Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JASES OUROU1 lilRNITT, fn/ueElETOH ANt> EDITOR. ?mci m. w. <mun or fulton and nassau bts. THK MUJ.Y HJEJCjf LI), 1 centt per tapp-V Per WKKKLY HMHxlL r>. eoermPturdmg at ?* tmul per i?rv, ?r $.1 par nfu>u?. <Ar Europe**i A.Imi?a |tfi omma to any pari v Oreat Britain. and pi to unf pert n/?v Car.Wincnf. E?,'? tu include the portage. VOLUsEtWY COJUtESfONOENCti. contain*** important arte. lohcttcd from ting quarter of tke world; 4 uaed.wUlit kbmUp peu.l for. Ova rotutmOonia HHI'im tit PABTIOVI.A ALT tWUttD TO SEAL ALL |?rrTICB? AND l'A?t?>"?T VP l'?. . , Jtl.L LETTEHS Ay mail, for Suiocrtpltont, or with ,rmenf,*o hrpool-r?d, * thepootoge wUl it do guctod/rom tir money remitted. fid SOTICt. taken of, es*i??u*ican<mA. Wo J.. not retur n Heote rejected. JtPWEK TrxR HUNTS renewed every morning JOB TRINTty(i executed with neatneit, cheajmeos, mod Jeeputch. Volume XXI ??? 15? AKl'blVtNTS THIS EVENING. ASTOR TLACE Ui'LKA UOl SE-Ebnani. BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery?Massaniello?Yocno Bcaap-Raata. BROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway.?Rocbh Diamond ?Attn., TtlA fko JIIAL _ N'iSLO't GARDEN, Broadway?Tisht Rope?Elofe bim-Dacmalvmaav. BURTON'S THEATRE, Cbambon atr?et ? Shobt Rum a.m. A Rabat U:<l? Bbaacii o? Paouja-Lim or Luair. NATIONAL TUEATRE, Chatham ?tr?ot-Too Lata foA Dl-i MA?To A CUINGLA -UcALBV A?0 IKliLAY. BROUGHAMS LYCEUM, Broadway-Hows: Boon or Baa I I* ? VVMBLY ASl) SOB. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, Mechaaios' Hall, 172 Broad way?Ethiopian Mi.sstbalsv. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, Fallowi' Huiical Hall, No. Hi Broauway ? Ethiopian Minstrelsy. AMERICAN MUSELM?Arising PiaroiKArcu Ar rti. v tos and Evening. A t \v York, Friday, June O, 1851. Soiumury of Teleyruplilc Intelligence? Aonalnatlotia and Flection of Union Uo vernora, &c. The telegraphic nc vs which wo publish in our ?oUtinas this morning, is very varied and very in terecting. We have intelligence of the election of .?"Aiiiuel Dinsnioor, democrat, as Governor of New Hampthire ; of the nomination of Col. William Bigier for the office of Governor of Pennsylvania, by the Democratic Convention at Heading, and the nou. .ration of the lion. Howell Cobb, ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives at Washington, as for Governor of Georgia. All of these gentlemen are good and true friends of the Union and the constitution, and opposed to agitation. The re-election of -Mr. 1 'insmoor as Governor of , New Hampshire is a very gratifying event. Another ?ana. date was nominated by the democrats; but, in eotisccue:.:e of his free soil tendencies, the nomina * lion was xeconsidertd, and Mr. Diniuioor, a good | and sound I nion man, ai.d a friend of the compro mise me asures of last Congress, was selected in his stead. Mr. Dinsinoor's election may therefore be set down as a triumph in that Mate of the cause of the t nion over fanaticism. In Georgia no better man could be selected as a candidate for Governor ' than i lowed Cobb, and his election will give satis- 1 taction to all but the few ultras of that region, whose numbers are, we believe, decreasing every Ray We are glad to perceive that the democrats ?f Pennsylvania are alive to the importance of sus taining the compromise measures. There is n> I doubt of the soundne.-s of that Male on the great que-'ma of the day. The- whigs of Alleghany county, in the same Mate, Lii t in county convention at Pittsburgh, ye terday, and. after making their nomination.", (tasked a retolution declaring their preference for General Mott a.- their candidate for the next presidency. From this and other indications, there is little douot that the whigs of the whole S-tate are favora hie to the Domination of the hero of Lundy's i^ane, and that their delegation will give him their ardent rapport at the National Convention in 1'hiladcl Wwkarn from Texas that a report was current there of the discovery of a great coal deposit, and that fifteen persons bad been executed at hi i'aso under the lynch code. The trial of 3eott, in Boston, for aiding in the the fugitive slave ^hadraeh, is rapidly drawing to a close, if it is not actually ended. The Jadge delivered his charge yesterday morning, and the jury, after being out some time, state i that they were unable to agree. The Judge, however, ?eat them back to their room for further reflection if we he notable to publish the result this morn ing, we shall doubtless receive it in the course of to-day. A report has reached New Bedford of the mur der of the captain and five of the crew of the Ame rican vv aleship Boy, by the savages, at one of the Caroline Islands If it should, unfoitunately, prove true, the government will, no doubt, take measures to punish the murderers. Site Preside Hi lal ilaratlun Opening of tike Contest, In almost every direction, we observe that parties and factions are commencing the canvass for the next Presidency, by putting forward candidates for the scat now occupied by Mr Fillmore, and taking dstepa bo begin the usual struggle. At r,.' 'dimore's official journal at Washington?the ?has abandoned the policy which it re tention wknuiendcd the faithful to adopt, via:?of avoiding the discussion of the Presidential question? and Vat come out with several articles, eneakingly ?Ofutd from provincial journals, to the effect that Mr. Fillmore is the best and most natural candi date of the pasty in power, to rapport with all their means through't t the country. This oour?e has Bo doubt been lak n under the advice and with the ?ant'.icn of Mr Fii iinore acd his cabinet, or a ma jority of its rnembs rs?for Mr. Webster may be ?oncMkred as a carnh dale on his own hook. The administration, there,'ore, it would appear, are de termined to take the field They m ij do this as much as they please: ? it their power and influence are very much overrate*'? In Pennsylvania ser-era 1 movements of a similar character are being made by the politicians o'f that Mate it is very evident, from the Heading Coo vent.on, that a majority of the democracy of that Hate have a preference fot' Mr. Buchanan, who was -eercta -jr of Mate node! Mr. Polk, an 1 that although Gen. Case, Gen. Ii'ouston, and other aspirants, may hava some inflaea ce in tha keystone Mate, Mr. Buchanan?their own Buchanan?is the atrorgert man. This ia all very a aturiU; and the ei-.Nrcrvtary of Mate may he aeoorn ngly *et down as a strong candidate before the Baltic lore National I*u.i cratic Convention, which will at nimble next 1 raaiuer. The wbige are also moving h i the saiae J way in that Mate, and appear te be p? rticularly ?oim.Ujui of bringing fortb Gen. Scott. Aouord- I ing to present appearance', the contest will he j between Mr. Fillmore, Mr. Webster and Mr Clay ob one-ide, and lien. Molt on the otaer, it > the whig ranks, and it is very likely that Gsa. A wtt ' Will <arr/ the day?or at luaet the nekaination. '1 .tomany Hull hat aleo re*orberate'J with th > ?out.-.* of notainatioaa at tbii carl/ d \J- At* f the mppnrters of the freedotw? of the | l<uhlic lutlr, or of the robbery of the pabii.' landt ms we nay call it for their j-olicy iu reference t v the public land* i* robbery?I?e.?e H. Walker, of .Via. cot* in, wa? nominated a? their candidate for the Pi *. aidrtir/. Mr. Walker ha* no earthly chanre of er*r < eeatb'tif that offioe. lie ii? a weak demagogue He arse urtd, and laugh, d at after he war a*ed, to briag P. wi td oil ?ort? wf ridiculow- ehewoe in Coitgrev. and he hoe been need by the ul'ra <t ni-eUvery fai ti m <4 Ihi- IWatr, merely to pare the way for the |utrvJ*ctl?'i ef John ???'* M'?? in ova*ootloa with ti c PiwaidonoT.orthat ofeonMct itr man whom they ftmy v i-i? to unite their f?I ceo ioUte at tki As. ^ir rry ' d?.?elttbwi which the/ w 11 prw!??bty I.. !<1!;? 1'vif Ike jbl'empt r. n-;-i the p .Mo j I?i U... etwith tic afti:e'< ft %n?et''?n?o a t ?, i> u i'/ tv rt* re the doctrln - "f '1 on It 1 ??ere. 1 rrpud,attd t^'.'ti*/ yta. '? ? *t Fanny Wrighlfor tbe violent English socialists. I The system Which they propone respecting the pub lic lands, if nothing but public robbery. The pub lic lande belong to the whole ]*ople of the Untied State*. They are their property, and all are equally interested in them. To throw away these land>, or to seise them, as was reooiumendt-d at the Tam many Hull meeting. wjuM be nothing more or less than public robbery?as much so as to take the bullion in the Philadelphia Mint, which is just as much public property as the public lands are. The anti-slavery faction here are attempting to turn the democratic [Mtrty into public robbers, and will be hurried along to their destiny a little faster than they imagine. Other Presidential aspirants are being named throughout the country, in various directions. Gen. Wool is, also, prominent among the demo cratic nominations, and s> is Gen. Twiggs. Mr. Webster, of course, is still in the field, and will soon be in Virginia; and his friends in the North will, no doubt, bring him forward. In fact, the candidates and factions throughout the country, can hardly restrain themselves any longer, and it is pro bable that before next spring there will be a very active canvass for the presidency throughout the United Mutes. Tux New Park or the Metropolis?En largement of the BaTTXRV.?The Committee on Lands and Places have reported to tho Board of Aldermen in favor of the proposed park, to he formed by purchasing Jones' Woods and the Mhermerhorn property, in the vicinity of iSixty sixth to Seventy-fifth street, and running from the Third avenue to the East river. The land extends over an area of about one hundred and fifty acres, and embraces nearly as much as some of the fashionable public parks of London. It wonld form a kind of llyde Park for New York. Its loca tion is beautiful, having a large water frontage, and it is shaded bountifully with fine trees. Every citizen ought to be rejoijed that the report promises to bring about so desirable a result. The long talked of enlargement of the Battery has been de cided upon by the Board of Aldermen, but we pre sume will not receive the sanction of the Mayor's signature; because, however desirable the enlarge ment, it involves very nice and important questions with respect to the channels of the harbor, and the filling up of doeks. We shall not be surprised to find a veto put upon the measure. M>uie of the p>ublic journals?which seem to care more for private interest than for public pleasure and satisfaction?wish to be wiseacres about the lovely acres in the upper part of the city, and ask what is the use of converting this land into a park 1 We suppose they have an eye to buildiugs and rents, and wish to have the city all pockets, and without lungs. Wc have a different notion in the matter, truch a park as is proposed, in ten years will he in the centre of the population of the me tropolis. Already, nine-tenths of the iainily tene ments of the city are above Canal street, and in tun years more business e-tablishm. uts will crowd the population further back, and, e\entually, fain lies will have to reside above Union square. Twelve years ago, Niblo's was out of town?to-day, it is downtown. Such is the march of improvement Ten years hence, tuch a lot of land cannot be had at any price, because it will be occupied by houses. Now or never is the time to secure it, that the pub lic may hare one place on this i.-luud where they can enjoy an agreeable drive, snuff fresh air, purified by tbe influence of fine, thriving trees, and feci that they have* sacred right to loiter when lassitude oppresses, and the frame requires invigoration. The j*ople need this luxury. To them it will be invaluable; and it is not too much to say that it will be worth a million of dollars a year to the city, in adding to the attractions which bring strangers within our walls. Wc trust, therefore, that the whole people will be interested to have the proposed park, and that the march of Mammon will not go ahead of en lightened opinions on the subject. Everybody will want the park when it belongs to the city and is completed by being laid out in walks and carriage roads. Already we seem to breathe freer, in imagining the enjoyment to be derived from it. We regret that the enlargement of the Battery cannot be made without great danger to the chan nel of the Noith river, and that it is, therefore, a very dangerous experiment. The probabilities are that the direction given to the currents, by filling up the proposed space, would be such as to fill up, also, many of the docks on the North rivsr. Cer tainly, in undertaking euch an enterprise, extreme caution should he used, at least. The act being one, the effects of which no further legislation can touch, we think the Mayer would be fully justified in withholding his sanction from it while the opi' nion of scientific men is found to be adverse to the measure. It is impossible to calculate with precise certainty what mischief would ensue from the pro posed enlargement; but any ona who has looked at the bydrographicsl points of the subject must be satisfied that changes will be effected by the dt ver sion of the currents, and tbeie may prove very injurious to the property in that section of the city. The Mayor should pause and deliberate, if be has not examined the subject with a scientific eye. The advantages of the enlargement are counterbalanced by the possible detriment which nity ensue Greklsy in Teoi ru.?Greeley, in his last twat tling letter from Loudon, appears to be much more sick than he was in crossing the ocean. He refused U go to a horse race, but accepted an invitation to a onmer in Richmond, on the Thames. There he made a queer speech, in the socialist style, about tbe dignity of dirt %nd digging. After this effort he felt pretty well, till the next morning, when lo' tbe Times came out with a report of the dinner and tbetpcccbei, but did not report the remaiks of poor Greeley, or even allude to his white coat. This woe the unkindett cut of all, and the n< ieea which seised the rocialist editor produced spasms, which have thrown off the speech a second time, and have tuade llora< e to be his own reporter. He quarrels, ia his correspondence?in which he gives his owa speech?with tbe treatment of the Timtjt, and uses language almost as severe as that which be ad drtso'd, some months since, to Bryant, in these words: " You lie, villian' wilfully, wickedly, basely lie " 'Hits silence of the Ttnw having made Greeley sick, it may kill him ia the end; and. therefore, in the generosity of our disposition, wc call upon the pnt?? of England to turn their abuse of the iVew l"i ik Hnald upon tbe socialist editor, duriug the great 1.* libit ion. We are generous of our abun dance, and can afford to spare it for a brief season, rather than our socialist contemporary should perish entirely, by being treated with total iml (Terence and eantcmpt. The ret and while coated socialists want opposition, and tbey cannot exist without it. It it by friction and constant attrition that Un-y ar< enabled to shine Will tbe English journalists he generous?forget us for a brief season, and level their shafts at tbs self-elected representative of American socialist journalism t This will be an act of charity. I Tiut Hat Aba ???Ate iim?nor Hi om < omivo i I'iMt?At the la*t aorounU, Arphbubnp Hugh** had rem bed Pari#. on hix way tioin<? from K>>tn?, witi."n< that ic<i bat. The Pope ha? behaved very | rbaMdly to our N\nr Vork prelate. Imrtead of giv. I i,f bin a fiat n <?.t! ' ha' (ev.i *? ..M In' * oul'i ba*t d?iip)?hi* INdireir only gave hire afi-h. 1 "be l'opt war mure pollta fo Mrs P^nnetf, when ihe'birt vMiedtl.a I '.ti roal City llitHnllsw prn ?cnU '' bo that lady a beautiful tvroeo fr'rait of limit." *?' "plenary indulgence, pi^'ird l?y his awn h?a<l, for Vr Lu'bar.d. Pnf'irtuna'e Arebbi'b<?p! Never mi).d. 1 be M im?rtal is ma* >i f anew bal fti Mia, Hj* ,hn* 1 ? ttlmrm. _ ^ ? ftrr, , r f . .. % N; ". * :i '?* it te a> ! ? t l 'a ' -"i i- ^ ?? i d<-:* -?in, English Notions or American Affairs.?The ' following ia ?n extract from an English paper, of proosodings in the House of Lords, May llfc? tort Sl*nl?y. in puttisg the m?e?tlou of which he had given notice, on tbr /-utyect of the proposed railway from Halifax. to (Quebec and Toronto, reminded their lordships that an individual liad ottered to cuustruct a railwa/ at his own root froui Lake Superior to the Pacific, and that the Luited Stater legislature bad entertained the pro jut and had iSered t<> aell him 78,000000 acres of laud, at 10 cent* per acre, tor the railway. The individuul alluded to is Mr. Whitney. Wh" could have humbugged Lord Stauley into making ,-uoh a ridiculous statement, he does not discloso. It should be recollected that Lord S. is talked of as the future Piitne Minister of England. We noticed, the other day, the English and Irish papers stated that President Fillmore has decided to grant a charter, and to make a donation of pub lie landis in aid of a railroad down east, to some point in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Lower Catiada, to connect with a liue of sea steamers to Galwuy, in Ireland. We feel mortified that such lamentable igno rance should be betrayed by our respectable transatlantic cotcmporuries. They ought to read the lltrald, and learn something of this country and its laws, and the power of its executive officers, and of the proceedings of Congress. Astor Place Opera House. Last night "Lucia di Laiumermoor'' was reprclanied before a highly 1'asbionuble and brilliant audience. Kil gardo was personated by the new tenor Bettlni. who was most cordially received, and created a great sensation. IIi was called out between the act* kau 1 after singing the brilliant finale of the opera l.uria w.ts represented I by Bosio, who was also most hnuJ-omely received and applauded. Indeed. Beneventano, Coiletti. an 1 Hara tini shared in the applause in the evening; and the grand chorus aud orchestra gave great satisfaction. The entertainment appeared to give the utmost pleasure , to i very one present. Tonight "Kmaui'' is to be perform ed. with Ilettiui. Marini, and Trufll in the principal charr.ctirs. Another brilliant audience m.iy be antici. 1 patod. Political Intelligence. NEW YORK SENATORIAL ELECTIONS. Two districts are still in dispute viz The 25th and 2?.tli. The Last reports give them Loth to the democrats, by 4 votes each as follows ? TWENTY- FIFTH DIStRICT. Ftunton'H. (d* m ) majority in Yates 33 Williams', (whig l do. in TompVins 1"> do. do. inSeucca 14 ? 29 Stanton, (dem ) majority 4 TWENTY-SIX Til DISTRICT. Majority for Guinnlp, idem i in Steuben 103 Majority for Gilbert, (whig.,/ in Chemung 99 Guinnip's majority 4 The official returns may again change the aspect of < these close districts, Should they confirm this state ment, there have been 7 democrats and 6canal men ; elected; which will make the entire Senate stand thus : ? : whigs. 19; canal democrats. 3; auti canaldemocrats. 10. CONOR ESSIONAL APPORTION.ME NT. The Albany Jir^ut expresses the opinion that the whigs will avail tbemsel* es of the opportunity of the extra session, to district this State, for members of Con 1 gress under the census of lbOO, and the Earning Jour nal says It is the duty of the legislature to do so, the census of Calif ruia having been received, and the popu lation of all the States being know n. Latc i rom Kio JA^rmo.?W* learn ftrom Captain Jacks'.n, of the bark Gold Hunter, arrived at this port; yesterday. that the fever at Kio, on the 30th of April, wa.-i on the increase amongst the shipping A Ku#?ian brig .had railed for New Orleana, and when five daya ?nt the lort five of her crew by the infection, and had to return to Kio for a new crew. The aickneaa aahore had aomewhat abated. Ten Dayi Later from Mexico.. We have received from Mexico (ilea of El Mauitor Re publicans, l.e Timt d'Vvion, and El Vnitn sal, to the 17th ult. We translate from them the following new* The question of extraordinary power*, to permit the government to extricate Itself from it* difficult poeltion ??where are the finance* of the country ?war not re act ved at the lateat date*. The special committee pre sented the report on the 14th ult Thia committee con cede to the government the extraordinary power*, but limit them more carrfuliy than the House of Deputies did Tbu* the executive power la authoriaed :?To dis charge the paid employer, and to call other* without a alary, to lower the tariff of the Custom Hou-e? to five per cent below the tariff of the United States; to receive the 91 080.000 detained upon the remaining American indemnity; to pay the interior creditor*, but after their consent, not individually, but by classes; to occupy the nationtl property; to pursue the application of the law upon the public credit; to take the revenue of tobacco and mint*, hut giving an indemnity to the present administration*; to suppress the direct taxes, and sub stitute, in place, Indirect taxes. Ac. This report was discussed for a long time, and was voted, by 27 against 19 votes Th<- discussion of the articles followed then, and it appeared, after the first resolution, that the donate would adopt it w ithout many change* The II( use of Deputies, for the question ?n the treaty of Trhuantrpec. had resolved tha- the report of the special committee should be privately discussed. This report was adopted with some slight manifestations. The Trait i'Tnion -ays. rn this sulject: ? The Mt rstllcstloa of the treaty IVdraie will aot bring sny diffteiiltie* , bat It is another tbiag ss tu anneliac tti? eeacersioa to Gsrny. Tin case Is very ditrrsnt, sod the leyolative power hss ranter. 4 a de-isfon watch belongs only t? the trihussls. And as the eeneeseion is sow in American bands, ti is kffair may become the cause of diplomatic diffi culties. These extraordinary power* granted to the ex'vutive power, hav? for their object to pay the interior d?-ht, b> r'sliaesome funds ?ad to aid in the administration of fin*b< es during the year 18S1. These powers, however, will cease in January 1912. when tha t'ongrsws will unit*, and to which the government will make known the use (f t he pt wers contid< d to it. The LVwrersat poMi-hed an article against M late Minister of Mate, in which it throw* up >n him the odium of the T< liiiantepec treaty 11 Lacoma > had only ret ponded by tkm few words ? I tally a".it th* rsspoastMllty. if th?rr U way impossi bility. of all (a bad I made ralaUva to this qacctioa, white ba waa minister. 1'rtsldetit Arista is al way* or copying his energy and ability to preserve the peace of the country and to ame. borate the entire position In which the public traa-ure I* t laced. M finer- t Navarro, one of the best friends and ad herents ' f rauta Anna was arraeled in Mrxieo. where he bad arrived from vleiting <!? iieral Santa Anna lie was III*rated three day* alter by an order of the President, t ut was again put In prison and maltreated hj the po lice All the pe< pie In Mexico ware indignant at the barbarous pram > ding*. fir Go * Fed rata, who was one of the most distin finished uien in the republic, and occupied the highest r ffc, ? died In bis lien, on the l?th of May Five French smugglers had a fight in MsUm-raa with the smpfeyf* >4 the custom house A pistol was Scud, and a man was shot dead The force arrived immediately, ai d the rmuggier* had been arrested The erection of a Fr nch theatre, at Mexico, has bean aloud' n> d The Indian* of Amanda on the 9th nit . had taken ?p aims and besieged the eountry house of TVnquiwpan, tu ar I halco. poisossed by the famdy of Villa i'rrutia The iahatitsnts defended themselvea with bravery, *->me ss ldi< r* srrlvsd to their help, and ? graee conflict en sus d, in which ii-'i Irdian* ws re nts'le peissmcra At tha first news of tbt* struggle. Uensral Oaieh 1 n.l- sent a "?tnpany ? f eavslry. which arrieed after the alUir was fin * t.'d; the tied The two fnurds lets of f> ur Ffeiiehnp n at t.ista Rime# hadtein tried and sentenced to dast) The names of these unfttfuaate ImkIiBsII are not known A single passport. wltb the aant- nt Jwaa Bone was I und in lbs pi eket of one of U,e victims (ser.irml dc la Vega sailed from VeraCfM on the qh ult . fcf I'snii'ii hy where he will take the command of Ike forces of Yucatan The Indian* continued to trou h'e that Hat*, and ha?i attacked Basal* t.ut the gag fir' n repulsed them and kl led a great tutnlier fir fir* gertn Ovnllo* had been nominal- 1 Governor arf hbrt* of the State of Mlebmean tn eon*- ,'ieooe of the rem ruination i.f the Governor, /s?n Cs vallo* TT s anriivi rssry of the proclamation of the French republic wa* celelirated "O the 4tli V aj with th" greatest s< U lrntty. hy the Frenchmen rerdding In Mexico M e 1 jki e slsorvct ived the Jlrta lri>, f .iblishnd In Vera Crws. to tbi lid ult , bnt we cannot find la it aoy news of interest Vsinl Inls ' IT fi Mgefe Rarttan, Cnpt Charter t, iuntt arrived at rails' on the :?lh <4 April. from Valparaiso t" fi sfeamrr Jefferson Llent Mtrrray fr,.m lhi.ed-4 |hie b'ar-hp for Fan Fwnateen. aril is d at Kio Janeiro . A i ril Jb, and sa..< d on the Willi for deetinaln-o via Mon I Uvids' and Pacific pott# Bmpertor (curt. Irs, J? ffri St JnKn and rthart rt Ms . 1 mrrt -sr. bfo V,rr aid Marin, /cewveecs (am[amy ?This ease which elr?ad> tern ri"f:re?l waa an action for 91.017 50, I :of? rest from llth May. HfiO. the amonntof > p? ?f ii-i retire on flxtriC#. ni" IdBe-y enntaln*4 ? I i building# lite 6 a no 1 llsgus dns-t Tlie !<*** i rr?d at U,. time of ths ?'<?? exptwton i? tl*g?e ist. m 'he 4th F?hmar>. 1*40 The d f ndaoU i(h4 tilt He I'as wa* r.cca-ionesl *4 .|? hj the r I hi'act if t lie ss iirsd acd th.-t ' n of the pi.In '*.! "111 ? I ;;>r to ho hsated 'o *u? ? a teg* ih ,b i'fi is rt ei r.??' tw ally eo%Hfred Ihi* Hie ,1. ten "t?lh -<d Tile lf?w Female Odtuu, Ac. MRS. E. DARE'S SMITH'S LECTURE. Last evening. Mrs Smith gave a public lecture on dres. and iu relation*, both hygienic and social. with reference to the present anil future fashions, at llope Chapel Broadway There was a very large aud fashion able audience; indeed the lecture room was filled to it* utmost extent Mr*. Suiith. after making nemo pre liminary remarks, raid that ladies should, at least, coh sult their comfort and health?that one caunot exist without the other?but at present woman was the creature of sunshine, and she sacrificed all to prevail ing fashions and conventional forms We understood her then to say. that there was philosophy iu drc is as in all other things; and that It should be observedc<bat the dress now coming into use was adapted to all kTAXs of weather, and It was especially adapted to out-door purposes; but, said she. let my sisters, by all means, preterve the long robe for parlor purposes ; for the sake, however, of their comfort, and for the sake of huuiauity, let thi m adopt the new style. In articles of dress, It is time thut women should begin to disenthral themselves front vulgar customs and think for themselves, at least in artieles of dress, and consult their own comfort and happiness, and. 1 may say, the happiness of those who come after them even though they should, for the pro sent, be sneered at by the press Tho costume now being introduce d is adapted to our institutions. " Why should we." ,-uid Mrs. smith, " care for what is worn in pro fligate courts? We should seek for what is health ful, aud what will contribute to our comfort, aud auopt it We, the daughters of this republic, why should we be the slaves of foreigu fasliiousf (Applause.) Let us come near to something lint will ci ntrll ute to our comfort and health It would be curioui (.-aid she; to investigate the laws whieh have precluded women trom assuming the mauiy costume, but. perhaps, it would be found to arise from the differ ent organization of the sexes Here she a 1 milted that there should always be u distinctive character in the cos tume of the sexes. She then weut uu to describe the various fashion* of different ages, and th 'ir ine >nvo nience and danger to h-ultb But you. said she. address ing herself to ti e ladies, have no right to destroy Hod's handiwork It was a duty tiny owed not ouly to them selves. but to their posterity, to adopt whatever gave the flr*e?taction to their 1-uibs. As yet we are theslivesof fa-bion aud custi in, which was iu some m -asure to be at trituti d to uiiiiners and tailors. We must (.aid *li?) buvea dresM easy of adjustment. Such a oue as a lady can put 011 without calling in the assistance of her u? igbbors. Mrs 81111th then recommended the Kmuch hut and Turkish trow.-ers. but not so sh >rt as t ) Lraos | form a winiaii inti a Figurante. Over this robe a Grecian jacket, which may l*i auapted to tho^tst ? and wealth of the weanr. Sueii a dress would give grace and elegance to the person, uml she who wears it would walk with more ease aud breathe freer. I'ublic opinion was iu favor of them, aud they should take advantage of it. Sirs. Muilb was loudly applauded during the delivery of seve

ral passages of her address. City Intelligence. Pali- ok Jkm?v Linu Tickkts -Yesterday morning. the auction rule of ticket* for Jenny hind's last concert In this city, orat least what is announced to be her last, , ci iuuh liccd in Castle Harden at 10 o clock, and com I tinued. without intermi-sion. till within a few minutes.d four in the afternoon. The place was thronged people during the whole time the sale was going on. Oaatle Cardan contains in all 6.1. >1 wale 1J0 of which wcr. reserved for the representative* of the press and t he Itanium r. liuue. The remaining 4 861 were all told, the pieiniuu.H varying at every imaginable rate, from *- -> down to 12*a cent? Only three or four seats went as hiitli as the above maximum over the prim iry price; and not more than a doreii commanded two dollars premium. Taking the average rate to lei $1 12,S. which is a fair me dium the net amount of premiums reullted by yesterday * sale will be f>6,470. A very large pr< portion of the middle and lower price tickets were bought up by speculators, and S. vera 1 individuals purchased as many as eighty , a hundred, aud in some instance* one hundred and mty. no d< ubt with the expectation that the Jenny hind f? ?? r will wite upon the community to-d-ty. Ma.oi.ic Orricia. ?The following aw the officer* elected by the (Iraiid Lodge of free and Accepted Masons of the state of New York, at the Coliseum, this evening : M \v O: ear Coles, Grand Master; H W Ncl.ou Ran dall Deputy Orand Master; K IV Dsn 8 W right, Senior Grand W arden; It W W illiam Holmes. JumorGraud VVar- i d. n It w .'as W I'owell. M I) . Grand Secretary; Ue- ; r?rd'usB< yce. Grand Treasurer; R IV and Iter Salem Town Grand Chaplain; W P II. Van Sice. Grand 1 ur suivant , W. Sewull Eisk, Grand Tiler. New York Yacht Clvb?Avxi vl Rio ctti ?Thc an nual regatta of this club came off yesterday, at llobokgn The day was Very pleasant, with a slight breele. and the scene presented an animated and nleusing appearance The following yachts Were eutered to contest for the annual piece of plate, worth J AYO -The Cornelia. Mr. Edgar, owner; Utra Mr Millet, of Newburgli; 1 na. Mr Watertury audtbe Sport Mr Krrris TCie course sailed over commenced opposite the Yacht (Tub House. Elysutn Eields round the buoy on the southwest spit, aud back. The start was effected shortly before ten o Mock, the 8p< rt taking the lend, followed by the I lira. I na and Cornelia, in the order named. The yacht Msria. Com modore Stevens, followed about half an hour after the Corn, lia started, but was not entered for the contest. . After a most spirited contest, the yacht* returned at seven o'cbaik. in the following order.?Cua. tlrst; Utra, second; and the Sport. thirl; the tna having proved In rs*lf an exceedingly fast sailer The steambmt St Niched AS with the members and ladle* on board, accom panied the yachts. The lloboken Klot. Ft RTHER EXAMINATION OK PRISONS** BEFOEE | jrtmcs kidney. At 4 o'clock, yesterday afternoon. Justice Kidney opened his court for the further examination ? , l'apst, I'hillp Sorg. Pamuel I.ibeek. I hllip Kei-llt. an 1 Carrier finger. on motion ut counsel, Jacob 1 apst and Philip Sorg were fully discharged and tlietr bail ri-l-ased from further responsibility The examination <*G*q>*r ? finger was then taken, who said tliat he ari Ived at Ho hoken at lialf pest three O'clock on the day of the riot, and went directly to the festival, where he remained l about one hour and a half, saw no disturbance on tue festival ground, when returning to the ferry, he was ar rested about one hundred and fifty yard* fmrn Baumer * hoti-r did fc?t interfere with auy one until he wa* aeised, was niouc at the time, was tirst kmwkad down with a club by s person who cumr up behind him; Then were from fifteen to twenty person* attacking him one of whom wa- in his shirt sleeves and had no shoes on; one of the others had his shirt nearly ton off, they all looked like loafer. About teu minute, tube out ntly. h. had sufrtclentJy jwov. red. he started for the fbrry, wher. h. was eelxelaud taken to the magis tral*'* office. and fiom thence m nt to prison. ?eh?l l,t i a in this country only about two weeks, nod has a wife and four chlldrs n N. A. Chedsey. Esq . tl.slr ?oun set then moved the discharge of the remaining prisoners, first, on ibe gr-.un l that there was not -ufflcientevidence to detain them. aDd secondly, that subpoma* hud b-?n Issued to compel the attendance of accuser*. who were not to be found within the BtaUv The motion was denied for the pre?nt; but a further bearing granted on f.tnrdsv next at 10 o'clock, when several wllo-sac* re siding st lloboken. will be required to attend, and thetr ! affidavit* taken with a view toappreheud those who engaged In the Illegal arrests Tnlted States ComnsteeliMier'e Office. *BU?TlNO T1IK t'NITED STATES At;THOftl TIES. Before Joseph Pridgham, E-q. J i * i i?Tht Vmtrd Statu rs Mirk?I U B<r. Jfsvtrr ?/ lit h-ruh Brit iaais#.?O inpUtnt ft obstructing I otted Plate* ? Crer* in the service end eieeutl -n cf proese# scslnst the Frvuch brig 1/oulse. . . . After a b ug investigation of this complaint, which oc ruo .d three days. U.e exaiulnatlon wa* closed. Mr. lame* Kidgway conducted the prosecution for the go v*M.mect ** T.U> u appeared as coon-el for the captain ADd t tie ( omul Gem ralof France, introducing the writ ten .tat. au nt if the defendant, aud the protest of | the IN nsul-Geiteral. to the arrest and all subsequent pro "VhTteeU are. that Charl.* A witn. D.jn>ty Mar-hal and I'eter l ook, were deputised hfthelaltei j Mai.; Marshal as officers, to attach th.* brig and Cook ? a.vlaced on board as Captain Lc Her for ett ly - anted the br.g from the wharf where she Uy. ?'* Wilh.tar.du g Cook ? own remon trance*, tho.s of an ln U rrri t 'r h. Ud employed to explain, aud l" A.I..W. . !? rt.ek The same afternoon, toward* night, KakU I. will and Cook went on board with a steamboat, *"d w?? repulsed by the captain, who presented two JJt?nd threatened to .boot them if they attempted tn I?*rd ItAkislewits than returned; and at nsar mid ntcl.t acci intituled M.esr' Taliuiaitge. Thomp-oii. an Pnt. ri reter aud ? ther*. on I. wrd Tuey l- w.rere .oi.u the csptain threatening to shoot th m | t?? m if tVet I ffered to take hi. V. et back to the wharf, and snapping hlm-if ?? a Trcoeu Hag. u?ed vbdei* lau "tC ^^taSrU^Ud that he considered the dspu J lati n >i dorscd in th- -anginal proc. -s i*-u."l oi of th. I, ,t,t. t ( ourt. legal, although U.l* wa. a uit-rtloa whirh ?. ul 're properly be determined by a higher tribunal. 7;*L J Ibe monition la regular; It I* in | I ru. Mtneil by the clerk au l bem-tng th? r un T? . evidence that the officers.w'-re resided In lb. b ? si i ecutlon of proc-s* of court 1* fully ?uet dn.-d, | and ti e r .uotb i, to I- drh ?.lined is. whether Urn u" . , pt l it oflU ial authority. U-e nature of the ,.ro ce. d j wrri aohfwoght home to the defendant a to . renduT him liable f.7? Rtu wlngly and wUru"'/'^r"rt /{ th. ef,leers within the meaning and Intent of tha net It vroupl l.atdly mho practicable that the officer* In r? of pn erf* should b- compelled te explain It 'a d. tall The nature of the action l? onlv generally set forth in ?he I nflkm and the u-rwh.1 htm- If Is frequently un Aouesintid with the deUtl* if Ibe *uit . ^ evidence in the ra~ I- Umt Mf Cook the ^lp- | keep.. .In wed the aaptnln the procw- and the nam vs .|f the t srties end t'4d hun that hU vesselI wa* attached by . thl I i.lted Btnte* Mar-hsi that he aft-rw? open d *,,tried ft to the Interpreter Bono the tnteiywter, tctlfl. d that he stated to the captain, tn krencb thit - ( .* k wa. an offic. r, and hail got a warrant ??* ?*t the ! v.seel for ded.t " Mr Backletewlta. deputy marshal, taa to IhTViiet of having showed ^7^:,,^.^ U.e process end hating made ev.-ry effort to exj.l ilni tl .m t v words and signs 11* further tedincl that he ?.? al le to undsrstand gen. rally what the rapUJn ^Id^ that he ttbe cat,tain) sarg out to hun hold on, ^ "U ia d'nbroien English ' mft ^ row no +'? *? it" 'he French l onsul ' That the*1 t? hlnitohl?pvt*wt uoder^UnJlng. that he lisdb't a Ut. tha. Ue of hi. rrew bed run; Mist 11 ?a- aftaid it h" came alongs.dethw renmigh' sr., that l.< 4*d paid his men Ac Heb^f. th. 'ae-"" ' Interpret, r ?w? r h. t-4d th.'captain In French th^ tha M.rebel werrart f ibe i nitel Ata's- t ourtsfaln t ?m ?nd Ida V. is. I. and that Mr T dimedge -h-rwe l tha to tl.e r w 'a'n ffr?cy . ff-rt se-ntedI to h Wet. wai'al y r -r fr- m lb- ie. I.p.1 n T tieIf f. id'V at f, or ? VI ik,.n th' afiefooou ' f 1 rid ij on ?' ti'ifxt i M. / to kdvl'e th. ivpalnof the true na Circuit Court. Before lion Judge Edwards. BREACH OF PJIO.M1SE OF MAKRIAUI?THE VALVE OF A Ifl'SHAltD. Jl'NE 4?Mary Ki/71 r? Milrt Smith?Tlie parties In thin caw are people of color, anil It appeared from the atatenienl of Mr Wilkes. the plaintiff's counsel, that the defendant hud become the uuitor of the plaintiff, and under the promise of marriage had effected her seduc tion. lie promised the mother of the plaintiff, on hur death-bed. that he would tnarry her daughter, and he was consequently permitted to take her to church every funds) as a recognised suitor Mary Kipp. senior, (colored woman.) deposed that Mary Kipp, the plaintiff is her granddaughter ; she is 24 or 26 yefers of age ; she has lieed with witness since she was botu; knows Miles Smith, the defeuduut; became ac quainted with him about five years ago ; lie h is visited at her house; sometimes twicu a week, nud latterly lie came almost every night; iny granddaughter lirst lutro Tluoed him to me on a funday evening; they frequently went to church together ; .Mary's mother died in Janu uary. but 1 cannot say how many years ug->; the plain tiff and the defendant were present at her death ; before she died, she asked Mr Smilh if he was not going to marry Mary, and said that she would make him a good wife; he umwered that he would marry her and take care of Mary and no-, Mary said something, but 1 could not understand what it was; the mother died shortly after; fmith continued to visit Mary until April a year ago; he told me lie would marry Mary and nob-sly else, but that he could not marry her then because he was a little encumbered ; he raid he would marry tier within u yeur; 1 asked him if he would come to my house, au-1 he said lie would, on Friday evening if ho was alivo ; 1 said. 1 do not want you if you ure dead (laughter) ; uiy granddaughter was pregnant at the l:ui". ami 1 sail that a year would he too long to wait, as her child would walk uud talk by Iliat time. [The last answer was ob ject! d to by defendant's cuuueel ami ruled out ] Mr. fniilh did not come 011 Friday, but h<- came on the fun day after, and said lie would marry Mary on the follow ing Monday ; he did not come to uiarry herns he pro mised. nor has he visited my house since. Mi. Dresser <1<posed, that he, as the lawyer of the de fendant. was deputed by liiui to go to tile- house of the plaintiff and declare that lie would not marry her then or at auy future time. < cun?cl for defendant moved for a nonsuit, which was denied. Mr Schoales summed up for the plaintiff, and the Judge eharged the jury, lie said the plaintiff was entitled to damages, but it was fur tlitm to estimate what the amount should be Joss: 6.?The jury rendered a sealed verdict this nioriilr g of f.1 noi) tor the pluintiff A slay of proceed ing* was applii d for and grouted, and tweuty days al lows d to mak- a hill of excel lions. [Tin- defendant w is a potter at the Howard liou.-e. wln-re he made a g -od deal of money and it is said lias become possessed of some house property.) Vliltcd Sin tea Marshal'* Office. Jim 6.? Charge ij Cuwtterjciting.?John Frice and Frith rick Frank were arrested 011 a charge of counter feiting dimes and haif dunes. Committed for examina tion. Court Calendar Till* Day. Common Pleas.?Nor. 361, 421, 631, 630. o37, 639, 540, 541, 542. Burcaion Ooi'HT.? Nos. 31. ISO, 197, 378, 379. 380,381. 384. 385, 388. 31.0, 314. 390. -J 1. 7. 3. 276. 2>S. 3.-8. 400, 401, 409, 210, 217, 240, 283, 347, 233, 236. 160. 362, 280. 110, 42. 16. Cnu 1 it Colkt.?Nos. 471, 390, 476, 79, 479, 481, 482, 87, 483 to 488. Mull* for 1611 rope. The American mail stesiusbip Baltic, Capt. Corn-dock, will leave this port at noon to-morrow,for Liverpool, ller mails will close at half-past 10 o'clock in the merit irg. The Weekly Hkhald will he paM!shed at half-past 9 o'clock. Niw York Laundry, IN Spruce street, near Nassau?To New Skirt Dealers, families. Hotels, Single Gtuili, Ac.. A ?Tlie above Laundry, tbe most exten sive in tlie I nited States, has been perfected at great ex beat*. aadcaassa|i?ti408Aoaaa piwii at hail pw iur. New 81-irts. in say quantity and every style, done tip for toe trad-,( w liolesale dealers uu-l Broadway stores,) promptly and lu the \ery Lest style. Collars ironed in Troy style. Family clothes purely washed, clearly star- lied, ami ' le ys ally ironed at n few hours notice, wuen required. Wash ing and rough drying at two shillings p.-r dosen pieces, tor those wishing to iron at home. Shrinking ot ail labrlcs tor mert bant tailors, clothiers. A. -,-,, at the shortest notioe. Tliis Laundry combines the following advantages, uniting economy, comfort and despatch ?I. Travellers, an-1 those leaving ttie city in haste can have their clothes washed and ironed in thet-st manner, within three hours. 2. No uiatr rial Is Held in ti e Washing Department hut pure olive oil soap and filtered Creti-n water. Guitlcruen s shirts are done R|> equal to new shirts ou sale. Gentlemen s collars ironed in Troy styie. Light colored pantaloons an-1 vests elegantly ironed and polished. 3. Articles washed here wear longer, as thty are carelully handled, aud all use oftha washboard and wriuging by band entirely avoided. 4. La dies' dresses and all tine article* done up by an experienced French laundress A. Mains, ink spots, and mildew removed. 4. The shirt han-is (tor starch bodies, Broadway tuff other work) ar? of the 1 ret. 7- All articles cnlUetod aud returned by wagon, carefully protected, free of charge. Apply or send by mail to N. V. Laundry, 18 Spruee street. Jenny Unit's Last Concert In New York? The office at Castle Garden will be open at eight o'clock, this morning, for the sal* of a number of choice teats. Friday, June 6. Green Turtle at Bayard'*, No. Iff Mtatc stri ? t to day. P--up at six s> tilings per quart: supplied to families, and sent to any part of New York aud Brooklyn. I'ETEK M. BAVAKIr. N.B.?Soup served at all honrt of the day and evening. John Kerne, Auctioneer?Lyman At Haw doa. successor* to Cooley It k**M, will sell at their sales room, .'<77 and 37'.* Broadway, corner of White strwrt, this Friday uioiiiinc, June 6th. at 11 ? clo- k, a large aad general ass- rtmrnt of Household Furniture, embracing a line 1'iaaa orte. Bofas, Ottomans, Ingrain Carpeting*, sets of China. Glass and Britannia Ware, Oil I'atatinge, Engravings. Ito . being the property of the late Charles Stewart, tbeeclebra Ud caterer. Mr. Sutler's Bagurrrrolypes In Oil?Spe cimen* of thia sew and interesting discovery can be even at tbe 1'lumbe National Gallery, No. 261 Broadway. Knmmrr Styles of Eloeky NonnUln Drub Beavers, I'tBiBM, Leghorns, and ivtrnw llat*. Esamine the splendid assortment of W. P. DATir?, SU1 Broadway, ae conu door from Duane street. Those who wish to have their tastes suited would do wtll to call. Mcmllo Sllwer Bravrr.-If you wish to look well aad reel comfortable, m to Moallo, hatter, did llrotdway, and buy owe of his beautiful Hilvrr Beaver lists. Be also has a splendid stock uf summer straw roods. I'ana uias, Lent urn aad Straw llata. ME A LIU, dlo Broadway. I.ndlce' Short Drrssra anil Knox's Summer Hsu ?The two most excitinr topics of the day. Relative to the former, public opinion is divided; but roni eraing tke lat ter, the uuanimnns verdict af all man an.l womankind is, that a mora atyliah, becoming. seasonable Hat was aeeer cianufaotured. The naaie nf the Hooky Mountain Bearer rieee but a faint idee of its coolness, lirhtnuss and Iteauty. ?ad no one can Imagint its attractive ijuahtUs without rail lay oa k Nol, at lif. f ulton street, auu exsuiumg the "llat ofthe season. Kin Ity Mountain Drab lleavers, Panama, I.rybi rn i Dd Straw Hats. Hummer Styles.?One of the most eit> nslve assortments of Hummer flats ever exhibited in any store Id tbis city, can be found at BA NTA'H. 1<*. Canal, cor ner of S'ooetcr street. Bunta'e Drab B' avers sr.- truly gxin iar an eniiabla popularity on a> count of their lightness, beautiful appearance, and the eas< aad comfort they to the wearer in thin bet nnd oppreesiec weather. Ddnln'a Warm Weather Stork.?The sea. soa so resets the aeceeeity for e light hat. Erge. It ie net out of mason to sweeaet lbst at Oenla's, 21 d Broad* ay, tnere Is a st?< k of summer Hats, comprehending everything in the trade la this I renc-h nf art, besides several ori,.iasl I ashioas peculiarly his own. The Ounin Korky Mountain llcaeer (fnr many yeare a favotlte) of thia aeaena. ia the most elegant snd ilaahiag afair hebaseter brought oat. The foil..wing list givea some idea of the < strut of bis assortment, although it does not by any means include the whole.?Bocky M >un talm Cillery Heaver. Shite Brnsh, Hllver Brush, French tirey Heaver, rreneii felt (wl.ite and drab), Huow alnte Panama Leghorn, DuastsMe, Diamond Braid, Rice Hirer, China Pearl. Those are nil or nearly all modelled alter Oenla's derirne; but as he recognises the right ef 'everybody to 1? original, hie workmen are at all timet prepared to es tate nay designs which at; ie tup w eed elegant or becoming. CLNIN, Sid Brwudway, opposite St. Paul's. An rlegnnt fit la aadralrnblc In it ahlrt main nay ether article of drees, snd aothitg ran he more beautiful than the net and (tile of the eliirte made at tircen'r cele brated furnishing eetat li?buieat. No. 1 Astot Uogae. Every article that leaves the Store li wirrseted te At, aed gentle men giving their orders there may Depend npoa receiving the ggrmi ate exactly at the time agr> ed upon, however short the notice. "On In."?Tbla la a fnvnvltr rtprrtilon nf the day, sltkough it probably originated from M-n and kia clan. How, the >erm it considered tppreprists, even among tie upper ten; bet rertainly among no ilas? of pe .pie eo mm h ts anioeg thoee rers ns who stand ia tke str> et o| pn site E A. P"tefsoB'g, it' < anal strict. end rurvey tlie beun tilol t arpets, Raga. aed Oil Cloths, which ar. hnng cut there. All thoee who etc these artielci ere pretty sure te "Do ia." Roetfa, Shoes, and UalDri, at Jonet'e, 14 Ann street. That is the beet place te gi t geod Ihoe leather cheap. I'lette call and est miae these. Pa rebate where y.ur Judgment dictates. Remember JUJISS, 14 Ana ? treet, near tke Mueeem. Ptnwa Dealer* arc rrepeelfdlly ItiTlled fa essrniue our etech ef unequalled assortment ef Stoves. M a have Inst got out a now Air tight Codklkg for ISSlt thl Odd fkllow. Aleo els sties oi summer furnaces, which oa* be eaed with er without an urn the only thing of the kind ia market AMENuROTH. BRiiTIf kRS. tl? Bookman et Witt I a" Nervous Antlrlote? Ikrin'trltsmbt nny laager?Jest spend en boar at tke Doctor ? reeidoaoe. 424 (ireenwich street, and ee? and hear for eoareelree Tlio poof aill all be eared of the wont di-??*ea en 2 e'.n"impUen while lbs rrek are thinking ahont it. It ia rmettlvely working wonders. Twenty sue thirty a day are relieved of the woret dlteaeea. Depot KM N ansae (treat. Tlinnlaf'n Rmlpbur Umbo, Ml Pearl street, opposite the Hospital, < stabilities lu I -A', by Loais I. Timo let, from I'aris, for the care of rhcnmailams. rolds, erup tions ef the -kin. fte. This is t, a first established end ouly gonalno halpbnr Bath In this city; M " refer tu Pes. t she, tine Matt, Veebe. Itoatwlek, RtSfsf, Kisenm, Bud the princi pal pi gin leas ia tble city. Cor.queting *nd to ( osiqmcr.?If anjs fart mors eeweleatve than another Wets wanting te prove th? taperi'cKy t>f Motiv e eel< krated Electric Ueir Dye, it wuaid le ihst I f its rspid oils, trebliag ee cry meusk, and etill oa the in> mate in public estimation. Ire effect en th" heir is magteel and truly astoaieking, and It has only to be trdau to profit) ouperi'dity over al'? there. This, with tlogle's Iti peru.ii Plaid, and ether preparation*, tany l-e bad I A. li. It I) Hands, I'D Paltoa dtriet; Knsl.toa, Clark It Co . !,"l lirotdw at i (. ary ft Po., and BrkMnmA Day, Penrl strict, Hie Vera, bad by tha druggists generally. OotarvttirTg IJqnl'l Helrllfeliittgntlf won' rerts red or grsrhair to blown er Mack. Oewrwtd't Italian Hedli atod sp cures tan. ptuTt!?v, freekl-s, enip" me. i ts, Ocirrsnd'a roadiefnhtllo efedifttc* hair from upper ling fb'e rr any psrtcf the hody? warranted, fio.riul'i 1,1 gnidl Binge. foe pair llpa and ehoeks; l.ilr Wt? i ?. li t r Rn fwidlltr. ffta are ell found el Dr. 1 PrJT fi'if'R t fflrf eld . tab'Dr.oe 1 al r it<>ry. f7 R'o.'car stfv't, flrtt rtnto Torn tr> OeMeadr " H uth II ird ?'.rent, Phlladelp. ia lliteve Hotter. Ildtafntt, Oi I. 1.1, Ik'W ?f! sr ? r ? I Micro pd ?; VI. brr t . .I t Mr t-.? '? . . i I Ti t 1.11 r and Wao'iBithw' a. |.r ?l< I a, trj. I, I II R M II Vtll The Marling* Almanac la naw for aaic In' America ?It la entirely uew, and mIU ? stomively la Eu* laud and (.tsrmany. liy tlx pureliaaa uf lliii work, a great, deal of money may l? raved, aid a great deal of anaiaty ' done away with. FrioeAO erata tent by mail. 8CHLOSS ft CO, 102 Naasau street. Hair Dye and llaU-ltelor'a Liquid? liair l>ye, eAlt'l,rated in all parti ??! kurop-t and America, established and in seccessfuI operatien for the laat twelve yeara ia the heat hair dye in the world. It in applied, or sold' wboleaale and retail, at llatc'clur's Win factory, 4 Well street, and at all drug;uts and perfuuerici in town aero* country. Oxygenated Kilter*?Title medicine is ia scieutittv remedy for Hyrpep ia in all ita forma, and not de signed for a couimou beverage. When taken according t. directions, it give* immediate relief, and in most caeca effects a permaneat cure. For rale by A. U. ft 1). San la, 100 Fatten a treat: A. l?. Stovill ft Co.. Sid, and C. II. King, 192 Broad way; J. ft I. Coddiugton, 3-13 Hudson etrcet and 715 Broad way; E. Id. Quioa. 127 Bowery, corner of (Irani street; Ual',. Ruckle ft Co., 2ns (Irernwioh airect: and by Druggists genu rally in the LnitedStatee and Canada. MONKYMARKET. Thi'Hrhay. Juno 5?6 P . ki Tl.r stock market trai unusually active this morning r and print-r for all th<> loading fancies improved a fraction At the first buurd Kilo Railroad advanced 1 peroral; Now Jersey Exploring acid Mining Co. 1; Reading, 1; Hp ilea . ,',;L'.8. B'r, 1807, ,'a; Ohio O'l, *4; Indiana 5's, \ and Er: Bonds, 1859, ,'4. Reading Railroad was particularly active, anil the sales rum up more than four thousand sharer. Harlem was in demand, but there w?- wry little stock offering The increase in eurnings. this month, has astonished the most sanguine friends of the load, and con linns everything we have said in relation to lto | roduc? tiveness and prospects. Norwich und Worcester im_ proved slightly to-day. but the transactions were limited, it is our impression that we are about entering upon s speculative movement of considerable importaaoe. It i> Impossible to the iiittuenae of such large receipts of gi ld dust from California. Such an aaevssiou to our nietalic currency roust have a favorable effect on price of every ip. cies of | n p.-rty, and give a great impetus t' financial opi rations of ail kind. Five millions of gold dust per mouth, i, no small item; and if uu expansion it credits and in prices does not go hand in hand, with# such an increase in our supply of gold, it will be some thing unusual The receipts ut tin office of the Assistant-Treasurer oi this port, to-day. uuiounted to $113,000; payments. J3c, oti5 14-?balance, 7 - - 0 7 H 10. The receipts of the New York nud Harlem Railroad Company , in eucli of the first five months of the i?ast four years, were as anm xi d:? Ni w Yoiik am IIarlxh to. 1.-1 -. IMS. 1*5". I V,1. I uTs,1 re. January $21 .331 27 7.10 31,511 41,.ml $?,!? s> February l'J,el2 2s,8lrt 29,38(1 57, IOI 7,713 March 2'.172 30.1113 32,lssl 42,(115 ?,!??!> Apr.l 23,4:31 33,(rj; 89,373 43.elU 10,27. May 23 470 .V>,.'>73 44, HO 6.S.IW3 13,309 I'll. 212 177.414 228,874 51,lis The increase thus far. is upwards of fifty thousand dol lars. e,jual to ab< u' thirty per cent. The increase in May this year, is much greater than expected. It wil, he still greater in June aud July ; with the extension 07 twenty-two miles, it will be more than fitly per cent. The earnings of the New York and New Uaveu llall rcad in May. show a continuation of the large tr.ifK> which has flowed over that road during the year. To receipts were as annexed :? N'sw Youk a.vd New Have* Hunom Passengers $5t.971 TO Freight 8,000 00 Total $39,971 70 raid Harlem road lor 40 407 passengers 4.102 OS Net receipts $55,800 02 May, IsftO 28.470 55 Inertase in 1850 (marly) 50 per cent... $17 398 47 This is in excesa of (be Harlem. Railroads, in every part of the country are doing an enorm "is amount ol business, and their dividends, this year, mu-t be conside rably larger tban those of 18#,U. The receipts of the Long Island Railroad Company for May. 1851. amounted to $15 147 64, again-t $14,197 62 for the corresponding mouth iu 1850. showing an lncrcase of $960 41 for the month this year It Is sta'sd that the freight business during tbe past season has been restricted by the bad condition of tbe Jamaica road, and the inter ruption to trains by making repairs. Tbe movements of rpecie at the port of B iston for the month of May, aud lor th? year 1831, were as annexed :? Ikiruait am, Exruais ok 8riu ??:?l'our ci? Boston. inissts. Frcm Liverpool $79,880 00 Russia 4 8.TJ 0O British provinces 1,283 00 Total for May $80,055 00 Since Jan 1 221,144 90 Total for 1861 $309 190 Ot) KtrOKTI. To Liverpool $101/*00 00 Kast Indies 111.100 Ot) South Auierisa 8 044 00 RioJaoeiro a 1.415 00 West Indies 7 000 00 llayti 2.300 00 Halifax 292119 00 Tttal for May $109,738 00 Since Jan 1 419.788 2 - Total f< r 1851 $.>89,546 25 Deducting the importations from the exportation* nod th? balance against u? I* $280,547 25. This 1* moderate New York 1* the great importing and exporting port, and ever will be, both f?r bullion and merchandise. Counterfeit $5'* on the Watertown Dank and Loin Company, altered to $10'*, are in circulation. Th<yr are po well done a? to deceive those who are in the hvblt of handling daily a considerable amount of mocey. Tlx $5 bill* are unlike the 10'a, and with a little cart can easily be detected. The centre rigneltc of the genuine $10 bill* la a representation of the signing of the DecU - tton of Independence, while that on the altarwd bill* Is it. loccmotire and train of cars. On the right hand side ol tbe altered bills the tigure 6 I* erased and 10 substituted; and between the figures Is the portrait of a female, whl. h? in tbe genuine one* is La Fayette, tin the left, in plact ? of tbe 5. a railroad train la substituted. It la stated, in the I'itttkurfk (1 urtlt. that the Frank lin Company, which i* engaged in the construction of ?. railroad from the borough of Erin to tba OHo Kate line, ha* located ita r ad nfler a careful surrey, between Krb and the Ohio Una, that the right of way hae been obtain ed from the land-ownrra for seren-elghtha or more of tin whole distance, some paid for in rash, mum in agree ment* to be paid for when poeeesaion is taken, and toon * |U certlfli ale* of atnek In the company, issued and de livered; that a contract has been entered into with the Cleveland. Fainesrille and Ashtabula Railroad ? orapany, for a union of the two companies?on a four feet toe Inch gauge, the entire distance between Cleveland and F.rie, extensire and minute in ita details, highly ad ran tageous to the entire line, and mutually so to both com panic*, and contributing largely to the succeeaful pros, ration of the work, and bringing with It laportant ab\. and Influence for extensive W*<ern Interest*. In lie. csnbr last, the eni Ire division between llrle and tbi Ohio line waa put under contract, at rash pc'.eea, to re sponsible and energetic contractors who have See* pro scent ing the work with a* much rapidity *a aire urn stances would enable them to do, and who hare m*d> all their arrangements for a rigorous pr<*e<'jtlon of the rntire work; and from tbe arrangements which hare horn made. It is certain that the work wilt be completer and stocked, ready for active business, by the first of January next llmunds for the depots hare also beer |ur< based partly l<y payments in iu>>ney, aud partly b> the securities of the company. The rtceipt* at the Philadelphia office of the Columbia Railroad, Pennsylvania since May 50th. 1850 amounted to $178.WW 30. again-1 $152.0:18 09 fur tha eorresponding period the previous year; showing an increase of $2b,bit 21 this pear A return recently issued of the customs receipts and. shipping ef the several ports of Irelaml. during the last ten year*, conveys enroe Intereeting points of laf< rma'ior > regarding that country It appears that In the produc< cf customs duties there has been no sustained advance liming the entire (crind, the amount baring been ?2,lit Ml in 1841. and ?2 1(15 874 in 1856, The largest produce at any time in the ten years wnain 1847. when It rear bed ?2 485.np9. A-regards the entries and clear ance* of reeeeis at the various ports, there has beer, however, a remarkable lncrea*<?tbe total tonnage out ward* and towards, which waa 3,19.211 tons in 1841. hav ing risen to 828.1 IT tons In 1850. The year of famine first mused the great Increase and It has since besti kept tip by the constant emigration. The totals with respect to the csaating trade, -how an aggregate tonnage, our. and In. at 8.18I.M9 in 1M1 and of Jf05 ?2<i in 19.H4. The mints r f f resects registered as belonging to the serarak porta waa 1.669. with a capacity of 1A1.A>4 toon, at thee fimttimri meat of the period, and &3JI, with a eapeoitjr of 207 U82 tons, in 1850 kloi It Rrrhange. Jd'sw Okie d"?, '(V! ?(>?>4 .CO sbi Meritm git 7 ?"? 4? to IM', siai do klJ Jtri ?'*'? <fo f ft>*2 10 do 7*'| S.rro Frfc tm 97 t o Long lab. ad KR *?> 5t9 ?? t.ifl V7W tfltl da 21 '? ??<? rr> larcsie f>? , P?> vr-rets Can !"'? ;j || Ir.Sil r a - ts'c J's 8". , $50 I'lirfsman* i DD : tl.t Punk ''an. 19". l? Ro, ?> \ fyr Kit IM'i I do li'i, ,v? d> HI ' F nk North Am 18! . ??? Rea-lle.- Hit rlJrl St ,V>; Ft# 8 k *7 >isi da *? do bd Ft 9*41 du b".'4 jo u? 15 tl 8X4 da (Hpk

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