Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 1, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 1, 1851 Page 1
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.?iLt.ntuh v. . ij ?i f. >i ;i; ,i ? f <1 o THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6795. SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 1, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. Thf lrnlt?4 Statu* OBctri and the Mormon* or Beaver Inland. AKH18T OF KINO STRAVO AMD 1118 PROl'HETS. I From the Detroit (Mich ) Advertiser. May 2T.J < >n the 10th of April last, oriininul warriinta were put into the Sheriff's hands, against King Strang and about thirty of his associates, for arson, burgla ry, rohi>ery, and atte units to rob the U. S. mail, on its ?way from Beaver to Mackinac. On arriving there, Strang and his followers had fled to Hog Island. He was pursued by the Sheriff and twenty-five men, some of whom wore Indians. With reference to the ?charge that the Indians wero drunk, Granger say* that there was not, to his knowledge, at that time, :i drop of liquor on the island. Fifteen who had not fled were arrested, and five of them fully com mitted for arson, robbery, and burglary. They -ub-equentlv escaped, through some informality in the proceedings. G. J. Adams, a I-at tor llay Saint, lias ma is an affidavit, iu which he disclose- the fact that Strang hud set up a government, claiming to lie sovereign, and acknowledging no fealty to the federal government- He deposed:?He did reside '<?11 Beaver Island, Lake Michigan, from the 21th of April, 1M30, to the 10th of October of the saine year, (except about four weeks that be was away on bu-iuess :) during his residence there h?- did re peatedly hear James .1. Strang teach that it was morally right to steal from the Gentiles, burn their houses, and even take their lives, if it rould be done without being found out. This deponent further *iiith, that be did see Juines J. Strang seated pn a throne, clothed iu royal robea, with a sceptre in his hand, take a crown (made after the fashion of the crow n of Kngland,) and place said crown on his own head ; -aid Strang then arose and snid to the con gregation (over two hundred in number,) that he <m that day had "crowned himself Kiug by the command of God ; and that all the kingdoms of the earth -hould he overthrown ar.d utterly destroyed." Said Str ing did, at the same time, give orders -*hut an ensign or flag that he had previously pre pared should be hoisted and guns fired, which com mand of Strang was obeyed. Said (lag had on it tli-.- figure of a man, with n crown on his head and a sceptre in his hand, surrounded with twelve stars. Said Strang declared that said banm r was raised iu defiance of the "stripes and star-" auJ all other flags of the world. \\ hisaid Strang was seated on said throne, he did call a number of men forward, and cause them to kneel nt his feet, and with his sceptre on their heads, in the name of God, pi onounced them princes and nobles of his realm. He further said that Beaver and the surrounding islands should, from that day forward, be governed by no laws but his idd laws, and tha'. they should hold their land indc jicederit of the I'nited States. This deponent fur- ! tlier -ay-, that said Jas. J. Strang did write a co venant," called the Covenant of the Kingdom: and j aaid Strang administered said covenant to mnny of lits Mlowers in the presence of said deponent. !^aid Strang often urged said deponent to tuke said co- i ?enant. which said deponent always avoided. Said Strang often rave said covenant to said deponent and requested him to udiniuister it to others, which (owing V" said deponent's once being in the church, and lor policy, as if said deponent had refused, hi lilo would have been in dungcr) he did, and on one uecasioD, at the bouse ofH. J. Moore, Ksq., ad- ! unni-t :r it to eight in number. The reason said Adams would not take said covenant, he believed j it contained trcasou against the I'nited States. | Said covenant i? called the "Illuminuti " Iti-tuken 1 with the right hand on the cross, the cross lying <>ii the holy Bible. The following paragraph thi- | deponent quotes word for word from said covenant, M Wltti n and administered by said Strang t? i '?1 do. in the presence *f God and these prlnjcs ' ofthe '.llnmiuati,' solemnly promise. covenant and swear, by the true, ever living andsclf-e.vistingGod, j that! her'.-by renounce all allegiance to every king, prince, potentate, president, governor, arid ruler <>ti earth. I furthermore promise, covenant and t fewear, that I will obey James J. Strang as the im- j porial primat* and nutu?I king on earth; and the : law- ltd decrees that he shall make, a? above, and ' gofcre-iling all other laws of all other power on ; oarth whatsoever. I further promise, eov nanl and t-wcar, that I will maintain, uphold and enforce raid la* and decrees, again-t all other laws, so ! long a.- life -hall lu.-t. ? ? ? ? );ut should 1 , lie so wicked, ungodly and unholy, as to break this, my covenant, in ay God, the eternal father, turn from no m l remember his loving kindru -s no mora; may Jesus ? 'hri-t the Redeemer turn from me and ?. 'ose the gates of heaven forever aguiust me; with d.-ires Insatiate, may I behold bliss and fuel per- 1 dition evermore." This deponent further says, that the above is not , half of the coveuant, but only extracts trom Maid on in ant. \ rderday morning, at a quarter past nine o'clock, the I n:tid State- steamer Michigan arrived at our do k, having on board I'nited States Marshal lvnox nil bi? posse, I'nited Stnte? L'lotriet Attorney j'ates, H..d Adjutant General Sehwari, having re turned from Beaver Island, whence they went last wick in pur.-uit of the celebrated Jaim - .1. -irang, the self--'-instituted " King of all the l'.arth," and j'eaTer i.-land in particular, and three ?t his sub jects, named Joseph Kctchum. 1 inley I'agc. and 1 \S illiam Townaend. They were arrested, being charged with obstructing the I'nited Slates mail, and as-multing with arm- the mnil carrier, eountcr 1 king I nitcu States coin, and depredation-' upon ; Temm nt lauils, fcc. The Sheriff of Mackinac < ? nitty i* hI?o here, with several warrant- a gainst tb m Ftr various offences. They were eonreyed to tin Unit d Mates court room and placed in the ens t'dy ofP:puty Marshal Beard-ley, and we presuin* tb ciu-e will bo submitted to the Grand Jury during ill sittings. Strung sic formerly from t'liButauquc county. New Vork. The officer had but little difficulty iu making the arret. They >d the IHstriet or f ircuit Judge for the tirst *ecnrod the IHstriet or <'Ircuit Judgi "I pper Peninsular," at Mackinac, who also a Mi On satisfying him that the / were pre pared tt neeoiuplish their object in the arrest of Strang, .md that opposition would be futile, the Judge wrote Mrung a letter, informing him of the existing -late of fact-, and the " king and court" of I '?caver JrUnd were sixvn in the hands of the of ficers, wdhout opposition?by voluntary surrender. 'l*be reputed career of this self-crowned an I self oorstitutrd "King" and hi- foil iwers, on Beaver islanl. Ii known to the public. Wr await tho de >< lojeuionU of the farts in th< case beforr th-? pro per tributali of the country. The " chief prophei" wn? air Bed, but war subsequently rrh ?* I, with the Judge ard others who Were arrrited. Stran who 5s ?- knowIMged to he the M brad ami front <.f all authority in the "kingdom," is a tall, woll proi/ rt'rt d person, weighing about one hundrel an?I M >? ?/ pounds, souse forty years old, with vn open (i vttnms, indicating sonic cunning and .ahn-wdr ??. hut wr shonld not judge a wry tnsll Wior? character. The i 'Vers represent that, the MMx-ara' ec >f the island ?l?-cx not indicate either thiii* or industry. 'those arrr?'cd sob mnly pro test thr r innocence of all the offeocM wdh a Inch ? hey a-r '-barged, cither against the |m wple of the ?- l'ngd-Tu." foreign powers, or the " n st of tnan k'i d. iMrtrll?H? for Ihr llr-lmnr of I,anil WuTtMlh Pina-rumi 01 rn? I.ntitiM, | 1' . ? i . . , M I i ? I lii n'l n ? fCi'illinf Unr th" tv-lr?ue of la nil In ilnt? war mi t ? er.uuU un.1. r th" act of Hi pt. int.. r 'jath. 1*60. In thai t Fth ? < r!>rlni.l? which mny hari. be n loat or d"a (fr)i4,Uli '? lowing regulation' approved by tlw !>? |mrt<ii?-nl ?* tit ? Int< fWr. will bo c-twr. ? d : H b*a a warrant hMhlH I* l*M> Ibr kaeii nf tie lar'T i niltt-d to r~ci'lvr It and to whom II wa< ???at. or I Vac fw-n I'<t aft r t" Ing r c if"). th> party ahotihl at c- int. |Mti?llltf< (Iravral Land Offc to prevent 11 ' ii Ir?? . I :. warrant to a frau.lnl. nl rlaliunat. and | ahealt ?W pubttr aotln- of the fact- la the ana* at hart j nnc" a week for rla aucei?a|?e week*. In n?. ni-wapap. r of Rin. nu rlrrulaiion at or in an-?t tin- plan.- to which th- warrant w*? dlrvet.-d or when- the Iw In witch publication th" Intcnllon nhalt al?o be .vpr. '?"d to I apt ly it tv |)iMMa*rr?f Pi adiaa :? ra IwpMrateof a arch w*.rant, which of conr?e < minutely .lea ?Til d, in <>rd?r guard afalnit th" Improper u? of I It" in* Br?' Kmc d Th Id nt ty of th" applicant muat It <ntl fnefurlly iMabllrli it, ftnd th" farti upon whl"" application for th" r? ?lame ia bard mimt la- fully aad dearly "H forth tmd.r inth, th. warrant.n atating In lii< affidavit l If anrh l? tie fart) that he haw never hloi-clf located nor caipow.-r. d any perm.n to hunt" Ibr him. the warrant in q?. 4Inn. In oa<"t wliera th" claim for a duplicate l. founded npon th" ii' t-r.c ptlon of the orttiinnl, the a* nt. if th-r? It on -. I< rannlred to unite with th" warrantee In the j I nitration fi* renewal. It la rt -iuhlte that the rr.-dlt.Hily of each and every afllant be duly r.-rlilii-d by lh- mwgU Irate- adadnlati-rtng th. eatb ami that lilr ofhrial character and ?lgn?tur? bo a.. i*. 1 i.y the primer olltecr under hia <eal of offi.-. J K. IIMA-*' '..^ll H ATII, i "uimli'loni r of IVttalotu. Tain ? ia fri.i.tvtn I'm air, N. Y ?A horrible tra gedy wbh eaacted about thrie milea aouth from W'urta bora', ?nllivan county on the )6th inatant. Timothy Pallner while tngag.-l 'n peeling hark, waa .hot daaif. ami wn? afterward- found under a tree which had hat a abort Ha 'wen fktlen. Huaplcloa fell on hia brother. if m R Palmer, who bad recently eherl-hul rerentr?rni feeling b-warda him for -emu real or Imaginary wrong*, ant wVo loiowed hint Into the wooda. taking with him a tfun. nmhr the pretence of hurting Rut he disclaim* ail know' d?'e of the mutter and am. nda to ha?e i.een pfc. plug In the wooda at the time It took plac,- The do Oiw . d ill ale-at twenty-i Isrbt yrara of ?c. and If aatd to La*. ii <'t vio'i nt t? mp? ?. ft'r.i u'i?t J* " i ?/ ,4-ty ,'t The Antl-flUwjr Anniversary m Boston. WENDELL PHILLIPS AND THE NEW TORE IIEEALD. [From the Boston Traveller, Hi; 28.] The anniversary meeting of this society was heM this morning, at BoylstorOlall. EAmMd Ouin^ to,llle obair- A business committee was appointed, who reported a series of resolutions Ihe resolution first considered, related to the ? bXlZ'fc* U"e ?f Faneuil '^11 totheronvenUon. iiurliil I 8?verI?Inent- It denounces the course crush t'h? y ' "''' *ut'lor'ties as an attempt to power exPWMio? of opinion, by an illegal us? of HoM'aidVrt^-|hARKI8t,V "VPPOfUd this resolution, with ^h- i u , convention had very little to do with the slaveholders of the South. The slave theIndifution^f b,r0ugbt ufi "nder 'b* influence of thlil h H slavery; nil their interests and all Hwo mfEJ!"* r t, Up !n lUt W'tUution, and it was no matter of wonder that they were desirous n?hSd*tl!f*l"' "" P.?p!. .1 the Xorlb who tl_^e speaker alluded to the coarse pursued lately ly the city authorities in refusing Faneuil Hall to tfic Anti-fugitive Slave LawConrention, and after wiirds, to keep up a show of cousistency, refu-ing it p' !,lftt.ffl'eD!ln<I despised outcast, Daniel VWbsfcr But, said he, when tfley refused to let him rails hi.- voice in support ot the slave power, State street WH- in commotion, and tho fathers of the citv crouching beneath the expression of the State street r jTDt' sobu",w*l themselves that they crept on their very to the Revere, to a'kMV ibntcr to .-peak to tliein, and it was greatlv to that man s credit that he refused to listen to th'em It mbht 7<>n ,hat cow?^d at his feet! It might be said that the views of this society were be ryjH;, ft ^ could Ot-O. lie held that they had aright to be di? unionitts under the constitutionof the Cnitcd State bad as it was, if they to be so. ' Mr. Mellkn proceeded to make some remarks Which we could not hear. From the fact hoover I^hi! ? "I""!! CaUed hi? to order, and re.iuest-' mJ ?,0,Uu 6 h"i re,nark? to the resolution, we judged that they were of ihut discursive und ramh W character which usually distingl l^ tlmTr^ toricul efforts of this gentleman. Mr. I'arkeb Pill-uiubv WIIS giaj tj, ( th L ? ?U ?f, uUneuil Ilal,? ?nd wished they wire cause that 11' I,rov,dcd it was for the same <au. e that they were excluded from the Mali Ho W hs.or 5*1solvation of the I nion by Daniel Webster, and he saw that at Buffalo the late meeting of the \ssociation in Syracuse was spoken 0 in terms of respect. That faithful meS hid wI^T U?rae Tbe views "ff^he ? ?Kitty were beginning to excite attention and the active opposition inude to them was rather on couraging than otherwise. He wished Kt the eat i? the operations of this society could bo re bienlefTIo beliovi 'k ,hou*ht ,hat *>rt?n had d? n left to believe a lie. ami was destined to be damned. A different state of thirg- existed in the country, lie was ashamed to confess the fact but a ck no vile deed tlJll,hu,trating. bi* imposition, he CRbowiedged that he was in company with the Albmo0''ind'.tf hi ,T'gri'"H ,,OU' tester to Albany, and the feeble demonstration made to wel illIU * uf"rb' c?ery place on the route country. liat,8fa<',,'ril>' the -rntiments of tho It^?ir'Jih?ught thaJ ?!"" refusal of Faneuil < Hall would aid instead of injure the anti-slaverv . ings would* be'&f'1' ,ll"t !b? effect of these meet ings would be far more salutary if they w. re held , at various points in the couutry. Btilh he would not w.thold one jot of the censure of th "rcsIlIE ' rtiiU h c,tJrJRovcrn?M>t- They deserved ull of it. 1 . till, he would not be too severe upon these men thr'vrV" *,rcfhing behind the eitv g-ernmenl: they were the mere tool- of public sentiment hem I fbi opposition to this society and to its doctrines I came chiefly from the church of Boiten. M.,;.?,, I thus mounted hu favorite hobbv, .Mr. lister pri5 ce? ded to abu-e the ministry with his a-nal gu.-to ! ,Vw N* v*"?11 i? order by the chatrman, an? with iffieulty came back to the eitv government The chureb, buyrver. ne found it impassible to abandon solutlnTf ,h?J Vhe w.eit'1,t vmrnre of therm ! mIniitn Tit b.* * ^ 'lffain,,t <be church and , . of 8<?{tron were all Wiren^nS^Him ? had soJd Christ in the I !l.,T. s v jT'1 for thirty pieces of silver. I be d.! I t H ^ ? f been established bore. He had no | la traJc' ^'u0 7a!U[**^ tnff?pcd in the foreign sis i 'rade. Ho looked up<n those wh . banished bem from Fancuil Hall a? he be k?-d upon tWlate tradcts on th> ceaet c-f Afrca. i|M|''t ? ?n r?'c t0 J' r? J ,b^ f Bolton 1 ostlr i, nk batl' f R^ton v- hisfriend i Foster. It was not quite a S dom, for there were 1 more than ten righteous men !?-. He ilKiTIht ; that bad as BciUm was thcr w -e thing-about it. He did not bt'ierf^thlt^Lu n I woo/d deliberately and intelligently have allowed 1 . imms to have been carreJ away. He r ?arded ' fiir.nT.i the m5st -er! tl ?!? n n ?OFWPI "f Rut he thought jfltr ?!'? 'here wae hope of Boston , rJV'ri ^>Nr,Er l-Ph!U* p *<I not agree with his ' fri. ^Fo'trr. or Garrison either HeJidnjt be lhtc Boston had been billed by Mr. Forte ? but at ' th ? time, hr did not believe ae hi *hich h.d Kisi1^ Sr,teSrh,k( country. The { i"K : I Hm/ri "b^unlry'bwS'lsIi'^ra 1 It* * a?T When ,br ( ' H. um wai in tf wn' /r IK 00 ' be tak'',, * *"T from aov I 2S ?fnthc ?->'?n.oi.weultb. and them w*? n/t pint encugh in any town to protect him ? lie was tire#of hearngofthe \ irtue- of the towns* h t i,MI,n!?t,nW<,allb- Tb' > r". '<? be are, <"tr than the citn ,. m .Vme rcpeets, but not bet en en rie' Oj.'. n' M int of theaut.- U.ery ont.rjrufe. There was. to be -urn. a certain de grce of fnc toll and aiwi-sluiery in the cctninon wcultb : tbi re was a rertain degree of opposition to the I ugitivc Blare law : hut no such determined ?p position as would lead cos redrtance of that law.I, In the c??e ot Bimu .- tbv tonus in the ate did uet fesTf nd to the call of the abolitionists, i ke free ' ? - > ? ? v' ?"v.-wmn/uisir, s ut irir so ' party bad gathered into their organization the principal pcif priio-ipul portion of the auti -lavery si ntinicnt of the Btutc, and they kcM ii looked up, to use it for political purposes ticlueively. llic grealist foci to the aiiti-slavery enlirprisc in Boston were tict the un rcbants ; it w?< th-i wings, or that r< umant t tl.f whig orgnni/ati' >i that cindered round Webst Daniel WeXiter. It wa* ihi mercnai t wi,ig??the leiichnnt whose whig ma-tcr trugbl him that his greatest prosperity waslo be attained by adbc i.ig to certain doctrines. 'I'bc rea-on why they w< rt Tcfured Faneuil Hall to-day was, btcati-e it w?< feared that Heorge Thompson w< nld there, and it wni not the merchant but the j-oiitical parties who opposed tkem. _ ?r.i Win a* v. Wt im u. 1* resc *ii l nldftatd the con renti3n upon the subject of fands for the Anti Slavery Society. It -f> m* lh?t they are entirely | cut of pocket, ami Phillips tnaJa * stirring appeal . to the member* tooomoforward i.nd pai <<>rnething 1 <lown, upon the spot, or pledge Ihtint'ehc* to <b> ?emethiag at mo future 8*ed time. We ran* be up .-indatirring, or our enemies will gain * march upon n*. ^ay what yi.ii will about it. publi opi- j n.f.n !? nn/lng <?nay from u*. Hut if the spirit of abolition in .New l.ngMml ha.? pot to die mu*t die hard. "It will ntvor die!" erled a !<tent negro woman, from whew fare the perspiration was falling in torrent*. "I don't kniw that," replied Mr. I1i>llip?: " I have ray feare. We mint, as abolitionists, take stroigrr ground?anil we must have more fund*." (Hear liiia, hear him, pried a roici most confoundedly eracked. By the way, thie startling exclamation is heard in the hall eeery fif teen rainntea, issuing, apparently, from the same pair of lung*, no mutter who there i* to be heard, or what the speaker it talking about.( Mr. l*tiru.tea blamed Charles Sumner for saying, in bis letter, that he <1M not want freedom parried into a stare State unconstitutionally for bi* part, he prayed Ilearen it might be parried there, eren if tne first step in the movement shattered the con etitution to atom*. Somebody ha* said, in a spirit of propheey, that the American pulpit would ere long Seeome the resort only of profligate* Mr Phillip* believe* that prophecy will be fulfilled to the tetter. li mni?iN made a loud eall to the meeting to ; eome up, and to pay up at the same time. After whieh, a country gentleman, whose name we lost, got tip, and started oss the same tack; and, in lea* [ than five minutes, the eoantry gentleman, aided and assisted hv the " Finance Committee," who | went round asking aid from the audience, succeeded in clearing the hall effeetnall y. I The on ( ting will be held tnis afternoon in Char doii Street Chapel, at hall past two o'elnek As the Contention broke up this morning, Mr. Pt r it w stated that the friends of ftr. Henry Ward I IVeeher had applied to the Mayor sad Aldermen for the use of I annul Hall, in which they might have an oppoitiinity to hear that gentleman speak "pen ilatc.y, etc : and the Mayor nod Aldermtu bad refused their petition. (Savage cries of "Shame I shame I oh, Bos to#! Boeton! AFTERNOON OKSBIO.N. The Convention assembled at half-past two o'clock, in Chardon Street Chapel. 1 >r. BrpFt-M, of Lynn, had the floor for some time, and in the course of his remarks had some thing to say about Robert Hantoul, Jr. He repre sented that man as a tolerably smart person?with Webster's tulent he would be a Webster. Of the clergy, he said people had not that respect for mi nisters now a days that.they had formerly, and he thanked God for it. The time was when men were taught to take off their hats when a clergyman hove in sight; that time had passed. Buffum then made an attempt to cpiote Scripture, but he broke down ere he had fairly begun?and then he seemed to feel cheap that he had tried the thing, and made an apology to the meeting for so doing. Afterwards, there was a passage-at-arms between him and foster,about the churcn. There has been more internal commotion in the ranks of the convention, during this session, then we hure witnessed before. There has been no disturbance from outsiders?even Mrs. Abby Folsorn, our good old friend, who so delight- in having a scratch witli President Quincy, has not, as yet, spoken a word in the convention. Parker Pillwrv got up and ba-ted the Rev. Mr. C'rowell, the editor of the new Baptist new-paper, i in Boston. He called him all sorts of hard names? and then he took up Dr. Sharp, and handled him without mitten-. Poor l>r. Sharp, of Bo-ton! i he survives these attacks from Pill-bury, foster & Co., h# is made of sterner stuff than most men. PlLLSBl'u , finally waxed exceedingly tedious, inso much that tho audience were ubout leaving?see ing which, he dropped into his seat?not, however without having a final fling at the country cler gymen, who were made up, a.- he said, of pompo sity, potato starch, and similar ingredients. Wendei.l ntu.MPS spoke of the press. He said it was far more powerful than the pulpit. The A'err York Herald, said he, can do more harm than the Rev. I'r. l?ewey?the JVnr York Tribute more good than can be got out of a dozen pulpits. Your 1 >r. Sharp is a toady?nothing more, notning less?and e\ervbody knows it. Aud our pulpit is but the bob to the kite held by the political parties of the day, Mr. 8. S. Foutkk followed Mr. Phillips, and in formed the company that he used to bo a carpen ter : but he conceived tho idea that if he took to the pulpit, he might po-sibly " serve his eouutry better. In the end, however, he gave up preach ing, as a bud job. He intends, now, to stick to abolition. The m-eting adjourned, to meet again at Cochi tuate Hall, at a juurtor to eight o'clock. ?k 1.T.U'A."MIXI!1?.vr.os ok Law.?On Monday i the J_th instant, Captain l'aulet Hcnrv Somer.H:' an oftcer of the CtdiLtream Guard*/ biarfnTada' ! Ilard4\rbXrai!t,-1W8S ',ro,1Sllt befc.% Mr' j n.nLh Jfr M p i? mytrat* w the Murlbo* i Chirac !? ' London, ou the following 1 Police conrt.tlc (iriffln ??id he war station^ ?Uk ! other ronat abler. on the curiam* r. ?,i i o . Ji i Fle wi'fth? ftST.1" "f H.' rsw UP thr r,,n<t ?t * rapid p.ce ??'iia%'r5r5;5r rc&S1 pI thwoiighfuri'for carrin^M ui? (hftt ru?<! and fhmt ih i ' su ?3s"?.T^*a.^;15 S.'?v-r "? s?& fell,on hl? fare drawing blood alight ly petrel ^fc,nJ"1' " ??"""'^red that ho had not re- ! M. mank t ,''"V,, Ny front the police which it gen- , .'?^pecl;" pleaded ignorance of i?d hS r I ,r T'fCt ,0 Vehicle on that I na, fbat h?? i.?ft Ms temper, See , Sic At th# Jto? rf hi, a, rX.!.t iii?,?rtik I Mr. llardMich. ))?? ?/! uJami j. ..... ?^nailed you and the.., wh? thei- genfl^Sl tJ^'iSSh! ' o'l(l< inir'tVi'*11* ''*?'? 'M UP ou tt>e lu?tai?l lu.tead I tlotto& coKZu.?' ? ?uJ P"'J per'ci'^^1 ,b?ttlJ h"* with pro- I ..7J'arTWlr^~Wofllrere excee d their duty there i. ,n e.;y retnede by complaint to the , mmi-iouer. or a ma (ti trate. I ant *urpn*cd tliui an officer lu her Vtaie.n '. eerrlce ahonld not hare act n better example ?r ob%uLi ' MJS I S^3gs^i*?f>' l>? or Oom-ctloa rr*% allow m? ?r. u k1 tni*t yru WU| dwUion onrr mv nirim n? S i"nmnr* Pf'^Wy oblige me to Iravr >,r I!, j-ifv Wv T', "!? ttn'' 7V"U ?*/ ?fliet .7. "a.dwtck?No, I decline to make ant alteration In the eent. nee The law allow, no di.l,m U, n , eona and thne ae< n., riivanolance. of mitigation in your cut ; aa you. fw.m your po-liion. < ucht t > tar,* 1 \VI ' obedienre to thoeu lu auth >rity tkli k"Upon'nM^t ,S??wt w?* " n wort d to the lock up cellt, although poorer and le>* re *l>e ta dy connected. The paper, from which the "deicd at th' ?h' "W '.he '"I''"" ^remed much ntTi'M 1 ? "d'cxible impartiality of the inn ft fu ' ^ Ul"t ,hr r'haigc in th? full evnt! ta ?at??f?"th* l Wt: dl'C>^ aMin? h in, ho *>uhl at? , ? r? y hi9 ,,und ir hi> r^kn, Hoe ?k ? ? f'C0?*?"Wnce to him. I tride iwV"11' n ^ Hn,i the mug'*- ' i?d eb. .t .k coneei re the dofemlant'a aurnriM andI cl.agnn hat an Aejault upon a policeman, he aa arUocratic captain of the ctddatre.ui < * cra;k njruuertblthertokiving the r, nutation of hoi tig oflfccred bj g cntlcmcn-Thoald heUoatcd ?? I r. n?alltJer "r WOuJJ harc l>'fn " 'imiiar f ?i 7. J"**!1 of an oranibua, or one of liar * ( o '? draymen. 1 " Jetting otf with a fine" mm to whom a Owe la of Fnw'aod ".i t ?kU"t ,becn lu" c,?,nl, "n h,,?h >< th^f? h^ T 1 M"< d ',n,, pr?h?tdr no fft t*am-Se tV^*U' trnd'r' ???l? diacon i?5Jt I w' a!' rT"Ma' .Td ,0 'hem ilVi t. ?"?'??? ndmini-tratora of law. that. na c hr nrft"!l k* bctn '?"prb- ned; rich men twxc been Hncd Now we emetine that if it i, - I ' *L b,,*h eWa .hall re.peot and of nM S r,JU" ,h'' nur'e 'hould I the policy STn'??rtVh:^.r^n*VvT^b^ 'h.t Tllitbr* I? ?,*. j which t;iftain l'aulet ||,nry Someraet ?|i.ed,luiptljK)t>inent would biUi- but aliwht if any, ?h-ifTitCi' " It wat only for ^ctiuz a L>li'?e tn-n. won! I to a au Ac lent m v!m, ililtaKHr S?3*te ,h* r'r,0DHti"n ?t hi. ootnraJea. t!, th!mU Tr?,.<naJ"f *hL- Mln.l of fee ling a none the roof l^ndon arc giren in Mr \f.rh. w? .r?uJ iZV, LS . , V.,1.'U,. ; ontB jJtjkirta cf our |ktit and r iT-, wf uld conrtnce any one that the i-aiuc feeling ? * i- t among our own population. an 1r>" finfJwi' wd upon auch m roanfor.jch an nee wtuld have a far m?re anlutary etfect it tellttrei ,haiJ?"d no more! la- or n Tl h'?,'? r*i*f the money bv hit IlVt.t . I WobW indeed probably be bene Jd. toktej inmkerwayitlMiB by InclcatInTrT K ir' ? Z ?n ,ht ?,hri ' ' ' yuur h< h ad (U aptmn ttomerwts ami vrn^r ictilu. who _ than decency, and vtu> are more bent upon having their own way than ui.?o eoofTe"* Try?* Ihf the law, would nwd a tcu day. cult Shine r, r.ur,,lA( Pr?W:?- J' i" DO dim or In thHr I.hl lemerr* in the* uvw ro>mf t, _ 1 . _ . firclfjj, to boiwt of hiviutf piitd .f^w ? r*T u"kn""' HicoSn blt Irfrrc H !j* '?*n h .'.itate ewntidafB 'iurnrr In iH ? I?"' ,0 " '? ? daya re n.fS ,n ,he Pwwt'wnfiBr, ,.nd city priaon. At any rate there can be no doubt that a lc?a frruinnt ru that the am "/"^'"hwnta, where it ia notoHou cncc to ,S ? w1 ';f th' "ne " T'*"J ?o fneonveni rffcct nm# ,'%r".,or' hare a very aalntary lod k lf- claaeoe, and promote reverence fo'i and ohcwicitce to the law.-&ttrwl U^rtim. ^wy Intelligence. nf?k'?r ' U' ' * h?cn plnce<l at the head of the force ordcrrd Into the Indian territory, to enf >rP. 1 r. n y atlpulatlnna Thr command U of a d?llr?tr nature, repairing great prudence and l?rn.ue?. end we "Z 7 h:r,!hr ,r'?" ? -nf"-l will,-art ^ wra ,bTh; 3* otlj **mt brtfcj Kf f. riifiitttil to thr ailiUrv ?rh.. .1 It MSf T^Z'IT9 ,h' """ ami prnZST^^"'-* In the.,my .?d w II. n, tul, ~h,J^ lu"'? r,o:nv:T r,;rV7,i77 .ce,m,,e,,iHV-h:Vna;rvfel;n'' Co? nil fountll, i u o/v lL? L? D ?F A I. D E B M E N , Mat 30?The I'realdent in the chair The minute# of the pre. eifcag meeting were read ana upprovcd . _ wmivna imiiiid W Pie per A 1 oreater, to place a culvert at the comer of Delaneey and Vt illett arret*. Of Edge 4 C.? to bare i. Ine'?f fln"worl" to Hie Corporation ou the Fonrth of July. Of the editor* of the Jttrnfng Star, uskitig for Corporation advertising /v. si ?ass *v.roai# Aoornn. Of Comalttee on Finance. in favor of basing Port (hTZZu, T'd! t0 ,he ""Jx-n Klver HaiWi Co. f Committee on Streets. adhering to their former re commendation of widening Hall street, from Broadway to Nassau (trert. Of t inanre Committee, recommend!!:*! that the Comptroller draw hie warrant in favor of .1* r .? \a,f,R*UN*l**T. for $3.-JU0. for monev paid for per On mM^* Vr1" -old by the Cor,, .ration. On motion of Alderman Haw*, it wu? laid on the table, and ordered to he printed Of same committee, in faror r Hyder $164. for aerylcea rendered to j ^V&mZLTJSl committee, in favor of concurring with the Board of Aaaiatants In remitting the tax** or I

Hiram Joy, Church ct the Holy Redeemer, Joseph t'kr #on The II Pe.rce, and Aiellne War^ ^f mitten en Law Department, in favor of confirming asses#- i urent list for building a drain and tilling in sunk" k? ' Avenue* A*anl ll''rtor,,th H"d fourtt' idh streets and At* uut p A anil II. Of muxu committee, io favor of eon firming aasessment list for o-w.-r in Eighth and Ninth avenue* and Forty-aecond and Forty-tilth atreet* Of Committee on Salaries and Office*, in favor of iucreasini* thesaiary of tier* of Catharine Market Of game com? mlttee, in favor of allowing John Fowler and J. J l?oau the ran of $?0 each, for extra nervier-. Of Committee on law Department in favor of paving A C. Bare ilO?> ? I. .IUw,1 n??ved to amend the report by mak ing it fJOO. to eiable Mr. Burr to pay off the judgment obtained aga>u-t him. for performing an act of humanity to a fellow creature. The amendment wa* sustained and #v?n ff whicbl1"'report, as amended, wuac.-epted Of Committee on Salaries and Offlees, in Taeor of con curring with Hoard of Aldermen In Increasing salary of Clerk of Tompkins market. Of aaine committee, in favor of Increasing salaries of Street Commissioner and De puty Street Commissioner; referred back. Of Coma. I 11oiler, in favor ol granting a lease of a part of the old po-d road to Frances (Irrlfur and others Alderman Kvllv called up the veto of the Mayor on the lerine pavemeui. and moved that ?35.>K0 shonld be ! granted, i.<IbwithsUnding his Honor's objections . 2 .1** p"t' !"d eleven having voted in the afhimative and three in the negative, the motion and re. I w?"ad'opO d,,Prr'rHaU "*Ul '"UIU f?r tUe ??? The Alderman from the Fifth moved to take up do cument No 41. being the report of the Commute, on Broadway11 r ?f b:'ing; down ,he Ru" pavement on Nine having voted in the affirmative and seven in the BfpMiTe, tht luction wa< curried. Alderman B?a? moved to p<*tpone the furlhtr con. siderationof the question until Saturday evening len having voted in the affirmative, and four in :he i nrjrit.r,, t? lay over was carried. The report of the specie! committee tn favor of grant ing a ferry to Con-kiln at the foot of Eiglitv-sixth i sire. t. was railed up?the Alderman of the Third ?ard having taken the chair The Fvo-ident of the Board said he thrugM that *uffl- : clew* pnbUcltyw, .not givi n In regard to the question. | and_he wished that the terry should be put uo at auction I nt tlf taUU,WilU ,hr reP?rt o{ tb'' committee, toil tb gentlemen who were so anxi..Us the other even log for Putting up another ferry at auction He wished now to give tfaem an opportunity of putting lhi-<rrrv U|. and to bid for it if they The ,,?ratin on a crept J ing the report vas then put and carried A report from th? same committee. in favor orgrantir.i* to M Laing another ferry, at foot of Thirty ninth street was next taken up and adoptvd Of Cdamlttee on Art# I ""I r '? far, r of paying MWtoMr. Jarrls. for I painting the portrait ot Uebcral l'aev aCMLUTIO.X# By A derain Conckliu that the sidewalk on the ' northerly side of Twenty third street, from tho i irst ? hie' e '? 1 a 'P?ce of four feet V dt .t. d r the direction of the Ftre t t. mrui-sh uer. i?t*i t m u. Bj the sains, that Sixteenth street from the Hr?t to ' the r eond avet pes, be j-aved. and curl, and gutter ?ton.? set therein, under the dlrectioa of the street Com mb>toner. Kaferml. ? I lit Aide:man MiUer?That pursuaut to ssetion third ? ot the amended charter, this Board will conclude it. pro- i sto. May *e?-ion. and at journ on U edaa*.|..v, 4th June : lit XI Adopt til. By "tide; nian Fturterant?That the exclusive no of ti e -Otitherly side of I'ier -Ju. North River, be grant. I to ! of'K^.m'v ? . V CtA there^r- for th. lr line i ^ Newark The rwoiatien was adopt. J after .nserting the words <? and other j h-ats. after the word "steamboat'' I .,^A^rn,2n DoJ^.Th*1 'ComptrvUcr -raw hU il'ii** '' of Tl-.-ma* L Henry and Tim' thr U Bnen. f..r the sum of $t 100, as a iv{mt,nr^m, ?? ?? j money paid by th*m as sureties fur Denis Ureanau on a ; furul'h, d th* Corporation in the year By Alderman < bap man?That sidewalk# la West Broadway, in trout of premises No#. 10, in. ja o^ ^ ol, no. .V. ;tk. te repaired, and curb and gutter stone- re set tinder the direction of the Street C. Matissloner By Ald>mian Franklin-That the Clerk of the Com fjj,? "? 'n bl" tb. wirds - resigned Is, August, laAO op^ rite the name of Jacob Kelehcard a member ?t Kngliie t ompsny Na ;irt B> Aid rman I'odge?vt her-a* the sewer in Fulton 1 street emptier into the Fulton market slip and dvstr. y. j th. fish and aUo n oderv raid slip very filtbr an t ius.v alarm to tAose that awr-b. then-fore , IDro.ved That the Jttreet Commissioner I*, and is ' h. r*by d tcet.d to cause a wooden trunk to be ranted t! rough the feat re of pier No. rf. in the form of a trunk in ,-ie u-u;d way. and the same to be made o, wo<xi. aud i<l t0 appropriated for Jie same ' Bj the -am,.?That the exeluslvr use Is hereby rrwnted f tt M urges h Cleaiaan. f.w the use of their packets..t ! i 2*^1' #hle of p er No !< East river, foot of Maid, n lane, during th. phnaaurv of the Common Couneil I A Jt | I ?1 nil iu"T,ln bfurtevant?That the muary of the C !t i k uf H .on markH b? lurrwrd Ad??pt?vl By AUUrntiti rrm,,Uin-Tb?l tU W VI ' '?** ?Ti*1 iUrt,B >an M?p?a the piece of ground In 11" rrrr . f Engiu. H.-as. in 1.-mp.,( ,tn et . . . ML0" Up ? rVMll.tlrn l? give iT'.T. ^ u l,b'nj 10buU''"'i'""*<"? -'th# whavv.s in Be>tstre>-t The AldtTMM Of tbcTIDd aid this was the *?r.?d t hit ha at-, nipt was ma. e I y ,n ? paiHage of thi. r. r.-lu t.< n to vlvuvl -the law 14 the land A remonstrance he i t '< 11 \\ "I* ' t';h,"u ,hr ^:|l?ma? ?>7 every tahaflt To I , iV.' "P r"ut Mr Newioo fro.., reeting rny building io that stv .t and pursiia. r, .a that r. e on.-tranc,. he nt I ?.<1 him that If he prre.ed.-ri to pot Vi'a I" " B'?Fl <?!?? ?f the want, w.i. | have It Ike!. . ,,"u ?Pr"".ito the Ftr? -t Cumm's sivner for leave to er.-et it; that gentlrmrn gave him 1 f Ul" ^ 0<0MM,t ? ' ?b' '"??? I aovh.n n. '.I'" *'1 'h11 ?b* erection .4 I aty hml lit.* tlis rr u in dir. 1 vi. 'atinr rf h* an I I e ih.w* neve at the tali of tb. , ...Ion. and asks tbit , . ' ..v?' * B.m In an ..pen and dir.*! tloiatic-o . f 1 If h It.-!!'*." ?. but I now pruniM hi? that ! d. wn"t. i* 7!I have it pulled down tu tw. nry.f..-?v hoor- after, xnd I w.|| also romp. I , him to pay a ?tM of t,v?. whioh the <rdlo?.?v impsses ^?u Ih# '?r.iimiii'f, to ?}(?>? |t| ?| it j?f ?.?# 2TS ,h" (f kaiWing wtkk fcfw 1 Ncmion l,Tf P ^ to rrrrf A.d< man rhe< . that T'ew and Newton did net ? ho?s?. Irt turnip an effir. its !v!i i I "J e ' ,h' T 'ho? | hav, it ii, did net think H Int. rfi -ed with the law a'l r, T.ilLTTJ!"a^1 rL' ?0 ""M w IUI B*,, ,h?' m.'l# ilh'.#! ??' *r"1 M1 ????? ""xrd that ho n 1 F ?<"!?; It ??? n* t he th tight proper <w 1 all 1 I".7 . ,n"h''1 ?? " the On at Mogwl wa? ahsxawl; i 4V. sir' ? *!" *?' ub? *"'? f r H>? reotutlon Ik w'i 'he Tlilrd said that lb. g. till, ne.u rf h J n 'ZV' "'thn v'll V*'te f. r lh* r.-,d? ( ,1, le*?'!. /. r th' r, jm th* Third is ! a.term ?, ,11. carry out lh. law Now that is new logic I to h.m for a fitemh. V of this jte.ard to sta>d no io his rleev and say hr will v< te fern m.ours ?hi.h U ,11 ^ l?w merely N-.-ans* anoth, r memhor . tSL lowrUa!"'^,' "" rnfrr ,h? ,nl,n*w' * j the?InOon r.etnareow vrre or .s.,sv,v..,?v., 1 1 *? T .nt ciosa asik In 1'. rev street be removed, f at.d mode to conform to cr.-.s ?Rlk In tlr, . nwirh -Ireef solatlr..*!"' ?n< " SrU""^ T WWlisskwWT, and anorh. rat. r n.l??l nerr^ rsirurrrd in ? . a. mot t.-ns w re now (half pa?t II or loch, mad, ? ,11 , .1 "h! Mt W'?*The m> oile rs then dropt-ed , s 1 1 <m* * fdl 's ing ovdevwd. it was f mud that a rum was not present The I'r, sidrnt adjourned m as ?. Frttrvvwa a. ? vatgn. ?r .A xi4, ui '? '?>?<' Th, rvinut. r ' \ w*rr n*ml urt'I ****** tmWtm ? t Lne. 'o Catharlrv.- .Irrrt Re mot. eAi!k . 7"Lowrert In Catharine, flontk. nan orb - A neigh Ivor h set against * U.-nd Ca.hJ ?e - ^ trT r, r*"r "r "treat, to a ' n of ownrrw of pr<?p?*rtr in fw,,n ri*hth?? TrnthXt7 ,?f mrr.vlL jt; *" mo""T P"U him f t -rrvi, e. ren P!. " ?* 8v.|e-rlntr ndsnt of Rrxtde Cf II. I, .!'.' Wnlhervy str et. for a sewer from ; W dlV T 'tm-t iu from Mi.lh. ry to a alLTt thTrl. Pr",f>nriranee JTr-xn F.-t Hirer pilots h,.J #L SZ5 n'!"n ,fP?' n, In th East river On ?... Ii- *nhje?t wa? laid oerr until the ffi ptemh r .'n, . "f ''nhn Rhort and others, to organlte ' a firr rernpay ln the Rlxteenlh wanl. Of Hoobii Hank, t hare the shlew.ik .t the corner of lira..wirh and Ful- , t< n streets reatsm-d. n ... niaoirtroas ^J!L !rT!yyn,,,,v*~That th* .idowaik, i?u >n*r.i i Sam. rrenvlses Nos t. II I#. Ik 23.31, I 1# #.1 ... | ,1 * *?'! r?rt? nml ffttttit fltrmr.? [ Rrfr.rad '',,0n tf lh" m,Trt Vrmmi " .ieLlT?.!!',il'.onnin '* ,h" **hth W?rd-Tll.t ths exrlu. T Martin r ,. Fa-1 river, he granted to J,?..pia rf h,? I'"' "f rieam tow re L .( h hl!l I* ik* " ' now Mil by " ,f 'h' fcwhhead hot worn 11..... m -nr and Mont gomery strewte Adopt, d By *Mrr?vn ftm.r- That the rr -walks on th ? e?r M cf 1 noti |, ?n ut?.| iv|t?M no) r 4hi t li'mi IcDfr of i'l j. glr- Mwi Ad >p1 L By the fame?That the Mdi-wa-Tts i? front of Not 101. 100,100, and 107 Prince street; *1 Broadway, comer of Bro?m street; 400, r>0l. 003, a ad ,'i0? Broadway, be re flagged. regulated, aud curb and gutter stones reset, un der the direction of the Street Commissioners. Kef erred By the ranie?That the sidewalks in front of New. 698, COO. and 002 Houston street, be rogabvled. re-Magged. and curb and gutter stones reset, under She direction of the Street Commissioner. at roars adopti n. <*f Committee on Fire Department, to- whom was re ferred politic n of Kngine Co. 22, rerouHwending that the subject be referred to Committee of Repair* and Sup plies. Of same committee, iu favor of directing tbe Comptroller to lease ground in Anthony Kreet. for Kn gine Co. No. 21. aud Hose Co. No. lie. Of saane committee, in favor of paying bill of Hook and Ladder Co. No. 4, for repairs to their bouse. Of same committee, adverse to pe tition of Win McCoinbe and others, to be organised as Hydrant Co. Of Coinmiltee on Police Proceedings, for the payment to the physician of the Police Department of his expenses in travelling about the rlty, in discharge of his duty. Of Committee on I'ire Department, jn favor of building a drain from tbe yard in the rear of house of Flagine Co. 44. to the sewer in Houston street. Of Com mittee on Police, in favor of paying Drs. Boss, .kmes, and Whittiker. for medical services rendered to the depart ment. Of same committee, on police, in favor of pay ing bill of V. K. lteleher for medical services rendered at Tenth ward station house. Of Committee on Lamps and tias. recommending that petition of residents of Norfolk strict to have the some lighted wit!: gas be refrrrud to Commissioner of Streets and Lamps. Of Final* .amps. Of Ftuanee Com mittee, jn fkvor of remitting tux of Clinton Hall Asso ciation. Uf Committee of Ordinances, recommending tbat the premises Nos. 77 and 71* Kobinson street. In the Third ward. 1* designated a- a public pound Of Com mittee on Markets, recommending i, sale of all unoccu pied ground ul Jefferson Market, ami thut the proceed* be placed in the -inking litnd. for the paymeut of tbe city debt, ttf i ioam-e Committer, with an ordinance recom mending agrant to tlieCouiptrolli rot the following sums, vl/:?*i!nn(i for the removal of offal, he., 28miles be yond the bouud< cf tb< city; *t OCiO for the removal >4dead animals tbe same di-tance: * I .Oi l' for general city pur pofes; an 1 *0.000 fir liens on lot-, making, iu all, *2'.'.00n. (?1 Committee on Crotou A |induct Depart ment, in relation to sewer in Third avenue. Of Commit tee on Police, recommending a 'concurrence with the Board of Assi.-tuntin payment of Harriet Lawrence. Of Committee on Finance, in favor ol paying lull of Clark X Wilson, and < f alio* ing *1000 David .la |ue*. for in cumbrances t" bulkli ad of finance Committee, re commending the petition of fharlc- Develin aud Hugh MffcCahe be referred to Crdon Aifiiediet Department Of same committee, in t'avor ol concurring vrith the Board of Awi-tant-, to grant exclusive use of piers to Jcbn Saxton. on motion of Aldirman Cmrvo. document No. 41, being a report of tbe < oumiitt-e on Street*, recommend ing that a contract should be entered into with Bus- v Beid. to lay down Ihiir paVcmonW iu Broadway, was called up Alderman Franklin having taken tire- chair the Presi dent if the Board moved the following resolution, as an ameruimiut to the report which win, adopted That the Comrui."loir r- of Its pair* and hupplie* be directed to i nter Into a c-ntract with Messrs. Ilu.?* 1 Beed to pave a portion of Broadway, commencing at the southvrly line of Canal street upwards, to tin amount of *50Hli, at SO per superficial square yard, the stones to be grooved, -aiu gtoi v, ? to bo not lcs- thau one aud a <iuartir inehe- wide on th" surface, aud not less than threo-iiiarters of an inch deep; the block to he from Ave to twelve inches wide, and from nine to eighteen inches long; -aid work to be commenced cn the tirst of April. lk.>2: siil blocks to be of uniform dipth. eight inches The report, with the foregoing amendment, was then rdtytid. The Boaixl then a lyourmd. POAtP Oi ASSISTANT ALliL '...IU.N. M ? i *o.?This Ihnri met at half past Ave o'clock thi* afternoon Present the President in the chair and a uuo rum of member* in their viae# The oi'mdi s of the preceding nuetitg w re read andnpi toecd i rriTtosa. The following pititiin* wire presented and appro priately referre I ? (i* sundry person- for a free hydrant at tU? corner of Forty-e.ghth street aud Ktgbth avenue. Beuou.-tranee ignin-t building a -f -c r In Forty-ninth street, between K ighth avenue mil Br ad way Bi mon-lranie agaln-t building a railroad through Sc cotid avenue and Chrystie street Deferred to the com mittee having in ttmrgc the matter f city tkllmll Memorial of Me?ir* Ptt irns. against e*ti,Niching a ferry ft*m Cacnl strict to Jer, i y city. Bill of the Seventh Begin,' nt National Biuret- for musir ? uiployed on the ltttb November I*!'.'. <,n the no ca-ion of e-corfing the remain* of Mi^orOeu. Worth to On?nwv i d Cemeter*" Petition for ar'ock In the Mghth ward dntion h' lise as soar, or i >,WMirm a. i>t C mn lttse on Struct*. in fan rof conburren ?? to ting ?'nl. w.-l . io Poo.rtu nth -tret. from ri"h S". enth avenue Concurred in. Paul", to Mag-idewal* lr: Tmrii avenge, l'mra V ?! t" Thirty-third street iiucorndin .same, to flag sidewalk.* in ln-ianny sire-t. between Ocerek and Maririo treet- Concurre d In rune. for r -grading and setting curb an I gutti r stones u Twenty ntntb ?dr< et. betwis n Firet and tk-ooJ nver.uas. I im pure ? I In Funr to relay and alter per--*tit cat corner of Altwry and West street*. Concurred in H- j-tI of lame con mitt- e. a iversc to juniui-hing the width 11 ?M? walk- -n Broadway, below tin- l'wrk, but In faror of taking off a hot or two from the corner*at Fol ton, John, ami Courttandt street* Adopted Heport of tbe C< mmtttee on ferries adverse to the %p plication of the Mateo Itland I'erry i'i mpany, to he* tb? extension of Pier No 13 ibferr"d. Adopted Of Committee on l'tnsnc . in fvur j allowing *.'d to M.nry 1 hie. for lareagr* sustained by her in '.he open ing of Hi\ty second street. Adopted Ki port of C'i mmittee on Hrvet*, in faroe of rsduring the it towelk on th- easterly side of tie Park rom iim-kmh* at th'. Halltf B -urds. tosii averse- width of 15feet A-sv-tan' Alderman MrCsaiuv opfxvetl the ad< ; t'on of tin- rrHeutK n ; be wa? opposi d to torn ning one inch rd the public property. The Park, he *ald. was one of tbrf'W Breathing plte rs ft the cittre ns of the lower pait of I at city and he wa- opposed to .-urtaili'ig it in the leas! degree, especially when such curtailment wa* for the lem-flt of a monievly ? A*'?l?nt Aid'man Fit sa'd th* committee did not report in fhirr of re-dnrlng the sire of the Park, there ?xs no such propositi n nor was it for the beneQt of " Kal the llarirm (talbnad that 'hi re-inction of the -ide wn;k wa- pftif< .*1 The sidewalk ??* UBneocewwrlly J widest the p< lit month nid and the roam w?* inuefi , ni- <1r J In tb? sire d proper, or carciage way Tiieside v.alk wlilelt tin- coiiiiiiltt' C report in furor of reduelng, 1* but little u*ed. and yet it Is wjrti r than the side walk if Briwdway fr m tl,i Buttery to ( anal street. ' Awi-tant Alderman W.? . inond to lay ?h?' rep, rt on the tabic which m' two pr vailed Kep'irt of tin ''oiritnitte* rn R 1 in far r of calling on tb' Hartrni Itaiinw-t i Vmyaoy t" erect brktg*v ov-r li e r*d at F.c'dy tbiol F.ighty b ui'li. and tllgbty ellhth stm ts The t'onimltise on livi reporli*! in fkvor of paying Michsi'i Traccy *200. Or work don" and damaie -iis taln d t>y him !.v grading Fi-ty *--Cf od atrrel. hives fi i "Btli nud kiybt.'i avenues The amount aakod for by Mr Traoeyr was *IF!3 in- but tl"- C'lumiitie. after a fill iivi -tsnilen a-nvi-i at th*- roorlnstbii tbat 114 w, uij amply pay the P' litii ne- fur all Work done of dhinapes su-talned by him 'n tin inattvv Report ao< ; t?d 1 B'-rwrt ff the Cr ftmitli o r-i Piw-ra on a routmuiil eathei fron th' Cttden A<iu*-tnet department, rrl.itivo . to a props ? d ewer In Iwianci-y atr?t. trum* ' tn et t?i tl * B, wi ty wi:h a r> soluti"H. tbat the I t'retovi Af|i?*?1uct ih f aitn ? nt be. an?t Is her by directed | to re-issue prope*ali for l.niidi'ig said cc*ol. Beport ace i pt J asi-i re m iution <do| l-d 1 tmt tin wslk Iu W F i ball -trret N Ptai- -trret tn tb rr walk near th nnh I'. rry, be relaid directly acre - to AS Wbi'ib.a'l '.net A t- pU I 11-st *.**,'bwappre t rlati d to?fdaege tbe h< u*e of Bn glni to 44. It -fr rred 1 bat tww oil lamps i. p1ar*4 nfenntr-fthe M<tliodist Cbwrrh In Forty third rtreet. '*twi n r-nth and Kirbi li avvMWv. lb f, nvd llirt lie ripetise ? f pailng R" a.lway fr<4B Fiftieth to Pi:iV-nioth Vtre-et* I e tikrn fTr-m Ibe 'appropriation Ibr i is Is and avi no< ? Ki ti rred Tbat in fhliir'- no-trit* rr sre oie* b. regulated ibevr Forty ?cnnd street until a nival and p*rma lo nt grade baa hen t-tabiohid?Rib rred i mi urts'i on sevan er m nviav* Brpurt nt Committee > n tbe f <re Department on the a| pneatten of Kattoe Po. !!S R.r the pay merit to them of 1 be inti fv?t i n th< amoont paid by tb* ?') tor antngine t'i tu urr rt ii Br lOTt t' the Commit!"" n Ibei'iinipielfnn of the P!rie Baltrirsd. with a resniiit'fra nf thsnk* to tbe officer* nf that rttad. for tbe em nr.' and ability manifi' tod by them, sod r*'nltlng In'he eomplrtlcu of tbe ? nlerprive with whirb they bar" been eonbented. (Siuenrred In Hi -olul'en i tint the > li iuaive u*" lit We-terty *ide of Mi r No F: F.a?t river iwgrwtiii i In A and N Rrlgg*. B r tbe 1 hiladetpliia *wd ilartlorel line* of propi ller* an t barge* Otuk nrred in. It* y* rt of t'i mmittee on Ptre r t?. iii fhvnr .f removing pttnip ft. m peek slip, between IN art and Water ?treet* Com nrred in kceatatton t? irmtft ctts** in ?r,?Hi -inet. from In fbont id Fulton market, and to lay thim in more ap pre pr'at" Iirea'lon*. Concurred in. Bcsoiuthm to preewre a bell of jn.000 ponn Is Weight, to place npnn tbe tire alarm toll turner in Thirtj ninth street and that Po '*?t Ir- appropriated to pay l"r the same. A?at???n? Alrlrrn :in To *??* moved a re-fefr nee The propo-i d bell, he -aid. would tie an r ttrnragantly large one. and lie thought the matter ought to be inveatigatcd by a ronmittee nf thl* hoard A sWant Aldi i man Cram -aid tbe Conwltlctt M Fire nrd Watir had aiready examined the object, an l ob tained all the infbimation pes?|li|o Aaststant Alderman Mi Car. rMl hoped ihe report wmM be "onmrnd In A**i-tant AMerman RuWiao* said be bopeff tbla Riavrd would iom in with th? other H"ar l and the 1*11 l? pro. cn td for if It waa. a bed would be on h*nd ftf the new City Hall whteh iv tn he huilt up b>wn Thi motion t? refbr waa loat and the action of the Re irel of Ali.ermcn ronenrred in. Adj-urned Thi- fleerd met ta-t erining tlm President in the chair. The minute* of the ia*t tin iding being re-ml and ap| ? iVctl. tlie Miwr I pre*, reded tw tbe "onatderxtbin 1 !:? m..n*trapi * ef Henry Allen Wright agai'i-t whb n lug I'< i kmatt street -ttMM R'irirnsiranee of Mary Maeflrrvfor ag*(!nwt the pro p?,,| will, win ; of Wall aims Rinff,|rvirs t tb ? ffleer* of the Rank f the IVepuhiic tf^iliivt ?lve same reRirid. ?f ,h* Tr,rl''m *?"r??d Company asking for sssjssc^Sa"- '?^aasSjftaF . .SSKXt;-'3S?' -'??"*?? Petition of the Hudson River K??ro?vd Company, to Imr oufUbLi."* r??' "elk in front attheir promlm? I rTfe bclwe*B Chamber. an<F WarrrisUeet. I " Mrromrn or committkh*. ii^ort of the CoMDitter on Whimn Pit"**' in?i iuiiM I ?**? ; cum-dia. On concurrence, oon j Report of Oon,mlttee on Finance. ooneurrlnw to na* I ttjars ^.MM?i???s5 I 1 ?ry to Jan let. IMl .?Concurred in A,''K" m fcecI*" gutter*<don^ ""'l i^7,y"1?!",h 8tre*u to M l curb and pr^.rtrl~l<??j** tbe Kid"w""' ,n fr"Bt <* their of -?*-?r Report of the Committor on Street.. recommending ft ooncairenoe with the Board .* Aldermen in the adopt&u f the resolutiot and ordiuauce to fence vacant lota and ?.1 iff ,n T^ .uy -roe.rth rtn-et LVrenui T?' ' * ,fh avenue.?Concurred in Bame. for paving Twenty-seventh street, between Bixth and Fiirhth av<5 hUci-t oneurred. in. gum,.. ,? pIlT" aoa it cuHL ?d 5,, ?tou<>- and in# sidewalks in Fourteenth street t?." 'rV'!"" ? H,Kl Klr?* ??"??* -(?uT.corai T^ f ' to ^gufate. |ave. and set curb and gutter -lone -cC" ?rt-?" Report of the Committee on Ferries in faeor ofm.t v ?? 4*; an'* ?l#0 that m Mlmi'nr IfwykftMbe ?mi>U4 to tUv I?Und IVrry Co?* panv f, r three year. fr,.,n 1m May. I? with WrY .1""' a i- North River at an annual r-n't of one hundred doHar- Report adopted. Bi,dt??* va lt" on the petition of B ell .w S*00 HnJ otb?M. for permission to |?T a raiK The of the committee sai 1 the obieet of 'ha Th^rt?WK,Ml,Vi?'t0 ?" ,h' ?"? Un.reVpubifc Tbeymight jet be induced to vote a rain* their own eUl'U ??<? >?ra .. n?wm i o.f j. Thai the pavement in Fourth street, between avenues i. repair. J. Adopted. ni*^* Jo repairthr ew* walk in Moore street. 0n the emit ride of l\ uter street. Adopted Fn "i?!l,i"r ,'r,;i;'irMt ? house for Engine Co No 7 an<i Engine to. No .,f. In Twenty, lift li street, near Third avenue, at an expense of *?_? "00 Adopted J^JRrstAUb-corafrov ? ,, ?****? t*fw TMr aoeanOi ALoxwev. Ilooiution granting exi luaive urn of -outherl aide at Pirr No. C?, North River, to Stevens, OoniRh" CoTfcr Ihb eitv a?i i'.nJ c,h"r *?""? ?' I'lytn* between mw city aud Ni wark. Concurred iu rV v.? W '"?r 'rt,UL i in "f bouse of Engine Co. No. 20, in Temple treet for the use of said companr i,i VC ?! *n "D,IU,J rent of K-0 Concurred In olution i.iat the Com|?lroller draw hi< warrant in P " '-y *"d Timothy '??Brlen.^r the t-l(K), bj a re rabiu-eni -tit for money, paid bw th.m m. security for Peni- Brennan. <?? ^ntrmTt fat l?li ?? 1 Coroeratitm !? th. year isSTco^ f * trunk from the sewer at tbo lZt%t ! i? ,h(- ?f ?h. phr vas to p\T v nt the emftvtng of the ?-wer into the slip oppo-it# A preamble to the resolution stated .h it th> hah kept in the slip were injured by the del. U ctra J?r^^frnW ,h' emptying among tlo As?t. Aid Pmith moved to take a rece-- for twentv minutes, lit <ail h? ? anted some tea s"' ~ bi ped the hoard would ramain in a JT A^I a."1"' ' c"tnr', ted their biuUieaa to Uke tea " ( ) th" for a receta A kixivirg look pas. d from member t j member around is. r?l i ,'V|:'*C"' *a? east towards thi chamber oC the Board of AWenn -n. Th- a',derm, a it ,?Zu r*,o'^?teft; *"-1 M'. ^ * Tcte of :i to 6, this boar { resolved to go aL.0. ' ?uA''r,^ thr ?*Flrmt'.cn of twentv minute., quite ? number of the meoiber. r. tarmd 'iVs wW nct readr and they a :ulj not for it. ?o the? scsaass Brlrt^A^r ? deration of >pwlS!*Uf iKKrd <?f Awrfcncafo, ?w rt uinr-1 f.w ^7'^ .Ctnu"ilt??' '? Ealarin andOfflcea in ^ iT i lh* **l?ry of .lohn P Howe drd cWkuitb' offlcejo? th, Ri ceiwrof Taxes Ire* f.JCC ptr .car Concurr d in. Sam., to locraeae thT ? a.yof tV.e CU rk ' Tompkins Market, from ^ !?Cl^r ,lBr ,n ^'?r of inerraeiag th* ^ ?? c" S.'" tithrtlne Mark t. from >1 4 pee f*J to %. per day t oneurred In ^ ?aeolntlon that the luhdtr tue <t th eaet aid. ot lid ? Jl' ui,,r'l+ grant,d to .lo .yh T Martin, for the U?e of bi- ,'nc of strain tow boat,, ipen hi. retla* rxolmiv. aw n w h-11 by him t the baii. curredVo ^ rDl? ?J Montgomery str-ela. Ced Res'stitioti approp-iatlng fm., for makin; aiterttlanw * ~J'Z ^ ' I' No ?'? '"r"" street JUport Of l 'inniUtff fn I'Itb l^ rartm- at la fhw ^ rssssAr*1 ??'tv ct"rd tn S r" MUrp th' Ovlamo" ' Uad Revolution, t' nt the arose.walk tomi r Chatham and Oran.c , rcn^ Concurred in Reeolnthw. that th, exalii.iv ot pier No N .rth SrW,??Wsta AlexanderII. Btmlt. and I?as^ Naw. I^H;. Um*', r (lr {hr ??'? 'hi ir Line.of ateaua U?f? and targes Ccnrurndin .seaua JtewMctloa. thai the s-un it ?1.W0 be and (be mm. la liireby. appropriated to n , l th. ? K,?nse of r-cetvla. atd entertain Imr tl. PrwUmt of th 1 ait,d RtaUwaal hia CmMl.11. on tboirrercn* vis': to this city C'vacormd ijfn?lUn< !h' ^" P?- Of Inj ? ' J. , <r' ,w*?d <a at the lc-nr of -hi chamber ? '? prc-moe. madr km.wn th" het that tea waa najy Am net eimmUm-ou. with hU epi-ar moe a mem. lermoycdtoaitjourn This mot . wp rPKw" vole tmiag taken the nt wM let ' a '}t ' 1* HtW Kl<?>* el to t< . tip A ^OTfJU\jQipA tlon from tt. Major T! pr .Id, nt t,Tk i-p th? and was abawt to h,,e it r-id 1 P lt" e'l 'j ,s' ?"h ?? "wliouea ?"l Aid SI i as i .it as | Uu notion e*?cutot r>lev hi 'nMothiremighteer.Ui.j h ,ow ,hr lead^f c^22 f ? r?c n-h? won ut act "? A iiintien was liere m.sdi lo su. p.-a 1 tl. ? r lellmr of the c<n>munl. al.,n from th. Msvir * Amt Aid MiCtai'i. re?" to sp ?V tr. ihli w. tin. He aald that member, 'omrd n ry aaxtons jo get awnr but he won id k, ep th m t n mia- #.. ?n> w?v t rSJSl nute?ia the til e aMo*>4 hy the rule, of the board fbr a tnrwbrr to anrak at ? ne tiia. * a Ay ' ,11 r.i' ^ ?'-*W not he ?e | |no mia,,^ ... F.? t?rk bta hat ami left tMh.r a.- n.bers foilowwd Ir h.j ; aau ta about flv. ininut.-. h. ? ? ard wa. with. out a quorum, and ofcourse *t'. dadj 'Ur Jed ('? V Manhxl'i Offlrr. mwriMi mi ai rnoFiTirt?tnr rr.'-iti ?i.a* AUi A*l AMLRtCAR WARRIAT. M?v PI?on t'ri lay evening Hear Hi hi-waiti pro r? <li <| to Pier No 10 lo e*eul* n warrant on the Pr?nch brig l/iil*, which ha<t ba< n IIN-lta I for freight Tha raptaln Mir ha' 1 l.? Iter w.i* nnl th- n in the rewael, but the I nlted Rtatev i-fltrer having 'Inly tarr-d hi* pmoaea <4 m Million left a man n?uie.l I'rtrf iViok, aa thin keeper. an board Aft r ?<<? Haw ibe captain nUmi and ordered th< brig In b* lwa? nad from I he wharf, and put into the atrvaiu R"?c word* cn*n< i betwrea hlia and ihr ?hip Reaper, who warned lilin of the art he waa n boa I to row mil. rraiataurr, how ver, ? a- u*? Inaa, and Cook mm'' on rhorr, he th< i wont to the n-ideora at lta<'k>lwi ita. who luun timi ly n turi l, hat the eeo*<4 had hoot taken nway and waa out in ilw Rnaa Thw ofdctr lottnlly < ntr*_" I a river ?I'-nml-oal. and want alomr?ide th<- Ulln; the captain appeared on thn .In k. and rrtod ant to KarVelwett* to to ry off, hut, not wllhrlan.lliig hi* threat*. ho endeavored to get rn h<ord, and the eaptatn wing hl? detirwiinallon. went dowa to th" cabin, arm1 d hlmeelf with a pair < f platol* raaaa up on Jrrh "gain. and or"*' nted I horn at Karkriwettx. wh?. I ("Having tl lmpr-?tble to fulfil lit* dm v alone. rf.nnml to ?boCr, and Wi lit for the advira of Moanrw. I Tail madgc and Tb"Oii?on. th'- Dwpoty I nlted IHnta* Mar ?hal?. who. t"getln-r with Mr Itmwn, "coaapaaivd ftackrlwrtU In pnrnnlt of the I .not? . which wa? by ihla lime in tho Hnam. "pnowttc Hot Mo 4. Thay took a ?mall lent, and vweeaded in getting on t*wrd (he brig ah al<out alcrra n'ek-rk at night The '-?ptnln waa told thn tonnquence* of rerixtlng the taw. hah ha aaid ha did not I cara. lie waa than Informed th:it ho ahowld accompnny | lha Mnr?haU. t'Ul hr lii-toil '? -k tho cdtww oftbi French r?pahl!'\ and a mpletely i nraloped htmaalf In tin in. and ' mphat irally rlnpping hi* In mat repeatedly with hi* hand. Mt htmn-tf ?crurc. In the national hat" ttiat nri mid' I b in. from ilo- unholy hand* "f th.< I ntted Rtatra nuthortllaa "Ma no fear you now. Mon ?hnr: ma protrrt'd by do c .|"T* of my narmm. an'yon tar? not to- eh ma." The cotor*. h-iWarar. not appear ing likely t" prove lbvwliu rnbh-. the captain ruelied to htx rabtn with the I'ag at ill h round him. hi* head al"w? peering from it* bright foi l*. aBd there armed hlmaotf with a ? utla**. lb wa ultlmnt' ?jr am-*ted. ami token hf'P' Mr t "Mail -toner ttridghmn. who held Mm to bti'i II lb. nm III *1 IAIU. the trenail Ttea CuffM heiwg hi* itt'iy I Hiring th? vxi-anttoa "f the warrant an ar rklavt irrnmd. but wo no glad I ? *ny with no uthar rv-nlt then nn e*l? . ? welting tu one of I he fbpwly Mafl rl* li *[p<?r< 'hat Mr Ttvoipeon. while .taw pin* fn it lb- ?? ai to tl > ih* M. ??< p* ipttnied into thn wain 1-y ? !? f ih planht gtring way It wa?,hnw atar.-mar rn< t. Mii i wi *aa lilni u*-hing a* wwii ?n.t ai' I hi oi'r t a* tt'f At Ml- oiWv.i. irn IwHir taf

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