Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 5, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 5, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6799. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1851. PRICE TWO CENT**. DOUBLE SHEET. ?ALIBI RT AUCTIOR, 'Mfll'w. SHIRI.EY, AUCTIONEER?OIL PAINTINGS, if in rich gilt frames, ?t motion, on Thiiredar, Juno 5th, it twelve o'clock, in the salesroom, No. 113 Pearl street, llenovcr Square, fifty paintinge. Araori"in ani foreign ueenery, a beautiful parlor ornament. Sale poaitire, for cash. RC. KEMP, APUTIONEER.?AS8IQNEE'S SALE OF a Branilire, Wines, Stgere, Mo.?This day (Thurs day,) at 10 o'clock, at 85 Nassau etre?t, no .r ulton ? R. U. Kemp will aril at auction, as shove, hy or r 01 Assignee, a Rood aaaortmer.1. of Hrandiea, Wises. and th r i. Se cure, Mr., in pipoe, half pipes. and domijoh . tod of tlic attention of the trade andothore. The ' "ton are in 'he erigiaal raake, aa imported. 4tl proof, and warranted pure fir:?llalf pipe Otard Oupny Brandy, vintage 'dPs half ptoe do. do., pale, vintage '49: qnarter pipe do , dork, vintage '47; quarter do. Seignette Ilrandy: quarter do Port Wine; uuar ter do. Madeira Wine: 1 puncheon Madeira Wine: 1 do. Swan Gin; 2 do. Scotch Whitney: 1 do Jamaica Bum Alan, a quantity of aupcri?rold dark and pale Otard and llcnneaay f,randy, in demijohns. Alao, 25 000 fine imported Havana Senate. Alio, fine old Port, Madeira end Sherry Wines. in Lotties. Catalogues may be had at the etnre, with eampl ?, * L'CTION NOTICE-THOS. BEI-L. AUCTIONEER.? ?tV By H N. Bueh ?Thle day, at I0L^ o'clock, in th >auction me. 10 North William etrect. extra aal? of Pianofirtoa. . ncladiiiK two splendid inetrumente by the heat maker*, three not ao pood. Alao. a grand notion attachment for .'Piano. Aleo, with which the aale will commence, a valua ble lot of Furniture, by virtue of a mortgage. TIIOS. BELL, Auctioneer. Auction notice.?groceries, visa, fruits. Ollvee, Ten. Wince, Sevan, die?On Vrtdey. June 6, at HAg o'clock, in front of the etore 07 Uey atreet, c >rner Gncnwleli atreet, consisting of Olivoa, liatea, Tetnerinda, Yig^ Shad. Salmon, Mackerel, ainoked and spiced Herrings, {Si ap.Tea. Madeira, Sherry, Brandy. Port wine. Bay ruin, ihe^are, Mneearoni, Coma, Cayenne. Pepper, Mustard, Mc. W. S. CARTER. Auctioneer. No 57 Bey atreet. corner Greenwich. Auction sale of plants ? consis-ino of Roace, Dahiiai, Verbenaa, Me. ke, at the eued etoro of .*. J. TKYON, No. 9 John atreet. Sale to commenee at Jht, A. M. DA H.l.l A .s AND GREEN HOUSE PLANTS AT AUC tlC4** -On Thuraday, Juue 5th. at 10 o'clock, at the atore 07 Dey TAreot, corner of Oreenwieh, a choice collection of iloutne Duhliaa. in boxes. Montlily Roaea, Verlienaa. V-nther 2ia Bulbous Roots; alao 250 double Oahliaa. in baskets of 4 * elve different sorts ench. W.A.CARTER. Atictlonoer. 57 Bey atreet. /?RAMI SA1.V. OF PLANTS AT AUCTION, CONSI9T * / ingof Koaea. Dahlias. Verbenaa, ke., Mc., at the Send Jbtore of E. P. TRYON, No. 9 John street. Sole tocommence a: If"-, A. M. SILVER WARE.WAT1HES. AND JEWELRY, AT Auc tion ? This day, at 10 o'clock, the large and raluahla ftock of G. Stracde. Kaq., No. 314 Grand street, comprising ci cry variety in the trade, end ef auporior quality. Alao a ?J lendid Turk' dion. the only one in the United States: a va luable Musical Saecetary which plava sixteen odea; a vood Piano, an excellent Clock Kexuiator, Show Caves. Store IFIxturee. Mr. lliia sale will be found to be well Worthy of families and purchaser! generally. O. WARREN, Auctioneer. IIOHK9TKAD9. Every man his own landlord-the union Building Association will bold ite next regular meet ing on Tuesday, June 10th, at So'nloek. P. M . at the Hall, 127 Grand atreet. Persons who wish to aveii themselves of the opportunity of joining before the increased rate of fees, or Before the society fills up. arc requested to oome forward. Prospectus and constitution can be obtained at the otfiee, 102 Canal street. WM. PARKER. Secretary. N. B.?Thia Society ia nnder the charter, and on the prin ciple of those which nave worked so successfully. JL'AMII V EXCURSION TO WEST MOUNT \ ERNON. V On Monday, June l*th, the Trutonia Homestead Aaao e irtien will make a second sxStHlea to their landaat lluut'a Jlmlge on the Harlem Railroad, fourteen mites from the City. Every family who w ieh to arc ore a handsome plot of (.-round, in a most Improving neighborhood, ah nil.1 lake thia eppottonity tu \ tew the premises. Each member ii required to pay $10 at the time of subscription, and $2 weekly, fr on the let of April, until lie lias i aid $125. The back dues can E* paid op at en v time within a few weeks. F.acb plot is to |v> eqwal to four rity lots, exclusive of streets: and all the expenses for eurv yinx, grading, planting trees. Me., are to I e paid by the party from whom we purchased the land, and "the plots we hare to choose from are all th> l>e?t that can he P'isctrd The i are will leave the City llxll at ID o'clock in the morning, and return in tlie afternoon. Earn for the ex Coreion, 31 % cente, JOHN F LUTHKK, President. FtxnisAaii Mt NT! n. Seer-tary. fOU HALM. AND TO LKt. Ah or ix .N.N u land at tone < ? fwr rai i cheap ?-The veil known reaidence et Hsmnion Siunin, st Vonkvr*. if applied f??r wll o 5 sild I ?*, \ 1U1 one or more arret of la d. and on acooiumoditln ? 1-rma. Apply to Mr. J. II. nleukius or N. Snnion, on t e pre HiiSOt. A LARGE NUMBER OF FARMS FOR SALE. IN THE vicinity of the city, among which ar*--ne <?f 11 acris, ti< i?r Nyack ; .'*> acres, and one of 107. with fine improv - lovnts Deaf Rahway, V J ; one of 17. ?"?- also >f -M) worts near Rye, Weat chewier county, in a hi#:h t ite of c.illtv ati ?n. Alio, .'ii building lot* on Statin islan I, 1 l -nnntlv "ituvted, a..d cheap till itliM Broalviy. WATkl.Vi I II INF.. BAOATRLI.K TAIII.K FOR Sa. H A\K\t AMiri.tM rate nine holed lUsatelle Table, will lar, hells. mvde 1 order, and not called for. ii now f'?r sals. Apply t. ? C. O'CONNOR'S, lit 111mrd Tabic M*aafact"r>. M Ann street. Billiard \ \bi ks for w f r. c. < ha* n<>w ou hand a large assortment of new and eaond s> ?nd Billiard Tables. patent and cloth t uehiuaad. %?1 tU <$\ er> tLint complete. any of wM? h hi will ?w 11 at a reasonable tiriyc. He aLenJit* ??n hand two of A. flataLird ? !r a Eat * 1 lilliard Tahit i with l<h patent iir cu? oae, which h" will j fid I very cheap. Apply at hi* Billiard TaUe Mint setoff, 1 ^ Ann ?(reel. | DK.HIKABI K LOCATION Al I'l.lFTnM M'v.HV leland. for a I'nhlie Garden ?For tale, or to lease, r* o?t thirty acrte o! ground sttuaU d at Ciiflvw, near the | Telegraph. and within atlourand Let of Clifton d ck, . tawing a fplendid view of the city. Lay and harbor. The | & i n ads potai ss ad*antares fori pahlh garden nu? ari>\??**d ; ?>r beatify, variety of turfaec aad local attr* ? hm H'it? <e t. t cacloeere tna.t he made many miles of wel?? for p- >*? Rrtanacr drive, 1 r 'irriw* Nearly the whole spirt *? filled with splendid I0re.1t tr?'ca, many ol then, 8ft* yevra I C?!d. The ground Is susceptible of th<- rr it?.t rui *1 i.?? provemi nt?; eit? naive lakei f??r water fowls. Row -r g%r lens, j Rr ?Hoe aid ?MRnn< r houses, being within twenty til in tee 1 *m1 down the t ay I t steamboat to t'liftan. a?.. witnia throe minutes wal* of the ferry. There is no spot *0 aco.-sd I . t or desirable, If made inviting, it will he oi?t of the most attractive * in this country, and whore thoussnda 1 fr,aldreaort to amusi and r?fr m*. th-n?i ?. A?plyt? GEO. II. R11*1.AY tl Liberty real. T3LEOANT 111' 11.01 .NO * IT ? ? ? Kit AK I ROM fd ?* .1J the fo rth ?i titw bridge and woit < f t.h,. Re .mad, with ] In tern minutes' walk of the depot at M t; liaveu fhiao|>t ii-unequalled in hevnty ?f I ea?*on?In ii erervhia^ j thMiifi he d> sirHd hjr the r??f-n f?t hu .iii' - who *.kfivs 4 r ai^ence n m<?ved from the ouiM* itad i xacti n? ? f t ?# eiv/, a id aoeeesible at a1! 'fori hy rai^nad *? <? ? I ?ti ??s us f?nrf?a>sed by an> depot <>h any rai.r id in the llo M 4tetea. Put: of plots t 1 unit pun he r* Prices an'oerat*. Tef 11a easy Apply to M. Ii Y'A> I>oR? N, at the .ifttce. Molt IIa *? n dep? t, uai y, c\? ? pt Sm?i f4y, or to J L. VOTT. rropei tor. A3 OR RALE. If R \ aMaBI/. Bl'l LOIN (I I.)1A, Ja twenty hv?* ' t fr? ??? and f. nr. end ni ctv ?>,lf%t fen. inches deep freeing on |oe s ?nt!. eh.# ..f n.itty*so#r vd s treet, commn ? ?ii onehu*?nr i l et e"?t .f .Tla*h avenue. V ht atrcet is rwnlkt'.^ abt 1 ?? L Apply to F. PAt'S k'U, X" P*ae| sir -t, |M?R 3Ali A ll\NI?M)RT. TtlOR'H^lH E Pointer I> pri.-e, N Any #ish?ni a i? ftutjrul d< ? *v ?1d tin will t go n I si ?i'u, it pro 1?sMy the fl? ?-t do; (f the ki. d io New Y. -k vp^'ywtthe 4**?bit. A venae I ?fth. ?? m? r of IFeat Fifu*ntb *tr -t, 13 OR PAL*-IKE MODFRN Bl'l IT THREE ??<>RT m I :ick ! ? ? N c. | . t a a*, o ? ??n? w id rn In peoven?'i * *?-s ? .? v I'ors. pt t*?d win, tic fcrms w? ?>. A|p!y on l>\t r*""' " * r ? J. n'NMHiktON 3 A an street. I^OR SAI F f?n TO I FT?A TOTfMr. >N THE Iff ft |>. eon. w?ti ni vei. -n? ! t f th c.t* Apply t? JAM at IINLU, 3* >ihm atrcet. AT ANN OAF **T; pfi Fr?HMLL OOl N ? A HOOit 1 KirD?t<<n aoant. Hp ? 1.1 ,|| healta. A ldrt*a P. P. 9., 1IA. I^TATFN tSl ANHCOTTt 1 TO RENT, f T,?I'llf.D or i ? fwmi- 1- \ trr ieot??. e ? ell - ttfc spaced w t! in k!wmtli\. ti.n.istts vi ?' s if ? he %nlf?r. s c?! 'lsrb?r I.andii),:, to * -?<.?, fnmiif.ed wfapnUhel rhe e*?tt ?gn i* rnrronodv I with r *? aid her It ?were a ,4 I Uore is a iu??4 Jrvilt and vey^tnMa ir i s n*t**Hcd R ?.? oaleeoisT.c | fft8a party brin ' r- nlr H t- i<V t'?s ate wiatUnc aa I A few <?tJ ? r *r*n.'? ?> $/- 1 .rnM. d. ||VI. tppiy to i. ,R. It \ a EST 11 N ".*? H til front. ahiMM IIIMMf. IMdT OIM?r,HN %? Til2 PRO 1 pcrty fituwt. d oh 'I weatv flfih aie?-rt, n# ir hi North "River IfeofR v '. N w \ i tk her. w ihdt liiis," is of Te -ed for pale 1' '? pr pcfty #< n ?M of f??r lots of gr *?iitd, on a very 9 aoyy'.l 'rase, 'virtu ?7 ywaes iiMi xpLwd from ill Lfat day of -l..?v iast, win. rn ? nav?t? i'-e m? r?sptili ?l HI vearv ? s? m. * < ? i- ts being ab ?t sf f?wt s*|tiar?. There sare f ?od iraic i tldiage ? a the pren i#?*? , n-i ail t1?e toola fvi d mc'bii;?ty lit -S*!dlng ?? . n.'i of |m power) ne e easy for ? ;*? >i? .? ? at? 'tte* -v e ? aniAwturiui bw?laaaa. 'jTf* attmt*ap -t t?arti"s wieoinA aw en ? i?m? >ds*fct?ns as il .9 pr? n#*f lv ef "t' i ? in t<d tw i*. ns the pre*#*! sff rds a ' h in(**? a* Ihlf NTSf. The pfemi cs. with an I* yriihtf ..f t..n ji rt t U, A, may arm da.'y frca A A V f? 7 I '< .i,d nil n ceaaary *?'f rtuaiioa may be oh taioad, by apply Gil ??* t 'I ?lf? nwi ?h street, rpo PF M'l ' Mhor TilF duon irtLL ARB FIT J tiires f n f.e ? re and Pfirit st..r?, etc rant v aitaa ed ci|, l xifrtf vi. 1 ft mail hot seltet st?> ? . Will be sold e l cap far o I . r j,r ner is n l?? ;v I am ol ately fnr Xntape I 09 > vrtt^u nr# I ,'jnire at |A Rott at roe v. ri^oi'i. i^n - ? ?--roa jai.r, a .hm 11.1.1^1:\M?irr I i?f r? ,n . r 1 v? lr,i ,j n k? i\uJ ,1 . .?ir. <1, 1 ti ?!?., it flt,. 1 ? t? '? ? ,'tt ! u.i ...I ih, m 1 ?> 1,r?t. A44?' ? 1 l?r K . ipiir. I,('H .1 : A,if tl] A IMO ATt'HV ?liitl.O". T<? I 1,1. n?1 ? "f It. r< t r ,,|< .? Kim*?,4 i? M ?rr,? ,t?',t t ,t.' ,1 t'tiunti t r t", yn< fit# .1 tr ..t -nrt f,,. i, fr .?A k, <| ,-t.rl' r, n? tirr, ?.. l t?r n A,?.,.t|? . n t. i t* ..Jn' r' * ''?!?'?" ?*rt rui fur, Itfir# wit) ?, ,..M l#?, f?, ?-. ? M ?r? ^i in* to Kuf ?t. A4cr<-,,W *?. W., | nAO LEA5I-FRANM.'N ,:<>( R III :!,t?l mm-TM? ' " J"' N y-'j llf ?'?? t..r of I>ey afreet: *!?'? f r nt half c.J nd f % - q.ntf||f c ineetod with the shnyt. f tiel with enr-r noiM index fc writ li?hl?4. Al?n. ?, n.| tntr.) floor, .( !?' tiding Kv. 1141 tiro#4?#) Annlr to (1 J fl. TlloitPSoN. St t'onrttmiAt ?. SIT III I* v ...1 vi. 1 1 n. 1 1 i- ; v t Ml rilVf, ?V tlir?" #totT I ro l H'?n.| l, ?? #l,aat,.t on Or <n4 rtrrol, b-t.ioit N'lolh ninl T.rth *trr?t, iti.t# .,.1 |, th, ?> < ?? m*Io??i till .o?'"h?r f?lth ,t. r#?, Voel r>ooio?A kiw, ,o^w,nt ,!r?itA ?tr,#t t><-lnr to* ].-!?? lp,l *,ro.t in th? pint*, proprrtr In roln# ?r. thnn nn, nto.., nnr> efthnplntn The ?t>o?* propi-rtr will h? ?.,H ,h?*p not r n flo...fnmotnting t,rm?. Arpl, nt lh? h*r,i?nr? ?to,# tw firtnA it,.) or of tltltVAS Uutl.F, rotnor of Fourth ? oiflouth Funrtti *tr??t?. YACHTING. Regatta N1W TORK YACHT CLI7S -Til AN nual regatta of the New Yfk Yacht Club will take til?oh on the .ifth day of June instant. The raoe ouUideti il' ok on the day following, Steamboat St. Nicholas/?rt'i exclusive uee of members and ladies, will leave the fool Canal street, punctually at half-past nine o'oluok. A.M. the 6th. and on the *th. at o dock. A. M. R. O. COLT, ) AN HON LIVINGSTON, > Committee. BEEKMAN FISH, > HOTKhS, 1"?HE EOLIAN flOTEL. BROA D WAY.?AMONG the many elegant hotels which have reuo tly been er-tnbliehcd to meet the comforts and tastes of o citizens, *..d the numerous strangers sojourning among i thore are &w. it any, that present more advantages for t le ucoommo ?lotion of gtiesit uinu the Eolian House, up town. It it under the n ?n -g-ment of Mr G. Donadi, who n? w? 11 kuown to Iheeomo unity as jne of the most experienced and gon tlsmnnH hotel proprietors of the day. The E< ian is ap pointed with all the eleganoies and comforts of the modern stylo of first class houses, while the table praseuls every variety li luxuries that <*an be furuished by t market, or p. < pared by the most ekilfui cufsinier. Families desirous of affording themselves aM the comforts and eleganoies of a home, would tiud it to ehcir advantage to give this house th. ir patronage. It is local- I ?n am f the must a/reoable uimrtcrs of the city, on Broadway between Twelfth and Thiruuooth streets, in the immediate vicinity of Union sqnare. With all the advantages >f this house, tho terms are comparatively moderate. Families find all the enjoy ments of a home, without half the expense or trouble of nofUM kiiym. DONKgaNAS IIOTKL T'.ilb WELL ESTABLISHED Hot* 1, so favor ably known during tho past season to travellers from the United States and Canada, has recently been completely remodelled and furnished, and reoeived very considerable additions to its former accommodations by tho crectiou of a r.ev wing, containing upwards of fifty sleoeping u pertinents. These arc all arranged in such a way is to re ceive ihe finest ventilation?having a true aspoot over Viger square and the Champ do Mars to the mountain. It is now under the direction of Mr. G YF. Hillings, whose long expe rience ut U.e Astor House, New York, will secure to visiters every convenience which can h* expected from sedulous at tenti< ii to their want*. The books will bo under the direc tion of tor. W V. Courtney, who is well known to all visi ter* to Montieal; and tor. Tetu has charge of the culinary department Montreal. May 13. ISftl. SEA BATURQ AT Km k WAY le I ?THE PAVI lion Hotel i> now open for the reception ?f visitors. Oars leave the South Kerry. Brooklyn, at 9 o'clock, A. M.. and 4 o'clock P M , I'nr Jamaica, where stages will he in readiness to convey visiters to the house A note left at the Howard Hotel, corner Broadway and Maiden lane, or J. Ogden Smith, 63 Front street, will meet with prompt attention. June 2d. 1HM. J. M. BKINTNALL. (1 OKI WOIRlITA i p ant MO Ml!BRETT street, 7f first house west of Broadway, having been open now for about two weeks, aid iuy waiters tic., perfectly organis ed, I respectfully solicit ? tall fr ?m gentlemen who liae their meals served up in a neat and eh an establishment, with cooking of th first order, waiters attentive, figo. Mvfrienls j and the public generally, who take their meals down town, ' ure respectfully sol). ited to give the new place a trial. URBOT THIS DAY. AT " SHELLEY'S," WITH ah rim p. anchovy, and lobster sauce. Strangers should by no means fail to visit this gortecue Cafe and R*a tsurant, at 335 Broadwaq, at the sign of the Arabesque globe lamp, on the corner. Massachusetts Hay oysters. ST PETEK S AT HOME MIGHT AS H ELL BEOMI TTKD by the ton riot as *' HKlLLIY'l" hi lh< itrnogtrwithin our gates. This famous and fashionable kestaurant and Can is on tho northwest mor of Broadfiv and Anthony street, on the corner of which, as a sign, is placed a superb Araleique globe lamp. Massachusetts U?y oysters. SOFT GRABS, turbot, frogs. lambs' fries, and all the seasonably delicacies, are served ?* c<>miue il faut," at 'HHILLIT I*stvliahCtfi an d Restaurant,on thanorth M I ru? r of Broadway nod Anthony street, on the OOgMf of w hieh streets, as a hub, aland* that superb Arabesque clamp Massachusetts Bay oysters. T NEW INVENTIONS. F|AHE COMDINED VaPOK RNUIN'E.?TliR SL'B.Si'Rl. X brr. having obtained from the t'nited Statue government a patent for liil invention of Die Combined Vap.,r Engine. ie n<>w prepared to aell tlie ri^ht to use suid invention ou rea sonable terms. Th# invention of the subscriber i? applied either to a tingle engine, with two cylinder, and pialona, or, ar te usual fur maritime purpoeoa. two di.tiuct engines with a cylinder and piaton each. In either ca?e, one of the pte tnuaia acted upon by at nm, aud the other by the vapor ef perohloride, or of any other easily vaporized liquid. The ateeiu power ia generated and applied aa in the ordinary en gine ; but upon the eacaoe of the ateam from the hrat cylin der, after having eaerted ita eipanaive force then in. it punt into an air tight case, termed a vaporiter, oontaining a num ber of .mall tubee charged w ith per .hloride, or some easily vaporized liquid, peu>,tratce into the apace between, and outnee in contact with the entira anrrace of the tubee. The faculty of abeorbing caloric, possessed by liquids of the be fore mentioned elasa. la ao powerful, that immediately upon the ateam coming in Contact with the terrace of the tubee charged therewith, a largi portion of the on loric of the eteam it absorbed hy the liquid in the tubes, which beeomoa thereby vaporized, auj the ateam being thua deprived of ite calorie, ie i>nm. diatuiy cooden-ed and ii then returned Into the ateam boiler. Tho vapor thua Obtained by the action of the ateam. or pcrohlori ie. or other liquid in the tubee, ie eonduoted into the aeoon I cylinder, and n'ter enrting Ita elnattc foroe (which Li greater than ateam) upon the piaton in the second cylinder, ia condensed, and i.y means of n foroe ptimpie returned into the vaporiser, ahi'hit thua keeps regularly aupplted. and is alt. mutely vt periled and rondenaed. The rawing e(feeted by this en sine ie in the .mall quaatity of ooala required f >r the ateam, the small'r room occupied by it, and the avoidance ot lu cres at" ne ir the boil-r, the water being completely dis tilled by i'io reiteration, vaporization, and condensation. 1 he |>erehl' ride ia a very cheap fluid; when once charged, the quantify I I the tubra will lest a considerable tune, tha al tereale' condoaaatioa and vaporization occasioning a very tritlir.g loan ii, the bulk or quantity employed. A model and e. eternal diagram illustrating this invention, can be ae< on application to tho subscriber. Tor particular! aa to tcrma of anle. etc., applr to the subscriber. at the otBoe of bar I,aire A Fa.iche. No. 4.1 Broad atreet. In the eity of New PROSPER BIT TllEMI.EV tflllFPlNU. 1,'i.K FA'ANNAP -r. ft MaILUNE?THE NEW AND 1 ai.p.rior rte.uiel.ip H.iiKlliA. Captain T.Lyon, a , ? aturdiy, 7'I| June, a". 4 o'clock i'.H . from pier No. i. N. R. I r freight or passage apply tu SA Ml.. L Ml Tell I LI., Ul j b r? ? i t sin t 1 be AL t i'AK A Captain C. D. Ludlow, oa Saturtay, 14th Jane. I ^UTICF. IR HFRFHV GIVEN, THAT THE NTEaIT IN .hip t'OM-TlTI r|ON. Lieut. Illnnt. I*. S. Navy, com 1 ll'"'''lrr* *'!' leave Panama for A.,n FrancUvo on or about th? '..*lh II tan* in ees'iw for the passengers from hence by I the Steamers of the nth and Ittli iaat. Fur particulars, apply to It Jatrd M ofhee of Ii IKD & PRIi K Rr >a I ray 'I'"" I'd f'-' ii' M . - MIR IN TMBBHIP | ? ( i nrtituilon. a berth for a lady In oii? of the host atate I n ma. also t. l.< rth for a geatleiuan adjoining; to a*l| on thi I f1 r I Iteri I. Appiy to the captain, on board, | el Hurling slip. ' VHAfKLLKU*' MVIUK. \ PJCFM >S liOsl FOR 3JKO B1NU?LANDING VT a a l'nDio,. nd eire?t. Vonk-r-, Ilaitinzi, Dob'.s'a Ferry, and l.trytewt,- Far* l? k.nkera. Wtf cen ?. Haatioji. II. l.l?t Iff) I.< Tern town. IS\' rente; Sing fiiar. ii Ciifa Tl.. |. e and beautiful steamer JENNY I.INO, Capt. I* iJ*K ??, +i\l U'ftv<i tr>i*i of Cli*mh?rt ?tract er?rv ? ' *h, ?'*"$! buadAyi aacepted R. turning, will leas# Ring Sine at 6\ A. M. Freight taken oa re? wmiU t run. W I* rtlHK ANIl PHI I.A DELPIIIA-NtW FOR* r.e. *'i UM-v t-Catted -He'? Mail Lino. I i. ii *!? Wlh ?? J+rty Railroad. rr iii? t?l i?* J . f?r tir?: pftRi, rnd /W> f ?r cliv. I I ?*?i " 'f l-^sa . ff' ,'?"rll*?,l o'roet and at * i , M , tawm iowt of liberty atrwei l .-av I'M. A-e.lMy.daad ? A. M. and ? V H . from tha of Wal ERAMDFN ami t M I'd V K VI I,Hi IA It I.I N E T HA V N KB | V' V. rti. Pbiladelpi ,|-,..r s? I N..r?h rivor . J> ateam. ifHIN IMrTRit; Mwvelag Una. otie'niock * 41 i/.Ur"' " *? ' o'eloek P.M. Fere by eithet l*-" f"vw*or?s d?ek. fi. Emigtaut l.'je at It ?'el >ea P M * faro. #1 at) I Rl.lfR. Areak. T? ip ?v 1.1.i ck.o Awtuii New .1 a M *.-l e,. ooiei al llo, between Baltimore aad l -wd.rioka J eg, . t , on ton, I a ,11 ir intend and I o t- ,* abort, V a.. Lynch fc'Raleirh. N t and i !,er:- . ? u . S '* Phe pablic ir r' '? tu I.F.C an l pi. lid lew pr- ,m i ? aiot-t I SII..I,. r?. , ? # eaa.ier H. t'auand, Altad er ? II eta erwoma.tai ft* H?l?, an., uaaurpa-el ia (pad ?? d aecatfandssino he any host south of New Tort, ia now et>n> tog betneeu n il|{e,nrv AdnataCrrofe, via the mouth >1 I otosnae and I invyPaii.i conn, of..n wlh th? n r a*i(I Tit ? ur* nn l Mj,. m ,n.| !*?!?? riirn-9 f il're ida Page- agera bv ?> ia lit.# I, as lag C*mm*rtn #fe?..t 0 aef II*Iti>n rs. at > o'ol k P M? . a Tuaadav. aad b rH "ftr .*? ' ? "ierit kahary I , i A. M. th# nest dav. Kt#b 1 IV .'.J ami feteeaburg , J. f /, Whit h point th?v prntw-d far-her a atb with M?.iiSwtk, ho rteat niailliwd. Tl.r..?gi, tick'te l.y this ??p.rtnr lian ?'f lass na-eneera Itil'ir re t. P#. 1 .e?,ah irg. Itt i *? Nlehntoitd, AA .it. to Pet#rebar?. fA in- so i'barls?tea S ? I" rn.a.aaad atate rt, ma e*tre Forward eibia pa# r"v'ar* *T t?Nrtekahnr|t lailttmnd meals and lodging. ?l l? do. do in Kicb'-inn.) or Peter/ ura t| Nb. iaoUdlne p: i.? U Hfln*. F^r further inf r %% tSp i *ntttl.#rw railrnad ofliee, ad|.dnioe lb# Washlaeton railroad irita. I rattstrnet, of to a. W,? . CHAR WORTH I NO p??N. J a. Agfa RarrMMalt ?. ?,o?. mat Pemntem-. dn. - o kbfhkwm AUKROIKM, <1a*. T'PF ifi ri fiR fair fu? ,ri ?. ranford % co., 1 Kiiropeati bip#.-#n aa t It ? ? . ,,, a?..t,?n ?" M -r Ad....eft i, a.*., I < pr ?e ?T*. eo w"n !>nrp.,ae to viait the World'- Fair wil> ee. aull . tb ,, in. '?> ?*??*?????>*? dr R,ug sad ifiro??b on. L.t.fp ni and l.on | ? nReee. "t racaage Usee !? ??< re of eee,|,i tod # i# *1 af every deaeripf'n,. tt,. aia., f?,nAfd -la. a,.d to.-r. hnt'diaa I.y cv. -y st?, , r. gn If,#.. In# tie aa.nri tin. sddrr-.ef ?M. will be found at on# ..m ? I? i' .rahill. e,l is. , ,,r . #r, pun teallv forwarded and our I.,sited t . avail th. m.. Ice,.,ft;,, useet oar ? a, w ifh are w-H ant plied w(-h t),, I sperMtM A Hl>a, u AN FORD ft CO at IE and Id W ail aire, i /ther K?bl Inr'd lull It ft h\lU. ??t?- tt n r n Ml' i .p ' . ft-ftw ff^llkl i' fttbd it ? r ?f? r#.?. Tftfkr'i t\f fcm \ mtfif n r. %*???$$ I ? > *n. M rAI" -TllR Wtltlt.R OF TMR CARtIO , ! .! . " ^ a }' '??? r. noe tvl-g been conveyed ftom Fo-.t'smpton. and c*|.oilte<' la the ? rest el Pala I a " ' jT -7-#*-*'-*- v.m's ..,, .iff...* - rvsiai lAiax, an |.-r ...f dife- tto,. na are pteeae-1 to /ive n- ->rv atuniinn te |b< n??b?? o'aghiblfori Partoe. visit.I,a a ngla'od art invited la ra'l at mu? L'varp .o| and Loud ,n <.th. ?e. whtrw v'.-y wilt And F'oa of th# /,.,.##., an nrsvrpeprra, wb?re terlrlet h?l be addrer-ed, wher* l-t eze of credit ma, be I re tareand #v.r? ?tf-#t|?n riven to th-'r -v|sh#a and lata fjate. IPWARiV RANDFORD% CO.. WhH i?tmt, flit r?,k: 'JPnlemMa llo idinr#. I ;varpoel at,4 IT and in t - sen hill. Loud..., IirRFtlND ft IRt'R PART CALIFORNIA rXf|<|r*A II he,, shipment' . II! ' l,y st- .sotrr# on Hth ind llthef I o -tage to San Fr nciaee, ten eanta; fre'ght. fort* ae, ta pet lb tl.rwa-fourths 'n a.lvane# RRLFtiRD ft Pa., IV.n vttrtat, Aator tlcni I.IRH WAHHAITli I AND WARRANT*. Ji'tfdllT 11,1 I, M.ATRD IN Tilt Id Rlatea of WltctPn, ll||. i,. and lew a, npone?m II. .ele. tnd Iso l# bv Vsah'nrneft Wrrdtnaa. Mineral ??Irt. M iseoaaln R'. ,n W' wil! pe v the highest prtcne fnr awsls iocs led by thin, eel, re Weaart dodgers ft Woodman, b street, NT , ?lll pure bate l.en.l M? srrants fny ta erd attend tn a,I hvaineae c. naeut#d lh#r#nlth. flnom A o"dtn- n ( onp.ell. r at lew 4h M'IPiam atrnnt, attends te ath-rt rVttt'cVUrrtu'.'"^ P,??i0M ** NEWS BY TELEGRAPH! The Pennsylvania Democratic State Con vention. Ksadiso, June 4. 1851. The Democratic State Convention met at 2 P.M , with a good deal of feeling at the commencement, which, how ever, roon gave way to an appetite for eupper, and when the body adjourned, at six o'clock, all had subsided into a complete calm. There was a strife between the appointment of Messrs. Dlgler and Y'un /ant. for the temporary chairmanship. Mr. Charles Biglor, of Montgomery, a liuchanan man, was elected chairman by 63 to 48. None of the delegatus with contested feats voted John W. Forney and W. B. Lowery were appointed clerks. Mr. Forney is a Buchanan whipper-in. aud Mr Lowery is for Cuss. After some debate, the disputed saats were taknn up in the following order:?Philadelphia county first, Cambria secor d, and Lancaster last. The Philadelphia rase was decided by the voluntary withdrawal of the irregular de legate; hat there was a division of the Cambria cose, the leading Buchanan men voting for Mr. Moses, and the Cass men for Mr. Patterson. The Latter was declared duly elected by over thirty majority. This is no test of the Buchanan str? ngth of the conuvention, as Mr. B.'s cause is evidently gaining ground with the delegates. John C. O'Neill was declared to be 4he duly electud re presentative delegate for Cambria. The Lancaster rase has since come up. It is agreed that two delegates from each division shall address the convention Mr. Orn dake opened for Mr Kraxer. the Cass delegate, and Mr. Swan followed on the part of the Burhanan men. Mr. Fraser rejoined, pending which, the convention adjourn ed fer tea. EVENINO SESSION. At half-past wtcu o'clock the Convention r* aso-inhlcl, and Colonel Frater resumed hi* speech. and made a great display of eloquence about the usage* of tha demo cratic party lie is a good popular orator, and the great est enemy M r Buchanan has Iu the course of his ob serrations he stated that he resigned as a candidate for the nomination for Oovcrnor in opposition to Mr. lligler. lie repudiated the charge of disorganization. He said be repelled the allegation as foul aud false, and he only wanted that l.anraster should be properly re presented. It was bad logic to aay that because he was In fa cor of one mun for a distinguished high office, Mr. Dlgler for another, that he (Fraier) was a dlaorga. niter, Mr. Frater is a dangerous opponent on the stump. Ills speech was highly ad captandum. The question was decided to-night at half past nine o'clock, by a majority of 73 to 46. against the Frazer de legates. and in favor of the Blgler. The Convention having appointed a Senatorial Com mittee. adjourned at ten o'clock till nine o'clock to morrow morning. The friends of Buchanan say that F razor's object is to make a division in favor of Gen. Cass, and that he never had any serious intention of running for Go vernor. They ?ay there U a deep laid plan either to break up the Convention, or to defeat Mr Buchanan In some other way. There U no doubt that the convention has really more reference to the election of I'resident of the United States than Governor of this Stute If Bigler gets the nomination to morrow, as he prid ably will, there U to he a mass meeting in the even ing, when Col Frazer will speak, and some further de velopemcuts of party tactics may he expected. Mr Dawson, Gen. Casa'e war horse, is attending a sick wife at home, and there is no one to All his place. There U much feeling, aud there is fighting and fuu ahead. The whigs are in great glee at the split. In this city. General Scott Is their man. and no mistake. Hnllota for V. 8. Senator for Connecticut. H*sT?-oan. June 4, 1861. The firs', ballot was as follows Whole number, 222 Necessary to a choice. 11". Thomas H Seymour, (dera.) had inn linger 8. Baldwin, (whig) James Dixon, (whig) !!'!!! 4 Scattering, (V whig* 6 deins )" 14 "K'OIu atLI.OT. Whole number. 222 Neoessary to a choice, 112. Thomas 11. Seymour, (dem.) had ins RogerR Baldwin, (whig) James Dixon, (whig) 11 Sceltcring. ill whigs2dems ) | Further balloting was then postponed tiil Wednesday next, at 11 o'elock * A di xen or fifteen whig* refuse.) to vote Tor an ab >litl..n or candidate Tb. y cannot ho influenced to voto for Baldwin, aud the whigs now talk of another ean tl u%tr Jmin * l>:xon in named, hk al?o JuJ^o .^t >rr? w(i>^ opinions on fr. csoll are not known The whigs have the ! Nnate. and the demoerats cannot idoct any om< It is probable then- will he no choice this year. The Mpcclal Senatorial Elections Ai, June 4.1861. The official canvas* gina Williams fifteen in Tompkins. The hoard ol canvass, rs in Yates county amounted till j to day being unaUe to agree in regard to two votes in town of Italy, which, if allowed, gives Stanton thirty , * mm rtty in that county, making it a tie in th .,lis | trtri II not allowed WlUiaiiis, is el.wted by two m ijori ty Guiimip s district is h1m> reported tl?; fheuiuog nlnetyelght lor GilUrl ; ?t< utwn. Mm ty-eigbl lor i.uiii nip. I Ei.wiat. June 4,1911. Gilbert's majority in Chemung is ??. from Washington City. INTERVIEW HKTWXKN PBKMDI'.kT FIU.VO|c jvu MiPXTaKY CORWIE?JOHft c. SIRTCXR DECI.PkK* I THE CAt.IFOE.VIA BAND Tlfl.K CoMHIXaioM? fill: na. ai. i.\Aii/.aaiio,\ at an.vii', etc, Wasmiwotor, Juno 4. 1RM. The rresident had a long and close Interview with Mr. Cor*in. at the Treasury Department, at a late hour yes | tiiday Mr t'orwin will not leave f.>r some days yet It was John (' Spnacrr, of Albany, who w ui appoint*.! Commissioner to adjust California land till**; and this oh ming a letter was received frrm him at the D part Kent Of (he Interior, declining tIn offi. s. 1 Tlie following are among the rsodid.tsw p r:nitt-d to present th ? Ms lives f..r crimination at the Naral Aen den y. Annapolis, on the first of nest October, f..?- ?|. | misfion as Acting Mid-liipracu .?(i.aorge II C ? k?. I Montgomery F Carlton. W. Feely, Henry W fox, N.-w kork, Edmund F Allen. Coatect(cut; Thorns* O. Self. 'ilge.Jr, an-l John F Barnes, Massachusetts; George II I'cik ns. hew Hampshire; r ii.oel A Smith. N w Jersey. Chsrlrs li Cranilail. J. Mar, E. Dstid. D Mr. la., d .Pennsylvania. Th. conimrts ftwstationery fhr the nett Ifonse of r,. pre . malm-, wis. awarded, lo d.y principally l.. K .h-rt wan.ham and tt hceb r k Co. ' Mlistn riaro. of AiaWmt ai .1 Mr Adams.of I'.inaee i tl ot. (own spotnlrt,t -,f the TitAfine.) base I ap point, <1 el.rks in (he Treasury Department F.mni.1 Ftrr ng of Western New York, will doubtless h ise the superintendence i f Ihvrspilol eoiarg . 1e.1t No otfteial dc.ktvn as yet as tn plan. The ( etgraidiieal Foei-ty .,f P.rls has conferred a

diploma on Cel Ahert, Chi. f of th# Topograph leal En gu .s is ,-ecietary Webster returned lierr last evening .Bhutan Burin's sp..rhha? created f'Wn* cottfndr a lier. sm rig ll.e Fotitbern harmontscrs of (tie opiioslto.a It ? various signiliraiit hints arc .l.tterrnily no,. ?i>l ...,l ? Mr Bice. o| I he I a'ljyrnia ( mivi. Is in (own II re. pres. nts the proceedings of cmiu< nt whigs there as m..?l trjiiui.ious has be?nl"-t for a .nt of bar jt my ?t,i right f. eling people lber? haw been n.|-l-d ial > the Is Isef t'-o. that th'1 admission of California was itw. Itig to the eserttsin i of dem static memh r? of Co igr??-. An in, . t, cd assembled at the '"sp'tnl grottrt.l evening, attracted by the a untune, uient tha! ri\ iaoies of ton would apoisr In Turk rill custom'. It pn.vid to I* a luat The music, however w,t- stenl (iint. and the r?m.(B?.y sr. gratified by th. p ? the rrvwt.t. nt and Dalit. 1 Webster The Neva flaiii|ialitrc i.?-g1slat ttre. Cowman. X if June 4, INI. Both i.raneh.oi of the |.?gHature or^aniz-d to-day In the Fenate, John Wellt. ilemoerat was un tnim nisly choeen President. The House, after four ball..tings elected N H Baker, democrat. Fpcaker, The vot<> stood as follows ?? linker democrat, 1 fi) Sawyer, w big Hawea. treesoll ;jj RcntcMCC of Carry for Billing fltsya* nn.l ?The khailrnrh Ilea* ne f'nsc. Ilostow, June ?, INI. Carey has I-sen rnnvie'ed at East Csinhri.lge for kill ing George llsywond. the d? p"t master, and was this morning sentenced to twenty year* In the Ftate prison Th* v. rdlrt wa* mandanghter In the Hhadrach r. seue rase District Attorney hunt has been speaking ail the forenoon lie will ronrlu la to-day, and Judge Fprsgas will charge the jury at the opeuiag <4 the court to-morrow, The National Irulnvtrlnl Convention. Alhavv, June 4?A 1, P. M. A few member- met here to-day. mn-tly from the city of New York None from a distance further thau Phila delphia. were in attendance. The convention organized infoimally; and without doidot any hu-im\-e. adjourned until to morrow morning, awaiting the arrival of ineni liera when the meeting will take piaec in the room of the Court of Appeals in the Capitol. The Sew Maryland Constitution, dM< Baltimokk, June 1, 1 Ho 1. Tha result of the election in Iioltimore has been:? For the new constitution 9.307 Against it 5.844 Majority for the constitution 3,553 The Southern mail has arrived, but brings no news of importance. We learn, from Norfolk, that the steamer Legare ar rived there yesterday, lion. R. Schenck. Minister to Brazil, and suite, and Signor Machcdo. Brazilian Miuis ister. and family, have also urrired. They go out in the Susquehanna. The schooner Deal, for Charleatown, has been totally wrecked near Curriturk. Destructive Fire at Bangor, Me. Banoob. June 4, 1851. A destructive fire occurred herv this afternoon, con suming a steam saw-mill, two iron foundries, seven dwelling houses, three blacksmith shops, and several barns, together with much machinery. The loss U heuvy, but Is mostly covered by insurance. Death of an English Tragedian. CiiicimuTi, June 4. 1851. Mr. Grsham, the English tragedian, died at St. Louis last week. Common Council. HOARD OF A I. DKRMIN. June 4 ?The President I.. the Chair. The inlnute* of the preceding meMing were read and approved. minous h> ruitD. Of Ann Southward, to hart* stand in Washington Mnr kft Of resident* in John street, Hiking that the running of the lint' of stages through that strez-t luay be discon tinued. Of Henry Benson and others, for 11 sewer in Rutgers street to. and connect with, one in Madison street. Of Mr. T. Rowland for correction of tax on per sonal property, No. 500 Hudson street. ivvitatioji. From tho Secretary of tho Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, on Tuesday, the 10th instant in Prince street. Accepted. ATt.lcenoas. Of School Officers of tho Fifth ward, to appoint James W Rich an Inspector of Common Schools in the Fifth ward. rrriTiosi. Of l'hillp Mayboe. asking for a reduction of rent of Pier at Coenties slip. Of C. Waddell and other', fcr a sewer in Thirty-serenth street to Sixth avenue Of William Livingston, to have moneys refunded back to him on account of an illegal sale from the Corporation, ai roars iccrmo. Of Committee on Roods, in favor of opening Fifty second street, from Tenth avenue to Hudson river. Of Committee on Assessment*, asking that the petition of John Bruce, in relation to the validity of certain assess ments in the Twelfth ward, msy Is- referred to Com mittee on Law I>c|>artment Of Committee on Poliee, adverse to payment of hill of I)r. John Roes COM Ml XKiriON From Street Commissioner, enclosing estimates for regradina and paving Tweuty-ninth street, from Broad way to hcvenlh avenue. KKrOSTS. Of Committee on Assessments, adverse to the petition of L. 1,. F Appleby and other*, in relation to assessments for sewer built in Recond avenue Of Committee on Wharves. Arc . in lavor of building a short pier at the foot of Laight 'trvet. North river Of Committee on Public Hialth. recommending that the Btreet Commis sioner be directed to cause the slips at the different places for dumping night soil, to be excavated to a suf ticicnt depth to allow ve-sels to lay alongside of the wharves. Of Committee on Roads, recommending a concurrence with the Board of Assistants in the adoption of a resolution permitting W\ P Furn'ss to code One Hundred and Third street, from Bloomingdale Road to l b venth avenue, and to grade the same <>t same com mittee. recommending a concurrence with the Board of Assistants in the adoption of a resolution ordering the grading i f F.iglity-t bird street, between Third and Fourth avenues. Of same committee, recommending a concur rence with the Bi ard of Assistants In the adoption of a resolution for regulating and grading Seventieth street fn ui Tor tii avenue to Hudson river Of same committee, recommending a concurrence with the Board of Assist aiitsin the adoption of a resolution to regulate and grade Fifty second street, from Fourth avenue to Fia't river Oftame cominitti e. recommending a concurrence with the Board of Assistants In the adoption of a resolution to re gulate and grade Forty-sevi ctnand Forty eighth street', frim Third avenue to the Last River t if Committee on Law Department, in favor of confirming assessment hat for the sewer built In Thirteenth street, from one hundred feet west of tbe Hixth avenue to and 1 hrough the I'.'ghth avenue, connecting with the sewer in Jane street, and appointing A Ra lot ford collector. Of same ruiuinittec. in lavor nt concurring with the Board nf Assistants in the adoption < f a resolution to open llRk street, Im* Kighth nvenue to road l)f an* c >tn raiilce. recomincnding a concurrence with tli* Board of Arslstante in tin adoption of a resolution to op-a Fifty first street, from Tenth avenue to the Hudaou River, of same commit tee rceomniending a concurrence wi;h the Ik aid ol Assi-tant- iu the adoptlvu of a resolution dirvst Ing the dtrca-l Commissioner to pris-ure plans for laying out streets and avenues north of loath street (if F'tnunce t'< nimittce, in favor of granting William White i.W. for itijiiriet received at Mo- accident in Twenty first street raevss rtmvi no imso or a?ist*!?t.4 cox i ss> n is. Report a of Comniittie on Asaraeuicuts, foe w.-rk dine on Twi nty-brst street, bet ween Fourfh and Lexington avei.ues. nnd directing Rtreet Cututtwioarlto|Nf tks same. (>f t i niuutti-e on 1'h r*. Wharves,nud Slip', rt comnietdtiig sdoftlen of resolution to rebuild pferit'i K* t Liver. and to extend the tsnie to exterior line (if Finance ('< nimlt'-e, in favor of allowing damigea to Mi ry White for - peeing Rixtye -nd street (if s-iuie em-tnitli t. In fm rrf (ranting pethi >:i of CliniesA Molan ft r rcmbsion of tax. Of Rperisl IVmotltte# in relation to the fe tiral of opening the Krie lUilrmd Of CesmHtrr on H Mb in favor of requiring th-- New Hurl' in Railroad OinpaQy ill iti'icl bridges actus# their read at Bight)-Ihiru. ei-hty f->urth. and I i .lify-elgklh sin i li nt t innnee Oomun.tis- ia favor of P#^II.g a bill fur muaie furnished the 7<h -teginn-nt (Nkii i ,il in eec.irt'ng the inula- of Mgj ir Oel ral W? rth Io (In < nr . d i ? met ry Ai*n-? it< oriifn ?l!e|a.rt of Cng-nuttee on Fcrrie?. In reletl-.T?Bo Pta4en Island ferries nfOommlttco on Law Depart trz ut, In fever of allowing Mlehast Tr/o-y the su.n if -i.o for grading Silt) - sew lid ?t n rt <?f z .zinuiiU. OQ M Wilt. In rxlaliou to a pnyo-.d ecwer iu L>< lance/ ?fort. I'tmruir??? in.?Rep. rt of Committee on Streets, ad v? r. ?? to diminishing the width of ihwn .sou Broad way.' I w the Park, hut in far.>rOf rutting c orners of Fulton. .1 luk and L'onrtlandf .'tr i ts nfC aifiittee >n ?*ew< r , In fkvor of a sewer in llou-tdU ?treat, h -iwi-ou I I roadway ai d tlfeetie street tlf same committee. la fa vot II |i V Ii/g petmisslon to tlcawge llrr.-a undfthww to i ri uetiLCt a >? wso in Twenty rn.lh stree la-lm en t .ftn iivMw and Brrodway, at their own expencc, ?f same ci i mitt" in fbrtr of a troeiviijg iawin at the son iieaot | c< ti.i r < f Third avenue and Twenty-dvst *t sect ofDsu- | n ith e on Low it a. In favor of g.i tug pcrnii eio:i to own.-r* ? f pveparty in Uromlt ay ia-lweeii Forty-eighilian 1 Forty- ] Mil U..I to-at curb and goMrr oi-l li m a.V'alkc iif i "tiimlUnc on Road . in f n, i . f?. ttingcurb and gut i<r l .?i? iii I . i y-) ? tenth s.rei-l front Ki-Veutli to Twitfili avttiue (If Commit P" on Ke| airs at I Supplies iii rvli.P i to tlie gnuiil-- quarry fomi I in I rt* t uirth ? uef t f'd Bitntttec on Hi -era. In fvvor of basin and 1 ? ulvi rt at the H-l'thWest e> rner /f N nth avi-nu - and F'tirtJ foi.tlh rr-1 t'fsai- '' ioiiililittee iu favor d a ewrin '< * i nd st re-t, f t m av.-nne A to lb" Bowery. ? rf ? a no riii.tiiiiiee <? far/tpuf a mwit in fhirt entli strn t. fn w Last i iVer to nvenun A ram to ? Of I A ridahaek and others, in relation ton Id walk .0 Pit it i.ti u iter t. To r<-pa;r weR an/I pump at the corner <4 Forty ninth ztieel anal Moth avetiuc To rep-sir pavz-mcnt iu dteftilt tru-t. fn m '.ivincton to Thlnlstreet To lay Croton wa it r pip/-* In 1 hirtiefiih street, fr./ni i vcuu ? It t??avenue 0 To tti./ruet the routine t r of thci/wei in F'uilon ? treat, to k/ ?-p the street at the c rn/-r of Fuilou and (iiietiwxh itre 'a.Jn n pa iah?p com ltlwn To remove ihz pump ami fill up the well, nt th - n-n-ihoaat eoroev --f Vai cam and t/rrefiwh-h stn et< Tr ?il/-npier ho II Fart river si* fbot on the w/-t si/le T/> authorise the mmisrlntn r ol Bepntr* an/| in i iie? t /? fin nisii a el/irk lirlbz Fouri/a-n h ward station bum* To ftp mini bar ? it/Ve-tr>< I, trom Itttdiain t<?Christ q>hcrstreet. Tot/pen I- fty-nimh street, from l ifib svemw to Hnaulwar To light Forty-oiuth atrea t. fii/ui F./ghth t ? T/ nth a? -nue with nil, i s so/.n as Hi/ raid ?trr- 11' f< gulated an/I gra-l >/| T-i fa-ptir r|/e* walk in Moore Street, fin the SO I aide 01 Wattr ftr/- t To rrpilr d-" eiwwalka in Mai/l/ n lane. Iietweeii the lutcrr/rt. r tf liberty street nnd Pearl ?treat, ol der the dlrz / io/n of ths 6/wimieslattcrof Its parr aio| r'upplies To authorise Commissioner of (!/? pa rs snd tupplie* to advertise fhr estimates f/r hniid ing a houre f r Pngitie Company, No 7. and II /se t/tiip/ei.y. No ."Si. in |'w nty-'iflli ftmet. n-nr Thinl tvi nne. and thai ? J.taai he ngpi./prlatcd f//r the same To pirmit Fiancis R Cutting fcctl. nt his own ex pense m constrnct a sewer or drain fr/ in hia premises. No 77 Hea/le ?treet, throuah Readc and 1,'hurrh streets, to a-nUUect with the sewer in Dunne atr/'/zt, undvr the dirt-rllon of the i;t'<ton A/(U/ duct Department. nxaOLt'Tioaa aoorti i/. Py the t'siaioivT?That Dnvi/1 Webb Lz- app/dnt/z/l Ifl'pea tzzT of Cotnoion ftch'iols f/q- the Peventh ward. In lhi ptaz o of lleai, T. Hope irmoVezI r, av ?tmsti Riuv- That shoulzl the Harl-m Hall road ('? ntpnpy fniliter negleet or d/zlny t / eotnply with li-e f/rder of tbe Common Conneil In rrlation t? arching t ftrlhs road aa da-seiih*al in a report of tlin Coininitd-n z o.'l ol' of tin- llz aril of Alzlrrtni'U. and adopted by ?nut Boatd via: from Thirty fourth -tn-et io Thirty ninth stiziti (list in sneh an evz-nt, the Street Commission' r Is hen hj directed to advertise for proposal i to carry Into i fleet Ihz rvsoUtlon of the Oomnxittc oq Rt reel a of t Ma V?arJ of the lith of June, 1V<0, at the expense of the C< u puny. By Alderman Donor?That the Oun-el to the Co-po ratlcn ptrpnre a law. and paufe the same to be suhniit ted to the legislature at its next special session. author i/.iag the Common Council to crvata a department lor the uianmgi inent anil control of the city market*, and to create a fund lor the improvement thereof by new build inn* "r otherwise, iu the dbuTetion of the Common Council anil to appropriate to met) fund all market re vrnueH and fees whatsoever, derived from the inarlietiin uny way. or whit h may hereafter be received from them, as the Common ('?uneil nay from time to time deem proper to a|>prr>priate to that fund; and that such fee* a mi revenues be raised from the markets as will relieve the city trra-ury from any charge for their support Hy Aide!mau Hti to.>i.m?That the following public newspapers, printed and published in the city of New York, be designated hy the Common Couucil iu whirb to publish file official proceedings of each Board of the Common Council, and all other notices provided for in the ordinance in relation to advertisements of the Cor poration. and |snsed July 18. 1R.*)0, wiz :?The TWf'une, JMoemag Si or. Commercial .Wierlorr, Evening Post, ffrw York Ihrald ; and that said papers be paid therefor the sum of $1 000 each, and that the Comptroller be instruct ed to enter into a contract, on the part of the city, with the proprietors of said newspaper*, for one year from the expiration of the contracts with the newspapers now employed by the Corporation. Alderman (Isiens moved to Include the Sexo Yorker and Firming Minor. The whole subject w?r subsequently luid on the table. Alderman Doihii. having laughed it down He said It was r.dlrulous to think that papers of any standing or circu lation would accept of the paltry sum of $1.U(X>. He was for including t he Courier and Flnquiretand Journal oj Comment, and to pay thein such a sum as would com mand their columns. EVENING SESSION. THE lumr.Hr EKLaaOEMrNT. Alderman Oau rix called up document No 44. being a ri port of a special committee appointed in relation to the enlargement of the Battery, concurring with the Board of Assistants hi favor of tlieenlargement. Alderman 8ti hihast. who presided, olijected to call ing the document up. on the gruuud that it passed the Board of Assistant* iu 1S4U?that it was not acted on in this Board since?and that the Board in which it origin ated and was passed was now defunct, therefore, the whole proceedings should fa* commenced ilo noro. Alderman Omens appealed from the chair l-pon the vote being taken. 8 having voted in support of the appeal, and b against it. the decision of the chair w?* reversed It was then moved and seconded that a contract be entered into with Henry Conkliu for cnlargiug the Bat tery. 'ihr reading of the plans and specifications was called for. Alderman moved to disperse with the reading. Alderman Moaoatta wished to have the docuratnt read He wished for information on the subject He wanted to know how far they wanted to run this enlargement into the river. The Alderman of the Seventeenth moved to go into a committee of the whole The motion was afterward* withdrawn The Chairman then put Alderman Kelly's mothvt, which wus curried Alderman Nmciv* again rosea n repeated his call for information, partu ulariy as to p.ow far they intended to go into the river. Alderman I inn n> said be knew all about it as well a? he did He had the report before him, and more than that, he wa* one of the committee that signed the report; and it must be presumed, he did not sigu it without tho roughly understanding the question Alderman Moiium again repeated that he did not know what numlier of feet they would encroach on the river, and if that is in the report, he never saw it; and he again solemnly averred thai he asked the Information In gicd faith The report was made iu HMD; it has since g me through a gn at u any hand* ami has undergone many altera'ions lie ther-fore wi uld insist upon get ting the information lie required Alderman Mil 11 a thi n rend the report, by which it appeared that they intended to extend it into the river ter fW feet?the full extent whi th the law allowed them The reading of counsel's opinion on the subject of some leases which it was feared stood in their way, was then riud; after which. Alderman Umrrix said that all they asked in ron m ctiou witli this question was simple justice We only ask that the poor and laboring portion of the commu nity may have some place near their home* for reerca ti< D and pleasure The g sutlcmun who now oppose us. voted last night for a public park up town, for the aris tiorary. which will cost a million before It la finished, 1 and all we ask is VJ7.000 He hoped the Common Couu cil would pass this measure, and deal out even-handed justire to tlit poor and rich Alderman said he was opposrd to the move- ' no nt when lie firht cauie into this Board lie then c >n side red it a speculation of certain parties, it wa* very strenuously supported by a certain jour nal of thisclty. ai d he (the Alderman) wa? then of opinion that it was a 'peculation of the proprietors of that journal and not intended for the benefit of the people generally, hut lie has since satisfied himself that he wm wrong and he thought it his duty to change his opinion, and give hli support to the measure The question of arresting the report wa* then put. and ten having voted in the atHriuative. and seveu iu the negative, the report wa* accepted A resolution was then passed, to refer it to a commit- j tee to it quire and report to th" Board, at its next *es. sion. whither the compensation ot Captains, Assistant Captains, policemen and doorkeepers, should not be tn- 1 creased The B< i.rd soon after a<(journcd to the first Hepteia ber neat. . , IM'ARII OJ ASXI*?TAVT AT.DKKTIEN. Ji m 4?The lh ard nw! at 3 o'eleek ? the Pri**i<l?nt In the chair The luinutc-i of the tut uiacting wore ii .it unit uj j.riiM I rrrrrtoea ai.rraarn Of Martin Tabueki. for permlaalon I" cegrade repiT", and ret et rnrii etowe* and relay the tliginig before hi* property. < ti fortieth anil forty-tiret atreetn auil llr'.nV way. Of Mindry pcreonr. for Rower ill K'eventh Rtriel. be twii n fir>t art nue ami Ar> nue 1> Another for a muct < in Thllly-erTenth etrn t. 175 feet we?t of Hixth utoiiu. Another for a Rower in Twiltlh Rtreot. fr< m ne.?r Sixth nreniie wi ?t to FewUh aicnue. up f? t i-:1i aTenne to Tlnrtiiiith Rtrret, to lnter?eet the m *er recently built ; there. | a i mr i a M'orrto t'i irtirrlog to i:rant a lexe, of Uoii to Tbh.-r'. Knoi In favor of a.iproprintiiiK >l>.i tor rebuilding the i wi r In Hi trntli Rtrei t. In iwi ? n At'diui? II and t Conrurripy to grant (lie applirat on of N k. Vt Van lit nrtelarr. exerutora of Kliixbetli I>uiikm. in fa Tor of -.pining HUty-tec t>d at reel, froui fifth to filghth | Cot.eurrlaf to fno 1 l .t in Twenty-aeennd atreet be twern f ll>t and Hi d nd atenuea To ranair eroaawalk In I f; ntti ecth rtn ? t at Kighth avenue To remove pump at the corner of tlrnnti and Orchard a.reetr t'oncuiriiiK to rejrulite and grade Thirty-third atreet fr 111 Third mti nue to Kaat ilrer To |>a?e inter- oil >n 1 if Thirty Perth ?tnet and Sixth avenue To prereut j Me.atR l>t filler to lay a crOeWalk uprieite Na. 10J tireei.tairb Rtreet. ToTiLIV pump In Wattt -tree, Co J* | eiirrli it 10 fence in vacant !? -t" liotaewa $? Tenth and . h' .hth aTcnner Twenty-nlnih and Thirty third iftrecta Ti regulate Fnrty-lburth rfrrrt fr ini Plr-t arenti" to haet itrer To flag tkbw.ilk In Kirn arrr.ue. between I .-1 tenth und f'lghth etreel- ami in K.gblh -'re t 11 ?r f'iret hVenoe To flag tidi'Walk in Twenty f Ui lh itirH | fir m highlit to Ninth armor To fence racanl lota in , I In ad way lwt?e. n 'iw. nij--er nth ami Twi nty-eighth Mrntr In 111 pi nd the ftitthi-r opi ning of Kier uth 1 an uue. from I orty e lo I'egh tiret m uirinr 10 coneirort a Court lloti?e in the Park, . 1 et* 1 i n the old Aim- home building and the K dun It , In lerrv of eonetiwcting 0 newer u W alker etreel. tr im ft inch itrii 1 In Itfoaitwaj he|ortof the Hp'rial <'? n>mitt a on Kailr ?1la of the | Pi aid if htor ef t - !? on Filth ami I ,.l.lii at' mil ? I't ??? iori|i, t enn-'ri ' a ewi r in Renwtek atrret To 1 ? Ml net a main fn in the rear ? f tinner ?f Kngtn ? Itoro- 1 P ? jNn 4 to the eewrrr In lii>ti?tini trert T>> c'O'triiet 1 a ai war to Th'rttrth etnet To w lea Meekt.txn atrrel To lay ? lit a put lie park in the vicinity of Jonen'aw.atda. Aim ne to tcw-ating tin J-f' j t ry f? rry at p er 43 Not lb It it -r t'eticurrina III h lillliil till n il yvileri ?f pier 37 ftaet I: ia ? r fivd of 3i..iki t tint To eon-'r net a ewer In Va ri'k elnel To pri Ti tit lh" I'n. *iip die ftraintng i'nm in) fi 1 111 ep pty lag -ink* in I he day t nue To eainhli-h irtii ? la low fib' ii idetre-t To light Willi oil Highly Pfih idreet.between Third *nd fourth atrnuea. To 11 inu la r lite floiseee in ' ily Hail Fi|iiere Kepi rt ad'i r-e 1. the > ppM cm ion t>f H M W.utern. fnVf-rrylo hlalee l-h, ,1 In favor of reuott ?f t'ntn adllie .n l'i rri< - lo gran! terry l?m' to ll' .iry I', nek lin et bail of tilatity Ixtb ?tr?< t Noilh ll'rer, and lr?>. of f? rry I d of 1 hirty ninth etreel. North Klrar, to H i| I alrg invviti! raowtl'i eo?an ?r ?i ihium Al leinnn Miller and ?'inilh can 1 In fr- ? 1 tit- It >; -d of /.dniiin at I. ll-paet 10 o'eloek. lo ray that |l?.-y aei. ahoiil |o aiijnlirn. and aekile; if tlita Hoard hail any Cnui ti 1 !? rnlton t')make In <h? in' till Una. lio n Kli and Mel'arthy wefv appnlnte.l a rrp i.otli lo ? lit 10 ih ;h< Iti ?n ? ir>I r n 111 in that tide Board had o comino'i:ri.thiu to unke I o 0 n n i(tee pi rformed thi.- duty, ami p lur.iniy. ao r?'|>ort ? ed ami were 4hrtiM|?4 At len mlliulea j,e.'t 1! n'ctnek. lh" Trealdent a potit eed thht ail tbr bwaineaa h.irliiy been dirpo-ol of. tbl* hi aid "til ml' a lji uiuid Vol I le ti) eV Ml udiiy In Si ,< t< niter lUnrlt-T AfTnit Tut: Cnrrta Fine Cham r ?t-? 1 on th" ?-c? tional dock at noon yerlTdaT. for ilie pnrp -#rf reeeiv leg her copper hlie Will tiT.iln flit of water during 1 hiirxlay. end will tin n take bet berth foot ( Wall nreet The i< w?ll Worthy a Tl?il fti tn at! who t* a pi a-*ir? in Tii wing a iplctidid -lop Lai TrHra?I'.y Me-?r? Mitlia k. at Fag Harbor, VXML ult . a bark <<f 34b tone called the Mary (la.*,tn< ?. t? l?- fit led fin whaling by Mr 11 II Co per and rail about July I V under ('apt 1)htIiI Htnith 4? Klttery. VHHb ntt I t f imtti I hidfer K?n a enpner fa?t? ned ahip <?( ahnwt MiO t"na ealleilthej I* i'r niti, t wned ia N) w (h iiMn t out 1 4 al< tiftar Thlt Day. M r?M" Cei rt?idei ? it ?No*. tlMf, *il li'4, .TM0 491. 47b ill, 47" 4W. 4(ll. 4Mi k!. .ha> is., 404 ai rifim (toner.? -'iineaa-r teiil > Cu'ta-wn I't.i *? ? N 1 fi?l I. '?t!7. ? 1* "i l 1' Mil, f>V3. 5Ni, (3# ftlih THREE DATS LATER FROM EVROF& ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP ASIA. OCCUNI DV cotton. Our Foreign Correspondence, &o., & o., &c The British mail steamship Asia, Captain Jod kins, arrived at her wharf at a quarter |>ast eight o'clock yesterday morning. She left Liverpool at half-past three o'olock on Saturday afternoon, th* 25>th ult., thus making the passage in ten day*, sixteen hours and forty-five minute*. The news ia thrt-o days later. It is not of any consequence, in u political point of view. There had been a decline in cotton and a dull market in breadstuff*. Messrs. Bell & Son report that the demand in Lao don for American State Securities continued, and prices were well sustained. Quotations were M follows, on the 23d ult.:? United States five per (Vnt Bonds, 1S53..,. 02 a 03 * iSix per (lent Bonds. 1802 106 a IOC " Fix |wr Ont Bonds. 1808 ... 112 a 113 ? Six per Cent Stock. 18C7-68.. 10T a 1(/T>f New York State Five per Ot d'.ork. 15M-C0. .90 a ? New York City five per Ot Stock. I860-TO. .90 a M Boston City Five per (Vnt Bonds, 1868 02.. 93 a ? iVutirylviiui* Five |?t Cent Stock H'it? a 88 Ohio Fix per Cent Stock. l870-7.r> 106 a ? Massachusetts Five per Ols (rt lljs. IvX,). loft a 10T Maryland Five per (Vnt Bmi.l, 90 a 90q (laoada Six per Cant Bond*. 187-1 l'JT a 1071. Montreal City Six per Cent Bonds. 1867. ..83 a ? The Stock market at Paris had been very hoary I and unsettled. | The Pre?idc?t of the French republic attended a ' review, on the 22d ult., in tho Champ de Mars. Kveiything passed ofl quietly. The President, whe was ueeompanied by Generul Narvaex, was receiv ed with loud shouts of "Vivo Napoleon." Some disturbances took at Hello Isle, ea the 11th ult., amongst tbo political prisoners, wha grossly insulted, nud menaced with acts of violenow, the Inspector of Prisons. Barber) ami Blauqui wera amongst the rioters. Hamburg accounts confirm the late statements ef a joint remonstrance having been sent to the Dae fii.-h government by Austria and Prussia ou the subject of the Federal Commissioners. Advices from Brussels to the 23d ult., state thai n new Mini-try had not been formed at that date. It is thought that the old ministry would resutaa its functions. Marsbul Badetzky had been summoned front Milan to Vienna, for the purjiose, it was believed, of accompanying the Liii(>cror of Austria to War saw. Advioes received from Madrid state that tha elections bad terminated, and their icsult wax, ia al most every instance, favorable to the government. A modification of the Spanish cabinet, according to nc-couiits of the 15th ult , was again talked of. Accounts have been received from Lisbon ?o the 11th inst. SaManila had chartered two steamers te OOlivey him and his troops to l.isbou. The Queeu is Said to be disposed to meet SalJnuhn's views with respect to the formation of a ministry. There had beeun most dangerous flood at Vienna^ with one exception, all the bridges had b.-vn oar ricd away. 1 he King of Prussia reach I Wrvr??w on the 13th ult., at a quaiter past tight in the The Linpcror ana II in press of Ba?sia advanced '* meet him as far as f~kitrn:wirh, where the royal and imperial party They thes journeyed ua together to Warsaw '1 he last number of Punrh cwita'ns a drawing a? Brother Jonathan astride .? revolver. Tho laie voyages of the Pacific must Lisic aroused JaLt Bull. Our Llvtrpnol Correspondences Liu.h'o ii., May 21, IX?1 A*1 r O'-thi Strum M il Airan^rtrrfU. I know, fur a fact, that the government h u ea Uresl into h new arnngeui. ,t with the lirit *u a..?l North American Mai! 1'ackct Company to continue their weekly sailing- tbr- 'ghout lb? J car, heuce forward; tbcieforc, during tt month* of I december, January, February, and March neat, the British It camera will sail from Liverpool every Saturday ami during the months of January, February, Ma'ili, and A j.riI, from New \ wkor Fusion overj Wednesday. This I know to be a fact Then i? olio a report that, c mutt ting w ith next spring, nnd throughout the rummer and autumn, lit ' santi ratne line of sb uwc. ? will sail twice a we.k, ? i , Thursday'urul.??aturjiiy*, fn in Liverpool,aod ,\l.a days and Widoudiyi, tru:u New York or llrstoa Our tondnn (uriKpnniliiKe. Tint araTK or r.i a<w r. Tit Stutf of /\ar e-- Tht 'V ?/>?>?ft Heriii n > f tty CciMfifWtrSi?Thr ill IISmV?fh? Ihtnim ( w firrnrt , i't t . n />i ."nori -*-TU I'tl/nl JilU? Tbt KxhiUilun- -Ml ?rllu.trtm* Loviiuw, Friday evening. Mar 2d, |H.?1 Tho attifdiou of i.Le |oliti(;Mi ol hurope is gradually beginning ' n be attracted by ?hj posilwt of in trance. In my recent letter*. 1 bar* | ur]i?ely M?|*ate l that t'ie expirati >a of lb.- lease of powtr of !*ouis Na|?,Ieoti u?c;'?i.j in i''ret.?L history 1 Lave ??> repeatedly staled hi* pu dlies, thsl 1 shall tit dw II further upun it to-<iay I shall have t > return to it ?g:u ? in my letters. The great object be has in view at present, ?? a rer>siva of the pro-rnt eo? -11:u i' , a a inea - wbo.t ?v ;e secure a prole: gallon oi his ; ia,r* 1 nts <, s'ter of a revision is, al tie pres. it. mou nt. t chief of dismission i the li neb pipe* an >n the political cfbl s of Fa*if I'tv r??alt i? a .? on*'y IooI,, il forward to, a* .my event, in so great <* i*.wev as Liaiic. a< ts more or 1< u|m n the il I rani Mates t. I.urope, a w.> mtu ed in l>l* As vet, coning events have cast bol dun shadows, out these untie shadows en itc the iu n< uia.iu from llsrir very ii distn -inrss I -hull ?N(tM?.a, in as lew vnis? in p ? ibl". to delii e I ho present poattwa ol part., s in t ranee i hete arc the houa pat Mat , the t Meani us, the kg.iin i't?. a oil it., i. oi.hii . * Th. 's ,ir?. ti>? four grist part;.':. Than IV 4 the fusioinsta, et tbof ? who rl,-be no amalg .01 > .oil ot me las t >n- * 1 ' t iirboh; rn my ol " 1 o,n, snoiisr han see tb n publican.* 11..11 . hi. , wi| vote fur w revaiou of t! 1 cciatitl. loh, r n.fa prol .itsntlon ni the po war* cttbeaetual l'u?id<ni I'he legitimists are aIsa 1'nvoiable to a rv vHon of tn> v wstHiittoa Nuw, it it I'M-essary for u n 7 nlrcvoiuu f tits' threwfourths ol the Assembly should v. t ? it. .<1* p.irtm* now MimI, it t? calculated fhv 1." 1 will vote far a re vision. 'J") it, (1, pnhl'cAiis,) I'M) will abstain fi cm ri ting h'houkl .his owloniation prove icrrc't, a legal revision is ?ul of ih? i|?'? lira, (*?<? .1 g t At* ili I'M of 1 n? <onstttutiiciiw?lf ) When tt.i (jucrt on is lairly bronght forward, 11 v ili he time to inter Into me "Taut nmnH.r* ?>f each patty I' aunt an' he ovcrliailo'd ?et"vl fiorri >siiHi ol power i- n gi et advantage, a wmpoti of solo ? r id in dexicron- hi 1 .is 'i lie cyr' <d ,aiI Kurope en giu.uinlly beeomina fvcilt.pi 11 Fraiue Italy is m a very unsettl- 3 etnie, nnd ready for a i.-u g at a very short ivUicr Tt - Nii'g ej I'll,**;,) ha* arriveil i' Warsaw, t* u-eit the l.mjwroi* of K?ia?ia and Austria, an I it?? hh.g of >axoiiy X , hiog has as jet traoepired of thi.? r eet'T.g The esperhiirc tneee eriW'ieif hi 1 As have hud airier bIH ih uhtl -re in'tucii-es tF'ir fi iincib. The liread 11 r ifcisoc.i (adion l?n !< (l to no re: tilt) were formally e'e >?1 on ta# 1 t'h ii st , m I 1 Ui ii, by I'rlnce .'sciieaixenhiirg, 1 urn M anft uF d, and tht Pruoc . 'iiiist* ? of ito vatia, Wmie i.h? 'g II '.nr. laden, l>armst.wH, ai <* if the iill.i'i ;-'.-ii ' .'et 'rmra wna h,ive lot.)i d eoi si?. ra?dy ?. >f I, f ' -orte-; g the auioaat of tttne, l;.b?- , at 1! n " y thr.,?,, a'vay, by ea- H .s. .if lilt, #|s p i' li ?g 7hey,In svvve mii'i ?'") " ?S ??'. 1 fn.ii vti.t, '.'dofed a t*tw <*

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