Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1851 Page 3
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?ORBT RAKKBT. Faioav, June 13?I P. M. The Block market was rather depressed to-day. Quo tations for leveral of the hmdlng fancies fell off a frac tion. and the transaction* were more limited than usual Heading Kalln ad declined 2 par cent, but Improved at the close. Krle Railroad closed }. per cent lower. Can ton Company opened at a decline of 1 per cent, but rloetd at prices current yesterday. Norwich and Har lem were firm at quotations, aud were in demand at the oloee There was no change at the second board. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port, to-day, amouuted to $78,096; payments, $10, 629 22?balance. $2,571,106 82. The present Secretary of the Treasury?Thomas Cor win, of Ohio?in hie last annual report, gave the an nexed estimate of revenue and expenditures of the go vernment for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 1861:? Fivaki is or the Us it i: i) Stasis Qovemimkst?Estimated Kkvbsub a*d ExncaniToaes. Receipts from customs, first quarter, actual returns ? ???? $11,761,043 Oo Receipts from customs, second, third, aud fourth quarters, estimated 30,235.956 95 Total from customs $45,000,000 00 Reeelptsft om public lands 1.967,000 00 Heceipts Irom Treasury notes fuuded 116,050 00 Receipts from miscellaneous sources 025,OoO 00 $47.708.060 00 Balance in Treasury, July 1st, 1850 O.t>0t,o44 49 Total means $54 312 594 49 Estimated expenditures for same period... 63.853,607 50 Balance in Treasury, July 1st, 1851... $458,990 99 The estimated receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year ending Juue 30,1852. were as annexed Receipts from customs $45,000,000 00 ?? " public lands 1 000,000 00 ? " from miscellaneous sources.. 210 000 00 $40,800,000 00 Add estimated balance in treasury. July 1st. 1851 468,908 99 $47,258,990 99 Estimated expenditures for sime period... 48,121 993 18 Estimated exp.uditure over estimated means. July 1st, 18.52 $805,990 19 Here is a most gloomy state of things. An estimated deficiency in the revenue of the government, for the fiscal year ending July 1st, 186*2. of neaily one million of dol lars. exhibits a result which, perhaps, no ou? else ac quainted with the resources uud pri sperity of the coun try. but the present Secretary of the Treasury, would have anticipated. The Secretary says that in the ex peudiluice creating that deficiency, the interest to be paid <n the Texas bouudary stock is not included. We have looked in vain through the last report of Secretary Oorwln for the data upou which he based his estimates lor 1861 aud 1862. and we are a little curious to see by what mode of reasoning he arrived at such extraordinary conclusions. The importance of these official estimates, and how much reliance can be placed upon them, will lie se< n I y th" annexed statement of receipts from cus toms, from actual returns made to the Treasury Depirt mi nt, for the first three quarter* of the present fiscal year. The receipts from customs at ports in Oregon and California are not Included In this estimate :? 1'lSASrxi (i Tin: Fmiebal Oovr.asi?iE.VT?llavavcE inow Costows, Ac. Receipts from customs from July 1st. 18.50. to Match 31st. 1851 $38787,483 Rreceiptx from Customs from April 1st. 1861. to to June 9.h 1551 Total for 11 months and 9 days $44.382,1 11 Estimated receipts at porta in Oregon and Ca 3000,000 Estimated receipts at other ports, from June 9th to Juue 30th, 1851 ^ Total from customs for fiscal year ending July 1st, 1851 $50,382,131 Actus! receipts from public lands, frrni July lot. May 31st 1851 $2,061,503 K-tmiat?d receipts Irom public land*, fnm May 31st 1851. to Juue 30th. Ib61 448,197 2.500.000 Estimated receipts from miscellaneous source*. 1000.' 00 $63,882,131 Estimate of th* Secretary of the Treasury.... 47.592QUO Excess of revenue of estimate* of Treasury Department. $6,290134 It appear* by this statement that the estimate cf Secre tary Ccrwln will fall full idx millions under the actual receipti for the year; aid, when hL* estimate waa male, the actual return* for one quarter had been received which, of themselves, were sufficient data to form a more correct calrillation. The estimate* for the fiscal year ending June 30th. 1852, were made In the same vague, loose manner, and they are likely to be still wider the actual result than tho*e lor 1851 If there baa been no great error in the estimate* of expenditure* for the prevent fiscal year, the balance in the treasury, on the 50th of June, 1861, will be nearly turn milium* */dollar!, instead of lour hundred and fifty-eight thousand, a* e*ti mated In the event of the revenue, from eestonis and ?thrr source* fur the fiscal year ending June 30. 1852. being equal to that for the year endiog June 30.1851, and the expense* being no greater than the present rstlmatn, i v... excess of revenue over expenditures will be about six millions of dollar*, which, added to the *urplu* this year, will make the balance In th* treasury on the l?t of July* 1852, thirteen millions of dollars, Instead of there being at that time a deficiency of eight hundred and alxty-flve thousand dollar*, a* estimated by the Secretary of the Treasury. Such estimate* exhibit the gTO**evt lgno rma M on th* part of the Secretary, and show that the bead* of th* department* at Washington know nothing about the allalr* they are required to administer The Mtlmate* referred to were made no linger ago than last Dec. mis r (1850). when every merchant in any way con nected with the foreign trade of the country, wa? fully convinced that the importation* during the present year would greatly exceed any previous year In the history of M, confederacy; and we would advise th# Secretary to arum It some of our lending merchants, when he mates up his estimates for the future. Whether the present Secretary of the Treasury, like hi* immediate predecessor, wished. In makiug out his esti mate* to throw all the discredit possible upon the tariff act of 1846 or not, we do not know, but Mr. Corwln appear* to have about as much faith In the operation of that act In producing a revenue sufficient for the purpose* of gov ?n un nt. as Mr Meredith had during hi* brief term of ?IHee The Treasury report* partake too much of the Oooiplrxlon of party, and most of the argument. and facts pres. nti d In them, are for the purpose of sustaiuing some prominent measure of the party in power, or to persuade the puttie that the system adopted by the previous ad ministration, for the regulation of the finances of the government and the commerce of the country. U all wrong, and operates Injurion-ly upon every important In-I met This, with the entire absence of all practlral knowledge I f th# first principle of commerce ami finance, b the rauM' of the ridlculou- estimate- of revenue, ami the absurd conclusion- arrived at by the different hovl* of lb* Treasury department. All the argument*, all tl?e special pleading, that ran be brought to boar against the present tariff act. fail in on# great pelnt. in showing an aetual deficit m y In the lav. nue With a lower average rate of duty, It gave a (ranter net incwuc, than any tariff ever before enforced, while It 1* less ob jectionable in any of It* provisions, than any previous ant W ithln the past flvs years, the revenue# of the go vernment from rush m# ha# been greater than in any previous eorrespondlng period, and the probability I# that there will be a steady Increase Tile Secretary of the Treasury may distort frets a# he pl*a?? : he may as pert and repeat as often as he wtihes. that the tariff act of IMS, I* detrimental to the best Interest* of the oiuntry but the result of every year * operation will confound Ms opponents; and th* ealsUng financial and commercial system of the ?( nntry stand a* evidence of the foresight and Judgment off It# originator# and th# wisdom of these who sd< pled it Within the past twelve months the gev has rveeived nearly thirty five millions of dol lars all of whhh has been paid In specie, without da ranging In the slightest d< gee the movement* of c?w m.i, r wl* hi nt causing the least stringency in the ?on.y nisrk<*t On tRa contrary, this extensive and steady demand f?r specie liai Uen actually and entirely ??n*< d by th* pn spority and activity of the commercial ?IsSse", and wer r. -tra.n?|t lie wants of U>s mer ahant- f,,r coin to pay ints- the f!u-t >m House f?r dutl?e msy have hnd upon th.- movement of mil banking in-tl tntl? lis. they have been of a whole.ono?. healthy. nature and therefore niovt de-lr?t4e There ?fe so many things to b? aonsldefed. In eal enisling upon the extent of our Import If id* fr-m year to year, and the limit of it depend, upun #9 many rcntlng'nel?*. that It Is not to be #uppi*?l that any of th# < fll.-UI# at Mn-hlngton ran hare anything but the m <t Indefinite Idea of Its prnhihl - Oinoni t The practical hl?o? ledge f I li" c vnm -r? lal etv ?? e? b the n?rt le. and ibo.d I st ali th.i ?>. In ?ncli ct b. vo le II. rf' i The p dim d o irf eei i trad* ai the , of < r " yesr I ii ? t rttirl oi f. r lit n-xl. A few e.-k i .y flint" the enl re roup.-*8 n f mitt-rs. st*t it fi r bet'ei or wr r ? and the n t eirefi I <? d ul i tb r.s no v prov ?alu-1 ? * The < ufMo y. the cm iltl m ?f f, ,, -*?>.? Mm am ii. th-h.rv t.?' 'St I ?| ihiI tHhi question*. *'id a d-.ieeUotli r rsiv ". ail op rate, more of 1. *. r>"?mf illy In re$nUtlnr the rmum.-r glal InteVWnrse between nation*, 11 t > ' ting or con trading the exchange of product, g-u u* i-? i 'ther There la no doubt but that the steady and extensive pro duction of gold in California hue had a very favorable Influence upon our foreign trade, by giving a greater im pel u* to the consumption of all article* of luxury, of foreign manufacture; and everything for the future, con nected with commercial matter*, depend* upon the reault of operatioue in the gold niiuee of that eection of our oouutry. Our export trade i* not no Uep >ndeut upon a largt and steady supply of gold from California a* our import trad*'; but it ia liable to be reetricted by the very rause* which tend to increiute our importation*. Any important ezpamdon lu the currency of any country will inflate price* for the product* of that country, and furuii-h better market* for the product* of other coun trle* than they powte** at homo, the effect of which i* to encourage Importation* and re*trirt exportation*, until the precious metal* are required to equalise balance* and restore the equilibrium of trade. We are now in that position; and not until sufficient specie ha* been exported to pay for our large Importation* will our shipment* of merchandise become a* active a* heretofore. Stock Exclungv. $7c<10U S 6'* '17 ill'i .500 sh* Harlem RR MO 7'! PSS) do 116 ?' 1011 do *00 7V SOOtl U 8 6'? '68 II'! ', 10) do b9U 7<> S000 Ohio 7'* 101 <4 250 Morris Canal lOnO Erie C?r)i5cat?e par H00 Long Island RR tOO Hudson 1st llond !"?> S00 do . , loro do 1<)?>; ?re> do bft) i:i?* IMS*) Erie Conv., 71 1"0 do b6n X) 2000 do y ?? 50 Stonington UR b.W 43W 1000 Hndson 2d Bond W'i 50 do d tV? 1.1 she Bank State 100?; fONorfcWorKR b*0 55V 10 ilnnover Bank par 50 do btiO W, 25 tdgeworth Co f.d do 55 250 M'-rris Canal ld\ 94 Roch Hi Srr RR lid 50 Canton Co iW 71', 100 Portsmouth DD 7 19 ?? !!!S 25 do e3 71?; 100 do b3 rC 25 do 71 100 Reading RR 57>? 25 do 71 'a .DO do 57)2 50 do 160 72 S, 100 do 57 25 do 72'. 4'*) do 11) id 25 do 72 >Z dOO do 5P0 Erie R R *>'. as) do 5* 100 do wtlj 400 do 5*'* 200 do a? do .'*<)2 50 do *15 SriV 1(0 do ?0) 58 150 do U41 *7 10) do eli) .'>9 50 do a'10 W'i 200 do 90 Ml* Ilarleu RR SECOND BOARD 60 she Erie RR H>% UK) *hs Reading RR *10 58 V 5*1 do 1*2) 87 21K) do bOO 6M?s PS) do M0 m\ :?K) do .54 50 do U0 100 do elO 6* 50 do 8)iK *10 do *3 5-'( 25 do N!4, 100 hong Island RR 19V 10 do s60 M',14 50 Stoniugton RR bdO 4!'', TOORixdingRR SS'i *IVRRTISEMENTS RE1EWBD EVERY DAT. VIIJC Vl'HJT. CENT RF.VILLF, COURSE, L. I.-TROTTIMO.-TWKN ty-one hordes in the hold.?Monday, June 1(1, at I o'clock prccieolv; puree $30; mile hents, in harness. II. Jones enters oik. g. Illnck Jin ; E. Snediker enters it. g. Grey Major! J. Herd enters ch. g. Washington villc; W. Wtielan entcrt y. r. Vermont; G. Ravnor enters eh. m. Merrill. At 2 o'clock, nurse *30, mile heats, in hsm's*; II Jones enter, hr. r. Orphan Boy; S. lion.-laud enters Black Mare; E Snediker enters b. g. Siphax; J. Herd enters ch. g. Waihingtonvilla; Vermont; C. Watts enters ch. m. W . Whelan enters r. r. J.a<!y Jackson; G. Raynor enters oh. m. Merrill; J Brown cnttrsb. m. I.sdy Jane; C. Carman ent- rs y r. Shark. At .1 o'clock, purse $50, mile heats, best t.hri-o In (ive, In harness; W. W helan enters r. r. Stia> kelhaok; G. Nelson ent ers hlk. m. Snean; G. Raynor enters ch. R. Selim; Isaac Woodruff enter* ch. r. Reindeer. At I o'clock, pacing purse $10. mile heats, best three in flye, in haroesc: T. K. enter, b. r. Ameri can Boy: the owner enters hlk. g I) ('. Broderick; P. II. enters blk. m. Cinderella. JOIL 0O>'KLlN. Proprietor. LOST, Lost?on ti erday, the iotii inst.. between Yorkers and Cl.vrcmout. a Cashmero Shawl. The tin ier will te suitably rewarded by leavinR it at No. *0 Boavcr st. IOST?ON WEDNESDAY LAST, IN SECOND AVE J nue, between Second and Tenth streets, a hair bracelet, with the name "Elisabeth" on the i Insp. A reward and sin cere thank* will be gUdly Riven to the finder at U Stuyvo lant street. IOST?STRAYED l'ROM NO It I,A IGIIT STREET. ON J Friday the 13th inst., a young Newfoundland Dor. of a I rn*n slot white color, with a cotnm n leather collar nround his neck. Whoever will return him to the above No. w ill receive a liberal reward. C. 1 n REWARD?LOST?ON TnE THIRD INST., IN J " the .'I1* I*. M. train for New ark, si* watch move ments. without dials or wheals, of no use to the tinder. As thiir numbers are known to the owner, they arc easily de lei ted. The above reward will he paid on delivery to J. N. oil ott. 15 Maiden Lane, or Mr. DoniRan, Baggage Master, Newark Depot. Ring lost.?ten dollars reward, -on friday afternoon, in William street., opposite the Bunk of America, a po|<| chafed Seal Ring. black agate. str>xke 1 with white, not out. The above reward will he paid on its return to (15 Mcr< hunts' Exchange. REWARDS, A RABID BULL DOG ASTRAV.?A LARGE REWARD will be riven for the die, overy of the above mentioned animal, which made its escape from England some time ax >. On his collar will be found the title of " Lord Nelson, No. 2 " Said animal may be easily detected by n fashion he haa of chowinR hit teeth. His courage, however, is of the most questionable character, as has been proved in many a light with an animal which hie backers have denominated the tuikey bnssard, i. a. the AMERICAN EAGLE. STRAYED?IN THE. UI'I'F.R PART OF TIIF. CITY. A Black Hound, white breast, feet and tail tipped with white, o? ner's r.sme and address on the collar. A liberal re ward will he paid for hi* return to til Wall street, office No. I, up stairs. IMOIAL RUTIOU. POST OFFICE, NEW lORK.?NOTICE.?THE MAILS per United States Mall steamship Washington, close at this office r a Saturday, the 1 tth last , at 101$ A. M. Letters for France must be prepaid 21 cents per rate V. BRABY, P. M. COriFTY OF TAMMANY, OR COLUMBIAN ORDER.? 1 ' Brother. There will he a special meeting of the la Hi tntion, held at the Connoil Chamber, in our Great Wigwam, on Monday evening. Juno Kith, half an hour aftorthe setting of the sun. General and punctual attendance is requested, a- 1 u.iT,.... ol importance will entne before the Society. By order, DANIEL E. DELAVAN, Grand Sachem. STVPHrw C. SvxtiA. Secretary. Mamiattan, Season of Fruits, Sixth Moon, Year of Discovery, 360th; and of Independence, the 75th, T A MEETING OF THE HATTERS. FI'R DEALERS and others, connected nith the hat trade, hold at the um. ana oinrrs, ronnervea nttn me nai iraue, held at tin office of Haight, Haltey It Co., it was unanimously resolved. That whereas, by a sudden dispensation, it hath pleased ti e Almighty to take froin among us oar (steamed Iriend, Jo seph Brewster; Therefore Resolved. That in token of respect to his memory, we will nttend kis funernl, to morrow afternoon, nt three o'clock, from Brninard Church. No. 91 Riviugton street, aud close our stores from three until Ave o'clock. The hnttern, sad others connected with the trade, arc in vited to join in the above revolution. Joiiv H ai.sev. Secretary A. tt. CENTER, Chairman. New York, June 1.1, tMil. OU. A.-GRAND CELEBRATION IN COMMKMOR.V * tb n of the battle of Bunker lllll.?Banner presenta tion and second anniversary of Bunker Hill Chapter. N . 27, O. U. A., at the Broadway Tabernacle, Tuesday evening. June 17th, IN'I. at S o'clock._Oration bj D. Tntmadge. B G. 8. Address by Chancellor Charles T. Mills. Instrumental mo sic by Dodwortli's celebrated aernst hand. Tonal music music by lb. d wortl, s celebrated cornet hand, vooal music hv a select choir, under the direction of llro. Abraham C. Hyatt; also, by renusst, Mr. G. H. Bohannan will slag a favorite song, together with other appropriate To prevent confusion, ths tickets lisvs been limited, and placed at the nominal price of twenty-Ave cents, admitting a ntlcmen and lady, guaranteeing seats to entry holder, xtia I? dies' tickets may be had at the door oa the evening. Tl< keta msy be obtained of Baker, Godwin kt Co., Tribune Building; offu ? of "The Republic." list Nassau struct; Charles T. Kipps, cormr of Hudson and Charles streets; Wm. W. Dehorn, 37k Grand street; of the following Committee of Ar rangement* '?Isaac B. Crane, Oeorge Groeabeck. A. 3 Iter rows, A. C. Coqnillatt, Wm. D. Robertson, George A. Cocks, George Comet,'fk; also of any member of t)># Chapter. CHAR. E. GILDER3LEVE. Chairman. W. I avian An a ms. Secretary. Acorn lodgr ?7 i. o. of o. f.-the member a of Acorn Lodge Na. 237 I. O. of O. F. are reuuasted in meet at their Lodge Room, corner of Grin an I Hudson streets, oa Saturday (this day.) Jua* It. at I P. M.,for the purpose of attending (ho funeral of our brother, J. I,. Byrne. Hi-lt Gn.r i v, Re. t y T. STOREY, N O. UNION LODGE No. It OF THE A O. OF O FBil ious.?The members of this lodge and the order is gen* ral. are acqnest-d to ?*.! at thslr Lidge Room, oorm r of Aveuue C and Fsnrth street, oa Sunday, )3th last., at *na a'el-ek precisely, to nay ih* last tribute of rtep. et to our la>* brother, William walklasbatr. 8! I' I'Rf.M E ( III NT WILLIAM D HAMILTON VR * Cyutbla A Hamilton.? Summons l?r Dinn To Cyn thia A Harnlltna?Madam ?Yoa sre hereby summoned to answer the complaint In this action, a copy of which Is here with served tip..a ysn. and to s-rv? a copy of year answer op me at my ? thee. No. Add Broome Sit set. in th* etty of New York, within twenty days attar service hereof, eaeln ales of the dsv of such service; and If yoa fall to answer the complaint as sforeaald, the plaintiff will a; ply to the court for the rtliof demanded la the eomplaiat. Dated May 1Z Ia?L D. HARRISON. Jr . Plaintiff's Attorney. No. 341 Hraotno street. Th* rtmplaiat la this action waa lied la the office of the Clerk of th. city and county of New York, oa the 5th day of June. MM. THE riRRHBN. KAGI.E ENGINE COMPANY, MO. 13. ?Til K MEMBERS and friends of Eagle Eagis* Company No. 1.1 who In tend going on fhf Excursion to Philadelphia, are roqneetod to meet st the Engine Huasa. oa Monday morning next, Jaa? 10, at i\ a'tloak. pfvslsoly?quippedr ler. BENNETT Secretary. I MOLE ENGINE COMPANY No H.-THE MEMBERS A of East* Engine Company, No LI take this method of I returning tlielr sincere thanks to Miea Rean, Miss M.-Gons Mi.s Mm.rath, Miss Steusrt, snd Misa Martin, for tha Iltfi 1 wreath pfo.ented to ths eemrany on the Ar< I rsrade of tie N?w York Eire Department; als fal. Ml . . ? sauttfi 1 wreath trustnted to the rompany ?n the flrst I susl parade of the N?w York Fire Department; also. In Mr*. Joseph Slndwi 11, for the hesutifnl honqvet pr*?*alej te Mr. John Hanlih, foremaa "f the company sf-o t- En clpe Cr.mpanv Nn. It;, for the kind, fraternal and friendly f??I .na-i ahil lied l>v them to t he meinher- of Ragle F.acine Coa-pans, In escorting them tn th* line of march on the no ?ioa or the flrtt annus) psr sde of the New Y>rk Eire D? I srtn.i at. By order of the compear. J. Tie M 1. Dennett. Secretary. IRRTHUCTIOT. Private instruction in penmanship-mr. Oliver II. Goldsmith will re<-ei?e a limited number r.f pupils fi r private instruction in the art of I'anm tnship. at nls roonts, >:i Hreadway. Mr G will Mtntm his Brook lyn Wrillag Classes, stVConrt street, on M mday. Ihtli last.. at A I*. M. rvr ladlos, and 7id P. M.l?r gaatlsmsn. T? rias M for ten, or S5 for twenty lasrona including s reply Is-eona in< lading stationery. ARISrE' TA UI.R YOUNG FKKNCII WOMANi WHO spent t the Fpglish langusge, want* a sHsatlna In a respeetahli prlvnte rsml'y. to l*V* esre of ohlldren She would prefer the eonntry during the summer Hesse apply at 22* Avenue N, eecoad floor, ft, ut room. (VMIOAIs. MANOFDRTH TRACKER WANTID-TO GO TO Vtalen I-land, ot e lesson t Week, where he would he re to ohtale ether pafdle. One who speaks French pre d. snd I e * nnld also he easaged tn tra*h thxl Isnr i ige, ldr, ? ,| st paid. Mr II .? or* i f Dr. Morehrad. 1.12 Broad ly. Terwie must he mod; r* le. I I Sit Al -HAND?A FFWHORE IHTPII.S CAN RE *ee< ? ii "dnte | with lostru -tlons on ths INanofott*. nt I - 're ? ? r th i st Mr "tl-ner'e Mo |e R,.om- v Idr lioent H.t. -Inelrs, ti- ns oa the Eoehm Plata loErtl.F, a TEdV HAN I'M M>. AND CAILF SI toad haal rl?ofi rt*. Haft? made, in good ordar, will sold el s gr'at saert lee, la noasaquears of the DmBy -ting up nolo1 tsopeng. Apply to V I*. B. e I RT1SS, ?I t foe Pewi > .Amsrieaa Tsient AeWea FiaaoforVa*. Na : Slutdviy, where it its be saee. I WAHTIi . Wanted?a lady, who can qiyk unexcap tioaable references, to ukl the eole charge of a r?i|??t ?bl* hoarding hones. already furnished aa<l occupied, either at a ettted salary or at nay other arrange neat which may l.? agreed upoa. Address. immediately, (st.tiag uaiaeand reat dence,) to A. b., Herald office. WANTEP-A LADY. OF 004ID EDUCATION A VP pleating tnanaere, to complete a circle for Private Theatricals and mutual improvennat iu eloeution. .None but a lady of the first respectability aeed apply. A idr?s?. confidentially, A. W. T , Broadway root Office, stating where an interview can be had. WA N T E P-A SITUATION, HY A KESPEC TABLE girl, to do chamberwork, or an Seamstress. The beet of rvfcrrnce given. Please call at 20 Morria atreet. Can be seen two aaya. WANTED-A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE women, as good Cook. No objection to assist in the washing and ironing ; is an earellent haker. The best of city reference given, i'lesar call at 1*3 Seventeenth street, be tween Sixth and Seveuth aveaucs. Can he eeen for Awe days. WANTED-BY A FRENCH PROTESTANT WOMAN, s situation ts teach French to young children, and t ike sare of them. She is a good plain sewer, end can give good references. Apply, betwsen H and do'ciuok, at No. 10 Eleventh street, sear Fourth avenue. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Chambermaid in a private family, and to assist in washing and ironing Can give the heat city reference from her last place. Plcaee call at 312 Ninth street ea?t of Tompkios simare. Wanted?by a respectable woman. a situation as Nurse and Seamstress, or to do eham berwirk or waiting. Good city reference giveu. Apply at her last place, 74 Wett Twelfth -treat. WANTED- It V A YOUNO MARRIED LADY, A BAIIY to wet nurse, having just l<>rt her own. two weks old. Communications addressed to "Child." through ths Rroal way Post Office, will he attended to. References exchanged. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, a situation as Seamstress. Has no objection to take charge of a bahy, or to go light chamlisrwnrk. Please call at ,'iLU Bowery, in the dry good# store, near Fourth street. WANTED IMMEDIATELY - AN AMERICAN. G hu man or Scotch woman, to do the geueral housework of n small private family. She must be a good washer and ironer. and fond of children, and come well recommended. Wayes no object. Apply at No. 1 Ureenwiuh street. Wanted.?a young respectable fkenc ii uek son, speaking English fluently, wishes to obtain a ?i- I toation in a small private family as Lady's Maid, or t > take I the charge of a child two or three years old She is a very pood SNsiiistrcss, and nad' rstands her business in all its i brunt-hen. No objection to travel, or to -pend the summer i iu the country. For further information, apply at No. 43 ' Lost Sixteenth street, at her present employers. WANTID-A LAP ABOUT FIFTEEN YEARS OF i age?one who writes a good hand, and resides with bis parrot*. Address box Pott Office. Wanted immediately?three watchmamu for Nashville, Tennessee; Augusta, Georgia; and Co lumbia, 8.0. Good wags*given. FELLOWS, VANARS DAI E St COOPER, 11 Maiden lane. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS SOME KNOW l?d^ of thl fancy dry |OOd| bu.tinei**, to go t-? an KaMt ern city. Beit of rpftnmre, am to character an I ability, re quired. A|'|*1 y to BUTTEKLY 6i DEVIN.A8 William Mtrvct. ? "fir ANTED?THREE OR POUR MEN (EITHER SCOTCH ? r or English), to work on a farm. Apply at 205 Broad* , way. VET ANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS CLERK. WELL AC Hj s, an^'w'e'll'^^anmVn'diVidi'tVls^VtV!'" l.ow"w ages'at first "1Y'ANTED? A SITUATION, AS BARKEEPER. BY A IT )our.g man thoroughly a< quaiuted with the business, and able to furnish unquestionable r- fertn ie as to character and capability, and willing to devote the whole of his time to business. Aline addressed Y. O. K., this office, nil! be pr< inptly attended to. \KT A VI ED-TWO FIRST KATE DRY GOODS SALE3 YY men. and a bfy, fr- m fourteen to eighteen years of age, who has a knowledge tf tie business; also, two experienced j Dress and Mantilla makers. Apply at 177 Sixth avenue. WANTED COLLECTORS A\l? CANTA8URS?SR vcral -mart, sober, honest young uien, to attend to the out-door collecting of a ningaxlne. Those only w ho cun give undoubted reference as to qualifications, must apply to A. Palmer ft Co., 8 Barclay street. \MTANTED?SITUATIONS FOR FROTSSTAWT SER YY vants, of the iimt class, and if every station, at the original am only I'rotcstant Agency, 7 Carmine street, near Bltccker street. Also, excellent servants at the old society office, UN! f ,'inmbt rs street. The only offices generally pa tronised by the first families, and the very best servants. Turns reduced. \I-ANTF.D-AT 8 DIVISION STREET. BASEMENT, YY earner efllowery. Men, Women Buys, and Girls, for all kinds of employment, Chambermaids. Seamstresses, Cooks, Nurse-, W aitrrs. Clerks, Salesmen, 1L okkeeprs, Barkeep er-, Gardeners, Ccaehmcn, Ostlers, Porters, Farmers, Ap arwatleee, ItfMMMs Engineers, Weavers, Spinners. Alillers, M o I iall ts. Sawyers, Laborers, Boatmen, Coach*miths, Ef raad Bey*. WANT ED-TEN THOUSAND TAILORS, SEMP st-esses. Shoemakers, Re , to rail at J.Vi Broadway, opposite the City llall. and w in ess th* operation of 8ing?r's Sewing Machine, which is capable of performing in a better menni r than can be done by hand, and with from three to six timi s ti e speed, almost any kind of work. It la easily un derstood, simple in its construction, doss not require the aid of a machinist, and is warrautrd for one year. I. M SINGER It CO. A YOUNG MAN, A GRADUATE OF BELFAST COL l*oa. having some knowledge of th* drag busim <s, wishes for a situation in Sops* wholesale store, srhsre be csn improve himself; or in the office cf some respectable phy siusn; as assistant Teacher In an academy. ?r nay other similar situation, where bs can b# useful. Salary no object. Address R. E. H.. Herald office. __ _ _ A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION-T4? Cook. Wash and Iron : has no objection to go in the sounfry, and it capable to take charge of a dairy. She can be seen on Satu rdsy and Monday, at 142 Mott street, and can give good city reference. Bookkeeper, salesman, ac a young man. (mnrried.) w ho bus had a number of years' mercantile ex* reviewer in this city, lately on bit ow n account, wants a situa tion either at Bookkeeper, Salesman, Correspondent, or any other where his talents end experience would be available. The ad.ertieer has a thorough knowledge of business, and lg capable of fulfttling nay situattoa of a meroantile character. Would aot object to make aa arrangement for out of town Good city reference given. Letters addressed " Entetprise," Herald office, will have immediate attention. CARRIAGE TRIMMERS?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, two first-rate trimmers, acquainted with city work. 11 whom liberal wages and constant employment will be givsa for one year, if desired, by Wm RAY r'ERTY, Si Canal et. COACHMAN WANTED.?ONE WITH BEST RECOM meadatione may arply. at If A. M. er after .1 P. M . at Na. !t> (iramercy Park. Twentieth street, between Fourth sveaua and Irving Plaee. H ardware-wanted a situation as sales men and Ae.istant Bookkeeper in a hardware it ire. ky ? young man, who is aceuttnineil to th* butinsss, and etn (It* good city reference. Address J. W. P., Herald office. MEDI C A L?A YOUNG MAN. RECENTLY FROM Duilin. having a th rough kaowledg* of medicine, offers hi* services as an assistant tn practising physician. Would have no objection to a situation in a drug store Addrese M. A., Herald office. TO WOOD ENGRAVKRS.-WANTF.P IMMEDIATELY, eight hrst-rste engrevere u wood. Permanent situa tions can h# givvn to snoh, If th* work is -atisfs- l rr Oeffi iconic aliens addressed to Worsesterlt Pierce, Designers and Engravers, No. IA2 Washington street, Boston, sustaining speeimtnts of work, also stating terms, ike., will receive Im mediate attention. TO WATCll MA K EES?WANTED, A riRSTCLASS workman, to whom g ><o| wages aad constant empl y ment will be giveu. Nent others need apply. Address Bog tf?-. at Ibid office. rpo JEWEL! ER." A YOUNG MAN WHO II A ?? II A H m. considerable experience In the baslueae, wishes to enter into n partnership with . e-tsl.l.she I nismifscluring lioase. Addrese J. M. B., at this office, stating perticnlars, (coat dentin))).) and where aa interview may be had. TO MERCHANT! AND MAWUFACTCRMS the ii>. v< Mm, who has a general knowledge of basiasa*. aad has bad seiersl years eip-rieaee as travelliug agent, wishes te form aa engagement with a respeftable b use as Travel ler, Ealeimaa, er Collector Addrees 0. M. W . Herald office. PRMOXAU NOTICfe-IF THE FO LI-OWING PERSONS, RBSID lug. or having resided, la New York? to wit?Menry Van Mart, Joasthan Walton, Aeinuel 8w:th, Sons k 0* , Robert L. Stevens. Henry finmoa. ChnrUs Shaw, Shaw. F.wing k Reween, laaae R. Rtlliett, H. Uslilas. Jan., Il*nry A Philip Collins, Job., Sir Mishasl H. Clark, William Dotislaes. Mary tdam*. Jan Boer*. J H. Buehanan, Tkne. Bnehanaa. Fpbraim lluswell, I'eter Harlow. Daaiol Parker, Joseph Pearson, James Porter (register la ehaaeery I. I ? Pollard, Parmy. I udlam k Sons, f.*wta leyeia. Thomas lem-sls Mark I M t en worth, doha Longly. William P II er their, or any nf their legal representative*, will ad Irees (poet raid), O. P. Q . Washington City. D. C.. they will leaf* I something greatly te their adeaatagw. ~~ FIRE ARTS. National academy of desion.-the twenty eiath Annual Eshibltlua ef the Academy is aow open te the pnMie. at their Galleries. No. SKI Broadway, opposite Bend street, from ? A. M. no Ul III P. M. AdmiManee II *S?U; season tickets. AO seat*; catalogue*. life seal*. By vrdee of the Ceaacll. J H AH BOOOUB.C r. Secretary. N. A. | B wumuiwfc tTLVr.1 i BtST WORK-TIIR BOITR, Ot TUB Hazard* of W' mm a Domeatie Romano*, pnbhfhe I in 11 ?<!? n yeara aro, and ton-rally *Vtr(k?t?d In and raid l> all to l<- * ritttn l-y Sir Edward l.ytloa lll?tr, auth.r ?>l "faaeat," "Nljht mid D'ruill. "Knhth-n,' Larrrtia," " l.a?t of tha llarnav ' '* Badaaa Arum, tr., Ae. T> f abort wt rk will prove In b* (III of tho m ??! p.ip?l ir k'.nk* that hw ltd I ??mi pnl lirhr I in Fntland or Atn?rio* It t# Mir i f tin- m- rt Intor-rtin*. entertaining. and ahforhint ?i rk? ? ?? r written an I a ill li*it the largttb tale of nay work that l,?? Wn pn? llahrd fur peart Oar adrto* f* in all to a-1 It and read It. Ihr * of thr ahota work (? pi.hllahtd in one larre oetarn volume #f 11ll para* print- I if m net typo, lilai Ik total trhlta pt(W I'rltt, fer the m aiplrtr wort, ItrttHn mot*: or dvn oopiea for ont dol lar I'n tli?) id and for tolr by T B. Ptktltoo, Wo. ?? Chi -t ? Ot ztrtel. Philadelphia. to nlmm oil ordrr* Biiitt It 0-1 drtf-d. t or talo I y all new* i?eatt and p riodieal dealer* thmn*hont tilt Patted Rtat-a. IiBWWIBi I.ARflR TRAYKI.MM) W t P.A.-PRlrRR rednaed t< Ml otata ta< h tlth I dltmilltf HI Mf drill to thr trndt. Ti'tto art (ho lar*e?t peeked nopr ptiblirhr I In III* tonnirjr, ?o-na of th^m h-lnt aortioml mapr-ther eooiiot of map of Now Knetaad: map nf Mow V >rk; loipof Prto-jlitoia and Jt*? .Ir--y. mil f Virtlill*. Mary I tad and tola*ar?: mopnf North and Booth Coralta*; man of and Alabama; map of Plofldn map of Iztalrima and MimirMpni; map af ktaltteky an ' Tinn?'r?: imp of lli.inirand Miffoorl; map of OM and In liana ma > of Wiihipan and W irrnn?'*. lit. T'.ojr *f* *11 pr If ibed on lb? ??!> a rrnle-al.eof ea- !i Rll2t Blo'itt?toth mop if led ? Od pntoP'n |?<?| oa?t f-r th* p ?k?t '?rI i f n il bo r*0< Irtd at thr dtpok Mo. 1(7 f*n 11 n ?treet * i? all It other puUllMni Of Mr. Tann- r m n ho ha 1 ate ] i il y ! rat. ? t. r< II or with thate of other pnMlrli-ti. l ata' ? let mar b* bad a* above /MINT C.RAliMOWT'R MKMolR.a WITiSITTt ri ! R a I'orlra t?. I v l.i I i. t an I \1 ?. K a- r >. Alan. 'I ? aril ? Harlot'* I n ir> ?. orlatnal plater. reryaeare* " itl 1?) ? ? tl?. eomp.ito .dl,ont, tfaeton-le ? M' 'Roe . Ii mi I.. ire. rookory, die t mil F.nieau P\ o*i ?'f I be J IV Wr.Afll.F-, I ' Wk an ?tr I. nlthlVR A(. UN-( IV IT HF.M IVH Tim Ml Jilllabtd, (be third tdltii B of I'l bait Ahr ?d, nr Ti rlinr It rraaeo, brio* a eontioaathn of the raan na I'll baiok Paper*, by Oh at It ? With oar: eompjatw, with tit ? plendid IIInttrrati? n> by Crnikthaak l"rieo, Ml eoat# R?ad (a y. nr order* enrly, AlURMAW B ORMsBV, Cpran N?? ttii aad Aaa tlrcalt. Anfat furnished room is wanted, by a gentleman, with breakfast only. above Brovuti street. Address S. T., at this offlce, ittliai tcriui. A gentleman and his wife, or two genteel young ladies. can be accommodated with a small far nUhcd room, with board, in a private family, in tha pleasant ly situated bouse ISP Wsverlv place, near duth aveaaa. Ra frrvnraa exchanged. Trrma moderate. Boarding -two gentlemen and their wives or a tew single gentlemen, can be accommodated with furnished or unrurniaiied noma, and board. Rafareacea re quired. A small number of select boardera will be taken only. Inquire at No. 5 lileka atreet. cortar of Fulton, two

eiinutea walk of Pulton ferry, Brooklyn. Board?two or tbref. gentlemen can bb accommodated with partial board, la a private family, at No. 47 Stanton atreet, near the Bowery. Board?a gentleman and i.ady can be ac~ counnodalod with a large ami newly furnished room <n room*, with board, in a respectable neighborhood, near the Bowtry, and not above Eighth atreet, with a very amall fa mily. and no other boardera in the huuee Addrvaa M. J. B., until Monday, Crondwny l'oet Ottiea. Keferenoe not ueooe aary. DOARDINC.-A GENTLEMAN AND LADY, ALSO A MJ few single gentlemen, can be ncoommodnted in a newr home, finished in tbu moat modern vtyle. with very desirable rooms and good board, at No. 107 Eaat Seventeenth atreet. Board wanted in iiobokcn, near tiik perky, in a private family prefvrred, and where there ia the a in venience of a ball in the house, for a gentlemen and wife; full board for the lady; breakfast, and tea. and dinner, on Sunday, for the aentleiuan; terms not to exceed fcs per week. Addreaa, M. V. T., Herald office. Board at fort Richmond, s. i.-a few single gentlemen can be accommodated with board,and pleasant airy rootna. within afew minutes walk of the steamboat land ing; atearoboata run six times a day to New York. Apply to Mrs. Martin, nearly opposite the en arch, or by note to J. M , box l,!<U0, New York Foit office. Boarding at i.eroy place, new BocnELLE? Mrn. lladden has a few rooms disengaged. which she will lrt to families on very reasonable terms, delightfully situated about live minutes' walk from the depot. New Roclielle, June 12, 1?51. Boarding-to let. with board, a large front room, with pantry and bath attached. Also, {?lesmiit rooms for two or three single gentlemen, in a small amily where there are but few boarders. The location ia desirable. References exchanged. Inqure at OS Fourth at enue. Boarding.?a splendid drawingroom and bedroom, suitable for a gentleman and wife, or a club of gentlemen, also two small rooms, with lull or partial board, can be had by immediate application at No. 2 College place. Board wantid-by a lady, in a ijuikt loca tinn, with a small plain family, having no other board ets, where wo questions will he asked, and wh'Te she will meet with kindness and hod the comforts of a home. Room may be furnished or unfurnished. Terms m ilt be moderatw Address X, Y. at this oUioe, with particulars. Board?two single gentlemen, or a gentlf uinn ami his wife eau be accommodated with board. Ap ply ut 31 City liall place. Boarding?two parlors on the firat. floor, front parlor and bed room on the second. Also one or two bedrooms neatly furnished, with full or partial board, private table if preferred, at Ml Houston street, nrst house west of Broadway. References exchauged. Board may be had for families ok single gentlemen, at |M Chambers street, with a ohoiee of su perior and well furnished rooms, by immediate application, ltuths. &c. The house is just opened, and kept in a superior manuer. B OARD1NG?A PLEASANT FRONT ROOM, WITH bedroom and pantry attaehrd, will be let to a gentleman d his w ife, w ith board, on application at 2!0 Canal street. Boarding in south Brooklyn.-two or three German geiitleineu ean be accommodated witli furnished sittingroom and bedrooms, with partial board, in a private Amerwan family?distance, three minutes walk from the ferry. Apply at IAS Atlxutio street, any time tbis week. Also, v anted, a good Cook; apply as above. TO LET?UNIURNISHED. WITH BOARD, A LARGE front Room, iu the second story, with closets, pantries, ike., suitable for a small genteel family. Apply at M Yesey street. ffd() LET-TO GF.NTLEMF.N WHO WISH THE BF.ST X of scri mmodatlons and i ay a fair price, some beautiful well furrished parlors and bedrooms attached, in a drat class, well situated bouse, and in a French family of the first respectability. I.oration west, and near Hroxlway, nut high, r than Niblo's. Address Broadway Post Office, to S. L , w'th real name and address, or no answer shall bo made. To LET?A FINE LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH breakfast and tea, or full board. Inquire at No. 40 M alker street. LODGINGS, Ac. A FRONT FURNISHED BED ROOM TO LET, IN A small private family, withou board, (or breakfast tar nished, if desired.) in a healthy | art of the city, location near lire adw ay and Canal street. Kent moderate. Please call at No. 174 West strtet. H ANDSOMEI.Y FURNISHED PARLORS AND BED rooms to rent, at 22 Waverley place. U'K.NIf I1F.D ROOMS TO RENT TO SINGLE UEN tlemen, at No. 7U1 Broadway. tU'RNISHF.D ROOMS TO I.F.T, WITHOUT BOARD, -T for gentlemen, at No. IS Jay street, near Greenwirb street. Terms moderate. There is a dining saloon at No. 31b Greenwich street, close by. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH FULL or partial board, can bo had by applying at No. 11 Chambers street. UHUOiU. COI.LAMORE HOUSE, NEW YORK, CORNER OF llrosdway and Spring street.?Tkia splendid aad oaten sive establishment has been recently opened under circum stances peculiarly attractive, iu every respect, to the publio in general, as wall as to the eitisonsof New Yoch. travellers, and permanent boarders. The locality of the hull ling?cen tral and airy?is unequalled, and the apartments, in point of elegunre and oomfort, are commodious, an l In every re spect suited to the modern embellishments of the day. The proprietors have spared no expense to render every apart ment worthy of comparison with oimilar large hotel* in this country. The Ladies' Drawing Room possesses svery p*r tirnlar requisite; aad private families will eqjoy all the cum Its oV forte of homo, with a table and winee of the choicest kind. I 1 he anderMned have no doabt that, with their determiua- , tisn'not to & Inferior to any, the public will Bad all they ex pect fully realised at the rollamore Bouse. d! COLLAMoRr, I Proprieto r N OTIt'B. DALI.IMORES LUNCH WILL BE ON > thetable on Sunday morning ^precisely at II o clock, I and In the evening at A o'eleek. The patrons are very re sportfully invited. The celebrated Brandy Store, 4 4) Broom i strtet, corner of Creeby. CHAMPAGNE WINES.-JUST RECEIVED, A SUPE rior let of Champagne Wtaee, of various eeirbrsted brands. Persons ia want are earnestly requested to makt call be fere purchasing, at DA LLlif ORE'S celebrated Brandy Store, 430 Broome street, corner of Crosbv. SCOTCH AND INDIA PALE ALE. AND LONDON AND Dublin Pnrtrr. Just received a supply of these celebrated Alee and Porter, Which have given such univereal satlstsc tion, of every grade and brand. Warranted genuine, none be tug its other b< tug admitted Into my eetabltshmcnt. A. DAI.LI MORE, 4141 llroeme street. The celebrated brandy store. OLGTIUNO. c ' I.OTHINO AND TAIMiRINO.?CONWAY. HI FUL y ton street, near Broadway, sells ready made Clothing of every description, or makes it to measore in the very host Style, (r< In tlic finest French or Eog'iah Cloths, i'assirneres snd Vestings. Including everything fashionable and desira ble. In every instanee an eWant ti guaranteed, ten per cent less then any heuso in this eliy. Borr,ROTS'. BOYS' SPRINOTATTBRNR, and TIIK ladies' new rests me?nay sight sisr* for A2, halfqnan tily 11. N. H ?Read see sad height. Pnll sets boys' pattirns. NA. Packless of eight sites for boys, sod two np proved fratlemex's shirt patterns, ti Cutting and basting ?one. Tslloreeaes wanted. C. BERWICK. Na. 217 Rpriag street. CABT OPP CLOTHING AND PURNITURR WANTED, ?ladles ergentlemen leaving the elty, or breaking ay hemsekeei lag. ana obtain the highest each price for Clothing, Furniture, Re., by sending through the Post, sr at hla rest denes. L. M. DCSSELDORP, URlm stre N. B.?Ladies neteaded by Mrs. Dusseldorp. CAPT OPP CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. ? l adies or gentlim-n leaving ths eity, or breaking sp hensekP'pla*, ean obtain the highest cash price for Clothing, Furniture, Re., by sending ibrongh the Post, or at his r?m dens*. M. S. COHEN, 6ti Elm street. M. B ? Ladies slteaded by Mrs. Cohen. IIOIISKB. CAHKIAOKft, Mm. HORBEE FOR SA I.E.?THE 9t'RACR I n?R HAS ro* Ml* latrral rary aaportor, atyliah. *ni *>ll t/aiood I.adint Baridln florao*. alao, any.ral horaoa f*r hnrm*?t and ftntlaaiaa ? aaddlt um. alao, |na> priood *?nt|? horn*, for ladma' **4 R?alUmm'* ??*.' Ladlia' **4 *nntt?in*a ? ??d 41* boTM* W It* bjr th? day wi" k. or month. W. II DiaBRMfr Hldtar Rrh?*l. IB*. ?' fur" arraa*. nORBF. FOR RAM?THE BKAt'TlFUti THOTTIMO B.?r* frliHtf, kind In knrn*M nn4 ?4dl?, ? t n4 I idim" n? I artdo horao; rpdrltrd ant rrry *ay in harn??a. and *nit ahlr for a yontlomaa who wt'tioa a Ban animal f?r *M >n or f*4f If Bl ? ? ill I.* a< Id nimli frlun hrr <alnn. Apply at 9 I hrirtophrr itrwt, mar Crtmtlrli l?ni< FOE RAI.E?A HOIIT WORCIbTERIB OKi. BI II.T by Brow-tor ? It In w?ll awllod f?r a rbytlrl in nr pi-rron ridla* ahont ti.r rlajr, at II i? a ymarkaMy *any rHtn* ??ln ?M, and hat 1*atl.?r rnrlaln* and ??tr* au?d apron. a? thai ear can t* ontnalowly ona I no-d In art I wonthyr To b* aaaa at I adtrhlU'a * u a M mula tnry. 197 Earner -?r~ t II W-RMA. FSOR BAt F A Bl I FN MO DIRK RRHH V MtRF (nrtrly fcltrk.) ti >??->., hnnda blfh, aal will tr. t Imr mil* la three mlaulea and a half. Warranted -onnd and bind In all ham***; *wltahle f<>r a < arrtn* I nr family lior*-. Can h* aee* atTaB.pkina fc llmt'.e'i Inni rr yard. Hnbsken, near th. f-rry. Ia.|uir* of Mr. ? raft. *r R'hitmorw. ?JtflR B.t I F?A FAIR OF MATCHED ORAT IIORBRB a If, hindt kiyh. tin and *eren y?art old. warrant* I t .nnd nad kind; Bill (tand la th* *t*aat with nt tying. Sold for th* a tal of UN. In.lain at th* J?nay Uad Bltnle, "n tier r*r?lrr?t. JOHN (|nR|. CBfiR RA I.E- A BI'FF.RIOR PAIR or FAMII-V CAR E7 rlayr ||. r*??, i-hrttant torrn t full tailt, ti\t >?n h?n I* hi(h. ei*l,t rear- r.|d, n..nnd. and kind In ela*le or dotthlw harnrM, hit* kn n nr. t hy th* pr?aent mrarr tan ymrt. Alro. a R. < kaaay Carriage, marly n?w. with p^le nndahirta. and al.tft r? l.ant to fr. nf ti tt; raadn hy firww-ater. Alt .. * I I n t. a tt acna. mad* l.y Ml*: pat-nt ?tl?* and iprm* jot F, and ft*tIw naed Will I r y.-ld low aa thi owntr la * In* tc. thr n nnlry. T? hart it ili? |rie*t? la t'ninn ?trrat. k*t war a Blrk* ami Unary ilrNU, Brooklyn. IjMrriRR fioRtr, wicnlt nn tiarnrb* r >n 4 at In 11 n aai. n i* lit ? ? a I nilt and h in bean n? I In th??*rrn? hutia . r.r ilfr rotu. r < f IRaaann tad l-ilrrty itrr. s t . day, f I o. Iwend. CN A R R | All R* F'iR B A1 F TWO I.F A tllER TOI* Rf(l J?y trayoaa marl' I .hi an ! t.. r rdr r, I nt * ? oil:..,I f.r.a ill In ro:d rnaaoaillr If a<p!ld for lntaa?<Waboly. Alan wantnd a maker n-ri ?? i .ad t" m jViiur ll^'l,r Rr . I. . r iy h ||. ,; to ?! ? h ahand, r< ? ?ta t rmr>iim nl will t? ?l ua. la iwlr? at K*S frothy. o*rnr* I'rinr -ir. I ROIKAWA V -E BIX BEAT BFCONO 'I AMD R If K ? *?r.?.t i t lilt rtn|. tradohr W?od. T> mll< *.?n A <o I r ?a'n it WMlitm RtfTnrt? ? t r.rntitn F*. A.rr, SB ' in*' rt II,' AMin TO I I R, HA f a llltir r, AMD I MIT FT luaty ? r rjrli. ?. with a *oni| run of W ir*. Any aorton I'trir* aa< h to dtaywn* af, will dltnnt a not* to r A J I ?l..anaarn P**t nBl.?, and itato akvf* aa iatar*l*w ? an I* had. RFAD uId! READ, AMD THEN ATTEST THE . sYsiHAS?& R& " ??k, Vk.t ."i. .ombinc/? them. Their Waa3f.lmM. elegant style. andeacellcal material, make ljMI* th'- |* _ mind of all admirers of Ua.lji uV"^lh< a!! u,, l *v?2ki x?Mt? MEMS ?j vrehave^io fears bat Z? Vu'i ierft their deci-Ud appr LsUoa. H^^^SSsS^ZJJtTSiJSi the Patted Stataa and Canada, rabidly, andjkbaaS af teak Mat. J. T. VAN Y'LKCK, offloe ouraer of Wall aad Broad itrxeti. _ French looking glass plates, and bough Plata Glaa* for iky lights, fcuc tk * manufactory of Bt Earl. D' AM. *7 A *u Poarl ?mt Priaao earrcnts may be had on application. Keep coo l.?btillwell u montross, Clotluera. No. 112 Fulton stmt, New York, e trnor of Dutch, bavaiaat introduced a atw and delightful fabric for auuimer wear, manufactured into Coats and Vests, which for lightness, elegsuee, durability, and eoiufort eannot ba eur piiaad. Call and sec. 1/xnrt boxes new herrings, mi hale b\r ,UUU rel.sep So brook Shad; 7t?lbe. new Nova Scotia Salmon a lucked iiral oi' the eeaoon. for eale by CHELSON WELLS fc CO., Kl Day ?treat. j French mechanical lamps and gas Fix tures?This etora in removed to the flrst floor of the lame l.ou.e, J net received, Artistic Ckamieller. Candela bras Bracket* for gee or eandlee; Careal, Moderator, Studio Lam pa, of the beat make. C.laaa Ware, for lainpe or gas na ture.. 1 reach V.Mvlable0.1RD()Nv1II I;> ^ llroadw?y. PREMIUM EI REWORKS.?EDGE'S BRILL! ANT,1Co lored Exhlbitional Fireworks.?The worki from thU La boratory have taken the hrst premium from the Aiaeriuaa Inetitute for the leet twelve yearn. All ordera eent *0 Uia , United Statea Laboratory, Jeraey City, or our general depot, , ? Maiden lane, will receive PromPjt attention^ tnr,K p. R.?We have alao on hand the largeet atoek of amall i works in the eouutry. ' TO HOTEL KEEPERS.?HOTEL KEEPERS FURNISH ing for the aeaaon, are invited to call at YY ladle fc Co. ?, No. 5tl Maiden lane, and inspect their etock of meat dishes and covers of bright bloek tin ware, coffee and tea urns, can tors with plain and cut glare cruete, of silver? plated and britinuiu ware. Aleo. epoone and forks, of extra heavy plate, ) that uiav be engraved: inolaeaoa cupe, water and chamber i tail*. ivory table knives and forks, lamps and candlesticks, icily and ice cream freexcrs and moulds, knife cleaning ini chinca, mangles, door and table raata. Tronch oookin^ ut in sila. coi.pi r atewpana, tinware of all kinds to ordi r, bar' ' I utensils. wire dish covert, dish and knife and spoon bask ts, . tea trays, hand waiters, bread and cake trays, with many Other articles, of which catalogues '"a^p'j^ *lor; A6 Maiden lane, and 25 and 27 Liberty street. LA PI iS, DO NOT NEGLECT TO HAVE YOUR CAR nets thoroughly cleaned from moth, dust, and sand, and | their original lurtre restored by Wentwortli a Patent Car- i not Cleaner. Juit addreaa a uote, by penny post, to J. Went wi.rtl A Co.. 00 Gunacvoort street. where the machine is n opera turn. left at 2? Maiden lane will be promptly I attended to. Carpeta called for and returned on the ehort- | ?at not.CO. Pro ... from two to lour cents per yatd. Tlli UNION INDIA Kl'UUER COMPANY.?WARE houae 19 Nassau street.?This company ia offering, at wholesale, Goodvear'a Patent Metallic India RubberGeodi; eonaiating in part of coats, cloaks, ponehom armv andI navy coo da lift preserver*. carrta*o cloth*. India rubbor akoe* borac cloths, .uurfcrmg president. WARREN ACKEItMAN, Vice President. N. WI I.LI AM SON, Treasurer and Soo'ry. AIR?"THE BONNY BREAST KNOT." Oh, the bed bugs! oh. the bed buge! Oh, the oily bed bugs: l And blithe end hopping are the flea* When they get on toe bed In ks. There w as a " Lyon" in the town? A warrior of great renown? Who when ho put his powder down The, all of them la, dead, ^ BrolJwty> 117I1ITF. FRENCH ZINC PAINTS- FIFTY CASKS FT Snow U bit.-, in racks from two to three hue dr d w.-i-ht each i ItSI casks. No. I, do. from four to six hundred weight each ? Jill ton* around, in rattued oil. in titty and one huodwa F r ?al?- by SCIIANCK DOW SING At to , lt*? and l' - ruit. n :i? ? ' ijdiiti torib< maufaclureri. PATENT V F.K'l M M 1 I BL'LAK I>1 Al'llRkGH BOIL tr.?Tht- pr- i rietorE of the ab?ve. formerly known a? the Montgomery lb tier, haviuff mode valuable improvements^tn its arranyt inento, now ofler it to manutaetur* r*. ocean. I tne. and river ateanur nrnprietort, as applicable to every pnr pose where economy ol fuel aud space, rapidity of gen. r.ung steam > asy aci ess to ever, port of the boiler, and durability is reoHired. Boiltra on this principle arc now in operation superseding the ordinary kind of hollar., with a caving of fuel al. ne of from 40 to 40 per cent. Evidence of the sncseMlul operation of the boiler, in its Improved arrangement, on ocean or lake steamers, and stationary e.ginea. will be sub mitted to any parties wanting boilera, by calling at the olhce. i'rupritUrb' 36 Uruadwny. Blue lick-blpe i.k k-just receivfu. and for Efilc on draught aud in hott'ef, a frtMh supply of the Celebrated Kentucky Blue Lick Water, the best o' lhe miue ral vtUn. Alao. th? u?-w Fronch I irUbw S ?da with inyrodieitU and full directions for um?-Congr'-M water, PavUion Water, fcc.. ^pAp c? _ Hrnre?dwa,._ PERSONALEFFECTS WANTED?BPCH AS CAtTOFF CTotI leg. Costumes, J,, . lry. I irearms. fcc Gentlemen or fansille. having Uie above mentioned articles for sale will be ettended at their resilience by leBrtng ordera, or ad dressing a line through the I ost Ofllee to II. LEY EIT. Prin ripal otflee. No. 1 Barclay effect, corner of Broadway. CARD-MRS. BREWSTER. FROM PHILADELPHIA tenders her ??rvivee to ladien aud gentlemen of thia city. In Astrology, Love, and Law inatttra, Interpreting Dreams, fcc., by Uoka and aeience, cvnstautly relied on by Napoleon; and will tell the uaiueof the lady or gentleinae they will marry. Also the names ot the visitsirt. Reatdence ill Grand street. Lndio. bfty centn. Gentlemen one dollar A N EXCELLENT AND HIGIILT PERFUMED Tiili.ET A Article ?Lauck'e Phemlcnl Compound HsirTonio re moves and prevente dandruff, atope the hair from falling out or turning gray, strengthens, darkens, and promotes its growth, cause* a healthful, durable in. ut.ire, and * beiuti ful *ilky ?|>p?ir?BH, without bviag icrwa^y <?r ?t???y ,a* i bottle is euffieient to prove thet it has the ahove ,|ii*llie.. Price :t7li cents per l..?ttle, or ti.rec bottles for one dollar. Ti t rale at tt. proprietor s llalr Dressing Saloon. IS Bridge street, near Whitehall street; 4S1 Broadway, corner ;f How a rd street; 148 Bowery: 91 l.lbetty street, opposite the lost Office, and 27 Whltnhnil ntr..t. CIATING ? UNDER A MAJORITY OF CIRPt'M O stances, shaving is not at ell su easy process; in fact, there is but one condition under which -use can he insured which is the uso of llogles Amole. Thi. well known and highly esteemed soap is a purely vegetable askracL possessing uone of the alkaline ingredients which destroy the isiwtk nrsa of the skin, and render ahavlng a painful annoyance, fold ky Uv**event*r. William Bogie. TT, Wa.hi.gtm. street Beaton; A.B.k D. Nauds. MO Fuhon fc Co.. in Broadway; Cary fc Co., aad Brlghnm fc Day. Pearl street, New Y ork and t.v tl.e druggists generally. TAR Kll LINGER LINIMENT ??K MAGIC FLUID, p J eontinuct to delight and wtoniih tho ftnt familk>? In the land HtU tho only poraon that hao jnjrwodod in ob tainiac y*ar aftor y*ar, upon tho m?nt? of hto romtdd, tha ?r?<* nnd imtr-mt -f tho fa^nltv and tho woalthv ??r Ilea g? nerallv. 11 immediately eradicates all Dams and ner .una difficulties, extracts lire, and heals all manner of isoroe, enU and braises, and hag never failed in thuusandt of eaoos la fnatening and restoring the hair It snnsss an MreonhU fselirg and atrv ngtheu# the pivtient at every d.<#o of nppHcn til n.^t haa made ila own mnrksA. Hj ?r?t friends, nre it. M, ?t te whom the Doctor h*? th* honor of roforring, who' havo used It in their famlli-a for yearn-th* II n. Me tea II. Hrtnnell, the Irving.. Rne., Co.tor?, liepeue. M"f rtses, llainll tons, Lndlowa, Bradl.nrts, Jans ways, Lorril lards, Parmans, l.ivlagstona, ke., k'.. kc. Bold in large family hottlss isn tirnea cheaper than any other article in market at Z*> I'earl street, end by tho Doctor, nt47fl Broad way whits front, between Grand and Broome atrw:U, at ?1 ?nab; Ma for (A, and $t % dosen, mmh. K EI.LINGER'? MAGIC FLUID. FOR RESTORING THE hair and the nervous ay item?Mr J. V.f addoek a l^A0^,, ter formerly of Tonkera, waacored Mflt. Y Una s dance with J bottles; Hon. Anson Willia, ?>f 1,112 Broadway, was cured of nenralgla In ths t ip. with one bottls-ho had enff?rod eight ninths. Mr Willisn. Gardner. WII Item, hurt h, UoorgnW Walling, of the Phi?rs office Thomas W . Barkss. Ml McDoo gnl attest. P. C Bneh. ? I night street; Mr John Clark, of had no hair for many years. There are Y?'??F eases in the village of Yonker*. near the Doctor ? hotel and lab< rat?ry Bold in large bottloe, at 2SI Poarl etroit. PR and 47tS Brood nay. (whit" front.) between ' Broome atreets. where the Doet. r ea. b,,-nsaludI in the morning, and at Yoakere. at bis spaeions hoU Unlhs after soon, where visiters tan bo ace..nimodated with n*nle at all hours Horses and carriages to ?Kt ffifhutrfD nwiltf, fc*., for IBnittiMi. Th? IweViT *? Mklwc ?%!&? pwblto trt*m $fcj W $IW ?????? qnsntly hs t. willing the people andI the wwktata ah^l have the prolitg of hie medical depwrtm?nt; this ia why b* aaaafhrwto give *o large a nna.ttty for eae dollar Two or three arpliestions fasten and start the hair vary f*?t. Call aad aw tho Doctor: don't be deceived. COAL. PHKKMITtVAMA CO A I. COM PA NT-Mil 000 wfVdN Par I'nl Coap-n Had*?!t*al*1 pr-p->*ala will W rmixil >1 tli* ?Aef M tho Company. Nn .1i Wall itMI. la th* ally uf N?? York, aatll U'*<lnaod.ty, th* IHh laat., at S I*. II . for tha Inan, at not 1. aa thaa par. af tha whnla ?r aav part of ?.Ni'.llii, na tha bonda nf tha Company, pay ahla at Uiodr ?fR< ?. la tha rlt y af N *w Yark, oa tha Srat day af Aacuat, IWI. tha pmeoada nf aald Inan to ha r??wl**d la faaranaal matalataata nf twaaty-ta* par ? ant wh. na tha ?rat day of Jaly, A?(uat. Reptoml ar and Oetebor aaat, ar tha MB* ??rj f paid la fall at any tlma, at tha option af tha holder. Tbraa |.?ada vra IwimI by virtu* nf an art of tha l<aylalatnra nf Panhajtvahl*. which la at follow* ? "Hat A. T1 at it ahall h* lawfnl tor th* Praaldant and Man ay era of tha Pmaaylraala Oal Cnaipaay, from ttian to tiiaa and at all Uatt. to borT"w, or to obtain ?n loan, aaoh nan of mnnoy, and <-n oneh tarir.a. aa thay may daam **rodlont forth* ta* of aald anmpany. and to pladfo and mortyaya all or aay part af the ?*tat*a impp" *ni*wt*, prlrilryoa. aifwta, Mid mrli whataoarar. nf tho mid Company, fhr the rapay tnant of oaid autra nf moaoy *o horrowod, at rnoh tlmoa aa a>) l*a?r**d npeaj irrt aaoh yaar. at lha ofBna nf la nd* ar* f *r f)l,t*i aaoh. with oowpnna for tha ?*rt of Iwtrroat, on th* la' - ? - aaoh. with oowpona fnr tho par. 't day of Pahrnary and Aero' in ?ho Company In thai alty of Haw York. Iat< roat will ha all' wo,I frm tha tlma nf payment of tha aoraral hiatal ?* aula. Tha hnnda ar* ap*o|ally *? < arod hy mnrtyaa* t?> H illiam I" Ra?*in#y*r R'.hort R Mint'irn and Mo*a? Taylor, TrnaV *. for ?t*1 (1?. npnn th? prlt llatwo of U" Citnpany and their two liaaa nf railroad, with it* appaa daa*a. rwoh aa Krani-h I rank a, ondooa, oara, canal haain*. dnrha, workable*. ttorahouoo*,It* , auw Oompl.ted. and "wi lly In aaah TI.MT lidl, and opow which thara la ?o athar mnrt tay* or llan. Tha Cnmpaay'a two llnaa nf railroad am ahont 47 mil** loaa aaoh, oitao'.in* from tho l'*!a? ar* an I ilndtnn Cnnal, at llawlay, in Rata* o< nnty, to I'll t*t<n, on tha North Rryr oh Canal and S<i*vt**ha*na rlrar, la tha oountf of !,n torwa. wl ar* tha prinolpal and Ur*a ?onl dafoaity of the C? mpir y ar* lacat< d. Tha Cowipaoy haoa r*c*l?#d ? On capital okook. AIMC 2J?> On hondi hald hy tho atookholdarw, and eoaaartl hla Into capital atnok ?"? "?? And hara yat to roo. lra on oapital etoek IH'ni Making an ayrmyatn of moana of. , . f Villi CkW Of which, thoy haro oipondod upon tho road and it* *nn'i m?nt?. aa bofnra at?t?d ?I.0R7 Idfl for <7>i rat al tint a, !3R t< a* each. and ep*nlny minx* 441,111 for onal and othar laada AW. *'?! ttihli r on ?*p*t dltnr* f r lint'aad prrnian*tid ? Improrant* of ?4 71'" LW Th* o. mpony are now jrodoola* from thalr inlnoa and hriity Iny to tha \ow V. rk market, by thalr railri ? I and tho Ihala ? ar* ii,d lludc n ''anal, at tha rite of *?i iw*? ton ?f o. a I fnr tha hnalnr?a of It a pmoont year ; and th* loaa of AVTl.tMi, f< r whl h [.fop ??!a are now lorlfod |a oI,'-f*y wanted to i ro an!* additintal onnal hoato and nthar tmpr ,?*mcnta, m .,nir*d for tho laryo Increase rf hn*li**? en, fro plated fop tha on'nlny yaar . and th* re'idnaof th,? hnnda, fnr whlrh the m-ttylr* pf"? Idea, will he l-an I her aftao. If r* |"lr*d. t? fai ii" a 'a ' nd fort her eat nd tha ktiMnc *o of tha rem puny, to n,r, t t'o raptii idy of tv' Ir worha. Pr pnaala will hi on deri. <*, " f'ri porala fnr I >an, P rnaylrinla f'nal Cow p ,.ny " Anrfirtfor tmf rmatloa my N ohtalni d i n application to ait In r of tie It' di r- itaad. or at tt ?Am nf tha ?,.?? nany If! A 0 IIAH LIT, (OldrHT B. NINTCRN. Jfliari TAd l.f'R, [> a N I h. I, PAR. <11, IAA AC In PI.ATT W? T. II IT k.VRTP.R, wilmam n RRirrwii John iswhn. Vlltvton it the l eanlylraaia Coal Company. NEWS BY THE MAILS. Omr Withln|tM Correapondoneo, Wasmihutor, Jiih 12, Ml. f'Uectng the Coiir?mm|?The Mentan Claiwu and their wrO /mid .Idtwatet?Mr. Cur win hit Course and thfmmkri? Pretidentxal and I "ice Prttidential AtpiranU?wf Prediction that the Cabinet cannot koid together the year out, fc It U a well knows tact that almost every ?wllk| BUM in this metropolitan city ha* made hi. fortune out of tho government. You can count them on any public occa sion or gala day. by Korea and hundred*. It is an equally well known fact that, wheuever law* yen. advocate*, agent*, or Other counsel In nuib or eauHCi to be dl.po.ed of. get extraordinary and very large fee. for their services, the thing is Invariable that the money come, out of I nele bam', pocket. No indi vidual prosecuting a claim against another individual, or against a bank, or a corporation of any kiud, ever given to hi* counsel or agent, the stupendous foe. which we constantly brar are being allowed to thi. eminent coun sel. and tbut adroit aud influential agent, who have been successful in get ting a monster claim allowed and paid by the government Take, for un illustration the Mexican claims recently passed upon by a board of eoumismouent. If tbooo claim, were just, and ought to have been allowed and paid, aud the voucher, sustaining them were genuine, clear, and unini|>eacbable. why did the holder* of thosso claims employ so many distinguished counsel and influ ential men. who are no lawyer*, and agree to pay them such enormous fee. *. we know were paid T In one case, six counsel and lobby agent* were employed and paid the sum of $ 1 '.? > rK>0 for their services; in another ease, a quart-r of a claim of (1.000.000 was given to a bunker, fur an advance of a few thousand dollar*?less than twenty eight thousand?while enormous contingent fee. were mcnxtd to counsel and lobby agerU. The re* suit was the award, by the Hoard of Commissioners, of about one quarter of the whole claim. Kvt-u this gavtt the bankir who advanced money to the claimant, a clear profit of ? V.i noon hi- transaction, while it brought to the counsel and lobby ugeiw. engage I. some huge-pil.* of money, not bad to take iiut. recollect, all?princi pal and counsel lee*. I. fees, and banker's profit.?came out of Uncle cam', pocket ' Now a preg uant question arises?How came the Hoard of Ooin mlssiourr. to know that thi. claim of $l.ixKI,000 wan worth, and ought to be awurded, just one quarter of that sum ? ? The fact 1.?and there i. no disguising it?there was a vast deal of my.tery ami huiuhuggery about those Mexi can claim. before, lit the time, and after, thu Hoard of Onumsiloners net to examine and decide upon them. Kverybody km w thi*. Ail the ?miuent counsel and in fluential lobby ag< nt? r-taiued knew it. Mr. Thom id Corwin, the immaculate, knew it thoroughly and entire ly lie saw. however, that there was a chance for him to make a huge pile of tuouey; and that ail that he, by hi* legal acuuc-n hi- power* of persuasion, hi- popularity and his influence. could obtvin for hi. principal* and himself in the way of fet s. would come out of the |>eopltt't* treasury?tut Of I nele turn's pocket Those things ho saw. libit km w. and rtuiixed; and. with hi* eye. aud un derstanding wide open, lie weut into the work with n will l.o, the te-uli ?lie put. into hi. pocket seventy nine thou- and di liar, lie had as good a right to engage in tin* business?to call u ate the chance* and putnnmey iu hi. pi ckct. as any other lawyer in Congress. lie km-w that otter# ? u!d engage in the, and would make money olT ot Uncle Sam out of it. aud so he thought thai hi ui<gbt i.s well take a hand in the enter prise. proti ssiouuliy. a. hi. compeers, aud he did it. As to the morality of sueh a line of conduct, I leave that with your readers to decide upon for thcinselvoa, according to their own idea.- of what is right and what in wrong One thirg is certain A groat deal of uneasiness* ha> been mauifei t> d ? n account of what ha. been already said upon ti e subject in the newspapers. First. Mr I'orwlu's champion and defender, ' Wonter Von Twi ler" of the Tutrirr?Mr. N. W Adams, recently appointed to olflce by the Secretary of the Treasury? ? nine out with a si mi-offieial dcfince of all that hi. friend and patron liadtloue in the matter lie carried the tiling a little too tar. howirer aud made Heme rather cariou* admission*. Next the Republic came out with an official defence of Mi Corwin'* transaction, iu the matter of making a for tune at one slap off of the government. Iu the estima tion of the special organ he had done nothing to hi* dis credit But stiil people w< uld talk, and the confounded tin,Id would Speculate upon the subject. Aud so down to the metropolis came tb<- w Jid< rful aud uiosl triumphant de fender aud champion of the late tlalphin cabinet to assume the cudgel* of defence so laiuely wielded by " W outer Son Twiller"and the " Rr/iubiir." and see what he rou.'d accomplish in the matter 111* " Treasury Cir cular ' pn due tier, put li-hed simultaneously in the Phila tielpbia North Jlaterit an, New York Comtr, Iirut Ktu/uirrr, New York Tit burnt, Boston Jttlm. and 1 know not how many more flcotl organs, is before the public, and t* des tined to do Mr Corwin just about as much service as the same stilted and pompous writer's defence of the Ualphina ustd to do to those departed functionaries But this Inst writir's distrilx has been productive of one thing It has efli ctually killed off all fartbi-r def -uce of Mr Corwin by the RitmUtf. The editor of that organ very heartily despises the ^wis# vfriter ulluded to Not long ago, the latter personage eano- to this city, while the late decre tal y Clayton was s? J- urning in this vicinity, and sent off for puhllrati' n in I'htladelphia and New York, a magni ficent cock and bull story about what the I'rv-ident and Mr. Webster, on their return to the seat of government, were going to do Iu matters relative to Nuaragsia. Thi* rock and Lull story, manufactured for an (Jynct. yow will recoilsct, was taken all to pieces and scattered to the wind*, by Mr Kingman the well-Informed Washington writer for the Jnumal of C'emarvr* Mr Kingman's arti cle was copied into, and endorsed by. the Re/niblie. Why Mr Corwiu should have engaged, or etnpluyed, or suffered hint to defend his money-making transactions, is pawing strange He leave* here for Ohio, by way of New York, on Fumlay next, to !>e gone a month. ?* for the rabinet folding together until January next, the thing cannot be done It mart separate and brt vk up Mr Fillmore. It Is well known. 1* anxious to ran foe the next Presisls-ney Mr Webster it already In tbe fMd. Mr Corwin wishs-s to be there also. Mr Oraham ban hes n nano d for \ ire President. to run either with Plll moie or Mr Webster F.vrn Mr Conrad ha* been spoken of. by one newspaper, for Vice I'reeideut, unequal a* bo 1* to the post he now occupies. in the event of a artftio between Pouth Carolina and the general government. Mr. Crittenden. It I* understood. 1* quite willing to bo run for President, or Vice I'reeident on Scott's ticket. Tbrie i* no knowing what Mesnr*. Stuart and Hall really want. All baud* of thi in. however, are more or lean an s - ion* to know who really are to be ran for l'rw*id*nt and Vice President next year. Afkln at til* State Capital. OCR Al.llAMY CORRKSroWMCNCK. Albany, June 12. lUf. Tht laromath < Strain td 11 f?One llutxdrtd mttl f'ifiy HtUi takrn vy for I'm raft?JV Canal MU ml' yW Intrrdxicrd The buaim ** ><l the extra ??Hon baa now fairly on. nit-nred llolh kouer* ha ring agreed to taka up aaly isrh burineia a* remained unOniahed at the regular Ma rion, with the exrrptien of re-organising the (Viagrer rtonal dietricta, and a law not yet developed, in lalallmi to the dutiea of pnbllr oflrera, proceeded thin morning to order to a third reading aome one hutdred bill*, which were ready for final action at the abrupt termination of the regular aeerion In April Of theee, aim* tenlha are ad a prieate and alrietly local nature, the immediate pamag* of which la demanded l>y a atrong lobby now in attend ance Thla morning eomr twenty btlla ram from the handa of Mr fiehoonmaker. (who la believed by aaany to be a mtmlwr of Coagrua* inet*ad of a Rtatt Renatoe ) Chairman of, the Committee of (Talma, recommend ing the payment of a large amount of money to 1 contractor* and other*, come of which claim*. M Renator Bebcork remarked, hara been twice tattled, ad jnated. and receipted for by the claimant* The people of tliit Mate haet no idea of the amount of taual damage* which I* demand, d by contractor* on the pahiic work* It matteri not how often a claim ha* been nettled bytheRUte; bow mtich ha* b en drawn from the Trea*ury. how much the I III lie hate ? offered, tlx-ee annual beggar* neeer bc n air otirlril If tbey are defeated before the tiaaal Ap ptnlaer*. they appear before the Canal Hoard, and when rerirttd th< re tin v importune the l,egt*l*tare from aaaatna to *?a?i< n. until they i t. ntuv ly aureeod in obtaining the ? I ject for wl Wh they iatmr Rome of th?*e claim* am twenty year* old. many In ean?e<|u*aea of the public *u? pt nek n of the ptildlc work* in 1M2, and from that time do?n to the pr? -cut The Carta! bill ?bich ha* created all the dbdnrhanc*. the epeetai eltctionr. and a* nnne ray the neceetrity of Ihn ratm .e?eion. ha* not yet been MMM fltamdd that in pi riant i an r. dmentt are un tar cmiwi deration In order to make It* important pr virion* morn eonfnrmahl-> with the rti|Uir< tu?nU of the concilia lion. It tc now letng*o*e?ted by It* originator*, who, It i* underetnod, will intrr tlii -e certain amendment*, which the Mirer ?r?y* hare d- mended? John C Rpeneeramong the nota b,r? fir It I* torn them and the hunker democracy, that the rine nullh n loan ia to come, if it come* ac all The Reward whig. ami barnburner* will not dare to Invert a <1- liar If tin rilver* and hunker* do not lead i (T To-morrow, protiably. the bill will be brought for ward and 'hi n *r rhnll ?ee whethi r the Rtw*td Canal hoard *ttll adlo re to giving out contract* under the Inw, irreeperttte t f low hiddi f* or rewpoatrible curette*. It wae iipcetid that Mr Rtanton'a tent in Mia Senatg w- uid t>e ri iiteetcd in roiiaeyucncc if tht ruiall minority of only fi ur voter by w hiah the eanvaaaem declared Ulrnr ilicttd It lit a* yet he ha* been .tilfered to remain tf?N an lerit d.alllu n*h with porhaiie the ??*. .prion of Mr. Mane. >( Otw nl* he t* regarded by the whig* aa thn tm *t il\|?rib mile f any <f the fugitive* *? Hoth e in dldate. ? ho ran in 'he Twenty Hxth dlftrtrt,ana ci timing Mate in the R? rate Vr. rillbert allege* that the inap. tir* of electii n in Bath Rtouben county, rlveatrahim ut ot a ringl" vote, which. If allowed hnn?a* ha dei lare ib< y 'hmld have done?wuhld heea given him Ih# Rcii ti t 1*1 at at ai d honor* (In the nth' r hand, Mr (luinnip illclare* In hi* petition, that he I* entitle t to the varan' , hn'r. herau*# the alrrtir n in one tl-triof, whtcli gavi hi* opponent twi nt-flvc mvjori'y, wac llleg d, in c n-etjtienoe of lh?re 0't being the o gal notice given that aa ? k ctl n v uid ha in Id?tout eitiaen* of PemntyU vaniavotid. and .hat a iaige nnmber of voter* were *o. dtteed fitm the'r faith thn ugh 'he irr ei.-MMe In lucn e of latge amontit* of m nev The Onmmittea on I'rlvt h gi at d It rt1 le Meevr* < maa Cook and fruth?two * tv i ? and to d? m > rat havi tA>e mat'?r in eMrge, v to to"? t' ' in merit ar1' her ileethw. attll that will hardly he n.eit*#ry. a# bcettra ee?-d..n will n'uhaMy ti rrnil a'p t* ti re llie ",>ocl#l ep It ion nan he held Rtilf, it I* underrt? "d the di moefwi* are antien* for another trial (iutnnlp only petition* to prevent hi* off mm nt ft'm obtaining the n at

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