Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1851 Page 3
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> ????1 ?f the road, and reap all tha advantage* and wield all th? tailluence which would result from thin proposed goodoo Ihid. Stock Kxchan|e? ?10W?U8 6?g7 li?ik SO aha trie RR STJ Mt4 do oj 110% ISO (to brio M WOO Head Mort lids 70 74 00 do till M'f WuO Erk Cob '7t !*>?? loo do op* aii 2.'l*0 do briO 971. ?0 Harlem RR ? 0 74 <410 do briO 97 V 1< U do blO 74 wa<0 do KG 100 do biO K1,' X'WI do OriU floo do 74 70(0 do !*>?? 2 0 do Ml 7I(? is?W Erie 7 ? :9 J?t? 3U0 do blt? 74 (010 do 103 s do bl'i 74 turn Eric Income MO '.<7'f !? 0 do -b30 737? ?Vi alia Canton Co ?3J 73>. '.>30 Reading RR M>'? ISO do 73 U 40 do .91 Sri 73 do Id 73(2 30 do all Mi'*' do Stonington RK 4J!. ltd do al') 5 \ 30 Eric K R p&e 84 2 0 do bOO 3S\ ?0>l do op* mi 1(0 Nor fe H f/t MR Ii3* IV) do plLo a'i^J p (I ?Vri b3) ril 31 Koch & Sync ode 1U V 14 Banh N Aaaagh'a W 30(1 Portsmouth 1) I) 7 20 Florence**. Xuyport 2"" SO Hod Rlr KK slteioa 70 1">I Morn* Ch.u.U lt a 5E<;(JND ?P>aI:D. 1*0 lbs Harlem RR 73S NlahsErMRR bOC S3K do h30 73W ?) in i .1 a t.Orl ?????' 'dl t.n k'< I ' 10) da 1>30 7">* vi So .4H) do 7:(S SB Rei'iop 100 do 7 1<W do bfX 5riC? 1.4<> Erie KK arid 82 30 Pot tsrsouth DII J.Vi Eno RR ??0 82 30Pot largouth DD 6?i 130 do opg 83 Flurries!, On T/hn*alay, June 24, at Aaron lion Church, by thr li v. 3. 4 Frhroedwr. D. I)., Gfuojie Mokiiik, of New Trirb,So '3 a a v J . (brighter of Frtoioif flcxten, dec easel, fcri/ierP- merchant of this elf Ufa Tvi fd.iy evening, June rA aA the Rafermdd Dutch tliowh, La Fayette place, by the Ker. Sr. \eruiilye, J( iw *3. llickKiiaoN to Jm.n Adelaide, Heoontl daughter of Richard 11. Window, Kaj.. rail of this city. Otj June 2. by IT." Kev X. Ilutleld, Mr ih:?Kiit Wash ia?,<wia SeAiiKa tc Hits I>401.14.A Mahia Dkaoo, both of this city. At King Sing, ?n June 24. t>y the Rev. "VV. II. Ilal.sey, C.?irn. Ja< a-m* IUmw.l, of fhiladdpfeiu, to Fannik A., aSooghter ol th' ilou. A iron Ward. Died. fin Mcmdgy, June ?.i, <1 conMimptlon, Mien Isisil V. 'O'Dom* ha.. In the 2tat yeur of her iige. Her r?i!Kli*H were interred iu Greenwood Cemetery. Itoatou. Mobile ui d Sail Francisco (Cal ) papers will please copy nn Ttieci.-iy. Jnr >? *24. Joins, ron of Johu and Alinira T. Brower. an d 0 mc uths and '24 days. On trinnday. Iti.e 22. at Long Branch, Gcorck Lkwii, ?Hi d 21 'years Norwich (Own.) papers please copy At Ben Frarcitnn, Califoruiu, on May 13, Beiuius lli aoovwr.. h;:c< 28 years, a native o4' Charleston, S. 0 , ?on ?il AVilliair. and Kliiu liurgoyiie, of thix city. ChsfMcrtcn papers please ? >py At Cincinnati. Ohio, on Juue 10. of cholera, Oroiat W. ?Ilotmiag. fr rr.ierly of this city aged 41 years. JMMfHRTWms RENEWED FAERY DAY. REWARDS. jtOfi, REWARD?LOST, 24T44 INST., A M E\I>?" A M 'iurn H.iok, oontuiuiu* a ?he< k on the M ra hints' Hank >s the city of Now York, to the amount of four toon hundred dollars, pay a hln to Jonathan M ?r o. Tito finder will r?:c?iv? th* abuvo reward, nod thauUs of the own ?r, a? payment has bten stopped, by leaving it at tho n|?v? laad flouhtt, 1-7 Liberty street. JONATHAN REWARD- LOST, A110I T TWO WEEKS A(iO, |Pt/ guina from th?* eart side of the city, up town, a ii oonrse down to the corner of Uarolay and Greenwich strorta, a Hunch of Keys, consisting of two night keys, .a wale:i key. a small trunk k y. aud an iron key, with the if*! i I 7.4 (tanipcd therein 'l't.e aleive re* ird will be l"uj to the ftudcr, by leaving tlx kcya at the shue store ol Jitfft H iygins, corner of Barclay And Greenwich dtre :U, or ?t t stort ofd.>in, No. I4n Water ltr?(t. IOST-A LETTER HAILED IN NEW VORK, MAVri, A 1(51, and directed to Mr. Win. Morris, 1'hiltdelpliia, ? ever rcaeliml its dratination. It eontaie <a promissory no'.e for tan hundred nud setepty i.VH'O dollar-*, date I I'hilad'tl pbia, April 6. If/il. snd drsoa bv Mr William Mrrrlstilii* ?wn order, at e rht montls. To prevent fraud, notice is b<reby liven that eeid note till riot b paid and hanliere nnd 1.roVers are renuestsj u >t to ne(Hi&ts it, the und?r sifin d alone bavn just elsiiu.itnit 1 uformatian leadiait to the rerevcry aill mneh oblise A. UUne. It.eliei. Delphin hi Co., 37 Broad etreet, N. 3'.; William Mi.rris. Philadelphia. IOST-YESTf.RDAY. BETWEEN THE FOOT Of ItO V binenn street arid the Albany boat, a pnrso be|,inc;inz to a poor won an, containimr a one hundred dollar bill and ?bunt twelve d, 11 irs in specie aod some gold The Under will be literally rcwured. Apply to II H., llerald olbee, or at 472 Fortieth street, eorrer Tenth av .nue, IN)5T? IN MAIDEN I.ANE OR COl.'RTLAND STREET, J a Belt Ribbon, with <old Slide attached A mittvlt rrew,rd will be given, with the thaoKs of the owner. Apply at lorl Maiden laoe. WILLIAM DOWN". Jr. WATCH I.C8T-OV TUESDAY, IN BROADWAY, A lady's enamelled, double ease Lepine Watch, No. 44, 37''; gnartcbain. key. and chain attached; enae, dtrk blue and gold rnnmelon one side, ami light bluo on the other, A liberal reward will be paid to the tinder, on returning it, by A? MAGIOLI. 92 Prince street. THE TURK. UNION COURAK, L. I.-TKOTTINO.-WEDS ESDAY June 2i, at 3 o'clock, P. H . Match for 71.101, three ??ilea and repeat, in harness. Mr. J me, names b. m. Flora Temple; Mr. ruieer names b. g. Trump Immediately after. Puree cf $110. mile heats, beat three iu Bve, in harntaa. James Whslpley enter* b g. Putnam. Goorre Nrlaon snt< rs W g. Naiaon'a Colt; Mr. Jonas enters bl r HluoU .liin. The Jenny Litd line of itaga, will run hourly from Grand strict and rack slip ferries, William,burgh. 1 ara, each way, Isl^ ?rnto. Aleo, stage* in readme** at Fulton ferry, Brooklyu. at 12 o'al'ick, M. Fare, earh way. 25 cents and remain until th* (porta aro over. JOHN 1. RN EDI K ER, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.-A PACING PURSE OF $30, offvred for all |> horass that never won a purse over $30. Mi c heaia, beat ihree in rive, in harness, toeoms aff Jniy 4(h. Aiao, a I'urso of (50, for all ironing h?r**s*hat navar iroded fur a pur?*. MiU haa-a. bast ihre* In ??*, in ???**,. wagons aod driver* to weigh .Ml lbs . so am all Jniy 4(h. Entries'O close on Tlinrsd'y evening, Jan* Jbih. at Mr Madden *. 1M Chatham a.reel. Three or Mora to nak* a race, and **io to* an. JOHN I. SN EDI KER. Proprietor. CENTRE VI I. I.E. I- 1.-TRD1TING TilPRSHAY. Juno 2Ctb. at 3 o'clock. P. M . ma*. h for $l<?>. mile Neate: iMW-lMsgaiiio, sanri b. g. Jim Kelly to wagno; G. tt .ird. nam** bay gelding, to hsrnea, JOEL CONKLIN, I'ropriet.r. 1 EN THE VII.I.K COUERF, L I TROTTING - PUR>E _J $30; mil* heat*, best three iu live, in harnea*. ir-e Pi all korae* that naver won a purse: to come off June Slth; entries to close Friday evening. Ja>? ?7th, by 10 o'r|<>i k. at Madden * Hot, I JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. c ?PBCUli NOTICRS. fKlST OFFICE, CHATHAM Si|L'ARE, CORNER EAST M Broadway. ?Mail. for Ckliforsit, prr Cnited Stole* ?deamer Charokee Letter bar* for California, Panama, Ch agree Havana, China, 9. W Coart *f South Am. ri.-a and Sunn with Island,. trill elnte at this ofllea, on Thnre lav, 'A-th Jul.- . at one o'elaab, P. M. A A HON -tfAKfJ. OU. A- THE MEMBERS OF THE ORDER ARE a notified to attend tba mattings of their ecveral Chap ter* during ll.? |i|r*cnt week. It i* r?.]ni,it? that all who butend visiting New Havtn on the Fourth of July should he prrerat, and ?ee?ra what ticket* the? niav require. a* the number I* limited, and none will h* anil after July I. Hy ardar uf tba Committee of Arrasrenianta. E. D. MR 119II, Chairman. I 0. 01' 4). r -IIAHMONV LOOOB, No. 41 -THE MEM M * bar* of Uarmony l odge. No. 41, I O. of O. F , are r> auead'd to attend tba tagalar meeting of the Lode", on Thursday evening Jnae Mth, at their room*, No. JJ7 Bow*. ?y, lb bail to* ? of importance. J.AMES SOPER Secretary. BNCIN.T.FMV INSTITI'TE -TI1E MEMBERS OF THE ?l.aati'ut* are rr<|ot?t*d t<? be pnaetaal in theirattend anee cn" bar-day "Ia to*. June JMh. ?? aa anendroiat ta ? e roi etituti-in ?ill I ? brought baf- re* he me nae. By or 'ar, M It Secretary. E IaKuN, nMNMb ~A CARD-TO JOI'R Ni l k EN TAI Lt*R3~?WE. THE j\ Maratyfat n Tailor*, having heon employed l>y Mr. Lea. at No 3 Na*eau etre. t are on a itrlke. in ? >a*e iienee of hi? I to mi'l) in* fall j to tba city kill of |>rire*. and we nee ? it (fr4 that no honor .Ma ma will disgrace hiunell hy faking work and .r thru circuaeiatitta. Hy order of th* hukIib*. PKIISHKAlo f? the la da' with a child, wuo Ronr. in a M. 1 Mid atmae stage, oa Monday tvrning, at aboat 7 a'aloek, tad stepped at tba eeraet - I Whitehall "treat an I BaaIrag lireoa. will Iddreaa X. M T. <1-oerat peak otf. a, alalia/ e-ti/e aa inters" ? may he had *he will (wirtien larli ahli.-e U.-- gentleman w'.o aat aeat to h?r, and to whom el-a handed her far*. fcT OTICE.-IF THE FoLIOWtNO PERSONS. REfID *a lag. or oaviag reeidcd, la New York ? to wit?Henry Tan Wart, J rati,en Walton, Samuel, San* St Co.. Robert L. Ike. sue, llaaey hum-* Chtrloe Shaw. Shaw. Rairg It Roaeaa, lea** it. Klllict*. II. Callin*. jan , llenry I* rbilip Col Ha a, )?? , Sir Miehaol II. Clark. Willie-a Bonglaan, Mary tdnr. .. Jaa Boer*. J. II. Buchanan, The a. Dnchaaan. f p.irahn Ila*wel|, Pater Barlat*. Daniel Park r Jeoph Pear*-a, Jamia Tartar (r*gt,t*rin eha-n ery). Joha Pat.ard. Paroiv, Ludlitin It Sone, Lnwie Lym, " i -no Lain lie. hark Lcatenwoyth. John l.oagiy. Willum Pollard, ar thair. or any of th'ir lerel repreaeutative*. will address ||w at paid), O, P. tj., Washington City, D. C.. they will loara aamethlag graatly to thair advaatn**. COPAHTVK HMIIIP VOTICP.S. FfsnE CO-PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE ETISriNli 1 under the Lame of Win Denoi* \ Oa.. war this da, dissolved i y mutual eona- nt The an,ettl*d hnalaaas of t arm a ill batcttled by M m. Deaaia, atSM Washing" n street JaMES 0 n v it run, New r. rb. Jnu* 4, 1AM. WM DENNIS. The n*4er*lyned a ill oontinne the W idr-war* haainaar la all lt*br*arbea, at tbc old (taad, 2*1 W I -hinel n ?troet. JAMB t S. II \|{K >?, E. WAIMRIUIIT. t PARTNERS M ANTED -TWO OR TIIRKE PERSONS, with fr <a f .'.HOU to b-l.dSS aaak, t* larert in a pmAtahle baellearoat of the eily already ratahli-hed. Addrr.i II Herald office, where an interview mar k- ha-l. A CAPITAMSTOR I'AhTN ER WANTED ?A PERSON A who haa at hie command tan or It r-ta thnn?tn I loilir boiareetin menufaetnrtag a r>? artieia, partially la"' dno. d. payeeo. I front*, and meetd wit.i er-'at aae-ee*. For farther particular", addr"-* a not* t) I. Jam*, at th<a nfll-wi FIREWORKS, ?NIRE WORK* FUR HIF. FOt'RTH OF JULY flOI. r mi" k Bill. I.W William ctr-et. aaeond d"..r n?l w Fal boa, (up ttaira) hate in* In "tor? oa Maiiamml (r >m the V" mannftr t< ri- a in H e I'niled Stitr*. a Tar, i **?..rli*.' ,t ed fire W 'k* imaaletlng of the uaual variety, toaetnar wr h Itaw and heantlfnl aaliihiii.ianl rl#**# ?? t up enpreaalr f r an s II e a 1.11 It! i a All work a a en an "-I of awperi'f <|u ility. p. l-i whalraal* and ratatl. Tleac--0*11 an l - aarnin- -.or ?arfliaat Wf-re BfrrhaaJaA ?< we are Ci ulideat ?e topic yon a Utter arth !e at lata prie* than any alhathoaa* m New York. SI'RfJICAI. IVSTUV'ir.YTS. fRTICOLAT, SUnOIC At, ATTARAII'S M.aKF.R aNl In fir" i pedirt. nho for teelra veara bstd the dtrveffaa ->l tl ilrtt*ntahii*hnteat of la i , rl". re o- ?? , ? |t f- ruin rnn that he t* now pr our- 4 |o - , Hit" -ill ,* - b I o' triit rial Aren "-d I - ?? i 'i aatnn fvlNty an prttirel m -lt . r-: A, :>i- .t-?? r r ? 1 , r ? i .l a* nf th* ?? ? -h 1- .... r ? ...? . i , t'd le,, ; r". If r en. i I * ore nf the *f r t? -. -' ; rikyle'i", - c frlre ini*-.- -ill.i ii'ir ?.p kneae: ' l.r* k?l? re. do for ta?<l*olia. r "*.*? .1 ? t, I ?. I ? 'a the f" 'nmi J * ' ?? ".in tn ? '-y:? okp r- rr e, r fteth, , .-di -im' A |l W- r e . [t t.l * twfaetioa tod r-lo ft-. ?he alck. Addre.i by : feiroral'r HMfHltflrMt, N?n Tart. WANTSi W4NTKD- BIT A RE8FKCTABLR YOUNG WOMAN, a ait nation m Chsmbev inniil aud Seaiuetr... or would dp flue washing s*d ir."?.?*, aud tuiai la > mrary. Can jrlv? the host of city refwnmies. Can be seen, i' in i engaged, tor three days, at .>42 IN&rl itraat, near Brood* iy, up stairs, in the front rwutn. w "ANTKD- NIWSE AND 8KAMSTRKS3, i?Y A FAMI ly giauig tc'tha country for the sum-no .v faithful nurse wfco understands cutting and uiaki ig o ildrcu'a clotures, mm hear of a situation by applying a . par or 229, New York Hots',. Best references required. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RB3PFCTABLS ycunr; woman, to do eharaherwork and waiting, or chscuberwo'k aud to take vara of children, lud to do plain 8c*i"g. T.u' best of city reference given. Pieaaa c. 11 at No. Id Thirteenth street, St. George's place, be .weeu the First said Seed id avenues. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A SCOTCH woman, who thoroughly understands iter business. Apply at 11 Third avenue, third floor, front. U'ANTED-BYA YOUNG GIRL. WITH UNEXCEP v v tionabla city references, a situation as Seamstress, in a private family. Apply at No. 219 Seventh avenue, third loir. WANTED- A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY A young American lady, of amiable disposition, and a g?i d manager. Can be seen personally, for two days only, at i<tf Uhrystie street, from nine o'clock A.M. tofonrP. M. Plttse inquire for Mrs. Margaret Reed, front room, second floor. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yonog woman, to do waiting, or oliamberwork and waiting; no objection to go a short distance in tlie country; b< st of city reference can he given. Please call at IDA Eight eenth street, third story, front room; can be seen for throe day, if not suited. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation in a rcji.ectablc private family, as Chamber maid, and to assist In the washing and irouiug ; one who is a most ex, client washer and ironer. and can give tha best of city reference. Plcaso call at 7d Third arcane, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets. Call iu the furnituro store. I an l e seeu for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE FRENCH WOMAN, from Paris, a situation as Lady's Maid or Seaa.str. ss; nniiirstunds dressmaking, millinery and hair dressing; tea, lies French to children, lie objection to go in the country: has good reference. Please apply at lid Fourth avians, between Twedtth and Thirteenth streets. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, us Chambermaid and Waiter, and isanexctllon'. wesiier anilironer. Bent of city reference given. Pluses call st Si West Nineteenth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues. WAN TED-BY A MOST RESPECTABLE YOUNG wrman, a situation as Scuu).truss, or Nurse and Seam stress. No objection to travel, or go out of town. Best of reference. Can he seeu fruin eleven A. 11. to three 1'. M., at Mra. GREEN'S Ifomesliu Agency, 3-2 Broadway. WANTED?A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 01 HI, to do the ebainiierworli and plain sewing in a small family. S ne need apply but those who can eotno wall re commended. Apply from ten to two o'elook, at IS Seeond \JLT ANTED?GERMAN AND FRENCH GIRLS, AT 142 YY Ilr.ster street near the Bowery. Gorman servants, la in,rirs, farmers, gardeners, mechanics, feu., always to bo hid gratir. Order- , post-paid, promptly at tended to. at No. UJ Ilesterstreet. WM MULLF.R, Agent. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY AN AMERICAN WO man, as Cook; Lit good city reference. Please oall at No. 3a M&cdougal - tre t, in tin- rear. W"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as Cook, Washer and Ironer; is willing to do general housework fir ? small family; has no objec t ens to go a short distance in the counts,; can lie seen for two days, xt No. 3 Y undent street; good city references can he givcu. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN THAT undcistaudu Cooking. Washm.; and Ironing, and will a-sietiii llmgtietkl hou-ework of a small private family, nucd apply who cannot givs a personal reference, and "[street, None need apply who cannot give n personal r-fereuei i. Irish, must tea Protectant. Apply at bl M-tcUongll i between the Imurs ol 12 and 2 .'clock, Thurs day. i \LT A X T F. D?Y A YOUNG WOMAN. ? PROTISTA ST. ? ? vtho i-t hut a short time in t)? is country, a sitniti u m anri Scum? truss, or to do chit mlicrwnrk; is &u excellent i plain fHwer, an 1 fon4 of I'MMrcr; is willing to make hor^li i grurally useful; has excellent testimonial*. No ohjootioi t'i the country. Please addrc>h A. 11., 07 Oliver struct, first ! floor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A ?EXPECTABLE young woman, t? do <-hambsrwork, and t?? assist ?% ith the washing and ironing, or general house fork, in a small fa mily. Please apply ?tiiM Euat Twelfth street, between \v*? nu? A and First avenue, in the top baok ro -ni, and can bo Men for t\;o days. Good city re fa rv nee can be given. ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, ?? t?> dn>|Mii*;of a male child, between four and flte months old. end v Uhea that some respectable lady inuy hrin/ it up as bet awn, sc she has no way of supporting it. In quire of Mrs. FOLERY, No. Pearl street, in the front ba? ement. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RES I* EC TABLE young woman, as Seatn?iros?. or to travel *ith a lady. The I est <-f < ity r ference from h*r last pi i? o Van ben* n ftrtwo days. Ukase call at HI Iludsou streot, first floor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant firl. as Chambermaid and Waiter, or N urf?f or to do the wi rk of a * dial I family - Good city refe rs uoe. Please call at No. 7 Columbia pla-e. Eighth street, b twten avenues C and D, second floor. Can be s-en for iLrttdlji. IXTANTRD-A SITUATION. I1Y A RESPECTABLE ?T young woman, as Cook. Washer aud Ironer in a '?mall private family; ha*- no objection to go a short distance In the country. Bt-^t of city referemc given. Pl?a?o apply atJUl Elm stive t. -Can b*. seen for two day-. 11^ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG WoMlN. A Y? sit ati.-u to <]?? ?uuerul hond,?work in a -ui ill family, or i harabt-v w mk in a Isrre family: the best of city refartnee ifv??u. Apply ut No. J10 Greenwich street; inquire for Mr. > cU? n. WANTED-A SITUATION, liY A RESPECTABLE yoiui|i woman?is a first-rate Cook Washer and laon*r ??n a private family. The best of city re fa rem e riven. I 1 *S" call at No. 3*7In Twelfth street, corner of A \ euue A. t uu be seen for two days. ly ANTED? A SITUATION A8 CHAMBERMAID AN D yy S.aiu-t r> an; t4 eleo a brat rate laun drear, ix-rfectly nndtratarda her buaonc-a in both wpMiUitl. She (ma lived <i tli familtee aiftii# lutheet reeneetatdltty. tod haa the b?at tf'Hjrti'hMbM. Addrtae M. II., t'."k> Broadway. WANTED?SITU ATLQN8 TOR 25 OR 30 K X I .F.I i.KN 1 Unit, etknl aervante. via :-?* ehambrrinalda ahd wWit era. d nurrva aa<i leamatreaaeui, 3 plain couka, taaahera and r uart, 2 profctaed c.mka, 1 lauadrcaa, and at-ml 10 tidy general houatmalda; aim. a large numher of Catholic a-r ? ante. that ran be highly recommended, at MAN NING 8 Agency, 223 lultoa ?tp>'? t, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protectant girl. to do hmnh. rwork, wn-hing nod iroa iaa, or chamherwork and waiting, in a private tcnuly. no ob !??? Hon to *o in ?l,r . nnntry. City reference gixen. if required. rkW call at Ml Twenty-ninth Greet, eorn.r of Sul.i art al?. Can be teen for tao day*. ITlNHD-nV A MOST RESPECTABLE YUCNO WO t f man, a aituatinn aa Chi mbermaid. and to aa-ut in the ? aad ironina, and plain Haiaf, in a private fiutily: would make heraelf generally uaelul in any capacity : kaa a > objection to go a akort di-taaee in the ???>unlry. Ilea rood ?ltj ref?rence. Can be ae-n nt 114 Mulberry atrial, in kbe store, until eafiaed. WAN T F !??IIV A HRSI'ECTaBI.E YOUNi. WOMAN, a aitualioa aa 8oamalre?a in a private family. Can cut and til ladlea' and children a draatea. Ilaa no ohjactioae to the country or to travel villi a tumllv Can be ?? en for atry of three daya, at No. IWI Weal Twenty t.fth timet. 1Y/ANTE0 A SITUATION TO DO CIIAMIIEHW'oKK, v ? waahing and ironiur. or to taka care at children by a re11 actable young woman, who can give the beat ol relerenoe. Una no objection to the ronntry. In.jnire nt No. 105 Sigth avatoe, eom-r of Greenwich nvenue. iy ANTED?AN ACT I YE INTELLIGENT BOY OP 13 vf j. art ef age, m a fancy gooda ? tore, in Broadway. Addreaa W. J. B., ben No. I, llcrald ottce. tyANTED?A SITUATION. AS COACIIMAN AND ft t r>oni, by aeteady aot.rr young man Can give the b it ef reference. Ilea no objection t" go to any pert of tilt ??entry. Addraaa J. L, 2 l> Treat a treat. W* ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A Y0UM1 MAN. a metre a terra ef are, aa an A r-intent Bookkeeper, copy log t left, or Barter dor. woele make himaelf gen?relly nae fal CM produce the beet of city reft fence aa to charf tar nd r ipnl ility. Any peraoa that wan'e a i|Wick. *>od paa n ?r, w ill airaat ed?r?>e a note to J. H.. 71 Unlivery atreet * I i h et nil mi ef w ith pri mpt attention; or caa be aeea per ntl'y any day thia week. V^'AN1 ED?A SITUATION. AS AMtfTAMT CLRRK. vf I' rli r i r M-nenrrr in come rear , ta l" d?" HVtM a> lite Bian ran v rite n lair hand, b> a | a act f honaa; la wil li; - to make | imaelf generallr t aefwl, ard baa go -d cite re* f fa at a. Employment ia mor-'hit obj?'t then ralarf for the i ri m 11. Any rommaada addrtaied to J It . at Mr Ahhale, he I entre atract, will be attended to. when he be teen f. r t *' deje. t\* a ntid?a salesman, who speaks the vf lb nch ti d f ngl letl lar* oar ' ? \ ..oe oca d a pply w k - nnnt tlx. go.A reference Call nt L J D.teombeV li. Ufa ndWey. UT A NTID- BY A RESPECTABLE TOP NO M IN A tituation at P' rter er to drive a haaree and tu on, or to ' rk en n farm. Beat of ally reference given from hit laat pitta. Aidreaa I*. L, Herald oft..#, iy ANTED ?A vm MO M tN I ROM TI'E COUNTOT, ff W Uhea a rltn Ulno At haleaoten. In a elothlnt or dry i deatnre. He be- had a. nal l-rat l' etper ? uee ia both the a ? i r I ran.het rf l .itinera, and tan produce aatiafa t.-ry e ' r'n. * f-m ht> laat ampl. yer- Salary n t a> mu di an Ij- t ta atcdy emplaij.matt, Addrc a J. J. M . at Ihie fhi e. Uf ANTE Ik?A ?IICATtON, BY A TOI'NO MAM, At an Aa I iart Ho. kkeeiev, or Entry Clerk, who wr tea ? ?> r.l ,|no k hand, an.i wenld t.e *11.lag t make himtelf rlttl In the## faoatlrlrr Ha Ufai'ea taw- whe'eaale or mmi a1*.n beaaae peefkrred ; orwonld Ha glatofa -albr't p't. ? tw en in Ii,c ,i natry. Can rile goad eily ref e.n a at anptbillty, hearat). At. A 11 r? >* Jai .? ?, Herald iRn, ty ANTFIk?WASHING Wa V T r 11 BY A YOtTNQ fTfN vf m.i -A few * nil n < v aa .,ag nr w tcketba ? aat.lng of amaar Iwe famtlieai ane bat terved fur the laat ? e \. >t at laaE*tea? in a re 'II c men 'a flaaw iby , ena do n p 111 nalt nl efad ha-a tai ? rda-r: le. i e, alee* dr* teem and't ?e ri rj Rfct I'aa.m. ly Intlnr a. d all klede of waabiii; at * i . ?*d la I lot! oa lai en end t> nt home trmrdlre t ? or 'ef t'l.e.e . n'l er u til iante f i#l AeTimth Stenno hetw-en 11 Irty.f ltd and Thilty-foartb itrceta. Dlreetto Laiuidri'ae. He.afei #? tlven. I "TO MAM TACTI lir.RS AND OTIIERS.-wr \ N TED - t v a t|i ad. and perfectly aoh. r men laleiy from the d " nMrv. a allaatia.a at a general MeeMnlet fan w rk ti tic lathe und a i. c. and do lervl'.thle millwnrbt And rpeltarte.rk Mac a good kli'.iv|"d?e of the at" .m ?n ii .anderoMnstel jr c' logoaf'wmllealntn the conntry. tpply by letter, addrerta-d R N., Ilernld olR. a. qp? I ANMIOI.DFliS - WANTED. BY A VOUN'I MAN, I the a f a farm : he hta bdd erect rep nence ofh in Amrrii t and >ed eud iinderrtcnita th- r, ifVBgr .. t of . i. > | ex. rv da rip'lota the enltieatb<n al frttlla .da. tail, >. at..i haa a tb?r. "an knowledge of the art of ti .1 dtairing Ad It. -a T. U , Heraldeffi e. in iMPtiRifRS and or dry goods ? ti rah I by a pe on ef eight fn r.-ra bvperleare, n O"! n to later Car- ? oft , i I. ry . . (1n | x. r. If v bad aa t It a o .tinted el'H Ha pUnefpAt I f. ? a lav .1.., I). I I. I ... I r the,... da,a. IS? I t I I R ? ry lM.t'P, fc?.-tYA" II ?, BY t YOUNG irsi a,. <1 tent, tail), art, a aitnAtb.a If I'laia and I r. . r- lie Pti r Hunger, nr to alt al In > eh le-*l. pt| If I rrr iag More, either Jit tNia city, B< tor, I'hiLi I. Ipiua.. r Baltim. fe. l'1tat*addrei*,lortw. day*, W. B. Herald clh .e. WANTS* A CARD.?JOURNEYMEN TAILORS WILL PLEASE notice that 1 am to want of a uu wtor of good Coat &ul PuutalocD maker*, for which the higheat price* will be paid. No u>au from the *ocitt? n#??d^ap|d?. Wanted al*?>, a a ?<><! Bu?heln?an. JOSEPH f.EE. No. 3 Nuuo street. A YOUNG MAN OF T11E HIGHEST RKSPECTAB1LI ly. a graduate of Bdfuat Collide, having nw know ledge of the drug business. is dselrous of obtaining a situa tion in lone wholesale store whore ho can havo au opportu nity of iinproviug himself. Salary no object. Address Druggist, llcralil office. A YOUNG MAN. OF STEADY HABITS AND OOOD character, fully competent to take the entireoharge of a retail drag .-tore, wishes to obtain a situation a* Clerk; ref. rs to former cm ploy era of the lirst rcepectubility. . Dei " ~ Please addreaa K. G K. Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG MAN IN A w holreale grocery, provision ar liquor atore; has had four yearn experience, and good city reference. Please call, or addreaa Fran kfort, corner of Hose atrcct. A WOMAN, WELL EXPERIENCED WITH TRAVEL ling, wishes a situation to wait on a ltdy going to Stn Franciaoo. fun giro the beat of recomuiendationa. Apply A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tiou aa Chambermaid and Waiter; ia a good plain newer, and ia willing to make herself generally uaeful. Unexcep tionable rt frrcnee can be given, l'leaae call at 237 Adaina ttreat, Brooklyn. AGlKL, AGED FOURTEEN, WANTS A SITUATION to do light work and takecare of children. Inquire at 430 Greenwich atreet. Book-keeper and cashier wanted, in a atore In Broadway; beat of r?r?r, or aeenrity re quired; salary moderate the tint year. Apply, with name and addreaa, to W, N., Herald office. BOOTMAKER'S UNION, 82 NASSAU STREET?A Saieiman ia wanted, accuitoiuod to the retail trade, and one who can produce the moat aatiefaetory reference!; none otlit ri need apply. N. B.?Call after 9 o'clock, A. M. Dress maker wanted?one mho has been accustomed to fine work, may apply, thie day, to Ure. F., ICS fourth atreet, New York. Die si n k e k -wanted a first rate die Sinker and Medal Engraver. Good wages and eon-tant .in| ioyinent given. N one hut n good workman need apply. Address Die Sinker, Herald office. Notice ir hereby given that the rubscri ber hoe revoked the power of attorney heretofore given to Albert R. Cooke, who ia no longer authorised to act ai ? uch attorney. Dated New York, June 21, IN'H. D. MELVILLE. NfOTICI TO CLOTHIERS.?A YOUNG MAN WISHES to obtain a situation in a wholesale clothing houae. Is well acquainted with the buainoi-a, and i an inHnenec aome euatom. Can give good city retoreuce. Address W., box i, l.di l'Oitllffie SALESMAN WANTED?IN A RETAIL HARDWARE bnaineis. with good refcrcuco and qualifications, by 11 Stern Si Tollber. 221 Bowery. SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG w omnu. to do general housework; the beat of city rafe v n<? > an he given. Pi aac app'y at if City lla'.l plaoo, 2d floor, for B. Can be seen for one week. rpWO YOUNG MEN, GERMANS. WISH TO OBTAIN X deployment as Dyers; they well under.-tend all d is rcriptieas ot silk, wool, and .eott'ii dying, and can furnish tie I. -t of testimonials i? to ability ami general oha^acter. Inquire of C. B. Kit HARD, ho Greenwich -ireet. f|AItE ADVERTISER WANTS A SITUATION AS VA 1 let, to I travel with a gen'-leman ; has no objection to go toanv | art of the world. Cuu t>e ton.cientimely renoin iiiended 1 y the first merchants in the city. Address W. K , box 271 Post Office. WA T C II M A K F. It 8.-THREE COOI) WORKMEN wanted to go South; also a jewelry jobber. Inquire at No. 17 Maiden lane. V?r ET NURSE WANTED?A RESPECTABLE IIEAL m thy woman in the country, to w?tuursi a noe boy of eight tm nths, who ia to be placed uud r lior charge, and on wnrniehe moat be willing to h. stow a mother's oare. To sueh an cne, lieiug al.le to olfi r a clean and eonafortnble home, a liberal r? mnoerallon will be paid. Address for one week, " Orphan," Herald office. HOUSES, KOUMK, Ar., W.1ATEU, WANTED?A HOUSE, WHERE THE RENT WOULD le boarded nut, or a Hnnnokrrprr's ritiiation tn a small family, by n widow lady, where she could nave the privilege of having her oliild. tivo years old. with her; or she would connect herself with some person already engaged in a b .ard ir.g licuse, as she bus considerable fvraitnre to-eards furnish itg a houte. MRS. ELI/.A W 1LLI A M *?', 3'i Columbia at. MUSICAL. MISS BERTIIA KIXSE1.EK REi OMMF.NDS HERSELF as tsaoher of the pianoforte. llrr method is that of the best masters, laving made her study at Cologne, and under the ipeeini dir. of the esptllmrister of the cathedral of t at ? By. Address at 3M> AixIll avenue. rt()K SALE ?TWO SUPERIOR MOCKING BIRDS, TWO r yearn old. These tirda mock cat dog. rwoster, hen, and ling night and day. They will be scla for "(ilA each. Also fi r tale, six sup. rn r Mav Birds. 1 he.a are the beat birds in ? " aeL. eity. Price, $3 each. Apply at the Station House, Old lip. PIANOS?A GOOD tECOND BAND PIANO FOR $73; one do. for f.ti. two new rosewood Pianos of btj wntaves; ? ne do. oft,',, and one of 7 octne <s. warranted, and fur tale very low. One M.<|odeen. two Music Stools, twelve Gold Matches, 12 CUO tf. gar?, four platform Scales. D-n d.xen Poeketknivea. one van rlmr wood Trunk, a lot of shoe, horse, slaving, and painter's Brnshea. A . Jc- Cash advances on drygtoccrtes, hardware, furniture, pianos, hooka, wutchrs, Ac. Ac. I. F. JONES, iJ Ann street, second tinor. F i*UR 8ALS?A VERY HANDSOME AND COSTLY SR coud !*aiid I'lfknof -ro, ut&de, in gwi order, will k>- void it & great ucritke, in eon*equ?uc* of tj?* _fjtmlhr breaking up hou*?ke?pin(. Apply to N. IV B CURTIS: A*?ntfor HewtV American Talent Action Tianofortec, N 42 i Broadway, wher* itrnu *.? seen. II ARP POR HIKE?A GOOD DOUBLR ACTION Harp, tn good order. Addruss " 8.," ears of Mr. Field, er. h'si Broadway. 150 I.VSTIIUCTION. AYCTIfG LADV, EDI GATED IN TRANCE. WBO lit* dcrutrd btr entire time a* lUlUey ? >uM with ? btaiti rui'tla. Teaehra French. uinaio and etne Ira. Ttruia, eight dellore a umnth. Addrca* Sarah, Herald oflcc. .. ? *' * *a? **J- 1. TO PROPRIETOR'S OT BOARDING BCIJOOLS-TIIE adirrtiaar wiihea to pla.-o hi* >?>, ei*ht yo irnof **n. In abnardin* n lm? l mm* diatanca from haw York, what* k ' moral' (not io a aoctarfan *en??) will bw attended to aa well aa hie educ-atma. Addree* Omega, Ilarald wBoe, Naw York, otatia* location, term*. be. Mill CHtS. BKAMlItn W INKS. AND PRESERVER, LANDING - < cfiae, I,.' and R. rt .-lla Rrmndiaa, In -j and ? |4na#. pale and dark; Kb. Julian, Mtr*tu*. Laiour. in ?juart and fint Pettier: Sardiaer. Or n-n !'? aa. and Traill.)a, for aula from the ubarf. by J. HON LI N. KM front at. ('BAMfACNK W INKS?Jl 8T REC1IVED. A BCPE rior lit if I hampacne Vt iue?, of rartaai celebrated braada. Ptraana la want am earnestly re<|ar*to4 to laaka a call b<f,r? nnl.aiinr, at DALI.1NORKS - Brandy Mere, Aa* Broome atrrot. corner ?f t'roaby. DOZEN OT SPPKRIOR CLARET, IN QUART*, at f] 2A p. r doirn, ala<> .W> dm ?* ninl* at Rl toper do tea. Ml caala par doaca allowed lor all bottle* rotnraed. The eclcbratcd brandy atora, dornor of Broouia and Crotby atroola. DRV OOODN7 ?c. Dry coods-le boutii.lier brothers, have greatly redo" d all th-ir apriny and aiiiamrr etock, la order to Jlrpom of tha whole b> lorn tl.eir removing to in. r* tater.idee pirnut**. Tbe (took eoaaiata of Silk* of ran u* litida. Rare ra*. Tlnaiiea, l.awna, Barege da Lais**, a larra qnenuty ol Kibtoua, Embroider!#*, tiloaaa, lloaiery. Laeaa, Line a a. Maaliaa, Re. No. M Canal afreet, tbrot doora Irom Broadaay. eraq ladies -great sai k or paris mantilla* J Tl.a I r. pro lor of tho I'arla Mantilla Emporium. Mil Broadaay. I" tbla day la roealpt. per I net Ucatf, of t?*nty eaaea, eonteialh* opwarde of A.W'I Maa'tllto. pnrohaoed by bit m nttn Part* undtraery parti- nlar rremilaaeaa, an t which be ?ill aril at Iff tie in ore than ball tho neual cost of in portation. I'l.-aa* Mm tbe ri*h??t ro. da are ealy kipt at thia aatabltabmrnt. H.'i II irear Mantillaa, io all rolore, at 12a aech.; !.*) tiry rteh Ti*ana Silk Mtntillar, at H tnd ft Mb ??'? R'aik at l Colored Wiler.d Silk Manilla*, a' L Hp, V' rrrr rleb 4a> altli derp t rti.rra and Larra at pS an * Sin Mrify Rrh f daftl and Blaak Silk Mantillaa. at > i bw- fA, $?',aed fn. ;jj.*,iperl. la en Mantil la*. at ft. P'and flu. *.??? a' U.t.uilaein i Tory eieo. Ir-n?b Piratola. GEO BII.I'I.N.Vii Rroadway. TELEGRAPH. A v<" rntR om< t -the kanaqirs /I .1 "lb. MAGNETIC TALtGKAI'll COMPANY." wbnec Ine .f FIVE WIRES e*?end. I'll 11 A DEI.I'll I t? and H I K W IKFSto BALTIMORE AMI v* aMIIM.ToN, lb. art rerrrctlry with tk *:b?.\r AesTEk.n. ShCIH K I'HKS and Hit 1HI-HN lines of Itlegrapd. in their fftorta In fi'Mfrh tb.a public with avera aocmnm..dltlon an I faelhlj for ti e trnn anion and dl-paleh of iannrae. hare in ' pet .d tad f'tid on ano.lar olT a at NO 3?"t It K> > \ I a - * M Iwn d.. ra I alow Ful'- n ?tr> e'., wr*t aid* . from * hick eor ritlraM whose plaraa el bnalaaia of roatdaaaoa are aboe* ft . l| ilfeet, Strang. r? and otkrra at fie hot. I*. ian lala i-r*|'i dlrret to rblladolpkla. M*l|imoee Mil Itaffdna, tod all atotioao e'oth and wort, wMn nt kbo troall? and delay >1 katlll to rn it aei <1 to the i Id ratnbllalicd o-ral OUten, ( arwar a I Hnnorarand Haiirer atrrrt*. T i ? i endn a of tnioHao ba? I ean i >tr ly rrea' 1* iatpmrad, rei derio* it reliable, aaeapt laeoi?a of aovideat or a-ropo at arm. and It* nmdo of bwalar*o hi* keen ay temotkaod In litk Iraaamiatloa and plaa of deliv-rv of m **a*e*. Tha I . mf an? bare n> w two ofkeea in Philadelphia and two In b?w V* eh, a* well aa one In Jet" v ('My. Neoirk. New UlWNIik, I'Haretta, Tr nt n. M'llailnatoa, llirro de Era re Ralt.irrr.and tl'a.i mat- n. lb. Nitt VI.hK OH It IS are at NO CUOA DW A T, l-o d ? r? b* D w fnltoa rlri e* wr*t ri 'e, and eornar of ilA-V ovn? and re*v?.r streets I * ; In pad till tl ia further effort of " Tbe Naynetlo T-1 - trtrk Company," and it* awry effort l? aor.e tho panl.r, aill provo acrrcallo and a.iran'aaeow* W M. M MTAI V, Prooideat. New Turk. Jane ?. IV,I. TRAVELLER*' (It'tDBl \rir.Rft(?N BOAT PilR SING SING. I.ANniN?l At atrret, Tanker*. Ilfiitinf*. Dnbl-*' Portly, * ad tarrytown. I :ir. to Voaker*. ?>', ?? r,to; Ila*tin<*, f) I b f'ern T*rrytown. and Sip* Sin*. ' S rent* T'ba new and braatifnl at* airrf JI v.\y LIND. Captain IV. fVllaon, lea*a fpl ra feotOl ( I.atphrr* aifo* t e> .rr aft raeon, at sty e'.loik, Snnda) aaerj K J. Retartd?|, wi'l Lai# Sm* Bta| ttiiA. M Frriybt takow on reaaonal le term*. L' R BRIIiGf PORT.?nor* ATONIC AND NAI'OA C tnrb Nnitfnad I arc I'.'i 0? uta Tie new an I aplendid I* ? *n.rt Allre, I apt H<. 1 *. will lene Pier l.*?, North rlrrr. f et cf Lihrrtt rtioct, ataf* Taooday. tF?dne?d?y. T . ie*day tnd trlday. at 7 A B . and Sninrday at I I". M R>m r in*, will li a I c Ibt Ratlri.n d ? I arl r t Hri'repnrl. on Nnadaye, at i1. A. M1 aerilny*. Wedaeadtya Thnr*'Of i ind Erldaya, at 7 1 M in tb* orrtval of tl.O iraine Into Grid** fort Thi* irraa*) iwei t. In crnteftioh with tho I >w fare, nf. fi one of f I e * l.i oi f i' i r d ni et drl'r' 'fwl l * . rd*? r nil* ml of the e|fy. d' rin* II.e utra .r ft aeon. oM eili** il r*v hour , otor it. ? fe pit i.. art ana thrlrib* nfy of I..Id ,e-(. r', and r. turu ? SI* fin D II' I ?I ? r l riffA MW TURK ? li i ' ?If it -t .1 a M.ll I itie . v I' f N A N I' a 11-(it A11 RO IP LINE PROM VtW f rt i I I ?bie c?r N .1 r. n b'i- r. be Itramkoot J'lllN ffl'llkk, M'mina Line at K Mo A i r >. raoea Line, at, I o'elnek. Faro by either line, forward dark, fi Lmi*r?at Lino at A o rjoeb p /bia.UMI. An BLISS, AaoaL R BOARDING, 4U>. AUDV, KE91DIWU IN A PLE t"?ANT LOUATION scar At lord on square, would U happy to revive, as inmates of her family. o fow porovua to board. wh?r? oau b? realised an agreeable borne, with moderatu t. ruit; reference* exchanged. Apply at t(2l Greenwich street, jio amtoi sqnsre. Board in bkooklyn-two or three pleasant room*, either furnished or unfurnished, with full or partial board, for gentlemen aad their wivua, or single gun tUm<-n. run be had in High ?tr?et, within five minutes walk of Fulton Perry. Reference* exchanged. Addreaa S. A., Herald office. Board in the country.?r ami lies can be accommodated with board and oligibl" rooma. The houue la con.modioua. and pleaaantly aituated near the llndeon

river. Stcumboats to and from New York daily. Addreaa, P??t paid, X. U-, North Haveratraw, Kookland ouunty, New York^ Boarding private family bo hiding hoi->l aoulh west our ,ir of Broadway and Twenty-eighth at.. i< now open for the rn < p'.ion ol turnip's and single goutls nicn. The honae ia pic: aaatly located, ami combines all the comfort* necessary to a re-pcctanle private family boarding house, being rep'ct- with the modem improvements. The rooms are furniabed in style, aa to inspire cvnhdencc, to rive satisfaction to such as may desire to patronise the oatab lishmcst. Refercn > a iietivngcd. Eulruuce on Twenty alghth atraai. BOARDING-FURNISHED APARTMENTS, WITH OR without full board, at 347 Broadway, with use ot hot, cold, and shower hatha. References required. Board-dem ha hi e rooms, on the second floor, for gentlemen and their w ivee; also, single roo ns I for gentlemen, can he had on application at AS Seventh it rent 1 between First and Second avenues. The location is good and eonvcuirnt for stages and caps; hot, cold, and shower bath* 1 n the honae. Board in twenty second street ,-gentle inrn and tielr wives can be accommodated w o targe roini on I rat and areoud Boors, with pantries attached, with full or partial hoard, at 1112 West Ttv nty see u-i so , be tween Math and Seventh avenues. The house contains Bne baths, water closets, tie. Kclereuoe given a> d required. Boarding.?on> or two families, or a nv single gentlemen, may bo accommodated w ith very plea sant rooma, with lull or partial hoard, by applying at bill Broadway; references exchanged. Board?a pleasant and airy room ON tiik third floor, suitable for two gentleman, or a gentleman and lady, in a respectable neighborhood, and near way. Also, accommodation for a few day boarders liaths in the house. Apply at .M Bleecker street. Board at manor ham., ionkkus.?A few boarders will he taken at this beautiful summer residence. Apply to G. P. Edwards, Yslif s. TYOARD1NC.?FURNISHED APARTMENTS, ON THE .I) i.rst and second Moor, suit si le f r gentlemen, or a small family, to 1? t at ItiH Spring stri ct, west of Broadway, in a mi.all finale family, where there are no boarders or chil dren. Also, a handsome front baaemcus, furnished or not. OOMS WITH BOARD.?SIX 8PAOIOU8 ROOMS To let, lurnished, at tin corner of Eighty-sixth struct and Broadway, on the Hudson River. Apply at the M mi ca House, Bloomingdalr. Mits. Mc vKl'V. rroLIT- A HANDSOMELY rtTRNlSRRD SUITE Of J rooms, together r saparately, to a gentleman aad lady, with full board for the lady, and breakfast and tea for the g. utUman. if r> quired. Apply at No. idGrand street. WANTED ?BY A LADY AND GENTLEMAN. A large well furnished front room, wi'h full hoard for the lady, on the west side of Broadway and above Spring st., and where there are i o other boarders, and where no que a tiona are asked. Aodress A. E II., Herald ollioe. R A l.OIMil.NtiS, Ac. PAIUMF.NTS AM) ROOMS.-! AMI LIES AN;) ORN llcnieu may obtain in a privato family lit/..' apart neuts and suite ol rooms, in wly and cle/nnt !y furnished, in t ie I vi ry ei-mmmlious hou.-.- situated No. Via lirnadway, between ! EigT. th ami Ninth streets. The gas an I Crotou iu tno house. ! References required. A LADY U API NO TAKEN A FIRST CLASS HOI SE, would l>? pleased to aoconnnodate one or two gentlemen i with suits of rooms. None need ausw r hut those with :nn I p!o means. Foreigner* prefirr-d. A address d tr ! C. D. offli e of the Herald, will 111 ? t v, itii attsntiou. L^l RNISIIED ROOMS TO LET-TO SING I E GENTLE V men. with Ircaklmt and tea. If r> quired (no ob]l ! to a eon ale of ret|e-etulile ladies) in a very pleasant si'na j tn u, at r.,7 Eleventh street, corner of Sixth menus, where stages piass every Mve minutes. Furnished ROOM rn let-two or three ? irg'e gentleinin can be eomfortably ncoumm.dit xl, wlisre thire ere 10 ot In r hoarder*. Breakfast and to lit re. quirtd. Inquire at 'J Millivan street. FM'RMSHED trnvs TO LET?TO SINGLE GENTLE men, or gentlemen and tf.elr w ives, without meals. Ap plv at b2 Warrea street, corner College Plato. AN DSOM ELY FURNISHED PARLORS AND BBD rooos to rent, at 22 Waverly Place. STATF.N ISLAND.? FAMILIES OR SINGLE GENTLE, iin-ii can be accommodated with tine airy room* and board, n few minutes walk from the steainl ostlandtrg. For further particulars apply at Ma. d Union square, N. Y., or of tha Collector, at the brat landing on the Island. MIMCKLLA N KOUS. II OIL PAINTINGS FOR SALE, SUI TAUI.E FOR AI.L purposes and all place*, lor public houses or private parlors, or the gallery of the ooanotesenr; also, a 1-trge number of modi rn lantiscafu s, singly, er by the dotrn, at I7<) Broadway, Room 41. Paintingscleaned and restored. rjREEN TURTLE SoPP AND STKAKS SERVED UP V* every day at No. MiYaadam street. WE DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT, FfiR IT IS A fad, that Sutton's style of printing Cards. Utrrnl.ira liill Beads. Handbills, ft.:., takes the lead. As to prices, neatne.s, promptitude, fcc., you have culy to call at his cilice, If.'Fulton street, between Broadu ?y and Nagauu, and you will find him all right on that acorn. THOMAS K SUTTON, Print-r. Military cloths.?two hales buff, one do. Ulna. ?ne <lo. See*let. imported eapreaely for military a?e, and for sale hy WARD. BIBCOCK 4. < 0 . 17 I'ark Row. UIDESADDI.ES FOR SALE. TIIE Sl'llSt IUI1FR OF H Itra for rale a variety ef second haul Side Pidilct.ul various prices. W. H. DISIIROW. Riding School, No. A) Fourth avenae. Ann HAS HELM NEW' MACKEREL; AUREUS NEW ?uv Dai'ch Herrings. HEM, l,UbO,iba. new rfatiuoii, ft oea Scotia; for tdlc by ( nil.SON WELLS A CO .11 Dey street. k>fk ItALES BAHAMA PI'ONOK; .1 Do. OI.OHE DO; ?o leases M edi'i rraatan. hne and eoarae: !*) hi| (-* Eng lish l iltniois rkins. for salt low bjr ANDERSON x Ma ? I.A V. I'm,'Cists, 99 ladM Faltvn street. Artificial eyes -dr. j. oray, no. iat grand street. New York, the oaly maker of human Artificial Eye* in the L'aited Stales. Ne charge fur inserting. N B ? Omli-is supplied nitk Arliicitl Eyes, la large er small quantities, at a low price, for ra?h. WHITE FRENCH ZINC PAINTS.?TIFTY CASES Snow White, la casks trim two to three hundred weight each i IU) casks. Net I, da. from four to six hundred weight each ; V tons grnnnd. In rndned oil. In flfly and own hundred packages. For sals by KCIIANCK DOWNING A Co . K*> ail lie Fulton street, agents lor the msnofe-inrers. TO BtlLDERS.?CHEAPER THAN BROWN STONE. Cast Iron Liu ties and I'nsla, square or round. 11 sin si d crnamcnlal.ul aartous lengths and a.ana, supplied at short antler, at tl.a Minnesota Ir-m Works, aorner twenty siath itrsst and Tenth menus, North rteer. Rf.roval?dr. alii an goldsmith if as removbd 1 his ofllce frsm No. 11 I'ark Plaea to No, .191 Broadway, N. B. corner of Franklin street. I oueultations from eight o'clock A. M. to tnu I*. M? and at IV) Fourth avenus, he tneen Ninetesotb and Twentieth etrcets.iyuji four u'ciouk le eight P. M Notice to scgar rehner.a-the under. signed, teiag sole posecsser of the improved method of cleaning ana coloring lugsr Moulds, in ancii n meaner as to last for jear*. without allc ting thn health of tha asiksuu. and reroynltcd as the teat hy Meiers t tuart and SfklTi, take II is method of informing the Sagar Kegncra that n n nrkman rf I is. n baker hp trade, basing led the employ of the under itrmd, now tries to Imitate my improsed method. I em. Ihtrt lure, compelled tu silt tut' pal lie and to inform tin m tlatl.alute. as insrnlor u this method, am able lo menu le. tnrethrs. moulds so as to ansaer the lasired purpose. A# i inisite that all materials should be ? ? ly me. muihinjnry moat arils by the use ef moulds ma le hy any ). reus net thoroughly s.'instated la this hraaeb, an I c n aid. rat le lore accrue to rehuers by spoiling the aagar. and tie less if all espcniea Incurred. I, therefore, beg nil re. Hi sra to addreae thr niicltes to ma. personally, and, la all rates. I will warrant my manufacture. 1-nr. UNION INDIA RIJHRBR COMPANY.?W\EE honee 19 Naaean .'.rret.?Thie eompanv le offering at ?I i leaala, Coodyear'a Patent Metallic lad>a Knhhsr I ?? i listing in pnrt of mala, elonks, ponchos, nrmy and uney fill ds, life preserver", e. rringe cloths, India umber shew, act an sloths, in'erf rti.g straps. A'. JAMF.+ BINIMP Preefdcni WARREN A< KERMAN. Vlfe PresHmi*. N. WILLI AM AON, Treasurer and Sor'iy. Af'TlfiN To TIIE PUBLIC ? ALL VULCANIZED V'' white rol ler, ae well as blark, and ether eelnrs. not auirted hy Horace II l?a? "Good) .r ? Pltenf. " aecrdiag to bis ensrnenf la I is lirens* from i..?dyi sr. le an Infringe aienl on t.uoilycar'a pairnis, and al. dealers la, at pure in ere of these goods are ei|uelly lli'le, as tr. tneas're upon Giu diear s seknim (edged rights, aIth floraea II Day Inm felt then sterol o. I, end si ill he proee. of. I i. ? ?. r 1 Insly. All the India RuM.-f Shoes now mad-by ll rto-II Day are aa inlrinreiueat upon tinsi.lyear'a patents, and all ds sli rs Ihefi in render themselves liable in damages, tu Mr. Goodyear, tie patentee. In 1-ehalf of the tlayward Rabhef Campaay: Newark In dm Hnhtir Manntaetnriag Company; U tender; Ford A I n ; 1 sr>s Aesnriatea, and others. fl'O THE LADIES-VINAttlHE HE TOILET TIIE m ToiUt Viuesarhas tup. reeded the use ef Cologne ??? t r la the u| per circles of Enrol*. When used for tne face, I sals and tudy generally. It rern ?hcs an J so itbea the skin, eisss it tore and riaetielty, eagn.entsits whiten, ts. and nbli titnti s di-agrerable appearaner. on the skin of esety soft, held, aliilisata and retail, ai 'i Nil in tetn tlcne. at tie IIi sit i.Ic Institute, ltd Fallen street. Price, half ? dollar per tcttle. fpilF. niot'M I PUN YOUR CHEEKS HAS FLED? I yonr skin. Inn, row ia dark, R 1th ytllow frr klea, ptmplra loa?tie end, 'tis true, bat hark. They tan le removed. and the skin niade 9ne. elear, smooth ?Bd al.i'e as an Irfnnlr. hy wa hing wit. the Sra" inn a' Itsllsn I l.eti leal 1. ap Il ls beautiful sends Is s?ld on'y al (I.( llrous* ny, thy depot of the true fpauifh Lilly While fur ladies. I HEREBY < I KT1FV Til \T ?V HAIR W AR Tl RN ins gray and lalllrg off, and thatsinee I tasa a I J>ns.'s feral Hair R.etort'Fee it hss . ntirely "eased falling?ia grew leg fast, ami hra a tine tlnrh look Hot see I ttsed Steam's I r rsi llhir kssu ratisa I coaled nut handltila af hnir daily. II F. Turn-r, Laurens stru t. This ia soli only at Sill Rreadasy. It HE VERMIN OF O FaT I CM. Do yen henrthe politicians? I nele ham's aituta phrstrlana? Frea. liti s each a solemn sermon All about " those office rermtn 1" Fearing, f r- hahly ad rightly, I'ai titans a hn steal palthsly. There rtre other ki ids af thl.tga, ton, P >i c that rrcar and arm a with wtngi fan, That .leal tit from rrnck and eraany, feis ue spoil, if thi-ee is any Cot. Ii-I v n's I'tlls aed paw in*, I tu n lie i ? al aa eitu is in eh t,lef. B t thss. tugs, h s powder kltlai Hat. red tni-n die rv l is pOla D't. t ef I \ ON .A ?l? i t tie l , . r nud Pills. Ill Dread V' Ha It- Ac hy ID, ' ? ? ni.iell .. I II.St.J Kf LIE F FRXN tUR.NA AMI Hit' IONS--T Hi t?M AF . Pi'ltd alt' f!'-in vexaii. us sppeniinfn *. will Hud res ly It IK I ly the nseof Dr. I.I rTLKFIM.D n Plaetara. i'hey are sayefii r to an y applianee e?ef before oflemd F"f aale at all the Druggists en ltr> adway, and at Dr. La ?E?a, II Mer tihaati' larhaaga, Wiilina street. FINANCIAL. Metropolitan bank -instalment-The final instalment el Fitty dollar* per share on the Capital block of tlua Bank,'is required to be paid at the Banking houte.M Hullttruet, on Wednesday, the ninth day of July neat. By order of the Board of Director*. J. E. WILLIAMS, Cashier. U T.LOU IK BON DP?$50,000.?Til E SUBiCRI BERS OF ( ' l? r to tho?* who arc seekingRood and safe investments, the six percent twenty year bonds of the city of fit. Lmu, l>u\ able .principal and semiannual interest,at Phmnix Bank ofNrwiork. We oontider them as safe au investment as Government or State Ditue, and they can be had at a price w hich will jield a much greater income. The City of St Louis is in a most flourishing condition, and always carets ber conditions promptly. The revenues ??! the city for the present year will exceed half a million of dollars, and by * clam e in tf ?peeiul clauie in the City Charter, the interest on her bond ed debt must be first paid, before appropriations are made for other objects. The debt of the city will not sxcoed one and a half ruillious of dollars at the end of this year, and her means, in her corporate capacity, as assessed by the Au ditor. consisting of wharves, stores, water-works. Skj., ex ceeds twoand a quarter millions of dollars. Full particu lars will be furnished, nil . and documents showing the present position ?f the city's finances con be examined, by calling ; at our office. E. W. CLARK, DODGE k CO.. 54 Wall st. PENNSYLVANIA COAL COMPANY BONDS?$3UU,0Ufi 7 Per Cent Coupon Mortgage Bonds.?Seaied proposal! will be received at the office of the Company, No. 31 Wail street, in the city of New York, until Wednesday, the 25tb inst., at 3 P. M , for the loan, at not loss than par, of the w hole or any part of $300,(JUO, on the bunds of the Company, payable at their office, in the city of N*w York, on the first day of August, 1861; the proceeds of said loan to be received in four equal instalments of twenty-five per cent each, on the first day of July, August. September and October next, or the san e may be ; aid in full at any time, at the option of the holder. Tk#M bonds nru issued by virtue of au act of the Legitlature of Pennsylvania, which is a* follows: ? "Bee. 5. That it shall be lawful for the President and Man agers of the k enneylvani* Coal Company, from tims to time and at all times, to borrow, or to obtain on loan, such nuiui of incney, and on such terms, an they may deem expedient for Ike CM ef said company, and to pledge and mortgage all or any part of the estate*' improvements, privileges, effects, and hsrets wbatsoever, of the said Company, for the repay* nient of said sums of money so borrowed, at such times as moy be agreed upon." The bonds are for $1,(M)0 each, with coupons for the pay* me at of interest, on the 1st day of February and August in each yeor, at the office of the Company, in the city of New York, la tercet will be allowed from the time of payment ol the several inntnln cuts. The bonds are specially teoured by ?crt B. H mortgage to William P. Ilavemeyer. Robert B. Minturn and Moses Taylor, Trustees, lor $6(hM'00. upon the privileges of the Company and their two lines of railroad, witn its appen dnges, such n* branch tracks,, ear*, canal basins docks, workshops, storehouses, ke , now completed, and cost ing in cash $1,607,1'00, and upon which there is uo other mort gage or lieu. The Company's two linen of railroad are about 47 mile! long < uch, extending from the Delaw are and iindson Canal. at li a why, in VYuine county, to Pittston, on the North Branch ( oual *ind Susquehanna rivor, in the county of Ln seme, where the priucipal aud large soal deposits of the Company are located. The Company have received? On capital stock $2,267,23) On bonds held by the stockholders, and convert! l ie into eapitalstock fi&fiB And have yet to receive on capital stork 132,7.-*) Mrkirg ?n aggregate of means of... $3,000,UU) Of which, they have expended upon the road and its ?qui( nu'.Ltr*, an before uiatcd... $1,657*161 For27hcai al beats, 125 tons each, and opening mines 44-^,111 Far cool and other lands fiSSLSfil Making an expenditure for lands and permanent iiuproven t? of $2 738.134 The cofiiDiMiyrte now producing from their mines and bring ing to the New York market, by their railroad aud tho Dels* ware and Hudson Canal, at the rate of 3U4.0UO tons of cm) for the 1 'itinera of ti e present year ; and tlie loan of $300,000, fot which preputials arc now iuvited, is chiefly wanted to pro ! vide additional canal boats and other improvement*, re i quired for tho large increase of business contemplated foi ensuing year; and tho residue of tho bonds, for which flit mortgage provides, will be issued hereafter, if required, ' ' 4 4 1 1 1 * 41" company, to facilitate tad further extend the business of the coil to DHfb ettf? wt?rss. "rvposaia Will b* en* dor?ed, " Proposal* fcr loan, Pennsylvania Coal CotnpAiiy." ? -? ?- -v._i?+ on application Any further information maybe obtained on apnh to either of the undersigned, or at the office of the company. TRAD II AW LEY, ROBERT B. MINTURN, MOSES Ta* LOR, DANIEL PARISH, 1HAAC L. PLA'H1, WM. K. IIAVEMKY*? WILLIAM ?{. OKI KF1TB' JOliN BW1SN, Director* ot the P?nn?yl??ni4 Cr;.", Cor^pjn*. i,AI.OHI'Xl'F, AND KKVPORT.. THE<K TOWN'S A:iE ntu?t< il < n thr l)rl?? ?r? a*,'. tl.n Raril?n, in lh? di rr.t lino brtwarn New V..rk Sn.l Plul.dolpla. Tb*y po every for I'n.irliMor r. 11.:,----. A plank rua I a Oct tu b? ran. trm ted between t.hich ? ill he the p- r maurnt thoroufthlaru between the North an I t t .South, and be *f'ira t he ait* el kli tb" promintwit man iht<'tiiriuk opera tienard the onoBtrv. Plans sud iuforuatlon may be had at tie ellicael t? e ilorance and Kaypori CoMpaov at Rio r. at-e i.r Kej I'.irt, ur at tt.a traiialer on.. e? ?f the Oompaay. e.'rnrr lit Halnnt and hoeh itreeta, i'uila<lel|>hiu, aud No. 1 l.'ur.'iver atrt. t. New York. PA UIS P.WKERS.?TM* SUBSCRIBERS, AOENT for tha lanHBrt honne o f Meaur*. A1IW, fcOrinJ. I, Itu dr Trrrter, p,fiv will rpru cyadfta upon th.iul'or partlMiv P' rtiu* F"o,t.-i trom France, tlerniaoy, and Saiticrlaai Al,n. I. r travullara gnlnn to tha Continent and to Englaut Fur terms ari''> to O. E. HABICIIT & CO , 9t Wall Oraet. Addr-ftna of maunhi'tnrera thrcughout Hwit.orlua. Franc:, and Germany can be furnished. 1MIK PUBLIC A RE CAUTIONED AGAINST KE ?rlalut a nota ai tnad Arnold, Boulhwnrth k Co., d.ited M-.y 21M. DAI, f*-r $IH2 Mb pavaMa to my ordar (which n> t? i. missing, a ithout my eixlnrarmrnt) at the leather Manufacturers tank, at sn months frona date of tha earns 1'ayniei t ol the aaid uute hue been stopped. I'll AS. BEERS. ftAO nnn TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROPER!"! i v?jvvv in the eityafNew York. Apply to M'M. II. l.OUTltEI.,61 Will am alroat. $50,000 TOLIND ON BOND AND MORT * AGE, in sums to suit a^fillcar.U, on pn >iu t vt ? i*l estate, in this city or Brooklyn. Sum* c f and upwards, will I *? lo:? t* ? d al (?iwr rent in (treat ou r?ty proiwr ty. Apply to S. S. BROAD, No. 11 Wall street, in the Cro t? D U wter nfire, basemert. $ 10,000 T" *-1,'W)0 M'ANTED-Oh real estate curity, ot the Very l?a?t kind. Any per il. in.' money losn may hear of an opportunity to ake a very atire and profitable lay. stmn.i. h, eatlm* .>? A h. F.ASTON, 117 John .trrrt. New York. >T? #IOO ?THE Sl'BSCRIIiRlt.S II WING $ .(?? lntea^<l is ft Muuftit?ri*>i suit C-.rutuie. i< BluaiiiH*, ?falt tu?xt?ad it, and will trukt with a go? th man I neing the ahov Mw unt MMIllNWi Tim ia a If MMI toC A good bWlMMl MM hut MMMMI cn*i prirtt|a 1. ?ill be treated with. I r i"w llculore, adiinw ''Hueiaeaa," Herald nfluo, with real nam*. t') n<\n TO LOAN, IN ONE SUM, ON IMPKOAF.D prop. Ity. hi NnW.Vork Alao, aceeral >au<of linger.amount to I ami on t'l'al ratatc. la Saw Vork and Rrotklyn. Apply at the LHa aud Fira Inauranre USVce, ,tS CIrOTHINU. CAI.ItORNIA CI.OTIIINU.-ANU I'AIRS CORDUROY ami ratluirt laata, X.taglpaira medium and low-priced <ea?inn fa do.; l.i'aU pilot, ninokcy, and p. a Caata. l.lkkl buai n. re fat ka, lie ; l.oai blanket t fata. Re.; all or whloh will be aold eery low tu clnge thetn i nt t> R J. DEVLIN, 3d and .'O John etrei t. corner of Naaoau. (' ANT orF CLOTUINO AND FIHNITLKR J ? ladle# or gentlemen tearing tho city, or breaking up koueekeepiog. can obtain tba liigheit eaah price lor Clothing, Furaitnto, Ro., by goading through the Poet, or at hia rcoT dance. M. 8. COHCN. 00 Elm otreei. N. II ?Ladice attended by bra. Cohen. /'ASTOFF CLOTUINO AND FI'KNirt RF. WANTED.? *. I.adtaa or geiilli-mtn legem* tho eity, or breaking np bona. Ft 11 me. can obtain the higheet aaah prioo for Clothing, Fori Itura,Rc., by oandine thr ttich tho p?at, or at hi* rati danca. L II. Dr/sKt.DORP, 1.1 Elm etrrot. N. B.?I.adlea attended by Urn. Duaaolduip. IIOIINKM, CAIUMAUBB, fee. NEW VORK 1IORSR BAZAAR, VI CROSBY STRRBT Am liiu aala of lloraoa. Carriage#, ilarueee, Saddle#. Rr , atary Monday and Hedoeeday, ? oiniueaetng at tnelea o< lot k I'araona ha tiny proparty to diepoae of, will plaaaa call and Kara it rcglatored. JOHN H. 0ATFIFI.D. Proprietor. F^orSale-a vfrv handsome uav pont. Afiorr I hlia-n haada an i three inchee in height, ait y?ara old > thla t| fill I, anuod, and Hod in all haroeea. of Ik no til a I etyla I great andnraaca; haa l.nan In thio State oae , ytir itiir Inn In the handa of hnrea d< alert or tramore. i and can bow trot a milt la three mlnutee and twenty re 0 a del prwnawaeod be jmlgra to be one one of the moat pro limine oolla in tho conntry. He lo alao a inlendld aaddle harao, fur nay oar preferring one to trot. 1 ha only reaaoa lor | arting with him, ia being ia need of hta raloa. Any per analnwertef each a botac. and willirg to pay afair prieo fur bim. * ill not be deeeln d. Alio a tiandeome tight top aiCliif the la teat etyla and hnieh. Iiirh wheela. mode to or der by ana of tho teot wak. re in tho city, haa been need not neer twi let tiaaa; Ingot In r * ith o light eat al Nftonk made te ord> r. and iorr> aiioniliog nith the aboea. V he erttktiah-| eat (complete) nil! ha aold etagty or tog< thor. Pennna en-Mi g to pnrrhaaa will hare an "pnortnattr ?l trying the hi.i- I'll a>- addreaa Ron 7, tl tba Herald of&ng, w u- n mil L"H)R8AI.E-A CRAY M A 11 F.. I..', HANDS IIDIM. SI* I jtara old, a good family animal, kind ia ail harnere and uader the aaddle; narraut> d aouad. aold aa the owner ia all,et lining the city: ran he aeen at the A'euahall Stall lot. No. |a Fonrth airana. la inira of It. raderhltl. tfOKSALt-.A \ FRY SPI.FNDID PA IR OF PRIVATE r rarriage II raei, perfectly mglnred. lie and taaen yara old. and af rurpae.lng atyln. power, and aptrit p-r t,'t'y pi ntle in all harneaa. Aim. a ?lleer pitted donhle IIamrra nill he aold theep Apply at tha atahlo. Pa. to ? a re ok, mar Court. Brooklyn. ?r at No. V Pino atreet, N. Y. fSt,R SALE- rol K VALUABLE HtlRSRS?THBT ARE round and erotic, good Ia dunhlo and emtio harne a and for the .addle they cannot he heat, hariot been broke fur that i?irp?ee Inquire ef l? KOSAN YE. Pad to atrort. ei.ynor ef Hirka atreet, Brooklyn. HORSE* FOR SALE?ONE BAY t 'OLT, SIX YEARS old, IS handa huh. atyliah and fnaA; aloo, ono Sorrel Rare, rit yenra old, haada klgh, handarnie and eery faati alao. alarya fort llurno, roecn eaara old aaitoble for any lieaey Work. lni|Oira at AMI H ater atreet, or IS7 Cherry atreet, will ro they ean be aeen. NOTII E?FOR BAI.R. A VERY 8PI.RNDID CHEST nntnrrel mare, httiin handa high. Sen jeare o|.| all Miami, and kind In ainglr i f doahle harnaoo, or nnler the raddle < f the Morran I rn d. git Fy Blacking. Ala , a hand a. no hay hey.#, 1i haada hia'', aoeen year? eld; a.,and, and r gi i d trat eller la I arnoor, of nnder tho oad He To he torn at JOHN HI'tStiN S etahlce, earner of Twolfth otroot and Vnieerrlty plaea. ________ SADTir lliiRSF.-TIIF. CREAM COLORED LADY'S Saddle llrr?", adrertired in 11 t? paper laet ei eak. cm a, w te eren at Cowan a atahlee, Mefei r atreet. For lerm?, a pi I? t" Mr. Cowan, or at SB Reaerr ?? reet. np at aire. E|S||R nFAUTHM. Yin Mi MART AII DA I.I A. FO R A pen handa I Igh. perfect either under aadJtr or In hnr ni ao. van anted aennd and kind, ia now fur ?ale Al?u. a eery alone and approved lady'a li'-r-e, of dappled gny. n hfeh t? ofgrod i? nipcf, and I a? rlnen rrea' eatiefnc ti n in d, uhle and elngle bAMiroe. THOMAS NORSIS \ n sj S,,(h aernuo, between H oeorley Plane and Eighth ttfeei. \ VF.RY STR0N?. IRuN (,H?A lloR?F, Id.tnv JA hiah. narrapttd ?, nad and t< gtli - eHta1 lo f rany en,rb, either . aietago, rart, or rtprera wa-on; hoeing n m for I im will he aold al cap. A|plr t< (IF.O. KAI'II.AKI.. Sod Fiail >tr?et. Am FIRS! RATR CART HORSF W ANI ID -OUR Tlf At bar Fern m od to a nert, and ahlo I ' t.-at r wiefb. Ap I ytoR ||OF. fcl " . c rmr Hrmnv and S.e' ft-tr e.a hSl'R ?A> F A Til I. B R SF aTtD ROt K A IA A A M ADR 1 I v I.neknood k Dlllen. to nEt'er, for the pr. ? . t onnrr: taal.eo rnn Ini a fiwtlwi <? Inquire of Jan. Murphy, i r o r ol Tenth Ptreet and aemne A A R K I A t) F. S -ON F I tf.HT S*CO< It II AN D SI* pentFunitntrRo. V It I an l?eg oacd ing'-il ' id. r; I ? ? f H 'odi. T ml ? 0 It IV'? .1. t. e tie Mat! I lit Re Cbaner. Can ho ma al 1. I'. c PiiPRR IHIOHlis ?'.f. L'i'.r PR f v r ii pArRh*', i?lcoi? at ion s, I a i Na. A* Fmrl atrerF. between ?!?d:aon and t l.atham Thnre in nant of the at oee artlelet alionld nut omit to |o ik thronrh nnr eotahliahment, aa their internet an t tnotn may bo b?>t ooMvltod by a call. lUUHAS 1'AVS h CO. IALK8 BY AUCTION* Auction notice -thos bell, auctioneer By II. N. Bu?li. Large sale, khu day, at 10k o'slwok, in the auction r?x>ui.?. 10 North H ilium street, tl valnxhla h?i sehold and ealin* t Furniture. Groceries, lei'faorr, Preonh t'crdiuls, Wines, Scgirs. Also the bal&ure stoek of Dry i?C ode. from Tu?*s?ia>. and goods from hotels, ffcs., eountiii{ hi us*. Desks, Iron bafts, 20 patent li* dutcads. Ac. THUS. BELL Atiotiosesr. J ABES COl.E, AUCTIONEER. H ILL SELL ON VFID duy, J unt 'J&, at l-'o'clock. at the Merchants' Exchange, the large and valuable lot of grouud fr??unng oa Hal a ana Stewart ?trttU, UtwifB York md Front streets, in the eity of !lr? ukl vii. #Jbi* property being near the market and ferries, and fr< utliig ou two streets, is well adapted lor a bakery, provision store or furniture manufactory. For U^rms, apply at the auction room, 43 Fulton ?-treet, Brooklyn. Horses and carriage*.?h. u. leids a ca, will sell, in front of their store, No. M Wall street, on *lhur>dsy, the 1'oth inat., at twelveo'clock, two superior aar riape horses, H \enrs old, chestnut sorrels, perfectly soun *# penile, and well I rokrn. Also, s Rockaway carriage and % pl wtoii wagon. One of these hotsee is a very su pernor xuiimU, of fine a< ticn. IIOMKSTK ADS. WEST MOUNT VERNON?A REGULAR MEETING of the Ti utoma llumrilsad Association will take plnon on Tuesday evening next, at Mechanics' Hall, 170 Heater street, where their friends and others are invited to attend. It is our intention to ehoose the plots earlv in July. J NO. F. LUTliKK, I'resident. F? RniKAvn Mt'sr rrii. Nneretary. UNITED BROTHERS I AM) ASSOCIATION AT PIL h?mville ? l*r?*posnls will be received tor gr&dingnnd regulating the street* and avenues, also, for sinking and ?ti nirg up a will. to contain five feet of pure water, at tho railroad dt pot. All intoru ation w ill he given by applying tu U ILL! AM I'AHKEH. President. or ALFRED U Dl N COM HE, on the land. AN EX (I RS l(*N TO I I'l'FR MORRIHANIA WILL HE made on Tl uriday. 'Jtilh ?ust.tnt, (to morrow) for t in purpoec of visiting the trset of land now being disposed of at tlutvillap* iindknown sr the property of Major Lowry. Extra car* will ? e provided t > ieuvc broome street depot at 10 o'clock. Fare u r the excursion, *5 cents. Subtoribar* and all others who feel i? teres ted are invit?d to Join in the excursion. F? r part u u\ ar* of the sale of this property, net* advi rtif* m? lit in bun and Tribune. A FOR SALE AND TO Y*Kr. FARM, CONTAINING ABOUT SEYKNTY ACRES of Isn't situated in the town of Harrison, on the line of New York ana New- Haven Railroad, and ono mile uaet of the Mamar< ueck station. 1 he laud w uutly titrated and the lowi.m vs healthy. For terms, which will be made easy, apply to David 1 . lialitsnd, ou th? premises. APARTMENT* TO LIT.?TWO LARGE P4RLOM, two attic btdrooms. a beautiful biuerneot. with apart incuts Jor fuel and coal, with use of yard, wtii- h han t tine grgiH p ot in the house IL'5 W est Hr ?adw?y. Also, a d)n oc tave i'iano for sale A pply to 0., on the premises. Drug store for sale?situated in the bush ue^s part of ?he city, near * he terminus of tbr+e rni'; r< ds. The store in doing a g'?t>d jobbing and retail tr //* Si Id on account of the death of the pri ieipal partner. snii be told cheap on reus* nsble terms A ldr?jj J. i* t l>r Herald f ffirc, wf en ar d wher an interview can bo 1 ' Fiok sale?a beautiful cottaoe ii<jiTar iniilit d. cunUi.iL, .ev.n romue. with at gr. ui d-tuuron . 'ih. nrt, and mi alt fenced "--1 " ',"r .,Dan of nmdiratr n.? .n. It 1, I tit *?f?t rr. m the *lg? ,h ,?,M> w)l> in D r? than one j ?-or tie tarn will pass , . ovr ituor t'rico Rtwetitj-tivw i rr <? n* can r? ' ,' ' . H , s ? u i ci i r ? oaiu on bond and m< ?rt Mfe. Apply to :m.. b r a,ol WMofi 3!,aa< iiuloitiirir, 17o ai-a 1 // M illis' ^ *tr? ct r^dlt SA1E-A ?'?'' ".TSIAT, BBA I'TIPUCI.V SIT '1 *' r*?rl<-i.c.tcr, within li?e miniit.'. V'.Vr ^ t . . ?? lUi'ro.d Th. building P"; ' r J. rM,". IX IHN .1 .runnil attR' hll I " ji rt rjirtl nlrv ,,f Ur ll"rarc PtuR'i, i , l>.rutH , ).?rtci, ... of JaUkk tl. (Vntall Cai.I ?f k? Yoih. , i lUlllglli ^ y? t 1 ' #ALK.-1)IE ft^OCK. r'XTPRXS, AKI? GOOD I.' t?? | 11. I |,UF( nf oue "f the nltlMt .-t.hlHTicd tadia,'? 1 nsch ib?itcr tin thi* ?ay, lituxt.rt In lir T. u <r.?u nifli a min i cidtal. iT *'W* ? obatfc, iillom with. Adi'riic, r. a I ? w..: L. i?., 444,4 11 SAI-E. (K Tl? LET-BOUSE NO. 118 P0I/RTH 11 ri 11, corner uf A mi.. . trrct. all the inodurr. itn] rovi irrtiti. If nut .uld Uy tiio iirct of Aug i.t, will he i.t to a ,oud trnunt. t'i r fnrihur ivirtiinlart. aiT'v to NICHOLAS UaLSU. mi 8 Si.Ui avenue. E*oit sale?a manueactort. a bhancii or the r ri.BOl. rte ta?i?ci?. ,to. k and tiatiirc,. with a guo.l rimtirof ci.,t* in. r., vbtre. w>tm;t tnaa wttii a iin.ll oap ital tu. drjr frmn tig t Imn IrcihgBu itioueand dollar* a )*or. Appl, at ls'J Ninth ?trect. i i^orsale?a nrsiMis. * itiioot anv comi-e a linen in the United St.tee e.taMiiticd t'af ittun tttri. ? id [ oyii , frcnii $ COO to CIy?iil?; the huiineealtKht. | m?j, |li>.ant, ktd Caney. Kr- ry eiltiefacilou will be eireu ae to the amount mlir. Me >>f th* Initine.e. Ari'lrt.i U. U. Ili>W h 8,83 >'a%au ttrctt, upitaire 1[?OR SALE? A NEW "WOODWORTH" I'LAINING HA el ire. ruuiplrie. all ?f Iron, warranted to gir* the ful. 1 cut iitiefaction. Applvt.. JOHN II. LESTER, uj Knit*, etreet. Ij^OK SALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED STOVE *A- ' ttuiartury fur a w hnli',ale <>r retail ktiio.u. with eon. (I tic ?o,t Improve d pattern, in thr .narhet and ever* ion eenh niefar earrjiagua a large I i>iar.', AI?o, the Jl ' tuiluinpe. Appl) to W. E.WIiitnejr, 111 Uookmaa .treet. For sale?tbi new and splendid stock or l-oed. In ,ti re7.t7 liroadwn j. 1 he etoro li i? a rued and | r?-tit a Idi* g? t of tuittt u sps. and affords an axi client opptir . tiir.ity for a prrton wishing to ?ngsgoiu business. Tt rmn literal, or w.mld be exchanged for real cttate. Inquire at . HOTEI*. nOAKDING-HOl'SE. OR RESTAUR.ANT.SITU* a'nl at lit eurnrt of H arhinrlnn and Firrl atreWd. tiohi lcn, to let, and it* ???? It fin Kind tor the ah.rvu pnr I" ' LOGAN. Merchant#' Kiuhanja, cr J II. MOtifiOT, New York Hotrl. TW OTIC*.?TOR RAI.E. CHEAP. FOR PART CASH. A A* ?i?k I?*W dnrllii,* honit. in f h* coifcore it|l?. wneetory, ?.?or r?. me and attic, tor;rtti?r with from thirty to ttftjr aerea of l*nd plmrri.tly moated. a Iloinin* the Mllvar of ller maavill*. on tht Lou* faland KdNroaJ. and wilbin a abort diafaaoa of th? new villa** of lakeland and Kookoukomn Lake. The land ia of |H"d quality, and will ioob bv mally iarrraaed la value from the improvement* that era bcitu; made each iida of It. Like* tea, yood land in the ?am? vicinity. in lota of from Hte to ifty aerea, at twaaty to total) tlvadollara per acre. vn.raaaaaaMetdkma. Maya lad pamphlet* a III he ecnthy mall ta amy.p* ranhy til Ah. Wool). Matioaar. I'? John atrnat, N. Y. 'P'i i.F.T-a rinrr class boarding house. for 1 (rntli-tnrn aad ladi*a, ?itli board for ladiaa oaky. The h. nre i* m< drrn tuilt In a retired and p'-""r~* IvcaUoa. and tin rr arr at preeent eunifh hoarder* in ttia Itouaa to Mippi rt it. The furniture mill hr oold. It doairad. The pre vent pr prietnr I aa Herd aavaral yrara in tha houae. and ia m n iomi* lied h? ill health to rive up tba ear a of tha aaoae. Addreaa lire W ..J, lu raid .,, fpo I.ET?A FIRST CLASS HWUSK. LATELY OCCO 1 rt' d aa a hotrdinr home. The lionet ia already faraieh ed. Cot. urited with tha hoaae ia a ptiyalataa'a sfAce. Soma of the prerent h>arr.aia will remain. The furniture wvtl ba raid on rrtavnahla t, ma. Apply at Ma. 41 Ceartlaa H rtr'et. or No. 7 Giernaich atewne. THu lkt-tiir mansion iiocse or john u nor TON; alee two Cottarea adjoininr tha Marlae Pavi 11 n Apply to JOHN K POWERS. US Pulton atreel qsu | IT- . WO PARLORS AND TWO flROROOMS, IN A tha Wet location in tha oily, to a email family or ata r'e arrnllrmen The rooana aan he faraiahed, If req wired. Apple at l(*7 Prineeatreal, *oreor af Ureoae atraet, wham U.a prauiiieaeaa La aaaw. PUIIIulC ATIOIYS# (M ENERAL SCOTT I tlU PRESI BE N'T ?THE " AMKRi M can Patriot,'' n paper derated In the advocacy of thq eloin a of General W'inftrld S-ott to the Presidency, will he il'otdtlie ( Wtdoeaday I taopaior I'enwat wiohfaa to eith er rile Bill pi. are oaud ti.r ir a'tuea hu the pu 1.1 inhere Car ried are wonted, to ret*LHeh f nfee in the elty and riolaity. W ILLIAMS A SWAHTWOCT. FaMiuhrr*. 117 Neoeau rlrwt ILflSS MARTIN RAt'S ANI> AT A INSOM'S LETTER!* ill on tie I .ia* of Maa'a Nature aad Deve'opeateat arw tow ate root tpl.ior at llo.tua, aad will imi la patHatad. 1 M- a ill I e i he Ar-' r. pr.nt . f theea i al. .. t?V end tatamwUBR lelteea in tie Cnltid Matea tird.ra lar tl.ra deal wad bw JtillN MtiRRI-ON. LtS ' Latham rtreet. New York, aad by J P k I. Mil M. v. W vahiurton etraet. Roetoa. ;< ri us fair - a i kw copies of the offi ? iel fatal.cur. for t ? ak Elwarda. Salwd A 4a 'a ^^rlrr K>| tr.* Al'tk- R Ch , |fi aad IS Wall atreal. Pf OPI.F. f ROW n ROpNll THE DOORS ASD TIN do* a af tha Old C nri Sk i i ?. ?treat, to owe I the a I nderfkl ell il it ion t! at Nenrle a khee ol hie Raaka and Print*. Rnt ?e l< ?d?, and tm to na a a a wont taavd fur an hour. Itwould take v..turn a '? de-mh It. J. P NKAGI.E. IWi Naaoaaatmal. w EXCFIINICSS. CS T. AN I> EXCURSIONS To CONEY ISLAND, USD I Inrntlort Htmlha each war?Far-- 17 W C?nta.? fl.e ura and aplaadld ilaiwrt TEOJAM. ? apt J. W Rad rot will mat e aali \ ''one> l-land. Air tha aan 0 r leavIt r n> follow? -F rtinr Trip From A prior atrwel t half part A o rli.-h, l-'y aa I hall p**t IE Frara let S N H at ha part Ml I aad t a'alauh. Mo rain* tr.pfrrm Fart HaaiPHa at s A M ("S | |ta R HiOYE LANDING At PORT HAMILTON.-? J I are I t, ronta - Tl ? Ml". IpsRH. Capt. C II llaa roa. will at n wiener her reanlar trip* for tha eaaoaa aa Mwa .In ' of 1 l.'rteratll rtr**A at V fvoA ei sprmr -trert at , aad pier So. .1. North rtrer at Id A. * and fort .,f vpr ?, rtrert ?. 1V a< d |>t#r Nn. J, North r e e, at '? I' 1 Irtin Calar l.r "' at II A. M. and I P It V V ft A Mali AN. A??*t, lire at tha Itrek at 1 tea hlta rtrret ts \t | R?lfN A Tea TIIE FISHING BAVRN. EVERT AJU) aa' rj? Sotor-iaya Tha era ataamar lll'FF ALU, Capt. Swrlth. will leare IT -...nil timet,N R . at 71* o'alnnh, A. M . I aral a?re.t IV l.raad rtr?*t, E K . r*. ''athartww att- ? t > % I M r N- INKS' r|. ek returain* ttlf N. Ttrl in larklt belt and rrfroel mot.te alii he prevMaA. A a ?11 leu tone will he on hoard F?ro i"> eenta oaoh wap. Dl h II I IN' IKS M t No It IN IIOVK AN II I. \ BORA t. rt Ir || rat .1 t<. n Ilea ii r'h of Ibo < Ity Mall, a -at n at.< ira'a elew f F'miht ra-t war I terr hady'a attea ?. n >? irvwn t.. thie r m tn'le aad 'rantlfal rllla-e, la ooa . . i. e . f p r tor v la MHltea Steamer* a?e mnotn* fro n the foot of Bel ater t ? " . ? ry low fare of " a oaaha lu 111 kit* tl e lln.lai'n r.ver ral'rwad i ra raa almoat aaary I'ur la He day j thra rlavirv doe; no iwoaqnitoea. meals rt at' I "i r* I r-ra sad f:.rrl??*| t > let, k"*l na alleya, al.i fR-hetrda, qo ito. ?olnr* 4 All Who ridt Or Rrl litfrr retail *1 n ert hte# a?r"e?hlr dh>*pimlntnd. fin I- at lie 'antral dip. I lit the mornira. <7i> Rroadwar. Gr? i d rad I r.. ?< ? ir- it, ana at Ynnatd in tha ai* t.rtior The tl ||. aappllvd.aa teiinl. hy lo?r*all R Hri> tl ? r 'f *>? Pearl .tr*.' with K-.lln**r'a i.iaitnaat aad Mar a Itn'd Tit" old retahllrlins h"t'*e hva rnjoyrd tba r I . Ir.ote tgrp.rv. r r'neei a Inteod "Moo, aearly III yoara rirre Hailnt rn-rally fret need ? e neal hundred ceo**. Cry i re |r'trtsd to firolrh f. r areorion on Dr R.'n frrit fnvoraflr ttrw 1l>e iloct'f to find 1?I vnrtaty. he now tl ? fi r?i ai .1 ft' | rii IV ol Ilia eonduutin* lira ertenaiea hotel at V-rtir. llerrlaf aa II" flearnre of rnterta'atn* and B atII * Iho t rti i i! ai 'inri-tvnee of t e Ar*t fmnllMm la Aha mMi n. lie (a aortonrded by hialth and A ' sty larww pro f ? till n "lll.e it" ? i n It" n t tale! I of the limttd SlaAa* A ?' tt ..Mill ? t. Ill, ir I < Me.I Ihr I rye. n? pala. ra af Mr. Wnltt in Iti'rr S trn >1 tl wlatid. tin II >n M fi flrlu te'l, Jrn.ea Tt W ohh A I t'lw r ulh Man ia Mr Rdwia I rrttl'rt utii'i. M rarlto v'ro tl.i rplrtidld a. (Area of Mr It? n J a.. *-r S W i flip*. I|r Wni I,. Morale, Mr THos R ! ...?! o. ardt' I ? hn orh ohor. Hon ArnonVafh. r, J. |C . I V ,it I,' t. e a, nty the lien W W Wwod ? ? - ?' t r . "1 1 I it M R p' rnt b daae'ie* rayo of I ? ptr i ' f t rvrrv quor'i r Y.'ntera er*i r ran ho Ml I III * rron ld ra'..*nr.-tf Ttwsf lN?twall e e' ? I f f tid rtrr . t .rail# t Hraa. t farelr'notlANrnwah. d r ?, d. m' i i? r 11 ot it wit! ealip-a tlnr i . I' e ?'>%'' 't i i how i tf it 'e hard to holt , j trn. .. ai Iri ? -t ? a *n 'it *p*rk One I " I i ? . r* i- |i .. | . n . ? ! n*aaf If the A smr. a h . tht I. d. to ? fnM. I f. 11 t ' f rtaw A' fiat a* a? aa- r I aot r a .11 waK a d. ?' ho di-trlhnhea It "ant tha r in". All*. .* i?h |.< are the tardea of *.he nnt< arm. npta tht oaly rimple. rt nniot r.wrtnien of aa arltfiaal I a*' h aeWk livinp, d. n t fail ta ?. ?? la faakara.

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