Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JA.VE!) t.UHlHlV li ??: N V KT'I, PROPRIETOR AND EDITOR. orrin w. w corns* op fulton and Nassau bts. Volume XVI .Ho. 175 AMtr.ilMC.NTS THIS EVENING. tAfttJl GARDEN?ITALIAN OPERA-Kn*Ai?r. U(i WERY THZATU, Bswery? SmAatiaA ?Miluar a*i? 11m Slu. BR 'ADS'AY Til EAT KK, Bn-aJvay <L * MaimcR Cai.l. WIBlO'8 GARDEN Bmnlwar-T"X,rM ihts* A?i? Jras-ui-K'""'*1 i-k Diasi.c Ii-alias Rah. ?xn?. ViTHiNlL THEATRE. ChathAm atre?t?SruutNT or ( Moi AlX?J > J?W-I>Otl CUM DtSAAAM. SBOroMAM'R LYCEUM. Br-.?lw*r-Bi.oOMirs-Lot Tk, , lic?AT-m? tk" or thi Fmx.*. raaiPTY t MINSTRELS. Moohanina Hall, ?2 Broadway -BTMiOriAW MisrrsieiJiv. rEI.'AtWS? MINSTRELS. Ptllowi' Musical Hall, No. AM B oadwajp?EtHioriAM Mimstrbosv. AMERICAN MUSK I M. iniist PittiOBWAwces A nanoor a?i> Evasuwg. - S?w lark, WtiliirMliy, Jane 45, 1HS1. Telra;ru|>l>l(' "ninmiiry - Pasaafe of the Cam ill Bill In the Senate?The Lancaster Conven tion. Ac, Wo lave, by telegraph from Halifax, the an Bouuccmitit the Europa has arrived at that jiert fr -iu Liverpool. The intelligence is three day* later than that received by the Arctic. Cut ton has advanced one-eighth of a penny on the pound, and sales have been very fair. I his news will be received with mu"h pleasure on this sido of the water, where the former accounts have created some unpleasant apprehensions in commercial circles. The long agony is over respecting the Canal En ' large men t b 11, for it was passed by the Senate yes terday, by a considerable majority. The particu lar" i f the vote will be found under the telegraphic hi ad, in another part of (bis day's paper. Now that the subject has been pretty effectually disposed of, , ire Look for au early aiijourruneut of the Legisla ture. for it is not reasonable to suppose that fiur , dollars a day will tempt the members to remain in ; sis-ion, when no particular business is before them, durir g this warm weather. This bill having been |m.--??iJ. the public in ly expect an immense 'ju iotity of favoritism and corruption displayed in the grant ing of contract* under it. Nuinorouseortraotorson the Erie Railroad 2nd their occupations gone by tlie completion of tbat work, and wo venture to cay that inary of tbem will, by hook or by crook, mintage to transfer their implements of ?v ?k to the canal enlargement, and make something out of , the nme, or ten, or i levin millions of dollars lb it I are to beexpen led upon it. The Pennsylvania Whig State Convention as- | m tabled yesterday at Lancaster, and, as appears by our despatch, nominatel Governor Johns to a, by act lamaiion, as the wl ig candidate for re-election to the office of GoYernor of the State. A number ?f r-sdution* wore passed, breathing a protec tive tariff, and denouueing the tariff a;t of ISM. , They aJ.?o recommend the nomina ion of General Skott for tho Presidency, while tli y compliment ' Prcmdtnt Fillmore for bis adherence to whig prin- ? ?iples. After the adjournment of the convention Govaiuor Johnston delivered an a 1 dress in front of 1 the which elicited considerable enthusiasm. We loam from Washington ;Uat the enormous quantity of roar hundred thousand deal letters have been received in Washington from California. TLi?-accounts for the six or eight hun Ircd thousand disappointments whih have been experienced within the last year or two, by people in the \t Jantie Mates, who wrote those letters, and the ' oeople of the Empire Mate of the Pacific, to whom they were address* d. lllgh Tariff Nonsense?The Herald and the Tribune. The abolition whig organ of this city?the Trt- \ bitiu?took occasion yesterday. In a long, foggy and jumbl d up article on the protection po licy, without head, or body, or tail, or anything else, to make sn assertion concerning the Xiu> York I Hn i'ld, which is as wide of the mark, and of the real facts of the case, as it could well be It said? 1>MTtwtw -Rd ui Abe cpuntry to the ctp r rountn-s i tRtn*. ?nd cities railroad anil c inal companies, arc en- I {hyd in i-suiny certificate" if debt; and so long as Jtwivp* "hall continue to receive them In exchange fir vu Hens sloth- -ilka and railr ?d inn?so long a* w? can eat and drink and wear with' ut the necesdty for other lab r than is required for engraving. and printing. I and signing bond.??< long will the amount of ru-Mom* | d?li> * t-e larger and it l< to the pr- ? -nt facility of ?Hinc Un re bonds that the present -tat- of the rev.-nue is da*-. I The ability of tlis national tn-a?ury to w.-at the demands I ?fain it is brtcmirit every hour mora and mon d-p. nl- | ant ui t upon the condition "f thing- at hums but up ?n kfce nu'TstnrnLs of etuek gambler. abroad This, however. j b a consideration as carefully kapt "Ut of view by the Three. as it is by tba S?w York PoO. and HrralA and Journal rf Cnmn r<It. all of which systematic tlly avoid noticing the fart that our consumption of many of thr most important necemarie* of lift- dimiui-h's as our di-bt Imnm* A s far m the Hrrahl id concerned, wc deny the im putation thus cn.-t upon it, and can refer to our flies, from the time of the first i me of our paper to the present, in refutation of the charge. Mo far from the Umiht concealing su<-h facte, it hue always been ?ur way to direct the attention of the public to the evil cffiots of creating loans abroad, in causing in' Cation, overtrading, and rpceuiation at homo, and eventually revulsion, bankrupt-y and ruin to the commercial interest. As to the long rigmarole in the Tribute about the aeeci>i<ity of a protective tarilT, it is all nooscnae The high duty theory has been abandoned years ago. It has bceome olmolete, and there is no'tates ain of any standing who would at the present day hav? the temerity, ?r would ri?k his fair fame and ?eputation, by advocat ng a return to it on the part ?f the I'nitcd States, on the ground that it would be b< reficial to the people at large, and iwi I to the wealth of the country. The whole subject has oeen a<> often disco** d that all that eouid be said upon 1, lit* b< n raid, and the verdict ha* been rcndir ed, that bowmever profitable it m*y he to manufao tarer*, high tariffs aet Injuriously .on the people And if any attempt be made by the whig party, through < be induct ee of the manufaetur. re of the 1% utern States, t<> make high tariff a question in the I're idential election of neit year, it will, as ?ure as the "m rises in the east, be not only wholly without eff<?t, but wiil react disastrously on ttaa*. party er years to come None but arguments <>f the 'hareoter of the TrUmtw'? article, of a very foggy, contracted and ob*cure ? haraoter, can be adduced ia favor of the high protective system. Babk AaoMrqot. I'm an* PlJSAJaciKaa. ? Wc continue, to-day, our report of the jud.cntl examination of the financial ope rati mi at Horde Toie fdmrr is the richest sit. -e the opening of the I'laibCtld district, 1 or eight or ten years past, there fir Racial labyrinths have been buiii in several quarters, going up at first under the financial eye of tlorts V beach. commonly known a< he ' l.itUe Riddle'" of his sge. During this period, the public have been gulled out of about a million of dollar?, and the originators, sideis and abottors of th' "e swindles t ,?ve escaped detection, and even tbs ?1 gl.t< rt ,riri "ligation that could b" < f any u?e to wardscut n g the etidr ofjii'tice. Meveral indict ments Lnve been found, at v?r < us time", in New Jerny. Pete lyhania, and Muryland ; but, till th ? Morri- own investigation was un iTt'ikcn, all th ? faccn s ale have < heated the public in financiering ?iper?tions. have g ? off clesr. with th" people's money to bo-1 in Pennsylvania, justice eons mewed a ?ovemer? 1 he I.*f isimure made a re fort, bet, by h'>?.k r by . ro ,k. i' never w .< pri tfc ?d. as other rrportt ar-, u t ,,ig tangible ever "vi a r1 v ?tool j !g- i fit iwb ? , . | l'iguv<, iiowi t ft If at. fled i i I .* ? 11 v evern iMir r se-1 i -will find in o i . nt 'immunity, sooner <>r later, a spirit that '? 11 ? ward their m sdeeds; and the proper time has bow i 1 rived for the grand juries and petit juries, in all districts where Flu in tie Id operations have triumph ed, to take hold of those who have cheated the community out of hundreds and thousands of dol lars, nu i affix the brand upon every one wh> has earned the disgraceful distinction. Place, power, wealth?nothing, should make the retreat of rascals acred. * TltE Sl.IEV EGaWMH.N PHILOSOPHERS and HaYTI.? We publish n our columns, to-day, a letter ad dressed by Mr Benjamin E. Green, the late agent of the I'nitcd States government, to the editors <>t the Tnbuiu, in which the errors of those philosophers und their Slievegawinon intelligence, are duly no" tioed and corrected. This is precisely what might have been expected; and if ull the nonsense on llaytien affairs which appears in the socialist jour_ nul, should be subjected to investigation and cor. rection, the task would never bo at an cud. The fact is, that the socialist philosophers and interpreters of Slievcgummon news, are ready, at the beck and call of certain commercial houses in Boston and this city, to publish anything that may elevate the hopes of ?oulou()ue, otherwise entitled | Faustin the F rst. It is the purpose of these specu | lators to deceive the Emperor?to make him think . that the Americun people are inclined to view with ! pleasure his plan for subjugating the Dominicans j to his government, as we 11 as to receive his ageuts here on a diplomatic footing. The interest which 1 ^oulouque's bankers and commercial agents in the North have to make purchases for the ilayticu go vernment, and, of course, to hundle the funds of the Emperor, is the prime cause of the very curious iu elligence?more language as falsehoods?which emanates from Boston fre fjtiently, and sometimes from commercial houses iu this city; and it is ijuite time that ail these attempts at imposition, whether designed to deceive Sou loi'.gueor the American public, should be terminat ed. For a couple of yeais, the payment of the in demnity due from llayti to the United States, has been staved off by these commercial speculators; and, not contented with this exertion of their in. ! fluence, they are cow upheld by fabrications wuich the Slicvi gammon philosophers are busy in ex* i. ing and aiaasi ing. Mr. Benjamin hi. Green wry p roperly chows of what material these literary cox combs frame their extraordinary intelligence. It is well that they are unmasked. DisTi.vori iiED ttrangeks i> Tii ; City.? V few diiys ago, the Count Yillcneura, from Havana, with his lady, and several Spanish officers, arrived in this city, and tcok lodgings at tie Clinton Hotel It is tLo purpose of the Count to proceed from this city to Europe, and finally to ar rive in Spain. Count Yillcncuva is a native of Cuba, and by his talents nr.d energy has risen to tire first grade of wealth and re-pectability? his mind with singular succe a to the financial affairs of the go vernment. His la go intelligence, for the lu?t ?juaiter of a century, has been of great service to Cuba, and he has done much in introducing to bis countrymen tho.?e great mechanl *al inventions, an i material improvements, which have had so great an effect upon Europe and the United states. The introduction of the steam engine an 1 railroads into Cuba, was owing to his sagacity and fore sight; and, to aua onablc extent, he has entertain ed tbc principles of free trade as the foundation of an enlightened public policy. Auii 1st the changes and revolutions of the la-t twenty five years in Cuba, it is nc? the least commend ible fa.-t in the Cour.t Yil'eteuTa's history, that his integrity and financial Ulent, coupled with energy and zeal, Lave kept him in his distinguished office. He has now resigned it; and the office of IrtftwLutt, or Sec retary. so ably tilled for so many years by the Count, will be con-'gued to the hands of another? the Count, probably, retiring to Fpain, where he will devote his loyalty to the tauten ill person, at Madrid?hereafter to be his for a co aside- I ruble period. Another distinguished stranger in the city, is ?enorC*lderou de la Barca. lie has bosn accredit- I ed from the Court of Spain to this country, for seieral years. Few foreign ministers hare enjoyed for so long a time as he, such a measure of popu- : luiity with the people and the officers of our go vernment. lie is higl iy distinguished for his lite- ' rsry taste and researches into ?pinish literature, and is, we believe, u descendant from the great Spai.i.-h author, the immortal t alderon. J*oure recent ae tounts have stated that he is about to re. tire, and that ? lonrales Prat o has received an ap pointment iu his plate. This is, we think, a pre niHture announcement, and fcas been contradi;ted. It is quite po?siblc, however, that such an event mey take place, for fritauuh politic* are of a fluc tuating character, anil the issues are uucettain. < 'ur city authorities haie shown, hitherto?much to their credit?a disposition to extend the hospi talities of the Corporation to distinguished foreign er?; and we would suggest that, as we have uow Mich eminent tn< n from >pain among us, the wishes of <ocifty. at.d of oureounnercialeire.les. would only be ' arried out by extending to both these distin guish'd ?trang>rs the attentions to which their tunny merit* entitle thcur, not le-s than the emi nent positions which they hi v.- held under thcjr K? vernaient. lti ?? now Bra m n* ?We have rem ivnl. by the arri val of the brig ."wan full filia of the lUr.aada llrrald. the Rrrmudiat anil the Royal Gastl't. to the 12th The Itrrmudum of the 11th. aaya ? The American brig Pw?n f'nptain Pi?rre now lying at ete i f the ?. harm rn this port ami appointed to sail for >? w fork tomorrow morning ha- on >- *r-l the large.t cargo of Bermuda vegetables that has ever be, n shipped fr- n> the-e nUrds In one s<?el. The following i* a li?t tb-reif ? 1 I'm barrel* potatoes Th5 Lorwls on I mo 10n0 Ibe onions In beskcts and hunches .'>60 botes Pimtbe* And. in addilioa to tbe above vegetables, the follow, ing ? 14 half-beTTrIs arrow rno*. 24 keg- do JQ boxes do huntit. two ?isy? tic Vw in was ret iring tbcargo i n hoard the >n m- < n the ? Im 1 and in the har?c>f waa quite animated and sheering Carts fr-igh'ed with the t.< u.trg pr- ? ore of the ?o|| were arrivlti'.' every hour at tie thtrf fri m the eastern Mid southern parts of the n untr . a? ) beats, lalon to thetr gunwales, from the * t. rn ;.>?? !.??, crowded a.nugside of the tine brig t> d fba.fte their rsrtmes ft w .? a gladdening sight to every feetati hut partler>arly totho-e who are eon vitrei that t 'ure I,a* 1 i ined Bermuda to become, f ritliot vi -.nib' f i" -yjiar the fruit and v. ge. t itle ?nrde.-i f. tb# wrai'ny -ea b ,ard cities ,t the IMfid Matv-it America The pota' e- j f tilts r*?* ?? In pro luctlvcn ??. e. n slils r?it *o b? wi'houtap ri'.elin th- annals of derma d an cu't ivstii i Th. . . '?> several In-tsnees ojf planters rvsp ng flftvs n t s- vst.'. ? n bmheU fi m one lm h?l of sua ami t?n bu tie! ft on one of seed may he lu ntt n erl as a er.n.n < n ? ecurreri-e The quality of the crop Is wry i upertrr. and the 'tily regret Is that a larg?r q .un til j nf -ia i| hsd not tx sn plan'ed 'I hi w l.ouner Mi-d n. Capt.nn -njlth Is now lying at tbe wharf, ready fbt "?? literally rranun d. Mh d<?? * aid h'Id wi'b potatoes and tomator* deetine-l f. r the p?rt rf ItsIttmorr Wtr- lb-- capacity of the Med ra tl r ? ?? what it i*. there would be no lv-n of produce of tl i de rrljtim to oecupv t t'nfortunately. there la in im here other convey an ?? here ready to I r Weed tl the I i.iti d Mates Nut Davs Lavs* ra*as Brnvos As*> > ?By an arrival at I?' t o advlees from Buenos AyTes to the 7th nit have h,< n received The /frt'tVi I'm of tbe ZA l? the | 'atv-'t paper that bas reached u* Tl at paper **j a ? We uad< rsthi.d that si* or seven ??**? bad arrlv?d at Ci rrl> ntc? fn m Paraguay, ivtth cargo*- ofy-rbi A l.ut had b? 11 detsined hy the govi rasnent of (nrrienti s. six tit -orb t n.i- a-* it. r ul,l re 11 ve orders from the general government with feepvet to tb*m The latest new- fi> m I araguay v.: Itlo Janeiro repre. ' M that province III a ?t ! ? of -,.?t agnation bon .f i tletly living nsfiectid of plotting villi the Hungarian | si it islands r < f the f reo*. again t the government of lepi r hid I., n imprison d and hi* acei'tiiplbw ordered to ?|iiit the reusilry. lint the lattvr im i-ure had not b- u ! car. ud intcig?'t onacci ont of the di-ioutent aus-ing I the trci pa f ,- Assrs Miaavv. May 2.?Dili>ot? t'nltcd i'Utoa, p< r df'tibi"'si dli conn1 p e a Ki*i or ?-II it< i f r N tim-ica Jha 21 Ihs . M a S.V d nf all staki, 6ti a . 2 T ? -upptle-fTons tbertv?r? are again taUisriff I'he pa'cefa that aritv? ar? leiught up im invd i.Uly Th- a.ioli s'.? coa>|aue without ree,using i rattle siid fn in the wie.ftniaty if get'il g tliesn in will i <4 snUr lait'i as s erg i?rm nts ev.-n on lli? m"?t lib- ral t' mis No st' < I < I lot .| hides on hand I M-t ales? (in t.i ard - I ?r and holt Iron. Very abnn Haul I. fail I.'-op em. sh. M 4 ?. i'F: * iU abun ' int. rv p.. fv<t The Mat* Bank at M*rrla. TRIAL OK TUB DIKBCTORS KOK CONSKIKACV TO 1>K I HAL'U THE HTOCBHOLDERS. M??ia CiMcfiT Corer. Moaairrows, N. J., June 23. Before Judge Ogden. The Stutt uf Sew J-reey ve. Ducid Saiulf r mhi, Laiuhrrt Nuitvn. H'uliem Thoriipotnt. Samuel S. Duty Ju\r\J\ Culler, in il Jural' if King, for Cvneyuacy to Defraud the Stack hvtde*I of the Stale hank at Mun i*. HKCUNLI Dt(?WTUMOOfl Sf.SSIOX. The Court resumed at half past 2 o'clock H. M Ephiaim Marsh sworn ?I wits in the eity of New York on the 30th of October. 1M0; 1 saw there Mr. Sauderson Col. Thompson aud Lambert Norton, at the Merchants' Hotel, I hud conversation with them, hoard them con vert* together ou the subject of the ditticullics of the State Bank at Morris; I think there was a placard on the subject of the State Bank at Morris; it was there in the possession kf Mr Sandersou and Mr Norton; in about half ail hour ufUr Col. Thompson came and they pre sented it to hiui; I think the plueard was to the effect that the 8tate Bank at Morris had tailed, and cautioning people against taking their bills; this was in the fore noon; something was said about coming in the afternoon train; I came myself in Unit train; Col. Thompson was in it; the train arrived. I should think, not far frotn 6 o'clock; it was not before tl. nor later than 7 o'clock: I thick it was said by some of them that they supposed the death i f Elard Karle was the cause of it, and there was si me difficulty about the money of the bank he had Iu his possessii n. M illiani N Wood sworn ?1 was one of the receWer* of the Mate Bank at Morris; I took charge bet.ween the tlrst and eigLth Ni venita-r; the document handed to me Is an iuveator.y of the nscts of the bank; it is dated 13th April 18.'0; the amount is <!? 198 85; I have u m-merau dum of the bills presented; the total amount of the bills and debts against the bank is <>17 S03; there wj< a draft of <848 50 claimed by V. O. Burdett there were two drafts of K. A Thompson, one for <2.672 81. the other for <2 173 73. on Loinberl Norton the President aud en dorsed by hlu; Jason King L Co.. $13; O W.King <12 32; cluiui of Benjamin Olds. <44 21; engraver's bill. <7'*l 81; Edward Condit. <47 07; I believe that is all the debts except the hills; 1 fcave realised from the as si t. up to this time, from <10 0(0 to <12.C0O. In cluding the Imr.king house. sold I".>r <0.200 to David San derson. about <2000 have bceureceived from the inveu ti ry; the hanktng house was uioitguged for <5 500. when it came into the hands of the reeeiveis; that was can celled by a settlement with the receivers; <1H 7S5 of Stis (jtiehunnuh hills can e into the hands of the receivers; s< ld some of them to the broki is. and got ten cents in the dt liar for tin m; some were sold about six mouths, aud some uot longer than three months; we have tried to realise all we could from the assets; 1 have never seen E. A. Tbompsi n Cross-examined.?VI the claims presented wire nut all< wed by the receivers; a claim of <3.375, pri st cted by ree. .vers in the suit against the representatives of K*rt?. v.a- not allowed; I calf d at the American Exchange Bat k. and learned that they hail <4 6i o of the lolls of the Male Bank at Morris and they held ill-J the drifts nfJB. A I lien.peon, of which 1 have already spoken; th- y w. re attached by the Morris County Hank. and. as I under itis J. sold: John Cornell presented el lims for bills to the aiusunt of <3341: the President of the American Ba il argo Bank when I call's] ou him said the bills were tl in and the drafts were there, and the 8ta'? Bank at M. rrisowed the Amerirau Exchange Hank <4<s'; it was so<n sfter the bank failed that the attach m-nt was 1 relight; there is <2 260 of goo 1 inon.y in the hands if the ri eeivi rs i f Carle's ? state, elaiini d by the receivers of the State Bank at Morris. Mr l'er.uington?I want to understand the witness about these hau nts. Attorney (leueral-If yen und-rtsko to unlerstATl what they do in New York und-r the new rode. you will uiiC'iUli, a task greater than I should like toe.iooun ti r. (l.iuighter ) They attach all manner of things there You had better let the nistteralone. Ira C. M hittln ai examined ? I am one of the rtveiv trs of the State Bank st Mt.rns; the paper handed to u e is the Inventory of the assets of the Statu llink at Slorrie; the tir.-t page contains nil the avnilsblassets. ? >.CI pt the l.unkii e house and the furniture; the am 'tint rt ri. h fi lind is <347; we supposed, at the that th j oisf - ofE A. Thompson were good fur noth og; we have naotad oiucthii g for them; t. ok notes and drafts of Ihcmp'on to Cincinnati, end agreed to give them up if SI A Brsdlry and Thompson would return <42 003 of the hills of th. StaLe Bank at Morris and pay <12jeach? fi'nj in all: they d.4 pay the <250 bat only returned <.P10U0 ot the bill.-; the PhvuixBiuk was Bradley . hank, a mere pi ivate concern; one dralt f r j 15 .Odd on Bradley, and cue dratt of <10.0(4) on the 1'henix B mk; Th > np gi n ullee and th" 1'henix Benk were in the same had l ii g. they acre not in (lie same room, but (hey were next dt or tllosrs of laughter ) The 1'henix Bank was not ingc dirid t, vie Jel.v rcd the tvi notes to Mr. ."bin (h rsi n. from which his endorsement was erased. The State called upon the crfendants to pr duc- the r.'tis Counsel on the other side objected. The State if.erxd to | reduce e.i pies, when th- def. n ltn(s at length produced the notes, and the wltr- n identified fh-m The name was not utterly e;a.?ed. I.ut crossed with the p% n so ? that it could be read, and underneath was a n.interar.dutn by Edward T Thompson, stating that the erasure was done 1 y order of the b< urd Crofs-i xsrelnefl ?These note! were delivered to the defendant. Sanderson, in pursuance of a compromise of two fbnneery suits ln-tituted l.y the receivers, one against Condit Pcofieldnnd Dayton, and the oilier again-t lloty and barderson. onthe 3d day of January l>v-<t. it was di'in ly order of the Coui t made en th- 1-t day of Janu ary; we insisted in our bill that there v?- fraud in eras it g the endorsements; the ground on which the notes ?i rt given up in th- chancery suit. was. that if w- were entitled to the stock, he was entitled to the notes. R| i x..mined?The arrange;n. i;t was Julge Condi held I be rotes of E A Thompson ar 1 ttand-.-'fon and L'oty, to the amount of <5.700 and the mortgage wa giv% ii to secure gauders'm aud Lb.ty from that note Condit gave op bis note, aud fianderson and Doty gave up the mortgage and rander-on agreed to make up to the ri reivers <7.6X0. including what the bunking house brought, bardirsnu bought, it for <i? AS). 8 N M ood it! examined?Me received in a><?i?, I!? UC 85; Ihi re is due fr'iii Mr Sanderson, who is gosi, <(C0 and intere t; there D a siniill s un in Mr M'illiam son e bands; tin- total is about <10.000 we off-red to take <1X00 for the drafts of K A Thompson; we found a Urge amount of office notes ou baud, many old and new; we destroyed <37.14/0 of new ones, we gave notice to the creditors to bring in their claims; the circulation was about <75(00. including that received from Cincinnati; I mi an all the lulls < f the bank that were ont. ? Hull, publisher of a paper, was examined to prove the directors names, hut the evidence was objected to. and the btate then fell bark on the lesika of the hank, which proved it. though in no one place w. re the names all ti getter The Utile here Rated. Mr Penringte n then opened the de'ence He aaid the crime with which hi* rerpcctable client* were charged, would render tlicm ?? infanmu.* a* that of which Bayton waa convicted. iticapaei :aling them a* wit neaaea In a court of juatice. and making them liahle to incarceration in the {Hate pri. nn It waa a crime of the highrrt moral turpitude But it wan not profed? there wa? no pioof of conapiracy. The coun-el for defence would oCer no teatimony. unlaw a? to character. It waa i nly by the meet diatort* d iufen ncea and by a foregone con<-luaion. that any man eouhl pronounce the defend ant* guilty < I the crime laid to their charge Bamucl Keynolda Henry Hill*rd. Iter Dr. Meier, l.i wia Mtlla. Judge Yanotden Win N.Wood, Mr fan field. Aaron Bufciay. laaoe II Williaiiiaoii. ? KlWer. Captain Hal). Mr. Ilartwell Mr. George llrowne. and Kogene Iicwdy gave the defendant*. Col Thump-on. Dr. Doty. Mr Fande ram. and Mr King e*cetlent character*, Mr l'ennlngton then oQered a number of certificate* ?f character for Norton cbleSy from clergymu in Al bany. but they were objected to by the Attorney Uene ml and the Court held that that were nnteridoaou. Mr 1'ct.ningtOD atill preaeej the certific ate* Tl.e tttoruey G? oeral raid he knew n< thing almut the Way th<we certiftcatee Were obtain) d nor whether they were get nine. if they wi re ever to authentic they w ml J Oct he eviderier Mr Pennington laid that acme of them had the a*al of the nc-taiy public attached, to prore that tiny were f o mne Attorney General?That make* no difference; I cannot aland bete In my public capacity and |? milt th- m to be received a* e?id? wee. tVnrt? It ie itum ce?-?ry to dltcu'* tin matter further I hare to let known an of MflUkatM le ing re Ultc d a- iritle tee The de'ence here rented. The Attorney (J. total then ?nmnxd up to th<-foll?w Ir g i fleet ?Hi laid the indictment charged a c-napi-?cy upon el* gen'l>n?n to dc*troy and cra-e the eacor*, ti< i>l cf Mf. lathi handeraon one of tlicd t-nianta That the t had dot ? the act there waa i. t a pwrtKle of dc uhl The alegle giwation wan wbch-r they did It w th the it u lit to dclraud ! Me rrln d up'-ti the Brat and hiith t< ant a of the >n<J ment the m .re being de ficiiii ID || rm Ctuoeel then proci ageij t> read there re.ui.ta and in ecmii g to the Wurta ?? por-??n* of etil Be toe at d fame he t> Id the cuty n-)t t' ? Hid thatIt wa'a all etirpln age and r'glnare le (Laugh., r | II- Wa? ?c try to f e it etc-r put mtc an mdlotaaeut but *m l? w*a t) e K rm of eata! I-h? d precede nt Tin- ;ury had now bcftie th<ui grnthuten wh .ae eharar'?r? were unitn p-acl.ahlt up I -th- p.ntc laid in the Indietiixri' c buffed with a ci t ?p r,.cy ti I fraud. They we r Mect'Tr i f a lark l"V.'tt f.y oi i'ghart A 1h :np n a plan-tble man ft < tii l . r-cio ne 11 and a totnl ?ttange-t them -the lle-ident. Lambert Norton, and llarr.y Dug ton. the eaahb-r. hawing rn that tlie bank had a b ma le each eap.tal 'f 4?M o, aid It baring h-rn r. rgaai/cd and put into tij-ra' n on the il?t of Augu-t Norton and Car.derrott aid Villi m Thnumenn. three of the dp feud ant w?r> in Dow York ou lhn UBth of <)et tor (mowing It ??< In ? r,deuce that th? y had awn placard* of the failar<- of th. hauk that day In th c ty 1'WO if th?ni -?t ff imw lintely for M-r en t,y H). pteae. not w*,t|t g f..r the criming tfUl ? Tlx y cited a mcctic j if the Ward 'f Wtcelnh an lt? .? . charged in tin It diet ment w*a wndonhfc dly I ne and neat day they d? ciarc c. t be bank failed fix eMuitri tf tkl ? ndOlM no lite > f hi.ixl- r*on w.r - deta I by the Wilneea. i JwatdT The U p on lie bad ? word t y about thU witur-* It w?? true that he wa? t ? Witn?-a of the Hate > ut he ? a? m fht.m ihc n> ? ? ictti < t'.i ta*o and Ma tc -tin otiy did IX ' at! t d In all fc ? ('? <"?' IHn th at of a wift.i-iwba w* mi imp.i' atcd in *h< traaaaetioua W> which he te?tilled A y-a a a.iiary h ? I (..? i r-.ted I t h at ly the defendant' ami the r> ,'t? r fu?e d to allow hint a iriaty f-1 aerticea he h?d ix rer | rformed Thla war on* tl the clrcnm-taoe?- thn* -e. > | a frau Introt on in ' he w hole matter Tf e fi-ato li-iw ? rir tb'nght a- 1 h< mpr- ti arwe return' I o a wittera hy tie flleri'l J i ry lit y won d e* limit" Mm Theae | g< nth ineti | Ihc U thiir hank In th" betn I' < f a foreigner, * h< f ut f*i 1 it in n Ptj' qtiebai nab -n ttey, anei wh'-n that ft'tindaf hn ff'il d tiny g'-* aiar - i, a' I aelnptod tl i-nntf I e* g'ttirg out of the tin I l.ty Tbegflega Hon on He c.'ier de t? thai Be nd-- i ri i t >, entia npe n tl "eenrify of atoek t ,? -t.etk war rater ttarialMt'd arm that tlx r ? h rocetred no ci n- ?]< rii'lt n I ttt eontd the jii",- in the na' ire of tt'li I ? i.i t e H.i t (he ' i.t -r at w 1 ty ?' ? I, I ttim?i"Bfr nd of hi* own hut H ? di.' rtt ? -?** H ftbat a dark apot iMlt-iui'l BW A gc and h. Uft it to the jury to pronounce upon it acoordlng to tlif dictate* oi their oou*ai?nce?. _ . .1 W PouUr wan then called to gi*? ? character 11 Mr hiu?-I may a* ?'H mention to th? Comrt that Mr Pinter ia the tail of Ur. Norton, but that, I do not ',u^ wuul.l inttoeiice hi* testimony. Mr. Ponler, being *woru. deposed a* fo.low .Inn Mr Nortou for tlittw months that he wan he i, ipeeial rt Broun to inquire into hi* eharaeter. a ad I thluk it U bo. d a.- far a* I could sac, be -as a truly Christian, uinua man; 1 knew Uim more a* a religious inau than iu any >ther capacity; he waa a teacher iu my Sabbath flohnnl Miid attended prayer meeting* The Attorn* y tleneral here rote to interrupt the *Xf4ini* n.tu u HeVid this was no evidence I^?cuUr acts rnnnot Ih$ ffifen The wltnee* knew Mr Norton oiuy three month*, and Norton might hare Ken play lug th hVnwriteeil the time, in order the better to carry out the operation laid in the indictment* agaiu*t him ThTiVurt ruled that particular acts were not .du.i*^ We ill evidence, and thut the testimony a* to character W AUoVnfyXucral to witness-Were you Indemnified ^tu^Not'uWuX'Ueertme security. The Court then adjourned till Tuesday morning. i ninii pav?Tfsauav. jrer'a-i. ... . Thi ? morning the Court sat at half-part 9 o clock, and the jury were address, d in two able Mr I r. licehuvs. n and the other from the lla.. MilUr?in lavor ef the defendants, when the court ad iourned ut one o'clock for dinner. A foil report of ibis day's proceedings to-morrow. Tho trial will, probably, terminate to-day_ . Therei is a uulIv r nil unprtssion of the innocence of King, Doty, ami Col. Cutler. City IiitclllKcncc* DRf TRt'CTlTE V IKE? AHOf T FOR TV-FIVE HORDES About half-past thre."'o*Z'k yester^y aftwrnoon a fire broke out in one of the hay lofts of Cornell St Tur Jv, Vu., riipmr oi' Seventh avenue and lliirty

ni'liib -tr.'. l. Bti.l b. '?re lbs isisss eo"l. bs sub-lusd l^ssriSww .rsjssffis ?S^jM^sar ^ sr.. s h. ?p ?t ruins. Tbs l"M is esuswls.1 st sbout SiOMili T-isI Inrursncs $18,000. >u rsn-.u, Wa is thi? e tv f ifty horses were on the second floors of tie buildings when the Are occurred, and the flame* iPr' -jd so laoidly that it was impossible to save them. Ouly four v . re brought down, and It was impossible for the moorietor* to say. last evening, whether these escaped Lrilot 'I lu r. wen- on the lower doors between nixty .event v horse, all of which were lot loose, and e. old be een galloping through the different streets in .1 nunc r r> .rt" 1 the city. A block of wooden bull lings adj.uuhg ?d*? destroyed. They were occupied by \\" Ilinburn. M-.-es Hyer. !-auiu.l Dccou and nv.rut .ii. r i vivale famili." Hepburn kept a boarding bouse, a his l" S is '" ut $1000 Insured in the Bowery C r.i Company fr $600. All the other parties euw tnimiT ctdifideriiUe loss, none of whom were Insured. Tile budding.. nibr.cir.g three houses was a <o insured. ' It is believed the lire Is til- work of an incmdiary AeoTiirn Viai: ?About s"V<n o'clock last evening, a fire occurr. d in ft -mall -egar -tore, in Oran.l " 1 mil'w Fire. t. It was extinguished, occasioiun0 bu. trilling demag". Till CALAMITY |W ClIKK.V STKKKT.?CoKoMI.H *Inh"KST. -Yesterday Coroner Oecr held thi inquest on the boui.- >f the two children, Dora Mackevoy, and Mi .1 H nunlBf, the former aged 13 y ars ?nd the M..r-. who came to their deaths by a br. ach taking i U re '.11 the side wall of the building, owned by ll< tl. i .V ltrolber. No. 107 Cherry ?tre, t. Whereby a large tuan tity of cheat was forced into the rear yard of N .1 . ,1.10th. ring the tvo children before aid1 could be pro em. d 1 be children, it seems, w. re at -,t the time as was al 0 another one, but luck iy for t it l? 11' r the was m ar tin basement wind.e.r. and the velo i Vf tb. giaiu the child into the basement 11 ir hired A veiy intelligent jury .vasempiun. l the witnets evaiufm d was"Mr Jan. * T St-vonson. who -e* forth the dimenfions nf the building in qu.-stIon ? Hi e.aed It; 1 It was 20 feet front by ti') d' ep. die lied iiito lu bins, tin outer wallwas 12Inches. au?.l 'a:' pa'- - tl. t walls k inches buildinit W feet high, and the wrtl. 1 all through, w. re braced with iron alienors, i 1 The v. ur bin. holding about 3.000 hn W I No 10. sr.d the ..pp. site tin on thcsou.n idewas empty. Tl ?? lartitioQ vail gave v:iy about k feet fr;>m tb? b ? - t. m 1.1 d the Ft.nt weight . I grain forcing itself agiiust the . nl. r wall, t.u iil the br-uoh, end tho brick* aud .tain f II with gnat repidity nit > the rear yard, wh . th. n wen- st play, and Wore they could escape lb. a w. re cover.d up bv the win at and *ulfooati-d. ,\lr'Tin 110. n Cri - , builder, testltie-1 that he saw the wn'.ls during the process of erection, and .^.l tl,, in built strong enough for the porpT*? in.1"' , 1 H w?s also shown 1* f?re the jury, that the end where ' the I r. arh took place bad settl. d down and the wall 10 thai .1 rt. in eu!o,uene.- there f was seen to be crack ed wbich evidently rendered that part weak, and tend to hasten the full and thereby caUre the loss Uvea t is above mentioned. 7 he jury, after a tew br-M^uurks bv 1 lie Coroner, on the lact*. tendered the foil 'W-ng v r dkt:?"That the death of the children. Dora Mackevoy ( ?iiul hliia Flcmming. was caused by le-lng suff?rated in the w ht at. that r. 11 into the yard, rear ot No ltf, Cherry Ftr> et and that the building at the time of its . ti. 11 was supposed to have been doue iu ft substantial manner; atd f$cn? the testimony given, no blame could | be attached to tbs owaer* th.reof. I Cr, ... bt.0, or Sr. JoH*eDBV-Ths24thofJune lwine a day -.l ualiy -et apart by the order of I-res and Accented Ms soli* to c.lebiate. In commemoration cf fh.Tr' ration" aint it ?u so rtnwrved bv a A-Ove dinner st the hey st* m> corner of Chry-tle and D'y,io"' lr.1. .. . 1 \irtNt?r Ut-nrv C. Atwocxl unt'Ttino <1 tut i m'mber- ? f the fraternity and the whole affair wa* com , ducte 1 ill admirable order. Among the guests "cfH th pLt .nd present grand officers of the (Irsnd l;?dg" "[ meeting f the order since Its eonsolidstlon. and the 'Trt spirit of harmony and pleasantry prevailed, each M-eniing happy to meet his brother with that fra ten al feeling characteristic of the anci< nt order Assoc cries,-The corner stone of a new hall lor the use of this aswa iation. wa* laid yesterday vriikir *troet l?etween the lb.wery aud fhrytle str?-t. 1 with /r^ "er.m.ny The president and secretary of tVe s.cietv with Several of the n.emla-rs, www present The cit-V paper*, morning and evening, wl.h .vwd eoins were fDcbie.-d In an iron box. and plac-d in the foundation of tb? building ?Lc-t evening the Canadian iMnroInt Pe.rlrty of 1st .John the llapti-t celebrated their third anniTi nary. by a public dinner in Tammany Hull ? lli tween one thousand ami twelve hundred Canadians, adherents of the ?auie order, have male arrangements to visit N< w York on the fourth of July. They will be re teivnl by their brethren in thi? city, to whom they are to pre'ett a splendid banner. Tm? Piiswia Noani A n i a n ? ? This Vessel left Tier No 8, North River, at 2 o'clock yesterday, for Pau i'lan ciroo. We Pa no ma A large crowd of people were praaedt, towitneaa hi r departure, and considerable unpleiiaint ft ? Unit* wi re manifested against the hi earner and all ein m ct?u with her in cnnaei|iienee of her failure to proceed t< <;?!*? ly arer.rdina to MMMMMlnt She w.-nt out rairytt>K neither freight nor passengers. and is to take lier-tation on tha Pacific aide in connection with tha Yaid< rbilt Mm Tin Pi m vi i a Or sine, of Itrooklyn. under command of Captain Irnac Pehuyler, and accompanied by Oenrge M hit?orth'? City P*nd. pa-"*d the finaU dlee yeater day afternoon on their fir-t annual p*ra<le They were dri ?-ed In white flannel 'hlrts with red -ilk facings blue cape and blark pant*, b und with red The company numberi d thirty tnen and made a fine dieplay. Pi a ?t H"o*i ?* ? <?n Monday night, a tier nun woman, nam* d Ilea*, about ti yeara of age war found Wondering in the itieet with a small fluid in her arm< 9t?e waa una! le to tell whe i e she r?~ided and she teemed to have no id< a ? f when ahe w.ia Bhe stated that ?he cam# from New Orleans with her daughter and grandchild about f> urteen daya ago and that on Monday she went out with ti e latt< r to take a walk when ahe got a-trny Pin-waa unal ie t< ti ll where her lit. r n aided Phe and the ehild were gent to Uia Alma House in the Park where thi y ran he found Aauiina Piaotii msiSt Kn 11 o i* Jitarr Cite.? Teati may afli rnoon between 4 and .'m rloek a Mr ll'n Iletly. a gv d lit yeare. born in In4and. ??* in tantly killed by ail ? aploeion of rombuati'de niatti r in the inauloc t' ry of flrti w. tks at Ji r-ey City. A h >y named .htm.'' t iu *) y. 14 * ??r? of age. wo Irndly burned on the Vi-i 1* and luail It e-1 m* that liufly was setting on a bench In thi hop, wh. ? John IMamaU r laf nw d him that he ?mi It f i pu ur. and ?aw tire. DulTy run irked. ?? (lit. n"; Ita only a'.mdhing aotne woman has thr wn Into the ranal !??lamnti r and lUmsey lieeame frightened an I ?. le ? ar aping Iroin the ahop when the clpWion took p'i re. bleu ii , up the ? hop and kidi 1 llulTy iimne Ilately; the et n I ua'.hie matter An d the building, an l it was burn d to the ground, aa waa aim another auntl ?liop m at to it it was hut a few daya sinee that Mr Dawn, t)i pri prietor of the preim-'?. was ao badly burned by ati e?ph ? < n that he di?d alimet on the spot Justice I*, df' td hi I I an it'|ih on the testy and the ju-y f uin-l that thi death wa ? can ed by aspootsun >ua couibuation. caused by the firework*. h 'tniatin ia a Pis a ?Cor ner tb er yesterday held ? niii|ttiat in he h?dlee of Jacob lloetT and Andrew Bets-n.Is two Mermen arafeogers wtko were engaged the night pretl-ua In smptyirg a sink at No Id Oak street; Ibiy ?ent il wn the .ink to ciean out the MtotS. when bit eait- t II ?ufb i oted by the impure gas BwM sn. di ti. ? reet tr rcrne him and in so d dug ti? llkewi?s fell, suf'calrd bythegx A th f 1 man. endeavoring to ?? trt-aie ihim * abo marly sttfli l tltfcit aid nae arm run d bj tbelr ci mpaniMM and they were all three ti.tir i ut 11 iff died Immediately atd Hchsmts waa ? it to the ( ity iliepital. and eaplred shortly after The Hold nan wa goiVeyed home in a fe-bls ata'e A Ter ili t ? ae rendered that Um daceaenl far- .ua r;me to the r '? th 1) su'l< ratl<>n eauri d l<y inhaling isrb nlf acid gap n ii ? ? m Ts ?< I11. Let nam si ?mner Oeer hi Id an ir ,tn*t y# st et day, at a ? willing house situated in T? ? My e gbth in ? t. bi twi en Mnt Ii and Tenth avenges, ? li the body of Joseph * 1'nllen whocartie to hie death by takil i twn ruioees of lan ! mum administered to hhn retf for the pW|iose df bitirg hie own life. The act. it 111 ? ,r?. *as i iimed by intff Woe, tirdict ec r. l imply A Mis Kitten av twr Pifttanrtetna Tanw.floi i f (i in?I. at i trnli g. an unknown man wag on the Ir 'k nea; i li/abethtown. a the Bhifawl lphla train wag gi.rg si ut li I'ldlibrn the ingiiie f' .n i be rie-rs'l, t ? i. ? n v ? ftmek ilostw and killed in-inntly Tlie il ? o> an lies, >1 to hate l sui d< af as great n la# w.t i... . to at.ract hiswlii hUm, h?t to n i ?d"?t. ?t r , f,.! i,, ?"i r i ni. T list ?Nog Is' Ofi, lUd 109, lb), lit 11.1. 114. lift 116. 119 V P. pman r Cctati?Jlo#. v9 37 19 to N, 14, 41 4>. Theatrical and Mimical. II imrlin Fkatii al ?This affair came off last evening ; tut owing, we presume, to the high price* of admi-wiou, there Were not more than two thousund person* present. High prieie at any time, no matter whit may be the attraction, have been proved to be always. to say the least, ill-judged. WVr the tlcketa placed at one d liar to the parijuit, and tifty cent* to the galiery. there would have been probably ten thousund per on. iu the house. heat* could have been, beside*. reaerved for Mr. llamblin'* trie ml*, at ray from two to three d >11 u* eie'h Howi ver, the audience pro*> nt were highly respectable, and the entire poiformances passed off with the greale?t tilul. The third act of ''Lucia di bRinrncrtnoir" was played Very i ffectivcly. Figmritii Boaio and hi/u( ri ilettiui. llenevertano. and Colletti. were nil in good voice, and were cheered throughout the eutiro net Merrini and lleneventino *usg a duet with the utmost mUMieal ability The eoncluding feature wh* Tobin'a comedy of the "lloney Moon," the respect ive character* in which were sustained with splendid utility by Mi** Cushinan. Mi s Julia lieiinett, Mis* Kato Horn und Mtsar*. Ilambliu. I.ynue. Owens, rainier. Da vidge. and Chippendale. At the fall of the curtain. Mr. Hainbiiu wa* called for, when he appeared and *aid :? " Ladies and gentlemen, although 1 have for a long term of year*, been before you a* an actor. I confess t feel somewhat embarrassed, on the preseut occasion, in ad dressing thi* highly respectable assemblage, which. I limy say, numbers many of my warmest friend* Such a llattering testimony of respect I shall never forget, and for which 1 tender my most grateful acknowledgment*. To the respective artist* who have kindly voluuteered on the oecosion. 1 heg to offer my sincere thanks?parti rtilaily to Mr Max Maretaek, Mis* Cushinan. Mis* Julia Hecuett, Mr. Brougham. and Messrs. French and Heiscr. Allow me again. Indies and gentlemen, iu conclusion, to ruy 1 sincerely thank you.'' Mr. llamblin retired ami J it deafening cheer*. Bow krv Theatre.?The entertainment* for this even ing are for the lienefitof Mi-s VVemyse. a very (popular and excellent actress. The ]>lec? * selected are the "Stranger." in which Mr Kddy will sustain the charao t? r of the Stranger, and Miss Weuiy** that of Mr*. Ilaller. This will be succeeded by singing by Miss lliffert. Mr. Hamilton, and Mr. Lrftliigwrli The whole will conclude with ?? The Miller and his Men." with Mr Steven* in his celebrated character of GrindolT. We hope 11 i* Weiuyx* muy have a house tilled from pit to gallery. Broadway Tiikatrk ?Thi* evening Mis* Charlotte Cm l.iuaii. the distinguished American aetres*. will ap pear in her greut character of Meg Merrilies, in the opi ratic dnin.a of ?' Guy Mannering." Tile next feature will be R pas' lie deux, by M. Smith, who is an exc- llent dancer, and Mile Thereso. Tic performance* will cin cltide with the beautiful sketch of the ?? Morning Call" with Mr. Conway and Miss Anderton in the principil character*. No doubt the house will be crowded. Nirlo'r Gar new ?The amusements forvthis evening are exceedingly attractive. The Kami family, the great est favorites, us also the best artists in their lluu havi ever appeared iu thi* country, will first give their celebrated i volutions on the tight rope "nie ivo.Tl reti wi el Mens lilondiii will give hi* wonderful feats on the tight rope. The next will l?e the comic ballet panto mime of " Jeanne! and Jeannot." in which Gabriel will eppear. and the concluding feature will bo the " Italian Brigands." National Tiikatiif?Three v< ry attrnctive pieces lire announced for this evening. Tin* first i* the " .Student of Morlaix." with J. It. Feott as Eugene Lucaille. Tins will l e followed by the highly amusing piece entitb-<l "Tim lliview; or the Meny Wag* of Windsor." with Mr. Fn tt at Leoney MiCwoiter; and the concluding piece will he L'on Cm-ar lie Baaan," with J K Scott as In n Cicsar This programme must have the effect of Ciovditg the house. BroI'oham'* Lti kvvi ?All new piece* at thi* perfect hive if industry this evening bTr-t. a "i, w local and urmention.tic p euliarity." from the untiring p- n of the manager, f mud. d upon the ievent, pant tl.emery ir.iu vutious ; ami calleu "The'Bloomer*, or I'et. iu I'm'*." b n:o t inviting title. We perceive by tbo nills that di-s Maty Ttjlir is to repraaeut a youug l..dy of iu-x pn-sible assumption anil all the young ladies appear In tl e new rig. Brougham and his wife have part*, al > Cbijicdrb and Mr*. Vernon, ao that much fun may be niUtijaid Then Mr. T. 11. Johnatou. from Burton'*, make hi* first appearunce on a stage where we opine, be is uistimil to achieve n great reputation, in the char aeter of Wormwood, iu the Lottery Ticket." 1'akm m * ?Javelli. wlioso fame h* aletdiog cch brity in the liavel family Is world wide, appears t'lU alttriioon. aa will ?.*ic the iveuing togeth r with Herr Ciite aid the inimitable L'irieu Two capital firee* acid i>. the afterniM.n attraction to-dav. so that family parth swill have im opportunity < f seeing as much by eay tig ht. a* could be witnessed by'.as-light. Au entire ehai; C of performance* lake* place in the evening ? Ftr< i ily aad timidity may be seen at anytime living ou the best of terms, in the natural hi-tory saloon CnaiAti'a Missouri*.?The entertainments for this iTening are, ** UsU?l. exceedingly attractive- the best di oriplieu if melodies, with burlesque opera, and (lancing. George keep* the hou-e in roar* of l?u thfer Kh LOW*' Minat*?:ls.?Tbe singing of Collin*, the great wit fun and nierrimeiH introduced by bw line, and tU* exi ellent instrumental performances. attract, nightly, large audiencea. Mr l.ynnc. the popular manager of Brougham* theatre, take* hi* benefit on Thursday evening lie de serves a bumper. Molls for California. Tie* trail st' amship Cherokee, Captain Wlndlc, will leave this port to-morrow afternoon, for Ohaitre*. The biiiII* will close at two o'clock. Tbe Wkkklv Hisai.d will b?' published at tea o'clock in the m .rniug Green Turtle Koap and Terrapin, at Bray ard's. N" * "tatc strict, this day. "-up *foi Fo ... in aail 'vebing. I' II. UAYaKD. Mntlrtl I'nlon and Association of the Ame rican I'iaaufurta Company, founded ap 'H Hi ariu^pln uf the Buildin; an I A'-i-amulating Fund Aaanclatlon. and e* tcr.'In f; their benefit. fr the diatrihnt i II'. f rua an I Meli liauiw-Model lor the fee end i^aaa V*aa|.anrar* Ji '* ready: plea annie aa So. 1, *U.i? Sebaerlhara limit d to 100 entrance fee. .K) cent*; and rcynlar a.nnthly dn.-e, (1. Kaeh wm inter aliwoeet lie own iuatrumeul, ??lnrd at f ?<l, tr m tlx i ?t.i.iactur-ra wiremom. Booha for Firat M*1?dw?s Company ar? alao epe-n. ant will be complete with hi m-u? Vn Ofi-r houra tym 1' X V. to b P. M. All l?tt ra mutt be peat-paid. and addreaead to Jncelm k Wat* m, Tru-t' ra. I.alary Buidioft, No. IMi Br adway. Mowsi Na.t N. tic?Tla nipinkcra of the f irat Piano Company arc ro qurat- d to attoad promptly to tha aotice itaued on the Ii?*la ultimo. Thompson's Dagwn cotypes tor IW rents? The largeat d?iu?rrentj|,a operating yom in tha city |mn taicinr two ahy li-htr) The teat arliata. the loue.t prie??. sad tola but the feat inatrnmrnta, apparatu*, and ma'ciriala: and ? arraata the tuherriber in guaranteeing a aaliafaotory like arte to all who sill far<r him nith a call J. W. THom'jiiv. if. nroadway. Silks Red need In Prtre.?lame* Bock A Co. have reduced tha pricra of their Spring and Bummer Sllka, liarcrca. Jacomle, Muallna. Foulard', Caliooea, San tillaa. Rhawla, I ranch tmbroidariaa, La* aa, Ac., helow ooat. Led it ? will bad acme rreat bargeina at AM Broadway. Klrssnl French Bridal Cards and Fnve lopea.?-The tul?crlhar would rarpectfullv call the alt< nti >n of partial rrnulriog i mething troly elrrcnt, to hla beauti fnf atylca of Bridal Carda, Envelopea, aod Wedding bvxea. Is tha latait moda. kVHinri.I, Broadway, aor of Ifuana atr it. Hloalel Shirts.?As regards the perfection of the At, at\le, quality, and (enrral upi-eranw. of the .hirta ma le at (*re< a'a. No, | Aetwr lloutc teare Ir bat m> feeling, that if >ntiafa< lion. Urd.r* are punctually a* well aa aatiafactutlly fullillad. Don't Squat aider III?We mean your money. If y> n bate any to apara. rite it to the de.titat?. out don't 'ahanrt yoar puraa hy giiin- > aerMtent piieee 1** II ota and (iaittra, whin you can set the bvt to tarv cheap, at JONRV. II Ann atrcat. Gentlemen who are Deslrons of Ptorurlng a pair of patent Leather Bhoee that will not eiaeh, i an oh tain th ai nt a aery moderate prt< a at tha O.d Maud, d7 ?sides IbSS. Batofmakers' I'atloti, "t Nnaaan street? Citu-n* and rtrangera ar- inylud to aall rad miamiae the In' atoek rl beote, ahooa. and raltara, alt' rod tor aala at tha Bootmakara'taioa. it Bateau atraat. Boots and bhoaa.?The rtieapeat place tn ti e eity |? f?t ?nod B >at?, Shoea, Vai'ert, b'lppere, ay tr at B ocka'N'* Voyk Hoot and Pl.oa I'd) Fallow alreit. At the Fmpatlam la fo be found t .e |.y?t iw rt t ?>' In thia eity of any .It la t-be tV o-lit of, N' il ? hi.ikrkia lioota. alu ea and rutera, a new and baolann. ar tiele. the only nttii I- made which ran be warranted la girt ptrfei t eaee to t< nd'r f> et. ??file Lalrtt Xrwa."?Binnka, kn. I.TSI-'ul tanrireil la introducing feme anlirely t awftyle. of ? \ tear f< r ii ti m>r ?>ar. Ilia saenrttmal 'f I: ta hho a, Ceitife Ac , f..y earnly, ? I ,ca| and dnrability, i? t n rrrpr.ird and uutnrpae cable. If you ni-h a good aud cueap ar n ia, call at l.'ai I nil- n itre> t. 1 lie tirat mill rhrn|Mut plnre In (he rlty tn ret t ne It# ota. .* bora, or tieit-r?. ia at 41 Conrtlnad atfrt, uniier the llcr'liinta Hotel, lin- Irene' Calf Boot it 11 if. ur rally eold at $6 and f? liaih r< N < |';,,IJ ' D. n HOW ft. Comb Factory, JH7 Brostlway?'les are pffpeitfullr Ine 'ed to raamlre thla choice aule< tlnn of !>re ? Cost be: the yarc >j la, b< yead all doubt, the rriate?t lu th? atty r< mprlalar the meat herntifn'"pen w>rh ta fhall and buflalo bora. Couba rapairad and tnad* ? < ir 'cr A A J. BALNIiERA World's FaitVlalters to the Worlel's Fair are It yifed to eaamloe tl ? ssf''aatouk of l>r ,n? Cneea. 1 l ey are tha m at n mpacl and i I'll article of tl a hir.d tr.aanfactnred. c< t i: .alag all t .tie o-ceaeary for tha Wllttcf tie moat fnatidiciia MIM'HtS, W7 l?r- adway, terser of Liberty ft . and *7 Rr> adwr > The lint I'liilolicr's tittlan, \o. II Park R-w are Kil n* flial rate llair aheap and \r d .las o apt ... r.H bi.fltir r*. 11 ton ? on la aeenre :> rl alinr, eaiJ o n tha I r ioi N H - Ho aot dac?tyo I hy H,oe? tin kv a| a..1st .ra y|<> hate adopted ?nr title "f "lalon in I. ? ,?- to miio ca | itnI of our rep Kr ii.cnikt r, 11 at Finl.hi ra' L'uion, Bo. II l ark H. w. The Brallrntlon of Ihr llrntilI fta 1 ?Knot, the n.'.rt atireee-fnl ot the wofVint I otterr. I n ??|e t,.1el the I eat year? "f bla life In perfctins tha tnan.ifu. t.; r .f ?he hat, and ly the pr?dn t. o of hi* ffaert a itnn rrtH", the i'eyaa'ty faahi .red. Hi'.t and attractiv | >,? |*o hy M> aptaln Itraeer, ha ha* r< ael < * n tmint n.,d wl >. !i * relit i ee (an rot pear, lie pu'ik a> an. ?tele the truth cf ?ii?ly lie ear'fnira iith wfleb they tlo< k to t h. * e.tit'i li< Irrent. 12r Fultop rtreef, pron r- tho R..< hy M unt^in, tha ?al< of ulich.thi r?i.r il, '.yir the la?t. t'oa'Tr hay r* act rd nearly tao hundred p r ctnl. ' Qo In," KNOX, and * It, for joo draefr* to d" ao. lirnln'a Suirttuer Krjitlyitwenfi:.?lleaHle nri Inhrlt. eatlety of dr?ar and nnoio-< llata and I apt, homo Ii i'de and larl-lon. for the p|onicr,.. c and the manage, fir nil '(Mia B< n a ? ? 11 v a'l 11 h ?t I'.ri. trt I, - il' n fy' ? ..f ? at. . I .i-'i' Ri I n ? V :< .n ? .op rh|y n.' Ui itd } i a mi i I n irllat. i.l >" . ? I? ali'lliSff: fd qoaiity. aant- tele#, At ? 7 ?'.ilMufy f " | air. nith m ace and tbiidren'a Hoot* and ithoiia, af ni koda trd prlcei. Lad ? a, patronize J B Mil M R. m Catul atrtak. Mew York l.auitdrjr, 18 Kprncv Ntrerl, nenr Km?u ilnai?To Now oliirt Dealers, Families, Hotel,, Siii|>I? Gentlemen. Ate , tLi\?Tlie above liuiolry tlio U103 extensive in tl ? United Mates boo boon perfected at treat expense. anil can complete itg) do/en pi.-< ei at least pur day New slurto in any quantity, and every style, dune up f. g the trade, (wholesale dealera and Broadway alerts,) prompt' ly and in ti e vary beet atyle. Collars ironed in Troy style Family elnthea purely washed. clearly starched, and ele gantly Ireaed at u few honra' notlee, wlieu re'inirad. Wash illK ai d tniiith (Irvine at two shitlina's pur dozen pieoua, lot thi se wirl ing to iron at home, bhriitking of all fabrics, fur morel nnt tailors, clothiers, boo., at the shortest noli v. Ibis Laundry combines the following advantage*, uniting tcoromv. coinfi rt, and dvspateh :?I. Travellers and those leaving the city in I aste can have their clothua washed and ironed in the I eat wanner, within three hours. Z. Ko n;a-b riil Is use I in thi Washing Department hut pure olive oil aoa|i and hlteri I Crnton water. Gentle uiuu's i iiirto are done uprouslto new si irte on Mile, Gentlemen's c Glare ironeu in Troy style. I i'ht colored pantaloons and vosti elegaatl> iroLud tno polirlisd. I. Artielus v.aihcd hero wear longer, as tl ?y art uuri fully handled, and all use of the wish-board and w'riniing I'v hand carafnlly avoided, -i. La-lies'dreeasss and ull hue articles done up I y an naperienead French lauu dros 5. ft sins, irk spots, mid mildew reuoved. d. Thi shirt hands (for sfareh In die?, Broadway, and other writ > are nf tils' best J. AH articles collected and returned by wagon, cartfully protected. fr*eof charge, apply, oracuu by mail, to New Vork Laundry, IS Spruce street. Phnlon'a Haglc Ilalr Dyef t*? oakw thr hair cr whiakcra the moment It is applied, without injury to the hair or skin. It i an he washed immediately without din ? turl in* the color, and has no bad cdor. It is a i-plied, or sold- - at Fhalon'a W i^ and Toupee Kanufautary, rJ7 Broadway. For salu in the city and country by druggists generally. Gouraud'a l.lsjulil Ilnli- I>y?- Isiat.vntly con o veits red or rray liair to a b. amlful soil, silky black or browu. II IS l'i nil re So' I lie eradicate a hair from low forehead* or any part of ti.e body, warranted. Ilis Li'itiid R mgo, I.ily White ai. l Ilair Heitora'no, are equally celebrated. Found onlv at the old established laboratory, l'7 Walker street, first store fri in Br ad way: Callendr. Hi South Third street Pi ilsdi 1 y);iu: ll'lf M'a, binatoii street, Ibctou, Coveil, llart ford; Bliss, hpriogt cld; Carletnn, Lowell. Hntr Dye uiitl VI'Ik*.?Balrlirlnr'g f.lquld Hair Dys, celebrated Europe and America, established anil in i in i ? -sful operation lor the last twalvt years, the beef, hair die in the w rid. Arq lied, cr sold whilea'.o and re tail, st lintti ,-lor's Wig Factory, 4 Wall street, and ui. druggists and pi rf'unieriea iu town and eonutry. IVIfra tuid Toupees.?We woiiltl civil tlieal" tenti' n of persons requiring Wigs, to a recent improvement. The cime was awarded a silver medal for the first premium at the lu?t fair Tl cv can bo aeen at E. 1'halon's wig and Uair Dye Factory, 11/7 Broadway, corner of Dty ctreet. Timolol'* Sulphur Bnthn, .117 IVurl ?trrs t ? p; o ? Hoi Ii ? in bill had la i.-.ii, by Laaii J. TIbs I at tt in I'ur.'e, for ti e euro ol Kli uniatlsm, f rrptionaof tie bain, i lili It" These tbc only first established am rei nine "ulphur If at fin in thi* citv. We rel'ei* to Doctors Valentine lli It.. Mercer. tache, kisstui, lloetwick, and th, principal c.ty physicians. Dtnlh to Vermin nnsl Insect*.?UowinrV Ilat Vice. Rench, and K' llhug Exterminators.?There is no doul t of the ctiieaey of the preparation; we have it on the uuth< rity of n I'i'iitlciiisn who has experimented upon rats misc. and c ok rosehip", with the " F xt-rminatorx," that two upp'iiati na nf the article will rid a dwellii g of flies: abomi nahlc nui ur cis. It has this great advantage over the ordi nary vermin and inaeet Poi >tu. tl at It does not sausc them to die in their hidine idacs; they invariably come out of the holes and < rev ii e.i w t.oru they harbor. Slid die on the Honr, so ttr.t i n disagreesl lo wnrl! tver arises trmn thn use of the >.) tern ingfor.i. Tbi larti' !?', as well ua a prep (ration for the dr> tn cfleii of l?? dl-ugs, whi'h we nre assured is equally in fa life, may be procured atCostar'a depot, Iff Broadway.? lleri ing Slur. A li'e ttlilioul Alcohol.?The Oxyge nated I itler- rlr'ni f be Ian rnhle attention of those whose pitneiblca Isrbio the use of alcoholic Htimnlnnts. This as tot isliing remedy for Dyapcpsia and general debility, has rs .six ed the be-t ai d siroug'-st testiinoui sis from oitiseua ol the highest rtipeclalitlty, and is richly worth a fair trial. For so1- i \ it A; I' Ssnds, Ibn Fulton Ire-'t: A. D. S<*o vill A audi: fl.binr. I"'-1 Broadway; J .V l.i-'od di prt i .1 llndsi ii - tree t. ;.i,d 7l"i Broadway; E. M. Guimi 1:7 Ifnw t ry, con er of <Jt and aire. t; Hall, Kuckle fu Go.. Tb brn nwnli i-trect; and by druggists generally in the United States and Canada. The Voice of the 1'iilille Pre**, over the I'd ion, h*s been I.card in favor of Bogle's Amole?the II rt. cheapeit ac t easiest r m.dy fir that peculiar aensi tune-' to | : in ? hieh ue ? iipati' x fbariog; and also in re ren insndntioii of lis llyp tdon Fluid ?the unsurpa>9ttdc li-xuiitttr and ?r?i#rer "f the hair. Sold by tho inventor Hllllam Bsgle, 177 Wsshi ton atrcet. BneWn; A B St D Sands It 'I Pi-It c n st i ? et; Hi -f.fon, (,''nrk k Co.. 2T1 Broad way; W. Ii. Carey it Co., and ilrighum at Bay, I'earl street. MONK* MAIIKICT. Ti bsn.w. June 34?6 P. M. There was ro material alteration iu the .stock market to-ilay. i'c u pareil with yetterilay, there has been ? blight falling i">{T in quotations, auU tlti re vim iittlu le'* actlvify smung opcr*t<ir.x. Tin: ileminsl fir money within th? part few diijf, has bi-en morn active, nin a in< ro sii-tinci line has he n slrawn between tlw ditT'S rent clusss s of piapu r Money no tall was quickly taken at fix per cent, ar d wo hear nf large sums wanted even at that price. Thie la however, no evidence of a more stringent money market. The hanks continue to discount liberally and freely, w if hunt increasing very rapidly the aggregate amount of loans Tbc bank* of this htate are about making up their rrgulat quarterly statement*, and the probability i", that after the lint of July, money will be as cheap and a* abundant as it lie* bs'i'n any time this year. We shall not ship much gold thi* week, but neit, there are two fteumer* from tbi* port for Liverpool, ami they will take out a large amount of *pcci?. The shipment* now eon*i*t principally of American gold, double eagle*. The banks have been a little alarmed at the Urge and steady .shipment* of specie, but it ha* bad no visible effect upon their movement*. California has given u*. thu* far thU year, about ten million* more tban wi have sent to Europe; ami the probability I*, that a* the season advance*, the arrival* from California will in" erca*r. and the shipment* to Europe d cro?*e. A largo an cunt of fpecie will go forward, immediately after the 1st ol July, onaccouct ef-interest due to foreign holder of American srcurltie*. II t* estimated that the amaunt of interact on our *toek* held by foroigters 1* fu 1 twelve millions of dollar* per annum; and the lorni annual pay mint, due in July, will !*? made in goldthig year. Th'*rt> 1*. ths refore, very little chance of a falling oil in -hipment, of spesiie before August or September, at least. Th. Harlem lullr-a-l Company h.i? declared a half yearly divid) nd of four per cent. payable on July 1. The b<x kr will rlow on Thursday. Tin Hank of America ha? declared a dividend of four per rent, for the laat ?ix month*; the Seventh Ward Bank one of 4.', p?r '.ent; the Trade-men'* Bank, three dollar* per rhare. The Bank of the State of North Carolina ha* declared a half-yearly dividend of o percent. The New fla v< u Hank ha* declared a eeini annual oneuf 4 S per rent, and the New liaven Company Bank,one of percent for the mine period. Hi inh. Wad*worth k Sheldon. Oft Kielwtii-e ptaee, will pry. on and after the 1?1 of July. Interest on the rtoek oj the State of Ilhnoir, at the rate of ren d?diar* ea*h pet thorn-nod dollar* of rtoek. Tbe reeelptr at the oftlee of the A?*l*t?nt 7V-a*?rer ot tbir pert. to-d ?y, amounted to $!10,lk? U; payment*, ? t; m balance. f2.7<7 7'l M The aggregate amount received f- r toll* at tbr ( anil 0< Ihrtor'a nfllee In thir city from tbe op-niog of navi gation to tbe 23d of Jonr. tk.'il wae $1W- jMl 70. agnin-l tlO.'.H 21 lor tbr rorre*pniiJlng period in le d, nhowiug an tiicrvaee In offlJjW# !A. The agcr. ga4r amount rereired for telle ?n tho canal* of tbir State, from the or inni?.ne?nient of navigation to th? 1 tth of June, in rlurive. war ?V*40 I'.M i<0. ag?in.?t ti ki" 17 ikJ for the nam perk d in 1*60?to era** in l?jl. $216,746 hi. Haven tbir inrreare ir prererved throughout the ??n tbe ag gregate lolle for the yi-ar will h? nuarly e (url to th wo col ice ted in tbe great famine year?1A4J?when roati large *hipmi nt* of brradntuff* were mad* to Hreat Bri tain and ITela - d The t'tica Woollen MllU har de- lan d a -ciiai-annua, dividend nf .4 p.r cent, and tho I'ln-aUa* Company .VIS per rent. M*t'>f their tock? are owned by partler In N< w York Ifth?re|? no mi'take in the fi,;?ire*, tbe?< rrmpf.nhr have been highly ru.-.oerrful. mm h more r lhan rimllar rtoek oompabier in other partr of the ooun try Tlie director" of the Tr iy and (lreenflr-ld R lilcoad at a nmting held at North Adam* r<-H>lv? I to construct thi' read ar rapidly ar porrihle If the awemneuU are nil promptly paid, the road will be completed from North Adninr t? Tr< y hy next January It 1? thei* intention to roiiinu ure tiinn-lling tbe m unUiti a', an ear ly dati In order that they may have ?ome data be"lde theory tr operate upm Die next RegMatur* for a loua If th< priirlicabilily of aceoinpllrhing the wotk for tbe mm pro p<-a d can be demonrtrated. then- will lie nobeaitnmy in granting State aid to the entrrprire Tbe f 4l< wing l? taken from the SumUr tUmmr. South Car' lle? ?f the 14th irrtant. n-lalltgto the Wilmington rt.d Maoriierlar Hallroad boiid" now ottering h-r rale io tbi* city ? M e f<el a?wrd that no more ?afe or ailvantageon* In verb nont rouhl he made lhan tbir, erpeeially to mir owr p< i pie A I- nn of ?:gO(k.o. w cured by a mortgag-- of th' whi le roi l with the p'lvilege at any time of chnngirn' tl e ih lii Int-i rtoek I" thn* prupowd lube rlf cted. Thin aim net tr to be ? vpended In furthering the rend to com phtlon lytbr purchece of Iron, locomotl?e* he., bud added to the am tint* already laid nut. and the *toek tint y?t paid In.eill make the prnpetty of the m.mpany 14|lial to about f t .'.00 0C0 to reeure the payment nf (MW (jm N'thlig ihnrt therefore nf the iw-.?t tltprnbabh i.i-a?l?rr ran impair the reeurity i-f tlw tnvertment Thcic i* no douht in our mind that it ye.vr or two wili pi ? ly Itiurrare the market value of there b -nd*. Tl.i' road, wbli h a year or tw-> more wilt e imritotc. will he the cbnnm I through nhirh will |m<? the Iranrp >rta th u Hud tr .rel ei Heated at it< i xtrvmillca by th"- varloiir Ptd rmnitj ing forth and ?-ert of it. and. purine thi ' ugh a *? il n tiled ami opulent country wlmee varlou pit duet* "? di give It eonrtant and profltabl" neenpvlon. |* rf el In it- - irri merit" will ri-ie far above it par VeiUe. nr d the p *\ | I I h' I prove a VnlllaMe on-' to It.- frill I I.-I i h I-I ("after IwiViig r-n- iv- J eV?ry ti. If y > rl"' 7 p. re nt in-.-r-t) *> .r.n -,i t|. t- o f ?"? II l i I tree rful op r? i >n in d fend?e* ampto riiB'i . to I he *i-ekle r- In have the option of ?' nana; it n I- ? ? m f. hip rd the i .ad on an equ.-l fa ding With II"- i-i In. ? I r,-e it | .i n I brunt if thi.* gr-at ? it?i mi ? -i iii ft a prej .llan to tt" i- .mpleiinn If" w-old iijit 11 ot tt t- de-irable. lit every point of ii?w, ! but South Cari/linianc "huuld thin bf .-otne the creditor*

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