Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 10, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 10, 1851 Page 4
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One of the most important movements has just been commenced in Pennsylvania, that has ever been Witnessed in that Slate since she became a Member of this great American confederacy ot ours ?a movement in relation to the Union, to agita fcon in the South as well as In the North, in the ?lavcry question?a movement of vital consequence to that and every other State. We have already given an account of what has taken p'ace in Heading, in that State, respecting these important matters, and the political tone ani purposes if one of the great parties?the democrats ?who recently held a State Convittion at that place Tbey avowed their approval of the com promise, and indicated .lames Buchanan as their ?andidatc lor the Presidency. Another convention Will be held at Lancaster, on the twenty-fourth of the present wenth, by the whigs-a party that ?blamed tower iu that -State twj years ago. under the jrestigc and name of Gen. Taylor, and which ?till retains power in the executive and legislative branches of the State government. The move ments, and declarations, and purposes, together with the nominations to be put forward by this party, combined with what has already taken place on the part of the democrats, will furnish indica tions to the rest of the country what course Penn sylvania will pursue duriDg the next two or three years?what part she will tuke in the great contro versy whieh has existed forsomo time past between the ultras of the North and the ultras of the 8outh, which endungered, and still endangers, the Integrity and perpetuity ol the 1 nion. 1 ennsyl vania, from her position and influence, is one of the most important States of the confederacy; and hence the anxiety with which her movements will b? watched at this conjuncture. Pennsylvania was, in her early history, rather fective and unquiet; but since the period ot the whiskey insurrection, there has not been any ?atburst of faction, and no outburst of rebellion, #r insurrection, or disunion, within its precincts. It is Irne that the Wilmot proviso, which has created su? h an uproar in Congress, and produced ao many daDgerous scenes throughout the country, ?riginated with a member of Congress from that State; but it was under the influence and advice of demagogues from New \ ork and New Cngluod that it was done. Throughout the whole of the puportarit debates and discussions in the last Con gress. which involved the compromise measures? measures which were absolutely necessary for the ?Mttinucd p?a?e and union of the republic?Pennsyl vania. with *ome few exceptions, took a conserva tive. national, and constitutional ground. The general agitation which has taken place in the North and in the S.uth, since the last session of Congress, on those measures, especially against the Fugitive Slave law, has been kept out of the limits ?f Pennsylvania to the present time. New York and New Kngtand hate been lashing thein ?eivrs into fury and fanaticism "ii these subjects, at the inat igalinn of such politicians as Seward, Wee I, , Fan Baren, Garrison, and even Thompson, a mem ber of the British Parliament; the SouthernHtatel, 1 ami led to the highest degree by the d.cUrai.>as ?f the Northern agitators, hare been in ? great i ?Utc of alarm, and Sooth Carolina, with a portion ?f Alabama and Mtei-sippi, hav# proceeded even ?o fbr as to express their determination to secede fr^tr, the Union, bp ?k up the republic, and d'*troy all the influence and |>ower of the constitution wki h h-n connected them so happily for ?" many jfur. ]'.ut, in the midst of all this alarm ami excitement. IV un*ylvaniu has pursued the ? #ven tenor of her *ay, quietly and with ca :u , dign.ty B ib of the great political parties, ; ?bu- far. have avokk 1 all ultra m?a?urei; but more thnu this?the party fi -t In the fl Id in ? preparing for the eleeti n of the present year. ao? i h< I c-iltital- r.test"fl**62, has take i? rong ai d die.did ground in favor <t tae c mpromi-e measure*?in fan r of the Fugitive Sla.e Uw, and ?fall ti e | in ipl. s of th? constitution, as they were | m>d<is??odby th'.se who iotrodu ed and carried through those miaaures during the laet t'ougrest. In thie respect, the democratic jAtty of I'enn-ylva ma. under the influence of their leaders, havo as named a highly national and pAtriotie gr<.un I, which Aoeo them infini * honor and crenit. The leading men of the party?the Buchanans, the I'aliases, and U<> Biglcrs, and others, who are bet'.er k' wu there Iban tbey are here?all manitesi a spirit of paeric.tir*. and ? bnldii'-ss of action. whmh, while It eonf. r? honor on ihein, may be the means of pr?. ?errUg intact the integrity of the national eiaiic party, wbion has been broken tuto f, agra-' i la this * 'ate by the tren. hery and treason of Van Ee op. and iu New England b; oerU.u demagog'!'* ?f the rauiC cahoot. The g?ea? juestion. however, which has yet to he ?mtided hi l'oni sylvnn'a, is -no which the whigs, Wh'' arc si ut to a- smble in o?nvent?M at 'Adon ic, n.uit meet? *hich tb<*y cannot, if they would, a- Ire- 1d>c democrat* have shown their hand. and Ihe whigs must do liiiwiee Much will depend on ?1m pte'.Kirm sod 11 inciplee that may be adopted by the wh g csHiveuitoo now ahout to meet at I An Oi.sier. 'I tie wb'gs obtained power undcrthe stand ard ?( < len Tayb r in IttH, au l are now indicating the r pvelereoee for ?.enerat Mmmd* for their stand ard b?aier in the t.cvt Presidential contest They leave not. however, taken any positive rtep, or tnnde aay Misiiidiie ItrsUm ef dptnioii '* the o nippim!*" measures. or oe the egi atiosi which ha* distnrbe 1 New York and New l.nglumd. on this side of Ma">n and I>iaon'e line, ard S?nth ' areli a and a portion ?f other Mmtkern Mates, on 0#* other It is true tlist coir eoui ?y convention* have indicated more or km hesitancy In taking Very strong frown I In lb or of thnee niea were?particularly on tfte i u f Ut. Ma' a law. hut that ImpnrlAnt suhjeit! wee no 0< ?l kft to the *t?to eon/eulion for their d vision, ?adit rntitiotbermded. If the it nnherl of that body solo*' to adopt swdoiee. aud supV-'G thorc u?ea sure*, or should they denounce any one of them, in any degree, they will prod ice in that State one of the most terrible cov dicta, as well ae one of the most dangerous, lor the future peace of the coun try, that htto ever been witnessed in this republic. If the whig party of Pennsylvania should oppose the comproD'.tte measures, or the hugitive Slave law, or bhould refuse to toy anything at all on the subject? which would be equivalent to an expression cf their < pp ssitiou to them?au< petting will he made for fa- | neAics?anti-slavery fanatics, disunion fanatics?in t?c approaching election in that State, which may am danger the Vnieu in a more vital and important manner than we have yet witnessed. If, on the other hand, that State should, through both her political parties, remain sound on the slavery ques tion, and true to the constitution, all the ravings of the fanatics in New Kb gland, aud of Nrward, Van Ruren, Weed, Bryant &. Co., in New York, prill in process of time be hushed, and turned into ridicule. It will be perceived, therefore, from this view of political affairs in Pennsylvania, in connection with the compromise measures of the last Congress?aud especially the Fugitive Slave law?that much will depend on the declarations that will be made, anil the platform that will be adopted, by the whig party, in the convention which will assemble at Lancaster on the twenty-fourth of this month. It that con vention should join with the agitators of the North, it will be the signal for the breaking up of the whig party throughout the eoufcdcracy; and not only that, but the foundation of the br aking up of the veiy arch?the Pennsylauia Keystone of the arch? which has heretofoie kept together the union of this republic. I'KtXJBESS OF InFIDUJTY IN T1IK I SITED STAT**. ? We publish two remarkable documents to-day, from two distinct organs of infidel parties iu the I uited ijtutcs. The first article is taken from a small paper published iu Springfield, Massachusetts, issued to prove the reulity of coiumunica 'ions with the inhabitants of the earth, aud is the composition of Andrew Jackson Davis, who origin ally made his appearance, under the auspices or Mr. Fishfcough, at Poughkeepsie, as a clairvoyant author. This man Davis has gone on. step by step, till he has at last produced this Declaration of In dependence, as the platform for a new society of infidels, to be called the llarmonial Brotherhood. The second article is from the Triintne of this city, the organ of socialism and infidelity?the vehicle of Andrew Jackson Davis's thoughts at various times, and the promoter of the system of impostures known as Rochester knocking*, and every ridicu lous ism of the day, besides. It L- a description, written with rare relish, of the Nauvoo settlement of M- (.abet, the Jcarian philosopher, who has transplanted, from the mass of socialists and infide.s in France, this colony of strange communists, who arc seeking, under their deluded guides, a social system upon cartL without a God?without u reli gion?without an eternity?without an hereafter, or any idea beyond that on a level with the beasts of the field. Now these two documents cannot be carefully read, without satisfying any person of ordinary judgment that there is danger to the young and ardent imagrnitions of both sexes from the pro mulgation of such socialaetic aud infidel theories theories which appeal to the senses strongly, and which teach insubordinations to the restraints of society and religion. The Nauvoo settlement, atnl the proposed Harmonial Brotherhood of the man Davis, arc based on identically the same philosophi cal principles. Whatever may be the casuistical dis tinctions?whatever may be the kind of dei-in adroeated?or of the atheism inculcated?one thing is certain, that the precepts and practices of Christianity arc repudiated as worthless?as the source of all the evils of society, aud utterly fit only to be condemned by the superior faith in man and woman, which is to banish all creeds that re cognize God and the revelations of the gospel. Men are tuught to isolate themselves from the great currents of eternity, to overturn the laws which regulate the legitimacy of offspring, and to change their afeetions at will, to suit their own spirit of licentiousness. In fuct, the utmost lati tude proposed by Fourier is rscommended ; aud if these evil spirits of reform are permitted to pro wed with their projects, wc may hare again springing up around us more of those Foam-rite phalanst tries, which eight years ag) were established to the num ber of twenty. Of those first communities only one now exieU?tfcat in Ntw Jersey, which strug gles on by means of subscriptions aud donations, and which, left to ordinary consequences, would share the fate of that at Koxbury, Massachusetts, and the others in various places in New England. Ordinarily, institutions so repugnant to the deli* ca< y of the softer sex, and so at variance with man's love of his own offspring, as well as opposed to those equitable rewards of labor which form the true enjoyment of life?would be scoffed at by per sons of the slightest intelligence. Alluremeuts, I however, to dispositions of an erratic kind, and for I characters in the process of formation, arc held up i by the lii'.eie?tcd and selfish leaders of thole com munities?who eventually retire with a fortune, when the lands and tenements are sold out?and these promising induiemcnts swell the number of proMlyte-. The Infect.on is always spreading? j and the fact that at Fprmfflcld, Maaaachasettf, a newspaper devoted to reporting spiritual box kings , is supported, shows that New England contains a large number of those who are oppoaod to Christianity, and in favor of any -illusion, h>w ever ab-urd. Look at the ideas of the man Davis i in bis I"eclaration of Independence. Was there ever a more j rep-oetcrou* sytcm proposed for the government of mortals than that which ho now sets | upl tie has concentrated all the Tapori and - drectus of the pegau philofophcrt into his sysicm of , political burinonici, in the hope to draw capital enough to bif aid to establish himself as perpetual dictator of the Harmonial Brotherhood. Like evi ry other impostor, he professes to receive rtve- | ]a11- bs l-y mesmeric power, and to be superior to, and purer, than those around him. He walk* the 1 earth a self sleeted god in hia own esteem, or, if not in hia own esteem, with a desire to be so reputed by others. Aud. singularly enough, there are pen ?n.? 0 .gnorant as to rely upon the matter which he has filt?r<d from the works of the heathen philosophers ?fr? m i'lato, and .Solon, and Epicurus?and from the modem dreamers, >wodenborg, Fourier, Mca* irer, ami the whole catalogue of authors of the French revolution of the lu*t century and of thut of 1H1H, fig 'htr with Mine Martincuu and other English atheist*, who acknowledge no '?od but nature?no nature but universal licentiousness. It is not tin least rein\rliable fact aocompsnying th? presence of ihc-e av->wals of infidelity of the-e a ti tr.pts to return to the phallic system, in pra> tice, ef pr iiutval racoa?that those who proband and jt< pirfe m h disgu ting priooi] les are b-ed or.d- r the very eaves of the many churehos which mark every locality iu New England. In .Spring Avid, the people are in ell gent, reputable, and re ligions; yet there we find ? nest of philosophers whore souls ere devoted to the knees and toes of a s< t of rap ping luipuwtorf, who wicked y avow that tbey are media betwei n heaven and earth?be tween the spirits of the dead and those M theliring. The tendency ?f all this is towards infidelity 1 rue religi n has n? part in it, but rank unp-csr.; bis every thing to do with it- It is the beginning, middle, and end of the whole sy?tcm, and while j eueb p? pert as the Trr'ass* oan be found to support such m- ckery and -ieH?!on, young minds wilt be , carried away from the paths of deeeixy, morality, ! and < hrfctiaiiity In fast it is now under*' od that, like anti-masonry, infidel socialism is to form % por tion of the political j Istforms of pai ties The raaa I avis is of the unli slavery p-arty, according t?> his own avowal, ai d will givs his support to thai fac tion Where will all thia Ml/ terminate 1 A i hgorritATt ? Win. II Seward lias he?ti ?> gaged by the railroad ronspdiatore ot Michigan, to us f tad thai/ had con luct. irrXAM GoMMfNlCATlOW Bl?T WEX1 Galway and New Yobk.?Wa naimUBd that the yiwngw list of the splendid steainahip North America, i which will leave here on the seventeenth ins*,., for Gal way direct, is filling ap very rapidly, and that in all probability there will not be room enough for all who will want to go in her. This is not to be wondered at; for, in addition to the reduced rate of passage, and the certainty of her making the run in eight days and a half, the passenger* will he sent by railroad and steamship to Liverpool, with out extra charge, and have the opportunity of bo holding some of the most magnificent scenery in lrelund? scenery which is not surpassed by that of any other country in the world If this trip of the North America should demon strate satisfactorily?as there is every reason to be lieve it will?the praeticability of bringing London and Liverpool a duy and a half, or two days, nearer to New York than is now the ease, nothing can prevent the establishment of packet stations on the western coast of Ireland. In this age of expedition on land and on sea, and of electricity, a saving of a day and a half, or two days, will not be overlooked, and nature, despite of governments, will assert her sway. From the geographical position of Ireland, nature evidently intended that coantry to be the connecting point between the Old World and the New. Government committees may select other leBs convenient points ; but it will be in vain they do so. There is a " higher law," to which com mittees, parliaments, and governments, must sub mit in this respect. We would not be at all surprised if this should prove the commencement of a revolution in ooeun steam navigation, as well as in the political condi tion of Ireland. If properly carried oat, it will do nx re good for Ireland than all the agitators could accomplish in fifty centuries, or ever have accom plished. It will awaken the dormant energies of the people, and open their eyes to the measures necessary for their regeneration. The stars and stripes, floatirg in the breeze in Ireland, will be the signal for the moral regeneration of the country and the people. There is another consideration connected with this subject, of great importance. In the vicinity ofGalway, labor can be obtained at a very cheap rate, and abundance of water power for manufac turing purposes, exists almost within a stone's throw of that ancient city. Now, what is to prevent somo enterprising capitalist of Lynn or Lowell, from in vesting some of his moan* there, and competing with England, on Irish ground, in manufacturing ourgieat cotton staple for the markets of the world' With a saving of two or three dnys' distance from the manufacturing point?a saving of fuel,insurance, light-house dues, dock charges, and exemption from dangerous channel navigation?will it be said that an enterprising American could not compete with the English manufacturer 1 Ftearn, it would ap pear, will not have accomplished its mission until it makes Ireland a huppy and a prosperous country. The Wi:bb anu VeiUS Uase Auain.?This un pleasant business was up again in the Supreme Court yesterday, as will appear by a brief report in our columns to-day. It seem* that Mr. Webb at tempted to read a long paper, in the form of an uf fiduvit, containing a variety of fact* and reasoning* in defence of himself, but he was stopped by the Judge, and not allowed to proceed. We have re ceived a portion of this curious paper?as much a* explains the position of Mr. Webb vn defence of himself?which we publish, without violating the in- | junction by inserting any portion of the mysterious letters which were the foundation of the whole busi- ! i.ess. There will likewise be found attached to our report, a communication from Mr. Fuckham, in | reply to Mr. Webb's curd, in which he explains, with great clearness and calmness, his connection with this unfortunate affair, and in which he denies, and with some force, too, the imputations cast upon i him ty Mr. Webb. With regard to the original publication of the papers, wc can take all the blame . to ourselves. Neither the eourt, nor the counsel, j nor Mr. Luckham, nor any other l>arty in the mat- I tcr, had any thing to do with tbeir publication. 1 Copies of these papers were obtuincd by our report- j rrs, in the regulur way, from the tiles of the court. All the imputations attempted to be east upon Mr. buekbam, or on the counsel, or on Mr. Coddington, ate entirely gratuitous, and have no foundation in fact. Indeed, we think that Mr. Webb has his hand* full in this business, without attempti ng to wa*tc any energy on us, or on any other paper. We do not wish to do any irijuxtire?and sbull take eare not t* do any?to any of the parties, but to act fair ly towards all?to publish nothing that it is not legal and proper to publish, and what may be authorised ly the eourt, and the most injured parties in the affair?Mr. and Mrs. Coddington, and their connec tions. The original combatants?Webb and Willis? and the motives which have governed them, are ail fair subjects of comment and criticism, and no doubt the newspapers here and elsewhere, will treat them with severity, but we hope with candor and impar tiality. A Coll Dinner to Mr. Hunter,or Vjroinia.? I Mr. Hunter, of Virginia, baa written a reply to an invitation to uttend a dinner in thi* city, got up in | compliment, a* it would appear, to hia political , eharancr There ia a certain aet of email politician* in thia city, who are alwaya on committor* of thia kir.d, and love to ace their name* ]>araded before the public. Thia vanity, in which Brook* of the ?* i* cocspicuoti*, I* ridiculoua. The partic* who more with him aeem bent on mixing up their came* with reepcetabie nobodiea, though there are number* whone name* appear, who give no authority for such use of them. Thii fooliah proposition for a dinner, which wa* probably only to take place on p apcr, smack* of Brook*, who wiahe* to mike hitn ?elf r< no thing by the aide of Mr. Hunter?a little gnat man in the political world. Wbyahnuld Mr. j Hunter write a long letter in reply to an invitation to dinner ? ' <<mmcn etiquette require* that replie* in em h ca.-es *bouid be quite brief, aa the dinner Wi old b< in danger of getting cold while the boat could read it. Why do not politician* of Mr. I Hunter** atamp confine themeelrc to the floor of ' ? i grist ! V ho caie* whether or not a politician bu* an af | ' tite or not! A Virginia gentleman can jmbably get a dinner without the BJMiatanoe of Prick*; and, aa for appetite, Brook* i# th- very n an to take it away. We are tired of auch hum bug. Madame Witun lorrMUt'i G-ncert.? Tl e low r? of music are offered a rich treat to-night, at the Lbine*e Aasembly Kwmr, in the eonorrt which Mailiime Wallace BooobwIW prupum to give. Me da me P(.uih> d!e 'a power* a* a *o*ali#t ar" highly I a| | reciatcd by eonnoiareure, and the cheat. t* e ami eapre eivi ne*a which rhnraetcria-her l.alla.l ? i g ir g, are much ad sired. The lady will b < v*.*1 .>d by her brother, V n. \ inoent Vt alitor, #o well I krown aa a ceni c ?er and pi iniat; by .k ig tor Bai iai, 1'hilip Mayer. Mr. BwharfenWrg, *r 1 ovi*r Mtiat*. A large audience will be present, ih a matter of course. Tii bM**mm \\ f putUehid, < n flu-lay la<t. a tc^ despatch from New isrl-en , r?laN?e to tin draught In Meileoand the crtt?n mark"! in N*? <>ri .m. It *u dfneted to h T A Abbott, or firt?? o?ee," ?o I eeat to us ty tbe eartleneneaa of U<* telegrapMt "o r*t?r In O'He 111 j i Ifne Tbe despatch rafln' frtm the nt of AM* tl k Wloan* Tin IIinii i< furt'it ? The offer* of ptof'-?liT?il a d I our In up-n the cminfttee from inry eecti n ef th ai nutty. In additlm to the BiUe nf!*r ? ?de by Mar?l ark. cf the whole rreal and instrumental under hi* n.eiegeuK i.t. Br- uabuin ba# liberally tenderni hi* o?ti aid Meeerrparyi eervleea. HI**Charlotte i u?hm*n hi* writ'. ? n a kind letter eayn wlrg her rarne?t d??ir* to l?? M' i.t n the icwtlon and to act. If It be p'ie*li.l fie > ? i t< t< a hi w York at the tiaae. Mo* Julia Bennett I ai lie. Mi.-tly f Inntei nd. a* well a* Mr Kail*, end a t-?t rf f.lpef p.fWilar far- rtt* * There are trtk-r great j a- ti. ?!< t. , .. i% at o n few da)a will tfeeida lh? wh .1* | ernn | ia i i,ia. * I ew * | r< *:? mine will be leeoeJ. wlilrh we i . i|iiite entdint *? iti pre-iut th* gfiat. st e'.mbtni- | l.oai: it,., i,tiii, put ft*Hi on nay ocuMumi whatever , ^if, llaaitiiia WiU daacrtee aiich a tcitimouiat. I NrwrovTOLA** ytortcr ^iu Wform 9nKitM ui Ntvfoiwlhidin art ofter called "half Yan k?e?," and, if enterprise, energy, and perseverance in carrying out an object, added to ingenuity and for?cast in ite inception, can give any class of fo reigners a claim to that name, then they are more '"Milled to it than any of the British provincials on this contineut. The maritime enterprise of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia la well known. We have reoeatM 'earned the plans ef two enterprises in another dfc rection, though intimately connected with maritime affair*, which, when completed, will redound greatly to the eredit and, we doubt not, to the permanent benefit of those provinces. We allude, first, to the project of building a line of electric telegraph, some four hundred miles long, to extend from Cape Kace, the extreme easternmost point of Newfoundland, to Cape Kay, opposite the eastern part of Cape Bre ton, N. S , a bill for which was passed at the last session of the Provincial Parliament of Newfound land. The bill provides " that a line of telegraph wires shall be run from Cape Race to Cape Ray, for the purpose of conveying the latest Luropeau intel ligence from the numerous steamers that usually sight the former hcudland ou their passage out to the United States." This it is proposed to accom plish by means of a vessel of a suitable class, whioh will be kept cruising otf that point to intercept the steamers. The intelligence thus acquired, will bo telegraphed to Cape Ray, at which point it is in ! tendi d to lay down a sub-marine telegraph of forty eight miles, to conuect with the opposite shore of ' Cape Breton, N. S., whence the news will find its way, with electric speed, over the whole of North | America. The bill appropriates, from government funds, A750, for a preliminary survey, an i gives a bonus of evtry alternate hall mile of wild land to tbo company who undertake the enterprise. Go ! vernment also guarantees the interest, for three years, of the cost, of construction, which is expected t<> reach $xi,tjoo. The other enterprise to which we have referred, is a plan for extending, through the energetic ac tion of a few publio-spirited gentlemen in Nova Scotia, the electric telegraph from Halifax to Windsor, Annapolis, and Yarmouth, at thcextremo western part of the province, and from Halifax, via l'ictou, the Gut of t'anso to Sydney, Cape Breton, near which place the Nova Scotia net-work of wires will intersect with the submarine and Newfoundland line, first alluded to. When these enterprises, pro jected in Newfoundland, and already in a good state ol forwardness in Nova Scotia, shall have neon com pleted, wc shall then have a line of wires more than ISM) miles long ; stretching from the extreme point of Newtoundland to i'ialilax, N. S., and St. John, N. B , from which point branch lines already ex tend, or uie being built, north, up the St. John river to Quebec, and overall Canada, and west to Calais, Me., and thence throughout the United State*. | This great project of extending the telegraph to

j Newfoundland, is well calculated to arrest the at tention of the commercial public, both in hurope and America ; for should the hopes of its projectors be rtulizeJ, as we upprehoud there is good reason to anticipate,the time between Liverpool and New York will be shortened by nearly five days. 'The credit of this magnificent enterprise is due to 1' . N. Gisborne, Lsq , late superintendent of the the Nova Scotia government telegraph, who has resigned that situation for the purpose of devoting his w hole time to the consummation of this vastly iui]>o!tuiit undertaking, from our knowledge of the energy and perseverance of that gentleman, we shall ei]>cct to see this project oarried out to its fullest extent, iu the shortest practicable time con sistent with the durability and efficiency of the undertaking. We are pleased to lcaru that Mr. G., who has conducted the affairs of the Nova IScotia government line so satisfactorily to the press and the public, for the last two yuurs, has been suc.icdid, in the superintendence of thut line by bis brother, Hartley J. Grisborne, Esq., already fa vorably known as an operator on the Bain line be tween 1 octon and 1'urtlund. >no?r TaisiDAu i.e Ovha. ? Litters from the above place to the 28th uJt., state that business wa* brisk anil all the vessels in port were loading as fast as they could. The island was very healthy. Marine Affairs. The R. M 8ttamihif Merlin, Capt Sampson, aoUed yesterday for fit. Thomas, via Bermuda. The names ?f her passengers will be found under the proper head. Raw Facset fitnr Ubeat Western.?This beautiful vessel, now loading at the foot of Beekmun street, for Li verpool. may be placed In the front rank of ftret-elass packet ships, fihe was built by Mr. Win 11 Webb for C. II. Marshall s line of Liverpool packets, and is con struct* d mainly of live oak, locust and cedar, fihe is a three decker, and her appearance between decks Is such as to make an intended voyager in ber perftctly ?a <j re garding her capability to weather the tempestuous wea ther so often inc. with on the Atlantis Iler timbers .tnd knee* are of a maseive character, aud all thoroughly bolted and well fastened. The model of the Groat Western is a? near as possible a /ac *i?eif- of tLe Yorkshire, (also built by Mr. Webb) so famous for the short and regularity of her voyagas. The cabin is situated on deck, thus affording unusually tnc facilities for venttiatien and light, and at the same time free from the rhanee of being affected with aoy odor from the bilge or cargo. The state rooms arc ele gantly furnished, and idx feet by nine in dimension. The cabin for the second cla*s pv?engers occupies tbe place tonally appropriate d for the first cabin, and run from about amidships clear to the stern lights, from which a good current of air ran always b? got. The state rooms here are also very large and conveniently arranged Forward ol this, divided by a bulk head, is the steerage, in which particular pains have been taken to make room an convenience Amidships on d*ck. ares onie doten berth*, arranged for passengers, and forward of these are the caboose, and separate cooking rooms for the different class of passen gers, each urrauged and fitted up In a very convenient manner I'nder the forecastle, on both s|Je? of the ?hlp ar- the quarters for the crew These are also excellently ar ranged. aud well lighted lu ber rig. the owui rs have been the flr*t in this p .rt to adopt the - Forbes' Big. a method of rigging which Binny captains think ma-l become uuiv.rsal in a short time fr< m the superior control it gives over a ship thus equip* d. b*'-ides L ing in the "rid, uiti h more economi cal as also to a great exteil d.ring <w..y with lh" danger attendirg close reefing in tenipe.tuons weather, owing to the canvass being in murk handier to manage The diniensi' lis of the Great West* rn an ?length on dsck. 186feet; bnadtb of ie-atii. 41 f.-vt. depth ol hold, fret; and ?he registers 1 441 to us. and she has capa* ' ; i ' ' hi, accommodating IsoO passengers fihe is c< uimand* d ly t'apt l?. fi Shirtnau, late of the Yorkshire and as ill stnrt on her fir-t voyage, (f>r whiih u nuu.b* r of cabin pA>euger> are already engsg.'dj CD the 1Mb o?t City 1M I* 11 Injure. Aiami cr Hi >i *h?n W iUii'? ?Foe M'rrral wek* put. ne-arly n?rjr Ti*>rl that an iro? from t'.uroy* hrin_' i?H I Dial) cumber* of Hungarian refugee i ana tunny if tin m ran b ?i b itlll dnw.d In their war cK '.viina. ? iilhii g *ln tit the gtfret* and in th ? Herinal h n?.' Amor* I ha MUlt arrival* are eereral officer e of <t.f fi rrtl rriiia. vkn ft i.ght u..d?T Ko*?ulh; and among the | nratrr. who can be readily rer igtuard by Ufir drat*. e m be ?am untoy "no tear the h.-tiog itnprv-' '4 (hi laid till A >.u: I > I f II.? r.m?-e.-i Ua?a tit llarrt lorlle* Imk. and m.iy t? a?,i it- i in ar flea There warrior* are realtared or. r erery part nf tireat Bnt i.n arnl tin *? ri un'. ? i Kur i#, ?i?4 Urea number* of them ara preparing to nee* a bona in tbi* country Bo?r l:*< * ? The great boat rare r?nie off on .Saturday lut bat war n the two tw. u'y-*lx taet nuh Iran owned |.y V.?#r> Fgati ami Bi liy* on?. named brin On Hough, c an. J by Mi K)?n. lint nf Fiftp. ? rmth ilrwt, Runh Hirer, and the other. L'ncra the < Un I. owned by Holly, bat of Cutty innth *tr ei North rirer The -tikna wara t li, diatain nine mctm. r amen nolug at the but nf Fe.rtj mti. imtntl. North river, up t?i daub tl'auelll.i li?a?l a.w In to the winning |r t nit ' r.a nnh lu-n in frrrh cmd.'tl >n Kritlh Hrngh'* at-w -Tlw ni4< F.g*n pre^rn lor, h twir l 'ia? I 111 maker, KJnard Kgati. W ilium and I'atnoh Kgaa. Iff ?e lenar?Jt le ?tated thai I>r F I'ntnphwll Stewart ha* b> ? n rati ntid Irion tha office of ru|?rint. u lent of ttv Maura ibvpital at Platan Mmd rid* w? learn, la an ? fin a tinde r the ? .aarui-aioii- r ol F.nugratin and ha? III-tbli K to til ejih ibe Slate offi * of l'*iy *it .an of the' Ma; ?? l|e>|ltai. wbiob b* nlalnc th# )nr aiaalom r hat.teg no c oifil over lh..t nj polnliuent. it being reeled in tbi U 'Tvin r and Senate Wi mat ir <:i.i?*c freert?Vanterday afternoon a man I y tha name of latruk King redding at No 3*1 But mi ? 11.. i war rtrwek In tb? bark of bl? hmwl with a I rii kiwt cr tome other ift*>lle builoii at him by aewna snkiiown per" n. whin' t*- ?w pw??ing down tiherry ?Meet, between Jun? klip ard 'ilier street The Mow en ma with rti'h foiee that hii brad wa? cut ope-n to the aatart < t eotiie fu?f Itn-bet In length, and tolled him upon the Bagging iiiwrtdbla. f tun of Urn I onrth ward I lire eiune o| *?- n afTe r. aud ronrayed (lie injured man lo the New I otk li'op'Ud. wb.rr bv wa* attended ly t>r l-ally nf the Marine Departim lit Tbei wouodeed no n I* oni of the t'orporat on employee* In paring the etrtei*. and Wt.? f r *ar"T%l year* a poltnamiii In the I'oiii th r?tio| ell.ti rt, and from ill* own *tory It *pp.<n-* i|idta e vxi nt tl itth- outrage a** ronuniucd by -a,oie perm ii who ha* a grudge ngainrt blin Aii > Mi lt littirn?A mm of the nam* of f>enni* we* k till i yiei rony t venit g it Jrt? y tV; by filing ill he rati Tlio whiiie wiot oral' hi* bond and ba died in a < uari r cf an hour liiatie ei C a-.-iae: ? ?>u ihe ^Mh e.f May la?t a Oar toau w-Bi. n by the Run* ot Apolonla liartrand. ag -d 2* y*ar , ebe re at. Mmg tie.k lira on Ual day at liar re *h:n ra in 1 a'io.o rfri e t and hmlly burned herweeif and t Lild. Tlai hhd it ? il lu a i.ay or two afar thn neeHent, ti el yer'ifiiay iho m< ilnf vpir i ?t ih ihfy il*ytid. raUnd l.y ilia Injur .* re retrial by *e,riTr knru? on thai nrcadon i on uer Hear bald an lio|u. ?t on tbe b<>dy, and an rdKt ??* rtndend ac?ordl.c?>y JUUi tow C?np?i The steamship Ctudt will Inert Boston to-morrow, a t noon, tor Halifax end Liverpool. Iter mall* will close in this city at one and three o'clock this afternoon. The New Yoaa Herald, printed In French and Kog lieh, will b* publiithed at 10 o'clock this morning sin gle eopiea can be obtained at the following place* in Europe ;? Edward*, Baadford ft Co.. No. 2 Colombia Building*, L'pool. U. D? Ueruordy No. 20 John *tr**t, Actelphi, London. Edward*, Sandferd ft Co., No. 17 Corahill, Loadon. B. H. Revoll No. 12 Plaee do la Boar**, Pari*. Advertisement*. as well as subscriptions, for the Ni:w Toaa U? liLo. will reach us If left at the above places. Malls for California. The mall steamship Georgia. Captain Porter, will leave 'bis port, to-morrow afternoon, fur Havana, Clntgres and New Orleans, with the mails fur all parts of the Pacific. The W11khal*> will be published at 10 o'clock in the morning. Court Calendar?Tlale Day. BvrmiOH Court.?Nos 7. 3, 401. 216. 217, 2X3. S17. 235, I 236, 160, 362. 280. 110, 42. 38, 213. 301. 281. 268, 323, 22, | 387, 208, 308, 32, 307, 17, 34, 30, 09, 327 , 332. .(30, 402 I to 411. PvraEMi: Court?Circuit.?Nos. 296. 47L 390, 391, 476, 79, 479, 481. 482. 87. 483. 486, 486. 487. 199 Special Tkhm.?Nos. 15. 9, 1(1. 17. 18. 19, 112, 29 to "27. Common Pleas ?Nos. 424, 634, 636, 636, 637 . 539 641. 642. 643. 644. United States District Coust.?Nos. 7, 8, 9, 12, 13. 16. 1?, 17, 18, 19. Resident* of the west aide of the city will find the Broadway Post Office (No. I.'.'1, Broadway, nrtr ! Canal ttreet) a very great convenience. You can mail y ur I letter* there lor any port of this country, or Or i" > liy letter* are also delivered promptly. V. 8. Puita stain)* on hand. Phrenology In Clinton Hall, 131 Nnvwna street?To know ourselves is of the greatest imp r*xnc*. and there la no otlier means by w hich we e*n aci iir>' tliii knowledge lo well ai by the aid of Phrenology. It tea. to* oa for wLat occupation in life we are by nalnro b- ,t piali | tied, and in what pursuit we may be moat suuceasful. fci j aiuiuatione made at all hour*. Mechanical Drawings. ? The Subscriber having returned to the city. > ill resume his hutincst a* \U chunieal Draugbtemnu, and agent fur the salo of pat inti. J. II. BAILEY. Residence?West Fifteenth street, first flour, east of Suth avenue. I. O. of O. V?The Members of New York Lodge, No. 10, I. O. of O. P., are rniuested to attend the next session of the Lodge, (June lltli.) a.? there will be bosinese of importance brought before the Lodge in which ?acb member i* deeply interested. O. C. BAILLY, Seo'y. pro. ten. The Congi-CMM Pirated?('anHon to Rho? d??lcr?. ?I.eari.iD* thut loine uiprin ctplod persons arc oK.r In* Luetic Gore to manufacturers of my Patont Conzr'-H BooU, made t.v braiding or weaving India rubber in buc , way MiloMtiM a shir or ccn fraction, or e*pan.-.i,>ii of the fabric with the spring. this notice is given thut any mm!.- of cover ing and ?. mhjning likrnua mntcrinle with cor Is of India rnh r; ?. >'?' * ?' making Congr-so boots, is a direct and pontine 7i f. "V I *1"1"' ?nd wlinever mannfaotoroa or sells the Congress bo. ls thus made will be prosecuted for daina gci. All who are autlnvri-.ieii by ml to nso are re-inir'U to stampeaib poor with the words " Day's paten'.;" all others are infringi u. i,ta, unJ dealers are Horned ugaimt the con ??'jtitnce*. if tl.fy ?hoo?o to bo concerned in pirating this f i ah .their information, caused the opinion of two <-| the most distinguished piiteut lawyers in the United States to te taken, hereaith publislied. I shall hold everr daali r responsible where the manufacturer is irri sponsihle. Owner of all the patents connected w ithVoncr. sl'ltoVte N. B.-LDinses grsuted at *3 Courtlaud -treet. \'w lor*, and by my anthorl/-d agents throughout tho United ???j Maine, and New Damp-hire, owned by t harlei Minslow, of I.ynn. Mass. . LKOAL upimovs. I,' if f rxnnined the letters patent issued to Tlupoot i. Hyatt, bearing date the SOtli October, 1*40, and am of. oini n SSiWiT 0t 'W P"' w"av''>? hhrous in,.... rah!,! Ii'? CA|,V 1 ?iOI,tra,'t, "? ?omldnation with India rubber sprints, if applied in the manntweture of gaiter boots ?a an iBfringvmsnt upon tha patent. F. 11. CUTTING ' New lork, April 1?61. u' , ... . . ,, BoeTois,June6, 1851. .i! !L,"IV similar elimination of the letters patent above referred to, and conenrin Mr. Cutting's opinion. RL'flfS CHO.iTE. ; Slngrr'a Sewing Machine.?The attention of tailors, seamstresses, shoemakers. &?., is invited to the f't.Vi rF*!iV.' J,w"tF of this invention, which sews, with aidLi'Vb T'5i?"?t any kind of linen, eloth. or Gather; y S whkh from three tshvc times as much nt?.rVh? foompllahtd iaany giv an tima, and in . le-tte, mailter than by the usual slow aad t.dions proeaas of saw IB*. Tina ma, hine Is stroa*ly made, simple in its oonitrna .* y. maamted without the aid of a maehinut. no? liable to *et out or repair, and wr minted for a year Dur in* the inatsix months over live hundred have been disposed tom llT*lloVird"nl " <?"" maniifao PhlV.,ul,,i . . J'":'- Bo"tou i I'onrth street, rbiladelplna, ana at onr prim ipal office. ZVi Ilroadvra* apposite the City U.U. N,ZYork. W. ehir^aoUtaTtw showing th* operation ol the ma. bine. '? M. SI NOEK it, Co., 256 Broadway. ' heap Walthci?Jnit received, a very fine lot of Gold Hunting Uvers, in oightc. u carat e?(?(, warrant alfv!*? vK,*TV,d J* ?"'* ?t the low price o( w at J. V Ravage a M atch and Gold Pen Depot. 91 Fulton street. W atehes and Cold Pens carefully repaired. D. C. Creneira Sew York Doffuerrean Gale lery, at the Alhainbra Huildin*. W7 and Sifl Broadwav lYtrl'Xr*;* ky J- *""?'* ??* ?!>?? for the reception of the public. N o r ipi use has beeu spared in making It one of the moat prelect establishments of the kind in the world. i.....7**^ *"?*''*?' of *r9rY improvement the art has attained, and opera tors of Ion* nperience aad tuperior talent employed, enable the proprietor to warrant every picture equal to any taken in tins country. Th. skylight Whieh is arrang-d upmn * new plan, ia superior to many, ani surpassed by aone. The Public can rely upou perfect satis factiuo, bath with regard to quality aad price. Patent Tapestry?Three-ply and Patent I'arpitiBf, at the celehraud . h.apest oar petesPal liahm. nt in the I ailed States. 99 Utram Aadrrsoa a. Thrce-piy earpwia. 7a., H?? and Uw per yard Ingrain >?. ?a. 4a. and lit. per yard; Floor oil eletha! js., (a., 6a., and 7a. per yard. World's Fair.?Visiter* to the World's Fair are invited to eiamiae the subscriber's stock #f Dressing t sees. They arc th? moat c.mpa. t and useful artieU of the kind maaufaetured contaiuiag all that la aaeeaaary for tba toilet of the moot fastidious. SAUNDERS, 147 Broadwar corner ol Libert> at . aad 4ft7 Broadway. Blxth A veil ne LoU.?J. M. Miller 4l Co. will ?ell, at the M'-rrhant'a Ei< hance, to-morrow, a largo num ber of lota, beautifully situatod OB the Math avenue ?d alto soma deairnblo ones around the new Forest puk, (Jones nMdl.j Po?t Offlte-California Rxpreaatnall?Safer end In lest tlmo than the U.S. Mall, and at one fourth the postage II,, uncertainty of the U. 8. Mail between Naw \ nrk and San Franvis.'o h too well kaown. Our mails aieeeiitoter in India Rubber llaia, water proof, with two days later neo s. l< -t;i*. In septs, prepaid or not. MLHFOKD ? C'0.1 V??ey street. Aator Ilouaa The (titration or the A?r.-The Abolition ?I tZ"* ^ ??^? ootioaably the most important question of the times, and the North and South are arrayed ia angry dis cussion, n p. n this .abject against each othe,.7The iEfltfoirf black hais. howooer, is "a hor? ofaaother color." forever* m" ^"'n "*"?'? iuimitablo and uararpassalla It. cby Moaataia Beavor*. the most beeoiuin* aad attractive ? owimer I nt, ?ir produced, and the heavy W iot. r and Spring Matt must niakc way for them. Knot, the raop|('( llatt.r has a stack at hla store. l*v rulton street. .uffi.?ut to sun jljevtry man ?l taste ia tho city. v Groin's Rammer Halo for 1151????. I ?? arrived, sad Geain'a superb Beavers are " d.r'.*7 ""l uuir"? Summi r Halt of ?v. -y v . GIN IN, ill Broad w ay,'opp. TNe rplon, No. II l*nrk row ?The Hat rials'era'l nhm kavojMliated all their a ia to vino of lie people. Tbny mak. the an! i,v.| .i,| hats ia town, and aell a I t Iter article t< r tr. pn U a or nltvr O'Hbli.haeat. N It. Ti n Is the ...f,* ,'"y rraetw?iekat:en a thia eMy. No vraach stofoa. Ken. o, r, No. 11 I'ark low. . ppo,its Aitor Hons*. Important to Uontlanaeri?4>enl lemon who Wire s. elegant It as on* of the r-.,ni ,t , I Mrlhtnm may tann It at Green e. No i v r - ?. , I Bh;r<., ke . made ?? that ooUhlio' m.M ,-rr% i! .1 th nnwrlnkled em-othnesa, and to e# r . i.? r u.*'?* **d at tho honrat wliloh th?y set jr itrt I The Ma Iron leu to?We know vf , f ?iisi.|. r*?y I Thcnoande are Iwvplieated ' Ge ,n*e ?, ,r # gf lngevery day Into a certain pi.mi ,. d ?? is , ,, wrnot little par. sla These turn have oonsf,.. , prb-e. JON F.N'P. II Aaa street |. taeh bny a pair of breta. aad oa<h c met .a , t onab Fnetnry, 3*7 Brtrntlwn) ndlra are reepectfnlly invited to esemlnt Il ls , h-i.e , .? .. I I tnkf; the variety ia, boyoad all doa' t. the groaie-i i . ?by. ???prialna tins most beantifal ot? n ? rb li. no"I ..d knftalo horn. repaired aad made to r" s ' 8 It J. SAI NDRRS. ?t^VO Donlera are reaper Hull r Invited u tiftmln# our fiGfft nt |at. rtr.tul of l(t(?><?? Wr bay hud got nt a new Air tl?ht c. tar , , tm* W W*.. A m '"*? ?' ' 1 irnsr.a. n hleU caa w w?d vithoat an ottn. ih- nl /'.hm^ of fh? kind <? ?arkob. ill* DBorn. BROTH B?W Preneh Portable Rvxla Konnto, fbr the lm mvdiato nrndoetioa ef the vit.r, spn.hllag w v!vDTJtlt!?i Sr'a!^' V' Tkm iRgoalon. and me c,-. ?sT!! MtOo maeblnta. for the nae of lanitlioa, travolinni sf??:.'nV sr-oa sj pjrtsswsrs '.Ka:.r.w, tk? tntt, and fall lavtrncllons for una. a' the - t i.-ii , m ...17r J. MII.H.tU, a CO.. I J hrotdvi ay. Walli'lMvrvou. Ant Mote. Gonad ore Mrs. "kvf ?< n*'kcr*T?*** "S hJr ?t itbl ?*ne i r ner s, n, ac. Then go tn Mrs Fi .ft I'm I. M .. Mk her nbint h. r child ar.J hnsband Th titl^1 KS rtrst avtnne ash aa wall about We li.v a. J'i Grr. Ml t-horka aire, t Mr. g",V.? di iV!' I***n, 134 Co In rii Ma ("li"r*a inil ?ta*i 4 ' w / Tn Wis Honor A. ('. 8Tn Rein* alont l?vblt rblladelthla, f, rl In* lb* poor of those a . .'... Ihlladsl, the In* the poor of these d'enofui d.-eaaes oo^d" Mri:?-iT-.r, sV:'oii/r^e, r*r^ I IrV.U 1*4 HUMtr ia a.,s lr?illli C 'mmltUn %?* ?rf.nlur t< aw on fcr tt, t. the pen,. 5'.. .^:%f!"dTArH? Hlhtl' "7"'*' Grvenwiu HI N ariav ftfvvt. ?l p?| buttle. C. Mac '*!> authorised by Sbs Baalth Cammif 4in far all persons Is raculia Watto" Mara* abu ara naable to nay for It wltbowt sham, samplive. dsbllOatsd or diseased. dnibaa the t sears of Dr. H'alU, all such order* will bo untied to aattl further aotbea. TALBOT via*. 43d Greenwich street. T1 mol at'a Sulphur Mtkii 5IT Pearl itact,. opposite tlie Hospital, established la 1K2U, by Louia J. Amo lat, fri w Paris, for the euro of Rheumatisms, Erantaoaa ffl tbe hkin, t'olda, Ac. These ara the Brat established, end only gvuuiae Sulphur baths ia this city. We refer to Dte. Valentino Mott, Vaclie, lberyar, UvstwUk, Wallace, and tb? principal physicians ic4l.i? city. Lrc'a Oriental Birth PreacrvriwDeptt 433: liroadway, corner of iHrward struct. Young and old ladies nn- tbe above preparation. It ia not like other preparation** it is a pow der beantlfully perfumed, and ? la-tko hnew*** metic ever invented. Only 3a. a box. Try It. To Men of Taite Thoae who vatlli'Upat aess a healthy and luxuriant bead of bair, avoid baldnaaa, and desiderate freedom of the aoalp from dandruff aod otbei' parantieal accumulations, which destiny vitality in the hair, ehonld nae Bogle's uyperion Fluid, famed ever the Union for ita preoervative ana beautify .ay eBecta. Sold by tht iavantor, H a Bogle at 277 Washington atreet. Bettn; A. BAD. Sands, lOU Fulton etreet, Knehton, Clark A Co. 773 Broadway; Cary A Co., and Brighain A Day, Foaxl atreet. New lurk, and by the druggists generally. Phalon's Magic Hal* Dye, to color the hair or whisker* tbe moment it ia applied, without injury to the hair or akin. It caa be waahed immediately without dis turbing the color, and haa no had odor. It iaapplied, oreold. at Fhalon'a W ig and Toupee Manufactory, 197 Broadway, Fur aale in tha city and country by druggiate generally. Oonraad'i Liquid Hair Dye Instantly con vert! red or gray hair to blown or Mack. Italian Medicated Soap curve tan, pimpler, frecklea, eruptione. ate. I'oudrt Subtile eradicatee hair from any part of the body?war rautid. l.i |uid Rouge, for pale lips and oheeka; Lily White Buir Krat rative, touul at Dr. FELIX OOllRAUD 8 Labo rut. ry b7 Walker street. Bret store from Broadway; Cullend er, bb South Third atreet, Philadelphia. Ilalr-rfye and Wlgi,?Bntchrlor'i Uqnld Hiilr-dye. celebrated in all parts of Europe and Ame rica established und in sucoeseful operktiou for the luet twelve year*. ia the heit hair-dye in the world. It ia ap plied, or ???'( wholesale and retail, at Batehelor'a Wig Far tory. 4 t> ull street, and at all druggists and perfumeries is tow n and couutry. The llcvt Hair Dye.?Ballard's received the highest premium, and uiay be relied upon e* a choice article It wii . olor tha hair any desired shade, w ithout the troubl. of ? selling before or after the application. Warranted not to fade or wash off. Offico No. 155 Fulton etreet, second diiorlroui Broadway, up stairs, where beautiful ep-ecimens may be seen. Wlgi and Toaprt'S ?We wonld call the at tention of persons requiring Wigs, to a recent improvement, 'hi . mine was awarded a silver medal for the first premium at the lu t tuir. Tliey can be seen at E. Phalon's Wig and Ilair lly c Factory, 197 Broadway, corner of Dey street. Those who arc troubled with Tender Feet ran l e instantly cured for 25 cents, by U. V. Bush's ecle trated 11 agio Cream Liniuient, an infallible pain extermina tor, for the eradication of all pain and soreness. This article is warranted. I'nucipul depot, 319 Greenwich, corner ol Duune street. Dr. Rogers' Syrup of Liverwort, Tar, aad CunclmUgua, the great remedy for Coughs, Coldr, Inllnonza . Catarrh Spitting of Blood, and all other lung cumplaintc tending to consumption. Depot, A. L. SCOVI I.I, A CO., 31C Hi, sdway. I'rice, in large buttles, $1, or three bottlei) for $2 50 91 ON K Y MARKET. Movdat, June 9?<5 P.M. The stock market win slightly depressed this morning. Some cf the fancies, which have been rather quitt late ly. huve sturttd again into actirity. Long Island was ip demand to-day. and there was more inquiry l'or Norwich and Worcester, at better prices. The transactions in Loading Kailroad were more limited, but without any material alteration in quotations. Harlem opened and closed firm; but there was Tory little stock offered. Mor ris Canal is likely to be in opcratiou very soon, its entire h-Dgth. About two months of the season hare passed away, and the amonnt of tolls received this year will be comparatively small. Prices for the stock are well sus tained. Can ton Co. hai not improved since the publica tion of the report, and we do not think the exhibit ma do '? calculated to do the market value of the stock much good. The receipt# at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port to-day, amounted to $8'JOOJ 'JO; payments! $6M34 3d?balance. $2,618,626 01. The packet ship Southampton, for London, carried out $182,800 in specie, of which $100 000 was in ailver coin, $20 000 in gt Id coin, and $42 800 in silver bullion. Th packet ship Oallia, for Havre, carried out $80,000 in sil ver; and the steaiurhip Merlin, for Bermuda. $130000? total shipments to-day, $382 800 One dollar notes of the Merchants' Exchange Bank of tbiseity. altered to twenties are in circulation. They cap be easily detected, the genuine one having the vignette o| the figure ef Commerce, while the twenties have that ot an eagle. The following gentlemen were yesterday ununimoosly re elected Directors of Ibc Hudson River Railroad Com pany, for the year eommenelDg June 0, 1861:?Jamee Boorman. Edward Jones, Oardner U Ikiwland. Japhet Bishop. Elieba Peek; Uou Verne ur Kemble. Cold Bpring 1 Moms U Grinnrll, Win C. Kedfleld, Edwin I>. Morgani Drake Mills; Erastus Corning, Albany, James Hookcx Pougbkeepsle, Hugh McCleUan. Hudson And the following gentlemen were elected inspector# of the neat election:?John David Wolfe. Thomas Suf fern, Erancla Burritt At a subsequent meeting of the Board the following officers were re appointed?James Boorman President Edward Jonra, Vice-President; George 1? Batter. Beere tery and Legal Agent; John M Hopkins. Treasurer Wm C. Young. Chief Engineer; Oliver H. guperin tendent. All other officers were re-appolnte J. The earnings of the Madison aud Indianapolis Railroad Company for the first five months of 18 >1, amounted to $136,160, against $89 100 for the corresponding month the previous year, showing an increase this year of $46 - 060?equal to more than fifty per cent This looks tike a handsome increase in dividends, notwithstanding high rates heretofore paid. The subscriptions to the Cincinnati and Belpre Rail road amount to $1,420,000, as follows ?Washington Marietta, and lUrtnsn counties, $460,000; Roes county, $300 000; Athens, $100 000, Cincinnati, $16<">0i>; private subscriptions, $320,000 The Connecticut House of Representatives ha? pane 4 an art Incorporating the Norwich and Worcester Rail road. to ran from the terminus in the city of Norwich through the towns of Bozrah. Montvllle, s?km Ka-t llnddam. Lyme, aud Seybrook to a point on (he Nee Haven and New ixmdon Railroad In th< town of Wet brook The annual report of the Eot Boston Company ha? been distributed to the shareholders During the past year, the city of Boston has accepted 2.760 feet in lengtt | cf the principal street*, and paved 1.260 feet of the sain* and has sleo built 5 1(0 feet of common seseer Cocbitu* ate water has been Introduced aud lands hni lotov un suitable for building purposes ar* no* ren lere I avail., i hie by the accessibility of pure water. 0n< of the m d valuable improvements node by the company. is tb* building of a *wa wall scroHi the Win. noar West Wood I Dlatd by which ninety-five acri>* of land have hewn re* | claimed, and the company Is put In possession of A0,?; I undred fe?t frontage if vsluat-b wharf property. Tie expensce for the year ending May 1. 1851 *?re $6 978 57, about the rnmas during the year pr- Ticus. The company Is free of debt, aud its ftaamdal sflwirv are In a prosperous condition. Tlie report con laine much n-eful information in regard to East Boston The population at this lime amounts to 10,500. exclusive cf a great number of mechanics and laborer who here fit d i uiplnymcut. but whose families reside else* her Ihenuuiter of birshs daring the year was 403; the number of bundle. resident in East Boston April l?t, t0S2, ar.d the number of house l.'JN, of whlrh forty two were en cted in 1860 A fine block of brick ware house* ?n Lewia street, at $.' 5 ooo, sixteen wooden building , aud one eburch. were also erected uv.king ? tidal of 1 616 buildltgs. Two canal h<?te?the P B. Petrle and the C If Ohr? laden with Cumberland coal ft m the Washington mines, arrivs t In otir port yesterday, from the Alleghany moun lain- In Maiyland They earae down the Chesapeake anil t'hic f anal to Alexandria, Va , and were towed, by pro pi 11 r. on the Chesapeake, to the Delaware and Chesapeake to the Delaware rlrer, at.d through the Delaware and llatiUu eaual to New York, These boats were eon struct* d by the Washington Coal Company, at Cninber land, snd are pioneers In an enterprise of some conse quence to ecntiimrrs of noal It can be brought at a re dured pries, nod without any handling, and beiag some wi st friable in It* nature, it will coins, without rw ship ping in fine order. Mm the ctaldtshment of the Free Bonking law Is Ki w Jersey several new banks have b??n ft rmed am' mnny others are In contemplation Most of these banks hare been loeated In out-of-tbe-way pIrons and are owned in Wall street. The names of tbos? *tvt?d an- ae follows, via ? iWan I'ank, at Rergen Tern Work* 'fAuie* DelswSt. ai d llodson Dank, at Tom River . . ' * ftt/oofi t nioii Baak. *t Tom River 5G0tm kleri bants I ,,nk at May * landing M.fsiC Ai letitle Itank May L'ourtllouss. 60,00b A'laii'ie I kt k est May's landing HtooOi. Paimera' Dank, at Freehold .. $ ,000 Total capital . ,$ffio otK < The bills cf t|, *0 bnnks circulate e*tens|t?ly in thle city* nlaet th. own<rs defend upon the facilities ok Umtd her* for giving th? m a circulation. Thoee < ngsfrd lu pvitaUucting the JD a?* sud Cafw

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