Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERA'L"D. WHOLE NO. 6809. SUNDAY MORNINC, JUNE 15, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. i'i iw "' i ?? -v. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. PROCEEDINGS IN THE LEGISLATURE. Progress of the Cholera in the West ITEMS FKOfl ALL PARTS OF THE COVNTRY, Ac*. Ac* >!IC\I Y|OKK LEGISLATURE' SPECIAL SESSION. BV BAIN's LINE, OFFICE 29 WALL STREET. Senate* Albany, June 14,1861. fATOBSBCF. arroRTA on bills relative to new yorx city. Mr. Crow, frcm the Committee on Cities and Village*, reported favorably on an act to amend the act relative to the ftflee.-sment and collection of taxes in the city of New York, and to amend the several acta In relation thereto?paww'4 March 30,1860. Also, in favtr of the bill enabling the supervisor, of tha city of New York to raise money by taxation. Also, to authorise the Mayor, Aldermen and Common alty of the city of New York, to raise money by loan, and create a public fnnd or stock, to be called the Cro ton Water Stock of the oity of Now York. Alao, an act to authorize the authorities of the city of New York to raise money by a loan, and to create a pub lic fund or stock, to be called the New York City five per cent stock for docks and slips. Also, an act to make the assessors of the Street Depart" dent of the city of New York salaried officers. Also, an act to increase the powers and duties of th Deputy Collector and Assessor in the oity of New York. Rr.rOKIS HRLATIVK TO THE JUDICIARY. Mr. Bastock, from Judiciary Committee, reported fa vorably a bill relative to suits by and against joint stock companies and associations, having a joint and common interest in property. Also, against the bill making the Clerk of the Supe wv.* Court in New York a salaried officer. The Senate to this report, and the bill is consequently re jected. RROOXLTN. Mr. Ceoss reported favorably on (he act amending the Btveral consolidated laws relating to Brooklyn. an asy i.i'M roa idiots. Mr. Robinson reported favorably an act to establish an Asylum for Idiots, and making an appropriation there ? for. The following is this important bill:? Section I. The Governor shall appoint Ave trustees, who, together With the Governor. Lieutenant Governor, Secretary ot State, tail Comptroller, shall be trustees of an institution for the education of idiots, to be called the Asylum for Idiots, with power to establish rules and regulation! for the government of the asylum. See. 2. The secretary to the sai l trustees shall procure a building suitable for the education of suoh idiote as may be selected by such trustees, not exceeding twenty, aud they ?hall have to employ all neeeseary teaehere. Sec. 3. The eaiil number of idiote shall bo selected from those whose parents or guardians are unable to provide for their support, and shall be maintained and educated by the State for taoyeare; and the trustees are authorised to re ceive such additional number of idiots as ean be convenient ly received ikto the asylum, on such terms and on the pay ment of such sum as the trustee! may deem Just. The sum of six thousand dollars in each var, for two years from an 1 after the passage of this net, is hereby appropriated out of nny moneys ia the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the said asylum: and the said trusts, i are authorised to draw on the Comptroller from time to time, but not exceeding, in aty one year, the sum of six thousand dollars. notice or nti.i.e. Mr. Rancor* gave notice of n bill to amend that part of (he Revised Statutes relative to the Attorney Mr Lvoo gave notice of a bill to loan a portion of the echool fund. Mr Mom.a.v gave notice of a bill to amend the law re lating to tbe Croton Aqueduct Department in the city of New York. mm.* eaesKD. An act to enable the KoeLeitor. Lorkport and Niagara Talis Railroad C< inpany to straighten and Improve the track of their road. An act in relation to Loan Commissioner*. An act relative to mortgages in New York city. An act to provide for thu publication of the general laws. An act relating to the care and maintenance of the poor. A large amount of the local business which was left unfinished at the rluse of the session. was dispensed with, and the Senate a lj' urni dtill Monday. Assembly Aliast, June 14,1861. Prayer by Be*. Mr Br****. ? ILLS ItrOITU. Mr. Oi rmoi reported favorably on U>e bill to extend the charter of the New York Mutual Viva o?yny Mr Bwoaoa reported favorably oa the hill making ap. firoprlatiooj to certain aeadcmiee for the jeari 1861 and 1862. Mr. ir reported favorably to authoriie the Troy and Balaton Kallroad Company to leaae a part of their road to the Wratern Vermont Itallroad Company. AUo> favorably, on the bill to allow railroad eompanlee to take and held atock In any telegraphic line running parallel with their roe da Mr. Biao reported favorably on a bill to aubjeet^cer tain drbte owing to non-reeidrnte to taxation. ANxvoMcava to the acuta. Mr TownivD. from tbe Select Committee on Rulea' reported aotne alight amendment* to theaecond rule, by atriking out the word " unanimoua" therein; alao a aub ?titute for the fourth rula. Sevtral other ameDdmenta were reported Mr A A. TNoxeaoa moved that the report be printed. Mr BiAMor ( ppoaed it. After aome diacuaainn. Mr. Tuowrao* withdrew hi* motion to print, and moved th*t tin- report lie on the table- loot, by 27 to 4i) Mr. Ki.ocaiiii* moved to refer the report of thia com mittee to a r< oimittee nf the whole hour* Mr TnoMeaoe thought tbe adoption of theae rule* pre cipitately waa a violation of all former precedent*, and an encroachment up in all parliamentary ueagea He a?ked, ? have the laMority become l-wt to all ?en<e of jua tice, to the eKen-Ue and to the principle* of equity?" Ha ?aid the amendment* had been prepared for the expreaa MM of rruahlng the miooruv ll *?> p-rhap* UU ueceeaary for blm to appeal to their judgment la ?uch an emergearv. for they had been *o long tna m?re tool* of party and party eauouaee that they were -liain-leedy bet to the eaet-ciee of clemeney and rrurteay to the mi Bority He hoped tbe motion to refer Would prevail; and Vjton that ha called the aye* aad noea Loot, by 33 to SO. Mr Tewaaren then propoaed an amendment. w> that the joint reaolutloa might be acted upon immediately Mr A A Timwraoe m->r-d that tbe report, a*amended, be laid on the table and printed Mr Rimaaaia hoped (hi* motion would prevail It waa ?du? to the minority that it *b<>uld be done, w the inno vation upe n ail former practice* waa very great I'pan the qneatina of tabling aad printing, ho called for tha aye* m>1 noea Mr 0 Ai i re oppoeed the motion The object of the amendment*, he ?nlj. waa merely to facilitate the buai nee* of the aeaatoa After pnene diecuaaion, Mr Can* awooo moved tha pre ?vlona nneetion. Mr A A Tuovrao* called for the aye* and noea. Mr Vwnu called for the diecuaaion of tha >|ueation. The question being upon laying oa the table. Mr Ki. ?raare raile-l for the ayea aad aoe* Lmt. by -'>3 to 4* Mr A A Turner*o"t then moved a re-coaalderatlon, -aad upon that called the ayea and noea. Loet, by 11 to S3 The que?tlon then being on the motion to print. Mr Si ira*M r moved the prtvloua queetlon I pon that. Mr A. A. Tnowpaov called the ayea and Itoe*, Carried. SO to 27. I'poa the motion ta print. Sir A. A. Tnomp*ot called fhr the ayv? and nop* I-oat. 'J6 to 47 Upon adopting the report of the Committee, Mr Pi aar. of Saratoga, moved the prvvieu* queatton Mr A A. Tiionrao* called the ayea and noea. Carried. 30 to Id A dlvlaion vm called for. an that the action of tha Knurr ahoulj be known U|>on each amendment aeparntety Theqneetton being upon the ftr*t amendment. Mr A A THoxraov railed for the ayea and noea. Carried. 43 to 19 t'pon tha arccn l amendment. Mr Wooarxa called the aye* and noe* Adopted 47 to31. Upon the third amendment. Mr Ri.nvaniv railed for the ayea and noea It waa an important amendment. In- raid and, although anoered at by many m?mbera around him, lie ahouid call for the ayea and aoaa Adopted 4i?tn27 I pon the fourth amendment, Mr A A Tuowraov called for the aye* and noe*. By thia amendment to the rule n bill may ba paaeed without being read at all. boat. 90 to M Upon tbe Ofth amendment. Mr A A Ttiowraov called for the ayea and Met Adopted, 37 to it Upon the ?lxth amendment Mr A K TuoMcaov called for the ayea and noea Adopted rt* toll. Mr Ban.- * moved to print the rulea M amended, and -that all other rule* made for the preeeat aeaalon, ba girlnted Carried Mr. A A Tuoxraov offered tha following amendment, which waa ruled "ut of order ? In i* caae dill tka amra-ted rnlea. a* n w made, ba blad ing opaa thcdi-Bnerttie irewhera of thia Ifoiiae.aor >p<< Mr Ateood, of trie, who hat ahowa hiaa-ir to be a liberal man, an<< an hoaornhlg whig. [Mr Atwood had oppoaed the adoption of the amend Oieut* ] VNtan aaamM ov mlu. Mr Brvtpaivcr moved that Taeeday next, at ten ?'< loek. be pet apart for the the third reading of bill* tarried iwa?imwr*T or aaa*i?a? mega Tha Committee of the Whole. Mr Ler<<y la the chair, took up the Mil to improve the Saranac River and Lake, ?nd reported It to the liouae aeMuwt a*rioT to tnk at ?TTamr*on atratova Mr fi Dtaaiv rff red tbe following reaolutloa*. which, After hi ing debated, were adopted ? Retidrfe I '?! It * Reaataeaaeur,) That our Renatnra bad ft tra * if- at a,*, mm be rtjaaittd u<? all baavra bis exertions to procure the josmmo of ? low, by Congress, for the spoody payment of all thoeo who volantearaa thslr "?ru' fi to repel the British la their iuvaaioa of PlatUbtirgh, in 1814, who hare received no compensation for said sereioes. nor for, money by them eipeniled, w hile in the sorties of their country. Rasnlved, That hie Excellency tha Governor be requested to transmit a copy of the foregoing resolution to each of the Senators and Representatives from this State in Congress. The Assembly then adjourned till Monday. New* from the Indian Country?The Cholera among the Indiana, dfc. St. Louis, June 14. 1851. Mr. Burt arrived here last evening, from fort Mackay. Mr. B. has been engaged in collecting various tribes of Indians at Fort Mackay, and some 3.000 wonld be assembled there. There were Ave different tribes represented:?The Ckeyencs, Kiowas, Camanches. Arapa hoes. and one other tribe, all of whom seem well disposed towards us. Major Fitxpatrick, for whom they are waiting, was met at Craw Creek. Mr Burt says these Indians will decline meeting the Commissioners at Fort I.aramie. this summer, where it was intended to hold a grand convocation of all the tribes in that region. Mr. Burt did not meet Colonel Sumner's command of troops, lie learned they were on the route, hut pro ceeding very slowly, in consequence of the prevalence of the cholera among them Flight or ten were dying daily, and numbers were deserting It was stated that two surgeons of the eommaud li.ut died of tho disease. The name of Mr. Kennedy is the only one recollected The trains of the traders were in a similar condition, the cholera having appeared among them, aud the teamsters bad deserted in the general panic. The Mississippi river is still receding very slowly. Accounts above state that ail the rivers are falling The fall, so far, is ouly eight aDd a half inches. Arqulltal of Exta Collier on Two Charges. Baltimore, J une 14. 1351. Collier tried at Elkton for ember, slemcut of the funds of the Havre de Urace IUuk, was acquitted yesterday, lie was tried this morning for fraudulently obtaining a cheek for five hundred dollars, and acquitted. News from Washington. Wash iivuton, June 14, 1351. The Postmaster General publishes a lengthy table, showing the new rates of postage upon letters and news papers to all foreign countries. The cargo of the brig Chase, from Mayaguex. was sold at auction yesterday, at Georgetown The sugar brought 55 Lb a 56 55. and tin molasses 36 a 39 cents. There is a great demand for coasting vessels at Alex andria and freights are liberal?say to New York $2 per ton. The Hon. Ktverdy Johnson Is now concluding a mas ter ly argumeut, in the Circuit Court, iu the Kosciusko case. Destructive Fleet nt St. IsmU, and I.osa of Life? Burning of the Steamer Sultana, Ac. St. Lot is. June 12. 1351. Five buildings on Second street, occupied by lluhler and Hailow. furniture dealers and upholsterers, were di stroyed by fire. The loss is 5C0.000?covered by in surance The steamer Sultana was burned to the water's edge, at eh ven o'clock to day. and five or six persons are sup posed to be lost. She had a full cargo for New Orleans, in ing loaded with 50 hogsheads bacon. 1,000 bales hemp. The biat was insured for 550.000?530 000 in the Icxing ti n. Madison. Floating Dork, Columbus ami Union of fices. The fire communicated to the sugar refinery of Agelrodl. which sustained a loss of 525.COO, which was covered by iusurance. Th? sugar refinery ol Mr Augelbeck was alio destroyed by tire. The loss is covered by an insurance of 5'^b000. The New Constitution of Ohio. Cisc ivnati, June 14.1851. Considerable interest Is manifested with regard to tho in w constitution, which is to be voted on in Ohio on next Tuesday The temperance men will go for it ; and it will, no doubt, be adopted by a Urge majority. It is, aL-o probable that the clause to prohibit the license to sell iutoxivating drinks will be adopted. The city is healthy. There are very few rases of cho lera; hut it prevails on the river Imlow to a ronakd iralile extent, and among the emigrants it is more fatal than last year Five deaths took place in Princeton. Ky The cItilens deserted the town. Father Mathew arrived here yesterday. Interesting from the South. Bai.timo*k, June 14. 1951. The Souths rn mail ha* arrived l-enator Jofiersnn Davis mailt* a accession speech at Granada. Mia* . on the 4U> I nut The Hon. A H. Stephen* ia dangerously HI. at hi* real alii.nce, In Crawfordaville. On., of chronic diarrh ea. Senator Dawson had a leg broken last week, by a rea tivc horae jerking him against a rail. The crop* in Liberty county, Oa., are rulued by the drought The well* ar? all dried up It ia raid another defalcation beeijea Sanderson's, will ahortly be divulged ki thia city A telegraphic deapatcb. reeeired last evening, state* that the bark Kmiljr Miner waa atruek by lightning tn Mobile Bay. and afterward* aeuttled and auak ia eighteen feet water It waa expected that ahe would be rai? -d and repaired. She waa loaded with cotton. and bound to New York. The Bhadrnrh Re acne Caw. Boston, Juna 14. ISM. Hon John P. Hale concluded the argumeLta for the defence In the rearue raae. at half-paat eleven o'clock, and Attorney lieneral TTUnt then commenced for the go vernment and ia now apeaklng The Judge a charge to the jury will be given on Monday. The Michigan Railroad Con apt r a to ra. Drruorr, June 13,18M. Tlie evidence In the railroad conapiraey trial become* more and more pnettive and clear againat Kltch. Pilej i Bennett, and the remainder of the ringleader*, and th-re aeem* to be no ear ape fur them I'roof ia mode of tha criminal act*, aad of the agencyof the prisoner* aa hiring and paying for their eommUaioaa Tom KrmvY a*d Tom Hr**.?The following let ter ia from the Bottom Pilot of the 11th inat. LociaviLLK. Kv . June 1, When the Pile/ of tha 31*1 of May reached me this morning, and in looking over Ita eoinmna, I waa aurpriaed when I *aw my nama endorsing an article taken from the IV'v 1 ark fitrmhl. re* pee ting Tom llyer'* challenge The article haa been written without my knowledge or con aent. by someps-raon or peraon* who*# atudy i* to create disced. and If poaaible llee by *kHiking on their fellow man Knowing therefore, (he wide >pr*ad circulation of the Nk, and alao k nowing that many of my frienda pe ruse Ita column* weekly, and eonvlneed aa I am'of the pain and mortification it has rauerd *orae of th-m to read the article referred to?I will, my dear friend, de pend on yon to give me a chance to refute a*Id challenge It W true when Hjer'a challenge appeared in the papers that a proposition waa made to me by aoine p*r*ona not very mendly toward* llyer They propoaed to me to ar cept of the challenge for $1,000. and if I would become the champion $300 would be mine They offered to raiae the money and nothing re.mired of me but the contest I need not tell yon. friend Donahoe. with what contempt I treated the otter But. determined on raialng the *pree. they concocted the article, and got acme peraon here to write t<> the The partle* do not re*id-' hare; hut some of tbrm being *cmewhat acquainted with me. and cmsidering that 1 rould mat -h llyer. they tried, but In vain, to Induce me to forget the high 'tending which I hold among my numeron* friend* They stated that I waa a mechanic . certainly, and eslne my trale worth more than llycr'i challenge I hop* thf* notice will aatlafy my frii nda that the article In tha /frra/.f waa a grow imposition on my nbaraoter I hone the lb>mU will copy thia lour* he . THOMAS KKNNY. Police Intcllljgenrc. -In .t/fefrd ChmTgr nf f'raiuf ?Officer 8 J Smith, of th? lower police, arreated. yesterday nfternoon a man hy th* name of t'harlea O Tho?p?on on a warrant Issued by Justice I hborn, wherein he stand* charged with obtain Irg by a trick and device, a lot of ho*iery. piece* of silk, Ac . valued In all at $41. from Seaman A Muir, dry good* tienler*. So .141 Broad way The good*, it s< em* were pur chared hy him and delivered to him at hi* office, wh-n the boy was directed to call next day f->r tha money. The hoy railed, hut fine* that time, which I* now several day* ago. the money haa not been paid Justice O-born held the accused to ball In the mm of ?300 to answer the charge I'uJmt .famuli?Yesterday. Captain Maynard, of the Nineteenth ward polire, arrested James Darby. John Darhy and John Duvaul butehera.on a warrant issued by Justice Osborn. on the complaint of Kdward Irvene residing in Sixty-fifth street, near Thirl arenue Th three |*art lea accused, Itseema. attacked Mr. Irvine on Wedne-day laat on his own premises, beating him about the thee and head In a terrible manner, and threatened to kill him The magistrate held the accused parties to bail In the sum of $.".C0 each, to answer the charge at the court of General 8e*aions ?fi mutt with a Slung SAef ?On FrlJay night, officer Buckley, of the Fourth ward, arrested a man hy the name of John Myers, on a rharge of violently assaulting Thorn*-- J eh with a slung shot or * Billy." Inflicting a v?ry serious Injury on the person of pompiniaant. The officer conveyed the accused before Justice Oshorn Yes terday morning theaffidaelta were made in the ease, and the magktrate on the evidence '.0 J or i d committed him to prison to await hi* trial. Cottrt of r>,tnnron Plena. Jt-sv It ?In the eaae </ MuWk v? Stringer % Co . tha ,'usy c nders .1 a sealed "verdlrt frvr th- defendant!. Th* C'. urt adjourn 4 ttu'al W(<lBekh|/ u at. The New Frauk Drees. Notwithstanding the unqualified approval given by a portion of the proas fur the universal adoption of the Turkish costume by the young women of America, it is an incontrovertible fact that those who have hitherto exhibited themselves in our fashionable thoroughfares, decked in the new style of dress, are female* of very questionable character. Every night and evening, for the last week, some of these nymphs have perambulated Broadway, the Bowery, and others of the aaoet frequented streets; and, from their lascivious airs and bold atti tudes, ths class to which they belong can be easily di vined. No virtuous female, who appreciates that re tiring modesty and unassuming grace which can alone adorn her sex, and elevate her in the eyes of the moral and good, would venture out, unaccompanied and un protected, in the most densely crowded thoroughfares of New York, bedecked in a garb which renders her the conspicuous object of rude and obscene comment by the licentious and vulgar?the theme of disgust and con tempt by those who are capable of estimating woman by those unmistakable qualities which are the true sym bols of a chaste mind and moral bearing. If a style of dress, originating with loose morals and a desire to attiaot the gaze of the multitude, is to usurp the place of that for ages worn by the mothers and daughters of America, as well as by the female portion of every other part of the civilised and refined world, we are much mistaken iu cur estimation of the good sense and moral character of the present generation of Ameri can women. l'robelily there is not one in the whole category of th present-day humbugs that has a more demoralising ten 0< ucy than the attempted revolution in female dress; and, viewing it in that light, we feel it our expose to public censure every new exhibition of such disgust ing and luring displays on our public thoroughfares, as being dangerous to good morals, and subversive of virtu ous sentiments in the minds of both males and females, flie actions of two young dames who paraded Broadway and Hudson street on Thursday afternoon, were suffi cient to make virtue recoil from the contemplation of such revolting scenes. One of them was encased in a loose frock cout, that came down to the knees, with loose leggings tied round the ancle*, in the full Chinese fashion. The coat and pantaloon* were ot maroon color. She wore a large gipsey list, decorated with costly rib bons. Slid carried a sieuder white csne in her baud, which she twirled in the sir with all the l>"ld confidence an 1 self conceit of the most vaingl-rious Broadway fop The other, though dressed in a similar style, seemed rather to rbrink from public view, while her companion, by Imr looks, sirs, and gesture*, studied to attract the attention of all who passed tier Such is a faithful description of one cf the New York ladies that have adopted the new costume, so much lauded hv the fanatical ami uaprin lim is to t cipled of both sexes, whose aim is to subvert tin- founda tion of order, decency, and rectitude; and if thUdete-'ti ble movement is not crushed in the germ, by the press and by public opinion, we may soon expect to gee y; ung wt men. not only with frock coats, pantaloons, and ailwr headtd canes, parading Broadway, but alto pufti ig Segars and in every other way assuming the external peculiarities that chararti rise the swells of the opposite sex. To such young men as the'? Student of Nature,'' who at tempted to lecture in Hope Chapel on Wednesday evening, we would offer a few words of salutary admooitiou. If they cunnot find employment in New York more useful and more in accordance with the design of their creator than to dictate to an audience what in inner of dress the women < f America should wear, let them go among hire farmers, aud learn to hoc potatoes and mow hay. or be take them reives to the wilderness with their ?xa upon their shoulders, by either of which means they can turn their exertions so some honorable account, both for their own gocd and that of their country. Of It P-ALTIMORB CORRKapONDENCK. Baltimore. June 14.18.11. Our city, especially the ft male portion of it. was thrown into great exciteuwut yesterday afternoon, by the ap pearance on Baltimore street, of a female dressed in a complete suit of the Bloomer or Turkish drees. The material of which It was composed, was pea-groen silki and the tunic extended to the knees. The trowsere were made of the same material, with a band around the ankle, and a neat flttiug gaiter boot on as fine a spec'.m 'a of foot and ankle as ever appeared on Baltimore street. 8be wore a Jenny l.ind hat. with a profusion of curls, and the body of ber dress had a roiling collar, dlaoi* ing a beautiful worked cbimisette. with standing collar' and plnld silk 'kerchief There is no mistaking the fact that she presented a moat charming appaaraace. at oo<-e neat and modest, and was universally admired. She passed up and down the street with the eyes of thousands upon her. ace< mpsnied by a female in the long skirt dross and Bounce- by way of comparison, apparently tak ing no notice of the excitement she was producing ; but on ber turning down South street and into Lovaiy lane, the whole matter was understood as an advertisement for one of the fancy establishments in that locality. (Trotn the Boston Traveller June By - . ^ Bloomei ism is evidently in th* ascendant From every quarter We hear of ladies who have had the courage? some call it the manliness?to assume the new dress. As s general thing, these are isolated rases?it being only here and there, in any community, that a lady is willing to run the gauntlet i f prejudice and gaping curiosity ? an ordeal to wtirh the adoption of any material change in costume is neci ssariir exposed Lowell, however at we are credibly Informed, is rapidly becoming a per*-ct Blcomerdom; and already the new dross is'the ruiiog fashion A gentleman who was in the city of spindles and spinsters yesterday, informs u>. upon his honor as a bachelor, that he saw as many as fifty very protty ladies, sdomi d with the Bloomer cnetuuic. And the dressmakers there,as our informant learned, are so overrun with bu siness. that orders have necessarily to tw> given some time In advance One hatter had sold, witbin a few days, as many as two hundred of the Bloomer hats. Circular to Young Udln. by n. r. A r.lTTl.K Ooesir WITH Ota I.atlT 0*l,V ? To the Indies, In greater or lea* number. of whom thU poor pen U the ("mutant and laborious servant we hint a thought or two to offer It t? our more mpeelal service, for the lady reader* of thia paper. flr?t. to keep theoi ia forim d (f all the new* that ha* a kNfllf upon their own taste*. comparative condition a* to the women of other count rive and improvement of condition hare at homa ; aail arrond to map out their tendencies shown by tiki* mile-atone* of rrcnte, and draw what generaUsing infer encea we ,ma* aa to tha progress for tbrir advantage The elur that haa been lately givenaa by the Kngh->h preea, aa to our being the '? flraaat people on earth." (via , that we are quite toe freeat? with each other a refuta tion* and aoma rvcwnt activity of thla hind of free dom whlrh our readera may bare noticed, are the open ing* for a little gossip. la thia way, on the aubject of alander. We, laat weak, addressed a apecial homily to our gentlemen readera. on the propriety of makiug it a national pride to exempt ladle* front thla republican eril. We now wlah to chat a munetit with the ladia* thimreleea. aa to their special liability to slander from certain peculiarities of edoration and aoctal position, and aa to the adrlaability of combining to arm agala*t it I'ray. do not call ua tedious. dear lady, before r?in?ml>? log that you. or thoae you lore, are aa liable to thla danger aa any from whom wa hope to suggest Jef-ncee The inmcence that feel* no riak an 1 la taught nocau th n la more *ulnerahle than guilt, and nfttaar aaaeiicd It ia perhaps time tltat the difference Iretwecn n''.. >ua of projrietT hete and in other eountrlea.?houid tse * little modified In Kngiand, where an uumani*! girl cannot walk out alone with a male acquaintance, or In Vranee, where *he la not trusted alone even with her brother, the complete fr- d un of an American girl, aa to her movement* with "beaux." or Ume* and place* of seeing them, would be looked upon a? at t?a*t a f rolnh putting of weapona Int? the hand* of the malicious la actual roneeqiienrea. thla liberty haa, hitherto, worked tietter than wa* predicted The wire* and mother* of cur country nrn allowed to be mire virtuous than tb we of countries where girlhood 1* more guarded But It la from *ome of the accompaniment! of thia freedom? * tillable and safe eacugh in America aa It waa. but not a* It la twginnlng to bw? that the neceasity foe increased caution arises With the flood* of immigration the great increaae of foreign traveller*, and the insensible hut rapid importa tion of European Idea* en-l standards, many of the or dinary habit* of our lad Ire are becoming liable to las gen u* oil*representation It la quite enough to any that, by the prevailing nctiona among? r*?pecubia claaee*. a young girl may go where the ptca?e* with any young man ot her acquaintance meet him anrwlierefor a walk drive with him or write to him?firing little or no expta nation to friend or parent Such habit* and the clrcum *tanc?* that grow innocently and naturally out of them give ample materiel fhr domination?much more, indeed than la mcded by the maker and sustainer of a febe accusation, to prove tt sufficient!* f * the la-ly's itiln Mother* who keep stricter guarl are laugh--1 at to this day for foreign affectation, and ?neer*d atfvr thinking their daughter! better than other people'!' ? hut upon what young lady, eiavpt one thu* watched. C( uld not (he appearanrei." be pro*<d. which, with but Uttle exaggeration and perversion, would be fatal to her gci d name ' Anirrlean young ladle* have one other vulnerable p? int WhOe the boy* of our country are educated over practically, the girla are educated over sentimentality The uni*? reality of cheap and tr??hy nor.-U Impairs vth the relish and tne right appreciation of the companion ship which fall* la their way. and no one of them. N acme hrlrtf period, feel* herself to b? fitly or properly mated lime* a stag* of girlhood which i? a itru*)glii to hvilld a rc nance upon common plane Intercom* ?; and hence, too. aa almost universal h*blt of using eaagger atcd language and describing *- ry simple natt'er* with v?r? intensified and incorrect phrascol-gy A miscar ried Mll-t doux I* mourned over a* utter ruin4 faniy admiration, that ha* brought about a scolding, V dl/< otirred upon a* the "(lark error fatal to her peace ?Wv(1 r," a mi-laid ro*c-t?ud I# deplored aa the oj* loo* fatartn thatronhl never be ree'ored" What tmhooi gtrl's letter* are not likel* to be fuil of such dreamy an I olio re clou* misapplication* of the laageag" r>f novel* ' The Art true and womanly ait c Ho a tl-st eater* hor hiart inspin * her with an appu elation of fine,-re words; snff. with ri*l love *h- writes, for th? ,*r*t tifn?, -(imply hi d titily Ituf ihi* doe* n il eras* ?h ? wild flight* of tai-i j that eJU ' Ua- fetttod au A d'ctMwyJad atvuad with the confiding wnaeaaiogness of a child, and a villain who la disposed to igjura her ha* onljr to get possesion of. and ?xpoe# them. There is little need of dwelling on theee obvious din gers to female reputation in America. Kvery reader whc ha? followed us thttf far, haa mentally aeen ten

rt.-ks to every one we have mentioned Immediate change in national habita and maiuiera never taken place, how ever; and the confiding and careless intercourse of our young ladies with young gentlemen, and their thought less expressions or what tkey do not leel nor understand, will continue yet a while We call attention to it. not with a very strong hope of expedrtiag a more rautiou* and Kuropean stage of manner*. but to suggest a correc tion in public opinion, meantime. The true state of education and custom should be remembered, when ac cusations are made against American women Ladies, in this country, (and uot gentlemen.) are the court by which female reputation is tried and judged, and It rest* with themselves to defend and sustain each oile r Were wi mru to combine?in circles or societies, churches or clubs?to protect innoeeuce by at least testing accusation before delivering over the accused to negleet and in famy, there would be much done at which Truth and Justice would rejoice, uot to say Charity aud Mercy TO TUB EDITS* 01 THE MW VOBK HKRikl.D. New Voaa, June Id, 1961. D?*a 9nt :?Will y*u afford an Kugiishwoman the pri vilege of a corner of your independent journal. to correct a misstatement which appears in this week's Ihmr Jour nal Mr. Willis, in contracting u the complete freedom" enjoyed bv American indies, with the notions of pro priety in England." states that, in tke latter country, " tn uborurried girl cannot walk out alone with a male acquaintance " Ntiw, sir. this assertion 1 beg most one qtiivocally to ccutyadfcl; aud to assure Mr. Willis that be labored under a most erroneous imprvsskm, if he sup posed there was any truth whatever in the informa tion he was imparting to the ladies of New York. In deed, Mr Willis's statement is so much at variance with truth tbat it would not require contradiction, hut from the tact of its being written for the perusal of ladies who are mostly unacquainted with the social lifo of the '? Woiucu if England." whose virtue Mr Willis, in a sub sequent paragraph assail* in a most gross and sweeping msuutr. asserting that, in consequence of their "girl hoc d being more guarded." they are, in after Hie, Less viitui us than their American si-tern?a fulsome attempt to Hatter Air oilcan ladit-s. founded upon an embodying a slanderous charge agaiust a whole commu nity. wbieli must shock the delicacy and excite the dis gust of every lady In couclu.ion. I advise Mr Willis to exhibit no more of his trnnestlnutic experience " At ail events. I trust lie will desist trciu giving any further extracts from the ?? note book of bis memory," untli lie can chain his '?wild flights of fancy." and confine his statem-uts in h u e witbiu the limits of truth aud common 1 remain, yours, respectfully. JUL! A BENNETT TliontrUnd aitd Dluwlcnl. .,IM- ?Au tli. r elegant and r?r!ej dt V " *B?W;U?iend for to-morrow ereuiiifi at fhii J ? ndid dramatic edifice. compri.lug three nice.-. of ajerbug merit. Tie first anJ lead;ivtVat ur, u*>,.i h, i, ,f ...^ H*' 8 you,,S ??<* t aim tod actor. N?i" V ofk 'til" kn?-u totfa, f> r 1 i t an inratlw*?!j Jramatlc UiniU hare mm *?*r an im* ?t<u hIm? nuifc will tiii^ Mi n ( f Gnicc llvrttam Thi. rlU ETfoU^^ hn^eM extravaganza called the <- Ethiopian I'Hnct.-"n^h Mr. Jt rUao will appear in Ouffv Kim* ? ,, pHnci,.l characiVril. "lllf U hlde^j TtinSlut?tia meut. and unuit attract a full houw latcr-wn KM : arll^L ?* *lmP|p be?utr In the h.rre-t ESSSstfS SS'-'W ? SS sssssn asar sSk ? oLt i * 1,1 wurtLy of bring wttuecaj and an hi..'? 7 ?"! ''r",,,!rtjon' ? 1- well calculate ! to makea" l'r-| cerclon in rarer of rirtue Tt bDi v. -/ . *a PcuVaod IIZ"i)lit*' I~Th' l,Pro*r*ap" of Mr. J. R , , a,,~ *irs ?'?lluda Jonex. at thi. fieorit-. irenit.g will, (!,? celebrated tragedr of "-loo" \it ii*MfcTteTi?^n J "th^ foUT ?? b*8 <a <ii i it " ho J tun coucludhur ? ill be llir Baatlaal drama call, d . Tom Utiugl,o?Ja '?!*" ;,L< ?? in -tub hoolt XaS .,u pCV Mice Crocker and Mr. I>r, w. will .p^ W?0 I'u7lr )??? incurred^r.-at #xp*uw* lately. jn ordnr to mornfu'lir Uona hare WnS ???Mrta4 ?enqueue, of the addition U the alr Jir u^lr. e n r-nyof Mlxa Julia Benntt. i lad/^ thc mon flMd MMrtt and who- abilitiex ax'.n actr.? har. ?W?a^',?thi?<l **"*"? enlightened audience., ft T.. rF ' een'ns In ? new drama entitled the l^'V ,tl<' " lh" Couute.. d AutreriUL alo {?'i',\h 7 et?ril?K actor, and uulrerw! faroiitea KLi t e ' I y?V.n":r ^ "u ,nd Mix* JulU Gould Mr ? let. her and Ml.. Tayleure will then execut. a farorite uJi w" th a ,riubB ?wfun?"i ^ ^ r. T^l i?f81 ?<"c>mpari:ment in th- orcUe*. l? .< * c ocluJing future will lw the triumphant. !L? Vi""!! comedy of th. ?? liome Rook of Ilej.,tT " w th Mr Brt ugham. Mr Lynne Miw Mary Taylor \lr< iud Vi l , V*h.*m K*'e ""rn Mr. Veruou ^IllL c^m'u^r ' 4Pp,Mi,,tl lh"ir r-Pect'?e,t'Ke0'.Siri*1* T7Tb* rerPirmanpe. at thl. far>rlte andI hcaiitlful location, during the pa.t w.ek were V| i I n 'i lJ>w ? Jniirer. not only of the Karet i n m 8J^? "f Dnrton and hi. excellent oomganr of r. mrdlanr The attraction, for the en.uirig wee* wllf be ' r lo Graw rn Wdrd huu*e. Th? entertainment, to morrtw erenlng wid coinmnioe with the erolu'iona on piVl withT ,bf the celebrated .l.brieland Kfanc ,u i . Antuine Karel and Madame Axe! and the Standin"^* kT1* Wi'} h" by lh8t ?*tc?>rdinarj artut. M ; ?nd'8 '"J? ?chierement. of hackwimi and forward Tie "tbrr OOT'' *nJ intwrratinf featu-.-. S br,h* b^" paut omlni. of leet v i J" Drram," with Mile Bcrtin, M HrU iant. J, idanie Marretti. and other eminent artiat. In the witlT*!|iV" rh"r*ct,-w Thr entertainment, will eonelude with the comic pent, mime of ? \ol-au-Wnt. with "ll! I brui Harel in hi. feal. U*" ?A* uaual. thi. inimitable hand r fnigr,, ^deli neat or? were honored laet w.-ek with th. Ju, ,, "D8 ? audicnoea Another i rhinol olT, |vd f,,r to-morrow ereulng. com (Thing a aeieetion of their beat aone*. dance. IiL.tru iriTit.l pi.era. tmrica<|uoaand wittieiami. Pi i.iow.' Sli.rieKL. .wo thi: Ni w Oiirim lui. oi a. bare won the unlimited faror and patronage of the ieV! I'rLith"^'/! . .N'**ht their beautifui h?U Pc.i, ? ?.i? and fhahionahie aiambleaji.. who | aa ? !l* ?ppchation on their perforroanc .? et.mog rrn?rma"ni' U announced for to-morrow wiilVLL* th *1,?" ~Mu e >UrPt<C*n 1 orehaatra e.tlhf hm e?iKr J,'-nd*f cnoert at thia popular a Uhnu nt thi. ?reninf, c mpn-ing aewerai .plendid endneof enir,U " w mp' 4i,""w f"'m *??? "f tb- m >.t eminent enmpnwra Thle grwat atliaetlon. together with the ..op,;rton ty of MjoyingnIwauU/ulghue ?h>eoreaai, e?-ry part *" **" br,'<"1'' IUU" #ru"J thp ifw lcn in 1 "''""J -r. w_ We we that Le.?, Jan.U|. (he j l arr"r HfT L'Uae. the i i - gJDina.f. and .lean Larue whoae feat, in ?M Mhi!!^'^!?'IWl MtrMr4ll?rI make th. ir ll.toi I. ' muwum. thU erening rha .. . , ? V y . r' "?po.edof antagoniatic bir ta andani- ! thc uiTiltu.'" in" ""nin? ^i-ntahip. U alwT inc of I,! ,lt,p* 1""louneed in the bid Thr.? naw f.r-e? . "".T- ,n l<> the#, attractioiw?an that uTiMnS^TwX ddUW:""- ^ ""eoider of the dey thftiafT. *bU,llr* ?>?" Wn well tod^l at treidng next ** WUi UiM hlJ bao.tu onTuowday | dnrineVhl*.'!' "Krr ??!! riMt Allmny an l Ro.ton drnrtog theaummer waeon Mr. Kkerrett | ,.n .xa.-l iLri xznaz- ? ur,ru# wbu-8; ii? *E,p]?"?* *?n I-owi or Lift iw .Tra.rr CSitt ? mi a Un'th'i"*-? "i1"* ?'cljck- * Prrut-c^nleal cUUiah j J5' H'bL,c'yJ* 1 atreet. near Rtrrow. waa -,ud fb! 'W,Tt ,r. Li"*,lJ",t" Mr na?p^ owner of lh* t?LT!f ?v'- *hV *** ?orh in the e.Uhl,.h?ent at ?i- I ?. r? ?e.i<'i'<*?i,>'. " "M Wo,n ?on"* 'lietan-ein the with the i iri lfL clothing hclnj torn rrom hi. ho ly. .f>er ^ "ML ^tVw V1 Mr WW. aec5. fell V.m ?iVf V *"?l*?boi?t tw?nty yarie, when he uof.^H?e.P 'bortly afteiw.ri, fh* body of the wVrThu ^ fD.1"1 W"" burnt M b! vk ? ? coal, bia eU. l> area 4 ? ?IJ,1 80,1 hl* r?c? b irribly mutilaUd Dive*. ,{ Went. I wlfp to "??urti hi. untim ly end W"l'-,fn oentKH i ^ Mtimthladraadftal aee'-dent Mt fn,'twill 7 ii" m,'n 8t WOrk- 81,1 *tr 'h<* to \Z. 7 direetion. aoine of thern acroaa to t'"-. iiu-il-<?w 'Pore , not one of then, m.talned the .Ugf.tfat Zu?7 r;-'.-zzsi W?. "tan lin-T in Ih. a ^ occurrence, the liecaae-d i-X. li,vhL.f7uo^"'ilf of W8r1on county f'la, haa nw?'U tou- ni-L' 1 January I n<t. the eisiirnUod -> *^t<y from iV>u'-ti Car^oat The Chief B?|tne?r and the Common CMMlk To THF. ClTI XVfll Of Nv.W V OR* : At the January session of tlx* Common Council, th? Commissioner of Repair* and Uiipptie* w*? requested to fully report a plan and specifications for erecting ? bulld'.rg for a court house and office*. Lcanamg that ft ?u contemplated to extend tha Bait end or the Park Almshouse building, or new City Ilal'. f<* proposed court ?hou?e l went to the Cotnwlsffioner of Repair* and Supplies to aacertaln if inch were the rare and lie Informed me that ft waa. 1 than re.jueat.-d Mr. Adam*, the CommUeloneT. to state. In hU cominu nication aeeompanjing hi* plan and specification*, that the ground proposed for a court bouea wa* al ready (ecu pied by three efti.ient ftm company and that the tfrst movement should be topiowtde these Ore comtti nie* with new building*, near their preaent lomlitiea.W fc.te hot action for the erection of a eourt houae thereon, whirb he refused to do. At the extra session, hi March. when tbeCoaimlwioaeraewt in hi* plan and I at tbe ranie time cent in a remonstrance?tha Commw atom r a n port being referred. on motion of Aldertnwn Kelly, to the t'oaimittee on Ilepalra and Ruppl es (oom posed < f Miser* Smith. Delamater. and Oakley), and my remonstrance to the Committee on the Fire Departawnt The fc mmitt.e on Repair* and Supplies ?*!>orted bly.whieh wh* adepted-the niiy* being Mesara Miller ard Cook. The following is my remonstrance, which is embodied in the< fflclal proceeding* : ? ??To the HftnabU Cnmman Cmtnnl ??(ientbnien :?Having receiyed information that it l? eout. mplated ton. re the buildings in the Park, frontln r on ( hiuubei set root now occupied by Kngine Company No Hose c. tnpaoy No 28. and Hook and Ladder Company No 1 for the rnrfwise of extending the building known as the New Ctt y Hall. I. as Chief Engineer of the Klro Depart ment. w. old remonstrate agalnet tile same, unlets suita ble building* are previously furniehed for their accommo dation The apparatus abore alluded to U located and u.-ed in that part of the city where at least two-tWrds of the wealth of our citizens i* concentrated, the district i not supplied with more apparntm than I* essentUUv necessary for its prot. otion. sod none can well be spared, exen for a short period more especially that valuable arin of the Depart Be-ut known a* hook and ladder companie . And when it is conei dered that No I is the ouly book Slid ladder eompany located in the lower districts. 1 think you will sgree with me that it would be crippling the Depaitment. and exposing too much valuable pro perty to the ruTBges of the devouring element. to dw .eose with their services The engine and hose comoa Iii. ? are also very necessary to the efficiency of the l>~ partno nt in that section of the city I would, therefore, respectfully and urgently requestor your honorable body that the matter he lielnyed until *uit*bl* IocaUUa# W? he provided for them It may. to some, appear a tr.tliug matter that the location of the apparatus of two or three fire con'panic* should delay a work to which so much importance seem* to lie attached, but I caunot view It as.ucb, and. coueideriig that property tojthe amount of million* way lie sacrificed. I conceive that I should Is wmiting in my duty as chief officer of thp Dep irtmeut, not to ?titer my protest against a project that *o uia.e rislly a fleets the efficiency of the llepartm'-nt A1.FKK1) CARSON. Chief huglneer. Chi. f Engineer's Office. March IT. lS-il " The 11. ard of Assistants, at their extra session in Match, reternd the bill from the Board of Alderman to a C. mm it tee ccmpwed of Webb. David Miller. and Mr Ti. man At the M?y session Messrs Webb an 1 Miller reported against concurrence; but Mr Miller. h< wever inert dible and extraordinary it may aeem. at the same session actually made and signed a minority w?ort tn f?ror of a concurrence with the Board ofAlaor na n. which vas ad ipt.d the nays being Messrs Crane I'mr. and James Webb who. together Mors Miller and Cook, of the other Hoard. I trust and la lirve a 11 receive the cordial approbation of all good citizen*. From the incipient stage* ot this disgraceful liusin.-ss. down to the flna. passage of bill. 1 ri Ii. at.'dly told the uie:nb<-rs of either Board lliat if th. y persisted in extending the building in ?i\iv a tiou they should either extend it* west end. or if they must extend the east eid. thst they should first provide new and ruitabe localities for the apparatus of the three flu- r?-W panics about to be suddenly turned into the street; to vM. h tiiey all made solemn promises that th.y would wbt. h proved, a* usual, to be utterly fal.a rln * I called oo ll;e Major, on Friday morning of las wiek ar l a,t .d h m if lie had signed the bill; andli- said that be bad not. but (hat l.e liad prom!*, d to doao. 1 lire', d ii ui U wad a f> w day*. which he declined, saying that he we* ti a cxp. Mr Blunt.the District Attor u.y with Uil By what authority the District Attor ney i.pp. mt?.I as op. rial agent to pffic ure the sig na't. i.' ,' the M y. r. 1 1 ave not yet satisfactorily asw-r i?.11,1 l-r-sently Mr Blunt cam* in and han Je-1 the ..ill t . the Major f r hi# signature, when the Mayer informed Mr M that 1 had just been relating the d-ph-raMa conso MUtnees that m'.gt.t follow the ? nnexation of his name to the bill, whrteup' a M* Blunt. addres.-inghims. Utom.-. said in an earnest tone. " Wliat am I to do i am crmi'tH-d for r.s ui I have to take rare of all your row dies.' kc.?a contemptible sneer at my comrsdw. to which I disdained to make a reply?a reflection too c .m mon nflat.-fa-ni the proud official* connected with our municipal gorcrnment against that meritorious era*, o* citixens alio sacriBc their hour* of bu-inea* and recrm tich waste the energies of their early manhoraldig Uieir pr.p-wt ure grave*, and render hom.-les* and frl. ndle-* their w id<iw- and orpliHii* by their patr.otic and gnitu itous nw-erva: ion of the Urgest commercial city of th* western bemlxphcrc. lu n y interview, I told the Mayor tliaf h> signature woald peril the chiet business portion of cur city, that the hook and laddsrx-ompany in < b*i-s sire, t wss the only company In tb>- two lower dis tricts. who b C mprise the vast area rvUth ol a line run nlrg from the foot of North Moore stcc*t to the Tombs, atli thence to the foot of Market strc-t; that the bill he w*? st out lw*n.w ???kAsseBdeiicivtWc & thla, in absence of which it wuul 1 be iin;io-?lb!e to wnefc?flwctt*a?yaa<??vx, that In cons, 'jnente of tb*- -parsltj* of the population In the lower watds. aud the disinclination of ourciti*-n. to d > the severe labor of the licsik and ladder companies, vaili a'.t.mpts had bo. n madefor year* to organize ano ther hook and ladder company in the lower pa-t of the city With this iui|*rtant iiif .rmati m lietore hnn l finally toi.l the Mayor that If he -igned th- obnoxious bill. 1 shcuid conceive it my sacred duty to apprise the public at lent-- of tin-calamitous n-u'ts that might >peeddy fol low his reckless approbation of this pernicious WU Now in addition to all tllU. wh?n I eonMder that the city go vei rn.ent has vainly tried,<0T atx-ut two years pa*t . to pur chase a ? mail lot below Chamber* street, for Kogine Co No f. it will te impossible for the thrca companies in c'bami ers street to be as favorably located as now. who* tui .line- ore sin ut to be dcmobshi d to gratify the Dia flirt Att. ri .y and others with more . legant accomino datii i a, that frisjnently, while a fir.- is raging down tow n although the carriages come with a full set of hose, I am < bilged to send th. m back to their Lous** for an extrn si.pplv. thereby bwltig much valuable time, and ex hausting tbe strength of the tin men in the porfortnanrH of a double duty that I Lav* bandy sufficient force In the lower part of the city?often calling on other dis trict* for aid; that at the recent Howard Hotel and Dnatc stn et fins. 1 was almost cm pel led to strike a geiwisl i.lstm. which should seldom, it ever occurs* each district constantly require* ail the force allotted to it. end above all. when I cn?.der that the M .yor and r, a. m on Con cell have by the pss-up- of -hi* bill, with full knowledge of all tlmse f.cts. deUb-ra'.ely exposed to ibe flames a large *b*r- of the commercial of i this nation-1 now. as s U*t rvvwt havingappea.e.1 and t< ironstrated In vain against such fatal legislation, find my . if reluctantly compelled to urge the insurance com , panic* m-rrhant*. manufacturer*, artixans proprietor", ai.d our cltlren* g. nerally to Ins.- no tlm ? In resiling to such m.asures as the crisis demands, for the more em-e tna! pres. rvatlon of that valuabl* portion of our city be low Chamber* street Indeed, wben I le-h.-ld the count less ve'sels. and the mUliou* on millions of doUars in- | vested in wars* and warehouse* b?-low Chambers street, and r-< ur to the desolating conflsgrations of JO and tb. Isdh of which I attsnded as a fireman, my Mnodrhlla wftli f- ar a* I contemplate the fearful tendency of the re cent mun'c'psl enactment, that i* about to destroy throe efficient fire companies, in a olstrlet that can lea-t sparo th.m w hich canuot fail to embarrac* the department bro i vond concept!on. and peril as much propeitv as oaa ba IfOUCJ Id tb# fAJn** at* A ?>n th* fere of th#? ? oa^a bad much collision with our municipal government dor iugths peat war which has been the occasion of often introducing my nam* bef'sre the public, which ia exceed ing!r dlsple*! log to me; but however unpleaeant our municipal legislation, at times, la so exceptionable and disastrous thst. when it senoue.y militate* with the , vital interest* and effectual organ! sat Ion of the KirePe partmi nt and with the safety of the city cntruetedto me as chief Engineer. I am re-wlved, cM*e what may. to resist It In my ? fficial anJ private capacity to the last 1 fee', that I have now discharged my d?*y, in seasonable warning all classes of my fellow rittten* of the impend ing da?g?r to their property an I live* AI.RKKD CARBON, chivfl nglfe'er Ch,i, K?oi?n * a Orn? ?. Jut. IMnrVie \fTa\r*. T??t T?if !ifliL?n ?The ??-nmrh'^ Otintjr ht'ini Wm fa-dee orated and painted. runie d"?? to her berth. ?Inter 3 Notth rirer. ye?t?rdny, and ta now ready fur tneprrtkm. .*he will poeitneljr Ingort at three o dork on Toeeday aftrrnorn Thin will ntford a Rood oppor t Jalty for auy one wlehing a pU-neaat and aeOMhical trip to Ireland, or the World'* Fair. L?rM in o?At New ItodVrJ. on the evening of the llth tnetant.ehip IbUman built by M >?r? .1 1 7. lliKnvm for Henry Taher ft Co . of N U Rhe I* <mtd to be a fine ehip,Vuilt im the moat thi rough and euhetnnlial manner, and will ht employed in the whale ft*h?ry under om mail] ot Captain Chrietopher Cook, late of the (to-al Rnturu tier limeneione are ? Length. 1 13fhet ? inehe* breadth, ST M 4>, inrbee, depth Id Wet tS, Inchee and fgy R4 '.'6 tcn? burthen At the eame time, by Me*?r? Cannon k lefh a '.tiperior whale etilp of +T.1 tone, called the Oorueilaa ^?liowlatiU. owned by Edward W Iiowland. and to bo fl%t mmandi'd by Captain Prnehy, late of the Kuphratee At Augueta. rm the nth Inetant l>y Maaara done* % ! Fwell, a fine brig of 333 tone, failed the Btoonwr T??r Pti "i Ro?r drawn** Ih on *?? launched #Bw t-'rjay morning, fri m the yard of Mr. A W< elerralt (hot of Il uetcn (tract. EtKAMfHir* enrrm Tt* ?*n Tdtraeooi ?W' un deretand that Mr Donald McKay, th? well '.mown nhlp luililcr at Kaet Boeton, bae COWWIOOad tln< eonetruction ofaeteaMrhlp of SAOO tona, for Mceer* l.norh Train v Co , being the firrt of a line of pi "(teller* between (hi* city and Urerpool. Thl* ehip ia to Imi called tba Oharl>-a Iluttibrnlon in honor of tb" eminent meret ant in l.terrpool of that name who I* lattr ly coMeeted with the American trade, and I* to be commanded )>y Captain Albert II Brt wp - Motion Journal The three Indicia delivered hy cam Jonea to the t utted State* ofher*. charged with murder re-ently iinng it 1 meelrea llUttlal at Tampa Pay t" ?r? la iftg an nr. nc !V (titan' tayet tbr j >11 eu ??? Brooklyn City Intelligence. BKOOKL\ N A PORT OV ENTRY. Post if Mcrrii?o.?An adjourned meeting WU heiiloM Thursday evening, at the Supreme Court room, City HaOl for the purpose of taking measure* to petition Congrwsr 011 the rubject of constituting Brooklyn a port of nkr. The room not more than half full, but several of the leading citizen* were tobe seen among those assembled J ustice Truman Smith wan called to the chair, Aider man Marvin and Adrian liegeman K*'] .appointed rice preah tmta and Major Teale aecretary, with whom Aide* J. Spoonar. K."<i . waa associated. OS motion. Thuae pre liminaries being arranged, aeveral of thoae present ad drersed the meeting, when It appeared that considerable difference of opinion existed among them as to the ad visihtlity of snch a course. ICx-Alderman Underwood said that rouaiderable inconvenience would arise if th* measure were carried out. and Jae much doubt*<d ltd practicability Mr Alden J . Spooner followed, and ia ? very elo?|nent address c mbattcd the argument Of thw Vast speaker, and urged the rights of Brooklyn, dwelling on the rapid and unprecedented increase in bar popula tion. extent and importance Aid) rnian Smith, who like Mr Underwood spoke from the body of the meeting, next rose, and in a plain u4 matter of fart atyie. proceeded to point ont the inooa veaienec that would result, if Brooklyn werea separata jxirt of entry, lie said every eraft carrying over phM valne. would have to he cleared befor* she eonld cross Mm Kast river to New York, and scarcely a ferry boat could make a trip without being under the same obligation. Where were the merchants ' lie believed that there wan but one importiug merchant in the city. They musk therefore send their goods over to New York, and foe tl>at would require permits This railed up Col. C. J. Jack. Counsellor, who wa* much astonished at the observations of the AMeranany and begged to t* 11 bim.that be knew nothing of tks p< wer< r Can fives to remove all the difficulties to whioh be had alluded. A bill could, and would, be prepared and passtd to remove them, and there was no reaaom in fact why Brooklyn with her hundred thousand inhaU tenis should remain completely overshadowed by her mere powerful neighbor At the close of the Colonel's speech there were lead calls for " Greenwood'' When the Judge roue, and after < bserving that though much Interested in the rjuee tion: he had not come intending to say anything upoa it; he proceeded to oontend that many advantage* would accrue to Brooklyn from the measure. Bhe waa already the 1-eveuth city in the Union, and yet its separate and independent existence us a city was scarcely knows to the general government, or to the rest of the world. The Alderinun had stated there was but one importing nieichant in it. but lie wanted to see a huudred. (Cheers ) He would support the measure, because ha thought it was justly due to Brooklyn to give the charac ter and name that she ought to have, if she was to be aa indt | rodent city at all. The learned J udge sspeech waa listened to wi'h considerable attention. and excited monk applause throughout Twogentlemen. whose names wore in t aiim uuced. followed from the body of the meeting. After which. AlJermau Marvin, who, as Vice President, set nt the Board wculd address a few words to them,whioh he proceed) d to do?showing that there was dissension la the hi art of tlie cmup itself, for his observations were eu tirely opposed to the measure, as one that could never ba tamed into effect; Brooklyn was. he said, the mera ''dormitory'' of the New York merchants , and to this she owed all her importance aud the vast increase of her population, which would con tinue, owing to the crowded state of the lower purl off Mt w York ri'.y. and its almost entire appropriation ta commercial purposes Ail the trade to the North and Western part of the State and elsewhere, by the vuriow* railways, centred in New York ; whereas Brooklyn could not exist as a mercantile emporium. Where were the goods to tw si-ut to * Whence was to come the coa st niption but through New York ' Long island. beyond tlie city of Brooklyn, contained lint tx) 0<>; inhabitants' so t lis t the idea of any demand but from the other aldt^ was alisurd. Ue concluded by suggesting, iicau iinend rr.i r.t to a tesolutlon previously prop isej, that a commit tee tie Appointed to report at a future meeting Tbia propcsition met with little response, mid ?os not pressed{ and tlie original rcrolutlon. to tlie effect that the time bad arrived to mnke Brooklyn a (tort of entry, and that a committee of nine tw appointed to memorialise Gun green and take the reijuiste necessary steps towards the object, was curried "1 he committee were then nomi ratrd by the cliair, viz ?Judge Greenwood. James K. I nJ'rlisl!. Uoukliti Btush. (Mayor.) Thomas J Gerald, William McDonald, ft W ?tillwsll. C 8. J Goodrich, and Cliaric* J. Jack, to whom Aldeu J. Spooner sm Adr'.eu ]!< gi ti ac were added, on motion And the mcet ii g taps rated. A gentleman of credibility present, stated that he had carefully "counteil hea ls,' and there ?.re, tncli ding reporters. Ac .exactly 10ft and all told. I't ri.u 8i hooi luMissTros ?The aneual etansioa tion of EcLool No. 8. located in Ml'ldagh street, betweea Ilisks and Henry, took place yesterday, in the presence rf a large audience This is a most excellent school, under the superintendence of Jnsinh Keeve, Ksq , Prin cipal at-l*'. id by eleven able and faithful teachers The children are not surpassed ie appearance by those of any s.Bumr establishment in the city The number on the register, 722, average attendance. 4A2. Not being able to fled any nrconimodation for reporters, we are unable logfve any notice of the exercises, but understand they Were highly creditable At the close of them, a splendid silver i up was presented by a pretty little miss. Char lotte Crayte;, to 8. L. Holmes. Keq., the city superin tendent, as a fw*U merited) testimonial of respect and esteem from tlie pupils. The veaeral le superiiitwodsot was takeu by nirprise: aid. apparently much grafths^ acknowledged the c> mplUneat in a. very feeling ?inner Thete were souie exceedingly pretty songs, and the per formance of the musical ? his-os was excellent Tha nmaC of ac* oiuieodetlon for the press above notlood, ie tee general at Brcoklyn?not only at the public i In li.kl in churches, he On many important and i at creating vmeasivat: it is much felt. Brooklyn Clfjr Bsfore lion Judge Greenwood. and AUtui h Pell l.?-eh Jl'"I 13 ?M) 14 ?/mfiWrninf fur Snlurtiun __ Brndley a gentleman of color, who oomc I hue ainoe ap plied for admission to the Nir hut lulling to ur.jvilra lk in the manner Fought for. had hU desire gratified by aa indictment being founil against him uoder the etalutsv (chap 3?1. Tint section. p*-?.-<l '?11 March IMA), whetwia he stands charged with having. under a promise ?f marriage. wJuo d Cecilia Holly. was brought up for trial. The case baa teen p.n.ling for nearly twelve mouth*. The piweutrix, who is aa intelligent colored amnan. ab< ut twrnty-flve or twenty.ri* yeara of age. tare how cvldrure in a rem.irknldy straightforward and rlenr manner bhe had lieoonte ac.|tiainted with the dof<w>4 ant in 1848 at lor brnther'e. In Brooklyn who wna a sh?" maker, defendant being of the name craft, In IM be hiul prupo" d marriage to tier, saying bo lu t< nded to go to Canada, for a abort time, and then re turn to Wuliamtborgh to practice law She baJ aascnle4 to bia propoaal of marriage and ultimately he had ac complished her aeduetion under eireumatancea which at e detailed The reeult appearej in Court in the foraa of a pieeaoiooy. which had made Ita entree "Into thin breathing world" aince the Indictment wae found Kliiale'th Clark corroborated the evidence of tho pro aecutilx. aa to the promise of marriage, the defendant baring epoken of the praeocutril a< about to bono ? bia wife Lc A briber of prosecutrix deposed aa totk* conduct and demeanor of the parties, and a Mm Jack ton end klaria lioimea -poke aa to her iireprnarhahl* rhararts-r. and some letter* were put in but not rand. Upon this teatimony. II A. Moore Raq . the Aaaintaat Ii-Uirt Attorm y reated tha rase for the prosecution The defendant (wiio waa aaaiated by Mr AUea# thetvui>on proceeded to open hie case hinaeeif, apparently highly pleased with the opportunity atlnrded liim for a forenalc dlaplay Taking the booh la hie hand, be ronimeneed to apply the laoguago of the elatl-te to the evidence, when tbe r >urt interpoeed. and aa. I he wan altogether out of order in aummtng ay tha cridence at the present stage of the proceedings Dn fer dant replh d he was only observing on the law fix# court a. .juie-eing in bta tight to do an. he processed to iiisliuc I the jury on tbe pointa of tbe ease, staling than with some ingenuity, and m-rtaluly originality Aa ho waa indicted for committing thia otTenre under a pro nue of marriage." it was necessary that the prow cation should prove that and as it involved an agreement, tbe itihj.c' matter of which . iceelal M. it ehoui l be in writing In auppnrt of thia, be nwad into a calculation much to the aiaiwasni of bta andieme. ae to the amount of responsibility a fuifilnieut of the contract would Involve him in. ahem ing that u taking a wtfe" la a very oneroua under taking Agaiu The pruarriitrlt should pr<?re that aha had cnJaeU d her-eIt n a manner eomporting with how position ai J tendrr In rselt ready fur a perfonnanae of the agreement, which had not been done, and ha strongly in-imiatrd that aha had. o? the contrary, oom duct. d ner.slf ia ? manner which would, in the eetima tlon of the jury, abaolve him from hla vvn. Tbe court here again Intcrpoard. and endeavored to point out the wide difference of defending himself from this erimiial charge, and from a civil suit for a breach of p. i wire of marriage in which latter position he ap. p. and to consider himself. Tins etyle of anrumeat waa r. rtinui d for aonae and borne by the Court with ei? ?rjdaty patience, the Judge informing the defeodaaC that his position alone Induced them to forbear stopping bin The avpt.n I lay'a performance opened with the testi mony for the defence the theory of whleh apoeared t? ( be that th" praecrutm was a woman of h*?ae -haraoter, and that tl r pnt< i nit j of the i mall individual was falaolf cbaigrdtolhe defendant. 1 he principal witness one Simons, who wae to prcsra ' all this, was, at first, miseing lie afterward* appeared, t.ut when placed on the stand lo awear to some state, mi nts he had made, he refused to do ao; on tbe ma trnir. he llatly denied that any thing had ever ocewrwi | that would ri'tect In any way upon the character of the proescutriv lie refused to anrwi r several ine<tl.<n*. put I in him by M Moore, as tending to degrade him Mr Allen sutnni- <1 up for tne defence, and math- a happy I Sort to re* let the weight of testimony again* hiui Mr Moere replied on behalf i f th" ppople and Ju ige Grv enwood delivered a ? barge In which hp dw~U upon th" nature of Ibe rffencc, and the oei<fio of the rtalute making it a criminal one. ami refi rred lo the <te testation in which It was h>-ld hy the ancients, and the laws enacti d by them for Ita suppraaatan Thejuty after a short consultation, returned a vavkc* of gu.ii y "anJ the acntcuca wae defew4 Oomvatle lMlacelUnp. W- are again Indebted to Captain Degroot. or A.Many pspert in advance of the mail 1b? mall taken by the Georgia on the Uth In* , to* rwrtiia . welghod 13uQtMbe Th- report of the MeMH.sw of th* ' oonoetlent *U|# 1'Tlscn gives the number confined there on the W <W Match las' at ' 5T. or ^ ? ;<w* th?" ?? tb*".os - if hi pw riou* j

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