Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. >??? r?# WHOLE NO. 6813. MORNING EDITION?WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 1851. PRICE TWO CENT?. AMU8K9IK1VTS. jnOfTIRT THKATRR.?BOXES, 29 CENTS: PIT, <L) Mate; S?at? la Oraheatra B?im. W eaata.?Daora opan at to rvmmenoa at 7% v'^look. BnoL'flt of Kill C. Hiif-rt. XFr.lut-aRay eveuinx, Juua IS, will bo actoil th? UKKAM Of 2-IKI?Henry Bertram, Mr. E. E'ldy; Sir (leorje Wirmloy, Mr. Hamilton; Billy Swix/.l", Mr. Jordan; Uraoo liurtrain, Mua C. M'etnya*. To ba followed by ?ho oomoilieUa of tlia YOUNU SCAMP?(ion. Boauvaia, Mr. Hamilton; Jotoph, Mia* S. litnih. TIik p.Tlurman r< to terminate with tha salodraina called the MILLER AND HIS MEN?tlrindoff, Mr. Stcvena; Count Froiieri'k Friburg, Mr. Pope; Lothair, '.Mr. Tllton; Claudia*, Miu Hiffert. fkTATIONAL THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET-BOXES, 26 eenU: Pit. 12K oonta; Oroheatra Tickata, 60 ooata: Prirata Box Ticketa, *1. Boora open at 7**; ourtala rusa at 4*v o'clock. H edneaday araniBK, June 1 \ the intertaln nente will oomsaaca with the drama or tha ADOPTED CH 1LD?Michael, Mr. J. R. Scott; Sir Bertrand Mr. La Fa ror: Raoord, Mr. C. W. Taylor; l.uoy, Mra. Drew; Lady ?Clara, Mua Crocker. To ba followed by tha drama of SUJ A N HOPLEY?Mr. WVutworth, Mr. Stafford; tVm. Daaa, Mr. "Watkina; Andrew lluploy,Mr.Herbert, Suean llopley. Mra M. Jonea. Tlia whole to conclude with tha faroe of tha FOREST .ROSE?Roar, Mine Smith. ITALIAN OPERA. AT CASTLE HARDEN.-MAX MA ?a. KET/.EK, Sar.ayer and Conductor. Rtduiiaaiou JO caata. W HI>?liAV Evk.N1 NO, J UN V IS, Will be performed the Opera of LLCltKElA BOKQ1A. .Lurreiie Boryia Si<nora A. Boalo. Oraiai Si*uora C. Viatti. Ceunaro Sixnor Loriai. .Duke Alfoneo Si^uor Mariu . Doore open at half-paat (i. Perforuaucaa to ooumeaoa at S o 'clock. No peatponoment on account of tha weather, opera every nijtht, exoept Saturday and Sunday. The iiamblin festival will take place at L'aetlo Cardan, on Tweaday eveniuK, June lft, Tiuketa are now for aaie at ? Jollle'a niuaie atore, JUS W. II. Rcoha'a 190 Broadway. Broadway. The Bownry Theatre. The Actor lionae. The Irviug House. The New York Uotol. Delmouico'a, Broadway. Delmonieo's, William atrcet. Full particulars in the programme. Broadway theatre ?benefit to the widow of Mr. hlraatua Drixga.?The accidental dlachargo of cannon having deprned Mr. Eraatua Lri^ga of life, aud left hia wido\. almost helpleaa, we. the umlaraigned. have 1 ;aruei 'with gratification hi* friends aud admirere have ra aolied upon giviug her a complimentary benefit at this huuaa, towbich we willingly add our support. Mr Dri;ga w?a attached to the Broadway Theatre, as auparviaor of the <aa work, and waa the ttrat to introduce the manufacture Ot the articie into lint houae. He waa well ku iwi to aeveral pro lessors fti* a proficient in chemistry. aud as a uud possess ing a high order of scientific attainments, having had at the time of his death, a contract pending; with ? K Collin i. E*q., to light the steamers of his line with gas rnanufaotur* 1 on hoard each vessel. In the death of Mr. Driggi the e >tu vuunity have lest a valuable member, and sciono* a devoted enthusiast, who, hid he been spared, would, undoubtedly, have added new phases in the art of illuminating buildings lad ships with g*?. We, therefore, propose to give his widow a complimentary benefit on Saturday. June 2Ut, and have jnunh pleasure in stating that E. A. Marshall, Esq., has. iu th< kindest manner tendered the use of this sheatre for that Tauduable purpose. KC Coleman, Esq 1* Hodges, Esq Capt W Rtinor jF A Taluiadge, Esq Y 1* Becbe, E-q Jaun*s Simons 8eth Goer, Esq Joseph Bitten, Esq W W Deinilt "W K lleebo, Esq M Cumming. Esq J Cowan Jfuses 8 Beach,Esq Jno Smith, Jr, of P BraisUi Alfred E Beach Esq Arkansas A Galbraith It W Osborne, Esq W U rad*rhill. Esq R Willsou Win It Meat h, Esq C Morrison, Esq A K. Gilbert J*-. W Mats* 11. Esq W A IMavan, Esq II Turu? r J T BlcakKy, Esq Sol Kip. Esq E I' Fo* Win E Burton, Esq A Brown Esq J M^Cabe ?.J Brougham, Esq Justice Merritt II Brigham ? Marshall, Esq IVlla Ferris. ?<q II CHeary (i II Barrett, Esq U McKiuncv, Esq J Furse J??hn Buckland, EsqJos Coffc*4. Esq J D* me rest W C Cothrn, Esq J1 Beers, Esq J Cragan ?Ceu R Welch A Beers, Esq 11 It KiIiat M Compton, Esq Geo Shurrager. Esq J Troy Jos R Taylor, Esq Col Alva Maun F Skiff JHarvey deart. Esq Col A Burr George Forbes J I* Haldrou, Esq Capt WA I'nderhill W II Wiinons The Committee of Arrangements take tho pleasure of announcing the following nricnes, who have kindly volun teered their services for this occasion: ? MISS JULIA BENNETT. JMr J. Brougham, Mr. Chippendale, Mr. J. It. Johnston, >ns. Zav>stowski, Miss Luilain, Miss Norvatl, Jf r. G. II. Barrett, Mr. Sehart!. Mr. Fredericks, " Whiting, " Shaw, " Reynolds, *' Harris, " HilL ? Roberts, " Hind, ?? Byrne, ?' Wright, " Mathews, " 1'arry, '* Wharton, ?? Herman. " Hart. " G. Sneyes, *' Keimes, " G. W. Leiris, " S H allis, 14 G. Archer. M^sdamos Knight, Mosdatn^s Macbeth, Msds Anderton, Olivia M^roh, A Gougenht-im, Carman, Tioinpion, J. Gougcnluim, Adelaide Pri)e. Brock, i'apol, 1 sherwood, Wnarton, Ac Abbott, Lowia. Mons. AoTCste Perrot, aud the geutUm^n ot the orchestra. Mosa. Sehmidt and M'lle There##. The programme of the evening's performance will be mtde known in future advertisements. Raymondandhkrk driesbach s menagbkie - This celebrated Menagerie?the largest and best eon einetcd la the known world?embracing almest every animal known to natural history, and whioh has reeeived the pa tronage and applause of hundreds of thousands of the most reapertabU and iuuUigent people of the United States, has }wet commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will visit tha principal cities and towns of Nsw England, in the following order, vis Jnno lJth. Fall River, kith. New Bed ford 14th, Wareham; loth, Sandwich; 17th. Plymouth, Hth, JMi ldlctoa. mh. Taunton. 30th, Bnigswatar. Jlst, Canton. AMUMCMBNTt* IN PHILADELPHIA. BtKNl'M ? Ml'StI K. CORNER OF SEVENTH AND Chesaut I tracts, Phllndalphia.?F. T. liamuin. Propria Caf H. Sanfurd, Mtaicr ? Two p-rforaaarei daily, after tun aad evening Admiset ?n, 21 sent#; children. half price. JRondav evening. Jobs Id, Mr Biotb. tlx eminent tragedian, makes Bis Bret appearance la "Hamlet." buriadlHwnitlx Martiaetts. Nirnxrly af tlx Rival Family, will give tlxtr la Urntiii svolsti-n. aad astounding feat# na tha Tight Rope. Mr. Taylor, tlx popular semsdlaa, will also app-ar. during tha weak, la tlx " Lady al Lyon#." and otherfaronte playa. f'leaslag farce# hath alteru a aad areata* Tha collection ?( wander# arewded Into the oapaci-ins saloons eompriea worn a half d ien original collection#, Including the famous ane by I'eale. Theae are all wortny of a exit, tod can be ?een, taaether with lli-performance# la tha Lactnra Rom. fir tha taw price ef 2b eeate. IIOTELI. Chechen, where carriigee will be la waiting tw enavey theia t- the betel, a ride of i welee mllee eaer a da- torn pike raad. aloaadlag with an.urp ?.<able ecea-ry While Lake. (Ita 8 SANDERSON'S COLLEGE HOTEL. NO. V AND (13 Murrey etreet. New Verb. Table d'Heta at i e'eleek. ?r taitea af rooms, with prirata table. COLLAMORI HOrsE. NEW TORE. CORNER OF Broadway aad Spnn( etreet.?Thx aploadid aad ealra ?tre eetakliel.nxwt haa been recently opened under elmum atanoaa peculiarly altrnottvs, la aaera rwepoet, to the puhlia in general, aa well aa te tha altieaae of New York, traveller#, had permanent hoarder#. Tha locality of tha hull ling?oea trnl end alry l< iiee iunlled, and the aportmeute, in point ?<alegaaee aad tomlurt, are comntedloue, and In every re wpeet united tw the aiodeni eiahelllehmeate of the day. The proprietor# have eparod no aapeaae to render every apart tu'at worthy of comparison with #imilar large hotel# la thle aouatry. Th* Ladies' Drawing Room po##eee.s# every par ticular rw<|oiaite; and private families will aajoy all the com fort# ef home, with a table aad wine# of the cltoteeat kind. The aaderaucned have a# deabt that, with their determiaa ticafaet te be Inferior to any. the publl# will Sad all they eg seat tally realised at tha Cellnmore lloaes. ft fofl^kA | Proprietors DELATAN HODSE. NO.? UNION PLACE. OPPOSITE Ualoa Park. Tlx wadereigaed woald anaewaee to hi# Crtowda, aad tb# public generally, that he lite lea#ed aad fitted up the fcouer No. 9 latea place. where he will be pleteed be eerva the wiahae al tboae who may favor him with a aall. W. A. DELAVAN. Neptune house, new rociieli.e, new tore C. Paak. Jr.. Pr .prist.,r ? Thia delia'itful aumiaer rvei I ElSt tr -|? '? * a-see a For further particular#, leaire#!" f Dwaae i SIMMER BOAMDINO?WHITE LAKE HOTEL 9UL litaa eoaaty. New Verb.?The euMcriker hae leneed the abort betel fur a term ef years: the pomi are all large aad airy, aad fural.h-d well throughout; elbcleat waiter, select td, and .very >f>rt seed te make -ack gu-at feel that thay are rweidiug mere with a frlead than a landlord, adetideratum leg wanted bat eoldwm fnand by I bee. elm ee-b the eoaotry for plea#arv. Ii-hiag and Sheeting- The lake la within a few yard# of tlx Eowto, aad ahaadaetly #tu. h d with pike, piekrrrl, per* k, eua Seh. aad black ba.a, ao eelibrated at Saratoga. Hlarb Lake, I ake Sap-rior, Crexeat Kidr . aa i Bnmerwwaotk.retrvanxeteeked with Sae troat The aheetiag |< moot egrellrat. White Lake rwerwatlua will afford to tb lever ef the wwaetH1 a fwad ef pleaeare, for here te m >ua tela, hill, ralley and 4al?, etr?*m aad rlrer, th ? emigres' clearing Me ground, the weed-eh-pper lolling the lorde of the feraet. while the cllrh ef the eaw mill I- Iward within a few yards. aad allthie la within all honn ride ef the great city of New Vetk from wlxn-a eeery lugary will daily ke re halved, who l.eke, ( Bathing aa I B ating }?The ahore of thia hwautiful lake t> aredually abeleiag. with a white graeel bct'ea. affording delightful bathing. Hathiag honeee have Been erected for ledl. aad children, h -ete-f anffl -lest tits that families may glide ahwat the lake, e*p|..rtag lie grave# pvrfi ct aar.ty. White Lake. (it. uoc.#. I Oeevta who lataad rietting White I ahe. from N.w York, will lease Htor IJM mnrwtrg iraia d tix Erie Nailrmd. and atop at t'a advantage#!.?It vpewa ? a.* Held for awmw r (ne.ta. w Uo| may haw enjoyed. year after y??r. the aarf MKbg at Reek ?away, l.eng Breach, aad Newport, the medicinal properties of Saratoga, and the leeel Oelda ef riling-., er the farm Nonas. A Seat efSee I# opposite the dr? r a dnily mail to and *r'm the city, ebnrrhee within a few rode. C en sen bad with the betel la a farm af .bat acres. White Lake Hotel, (Its 'Terms}.?Families desiring h -ard for the aeaeon will be ac commodated ew reaaeaal-le terms, aad gwnllenxa will dad that all thing# will prora satisfactory. even from a day ta a ? ???' a. Any Information required will he lmm~di*t-lr gi. en ix eddre.einglh# ?nh.< riker at the corner of Hr alwayand Trend etreet. New York, ar at White Lake I'oet office, Aulll naa ownaty. GEORGE 9GARFF. ajea rathino-capr mat. n J.?CONG RAM HALL ? -e le aew span for the reception ef visitors. Tlx proprietor, thankful foy the liberal patronage heretofore reraised, would '-eepeetfnlly solicit those Intending te elalt thia popular bathing plana tlx present eeaeia, to make hia heaae their flome. Hie Scranr-men*# end aooomm'd*tl"aa, he trnnte. Will be more eatiefaotory to eaetomer. than any which hare jjcretofwre been provided upon the Itlaad. Tha subscriber Tine tabaw raise to proourn good and nttentlve olorod aer ?vente. nader the eoavlction that they nre hot initad to tha nneteme aad waata af a majority of the sojourner# at thia ?lnnn. W. B. MILLER. 'EA BATHfNfl AT ROCRAWtY. L 1 -THE PATI 1 Ilea Hotel la now open for the reeeaUon of natters. Car# HsSpnth Ferry. Brooklyn, at > o olook. A M and 4 ? Cloak. P M , fbr Jamaiea, where etagoe will he In readiness ?to eoaeey visiters te the hones A note left at the Howard Hotal, enrwsr Rroadway an d Maiden lane, or J ttedea Smith. MR Front street, will meet with prompt attention June Id, Itol. J M IIRINTNALL. WAWATANDA noHEt, at GREENWOOD I ike orange aaanty, N. V This honee i# situated at the diead ef Greenwood I.ah*, ten aitlea from Cheetof. and hut fenrinda half henre from tho elty. The N, V and E Rail road leaves from Dunn, etreet, e- ere morning nnd evening, dee Chester depot- where, at Cooper ? hotel, carnages are in Kallaeg# te Convey paeeengora to the l.aha. Apply to II D. ?car. Ml Rieadway. at to tba prapriotor at tea Laka. THERoN FALTER. aihvskmrhts. Broadway tiieatrk-e a. Marshall, sole G. It. Barrett. Manager. Du?n ong tl cur tain rises at 7\. Drees clrels and parquet, Wotuk family and third eirolea, 23 cent*; Gallery, 12>? etc.; Private buses, fS and $d. Wcdensday criming, June 18, and every evening uring tha weak, will be presented tberomanUs and opera tic spectacle of A/A EL. THE PRODIGAL?Aivil, Mr. Conway; Knbsn, Mr. N. 11. Clwrk-; Amenophla, Mr Shaw; Bocharia, Mr. Whiting; Nimrol, Mr. Matthewa: Canopl, Mr IJinii; .Vlanethon, Mr. Byrne; Jephtele, Miaa Anderton; Ncft'; Mra. Abbott. The p> rformance will cominenoe with SHOCK 1NU EVENTS?Griffiuboff, Mr. Dtsvtdge. Niblo s garden.?summer season.?manager. Mr. John Srfton.?Ticketa, 60 cents; Private Boxes, A3. Doora open at 7; performance to commwnoe at 8 o'clock. Ra Tela' nights, Mondaya, Wednesdays, and Fridays; Burton's nights, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Gnat variety by the Ravel family, 2ti in number, and the famoua Gabriel, in two favorite oiiaraotera. Alao, the unrivalled and daring rope dancer of the age, Mona. Blonilin, whose pcrformanoea challenge all competition, and are nightly witneaacd by ad miring and wondering audience'. Wednesday, June 18, Evolutions on the Tight Rope, the f .'SHERMAN S DREAM, and VOL-AU-VENT\ BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM BROADWAY, NEAR BROOM! atreet.?Urea* Cirele and Parquet, DO oenUu family Circle, 25 eanta; Orchestra Stall Seats, $1; Private Boxes, iv Doora open at 7K; to begin nt 8 o'olock. W dcsday evening, whirr,ia c irpa of talented and experienced performers, under the sola management ol J. B. fellows, whose concerts in this city for the pant year, have been received with the greatest favor bv the elite and fashion from all parte of the Union, Fellows' Musical Hall ie one of the most spaoious and best ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 25 cunts. Doors open at 7; concert to commence at 8 o'olock. An afternoon coucert every Wednesday and Saturday, for the espceial acootnmo dntion of families, commencing at three o'clock P. M. B June 1", the irr.iancea will commence with the drama of the LADIES BATTLE? llaron dc Montrtcherd, Mr. Lyune; Henry de flavlgneul, Mr. Geo. Jordan; Gustavo dc Guguon, Mr. Brougham; Countess d'Autreval, Miss Julia Bennett; Lcunie, Miss J. Gould. To conclude w ith the HOME BOOK fit' MEAUTV ?Mr. Roseville, Mr. Braugham; Mr llauttun Leader, Mr. Lynns: Mra. Uauttou Leader, Miss Mary Taylor; Mrs. Zuyderiee, Miss K. llorn; Grace Leader. Miss J. Gould. Bowery theatrk.?on Friday evening, june M, the Bemerit of Miss Sussn Denin, the young Anieri tun AC trass, will take place, on which occasiou a new play coda favorite drama. Seats oxn be accured at the boa office, and ticketa obtained. ef "talented" and experienced performers," under the ma nagement of E. P. Christy, whoae concerts in this eity, for a me e-aion of "flva years," have been reoaived with favor by "" ?' -?* a highly respectable and fashionable audieneea. Tioketa ' cents. Doors open at half-pnst six, eommenos at eight I'cleck. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Saturday next, for the aooommodatton of Ladies end Juveniles, com mencing at .1 o'clock. P. M. F MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, AUBVB Grand street.?Open every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an efficient and versatile "corps" FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. AT FELLOWS' NEW MU3I cal Hall, -H-l Broadway. between Howard and Grand streets; open every bight. This Justly celebrated and effioient I A RNIM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?WEDNESDAY, June 18, 1851.?I.eon Javelli and Herr Cliuo appear, both noon and evening, in their astonishing perforin tiers rills' upon the Tight Riijie Two amusing farces will wlso be un acted at each entertainment. The " Happy family." corn acted at each entertainment, rhe Happy t amily. corn p.ijcd of over one hundred Trained Animals and Birds, of the must diverse and antagonistic characters and natures, and vet tiring together iu the same enclosure, on t Tme of amity and lasting friendship. This singular assemblage comprises Hears and Birds. Dogs and Squirrels, Cats an l Rats. Ow Is and klo?. Ilawka and Doves, as wall as others of the it,oat opposite natural dispositions, and can be ssen at all hours. Admission, 25 cents; Children under ltd years, IJt, cents. Franklin museum, 173 Chatham square.?gbo. LEA, Sola Proprietor?Admission?Seats in Private Boxee.Sil cents; Stage Seats. 87 t, cents; Boxes, 23 cunts; Par jnet, 12W cents ?Elegant Saloou performances every Alter scon an I Evening. Entertainments commence in the alter aoon at .'iu'elock, and in the evening at 8 o'clock. The en tertain ments are varied and select an 1 such as can be aesa at no other place of amusement in New York, consisting ol Lea's Femals Efhloptaa Opera Troups, numbering drtean performers, being the large-t an 1 at th? same time the most talented band m the United States; a troupe of Modol Ar tista who are sulcctcd f?r their beauty and figure, and who personate a numter of b-autiful tableaux, taken from the pictures of ancient and modern tifSTe; a company of Arab Uirla, who go through a vari?tj of fee's of strength and dex terity; Madams Rosaline, the only Femals Juggler in tha . _ world; a company of Make an I Female Artists, who will give ta exhibition of Marbla Statuary unequalled in the world, tcgethor with a variety of interesting performances *ror afternoon and svoalng. Tor particulars sea bills of eaet lay. HEE CONCERTS?OTTO COTTAGE, IIOBOKEN Grand Instrumental Concert, ltiperformers, every Mon day, Wedneaday, and Friday, commencing at half-paat 3 Mslock. If the weather is stsrmy, tha oonosrt will taks p - ace the west day. UPiUCII AO KMC I KB, 4W. BY AITUORITY A NEW TOSTAGE LAW R' culatloua concorninr Poitxt and I'oatayi Stain pi. C * u ion mi Itrtm I'un Uinri Par a am?: * r, ) No, 2 t raoy atreet. Aitor Houie, June Hi, 1.151. f Tu facilitate the pre payment of poataces upon letter! ant neuapapera, Postern hcimo* of the following dcnumiuatioaf are provided anj turmilieil by tliia Department. puriuant to a revolution approiet Sim 16th day ol June. 1AAI ? No. 1?Printed In red Ink, on white paper, of the denomi nation of 25 oeata. No. I? Printed in purple Ink. on whito paper: of the daao initiation of lucent*. No. 3? I'rin tad in black ink. on whito paper; of the deno mination of '( eenta. There -lamp? will be furniihed by ui toonr Poatmaiti ri, . nliii ai* hi reby required to supply all other peraona ia their ' re*pectiio vicinities. Any letter or packet with one or more postare atampe af filed, ri(ual in amonnt to the poataro properly charroahla ! tkeieon, aa la fully *et forth in tha auiu'icd " Table of i'oet an.*," may he mailed il l forward" 1 by auy of our a{ent< aa | a prr paid letter or packet, but if the ilamp. stilled : be not adequate to the propi r postage, the dehciem y aball be chirred at tha unpaid rate, to be colleeted at the lit* of di-In >-ry. Taaiini roarata, awuwieo thi Hanaro ar Citanunn iron Sinui.i Lvrrvna Ann Na u aparana?U Ai , ia (H-ari viu. an cumin i nana a Sim.i.r lin. Lcttera directed to the follow inx plncoa. I're-paliL Unpaid. Chanrea * I'anama Nan Juan Nan tranciaco btorkton f Sa, ran.ento > $ |0 Nan Joae > liriUab Writ ladle*. ., forte -a the Uulf of Moiieo China liar Kon? Naadnieb lalanda 19 10 k) ?l Vmro. Southwest t'oaat ol Nouth Amcrio liumaaentura. New Granada B-nrota. do Ouaya.iall, Ecuador Unit.., do I'ayia, I'rrn Lainbayr?|ue, do Muanchnao, do.... t'aauia, do Ilnarho, do t'allao, do I una, do flaco, do I alay, do Ana. da Iqwinao, do .. .. ( ebija, Bolivia la Fare, do tnptapo, Chili Huaero. do Co'iuimbo, do Valnaralao. do Nt fee MeryeviUv. California ilia*. do Northern dn Sonthern Minna, do Mane far South Pm lAe porta leara I'anama JM of etch mi ath Newspapers nill he charted 3 eoate p>ett?nto*ll the above place*, eacept to China. Hon* Boo*, and tha other place# to wl lah the |?.*ta<* on lettere i*Wr*nl*: to thoto placwe. newepap-ro will be . barred ? c-ata?alware pro paid I'nblirbora of newapapare can **ad tnoir aaenaoioe froo. I'oriodiral* aad nil other printed matter will be cbarywd IVi eenta aa '-abro. The above naolatl aa will re into cf*ct on the let day af July feat. HEIIIORD ?t CM.. No. 3 Yeaoy ??r -t. Aator Hone*, f A ? tferrbaadiao, Wrests per ponnd to Saa Freneieeo. doliverod in 33 daye from New 1 orh. derpord A TTff BMBAT California letter D I'arrel. and I'e-kaia Eapre**. on tiio Nth Jon* thronab taJUdeve Spe ml Mail .trvnt. thrith to Saa Fraaciooo. Mr. A. H Pride, af our N*u York ottire. Special Fr*i(ht Baa a-oyer, Ur??|i f< Nan Fraaeiaeo Br. II K lloyt. of *af Now Ycrk office. Special M*aaeaa*r to Valparaiso. Cellao. and oth>r Sotth I'aciao porta. Br. W. F Barilott, of our BHon ? flic* I'oatnca to Ml Pram teO?. Id oenta; to South I'acifla p. rt*. China, and Sandwich laloada. ?0 rente Fr*i?ht XI per cent l*aa than by any other aaprvaa Parcel* and park*?>-? taken to nil Saath l'a< lie porta. Na. 1 Yaaay atre*t. Aator House KXCUKHIOER. ' Itfl .n If P..N L* me at Pwft Hamilton each way.?Fare II v, oaata. -Tha lew ami ? plemlid atoamer 1 HO J A >, Captain J. N. Rodman. ^^ RAND EXCURSION TO CONEY ISL A If B?LA ND now i _ win make U r?e tripe daily to tion-y Island-Mnndev June |i th, loavinp Sprlnr?tre?t at K A M and ItW and IV I'. V., plot No. 1 North ri*-r at Itf A ? , aad I and 4 P.M. keturn ipf, loaviaa Coney lalan I at AS I'tl N N ? All poiW"na nro forbid trnatinp tho nbova hont on tha aeeount af ewaofi. CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO TIIE PISHING RANKS Th* wall known a? a*f*a*nar llnffaln, ('apt Smith, will fun every day. (eacept Saturday#,) o. mineudnr Sun lay, Jnno 1Mb. leaving Thirteenth street. North rlrar, nt 7S o'clock, Cannl atrcct at7\. (Irand ?tr*ot, Ratt rlrar, at She Cat! ariaa atrcct at ***. IVr Na. A, North river, at 9 A M . aad rctnrninr by 5 P. M. Flakier taoklo, bait, and refresh aicnta will I i ravidad. Fare I2S eaato each way Steamboats for ch ahtp.r.-persons wishing to charter alcamboata for cii-oral.ina. t?n te frraiahed with any claaa (mat. by applylnr at the aorncr af Prtnklia and It . at atf afa, up atnira Htenmhonta SMITTII AMERICA. hT Mi llol.AS. or NEW JBIIStY. Alan, tha n-w and aplcndid I arm- AI EXANDER I: F.I II. fittad up aaproaaly fur cicnrtiona. HENRY MAl.f.AN. A?*nt. ?lAVBUaBBr BU1DB. A FTFRNOON ROAT FOR SINf! SING I ANDINO AT it Hammond atrcct, Y< nker*. Haatlnr#. I>obn a Ferry, and Tarrytown Fare to Yonkcra. Haetinr*. Dohba Ferry, far rytown and Sina Sm^. AS c-nta -TM new and beautiful ateamor J I.N N V I.I N D. Captain W Wilson, will leave from the foot of Chambers atr -et. ernry afternoon, at .AS o'clock. Snndty ticcpti d Refnrnmr. will lenva Hinr Slnr nt A 0 . I. ch, A M. Frnirht taken on reaa .nabla WSBti. ifMT TORE AND PHII.ADIUPHIA-NEW fORB In and Philadc-lphin diraot. ? United Mate* Mali l.ina. rhmurb in ?S henra. via Naw J*ia?y Railrnnd Fara rw iaced to At for Arat ciaa*. and $2 Sufor aeaond claaa liOavi New York at A A M fmm foot of Canrtlnnd atreet; and m 1 A M and if. I. fmm foot af I.Oorty street. Leave Thl ed"lpbla nt A and ? A M and ? P. M.. from tha font af Wat tnt atrnwi. C/VMPEN AMD AM SOT RAILROAD LINE PRAM NEW Tnrk t*> rhfladelpbia l^ave Tlor No I North river by a team boat 1?RN POTTBRi MoraHt* Linm at # a'sloal A M-: Aftecwoan l.ina, at J a'atoek P. M. faro b? elthat ^n*. ik farwnH <*?h. $A Imlxrant IJa"*>?* ?^>* 1 r M.| FIVE DA7S LATER NEWS FRO* ALL PARTS Or STOOFS. ARRIVAL OF THE STBAMSfflP HUMBOLDT. ImporiaBt Republican Move ment in Spain. ?PENIIVC OF TB PAWS AID IHJON RAILWAY. THE Com* nARKKT PlHM, ho., ho , ho. The flatted State* mofl steamship Humboldt. Captain Line*. arrived at this port at ?i* o'clock, yesterday after" noon, having left Cowes K*aJ* early on the btbinst . per. forming the voyago thence in twetve Jay* auj a half. The Humboldt bring* abvut seventy passenger* She sailed Itom Havre at 11 A M., on the 4th, and brings us second edition* of the London Tin*t. of that day. (re ceived at Bonlhampton by special express,) together with eur usual Buropcan correspondence and tile* o English and Continental jturnal*. The United States Mail steamer FVrmaun, Captain K Crabtrce, wliioh left this poit on the 17tU May, touched at Cowes on the 1st of June, en route to Diemen. Ureat complaints were made of the quality of the coals sup plied to the Hermann, on this side, and which are said to have very much retarded her voyage. Unless some alteration be speedily made, whereby the passages cf this line of steamers shall be accelerated, their utility v ill be entirely superseded and the large sums paid to theui by the post office will become nothing short of a waste of public money. The Euro; a reached Liverpool on the same day as the Ilertnam arrived at Cowes, although she sailed from New York four days after that vessel; aud it is found that this circumstance constantly occurs. The United States mull steamship Hermann, Captain K Crabtree. arrived off Cowes on June 1, at 7 o'clock A M .from New York, and after landing the English an 1 French mails for Southampton, proceeded on her voyage to Bremen The Hermann left New York on the 17th ult. She experienced easteily winds thr >ugh out the voyage Her advices, as well as those receivod at ttlasgow by the City of Glasgow. had been anticipated by the arrival of the Kuropu, from New York direct, with dates t,o the 21st of May, on. the 1st of June. We regret to have to record an accident to the ma. chinery of the new screw steamship Lafayette, during her first voyage from Philadelphia to Liverpool. When only three days out. the air pumps gave way, and the remainder of the voyage had to be performed with the steam at high pressure The Lafayette had alio to call at Cork for coals, and only succeeded in reaching the Mersey on the 'id of June la speaking of this ste tmer. a London paper says:?" On rounding the Kock. she steamed very fast up the river, and presented rather a striking appearauce. Her liuil is constructed sum-what alter the style which the Americans have recently adopt ed in their clipper vassal*, being very sharp fore and aft She is bark rigged, carries a large spread of canvass, aud from her tine proportions. e\?n without her steam power, must be very fast Owing to the breakage of the air pump the high pressure plan was adopted, and tin waste sti am escaped by a pipe placed on the quarter-deck."' Bouquet on Board the United States Frigate St. I.iiwrenre. The United States frigate St. Lawrence Commander J. K. Sands, having on board the Hon Mr lladjoek. the Am< riran Minister to 1'ortugal. sailed from South ampton on the 3d lust for ld*bon She will only rem tin a few days in tile Tagus, having received orders to sail tbunce for the Luited States without any delay On the day prior to the departure of the St Lawrence. Captain Sands gave a grand entertainment ou board, to the >1 tyor and Corporation of Southampton There were also present the Hon Mr Haddock; Mr Lawrenoe, jr., (son of Mr Abbot Lawrenoe;) J K. Croskey, Esq., Consul n the United States; 11. li Jourdatn. Esq , Turkish Consul; J 11 Wolff. Esq t'oosul for the republio of Chill and for Nicaragua and the Central American State-, aud i other ?(h< ial p> rsoting*.- connected with the port of i Southampton. The municipality w ut on board the aliip in state, being cunveyed thither by Ave statu Iwrgrs. aud were saluted by the guns of the frig tie ls>tb on embarking and disembarking The banquet was of the moet recherche description the tables b ong laid out on the main deck, which was tastefully decc- j rated with lings, flowers and emblematical devices. Every delicacy of the season was provided, and the wiues were of the liest description, and supplied iu pr .fud rn The j principal toasts were, the President of the United States. ? the queen of England, l'rince Albert, the Mayor and Corporation of Southampton, Capt. Samls and oflWews ol the Si Lawrence, the American Minister to Portugal 1 the American Consul lie, all of which Wele t. reived | and responded to with the grt?;>,i enthusiasm The eloquent speech of Mr lladip ?>% ,1..peered ui? this ooca sion. was greatly admired The company Jsswi'- up gra tified le y oud measure at the uisgniflcant r?c?ptJou they exp? lienced from the American officer*. ?Cngland. Tli? Parliamentary it tciiigenca la antlixly dxxtitute of In tercet to Anirriraii rexdere The euccxxx of tlx* World* Katr la London xtlll oon tluiod to be the great tin-lax of cuafrMtlon On the 2d Jul' nearly ?1 hou wax takan at the d'wrx, and thx London Timti >Utn that on thx .*1 inxtant. thx nambxr of people who vieitol thx Kxhibition KI ofll. tally re turned at .">3.871. thx aucunt takxn at l? a h'ad. and by thx rale of reiixon ticket*. I?ing A J.411 la sterling Wt r.'iij the billowing from the Timr$, of thx 4th instant:? Wx undcratand that the fiawrwtww at thx Manalon llnuxe this evening, will lie thx nioxt brilliant rVaaixa of the kind thin waxen, In honor of ih" tirxat Kahibition of all uatioux. Tin rv will lie exhibited a Urge collection of nioxt rare object* of vertu and antiquarian lalxr?4, aa well ax modrix of various kind* Axvxral noblemen and lieuthinxD hare at ntrihutxd th? nu-t valuable xpxxitnxaa fri in their collection* and thxrx will brrxhlbitx.'a ca rtel of model* illuxtratlve of the progress of *hip building I pwitrdx of I.-'itl) card* Invitation Itave been lent out, and the preparation- for the rxeeptlon of distinguished gu< ata. both foreign and Kngltxh. who hare already *ignl bed their Inleailon of being prxwnt. an on the m ?t ex tet -ire trait The whole of tlia state apartment*. a* wdl xa the privato drawing r?u< ? dl b-< thrown open, and there will be a concert of Kngliah vocal music in thx Kg} ptian Hall The Illumination* on fat -rd?y night. May 31. In h on* of her Majesty'- blrthdiiy. were more than usually brtl I ant. and more bonxee than on prerlnua annivxr?arlc? of the xante rti ut were decorated with dxrioxx and lettxrx in variegalid lanipx and gax The club houwx at the wist end of the t<>wn prewnted a bhiie of light The theatre* were very taxtefnlly Illuminated, and had earli their re?|e rtire no ttoex. xtarx. and allegorical reprxxen tMli-nx Thx tradesmen of her Mgjeety aim displayed their loyalty in the hrillianry of their derirxx, an I all > pother the ere lie wax rxry brilliant The xtrxxtx werx irowdedwith people viewing the spectacle fir xxvxral In ure, thx rf nrutirwr of carriage* and the nodi of p-dxa trlxne In eonie loraticiex alnioxt blocked up thx way Thx ii'ie uik ement of hxr Majxety having graciously signlfbd her intention of honoring Ihx coronation of th city of London with a vlxit on thx 21 xf July and being prxwnt at a grand banquet which l? to takx place In Utx tlulldhall. In comment'-ration of the Kahibition of all Ratiohx. Iiax produced no ?mall amount of tntcrxat and gratification Vrnnre. The xdvir. a from Kranrx tiy thlx arrival are of xomx internal and are priori pally occupied with detniix of the vi*R of the I'reatdxat of the republic to Dijon, to inaugu rate the openi'.g nf the connecting xxction of th? Pari xnd Lyons railway It in admitlc| hy all partlxx that the popularity of l."iiix Napoleon Ix on the Increase At evx ry place through which he passed. lie waa raa-elved with the greatest enthuaiaxm and at Dijon the whole populh tlot turned out to greet him. We lukji in the following account of th? I'rxxidcnt ? tour, funnelled by the r >rrxx|>ondent of the Loudon Ttmn. who accompanied Lout* Napoleon on thlx ox (MM:? Dun*, .tune 1?11 o'clock P M Tlic President left Tonnerre at half part II, after tak It'g leave of the Arrhblahop of n? and the Prefect of the Yonne, who had accompanied him thus far Thx train proceeded at full speed until i( arrived :?t Month*' whi re the population exhibited Itaaif aa xnthu?iaxtlc for Ix'Ulx Napoleon ax al Tonnerre A detachment of tlsnte* 1 orextle r?. and another of the 21xt Regiment of the Line, were drawn up In front i f the -tallon Thx train having rtoppi d two rural mayor* addrxaed coniplim?nla to thx Iflarx. who rvgMMk il t" them with hla ueiial affability An "Id grenadie r of Ihx Kmpirx, attir- d in hix glortnua uniforni. then xlcppod forward t" olfxr hla homage to tha hepkeW of hix In-loved Kmperor Ilia xglrannlinary ebako formed ?uch a contrast with thoaa of thx prxxent dxy. that it excited xomx ni"riinicnt among the by

? 'aiders The cominandrr nf thx Oardxa K irxatixra. ad do'"lug 1 he President nbxerved that the old man waa aa rarcftil of that relic a> of the apple of hi* eye. that h. Wi uld not pirt with Rat any price, having brought Rail tin way fn m M tow The train again xtopprd at Teray, whi*" Ihx Prxxldxnt r< vl. wi il the N alien* i Hoard Here and there some eric* of I nc I'Km/tnrm' had bxvn nttevd. but at Vxraythcy *'re h< ginning to acquire a certain degree of intxnai'y whe n the train left The Pre Went again alighted to admire thx Work* of ? he tunm I of lllai-y. which ix upward* of 4.01)0 yardx in li nath At a xhort distance beyond It i* thx viaduct of tilar. a truly xtupend mx work nf art. thrown acr'vxa a narrow valby and forty-flvx mere* In height Lout* Napoleon dexexnded aonicdlxtancs front the road to View the rtmcturx when a fiistar of t'harlty prex<'ntd to him a young female of atxtexn who had been found a f"W (layx before in thx t.a ghhorlng wood*, She had flcl ft m n liousx whet* xhc wax placed ax a servant, and had wandered thu* far when ahe waa met hy ? (?m?kxxp?v, and conveyed to the asylum kept by the 8W*rs of Cha rity. The Prince, moted by the sad tale of the nun, gave her a bank note of one hundred franca, to enable the child to return to her family No other incident occurred until the arrival at Dijon, about 3 o'clock The population of the city and cutnitry for leagues around had assembled at the terminus, mi 1 lined its Immense aeuii-eircl* In the centre were erect id two large tent*, exclusively filled with ladiea, and in front of them stoad an altar, raised on an elevate 1 platform, on which the Ilishop, with the entire clergy of Dijon, had taken their station The l'rewWcnt. nu alighting, was conducted to another tent, on the right of the altar, and the religious ceremony then c uimnred The Hi stop next stepped forward, and addressed to the Prince a speech in accord with the circumstance, i r. which he con gratulated hi in on his wise and ?M> administration, his respect for religion, ami trusted that Divine Pr<rvidene? would render his power durable The prelate afterward* bestowed his benediction on ail enginr. which was taste fully decorated with flowers and flags, and the ceremony being terminated.tin immense acclamation in favor of the President arose within the preciacts of the terminus, and was erlined by the multitude near aml'far. Iwiuis Napoleon then mounted on horseback aiv> rode to the Hotel (1 the Prefecture shlutcd during the who Is way by one universal and ronlvnu.-d cry of ? Vivo Nnpo leon."* The ladies were, if possible, more enthusiastic than *he men. oiui'front the windows threw Sower* as ho passed. Pro? all I can h>am there was not a single ?ry of Pier la H> pn&Nyw. Alter listing awhile, the prince proceeded to Jhe Salou of the Prefecture. where he nns-ive l in succe-sion the ecclesiaet.?nl. civil. jidiaiary. and military au -h rftles. The corps of officers of the gavrlsoB was p-eseated to him by Uen *ral de t.'.wtellanc. Ceminaiider of the Sixth Military Division. Tic President conferred the decora tion of the I egion of Honor on several persons, an ongtt whom were M Moussicr. in puly Mayor, and l)r. Lipno*, Professor of the M< diciJ Faculty The Tribunal of (Joinhier-.e. wbiihis entirely composed of reds, was tlic only constitutisi testy that declined to present its homage to Is mi* Napoier-n Deputations ctnre in from all the neighboring towns, and amongst others from Macon, which consisted of the Mayor, the LieuteiMut-Ooionel ot tlw Nati inal Uuard, aud the Treeidrut of the Tribunal of l-uuimerce. They presented to the President, without r-ading it. a m ono, rial from the muDltipalily. demanding the speedy com plot Ion of the railway as far as Lyons. Lou>s N.ipoleon cordially shi i.k the .Mayor by the h.utd. saying that he felt cxtretnily grateful to the deputation, and would ever remember with pleasure tba g.asd recaption he had mst with in the Department of the Saouw and Loire, and Hd led. that he would consider himself in >sl h ijipy to b? able to promote the wishes of its inhaMtaut* Tbc prince then perceirtug in the crowd Colonel Nie pi o drt seed in the uuiforui of the Dragoon* of the 1-hu pire. went up to him. and. taking httu by the h.iud. con versed with iiini for sometime At seven o'clock Louis NapoleotMirTiTisJ ?t. th? Hotel de Tills, wherv the city elTcrcd him Mid his suito a grand kiDtutl. After dinner, the Mayor rose ami thai addressed the Presidi nt:? M. le President :?More favored then so many other citie* desirous to offer you si respectful hospitality. Dijon is proud of the honor you oonfcrn d on it by visit ing it a si col d time, l-ast year you came to inform yourself of the want* of our pnpuhvMco ; and a year h it scarcely elapesl when, thank- to the ubl - direction of an einiD, nt engineer, you are enabled to p>r< side today OVt r oue of those imposing festivities winch mark, in the existence of cities, the p??cc ible teimtw-t of real pros perity Your presence at the iua'iguratiou of this rail ?i) . Prime, sufficiently demonstrates all your solicitude for ths indu-trial agricultural aud roram.-rriii] iuteresis ot llurgtindy. and when, at a future day. il shall derive all the advantages which must iiccrrw from tbo new ro t 1 ofx n to its activity , it will recollect that you Were'pleased to add to the civil ami religious sob-em,i ies of thai day the double prestige which is abtactu-d to your person ; for you are not only Princis the heir of the name wiueti raised highest the glory of Kraiic.- Ixit you have. also, with a firmness ami self denial wliieh Is-long only to a great lienrt and ? great courage, ebeeked in their fury paaalons ready to reml the huoouiol tlte sountry Honor to you, Prince for so great a blessing, and let us hope I that the nation, in the exercise of its sovereignty, will j know h<w to testify to you its grain u<le I propose to 1 you the health of ?? The Prince Loui* Nap. >leou Bona parte. President ol the KepiitiMr " The President n plied as tolh<ws -? Ilow I wish that those who entertain doubt* of the fu ture aceoiripanied un amidst the population of the fonno aud the Cote d'Or They.would I*' re-assured ou witness ing the real dispositir n ot tlie pubiK'mind. They would have ms n that neither the intrigue*, Bur the attack*, ttor tb- itnpa-sion.'d discussion*of parties, are In harm >ny i with the s.-ntiment* *>.d the eonditmn of the country prance does not desire the nvturu to t he old rrgimr, under ! what ever form it be disguised, nor the experiment of fatal and impracticable Utopia*, it is because 1 am the m ?s natural adversary of both the oue aud the other | that Prance has placet, hut couht.-ucr in his If #urh were not the caee, how could be explaiued thl ?ITrctlug sympathy of the |~->?|de toward- me, which resist* the most destructive polemic*, and which absolves me from a share in it* suJL-ring- ' If. la fact, my go vernment ba* not been able to r-eliae all th* ameliora tion It intended llu> fault ia to be assigned to the aiunrruvres iif factious that paralyse the goal wib of assemblies, as of goveruineiil* the moat de voted to the public Interests It is because you have thus understood it. that I has* louutl inpatriotic Hur gundy a reception which for me is approbation and en- j rouragruicnt 1 avafj my - If - this oau.|Uet as of a trl- i buue. in oidaa to opeu uiy Ilea, i t . my fellow.citizen* A in-w plm-e of our poh.ic-ii 111.- couiui-tscea Prom .me extremity of Praucs- the oln -i |.. iinsa, arr In soul s i of etguature .1. uiaudiug the r< vi?i..u of the eoantliutiua i await, with eos-adeticr. tb. w?uuustatioa of lUeoouu- , try. and the iiectsions ol toe Wruioty, which will n .1 ' be Impired except by tb. ? i>- ihoilgui ?f the public i good kfrf since I have Isva in power I have proved, w ftrrr thi gt. ?t int.'. ir ol i be Ml*.ry were iu iju i*ti.>o, how little I regard .1 ail that cuiirmtl myself. The ' rv, ui ' Jte ui ?t v. oeut a. lacks have nev.-r made uie foe*, t ay ealmn?s Whaler.r be the duties the count I y iUe?a:< u* ma. it -Lai, uud me decl.l.-d ou following lis an., atstl, Is- i. ve me. gentlemen, Prance , wilt not psrob in my I ?tu?l< Aflerin. (I.ui.ers rpl.-i.di 1 Is,II took place which th* | I'rerub ul oprued Ukliuir Vrrb; the lady uf the ! PiMiCl All the public buitdiug*. ???! many private hou*e* Wi le llluur.imUd. The H homing additional hdhnony a? to the *uth'l*i artlc n c. plum i.| tin' I'iimUi ul U Inou the corrvipon Jt n( l>l <Viiirn<rr :? It la HIUJI.1.1 InbUNIblr lor ma to d**erllie th* n-ii'ttlou wbkli wn? eaun d bjr thi* ipcih. It wo* delivered In it Ilrtu ar.d ? lupliatii- vole* ami at It* oouclu-luu the hall rang ?Ub tu mu*t rutbu*ia*ltc >ippl*U-e. which l*'C*d for mTt r*l minute* M b. n *ll>-opi' wa* restored. a band i f male and female Urpl.-oiu-l* were introduced aul ?uo| a *oug C"ujpo*ea for lb* occasion. which Wa* watDilt applauded. At tan ocluck tb? i'lwdrnt re (.aired Mi Ikf Miberriptiou lutll gireu at the theatre, which wa- atlrndid by the i.ifr uf the inhabitant* of lltjuB and i ? ry ervwded 1 be I'reehleat opened the bail with lb* wife of tbe Prefect At uigUtfall tb* public building* and particularly tbe railway terming*, were vrry brllllautly liluminali d. and the Inhabitant* followed tbe raaiiiple M bile ruubltng about, walling tbe arriral of tbe i're?l lent, and be|ug d*?irou* of kn ow ing tb* real opinion* of the rural population, I entered i Into conferral inn wltb a number o| laruiwr* anl farm laborer*, and in wo rare did I meet wltb anything but 1 tbe ?ntbu.?ia*lir praia* of the President Un* rn-rabl farmer, wbnte face beapoke at tbe itwe time tnAwmi and intelligence, miu :?" Mr were r..nt*nted. Mr. und-r the laet nionar -liy. but. If we are In hare a republi I, let u* liafe one that ?IU give u* som* tiling like *t?bility. ' and now tlial we bare got a man a* i'r> *141-01 who fe-l? an interest for a*, do not let u%he chopping and chang ing but prolong hi* power* Kerry man In my coin mum ha* signed the |a-tition to that etfrct and it I* tbe ?elite in ail the surrounding an**." All the I'art* Ji urual* are ttlieil with remark* on tbe ap< i rh. of rather on the modideatlon* which bare been etbrted In it prevent* Mi it* otlb'inl publication -.til the h Iter*." raya the Jcurmal dri Ihtmti, all the Inform alma which we hare rncelred fr> m pernona present at tn* han t|Ui! of Ityon. agree iu deriaru g th ?l tbe word* of tbr President were unleernally loeked on a* a declaration of I ? *r agaln?l the majority of the AeeemMy that that dc e aration wa* mad* in a tone which It wa* impowubln to mistake, and .bat oue of the meuilier* of the bur.-au of tbe Aeeeaihty protected eg a Ho-1 what wa* naid, both ge*turwnnd w,.ni " All tbe journal* llkewhw apeak of Interpellation' on lbe eubjirt being a matter of more then pn liability j the f'et.Mi drrletPH that it ran contradict, from an tbirity, the assertion that M beam Paucher threatened to give In hi* r**ignatIon A profoeitlou l.aa been presented in the hegidativ* A**< mbly, by MM Amedee limy*. iMfavru. ami lotion Inye to ihe ? ilect that during the discuwiioti on tbe cm ?i*|. nof th* i)..n*litulioa, tbe Meei'su *hali he placai d"d up in pubtb throughout all tbe rommuuee of the re public in ordi r thai the people may he Died* perfectly *< .(iiamied with all that p.-waen relative to that lot p. nant matter llui n.. at ceeent account* from tbe t rench capital, eg* tanding to tbe evening of tbe .-I June aunounr* the re nin of the Prealoeut 'I be rrw-* uf t'.i* la Kryu hf aa wi te niowt BUhieK ua durtng hi* pa**ag* along tb* Huule Tatua I hi speech of the President at D\jon bad mad* an im m> toe m it mi M.n In Pari*. In the Asm mbly at half paat two o'clock on the 3d not . M Iiuptn I ire lent to..k tbe chair Twibl t revin Homier* pn rented petition* for tb" m virion of tbe comtHuthui *ad the prorogatl m of tb* powemof l.out* foapoteon Among them were the link* ? ie brogue. Mm*re ? larv. t'asaluauca. l??ri?te. Itavoui i .arc. bi neatter. I.cnioinr, llarhlay. thideUr. Lefbvrc liiimBn. I*verrbr. Pt Prt.*i Mortn. .Vr Me?er* Kirtner. foulde*. and Kmlle de (lirardin. laid : on tbe tahtc |>. tilionr praying for the abrogation of lb* < Iti oral law ? f the Slat May Much *enation prevailed in the hall, particularly on t lie lett, where a paper *atil to contain a real c >py ot h rfieech delivered by the l're*ident of tbe Mepubtir at ; l.lji n wa* hand*d about Tb> re wa* *ub.*e<fUeu.iy * one iIim tlssiou with ItgaM to the *peccb. and boon l .mch >r . w** iiiterti?at<il, to whlcn he anrwered that the ?p>> >ch printed In the i flleial paper?the .Mornboo?w?* the only ? die reci^tiivd by the goveinm*nt lb* reeent coiitlict with the K abyle* ha * been mu ih no r. fhtal to the Preach army than the oiMrial ncconnt* had I?1 ii* fo lieiiev* Arc rdlng to the Shhanal tha Prci.cb h?d ? killed and 1 .til woun led Twn ran panb-?of the li'th were, with th* nception of 'JO mm. eniinly cat to f.Ie*?? by the Arab* Thl* ha* been he. a contradicted by tbe Pair it Tbr m napat' i*t* arc waking dm per at* ?Mort* to (*t 1 tip petitions for the revision of the constitution In the CO unify district* the priests are the ageuta employed I >r this purpose Cataniaj Mar 31. wan a grand Sold day with the rear tionartea (if all classes, who had reserved all their peti tions f?r a revision of the constitution until thut daj, and who then presented them en marts. Hpaln. The aecoBi.te from fipain are Important. M. Orcitse, Marqui* tie Aftwyda. prveident if thr hpanish democrata. has oirrnkrled un address containing his politinal pro era mine The gnvernmeart had ordered the police to prevent the circulation of the document; but its oircula linu whs i ia ate nee The address advocates the union of the kingdoms of Spain amf PorHnml, under a republic, and sther mcasMVsof uf ministmtive aud financial rvf<nn. II was thought in Madrid that a liberal nmremeut was neft flirdistant The cerrespouihmt of the Ismdon Tiatvt sa/v, that wue?>m and fpnoi management on the part of the .ministers cm alone a'ert it; rirw would priAtably ouly anti 'tyate an Insurrection The HcraMn refers to the grout Lightly precautions taken in the Spanish capital by the i jilionties- -and thers wan every reason to 1*ar that theie vserv good ground* fcVtheur?and the government was said to be act tag on information derived from a good source. M.iemr May 27, 1961. ' Intelligence of ? somewhat alarming nature has reached g vrernment Ibom'/?tro(or.a Symptoms of dis content bed sprung i p among the |>e >ple, which in lu-?d tin authorities to redtuhle their vigilance, beside* adoyt ing every military precaution liialy to check a popular mom incut, should it b? at tempt ?d The cause of this sudden in I he aspect of thing* there, as else ? where,can only he asoriJed to the soncordat, iu proper ten us it< una .-osptable stipulation i become more gene rally known. bwausethe people at' Inrje Were sick at heart of riots The Madrid j 'urnals of A* Jtkh (if May, state that the nport current ( f M ltios IVosos having tsen appointed Minister of l?race and Jus line, is ni t continued The ministerial depul e* were ahrut to holcta meeting to ar nm*? thcit course of proceeding Ht th? meeting-of th? Oortrs The opposition meui.twrs wi re timed for a simi lar purpose. Pcrtnrpili The -team-hip M( wtrose am ?ed nt 8oi Champion from Opart* tod Lisboo. i? the night of the *1 June. Af lhirw i? Lisbon remai Vd murh tie same re by the list iwlvi'iee. More confidence was, however, temporarily es tablished. although t was e.Mierted tiwanclal ditfi culties woulu sism press heavily u'lsn the go eeroment A i'o'inaift of 8late was hsdd (the tirst ettieo 11 a arrival ot t-aoixiha) on the 'JSt.ii of May. T'le itlui ter of Pinauce had a a ve> u need lhat the dividends on the home and ferritin debt would continue to is- uwd as hitherto At' oporto the Cahralist party attempted a Je.vetl mary in> revest ou the J7th of May. but it was promptly sup prvssef. Itnljr. In >* sitting of the Still ot May /lie Sen*!* of Turin adopted the treaty of commerce with Uelgium, by -IS votes to IS. ,ia 1 lliat witli Kngisnd by ?!? votes to '> Inths lit tiny of the hamber of Pepulie' of'the sain* ilay, the Mi wider of Koreigu A flairs presented the treaties of comni'Vee and navigation conrlud >d with Portugal, Greece uA the llansvatic towns. The Papal Mat we. A letter from Rome t I the lWth, ill the I'rro .imira of lis li gn ?. states that his Holiness ha* named an extraor dinary >? igri gallon, composed of am cardinal *, for the purj* se of inquiring into the moral state of ronveuts, and proposing remedies for the aboeiM* that hove crept into those establish merits The Bieniilxli R?ma of the 17th publishes a sentence of the b iprvno- Tribunal of the Saoml1 Con suit a. con demning t'ivtm Krooli. aged ,U to tile galleys for twenty years for having, on the uight ot tile Lueli May. alteuiyl ed to prevent ? ne Luigi Gianini trom limiting a segar he wanted 'so saioke. Belgium. In tin Belgian Senate yesterday. Baron ds Royer asked for eiplanalioii* from the MimsUar on the 111irue'.* rial rrisi*. M Kogler replies! that he had nothing to mid to the e sylanation- a!r. ady giveu in the Chamber of Re pregenlal We, hut that the gentleiut n vailed on by his M*jsit/to fbrui a cabinet could give iDtoruiiticn M l uinoii klnmortier. the {'resident, having quitted the chair said tliat he bad hail the iiouor to la* s'allesi on bv the King to form a cabinet, but had- tteelined to under take lbs task bscnu-e he did uot thicjt a new one was Wrsswiy. iMasuiurli as ?lis* hostile vote against the ministry was a mistake. The majority he said hail not rliaiigvi its policy or principles audit the ministry wers to commit it on any other sutyevt than lhat on which the boslila vote kud been wouid obtain all it* support, lie concluds-0 by calliun ou the ministers to put na end to the state of uucerxduty. by again t vicing possession of tinir portfolios % Itogier thank'sl M. lioiHsin-lluuiortii r lor Ids blasvviUiiiv, hut s.iid ibo rahiiet considered iUelf houudto persid in its resofUr tlom. The psisitiou iu which ii had been placed was not changed, aud consequently il ?oiUd not hope to re all.x Its programme, as it could net obtain thr resources ua rrseary for re i stahlishtng the financial equilibrium and uadcrtHking public work*. The Minister concluded by viprrssiug regret that M Ikautoii Humortier had not ao crpted the uiissiou rouferrsd ou hint by the Kiug. an l said that tlie ex-minister- would have h en happy to have seconded him by ah their rfwt*. Tlw matter llu u dropped. He it mark.* Tlw object of Parou I'rablin'* late journey to St Peter*. luriili b to be ft uud iu lb* de?ire of the Unu' dx Court to arrange the question of the aUMcsston, and lUit tin- ?b jict line been nullltil to thi . litire satisfaction of the Court* of Copenhagen *u<l ft I'eteraburgh The Oxar h*e consequent^ !>.??-1! pleased to decorate ll.iruB I'rcb lin with the order of ft Anne Tbr I'Tinor nn nh' iii the two Court* have agreed a* successor to the Danish throne. i? Prince Christian, of trklM*l|i||i let? in-tkittderbarg OluckJburg, born nt Co penhagen. on June 3, 1H43 (irriuany. The Srv FVwttisn finreffe atate* that M de ManteutT 'l aniieil in Iterliu fn in Warsaw, on the 'JTth of Jl?y at fire in the morning, and pricee.led nt noon t i Fotalaa, to wait on the vjueen M .|e .Mant-utlel ??< fwc-*l Vcd at tv*r-aw with gre?t dl-tinrtion by the F.mperuvof Russia, who pieeented to him the insignia of tha ordi r of Ab-xan d' r Newek'.of Ihe first class The ll'iimtrctr of Vienna nf Mnj -tl. itaten that Count tie findor. eon-in Ww nf I'rlnee de Mrtlemlch, had ju?t died In it mad house at Prague. Krnnkfitrt. M Von Koebow. th? FrunlM Minietar. had arrlred in Frankfort from W ar-aw 'i he flinctloM of the Provisional Comtliiaeinn of tha bund which haa existed from December. 1A4W. would he transferred to a ronuuittee of tire memhera of tn* Diet Prince Metternirh i? to arrive at the chateau of Joban tii-l .Tg on the lt?ih of June In Meiilugiu the niuaicioal election* could only ha pi mpletad by the government threatening to Inflict a flue on every rltin u who refrained from voting Priaaala. Our Derlin corveapnodene", of the .Hat of May contain* a report of thv per?? liny of inaugurating the ro| i??*l f talus of Frederick the Ureal The utm-wt tranquillity prevail) d Tlie King of Pru**ia wa* preaeat. and dell rend a speech Tie fentlval wa* kept a* a public ho liday 1 he King arrived on the evening of May 29. (tun War raw The Minister of the Interior had published an order railing into existence the provincial diet* a* the bodice vhicli an- to r?gulate the introduction of tht classified iin i Me tax in Ilie province* The Fmperor of Kuaeia wa* not *X pec ted to be prea?nt at the m4> uinity of the Jl*t The tirand I'rinee* Michael aid Ifichi la* would arrive in the evening, after the Jwtr War roneiuded Preparation* on the grande.t acale had been Ma le for the Inauguration of the coheeai atatue of Frederick the tin at HoMla< The Duke of I eurhtenla-rg *on-m law of the KMperor of Kusaia. I* so dangerously Ui that hi* life I* despair- d of. Constantinople. The CiMffifwfwwiwef ha* the following from Con*tanti nople. dated the 17th Au important ehauge ha* juat taken place in tha Turkirh kiinotry Unfortunately, I have no tine to obtain exact Information in time for the packet Keda clnd I'arba and hi* party are triumphant The dismissed mi til.-1 *? r> are. It t* aaol. Mehenitt All Pasha. Minuter of Mar. ."oilman t'a-h* Uraad Administrator and Minister ot Ihe Marine, sad Mehein>t I'aeba. Minister of Police I do not know whether these luinctera have b*en re plaml Tlie Director of the tirtroi 11 Ossein liey, ha* been al ii dl.missed At the moment I am wrt.iug the no-m l ? r* of the t'ounril. ant ail the high functiouarle* of the I'nrte, are aeeemlited in the aparlrnent* of the llrand 1 tiu r, to henr the fiimati rend which uuaiw the n-w ministers." flrltlsti antl Anu rtrnn Protection. (From the lioodoii Times, Jun* I J The prosperity of tlie I nited Mlates t* ??i Intimately Interwi vim with that of this country, that the extraor dinary increase of their federal revenue *iil b- regarded a* a plena of doaai atle good fortune Their revenue U inmatiug beyond all anticipation A* we are reminded l y our correspondent at New York, eighteen month* ago tli" tl ? ii iieeri tary of tfee Trensury e*tlioat"<l the cu*toiii< in it e t.i,an lal year ending the -Xith of thi* m mth. at F?*J l*Ht Ota) The i m oialion threatened a deileit, and tin "lercinry * ami d hi* fellow eiiio n* that Uiey miiwt make up tbeirmind* either to additional untie* on im port or to i, loan of filtt.twu euo lie leaned b. the former alternative and there ensued no liltie chuckling in tht* eoniitry at the prospect of our own lioeral roea-urea no cling with thi* -curvy thougli perhaps unavoidable (t*|Uital Kit m< nth* ago the preeent Aia retary found hi* predecessor mi far out in lilaralrulaUon* that for the flrnt uUafteV of the present lin.iiieia' year hi* receipts Iruru tlie custom* had be* n p)I.TfU 14o 't his compelled him. rather against the grain to advance the estimate fur the year to y4AK*'.i'Wi In tht* country we eau hardly un df r-iand th- phenomenon of a CbaoMll-r of the K*"ti* (jtn r sliiittmg hi* iyc* to hi* increasing re* mrees, but by the ron*tn utton of the United ."tat"*. It I* pos sible audi* actually tlie ease at thi* moment, that a i nment elected by universal suffrage may be ?lir-elly al rariatue with a legislature of the ?am? origin and the great olficer* of state may be compelled, as they are at thi* moment, to administer a policy which the) have oppxaed up to the hour ol Uieir adiaiaeton into Accordingly. *is month* ag-Us A mart mi fiecr*. printing bl? report, rtlli under-act mated the revenue, aud overestimated the impending deficit in order to urge, u lie did tntii none fallaciea long exploded on tbie aide the Atlantic, (bat a return to the old protec tive tariff. lieaidee bringing a good deal more to the trea sury. would save various branches of manofactme front ruin. Unlets we take into accownt tbe influence of pre judice, it is difficult to auppoae the-e secretaries boueet in tbeir official estimate* From thv day the butt wa? inadr it ha* l>een continually falsified The drat throw quarters of the year ending the 30th instant hare al ready produced $0,122,602 more than eighteen monthtf ago was expected for the whole year, the produce of the three quarters being, respectively, $14.761043. 4H.910.1UO, $14,44(1.378?total, $3)1.1 ?1.062. against $21 646.316 the re ceipts for the three corresponding quarters of the yvnr ending June. I860. If the rurrent quarter produces only as much as it did !.-i t year, the total for the year ending the 30th instant will exreed, by $3,000,000. Mr. Uorwin'a estimate, made only last December In this rase no io*n will be required As for tbe other a 1 1st native of addi tional duties upon imports, it has been already disposed of in Congress It is no empty rompiiin nt but a literal truth, that this flourishing rendition of the United dtates revenuo hi ss great a blessing to us as an equal excess in our owir fevenne. for all nraetteal pui the United Mtatm are far more closely usked with this kingdom than any one Pf our entente*, ?md while these oo-.niuuuities an? coVinies in name, but >n reality either prisons garrison?, or independent cmmwrntic.-e. the United States keep* up a perpetual interchange of the most iuiportaut good of fices , lakipg oar manufactures aud our surplus popula tion sud giving us in ret urn the uisl -rials of ind u-try, of revenue and of life There are no two e luntriee ut the world, be tjwy ever so adjacent. wb*-7s a front in spring wr a blight lu autumn, a speculative mania or a crnmieStiabcnUai**. a false opinion or an uxnrisc enthu siasm, in either of the two. so immediately arvl certainly tells upon tbe othir The relaJl"ns between Ike parent and the child, separated as they are in polities, are an unparsllel d in their Intimate nature as they are in their snormous extent, lathe present hist anoe the state of the American revenue renders it unnecessary to pat a ay uHditioiial impediment on the cos m- rce of the two C'-ui tries The Am< rie so eitir.en i- not to pay any higher p< salty than he now fays for the asr of llritish and ot ier foreign msnulartures. and the Englishman is not to suffer a corresponding check on his trad- If we go further back in our inquiry, we find that this mutual aid vatitspc arises Hi a gri at measure from the impulse given to lhntisli and American enterprise by the repeal of our com and nHvifintiun law* booking torwarl. the pros pect is most ete -ring Ilejb-e many years the federal debt will probably i xpire. and with it thv gr -ater part of the import duties 'l'hst they will wh'tly expire in tba preeeabgem-rat ioa ts too much to expect, for. econoinl osl us the federal sxpi udltuve is. it will Inrdly be met by fo sen sty and pri furious a fund as that firoui laud saieA The -jsuiimi rciaj philosophy which adorned Mr deorr tury Oorwiu's report last December, and which was n reived sHth rounds of applause by certain parties-in this country, has Is-en singularly unfortunate. It has been rejected by the legislature to whom it was addr?asu<L ai d it hue been discredited by the ri-*ult? of the uext six nion'hs bo far is the federal revenue -,s com-eroml, there is vnw absolutely no prvtenci. for additional dot lea, or for :iny more stringent rsle of assessment A? fo* J-roterli Hi tbe iiupri relin-ut of the revenue under thw system which Mr Uorwin dennuooed as injurious to di mestie is itself a sufficient reply The custom* of'the Inied trtatae fur the qiiurters ending 31 arch 'C-, lw47 1H49. ltt$W and re-[e-ctivi-lf. were, $6?X).0tdt $4,347 ton. $11 660.144. $11.44*3* Whatevw* tbe condition of cue l?r two branches of trade, it is evi dent that, a* a wlo-ls. the I nion has fl mrlehod under ? Ills ral t -vIt Idle pi -since of the land saLaa. im-snwliila, lias advuuoeil froui $2W.0tXJ in 1H47 tn- $H27,07ti in 1861 The populnt tin of the I uion has increased with a .sapidity wbi <U might excite surprise, even tn a mull and infant .-sate; and the facility with which the Ciiun has alworbed. em iloy- d. 1.anted. ted, aud bear<al a million immigrant* wtth!?a?lhe last flvo years is even more re uurkable than the unhappy oIr cumstaves that have li in n tin in from these isles Not twenty years agothe atta t enlightened i:*en in the Union could n it cimts-niplnt < without ss rious misgiving, aud some ilk of actual n sbtancs, the annual arrival of soma 2H.00O hrtti-h immigrants The Union no* bails with well-grounded h-< ueily and satisfaction the arrival at that number every month in the y,*^ Th -most mag nitici it schemes are Sounded on the hope of a combined emig-ation at an iq-aal rate. Kmigraute are to poopia the sides of the New Yortc and Kris railway, just r?m pletel. aud a railway dependent on a like sup|s>rt. ia now planned right nox-ss to California What has aa great and so growi-ag a country to do with protectionff VI hat ha* a giant to do with -waddling clothes' If the strength ami ureaVness of the Union consist in Its num t-ers. its territory, its oi mniand of the necessaries ol life, its ri mumnioatl ins. its citlef and it-freedom, how ona these be promoted l-y taxinv the many f >r the sake nt the few in d by sacrificing the whole ot the Union to the tonvenii nee ofsime manu'a turers in New York nod one or two Other HtsUs' The question however, wn believe to l-e as finally settled in the Uuited Stale* aa it is in this cou ntry Oentha off DIstlagnlshMl Pnaana. His FxccUeney Kichard Ualor -ibid, thw ttrltish Mlniw ter at Florvuce, deal uuei|iectedly on thw in h May Mr. Phial had only Is en appointed a few moat ha, and waa tornmrly Miataroff the Mint He was ,.m- of the in ism eh qneut and impassioned speaker- In the ISritinh I of 0 onimons. The decease of the Karl of ffhaflsbury h also tioued by this mail Me was for uiany yean rhainuatf committees in the Uvuse of Lords Commercial AAtlrf. Uwms M(?ti ll.Kkii June 3? Tu**diy Keening ? T).? quotation of gold Part*. I* alout i per mill* li*. gouot (according to the arw tariff i, which. at the K"f li*h Mint price of jL'7 17* 10l,d per ounce for atandaaff r< Id girr? au exchange of 2? 04, and the exchange at 'art# on l.<ndnu at #liort bring 25U?Vft f How, that gold i* 0 per n ut dearer in Pari* than in le>nd> a. My adi ire# fr< ui llaaaiI'liiv the price of gold i? til per mark, which. at theKngl'eh Mint price of i.'3 17* l>)Sd per ounce for etandaid gold.giree an exchange of 13 4',, aa4 the exchange at IlKUiburg on London at *hi*rt lie tag 13 3',. It follow* that gold i< o 2V per pent dearer la London than In llnniburx The Koglieh fund* haea a?:atn li* n Inanimate to day, and price* remain without the elightcat wariatii a Coamde were quoted tl7'? toM t< r montjr. and (?tMj for the 17th July Hank eu? krttll to 211 ?. Kcduerd W" %' to '.T ; Tliroe and a quarter par cent n't tuM\i bong Annuities, 7\, India dtoak, 2bk to >1. India H? nde. I!*, to 32* . and It X chequer btUa (June) 38* to 40* . (March) 41* to 44a premium Paul* lloi'xat. June 2?Three o'clock ?Th# apeoch af the I'reeident of the republic produced hut little cffe<>4 at the III litre burin*** lieing merely dull, without any do rhled trndeiiey downward* The Tire p>r Cent* are Ma. lower, and the Three* .'kie al*o. one eloamg at #0f fide, and the other at 56f bet- Hallway -lie re* hare araroety Tari> d. and the foreijrn fund* w*r* hut little nrgottatmL Kxchange on London (30 day*). 26f 02',o ; ditto (M day*). SUf *4e I*?wih?i Taanr Riroar. Tirarar F.%>-a*.i June 8? Hiicar ?The market ha* opened to-day with lean tim net* than wa* ehowo on Friday laai Tv- ?1 - |y hare gone off tiearily. and generally at lower price* Or 4 W f lug* Mnuritlu*. only about 2.000 t>age found hnyera at about pr* rion* rate* 37* A.I to Ma for middling gtey and yellow, .75* to 37a for low to low middling! Off 3 M o bag* llengal about 1 JuO bag* were a* >11 at ?d dn cline rlr ? White Coaei|>er> . 4b* to 47* for middling to good; IW nare*. low togood, : Ha to 41* Of the low brown inrta. a few lota aeld at 28*. Hd. to 2b* , 3 i."?o hag* HI ad ran Wetc bought In with the eption of aleiut I DUO I which were entd at eaey rale*?*<? to Jt>? for noddling tog'odbri wn, .TJa to .'HI# for yell rw SOU hhd* Wag India hare been rotd at price* rather in faroc of ik* buyer, l.liOO caeea brown liahla hare been *?id on Ubn ' ap* I at l**a 1*1 per e?t Coffee ?There wa< more di?po alli" n aliown iu the aale* to day l< purehae* the better qnalitl** n( plantation Ceylon and rather impmead ralon w> re obtained rli ?30* to AS* forlno middling i*4un| 1 to middling told, other description* went irregularly: 4"* to 4U* foe triage to fine fin* ordinary blulah Tnn quantity offered at aualion l ompHeed if) rack* and lffff hag* the bulk of whirh w a. *o|<l. l.OuOlwg- na ire wean ai*o r ffrred. aud ?b ut half wa* diapoo d of at 37* Od U> 3V* for ri romon to fully good ordinary l.A"0 lug* Ratio were withdrawn ale ee ilie market mine Tallow - TW niarkitia quiet at 37* 0d to 38* on the apot, and 38ot M to 38* forthalaet three month* Ln nrut Cotton M ? nxrr. June 2 ?There woo a gooff demand for cotton, to-day. 7 oU0 l>ale* (1 SOU on apeonln th ti ' harlng been euld at the full price* brought hp thu laet atenmer June 3 ?The demand f' r ootfon wa* moderate, but hale* were aold at buoyant price#, no poaitlto aff* ranee, la, hower*r, recorde*i. II** *r. June 2.?The cotton market wa# in a bettor p* ?Ition. the downward mor m-nt haring b-en arroetaff Price# are n?< re regular and leaa cotton offered. TViW arfieoUr New Orteana,frum aof. tollf bale# up to two ; click, about 1 SOU bale* Th* Co** Twang?Lrmnrooi. June 3?The arrlralo aire* Tneaday fri m Ireland ami eonetwta#, are aaoderatn of i ate hut tery light of other articb a Prom foreign port* we hare toMrnl 7ilu quartern of wheat 7341 quar ter* of Indian cor*. 1 385 *ack*. and 8.446 barrel* off fl< ur The export* to Ireland In the *ame lime am lib* ral. conaiatlng of 4 iriA quarter* of wheat M 727 qunr tera of Inillan corn. T38*aek* and 2 34* barrel* of flour. 1 her> ha* been a fair demand daring the week for freak parcel* t f wheat, at th# full price# of Tue??tay lad. American flour ha* he- n mot* *aleabl#%t late rate*, hal French meet* a retail aale without change in prtooa. Heana hare been in good demand, and aom* conod-ra ble Paro l* of F.gyptlan hare h**n taken on (peculation, ?123* M to 24* per 4*ti pound* N? h ?ng? In otheg attielea Indian rom ha* in t with a fao inquiry, at Sffg. foMa Ad pi r quarter for Mow y. llow froui the quag. The weather continue# odd for th* auactof the year, and rain I* much *ant< <l for the apring crop* Ax tbie morning'* market (here wa# a fair attendaum of mlllim and dealer*, who purch#*#d r*ry aparlngly at wheal, but the price* i f Tue**lay laet were fully aup ported Harrel Hour met an improred h niaad and In ?( no matani e* a *wiall adrance wo# eatnhliahed. bill rack flonr met a alow aalc at late rntca. Data were In fair rcqugat af nn imptOTOM tit of a half p< nor per 4-> p >unde; tut tatnual wa* neglected and without change In ralue Itcen, Ulll t lie quoted M p* r quarter dearer Bartep and p*-a* fully aupport* d our former qu?t*in"i? Indian rom met a gi#d demand, at 30# per 4*0 pimnffa f-r Ann riran yellow from the qnar h?'tn?r a deditae of tid. p*t qiiaiter < n the week liurtng ai*rket hour* we haff a gM'd deal of rain, with crcty appearance of Ita oontt nuing Biarr or Taanr ?M*a? n>?i J"" 3-The aapon? of Ihe market tmilay I# owe of a hopeful character to, then hmi bren a good gwneml hmU.** 44** *4kk?%

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