Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 28, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 28, 1851 Page 2
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Vorso Qi- akib ? Wobll j I'aiB. NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham itreet? Lalv or the Labb?Tmalaaa. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, Broadway?National Gcabd ? ? OILU I 1 AIB. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Mechanic' Hall, 472 Broadway ?RttuoriAx Minatbalsv. PILLOWS' MINSTRELS. Pfltowi' Maiieal Hall, No. Hi Brwadway?Ethiotian m v . AMERICAN MUSEUM?AWI'U.IO PrBroBWAWcxt At riBrOOK AND EfKNINS. \?w York, \V4<lnt?lay, Slay EN, IBM. Nummary of like Latrtt Intrlllgeucr, The returns of the special election in twelve of tae Srr ue district - of thi- State, held yesterday, although but few have come to hand, indicate the rueeess of the friends of the ('anal Enlargement in ?fcr* e or more of the doubtiul districts, wh eh will b- enough to enuUe the whigs to carry this project through the legislature. Vt'e Warn by telegraph that tho Board of Coin Mwnnei - f< r the adjustment of land titles in Cali fornia, hiss been completed under the bill passed At the last session of Congress, and that they will ?eon organise, l'his will be g"<)d news to the peo ple of Californ:a. We doubt, however, if the 4e-a*i"Ut of the Commissioners will be satisfactory, tor In b majority of instances, no doubt, they will net meet the approval of the rival elaimants. W?- also Darn that Mr. Webster has arrived at Albany, and will maae a speech to the people of the' "ity. '?n the toplei of the day, this afternoon. From Halifax, we have sonic additional European ??'?imerciaJ and -hipping intelligence brought by the ("anid*, mads will be due in the cityto Btrrow morning Wfb.lrr ? ?pr?rh-Who U l,.ro..elete..t ? The Ii<>n Imniel Webster, Secretary of State, baa atuiouii-eJ h* intention to deliver a speech lanUy in Albany, on the topiet of the .lay, ??i to give bu opinion on the slavery agitation, j and the couro- pursued l>y the free soil au.l abo buoo fanatic who have kept the country in bv water and eonfusion worse confounded for remrMpa-t- His speech at Buffalo wr MM ot kl. beat effort*, and w.ll no doubt pr-duce a gx) 1 tffe. I on We#tern New Vork, a region tha". is be- J K^hted on the subject of slavery. It is not often tha' the d. main ot Seward, Weed h. t o. is invaded by ? statesman of Mr Webeser's ability: but when It is, the orator leaves his mark behind, in the re- i aeti.n in men's opinions which he produces, .-o ?ample-ely haxe the JwopU of the rural districts fewa carried away on the subject of shivery, that i have no doubt Mr- Webster's warning to them, ttat the institution of slavery, as it exists, was guarantied to the *>uth by the constitution, an I that those who make war on it are in reality thi ?e?-.??v.lusts and di?unioni*ts, will do a great d al of good. This was no doubt news to many, who. undercover of the higher law doctrine, con sidered themselves at liberty to deny to tho >uuth their constitutional righw, while they exacted their own ; Our Konriente eotcmporary. the Trtlmmt, r n tinu. . it* attacks on Mr Webeter's Buffalo speech, and >s laboring very bard to show that Mr. eb r*r is inconsistent?that he does not eatertain ,, on the Slavery faction now. whicfc.he did . few years smee Well, what of that We ad ?ire the sentiments expressed by Mr W ebeUr in hi. last speech at' Buffalo; but we admit, at the seme time, that they are different from three which he formerly .nu rt-.ned on the same reject But what of that! r-.ppree he has changed-we ed?.' he hae ehanged-have not the North generally ehang- d! Would it have been laswhle to reaver a fugitive elnve fr-nn Massa. hnsvtu. or any lbs r l art of New l .ngland, ?r ere. from New York, a >..r or two year, . agn! No. be-.use public opinion wu..much different th- n fr- m what it Is eon hen the public mind of tbe North was sarrWd .way on this slavery sub- j |?ct there were bat f. w |,r .mii.ent rt at.-men who fMnnt bead to the MaM, and ther ruhiie journal but the A'sw ? Htrrnl!, In this J1?y. which maintained He original on the ?ubj.-et. fcstn the Jmmd of Corearer* wboh i??w re enthmiaiU" i? ofpfw-uiou h the asti'.a?*ry drslru '?*? ?. ana -he F.r. re*., ami other paper- -bleb we -reld name j < .rei the hoe and cry ?f fb. dny. and were opr-d t.. the Booth and t. Hwutherv, inetitwtk?. s, e- mo b a* they r u 4 w.U he But three jfenali saw the err- r of j lb. r oay*, end W - ame e- ?'inaud thai if they pre- , a. ?? 4 in tbe e? ut?e ?t '"h th* y were then par-... g. and reme ns d tbe direi sa fnoat-w ^ N^'h * U- - wild a. I reehk-i raieer. the I -re of th-w Male, would are rely be swdaageted, bat 'Bat, la the later- e. urse ef tb uf. to w u d be eventual* 4essr..ved 1 w. jowraah are ly p-reed aad d-iV rated re tb. ^wews that would natu ral -y falls.w fr ? s uae?f U tbo c arse which th. y bad fbr a bag tree |K'lre ? u '"'f4 ? Tber saw that as It was, th^y bad gre ?re far. ami ?has they ha.i b-'- d %' km.ile tlM W< ntd re ,i. i t? ?? ?" ' ' *' ' *' *h Tbey breufdi. gly r. trae* I the if Hepe. a? d -u 1-n ll g| VlM aad intelligent patrWte *' tbe seeetry ? Clay. Web*ier. t are. red .'her d - nf? 1 men la < ntrereee??? b?'ngWg abuM red preMedlag tbe , ??,rmi ? n????" ? >?*?- B. ?? are rein , ftrd. ae? -4 ? k ? ' a a Weailf l>retbe readl-ma af the f bl mi'?d breh Nartb aad -reth. a' the r ?? the larese...-. ?* V U" B. -u tb. Nurtbere as I -.ath. maiei I. .stream .mi " the More* af llepr.srerat ?** tank tbe-r seat- w.<h the bderun"*1 ire. ?y* T 1 w ??sn ??, are t< ahare rem tittle *r *re J** yoepreu e pr. ndfee*. but ?a rerey their aMra prla rtpls. leeo eff.H. If ' reuldbs *t? aad, if it wer. la.prrees.blctadare.tasleg the wheel- -ffveru ?et.tby *ithh?ddsag Ibe apfreprx. re for 'be r? ?|ti# 1 f istoi*nF dnee ar<< ?t. a I ?. saff tbre- bad Br*g re rurte-a <a pub ' rt ? !** ??ff" 't4#' ^ bad adhered u> r re gre 1 - ? *Ba< Would l av hew Ux I ' 1 ? 'B*y d? 1 ?'*' Tbey ebaag-4 their aph re?1 e- Md Wehsar amoe g thew -aid ? ?? wne cU pa*??ge tb s- aamprvretss u-aenne. ?ai tb? sal*a< ? ? "I tbe Ueba W # heaae tb- - g< mleere ? fw ebreg ?ag their opt. on* w, heare lighl Webref B gbaagu.g ?eepr a* W? aei red f?- ? *# f"' a ptatewnaa who wenM are -baage his g?eer with the thaag ag simadswa nrread Ma | Me who a il ?*? aa ?pi?? ? * tre my. has- 1 aa <*rtaia tlrramrtaaree is ? I- ' im w , j,! ebaaga Ik trerearrow d -dbe* aad diffrere Mr J mma?aaorerreae?abreka"w ewge It le are rea aieteney to adbefr W aa opteiea wmeb. wh*a ?r* er? eatortamed it, we thaaghe right, hat which. ?? - -x, ore-.e'^r^ ?tanees. ere arc satisded W wroaf xo* reren m i<w-<meietency might, with a ne I I"*' ?barge <4 iacoamreary m ?- _ - ^ grirty, Bart here ?rda?-wi ?*? lata * bm Peel- At one time, it is well known he wee la freer of the imposition of e high tariff on the importation of foreign grain and breadstuffs He was a* one time a strong protectionist; but in the latter part of his life he became a moderate free trade man; and if he had lived a few years longer, he would, no donbt, have slided completely into the advocacy of free trade doctrines to the fulleet extent. There wae no inconsistency in that. Sir Robert Peel changed his opinions, as Mr. Webster has Jane. Every man has a perfect right to do so, without incurring the charge of being inconsistent. much, then, for the Tritmnt'i objections to Mr. Webster's speech at Buffalo. For ourselves, we would despise a man who would not change his opinions when he was satisfied that those which he previously entertained were erroneous. It is this sticking to certain opinions which hus made the party press so insipid, worthless, and, as a general thing, despicable as it is. The Massacih-setts Representation in Con. cress.?After an immensity of trouble, noise, con fusion, intrigue, and rascality, the representation of Massachusetts in the next Congress is complete, and a motley concern it is. It is like a chequer board?here a dot of black, and there a dot of white. The following list embraces the names o' all the representatives S? NATO lis. 186-1?John Davis, whig 1867?Charles Sumucr, free soil. RtrUIISTiTII ? Di.-t 1. William Appleton. whig. 2. Robert JUutoul, free soil dem. " 3. James II. Duncan, whig " 4. Benjamin Thompson, who?. 5. Charles Allen, free soil whig. " ti. lieorge T. Davis, whig. ?? 7. John Z. Goodrich, whig. '? 8. Horace Mann, free soil whig. " "J. Orrin Fcwler, whig. u 10. Zeno Scudder. whig. The election of the representatives from the Second, Fourth, and Seventh districts, was tho first that was held under the new plurality law?a law which it was necessary to pass, if Massachu setts desired her representation to be complete, for} under the old system it was evident no election could be expected. It would appear that in tho Vnitcd States Senate, Massachusetts has one whig and one free soiler, and in the House, seven regular whigs, two freo soil whigs, and one free soil demo, crat. Well, if Massachusetts is content, wc do not see that any person can complain. The War in Kaffraria.?According to the last accounts from England, it appears that the in telligence from the seat of war in Kafl'ruria was very unsatisfactory, and that i?ir Ilenry Smith, the commander of the forces there, was obliged to forego anything like a comprehensive military scheme, for want of a sufficient force. Five hundred troops were on their way to Kafir-aria; but, even with this addition, we doubt very much if he will be able to do anything. We would not be at all surprised if this warfare with the Kaffir? should require au immense expenditure of money, and a great sacrifice of life, before it is ended. The Kaffirs are a fierce and warlike people, who will not lay down their arms until half of them are annihilated. The probability is, therefore, that the British government will find in them an enemy not to be despised; and if the Kaffirs give less trouble and cause less expense than the Florida Indians did to the United states, the people of England may be v ery thankful. We cannit sympathize with England in this new misfortune. Her ambition has been to make conquest in every part of the world, and she has in\ariably treated those wtnm she has subdued? especially if tbey were savage or half savago? worse than the Spartans treated their helots. She has invariably treated those of this character whom she conquered, a* the early Spaniards did the Indians of America, by first taking their land, and afterwards makii.g slaves of them. Nor do we think she will meet with sympathy from any civil ized jieople. She has no business in Kaffraria at all; hut. as she determined to colonize there, and deal unjustly towards the natives, the may get out of the difficulty as best she can. Kins* County Court of Sesnlon*. IV fi re the lino Samuel K Johnson. Judge, and Justices Wright and Window C1LAROE OF MA.NNI.A1 OUTER AOAINNT A CHEMIST AMD DRIGUIST. Msv 27 ?Godft-' y llabbcrling. a druggist, of Williams burgh. wa- brought up fur trial on no Indictment charging him tilth man-laughter, in carel ?-ly and neg ligently admioi-teriug to Funny cchuchtcr some strich moe. in lieu of santoninr. in the preparation of a pie scription. and from the effects of which she died. I?r I'aniel I'hfer was the first witnc-- called?Tic re sided in New York; had pre-erib-d for the deceased on the day she died; she had scarlet fever; that night he was astonished to see her father at hi- hou.-e. about half past nine or ten o'clock, when he brought him some powder- in paper- which witness kept, went and found the child in iirlv dead and she died that night; she had a pain in the bowels: had swell'd fei t and wa- ft-reri.-h. we not pre?tit at the po?/ m-nirm examination; wa- not railed at the coroner s inquest; he found the incjue-t had n< t tieen ? ' mplctcd. and the powder was not taken out of the stomach witness wanted t" hare the l>ody ex humed. went to an ? xperienri'd rlii-mist. and found on aiialytatiou that the powder was strichnino. instead of pantonine: thought tlie brain and ?pl-iat marrow ?Uuriii have ts-eu more fully examined; strlchuinu ht|.-ci?d th' ?? | art. ao i caused dreadful gripes, h' had last -.e? her she was much better; U r.s not hl? opinion that the Child died of her the scarlet fever, though th- C' U'equ. ttti. of that was of a c ry fatal nature ? hnrbtcT. the mother of the deceased, wa* here 1 * sued, and prorsd that ehe eerit her daurhter. and had th* pre-t riptinn made up at th' dcfi-n'Unt and the I powder w*. administered to the child, about H o'clock, tl at it n mplaibed in fire minutes afterward- that it felt v ry had and wae all drawn up lo-t its sense and could n>4 speak and 'il'd in about an hour and a half, the t |*>*nie rctitinuid hidf an h'-ur; it bud no appetite and of pain in the stomach before, tut had !>? |a m? t nfuOT taking tin- medicine I?r I'fif. r to-called?Ills opinion was th* child would Wt ban di~d from the effects (if the disease or feom the pr s rtpt iou be gare, gut prescription produced from the defendaut th* ti ght of the child's death; strychnine te one f the -:r ngeet poieotw; a quarter of a grain would I* -lift sat to mi e death; It acted (Jiff- rently from nai. t . puis- is it had a direct efftet on the -pine; It the- and - in I. medir im - i>araly?ed; there fw - no ewch 1i gi'de nt in >.:? prescription, it had been difficult t' u-e. rtaln the prt---0'of stryhnlne. but now it was eectaia hy two mi thuds, and this had be. n tested by I. th -antontite was an exirnet tr m wormset d as strych nin- was from nox vomica. 1 he conrt then t'?k a recess trTUWM ?EN?|0S|. Jsmee K rhilton Was s ch-i.u-1 and had analyti-d the p-? r. ten him by lh' c r n? r Mr Andi r on, and detected the presence .if strychnine of which he de s. r>i?d the d' adly effect - -ant'nine was used prlnri p. ? n ng i ? era is n physic i. m. it was now b-< oming Bore nssd Iran- >e Ci bnrhter. thi falh-r of the child, stated that he pave the nowd- r tn I he ( hild himself and it was taken l.i d re. lly .ff-rwar.1 he went for the doctor, and when be rrturt- d -h' w?s l-w I she wa-twelve yr*f> of age; lbs powii. r- si n mis u r ?? re put up in the pajM-r pr du -d be gave l?er on.-of lln ra; i?r Pfifcr tcok one the ? son if Mr Andtriu-n bad ? n? an I b* had given the Mlef it. to It ( t.i ion be witness had one yet; th?? bad I-en In bis own charge iVn*. li' ???* pbv-tetsfi proved maMrig a >*??( mmhm toenett -n this l in- last year, and described the ap pears ar f I lie tdi t ft i-rt Stid-r- a crwofier of Kings eonnty proved the r??? y (? owe of the powder* and wa- examined princi pally with a view of ht< attfylog K as '.taring remained in I . p.e,e-.i.n ??? I he rowciu-ioa of which teatimony. lbs art ad* .m-d liil li*morrow morning. I oiled ntatca f iiminl->l?n?r'i Office. /? ? I , 9f i , .,g .SMO? Isort ?Peter lilck ? et r If the Prill.h -hip Koliert b George, was l i. ? ? a k i lay In lb- -iint of pi OnO. for a viola f lie ? >4 IM" in t ringing to thi- country from pert of ( Say in Irrlait'l vn eieessof pa- engers s than the art ?'..?? Captain Rhynd of the ship ? 4enn- nrve-ted a few days before on a aiinib.r ye was sdnaMt-d l-t bail In pi VtO ..??* ml s fw. see . II n ?John l.jrons. who been arrested M a charge if assault with a danger s. ?, a '? b'wN lbe shie rrest ymen, wae also itted be imii in the swai <4 ptto ?s|~ ilnr (sewrt. He' *i i 1 tef J, ti. (tafcli-y W T ?J" s ilea? 11 fW J. J It* Cwmtaenga ? T1 IS Ml art on t? leroVer s laiaoee i4 fa.'iJ 7*'. for Be ts-vaid ? .ra I ?> i wnrfl done in fini-hlng the ,|e fa- dent ? ? hai ? la Twenty rev-nth -tree! tThe d-f. nee I a ?eee p< la fail TV piaiatift rwpiie- tlaat the receipt t ?? nnder a mbap|ifebcnstnn '* In f.ih-r w ?? 1 tbM it wns nndwly i btatjed The jury found a verdict b ? the deli niant ?ef"?e Judge ('ampW II A - H .lis..As s' ee k iW? flngM >' at ?Thit I* -a set. a te recover fltt far gawds said and delivered fb# iefsne. ass wp te tbs ffintple of UhKMIom Vefdiet bw the pnwif bllf Id ?s v mfltm Hassan fW 9 V O.ISM of the Uth Inst Mfve-Veneefw.inests.|Mei airwtht aMntsmewi which apposed in the tf-et, *. M the irnu )Mt month, rein, (lew te salt ?4 "?ttrtfsi fa* mil At Rum Kww, ?hers has bean ^wnnde <4 IM tsH baabsls rahed nod no be* e?st bsssa obi g- l te depart withmt ol tstring ? TT * "3R imT*l ^ THE Q*EAT METHODI8T CASE. Valla* ItelM Olnalt Caart. Boa J alt" Noloaa aal Rett* ponding Mai V ? TV MmiuSm OM Ml ?? ?*? MaWi.i Char* A'#rt* ?At th# ntttog of th# Conrt, tbi# mwnlng, Mr Cfcoatc irnml kit Mtuorti ob behalf of tit* de fendant- 1* tUi o*k After #"??? oWervatlrns on the admint-traliv# power of Ike rburrh be Mid. la rvfereacu to the Canadian < .alert-no that the Methodist Episco pal Church, from Me ortgta, wee Intended |M Mtf M?-tU.> dirt- . r thr l olled Male# of Amrric# It wa*. from the nature of It* e"artitatkoa an turivu tiutitution: tb.-ugh it had spread ttarlf t? the limit* of the l'niti-d Hitl-t II ?no< i |< W|"*Jth< territory; It may to to the boundaries end there nhabe hand* eith another church but It caooot er<ae that lim and rnu-t there re main aa ludepenl. at Amerlcaa church lie deduced thla from M ?ley hiai-eif wb>- *ald that upou the inde peideu. . of Autrrira, be faf bt-r a rhureh A# to the Canadian Ci nfereace, niuu-?l *ald that the political die tinotion* Wtwie* th* tao countries reudered a *eparation Deo-MaTT The proceeding* of the OoUfereuee of 1H41 will not he much retarded a* to th* Law It had a-wn bled la the ordinary way without aay intimation that a i|Ue*tlon of *ueh transcendent lnter. -i wa* to be broatbt ap The agitation a* to Bishop Andrew re.juir.-d n p -* But inetead of that the Balurda.y afu r the re-olutioo a lo Bishop Andrew they cat the church in tva a* a per ron would rut a There I* n?t a particle of proof that there wa# aay in 11 mat ion that there waeeeru a I ?i ..-raph la a newspaper. preparing the public for thie thiind. i t-.ll out of an unclouded eky He who be reave- m. of my South l? reave# uae ofa preetou# jew.-l Mr. t'hoate then referred the 0<-urt to Ben Hewu sT Kentucky Heport*. p '.Aft. and coutouded that th.- aban donment by the beaeflriaria* **< a totally uuauih..ri*ed abandonment, and a forfeiture of their claim* upon the fund From IT'.rt to this day. by a law re-enact, d In 1804 and 1808. the fund ha* unquestionably etood de voted to the superannuated preacher*, their lauulie# Ac . bring .an the d.Tenlmi- ?*y. all the time In connection irith the church Under that law. many member* baTo come Into the Church Thetru-te.-e were hi* elienU. Mr Obonte then p..-wed to the i.-chI point* of th - plain tiff. and raid that he attauhed no im;.<ir lance to the feet dwelt ujHin by the centWoian ou the othor *id.\ (Mr LorU.1 of the fund being created by the aal* of book# through the instrumentality and exert of the pre* h ere. There wa* no right acquired by that net of labor; the right is acquired by bec..inltig and continuing within it* pale. The preacher who never carried a book is a# completely within it.- grant a# he who carried libraries; insav of Ihem never carried any It i -ail theee plain I tiffs labored to create the book fund Bid tbey own them ' No Did they write them ' No They were told thut if they work'-d they should hare their thiir; j but. in the nx-untime. the profile belonged to ihclr em ployer. Mr. Choate continued to contend that the con ' tinuuuee of ?eiubmhip wna indlapemnbly neeeaanry for a participation iu the linn, and thai the Oeneral Confe rence hud no right to divide the church without the -auction of the Annual Conference, lie rabmlttcd the plaintiffs had established no legal or equitable right, and he could not believe that they had been led to the . separation by any act of the defendant* TheOeneral Conference did ali they could for them and th* plaintiff* 1 knew very well that every stop they took thr-y took under i the act of the Annual Conference, and that they ran tho i risk of every unfavorable judgment. In conoluriou. the : horn-table and learned gentleman -aid that he did not know that then, wa- anything which a win* and go-el man should so much desire, a* the result of tbi* case ter i ininuiiug in tin- Methodist Episcopal Church being on* church for North and South. He li It that th- law of the j case wa* with the defendants. He felt also thatadeci ! sion to that effect would do something toward- bringing ; back to its ever-open arms those who had strayed from , its household faitli. I Mr. Choate. whose recent indisposition appeared to have weakened him very much, was quite exhausted at the termination of his address II* spoke four hours and a half on Monday, and upwards of two hours to-day Mr. George Mood then rose and -aid :?8o much time has been already occupied in the investigation of tbi case, and the evidence has been so fully aud ably sifted, that I think it would be a waste of time In the closing counsel occupying mush more of the attention of the Court I shall, therefore, endeavor to eonderse in a narrow a space a* I }-o*slbly can. my observations, and will confine myself to the facts which have Ueeu already #o fully developed before the Court. It is important that wo should understood, at the thru-hold of the proceed ings, what the precise issue is. The plaintiffs eluiru a proportion of this fund, corresponding with the number of those who have gone off with the church South. and they have brought this suit for that proportion of the pro perty. Tin re ha* been an actual aeparatIon and the question i-. whether this separation entitles them to a ; rateable proportion of the property which belongs to the Methodist Kpiscopal Church, and that is the important ! question which preseats itself in this cause. The con] troversy is a net unfortunate one. for If there i-any subject which ought to be kept out of a court?if any subject should 1m- pre-erved pure from legal di-putc. It is a religious subject, because the rising generation lose in j ? great measure their roraect for religion, when they see the heads of the ehttrcn quarrelling. We Lavs seen such results, and I venture to my the Methodist Episcopal church will noon discover it by sad experience. This ehureU is co-extensive with the territorial limit* of the country; it i* the largest in this country; it has been the precursor! of reli gion it has gone on with it* extension and carried reli gion along with settlement to ttie borders of onr r ,un try. A concern of this kind nny he said to b-- a nn( mal concern And when it b admitted on all hand* th it se rious dangers threaten the unity of this gorernci ut, it is all important that such a controversy should l?- ad justed, and it ii sincerely to b- regretted that t should hove ever arisen?it U extremely to be regrvtted that it I should have been brought into a court of ju.-tiea. when there wa- eveiy probability that it would liavs ta-et> ad ! justed; hut they have thought It prop* r to bring their suit, and we the Urlendant* here are bound to me* t th. m They have brought their claim* on ground* Which I look upon a? extrem. ly fallacious: they sr. ra to 1 think they have a vested right in this property, and. in the ease of a division, that tb< v have a right to a rate able proportion of the funds 1 hi- seeni* to me to he an exceedingly i rroneottl tin of the -ubj. et The May? vllleeasc ha- 'sen referred to; hut I tiu-t I shall be able to *how that the principle upon which that ease wa- a I justed wa. unfounde I A charitable us. i- a public use. It 1* called charity, because In every Chri*. [ tian country it ie ba-.d up <n a rharltaltle founda tion. Fir-t. there lire the founder- of tlie charity?those who create it* fund; th. re an next the truster-?those who hold the ilcgal estate in tru-d; then, the managers, who take charge and distribute It; and lastly. there are the beneficiaries um.-ng whom the charity Is distributed. ' Now. a- to th. management ot the charity, let my ryfbr the court to 7th Ve-.-y's Reports Th s* bAheficiaries have, in this case, no vested right and )gt( no power to allenute. Th. y cannot di-pc-, thl. property. 8up po*e br for* this re^sinstlon fH.k place all thow who were under th. description ? f benefit iaries had attempt rd to alienate the PWO-ny ? why. it would haw been t- i-fectly yulxoiji^ They would have no to do #o I reler thu A"urt to 8th New llainp-hire llcports If. In liii" (a*e, a- the counsel Mem to think, the propertv lie longed to the beneficiaries they wi uld have a right to dispose of it as Ihey pleas.-d; but If it I* held under a charitable use why, tie n they lake the fund- doled out to them a- a charity, tut they have no right to them in any other way A- to the luw of charity. I ref?r the c>urt to 7 Paige. 7* bhilwell v* Mott; M Handford'# Chancery K.-prnt-, p 10. Morgan v?. Vate?; lid Barl?er'* Chancery Report*.MS. And this doctrine ha- now been fully ad'.ptid and settled in the L'uited Plate- I ref. r now to Videtl v-. trirard # executors "Jd How- ' ard's Deports, p lP.V The subject hud been rn- I vrl'.ped iu some doubt by the ease in 4th Whea tr.n. A doubt wa- raise 1 whether rharitie* w. re protected *t all by ttie law > f England, exe. pt where the statute "f F.llxabeth S|eei:?lly provided 1 refer to Br dt v. I ox. 4th Georgia R?p V 4 aud I think it may now he set d'.wu as a settled question, that, independent of the law of Elizabeth, rharitie- nr.- prot.-et.-d A qu. -tlon art i s. whetbr r tlii- law- ha- l * n repealed in this Plat# under ther< vl#ed statutes, l ut It mny be said, if it ha* been repeated by the revi?ed -tatntoa. all the property of this fund is not protected by the law of charilat-'e uses I admit that #onic of th- Sopr. u.e Court*?I nif?n >oma ' of th?- dozen huprcme Coo;I-that h?i. | havedecidrd that It ha# to .-n repciled; but It ha* not been | adept, i in low. and 1 think thi- Court will come to th* conclusion that It i? . ntin ly fallacious and tinf unJ.-J A? te tie dantrtne of charitnM. u-.??. It j. a? different from public trusts. ni ftwhtte crini-- *r- from prime trespns-. ?; and jtu mifthtas well wiy that the statute which refer#to public rruo wonld refer to private trrspnatns. Tb?y ure i < ntircly different In tlirtr nature and character, and they an tr?Ht.-d diflemtly Mr W>*.d her.' referred to the j law of perpetuity. at.d cited Thslluson's will caoe. a> .1 continued to any: Tiie Court will find In Mil. raw | alt the < lament* which I have ronsid. rel *s existing In I charitable u-e? Ton have th> founder* who have taken np the fund and enlarge.| it fu n three . r four thousand dollar* to about seven or eight hundred thousand All I rontrit ttted to the charitabl. fund. - .me by labor. and they are all to be c ot.-i'l- r. d a* f .undt rs of lilt charity. \..ii hnv.- In th< next {lino the trustees who are brought lnhn this Court m partlw* defendant* t< thi* ault. Mr Wood th* it (.fatad the nature of the Incorporation of thin Iw-dy and reft rre.i to th? <-aae of Decor v*. Ilendrickson. and th>' "pinion of Chief Justice Swing aUo t< ftbelfovd ; on < hnrltahl. I sc. fill: Macguat v< Alrln 2?l I'enn' yi ranla Ilep . 4 Johnwr's f'hai.r i ry K? p 873 atld UlustTB ^ t'dhlsvows by supposing that a body of mechanic*. ? maw n-. for In-tnac in N.? 1 ..rk. ah. ni l eater into a ' ??he. rtptloB of bleach, to be put lot" the hand* of tru* ' tea*, that a religious |. iety sh?<uld he fbrmetl. and ! tliat the profit# "bc>i.ld b? distributed anc n?* *U | p? raniiUMte.i memh. t -. wnld that not !?? a chartta I le institution' lie t-f. rr.- l to 4 Johnson Rep >rt#, IJeleirston e# ? and 7 Vermont II. port", p 24?i 7 It. n 5'. tirrie liep . <11. >.1 . sn.l ' 41. I therefore ?nb mlt that the tlew taken on th- other e|.|e that the ha. i.ettclari"? bat * a ftybt tf thi property. as tenants In ? common, I# nt< tennhl' Th. learned gentleman eon I tHined to urge at considerable length. ht? view- upon the court. tbat thr church WW not legally divided hy j th. ( Conferene.. with at the eoucui HBc* of the Annnel Oonfttftpiwe and that th. r. wae noenduet on I the part ..f the; nts which ju#tife.l the ?e|mra j tion There wi< nf> complaint that thl? ??wlety at. ' iilx litb (list < and I do n< tt. ?< thsphroa In ill#resp ect; [ thrv have not undertaken to interfere with siav. rv. to I aboll-h It?to aboiirh It n the . hur. h; they hare simply earth .! out those view* in which the brethren of the ?<>uth have always concurred - views of a practical cha racter and which wcrr Weil colrulat. d to scree the rliureh. Iioth North and A' nth At the early history (ft his church, tie re was a dispiwith n to abolish slavey, "but It was sub sequently abandoned; they pave up aU such pretenr -", th. y came to the American res. lntion to let it alone ; to leave the fttates to th>m-?lv?(. and to deal with It as w is nece-uiry for the administration of the affair* of the l i hurrh. Mr W'>od then referred to the faet. that up to I i the time <4 Dr Andrew no bishop evef held slaves Two- j third' of the biebopa have Wn taken fr.m the P?utk-rn ' Atates. and yet not one of t hem ever held a slave An- : cleat nsaire is the common law of the church, nnd f think 1 It |s conclusive evidence that there hi# b?<n one doctrine acted npon -1<> eleet no man to a hlsli.'prie who was a slareholdef A* to ahetract question* of *lnvery. Mr. . Wood referred to th* manufacturing claspe* of Kn*land who he 'aid. are In a wo?*e condition than our slaves of th. Ponth, yet fh??e men would not be ?o quixotic as to atc.llah the Institution* of Knfl*nd for thi* abatract con , dttlon of the laborimr manufe?turinn elnaaaa of Rntiand en.l the .erf* ..f Ku -ia Mr VV' od continued to mpport | bis vtews by Illustration* and cited several other 1 ritle# At the adjournment of the court, be had not con ctudrd hu arfunt at Alj< ufMdW W UUt 4?| ? Police Intelligence. AN ALLEGED FOROERV Yesterday en extraordinary case wu presented befora Justic ?Bleakley involving a charge of forgery In which a genteel-looking young nun, by U?? name of Thomna Mcintosh, stands charged with forging the endorsement of his father, John Mclntoeh, upon a promissory note, drawn by himself, for the mxm of ?Z,U4u & cent*. at six months, bearing date 14th day of ?y, 1H60 The note was given to the Arm of Van Wyeke an Kobbe, auctioneers. No 'JO William street, corner of Ex change place, in payment of a bill of goods, which note, at maturity, was protested for non-payment; and when the father was shown the endorsement, purporting to be his signature, he denied having signed his name to a pro missory note of that amount. Mr. Van Wyck, in order to test the question as to the genuineness of "to rigna

? nr.. inuHtut?*d the proceedings before the majjWtrftte, and on the affidavit made and on file ttt th" ^1^ WM?, issued bv the Justice for the arrest ot Th^, McUtOfficers Patterson and McNevin 1 twk the accused into custody, and forthwith conveyed hW.i*fo?e uTemagistrate.' The father of the accused ww then summoned before the Court, to give his testi lony J to the validity of the endorsement. ItaWwr, as l he reader might readily imagine, wad very peculiar position. The magistrate requested Mb to -Vera but he declined positively to be sworn and t' S- , lit* In the case The magistrate thereupon conns Itted him to prison for a contempt of court, allJ lh" l'"i,n(1j conveyed Mr Mclntoeh to prison, where he remained confined for several hours, until he sent word to th. Court that he was willing to give his evidence n the mailer Accordingly, about two o'clock, Mr Mcintosh and his sou were brought out from prison, and the fol Lewies t?-timony was given by the father ? John Milntosh. of No. 171 West ?**???* street being sw rn. deposes as foUows. to questions put by the ?tf_hTuie7ame 'John Mcintosh," endowed upon the haekofthe note here shown, and purporting to httJ' been mad- and uttered by Thomas Mcintosh ij. Co.. for two thousand and forty-five dollars and thiity-five cents, your true and proper siguaturu . IKSO endorse a note for two thousand and iorty-iive dol lars and thirty-five cents, for any person A ?No, sir, not to the best of my recollection. 0 ?Have you. within the past year, endorsed a note in blank or the blank for a note, for auy person . ,UA -YVeI hivve: I can't say it was this; I don t know if this is the paper, but it was a paper like it. u ?How many have you endorsed like this . a' Ti, I lie !>eet of uiy knowledge two. (J?Who did you give them to?the blank endorse T-l'am not po-lttve whether Thomas (meaning the aroused) got both, or he got one, and James Ulake got I Uy*IIUveyou ever received a protest or notice of the protest of either of these two notes you endorsed in A?-Jfo, "lr; no notice except a notice of protest for this note; I endorsed both these blank notes for my son, I it wn, scum* time in the wiLter. . . V -What in the bent #f your belief and the uct whether or not the name ?? John Mcintosh, oil the hack of >aid note, is your true and proper signature . A.?1 don't think that it is my signature, y ?Are you positive that this is, or not, (mo of those two notes you endorsed in blank A -I am not positive; it may or not be, Ican t ?*r y Have you any doubt as to whether this . y signature or not? oCmveS^* ever refused to pay this note, or re?ngn!L it, on the ground that the endorsement was a f<T5ves I have; I did not think that it was my triSrus large an amount; that was the day alter 1 received no ''"cr'tiss^exsmi ned?I "first saw this note, since its ma turity, on Saturday or Monday, the 17th or lUth nst^ I v;iw it In n store in William street; I first saw it in an IE in Nassau street. 1 believe; I b? I talked with some persons in the .tore about this note, and I may have talked with Henry Ilobinson: I think I did talk with Mr. Koblnson; tkUwm. before I saw the 1 | with Mr Mansfield about the note, and Mansfield took utto k* the note; 1 understood that Mansfield hal 1 guaranteed th# payment of it; this was before I-a." note- I told Mr Mansfield I had not endorsed any note 1 for two thou-and dollar-; Mr. Mansfield said i #oin? to pay that note. und asked uie to go and look at i rho;nr:rruiion of the notified bv the magistrate tliat he was th. n going to place him under Examination on theclmrg^andt^t he was at liberty to answer or decline to answtr,auy 1 questions that might be put to htm ?~e.ised FrlvHSsif-a' W.Vu?" 'nt.1 m rntns. "ntll I c.Ufet ??*h"?'??"J #n.l. rted B th t ill* wer<* put in thl# note. Thif is on* of ?r#i? not? en !?.r bluuk. that I fir?t *ot of my father. My fatber tutit the .vaeture, " Jwv"f?her wemU trnrv ?u act* in '|UMtiua. in nijr pre.eace. My tttb.r would tiart eu dor.od lor me ar-y note at ay " 'u'\! j,OM A? McINTOBIl. The magis'tiate. on the examination of la-ing com lud.-d distill--ed the father from custody, and held the matter pending against the son under advise in. ..t uutll three o'clock this day It appears to bl very doubtful whether the rVld.nce against th" 'oru",'J bTsufficient to author I- the magistrate to hold Win j l#S2lh/lW-0fcer White, of the Seventh ward brought to the station br by the HMD)* of Lawr?*nc?' who wi* inj nl lv in th* U ft hand ir*?m th* -li-chanc** of a pistol. It Mem- "hat c jsidv ha l ?ome d.ffleultv with several per. 1 tons in Av? n"e A* Wtween Thirteenth and lonrteenth flT7U t ;The^UW^i'' *7as^y'immediately S'?S-.s? *rsr ?^.i : charged the pistol At present the name of the party is n'lu,n,Vi a H'.inan-K fellow called Aaron arr. ted hy offlc? r- Hiarkry and Oann n of th< hUtli vvhi I on ? charge of stabbing Julia Ann Maker, with a dirk knife, Inflicting a danger'*' . J?' ^?^d Ie^rmve\Vrt" Vore J U.t ie'e'BieaLLy'' who commitUsi him 10 Momuy evening, a r<?ue. called Charles Smith, was armted by the p^ceof the Thlrte. nth ward, while enu avoring to house No 7*'. Norfolk street, from whence the "J*-'*1 of cWhlo, Vitus J at m J-'^'-Tin,,.. ,on . i mmltted the rogue to prison to answer the th-r^ Common Count II. *n uu r> r a L PR * a g ?. M*? ST ?The hnlltll in Ikr Chair Th<- minute* Of the preceding were real and approved. Htitim *nrut* Of P! II Ialng m I M-vtml ? tberr |o ? tten.1 Robin?An atr?.et from M. -t Ilmailnf to Put pi?.-r Of Hubert Jon*, and other* for a ?*-w. r in Tidlf atnet. frmi Canal to Iludaon iirrti Off. II Lndiow. to have ea rant lot. ?n Tw.nty fifth and be tween Madiaon MM and l^ainfton areaue. i.-u<-ed in k Hurt anl nun; ch.r? < mn bua nr.. Ibr lb* ami| Irll>? of Broadway *.th the Rua. Montal profol irf e'tli. a* of Platen Ida ad. a'klng that the U-are of th? VI in!. I all Frrr* W jut a| at au< ti?n Mrl.p b* granted t. th> n*w f.-rry < *n|?iiy <?f 0 (orpr Horn, a-klag lli mm on Qpuarfl t? Pare to biro tbr (.look of /round In thla of ? t* j?J? t by Twelfth Mttl W . lo. .ton rtr? > ? 'na.i r; rtrret f? .t gtr-?t and Tenth at> nu* a.m.r. Report of (inane. Committee m Ik*, r of I- ar>ng Fort Oain Moort property t" llnd?-n *,'?? Railroad Oam ?*nr?Ril.rr>.i ba k t< ??f 1 .aoiattt* a iatk.'r In favor of rrhniiding I - Mirkrt-AdfN nith a tUfkl amrndni'-n: "I C manttee tm Street* In fartr of ..tending Aibary ?*r.e. t>. Trinity (.!?"?? Adopted Of tin- C?lllitttee "? Ordlnt.n r.. .a 11T to cnrta and rarlsron. and to tb? rai. ? <4 ??aratfa he Aft. r a l.ort debate on ?>? t n <4 Ai l* rtuaa .in rant tbr faribtf etn.htefatbn ??f tin ju. -i i. w?? ad* .urie-d to to morrow (thlr) e?. iiing ai aoi. aart ear. Vy A b Hal I ?That the t t'y In?|*rtar '>? .tin rut and i mp< ?< rt-1 to .elect rowie euitabi. ptrr tor tbn dumping ?f Bight aoil. in place of thr oti> n ? u-?-1, at or n. ar tin ftrd < f Twelfth-i-n. t N It My Ald? rruanC.??ijr?That th? M. iith fn? Fifty ninth etreet to liaftrm Una. I- rrfntat' l .??! graded under tin direction of th? Utr*-*! Co? laatamr liy anise?Tint fortieth ?trr?t fr.mi Hi- ???? nun to lb. bant rit-r. in regulated and grade I nnd. r the direction '.f the Ptreet CoamMwir fit >atne?^b"l the fid. walk on 'lie aouth'rly ?l I* of Twenty a. ?. nth ptf ?t, b> l? ? n thr >? urtb an I M .ft ann avenuer br II ggc.J a apa.-? l> ur fe~t wid>. undrr the dirertion of theMlWrt Commi-don. r liy raoir?That it !.<? reft rred to thr Cmtoa AyMdaft .Departmen* to Inquire Into and report upon the proprie ty of meting ? mutable linUlt in M liaon a.| and that raid department in ?|.w thereof t.r .care a Miitable plan for raid fountain with the probable r a prior- of the MM* adopted. Mv Ablerman i'wtiH?-That the C r of Re. pair, and fupplie* b- dir.ct.-d I - u Irertlee two m ui'h. for f.topoeai. for irranlte bbrtk-. to te- ?tellrrr. it in th< city of the following b inrtha and alae' ela.?fife d*, eeeen. eight and uinr ineh< aaquare. and ten inch., lone In "lUanlitte. to pa?r ten theeaahd yard., of .?? h kind?prop.nil* to utat. tli. prtee of en.h afar aeparalely. raid propo-nla to> mbrw. Ka-lerna. well a? dlier gr?uit?w ?adopt. <1. P.y Ald.rmnn Dot < r.?Tliat tin- e*|. ri..r line of pirr. on tha Knat rle.r. letw. #? pier No i.. fmt of II. ? Wmro a?n rt. and pirr No ->2 (loT.nieur rllp be fifed la aeenfr da no. with the a. < ?< m|*njin/ plandrwwu by i-ane hud low City Rnreeyor Air... that a balk head he ?i?uk in the Kaat rie.w, pi.ralh l to gouth .trtrt. ftoin a ydnt on the balk bead on the W..I' rly ri.le >4 th>- ftr.t of Kun ffll ateeot to the ptrr at the .mth lM> at tlx M oft .tharinr atrw-t. in arcrdai.rr with the aremnp.ii? ing plan nnder ih> tUftacUoa of the gtreat 'imnwi emerr ?the arm.' to h. about I TO fe.t ou??We >f the pfe*. nt bulklo ih1 on f' Uth a'rret The lb aril then adjourned R n A R ft op HMI'Tlt rA M.e '17 ?Th. H ard of Aa-i lant* no t thie aft- m ? >. the If ei'Knt ill tfet chair and a >|t|. mm Of m- mi c m their places. The minute* of the preceding meeting were reed end approved. setitions. The following petition were presented, end appro priately disposed of:? Of sundry person, for abatement of nuisance in Twen ty-seventh street, near Eleventh avenue. Referred. To have Sixteenth street, from Sixth to Seventh ave nues, lighted with gas. Referred. To have a sewer built in Twenty-ninth street, from Broadway to Fifth avenue. Referred. Of Wm Poet and others, for a railroad through Second avenue. Referred. comminication raoM orriaTMrivT*. Communication from the Governors of the Aims House, asking for an appropriation of (.'round for a new potter's Field. Referred to the Special Committee on Potter's Field. resolutions. That the L of pier Mo. 2 East River be planked over. Adopted. To appropriate $1,500 additional to finish sower in Thirteenth street. Adopted. CITY RAILROADS. The special order of the evening, being the subject of railroads in the city, was now taken up. The reading of the document [No. 7 of Board of Assistants, heretofore published in the Herald.] was here called for. and pro ceeded with. At the conclusion of the reading of tho majority report, Assistant Alderman Rarr objected to the reading of the minority report, as that of the majority had already been adopted. Assistant Alderman Wens, of the Seventh ward, hoped the minority report would be road. Assistant Alderman Bolster insisted on the reading. Assistant Alderman Smith hoped the minority report would be read. The President decided that the minority report, being called for, must be read. Assistant Alderman Ward said the board could dis pense with the reading if the members chose. It was for tho Board, and not for the President, to decide whe ther it should or should not be read. The derision of the President finally prevailed, ami the minority report was read When the whole document had been read. A?sistant Alderman Miller moved to recommit the whole business. Decided to be out of order. Assistant Alderman Crank offered, as an amendment, an additional resolution, to tbe effect that the rails be grooved, and thut they be laid on a foundation of con crete. Assistant Alderman Sands proposed further t" amend, so as to compel the companies laying the railroad to pave with granite blocks similar to those used in the Rasa pavement, a distance of four feet on eaeh side of the track. This amendment prevailed, as did also an amend ment to tho effect that the Eighth Avenue Railroad, to Fitly-first street, and the Sixth Avenue Railroad, to Foriy-second street, be constructed within oue year, nd to iiurlem within three years Assistant Alderman K?? aros said he wis Opposed to giving the companies three years to complete the roads to Ifurlcm. The resolution and amendments were adopted. Assistant Alderman Crank now moved to fill the blanks in the resolution attached to tho report. This motion was decided to be out of order Assistant Alderman Crane?Doss the President decide that this Board cannot now proceed to fill up blanks ! President?The gtntleinun from the 8th makes a mo tion to amend a paper already passed upon, and which is not now before the Board. The end proposed can be accomplished by a separate resolution Assistant Alderman Webii?Does the President mean to say that we cannot proceed to fill tho blanks in this document President?Mot at all; the blanks may be filled, but not in this way. Assistant Alderman Ward appealed from the decision of the chair, but aubsequently withdrew his appeal, and offered instead a resolution that contracts for the Eighth Avenue Railroad be given to tTolomon Kipp, Abraham Brown. Washington Smith, Joseph N. Barnes, and their associates. Assistant Alderman McCarthy moved to amend, by striking out the names of Messrs Kipp. Brown. Smith, and others, and inserting instead the names of John Pettigrew, Edmond R. Sherman, and associates. The gentleman afterwards gave his amendment the form of a -ub-titute to the resolution offered by Assistant Aider uian Ward. The substitute was lost by a vote of 10 to 8. (Applause in the lobbies.) Assistant Alderman Miller moved to adjourn. Lost, by a vote ef J1 to 8 The resolution of Assistant Alderman Ward bring now in order, the gentleman proposed the amendment to his own resolution, calling on the contractor! to, M mence tbe work within three months, and complete it within three years. Amendment adopted. Assistant Alderman MiCauthy moved a reconsidera tion of tbe last vote. Assistant Alderman Crane opposed the motion for a reconsideration. Assistant Alderman Barr here moved an adjournment, which was carried by a vote of 11 to 8. So the Board adjourned, without filling the blauks in the report; uud it yet remains to be seen who the contractors for the roads shall be. Brooklyn City Intelligence. SriT for Libel Against do Williamshcroh Times.? Messrs. George C. Bennett and Aaron Smith. proprietors of the above paper, who stand charged with a libel oa Doctor Cooke, withdrew their former plea, and pleaded guilty, in the Court of Sessions yesterday. # Coroner's Inki est?Suarr.cTid Infanticide.?An In quest was held on the body of an infant, found in a travelling carpet hag. at th" foot of Pferpont street, on Monday last. The appearances seemed to Indicate that the little creature came to its death ty foul mcaus. and there being nc further evidence, tbe jury found that it came to it- death by means unknown to the jury LaarcNr on Governor's Island.?Jamc- McFay was examined yesterday, la-fore the Chief of the Brooklyn Police, on a charge of stealing a considerable quantity of wearing apparel the property of Dr Russell, who lately died on the island where the prisoner was employed in hi- trade s- a painter. A second warrant was obtained, aad some of the missing articles found at tbe prisoner's residence, in South Brooklyn, where he him<elf ??< ar resti d lie was committed (or trial in the United States Court. Yenrly MffUnj.?Kiltndi nre now flock* in* in lo the venrly tneetlega. To thorn. if nut much ar swtoaaed t.. visiting the eltjr. U may le ncccary to aajr that Hnoa. 13" Fulton afreet, kuoc.ka everybody elae iat> the mid dle of next week, in the way of getting up llati, of any atyle required. Aa for the cltirena of New Fork generally. they would take it na an inault to their 'ad- ret lading if we thought it neeotonry to praiee Knox's hats tt then. Me refrr our nmdrri t? the Aslrertlse ment of the r.lte I.aVe llotiN. Sullivan county. New Fork; it trill le f-oad in tliia day a paper. Green Turtle at Biyard'i io-tlay, Orders in any quantity aupplud a; ???. per quart. I'FTEB ItAVARH. S State atteet. Wnahlwgtnn Cemetery, near Greenwood.? Ful ly aqnnre feet fi r fil'h?'T'.e no* plank road ia now com t leti d from ( ourt at.. lirnokl) n, to tha cemetery. Dr Fay la tho airent, at No. I.'ld Fulton at., where the iuay of tho yround may he examined. Cucumbers, Beets, He|unaihen, Carrots and new Turniya, for rale tliia day ?<y J. if. IlltOA^ It CO., IJff H eat it , H'aehlagton and 2W Washington it. Fine Art*.?Daguerreotypes In Oil, by W V. U. Ill TI LK. l'lumi i National Gallery. No. 141 Broadway. To Merchant Tailors.?Wanted, n sltna tion na Foreman, la a go d ft ore; is competent to attend to the esetosi and ready maded< rartmct. if desired baa a good net of eoatomere. which will follow: haa boea fori man In tliia city for III.- last fort a year,, ia r i d houaer. Addn aa "( ut ter." loi N. Itrrald oOfe, ati'.iur whore to to ooeu; will meet With yn>myt ath ntlos. Rsenralon to Ntrattonport.?The splendid steamboat lelaad City, f'aptaia Reynold', command'r, will arocoed to the shod Urau'ilul place oa Thurad iy next, May V ha* nr a full band of innelc oa board. She wli> atari fr?ai Fnltm Ferrr, M (O'clock in tho morning, and will land | tiii,i,rt directly oa the new dock, affording four hear* to eleili r. to > i.w Ike building site and enjoy the delightful "en-ey which haa a. muif. rhamvd every oh-cr?er. and jaotly vhtaiocd for it ae am b ralebrit y and popularity. The t> i. rtp'i o bei.k will be i yea on the ground. wki< h will eg. rd parti"' atl pp rtur, t? of i t.ioaiac their I' ti and im mediately plai lag their sar.ea on the Uot of oubecrihera. Tars 1. ? ti nt*. Per further parti ?lnr? aeo ndtcttiocmout. > U. Thif* will he refrcahmeata oa the apot. Post Oilier, to. 9 Astor Ilnnse, Vesey attest TLeMailif * Klag>tc.a. Char ret, Panama and ffan Fvaan" roe I age |u raate tor 9< utf Pecilir Forte and ffoadw-b lolaada p. ..tag, Wieit>. will aloe* at IP. M. thia day. I idaariay ?erebante aad others ha?a aa apyortunity '.engine at ia ia, a I .'er, ?ith the guarantee that th? ir i" as * ,11 be deiiierod St th?lrd> atiaatioa. la advance lit,. I .? Neil. ?l<b let' i n ?.lh inet. Ithl (IIP A t " . t Actor Hon". Vveey street. N ? w lark Plono Forts C ompsiny?.This cmpsc* ubiaeplaeof r rati n ia aisiilar to that of the lim dip |??ho *ti"ft. it ? ? ? rapidl, elating ay Its Brat li?t of riuer*. Tmsk rt ia te furnish 19' aew an 1 good Itoaeo. north ?JP'tacb. t Pai subscribers, i y paying ainall Bi athli instalm.ata T ptrmratc fall lightly upon all ?ak?-Sib,??-tbeec thai (till ptlvileg# of the flrat pian 1 of ? ear,, pay atop* tons Mime ska ha,a U?e smitdisg "??. It la a system -f ose'eni beweSt, aad will be patrotiied by i aadaea*. The Seat ' Oaacatb e, h?,e scar') all aabacribeit. T i, I- a t#| in al,aaca ? t the tlmca. aad Stoat greatly no t to thee P,l r>- I tie r*?p- ? table pes r. Thots if oar own reader'wl' wloh ahnuld sul-swrihe during the neek. at the H*SS*< the<?tagaoy, JOS II V*. WATSON A I'ERSELL. as* fer adway poem Be. A l.efnrre Buildings. Bplgnstlsl Freack Parrelaln Wedding Card,. Silver Bordered and plain aisle, elegantly aad fa- liouatly ewcrascd. an ? friatod in gsld and talari Ala e, S Os-fi last- aw-Cm-at of I rea l, aad Bagliah Silver b. "eg H , (Has Km t< ofthort' Irasaaaand pa Iter at. at If IklllLLe Braa4way, ? oraer Dsaae atreat. Golslemlth to Ma l*mptla nnsl the I'uhllr.? Br. Goldcmun re*po< 'ally iailtea atteatiua to the fact that the treaipha f the -heap term?and a moat triu npheat <>ae it has boea?are el 'tag. Not a fap<l. under vay efr< am ateooss. ran te teti,. i it the ..all prices after Saturday scat. Hay .llat. Tkaoo, < bote fats, she wok the adiaatagea of tlia beet taitioa .n ft maa.hip, at the < hoayeal rate, mnat i apply at f*e br< adwaj t ' Set. ? ? laeaday. Tburaday, Fri day er Satwtda*. B-?r thiale aa ad Krery host) Is nswnrw of tho Csaet thnt ? good artl* le at a fair potas id the rbrapost. hwt when a gees gar ment la eld on le* a, to I- frntnriaMo, It if sa. r" than cl rep (of tb,r* to I ho flttiefnetina the w ar a (a,- garment gxee Wittiest boo tig' i a pull ea the parte -trlnas Th< m facts are desi-a'trat, 4 ' to a- who stasias the efir, ,,f clothing at tn> groat slothing hoaoo ef l?F. UBAW la CO., LX> Faltoa atfoet The Rsmmer llsat traaon?Tkr araaon Iter ramUer bata haa I 4rly OS mmsaeed Indeed the weather it warn that they are ladi-pen-at le. tleala'a drabb a ere, the fhheet and MSSl dlotaga- looking bate he ha* e??r breiigbt eat are aew r-ady. ts>geth*r with a groat , arhty of nsdrcta fllbrtca t t geatlemra CBN IN, fit Hr-adway, epp -IBM. Pasts. Noma an or Btylss saf Btssaw, Pssssis, sod l^gl.orw Bate?A ohol'* assma'aacaa of Mw shorn meo* tinned art lei", em haw- tea e,ery atyle esd sfriety, St redncod Crl?" so,table the getltOOS. ) aths. and ehil lfea; al. i. idtad ndiag bat * a, AltasUltl siSsle f -e lady e |aas itisas. liANta i acataar-ed. e. ra-r <?! Ifoaster. I.east Ira' Grots, BIsms. sassst t hlMrea- all Wha S*e a taf Is th? eeaslf) ?"*? ?0 t abi|| $ gr-s' B Bed ikne aSars, whets y?a cea aet nay atylr yes ask ftf. lara* and -mall la thie sdne* yea Iaa get g?-ds y*a eaaaet get e'o-where SB SSSNBt af the laa'ar il -eh aleaya aa las I. BtU' aahef. Wo sadBBk( 1*Is? BgsSlaay a> I- IflUrU Important to Denflemen?Gentleman ?IM prim an olegant It aa one of the requisite* of their inter clothing, Bay insure It at Greene, No. 1 iitor Hoin. Tho Shirts. III., made at that establishment, are warranted to tit with unwrtnkled emouthneaa, and to be ready for delivers en the day and at the hour at which they are promised. gammer Cooking Stove#, tin and iheet Iron takers, hard and charcoal Fornacee, kc., kc.?The celebrated Independent Air Tight Cooking Stove*, for summer and win ter, warranted in nil cues to bake. A large etook at love prices, wholesale and retail, at the New York Stove Factory. 313 Grand, opposite Essex Market. Stovee delivered free of charge. _ NICHOLAS L. CORT. Freemasonry?Allyn'a Ritual of Free masonry, with 30 engraving*?price J3. By remitting tho money, the hook can he sent by mail to uny part of the United < States or Canada. Shortly will be published, new and ele gant editions of Itoehefoucauld's Maxims, Physical Theory #1 Another Life, and the Elements of Thought, by Taylor. WM. GO WAN 8,178 Fulton st. Stove Dealer* are reepeetffcUy Invited tc< examine our stoek of unequalled assortment of Stoves. Wo have just got ont a new Air tight Cooking Stove lor 1861, thu Odd Fellow. Alto six sixes of summer furnaces, whiolt can b? used with or without an oven, the only thing of the kind ia market. ABENDROTU, BROTHERS, 117 Beehman it. World's Fair?Visitor# to tit* World'n Fair are invited to e xamiue the subscriber'* stock of Dreeeinf; Case*. They are the most compact and ueeful article of the kind manufactured, containing all that is necessary for the toilet of the most fastidious. SAUNDERS, 117 Broadway, corner of Liberty it., and 387 Broadway. Comb Factory, 387 Broadway?Is#die#an leepectlully invited to examine thie ohoice (election of dreso ?ombe; the variety is, beyond all donbt, tho greatest in the ?itv, comprising the most beautiful open work ia shell and knShlo hem. Comb* repaired and mad* to order. _A. k J. SAUNDERS. Why la Jenny Llncl like Watta' 1/m-voidi Antidote' Bcanse neither can he described; they mast botlt he known to be appreciated. Tho one chnrme the mind, tlies other charius tho body; the one gives health to tho soul, tho other health to the body. They never fail in what they un - dertake; they emanate from one eource, and have hut onto uiieeion?to elevate mankind, and, like her charity, tho beaeflt it does il unbounded. Bogle'* Klcctrlc Hair Dye 1# the most per manent and natural hair dye ever invented, and neither washing nor the effects of the sun or went her can destroy it* color or taraieb it in the least. This, with Bogle's Hyperion. Fluid, for the hair, and shaving snaps, may be had of A. B. k. D Sands, HW Fulton street; Kuahton. Clark k Co., 273 Broadaav, Cary k Co., and Brigbain k Day, Pearl street. New York. Uoaraud's Liquid Hair Dye Instantly con verts red or rrny hair t? blown or black. Goara'il'it Italian Medicated Soap euro* tan. pimples, freckle#, ernptions, etc. Oouraud s I'oadro Subtile eradicates huir froinapperl.i t, face, <>r any rart of the body?warranted. Gouraud's 1.1 ? quid Bongo, for pale lips and check.; I.ily White, Hair Ke iterative, etc., are all found ?t Dr. KEl.I X UOUR.IUD'H old established Laboratory. t>7 Walker street, tir-istore from Broadway; Cnllcnder, M South Third street, Philadelphia. nrdlcaUti Vapor and Sulphur Batba, f; Great Jonea street.?K J. Carroll begs leave most reepe t fully to inform his patrons, nud tho public centrally thai* his estahlisbuent is now opon for the reception of visiters. These baths have ohtainod considerable celebrity for til* |>nab twenty-seven years, in curing oolds, rheumatism, and dis eases of the skin. Oxygenated Bittern?This famous medi cine has received the stronvest testimonials of any medicine in the world for tht euro of dyspepsia, asthma, and general debility, and is worthy the attention and rontidcnce of all who s.-ek a remedy for these complaint*. For tale by A. B. !i If. Sand*, 1WI Fill to* street; A. L. Scovill k Co., 316, and C. II. King. l'.<2 Broauway: J. k I. Coddingtun. 3U3 Hudson street and 71A Broadway; E M. Union, 127 Bowery, eoraet* of (.rand street; Hall, Ruckle A Co.. 2tb* Greenwich street, and by druggists generally In the United .States and Canada. Letter from Hon, Daniel Webster?I an* quite olliv d to Dr. ? uuimings lor the elevant dental toilet articles receive# from him. They appear to heal the nicest; quality. Yours truly, Damii. Wrsrrts. Revere Hone*. Nov. 13, It*# I r John A. < oiuminrs' complete setef dental toilet ertielee ere for sale in this < ity by A. B. Ai I). Sau ls, I0U button street; C. II Ring, li>2 Broadway; G. W. Tuttle, 343 Broadway. W. U. Cary k Co., 243 Pearl eirtet. money market. Trcsoav. May 27?6 P M. There was mora activity In the stock market to-diy, and a better feeling fire railed in the rtreet. Moat of tho leading fancies improred a fraction at the tlrst hoard, and there are decided indication, of a speculative move mi nt of some Importance. Heading Kailroad was th-> mod actin fancy on the list, and went up half percent. A Terr strong party has taken the -lock in hand, and 1? will probably pdrance in As face of all opposition, lud truffle on the road laft 9<fk "?? certainly in fa tor of the stock; but by purchasing largely for cash, and getting the bears short a large amount, prices will, withou'.* doubt, go up. Harlem and hong Island am ir.ivintj gradually upward, and auy adrance will be -u-U.ncd. We hure a great deal of faith In both, and are somewha surprised that they continue ao much depreciated Can ton Co went up two per ceut. The adrunca in thlr. stock is doubtlra* in anticipation of a fhvorable report a? the regular annual m< eting. on the 5th of June proximo Fanners' Loan continues quiet, but quotations cr-? firm aud very little stock is pre-MDg upon the market. Hor ns k *iU sustained iq view of tif- ecusoluiatk n. It baft . been our impression that a reduction in the number p. shares of stock would reduce the market price; but wo never hare for a moment believed that the actual vuluo of the stock would be injured in the least After eon-oil. dation. there may not be so much speculation in the shares, but the investment will he just as good. *nd per* lisps better. Krte Kailroad stock and securttix are JuJ ami heavy, and tire likely to remain so for a time. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer C* this port, to-day, amounted to $90,141 25; piymcut* $34,831 67?balance. 11.231101 64. I The Boston stock market 1* firm, but rath-r inactive at present; the tendenry of prices, however, is rtfward, and the prevailing impression appears to be that a de cided edrancc will be realised before tho lapse of many weeks; pnrtlrularly In those railroad stocks *h>h aro now selling so much below the par Of this class are the Central. Ycrmout and Maasaehusette, Cheshire itgdviu burgb. Rutland, and Cotieord and Montreal. I The receipts of the Ogdensburgh Kailroad Company for the month of April, amounted to $27,096. of whieh $19, 824 43 vi- from freight, and $7,472 54 from pa?*?ageM, mail. ke. The annual report of the company has just been pubil-Vd. from which it appears that the total in come for the year, ending April 30, 1850. was. ? -*7.167 79 Expen-wj during the same period Ol Net earnings for the year, $163,647 8H The capital stock of the company const-ts of 27 VI4 shares, costing $2708.400. and tho earnings, as glv-o above, exhibit a net result of nearly six p- r c?nt on th-i par value ($100) of the shares. After paying livid- ode amounting to $4 per share, and making sundry expen ditures properly chargeable to conatruction account, m balance of $00,057 50 remains on hand in the treasury Of this the directors hare set apart $30,000 as a eoatin gent or reserved fund, to meet such liabilities as all roads are exposed to, from fire or other accidents; and the remainder will be required for new ears, iroa, Ac., and to make good the deterioration of the road. Since the organization of the Plalnfield Railroad, there has been an important advance in the stock of the hi ton and Providence Railroad Company. It Is anti- lpa ted that this new road will hare n favorable etfr-t or the bnsincss of the Boston road, aud upon all r- ads h ad ing to and from Providence. According to the report of the Auditor of th-- Plate o Maine the receipts and dlsbursementa of the treasury of that State for the part yew. were as anm s-d ? Fisisi i< sr Musr?Kkisi i sen K?h?pitc*is. Receipt' from all sources $4Jf if" -TC Cash on hand at commencement of last year. 125,924 0, Making a total of $652,1:6) 37 The di-burs- ments for the same period have beta. 507.4s) ft Balance In the treasury. *41-170 07 The Treasurer of the State estimates the expenditure from May 1.1851, to January. 1853. at $516,055 M. and the receipts into the treasury during the same term oi time, at $680J89 21. which will leave a balance of $4'>.fl 2*316. In this estimate of expenditures the amount oj public debt whieh will become due, is $163'"00, ami $86 000 fur interest, while in the receipts ther-- is im-lnd- 1 ed nothing except from the ordinary and certalril s< urces The pablic debt Is $000,500, payable in annua* sums up to 1800. The proceed* of the public, lan-ie j which are set apart to meet this debt, will furnish am ^ pie means for several years to come. If they do not, ev-r, % tually. sufficient to extinguish the debt. The debt of the city of Mllsraukle. on the 8th of March 1 1861. amounted to $72,053 57. The Corporation ha- J levied a tax of three per cent on the assessed valuation 1 of real estate (2 300.000.) to meet this iaMMiv-n, Th- , three per cent tax will ral-e the sum of $60 000. wlilcli ' will nearly extinguish the debt. The Vermont Valley Railroad is on the eve of oomph tl?-n. This important link in the upper railroad --hair will connect Brattleborougli with Hollow's Falls, anil of { ford all the northern lines facilities of Intercommunion, lion with New York elty The Rutland. Chesh'r*, Pulli van. Passumpslc, Northern. Conc-rd and Montreal, Cen j tral, Canada. Ogdensburgh. Vermont and Ma?asehus--tl* a and Connecticut river roads, will thus bo woven Into on. f web. upon the consummation of the Veru vnt VaHejfl Railroad A general meeting of the stockholders snd VmnhoMcr of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company will b held in I'hiladelpbia. on Monday next, the SMond d - y -> J Jane at whieh time an election will be held for n pre*' I dent snd fourteen direetors. It la also expseted ih.i 1 m m-Miing will then be lenrm d of the probable disp--"i li?n -f ihe surplus fua-l which it Is onderstoo I the s im paay ha* on hand, or will have. aBer the paym- nt of th Kin* I loan in July west, fr-m the reeent rather snd den rise In the price of stoek. It is cvidant that someb ?J expeets a -lividend The majority <>f the committee appointed up-n th" sub by the Conavcttsnt lieu-eel RefrtsantaUvss, ft

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