Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1851 Page 4
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Broadway?SaRiovi Family? o Toibaita BURTON'S THEATRE. Chambers ?tre?t-No Perforin NATIONAL THEATRE. Chatham ilrset?Dcmb Girl r Gt> 4-GiLiiAR0Y?Golden Axe. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BroAdwAy?Home Book or Bea t-rx ?David Corr> aki > li>. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, MechanioA' HaII, 472 Broad way? E THlort an FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, Fellow.' Muzical Hall, 0. 444 ?twadway? Ethiopian Mimtuelav. AMERICAN MUSEUM?Amv?in? Performance! Ar VBRNOON AND CvENINS. "double sheet.' New lurk, Saturday, June 7, 1831. New. front Europe. The American mail steamship Pacific, Capt. Nye, is due to- day, with three days later news from ?ur< pe. Telegraphic Summary. We learn by telegraph from Washington, that the receipts into the general Treasury, from cus toms, from luly, 1850, to May, 1851, amount to f7 ,730,57.1 ovoraud above the receipts for the cor responding months of the preceding fiscal year. This is a very good sign, and when taken in con gestion with the large receipts of gold dust fro California, which have, thus far, exceeded the esti mates, will help to increase the general prosperity ?f the country, if not to promote speculation, which to, perhaps, already rife enough. There is not any danger at present, however, of a blowup; but if we continue prospering for a year or two more, as we have for 1850, such a catastrophe may overtake as It is characteristic of the American people not to be satisfied with their condition, no matter how prosperous it may be. They still wish to go ahead; the more they accomplish, the more they want to accomplish. It appears that the jury in the case of iscott, who was indicted for aiding in rescuing the fugi tive slave Shudracb, in Boston, could not agree on the testimony sufficiently to find a verdict; but that there was no doubt among them respecting the constitutionality and propriety of the Fugitive Slave law. Jurymen ought to be thoroughly satisfied of the correctness of a verdict before toey agree to it. Another of the parties indicted fsr the same offence, will be put upon his trial on Monday next, to which day the matter was ad journ* d, in consequence of one of the jurors who Was summoned, having died suddenly. The holders of the go\eminent five per cent ?tock issued under the act of loth August, 18M>, are notified that the whole principal und interest will be redeemed on the ninth of August next. Those of our readers who are troubled with this kind ot stock, will be good enough to boar this in mind Pregrt.i of like Union .Movement North and Hoath?Cheering Sign.. In almost every part of the country there are the most gratifying indications of a reaction of public I ?pinion on the subject of the constitution and the j Union, and a return of the people to reason and | right on the subject of slavery This is maialy I ewmg to the noble stand taken by Messrs. Clay, 1 Cass, Webster, and others, and the support which those distinguished statesmen and patriots received from the Union press, headed by the Aiw York Jbrmld. Wc always thought that, sooner or later, reason and patriotism would triumph over fanaticism arid ffisanion; but wc arc surprised and astonished at the rapidity and force with which this wholesome re action is manifesting itself, at the >outh as well as at the North. In the former, the movement is headed by Georgia, which, at one time. *?< e?n aider*.<1 rather unsound on the subject of the Union, and manifests itself in the nomination, by the Union whig party, of the ilon. liowell Cobb, a Union democrat, for Governor. Georgia is one of the most powerful and prosperous of the Southern tHats*. and the influmce which it exerts over the j remainder is very great. Virginia is likewise sound, and so Is Tennessee, and Kentucky, and North Varolii a In fact, there is no serious talk of disunion in any Southern Bute but S.uth Caroli na, Mississippi, or Alabama; and even there, we sre induced to think, a change in public opinion on national matters is taking place. We witness the same gratifying spectacle in the j North and West. New il*mp?hire has, within a day or two, elected a Uniondemoerat to the Guber natorial chair Pennsylvania Is rapidly coming ?ut right; I onne* ti< ut is Sound ; the Northwest is nomid; and the only free States whose escutcheons remain tarnished are Ohio, New York, Yer- 1 mont, and Massachusetts, the people of which one it to themselves?to tbo Union?to the constitution ?to posterity?and to the reputation of their j ???nfry abroad, to follow tbe example of New Hampshire at one extreme ?f the I n'.on, and j Georgia and Louiflana near the other. ft is somewhat curious that this reaction in pub lie opinion, on the ilmery question, which we now witness with so much pleasure, was commenced, and is being followed up, in the {Southern ."Hates, by the old leaders of the whig party; end in the North by Ike great body of the old <ietn ocraey, w|)o are 1 n!on men to the core. This shows that, irrespective of party considerations, there is, at both tbe North and the South. an abiding lore of the Union, which we ho|?j will be eternal. Another blow in the free Mates, while the Iron is b >t. will demolish what remains of Sewardism, Van Buren i*m, abolitionism, and free soil non. Let it be given, next fall, in the great Stat; of New York. I^et Union men, of all parties, both whigs and demo crats, move at once, in one solid phalanx, t ome, ?ore! Jexrt Linn on Her Ows IIwk.-Wo have ?very reason to believe that Jenny Lind will ap;>ear in concerts, on her own hook, in a few week*, both here end elsewhere. Mie has two or three more to five. in connection with Barnum, in I'hilmielphia and Boston, and then she is free ?? air?separated from the elephants and Torn Thumb for ever. We always expected that she would revolt before the IflO nights could lie completed, and our predictions have been verified. She pays Bsrnum fttUkJOfbr breaking off at this time, and takes her chance for the future. Somehow we always come out right, Without prctei.ding to the revelations of tbe stars. Ji< .Jjceter klc k ngSj or othy immoralities Kirnrh Traveller* In the falttd State*? I Krnuli and Vinrrlvau Journalism. t'flute, 11 number jf travellers ami tou ists of the genus Trollop*, have coudcsccu led to Visit th<i United States, with the express purpose, nne is in duced to think, ot showing to the amid their own challow-putcdness, conceit, folly, and imbecility. It id really amusing to witness h>wr, w!n-n they cut loose from the lead ug-st rings of society in Europe and visit the I'uited .States?each carrying wiih hiui his own standard of what this country ought to b??these tourists flounder and get lost in the deep sea ou which they launched their tiny canoes, and the rilieulous, absurd, and nonsensical blunders into which they fall, it would appear never to have occurred to them that to he capable of judging of a foreign country, its institutions, so cial and political, and of properly understanding and appreciating the people umung whom he goes, the truveller, who is desirous of receiviug informa tion and of imparting it to others, must possess large and extended ideas, a comprehensive intel lect, and in feelings and affections bo a cosmopo lite, free from prejudices and preconceived notions of every description. Such a maa, to a very great degree, was De Toctjuev.lle, whose work, *-Demo craey in America," is one of the best, if not the best, on America and its institutions, ever published, and which will ficd a place in every valuuble li brary, while the hasty productions of Trilloppe, Alarryutt, Dickens, etl it omite genus, speedily find their way back to the paper mills. $uch a tourist as the latter stamp, is Mr. X. ; Murmier, who has recently writteu two volumes of " Lettres sur L'AmeriqtM," and who, we are gravely informed, is a " French gentleman who has devoted his life to travelling in foreign lands," but who, in our opinion, has done so to very little pur pose. In quoting from the work of M. Marmier, Blackwood"s Mugatine publishes, among other ex tracts, the following statement of his concerning the newspaper press of the United States, which is the only point in these so-called letters which we have either the leisure or the inclination to refer to. Here it is:? Ai> to the two thousand four hunlred newspapers of which the United states boast. a" a sign of the ditfusion of enlightenment, it U impossible. until one has held them in one'* hand, and read them with one's own eyes to form an idea of such a mass of personal diatribes, coatee chronicles, puerile anecdotes?of such a confused medley of politieal and commercial notices mingled with shopkeepers' pulls in prose uud vcr-e and -mothered in an ocean of advertisements. Nothing that you see in France eau give you an idea of these advertisements. They are a duily inventory of all imaginable merchan dise heaped up. fielr-mrlt. as in an immense arena?u re gister of ail the inventions possible, and of every eon ivahle trade ? * With the exception of ,ne New '?rleans Bee. and of the Courirr oj the United Statu, (both published in the French language.) I do not know an Ami rican paper?iiot even|tbe best of all. that of a distinguished poet Mr. llryant?which can be c -in pari d for the ordt r of its contents, and it general getting up. to the most uupretending of our provincial newspa pers As every considerable eity publishes at least a doien papers, and every little town two or three, the con sequence is. that none attain sufficient circulation to af ford lair remuneration to a body of able writers. Some are sustained by the funds of party men. whose organ? they are; and the majority exist only by the proceeds of their advertisements I This simple extract will convince oar readers of the j general character of this French tourist's book, or letters from America, and of the man's calibre. ' The idea of quoting the New Orleans Btv, (half French,) and the Courier of the United Sluice, (wholly French,) as the best newspapers in the country?the one not known beyond the locality where it is published, and the other a wishy-washy rehashed translation of what appears in the daily journals of New Y'ork?is supremely ridiculous. Lest, however, intelligent people in Furope should be deceived by the ignorant representations of this tourist, we shall bring a few figures to bear upon bis assertions, and by instituting a few comparisons, prove satisfactorily that so far from American journals being inferior to the provincial newspapers of France, one of them, at least, the AVtc York Hcruld, as a sample of the two thousand, is infinitely superior in every respect to the four leading paper? of France. We allude to the Journal di e 'Debute he Constitutionncl. Lt Sitrlt, and hi Putrit, all of which are published in Paris, and possess each a large circulation. One of our practical printers has directed a few hours to the task of forming a compn. rison between the quantity of all kinds of matter in thr Htruid, single sheet and double sheet, and the papers referred to, and here is the result:? Qiartitv oi M ittv-B. or Tvrr Svt re i* Ems I f CCSITITtTIOfllllL, MAT 8, 1851 Editorial. pica 21.200 Miscellaneous, small pira 61301 Advertisement*, long primer 16.160 Do, Knglish about 1.000 Do., Nonpareil 12.87o Total cms 102.124 LI iicclk. Aran. 23. 1851. Editorial pica 4.2C0 Miseellan>-< us. small pica *1.640 Advertisement* b-ng primer 28 700 Commercial, burgeolse 0.432 Total ems 110.872 JOt RIAL I>KS StfATI. mav 3, 1851. Editorial English aud pica M.A'iO i Debates, long primer Jo 331 j Adv. r11? uients English . .1 "00 Do.. 1-ong primer 8.1M Commercial, nonpareil 2.8UU Total ems 85 008 | I.A PATRIV, mat 0, 1851. Editorial English letter type 0 2V) | Miscellaneous pica type \ Political. >mail pica 47 .'??) | A ivsjti- m. nts etc b-ng primer 10 800 Commercial, nonpareil 8.2U0 Total ems N4M I tmv vi* v or a MrtARD. (*im.LC sunt, nvt 2, 1861 Editorial etc., nnnton 21.672 Politieal. etc . nonpareil 02.7J> Advertisements and ship news 87,508 Total ems 161 800 TMV *l v? inai NlliLS. 4|S0> RL? SNLrT.) St-** 3. 18.',1 Editorial foreign news, etc 103 wm Telsgraphic, rommerrtal. etc 80.872 Advertisement* and *hip news. 147.130 Total em* 341.806 The correctness of those tables cannot be disputed* and what do they prove ! They prove one fact, vii: that a single sheet Herald contain* near y double a* much reading matter of all kinds as ap pear* in !a Sirrlt, which is the largest of the French journal? referred to, and that the double sheet Herald contains nearly quadruple as much as any single Paris journal. Now, let us compare the price at which these papers are furnished respectively, with that charged fur the AW Ytwk Hirald:? Price of la Pa trie. per year. 48 frsor or 80 60 " l.e Pb els. " * 8 60 " la- C"n*titutb>nael. M 8 00 ?' Journal ,!<?* iH-bats. per year. 64 franc* or.. 12 60 '? New York ll< raid (single and d.ubiesheet) 7 25 According to these figures, therefore, the AVw York H<eatd single sheet contain* not only nearly twice as much matter as the lending papers of 1 ranee, but is published at, in three instances, V 35 less per year, and in the other, at f?> 55 less per year. Now, in regard to the quantity of the matter contained in the .V<tr York Hrral/I, we challenge comparison with any paper published in France or the continent of Furope generally, for variety, in. terest, style, reporting, and everything else that makes it interesting and valuable. Let u* institute a comparison respecting the energy 1 and enterprise displayed by the AVtc York He-raid , and those French journals, On an average, the Herald i? not sent to press without containing telegraphic news to the latest moment, from all points of this extensive country? embracing aggregate distances of ftren/y themeanel mdt* a morning, at an expense which onr French c ?temporaries would hardly credit. We shall give them an instance > f what we do on this side of the 1 Atlantic, in the way of procuring telegraphic intel ligence. Mr. Webster recently delivered a speech jn buffalo, a distance of upwards of six hundred miles from New York, which made more than four columns of the smallest type of our paper, and the words were barely cold before we published them, at an expense for telegraphing alone of fVO. or fw? thimeand wiwr hundred fmetre, The President's re cent tour through this ftsts, also received by tele graph, cost, in addition, nearly one thousand dol lars, or five thousand franc? ? In addition to this, we regidarly receive by telegraph Fiiropcnn lew* from Ifi.Hfnv, Nova f- otia. a di?tance of nearly, if j not quite, wight hand"d miles, once a week. t's g' thcrwltb a variety .,f ather niaf'eV fiyim other , point*, amounting, in the aggregate, to more than the telegraphic matter of all the paper* of the rent of the world combined. A* fur in our editorial* and corrtapundenoe are concerned, we ran compare tbeui with those of either the London or l'nris pre**, Botwithituu ng the ooiiteuipt with which they afi'eet to treat them. In regard to our rej^rt* of speeches, meeting*, c in vention*, u ml populur assemblages, we far excel the Paris journal*, aud successfully compete with those of London, Respecting the only remaining paint of interest connected with this inquiry?circulation ?there arc at least out huiulrol and sixty thots-onnl issues of newspapers published in New York every day, of which the Hn aUl issues one-fourth, which, in proportion U? our population of 800,000, is une qualled in any part of the world. i?o much, then, for M. X Maruiier's ''Ltttres sur I.'Anu-riyue," as far as the newspaper press of 'he United States is concerned. This "French gen tleman, who has devoted his life to truvclliug in foreign lands," is, to use a very homely but very appropriate term, a simpleton by his own showing. His book proves that his visit to the United States was a most unprofitable one; and if his travels in other lands were attended with no better results tbun those in this country, we should say that the more he travels, the more he gets out of his depth, and another visit here would muke him?what in deed we think he is already?a shallow, conceited, self-important coxcomb, with an empty head, but any quantity of hair and pretension. His not e.x ocfiung tiic iHtvMiug Post, which h< -ays i- the best paper in the country, and is edited by a distinguished poet, in his sweeping charge against the American press, (and which, by the way, is one of the few papers of this city which has little or no circulation,) shows what a profound observer he is. We would honestly recommend M. Maruiier to stop his tra vels, and never again attempt to write a book. He shows himself incapable of the work he has under- : taken, and proves most conclusively that the more some men travel, the more ignorant they become. Important Legal Proceedings?The Weub and Willis Case-The Forrest Case.?Report* of important legal proceedings will be found in an other part of our columns to-day. The firet relate to the Willi* and Webb case, which show that an order was issued in the suit commenced by Mr. and Mrs. Coddington, against Mr. Webb, for the reco very of certain letters retained by him contrary to right and to law. Mr. Webb did not attend the investigation yesterday before Judge ^andford, and the ;esult was, that after a lew remarks from coun sel, the Judge issued an order directing the delivery over of the letters to the parties entitled to them, and requiring Mr. Webb's attendance on a day de signated. Ry a continued refusal to the sum mons of the Court, the delinquent will subject him self to imprisonment for contempt. 1 he result w ill be knowu in a few days, when, perhaps, further and more important proceedings will be taken by the injured parties. Appended to the legal report will also be found a very interesting comwunicatioq on ? the subject from Mr. Webb himself, which has been inserted at his request, on our usual principle of jus- : tice and impartiality. It will speak tor itself. The other ease referred to, is that untortunate one which has agitated the courts and the public, for a length of time, between Mr. Forrest and his wife. It appears by the proceedings that Mr. tor rest has entered into an engagement to suspend all proceedings begun on his account in the courts of Pennsylvania, for the purpose of allowing Mrs. tor. | rest to procure evidence necessary to sas'.ain her side of the caie on the trial which may take place here next October. The affidavits submitted to the Cburt on both sides, make some singular addi. tional revelations, which will be noticed as they go along. From some cause or other, the counsel em ployed by Mr. Forrest seem not to be near so effi cient as those of Mrs. horrent, on the other side. The preseut position of this extraordinary case is decidedly in favor of Mrs. Forrest's policy and views?a result achieved principally by the dcx tcrity and skill of her counsel. Really, we begin to think it would he better for both parties Mr. tor rest on the one side, and Mrs. I orrest on the other to settle all the difficulties between them, if practi cable, on some sensible plan of compromise, and to dispense hereafter with lawy ers and their enormous fees. It is utterly impossible that the parties can again live together?there must he a final separation between them. The only question is, whether the wife shall receive a stated annuity or alimony, com. menruratc with the means of the husband, That might be determined by moderation and good sense on both sides.without lawyers, and without incurring enormous costs. Why not try it I Threatened Uevolition in Mexico. Tele graphic report* have intimated that evidences of a project for revolutionising Mexico are now on foot. That something unusual is going on in Mexico, we do not doubt. Our Paris correspondent announces the purchase, by Mexican officers, of a large num ber of musket* in one of the towns of France, and , we know of several movements by Mexicun citisens In this city, which confirm our suspicion* that an enterprise of one kind or another is on foot. Within the last three months, an unusually large number ofMexicau gentlemen have visited the North, and have been engaged in making contracts of various descriptions. Nome of these have been represented as connected merely with j-eaceful measures, but it is impossible to say to what uses such merely com mercial enterprises eventually may be directed. ; Every breete from Mexico brings rumor of vari ous kinds, which may end in something more than "it cannot be concealed that the acquisition of the mining region of Mexico is now a favoriie theme with many [erstis in the ."southern and W e-tcro Mates?that many Mexicans are in favor of coming within the jurisdiction of the United States, and that our population in California desire to extend their golden pursuits into those regions which hn\e been so superficially explored, and which may yet yield large metallic treasure*. < >n the whole, view ing the state of Mexico, and all the interests which are concentrating together to bring it under the regimen of reason, enterprise, and industry, we are quite prepared to anticipate a revolution of some kind. It may he a bloody one, or it may be a moral nnd commercial and politieal one, In which the people will form a tremendous majority for an- ? ncxation to the United State*; or it may We a re volution rolling both ways at once, bloody one way End bloodless the other. The tree Is in the seed at present. Fy and by, it may be seen without a microscope. Meanwhile, we must keep a sharp l<*k out on the march of event*, and see how the Mexicans will bear their third year of drought and famine. Should the crop* this year fail, nothing can stay the great revolution which is now in em bryo. ~ A.tor PUre Opera How a?. The season thn* far has been marks,I t,y ektraordl nary enthusiasm Ths company ths talent of R. elo. Trufll Bertueca. Caroline Vlettl. Vlrainia Whiting ! Maiini Benerentano Bettlni. Lorlnl. Oolcttl. Baratlinl, j and .. vcral Others, whila other enga^m-nt*. also, ere pending. which wtU make an e*ee*dlngly brilliant season Th. new tenor. Bettlni. has mad* an impression upon the W,.f?e. of ths Opera, whkb will probably b* a la-t ing one and when h. ha# been heard to the best ad van tag*. even higher astlmats* may h* formed of hi* abtU tie. than as yet have been formed?fcr he has not been ; in go. <1 voice, a eoid Interfering with hi- perfect success and with that swsetness tf rMee which those who are ac quaint. d with It describe a* truly dellctou* and refresh TWa opera ha- baaa wall a tended thus far, and on M-nday evening when "BernGiovanni will be perform ed there will probably be a great throng to hear the grand combination of talent on this pfslnetlon. which conventionality?with what rea-n ?e e .nned now die. ewas-pr- t.ownre. to be the H" <?''"> '* "V-nHlc < -m position -II mio te*orn.- and *>??. an dlr ev-n th lifh I he aetbm <f th. dr-m ar- the irry Italian portions of the evtesfosHi'Sa ?n i th- rem- <4 th* ef.t. lit?let the toveft of th' Gen. ?n feeuWiwl. r enjey it as they c??i XL? east of 1>I. OW'afi bring it ? ut a.o-l ef'tWrll The New Party or Pi*buc Robbers in Ale i.any.?The Industrial Convention as it is called, of the new jorty who want to rob the public lands for the benefit of a particular class, is now being held in Albany. It is a sort of second edition of an assemblage which the same parties attempted to hold in Tammany liall, the other evening. They put forth the setne burglarious doctrines in rela tiou to the public lands, and also nominated as can didate for the Presidency, Isaac P. Walker, of Wisconsin. While they were perfectly agreed as to the robbery of ihe public lands, there was quite a rumpus among tbem in consequence of the admis sion of a black man, as a delegate from Pennsylva nia i^orne of them would not associate with a black man, and others thought a colored delegate was good enough for them. Now, our opinion is, that if the colored man was respectable and honest, be was too good for the whole batch of thorn. Their proper assoeiates ought to be eminent prac titioners of the doctrines they profess, now in the ?tate prisons of Auburn or l^ing ISing. Their con vention should have been held at either of these classic castles, and it is from them their candidates should be chosen. Bristol Bill, the great burglar, would be a good candidate for president of the con vention, and One-eyed Thompson, if ho had not taken poison, would have been a capital secretary. Always call a spade a spade and a diamond a dia mond. \\ OMEN S CONVENTIONS AND THE TURKISH DRESS. ?The old women's conventions, according to the one recently held in Ohio, appear to be settling down into the discussion of the dress most suitable for the women of the present day. The amiable fanatics, including the venerable Mrs. Oakes Smith, will not wear petticoats any longer, and are deter mined to jump into the breeches. We think it would be well t? enlarge the lunatic asylums of the different States, particularly the female departments of them, for, judging by these old women's conven tions and their attempts to put on the breeches, and other lunatic acts, perpetrated by the old women generally and by some young women, there will be a vast accession to the female departments of the luDatic asylums within the next two or three years. The Commissioners of Emigration.?We pub lish in another part of this day's paper a copy of the act of amendments to the emigrant luws, which we have succeeded in obtaining from Albany. We do this with the view of affording the public an opportunity of judging of the merits of a bill which was passed through the Assembly at its last session, and was only stopped in the Senftte by the energetic action of some of the city repre sentatives, before whom the whole matter had been laid, by some of the commissioners and their friends. As we understand an attempt is likely to be made during the approaching extra session to procure the passage of this law through the Senate, wo deem it just and right to publish it entire, especially as it never has been printed in its present form. The Gas Companies and Their Prices.?The gas companies of this city have engaged several chemists to make long and labored reports, to show

that their gas is cheaper, because it is better, than the gas in Philadelphia, or that of any other place jn the world. These chemists have certainly ut tered a considerable quantity of gas on the subject, but we think we could procure a report, from che mists entitled to equal credit, of an entirely different character, showing conclusively that the gas of New York is dearer than that of any other part of the world. If the people would only call a meeting and offer a premium, they could get a dozen eheinists to prove the truth of what we say. This mode of bolstering up high prices will not take. From Babacoa.?The schooner liolota, arrived yester day from Ilaraeoa, Cuba, brings information tbat fruit was very ?carce there, owing to the dry season. There were several fruit vessels, bouud for this city, detained there on the 26th ult.. waiting for cargoes. New Tsrk Senatorial Elections. The official returns have been received from the follow ing districts ;? in.MTii district. Whig. Drm. Dutchess ITalsted, .1.819 ?nyder, MM Columbia do. 2 970 do. 3,274 0,789 6.528 11 slated'* majority. 271. to ewteevth distric t. Whig Dem Delaware Pmith, 1.117 Tuttle, 2.258 fchohari.- do. 1,616 do 2.303 2,632 4.501 Tuttle's (dem.) maj . 1.929. NINETEENTH DISTBKT. Whig. Drm. Oneida Huntington 7.961 Mann. 5166 Huntington's maj . 2.795. TWENTIETH DISTRICT. t'mnnl /Va Fir rn Oswego Hatch. 4.957 Stebbins. 3.082 Madison do. 3.033 do. 1,962 8.590 6,034 Hatch's maj.. 3.656. TWENTY I Til DISTRICT. W'Aif. Drm Ft cube n Otlbert, 2914 Ouinnip, 3.032 Chemung.... do. 1,646 do. 1.448 4,480 4.480 A tie?consequently no election. TWENTY-TiasT DISTBICT. The majority for Lyon (canal democrat.) in Jefferson is 249 and in Lewi* 412; total, Mil. A large vote was polled in Jefferson. TWENTY rifTM DISTRICT The Albany .frfto nays ?" The result In this district Is now ascertained. The official fanvaeees elect Mr Flan ton. (dun ) Ills competitor has a majority of 15 in Tomp kins and 14 in Fenecw?in all. 29 Mr bunion's majority in Yates is 83?giving him a majority of 4 in the district. INCOMPLETE RETURNS PROM OTHER DISTRICTS. NINTH DISTRICT. Whig. Dem. buliiTan Sweet, 630 Curtis, 1,3-44 Change do. ? do maj. 800 2,014 Curtis' (d'in ) maj ahout 1.400 SIITETNTH DISTRICT. Canal Dam Drm. Herkimer Fanford, 1906 Fog, 2349 Montgomery do. 27iI8 do 1,624 Fulton k Hamilton. do. maj. 400 do ? 6,043 5,073 Sanford's majority. 1 070 Pnllee Intelligence. Taken from a Urate rj Infamy ? I in Thurwlay night, officer Itigley of the Firth ward police, was applied to hy a gentleman a resident of |lro<>klyn, to aid him In a search for bis daughter, a young girl about 16 years of age. who bad about two weeks since, left her home and a-he teared had been induced to enter some house of ill fame situated In the Fifth ward. Accordingly, the officer, with the father, went in search, and after visit, lug several houses of disrepute, entered the disreputable li' II-' ho lool'huteh r ? by a Mrs Andrews,.* Mrs Fwiat II. re the father his daughter secrv'.ed In one nfth< upper rooms, as likewise the young led ? daughter of one of hi* neighl. irs who abac >n<|c.j with hts daughter at the Sims lime They were both taken the house- and conveyed to their homes We MS- . derstand tbat eom< measures will lie taken by tbe m i- j gistiate against the keeper ?f tbia house .4 ill feme, respecting the harboring nod encouraging of young girls i to take -belter In lo-r premiees. for the purpose <4 pr>?s Ututi. n. It is to be hoped that the pollc- magistrate, and the captain of (.olice of that w*rd will look closely Into ether no... ? of alike nature kept In that vicinity I and make them also amenable to the law The fact Is, | 'hat w.-re tie keepers of these houses prohibited from | taking in and secreting these young ami th-.iig hikes girls, the inducement to run away from their hoine* . would, in a great in. asms tie ate dished AV- call the spatial attention <4 .le tIce Lotlirp to act In these rases, and eradicate the evil as speedily as possible Hiiilalilg la a llmtr.?K man by the name of John McCarty wa* arrested on Thursday hy the poliee of the fiiteenth ward on a charge of brutally maiming a bcrsc It reem-bis horse bad Incurred his displeasure; and to gratify bis revenge he ?h*.<lutely seiie.l the poor - animal by the tengue. and either by pulling or cutting, ' tore the tongue from the mouth The inhum-in man was conveyed la lore the magistrate, who. entertaining the charge against Mrf'arty. Jheld him to ball to an swer the charge Buapirim a) Stealing a It'a'rA?A girl, called Kate Kearney was arrested in Friday hy officer Sharkey, of the fiath ward police, on "ii-ptrion of having st<d< n a watch and chain valued at t. V The girl was de tained fur a further hearing, I.y Justice Lothrop. Chant aj StnC.tng ?A Herman, called Ueorga Buy der ass arrested on Thursday night by officer Fleers, ef the Thirteenth ward, on a charge of slabbing William lag <Titian with a knife inflicting a wound in the thigh Pxyder was conveyed before the magistrate, and held to answer tike charge ('?art ( alrxdsr-Thli Day. mm. s 1'i.iAS? Res. 6,1 424. 586, .VS., 5lT. 539. 641. ? tiser it 'V"UY ?fame as yrsterday W.sratt '4>R?t ? Iw-I istotl- Will be delivered ' 8 Distri. i C< i at ?Roe. T. k 9. 12 It, 15 16. 17. 18 !? Marina Affair*. The fti m T?ir to O44.WAT.-Tko intended trip of the lUmuiiip North America, to Galway, ho* eicitml it great deal of interest, and the idea in becomiug very ! prevalent that it will be the fbrwruuner of either an In I d. |?et)dent liue being established between that city and | New York, or that one or more of the steam line* between this country and Liverpool will shortly be placed on I that route As far aa the steamer North America in con ; e< rued, the trip will, no doubt, prove a very profitable , one. on we understand a great number of passengers , have already ofTered to proceed by thin uew and short route to Kurope. She w .1 leave this city without fail on i the 17 th Inst City Intelligence. I T11K FIRST ANNUAL l'AKADE OK THE FIRE DE PARTMENT. I The first annual parade of the Fire Department of this ' city, will take place on Monday nest, the Uth iuet. Au tn xcd is the programme:? The line will form four abreast, <>n Hudson street, (west side.) the right resting on Abingdon Square, at one o'clock P. H., and countermarch down Hudson street and College i ?treat, up Murray street, and pass through the Park, iu review by the Mayor, Common Council, Heads of Departments of the city government, ex-Chiuf*. and Ai ! ststsnt Engineers, passing out ot the east gste of the Park, op Chatham street and East Broadway to Grand street, Ithtoes down Grand street to Bowery, up Bowery aud Fourth SM-nue, and around Union Square, down Fourteenth street to Sixth avenue, thence dtwn Sixth areuue and Waverley Place to Broadway, and down Broadway to the Park, and | dismiss. | The column will be formed with the Association of j Exempt Firemen and Trustee* of the Fire Department I at ita head. The Chief Engiueer will uct as Grand Mar j shal. with Assistant Engineers Mr. Eichell und J. 1'. I,a cour as special uids. The following gentlemen will act ! as special Marshals:? Robert McGinn!#, C. Vanderbllt, G. W. Varlan, I 8 M. Phillips, T. Monroe, J. Cregier, | 8. Hovt, J. Gillelan. M.Jack MOD. The display will be one of the finest ever seen iu this city. Assival or Emiokxntr.?The following table shows the number of emigrants arrived in this city ejme the 1st of June Inst.. up to Thursday evening last :? From Ireland 7,128 From Swede* 12 " Germany 3.234 ?? Italy 10 " Eng. and Wales 1.200 ? W. ladies....,. 15 ?' Scotland 321 " Nov* Scotia 1 " Franpe 138 " 8. America 3 " Spain... 5 " t'auada 1 " Switzerland ltil '? Mexico 4 Holland 131 < Turkey.....'.'.. 1 Norway 78 " Poland. 20 Total number of foreigners 12.472 U. S. citizens (mostly returned Californiansj. . . . 1.394 Total of emigrants arrived in five days 13.800 Nkw York Yacht Cub?Anni-al Raoatta, Second Dav ?YesUrday, the yachts Una. Mr. Waterbury owner, aud the Cornelia. Mr. Edgar, were ertered to again test their sailing qualities. The course differed from that of the preceding day: it commenced at Robin's Reef, and extended around the Southwest Spit, and thence around the light ship and back. At ten minutes of eleven the yachts started front the point selected, with a very light wind. The Una led the way The Sport and Alfre, of the second class, were also entered to sail, for the usual prize, over the same course. They started at about the same time in company with tile Una and Cornelia About halt pust seven o'clock all returned, in the follow log order : Of tin- first class, the Una first, and the Cor I ai# "*'ond rluK"-th*' Sport came in first. find the Alfre next The Commodore s yacht M aria sail-d 1 in efintpioy, but was not entered for the race, as we were informed. Sn.vKnr.?We were yesterday shown a splendid silver pitcher, bearing the following inscription ?-Presented xV Dttniel Sweeney, as a tribute of gratitude, May 31. 1861. ' For*n Drowned.?On Friday afternoon, the body of an unknown man was discovered by Owen , topniston it) the Jt'orth River, foot of Cedar street. The body was first discovered iu tli< w^VSl vl tha prdpt!- - I !? ,'"1rdc'r- as eh? Was making her way out of I the doc*. Thq deceased was extricated from the wheel, , and nuuie last to the pier, aud the Coroner notified. The deceas. d appeared to have been in the water but a short I ,>P". rented to be about 35 years of age, dressed iu a dark coat, and shoes with heavy nails iu them. It be leved he was an Irish emigrant. An inquest will be j held to day. I VIMOWX Woman Dhow nto ?Coroner Geer held an in ! quest yesterday at, Pier 6. North River, on the body of an unknown woman, found floating in the dock. The deeeas. d was dressed in a light calico dreas, and ap peared to have been in the water but a short time verdict?Death by drowning. St dpen Death raoM Jntoiication ?Betweenthe hours ik Sff ,i ?'rkfk ysterday morning, a man. named John Shields died suddenly at his residence, corner of Twenty fltth street and Eighth avenue It apiasars that Shields was addicted to inteiuperate habits, and had heen in a htatc of drunkcnnchH for tievertl days. n*,T?A man. named James Fox. residing at 158 . TIji 'tieet, fell from the second floor of a new building into the basement, breaking several of his ribs and seriously injuring his head and other parts of his body. He was conveyed to his residence, In an appa rently dying state ' li of General Scaalona. lb-fore the Recorder aud Aldenuen llaws aud Miller Ji ne Grrat Hard? pie brand Jurj came Into court to-day, and made a ver bal presentment, culling the attention of the court to the condition or persons who are incarcerated In thecltr pr.aon to secure their attendance, when wanted bv the court to testify on behalf of the State. The Grand Jure represent their condition, as to lodging, food, means of exercise, or other recreation, as did .ring in nowayfr-m that of prisoners confined on suspicion of felony, or those, who are already convicted The subject has l? en again ! and aga'n brought to the attentb.u of the authorities, hut the evil -till remains; and the Grand Jury Implore that something may lw don.- to ameliorate the c ndi'.ion I of the class of perw.ns referred to The warm weather now coming on. makes it highly desirable that something should be done speedily. ^ ! The Recorder fully appreciating the humane sent! i lA'ke ? 0r,nd 1 "'I**''"!? ?nd applauding tl.eir action 1 in the matter, said the Governor- of th- Alui* lions.-, and other author tie- had often beer, appealed to in this matter but without effect. He would now see the ahtriff. and ?certain If accommodation could not b.-provided for witnesses in the Eldridge street jail. ? -I . A''? ? Charge 0/ Jtltmng a I'romittory Salr.?The trial of F.dwin Henry, charged with altering a promissory note from to $1.62?. *a- continued from yesterday The prosecution intrcsluced two or three new witnr-se* but nothing new was brought out by their testimony ' , The defence having opened their case intn-duced on the stand Mr Geo Olney. and placed the note In his hand On examining It. he said he was present when the note was filled up; he saw It la fore the ink was dry Mr H.nry had a desk at wit nose's office HI South street It was there the not.- was filled Witness said lie looked | ov?r the not.- at the time, and observed that thv figuring at the top did n .1 agree with the filling up, lie told Mr. ill.0'' "d '"'Her make Ills figures agree with the . filling up T?1C filling Up was one thousand five hundred and twenty five dollars, while the figures Wore for a less amount tin seeing his mistake. Mr Henry asked the book-keeper for another blauk note; hut it so happened that this one was the last of a lot. and could not be re if Henry, therefore altejrd the figures. To the Court?(holding up the uote;?I have no doubt Ufis la the identical piece of paper. Mr. Sessions, the former book-keeper of the last Wil ms#. awt-re that h<- computed the Interest on a note for ?kot'o l,ut amount he did not recollect He mm> corroborated the statement of the last witness. In reference to the note being the last nf a lot of that kind ttther witnesses were Introduced who testified t-? the god character of the accused The evidence is all In, and the case will be summed up on Mouday. TUB UKKALD FOR Kl'KOPK. THE WAILS FOR Bt ROPB AMI) ASIA, BY THE AMERICAS M l A II IP RALTIC. The American nmll ?tcani-hip Hal tic. Capt Cnmetosk. will Nave tht* port at Bonn t<v<lay. for Liverpool Her mail* will ekxw at half-pact 10 o'clock tbU morning The Vrw York printed in French and Kit* lleh, will bo publlcbcd at half-paid 0 o'clock. Single copiec ran be obtained at tbe following place* in I'.aropc I Edward". Sandfvrd It Co. Mo. 2 Columbia Building*, l.'po 1. M. lie Rcraardj Bo. 20 John ilmt, Adeli'l.l, I, a.Ion. Edward*, Sandford It Co., Mo. 17 Corahill, l.nadoa. B. II. Recoil Mo. 12 Place de la Bonne, I'ari* Adr< rllo ment*. a* well a* *ub*criptiona. for the Mrw York ll> rald. will reach u* If left at the above place*. A Mew Tale, by tbe Anthor of Waronita? The Soaday Mercury of to merrow. will couteia a thrilhn ? American hlahoMoal r menre, entitled "wan-nan ree, or the 2i?a re at Chicago " Mi** Paean PvtljMctrif ? ill alen dleoonr-e t? the ladle* ?n the a*w f, melt *e*tnme. Set an a copy. Prica three rente OfBoe, lir.i Na-au street. Read thin trrek'i Mnndny IIlapnte h.? The whole I it? i* to he taken hy et-rio. and trie ddfnehu.ii.-i ti> wipe per* aetoniahed hy the manner in winch matter* and thing* in general ere to h* done np. Ranrtny Kxrnmloii.?The fnvnrlte atenmer The* F. IInlee mnke* a trip to-morrow. (Sunday) to Weak I'olat, fold Sprier and inti rmedlnie place*. Thie i? th* Rn eat egenrelna of th<- day. 8or adn-rtieement in another eo lamn. Time of tearing tihnmbora etreot, A. M. tJreen Turtle Sonp-At Bayartl'i, thta day and to morrow . Soup nerved nil hour* day end evening. Soup anpplied to partlon, at fir. per mart PETER M. BAVARO, * Stake (treat. Mot lee?The ma pa of the Ijotsat be *> ld at nnetion on kl'nday, Jttae M, I V.I at If n'closk. at the Merrhaata' Baahange, aitnate in S#ienth. Eighth, en l fif teenth etraete. end on Third, Tenth, and Eleventh arena- *, nr* now ready at the nftl, e of the ntftlonfor. Mo. 11 t'aiton ? treat, Brooklyn, and No. it Ball etreet, New York. Henry ftoelltig hawfot* taken the honne *4 Liberty atrret, Bret houao out of Mrondvray, end Sited it np in tl.e moat elegant mennir, ne a reetnurnnt, r?*pe< tfnlly ?diilta the patronage of hi* friend* and the public. For politeneea to gu*-*t*. good eoshlsg. and eeperinlly clennll neaa, he ie determined to merit the patronage of tha pnhlle. (load noota and Rhoes at low Prices?The ?rtlelea made hy W ATE I MP, 114 Fult n etreet, can alwaye ho depended on. Ilia object ia to kten tuetoinera?not Mil them one* and than hit them go. By 11 1* Una of : 1 7 is h( hnilt np ?ne of the Sneet onatotuer trade* in too cftr. we recommend thoae nho want ranllyg'-od hoota to coll ot hi* eetaoliahau at. Store Daalera are respect rally Incited to ??amino oor otoeh of nnegnnlled aaoertment of Stoeoo. W? have (net got ont 0 new Air tight Cookiwg Store for INSI, the Odd fellow. A No eie etiea of tiimmor fnrooeei, whleh ran t< weed with et without an oven, thnonly thing of the kind Is market AM* HROTH. BBOTBBR8. 117 Bsskmaa (k. j a* A Keatln* of liM Stockholder* of the n.ttulxu. bold Weds, edny eveulng. J?? ??. S! r.a!o? ??roeJutlo?tw.r? offered aud ap "'J1 t? |? printed li.e.m<.eli *? ? ertiilu par !'i if' .hit ,'t? Ktu?ti l>y envious feeling, at the greet 8'Hxbjr:,?i5W^?sae; r.r't;:V?.M^toTxr?.? ??>?dMP ttu' "fc.r.M.Vo?mf5 pu? th.? i?. Bit). Kl,u'ydr?J r Th. th?t HI, the Hat Fioi.hore' inn before tli* l'? |N th*# obI) g,?orieti'.n of P?,?ct|: | Lb H'n, No. 11 "?'**? ' i_ ?he cit vol New York; nod all . eel journeyB? !!nfeiE.-?o calle5-ere but individual en- ? other union, orer bi bb' hava participation In i tcrpit,e?. in whlih tn? jour .--xii,,* wo will appeal the re.ult* of the bu.iiic, . patronage from tho,e to the community to with hoi ? laudable aud I HhuliBBK out f.U? ?*?;:??*:, C illll! .n.l?Wi.."c. Of hit humane effort. of the lu rpORGE RICHARDS, President, ju.t aud natural right., 0EOKO^ ^ WEED, Secretary. A Plain Aniiou.itein?nt, yet AttrM?lvc. K nox'a aaaortmeut of v?Ung aud old, with infection of citizens and itrft * ' lu.rfi. H replete or taatea quiet. fa.hlo.ahle or ostre. and puree. WJiJ ^ aluioat empty. 8uit all,, he *ill, am? Yery te.t enable him to do ?o arc, a wall stooked store Y article, of head-.ear, and a determination. to Hi to *U who call upon him. Prominent amoni the articles uw?g kv summer use i. hi. inimitable end uaappronchable Rocky Mountain Heater, which i. inniiufaetureJ ot the mo.t deH rate material.. in hi. u.u.l artt.lic .tyle ; I, unlvarially a km'wTedged to be the faahionable hat of the een-n. while it i. the h.liteet and mo.t faactnatl*?ly elegant rrer invented. Huucedlua tlii* i? hi. extensive aetortment of ?traw ha'?> varvinc w priee irom a few -billing. to ill*'. For tl.emspcc ' li. jof th. Vrave and .edato, he offer. IiU valuable etnek of black eilk and beaver bat., un 5a in ? iuiaUty. . ?V'"?dtIilVo"d"?. tn ? * r ^e '^nSy or on boat, and railroad car., tor a ja? ^ ^ t? c%ufaTtl{tt ?r a fishing or tlH short-napped beavers? white, ?V"'k and d'ral -! Ufounduseful lid economical, Pa mito cm from a miat attractive of children-, atraw K "?? ?v^ik::.u:5t,^loEai r,e?yrctf*?**?-' tl'ul and becoming. the^yonnr. In ! it bcnr.t.n,1lt ^."^rhVw, u^ejeju tu'^nv7te the;Van4 the subscriber, as they have t ti* n hjm to know that* hole "ho Sn os'V'Sw v*rj ^X'tVn Adjoining the Sun and oppo?it? the Ucrald Office. Benin. 214 Broailway.ltu" a vnrled a**ort~ noon his energetio Mtvle has not here sScha Drab fieaver ?' -^'uVuy u con\o *r mater,.1, toforc been Men in thU countr;y. plna ultrn of SSKjfesjjs 11,1 everv Jt*le of .trawe l.alancea the numerme aaJ w* beaver, (Hack and drah) and of .traw. Tf.eie'?*\, model, are plumed and preaent a mo.t graoetul and attrao Ovc appearance. The (l.nln R.dmg llat. have long been proverbial for the flowing beauty of their'outline, and the^ir rracffnl decorative appointment^. To the lad tea, gentle n"n youth, and all, (ienln pre.eut. hi. be.t r.-.DecU, ao l.i it in ir a call at hi. mammoth .tore, in order that they m*y hive the mat' rial for an opinion, by comparing his sW^k a*, regardi* xtent, variety, ^ U'*t0' ^ and every other house In the United Statu. p GEN IN, 214 Broadway, opp>?ite St. Paul ?. suited, would do well to cull. Rot lav Mountain Drab Beaveri, Panama, ?r?%25a?i^%!toyi?'??sss: S?:Sa?ag"" Silver Bearer* **C all tlwr raiye now They c ?n he bad in perfection %i Moallu fid Broad ? iv (t.?-*t door to the depot of tho New H?^* Railroa?l.) r. can alto Panama., l.cthOYn., and other head gear fur rum mer wear. Mralio'. good, are une*c.ptiouabla. One price, one quality, and a full equiva lent for your money It ia a.tonl.hlng to mm what an Im ir.cuee demand there i. for thoaa oeantitul Summer llata f.r gent, introduced by Lockhenrt. Broadway Hat Sure, ST* fir .adwny, Thev are a p.rfect beauty, aud for only $J. Th* public attention if .elicited. He lias tl?e name, and well he deserve* It,. of relling the haud.on.e.t and l|*>>U.t Wl,11" "d ^lu ^rJ'Vis u Nc-f betwtenw illiam and Gold, known a. theLooml.tSU're, and kept by _ A. 1*1111*, Wood, the Hatter, has removed to Mo. 3 Niblo's Gsrdtn. .r?72 Broadway, where he will *?? happy to i?erve hi. old friend, and othera with hn new .tylca of ?nm mer llat,, in the way of Drah Rocky Mountain Beaver.. .1,(1 straw good., of the variou. pattern, in vogne for genta, yontha, and nbllsws. Efpenrhetd'n Sprlny ni?d Summer Style or Hut. for 1*51 There unrivalled llat* are in greater demana tt an ever before at thir eearon of the vear. and notwHI ins his great manufacturing facilitlei, some of his triendi? have been di,appointed tin* la?l week; but ho i* ready again tbi. morning with aa eiUr.lve an^eaiitirulana.yrtinont of Hats as the t??wn can produce. The atore is at 1U7 Nassai. rtr< t, corner of Ann. O. B* CltfkCf Tailor, 110 Wllllana* street, continue, to make garmenta <.f the ffr.t'inallty, at the following price* :?fack.. $10; ain^le be-..ted Irnki, Hi French cli'th Frock Coat, from ?l2to ff black ?jji mere Fant., from *6 to ?<?; .aliu \ V-: ?Ir". ?? ment of r?ady-mada clothing. Skeleton Snoke, uO. For Summer Drens -De CJrsw A Co. offer for .ale the a.eortiuent uf thin *prtn?:?>???' ...miner clothing ever got up tn tl.t. city. For aty'e. and chenpne.. unrivalled and great pile, from which to ee let. DE GRAW A Co.'. great clothing huuw i. 1JJ I ulton etreet. Hummer Cnder tisrments? Rankin und Rav HM llowery. would invito attention to thair Zephyr I n'd. r Shirt,. They are bv all who value bealt8*n'' comfort. They are eatr.mely light and ela.tic, not U.ble tt .brink in wnahing, atd aold nt very low price*. World's Fulr.?Visiters to the World's Ftir are invited to eaamlne tho enb.crlVr ? ?to.knfDre..i..g l am. 1 hey are the n.o.t r. mpnet nnd n?fnl artielo of th* kind mannfnetur?d. cout.iaing ail that ii a?.^ry Hr the toilet of the most fastidious. SAC N DIM, 147 Broutway, corner of Liberty si., snd 1&7 Brondwny. Comb Factory, 3*7 Broailway?Ladln arr MsnMtfnllv invited to examiiit this choice P?'lecti"# of Llrest ? I^mbs tVii vnr lt> Is, beyond all doubt, the gmaU.t in the -"'Pr'ai!!. the ??,t beautiful onen work., .hell and buhlu born. Comb, ropa.rod nnd "t"i;HDXRB. Watts' Mervons Xnttdotr.?The Same* ot one hundred p,r*ot*. who have Uh*S It Bsee ??'? M . v. are psbBalied In tbl* day . New 1 orb Bus, With ?S diea.r, out of the tl I.....lid. who hav. taken it unknown li lt. con.sounder. Now. If it ?* worth being ror-d. it 1* I rth n.kTng them w hat it ha. done for them m ......nmp *:,r. debiil "y, *nd d?ea.e. V;.?..hull ?"t "I*? for being debilitated nrdi??a.ed. If I can l.tlp it. T. WATT.. nervi.t 424 .treet; In.ine.* depot, It*-' ftreet. tl per buttle: t? per doien. PrortMor Alrtamlrr C. Hurry** Trlrophr, or Mrdioted I'raipiatil, for raetoring. pra-.-rviug ?n't f.. Mtitifj ||,K liair, Mwikftlill ?< arf au<t dandruff. ami i'i fin* 4imMi of tl>< akin, aland" ami inu?- lea, atina' aula, brui*.-*. eprata*. Be., Be.. he., If .-Ill order k ? oniine* 11>? public of th* rfltracy of any rurativa pre paralion, in thi? thinking ami reffeatii* ???*. it it arccaoary to e*|laia the philoa. phy of it* op-ratioa. 1h?proii'*4 h? which Profe??nr Barry " Trie..pheron" pro dnece larh extraordinary reaalta. cannot uadaratond, pit hunt a Ixirf notice of the itrm turn and unci of the deli eat* aabatanee* tonl.irh it I* applied, and ia tha condition of ahirh it areoaipliahra the taoat aalntary change*. The eonneetioa '?t?ten the hair and the ahia i* a* alooa. that the o*c may atmnat ha d-1 tned a continuation ..f tha other; ao.l h'O.c whatever renovate*. real.Tea and nonriahca th hair, mnat ofaotaadtjr hair a healthfnl mlim nee opoa the Hnaltiw. memtraao In ahteh it" root" are liacd. Tin ahia. thai aonderfnl eavalopa, ia watch the acaae of toaeh r>-idea, eoaaicta of three lay. re; Mm aafdi IBlio, of eatfelo, a oenii opaqno, or nlm..?t Inaeaaihlo tiim : the ret* taoeo "tint, *hieh I* a tpoagv membrane, n tii ulat* .! with nerve* and It.liMid *e?"e|a, and '"riaa a a..rt of ahold to tha ex ?I 11 ietti Ijr "? naitii ? true akin: and the trna akin it?*lf, whie'i roaatiti^te" the third lajrr of the triple fa thi* tough, ft.-alhle, and . luetic inteKaim nt, are located the arrive. Mood aooarla, Ite . nhlali a ipplv "nateaiace to th hair, and in the drraareinent of wht h dl"***- of tha akin atlflaiH. The raoai U of th* tru* ahia "apply tha ear* con ? la.nine the root- of the hair nlth II am i?t..r a hieh aaatainf th? lit re*, mid th* "am* eaimta n hieh alt. 11 the health of Hie l.air, al?o alfert the health of the'kia. Thla la aalf -videm t.. the eooaal ..harrrer, a* ?< II I. aa-e. ptihle of deaaoaatra tt. n by the aaa' iniet and phy-ioloaiH; far in all oaMMamio dieearea, the hair bri..inn* dry and harah. and fall* ont in aach .piaatitiea aa x.mvtlme* ta rendar th* paltaat parti illy *r entirely bald. Wound*, btiraa. te., on the "kin of tha hi id, alao prod ore haldm-- an the portion a of the aealj whan the injury line been inflicted, ton* proi in* th* aloe* ifknity and eympathy between the orranlam of the ahia and the hair Th* won.l.rfnl r. ?t..ratl?* and remedial propertlae of Proferaor Barry e Trieopherana are bawd n pun thie hy p. tl .-i?, or ratio r tli > I". t. It act" through tha ahia atom the hair, rtiinnlatinr tha Inert vrtrelt, opening the p. re?, im parting activity to the < Irmlati.n, awakening from tholt letharry all th* vaailaMia fnaetloa" which giv# lifa, vigor, aad biautytotlir librae, extirpating erery ?art|. le of aenrt and daadrnlf, and ?oon clothing ?t"? tho bald or half d> pi.di d head ? ith a tl.iek. gl.."?>. allkr. and elaatlo covering. Hi.t thla ia only one of the n?aa of Prwfhoaer Harry " Trf rnpheroM. The liar pf. p>rtie? whi. h roatora vital aad T*. relative poaer to the <kia of the h. ad, are *.|" a'tjr baneflcUl in all rataaeona dteraeai or aaparflelal injnrle" For ent", hnraa. l itre of iaeeeta, "praiaa. eryafpelaa. blotehoa. Pimple*, . ?cable*, ringworm. raahra, ?< r. fula, prickly hrat. . I", chapped hande, rheuinat inn, hnrna. aealda, briil?ea, rednra* of the akin. and. ia abort, ell the* and paiafnt aatoraal diaeaeea aad ln|urle* whleh are aa > nmmon in fkmi lira, and al leh nothing but eiternal reaiedlaa . aa remoye, ? h? Trieopherona wi 11 he f. nad aaioeily, aafe and anfalliar enr?. Ily airtti* ..f lt? donid# claim aa a renovator aad bran I ifl*r of aatnra'i ahnloeet oraomont, and a potent aad ia< *1 nable remedial ageut. It la entitled to a pla< on every toilet and in every medlclar ch*et. Sold la lae?. hoftiea, I rice eenta al tha principal effl. e, 1,17 Mr *. Wfly, W V , andty theprinelpal marehanta and dro|*i"t* t .roughont the I nited Ptatea aad Canada, Mexico, weat ladlaa, Great Britain, franc*. Be. To I.aHI*?.?The fair damn who wnalif. moat aeearely "minieter to the grace*," ahonld ana Bogla'i Myparion fluid f->r "tr-ogtl.enlag and beautifying th* hair, and Ma Hebenlona fi r improvinr and prca.rvlng a healthy teatnra nnd color *f thr tomplation. fluid br the invent ?r, William Boyle. 277 Wa?hingtnn ?tte? t, B no ton: A II. fc l>. flat da. |tw> Foltoa atreet: h nekton, (lark* Co., 771 Broad way; Clff ? Co., and Bri-ham It Bay, Pearl itraet, New Torn, nad by the Brnggi-te gen,rally. It la a Notable- Knrt that among tha Thnn Mrda wha have need Bnnrnad'a Inataataneoua l.lnnid Hair* By*. not a aolttnry eomplalpt hna b**n made of Ma ineflicncy; on thr contrary, innntnernM# teatim.-aiala of mingled ao tt'fll'' menl and delight nr* p.nring in from th# rrny hoard* and red head* Who hate need It. and thla triumph ia enlely la bo attributed to tho fart that Br Fall* Monrand la tho lai i ator. aad all the elap tmp of Imitntora. honeting of the ipimvnae aalra and anperiority of the eonnt*rfeita, are *p pri' iateH ae. -rdinaly and th# a*a of a had dve avoided. I?r fieoraad'a llalr Dye, hla renowned Italian Meditate-! flcap, for th# removal or freehlea, tan. annhnrn. pimhlee, healdea being th* rery hoot ahaving compound avee tiood, had hi# other preparatioaa, are found .-al? at hla old eatahLMlad laboratory, df Walker atreet. drat *tor* ffom Broadway, Call* ad. r, Ffl Third itreat, f'hiladelphia.

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