Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1851 Page 1
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?THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6796. ? MORNING EDITION?-MONDAY, JUNE 2, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. ) DOWUT THEATRX.-BOXKS, 28 CEWTS| PIT, II* MJ tuu; Seat* in Orchestra Buxae. 80 oeata.?Doori open ?t 7; to coromenca at 7K o'olook. Monday evening, June I, will be performed, for the ftret time in thU oountry, the eUrtliu drama styled n DAY 01 KICKONINti?Claude Korean, Mr. E. Eddy; Count D'Arental, Mr. Tilton: M. Bo ?inilard, Mr. Jordan; Counteai D'Arental, Miaa C. VVtmyu; Pnrueite, Mix K. Denln. To be followed by the drama of JDIOT WITNESS?La Sieur Arnaud, Mr. Pope; Robert Ar naud, Mr. Martin: Walter Arlington, Mill 8. Damn; Queen XlUaheth, M re-Need ham. To conclude with the GONDO J,IKK OP MILAN?Uaepnrdo, Mr. E. Eddy. JJURTON;S THEATRE, CHAMBERS STREET?BOXES, i eirole and parquet, Ml oeate; Family eirele or se cond tier, 28 oente; Private boxea, $3 and $8. Doore open at 7>k; to begin at 7J? o'elock. Benefit of Mre Skerrett. Mon day evening, June 2, will be played the eoiuedy of the SOL DIER'S DA L'UHTER?Governor Ueartall, Mr Blake: Prank Deartall, Mr. Iceter; Timothy Quaint, Mr. Barton; Malfort, Mr. lllaud; Widow Cheerly, Mre. Skerrett; Mre. Malfort, Mia* Weeton. To oonclnde with Coleman'* oomedy of the POOR UENTLEMAN?Dr. Ollapod, Mr. Burton; Frederic, Mr. Grace; Humphrey Dobbin*, Mr. Johneton, Xi*? MoTab, Mr*. Hughee; Emily Worthington, Mr* Ruaeell. National theatre, Chatham street -boxes, 26centi; Pit, 12}$ cte.; Private boaee, (1. Door* open ?t7X; curtain riaee at 7M o'clock. Monday evening, June 2, the entertalnmonta trill commence with the play of PI7.ARRO; or, the Death of Rolla-Rolla. Mr. J R. Seott; Attaliba, Mr. Stafford; Oroiembo, Mr. La Favor; Piearro, Mr. Brandun; Alonio, Mr. Within*; Alinagro, Mr. Frede rick*; Cora, Mia* Crocker, Elvira, Mr*. H. P. Grattan. Alter which, will be presented, for the ttret time, a looal drama, entitled the NEW YORK APPRENTICES: or, Old Jonnthnn?Jonnthnu Doogood. Mr. C. W. Taylor; Mr. Pret tyman. Mr. L. Pox; Emily Doogeoi, Miea Crocker. M'LLE JENNY LIKD'S GRAND FAREWELL CON CERTS IN NEW YORE. The public nre moat reepoctfnlly informed that mo?t poai nr.R LAST THREE CONCERTS Will b* given in New Tork on MONDAY. WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY NIGHTS, June 2d. 4th, and tith, ae M LL? JENNY 1.1 Nil commenoe* her FAREWELL CONCERTS IN PHILADELPHIA on MONDAT, June tfth. THE TH1KTEETII AND LAST GRAND CONCERT but two, will take place at TRIPLE* HALL, On MONDAY EVENING. June Id. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MR. LE GRAND SMITH. ??Overture (Maritana) Wallace Duet, " Voglia dire (L'EIiair d'Amore) Douuetti Signer Salvi and Signor Belietti. Recitative, " Care Coiupngne" Aria, "Come per me aereuo" (La Sonnambula) Bellini Mdllc. Javier Lieu. Concerto in G Minor, on tho pianoforte Beliini Mr. Otto Uoldechmidt. (pupil of Mnndvleeohn,) Hi* IIrat appearance in America. ' Romania, " Ciel, che foci ' (Ubcrt.>) Verdi Signer Salvi. Sconn and Arin, " Caeta Diva" (Norma) Bellini Mulls. Jcie.vy Lj.vd. part II. . Poethumnn* Symphony, Op SO ( Firet Allagrn) .Mendeleaoha 'Xrio, " Fatal Memento" (Roberto ii Diavolo). ... Meyerbeer Mdllc. Jenny Linn, Signori Salvi and Belietti. Study ik A Minor, on the pianoforte Thai berg Mr. Otto Goldachmidt. 'The Gipey'e Song (The Camp of Silesia) Meyerbeer Mdllc. Jennv Linn. Cavatinn, " Largo ml factotum" (11 Harbiere) Rjaaini Signor Belietti. " Coming Through the Ky?" A Scotch Song Mdi.i.c. Jcnnv Lino. The Bird Song (by general deeire) Taubert Mdllc. Jcnnv Linn. Conductor ,....M. BcncmoT. A GRAND ORCHESTRA, combining the tirit mueicdl talent in America, numbering ? nearly ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. Baa been engaged for theae concert*. The Price of Ticket* ha* been hxed at $.\ (2. and SI eaoh, . according to location; and all of theea ticket* entitle the bolder* to number* eeeuring their eeat*. A specific number of ticket* will be allotted to the publio pre**. beyond which there will be no free ticket* for any per jon. or under auy pretonco whatever. The low price* at which ticket* have been hied mult render thi* rule abto lately peremptory. An office for the eale of TicketawiU be opened at Jollie'* Muue Store, SCO BROADWAY, every day, eaeept the Sabbath, from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M , where diagram* may l.e lean and aenta An office for the eale of ticket* will aleo be opened on Sa turday and Monday, at Tripler Hall, fr'in S to 0 o'clock. Dvora open at 0H o'clock. The Concert oommencee at 8 ?'clock. i. Hook* containing the wort* of the eonge may be obtained But the door?price 26 conte each, FOl'RTEENTU GRAND CONCERT, And Laat but ON E, will be givan in CASTLE GARDEN, On WEDNESDAY, Juno 4th. The magnificent Grand Piano need at theee concert*, Which wee made by Erard, of London, expreeely for M. Beue diet'i nae, daring M'He Jenny Lind'e proacnt tuur in Ain-ri ce. u now for aula. Price $1,200. Apply to M. Benedict. P. T. BlBNUM. JENNY I.INDS CONCERT, MONDAY EVENING, AT Trlpler llail.? Benefit of Mr. I-e Grand Smith.?Heat* t > nil parte o( (be honee may be had a* u-aal at the B .okatora of Adriance, Sherman At Co., 2 Aetor Uouee, oppoait* the Museum Tickets for jenny lind-s last concert but two In thi* eity, to take place at Tripler Hall, on Mon day evening, the 2d. may be had f?r all part* of the honee, at II. Baillirrv'f booketore. 29U Broadway. Aleo. at Evan* fit Uritten'a. op town booketore. 0P7 Broadway The place to buy tickets for jenny lind's grand concert nl Tripler Hail. Monday avening, June 24, (or to* choice eeat*. or eeat* in any othor part of the hsuee, I* at Bnrtlrtt k Welford'a hook atore, No. 7 Aetor lionee. JENKV LINO'S GRAND CONC1MT, AT TKIPLER Hall. Monday evening. JtinPM?Thoae who wish ti-kets for the above rsosrt will do wall to call at Jaques It Bro ther's music (tore, .'W5 Rroadway, wlicra they will liad eboi ?call for all part* af the house. Rcmralwr .'MA. BARMM'S AMERICAN MI'?ECM.?P. T BARNL'M. Proprietor and Manager?The manager. I ?? r -i ? to Jilcaae in tarry respect the patroaa of tha Maaeum. respect ally pre rente the following powerful hill for tha week com aaraaiag Monday, J ale lid, |A">1. Erralai, roramaacing at 8 o'clock CHARLES XII?Charlca XII, Mr. Ilenkiae: Trtpto lemna Mnddlework. Mr. Iladaway. After whiah, tha cele brated dran.a of HIE OLD GUARD? Havraaack, Mr. Il'n Vina: Melanle. Miaa Chapman, la the afteraoaa, camnieac iag at 3 o'clock. TIIE TEACHER TAUGHT- Mr. An .ray, M r. Hellatn j . Charlotte Vera, Miaa Sylvester. To conclude with THE WOOI. PEA I.BR? Deut.ronomy. (hie Bret appear ance.) Mr. It I*. Hirkcy. Admieeioa. to tlio entire Ha) nm and perfirnianrst, 25 canta; children uadar It) ycara, l-!<? cents; front acata in parquet, one ahilling egtra. ELI.OH X' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS MUalt.Al JT llall, No. 441 Broadway. hataaaa Howard and Orahd atre*ta. Open every night during tha weak The telehratcd original and wall known Falluwa' Minatraia. "oomp originnl nnd wall known Falluwa' Minatraia, "eomprieins aa efficient and versatile eorps of tal'inted and eiperlcae?4 performers," undar the direction of J. U. Failuwg. whaaaaon oarta in thii city fur tha laat yarn haaa buan racaiaad wia) Alia graateat fnrur by tha aiite nnd faahion of thia great aa tro polls Their ooaoerts oonaiat ol Buriaaqua Italian Optra Beanaa, Witty Sayings, Soloa, Duetts, Choruaaaa. Dai ing 4tnd InstramsatarPerformance*. On Wadaaaday and hater T f>T the pnrpoe- , f illnetranng tha recant aiodiftottinn uf tha No'.at ton. ny wbial. fata and sharps ara an loagar a?o?. rary, and thartudy of masic baeumoa infinitely aiaepliltad. Tha following eminent talaat it engaged for thia i?<os-itn? M Adolf /una. Violin Sola of the i?p.-re at Mnardaaai, hie flret af pearance in Amarirn: Brat appearn-ea uf Mr U F. U. I aureate, I'laaltt, Me.srs Noll, Draaehar Elehnrn. R?lt*el, Rita, nnd n S-laet Oreheatrn. Vocal performers. Miaa llif *? rt. Mr. 8 l.-a'h, n quartette of gentlemen uroslenrv. and a shorna of y?w ng Indira?tha whale nadar tha dire adieu nf Mr Ga<> l.odcr I'articnlsra to futara programmes TlskeCs, 6" cents To be obtained at tha music aturaa. and at tha door. Concert to commence at * o'clock F?RAVELIN MUSEUM. ITS CHATHAM S4)UAKE -(ICO. LEA, Sola Proprietor ?Admiaaioa?Seota in Pnrnta J?- sa* .40 canta: Stage Saute, JT^eaata B>s-? IS eaata: Car quel. 1/td ranta ?Elegant Saloon performances arery A "tar Boon ana Evening. Entertain insula commauoa la tna after B"on at .lo'rlio k, and in tha arming at * o'clock Th.en tartainmaata are rariad and aal*ct and tuck aa c*n ha aocn at no other place of amusement in New V?rk, e?n?tauiig ol lea's Female Fihlopinn Opera Troure nnmb-riag fifteen Crfnrmere. being the largest ?nd at tha anni" ti n- tn moat lantad band In tha Untied States; atr?npe of Modal Ar At.te who arc eeleeted far their hwanty nnd figure, and wh . peraoaate a nntnber af haawtifal tableau a. takes fmia the fiieturaa of aa< lent and mi darn timet: n compnuy of Arab .trie, who go through a rarfelj of feats nf strength sad lag Aertty: Madame Rosaline, tha only Female Jagrlar in Mr world; n company of Mala and Femnla Arliata. who will glrr ?a eahibitinn of Marbls Statuary una<|iiallad . tha world, At gather a Ith n rnrietp of interesting perfur'' Bees star? Afternoon nnd arming. For particulars seafVaof race dgf. *o| day aftarnoona, n grand nonoart for the nrnommodsUon of ladles and fnmilloa. commencing at 3 o'eleak P M Admit ?ion. SB canta. Deora open at T n'elaek ; to a?mmenaa at 11IT.KR HAIX-A GRAND CGNCEKT WILL ME glran at 1 riplar Hall, on Thur aday arenleg. Jun" ',th, agent rag various roTlratfon through tha country, camele, ponlca. * Jla , will bo handed by tha colnaanl Car of Jugsernaut. draaa by n long train of elephants, and will lears the Boot of Grand .ntreat, at Vs'cloak, pnaaing down Eaat Rroadway to Chat ham square. up Mowery to Union sqaara; through Fanrta-uth ivareet w> lludrwn, dawn llndaou to Canal; np i anal la Wort .Broadway; down WaM Bros Iway to Barelay atraat; up Bur clay to Bros Iway; up Broadway to Alitor Plaae and I'rt n.-onnd of exhibition. Tha Miiraum and Menagerie lieludaa, 'in addition to n caravan of II rlag animal?,n grant oullaotlcn of wag rtatuary of tha moat noted ehrracter* of this nnd other countries. together with n rnriaty of intarestiag curioelll-s of ornrious deseripUoas. Th* drora of elephants. Jest Imp,tri ad from Ceylon, may be aaan, with tha aatire (Tugvlese chief arho acasmnanied them to thia oountry. A rBisndld tales Aion of highly iMraralfiad antartainmanta will be git an du ring each agfiibMlon. in thanouraa nf whlnh tha original Ga iters! Tom Thumb, Mr. Nallia. tha man without em? Mr JFiaree, the Men eoaqnaror: and many othara will app ar N' AIIIRRNKXT* IN PHIL.ADKL.PH1A. M.iwtay arauing. banafil af Mr V'-ung, wli h a splendid Ml!. *Tha flue comedy "All that flllftera fa not Gold. IIARNVMS ASIATIC CARAVAN. MirSEl.'M, AND ME 1) nngeria ? Tliia mammoth aatnhliahmaat. tha laageat tra velling eahihiunn in tha world, being n eombiaatma of nil j Aba amat popular and itne<< opii naMe ipealaa if maN-m ?nan ts of tn? age. will open in New York on Monday arming niy.n June t, for one weak only, under the moaater variegated pa-1 wlllan of alara and atrlpea. erected fcrthe purpoaa on fc?hth ?iraet, near tka Opera Honaa. The public entree into Nan York nf tha egtrueiTe nnd aoatly travailing paraphernalia of Aha eatablaabment. trill take place on Monday morning. The Ti.agnifirant cartage, eomprtaing 110 horana and <oi man, ftllihe elegant cages and carriages need tn trnnapur'.inr tha A young cwlf elephant. nnly al> moathi old and bnlthraa d a half Bart high, will be ridden around I ? tha Interior Aha rnrillim iy the Lilliputian Gen Tom Thumb tint Can ca IB cam to; children nadar ?, half print. Doom open trom f to Mto'otaek. P M. ewvobr narmgnic society -memrers MEET ? for reheareul of Elijah, oe M .nda? cvenlog. Jane id at d ha am nil Chapel of tha Uniearaity on D'a-hlngton a.jnnra, tit half past aaraa n'oloek. I'un t at tandnnca requested. em ABNCM'S MrSEUM, CORNER OF SEVENTH AND directs, Philadelphia ~P T. Haraum. Prnprie Aar; N. Saafnrd, Manager ?Tw., parf rmancaa ilnlly, ?h-r ? |M ami aeaelng AdmU?""i > Iran, half prie^B 'Cftsiat eta ttia Hearth, ' "A Morning Cwl," " Rongh Dlnm-.nit," aia I ether nltrncMrs play* will ha presented durio] the meek. Tha ?*lo?n? are in'?t gorge,ua<y BHed ap Wi' i an Interesting collection nf onrlnslttea. a fine gAllary ?f National Portraits, nnd the highly Interesting aipariment Illustrating the diaraal motion sf tht earth, tt one? ilmplo bad cent lacing ABvunm. DROADWAY THIATRE E. A. MARSHALL, 80L* MJ Luim; 0. H. Barrett, Manager. Dooraopen at7 tor tain rise* at 7M. Drm oirolo and parquet, 50 oents; Family and third oirolea, 3ft cento; Gallery, ltj< oti.; Private boxes, M and VI. Monday evening, June id. and every evening during the week, will be presented the romantio and opera tie ipectaole of AZAEL TUB PRODIGAL?Aiaei, Mr Conway; Ruben, Mr. N. B. Clarke; Amenophie, Mr. Shaw; liocharla, Mr. Whiting: Nimrod, Mr. Matthewt; Canopl, Mr. Hind; Manethon, Mr. Byrne; Jephtele, MUe Anderton; Nefti, Mr*. Abbolt; Lia, M'lle There**. To Ooumeuce with a fa vorite Farce. NIBLO'S GARDEN.?MANAGER, MR. JOHN 8EFTON Ticket*, 90 cent*: Private Box**, To commene* at So'oloek. Opening night ot the Summer leaaon. Ravel'* night*. Monday*. Wednesdays and Friday*. Meur*. Barton fc Co.'* night*, Tuesday*. Thursday* and Saturday*. Monday, Junk 3. Flrit appearance of the celebrated RAVEL FAMILY, Since their (ueaeaiful tour to Bavaaa and New Orlean*. Debut of the famou* OABRIEL RAVBL, Recently arrived from France, hi* Brat appearance at thi* establishment, with the moat astonishing and daring Rem Dancbe of the age, MONS. BLONDIN, Hi* Brst appearance in America. MONS. COLET. First Danoerdemi-oaractdre, hi* Brst appearanoela Amerioa. MLLE. 1.EONTINE CAl'EL. Her Brst appearance in America. Forming a grand company of twenty-six performers. On Tuesday, the highl^ attracUve Comedian, MR. BURTON, Who has been engaged to perforn\ at this establishment on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, will appear with hU Chambers street Company. BROCGHAM'SLYCEUM, BROADWAY,NEAR BROOME street.?Dress circle and narquet, 90 ete.; Family elrele, 29 oents; Oroheetra seats, $1; Private box**, A3. Doors open at 7 W; to begin at 8 o'clock. Benefit of Mr. W. Corbyn. Monday eveninc, June 2. the performance! will eommsnoa fay evening, June 2, the performance! will eommenoe with the oomedy of LONDON ASSURANCE?Sir Uaroonrt Conrtley, Mr. sfcKean liuchanan; Dolly Spanker, Mr. Jef ferson; C liar lee Courtley, Mr. George Jordan; Daixle, Mr. ITALIAN OPERA HOUSE, ASTOR PLACE -MAX MA- ! retiek has the honor to announoe to tho public of Now York that tho Aaron* Ovens Hot'** Will be opened for a short season, for the purpose of prodoo ing the most favorite Operas, with the combined tslent of the late HAVANA AND ASTOR PLACE OPERA COMPANIES. Tuesday evening. June 3, will be performed the popula Opera of LUCIA Dl LAMMERMOOR, in which SIGNORA BOSIO ANI) SIONOR BET TIN I Will make their first appearance. The Box office will be open on Saturday, May 31, at which time eeats may be eecurea. Prices.?Sofne. Parquet, and Bret and second tier of Boxes, $1; Amphitheatre, 50 oents; Secured seats, $1 90. Doors open at 7; performance to eommenoe at 8 o'elook. Opera Nights.?Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. FpBE HAMKLIN FESTIVAL.?THE EXECUTIVE COM ? mittee have the pleasure of informing the publie, that the arratytement* for the Hamhlin Feetival are in active and encouraging progree*. and that they will be complete early In the eneuing week, when the tiokete, whioh are to be'iooatea end numbered, upon the eommodions plan adopted by P. T. Barnum, Ee<;., for the Jenny Lind eonoerts, will be ready for distribution, and when the programme of the Festival will be published. By order of the Eseentive Committee. Jam** F. Otis. Secretary. SETH GEEK, Chairman. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM.-A CARD.?MR. W. CORBYN respectfully announces his bcnelt on Monday evening, ' June 2d. on which occasion will be presented the popular I couicdy of LONDON ASSURANCE. ! With the following powerful cast:? Sir Uarcourt Courtly Mr. Buchanan. I.ady Gsy Spanker Mis* Julia Bennett. ' CI tries Courtly Mr. George Jordan. Dolly Spanker Mr. Jofferaoa. I Who have all kindly volunteered. Daxsl* Mr. Brougham. Meddle Mr. H. B. Phillips. Cool Mr. Phillies. ? Pert Mrs. Blake. To which will be added the comic iuterlud* caUed LOI.A MO.NTKS, In which MR. AND MRS. SLOAN Will appear for this Bight only. Box book now open. ^ lUKTON'S AT NIBLO'S?MR. BURTON RESPECT- , * tully informs hit patrons that the C'hambere street 1 bettre will close its present season, (which h* gratefully I a know ledgee as the most prosperous one on record) after , eix more performance*, devoted to the benefit* of various ' members of his establishment. Us is alto happy to state tl at he bts made arrangements with Mr. Ntblo to perform, I v ith all his company. including the best dramatis talent of > the day at the elegar.t and spacious saloon in Niblo't Gar I den. three turns a week, eommenctag Tuesday next, with t St.- rich n'? comedy of THE K1 VALS. The beaetttj at Cham- ! Bl ber. xtrcctwi" b??Monday .Mrs. Skerretfe; Wednesday, Mies Weston's; Friday, Mr. Herbert's. B* 'ROUGHAM 3 LYCEUM ?GEORGE LODEK'S DENE It.?Tuesday, June 3d. IS61.?Ursat Dramatical and Mufiritl attraction?The new comedy, THE HOME BOWK OF BEAUTY (third tiaae); the celebrated Germani* So li'ty la the .Musical Panorama of Broadway; trio from "The Spirit or Air: Ib.dworth s Inimitable Cornet Band The whole t* conclude with the BEGGARS OI'KRA. with an immense ; net?Mary Taylor, of course. Full particulars in it all bills. Jkf E' IIAN' ICS' HALL, NO. 172 BROADWAY. ABOVE i i'E Grand street ???|>en every night dnrlngth* week until further ii in*. Th* original and **11 kuowa CHRISTY'S ' MINSTRELS, comprising an efficisnt and versatile "cerps" j of "tal-nted" and "experienced performer*," under the ma ns** no ut of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this city, for * ! succession of "Be* years," hnve been received with favor by I highly respectable and faahienahi* andioncnt. Tickets A Doors open at half past sis. commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Saturday next, for the accommodation of Ladle* and Juveailcs, com mencing at S o'clock, P. M. T tRI) 1.F.K HALL-COMPI.IMENTARV CONCERT. PGR H- th* I ? orhi of the liouae Carpenter* of Philadelphia. on Tneaday evening. Jane 3, MSI, on which occasion the U Mowing 'istingnishrd artistes will kindly lalunteertheir J -ri ice* ?Miu I arolin- llilfert. (by permusi a of T. II i i 1'.in. Ee ): Mr. J C. Dunn (by permitsion of Jam-* lir Ugbam tea ); Mr F. II Nash. Mr O. H. Curtis. Mr. I b bert Elder. Messrs. L. A J. Jacobs sud a celclebrttsd . kosrteite c. mpsay. Shelton's military band is engaged for i the occasion. Mr. G. Ii. Curtis will preside at the piano. ; I'r ramme. Part I.?I, Selections from Ernam?Shslt m ? find, Verdi; 2. Song. "Give me nCot in the valisy I love " ? Mr. Nnsh? Nelson: 3, Favorite Polka?Shelton's Band? Shrlton; A bong," Ben Bolt"?Mies llilfert? Peters: 9, Fan iasia. Description of a Thunder Storm. Pinno?K Elder; h. Duet on the Aeeotdeon?Messrs L. R J. Jacob*, 7. Gear- J tetfe, " l.uttow"?Quartette Company?Germtn; H. Quick Ste;?Shelton's Hand?Sbelton. Psrt II ?#, Romans*. I tr> in I uor* lis llorcia?Shelton's Band? Donixetti, 10. Snag, , "Molly Hawn"? Miss llilfert?9. Lover! II. Quartette, " Mnonliglit Greeting"? QuartetteCompany?G. H. Onrtls ; 12, Ballad. "My lov* is like th* rad, red Rose"?J 0. j Dui.n?Sinclair; 13, Duet, " Siren an*l Friar "?Miss Hllfsrt and Mr. Nash?r msiitinl; Id, Song, " The Flag of our Uol >a? 1 Mr. Nash; 15 tjisiek Step?Medley? Shslton s Bind?Shel- I t* ii . I , I t * orile Sou*?J. C. Dunn. Tickets, 25 cents, i# I.? bad ut the door, and of tli ? following Committee of Ar Irsr/cments ? f|. tl Smith. M. Miller, C. Dover, C. Cas sell. J. Shelby, A. C. Depsw, R. Woed, J M. Stan*br-y, 1. S Tkonipeun, Mm. Snider. E W. PAUL. Chairman; I W m. Juksan, Secretary. Concert at eight o'clock. N > postponement. I H AT MoNDANDIIERH DKIESBACH'SMENAGBR1B - This cei hrat. d M. nagtrie?the largest anl best eea n? mi* csi i rat. j wenageiie?ton larreet and best con ducted la If t knew* world?embracing almost every animal kn .wn to natural history, and whish ha* received the pi tri nsgs and applause of bnndreds of thousands of tho most respect*! Is ano intelligent people of the United State* hsa lllai )n?t ro-imcoc s.l a most brilliant snwi ?-r nainniiin. and will vtvit th# prlneipal cities and towns of Ntw Rugland in the following ordir. via May .With. Msnch.-ster 3l#t. Willi mantle; Jen# 1st, do; 2d, Norwich, .'id. New London, 4th, M let if Mrtdre: 5th Westerly: bth lira* e Iron W?f|a, R. | ? 7th, Birch Hill. *th. d* do.; Mb. Provldsnoe; IlKh d* H*K AltTN. tftTATIONAL ACADFHT OF DEAIOW.?TTfl TWENTF IN pixth'ik) Fthl1 iti.o nl the Aradmnp la now op* a to '.n* pi blic. at tbuir ll*ileri< ?. No <KI limajway. opp-.atf* Until atra*t, fr' UI II A. M. until HI P. M Admittance jr. <?.nUj '*aaoa Mi *<i, 60 teat*, eatali cum. 1I)? '.nta Hjr irttr ai U? Council J H Mirr.oorr.. (!?. Snnuri. N. A. inni MAICBS. fire aspcr \m r.-national loan find lite J \MHfini'* Soeictp "I Lmdun. ~Ocnara> A*?n'"? ? Una, 71 ViUnmt, Van, Jnn* ?, ItAI. Capital S2.Nai.ftli. and aurpltit h? 12,271. T ? withdrawal tahla at tn* ????. tjr all r la ta ti e aauerrl. irbo map tak* out tholr pnliulua un<1?r the*, tail*., the |(r?tl. it uoaaihlc pr*o*at and pr..apoctlv* adoantawa that *tn a* cnnfrrr-d bp llf* i??ur*n"* On thu tal.1* tb* aoawtad imlitlfi at an if tin*, to revalue at lot? rrat an ImnrdiaU aitear* to th* titont of on* half thd amannt of th* paid annual premiuma. without aecnrltp, per *. r, a I HaM.i'p, nr il?p?irtt ?f th* pnllrp lnit bp aimjplo ?w <t"T*p|n*nt th*r*.in; or th* half premium map bo *?? withhold durtn* tl * *th .1* * n Up nan or of th* poller. A loo. In tho *amt ol tho a*<urud at anptimo aot roquirlap to omtfnut th* pollcp. na It. ?nrrcnd*r on* half of th* anoaal premium* will h? retimed hp th* ?o*i*t?. ..anm.dca of bnnna**. ready d**lar*d. will bo fnand la tl.? NMtf'o pamphlet >nd annual report. IsM. which to pri liar witn talloa ot rate>. and information, on appli rath a to 71 fall otreet, or at aap of th* a?eaol**, ? ia bo bad free of **i*nto. A I art* mar. at a m d rato annual premium, Incur* for Ilia : ami If h* turrlroo to rcaeh th* a?n of ?> poaru. th* fal' ?urn loan red, up to MV'i'i. will b* paid to him; or If hit death occur trior* that p. rind, tho ana aaanrod will bo paid to Lia tamilp or l**al ri pr-?*nt*tl??*. acTiwo f.tau TOn* row fr?i*a. C. F.DWARD HAHICHT. Chairman. t. J. Palmer. r O. Tack**. 9. 9. Houlrn I, Robort J. Dillon, tt'm. Van Hot I. Juaopli tlaillard, Jr., and J Roarwp KodgUTa, M U The Hoard moor, curry Wrdn*?dap. at7l Wall atrwot, forth* IraaMotkn Of huainaaa. California and othar foraica rlab* taken at Mr rat ?? of catra premlnm. J. I FAhlH* oTAKR, (ifnoral Aruwt. and 9uporiut*nd*nt af kho United Stat** Local Hoard. EXPRICM AUKKCIBI, Aa. IIFRF'.RD ft CO '9 FA?T CALIFORNIA RXPRERR - IJ Neat ahl| m*nt* ?ill h* hp ateamor* on llth aad IMh if Jua*. I'oatnai to S,.n Franeloeo, ton cant*; fr i*ht. forty aaata p?r Ih . thro* fourth* lw aiteane* HFRFORD A Co.. 2 tr*a*v atroat. Attor (lout KRHITTANCER TO RNQLAND, IRELAND AND fiootlWBd.?Draft* on aal* for amp aam.nnt, from ?) inward*, whioh will ho eaohad at amp Rank In th* L'wltwd tin; tnm. Alto, Pack**** of ?rorp daaoriptlon forwarded at low rat**, hp all th* at' :nurn, to aap part of Europe. hp RDWARDB. AANFOTll) ft CO.ft Fmaaatlantlo Eaymoa, \t A.iam* ft Co a, l? and It Wall atroat Amall pure-la trill h? ruroiwod till half rata nlwa A. M. ?' the dap of oaillac < f ororp atonnaar to Enron* Til WORLD'S i > -i. ritr WW9LR OP the CAROO ?fthtU.9. ah.p /% Lawraao* ha?.n* Imoa maropad (torn Ronthainj ton, a'.U da J oattwdia th* Crpotal Palao*. nn lor onr diroetloti. wr arc i.repurod to gira orarp attention to th* uiol.o* of oihlhiVWr* rartW* riaitina Raciand aralaritod to call at our Li? ^pool and Ualut "A'? *i)?r? thop will llnd lllc* of ?M Vofrat Amarican wowapaport. wh*r* thtdr lot tat? map ba -.ddr. ?a. d, whorulattoru nf orodlt map ha pro turod. aadr/trr hftrwUdR (iro* to thair wlahM aad iuta Mot*. 9 R|)Vt ARD9. RAN DFORD ft CO., M Wall root, New T tk. 1 C dnmbta RftUdlMM, UfWRMtl IH? tad Id CoIHRUL LoAidft ^ IHIFPns. PERSONS INTENDING TO TAKE PASSAGE TO England Id th* Royal Mail Stoamahlpa. are roquoiUd to call at the office, 38 Broadway, before beiioTiag the report* that the ahipa are fall. FOR LIV ERPOOI..-ROTAL MAIL STEAMSHIP AFRICA will tail from New York oa Wednesday, the dth June, at 12 o'oloek; the CANADA from Boston oa the 11th June. For freight or passage, apply to E7 CUNaRD, 38 Broadway. FOR LIVERPOOL.?UN ITED STATES MAIL STEAM ship BALTIC. Capt. Joseph J. Comstock. ThU stoam ?hip will depart with the mailt for Eorope, positively, oa Saturday, 7th of June, at 12 o'oloek M., from her berth at the foot of Canal atreet. No berth eaa be eeeured till paid fer. All letten aud paper* muat paaa through the Poat Otoe. For freight or pottage, having unequalled accommodation* for eloaaaee or comfort, apply to ED WD. K. COLLINS, M Wall atreet. Poaitirely no freight will be reoeired on board after Thnre day evening, June S. The ateamahip PACIFIC will auoeeed the Baltic, and tail June Slat. SACEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY.?FOR V/ Bremen, via Southampton.?The United State* Mail ateamahip WASHINGTON, G. W. Floyd oommaader, will aail for Southampton aad Bremen, on Saturday, June 14. from Pier No. 3, North River, at 12 o'oloek. An experienced Surgeon it attached to the ahip. All letter* muat paee through the Poat Office. Specie deliwred in Havre. For paaaage or freight, apply to MOLI.ER. SAND U R1ERA, agents, 60 Broadway. The ateamahip HERMANN willeno eeed the Waahington on the 12th July. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL Steauithipa between New York and Liverpool direct, and between Boston and Liverpool.?The Boaton ahipa only call ing at Halifax to land and receive snail* and passengers:? ARABIA, Capt. , AFRICA. A. Syria, PERSIA, Cant. , EUROPA, E. (L Lott, ASIA, C. U. E. Judkina, NIAGARA, J. Stone, AMERICA, N. Shannon. CANADA, W. Uarriaon, CAMBRIA. J. Leitch. Three veaaela carry a clear whito light at maat head, green en atarboard bow, red on port bow. Africa, from Now York... . Wedneaday, 4th June. Canada, from Beaton Wedneaday, 11th June. Aria, from New York Wedneaday, 1.3th Juue. America, from Boeton Wednesday, 2Jth June. Niagara from New York... Wedneeday, 2d July. Europe, from Boaton Wedneaday, Wth July. Africa, from New York... . Wedneeday, ldth July. Cambria, from Boaton Wedneaday, 23d July. Asia. from New York Wedneeday, 30tb July. Cauada, from Boeton Wedneaday, 6th August. America, from New York.. .Wedneaday, 13th August. Niagara, from Boaton Wedneaday, 3>tli August. Alrica, from New York. ... Wednesday, 27th August. Europe, from Boston Wedneaday, 3d September. Asia, from Now York Wednesday, Itith September. Paaaage from New York or Boeton to Liverpool, $1211. Berth* not secured until paid for. Freight will be charged ou specie beyond an amount for personal expenses. An experienced surgeon on hoard. All letters and new spapers must past through the Post Of flee. For freight or passage, apply to K. CUNARD, Jr.. 3d Broadway. French, German, and other foreign goods received and brought in common with British good*. Through bills of lading are given in Havra for New York. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?(ONLY through line for California and Oregon.)?The pu 'die are informed that under the new arrangement of this Company, steamere inspected and approved by the Navy Department, and carrying the Cnited Mates nia(l*. will rontinueto leave Panama aud San Erancisco the 1st and 13th day of each month, unless detained by unavoidable accident, and wili touch at Aeapulco, San Diego, and Monterey. The folloaing steam packets belonging to the Paeilic Mail Steamship Company, are now iu the 1'aoittc, one of width will lie always iu port at each end of tl e route OREGON 1,01*1 ton*. REPUBLIC 1,3*1 tons Panama i.<X7t<>n?. Carolina maitene CALIFORNIA .. 1,000 tone. COLUMBUS bOOlona TENNESSEE... .l.SOOtoa*. ISTHMUS ?tone. NORTHERNER...1.3*1 ton*. UNICORN 600 tons. COLl MI1IA hOOton*. FREMONT 000 Una. ANTELOPE ?tons. The new ateamehip COLUMBIA will ply between San Francisco and ports in Oregon awaiting at the former port the arrival of the mat!* and passengers from Pauatna, and returning without delay with the mall* aad passengers tor the eteamcr from San Francisco. A regular line of propellers will be kept up for the trans portation of freight and tranaieat passengers Between Pana ma and San Francisco. The well knuwi eteamahlp SAKAU SANDS, of 1,340 torn burthen, now undur charter to the t ompanr, aad peculiarly commodious in lier cabin arrangements, will be kept running as an extra family boat. One of the above steamara w ill keep up the connection be tween Acapnloo and the other Mexican ports. The connection iu the Atlantie will be maintained by th* United Stales inail ateamahip* GEORGIA 3,fill ton*. CRESCENT CITY.l,300 Una. OHIO .3,1**1 ton*. CHEROKEE 1,300 tens. EMPIRE CITY ton*. I'll I LA DELPHI A I, Iti tons. Leaving New Y ork for Chagres on the llthsad 23th of each month. The now steamships EL DORADO and FALCON will furui n direct line between New Orleans and Chagrea. leav ing at and. period* a* will insure as little detention ae pos sible on the lethmna, aad forming with th* Paaifle steam ?Idpa a through line to and from New Orleans, and port* in Mexico, California and Oregon. Passages from New Orleans esa he eeeured front Arnistrong, Lawraaoa It Co., agents, at that place. The fbr? for through tickets from New York to San Fran eieeo ha* been reduced from tfi'l, in eiste room a, to iXB. 3'?i in lower cabin, to $2W. LiV, In steerage, to ftlbi. The rate* from New York lo Chagree will bo at the lowest adopted by any safe sea steamer between those p>rta. I r i hole* of U rtha, apply at th* ollle* of the C inepaav. 34 aad -VS South etreet, and at their agency, 177 West street. ^ f*WR CHAGRES AND SAN JUAN DE NICAKAOL'A ? Tie new double engine steamship PROMETHEUS, Captain II. W. Johnson, will leavo Now York for the above ports oa Friday, l.tlh June next, at 3 o'oloek P. M. For past ago or freight, apply at tho offict of th* ahip, 9 Battery place, up stairs. IN HE PEN DENT THROUCH LINE.?OPPOSITION TO JL lluh Price Monopoly.?The feet ateamahip PROMK THItS. will lake* on Frldkjr, June 13th. far Oh urea and San Juan. Plana of ckkia aa?a. aad bertha secured, ktUia lowrat ntea, Ljr early application t" BERFOKD It Co., 3 Veeey atreet, A at or Honar. Through tlokele for aala. PACiriC NAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANV.?ONLT through Una far Ann FraneUco. eia Haeanaand Chagrea. ?Fare H din ed ?On Wadaaaday, June 11th. at 3 P. M.? The aplrbdid dou tie-aagint loaamahip UEUKGI A, 3.(WO toaa, I). L> Porter, I. S. N., Commander, will anil on Wad nea<* ty. Jane Uth. at praeiaaly 3 o'clock, P. M., from bar pier at the foot af Warren atreet, N. R.. with the govern, nent maila for Chagrea. Tin lla\ana Paaaancara tranafarred at llarana to tl>a eplandid double engine ateamahip FAL TON. 1'aaaenrrra leaving in the Oovmla will oonaaot witk the faaorita United Statea mail ateanuhip CALIFORNIA, to aall from Panama on or about the latJnly. For freight ar package, apply at the ofBua. No 64 and IA Soutk atroat. ar at No |J7 Weet atroet. comer of Warn-en I atraot Pi ACIF1C MAIL 8TEAMS111-P COMPANY.?THE only through line for Calilnraia and Oregon ria Chagrea direct-Fare Ecdaoed?Qe Friday. June 19th, atS I' ll. The ?rh ndld atonmahip EMPIRE CITY, I.Nti J. D. Wil aim. aommnndar. will aall un Friday juae I t, at praolaaly So'olook. P. M., from liar pior at the foot of warrenetreei It . If. H., with tha (omriiiotnt maila for Chagrea. oonnaotina with the tar..rite United Statea Mail ateamahip CALiFOR N IA, to laare Panama on or about the let July. For freight r paaaage. apply at the office, No? Sd and Sfi South atraot. or 1177 W eat air " atlTTWui etrert. corner Warren atroet. CLIPPER FAtiLE FOR SAN ERA NCI SCO?SPECIAL aotiuo.?Thie inngniboont aliip hna her freight nearly onrnaed. and will anil in n fry Jay a. I an taka light freight for I alan.-e of cargo, for which, or aa?ag?. apply to E. B. SUTTON L CO., M Wall itreot. or MEMRS. II a Kit Ei' R k CO.. 60 Wall (treat. Steamers for salR.?four steamers (con- | denaing rn?iu ->. fr in ItW to 196 foet long ; una do. (non eoi1, nan g do ). I'JS fret long, Ira propeller Stcamera ( eoa denaing eaaiaee). aad two do. (eon- oondc uaingengu.ea). from ~ - . -- - [?? f - At t . I?ti fa. t long. Alao, one Marine H ilar. 10 feet giametcr and id foot long. For I ? rtlo-r inlormath.n, apply to CH A.- U . | OI'M.AM) tie llraadway. HOAT FOR SALE. ?BUILT BT INtil.lttoLL, CLINKRR I tilt, copper fastened, eight en foet loeg. aold bee ante tle> oner bar no further nee for it launlrn of William H I arte, at tlie foot of Spriag atreet. 'tnc oenar will be. Ml nd at No. 6>'? M. rtoa atroat. between .1 and 5 P M ON ROAKO THE Mill' JOHN k LUCY.?SIR WE. the uiiderfUn-d. on hahalfof the p???eagera pur the Jahn fc I." \. now nppri aching the end of out rotate.. annul aopa pate * itl.nol eiiree-ing oaf atnuera thank* t >t tha kin-. ne*a aod attaatioi. we haee reooieed 'mm you and your amiable ln?y. di ring our raaaagr from l.ieirp d to New York Four .ltd a Rtntli mild and eoadraoending maaner haj only given to na tin (trvageat proof that yoar m at anxi.iua wiah waa that we abould fee! hi home and happy while oa board yoar e >?ll nod reperlally ynr .are and tenderneea towarda 'In Wen III. d.eertea oar hi heat approbation klaa at ail oafrrlvra af tin oppori unity of aoareyiag. throngh

... - -? "m I ' y H. ? or high opinion of the anal and aaniduity with y in hret and ?e.. ml water. Meaar*. Caoipbeil aad Webb, di C nr. d thrir n rpertlrr dnllea. Wiahlng you. Mro Curling all aad family rarrv happii eea proeperity, and aue teaa la I y or undertakiage, we remain eir. your ynry aiaeara and gwtafMI JHoWdc, Franc,* Keating Fanny llillainn. Kluaheth Ellen Kel."' Eli?? Eel. ?, Patyiok Kelioe William K ntll r. Caleb llitluien. William Hil i. lr.ii4, William Re hoe. Thomaa Kehoe, Samuel Coupland, Frank tiwen. William Pilnea. Joeeph R' i.lnga. n .lamia Ritchie. H. (iarlur, Wil liam Itaei.elf. Dated May 2Vth, Ihfil, To I aptaia Aat'Pi ana CtUUaa. THA? EI.LNRI UI IDK. UNITED STATES MAIL LI N R FOR ALBANY, MAR Ing nil the u*nnl la- dlage?Fare MlrenU avert wh< re ? 1<e new, rfleadld aad faet akeamera?SOUTH AMERICA, Cap! Urtenold?Tweadat,Thuraday, aad ' aiurday . SANTA CI.Al'H (apt lime* am# Monday W. -dan-day, aad Fri day will lewra the pier foot ?f Barrier atreet. al Are P. ? . w turning, will lauy* Albany at half ptut throe o'clock P. M New viikk and Philadelphia?nrw hikk and Philadelpl in dire, t -United State# Mail Uta rhmaab in 4)4 boura aia Naw Jeraey Railroad Fare ro laced to RSfor Aral elaae. and S3 Ml foe eecond elaaa Ireaar New Fork a< )> A M , from took of Contained atreet; aad al IA. M and S I' M , from foot of l.iborty etmot l,e*ro Phi ladalphia at A and f A M aad ? P M.. from tbn foot of Wal Camden andambot railroad line fr?m nrw York to Philadelphia- Uare Pior No I North riree ly fleam ho at JftliN POTTER, M,.rulag I.lnm at A n'elook Yarn by A M ; Afternoon Lina, at 4 o'rVock P W rare hp eitNor Una. kih forward deok. *3 Emigrant Una at A o'clock P. M fare. *' !M? I. BLISS. * |M? TRAVELLERS UOINO SOUTH -NEW SUI'RRIOI and aeonomical Mao hot wee a Baltimore and f "bn hr knrg. Staunton. Fa., Ate km- ad aad Petarabnn. Fa , Lynch knry. Fa.. Ralebgh. N C.. aad Ohnrleoton 8. C. TAo pahlle arc hereby ml. rand that tiro large and epleadid I ear preaaarr Meamor Baltimore, Chad. Ategeader McCanalatel. n" -J oi with Mate mom" and MO t-?rihe. aad nnaorpaiaad ia apood and aroommodatiun hy any h.,at aonth of New York, ia now rnnning between Haltimnrr and Ae.|niaCreaky ?ta tha moath ?fl'ntomaeaad Piwoy Point, in onnnection with the Rich I "load aad Fre ierlel'I org and Richmond aud ^terrhnrg mond aad FredariekiihBrg and Riehmoad Mad Patenhm eallroada Pagaengera by thia line leaning fVmatarea ttyer wharf. Haltlmore. tiSo eloek. P M . oa Twutdnya and TF m iaya. roaeh Fmdeeiekahn-a hy 7 A.M., the newt day. Rloh atond hy II, A M . aad Peterehirg obout R P. M., from which point they proceed farther aonth with paaaengbra by the gf nt mall line. Throngh tiehata kg thia ioperioy line let ,la?e p. PM r - fr o, Baltlmora ko Frederickahnrg, S3 to Rl'hw. ad, %f, Nh to Paterahnm, Sd Bh te Chaylaatoi, S C., S'A- mea ? -d atatr r-..-n *Tr* Forwa-g enoin pikd ?angait to Frrrlobehnr.-. Including meal* an I ladeing. M 4o do. do t Plehm..|.i ?r " , ->.or " 4 Ti> Inefedlap mi ila aad lodging. Fot farther infermatinn apply at th? Aontharn raXmad oRif a, adtoininr the WTaahington railroad afloa. Pra*tefreet. or ta ( HAS WORTIIINOTON. J*. Agent, ?RJ4"*?ta. Bbfrh tl, Idll. CnMlRHoa ittsti whbfl NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. Georgia Southern Right* Convention, Ac. Baltimore, Juno 1, 1151. Tbe Southern mill has arrived, with information that the Southern Bights Convention of Georgia has noini' nat< d Governor McDonald for Governor, by acclamation. Great unanimity prevailed at the oonvention, and flfty four counties were represented. Thomas Doolin. a fireman on board the steamship Florida, was accidentally drowned at Savannah, on Wednesday. Death of Mr. Horner. Wasmixgto!*, June 1, 1851. Mr. Horner, doorkeeper of the House of Representa tives, died in New Jersey, on Thursday last. The situa tion devolves upon Charles W. Stewart, the assistaut doorkeeper. Very Late from the West Indies. Tbe steamship Merlin, Capt. Sampson, arrived at this port yesterday, from Bermuda, whence she sailed on the 27th ult. She left St. Thomas on the 21st. We have received the Bermuda Royal Gazette of the 27th, and the St. Tfuimai Tidende to the 21st. The Gazette says :? The Merlin hod forty-seven passengers?two for Ber muda. the remainder lor New York There were from twenty to twenty-five waiting her arrival here, most ot whom, we fear, were not able to find accommodation on board. The weather, during tbe past week, wss exceedingly hot and oppressive During the night of Saturday, how ever, thewiud. which had previously been from the south and west, went to the north, and blew fresh, accompauicd by rain, which hud lbe effect of cooling the air and the surface of the earth. We have bad no rain for some weeks previously. The American brigantine Shuckford. in five days from Boston, arrived at St. Georges ou the eveniDg of yesterday week, with spars, itr , for the American ship Concordia. Capt. Austen, which vessel recently arrived at that port dismasted. It seems that Capt Austen, after being disa bled. falling in with a whale ship, bound to Dost on.wrote to bis owners, informing them of the circumstance, and stat ing Ids intention of getting his vessel into Bermuda or St. Thomas, if practicable Immediately on the receipt of this letter, Capt. agent tor the underwriters, appointed to come to Bermuda, with some spars, sails and tigging, sufficient to get the Concordia to Boston, her original port Of destination, under jury masts; or should tlis OonCi-rdla not have arrived here, to proceed to St Thomas to seek her there. Just, however, as Capt I'ier sou was about sailing froui Boston, a telegraphic d< s patch was received from Halifax, with the information that the ship was at Bermuda We are pleased to learn that the underwriters' agent approve; of everything that has been done by her agent her?, W Tudor Tucker. Kscj . the United States Consul, towards refitting her, and the mean* used for the preservation of her cargo. \,c The Concordia will be resdy for sea iuubmt a fortnight's time, under a very respectable temporary rig The news of the Concordia's arrival here was conveyed hence to Halifax by the mail steamer Ospray and telegraphed thence to Boston. II] the sauie vessel and the same means, ac counts may now be received at Boston, of the Shank ford's arrival here. In eleven days from the lime of her sailing from that port, as the Ospray again left St Georges at noon on Tuesday last, for Halifax Nearly all the flue Utile schooners belonging to our islands are now ou their way to tbe West Indies, with cargoes of onions and potatoes We sincerely wish them Spi rdy pxsssges. profitable sale*, and a tjuick return The potatoes this season are very g >od and the returns have been ccnsidemble. iu one or two instance* we have beard of sixtci n fold The <|uautity planted, however, wss not St all e<|Ual to that of last spring Lieut. Governor Darling is g'ing home from St Lucia, on leave; it is said with the view of obtaining the govern ment of Trinidad N\ e have copious tiles of papersfrom tbe several islands and from Deinerara They however, supply us with no new? of importance The cholera still lingers In Jamaica. It has now ap prared at Ureeu Valley, Mountain Valley, and Retreat in Hanover places hi fore exempt At Mountain Valley, tbe people hud refused to bury the dead Lieut General IN ood the new commander of the forces for the Windward Islands, family and suite, arrived at llarLadoes. 9th Inst A suit foe breach of promise of marriage?Field vs. Newton?was tried at Itarbsdoe* ou the 5th in*t. and A'lsst awarded the fair plaintiff The damages were laid at *2 WJU Tlir number of hogsheads of sugar manufactured a' 1 Rarbndoe* up to the 13th was 39.000 Tliv small pox continues to prevail at Darbitdoas. D. K Ross t.-<4 . the newly appointed Lt. Governor o' Totwgo. had arrived at that island The mission of II M brig Helena, to Rurinam. to ob- , tain information respecting some persons stolen from a British b land many year* sino. has not been successful Her ladyship. Kmraa Rnphia. the consort of his excel I lency. Mr k iiliau Cnlbrouke, Governor-in- Chief of the Windward Islands, died suddenly, at Barbados, ou the 19th tilt . agi d 49 years The Rt. The mas TitknJe gives the following item from Bat badoes and l'riuidad The agricultural prospects of this colony are spoken of ! in the mis>t favorable marine About 'Ju.900 hogsheads of sugar bad already been made and It was supposed tbe j entire crop would reai b 35 900 hogsheads The Mrrcuiy states that ' the epidemic pox noticed on a ft rmer occasion, instead of being on the decline i? ratio r increasing, amongst all cla *s> of the community, I and vacelnatiou seems to he the only meant of checkiag ? its pi ogress " The committee from the council had reported favor ably of Farl Grey's proposal to introduce Am-rican im- j migrant* into Trinidad and nrommeuded? Tbat an ordinance be passed authorising bounty to lie paid to immigrauts from the U niteo Mates of America, ting exceeding A4 to each adult, wherewith to defray I their passage , and that provision be made for legalizing ' In this colony contracts of tervlca entered into in the i I'nil, d State*, i d the same principle as was d ine by the order in council of 1S43. legalising such contract* with i similar porsous. it made In the British North American l province* '? iMmmrma mow tm? ban* or nir Mi?*onu,? Aim ug Ibe nm-M-ngrr* on the ntHWr (Mmantt yes ItrtlHj who Mr A I. Hinder 11 liar cry Mr II. In direct from the I nlle of the Miaaourl bring the flr?t ami only arrival from that di-tant point thli ww>n II* laft tho Kalla on tbe 12th of April. in a rioall I >?t Me itnpaui'd by rlx men. and prtfornef the trip to thin city a di? laoro of 2 700 niili-? In forty day* including at >ppage- at ttfkw trading poet* Contrary to former report*, we Irani from Mr II. (bat very little iuow ha* fallen in tbn Dt> nntaln* doting Ibr pa?t winter and lea* in tbr vicini ty of tbr Kali* and Inrt Campbell lliao br rrar km-f. IIc found tbr Mbaouri extremely low tuMU he reached thrniu'h of Ibr Hirer I'lattr fnnn whirh atreara the prraeot riar ia romiog?rau?ro by brary ralua and mow from the m unlaiiv*. aa would la* generally Mppjaad. Mr II bring* but little new* of Intereat Th- buffalo last fall Were unusually ararre and tbr Maokleol trtha of Indian* *o urn-orce>aful In tin ir hunt t liat thr whole nation ia on the point of atarvatinn The small pox which raged leal full) among the Sioux la?t fail. h.i i mailr it- ajpiarancc aniens; the I'unoah Indiana, on Dunning Mater and raat uuml?*r? ware dying The Iowa* heated on the north aide ol the Miaaourt a abort dtrtai re bt Jorepb are al?o *u tiering from the ebon ra aa Well t* the -mall pax Mr II la of Me Opinion that the aupply of buffalo robeanndfura will be mutually auiall i bia mw-oii aa m arly all tbr tribe* ou the Miae uri wrt? nn-urereafbi in tbelr la?i yrar'a hunt Three boat* loaded with rubra belonging to the honae of Harrey 1*r. mean Ik Co maybe eaprted herein a lew day a The Indiana Pontinue to rommil petty depredation, up >n tbe trader- hut the whole Indian country h r taring upon t ir Mieaou I. baa bxra generally eery quint daring the 1 aet year?Si Xwvii ( Mo ) InMpvrr. May 'XI A TnmiurH Orrioe rrat i a ar LaiNTO-11 Daring (be hrary thunder aloriu of y. -lrrlay alt re-in the el* ctrle tlutil parsed Into tbr room '?eupl"dhy the i|.<u*e Tilrgraph Company, at the ?.>utbea*t r-rrter "t rbird and I be?nut atrreta. whioh beaidra arWereil 'dim-ting tempi rarily aerrral gentlemen connected with lb* "flic*, did annie damage tn one of tbr tnatroroenl* Mr Alexander, one rf Ibe < pr rator* who wae-tan Hag near the Inalru ?elt at Ute time felt the ahoek rery -en?ibly in hi* aide experiencing at the aame inatant, a l'"? of atrknea* at the atomar h diaaineaaof the haail and ringing rftba ear*, with alight temporary inaenaibllity re>ulling ("be magnet Wia by the iiurning or melting of the wire up >n the hrlia. injured lo a roiwtdnrabie extent, and eon-tdning the leiigib <>l llie wire whieli ia about three milra. tbe W.rfk tif replacing it Would he no trttllng Job. There war a report at the time a* loud aa that from a piatnl. and the Butd aa it appeared afterward*, trarrraed tb>* eon m etion wire- to the battery tn the llfth atory room, and there i xpb iled with quite a loud report Mr A waa not operating at the time, be baring shortly before brae ken tbe e'rrult aa ia uamxlly d"U' during the pre* tlenc* r.f a merer thunder -form It ia auppo-ed that the wire wan rtlWlt immediately by the lightning. ao*ut flfr of ??* mile* diatant ITom thr city?f'Ariarfrf/iAia ladgar May K). Ami aroan Homo n *t mi Uaa * r Kxniamon -UtnTue*. day. tbe liAh ult , information waa forwarded to the pv lice eomud+iionrr that aluee the Ureal RxhiMtion hail ir on i peeed a robbery had b<-ea rommitt. d in the Amr riean department, und. r rory myatorinn* niren:n-tanea* It appeara I bat Mr It W. Wll-m. of llartlhrd. ConneflU rnt among.t other artlrle- bad -ent tn the Kxhihitlon a txwuHar detarhed freer hi r rlBe platol, with -tort to form ? gun Tbe article in qu**tinn waa found in i!? proper pi are on the day the KxhiWtion waa opened, tint It eg yditdat dl-eoTored tn bare be n alolen A Ml doaor'p tion nf the nmpcrty waa laat night aent to ee ry p illr* station in tm* kingdom ; aim tn the r.trinua pa*tihroiwr* and dealer* in au< h article*. It I* tbd*daacrlbed:e-A 'l'jthl mahogany caac. oontainiug a * taehi*d tir** <r mr rifle pi till, with atoel In ftarm a gun. with tr'p ?t but*, n?ipn*ed of Herman aHrer and an omanteni A th ? - ?-ne metal on the nppoaite .ide . maX *r'a name D. W Wila'tt. Ilartftird Connecticut Pnlltlenl ln|elllg(wnrr t tiex fit an Caat rixtiox it <*i:aa n - The htx'c CnwTi t tlnw of the t'ni *n (Mtty rt tt" *rgia 'datfle lie c uaentiotiBl Millrdgex .lle t ? d?y Hon It ' sell tie l.h i< I he moat | ramibtwl I atadMah . *'el ex tbr 'ad pity li'iw< are tu t n garxlen he. if nnmlnxti-d Wl?' he ??ppnfte.| l.y b# wb g* the party atai da U' (be pKtfbrni *1 i.fej hy Ibe lalelMa.> ? ? , -ention Police Intelligence. MOKE OF THE STOOL PISEON DEVKLOI'EMEN TS?T1IE LAST OPERATION OK LEVI COLE. THE HANK ROB BER?SE1/.I RE OF $30,000 COUNTERFEIT HANK HILLS HY THE AUTHORITIES OF PATERSON, NEW JERSEY?TWO MEN ARRESTED ON THE CHARGE OF BKINO CONCERNED IN THE COUNTERFEIT BUSINESS. At the time when Levi Cole was arretted by officer Bowyer. sod conveyed to Bhode Island on the ohargt of robbing the I'tienix Hank. Westerly, in that State, in connection with Tom Kanouae and John Collins both since convicted, prior to Cole's second arrest, after ab sconding from his bail?we then stated that certain strange developemont- would soon come to light. We are now catted upon to lay before the public certain facts in relation to this notorious gang of robbers aud counter feiters, and the ultimate discovery of a very large amount of counteifeit money, bank plates. Ac. It appears that Levi Cole is at present confined in jail at Providence, Kb ode Island, awaitiog his trial in August, for the bank robbery; and since bis detention there he has been visited by bis wife, and his wife's father, John Jordan, a resident of Paterson, New Jersey, where he keeps aa oil store One day last week, a letter was in tercepted by Mr. John II. Cross, the I'houia Bank agent. This letter was written by Levi Cole, directed to his brother. Mitchell Cote, residing at I'aterson. In this letter it was set forth that, by going luto the garret of his father's mill, situated at Paterson, and there re moving some boards from a partition on the left haud side as they entered, a large quantity of counterfeit money would is' discovered, from which packages of bills Cole desired to be taken five one hundred dollar bills on the Chester Bank, Orange countj. New York, and twenty ten dollar bills of the Hampshire Manufacturers' Bank, Massachusetts. These bills wete to be given to his wife Agues, who was to act according to the instructions re ceived from her husband lo consequence of the in formatUu obtained from Cole's letter. Mr Cross hastened to Paterson. and. on his route, on Saturday last, stopped at New York and informed Mr Matsell, the Chief of Police, and asked for aid to proceed with him to Paterson, to ascertain the facts Accordingly the Chief selected one of our intelligent aud energetic officers. Mr John Keed, who proceeded to Patcrsou w ith Mr. Cross. On arriving at Paterson. the facts in the case were communicated to 'Inquire Sandford. who forthwith is-ued a warrant to scan h the prt misi s as described in the letter Sheriff Lane. M:tr?hal Bentley, Mr. Cross and officer Heed pro ceeded to the premises, and found the garret aa de scribed; but on examining the boards, it was evident that fouie one bad been before them, or anticipated their visit, as no money was discovered The officers then turned their attention to Mitchell Cole, took him into rusLdy. aud conveyed him before 'Squire Sandford, where he toon became alarmed, and acknowledged his agi ncy in the matter, lie said that on Wednesday last, John Jordan, the tathei-iuLiw of Levi Cole, came to hini and exhibited a letti r which he said hi had received frt m Is-vi. stating where the bills could la- found in the garret of the wi rk-ahop in the mill They went ascord ingly. and found a large quantity of counterfeit money, ft< in which packages Jordan sehctcd, as he was directed to do by Levi, and the bslance was handed to Mitchell Cole for safe keeping. Jordan said he forwarded to Levi the money by mail, with the exception of three $100 bills (>li the Chester Bank, Orange county These Litis were | kept by Mitchell Cole, to be forwarded, should the others by any means fail The officers next searched the house of Cole, and found iu bis trunk the following sums of counterf< it money . executt d iu a style, and signed like wise. tqual to the originals,suitable to pass aud deceive the public almost anywhere. There were 2d8 $100 bills on tlie Chester Bank,Orange Touaty, New York; seventy eight >10s on the Hampshire Manufacturers Bank. Ware, Massachusetts; seventy-sev-u and seventy-six >60s in sheets on the Gore Bank. Hamilton. Upper Canada, aid seventy eight <10- on the same Bank; also eighty three l>Ue on tlie famors J. ( Banking Company, Toronto, Upper Canada; together with a large coppei plate. $10* f'JUs, and >60* engraved thereon, corresponding with the bills on the Gore .'tank the whole amounting ti about fW.000 These hills, toget her with the three SlOObUl* found in the tool ehest ,.f Mitchell Cole at the mill.wsrn conveyed bciore the magistrate and an officer despatched fi r Joidan. who shortly alter returned, having him in rust< dy The evidi rce of Cole was taken against Jordan, w ho was detained by the Justice, to await a further bear ing. l.t VI Cole had stated in the letter, that if the in e ie y a- directed was for* sr ji d on. he should soon be out, and among tin m again. So it seems Cote had an idea of buy11 g hints) it out ot pri.-on, if possible, by counterfeit mi in y It is doubtful if he would have suceceded in Bhode Lland Chat 1,1 tj homing Ciwnlrrfrit Monty.?On Saturday two women and one man, called .Mary Kldridge. Jana Mc llraw, and 1 uke Flynn. ifiti Stevens, oluu McNevin, were arrrsti d by officer Southertaud. of the Sixteenth waid. on a eliaige of passing $10 counterfeit bills on th? tail lie Bank of this city, to several storekeepers, situat ed in the Piglith and Ninth wards The accused par ties were nnvryed before the magistrate at Jefferson Market p< lice, who detained them for a further hearing. Any ston keeper* who having been defrauded by r* - ceivmg such bills, will further the ends of justice by calling at the polite oouit and identifying the prisoners. Diiturlmg a 'I'rmpriaiKr Mrs'far ?The police of the Seventh ward arrestee, on Bunday afternoon, a tuna called Matbew Law ion. on a charge of disturbing the It uiperancv met ting held at Ihe fa t of Market street. The disordi riy character was taken before Justice Mount fort. Who fined him >0 for L ing intoxicated, and like wt. e hi Id htm to tutil in >'JU0 for his fuluie good con due t la d?fault of which he waa locked up in prison. Ift) for the Improve me at of the Amort" roil lit (Mans. An introductory meeting to the formation of a eoci ty for the promotion of education among the American Indiana, was held last Sabbath evening, at Tripler Hall. The proceeding* of the evening were comimnced with a concert by the following proft?ot?i?Mr. Bell, Mr. G. 11. Curtia, Mr. and Mra. Mahkoonce, and a chorui of fifteen voice*. Mr. G. K. Briatow, conductor. The celebrated Kah Ge-ga gah-Bowh, Geo I'opway, was also pre aeiit, dreiuied in thr full costume of an Indian chief, and delivered an niUirea*. The audience wax rather thm, although, if in u uioUcrate-sir.od room, it would be cotiaidcrcd a (expectable number. After an adagio by tbe orchestra, and a melody by Mr. and Mra. Mahkoonce, in the Mohawk and Ojibway lan guage*, Mr. Copway caine forward and said?Ladies and gentlemen, in preoenting myself before you thia evening, 1 expected to have a gaiith-iuao with me who would have interested you more than I can, but 1 received a letter}! sterdsy from hitu fromKochesten Mating that he could not come, Mr. Morgan ix the j gentleman 1 bate reference to; the letter is before you, and 1 dis re it should be read. It wtll expain to yen. belter then 1 cut, what it is 1 want, and what. brought us logtibcr to-inglit. Mr. Vt edgrwood. a lawyer, then came forw.trdand ri ad a letter, signed Henry H. Morgan. Mr. M stat- | i d in his led ? r, at great length, the claims of the red no n on the American people, and uigi d ou the au dience the ii? c( ssity of forming a society, to be com I !?ed of a bouid ijI" coin in i xeio iters and trustees, to mai age Iin nui aflai a; that an application should be made to the legislature for a portion of the rchwnl iund, whil b, together with contribution.* 11??tii all benevolent persons who might bo disposed I to contribute, should be xet apart for building s loo1! ana ( hutches fur the edu ration of the red n> o. A Hit the reading of the letter, and a duett by Mr. Fed and Mr. t'u.tis, Mr Copway prexented him ? II again, and su id? Ladies and gentlemen, by he letter tint has been just read, you will find out the object I have in slew in calling on the oititen> of New York this evening, in this hall and withou' tin ther explanation in reference to the subject, and alluding to myself in tbe first instance. I find ray self heie this evening in a large wigwan. atnoug the jieople who now live in the land of our fathsra, and who have ejected them from it, and retain* it fromthiui. 1 know, saol Mr ( lop way, that many come here to gratify their curiosity to see an In iian, for it is a rare thing in tl-ese days to see one; but although tbe red men are in the minority, yet wben standing by the white nan, we arc, after all, nut mui b lew tbau he is, although w? are much less in numbers, foi tbe spirit of the red man will always live. It is true our Indian population hut heoo waiting before the white men for years, which hod cost him (the speaker) many sleepless rights when be reflected that he was living in a oountry which belonged to his raor, hut was now tilled by other people, lie thought a great deal on this subject. He then feelingly al luded to the bouse not being well filled, and tho wait of sympathy that was ?otrffee od by the poo pie of New > ork far tbe red man; hut, after all, he wen glad of It, fw it was one of the evalences to support some ol the charges which he had to in ike against his white brethren?(cheers)?but, said he, because it is an Indian, every ewe passes by, and they have done the same for :W? years; hut before three irttmUis pass there will bo a revolution In our favor. Humanity will step in, and the pulse of the vrhite man wtll throb at last for the internet of tho Indian Mr. < opway continued to address the r.tidicncc for an hour, in a strain of tho wildest ?nd most impassioned eloquence, on behalf of hie brethren, in the course of which he very feelingly ?BnM to the agitation that was now carried on in the Ninth and South, and the interest and sympa thy flint was manifest! d for the negroes, while no thing was dor.e for the aborigines, who were the true oWlteti of the soil, and tin I the greatest claim on the American j* ..pie lie was several timea loudly cheered during tbe delivery of bis address. Iherc wne W deaths in BeUtuiore during the wee*. ? nding tbe ifitb lost own enterprise, t'apamuiv tuo tact. as ip*<-ltv lie has uniformly fulfilled all c ? Dii lnyot by him. au?l the highly r-a baa, tor ao many yetra, occupied in tha AflTnlra In Hoboken Yt?tfrd?y. Although it iu expected by many that a disturbance would take place at Uoboken yi strrday, all came oS quietly A military company from Jt-rsey City Waa in readiness. They paraded the Tillage in citizen'* dreaa. A considerable number of the rowdies?-Short Boya," '?Rock Roya." "llobugen Boy*." Ac ?could be wen lurk ing around the corner*, on the brow of I he hiltaa. and among the tree* in. and contiguous to the Klyslan Kiel da, endeavoring to "kick up a row;" but all their endea vor* were frustrated by tbe vigilance of laet Saturday light'* organized '-Rural Protective Police," and the military ft* m Jereey City The visiter* to ll< token yaa terdhy were very few. and the walk*, to a great extent, more reaembled a graveyard at a midnight honr, than the thoroughfare* of a fashionable and pleasure-loving community. Theatrical and Musical. Thv IliMiin KrjrnVAL and Max Mabvtzi-k ?Th. arrangement* for the proposed testimonial to Thoa. B. llaniblin. Esq . are now nearly complete, and in a few day*, the Kxeeutive Committee inform us. they will be able to publish their programme. It is to take placa at an early day. at Castle Garden. The following charac teristic letter from the excellent rmyrtiario of the Italian Opera, has been harded us, with a request fur its publi cation:? New York, June 2, MSI. lo viir Eircvnvi Comvittii- or ' II a x?i.t* FlITlviL." Gentlemen?While I wnsln Huston. I was mad* aware of your proposed compliment to Mr. Uamhlin, and avail myself of the r.r.t moment niter my return to this city, to ask to bo permitted to lend my sid. such as it is, towards the accom plishment of the end you hare in view. To no one more appropriately than to Mr Itamblin could such n testimonial be rendered. Ilia long and creditable ooa Di ction with the profession of w htoh he is an ajknowledgad oraaneat, his well known enterprise, capability and tact, i a manager, in which cap his obligation* t? those i spectablr position he hai _ community, entitle him roost fully in iny npininu.'to suoh a mark of attention at tiic hands of his fellow citisons; sips eially of such of them as are connect* I w ith his own prona tion w bo, upon m occasion like this, should b* among the first to proffer their services and their influence. It will give me grest pleasure, gentlemen, for one, to da this to the extent of my ability. Pray consider, then, the Astor Place Opera Hnuae, or way other plaoe that may be under my control at tha tiuia of tha proposed festival, and those et the artietal attached to it, both \oeal and orchestral, including my own services, at your disposal, fur the laudable object pr p >sed. Wishing you the fullest success in your undertaking, I ! remain, gentlemen, Tour obedient servant. MAX MARRTZBK. To Messrs. Seth Geer, W. H. Bee be, Joslah Howe, F. Otis, Arthur T. Jones, ho., he., h>\, Committee. Row rs r ThKatsk?This evening, for the first time tbe new and startling dram*. entitled "A Day of Reck oning." will be produced in the utmost splendor Mr linmbltn. tbe spirited manager, is indefatigable in hla exertion* to please his numerous patrons The principal character* will be sustained by Miss W'emysr. Mr. K. Kddy. Mr Tilton. aad Mis* K Denin The next feature will be the drama of ths '-Idiot Witness." and the enter tainmcnt* will conclude with the "Gondolier of Milan." This bill is, perhaps. one of tbe most attractive of tha season, and we are persuaded it will cull together a largo assemblage IIkoaowav Tur*T*r?Aiaki. thv Piiouioal.?The new and gorgeous oriental spectacle of - Axiiel. the ProdigaL" which has been several Veeks in preparation at the liroadway. will be produced, this evcntr.g. with the ori ginal music of Auber The London Timet thus deseribaa the plat :? Tile tirst scene is laid in the tent of Reuben, (tbi father of Atael.) In the Ueseit. It is an are urate representation of the dwelling of a rich and powerful patriarch The back of the tent is opeu. aud tha sunset in the desert, as seen through this opening, hits a splendid and magnificent effect. The patriarch aud liis family engage in the evening worship, but his son Azael is absent Asael noon returns, acroas tmiih-d by a caravan of travellers, whom he hail met in the desert, and to whom he offers the hospi tality of hi* father's tent Among them are A me no phi* and his aider Nefte. who so inflame the curiosity of Azsel .by tbelr description of the wondert of Mcmp'ii* that he determines to ask permission of his fath r lo ac company the caravan thither, which p-rmi sbm is. at the intercession of Jephtele. the betrothed of Atasi. rw luctanlly granted, on his promise lo make a speedy re turn. Before his departure Jephtele give* him a scarl w hich be premises always to retain 1'he a*t ends with the setting elf of the caravan, forming a most pictur esque and animated procession In (his act there it si me pretty incidental mOsic The second act opens la tbe great square of Memphis, and we see the arrival of Azael. iireouipaiiied by Nefte. whose co-turn" is resplen dent with gold, and who it i* evident. has >blit orated all remembrance of Jephtele from tbe fields heart of the prodigal The gates of the grind temple open, and from them isiues the Hatred procession of the ox g'-d Apis whose high priest. Durban* demand. from Lis worshipper* tresh offerings, and intimates the necessity of a human sacrifice, should the Nile not speedily rise The beautiful Aimeet tbe sacrwd dancing girls, now enter, and perform the most grace ful evolutions, and Ida. the chief of the Alinee*. per forms a pas He Jotiiiatimi, which so completely faari nate* Asael that she obtains from him eveu the scarf of Ji phtrle Nefte. jealous of Ida disclose, to Asaei that Ida is one of the Uioet lieentlous creatures of her race; and to convince him. procures for him admission to the orgies, celebrated by tbe priests and Almee*. in the in terior of theTimple of Isi* The scene of the interior of ike Tempi* of lei* stands uaapproached for originality andnoviltyof design, for picture-queues* of grouping, h i g-Tgeous magnificence.?f fillings up aud ofcoetuaMe. and for brilliancy <4 effect The stage represent* a gov get us i astern temple It I* filled from the floor to tha roof with row* of seat* rising one above another, all oc cupied by revellers, priest* aud dancing girls, on whleh shin* the rays of lights innumeraUe. winch are reflected keck ageka from the magnificent drinking cup* and gov genus costume* of the reveller* Tbe Altnse* perform a succession of elegant. Voluptuous and intoxicatiag dauris, aud at length, overcome by the excitement, the rcvi Uers sink to rest Asael enter* aud w-ise* his scarf from the sleeping l.ia but is disturb, d. taken, and c ns d< Biued to death A* he is being led to hi* doom, he 1* r.cognised by Jephtele. who with his father, ha. cms to nek him and who is crmderuuiil liy the priest, tn be the human sacrifice Having r? -cued her fr-un death. Atari submits to hi* fate, and is thrown Into the Nile lu the third art we find that Atael lias been fished np from the river alive, by a camel driver, wh< ha. rcdmaed hiui to slavi ry, and who b ave. him to pt-ri-h in the d? si rt ller* lie has a vision (admirably managed by a series of dissolving views), in obedience to which he W turns to hie father, wln-ni lie finds celebrating hi* bar Vest l.ome when lie Is forgiven, and married lo Jrphteia The arene of the harvest home is most b-ailtiful" rhr icsiee of the llr. adwsy lias spared neither time, stn-rgp, nor expense. In the prislii'-tion of the piece, and from a rehrarsal which wr hare witnessed. we are much mis taken if it will not surpass anything heretofore produced in this country Nim o'a ()??! ii ?Thla er-nlng the renown-d Qabrlal Mutt I wh? bar nut for many frtri >pi>ctfM in thin oily, will make hlii ap| ?arancr at hi* <>ld h??d quartera, Nibto'a gajJeu Th?' performance* will with Um ix w and ?|4i r?li<l ballot paol.uniuir of I In* Flop meat and the eeoliitionr ..ft the tight r.>p- The terminating f-atutr will l?- the ballet pantomime of Mon* l>e tlhn" All the Itavel Family together with Mite l.> < Mine Cap<i and M Hh ndin the gival rop? daitoar. with many otlo r euitneul arfialee. will appear, and no doubt. will be Welcomed by an overflowing unl d-Ughlld audience Hi btwh'b Taunt ?Thi* evening la m4 apart f? the h. u. fit of that raced. at autre** and great faro llte, Mr* fkrrrett. wbn baa contributed. by her tplendid abllitlea. during a long theatrical macon to Hiuuae aim delight the fn (U. uter* of thia Then pmu t> Ui pie lb- entertainment* will r tmnenne with the 4tiil4li r> Daughter " Mian It altera wtU app<ar in the I'raccelentie, the or-b-atra will eac rute a? me iii?;.liHing waltt-?, p. Ik a and oeertttn a, and the whole will conclude wilti tMman'* ncedent e xnedy nf the ' I'iht III ntletnan, ' with M -ar- Iturton, Hlahe leiltr Hland Johnet- n. Mr* Hugh. - Mr* Ilaerll. and Mr* Hkerrrtt. In the leading character* National Turtraa.?t^c entertainment* will rout uii are with the play of ? Fiearro ? r the l>*aih uf K .lln" with the celebrated J R He tt ae Holla,and dr Hrun.l.ja a* I'lrarrw. the rhnracter of I ora. by Ml** Oeter. and that of Kitira by Mr* H F llrailan Th-app.-nr ance of Mr J It Heutt. at the Nati.o al coueiderlng thai he la a wry great faronte. will nr. doubt attract an iaa Ui. ree audience Th> entertainment., will mncluda with the Bew Uwal drama, entitled the ' New Vork Apprwn tlcea. or Old Jonathan " I'nrdj 1* a eery art ire manager, and Ida ovrtiua*. we are glad to pereeire are propwaty aiprrcBt'.ed Bari <.M*ja'a Inivu-Tbla erening. that grant fcetm lle and courtron* director of affair* before the certain, take# hi* beuuflt when no <l<>uht hi* iiumrMiw fnnwda and acquaintance* will fill rwery depart m-nl ofihe Ly crwni Thr piece* aelceled are "loind >n Aaenranae.'' end ? Lola htoutee " In lb* flrv. piece Mr Buchanan will appear a* Hie llarronrt t'nunley, Mr lts>aghaia mm Daxile. I ady Oay Fpanker. Miw Julia HeniaaM and thah of tlrare llarkaway ".y Miae Rate llom IV enlertatm meat will Maurhule with - I-da Montca," fetch a On* caat Let t'urbyn hare a bumper M*?wva'a Mi air w ?There la t?r> lack, of aftraeVuet I at till# plare at any time of the year Manager Orreawnrd arena tio understand full* aiul ably what th? public demand We rotudder the bill fir today no* ?4 a eery auperior order?powerful In attraction and riahln merit 1 bla eeeulng will h*' pr.-*?nied the grand his toric drama of '-t'harlea JT11 " The celebrated Irtua of The Old tiuard will alwi he pcwduee.l In the after noon. Tha Teacher Ta'ight," a eery cl-wer pieaw, to gether with The Wool Dealer.' will form the ntalu topi# of entertainment The comedian. ao widely known. Mr II F lllckey. will ma'ge hb Bret appearance herw today Cnwierr 'a Murerv ? a ?1Thi* fanv u* hand offer, a* mud a eery attractive b ,11 anoge. rhnruee* inatrameuUi per fornianeea and V?qulalte .lancing Fri.l.owa' Mr.carta?Thoac who wl*h to hear henuU ful -inglng VDI go to hear Tnlrtna and Swalna thia erening Army Intelligence. f'oinr any C. Find Artillery, of Fort Lafkyetta, and IMW pw"/ M, Vint Artillery of Fort Hamilton, guw tuflj hart* r, hare received ordere t? proceed to "milhfleuu. " rJ. They will at art prop* My on Tneaday <w Wednan <?? y of thla week The officer* connected with thr com f anlea are Major RMgrly and l.leotennnta Mack. Ilww* , ard W herloek and tltll 1 U? mpany I. rirat Arfillery. of Fort I', under command of Mgjor W 111mm#. ?1U thereupon rc? fe I# ' Fort UBgOltoB.