Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAStmn UOROOH BBKWETT, PUOHILKTUR AND EDITOR. ?rncx N. W. CORNER OR FI'LTON AND NASSAU ST8. TtUi D+1ILY UKH.1LV, i csnts per copp?$T per "Tf/fc tTKKri.r HER.UD, every taturdng. mt 6S, ru per copy. or $t pir annu/n, fit r.uropeam Edition. per annum to any r?iT a/ &rt?{ Jlnlmu, and to any port of Itr Confin..*. both inrluda Ik* pontage, ^oiUNTAhr CORRESPONDEXCE. cantaining import ant news. solicited from any gn arte* of Ike world; ifuati, wtVi he like rally paid for. Ova Niiutx Coitct MODSM^ ill FAITICl'l AHLV 1I4< MTU) TO (AAL ALL larrill All I'AMAbH IBNf TO VI JILL LETTEHR by mall, for S?i?ri>(ion<. or wtth Jhii rrt' irmmlj. tu be pott paid, or (Ac pottage will be 4o4teet,d from ti* money remitted. NO NOT! ft. taken of anonymous communications. Ire do not return those rejected. JIPI'EliTtxE M EST* re nerved every morning. JOb PUTS TlX 0 executed with neatness, cheapness, ami despatch. X\1 No. I Oft AMUSEMENTS THIS EVEN IN J. BOWERY THEATRE. Bowery? Dream or Lin Ha* YiiIi'I-Jaci >*Hii fart. BROADWAY THEATRE, tominxT?Acakl. N IBLO'S GARDEN. Br.Adway?Tight Rot ui'i Duiaii?Vol av Vest. NATION AD THEATRE, Chatham atreet-Io:?-To < Cm I*GLK. BROPODAM'S LYCEl'M, Broadway?I,Ann. Battle? ?em Boo a or Baavti . CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Mechanics' HaII. 172 Broadway ?Bchiotiaji Mniriiuv. _ VHL LOWS' MINSTREl.S. Fellows' Musical HaII, No. Hi iway?Ethiosian Minstrelsy. AMERICAN MCSEIM. Amuno Piiro??A!ici wamnov* ahv Ivaiik. Hew York, Holiday, June 10, 1931. KuroptAii News. The steamship Humboldt id due to day, with four days later intelligence from Europe. Telegraphic Summary. Yesterday having been Sunday, our telegraphic dispatches were, of course, like angels' visits, few and far between We learn that an aoouuon meeting was held in Philadelphia, yesterday, but that it wad broken up in rather a hurried manner. Now, we do not approve of this. Since the time when tho Herald was first started, we have gone upon the principle of giving every man, and all sides, a hear ing This has ulways been the principle on which we have conducted our journal. We have reported an infinite quantity of speeches in our columns, with the contents of whkli we disagree, simply for the reason, that the more public error or fanaticism Is made, fhe more readily it is overthrown. The party press have slways made a groat in'stako in this particular. The ?higjournals will not honestly report what may be said at a democratic necting, und vtet ?cr?*. Hence the necessity of an independent press, and hence the great circula tion aid ii.iluence at home and aoroad of the Htrahi, which does not care a fig for aiy party, but which will report all honestly and truly, and after wards comment on what it reports ia a free and in dependent maimer- The p irty press cannot -'peak without prejudice ; in fact, prejudice is apparent in every line that they contain, and as a natural con sequence their circulation is small, and their in fluence >-iui.Ilcr. Now, we most emphatically con demn the interruption of the meeting in Philadel phia. it taken place in New Yo.k, we would haie reported it verbatim, for we hold that the best way of putting down fanaticism, is to give the fanatics the full length of their tether. Good wine Beeds no bush, but bad wine does. Trath is all poweiful, and defies sunlight: whereat the very vitaliry of error lies in its being kept iu the dark. Coimu< rrlal ( oi.dltlon of (He Count ry? ? mi K >( arc* History i? philosophy teaching by example. This Is sd oM apothegm, hut it s always applicable to the great leading afUw of civilization?politic", religion, com xierce anil trade. The country at this mutuant, in all its commercial rv latian-", was never more prosperous, never more successful, more en terprising, or mure buoyant; yet in seme respects it presents the same features, the eatae chare rterie tics which marked our condition in 4SS5, mid pre vious to the terrible revulsion of I <17 The re sect publication ?f the Treasury return' far the last twelve months, establishes the fact that the estimates made by the -Secretary of the Trcar fury for the p<m-<t year, have keen osmedod by the enorin >u.? ainouiitof mark seven millions >f dollars. TWf single /act indicates the extraordi iry de velopetucnt ?? the fore gn trads of the country, on which the estimate an* pre* looted, and from whi :h the revenue is collected. "fee foreign trade of the country is dependent uj-on the o|> ratiou of art euer getic and itfutuiv* interna! programs whi' h is vpreoding and expanding itnM at a rate nnprete dent-J in the history of na i? cs Oa the reasoning that moy be based oo this fact, or the timuIi t > whiuti it,point,, i? tuaV-'i no i' foresee whether the autimate* of the Trumury d ipwrtui'tnt, un 1 th ? actus! receipt' prove the ignorant ? of the Jverc Cnry in his opinion, so much a- h shows the rmtra erdioiry prosperity of the Country. This is one of the leading facts showing tb ?nwiMcreial pnogresj of tb- country at thii mou.-r.t ; sail It is one of a similar coirastcr to thst wLieh j.r* vails in every ii.i|>jsunent of trvd ? and commerce, fr-vm the Atlasi'i tv the Pstii:;, from North to -Sai'th. "In ? o.. tin- h?< been made lo the enterprisenr.d trad ? f tl. Atlantic, ly the auriferous dism.cries in ? alito uur.has b e.' astonishing?U-y ml anything 1<: the ii?tory u' Mantis ?? as ??. fi ,t die ivary hy OdambtM. Thi? aco-s?i n to oar go'.d circulation is p.* itivean I resi. He ntiiarganm H ?; o inking capital. ami the in'-n sf ? idiriiual crod ^S of all 1 i/ids, nh ch sre witm ??, a. ? not of as I id < r p ?< (*? c a chs ra c?*r. iWrirg tb? la -(ear, p oi> ibly b". noon tsrenty ail Msuty mil .?.?* of ban! ct, ? lasI has t,cn ald-d to that- which ,a.<!y sa-^'tcd, f :it'og tao hat iS of an additional ncu '' id v credit t > thmatiinee. hat ?a. nut-or f. ttj or; millions?f d iUta? ' that nay be rarrcd on suck a toundat.ou luring at eon uyear. The of this .^laus r -i ?boot to create * f .-* >!, issue U "date credrt to to* amount of t incur -Va u. ?- -f J l i s, win'n ? , be eijuel/y ^pUdbh to the mutt specie* sf ?uterw 1 prise in tin *::ta*g?mcat oftheeurrea y. All lhe?e facts and w*uu?'aoasa in the pe.gro" "f.iamc ? ?Inl affairs, have produced the eC- t which tk -y patnrally nuss! 1 of increasing tin prices of aim -?t a|] the gt'tl step. * of the eo n<a< riiai Willi, n d Un". a. a.*aiy of the lv jI acti'-lcs of bartar an 1 ? il Ibc; ? -ii .ju 1 atber st ipias aru far be yond <ba aiual isP < which prsrail in /ears of -:sa > I ? ration; r<al estate aal rant< in th? c.ty of X w York, aad In ot.ier placas, have reached a p ,int Be c ,'IU.I to that ?f tho gr< it spci.l itivs f. id oflKki. In fact, the fbre fn trade, ths cnrraa .f, j Mm ruvanne, the vast inen aa- of the ca*u svbis o' pntlir lands, tL. j ci()i ? ,f ourg oat *t iplss, tho v.v env'gration, the advance in rial estate aud in ?pciu lative prop, rty ot all kinds, indi'-oted tho m n-: gci.cral expansion of busincs, the s.vno eitfbo'd, nnry spirit of - iti-rprise, ai.-l tb ? Sin diug'ri'js ?tovi ments nnd itlatarbaneM which k> I to the ter rible revulsion of 1*C17. We well reineiitbvr the period of l<5"?, '<?, and '7 We ?ero in the midst of it, wrot" its history, ?narked ih-pio|.?n,d predi '? 1 its Inal oousutn SBa'iiV J he fit-t symptoms of that groat die ?nrtsMicc st f'sroxyism in simasit al affairt w?s indicated iu the inewstsed revenue of the govern Uiei.t from ell eour or nn in -r co far b >yo:id t,b? ward, of the reuMry at that dev. in ";,ly on-re ?P?;?t the f ar J "Of di^a ? * fro-n !? The c m itry was then free from dchf, and dcl -otk iie w . ?? bo dnjui'h the r?'jfns rrb'Otio T'?? -"iitry i? Bow o,,v?r, d with a asi.ii>.- if d?'>t, a? I . i ih-?s ?!' It renrlvrs m firt M it a.-cruc*. T ils is a f i ?or.vblj ?jtpi'a of the present, at e ten yd.'" ' Wi'h I i il *1#. but She general i. ?tur -s of tho i w > p '1 m ? B> si le and to ps sliel, that the mlfj Is "uv'-i"v '/ kd to exficct results sciiisw'at similar 1" t'n-w wL'.hwi urrv j in that J.iy A crasb t rC>^'''V' similar to the om wo hare referred to, would be far moro ter ible at th a day than it w*i In lt*W Wc art a mightier people now than we were then? a greater nation?hare more eapital invested, are more iu our tastes, and are more j mixed up and blended with the movements in Eng land and throughout Europe. If the world con tinue peaceable, and no political tumults or out breaks occur in Europe for five years, there 14 no doubt that the United States, England, and France, will eater upon a oareer of speculative enterprise that will outstrip anything of the kind which has marked the history of commerce, and which will lead, if not managed with great skill and discre tion, to the most terrible revulsion that ever agi tated the civilised or commercial world. The re vulsion of 1?*> and "37 was merely a tyj>e of what we may expect, if moderation and judgment do not operate on governments, communities, institutions, banks, uud merchants of all descriptions. Succession aTd^smon.-H^?t theNorth, anti-.lavery is dying out, and new dame, are kindled with respect to the succession in 1*>-, which seem to absorb every other excitement. At the M>uth, secession is the prominent topic still, and the theorists there are inquiring how far they will be able, by breaking loose from the federal com pact, to monojM>liie the commerce and trade of the wor!d by means of their great staple?cotton. 1 hu the North shows pretty conclusively that, beyond the circle of the insane Garrisons, and l'hillipses, and Abby Kellys, of the day, there ex sts no longerany very strong desire to make political capital out of the slavery quest on. AU has been made out of it | j that could possibly be accomplished, and that is a trifle. The real questions now before the country. North and South, are merely, therefore, those ot succession and secession. In the former, the Northern States are remarkably active, looking a : long way ahead. In the latter, the Southern States arc in a very uncertain condition, and will proba | bly so continue till they see the necessity of acting on succession, which involves a mun, and hit} millions of dollars a year, for f mr years, or *2 *), (100,000. for a Presidency, with a whole catacomb of dead office holders, upon whose remains there must spring up an army of consuming, busy existences, 1 in the shape of postmasters, collectors, land agents, consuls, ministers, and, tn fact, the whole live ma ' chinciy of this great nation. .Secession may have its hour; hut succession will carry the day, ax we -hall all see when our Northern conventions, like so many omens, foreshadow the result of the na tional conventions of 1SV>, and the ulterior resuU in March, 1S53. t In view of this great result of all political re sults?the succession?activ ty begins to operate on the political centres in various Northern Mates, i Preliminary meetings and conventions arc now held in a number of Mates. Already a pie , liminary nomination has been made, on the de mocrat c side, in this city, and to-night Tam many Society?the very Council of Sachems?will come together to make Gene al Wool a nominee Besides this, in vari- us parts of the Mate, among t the hunkers, General Wool's name is becoming a i household word, as far as the White House is con cerned. We shall be anxious to see the result?for | if gunpowder, guns, trumpets, and flying artillery, are to he the groundwork, both of whigs and demo crats, in the coming contest, General W..ol will have a fair cbancc. His life has recently been written and published in Boston, aDd that may ho consi dered a paper bullet from that quarter, of no small importance. Massachusetts, however, is more busy with the name of Web, ter; anl a kind of pledge to ?uj j-ort him has been numerously signed, making a roll of names as long and numerous, and quite as powerful in it* way, as that of Battle Abbey in old English times. What effect th.s movement will have, it i? difficult to say ; hut the immediate result will hi brains against bullet* and bay..-,ets and a preliminary convention at WorceiWr, recent.y the stronghold of the abolitionists. .Not the least important preliminary flourish ot the whigs, will be on the t wenty-fourth of the month ?a we,k fr< ui to-morrow?at Lancaster, Pennsyl vania. when there Will be a Whig StatoConvention, which will coo central* a large number of wire pulVf office seeker* ?nl politicians, into a grand , ma- for the -election of soui.-bwdy for the succession I , rbaps M-ott-i-erbaps Webster. Who knows ! Wt hater will have a fair efaaoe* between patriotism ??i is,wder. though Gea-ral Mott will be pushed forward wth powder and patriotism. Gcuetal .-COM, however, has three ugly impediments in the j way of Li- artillery, in the shape of three letters, which stand like general orders from his head luarlers. < >nr i- a bulk-tin in favor of the gradual emancipation of slaves at the Mmtb?another is a I document on the advantage* ot an annexation of t am*.la?and a third if a rtiuin. r, in the foria of a den-urn that?migrants t* this country -hull bo per mitted to vote vnly after a residence of tweuy-live yours. Probably not 1*?* tJuaw hall a doteu docu Uitnts, in explanation ot those three affair*, will ho nece-ory, sooner or Uter; and if the General rams down his gut well, he uwf be able to d? some ex ecution. At Wast, he will have the bene!' of a little target practice, wnioh is very useful la political tad ie?. Meawwhiie. at the pr.mU* of ?? 1""1 u notel .and cuiious in theee questions of succession I sod seeewtiou. what with km-.pln? our eyes sharply ,,n the look-out, from Maine to Georgia, from Georgia to Oregon, and from Maine to California, wc ihail hiive u bu-y time of it, and within lb-; ,.,?11 tweii months wc must expect to find a fresh I r. sidentml n winee in *aah ? sate?thirty-one in the entire bat. h-gnough, oertolnly, to keep th? whole eoua.ry in a very agaownbW sUK of excite ment. Thi i: li-in rN4ME Wri.i ?ih Wii.ui* . ? >: to . ?In th ? Lit * it /'./ .?(,'< 11/, Ct e t'?vrr?a4 Mr. !'??)?? wr t: ? Hev?r?ml Mr. >? .ir-? tbrt h ?? ? ? ilvithcii -mm out ffitii ? to, ? -t lv ?i .he Webb ."Mi W1U4 Hi *hi" u tu.i ii? !': 11J * W la- ll that .4 ? X>. .Ijr. tin- hi pm ? * ? thi lav?tjp?iu<4ition m ? M?' ?utv*?. a-I au???rlby of any fur I er uMawioL in tbo -- Hi qa -.'ii.n now before tL" ( ublie, he ft e.H? n ft ?t h? u. . ntiil ol tb'.r or i.i'. it 1 bt> C*B.-I- ?0<i Vr iii- iii'l.h.,' In tun i'i-J ':b, iu m; *r *.'?: 1 ?i ?|u?u t be fear ??'of t? ? lie (i 'i* ill- 1 ?'ii|p?n"Jun uj>'ii tt ?l?n i.i it ?:u.!i..t! y L ft'.'* r 'i, t It ? t J "'III to I ! tirrni I t?. fat li inner.t ??. ? wever, tLot .1 Willi* ? ??? b I UI ' gO. y lj 'in ??*?. te.-tnu'' :) i .Vebb fro I ? t. i.-i.Vi 1.a n.iti' -ai J j'.n '.. u*?el/ ci. 'gy Bui'- a in th:>e?M#?u*Bit/ jJr. hlufrt, or fn ' 1. 1 | ii.i 1 111B <** I' ??-1 !?? " ? '? *>? ti 11 of fui I ||J lib t ? be 'Ur.&ttw to tfce nl'Jt I, 111U ir .if'K.d liip rjgnaou ?( ' * i\rtc mtf be habit to .Uiiiiir I t rnion", B ?t I HI. St rami *1 <1 1 U bat ate at. article 6:t 'til un'ore wf tm. by ha# not been ] t. bliilitol 1 -tr nereiuf ui -. ui I it 1# \cry cut 1 m< t. .at- it itllll bnoe boo* ml.ul by I bo tii? 1 -0011 gwtg m bntVoeu Walab lift Willi*. '1 bo jurtlei' or irjutrtien <0i Mr iiaacbef'c rie ?i ? ill bo ii'ore apparent wh. n t. o tuy?t#ry couor'.iw iitg lie it ttor* in Webb'# po<- 1 "?n i< male aire ci<#r. *1 tie re citut" to b" Btui'ii?loibt abaa". ,beir tiit i; the original on.'# il-5 ?? '.V' wim U.I1 tbfiik tfnt W illi# g..f n li#lA 1 ?ft of tb ? Torn | 1 jji 0Ti ii'.io t tfben, #till, *%/ lb?l W-b'? be' becli fhi|'o*o ' n|"iti by n iinu^ ;ii?J fn Bbo'ttnl, in fa. tben n ?? y i mil of <: 1 ijoolUi 1 11 ' ; ?nil th re Bill be no "ii .'to t o;i til! flin lA * ' r.t'.itu ' I md awlii ti. ton 1 on their ?#ti I bewb'.lo t i ii/in rio'ilo, mvi can bav# n<t ii-11 tiil (be I.i.. ui wimjiO I: in all i'o |il 1*0'? t '? ? I t, tie { 'l!i! ?? ft ?? it' .1 * * of i?t ? ? tf? . ' ? ft It tute on ''e wb"i# mbn t Wneii oho ? t ?r>. bo < I,fcbt ! 'I K of .fee I I,'. ' It ,1 i'y ."'bcril fji *n, will t! i? ' tj rename J n?pi fi \ N ley from >,i / of to 1 op -?>, in t . -? i;ity. i cot fori! ty * Mi tiie de ?!? on Bui !?? by 'iw tfn -m 1 t'ntr? <?" t" ? w' rp*...-no tfff j l'ltj' utfw of ;bi f ^ui*. o 5sue Mo ,??. I ori it* Barht'm amd Jemmy Lind?Barmi-m 0<>im? ro | ErRonu?Several inquiries have been made, and several discussions had, both on the nature of t ie separation which suddenly took place between Bar num and Jenny Lind, in l-hdodelphia, and also as to the causes which take Barnuin to Europe 89 suddenly, as is represented in the newspapers. The suddenness of the separation between the Napoleon and the Nightingale, has created the belief that there was a quarrel in the case. It eecins that this impression is entirely a mistaken one. They originally forinod a copartnership, on j terms of mutual respect, and on the platform of dollars and cents, Barnum considered Jenny Lind the greatest nightinga'o of the age, and slieiad mitted that he was the Napoleon in his lme. feeling of mutual respect, calculated on dollars an I ccDtu, bud been maintained with unabated couh donee from the time of the commencement of their peregrinations up to the sudden separation, in tho midst of the sawdust of the Philadelphia circus. In proof of this perfect friendship, which has always existed between them, and of the cordial feeling with whieh they separated, the following important document from tho baud of the fair nightingale herself, has been published:? To 1' T Bahsow, Kat ?My dear sir?I accept your nroDosition to close our contract to-n.xht. at tlie eu l ol the ninety-third concert, on condition of my paylnj you ? 7 (mo. in addition to the sum 1 forfeit under the condi tion of finishing the eugageui- ut at the end of one huu dred concerts. I am dear sir yours tjruly^ ^ Philadelphia, 9th of Jane, 18ol. Let no one, after reading this note, suppose that the slightest difference ever occurred between tbein, | or that they separated on any terms than those mentioned in the document? the payment ot seven thousand dollars in addition to the forfeit. No bet ter proof could be shown of tho very lasting friend ship and respect which they entertain for each other. The aggregate amount of the friendly teeling on both sides has been set down at half a million of dollars, one half of which may be placed to the credit of Jenny Liud, and the other halt to the seusi Uve heart and poeket of Barnum. They ren""* and esteem each other, nut according to the idea of novel writers, or poets, or players, but according t > the ligures of arithmetic, expressed in simple and positive dollars and cents, calculated on the author ity of Dilworth. The mutual respect and esteem for each other being satisfactorily settled on all hands, tho next point is the inquiry whieh has been staited by iu quiaitive people as to the object of Air. Barnum s visit to Europe- trouie say it is to engage a whole cage of nightingales?that Grisi, Mario, and Lab lathe are to be caught, if possible. Others declare that all the great daucers of Europe are to be sought, that their steps may be turned towards the United States; and others still maintain that Barnuin is only disposed to take care of the Batemau children ?one ot his happy families. Certainly there is something mysterious in this visit, thus covered up by so many announcements by Bamum's literary bureau; yet w think we can solve the whole difficulty, and that wc koow the real purpose of Napoleon. When he wont over to London with Tom Thumb, in 1*45, the speculation was near being a total failure, till he found the celebrated Markwell, then of the Bond street Hotel, now of one in Albemarle street. Napoleon was in despair and small lodgings on the outskirts of society?Markwell was at the head quarters of fashion, ami almost on the threshold of the palace. He undertook-to aid Barnum by advice?gave him his private house, where Tom Tnuinb kept his 1 court for several weeks, and from '.hat point started < on his lucky career. In the generous thankfulness of that hour, he promised, when he got a plum, that he would present Markwell, for his inestimable j services in getting T?tu Thumb presented to the queen, and for other favors, with a magnificent i service of plate. To this day, Markwell ha- not received the gift; and it is for the purpose of pre senting to Markwell this long promised and long expected str rice of plate, we presume, that Barnum ! now visits London, lie has got his pluui -or, at all events, as much us makes his promise good ovrr his own signature, and it is with the high and I honorable purpose of his original contract, from which he dated his success, that he now leaves bis native country for the shores of Europe. English a\d America* Hows.?N jtwithatanl. ing the thousands and tens of thousands of masters whieh the people of England have over them, for the purpose of keeping them in order and behaving themselves?and shooting them down if they don t, in the form of sohliers, and polieemen of every de scription?rows and riots occur there occasionally. The English j>apcr* are very severe upon us for our Astor I'lace riot; and no doubt, will be equity so when they boar of the riot at llobokeu. There t this distinction, however, betweei English ana American riots. In England, it would seem by the recent row at Tarn worth, thai they are instigated by what are called there the higher classes, while none but rowdies and ruffians are at the bottom of such dbgrm elul occurrences in this country. .Such uhorrible riot, growing out of such circumstance as that of Turn worth, could not occur iu this e mu. try, where political and party spirit run' as high as it does in ?<y part of the world. I'olitieal partus are never disturbed here at Useir dinners, a' was the rase at Tamworlh.uor d.-iveu by brute force oat of Ustsoa. 0 Ssasi-im Lmi rseemwewd to any <-f oar rea-Jem thwt wish to learn the Pj ivni-li U? (si: . so bn pi itaut. Mr A V hoea as aa aoc mi'lished teacher. T a linn, our v?.mmwisUtlon we translate the following from /aCiwim oftha lltb a ?poaUh pa;*-rpublished in tills city > ' ?> Insert to-d*y In the ps p?r pnrt of ourpa j?rm. sdverti-eOH ?t ><t* n Antonio.) I' ha-*a*transla tor ami mSeVprtVereftise PpanlshanJ Kofll-h lan^u i|?s: aril as ??? b aequalaSeJ with b th Uugu ant is a psruo Who has cultivated the ?ekoc?e an l Ilts ratass as tab* Lis ps-~a;?c. a.4o? to ree?iuai> ad hist to oar f'aJIre Of. V. ?? (Irw . > oM *i tri'A .? .' ? h ? I' 1" |-r lily a w"h4??r 4ki' *r|lenti| ? -t t '.in - with a Rial , ?uu w?arn?;?? m .ii to nsa. iinr* ?M Bi'ii nliH'li It I* U"4nT?l, f S i! !?? lu > l i |?jr* <9 | i>i ) ''ii ft> tar lay bight, in ?t'i jr to. . pit n W?n !? iv?h< f Bfl Jii n "i"v / utori' a- .rmr . I ' tiniy mJ JmMi a ?tiwta. kv| t h/ u <<> riiian I. i.nd 9Iti|?-. <fc ?,.im Tli?' two two in .lit i I *rb? miMt r?irto!i I "in ' r??r!'' ' ? . oi ? ?>??? in", tli' . ii? ?i| >*.i.n * itti a bwtr-ti. r ? ; i -iMw? a I I I I I ? ; II . llf'UlM, I..' 'I, ? nil | I'll , ? iii'.id I ?'ii?'in*.| fiuo tad i h i;!. a til ? aiti ll.n I 1} ;? II id..' ?t ;f. at. 1 I' M.I Ml " ?' a r t 111 * ?; III n, .III rrtumd; MKl i n ?l.' fi -lh nt'iT" Ii ? Ha' In until 1 tvbt any n .( lr. fnu-.n ? . i!,- | 'a1* Ihii. th ii jri ? it; l;> i. I. - ???!???? i 11 4 ah ? ? wanot i , . ,? .'h 11 . I k'ti. )Mi IntanMlV '' 1'imi t ?? ii, ? ti ?*??1 I i ?? i i Ii.iih - iMUi?aiaCri|- di?* ? '?! I.i p .-It a Urj Ida It a ii.ih li? lu I but a low i ?;.. ? it.- j i flWi i hi lifb'lir'K tiiifi id IIK.U i. itifuf ? ii... ?' d m lli? ftrat "fi" r% "i * Ii" m It napr Hi" ?hi aaiM r tha -??. nit bluw. thi ...nttr.K .' ?? I ; In. M . Mi ? klimd llii- trgitn '4ic I ' M." !i? tab/ t.i Mi-ttu' i i. " i .i?n>? ,"ii".ni"i fB"rv 0 mi - - ? ? |. , i ii.tal i Ilia# Main, dnt^ralt '1114 II ? injur/, ihii Ifa. ih ? t' ;>. iMd thr> w 'I." Iht? into tin trail. H .f?tj ?it'. hit ? la j.ini' drntaw 111 J*? . -n, ? it. vi *1 t it* ?. a MrntMl i. rf tiadt*. ayirai/ mi !tn> roof of a >li I wbkll.11K11.aii4 hi i.'i I. .lit with till liga 1 Iw uph 1I" urila u-dandl.- \j ? -M?^-tia l.-m.i, ala-n da !.???? I'ini 11> and t turn ",t . imi.:,1) 'i iw> tl jurwil tiiau w?i . ?.??< ? I ??.i "? ? 1 fin i.4 I Iwirj >UMt Wh' "h?L*kiiw1t 1 id lnutUf an I iuaj; iv.1 ?M ft*a MaesfM, #?. IfT dr.. 1 ' and , pa .a .mil' 1 It '!.ii|fPm? and j. oft . , turn tad Tu ? hoi 1 1 ? i.a 1 it Mnitfay iiwiirp 1 ? ?. ,?.) bad r.. Ju ? !.<? 'I nritl. M. wh ? lo-'K tha b t.n n; ..1 ( .?? a m . ?. ? Mi*Miit"4 'Knrlm"> If. c *? t lb" r?- nf? <A~ tl# w. iii.'l . 11.I %'???! on th" in. 11 ? ??. 1 ?. .<>??till ar,t /iifi?ijf -I? ''? >lii>< r v f a . J atnir iip i? dUafw-IlM ? ntBrl of it ii- ? Ju |? |.. i..,n. ?! ,-<? ItiiuM} aVtmitt inn id lh" trowj r... j 1., 1,. 1 ll?r* tn?. 11 aa-jiti. ml ihr .'fio-r. ??,. i ..... bj 1 hr r*i.-.!? in ? i" tnf r lit ii hi...lima, kiw '"J i .an. ,,n.j dnrln; ' ll? allr. j tl" V, ' Ifiuw d ' f I ' ;; 1 1 a. . h 1, .|ti. Ill 111 I tall 1/ ? ill < 11 iliij 1 v 'I"'* ' alr.rr 11 1 ? J (?; 1 * 1. in tin . Mr.nha/f wit (J imni j 1. 1 i- r>.. .11. -I w!ib tla<i-? w!-.i r 1:. th.- l.irr 11/ ll? m. i.-id *a.< ?J. tainiK! I7U1 omptaWatl |df a fui it ? r t > . i.i ?? / ..... f ? r ?/>; '?,"-Ti , 11 1 n * h't' ? ? 1; til- 11; ' ' " I.I ???'' Ilrtll i -.T "I 'i ? *|. >il n A'l ,1.11' m i;,.- r'atw 1 ?>. af;. 1 ' I *.. 1 ? 11 - ij. n i.; I ' y l;!a I.ill a ? 1 ? ? ip .... 1 >ij It, -?|. f i. ii ? ijrita f 1. ?? . I4i-f ? ,..h warl. a 1.. ' 1 1. .1 t?.?. 1 j. Itiia . ? I - ? I t ?* I (??' V > >i? r,: 1 i . 1 (Bill hjT I ha 1. 1 . ' j ? 'I in a. 1 ? i. .. ? "a:. . H " ?' 1 tii? 1 in. rt < a rlMi pi ? ; \ : .1 3 ? . ifU 14 K U , I 11 r. ?C;n| a* in "" ii" .it i..n; ti. / ft ?? *1 ?? at i.ilt. .... Ml i mi 1. 1 r ??" 1 ?nil iMi imk?i < 'ii-i,, iaJ ti. u. a fi,'? Kik 1 hlui l |. l it litai > Rrtiiuiiir Noith Awnrt?To-morrow is thu 4my fixed for the sailing of the steamship North tmxrlM for tialway, with pasacngvrs for Liverpool, Loudon, he. She rose round to her berth on fiaturday end a* she is open for inspection to-day, we adttee such of our reader* as intend going abroad roon to take a look at her. We will tell them, however, beforehand, that they will not find her eabln* and state rooms loaded with eemwleee orna ments to catch the eye; but that they will see, and mutt admire, the good sense of the builder* in the Light nets, amplitude, convenience and thorough ventilation of the literior. They will find her. beside* to be roomy and pleasant on deck; and that she is built in the struugett possible manner Lawrence and SnedvU are the builders of the ship, and Morgan, of the engines: all of which (ship and macbluery) i* entirely new in every ptrt? she having only made four trips to Ch:tgre?. the last of which, by the way. was the shortest ever accomplished. It is a fact worthy sf mention, that in these four trips there ha* not been the slightest accident or do rangemtut to her machinery; and that she has not ever had occasion in couMquenee to stop her engin-s, eveu forone minute, between port aud port. Her officer* are all able, experienced and obliging Captain lllethen ha* Wen eighteen years in -Irinnell. Mint urn k Co's employ, on the Liverp<*>l and London route and is very popular with all who know bint With so much in favor ?f the ship and her officer* and such peculiar attraction* a* the trip i tiers, we certainly think her passenger list will be lull. Koa Brimi* ?The stcamsnip Washington. Captain Floyd, departed on Fatardity. for Bremen. She took out upw ards of a hundred passengers. Lavncmed?At Msrhlehead. on the lfith in*t , from the yard of K. Kimball. Bsq , a fine schoouer called the Ariel, of 104 tons. Intended for the fishing and freight ing business. 8he waa built by Mr II T. Kweli. for Messrs Martin k Pitman, aud is to be count vu-dod by Oupt. Turter. litntcNiHO os the l'si.h an Dkv Dock ?The I'elicati Sectional Dry Dock, which ha.- been in course of con struction at Algiers, for some time past will he launched this afternoon, at live ncloek ?AT. O. Pic.. Jane i. City lutelllgence* GOVERNOR'* IM.AND?NEW YORK HARBOR. IIuTing dispatched one of our reporters a day or two since, to Governor's Island, for the pur|>o*e of obtaining information requisite to enable ui to place 1? fore our readers a description of the island, we bsve been furnished with the following account, which i anuot fail to lie of interest :?'Jn approach ing the island from th" eastern side, you liud op posite a building which is u.*eil as a guard room, and for the Commander's office, tin the left is the Com mander's residence, a neat red brick houae, with a taste fully laid i tit garden; on the right of the guardhouse,

ou the eastern part of the Island, there arc four budd ings of similar appearance, ou* of which is the rcudeuce ot Col. Talcott. of the Ordnance Department. The re maining three building* arc used for ordnance stores, and two blacksmith shop* The grounds on which tlnvc building* stand, are decorated with oriiam ntal heaps of cannon bail* and shells, and a number of guns, varying in calibre from four to twenty-fair pounders; tun ng them we may mention the following?'ft ses roast mortars; 'ftii forty-two pounders (old); -J fifty pounder Coluuibiuils; 4a thirty-two pounders, old; 70 twenty-four pounders, new; iio twenty-four p >uud-r>, old; 3 one hundred pounder Columbiad-; i ten inch Co lumbiuds. Htid aliout ninety-six guu.1 captur-d from the Mexicans in the late war.?among them the following: ? 1 nine pounder. tearing the inscription. Kl Vym-eundo, volatt. fiilmina and 4 seventeen inch stone mortar, which were tasen at I'erote; ft eight inch howiUers. anl 1 twenty four pounder raptured at Chapultepee; 6 eighteen pounders, captured respectively at fou Antonio. C in treras. thurubusoo. and Vera-Crux. These guus were munufactiired by J k K. Hall, of Bartiu >u" ti. Knglaul, as appears by an inscription on them to that effect. There arc. al*o. fi nine pounder* captured at Re-tea de in i'slma aud Matutnoras; two of them dated is far hni-k us lUk't There are two bras* guns which were u-c I by Major Kingold at Palo Alta. and at Keaaca Dm la l'aluia ami Monterey, by Capt. Itidgely.aud ut liucui Yi ta. by Capt. Bragg Having m> far led the reader over the island, wo will nowcoDduct aim through Fort Columbus This splen did fort is situated very nearly in the centre of the island, aud is about five hundred and ten feet square. It remains lour building* two stories higli with porticos supported by stone pillar* The eastern and western bv:tiding* are used for the officers' quarters, an 1 tha t* > ri maiuing portions for the sotdii rs. of whom thera are three companies ot the 4th artillery. (6U men to each company) stationed on the island The otH .-r* at pre sent ou duty on tiie island, are?Col uel Hardinir. com mander; Major William- *ftd in command; Cavtaiu* Hetty aud Deltu sey, and l.i--ul-nan<- llrown, Booth. Culversi me. Hudson, and Winder fii- fort is In a mot perfect -late of preservation, an I is defrndnd by lot' guus The eutrance gate is a structure: th" arch is formed of brown stone, and surmounted by th I'nited Flutes arms, tin either side ol tha gate th-rc sic two 24-poundrr*; on the right angle, f lurseeu lift p< under", aud on the left, eiiht ftl pounder* and?nv-u ;rft pounder- On the north ski* of the f ?rt. there are six 3'ft pounders, and on the south, eiglit 3ft p milder-; on the western side, the centre Is m >uutcd with eight 3ft pounders; the southwestern angle with eleven 3ft poun ders aud four Paixhan guns aud th-- aurthwesu rn an gle with thirteen 3'i p >uinter* and oue I'.iHh III Toe powder magazine is situated on the u ?rth -ro sole of tli* tort <iii the northwe stem porli -u of thu island i< Castle William.commenead inlsuTand eotnnietad la lull It is a solid building, an i mounted wi li twi-aiy-siv 4il-pounders, twenty . ix 3ft pounder*, aud eighteen fti pounders. On the southeastern part of th ? island l* the south tiattery. Mounted wi'.h tir. 3ft |. ma ders After viewing the fort- we nsxt visit- t th church f..r the use of the soldiers. (K.-v Or Me Vkki y. chaplain.) on the south side of tli>- Island, and a small building . of no particular scii ml of arrhiterture. Tit*re is a burylug ground attached, in which the n main* of many brave ut-'ll are bit i Am >ug the mouuuieuts of inter*-, t we ui iy in utlou one ? r-ute i to the memory of the lite i'o| Alexander Camming*, iff the l*ntt*d Mates army who ??< b >rt in Ir -ltu i. Jun* 17th l'kft. and died in New York. January 31-1. l*4'ft. an 1 another to the ui-mory of Lkulenaot Aha keif r4. "ecoad regiment II 8 artillery, who died in the city of Mexico, l'ftlh October. 1647. of a wouud rec- ived in the biltla of Million del Key which wna erected by hi* bt >ther officers Near the burjiug ground there Is a portion of g -urid which is appropriated to lh? uo- of Hie soldi, rs.f-r Iks rdlslng of vegetables tor their u*e. K.vh c .tupany it is It- own plot Near tin-church, on the left, lath r---i J< arc i f the surge* n of the tort. Doctor De Camp, a*i J at the revr of this the hospMul for ilic sick (> i th.? p >rti m of the Island, en the left i f the d ict'T's redden-*- th *re ?re some small house* for the quarter- of mart i--1?>1 l-re. Hiiviog noticed everything id latere*t cmim cted with the Island, we must not omit to mention ?h- civility ail vi ti nln u sliown to us by M*j -r WU1 la u*. an I hi* latterly ?i rgi ant. Taj lor, and ordnance sargc iBt Ib-biti-oa, Dmtm'itivi I'iv ? Al? -in tw > o'clock, y-iterJ.iy unfiling. a fire **? iIim-.i*. ri il in Hie bank |> nl of llrt if.. k KlnryV lumber y?r.l. N ? SUN \V ? -1 Mr -i t., n-nr tint miner i f Tin- lltuely ar mil a> tire < x*rtlni.n of the flrem u ?.*re in. IT .-.iul luixli'i guhhlBg tin* lla-riea i"i rupblly Jbl ill v^m-il uning t In* pile- of IuiiiIm r it ml "tie r r-imbil-tibi ? in itter Kire building.. on* chin r ah dly "i* pirtielly d-jtifyail. TUn ?aloe of Hri iget t. ftury ?? l.nil.. r *!? ek *?i ab-iut yli'iinO.i.f ahu b Itlmu *? mnuivd iu th* Mercb.n:-' ltMUaBci t'onip U)r. S.i .'<00 ill tbl* I 'III Mid tJ I'liutV* llroadwgy I ii?urartee i lit ?*?to oil atl# I'ru't i?,ijr.. .t fi!H?i villi it itn* lumber lie I. it mvi'J. Tli- lie. in kc thiol 'gh lb* wind ?f ' f the i "??! utotii i i-o'f ? * a ill H'li'i- mi l i *ii' J by Mr It r . t' ilri.' * "<h ilitrl< ?it am-1-t. ib Iry miitUiriM* Injury III whole i' ?'< if CI fT< e li <1 p:c ... KBi'UuUii/ I' at lut f*l Vh) ? i rut '* fully lianipttid by ctuokc an l wafer. T'oi mat-'*! e*ry t? *?.i.mI at ffetn wnieh wa? pirl *.iy l ijn .-il t' ?? tul ft'ck fJ WHt; tr.-ur.-d In the lir x'er'i In ur*uci* i f* Bee. yl too. loth' llul-en Mi?t f ? 111 e. f J .">?)') ?to' ?t in mrnlne. Tim rl .tl.lnf'tore oetuo I b y J . . v .< Plitin.c ruer of Wwt atul lla . I?iii afreet-. wlUi it* ijs* ti l t*. ? * ntte ly d>- tr< y>-1 Tv-vilt.- if t'i ' i. 'i it o tbeitfkili'. i. i-rly f! i u ? ? ill if w :i ch ?*?? J -!r>y?l ty re MMlv-etir N" In limn. ? llri Itvily'x I .*tl iit'-tr'*. >i Sll W 't ? n ? t. *?< alw J -*roy-i J<i ?-k i f - -<> ?!? ale nt fHiHM. a mall proportion of wh>h w.i r- ? in J Iu * ihuwnl lilaU- lu-ur.-l in tin- Ilnmd *?T ifllitl tjl'i/i 111. k (f hill < lii-l f J-Ioiil *? In Hi w|>|*i-yer; ? f tin bu l ling in-un-l by the ilr *en elvit i*i u.pei.y f r J '* i The c< i ? ? *n.| tj-.. ? u<lli "I II ty o k I ii. j No 2! 2 tr. t -tf.t ?*?? I. dcii-il ml.:.* It. f.-i e l.*y wuti i. I'r lis iy l?*u?I Th ? ? li h- l.-ii,:. li.i iwJirg I uihlint' ut) to > t'tin* I it wit nil f'< MH l. Tie Art l - k tneb ? ft? h* 11 of th# lit>*.b f uil? ? f.iat It w i let liilie ul-Ju- .1 i.ntil ?b-iut to It"-el >- ye?t**r J*y. ?lth< ugh the bi-M'-n eititmu* 1 th ir intlnl'l ? neiyie* Iroui ttrnln the lit-ruing. It n > i mii? *.>iy ito ? 'lot *??? ti-- i.-'ti..- th ?cr ? ? I t-y.ay in thi lecl boil li.i. rial till U? U*t ut.a.n'. Ibi ? i gin of the tin .? a ni< t< ry. 1-ri ? Al- 1.1 ttriItei. rl et os . ii'lr '^h*. a flnt bt-t- ' tit in tke rear part f tli ? hn'.i ; N .- ' Itiy. tril'li'il.'-i.n rif orn t>; bat it ?? - h ed I ,|.? trtit tri k d u.. . ??>!? <?? t .?? Pan" - ?v, .1 ~ ' j ri .ruing '? J i iii-.i 'I Ph lip ?)?irn\ i' ?? >? f.rt . intra. I rti >n I'tin !hI ?t - f nun |i, ih-?? ' iyu-t.1 lil I i <?. ?li hi FLf *> i;i?. Im l l> a nrr->Mi| "ii ? .i i |W pat f. t-tfl i-ith it?? Mm iii ?jf,. ' r > ? u tiill *ti l I t.11. i } ? ?|tn.Mt I i l| l r. Ut'li Iti It Ju l [f l'lOI|l?i1l. Oil "i liCMu) |.t I. ii. . Watt i Uil. n ?,i I if 11 l . . In lit i"l ? t litil 5nt* t i ? ofi l* nf i i I. ? . til >ltf | 'i- n. mkI If h-r Ii ti > I'll ?. ii ? i-Um'i ri lli n ,.ri - i-t| ii wi-h t .? t hitn ii' .if pri' i'i I' ! ' wiv Jx Lil I It-all h Im i'ii ! t tv. um of fim it ll ln.v -n thf jtTi? ? it. ufa ii.'l..t rail li;l? it ? itr'i? I l llta 0>l rfc, w!|. ? |h?' i|t? h t-tl t ?i ; I'm | nlrilit ? tu t ?' ! *.'p. in! a trmpt'inu' r I i tam a1'nit t ' t (If ptirt *f.iHtjil Im -intU 'l l.f tn liima-lf. ft i t<?i| <ini? Tha > 41 tl"-r wit? again it int ail n ? linn ','tnlbir tin 'I < >r. almal an hour afi r. thr 4-' in-i' .il ?',.n 1 *::>i lying Ot! th? f'tl 11 " r in blllkt* it'ad A lli fi.r.jl ('??? I to ! trrjr li^ht nmuii l hlr T*rk and at fi"t it W*? w trr 1 it ? ),? itldlltU I >u '4it? hot oh an ?annlnatw/fi l> ( n< fur ? i?r D??r, u ???# tmanJ that. lh> rraaat war ?"? "idlrii nUf tight (, l??i ma id Ktramf?l?tt?on 4 ftnliat w?. Hne4er#4 tluil I ha 4'?f*'4 ???* to bl? 4aath by * tn of a ll.t d> '?!*>?' 1, it xt?t naldiil in I,Mi - -*-?? utiif | llialf raid r?/Tit "I >.? tit bu la ? "f tui'i a hi I' in. R ft IH* lint ?> or I'll .* ? ft a*- rtiaMfrJ. y 11 i <i;i> iftaf. i'lif ?'f I ha I. }' fin. II'.I la thr If >?ti-t- of Hi fi'(i.Md ( wMM iaWa" bf haaf i/. Tbn nam ? <4 ti t lt> y ?i rf jitialila t? ??< I'ttiiii The r .rnn-a w? f nli'tJ U'h'l l an lnijuaat. oUi t, u? f?>-t< will p. UiUly cWr lo light Ad i ini,,?'.limit bnlf-part Bin* o'riork. on Ka'nr <*ay nigh' Ranin<> IhnMlf No It *i. pimanillag 1 t> II." nrn at thn rnretflf Hn.niwa* nml klb-rty -trvt ?I''! lljr no tutor' 0 iifc-' tlohn tlr ?n. wna ar*Maatlf rim ' nr. pitting oti* of Mi la at- Mfrti'lji la**rat*4. II* war taktn In It I'Rprni 0* nhafa ht? i l? a.-rr ditr t 'l an Oman* bn nalit #" hi? ft'oldaan*. dltl Atnti tin ilia I 11 nntna aorlwHI f"\<- taking Unwii an old>? it In t nth atrart naif ^farhnt. on Cti iir ni'11.1,1 ? |i.|ti"|(if tin- a Mb- anil Ml ?|mn on* "f lb* fat'i onrri. .1 Tinmit? Pnlln. b nlainjt *n ' lug hi* r. ad in a 'lurking rnaiii' r II wia ^kra l? Uh ilea pilal Wlm11 lit' lay. in n ilant"rfmt at iti?. Ri.rirf 'l-r *??*? 1> '? ?( -* worn ronfin" ! >t lb* PH!> Wfji' 'C ? n n *? ri i h ,. ? It! j- . hfirt/ gn inai(g t ?|y< ti, iiuioi p?af of l^M. a NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. From Washington City. Washinuton, June 15, 1551. A .liver pitcher via last night presented to Father Ritchie, by the employee, in the Unum office. FiUheury Wirren, Am!.tint Postmaster Oeneril. re turned yesterday from Iowa. Abolition How at Philadelphia* Pm la o r lf h i a, June 15, 1851. An abolition meeting held here to-day, at Franklin Hall, waa broken up by a mob. Mrs. Grew and Lucretia Mott had addressed the audience, when a colored gen tleman attempted to .peak, but waa prevented, and driven from the hall. There 1? great excitement theie in consequence. European and North American Railway. Br. John, N. B., June 11, 1851. Messrs. Dickey, Sardine. and ltotsfjrd, of the execu tive committee of the Kuropean and North American Railway, returned from Portland yesterday, where u meeting wan held on Wednesday, to complete arrange ment. for prosecuting the enterprise. They bring grati fying assurances of liberal aid from the capitalists of New York, Boston. and other place., and feel confident that the work will l>e commenced in a very short time Arrival of the Frigate Cumberland. B.isto*, June 15, 1851. The United States frigate Cumberland, Commander Latimer, from the Mediterranean, last from Cadiz, May 22, an-bored in the outer harbor iff Long Island Head to-day noon. Safety of the Ship Ilerculea. 1'kowdi.nok, June 15,1851. In several of the Boston and New York paper, the ship Hercules,Madigun, from California to Panama, has been put down as a missing vessel. We hare just learned that the 11. arrived at Kealego, Feb. 2Cd, thirty-two days from Ban Francisco, with 131 passenger., three having died on the passage. They all left the vessel here, and prove, ded over land. She was bound to Panama, but put into Kealego short of provisions. Among the passengers were Captain* Cook, of Providence, and K. B. Luther, of Warren, who arrived home last March. Brooklyn City IiiielHgence. I <, .7 lt,,.?klun Daily Fireman in. Jlnnklyn Tin V'h, tl% A,uninHti,m of th- defend.n# Daily *"?'' "f "? justice Kin,?, and the evl T*wlmleaiwr went# to realixe the fable of - the mourn ft the laM election. wa# proved to have be ^^.sr^wsssg . i * |.i th- imrticuUni of the c< in pact were ruled our. r i ut mri'i..' produced and handed "und It Homared a very fair likened, and the circulation of In OH imorewlan# well worth the money to any one am bitiou# of extending bin countenance" to the voter# at ^?'EWrK^S -meevideno. to disprove cer tain #t*tem^ta made by the Mayor on the fojtner oc alien Wh.u tl.e defeudanfi Counacl objected lie tlni nut intend the examination to be cnndu.t d ? > tu'w t? uratifv any morbid curiu-ltj of the /? >?? V or ita ^Hdef. and a. tliey had er?.examined him on matter# unconnected witli the direct th.y 1 ad made him their wltMM on those matter#, and could n;.t nwimp.wch blm. cnntinu0 to keep out The Court b.^d - ei would ? Bd^ /ud<e ;^iss??S3 fftr S3 s-^SSaSsSksifc KlVXrJU""tbTiSiSX ? <*~<*"??.#. th. M.yot', -H. Hhtm. v,1Xj .u ill.". ?i. a ?o?o ??i?it" th?a P~"0? " General Duryea Mated be bad never offered the con Bsfe?egass "Xt (Ireen wa# called, ami Col Cro -ke -a# com tliuirR to tjueation him. when oWcctiona were a**1" 5"v&::r^ lienor no an# that it 1# of no CoMe?WUCC what the Ma)< r aw. *i#- ?gour^ jjj ?nt ^ay that In hadanta couurel hoped the Court did not mean l','^^Kr^'^^^^r^Mrel^he?<lV^m''thl<'wUmi##. but that 1? waethe medium of the negotiation?having Uad -rrsr-i: ;?,? jKs^r.2^-22? ? s u , ? lotto rtrk and two lam vera .. ihe battledore#, lie a deal too excllln to be pka#anl ' . .. I- , ., _n.f.,re ll<>n N B Mor?e, Ju 1*# ?? , ... , |4 II I1V.A a .vim* I N"',K * v m, <1 It i < iitcii'it'ii thmt it did nut < x ?y -ft. tea TS ?" 'TlX KJ5K- .? & u?nzz r.paitment Addict f?r pUiutilf. Barn*,.#, lit K7. lil '' . .. r,... About 8 o"clo< k on Frl t, ri e.? ?? ',?;;i,^*7:*rb..p . r Mr William Heard la iu\ v^Mreet I'l l wo ? lb ury and t'liut- ...warn Mr-ved bv t'.e t JilLit with it# content', exeept one I. ;i of ?? i- ?*??" ?? ? ?:b:7^Le.f/:lTl 11e #Uvi,K- .?aU" Ike flame# fprwad rapidty. nod d II . fin li en # i *i rtioti- tin bulldjntf " ? i . I 1,1 The h a# i# i #t lloat t d at In I ween ^ . No ii. i?i nee f.ltlbe ar e mouiln*.a?m.u hirinattue fill tin in . wii'i on:* , r. ;#? :r# ^ ^ i i i i.m ..Una *?*?? f?f t fi??iti*b'd until th** ll i.'s* i;., Ihialii'd ti.e ma: teiy !-;=? the V 1 ? .1 hi ?1 ni It tl??* i 4ft"?BW <'f l?f ti* < . n* am Ml d tin t rofti fi "f the fire, and #"?? 'I ll'? " j ,,nl' * ell, I. the burn the ?uirouudtnd feuncc^and on? _ Ih? ft?i.|.?.ldi*:t* %<?r? un-U. In b'dh t* ? ipilin . ,It., illy Mi^|^.lraiukuf?UvUtk?wu,rl|^f it it i.Uiarbc. . , >11 ii i?i? ?On FrIJev ev.filpf ?? ? ?n ?" m* '? " ,"'1 o. ,: 7#. .r,#>.<!>? "? ?: mw Ii tier lie W?? cmivi wl f ?'??'footid' raci ??ary to amputate thebji.d <>? fit . I?.Itinftir Bnri *y lvnt?ry I,*.! I..I b. m# of Id# III ke hrok-n. ly aWarr.lj.Maue n nine fn tn ? cart i n blm wlide at wm k at It. d h a i nt ?t iiip KnV'V Fraev?About half-pa?t Id li ct'c" In#' Friday t.UrM a very r-p-. Ui'???? ?'< w. ? w ill. a cbild in . ? r arm*. ?-il -wwrlj-r 1 i-.* ? th. Ml) I ti e Heart Ijn vidw ? I r.u i el civ ? f.r.'ht no on lip hi nteht.aad polkw . Wa a mrlit.hU# Je*i#?.^e Of Of Ihe MW m i i n iii d in ti #cun >; th' "i b tli Amiiup WtiT*a* < ,n Ia.mi t'lavn-Th! inilll*"* ^ ?t V it. n ?f .fatmika have Marled a new military Lrfiy) ? oinjaiiy tbey leim thema-lve# tl.c ialand (Hirid *' . ... a ? T. . t #n rn A? a an *v Mi < hi an * ?The l\ ?.hini< a 11 .1 l!i.t -in hi nd ?'i tun- 1# proceeded In wv. it tri m the I" m# of the former c rner of "trail*, aad ? n, l, n .tint* llrvadtlyn. ' n k edneilay lad. to the i vp ? Iftn. t'. m.Mv whe.e reppectlve krt# af *?-u .d a t ie d. dil ated With appropriate cvreuionk*. lit I in H<i it Hi * a-n Tin I'm i'i (linrrt ? Km ay |p*t Im'Siiji llM* day i.; juliitpd for th? trial i l Hip again*! thi* tiller of lb Kra by K K M I?t>i* n j ? rtpr lof tin- tbli" Ots'Hi both partita- at it mod II ? Kwrl *?' dij- i oyaift'd In t!??? <rial of Aaui I'taiUty. f?T mi!i i tii n. (r1y re ii In tin- tl, ? I i aim tlit* brum g of th* lll? I r*-p *?* | . mi pi'Dad lint dir. A ? atttrA Im*n ti i it n*n Pi m ? ti >*. Thr A rand Jury Itatf fi uiid h tru> (nil <f i mil. 111 * * ii t i, aln?t ona P ??Unit t. a t< idniit In fnut!> llrooklyn. fur *adurtioii. and lh" il* - l*i iluj.t in h'r' ti: titty (i*tt* lull to ?pptnr and ati'tr.-r. 11 It la. '.uch 'lii g it#- late on* t f HrmlWy.) the third In. afahrncf a f t' ? within (hi* n imty, unut*r Ilia at' rr lt? i mill ?! In Harrli 1M*" In tin* flrrt Mil . tin* il !pi dant Wan brrjuittrd. I. n. i *?.!??.Unit* lirown **? fully aoanmlttad f<*r Irjti i ti N.turday U-t rkvpd trttk bur-Mary on thr p:a Wllftrt f Jt li-nhiity. Partite rtert. and "I"allng thrra. fri i a <,uii Viity ?f lAfytlki ? tool*, (in WcdawRlBy nit i i i*-t ? .Wphry *atMinlllif ?t thr hnvt of a Xr 11 nh.iii iir foloil rtm*t. I *twr?n '>wt and Clinton Mnit? .d tl.*'Av ?'i* afp'tf to h*n* a-tad with Mm ? tndatily Ttt rr|*arntr rnlranra* nn*l ham IfMi ! u* ?out by h*" ftott kaMMM, mMI iMhlt hy fit* I tk fnrltr?|rtti thr InU'r fWoWl a writing dfk wa*. Itfuui nuwoa miff ay rd t > th* kitchen, and tht*ri> r?fi>*|ttd lie papora lrii| ?r?||rnf about Th. .id i , [ ; ,? v i ;i ?*idt d aith I rt i:"?W r|> *ila rosaMing . f a )? ? i!l<' - i| tf ftp and r !w I *' ah-n' f50 Tha party fait'oh of jt frrtlnntiit* i;i thi* klti' - n. an-' ?*??. tidt i.i* iy It ti . tl. n II t nt liictuflt'"** thi ir mo no-ion t nit ,? i - r>. 1 li? fun * i.i -,n all. ri ia aHuatPd in Ui? ' ' - * H : I .tit I'll! I PrlilU* ?t?tl!?f ft till' lllMltn. pi* lit ? ' 1 ? ? in <* liii h hrllii pit (i'tli*"^ Of the in I r.L,:ii. ? ?. ai hat? h*f' tr - j ? I on. a Superior Court. UKNKKAI, TERM. Preeont?ChWf Justice Oakloy and Judge* Bandfordp Dut-r, Meson, Mid Campbell Jrisr. 14?Dki isiorii.?John V. B. HUecker and Wife, vi. John L No,ion.?Injunction order modified. Aleo that receiver Ve grouted ui less plaintiffs file a sworn liat,. except to be limited to Miles since 1848. Henry Bretoorttn. H I'an Hrnmalan? ?Defendant's ex ception to the report of the referee allowed. Decree that. defendant execute a deed a* directed by the former de cree. on receiving from the plaintiff the sum of (4.070 91, less the taxed costs of the suit directed to be deductedt by the former decree. The Camden 4' .imhoy liailroad Company, vs. Nathaniel Fimh ? Judgment for plaintiffs on the demurrer to the? replication. K. Hart let! vi. the Mayor of New York.?-Order affirmed, With (10 poets James Price et als Jlppellantl. adsm the Mayor, <f-c., of' New York, PrsjMmdmts ?Judgment rever-ed, and anew trial ordered; crsts to abide the event of the suit. The Peofde. 4 c . vi. J,din L Norton.?Motion to dismiss appeal granted, with (10 costs Jaiciu t K Bulketey. r* Ku/rene Keteltas, 4'C.?Motion tC? set aside transcripts iiled in King's eounty, N.Y.. are de nied. and the stay of proceedings vacated, as against the plaintiff. Court Calendar-?This Day. PirniMi: Coi kt?Sr?:t ial Thru.?Nos. 112, 24, 25, 49, 50. 53, 64, 69, 00, 62, 63, 64, 66. 66, 67 fiorasutK Cocav?Circuit?Adjourned sine die SoracMK CoiHi?OrrrKBan Tkhm.?Adjourned tine die Common Pi.kas.?Adjourned till Wednesday. FiriRtoR Coi rt?Nts 3, 110, 213.281,208.34, 30, 16'. 327. 332. 402. 499, 404, 406. 410, 411, 103. 210, 23, 362, 397. 38. 412, 416. 417 . 418. 420 to 425. 142, 224, 349 369, 18, 189, 238. 155, 137, 27 , 250, 321. 00 , 226, 28, 3?L 32, 410. Notice.?We have tbla day taken Mr. Ed* WARD FF.NNF.Rinto l'artt.ersliip. and will continue the Dry Goods, Importing, and Commission business, under the same firm at No. 119 Broadway, corner of Cedar* street, City Hotel stores HENRYS, SMITit it TOWNSEND. Mew York, Jane 16, 1881. a Special Meeting of Union Hook and r Company No 5, held in the Tru< k house, on S*tur At I.adder i i ay eiening June 14th, the following resolutive.ns were of fered. Resolved: that *o Sender our sin. ere thanks to M: >H Surah Smith, of No. Hi Forsyth street, for the four beautiful Glide Colors Abo, that ive tender our sincere thank" t< Mies Mary Ann Green, of Esaea street, for the Wreath-. The ft hove being presented to the Company on Monday, Kth day ot June, 1681. SAMUEL SMITH, Furemau. f has. 3. fax*CM, Secretary. BeiToril A Co.-C?rcut California Letter, Parcel, ami Package Kxpreaa, on the 2*th Juuc. through in 30 days. Special Bvtai 1 Agent, through to San FraucUoo, Mr. A. II Pride, of our New York office. Special Freight Mea Binger, through to f an Fr-iucUco, Mr. G. H lloyt, of our New York office. Special Meaaeocer to Valparaiso, C'allao, and other South Pvcific porta. Mr. W. F. Burtlett, of Oti* Boston office. Pontage to Sun Francisco, 10 cents; to South Pacific ports, (hina, and Sandwich Island*, 40 cent*. Freight 20 per cent !? an *han by any < ther expresa* Parcels and packages taken to all South Pacific ports. No. 2 Vasay btrect, Aator House. Sllkn Rrdiift-d In Prlce.-Jitmeii Beck <V Co. have reduced the prices of their Fjring aud Summer Silkn, Bareges, Jaconets, Muslins. Foulards, Calicoes, Man tillas. Shawls, Frei ch Frit broideries, Laces, tee., below cost. Ladies will find some great bargains at 3fWi Broadway. A Splendid Stot-k of I>ry Oooi!??inch n* the ladles want tl is season of the year, may In found at hitcbcock 5c Leadbeater'n, 317 Broad way, corner of Lioti&rd street, and at prices as reasonable as they c in ho bought trx any other part <>f th?- city. Their stock *mbr>eea silk tissues, bareges, silks, French muslins, grenadines, shawls, tec., tee. Gcitlvi's Warm Weather Stock.?The Sea son suggests the neceseity for a light hat?ergo. ?t ia not out of season to suggest that at Genin's. 214 Broadw ay, there is a stock of Summer Hats comprehending everything in the trade In thin branch of art, besides several origin-* 1 fashions peculiarly bis ow n. The Getiin Kooky Mountain Heavr (for in: ny years a favorite) is this aeason the most el'g&nt and daiblsg affair he Iihr ?-ver hrovcht out. The following list gives some idea of the extent of his assortment, although ia d< or not by any m> aus include the whole:? Kocky M' unt'a Silvery Beaver. White Brush. Filter Brush. French Grey Beaver. French Felt (white and drab). Snow WhtVi Paulinas. Leghorn. Dunstable. Diamcnd Br* i<l. Rice Straw. Pblna Pearl! These are all. or nearly all. modelled after Cento's designs; hut am he recogniseH the right of everybody to he original, hir w orkmen are at all time* prepared to execute any designs which may he anpnoaod elegant or becoming. GLMN. 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. WomlrrDil Hale.? KiiglUh Ibrrcply mid r.trnt Tape-try, I i/ram Carp-tiay. Kars T.ble C>.er",Oil (loth,. Window Hixle*, Ac., at aatouisliia.' 1 i> pries., at thr celebrated 'hesp'tt Carpet ctaMishmnt ia tlie I'nttu I Statir. No. V.' Bowery. lllKAM ANDERSON. Ingrain carpet., I and 5e.; Ru;a JUs. ; Oil Clotks, I and 4,. per yard. Cahlll'a Mnnimotli Sbne Store, 377 Broad way ?l.adirs and cntli men, about/"in/to t'ie eountry. w ill t'nd at tlii- e.t ib'l.hni.nt artic le. Made expressly for Irarelliti*. And, also, t' e moat chyant stn k f>r ' | ruin, tlie greate st variety, at the traalleat prise*. Wltcrr did you (let Them 1?As nnrr than fifty ol my friend, and ae<|eaintance? have put thi. quest'on to me aince I latt mcun.ed a new pair "f Boot., I think it >.*?11 to tell them, thnu/hthis medium, tiat th y vert at *lat 1 on.idtr the cheapest .tore in tours? JON Kb 9, U Ann street. K. S. M. Important tst benllrmeti.?Ui'titlrnirn win*. pHi> an elr,etit at na one of the re * of their sneer elothltifr. may insure it at llrcen s, No. I Aator Ilouae. Tl.s Rhirta. tic., made at that establiahmrnt, are uarrmtcd tr fit with tin* rink led ainootbne.s, and to he ready for delieery on the day and at the hour at whiuh they are promised. ?tor* Oealers are raapertfully In wltwei to examine our rtouk <?( unentailed asart m<.it ef Stoyo*. We have luat got out a new Air thrht Coukin* Stive P r 1"J1. Mis Odd Feller. A hoc aia rites ol summer furntr ea. * hlch r a a to need with er without an oven, the i nly to'nc ? 1 tha kind is market AMAN"ROTH. RROTUBKP. 11/ Httknu tl. Dr.Jamrt VV. Powell, Oritllat, Aurtet, Ato continue. to deTote hi. attention -1* to dlacaee* o'' i the Eye and Ear. from 9 to t o'clock, daily, st the .ante offl, ex ha ha. e.eeupird !? r ti e la>t hvib jc ai". veil Broadway, ?n trauee It, Warren street, where etn be I ad hie "Trvvtiae ?a Wee Eye.' Ad edit,..n, price &U cents. Alao, hi. .ell noting Ky, and Ear Fountains. Persona rinnlons of np|ermlinj In torlaty to advantvee. are rr minded that U R. I larkn. Merchant. Tailor. 111. William atre.l, make, to order a > re fine b'o.-ic Dreee or Frock Coat at from $16t?$-i: ilr e..ill,m Ve.i. STto f.'t ?'<!; a lo-.nti'ul .insle, 1 Frock Coat, 912; a Sack. J|ii; other ruru.ente in proportion. A lirxi for tlie rollrt?l>r. J. A. Cumetalntgn' eompVic sit sf p. ntnl T' ilt t Articles, emlir cine a bsttl ? of pr> ii.lum Tenth U a-h, a to* of Dentrttioe. Tooth Tlru.h . orarpi wood picks, lie. inly $1 oil, fir ? h ?? log sal pre ? irvinx the tret, abd irnir.a, and purlf)Inr t'ie br<ielh, el*. X?i My aado i' i ctl> put up in a noali..*, and very con vet'lcit for travi-l'tn ' pnry ava; tl.n makl't*? a *9ty tiao'iil and 11 auti'ul pr en' Tooth Wa-h. 7 ? eenl?: l>'iitridi u S*. and fit <? n?,. I ? r ? .'? > y A. I! k. f> A'nl v. I'M fnlt-t Hr"t: I ll. |:i ? | i Broadway; 0 W, Tot'le, .'116 Ur<vd way; Wm. II I ary fc i.'o.,2t:i I'eart .tr et. The moat rmlnriit < hi?iiilnfs, nftrr rarefitl aaalyits. lave drrlord Ihvt llo.l.'a ll.otri II or lly i tup. li.r to Sty til n.' vet produced: aioi ,t the la it t|. eh tnh a' I air. Ii'il In lti.,|. o I rhei.iii Dr 11 I, n diaet vt ri r of etber. nr. of the Hide alt-r ra-??fa! c iinpad. sou anil trial * i H i 'I the tiopuler huir live, -f tin Jay. p" ? - no || r, i r <1 Ri'xl a Hei 1' ll sir five ,o | ri r to Ibem all. an J a* aeJed to lie, p..,te the prcmlaiu, h> ay tl.e first ax I only lailat" wlm n t r n iom ? v. rive i ? r ??h.t'.lya Mav I lad 11 ????'?, pid Kelt tl atrri i: ||,.l,l. n Clark .$?>.* X.V llrvadway; C.rj A. < ? , and Uriel.aiu K Day, I'e irl street. Phnloim Mault llntr llyr, to oolnr tb*. hair < r whisker* t'? m melt it is appli.J, wUlomt injury tu the | sir . r el-n. It ? an I* washed lm. e. t. Iv without die ts rl ii-. t'ie i ?'!- r. ? -1 !? *is no bad ? doe. It applied, or s.ld.^ at Fhalea'a M n I Aonpec Manufi ' rv, I'T Broadways For aal? la the > ,nd y. on try ky dru./iat* xaAafally. Coiiiniu". I.t<1111.1 flnlr lly rllrlts ndml ra ioi and ?ur|?i ? t the rri* be iM d and r?I whleketwc wli n*e it halan'y the CkiJ touchea tie bar r it 1* con nri.ll ?" i '? i P" ' I! i k or true n. il ('< ptieu af tn ? e, r N'urtaiiiiui t e .hit,, and warranted tu **t?lu ite : dor 11 ii ? a oi t! . le i i I ?? hair iieeutllulfv e? ' > a?i I ,te .o ? N'i at to ti'H rcH'i l alien Uedie ite-i ft if. tbie I. to. m pi ? tolii nf I is ne-'nI inerr tlona Found ,nly at the win estaldiahed dsp t, (if II ulkrr street, amr breads Ay. M Ips wiisl Tnfi|irfi.?AVl aeonlfl cnll Ike at* ten thi i f |?'n on. rei|iirtaa Wise, te a re. eat ImpWiveiaent. Thi at n e w aa aw --?!? d a i e,r a edat for ti e i.rat reeiuiu'a u* the l.*i 'ri r '1 v ho le seen at E. I'm I n * Vt ifi*a*U (loir liye ( a< lory. I' f Broadway, eorm r ol l e^slriah llnlr llye aiul AVIya.?llntrheliMr'i l.tijokr" flair Byw, eiIsProt d iu t!l ; rfa ol f.nro, and Amenaa. easm lleb'd a;'l i' sn s ? s.'nl ? perath n f. r tlo> laat twe're year.. 1. t'.i 1 e.t : , 'r d>? In ti ? w rid. It is sppiie.j. or awlo wholesale u?d e.tull, at bit e'or's WIf t a t..rr. 4 (Fall s?rest. and at al! >r /plats aud perftiui rl'? la W'WX a id a<iuntry. A Kiih r?.'nl Ate.flrlne -Th* Or yfcenntwif ! ava ?> ???il ? n -l r< r.lartty h?f?nd any noli' ii" In ?n, irt l y ?*??,: r?t."l atnt.mania " In hm li . ttirafth the .uKr-n?? "f r ?apeafthle tit' ? nit wb? a|#ak w'i?l I'l' ]f knew I y **|> eh-nan af thnln 11 i?? ? ?-ri? - ' t U tini!>tn? In t . '? I I'j'l "1*1* ?*' I 11 ml It'll' !?. I' r lata hy (leu lata '??? .nilf In t> ? i tl'?i| Ptati. m 4 I i.ii?'j. ?a. a B k It. S ' I . I|,t Fit ? n atrett A 11 ?< ii'1 ft I ?Man.! f II Ki K.I ???; J f. I IVHuti .t?n. .VH llalion t, t?4lH *m; f *? tini'.n. 177 Wanary, roni r al Grin I ?Ir-'H; II ill. Ruckle H I n , TIM tir. cat.I'll at-eat. Bl (> li K V NAUKK T. PrTIIAT, jll l?! 1*1?1 P. M, WittMlnmHIrnl. *i!bln ttia pnet two 14 UlM villi. aa*t ral fuilurt a > ni"t g the ni?ro?tiiH ? ond miBnftcf nrl?o* tlaipif. nnd IkfllilllctiltiM a?tf oinhhrrnttinnula am.ojf the amallet i lae? if btialneen men np;.e>ir to hit IlKMt Pnrlrg n in| id ??pan*toft of crrtlltt. of any (Mali apicutatlTo ?ulithi'tl* lu till mwliltt. Mlftft of till*' kind fret|tienlly ctfttl. ami the prohaMlity 1* that tno?S el Ihtee a ho hrtttk d.>?n wart in it tn.e of bankruptcy l?f< re any i iteoili i naimtat t ok place or any efhirt. Wn? mad* to ralrii te Ui? difficulty |iy reek Ice* epecttln* liott Speculation (fa-tnle* upon the to isimercial com munity in a matiiii* a I rit I'm r to tha opt ration of an apt rttn.ic. In Ita retime through any eektion of country It carrim off tlx*?? wito are in an unhealthy ntate, purgte and purlfle* tin r. nimunily. and hri.iga about a ?ON k?ltb| condition t.f thinga, provided proper pr. ? raullona am taken to arraat the evil. and ? aaftH a a?|t | lial In pravt nt lit brooming too vk 'ant. The m"r t anlilr alnaaea ate at tilt* moment In the mld-t of a fl.tan rial t pldi niicj bill Terj fan hate a j at fall, n victim* t? It It ha* ao far ahown I'.'lf Inllia ntil.laat 1 ,m. nn l It la poaatMe Bay (hange It a tlmraeter, So |oi:g a* the die taia I* among u* it will be naae??iiry to he eantlonn, kq.) ?t. id i car/ mr rt mi-tit ealrulutatl to endanger ona'a a* etence. or lei projttae ion ? derangement of ntw'e nf falra. 11 a have pea-cd through ao mat.y of the ( '.al rj-idiiult*. thnt ?? nrc IntUunietj acjiainled with *J

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