Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. jahk* uobdox bksnktt. PKOl'KIETOR and editor. orricx N. w. op fulton and Nassau sts. THE D.1II.Y UKIUtLD, t cente per r?lK-l7 ptr WEEKLY HER.1I.D, erery -Vu/' ?\ tHfl f.ff or $3 Pr' annum ; ike European r.ditton, A4 j>ac orwiuAM (o any pari ?/ Ureal Hntairu and fo any ?oil ?/ fi? Continent, both to include the portage. YOLt'ST.IRY COHRksPOVDEXCE. containing BnjmMnf nru I ioiiYi7rd /"rum any fuarfrr q/ thi u vrlj. 4/ wood, will he liberally paid for. Uvu Fun nu. s Uouk?* ron cists in pautici uhi.t rcay. istcii ro 1UL ail Frrriiii am Pa< *a>.?* il?r TO v? *ILL I. H 8 by mail, for Hukocr i p! tone, or with JMrertiiemrnti, to be poot pmd, vi the postage uill b 4odII. ted li vm (he money remitted. tit) SOTH E taken of anonymous communicationf. MV do not return thooc rejected. ogDVEH J'fb'E VEST* re nea con/ morning. JOH HR IS Tlx O executed with (riilnrii, cbrapneet, amd dupatch. Vduw XVI So. 10-4 AMUSEMENTS THIS E\EN 1N0. ABTOR FLACK OFERA HOCSE.?lie.a ui LamubB BOWTRV THEATRE. Bowery?Laiv or Lto.\??Erm DFIA.C PSl.M'A?Dkl AUAkf. BROAHHAV THEATRE, Broadway? Mv Yors* Wuk and Mr *??.!? I'wkHai.LA ? A/wt.. AUBLO'S CAKDEV. Broadway?Oeib at Law. BCRTOVS THEATRE. ChABib.ri str-et?No perform NATIONAL THEATRE, Chatham ltr? t?MscerTH? Pm a Cm or Cauda. BROl'cHAM S LYCEUM, Broad wcy?Grist to tha Eay-W?HLi ) I'aib. ?HRI?T\ ? MINSTEELS, Me.bao;:?' Hall, C.'Broadway ?Bthiopia v M.rsrp. i . rEl.COM - MINSTRELS, Fellows' Musical Hall, No. 414 BfwMway?E-iiior' i n Mi ?>vrRBLJ*. AMERICAN Ml'SEI M, Aai u.ns Fhioisuch Ar rssv<w> ? *u Evamm.. Nrw York, Thursday, June 1:4, 1*YI. Octal Is of the Europrnii Nrws?Irrival of tll? Malls by tire A merlin. We received, at midnight, a portion of our let ters asd mails by the et?uin.ihip America, and in another part of the paper the details of the three dayr later new*, whith that vc-sel brought, still be fsnnd. We have already given a synopsis of the Bews, andclo not consider it nec-.- ary to make any axtended comment upon its character and tone at this time. {??in??? <?r) or th* Liiti nl Intelligence hp Telegraph Fer information concerning the d.-ingj of the le gislature vcstcrUuy, we refer our readers to a report ?f thciu, aj recti* id by telegraph, and published iu ??other column. It will be seen that neither the ?gfreprialion bills nor the bill for the enlargement of the trie canal, has yet been torn he J, although the latter will, no Uoubt, be brought upou the ear pet at an early time. -Now that the friends of the Mature feel certain of pocaeaaing strength enough to carry i?, they will not evince us trni h ha" in pemhirg it, as they would do under circumstances wmilar to those which characterised the lust ser-i >n. Prowi the indicationt of yesterday, wo are Inclined to think t hat the session will be a hort one. ' It will be perceived by our report that Mr. Thompson'* anti-agitation resolutions, iu the At ?roiblv. after being referred to the Judiciary <001 ?aittee. have been di'i-'sod of iu rather a summary Manner. thi motion of Mr. Wheeler, that commit tee were discharg'-d from their further coasi.l -u t.on. We are not at all surprised at this. We are eert-inthc abolition whigs in the Assembly dared not meet the (juvstiott. In respect to this reealt there is but oik course Icit for the friends of the Union and the ooustitulion t?? pursue. l*h y moot obtain the name <<f every member who voted for tahii g those resolution- out of the haudi of the Judiciary Committee, and hold .hem apt) the gun of the per pie, so that th' y may be marked, an l kaowu, and rem* inhered for all time to Couio. And if there L? ar.y virtue in the people of this State, they will be r> at inhered. They have been driven, ?t length, into the c rra r which they ought to occu py, and where, it i- to Ik hoped, they will bo forced to remain, with Wet d for thtdr head, and < I reeky ?aid the lesser animals for thtir tail. The trial of another of the parties who were in dicted for aiding in the recti of the fugitive elave shadrat h, in Boston, Is going on in that city: Mr l>ana, of counsel for the ac. u-c 1, 0]<;k d the d.f u ?? yesterday. Addit .' ballot ;ng? wcr: mu I? jf*t rdaj to ?leaf ? United States Senator froui ' onncctiewt. but with no suocr s. It Is <eiy he el< ?>. w go over the next session ol tl- ?? g ? u.u 1. li ?? be hoped the friends of the ? .mpr- .-nise and n Ike Union, and *.h- 'vponeuti of furt'a r-la* rju.'. t?ti?n. will nit recede an in h. u . I ? any ir. i n ytaj.r's. from the J" itb n '-L y l ive taw u. 1". would fce much bctttr t bate the Mate in pa: represented at Washington, than I > hu it . .is. u praacnted by an abolition wl,.g Now that th. whig ubolltki sts tbfongl.?n: the North liatc b n difven into u cvu tr, it i.t tin* doty <>l u.l iri ?? "> Ibe Union to deprive tbctu of the power of doing sieckicf 'Jke I'tnio ratic ."'tut 'ud ' .1 ' i'- '* si ol r?rr.*y ; r'.n aw mbt. I yc-ti.'l ij at l!arri-b . gh. Jio nominaiiui s l*a?? >?' :?e?u m ?d?. ' ?rcat iti'e > ?at is felt, not only In that, hut in " her ">tatc?, In regard to the r? Mil. It w <? in <> if re port that Mr. W .In.-!, a.< uir of th* t 1 ft .iwiot the elifi?.li!/"' (it! del- ga*. . ufswb . b ?icy claim d. t> define bis pi-sitiou. whi.b war, that he snppo-vcd the . minatioi other Mate ofl.i < r?. which we ma 1: at the i.' -I wg Cunv?ntlor. i. f. w days ?. b it di gn I to the resolutions. iW did not expoct anything d'J tvfl rach a d' naagugwo aa be hai ????*.! b to bo in his C'ougre-wlor,? 1 ? Mrj therefore, is, that Le ?> ar. to < n: th ' . ?< ry agitation to ti.e t vteut of i ebil'y. W ?- I, let v... prosfcd: it h d iiA- t" nieftyrite b *u-* it. ? g ? *? a. I of U" few a" I wreak adb-rent' In dii-org*i.i*?ti n, b t hnlo o. It is eoo??iling to t'It t that n tbi Convent. n there arc decided indications of b"tibiy to h ? dl-or. ion sentiments and pi" ? Pennsylvania to all right da respect' the I >n ni th. e>n-U> lotion, as far, at least, a- the dcim rati par y is concerned. The whig will m ? t m Mate .Dv.;n |i,? ld the twenty-fourth of th pr .it iu utb. g>ur abolition e?t. mp"r?ry, the Ti Pa . sp ke th mbar day as If it bad be n bo J and ? b* ' 'u * ||one made Pweb, bowersf, was u .t th a ? That wlsbrated Jourrwl is " fud" In xu <t* r. 'joe s than one. W'c s'aoll soon ku?W how the wi, gs ?ml on the rompr'ra 'e m i ir - irf -t U ingrv", ?od what action they will taki in d to th< m A dispatch from ' oneurd Tifviin* as thai the M?w Us m;-hire democrats, in ""late com ration, hare nneuimously norn'oated Ju lg' \t o Mbaey a* Ihsir randidate fur tin Pre* id- m J, bt's k-ern from Mexico thai < ?- ?re?? il urns! ?a the 2Ph ult., in gr<ut ourifn-wn, without passing the bill to conft r cvtraonliue'y powers on the Prs?l?k''f Wc a'-o are infom ?! thst tlic T<'b?ajif'|s e survy Is towiplctcd. tMhcrPcmsuf Interest wtu Ls f^ui d aadrr oar teh / sphic' -?d Ms Br ?The rse,nt gi- repo t p ibli?hcd in ?bis fWy, in wbiAh th- g?s d -tors unifci! ike to ?sun iiw the puldl while they ;?*??r tbegaee,m pnoics. has prod? --d a r -od desl of gas iu lnii'.a dclphi.i, where tlu f a. i e b ? diftgn- i ?fair' The joy real' th-- t'dik th it we h*r? thrown the right kinl of light on thA gn* rcpoi-f, aosi ibat we baiC <i <b . d ih rsJ in it i r u ttrf reasonable atmosphere ?( a e. W therefore again r?r.?w oursu;':' Ion that tli? ps,^. lie should not tog<'hcrln a f ly, S'-d <?;? "t a Tcgolarcbemistton . il a r< ? iIc r. | it, in Isr t* Mccrinin all the truth tb ga* r-p ? ,?L h Wr hare rfeensf|r h'd, and what ijtiut.tity of !t is Mere gas and ni'ior Mine Tbs p I ' Mr.<J ia.vb.ul 'fivrl it gal PKrVT'"?? OF CoNWKEfS ANB TB? D*V A BTMMSf !"*, a i WAsarxoxos.?At the opening of the next aes sion of Congress. we m?u to propose a plan for printing tho documents ordered by them, And nisi for reporting tho debates in both bouses, on a large and extensive scale, not heretofore attempted in any country, and only capable of being practically carried into effect in this land ot energy and enter prise. We mean to propose. either on oar hook, or in connection with other daily journals in this city who are associated together in telegraphic enterprises of \ arious kinds, to receive by telegraph, and publish every morning, six, or eight, or ten columns of the debates of both houses?sometimes to extend them to twelve columns, when the occasion would require it?all to be published the next morning in New York, after the debates take place in Washing ton. This can be accomplished by telegraph, and would only be au extension of the present system, which has been in use for two years past by the daily journals of Now York, Philadelphia, and Bos ton. To perform this serf Use, we would cal! into requisition vaiicua telegraphic lines between New York and Wa-hington, pay a great sum of money in tolls to them every week, and thus serve to pro mote tho telegraphic art in tho country, at the same time that we reported the debates of Con" gross. The daily press of this metropolis would be perfectly able to ajsompllsh the extraordinary feat of publishing Congressional debat-s, at length, the morning after they occurred?a distance of more than two hundred miles from the seat of g jvcru nient. Luring the last year or two, the Senate, If not tho llome of Kepresentali-. es, attempted to carry into effect a System of reporting the debates in C-on grc-s, and publishing them at a certain sum per column, according to contract; but the Washing ton journals employed are unable to continue them, from the inadequacy of tho compensation, and the want of internal power umong themselves. With a reasonable allowance from Congress for such important services, the New \ork prc-j, together with that of Boston, l'h.ludclphia, and Haiti in >re or such of the papers as wished to enter into the ar rangement, would be enabled to give a wider cir culation and greater publicity to the do bates in Coiigvt:than tho Washington papers can possibly do with their limited is <t? and restricted means. At the opening of Congress we shall prc-vntthese views to both bou-ca: aud we ball also propose a plan for printing their do. unienta in this city, at a rate cl.c.'i>er, aud in a manuer much b.-t'er, than the work has ever been done in \t a.-:hiiigiou for the last twenty-live yean. Tux N'.vv Park TV Tow\.? The proposed park uptown is attracting much attention, and various particr arc anxious to christen it already, t'oe wishes it called Knickerbocker Park, and others ,wchcrm.rhorn or Manhattan. The name is of little cons. The most important thing is i to have the park itself laid out with b.iuty and ta "c -to have its umbrageous luxuriance diversi fied with fountain'', cool re'reats, an I ca rtage | roads to turn the natural beauty of hill and dale ! to the m -t pictures pre aou-unt?to give the mar gin of tlo. i< r and the lrive upon it a tu-tefil ap ponronce, su.icdto the natural advantages U al ready post ^--es. There is no rea-oa why the park I littery reject shv .11 be inferior in beauty to that any city in the world. The probability 1-, that the laying out of the park will incrca o the number of f.? c inable dwell ii g. very rapidly in the upper part ofthe city. It w 11 be a d-; g'atful driv e from Washington squire along the I iftb avenue, bey. ;id tho Reservoir, and thence onto twentieth -trc .t, then across by the Third avenue to the pnrk It sell': aud were we to %-tliiJ its tbt value of su h a public cnterpr!>r in dollars mid c? i ts, the leasonable calculation would .-.em mer. fignr.sof fancy, t-uch an ornamental ?tructure w. uld be the only th mc of thi- kind at present in this country, aud when it ise*tiMi?h d. it will be found to be one of the first attractions to strangcis. Its < stabli: iiment will bring in capital 1st* fiom > v ry ] art of the countrj to resile here ? 1 i. b 'rlhsm planf. rr and waadihy California m ^ . bants, 1 eside? large t.nuibi'- ?f indep-n lendfami lies from l.urt | e. Inf. t, if w. hare rigb'.ly ob r,ived th? causes wl.i?-t. ?.|>?tii. on t ha loriti.m of ; Uidividuuls, th- proposed park will be in* re ) w r- ! ful than any allurements we now p.--w, t vardi d< tern. ? iig the rcsiden e* of the opulent wbo wLh to reside In aue one 1 the large Atlantic ? II)' lullUlgciier# I< ? > i !?? 1?r i- uM. L.. <? < ? B. : ? Vi ; -? ? 1*) i " ?? i r ?''<?i <:'"*<'I '1 t'? 'uniwhc ikti ? i >,u< -t li 1 < n tl.* In .?> ? f '!?!.? ! M ??. r 'n at U- fr . y ;.i I *. nib ?i '??.??. ' i ?;h a.a rati i I > dnrihirr two n t? r a Ijj. If ? : I'.ol' a'. :i Cm .. a .i h c?U lata dh-ittJl In ?f?* li?l 111 i ,i l. u< ? < 1 I lit ??? art i ? wtfr *.? i-r-f. Ub? u. * . ? If..J ' thai 1. t U.'it p ? ? t< ; at a;- rj|. ? nt.jnl . * I It. ti t-ff II.. M< * ?: a.. ?)a-l; iMwM liiyafir. tc" it nl ul In i n ? t"t <? I..- ?rnt ft' in ih'- liai'.ill r?t ifin .1 cl i ni ? it i.' '!? no* ? it-.- it, ai . . ,ir u . u ? la aid v I., m.' 1 i. I! until f.'U th> aft! lanrnlt ?. Mid Ih i, ii. i rbi with ? 1 ?h' 1 i i 1 I,.*' h h.i-l nu . Ir, 1 .Irank Cf *f|ii tofiiti'i.' ? Ml Ul, II ?!? It I ? I I I ? T'll I ill ? ul . j. 1.1,. I,,i>. i ,. i in ih. ... r. i Mr Mui>' 1. at .V 7 I. rttili. atPCt I i bat J ? :t-i 1'Miu trr .V ali'ta ii ' ? - In " tiT* . . n i i Ii a mail '.ill *? I .* fi. d i 'I 'ii ' Jl Illti 't I nil* a , .. n ratiM'y ' * l.'i ? ']? i". d .wing * b ??a,.!i: lh? I r ? j '? ? i I T 'II Of. -la .,.j. t I lit' id tl.i !???- ? ! h it "If. a II ?{ ;??? tl) a' r. It".""' I diank fa pie i'i . ' , ii tl i ? r.' .. I of ;Lu ! x ?..? ; i f r I'. 0.' Idui ii i.I ' ??',j ,i *,! !i ;.ri rii ih *i |.'i- m ..I'iu .x.i'iii. t, ti ? t l i a. ?? ?' ?!'I f-wiiB" real ? Jt < f ' 't'.r.ti Ii Uti' I| t mij *t. 1 and t'r rnttra . I ti? I. ?' i ? lii j f fat ' J mat- | ! tin i.r.d't . It. h til 1 .?;.?i. uu. u ???,? ? tUt I ? 1,1.1, tu r? villi* war high./ ? iy ?t "I h. ta.ra .f ?*?'!; *nJ tin 1. ??) *u ? I tV k 'ill thi -i *a- a ti i) ? at- t. v t Tij. -ti nheli wa. i "I n'h i n.n Jt ill .ti.i.ti j lb* U'.ni I datum I'at'j r- i '5 ill J - ' ?:U?i ill ??' ? i. p: .-at aj d> ?' I ?- Htktl.' i |it r ablcb a* d> n. at th 'li- . t i-tt "1 a ti'uui i. ii I., lb* nam if fax, *hi ? I d if iti p. > P . .1.: i-i a-i| Inn X Tl jar) a I rii f i bar ;?> I > tfe? C< -n r. r 1.1 . Ih. hdi -< ng let- j ?1 I ' ? ; . ?t 1- ?? - i-'i l . lii '? li-J'.fi J I iBt.'U I IdiT' qua.'.: i I rai. ?>. at I .bnt mmh ? ?TiT.ty g . it l"?l>tr i-.ti ?i rm ttinik t ttaa In ,. rr.4 h) i .itb r Ik'. ? f lni? r firrn . . ? n tin r.- utr f bi- i ?'h an I I hi.; .J.. ? ii I i .J . ; .t. n ' ? d a- J , '< ? I it ? t . Hi. Ii II .nf> ran ??? tbr ? ?? ni l - a rd ! J ? I.I- ..u'y < ' I I." r '?? -i ? . : r Ittrntft'l (I III.I I- i.i.' ? ah nbu ? ri- Ui- ? mt ? ? a?4? t.i t ? Kit j. i . l? ik> 1'itiW. tn aamt tt a rhar^a u| mtu Uxtftift. r ' I1.1/ ? >1 ? ?!? nilftr-i *r a * . I.' t a|, a- and ' M i) i n thr trial Cut 0 ?f ? TblaflM ?itr**in)i ftmrr|t',t n ?? idi rr. ' i-i.Mm... M tj i.'a|dain M trtk tti'l |ai*4? <nt IVitti j ?.ajr n< it it. ? r mm a' ? if tfetlr annttmraar) W? !, i 11 ? v in' i 1< atl'.r lh? I; at V A If . f r N * R'-hfH ?h'"- Ii i nil, u'..- din:..T anil r ? .< n in th ? ?? i it./ W ? ? . I' b- n ? I . a ant dat and rr. tj ? i y ? -n i 1 1' ;? rib - 11 ".4 ? il! a" ? n , any tin m Till!' It t* Mi. ? A Mtii-f J" ! rlay War ei.-i-u , l .i. d riV.iit tnwn thai Ihm* h y. ?.? thi ar^rn-rm pr. ? i ti ? . In- -da; ? a-l at ri'-'i-d r tali n ?n*l oat f "t I ?! ' bri?ti | lt> r ? r- < t. and row d If "ti a )l"n=tti? ir ? in ti... al-inii tm- m '.i'Ofthn*a b.. a b rl !? ? tb -n at I.( i w :.-a t t(i?t .(>m> ijat'.ir bat h... fa'. ? it. t.i W< ui.'i '? t- i'-aiu tii. ni'Mini of tbi ri >ltif In i?. hti.. 1 ? t f\ . Ptn.t ? ? t- K-i 11 n ?.f>?i. rda) m-Mi'i .- .Ii.u; ntiH O'i rfc . wiin.r ?-.tI ?.? .1 iMrt-wn y.-*f ' j t . ii*m< "i Tinma A l?->tati ? ,a kch, I it... t .it. i 11. n-? n ?tr.ri lint ..f at a/ft. and kHl?d afim~t In'anil) It m flint II iinfnrtunni. irl ?a- ri ? tb' t. rt, at tin r?rn?r "f I.ttiUoW and , ? r Trial- ?hrn tnti-fbi 'alnrr ? -Ii f II and iwf'-n ???? ? i-?i I ? Itrn aln Tv- ro-il | in th" Irani nf tl.? -'aci ?? 'I" n i it i? In lit < I lb* jadr '4 tb" attt ?ti"i k I" r ii t. tit ' i v , ri tin h ?? thrroby '.iu n< aWb"'t iri-Tat t d.?th Tlir |.f , ? | ?? I. rn ia N. w l!n . n wl I'll I . !? r-r-Tit matd* ; -In tra- h-rt n nti'll 1m h. r i.ui.t ?? ro ii-? at U" "irm r . f uroha'd and .?'ai?t"lt *tf ? !? nbttn thr t.< 1) a*. , nt-t"! Umtrgf II. I'i ? ? J. Jtlr T nf th"' .ar- a i? trki n intl fit i|f j ntil i fw l"ii II d th" in ,?r?t n ih- h ?lj Whin 11," Jury I ' ''alii,.- injtirt wa- nrrilo'al and l-rrH, w? ' h-ti 11 arttft'd fridn rnrtod). A Ci i Hn in ''nTunrdiy ".#rr."n a llttl" b-") naamd far j -an. 'Id w rna i r*r hy a ',"T . :m<l narl a- ?r .V"Tih Jtfath *tr ? t A ill tm huntb T?.* drtri i r n* ah.rnl and on* "I th. ? b'ld'f |>taymatr< j thri w a I- ) ?< r 'li* h'ro? - |wldi Th p - r "btld f<4 tdii m t ari l waa i-rudft- d tn 1 nil: Thr rr-i h-nt tarn hi ?. i tl i-r anri iiifti t" t! ? * ? it:r^ t-> A with lb r ,ri 'I (bilfrt i ti i ur emwtind ??t?'t*. I" imi n ? I u ? ? ii T. i nlny tfu -n . a a T ' y?r nf rf hr tb' nan? if.bit, ?< < irttn i-.-ij. itai'v !? II lb rn. ft b tin baitTi, tb? l*w?.. Onm !n tb' 'nil 'I TJ "IT'. I In I *t) thlif .'r >-i, at ?? '*t I,, .'r. 1* fa'al hijatjr an I < t trol j - '",|?(r n r. i n'" 'ft "i ? jit"*'" tit- ? f Tu. !?'? ?? | wnt .id./ i ?n tbw l.utMli t. ' r"?rli?i hi id an l?|q.t| .-n -|, ?. ii.v, and a tud t ?? nnd ??? T.iir .' k> th .?? ? I f?rt< f .nr-iHiV ?? rht a w man naw Varatrit funtiii "1 .din^ "i ! tThirdatr-1 <-.ffimit?rd"i " -tib* Uk i d nj.trni A .'"II I I' ? I. Ua-nul ' ' tl h I wa'h ? I tl" (".ri, drtiw'.f r i . .: j ? - | b j., bnl # '* )t"T"4 ict. v'-Im ,ti mrt dr. 81m abowt nlDV o'clock Th? Perm*! *W to IkM ? p?i< awrl'-m >hbIi?)Wib yesterday Ibn r*?-wn for b<r committing the rub act is not J?t known. Death ?* en O t ei><>?e or OnoM.?Coronet Our on Turvdav bold an inquest at No. 164 Third EftoM,on the hod; of Mrs 11 uynret l>- Mole, who carna to her daalh by taking eu overdose of Laudanum. It seems the de crasad was tn the bebit of taking large quantities "f opium as a remedy for a disease to akicb she was sub ject, but on this ocvaeion she took more than oemiu u. su<l went to sleep and Dever woke again. A verdict was rendered accordingly. Drowned in a Bi.u a et or Wates ?On TuesdayaH?r noon, a little child of Mr Jacob Squib, rending at 1.7'a feiT-yth (tract, Wa? found dead in the kitchen It ap pears thai the motter left the little rreature alone in the room, while she went to the grocery, and while absent, the child fell into a bucket of water, and was strangled before its mother returned Drowned ?A man was found drow ned, on Tuesday, on theSou'h Beach, near New Cleek. Slat ? n I-land, lie appeared to be about 30 j ear* of ige and had large light ? bicker*, red shirt, moleskin pants, and so As; a leather belt wa- buckled round hie waist. 11 ? had the appear ism of & sailor For further particular*, inquire of 8aml. F. IUndolph. Coroner, Staieu Island I m,mown -Man Drowned.?Coroner <leer, on Monday, h? ld an inquest at the foot of llammersly street on the body of mi unknown man found floating in th" wat-r, foot of Hammer-sly street. North river The dec aoed was about five feet eight inches: long dark hair d re Mad in a white shirt, red flaunel under shirt, dark cloth vest and pants, laced shoes, and greyroik*. Verdict, death by drownir g. "i'onm. tion or Briuust at Taov.?Nelson Stewart. John Watson, and Edward I'randall. hare been convicted cf burglary at Troy, and sentenced by the court to the State pri*?* at Auburn Stewart for the term of fire years. Watson two years, uuj 1'raudall two years. Wil liam C. Watson, the brother of Johu. was u-ed as a wit ness. aui ha* been discharged flow custody on his own recognizances. Tim fiitsts'i Fsksdi:.?Through inadvertence we did not m-ntiou In our report of the Firemen's Parade, on Monday Madison liuw Company No. 37. This com pany is compered of a uoblc set of fellows, and with their blue sb'rts and hand-'W hose earring", presented aTery creditable appearance. Lri'tnrt on tltr \*w Female Costume?The Latest lluuibag. In several of yes erday's papers a U"ti.-e appeared uu d r the caption of "The Short Drwsae* ire >ur the l.<Mg Togs '' It appi urr 1 y the advertisement. that a stu lent o: nature, auu* M. Hosmer, had been preparing a lecture up in the relation of ?liort dross to li tilth b au'.y. m'desty and grace." in ac.-ordan"" with the stud'tit's anotuncemenv. the lecture was delivered in Hope Chapel, lust evening, before an audi--U'<# of twenty-thre* individuals. All the arguincnt* of the "-tuT'Utof na ture"?pardon the expression " argument"?went to support the new Turkish co-tame; and lie den - un~ d those who pcr-ii-ted in weaving "long t"gs a-serui barbarians. The lecture was read la such an indistinct manner as to indicate the extreme low spirit* of the lwturer, but the receipt of only twenty-three quarter dollars wa- sulllei. nl to crush tin energy *nd amor ion of any great lecturer, particularly one that came forwards.-, the dichrtor to the female portion of the ciTilized world as to what kind of dress they should w ear, and of what j material shst dress should be composed. In endeavor ing to comment on the ftyle of dnwi?'.be " lung , tigs". m w in fashion?the student said. " The sh ir", dress.or the Turkish costume, was m >r* bimwtiful, more modest, and more becoming, in every respect, than the one now in u~*. It gave m -re freedom of action to the b-'dv. and placed angel wo n an whirs- she should be. This is the age of freed' in. and the women of tills demoera y ought to free them*-lve* from their antiquated and bar baroos customs, and from the thraldom of the lards of . creation Wcman -liould be under no restraint. She vh uld be free to wear any style of Iress that her own Convenience and comfort di- :*t?-d " After mutt -ring, in . an in<- b rent and half audible mt nuer a number of pbraM ? that w. re put f- c< th*r to mean ?om--'hing. *nd (wallowing. at interval*, am ut a quart jug of eoUl water, tb' -tud nt raised hie voice and said:? The long dre-s was like a rmall ship under b- uTy sail. It encumbered the knei?. fatigued woman in he 'lis barge ufb-r house L< id duties, and destroyed the flgur aud natural graces ? fth" s.-x." lie thou broke off after taking another heavy drought of c<-ld ws't. bv saying^ -Ic-t man but try the abouiin ible dress that the wem-n now w. i;r. and how will they feel! t 'ii ili/cd men h.i mil ery wb.wrii ?maucipaUd themselves from the wearing of long -liirt*. and why should c t civlli/'-d women do the same.' They are i * free to wrsr the ,-hort dress, or the pint* lei uas the ire n are. As e-s-n *? il-mo.-ni.-y was es. tublisbid on this great continent, the worn in should have thrown off the arbitrary customs of antlqiiitv." The I - student' (nature did note intinehimselftor-co iin>enl jngtbcdi i fe ofthc f-mal dr ";s now in vogue, but laid J?. xn a new form particularizing every pa. t. ? ip- a-p:-t? ; What portion of th* b'dicc houM b* plalfcl ?what . part rhould flow loocely. ite k'- lie th -n add- J?-In j 11,1 times government u-. d to pmurrihe the f? male drei-. I and many other things w hich 'hey dhoatd har* left tu ' the individuals them-elves. But n >w. in thee days "f ? nl'fthts-r.i d dimocracy mm arc n"t freemen who do n it take advantage ? f th ? light that I* bef ro them.and set ih* it. ? lve- free from cli en-lqunte'l cii?toms. Th.-long dref* Is not adapted todcmi cra'i Instiiotion-.beeausolt < i nflncs woiiiau w ithin tiro limi'ed a pbcrc. Hirv often, while wul'sing along Broadway,hav my h**rtlightda', i Acirg fhe long ekills of th" loirly young woui -n that j wtre before m- -wis-ping the sidevralkv! and bow often have I wislu-d that MOM niagnanim "is ptpan would ? tart up to emani ipate them from thw barburwos cu-t un ?di ' is thin let one among the tenia! i portion of this e< iiiinualty. who will come foVWard as the saviour and lenefactor cf her u there no one to redeem them , fi i m tin tbraldom in will, b tb? yfare placed IV.' wi 1 , ?ivs no mora of Mr l|o?mer ? lector*. The extra ts j w bicb we have mnde will sfTord the r'-;ij"r a tol -rably srrurate Ide* of whst wirt of ehxrw ten* the aili o-ut'-s cf th* Turki-h eo'tumc, und what description of f< uale Lave ad pt' d it* tl*e. Police Intelligence. I ?/' r; ? a<#iiTip -'lay earning.-h?rtly itfier urt-O t>'cl<>:h. a quarrel took fl?T In tli. Mite of a hmtae , i .fill repute. In f.eonard .tr,-#*. near tbreornrr i.f Crow#. l?lni'tn two n*pn women I y the nam ?? of tunu 'l,c,r at -1 Hannah Mill r. Tim diaputo wa< the rrnaM of j a! nay relating between them, rvpccting win ehotild la ibe br'.dc of an Ahi-an auiior, nam- i llolland. Hiftf ? /. J a ?h*rp raeor and cut bar r!?nl eereral t.m- - in Urn bead and artun. InSblog ft-tgli ful (adua which bid pr-fit- ly and will pn<|y terminate The dca )>?: t. w.neh w 1 ?m'?tnlty nUnwCn tt.-?'tewart.and M.iitb. of IU Loner I'tulce < ourt. mho happened to lie rtaud'.r-?->n tb. aldarnulk. In front of th> I int - wl tli. tur- Tin a- ailant noa locked up In tba hiitb ward I .Ire la! ion .u. I be wound-d woman waa c uvtyod to iln Iii it. 1.1;. lu (<ntrt tf t. Wbrr* Imr Wound* were <Ji ec. a..J ? 111 wnc r. UtuTtd til her r -m len<-<-. a. Mo. ?d Cr.irji -tr "t ?f. n Jl o.- 71 f j, Ste'.'ia tlirUtlan Ilhule. Philip lii< i'. and Jot at bat K# I ? r w? re arre-l#.! 11M- u ! ty night, h> tli# pli-'i t UiaK'.i ti-ntb wnrdtCnia cbaignuf ? uUrtng tin tttrc 11 l.udwii !. I.eajwnatt. wb<'ra t h> y commenced In. Hliig tin thii g. in the ?' w. an I whwn r,mm. tinted r . Ii i .u'.t d l.i a| titan, nad tabb- d Nlrh U? Bnnnw ? 1 ri tal Hi* 1 ? .0 il l i<nn ni d In ly, with a klhfe, Jactio) 1 1 I 1. I.i Id 11.? m i fhlfll#.'* to kali to nnatri r URr 11. .rgr S , ,1 0/ /W.iltg .1 (All tlrp Starr J>|| Ttl'-b#/ (bin iiitt *11? tal.* 11 Into < u.foily by ib? poll"-, on tuplci't,of o u.i tilling abur.'lu-y >y ? otefing wuh a r.'l-e ki t to, J. wilry ihM l<W '-r. n#*h tr et, on It# tr. ley 1 . l.i. tl i 4:la In Mot. iteaiinf 'herefrom tmlnggild Watile.- eighteen .Iti t la and a loadforty ? ii.u a .he* 1 tfl-t 'T ofmhlaod ?nvt Br- gold , f ha,Lie. til Jt, - .1 X' hi tt'lge. PlOd W'-rth of iM -tiiU | l.ijtltjt t a l?.I of Mirer | lat>'. Re talu-dln all ,t froi.t ? l,.'.U> tt. t-'tO, the |i<pntf I jtihnhair .1. the pr.e. I ? 1 r t f th< elt.t The |?nle? in, ler arr ton ?u^ I ?n .-?!? ihtti r n.-n?- ? a# Lou;* barm" Juki Wa ?i.tatdAlb .t y'tilty The Mi?piri n agai. tBnrnett II J#? r- to be 'ri ft (be fac Hurt ha wa* In the ?tor. with am 1,1 loan, bt tw-?n ? and a o rlnrk ? 11,.. . r rttC ,4 tl i r. I 1 y at i ?.??,, o i,|t ntlfl. d a* being one of lie t*i il, ? h- *L ? d #q poaito the .ton tin tie night pw> run. Uillte Ili'kJ .3 i.nd Wa? h ard t. ty. to the "? It# r j i 'tt a tb Inn lt? IngnVer toward* th -jtw < '.ry >| .re 11 ?,??* ti'tl. a g. I .1 ji-er.uld be flhBde or r tit re.' ? %' r ts.;t lab ui r. i-Wrkt'i Mr lamrn. eft the re i- ? a ai? ut in ? ri ek ' n the night in ,11 -li- n ant on i I r? nun. o'tir te in4 abankaohM ihfn qiiartaaa ?l an < I.. ur. #t, m red tb# t,'o<#r nnl.* ..ed tat n enttring ti # ? n P uno that the watehi # aad ji wi I'j ?#aV.#e ?dated. t?,i inn at-trncted !*??? the |.t>m The ?h- > ta#< will uudirgo n further titnaination b fore J u ? tli > ? > t<-rti ihl# day ln.'e t-TIi' 1 ? tin .!?? r ? .h'^ So. 7-1 Cr.'e. .ffeet one #iit .,1 on Taenia,* morning I'taranlk heu.- >4 l?" ?i. J > ? ? eh ? k and r##lib?-?t 'f tldrty r? 1. ptir# t.f tort. Tl.. ? ntranee waa eB-et-d b> f..t lite n tl.# t ?ek drnw .1". ,,f! ay. ? fl?i Ifenev. ??A "all- ! .1 r-ote l acker t#a? am-ted . n "sinday niglt hy ? f!1> ? r 1* *| It, of lb# rt< udward #?? a charge of attempting to pa?< an || lank I, d,- a genuine pi to the 4. teauleaUon of ?A TbkbiU waa #.?.:.d u> Wlrtmlna?' u . je s? t|? 1 iStt. n tr, t The ncr .eed waa e#nt-yi>.| ?. Jt..?. t ee Upborn ?b 1 #b*tali?ed htna to an?w-r ? he h-,r;o t . I. t'ommlwliinrr'al ourt, ft- fore Jon Brhtgham I 1 J.aa to I .eiee' .Itiewtf kj a <i.!n III #?? of the eteamaklp Hroitier Jonathan wa? hr. n-^kt lief org |b# ''ommieeltiit# r. ? barged witi at, ,11 vault ' y kn ' king 1 ot the right tf#'f W IUUi ? H II t lit" eraw ef that r#*ee| whtia lyln- a' ' "? tgre- Tl- m piniMnt e< til I not awrar pc 'tti'ely whal a. a-?* w t U?| .1 by tbe def, tidtnl in c nuulttinr tb# a -au.l but li ? think# ;t wna a gtnna Indttle The r'. turn i# n-r held tb at ru'i d |nriy ball In the- #nm of PI "no. Theatrical au#t Mitel# al To# I tin. 0*1*4?ThU erenlwg "LtKia dl I a ja tmc nor nlll be raptdnd Wtth Ooalo. IV-ttinl. < "l ttl. and Het.t# ntano in th" prlnelpal ebaraet# r# Tkl < p- ru bar I ,-en e f n-ly 1 rf rui'd < hie ?? aw-n w n llettinl made hie ftr-t #1 **ra?" and It rraated a et?nn eatliu*iawn Rett In I ? I lit- 1 to la n iit|"rb fepr# #nutl n. and hi# frt h r> ice m nt e- oa and nttieiml. wm?i- , -moiatt I the plrlla Of tfeo andlti r* On tbe wb'le. ih#- 'iirn, et ?uj einrnf roeali oth-n of hoelo. B,'n,-reiit;tn<t aa ^>hton with III tmpaeatafi'd hnghr, top"- her w,th the f,-re of I etunl aided by 1 "tdefll and an Hg i,-nt ehorue aad er ebeatrn, Oiake too r-MBn one of the l.-t In th r peri ry of the rgdnhft! ehvnent AIM and ta "hi- nail < idhm may be nntici|iot< d tcenlght. It mm Tt#? ? t e1The "fatly ef lr,e> f?m?ee# I'M ' .ma#, aa. ' ,|jw?.ltj the 1:ui-.j.,u I'riaeo," %#-.# tl dreira oftiio ' l-rttakaM ' roB-iadee U? attnetn a'?. I.a< ? rat 1-t art r -Th- am Wfttrt af "Re Tewag ft If. end ?ei?f I ?l.ratla," enft.#tfn-ea m, attUrfa'ant ata, aa ' ,.1 a ill e|?*, ooy ejlrael. ? - t-? - 1 1 - I' rtea e II .. fife, " III a !?? fa#'. Wl- l 4 alt will at ta ? a1# , ta-l fe aahle loonlll.e ? ' M' I Mil l ?r J. K SC.-M and Vre. 0 J*a#e i '.I.# baakfrl ItM ta ff ''afaet-e*I, 1 l?a eat#r'ainit,' ota wl'l tetmiaafe *f#f tl ) "Pyni Ctrl ef C< nan." I ? e - J , M. 1 be elite ? ?f , I, 4 MM if i ' ? f,r Slltl. ta , i <|- 'itif yHt lk? ? -ha M r'd > Te-r - Jft f a< a?? ,'M" ? m, . a a Mi: efrr ;,t e, ,, I, a.fa. ? ? e f-a# e> ?1 ,tt.. 'II.!, if a Bat: I# , , . ' ? ca j<# >, ?. ;?e4 a fe e ,e i!#.,t ,t #l. Hr 1 ? nt 4L#?da, ' at.-t at?.:? Pinvb flu Wibfc Md WIUU Caae. BirKRiok cornr?sru'ui. tsrv. BulxWW Moil Judge Huer. J' is 11.?Bmtith LixUinf'vii and W'J*t "? ?*?" HV-i*. Wibt.?Col U . Lb appear ml in court, this u< with hi* ? ousel. Mr. Hiram Ketcham. and applied ou vit for mi order compelling the plaintiffs in this suit to ?how cause why the ardor g-?ntod cm Friday ls?t against the d>-f?ud>tnt, for the appointment of a re ceiver and rvf?ror. should uot he act aside. Ibc !??:; w lng rathe affidavit ? Frw Yuan Fusion Co sr.?'Smith ''ou!.,if'uit nml Mary I, hit uri/r, agnimt Jani' t H'atum II V. CVy ?mi f'oua/y of Sou i'orfc Si S?lanes Watson Webb, detVudant in the above suit, up n b dog duly ?worn, deposes and says. '.hat the suinm <e< au 1 enm iltiint therein were served on him on tlia f >urth dvy of unc instant; that he read the notice giving h'.in twenty days tu answer tb>'bill of rorxplalnt m l a'.-o a cpy of an injunction, or what purported to b-' su di copy, and also a ropy of an order to show cause, ou th" liith day cf June instant, why the dufeudaut should not be ordered to deli*' rover to Andrew Warner. Bst'lho. or such other person of upprored honor and Integrity as should b" ap ' pointed by the Court, all notes, a?c . but b?ing ignorant of the prartlcc of the Court, and misl 'd by the notice giving huu twenty day-to un-wer said complain'-, and not having e insniled rouna-i. he did not Make his ap pearance iu Court on the sixth June inat.- aal not until haturday, the seventh day of June in^t., did he become aware of (he fact that his default hal boon taken, and a receiver appointed; that on Monday, tho ninth iuslant. he made an attempt iu Court to bare said irder. appoint ing a receiver, set aside, but wi.s then told by th > Court, after reading his afti Pint,that his motion was irregular, and was recommended to employ counsel; that accord ingly, on the aft'-rnoou of the ram ? d ;y. he did employ counsel, Hiram K etc haul. to *h >iu lie has mil ? a full and fair disclosure of his defence iu the ubov suit, snd by w hom he has been advised, and verily believed to be truo.that he hath a good anl substantial defence th. rein and that (lie pluiutlff, are not entitled to the redress they seek in this cause, J. WAT JON WiiBB. Fworn this ilth day of Juue, 1851, before uie. 1X0. DCEft. Judge I)uer granted the application, and nulu the subjoined order: ?

| On the affidavit hereto anin-i"!. let the plaint -how i cau,s before me, or i.rty one of the Judge* of this Court at Chambers, on the fourteenth day of Jum Instant, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, why the order granted in tills cause on the sixth day of June instant, should u ?t be set a-idt; and let the defendant hove 1< av : to serve any affidavits ou which to found his motion that he in ty tiduk proper, ou the eleventh day of June ins*., and in the mcantiuie. and until the de-isi .it ufth' ui'iou on this order to show cause b- msde, let all proceedings on said order be stayed, tWigii'i) J.M. DCKH. .This ord. r wild -up. rcsde the proceedings whieli were to nave taken plane b?Am ea-Judge isuderpoel a-x re feree; and we nnderMand that so agreement his h en tered into between the counsel of the rvsp c'ivc |. ir ties to postpone the further h tiring of the case until Thursday the 19;h insc.nt | I'llK SK.xf.Kt> I'OKRKspovnrvcK. Mr. Ketch iu then said, in the ease of Smith ("oddtug ton and wife, against Colonel Webb, the defend int, not having employed c ounsel, was un aware of the aeo salty ol appearing iu Court ou Friday last. The eons.-,urn was that a reeeiv, r was appointed to take possession of , certain letters win -h wore to b" deliver>sl up to the plain- ! til's or plac.'J iu the handxnf a tuird psrt.v. That ord :r was taken by default. andCoL We'jb, ou ascertaining the fast, appeared in Court, and on affidavit iu >vo4 to set , it i-ide. but his honor (Judge Faadfordi will then presi ded, rel used to entertain the motion lie (Mr. be'diatn) j had read that ufliduv it. and had asked this Court for an 1 Older to show why the order granted on the tilh should lint be vacated, and although the J -feu taut is advised that tb< s<- 1,-r.tcr.x are his ami lawfully in his possession r~i ttndi " frit control, yet ho has no de-ire to retain 1 th iu seel he now ilTers to place thern in the Ittu Is of the presiding Judge sealed up. under oath, for the pur pose of keeping them till those proc. .'dings sr.. te.-ml aat< d and a disposition made of th til by the Court. The letters, -aid 51 r K.-tehum ire h"re in Court, ready to be sealed up aud delivered into your liner's posses-ion, . Bc oinpi uicd by the oath of the dpcn.ot that all the { originals, aud all the copies 1st in. are surrendered. Judge Hut racked if there was any c tunnel pre- nt "? the port of the plviiit :(T?; but not r> eeiving an ausw t, he ' ?aid it w.-.s imp tssible for him to f -?pt tlii- o.T r. I? t lie wsi very glad.for Col. Webb's sake, that th- offer had I been made. An order has b, n Lssu- d from thisc -urt, and may perhaps be served on Col. Webb t<>-.! >y. r -,ulr- j ing him to show cause why sd slfa. limcnt annul.I not is-ue for a ?Ont.-mpt. Themfnre, wlthoat the cuu-ent of the counsel for the plaintiff-, it fat imp ? -ible for ltim (Judge l.uer) to accept the cu-tody of thyae letters. Hen: the matter ended. [Colonel Webb did not deny on Monday the eg. tracts he w w abont to read, when Hopped by tlie cowrt, were from the eorroanondenca whi.-h he bold... 11 will >pon be seen. that, in his affi lavit, he slat, .slhern to b> p. riitu us of the letters in hi* possession. "J Couit of Mcnrral Benton*. Krlote tin- llrcordcr and A la-rui n Haw- a ad MHIer. ?It m \0.?Cmuu 'iam ?/ 'lYo Jiithantsl II : t H'aiht Two black boy*, uauvi Willi.un Pirkrrtnd Itcwi Parker, brother.-, were placed on ' ri d. cliarged with grand lar e-cny. in -tenting about *75 in money. fr?m Mr. Bcnrly Tocher. ut the Irving lluu-e. on IkolOthaf April U?t. I; i'ppe?r"<l fl" in the evidence that Mr TuoknV 1 .1 l?-rr hi* rww MrIkt purpcee o!' taking a bath, undone of th" pibontr*. who Imd ?cc?--to th* room vent hi fir the purple of bruiting Home cloth' <. While performing thi> uHm. hi* tibnthu m attracted by tic sight of a walled In the pock't of a vest, which lie wax dusting. Th*- nionrj wwa unickly transferred froin the wallet to the |n ?.?.-i<ni of Parker who mW>|t|ratl) ?hired the plunder with hi* brother. Unly a part of the monry nirecovered. *? the ?'?cu-cd went out ou a frolic. and >1 Dt a portion of It. On being arr> itcd and tak< n btv lore tlie Mayor, the b")< eon tewed their ku :1k. The eeainioati. n had l? I're hl? honor the Mayor wha read la - i h* jury. *s also tbo elti'livit of Mr Tucker t *tIfi to tin ni'>ney ??* -tol n from him The jury , wishing having their >--?t* r> turned a verdict of guilty, and the ronrt ord< red the prUom r* to be remanded until M <n d.iy for -entente rltfiUd tit a Th*/* of .1- trilr j ? 4 11.1 nam -1 ?tune* lletny wa* planed ?t the bar. charged w tth eteub lo/ upward* of blob worth of jewelry. an 1 oth f valu able- from the bou?e . f kohert BoUen, No. 7 1 L?ainif ton avenue, on the Xti of April l#?? The pr per'v. mn *i ting of diai'i' tid end other ring . I gold rhain i>ckit. ? lei eoiue ui'iney, ?>? traeed to tb" pmncvainn of th ; pti'Oner; and a- he could (tin- no ace ant of h ? he be came* po??i - -e-d "f the <t'??n *rt> ??,. lo was held ae eoontuhh for the theft. The co irt -? ni him to the Refine I t wdWjf fnwetM tkr t'irr f'm'a'- * mt- tiia- *g<ka Urge nuDi'ier of the keeper* of knwr ??? the fh e point* an<laljur> al street w*r* initiated ? li-erdcily. They eiinie up. pleaded guilty, end |ati lu ntt: tavh' or pn tlnred witMena t? alow tiiat the nu ->aw hv4 be-o abated. <di such ?h< > w! ng the ronrt ^u-pend- 1 judgment, tnt ordered the fH,lire to keep a 1 a h out, and If ill" of !? r.Jera W"ie aralu found go l:y of ill-ori eriy honeeknep. leg, |u bring tie m tip. and th?y ah Mild le a, nten I ut ??tier A? aii jht te- eipiotrd. the < I I hiunt- of dl. >rhr anl hfoti' *e*m b-enni" t. nan ted by the ? im* p> rsons whn had fi ran rly ? erupted thi m f >ni c hw^ <1 h -n ??* ??) i ? to U'enabled to iwrar llwl th ) had removed The M't iling, una of tk< or at trwU??miii of the cl?n ??< brought i < fore tlm < urt "n n b"ti?h warrant. Thi? ?ei woman n*m? I M?"y Mtkiney . who bi* r?pm! 'dly I'pped through th tb* I iw Hhe w.i? ready li -near tb'jt ah? wa< not dlw.rd ? . but thie na* t . ? old a 'ory 'f.J lb" court tit b> r to th* I'- utieuiiery for ri? 0.' oil ? ? ? T'e ?*eertal*ty of I" A Statl ka'we a *a ? a t r anf a a Fra;. ??? li Wo ??II ki M ????? ge? j - i<t ?j> aoi ' ? wall, "i t l.e Oil. /tie, hi vkr?r tf. BKRI'Mtl; k lOi lail'r It Kito*). It Carwilt. etreit where ?. * re will I. tkcnkfallp t'cit 4 for Rl rw A I**, mitt ut kwfl MHkiat y- ? -r ittrrela' l? ? ? N ^.riB e* r ? K-'unml-r, I! J'ark r e. op| IW Attof lleoxr. ?I ei It ? 7*1 e f'Kitrjtt * on .' ' > , Ut V k'.it/. t t J,. ? 'ft .tfoat" Hmid r?a?fh? IfUtrtet t r B"y tlil- morning. m.'V d on the eari of .loha IV t'ryd r. eli Wife M*Kay aril tleeatohr II . I"ti. Indict I f.?r ? la tnlog nlnei v-el;. bond* of tbo Mliwaukl* and Ml , l? ? M i bi ll road Co f< a H V I'tMelwr*. by W' u? of 1 i e |r t'lce MrRay *nd fry.Wr had nnt. a* y t I :? .ui? d lo ti c indictoient: they wer". thm'lbit. m mil i.ej a>.d ? rjil'T i Mh nut gntlty On the o-"! --f MrKcy, roui mi I, d a giu?r l de'uarrer to th? Indictti ? rt. The |ii-t.'.et kttorocy "ail the arruaed w ?* t *i late , with 111- d' uu.rnr. a* pne>r4l*f* tmd horelnfbie (?? n , loatllnlid with" view to bavin/ the in llctmnt ;un*hM|. ! CniwI for M'Kay replied tint no pmri'?duig? bad t ke n ph" e In r< *rf< r ? e f.. tbta Indie*uj- nt. Tbi y were n w ? ail< 4 npon te? pi al !<? it. mJ Ibii (tin dunwrtr) | via* the pi a which th.y -botiid iut"rte>ee. The' !!? e- t <je r d' rid* d thai tlie ln*< rpe itiun of the d?- ? riirirrat thi* tlno waa n/olar. i>k| the wu-t would In ? r arson" nt ? n ft. The f'i-trtet Attorney announc d laai* ^ ?din- ?? U> g> i it l" the argune' at at ? Me lh* fleeoider tboeiKbl H I' < to P<"f pone the ar.-iiment | till ."aiurday; It eonld then ??> on. without the n'cevetty nt the uify e pre,< ne? Pn the *ri.'ime ut i n d m'irT'' and with It all other | * 'reeding* In the ca n*re po t- j p n- 4 tRI Patvrday t>< -1. t'wnrt t alrndar-ThU Hay. CMkevtf Onit.?kw jwi <71 an, <76, 7?, ?1, <*i ?: t?* :i7? t*? <*7. ?i # d Poeiwia* tW *t - ><? 8,130, al^ 2*1, 387. m ,"d :#.!"? ^27, .133. 4-'g ???. <04 410 4lL 108, .in -d r/.l r*.<7 m tig. in. dir.. <*., 417. 4K. 4iw. 4J?, 4.1 1'XL <:>. MM. 888, lit*. IU 149 J0?< 17'k C 'ivi Pi.!**? No* tM, M7. 411, >44. 117, IM Ult .1. Uti Pnvl Otltve?d'altreimtn Kvprcve Malt?Rafer ? tw tl"<* tk*? th* t S. Wk|' awi *e f ,,,-a MM. Peetaa* ?ttrobu A to, 3 Vr?*y *4rt?t, A*t?T I lew**. Pnat llfflrr?'I Aator llntvae. t'fecy ?frirte k It' wJ Will ?* '? at t '*.. frvneteo, kjr "?r ??- I ? ? ? a'? Iatl*ee t?a To Me re limit Tailor*.?ITante?l, a altna" ti'.a we F' r> *>n miImir MeKlfit it. I?*t "tu jmo tw thi ? el' *, in) ? a* reni*iaa4 a go >1 Uvdv. Alirr-e "tae t*r, lim 1>. It'r*!4 ofk-c. I.aftte* Tronwera and Titrtel?lv llrrurv are iunal !< In r.arafe, ?*4 tr" tnla ?>?(,.re. Th#l ?e-t ? ? j !r. ? e r* I' 1 rc by Ia4i?* el r?nk. I.a* l?eea ?' ?< I y ? * t), I* W ' * " Mechanical Iti avv log*.?The giihwiihcr ha 111 ? r'tcrv'4 W th* *tfy. elllrccnni* I ' t?e?i ?> ?*? ?? Ai'hact'al l)r?'i?ti4#ni*B. inJ agr?4 for the e- ..of pat nt?. i. ft. BAfl.VV. It'-ei'li a t?Wert rifWenthitrvvt, (tret k ? it A Seath * 1 ? r 1 <. The CTnlntv, Bo. II I'nrfc row.?The flat fbkltn' 1 thi t itloliiM *11 tketr ? ?e1* 1*" ?'r \ir* hf tie pcrp!*. Thry call' the hi *4 *eii wo?t rtyllth ? ?w in "??' , act *rtl a Wtler article f r tlir ? t'ltn are ?41" r r?':<htt*bm"?it. rt. He Tt?ti !? th* riilv a-e "iatl? n of Thrri t heera for the Trw lint <etm|towy! f'T ?? Hit t r 1 t'.? I ?! ?? ' Wt'fet ei;ne,r ? *t ' -r ? IT T' I p 1'? rt'y p.f I He' e ?? *c ' n -hi key t' r t - ??fp e ?4. I Tl ? It eat ? re. m ar lour* I ?" N' Wrtmi Mr "4, Tr e tic***, t rt r ?' ? 1* <i?e | rt * t-h | fitlmlnife nod t n|> the 4 ItninT?\t oml, "? Ba'ter * * . r- n 4 A0. I IN ' , p. Khs! - ?, vrk -c ?*rvt'? n# liadiee '? ? -rt 1* klo 1 *n or rtiwd* 1* ? ???e|. * ? ?, >?>?* w tv ?., it. v? ??. Oet ti! "n i4* aid V iH'Bure *-1 fi.Mi. i"* 414 e?4r?M. TW? la on* of tha vary warrant dajra of tha wm?? aid triage summer clothing and V.raw lists la to rs au-aittoo. Fi r a beautiful quality ot ths lust mentioned , article goto '? no?. it- Kim i:r>ai and while there ??- I anna* a Hundred Dollar Panama Hat be lias. It is tha beautiful thing we ever saw a real curiosity in its way, t and will worth go ?a out of yoor aa > to se?. Kiinuurr llula ?I'alland (xainln* Iheapleit I did Kooky Mountain drab Beavers. together with a large SestrtuioDt of Panamas, I *ghoms, and straw Hats, of every variety, at II P. UAt ID'b, 3U1 Broadway, escond door lroia D-st.c street, whore all taatos ran be enitad. Genlii's Warm Wrnther Sfos-k?The Hea ?? n magnets the aecassity for a light Hat. Krgo?it Is not ? ut of season to eucgost that at (ieiiln?H Broadway, there is a stock of Summer Hats, comprehending everything in the trade In this branch of art, besides several original rtshions peculiarly his oan. The lianiu Rocky Uonntain Beaver, (for many years s favorite.) is this season the most slcesnt anu dusting al'.nir he has ever brought out. The fol lowing list si' es so of idea of the extent ot his assortment, docs not by any means include the whole:? although it does not by any i Rooky Mountain Silvery Beaver ; White Brush ; .Silver Brush ; Snow White Panamas j French Felt (wlito ana drab) i French dray Ilea.or ; Leghorn; Duustablrj Diamond Braid; Kioe Straw j China Pearl : These sr> all, or nearly all. modelled after Benin's d-wipus j but as he iguiaes the right of every body to be original, bis workmen are pr'i-arsd at all times to execute auy designs lUeh may te a ppo* d elegant or bociningi OhMN, 8)4 Broad* sy, opposite St. Taul's. I. 'es there a man who looks a).cad, Yet never to himself has said? "I'll be handed IF I'll l?e hanihoo/.lt-d Into pa; iug t'io(* enormous pri .'es for Boots nnd Qaitt ra, when I can boy ' mason, e and hotter made articles lor one third less, at JU.NB>', 14 Ann street I'' l.sdlee. IF you want Boots and Shorn of I be lirst style am. quality, and at lmul'-rut. prides, go to CahiU's, X7 Broadway. There pm eaa find any style and color yon v ant foryoursell and children. Also, gentlemen equally suited for sty le, '.uality, and eheapness, at ;? 77 Broadway. S. (.'A 111 LI.. Thr ruafoitirrs of Nr. K. A. Brooks, tlic fashionable Hoot Maker, 130 Fulton street, never have rea son to icmplinnof usha.e. lie sells nothing bat goods of I the tirst mailty. ThD is his w- II ?stabliahed reputation, and whil- he riia ntnine it, by selling e|,,.?p, durable uad ? lushionnble Boots tnd >ho h- ? annot fail of seeuring an I abnadaven ol fame, a nourishing business, ami eventually ? an ample fortune. World's Kalr.?Visiters to the World's Fair are invited to ? xsoi'ne ' li? subsoriber's stunk of Dressing I uses. 1 h?y sr the m< -t mpat t and us'ful irtiol* ol the kind manufactured, containing nil that la access try for the toast of the most f.iistidio'is. 8AITND***, 117 Broad iay, ?Corner oi Liberty St., and ?-7 Broadway. Slows Dealers are respectfully Invited to assmine our stock ol nn"qnallrd assortment of St., vs. Wc have just got out a new Air tigi.t Conking Stove u-r 1.181, the , Odd l'ellow. Also six sixes ot summer furnaces, which ess ht need with or w ithout an ovsn. the nulv thing of the bin 1 is market. ABENDROTU, UK< TflEKI. 117 Bmkinan ek. Comb Karfory, 3S1 Broadway.?I,adlc* are reefcctfullj invited to examine this choie. selection of Dress t umbos tl.e variety is, btyosd all duuht, the greatest in the sity. Cotupriaiiif the most betutiful open work iu shell and toflaio horn. Combe repaiied and made ta order. A. V J. SACNDERS. Wnffs* Nervous Antidote,?1 mi who doubt its sAescy In Consumption, TO to the f'ity In pec tor, ask him to lee tlic weekly returns of deaths iu the city, and yon will tad eeesnmpUos reduced firow eighty and ninety down to thirty-eight. Now, what has toes tha cause? 1 fearlessly and positively an?w r, Malta' Narvous Antidote. The iuor, ibat is sold (and givtn aw ay ), the 1. as deaths in the city . 108 N'unau strtet. Waltn' Nervous Anililotr.?llow Is It wr Sever see soy ons in a fit now? Me nsed to se- ppvn', every day, in some violent convulsive or epileptic lit. We never see it now, since th- Autidste been vouchsafed. It ie a wonderful blessing, and all can get it. li>2 Nassau street. Mailt' .Vrrvosi Antidote. ?There Ishsrtlly a el vet in F.i <lty >r Brooklyn that I.a* not -orae rc.ut-nt who has cured ut ientsdisease by it. N .w. tbe.crcdu lous of ils mighty p vw cr should amd to the doctors, ash the name of the o?-ir?t person who knows its p ,?tr. and then go to Ml Nassaa (tract. Gouranrt'k Liquid Hair Dye Instantly con verts rod or gray hair to blown or black. Italian W.Itemed Soap cores ten, pimples, fr-oll s, eruptions, oto. Poudru Subtile eradicatM l air from any part of the lody?war ranted. Liquid Rouge, for pale lips an I <-hei ks: Iu'y White, Hair Ret'.oraliv*, found at Dr. 1'V.I.IX (iOL'RAUD'8 Labo ratory. '</ M'slki r street, first ato.-t iri u. Broadway; (JaUend er, hh bee -h Third street. Pfoladolohis. Pha Ion's Magic Hair Dyr, to color the he r or w hirk rs the moment it Is applitd, w ithout ir: i iry to Ihs hair or skin. It can he washed iiuiu d.ately without dls furling the color, and has no bad odor. It Daw died, or s-id, at Phalou's Mi and 'inapt* Manufactory, Nf Broadway, 1'or sal* in the . . .y and - omitty ty druggist* gsneraLy. Wigs and Tonpcss ?We would call the at teatlon of parsons re inirins Wigs, to r "it improve meat, iilv-i Tha xame w as aw ardtd s s lv t medal forth* brvt pre mium at thw last fair. They can be as n at E. 1*1,al u's wig and Hair Dys Fa.tory, If.' Broadway, corn r of Dty street. A Nettled l-'itrt.?If la not the pnrllul enn v let'oii hut the current opinion of < ?ry one who has u?ed it. ?; at B.. Ii's Ample la th ? lo-st arti 1- t ,r eliax inr Known tothepublj'. It i. itsus the bear l. and prej-ares it for the rc/or mop edsctnally than on;, other ] reparation, and pro teet* the .1 ill from the rfleefs e! its - f afti rwsrd'. Id s. '.'."V M'a_! hi .? >n street, r ty the inventor, M iliism H?? tie. t<?: A.M. A It ?ands, lOtl Fulton str? t: Kuehton, ? lark A i 27! Broadway; i'sry k I .. and Brqtham k Day, i'earl street, New York, and by the druggists gou'-rslly . MOSEY MARKET. Wl I'M *l>*T. J urn- 11?f> P. The *'.< ck luitrUI opened h- ..ry thi- morning, and >? ?!? dt| r.t<ed until after the adjournment of th- tir-t board lb. (ran nHioar were quite Hattri and all uur prediction* relativeto tba inurement* of certain .dock.* hare-o far beta ve.'itRd t'aut"l> ''oiii|>?.iv declined to day three percent and it ia our iuiprcMlon tbut it will depreciate much ncre. Il la. howerrr. a dangrrou.* tlwk to deal In. either long >>r abort .at pfici ? ilortuate mi large ly and mi ?.n.ldctily that an <ir<llnary margin la u-cd np at once The atock may 1* worth all H l? represented to be, j but It will be a long tint. before >iio.ier*te dirldt nil- upon the pre-eut mark' i Talttc will be realized. Long lalnad la J depreciating, and lite probability U tha? lower price* will be reached. Tie Common Council of Brooklyn hare, by a tote of fourl-en to flee. p,.?-cd an ? -dinaiiec prohibit ing the u?? of ateam on the long 1-1 ? id Railroad through Atlunti ? *treet. TBI* dl?p( >f thi* | net ion. and tha railroad ?? ropany can now .? n rn It-, if accordingly. It will rn ate a gr> nt deal of trouble and diW -nlty. Jfee wleh and W .roe-trr f it y a fraction. with largtr rale. than ti" id It. t lit f Kail ? .. t (lucloattd to-day. up and d'.an. one or two per cent Mori of the tratmr lion* w>ie for caab. and clc d at the #r.-: board one and a quartoff per ctul H ?* the opening price. Aftrr tile |ii aril, the rnilied. and the bulla hud ? VI rytliirp tin lr own W. y It appear- to he ill the ptiWer ? f the i Hquc no Having thi- fancy riork to put price, up ordewn ;.t i' iii.., i ud a it i- for the intcrc-t of the c mkfMtloii lo d' iri cUle priri i .t time*, to induce the beiiia f fciak' eon tract a. w.. inu-t k for 3ariUuti> ia. Ilaibtn lit. Mi* n lok a little, but it will come up ag.iln in jp*4 lim? It I* -tit-l tt t the n c wwl dividend will be two atcl a h*lf per coal) but we are a t ?|I j . ?e.l to b>' >??? that the board of fir* otor*. in tl. w of tbe Attorn. <i* locrea e in n?dft? thu# far thla year, and lb* ytnepeitllN |?ri luclletnea* of the road will deebt r? anything .1 rt t three |- r rent A aurplu* ?>f la. nty-Bte thot-*i.d dollar- out ? f the net earning* f r ail month- i- m ffi. i-nt i r any contingency that n.ny mix. and wi tru-t the r.i.vnv nent wiU ft. coudder it Mi rri* ut.d Fart'no uth Impri v. <1 a fraction to-.Uy Th< ri i-eiptant the ollloa of ih> A *i'Uit Te i .r> r of tbl* p- .1 to-day. am. nated to s >; fuyaimt* T**. T14 i.'J?t .lance, fj 'C.CVl 63. A failure wa- anneunced ti day in the dry g0"d Com rnb-i n trade. I.Uhilllir* ah ul ilk* (ML The Beat' n and Maine Raltrrwd Centjaioy h?*? .bred* waimmul dlildtad of three and u half per rent. Tha Atlamie Cotton Mill* at I .WTenee, M*** , wi:h a ra|ttal of tloouoOO. hare ui.iJb up their aeml-annnal *.<<unt to i)r-t ??! dune, nod And n W-? during the l*t ail month' of nearly t'dOOO. and Die cotton mill*, ma chinery. an I dw.ll'ng IWail of the faimitl' Manufac turing CVonpany. lu Attleboro*, were dl*pr>?. d .?f at auc tion t n the 4th In t . by aeeignee. for t2307i Th# pro perly originally rn?t from TfiO.OQO An A'tOWO. W- hare no d< ubt tho?w lotervrted in thew- manufacturing ?-tal> ''?hment? ire under the tmpreaaton that mthing but a Rw tariff refnOcd them to tdielr prcwent condition, but we hare n<4 llie aUghbat d ubt that the diAcuith-n uad-T nldcb tbowe ooncrrna lahor><l w. ri prod need by Ignorance of the I r-t princlplea i f tbe hualnaaa In which tli y wrrr engapi d. and eitraraganc" lu Ita manag< ment. There la no hat m hnwr?'T. In laying It ail to the tariff feme ? i? u?e mud lie dren fur th< ahrenco of rucce* and M niay aa well be that a* anything ebwt. Book* f r auWHptlon to the ecpltal dock of the rarntar*' Rank "f K'nturky, for the ?um of Are handled th'wand dt llarr. will b* opened t- wifrow. 'Thursday . the LiJi In-* , at Um office of tbe Ohio l.lfc nn<l Tru-t tbnifany N< < ? B'aU rtreet Tl>e term* of the nub -ortptlon will h? *? follow*, to all ?Ten I** rent at the timrof ?ttb" rlhlng; thirty per e< nt <i*i the l.'.th d ty of Jnly, ll'l; thirty per eenA on the lotk'if Anrtid l*-d. ai d thiity per " nt in full, on th- 1. ih day of ffeptem W*||VI Cart If, ?tc* of *ub*crlption with r-otiptc for liotaliui nt- paid, dnly eiieub d by th. TrtwMent and r?rhl< r of the bank wiU be doUv* red at the time of ?u'> irrthlng The haree arc one hundred dollar- d. h The l arrn Mn' Bank wa* Inc rporated hy'th- i.egbbitnrt of hen tot ky at lie *e*?|on of IMP-'10, In pur-uat,. ?? of r?p>rU frt m the c? nimlttte on Bank* rf the Senate and llmi? of It'pr. ?? hlative* *ittirig forth tlw Imuffleteiu y ? f llie tanking capital tf ti c fftnte. a* limited, f"f a perl" ! of ztar ta sty j?*r* pad to the Bank of Kentucky. t'ie Mirllurn Bank of Kmlttcky. ?n?l Rauk ?( Loubrlbc. The Tanner*' Be.nk of Kentucky wa*. therefor*. Incor petal, d with n e?| :ta! . f i Ah- nt TTOP "f th t"'k?e? nt'.tiled In K< iitneky and In tli. eltf <-f tnnclnnati up. ti which Uie hank hw keen IranM-ting h I. r hi j u rttfal bu*ln> <A ii lie.- bi-f hilt Ttl" 1* "fn 4' -*ta ?f '?:> and produrlife | f*' tira* n op. a (hif J L -fg.1 . , .... b?b(ji of hemp, bale rope, bagging, tobacco, preduco, lira slock, fce . vastly exceeding the ability of the bank, with it* present moan*, to purehaae, rentier this proposed increase of capital an unusually safe and lucrative in vestment for capitalists ; while the extensive agricul tural, commercial ami manufacturing district*, npoo which the hank relies lor patronage, will, In return, reap the most Important benefits, and lmurts the continued prosperity of the bank, by a rapid and full devolopeme nt of tue resource* of the country. The lleport of the Chief Engineer of the Chicago and Galea* Railroad. for the year ending May 1st, 1861. con. tains the following particulars: ? Pir.-t division. Chicago to Fox river?expen ditures for the past year ffl2 900 34 Total up to May 1. 1H61 430 Old 1:4 Estimated expenditure for the ensuing y?ar.. 60 000 0(1 The ttock of iurniturv now upon the road consist* of ten ten tou locomotives, three fifteen ton do., and th<r equivalent of one hundred aud eighty-one single cars. Income for the year 8127JI86 7* Expenses in the operating department 48.904 IH Net earnings 878,781 54 Increase of receipts orer last year, about 46 per cent. Stock Kxt'hangs. sioop csc'a, 'M lOrtV 350 sb, Erie Ra Ircad R7U ??:? }J 3 6 s. ? Jl?>? 240 Harlem Railroad 7'i'i I Inn Ohio b's. 5b 108 <0u Horn* Canal 1"',! II*<1 Ind Cauul, ti's, K> KM do 18* 101*1 bead M Boils 821. li?) do ?i0 lb1. Ilioo Hud lit* 2.1 Buds 400 do bod lb'? Oihj Eric eouv. 71 9b? .'Wo Lona istaad 21 :is'ii r.iis 7'?, .->y itn rat au aci iOUO Erie 7 S, 't!8 I0<.'J JO# do ?? 20 bti* Bnk N Am PU 50 Co b.'k) ;>> ?? 1(10 Edgworth Co !''? Ii?> Stonington RK 43*2 li?l do July 100 do b.'B 44 50 do tOj 25 X J r? v Mag Co.s'lU ft 14 20 Del Allnd, full 120 100 do |:i? |n Metropolian Bnk Pft'j fill N'or S. Wo-, t!"J ?Wi tie Merchants' Bank 120 COO do Ih'iii Ml Mcrch Fx Bank 117 25" Readier RR 83 10 do 117 100 do tly ic: ID Bread**) Bank 11*1 i>X> do 02'4 lo Pacific 102 lie* dv ii2'? 50 Parmrs' Trust,bio 70 km do W*I do bliO rn>{ 100 do 02 50 Canton Co 7b'j 150 do oi V do 70'r KM d> 01'? i-O'i Erie Rsilroad, R8 .'W Portsmanth DD 7>* UsJ do 830 ad eikl do 15U do bOO 88 liJO uo ?M 7<J SECOND BCARTi. 1100 "lis Reading Rlt 05 2*W*hs N Are Trust II 21*1 do or* .50 Ecm Kit h"2 206 do COds lit 50 do S" 500 do 0.1 j 50 taut on Co 'l?i do 62'i 50 do *50 JA 2i*l do ?C0 62 10 Portsaoet'i III) 7? gwuOC 01.lo 6's, '00 1U 81000 Erie T's. 'b:', 103 7 Marrtcd, At the Astor Ilouss. in this cltv. on June 11, by the .lev. Mr. Burrharil, (lionci: li I.imhu, K*q., of th? city of Troy, N. ?. to Miss Jcno IJrrwNs, only laughter ef James Movens, of Newport, K. 1., topographer ami civil < ugineer. On Wednesday mcrniug. June 11, at All Snln's* Church, by the io r. Wm. R Migeubrodt, fr> w,i:s I). O. Van Bi kkklks to Awn Mxiiiua. youngest daughter ot the late Jauies Burgess, all of this city. On Wednesday morning. June 11. at th> Reformed Dutch Cbureh on Washington Square. by the ![???. i>r. llulton. Mr. BaMtrt i. 11 Manv, "f Jeri-y -'ity, to l.x vm*. daughter of Jacob \V ester velt, Esq. On Wtdne lay, June 11. by the Rev Cliarles II. Ilal* sey. JaMi.s II. illDAHoi ?> to ML-i l'aa>i is M. lia* r?< ?r all of ehi* eily. * In Brooklyn, on linn day evening, at the rcsl Jeuce id ('apt. Jas. Katou. by I he Iter. Mr Smith. Ei i.ia, K-'| . to Mis-Sam in Kt TO*, both of Brook*, Me. On June 9, by th* Itev itubert Travl*. Jon*. Basxi:.-v, I?1 . to Mi. s ban in L. Mi r.w is. all of this city. Dint. ?i;.ld.iily f n Juik- 11. Mr> Ihouio Li i-o. aged 26 y, ma, daughter of Abigul and Gutty I'eari?iU. Tl'.c funurnl will take place on Inday. ?'<>??) *'? *> o'clock. fr< iu lit?r l?t>* onideuce. 214 j liivi-inn ativet. Her friend* and rilntircn nfts respectfully invited to ?t tci.d tke funeral. , On .luau 11. .1. if Mim h ki u Pom r v. ?!??<> yearr ana two in*.litli* aou rf Thoinn- \V mil Mary I'.mlny. The irienda of th? family, and ot Otiey> lodge no. 11 I 0 of 0 K . ere rc?p.. tfully isiTitod to attend ine tuii. ral, tbl* af'.erno/n at t fn.rn tki residencw of hi- fu'hur. No. 36Columbia ntrrwt. Hi? remains will be taken to Gwenwood. I n I'riucc street. conur of.Minr.n. Brook yn. ?'U Juna 10. alter a 1 up aud net. r? itluee-. wdc of Mr .1. U. Hamilton, agud 44 yearn. Hit it main* were yc?t?Tti*y inUif d u. lu? * yprtm IIU!i? Ct met try. . , P offal-. Southern and Ur. 'pool pap-ri pVaae copy. On the morning of Juui 4. onboord of ,b ? *t manip Onion. Irian Now Urban- for X. w V..rk, Mm. i-'mm <?jr?: Cianifi liiamao. wile "I Dr. ! I M'icinf. >f N?? ?trhami*. aged y. ar< and J m-uth/; afl-r .. liug'-rin^ diwa.'e of twelre yrar?. . . On Jnac 10. at tlic n-ld nr. of h. parcnta. Hlaen w.UV IrUnd. Ciiart u rr >> ui?i>t daugl.tar ol Nehe m. ah P and \ tuelia P And. rvon. aged t jinro aud X 1?-'' I'touln* will ?e ti'.en to f> l- n. IV. -tehc'tet eot f. r intern, ,,f 1' ? 0 >??d* <J *' n- p. i tfiilly n J ! ? ? milk* fune.a. ftom tbw foot . I Tweuty m vll. ?:re.-t and fca-t Lifer. at 10 o elf k, on Thurdav morning. I2iti met Ai Jamaica L I . on ? . iu?rd?y mnfmluff. June II, Oarnaniin Vmm. ?H????? , , , - K_ Tlie frit ud* of tlie fnin.lj ar rvju- ten u altrtw b r fun. ral. Ir m tin- re-id- n. e ..f her eon-ln-law. t liri-tUn (1 tiui.tber at Jamaica. tlila ? Tln-.rrday ?tierno*m, at .. o'clock. Iler remain* will be taken to l.r.i liwmd fc* inteiment. UVESTlSEifcNTS RENEWED EVER? DAT. in* ftar. VrXtVtT^ 4 ?>t"R*' E, I . I TROTTIXO.-THB V/ followlav I .;r.-'? will ' ? i a by th-p.- pr ? tar No. I. pare* P laile ban la in :.aia a*. ''t )<??' ? that n >er'-J lor m.nry. No.r?r?. V41. '-de bfta f..r ho-ara that B? v?r ??? a pur a. I1'" b a>4<i In ata in baraeaa, for bora-e ateafwoa a p-.rae ?*ar ?a>. No. ?. pnrM ?.*?'. mil ? to ?'?. ' - "?'? ?'I" u? ver aon a pura. <^ier Xu, pton r. tmra^ - *i. n.le b-ata, k>'-t S la 2 in I ?r?> a?. free for h?r,ia ?. .ar ?MI|ir'??vwV?. AH 0' thal o: pit ? to a .w ot ?1. Monday. Jul, lot:.. Kmt. f.? ?J? P? "'i^atL*. 1'rid*\ t'?? uinjr. Julio I . it, l#v 1'* ? ' *?* ^, st. H. \?.v.i?ut H< tel. inn CI albam atre, l. JOEtCOKkMN. I r>l riet' r. rKllSOXAL.. ma |u. i si -is. ?: WEDNESDAY i \Sf. ?' U M'NT. 1*1 fr-m tbe Hr t; ? I II io A ? i ? ? I Uj WIJ afaar. fowrfret In with -i- rk hair anl rye* ?-?4 an liu rlotl. jHlot trona-ra in mi. ?"? ?or .yjaeioU no Wlllua Strettow. a natii'i f D ? >y. I .4. A .y ml ri ;.ti' i. of awi-t bo, ?i I be tbanktutly rer v?. en I" art 0.? Aria, or at "?* Br..n4?ay. N^VOtllt.?ir THE POLI.OWIX0 fUMfl, HHP in,, or !.mlnr r. i I In v-w Verk-tw wit?Menry Via Hart. Joint!.an ? l?->,. i*?rru>l Swtll.. ?*?>?* ? < o? K b. rt I.. Ht'ii raa, il-ory Nnoinn. i ar'?? Sbaw, 8 i ?w. 1.riii k llo* ? >n. I?1 ,e It. Million. II. Collii ?. m.. II ' try k. I'bUip I elUa., inn.. .r M. bael II. ? "b. >? "!,*? l?. o, l-rv May bila' J u II' rr. J II. II. a-in. I ? Jlu.'i.nna, li liralu "'"a H. I'-fr liariuw.. I? ai-l rarnar, J. I'.ar?"U. Jaw,. * Hor?-r Ir s, rln rl : rr/). J ".n Pollard, I'artav, 1. . Hum k ' ? I.owta I < . < ?. Ilm Jin Lrnrrlr, Ytik la, .an.rth, J tnl > ly. * ..loiioli rd. or t! ir ? r aoy "f tl.e r 1- 1 " " t ' re- U ***'? " (a- >t pa.4). <>. W ? w "i p. >>' i?y. u. t? tr j ?iil I .tn iMMtuivii insiljr to ti.? i ^ i ir.m V'"TI<r. II '4 MTII I'.'A I.INDEV. TOP YOfNiKK, 1* f. rm.rh of Mill^.t, iu the i"lj af tan Inland, and a m of n. tti.iw I.lad' ?. i t' elder, of wu; P'ae-1. e fwrtl. n.r. an i ?ho ? rated to New l"rk. iw ?;.? !>ta(a. f Ann rl n. in l" >. ar IVah nanbr, app .e?*l..n. ?HI?? In pit' i. ?r t'l I -trr, to <' arte* A. Sherman. ?a.?wntl New Vork, b? a. 11 lieor of rota.t .io.- to Ida al tantai". r.o?T, sin II r VP AK n.-i.o-T. II E*n\v, vr i?. is ... I. .1. >r ?? t ? ? ? V" O.r ? a " i, ? : i - ' J '1 ? ? I ? lark made I v bi Prrnana. N 7 ??*?- fk' l. .t?rolU?et tb.- ?b. ,e r?*ard. b> Icatir r It a' .Al llroatn". rtr t. sio mtPAEI".?I/f T. OX BOA ED Till ? AMUEX a, .i a ? ? P" ?'????.a i e% naihrr t aliae, rnartrd "W B. ?. itbtk. U rl'Voirt, I *. T? n do'.lara r*?ar4 olll be tlirn, if ratarnad to tut ir.ia* II ii 111 be?aed-i.o?t. BtTtt ri n easts'*rr.rxTB 5 1" iirrM .UI l *rh. al"WR tlreu Iwar t- ?i? - M lie M : rn 1 a r.V'B. all1 h* ' aid V..*'i r ? fcHI will oa it* | f NO'iUvii at ? u*?f il o? tr 2-' Kh*t ***:? ?ti? affw.-i, c \ RF.W ARD? f TR A V ED OK .- IOI EX. ON B"NPAY. >?y t\ ? tk Jnna. an Italian Greybnwnd *1 ile l.ftaet, with br.- .bain and loek on I,.. a-cr w, 11 return -aid Jo? to di Murray atrvet. will IfotlT* tki ab<, a aaanrd PIII.ICATIOMI. U'It I. ?) fl EMSHHt OX TlirHJDA\ JI VE IJ W ilrrn , I ,r". ? -yf.-rl" I SJ. Or "t O < euU. rubllahed aad far anle by JOHN T. THuM . If Ann rtreH ri'iiv xrn roRK pt? ayi vr i? list r.t> Tni? day. J at Xo. 1J8 F?lt"? ?tr#e? trier ton een'". It oooinlna, ?? wa-al, n oarMy nt ia? rre'.oe arti-lm and ?ld.- wit ano hoiti'.r, tofeibrr wltb tea rrl?liial draol?*? o> *r. h w . Wtf. nBIXUdl'l rtMIW, MX 1*1.bTEA, THE OKIOI aal ii?pt.?i"n '.ty fl ' ar?a, r-ry ? afro; ' " ?"' **?? tl n .!r?, la 1 r'nrh, oltlilta aiorl porimitt by tandrke: fit A' Alar Nolle, a oerb". m nut Riim^Iaso; ^<99 - * f ?I?I ?*** M*??li?a ral. by J. I*. N f \0I.R. W x?a?a? atre?t. I.IUX OKA, NOTK E.? DAt.MMOKE'* I El.I.HEATED B.**_VD.T aler tr rttuat a* ti. roi-err ?f Br*'?w*r sad * ' *?T -ti e"., obrr* will be foaad tk.a larraO and b?t .rlroMd rt "k la t?ei'llv. ef . I'OI-,- tt' t .. Brandi 'r- Ar., tm l-( rtr I refre?"fy far h.r tra Ir. lie olU ell If ? Irrali ta> ft |rrr.,it ??, rtl nn ??v other b. ?? in N-w Vrvb, and e?na rood ? on tit ar a parte ular la- r. Mia Ta' tltira ar*?l at. ?u4 I ta l.?ala-?a ia J an tin rar'i , rlan lp' . , . nAl.l IVOSI.'A DID Pfonf l? 8TIM. ON HAND AT I I fl uatoa rtr i. ".rf/ of Halbarrr I I, "l.nritrf'r a,aod nlara. Tba ra tr ua d arnd a r , Aiar. I.rtar, k'. I hivt mndn 'a VheIwi"'da. ..w.vwjc* /1hampadXE tt i\ I * JI fT Kfi r.ivr.n a ai*pt V' rp.r lot af C bain pa car tt era, of vari'oa ealabrnted bvrnda I'rr*' o? '? war.t a- 'H'l, rtly rei.trrt. d to mabn n >wll to r- prr.i aaior. at Dtll.lMnHI A ?alabrat?t Brandy Store, M Ai' i in- rtreet. errant al C'roabv. kiCOTf'H AND INDIA PA!,! X I F. A v D I ON littN AXD ^fp.Uin I rt-r. J" ? r. iv ?! a rti| ply nf the- ? IrS-at'd Ale# aad I'rftrr. Will'b l.a . im b na|,er-al aotirfar tirn, of a?*ry ar. I* an I Iron I. Warrinted yne olnr, aona "tl ir balna admitted iota flay aa.abliabBT tii. A. DAI. 1.1* vt< h 1. '.*> bmati ? rtr, ?, ?' met froaby fl", a?labritew I randy al-er. r*ftnvit>xN. f?? R AND net K-ION A TO coxrv T t t N n. T AN D '* lay al foil Main1, n en v *n> fa > Ir . U lit. Tl ? new and taleadld iP ? ?? r R 'JAN ? rp?. J. N. Hod me ? . a PI r. mairararnnnP a ?!?'!> t" lloaay 1-Und, o?i?'r e> nil. 1KM. b t tiiic Prr i* alreat,E. at 10'a A. M . *??{ I" M; ITtf Nr. .% N K..II A M. ajvd ? 9.9. Kj l?i. -t.a, *11' Inner t># Irlvnl at ? o'rlnak. X. B. All per Hal lit lajbii tfaitlBA W'ta k??l ?A AH?Wkk (K U>t v?a??k

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