Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 29, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 29, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. iambi oordoh ??rrktv, PROPRIETOR AMD EDITOR. MTPlCB M. W. CORNER O* FULTON ANP NASSAU ST?. . THE tKSILY HERALD, I cente per capy-%7 per WEEKLY UK H.I I P. everySaturday at 6'* AMIS par copy or $3 per annum; the Europ,ati Edition ?4 Mr mnnum.'to any fart of (Heat Hiitatn. and AS to any mart of thr Continent, tola to mcludo tkt poet/age. 9VoluSrl^RY COHRESPOlfDMMCM, containing ?dmv-'Tlant newt. eolnrtei from any quarter of the world; ?ifuied, will he liberally paid for. Qca foun-x Curhm Muniiri in piiTiOiitiiLV iixii'utu to heal iU T.mia A*I> PACKAGES EEtlT TO V*. ALL LETTERS by mail, fur Subicriptioni,or with ' M A __A. ? moon o t> t a tn A?? twi ut yytXM A /??* t h o rtat utelMt> trt'iL ktt li/l ? T>1mm XVI Wo. 148 AMUSEMENTS THIS EVENING. BO WERT THEATRE. Bowory?Wal tee Tv?s*u ??i l Pitcher. BROADWAY THRATRE, Bro?4w?y?Lote Chair? Ami Bull. BURTON'S THEATRE, Chimbon strat?SsRiar s Fami It?Tcoi> NATIONAL THEATRE, Chitbim street? Ladt or the .fcur-Tmuii. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, Broadway?National Gl'ard Jrim Vhhiw. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, MasfaaaUs' Hall, 473 Broadway ?-Htmiotiam MntarRKXSY. BELLOWS' MINSTRELS, Fellows' Muaieal Hall, Ns. 444 Hwadwajr-ETMioTiAN Miistrvxhy. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Amusim# Perform arc ca Ar tunoo.i ahii Ea awing. New York, ThnrRdAjr, May MO. 1S3I. Snniaiary of (lie Lattit Intelligence. We learn from Washington that -Mr. Corwin's Wvunection with the Mexican cluim-i, as it has been authoritatively published, creates a great aensa tioa in Washington. It is now stated that John Young, sub-trcnsurer at this port, negotiated the aak of Mr. Ccrwin*? interest in the claims, and that Mr. George Law was the purchaser, for the Bum of one hundred thousand dollars. We think that Mr. Young and Mr. Law should come forth publicly and relate all they know of the matter, and ?11 the connection they have had with it- I.ook at the matter in any light we please, and this opera tion has the odor of Galphiuism about it very atrouglv. This affair must be yet thoroughly in vestigated. It seems that the proposition to have an annual fair at Washington, has been received with a good deal of favor in tint city, and that subscriptions ft>r the purpose have already been made. A large proportion of the members of the last Senate and House ? f Representatives of Massachu setts have published an address to the people, in which they denounce the coalition which resulted in the election of Mr. Sumner to the United State* Senate. We think this is entirely unnecessary. Politicians of any party would stop at nothing to eariy their schemes into effect, either in Massajhu ?etts or elsewhere. The trial of Scott, (colored man,) for the rescue of Sfeadrach, the fugitive slave, is going on in Boston. It is to be hoped the law will be carried out, with out fear or favor. We regret to record the decease of the widow of the late Commodore Preble. Arrival of tile Canada's Mall*. The Car. a (in ha* arrived at Boston, bringing files ?f English papers, with dates three days later than those received by the Baltic. We make selections from the European journals, which contain, how aver, little that is novel or interesting. The Cana da is the third of the Atlantic steamers which have arrived from England within a week Vise Special Senatorial KievtIon?Probable Tilnmph of the Canal Policy*, We give in another part of this Jay's paper, some additional returns of the election to fill the vacancies occasioned by the resignation of the twelve Senators who vacated their seats in ordtr to defeat the pass age of the Canal bill. There is very little doubt that the canal policy has triumphed, as we expoct ed it would, and that the nine million bill will be passed by the Legi-lature as soon as it is again convened The constitutionality of that moa^uro. however, is not settled by this election. It can atUI be brought before the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeals, and its constitutionality.thvre tested. Indeed, the whigs who urged the passage of tliat measure, did so with a view of evading the consti tution on the subject of creating an addition to the Ptate debt. Tbey were afraid to go before the people on its propriety, in thi manner pointed out by the constitution, by submitting it to them at the polls. They dodged this for the purpose of making capital for themselves; and the d< mgcrats. or at least the barnburners, were not disinclined to sanction the arrangement. The fact is. that both the whigs and the barnburners wished to divert public attention for the time being, knowing that anion principles will, in due time, prevail in this State, and that sooner or later fx warlieun. Van Burenisr.:. free soilirm. and slavery agitation will be all buried in one common grave, beyond the powers of the most skilful political resurrectionist. Tnr Eat* Duo*.* tri'L Riot at Houokkw, atti its Cai ?**>.?Wf give, in another part of to-day's paper, some additional particulars concerning the disgraceful riot which took place a f w days since, at Hoboken. and which resulted in the d< ath of one or two persons?the dangerously, and perhaps fatally wounding of several others, and the destruc tion of property near the scene of the disturbance i From all that we can learn, we b Ueve there is very little doubt that the disturbance was created? we are inclined to say purposely created?by a gang of young rowdies, and incipient candidates for the Ftate prison and the gallows, kn wn at Hhort Boys, or Rock Boys?juvenile scoundrel', j who make riot and crime their pastime, and who follow do bone-t or indu trioua calling fur a liv? hhood These parties have been the terror of the upper part of the city for a number of years past; j and unless tbey are checked by tbe authorities, and u stop put to their infamous career, tbey will boeomt so numerous, and so emboldened by Im punity, before long, as to defy all restraint, and all law Our abolition contemporary, tbe 7Vm*,ie, ad mits" that these >h rt B?ys, or Rock Boys, or by what other appellation the scoundrels are ki wn, ore tbe aggressors From all that wc have hcarj, we are inclined to the same opinion. But we take Issue with our abolition contemporary a* to the cause to which tbe existence of this gmg In our moist is to be attributed They are not a conse quence or tbe offspring, as the Trtlmnt asserts, or incidental to a purely " transition social condition " How strangt It is that the clique of philosophers who eontfl tbe columns f tbe 'IVr/mmr, attempt to ac count for everything avoiding to their own meager and "rude notions about society?tbe transition of ?oeiety? the reformation of society?the elevation of soviet}?taking Fourier's, and fc>wodenb?rg's, and Eedru Kollln's, and every other European theo rist's opinions, and a|plying them indie riminateiy to everything that occurs in this country, whether It be an attack of the toothache, the nigger ques tion, or a riot at Hoboken. Tbey see everything through the spectacles ot these visionaries, and dire< f the application of tbe Fouricrite of abolition nostrum to all the ill. that alliet sock-ty and the body politic If the abolition philosophy, would only onrnysti. fy themselves, and look at this metier calmly, so berly, and attentively, th'-j would tind that the ex istence of the JJook lloys or tbe Short Boys is owing entirely to the rascality and venality of the leaders of the two political parties. Who,for a num ber of years post. lave had hamisof rowdies,young ?ad ?.ll, it: thnr employ, ami paid thorn for attend itg *atd meetings and .lections, and #s curing the return to office of men pledged to their interest. We don't wish to accuse one party more than the other of criminality In this respect?they are both equally guilty. When neither primary meetings nor elections are going on, these rowdies, young and old, get their living as they can by depredating on the community ; and when they bring themselves under notice of the authorities, and are arrested and confined, they have generally a friend in soma ulderman, who authorise and directs their release, to go at their work again as soon as they are free. So extensive have these organizations become that they influence, to a certain extent, the po lice and tho magistrates, the juries and the courts. What is more strange, too, the men who thus employ these rowdies, in this dis reputable business, are members of the church, deacons of the church, highly respectable and reli gious men, jntr txedUne*, and their employees and proteges are worthy of such masters. They will abuse any body who cones in their way, whether it be a man, or a woman, or a child; and it was, no doubt, with a view af keeping themselves in prac tice that they a-raultod tho Germans at Hobokcn, the other day. And we can say, too, that the Tri bum itself has, through party management, winked at and encouraged the very system w hich we arc now speaking of, for it enters as deeply into tho arrangements of the whig party as it docs into tho-o of the democrats. Our abolition contemporary is, therefore, entirely in the dark in relation to the origin of these gangs of rowdies: and all its philosophy in attempting to account for their existence is thrown away. M'e can satisfactorily account for them without calling in the aid of cither Fourier or Swedcnborg, or e\ en Andrew Jackson Davis, including Mrs. Fcx and all her nieces. Credit to Who* Credit is Die?The Stsschss ontije Phi mount's Toir.?We see that a number of newspapers here and elsewhere are copying the reports of the splendid -pceches recently delivered by Mr. Webster, and others, and traua mitted to this cit.y by telegraph, and attributing them to the J> urnal of Commerce, the Ti ibuii<\ and some other of our ecntemporaries. It would be well for the new.-papcr press here, and throughout the :ountry, to give credit where credit is duo. The Herald was the only new-paper establishment in this city that had made competent arrangement - to report these speeches, and receive them by telegraph. We sent two of our special and best reporters on that tour, and they, and no one el.-e reported all of these speeches for the pr -s of this city, but they were afterwards u?ed by other newsj apors without giving any credit to the gentle men who underwent tho groat labor, night and day, which they did of making them, while the editors und attaches of other newspnjiers were enjoying them, selves in eating and drinking, and making fools of themselves. It may, in fact, be said that one-half of the daily journals of this city, in their most im jtortant news arrangements, arc e tiled, conducted, und managed by the arrange inent* of the Htrnld, and by the reporters of the Ihrald. If there was a speck ofjustiee, common justice, we will not say magnanimity, or generosity, for wc do not expect either, our coteuiporaries would admit what we now -ay, and to the accuriey of which we challenge contradiction. From Clear mow?fuioi isto a* A au ric a* Yr*?m ? Captain F? mil-ton of the brig Oheron, arrived yesterday fr< m Cardenas, r ports that the ship Ma-garef, from Portland. while Wating into Cienfuego*. wss fired Into from the fort?one ball passing through her benda, near the main rhains Reparation had been ottered, but de clined for the present. Lstf. mow PoaT-AC-PioThe -.-hooner Tren, nt arrlvid yestirday from Port-au-rrinee, with dut.-- 11 the I'.th instant All remained <,uiet when the T -ailed, und the pi. .-e was healthy, and Rubo was .-till ul liberty in the mountain*. It was si ill reported there that Pou'.ounue liad refused to accept of the Anieriean minister's proposals. Am. produce was plenty and roffoa was ?earee .aud high Marine Affair*. 8Tr?v?Hir Bi. tiii * Jrwrrita* ? Thi* ?****?! return. 4 yc?f. rday < retting at *1* o'clock, owing to the cracking of her efOse-hmd She bad run 241 mile* in 24 hour*. It t? expert* 4 Ac will 1? arc again in time for her pa*-*n gi r- to take the ?teumeni of the litli June, at ranaioa. The following rraotwtiaw* werw parsed unanimou-ly ?t a meeting of the paaeenger* StEaMiMir Baortik* Jowatn** oi ? .a?wt>Y Hook. ) Ma j SIB, 1UI. J To C*M Sqi im 9u> In?The undersigned. p3**engerr of your *Uip, before art, ting in port, embrace tic opportunity of ex. pressing their regret*, at the misfortune of the cracking of the cram-bead, which render* Dcc. neary her rt turn for repair*, and the moro.-p. rlallj a* her |a rforniatice up to the tint'- of the accident. Wu* -itch ae to hare led u* to bar*- anti< 'pated one of the moat agre- jibie a- well a* the ahortert paeeugaa erer made latwmn New York andCha grc-. And wliil? we *yin|athi-e with you. and her own er* in thi- tniaf rtutw we WOttld eon ode Jou with the prt miw of ttaying by the chip until h> r repair* are made, with th firm belief that *he mill yet taki- 11* to Chagie? in time for the ft amor* of the J thai we have the fuil. ft ronftdence in the utauncbnc** and supe rior-ea .(Ualitie* of your *hip Yt ith than!.- for your kind and gentlemanly treat ment, we subscribe ourselves your* Ac .. I.KO II TIMJI.KY.Chairman A ITtMit tow Paint , fcomtnrv I'm Ne|*i,n. O. T Burg* <*. George I lowland. J. H Baldwin. John H ilton A W Ren*haw. and in behalf of the ps-*enger* L*t m ii ?Tl?e -hip Great Wi -tern, for C. II. Marshall * line <4 Lieerpo<,l packet*, wa* launch. J from Mr. W II Webb'* yard, foot of derrnth street. K R ., ycderday morning Tn Itrtarmt Citw i at City stilled yesterday after noon for Ch* jtr ? For passanger* name* tee l*?t page A fimo r ri ua-iMina Mrr?w?a ?The A'rwt. of the i-'lli fa-taut my*: d'api *ln Brown, of tb< hrtg Almira. arrited 'n ??'nturday fr*-tn Mrw Orleans re port. hawing *pokeu on Jdinday. tba 4th in-tant. twenty mile# to the ia twnrd of Key West, n Ofrnngi ateumer, which he -uppoaed to be in dl*'.re-?. lie asm t large u umber of nun on bourd The steamer wi# 'tending before the wind and had ?either -team nor mil* on ( apfaln B run down to her. ?nd aekeat if ?bc wn? in H* tre** and if *h* Weeded any ae?i*tawre He rcrelred fi* an-wer. that ?he did not widluy Ifchf Whi-n a*ked wlere the wa* bound, the reply wa* that they did not Anew 8 he wa* paint?d a dark r.4or and hail no nag up She was not tery large, and ap|*ared to he foreign hulit The an* n appeared to he French or 8paniar<b." L,? -< mi in?At Bath i4tli Iwetant. by Me**r? Cli-k few..l A Co.. a fine -hip of alwiut 500 ton*, railed the Parch Hyde, owned hy the builder- and intended for th' Hi w T' rl n I hp it rp** I trade A new t*.rk built at Lath, f -r Mc-r* Cook A ."now. of NewlLdfrd wa. In hat 'on la WW In . I on 24th in-tant. to be emt toyed <m the ?]. rui wb .1* llabcry. noder f'apt. Bhubael Biayt n. Police Intelligence. .1' ' >i C'? .* 'j t'org ?/ egesasf W f?i/.'i4 ?Y. fter d?y aft -no. u. the albged 'barge of forgery e nding aga net Th'*ui*< Mrfnt'ih in wlnrh he atiw*! ebarged wtth I rgiog the dguatnie - f hi* father upon the ttaeli of a prom - ory n?'te. a* pnl l!-hrd in tha Ifrre'd of yeater- ' day wa* diemU** I hy the magi'tmtc. on the ground that 11 tlillKi did m?t euf'aln the ebnrgr lloWetef. ntiMher r hwrga ef fiegery wa* ptefcrred ngaiast Mela- j to*hbyMr Amam 8 roster. of Mo 114 I'earl "trei-t, ! wh< *et forth In an affidavit the following pri ini**ory wot'- to he a forgery. I A, ?'! Ktw Tons. May l'Hk. |*A|. T r w an.ath* aft r -tat* w? prnmi** to j ay t?> tM order ?f if at h-tii* ?*. h lletii*re"B. thirte a haadied sad ?i*ty < l > dollars. Tail. r*e?i.*4. JAMb* BLARB. ti t raad. tl Int '*h k Hea-ler* n Th* abore pr? m *orw n*'t* it *?e?n* by the atfi'lawtt of Mr b'?t#r wi, W eiretl hy him from Melnt'eb. on the 1Mb May lift*, a* collateral .eeurity with other a* rnri ie* to a l>*n of |2 .ViO made by him to M lnto-h ? Brm ad the tlm* of the receipt *t *ald <o|lat?ral* Mr Jame* Biake '? Ho, WW Bl*' ? kei * reet. < xatnined the or' ml-- ry it ' ,a |Ue*1tsa pnrp rtln? to he algne I by nlm. ahd prom nneee the some to be a forgery It 1* of. Itoted to l.y eountol foe the deftmcw thai ??" rnri* ii* liewelop* tni-itt * a re yit to be made In relation p. thi* forgery The ra*e I* ret dnw- f ,r a lie ring at 3 o'ali* k thla art' mr* o The aceu nd I* * talned in cu t'ly pi nihng the ItiTeetigatkin. Jt I 'itlml .In* ill en n C-ronrn ?On T'ieaday flight, about one o'clock a parti 'f four or fire fwwlr pcraon* at th* eortvr <4 lutii k mul Canal *treet* mad* a de-pe rnio and rloh nt att. ek "n * (iertnan by the name of John C'hap*er r*'*idlng in Thlrty-thiid atreet The na " e tlef *ellant< Ml on the defenceie** man and bent hint in cruel and dnngemti* mautter The follee arere ealle<| to the ?p< t. ami ? man named Thome- Moota wa. nrroated by officer liar i -i on *u.?plei?n of I<lii| one of the gang who'ilded and abetted in rommitting the <.utrage and all the parti** Wen eonweyed to the bighth war l p .lice -iatl 'D 8ul?'"|Uently Juctlce Bb-akb-y wa? applied to. - - - ,jn,j Wl tl\ and b* tw?< n three and four o rl'ck that mornti t* th*- -tation hour* and on bearing the ewidence i1l? fllmtd M *r* from <u?tody ta appear liefore Justice ?ring " M'.ruth, at nine o'eloek that morning Mr Moor* ap p*?r*.| and on the matt?r Ultw farther*"I nod a* wo* tidetice erhlMted iteekf to implicate Moor*', the charge wa* diamlaaed l"i?ltw?l htntwa f'nt?tinl*????wer*a Conrt. Before ! ?? ph Bri Ighnm. B**l AIit2H?Bi t*r Fringo arreted on a ckarg"'f onittf p'lt.g Into the Cntte<| *t*t. ?, in Am or fiee letter*. ?? rge (jnantlty of diamond* each letter cdntalning from Mir t<? ?u hundred dollar* worth, war held to Wil in *e,(W. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. RECEPTION OF MR. WEBSTER, AT ALBANY* SENATORIAL ELECTION RETURNS. THE COSDEN MURDER TRIAL. CHOLERA AT HEW ORLEAHS, fcc., to . to. Special Senatorial Rleetlon*. riKH DUTMCT-WrrOLIt ql'EKXS A?P bichmoko. William II. Brown, dcm., in re-elected, receiving ? nw jority in both Suffolk and Queen* countle*. while Rich mond county (Staten Island) 1* probably about balanced. The return* received are *o imperfect that we cannot etute the probable majority in the district. EIUNTH DISTRICT?DUTCHESS AMD COLUMBIA. Dutches* gives Ilalated. whig, about COO majority. Co lumbia county, 217 majority for Snyder, the lute demo cratic Senator Halsted, whig, 1*, therefore, certainly elected, by a probable majority of over 300. SIXTH DISTRICT ORAXOE AMU SULLIVAN. Janus C. CurtiM, the late democratic Senator, I* re elected?majority not ascertained. The people of Orange and Sullivan counties have never been remarkably well disposed towards the Eric Canal, and now look to the Erie Railroad as their chief reliance, so far as internal improvements can promote their prosperity. IIITtCMU DISTRICT-?HERKIMER, ri LTOV, HAMlLTOIt AXD MO.VTOOMt.RV COURTIER. John Sandford (whig) is elected by an unexpectedly large majority over George II. Fox, the late Senator whose election was considered certain by his friends. Herkimer county, it will be recollected, was the residence of the late Michael Hoffman, the champion of the anti canal policy; also of his colleague in the State conven tion. Arphuxed Loornis. The following are the reported majorities For Sandford (whig). Montgomery. 1,100 majority. l'ulton 300 1.100 For Fox (4cm.). Herkimer. 600 majority. Whig majority in the district, 800 Hamilton county may slightly reduce this majority. The democratic majority in the di?trict [was 1,119 last Fall?a great change, caused by the deep interest the people on the canal feel in its completion. sivrri rvTii district?oxeipa coi vtv. B> uja N Huntington (whig) ha- a majority of about 2,'XIO over Charles A. Maun, the late democratic Senator. TWENTIETH DISTRICT? OSWTOO AVD WADISOV. Moses I1, Hatch, raual democrat, supported by the whig*, is elected, by a large majority, over Charles Steb bln-. anti-canal democrat. iwtvrT-riRST district?nrrusos avd irwu. There is but little doubt of the election of Caleb Lyon canal democrat, ?u<l the popular member of Assembly from Ltwis county. He ran against Alan*on Skinner, (demo-rat) bite senator, who wu- among the twelve that resigned. It appear* probable ,hut the whig* and canal demo crat- base elected five, and po--ibly one or two more, of the twelve -e oat or* required to till the vacancies, in place of democrats alio re-ignod. This will give the whig* all they want to enable them to carry the cuna' bill through the Legislature in June. A- we predicted, the people along the line of the canal have go no for the enlargement, without regard to the opinion- of lawyers on either side. THE LATEST DESPATCHES. Albasv, Wednesday, May 28. Passenger* by express train report Tompkins 183, and Seneca ltd for \\ illiam Gate*?180 for Stanton. SCHOHARIE cot'sir. Pewtrd 64 for Tuttle ; Kichinondville, If ; Cobleshiil 35; Schoharie. 27 ; Ksperance, a tie. Compared with the Governor's rote last fall, these town* show a small democratic gain. We hare tho following returns from Seneca eounty, Seneca Falls:?Majority for Williams, canal, 60; Water loo. do., 63: Tyre, do . it, Junius, do . 31 Fayette gives Stanton, opposition, 66 majority. 1'lKVi" DISTRICT. SUFFOLK CO. (tt'hig) IhoUii. (Oj>p ) Southold (complete) 78 ' 191 Southampton (Hist 1) 45 24 Kafthampton (Dlst 2) 8 6 Shelter Island ? maj. 2 Itiverhcad illvct. Dial, and Jauies port) 55 21 Huntington (Ditt. 1) 24 64 Smithtown 16 37 Islip (Suffolk Station) ? 2d Brookhaien (l'utchogue and Coram)? Siaj 110 qi r.Ev's corwTv. Newtown 56 137 Jamaira 1 Village) ? maj. 2 '* (other diatrict) Brow n, maj unknown. ? Flushing ).V| 77 Oyster Bay. (I arming,laic 1 XI 29 an iiMowD < or-rrr. Castleton 60 61 North he Id 18 ? EIGHTH DISTRICT. Nirsm rot-NT*. iti'TciiKM eovNrr. IhilitrH. fnw/'r, Haiti'/, tfnf/'r, ma*. IluJl'C w ? ( latrriek V ? (??run i t uti ..65 ? Au.terlitr 56 ? Sto. ky. rt 1/7 ? Callutm X ? Casaan 8 ? Grenapert ? 19 V ? ]43 Chatham ? .13 k ladtrhonk.,,. ? lit StuyTe.aat ... ? .'A N?w l.?haa<>B.. ? M Cheat ? 111 CUrinnnt ? N) An-ratn ? II Copal* ? 8 IJiil.'ial-. 78 Total 335 511 F.a.t PUhkill... ? ' I,.hi III !* ? Paulding. ..... ? 16 Amenta 17 ? Cliatoa ? 43 Milan., ? 8 V.rth-Ea.t,... ? HI 1'h a*ant Vallry ? 1 i I'm I'laiaa.... ? 13 R a II... k ? 24 Wn?hinstt?n ... ? >6 Pnttghk. fpat*,. ,639 ? Rlilli.boik .... IN ? Valt.,.. 4* ? ll-ikmiii 66 ? Fly da Park .... 30 - Stanf -rd tl*. tl*. Valalia ? 47 La Grunt* ? 66 Total ?0 Haiti'/, Snydtr, It'hig- Opp'n. Columbia at 3.V. 611 but. l.. oaaiy TO *3 Total l.#4 I.TO Ual.ttd'. majority 2KI Itrma from ktMhlnglon. MR. WW AID TU* MllCia CUM?AW8' t'. A.MER1. t* PAIR MMU1M OP A SILVER I" ? "fcR fo FATHER RHTT1IU?JUVAL I9TEU.I MBM K, ETC., ETC. IT? <llltl.t?4, May 38. ISM Tim autlorltad *tal*m<ul? ptibU-bad r> ieU*e to Mr Corwla'. aalr <4 hi* lot. r> at in M>xl.'4tn rlatm- cramta- a rr- at ti-atkn b.rr Tb* .(?* tioo l? ran mlUi nair.-. hold rat i n*t mlul?t*r- in thrix pocket* ? Will not tbr l'r<-6<!*nt regard lh*a* pro* "ding* a- UaiphJa opera tion.? Cmcr*** certainly will Tha pro|?#itlow Utaly nt?<l. for tba a.t*UL-hm? lit of an annual Araerlean fa.r bar. ba? l?**n rerrlr.d with (tr.-at fS*or Liberal nuh-arlption- ha*? already Bi? |. aa.1 an "rganiiatlon mil ?** it bo eff naiad A n.aaaiTa *tl*ir pit. bar Bin ntif.irtur.'d In mo*t bean tiful alyla by Muaer- Oall. m 111 .l.ortly 1* presented by Ilia ? mplnjn.- </ 44.. Lni'.n Priulitx t.*tabli-hm. nt. to Tli' ina? Kltrlll% Tlia "aaratury *#^> Trnaanry laaraa .hortly on a *Wt t<- Saoat or I'anrra. An tha tn-t.rrt .bore of Maryland A-i-tunt CaffUrj If-If a ratnntad yaatanlay from Bon ton an I raattoia.1 the dot la- <4 bin offl-a Tha ?t?aoiT \ l*. it .-it Hoed- onMnnda* for Hat ana Tha ?hlp Jatn.-iown na* npeeted to -nil from ye.terda* f..r ltn. il Col. Abbott bat baan ordered to 11). Jamort- ttn, William Hodge, the Secretary nftb.-Tre*. try. r> M'lQ. dhl- dull.-* y.-l*rd*y. after hi- northarn tlalt. I to tit* from II. I-ton. Tltr rtOITITK SLAVE lllvl.*?POLITICAL ITntLLI 0K.9CR?RAI.L OP A IR| CUR A I'll LINE, ETC. Bonn*. May 28. IBM. TU.- trial of Jam.? 8oo4f, colored, for aiding la tha rt -au. of Shndrarh, th< fugitive .lave, tra# renamed this fop? noon, befbre Judg. Pprajrue Tb> opaolnc argum-nt t'f tha cti?arninant ?a- ??<!?? by Mr 71 J Lonl. Mr ?loba Il.vree tha owner of S halrn<-h, and hi* attoraay. Mr t'apbart. both of !torf..|k,\? . ta-tifi.-d to tha fart that hhadraah war fiwn.-d by Harrta. and ha l ancapad to tha North. K*ldaara to tha (art that Sliadrarb ?na layally arraatad. sa a futitlra <|a*a ia thi- elty. wan thea addur.d Tha trial will lift aataral day*. On# hundn d and -rrantj m*mb*m <4 tha lata Sonata and lloona t f H?pra?aiiUti?a?, of Ma*-a?hii*att*. hnra ptihli-h.-d an a<l?lr ?? to tha j-oplr aiponinR and <l? h' ttneinc tha bar Ruin of tha dajnorrat* and frra oollar#. for th* .Tartiioi or 'IcTarnor, I nitrd Stat** Saiaator. he Tba addrn** nayn: " W# think It dun to th* flair fam* of our Stat* thai ??ah tran-artion' -hvuld not go forth to tha wr rid in a ?il? ne? niiRht bn aonrtruad Into an a.lmindon that thav ara In e nf. unity with tha u-tial prlnripU* and eonduet of thoaa who ara trurtad by the paopia of Mn.-arhuwtt? lo maka it* lawn. W* think It due to tb* pablle moral., that tha trua rharaetar of mrh art* nhonld not ba obtrnr. d. in any mind*, bn tba minnr a Ma nophi-try whlah ba? lain thrown o**r tham " Tha addrann i* '(tiit? lanxthy and *x.:*adingly narera upon Iba *o* ttlonlnt* Tba "llowra" Una of talafraph twdwaan Naw Vork and B<aton. sa* *ol.| to-dar. at mo tioa f-?r f3#4?lO A Mr. Parkard wa* th# purah***r It I* -aid a* tb* affant id Mr lb wnlag fant rnllnn or tha K.|il? opal 4 hwrrh. B.i Ttntnar, May 38,18.31 Th* ?l*ty third annnsl e?n?.'nti?n <4 th? P,pi*r"pal rhtiTrh In Maryland, awamblad thin mominir In i?t. Paul'* Chwrah Th* Bl*h"p wa* pra*?-n?. and th?r* wa# slfn ? large atModssc* of tb* clarg^ nnfl laily EnthniUiMc Reception of Hf> "Webster at Albany. Albany, May 28,1861. The demonstration to-day. in honor of Mr. Webster, was In every respect enthusiastic. The crowd which gathered to hear him speak on the great topic* now be fore the country, was formed, without any reference to party, by the moat substantial of our citlaens, of all pro fessirns and callings. The whole area, from Congress Hall to the Purk, Including the court yafds and neigh boring dwellings, and every point from which a view of the speaker could be had, was filled with a dense mass. Mr. Webster spoke from a temporary staging erected in front of Congress Hall, and in the immediate vicinity were Governor Hunt, ex-Governor Marcy, Charles O'Co nor. Joseph Uoxie, Francis Granger, John C. Spen cer, Ac., Ac. Mr. Spencer presented Mr. W. to the assemblage, and he was greeted with prolonged cheers. MU. WEBSTER'S SPEECH. Mr. Webster spoke at length of the Union and consti tution; of their inestimable value to every State of the confederacy, and to the combined whole. He did not omit to enforce the patriotic duty of sustaining and up holding the compromise measures, especially the Fugi tive law , as the dictate at once of loyalty to the constitu tion, and of good faith to our associates of the coufede , racy. At the dinner at Congress Hall, there were seats for 178 guests, most of which were filled. Hon. J.C.Spen cer presided, assisted by Krastus Corniug and Mayor Berry; and the others among the State ofiici&la present were the Comptroller, Secretary of State, the State Kn gineer, the t'unal Commissioner. Mather, Hon Hiram Kctcbum. Judge Parker, Gov. Maroy, Drs. Sprugue, Potter. Ac. Upon.the removal of the cloth, Mr. Srts< rn addressed the company in well directed complimeneary allusions to the guest of the eveniDg. to his public services, Ac. Ac. To this, Mr. Wersikh responded iu a speech that drew out loud aud repeated cheers, marked throughout by his peculiar force and purity of diction, lie concluded his speech with the followlug sentiment :? " The young no n of Albany?the young nion of this generation and of the succeeding generations?may they live forever; but may the constitution of the Union out live them all.'*

Other speeches followed, and the guest of the day was conducted to the New York boat by the committee of invitation, escorted by the Tivuli Hose Company, who mustered in great strength, each man bearing a lighted torch. The streets through whicli Mr W. passed to the boat were illuminated by bonfires, and he took Ills departure amid the chct rs of the crowd who congregated on the wharf. A very full report of Mr. Webster's great speech to day, has been prepared for the New Y'ork press: but at the special de-ire of Mr Webster, it will be submitted to his revision before it is forwarded for publication. The t'osden Murders, Ac. Baltimore, May 28. 1861. Tlie trial of the murderers of the Cosden family com menced to- day. at Chestertown. gha r, who was recently arrested, says that Ford and Websler are Innocent, and the court discharged them He also says that Drum mend is innocent; but Sheldon, Taylor and Murphy are guilty. The New Orleans mail is through. IH'ulli of Madame Preble, Ac. Portland, May 28, 1U1. Madame Preble, widow of I'om. Kdward Preble, died in this city lait evening, uged SI. Few women hare done go much in unostentatious benevolence as she did, and her memory will long be held in respect by those who knew her beet. She hag left quite a large amount of property. Counterfeit f3 bills on the I nion Bank of Boston, made their first appearance here to-day. They arc light complcxioncd. and easily detected by judges A largo unoccupied wooden building, between Union aud Kdgery wharves, fell into the dock last night, and is a heap ?f ruins. Cholera at Xow Orleans, Ac. Nr.w Ori ei*?, May 20, 18.M. Twenly-threc deaths, from oholera. were reported in this city, for the week ending 17th inst; and three in Lafayette Malaehi Rayford, n planter, has been shot dead at Caddo. La . by lleury iloliues. who alleges the plea of self defence. The Prcabytcrlan General Assembly. Sr. Lot is. May 3$, 1*51. Mr Pavid-on.of New York. submitted a series of reso lutions, which were referred The report of the Board "f Home-tie Missions was ordered to be published. No other business of general interest was transacted, and the convention adjourned. Nailing of the Cambria from Boston. Borrow, May 28,1801 The It W steamship fimbria. faptain Leitch sailed at noon to-day, for Liverpool with twenty-eight passen gers and twenty for Halifax. She took out 1130.314 in specie. Death of Hon. Mtephen Branch. Proiidi si c, K I May 28, 1851 Hon Stephen Branch, a prominent politician in Rhode Island, died In Central village, Connecticut, yesterday. Bale of a Scwipaprr (establishment. ClUUItoa, May 28. 1851. The Charleston Krming thwi has been sold out to a party who will conduct it on decided Union principles. The Forrest Divorce Cane. St PERIOR COURT?STOCIAL TKK M. Before Judge Duer. earnirise a. rossi-r vs. i uwm roRRrrr. Mn 28?This wa- an application on behalf of defen dant for a commission to take the evidence drkm*. of a witnt -s residing In New i?rleuns. The motion was de bated at length bv counsel on both sides, aud this morn ing Ju ige Burr delivered his opinion. Hi- Honcr mi id that this wax an application on tin- part of drfen.laiil for a cr iumix*ion to !>*? iasned to Haw ur ban*, for til- examination of Ann Rewei*. who is sworn to be a niaii rial trilDNt; and in ordi r tint time may bo allowed for the fin ution and return of the commission, it ii further aeki-d that the proceeding* on the part of the plantifl may be stayed for tliirty day* The mate riality of the et idenre nought to 1m obtained (a ret forth in the affidavit of defendant with -uflicient certainty, and the perron- named a? commissioner* an- known to the court to be unobjectionable The application i? resisted on tlic part of the plaint iff. upon several ground* and it har been earnestly contended that, if granted at all. 1: rliouid be only upon the following term* ? Klr-t. that the execution of tlu> comml-slon bo Open, and the examination of the withe** lie conducted orally and not upon written interrogator!**. Heoond. that until the l-sus-a directed In thlr caso ean be brought to a trial the defendant shall submit to the count *? nanee of the Injunction by wlatrfe he is re-trained from nro-e. uting In l'cnn*yl\ania the suit f t? divr.rc* which he baa there instituted; and., lastly, that defendant be coiop- Uiil to advance -neb a sum a* will pro bably be auflirient to defray all the ex|?-n?e, including eounrel fe. a. to which the plaintiff may be put In tlie extcuth'iiof th> commission To the first of there ronditionr. the d< fendunt. through hla coun-ei, liar promptly and very properly a-semlsl; hut It la rdrenuourty denied that the imp---ition of the further termr that ha? been In-i.ted on. would be a proper exer cise of the discretion rf theeourt I shall flr-t consider whether ttw commission prayed for can. in thl? stage of the rauen. be prop* rly Issued, and not whether the order cball embrace a stay of the proceeding*, and if rw. for what time aud upon what term* the stay shall be granted The objections to the issuing of the romais tioD are. the late |icriod at which the application i* made; and next, that the past conduct of tie witness an<| her relation- with th< defendant, hare la-en such a- to justify the belief that she |s pr- pari d to glee any evidence that hi* interest* and wishes may dictate. In other words, that she Is a psr-'-u wholly unworthy <-f credit. This laid objection which, it seem* It mo. if would hart Is-s-n bs-tter not to have pronw-d. I mean to overrule deci sively up-n the h<-m inr. The credibility of tin- witness will I*-a pnjsr <|U tion for tho eon-idcrati- It -f the jury who are to try the cause, and I have ns> ri/lit by exi hiding her ts rtlMf. to withdraw it frxin tle-lr dr lilwratlrn I have no right to say that th* witness will not be I - Us v. .| J*till le-s am I ju-tifii-d In saying upon the eviJenee h. for- me that she ought not to ow bo? lieW4,especially when no opportunity has been given to the ds t-ndanttO su?taln her credit, by a di nlal of ttir fart which art relied on to impeach her I mud (tot be understood a* raying that thr iufkmou* charac ter of a witns-s- named for examination, may not in aouii casts h? a just ground for refusing * co-nml*elt n ; hut Ibis caaonly be where the infamy of the witue--l? admitted and his discredit is Its inevitable eon*e.|ttei|se If We exclude from the affidavit Of thw pi iin'ifl a* I am I- und to do. her suspicion* of a corrupt Inti macy and corrupt Influence?which, however h'-ns -tly entertained ought Mt to have toea e*pr?-?*s-d?the fkets are not such nr. were tiny admlttsd to be true, would r.ecesarily operate to discredit the Wit ne-?. fhe may have been uneha<te hwf< rw her mar riage. and yet the nature of her evidence may be such as not insr-ly to warrant, but to compel, the belief of a oriir jury The objection that the application is too late, it ?id l>e ns ees.ary to examine It may not be roaeiu<lve, bnt It* ? fleet* may be to give a dlrers-tlon lo the < ourt that eoiild not otherwise be properly exercised The ap plication for the examination of a witness wlio I- known to be absent, and wh-ssr tswiimsiny is km wn to be mate rial. ought ts> lie mnde at thsi-nrllesi opportunity after lar?e has lea n join-<1 In the raure aud If mat*, the Issuing of the commission, with a stay of proceeding un til It* r-turn. la made so imn h a malts r of iv.urrc that It ta usually regarded as a positive right The issues In thl? rase were settled atdord- red ft* trial on the tilth of Dceenilier last, the absence of the witness, and the ma teriality of her testimony, were then known to the defen dant. and had the re gular course been the com mis-ion now applied for could have I wen obtained early In January, nnd then l-sua would. tone sirs this, have been i xrented snd returned, without subjecting the plaintiff to the delay of a -ingle- hour in tte prosecution of her suit It ben as if tbe commiaehin and stay, a* now aeked for, shall Is- granted, the necessary etfect will be to psietpone the trial s*f th> eaiise, not for the thirty days which the motion *ii?*cifte*. but until Oet.dier next The only latsrventng trtal term i* In June It may he regard, d as certain that the eausa. for obvious reason* will not b* taken up on any .lay in the last Week off the term; and that wUhin three w.*k? from this day a commission can be ?ent to New Orleans exe cuted there and returned here, I inu-t iwfusa U> believe, even With the aid of the trie-graph, es.nld that aid lie invoked. This would l-?- *cares-|y prs. tlcaNe Practically, therefore, a *l.?y at proceedings f< r thirty day*, is a stev fl-r w?"r>- than f .<ir months fiw.n this (datw <4 fWet I think I shall ns?t i.-- j.i?tlfl--l in deprirtrg the plaintiff of tbc opportunity of a trial, which she now lias, or nill bar*, at the next trtal term, tials ?< the appwveat negligence of the d'-fendant. In the d- lay of hi* nppliraii- n. has bs-?n explained and - tortly exen*?d. by whit-h I mean that >tt< ii expUaatlon and - mum -hviud piano huu ui Uw situation b<- wuui-J bare been had he made his application in January or February last, when it would doubtless hare been 8anted without annexing to the order any terms or con tinue whatsoever. The circumstances which are relied on hi his excuse, are that he attached great importance to the actual preseuoe of the witness upon the trial, and re a upon the positive assurance, of herself and hus . that she would come to this city when required, believing that her prtsent attendance oould, without difficulty, be obtained; that in this confidence he deemed it unnecessary to communicate with heron the subject until the approach of I he period he supposed the cause might be tried; but that he wrote to her husband on the 29wi of April, desiring that she would prepare to oome on to this city upon being telegraphed to that effectj and that his reply, stating the impossibility of her com pliance with his request, was not received by him until the twenty-first of the present month. The ClrcumstuBCts thus detailed, whilo they account for the conduct of tho defendant, are very far from showing that he has acted with the reasonable diligence that the law requires. W hile they explain, they do uot excuse his laches. His reliance upon the assur ances of Mr*. Flower and her hus'.and justified him in not applying for a commission in Ja nuary last but does not excuse his omission to write to them for the purpose of ascertaining whether the as; uranees that had been given would be fulfilled. In delaying to write until the 29th of April, he acted at his own peril, lie took upon himself the risk of the cause being called for trial, as it well might be. at an earlier day, and certainly, looking at (lie number of causes tbut lroui the neglect of the parties, their counsel or witnesses, are constantly run down upon the calendar, he had no right to suppose tt at the cause would not be called, as it actually has been, at the present term. Yet hu<l Mrs. Flower been so prepared to comply with his wishes, as it does not appear that any telegruphic notice was sent to her, she could not have been here in time for the trial. The lo.?s, therefore, of a trial at this term, is not so much owing to the disappoint ment of his expectations that she would attend, a- to his own omission to request her attendance. Although I am clearly of opinion that the laches of the defendant have not been fully excused, I am not prepuri-d to say that tiny have been such as to render it necessary to deny absolutely his application. If lie chooso to take a commission at the ri.-k of its being executed and returned before a trial, he is at liberty to do so; ijut. if he desires in addition a stay of proceedings, it can only be granted upon the terms that I deem to be equitable: and I deem it to be equitable that if the plaintiQ -hail be enjoined from proceeding to a triul, he shall be sub jected to a similar restraint. It is not necessary, nor do 1 deem it expedient, to state all the reasons that have led ute round to this conclusion 1 shall uot inquire whether the defendant was so far a resilient in Ponusylj vania us to give jurisdiction to the court in 1'hiladalphla, in which his suit lor n divorce lias been Instituted. I shall impute to him uo blame for the iustitution of that suit, nor expresa any opinion us to the propriety of the injunction by which he lias been restrained from its further prosecution. To justify tho discretion thut I now exercise, it is sufficient to say that, in my judgmeut, the plaintiff has been rightly advised to enter no ap pearance . aud to interpose no defence, in that suit in Philadelphia; and that, taking into consideration all the circumstances of time, and place, and persons, I am satisfied that it is in this city that charges ugain-t ln r self and her husband may be heard and decided, not only with most convenience to the parties, but with the fairest chance of equal justice. The defendant knows that the -nit in Philadelphia will not be defended; and it seems to nie most unreasonable that be should be permitted to obtaiu a decree against ills wife by default, and upon ex parte evidence, when, by his negligence, from the consequences of which he seeks to be relieved, he prevents a trial, which, by its full and open investig-.itiou of tho merits upon both sides, would lead to a determination of the entire controversy. If be is anxious to proceed in a trial in which all the tes timony on the part of his wife will be excluded, he has thereby no right to complain, if. by his own want of pro per and reasonable diligence, he loses the testimony of a single witness. It ha-, indeed. been said that it is only in the pending suit in Pennsylvania that the defendant can obtain the relief which he seeks. In tha suit in this court he la eniy a defendant, and consequently, in this, the judgment which he desires, even should he prevail in his defence, cannot be giv< n; hut there is nA<orce in an objection which he may at ouce elect to remove. It is now in his powi r to file ids complaint again-t tho plaintiff, preferring against her the same charges that are contained in his answer, and seeking against her the same relief that she has pruj i -if- r against himself. The two suite will then be treated a* one; there will be tb" same issues in both, to Is- beard at tho same time, ami upon the same evidence, and if he ahull succeed in establishing his own innocence and the guilt of his wife, a decree upon tho terms which he desires uiu-t necc-sarily bo granted, and will be granted, by a judgment, far more advanta geous to himself lliuu that w hich, under existing cir cumstances. he can alone obtain in Pennsylvania, and by a judgment, not efleeiuul only in a single State, but valid throughout the Union. For these and other riasons. which I d?eni it needles., to *(-ecify, I aui satis fied 1 ought not to grant to the defendant the di-crc tionary relief f..r which In- asks, unless Lb a-seut shall begivm to t lie com lit ion that I propose. The m-'ilon for a stay of pr- ---lings is therefore denied, ntiless the defemlrnt shall file within two days a stipulation in writing, signed bj biu-elf or Ids counsel, that the motion in tin- Supreme Court, for a dissolution of tho injunction which has restrain- t him from the prosecution of his suit in Pennsylvania, shall Is- -uspended until this cause shall be readied for trial at the October term. It is, howev- r. only to this condition that I Intend that thp order for a stay of proceedings -hall be subject. I do not think that the d-fohuant can be justly inquired to make any further advance- to the plaintiff tt enable her to austain the expenses of th- litigation in which they are ungsg-d. The annual sum of 41.600, in quarterly pay ments. regard being paid tt hi- fortune and her wants, it seems to ute, is an ample and iii-eral allowance, sufficient not merely for her usuul -upport. but -ure to provide Tor the extr iordinary charges to which she Is now subject; but If it shall hereof)- r appear to be insufficient, the Court, upon a proper a| plieation aud proper old -nee, would not refuse to -llrv.-t the payment of ?uch turlhcr sums as shall be proved to be necessary. Court Calendar This On jr. CiacriT t'oi st.?Nos. tot,1.:, 469. 400, 401, 402. 403, 4->4, 406.183, 368. 4116, 467. 40b 470. 471 Brrrsion Cot s r ?No*. 88. 10. 201 160. 280. 300 802, 310. 320. lo2.18;;. 227, 236 i!0. 246. 216, 337. 338. 330, 340, 341. .742, 343, 344. 340, 348. 349, bio. 301, 3'-2. 864. 066. 172, 231, 240 Cnatl# (?ardrn.^Thit delightful, popular and wcrl-l-rta-wned pis- ? of ri sort will I* t pea hr vuilert this evening, Msy 20. Admission, ll'1, cents. KranH Munlritl Fritlval?Tilt Membrrt of the Muaieal Contention. Benjamin'* Jurenilc Clae* nf eetrc ral hundred children, to. al and instrumental, and th* In fant Drummer, only three y are eld, will perform at th* Tabernacle thia aiming. Go early. Tlckata 33 ccate. Waftl' Jfenona Antidote?It I* no rvlrintt n w toinre all trnubl, d with aerrr uagdebllity, coneump tiop, anaphr..di*ia. and tho?< ilrul.nt diaeaat a, that it it foaitivrly pax pie* own fault now, if they ar? dt?. a- d or de bilitated. Can b* had ganulnt at lit.' Sanaa .-trvct. Pernor* Intending in fnlte paaai(e In Kn(* land in tlic Royal Mail fft.atnehii*, aro requi'te l to call at the oflli e, 9> llroada ay, U-lore belitviug the report* that th* ?hip* are fall. AVhlfrlinrnf*? Immrntr frame, containing portrait* of the l'r< eidrnt and cabinet. got* to th* W orld ? fair L'lt week. Our citl*< n< ehould kuprov* tin* laat op p, rtnrity of examining the tnoet j< rf'-et apcrim-aa of photo graphy cter produced. 349 Broadway, corner of Leonard *t. To Merehant Tallorn.?Wanted, a atfna tion a* foreman, in a go<d afore; ia competent to attend to the ca?t, m and readytnad. d< rartm. t, if drtired: ha* a r >od act of ru-tom.r . which will follow; ha> hoc a (..rcinnn in thia city far the laet *e?cn year*, In good h ,uece. A idr. ee "Cnt l't,"k?iS, llerald office. atatiag whara to bo teen; will niut with prompt attonti, n Splendid I'rcnrh Porcelala Wedding Carde, ffileer Bo?d< red, and plain atyle*. elegaatly anT fael.ioaaMy eagratcd. and printed in gold and colore. Alan, a ox larc aaeortmcat of trench and Englieh ffilecr Kui b- f e. J tt .dding Envelope. of dc*un- and pattara*. at El EHDELL'S Broadway, enrner Duaac ttract. Inmrnir Style* of Hooky Mountain Drnh Beat era. Paanmae, 1 .. I . rr.?. an I Straw Hate. Examine the pl-ndid aerortin'nt ol W . P. DAVIO. :?'l Broadway, ?< con l door from Dues, atreet. Th k who with to hati their ta*U* tuited would do well to rail. The Oenln Panama* for Bnjra?Tltr hcrom ia* el.ete, luhtn* and ? '? rant aimpllnty f the C> nia Pa ra- ?- t r B. j?. brought out t',.- ?- nana, . annot foil to rea der ti.-m ualecr'el raeorile* With youag *??i, tlen.on nl all age*. They etand ia the eatm-relation to P i l'oaama<f.>r " i btl.lrea of a larger growth." which th< Genin Silk U?t< for yonar men hear 4"'he full ?licd one*. Ucam'a ae-ortmcnt of I'aaaa.a* of all aim*, and of the m,.at bcautifal ehapee and teature I* mtp-.-rd to he aaeqttalled la the cite. OEMS, .'14 Broadway, appetite St. Paul *. KnovologyA Term applied to the aer ?l< < M bntmaain*, ?win* to the great proficiency acquired ty a hntter name* Kane, in the manufacture of the hat.? Wr',.t>r. Ttiaiathc latter. In"t, of 12* Fnltoa afreet, lli ia ahead -.gain this aeaata, of all competitor*. *nd hi* d*<hlBT R . ky Mountain B. aver*. hi* light. ?umui ry. and altrai tie* etraw hate, and gtacral a**ertmeat of article* of h?ad-; cgr arc ? Belting i a, r?l prat** from all who . all apon him. la act*. ting a nam r Hat. do aot forget hnug. I.adieu* Itrw <o?leitnea arc teeing made at H e eoraerof Blevker and Carmine ?tre-te. I'rreona at a ?iiataai *, hy eaeloeiwg one dollar and tin height of the lady, ran hare iln proper pattern, with dire tioae (or mwkia?, A- , Dent to their addreee Al n, th* meet complete aaw?rt ueut of Men * and Boy ?' Cl thing it tewa. W M. H. MoklM. f arpetlngo I?4'nrpetlngw I? Probably there licyrr **? a r' Iriik Pn?ln'c? done in tht enrp-ting line at any one rca?on, ha* hcra done thie 'priag hy hnirt P. A Petareoa A Co.. 70 Canal etreet. The. g, n tli men ha*e one < f the largi ?t and mo*t complete nnert m?nt? ?ot only of ?*? ry variety of elegant new 4 arp. I:l;?, hwt of Oil (loth*, Window Shnee*. Ac. ko? that can I* fctind any whera. end th* pnrekaier mar alway* rely npoa th. goodt ?he nnrehaoe* hem* e?aeily what tb-? are r> prc*eatad to he at this ttole, and a* aheap aa the cheapeet. Ilonx ke?.|>*r*, and all othrra In arant of bedding, he delude, fce., would do well to call*' M. Wll lard * old *>tahllehed warerm ma, l>i Chatham atreet. cor ner ef Mwlh?rrv etreet. where miv b fonnd the lore, it a* aortment of arti, lea In hi* lino rteroffered t the pahlie, rongtatiwg of f.ath. r., bed*, mntraeeer. fce. I'at-,nt acrew hedateada and cotf, wh l.eulc and rt sail. World'* g- ,,ai .? \ uitora to tha World'* Pair are iarited to * aamiae tha aubaeriher'aatoek of C'a*ea. They are tha meet compact and uaefal article of the hind met.n.actured, eoatainlog all that la neceeearg f ir tha toilet of the moet faeiidione. SMNligRA, IV Broadway, corner of Liberty ft., and 3*7 Broadway. Comb Parfory, J*T Broadway?f.wdleawra racy^etfolly Incited to ef amine thi* eholee aeleetioa of dre*a O'.mh* ; th* reriety t?, heyrond *11 doaht. th* groateet in th# ?Itv eompraina the nioet h< enU'nl open work ia ehell aad k-tial* horn. Comb* repaired aad made to order A.k J. BAUNDBM. Important to Henlleiuni?Bratlemrn whl i ptlrt an eleguat da aa one of t ? re luieite# of their under . If ing, may Irenr it at I r ?n S? 1 A?tot II?> tee. T ? Shift*, fce . made Ot that eatabllehmcnt. are warranted to lit with nnwrinkled em... ond to bo r?-' ly f> r delly.ry oa tha day aad at th* hour at whieh they ara prumitad. Tndrr ?hlrf??A amprrlnr artlrlff of light under *hirt*. bettor Adapted (>? onr i limate, with it- fre ;o- nt and r?l"d I irr?, t' on any " i>. ..f to kind ei ? - I ' re mannfo inr-d, .<* now bt had at tht -New Vtrk itaukiag factory, 104lie?tgy, ?tor* Dealer* are mpMtMljr In i Hid I* eminineoar stock of unequalled assortment of Stovea have lust gut oat a now Air tight Cooking Stovs for 1?81 thts Odd fellow. Aloo tix sixes of summer furnaces, whloh can He UOOd with 01 without to oroa. the oily thing of the kind iu market. ABKMDSOTH, BROTHERS, 117 Beehmnn st. Hair and Whlikere Cut In Uu Latets and neatest style, always oouforming to the shape of heed, features of face, end central appearance of ell persons by Hill, the inimitable, 13 Neman, corner of Pint street, wher* ia told Unjustly celebrated infallible onguunt for the heir. Dr.Jemrl W. Powell, Oculist, Aurlat, continues to devote his attention exclusively to diseases of the Eye and Ear, from V to 4 o'clock, daily, at the seme office*, he lias occupied for the Inst seven yfnia, 201 Broadway, en trance 1>, Warren street, where ctoLhe had his "Treatise on. the Ejc, 3d edition, price 80 cents. Also, his telf aoting Eyiy end Car Eountaiue. The True Tent.?Scientific Iuvc*tlgetloi?. lias proved, and experience confirmed the fact, that Bogle'* Hyperion fluid for the hair, aud llebeuiona for the com plexion, are the only toilet articles really worthy of patron age. Hold by the inventor, William Bogie, 277 Washington street. Boston; Sand# libi f ultoii street; Rushtoa, Clark So Co., 273 Broadway; t'ury St Co , and Brigbam St Bay, Pearl' street. Gouraud'* Liquid Hair Dye Instantly con verts red or gray hair to blow n or blsek. Goaraud's Italian Medicated Soap cures tan, pimples, freckles, eruptions, ete? Gouraud* Potidre Subtile eradicates hair from npperlip*. face, or any part of the body?warranted. Goaraud's Li quid Rouge, fur pale line and oheeke; Lily White, liair Re < storatiie, etc.. arc all tound at Dr. f ELl X GDU RAL'D'Sp old established Laboratory, (17 Walker street, llretstore froiQ Broadway; Cullender, SB South Third street, Philadelphia. Hutching*' Dyspepsia Bitter*.?We hellcve thcre nevtr nun patent medicine that has mtt withsuoli universal success us I he above. The press far and wido speak of it in the highest terms, which it richly deserves, it appears to give satisfaction in eve?y ease. We speak of it knowing its virtues, and feel that it would he criminal no* to let the public know it. The sales, we understand, arcs euorniou*, and are daily increasing. We prophesy that llhtcMBgs' Vegetable Bitters will yet far exceeit in sale Townsend'x Ssrsapbrilld. It van b? obtained of al) the druggists throngbout the city. " The continually luvreaslng demansl' foi* Hall's Palingeuesia, is decisive evidence that it is the best medicine of the day for effecting a speedy and certain enra for dyspepsia, liver complaint, serofulons humors, and all diseases arising from impurities of the blood. ?'M. SMITH HALL. Sole Proprietor. 159 Howe MONEY MARKET. Wednesday, May 28?0 P. M? There was considerable buoyancy iu the stock market, to-day, and the indications of a speculative movement oC importance are daily getting stronger. Most of the fan cies advanced to-day, and the tendency, at the close, was still upward. Among the purchasers there is a good sprinkling of outsiders, and many large holders are in creasing their supply, under the impression that no or port unity will present itself very soon, to buyjat prices bo low those now current. It is about time there was somu activity in the stock market. For sometime pa-t it has been dull and depressed, the cause of which we could not divine. Many of the most prominent fancy stock* have ruled low, money has tieen cheap and abundant, and the aputhy among outside operators has, therefore, been, more extraordinary. We see. now. strong indications of a permanent improvement in prices. The leading rail road stocks are going, graduully, into the hands of capi talists; and as they are improving rapidly in value, tho probability is that a large portion of the shares wbicll have for some time past been floating ubout the market will be withdrawn. The influence of this movement i-s alone sufficient to put up prices; but a more important cause is operating favorably upon the market value ot railroad securities,and that is, the great increase ia tho earnings of each company, compared with corresponding periods lust year. This is. after all, the only real, solid, substantial basis for an improvement in prices of thh) class of stocks. The Harlem, Long Island, Norwich, IIud>on River, and New Haven, are doing a large and productive traffic, and we believe they ure all judiciously managed. Their earnings are properly appropriated, and the prospective condition of each is certainly encourag ing. Of all the railroad stocks in this market, the mar gin for an Improvement is probably greater in Long; Island that any other. Harlem standsjnext on the list ; and then Norwich. Canton Company has the onward route again. It advanced several per cent, yesterday and is up. to day. about two per cent. We hava said enough ubout this stock to deter cautious pcopte front purchasing it. and those who go into it do so with thelc eyes open Morris was a little better, to-day. with small sales. The variations in quotations to-day, at the first board, Vi-le as follows United States G's. 1807, advanced per cent; Edge worth. 14; Farmers' Loan, l4; Canton Co., I.1,; Morris Canal, *4; Long Island, ,'j; Harlem. ; Norwich and Worcester.Erie Income Bonds and Krie Rail road stock declined '4' per cent. At the second board, there was a demand for Reading and Harlem at bettor price*. Ilailem went up 1 per cent; Reading Railroad, Ja; Long I.-land, Norwich. and Farmers' Loan, The market rinsed firm, with un upward tendency. Tho receipts at the (-Wee of the Assistant Treasurer Of* this port, to-day, amounted to (>101,101 71; payments, >130,031 to?balance. **,213.774 M The next great branch from the stem of the seaboard' snd Roanoke Railroad diverges from its terminus at Oaa* on. by the Raleigh and Gaston road, to ltaleigh, 86 miles; nd thence by the Central North Carolina road to Salie ' ury, 120 miles, whence It is proposed to continue tho Central road 16o miles further to Kuoxvllle; from whieb point the route Is marked out by the Uiwassee Railroad to Chattanooga, 113 miles; thence by the Memphis ami Chattanooga road. 232 miles, to Memphis, on the Missis sippi?whole di-tance from Norfolk to Memphis, say TOG miles Tliere I* another branch from the name stem which pre mice* even more important result* than tho*e we hare named, fur it 1* intended to tap the rich eat ley of the Roanoke at Clarksrlllf. and connect with tho 6 iryinUt and lennewe Railroad at Lynchburg. which, in its turn, connect* with the East Tennessee Railroad, and commu nicate* with Knowillc. where it striken the lliwaMec Railrtad and the line of railroad thrnee to Memphis, a." abovc described. Hy this route to the Mississippi, the dis tance by rnLroai Is laid down a* follow* From Nor folk to (Ja-tou, 90 mile*; from Gaston to Klilgoway, (op the llaltigh and Gaston road), 10 mile*; from Kblgc way to Clark?vUle (on the Roanoke), 26 mile*; front Clarksrille to Lynchburg. 60 miles, from Lynchburg tc Tennessee line, 208 miles, from Tenncaaee line to Knox wills-, by Ka-t Trnneses-e Railroad, 120 mile*; from Knoz~ rillc to Chattanooga, 113 mile*; from Chattanooga to Memphis, 232 mile* Total mile*. 908. Block Euhnnge. 82W0 r 8 6'*, '87 !l*>, 2So ,I,.Iris RR M 88** IJWStat. .'.6 104 M All.any and S I UK !1 .i?#||,rri, t'aaal 16V .?*8*1 Read Mors Bd*. 70 78\ 2800 Erie 7 ?. W Wl ,20# do 1??2 .'sxif ri Con*. 71 *?' Long Island Railroad :i * 1"4) Eric Ibcjibc W, 2? Hudson Rie Railroad **) l'4?4> do *7 2" do r>"< U*U Ohio and Pea a 96 so Harlem Railroad 74; 6 aha Bask of America ll.Vf 160 do 74*? 1<? Dol and Hod. full 121 s. sal do KM 76 160 Edge* urth Co t'k UV do 76 ro do <r. 1U*I do WO - 2'4) Farmers'Trust 70 *00 do too do aPO IfM 238 Nor and Wore RR I' D do f!? , 60 da hid) w. . 26 Canto* Co si 200 Kvadia* Railroad 67)2 2.6 do b? S2>; *?? do .W?J. 138 da 82 2UU do n*> 67'2 ICO do 616 82*2 200 do olO 87'a 18 d *?>, HO do o?0 67 l?> Erio Railroad oOO 88 Sou do ST'l M0 do 88*,' 088 do 67*2 I U do h-W 88', 2CO do *30 .87 , 2U0 do oJU SO 23 Baak of Com, full plO sKcoim hoard. 8?**) trie rear, 71 !? ? iha Portsmouth DD *V A4) sLs Rea.ln KR *00 A7H 4<4l llarUm Railroad 76*, 74*1 da b6U ?s too do h? 78 880 do 37V H?) do kl3 7ei 100 do *30 57 , 2??I do 7?'jJ 708 do 87V 2* do . 7d .8**) do 67>, lis) Lena Island Railroad ?1 Ml) do #30 *7*, ll*i Nor and Wore RR 0t*4' 3?l do tJU 514 .80) Farmers' Truat ??) 70 i''(i F V . ' < r, I say v\ too do , 1 - 1BVEBTISKVENT8 RKNKWRD BVKRY DAY. PKHMOiAL. St I ID 8r iioaTTE. OF oI'ARRE UTEKOAA, CAM s I ear c ( d new*, by .ending hit addrsao to Mr. Ah v nini, or to Mr Smith, New Fork. Anna nartiia Bernard rmioratkd into thin country in 1*42, and settled in Eaeton. Pa., wbero she rmploytd Iter aim, le-reny Bernard, eleven yeara old. ii?. aellini matebr.. He tuortly aftor disappear**, and haa nob ainoa I re a I < ard of. Amy inf-miatlou re.poetlo* Mm will bn ?">t thankfully n-ei ieed by hie ttill analona and eflU< toil mother. I'lease add rial Ana lloffuiaa. No. i C >ugr?.g Place. New Vark. Ant RrsrEt tahlr perrow wishing to adopt a One healthy male ebild, fetar months eld, whs has no parent, to takes cars of htm, please addreao Thutnpeon, Herald e.flrr. UMT, dko. | 08T-A BLACK I.At E VEIL, ON TUESDAY MORN l_J in-. In 9i*tb arenne, between Ninth and Thirteenth ? tract., or between ."lath arenne end No. 81 Weet Twelfth (treat, the residence ol the owner, who wiU pay ? twitahiu reward fop It* rotarn. ______ Lost?tf\ noil heward-a dun iruh pony, with t-lat k l.g. and tail, from Forty ninth .treat and lib otnlngdale retad. Aar per?on r. turning him to No. S Harelay street will rrceive the aboee reward. C?> \ RI iv AKi) MITII 1 TO I'AWNIIROKRRS, IEW ?)*???* ell r*. and other.,?Stolon, from the llall door of thw ?ol.frrlb?r, a variety cf r|i eiii em of Hair Braiding, (gold mounted ) worth orer %V*>. inch a. Ilraeelet., tluar tUheln*. Fob Chain*. Finger Rings, lie , ke. Tho nhova reward, orln proportion thereof, *will I ?,| for the return of tho name t? UEORCK 8PIKR, DP Fulton street. Ilrooklye. Ctl RF.WART) 8TRAYE1) FROM 110 WOO ST It R ttreof., on the m raln,? -,fthe lOth Inst., a email I'nn die, or It oolly 8lnl l)>g, ans? erln- to tho asm* of Fanny. 8he I* entirely white, with the e?. i ptlcn ot her ears having yellow top.. Any person who will return tho onme ihall ro ctivt the nboer rnward, and au que.ttoaa ashed. IJtiil Nl) ON 8ATI RPA) AFTERNOON. IN Rl r F,IT striot, n poehet booh, ai ntalalna Vnlnahl" pnp*r? and ?omo money. Hyprovin* property, nod paying lor this ad vertieetornt. it inti l-a had l y applying at fc Kntget llfRl, kuaf till?I'M.

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