Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAJffEN UOHIHIJI BCNNKTT, FKUl'KIKTuR ^ID EDITOR. ?ffice h. w corner or fulton and Nassau?T?. THE IKHLY HER.1LU, 2 cent, per copp?V P'r WEEKLY HEIU11.P. every Saturday. at aaeUa perrapy. or A3 per annum ; Ike European JZJtt'on, #4 annum to mny part erf Great br%ta?n. and %o to any pmt of tkt Cmntxn+nt, hoth to . . ^VOLVHT.iRY CORRESPOSDESt E. contiunn* trnfvrt^nt n,v,. eoluxted from ?'?(/ ilaarter of Ike warld ; if mat A, will ke hkrraily r??* ">r u,'? ToAciew l??u Kvnrnn *?? M?Tifi u?n Iiiu mtib to ?i?i. all |CfTCRf? A!vn PaCMA&H:* IW* TO t'll Jtrr LETTER* hy matt, far Suhicrtption*. or tri'h fa- ? ..:?.... to bt pott paid, or tkt povlaye ?"?' *< 4ati J from tkr money remitted. VaJamc XVI ??. lit ~ AMUSEMENTS THIS KVIMNG. ?OVERT TII EAT RE, Bowery?DA a a* or Live?Row Rot. ?ROADWAY THEATRE. Broadway?I'll re Tlvt ?econi?Asa el? I'iki action. NIBl.O'S GARDEN, Broadway-i'ooR Gentleman? Baecal Jacr. RATIONAL THEATRE. Chatham street?Si ear Hop as*?Gillaeo*?Woil Deals a. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, Broadway?Lauiee' Battlm? Juki Lino. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Mechaaitt' Hall, 471 Broadway ?Ctmiopian Minetaelav. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS. Yellows' Masieal BaU. No. 4*4 ?roadway?Ethiopian Minhtaklst. AMERICAN MCSEl'M. Aa PBANOO* ANO EteNINO. New York. Kalurila)-, June '41, 1(431. IniflllKriicr 'Of Another Day W* are cmpeU-d. this morning to omit, for the want of room the cnntii nation of the report of the State Bank ?rf Morris trial, several of our European letters received k. th, Niagara. and a great variety of foreign and do mestic latelliRenee. It it probable that th- hank trial will bo fini-hed to day W- will endeavor to give a fuU acport with th? verdict in to-tu trow s paper. Telegraphic Summary. Tbc canal enlargement bill was the principal topic if discussion in the Senate of this State yesterday. !? its amended rorm it looks a little more palatable than it did at first, but it is the same thing, and will be passed without regard to whether it is constitu tional or not. It appears that a motion to strike ?at the section allowing the certificates to be issued ?ne'er the bill to be used for banking purposes was rejected. This is very significant. Wo wonder what it is contemplated to add to the cur ren -y by the friends of this measure A variety of wall bus;ness was likew it transacted, a report ot whieh will be found under the proper head. Mr- Fillmore will appears, visit Massachu setts at present. He has declined an invitation to thati fleet extended to him by the Legislature of that Ftate. The fact is, Mr. Fillmore said all be ha<l to say on public matters, during his recent tear ihrough this Mate Arrival of the Sl?p*r?. By the arrival of the Niagara steamship at thi pert, we have intelligence from Europe three diys later than that received by the Humboldt. I at Liverpool cotton market has undergone no materia[ ?hange, and prices were maintainsd, with lair sales The commercial reports are not without complaint and many English operatives are represented to be ?ut of work, in consequence of the limited demand tor manufactured goods. The poli'.icel uews u not of a very startling cha racter, but it gives us indications of the possibility af troublesome storms at no very dietaut day. Every European Mate is more or less agitated by ?haiges in its government. Thu restlessness^ is ?onstant and continuous Nothing appear-set del er substantial. Italy trembles as with the fire of a volcano at its vitals; Portugal shifts its political ta vors as if they were garments; Cpain trembles, an 1 thinks only of st.engthening herself by a change o; ministers; Denmark is about to have a lyitrrel on the succession to the throne; anl Germany, Prus :1a Austria and Russia aie iu eoafosion. The ireat point wuich h >14s all diplomacy in abeyance is the peculiar position of France, which is in much the sane as it was after the return of Louie \ ? I. from his attempted flight. The election of will settle everything: but, in the mean'.me, the revision of the constitution will create a discussion which may end in very important results, and m ike the election subject to the action of the Legislative Aeecmbiy. It will be possible for France to return m universal suCrsge; and ?uch an event will have a great effect, not only on the destinies of Fran ?, but will reach every European power, and Russia. All that the pol.'.ical phboaopher can do is to wait an i watch for the movements iu trance, where, iLn total in character, are the very elements which were fermenting in 1791, when the people wept with sym pathy for their constitutional king to-lay. an i were ready to-merrow to tear him to pieces. < ann .t the French press Ua-h the people anything' W.U France never learn a lesson from the history of her titler expericneet' We shall soon know. Iiik Condition or M?.m? W >kiani vewrtoR nir. < .ovEXNMtvr.?By private iufsfm* tiou riter.tly received by us fr m aa agent of -he Mexican government, who recently arrived iu *u ?hy, w? have the assurance that many <d the luad.Bg ?>. n of Mexico are prepared to disjese, j jeueormble terms, of h< r right t- the rntory ?? Nan- ra. < tihuahna and Low r California. I? -b . ewarw the Mexican governme t has ever ? ? a 1 ew,d by the English banks, , in Mexico. eh.Mrc sec thn* a general bankruptcy of that country is in evitiblr, unieaa this corns* is pursue d 1 he argument in favor ?.f ti.i* a*""'" ?? ?pan very r * V"?* Tbe McX,ean is fast exhausting the reroute* J - ??M ?? paymentoi ihe iademnityguaranteed by the 1 ait- 1 Plates ; and wheri there is an t" I th ui - Hv.d fr-.rn th-t - o- . ? - - be unable t . ea-rr.r.i -..i. rnment with orcf !.? to b-rseif a< ai. inUcj cttdent nation. In looking about for mean* to ten.! art ?u? h mirful eoiiseq'? si .i r ,e*f |?s#e?fd of the Urr'iory to whieh we have a. led'd It is ext-n-ive, and sj *mly ;.oj.ula' d?suo eeftl t? 'he Ineurd.ns ? f l.-r? I t.tur -? anl ravage tribe* of Ird.une, ag ? P'l wh .??? attack, the Mea.cans have nop e-r U> bring an adequate re ? Evcu her own lnhab'?!*? n tint rer Mraico cannot piwteet, but. i *b ? '/ JoV-t! Wen lb. ' - I ry. bowevc. ??daf Mm ftf the I niud Matea, the Mexic.n g-varum .t would soon bnve on h?r northern f.-.nti-r ? "?r.'.e Maartiitre in the Ameri mu popu'ati a. w i.o ? i ? ?jUp? k!y populate the rich count.y <?f Mu.em =. i Chihuubua, valuable ia g'di and silver mines, * ><. in roia'ral treasuren. New, wc Au- ? a ly call th' at!- ntioT) of of etrnm.rl to tbiecfportunity f obtaining ?va territory, wb - b wai an maua with ou,u ii s lv i i tagc. and which wiii eventually givs n? * Lndreu'e to ' alifomia L-1 the government i ok to th mi<p and study it will, and be prepared to mak fen arrang. m* nt for th;- r-i^ve from Mux to, wn...i ought t? !>? given to tbc Foulh. us a pri cious m ?r ael, sh uld sb.. be ready to receive it and populate it. The silly., t is one lhat 'hould cou-tuxnl imine diate attention at M ash ngtoti. ??* Tmk I' .id i new paper, tt V,'.shingtoa, lew.- to h* sinking gradually Into an i-ubeei y ioc 11 Uabt.ile than that of the />d- i" >' t'> I ?'' tiwsb it publishes about the t:iriff 1 finance'. unde r the abape of N w York coir-?p onWnce, Is entirely ten y* w bcLin-l tbc age. 1 uc pwir m in wbogetsup the' correspondence began ndenl-1 his finencUl ph loW-phy und, our gni ance. il< tin a not taken a ?tp 1,1 9 thereabouts The -ewr.. f . . which he say* wro stokn from hi* imbeodit ?w re If't f'b liahed in the Ii tf'l on the ' * ' ' 'b-ut a wr.k before he ever ?ow or tiw- ig"-. ?- .j . n Tbc i'pum and it* oorretpoudtnU wuat ?'.*ne per m > to think for them. The -fTTAXlMitr Ann ic, ofL'olIlM Ev. W'h ( ir ays' later I from 1 urope, will beduo tomorrow. Gotw? to Ermop*?Saiu-o ok tmu Pacific.? At noon, to-dar, the splendid steamship I'acille, of ' the Collins line, whiich may le called the " skim mer of the itas," for she bus outstripped *,1 others, will sail for Liverpool, crowded with passengers from the New to the Old World. For some time past the travel from this conti nent to the Old World, by the two great lines of steamships, has beeu increasing to au extraordinary extent, being, in some instances, not much behind the great rush to California alter the gold dis co VHK* in that distant region became a reality?a fixed fact. Luring the course of the present sum H-er, aud the recent spring, vast numbers of first class travellers have come from South America, Mexico, Havana, and the West Indies, direct to New York, lor the purpose of going to Europe, by either the American or the British line of steam ships. Among the passengers by the Pucifie, we ob serve, among others, the name of General Hiram Walbridge, well know n as one of our American no tables, who only a few days ago returned from Eu rope. The General, we believe, has two objects in view. He is interested, to a very large extent, in California aud Virgiuia gold miucs, the stock of which is partly owned or to he disposed of in Eng land. He goes out for the purpose of attending to his interest there; but while in Englaud, we would advise him to treat with Lord Pa tine r? ton for Eng lish neutrality, while Souora and other northern departments of Mexico, perchance Lower Califor ' nia, known to contain gold and silver, are beiug purchased and annexed to the United States. Among the passengers who will also leave in the Pacific, we see the name of M. Nice la? de Penalver j Penalver, the eldest son of the Conde de Penal ? ver, one of the wealthiest inhabitants of Havana, whose generous hospitality to visiters from Europe, or from the North, has been celebrated for many years past M de Penalver, the younger, goes for the first time to Europe, and will probably spend ? several years in travelling through England. France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. He has spent a few weeks in thU uietrojKilis and neighborhoo i. and is highly esteemed for his accomplishments, by ' uil who have the plea.-ure of his acquaintance. There are other notables of Havana preparing to go to Europe by some of the British or American steamers. Among thim, wo have heard of the Conde de Yillaneura, who has been for a long true the master-spirit of the government ?f Havana, lie is ab mt to leave that i.-land aud visit Europe, in comfuuy with hit son, for the purpose ol recreation and for other matters. We have heard, also, that the eldest son of the Conde de Fernandina, also members of the L'iego family, also of the Alph ?nso family, are all preparing to leave for the sain: des tination. Indeed, according to all accounts, mem hers of almost all the rich aud wealthy faui lies of , Havana have either gone or are about to g > to Eu rope l'urthe purpose of spending a few years there. Toe gaieties aud amusements of New \o.-k, the splendor of our steam lines, the superiority of our hotels of all descriptions, have produced a complete revolution in the fa.-biouahle an 1 diplomatic travel ling wtrldou this vide of the Atlantic. All ofauy condition in the West Indies, Cuba, Mexico, or elsew here oa this eide of the water, prefer coming t > this metropolis, sj*ending a few weeks here, and tak ing passage for Europe in our New York lines of steamships, in preference to going by any other mode New Yark is fust assuming the position, on j this continent, whieh Paris has held for a long time in the oil world?the great central point of fashion, amusement, politic*, uiplomaey, gaiety,philosophy, and gotsip. Goinq to California.?This is a very excellent time for adventurers and enterprising men With small capitals to go to California. Tne depression created by the recent dreadful Conflagration w.ll mike an opening for them, and it is likely that great numbers of this class will go there in the first steam ships. Many of those who have engaged in trade and business in t-'an Francisco, and who have been ruined by the fire, will go to the miues, and their places will be filhd by new adventurers from the Atlantic Mates, who will he attracted thither by the very calamity which has made bankrupts of many thousands of traders. California will be in full vigor again in less than three months?New York Lav been burnt up, not tfan Francisco. Who is Charley Wood, of tmf. Havre de Gka< e Bank !?Several of our cotcmporaries. all round the country, aie inquiring very pathetically, who is Charley Wood of New ^ orb 1?the immortal Charley Wood, of the Havre dt Grace Hank ! Wc > don't know; but we hereby offer a suitable rewarJ for ar.y authentic intelligence of that remarkatie I personage. Lots Moset 1. Beach know such * psr toLage I Eut more than all, does Moses Y., or any afthe la-aches, know what became ?f the a-sets f the bank, th it disapjeared in so extraordinary a way ' I oes any of the family know what Appb gate ?cow dead and goue ?hud to do with the bauk 1 ' Was that poor man the One-Eyed 1 U >uiptori of the Havre do 1 - race Bank 1 The New I'alx.?The old clo* men down in Wall street, wi .h the ./om mil '?/ 0 "" ". M a their back, call upon the Legislature to stop the ae v paik. We h?q.e not. Taxes or no taxes, the city of ' N? w York w?nts- ;ch a park. If it Costs a million, , what of tl it 1 Its existence in this in-.ropolis will brir g millions to it by inviting wealth to re- do here. Ixt the L-gi.-la'ure pay no attention to til >3 groans of those old b.< kklali down town. Stop the latter}; but go ah ad with the new park.< ok lit r? ran. r..?r >r -tartllig evi .'tree indicating the morality of the r -pec'u ?ic prase, read the law r- ports on the Webb and Willis (in>. Mr Wtbb. in his con- try s at at I'.kahoe, and Mr. Willis, musing under the trees at ,-lorri.- s p'accat EcderclifT. b--tb on the Hudson river, arj -he very models the p-< s?the per. feet cjn -ure- of th- age. Are th?-y not ! En ir So ?The Cn .? new-piper, at W.-Vg toB, s ou.s solicitous to aitract our att-ntion. I'er Laps it mi J sac-ted in Us obj. t wien it least e-x petts it wants it. It certainly wants a dig under on r ?.} it riv. merely to wake it up from its long ..l'.i .id flu, >r ar.d inanity. F?n. 1? . Ijr nio-t Lave be? i administering to it daily dose i of cki rri* HtMk Who t ] r- ? i I i ia v?'1 U?: JfVs'.iagl ?" fur e, jiiltirti Argo*, and such like pv ret tai'die rio J- urnals, puff the Ifuatcr diumr ? it- jsiiiM I., e, .is if life and .ea*h hut g upea it. p, ,r ( KFiret'? mm,ai ntn sgaiast the Postmaster G?r -lire in ? log eviry day. I*he u ?* La e ei\ry t! i g .nln c?nfa- ?). Assnv i> so W?s ffr?A'i a, - TliU tins S.i k ? r?a dr.. ipti .o of which w- g< r ia the Aw i?<k1hr,M about* jrar ago. when she rain? t? Mir P'ft with til- lady and family of til? ex <i.rverrr* nf ti.v .-i?i.i <f Count Roue dl?again r. ae"' b-i a;"- lu our hart. r. at twslv? o'rlork ys-terday li-r pre ? n. n.i m i is a- pvlfl- as ?.< h*r | first?us-, Or sli* I r tight here, ne paserngsw Fr VU j iu#ve.". so* "f tin* Pndiri no n f I'tiba We un 1-r e'aivl br \ l.anva-t. a' ecaipaaM hy b! family, la.* arriv.d J.< r? In ? rrl f tothk- s t-nnst far Li?.rp-> I It I lertiaf ?-< !? - to state ti t Om Pit irr ? pt.y 1 a r. in us p-a-t in the Inva -n t C.rt has. an I ihst -b- ?l |K-d srd bn u/ht to the port of Hvf .-IV ttie 1*0 Vsswii and i tie it.i?u./?. who w. re an fir pr. i r. r at M "j- i I ? .and This atusmer ir bail; alt' r an excellent ai'-bl in ! ia Muarkable f-r b?r pi 1. W-l-aru that .ftli-wivti. r III i ? 1*1 n vo t.i,.! I.I * : ! I. iVe m I I- the p ' *| fr< ia IfavaLa to >i* Y-ri. la f.iuf days au I a half* asm l?f- then h'f aetunl i.n.e T'u- lest errt-r aul eleanll tie* ? In alt h<r ?-"c c n t1 are apparent an burl FbePa.h like all War strt.u.?rs-? Vim 1 paint-i , in Uerk. Willi wMte lie. Mm. s Brri-- I* -anii air. and las ah?wt tsso hundred rresi f r h-r rr-ar wi'h ms 't ? i.r K luBMnd. d \<j ' ,feo s.?,.n,. i * , l . a- . t. renls and fire . t\ -r? ? ft I. --??? . i and third . i r Mo i i< ? a mil. fr to tl e I'sit.rr la only 'd* di-plsj ? d is the ,?(el b . ? fr it. I. t | M. i w'ul rcc? k ?" nl. rrvVuiut Ih.ta.oi The New VtrM America. TUK I KPARTI RE FOR LONDON?T1I* TRIAL OF NFKED RET WEEN ENUL1M1 AND AMERICAN YACHTS* This superior piece of naval architecture take* her de parture from this port At 7 o'clock this morning to test her tailing qualities with the ch?i?e vacr.It of Great Britain ami *r baiiava, with thi-se of any 01 h?r Eur.e 1 | i-an country who may think tit to place themselves by her side in a sailing match. A* the result will bo watch ril with much lively interest oo both sides of the Itkin | tic. it being a triul for superiority in the sailiug powers. ? Is auty i f model, and pymetry of construction between the vet tela of England and the I'nitrd State*, a descrip | tlon oftbe America cannot be otherwise tbau interesting | to our re idem, both here and in Europe. f he is 86 fret on deck, from stem to stern; 80 feet keeli ' ?1 feet amidships, and her measurement 180 tons She i draws eh Ten feet of wat?r in (ailing trim Her spars are 1 respectively 7t<'t and 81 feet long with 2', inches rake to the foot, ller main gaff is 20 feet long, and main bo< m 68 feet. She carries a lugg foresail with fore gaff 24 feet long. Length of bowsprit 3- feet. The frame is composed cf five different species of wood, namely ?\* lute cak. locust wood, cedar, chestnut, uod hackmatack ; and is supported by diagonal iron trice*. equi distant from each other four feet, from stem to midships the curve is scarcely per ceptible. her gunwales being nearly straight lines, and forming with each other an angle of about twenty five digree*. The cutwater is a prolongation of the ves sel herself, there being no addition of false wood, as is u-uiil in most of the sharpest bowed crafts cf similar description. Iter fore cabin is a spaeicus and elegantly fitt< d up upartment. 21 feet by 18 feet in the clear, on each side of which are six neuf lockers and China room* It contain* six commodious berths. Joining the cabin are two large state rooms, each eight feet square, with ward rooms and water closets attached. Between these and the fore cabin there are two other state rooms, join ing which are a wash room and pantry, each eight feet The f re cabin is ventilated by a circular skylight of aiiout twelve feet circumference, and it contains fifteen berths Directly under the ockpit. which is thirty feet in eircuuil-retice. and which forms th" entrance to the after cabin, there is a tastefully !itt? d-up hath rieta on the staiboard side, aud opposite, on the larb ard aide, a large clothes room, further aft, under the cockpit, is tin- sail room fl.e has a plain, raking stern, adorned with u large gilt eagle resting upon two folded white biu ners. garnished with beautifully carved flowers of green i color ller sides are planked with white oak three inches thick, the deck with yellow pine two and a half inches thick Three streaks of the damps are of yellow pine, three Inches thick The deck beams ure al>o of yellow pine. All the c mhings are of the finest descriplmu of main gany. The rails which are composed of white oak, ere liur!?en iu. lies high, six inches, wide, and three inch, sttick fin- is copper fastened throughout, uul c< PP*r sheathed from the keel to six inches above the water line making eleven and a half fed in alt Il r ? -ids s are painted of a uniform lead c< lor. and ln-r inside pure while There is an open gangway extending through the win le h i gth. from the extreme points of the after I and fore ci bit * It is impossible for the j*n of the most graphic de? criiar to couvey anything like an ascurate conception i file beauty and perft ctlon of the America. 8 he ran or ly be si en to advantage when viewed at a distance, fri ni different points, by the natural and living eye Inder such circumstances, only, can her symeir.cil snd swi n-like m del he appreciated. She will proceed direct lo Havre. 1 ranee where he will r. main for a few usys for (lie purpose i f getting her sides painted black. ' a t..| every part of her fitted up in the most splendid style. Thence she w ill pron ed to t'owes, where she is also to r. main si nn- days bsfore exhibiting n.-rsclf in the Thames Mr tieorge fitesr*. the modeller and buill -r of the America, takes pa- ape in her to Loudon, for the main purpose of being able to judge, by practical obser vation, w litre rests the material difference between the in d>l and construction of Kngli-h and American built yscht : and also to sec which nation will win ;h? palm j 11 superiority in point of sailing qualities Win t'ler the A Diet ica shall come <fi victorious U yet a problem, but to-the ri suit as it may. she cannot but be an object of deep interest and admiration on the other side of the water and the eli gant appearance which she will make in gliding up the Thames lo met t her e mpetlt. r-must cell firth tj.piuu.-e on Mr Steers, her bulider and fa-hioDi r fhe carries eight men before the mast, besides the cap tain (Mr liiehard Brown), first and second mate, and carpenter Her cabin and state-rooms will be fitted up i in n ?ty'e that the pesiple if Europe cannot but admire; and her sci ommodations are sufficiently uinpl" to enter tain a large e mpany. The en?t of the America when i all completed, will lie about *20.110.) Latir i?o*i Niw (imvin ?It's have private advlee* frriu t arthageua. datid 27th May The country is in a complete state of anarchy The democrats visit their indignation upon the conservatives, by a-sa??inuUou* snd murders on the most extensive scale. Gov I.opex i* using conciliatory measures: but here seems little pros pect of a better state of things. City Intelligence. FATAL ACCIDENT FROM IIIS I'M; or TIRE ARMS IN A pawnpkokrr's offici. Testetday about the hour of twelve o'clock, an unfor tunate affair fok plac.- in the pawnbroker's sliop of Mr ' Michael Halt No 27 Chatham street by the accidental discharge of a revolver w hereby a Mr Jarvi? faulty w t* shot in the brea-t. and expired In a few seend* there alt, r 7be farts in the melancholy affair, as elicits! fn m the Coroner s Inquest and elsewhere are aa follows ?'Ihe deceased John or Jarvis fcully. It appears, railed on Thursday of thl- week, at the pawn ? Iflce of Mr llatt and offered a six barrel revolver for ph-dgr Mr. Hart examined the pistol Hud discovered It was h>adr<l. and forthwith told foully'.bit Le would not take the sitielr in his store loaded; that h~ mu-t gel the pistol uul>4 di d liefofe he could take it in ptedge Very well " said Mr ficully. and drew from hi- p s-k-t a watch. and pioeur. d a loan of f 3 on that, with the uoder-Vandiiit. that the next day he w, uld redeem his ?ah by dep -it log the pistol in its place It wi ? thus understood aud Mr fir ully left the shop, taking the pi?t"l with him. Ac cordingly. the rext day (yr-tcrday). about twelve o'clock. Ilr dully tfk the pi-tol in question and proceeded to . Mr llart ? store: bu' pr? vi> u* lo entering the store he n ude a mistake and went into the pawn offi of Mr fiimpsnn. next d-s-r to Mr Hart's photi uf bus|ne-s; and believing be was in tie -ante pUc where the day tafor he bad pledged hi* watch, offer -d Ihe pistol in I ledge to r. J..IO hi- walili. Mr binip-' O's oI. rIs findo g feully was mi-lakin in the *ti fe directed hi in to go us- x t door, fii ully tl n pr .reeded next door, eiw Mr Michael Hart, slid < fieri .1 th* lev. Iter again e'Btll g that It was now all right *?d ml |o?dnj Mr llart lie.k up tie* pistol and ' dep. idle g on the stats ments of 8 cully that ni charge was in the pi-t'd Inadvertently drew the trigger, and lai n rdiateiy an cxpi. ston took place the which peielial. ! the < -1 >. eerily, thereby, fidtlg al.Uo't l(i.t*Bt d< a'l. 7 he ,1.. eased slsg t" r? I ' 1 ? n f he II . if. and to* 11 re nodical aid ronld le- | r cure i he w?* deal the discharge ol the pistol atari. i [o r- up si gh/.aod p< Uceman Itnt wl?a nelDfi i. immediately prn c.<o.u to the store, aud took charge of ili-i parties until i . r< i. i er art .t. d A j'.ay ?a- 11 ? ii etopanneUrd l.y the t'< r< r< r aba I>r* 11. < f No "s, I,room* street, a *?ry skilful surgeon a je.t .. .a examination of lbs la sly and f mrd* wound b;-mw> Mly n vl? l.y a pi-t'd 1 >ii. on the br? a t. to ti e left <t the medial line. ab'Tt ti e cartilage ?f I he third rib le join.dt. the *temum. t p. ii lit ring ths tracks! the aal I bullet. U>? d ct< r dia .. that the .artilage of ?u | ~ae'rat I l.y it, that it hau | a ? d i hi .-ugh thu auteil r margin of th ? I. ?t'bug al'O I trough both Walls of lh> em tuner Xaives and th* U| I. the r.ght anri -leof the, 1 he pe-ri card on: ?aa fi.'l of c'agulntrd No 1. There waslik* wise a rot ids ral !>? qiiaUiity "f bh/Ud f' id I iu r; ? plural raialiis II. ?i uul ** .uffiei-nt to .n-e d... h. ?(n the fx. t* ?? the ra-e. (be Jury found that the ,i ' e.,?. J can ?-1>. his dsath front a pi-tol. ae-i 1. ntally ff'i l wtii. iu tin hand' of Mlchas I llart ' Mr llaith-nrs 'he ri pi talon > I he ii.g a v? ry an iaM* and a ? .1 ly di p. luinan aief n?s. ne appi aged to la in r?-.;i .tela*, the ne |. i ? holy calamity thau Mr II sr. ,,IJ duitng the In* Vf.t gslh I. andtO.I'W his dr.p f. > 1: g nth.' ?aifer, he Ifi.ri.l to give J' I'll for (lie 1 n. fit ofdeeen e.1 s fait y *h. ii.d any mie I - 1. fl d- st! Ute by th- fatal a, eh dir.i I*, was iul . |t?ently asierlni. ?d.< luring the after leap, that the deceased wusamafi f n ? family, aud resided adh a Mr Martin llauingsn. N < ;'ln ('and sfri. t f- r whun Itn-ems Mr fcullyvisge .gas acq. |. ri. r sod aguA l?. e.??. if was x!? f r-y a . al d a i a'.ve ? I !r? i m 1 Th- t ly w is r moved fim ill -tr. to tl..- I our h ward '.tint u-. to , wait I . dir ih n of any r latlv. etaioiil g t1. .? o ii si. At :t v. ?t>u Vhnrsday ev. iitig. nn ahan difiid fefiu'le UiiRi. d tuu ! ? yd. !;\. 'a' > 22 West Ftcsdway altenipn I t" lie-tr-.y Pi-r-.-lfhy taking laiidw oi.n l*r IItils ? r.e was eell.d in wfi adiioli -*.. rv l rr -iorwli*. i.y WM.oh ns ru- life w i p ? rv I Ho next lt.rsiav.eeOn Tl ur I >/ . ven ng. a m .n lu.Rn d John ttlisa |, r. was met iu 'Imut, U sir > t. D "Nr his fly. by a baud of fbiev.s kD-??' ? I ,1 wn. Isea'.i.n *? vef.-|y at.d Ii* ii r> ' i ? >! of y."5 II- '?? f aid in a d?% I io. l o'l n i ml taken ti'th Lv tn Hospital by an iff. I r The rubber- ercapesl uati ? t? t. d. dins fid OIM ?On Thursdaf n 'i a n. tn named The it a* ? Idwfiiy Jed sullenly st iii- reid'oev iu tony fourtli struct, n.-ar filxth av. '.u M air.. - A. i ti.i sit ?-On Thm-day iff. rnncn. about & 0 click. * p uii; wofinn iisni-U t i n Uideapte in th" impt. y <4 Mi-fngey it Townsund. fell fr"m tcie tlitnl -tory ?4 hu lil eg N>. is. Ann street, on the | aveim nt. Sertoli ly hiu.sii g her liead aisd testy and r . iving ai'rrnal inju tis* A lil ire was d athl i.s tss Um,'.| to ller f.sideviee in > rk strovt. Urts-klyu. ?('?*. she lies io a 'afiror. u- .late A.oit si ?'in WiJiii?fty a Ron nam' 1 f.tiri-k I'at while ?t Wetk la a building at the corner >4 ff *?k 1 ti at.d l entte -tret*, was sftti.'k on tie. head wK't a lin k wh . h loll f- in h? -ixlli ?t. .-y v.e*ly frarta'c. it g h ? ikud II. wu* conveyed to the hospital in an In? JM.m shi r.sst.s ?"n Wedri Ivy. tw . r npanies of 1 e 1 hiid B> g'.ibi fit. f llussars r n u ?., ]ed liy I'aptalns . .-it i v.i I ? c tits I turned i.ut In full nbif rrti f,.r par i le .. |: t g through thi several sir. < is tin y axkiolte-l a !.?? .ppisiatiee Captain heeliti' e mppoy jKx.s | tits siefd ? flli e In the f reftm n Th* Itr.-> V.lyn I. ght Guards, n i. srdt 1 by ' aptain i'isfk. w. r>* also nut . t pared.' r I! y. ?? ritn; "it returning born, in the afternoon. ?y ) .. < <1 d rn f;*. an to r'nllmi t' I, .t> I plnytnf l"ii. t,t ine ar d the whole ti.s f* o,..king an at'rae rs ?hc- T' -d .y th* enmpnale* under the command ' I'e| <a:r ? Nnit. ohi rst and 'l in.jin will parade f r I 11. I ?t' r Guards, in d r . m ,rid of r r I I'll c ?* th' New York 1 T. r P' k'-rday th- 2 I ,,,-t f r | .rad* 4 . * .liny th y <v'il v, I, . 1/ ( ?lltary of t?,at pin- .? to Li!. irt i hi ?llf. *?'! xtft 'Iu V l? m- a'Uchcd ?o the . 1' rl. fit* *' ,Mil;i in U'ei' - ? utinan l NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. INTERESTING LEGISLATIVE BUSINESS. Progress of the Senate on the ( anal Bill. PASSAGE OF SETKEAL BILLS BY THE HOl&B. Fatal Aecidents---Bffarine Affairs, dir., *?., A<. NKW VUHK liBBISLATCRB' 81'KCIAL 8 K 88 ION. uy LINE) OKKICK 29 WAIA. STHSlTf? Senate. Albany, June '20,1851. PETITION XKLATIVE TO THE .MIoXATION L?*l. Mr Bellman (whig) presented a memorial lrom Mm. , Whitlock. Jr, Mortimer Livingston, and B>yd aud Hinckcn. agent* for sixteen packet ?hip? stating that, j under the operation of the act of Kkh February, 1824, I they were permitted either to bond, or pay as commu tation for bonding If the bond* were taken, approved sureties were given. Commutations were only giv?n after a careful examination of the passengers, ind then a rum for each passenger, not lean than one dollar, as the Commiwdoner* of the Aims House hhould direct, was to be paid In many case*, after the examination, the Com miriionere fixed the amount ae high a* ten d >lUr*. ^ Neither the city or State are taxej for the support of passengers brought by the vessels of their respective lines The ha?e not, they state, beeu con sulted on the subject of the proposed amendment* to he law Believing that there are radioal defects in the organisation of the law. as at present In force, th-y ask the appointment of a tribunal to collect the infor mation proper for raluta.y action, and that before toe coibn Utee re|M?rt. no action taken in the preinnen The memorial was referted to the Committee on Com merce and Navigation, of which Mr. Williams is j chairman. THE LONli ISLAND RAILROAD. An act was reported to authorise the Brooklyn aud Jamaica It all road to increase their capital atock. THE L'ANAL ENLARGEMENT HIl.L. Th?* Date, in Committee of the Whole, Mr Brown (ami-, .mull, r) of the first district in the chair, passed t l the consideration of the Canal Enlargement bill. The first section, declaring the revenues of the annuls . set apart for the purpose of completing the brie, Black Kiver andOenesee Valley Canals, was adopted.

I'le re was some debate on tile second section, w.i eh prescribes the form aud arrangement of the canal reve Mr 8t vnton uiOTed to amend so as to make the rate of interest 5 lu-tead of 6 per cent, but the committee refuse I j Ti c prescribing particulaily the manner in which the canal revel uesshall be set apart, reaeived uo opposition. the same disposition was made of the 4-h sett'0", which directs ho* the accounts shall be kept, and of the 5th section, which provides for the temporary investment by the Comptroller of moneys received for the sales ol the certificates. The sixth section is as follows:? 1 l.c < anal revenue eertiti-atcs. is?ur,l according to the pro viso.n? of this act, Slial. ho received from any p. rami, or u? s, elate s . f I- r-.'in, f. ruled fi r it." purp no of finikin*. and intending to conduct t unking operation. un.l, r the la,w* 'J1 thu'utl for eirtuUtkng SU. to ta delivered to auk p son or association, ID the same man.., r, ulion the same'. and to the same extent as now p. >vi led t.y aw. in . | to tie put lie stocks issued hy tin. State, and t ic sail ,ern ftrate* may also be received from any i.i*uruuee company, orrauixed in any other Suite, ia . ..mpliancB with a .y la v rcuuirina the deposit of certificates ot alecs, aa security for tl , p.-rt. riiiancc ol the undertakings of such company. Mr llisi of ft proposed to amend, by directing that the bills so issued should have engrave 1 on them " secured by canul revenue certificates, tu whole or in part. a? the case may be. '1 his motion was debated nt length. anJ rtgected. The seventh section prescribe# the regulation* tor the salt, cf the certificates l>y the Comptroller, in the k-oic manner as in the | ublic rt>ck- , 1 the slate ... Mr I'.si (antl canalhr) moved to amend a- follows. ? The certificates shall be - -id at public auction, or by re ceiving sealed proposals there for, to the person or p ,r gon- who will bid or cdJer the highe-t price- therefor. l'Lis motion drew out a debate, involving not ouly tue merits of the amendments, but the subjeet of the resig nation of the tw. ivc Senators a', the la-t ?esslon It was . su.-taiued by Messrs. Stanton. Cook. (J ul b e urtU I Lv< n Hubctck and Jotingon In the course of debat?, one . f the pcnatoi s wb> had resigned, said tint he be the ?m?'udiu?*lit to hv couktituti'?FiH,l. and uu 1 t the constitution the revenue certlfljates. If lscued_ would 1... paid lie admitted aud proclaimed that the stale ot N, w York would never lake money from any man. to be u-?d in the prosecution or advancement of her public work- without fully repaying him There was no repu diation about N?W York, lie hoped the bill w mid be ani' tidi d. so a- to provide that the Slate should get the highest price for til. in A recess was taken till IP M. aHEK.nokn nbsnio*. Tile discussion of the Canal bill was resumed and the COUimiUt e r, fur, d to ?rder the reveuue celtificates to bo sold by nuctl-u. The lllh section is as follows;? Tu- Csnal Board ?hall, from ysar to yeir. until otherwlM dire t-d ty act of the legislature. adiu.t the rate, of t d1 oa all articles tr.i,. i "?t? d en the ? anals of thH SUU, in an >n miuMf as is their judgment will produce the gr-atv.l I tuiount of tr?U? *n?i r?v*?u?. . . . . I vr IWikMo clferid tbf following im^ndm^nt. which vv U?, but tb* riunniittvo th 'U^bt it w >?t pro pt*r to c< n?t' iu hft?*r tb?* 13<h motl? >n.? 8?'tio? 11. A I4 at th? Hid of tlili wtlon th? w..f4f ? ?? but id ??f bny failure <?t reveuu* fr>?m th? r^ualt. r jr r., del., icu. y ?f crops, nr br. ache. In or dm iMr? to, tb? cltiill, or Df?y Other r%\|4??, th? St*t .hall, in R. extent, be liable t; makeup anv , re>* nut*' or t'- r? d??W th?? ?*an?l rrvenuo r?frtin, .it*"* in any other manner then out of the .urplue revenues of the cansle uf ll e btate. dire, ted by the ptovUieus ol this act tu be ap ''mt r'antos. (antl-eataiier.) moved toad 1 the foil .w Alter pijin* frintiptl and interest ,.f the canal r ve nts c, rti .eat. ., Utu-d by xirtne of this a t, and after peyinr t'e-eeeral auiount. pr-xid. d by the ?,,??tituti n tn be ap i.lied tv the extiiigai.hmeat of t:^ eaadl debt, an 1 the y ne ral Innd di lit. and b r th- necessary expense, ot the govern ment till re .hull, therefore, be levied npuu pr o-rty 'rso< ported * n the canal.of the Stat-, o? m r* r higher t 11. ti an shall annually t roduc an amount snricient to pay tha annual ? s|?ns. ??( coile.tios the said tol l, sup-rint-ndin* the said canals, and keepln* tha .am. in r.pair, and f . pay the treasury ia ea. h year iu,li suui a. may b. re imrei to dsfiav the necessary hps usee ..f th ? pNvernn.ent, as pr? vi?l,d ia sectioned, afii.'.e 7th. in tha c .nst'tutioa, Thu c- minutes- rsfil'td III- last ami udnieal >! n gtANioN then D|, V.d In add tlia following:-" But t "hts g. iag fr. in tld. water ahall, when trail.; ? r'in* < Iti.. r I re i - .t or pua.aag. r?, be . xnmpt tro.u the piy uieut of tell .n any ?nd all the eaLal. of the slate. Tide was also l-st Mr Bali oi a. (whig) ' lb red the following, which wis ad',I ted : S. tl.ii * In this net shall be deem-d to ? 1 et la any man ner the | ? ?er <t the l.??. ?lst are ti alt. r. r-du, .. "f Hl?t ? the rsymcat at ?t>y t?H? ??> the Mate on pro|e:rty trao? ?o rod on any roils ad In this dtktc. The ScLats* tk' n atl;. uru> ,1 A nacmtil)'? A: SAW, June 1851. Prays r by R?v. Mr f< Ikirh. in, a. siiiso or an i.a An a. t to ine vp.rsts the foct-tj f-r ths Relief of D ?* lllutc f'blldrvn '4 i'a--ed All art t<> all.end the eel hi-T|. ? rating lbs Orphan Asylum.- ciety ia tha rlty of Br ,?ljn, l'a-ed At, net in relation tojlhe i,flie rs of highway lest Anartt rtb" r-lhl of to- tru?l of tu? Sir >ug p|?e. Baptist " Uurch, IB Br.ehijIS. Pa-' d I An art tt awe 1.4 the Ile.iss-4 glatUtex reUUv. t th d . I er ?- of :ns? lv. nt leht. rs Pa , .| An .i t l< it r-ase th# i-w-rs of the |. | utf c -ll.e t> i . of t, xs ".in the city <f New Y. rk l'a? ? ,1 An a< ? tu r?b tioa li the duties of .-up Tin;- .id'-ots of the px .T Tablsd. a i ,. SN?D ' ?> S Til t ?t N|x,v Mr J B. %I I-I. I offered a r. ..into n thst wl. n ths ai'a til ii it be ttil Monday m>ruing Ado plod by ?ato 4?? . , . jir v.d t" reeon- der tip.>n which ad-ens. ei<>ii eu-ui u afi?r "ii.ih. th- <|U< -;ion was taaeu aud lis*(,lf Mtu U IMtPt, rt:*i 'Net n. atixe I- INI.D. Ati art to nibj.,1 r.llsili de'i.s "*ing to n .it-reel deals to taxati n I'aestd. Ati a> t to author re th- tupervlsor .4 the city an 1 gout'? of N. w t ork I" raise m-to y -y tax i'as vd. A .. urnedtlll M- nday _ IHnvtmnft of Seerefary Corwtn. It. . ?i n. June A). lVil M ? I, >rn by telegraph fr m Ituuklik. thit tl> II m Th< ma- i ocwtn arrtv.dat tint plsre la-t night fr ,tn New \ ? fk aod left, ou b ard the sleauo r x(u. eu City. 1-r Ciet vlagjd _ ___ ltollrftttis Movrmtat In Cixnatfa. " Tosinm. Jnuel' l?l TV .? vli'af if the free t'hu .ft Congregation tl I lii 1 atoi t|,e'.-yi.od of th- I ailol ? hurt h have s-verally eotu mt in thvov , f seralarixing tli- cl-rgy r.-erv-e whi. lt ate softh t<ihtoVn Th- We-l-yan Mrth li-t <>?n f. ret.i e has denounced the existing distrihulioti ot th ? e 1 i lergy re-* rvr. but is ail-iit on I h- subj.wt of seculag.i t ti?n V\ ltlt<lea\eal from the I'rntratnnt F.|?lae'0|>.iI 1 hnn hi i 1*1 J0n? 'JO, 1H61 Tha !?? t B I' Al|cllMII. a <JtilinfWtah?d mlnirter <4 thf lr>>li')tut (,|n.-ci |?l Chvrrh. h*-. In ? Miff of ro?.*|i|. ril '<? latp'h t-> Hi h p M llrainp. withdrawn frein ili" n in try of that rburrh Hp aj 4 h< hp|irrr? tt.< rhtitrb n< ? <1 tefnnuatlon. but Iha" ?Sip a in not l> - re-fotinrd pful I. nut t lli-raf f r I rui fT .m her. M hp tabMt giro hl? loflupiico to Vital hr rrianl' alnnlb ftmtaity wrt.t'g Ilia otijee-i|i tin arp l a- I priii. ip illy ui'n iln It'.nn It tPB?lpi.?"y "f thp rhurob It i? not Mated what c< nomination |??rp> ww oonn'Wtlbg kin -i If aitb, but !><' leane toward a l'n -l.ytprtanmm The Ntilriin lartrylngfarlyi ,\ . W i >n ? . . .1UI1P I.I IA.ll. 11a r< fi hup ' Utter Ilutia arrived at Vara ( rut. on tin rt." Iiot I re in TrbuuMytc, bringing A portion of tlM> turr< ying party. Keilotia II nil remit Veetelrnt. It e i e11 e Jurp 10 I'M T1 rmll ltd." f r Buffalo, thi morning ran otera It r ?? r.i tr tit - [>? " p. throwitig ??? ? y <? ir i if th tra ?, e. tot bti'lly brnal o* '? 'Bginr lite .u with ain? either- * a- ? e r te.Ur 1/ tPjDf* 'I Iti?|ie r t leeei eit Mghlhuaen. It payor ?. Ian? It 1 fi.. t' a eti nn ? r Ktitir.ii r ha* i'lrd t Me p. rt with th'ft p?t j fijfiiiteJ t. loppi f||'i" i.ghytm.-'e i K ram Boa ton. LETTE* FROM PRESIDENT Fit.I.MORE TO THE t-F-OIl" I-ATl'RB?JENNY UltD?THRER WOMEN BURNED TO DEATH?HI KG1.ARIK.N, ETC. Bo?tov, June 20, ISM. President Fillmore * latter to the Legislative Com mittee, In reply to an invitation to visit the State, was read yesterday The Preeident declines, from the same reasons stated In hit letter to the C-ommon Council. Jenny Llnd's second concert in the Tremont Temple, thie evening, passed off brllllautly. livery Heat waM oc cUJ'ii d aud the heat war intense. In North Qrotnn. Mass , on the 13th ln?t , the wife and two duugbtirs of Mr. Amiable, cabinet maker, were burned to death The ratuHtrophe wan caused by the upsetting a pot of varnish over the fire, which couiiuu nicatid with their clothing Butglars are again beginning their vlllanie.s In this vicinity. Stores iu Milk and Broad streets, aud alHO in Dorchester and South Abingdon, were broken into last night, and considerable property sttlen. Several ar rests were made this morning The store of Mr. K. Perkins together with the tavern and stables of J. Lufkiu. Jr.. the shop of Merer*. Pierce A ('lark, were destroyed by fire In Essex last evening. Loan *4.000. Lou of the Brig Delhi. Philadblthia, June 20. 1"51. The brig Delhi, from Trinidad fur Philadelphia, (with a cargo of molasses.) which war ashore at Fenwick Island, and war got off ou Tuesday, was ngaiu driven ashore by a heavy gale ou Wednesday, and her hull is so much injured that the wreckerH have given her up as a t< tul loss. The greater part of her cargo has been laud ed on the beach The ^vessel was insured in the in the Globe ( Aire. Baltimore, for $0 (00. aud in Wallstrect for $13 <>00 on vessel and cargo, which will cover the lose. Ship on Fire. Cl<AMI.KSTON. Jl'NE 10. 18.ll. The ship Lone Stur . of Portland, Maiue, from New Orleans. for Philadelphia, is burning off Cherleston bar, and it is suppi ->d she will be totally destroyed. Arrested on a t'linrge of Robbing Bellows' Kiprtu. Hi rrALO, June 'if). Ik51. Mr Norris. of the firm of J 11 Denhum A Co.. fruit and oysttr dealers, was this morning arrested on suspi cion of having been eonrernej iu tlie robbery of $tl iOO froui Bellows' el press It appears the truuk containing tlie funds was lelt in the store of Dunham A Co. a day and night previous to the fl i. covery of the robliey, aul the reiiiunnts of the bills were found in the stove in which Norris had just made a tire. Circumstances ire strong against him and he lias been committed to jail for further examination. lie wus for some time r n nected with the Morse telegraph in this city, aud has borne an irreproachable character. Interesting Southern Items. Haltiwokk June. 20.1151, One mail from the South has arrived, but the late-i is Still due The dry weather I* doing considerable injury to the Virginia tobacco crop. Tlie steuraer CalhouD, ffora New York, was spoken off Charleston bar. on Monday, bound for Savannah The BaUinmt Cwn'y Jackautiian has raised the Biirtninaii tlag. lb* Hiv Daniel M'Jilton, an aged Baltimore mission ary, died last night. Murine Aflulra. Fiiobi Pasiaue ok im: Sieami k Pacific to Pahavh.? Thin vessi I. formerly plying between this city mid Cha. pres. Ac . ha* mad" a rapital run to Panama, having ac< ? uij'lUhrd the distance between New York and that port in 50 tailing days, the ehorle-t time, we belleTe. the trip was ever made in Sh" stopped at Bahla. Monte video, Talcahuano. and l'ayta. and made the pit--ape through the Mraits in 34 hours, without anchoring or atoj ping her engine, and during the prevalence of a thick snow storm Captain llailey says his vessel is in good order, ai d would sail again with passengers for San Franc iaoo on the 15th June She arrived at Panama Mhv !th. Arrivals of DUttMifntahed Persons. Atuitg the passengers by the Spanish war steamer Pi.arro. at this port, yesteiday. were Count Viliiiieuva and lady. Col. Piniila* and Secret..ry. Sen. Carillr, Col. Pssejn and family, and Post Cuptain Anneno. of the f-parish army, all of wh> m have Liken rooms at the Cliu t' n Ilet' 1 Majsr Central ffw l and Ceneral flarland are also in tin city, the former en rente for Washington. Court of (Teneral Nruloni. Pi fore the Keeorder and Aldermen Haws and Miller. .It m 'Jo ?Sentence of (Mstgjvt Ki(Uu% Pier Zrthrknhn ? Frederic Oberg. wb" was tried and convicted of man slaughter in the fourth degree, in killing the first mate of the kw dish ship Thel is, was this morning sentenced to the l't nil' nllary for four mouths THR FOR RCKUPK. TUB 6 Kl.AT FIRE I Si CALIFORNIA?MA1I.X BY THE STRAMSMIF PACIFIC. The Ameriean mail steamship Pacific. Caftain Nye. will leave this port at noon to-day, for Livarpo .1, Il.r mails will close at ball-past ten o'clock this morning. The N> w Ycsk U? S4LX. printed in French and Kngli-h will he published at half-pit-t U o'closk. this morning? 1 price sixpence, in wrapper* ready for mailing. Its contents will embrace in addition to th" uti-celUneous ' news of the week, the full details of the recent great fires in San Francisco and Stockton, California. Single copies of the H?*aii> can be obtained at the following places in Kurope :? Ed* ards, Bandford A Co. ,N* . 2 t'olurnl is fluMinev I.'pool. R Isli rntray N*<' J oka street, A drip ,i. Lsadst. Ed* arns. landlord A Co N". 17 Carahlll, London. B. 11. Knoll.. Ms. 1.'Plari d? la 4"urs?, Fans. Advertisements, as well as subscriptions, will reach us if left at the above places. Crind Sunday Kxrnrilon ?The Splendid stenimr FT. NICHOLAS makes an excursion to-nnrro*. (huuua, ). to Ni wturfth nnd West Point, ton. '.in/ *t th- in termediate larding*. lin e nf leaving Chambers street | it r at half paat 7 u'tieck, A. M. See advert is.-meat. Sunday Ti l|i ?The Titos. B. Ilttlac mnkei her asuat trip t ia?rr> w t > Sins 8'"*. Use rstra*. R lend lake, si <t tl>r tntrru" dlate plseet. |. ..tins Chambers street pur ?' haif past 7 A. M, fete the adi< rtlseiueut in ?aothtr " lullllr. lie lltilitfill Kxcur*luii* to Cedar Orovr, ft sttn I .land ?This um iaslled summer let >rt B'ld wat -uig I'll" e. .- tow "pen in all it. I ? auty en 1 attrx tione, and the fa ?rit? rt'tmar, KOF< ll lIKO, vill cratn' ii ? hef r*-/ul?r trll " ' a ttoday, Xil I, stent '? and ? r>j"y the tplsasid ?si' d< ?. u the lay, and the deb,httul a tnsgrevs a fiords. ____________ Musical Tnlnn Pluiiofortra, Af.-l rrtuta W' rtl > <lti' sea' lien if all Invars ? I inu-io. ka* hesu | it .r> tpriiKL la Hilars. Jnceljra Jk * >'? ?. wl as "hj.. t is in est lid the MBi hit "( Ihe fiuil'iias feaecilttaa for Ih* di tr - 1 I ute n to Turns. lit this plan, .njr ?.ne ? an I t v swat r' t a ealnatI iat.". hy maklnr a .mail i . n'.hl/ ... mi at, an' in nay who now him t heir iastnment ran sat - t " r Met ry, aj payfaa a si'i'ilar in t.tlil' amount fsr a splru'li'i I'lai.' ? I o h. at a " rtaia ti ne, mil he ti" it' ? i. 1 re t a lar p?) mri t is $3 per a aih and the n .ni hat of Si r ?rVS is lin it'd M lit'. 1' ? tnl itfrh si'l il us on S.t.r dst. lltl'st. II. instriini' i.ts will k< f'lriit'h-I dirr-'t fn ru-nteral "f the ?rl| lb".a and hash atsaufa t rt . in tie it,, fuhei ril'rs el ? ?* tlitlf iaslm i ills. If tr ' 'Igitrsaai'tr'klinti hu * i ia, snd ? a ?. n t 1*11 t" I? i ? is tl r | | ular noirn.T t f tiu day. II . iI r I". >>i ? ? n I ?.* N? S. will lr optnt'1 aa d-isJay. AM ia. t. ? I - 0- ' ' P | ."> v I. ? III he 't i ? I OA M?N'l*y. 23d iasi. MB< t d-t Headway. Lsfst.-i Ilnldln i u;iV..i. Jtu ELI N A itwr viv. A Rare ( lisi re.?Hn M -tnl-iy next, at I I " < l"rk at lie l't .ant I . hih..\ II 'I f' ? ill " II at!.?"! n. i lar, r ni Ml her of Aeslra hie build in/ > ?? in Il.r appt r part "I ti.a < tty. ?letin Ktrw, A tit I Ion?r i.?I,r jilt it it sod Fas.' M. ?","t> t" IsU'S h ' ? slry, and < ""!? y M k" sr. wul s? II oa Psterds, ) "runs, Jaa< .l.atll o'ei " a, at tl" I'lrin n r??n>f.M7 aad .<7 Mr"?d*at. ? r r t Hiiitr Street, a rar* aad aalaahle reH?' tl"8 of tnl Paiotia's?AA r,<r< dll yl) rn aad r" li r Is ? i!" ' i n t I ui I' i nil ore jur' re' i> d lr- m Fur |r. trrln lin - hnr I id i|?"; i<n or. ? si w I I I i-h S'T. ; I. ttl- C> ? r. ; Istltal Ptadir- A'. AI , t" i? ra paint lag* ia ri-"i lr ?t t s, I > (.I Hi' n, < tr i, A . ' ? tiirr with si h , ari> t * I frsn ?d I' rr?, Ins*, at t> r I ?tl ?. Ijii dseer. ' is it le. it ? r ? II. Wlikir, It. me. Atth-s in< time nil! ??'d a P t aiPtrnl i siinr pier* ( l"n le hsrre ) ta a it*', witb |" w ?'? r f s?l s. I ' t 11.? ?, . a d all th- psr* l- r A ant's si i tu/ Also I ?r urj l-ige and super' p **r r?, -,iih r- 'y carved frames ?ioe hoard, insttr- *s- ?. aisftil. I p 1st; s. A,. ILt [tiat.i..s ar a* a on sshltiti .t, at th< saiea rn in. The Lrtnt f-'lght.? \lsariitati and Ormelejr, 1 . Ntssai' strr't, . rait ?' \?a. htve r f'lrrd. ky t r hi ,. rs, on ? jtrs tap! .y of II'It's l.ilc la Mat* a. < >at ,ia* lop II ? 'its lit* sin flay' sad lt'iaelly, i nd Hi gius aad l.rscy si i tl'? hasl oi tin Pght he 1 a .a Taat 1'arki i and Barf n he or ampy. ( nni.liy mereltnrita and autall trader* In the < it> . wlsl.iag t' t il ap i "lr rt? ? k "? iafecy dr-.? of stop I? dry p? its. ? ill htid im "t the hirt as.oitnirati ia Nea V? st 11111 Hi mi K A I.EA I'Ht VTER h ..17 Hmad a ay. > ? r i ' r i.? < nird str" t, wb> re they eaa ?? Isdt say I', Id n i, <4>-irr. wht'J ? r s plaiaand 'heap, it rich sad o>.n.v art" It. sud esn ret snj i|iianttty they rirh. trota a -insl' c r ? | sttrra, a). sad that "htsla a fall fash" n > 1.1 Btitl> Wsy art rtmeaf. wlth'nt ths teprn** or hssart ?f a heavy ?t"vk llitrh" ek A l.'adl isl r, *47 H red * ay, oorarr ?f Lei i srd street. MIL a Reduced In I'rli e.? Iistnre lire Is At Co. hs,r yrdatrd th* pri'ts of ti-lr ppriay end Pamiacf kilks. I sfryt s. Jlarnarf*. Mm ? .us F'ntards, Cali'< rs, Maii IIIIi s. thesis. I r> ach I tnl rt'lderiet. Lares, A ? , I " low oust. I.sdiei will *ad sot! e treat I., r.-'ins at Ifs'i Br'ad, ay. f antIIla* ?1 lie attention nf our Lstly friends t* rent" ateil to a m'rt ? stetiiive ssle of I'sri* M?o tlllss, fri'intlt IB'|'it'd uad'r i ? > iliar i m uui-t i" " ) ? t lli'!|ib's I ii> | ti m. ..'I llr'Sdasy. Ms aadi r-iii.<i tliey ar* ef the m vt ffepherchr h md, and sslling aausnally ebt sp. Bee advertir i it ? nt ia aaother <. lumn. KIrcniit Fiertcli Urlital Card* anil Rnvr I'tts -i he sal k ni tr aiuld re-pertfally e*ll|h? attrntioa I I rli'i n usirivy s mr" ire truly tl'/tnl ea this ilDpnfs fiis I vautifnl style* *1 Bridtl Cal V! pes, Snd JFtdiliae !???*. in the latest nird*. tat > 'r, aad Ehl.HI/EI.I. Hroadsay, ci r ot In aat si r>" t. Dputtttri nt j pea In till, tty Win. If. ftnltrr. t,. I ' tnlt ,k a tie n al I'tiaerr-aa iiallery. S" A'.l l.e ?4 t. J l . n. * dtseevery sh* aid I r teen ta fea t pptei i i'?l. > nulblng lie n nf 111< I'I lie tsfraFnii Oa? rrt ? ?) |*s," tak> * nly rt M. A A B R ?? t s t.vlh r, '1 r.dw.ii, ?< rr. ? r Irvnki.a ? r ? t. :>r*' ? Imit- I It ail *< r e ft nt' 'n .'fees* of ? pri r n s* a ell a. f of Ire i, P'" hr.lca.Wf ?r d '? ? ep " ' ( I* f""l 11. p*' t r I ) > ? * ., ' '.'at' Iroi ? pat-alt d. I !"?*? -til at. I I sua (lad C fomd a good place to get my H?t*. ??>? a gentleman te bU friend the ether day; it ie oi Preeiuaa, ef the t'bion Hat Store, Ml Fulton etreet, between William and Gold streets. He make* hie hat* throughout, and of oonree can **11 theaiwr than hie neighbors. If y?o are goiug to buy a hat, give Llm a call. Vow will bad him at home. Wood, the Matter, hat removed to Ho .IT* Droadaey. No. 3 Nlblo'e Garden, where he is prepared to enceee the <1 >ine of thoueht with the m >et stylish tlat or Cap In vogue, at the raaet reasonable prior. Thankful fur part patronage, a eentiauance doubly ie. Our friende, cue* turners, had other*, pleeee notice our addreee. A hard kiioela for one of Knox's Hattwi. men hunt doing business in Maiden lane, while engaged in getting in u caek of hardware weighing over 1,100 pounds, accidentally dropped hie hit, oue of Kaog'e. over which the caek remorselessly rolled. A shocking bad epeeimcn of head gear (.resented itself of cotiree, tut to the eurpriee ot every one present, when it wee pressed into shape not the. slightest vestige of injury was |wrreptihle; in fact it had sustained none. Knoa has at his store, ISi Fulton street, the nauic of the merchant, where those who doubt the truth of this mervellous ?' hat story" cun learn it, and at the same time select one of bis beautiful Summer Hate, the inimitable Kocky Mountain Heaver. Rock)* Mountain Beavers?If yon wtah a list that is light and easy to the head, try oue of W. P. David's Kocky Moiintalu Drah Heavers and Tolt lists. They ar? pronounced the most beautiful hat y< t introduced to the public. <'all and examine them and judge for yourself, at W. P. DA Vi D'S, ?01 Broadway, near Duanc street. So Idlgtit, Cool and Airy lit Appearance, Es*" penscheid ? Kuoky Mountain. Silvery Heaver Hats, are the cynosure of all e>es. the very aim of perfection iu the highest t-ranet of his profession Though unapproachable for stylo* taste and teauty, he sell* them for but $1; and can scarce* ly uuet the demand for thein. so popular are they. ESPKNStliEl D, 107 Nassau street, cor. of Ann. Sliver Beaveriu-Mcallo, flatter, 410 Broad* M ay, corner of Canal street, has a magniti eut assortment ??i Silver Beaxer Hats: aleo. a great and grind variety of Pana mas. Ftraws, etc , forg?ntl*men and children. Ho is one of the test Latter* in the United States. Cicnlvt1! ranainatii.-Thf stock of mow? whit* ^Panamas, fur geutkinen and boys, iust opened at. (lenin's, conif rehemU the finest and most delicate fabrics of* this class he has ever had the pleasure of offering to hit friends and the public. (iKN IV, 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. Fine, uarm wrnlhrr will bring out Sum mer Hats: and the bet place that we know ot to get a eplen did Drab Beaver, Trench beaver, French Caster, or novo? the \ar?ouh styles in vogue, is at the 11 it Finisher's (Jmon. No. 11 Park row, wher?* cv. ry article turned out is known to be right. \ It ?T1 ih ii trie only genuine uni >n in t iie city. Remember, No. 11 Park row, opposite the Astor llou-e. Hcnd, read, read, and then attest the truth ?t it, that those out i rice, one quality, gentlemen's Summer Hats introduced by J. m klu-art. ?74 Broadway, are the most beautiful, tasty, and becoming hats of the season. And why should tl < V u> t be? fur everything that goes to mike a bat so is combined in them. Their beautiful color, elcgint stylo, and excellent material, make them th. admired ot all admirers of beaut v and fashion. In price, they are cheaper than the cheapest; sud in other qualities, as gooi ai the best. All a^k is, tl ?? public to examine rid vie have no fears but they will merit their decided approbation. Gentlemen h KurnlHlilngM of every klndt such ah silk, 11? u and merino Undershirts and Drawers, t ravak, silk, t/ read an i Kid Glores. Pocket Handkerchiefs; Ac. mav >e ol,tained at HITCHCOCK A LEA!) BEATER'S. ."17 Broadway, corner Leonard street, at much,* lower rates than at gentlemen's furnishing stores. A splendid stock of ladies' Ur< ss goods also, always on hand there. Security n^nlnnt Dlmppolnt uncut*?We don't heMtat' to hk? tnat gentkmeu desiring Shirts or other und?r garment*. tin t shall tit w ithont a wrinkle, and be all that the im >t fastidious man of fashion can d?dre, shonld open negotiation* at. once with our friend (JHtRN, ot the well knuWk Furnishing Establishment, No. 1 Astor House. Persona emulous at ii|>|>nurliii; In society T.ilo,rn.-XMu: r7'l,'d',dt.h?* '? B Cl.rke. Merchant i "?r. 11 j ? illiart make, tn ordern v-ry Ituc black Lrr?'r-r,k,''fr"D,' v** k ''?p1' fruck Cuikt, $u; * * Ht *, >10, other gtitmcntn in proportion. The Zephyr Ciide-rKnriiieiit? to I* had at i"lt ^ ''?* "M Bow.ry, .re ...ft a< Ml.. iUt a. c..??m?r Bool a. one could ilr ira, an.I will ; , "nd Tl,7 are a aafeyu.rd Iron, ,udd?" chilli, and tilt very ar'lelc for tlii. eaaaoa cl the >>;?r. Common irn.? tell, its that to he sure of *e ,"u,t *" ,ho n*.H'*f?etirer el it. .7 U. " I'o ' 1,1 >k"' n" lli,i ?*n Hoot., a a. I if nil. ,!i .''i 'n *, t!'?.t wUI ,,ve ?*tiafaalina, >"C !iH^ H I ! Hi. price, are < juality con udered) lower at any other [ late in the eity. Elegant Shoe 37f and* gVu" iff '."I!rt a"J, atoek of Shoe. Am. -i, . ill I- V "d fentlenien. to he found id srss&.X;v?; irj^txissiuitst (nil lii I'aN.|.i|r._\Ve do not iir^c anyone to bav on our r?. ii.n,eudati..n; are merely adrlse. a, a m at ter of inrioMt. . Jnat to ?e? how cheap the l.e.t irtlolea ran an j l l'.Al'w/"" ' '? *?l?hruto.l cheap :i?,,t. Shoe, .nd (.niter fetor., II Ann i-treet. and il JoVKS dota But at jou chcnpcr tlmti any oi*?* tl?e, wr* will | ay forfait. Bootmaker.' I'nton, M* !*,.*??? Miett.. ( liner. and atranyera art *n.| .nmin. the M ? r ' *,d **'""? eBerel lor .ale at the Bootmaker. I uiou, S3 atraet. Bool, and Shoe-*?The ilani. ,t pi lure In th. .-ity to ye-, k -I II " u. Shoe., Gai??r.. Sli| jo r., fc.- I. Mr. t"" At til "r " B -"t and Shoe Emporium. IVI Fulton f l.. i *-t"l"'r-uni '. k> he found the l.ryeit a??. rt loett in thi. illy of any .tyle to be thou/fit of. V B? tle'l. iV" T "? Xaittra, a new. .ml ha.diemear V..e t'o Undi'rTr't* " ?*"???* " ??? World's Knlr?Vl.lter* to the World's r:ir"'?v't"' ?ubaerlhcr'aateek of lir.HI?r ki. a |V *r' . r' nntl u.cfnl artlel. of the kind Bi.nul.etnred. containin. all that I. noe-a.ary for ta* toilet of the Binei faatidleaa. SAl'N I.EHil, 1*7 Broadway ecrner of Lib. rty at . a.d i?7 Broadway. r atway. Comb Fnrfory, 3M7 Bron.lta-ay l.ndlee mm r;r,?fu.v> ,bt'vid "? th'* ??>"'<>? ?? uetio? r>r... ( omha, the ?ari. |y la. heyond all douht, the yn.nte.tln the k i'i''S'' n* 'P 1 """* heaotiful open wrk in ahell a.e buffalo horn. C- ml., repaired and to order A. k J. UUNDIRS, A Large I.nt of lleiaiianta of KnirlUh Three ply aed lnyr.ii < or p. tine from 7 to .HI yard, each Willi. t'i.altard.'f'l*^ f n't-! !*.' A \ Ilk K U.N 'S, ? yard F.-r ( 11 ( I. tl.a, oaa te two . ar-l. w rl - 'U ...i Mr'<Tr ' '' C*rp,U' U ' ? Tfaiilleri -Jnit rendy, i% flevteeet and rat'i-o- . . .altera Hill n eater n Stltee: Cinrda .N'.ya. iM n. and M'Pi.r ua twrt, l#ni.. nr y,, ? InliiM rcif iV^rt ,i,! fh* Nu'tfl"n?Kl kic, rw Trnvtlirr ? I". *' B *''? ."J-uthert. aad H -ter.i fr.vellor a Gui I., * ' AlTLETGN k Co., An Broadway, Oil Suiidiiy Inat tee had tlae tiUaenre off' pal tl-11 .tiny In . truly dellyhlfnl >o?r<l..ii to tin, I-oulyol t.i; ,,.o ,| Stratt n C rt. oU ri'uhln? Bay I I a tlcturi ..jut . e.|,ery of the Suinl. dotted will, i.louda anf ifeeonntry inl .nd, with fin. .,l|,!end f,r<o l?nL, t,n. i reere. aiv ,,, 11 win-there. ar? a anBelent rT?tifi.-tli .. it."/ tl ' ? >t?. and need no pr.i?* Vn oil rtn ?ie of ihe n ? V . "r " " ? "M,' '/* 'Th' ? tfajST wai In I .r a lone a.. u jdeaoant that ?? h?Ve U|B,J ^ , ,,'r' "" Mr Fhaimer.ore I. r # r ? f i th# | r< |.ri* tor cf tM# %illv*r a . I w. SrH'r ? W iV, ' " '?-r th.lrp-,li.,?,? and aea n^\\nXTmitk'wwi^u Stnve II. .In- ?re rraj***r*|ly tnvttewl to.. r.v.'e*r.";- f,??!rif .an h, ?..d - -o.rli'h .1 .o .e'r.hToo^T"'- " ' kind In market ABKNOkUTII. Bti'.irtl 'ks * ' 117 ll'ei -iaa atrect. h*??!0,,'"r " 'eU ","!r ?? the t>... v:.rfr""1 """i"*t. tori, the ? , i , "Sj I'm'" lil.tkly witlieat d'a. 1 at lh.*lon'. IL.',,. e tl '' .J !* '???pBed, erawld, for it. etl. . ,?i "l-? Maaafaotory, ijp Br-.adeay. la ?? e.iy a.,.1 . mm ry hy orally. ' a "if* Wlga^Ualehal,., ', ' ? dr?ryiat. and p-rfru,.,!. a in uw? ao-tuy! Ifnlr rij'e.?I It., n, |*M l.lqnl.f llalr Ore. a m m . a , M. #* "* * * hll? Ao Kffii A literal ?i?:ouat i- th" trade '? 1 "*> ?s ttBU mnU ,hm T. . .mew,. r? 11|?' }'?, ?r-"?t. '", ?t the la.t lair i . y ?an hr..?^ ri a"r? . Hmr l.r. F, r,1. J i. fT?a,.IrVr,':'" --| V,1 Calitr, ,f !?'. M r ta a .? ? t l ktitify #f the nn,r ft# ??? ,.# iL-i^ff.'1 **# ?wth *?.c ?. t.An. n.k afd r1^,K HHd \i ffft.a |e,?l..l lamtV a " cl.iUrta. Hold ^1 tJf. V, Btf r u wMa^tly 0?fri?M. ir. Ir.t. a .ire.?. i /J, iak,!?. ' V ,TT w Ji-tkh-a. ( lark X ?. W II! Oaywy'jy i^tKhAtV^r' I?r. Jamra H. t hlltnn, the moat erlahrm 7 w*.1 u" "lat-a. ha, had .-harya of |>. arJSlt^Al. " "-?'-nfaetery for nw fe then a rmr' a. yii. ,TP. s"i'Ao,w7iid>iri7r.7,^v.7^7vu1 l"*;* M .1 ?!?,.?,-In New york. h/h '' '"/"l-paf. SWhiruad, Beat d<- r to tl.e I.e.cum Theatra? leuadon, llfalt'a f.lfi- Halonm?Thl- Rlirnmein e O.-r.r At tl,. r . ... o| I, ..m' ? ,1* * tad t.en nffli. ted w..|, thi, dr, a.ifnf ii?'. f'hB !'nVd?* wn. duriay that I i i'if tt , . . ! ha hi. limb, and )? Iop ..VJnl.ree .'To ^ ?'?<? r. -m . o lilt in audit. . tl.einlew . ? J'lm ttaeir aatnrnl h. ...Iitl.rly,, i, fain, who h I,, endur-d. different I n d, , r^, .. il *r. S. has lakea ofUia m. r. tkan ? ... .-A . ..I , e\n3i'?i' "* tendance of r. r-, , .. . ?, ? and a? ?t t-'ru.rvl t oniil iVr V kJ '''.1 fr"? ???* I'd. wt.i. | la fr... , r,,i, IV. a/taia am* wed to Ma tin l.f" - Ml. rreat r li f" It 11 M" Bn'nwm I n?if\ pain. ! rt ,a ? I. i I!" mnfa fttknid the r naturul ,Bd di.ll^ured |oir,l.te> ? Mr ^ manner. ?? an. tt.y i, Il ? . ?aii,,r" klyy, and I tfr Italiaai ah? h " ? ?.- ml.? X,"P*>*af oft',. Ian,, nenratyia"a< e. fwlk k'-r rheum ,t .Vtala. idmt 1., and e I >,> . A ?' ?H-ea?a. wl?a. a. d ,>roi r ..and .? I. ! . ,'e I. . ???ery. h'tweaw Crnn-t A.-r.t 'of btoekl) i ?r IIml.i,'. /.'"A ' m,'?. 1'fl-Ulc". 5 allva .treet, 7- cawtff

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