Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW"YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6810 MORNING EDITION?MONDAY, JUNE 16, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. B AMUSKKKNTS. OWEBT THEATRE.?BOXES, ? CENTS; PIT, , (wu, hit! in Orchestra Boies. 00 oents.?Doew opea at7bi; to commence at 73* o'clook. Monday evening Juno !?>. Will be acted the DREAM OF LIKE? Ueorjr Uertram, Mr. E. Jddy; Sir Gborge Wormier. Mr. Hamilton; Billy Hwissle, Mr. oraan; Grace Bertram, Mi') C. Wemyss. To be followed by the extrasagaais of the ETHIOPIAN PRINCE- "ufTy King, llr. H. C. Jordan; Charlea Moraton. Mr. Uimilton; Amelia, Miss Hiffrrt To conclude with the famoui ir una of J ACK tfHEl'I'ARD?Jack bhcppard, Miss Deniu; Jonathan Wild, Mr. Tilton; Blueskin, Mr. Rtevens; Thames Darrdl. Mr 11a milton; Mr?. Wood, Mrs. Brondley; Kai hael. Miss HilTcrt. National theatre, Chatham street-boxes, Bcatu: Pit. 1JH canta; Orchestra Tickets, 40 ccota; Private Boa Tickets, SI. Boora open at 7ourtaiu rises at VJB o'oloak. Monday evening, June hi the i-iteriainmsat* Will emnaenaa with the tragedy of ION ?Ion, Mra. M. Jouca; Adraatua, Mr. J R. Scott; Ctesophon, Mr M'atkins; i'hooian. Mr. Cook. A^eni.r, Mr. La Favor; Madeon, Mr C. W. Taylor; ?Clcoii, Mr. Ihompson; Clemanthe. Mias Crocker. Popular (Jauce l.y Miss Malvina. To conclude with the nautical drama of TOM CKIN'GLE?Tom Cringle. Mr J. It. Saott; Mat of the iron Hand, Mr. Brandon; Black Walter, Mr. Li Favor; Gip By Jack. Mr. G. L. Fox; Funny Foxglove, Mrs. Drew. ^VrajflMO or CASTLE GARDEN WITH ITaLI.1V Oyer*, at Fifty ceuta. 'M *x Man kt/kk M a v acikh am ii Con ore roR. siunoka a. liobio an deign oh bettini. Mu.-viiav Evkm.vo. Jit.vic I'i Will be performed the Opera of LUCIA DI LAMMEKmOOK. -Xucia Signora Boalo. Xdgardo Signer Bettini. Ash ton Si ;nor lleiiev ntnno. .Htyniondo Siguur Coljtti. ?Arturo Signer Baratini Doora open at half past 6. Performances cominauce at S o'clock. No postponement on account of the woather. Opera every night, except Saturday and Sunday. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, AH AVE Grand street.?Open overy night during the week uutll further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, oouipr.sing an efficient and versatile "oorpa" of "talented" and "experienced performers." under the ina mageraent of E. P. Christy, whose concert# in this oity, for a a accession of "flvs yoais," have been received with favor by ti ghly respectable and fashionable audiences. Tickets Ja cent*. Doers open at half-past six, enmmenoe at eight O'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given ou Saturday Hast, for the accommodation of lutdies and Juveniles, oom tncncioK at S o'clock. P. M. "BidEl.LOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FEI.I.OU'S NEW MlTSt calUall, 411 Bread w s v. between Howard and Grand attroeta: open every night. 1 hi# justly eule orated andeihiont Corps of talented and experienced performers, under tti# sole amnungemcnt of J. H. Fellows whose concerts in this citv for -the past year, have been received with the groatost favor hv sthc elite and fashion fr .in all parts of the Union. Loll .w#' "Musical llall la one ot the mo.t spacious and best ventil ited luildiugs in the world. Admission 25 cents. Doora open at 7; concert to commence atSo'olock. An afternoon concirt overy Wcdnosd'y and Saturday, for the csp-oial acooin no <lation of familiua, ooinmencing at three o'clock P. M, museum, its cha:ham s>juark.?gbo LEA, Sole Proprietor?Admission? Suuls iu Private Boxes,6t> cents; Stage Scats, 37)4 cents; H .ses. 24 cents; Par 4)uet, 12)g cents ?Elegant Salnun performances every After boon ana Evening. Eutertainuieuta commence in the after boon at 3o'clock, and in the evening at Ho'clook The en dtertalnmcnt* are varied and select and such at cau he soul *h no other place of amusement in New York, consisting of Aea's Female Ethiopian Upera Troupe, numbering tiltoot yerformcra, being the largest and at the same time the must lalebted band in the United States; a troupe of Model At lists who are selected fwr their beauty and figure, and whe personate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from the pictures of ancient and modern tiitfTs, a company of Arab Oirla, who go through a variety of feats of strength tnd dex Verity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler In the wrorla; a company of Male nnd Female Artists, w ho will give Ah exhibition of Marl lo Statuary une pint'ed in the world together with a variety of interesting performances ever Af.cinoon and evening. For partiovl%?s e-e Mils ?' eae' Siay. FHEF. CONf F.KTS?OTTO COTTAGE, IOMKIK? Grand In-'ruincnt il Concert, Ifi pcrf irmers. every .Mon day, Wednesday, and Friday, commencing at half past .1 o'clock. If the weather is stormy, the concert will take place the next day. UniBMENTS IX PHIL\OR(iPHI %. Barm ms museum, corner of seventh end Chermit streeta, PhiladuIphia ?IV T. II nu m. I*r ?|>r .o V?r; II. Sanf< rd. Mani^r.-Two perfor uano i daftly, aftor Boon and arming. Admission, 25 cents; children, ti alf price. Monday evening, the eiitertavnmeuta commcnca witn the ?miming comedy of " Paul Pry;" Mi-** A'emn/ Fi?h<*r. Ilarry -*? " " "v- ?rMii'i ( the eioellent in the Lnntwrt ROO-. for the low price ot g> ??"? tfOTBJUk Ct OI.LAMORE HOUSE. NEW YORK, CORNER OF ' Broadway and .Spring etreet.?Tlile ?i>l<-ndid and eaten Witt ratabliel.iuent haa been recently opened under ciruuin ataaree peculiarly iltrMtUr, in evert reepvt. tu the public la general, ae well ae to the citizen* "f New York, traveller*, and permanent boarder,. The locality of Ike bull Inn?sen Aral and airy?4e u toenailed, and the apartmente, in point ?f elegance and oomlur;, are commudioui, an J in every re aped evited tu the modern embelliehmente of the day. The t roprirture have .pared no eapente to render every apart Cnent worthy of ootnrarieon with eiotilar lar*e hotel* in thia ?? to.. i_a.ii,,- Drawing Room p.,**c?#ee every par ^Ynt worthy ofT.VrV par country. Tor U'lwj ? #. um.|.rt? v ill ?uj??y bII thecxn -tiiiilnr re<; nud prtvn ?f the i&nlonek kind. foruofhome. with, lahlanndI win. ^ Ul,lr ,| EIRENCB HOTEL, ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. WITH X table d'bde, at No. II Barclay etreet. New York ? iMoaa. iijnt inform* hie In-nde and the publio generally, that ha hae opened tho above eetabliihmeot upon the Euro *ea. plan. whore apartmente enn lie had. with or withuut gs-eD Table d hot* at 6 P. M. dally. The beet of French wrtaee aad li.|uor?, lie. Dinner and topper partita caa ha (Ivan oa theprvmieee in tha beet etyle. Delaya>~ house, no. s union place, opposite Union 1'ark. The undertigaed would announce t. hie friende, aad the public generally, that ha hee teheed and Ntted np the honee No * L nlon place, where he will hepleteed to aerve the wiehea of thoaa wbu may favor him with a calL W. A. DELAY ANN FOWKLTON HOUSE. NIHIIIROH.-THIS LA ROE and eplendid euiuraer hotel, titunted one mile from the imteaaaat tillage of Ne* hnrgli, commanding n line view of the lliellend. an (I river, with a delightful surrounding country, ^wiu be under th? management of the undersigned theooiniug ?etion. The house in Incited in a park ul twelve ncrei, with Bumereui walk*, shaded by fuveral hundrel ornamental ^? n" ???pii?PN and bedrooms are Urge, and wull imtl *" -* '? ->????? 1. Ill HP. ?The betl.log *>???. kll'laM "" ? ??,|.V fact, all ?l the ?wall arranged f?r an t ?sl, lf ??t euperi .r, mppolatmmU ad Ilia MtabUehmenl n , ni,- etion ve ipa lVini ee nen\a*Bo wV'p'ww BT" I driver, .Lne for the eummar. will ?trar,M mVlir. t'e ? Vt hVeuin m" r. w'l'l" ?**'??? " I&fc8 Wl" K E"kK?DmUtre of the W.da.annok Ho-. tptoniagton. Ct. ? ~ MVdVii'VVo^.V.rr'J:^ IN C Peek. Jr' ^X.rLna rer further part, col are, i&ttz&rjnrsiJ: ? U"\T'L ...muf kleWaw ? S,A ??ve.vo-.-Ara ??? V . t-KygLrr^is? Noma. Hia arrnna'meata aad *c lhan ,By which hava wtil be more aaCiefactorr to cue . . . -yi,, tuhaerihar heretofore been end elt?nti*e etlored e-r takeel-ain'^P^'^/hat they ere beet Feet a. wader the eoavicuow ? ? anjunraafn *t thu nnd wnnte ?C n mnfuftty ut tb. *> n MILLER-^ I*NU11AIIC*?. vsvvvv^vvvv.. , IT K AMCRANCE.-NAyNAj. ^AN FUN IM.If. 1 A Aaewraece SoctetJ of U?nd Jl. tpiu| $j.3ii>.<Ml. nnd 4rnilmr?t. New *"1-J "thdrMel tUfu Jth. ?<><"?*? oerylai filial- J J omi their poUolea nadat ^?(.?di to the who ?* f nr?fint and proapaativa I?55e Ubl5., the yrenteet pof^bt* f)7thl. S^WMwaTthnt can b.'o.j.rr.d^by life amiaraa^^ ^ loW_ ?akla the aeeared >>attanl af oaalftlf ^ " if K'2: .V;;e",^e?iumVwU.,,nt mo.rlty, dsrWBtil theroat; ?* ami p?*' ?e?iirt? \laa, la the mUl be ,li2"'a'^oldy d^larM. will be fo.adln EaBmplaa af hoanaaa, a report. Wl. which U ? etr'e namphlet anid "\Vher iaf..rmat,oa. ea appli JVI ^r^rt ? aVaV, a. th. aRtaolaa, on. ba had 2r*+ of eareaac. mod^rwte annnBl pr??nil??i. iaaara fat jSmUlMV? 6e?r*e Barclay, B?che NcF.vcra, v^iivtV"lHllon, _ Jo.epht5aill.rA Jr.. and fcwrW ? J?**r^ j* JawfeSEtafhs?Ba KXCVHNIONN. f^INAND CCCURtlON TO CONEY ISLAND?LAND A* ina at Part Hemiltnn aach war.?Fare IJtj reata?The "f ?F'.ndl.l ateemer TROJAN, Captain J. N. Rodman, mill make thrre trip- daily to Coney I.lnnd ?Vondav Jnne Jbth. leaving > (win, itreet at (k Aw,, and IJk and .1^ P.M.) jiier No .1 North rteer at 10 A M . and I nnd I P.M. Return. ?? f* N I*-N.?All pamona are ..rbid trnx.ini t h<. a ..en i,oat on the aoooant of on nan. 1 k,|i,ns to tub fisiiino Banks ?N-y The wall know, eeaateimar Bnlf tin, Cept. Smith, will V"B "Trt **T. j"fJ|S Sntnrlaye.) cnmmenclny Snndar, Jnne HO, leatlng Ihlrt.wnth ttreeV North rlrer, at 7k ?w*ii Cnnbl etreet at TV. Oran,| .treat, Kaet river, at k'm -Catharine etreet li e', lvr No X Nortk river, nt 9 A N nnd retnrntaa by .I P S. Fl.hing taekle. halt, and refrwh fnonte will be provided. Fare IJ', eente each way fHAVBLLEHS' ODIUM. mriFTMII AND PHILADELPHIA?NNW TORE IV ?? VJWJO?JJTKi j??; H.i.mkd. On r. ai'pci^oio-o-la ??? ???"' vss AMTSENENT9. D ROADWAY THEATRE?E. A. MARSHALL, SOLE LK8 Jiarrett, Manager.?Doors open at 7curtain rises at 7 V. Drees Circle and Parquet, bJcents; Family and MM Circles, : ? i | ' Third Circlet, 26 cent*; Gallery, l2)a cents; Private Boxes, ?ft ?*?d $6. Monday evening, June In, will be performed the romantic and operatic epectacle of AZAEL, THE PRODI GAL?Azaul, Mr. Conway; Ruben. Mr. N. B. Clarke: Ameno Br. Shaw; Bo than*, Br. Whiting* Nlmrud, Mr. Mat thews; Cauopi, Mr. Hind; Manethon, Mr. Byrue; Jephtele. Mt?a Anderton; Nefti, Mrs Abbott; Lia. Mile. Therese. To commence with PETTICOAT GOVERNMENT?Mf. Hectic, Mr. W Davidgr: Mrs. Corney, Mm. lsherwood. NIBLO'S carden.-summer season.?manager, Mr John Befton.?Tickets, 50 centa; Private Boxes. $5. Douia open at 7; performance to commence at S o'olook. Ra vel*' night*, Mom ays Wednesdays, and Fridays; Burton's aighta, Tuesdays. Thursday*, and Saturdays. Change of per formance by the Ravel Family, 2b in number, and the famous Gal riel Rawl, in his favorite character of Vol-au-Vent and hootch Pas Seul, with the most astonishing and daring rope dancer of the age, Mens. Blondin. Mile, Bertin, Mile. Leon tine Panel, Mr. Paul Brillnnt, and Mens Collet will also ap pear. Monday, June lii. Evolutions on the Tight Rope, the ?"* i m "NT. FISHERMAN'S DREAM, and VOLAU-VEN1 BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROAD WAY, NEAR BROOM B street. ?Dress Circle and Parquet, flU ceuts, Family Circle. 26 cents; Orchestra Stall Seats, $1; Private Boxos. $?. Poors n(*n at 7>{; to begin at *> o'clock. Mouday evening, June lb, the perlormances will commence with the drama of the LADIES BATTLE?Baron de Montrichard, Mr. Lyune; lit* 11 ra de Flavigneul, Mr. Geo. Jordan; Gustave de Gugnon. Mr Brougham; Countess d'Autreval. Miss Julia Bennett; Leoniu. Miss J. Gould. To conclude with the HOME IMDIv OF BEAUTY?Mr. Ro6eviIle, Mr. Brougham; Mr. Hauttou Leader, Mr. I.ynne: Mrs. Hautton Leader, Miss Mary Taylor; Mrs. Zuyderzee. Miss K. ilorn; Grace Leader, Miss J. Gould. A CARD.?BOWERY THEATRE-MR. TILTON RE pentfully informs his friends and the public that his Benefit will talc place, at this Theatre, on Tuesday n - * will * June 17. when w ill be presented M AC BETH?Macbeth (first time in N?jw York), Mr. fc. Eddy; Macduff. Mr. Tiltou ; Lad^y Macbeth. Miss C. Wemyss Also, the popular drama of M CU A EL LKLE- Michael Erie, Mr. liiton. BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM Proprietor and Manager; John Greenwood, Jr., Assist ant Manager.?Monday. Juue lb, first appearance at this es ta 1 liehntent of the oelebrated Loon Javeili, so long ami fa vorably known in connection with the Ravel Family, as the most wonderful and daring Rope Dancer of the age. First appesrauce, als<. of the well known and deservedly popular lierr ( hue In the afternoon, commencing at 3 o'clock, THE TUBER ( UUKOO8? Perfryn Postlelhwait*. Mr Parry, I) l 1> Marygold. Mi*s Fly no. After which, A THUMPING LE GACY?. erry Ominous, Mr. Parry; Rosetta Miss Flynn. In the evening, at ^o'clock. ANIMAL MAGNETISM-La Fleur, Mr liaUaway; Lisette, Mist Chapman. After which, cele brated evolutions, new and startling achie\ements, daring and extraordinary exploits, upon the Tight Rcj?e by Lean Javolli and ilerr Cline. To conclude with THE DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM-Mr Dulcimer Pipes. Mr llaiaway. To the uumeroiiH attractions of this establishment has been ad d, and w ill be exhibited, for the lint time, on Monday, a ' llip rl aud pleasing attraction appropriately termed the il ip py Family, composed oi upwards of one hundred trained Animals and Birds, of the most diverse aud anta{ ?nistic tiuiract? rs and natures, and yet living together in fcne a* we enclosure on terms of amity aud lasting friendship. 'J his s:i gular assemblage comprises boars and biris, do and squirrels, cats and rats, owl* and mice, hawks aud doves, as well as others of the most opposite natural disposition*, and can be se?*n at all hours. Adtnisvion to the entire Museum and performances. 25 cents: children under 10 year* 1 i>? cents. Le< n Javilli appear every evening* this week; also, on VI ednesday and Saturday afternoons. Raymond andiierr driksbach'S menagerie.-- 1 This cola bra tod Menagerie -the largest and best coe- J ui iteo in the known world?embracing almost every animal j known to natural history, and which has received the pa tronage and apnlauso of hundreds of thousand* of the in ?st | respectable and intelligent people of the United States, has 1 just commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will j vBit the principal cities and towns of New England in the following order, vir :?June 12th, Fall River; 13th New Bed ford 14th, Warehim; 16th, Sandwich; 17th, Plymouth; Hih, MiddF ton; HRh. Taunton; 2Dth. Bridge water; 'list. Canton. BALsJBB IT AUOTIOR. Auction notice-by ii n bush, this diy, (Monday ) at 10S o'clock, at Sixteenth street, near Ave nue A., stock oi family groceries, fixtures, and house told furniture. Also on Tuesday in tlis auction rooms, large sale of dry goods, clothing and other merchandise. TIIOS. BELL. Auctioneer. J NO L. VANDF WATER. AUCTIONEER LARGE Sale of magnificently set Diamond Brooches, Ring*, Ear Rings. Ac., set in solid tine gold: gold aud silver Watches, ladies' Guard Chains. Bracelets, Cameos, Me., Re.?F. C. Law rsucn A Co. will sell, hv auetion, on Monday, June loth, at their sale* room, 12 Wall street, at II o'clock, a magnifi cent stock of costly set Diamonds, and other precious Stones, comb ting of Diamond Crosses, set with brilliants of the rtmt water; Diamond Brooches, Breast Pinx, Ear Kings, conwttik ing en.t raldk, rubies and diamond* ot great beauty an 1 *i*w; BraceLts, Finger Kings. Guard Chains, Ornamental Cittius A?*. Also, an invoice of English tad Geneva gold Watoiss, ( hronomcter Watches, gu \rd, fob, and every other descrip tion of Chains. Catalogues on the morning of sile. A L'UTICN NOTICE ? W L. SKI X AS, AUCTION KICK, oil! ?.'ll u M md?y the 1 lith. at 10 o'clock, at th, .tor, J?4 lllcrckcr afreet. corner of Commune, ti'.UUU stook of a ' retail dry (t oil. ??ore, consisting of a rich and d-.irihlt I st , kof all kind, or Dry lioodr, vierttae. hlaok Trinvalng, Lair, colored and Mack Mlks, Crap,, and SilkShawla. Ka ra, "Ik, Tablr Linen of all kind,; llrntlxnua', wear of mil kii J. I i lotli, cassimeree, testm*., drillm*,. and many other article, too nomer'Mi, to mention. To# aboee ,alr ! will be worthy the attention of ladies and houmekropor,. a, thi atoek will he aolii without relcrr*. Sale, will continue daily till the alack I* all aold rat. I Auction notice-?groceries. tobacco, he (art. Brandy. Wine. Tea. tec ?On Tuesday, June 17th, j lo ir ?i.t of the klore 57 Ley ,tract, corner iSreenwich. CHoomi. plug To'a< co, Sc*are, Brandy. Ilia, Whiekey, Madeira. ' Sh? rr). I'ort. Maccnroul. Salt, Kaialna, Fiat, lak. Sardine., ! Shad, Mai k. rel, Uerria*., Salmou, Muetnrd, I'eppcr, T..?, liny Hum, Ao. W A. CAKTEK. Auctioaar. 47 l>-y ,trc?t B. A I HILTON, A I" CTION E EK?I'KKEM PTOR7 SALE ill IJ> Valualls Building l.ou in the Nluth War I of 11 e City of Brooklyn.?Cole A Chilton will noil at auotion. ,n Tuesday, June 17th, 1->M. at Io'clock, at the Merchant! Exchange, 120 valuable builiiinit Iota. comprising t ? i entire hi..elm, situated on and adjaoeot tu Gales avenue, la the Ninth Wurd of the citjr of Brooklyn. Theae lota arc be.-auti fully ami most advantageously located, onma lading a gun new of the surrounding country, and afford an unusual op t.rtaiiity fur iaveatmaat. Gate- avenue It opened from Ful iii ti. D1vi>|.-n areunee an t for ? hleh to - nam-iaiainu ua tlile property have been paid. The Iota will be eeld sepxrate ly, with liberal pria ilegra, eu as t * aeeommudate all. Terms eaay. A lao, at ease time and pi ere. una bluok of ground, bounded by Tompkins end Thruop avenues. Monroe vet Hadiii n streets, which will be sold entire or divided into tail parrels. aubject to the existing mortgage thereon to the eetate. Thie block la encloeed with a eubatantial board fence, and on the preuieea la a astallfraaae building, former ly i.i rupted a> a land ofBoe, b) Oco. W Pine, Esp lafer matn.ii na tu the title, whicli la nneireptienakle, may be ok tainrd upon application to Wm P. Powrre, Rao., euuaaeller .V ,_L? _ z "UfV ? at law, No. lob Broadway , corn r Plnr atreat. Lithographic map) ran be had yf the auctioneer. No, Wall (treat. rOK MLB AMD WO laBVe UII.I.IAKD TABLES-SIX SPLENDID TABLES POR D rale?with the moat improved g uehlona. Can be aaan at No a<) Meade atreet, N. V., taro doora from Bread*ay. All trtirlea in the trade on hand, end all tablet warranted Per ton* deairone of purchasing will do well to oallat 40 Boa la atreat. LUKE J. UOAK. A RARP. CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH A SMALL CAPI /? tel. ?? norrhow) a Dngnerrean Oallcry?located in n huai aeea part of the city. Eeaaona lor aelliag, prravnt preprtw tor* ore going M eat. Por further particaiare inquire at the Dagaerreaa Boom 271 Bleeeker atreet. Billiard tables por sale.-t. O'Connor mas now na hand a large assortment of aaw and aoeoad hand Billiard Tablet, patent and cloth ruahiowad. whtrb he will eell at a reae-sable price. Alao, twoofA. Bamford a iron Eagle Tables, with hie patent air ewahioa, which lie will tell eery cheap. Apply at hit manufactory, II Ann atreet. fjR SALE AN OLD ESTABLISHED ORAMOE County Milk Depot, aoa doing an excellent haeiaeex.? Three yeara leaee to run on premltea. Thia la la opportunity which m Mom offers Por particulars. Ice., apnlr, within twa day?. at tho Depot, which la located ta Willi tiaei.urgh, at No. IM Fourth afreet, three doera from (iraad atreet fO* SALE BE TO LET?THOSE TWO PIRST CLASS fan r story honaea ow Tliirty-eeroad atreat, went of Rmnd way, l.oiit la the Very boat manner, with all the moda.-n Im pri.c emanta. Inquire of Kg. R f. Caruiaa, No. 11 Eaat Sixteenth atreet. FOE SALE-ONE or THE BEST Pl'BI.IC IIOI'SES IN Brooklya, established eeveral years The bar i< ele gently fltted op. and taking Sid to $?> daily. Aim, too ii | en r bowin g alleys Bttaalced. Price only wi'h a Base of^thy^promlaaa. Apply ta (' B Han as, SJ Na.-au street, Naw LSOR SALE CHEAP. ON TERMS?A THREE STORY r tad easement brisk house 2ft ky Si lot 1"> hy SI 9 la , with a one and a half etory frame henae on the rear, *> by I I. laguirooa the premlara, S| North Pirat at., Willlamaburgh. C1 RFF.N TURTLE FOR SALE BYM. RODOBRS R CO., F No. 27 Fnlton Harket, a flat lot of Greta Turtle, of all aiaes, J oat arrived. (TREAT CORNER GROCERY. LIQUOR, AND FEED ' store tn let: Stoek, Re , for sale; situated la the upper part if the cite, doing a large cash business; g vo l hone and wsgnn. Prise of all. )jJR< A sure fortune fur a smart fl.rnan Apply to T. D. OILLF.dPIE. *>M Pearl atree*. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET AT STAPLETON, STATF.N l?lard suitable for a small genteel funlly The house CoMiuiaitrie a view of the satire bay. harbour, and la aithia three minutes walk of the landing Immediate paeaeseioa -1* ~ " '* ran he had Addreaa B. S , office efthe Herald. Fpo BUILDERS POR SALE?-POUR LOTS OP A Ground, IU by (W feet, . n the south side of Thirty sixth Street, between Eighth and Math avenue*. Street iewared, curbed, guttered, and aide nnlke laid, and all paid far. There is a large .|nantity of bnlldlng anud on the lots, whirn ore free fmwi reek. end well altneted in all reap-eta If im prered lannedlately, the whole amount c tn remain on mort gege tire y? are, at aix per ci at Apply tc ?" ? iskIrci W. W. TAN BOSKP.RLK. *7 South (treat. Fpo PERSONS A HOI T I IT 11 NO CP TEN PIN a slleae Will be sold cheap, If taken right isst, two tee pin alley a ti gather with bulla. string plesea aid d tings. In c< n.plete order. Apply at LAI Chatham atreet, next door to Uto theatre. F|TO LEASE FRANRLIN HOUSE Bill LTMNOS-TUt 1 Sales Room, aeeond floor. No. ISA Itrovlway, eernor of Dny atreet; alao front half of aeeond floor, No 197 Broad wiiy. connecting with the above giving a fr ntage of flfty ~ ~ ns.hvnnj, *atrr eToaet As f-et i n Broadway, fitted wi and exn rdiugly wall lighted: alee offlcet la eald haildinga oa second ainl third floor* Apple to U J. S. THOMPWN, 51 Ceartlaadt atreat. rpo I.ST-AT NO. 19 BF.EKMAN STREET, NEAR NAS M. nan. the fourth floer of front bei'ling, a large room, boot 21 by 45 feet: alao, enteral Shops in hank building, with exoellent 'ighl and a team power Apply to A Livlngvtoa. A2Jol n atreet: or on the promisee, to Z. B pre mi set, to 2. Boatwtrk, ia the rear. *po LET?A TBRY TEETTT COTTAGE HOCSr. (CO*. 1 tuning enuit seven rooms, biasnlcs kitchen, etc ) beau ? ilully located on the eaat bank af the linden River, near The hawse Is ia complete order: and t . a small aad genteel family. w> nld be rented partly furnished. Ap p y to Jarnt aPrioe, effiee 175 lledaon street. fTO I BT-IN SOUTH BROOKLTN, NEAl HAMILTON Avenue ferry part of a three story hossn, la t gaod la eali a for a email family. Apply tg UtitR (5f(?t, Elth henae below (UohJ Kreeb Oar London Correspondence. London, May 30,1861. Hie Exhibition?Messrs. Stansbury and Ruiiile, Commissioners of the National Institute?The t+uarrel between them, with the Opinion of an I 'mptre em the Subject?An Anecdote, 4*c. The Crystal l'alace and its contents having been already described, and the Ainer can department having had justice done to it, I shall give you an insight, in this letter, into the controversy between Mr. Charles F. IStansbury, of Washington, and Mr. Kdward Kiddle, of Boston, the agents of the Committee of the National Institute at Washing ton?a private institution, with which tho govern ment of the United Stateg hns had nothing to do 1 stute this to remind the reader that these gentle" men are not officers under our government. Mr. IStansbury is the son of a gentleman, who forthirty years has been conneoted with the National Intrlli Rimer Iiis son has held a minor office in one of the departments at Washington, at a salary of about one thousand dollars a year, and is corres ponding-or recording secretary of the uforosaid National Institute. Mr. Kiddle is a young auc tioneer, of Boston, in which profession he has been educated from a boy. He was with one of the great auction houses as a clerk ut first, but hus gradually worked his way up, by perseverance and business talent, to a highly respectable position as an auc tioneer, chiefly of horses and carriages. 1 'ei haps no two men, on the same mission, could be more unlike than these two parties, in their mode of doing business. Mr. Stansbury is scho larly and pedantic?has lived long enough at Wash ington to aspire to diplomacy eveu in trifles, and would figure as an agent of the government with the highest pleasure, if he had an opportunity. Nothing would suit his taste better than to under take some such work, and as his habi.sare literary ai.d scientific, he would be pleased to make a volu minous re]sirt of his movements. Mr. Kiddle is a plum, go ahead, practical man He has had a fair education, and probab y has the usual contempt lor literary men and their unfortunate propensity for writing, which is common to Kostou merchants, as the world well knows Brought up to rely upon industry tor an income, he has an eye to business, and in the circle if commercial men would be es teemed a good, smart fellow i?ueto is the estimate made of hi in even now m Boston. Having given the key to the two ehara"ters, 1 run now piocced to correct, by stating all the facts iig the case, the errots which have been sent to tfio United ."States respecting the difficulties be tween these t *u parties, concerned in arranging the 6ouds connected with the American part of the I'.xbi ilion, una it will be discovered luat there sUouli have been no trouble bctweeu them. The wliole excitement liar arisen from a foolish misunderstand ing, and if Mr. Kiddle's friends have seut letters to the United ."States, reflecting upon the conduct of Mr Stui.rbury, it was u very improper course, i would say the sutuc no the other side of the case. 1 am quite sure tbat the chaiges 1 have seeu against Mr. >tai.sbmy, are not to be substantiated; and without being prulix iureciting Uu-tii, 1 shall briefly answer them, by assertions, grounded upon docu ments to which 1 have had access Being wholly uniiiteristod in the matter, and unknown to either party, my decision may be deemed tbat of a volun teer umpire It u quite clear, frotn Mr. Uroskey a a ad Mr. Lawrence'* latter*, thut Mr. Stansbury ad vised by the cutirul at Southampton to hasten to l^mdoii, ami tint our minister at London concurred in tha: advico 'The charge, therefore, that the good* were ta-glected at (xiuthiunptoii, were the charge true, in accounted for. But no good* wore injured at Southampton. l'ocnuient* fully show thut Mr. Stansbury, acting on the butt advice, left (Southampton tor Loudon, alter having given special itmtrUetioua with respect to dnu core in unshipping the package* All the good* alutipediu New \ ork weie detiveied at Southampton, a. ol every package baa been accounted for. CO much for the charge*. The criui nation* and reerimination* bet ween the*e parties arc very ridieulou*. I time understood that Mr. Stansbwry attribute* Mr Kiddlu'n appoint ment to Mr. Webster. lie ban deolar< d tluu Mr. Kiddle ban a carriage? tbo materia,* of which coat ?2,6U0?and thut it i? to be a preteut to Mr. V cbnter at the eloae of the Exhibition. Tin* carriage, he think*, i* at rho hot ton* of the whole affair. I do uot know any thing about thi*, but I shall do Mr. Kiddle the jua.ioe to *ny that hi* agent, Mr. bilge, a* early a* the 1 itb ot March lint, in writing, doclar <1 Mr. Kiddl*'* coiutni'.:ion related only to the liuie "when and while tuc go id* ."halt lo in the hall of exhibition." What Mr. K nhllo ha* siaco done ha* been purely in ? bu.-ine** way. He ha* determined to make a* much money out of sake* a* he fairly can. lie is a shrewd, pr* -ileal ia?ii, and he h>vs rucceeded in getting a large number of conriu* *ion*. This may he annoying to Mr. Staa-lfcury, but he should have gono about his business iu the same practical way, instead of complaining. The whole trouble ha* originated in a jealousy between the two purtie- as to their power*, privileges and honor* 1 repeat, thi* should not hive been. Mr. Kiddle mav have used unpleasant language toward* Mr. Stai-buty, and the latter may have beeueuml ly culpable. Further than thf, I have uot been aide lo discover any tiling of an improper character. The quariel ha < b cn, like other quarrel*, mixed up with extraneous matter, such n presentation nt court, recognition by the Hoyal Coiaiulsdoner*, and the like, *11 ot which might have been loft out of the care a* of no possible interest. Certainly United (States Can hi the people of the United (States can hare no great interest in a controversy on such trivial matters, though wp iuu*t all regret tint parties, even appa rently otliijer* of the government, sboul lcreate con fusion here in I.omiou, at such a tune. At one time this quarrel was the topic in American circles, nd. and even yet i* not at an eml My car* are bored with it oery day, when 1 fall in with one of my countrymen 1 hope now the matter will soon be ended, and that Mr. Kiddie and Mr. (Stanabury will enter into some kind of compromise, by which their differ ence* may he closed?that Mr. (StAoskury will for get the carriage to be presented to Mr. Webster, and that Mr Kiddle will recognise, to their fullest extent, the instruction* of his commission, which docs not appear to limit those of Mr. (*tan*\>ury. In this way, perhaps, we shall hav* a happy termi nation to this affair, winch has arisen, I am certain, wholly from the very different modes of thiuking which these two commissioner* of the National In stitute tespectively adofit. Sho ild anything fur *1 searon ther occur, I shall duly report it in good 1 will close this letter with an anecdote, known to be true, whieh has been all the talk here, in American circles ?" There is no disputing about taste*," said au ancient maker of apothegms. Tot* truth is exemplified in the sentiment ot the good people of merry Kngl ind, as well as that of certain jieople at home, toward* the sable sons and datigh ten of Africa. An incident, which occurred here a day or two since, to a brace of Yankee gentle m n one an honorable and the other a general, e\lnbits this seutimeut on the part of the ladies and g n leuieti here very forcibly. When 1 use the Uim Yankee, I do so in it * generic sense, one of the gentlemen In question being from your city, and the other from a Southern (State. New York is not, 1 believe, within the lin ta of th* empire o Venkce I ?w?IT -m proper, which is confined to the Ntw Li.glind Sta'e*. Some kind rirfM>?i of the Ki glndi aristocracy, male and female, were eaaoting the | art of ri'tn ni to thj two Brothers Jonathan, a> o ?xplaining to them all the wonders of Lon Ion, and, suiting the other auiasing sights, led them to a gallery Of stistin-s and bnsts of eminent inen of all couiitiie* I'eel, < alining, I'itt, Fox, Mr nigh* n, be , were pointed out. as were also Washington, Jackson Jefferson, and Franklin, and many o hers (*ne waa shown as the bust of th*celebrated Mister 1 eoglas, of America "Let me look at it,"ex < lauiicd one of my countryman, " I know .Senator Ikiuglas wrll? he is a paitu-uini friend of mine?I go tor him for m-xl President " " I^t me see, too," ssid the tieneral, " I go for him ton?he is a great m*n for his inches " They both rushed forward? the crowd around the bust gsvs way?and our two friend* rlM near the Work of art, when, lo ' and behold ' it was a marble bust of the nigger Fred I <<uxlas, the confiere of Seward. Van Huron It I'o -ins lly head, flat noae, thick lips, and all, and in no respect looking like Stephen A of Illinois. A g'? nee at the phitzc* of onr t iwikce friends at that moment was worth the price i f ? first day'* ticket of admission to the World's Fair, or to oue of Bar luim's nightiiignle concerts "l) -n the nigger," mutt.tied one " What did you ' Mister" the woolly head for V said I he other. "We don't Mister nig ger* in my country, e**?n in California;*' and both

-wore thst th?y had a great mind to kick np a ruin pas* and brenk things A snicker in the crowd pro voked them still more, and It is suspected the timely on senee of the police pieventod a serious row. Our Yankee friend* left here by the nact steamer, su premely disgusted, and they both declared the bast OUr Ht? Orleans Correspondence. New Orleans, June 4, 1861. Exriiement in the Custom House at Nerv Orleans ?Railroad Convention?The Presidential Quer turn, tfc. For several days past great exoltement has pre vailed in our Custom House, owing to difficulties existing between the collector, Mr. Freret, and tho urveyor, Nr. Robert B. Stille, in relation to the retaining of certain officers in their departments The war first grew out of Mr- Freret retailing as his deputy a Mr. Solomon, a pet of the previous collector, Samuel J. lYters, who was rejected by the Senate. The objection to Mr. Solomon was* that serious charges existed against his reputation, and the merchants of our city made a movement to have him displaced. An investigation'was held, the result of which, it was said, proved unsatisfactory, but no report of it was made by the Collector; and, as 1 stated in a previous letter, the documents in the case were then scut to Washington, fur th0 action of Secretary Corwin. The Surveyor was known to be opposed to Mr. Solomon, aul this cre ated a coolness between the Collector and Mr. Stille, which increased until the parties quit speak, ing to each other. During thin state of affairs, an order of retrench went came on from the department to the Collector and Surveyor, ordering both of them to discharge one of their deputies. Great tribulation now,,re vailed Solomon was doomed to suffer, but he was consoled with the appointment of "Secretary to the Collector," which, in fact, was the only position he was holding all the time; ana thus the Collector con siucred bis triumph over the Surveyor and his party subsuled at* !ke fee,in* bad not entirely X'atef-"stesie;. a .-aid Of course, Dr. Hayburn will not compro r.? I, TV"4 W>11, 'berefore, resign." Hut .?k ? *"s 8atheri"? over the Custom 1 Ouse than any one imagined; and to the surprise ' and astonishment of full, thenext morning Col (val t?Ld?Z<rt T",kinJF The war now 1 < u-t, m H , a" '.?V5rlcM>""g the bounds of the u.toui House precincts, spread to thv s-.roets aad a^a^h' WhT the ho*U the different parties | arra^d themselves m a wider held foractioi. Tue whispering whjch had heeu cMitloed to thu walls of ie untom House, now became trumpet-toned declamation. A violet t whig, in support of tic course of the Surveyor, in to a hWt 'n pubholy declared, that then it came to honesty' UJtegriiy, and capacity, be knew no party disti ie- i TV l. "* (^d*;,IKMJr,U; uuJ 'bat had the decani knew bim H? H?" ** Wo11 bnown as L knew him. the doputy would not have retained his ofiee two months. 1 hase were knock-down argu mei.ts, and were not replied to. This morning, the ? ? ''tUT U~* r. ccivcd in this city, Hating that the Secretary of the Treasury had i iully sustained the course d Mr Stille the ? ur hUhr??VCr.lhe TUis has produced the ,dd,?r 7? ""0nt J,1 'be eX-otor will he obliged to resign, and '.hn* great changes will be .. 1|hr..deufg*te* thtt Parishes of Opelouaa* i ?. hi t MM,,Uli?tho ***** < ouVeiition. t.. be held in tins city tbie-evening, have been as sembling for two or three days, ami our strevw once mote wear the crowded appear?f w,utor. J be convei ti.ui will be organimd at six o'clock, this Wh o^w.M . teUIU I. V Th? """ M iuiiod While will preside as Dresuh-nt. 1 will giro vou an abstract of the proceedings- ui my next. The rad r< ud excitciuent is increasing through rut our State Shit'f to"*?* Wlk" h*IJ 111 liberty, Miss , on the *<th of Mav, in referenoo to building the New < ?r w^m.1 iKuibouA. Spirited resolutions ware passed, approving of the r?ute by Baton tens of ^eoT",0?* tb" w'^"'gnoss of ,hc citi **?> L t^, 7 to the amount of iJ(?>.(ktO, if aeccaaery. It i. a angular tact that the first piece of railroad.over laid in the I nitc.l Sutcr was laid in New (>rleana~the Phntohartraine JUil ,T wo bare been far outstripped by every other >dute Uial haapretim led |o lay ? truck ' The convention now ftsewnblcd. in thia city has brought together a number of politicians and distinguished Uitn, among whom are Gov. I'oindexter. of Mm Msstppt; C*. Sena tar Moat on, Hon Daae H. Morse lion. AG. 1 cnii, uieaWn ?rf Cong rest, and a host of othorm It would eeena the L'reaiAutial campaign hat alicady opened. The democrat* have commenced lntting 'bat Ilougleee, of Illinois, will be the next MLnSfsd w v"."i,Di",|.' WMl cWhi*" ""firing on DmioI W.hster, whom the secessionist* are I already attacking with violence, and -le he' ?>// ij. , ^"'"'t^b's great Buffalo speech of T M ?/. Mr. \><h*ter has many warm friends and supi-wt^s ,n th.. South, and if he does !?? h r J" a}*k*?K "p?fches, he will lave a tair chance f*r the 1 residency. A sum tame be fore our Supreme Court the other day, a. .n apjwal whi-b unlolded ..a ule ?f ,|n. . refuted love. It ap|wars a young, fascinating, end wealthy widow, employed a dark-eyed Apollo j of a lawyer to put Her in possession of her deceased ? husband s estate In the courte of the proceedings uianv interviews between the parties for consulta tion became ince*?ary, and in which the widow fell desperately in love with the young lawyer, t In tlio Ib.? V.n,isilh* PjUIl' l,"t ?mount Wme fMl.Mkt, and the lawyer considering the amount not sufficient to make a return of the ten der passion, ret used the widow's overtures, and d> mai ded his fee of $.'**>. The widow refused t?iy mcnt on the ground that the lawyer had her aueetions by his insinuating manners, arvi tual ?Ml losing the feeling was reciprocal aha eon side red he was working in the ciu*e of love and that consequently he was entitLod ?o no other : l*ay- 1 he court held, that no .b uhl the lawyer had acted in such a manner aa to lead the unsus pecting widow to believe that he was working in the cause for love aa Well as tnuney, and that coo si.lering be had received * full share of the former I it was but just to reduce the proportion of the lat ter iDSjr e.<nse<|Ui ntlv cut down his fee to one half, as a caution to all lawyers hereafu r not lo trifle with the feelings of y .uug widiws' i Ourugftn. The Kalian Opera at Caatla (laiden. Tonisht Marettek will opon Caatlc (lard?n for the season Ht the low price of fifty cents, neat the price of wteen doiUrs for a season ticket. This op..ra nu tb. m.wt brilliant, in point if numbers and talent, yat known in tbia city. anu in the eo?im< of the season will supply the put,lie with the performance# of all the great artiste in the country The enterprise Is one of go at hetard?Involving an enormous daily expenss?xnd It r> mslns with Abe public to encourage the manager in enlarging hi* rompaay. already embracing four principal tenor*, two or three principal basees. one contralto, f >u chief soprani, a rhorus of thlrty.flve persons, and an orchestra picked frt m the beet musirlaos of Havana and Mew l?rk Tonight l.urla di Unminn'cr " Is to be perform, d with a |o w. rful east?Boeio. Kettinl. Oencren tano and (dbera. flurely. wdh such attractions, t'aatie Harden will be thronged by th.meands Ret 11 ui ? Kg. gardo and Boeio , i.ucla. with the Ashton ,f B-neven tano, are too well known to need commendation The Tarf. .J;"",' Trort^a Cei aaa. July 11 -Match for fl oon, ll i Pr ^"dtoe s b V Hcorge W. st of New V?rk u '* mll.w sn.l re. r? at, In baixese The result of the race disappointed all . r 1? w'n course expecting to see fas! lime ,.|.. sL . IT S >T contestsd race. Th? o.|ds pre vW us to tlir start, ranged from two to three to one on t lc (?Iding T>ie race was soon got through with. He .ro. "V tlt'lancing the mare th tlr?t heat The first mil.. 1 .f* I .V " 'arood In 2 In Time of heat. . :|J had T) M* dl4 *" h" r"ul,,: tf had L .Hi or"" l" ?"""'cf'l With. h? probvhly j ??" "cctipls^l the *nm on. nviaMe pos ii.,n st the end of the race that the n. u di,| The h .rse. are matched to go mile heats. Oct three In five, the ??.n. ?ay rli-grd. on the Itch Immediately aft?T the match ln flT" in bar nee*', 7 ? ? , r The entries were. J Hurler's g g ddrer ?rli? Flower. J Nedin.-'s cr m H m ","1" * contiwted race throughout, between the gelding and the bay mare, fashion being distance,! In the f,?lrth heat May flower won the flr-t two b,.?u Time. S OR-l Ti 81,/er Hr-y the thZ, lH .M In the last two heats Mr (I (^nls. lib m"r" B' ,h ?-"? admirably ThrVwek ,l A bU?k"' ?""!'? hare covered the two horses rour-.,lths of the distance. "aril Intelligence. jTj* r ' f war fecatnr. t William Hr.^-,, arrived ?t Havana on the id In-tant, and the Alhs ?r" ?W Ute tth. from Key West ,04 wJL aelled apin na the Oth * tn * steamer Tlxea Lt Com W Smith, arrive.! ag^ta'tSTthTru ^ *art,jik' , Q l d-partrd Ministerial Seduction Trial, at Kprln^clilt MuMchniclli. TBJAL OF THE KBV. J. J. DOHERTY, FOR THE SED.'T" TION OF MARY MONAOAN. fFrom the Springfield, (Miw.,) Kepublican June 12 ] The trial Of Her. J. J Doherty for the seduction of Mary Mod Mean was commenced at Springfield last week, when the following testimony whs elicited.? Mary Mouagao called?I an the daughter c-f the plain tiff; am eighteen yearn of age, formerly resided in Hart ford; came to Springfield in conac-] nonce of a letter from John Fltzpatriek. stating that Mr Doherty wanted to engage a neremi to play on the organ and tench the school, the Orthotic school whleti he whs shout opening. I applied to Iter Mr. Jlr*dy for a fetter of rweotntnenda tlon to Her Jlr Doherty, and on the 2tith of .Marsh l*s), Fluted Spriugtield and entered into an engagement with Jfr Doherty to play the organ and keep tle-school for which he agreed to pay m<- $(t6 for the first ids ncinrtlw, and pay all my eipomu-s. Ou the 'Mth of Mitrch, which was hood Friday, I came to Springfield accompanied by my father, anil want to reside with Mr Doherty. My father returned to Hartford the came evening I re mained at Mr Dohi 7ty> till tli.-Stti of Angust; kept the school; fhi n returned to Hartford; went from theve to New Yofl, end attended the t'athnUo schiol connected with St. ?eter's church, in Itarclwy atreet 1 ndi r what arranger: rut did you go to Not York1 Wr DoLsity tiicdight f wanted f ? go to school to be come better .ec<|ii;tinted with grammar and p^ogr.iphy, and said he rould pay nil sxpensea. IHd lie do .?>? ' IIu sent "We $1'I. Whan did 1> agree to pay all your expenses' Was it ? be fore you left here? Yew 1 (A letter wai'here produced. and'swnr* to be frrna d? I fendant, nnel to have' contain- t the sum o< $22.1 Will J on state whether you risftcd Springfield in thu month of Janusrf teat, and if i? at what flme' I e.&wi here on the 8th. ajd 'topped at lie Eagle ta'era. On tit Mb I went to John Mnlelen'a. Did you hare a i rtilit there? 1 did-?nnthi-llth. Who was its father' He*. John J Doherty. Ale lit wbut time wW* that child ergot ten.' Oa the 9th oriTMli i f April Md tlie defendant Ii.-tve connedi -w with you on cither of rivwc days! Yes. sir. State the circumstance* utider whtwh he had connec tion with you. He asko I me to go into the front ch.ttn ls r to see a cross which l.wtig over the mantelpiece lie attempted to take hold ,-t my arm; I'tobl him to let it alc.iie, I could walk lits aid; 1 walked into the roi ni. stood lis king al tin* cross, * V-n ho went be liiud me and loeked the door; he then took hold of me to drag mc to tin- tied, and I sat down; he lilTed Tnr up, car ried Uic ioto tlie bed-rooui. wad put ine on the bed, and there bad intercourse with inc. Was that with your consent"1 It was?to Waids tlie hist. Hid you make resistance at first ? I did. l>id he have intercourse with you before you yielded ' He did. After this occurrence, did the defendant have inter course with you again ' Yes, sir. in two or three day. Did you then make resistance ? No. sir How often slid he hare intercourse with yon ' S ua -- tinn-s tw o or three times a week, s onetimes ofti r er an I sometimes not so often When did you suspect you Wi re in a faulty way * Al l lit the 1st of July did Mr Doherty suppose you in that situati u 1 pre suuir he did. He told me he bad me or would hut re me Ii that way Did you see Mr Doherty while you was in Ni w York ' I did? twice; he invited no- to the opera; wheal was dressed 1 came down, and met Mr. D at the door, with .a segar in his mouth; he said it wns not opera night but be would go to the theatre; he did not rome into the bouse; said In was afraid the folks knew him, after the tbi aire, he invited me into a saloon, and called for a pint of wine and some oyiters: hn offered me -oine wins.which 1 I refu-ed, but partook of the oyster*; he drank off th? wine; after leaving the suhsm. he requested me to wait lor liim while he stepped into a segar store to buy a segar ; when he caiue nut. be askitd if I had a private room at my boarding house ; I . told him I liad rot ; lie then asked me to go to tlie American House. 1 declined, and he acrompauied II e home lie then expressed a desire to have uic cull upon him at his hotel the next morning 1 asked who ( should inquire for?if for tlie Kev Mr Di herty. He said tin. lie wasL't go>ug to be known as Raveri-nd II" meant to hare some fun I then bade him ?? (loud night '* I calli d the u< xt morning rt the American I louse, and iiiqiiin-d for Mi Doherty The waiter iuviied ma up stairs into the parlor Mr I) had not then risen, and! waited unlll he had made his appearance, upon doing which, mill exchanging the salutations of the morning, he invittil me to breakfast with him Having already breakfasted 1 declined at first, but. being urged accom panied him til the table He called for aoine chicken. \\ ben the waiter ??? gone. 1 turned to him and said. M r. Doherty. didn't you know this was Friday morning ' lie swore an oath, and said be didb't care. Said I. yon are a pretty Catholic priest. Hint you? He snupped his flngirs. railed the waiter, and sa.-l he ??- a Catholic, and ordered some oysters CpOtt 1? iug twld there wa? u me, lie asked fur clams and buel. wheat cakes. He afterward* called for a pint of mulled w ine He offered sum * to m*. which I merely raised to my lips and passed to him. lie drai-k that pint, aud ordi red the waiter to tiring him another, aid the .Vrir I'm*. Hi raid The If rahl was pro duced. but the wine was refused lie spread the llmtld over lie table, the cups and saucer* being underneath it, and turning to me. sai-t he had been in a ball alley ever since he left me, and hadn't slept any. ( tol l him I rsuldn't sit tin-re ail-lay I mu.-t goto sell Mil He aC* ?OBupahled me to the piaxsa. and inquired when I was coming to Fprlngfield I told bun I did nut kn ??. but I should when I returned hauo-. | A letter was produced purp-->ting to b? fr-nr the de fendant to the witness, anil dated September. ISM) in * Inch he agreed to pay lu* expense* at thw school in New- 1 ork ) Who ha- supported you since your confinement ' My father \\ ho has supported your child ' My aunt has pro vldid fi r it principally CmMUDilMd My lather rwldra it l".l l(iid?)0 atrert. llnrlfiTtl. ha- liv?J them many ye*r*. there are ? igbt laniiliet In the 1>Uk*. am ao?|U.ti utcd with moat <>f t|j? m tut not intimately regnr.1 Mr* lln* and my ?Mull Marl* Murphy, a* my nio*t intiinaUi friawdr Ji lin Kit*|>?trick In not a rrlabn- I have k u >wn hiin too > r three y "?n>. got *--|pain'.-d with him In Hertford, have twri'rd letter* Imm him. but do not It 110* how many probably over five. but don't think I have ra ?rived a hundred, bad not barn Tory intimate with him l< r lomt time, havwuAon wO. in the room alone with him, i Int never with thr door limited, ba norr earn* into my bedroom and put-hl* anna .euiid or under no-, nor did I en r tell any one that, he had ? oiimltted iiapriprl-to-a Willi me mii l.ord a hill; I oevupied tha -nine Worn at Mr III herty'* wilb bi? alat.ii. Mr- Htuith, anilt Jona I.una*, wan Brier warned by Mr* Mmlth or Jane I.lien* not to Ifo Into Mr Doherty '? atmly. u*ad to go there to pl*y on the plane.. Mr* ."initio often went there for the mime purpose hut neier knew Jane l.ura- to g o thei*. Fit* patnek divl not Intri dare me at hia huarUng ho.Me a* hi* wiia. bat IntroJucd no a* nub to a neighbor, aitniia never went Into Joiin Itowan a room ahn ha w?? In tail. ?r at any other time when he wm that*, never threw him upon tha bed and kUadhim, had Liver beta in Mr Doberty'a parlor with any other y? nag man. and the door loeitnl, that ah- Hid never bien adv lee J fo Inetltute legal proe-edlnga again*! Doberty. or had her life tbrrateni-d if ahr did not. 'ha fltvt ro|ii| laired to her father of ihe defendant'* eon-1 net on the Monday before her child waa horn the latter , event occurring on Saturday, the Uth of January, thit ' the flr-l art of intercourae fw-twr.-Ti herself anl the de f. rut ant waa on Cunday thr 7th of April. 1U0 and against hi T mm at resistance from ft'*t to last arvt that lhe defendant told her afterwarla tf -ha eompltiaed of ; him alio would only harm her*. If without Injuring him. a- lUahrp John waa hia friend; on the 10?h of IV.. mher. ItM. a .1 near vialted drfen.lant. and preaanted htm with a ?lola. embroider*J With white latin and on the -ama ev. nirg war met by him at the car-. by appointment; defendant ark. d w ilirw If ahe ha.I bought a ticket. *be raid no, aha could pay juit a* well In the oar* d-b-ndait than pr.TUred a ticket, and rcfuaed t" let witneae pay far It. had r< rrrapond. .1 with Jam. * Flnlay from April to . A.ifu-t. Mr Hotwrty bad awweral time* -ipr?sad a wish that rb> might get married, and once, at laaat. -poke in fa?cr . I toy marrying Jam.-* Flnlay, ahe replied, r gettliw would look pretty getting married and deeeiring a mat after yon have iwrd me a* you have'' II* aal I that would all b* right if I would get married. II arke.l me wb> n I w%* In New York. If 1 lnt.-n.tad to t* main at aehonl; I told him my parent* wi-h-d to bar ? no ; they Were afraid I would g- t married II* replied, *? I wlah to t!?d you would get married It would .)? m - ' more g>><-?i than aa)thlng*l?r in the w.rid " Thla wn? tha loth of November defendant offered to glv* witnoaa hi ? hou e. acd go and board with her. If aha wou.d marry J*oi.-a Fit lay. presume he meant to give me the rent of It?not to deed It to me. wit tea* wrote nne letter to Jano** hInlaw alter defendant had e*(?re**ed *?> much anaiety to have her marry him. of which msrriage waa the 'iil-jo t Her pravlou* eorrwaporidemi* with Flnlay bad been -ueh aa Il-ually p*--e? Iwlae. n lover*, never wt.te to Flnlay before eoming to Springti.-Id but had r< celvt.l attention fW>m him previoti-ly Her flrat sna pi. l. n of tw-ing in (he family way war dSMard by beiag lol.l that thai waa her situallnti when ahe called to enn awlt l>T A will, in July laat, e'lppoaed then that ahe be came so In June, and *o atatasl to Mi Crook. The witm-a* tw-ing aaked. try the eowneel for defendant. If ahe bad . ver known of Mr Ib-hertv educating niher girl* bee Idea heraelf. replied that ahe heard from report and fr.-ii. him. of hi* doiiw; wo; he had told her that he pai.l for the . duration 'if Margaret II in? at orphan It waa sugirratrd hy the p'.ainUlt - eonnael. that educating an orphan girl, and ?'mealing one whom- parent- warw living and aide to provide for her. w.-re not .julte para) l-l ra-n. and If on- was the result of pure la-nee -l. noe, tl.e Bthwr might ft he, It waa p?nldc, thomch. that the deti ndant a may jet ot all young girl* waa similar to whgt had been prartle d to?nl< III try Mtmagan. The folic whig letter purporting to be fr- m Her J. J Ibhtrty to Ihe Cathotle clergyman, nf Pltt*flel.|, waa *h< wn to '.Itneaa, who Identilletl It aa the handwriting iff the de-hf,.lant. RpwtanriKLW Jan 31, 1A51 My Iwar Frleuil:?I bare an Id. * thai notwith-tan.l tBff the vMefloe eiwhtMled by our friend* in llartfbrd a f. w d*).? tatck thej will jet eowte t? term* on the matter ip litigation The girl did not appear <>n l*at Thuraday . y. -I- r.l?y ) aa >i- app'dnted but aent the allldaelt ?f a phy?.< mn inat -he waa uriSt to eome 1..? a*w h-.r on Iterday or Monday, and what I* yonr judgment aa to her (itn<?** to con.- to t otirt ' llid-h>-? m ?irk ' Waa-he in fad ' I aril, that I may gwra* it her ataa-noo lad to any thought* ?n compromise. Would It wot ha a good idea to write them the motive* that ahould urge comprtu mi-e on th'-lr pnrt?the advantage* they may gain hy It ? the evU* '4 a ault te Utem ?the gratideation -ueh *nit will give (hp " Mao* ranted hrethrvn of tftff .ray ??4 | above all. the ruin to the girl herself, who will a?*ured|p go to priwin, however the affair end*?fof fornication: unit wlio, if it go againet them, will h* proceeded againut i with tho utmoi-t rigor the law will permit ? Whether aha ^ t'-lahliah' k her ca-e or not, abe ii< Mire to he a lover. So, jilco. am I cure to lofle by it* defence, in the matter <w tV>llari. anyhow Religion, too, (but thir Is no object to> th^m.) w|" not he a gainer by the ordeal K very thing mill.Vi me moat anxioua to hare the thing quaahed, even lie fori any preliminary examination, Hud I would aaeH tice yi iX?i to that end?ao important ia it under Wt|W view <?, wifoiind them ' Why Hre they ao blind to ttaiifr own in ten *? aa to be made mere toola of for the testa' gratification ? Y< u I think, have rtill influence over all partiea. and t vo week* to do aonn tiling. Don't give if thealiil) 1 ut be 4'autiou* Dcvotedlv ever your*. " J NO J DOHKRTY. N. B ?Don't ap rxpen*e of travel, fco. I'll tea all that right Dr Alfred l.ani!>ei * *?? next called ?I aaw Mlaa Mod agan after the birth .'f "f her child at the SpringffeWI hotel; am of the opiniotl ?l??t the child waa lull grown. t'reaa-examlned?Tin* rbild I rhuuh! think weighed a>c,at eight pound*; I ju ' d from the bonea of ita h ui, afl.T ita nail* that it had attained matcrity?have aeen ceven montha' children?t. wre waa lees corn-latency !? their foriiwitnn JaJte* Killam- Saw Mi JVh.***fv ?t the American hotel in Novimber l*?t; Mary Moaangi'? w.ia with liim, he at tracted my nolle* by hi* ?trniV? vMnktet appearing a, if he waa eithi r int"*ulit*4 or diffnn vd' he waa p,nd and lidbterona and called 1'ieiyaently yip ?* tIfw waiter*. anapp ing hla flaver*aa he 4 t ao; hear / hiu- *ml?r mulled winar. Sheldon Wel.*ter- I waa A the R'ne.fran hotei m New York on tt? 15th of NoVednVr iu*t?anofmwMr Dofeerty erd Mis* Maragan thrre; it waa at<.ut eight o'clock iaf the morning and the p.Vtlea wt-re at flbe i *nkfa*t taWe; defcadant nn.a^r comdiliTaVile flurry. n,nd bed thVeeor four waiteia atV-ndlng u|wti h!in :?t a tiuke; rvwhinrpowr out wire imdt'Viiik it , rb- ratio* for a /nwipaper, am# ipreadit over the diaheg, and the rest of the hxeua; 1 ehould think the 7np< i* he 1 kd waa tile//eiva'd Croea rxamimd -Mi** appeared to any hue little, an t orly in ."-ply to at roc rt 2?wk made by dffcm ilant who had to lean over to huar hi v; the wine drank 1 y defend Wit wna of thanlprpfct* or M'Jttat color; rt waa in an ordinary junk bottle; did-tiet know it aa WUrted twiin ; nevci aaw mullet; wine tl at 1 kuiAV of. The lod< wing letter Vbr ihtrod'leivl :? Mr Kimin Mumi.ii?8m:?'-have t!?ic moment w celved your It iter I rem-mber Mary Anr* Mi natian. If hi * character .Vast-ailed and that .t'eCft be-weed. a* ywW* eay. by my etatMneut of facta, I rhit' feel the greater^ p.eature in making that atateun nt Here it is :?I ar r,vi I at Rev. J. J Poherty'aon Saturday owning. Apid 13. l' Sff Itev J". .1 li< hi r"y was away m *??* of hie mie *i< na He returned the following eve.ling 1 remained vith dim until 'Aur lay, tbvil 26. when [ took the morning train for Altmny eary Aun Wknagau waa at Ktv.lJ Doherty'a the eveokng 1 arrived thbrv ami re mained there dunog my atay in tturingfie'.i! Jhe waa there the morning I let; How long before I arrived da ?na there, or bow long after 1 '.eft, 1 don't knew Thiaia ail 1 know, and I In e no lime ia Bending tt bpring feid <1 .tune 6 l-.'il M HmTAED At tliie point the court adjourswd till 2l4 I'ofsok, P. M. The care was not reruund in the afternoon At *i{ o'clock M" Achmtin ac cnuneel .tor plaintiff, utated te the court that there waaa procpe f of an arrang nieot bp the peitiea in thie action which would relieve the rourt and jury from lie farther e<> Mderatlov. TLVcoeit thereupon dlaaii-ced the jury till * ?>, ? 'clock thia inrwn ? Dg. when, ( 1*1 arrang*nil ut chaUhare been made, the caure will privjeed [From tbe S| rtli Arid (Ma*? > RA- ?Wlcnn, June I* J The rourt wen. in on Thumdiy nwrniaj, wnen It waa ai m uncedtbut llir progrr** 01 tin- ?*ttlam<nt of the aanr of Monaghan m I>i In rty hud tx-?n * r*h ha' no fur'!*** trial wi ni l tx*h?<t in the cut It b'mderiitaod that tha trine- of thr- -attUm. nt of tin* *c<lucuewi>uit of lion igli&a r* iK'hi-rty wt, that the defendant pay* $1 linO dama ge* to the plariiirJ h ml the rout* of'tb*> Hilt, a ad si^ Ik* a paper, retting loath ttmt eo far aa lie know* there i* ua foundation fbi\ at truth in, the report* iui.i Milling tha ?^NKtity or wirtirw of the plaintiff'* daughter, Mi*- \Ianib than 111 tin* eh nilil be fairly Mated ttia* the line ol di fence, hail t tu-trial gone on. <?i undentood tola- an attack upon the g'rl'* gen-ral character fur rhaetlty, an 1 it ?*,, reported that a number of witueama had Leen procured. ?ho Mere to xwear to alleged material facte to that purport (in the part of the pUinliff. fhr- 1 th?r proceeding* a ainal the dcteudaaiii including tha eult for aufporr of tha child, which waa tic a'l.gcd fruit of tbe latter a tontlrjtliil wi'h the formo-'e daughter, are to 1* forever ?u>[ Tbe pro.u dii^t*-in thla trial bate tan the cauav of much exciteun oi in thia c im Diiinity The erid- lire for the pro*i ration had created a u*lim.l and deep *)n>pathy for that aide of tha roaa. aad there ie a tN?ri|tti nt feeling of di*?i>|r>iutment that tha rare wae not continued, and the jury allowed to Milt tin ll jiillgliwl lipnli It A* to the rereread defendant, We hail rather take t ?n than add to tile puhlla feeling vhlch I* mi etrongly excited agaiimt Inu. And ?>? naa cheerfully nay that, while during tha aeraral yeaia of hia nonet ration* ?mon,vthe Catholic popula'ion ot ihiooooa n. unity, we have ue (ear reader* are uwar*, neen much ia Id* in uaral eouraa -wi coudoct warmly tad publicly ta a| |iroae there l>.<a been little, If anything. In it trhliih we would rond-mn ? Ktt|irrm I t siirl-hrin ral Tann On the ltencb, Chief Juatire IMinood*. 1 on Judgaa Ed ward*. Mil- hell and King. Jim It.?DreieiJO*?Thayer, I'akht ? himim th atar, aa. liUmhari, F->?>er, and- othrrr?Judgntaat W Supiaiaa' Court afllruied *A. (Imirlt J, Matt vi t'alrniinr Man ?J laigmeut of Blpa rior Court afBrnied. ,/<u (tVlttkaXt *1 r I .luhrt Hratm iwr?*r*r ?J udgmamt ad ttu|wrter t ourt athrnied / Void S. lh ger and J F. DarrMn 11. William Ja*?**.? Judi iurut of hnperior Court rw?*r?ed, and irairr it aaaa a* aided Coati to abet* the event If'**. ./.WI, Sihn'tf. ah Wm C !'"?( e and Jrai Hal In J?Motion for new trial granted, t'oel* to abide iMn t tail. H i* M-ahim i. II. it and J. Iiijr un Mptlnn hr new trial denied, with co*ta jlmtm Skrtmtm ri Hun It'aJunan ?Judgntaat of Sa jwrior Court affirmed Cmhfftr. I Aftm and alhtrr r? Mallitr Mart hail. ?Judg ment of Common I'lrar affirmed I'iUj H. Hnnhnluff , < J,i, AtarMaa Judgment of n.on I'lea* revere. 7l and new trial awarded. Cunt* ta aldtia event Mm K?r rl Bru K aid of.rn ei. Joe < Nome ? Motiea t% nt ?Mdc report of referee Kpuitel Oati to abide the treat. Tt?> C. Tuj/?n II tiaiad R. liar Una and Samdfard I'm am?Mottoii for new tela! granted. Coat* to abide tile event Hahrrt I. I'-mih ami Htnnjta Fouikat I'l. Ilmia W T. Mali ami lI'Mfmlyir. Malt.?Judguu-rU of Unparwr Caart * (fir ii ied Wm II Sharp ti. Jnapar F ("optey ? Judgment nf Cmiiiiou I'hae rereread, antl new trial awarded to abide * tent Vlaudtut Ibri n Tha PtupU ?Jadgatwoi of ?arehm* It *ar*ed. V I'oada ?? Than U ft" >ey?Judgment of lien fee* a* * firmed >e>kefCi Harbor Uauk r. I ami Bank ??*. thm br tu w trial granti-d Coal* to a) i h- the era a* Jamr, Ma>on re Mary Jwi and d*i/i?Ileerea cf \ tee-1 hen tettw aJtrwied an f?r aa regard* adding partiaa. aad caaee to eland or- r for that par^wt. Fmmvri laa% awd Tm.t I e<*|?a y m -hmaihan (Mi, ? Molten for mam trial ?b aiad, with rnwta ll>* /? Thompson n ?/fwguef>at 1 ?Jud firereed with net* (ha- H Canal I'anl J ('.**. J?Jud It pec i*l Term afraei with coat* Jamil F Ham,, tl. Thi I'topia ?J uJgwont aft) Pe-.ioa ??rated Iblajdanir and Carta*. ad* H' U i WardrU ere'rated, with leave to am< ud oa Lc,yiuent <f coat* FJu mi Strand. ?? Uutrph Frith. ? M dton for aaw triad dented, with coat* John kahrman. vi William U'**> -Judgment '< taywha C< ult, rerarned. with eeat* ia Ihu Court aad the Owart JnAa f Chat oman at (7<a*. .1 t?i i/ftn ?J uitgiai at ad Special Term afttruo d. with coata /fig* Marth. e. Juta S llav%boo'dt t-hitim ta mead hill id etreptioa* deah d, with eat* I Ii: a floor, ii H'tlham k mt and a f hart?Judgmawt fpi rial Term reawr-ed wlthi ?? co?t? and a decww to ha anter< d that th- net pro*- -*?l? o# lie- t.i h adlthm of C< mmaalarle* pa** uadar the HI elan** of tha f will Aennwe f Smmptm. n Umbo'dt 4 Han any ? *at **lde report e| rvMree dane d with e.wt*, Mary K Stnait and nA-o *? Jot Iowa?Daiwa ad ?pcctal Term t??et>ed with vada Hrnjn da M"ar1. mdm,'< mt fwrrgate a^rwied. with ao*t*. lira H JMh* H thr Profit ?JwdfWteal of (tend feiatot.* *lflimed Jat H Hot In it .lithr* Ho toil and -dha I. ?Orda* ?t ftp, rial Term modified I J,An r far, Mum rt r.crf* r wmlh , -ordaw af Apt rial Teim reawiwed. wtthmit coat* .humph C tlthlru rt tin I - ,-U ? Ja lemeai of Oamnid Aewlon* raaerwed and new trial ta?nl?i fhififey 4 I'lafkm r? I ha foam Halm aft *V?i?Ma lion to let * elite report (4 i. freer* denleiL "Uh *o*m Patau ay H Iarmor n Jar HanaUam. iVihwo# Bpnalaf Tarmaftrmul with coata. Thi-t I. M "rllt and arhr? ? e? lame (iftagh *d ofhm* ?? Motion to Mrihr pauae from < ? Uadar dralal AWSrttt. TIIM. lb for* lloti J mill* Ktn( . 3t *? 14 ? tiimion ? A'wAVwa CVarbarM h If. H, Gwyan ? R< port i f rrfatna ??t mkI> an fcr v> tt d aid? tba parti?ar?hlp to haw.- tutil*w4 U';'int IMT. m4 ? fur w tt (IwMm Httynn'a pa I ant to tiar< Wan part?, ?hip pmparty?armtintin# iuu?t hr ri nrtn. 4 to tba part nl rahlp tranaartlona rain lira to ft?tfptur?a natant JtraAaw H Hilt? ??r afmm ? J T ? Thta MM baring hnan Imprpnrlj h.ard at Mpnalal Tarnt. it la dtn nit-and by th?- j?df holding Ibr Hp*-rial Tnrm, and th* at ay of prooardinga la faratad vV I'rapii tar rr< fitrrl J Hit t> (V ,/?)iiti ^ rht Swpta*.. faun and ft* Curt? Jnif -f '*? I'll ^ "t' rail -Juilfaitit acalnat th? relation with ?ma W? ap pallanta aail a writ of ron??lt.atlon awardad a ithnnaing tht juMift" ami tbn appellant* to ptoaaad 1% thr mat tar prohibit rd by tka writ of prohibition Jnlln Rrnartl* To tup. KntTi>M t?r th* nkw t-.nt hsuai tt. 8t??1 I a? to "lata I am not tba *>-.thnra? of tbo M ttr wblrh appaand In tba IVt HaraMthtn mav* atgnad ?? J alia Hannatt" Von ?IU Pttiah obttga ?n b* Iwtrting tin* In ytr.r papar t. morrow r.nrnlf t am, 81? four i.bwI'M* " JOMA >4U<? fcr<?p??,dmw lb, l?4l roorntaa *nt itftttL u MNsin

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