Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1851 Page 4
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Oar ItJUawn Con?p?mUn?n. B4Ltimobk.Juim 13, IMl TV German i'awihitl?Stnzulur Att. mpittl SutrvU? Tke Tiik tk Cvttumr?.Yrui f'vrk f'trt J.'nginr TV' members uf ths Qernuu inuslrat a-aociatlonx all left fur home in the care and boat yesterday. man/ uf them perfectly astounded with the lavish hospitality ?f their countryman In Baltimore in contributing to their pieaaure and enjoyment They found them per fact I y Americanised in this particular, looking to ez 1" nee ae a eecondary consideration A singular race of attempted suicide occurred yester da> at t'tanuigau ? "hip yard A loan tnd woman, very C*nteeiy dresxed waiZod d ?n t < the end of the wharf; when she picked up a "tick to try the depth of the water, nnd wax about walking away when he took hold of her hand . and they h?th jumped or- rh> ard together. The Workmen having observed th? ui, *00 i ucr.-e led 10 revoue. ing till u ; hut HO eiplauation would be given by either of them. 'I lie man either wan or preieudid <0 be deaf and dumb Theytinutly uiovi d off the man starting about an hour before the womun. who rem.iiued to dry her dot baa. The first turn-out of the Turk;*! costume was witnessed last night on I'ultiinore str et. and attracted considerable attention The woman war ti uely f< rm d and lady-like, and btcame it admirably, but tie admiration of the ([?Ctatua Middeuiy came to a -I <nd ax 'he turned the x oriit r ot llolllday etreet and e 11 t rod the third-tier en trance of the iloiliday rtr. et th< <u? The fue engine of Manhattan tioinpauy. No S. of New York city which baa be. u for m- time in the hauds of Mr John Kodrerx. of tills city for rem slelUng and a thorough repair, has b>*en completed, and will be dia Ctilled forthwith to New York, in her repair, the gal y hax been altered in ?Ucb a maimer ax to make a much mi re light andaiiy appearaoo" At the corners of the uptight for the gallery ar - carved dolphins. sur mounted by globes on which xtai d earved eaglex?these, with the ran nigs at the base and lop make a very hand pome dceigu. The entire work has been beautifully polished, and the wbeela have been made of polished while hickory. It ia the intertiou to have the pauelx filled with handsome paintings t itppr..priate design* The ei.gine will sbilie with the moot beautiful Of the liew \ ork department Our Maryland ( uru>i?t?ilrnrr. Klktow. Ckcil for* rr. lid . June 11, 1851. The lltire He Gj a,f Bank?Cam ij Ezra Collier, CmhUr, Indicted fur Embezzlement. The trial of Kzra (Jollier. late Cubier of the lit* Hirr d< (irate Hank, for embeMleir.ent. Sic. . of the fual. of ?i<l hank, cam* up before court in this place, to-day, at bulf-| art tbree o'clock P M Tlic accused *a iu dicttd last Norember by prewntiucnt of the Grand Jury of llartbrd county, and the trial ?a* appointed to come ofl at IM-Air. the c. unty -ant of said county, but w?? trans(01 red at tbe rrqu? *t of the pr:. :n r to this couuty on the declaration by the pr.s-.uer that h? did not b-J Iter.-he could obtain a fair and impartial trial in IM Aiirot the county of Harford Mr hit liaru Grayson 1 ? ?r the j-r s-cution, presented ?n the opt mint, a simple statn..en< f tj,- condition of un bank on the tlrst ot January IS jo, which wa< as fol lows ? _ , , llti.aa OF tils. l)a\K. Ch.' b on V an?i $10 177 26 Check*, he., of other bank* 2.l*i9 2S Bill* disc*.untcd 48684 78 Baiaucea aguiuat other banks, ate.. .......!. 22 AIT CO ToUl means *83.Iys 32 L IA HI LI nail. Circulation *28.112 00 Hue to depositor* 1223 3d cat itai stock ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 5?^ Zrt?ttM on ImuU 3.602 t*i Tt tei *63 198 32 Such was i he conditi. u . f the bank in th- lat of Jinn ?IjlWO N. w. n *1 : i.e.- end to ha the coi.diiion ol this (.auk on the .( August. 18,'sO, ihe day of the . xploalou' lj-,u t x inilnatioii ? fcKiomcu. C*.fch on hand i>] jg Ch? ? Kb. tLc . f>f other banks ' 42 .14 JNotea m tk? bjiik. *r* 27 016 &?> ToUl 32 LUDILITIM. Caitial 1 '?*????? *50.900 00 ia circulation 8So5oW Trstal liabilities 138 000 00 Deduct a rails on hard ?_>,* gps 30 . *10i.*J7 68 --W hich ?e Charge aa tl. aim unt mbe/aied by Kara Collier tie* Cashier ' r'J ' " '?iJ heahouM !;7.f ."Ju . ?t - * ? r ? fictitious; and that lb?* bank whk h m r? *i U<- v aid a|! it- ?t*<ra' tome .etc ? , u, 1 .* th, fu.eb. betniV torusd to the New Vork -urkbtld t the m vi:h .K '.7T '"'l1 l" fr"" !h" ! ' jw-f th- t x -tenc ? of ! thel?ik sod that ID feet th. tu-.d* ?-r.-in New York aJMhe tunc ao that tl e e *M nothing lift for Collier to Our Phllatlrlphln C'orrrapontlmrc. I'o.i-an. i.rnu. June 13. 1842 wa (V"*~ Jrr"y hint' f Yi, . (V Stack Market Th. recsnl abstraction .f vaiiiibb letters our ?oat o?Hcs' hiiMNiiiaeUon with tie- .*-? jutaili, express,,! Mr Uu daily press, ecrui- to ?-? bringing a>.ut a change tuthc adn inistratlou of alia r? Hum r tat"*that l',.-t eaeti r B hlte Wtll leaee al* n? the inth proalm an l the fidlowiDi.. I nnie- arc m nti ru d as ti- i. n ot candidate* rnr the (<*.( ?K. b-rt Morri* th.- .d l .rof the of lair city, and C C. h- r?- I rot be r - f iba U-e rtenstor Bnreri M Mkhtrin and*, -in-riy a l-adine >ln( .-litur o? Tsmitwi i John f Ms nt.ooery. 1--ra. rty ptatatater uud< r ll;,rri*< n, ia also mctiiioucd in couLection with the Uew * scrms ! The democratic surn-me b- nch lic'.:rt. nominated at Hants bur* yesterday, doc t a"?- c-neral satlsfac ! tmu and m.?*ur.-e are ep. kn . t f,,r the frmnation of a Bti^cnaLGon ticket In opt -it:- n whi, b Will be ?oted t>y the skit, ai d ind.-p. nd.-nt d. mocrats IBe tick.t* j.r thee, mart of Mil. Jenny hind, to- ! BiCht. wen-laurbt up on-p.. Jiatlon before noon ye* ' terslay and are row Ulnp h*wk-d ?bout ,t fr m flre to ?en dill, r* each. They ..-re .old in par,- 1* of not I ?iswethan Cceor ten; but the **to.> Kot tbwm by ?ending dir. t. nt p?r*,.i ? to the ,.;ac . e .. re th-y were T* ""T* '**"',?? t! " ' un'l" 1*peculat">r in j*< w i ort. ?h. bad a larjr nnmh - ,.f tirketa on hand in in a ben,i r concert, and these ! ,pj ainr f. be th* ?Me color aa thswe uae.i f,.r B edm-.Cay ee*i.!n. s,.nt th.mbcie and disposed of thee,*: in re than Ih ? r -u- i JSLCai .1 Thleacc- unt* f -r tic- crowd, ,1 state of ths- hall on that evening which was the abject nf rr,-at era, I la inl 8 This has he. n a day of much esetteaient la the at,?k MiKSV? S.*? "l :Lrv*J"?ll',Iig up and down to ? U| U't mir U?i.^bt MfiktdM wbt pr^fc't.i by nudi<%n ?>e" announced a heavy fillur* among tha l.r. k.ra of Uutham which baa cau.-d <r-at ' dismay to several of our ws.k m.n 1 PMdJ'KM I- JLl.MoRf: AVII Till! (>j>t.Wf>hl Coi'hCIL est fcsonvjN ? J L? foJlowii Ls is ? Idler from Pr .i osiit hiJliijore, tlcdmiuK ?" invitation to tisit XHssdoB _ . a , , _ Wasssivntov. June P. 1WJ. u s 1^ ^ rwnemi Cmmrd ,4 Ike < df : l?bit? I lad th- plea-ure of in?ting you and your ?asoeiatsw of the commitlsss fnm lu-etoa iu New f ork fUv^sVilf .tb*s b"u' r f ?- to ?Wt your 7.7' O 7 7 tendered me os, bs-h.lf of the i n Sf ? 1?i?hlltlea I fi rst y L,.|cd that I should be ! ?Mr during th. present mouth to arrept ,?ur luvitation ! But I rogtst to say that I f.i J it irronsisti nt w :h what f i ??'/fuMk July to inJulL-w In ihi. gratification . ! had thstshwe while I au profoundly grateful tor the dletinguisted b'-nor implied bj the lavitstkia, I feed re luctantly-impelled tod. cl.n it My r ? nal ae-iualn toncw in fur city )? but sii^t.t bat slight a. It ! Bae ?-?? H ha* left many pi raat re?*41e?tlon?. Jinu I Mii.uid ha** b*'*>a fXUTBntfijf b*\.j y \ > h?T*> ra Bewsd and i xteod. d it al thia time 1 have long .-ateT taloel a bi*h rss|srt fc* the Inicltlgencs and patri.s torn of the great n,a<4 of y?.ur cit ?-m ,od nrsot evente have not iiopairs-d that re.p., t Vou lavs I*vd ?Bd I Iriot ?ill ever b. a l?? l iving and a law-abtdiag gTt I i??ow t'/atyonr dsV itKsa to this in-alprin CCpie bae bad a asvs re u t in y ur nc, nt effort, to eie ??U Use laa for the return of fug Hi va slave Mavery to any form ia rspuguant to y ur fe ling* and edu-a ton. and ibe rugitivs nataraily sol in. vilably exalte a ywtrdee-t^t eympathis. N. thmr but a .terh sen w of WBfy, aainded upon a rat.onai ...i ins, conviction that a gomdhuiloial Bn<l legal - n ,r ,,-t be s bey ^ U *** **+*7 rmcr 1U * roubl Imir th?* #i?ru tl.*- Ltw in * mw. 4|k-thw. Rut. fur I SZZ?!'J"j*e!hmL'k' l" ' J triumph (?"h Is the hmi dati .n if all m ralliy. and all fWV ejal secuilty The free Hutce bad pi. o ,| tbemselve. bv toe constitution to tlo p< rf rtnaur.-, f thle duty Tha ?ava fftal. a had e r'gbt to insist and did Insist Bpon Its (e rf. rmsnc... i h> rs wa* th-n. m> ait. rnativa hwl t?s break our faitb f. r elt ?ur word of honor, ?ml th.rsby trample the 'oi.ltlutlon ,,f ?nr c.un try m the dust, and run ih- hi.xarc. of a riv'l war CTriae to admit Us* obi (ation like hone-t true h-artej tos-n arddo all in or power to cunply with It?still iv | it g and trusting tliat In due t no* scale nu?|e w ul.l r "I ,b"-' ?t>" hare the ennetHuttonal power to atedish slavery, and wh. ar m- -* d e, ly loter-'ed to Ite final e? In. Hoi, to g t rtd of tb-ewiwith mt dee W'yttff ltd fain at fabric 11 ftrrvdum tl at mortal handa nave ever talesr*, and In it* rum, , vilrigui*blng the U?t f'2",. , '"???'"ty l'f silf-goverrm, nt I'.rmit me to toy lbat this government ba. e -t l!.,.t?n much to m- '? h*,*fd"1 f"T 'Ifht or tririal cans.-. Bon e nfths patriot. .,f the rvv .|uim? still ling. r im?ng T"u and th.- monumental j .llar , f roar grateful rs, oT tort on sd ths her S, Who Ml at Bi.rk r IliU would to.? to " "'"rfc' Ty if ,h*'' bnold so *,>on forget that thM. r.nstltuti n e.wt ih. heart's blood Of their ktoea That y, ur rltlxeMa l,??s acted wuwly p.tri.dl- i tolly jn swatah log th- law I rannsu doubt Their mn ,??,""hyh'-t """?Amoral "(J.yatiot.; at,| ??r this n?W. e,a. ,ple. I ? "to M.l.1 Bagtetrate wh ss es^, ;., MMto it. .7J ? I ' "" f ???'???* ' to-uled msn.s ?7a l ?" 1"' " "J w^..? nekwowb-dg d?w ih,. 7 . " U"' m" 1 h"b"y ?" h,t8 ?STet !7mm 'T'? ", * r' ,l """-'"'I -'18 my ??l tov.m a,.,7? u" ri'J WIG. many tbaoto hind .?wB.Hob.TuJ: "heh,7 'I "'""J" fT ?Ml.w.iii.n ""v. Use It. nw ta to vour frond anl mm *' Mfbb.tPIl fll.LM JHR Inte.Ug. it, e. la , Use I -A U,t, , j?h*n g' Bit.*. I*, u.e, | and asms.,,?t i.__. a,,, dairl, also pas>sd nnJshlpman Hdw? .< t Brvett spsali, H t T M.dd. , ? f tL w corvs. ^.sswd.r. him to m ?... s,?:lh famitnTtS ?S. let of inly, t- r.port ts. ? v..n. |,.r* It Hallarl %#??!?? pjf n b**y 1 mil. fi?r dutj _ OrtVr? km** U^B rrn it.4 t<. h?t# Ifw r AIIdK| ?n> ?? | ir d nt ih* i? i t, lft + *%) W?ii Mi. in fo r#*!,,>*?(! ffrntit fh?i r?r% kork III! , .*** 1 *nd hrr B sltmtorrfdkdi J f'tlf Mlid Bt? me* |i??,toilriw Bi.Vtitutwl nn.l m*t ft ?# hit-*-ty | , rr. r$. ul?d ai>4 trp%ired at .M l.a/ <V 1 k y utjr ?ITT TRADB RKPOKT. Fain* v. June 13?4 f. M A<iim ruuUnufJ in tclifx demand, aud with a firm mark, t There were sale* of AW bbl* . pearls at $5 60; and I pot* at Bi caw ax.?Feme 2.20O lb* American yellow hare been 1 QUpoved of at 2o\ a Mo . ca-h Vaaai>MV*'?'a.?We noticed more activity iu the flour market, but without improvement in rate*. which, owing 1 to the large quantity arriving favored purchaser*. The operation* in domeatic r< ached 7.500 bbl* supertiuM So. 2 at bo 50 a $3 82>?; old state froui store at >3 75 a ; HI1,; mixed to favorite Waaler*, with orlinary to stiaight freah ground State, at $3 87 a >4; ronod hovp Ohm at $4 a $4 Ik ',; pure and fxnoy Ohio at |4 31 a 14 50; faucy Genesee and extra Ohio at $4 50 a $5 and extra Genesee at $5 a $0 Canadian ruled h'-avy and quiet at $4 0>a $4 12', Southern war hi moderate request at the decline with sales of Boo bbl*. uuxrd to ' straight at $4 31 a $4 50. and faucy at $4 87 a >?> 37 Kye flour v. a* inactive 150 barrel* hue realised $3 37 Afeui hi ailed at $2 81 for Stat*. $3 for Jersey; $3 12 a $318 \ for Brandywine. lew varied but little 2.">jo I bu>h< 1* f'anadiau were sold at 04 a 05c, in bond Ky . wa* held at 75c without a buyer. Hoilry coutlnuej , nominal at Co a "tie. OuU were unaltered. Cur* ??? in 1 good supply ai d leas ftrui Home 42.UO0 bu-hel* w, r* >lu?- I posed i f lucludiug white Souihi rn. at tWc ; rt.unl yellow Northern at 59c , and low to lugn mixed WdWruxt 55 a 'die., the former lute for let* in store Baicss have an udvanolrg tendency North river hard i commanded $5 50 a $5 75, tush. per thousand Coat, haa been very quiet, and we know of no impor- | taut rales Con rr: lias been buoyant t >-day, but holder-, remained firm A parcel t>f 80 bags Jara brought 11 o.; 2J Da i guayra. y'3c , and 200 do St. Uouiiugo. 8c. Cvno.?The market had less liruiuee* to-day. and the sale*, which weie ale ut 1 000 hales, were at prices ab >Ut | '.,e lower than ycsteiduy, on all exce pt strictly fair styles, | which, however, could not be sold as rea lily as before I'ir.i C**isrs??During the week, *-.iue 2 500 boxes Canton (to pucks.) have been told at $1 75 allowiug the umiiiI crt (lit I'ibH.?All defcriptions were less abundant and with out animation Jr ui second bands too quintals cod were taken at $3 37',, aud 'its bbls. No 1 uiwikeral, at *9 1-7 Fanciers?Mo?tofth? vesrels on for Liverpool were , full, as far as grain was amcerued Cotton wa- nominal , at 5-32,1.. aid grain ll,d a 5d. Some British V.-.-..-. U were about being takeu up for corn at t',d. floor was engaged at Is. 3d. To hondoa, 1 000 Obi*, nuval stores wue taken at 2* per 2j0 llHt, and 8 Odd bbls . flour at 2*. , There w as rutin r more off, i lug for California.and clipper* | were getting 50 a Goc. per foot meusurem -nt To 11 tvre, cotton was -,'c ?it* have only to report sales of 5't) boxes hunch raisins, at $2 25 a >2 30, and 2o casks currants at i 7'.c . 4 and t! months lid?be me 530 bales river changed hand* since our i lad. at ,'W a 55c . cash Th ? demand Was moderate. Il?.\:r.?No tram-action* -f any eousequ'ooe have been r> port- d within the past two days. Prices are lirui, but the market i* Inactive. Limi ha- rec<d?dto 80e for common at which 1,800 bbls. wire taken since ? ur previous r< p,.rt. 51 oi as-is remaiued as noticed previously, with rales cfAXJliliu* clayed Cuba, at 21 a 21 'jC ; aud 50 do Mas- I covado. Hi 24c. Navsi. Slum * were less buoyant, but Arm; 50>) bbl* North etiunty c< uimon rosin sold ui $1 30, 45) do oral* tuijwutire. at $3, ami 2> u do spirit*, at 34 a ;i5c , ca.-n. 1 Oils?There was nothing Mw <u D.necd l-'i im store. !>.0C< gallons were purchased at 73c , a-h. Whole was quirt, at 42c alio Olive mned to the extent id ,'KW ha- j kets. quarts, at $2 02. and 120 (2 doaen pints.) i>. $3 87. , I'aovisioss ?l'ork was steady at the advance, out the din.and wai light Sale* of 400 barrels new mesa, at >14 37 a $14 44; old. at $11 25; new prime, at $13. aud j < Id ?, $12 De, f was moderately active at previous i ligures. The -si s were 250 bbls mess, at $8 02 a $11 and ] rime at $5 a JO Dt, f ham-and cut meat* w louegl-ct , ,1 Ttiere was inure doue iu lard, without ss'.-ration in rates. 1.00# tarrei* and tierce# changed hands within j the last two days, at 6,'aC :i It Butter vii more plenty j aru inactive, at It. a 14c f r Uho>; 10c a 14o for I We-Hrn dairies; and 14c a 18c. for Orange county ! Cb?s- e has not varied Do l exhibited no new feature , f ints-rest The week's talc* n ecli< d about 450 tierce*, (including 75 to-aty.) at j 3 14 a $3 58. >,* were quiet but s<ady; 15.000 German realised $11. ti months. Slav ?A small busii.e** was done in Caddie, at Ofo. a I fr r,c . uual let ma Jif-I I, ?W ith 'he exception of 800 lb* No. 1 nutmegs, which brought 98e. cash, we heard ofnoltiing doing. trim* ?Ten pum henna HI Croix rum ?e;e tak- n at 85c. a 8tc and 5 half pipes Co-joac brandy at $2 In - whiskey there was more iiruim *a apparent, with a limited '? >t ck aud-a!, * , f 1. 0 bbl- I'rison wen-in id ? al 22',c. a i If),,' ; audoObhds Drudge at 21 \r . time. Sir . *a* were held flrniiy but th-re was littl* done: Do hhds Muscovado fetched * t(C a 5), 5., and 300boX'W brow n Havana 2',c at,1,,' Tun* ?1 k, re *a* le*? offering, and th* market wa* better; 4 00 11- strictly prime brought 7 S1' csmli Ti*?Uai.ra wu no., inquired after, and w?suiar>r. ' Con*ideiable iuts w, re taken at 20c U-Utl credit Te**cco ha- b en in pretty g > *1 requ -*t this w*-k. , ? in rale* The without creatit u any particular change rpcrsti, u* consist , f 450 Uhds Kentucky (part of wh ch ? a* shipped f'r Kurope from brst ImuJ-i ut tic * 13.* j 15 do Mar) land at ? r a li'^r ; tri bale* Havana, part at .'.Or. a 02-,c ; 22 caws I'luiida ut 12 ,e. a 17* ; t ,1 >. l'cnnr) Ivania at IV ; aud 112 bale- Dartc iw at private collllhct. V im*?We have to note a aaie of b) qnarler aashi Burgundy, at 47)aC a 50c ; and At do. sweet Malaga at Vi ooi ?The sal-s ws have to report show a rtiU fur- ! ther reduction of price* ,f Amsriean quuliticf; and iu !? ivtgu there i* mahing to report iathvway of se es ll i-tbe v, ,1 ground, d Ifiiuisi if ti?d?r- that pro s* will rv,, de C'-n*>deral4y below their preeent *i d - 8?-.e* have !*-? a made of 15 004 lb*, low grade ll-ere at ,'<r a dkc.. loo-Hi ll,- mi,Idling at 4bc a 42-' ; ioailba. ixtiapullid at 54-c a 40r.. lb 0>HJ?* *up, riur at Gc a 57c . let*" lb*. No. 1 at 53c a 34c . aud .-.0o i lb*. 1 onbs' | at !4c a 35c. <a?ta. MAKKITS KLAKW II K It K. muck ?**.?.? BoaTo*. J??? 12 ? Hrnkt ri Hoatd?11 at.nriia V*?'iii? ??4 t"*rU M*llr.u4. IT1, n hT*. I" >?rMk C'.aat/ Kail r id. 2 27 Ma'-lraa-l. 71\ a 71S 3# KutliaJ 1-Mifi ?il. 81", ?K if Oi.t ral Kulr>a'l. .l"S % f *-4. h Ca|H> i #-4 lliifti h hailr-. id, V. e .V?S: I * U .4l<'ii ? id W r K?ilroait. I?7 ? l'? ??: 1" I'' ??>'? ?n I Main* Rail r< 44. WIS ?? K* Kai rwad. SI1, a > 1*41 4v. 1.1 II. .11 aSIS<lo., U<M. 3 ', 21 da . ?7.1. ill: 2* Paaaaaitidc kailnil, 2H'.?i?rn K?ilr aJ, li'.'S. 1*1 Mlehlgaa (.??? ?r*l Railroad, 1W>, 2Coi.ri.r4 Railroad, .'?V. n ?** lanai.arCi aBi'ro*d. * 'In r>.rtlii4, X.r . aed Parian it . Rallftiad, - I'?* V.??. ut ?n.l Mae-at l.aatttl Railroad. I.m. isIS ?) ... In t aat- a Con i an> . a ,ld. 7 .V d" , 1,1 hi. > ?'?. I J'do. 7i a 7.' S t"d".. I*?4. 7l'?: o Ha., a of IN.maaar.a, lux 13' do.. ?t?4 WIS a HC\; Ml Trad r? Hank. hl,*?i U Hank. II- a 1 Hi'4. 4I,'?" Rutland M're*.c- 7 i??r' ?n? 4"* 0. :7. 1 JUI V tene t, t ? antral Uadn. |a?ai.l# l*.>-? his ? t'lS /;<?/?> li?flu .l,ar-a PradiErf Railroad. 34*f a *'*<? H d?.. 1.MM, k ?,. 2". anil HaNirliwrtta Kailr ,a4, aim. i# *4, .Ml on., i? 'dido., l.kiu, M'ji 21 4?., * no. Jk'S'. faiLai'lirwia, done 1/Yral Hrar.frt- |in< fi'a, Til, ut. 7". .s.ltildn . 7'< JMMI Allarhanjr 0. onlrlfa, i.i, SI . SHi'lVaaaflvaiit i>'i. lot, Anai IVim*/,eanla .la, HIS i'al I'liiah Ultrnl, aft,: I I.eM/h ?>. ?114 'i.Uai NurrUlown i i "7 ??" al.araa Heading R-llfad. ?*, I<? 'In., /??? 3*1 d- a-S Wmn . W. ->S. Wd-.., :P?.; l.d)di.: t ''?> 4"., ITi'ili... ?*. IHI|(?. 2?S. I'aldo . a'.?n, 2"',; 2- S; I" d? . aft. 2r>Si4n 3"S "" 4? *"**: do.. *>. ?'?*? ' . ?.*,?! |i" do . 1 : .'41 .Iflrr 'a'aHariJ Ml adinr Railroad, f IHM* , V ,. I'*'do Z*V t'"l? *S?a, 2! S. ?'*' 1... ai. Ill' d 2?, I ?' >J '-"'S Srmnd / . ?rd?!H> ?l'tro? K.adlnr llailruad. .""a; ri-onaylraoia I'aak. Ill*, 17 ' '.bhht ib! Ilaak. k1; fill Hu.r'i liana i*oti? tiiln II >W>i-W al.arra K-a lin* Rulr .ad, I ?, li?l da. 2*'?. H'i d?., *> Hai naif'? r. Joo? ll-*l?flr /fcarf-lli' Rt1lli*'.r> Va, '!? 7i alar a Hallim'ft and I'hi" RK.tim* 7 *k. lii<? , ti*r, 7' S. AI lli' II ard to-day. Mart lard I'a nl'.oo) at MtU. Ml. Ml aaknd. haltm.i r* (I'a. I-.4I, I"!', hid; 'In. I 7". Ml Ml: 4?. I-rat I''t id; Hal' and <)hl-> Railf-od all >raa, 71 ?11. 7h aak' d Tnrk and I tin Irrland 2! hid 2IS aaka l. Hal tiaivfr aod tua<i?rl.annah. X Ud. 3' a?k#d. Trlrgr?|?dalr I(t-|aorta. 1'Hati.ritiit Juna U. 1W. T>>? "ala* nf n.tti'D to day b??r born 70H h?lr?. nt #S ? 1?v f?ir to fully fair i* OU itrd I , I lor. Tk? lotrrr qtialltira rloaad at can?-ikhih t" a '[iiartrr aaal laaar til III iiant arrk Ttar lain of Ihl In It taarr tirra I .'dXI tm'ra. and Ibr nralyU 3.#.0 Itai.nvoar. Juno IS. 1161. Ottr marhrta Ram rally arr un> bangi-d KU ur and ynua am dull B' rrai.#. Junr 13. 1V.1 T>ir rrrriyta ?lnrr yrafrrday h*?- Iran ?Klour d .VW t.hia . al rat #!<*; I.orhrb rnm. 21 ? ?*' bu?hol* Woat rrn lb ur ir in lair drniami, aai<* I.KM htda . at f.1 37S ? >1'. in f'ir Mtchiiran Vlnii in hold ab-m thr riowa of t-aj' m anal tan b?*? no trananrti'ioa to roRort fVrn ia ?trally at )i atrrday'a uurdationa; nalna IS Wn buahrla at 44' for W -atarn BiiariJ (lata am ijuirt. with am til aaUoa at 37 !,r. No rlmnRa' in frriRlita. Auitr. Junr 13. 1111. Rorri|ita ainrr our laat ?Flour 10 0(4) bWI? . whi-at, 21 *4' boa to la. torn. 17(441 luatirU Th>rr ia n fair in quiry tor Wrrtrm flour nnd aa ham no matrrial rhaiiRaa t' tudirr in |>Tirra, tlir aalf tanrr 1 M4I litii' Wheat? TV liainaml In only f4T oarmla whirl) arr ararrn, and I.rid aln'Tr thr rirwa i4 l.uyrra; 2600 tiiiahrtr a .Id. ('? rn la not an artiTr. but without rlianRr to not ,rr, an I?a If< * (0 t ti'lirla. at SCi.r for rounl yrllow. nnd M^a for n iti'l W< atrrn H#l<? alaai wrrr mailo 20 0<l0 buahrla mitt.I t? rat. ra. at f.4e to br dalitrrrrd within a few dnya. and at SI a Sa? . daiiVa ririR nrxt month * l?t? nr. atrady; 4 i < (I I u Im a aoM. at 44r HarrUd. On Thurday Jun? 12. hy thr Rar 0 II Flahrr. T) T? Hi ?a t An a ra, of thr Arm f fi'harlra Rafory k. Co , to fill At ui n a. daugbtrr t4 Mil.iam II Tnylir. all of Ihir rlfy In 1'ilham Writahi dtrf ronnty. on Junr 11. hy tha Tra Hanry K kunmn, Ooti.aatr friaiig to A*u.*it. flm n At PhllnJa11,bia on thr erminR rf Junr II. by th" R.a (irorcr Chandlrr I'nptaln W ii ijaw I: Pr, i. of Nrw l'orh to Mia* M?u F.Mwa. 'IniiRhti r of Wo II llrnnrtt. ' f thr fornirr pl?" BMa On Friday n awT.lnir Junr 13. Maar. wif- of John Fa r(? In thr Had yi iar of hrr agr That Mrmlr 11 Ihn fnmlly am rrvpe > tfully It t t' d to atland thr fiirrral, on Funday nftrrnoun. Ift'.h rat at 2 ? rloa k. fr? in h< r Utr mldrnrr R. 211 Thompwin atnrt llrr rrmaiM will l? takm to (Irrrnwnod mrtarr On Friday. Jnnr 18. of rhronlr dro^ay *ft<>r ? f..w ilaya of ararrr aulfrrlng. Wim iam W iLiiniua. a natlrr (f Imnalrr. Rrrwlrkahirr. frotland Ilia remain# will hr takrn from hla Utr rraiili nrr No :Ai2 Rirlngton atrrrt. fbr Interim tat. mi Bun.lay nfternoon at 2 o'rlork The memlirr* of (Tnirn ladl*. It" II, of the A O ( f (1 F . and thai order in general with hia tr ial ivee ami friend#, arr reapeetfully ItiTitrd to attend f.n F'i.lay June 13. fiiatiif Iaif***eon fianr.. in tie 7th year of hlr The miatiree and frirnfa of the family, and th"?r of Ma falhi r. tt r lata Rammd Rarinr. are rr-fH rtfially In ritral to attend thr funeral at half oaat 4 o'rlork, on Rnmlay aflerma-n. 16th Inat from AC F"fyTh dnwt On June 16 Oraaor F. . too "f Jam.-a and Mary Bare mot e aged 4 ye?r? and 1 montha. Thr frlrr.da of thr fhinily are rrquratrd to attend thr funa ral. from tlir rraidenrr of Ida parent* 144 afreet on Fun Jay afternoon, at 2 oVUrk. irith <ut further I iritation Ob Tlsndty, June It. of tjphu* fever, Hon? F. <l??i t? youngeat Hon of 0 J oad Aui Qtjlw, iftd U jmrti and 8 months. Ills friends, and the friend* of the family, are invited to attend the funeral, Inn No. 58 Kael Tveuty-tl'th *tre*t (one door from Lexington avenue), on Saturday next. 14th inet at 3 o'clock, witheut further notice. On Tkurrday evcuiug June 12. after a lingering ill neea. (dropsy ) which he bore with Christian fortitude, AhsaiiaM B Bi coition), sailing uiaater, U 8 N, in hi* ?4th year, ridret eon of the late A Inn. Bloodgood. K*i The Illative* and friend* of the family; of hi* brother*, John M and Vf A. Blocdgnod, and the officer* of the Navy, are respectfully invited to attend liU funeral, from Ilia late residence. No 147 York Htreet. Brooklyn, with out further notice, on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock. On Friday. June 13, Mr Da.nii.l Wk*ti.hvi:lt, in the COi h year ol hi* age. 'J be friend* of the family and those of hi* brother*. Jacob. .lanu* IV , and John, are invited to attend the lun? ral service. at hi* late residence, No 101 Amoestreet < n Saturday. 14th inet . at & o'clock. 1' M. 11U remain* ? ill le taken to New Jewry for interment On June 13, the dauglit< r of Peter and Ellen McCaf fnty. aged 2 year* and 8 month*. The friend* and acquaintance* ol the family are re *Jh ctfully invited to attend tier funeral, tlii* afternoon, hi half.pett 3 o'ch ok. from the residence of ber pareut*. No 2 hit tie rtret t. Brooklyn On Friday morning June 13, Mr lluaar J Tax Rirrn, in the 33d )tar of hi* age. Hi* friend* and relatives are invited to attend hi* funeral, from hi.* late residence. No li Watt* Htreet, thi* morning at 7 o'clock Hi* remain* will be taken to I'a ter*ou, N. J for interim nt On Thursday, June 12 of inflammation of the lung*, Join* I. Bras* . aged 23 yi ar* and t) ni nth.-. 11 i* fraud*, and tho<*' of hi- family, and the members of Acorn Lodge. 237 I. 0. ofO. F.. are requested to at tend hi* funeral, from hi* late re*idence No 19 Wash ington (treat, ou Saturday. 14lh inat.. at 2 o'clock, P. M Mi* remain* will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery On June 13. at half-part t> o'clock, A M , of consump tion, Mr* FaxntaisA. wife of Wrn Well*.aged 23 year*. The friend* of the family a-v iuvited to attend the funeral, fri m the hou.-e of brother* and sisters Ueep, No. f>20 Broadway, on Saturday, 14th iu*t.,at 2 o'clock, 1' M On Friday evening, June 13. at 6o'clock. Jam** Bkk aoa, aged 1* jearx 'J he friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend tin-funeral fr< ui the residence of hi* mother. 7S Water strict. Brooklyn, on Sunday ufteruoon, at 3 o'clock. Suddenly, on Thursday evening June 12, at hi* resi dt nee. No 37 Jay atrott. Joaian Lo* kwooii, aged 03 year* Hi* n mains will 1 e taken to Miltr o. Ulster county, for Interment. On June 12. Mrs. Caihasiio K Castixr. wife of Jo*hua W Bonuey. and daughter of Frederick Cosi ne, Ksij.. tg*d 10 yearn and 1 month. Philadelphia and Baltimore paper* please copy. ? A K I T I Ai K 1 NTKLLlOBMCIll. noTtuiriilii of (lie Ocinn 8teim?n, Nam**. Lkavak. 1>atk. Fob. Humboldt Havre June York. Niagara Liverpool ... June 7... New York. Arotio Liverpool . ..June 11... .New York*. Hermann .... ....Bremen June 13... .New York. Aliiltnii ...New Tor*. ..June 14... .Savannah southerner New Tore .. .June 14... ,Ciiarte?t.?n Waacinytot Ntw York. ..June U... .Bremen. , S*?? New York... JnnelO... . New Orleans. "orth ...New Vnek... Jnne IT... ?slw*r 4**?' New York ... June Id,,, .Lirerpoo. r Aeifie . New Y< rk ..June 2" .. Liverpool. Brother Jonathan.New York. ..June ?... .Chagres. Port or New York. June 14. enw area* 4 30 | moon bub. ere 8 2d "*T??....? 7 3U I high watbb morn -1.1 Cleared. St.amcro?Washington. Flo>d, Mailer, Sardik hurt; Promothtu?. Joi n*ou, CI. agree. C Venderbilc; E-n pirv City, M liana, do. tl O Roberts; SI.erk, Stewart. Phila delphia, I nlcou, Duuyherty, Laltimore. Nhip-Memphis riur.eee, Livcrp<.oi. W Nelson. Rajah, J< te? do, Laiflr k ll.vtaid; Lacy Franklin, Y> eion, do. 5 1 horn peon k Nephew; (Hr), Tiua. Gta-K-iw A Wood New Dedlo'rJ ' h' yn*Uc; J,u,f" Edward, l'reeeotl. Barks?Brother* (Br). Doren, Nevry, C Milne. Gor Von Oxbolm, Lay;* St Thomas. kt, Ajuurk Co; Stambvul (Lr> hirra., NB, K.rhe. fcru k Ms.tertcn. fcrje-l'liirajfrl N?,;l.eato, MareeUlea. Dutilh k Co: De n erara, Park, Cuba, K P Buok k Co. Zaia. Robinson /..via; < in. I rue, I upper holdt, Hcpiedioe. Neemlthk 3-na; Prank lietre. W litiiiagtou NC, McGaw, Foster At Co. nee. M.opa? Pointer, Towltr, Providence; New York, Jouei. New Lnveu. Arrived. Fl ip Ym Till (pkt), Wiilerd. Ui>re. 2S day., with mite si d I 1?. J a..n.K?ra, to Boyd A* Uluokcn. On tbeliankaaaw *+\ r*J it yJh M.ip Harriet It Ju is. Conner, ChnrleatoB, 6 da; v. with cotton, Le. to Dunham k Din.on. Dark Aris.ite (hr) Urodertck. Cork. 33 days, in ballast ard M parse*per*, to O't'eneor k Pu.-cell. May 2uh. lit 11 11, Ion ..1,4 epoke lrhrid Concordia, 2 mouths on the h ai t* Pal II.r Mai 31. lat 4229. Ion !A ?7. epoke l.ark Ann 1 ovell, of and iroui Newport for New York. 27 days out. all Bell. Dark Anne Powell (Br), Rowland, Newport. E, l'? daye with iun.,*ud ll | se?> i ?? re, t?. orJe- Ma> 22,1st 11 36, Ion li Jl. carried awny fortUp inset, and aimed uud r a Jury tnfttt m ' B.rl Lancaster , New port. E. IJ daye. B: rk /.nh n. '1 l.urlow, Caracas*, 8 oa> > with eu:ar Icc to Brett 6>. \ op#*. ' l(ri< Milt< n, ll*vr+r. Tort au Princ*. Mav 25 ?ith eon*, mt, |t? mtoher V <*rav?p. Jubc K'. lac 3*fti, ]on 71?*>kc Irffr A l*i i.I'Mr, JJowr?, form f*?r >at?im>nIi, from al i. l.^YMtl t.. k t?; t, ?r<J ('aft ttitchcll luate aad f >urm ifaa. Utf di trig 7?<|>a*, cf an ! from Ki-tport kouad to I l.i la ll'I III. lit kut vtf leal en it.e oinftlaf of tie -th in*t. iri lat A'J 1*? If.a 7l? iu B Bmli from .% K punk at i AM. Ili? trem tf ok !?. Hit iM>ht allhtiut ratio* ativthtuf hut a hat *;48 vr t. urfMi. i.r; tkj v t r? |?'kul hi. at e> a M. of ibt fair v d-jj. ^Ajjlik;.. Clark, Ea.tprt. 5 d,ji. with l.tki. to Nc hr I'l Dander Armdn c; Tkoaiaa, M raruet. I'K U dais, with .rear kr.lo L k U P Ara.-na,, at Saw llaven. 8il.rl.upU.aia. Downs, tla,a<j.?. PK. May .11, with mo larrc-f, Ar ?? S Vt L.?U fri r Mir.-nda. Parmelee, BtCroia, II days, with en/ar k to iSntt it. ) I'WI. Aw.) r / n w a. F| urllnv Jortmlo, IS day a, with rofee. ke, D. CotiiBf toe.# Co. 2d day mt, ap?ke a br Native Am. ril aa. I eanian. In in St Jn.-o lor Doet B. kth met. aaw her ayaiti ? I llaliirna Fol.r 1 weed | Lr) Pet?y, Bararoa. IV days, with fruit, tn C'.y Jci.el raw an Am e?. amer (pmbably the Obio |, paneiny tl.r< t.*h t reokid lalaad I'eeeare. lat 22 411, I n74<>l. S. Irlly K Hara a. Jar via LUutl.rra, 7 days, with bine ? I pica. t? Biaeter nebr F.J Mwnaell, Baldwla, Eleatherw I daye, with piaa apples, to C Arkrrly. Jena 7, ins s|uall, carried away ii|? ar-.ail yard sad ?plit I re topeail; hth met. lat 31 3U, loa 14 .11. raw ship John Ueary, ADaander. from New t erk far New Orleaa*; seme day was in cw with acbr Nathan, af New I uryporl. bound N. S< I r Manrbeeter ( MwJ, Albury. Nneaan. N P, 7 daye. witli fruit, to t Miller. Jlit 12, lie a lame "fore and afl ?< hr lehi re or )>riw??t Steal; her sails were down, allhouek she did a t ap| <ar lo be din el> d of any thine b-loneie* to her wee I.e. leu I ler loneiderehly; 111 ad know hir ume. 8.1 r I ri e 1 ied. r. Ntlmn. An. oaia< k, 3 day *. hi hr then, llnpt las. V? rk Klver, 2 daye. 8. br I Imira Cornelia*, Ji hn on, York Klver, 2 days. Fmily llorton, Smart. Pbiladelpbii, 2 daye. Belew. Ship Actracaa. Smith, fr>.m llavre, Mey 1, with mdie aad I*i?rr?ere A el ip | d bleek. with a red >tripe, from Liverpool. Alt", one bark and one Italian trl| Ji-aa 13? Wild nt runriae, 55W, meridian. S1F; at ma ilt, N ^ , tad li(bt. TrD|rtphi? Marine Reports. , ? .. Mwerwa. JaaeU ,. i 'ef-r P * Raraei. Liverpool, May 13. Sawl'itk nil, let 17. loa II, ebip leviathan; 27th. lat tn 4H Inn M SI lark liyeetee. Jaae I. lat 41 ?. loa II SI. spoke ship Ply * i.web Hoik, Irnm lloetaa for Liverpool. Its, 1st 43.?| tea e1, 'V.,* Ur** ?*'????* ataadian Ea.t, aeppoeed to be the trfti.khn Cleared? Sbipe Mauolia, Calcetta. I'arliameat. Liverpool. PartLea.a. NDrleaaa; trie* Maeeia, Herbadeea; Ana Mans' Ji.aiel. (, I barlaoten, ackrt Oeteter, Philadainhia' Clara Fisher, N I ork Arrived?Brly Moatlrella, NTarh. *' Arrlv?4?Co, SatUrle. NTerk. ?? Nailed?Swtlivaa. aad Z Baldwin. N York. Diowtoi*, Jaae 13. Arrived?Sloop Seaator. Thraeher, Albany. Nailed?9ibr boeriee. Freeoh. N York. A^di^ eM r^.^A H brown. LadleUt, trem Tbilad. Iphia; Oe Groantrrowie, Jaae P. Arrived- ? illlam Fair, Havre; Sarah Naefc. Newkarrpork M th, Rei.erte, Bottoa. Eavt Ga irvwirH, Jaae IJ. Amv.d-Srbr Amy N Leeds. P.adleett, Philadelphia. . . ... ?, . , Fai.i. Rivea.Jwae 11 Amyed-Plnon Tietory. Beb.r NT .rk. I.Mh, tloop Genre II Devle. Smith, Rondoai. ' K I a voire, Oloyer, Philadelphia; Anna Se a. re, 5' inert, de. Arr.ved?Ship Adelaide, MYerk. ' Anlved?SMpe All-aheey. nad J sine. ll''"fi"dea"Vli?la delpl.ia, hbanot ae. Muetea. Caledonia, aad bark Beaaaa, N Below?Bblp Weetmiaeter, NYork. New Dri rean. Jaae 12. Arrived?S< hr Veakee, Albaay. . , . _ . _ . ?, . Neweonr June l.l Arrived Narah, Clarke, Ree*l*nd f..rNV<rk 8a I'll. r. Cowli. ProMd.Bee fer do. eloep, Mohrar, H-ere.'Fall , hit trior Nfoik; Biewci, Bwriee. kondoat l..r Frevtdeaee. j Arrlrad?Nehre Jeaeepk Samuel, Wilt'.'n" Pl.De'd'lp.'ia Tlpfoeanne. ( erltna. Bae?or: Dr.?on, i?i?ae, Roadoat Hector, k .m? all, do; Science, Olai dine, Albeny; iloont T B Ilea nine. Jones. NYe.rh; Harvest, Fr?neh, do. t ri* I'fi'rl""*. Urt-m NalUd-Prl# fare. Sao,Hon Pl.t,,; ,eb? Worce.ter, Kfif.ilM. I nliBd-l^f is, I in j r?, Prlr#, f|o: Miirr f.' Twrhol Lev rem. do. J bnilin?. Pries, de. Rhode l.i,?d' VlbeVy'' WBIard, DejDa, do; FatrMeld, Alloa,' . J fc fT%r M* re*e" 7U " " a em a; Jwbiles, Bartel; bely Ireat'i Sllen Havoaa; e.hre Mare Lltaa. Noaaai L D N. rtnw, Pblladoldhla, C*mhHd|e. Ivaa h.e aad Manors t. NPerk jCWd; ^Nri,i Zeaobia. Say aa; Maynwa, I avaaa; aehr , . ? . . , RtcaLAon JanaS Ameed-Selre Mary Lenydoa, aa* Veetba, Nr?rk llth I aw., n, D< an. do; Sea IJnw, do for baayor ' Sailed llth?Com Teeker, and F.mplre, |" lladalpkla. Arrived Btbli Alaska. BTotk; CwartT^aad '^"maa'fre. ??id, hutdi. Arrived- Joha Dryawt, and Maria MHrt*"11 Vor'."** Arrlred Sehr Ml foraoa, NTork J*?* ??? Arrtrrd-Sl lf. f halham N 1 erk.^a,*,*'"iweMa ood "is artte, do; Iriif Lea Mar.holl, Bootoa, askr Madina do. Forrfnii Mails. loiter Noes for Bremen rla Soul ham n?o, pof ? W?.Mw,t.a, Will oloee at the Eaeha.,. hTaZ's/VrnTTw Eyehaare.) this day. Jnae 14 at hall past IWo'elook loiter ??ore ef etnomer Nowth.rt,er. for 1 h.rl-.on will oMtee at tho Fsehawee Readiny Ro.m Of Kaohanyol. ?? Satiirday, at nuartcr before 4<> ilnok I'M. loiter Baa* of eteemar Alabama tor Savannah, will nlnoo at the Ftel.anre Readiny Room /?7 Etehaaye), an Satnr day, at ,Barter before 4 aVleiyb I'M. Utt? Bay* pe? it.amer Uaion. for New Orlcaaa, (la ad T*a*) wlU (Iom ? IU* liitiui Readies Jjjjjgf* K**h*ngw). MoUif, Jul M, at quarter bg<m ! ?*5*. *"**? Jiuln, f*r it*uur 0*Mu Oat*, iT ! J', a * ?*?l?Mwa Hanoi ng Boob <6T Knohnng*), about ?ih June. ~ tl'tttworl" 14 pr*"p*ld '' tk? leading Boob to aajr part Tfc* abui Latter Baa at* ale* at Hamyoa'n, fl IFnil itmt Herald Marine Correspondattee. , . . ? . ... rjut-aaairaia. Jan. 13-4 PH. ArriTtd Brigs Oliver. Summer, Cienfuogop; Vanlieo, Small. New tori; pchrs Ellen. Nirktrson. Now York: Mar/ a Potter. New Bedford; T B Joaea. Ctari. Now |,J**1M,ajMI? Sl,(?? Mass; steamer* Ironsides, Ore en, Now York; keowebec, Seymour, do. Cleared-Ship Juno (Br). Koran, St John. NB; brig Yan kee. Small Beaton; Alexander M. Flan, trnrchnm. I Cicero. Baker Providence; Canary. Parnaanrth. Boaton; Alnnilu. ViluldvB. Fail Kiver; Dcnnie, Kaca, Hiughain; Ly i'? t oorheea, Brooklyn; William. Collin., rhaeter, Pa: Covin Seara. Roxbury; Corn, Cbaea, Danerr.; T K Jonea, . .*B? ,?u.e"r' 4 nmhriUgc. Salem; .teamen Penult- , ?cut, Clark, NYork; Oregon, Kane, Baltimore. MlM'tllanroiu. W HAi.a Sim" Mini a.vie?Hesi n-cightba of whale ahiy Ma rl ante, at Newport. was purchased at auution on Thur.dar by Joaeph Kaoorda and othera, of N, at the rate of *5,ltf. Oxiutai, at Ronton from Shan,hao. ropurta -Oa 24th Murob. lat ? 33 8. Ion 61 04 K. f-11 in with Br Urk Anna I nn,, of l.oi.dnn, troni Liverpool for Bombay. I ll day. oat ba?tng been dieran.tod 21.t in a hnrricene; laid by S hour, and supplied her with ropa. canvaaa. and freah provi-ions. xhf Oriental experienced the eame hurricane, but reoeived no damage. The Anne bang wuuld put iute Mauritiua. Ill -d March, off Java llead. aaw an Am .hip, euppoeed the Koee Standiah, from Canton via llong Kong for London. Brio Duiii, Hodgaon, from Triaidad de Cnba for Phila delphia with a careo of auttar and mola.aee, went aalore in a rale on haturday night laat. oa rtyn.pugent lloaoh. One to lepia| hie rept il eaye the veeeel and cargo will probably be come a total loaa; while ai other atatea thai a portion of tho cargo ha, Jeen got on the beach but little damaged, and it was thought the whole would be got off -and that with the aid ot a eteani pun.p the veatel might be aared Prompt measure, however, were recea.ary. aethe brig leaked badly, und her pout ion was exposed and dangerous Br Brio Tviaa, at Baltimore from Rio Janeiro, expe rienced light winde and calme during the whole paaeage acme daya not at all; waa ?7 day* to the Capea? kn Bine Britannia, of Dublin, abandoned and boat, gone, waa pained 17tb nit, lat Ion 2J Pi, Sour Rkhrooa B Francri. nt NBedford from Savannah, carried away foremast off Block Island, !>th inat, which took with it the main topmast. Sewn I?fa7-<>h, Ward, from NOrleans (since reported arr

at ( srdt nap), was * |x>k?n 24th ult. lat 24, Ion KJ 29, with lour feet water in the ]?. Id Nearly all of the cargo had been threw n over nijht of 22d. Sen* If aim c Tub bell, at Providence from Philadelphia, rtforu ?On Monday morning, oft MouUuk in a SK blow with heavy ffi, had boat awept from the mUtii by tho ?ea On Tuesday, nt 12 M. 4 miks W of Block I .land, aaw a foro and alt lumber laden ?chr with loaa of foremast and mala topmast, in tow of a de#p laden topsail pchr, standing for tho > i up} aru Sound (no doubt the same vessel see .1 9 th, oU Wuiu fcott, Li, diMuasttd and iu tow of a pchr). i ,8<h? ilAhiA' ?* Providence frmn North Carolina, in a SE i*\ 11 inatf *-al* May, carried away main boom and split Jib. Whnlciiirn. At Sydney Jan 16, Tuaoarora. Lack. of C?ld Spring, arr 2ttbi.J! mo. out. 2UO wh; i< very old and lenk y, and would p.ohably he condemned; Oeorve. Clark, NB. 37', moa out. iM ? I?hud sc< n only 3H whnlea during the voyage, and for pxat ji loos not takin a ttsk. 8p?ke Duo 30. Canton Packet, l ii* sSJ; . '.I- B10!lout- 170 ?p: J"e Maxwell, Uowland, 111 ..Jil s| 1 nothing since leaving dydney) Soufcxn Jan 6. letae. n NHolland and NZealaud, R>.a i.oke. llund. Ureenport, 7 daya out, Ul ap, tor Munganui aud Aietic Ocean. Spokru. Slip Adelaide Meiealf, ul Bo.tun, from NYork for Mobile May 52' I ft key W eat Mdp kcaier, of N kork, Ironi Baltimore for NOrleana, May 21', I fl key West. ' Of aud from NYork for Cuba, wxa aeeu June 9. ? 'V,.'i?rKr-? -,l2u*7' fr"'D NOrltin? '?r Havre, June 6, lat .V. 41' N. inn 7') M . A New Orleanaahip. with red aignal and blec'g S T In the ???"e, June 7. let 36 N low 7U 37 W middle ? " I *' ** "C f? ? " "B 4" IUU I V Oi ?? . Iiark Indian (Juoeu, Druniuu nd, from Uavanx for Cowee. Jure u.jat ^ ion 7L Brig Pay Flower (Br), from Port no rrlnee for NewYork, Wiy 21, in tie lat of Point Eapada. hel r Callao. Dnpaux. Ironi Ualtimore for Curxcoa. May .". It lie lai it Flint kapada Sell J in. raid. Union, Iroin N York for Jucmel, May 31 lat -7 17. Ion te 42. Foreign Porta. Br .Nf.s Atr'A. March .id?Arr brig Sarah k Johanna II ]*- L*rl,e,Un J?n 2"' April 4, bark Elena (rj.rd), J 1 latk-lphia,bu dH>?. llAhAcciA, jus. 5?l.lira Jaa G White. Green, fur NYork, lew oayr; Narioaa. Jonea. tor do, du, and a aciir from Hue ten 1.1 do. i,an., a. t rei oilecu-d. Cam imj i It Pay 7*>? 8clr Braxoa. Ward, from New Or teani lue Mieeelly; nod other, ns before, hid June ft, tnrl Prospect. Dow. N Fork. At di. fth. barka David ,Si, kela. Nicktli. diag l.svxnt l iwitt. for i'l.iiadi Iplua. 3 days. Mg, Sarah 11 liule ?iiiaatt; briaa Cleo|alra. Kent for .NYork. Idg; Ke..ka. Carver. '?? ' B IMH?. Jnat di-gd. echr Delphin. for Port line: end i.tle;a previously reported bi ll raia a. J li -Sciiia Catl.rrine Thomaa, Thomaa. of ? ''i t**n Taylor, liur.aell. for Boa'on. do; "M 1 H edu.irc" (soreiirted?most likely l.evi K.we. or-.ioui !y is|? rted goirg it.'g'tb). M'edmere. far NYork, Idg. Sid ?HI., e. I ra llii.ry Buma. Jgrvia. N \ ork; oth, Chaa A Stet ?< I (t'lipi-tr). Ml Irr (ir ru N Vi rk ), Loadca. 1 V?1*'? '-ay 57-Cid al.ip Arkanama. Urr. Newport, E, to 1< ad li r An.erua. kxtAtt'it, May 31 ? Sid prsv briga I. (k W Armatroog. N VlrV'* ^t,c Fiudenaat, Baltimore. Erie, and Isiuiaa. N At d?. ail ca Surt. Rice, Marv C iatg Page; Gaiellf. Lam I hi er, : i d p.osaiuc nd. 1 ob.y, Idg. >'aw ai Alio, no date?Bark Irma, VYarner. for Phl'adel II la. lu oava. trig Hon tlo. Kempioa for N Yor';, wtg exrg, J.ikANiri i. Mgy 2^-Arr brig b B Roodrot, NYork. F. RTU Cxi ii.i.o. May 25- Bark Maria, likiol., fr.on New 1. rk to. Mar-eniUea, Idg, ,chr "Bromboa," Siunamda, for > ork. It'day*. ' hi ciraar Miq. May 21?No Am vsaeel in jvirt. rr John. NB. dune h?Air al.ip Untani.ia, Si.upjon. Now i < rk: trig M and. rer. Da-ide-n, do; Cth. barg Anthracite. I l.i.adeli nia: trig, iitl.arine v Banuali. do; F.||,n Furrea tal. Murks tihi, D.| Norte. Ntinw.u Frederi?k.bdrt 7th. ship On. 1 Fatten, Nt nsun, N York. Iiha Irix, piev to May 3u?Aid rchr " Scorn," for the litl lane A lea i: a (Cuba). Jnar I?No Am rceeela in port. Hum* Port*. AI BAN1, Jute 12?Arr tteamsr Albany, Ilvrtford; echrr l.sauir. and Hurhlauder. Boaton Old ochre Brave and Na fliew, u<; lb. naeB Smith, N Bud ford. m\ -V A. Jl Bt '-1-Arr nhr Henrietta, NYork. HHSlti.., 12?Arr barki Urienlai. Dale, Shxnghoe, via (ii.lib nd II rrknrg. llcelia, Fili.bury, NDrieaue li .ina Hard ng and Naahuk. Clifford. Pl.llxdslphla; Yuba. I.ii.ei In. N I. rl. tri?r Koe.uth, Ailcn. aud J el Clay ton. Initir, V.lanraa; Norfolk, Pendleton. Alravndrta; aehr. IxiUioia. Gifia. I'ort ail 1'iinr*. C W Piikarlag Park, tt iln iayi. a. NC; Robt bruiN-, lltmblln I'.ier.i.urch Va In nu Itallst; I .niv Snffulk. Crwell. VY M Batrd,, a try 1 lilir. Fiorwek; N .my R 11 gan. (. r.n.iue: F A tf??tli, ? "ver. R l.t?y. Cta; t.e rge H..fl..,an. tfurih. and Miry, .T'.i . I'l'1*' * andaiio, Strowt; Joa, Kogera. .*.1 J tt Rwein. fownaend, do; Tribune. Nlekerwon. Albany; III.aid. Baker; Marklchrad. Cutler; F.llix, |t.aas;3ua. Ni. kereuhs k -lvllle. Bat >. and Allr?d Npear, N York; aloop bi|irt, tt . lie. do Via Vuarai. tins. e).ip rnmuuntaia. Kas, l iv.H-ool 9Ui ult. Br lark Breadalbaua. dtribley. lu erwo.l, iil'lik|ltd, al tp Gterge Key nee, irom I.teerf-iol. barki Avuia. In iu t I urleeti a; Ai |lit.n. from Balurn >re; brig kiiy Miktsk, Imi dei eirnai lur tw? barka and a brig. Cl3 sl ip An .Ha, Agry. tkar.eet**; bark Sylph, Sml.h, BalU re. li lr* Ilia Atktii., W hrlden, Purt au Prince, Madna. "i Bviry. t ard.naas Ferine. Heady, Albany, hid brige Ics >*'? B' iten. Ft. apt (not yirtsrosy). Ann Klua. /.oera. . . Lwwreaie. Bark Gem lid la.t night; trig Ciiiioped I'Rl BAl.llNt'RK, June IS?Art brlgTyws (Br).Ba.uatdw, Rio Jai imq .i hr Alaoi'?|utn, Kiul.aru.ui. Baugor Htexnier Ha rold li 11 rta Br .ilirTtme, frctn, NP, and a full ngyiil trig, n mini up. t Id briga Attakapai, Sartelle, far .1.1.1. Ptoenin (Br|, DIU, B Indie., ael.r Charm, Berry, Boaton, " BAlir, Junalh-Arrbrtg F Illada, NYork. via Portland, a.l.rl .laligo, nude ( Id t.rtge John Mnr.l.nil, Colllua.Gua oali ui'; ii I r Attaksi ... H tiu. J-r-ey City. BANG'/R. June 11- brig M, utlrellClifford, VYirk. ( IIAHI y.N'ltiN, June P? Arr barka Harriet k Martha. U.lir, Mats mo., Kurik { K, y fnaalebei. N Yolk; Aeidia, Inili.liotidrtu I A MA KIM till A. Jane I?An eel. re Leu. Smith. NYork. ( e ml eld lor Rut blend ) EaMPI'KT, June i-Md brig Zcll.e, Peine. ITilmingtii. Di l. Hh. I rig I I arlntte, Npaika, Pi.ilndelpi'ia. KAS1 M AC1JIAR. June M?Arr I'hr U II FueW. Ksllar N loth. Md ildh it bin Mary, Rublueun. VYm Pone, Fueter, and 1 ai.ur. do. ' I Al.L Ri t ) K. June ltk?Arr eel r. North Star. Lincsla M Ik b" " bHk<' timer*; J P Cellini, K.| p.i.aa PaoMd up lltfc, #il,r A W U?dg, from Philadelphia far VftfMul. OluKGitOII N, PC, June S-Arf ?chr fUUtf, Johnston, w tr.asj r HA KH ICIIa Jim 7?W4 srWrt Elfin Lnwton. Nfnrk. KfY I .vT. Jwnr sir ?? hr Mnrthn I'ost. NYork far A I alkrliHi la (and ?I4 2Vli. ) 1.1 H I M (l?ri ), J mis 12 6V% I'M Sttsnl vf?Mls which f,?? tliin siurufn' w, 1- un'J A, sr? now nt th? sn -hor ? pf, detained hy n stronp hre#?e ftoa SK A lnrg? Awl, hvwnd L. went iiwt hptwtea 4 snd&oVI<??k thij ntteraaon. maonf w 1 irh w d-re the hnrh ??*k. I?.r Ho.u n. hrUs Mery t Br I. tot liai.!s> Alary ftenhim (It r), for dd. ami the a I twenty cnnl laden e?hrs. 3irt Lmiy, hr Riw dm Jnntirw. w-st owt nt a?M n. IHh. 11 AM?A Inrf* hark It tinw faselnt up: and a hark, ti.rf? hript nad ihrte ?< hrs r< ?n etl. A hrt< went owt last aicht. Hria Melroew f< r N>? i?ra<?n < wl.* re lr<>m unknown), nwi.rc Ne| twaw, Sarnh k Eii/atw-tn lla.lpwM, Kdawtaa Brown, nad Meridian, nt hnrlwr. BiadSSE, weather cloudy. M.M ohl LAaN.w. June 4?Arr ship* Uatariw, Ihtaw, Bd.rdeaws, Mis* luim*n. B-rry, NYork, gnosn Yiotirin. ( hase- FKiladelfJiin; ChM Cfelitr, Bwncna. N Ywfk; hnrks Jinny. Mmohfui, Fhilaaelphia. KwsoUtiua (tf). ralrenM Kme).???, Haite-r ( 3}<), Colon, Ilnt nnn hrlrs vtfrad.? ( 4a). I trrej, Mntsnrns Keilnr Tbommt -n. nciipi t'ai ?? Chirm. Hnttna l-lnml, Annie. Vnme, FhlUde||?hia D?:?w wfchl ?A, e'-smNl ip LNerkee. Kindle, f?.,a NYork nt liiviii, ir^M thm llnr nt 4 o?o< k, ru. )~?t?*r fsy Cld st? aiii-litp ) niaby, hrsiw- 9?nliM"i rrin Cnhawsny. Ma? Uir. N1 ork. Towed tw nen Mny jM ?hii?? Anns Tift hri nml ??hr Ars'?"?lt tlet ship 1 spUnd, nad hmk nt n#r?ryw< J one I, ? r11ps Win Pntien nnd t'nica. C Vt'VI ^ y-VMlrtfl Napelron. March.Nary Ray. NI K l ONlMiN. Juts* ll-Arr brit Tnpllff, f# wis. liftricn; "In. Hiii l'?k, Smith, All any fur Pro silence; W p M II lian.a. Rog*r?, Al tsaoria fov Noruicb, I orrnioke, Ionian, I'mvldsnce I r Si ffnlh. Ya; Yanlte llrightaiaa. Fall Riser for; John Nnaw. t.ordan, Jackaowvllls lor Gnlirnrd. A B I'lsatuw, II.I.e. Fall Hlier fur Pulladtlnkin; Pilkn Twills, l ast Greenwich for N T?rk; . ( arvllne. Bright. mnn. Fnll Riser f?t Albany Phsnlg, llrswsr. Portland, i.'t. I?r NY.rk, Neptune, Resist. Fall Riesr Mrdui J Phr**. OcdlTpy. tswatm for do; I'ernvinn. Frrrii. NYork, Jnnn V/m" t Hf'torr, do; Artist, l>nei?, Somctrtnt for do. N*K IIA t Eh. J Tin#. 18 \rrtchra Al<*iand*'r, IttMwii, f h,U.I# If I in, i orneltn Hnddea. ? , do; Koi?rt M >rris, ' rviee, (,%i. M nshtaptoa, Ilrndy, do. B#?aj JHnnnnrd, 11.or. ?? N'rfolk. Md ?chr* I'ennsylTnain. rhiladclphla; Irnnr Mrrvitt, Alfcnay; lUpnblicna, d?? sloops l.yinnn I>wai paw. N 1 crk. * NIK fsMJf OUT*, J n ?? 11?Arr nehr R? L Frances, N if) # n?? t?. ?*av iwr nh, (s?e Miscpil ) M.I lith. achr K illiam (from K ilmlnirtow. NC), Boston. h f.K I'OkT. Jwa ? II? Arr schrs Arfoa. fef. LnafVIin, N?r Nil; i ol A II I'm*#. Jolwron, I'hilndelpHin for Norfolk; M'fitoewiwn, "iwith. )*rati?leviro for rhiitd lr.Ua. lgo?i?a. Maid. Had.-; Vtela Frrh, No?ers, AUnwy: liih, Rarhant*. fpwyer, I l.iiadaitkl in for ftortot} B R Ron land, Roaland. Idal ?? n f# r N Y? rk; Time. Rdwirds, I'roetdonrs for Ayff .is, t ? ri nl? H wUi.rt liiphtow f?r PMUdotpMa. MJM'NMT, 4tM Hi?Arr *? !<r J vdre Tewney, Toothakar, I I tip# e)f*| is I'll if. A f fl.VIIVA.JtiwelS- Arr steamer IVwoLsoot, Clark, f C Id ra U 9 )lr"wn Leo t hprity, Mirdaall, and It'tirawp. K ill*it#, d#-; 7hos Canaidy, Diilea, llnliwny. M A fMpniP n, I nfkrr NYork I I'f ? V I f?) MR, Jute I1-Arr Msrfa. Baker. Kowth f r#ek M ; ? ?ttl.e?-f>t? a Mnn#.w. anlfo Ik, Yp; >nn J tola to. I w irr. Hnlttiw. r?-. rin Newport; dtar. Nirkerton. Phl ItdfIfl.ip. Mary L Twrt#ell Itsywomw. do; Fmpire, Prtpn, d< kaiisl ( Sitw?r, M' l?tns#?a, do Kii Towwsand, Corson, do; J r i a ir s. fr he. d*? Ihap I* Co#.p. r. f>rp#.w. do; H llenry, K'taii.f ir, d? ; II A K ???!., (inflow, Alhawyi f rnpire. John I'S. AHety, via N.?f-it. We,V r. Cowley, R mrtnut; .Sap*, ru s C'llsy, A.; Ansit tnrsr Prsn?i.(, d?t elnnni Fvlrflslii, AI;. r, A II,? y J.cil|.?t J*< k.< n, d ,; Mi.ttn, llesbe, R?n ft'it Air kl|?* .lliebs. Rc?gi.wti Turn.lalb.a. Iltllnek. #01 I ins It I ii.wi, Rheci-a, N Yurh. Sid eehe Mxaiimm ? mil I I iltftelpi ia, (aid w*. nt anchor off (Farwick Neck li ' V, tS ) " h1' A A *'? " *'# Frig# Sen B'rd, I urtla, Cardw w?. Harriet f>il m r J Arcn. ds f ana.l, ,i i Ha aim Oallle. I r l#*)#? llrl.n, NYerll. Cld brig , 'kO?#(a?) Rennet. IFi liisgi.e. | 'Til ?Arr barb Mary l*usl[. SWrr* Varenni brig Xnnnbln. Ml IJM' ND, Jan. II -Arr echrr Wm B Js.bii e, Yaad-r Hit, MitV Sjlfh. Fdwerde, do; Richmond, Tllby. d* ? ! $ * h ^ i N?Arr hr<? < hap Rorshnw, Richmond, ' 1 liipctdjl ia. Cld r.liip Holt I Piker, Kinks, Uvtrpiol, , trie* Baecl. Tainan. NTtrt; Ttlmik, Rioh, de. SU bark Gauge# (Br). Murphy, Cork and a mkt, Lrig Excel, Tubman. N York. UO HA RBOR, June 10? Arr aobr Bt Lunar, Ooald, Liu ecluvlllt. (and aid (or N York); 11th. ship Emerald. Jaggor, Baltimore, to lit for whaling. SALEM, Juno II?Arr aohre Warrior, Ham, and Richmond, Packard. N York. Bid aohra Triumph, Maaoa, Philadelphia; Vintage. Handy. Albany. WILMINOTfrN. NC. JuneP?Cld aohra 4 O King. Wain wrigbt, and A R Wetmore, Woo tor rait. Boo ton. Paaacngtra AiilnJ. Iltrti?Packet chip Wm Toll?Mra <1 w Howe and aor vaut, Miea Mary Maetera, George, Robert, Thornaa, and An toine Howe, Mra M Morton, Mian A Morton, W C 11 alter, F llenry, Mr Pnlea, Ld'Algrew, Madame Clamant, Mica C M Freincken, Madame Weber. Miaa Eliaa Weber, Miea Eloiao Weber, of Paria; Mr DePrnaoh and lady, of N Orleans; W Giat and lady, ef Geneva; Mlaa C Botellen. Miaa K Christie, of Paria. Nxwronr, E?Br bark Anna Powell?W F Erana, lady, and two children. Paaacngtra Battled. Cmagrm?Steamship Empire City?Mr Diet, Peter John eou, Thoa Norton, Jna O'Urion, Audw J Clark, Mra Dailey, Wm Smith, J no Morrell. J no I, llannn, E Hern hard, R F#a ter. Wm Sterna, Lawrence Jncobaon, Thoa Dearborn, E D Eaton. J no B Ohio, Chae II Clark, J L Cole, Anthony Maaan, 1) Suttill, Jnn Maylard. Jno Mereto, II D Sanborn. Agnew Randolph. MrSarfaty, Francis Snyder. Simon Aaron, Abra ham Pinto, Geo Chamberlain. Audw Bell, Wm ll&rtwoll, B Weaver, D W llorr, Erne.t Miller, D W liuckltn. W Brown, Edmund Meeon, Mra Riddle and obildren. Mra Lou tea MoDou gal and children, Culiu Wilaon, Joseph T Merry, Wm Joffry, Nathan Town, Henry Jane, Wm II Bowen, Charles Moulton and servant, J 8 Burgea. Andrew Kadidge, Robt A bell, M Le A eh. Wm II Hathaway, Henry W Smith, David Jinka, Jno Whittuker, Allred B Jinka, Robert Atwoll Edwin Benaley, E B Uiggina. E E Kenney, Saml K Whiting, D Arthur, 11 E Adama, IJ B W ulker. Francia E Taylor. W U Walker. Jaa 0 Melville, Benj K Cotton. Alfred Van Beuren. Franoia U Cor nish, Peter Stoarpe, Birum Carter, llonry Thompson, Free man Baxter Wm llnrrla. Duatin Merchant. H Waahtmrtoa and aervant, Mr llauna, lady, and two children. Mre C M Phelpa and child, Mra Kenny, H Wanlea, T K Lenrltt. M Spiyer, E Andreaae, G Fuinfaa. Mra Coagrove, Fred M Cra mer, E S Johnaon, A G Wood. Mrs P II Perry. Miaa Perry, Matter IVrry, U W llralahen, Marcua II Talbot, Cant Lyon, Mra J Oleurae, Jaa Chamber*, Wm M oNnlty. John E Tollie, Geo T Camp. C E Kenny, Mra Olivo Clinkard, F L Foater, II Ixickwood. Elijah Perry. Wm liartwell, J 11 Shotaoll John Me; lard. II W Smith, J J llainer, David Halnea, Dr Win 11 llanchett, Jjtm L iianna. Win St-rne. Mr Kilej , Mr Allen. J Golden. T C'urran. Jaa Keenon, J II Maaan. Wm Brown, J W Leea. Michael J Rowen, P Durkin. S Smith E H -rnhnrd, A J ( bate, W J liattlea, W F Wn-la. J B Kittrtdge, II C Fletcher. Thoa Dearborn, l> W llorr, A J ClarK, Nathan Dexter, 11 D Sandhorn, B F Bate*, Nathan Carvill, William Filbreek, Saml Bettlnaon, George Llewellyn, David lingers, Thomas Morley, Matthew Van Allen, J 0 Geary, Che iter Snmii la, M Cralt, I abnr llonaol, Vi m Lake, Chaa H Co .kc. L N Rici ardaon, I* 11 Minn) an, J Bronaon, D R Farinan, J Ii Taylor, John Daniel, J Cowley, T Marcua, S Bailey, J D Murray. John llauael, G L Unburn. Jaa Kced, E Meyerr, II J Kiii', F VV Smith, J Corwin, John Reed, Jna l,ee#, Wm McLean R Gallagher. John Dime, 11 Kaine, Jaa Monk. Chaa Gather. Wm Runnay, J Ilarrey, J Stewart, Salem Wooda, F Reed. Jaa Dugan. Chaa A Lowell. Cliaa Qollla. Geo MeKen ile. J Mi ore. If If Naglilu, Wm Clarke. J B Judd, J Porter, John Cllffi rd. O I'nraona, B Niler, M MeCarty John Casey. VV m OTtrien. John Richards, John Uriben, A Black, Thomas C< ok. E M11.Iran. Ciiai.I i s?Steamship Promethus?J B Kerr. Esq. U States charge d'affaires to Nicaragua, lady, child uuii euri ante. Mrs E Culver ami child, J A Culver, ft C Allen, I Cole, C Ne theway, Mr Catlin and Indy, J J Harrow, I" Lnroy, Sig L.v my. 1) Humphrey a, J T Moore, J O'Brien, U C Smith. 1, C Smith. G K Cnrtia, J B Duncan, R N l.iaton and lady, Jos Strutton, J Caldwell; R M Treadway and lady, J K Favor. J Chapman. Michael Riley, N J I'nrkor, II L Stevenson, Capt Sprague, K B Turner, J Carman, .1 M Hourly. Miss 8 Smith, Mre Cl.auncey, C K Aeley K II Aclfy, Wm U Aolev. M Bird, V Bates, A O A in el< y, P Mooney, III Catlin, Mr Kitohim. 11 B Barton. N R .lbins, A Wood, K G Bartlctt. 11 K B rrtlett. A Mclntyre ,1 C'rnpeer, K Smith, VI' Hook, J VV Butler. C Stott, J I' Outhouse, '1 Crowell. I, Thomson, J Arvia. T.'ios Andrew a, J U Grant, J Walton. R M Todd dr, Q MeCoun, T G Maxwell. I Barber, A McClinton, 8 McC'lintoo, S Lile. U Cottrell, 1 Mei.doag, J Chenit?re, J 11 Chambers. C Foater, Mrt T. Davir, A O'Brien. J Younr, J C'rie. J M o,re, J Forest. J Donoho. J Wolfllng, J Smith. S II Currier, II L Riant, U C Rintel, J I' llarriaon, J Wright, J C llsawall, 11 VIMiamr, II Marshall, A Mi Williams, H McNusl, H P tlron?l*J. Win Clarke and otliera in the ateerag*. Livt Rrt'OL? Packet chip Koe-nuth?Wm Scolell, F F John, Mr One. Mr Purksnr. J Hendull, .1 Steed, .1 C He try, Johu Judge: also the Sable Minstrels. Ill in number?125 in the 2d cabin and steerage. SU1PHINU. Till BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVALMAIL Mtmi.ei.ipe between Nt* Vork an l Liverpool direct aed between Beaton and Liverpool.?The Beaton ehipt only call in* at lial.Iax to land and reooive oixila and paeiemi-ra ? ARABIA. Capt. , AFRICA. A. ftyrio,* PLHSiA, Capt. , EPROPA, E. C l.otl, ASIA. C. II. K. Judkina,, NIAGARA. J. Stone, AMERICA, N. Shannon. CANADA, W. Uameoa. CAMBRIA, J. Theao vreaela carry a olcar white light at nut hand, greoa on et.irb ard bow, red on port bow. Apia, freui New Vork Bedneeday, ISt'i Juno. Aniertex, from Burton Wednceday, 25th June. Niagara fr< m New Vork.. .Wednceduy. 2u July. Enropa, from Beaton Wednoaday. inh July. Alrii a. fy ni New Vork.... W ednoaday, loth July. Caml na. from Itoaten U'ednv.'dnv, 2ti July. Ami. fr. ni New Vork W ednesday, .'kith July. Cnnada, from Bowton Wednt.-day, fith Augnat. Amnion. frein New Vork...? ednaaday, ISth Anguat. Niagara. fron. Beaten. ... .Wednesday, A'th Augnat. Africa, from New Vork, 27th Auguet. lure pa, 'roin Beaton W . In, eday, id September. A "la. frem New lork WiJnciiday, 1i>th S^j.Vruhvr. I'a#aa?r?* from Nan Vark or Beaton to Liverix*!, $2*JU? Portlm not on d until paid for. Freight will charted ou specie K>onJ an amount for prrf t An exprrivuted auriraoa on hoard. All 1fttern and nrw xi>ap?sro muat para through the Poat Of ?c?. For freight or p**aa*e, apply t?? K. Ci'NaKO, Jr., SH Broadway French. Gmnaa. and other ton.-*** good a received ami brought in con.inon with British boo da. Th . ? Through tilU of lading arc given in Havre for N*w fork in tea di of u> take pa^anga t - Kngland in th* Roy J/ Bail SU-aiuahlpe. are reticeeted U call at the otftoe, M Hroadway, ttforv beliaving the report# that the ahipa are L'OR Rt-CTIUMfTON AND HAVRE.?THE UNITED ??atea Mali ateamahip HUMBOLDT, 1) Line,, c at manJer, a ill leave for Havre. touching at dautli?aapt?u. to inau th* ttiajdf aa4 paa?eng?<rs, on raturiay, Juno Jnh. ai Hi Irf !rl>m *'itr No" *? N?rtb Kiv*r. Price of uion. All I?tt?*re tunat pvee through the Port Offlea. in fipWtlM Surgeon i# attached to the ahip. Tor freight or apply to MOUTUfBH LITINcSto.*, Agent, No. fid Broadway. ("1 HAND EXCURSION TO THE WORLD S FAIR, VIA V Ualway, Dahlia, and Holyhead, or Liverpool. T.ia new awd eplvndld etenn..h!p NORTH AMERICA. J U l.Uth.n, Coinititnder, (tlx teetcet ate.inrhip la tha worldk wil! aail on Tnerday, Jun- 17. at .1 o'clock J' M.. Irom Fier a North hirer I'aeeongere by tha North Aiuariaa nlll be ooa rtyad free of eapeaeo lr.>m ?>ai way to Du ilia, and tncace W Liverpool ?r Holyhead. at tl.rlr option, lima alf >rdlng tl n, aa opportunity of teeing noma of the tturat eeu-ry ia tha To tl.oee who travel lor pleasure, thU trip prevent, t? r w.oat powertul inducrmrnta. while to than* wl.o drain to reach London ia tha aaieat and moat aapeditioue manner. ? nl- oflrn tlie n rt MM ndvantgea Tha tailnM pirf-iman, aa of Oia North America ?n the Chagrea route, warrant the belief that aha will make tha paaaage to Caiway in elgh* daya Far* in atate room aaiooa $110 Fare in lower datk aalooa 100 Fare to England and baok, with privilege to atey tour or tlva waakj 130 No freight taken. For paaaage. Me., apply at the oltlce, S3 Water atreet, Mt nrf of Br. ad atreet. R. J. V A N DE W AT ICR. f|altE KOVAI. MAIL STEAMER MERMN. CAPT StMP ? u ,*.*? ,ail '"r Mem.ada and St Thoiuaa, on Taaaday Mh July, at no..a. She baa excellent nrcinmodatiuna for paaeantera. I'riceaf paaaage to Bormudx, to St. Tlio L'/'j. There la a regular mail ouinaiunluatloa betwnon M. Thomaa ami all the We.t India leUnda, Uavant. V.ra Jrvi, teneruela. He Tbn Meelin wIII take fr-lght Apply ? a ? - R. Or.NAKI), Jr., 'M Broadway. I IL-Noletlerenr mail, will be recrlred on board tha M> rim. ex. ept thronxh the Poat (IfRre F /OK SAVANNAH-HIE V S. MAIL STEAMER Al.A J BA M A. (I tone mater.) (apt. C. 1?. Ludlow, will leaea on dsturday. IHh June, from Pier 4, N. R.. at 4 o'clock P.M. For liwUhl or paaaage apply to SAM 1 MITCIIILL. I'M Front atreet. The FLORIDA, Capt. T. Lyon, on IheJI.t Juna. F\< IFIC MAII.STEAMJIIII' L ?M r A \ V THI ONI I Itreogb llae for Saa rrane'aea.via Havana and Chagrea. > are rediici d. On Thuraday, Juae JH. at .1 P. M. Toe aplea did atrnmal ip I'll RHOK I K. I..MV toav. Il-ury W mander. will aail on Tha red ?y. Jane *. at preriaety Ju'aloek. I' M , from her pier at the footol W arr-n atreet, N R., with the rvrn meat maila.for < h?gr-?. na Havana I'aeaeagera trai efi rveg at llat ana to the apl. ndld J .akle angina atoaia ahip Falcon. I aaaengera leaviiM) la ti e Chert.kve will ?.,n aeet wllk the famiite United Mate, Mail ateaui thlp Tea r.ra.ia. to aail Iron. Panama an or nhent the 13th of Jaly. For peerage apply at the office, fil and U Soatl, atreet. ar nt l7TwagA atreet, comer of Warren. Pacific mail ste ? msiiip < ompan f ? the onlt ? thrvwgh lilt* for ( ilifurtift and Orwgo*. via lla> ana and l hryrwa. Far* r*>dar?d On 5**nrdaj. Juna Ii. at to elo^k, I B 7ta inlrnditl vtaamafiif ? 1;M( INT 1'lTF, |.-M? ioaa I tdtti ra, J C. Trnner, e?*mmandvr. willaait an Saturday J na* *, at yryaiaalv .1 ?Vlock.r*.. 1r?m h*r y. r at tha af wnrwn ?trv-at. Bartb rtaat. with tha gavemmeat mai'a. fay C Ikaita* rt nntf ting with tha favariU I aitad v?tat*< Mail /!", ?? Haaama on or nk?nt tho l.%th af July For to-i/U ar rnoanga. apply nt tha office, in If *at ?treat, corner af ttarrvn. Pal ,Mt i A.,L ..?TltA""M'C COM PA V f?4DNI.S throngh Una far CalifenOt .ad Ora,.a P-Th? pnhliaare iniormed that trader the arr.agem?,,, uf,M> ?.??7 atoameramapaeted and aaproved k* tlia Nary Depnrtin.ak f nl 1r'Wd , "*"*? ",Uaaa *? leave Panama and San Franetacu the la* and 14th day of tnek month, nnlaaa detained by nnavoidnble neetdeat. and wtll iiC ^ ii ^P* '? *" l"a*n' k"'1 Monterey. Ti e following ateam pnrketa belonging to tha Faeifle Mail Ste.m.hip Company, are aow in tha Fatllc, ana of whiek *,ft at '?"> a"'' "f Mereuto^l I Leetoaa RRerm.ic ..l.Wt?m , M, ? "? ??> oni.iv,.,, I .M't vena PANAMA ... LIFT tone. CAROLINA.. .. wyi ton* CAI IFt?HNlA... L'lWtona COLUMBOB Nkltona TFNNKSSEE.. . IJW tone. 1ST II (4 IS ?tine ?,n,R,TII ?**???? .l.KWton*. CMII ORN. fkei t.,n* antVlopI.-.-.v.; ' The new ateamahip ( OI.I'MBIA wtll sly between S*a Fraai laen awd porta in Oregon awaiting ai tha former port tho arrival af the maila and pOMengert from Panama, and retaraing withoat delay with tha mail* and pnaaengera far tha ateamer from Saa Frmeeiaeo A regnlar line of propell?r? will be kept up for the trana portatloa af freight and tranaient paaaeagera between Pana ma and San Frnnelaee. Tha wall known ateaatohip SARAH SANDS, of I.MTU tone knrthea, new under charter to tha enmpaur, and peeuliarly eommodtone la her eat-in arrangemanto. will he kept aa aa ratra family boat. f>ne of the abort tteamera will keep up the aoanaetioa be tweea Acapalro and the other Meairna porta. The ronaeetien in the Atlantie will be malataiaed by the Pelted Statea mall ateamahlpe GRHRGIA .kin tone. CRESCENT CITT.1.*?> tone. OHIO... . LHBtoBB. MtlERfiREE . .. . .I.To'tona tMPINE p!i T. foaa. PHILADELPHIA I.BMtoaa. l eaning New Terk for Cfcngree en tha llth and l&tta ofaaek month. _ _ _ The tbow etoamebipe IL ItORADO and FALCON will f'.rta n Atr?et lino hetwe?a Now l>rleaua an J C'bngmn. lenr lug nt aweb iwrtvde an wtll tneure aa little detention aa poa tlHa en the letf.maa, and forming with the Pm-ISe at>?m ahipa n through liar to and frrnn New Orlanna, nnd porta la Mealen, ( alif- rnia and Oregon. Paaaacea from New <trl-*na aaa be eoeured from Arwmtrong. Imwrnnoa A Co., agento. at that plaeo. The tare fot throngh tt< keta from New Vork ho San Fran etacn haa been rednvvd frem J ft"1, ia atate roome, vv SARk Ti'?I. in lower ., t? tag). tv ftwi ia ete.rxg,. to |j?^" the rate, from NewVerk tot hagme will be at tha lewr-el adopted be ane aafe tea ateamer Between thmrn porta For choice a( bertba, apply at tha ofu-a of tha Company ?4 and MSenth atreet. end at Uiefr agener. 177 Wewt atreot. 1M NliEI'FNDENT LINE FOR I IIAORES DIRECT, ANt ? by wgb t|/ keta for I aitforala, at the loweet redneud rat.HI The new nnd eplra?ld ateamahip BROTHER JONATHAN I apt Sqnlree will anil on Thnradny V-Ui Jnnn. ?HP N., fr< m Iter 4. N. h *ne feoteht or pa-aage apply only to F. MILLS. Agent, 41 Courtlnad atreet. ("SIIPPFR f'HA I LENflR. RORFRT H WaTERMaN / ( . n .carder, Nr *an Frnnrdaeo. la at her berth foot of J ' v '? o ii.auoer, n r o?n rranetaeo. ta at are berth, foot of (tall e treat, ready to receive freight, for which, or enci nailed ftrrr n mr>datif.?ia Bi ?a ft?rr>| modatidiig, af i.U NAT II I A HFO. GRIS1FOI.D, fl and 7$ Snath M, 8r.iy|?#Tf aii ia?tU4 W tha rMMl. For litkrpoou?Tnc royal mail BTRAMAur ASIA will tall from New Yerk on Wednesday, tha Lttfc June, at 12 o'clock. Tb* AMERICA, from Bostsa, on tha 2Mb June. For freight or J^a??a^.^a|>^l/ Jr.. 38 Broad way. HOK SALE?ONE STATEROOM IN THE STEAMSHIP JP "Asia, ' which sails ua Wednesday, Ittth lost. Apply at VT. B. TAYLOR'S, 17 Cadarstrwat. D KED1CAL. Forrest orovb hydropathic institute Sobooley'a Mountain, June 11, 1851.?'William J. Taylor. M. IP, William J. Moon, M. D., Phyoioiana. The abovsiasts tutlon will bo ready for the reception of iaralida the early part of July. WATTS' NERVOUS ANTIDOTE.?THIS WONDERFUL diaoovery of condensing eleotrioity. if taken in quaa titiea, according to tbe diaeaae, ia euro to drive it out of tha eyatcm. Nothing ia more positive. lot no predeterminaUem prevent yon from teating it, tor it haa proved Immaculate la aiaeaae, debility, and conaumption. 102 Naaaaei street. HUTCHINOS' VEGETABLE DVSPEPSIA BITTERS ia the only medicine that can he relied on for dyspepsia, lie healing qualitiee are now everywhere acknowledged. Principal office, 122 Fulton atreet. I'rice, 50 cent* per bottle* R. HETCHINGS* VEGETABLE DYSPEPSIA |?1T tcra.?All who sutler from dyspepsia or indigeatiuii, let them, without delay, try Hutchlngs' Vegetable Dyepopaia Unti re. Scldfor tha low price of hfty couU per bettla, at 122 Fulton atrett Dyspepsia can be permanently cured by using UutcLinga' Vegotable Dyspepsia Bittera. Na medicine haa ever given greater satisfaction. Certiboatea are daily received apeaking iu the 1 iglieot terma of tha Bit ti ra. All pcraona tr?u bled with a deranged atouiach ahoutd give tliia medicine at leaat one trial, which will canviaaa them of the truth of the abovo assertion*. Large bottled, titty cento. Depot, 122 Fulton street. Homeopathy proved, ?influenza, dysphp ala, bilioua attaoka, weakness of the atomach, all forms of indignation and nervousness. fever and ague, general de bility, and all deviation* of the system from the parfaot atandard of health, are all relieved and speedily cured bp taking the Rev. B. Hlbbard'* Vegetable Pilla. in ainall par Done, at regular intervale, a quarter to half a pill eaok night. In this simple way. the moat aatoniahing curea are daily performed. All who would inaure for thamaelvea tha inoet "vigorous bodily health. buoyancy of apirlta, and ?trength of nerve, ahould be careful to keep theee simple, unrivalled and unlveraal pilla by tliem. Principal office, 9$ Naetau etrt ct, near Fulton. TIMOTHY R. H1BBARD, M.D., Sola Proprietor. DR. CONVEKS' INVIGORATING CORDIAL.?THE only remedy for weaknoaa of the organs, and thuaa aad diaordera of body and mind, cauaed by early aalf abuaa. Ra cautioue w here you apply for aid. Avoid quaek* and their coetruma. A few bottiea of thia great remedy will restore you to manly vigor. Buy no otbtr stuff called Invigorating Cordial. AtuSd certain doctor*, who make great prcteaa oma to extort exorbitant fee*. Dr. C. will relieve yon for half tea ?us usually charged. Cordial $2 a bottle, three bottle* fer $5?with important advioe to the married and single. For warded to the country: lctttri pott paid. Dr. C. * ofhoe IS Third tvenue. New i crk Sold at <33 Broadway, N. Y i nnd Mhouttt Third, corner of Second and Third and Ureea streets; aud No. 3T8 and Z>4 Market atreet. and corner at South and Third atreeta, Philadelphia. See N, Y. N. Po lice Gazette. IMPORTANT WORK?THE NERVOUS DISEASES Or Win en- Price 23 centa. For sale by POWLKRS It WELLS, 131 Naaaau atreet. This work ahould be real by aM BMW people. German medical and surgical office, ns, 3 Chamber* atreet, near Chatham, where all elaaaea of diseases are treated ou rational and acientiltc principles, aad charge* made according to the circutnatuncec of the patient. l>r. FRED. DEMCKJa, formerly of Hanover, attending phyeician. Notice-the undersigned would inform strangers, and the public generally, tnat ke atill oon tinnea to prescribe, on tbe most a pproved European method^ tor ait oiaaadd* of ji priv ?tc nature, diseases of tha akia, im pedimenta to marriage, Ac. Those who have ignorantly in jured then aelvea fcv a destructive habit of youth, may alee apply, with a certainty of cure. Trcatotut by letter, ia English, French or German. B DE LAN Eg, M. D., 61 Liapeaard atroet, near Broadway. PARIS AND LONDON TREATMENT OF PK1VAT1 diaoaas*, in n few hcora, by n vegetable application, without pain. 1 n debility, brought on by improper habita aud constitutional attentions, ha combines medicine# wita tha local remedy, aad can ahow any one there are thousand* whocaenot be cured without it: aa lie baa case* daily, *i year* duration, from th* other physicians. in all, he guaran tiee a permanent cure. He haa etricture* daily he care* w : thout cauatie, which others use, ceueed by their not expel ling the termer diaetae aoon enough. His diploma, wild tliaee, aad the hundred! of eettlficates, ahow that none ena equal i * Yon cured uie in one day.?1). M. Corbya. One local application cured me in a few hour:, after another doc tor tried a lung tune.?Deroad. 1 l aid over J2W0, in ftrt years, to be run d I wenkneaa from seit-abuae, without bene ttt, yet you cured me by local and general treatment, la a abort time.?Jaa. Kvane. You cured me of the worst of ay philitle ulcere on my body and faceia a abort time, after I had Dan under three physicians for a year, besides using every quack medicine I could boar of ? Win. Ferguson. Parte Amhoy. N. J. Those at a distance can, by enclosing fee, be treat, d by mall. Office hours from 8 A J. to 3 P. M., and 7 to 9P. M. M. LA K MONT, M. D , 42 Reads street. In doors from Broadway, not in the store. Be wise in time.?dr. HUNTER, proprietor or the eld and long established Uunlerian Dlapensaey, No. 3 Dltishn atieet, Nev York city, cures strict ures without any surgical operative or cauatie: alas cures the debilitating effect* of solitary habits ia as many days aa thay have been years ataadia*. Dsa't he humbugged by the quack doctor*, but call aad a. a Dr. Hunt, r at once, before applying elsewhere to be robbed of your health nnd money Every New Yorker know* Dt. II iruiet l ave had more experience in thia braaoh of taedi cine than any other man living. Here are a few who de sired tha Doctor to publish then proofs :?" Yon cured me Im four weeks of a dreadful diaeaae that broke eut all over aa and tbe effect* of mercary. I was no reduced that I was laid up n.'re than a yetr. aad hod keen girou up by a doaea doctor*?Joke Eld." " You aurvd me la th* tima of Um cholera, iu three weeks, of a dreadful disease of more thaa B year's standing, after three other doctor* had nat oaly givaa CI t'P. but aaig it was a* muoh aa thair lives were worth te in 1 roam wit!, ma?JotO, Purler. Filet's Cook." "Twelve years ago 1 applied to a l.onuoi physician Co he cured at B certain di*-i*e; he pronounced ma well in three weak*. Ml leas thsu two mouth* it bi ke out again I lr.-d #l? ethera, wrli the same effect, and never gut thoroughly wall at thia hydra and uiany I ceded m <n*t-r until I called at your dip p- raary four years ago, and aver sine* i am aa sound aa any man liv iug?Edwin Coffin " lloflal > aguary, No 1 i'eagl at r-et, w here Dr Hunter'a Re I Drop can be had genaimm Price, |l oaly Thi* remedy secure* tha patient against any aaeontery attacks. Treatment by letter RHEJ.If.KIN TEN HINUTEB.-CCKE IN A FEW DAT! inaurod bjr the yroat fireiya ruinedy. Dr. LmmFi Pn nii'Bic II afora. for tha cor* of c*li?. court.*. uihm>, broaohV ti*. pulmonary eonaumptica, ?nj all affection* of the bn>il ?ndlunyi HaiitifBctarrd by E. Taylor. Rochejtor, N. V, th* ouly trac and avamno proprietor and manufacturer oa tt.o ..alio- at of America, by aaau -.meat of rtdht from Jwj>M Jotnca. C. V Cllchourr fc Co . HI Herclny otroot. aro Mid central agent* for Nt* York and omiaity. Sold ate* by A. B 4 D. Send*. 1(*1 FalUa it rook Retail pre# 3d ooata pm ham. Nnji.f,!'i i i Kr:i :??!.' itumi Mi'RPUf, 2)t Kooooyall itlHl, frem t ? ir oaparatlrlod ?ueoeoela luiaMi, may bo rtliad oa la Ut treatment of ta* aoit ebtff note eaaoa. aithuot mercury. Itr. Cooper** palmate *1E find him at 2)y Eo'>#?toII otr-et, Boar Chatham, aid no ? km* ?Im Beware of th* quack* la Ixaai *tr*ot. oaei of Chatham, NO FEE TILL CORED.-DR CORBITT. OF HIIHJANE ?troet, may bo couaultod aonkdtatiaUy. on U>* treat meat of dohcat* dl**?ae*. From a practice of twaaty-oaa yean. Dr C. t* eaablod to yuafaaty porniaaeat oar**, a1th out mercury. Dr. C.'a *p*< Iflo kna ar bottl*. oa* dollar, bad aoeer failed la aSoatlay a euro. DH r ooods extraci or copavia-a certain and tpoody care for prtoat* dlaordor*. M*ar aro eurod by it in tao d*y?. Thl* medli In* *111 ayr-o ulln th* m.>at delieato ??? ni t -ti Sold by Hrlyhara fc Mil'tr, 17 Arcauy It, and at Diumiooad'*, <u Hrad* *troot. op pool W Stewart'*. (AOPAITA AND CI'IIEBS EXTRACT.?IT 18 INPA > rDbly found that a combination of almllar re me die* prndace tho moti (peedy and certain effect 1 hie oompnand I* pleaeant to tah*. oa?ily portable, euro la It* nyoraUo*. and certain ta elrctlnd a can la th* ahvrteat Umr. FormJa at 12 Aon >tr**t I'rico |l. n^HR. MORRISON IS CORTL'1,1 Ell CON PIPP.NTIALLF ta cer-aln dleeaaaa, which he tr>at* ?lth*at m*n*iy, Ret eat oa*o* cured la a few day* Thtrtyoa* year*' piaiMW ?nahlo* him l? cor* aorro debility. Ac , artatm from *lf abeoe. Roe hi* London dirlaiaa in hi* prleata*Aoo, 2U*M Foitoa etreet N. B.?No foo till aired. Ikl! JOHNSON, NO. Id DCaNE STREET. SO WEIL I ' knou n la Ihr trotlmoal of dolieate doeoaeoo. The IV.#. tor'* repatatuia for *kill in the** half cured oaana, that hard ?iiet'4 for year* I* pro omiaoal. CoaetiioWoaai *?Eft broi el t i n by aari rot habit. *ff?< InaUy cored Ibneat ***** ?arod ta foot ilar* A per'oct rare or ao cha.da nHHE. WARREN, MO. I MOTT STREET. IS COKSULTEM >a prfeato oiaonoe*. vhiok ko euro# *1th*ot m*re*ry, iweat caoet tared la So* Jay* Dr W.'i* rooolt 4 thirty o;* roar* eaporiaaoo, a*e#r fall* of a euro I'r.o* oao dollar. N B. R***ro of a poiaoaou* oemctorfelt. oa **J? kf k unaeh la Roaaooolt ahrowh No footill rarud Dmm K COOPER, Id DL'ANB STREET. HAS FOR THE laet ain-toea y*ar* ooadaod hi* practln* th* ?oi a* mratof delicate an J mercurial dieoaooa. if* cao ouru Mm ? r.t ' aaaa ad th**e dtaoaaoa, had aiild eaooe re*I.?ed ta a fe* day*. Straaaor*. doa't ko doeoieadi I am la aa way *a* aoe ted *ltb a I aee impoator la Ranaeortt Ipf't. nHBS L. AORTAMOKK WO?Lie SAY TO THOSE WW? kata contracted dtaeaaaa. "Cura at *ol*ha," that I* take car* af thy health I haea daoatad many year* to my or ifeeeina; treatod. *ueeeoofnlly th.uaaale of retleota Thoae who ?l*h to aoaaultma oa tno*e rompiafata, oaa **? ffroo of aharye) from A A. M. to ? P. M Soadaya eicoptaA If y .a oalu* roar health. ooa *111 amid knaooa who ?* ilnebinyl* toll row that " tl ty oaly oaa a*ro yon. aa * their oar tied of modlela* la all that i* aeooeoary for I la all It* forma" Peraona who** health hao boo* roMod kf three ayotiete. tall open m*daily ISA William etr-o* DIR. RALPH, AUTHOR OP THE "PRAf TIOAL PRJ i af* Trenfled." Ac. (iffiit hour*. 9 to 12 o'clock A. M. and A to A o'clock P M (Sun ley ticoptod ) No Nt ifrwow wleh (tract, from the ttpiaam taodleal ad i an in* the onthi r bae enjoyed. taerfd uSleh ho wunld la*laa*? haelait reeldrd #**? ral year* la Porft fit th* tope*** purpeoi of (fud)tra tbeoe dteoeoe*. f.dloood by a lend and corf am tonelie practice, dteotel e*<ln*i?ely to thn epoelalttf. km can without hesitation prn>4?\ teoa In th# meet *e*ewa and complicated cam*-ae (tri< tnro, oorundaey di?-a*o, he, he. ?more certain, eofe, an I rtdical cure# oaa b# ob tained from any other *<.urc* tn Amertoa. Thna# wha appty in Ui* earlier (fn*c* of prieat# dtocoaco, will b# pratlAod by til# oa?e tad rapidity of th* euro. ?hteh I* nfVa eReoted la a eery f? ? doye. Seporato wattiny r-'-mw arojerneldad. Pay treef mi at by letter, addree* b'lK I'aot Omc# DR. RALPHS practical pritate treatisb intendrd for all *hn n?cd eonnd practical infnrmaUn*. or are ofRicted with cortein dioeaee- oteina th# aat*r% (implore, prnyree* and con*#t*?ne*a nf each dieoaaa, la i lndiny etrictnr*. i lelnll *eakn*aa. Ac. with roHao* Ay th# rea.cdtc*. their monoyemeat. ho. Ac In plaia taw nier* If enable* Ctery - a# t? ante atfally and prit *?#!? treet lie own eae*. or itufyo If proterly Ircaf.uf. Tenth edition- .11- pp. ulth platea; price 2S con'o Sold at SS Crttaolok (treft. 4.1 Ann *trr*V an I by moat W>b*oM**B. Rtailel in eernro enoolopoy. by addrr(?lay (poetptid) to bay MP, Pood (HEat. N^HEW MEDICAL BOORS-A ('OHPLETR PHACTIOAE work oa th* aaturn and treatment of dellsat* diaoaaeA and all fba hindred aFe'M?ne lllnatratod by a yroat nam her of hraattfully colored plate*, a* larye a* llfo: by Homoy Rii.twtrk.M l> . leetur-r on Suryerj, and etoeaaoo of thd alore aaiuod natura It la a larye i|ncrV> Vf' aayoa; oooond editloa, pnee $|tl. Retract from tlio' Rt otoa MedioaJ and Piirsleal J-tornal "It may he oaid, fearltoo'y. to ko equal to futord't or A 'ton'a Work* oa th* ? me family af dlaraaea, a nl for *?i|-erlor t-i aaythlaa of the kin I emr pahllohcd A thl* eonatry." Author of Too Ftrally Phyit- lani" prtyy 2A rente Auth f of a work on "boll Ahuoo. and ite deplm rib|e eff (?#, A" , Ike." (lath edition, fourteen plat-? ortoo JI _ Tor *o I# at the pnhliohero. aTRl NfiER A T,> *k SENW t.1 Itro?.' war. Bad by the anther, Ik* Sccadway. Ifi "bl U I Ml' df PFRlBS ANTIIX IE. A Hl'% ^?"Mrlr # (r rn (tore for to# ? *? of Eri-kt* diiirdrra. It fhek** a epeedy euro, withoit th* I -a*\ t*ttr1otlon* of *A deink. eapneure. or ehany* la ayplieetl't te I n-duoae Tig preprtdor oballenaoc ?'led* eac? wbisb the roiatnro wtH nat yore, ander tho forfottor- ef Sr? boa<tr?d dollar* Ik * pet ap In hrttloo, with fall dlrootioc* a* tl. "*? bottA laet* ? *e*t many at* eared In two dty* For ?a'.t by 0 II RINfJ, INI l-madway, and l?* Raynr l ??ro?k. MP, w. R. LIUIa, IfW Han tear ytraal, Boaaat.. WrtybtACk.. Na*

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