Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1851 Page 1
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li- ? THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6798. MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1851. PRICE TWO CENT*. AMvm: __ JDOWERY THKATRE.?BOXES, ? CENTS j PIT, 12% r&J centa; Oreheetra boxea, SO oenta. Doora opea at 7; our Win riot* at 7}Z o'olook. Wednetfny evenlag. June I, tho vxerformauce will contneno* with tho tragedy of DOUOLAS? ? ??rd Randolph, Mr. 1'upe; Old Norval, Mr. K. Edd?; Gloual v u, Mr. Tilton: Young Nurval, Miaa S. Denin, Lady Ran dolph, Mini Wemyee; Anna. Miot Herring. To oonelude ?with liir euceeaalul drama atyled tho I'IRVTE OK THE ISLFS-Mawpyeui, Mr. N. Johnoon: Doiuetrina. Mr. Tiltou; iiari ni, Mr. Steven*; Cara Muatarha. Mr. Martin; /ana Kiebabo. Mr. Jordan; Androa, Mr. Hamilton; Maroo, Miaa S. fhnin; Helena. Miaa We my as; Phroeiuv, Miaa Hilfert. |T>rRTON'B THEATRE.?CHAMBERS STREET, REAR iiL) of City 11x11.?Boxee, Dreaa Cirule and Parquet, SO centa: STiimilv Cirele or Second Tier, 115 centa; Private Boxea, $.1 nnd fS; Orolieotra Seato, 73 conta.?Doora open at 7'?, to Ibegia at 7,'a o'cloek. Benefit of Miaa Weston. Wodneoday i veninr, Juue I, will be played tho oomedy of SUB STOOPS WO CONljL'FK?Sir Charlea Marino. Mr. Henry; Young Mario*, Mr. l*eter: Hardcaetle, Mr. Blake: Tony Lumpkin, ,'xlr. llurton; miaa Hardcaatle, Mra. Skerrett; Miaa Neville, .Miaa W.Mton. To oonolude with tho WANDERING MIN ,MTRBL--Mr. Crinkum, Mr. Henry; Jim Bags, Mr. Burton; ,'Ucrbert Carol, Mrt. Holman. TVTATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET?BOXES. J. a to conta: Pit. 12)4 nonta; Private Boiea, $3. Boor* open tat 7l?; ourtain rise# at 7\ o'olook. Wedueeday evening, June 4. the entertainment! will eommenoo with tho drama of CH1KI.F.S II.?Captain Copp, Mr. J. K. Scott; King <'harlra II., Mr. W atkine Kochcater. Mr. La Favor; Edward, Miaa M. t'harlee; Lady Clara. Mra. H. Howard; Mary Copp. Alia* (rocker Tamborino Dance, by Miaa Malvina. The w lioli to conclude with tho looat drutna entitled the NEW YORK APPRENTICES?Jonathan Doogood, Mr. C. VY. 'Taylor: Mr. Preltyman, Mr. L. Fox; Emily Doogood, Miaa Crocker Mm l'rcttyman. Mre. Drew. I TALI AN OPKIl.t7 ASTOR PLACE -FIRST APPEAR anee of Signor Hettlni; aenond appearance of Signorn A. Itoeio. Priced?Boxee, Sofaa, Parquet. |1; Secured Seata, ?hi O-. Amphitheatre. SO ? enti. 1nursd.iv evening, June ft, ISM. will be performed the opera of LCCIA DI LA.M IM ERMOOR?l.uila, Signora Boaio; Edgardo, Signer Bettini; .Ashtou, Signer lleueventnno; Raymonds Signor Coletti; Ar'.uro, Signer llurattini. Doora open at aeven; perform .'Mice to rouiiurnce at eight o'cloek. Box olBee opon daily from nr.* to four o'clock, nt which time aeata may be ae aaiired. Opera liightj?Monday, Tueaday, Tbiitaday, and , riday. M I.LE JENNY I.IND'S GRAND FAREWELL CON CF.KTS IN NEW YORK. The public are moat reapectfully informed that moat poei IIBR LAST TWO CONCERTS wi'J be riven in New York on WEUNKSDaY tnd FRIDAY JNIGIITS. June Hh. and tith, aa M'LI.E JENN Y LIN I) cmntnni her FAREWELL CONCERTS IN PHILA DELPHIA on WON DAY, June 9th. THE FOURTEENTH AND LAST ORAND CONCERT but one, will be given at CASTLE GARDEN. On WEDNESDAY EVENING. June 4th. FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ORCHESTRA. pnooRAtiaan?ram t. Overture (Egmont) Beethoven gtria, " V i Ka riaa," (l.n Sonnambula) Bellini Signor Belletti. Recitative, " Crudele." .Aria. " Nou mi dir." (Don Giovanni) Mozart Mnixn. Jwn.ny Limi. .Tantnria on the Cvrno Bneeetto Barmaan Mr. Dreacher. I'cens, " Tutto c aciolto," Aria, " Ah pcrehe," (La Sonnambula) Bellini Signor Salvi. Recitative. " Ah mie fedell,' Arin, " Malaeola," (Beatrice diTenda) Bellini Mih-lk. Ja.v.N* Luvo. FART II. Overture. (Midaummer Night'a Dream) Mendelaeohn Duett, "All' idea." (II Burhiere) Roaaini Signor Salvi and Signor Belletti. Aria. " S uallida veite a hruna," (11 Turco in Italia). .Roialai Mm.i.n. Jenny Linn. T'antaaia on the Piano Forte from theme* in the Sona-arahul.x Thai berg M. Hoffman it man/o. " Sjiritogeutil," (LaFavcritn) Doniaetti Signor Salvi. 2! I'ottvglir ni, (Corno obligate, Mr. Schmitz) Balfo Signor Belletti. *' John Anderacn. My Joe," A Scotch Ballad Jknrt Liivd, *' Comiig Through the Rye" A Scotch Song Mvllk. JtRgr Linn. Conductor M. Benedict. A GRAND ORCHESTRA. f mbiaiug the firet muaical talent in Ameriea, nnmbering uenrly ONE ni'NDRED PERFORMERS, [?aa been engaged for theao conctrte. Ill# Price of Ticket# haa been hied at $2. and $1 eaeh. According to location; and all of theae ticket# entitle the pi Mere to numkera aeruring their aeata. A apecifli number ot tioketa will be allotted te the public prvee, beyond which there will be no free ticket# for any por tion, er under any pretence whatever. The low price# nt which ticketa Lave teen fixed muat render thia rule abeo iutoly pereoiptory. An office tor -he talc of Ticktta will be openM nt JolUe'a Sduaie Store, MO BROADWAY. <*vcry day, except the Sabbath, from b A.M. to 8 P.M., when skiagram* may be acen and aeatv aeenred. Deora epet: at b)a o'cloek. The Concert oommeueee at * o'clock. I; oka aentalnlng the worda of the aonga may be obtained ? 1 the Jovr? price ?? cent# eaoh. rilTEENTII GRAND CONCERT, rti poeitiveii the l.aat. will he given in CASTLE GARDEN, On FRIDAY, Juno ftth. The mamif. at Grand Piano nxed a* theae oenoerie. ox'.iih waa made bv Erard. of London, etpvceely for M. Bca? A"*t'a uae. during M'lle Jenny Llnd'a prcaent tour In Ameri* ue. U new tar eale. Pn-e $l.a*i. Appij to M. rpiCKHS lOR JENNY LINO'S LAST CON' ERT BIT i one int. a city, tc be gnan at Cnellv Garden on W#d wi' edav n cc or 4th ot June mny be lied for all parte el the lo ua?. nt 11 ll.Ml.hlEKL r, book atore. JW Urvadwa) -alao at T.vani A Br ? tan -. ?| tub ok (tare, blC Broadway. ILNNY I1NDS GIIAN'i (liNCERT, AT CASri.U Clard u M dnecday nriin, June 4, (aadthe laatcon cert but ot 1 Tleheta for choiea aeata, or eeaU in any of the liou?c. let the above cunecrt. taa be found ot ? lAytBS A BROTHER S Mt.etc St< re. JcC Urendway. No crilOhE WISHING TO PfRCHASE TICKETS FOR 1 Junay Linda Grand Coneort at Caatle Garden. ?n ?? cdneedai inning. June 4. (aid the laat enawtt but one.) ?will dc well t' call at BAR: LETT A WBLFORD'S B ...? piurv, N >. 7 A?t r II uae, whvrw chnioe aeaufor any pact ot the houec nmy be et lained. 7 ii tho No. TRIPLER HALL.-GRAND CONCERT. IN E ?KM 1. plification c( ton lleerlngra'a Notation, nt Trir vr llell, on Thursday cvming, June 5. t .xui i ron Mr. GEOROE LODKR. PROGRAMME - PANT t. <aa? rtnrg?" 1.x Siren#" .,. Anber. H-renade - ? Tb" Star of l.nvc." Miea C. Hlffnrt. . , Wallace. . nn'aate for I'tanofurta, on Mar1 h from Wm Tell, c*mted by Mr. G. I . 11. Lnureiicr, liU Orel ap gcaranieiu N'w York H'f*. 4;lei tin ton lli<ringen'a Notation.) aunr by Mi??ri Smith, Warner. Camp and Boll Mendel-?" id. A 'n-i-i >ni Kcmio fief Violin, with Orchestral Ai compaiiiiuoiit, l?rfi rmed In Von Heenngen a Nctaticn. bj Adolf /unn. (the ttrat appouranee of thia < tnincnt nrtiat in America) Alard. iBti-eie f or I'lnta?l xccuted by M Rlotael, V mic preluili ?" The Staging l.cex.n, or the Ind-tlnite tlari t*r if Muaical Teru-?," written for thia oe jaaton by J. T. II irri*. Eaq. y-upif. Miaa C Hiif rt. 'Teaelier Mr II. I.each. \ lioral cyxixrlette?4?< tniramide )?wnrd? written f. r tlua eceaaian It Auguatin" Dntanne, Exq? Hingiathc New N tatmn I v a llioircl Two tlun Ited yn .ng l.adlea. , R' acini. (The light! and al.adea ni thia will be defined by nn tairnle, in.tvad uf the uaual Itnii n wurda.) TAUT 11. ' iriel A ldr aa? Sketebot the liietory (f Mualenl Netxti?n." lit Mr. ton lie. ringcu. g'hcrwl f'1? fourth'" Sangln Vo? Ilecrin g. u'e N .tatioB. by a ot Two Iluadrvd yonag Ladle.. fa up nt. antaaie for Vi .'oncelio?eaeent. d by Mr Eichern. 'txllad?" The 1.0W Backed Car. ' Sung by Miaa C. Ifilfrrt .. Lover. '/?ala*le Cor vrtaate. in t ? n H rlngiu'a Nc ta tio?. for Ba-ioon. in Tbemea from " Mrtaaa, anartitecl by Mraar Elta and t *o Ulir llerrMFeaay, fwwtnad.?"sleep on." Snng by Meaarx. Smith. Wnrwer, Camp and Bell. (; In -PlaaafarteGal?p f'bFcmailqn." I.iatz. | Mr t ?a? | o? licli tialleagcd t ? pnl thia piece in hie Nctati n.J Performed in t on 11 ?? ria ira'i teuil't bv Mr G. F II Lnnrenee. fiiila?By Mr liren her. on the Corno d Maaa. tto. A liiale?" IVi c ill ( ireonitance.' Variation# a ir an Tii. fne Au.< rlcainc. ( omp iaei and eaeoutod .m the t lolir. I y Ad f /unn. la <n a nt half-pa.t all. ( nevri tc commence at oieht o'i lock Tirk -ta W eenta ? ]) \\ ?>iM> ANDHEKR DRIPSBAt II t M F.N AC. T Rl B ? JIV Tl.ia teh-bral.d M nagarto?the lan-at an I kNt Ml dnt l< <1 ia to- ka< wn world?wmbrarlag elmut every aaimal %a< ww te natural hletory. dad alilfl: ha? raecitwd the r* t roerr' and applanee of htiadrrdeef thonoandanf the ???? >?"?1* table and int lligaat p. rle of the United Ate toe, hat ;iot ewmmmeod a mut brilliant naatr I'lrrptun. and will eirit the print pal oitlee and t-wnarf Now England, la the following ord-e. Tl? : ? Mt?v dOth, Kan -heater .Hal, W11Id aiallo. Jon- lot do: 3d, Narwieh; d. Now 1/ond a: 4th. Kaofli Bri.l i , Ada, W".tir|j; 3th, Braa'a Iron W vrki. *. l.j yto, Birrh Hilt htli, do. do.; All.. Protidonoat 10th. da. hABNl M?? ASIATIC CARATAN. MUBECM. AN I> MP. naror r *11,in mammoth aataMlalimoat, (Ho largeet tia ac Nlaf erhihttion N the ?? rid. holm, a o..mhinatlon of all tl.t ?ntK popular and iiaeneort lunabln epeeiea of amaaa Jin nfa of tho ago. n now ?| on. Morninr. Afterwnwa. and B> a wing, for two a oak < iljr, nnd-r tha Immoaaa aanoaatod pa vilion em <t?d f.r It." porpoaa. oa Pi.-hth rtraot. noar tha a>wora llaarao. T'o IHr Performance! offer peculiar ladure srata to Pol... In, l.adlao and Famllioa, ? ho with toaaold tho ?crowd moid, iital to an rrenlng aghihttlon. Tha Mntinm ?tad Mi aaamrir >noludao. In addition to a caravan of living tnnuli, a -r at rollnnt ion of a at ottloary of tho moat noted t haraotort Ot tl.iw and othor oon.itrioa. together with a vv ioty ?f intereattng v iri..*liiat of >ari-ti? deearlptiena. Tha Jr veef elephante, Juat imp. e? 4 from Ceylon, mar ha ?aan, ?With tha nMtv. I Ingal-ta cldef alio a. compani-of thorn to lhu ooontfy. A M Undid awlaattoa of highly diraraittod v* will ho glean during oaoh etnlMllon. ia the ...?|wo of whit hIII* original (ionoral Tom Thumb; Mr. Nellie, tha man wit.mot arm? Mr Tierce. the Hon eon q warn fl and .mar efhara >111 appear. A young calf elephant. only alt ?oath* old and l.ut thraa and a half fool high, will be rtddoa nronnd t o interur of tho Pavilion hy the LilUpo law Hon. Tom Tin mh. Admittance jn o. nit, children nadar \ half prlo?. Bran apon from \"M to 12 o'clock, A M . from ? to S. tad from f ta M o'clock. r. M. ?Jl R INK IIN Ml srm, 173 CHATHAM AQfT ART -OlO. W I.PA. 1 ? Tr trl U?r_-Admlaaion Acuta in Private Jnffre,Ml cen'r: Stare Mia, .171< canto; Boaoa, B? rente; Par ;naf. m t'nta --Kloaant Saloon port rmen.-ee every Aftar ?j.-ea aatf Evowing Kntartaiami nta raramonoo ia the after aooa at So'eltH k, and ia the en wing at H ooloek Tha an .rrtalwmonlo are varied and oelaet and enrh aaraabaaaaa at nootkor alao. of amnremont In N> w Vork, oonaiatiwa af j^a'a femal ? Ell.iof ita Opord Tro'ire, nnmhoring aruaa -ortorW'ora. h< ,n the Ian ? an t at tho eatnn timo (hamoat ',a'?ntad band in tl o tFaitad Ptatoa; a tgoapa of M dol Ar Aiota who ao.->o|. rto<l far tholr heattfr and fgore. and wha ?oraoadt* a nnmbf* of l.aaatifnl tahlaan*. tak- n from tha wirtao ? a# I. nf an f modorn llmr?. a r >mpany <>f Arab Ci If It. tit go tin- >ogb a aariat) of loeta of atrongth and dag. ?-rityrmatiamo Mi >allao. the eflltr Poonalo Jnatlor tn the world; a o inpaay of M-lo ao I Pomala who will gift at athihltioo ot larbla Atat tary tino taallod la lh? World, dtgi thor with a ranoly tf latoraaMajt p< rforman eaoraf atftoraooa and (Tta.iag- f?f parUciUAfa ia; bills nt etdi Broadway tueatre.-e. a. Marshall, soli Lhm; 0. H. Barrett. Manager. Doors open at 7Mi tain rise* at 7 If- Drea# olrolt and parquet, AOoauta; Family and third circles, 26 cent*; Gallery, 1l)t ot#.; l'rivata boxea, S5 auJ J,d. Wednesday evening, June 4, and every evening during the week, will be prevented the romantic and opera tie spectacle of A/.AEL Till i'RODlUAL?Aiael, Mr. Conway; Rirben, Mr. N. 11. Clarke; AtnenophU, Mr. Shaw; Hocbaria, Mr. Whiting; Nimrol, Mr. Matthewa; Canopi, Mr. Hind; Mauethon, Mr. Byrne; Jephtele, Mivv Anderton; Nefti, Mrv. Abbott; Lib, M'lle Thereec. To commence with a fa vorite Farce. N I 111,OS GARDEN.?SUMMER SEASON.?MANAGER. Mr John Mefton.?Tickets, 6U cents; 1'rivate Boxea, (6 Doora open at 7; performance to commenoe at M o'clock. Ra vrl'e nights, Monday *, Wedneadaya, and Fridayv; llurton'a ! ...... . _ ifhur " . - . . - - i nights, Tuwdaya. Thursdays, and Saturdaya. Second ap pearance of the Ravel Family aince their auceeaaful tour to Havana and New Orleans llebut of the famoue Gabriel Ravel, recently arrived from France, hi* aecund appearance at thia eatabliabmunt, with the moat astonishing and daring rope dancer of the ago, Mona. Illondin. Wedneaday, June 4, evolutionaoa the Tight Hope. Alter which the ELOPEMENT. To conclude with M. DECUALUMEAU. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEARBROOME atreet.?Dree* Circle and Parquet, 50 oenta; Family Circle, 25 cants; Orcheatra Stall Seat*. (1; Private Boxea, $6. Doora open at 7>*; to begin at H o'clock. Wedneaday evening, tunc 4, the performance* will commenoe with the |l?cal comedlettaof the HOME BOOK OF BEAUTY?Albert Roerville, Mr. Brougham; Mr. John J. Pennl winkle, Mr. U B. Phillip.*; Mrs. Hantton Lender, Miaa Mary Taylor La Xiu garclla by M'lle L. DucyBarre and Mr. O. W.Smith. Te conclude with the INV1NC1B1.ES?Ueneral Verdun, Mr. L.vnnn; O'Slaah, Mr. Brougham; Victoire, Miaa Mary Taylor; Julictta, Miaa Julia Gould. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, AROVI Grand atreet.?Open every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient and verentile "oarpe" of "talented" and ' experienced performer*," under the ma nagement of E. P. Christy, whoae concert* in thia city, for n tucceaaion of "Ive yeara," have been received with favor by ? "" - i a highly rvapeotablo and faahinnnble audience*. Tiokete ! cent*. Doora opnn at half-past aix, commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Saturday next, for the accommodation of Ladie* and Juvenile*, com mencing at 3 o'olook, P. M. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' MUSICAL Hall, No. 444 Broadway, belweea Howard and Qraad itreata. Open every night during the week. The oelebrated original and well Known Fellowa' Minatrel*. "oomprixina an efficient and veraatil* corpa of talented and expenenoeJ performer*," under the direction of J. B. Fellowa, whoae oon oert* in thia city for the laat yeni have been reoelved wilt the greatest favor by the olite and faahion of thia neat me tropolia. Their eonoerta eonalat of Burlesque Italian Open Sctnee, Witty Saying*, Solo*. Duetts, Choruvaea, Danoing, 1 Instrumental Performance - ? and Instrumental Performance*. On Wednesday and Satur day afternoon*, a grand concert for the accommodation of Indies and families, commencing at 3 o'olook P. M. Admie alon. 26 cents. Doora open at 7 o'oloek ; to onmmonooat 8. BARNUM'S AMERICAN Mr8F,UM.-P. T. BARNUM. Proprietor and Manager.?The manager, deviroua to ph-ave in every respect the patrons of th* Museum, respeot lully presents the foilowiug powerful bill for the week com mencing Monday, June I'd, 1861, Evening, commencing at 8 o'clock, CHARLES XII? Charles XII, Mr. Uonkina; Tripto lcmns Muddlcwork. Ur. lladnway. After which, the cele brated drama of THE OLD GUARD?Uavreaaok, Mr. lien kine: Melanic, Miaa Chapman. In the afternoon, commenc ing at 3 o'oloek, THE TEACHER TAUUHT- Mr. Auvrei kuvrey Mr. Bellamy; Charlotte Vers. Miaa Sylvester. To conclude ritliTHE WOOL DEALER?Deuteronomy, (hi* first appear ante,) Mr. H. P. llickcy. Admission, to the entire Museum and performance*. 25 cents; children under ID yenra, cents; front acnta in parquet, one shilling extra. C1RAND CONCERT.?MADAME WALLACE E. IIOU M cbelle haa the honor to announce to her friends and the public, that she will give a Grand Vocal and instrumental l onci-rt at the Chinese Aasombly Rooms, on Tuesday even ing June 10th, on which occasion, and in addition to the eminent talent already announced, several celebrated Italian vocalists will appear. Full partieulars will appear in a few days. Mr. Wm. Schartenberg will preside at the pianoforte. Tickets one dollar each, to be baa nt the principal muaio sure* and hotels, Ac. M K. McINTYRE, THE CELEBRATED SCOTCH BAL Ud ?injp*r and acrordeon performer, recently from Europe, will give one of hi* popular musical entertainment* "B Thursday evening, June 5, in th umday evening, June 5, In the Lecture Room of the Society Library, 31* Broadway, corner of J.eonard atreet. commenciny atHo'clock, when ha will introduce some of the oldftt favorite ?our*, auch a* " Kantin Robin." Roy * Wife," " Auld Robin Gray. " liame cam* our Godeman at Ecn," "Get up and bar the door," Ate., ko. In Albany, Tr?jy. Nf* Bavon, and other i-itiea, he ha* been enthusiastically re ceii ed. Ticket*, 153 conts each, to be had at the door. AHVSK91KNTS IH PUILAOSIiPHU. BARN VMS MUSEUM. CORNER of SEVENTH and < Cheanut atrecta, Philadelphia. ? P. T Uarnuin, Propria- . tor: U. Sanford, Manager.?Two performance* daily, after noon and evening. Admieaion, -? ranta; < litldren, halfprioa, " 'Id Monday riming, benefit of Mr Young. with a ?pleudid bill. The baa comedy, "All tlint Glitter* i* not Gold," "Cricket on the llcarth," "A Nomina Call," " Rouah Diamond," anl other attra. tivo play a will bo praaeatad durina the wo-ek. The foilonna are moat gorgooutdy tilted up with an intoreating colleetion ?f curioaitiea, in- ludiua a fine itnllery ni National Portrait*, and the highly Interesting aaparitnent illuatratinr the diurnal motion of the earth, at onoa aimple and lominrina YACHTINO. REGATTA?HEW" YORK YACHT CLUB-THE AN nual re an tta of the Now York Yacht tlub will take I dare on the tilth day of Jun< in-taut. The raoe outaidotn look on the day follow in;. Steamboat ft. Nt holae.ftrt i ei Ui-ive tiaa of menihera and ladle*, will leave thefoot Cant! atreet, punctually at halt j.a?t niae o'cloak, A. A. th. ilb, and on tba 1 th, nt nine o clock, A. M. K. O. CiM.T, J ANSON LIVINGSTON, /Committed. liKEKHAN HSU, S A REGATTA WILL CORK OFF FROM Till ATLAN -a tie llotal, Hoboken. on Vt edneaday, Jure 4, at II o'clock A. " Pur**, h-?> (in to the aacond heat Ik,at in the race; pAintraaee, tree for all to 2-f*at aail boat* Particular! mad* knewn at tha II tel. Boat* muet be tutared on or ba fbraJuntJd. Bee Spirit of the Tnnee. All SI BARKER. Proprietor. HOTMIaS. 1AHP EOi.lAN HOTEL. -34 BROADWAY.?AMONO the many elegant hotel* nbirh hare recently bean eatal liakod to meat tha comfort* and tnatoa of oar citl.eai. and tha nnmaroua atranrcra eejourmuj >m?u( u*. there ar? few, if any, that preacnt more il vantage* for the accommo dation of gueat* than the Eoliaa lloii-e. up town. It ia under tba manae meat of Mr U. Donadi. who ia well known to the comm unity u cm oi the moat experienced migra te- manly hotel proprietor. of tha day. The E .lian i? ap p. luted with all tin aleganeir* and comfort* of the modrn ?tyla of flrat claaa honnea, while the table pre acuta every variety of luauri. ? that can ha furniahed hy the market, or p-"l arrd by the tnnat akilful cnlaiul. r. Fauiillra dr.irui of affording triamealvaa all tha cwgitortt and elrgwiictra of a b iia, would find it to their advantage to give thla bona* their | atronage. It la Im *t.ol In una ot tha moat tgrrtahU n'vrt.raof tha city, on Broadway, Twelfth and Thirteenth etrecta. In tlio immediate vicinity of Union Immediate vleinlty of I'nlon With nil the Pdmutagre of thl* h. tia-, the t-rme arc e mparatlvaly mod rate. Famlliat And all tha enjoy ment- ot n hirne. without half tha eipcnaa or trouble uf houatkreptag. DON EG AHA * HOTEL?THIS WEI.I, ESTABLISHED Hotel, ao fat. ral ly known during the pant ?*aaon to ? r ? i. -- from the Pal* 1 htatea and Canada, hna rcren'ly been completely remodi Had and furnished, and received vi ry tnr?im raid. addl" o* t It* I ran r aeeomniodati tn by the are. tion of n new niag. i .training upward* af titty *l'**pl:ig apartn.enta, Theae are nil arremted In ntirh n wny a* to ra relva tha flurat r*titilntion -having a free aan nt ov*r Vircr ' irape and tha Champ da Mar* t? tha mouat.ila Hi-aw of Mr. G d'r tl C dire, tlr n of Mr. (J W Billing*. w l oae Iawg eipe rt. i.? v at M.* deter II n?<t, Hi ? York, will **. ur- to vi*iti *a e\? ry i envam-nce w hit I can ha r*pect#d ff. m *r luloa* at tention to their want* The h-.. k* will be undar tna direc tion of Mr Vt". V. Courtney. w ho ii wall kaonn t? all rial t. r-1. M otraal, and Mr. Tctu hwa ah*r?e of tha i nlinary department. Montreal. May 1.1. km. ae'awavanha h(vrse. i.Krf,vtriMin lake. *T Oranre Connty, Haw York -Thla houa* ia ?ituated at the hi rid of Greonwi.-d Line, fn milea from Cheater, and tut frur and a half t.eura ride trim tha dtr of Nrw York. The V-w York and Erto Kailril leave* fv m tho f ot of Dam at met awry m .mine and areatng, fovChaaaar Depot, wkerr at Cooper'* If. tel. tarring** are In read.a--- to con vey pa<**nr-r* toblia Laka. For partteolara, apply to IL-nry D Ir Iter, ?' Br .adwny, e ri.ev of I'rtnco *tr?et: or ?f tha pr iri-t. r at th-Lako. Til F.RuN FKI.TER. SFA ft d Tit! VC AT ROCK AWAY, L. 1,?THE PA t'l II n Ilot-1 la now op*? f?r the recerttoa ofrtaitara. Car* l-nia th- Noatl. Ferry. Kro klvn. at * a'eto k. A M.. and 4 o'. I.h k, P !M forjimii v. whar. .**-? wtl. be I n raaidlnawa nvey <(*iter? te the I uoe A n to l-rt a: tke II * .rd tl .' M, c ri.i r Br. a.'way and Maiden Inn* or J. OgUanSmith, 1-1 In at (treat. will tnoat with pr .mpt an ntl-.n Jut * M, KM. J. M. HEI NTN ALL. ('Ot'NTRT liOARIt AT THE NEW YORK BAT HOTEL. ' - TNI* hi ' el I- eit'.ated on tha w-at -ide of the 11 ly two and n half mile# imutli ?t Jcr*' y C'ty, wl irh for h. auty of prn-p?ct baa no rival IL re y n have tin* *aa -at in.-, In* Pahin* A* , and now r- vdy for h..ardor- The Now York in-t?ry Stage* run daily it l"S Jc, and At, o .|oek, hotel fr-in J.r-eyCttj Farrj. Th* proprietor* wdli ma a -tat" at ai.v tim*. ? ? a* to aft rd the hoarder* an op t - rtaa.ty to nttend placet ef amno-ment. opera. Re . .. h ,fRrA?. UmtRk HRDOMIir.AD. JAi KtON't r.tTFNT ANN! NCIAToB. OB IIOTR1, Trkorraph An el-cani and n*efal machine, a *nb*titota for toll* a* formerly tan--. Thi* Invontl.ia ha*, lavartably, rroelred tha Prat premium a I.-never prevented l-r eompeM tlon, bat ing reoclvod the a dd modal nt th- tm-rtonn In-ti tato. n (titer medal at the lto*taa Fair, and dlph mta w hern m> lnla bar* bera pr-vioualy award-dit. Im ita -a port of perl, finance, we beg to refer to marly nil th* tending Brat I !a*? kotala in thr Cfilted State*. Wa pre*, a* the following teatImcuinla of peraoua who hare had great oap< rh n> ? la ball kangiag, th* aaa of and tha putting up of Aunnneiator Saw Yona, March t. I4S1. DoarSIf*:?lu auawarto ooart aftho lot in-t . aakl tear Sir* ? la atawer to vonra if tha lot in-t. . aaklne my apinicn a* ta the merita nf Jackaon'a Annun. iat-.r. or Boll Tel' araph, I Lag to Mate that I hav* fitted t... m up iu manf lirat claaa botrla lu aurtatW parta of th* I uioa, and aat*? alrrty ia thla city?that th-r nar* rtocn all th* ?*ti?fh. tlnn that po?*ltly conld ho rup-rted?that I know of ao machia* that worka ao correctly in all it* part*, and with ao innoh ?impliclty. It* elngant appoaranc*. aa well aa ita general atility, warrant* n- In reeommendng It to h .tol pronrietora and oth. ra. a* th* moat perfect Annunnlnt'.r, of Belt Tela arai h now In n*?. R?p?e?fnlly, your*. THOMAS t IIAIMFRS ||?n Han tor. A M*re*r a*r?ot, Oonte:?For tba laat three y-ar*. I hav* neod Jack-oa'a I'ateat Annunciator for botole. In thla city and Stato, (la in Vermont, nnd it hi* proved lt?*lf perfectly aati*fa. tory decidedly nf opinion th tl.c awnera. aa well aa my*. M I am decidedly nf opinion that Itr. wu aaea anprrioritr of mechanical eonatractloa, afll lanoy and dnrnbility In itaelf, ovr all othar Annunciator* that I bar* over ?eoa. SKTU W. FI LLER Boll Hanger. Iloarow, March A, 1SAI. 17 Deron*hlro etroot. Gent*:. We hare put your Jackaon'a Fa tent Annnneiatof in eereral lira" hotel* nnd ateamahlpe. wh?r* they give per fect ?*ti*f*etton. A* an Invention, for eombimti .n. mochan iaan, durability, freedom of action, and leaa I ability tn do ranf.mmt, we unl.??it*tiii?Iy *!*?? it aa ?ut opinion that It ia luierior to anvth.n; in naa f like Burp do* McUREUOB H RAYMASL Bell BimtBi Nrw Yona. Mnrch a'?. I'AI. ITwChryatlu s'r-ot. D. ar Sir* -Having put up two of y. ur Annunciator* ia cht* city, y e .Lairo t. know my rinlna >f them. I eou *id*r ? more perfect machin* ran not bo made. It* appear and, it teat and -m in iital. aad If pat ap hy a competoat ... r ? n, i ana. t art on' f efd r HF.NRY ll<" IISTRAStER, Bell n*nrof. roft arri rma March 7 1*1. 4PSoulh Elahth et. Tie pnhU* ar- r--t etfully raationed nrainet mnking. rri din* t r neln* an iufrtneam nt of tht* patent. Mannfa* * oITy" inro-l only Lv Jack*'n'a Annun-later Mannfa-inrir* Com panr. 64 lioan* eirwt, N-w York. Th* patents fof tag laad, I rancr, aid tho Iaaada*. {*( Hvlt. ARRIVAL OF THE EMPIRE CITY, WITH NEARLY Two Million* in Gold, over Three Hundred Passengers, and the California Hails. ADDITKM1L JEWS FROfl THE CiOLDEJ STATE, ho., he., ho The steamship Empire City, Capt. Wilsoa, arrived yesterday from Chagres ii'a Kingston Jamaica. The E. C. bring! the United States malls lrum San Francisco to the let of May, 000 pacsengsrs. and nearly 9- 000,000 in gold dust. She left Chagres May 26th, and Kingston. May 27th. She arrived out to Chagres in eight days and seven hours, from wharf to anchorage The passengers by the Empire City went up the Chagres river in two steamboats, which now make regular trips up one day and back the next, running up in ten to twelve hours, aud down in four to seven hours. These boats are large aud com fortable. and carry passengers with much greater safety and security than the boats and eanoee heretofore used, especially now, when the river is high and much swollen with recent rains. Persons going out will add math to their safety and comfort br taking these beats. One o them?the Wm. II Aspinwall?can conveniently carry two hundred passengers with their baggage, and afford all a dry, shady and pleasant promenade. She leaves Chagres early In the morning, aud reaches Uorgona the same evening. Annexed is the or covsiosrers srs rvtriai citv Adams A Co V252.490 W Koeenbauin & Co. 2.00 Drew,Robinson A Co.131,250 Soule.Wardwell ACo. 2.48U Willi* 155.600 Bernheimer A Arnad 2.700 Heels' A Co 117.075 Mescs Eolrirk 2.000 Chambers A lleiser.. 50.929 .1a* K Sparrow , 2.24-1 E Hurtle! i 42,634 K 11. Green A Son.. 2 550 Camman.Whltehouse Mausou A Uro 2.378 A Co 40.120 A A. Low A Uro..., 1,500 J. Hitchcock 49,416 Randolph Kycr 1 190 llecry Dwight, jun.. 52 000 II Arouson 1.000 M O Roberta 28.525 Cyrus Cleveland.... 1.900 Jones A Wise 2)1000 Aloheu* Folms 1.000 1'. Anthony 24.070 Johnson A Lowder.. 6.800 8. Hark A Co 16.000 J D Walter A Co... 0.000 W Keggio 1.1.046 Irafant. Drummund Dexter, Fay A Sons. 15,000 A Co 8.000 | Warren. Fisher A Co 15.381 Spofford, Tilletson A Jesse Wood 13.361 Co 8.000 Brown. Brothers A Bchei.Ter A Hro. .... 0.250 Co 12.000 Weekx, Kelly A Co.. 17.616 How land A Aspin wall 11.926 K T . Tefl A Co 0,000 Ilaven A Co 11.800 Kelsey, Smith A William Parsen 10.162 Kesley 6.570 Uenjamin A West.. 100OO Minot A Hooper.... 7.000 Stern. Azill A Co.... 10,000 WllletsACo 6.006 W L McCrtedy A Kd 1). Peters A Co.. 6,000 Co 10.0CO Brett. Vose * Co 6,000 Gi-orge Law 10.008 A Berringer A Co... 0.000 Charles A. Rogers A Carter A IWltwB. 3,665 Co 9 600 Barstow A Pope..., 2.722 K B lirighain A Co. T. 11. A J 8. Bacon. 2.005 liu/.ng A lthin? 8.000 Isaac Mayer 3000 A. 11 LisackACo.. 8.040 Saruui A Archer.... 2.082 Joseph V Bacon.... 6 576 A Vanvtlkerberg 2.000 Schk>*?. Brother*... 6,656 W Heardeluy 3,655 BtatUn, Winter A ll .Sonthmayd 1,615 O 6 417 J as. C Wilson 5,000 J Fridenberg 6 500 John Durand A Co.. 826 D. Wallensteiu 6.206 Wm. Kennedy 6.010 J Hloouuigpiale A Co 6.130 S Strahlein k Co.... 2.31)0 John Henry 6.200 W Piatt A Son 1,736 John P Monks A Co. g. W A J . W Baker 2.948 llotcbkiss A Bro's... 6.000 hiewbaus A Spats... 3.621 John Hertra 6.000 p. Ooodstein A Co.... 2 558 l.a/srd, F'rerea 6.000 p. H. Tuska 1.360 A. Leon 4.160 Josiah Spalding 2-0?s) Dodge A Cu 4.436 Geo B Upton 5.IS)0 Finish, Train A Co.. 8.500 Benj. Ban-go 5.000 Samuel Austin 3,500 Cose A Freeman 5.264 JtahaM. Forbes .... 3.0>') iu efcOKB. John It Kc.-d 3,261 It R. B ACo 8.232 Sol. Kohnrtum 3 825 T. D AS. 2.000 Widow, Lainer A B K. 6.832 Co, 3,648 Morris A. Wolf 1.861 0. S. Bobbins A Sou 3.577 Siliunan. J L. 7.970 A W. Can Held 3.040 iiurnden A Co 2.016 .1 (Urban A Co 3 0U0 K 3,815 David Goldsmith. .. 8,400 ???? 1.rwi* Einstein 3.570 Total amount on 1. Haas 3.113 freight 1,551,210 K S. Rogers 2.000 In bauds of passen 1 John Anuinghnm... 2.500 gers 380.080 Amos R. Kno ....... 2.000 ___ John E. White ..... 2.040 Total... 91851.210 Harvey Loomi* 2.900 The following is the I.TST of I'ASSKNOfRS TV THE EMPIRE f ITT. Col 2 9 Putter, tail), child ami Servant. Major C'oniy and lady, MrsT 'dd and tube, Mr Nerria and lad). Jobs K lla. krt>..l \\ amwrigi t and daughter, Mi a Tuvaor, Major Ferris, I S M Agent, F Rrooka, lady aud aervant, A Milliard, lady and t a ? ldldr. n M ;?* W hitnall, Mrs Car- and tie ) thililrrn. Judg-C n aurr, Cut Jamil Miller, Captain M IV Tn Li r. Elasrd Pyrin. l?aai M llill. K I' Mourr, Captain E C Mile., C Bnwn, J II Muart, J DoWitt, Jobs Campbell, J Ailn in. A 1. Martia, W Foaa, n Bradford. J l> Charter. Joseph tinn, W L llewilt, Daniel Hstrna, A E Clark, laii ( raw turd, I'. ra Mi oka, J ( a Young. t U Kus-ell. 1 Nuti'.gbtie. Jams. Bean. Charier F. Wards II !>?? M itt. J (' ltanet r, I M Pinko, G C Addiaoa. G S Taylor. W 1' W ithers. 8 I W oodruff, F I'roh.t, H Uokiuau, Mr Olivier. John k et iu., E J Cornelllr. 1. CnF.iba aud l?o> Jar Steel, Geo Tie tt.| sea. A CUfta. T J Bedford. W Sherman, 4l>oier, C W lo.l.lp, f II Sei tt J W ? ti.flip. A Ornitt. A Taylor, (' A Sua- ' flu., >. lb ddiPitti n. C II 1 ?.?, J J Paroidls, C C Semplo. J GtiO'.J DSpm in-.J II- tlcy.ll pprague, t: MScudder W* Little. M Oven. A D LnibS, S ( J Orui.ted, P Mallet, J II LranihaK. J I.itth n Id. O I.itti. fi id. J C B.ek*. K I aslktior. John A Stdell. .'so L iladlwta. Jo. Ilarrell, It J llnrriaon, Ja l> M. li.u.ld, A G Usury, KK Gregory. Pr M.. lb r. W ibi n It We.t. John t.rahntii, J-Jin Itiroiiair* i liam. Mr k-1.m il, K M C'eflum, (too Mentjomerr. Wm I. Iinnoard, A t Patterson. S I, Andereou. 0 win* ? r. J II i?an S Anderson. It Garnet, L D Fuller. A Burrougtii, J ( hare. J Clark J II llrailev. bin. Che ret. F Grimut, J ( , W lute, J I*, rkina, P \V, i>d, J liurlbut G flrowtr. E9imta?a-, .1 B Falraenther. J R New Inn. G W Clara. It F I.lob*, th eo t.i Idaniith, Mr Lobut, II \|t its) or, T Lamb, tl A lloa. Then hi,nun. Pi ter Mm hoy, Ja. Ibwer, Chsa S Fall, II Trrsdaell. I. hart, le i i H Dtignu. Mr William.. S Knapp. Jo. II Booker, ; liainllt t. I'aiter.en. I tt ll.uri, Henry Nowinaa. K Voaoir. S S Br th. O S Pavia, 8 Henry, a h FJlaanrtn. CI Pari., Mr , Kit/ 1 Itsriw, 1) Mar-ball. J C Wellington, I) Rhode., f Kldrrd.'.E S br as, 9 I rln , J B Brown. M D Miller J Brtnt F. I. a>t J tiiriin-r, John Richarda F'r-ik Thur rlngti.i . I re 1 ifuk Hai'ter, M II aril. Fiod< rii k Grog. Henry Grable John MirlJ C l.Csoh W Si'hwartwebler. Gee t.Hon. , II Hill. II Ra id. A Peli.o W m (utter. SC Hate. , I.?vl Mi rer. G Iterdiek. G Uurdu k. Jr. F Collier, O 11 Pnrtnoloi'. VuiSt-. ... K il ( eleby. Geo Hr "k.. I) Funk. (I W Don. W 1 Pod, i Perkins J o I.nan, E P Mathor. tVtn I* liu Mi. Goo W illiamaoo, S G In raid. W-i It For.)tb, Jo'ia Sb me M ll' ln-.' >. II Uur.asll., W F king.I ttft J D Page. | John h ranrVi. J C Sn.i*.h, J Uavn<e, A llelt >u. J*. Win. ' low. Il S U ar tsian. K l.ittlc, 1' 1/ Gladding, II C Hubbard. ' John Jawiea. E llurnt, I) Cog^eaball, O llarr loan, Peter t ar roll M.ttl. .Il Pn> tow. C irl Scharfi uterg. J lla, ts. hingsr . J llall'i -11 ? hard Prrn t. A Hurd. I'nnl Morri?>u. | Ik N i It j M I . -ban. F. I?"l rtv.Th mm M'Ko?. C Torn- I worth. S i ieik. 1 Covert, W to CaVr, - H W'hitinr. P Fletel - ' er lies W n.tli. l ury, G A MorUe. Mr Slw, P l.aptne. i.niti ! Hr)tr. J hr II ? ?.e-n. F. Hindi ?*. P V M> rritt. G-" W Jaek | .os. 8 t CI ?rV Wf W ( ha .JWLw. 1 8 (Vie, IT Hi mI.iv 9 I Brown. E I' -Sr. poller Mewarl. in , M i nil. Prank H-.lterty. W ( Lemoi r. I.ntl.or Cutter. Ji < a llsi n r. Wta C' ulter. J llajea, Ja# sltorter. J lia Otoo>. F ! A I'ntrii k, I fluster. T W Miiler. I n. Pr n ll. liamiln.n Pre. P t*r Carroll, Win Hn'bmaa. kdward *U/r. Anpn.t j I'aj li y. Carl Parbmeis. F Dusaaenner, G A Tsylov 'i I) j F-o*. r and lort) til lakorora sod in- - hanirg lr, u the I'aea- | ma Kailroad. Ti kirg'ton fr-m Chagres?T Anderson. J, J' Do | f.e n. I' F II), J Pin? T II. ranade-. S M >rean, I. Faaae 1 r p Kin/.tca ? ? New YorV?Jaa Bell ar d ia ly, K-? hi Athlev and In I). Riehnrd hoe tt. Annexi J la a list t>f ik-alha on bosrl et nmnhip Ihitpire ! City ftvim Cbngres to Sow York: ? VayTdl' 'The Jar the f C. .nllodfor1 hnrreg, John Mano of hdina. Knot nnnty, Miaaottri. of Pai-ma fovtr, aged ( about 77 yeare. May > Henry F.. l^ffh. (earpentor < of Owogo. N. T.. tr m lie olforts of ininrti a r ieivs.1 from having a treo fall oo him while at work on Panama railroad. May .V? Riehnrd Kennedy, of llaltimere, lately of 3aa FreneWon .r?d oboot IS voara, of eooaumpvion May H-G- err- Klton. (iin i haiie) of Philadelphia, where 1 his mother tad -inter, ? bi. father Itrre in New York ? of Panama lever. The eteriinaliip I al. on, from Ilar tna. arrivrj off Cha grrs An tliw 24th ult., in thrnvrning Tho ' trig on, RrpuUk, nml Union, arrived at Pa nama frum Fan Pram-larn with many pa-?enger?, and a i

large aiDimtit of gold J it-1 mnrh of whii-h jies direct to I England )>ur thank* sra dun to Me?era Thf>mp*f>n A Ilitchonck. the sgrnt* In thla city of Gregory k Co.'* well known eiprvme to Ilieigr E i o.. and to Mrear* Adam* E 0? . for th? latest California papers The,/, eipreeees id ways bring the imfe-t new. and immense ijuantitb * of gold duet, in par. ids. for immediate delivery Pnr Kprclal Corrripondrnrr. THE VERY LATEST FROM CAI.iPPR.MA AND (1RMOH. Sav Faaietta.0, May 1?4?'clock,I* M. .Vipnml) of l.iJJ Pud?7V ( Mrfn El/rhimt?Kelura of Newsfiw Owen?Lyre A fair tg feb/renig?7 V -level Kr pvdffmo fo I he .kwvifA-lfiJ'fcef.?MAp A'nff?iVvi fro m (hrfm. ?e . ?' The mail eloamer Oregon ig about leaving Tit? Hs pttblie ho* already shr ved out from her wharf, and the t'nioa ha* pans/*! owl the golden gate, all loaded with paasenger* for Panama The two former take about f-OOOixM) in gold dnet During the months of January. February. Miltk an I Afirll. the aggregaL' amount .hipped, a* entered at the Custom llmi-e vra* $12,437,541 ; e-llinated amount ae having pone forward in the '>?nd? .if pawenger.. f3 'Jb'. COO?making a grand total that lia? hem sent !?> lit ? At lantic 'iil? in fmtr months, of >15 K.7,542 To gel at the priwloet fur the same length of time, wtltrli hasfotind it* way Into ? ?irrnHtlon. the anennt. I .hipts'il Io t>|v gon. Mexico Chili. Ae should be add'"!. I wF leh will lit t b>'lev* than 91 WM) ivai The *um* la Ike I t andn i f miners, no reliant* 1 r--k. ?? ete xp' Various y | ? stimati .1 at from JI Mdi nuo lo 91 iw*?.f*g) Tlie pn?nt ' year will aotoni.h the World even moir Umn th po t. In I the aim mil of gold taken out At fhe election tor elly ? Href, on >|en lay ih. ?' ole I whig general ticket Was vueO'Wul, by bug" itwj"rifir >. ("apt Charles J. Breiihain beat the present Recorder, V rank Tilftcd. for Mayor, by sercral hundreds The whig* hare a minority in the Board of Aldermen The contest was of a strictly party character, though the tact that several of the old city office re were on the democratic ticket, weighed it down The present chief of police, Malachi Fallon. formerly of the New Y ork police, was beaten by about 1.70B majority. Ilia opponent waat'apt. Robert 0. ('roiier, formerly a merchant in New Vork. Senator Owin and lady arrived iu California on tho 22d ult. lie has been eomplimented by a vote of thanks, for hie services in Congress. by the Legislature. His col league. Mr Fremont, is dill up in the mountains nmougat the miners, probably endeavoring to makepeace amongst them, in view of the approaching election for members of the Legislature, who are to choose a Cnited States Sena tor. There will be a spirited aud desperate contest be tween him and Thomas Mutler King, whose confirmation as Collector of the port of San Francisco, took every one by surprise Against Mr. Fremont he may is- elected; but with any other man in the field, he would make but a poor show. The old Califoruians, however, stirk to Fre mont. The express from Storkton. this forenoon, brings us an arcount of the hanging of five Mexicans ut Bonsell and Scott's Kerry, on the San Joaquin river, for stenling horses They were caught with the auimaLx in their possession, tried by a people's jury, convicted, aud sentenced to be hung A rude gallows was prepared; the robbers were placed in a wagon and driven uuderlt; a rope adjusted to the neck ot each: the horses were started, and in a twinkling, the five hung side by side, between heaven aud earth. They confessed their guilt, and said they were employed by white men to rob the ranches. 1 also learn by express that a man named Wm. A. Bo wen. was murdered at Sonera, about 14 o'clock on thn morning of the 27th ult. lie was stabbed in the right ab domen. and lived but about three hours. He was from Providence. K. I , where his lather, family and friends reside. The murderer is unknown. A monster lump of gold was taken out at Sonera on 25tb ult. It weighed a little over 2b list , anil contains about 21 lbs. of pure ore Four lumps have been taken from the same lead, in liolden'x Harden, during tho past week, the -uiallest of which weiged 40 ounces. Rumors have been rife in town for a week, that an ex pedition lias sailed for Lower California, for the purpose of taking possession of a portiou of the territory. What reliance is to be placed upon the story is not yet known It is said that General Morehend, the Quarter Master of the ,state. i- connected with it Certain it is that he left the city .suddenly and privately, after having disposed of a large number of the arms of the Ftatc. A proposition has been made in the Legislature to authorise the Gover nor to offer a reward Of fl,MQ for his apprehension Th? Mate Legislature adjourns to-uight The city debt of San F'ruucisco haft been funded, as also the State debt. A considerable amouut of State bunds aud war rants have nlrvadv found their way to the Atlantic States, and the holders will be gratified to learn this fact. The intere-t on both the State and city debt will be twelve per cent per annum. The cessation of shipments from the Atlantic port - has produced a belter in market, but no decided im provenn nt Large stocks are slUl ou hand, and gooix are being forced into market, and sold ut auctlou. at unl below cost aud charges. No large amouut of goods ran t>e realised nt anything like a market rate, speculators cea-e to speculate, be cause they cannot realize Merchants are holding on to goods, hi ping they will improve, and buyers ouly pur chase as their necessities require. The only pacing articles are liquors in casks; the day for case litjUois lias passed, and that is the only stipic on which a profit is realized We hear of no Urge opera tions in trade, and enterprise has been checked by the imnienso quantity of goods tilling the market; yet still there are not wanting merchants who have the courage to hold on, in the hope - of an.improvement in prices before the close of the sea'On. Quotations are extremely uncertain, and emly in a few instance* can be relied ou. Malt whiskey may be >|Uotcd at f.137 a f.175. a - to <|Uality Fine brands of chew ing tolsw-co arc more in request, and are steadily improving in prices. (sheetings aud shirtings just pay coal of im portation Clothing of desirable kinds, light auil tansy l-oot*. pay a large profit while heavy boots.dliou/h dull of ante during the last few weeks, have shown nunc Ini pro*. meut. aud in the opinion of many have reached their loarest value. Kxebange on New York and ther Atlantic (ltl?s. 2 per Cent, sight. The following vcw-h-Ij have arrived from New York since my last di-patch. lath ult. ? Fhlp If.thln<- Avery. 347 days, merchandise hhip lantlie. Johnson.216 (lays. coal, lumber, is bhip Audubon, YYInson. ltd days, merchandise I'uik Southerner, Hooper, i;n> days. Tin--team-hip Columbia arrived to-day from Oregon bringing Astoria dales to the '27th ult She made the trip down in 02 hours. Trade in Oregon wa? very good, amtthe country generally prosperous General Joseph Lane will undoubtedly be elected di le gate to Cong re-' from that territory, at th* approaching canvas*. I h is the nominee of no party. but runs inde pendent of all. There are, how ever, no prominent oppo rii nts The bark Frances and Louisa. Captain Mayo, had ar rived at A'toria. Its)days from New York with an as sorted cargo Also, the schoouer Albert Captain Wat son. led days from llo-ton. There an- no otln r arrivals seaward, to-day. As I close my despatch the stcam-r New Orients is reported out side There arc but three or four rlearanres. all for our ow n port with the exception e?f ths three steamers for I'anitnia FRANK The Census of California* 1". 8. Ci sisi s Ai.? sit's Oi i ii *, ) Sai s ?mi sto Citv. April 10. IS.">1 ) Sir?1 have beeu m-ces-arily delayed iu complying with the resolution adopted by the General Assembly of tbi' Mate, reijuestiug me to furnish an abstract of th census returns, in couse-iiience of tho many causes which have transpired to retard this work: ami. at the I re- nt time. I am able to render but a par'ial ami in icmplete statiuient of the sam< as the full return- have net Isen received, A letter of recent date from the deputy to whom was assigned the district embracing th lirsi (wo named counties, informs me that lie ha rt uipletsd his lalsirs Here but furnishes no information a- to the number of inhabitant* 1 have in.vic repeated ? ilorts. thus far iiiefbetuul. to have the rensu* taken in ths ci uuty of Tuolumne 1 have us yet received nc in foilnativin from the deputy lad appointed there In s. me in taiu es you will observe that the returns ar-- given in round unrulier- In ?u?h cases. th*e are predlralMl upon the informal ion furiilahi-l by the r>'? pecttVe di put lee. which will la- louiid a tmor appri vlnia iiou to t lie ret urns Hie ei untie- of Trinity. PhaMa and Colnal are given ?s ri iiipn lending one district The gentleman whn p*-r fi iim 1.1lii-duty iu ihewi -unties received hisn-iuuii- ion in tb> niontL of M-ptetnl < r last. he being tie-a a resident i * Trinity lie entered ii|>>n this duty without the means oi del it iniulng the pru|>er -ubilivluoii of tlmt district; nod so erroneous, in lac I. wa- the general iuipro-elon lion | ri vailing amongst the population n-idiug there ncarding the northern boundary of the Mad. that a latgc population no the l\ Initialb river wa? not ennme rati d. bring suppo*? d to be comprehended iu lite T> rri d ry ufOregi u. Then-suit id thi- ?numeration when completed, will, in ail reasonable probability, tall short of the entire po | ulatk u of the Mate, fn m thirty- three to fifty per cent Mirh a ri ult rnu-t tjttu-all/ ? * cur to the min i of ev.-ry pcr-n fi'uo rsant with the circumstance* surroiiu-liug iho-i Mii-iup d ill the mines?probably the most numerous of our )a pol.(ion?residing, as many of th'-rn do. in un known red uiifre>|ii< nt I to-all ties whilst other* are c- iidauily changing tl< ir pla- e of abode. thn? ab? dntely | ? . th. po t their is "V '? und at all by tlie ertisn- man 1 in inclined to hellers from information of the most r< lialile rliaia> ter. that this disparity !? greater in ihe rvtfeuiel} n oil hern mining ridaliis?to ?.vy Trinity, t olusl and Unite?then i l-ewhi re In fefsri nee to the tir-l three nam, .| that lis- b>> u partially ex plained Ln a.I the counties the census wa* taken in the mi nth* of hpbinlef and October last, at a period when the miner* had already or w ? re leaving, a 'arc number for | the mar< soon tin rn mluluu countries In the l??t twocr Dim no nllis there has b-uded thithi rward a Urge rml ffintk d; and at thi- tlnn- 1 am well advised that thepopu Isthn of Itinte county Is as uum< reus as any ether county of thi Mate. W ith Ihe foregoing ?\planaticns I hope the returns h, rrwith *vl i.ilUi*l in the foil iwing exhibit will render satisfactory the doty imposed upon me Very respectfully. Vi'., .1 NKKLY JOHNstig, Census agent Calilornia Hon YV Vaa V?e*Hii s. Fs-cretnry of Flat". f runt ? Trinity. f"ia>ta and Ctlual 1.1*3 llutte 4.7WI I ul? iPIKfi Cutter .iiJUO Ki Horatio ?:*? huer miat ? 11,'HIO I .tlii.1 ho* Angeli*. Sin return. Hun Do-go No ret time Tuolumne So returns N*r* ht tiorua Ml II end' 46 Marin nil hoUno (alarera* In.wt Can .i<?<|uU -t.floo Marlp'sm 4 4?0 Ann t'ranrbro "il.000 Contra Coat* 7312 ha nt* Clara ?..4>i Monterey l.*71 Cant* Cm* H74 Cnn* f ilxtyo 1H6 Mint a Barbara l.lAi Total 117*7 It I* estimated that the population In hoe Angoloa, han Diego, antl Tuolumne. will *weU the aggregate to hsn.otin. 1 li? e. nimunlettlon wae referred t" the *eli rt cotnmlt tee on apportionment. Amrrtranlrlng |,mnr?TCnllfinrnln.. ! ft' tn the Alia California. May 1 ) Tie ?plrlt of daring nnterprlar eeein* to lie derelaplng It - elf in the nhnpt of organised expedition* OH dnnfer ? 'ii< and-toint what qnettinnalle und'-rtahinr*. *o far** Intt rmiilenal relation* ar* coneernwl It appear* that a *e'?r| now In the harty r ?** fitted out and read* to ?all for Maratlan. luring on bmrd a hand of daring bold and re< kl?e* men with all the munition* of war. and under ihe nu-plri. and command of ?omr perron or per *oneif si .me note and Intliwneo, proceeding wilh the rierr of Amerii aniring. or, in other worda, re*< lullon iaing Aautbrrn '-alil-maa and Northern Mexico tl?m nor MrDawgal and some of the federal luthorities. litre detained the fennel fur inquire, It being supposed that the bad on board arms belonging tu the luitcd States, and illegally obtained | From the Public Balance. May I.] The .tlla California, of yesterday, associate- the name of Col. White with the tec-ret expedition against-ome portion of Lower California, in which Ueu. Morehead is Raid to be concerned. Wbatefer may he the nature of thia formidable expedition which appears to hafe -truck no much terror into the heart of our vigilant contem porary on the Plaza, we are perfectly satisfied that Colonel White has nothing to do with it. it is supe rerogatory in a newspaper to implicate the name of a prixate citizen upon mere "rumors,'' "conjectures." and ?? inferences," in a project which is pronounced to be '? abominable." '-base." and infamous," and is in this rase us ridiculous us it is unjust. We huff been intimately acquainted with Colonel White for a long time. When we were fined and im prisoned at Vera Crnz. for defending the rights of Ameriean citizens against the arbitrary and unjust mandates of a corrupt court and an inlamous council, upheld by the sword through the avarice au<i meanness of a despotic and pusillanimous governor. Col. White was one ot our warmest and best friend* lie sympa thised with the oppressed and dowr-trodden Cubans, and made a noble straggle to liberate them from the mental and physical yoke of tyrannical Spain, but he possesses a soiul which never condescends to that which is abominable, base, or infamous If the press and the goverunn nt combine to chain the bauds and rrusb the desires of ihoM- who may endeavor to extend the area of freedom, we have more rtaaou to fear that our owu nation will sink int> houduge. tban to hope that other nations will rise into independence. Mnrrtngra and Death* In California. DEATHS IN NAN FRANCISCO. April 13. Mieha-1 Phillips. Switzerland. 34 year* Win. llluntis. Alabama, 37 years '? 10. David Patter-on. Portsmouth. N 11., 17 years. '? Komt-r Darwin. Vermont 40 years. ?? 10. .lames Smith. New York. SO years. '? 'JO. Daniel Turdtff. Isb- of Guernsey. 33 years. '? Daniel Vouugdale, Mass.. fsj years. " Robert Warren. New York. 32 years '? Nanic.' l <1 Ames, Maine, 2f> years -3d Kli/abeth Carlisle, Ireland. 37> years. ? 'apt Preston Urenton. Knglaud. 40 year*. '? Win. Wutaon Shetland Island*. 33 year '? Jam<-s l.isney. Ireland. 33 years. '? Titos. Pink Vermont. 28 years. ??33. Peter V ager Michigan. 5k! ytare John Wbeilton. Delaware. 40 year* " John < aer. New York. 33 year '?28. t'apt Alnn'oII Parker New lledic. l, Mass.. 03 years Anselm De Panthon. France. 31 years On Friday. April yth at I.ewis .V Day', re-id-nee two I miles ea t of San Jose Mr. Jlobert Wade, aged af?out 63 year-, formerly .-f South Ueud. la where hi- fatnily still ! reside On the 301 h April,at San Antonio, Contra Costa county. 1 of lockjaw. Mr. hdward I'att -t. aged about 3 - years, for j ui- rly of Nt John, N .B (Mi tin-3d of April, in the f'on-t monctains of conges i tive chill, after an illness of three <.r tour hour-. Nicholas ' M StoLe. of Hloomtleid, Ky | On the Nth instant. at the Gr--n Springs Rutus Iliteh i cock, aged 43 years. riAURI \'.E>, At Bridgeport, f'al on Thursday April 34 bv ?h* Rev Mr. Dnggs Mr Jo? M. C. Jasper, to Mi-s K.'J. f. I A K Wood At ?an Krxni-ifcs April id, by thi R v A C Brown. Mr Francis Tracy, of Now Loudon, Conn , to Ml-* Jane VV alio r. of Texas. | On Sunday, March Id. at bra-* Yalley, by Justice Robert* Freeman W Austin, formerly ot Hancock county, lllinoi- and II- p-sy J?n Culerwood, formerly , of Jackson county. Missouri | In San Vran ieco. i n ih- 1' th iu.t by the Rev. J. C. i Cox, Jame.- G. I'riutL.-, of New London. Conn., to Ml>? j Helen .1 May. of A. tori a ft T ? In .-aiita (lara. on Sunday. I'ith !r.?t by Rev Wm j Moon w.Mr Jackson Sanor. to >lw Kliiabeth Roger-, all of Santa Clara county ? At Stockton. ? n Mouday tvrning. April 3-. by the ' Rev. Mr Wood-, Mr. Angeiine Reynold* t Ml-i Vlr I giuia Caruthers. all of the city (f Stockto i 9i<it* from Oregon. Via ??a Fran i-co, we have r ived advi. * frm <)re gnn to the l.thof tpril. Th" ?t earner Willamette. to ' e pl<v ?-4 en tin route ?>e. tween Oregon and New Yorn. via I'mutm* aud Cliagre*. i* epoken of its t/i iti^ nearly ready to take her place ou th< Pacific line A aerioui riot occurred on the loth of At rtl. In Port land. which U thue aliiul .1 to In the Or.xcei'in .?Several of th" baud- from ih" ateamer to lh?h became intoxi cated .ami eoniuir iced a geni ml ticbt on hUcp imoic thcni-lTi,/ which re iilfd in the hit'ng ofl a piece of theme "Of il/erjre ",1,1,in coal heave- who In r-turn atatiU'd with a dirk .nit'e Henry Wi>*-i fireman, in *eve ral p!are? Itehbui lia.- horn arrr*t"d. Hud Wc<*d ii .-till alii* bat there )> little hope of hi* riCOTerr II i lei A 'ihII. to Ihe off rere of the Mounted Hi lemon, *a- to l?e ?dv. n at tue Columbian Hotel Portland. *.n the '-dd of April. The paper- nay It would he a grand affair. A ap- rlal turn of tiir Dintrlct (lourt w.i-appointed to | commence at MUlr'airo'. on the thld of April, for the trial , of IVm Ki an. charged with the .nurder of Hn Cook. A -team flouring rall'la about to be erected in Portland; Tl. paper, chuckle orer the f**-t that our friend.('apt. : l.e lli y. if the steiLanddp Columbia, clt-xd the bar at the tuouth of the Columbia river in the ntsht on hi* la?t trip u|>. and -ay that " ur le-?t nautical ncn are heroin Ids intuited that the Jangcr* and ilifflcu'.tle* tu coutimt | in and going "ut of the Columbia river lmv btrngreally uiaattihed by Invert--ted partie* " ldw new eteamer led Yt lute* mb.Capt llu. 1 lian.* CI re. built in Oregon, ha-ci nuueneed lier trip* Ih tween Milwaukie an I Aetorla We extract the following oo tid- of her from 11. N *w, of MII *a uki ? ? , 1 hi* rpletidid ateamer arrived here to- lay, with freight and p*-*u Dsrr- front A.tori* On her trip* low a weun drr-land aiie tin,, abcut 'J>'< officer- and x .dier- from , Fort Vancouver on their route *.?> California They were Very orderly and court cone, ml ihow, I that the* were urii r the very be-1 di-oipline We learn the *?t< amer Ion ihl* trip u-rd a f* w Cos.* of native Or* go n cool far- , nl-hi 1 at fir' tanronvo; audit la pronounced a #r*t ratr article ?n l t.o d<*uht. nr.* nl -rtaiu* d that the di* C"i. -y of the eonl mine* ?dl pro?" of groat vnlu** to oergi n. We learn *Im> that he mad*'the trip from I'ort lull" 11V r t' Vd* rin in "Ighl hour* Kite left A?OrU In ' ' npmiy with the *ti inner Oullah. and dlatati'a d the Ho i llali t< Portland, twi nly live minute uhoi..I Tl e Whit omul ma-! ? tin* run in t* n hour-?tin* julrk?t trip by 1 t? - hour-* >-r null- - n the river* Who ay* we hain't K' I Mi* of thi uutife Origan -I are r- ' Tin troop* werr to leave Oregnt about th ? I-t i t next Ui tit it M learn frwi Mr. Ii.inid O N-H. ai*i*tant mar-hal. that the rvt<u* I'fil-/. *n, jut inpl* ted. iian not* in \ the m.r rite tn 11".' perwn- It * ??? timat*-I that ther* an u'' lit tl ','j ??; the la"' imiiiwratiou not iu- i I elu Ii I In the ah'*?e. Hedge. A Rail' w h?v- completed th* Ir ?mnge,iieat* . fhf tin i eii-truetie*, el a -u an r to ruu ? u the W iiiami lb*, above the fall* at thi-pla- and will ? t about Ihe work immeu lately. Tb-y e*pe*? to hav* It runn'og early in I Au.u-I ie \t llvv ditneu-ion-are a? tollvw* l* n :lh mi tie main ih .. on** by lied and t?* tiiy t* * learu twen ty thr ? f ??. lepth f h**'d f ur ft**? *h I* t I be pro I v*te*l with an *ip| ?r eahin '"'rth.* A **w the a.-t?>ia ui tall*'ii of | a.?>'i<4* r*. and ii to t? tin. bed iu gnal ?ty'e fbe ??-timnted ewvt'f btrrooatrnetk'U la piVLOUO. | l>r .1 lie M I auahlin ftuni t" *-a * Ii cti-d Mayor nf ure I **a. * ity 'ft - t"i" -to* I iot >1',;li in 4t. t.?r W K l?MfH,rri pn - et *iaynri ?2 The i ;*mi?wi l* r C-*- n-ilno o r-'-ult *1 tn t he choir* af i th* I ii*'Wits |ire i .1 I. I ..Tojoy. L I) C. I? Tiiintb*. >l Ciawi .* Hatch, and M An*."l j W iiliatn Ki i . all I. e per-m ? hard with th** murdrr | of HaiuilU/n. .< id, t we me. ha* Inn tried at Anil q, ?l 1 ? nvicled of ti urdei in Ihe ftr?t degree The day hi. ?ai * utt"!i tut l**en t tor the 1 -th 4 April Th*r unit of a ina'e plare iu e'o )l to C'lda lorn I- the , i. n. it ii-aid I : the limited *p?c* nU* tted him They had new potatne-iu Oregnn city un (heathIn atanl. Un r* are 1*1 randlJ 'i. * f t the tv>*it *n of ih lefata t? Cungre.**?Jmlg .. tcr and U'artui l-aue. i'apl .in Whit* < iiil ha-Ib-ted theCowlitviroal.and pvw niuur*.. it ear* ih lit A c*tn|>*ay le new i'ii?pig*al ia m .? * ?tried vw 11 'arup cm nt (> r aiuJ >1'|?*t ato n* ar th mouth of the tamMt ? rtvi r Ihe deotioti alilih rami i 0 in I'orilanI on the 1 .Th it. lant. r* -nll*d In th <iieii'n<*f llt.*th l> " Bryan t> the tdhne of M?yiv by I "r majorltv over J H .-naith Th* ^ t.rnien eba t*"t am HiJ-ert Thom.i.n P Norria. (l*o A Ham. - T t* liobi?v-on. and I. It llaatiuK* He rorder. V m i aid v. ii T lie genti. tn< n of IV lilan-i prt-p*-*- tr> slve rand m iitary hail to the i fit* era of lie r> gnn -at oi Mounted Hitt. n*> n. befi re lh> r ihpaoinre T he tall |? to le- at the CotumMan. c n Wedaiaday. the -'d April Tbrntrlral and Pfitalrnl. It* we* Tnrjtai - Tlie entertainment* befell' ecn ?i-t of th* lrar*ily if I?*ai(rl*?." and the drama of the ??I'irnt* of th*- f\no t.lll ItaeiD'.ft Tn- no ?A favorite ffcrre and the new aiul trorgi ona apoetaele of * ??|. ' wldeh wa* received ln-t i ti nlar with < t'TUi th? entertainment* Nini ?'* ii A*' *?The evo.utlwna on the tight rope, the new lautet "f the l.|ey*wi< nt." and the anm*lng panti mime of "M. Ihtchaiusneau," aeompri*w the enter tainmenu Mi atoa'a Tin tvin ,*- Ml** W e-ton take* her benefit The piece* ?elre|ed or* ah<-Ctoop* tn C"0*|iier and the ? Wandering Win*tfl* withmiiMc bv the of h?*tra Ntuoati Tin ?mv ?Th" amue*nient? hen* will mn -let of ? Charle- II and llie Mew Turk Apprentice* " Ail the prineioal oerfortner- will arpear ? ? ? bill llaoi 'HMD a l.rirrw? A tine bill a* u*tial The amnaing piece of the ll rei" TV k of Beauty, and the "InTim iM*** A < doubt a full lt"it-*i CttKinv * Mtw*rarta will (rlwv* one of Ihelr highly nmii-ioe entertainment*. Ki i i *.w* Mi*-ifKt ? ?Thi.* row[*ny announce a very aplemlld Mil llmai *t * Ti i?t 111*'. Mi *r' w ?Th*' U ?t time to vt*dt llii* oahibitien e*peeially f*<r ladle* and ihildren, la during the morning and afterw*? n p**Tfiirmanec. Haaai M'a Mi an w ?The -*m? earn lient bill for after* ttorn and evening, will be pre*?nted N* doubt llie a* m mtdage will be art* Pforrtneiit* nf l?1?tt ngnl.hi il Indltldnall. Hen B?Wtf?r T BmiUt V. K A lia* arrived at W'aah Irgton lion Hani IWehaterhm Ihvii Ir.vl*ed t# addr *v Hie oltl-i ua vf Mi wbarypni. ttiu n *h" v'u' f .'a y VERY LATE FROM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. TERRIBLE EARTHQUAKE III CHILI. Heriou* Damage to tlif City of Valparatad. The Hritlsh Mall Pacific atcum racket lb-Aria, Pearson, with 4? passenger*. and $817,000 of sliver bullion, and 72Q parang).? of lucrehandL'c on freight, arrived aR Panama. on Sunday, the 18th ult.. from ValfivraiAO ud Intermediate porta. An awful earthquake. which neurly swallowed up parai-o occurred on th)' lid of April last. The firirt shock, which was the At Tercet euc. and which caused the felling of uiRny buildings, aud the destruction of much property, occurred at about six o'clock on the morning of the lid ; tut occacioual shock*, of greater or lean severity, were l'elt for the succeeding ten days, doing more or lees dumagc. We arc .In receipt of files of the Neighbor aud /L-jswr-r, from the 9th to the tilth of April, inclusive. We copy the following full particulars from the Wc;w?fcr, of the reneoft earthquake in Chili:? On the second of April, at 6q A M., Valparaiso W visited by one of those calamities no frequent in voionaiu countries. The severest shock ever felt since the great iLTthqnakn of the year 1822 when Valparaiso was almost totally <" troyed. has created a panic not equalled by any fe rvent. A severe trembling of the enrtb of fifteen seconds dura tion prolonged by lei* violent after shocks, to twn minutes, which two minutes appeared as so many hours to thoic whose lives and property were endangered, has in so short a time destroyed several hundred dwelling*, and baa made a great number of persons houscleaa. It is generally believed that from the violence of the check, ten or fifteen secouds more would have brought on the Name disastrous eonscquenei s as the earthquake in 1VH. though the houses at present are generally built In a more sub tantisl manner, and less liable to fall. The motion came from the south, and directed its course to the north, notwithstanding some ol the north I em ports of the country. a- Oopiapo. Coquimbo. aud Oo hija. hate only felt vt ry slight symptoms of the shock, and it is supposed that the inotien, though seTcre, has ! not spread over much territory, from the 8outh, Oon 1 ception. Talrahuano, and other places, we have received no intelligence up to this date, but are let to believe, from the irregular 0OV*e of the motion, that the uifecta have not been severe. Con-tit uclon. we hare ascertained, ha- not suffered. Wi have received further accounts from the captaiu of ? vessel from the 8011th. who reports to bare felt a severe ecmru >tlon in the sen forty n.tlea off 8an Antonio This confirms us In our opinion that the motion of the eartfe ha - been very Irregular The it uipcrnture during the earthquake. was hot and oppn-sive. but no alteration took place in the thermome ter. which stood t>2. The American frigate Puritan let iro her lead imme diately, and had great difficulty in hauling H in. the convulsion at the bolt! m of the Mill having caused it to aink tiirie feet in the sand. The motion of the earth was observed to be of laee violence in some part- thar o?tiers, not a hundred yarda distant. m> much so. that old ami decayed houses stood th) shock better, iu some | arts, than newly and strongly erected edifice- and tbo-e houses in the structure of which the most timber hac be- u employed, r maiued al most sound. 1 luring the evetdful 1*-seconds the houses rocked to and fro a- so many vess- Is at -ea Not a breeze of air w*a perceptible during the wholo of tlie day. and lighter sin-is contintiiil at tJ 4d mi nutes. q..v.minutes. 8 1m minutes. lk.v, minute-.and hovo continued ever -inre. of more or lesa strength and dura tion; Huilco-o at this moment of writing, on the 7thin stant. at 1 . F. M a -hurt but severe motion made the inhabitants rush out of their houses. The houses in tlie port, where the fronter port of the cni.uerriai e-tal-1 is-hment- keep their offii-e-. have, com pamtivvly speaking, suffered but Utile, being built ?n n solid rocky foundation snd we can only hear of one Off it-ni val I'lt-m ra'- hou-e-. occupied by .Messrs (libbe Is Co biinsr In a dangerous state. The custom hoono ha- -utTcn d little , pome slightly coustru te-1 outwnrd oriisnientN having be- u d mtuishril. and part of the rood hav ng been carried along with At The ron?quiwtt hi aw itrin. however, on the 4th Inst . hn? damaged n of package- the extent of which ?e have uM. as yet a-evrlained A few hou-e* situated on the lip off the hili, (Main Top a sailors' resort xsui' tumbling down v ith a crash. In those parts, however spreading along the beaeh,th? A maadrale. C'viie Ntwvs aii l ? ihs-r- where the ground In !i-?e as 1 ran ly. considerable damage ha* tx-en Asm, and above two hundred house-are unttt for babttaUa*. More thvn two hundred families have been obliged U I ;i>- the fir -t Ivy 'vud night in the streets partly from faar of renewed shock- and partly from the danger attending the stay in their hou-e*. The mid lie of tb< street? were -row b I parti. ..vrir with theft-male portion of the city until in-be-ouree (.f the follow 1114 day. tents and wood-a houses ??** er-etcd in the I" de Victoria. for tlsu haucelees Thu eaptnins of ve-N-1* ot til nation- mtb port Dia.?d. im nivdtauly, their vessels at the dh^o-afof all ?ho waot-4 a retuge. either friiui ncre??lty or fenr. on I have ?ia.-> then neetv -d th- think* of the governir nt tor their hue vitality, expressed in ? letter Ir m the latendente, (lenetal b!anr?> Ma-h Osnisie has been done to dore? where lig ii-Ls, p'n--*w. an ? other hreaksMe met -rialsart- kept AT* ere bapoy t 111) n-'t * single life hi- te-en lust nor rnu we h< ir 'f n iwvt r- fr? -lure t>n th 4th lu-tant. at U o'clock P M . a h> ivy rain si t In. wli .eh lasted uumter nit ted'y fsr tw- '.v-hour- whi.-h c?>l d the almo-pher coiiNjiierably but de-tr<>y.-J Mill m--r-property, pouring nit ? th- ns-A--s house*, and contpeHliig tho-e who had taken rsfiige in lite plaza and wen Using in tenia. tn inn and s It sUe!t--r in the theatre, or with frb u-le in lhe js'Tt Th- b*e i-generally e>timate<J. in-dudiag th dsiiiste done ' ? building- at one mi'licn of d-hutrt The principal public building- whk-.i have euflered are th-Aauaiia. ibe hurfee- Merced an t Marti the cartes of the nati n -1 ]<oa:d. the llo-pitui and the Tun^ls 8ai).t T>< mm to Th- ?e sreuy of hnn-i- -omuchfelt before the earth quake, by the test Increasing populntleu of our city, has U'lW ri Si III l| the (i- jlil?t degree CoUinils-loner-have b>en appoint" 1 to examine tlus hi us- -. ai 4 t" coti-b mil tho-e >? Lie 11 are lu an un-onnd condlUou It 1-t'> be hoped that the constructors -x li ??? will be In future, more careful In the choice eg mat vital-, study the ls?t mi-b- adapted for noildirig in a ri unify subject A" earthquake*, and that they wtU ? ills- U.--1- ar-ie-- by tlie cou-i lath u t hat the w via but hicks only tak-? place every tw-rily or thirty years vi vi re picas It - th* a-tlilt - manlfr U>1, k-".h !n thi '.ast fir-- and Juru g the earltvp ike to rrpait the il uusge gone. Almost wliliiii an h--ur after the oataa tiopbi caw the ptone* , work men) Lu-y cLsnrtng ths 1.-4s of t p '-vti tib -. and the -ttxi-taof ruhbi It, un-i think flint the t bib-new m . ie sn ho-o-mble e> .-oio-a ta the iiiiiukneu with which the rpan.-U i*. t- truerUiy rw pri a?b?I. bueipe-- ha* i-olv Is-n l?tcrrupt?l f-w ie ilvy tha I ueli ? llms haviBs !?' ? cl ? J by rti-rol the la t? nd- bte. ta- iMaltr* M well as Qui!lots, have 1" r- I severely, a ol in inne parts In Ui Lv :?t pla< 1?. ? ?i II a? l? Ma initial, the ground opvund slid thr-.wn up a >|uaa litj if l? t wat- r The 1 Is mag" dole in uan'Ugr> is 'jil'.ar In that lu Valparaiso w-ibi!- \.?pti- i tl?a? to Ih iiu a'jugs* nt it I s r H public tittiiifet- In tha capital, th-p? niihwy lie- u-nst t? - vetst Tlie prin - pal public buibling- bptv or l?? i?oiatr>4, are ti e mint a Splendid uev l-uil l ng in th- I'laaa at th- Ms- tinu th- r-i'i-i.e- < bis Kt-eistry fmi-MI Pule e. the eat to'it.'1 t he I 1 pie of Man Praiuiarn. tha I htttrh la 0 >iii| aula (Uhl-h hs- l? ? u rlo-i -1 usee) the ? Id pslae- completely ruiiM-d an-i tin Court b -uac I t ii? hi ov ll-at years unvy etap-e er we sra v u-iusd ?p, ,ii1? -ii, h a uiUt' rlun-- at 1 let u- thank tJ?d ta th- ci mparntivel) mild r-ncaqnenee- f a t cvntwhi-h nu. hi haVi pfi-Vi d to re ih aetn o T here wne an abortn sb- mpt mi-l- to - eerthrow tha govt iMioni of t lvl. on Ifc '-?th of April, which tha Hnithr tbo- notia*-- ? At thns- o . lock to the n 1 rnin.r of th-- J'th inst, thw t-attall'n A ald.vt* marchssl out - f tb- tr hirrark- tuwd cd be 1 'of 111 ? I I rrt-'la, and hoping to !?? siif ported by tha pt'pnlacc ot th. eitj fo take by a?null thw tatrtms of the artillery, for the purtw-e of proeuriag arm- tot tin m Thi- lliey f.'Und was no 1 *wy matter, for it ?a- gallantly defended, lint rifrer being -el on tire It wi,s taker In this part tlx firing we- h.ssy and tho well rr-nte-tisl ground showed -ymptoms of the Moo,M in-- of the fray In the meantime the rnvddaat, iiris'tnpnnii -I l-y the Mini-t-rs of taate. were rather its nch fi rri ? as could be 1 vlle-l fov.'ther on the la tent nnd with a large number "f the national gnard, ?ind lia.I the 1 attain 11 of iha-slouo. together with muny vi lunteera of the high- t respectability, be put himself *t their heed and sfrer about two ha*u*P stieet tV-hting. the attempt at In-nrr etton was --ntindy put down ( olotiel lirn- la wo killed, an-1 we hear ?< si-ut twenty-it kill.-I and -lily wounded 8ev<?nl pri elsoiatii n- were tseiied. rslllng upon all good oltiscan to do their duty in -upport of the law-, which were rew pondrd to siltli .darrity ly ri-;ht thinking m-'ti and al tlu ngh th-' vtrt' ry wa? by no m. an- ?-imwiless. order and trai qnilltty w?tv -oonrestored Martini lnwha-l>evn prtt < burned in the provinces nt Pnntlago and Yalpamleo as a preeantionsty mea-ttre whlehdov- not, howeter, inter fere with buctne? in any way. Tbu? 1 n-li-l. we hope, tim last Sanriago riot. In which the national guard the representative- of tns people, have feught their own battle to uphold tlx lawt of thw eountry. and have apain pr-vi I that their eonntry ta worthy of the reputation a- is-irg the N -t nqfulsted reimi-lle In ftotith America Letter-frvnt i-uataquil -tale that the pre-identiaielec tion ti-k plan- ?ti the r?th of iebrnarv. and thai hr l> l?i- go Novo* had Is-tl eb-etr4 with llvides mrt it - elietion -com not t -no t * 'h the -atl-feetion ?f the greats r tu lif-r - f the lnbe? ita -ta M thai republic, at-1 tin previa. ? of Unvy n.M-l-srtuntatfy dlssatlsffod with th- n- mlnall- n of th- tf ?-? w - eemor, 8r l> Ma tun I I .it!s>. * n-pb W ff tie ire-' lent who Is on-iderwd to is- a u an of no merit -n i no h prwnnaptlon Ifth-.-lh. .? ?- ' ftwth. r tev Nutiau. ai,| him it'll. J. sn- Nt? A?mt- - hl. h is daily inemne. ing Itafr" onumfr n - ? 1 id it very cany t? i*. corport?* tM* sa*c ntnl' r II- fwve-aauub

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