Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1851 Page 2
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jring the market fV-r colonial ?| rui!>? ti- to t>?4i.?rS and ?< ll readily to arrive, a'. U?e current rates. rAsntNUKKS rai kmton. Mr Brtckctl, bsarwc ul dk?p?t,ho?. ?u.i lady; Mr Myer *nd My Mr ftaMflo ?<? HJy; two MiasM, ml Master Fes Htim He Snadeu and lady si? children. and aarvaut: Mr rallar and lady; Mr Pag* and lady; Mr Carter and lady: Mr ?araaa, lady, aad two ohildreu. Mr llaltor and lady; Mrs Hardy two afaildraa. and aarvaat, Mri F re main aad child, Meter* Sargent, tl'dlaud Flsldinas, Fowls, Maatuw, Clark, Tarbett. l.e Gardens, Cutler. Flynt. Power*. Arkley. Ste venson. w*U?, Meade, jr. lienion Nutter, Fietover, Brent, Fisher Hnai oa, Old way, Fell-iar, Cuuinta, Gilpin, Aaliutr. Weaver, Vtektrn, Vraao, larkin From Host on. RA7I.1NO OF THE AMERICA?DEPART! RF. OF OE>KOE TBiMFSON, THE ENGLISH ABOLITION IS I?AREA il OF A ROBBER. Bostos, June lid. 1851. The Anx-rica. Captain Shannon left Boston bght at 11 o'clock this morning. with 83 passengers f,,r Liverpool, -and 13for Halifax. Among her passengers ?a* George Thompson M P., the English abolitionist The A ute ri o? took out 8150 000 in American gold. An Kngli-hiuan. minx d John Williamson. on his way to Albany, was arrested yesterday and brought to thin ei'y charged with being connected with the robbery of the ship Kuiily at Charleston. Au examination will be had to-morrow _ Southern A'rwi. Bat TiMuRK, June '15, 1851 fleorge II ilettee late candidate for City Collector, Ikll dead to-day of disease Of the heart. All the Southern mails are through. The Mayor of Kirhmoud has called a meeting for this evening, to make arrangements to receive the President. The military have voluut* red tlieir assistance The Governor of bnuisiuna ha< respited for two months the slave girl Jeannette. who i* neuteqeed to be hung f >r killing her father There are tine prospects in Louisiana for a good crop ?f cotton corn, and sugar cane Heavy Return of Bills from Kiiglaixl?The KxjtesttUoii Agalnat the Indian*. New Osutsi. June '34. 1851. It is reported that a m.llion and a hall of bills have keen returned from Liverpool Henry Williams, the agent here of R E llyde, who laibd lately in Liverpool has left for England Advices fr"m ban Antonio. Texas, to the 12th instiat, have Wen received Captain Hardee's expedition into the Indian countrv had so far proved very successful. Tie seventeen Americans and Mexicinswho were de kv ired up by the Indians had been brought to sau An tonio by Judge Rollins The t'uiinallun Parliament. Torowto, Junu 25.1851. Lost night, the estimates for 1851 were laid bcfi re the Legislative Assembly 1 he expenditure is estimated at fi'kkiOOO, of whi'Q 8547 UtO 1* t"r public works, and ?84n.< <k) interest oo public debt. The scheme of a shift ing capital is to be adhered to. f.40 000 is asked for the building of a residence for the Governor at Toronto, and A like Ham for the same purpose at l4U"b"r to which pifeer the expellee of removal is set down at 8'JOlHX). Tile Addrtit of the Nustachuictti I3t ma crata. W isHiitoto*, June 25, 1851. Tiie Ri-jmhlic (administratiou organ) of this morning, In an editorial, waroily approves of the late address is aoni ( y the democrats of Massachusetts. touching the Vmou and compromise The Sentence of Death at-atnst Orrutt. 1 to ? June 2> ML A p? tition is in circulation in this city, praying that the (sentence of death against Orcutt may is- commute 1 to imprisonment for life: or. in the event of the refusal of that request, for i reprieve until after the trial of Cook ling In October The Coaelen Murderer*. BaLriMORK. June 25.1851. Th. t'osden murderers. Taylor, Murphy, and fheltou, kavc Urn sentenced to be hung Rubbery at Honcwtale. Uowi'.soai.k Pa., June 25. 1851. A German, nameil !> E'ipcngraben robbed his em ployer Mr Hrittou Baker, last night, of 85< 0 in m ney and a /"id watch. He took the cars at Narrownburg for Jt*w York. Railroad Accident. NkBWOWSBCBOH. Jun.l 25. 1851 The rattle train going east this in lrning. came in col Hsu n with a gravel train in the curve at P laware bridg", ?ear l'ort Jrrvis. The latter was smashed, an l one man mnrii hurt The cattle train sustained little injury. The incident caused a deteution to the express train Sinking of a Steamer, she. Mkmi'Hi* Iuue24. 1351. TL' steamer Counter* his sunk m the shute of island Ho 8r> in pa'sitig up The Indiana river is stationary Arrival of the Steamship Marlon. CHkBLKVTuN. June 34 1851. The -teamship Marion, (.'apt berry from New York arrived here at ti o'clock this (Tuesday) morning Destructive Flic at Belfaat, Maine. Bai.rtsT. June 25. 1851. The foundry buiiJing* with a large two story dwell ing-house were deotroyed by fire this morning. The *w>* is 825 000, and the property is uninsured Court of A|?|>enla. E:mat. June 24 1851. Mo? 13 14. 16. 18. 19. 20 and 21 passed; 11 15 and 23 ?kserv. d No 17 argued, 21 argument commence ! NEW YORK HERALD. JAHEtl OOKDON BKNNKTT, FK'JFKIKToR AND EDITOR RTFICR ?. w CORNER or FFLTOM AND SASSaC *18. ValRRM XVI No. 170 ~~~~ AMthRMRNTi TUI3 EVENING. CASTLE GARDEN ?ITALIAN OPERA -Lt iA M I.Aw ?? m '??< BOWERY THEATRE, Bowery? Bicmrlicv?Boss to Goo Lrc>. BROADWAT TIIEATRE. Br ?<lw* Or Ltonn ? t r?IA-I. IN THI Sr?<>'< BlBi/i'S GARDEN. Bro?*w?y? Road to Ritm. RATIONAL THEATRE. Ch??h*oi ??!??*?Don CtMl ti?ii<-i nut Excvmiow?Lai >\? Cvifirio Boiokun Swfcr. Jr. ?Rorr.HAM'3 LLC KIN, BrvUway-LAMu' Batti.c ?Bloom kr*. JBR'MT'J HINSTRBt.S. M.chnil..- Hall. C2 Broadway ?AmiortAN M.ritwrlot. fBLLOWR* MINSTRELS. F.tlowe- Moilsal Boll, No. U4 B'oadwajr BniioriAN Minotrkirt. AMERICAN MUSEUM. Ami oino PuromARcu Ar rm* noon ARI ErrNiio Now York, Thundaf, June W>. IN3I. Trlrjfrii plilr Sninui*r)r. I>ur reader* will fi 1 ur.dcr our regular telegr.v ph:r hi a J a variety of interval!,ng*inu.-lligence from oil p?rl? of the country It will be perceived th it the ' anal bill is appr<, i hir,g it? end in tile Legi*. latere, ruiJ that it will probably be fi-tollw diapoocd ?f in r very abort time. A* Boon a? th tt auhjeet rmi the aptmpriation bill*, (which here be-n reached.) r It .ill Lave been pi-aed, we hill look f,r Au early adjournment of the legislature. We I ktwiee fin uu lcr our tel> graphi; h< ad, the e nc'nda cproce" l.i gaoftbe Wing Stat"C nveiiU .a at Iameter, 1'enneyl vn i ia The in" t Impute\", ef the 1J01 e of th!- 'y were rep-., te 1 "i y, iter dny'r p per, via:?The eelecti >n of a candidate for Gwvernor, en I the ncmi ,aliou of < Icrier il Scott for the Presidency?subject which are treated of in a ?eparnte article It thi- day'* H ut. W? puhh day, ?d<..t nvwafront the Did World, received by to* ?t> am up Europe We regn t to hear that the ,h der% ia inn ? i ;og at the Wert It i*t? be li | c I that it not reel ?it New York. We hare repeatedly called upon the aatL< ritn ' to put tb'i city in -u h a eonditi >n aa not W invite it to thir tnetropolii ; hut in ri n. if it rbouM conic here, th y will, no doubt, make a jtr* 11 fu?a ale ut ad pti p rariutory regulation*, when, perhapsit will ho too late. BAenernl Siiitl So nlhro il Hjr Pi nnajrl vanlii for the Nut Pre?l?tenc|r. (lerrrul S ou ia now in the fi l l -the first regular whig ? for the P.-eridency in the contest or lr~'J He win* nominated on Tuesday l**t by the Whig ."date ('otir.ntion of Pennaylraola, which hel'i tr bi ,n .it l<nnca*ter in that State. K lutionr were pRraed, at the same time, in f ?ror of a protective tarifl. approving, in general terms, of th ? Cub pro mi* luwr. declaring strongly in faror of the Union, and erinctrg full eonii lence in the measures, policy, ai d prim ipii * of Mr. Fillmore'* a lia.uiatre ftior. A resolution specially directed to lie upj rt ?f the hngitire Siare law, n it now exist* on the BtatuU book, w.M re njted by a large ro'e, t-mi amrywittocuL'v ItWWiHg l/aii i/wnlim ?;?** f rruu'l'Ut m, ?i/Aer by wwy of rrp^il >r a i vimc.%1, i rt $ one >i?r>?e fwnl Ci,W);riA? Thi* i* the first regular whig nomination mi le by any State conre lion for the contest of and it rorne* from or . ..f th, moet powerful, inilu But ia I and rcapec table of the old thirteen?Pent Bylrnnia, alwuy* considered the k y- me to th> arab of the I nion. The noniinaiiea a-. I the pi ?t fiorro arc both rery important mitUr*, nil t't y will lead to great and eioi ing diteu ion all the 5R*te* during the netteighteen month* l ie ?* iigr oi the great Sfuu of i'pnssyivaiiia, ia cvaitat. a assembled, while they were engaged in the duty of nominating candidate* l"r the Governorship and other offices, approved the administration of Mr. Fillmore and those statesmen by whom he is sur rounded, * hiie they east both him and Webster overboard into the ooean of the past, and houted a new banner in favor of General Scott, whose name and military fame are well known throughout the republic and the world. The approval of the ex isting administration is, therefore, on its face, a mere empty compliment, springing fron a wish to concentrate their little power, instead of leaving a rankling opposition that might be directed agaiust the new candidate and the new platform. The treatment of Mr. Webster by the Pennsyl vania whigs, is fatal to his prospects for the Presi dency. It lays him on the shelf. The nomination of General trcott, from such a quarter, and in such tones, will influence unfavorably the wh'gs ef all the States, and more particularly the whigs of the Southern States, tjwanls Mr. Webster. Even in New York and New England the blow will be felt severely on the prospects and purposes of Mr. Webster, and all those who call themselves his flier ds. In the midst of a weak an 1 imbecile move ment in Massachusetts, this nomination will come like a thunder clap among Mr. Webster's friends, paralysing all further efforts in that quarter. The friends of Mr. Webster in this city and in this State have always evinced imbecility, mingled with corruption and folly, and now they have re ceived a final and vigorous coup ile grace from Penn sylvania. General Scott may now be considered for all practical purposes, the regular whig candidate for the Presidency. The nomination by Pennsylvania makes him so. New York, Ohio, and other States, will follow up the movement. The National Whig Convention, if it should ever meet, will merely ratify and sanction the nomination made by Penn sylvania. General Scott thus being the whig can didate, the question arises, what is the platform on whi< h he stan Is ? We have already stated, in gene ral terms, that the platform put forward by '.he whigs of Pennsylvania is favorable to the Union and to the compromise, while U evidently Lave* open i the discussion relative to the repeal or modification of j the Fugitive Slave late. It is the same platform as ? but of William li. Seward and his friends, in this State. It is the platfo-m of the free soilers of New England and the Northern States. The position is boldly u-sumed in favor of the course of policy which *vil 1 leave the Fugitive Slave law a subject for discussion hereafter, and for further and un limited agitation, in the cauvass and at the polls. Such being the ease, <leneral Scott now being the regular candidate of the whigs of Pennsylvania, and soon to be the candidate of the whigs in all the Northern States, on the platform of the free soilers, led by William II. Seward, of New York, and Charles Sumner, of New England, the ques tion arises how will he be received, under such a Aug, and under such auspices, in the Southern States ! Without the aid of the Southern States, no man can be elected to the Presidency by the popular vote. Under such a platform, General Seott, in spite of his military popularity, could not expect to get a single vote from the South. The Southern people, therefore, both whigs and demo crat-, will be obliged to repose on their own prin ciples, and make their bed on a platform of their own erection. We expect from this great move ment among the wings in Pennsylvania, that the Southern ."-tates will decline to have any connec tion with any national convention, and will here after nominate their own candidates, who will be more suitable and acceptable to tbem than could be tbo.-e of any convention, held cither in Philadel phia or Baltimore. Both parties in that region of the country, the unionists and dieunionists, are beginning to find oat that their best policy wdl be to nominate their own Presidential candidates, so as to throw the election into the House of Representatives, where they will have a better chance of making their own term-, and effecting their own purposes th in they could by participating in any national convention i at Philadelphia or Baltimore. Caucus noniina- ! lions, at Washington, for twenty years in a period gave us pre-dents, but the system fell into disre pute. Convention nominations at Baltimore and ' Philadelphia, followed the caucus plan, and that >yst?m, after twenty years, has equally fallen into disrepute. The Southern States hare for fitly yeirs governed the Presidency, and the policy of this republic?an l there is every appearance that by their union and concert of action, tbey will ac complish the same purpose in 1<i2, by carrying the 1 eieeth n into the House of Representatives. We will see. Movement in Soi th ( a> olina for a Soithfrn ('< m i [iekacv.?In our aUvert'Aing columns will be found a prospectus of a new newspaper, to be pub lirbed in Charleston, to be called the Standard? to be commenced for the par pot ? of advocating the establishment of a >ou'.hern confederacy, separate and distinct from tbc North. Those in this part of the world who arc favorable to such a plan, of course will sill out by auction thei* property to tie tort advantage, and get within the limits of the new confederacy as toon as possible. No time is to be lost. The Trial of the Directors of the StaTI ; Bank at Moi eis?The Verdict of the Ji ev.? U will be seen from our report of the proceedings of the trial of the Directors <>' the State Bank at Mor ris, that thty have been all acquitted, though the cashier, Harvey Dayton, on ^atu:day evening last, was found guilty of perjury, arising out of the same financial transactions. This verdict will be re eciitd with surprise at a distance; but it was ex pect < <1 in Morris ? urity, at least as regards throe or four of the defendants, and their good hum -ter has n< t only sav. d them, but all who -ailad in the same boat with tb<in. 'I lira t ? ten I Prospects and Perform* re. The 11 mBc r campaign at tlie dramatic establishment* i f tin mi'trepi I.*. is carrn d on with considerable spirit by tl - r.tal tuans.-ir- The c urn pang of Burton's bonsa ??t.i< h i? undergoing some repair* and lir \>t ivements? ?|;? *r tl.r e tin*.-n ?n? k at Mblo ? where th? public r?r ? t,w j ci ni I ?s worth listening to. a rcprwented by la ?-?;<! geat'etnen if the first rank in their prof-* ?i< r> 1 he ? t!,i r Hire" i.i.hts of the week NiMn's garden Is B.adfl intertwining by the pleasing [*rf rminrn of tl ? !'at*l family The Ballet* are very i r lianllyex? eutid sr.dr.irtin and ('torea glee v-wat satiefaction, i ii? ? a i* i ni i f the hright'.t stars if tb tr mpe Pi r?. Bte ere r> w the order of the day at Brougham a l.yciuni Wtilch the pTi prietog adWTttsws to t." lit from t . Mvei.tbof July tilt the middle of August It has but a fair 'bun of public patmnagn, and in the autumn I ?, h a low fi inpaoy. will prove a still more attractive I Iv. . f r- ?"tt than it ba? In i'n this season T? ?? Nat.I t at Theatre produces more origins! pieces than ?r y other ? tab! ha nt in the , j?y. ami haa paid authors I ,.r <l > me priees. Mrs M eh > would prr re a Very valuable lending artr-.* fur any Rr-t cl s's tbsatri has r> ? intly perf.rmi d a sueoe-.ful engagem-nt at this ? tat.lishit. nt erhi h flourish"* l> tb in summer aa well as winter ll.e I. eery Tl .aire has been iuite successful during the season Mr Kddy I- th" leading pcrf rm r and with cultivation and see. re study ni ?y be.-im a gfeut fat'lite Hi-chief fault ia In his provincial prontincia- ^ tl n He haa is-n ijuite popular h wever. with his audience*. One or two original plays, in which he lias i appsred. have advanced him rapilly At th- Broadway Theatre. Chart tte t'nshman h.?* r an- j menced. wlih her n ual ? access, an engagement to per si ruite her nund of fa* Tite characters film is th? trading sctre-- of the American stage, an I Is alike honored for her chnracte#tad talents in Rngl-md and her at h> me r >i glnally making her appearan'e on the stage witli Mr? W'.od. as a vocalist. she has enooun'-n d many oh t elf. hut l.n gain' I by the f ir ? of h-if I genius. Ik? pr- u h t p'.-ition We pepoelee in her cn geg.mi of more than appi'ar? upr.n th ? surfnoe, and are i reminded Unt the A mi ilean drama owea mi' h to her j tial and per-.?iran-# !!? r career baa faen latterly vnfjfbrif ht and might have been so an earlier diy I ut f r the I >w r gnith n of U.I nt horn on our suit ? to w' ieh we have ever had kindly feelings of encnurag ? merit Wdsew ia tl ? iabntan-1 genin. if thit yonng and I'aliudlu henna c-rins m the Mgbect "iclV B e in the noblest walk* of the J rem*?in the aiirefw end studious personation* of Marshall, hopes of a bet ter day for the drama?in the natural acting of Murdoch, procfa of native culture of poeitive beauty and worth?aud a general foundation out of these, and from the kindred ambition of Fleming, Kddy, Owens, Mia* We rnys* VVatkiu*. and many other*, the evidences of a fu ture for the American stage only to be made brighter by tbe attrition of such minds of English stamp a* we h tve recognised in Madame l'oniai, Mine Andertun Conway, Davidge and uomy more who merit distinction Miss CushUittD has pursued the even tenor of her way with a modest but determined ambition and her brilliant suc cess should be an incentive to those who doubt their eventual prosperity. It is true that some of the theatres are devoted, at pr< sent, to a very inferior class of drama tic productions, but public taste always arises from surh a degradation cf its instinct, with a keener relish for the beautiful and true in the dramatic art It will not lung remain in error. And here we acknowledge tbe manly management of Mr K. A. Marshall, of the Broad way Theatre?a gi ntlcinau of busiuess habits, and with an eur open to the real friends of the dramatic art?those who seek itr elevation for the influence it ever has, and ever has hud. on public taste and morals Under his auspice*, the American drama has received ail eucour agemcnt; English artists have been treated with fairness and generosity, and no tradition, prejudice, or senseless theory bus stood between him and public demands. In the lio.-ts of complimentary lieneflts tendered to those who have devoted their energies to the stage, could not a testimonial of a worthy kind be offered for Mr. Mar shall's acceptance f We are sure that the friends of the elevated drama would be- ready immediately to cm*' for ward and make a festival in his he'Uor?not so much in a money peiint of view, but to give the drama a new im pulse?to assure men that it is not a mere idle uud aim less institution, to be trampled on for the temporary success of any one. but an institution that exi>ts in alt Dations. civilize d or savage, in s<>uie form, unel for a bet ter purpose than a sacrifice to buffoonery and senseless jargon. We should be happy tee see a suitable fe-tivai, above all selfish objects, de-signed for Mr. Marshall, in which the honor conveyed should be reflected, in a large measure, from the brilliant results to the drama, which may be made to spring from the entertainment. This would prepare the way for a brilliant aeitumn campaign, The Protectant Episcopal Illstorlal Society. The first annual meeting e>f the above society was held in the Stuyvesant Institute, last evening, at 8 o'clock. The hall was densely crowded with spectators, besides the member* of the society In the absence of the presi dent, Brother Brownell, of Connecticut, Rev. Dr. llawke*, vice-president, presided. A lengthy and interesting an nual report was nad by the Secretary, which went to show that the society, although yet young, is in a pro mising condition, and augurs well to achieve, in a sati?. factory manner, the object* of its organization. On mo tion. it was ordered that the report be printed for circu lation nmoDg the members of the society, and for the benefit of those who may wish to take an interest in the lurll.ciauce of iu principles The Right It-v Bishop Hopkins cf Vermont, then delivered an eloquent and in structive address of considerable length, goii g at large into detail, to show what the ?? Venerable dociety for the Propagatl -n of the Gospel in Port ign Parts'' has done for the spread cf Christianity in various paits of the world, with tie number of clergymen aud mi-sionariss in the respective dioceses, and also the population of each, in America. Europe. Africa. A-da, New Holland, and the various i.-lands where this society has extended its bene volent operations The Bishop went lengthily ln'.o the history of tbe Christian Church, from the days of the A|M,stles up to the Protestant Reformation: and attributed the changes that took place in connection with that eveut. to the profligacy ambition and corruptiou of the ruling ecclesiastics in the Church of Rome. After the addrers was concluded, a vote of thanks was parsed to Dr. Hopkins, by the society. The mcctiagthen aeljourned. To day the commenreinent of the General Theological Seminary will be hi Id iu St. Peter's Church, Chelse a, at U o'clock A M. Bishop Hopkins will deliver an addiess. Important from the Dominican Republic. ONE week's later intelligence?rattle be tween THE IIAYTIENS AND DOMINICANS?THE DE IIIr 01 the HAYTIEK8. The brig Waitatill, Capt. Morse, arrived at this port yesterday, from Port au Piatt, whence she sailed on the It th inst. This is seven days later than any previous advices received from any j art of the island. We b arn from Capt. Morse, that an engagement took p'ace between the Dominican and Maytien troops. on the 7th Inst., near the frontiers, resulting in the defeat of the latter, with the loss of about forty killed The loss of ths Dominicans is represented to have been trifling. The latter perty wi re collecting their troops together, in the expectation of another attack from the Uaytiena, which, however had not taken place when the Waitatill .sailed. There is no intelligence of Prime Bobo; but it Is very likely that he is mixed up in some way with this con flict. It i* reptorted that the Ilaytien government was about 4o propose another treaty to the Dominican*. It will be reeoller ti d that we published, aevcral week* ago. a mani festo of the Emperor Soulouque. calling upon the Domi nican* for )?-aoe. and asking for an arrangement of the difficulties between the two races. This cour-c was urged upon Soulou^ue by the American, French, and English Contuls. Our previous accounts were from Gonaives. to the Ctta Cape Ui.ylien Mb. and Fort au Prince to the Inst Naval Intelligence. AasitAL or the I'uthi ?Tirr? Iltir, I) >i rnis ?The United Mates brig Dolphin, from a cruise around the world of thirty-nine months, arrived below on Tuesday night and reached the tju-irantine. yesterday, in tow of steamboat Achilles. The Dolphin sailed from China on the 23d of July. 1830 for San Francisco, touching at Manilla, Borneo, and the Pandwich I. lands. She left San Francisco on the 18th of December. Valparaiso on the 38th of March, and Rio Janeiro on the 13th of May, from which port she made the passage to New York in forty-four days She left New York in May. 1848. The ofllrtrs report that the fever hud greatly abated at Itio when they it ft. Th>' following is a list of her officers ? Lieutenant Com manding. T. J i'age; Acting Lieutenant- 0. V. Fox ex officer). U. P. M'< lsh, C. II. Wslls , Assistant Surge m. 0. J M ister, Midshipmen. J J C irnwall, C. L O Ham mond; Captain's Clerk J K Foster Cum hritr? ?obvbvivo .Statute Rmct.?Tlie f i ll alng Is a list of the if -? of the t S surveying ftiannr lletxel. arrivi d fn i nisdap from Key M'e-t ? Lieutenant Commanding J l> Read I'as-ej Mof.hip nn n. M' K Hopkins and V T M'e<t. First Knginet r II Mkson. Second do., ? B Knox. Captain ? Ck r* K K Knarr. Fuimcni June 14?I am sorry to Inf cm y uthat sure the arrival of the S iranue from Havana, a serimis lilnissha bri ken out on hoard and there are now up wards of 80 f ffirers and in- n on the sick list No d< u'.Us jit The Alljaap i* liKiked for hour If at |hl* port from Havana.? Csnsifusftao rf llr Are Oi fewwt Ti?" iMtla. l ilted Mate* -loop of war le vant has been hauled along-id# the wharf at tlw Norfolk Navy Yard f rexa niinalifiD. to be Irigtluutd and undergo ? stro iva re pairs. The C 8 hip of war ft Loats at Buenoa Ayn - Tth ult was to sail in a few days for the United States Jtlurltie Affaires liuvitir Rtuvoeg ? This vt ssel waa finally Iinnchid by Meeir- M'vitcrvelt k Mai k> y yesterday, a" ts I' M f he I lid f rnfn hi r wajs in beautiful Style, much to the d I glit i f a large ci ncouise of spm tutor*. She is a very taw ut dully no d'Hid v?s.el an 1 i o?:ructed Inker build ?ra'la-st Style Owing to the crt*d<d state of i 'if i ? lotnns. we mu t defer for a day or so a nioer particular description of her Viwa saow Ti aas Isi ? so.?M'e have fen Hre 1 Bias of the TuikSIsland K^jal (i.e.! . of the 4th lo t That paper of the last dole, says ; ? W ? srs tiipp* 'a left rio oar mtt'mers abroad, t' ?' t "rs is n large i|?ai.tit* ?.f ? ' ' tt ? ?--t lsurlfU"(kh t ?? 11 ? se tslasds, rvaey f?r iti n.f Torka lil-nd -i t will r thirty ? ents I nst 'I in New York. T Kit., si i r. -tut n ths eia'kvt u s ? at ? ?.,?? r> (?'?'' I to ? tats ti-t vi -seta >etn? tbrecgh tint Cai. ? Pja-??s. nwty rvadily oktao, weed at I w?' r by calliae ie at M stl air is. The Opt rn at Caatle Oartlt n. l ast night there waa a magnificent ajwrnbla.-* at the Castle Never before, during the present Pea i has snrh en array if beauty, faihion and Intelligence graced the perfbrmatee of the opera Abmit three thin and pemns w re present, and the enthu iasm displayi d by them was never aurpnssed. The > pera of Ftnani" was perf' rflked, and it Is but jostle* to ?*y th it the ? pent has not bien so effectively sung In t is eity on any other t eeaslon Truflll. Beneil. tti. Marihi, Bcne vrntam and llcltinl exerted their talent' to the very beet advantage All sn mad in?plr? il with tl ? grand nr sic of the ci mp ?? r and | ? uri d f? rtb a tl Ie f melody ?ltd harmony of the fln??t description H'tllnl- rpa ?ed all tIt* tenors we have heard in tl * masterly . o.iliti ? ? f hl> method end In ' he | w. rfult-net of his va. and Marlin was tittly splend d in hi- mil rpretatno of tn? ri > M'e have net spare to rm nte n t lie merit,' of ?ll the parfermeis, hut they fiinid a giand whole that gave unr) t sliffi d latlsfaeti' B. The In u-e was tn?d more than n n.lly Iriliie.n- by te>. I?? parties fr tit . .? n Island and tr? m Asti ri. who had charter- 1 ateamer? l-ir Ihe ins. Ti night Lu< In di I ttmmerm ir wilt be ferft tnol. anj the excitement will be e*aitn>n d by our lltu-iro) circle' Car t m 0 r ? t large I mount rf Inter* tiog mal naff'rs tFn?i.-. , r.o-ltd, hM N" n uUtddaMf rowd'd out ' Accident ?( C re ton VUlh Cboton Kauk, June io-4 P. M. 1 give below the porlicultn of a fatal accident which occurred near the railroad station at this place; if of any value to you, phase correct the error*, aud iueort in your paper of to-morrow :? On the arrival of the car* from New York, this morn ing. at Croti n Pall*, three female*, (two colored, the other a very large old woman.) who were on their way to Like Main pack, a* servant*, had got into Baldwin's stage, and the clrivi r was looking for their baggage at the Cars, when the horses star ted. and. before any one could stop tin m. ran away. Alter ruuuiug about one huudrtd rod*, the stage, with two of the female*, (nun of the colored women having jumped out ) wis thrown down a stone embuDkmt nt some twenty feet in height, breaking the stage to piece*, aud severely injuring the two fem.ile*, the elder one so much so that she died in a few hours. Kvery attention war given tbrm by the inhabitants and the physician of the place No blame was attached to any one, unless to the Commissioners of Roads, for not having guarded the embankment, it belug at thu end of u bridge over the Creti n Kiver. J. 0. Ma 11a for California. The mail steunship Cherokee, Captaiu Windle, will leave this port at three o'clock this afternoon, for Cha gres. The malls will close at two o'clock. Annexed are the rates of postage, to be prepaid ? Havana l'w-j cents per rate. Chagres 20 " ?' " Panama -'10 " " " Sandwich Islands 40 " " " China 40 ?' " " Southwest coast of South America.. .50 * " " The Wccklt IIi hai d will be published at ten o'clock this morning. Its contents will embrace all the im portant news of the week. Single copies sixpence. Court CtAlendsir?This Day. SrsKnin* CoVKT? No*. 282. 2?'.9. **. 411. 414, 4IT. 418, 440. 451. 402. 463 464 406. 400 457 , 460, 401, 402, 4'id, 401. 406, 400, 4t*. 400, 470, 471, 472, 473, 474, 475, 477, 470, 471', 460 SvriiKMK Couht?SrixiAL Term.?Noe. 8, 4, 93, 98,105, 110, 01, 19. 31, m Prospectus of the Southern Standard ? We propose to issue at Charleston, under the ah ove title, a deily, tri weekly, end weekly morning paper Our object * the advocacy of a Soutlitrii confederacy. "Thesa'ety of the slave States require* a government that em ulates trom themselves," and auy meMur* of resistance not tending to that euri must be p >?criess for good, aud may do incalculable evil. The result of the secession of u single State is at least uncertain, aud neither honor, nor a true manly courage, re quires us to exereire an v certain right, if it be an uncertain remedy. Under the government i f a single Stat ?, our bur dens would tie too heavy?we could not bear them And every manly cbeek must redueu and burn at the bare tug gee inn. tha>, in such position, we would be free from insult and injustice. at the mere suft'erntn ? of nations that profess to abhor our cause A Southern confederacy is then our ouly hope, and can he secured ouly by a course of forbear uuce sod conciliation. To I e led : nd not to be driven is a law of human nature, and by acting on the opposite princi ple, we are sure to defeat that which we desire to accomplish. These ami other matters involving the interesta of the South, we intend to discuss tain ly, hut tiriuly. We only ask for an unprejudiced, patient hearing, ami this we are deter n intd to strive fi r, since the yielding without remonstrance to measure* which we disapprove, would b? the abject spirit of snhmission. Our com mercial and naliuellaneou* depart ment* w ill he under the charge of able and diligent ants. and we hope, hy due care, to deserve and receive the patroiiuge of the men of busii ess. The friends to our cause will ploafe fi rwaid at onee eueh subscriptions as they can obtain. Address B. C. PKESSLEV, Chariest in, S. C. Tlie Kcv. (,'eorge Copwuy, the celebrated Indian C'iiief, whose thrilling appeals to the American f uople in behalf of the North American Indians have been Utened to with ?o much pleasure, will deliver another Ad dr i* at Iripler Hall, this evening, in behalf of the oast* h eo eloquently advuratoe. All who would listen to the in '*t powerful native eloquence in tavor of preserving tlve imall remnant of the once mighty Indian nation should net fail to attend. A contribution will be taken up for (he beneht of the cans*. Aduiutiou free. You aud your family are in vited to attend. Facts are Stubborn (hinge.?If any doubt* the feet of the never-failing etfieacv if Watts'Antidote in curing i onsumpticn and disease, let them attcn d at hi* otfi e for an In or or two. an 1 heur the continued str*am ol w <n d'rand delightat its effects, it mar appear harsh; hut it is a fa< t that gieople w ho lit their frien Is ale of consumption now. without trying it, are answerable for their lives, for all can have it, tl.c poor grutis, at 421 Greenwich street, others at ICJNsr-au street?51 per bottle. Post-o/Ilcc, No. 2 Vesey street, Aetor House. Notice.?The mails, pet Berford A Co.'s Rxpr"**, st-amer (reset nt City, will close, St this office on Saturday, tlie 2-ih inst., at 2 P M Letters at the follow ing rates:?Chagres, Pa rams, Kingston Ssu Francisco, pi cents: Sanleioh Islands, China, Southwest coast of South America, Meant*. BEKFOKD it CO. Green Turtle Soup and Terrapin, stewed ami I sked, * ill be served up at liayard's, No. k State street. Families and parties supplied with the above articles, of most superior quality, delivered In New Vork and Brooklyn. PETKK M. BaVAKD. Musical Union and Association of tlie Ame rican Pianoforte I ompuny, founded up on the prin tipli * of ti c Huildii t and At cuii.ulatiog Fund A>-o iation, and ex tendirg their benefits for the distributi n of Pianofortes and Mth dn ns.?Books tor tlie Second Piano Company are now ready: plan some as No. 1. vis Subscribers limited to IIS I; entrance fee ?'(? cents: and regular monthly dues, 51. Each member tdioosei his own instrument, vatued at it*hfr>m the maniifai turcr a wareroouj. Books for First Mtlndeon Company *r* al-o open, and will be complete with ?*) mem bers Office hours fr m 9 A. M to 6 I'. X. All L iters must b< pest | aid, and addressed to Me<*rs. Jocelyn is Watson, Trustees, l.afnrg* Bui dings, No. Broadway, Boost No i, Notice?The uii mters of tli* First Piano Company are ro queted to attend promptly to the notice issued on the 19th ultimo. Gsnln's Panamas?The Stock of Snow w bite Panamas tor gentlemen and boys, just opened at Be rlin's, comprehends the finest aud most delicate fabrics of ?liio cess he lias ever had the plcesure of offering tu his frltndsand the ptiMia. BENIN, 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. Summer Hat*.?Every style of Bearer, Pa* BMi.a, Leghorn, Stiaw aud Felt lUtr. will be found at M'. P. Davidf, Brood* ay, aeernd door from Dnane afreet. Tim,, in want of iuch ahould certainly (ire biiu a call. 1'rkt* moderate.

Gentlemen's Hammer Hats ?Santa's Itorky M< untain and tlray It. avcrm and hi* beautiful Pearl For Hat*, are eliciting uri*er?*l admiration Ha leila them at 4> per cent lei* than any other tret olaee hatter. Biectorkof fin< " " " - ------ hnow White Panama*. Legh' rtl, an I llraid llata, and Child ren* Straw Hate ie large, and admitted to be the beat to be found la any rtore in city. <'mil on It nta, at u>6 Canal (treet. Vou can get tutted at hit eatabliahment. What's Out I?Knox's llmky Mountain Beater*, the moat elegant, dtairal le. and ityliah aiunmer Hat* ever oflerrd to an iatnlHg'Ot public. The ru*h lor them the part week ha* been aetonirhingle treat, and ia eteadily im rearing. Huy one at esse, *o a* to b* ' i' the liehion." Knox ? ia at ills Fulton *trect, adj imog the Sun office. The snharrllwr having Just openeel a new flat at,d Cap Store. ISM Bowery, between I'rin. a and llonaton ?treat*, mpectlully inform* r% i * Iriend* and the public that he ia BOW prepared to exhibit hi* large aeaortinent of faahlon able lint*. Cap*, and Summer Straw Uo?da. Ilia l)rah lien v err, I'an.oiua*. and Hlk 11 nta, fer gentltsies, he would commend to their rav rable Milm, which will he cold at the lowed carh | rice*. No pain* haa been (pared to render thie branch of hie buaiseta complete. JACOB BANTA, Vri B iwery. Newport, Ho!- Holmes, the Dsgnerreo typi-l, Z'V lir, a.lway, w ill hold forth in Newport thi* anst mer, epp rite the Atlantic II it. I. Competent nnd attentive artiatr w ill ofll iate at the , | I gallery lid Brosdwgy Tan large alkrita lor talc?est Uolw a, Newport Newa pleaaa *?|J lliMilmnhrrt' In Inn, *'4 Nntaan street.? Cltlrea* god ltrtnr*v> sr? invited to call and exn,nme the hue atr ? k < ( honta, (ho* a. and gal. er?, of., red lug *?!* at the Hootmakert' Cai a, J Na??a i -treet. Itnnt* itnil Nhnew ? Gentlemen who see ?1?? alrnn* ' f hpdmg tl a artahliahmi i * of I. ,tin Brooke the or' ginal bootmaker of the name nf Itr-.V.-. ahould go to Isa f >ilt..n >ti ? weat ? f ltd adway. whore the he*t and largert aawortaicat if all kind* of Bonn, Shoed, and Caltera cut be found, at the loweat' ity prleee. Fatlicr Matin ev anil tin- Aim!Itlonl te ? The tws>p? rani e ap< atl* woi.t iret-mi'e with the at oiition Me. but ? > knew one *< ? In. ni ? t ,t pel", ly wnl * it. W. tr ran the r nil , i- a'.oli- hi on hie . r . - lu the ii it sad Cslti r I U'ia-r ? Jom lidmitr t. Thompaon'a Daguerreotypes IV?r IVO rents? the large-I dageerteoty pe aperatin.' room lathe eity(con taian.g tw o at y light. ) The beat artiftc. tiie lowed price*, at d sei e I nt ti e beat indriimenta. apparatue, and msterlala; and warrant* the aub.i ril ? r in guar valeting a aatiafactory likeseaa to all who will f*?"r hiei with a call J. W. Broadway. Bilks Red tie* tl In Prlrc.?James Berk Jk C . haee n doted the prtcea of their Spring and Summer Ni'vn, Barer'* Jan net., Mupllng Foulard*, Csltee*a, Man tilla* Hh.awlg, Freneh Kn.l r< iJ.-rie*. I acvc., below eo*t. Ladle* will find *ome rreet bargain* at 36A Br adway. Rlrpant Firm It litltlal Carets and Enve lope*. ? i (.a (ahecritwr Would reapectfalty < *ll the alt ntl.n of partie* rtdbirl'( > m' thln* truly elegant to h'< heau i fnl ityli a of Bridal t arda. t uf*l?| -*, and it iding ho*, a. Is the lateit mode. II LMDEt.I., Broadway, fior of Dunn*atfeet. I'ndrr C'oet Piter.?K. 11. tewmifi, 331 ^ BmadWsy (two dasfb aonth of An those ?tr. ?' | tie hilar . , f hi* Straw tl ..><1* anil Bos'cthi n< r i . lara I ly i aif. r cea t Me I a* Slae r- ? iie *r> t>? a id nl n- 11 Work it liar*, fader Handkerchief*. Hen* and lav-met Trim ?B'tir*. IL? ; ale. a lot of j rcuBet Chewiaettaa and Cull* to h, at fig peraet. Ttte 7?|ihyr 1'ni'er Shirt* In t?" tin t nt Ihr New 1 ogk bt..< king 1 a i. ry ISt It " ry ar i a< ?? mer. aoft film at aa elder down, ot elagtlc fabr* ... n. and line, to the*, who bate once ?. r? tiieio, ? >.r after an tn di-; . i .able arti lo of a.imr ? r u par !. rklrts tlint fit I ii fir 1.1 l>l> ? Il< < method of me ii iii n y adopted fit lire***, Mo, I A ?'..r II o.*e, ee? ur?* a It withOiath'naUaolrtftslsty. In, , lal.tyc t lentsfierlal and tl e n.etlewerk are BS?.|nalled. And .t the v. r> b- ur whtu a art of Sliirta ate pron,. ? o. tin y are -eol loton. The ttrnnllful.?'Il'oao nf onr l*ia?ly rentl ar* Wl . i in re ? bra. t f w 1 Ml In* (? liter, we , ,y. .- , to t'ehlll'i-, Sf7 llr< adway, whare the moat elegant a<*<rnsent tn ki toil'd in t' c tn.rid may I,i aeen. Mr C. slao k ep< a full aloe ef UentfMOSS'- Wear, made of t!.e eery heat is* terlala, and auld cheap "Ihr I,stent Natta,"?Itimihr, N?. I.MiFul* tas (treet ia ir.irt.du-ing anme astirrly a*W tylia ..f loot gear I r ?*n.n> r aur II.* aa. r'.nent f I ? t*. Sho?r, f.i..t.ra, K , fir efiftety, .l eaf ? i, am durahihty. la nn aerrc.ied an I ??(?htuiM*. If > .u with a good and cheap articlei, call at IhU Full, a (tro t. Tha rttah for llwire I'ntent Nlmct eontltii ee But ther* ard ? fee mots ealra left of f'.e **?? Bfarraated not to craek. I'rlralnw Al l. Ilootaand Oaller* of every varo ty, at the old atand, t>7 If aidt a la i", <? raer William ?Afe* t. Tlir Wonfle-rfttl I'lfllemtnl at Ho. "'I Bow 'ry id rri.Bi the f ef ..f HIRAM A N llSM'iN eel In* ele gant aai in ' i'? I Tapi'try. S - r (111 t'lothn, from fid t- ' per yar I Tlr?eriy f arpebd o*. 'id , f*.. Ss.. as l b-aatttul Ingrain ? arp< t* f?,, rer yard; and ye id (Hi CI th* j j* , Id f.t yard. New York L?iiiidryt IN Mprucr Hrwl, near Nmmu street.?To >e? Shirt D?al?r*, Fiuuilt??, Hotel*, Single Uei.tlvinen, fee , be.?The ?b?>ve LiuuUry. th? uio?i exteuaive in the u *ited States has been perfected at great ex|curt'. and can o ir? |?1? t*? UK) duxea pieces at least per day. New Shirts, in any ?!????? tity, and every style, done up fur the trade, (wholesale dealers and Ilruadwuy stores.) prompt ly and in the very best style. Collars ironed in Troy style. Family clothes purely washed, elearly ?torched, and ele gantly ironed at a few boors'notice, when required Wash ing and rough drying at two shillings per do*en pieces, for these wishing to lr?u at home. &hriu kill* "if *11 fabrics, for werchaut tailors. rlutlnara. Sc.. ?t th? (hottest notio*. This Laundry aomliuea the f.lluwiug advantage*, uniliu* economy. comfort, ??d despatch 1 Traveller* aud leaving the city 111 haste sou have their olotlie* washed and iroa.d id tin- heat manner, within three hoar*. 2. Nn mate rial i* used in tht Washing Ueiurtiueut hut pure olive oil soap and filtered Croton water. Gentlemen's eliirts are done up ? quel to new ahirt* on vale. Gentlemen'* o.liars ironed in Troy atylf. l.i*ht colored pantaloon* and veati elegantly ironed and polished. .1. Article* washed here wear longer, a* they ar* cart fully haudled. and all u*o of the wash-board and wringing l>y hand carefully avoided. 4. 1.adits' dresses and all tine article* done up by an experienced French laun dress. 5. St?in?, irk ?notx, and mildew removed. 6. The shirt hands (for itareh bodies, Broadway, and other work) arc of the ke*t. 7. All articlee collected and returned by wag. n. carefully protected, frse of charge. Apply, or tend by Uiail, to New York Laundry, 18 Spruce street. Dr. James W. Powell, Oculist, Aurlst, dir., aontinu * to devote hi* attention exclusively to disease* of the Fje and far. trorn M to 4 o'clock, daily, *t the same SWMfl he hae occupied for the last aeven year*, 281 Broadway, en trxri<-? IV- Wtrren Htrect. where can be ha*i his "Treatise on trance 1>? Warren street, where can be ha i his "Treatise on the Eye,' Sd edition, price SO cente. Alio, hi* *elf-aoting Ky? and Ear Fountain*. Sink or Swim, Survive or Perish.?.We believe that the healthful exercise of swimming, and the true effect* of the hath has kept a man from sinking by dis ease w ho wnu d otherw ise have perished. The cheap Both* at Dethrones street, (near Canal St., N K..)for practising ?itrnnoc, arc open from sunrise until 11 o'oloek, 1*. M. Price 12}j cent*. Phalon's Magic Hair Dye, to color tit* hair or whisker* the moment it i* applied, without injury to the hair or skin. It can be washed immediately without dis torting the color, and has no bad odor. It ia applied, or sold, . ? . _ .. r, [07 - at Photon'* Wig and Toupee Manufactory, 1177 Broadway. For sale in the city and country by druggists generally. Tk? brit Ilalr 0jre?BallarcTa First Pre mium greatly improved, and is utiMirpa?Hed In London, Paris, or the 1)sited Str.tes, of which positive nroof is given daily, by its application. at his office, No. 155 Fulton street, near Broadway. Ladies can he visited upon privately, or at their residemes. The trade supplied on liberal terms. Ilalr Dye and Wig*.?Batclielor'a Liquid Hair Dye, celebrated Europe and America, established and in successful operation for the last twelve y^ars, the best hair dye in the world. Applied, or sold wholesale and re tail, at Batc^lor'a Wig Factory, 4 Wall ttr* ct, and all druggists and perfumeries in town and oountry. Public opinion Iiam so decidedly mid tin. chen/-ably stamped the superiority of CP fraud's Liqui.l Hair Dye overall others, that it would seem a waste of wurdn to dilate od its tingular properties in oonverting rt-d or itrey hair to & soft silkv black or brown* the instant the fluid touches th? hair. Equally celebrated is G >uraud's Italian Medicated Soap, for the cure of freckles, tan, tec. Found only at t he o.d established laboratory. '?7 Walker street, near IBrogdw ayj Cullccder, Kh South Third street, Philadelphia. iVl?* and Tttupees.?We would call the at* tention of persons requiring Wigs, to a recent improvement. The same was aw srded a silver medal for the first premium at the last fair. They can be seen at E. Phalon's Wig aad Hair Dye Factory, 1V7 Broadway, corner of Dey street. Tlte Orange Flower IaoIIoii, for beautify ing the skin, improving the complexion removin r tan, freckles, blotches, aud all of those disfiguring eruptions which mar the countenance so much, is now an established arti< U in public favor, and may he relied upon a- every way v orthy of its fame. Bold by Hushtou, Clark fe Co., liO and 273 Broadway, and 10 Astor House. Disrates of tlio Skin, Pimples, Freckles, Sunl-urn, Tan. Morphew, Blotches, Seurvey, Krysiptlaj, b' tit Kherm, cured, and yellow, dark, swarthy, or red rough skin made white, clear, fine, smooth and beautiful, by the true J/n? s Italian Chemical Soan. It is a sph-ndid article. Bold C'i 1 at the Spanish Lily White Depot, Broadway. He used one three shilling bottle, aud his hair grew dark and ! long. 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D)iprptla Bitter*.?IIutrltliig.s' Vegetable Iiy.pep.ia Hitter* aa net only valuable in obdurut t area of djipepeta, but those sufleriiig fr"in hi ionsnete, i. rvousn. <k, c stivi re**, eta . will tind in it* use prompt and p. ruianeut relief. 1 l.e Bitter* i* an excellent family medicine. HONEY MAKKKT. WcD.vcspir, June '25?fl I' M There was not much activity ia the stock market to day. A slight improvement in prices was realized, com pared with those current at the el->se yesterday. Com pared with yesterday morning'* price*, there ho* been a decline. Long Island has fallen off about oue per cent ginee last sale; Norwich and Worcester, Hurl. in. New Jer-ey Mining Company, .V Morris Canal advanced ,l4 per rent; Portsmouth Dry Dock, Heading Kailrtad. i*. Tile derline in Norwich, to-day. brought out a good deal of stock, the sales having been larger than we have noticed for several week*. No new feature has presented IteeU in any other leading railroad stork, and ,he transactions were between about the tutine da** of operator*. The r< celpts at the office of the A*ei*tant Treasurer of thi* port, to-day, amount* d to $117,010; payment* $11 808 80?balance. $2.892>48 82 Th* Bank of Commerce ban declared a half yearly di vidend of four per cent, payable on the 7th of July. The Board of Trustee* cf the Bank of the Metropolis, at Washington, has declared a dividend of four per eeut, out of the halt year profits, to the 30th June. The t? legrapb, the other day. gave erroneou* informa tion in regard to the dividends declared by the l.'tlea Oar and Steam Woollen companies The former divi dend vai only 8>, and the latter 4 per cent. It la astonishing how much nonsense is uttered by the whig paper*, in relation to the tariff. They revive old and stale argument*, advance the most ab?urd idea* and are continually harping upon the ?atne string* Ruin to the manufacturing interest*, lose of specie increasing in. debtednes* to foreign capitalists, prostration of domestic Industry, encouraging foreign labor, fee.. Its. are eter tally sounding in our cars, and one would think, from the groaning and grumbling of the protectionist organs, that the manufacturers were all upon the very verge of ruin, end that nothing in the world short of an Imtno. dlate Increase In the tariff would save them Tin Bos ton Jttlat, of the 21st Inst , states that the following named manufacturing companies have ascertained their : lose* during the past season, to be the sums put again?t their respective names?making an aggregate loss cf < $240 0( 0 by six mill* only, out of the in toy now In opera, tion throughout the eountry:? fr'tark $40,000 Jackson $22000 Atlantic 38,000 Baluion Kails 40000 Appleton 80.000 ?? Nashua 38 000 Total . . .. $211040 The high tariff papers have sei *ed upon this statement the truth e.f which we know nothing about, and give it for the purpose of showing h<w the free trade tariff of 1846 Is working We should not have been surprised If thise manufacturing companies tm 1 reported lo**es three times a* large as those given above and we sh uid have been no more convinced than we are now that tb< pre sent low tariff was the enure. 1 be stock br tier who fail, ed In Wall stre* t and the real e tate sp> 'liatnr whe | fail) d a f* w weeks sine* can. with e,|iial pr opris'ty attri bute their downfUl to th- tariff >f 1110 It I* f rtunat* that th> se inanufactur* r< have sow-1 hi; < to tfer iw the blameon?some reeson. bttt their own want ofkn iwtedfe? to give fir th) ir lo?se?. The commercial ela*?* Mb not so fortunate, they have no scape goat. When a mer chant fells. It is generally attributed to ovi r trading bad debts, extravagance In private expenditure'. !>>-* by de pi> elation in the market value of - *> I . but n > one ever ; actare* the tariff of baring h id anything to do With it. W Io n a manufacturing i stoMishment lose* money, omite e dividend, or fails out and out. the i.lca is not for a mo ment entertained that l ad debts hi,.h salaries to mana gers. extravagance of ell "oris. ignorance of businc*. rise in the value of the raw material, with) ut a corf** pot ding increase In the value of manufactured good% and a doten other*, are the cause any one of which have more to d with tb>-profit ? and pro-pcrtty of U>e?c en- 1 cetns than all the tariff* we ever had It is ton late to ! ?krnte any political capital out of such statements a* are pteo nti d above. A high tariff I* an obsolete idea just as much so as the United Plates Bank. Both are dea l, and beyond the reach of any p'liticai galvanic battery that can la'brought to op< rate on them We have uo d< tit t thai lietwten this and the meeting of Congress, * gr?at > lb rt will be made by the party pr?*e to agitate the ' high tariff question: but It will be a useless expenditure of raw mat>riel who h roobt be ut' din n bet teg cause On tfce Out M ndayof Jane, the twenty-four bank) of New Hampshire hsd a capital stock < f $2,501 000; amount due the banks, secured by pledge of stock. $01,512 19; rsal e?tate. $17,070 <2 total d. bts due Ihc banks, $4 57 ; ? 027 24 due frr m directors, $41..881 90; sp, c|e. $1 to.142 94 bills In circulation, $20 028 37; d. posited in other bank* for rtdimptioa of th? ir bills f;..i7 .'>02 61 Utnclt'hnng*. f'.'vo Rrie Bds, '71 96.', i"1 sin Morris Caaai 8)0 11'4 f> N H4? e It is. ?! 1 'Si 96 >, ?1 ? I ,'si fs L do 'a do ?? l"V, < > rtifn at ?* par - n -'?( I : J Is I7'< St, KJ Vl IB C<t I ) lo !" N Am ibx R si* a !* 1 )l .')>( F ,(*?(' , i . J )'( - I 1 is -.. HJ 1,(14 to fell I), -til I n ? . > 'SI ft , 7.1U I' " sill M'.rrii Can a! itO r riarl n iff 71*1 ! 4 *. I'd d > #30 ' 'SI a , |'N, 4? 1 !-) 71*. 4e 4) Mr. da in MSI U, ? Mtr r life <tsa lk> *3 to <e 115 tm 4 m ie ? M * I" >lf. p 10 per A Ksyport I k I'O rert.m utn I'll 7' K? 4s } , '? , ??0 7H 4 >.'i j to Farmer* Una *; *.*> 4. t 2U0 Canton Co 78 160 trie KR ?r? K'V do YH r?; 100 do WJi 60 do too Ft IbO do p&c 2i> Greenw iuh In 130 AOLoug Island RR b00 H'H HO do in1. HO do If? MO ilo ?50 l!l BjO do id SECOND 100 -lis Ni rw fc Wor KO do ?tint no 100 do ?50 61 \ AO do AO do ?0?, 60 do 01 AO do b.*<0 01 AO Stobington RR *00 42 JA Norwich fc Wor RR V 82 >1 62jj ?2 ?1>U 82 16 do VQ de AO do *30 IH0 do too 160 do ?3 4'U do lis) do h45 Ak) do loo do efiO 300 do ?3 loo she Reading RR slO 56 K'O do h'K) .VI 100 do too 5,1 loo do ?VATi 100 llurlcm RR ttu 73'. lis) do 73? 100 Portsmouth DD ?anMi On Wednesday. Juue 25 at St. (l?orgn'g Church, or.. Stuyvrsaut square by the Rev I?r Stephen II Tyug. 8 J. Ska Mi n,( of the firm of U'innnn, gcuDM fc Co.!) tr Maikiin, Wztmos ?:. daughter of Jacob Duryee. Esq ., all ? ! of tliio city. On Wednesday, June 25. by the Rev. Spencer II Cone D. D.,Jcmn A Shijlto to Kmklim:, daughter of Kara 1' Davis. all of this city. On Tuesday morning. Juno 24 by the Her. Or Harden burgh, John R. Uhoot to Mian Man* Nichols, all of thi. city. Uu June 25. by the Rer. K II Chapln. Knwcan Wi.lch m<n to 0* 8., only daughter of Elian Thomas, al! of this city. On Tunrday, June 24, by th? Iter Dr. II. W Bellows Thi.odO*!. Wxllace Todd to M*nv Cecilia, daughter ol I'. Alb ii Curtis. K.-q . all ..t this city. On Wednesday. June 25 by tile llur. Lot Jonea. Joh W. On mi to M a hi a bot'isa daughter of the lute Wil liam II. llnws all of this cliy At Fie.Iikill, on Tu. day June 21 by the Rer. Mr. Kipp Isaac Shkkwoou to M ?k v daughter of Cbarles L. Du Uois | Esq., all of the game place Died. On Wednesday afternoon June 25. Mr. .Tosnrii SriRLr aged Oil years, an old and re.-pec table inhabitant 01 Brooklyn for twenly-O ur years The lriends and relatives i t the family are requested to attend the tun> ral from Ills bite residence. 71 Mill j street, on Friday morning. J uue 27. at 10 o'clock. lli.<> remains wiU be taken to lip euweod for interment. On Wednesday morning, June 25. Ann Eliza, eldiet daughter of the late J. tin t . Ilalsey. | Hie friends of the tuUiily are invited to attend the fu neral. on Thursday, at 4 <> cb<ek. from the house of Mrs Cm tile. No. 15 Auuty strict, without further invitation. On Wednesday i veiling June 25. William Sherman aged 50 years, a native of .Sweden, fur many years a resi dent of l li s cily The friends and ri laiivi - i f the family, and the mem bers of t lie Swedish 8( eiefy are respectfully invited tr attend his funeral on Tl i day afternoon, at 2 o'clock, front ins late residence. 1., homy street. In tliis city, on Monday morning. June 21. Mrs Bktvi.v IIai i s. aged 50 years, re .in f t'eter V. Ilayes, of I'ough keepsie. Her remains were take n t- I'cuglikeepsle On Jure 20. at the resld.oiee of the Rev Robert P. Fin ley. Mitucheii. N J ,t aiviv l\ kith, aged 32 years, late of Mobile. Ala . and .-on "1 < lnrles Kiith. Esq., of Warren Mass. At Clinton. (Conn ) ? ri nune 19. Capt. Aunlr S. Farn iiavi, aged 55 years, tor s< v ral y< urs a shipmaster out of this port. BrirHns Smith. of North ford, a soldier of the rvvolu tion. died at that place o - siu l ty, June 22. at the great age of 100 years and eigi i weeks. Mr Smith possessed (be full use of all hi- farn t a until his hundredth birth day. upon which oeea-i u -eruo it was p>reached. which is supposed, affected I e nil- d and during the past few we, ks he has been atukieg to tie grave He was a gen tleman of the old scie i and retained his polite and affable mnnrers to the 1, i In hi rt Ann. on May 3d. Lieut Amos Allen, of the Continental Army ADVERTlSliMMiTS ROE WED EVERY DAY. It K W AltOS. |OC REWARD?LOFT, 14TB INST., A MEMORAN dnm Book, i >n> an.i: - a check on the Merchant* bank in the city of N w I < rk. to the amount of four teen bi ndrcd Collars. payable ?> Jonathan 14cr?e. The tinder will receive th- above reward. sod thanks of the own ?r, as |avmeiit baa been stopped, by leaving it at the Clevu land House. 127 Liberty ?tr--t. JONATHAN .UORFE. q I A IIVAU Wild BE PUB FOB THE RECO V 1' ' very of a seal rina l< t-n t ?? 21 at inataat in Broad way* The stone us iqoare p-r d cornelian upon which is cut n ci at of arms. 1 he ii..t'n' ? F <' are upon the iuiidc of the ring. Apply to POTTF.R it KU33EL, No. 6 Nassau street. flK REWARD-LEFT IN ONE OF CONKLIN BRO's'I Idrd avenue line <?! stages, yesterday ni-rninr, a10ut 7 J . e'oh Ck, a Is?*- ..It.- op, ra glass. Tie Under ? .!! receive the above reward, 'y leaving it ut Kit! Broadway. K REWARD.?I OST. Bl.TW EES FOL'RTEENTH AND Tweuty-fourth stret t-. ? i. Sixth avenue, ( with owners nsII S engraved on it/, a Cold I'wncil Case. To be left at 15 Weak Twenty-fourth etre< t IOST-A LETTER Mall ED IN NEW YORK, MAY tf. -2 Is5l, and direct I to Mr. H'm. Morris, I'hilisdelphia, never reached its destination It eon tain a a promissory ante (or tiro hendr d and icv-nty IVIisi dollars, dmt* t Philadel phia, April 6. I-AI, anJ drain by Mr. William Morris to hia own crier, at e gl t nioat - To prevent fraud, notice it hereby liven that taivl note will not be paid : nnd bankers an d broke rs aie requested ml Ii negrtiate it, the under signed alone have just eluiiii, to it Information leading to the rtcov ry will nun h ?blue A. tllane, Heche,, Dolphin fc Co., A* Bri id etre t, N Y.j William Morris, Philadelphia. IAffl NK I.ONT -!.<>? I CN rIIL'RFDAY NIGHT, TUB l!Hh Instant, on the railroad between Buffalo and Al bany, a lllaek Leather Iron Frame Trunk, with a portman teuu top, marked J C. M , in w :,iie paint on tne end, "T Mitchell, Philadelphia," on a t ra,a plate in front B ig/av masters on the r?ad w 111 hav > the goodness to look for it. It feiind, forward to Kev. Dr. Tyng, 46 East Siateenth street. New York. |jf OF NI)?TESTER DAY. AT THE F.NTRAN IE OF DR. * Tyng's i hureh, a hair Bracelet Thu owner e-n obtain it by calling at Xb. t l Beaver street, up stsirs. TilK Tl'KK. UNION COURSE, L. I -A l\A< I NO PURSE OP t-H off. red far *11 paclug Ii <r-*-? that newer won a purse ?vr $'<>? Mi ? bwatn, hett hreo in live, in harness, to come ? 0 July ?th. A Is", a Pnr?o .1 $'??. offered for all trotting horse* shat newer iro'ied for a porta. Mile han't, beot throe In tiwa, In wagona. wagons and drlwert to twelfth VtO Ike., to tome ?ff July 4<h E?tri"t'o flu on Thuradwy rweuing, June >uh, a Mr Madden'i. lst t hatham eircct. Three ot Bore to make a race, and ? to to ? am. JOHN I. SNEMKF.R. Proprietor. CI N T R I V ILLS I I ?TR( iTTI NlJ?THURSDAY iNiJRki at .1 o'cl'x k, P. II.. match for flu), mile heats; t". S. Ilartine. nem-> h. t. Jitu Kelly to wagoo, G. Ward, names l>ay gelding, to h'rnesa JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. rENTRLYIM E COl'RSI I I ?TROTTING.?PURSE V30 mile he ate, hrtt three in hee, in hemes', free to all horses t hit newer won a none, to come off June .tuth; gntries to rl. te Friday evening. Jut' JTth. I v 10 o'< I . k, at Ma id a'o jotl, CONKLIN. Proprietor. SPKCIAL N OTIC K S. Post nrrit e ni:w vork ? noticr-tiik mails p?r I nit. 'l Stales mail steamer Cherokee will close at this uttii n i n I liursilay. the Ifi.tli lust.. at two I' M. Lottere for the foil wit* place! Dtiist he prepaid ? II a vn nt, 11?. per rets; t ha*rcs, >'??., do.: Panama, .'He., do; haadwl.'h islet >1. etc., do.: China, tile , do.; Southwest eoast of South At It ? Ho WM. V. BRADY, P. M. '?MIR REV. f)R FORIJF.w WILL LECTURE IN TUT M. Chnreh > I St I'harlea Borrow Sydn'y Place, lirook lyu ot Sunday 0wrniny to at. tin "'th instant, at F o'clock. Snhjoet? Miracles." To ket? esatt oach, to be hod at the dor r oa tee ewellinr Of the I.? tore. RrMfiVAl Till ?!! ni'V I ; \ NF.Vfc K ' it! V?"I I le reipsaed te.morr w (Unlaw), at the well-lisrhtec eecend So r >?'. Nasian etrc t. f ir d "(s down from the Sn? office. IGre will h* found the larrcst collection in New Vorh of hielist S< ..trh. end 'rut newspapers ?London Timet (fhd). Illustrated Newe, Punch. Weekly Times. lUlUtlif*. Dispatch. Hoilder, Newcastle | t|er?, Liverpool Albion, fcc . Manchester Cuorter. I'fdi I' r nry, li.riiiliighain Jnarual. Stamford Merenry. Chelt .?T rd ? ' i ni> I . fi n ks Adeertiser. Brist d M.rcary. tro'ecinii. Kiti fours' (lece'tv. Aberdeen liirsld. I) Fricmsn N nil in. Tablet, W.,rl J. Northern M hip, Ccrk Hi porter. Mn ' e liroanla, Ite. Admission. 12'g cents. I'luee I ring nicer f>i n trom s in the morning till In in the avening. Cloeed on tondayr. No tar; n< smoking. ([NOLORED DAGi rRffl 'lT". IT F ?R 11FTY f ENT~ ' King's Skylight Roome, ' "? H C. ry. between Grand and lleetsr *1 r et> Co only . 11 ent In the city ?h?r I rst rate pi.>11.1.1 haau rn u ? wee taken end colore 1. in-lio hi hen -onie ease, fe i ,iv Pints, and in no n atenre will nay chai/e he tuaJennic-s p cfect satisfaction ie ffiwen. Ol I A.-T11E OKDIR up UMIKD AMERICANS IN ^ls New llaien. Conn, La<e eitendwd an Invitation to the < haw i ry and Chapter i ?, tl :;la". to anito w it It them in r< led railug the reining nati oal analw* igsnr* wuh appro prial clod. Willi h ka? hi . o ae pled. The I nmniitt- a ofAeeanf uenta oawe pro or 4 th" rplendld steamer fhregon fi r the oii ash n. which will leave llawimond street at Spring street, I '.; rtdnr >t|o t. i', llru.blyn, belw en ( ? tbltii e and Fulton Ferricg, at 7: Broom* slreet, E. R T'tl Twenty rigtt -iraet. 7 Ji ff, H. I! HI Tl. f'halrmm Cot imittea tf Arrangements. ^lOHIIon I'andi on tstrl. Omm r. a.-thk mi milks of the order arc. s n'tih'd to att. nd tli? mr>tlngt of Ikotr peweral f'hsp. t< rs th' present wick 11 it reffntatkr that all w)"i lnt*ad vlrlting Raw llaren ii f ' 1' nrthwf July should ho pr's.*nt, and s<< nrewhat ti k-ta they may rwifuirw. at tho nnmltr it 11 mlled, wnd ww will It Anld after Jaly I. lly truer of tlit t ommittet of Arm n? .itnla. L. II. HKI'Sn, Chairman. IE* NO IN ERRS' INRTITl'TF. Tilt MEMBERS OF TUP ?d Insti'nts sre ri ;nest"i to I | nnrtnal In their atteno knwe on 1 hnr'ayr 11 log. June > th, it an tnitndinont t< t e i nstitution wI I i? rmight htl r-'ihtmt inr IIy ori.'tr, M Bn sow, Secretary. B hAR'iN, I'retident. (DIXtM M Mill III nil .11 N| SI Iv.'i!.?TO JOURNF.V I ' lallors ? (ientl'mi a. tl anrl men who hate be. c employr d hy Mr Lea. N 3 M> ww stri at, are on strike, in eons?i|nen<w of hit r ot nomnlylng fully to the ePy hill o' prie's. and ee are satiaffid that i.o honorable man will t.s. grace himself ly taking w rk under these ilfcaMtUfi' ry arder of the Lxecutiye Ccmiritleo. W noND, Phairmtn. NHfhTIt R IS tlERRRY f; I \ FN THAT THE SI R ' K ? her bit retobad th* no Wer of attorney heretofore giwir to Albert R. Cooke, whole no p tiger nutliorlxd to at au tuch attorney, luted Ntw Fork, Juat 21, INII. D. MFI.VILI.E. I A. tlef KTA (k CO., RATING EM'APED TIIR HP ?Is rent fire w ithont loss, and hu t illght Intoweenieu. ' ? t ntie their I uslnets in their ne w store. In Snnsom, near J a- k ?on ttr< 11, st.d w mid tollctl tht e ntiiti d patmntre of their friends In t e Es?tern Steles Any Consignments I m ois. ri on s, A plteod in tlie hw-rti of A. VAN VAI.RLN* III KG II. I?7 I'fsrl tfreet. New Vork, will me tl with pri mpl attention. San iraneisan, bl*y Id I Nil. INBTKI'CTIOM, |> F.'li rNT OOVIRNEfS -t Vul' Vi; LADY Fi I.'A IV < r u prtent to tateh Miiv . I r. i and English in nil It* tranches, wishes f"t an cii| <gi merit in n fespret'hly family, I at no abjection to go t? the i .unity. Apply nt I'd Molt rtr'et. n>ar Grand. f|wo FRf'I'RIET'iRS OF HOARDING SCHOOIJA?TitF. I adwertiset whliea to pla. his son. eight ye ,rt of age. In a boarding school, fme distatce frum .New York, ahem hie morals (r.ct In a aectarUn sense) will be attended to at well as his edn ntlon. ss Omega, llernid iiH a, Nt? T?|k, etating i?t*tt?p, ttimt. Re.

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