Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1851 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 6820. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1851. PRICE TWO CENTS. A1IVREMEKTI* BOWEKV THEATRE.-BOXES, a CENTS; PIT. I2.l< sent*; Orchestra Holes, AO cents Door# opeu at 71,; eur tainrisee at 7\ o'clock. Benefit of Mr. E. Eddy. Thur-tny uvoning, Juno 2fi, will ho act'd bulwer's great play of Klt'llELlLU?Louii Mil , M'. N. Johnson; Cardinal Kiehe .'.icu.Mr. E. Kddji (iaiton, Duke of Orleans, Mr. Bum; Ba irn dan. Mr liltuD; TheCheralte'de Mauprat, Mr. Pope; llu guet Mr. Steven*; Francois, Miss*. lit out; Julia do Vlorte :nnr, Mise Weniyss; Marian do Lorme, Mies IL-rilog. To conclude villi the drama of BURN TO GOO') LUCK ? i 'audi on O ilofferty Mr. ) Eddy; Count Oaliari, Jlr. Bawoi; <- 'Untesi Vitoria. Mrs. Broadlcy. TV'ATIONAl. T11LA I HE. CHATHAM STREET.?BOXES, ? a H5cent"! Pit, 12,? eta.; orchustra l'lovete. Ad oents Pri h ate Iioa Tickets, $1. Boon >peu at 7 lg; curtain ris-.i# at 7?f o i lock. 1 hursday evening, lune 28, the eotertainm 'n'e ai'.l ?- mmence with the drama ?>! DoN C'.K*?K hivHaZAN ? ,:>un Carar, Mr. J. li. Scott; Maritani, Mrs. M. Jones. To be folloaed by CHEAP BXCI RSION ? Mr. Snoxy Snobbs, Mr. .' Fox; Mrs t-noxsy Snobbs, Mrs. Uaatonvllle. After ?Vhlch.the L.aDIE.H NEW COS I UME?Allied. Mr. Li F? nor: Alice, Mil-M. Charles. Toonnclnde with SOLOMON' <*W OP, J B.?Solomon Swop, Mr. Uickcy. Mrs. Glastonbury, .lira. Hao'.onville. 11 TAI.1AN Ol'EKA AT CASTI.E GARDEN.-MAX MA il retcel., aiHiiayer and Conductor. Admission, 50 cents. Thi'hc i>av tvENiNo, Jitns 28, M ill he performed the Opera of LUCIA UI LaMMKRMuOK. '? Sjynorn Tlislo. Xdaardo Sir nor Bittini. ?Asutou Signer ilenerentano. iEamundo Slguor Colstti. ?Xrturo mguor Oarattini. Oocre open at half.j art 6; Performance to oommence at o .ook. N o postponement on account of the weather. Opera every night, Saturday not excepted. Brougham s lyceum.?special -hrougham' Benefit. Monday next, June .'iuth, last night hut fou of the i resent season. Box Book now open. llVf EC0AMCS" BALL, My. 472 HKUADWaV, ABBEY ... 1 Grand street.?Open every night during tha wook nnttl The orlyiual and well known CHRISTY! .. , -**bS, coiupridlni an ntV'ient and versatile "corps' ?t ta.entid" and "experienced performers," under the ina vgement of t. P. Christy, whose concerts in this oity, for s cjl*1 'cession of "five years," been received with lavor hj Ik - ly roipectatle and faahionehlo .audience-. TiokcLs Munla. Doore opt n at seven, and sill ooinmenoe at eight S> clock. An Afternoon Concert will he give,, ou Saturday le>x?, tor tho ac ommuiif tine -r f ?<* '"v-nilc*. r-si mcnclng at 3 o'clock. P. M On Friday, July 4th, au after ki a concert. commcnciitK nt 3 o'clock VRLunrr minstrels, at fellow new musi calHnll, 411 Broadway. between Howard and Grand V recta; ops-it ti ery night. Tlile Justly celt Orated and efficient <" rpe of talented and experienced performer-, under the Bole Management of J. B. Follows, whose concerts in thia city fur *uc past year, have heen rccoivrd ;?ith the greatest favor by Vac elite and fashion from all parts of the Union. Fellows' Svluo. of llall is one of thcni"i-t npaci -us and beet veutilated buildings in the world. Admission 25 cents, boors open at Y concert to commence at 8 o'clock. An afternoon conoert gvcry Wednesday and Saturday, for tho sspecisl acoommo At'.ioh of families, oommencing at three o'clock P. M. NEW ORLEANS SERENADES*.? A CARD ?THE undersigned respectfully in tifv the p. blio that they al to are the original New Orleans S r i.adcrs, who are now connected w ith t ellews* Minstrels. Mi l whose concerti in I'urope and America, for the pi-t .'ip it yecrs have been so .'.iherally honored by the first citiieas to either oonntry. con sistina of the following euiiaett pert<>rmarr George Swain, to ? inimitable Hone Player; I. Book ley, alias Ole Hull iuti., the astonlehlng Violinist. K H Buekley. the celeora'ed De lineator; J. B Collins, the ropulsr Tenor, and Mr J. Bu-k I ty, tho favorite rerformcr, woo arc the ori <ioal " New Or lians Screnaders," J. B. FELI.OtVS. V'ATlONAl. THEATRE -MR JOHN HERBERT S BE JLv neiit ?Wonderful attraction?the greateet MinbinatiiM ci talrrtever Vcfore the pu lie.?On k'riday evening. June 37th, 1851, the following artist* have In the kindest m inner ai liintocred tlicir valval le servioe- ?Mr. John K- Soott, Mr. Chtrlsa Burke, the greatest come li in "t the a ;e; Mr. Joseph J- ifjrson, ti e New 1 ork favorite; Mr Jam s Dunn, the po pular vocalist; Mr. Ersnl. ie, the great Ethiopian dancer; lira. Mebndi Jones, Mrs. Charles llurkc. Mrs. Joseph feff r o ii, Mrs. Willisin F'iter, Mrs John 11 r'.. rt Miss Cornelia ?Jefferson. For further particulars rcttr to bills of the day. jBuxcs. 25cents; pit, 121* cents. Box sheet now open. Barn cms American museum-p. t. barnum, Proprietor and Manager.-Leon Jnvrlll, w hoes name is intimately connected w ith the Ravel Family, in his wmidcr !'ul achievement.- up? n the light Rope, appears every even ing this week 111 Thursday and Frioav afternoons, the f ir e of 1 HlMItLERIG. and TWO Et'EA BETWEEN Tit O. In the evening, FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY. Alter which, daring and extra rdinary ' tploits ? pon the light hope by Leon Javelli and II. rr Cline. To c nclude witli VOI NO AMERICA?J. J Pool-y, Esf., Mr. Jladaway. The llappy Family, eompoood ol upwards of <ne hui .lred trsinec Animsls and Birds, of the in ist diverse Sod antaginistii oharacters and natures, and yet living to ll ther in the mri enclosure on terms of sniity and lasting v'ri ndahip, i an l e s en at all honrs A dmisaion to the entire Muieutx, and perforniancss, 2A oeute; children under 10 years, J2H ccnu. I'll 11E CEI.EBRATED NOVA S'OfIA GIANT BOY X w ;11 hold his Receptive L-v-rs at tho APOLLO ROOMS, On M-tidty rest June 23d.and every morning, afternoon and cm mini during the week. The eutcrtamuicnte will be ac ?.? mpauied with Music. L'oore open at 3 and 8 o'clock, P. M. ANGUS McKASKILL fs r-n?idered the greatest Wonder ia the physloal world, llo II eight fret high, weighs four hundred pounds, is only nine b' n year- old, sad it still growing. .admission, ttecrutr; children half price. Franklin museum, 175 ciiathamsijuabb.?GRa LEA, hois Proprietor?Admission?State in Private Boxes, BO 1 cuts Stn.e Seats, 37X cents; Boxes, 25 cents; Par gfuet, 12W cents ? Klegtnt Ssloon p-rfur:nanci t every After Uoon and Evening. Entertainment# commence in the after noon nt 3o'e)ock, and in the evening at 8 o'olook. The en (birtainments arc varied and eslest and euch ac can he fees O . no other nlace of amnasment in New Yerk, consisting o! Lea's Fonuile Ethiopian Opera Troune, numbering flttoos p-rformere, being the largest and at the came time the most Calrnt "d bend In the United States; a troupe of Model Ar O.s'.s who are selected fer their Ivautv and figure, and whe personate a uuinher of beantiful tahloaua, taken from the f>. tUr-s of n< icnt and m <Jern times; a company of Arak V r!s, who go through a variety of feats of VCrength and deg A-rity; Madaiue K. -aline, the only Female Jugul t is the 9 irld. a enm| ol Malt and Female Artists, w Ho will give On exhibition ol Marble Statuary nnnqualted in the worll Wg-'thcr w'th % variety of in . reat.og purionnancee evar n .irn;oe and eveaiLg. For partic.'.a- sec bills of ?a?! dav. POWER'S Gfc'f.KK SLAVE WILL UK EXHIBITED FOR ? ebort time, at t)i? Chinee* lluildmc. Hro?dw.aer. entn |M9clt| I rid**, Jnn* 30. Hour* of mi ihiti >n from 9 A M. I, .VI'. M. Adiiii**ion, H cent*. Siaoun ticket*. M ct-ut* I'tttphlrto, ClA conn. RAtMONIiV IIF.KH MUSBACIIW MINACIRtZ Tlii* reli-l.rated Molindone?th? Uryc.t and beet o?n Hunted in the I nown world?-rnihrit inanunoat every entmal !iio?n to n*tur*l hUtnry, and wl 1-1. ha* rm. ivd tli* p* If MDI nrd ?ppl SUM of hundred* Ot thOW***40 of the nin*t r <r"' toll# *nd in ielli " nt people i,f the Unit-'t Ndtfl. tn S ci mim-in ? J * mo Lrilliniit ?oiiiairr I'ompaiiB. and will Vnit tha principal citie* an I to *11* of Mow Knptaiid in tli* follow in* order, *ii TuMday, Jan* 2ltk> N'ati u: M'edne* d.ijr 2ftth. Waltham: Tlur*<lae M'.th. I, FriJ*y. 27th, ?n-i Saturday, 2IHh, Lowell; Monday .'tilth. Lnwr-nee: Tn<-? dny. July I. S< nth Rcidtnr; M'edne.lay. 2d, Chariot wo; 1' ir' lijr.M Friday, tth, Sntrr lay. Mh, Monday,7th, Tooo 0 /, fltl and Wfdnindoy, 9th, B ut >0. AMI - J '.*? M ? IK IMIII. \ OKL.PIIIA. |J\R!CtTll'S MI'AEI'V, I'l'ilVfR or "ETENTII AND .1) Chemat i tteret*. Philadelphia.T. Ilarnnm, IV'prie to* II. A*iilord, k.iii'?r.-lwo [? i1 . daily, aftnr |?a a: ! , n? Admletlun, 2A cent"; ri.iUrea, h llf price. 7i ,dittvnit|k**>tll Br Riotr, t'io einlueat ira*?4laa, until hie ir?t ?pp**rai rr la "Hamlet " Iiur. itthovemt t'i? >-,rllB?ttr. I rm -rip of the R-. i, I Pwml'j, wi' I *ir? at.. . r la t-iettiwa ?rolatioi ? and at' -u* .Sin* f it* < a tl.o Tirkt K"p*. Mr. Taylor. Um ; jmlar eemodian, wilt *!? app?*r, dutin* t ?* ?? in tin " Lad* of Lyon*." and nthorfhrcrite p'ayt. ) 1. -i>!i* far M I' i'i ati' wcoa and avrnlof Th* Colli ti n <;? wonder* #*owded Into the o*p*< <il??ii ? nprtat ?e>?i? hell d ten i ripinal co'WIhne. Including th* fun, a* i,m- by I'ralr D ?? *r- all w orti.y of a ririt, and conk r t. tore t hot wit Ii the perform**.-** it trr l.? tar* Kua, 1 r th* tow pric* of 3f> coot*. FAPRKM A<iK\t ll-.d, Ae . < RE DICED KATES ?HI ,e N 'I'OHTATfON M I tl.l f ralOa ti* tin I tlinio* ill l'*noi:in, by ZoofiriMi-B, JHl (,t A Co. Per 1.1 r? i< 111 ir?, *t<; ly to I. ?A( II HI AC ON \ A "it.. K frll ?tr>*?. alii in. ni a Irorii r. extra -goods smrrcB t?> A II Miller A lo.'i i iiii ruin Faoro** or- la< mi 1 ? |do- I i n tn ?rd 'I e tnoii i.innrt at PmMliIn a ,?r ** < tic mail tad h"Mcn**ra, nod hy n * mmr **pr-? "l.r.t ?i.hie t rot r'fvia," t* ti ?? Okly "each l?i |rt*il' *"*T?nt?d i ? 'j.i'M.'ir ??*li* re ma* adeirti*- ; and ? ir I ? i'l'l * ti Inntin to all ?> ? haT,-rroee-d the lit'mn? fleet ? p y 3t;-rtn -nl'.itj-, , ill. (Iflft*. M>. 11 Wall ?tre t. ACARD.-Bl KI'ORD a f O.'A ORE \T CALIFORNIA ? tiprOM. v * r*?BCCt' . It y ii f mi tile I'll till , I 111 -If cf'iee in t! * Are pro. f I n Iding of tl < ili: ml* !.? h*n e* w,o t1 f comer vf Cl*y and Ri imy elri-i-te, Cortiioo it'i *? *r -, II i n;*t, mrroiiiidrd I f the ft*o encceeefo' y f ? t ? * .-I ta*n . ?nd wo* on* of tl - two li.m e *? t'i*t ( ynnro A t d -eirnj d imr Innli ? ?? hoe nn ' with bo ohitrni'ti *. Sir. A I' I'n?' of nor Bow YoeRl i.'i . nrrle, d y-i-r I >y C' tl.* 1'r I, 11 ,'i-e ?'!-an (r m tlid Irthinn., wb?fe he hi ird jitt? tjr, bi.i ttj-dt *jr?t ^'-w ti.\ fi',-5,"- mo t- i-'i i1,' n f ? t. at <? ??, t . trio ?oxt. ?? *- r* l.ii-ro r?|ir- ? frrlpht to I'toim*, la ***? m for Vh* Hf?mcr? I - in I'oaam* ? u the Iftlh inly. Mr. I'riJ* Nii'l co thrmi-'i to Son I'ranoler erlth ,r linpatrhe*. Mr < R. II. )', o' onr h ?w > ' h Oflli n w ill n. nip any ear *r i no ?-io 'i. ?i4 llr. W.I B*"'rt'.of onr Ii *t m i-ihc. e?lll c ' . of. or J Isi at- ? *- * *en*t| i-apcki* to t .'r -r ?*? ? * *"*' in*, i" - r o-n *i l*?ci' I rt Oeirtlif- i rr will Ua*e I II th? .dth i; '.ml Mr. II rll -It will Io*t* 5 'ti-ma in I'? III Jul) ???!' ?ir?mor fcr South r* clua iwrt*. Our c? nrs** for fr*Uht to -*a rr?a?ie?* ara twon ly tier tint !"? tl nn tin of *' 7 "th*-. i(Wi i. r ?t *>-< ton oooi* No char** f -r r-.i-t.-m l..-a?? bn*ia <*. 1 erkaco* eh n id I r w?t< r pr - L ??? I > o* **?? ? IIM p ond*, djeodi r*coi? od ti.l 12 o'el n It, >h ia"t. DKKI KD fc CO.. f V* y *'r< "t, Aetof Bonne, TMTOTU E Tf) fflll'IIPS Td CVfetfORNIA OBnilO Xw fy'a Collfnfwto ilfWAif fef ettaotoo* Brother den A* th*o *nd Croeo'ii ? ity, on Thand-ey *iid Aatur-ley, I -'h l*nd It tli Jaiio, at A o'oIfM V. I1, M. Wo ho** the pi raiar? t - Inf. 'm ? nf | -Iron* an I the pnh lie, tlelo- r (To ir II . fTi e In };.? haftlocu hae an in. nr I forth* tf Ird titno, ein-i ???i'i|t|} r-< >'? I a oonBa^raAia fphioh deetr ) ed all etl T n;' ' > ?$ In n* e. 1 ity. All ear tinpepcr*. hi, rol.aaii**, ami tio**ure, wef* er *et*od ut - inn d For 11 r pr- n i-iit I* lo dl.peti hin ; from New V r) tn San Franci ? iiytlie ratlefm tioa *? ' i i; tn ? or y ?tr i.e. mh., #! ip h* ne on teny etoann-r, ( .1 .1 i ' >m w ca ro fcr.Ilk tat Better than awytMncwt an eajr In oar ova ho For * It rr ? '? ? I. we hate ?? <n in thi >r n ' -r ' -r pood* Uitoi'w I e-o u ae. ir in adi i, ? ? of ?i?. atail. "Mif r I* 0" t ? MliP O* Of" >1'- I' c | o' Ir t ? to f -rwrrd CWT mod* it- *1 < e 1 I t , of *11 r > >- . nod ' r Whieh no dot t in 'iff I -it- ii . . ?, - M? . ?!; * E* , , a- ? it, " ? var a* in r ...|. , - .p piimtl on ? - ?i ir u I ? ? - hl.tpi-?.r.>?i rljeeithrir* ? ?'? ?? "? *> ?: ' ?? d tuti i. I ' oal' d*U*T reu *? t * t Th - , , r n-. f-/?l ?? ' . . . IworTmd let'''rufi!??<V B." ? ?"' v-" ay T tl hi ? ! ? ? . ' T pi. 0 or t if ' ' " "? ' ' "ih, ? ,rn iw'-itt e'l ? ?* ? ! * ? * 1 * " " TIIUM I'l U N A illTi llCOl R, Mair * nai l A* u i, ll - i'tati *trv*l. AHVRBHERTI. DROABWAYTIIEATRE.- E. A. M A R - H A 1.7. SOLE *?? imra i ircies, 2> cunt*; (jnllery, 12>? cents; Private Boxes, $ 6 anil $6. Thursday evening, June 2d, will he performed Hulw-r'e admired hlay of the LADE OF LYONJ?Claude FLInottm Kiel ('. Cu.liman: Colonel Damns. Mr. Davidge; Glacis, Mr. F. Shaw; .M. Descliappellej. Mr. Matthews: Gai pard, Mr. Ktjuoldn; Beaueeunt, Mr. Fraderivka; Paulino, Miss Andcrton; Deschappelles, Mrs. Iahcrwrod. To Oonclude with MY r 111 END IN THE STKAl'3-Mr. Nump. kins, Mr. M luting, Caroline, Mine Olivia. NIBLO'S GARDEN.?8 CM M EII SEA AON.?HAMAUtK, Mr. John Sefton.?Tickets, fill ceuta; Private Boxoa, $6. lh.or# open at 7; performance to eomiueooo at 8 o'clock ? Burton'snights, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday# Ra vel)' nights, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridaye. A great I it and repetition. By general desire, Koad to Ruin, with i east unequalled in tins or any other country? 1'laoide, Bur "lake " ton, Blake, Lester, Bland, Grace, Moore, llolinaii, Mrs. Mrs. Sefton, Miss J. llill. Thursday. June'Hi. will be played the comedy of THE ROAD TO KC'IV -Mr. Dorn ton. Mr. Blake; Harry Dornton, Mr. Lester; Charles Uold tinek, Mr. Burton; Old Silky. Mr. f laeida. BROUGHAM 3 LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOME street.?Dress Circle and Parquet, SO ceuta; Family Circle, it") cents; Orchestra Stall Seals. $1; Private Boxes 15. Doors open at 71$; to begin at 3 o'clock. Uenutlt of Mr. Ljnnc. Thursday evening, June HI, tile performances will thtlieLA " tanties with ftl LADIES U.\TTi,E?li.ron do Moutrioh ard, Mr Lyme Oustave do Gugnou. Mr. Brougham; Counts* d'Autreval, Mica Julia Bennett. After which, the BLOOM EKS?Mr. Primitive, Mr. Chippendale; Mike, Mr. Brougham; Miss Oeorgiua Primitive, Miss Mary Taylor. To conclude with the Wi'FEN OF THE FROUS?King Fulminoso, Mr. Chippendale; Princess Carissiua, Miss Mary Taylor. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM.?FOR TIIE BENEFIT OF MR. I.y one, *tago Manager, Thursday evening, Juue 2i, on which occasion a combination of the greatest dramatis and musi< bl talent in the Union ? ill appear, in an unprecedented and attractive variety of cutertauiineuts. Full particulars Will he daily announced, llux book now open. B ROI CIIAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY.?THIS POPU Inrand elegant establishment, beautifully stocked with scenery and wardrobe, and all necessary appliances, and uf " tuallj ' . - fectually veutiiuted by Wheeler's patent system of air fun nels, to he let from July 7th t.? the middle of August. Ap plication to he made to Mr. Brougham, I'd llroome street. SHIPPING. OCEAN ST FA M NAVIGATION COM PA N Y.?Poll Crimen, via Southampton.?The IT. S. Mail steamship HERMANN, P. Crabtree, commander, will sail lor Bremen, via Southampton, on Saturday, July 12th, from Pier No. 3 North hinr. An experienced Surgeon is attached to the ship. A11 letters mu.-t pan through the Post Office. Specie delivered in liaero. For niiMt or freight, apply to mol LF.K, SAND A. A, Agents, 50 Br .ad way. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KOYALMAIL Steamships betwecu New Yorkaud Liverpool diroct.aad between Botbm and Liverpool.?The Boston ships onlyuall lnr at llnlitax to land and receivo mails and passaugers:? ARABIA. Copt. , AFRICA, A. Ryrio, PERSIA, Capt. , EUKOPA, E.G. Lott, C.E.I. " ~ ' ASIA, C. U. E JudkinO, NIAGARA, J. Stone, AMERICA, N. Shannon, CANADA, W. Harrison, CAMBRIA, J. Leitch. These vessels carry a clear white light at maat head, green on starboard bow, red on port bow. America, from Boston Wednesday, 25th June. N iagara from New York.. .Wednesday, 2d July. K.iropa, from Boston Wednesday, !Rh July. Inly. Africa, from N'aw York... .Wednesday, 18th Jc Canada, from Boston Wednesday, 2.3d July. Asia, Irom New York Wednesday. .'MHb July. America, from Boston Wednesday, 6th Augnat. Niagara, from New York.. .Wednesday, l.'ith Augnat. Europe, from Boston Wednesday, Huh August. Africa, from New York.... Wednesday, 27th August. Canada, from Boston..,.. .Wednesday, 3d September. Y'ork Wednesday, loth September. Asia, from New Paarnge from New York or Boston to Liverpool. $1'AI. Berths not secur-il until paid for. Freight will bo charged ou apeoia beyond an amount for p.ffn nal expenses. An experienced surgeon en beard. All letters and newspapers must pass through the Poet Of fee. For freight or passage, apply I " CUNi E. CtJNARD, Jr.. 38 Broadway. Frcnoh, German, and other foreign goods received and brought in common with British goods. Through bill* of lading are given in Havre for New 1 ork. Persona intending to take passage to England in the Roy al Mail Steamships, are requested to call at the office, J8 Broadway, belore believing the report* that the ships are full. POR SOUTHAMPTON ASM) nAVRE.-TII* UNITED States Mail steamship UliMUOLDT, D. Lines, com mander, will leave for Havre, touching at Southampton, to laud the miille and passengers, on Saturday, June 2Hh, at 12 o'clock, from l'iir No, 1, North river. Price of Damage, $12". All letters must pass through the Post Office. Ship pers of specie are requested to send their specie oa hoard on Friday?k . .?I v ... -~ -lio merchandisa will he received ou board after Thursday. An experienced surgeon la attached to the ship. For freight n? passage, apply to MORTIMER LIVINGSTON. Agent. No. 53 Broadway. Fri N. B ?Parcels per llumholdt. will be received until day afternoon, 3 1*. M., by 1.1 VINt.ST'ON, WELLS A CO PORSAVANNAH-U. S. M A IL STF.AMSHI I* AL A BAM A, I .3U0 tons, ('apt. C. D. Ludlow, on Saturday, Z"th Jena, at 1 o'clock, 1* M.. from Pier 4, North river. For Ireight or passage, apply to SAML. L. MITCI11LL, 194 Front street. The Florida. 1.3U0 Una, Capt. T. Lyon, oa Saturday, 6th July. fTUE ROYAL MAIL STEAMER MERLIN, CAPT. SAMP J. son, will sail for ILrmuda and St. Thomas, on Tuesday, 8th July, at noon. She has excellent aceommodations tor passengers. I'rice of passage to Bermuda. $36, to St. Tho mas, $70. There is a regular mail communication betireen ht. Thomas and oil the tt e.t India islands, Havana, Vera Cms, Vonesuele, Sto. The Merlin will take freiaht. Apply to E. Ct'NAKD. Jr., 38 Broadway. P. S.?No letters or mails w ill bo received oa board th* Merlin, axcept through the Post Office. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANT.?1Tni ONLY through lino for San 1 rini'aco.via Havana and Chagrea. Fare reduced. On Thursday, June 26, at 3 P.M. The splen did steamship CHEROKEE, l.JWf tons, Henry W'ndla, com mander. will sail on Thursday, June'dh, at precisely do'cloek, street, N.K.. I' M., from her pier at the foot Off Wen-en street, N.K.. with the oivernmcnt mails.l.-r Chagreo, via Havana. Paaa-ngert transferr. d at Havana to the splendid double engine stoata ship Falcon. 1'aasengers leaving in the Cherokee will eon p t with the favorite United States Mail oteainih'.pTea poaaoa, to sail from Panama on or about the 15th of July. F-r passage apply at tlie office, 54 aud M Sonth street, or at 177 Meat street, corner of M'orrea. Pacific waii. steamship cor pany-tiie only Tl rnurh l.ine let Cnllfnrtla and Oregon, vn Ckacraa, dlreit?Fare R'difnl.-On Itlirlif, Jono ifth.at3P. M. theaplealid steam-l ip CRESCENT CITY, l.*i?l ton# har ti ? ii, J. Taum r. Commander, will tail on Saturday, J una 1Mb, Hyfaiuilr 3 o'clm k, P. M , from hrr pier at tha foot of W arran atre.t, North lli..r, with tlia Goeerntnent Mailt for t hayrea, oonni i tin* w ith the favnnta I'nit d Stat.a Mail rti amehip "1 ? nnrareo, to leava Panama on or about tha 1Mb July FttfraUhtor pauses, apply at tha ol&oa, 177 Woit street, comar Warren *treet. UP. IIA II. STEA MMI IP CORFANY.-FO* NEW OR ? leans, direct, Ma Havana, e 11h pavi 'niters lor Pan I ran' lae? ? Fare ttaduevd.?Ob Thursday, J una *1, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Tho anl-mlld fteamabip CllEK<>i;r.E. I,3<'i toi <? burthen. II? nry Wlndla. V. S. N., n mmand'T, will ??il ? precisely at So'cleca, I . M , from bar t>i ir at the luotuf War 1 i n street. N. K . with tha covi rniuunt mail", ilireat far Havana and No* Orleans. Charrra paae-nitera trar,aftTTaa at Havana to tha splendid duubl ? nyine steamship Falcoa. j Freight taken to NVw Orleans at per foot. Ppe?l! only t kaa oa frilchtto llavnra. No kill* ofladiny will Ii* signed , after tha tt' -mrr I M aailtd For frei.-ht or pass v. a, apply Bt ' tor ofnca of tha Con-tuny, 177 Waal air at, corner at vf ar ias. VI O. ROBERTA. pow CALIFORNIA. VIA til ACRES, DIKE'T.-TIIE A new atean rl ii LAFAYETTE, 1,1k* tan .knrtl en,Cnnrlc , fct i lard e intrant' r (late of ?%> itnehip CreaeeatCTtj ), will tr< m Philadel) hi* tor Charrr direct, ra 1 hare-lay. into Jtily, at 13o'clock, fp"ia her wl nrl, n vr Lsmtterd street, i lie alota et'airier haa preyed hrmll a very fa> t an I r< ttiorkrbly ?afa ?t a raaaet, (ha in* no, oa h-r Srat voya*.' from 1 Furepe,) asd her lerMtaindatione fer dr-t an 1 o.-ond olaas 1 pe-seaii-ra are anattrpasi'd. Tlr or'i tiehet* to Pvn Fr in lio n sill ha fiint-h I at tailored ratoe. Paraotl en-v-uig I tare m New V ork will le pr >vi.Hd with tit k-ie to rhila d li-.afrat. Fi r freight ,,r p < aaaapply to J. U. W 11.1.1 AMP. l.N? Front itreat. PA CIVIC RAII, BTFtMSIlIF COM PA NT A O N I V Tit 'iiyh I Ine f r ? uliii rata and Or-fua.)- Tha pnklil ? IbI< rmed that at der toe now art.m , iiant of this Cent 1 ny, steaatirs tnrpeat 4 ond i y the N't ay ?"part t ? f. r.nd tar')its ? .! ( 1'rnted tilerset is. criliaoutiaaa ta 1 it I'asama asd Saa Frtaelrro the lit sad ll- daynftv-'i m i valets detained by nr.n i lahi ? B??'i lout, end trill t 1 I h rt A II ilco. S .11 111 yo, end If oa t' ie>. ? th t Ice ait ataan pi '. ' i ;? ? ta tin Pa-IArV*!! SbrnrvMp t oa<p?ay aro aa* lath ? Paciie. out af whleh wtll i '?? r'v rya ia p- rl at eaeh end of tin route ? ? iHFt.ii.N I tnna. REPt'RMf 1,??i toaa. I' ? N t V t ..17' na. I 111 >1.1 i.t i.?' tone. H IfUkMA I l'.*ai tena. Col.VMIMS t-ar ?a ' N v IffRt I..V?| tona. |HT ilMI'fl toaa. N??|t I '.t KNRR ..I, t?t It ua. 1 ItnHN <W> tona. I "I I *? I.' ' . . . Mai tena. y :< h,M? i.N r fcM toaa A >1111 Tl; t ti a. i 11 e new atetfuMp tilLCMI'iiA will plv hrtwoen Pan F'ti roan.! aorta In Orafna. aaalMa* it tl ?? former port the arrival ot tha maila and ptaa- -eert fr- -a aaJ r turulo* aill ontd Hy with tha Butiia aa i pvi.eadara lot take at.aat?r ft m Pan t nneifeo. A regular line ol [r [ ? tiers *<ll ha hepl ?p far tha trans t ttnU.'B of (reicltand t.,u..u ut psaaan* ra hatwaaa Pa ri i tool San Iraneiero. ? o a ell l, i. .net. Mp PAR ATI RANDS, of L*?> t"M I T n. aoat tt??er al 'ttar 11 tha aootpanv. i id p -ilite y r nn ? dli ua i.i 1 er cabia arrant imeata. will ka hapt raa-iiiti i i< in < atra faioil. '.or '. Uae of the al ? ?e .c amera will keaf tip the eonnaatl"B ha lo B Aeaprlea and tha ol er Me*ie?? i irta. 1 he '' aaaetii n In the A ? antic will ka n nlntnlnad hy tha Pelted - tataa Biall at? - i*-l ipa ? iici.Ia 3,(> fin. CRESCENT t'ITT l.'"i t ma j i.ti in t. trflFRliRkR I. taitom. Iltl'll F t ITV . .1*1' ' or pnil Alty.l rill A I IHII aa. I l.i'B*itig New VorK toy V I ayr-a OS thallth and JJtli of aaoh ? The new ati amehlna KL Df 'UADOar l FALCON win r rm a t.r* ot line LatW .-n New Otto-ma Bad Ohapraa, kavi t| at anrh p' riodl a will In* ma a ? little det ntl n a? p - i'd- oa the lathtnsa. and firmlat *it,h tie Pa int et ? unehli* a the ' rl lis* ?" and Ir> Id Nee Or!- ana end p- rte It Moxko, ? allfornia. and Orec n. Pa- a- a from New ttrl-ma nan i. red flo? Armstrong, LairfSiaS II Ca., a<ata. at mat flln.te i ? fere l r thn tijlt tlek. .a from Naw YoiU ta Pan Ft ia ejreo I ai he> n ptdn- i :r n 11'"1 in atac r- tni, t I'vft V'..* in loaf* eshlf to caph V. ? . in ateer.ire, t ? *'11 I ' r tee fri m N- ?? V ork ta PI */r?# V ill' ? at the lowest a '? t ted ' y any it' ??a ? tea batwr n tl ?- p-irta p T ?' ???<?? ? r l-rtl I '? at the ofll -e "f |h? Company,Pi and -?"> poutli aireet.: n 1 ut '.Ut ir ayin. y, 177 West t. ftf.jy cJV pp ? NC'I'tt'O.?OIPr.tTt'H I,INF TPR I , w a i .1 11' pe i t N i ir t rk ht i11 ?? 11 n r al ip fl11ft X I. f. t apt. I arrm e. I m ii .? a lar-e p rtl >n i fhor-trr " o e, ?. aCl ? .ae . oil V dl.-t. toh. Ale.- .rein. Ma at this tl'.i ? ? I I e n ado at a i eeat rednitl m Imui the pri- -it cllpp- r r_i - ? 1 lp I f are t w lie II ' t I" ? |' I- ill rn t ha. ?' ) { i fi f ff 1 '?!!< I pI 1 J' ' I f ,i : t an'v to 1 it. si i ifN * . .t. - i , 11 ?? t IMiRrrhDRNT LINE It'R CMAC.Rrs NIRKrr, ANN I .It ,'r' I - t alif r ota. at the I " e?t ee.' , I r a .. ...I . . .I,* it f httil.!l:'P KM.t'il '? N* VAfllT VM.V FttR P V I F. VH flR II I N NR 1 tee n ti e l att.rT an i Kahinran a Batia. F.rjar'icn lars, addttaa Yacht, thu oKaa. NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ADDITIONAL NEWS FROM EUROPE. INTERESTING FROM ALBANY. THE CAVIL AM) T1IE APPROPRIATION BILLS. C onclusion of the Lancaster Convention. VERMONT WHIG STATE CONVENTION. Peregrinations of the President and Cabinet. TUB CIIOLBRA IN TI1E WEST, &c., &0., &0 ' NEW TO UK LEGISLATURE. SPECIAL SKS8ION. 11Y 1 Al.Vs LINE, OFFICE 29 WALL STlEET. Ben ate. Ai.bant, June 25,1851. rrmtoi*. Of tin- Connc'tiriit Mutual Life Insurance Company for hu amendment of the insurance law, passed laa session. ArraoraiATioi mil. The Committee of the Whole proceeded to the discus sion cf the hill making the annual appropriation* for the expanses c f the government. The appropriation for printing elicited a lengthy d. i>ate. It ??* urged that there had been printed by order of the Assembly, volume upon volume of the Documentary History, and that the large suinx ex pended for printing were f >r Mich document., ax were uot necessarily c< nnectcd with tt abuxinesa of legislation Mr. Wili.iami said a law ought to bo paxxed that no such printing should lx- ordered Tl.e appropriation re<oinmended by the committee, of $ltl.(K'iO for the support of the Institution for the Ulind, in the city of New York, wax adopted by the Senate. Mr. 51 "Moam explained that the luxtltutlon had not, during the laxt year, axki d anything of the legislature. The several ltenix for the New York Hospital, $33,500: rrince Ft net Orphan Axylum, $500; New York Orphan Axylum. $5t.t); Brooklyn City Liixpenxary. ^itt>; for sup poit of the pui'ilx in the Deaf and Dumb Institution in Ntw York, $30806; for the support of the ninety six pupiix in the Institution for the Ulind, $13 480, for Deaf end Dumb Iustitution, $5 000?were adopted without debate. The following section elicited an animated dl sou.sion:? I r ti e in;port of tl.e foreign poor within thi. State, $, .o.uo, to le nivided ly ti e Comptroller, end paid over to the treasurers of the (lifter ot comities. in proportion t<> the number uf sueli poor within the respective counties of this Stnte, to l.? ascertained by the reports of the hoard, of su prrvisora of slid counties: xaid returns t.? he sttcited by the chairmau and clerk of each board respo.lively. 'Ihix di? ? out a long debate, which involved the ques tion, to s< me extent, of city and country, as to which built up the other Mr Carroll said he believed the State had absolutely appiopriated to the New York hospitals, since their foun dation, one million of dollars. >lr Wn.iiASis nrgU'd that the new general School law in the eity of New York unjustly taxed them $100,000. It had been forced upon the citj; for what could four Si iintors do nguiii.-t twexty-elght' Mr. SraXTOX said ha lutti corslilered that ?U the diffe rences between city and country were cm pro nixed at the Astor House dinner. The committee refused to .strike out the appropria ti< n. Mr Opolii'S effered an am. ndm. iit appropriating f.Vt'tiO to the Industrial Temperance llouio of New York T he committe* rose, and the S> natc t.x.k a r??eM. AFT. K ItCMS. The bill modifying and ameliorating the law rwxpeet ing r, piti.l punishiu. ut.waa refeirvd l?i the Committee of flu Whole; and on motion of Mr Williams, th? commit tee were di.-cluirged, and the I.ill ordered to a third rending. Mr. Daiwock proposed an amendment to the con'titu tlon wax rot sldered this proper, that lliree-flfthx of each llou-e .hall vote fur but men Iv be present at. as It wa? tl.e rule vvery bill xppri printing momy levying a tax. Adj. unied | We give the nliove dexpateh ax we received It by tele graph. To ux It ix not very clear. 8oin? of our reader, may. perhaps, underxtandTt? we|canuol?Bo. 11. k\i a. Aasrmbly. Ai.saw, Jure 2.., 1851. SI'W YORK AVI) I RIF RAILROAD COMFANV. Mr. Mai omki r li non '.rated against allowing the New York and Brie HeiIrond Company to transport pasxen gerx through any portion of New Jeney Till: CAR At. RILL. A me.aage was received from the Senate transmitting the Canal bill. It. ferred to committee. COtl.rclATF ITVTITI TF OF RFW VORR. Mr. Ma. ovih. r < tl. red a re-, lulion that the bill to In corporate the Collegiate Institute of New York city be taken from the (Ilea, an t ri'furr.d to a acloct committee to repot complete. Carried. HI LI * KHilTri) Mr Ci?m nwnnn re;>ort<il favorably tbe bill to inr irpi rate tbe bhuvi'ltni lictitulion of Ne* York i it y Mr Mono reporti.l a till' limiting tbo power of tbe L? ut-latum relative to public printing. Sir T II Hi niox t report id fhvorahly the bill to ? dm nil tbr Irw frbwl lnw, MrB it ..are reported favorably th> bill In rotation to eon ftiiMitlou of fltioot ConnMlKiioDi t- In Now York city Aim f.'iT? inbly to the bill In r- lxlion to .lu-tku***' court* in mid city. Mr Oaiii.n bill to lnrrea."f tbe number of notaries public in Netc York eily. Mr. II M tn .iei a. farurably a bill to Incorporate th ? Ctiligiat* Inrlltut.on ?f New Voik city. ern itL ntt-in Tbo OffiBiltte* of t! o \\ h de. Mr HI it ? In tlie Cb ilr. to. k up tbo bill makiinr a; pr priatl.itie to colb ;??< uo l m< itlcal In tltutionx Inr th ? J* ate. Ibe bill providing nil appri irtatinn of $10 000 for tbo !!"? hooti r Uni*oioily. wo- uatmH *<? an to rood H <<0 VYblli a ?n> tl"W waa pending'n rvilu-e the appr^-la tion to fiotll M . C< lit go final < I n (i 0 to ft ??JO ? Mr lt> aam i na no tod to report pr -gor-a on tb? Mil. for tbe purpo e of it eluding In it tbo t'ejfral iVIIegn A . i lat on of N? w t urk. which b i t b? t-,iricV n out by tb# cimmlttoe who rt p rt? ilthc bill, anil to which fa-t bo attribntiil tbe opp "Itlon to the appropriation of $10 Udl to the Hoc In i? r I'oiTor?lty. firtoj Ibo onm ? e< mtuiUaa M uai- r r mahlerattoa the Mil t? as.?cd and rcvl>e tha Yrce Arliool. Recea till 11'.M Vim out tt lito Mate Convention. Bri ton> fatta. \?., June ?> I*t1. At a Inr."- ami rntbu lu tic Convention of tbo Whig" of Yet moot, t tor which er-Onrrrm r Carlo* C? did ? pro vldad to-day. Chart, a K. V II'Ian-a wan noaalnati<1 f<ar ti? *?rtif r. Julna Convovae f..r Lb utonant QoveriW'.; and 0?? vge llawa f. r ?t ite Troa-uror Tiio f II ainj o o.i i tkfr were unanlnu n?ly a loptej. Ppeochct w.-ri-? idi I y tl o In-iloiit; II n J Moaibam. IfnilanJ. of tb> Sptim l rU Rtj uUfi on ; Mr Pcbotllof, of tbo lini'on.Cot at.d otbera The proceeding* tlm-tigi. i)t were aha raetvrlavd by gnat h.nni'tiy. and '.be utin.<t outbu Maim ? fto?? 'i vd. That we ??? a" nooa.l.ia tn oh* off or mo ti'y tha fnbilrmrutal prtaelwlea by ?1 o h oar eonr?. a*a party, baa t ?rot. f re Leon floe*: knt that, oa th* ennlvtry. we hate. In the Metere "t the pa-', gwod etideare of their c.freetneaa and '! lluir i'idi?pe?.?l |. importan,? t* tl ? hi.iheet welfar i and pro.perite ' f the vl*t. . aad ef tha I'm a. lo-eoi-rd. That. a. leadii a nieaawrta f National pnllcy, *, an* la far or >f a tariff of a|? oi... date eo liii ? ii afford prole, lion to Awtiioai. labor In all Pa hramheai of nduioaa appri frlati nt ly the federal *? rerani 'nt for tin ituf r .t ? met t ot the rte< r? "and hart or-of the n.iti <n, r? the w anlr i'f owe for 1 a awd dowie 'o < -mioorf -l.ail. fr >m to time, dtlaaad : of a ffran irl ay?l'm that ahatl tar ?a'". i r>' ai It*' i awie lime. pra> li iM. sod i onrenlent when law fn I) < arned <??? | ard a lit eral o twwardr a 'ual eat tlrr. In tl e dl.p - ton ??f awe pnVlie iMd*. " far an io o >n n ?<nt witllJo.rlee to Mie rider (irai-r- of an e-.nomiial a. n ir.i trat n ot the ?? reran out, and of a falthtnl oh.ef. r at -. of ?l.e o' oati' itioa In all it? |?Hj. aoeorrliaf to the ? I Irlt intondr I ay it* frawoer, . l<M.|r>?, II at WI i"tent the In titiiti .n of rUren *? a an ml and o lit', tl . 11I. f< r the eaistrnow of which. In the eor-ial alarehetdlng 'In'ia, w- rfa to an noroaat al 'a: ami tl at, t< . rod tht II nil? of th. te Ptai ?, we ??? >p* I d I Ilr rati iron ? r ? i.tinvati n, nn ler Hie authority of ll.t feuotal foteer tin at. h. ii. d. That ttrim nt, ly r- i a of the atealy oap.-l il. n i f h. r p...pie and r< preatpie'.tea to tha ann-ttli 'it of 1. atr. aid tha r. tieeunent war nlth. and e n |tia?i f, Meal . o, te t-1 > It j let? i i -It lo f. r the an ;ry an I e*e|tln* (Uea t i. r a. del ale* eel ? mee, awd met a or-?, e hleh hare r -jit d tl . i ff m : I' at the i '.irlrml 'ano'.ieHy taown a? the Pn rime ; '.at. lew, le, I . ' at epltden. a rn .ttef of . rlloof* te I h I a tb r o|-a, at all tlwiaa ee d on all a?. *?i me. fnr diteit". i- n, ei ?! le t" ha Bo ? ; "I 'I f p-tl d. nt th- pi. i-nre I .flie perpl". at eit'fetaed thrnnrh t" ? If r-or ? ? ni.itite. tl .. Itlejneilyt l ? tl na le in ?> n- . f l-,a pe..t'*ioni and

i wllh til'o ttr lly e ? "r oh'? . at to '? f i> a* a It * , if tit laid, do-i ? I to lu'll a r |'i f o.rtit of t'.a ewaelitw ? ton. w. up ally iritat - t.n p.- rl: '? t" it all lawhil ? inear a tn . i nr. noh mo llh. at i ? . f it ti In te aad tapr ri I .t'otottd i ? trate t? he pro - r. I all' Ptl ? i r 1 t ? -, I ?: . r.f > < ? e I"ih ? |p f" It... : I. ?. e' i . nl r. il 'I - e.'ola fi *1 d'y I !'? 'v i . ! ;? r lend, and iramtair I- ?if.- to i' ., faitn of o t'dlr t?e*?i a. we r.. ?i.i* i ?" t ? and i pl 'l to WV w cite ovt tor t|!?i aijf 'tu-'u. ?nl pi U' h h'-ttt) itfpvyt. Tlie Pennsylvania Whig State Convention. Lmciiiu, June 23?0 A. M. SECOND DAY. The Dominations of James Pollock, Thornm l'l Frank Un, John M. Bcolt, aud Nathaniel Hwiag, for Judge hips, were withdrawn A letter was read from Joseph Konigmacher, declining the nomination of Canal Commissioner, and one from J. George Miles declining the nomination of Judge, lion. Frederick Watts also declined by letter. The nominations of Cyrus M. Markle, Dr. II. It. B.ow er, ai.d William Campbell, for Canal Commissioners, were withdrawn. Dr. II. P. lirower was put in nomination for Canal Commissioner. Bamuki. A. Pvbtiance, of Butler, moved the reeonslde. ration of the following, which was adopted among the resolutions of j es terday:? Resolved, That tie adjustment measures of the last Cen grtsi shall be faithfully observed and respected by the whig*. An attempt was made to debate the resolution; but it was rnled out of order, and. a vote hiving b-un taken, the motion to reconsider the resolution was lost?yeas 31, nays 91. On the motion of Gen. Wilson. the C invention pro ceed, d to the first ballot for Canal Commissioner, which resulted as follows :? Bai.i.ottimis. Zl 33. 4/A. 6 th. 6th. 65 M 61 57 69 61 63 63 64 30 ? ? 13 15 18 17 10 ? ? 1st. John Strohm 40 Geo. B. Lawrence 41 Wm. M. Lloyd 12 Jobn Covode. 12 Lord Duller 10 ? ? ? ? ? Dr. lirower 3 ? ? ? ? ? It. II Maclay 4 ? ? ? ? ? Whereupon. John Stroll m wag <le lured the nominee of the State Convention, for Can >1 Commissioner. tin the second ballot the names of Lloyd, lirower. and Bull, r were withdrawn; and on the (ifth ballot Mr Covode wa? withdrawn by Mr. Cowan, of Westmore land, and Mr William M. Lloyd was re-nominated by Mr. llrotberline of Blair. The nomination was subsequently ratified unanimous ly by tbe C invention. Mr. Stroiim was railed for and made a sp-ech in which he returned thanks for his nomination If elected, he pledged liinin If to devote the whole of his energies to the fulfilment of the duties of the office of Canal Commis sioner. and to the promotion of the interests of the Com mon wealth. His remarks were rveeived with great cheering. After the nomination for Canal Commlssioaers was conrluded. the following resolution was adopted Resolved, That eaeh delegate vote rira voce for live can didates for tin- iepreme Beach. Dr. I'h.ini .si hoped that the g mtleruen present would give till the information in tb- ir power in relati >u to the nomination of judges, in order that the Conven tion might vote knowingly and undcrstaudingly Thomas C. Stci.i. then moved that the Convention pro ceed to the m mlnation of live candidates for Judges of the Supremo Court, which was agree! to. Mr. UorrMAN, Of Berks, subuii'.ted the folliwing:? Resolved, That iu the selection of Judges of the Supremo Ccurt, party should find no pines. In i|iu stion* which vitally affect the prop* rty, the liberty, and th? liiea of tho peopls, such consideration* should be discarded. If m"U are elevated to Co. Supri me Bench by machinery and pirty motives, t'i ly will feci that tliev owe tluir places to the innsonee and par tiality cl i ne political party, in 'leli*noe of the efforts of the other, end the people w ill lr upt to euepcct th in of showing Sinai their yrsti* ode. If not their re. uge, hy p ,rtisau and p re i judicial dcciaii ne?nor is it at ail improbable that auoa sus picions v ill he realized. The rending of tlie above was received willi much dl.* satisfi.ctiun. slid induced a sharp rumbling discussion, which was finally declared nut of order; when the Con vention prucei did to the ii'imination of candidate, for Un Supreme Bern h. Tlic Bret ballot resulted in the nomination of the fol lowing named gentlemen:? William M Meredith, of rhiladelphi* 77 Kicherd Coulter. of Westmoreland 113 Joshua W. Comly. of Montour 104 George Cliambers, cf Franklin 97 The Chairman decided that a majority of votes polleit was necessary to elect, making the number rwquialtett. After the Clerks hail agreed in Iheir report, aud the re sult bad been announced. a reading of tin' roll and men tion of the nanus voted for was demanded, when Mr Bn ti.vo, of 1'biludelphia county, stated that h ? bed voted for Chambers, and not for Jessup, as the Clerks msde it appear. C iiiriderable excitement ensued at this announce ment, it la ing coneld' red an attempt to defeat th ? elec tion of Jos-up by depriving him of th ? necis-ary v de. Mr. Bitting sub-. i,ui nlly said he had no ill-feeling in reference to the matter, and If another ballot was g >n ? Into lie wi uld vote lor Mr. Jessup; therefore, he askel that his vote for Jes-np Is- allowed to stand 17a PsicMDrsi raid that he had already dire.tad th Cleik to make tlie alteraliou, aud would not re-admit the vote of Mr liitting Wliereujxin Messrs. Coulter. Meredith, Conelly, anl Chambers. werti declared nominee* A seconi ballot was then moved and agr.-ed to for a fifth and last nominee for the Supreme bench, which re sulted as follows:? Jessup AO llale 11 l'uffington 54 No choice. TIIIBti BALLOT. Hide withdinwn. JUiftUn?.< n 57 J*?*np 57 l>uiing lI f cull <>f the f< urth ballot. a motion wa- made to *um u J the cail audaJj-urn for an hour, w in h w*.? BgTIH'll to. ( poll rr ai l nit.ling tin- mnfi-ntion |trw? del with I the fourth ballot, v hli-h to-ultrd a* follow* Joa-up 77 Bnfllrctf n of . tvbrn upi n. .Ii---up wan declared th* fifth nominee for , tin* .tuiltf*-lop if the ttupri-mr beneh. Mr lh.ll mofed (hat a Stat* C? utral Committee b, i ajpi Intnl. to cenrlat of oca porjon from i?rh Si-nat>rUl di-trlct. t<. a< t ou In-half of th* whin party, whirh ??< eimidto ( (in Both n. the nomination'w*r* unanimous* r itlfl -d Bi'Mlstlum Hi rr udoptod roi-omni'-niiing tin* diUcn-nt | c< mince* to th* people throughout th* Stat* Tha folk winy riMduUon wan pwad by ae Nidation-? lira t\. d. ui niunioio.1 jr. That thr MipKo ?-? tint f >nrrn tl-n lintl*Mnall) plnlr* th. widen t > m* all (air an t lion? ml li> no ai,- to vr? tie rhr-.ioa uf tin ialirc Uelut plated In nun Inati. n by thU mavtaUea. A n Milutlon w?* pti'?i d midi-ting th in't* to th" whU< if l.aoraatrr for ih?lr kJndu*<* anil eourteny to th* do- ; IrntN lh* ConTihtlon lln-n atjournrl tinr d", with *1* ch< or* (>'?.-! ? ?Tin-1?<-port of return* tluitiV* to tli* fatten" r Ci B.inilt*? of Arrai.,1 ui- nt.< I -r (nciliti ? allndid nun a th* di chargo of hu duiii t ] V S. Fetiatur for Comiectlrut. Ifaarroao Jun" Jio. 1IJ' Three 1 allotlnc* In th* Hi u?* fir I' S Senator w>r* t-ad tbl* nfu rm on on th* l*?t ballot 'Jill Tot? ? Wi-r* ** t Fortrr. thlf, had Sijmour democrat. lot; I'-aldwtn. wills. 10, n-att*riiis ti. The II m?* th*n fo? I by HOto Im to Inilwfinlti>y p-"pon* th* uiitl-r So thir* wli. b* no N imt. r thi* y*?r. I'nptnln Kmhy. W??ntaoiii*. June 3*i 1 A>1 Th* *t. Irnnnt In y*r tird*y'a IfrraU. r-fl"*tli>n -n Crptain tarby U not tru - Mr t nrwln fim-Ud Coi, lli-iljf* to gifeCapt Ka-hy a prory to i*pi "**nt the Ji ptrtti.- t.t nt a nm tin* of th* 'ti-e'ihobleri of thr Ohio an t Chi i*| ak<-**nr>l; I ut it aPi-rwar l' appe-iring t'wt Lt thrm bad pn th u*ly b*i n siting .1 p \r t >T lh- ?*?o ? purpr **. (and which tbe cretary, In th* hurry of bud m . had B.rgf -lian). Ea-by at ooe* r. um- 4 bit pr.-\f. hiTlTg !-<> tnti not tn lb* >iatt*r, h<- hating aec-ptnl it In tin- fr-l liwioni nn rati a* an wi-.iniin.-di'lmi tntli# d*| ut Thl* ilati m. iit l? from un i*J out a >? r'ty Wwahlligtitii Itrma. Waaiu'iifoti, Ju??2'i lit! Th* ("h*?api-al.* and Ohio Canal Cotnnany inter* 1 ihnrtly to n iiiot* their i.BI. * from Vlwdrriek to thl* elty. lh* Maarnli- frwti-rnity of lh* fll'trlrt, **|i-brati-d 3t Jrdin'r day by Tiaillns M* ont t*rnon jr*?t?r.biy. win r* ai prif'tlat* n r? tn-ni** t. k pu * ilmi.J Ma*t<-r Fr-u-h ili i iTi-tt d nn addn a*. Itlii* rmtlill uf the I'rrklil'iit? tlTalrt nt Sior fialk. If oil ii a Jun* 2" 1 w/.l lb-rr*?l-l*nt, n**"mpanl?d by th* 8**r*t*fjr nf th* Interior,lb inn^?? dor* I', and .1 (> Barfewt .? lltor of thi ft,j ? r n.? up fr. m Old Ti-int Comfort, In th* rtirmrr I dir*?r. thia rn rnl: f. an l tialh-d tli" N iff Yatil at l*i it i n nth Tl f afo rward' pr* ro*d-J t \i rtidk whir*: In y ??.**), ropriat>-!f r." ivt-d. an I ?i* mrti 11 te tlie National II-1 l.wh'-r* a* II tllou waa pfw> pai d Tl-ty r-'i rmd to 1Ya*hinifti>n thi? nft--rn n lh- I'ri nt till th* l'omm!tt<" if K.mplof ? ??* In th* h.ny tanl tbal h* roiild do nothin* (<r th*in. but re firrid thim to the 8*t-**tarr of the Sa?y Aa*iliion with 8nt0 aifniiturr*. ha < b-.-n 'rnt to W awhlni'o-i I ray Irg tl t to* Comm i .idant * ordei may Ik- r-? ?'< 1 lb* Im i d, ri fu ?* to work until th* nr-ttor w arttled 'll-i c ly i-leeliaa la prnce*i|itu|biiihly at thr*ao'i I w\. itubli* (or Mayor waa 2lla!i >d and h- I- r*rtalu:y i-b-c'.i J. Pr??nv? ii of t hull rn In thr Writ. t*ifi tfiiti Jun* UA l'*il Th" rbi Ii ra I.. * fpp*ari d In Pr1nr*tiut K r'.u. .f. " tin iii-ti-i aidtw d illw hitidf okiiRoI The t ?n w?, i.i arly d.-n rtnl A (? w ra o i ..f* (U?o -ippear a' M -mpb|? At l.i tl- . i u. Ml?wl th r-- u*;i* ?-l*f*n 1 V1m'.;i fi?i day - r tii*'- it' i r* rrnrrtial a? haTlt'f iv -tirr I n t',* r ml n- t I l?' : Im- ,u t in-.!i* ' l.-dl- ?? I i n >, .filB' 2 '. li"l ( 'I th Ji ,1i In ? ; ? ..r. -r i ntr ?-n h* I i ? ? T * ? I -ft. a* ' It i mliu ItVhl t left ,tl ?' -ha AfJi.Ira ol fillfat. II .i -r, , U ? it ' t V "li'ric ft Irt-r it I r uirn "i -ito. fh* !?' f.tuuila filaa do not fnrnoIi any Itom* T i w ,tk.-T b r l.? ri-M ft r thi* ri-a*i"? T o cf i* af" i -ry ! *?<? ? ard Th- n I, a m hi rai.i to doy and a flr ? in th* Mi staph r-m L< by n > moan* un.outfortald* lhf Court Martini of Genera! Tuleott. W'i.iHKoioii June 23. 18.)I. The Taloott Court Martial re-assembled at 9 o'clock this nit ruing. The following are the CHARGES ami M'EC'IFirATIW.S TO C1IAROET rpr KKRKKD AGAINST BI'.KVET BBIOADIBK OEMCKAh GEcrOK TALCS ITT, COLONEL or rilK OKIWAM K DE PARTMENT, UV ORDER OK THE SECRETARY OK WAR. CHARftt: I ' Violation of the 132sl Articles of the Regulations for the govs ) ument of tin: Ordnance Department '' Hj*eitic*'irm?In this: That he. the said Hr.-vet Ilri gsdis r liens ml Ooorge Tuleott, Colonel of the Ordnance Ds psrtms nt. in charge ol the Ordnance ltureau of the War Ds pertinent, did. without the s i action of the feeretary of War. at Washington, November 6. IS/4) errl'e and transmit by the hands of Doctor F.dward Camiitlael to Brevet Colonel He djam in linger. a cap tain in the Ordnance Department, roinmaiidiiii; the Ar senal at Fort Mouroe. the fallowing letter of instruc tions, to wit :? Drdraro: D>:r??TMniT. Washington, Nor 0. liW Colon. I 11. Ill ... a. Fort Monroe Arsenal ? ?Sir: It may be well to provide more shot sud shell*, from time to time, for the post of Fort Monroe, aal for this purpose, you are authorized to proeure them to a reasonable extent, if. as I suppose, (thepries of iron be ing now so low,) they can be ha t on favorable t.Tini. You will make the necessary estimate- of funds to meet the deliveries us they occur; they should be pro, ur. d by open purchase ouly 'I am. sir. respectfully your obo licnt servant, (Signed) -U. TALC'JIT, llrcvet ltrig U.n , 'Col. of Ordnance ' And On the receipt whereof, the said Uenjamin linger, having on the stli November. IS. 0. at Fort Monroe Ar M-nal. given to the said Doctor Caruiicbael an order, in writing, as follows: ? ?Koht Mo>xp> Ahwval,Not 8. 1830. 'Dr Kdward Carmichasl:? ?Sir: You w ill please furnish the Ordnance Departm 'nt with live hundred tons lid pound, r solid shot, at such times within one year from this date, as shall be practi cable to be delivered on the Ordnance wharf at Fort Monroe, subject to inspection, and free of all cost to the I ntted States. For the shot win u Inspected, will be paid three ceatl, three and one-fourth mills per lb . (3 cunts 3'4 mills,) with the und. rstauding that the Department may. at any time within the year aprcilled. order and receive from you, shot and shells of auy calibre, in any quanti ties not exreetilng five hundred tons, at the above named price for shot, aid at the rate of four cents and oue iourtli nl a tuiil p. r lb (4 cent- 'A mill) for .shells 'HespecUully your obedient servant. (Signed) HK.NJ. IiUOKJt. Brevet Colonel ' M ulch order the said Cartnlohael did then and there accept, and ujam the terms uud couditious thereof, did contract with said lluger for shot a'ad shells, and the said linger having thereafter?ttint is te say. on the 21.-t No vember, 1K&0, at Washington, communicated to the said lieorge Tuleott. Colouel of the Ordnance Department, that he had, under the instructions contained in the aforesaid letter from said Talcott. dated tgh November, 18aU. given the said eruer to said Caruiicbael. anl upon the letms and conditions thereof, concluded a e intract, tl.esaid i'dlcott. did alios and approve the said act of said lluger. thereby permit ting and sanctioning a contract tor supplies to In- mile and carried into elfeet. without tin' sanction of tin- rter tetary of War. and in violatiou of the 112d Article of the itcgulatiour for the government ol til"Ordnance Dc I artinc nt I'HAROK II. " Wilful disobsdienue of orders and instructions from the Secntaiy of M ar, In relation to a contract for sup plies. ' SprcijHat iim?In this: That he. the sa d Brevet Briga dier Ucncrai Clcorge Tuleott, Colonel ? f the Ordnance DepartU.( lit, in charge of the Ordnance l'.iin an of the War Department, having accomptiuled D a tor Kdward t'armis has 1 to the War Deparlmcit, on the 1st Norein her. Ihd0. and ladug then and there present in his othcial capaeity. when said Carmichael presented to the Secre tary of Waruu application for a contract to furui-h shot and shells to the Ordnance Department, an l wheu mi l tncreUry did then and there reject said application, .m l refuse to make a contract with .-aid Carmicbael. a:id did moreover reluse to recognise one which said Caronrh i 1 aliiged to have la i n previously made with him. never theless. h". the said Tale dl. d.d afterwards, that ts to -ay on the Lib November. 1860, at Washington, write, and send by the band- oi said ' armit h o i to Brevet Col rud ltenjamlu lluger. a Captain iuthe Ordtiauoe Department, comuiandiug the Arsenal ?t Fort Monne. the letter of instructions hereinbefore recio-d in the spec Mention to the tlrst charge, with the design and purp'we to auth > riae ai d procure for said Cariuichael a contract for -hot and shells, and thereby to evade nod dl-ob-y the afire said decision t,| th" Secretary of W ar, h) which means the said t'armlcharl did procure fr nn said lluger the order atnl ci ntrart for shot and shells set f Till in the said specification to me Urat charge And th* said Tal C"U tssiiia lie r. nl. .1 i VV.-h.tgtOB Ml November llbo intortned hy said Huge' of said coo rift, and well Kunming 'hat the same was contrary to the de cision of the Bscrvtsry of War. in rs-gtrd to whi h deci slon be, the said Tslcett. was duly informed and in struets-dby the said beets tary. nevrrthsdess Ins the said Tals-ott did allow and sanction -aid v intra"t mad - by said lluger with ?nid CarniirW I; therein, and prtrales's. violating his duly, and disobeying the orders and in-trucllons of the Seort tary of War tHtlUt ill. " Con<lu><t unb> crming an an I a gentleman " Simcit-in.'iiti l?f- lit Una That ha. ihe aaid llrevrt Bri gadier General George T.iicott. Culvnrl of IbrOriinwa |if|iirtuiant. in (large of tha Ordnance Bureau "f the War Inpitu. ? I ly th- mean- a-id e inti.Tu.i - rat out lu tha epecMe itlmi to the til -t charge anl In tie fji citirution tu the vceoiid ch.aege, that it to any. l?jr hit biter if tnatrurtion to Brevet Colonel linger, of the (Wh Non tnl < r. lk o aciit by tha hanJa of l> tor Carniiehael, Mill by lio. >U!?-e|Uet)t appr I*al of tha r lU'.raat ill 1 ia by aani linger with *aui (a'OiKhaal, a uburn ? an J pr'U.v, and rauce to be mail a a contract for tha purhu-e of ? larfta amount ol orduanee atop a. to wit: <h t and 'hcilt, wblrh lie. till. Mid Tan ott kin w. and had pP'Vlooaly ra ported to the Secretary of \\ >r, wara not need" I f >r the I ut ile aervtee?vuch conduct twlng nn abu?e of th* au thority of Ida otlica, a breach of the tni t repoted la h:in and ui;t>eci minp an 1 Hirer and a gentleman Bawyiratian 'At?In tlitc That ha. tha raid tlr-vet !trl ghilier General ii< i rgr Tain'It. Colonel of th ? Ordiianr * lu | attnii nt, lu char,.' of the <?i-daau ?? Ratnu of the W . r Beparttnent. ill.I by Hie mean- and o iutrl?*nr-a aft P Mild that la to ?uy, by hi- oforrvnid teller of til" dtll N< Vim bar. l?So, I 1 Brevet ('? lonal linger, ?rnt lijr the luii.ila 1 f hoc tor C*tiii'"|iai'l 'iiiil by til.. ?uh ju ni on aent to the rotiliMt afi-n aild. inndel>y,aid .tug. r with mid Ca.'micl o l authorlta an 1 j>-o-iira. unJ rau a to be n.ain, and did coni'irui a eoutru.'t for a larg ? am >ant of ordiii nn atoi". to w.! biot ami itella, with a per-on. that to to-ity. with m! 1 <'*ruil. h.<"l. who, aa h-. tha aid Talnott. In In Vi d and knew. *..? not In a ciparl'.y to .?ti rule the vaid mill rapt. kini illd lo t lull rid to axeru'.n it r there toe than through a Mile or a gnnii at of tha r'nlr:irt to a. to ? other prt-in, thereby w.tfulty an 1 ki . ali.yly avpo i.gUi. government tut 1.- an 1 th" |"?b ile aertM* under hieehurg tolh-d ere J It ariainif from tha nib' if a put.IS ? c idr ' t. tu co '?-.jii n - ? ah n ef a contract e t- made, which ?v mi*. e-|ii, ntiy no' I ant traeif. ip I for a Urge um. ! > wit * HiumuJ Ave hut lr?. llrr .reJty wbch roatrac*. tha gr.Titm?ot 'tav no d* liable t 1 pay brr ilim it and *h*tU 01 >re bv that fiBiout t than It would l iv paid for tha aaina by a I'utrtct ntade with the pi* intactiirer? u it II t. uet hi ng nn abuve of hit oiH i.t aaihority. a In arh of the tiu.? reposed i? him, an I aahevoiaiag an tfllcer and a grn'li n an r-'j r ./?lu thb That ha. llv' aai I It nd Hi noli, r liauan.I 1. r oi Tatcott. Coinei I of the i?t l to e I ernrtnn it liclo.r. of the nrilutuc Bureau ef the War lu pkriK ' i t a U k'p'wli of the nf , , ??id < >a trait uitii I tort or i'?mteha?l. and that ??;.| I'a'al'ittii I J "igi J J !1 And 'M>n (I'l pr.-loc of the Ire IcgaT iron Wo k- In llii'hni 1:0 to > ? -ut-llir- ud c. itrvct. aid will : a|o< hi* 1 tfciat du.y not to c- m- ?*! hut 11 n.; lie Lkoan n.i h c< ilraat t li e * eretary of War di I i,i tistl i I ?i i 'o) and ilt gn? lly t icoal It. and alt th :.f ? 1 t". " 1 rotary of W..r,fr on th ? ; -t >?.?.?: .1 ] it to th? ilth Ajfil it l. and mora j artlcu'ki ly in t t?e f ll-ialnr In tane"? a 11 or avion' that ,-to?i' 1'i the l*th January, Ivhl whan th-Secretary rf War il l tui;ulr? ?4 h id ai the War Drpaf im'UI a I dl lb. 11 and 1 hi re ? 1. baeur t> a . rta'n from lilm whelhtr tb? at i'< aid Tu degar w ok?. In Str-h-n >ad, tut r cntract f-?r tr.naing ai. >t or ahrUe fur the Ordnance Ida par tan nt. aad agaui on th* 1Ud January. 1I in a ? riiti nnp rt fp :u ti. Ordnance Iti n . i, ma b by hi the raid lalr. tt' 0; wr ? th" ii-c*i'.ary of War In imai r to a ra!. f. m vai l Bret tary f? r inf irmatloti of ?l! ealvtlcg cotitrnvU rhaig>uhli up. n tha appr prtati m f. r the armami nt of foeti a lion- and for .1 iptiiauce itorn and and efi'u. <n the -Tth Jiinuaiy I' I in n wi on 11 n y wl of that date made t 1 Um Secretary id W ar on the >ai-.c aubjvet, and in reply | . further lo |tltr. - fi n aid >? ratary. ? a ? *>? ih- r< / again *?* kli ? 1 o a--11 tain wh-ib'T any omb c mtract' an out- lauding; and neain. In a per4 owl InterUM# v dhtliabi, ; ,ry . War. nt tin War l>-partmant.on the rCdb Jennary. ] . 1, win 11 14tleatlotted hr-aid Saere tart a? ti th" no nr t.g or mi-? 1.:t n of theaf.ireaald iett r t lira* t 1 i?|i net lluger d?tid t>th Neftn'of, Jwi, nhef. I a aopy w ? rBrio-ad in aatd rap >rt <4 th J,' h .'at.unry. IR01. and again, ? 11 or about the lit Mtrili. I' '?!. whin tli" pecn tary i t ITaf did again In 1 utrenf I. in in rr?arJ to tbiematUv in a petBoBal Intaretem at the War I -j rriPi- '.l *ud d. I end"**or to am- rtatn ft -m l-.'in wht th-r my-h' t . r ball* Were In lag nied.1 for thr Ofdtadcp lb jartnt'-'it nt tbi Trediga- li >n Woilta, an I again, i n tlto l ull Ap> 1 at tli- War I'e,. irtment wh '?i the Sri-alary of War read to him a 'aitirfpim Thaaiit t.i. p 'rtii the ,'dh i li.'.l- 1 a laging 'f at tha l"p"|a gar Ira". Wrtli? Wi r- foikthg ?ii't nod -U 'lit f 'f the(???4 titic lopar a ?nt ni. ler a aonfraat pa haMy |l* 1 to tnetoi 1 '.tivi ''a?' kul ?lnn mid Secretary did wpeat ! !< In ,ui' t a if* rrgerd t. that niott .. -on wt.lih *a*ar*l tin a a 1 oca h-, the e.vid I'al it d'dwilfuiy no! ?? liittevllr wtihhoW and eoneoal ntn th*ml I Aeerr teiy ttar ai hiv iilnJge nt the n i e ulr ot with Car Biirhat I - Kuril < t realm -tit and Mi; 1 1. ai< 11 V'ingeltk Int. rt to tlae. it. be aaid Secret***. ' *'n { In br ? i of t.i.- them I Tat.-. '??? ofl."i.i to ? ..nd if th* tru ? fe. p. t In hint ??.' beiog roadui'l u'.il> r'Bjing an >f!leer a;l Brae. I if fbr I'nl ? tor . ! . f || r I 1. I . 1. h: oy c ut' furnbh li, ? ;r t ' ..1I1" Hp; whereat, in tiuin, ai U 111 tat t. aud at tlicv.tiii laijiill, w.-U knew, a Utbr cdW'raft I t ahot a*tj *UelU aui thru jubiaading, ' tin.l teen plven t- Doctor Kdward Carmlob&el, whirh h? had. a.- the .-aid Talcott further knew, engaged loteplx I I! Andeison. propritb r it the Tredegur Iron Works,to ! mwll ?*' r 6Ih?In thlii: That he. tin- raid Brevet Frtgadii-r General' r>'?- Calculi Colonel of the Or J n mrr Department-in charge of the Ordnance Burrau of the V nr I>rj urtment. did. at the lime and plan* therein act ' rut. writp and to tin- Secretary of War the fill : low ing n-jM rt. t liaat In to my :? ? Omniiio Ui.raRi mknt, Washington. Jan 27. 18it. lion (' M Comiai* Secretary of War? *t?in ?In answer to the note from the War Department of th e date. I have to report that uo contract h ot been made for -hot. hy thin department froui the last appro l notions-. no shot hare b -i-u furrii-bed th-rc are no con tract for 'hot made hy th's department. unfulfilled, unl no tie are now contemplated 'buppi sing that tin inquiry m-iy have reference to alet ti r i tlicialiy ad lr and to lfr< Tot Coloni 1 llug--r, on the fitb N< vernier. 18f?t?. I dei ui it m-t Improper to send you ? copy of thut letter; ii'th nii'h n-'t speciti-al'y called for I y your note Colonel linger s estimate for the present quarter, the only one received fr-on him since the above date contains nothing for the purohase of shot. lU-pcctfnlly your ob't f.erv't (Signed) *0. TAU'OTT. Brv't Brig Oen , ?Col of Ordnance.' And in this, further That lie. the auld Talcott. did. a few days thereafter, to wit on the "joth January. 1861, alien questioned by the Secretary of War a.- to the inclin ing of the aforesaid letter to Itreret Colonel lluger dated the tith November, is.10. where -f a copy was transmitted to the Secretary of War v -th the nf->resaid report, dated January 27. 1851. did it ate to the said Secretary that the meaning and object i f-hi l letter to mid lluger wa* to tliable the c -mmatidi r of the An nul ut I'-rt Monroe to purchase shot and ?hi lis. In small quaDtitlua. as they m-gbt be required from time to time, tor experiment* and artillery practice; which written report and explanatory oral stall ment were false in fact and intent, and were made with design to den ivc the said S cretary of War; lie. the said Tab ott. wet! knowing licit a large contract was outstanding, which had la-en Riven to Doctor Oar niirlitn 1. f ii shot and shells for the Ordnance lie part ment, which contract had no vi w to any provision for experi ments or artilliry practice weli knowing that hi- had per mtt-'l. allowed, and approred the said contract; well knowing that his said lctti" of instructions tc said Uuger, dated the Oth November. Is.10. was not so designed and tad not la-en so construed by said Hug- r. as now repre sented 1 y liim the -aid Tale -It. to the Secretary of War, :? ml well knowing that Joseph It. Anderson, proprietor of the Tri degnr w .rks. had ts-en engaged to execute the con traet made with said Cnrmichiul $]*i iK<a)itm <VA ? In this That he. the said Brevet brigadier General George Talcrtt. Cnlonil of the l)rd iisiioi- Department in charge of the Ordnance Bureau of the War Department, being enquired of l-y the Secretary i f War Ht the Wur Departmeut. on or about the 1st Mnrcb. 1851. in regard to information which had reachi-d tin- said Secretary that the Tredegar works were actually milking shot and shells for t he Ordnance Department, ha, the said Talcott did earnestly assure the said Secretary that there was not the slightest foundation for the said information; wliieh statement of said Talcott was false and hi knew it so to Is-, well krowing the foundation of said report and the facts in the ease, w II knowing that the contract aforesaid had la < n made with Doctor <!ar inich i 1; that said Cnruiicbacl had employ-d Joseph it. Audi rson. the proprietor of the Tredegar works, to ex cute it. itnd that the said Andersou rliiiMd the right to i-Xi cute it. as tlie assignee or sg-nl of said Carm'.cha-.-i S;-<m .? 7 th? 1 n this That lie. the said llrwvet Brigaun-r Uer.i ri.l (leorgc Talrott, Coh>net of the Ord natir ? Department, in charge of the Ordnance Bureau of the War I), psrt cent, having heard n id to him. at the Wur Di'phrtmi i t. on the lOili April 18ol by the Secreta ry i ' War a lel'er Dv in Tb-'miui firei n da'cd Washing ton April. 18.1] alleging. among other tilings, that the Tredegar Iron Works were engaged in executing a large .-mount of work. f--r tin- delivery of shot auj -hulls to the Ordnance Department, under a contract pmhahiy given hy the department or its ofllcera. to Doctor KM war! Oaruiichael. and a-.-igm-il by biai to Mr Aud-r.-on pnv prletor of said Tredegar work* he. the said Talcott. ilid thereupon assert to said "n-r- tary that "there w is not a w .rd i t truth in it." men ine in said stn'einenl in e.ild lett-r. th: t - it was fat - from beginning to end ' or words to that elfcet Vi hich declaration of said Talcott Was p' Sitivi l> and wilfully false aud tuteuded to deceive the sabl 8ecretnrj of War. My order of tin- Secretary of War General (,'laikc appeared this morning, but th ? pro ceedings having roouneuced. he was disqualified from membership. Si-creUry Conrad's cr <*?-examination was continued for two hour? Captain Meynadier w a? recalled, and further examined l.hutenant Colonel linger was examined at length, upon tin- contract with Carmiehs -l which was not con cluded when the Court adjourned. The distinguished Mexican General II rrera attended the sitting to-day. and ren lv d marked attention from the nietubi r* of the Court Additional Kurojaan Nrwi, OVER BAIA'S I.INK. It is!o>, June 27-?5 P M The s aui-bip I'urepa. from Idverpool via Halifax, has just arrived The mails will leave by the New llawa train to morrow morning They will reach your city to rn- irrow afternoon We s> n 1 j iu th following additional lot- lligcnc* ENO I,ASH. Beyor, 1 the ijwattl in of rotin ? A'i'-OO COO to defray Um rxp D-e-of the Knfflr war, noth ng of importance had trat.-pirid ir I'arliameut nine It* rea??enibliag TV l.ord i haucllur. in luoeing for thin Tola, eiprwaaed kit aatlif .ctl<>n Umt the war did it it appear tiki ly to proew ?o eerioun a- lii.d b- . n at t?r?t apprehended. Mr. A: i mi it oli 'nod that Opt and othen bad laid down-alu' iry rul ?. and that coliniea hating a repre tcvtatiee gonniiiirnt aboutd bear the espcnawa of their iwii d< h-uce nn l cont ndrd that rurliit .rerniiient, with MIC >1 a o< untttution ought to be gi*' n to tin- Capo in or dor to pr> rent t)M MORtMt of a rimlUr demand upoa tba cinntry I old Joiiji Rvaari.t dated that it ?H their own fault If rolontid* at the Cap I d not tin ir tairtpr eutailew ci nrtiluiion hut d I to t think Uiat any kmd of nativn g. remou nt would anable th'in to cli lend lb m?lw?a i turoly ntfiiln't the i; mTV at. rtdhrr tribaa ThU, ho#. r?i r, In not tli" >|ii t 'on before til* 11 one The i|ti*a Hone.' wbotlier i. ? y ? io pn ] Tirud to permit the eml griinl- ithoirj tl: y In,.1 one 'i n oj lo tl.a eountfy, to be Ifitji T 'ri .l and to i .rt; I kilo ut reudrrlu,; their a??trt*r -e Mr 1 "ti could m ' glee hi- -motion to thia rota, ba nt. t wrtil to et .uregt ndli ry and KpawiW. Me II ? ? iIrti- In 'ft dot ml. -1 no policy par Mi- 11 > goet n m. ot in Mali u ta 111' K cdro from tba ailark i Mr lluni" Mi lo ot eu?a| t '""tthat> tor the pr wavl *yataa U ' r.M? bad u hi'i ra*t Hi a 1 1/ 11 r jiliuiti m u< tl.- war in ?' Ii II . * ere i up ! Mi I >?<? i < hi ?f I .i ? . ItpwHt and othara. d ? ?d d the vi.' i.i t tii- c . i iter th" I'TfaroaMwi f in -ai y A n ?- p. IMP' ? f CI tin -j ( rtn h i? !? "n Introdoc r 1 y l.ifd I oi hit'. It inti ? | rim .. r ;ur i'ati ta Mo i ? In < io oi ry hi a looin-t' ? i hi - ut w.thoutgo i leg before any of the Jmlct? uf the Covet of Chttt*?ry. I It l? Ir l.-nd d by H? pti *!?! in? lo rape Me proceed'ngn. Ureal I'Mparali i. ?:?? being bid" for tba I. a loa I'l n"e I i i - Ti I ?I"||?I"I ? ore h di '? m-i'le a? fldiy ta ' h?t ? lite llrv n( ratlWiiT apen to Dublin in liai" f'tr IV . j* . i oi t il imflup V * li A ? i | iVhM a ih ipjr i. "o . n' I >? cbauiV t i ' i .uaier.'e of HeMbat 1 and Cart. hi.t e bol l men!nga to talta ttepe to ilrau* th- 1 ilway ime I u. > a I Ik | llie fi'etaM Matte that the I jclcje ?'.earn fri?ite te to I i r? i bt i. re t.* n I -n, ? ofb. to ? rthoi k troop# fi r tl" Cepe lin o . n - I -l am i o m lewee I'orta Bt nlii abt r y witii t < ei- > l o ti I t" 1 nnatioa. ? i it" j -it' t P ' 1 lln M i I t i o building yirt i . .y 1 to liclpti ati tinted to ?t JOi te. I'MK i K? i l? R' t'| i i T! I'lmllti I' of tl.e 11.1 1 ha* p I *"'l a I o4wr I' -'tl ? f -ne ut tii ii I i ? ii' oj I * p ditieai ft fun' . Ill ? to r.fu 1 lb rtpUoDF 10 tile It alia a Opera HUj UU<' ? pctRTI ' tl.. Tb j"r?t .1 lrat .ny pn vaH? ? .1 'anh? ha* taken priraiui.n tl* i i > *rtin t a t "'Urrene* ut til I.'elhio- lii ,i nlti il I eiuei I by the |ea*pr> in: iwieily with on?a of In- pra W'Mdtifortn Ih. Couri f I ,n"'y into lien. I'tiui'a proe (tii * I ' i io tet i ' r i t I i' Ho ha?e ft'p irted ii.n! bo on i" I'.ro.iii b 'y e"I?? p -I appotaioaewla i!i., !, o i at thn vi! Many o I Ue iroopn wera h .. in III- . . uree | .ii u 1 l.j CatiUdba Trad'dull I, ItMAVV. frt t' early "I the ?? k Pru'-la eirloaJly a* r'oJ'd Kngll'h t' ? i | i by the imp ad: o of a heaew I " ? . i . lea f i? I? - n. ? I ? n., rh ut be n repealed. I in li- - In en Ih *a*be wf ft"Ileal - f r a week 1 II mburg i in 'oibn - thai a cobflM had I n pine io|?. uib"Ai . . and th? m b ? f the tulint" cif Pt I' .! in a|t. ia The At trim troop, flpad "ii Hi' p. pie in ilanibarg term >ry, and killed and ?i iitu't ! Ilti n The eaa-p<rat' n ? f the p '-tpla of Ifaw bitrg and AH i.a racrathd *11 I" u.odt. n M.r. f rr-al e. ! ii !? f Ibe I'oniiloil alof lnee been re in i e l at lha in'tigatl' > of the i i neb. The Aii?: riaaa Iibti ai b ngtb, ? ut red lb" I'.ij tCrri! rie*. under an rn? :? m nt t.rib the kr. n b 1... |ti * ?? IndebUd to :he I'ur- r ! the Kurop* fo* th' f. llowin* ? ric LATK-r i ir- ? <.??? ? r" t: ? trk ntt.itoitAni I RAM R. 1 ot t >< tordiy June 14. l*tl I ? rt = I?< ?ir !i lay ?CItih ' 96 90 I !!' R-RUa '? ? t i b' ul n iil 1m nam I Mi inter of ITar 1> Ml ' RCI. N e i r or* were V ? I -nd lei j fl* ? wmtiHled, In U ti. il ' 'I Will. I.' <? IO If ,?;| t| ? , . MAI ..' r I HIT ? " '|:l V ;i .1 . 'If -Tt e I in' I'f 1 ?. "i . it- i .i ' .. w lib r tp f.'y ,, . *, ;? ? : , - ? i i.i ? . -k ,<r Qn ?? u ! M ; '1 ?' 1 I ' h ,n Uiunwllt lie ami ii to wor ,r. th i i?, ? I r c Tint ioaa lid* fear do not at pr. *? ' ' k eery . ?> i >rjr fbe U w prtc I UwlC: w od will coulr'. aiW tu joaae latent in

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