Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1851 Page 2
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aay farther decline In prlcee to be quoted and therw are no r*uiu now likely to materieilly influence the (uunt ol trade for tone tint except what nay be te pefied a* to the planting ef the need for the next year * or< p of the raw material Yarn* hare indeed been bet ter to buy in some ease* to-day; but the general tone of the market han been firm and with fair detuaul for Butler. In the bundle mutable for llmbiy which ntltl purchaser* and lower rountn fur liermauy and the Mediterranean. .in anticipation of the approaching fair, in I he latter caae.) there haa been no alight a decline a. nut to alter the quotation* to materially a' to warrant u> in pronouncing them lower Some h >u-e* d-allag in piece goods bare experienced a good rail for their article* and 40-inch goid-end shirting, suitable fur the Indian market, and Madapoli&m* generally, tlni ready purchaser* The demand appear* to keep up the prices, manufacturers sustaining their present demand with lome difficulty and ouly in confluence of the lighten *s of stocks, and the approaching p-riod of holiday 40 inch printing cloth*, which hare been unsaleable for some month* bare at last found purchaser*, apparently for the home trade; a plea-dug indication of a movent -nt in that department of *taple operation Upon ths whole, the appearance of thing* is more bright and chorring tban it ha* tieen for some weeks The account* of the state of trade in the prorince* during the past week, continue to gire indication* of the healthy -late of affair* that may be looked for in the Manchester markets when the effects of the cotton cri es* *hall hare entirely disappear.*! In the woollen dis tricts there has be. u eon*identble steadiness, and at Birmingham the general extent of employment still continue*. At Nottingham the demand for lace on the one hand and the depression of the hosiery manufac ture on the other, seem to have iucrea*ed In the Irish Bnen trade there has been rather inure dullness, but no material variation The report* from the Amter-lam and Rotterdim pro gue* markets mention that business was extremely .juiet Not the least change of moment hud occurred in prices and speculation wa* apparently wholly abandoned. The Kuueu advices allude to the increased depression in manufactures, and to the difficulty of eQ.-cting sales, even at a reduction The accounts from the continental Bourses ?pe?k of Corral firmness iu prices At Hamburgh. Ku-uan au I anish Three per Cents continued in demand Til Am-h rdam letters state that Spanish and Dutch were the securities chiefly dealt in NEW YORK HERALD. J AXES GORDON' BENNETT, TKOl'lUKTOR AND EDITOR. arrici n w. corner or fi'lton and Nassau sts. THE D*1ILY lIER.iLD, i ctnlt psr copy?t7 per ""fw"; tVEF.KLYHER.iLD, screw Saturday. at ??? ?eml< per copy. or $S ptr annua ; the Earopran Edition, 14 psr annum to any part of Grrat Hri'atn. and to any tart of the Continent, both to inrlude the portage VOLl'ST.iRY CORHE*'I'OSDK.VCE. containing mj tor: ant Heirs, toLici'ed from any quarter of the world; fused, unit be liberally paid for Ova Foaeiov Ou.ii. WWrtlTI AH* PA HTICll-A H I.V HI^I AST St' TO UAL ALL Urrill All! I1 AC k All AS HIT TO l'* Volume XVI No. I6si AMISEMENT? THIS EVENING. CA5TI E GARDEN?ITAI. AN OPEBA-Lvcsazia Bdr ? J A. ?<' WERY THEATRE. Bowrt> Pt utrLn-V 8? ami?Mu.licr a>i> Uis Mr BROADWAY TI1E.V i., ? -?i E> -Auu. NIBLO-? GARDEN. Br-.A<i* ij?Tieiir R PA-Fisita - A >ATIONAL THEATRE. Chatham SUSA* Hop >1 Alyk.f 'AD ClflLi?foRkST K ?? L. ? , 'L'GUaM J LTCE'.'M, Broadway?Ladiks Battu ?Sums Boom op Bpattv. RRI^TY'3 MINSTREI.S, Utobaaiss' Hall, 472 Broadway -ETHIOPIAN UllITIHMV. rsttowr MINSTRFDS, F Ml ??? M.acal UaU, No. ?44 Brwadv ay?Ethiopian Eis?tr*i??. AMERICAN MUSEt'M, Ami aims Parpormahcm Ap raU4">oot> A>0 Evsmkg. ? cw York, Vrdnoday, Jane IN, 1N.YI. Arrival of the ll?inl>olil(-Klve days LaUr front Kurope. The steamship i (urn bold:. fron Havre an 1 ?ioath amp on. arrived last evening, after a ptssige of ?boat twelve and a half days. She brings news five days later The eotton market at Liverpool ?oil liarie had rallied, an 1 sales were brisk. The political intelligent from is of no ioterert. The exhibition i? s;i!l prosperous, buf th.s for n- - the sum total of tae social and political new Oar commer:;al information is brief, but w.ll be found under its appropriate head. We have ne *a from several of the Europein States, ?ad from Turkey we team that there has been a change in the ministry. Tai* is a fact of considar ?tie imp irtaoce. In France, '.oeis Napoleon is gaining ground, and on his way to 1'ijon, whither he has recently wade a journey, was wel! re ceived by the people. The in idcitts, and the eff ? ,-ts M them, during this joaracy, arc Julynrticed in our news columni. Our limited spice does nit per mit us to cvuiment upon theu: to-dty The same re?s>m compels uj to di.-eiws the condition of, >pain wrth a brief refer :cce. Eari.p- is certainly in a very curious state, and should -f ait, and Portugal be troubled with vio ent insurrectionary m <veuteuts, the llam- ut?y spread through the whole South, *nd possibly iuto Germany and its ucighboing ?ta ue. W4a-gw?|>Mr 'hiiiwar}'. <Mwr read-rv will find in a:k>'her pert of this day's pa|?T,a udegrof Lie deepatoh,conveying the melau ukoly intelligence of tti ? occurrence of a m >st dis astrous conflagration in-S in f-'reuciseo, by which, it is paid, property to the valw of tithe-ii millions ef d?llu.f destroyed. This is truly melancholy Mv?. su d we h>>|>c and trust that it is exaggerated, sod that the We it not asgr-c' a * it is represented. Truly, ^ait KraticMQo bus haiLher own share of mis fortuu-sfrom h'ef. Th s is sue h.n oe corr> ii within the brief period jf ber history. Kven if the destruction of property i' over est.ui tted, the Lap will L- severely felt by n? ' only tbe people of San Fra.icjeco but by the pw. pie of the Atlantis Slates ? ?p?'"'ally the iu irchAO'4. We shall publish the <i. tails of th.s -ad new? .i< -on as re r-eeiv tb-m, which wiil probably be to-day, as tie Brother Jor.r'iian is tue. The le g sla ure arc f ?% ery w,>Il with the busiiHxsbtfoicthem. 1'bcc oqiu .teeof tu> >enate k> whom the imliject *?? referred, reported yeeter day an the appaopr. .?tin* I ills.a.ide number of bills of a uimBiie us rbeta-'cr w< ?e p??sed. But ?hu' isn:-a*t Ly Mr. Ci - .s a-king leive to Introduce a bill j - ihibit' ,g railroad ?>m panic* from wen.iig free tickets! 1k> a.'l lilroal corn; iu:e*. Uk" otner C'.rp"'atior *i. n Oo.v tojuanage t'.*?. ?wd * fairs ? We a u<: end-t ?to g. t at the tot tv-wi of this mot em -at, lor It c u s h. s one. f le Scn.iU. atoo took upif.i ao,:-f vwhlinj bill. whi? h has Laeu 'olktd of so uiu U, a .1 which luaJe su<ih a gr?at ium| us at the list i. We lea/u fsoiu Wasting^? r .. t the gor mm i.t fc?p catered iiw> p' tal urei ton nu * b'hc ai tharitiea of tbe British ce !.?. ty f.V-w ?ru r.-ic. This wiil inctaao [ostal C'm aani ati'.u L twern the ta? ov untii-'s. Hl?? Mx-'fc,(<*?? uf thf fair til *rlt |?rc ???!<? t?? y. The fjurUi of J?tb>? <l?y tit <1 b>r the a*. Jibl.'K of the l'?:r?a?jltr?fiJi Wti ? ?Soto Corner 'ior. - U ?{ pr?.i bir^, an I tuc wl, . wer 'ey if niiiiutt.' lo k *t t it *riil d ? ia rele fence to the i'rcaideattal ??! urn of Thin aosvoAtiou bill been eaiioJ for r.fee j a.-; i?? of nmn! na(ng a candidate fir the ernor-h p of that ?tate ; but, id r)lJit*.fi toth it, ft is ttfv ttJ it will nominate a candidate for it* i VeeiJ': eejr. A -or l t&g to all affx iiranTf, 'j-o Seott wii] btaiiael by th- ui l'/i t at high oftb*. Thl# wit, be the first jrr?-e-t stmjfjrle on the part of bU wJjifif of tUe Norlb, in (< i t i a with tb neat ('residential fin.taat. There hisra been, to bo sore, inoeemi nt* fu that direction madn In both New Vo.k ar.d N?w Lngla .d, bnt no nt.-uggle ha? yet taken pi ace. Mr. Wrbittr, forlultM, if about no In EoliiiliaU d by the wbiga of MMMtkuwU1, i* %b*f can ; winl a similar Di j re merit i- liiin| n H ' in fbfa city, if th>? jr ran, too. The friend* of Mr. Wcbatar in this m h"Wer?r, hin very I tile tact or popular inf. i ,w?. Tbey appear to b> ??:njf what influence the* j . (tie merely for lative purporor, and are airji.dy chalking ? >?>'. a Ji.? tr bmion of tbe "(R?*a undjr tii.' W Inter dyna?ty, ?H'ul'l the e.tpcunder of tb? eo luatjog ercr ba eoana the occupant of the Whit# Hm..? It I* expeetad on all aWe*, th.i* the first jfrei ? atrugive will tnhe pUi? in the f, i cai'tr teaTMtHO, nn nett TwesiJav: and iVw iatvr* reeaoB to b. Have that >n ti.v f . .?? t, eacioD a whig platform will be laid out and deflned. Tbia i* a mure important matter than the simple nomination of a candidate for the Presidency, be cause, if the platform should be a bad one, it will fall, and with it the candidate. It is apparent that the two most prominent whig* before the oountry as candidates fo the Presidency, are General Scott and Mr. Webster, Secretary of State, both of whom will be urged by their respective friends on the Lancaster Convention, and every effort made toha\ethem nomina'ed. I he lucky one will, of course, have an udvantage over the other, for Pennsylvania exercises great influence in the con ventions. Accordingly, we see that great prepara tions are beirg made n New York and other cities, l,y the friends of both, to influence the Lancaster Convention in their choice. The friends of Mr. Webster and those of General Scott, from different quarters, will be present at this convention, and will work for their respective favorites. If Mr. Webster's cause were backed and supported by the influence of the government at Washington?if Mr. Fillmore and the cabiuet would throw their weight ia his favor?it is not improbable that the conven tion would agree upon nominating him in preference to General Scott. But it is very doubtful if any such aid will be extended to Mr. Webster, because Mr. Fillmore, and almost, if not all, of the cabinet ate themselves in the field. Here and there, through out the country we find a paper favorable to the no mination of Mr. Fillmore; and Mr. Crittenden anl Mr. Corwin a e likewise mentioned in the same wh v The most prominent of the candidates con nected w th the government, are M F'illmore and Mr. Webster. Of course their interests conflict, and the consequence is, the admin stration is powor 'evs in exercising any influence in favor of either. In the meantime, the f,iends of Gen. f?cott are net idle. The e is a Scott Committee in this city, heuded l-y Mr. Charles King, which is energetieal y, but secretly, working and oper Hing in his fa rort with the view of influencing all conventions. The probability now is that Gen. Scott will get the nouiL nation. But the platform which the whigs of Penn rjlvania will make on this occasion, will be more im portant than their nomination, it will, in tact, bo everything, as the country now stands; and, if we are ni t very much rue-taken, the delegates will expc* 1 rience a great deal of difficulty in agreeing upon the proper timber. It will be foolish for them to ad journ without making one; and if they should make any nomination without endorsing the compro mise measures of the last session of Congress, they ?ill not only leave themselves open to attack throughout the whole country, but they and their candidate will be repudiated by all the Southern avd slaveto!ding.States. The free soilers of Penn sylvania are strong in numbers ; but'they have not, u| to this time, taken an active part in any agita tion of the slavery question, although Mr. Wilmot belongs to that State. But if the 1-aucaster Coa ventiou should re-nominate Mr. Johnston as candi date for Governor, and Gen. Scott as their candi date lor the Pre.-iucLoy, and not endorse the com promise measure?. Gen. r-eott s chances will be very much injured, and he will be prevented from re I eeiving any support from the South, i All these console ations confirm us in the opinion we exj res.-ed on several occasion!, that there is a gr. at likelihood of the next Presidential election being set'led and determined by the House of Ucp I rrsentatives- _ _ Tkiai. i>f rua Michigan CoxsrituTou?Cm.vii sal Gangs ?The trial of the batch of conspirators who were recently wrested in Michigan, is now go ; ing on in Detroit, and the developcaenta that are hi lug ma Je are horrifying in the extreme. I 1 villany th it is coming to light, concerning the prac tices of the gang, is hardly eredible ; but we are : bound to believe it, fo. it is solemnly sworn to by severul witnesses, and corroborated by circum stances. sdwilar bands of conspirators have, in times put, existed in Lrigland and in F'ran;e, as well as in tUi) couti'ry. ICvery cue re member* the wwleeiowe Mur rell gang in the Southwest; anl more reoently we bavx had one in Kew York, which was a very ex en?ivc organisation, and effected a gn at d. al of mU-bief. We allude to the ctlebra?ed " stool pi g? on gang," which was formed f?r the purpose of getting up iudietmcnU against innocent uten, using criminals Hr manufacturing testimony, end making our courts of justice actually their agents aud in strument. for carrying their purpo-e' iuto effect. This ostKisive combination was compuwvd of edu tois, rejs>rters, j-.hee officers and others, to the number of twenty or thirty ; hut they bare hem all scattered to the winds. Some are :u this State pri son, suase committe<t suicide, and others have fled fr< m justice, which taey knew was ub? ut to over take rwcin. They became ?<> dangeromr that pub li safety demanded it should be broken up- This wus, and the eommunity wu~ relieved of them T re Cot-m >1 n v. ? w Gswtnu. Tslcott.? The cause* which led to the eveurt a..irtial whi-h h.i Wn order- d by the au;k?>ritie* at Washington, on 1 .on. Talcott, arc beginning to leak out in the i?cwipa|.crs; ami they appear to be weak -trough. From what we fce..r, we arc led to believe that the afiuirwill end in m-re smoke, if not a mit-rable taiec. Gen Talcott has been known f..r years as an officer of the hignewl standU^-, w'.i i alw.iv perf-rmed his duty, and a gentleman io ?very sense of the ter a. We arc perfectly satisfied, whi.te tr ruinor may say to th* r.entrury, that ho k .9 dis< barged his dutlv- peeped/, and that he always conducted himself with propriety in his itt.rcourw? w th the .Secretary of War lor ?evernly tare. Cut. Ikwafurd was the nominal heal vf tl.r ?'fdaonee I -. part me it; hi* tsern skkne- ?, he w i. unable to xttend to P. |roj?rly and the whole rte* onribiliV 't" ",l <,en- Talent*. Luring tire Mexican w.l-, he displayed great irrmptitmU in tu| laying the army witk-Crdnance. We rather think this t >urt mart*.* I? a foolidr thiig uL' by gnoranee, u??l persisted in lv a tement, ?<? have been many ether move A the jrcsent cahisiet. lus ,??.-retary o Wa? hvr ilj * ?pe uniiariued iu tk.s invosti hav< p. nth ?. k ii v li r-'v ? 1 ,, ? I , .d wlrh th- r . of the ? , 'fce.l . h. in lfo-two, arid the la't one has re ,d in tl- ?? .< ;re? stent of tL>: jury?nine being r. i,,ic;i ?'. .id tnmu ngainet it?thus uiahisg a l i ? i fan < <4t h? tr .11 y jury, in a locality where u ?. ritiment tas been so poiseae-l hy abolition i.?'ii i-m that the laws of the conatry cannot fce rr ?d out. W? -an ?r,ly'ey that. U a ease wh-re - t ,oved facts arc clearly againat the offeuder? bete a conviction it due fr,.m the evidence?that is a Were mockery of pnUii jnatice to select a iry >u<h results will disgrare the character nf . sto?, as h i gas it is evident thnt the laws of the . mi try cannot he <f,forc_d. It U but tooeh-nr taut k-aboliti i. ?; t 1, ? rtipp 1 between the law r.d Ch. faeU, and u.u ie a Lrce of the wh?U mat tin OlTtKCK ? A frier.<1 of H?rnum'i< eafll Bpon ur to iar, tlutt. in our article regarding Mr. Mark well end the rijt'rr plate, wc ore doubling lUrnam'* integrity, nud til id fiietd that Harnutu air ay# doe# a# he afree?. W? disclaim any iin |*-m hment oi Barftua'# ioteg'ify, and do not in ?ii rate that lie h,i? faiVd u fulfil any p'edge which he ha# wade. IL prubnbly that he never th? on which hi# offer to Maruwrll wor predicated; yr the ought to give hiui a eilver I it' her, a* large at Tom Thumb, at lea't, which oeuld be exhibited in the Fair too. I.a re fan* t'T?n Ti aartoftr ? We bar, ? ree aired the th ?' ff> ? of Aj.rtl IP, | 01,11,1, d at th" City the ?ir? nt ,a|t I?ke It rontninr veiy little uewe of inter* 't L Hey wood had rrreleed hi- eoaoiiaaion aa Karat:, 1 of the territory of ftoh. and entered upon the tn'.i ? of lii.? office. He i* the , o,y crmrnieei' ne<l ofB eer in th? territory Th< w?ath? r waa j?l? a.-aat. and the j r? |>?'t g? d for an abundant harrcst. Socialist Attack on thx President.?A groM MMUlt on the Prtiidcot of tho United StntoSt in tended to bring him into disrepute in tho Southern portion of the Union, ?u made in the eocinlist or gan of thla city, yesterday, on the authority of a runaway nigger:? Fillmore ink Milton Cum ?At the innra meeting j at Burlington, Vt , rteeotlj, Milton Clark elated that when he escaped from alavery into the free dutm. he wee noon supplied by friends with letters to different perat-na, to help him on his way northward, and among , them was one Millard Kf'more, who termed rejoiced at I his escape. harbored hit :*vehlm money, a ml helped him on hit way?performing, in fact, the rery acts which i he eayt now shall be Tisited with condign punishment.? , A'ru link 'J'rilunt. Mr. Fillmore is a whig President, and the Tribun*professes to be a whig press; and yet this stab at his honor and sincerity ia insidiously made, to destroy his administration and all respect for him 1 in the Southern States, and amongst the friends of the Union everywhere. Mr. Fillmore owes it to himself and to the Union, without reference to the whig party, to emphati cally deny this charge,at once, andtoitatethe facts; not by an inexplicit "by authority" rigmarole in the leaden headed organs at the federal city, to which three-fourths of the public will pay no atten tion or give little eredonce, but by an open, manly denial, over his own signature. The case demands it?the peace of the Union demands it; and it should be done promptly. City Intelligence. EXTl/WION OK TIIK GALWAY EXPEDITION?T1IK STEAMSHIP NORTH AMERICA SOLD?PASSENGERS TAKB.N BY tt'RPRISE. Considerable excitement was caused yesterday after noon throughout the city, by the fact, that after all the advertising about the North America going to Onlway, she has not gone, and is not to go She was advertised to sail at three o'clock in the afternoon, but it appears that ess than thirty pa-'ecDgers offered, aud It was determined yertsrday forenoon at tint to postpoue the sailing, and finally not to send her at all In the morning, a green flag, bearing a harp, surrounded by thu stars. H mted floin her masthead, aud one gentleman had actually on beard a wagon. t<> send to Galway, as a speci men of New York manufurtiir* In fact, every thing looked like a genuine- thing, and no humbug or Itanium, till ten o'cbiek, when eleiubt was fir-t tbreiwn out. and at leugth the full reality appeared, nuel the passvngere became very mue-h incensed. E \ ^e^?tatioU Was grt Htly ? xclted al--nt the experiment. as it was well kuo*n that the; North Ame rica was a f-t-t sailer and would bs-likrly to mike a pa? age surpassing in spied anything yet accomplished. The disappoint ment is the-refore proportionality great. It would seeirn as if everything for the goes! eif Ire-land wan d'Kiup'd to failure. It is said the ship was sold yesterday t > Mr. Vieiie'.e-rbilt. for FJCdl WH). to run in the Nicai-ngna line, t-e twee n Reals jo at.d San Kranci.-co. There are- some- who say that it was not intruded to send h -r to Ire-landfreim the very beginning, but te. sell her ; while it is whbpere i that Iturnuui enibarl.eel in a speculation to m.ike money, and chartered the steamer for the purpose, but hacked , out. wbe n he saw that the list of pasM-ng'-rs did not fill up We understand that pu-sages have beeen taken for tin disappointed in Colliu- steanu r. the l'aciti.-; but that dots not remove the- diwippuintuc-nt, or explain the conduct of those who have pat forward pledges to the public they now refuse to re-Jeem. ltetweeu one and two o'clock vesterday. ens of our reporters called on the age nt of the North Auii-i ica. Mr K J Vau-lewater, to obtaiu a list of the ya-seugers to (lulwuy. That gentle man said he could Dot then give the number. but I hat he would do so between six and seven o'el s-k. that it was probable the steumer would not sail until six iu the af ternoon. hut that the passengers kus'v nothing of that, as it was the desire that tin y should be on h-urd at two o'clock. A few minutes subse-iueut. on hearing that thu Ncrth America had been m4i1, the same reporter went d??n to | i? r No. -I North rivi r. where sh-- lay. to a-i-er ta n the particulars The wharf and deck of the Ve-.-sol wen- lits-rullj crowded with people. who were variously discussing lira reason for the abruptness of the elnuiga that hud lakiu place On asking the second ottiaer of tin hip whin she w?s to sail, the reply was. tiiat -he ti eld us-t leave New York liefore the eu-1 of a week, au-1 tin n that sh-- would not g-> to Ireivnd; that she had been sold. owiDg to the i barter party 's i.ot ful.i hug the agree ment; tint the charter party was Itanium, and that this , was his latest humbug. Baruuui's name could bo beard Id all directions among the crowd, both on the vessel's deck slat ou the wharf; and there seemed to be exciting and anxious inquiries as to what he intended to bring baek in ti.e North America One party staled that he could noC imagine what Itanium could find iu the shape- of cu riosities wilh which to load tile North America, unless he ILts ud? d to briug the Crystal I'aiac--. with its content*, and the Kniperor of Russia, to New York, which would Is ttie greatest imaginable curio-ity to the people sir, tliis side of tbe Atlantic Several of those who had male ar ai-gemcnls to take passage to fialway. put their luggage ou board about tw< ive o'clock At the time the gr? ati st excitement aud conjecture were going on. an elderly gentleman, she was in the act of getting his be,*gage l-fWUgUt on shore, seenn-d to be iaoeusud in a I big), degree. Our reporter heard biln pronounce the words. "The d?n scouudri 1. be ought to be brought di wn her* to tie tarred and featiiered " On inquiring of one of the eub-< fhrers who tlie person Was that had Hunted this chaetiselner.t. the r-ply wa<, - he un-ans llurriurn. t-erause it is believed he is the party who char end the vessel and barked out of his eugsgein mt at the ileventh hrur." Kvcry kind of conjecture i- ati-wt relative to the steamer's not sailing according to ?( re*. Dieut. but whatever may b?-the cau-e, or whoever insy be at tbe bs.ltom of this humbug, tbe whole tain/, from beginning to end. is a gross imposition ou the public, and a flagiaut injustice tee those who k.J put their lug gage on board after the Ve-ss I had tee,n sol i s- Suelt wje j-ar- tee lie the- case-, with the cxpeclalieen that they were to sail in three hours afterwards RtisriTra row Wall am CA*?rj.t ?James Wall io t Henry Carncll. sentenced to be executed on the- twenty seve-ntb iustant. hare ou the- application td their <-?Hns?i Mr II b. Clinton, been respited by the tloeernor. until tie nineteenth of 8- ptrmber. in oreier to givr time to move for a new trial, on exceptions tak-n la the case of Aarrn ftts-i key. who was also di-om-d to be hanged on the twenty-seventh, uo respite has b? n granted, bat it is supposed that his m ate nee will he ? -m ranted to State l'ris< n for lift-. When the fact of the r>sp te was announced to Wall aud Cam* 11. they expn ?-d th-m selvi s In terms of gratitude for the ex-wliav ni uie on tlicir behalf by Mr Clinton Tor Last or tilt II'H-aai-i Riot Priao<h?? ? >n Sa turday Inst Tlilllp Reissd and 8?im?*t l.ll.eck eseb-rw. nt a further ? mi mi nation te/'-re .In-tire K bin- y KutH.hnt ( evidence implicating th-xn as having taken pact in the ri'-t w?? broi.glit f'-rwoivd to justify tie ir committal fur trial in feptefnbs-r next They were then V.oin-li/ver accordirgiy S vi r?! parties were swara with a vi?w to elicit parti ular? that touch' aid in a|yreieu4bif sotae ?f tho?c who to -k a lending p-irt in the riot and "-fa lia-ve ? ilir- 1-eei at larys- Iws.gC-og at ji.-tlee ant! I '.-rjing In the triumph of tbetr wT?k? 4 e?|dolt*; but th? iuv-stl.-a to ii did in-! result in producing any m<: <ri 1 ftul-i-s. 11 s mi ei Ji ms M III? sh-s.osip ?On V .inlay ev tiing. Jrt.ii M lib ? dg'-'si ii I' lice Justice, wb *-ssldmt at S ) 147 'iraiat street, tkptred suddenly at bis rea d-nee. 11: uh <i by tbe rupture of a blind vessel, lisss?About 12 o'clock Monday night, a fr- broke out In U>i> llires- st?-ry f arm- dwellina k .ii? near the cA-narr of Thirty eea--a!h Street and reatli av-nu-. The Of I r fhs-r a In rs- tbe fin-i riglt.a e?| was i-n-.tipl -a! i - ? w. aiiug l .ct- rv lie i Xerttoas o| ibr I'm c -usud pdire who w. re tin?lr sv a't- nda-jc arsiriileil the tl ine fnwt extemling lo Cs lows r pari of tip be ddllig < <ur n i-urte-r did t'l s ravix ii the am-law' < f d tta ig* ; l-ut it Is t-r r> nsids c.t* Is* b exteiisivs- The k--u- woe I M l i-y k- er- M sssy A i ssUipb-.1 A i A .i w ATi*r past one fiVlw k a fire was eis* ? ans.n ?i In th? j r., r shop un der tie liar be a ili.nrr R-hn.: . eorher of T?e%ig fifth street ai.d N.ulh no m.< 1 te -itfie- r w n ? dies r s the fir-loresd 'P n It - .rm 71- An ts eii frs m tfe- pneeeuing *rs wo ij'ip k<y -n W. w-1 . l-ut Its halldia.g was pal l.aiiy Ae-rgJ'd te i. rs Use tkiuws rs uld ! ? sul-lwid i an- avi* Le?s sir > i? 1 -sn?s? s- is.? it Pa'f -a.sf ,,- kadi. y---ts rday at wvass-n in ih- e.?ire 'g Ue Ik- il boiNAded ly liwiag SVteet aid 'irv-OWeti m si us ium ai.-l >falvitvtna Slr-S-1? ti'lliUadMlfi, a ...t r is out in ? corps i.tsr's -sfiop and er ?.. ,giaa it t* other I Olldkgs, all ritrsse IS- e- risyiioj IB. s.-- ;sT.(s-r - -lis p nt. ! lis sT I ,V lent,- ? ujie.J by Ali-vrael Hade aad Ct.e tsther l.y A-u-.utt4 Ki4bst-b T.o son ?f ki-ehasl |>-is six years si ag wn burned U sh th and arai-ths-r. eged thrs-s-. w.w* saw-' -.-lis.I. --y I' i (diftvn Irs iu a wessnd story alisds-s The ni-tber of ti.e saiildien bap|-s m-d to te- iu New ' pig al lite tlm-, . at -i an agt d w? I wo awe left in i-Iias- ?' tto in wli - i tfnew He V'Uiigeit silt, and tbs-.i ju np ! a C, hs-r- lf. Li r!i-g frrgs.sten the other, or ieii.g inable to ' ?ate it I fie I- - - ?( pt-pe ty It aln-u. ? , partially cs-vs s?d by iii-iirai re I svesi I'?i?s ??A r-vrliing a(T..if ts.->lr place yswt-rd*y s ?i board "f the stdp Rappsh-r n-ek leit pis r No f? Nsnli river whleh . xhll lt- the Inbuiaast ?utt ut aatarel trsatm- nt of pwrvnta It sit is tftat the ,veto - sel armsd yt iit rdav fn pi l-lserp I. and after th ? *? SSI pels had all left th* ship the ma's- Went tlie sigh Ik " tan n des ks to ste if *11 was clear, when n I e king tats' I r-l-s fth?tsrttis he beheld a sls-ad rhil I about n-'r.ths olJ lylr-g therein sappoes-d to have l b ng d to a fiimlly by tl - nam* of Hughes, sh-n piivn'-s aUn. |i dsr.s d it after d- ath Ca|tain Cushion f irttiwjth nott t.s .I the C-gt-ns r. who will Investigate the matter this day A> 'it i * r ?M> tiilny. * |*tIt num. <1 J Im Hlii.irt la t),? ? in|>l? y ? f 1,1 <i<ifmr fii-Mlnir, N" li l';n- -tr<"?t. Mi tfrM'irh ? hutrhwty iliinp*r< w-ltr injuring h.? lowl ami toily llr im cnn?*y*d to the ll'"|iiui Marin* ,%IThtr?. Twr *t*"<t m 0*??*? ?*n Muni i rinrniR A i -it?? Capt Knt-ort Jordan of tli* l;rltt?h hri|t II in mt w?? y??t.r.lny aPornnnti ?rr??t*<1 f r kriortnp *n " i if m niiti' n pai>">njwf* from l.(m?rirk. nr*r th* W < ?1 M,Di'-?r lie ???" bail in >!*K) f.?f iff I . P f? BtnilMkitii-r JfiUon Tlior* h??" I < ",i ib'iul f.t> nrfifti within th* liut f'-? w**k* for * -iniiur otTwan f"< "i ]i<. till *)' ii ? AI la't ilnt i ?? fr- -in It >-y WVf th* parti'* 11 n .din (ho work of w-umHry th' 'Jiilf of M?t i" wir. muk'.hjt * r*eonntdnan** of n <<,r:,nh I'** '*|o. ;,| ( ft,., n mi;,., w??t of tli*t j.i i.-i- A rtianr.rl flfli ? n fut .In p i* mid to Pdtonil (rom (ho'iulf flroHin to till L:,f wliirh ?li? n htioyrii out will *hort*n til* fW' ?<;* from th* Atlantic port* to fi*w Orl-nm *t, ut IM mil** J,H?Tt . ?Mr r.lihlro on* of A Co * tin**?f ' .?'f|? o| ^0 k-1?. ?*? to b* Inunori' dnt C**t Ho, |?, I I H -I of,* t- y,.(. r l?y aft-r , |u| HEWS BY TELEGRAPH* FOUR DAYS LATER FROM CALIFORNIA. HIOB&T IMPORTANT. SAN FRANCISCO AGAIN IN RUINS. TBEHBIDOV8 LOIS OF PKOPEATY. Till HOTELS AND CUSTOM HOUSE BURNED. SHIPPING DEHTHOYKD) GOOD NEWS FROM THE MINES. PROCEEDINGS IN THE LEGISLATIVE. The Appropriation Bills, and the Anti-Gambling- Bill. Interesting from ill Farts of the Country, Sic., Ac., Ac. The California New*. New Oblcams, June 14,1851. The steamship Alabama has arrived here from Vera Ctuz. with four days' later intelligence from California, which came by the way of Aeapulco. [Another despatch received yesterday, states that the news was to the 16th of May, which must have been a mistake. J A terrible tire had occurred in San Francisco, laying in aches property to the amount of from twelve to six. teen millions of dollars. Among the buildings destroyed are the Custom House, Union, Parker 's, National, New World, City, Dulmonieo's, and the Kxchange Hotels ; also, Hose's Buildings, and the offices of the tteuuiship company. Tbe tire also spread to the shipping, burning a large number of vessels which were lying at their wharves. It was first discovered on Clay street, aud ran through al">ut (tie dozen blooks. quickly spreading to other parts of the city, the greater part of which is a heap of ruins. The buildings on Hunter, tacorge. Main. Centre and ?1 fiorado streets are reduced to mere shells. Kvery newspaper office iu the city, except tbe Alta

California. was destroyed. 'Jhe utmost consternation prevailed during the fire, and thousands were turned out of house and home, hav iug lost their all Measures were ubout beiug adopted to relieve the dis tressed. It is feared that a number of lives have heeu lost. Business was not thought of. and San Francisco present ed u sorrowful and heart sickening picture A great fire had also occurred at Stockton, the loss from which was estimated at over a million ot dollars. Tbe Hews from the mines continues of a cheering character. New discoveries were daily made, and the p respect* of the miners were highly favorable. Those working with the quartz cru-hlng machines were reaping a rich reward In pome instances the average per man was ?60 to ?60 per day Lynch law is still in force, and several new instance! have occurred. NEW YORK hEOISLATlIR E? Sl'KClAL BKSrilON. DV bain's LINE, OFFICE 21) WALL STREET. HtnaWi Alba v v. June 17. 1851. Mr Wm, II. Brown. of the first district. appeared and tis k his seat. rxTitios rRK?c.v-itD. For an appropriation for aid to the Idiot Asylum. Mr Stakto* presented a memorial for the People's railroad to tbe Pacific. The annual appropriation hill w?< reported favorably upon, by M r Morgan, from the Committee oa Finan-e. Mr. Baboocr offered a resolution amending tbe con stliution, so as to dispense with the provision requiring the attendance of three-fifths of Uie members elected w) en any bill is paseid. The resolution lies over. Mr Uusiias introduced an act to create the (,'roton Aqueduct |Dcpartnient Fund. In the city of New York. Mr Mii.i.ik, from the Committee on Literature, re ported favorably. a bill to prevent gambling It wis pro poscd to Lave this bill, which is of a nature highly penal, immediately ordered to a third reading It ? i urg> d in reply that Its provision- were so over strict, that it would tall from the statute book h dead letter, and that it was the enforremeut of the laws now iu existence wliii ll would remedy the evil; tliat tin-penalties of this law lie extended to all game-of rbanee. and that the < miliary ammenients of the dwelling hou-es were inter fered with It we- answered that the evil sought to be reaclied demanded sever meu-ure*; that th-se deu* of gambling, the iu< re elegant were- the more dangerous, and that It reaehi d only the guilty The bill was made a s|?wia! order for to- morrow afternoon Mr Its i??! i* introduced a bill relative to the powers and du?i"s of tlie Mayor aud Alderno n in New York, in the matter of ti k;ug posmseiou "f and laying out certain is mis for a public park In tbe Nineteenth ward cit.New* The tail '<? amen,,'iW* .A t incorporating 1! e Emigrant IniludrWI Htvint- "f New Yo k mm lag up tor ,l? fhint T-entttig. Mr CpwsiiL movid to amend, so as to provide that ttie \wests--s should lie pers nully liable for all drp >dt* ? Id: Usted to its keeping Mr Ceo? oppoeed. and said th?re never had l> ?u tbe first dollar loet by a serine- bank Mr CissrrL?Th- re never was but one flood. The notion W.I- rejected and the toll passed nu.< rsssrn. To avitfcoriee the t'iww ?f Atrrtiwg to loaw Its credit In ?kl the little eisd fuajui'liaiiaa Itin r Company; the Id-fieVnry Appropriation Itdi. pr. riding for apprs. p-riatione for printing to the rop. vim-nt <ff taxes of quit nxts. Ac . Mil appropriating g.'siiaxi to the Siwiety for tin-reformation of J?naiil? I'elinqumt- In the r.ty of NW York?In lWil, ?2 . lain and In Ik.'id ?15U0O; loll giving a r py of the National ILst ry to the executive tiIsriiIy at naslihlgtsti; the Acuieiny Appropriations pert; en iset appropriating ?? oiey to defray the ill 11 incurred )iy the CI lit n pr ? m; :mtb Tiling a ?itldge aeri-es the Fresh rtn r iu iUchmond e inty; to kwerpinitt tlie lister and Tivoli k.rry C u.,iioy. 1 he CisMi ge Apprifirlatien Hill giv. s t the K .. h ?ter University. ?111 ISSi; t?. i?-m Cnll'-ge. AfB.'IO": lfae>ii">a < illege >1 mat; Mel's n I ntver ty. ?1 r ?? York tninrsity ?1 f<*i; lieniva Coll. ve <1 /aw -? J dm a inllsge. FordhiiM ?1 Mai New 5 ''Ik ii-|or.,| ?,11-? j ? ?1 i*i. Allsmy Mode I t g,-. ?1 i*i tie d esl f.irtiUy cf thi I'liivnsity of N ? Y rk fit'- ui?fieal faculty ?< (leBSta College. ?l.oi<l. same of Buffalo I uiversity. ?1 iMt Ti aulkorlee the ri rp< rat wn of y,.* York ti re-at ' a Cf ton eater stork of ?"i0 I IS.O. at 6 per e.-l t for th-el ti tision if the main , ... . lim-h and lip fuud ?f f 4"?t?_at 6 percent Ad.our ted 1 lie Canals slid n it t|i Id n'l .'fteril to II Awvuihl)', Iuiic 17. 1S0I Prayer 1 ylhi Tx r Mr V ??. HHriuM i. nt<Mliiu. f'r. Kitua in | n M-tita.l pi us : *1 y th N?'.- ?nl T. pij.-rane* Soci tj aaklr.g it aj.j r tuia'ia of >.. ? Hi lof IkflilMrri in the iii tu 'imI Vnui .'mi* limine in th? rtiy <>f N< w Vi rk niLL* nrrm ? n. Mr. II ?nnt*. I.j ti nr. tit, p?> ? i.ti J a b... ; arwm.J the n.Ultla law. >Xr. T> h.oi M'. by emim nt j.r- nt.J a I VI to am ml the llrtHil hlattlM rtliUli,' to tin dnoim, ui In I ?n*t <!? l.tiwa. Sir ruiiTw.- nt.'J a lull in r. tall t ; the pay ?unit o! ju ma In Nit t >wk r, ??. .Mr I'i tea prrwtli C a bill in n <Jx diri'lon ?or* ibe PixL.cnth am. I iu tlx tttj 7 IU furnilvikl Nan* Vina ileli*at?.r.i. tr??r .?? tariri: '."??! r>. Uw if aU. Mr^i? traalnl U >lr CKrk uf 4lii a ?iif i .'ilail Mi Oenah. f f one week ' !?* KC'fl 4 *< Aft) ?? ?*' f" ?*( I'.- If. a . .?*?.? <1 u n?art. ition jir>?.diorf In at tJUt n 441 m 4M.n t lia > - Jar 14.' | tha m . I >n 4>' .liable lir >!?.' -.i-a a Mm t" d'ha'e th>- n ..jiition nt.. ? lb. hour 1<r iy> rial onion: initio*.arrive.I llr. konn> manl (n pu'pnia the rub- for 3f.-? n imi.u(/"> ?'arit< J Mr Mt> ah r* r. ua. J anil lypnmi ti?? mentation Mr O A urn fidlnw<4 in favor id tba m-mJution t,.d h?J. '1 it w- ul'l la' adopted IhareaoUlUuM waa *1' <?-J l.y M to Hi Till Ml in i ?w ,Mr I'naitrr rajair aj farneatiiy to amend the eiei?e law. rnramrn im?wn or Tirr run rem aiie >(j? fi im |4wnilni liiiapatlllilii in laaor 'J the Ji riii. ir "f tba |<lata. nth a ,ri| of Ni w V?r?. oner. triMM or au.ia. An at*t t*? firorijii for tlia el-etloa >4 lUwtai in citler mi p a reed A Hot tnai tliorira tin f rmation (4 rural r in-t-ai. wm pate*.! An art to am V.rltn ll.nrj I! Purtly to eetafctiab a fairj arrtmalba It >hI '.nrinr l,'?t A notion to r. aO'.alu'f w?r h?td on tha labia > At) act r? 1/tl?e to aetlnjf a? in*nra?e? romp*- j nil" inthir State, <tf.iw th.'? U?o*e tnth rtx.-l by law n at nai'ia?OAL.'' or )Nt At 12 o'el ok. II'. am titmi. <#l 'iw-ruw ?.-in? p.v? o*. M hi * > i.ict moani a call if tlx Hxnaa. aixl tlia la.Jy ac.jourtu J with rl? ?'?<! Jnr.f until * I' M AF!TK*oc>S aF.a.iiri** The anil nf tba ll' ii a pric'ii t) w'*h. anj Uta i 4ri'tb wcrt armluailj op. n<d riaam.r '?? ail i a. A fiwl.-anl bill, w.-ra j.ii ,..i|. aiuoriK <rb. Wrt" Ik* hill | rortdinpr for ti.a i at air aoJ mnlnli naru ? ^ in lh. i miniy of Worlrli. ti r or. r th / I'tvtMib *t'i ?'|J . *n att toini|>roT* the Sarauac rlrar. From Wukln(ton< WuHiaoTon, June 17, 1861.. A new po*talarrangement haw been agreed upon, by winch, from the 8th July next, theie will be a regular exchange between the United States and the British Province* of New Brunswick, Cape lireton, Nora Scotia, and Newfoundland, at the same ratee established for the United States and Canadian malls. The following Presidential appointments hare been made ?Consuls. Nicholas J. Keeue, New Jersey, for La guayra, Venctuela, vice Baker, removed, Tliuothy Dar ling. for Nassau. New Providence, vice Kretechmar, re moved, and Thomas W. U Allen, Surveyor of Customs Suffolk. Ya., vice Keddlck, resigned. From Boston. T1IE SHABRACK RESCIE CASK?JSNNY LIND?U. S. bllir OHIO. Boston, June 17, 1861. The jury in the case of Ilayden, on the charge of as sisting in the Shadrach rescue, came in this morning, and stood nine for conviction and three for acquittal ; they were consequently discharged, and Itobert Morris, a colored lawyer, was then put on trial on a similar charge. The tickets to Jenny Lind's concert to-morrow eve ning, at Tremont Temple, have been nearly all sold, at prices ranging from ft to f'J each. The Tremont and Kevere Houses took 60 or 76 tickets each. No other lota exceeding 10 have been sold, and the speculators who advertis) d tickets for sale iu the morning papers, had none Miss Lind is at the Kevere. Her arrival this morning attracts little attention. The U. 8. ship Ohio is to be the receiving ship at Charles town Navy Yard, in place of the franklin, which goes round to Portsmouth to test the capabilities of the new Dry Dock there. The Cumberland will he repaired at this station. Tli? Cunntllan Parliament, Ac, PETITION FOB A I.INK OF CANADA AND ENGLISH STEAMERS, ETC. Toronto, June 17,1851. Last night, the House of Assembly passed resolutions on which to found an address to the Queen, praying that similar aid may he given iu the establishment of a liue of steamer* between Quebec and Ureal Britain to that now extended to the Cunard line?the Provincial Legis lature giving liieui the same encouragement that the Atnericsn government gives to the Uollius line. Mr. Howe, of Nova Scotia and Mr. Chandler, of New Bruuswii k, hftie arrived in town, as delegates to the Halifax and Quebec Itailroud Conveutiou Prom St. I,outs. Sr. Lorn. June 17, 1851. Mrs. l.anitr. of Ludlow and Smith's company, died of cholera yesterday. I.hit night, at the same theatre. Mrs Blauche was in stantly killed on the stage, by the falling of a weighs be hind the scenes. The will of Judge Muilaughy has been wad iu Court. He bequeath* one third of his estate (f JUO.UUO; iu trust to the eity for the relief of emigrant!?the other >4b0.000 goes to his heirs. Kentucky Ai>i>ro|ilalloii* for Western Ilnll xourta, Ac. Locum i k. June 17. 1851. The City Council has passed an ordinance, making a subscription of fJOO.OOO to the Jeffureonville and Cniutn bus Bailrond. and >11**0 000 to the Louisville aud Nash ville Railroad, as soon as the eompaay is organize d They also appropriated f4.'XK)for a survey of the Nashville road. The ordinances will be submitted to the citizens in sixty day s, and appr *v*-d by a large majority The river is rising a little. The water now measures six feet eight inches in the channel Tcrilflc and Fatal Storm ut (lie West. Chicaoo. June 1*1. 1x61 A dreadful storm prevailed in Highland Prairie. McUenry county, ou Friday last Tweuty-tive budd ings were blown down, nd three persons killed. The Pemisy-lvunln Itallrored, Ac. PiTTsni Hon. June 17, 1851. The Ohio and Pen ylvauia Railroad will be completed to Brighton by the : uilh of July The rails on the eeiilral wad are no v 1. id to Turtle Creek, ten miles east of Pittsburgh. Tin weather continues fine, and the city healthy. 1 he river has commenced tailing, and there is now only four feet of water iu the channel. Tire ConstItutIon of Ohio. Cincinnati, June 17. 1851. The majority iu this city for the constitution is 3.53d, and against license it is 2.U43. The Court of A|iiienlaat Fl intra. Kumiha. N Y , June 1/ 1851. The Court of Appeals convened here to-day. At' the Judges were present, except Judge Gardner who is detained by aiekues*. The calendar being taken up, Case No 1 was ex"lisnged for 175. which .? now on argui:o ut The court is holding two sessions per day The Baltimore BrfaU nllon Case . ac. Bai.ti wear. Ju.o* l7. IS',1 Col. Sanderson's books are to be overloi.ked again by tw o acrouutants employed for the purpose. The Ficritary of the Treasury h.i? ordered tu? di<:-il* m:1 ol five Baltimore Custom ilouw Inspectors, on tire 1st of July, in order to reduce expenses. The 8* utlnrn mail has arrived * A man named Henry a Seraph* had been arr*?ted in New Urlcans. for killing James Gray, in au affray., The Noulhcrn Strsmrrs. BaVasnam. Juue 17. 1851. The ste?n ship Al?l ami. Captain Ludlow, Irotn New York. r?ached her w harf at hail-pa<t 11 (his moruinr. Ciiiwleiton. June 17,1851. The steamer Southerner arrived at her wharf, in tnis city, at seven o'clo* k this morning. Court nt (itnrral Scaalona. Bffi re tin Itcaatd* r and Aid-rinm ii iwe- and Miller. MOTIOI FOR T1IK KM RAM < i' JOX:;fll C. A* lll.KV. J i to 17 ?A nn lion war uihI. in opea Court tin- uiurn itg by A A 1'hilllp- to the i tli ct that liw |d C. Aibley Ih rrira-t-d ?d lil* own recogniiauee Uxi-^upwrior Court baring on Saturday laid, revtrwd th. judgment of thL* C< nrt rgainrt hiiu. and awarded hiiu n ? w tried ltd l*Mric( Attorney Mild be bad not yttullyeia Eot'd the i,ueeti"U. win-tiler. e\rii ah r ? r ttrioi of ? jndgno nt in a criminal r.?e tb<- def.'nlmt couidaut (bad nnlre Jmi cwnritf. lie raid he woukl examine the nut .-ti< n and rtatc morn fully at nnoth* r titM the e?a rlurii ii be tmd arriTi-1 at in tbe Ciatti ! 1' u.i ler.!,* il there * ere other tuJiilUienf - apaiart Akh'.iy; be wanted time to look ui tl? i?t era, be. JUr PhilUp" raid A-hley bail I- i n .unfilled np emitr it' two year* Tlir l>iet r ? r Attorney lta ! all't h d to oltii r IhdletlucbU; thtieWOTt tola or. Iitli i indict 11 ? t.te. tin y all an-1 from tin' nann ti n n Moii. and lb a i aln" ill Inure h' ul"l be i t u|> to all * tlielri Hani dy tliut A-bliy ric< i?id the loll" from Om I d I'l ini.'in hut arknl Mr blunt ir Ibeie n t an oin tun t, not Jet "i.-| 'H?l of. that < harder A-bb'y wiltl 1 rgittg tfM hum it a ad Uoi.i to u deed ' ?Mi I tiilli) r?7 bat lmttir wa- all J rj ?iloty-.ti ?It" J. -irlrt Attorney?No, the p.rjury e?>" a*' h rr In h? ??? tried and ronrieled in title <'"*irt Tliat Ba i lo i are wt.ict war Uirpmad of 'i In Jle-? rdi r raid the ' ii rt would I f .rg i in t t In lb" "IIM If 111 ere ?i" to 1?. kli lt|iun I I m l.'Orr, hv lie re-1 Wka diipl red " I for the pr. mi,.. [ Aid !? y wii? trod ki"d eontlrtidof I ("y 111 ?' ?end 0" alee. Hi Arte. MM. and -entr-met to fh? MiM ?rbtt t> i >i? >??!? The hliiMi" ?' ..rt r ?. i . d th" .?Man "tit 'it the ground that tbeeril n< ? rand ? k etlitlt11 ti r r fi i, ? ry in tin thirl degree wLith c ii 1 i my ? uojirt th< i riai in r to ti*. y.ara incur ?ra HubJ. Sintu ft fir Bio ?'?iy ? llenry O'Nell nd li..i.yk I'fle. c ?nficted lad ww k < 1 biiryUr." In to- in dag nr. Bete unieind. ti .Nell to tin Mate |u in ii ; lew yi nr?, iiinl l'f.< who :r a were lay to tbe Jloui f i.efug". bu|ietlur Court. Before Hon Judi." tin* n ACTlt n r'iR rat r. iwikixipmi \i- in. r.oit; i r :.aM>I.i nil it at) IK.1 M. Ji M 17.?mtljtnl /. C',iir,N< ?l fVe.i J V u 1 c.,.f Irievi. in u 0 ?'the (nByltiaai.t in rare. *lin la a nuner. appear* by I - |rr*Tdtt* Al.r? n Lmv 'I'll, to recwm "IkWegee for talre imp. lam I,l"ir. <| ??I I ? ared from the rtatemrnt of roua I. r t ) ? c yi t.t.g riki.n d Jfclnln-h. 1.. lean .| Muioin. oi i,|,ui a niui in tiie In, ?? it ii.. d> i? in.' ., "i fir i attnay. m d (bat. ou the e*?t,i ? ?! i, ? if I e e< n. tier in t. tbe | faint ill and four other ., i ? ?"d it tbe gui' '? it NHomo faelnt h eod M'l.-an. Tt.? fatty, n mi'tii g rf right y ui ? n n. a ,re ? aj yiug iiitluilui ti n.,. i g and rlngii.g ?*? '???' o U Tbe f't iH iH-M' tit t? fir no r. and .t. r I ;hiB :o fli-. l aid ibiiat?i.ed that It tiny did n t i u oe tu lire 111 tin kuMNlte*. rl e i ouut -i- t r tin- o ?. ii. y ? tig gel iliRn r* nntmiMd V ? rj v ? .. ,ni?ia afut oki- taitidr.and A.i ? r, ? ? u ? tor tt... Jmtwt *bo i?Hi"., unit, at the eol ? iia, ti if tn? l, fi 1 ?t tr. I'Vi >t u| ? I ibe door and (? . a tin I , irty r*T (? the d#iii n home In tin inortuag. tin ?? - ? r? par I I II i i , Ii tbeetreela and broligti. I In. u n auaU, tin y ?? to reifactatde y ? ung mew* tin *i r . ik-u io tue f i ri e i" un. i bn ugh d at bug 11* ? ,n r ni|>au/ aitb a lain win. bad ? ta,|? n a ham lii . 0. ni r gam aii ti getbe: ?-! ne uf ttii'U I n,| tin til.' In u,-Inn '.and If.* bam la tin* i,tli* r, aluiat there young m n and the I iLir i fTii"* a bn ught hp tbe rear iutoy kl!ii;|.'"i dab i.ri ahi ti he ir. tiij-iI) maid 'i?.. wa- that u<- ? a jui it ant at d hie ? oBipaaiuM *eri ctiergi d wtUi a hn-ieli it lie pi me kbi Ii 'on.i-ted In the tun of tin .r ringing The olaiiittfl )t Ike ?t y el a lata lawyer uf reetmcui'Mlity, ?ml ae tbe only, mid uf hie widowed in lhadefnaee , M t up. in i i L needy dm iganta daeaa out re. eou ti'trdihoud, htiU ir UI I III ly I. t k yu-tilli ntion I ut te at, t r* Tat tail if Hie i.tb i ri lie aii-wi-r "in w- that toi'm hud ifen a 11* i mtii i. fbri.ity he twee a Mr*. ITli*rtUdtto of be* iwdb' tr It*] Iti a rptritfll rm lirureniei 'i : "..ita *ud Ilnpil-i na ILJr youtg'> " t'ha aiuwer *? i ehargia Uiat tin y io.d th'ir ueee Waekia-d. tore the ewtaina th*- m.iiui*.drank IfbritHiidr lpfimt and threw the Icttb-e Hit" th'lnet. kbd Mapal en the II mr (after til 't|i?- I f Hi igan h.iktk r. ti. till' Inri-I . I flow t.. I'sy tbe "i ml reauwhed thtan? Irer niti rwl... rn.. ii ly imI rt'-i ut. tly tidiarel tMRlad d by -eying th it lltrity wa-much i?Jii d nfln f hie "iiutry audit ?'uutd l? fi i be jnfjl fo m: y In h Ilavr aiiUitl go t: u If ' uft toge r ? i ' ii in in it ? d euli ut r? Vi?r or ju-lili ate n. I ? e d? ]'? Bieoir ha*tr y adni tui tbe !trl?, i,y tbi'lr ?n r??V to the pb ;.(]'! g?. i' .it.pel tor the pUlet il r iid the rae ,a fed With tl.. rv a After r fce dirctt i. tt.n Jaitgi* fee; led that. If th" | en t i iff it i-t.i on tie ?t'lrniaieut Wi/ig with tb?d? ietidantr tl, j tl ? ?W?.t.daut*. rla nit -di > h?*? lire 1 lybl to ti.ii i|o, 11 f aiguAii nt I'arh II tt'. id, a - ?. ?li i.t i ..y tain ( f pollga gf|i>e Kiglith d 'r.r ill leant to It. ? la I t.f the ilrfendkBt. 3"* ?? I tu i-'ti e'loitgin . In* af ? e for t!,. p. I tee ait i*li#f ?.'I. P.- k.ri pt< utteed tt Mil/ t' tu? fkcsa Oe??i- ' plait dvf. Adj'i.ruid ' Th? Turf. Cmitiiui Coi'ui, L. I.?Tbottino.?Ob Momlm afternoon four parse* were eon tended for on the Centre TllJe Course; and there were more horae* engaged in thw several contests than we recollect ever seeing before. In the tirst race, four started out of the Ore entries; but the winning horse was ao much superior to the others, that he made the race rather uuintereatiug. The lei lowing is a i-ummary :? Purse $00. mile heats, in harness. II Jones entered blk g. Black Jim 1 ?? K. Pnediker entered g. g. Grey Major 3 ? J Herd entered ch g. Waahiugtonville 2 die. G Kayiur entered cu. m. Merrill dt*. W. Wuelan entered g g Vermont dr. Time, 2:61?2:45 V Sauk Day?Tkottino.?l'urse ${0, mile heats, in har ness. There were nine entries for tbia parse, of which' but four raine to the score. The race lay between Orphan. Boy and Pyphax, and it wan well contested between them. The others were - light paper." Annexed la the summary :? II. Jooes entered br g. Orphan Boy 1 2 1' E. Pnediker entered b. g. Pyphax 2 1 2-' 0 Watts entered ch. in Lady Jackson distanced. O. ltsynor entered ch. m Merrill distanced. Time, 2:47?2;4??2:tt>. Pahs: Day?Taorrmci Match?The match for $400, dash of a quarter of a mile, between ch g. Reindeer ana b m. Boston Girl, announced on the programme of per formances, ended by the latter named paying forfeit, alter making a doxen attempts to start. Samj: Day?Thottiiso.?A race for a $60 purse, mile beats, best three in five, in h&rucsa, next came off be tween Pbarkelhack. Pusau, and Pelim. which was the feature of the day. Every beat was well contested be tween the blsck mare and Phackelback. although it wan apparent that the horse had something to spare, If netded Pelim was distanced the tirst heat. The odds before the start were twenty to eight on Shackelbock. lie led throughout the race. The following waa the re sult : ? W. Wbelan entered g. g. Shacketback lit G. Nelson entered b. m Pusan 2 2 2 G. Jtaynor entered ch. g. Selim distanced. Time. 2:40?2:41?2:41^. Pamk Day?Faciiso.?The sports of the day closet with a contest for a pacing purse of J30, mile beats, best three in five in harness. p? l)? entered blk. in. Cinderella 1 1 1 T? It? entered b. g. American Boy 3 2 2 The owner entered blk. g 1). C Brodi rick. 2 3 3 Time, 2:43?2:38?2:41. 1)Y TKLEOKAI'H. Bos to*. June 17,1851. Tkottino on the Cambridge Oovbsk.?A race came off at the Cambridge Course, this afternoon, two mile heats, in harness, for which 8. S. named b. g. Niagara, and Geergc Edwards named Ludy Litchtieid. The first half utile was dons in 1 21 and the first luite in 2:43. During tiie movements of the animulit, five and four to one was bet in favor of the mare, who won the heat. The second heat was also won by Lady Litchtieid. Alter the above, another race came off. to 250 ib. wagons, one mile and repeat, tor which Stephen W. II lit named s. s. Columbus, and William Woodruff named b. g. Voung Abdalla. The first heat was won by Colum bus. who came in six or eight inches abend?time, 3:0d. Hie second heat was won easy by Columbus?time, 2:57. The be tting was two to one in favor of Columbui. The day was unusually Que, but the attendance was not very large. Brooklyn City Intelligence. Bkvcrtkkn .ii os Ji nk.?Pome of the Brooklyn compa nies turned out yesterday, to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill, with military hOBOrs. Among the uio*t prominent was the first Continental Guard, under command of Lieut. Edmonds, which ap ] eared in full strength. Cr v Cot kt. Tuesday, June 17 ?Thy: IIi'dhon Ayi we is Wus the day appointed l<T the trial if Miehu I lie hoe. against whom, as before stated the Grand .'ury riturned a true bill for m?u-laughter, in earning the d< nth if bis wife Tha?* ? U > have read the account i.f this matter in the I In aid. will not be sur prised to hear that the District Attorney deciiimd to pri fei life the iudictuieut as found, and expressed his intention of preferring one for wilful murder, at the next Stseiouof tbeGrand Jury. Mi i i lb,iis ?On Monday night, the store of Mr Elijah Lewis 1(34 I ultou strict, was entered by the back bars Bent, i.i.d suk and other valuable articles, to the value i f $1 lH-0. stoteB. It is supposed that there were several pe:, ,,rit engaged in tbe robbery; ami great skill urn. caution wi re exercised The goods taken must have 1 ecu of considerable bulk but were all moved without disturbing aay of the minute*, who ?r?re unaware of the loss until >i terUi.y morning, when they op"n?d th? store. I'u the same night, the Mi ntague Hall was i u terea. ai d the cash drawer rifled of it* contents. The bouse 12b hrury street was also attempted, but tbe owner. I'r Kit In r, having beard a nose, gave an alarm, and the parties dt camped The e burglaries are all ?up p'si 1 to have been committed by au gang and tlii ugh no arrest* have been made, we understand lbs p lice have s'me clue to the offender*. Other roh ta i Irs are said to LuTe hern committed, hut no authentic aicinnu have leached us beyond the above. Nyaniciii. ? A young woman named Catharine I Bail - wns atrei ti d on Sunday hist, at a house In Atlantic s'li ? t. win : e -he was lit ii g as a servant, on suspicion o! tbe ul ve eriuie. The Coroner, on Monday afteruoi D, hold an liiqutd, at wiiieh reporters were r-quested not j to pn-es for edailsrlcn; but the re-ult of the invostiga tl' ii a| poured t< be. that the po-t mortem examinatioB pr, vrti lb* tody to be that of a female rhiid born alive, and v h ee death had bei u cau-ed by injuries inflicted shout the nee). That tbe mother had r?peatsdly and pointedly previously d-oied her situation ami *ub*e qiiCitUy I lull avured to correal the birth The jury r? turned ? verdict.1 qbai the child came t<> It, death by ln jerie? intiii fad by the hands of the in ilher." The accused was commuted to answer tbe charge. Mr. Collin* and lite Collin* ? It I tllE (SUITOR OK T1IK IIRKaLD. 1 liiiij |iiui.rU with aduilratii n up. n the Oo'liun line if nUnnier*. ml lately Irnre ????u. In tlnir uoprwe* J. t>t> U rurci ?*. additional caul*' f> eonjratulat* tbe American public; yet in all the notice* of thlt putrt triumph i f the age I hare *eeu no rouiptlr augr'N'tl to the imJi-fa.ifTabla captain Of llii* enterpr.**. tiilM of lha..L*. t in! abundant prai*e. hare lo-on giren to th? individual cominandar*. *ud plan- ha- been given, without t.. the *nbordlB*te* Now whyj-hould o?t the people of Now York hi U n meeting ami reiolve to colli it fuhtif'ptii iia. ami pn*eiit to E. K. Collin* a Mii!r? of (Into' No Am*rteau haa done *? much f r the honor i f our commercial airtM There i? m < n whear name abroad call* up more prole of feeling, lie ha.- hy t'l* masterly management ami iielefttigablc por ter rami an id irui b ahute ami vituperation earri-ii out hi* projirt; and. rotwithrtniidlDg the tm'ipwleft've of ho oif.ti.iir- and the general luelh oem y of o (ft ? ro in llii* n? *> hrwiieh of our luatiue. he Ua* boi'.fn ham. finely tin haughty nation that for a hag lint* claimed and held *upn uiaoy of the *>a* t\ ill li " Hi-taf.ii the Initiatory Mcp* in tl*> ma'for ami !e tin ftr>t to rail the attentiou of the ecmwuo'tjr to thli prrpi rltlon f W Viiltnl Slalrt DUlitet Court. It. lore Hon Judge) Mett*. J, ?>,. 17?Tb trial of .lohn Parker. Or org* Axwalvy i ? i at .1 it B Rn inj'< n el U| i d wttk M ? ? d. i yor '<? n. a revolt on the Amerh iti vm*el Ball* Ill e ?ni |.||I|H Mil ill eon ?? IU'-IJ? >? of the at, et>*e ? Wllnei-I* f-i tie defeCCe. on llo- pumlltlon that the I ulled ftwr* l?biru t Attorney be etupowered P. t?k? the t we 11 tii i i y if the wt . .*??? for t lie nro*eeutlon <> h 11 t. unit ? It hi the trial In r.i '? tu*T rhould I? al ii at I hi trial, of Prank ami Erie*, Orruiaim for eoueli ? 'i-.iiii- i.i.J J I'ark.r li>r a- ?. alt* on Capt. 0ou?. and I'elrr O N 1*1. i I I ' ?rd the eh'.p l!*i; iui re. Were j ?: |< Did till ThoinUy u?>t. t unrl ( aleiiitur?TM* Day. r.,wvaw I'll .1?10*1, jCSl. M| '.i ) i?C9. 5TM, b'*r l*i ?. i rnar. <"<>? a i ?! m iil Tii * ?N< ?. 17, 40 14, (C, t v. 71. .* 77. ??. Hi to si 1' H iliom il'ni nf ?Vm 337. 'Jt. 31 to .33 Si *??!' * 0. a. ? Niw 3 II* 3-1. ."is ;tt f? 4(?, M li Mi. 4-th I In 3S?. 3?h. IS. l*t? li.i. 37, ?i -J*, I'I 41V s 3*4 4. 437. 43X. 43*. 4? 4 .1 415 4* 4d7 41*. 4..P, 131 3*4 SO. MAILM FOR EVROPd, The *teair-L'.p A la will leave th'e pi rt at U>fr to .lay. I r l.irtrp?l. Her m?iU will in* a. ten OVU i k tb': lie fuil.g. 7 h- N-? Y i? In i|.i>, jtlnM la fr*rh i#4 Toj i I . will to j n> hi d at win* o'clock tbl* u. Titlcf? yricr ilipitr*. in wrnipper* ready for rooting Single ii.|ran he obtained at tha following plat*! lu Ltimpa T.uwarui, grndtrrd A t'*..Ka 1 ruliintl* llalillinit'trd. II lie III ?* *r'r No. 30 Jtiin .Ir* t, 44i>t| HI, hMiiua. II .krii, ,:tii't X r I t C* Mo. I# t > re In II, Loadee. U. 'I. Re*,.it Ho. 13 I I* ?. 4e la luim, Par ? Adr rti?ia nt? ?* well a> anbwrlptIon*,for tha Nr?r ? oi.a Unit* wi'l rearh ?* tf |. ft at the ahi t* pUaea. A met Ira n i'liuin forte (iiiiii'inif. No. 1.? .it: ?. 71,? tii ni or* art rofo thl-y n-tii ??i t? i all a* 'I'n.Nii Itri auway, It I'tr ji llo Hlor.?a? Nr. S, '.n\ *'>t. J*ar l.Hli, h r tin purj *?* at *iaaia/ tln brUi ii * ?( 0,0- i itili n. a*>t of pojinenr.t t.4 **-oa lla .1* moat ' I ti.r m iitl t-f Mty ami Jw*> . T?i ihkm wilt ' ? 3' i'4 at I'm tirat mrotia*. Km. t>ml MmhlM I* foqrrateii '?* l iivr ?o?t. Jnr.* I!l*ti, hotwom ttio hi or* of 10 A 5. . .n i ., I'. II. ,N It ? B' "li* f. r >??*?iotiia N*, 2, wills* opt a a? t wo*h. iOCEl.TN A WATSOV, Trur*e*?. SII Wi nl Itigialn Carprlliig.e.'W.niNI ynrdi< "f 'let ,t I ? notiiul pattrrn* of lnerr.lw Carp*tlag at a*. I?r jonl. t III MAM ANDPR80NN "i Br?Cr?. tb? ?.lilr?t.4 f rp.t P.otafclhHmi nt in th? vaitr. Stntf 11. in. , r.l ? In , run t'arnetln*. 2*.. :ia; I (Ml rair i W 'nfow*. 52 to *1 ll-arth H '??. I* *a?h: ,''r?f4p I ii. r tiil I', ? r.e i.i twn y or4a whlo, 3* , per jarc. Hi n i n.l ir. N o !t' Hnoitf, of Eanrf?A (.'rntl-iiiaii ycater 4av w:ilk It III Hi hi* rrairtrnro. In St. Mark* plaio, to hi* r urtiBr r 'itu. i? ltro.4 .lr#*t, Uiih r tba Iinpr i|*ein that I.I W*. litirhi ad*4. Till* rlarnlar il'In.i'iB la **a.innte4 for I) i.'i* l.?t il ai I. wnfw I.** nl Kaoa'a ri.igaat and nopwiar ki t* II iiintatn |i????r*. the llahl .t. pr*tu**i, and m at kiron ir* l.|,ta tier iiitni4iir?4 to aa*i-r* th* of a fao t ? |. I t -I li'. Ki. ? h*. " a f*w inoro lalt, of th* nm *i t t," at I i* crtaLlirhmeiit, 14h I ulton .trrrt, i-rpi i t* u?a !;? raid rflle*. Gtnln'a "itnimrr fti|glpuMhl*.?llealdra an. tnfiaiir arte'I ?< ilrr*? and undro** Hat. and Cap*. h.?* niR .c fttxi I nn-im, f r the r?r"mfH7?'1e and the men/r?, t*e~ i in p ft'M r '.ir* niR|i|Eir nil th?? 1 At*?*i I'sri# and ?ti lr? . I < : ne I . iin#1 Ml lln( Whip., an.l InpwUt mount li anwinii r 1 inl rali ??. II* inrtl** ?p* ia| attentloa to thoa* ??i u . aur.ite a-;? t,|. fanry ?t k. (iF.NIN, 2U liroadway, aj p .ilt 8t. Pam *. F.Ngnnl Frftirh Hrl.tnt Curd* and Rare I. pc ? ...? ?ni. rlhtr Would r?.t*rt.fw!l? rait thn attanl ow It I rtir. r ,11" n? . tn-thln* truly ?!*/**' -a ?*i. imf.r Itr. lee, .... tn hi* l.rnr.tlfnl ?t*lr? nl llrtdal lard', fa !? '*5f4| ad W i to?r?, (n tti* lat*?t mod* AVThUPLI . llru.eiwny, ?U| yf|liu>u? ittf.l

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