *?>* pnbllo la Moaaral. that having made catena!** alteration* la Ml fan Bory, 119 aad If I Prtaco a tree t ha le now enabled to anpply Chaadtlk-ri and otiur Gn* flatnreaat tl.e luareat market girire# Tho*# in a aat of theae aril- lea would do well to oall ?a him before pnrehaeiag elaewhoro. One Pendant* and JDraeketa Solar, Fluid, aad Lard I amp*. UlraaJolea and Candtlabra*. eonataatly oa hand, la a great variety of pat Vraa. *HAVICI.I,K.I(r Ul IIIK. AFTERNOON LINK. AT 4 O'CLOCK, FOR POUOH k" p?l?, Ntwbuffah, and Flehkill. Poavago Ml oeiitn, d.andln* at Coitona' Dwk. Weit Point. L'"l I Aorlug. Corn wall, and New Hamburgh 1 beataamer THOMAS P<itVEI.L, Capt. Thoa N. Ilulae, mill leav* M"rr?y *tr--t pier every afternoon a* le'eloi k. Returning, will leave Pmigbkeepeio ? t ? o'clock, aad Newhurgh at 7. (Sunday* except*J). Freight taken and landed at the different plaeee New yoke and Philadelphia -new yore aad Philadelphia dim t -l int.d ht*tea Mail Line ? Through la 4t, hour*, via New Jir.. ) Kvilral fare rw Mmrd i* p.t f r flret elaaa, and ttMfor*e< ind eln?? Mat* >iew York at ? A. M . from foot of UwafUl >ad atreet. aad at 9 A N aad 5 P. M.. from t ot of LiM-rty atreet. I.#n*e l*ki> l.delnlia at ? aad 9 A U aad 5 P M., from the feot of Wnl nut atreet. C* am den and am not railroad line fhwm new / Trrk ta Philadelphia-leave Pie* | North rl?ar. It ateaml-oat JOHN POTTER. Hernial l.lae, atSo'elock A M Afternoon Line, at 4 o'clock P.M. Fare hy either Nnr. M forward d??k, S3. Emigrant Lin* alta>laai P, M.. fare. |l M. I. liLISS, A rant. IXPURKI AUKSCIKh, dk. ? 4 REOORY S FAST CALIFORNIA rKEIGIIT. PA< K E.T tf?, and Panel r .jpraet,1', r >t?ini,ra Brother J aatl an aad Creeoeat Cl^, en M nday an l W*4a*oda/, ?i.a *>th aad J-th in at* -Our a at re/niar E?prr##e* will h* firaarde.. hi th* ahov* ai an ra. in el.arxe of our eape T enced meaaet.gere Meaara. WUi"A and Mattel*, who will c nae-1 with our jr"mpt Itt' rua. agrnte at t ;,?*rea Prun th* aapevior lei tlttlea pomeeaad hy tii, tiw?a, w* are *n ahled to foraar l gaaada from tine *ity to Nan Praaetdr* ia t? o daye leee time than i* r < eaptod la forwarding th* ITaited F'ateamella Pan ol* received until tt.e morning ofthe lay til* atenmer lenvea, and lettote until Ik o'clock, P If. Package*. fhtrh ntttrt, in all ea?. ?. ho ma te etriotly water it the alt, r t' * day preeion*. N?f ?de. Thompson h BfTCBCOCL. Maaagara and Areata 14 1 Paarl (treet pmnf ahoutd he left at the etti. e the day preeume No I! i m Haua* ?har*ea made. THOMPSON h HITCHCOCK. <aoods shipped at pa nam \. in thirteen days * from New York, by A It M 11.1.KK k ( II'S California E*pf*oa. ottoe II Wall *tre*A. Onr Beit "'upment p-r Br? t:.?r Jonathan oa M nday, May ? th. and Cr-aent City. May 'Jth. Thla la th* *nly Calil rata txaciaa Laving tiwtr ?wn ft* tiitie* nn th* lalhmua, aad make their ihipmaat* regular from Panama per mail ateamart. Good* cleared and 'oaaul r hargea free to ahipptra. fORRION RTI'RFSS-STEAMBR FN ANK 1.1 N.-PAR eelf r*cal?ed far the Frnnklia. to leave f <r llaireoa Slat la*t. Order* fur tho pnrehaee of geoda forwarded hy her, will h* tier uied h* rnr Pari* ag-vr. In time f. r ?h* retar* trip. LIVINGSTON. WELLS fc CO., ? Wall atreet. NEW INVKNTHINS. ri'lIK COMBINED VAPOR ENGINE -THE SCHSCRI I her. having obtained fr in the Cnited Staler government ? patent (or hia inv-r, tin of tha t on,Lined Vapor Rngtar, I* sow prepared to aell th* right to aae aaid lavaatina ?a re a ?enabl* term* Tha laventh n of the anbecrlher ia applied B'thar to a aingle engine, ulth two rylladere *nd pietoaa, or, ? riaue?*|f. r maritime purpoae*. two diatiart eaglaea with tiylindtrand piet >* each. In either ear*, on* of the pie t*ael*aeted *p?a hr ateam, aad th* other hy th* vapor ?f pevehlovihe ?r >>f **y other eaeily veporla?d liasid. th* ?team p?.w*r la gen*r*ird ?nd ap|1i*d u In th* ordinary *a ia*i bnt upon lite e*( ape ?f the ateam from the flret nylla d*v, after haela* ei?ried lie e?paanre f .rne therein. It paeaea into an air-tight eaae. termed a vap*rtaer. e*ataluing a nun h*t of rmall tul.ea ehargnd vrllli petahlerlde. or MM aadily vapvrltod linuid, peneiratea Into the apa*.. h?twe?u, aad gnai** la roar net with lha *atir* aurfaoe ?f tho tnh*. Th* fa rally *f aheerhlng i alnrto, pnaeeeaed hy ll inlda nf the be fore mentioned vlaea. ia an powerful. th*? tmmedletoly wpca th* *t**m cemlag ia (nata. t with th* ??rf*?* of dhe tutoa charged therewith, a lnrg> p..rtloa of th* *a Inrtc **t?h? ileam ie ahaorlmd hy the Ihiuld l? th* luhea, whirh I*entire th*r*hy vtporiaad, in, th* ateam being thu* de| rived of ltd aalorlo, la Immediately ooadeatod and la then retnrnad into tho aleant holler Th* vapor that ohtalacd h* MMM of th* ateam. or perohlorid*. or tlher lo,md it the lubpa. Id cotduotod into the aecoad cylinder. And after egjrting it* elaatlo f?r, e ( . hich I* greater that gleam) npon the plcton in the aee nd oyliniir. fe enndem-d, ? ad hy aim at a farce pumn ia rcten, id tarn th* v*porit*r. wl.lrhit thim keep* rwgularlv **ppllei, and In alternately ? aperl*"' dail rwadakMd. Tho reving rftrct*d hytbia** glf I* In the email gnentil of < nail ro piin d for th* (toam th*?m*llor r m *cewpi*d hy it. *ad th* avHdanotw in rrteUUora lie th* I 'ler th* ????, r heriag <mpi> tely d|*. tilled hy the teltcratlo*. vapnria*ti'>n en I ?*nde***tl*t. The perehlerlde la* t. ry rheep flnid; When m'* charged, tha ?wtatlty I* the lahtt will l??t a e -Si I r (hie time, the al trnet- Cntdttaalloa and vapwyliattoa - onelon.nt a ?ery triSlr.r Ills In the hull nr gwantitv employed. A medial and **rtl'.nel illajr-itn illnatr itlot ehie Inrtatiin. een he dd*a, or appllrati n to tl,e aihaefiber. F r parti ?I-ir? a* do term* ?f aall. *t<v, applv to tip - :w . '? r. it Ih i nll?f ot I aohaiae 1 Fa ha, N*. i.l L, I ?'rtn in the fitr wLNtw T?K rfcjIPIR Dt' TRJUILCr. i. ami ia wermea tnrougnout Willi ? ce rang* for cooking. A good woll of fie ground* are handsomely laid out i of bearing fruit trees of every deserip TO? IAL1 AID tO LBV. UAKXRY?TO LET OR LEASE. TUE OLD E9TA0LISH * *d bakery. No. 1? Hick* etrect, Brooklyn. Apply W A. Miodie, on the prvmieei. BOWLING SALOON FOR SALE.-Tilt SUBSCRIBER offer* for sale hi* splendid Uonliug Saloon, oituated at the comer of Fulton an.I Pineapple street*, Brooklyn, con slating of nine alleys, in the beet order, and with i-.ery er ticlt- of furniture in exc-lleut repair, having been uaed only about one year The bar is regularly licensed for the sale of spirituous llonora. The establlahmeat in frequented by the flnt cI&m cituiiia in the plnee, and the Bole re a a on for Miliar is. that the subscriber is cngngaAEn other business which oc C'ipiei his whole time. For terms nud furtiiar particulars. JT| ly at the saloon, corner of Fulton ami Pineapple streets, Brooklyn, previous to twelve o'clock, during this week. IMOMAS II VANDEEHOEF. COUNTRY SEAT ON TIIE BUDSON.-FOR SALE. A farm of about SO acres in tbe village of Hastings, 21 miles from th* city. The house i* new, built of stone iu the most substantial manner, in modern style, with thirtcon rooms, and has one of tho most commanding views of tha river and adjacent scenery. It unites unusual picturesque prospect with convenience and retirement. Tbe grounds are la the lirest order, well supplied with a great variety of fruit. The whole or part will be eold on application to the proprietor, on the premises, at Hastings, on the Hudson. New York. ALEXANDER UIKNIE. Drugstore for bale?well located, doing n good business, and well stocked. The reisoa for sell ing out. tbe proprietor wishes to leave tho city. Price $300, cash. Any person with a small capital wishing to engage io tbe drug business, this is a good opportunity. Address Drug gist, lleral d office. For sale, a magnificent country resi denre at Hell Gate, adjoining the ro-idbiee of Georg' Jones, Esq., and fronting on Bighly-tbnrth sfceet, between Avenues A ami B. The dwelling is suitable for a large family, built in t he best manner, without regard to expenoe, ami contains alt the conveniences and improvements of modern city and country houses. The water is delightful and in great abundance, supplying the baths, water closets, kitchen, conservatory, graperies, and forcing house. There is de lightful open and enclosed piaiias, connected with which is a la r/e , onservatorv. There is also four graperies, HO feet long each, span roofs, filled with a choice collection of vlaes,.four years old, in the very best order, and showing a great crop of grapes. Tho grounds contain 20 lots, and are stocked witn a choice collection of fruits, flowers, uud shrubs. The grounds have been highly manured, drained, and iron ihed, and kept under th* bauds of the most experience! gardeners. The situation for health and scenery cannot be surpassed in the world. One-half or two-thtrus o! the rurcluise money can remain on mortgage. To save trouble, the urioe is S2f>,000. For further particulars, inquire of Mr. II. MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. For bale.?a fine country residence, with ln fifteen minutes' walk of the New Uaven, Hartford, and New York Railroad Depot. The situation is second te none In New Ilawnw county, having a fine view of Long Is land Sound, Inst and West Rock, and the surrounding ooun try. The house Is nearly new, and contains twelve rooms eonvsniently arranged, and is warmed throughout with a furnace, and has a large rauge for eater and cistern. Tn< with a choice selection ( w lion; also, a fine selection of ornamental trees and a garden full of choice flowers. Terms to suit the parchaeer. For particulars inquire of WM. A. REYNOLDS, Chapel street, New Haven, Conn. Fur SaI E. ORTO LET-THAT ELIGIBLY SITUATED Bote), in the village of New Roehelle, recently conducted by Mr. Charles F. Rice. Location desirable, being near the railroad depot, within fifteen minutes walk of the steamboat wharf, thirty minutes ride by rail from this city, replete With all uecessary outbuilding*, choice garden grounds, cow prising upwards of an acre; the whole in complete order, and ready for Immediate occupation. Terms liberal. For particulars, inquire of SAMUEL B. FRINK. 66 CeJnr, opposite Post Office. FOR SALE?A MODERN THREE STORY BRICK house and lot, at lloboken, commanding a fine view of the river, three minute*' walk from the ferry. Price S6.0H0, A3 660 of which can remain on mortgage. Inquire at the Hobeken Land Office, and of Dr. Bnrtlett, 96 William street. New York. For sale-tbe lease on the store, no. 107 Fulton street. Brooklyn, running three years from May 1,1661. Also, Fixtures suitable for Dry Uoore. Avery desirable businesa location. Apply on th* premise*. For sale-one OV "gayi.ers' large sized double door Salnnmnder Safes, in perfect order, will be sold reasonable. Apply to DR. MOFFAT. odd Broadway. SOCIETY LIBRARY. BROADWAY.?A RIGHT, OR share ia this institution for sale, on neeount of the es tate of a deceassd member. Apply to P. J. FORBES, Libra* riaa. TO EMIGRANTS.?FOR SALE, ABOUT S.IWO ACRES of ehoiot Lands, beautifully situate 1 on a navigable river and near tht sea coast. The river akoaad* with hah, and is covered with wild fowl. The land is highly fertile, and ad mirably adapted for sugar, cotton, tobacco, corn, and cattle rai-ing; also, for the grap*. orange, and pineapple. Deer and nil kinds of game in abundance, and the climate is delight fully mild and salubrious. Title warranted. Price $2 per acre. This tract would divide into forty or fifty farms of 100 acres each, besides leaving a site for* town, apply to ANTIIONY J. BI.EECKEK. Broad street. TO LET. OR FOR SALE, AT HOBOKEN?FOUR OR five three story and basement brick dwelling houee*. in the Immediate vicinity of th* fi rry. Thee* houses are finished in th* handsomest manner, and are replete with every roaveuMBo*. Hot and cold water ia the bathroom aad kitchen, be., fco. Immediate poeoeoeiea given. In tuit* at the Bubo ken Land Office. of W. HHIFPKN, Agent. TO LET-TWO TWO STORY FRAME COTTAOE8 IN Fifty-eecead street, near Hudson Kivor Railroad, verandah fronts, end i.estly finished, rent moderate, ana possession given immediately. Inquire of General Striker, near the premises; or Snndfords, Porter b Striker, Conn ection at Law, 7"* Broadway. TO LET OR FOR SALE-A PLEASANT AND COM modious country residence, surrounded by gardens and fields In a high state of cultivation, in Madieoa, New Jersey. Poaeessior given immediately. Inquire of Mr. Hunting, of the Madison Hotel, or Mr. flatten, of the dep<>t, or No. XM A i on etreet. South ferry. Brooklyn. TO LF.T?ALL THE UPrER PART OF STORE AND teller No 2f>2 Fulton street, suitable for aay kind of busiasss. Inquire at the store TO LET-ONE LARUE PLEASANT ROOM. ON TUE second leer Apply at ,W Br?adwtv. fO LET?IN WHITE STREET. NEAR BROADWAY. Jl the upper part of a genteel house, to a small respectable fau.ilv. Good ref. rears required. For further particulars, address M. M. II., Herald office. TO LET-IN EAST BROOELYN, TO ONE OR TWO single gentlemen, two extremely pleasant front rooms, with breakfast, on the second Hour. in n hen J some private h' use ia Willi ughly street, four bloekl from the City Hall ? etudes passing every five minutes within n block. For ad dress, inquire nt the drug tl> re, eorner ef Fulton and Adams streets. Rri oklyn. LAND WAHHANT*. C1F.NF.RAI. I. AN D OFFK R. APKII. ?Til. IV, I Ntl. ? tnr"iil ap plication* hating bam mad* t-> ?hi? ot!W f*r inlt roiation in t> latiuo to the miinarin which hand War rant*, under tt>? ait of >.th S*pt*mb*r, IVI, tli.uld b* Io ta'rd, tha following anawcri thereto hart baea prepared. ta arit ? Tbara art thraa made* by which thaaa laaatioaa nay ha ma da: lat. By th* Warraniaa In paraoa. M liy tha Warraniaa. through tha agaacy af thia oMaa. 3d. lit an Agent ar Attorney. If tlir P.rat or artoad mod# ia adopted, the appl. allot mutt ha aad* in writing, rp. allying tha tra-t, land tlitri. t or aaa to n of country, in which the location la daalfad. and ha ae* comi.aaiad by an affldaait accordiag ta tha Allowing form, K<>. 1. Wbara tha tblrd mod# ia adopted, a P???r af Attorney mnat ha prodncrd, agactilad by tha warrants in tha proa*act of a witntaa, according to tha fullnn mg lorm. No. t which P< war of Attornay mnat ba acknow l.-dgnd. ar |>rarad. a? tha c?a? may ha. hafora aonia aMaar anthnrlird to taka tha ac caaa mat ba. prior* aottta ? Hl**r ??IkattlH ta taka I hnawladgmant of daada, aaaordlng to form No J or t. la all laaoa, tha Fatanta will ba trauamlttad to tha t.fhd Off!o* whara tha location ia mala. anlaaa ?[>?? ial llrotlun. ta the oontrary ha giTOA. J. BCTTPRFI CI.D. CauMaaM, FORM No. L Frarnor I Cnt'wrr or 1 B?f ,ro in' (a Fnrtira of tha Paaaa. ar othar oOlear attthor Ikad to taka oCidariU.) par-nally ap|taarcd I hero maart ? ta* oi warrantor.) Who lung dtily a*nr?. I< p ?**? ond h* Mi " ?" aaya, that ha i* tha |.lantlral(har< l?*?rt name ? f a arrant",) to whom warrant No.?for a. raa. aadar tha aotof S*p tomlwr. ivat. waa iaamdan tha day af . Idd , and who now applia* ta locate the aaoaa. ( A(flant'a ? aatnr* ) r af . I Swam ta and tnbaerlbad brfmo ma thia day af . ltd (UBc.r? atgnatnfo.l FORM No. t. Kaow all man hf th??* pr?**nt?. that f (bar* lnt*rt tho nnnaa of warraatea). of tha ronaty of .and Stat* of , do barely ouhptitnta and appoint?of , toy true and lawrufAtt.rnr). for m' and In toy nana', to | , it* Land Warrant Nn.?. for acraa of land, whiah laauad ?adar tha act af September, 10011. ( I'owrr of anbatttatiua may ba laaartad if dcairod.] 1.0'd In prcaanci of I ( Hpmnkti lignatura. FORM No. A Ifirttr i Cot trroy On HI* ? day of?, In tho y?*r ?, pawn ally ap- I Karadfharaiaaort nam* of warraata*.) and a*haowl*dg#d awilliln I'awor af Attornay to ho hi* not ond d.-adt and I cartlfy, ft at I wall know tha *ald (hrra in *rt tha a*ma o| > warrat ta*. I aad that h* I* th* aatn* p*r*nn who la dax rtbad in tho within Pawar, and who eaaontad tha uma. ? (OScar ? ngnatara.) FORM No. L I Srarr or I Cevtrt or I """ , tha harrby r?rtlfy. that an thia ? day of ??, In tha year . paroonall* ram# Irfrr* ma (hara fnaart th* nama r f tha wltnaM) cad (nara Inaort tha noma of warrant*#,) and tha ?aid (hrra inaart I ha nama af witaaaa.) being wall known to oi*. waa duly awarn by ma. and on hla oath daelarad and aaid ta*.) and that h* waa tha tarn* p*r*on daaaribad In, and wha aacrntad tha within Pawar of Attarnay. and hla taatimoar wa* to mt aatiafaatnry a?i<l*naa of that fart, and tha aaid (hrra inert th* nam* af a arrant**.) thereupon arkaowladg td th* aaid Pawar t* ba hia art aad dead. IOdrrr'1 Ignator* ) LANP WARRANTS RoFOIIT OR locatrd IN Tilt State* af Wl#coa*ie, IIMnola, and Iowa, npaaoara (ally aalat tad Uaad*. by Ma*hbtirn*A Woodman. Minaral _ ??__ Print, Wiacraala. W A W will pay the hlghcct prlaea for landa lraat*d by thantarHaa. ? ?***? Rodg*ra A Woodman, lb W illiam atraat, N Y., will pnrahaaa Land warraata for at. aad attand to all bnainraa cona*< t*4 tharawlth. Ooarg* Woodman Connaallor at law, 49 William atraat, Ittaadl to obtaining I.nnd Warrant*. Panatraa, Ar , for arldlara, or ylhrra aat'tlad tharrte. iiiiippino. larm r all _ I lVFRrnOL.-t NtTRD STATES WAIT 9TF.VW _ chip I1AI T1C, Ctpt .fra*ph J. ("rm?trr|i Thia (t*am allpwW depart with th* malla for Rnropa, poaltivaly. on ' atnrday. 7th of Jnn*. ?t Uo ilrah M.,from h?rl.rrtl. si th* f. >t , f ( ?nal atr'"k. Aa herth ran be *?rur*d til! pall for. All )? tt*r? and papofa fH' .t paaa through bha Peat film, lor ft rF.t'r |t?(i?, hating >m* inallad aaommodattoac ft r alt nine* or comf. tl. apply to ' i.tib ft K. rni.| TVS, !;f?|i.If. ,t l*oaitl*?'T n- fraifht * ill h*--"ired an hrnrd nP rthnrm dar earning, -If * a Th* *t amahlp PAl'l FIL will aoacaod II,* Haltic. and anil do ltd -t?t. *.a?iR SAVANNAM.-STEAM" SHIP AI.AB AW \ '(JL.YW r l,.n.?.) faptnln i ?? t.mllow.iNbintnrlay. IlitHay. al fan r or (oak, from I'irp No. I. N R- For fr I It r na? tar* apply to SM I,. I, SfWHIWa IN njtlRtW. lb. I I.''HIDA, Captain ! J a, ?a SatlKdd/, Tth Juk?. Vim TVKF. C1NTRRVILU COURSE. L. L-TR0TTI*6.-W*D needay, May 2H, at 2)4 o'oloek. P. M., matek fat mile beats. in hsrawss. IsCwesn twu wall known nags. the owners to dries. Immediately after, purse $.10, mils casta, beat three ia Are, to 2M Ik wagons D. HobbJo* aetata ah. (. Mount Motrin. Wm. Whelau eater.- b. g. Sledge Hammer, Mr. R. entrra g. g. Shaokslbaek, Br. Van Cott enters b. g. Domino, Q. Kaynor inters el i.e. Selim. Hinted A KeaOafl'i Uea of otnelbnaeaa will leeaa Fallon ferry. Brooklyn, forth. Course, at 13 M.. anil Ijf o'clock, P.M., returning XS aoas aa the aport ia ever. Pare, each way, 25 cute. JOIL C0lfRI.I5, Proprietor. THB TL'RF.-THE TROTTING STALLION KEMBI.K Jackson, having entirely recovered from hia lata aooi dent, will ataed during the remainder uf the aeaaoa, ending let July, at John 1. Snedlker'a, near the Vntaa Course, L. I. Per particalars, inquire at John 1. Snediker'a. of J A MPS WHRLPLEY. HORSB8, OABSUOU, MM. Auction notice-rockaway boggy wagon, Light Wagon, Coach. Harness, toe ?On Thursday, May Zhb, ai 12 o'clock, foot of Wall .treat, owe two-eeat Rook away tnade by Ford, fkr 1 or 2 horrae; one enamelled leather top wagon, patent aalee, la perfect order, with eeat tor chil dren in front, made by Ford ; one single wagon, without top. Sstent axlai, made by Goodwin; ona coach, and aet of ouble harnaaa, toe. W. A. CARTER, Anotioneer, 07 Day atreet. NIW YORK HORSE BAZAAR, 31 CROSBY STREET ? Auction aale of Horace. Carriage., Harnaaa, Saddle., too., every Monday and Wednesday, at twelve o'olook. Persons having property to dispose or ?ill plena, call and hate it registered. JOHN U. GAT)'I ELI). Proprietor. STAFFORD HORSE. THIS VALUABLE MOROAN Horee ia uow offered for tola. He ia six year* old, dark bay, weighs about 1.200 pounds, i* a rapid road horae, gate up ?ery tin*, and a beautiful figure. He ia not surpassed by any horse in the State; perfectly kind, and ia all respeots sound, and has never been owned ar trained by a horseman. Staf ford, Conn., May, MAI. N. B.?I am permitted to refer to John H. Aldrich, 440 Pearl street. E. H. HYDE, 2d. TO BE SOLD?A HANDSOME. STYLISH PAIR OF Dark Bay lloraea, 16)4 beads high, aix vaara old. per fectly sound, and gentle and kind la aingle or double harness, will be told oDiirr their value, in consequence of tbelr owner *ilng to Europe. Can bo eeeu at C. Carll's Livery Stable, ultvn Ferry, Brooklyn, or addreaaU., Box 1,Ml) Peat Of flce, N. Y. For sale-a very handsome and costly ai coad hand Pianoforte, Boat-, a made, ia t' order, will be aold at a great aaerttlce, in coase-iueaoe at '.he family krsakiag up housekeeping. Apply to N. P. B CURT13S, Agent for Howes' American Patent Action Pianofortes, Ns. 123 Broadway, whore it can be seen. i For salf-a iast hoad horse. ( years old, fine driver, and kind nnd sound. Also, nn enamel leather top Wagon and Harneai, nearly new, the property of a gentleman leaving the city. To be eeeu nt I Klviugton street, near the Bowery. Also, several fine Road and Mart Horna. M. II. UNDERBILL, l.ivery (table. FOR SALE-A VERY FINE IRON GRAY HORSE, 15)4 hands high, rising five years old. of splendid action un der the saddle, wn-tanted to go a mil* in three minutes and a ball to alight wayon; sound and kind. To be seen, for a week, at Mr. Bur bar x's stable, oorner of Fourteenth Street and Fourth avenut, Union place. Apply to WM. KUINT.ON, 1(9 Fulton street. For sale?a pair or well matched, blood bay, 15 hand Horses, 6 and 7 years uld. They wers the property of a gentleman sons to Europe. They are war ranted sound and kind, ana are fast and stylish drivaro ; nnd for renl aerviee. it is rarely such a pair can be had. Inquire of Mr. Nvrria. at his stable, in Houston street, corner of Broadway, or of Mr. R. Cax, corner of Crosby nnd Prince street, where the horses can be seen from ti to 12 o'clock. For sale-a dapple grey mare, eight years old, sixteen hands high; warranted sound, and kind, with celt ten days old. Inquire at the blacksmith shop. No. 120 Church street. The tire of colt will he explained at the time of sals. POR SALE-TWO LIGHT TROTTING WAGONS?ONE with'i'ibixtt's patent axles; both of sunarior make. To be seen at Godwin's Carriage Warehouse, No, 114 Elisabeth ?treet. POR SAI.E.?A BEAUTIFUL ROCKA WAY CARRIAGE, never been used but once, made expressly to order, and said on account of the owner going to Europe. Any person desirous of pun hating such a vehicle, will fled a bargain by applying to D. JAKYI&, cornar Broadway and Twauty ttvruth street. _ For sale cheap?an elegant light road Wagon, without top. entirely new, and made by one of the beat city makers. Apply at wS Pearl street. Wagons for salr.?one lioht wagon. enamel leather top. built by J. Godwin, and one Without torn?both nearly new. Apply to Danl. W. Noma s stable, 6f?3 Houston street, one doorfrcm Broadway. Qfl (UIA HORSES. AND UPWARDS. HAVE BEEN OvjUvU cured in a few months 1>y the me of ltoyi's Columbian Liniment. For man or horse it atands preemi nent. Fee srrnins. ehnfee, swclllnxs, toe., toe , it ia sucoess fsl beyond a parallel. Sold at 1KI Broadway. 135 Chatham, and 5.7 Hudson streets. Very large bottles 26 sad 50 oents. VUARC1AL. M^ETB0POL 1TA X >A K K. -NOTICE IS BU1I? ' given. that th? third Inetalment oftwentydre f r oowi ob Ue capital (lock of the Metropolitan kuh, will Mptn I kit va Tliurvdar, 5th day of Jane mil, at tholr banking room. No. M wail ? treat. By orderof the Board of Direo tora. J. I. WILLIAMS, Caahier. Now York. May >*? >?!? Chicago city loan-ska led proposals mix be r?< ?uved at th? kl)?r'i office. lo tho city of Chloago, and at tho office of Straoj.oa A Scott, la tho olty^of Now Tork, until tho lot Say of Jnao Boat, for a loaa of Tweaty ?ve Thoaeand Dollara, for a term ni t oxeeodiaa ton yoara. The honda to ko iaoued la auao of notloao than Ivo hundred dollar* oaob, at aa Interact of ootob per ooataai par aaaaa, payable eewii annually, and prinoip* laad iatoroot parable at tho American Exchange Bank, la Now York, or at la* of fice of tho City Trcaourof, la Chicago. By order of tho Com Wt Stf CRN KB. Mayor. aot Council, Chioago, April *). 1M1. PENNSYLVANIA KAI I.ROAD?NOTICE TO CON traetor*.?Propooale will borooolrod from tho 9th to tho Uth of J on* neat, at Jekaetowu aad Summit, rot the (radinaaad maoenry of that part of the mountain divUioa cf tho Prnnejlranla railroad, botwota Altoaa, la Blair ?oiinty, and Prtngla'o l'olnt, a tew mile* below Jefforeon. ia Cambria, a dietaaco of Aft ml lee. Tho road wlttua thie dietaao* will orneo the Alleghany mouutaiae, encountering acme of the Lenvieat grading offered la thle country la ad dition to a number of eitenMve cutting*, em he ok moate. aad eulvarto. there will bo one tnaaol I.MJ yardo ia length at tht inmautof the mouatala, and another of AM yardo through I'rmalo'o Point. Tertna caah.monthly. For farther Infor mation, apply in Kdward Miller, Ee<t . Aaonoiato Kngiaaer, BUireirilla, Indiana county, or to Btrioklaad Kneaee, P. A. SmU-' ^'"^/'tel'fHOMSOM, Chief Engineer. Engineer Depertm t, P R R. Co., Philadelphia. May 1,1*51 OFFICE NEW J EKhEY EXPLORING AND MINI Co.? May JlKh, Ififll,?At a m?. ling of tho Shnrohol held thie day, at the Company') olBce, Newark, New Aoroey, the following gentlemen were aaaaimnunly elm:tod Diru - tore ? hnaiuol T. Jon* a, of New fork, Samuel Fowler, of New York; Ja me a L. t urtle, of New York, Richard Jonea, of Newark, New Jereey: A. C. Farriagtoa. of Newark- Now Jersey. William Oi Npuier. of Rnhway, Now Jeraoy; George W. Saeage, of Jer?ey City. At a euheejuiat moating of tho ptret tore, tho following aHeer* wre duly elected:? Jam.-e I., turtle Pre eider, t: Samuel Fowler. Vie* President; Samu el T. J| nee. Tie nearer; George W. Savage. Secretary; Alog nadi r M. Cucuato Aeei?ta?t S. '_retory order, GEORGE W. SAY AGE. Secretary. A C, I I ALU. i . >? JAMES | ftttOSEVr.LT. Scemmieaioaer*. MANN. Jr.. ) AlftA linn*? IEN5 ON R IND WD VfiST I *P" "i" "" " ' rage, In atime t ?nlt apph ante, ow pr? year*, en Productive Rial E'tat* la thiweity. Apply to

JOHN F. CttN Al t. No *1 Wall, doner of Broa i Hrowk. WANTED- ANY PFRSttN HAYING THII anil,not to ineeat. i on fnliio tn-?ty por annum f Ml, SI Office, H.', N allien elpeet MM iiiwt TO HU.uai wanted A PRACTICAL ?tlatMftF t ii - inc. e man. with f n m f t.iam to flthftW te join the advertlerr in a eaah manufa, taring Knain-aa. la thie and HaltimoT* city, whick page fr m IN t? IN -* "" doubted referent* will he n c aand repaired. UiUnfSie No i iifiipetitioB. BE I If If | WANTED?ON BOND AND JpiF.A'A/A' on a tlret einea hone* lad l"t. If caih a, worth ?" <?? la the Nmt'i ward, built I |2 500 -A GENTLEMAN OP. BCSINESS TA MOHAVtk V Al.LE V KAILKHAD - Till. HoOKS OF eubecrtp'-Min to the capital rt k of thla Railroad Will b*opened at tl i chemical Hank, and at the offie nf Arthnr N OMR rd, Nn lit Men hanla" Eg.nenre. na t ,? l!Sh iartaat. The report of tli* rurr?jr and eetimat** may ke obtained, aad a map nad pr. hlee of tli* ruata eooa at the latter placa. N otice to plan k *oad contr actor*.?sealed I a for knilding th? WilHam-Hnrrh eed Cyprooe Utile Plank Road, double traek. wttl bo re. . Irod at AT Broadway. New York, until thoSl>t laat. The r ad. about IJn n lleeln l-neth. to run Ir m Wllliamahirrt. end to can nert with the Brook!)o and Jemai. e plank road, ae\r the ertraare to the Cypreae Utile t *m*t*ry. Tor plan, epoutt C?||. n, grade, mapa, Ac A.- , ?[ i iy ?t (lie alSce nl Cyproaa Hill* Cemetery, ?T Bret-inky, va and after MoudaJP a*?A, Mith iaet. R. DRIGOS, ProeUoat. E. Lim itr. Secretary. -I active real eetalo in tbia ity. Brooklyn ot It llilameknnh. Sume of f.i.iik) and up* aide will ho loaned at It mr ooa* Tn leri-et, na olti r-al ??tete. Ipply to S, S BROAD, No. II WaU at., tn tae Crati n tt atot alSde bae. n.-at Ctln iwm UMI"' bl.iiJDi, BUieai 110'.n WXlF,Sf\/ta, WMWI Sl.MSP 9.tWS. to Loan on Bond aad Mnrt*?g*. at ?ir i?ro??' mt?re?t. for a tarm of tps nnn wantbb.?anypirson having this PflpVvV IWoail to inveet. i on foliro tweoty p< n? per annon^fi r.,"> < >e*r-. wtthont aar labor i rick. AnalytoM I,. SHELDON, Fire and Life faeuraace , hS Ni WANTED?ON BOND AND MORTUAOR ia a genteello ilvarnntfa, al |wr eent. ^io brokerage allowtd. Inquire. W Naeaau ?treet, Pooa -'I, fonrth etory, uf R. R> tir.edy. itLf\ nnnTOMM-i PAWNtRWANTED WITH M?t*# jS Ss as S ?! e above anoMiat of r-.i ?ady ea?v t* engage la it welt ee*ahliehad bnetneoa, new in full and eooennoful op?r a'l.n .n t lit* r Ity, and employing from Sit to f*l p. raona uoa atartiy. Call at the i Sice uf O. B. HOWES, M N'aaoao atreet at 10 A M aad A P M Ann TO AN A TIVE MAN. uitb MM ?'R J7ep,sysy\/ JJ.cni .at ital, ?r good ere lit, aiuiuaisted with the Itry gooda bn inc?e. and who wele di?poae.| to i-omtoenee the n.nnufa- tnrc of ailk go-'da, paying a lorge profit, an damllont nppor'unity ia now preeonted. Per particalara apply at No. MWFulton etreet, aecoad lenr. , lent and "p ro nee will loan, on good eo. u rtty, to ?tnc perron #*Aabli?hed in a rnepwclatle kualnaea, from >?,??) to fj./ev, and for which, together With tho eor rleeo of the nppli. ant. during Mnh houri. a fair eompotffia tinawlH l? fipceted. TVemoet eatiefactory rofemau*# *!? ea andr*sa>t"S Aa ugeacy preferred, t ldr aa B. W , Herald oliv. 4; I d kd k ? ANTED-A i.F.NTl.EM AN VERT MC II IN I " "J net lif one hundred delta r', I r four men the, will ray a tsrg* tenna for tha nan of |t.: an t will *tv?arhat?al n ? .'gee on pri pih wofAit t,wn or thpe* UiieaihaAatminal. Refervnod la tha Califumla lesetnter ffice. at Freath'a It t? i. MINE A ?1IIE BY BACBIBFR BEIN'I T. iTABLISIIRD In a In Iniin >? v! .|, hi n Gie to en'arpe. ia ile?irou? of I ? rr> e it g ? n" o. foi which he can give good ee nitty, end will per well ',pr the *!?? of the aa o. for eix atostha. A'iJrrag lidte. gt tb? ?B\c? ?f Ulla |?i 05. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THREE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. AIRlfU OF THE STEAMSHIP CANADA AT HALIFAX. The Anticipated Change in the Bri tish Ministry. Preparations for the Presidential Elec tion in Franco. IIHPROVEMENT IN COTTONv ?TATE OF THE HAKHETS, ho., Ac., fcc. BY IB* NOVA SCOTIA, NKW HRINSWICK AND MAINF TJOJSARArilS TO PORTLAND, THENCK BY BAIN'S merchants' TKLBMLAPH. * Halifax Tbleuraph Opfici, May26?8PM. The iteamehip Canada, Capt. Harrison, has just arrived from Liverpool, which port she left on the 17th. She has fifty-threo passengers for Boston, and ten for Halifax. The Canada experienced very rough weather during the first three days out. The news, which is three days later than was brought by the Baltic, at New York, is unim portant. Crowds sontinued to preea into the Crystal pa lace, and the Queen makes a daily private visit. The receipts of one day had been as high as ?3,000; season tickets still sold at first price. In tho ifause of Commons, after some discussion, the further sonsideration of the Ecclesiastical titles bill, by consent of the primate, was postponed to the ISHh. The Liverpool Journal says, " We believe that we are in ? condition to state that in a week or two tho Ministers will resign, and Lord Stanley aooept office. We are, at all events, quite oortain that this occurrence is expected by all the government officials to follow immediately on Mr. Baylie's Cey lon motion, should (which is calculated on) tho Ministers be left in a minority. Lord Stanley is now prepared to form an ad ministration. Great preparations are being made by parties in Franeo for the approaching election. General Cavuignac is now prominently put for ward as a candidate for the Presidency, and re ceives tho support of M. Emile do Girardin. Tho leading journals seem to favor his views. General Durreen, tho government candidate, is elected for the Department of the Lands. The Journal Aimogu has been seised for an. Bouncing that fourteen regiments have been ordered to Paris, and reiterating the stutoment as correct. Germany is motionless. Italy givH signs of disc ntcnt. The evacuation of the Danubian principalities was to be completed by llussia on tho 19th inst. Advioes from the Cape of Good Hope, to the 4th of April, have boen roceivod, and the intelli gence is most unsatisfactory. Sir Henry Smith had been compelled to fall back upon King Wil liam's Town, his force being inadequate to under take anything like a comprehensive military scheme. The defeat of the Caffirs by Colonel Somerset, only incited ths various tribes to fresh hostilities. The Markets. Oovrov ?On the 18th, the demand being large, and quantity offering reduced, prices recovered one-fourth to three-eighths from the extreme point of depression The sales of the week were 408.0 0 bales. The tone of the Manchester market had improved In I Liverpool and Manchester it was believed that the ex- | tn me point of depression had passed, and that business ' would resume Its course. I Financial..?The variation in Knglish stocks was not material, Consols were done (oj June at 07,and 97^ for money. A good deal <f activity Far evinced in | American stocks, and prices were genelMly better. Oe nnda Uomls, 107 l, to 107 Money is more la request. Fi ecs was offered on easier terms, and a decline of sixpence per barrel had been submitted to in some in- , stances. t I.iiuan Coan was in good request Win ?r was in fair demand, at previous rates Di ?? was dull, and without alteration in price Poaa was tn moderate demand, the transactions being , chiefly In, French An. Owing to the short supply | of American, hams were In request. I i i. maintain* the previous week's advance. Tai low was sixpence lower, and flat. Ki i.ii maintained the late demand*, and was steady. Trs was inactive for Congous, and prices were in favor of buyers. Other sorts brought previous rata*. Asm * ?Tin re had been a slight advance in pot*. On*.?fpcrtu and lard oil wsre scarce, and offered readily, at A'78 to ?86 for the former, and ?40 to ?44 for the latter. Ksiiuiits were quiet, and the tendency was down warde. Passengers were scarce. Mlil|i|tli>C liitrllljjnor c. A a ?i? rn mow N ? 1 .>**, April 1>V Artaaa. at Trieata; An He. Madeira. and rid I.Hn f >t Canary*; ."kith. 1-dkae. Operte; Up* I Marr V-ray, I *<111. 224. lirrm ???? ??, Ma il. ir*. III, Vrrtrl. I Itli.a; f i>nimr<i. r*. Cam. "t.i. ti?. Ilawlnrali; larba. K?r?<, Am*t?r<taaa; Admiral Ham; Iota, ( elunihia, l,irfrf??l: Empire Mate, daf Ellin, ill Pi'ttiand; farewell. at Hantaan*; llth. "1Irm Mark." SrUWli BtaUaaaan. Ilarra; Oiuit, dv; b'.aii Fr iti fnal; 12th E Z, l.lerrp r.t Carl. a. Ilrlrort. T?l?rla. Taael: IMh Hi lliMf, l.leerpaal; Mh. Tt pa*. Cadli; llth VrliMiilj. and 2*ai iia I arolm* B.rmra: IHt, Yalnnli. Watartvrl; liar male, tljlai lllb, llr laU I'miI, ?>? Hutin**. ffaugi ma N?w Vo*k. April a??3nlt**a, fmni Malta; 2Ab, Ellen, Haafta; Ma* A, Mlehael, Cailli; Uh, 0*<>?*** ga mmA" m i Arm, Ceil*; Flora. H> laoat; "th. Ilerettle*. Mrlfaat. Malta litlinidl* Ra\r*. Ileaprr*. Bome*. Rltharl Cabdaa, 4*; ff*h, Th.maa. V lairhut ? r llr.w. Itr"r*rha??n; Harriet, ? ljd?: Wl|t?a Caail* Cinhaeen. Rararla. Ilaer*; Alt* I Intnl. Trait"#; l"th, II ?**? r. Brem-n. Fteiae.a, lirrm-r'.* ?? Artadna. wn Vlt ta. Mar**lll-a; I'th <>i?ia : U'trpwli IAh, Bella. Ilrrifk; Arodail*. lj*?rp?d. Ra#pO> I t leant k. 4a Vlrt. rl*. r?.rt?m .nth; 1.1th Aft'lta. IJraf I pael; Kane, Cardiff Mirabel*. Meant*. March Mh fr.'tw Oib raltar; 11th. Fi.rtnna, Dahlia; I.Wh, Hear*, l>*al; Mr. Shield*; (.arruk, da; U*y Maaacrtag. da; lath. Loradnaa, Llrrrpnol. Mil rr ron It raw lat.ano?May 12, ladepeadeaea, trim I l.irrrpanl. Anniran una Boaron ? April 21, II..hart, at Imyrna;; Mar ff, C*U-line. Capaat agen. It*iirr> *n* Beam* - May I, William, fmia Oadlt; 3d. I Emily, Nenport; Oe?n< Raynaa. I.I **r peel. [ The linen l-etwei'n Portland an<l llal.fat worked *ory badly laid night, and the abowe in ail we repaired up to l be hour of going to preaa ] Tile Oaadrn dlnrtlrrn, dir. Bai tiwar. May M 1M1. We hare no mall nouth of Richmond to-night A nian named Shaw hue I wen a rrcated. at Cheatertown. charged with being concerned in the murder* of the Condon fnmlly, on the oath of a wllnean, who *ay* that Hhnw lotd him all Uielr plan* for the murder, ar.d who wa* precent Ve*terday. ffhnw eonft"?-d that Taylor. Murphy. Bhelden. and him*e|f. were preeent when the murder* were committed The tilal*of the partien oommence on Wednemlay. Affair* In Float on. RIDDEN DEATH?VETO OF' THE WHARF nif.T.. Ra.ror, May 'iff, 1*111. Nathan A Crary noap manufacturer war found dead In hln Fed at tho Central limine, thin morning A yerdlet of death from nome raune unknown wan rendared. tiorernor Bout wall'n ftr*t r.-to wan made on Mntunlay fetolng tho bill of the Honton Wharf Company h?r an enteneion tif wharf The bill originally paired both liounrn by a large majority. Mtenmahlp HontFierner. Cwaai reraw, May 91. 1W>1. Tn eon*e?|neree of the low water on I'harb-nton bar, lha ?dram.hip Routhcrncr did not leave for New Vork until Sunday morning. IglrM*. LawBrwen. . May 31 11.11 T W Tihl-rt*. formerly a broker in lb**1 *. o .mmltted oirid* In Ihla town !;? t erctiln.-. by bl >wing M> brain* ut with a pt*ti.| lie m< at i n. time an eytenalTa ?peenlat'.r 'n ea?tem and niRer?l large pecuniary !?>*?*?, 11* hff* left a wife gnd three children The MMHthiueHi Congressional Kleetton. ONE WHIO A.VD ONE FKEKSOILKK ELECTED. Borrow, M*y 26. 1851. The ehction in the Second dUtrirt has resulted in the choice of the Hon. Kobert Rantoul. free noil, by a plural ity of about l,bOh vote*. From the Fourth district we learn that Mr Thompson, whig, ia chonen by a plurality not exceeding 150 vote*. A few towns have been heard from in the Beventh die trict indicating tha election of Henry W. Bishop demo crat , supported by the coalition. Boston. May 28?11 Midnight. The return* from twenty-Sre towns in the Second dis trict foot up a* follows:? Bobert Rantonl, free soil 7.188 C F. Uph?m, whig 8.1)8(1 B. F. Brown dem 688 Scattering 1J Mr. Rantou) is elected. Bfr Thompson's plurality in the Fourth district will fall rhort of 100. There is some doubt of Mr. Bishop's election in the Seventh district. Boston, May 27?1 A. M. Thirty-nine towue in the Fourth district foot up as fol lows:? Benjamin Thompson, whig 8,218 John G. Palfrey, free soil 6.155 Richard Frothi ogham, dem 671 This ire nearly doub.V the April vote. Mr. Thompson is elected. Mr. Biehop, coalition, is undoubtedly elected in the Seventh district Item* fnuu Waihlngten, DI'KL PRrSTHAt'KI)?THE PARTIES HOUND TO IUIKP the MM' r:?THi- WMMIH IIWBI1 AIPQIIH i MMVBa Rtc. Washinqton. May 26. 1851. Messrs. Ilooe and Dallai. who left here yesterday event hag to tight a duel, were arrested early this morning at Blade nsburg, and bound aver to heep the peace. The principals, with their seionds. Cot. Thisnpson and De. Jourdau. were aguin bound over by Justice Morsel!, tld* j afternoon, to Beep the pea*e,in the sum of 65 000 each. A special agent, from the Post Office Department ha* been ordered to take charge of the Macon post office. (ie< rgia. until the appointment of a successor to Connor, the late postmaster. who absconded Postmaster Hall will not return until Saturday J B. Orwin, of North Carolina, has been promoted to a 61-200 clerkship in the bureau of provisions and clothing, . vice FiUebrowti. promoted. II H. llelfer. of N 0., has heed appointed clerk in the Navy 1 department, vice Orwin. The anniversary meeting of the Bible Society was hold at Lauriu Church, this eveuiug It was largely attend ed. The Rev. Mr. Stockton and Mj. Jenkins were i amongst the speakers. The New Orleans Opera troupe opened here to-eight and had a crowded audience. Secretary Webster at Albany. Albany, April 2<k 1851. Daniel Webster will arrive here tomorrow evening, on the invitation of several citiiens, among whom are the following leading democrats: ? Frastus Coxuiug. Kli Perry. Henry H. Martin. Wm L. Marcy. Oideon Haw. ley, and l>r Theodore U. Beck He will speak at the Capitol, at uoon. on Wednesday, and In the evening dine at Congress Hall, on the invitation of the young men of our olty. Cholera at the Well, Loltsi iul, Flay 26. 1851. Despatches have been received here, announcing the appearance of the cholera at Alton. JerseyviUe. aud Springfield. Illinois. Almost every boat from New Or li an* has some deaths on board. Two Day* Later from Pernsmbnro. Bosioa, May 26. 1851. The brig Henry has arrived here from Pernambuco- j bringing dates to the 26th ult. There h&^bccn as yet few cases of yellow fever. Among the deaths was that of the wife of the captain of the American bark Muskingum. ; Only two American ships were In port, and business was q uiet The Henry reports the ship Palestine as having beeu condemned The bark Mu-kinguin was repairing for Nsw York. Fir* Day* Later from llaytl and St. Do mingo. B..ston. May 26. 1861 The AM Story brings Cape Ilaytien paper* to the 6th j instant. Trince Bobo, the fugitive chief, had not yet be< n found Two < f his adhereut* had been taken, and ? publicly shot at the Cape The schoouer A M Hale from 8t Domingo City, re ports Siat the Domlnicau* have not the least idea of in vading the territoiy of the Uaytiens. They staud ready to repel any Invasion. The General Presbyterian Aaacuibly at St. Unla. St. Loria. Mij 30 1851. In the Oeneral Aaa< rahly yesterday, the Judiciary Committee Mil.milled a report, no the complaint of Wil liam Lively, agaiuat the Synod of New Turk, which wa* referred to tha next Ueneral Aaarmbly. A tvaolution wa? adopted, declaring It to he the de*ire of the Assembly that Mr McOIH should retain office a* professor la tha Western Theological Seminary, which he recently rvaigued It 1* understood (hat ho will ac quiesce. The report of the Domoetlr mU.inns waa submittal The ft -tgnatli n of S A Alexaudar. profe-?or IU k>rtnee ton Seminary. War accepted Winninir May 31. 1861. Keporla from lh? lioarda of KduewM'm were aubmilted. and no inhere of llic hoard of foreign MUnion, were elected The Her M. l.nrthon W Jacobu. waa i Ueted pr if.-Mor of Oriental and Biblical Literature for the WesternTheo logical Seminary. Cangraia NomlnaUon In Virginia. IUltimobi . May 2D. It51. The whtga of the Fourth diatlict of Virginia hare no minated Col. I Ldip Boiling f>r Congress Thi- dialriet waa repii f. nted In the U-t Cougrrae by Tho. 11. Hoc ?k. d< nn? rat. Affalra In Ball I more. arrival or bimhai. Mcotr?hailino or tub SMBHU Diiriwnar, May .'A 1841 fleaeral Winfiiiil Scott and family ameed her thi. morning and ti* k lodging- at Berntiiu'a Motel Me ha. bci ii to look at the \\ Site House. The rli'p lo lena. Kane, -ailed to day for New York, where ehe will be put in railing ord> r Thi* will be a gr> at relief to the telegraph luws . peratoca. reporter*, and the ( til lie New Line between Boston and Liverpool. Iluarin May 31. l-ol. T lie n. w line of propellers beiwi en thi. pori and Lieeg* p a I will ci pin11 iic- i in,ning on theflr.l id July [When Air they to U hutlt to tie ready by that time '] The line wiil ei inpri-i-fnnr flr?t claaa ?ea-eU The llmt to he of l.'otl to l.atat ton- burthen, and named the st S Lewi. She will he 1 :*ai bore- power. Captain W t' Itar.t iw will conimaiel her Her .accessor la to he called the llobert U Shaw !!? r burthen i. ?J.uuu toaa, MARTiietqrK papora to the Itiih alt, have been received. Thev contain uSutbl accounts "f tho quantity of pnnhrc ahippod in Janu.vry and Keb rtmry from Martinique ami tiuadaloupc Krrnn Martinique the nmouut of sugar exi*?rte<l in those two month, ia 2.Ml.if7M kilogrammes, and front liuadaloupe it ia SM,f7S kilogramme- tin com parison with the orrrcapotuling period of the nhore give* an ii?orea?e to Martinique ot 7Vl,?iH kilogrammes, and a fallitg off at tiuaiialoape of l!>l,iiWi kilogramme*. Tha Cimrrier a??rtb?* thi. melancholy n ault, an regard* ?.uv.laloupo, to the weakness of the prcacnt administration It aay- ? (oiooel Ft-ron "rote I act year to the Mintater tkil lalxw waa pri ce< ding aa agreeably and actively aa ooni l ba deeirrii Vt hat an-wer could he now make to the Mlin.tor that Mould .ay to him How nMm it i hat in the doaclri ua year ISf 0. a year of incendiarism there Were 1.Mat hbda of augar inade tip to the let of March while to the l.| of March. IH61. your governor nt ha- not fUrn tabid more than 1.330 Tin* I* truly a aa I atate of thing- f?r a eoiony of 1th.DM awwb. and "how average riport, during the previous thirty year, .howed M.OUD hi.da of sugar a veer. Aa rvgntd* Martinique, we read aa follow*! ? Martinique which hae not the mi.fortune of having electi d any Mi ntagtiard for lie reprmcntu'lvs, uid which owe* to lie own good apirlt tta ? *? mpthm from the rigor* of martial law. I. ia quite another position ller prtaliie lion ia incnaard and Improving In the month of Janu ary thl.rnhuy exported "J "Ml lihd? of augar. ami In Feb ruary 4 l on hf 'la -nrpa.-ing the produetuMi of IViO by l.MAi hhrts . and Hint of ls*V by twenly hhd. Thi* u a happy rvwult. and augur, a crop !<>r the year of 40 otAl hi d*. Pt.'HUiT lli vie.Ti't.?On Sat ur Jay, snr- ?h > RkMaad, u apofUmaii, tiARaed J. M ?r tin cr. rp cttly f.? tit New Vtuk. (the Sn/imtr at i air of bim a. .1 Mo. inner, off IWtilU'ire,) Waa alict Ritb a l> tolioi, oO ( a .- --ires', n ?r Twelfth, hi a fpttrg wan ft? tn ? irolit.e f?utlty, im u >1 \, .1. Hi'iunati'. II. thre tu l iio intke head ? ?l toe in ?? .tli ' "l ' '?? til l;t i it :? I u of Ill-fat ? ot 1".? ',ii k'1% I a utv. die to aoid io U*\. stt%4 iSedL-utr&'a . City Intelligence. Oathi hivc. or tmk OwTfioooi >xd H iirsite QrtirM ? Eer the UM Uuw or four day* throe nlrgioiu sect* haro hem congregating into thin city, from all (juarten of tlte State?from Ggwada. Y'ermnnt and Michigan?and are now holding densely crowded convention* in their respective placer of worship- in Hi we. Heater and Orchard clew U, for the purpose of regulating their religious matter*, ami other private conceran peculiar to the order, for the pro em! year There meet rugs are strictly private, hut on Wednesday (to-morrow) a puMic oourcatiuu will be held in each of their rhurche.-, when adra melon will be giren ta nu mbers of any other denomination wh-r may wish to attend. The Uirksite* wiifo pen their Hire tinge in Kartec and Koae street firm-riser, m naif part lO o'clock, and tbo Orthodox in Orchard rtreet. at 10 o'clock A. if. The la dies of the liicksite order held their nieetrag in Koaa rtreet church yesterday, the ftentleincu ig He*.* ataeet, and the Orthodox in Orchard kl(V<-t?the male* and fe male* occupying bcparate apartment* of ttsr latter church Pima.?The frame grc.cerjr on tVr comer of Mo.tfa and Water street?. took tire yesterday uibrniuc. atd wca con sioerahiy damaged The So** i* ooruibd by Igrutsace. The camphine distillery. 64 Downing street.owuvd by Charles Starr, ??> destroyed by tire on Sunday afternoon. Low probably exceed* >10 #00 Mkokal DcraaTMKNT ok tux Oxivr.aairr or Nxw Yuan. ?At a meeting of the council of the UntmMy, held en Monday evening, May 36th. I?r Alfred 0 Poet, of New York, was elected Professor of tHirgery; at*' I>T Meredith firmer, of Philadelphia. Professor of the Bra-tire of Me dicine Dr Post ha* hecn long and furorably known aa an eminent teacher and practitioner of surgery ; and hit connection for many years with the Now Yo.-t; Hospital, has afforded him ran- facilities for prosecuting his fa vorite department I>r Clymer is known by his teaching and writings, and by his connection with the ."htladei phia and > irginia medical school* He was afeo foe many yeara clinical j-rofersor of medicine in the Phila delphia liorpital. Tin Hi s* Poimi vt?The people cf New Vnihbarn 1>? come eunrinced that, aooner or luter, all of our poia cipal thoroughfares mnst he paved on the Kusa ayttena. A pnyi ct is uow before the Commou Council to lay it down h? twi-i n t'nion opuar* and the Bi/tterv, omitting^ of a<>urse. the place* when- It has bean laid; and ttra commute* to whom- it was referred will report thki evening The grooving of the stone* reiuoeea the only objection there erer waa to th? pavement; and now that that diOculty has been obviated. the public will demand that this system of pavement shall be laid down not only throughout Broadway, but throughout the Bowery and other hading streets. Thi st* Park or PorA*rn? lltot mh?Hi* Honor, Mayor Kingsland accompanied by several member* at the Common Council, visited, yesterday, the ground* called Jones' WimhIs. situated at 3ixty-?ixth straet, lying cast of the Third areuue. consisting of about >80 aarea, extending down to tlia Past river These ground* nrn wry romantic, containing H. int spleudid trees, hills, valley*. stream- of water, he., capable of being ?.,t one of the most beautiful pleasure grounds anywhere to be found on this island YVe hare not b urned the result of the inspection but in a few d-sy* it 1* possible a re port will be presented before the Board of Aldermen. BiLvraTovK*?We had the pleasure of seeing, yeater dey, a very < lsgant sJvcroup. with the following inscrip tion TO JOHN SKTTON. ESQ. nr tmk KiMiati or NlBto's ORCHESTRA, _ . N. Y., May W. 1S5I. This was presented to the w,a-thy manager by Big r^ Manna, the leader It gives us the greatest pleasure U uotiac these tokens of cogard Sir. 8 baa bten the ma nager for nearly sixteen years and is much beloved by all who hare erer been fortunate enough to be under Mia management, both as a genthunan and friend. Movi.mimi ox 1'iai mem.?By the two o'clock trail fram Philadelphia, yeatenlay. the Columbia llos? Com pany of Philadelphia hi rived in this city, on their way to visit Boston and Albany. Yesterday morning the Marion Hose Company of this rlty received a telegraphic despatch, announcing the coming of the Columbia Hons, and the number* of the Marion prepared a sumptuoun dinner at the Tammany Hotel, to which they and their guests sat down about three o'clock. The Columbia in accompanied by a detachment of fifteen instruments from Freeman's I'liiladeiphia Brass Bund The euitiag party number* fifty-one fine looking young men After dinner they marched to the City Hall, and were received in the Governor's room by Mr W Smith. Alderman ad the Kleventb ward.and Assistant Alderman Webb.of tha Ben-nth ward They were then conducted to the belfrwy and other parts of the building, after which they wen escorted t" the steamboat by their brethren'of the Marrow Hose After visiting Boston llu-y wlil proceed to Albany, where they wilt remain for two days tjn Saturday after noon Ihey will leave Albany forthiacity, and will remain till Tuerday the gut st* of the Marion llose <'omparty The ho*e carriage is a renuirkably handsome, and neany ext t uted piece ot workmanship, pr.inb-d white, with blira strip*-* aud richly dec .rated with *llv*r and g<4d pla ting*, aid. taktn altogetii r the Columbia lloeehaan r< sp? ctalde aud imposing appearance, and. musk atlnmt attention wherever it passe* CoLl m?ia> Kvtuvx Iomum No. 14?Y't Mentay mrfs. log a deligatlon from Cohimbian Engine Company No. 14 of this cdty. departed for Pbiladelpliia, fhr the purpose of bringing thrlr splendid engine from the painter's, win re she hss been for the last sewn mouths it hrwuld. she is one of the handsomest at present aaioag the Near York engines Im WtiHisoTo* CovTivttittli Capt Hand, of New ark. N J., passed the Hnold ofhee yesterday, on tbaic return from Bnoklyn. whi ts they were on a visit to tha Brooklyn Continent as They were accompanied by tha .lifferson Bra-* Band, of Newark The Brooklyn Con tinental* eecortrd them to the boat on their return b- me ^ liey an- a very finely drilled corps, and attracted n.m -h attention Mh iiasi ft unit?On Sunday last, ths Bonis* f* Dei Me* mu-tering fifty uiuskets. conunanded by Oaat I'urdy, of the National Theatre, and aooompanisd by bht-llon's bras* band paraded as an escort ami tiring party. ove-r the remain* of tlieir late military and dra matic associate. Mr Joseph Dunn Bsveral actor* and friends, and the member* of the Actors' Order of Kriead ship. ftjlowi-d the procession to Greenwood I'emi hit j. where the usual military rxrrelcr* concluded a cmw mony that was conducted witli i -oimunity and propriety that would have reflected credit upon a more cxporieweud c< n-|<aoy Thi Biiootim. Ah air?We noticed in .Sunday* Urtnld. the fact 11 a shot hating bccu Bred through the window cf the residence of Mr Devtd Cudlip. rmldlng in li rty-i iRhth street, which b?U came very near taking effect in the lo ad of Mr Cuilltp who was sealed at Has window at the time Captain Mnynard. of the Nlam In nth ward police. Iia* Investigated the imittsr. and has HM-i-rtsliH d thut the ball was evidently sliot aecidentally fn m t lie direction of some parties who wriv shouting at a mark a dietince of some hundred yard* off Tha Captain i* satisfied that the shot w?? the effect of earv li+-ne*? or accident, and not the work of an s-usiia, aa was at first believed Nil* Ynia ?? Biavi.i " Twi*? ?We b-?rn from a highly ri-peetable physician, that on ye-rerday. the Wifi of a worthy rituen in VI a. hiagton street gave birth to twriaa, vim were ronnei ted with esch other similarly to tha Hismese twins, I liang and Eng One of the rhiMrea livid a few minutee afrer the other was born It u ta ha n gri tted that the iK-iieate feelings of the parents pre Vi ntid thi Ir living preserved for sclent ifle exsraination . A Cmimi Kn lri> hv t Btai.i?Y estciday atterninn a child named tieorgr Wlllhua- ag 1 three years, was iua over by cm- of hiv-fe's stage, while pa-sing down tIra Eighth avenue The wheal of the stage passed ovsr tha breast ol the child, killing it lmttantly Coroner Hear wss ralli d to lold an I a-j nest en the n. dy at the rest di nee of its parent-. No Eighth avenue Ins. baa v of Mr Bui B Tow mend, at Clifton, Sts'-a I-iand was yesterduy morning accideotaily dcatr- ?yml by fire Content* saved, binblhiir insured Ths Nse I it a r Ho?i 1'aLiMs- ?. from Albany Basin, took u| wsrds of f,-ur lio-ussnj pn rngsrs on th* ferry in Mateo Island, on Bnuday. at sit rent- each Police Intelligence. 7"W C'imtrmimrr oj ? km?A conflict t'^ik place yea tcrday niomirg at the premises No 177 Broadway up stairs, between .-amui I C hwarts. residing at ill r?nth atn-et and Betijamin f I'owe'son, a ilajucrieotypi-.t. who it >oe|n? fr< m the nature of tlo a--ault had tntrnded aw the right- and pr-vilnce* of Mr Bwarti. by kisdug tha fair cheek of Mis* Clark It s-em . from the fe ll iu the case that Mr l'nw.-1-on lid take th-- llh?-rfy to kiss Mian I lark, which kiss it appear* pas-rd lima the fair ons'a Bp* to the ear of bar devoted fi o-ud. who at oaae vowed vengeance and reparation for the supposed injury An c< rdtaglv. trrepsred with a heavy rawhide and ara-iai. panie.| h'v IBs fiirnd Mr Raiouel I'oiittey they proceeded t. III. bu-lness place of Mr I'oweloil 8w*rl* callvl h m into the entry and aaked hiui if he knew Mis.- Jnha ? lark, axd being an-wmd in the affirmative. Mwarta dl r< I tid a blow with lile Ast whteh took effect on the n jaa id his adversary km-king luiu against lb<- wall, and the Idond fb wed fresly C< nkiy. tin friend of Pwarti. at.set by wub the hug' cowhide ready td - go ta" if the eir-.' 11.tost.ino s of the ruse <J. eimd it m-'-cary Th- pott. were rslled (n and Bwnrtt arid hh friend Conksy We ra e> nvvyid before Jodlce bolbrup whs on bearing ? erne, took the Complaint of Mr Powi Ison. and held fg, two a -aiiaul* to hail to answer the charge at court ( Irrult Courts Before Juilx* King M?i 84! ?John E tanNcsteVs Dauicl P Co' .neer? This I* an action cf replevin, to try the rights of the par lw- to # -.HI birsfiels of com The complaint St age* that off the Yffh of March. 1HM>. defendant apt>plkw<'4 t<> plain tiff s agents t? purchase the corn In 'fneatlofy and that the asent*. In the first instancs. derlinedi hut subas i|in ally, upi-n the representation of defeiwfegit that ha had arranged for money as soon as t/ae ijuaatlty *?I ?? rvlaini-d sgti-ed to sell at M c-nta the btghel on ? mOi tlun that es h should he paid on deliw.y which condi tion he agreed to; hut when he gg t P'Wesssfhn. he refrisnd to payer return the corn. TD- complaint further al ii ged that difrudant waa liiaol- *?t ?* the time he mad* the riA-rrseiitatlon. he km W h< w is unahis to p?* l-ll. watd then Issued a wtI'( ,g replevin, and too* the go ,h out of bi* pos-csxi.,,, THo defendant, hy td* answer state*, that on the 2th ef March. 1H4B, he pur 1 based the c tii from pkalntiCs agouta. in the ordinary way at the prlw namii'. n* complaint, was tc tw paid fer In r*?h and the c wn detivercd according direc tion B wn acer r<n,in\y ib Itrsre t hefawen the -rtth if March and Id td April. IrAu "i l the ship Aah burtf ii tin n adtr. rtto d to-ail for E irU'v! ontkedth ? f Af nl but Ira item, .| the delivery was conditional, nr that he nbtaine d the ? ro under lite ell -instsneea. OT