Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1851 Page 7
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ttUNKV H A K K K T. Thi'mdii.Juim 26?4 P. M. There ?M altogether & better feeling in the stock mar ket to-day, ard a marked iinpruTement in prices was realized. Norwich and Worcester recovered nearly all the decline of yesterdty. and the trans ictinns were large. The advance from the opening was about per cent, and on ye?tee4hy'e prices 1}^ per cent; Reading Railroad went up >4 per cent; Stonington, 1; Harlem. Long lslsnA declined >? per cent; Krle Railroad, Canton ''?snn^any, '4; New Jersey Miulng Company, Vk'. Harlem w?a the most active fancy on the list. We see that trround has been broken for the cxtenrion to Broadway ?kirough Park Row. This portion of the Med will be laid "with a new kind of rail, on a foundation of stone. The termination of the road at such a central point as Broad way, will add largely to the city travel of the line,and be td" great accommodation to the travelling public. The Harlem Company pay the semi annual dividend of 4 per cent on the preferred stock on the 1st of July, and the dividends on the old stock on the 1st of August. The earnings this month will largely exceed the estimates, and show an increase on those for the corresponding period last year equal to any other railroad in this sec tion of the country. The rate of dividend to be paid on the old stock, in August next, will depend somewhat upon the earnings of this month and next; but, accord ing to our calculation, the net income will be large e nough to warrant three per cent at least. If the former unii annual dividends of two per cent have been paid out of the net earnings, the additional revenue this year will give full one per cent more, and leave in hand a large furplus. We have h< ard that two and a half per cent would probably be the rate; but wo trust that the ananagrment will consider that the stockholders of this company have been longer without any returns upon their Investment than those of any other road in the country, and that they are entitled to all the net enrn ngs, as tbey accrue, in the shape of dividends. The Reading Railroad Compauy will pay a dividend, in July, of two per cent. The Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company will pay two per cent. Long Island has fallen off considerably lately, and we cannot account for the depre ciution. When it was selling at twenty-two. we remarked it woe a cheap stock, and it is worth as much now as it was then. The steamship Humboldt, for Ilavre on Saturday, wi',1 nke out about live hundred thousand dollars in specie, principally silver. The shipments of specie this week, thus far, have been limited The New Orleans Canal A Banking Company have de clared a dividend of four ner cent, payable 4th of August, at the Bank of Commerce, in this city. TheCok'd States Fire Insurance Company have de clared a dividend of ten per cent. The Providence Railroad Comp-tny have declared a oenii-annnal dividend of three per cent. The receipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer of this port to-day, amounted to $05,173 64; payments, $27 270 47?balance. $2 060.752 01. The loan of tbegPenosylvania Coal Company, for $300, W0. was taken by the following persons ? I rail 11 aw ley $20,000 W. J. Myers $ .000 I'SniSt Parish 20,000 Corning A Co ,000 Isaaa I,. Piatt 10H0 T. D Stewart ,IKW Anenstna H Ward... 10,000 Cammann A White Bolt. B. Minturn ... . 10,000 house, for themselves Henry Griontll 1U.(*X) and others. ,V) OilO Walter Bonne 10,il*) lir a Clo-a.. .. m.? ? ' W illism Bayly 8.1**) J W. Hub'-ard At Co... 5,'SW William llawley .3 i*H> Wm. A. II listed 5,0*) John<a. Reel ling 601*) Thompson Price S.'**l Henri E Picrr-pout.. 5,000 George A. Iloyt 5 '**) Ward A Co., for thein- Mises Tay'or .V00O selvea and othera... f,l,fl"0 Kohart Bayard 10.000 T*a?id Lea 5 000 Wm I'. Uavermeyer.. 10.000 Total $'K)), 'X) The South Carolina Railroad Company have declared a dividend of three and a half per cent, out of the net profite, of Ike business of the pa<t six months. The annual report of the Connecticut and Passumpslc Railroad Company gives the annexe 1 exhibit of the re ceipts and expenditures for the year endiug June 1st 1?61 :? Covpri. riciT asd Pasai'Mraic Rtiisoen Gross reeaipta for year ending June 1, 1851.. .$140 583 11 ?xp<n*es same time 65.458 19 Net earnings $84,121 92 Interest and two dividends of 3 per cent each 70.311 00 Bnrplus for the year 4 813 02 Bur pi us previously on hand 3,554 31 Total surplus June 1 $8,379 23 From this the directors have appropriated sufficient to meet t> e entire loss by the freshet, which occurred in the spring of 1850. and which could not be ascertained until seme time after its occurrence The amount of extraordinary expense charged oil for this purpose is about $6 (00 The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and barley, left at tide-water, during the third week in June, in the years 1850 and 1861. was as follows ? Flour. b/Ji. bu. Com. 6u. Barley, bu ' 1860. 74 0IB! 35 060 228.719 40 1861 06.843 24.071 284,502 2 807 Increase. ,..20 843 7.061 66.783 2.457 > The aggregate quantity of the same articles left at tide- I water from the commeneement of navigation to the j? 1 June inclusive, during the years 1850 and 1851, was as follows:? Flour bbli. BW. 6u. Corn. bu. Barlru. Is 1850 573.310 197 8*4 021.762 110 425 1861 1 066.026 400 003 2.670.000 08 416 Increase. -101.713 292170 1 448 317 Dee 12*09 The aggregate quantity of the fame artiolea left at tide - water, from the commencement of navigation to the 22d June, Inclusive, during the years 1840 and 1851, was as follows:? Flour, bblt. H*brat. bu. Com. bu. Barlry. bu. 1840 6*4 767 364 106 1 723 884 WLM 185 1 1.065 028 490.104 2.670 oe0 06.416 Iwrniw 400.268 126 80S 844,186 4 336 Iljr reducing the wheat to flour. the quantity of the Utter left at tlda-watcr thi? year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, shows an increaeo of 660 161 barrsl* of flour. The following Uble *how* the quantity of tour of the principal article* of produce left at tide water from the comuimn ment of oarotation to the 22<l of June, inelu rlre. during the year* 1840. 33 'day*; i860, 81 d*y?; 1861 88 days? RrcKirTl or Paonreg *T Tin* W?r** Cetief Vev 1. 40. .1 pi 22 60 .tpl 16. '61 FVmr, bbi? t?l.T07 673 310 1,065 026 Wheat, luib 364,106 *67 *24 400 003 Corn. do 1.723 884 V2I 762 2 570 Barley, do 64 0*1 110?26 08(10 Bye. do 76.386 124 874 M 166 Other grain, do... 671060 67X740 1 000,110 B-cf bbl* I? W4 26 588 24 701 fork, do 68.807 4n 009 41016 A*bi*. do 14 133 16 744 12768 Butter. Iba 8*6.609 610 737 776.88-2 l*rd do 6182.1816 6 I0 020 6 266 100 Clhtaee. do 2 326 8.67 2 3.12*21 616 301 Wool, do 072037 023 6,66 4862M Bon n do 6667 273 6101 667 8 517 6.63 The Increase In tha reeelpte of breadstuff* U enor ii'iii and the eiceaa. compared with last year, appear* to enlarge aa the season advance*. I.ard. butter and haeon have rone forward thia year meet abundantly, while there ha* been a very important deerraea In the receipt* of eheeee and wool. Beef and pork do not cary much flrrm lart year'* supply to a corresponding date With a limited eaportatioa of all the leading article* in the face of thW Increase In receipt*, prise* are |lk?ly to he more depreaeed. and the stock* In the principal (tea board market* are likely to be *ufllciently large to pre vent any advance In market value after the closing of Internal navigation Our communication with the Weet ?the great source of supplied? I* now an *a*y and ra pid. that the receipt* of breadstuff* and produce con tinue uninterrupted throughout the year. A few year* ago. we were almost entirely cut off from the West during the winter month*, and consumer* on the seaboard had to submit to an advance In price* for nearly svery ar tiele of fond, upon the suspension of navigation on our river* and canal* The fkcllltle* now enjoyed in getting mrrienltural pr< ducts to marketplace no doubt had a very grest Influence upon the movement* of agrlsultur let*, and glvrn a great lrapul-a to cultivation. As ralimsd* extend, and remote section* of the country are brought nearer to market*, tb* increase In production will be annually large Tb* receipt* of domestic produce at New Orleans, this season. compared with last, do not show such a great In ? n a?c a* tb* receipt* from the canals cf thi* itat# at tid* water, a* will be even by the annexed table:? In Vict* or D?*(r*ri< Pannier it ImOiirui T? Junr 14 167.0 61 1*40-60 Bngar hhd* 122 860 160.BI0 Tobacco hhds 47 700 47 non ?Vtt"n b*b-# 070.6?>? %<H"h 11'ur. bits 6 64.827 420750 ?Vru itrk*. 1.011560 !-71 6mii 16 brat, sack* 61000 61000 Pirk.bbls and tierce* 276 640 lis pctk in bulk, lb* lOfcOO.nw 16.760C O finvcv, thousand* 6460 2 ? o Wh atcy. btl* 16<W) 10 i .6* 0 f'o*l. Ibis f>8'a*) V'l'S>! les'.Pff* tflBfli 2U-I6I0 T ?e great ine ? a?* In railroad* and -ansls connecting tfc ? talicy* . f tl e Ohio and Mississippi wi:h the tt ntic markets. h*?. without doubt, tended to divert the c nr*e r?f Biirei*ndl?c and pr-dure aecki ig *n ot ;et and turned the curr? nt towardi t!'? city Th* capi'a'i* * and merchant* of New Orleans arc feriV.-tly w?l| *v: fl ? | that if ll.vy inakd no effort to prevent tl.i* dm, n o;" trsdc It will gi id<pli.'y 1-*vc th-ra Jfrt V *k !>.?? in vetted an Iidimdh capital In securing the Western trade, and the will not let it slip away from her ea > y New Orleans la alive to the importance of tome movement to even sustain her present position; and something will be accomplished. The Supreme Court of Penn ylvania has decided that a debtor, intending to claim the three hundred dollars wxi nipt from sale by execution out of his real estate, by the act of April. 1840, must give notice of his intention before the inquisition and sale, or he cannot come in for money at the distribution. The act contemplates the debtor shslt get the three hundred dollar# exempt pro perty at an appraisement, where practicable; and the right to demand money out of the proceeds of sale, is only a last resort, when the property dues not admit of divi sion. The failure to give notice of the claim to the she riff, who is the agent of the judgment creditors, before the sale of the realty, will bar the claim of the debtor to the fbnd. The fourth annual report of the Galena and Chicago i'nion Railroad Company, gives the annexed statement of the gross and net earnings of the road for the year ending May 1,1850:? and Chicago Railsosd. Gross receipts $127,685 T8 The expenses of operating the road for the same time were 48,001 24 Leaving for net earnings $78.7S1 51 Aid suiplus earnings of May 1.1850 1.152 0*2 Total $79,934 4(1 Semi-annual dividends were declar ed on the first of Nov. mber and May, equal to fifteen per cent on the payments made on the stock of the company, amounting to.. $47,711 3d The interest paid the past yrr.r, chargeable to operating account, has been 19,368 09?$67,079 48 Leaving a surplus on the firstof May, 1851,of.. $12,851 98 The business upon the road during the past year, pre sents the most gratifying results. The receipts have ex ceeded the estimate $12,685 78. or about eleven percent The whole number of miles run by locomotives, includ ing gravel and wood trains, was 86.118, and the whole ex pense of operating the road was 50 8-10 cents per mile run Of the earnings lost year, $56,472 flu was from pas sengers. $68,586 67 from freight, and $2 636 42 from the transportation of the mall. Passengers carried, 6.1 782, of which 38 758 were way paasengers. and 31,042 through passengers. Total tonnage of freight 52 119, of which 23,875 tons were transported eastward, and 28.211 tons were transported westward. Number of miles run by locomotives. 86118; number of tons of freight carried one mile, 2010.742; number of passengers carried one mile, 2.364.623; rate per ton per mile for freight, 3.8 cunts; rate per mile for passengers. 2 6 cents; earnings per mile run. $1 48.2; experses per mile run, 56.8 cents; net earn ings per mile run, 91.4 rents. Number of animals killed on tiack, 13. No accident occurred occasioning the loss of a trip; no person killed, and but four (lightly injured ?two passenger* and two employees. Am exed is a condensed statement of the affairs of the company, on the first of May. 1K61 Galkna a no Chic too Union Rui.aoir. Construction account $609,4*24 08 Tovnsend and Mather purchase 20.083 83 l(>al estate 1.369 611 8lock owned by the company 1.94.3 94 Wood 7.764 00 Pi pot purchase. Chicago 06.513 35 hills receivable, and other debts due the company 35 125 11 Advaces per account of third division surveys 2.710 30 Advances per ace t of Belolt branch surveys. 900 38 Gimral expense account 474 60 Cash in hands of treasurer 187.003 42 $927,703 03 Tie amount of capital -lock paid in on the first of hi.... 1851. was $354,406 98; bonds, $495 57070; due estate of J. Rronson. on account of depot purchase, $24 0 '); bills payable and other liabilities. $53,725 55, of whieti $23 219 76 was unclaimed dividends The loans and discounts of the Bank of the State of Georgia, branches aud agencies, on the 30th of May. 1851. amounted to.$1 380 747; bills of exchange. $800,351; sticks, bonds, Ac.. $06,430?total, $2 286.497, of which $2.270 433 are oaasideri d good. $9,300 doubtful, and $5 764 tad The circulation amounted to $1,754 293; specie, $503,037; deposits, $642171. Stock Exchangr. 81 KK> U 8 fi'i '67 1H3? I2i Ktoalngton RR 42'2 its 0 City 7 ? 57 112 50 do ii'l 9M*> Eris Ine Roads 97V ISO do i.l llto trie 7 ? 'a* 108J2 50 do *.*? 41', 2"io trie Cmi 71 HI? .V) do blU 4.1)2 2o ?h? Ocean Bauk lid 100 Nor A Wer RR d V )o N J La Co 12 .SO do bdO 61 60 E( A'Wcrth Co AO do 61 ?2 260 canton Co blO 72V l'!0 do (ilV 80 do TJ'j 100 do 160 62V MUD' A find Can! 118)2 9*1 do 61 78 111 State Bank 8% l'*? do 82'. 6'0 trie RR ope 83V JM do M0 K2V 80 do ?rt) M 00 Readme RR A 'V to do ei? SSV 400 to a..', ?AO do K'O WS W0 do bV) SO V 2(41 do pAs K(V 100 do sin f?.'? N o Hart m RR boo 74 100 do b.O AiC .i', do 73)4 a Ro?h A fivrnsne* I (?,' 81 do 7 (', l*s) Portsmouth DD boll 7'. 300 do T.\ 100 do 714 AW dn U8 74 10 do MB 7 v 4(31 Loan Island RR A? 1?(< 230 do UA) 8 160 do AO I*', MECOND BOARD. $20000 Ohio 6*a. 75 114)$ 200 ahs Long Isl RR a30 1M4 TteWtlBfl's, *09 III 9*1 do 1SV l(U? Eml Co* Bds,'71 NrfV 1*41 Ner A 19or RR 13" 82 90)1 ,hs llirlcm RR AW 73)2 SO do A3 KIJ< 541 do 73)4 480 do OM 41 100 do 100 73% 80 do s30 81U lie Rending RR SdO .100 do <1% 1.0 do kfl> |rt? ViErioRR M'J MSI do A*t 9>, SOD do epg Is ADVKKTlSEHEYn RENEWED EVERY DAY. IPICCUL N OTIC KB. POST OPPIQI. NEW TURK?NOTICE ?THE MAILS per Called State* Steamer Hnmbeldt will el <? at thia 'Wee nn Saturday, tlia 2-th in.tant, at half pact 10 0'elnok A M. L.ttere'er Fran" mu*t be prepaid. A eloeed mall f?r Bremen a a<l vha G< rman Stater will bo mad" up and d.tpat. bad f- r llomboMt. WM. V. IIKADV. I? M Tlir. REV. PR TORRES H ILL LECTURE IN THE Cbnreh of St Charier llorromen.Sydney I'laee. Brook lyn, on Sunday -e.. .mng neat, tha Wth laataot, at ? o'elaek. b'ibjart?? Miracle* Ti< kete 30 e.nta each, to he had at tl.?' deer on Ibe e ma lag ef the I -. lure. B EOADW A V THEATRE.-LADIES AND GENTLC a>ta aiei-wf to form eagag*m<iata for the coming thea trical aeatoa. at tl u tb< atr*. will plcaec to apply br U't-r, I" ft paid, to Mr Venae llarry. or at the Walnat etreet Theatre, Philadelphia. to Mr. Peter Rkhlnge. E A. MARSHALL. L-aeee. REMOVAL?'I HE OLD COUNTRY NEWS RO IN WILL he rr owned to.morrow (Friday), at the wail-lirhtt I aaooad floor ri Naaaau atreet, four doora down fruB the Son efBie. Here will la toand the tare' at collection in New Turk of Lnelleh. Rent, h, end Irlah aewapaaere?Lnn Ion Ttm-a (Med). Illneirated New*. Paaeh. Weekly Timee, lieU'ellfe, l>ie|tteh, flnilder. Neweartle pe pare, Liverpool Albion, Re . Maneheetcr Cewrkr. Leede Mercury, Birmingham Journal, Stamford Mtrcnry, Cli?latf,,rl Chronicle, Ilock* Adrartieer, Uriel (I M-rrorv. feoUman, Kcforn. r' Gaiette, Aber.leen Herald, Weakly Fr>ewi?n Natl m, Tablet, World, Nerth'ra R My, Cork Reporter, Limerick Chroniclo. Ate. Admi?*i . IT', rente, l leeae i riop ailver. Open I rem sin the morning till l<> in Hi evening. Cloaed ea Inndayt. No bar; a# ?acklag. (colored dagcrrreottprs for nrrr cents J king'* Skylight Rnotua, IBS flowery, between Grand and Heater -treefe the only eatnhliehnient In the city where kr-l rate Mm light Daguerreotype nre taken and cn|.,rel. ' ? " ' fer Fir ' ? lr.< tii'iinp a handaewie caee, fer Fifty Caate. and In ?n In etaee* will nay charge be atadc aaleee perfect aatiefaclion ia gtvn. Or A.?THE oRf.RR or UNITED AMERICANS in ? New llama, f'naa . bee* eateaded en laeitatlon to the Ckaneery and Uhaptera of thie State, to unite with them in celebrating the coming national anaiveraarr with apprw priate aaWBunian. whieh kea been aewpted. the i oamltt-e of ArreepeBente bate procured the rpleadid ateamer Oregon fer the nrraainw. which will leaf# Hammond rtreet at'!1,. Spring street, til,; ? edar atree t, el".; Brooklyn. between Ca tkarlee and Fulton Ferriea, at 7, Mreoaa etreet, E. R , 7'?; Twenty tiait ?tre?t, 7K. _ a. f Chaira R B ItKVMI. < bairaan Ceaaittee ef ArranreaenU. C. Eiraerrn Secretary. N. II.?There will be two Cotiltoa Rande ea board. OU A -THE MF.MIIERB OF THE ORDER ARE a notified to attend the meeting* of their eereral i'hap lere dnrir g the preteet week. It le ft lalelte that all who Intend rieitlap New Hamn nn the Fnarta of Jaly tumid be preeint, end eeeare whet tlrkete they ait r*.|nira. ae the anml er le limited, and none will I* told after July I. By erder of the Committee of Arrangement* r B. BRUSH. Chairman. SIXTH WARD HOTEL, JUNB S3. ISfll.-TO JOURNET aeu teilora -Gentlemen, th* werkmen who ham bee* employed by Mr Lee. No .V Na*ean itreet, are on etrlko, in eoneequenee of hie ? o| complying fully to the oily bill of priote. ead ae are aatieftel that ae hoaorakte man will dt* grace hlmrelf t y taking work under theee uircuartaaoee. by erder ef tbetxeeutiye Ceaaittee. W. BOND, Chairata. I A. RrCREA ft CO., HAVINO ESCAPED i >11 Rf ei ? erat lira without Iom, and but alight Ineonrenieaoe, eon* Wane ll.eir bu*iata* in iheir ne w etore, in San?om. neirJ tch gon etreet and w ,nld colli It tbe r. olnned patron* -e of th"lf friend* It the Eat-rn Stat-*. Awy C n-igonreni*. ? -u'ole gore, kl: placed in the hn?d, of A. VAN T AJbRI, N. MRGII. IS7 ri erl etreet. New Tork. w HI meat with prompt g'tenti n San Frnne|?eo May IA, IS'.I, PEHSOMAL. M( RMATION RANTED OF JnHV < FORTE ?'I'?WT, a eaiitr of l.ertnnny. whe arriyed in New Tnfk In tha chip Atlac > n the 24th Mar, It'tt, and left f r < ineinnnt., tl I - --- - t'l In. wl ere be i* oippoaeii to re*ide at pr?*ent. If he or irv of hi* friend* wnold addre** a n t- to J M., New F' rk I net ( ffire. tl ey will Imra roartbiag to hi* edtaataee. t inriaaati parera pi aek to copy. issmvcttof. ro proprietors or boardino 8? adeertir r wiebee ta place bl* eon, eight yeareofera, * i Tor" IP ahrardinp foliei I aome dlitep'e from ft e w Fork, w ier* b g wiopah (r.ot Ia a eertanm Mn*>) will be attended tn ae well ae hi* 'dn'at sa. Adkr**e Omega, Herald "? *, Nt? T i rk > tat lag loeatlen. t*rae fte. MUStCAl,. \t" ANTFD-AN OR' ANItT -OVii A< I -T 1VKD TO '* tie I pit..,pal eerviee preferred. Adir * (ir.taaltt, Heikld Bee. r?ai r-ANOFfirr.r vrsvi^ir. j? sTT*~nqrEn r ir. v 1 ranee, and yuite new. mir-Ho fnr n em > 1 or. h III the cr wakiy. I rice, ? ? fl, ea?h. Appi v at .Wis Qr aiaray, at Htiart. LaoWfdclle ft Irahean i. hair dree.ope. P?>R?AtE-A TFRV BaNDSOME AM? COSTt.Y"* a eor.d Nan t P' nofc *e, Bi "ton mt.l?, w r ' Pdee, will be told e*. a rreat ?aoplfloe, in cpwa iuenee f > ?.? 'imUy brtaki' ? np bowaekeeyirp. Arplv te N. P H t I KTISs. Agrnt fi .- ffewe*' Ani'etoaa Pat* at A t a I )M* fvttea, No tSi Bread?? ay. where it caft be Pees. j^H i?8? trr.?.?.?."7u, SThSWSU ?? ?ten for two dajfJ. ? WANTtD-A 8,TJ,47I2Sir*?0??n?rnULAlw! ss lS. 'a *? tenth 6th etory. ___ . nv a hfsPF.CTABLE YOUNG OHL. A wAssffu... A.^sr:; ??xrvz?:? to do plain cookin*. or uk* c" ?lU ,,t Sll Went Sereu tthM'hSS?*' "d Tinth 1T#nU"' i0 lh* NAT. CMtaMlbfttt?Tt; ? TT7ANTED-BY A *'s?^?/^_fh*,5"SrAmo^ho J7 InTuVof'iTrVPEKRY, ?>i -Norfolk, in lb. rear, for owe week. ? W ANTED ^rr:i,LT"1.:?\unu,(oi"n. irA%n;^\tGNo:iXuiforiiow Ktreet. _ ? W N""!' MW?* "??*? 3 j-ftiti. __ iir AV'TFI) \ SITl'ATION, BV < HKSPKCTABLK W jouif* woman, Nur.e. and to do plain p?? :^-KW IwJl/u rtr?.\' between" Kirot and" Second avenues. ?- ANTFD-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOM AN, WIIO East SenaUtnth street. _"1_ . .,?rn a atTiT4TION. BY A YOUNG GlRl*. \ iWkK^*?^*EA*t^sS5S' Can be seen for two dajs. __??? ? ! W ?nSSS-'Vu gs maker, and ea. aive *ood c.ty reference. ? lewe Apply it7 Einhth arcnuo, eecond Boor. j ??? AV1FD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOVtAY W j ?viiur irnod city recommendiitiona, a aitafttion a? chitnhermo?d ?nd .w*,ter, or ?o do^he work o a smt re tlon'tVgo'X^he connwy**C?n bMeen^STKKlRletnBthetreet, i ttween Flr?t and Second avcnuca. ? W^ify^E.nUn" Tb^r?"-'J?A I Jifft'EVlthYbe kwt'wfe^rcVi^CnUUan^diAtelj at M Mithetr'et. mwr \kTEE?A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID AND W *... , ow nttin HPR ^r or would take caro of children, t a. C. i in'a'u irirl No o> jection to (CO a ahort diatnuee In tne omttrj llt'loi city re.erence ...... Apply at No. 0 Mor- j tun ?t rett. . I Sr!3h^%Mfiss?A'us i Eighth avenue.^ _ __ W i! ?,"? SSSbJK "" r?f"IvS v . ii f..i t tt <? -!a> -. ?r a\TED?A SITUATION BY A BMPROTABLE W <tti rirl b-4 Se'fttnrttn'na or Chauiberm iitl. Ml ould hare no objection to no lu the country. Can <ive t,.? beet reference. . *rnr ANTED?BY A KESPP.i 'TABLE YOUNG WOMAN. W a i-itualiou to Cook, Warh and Iron; uoieraUn-hj W \oJA'mon. KM i. M.'Trl.I;V?d 5^Arp.;.?.? B ulk^r etr^et, in Uie rear, first lloor. K^^&ttyro-a^w^wa" 11T ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO CIRU AS W Ckandereiaid, and t? a.-.-t In to do aentral houeework In a -mall tetilj. ?*? reference. No ohje. tion to the country., I l'.aee call at i? Ertt Broadway, in the rear, fir?t Uoor. tan he ?eon tor two dayi. mmr avxpt> a fllRI TO ACT AS CHAMBERMAID A\ 'and if ait. r. and t'.. do the lire ? "hln* *"4 "onln* of a air all family. Apply at N El "** ?*??*? Wanted?a situation, by a respectable ?cota. airl, a? Cook,, and Ironer, in l'ltaie applj at No. lii Elm atmet. Aira wwr.Kirn A PI ACE TO T tKE CARE Ol CHILDREN W ?d ?^ or U tr.relwi.h a lady. I. ,nir. ?t No. H Seventh atreet. Good roterenee siren. Ua? been thre.year li BilwiMA ? war ivrrn NV a REsr?< TABLE OIRI-. A BITCA \\\[ ?iNoH?Tiuth"triet."ar FBth nv'enne. Z the ha.. ui? nt door. METANTFI> A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN". W la 1 bnmbermntd and Seara.tree., or to do uVu'lf.1n? 7d Monroe m^t. In the front hnaement._ W *??? ?U nJiJd ip(b for two dajt. I. i W*;L?JTMVISKr"" ?Lrsst Cnn In aeen fnt twn dnyn. ?nne a ntF >.??A SITU ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE W .oan. n0mnn'aook tn a r.apeetnbla prirnte?**'?"*? ah- nnderatande eooVlm, h,kln* bfV.d *" ''"il^.tiun t'? Jo client we.herand Iron.r; would ??*'??" *!??'i* .the the general hon.ewnrk ol a private fa? If. Can give trie b?H ofeitf itfrrtsttifrom l??r ImI ???*?! X ? ? til - Broome a'.reet, tr'.nt rem. ae ond ll""r. farm*; three cook?. one foj ilrioen. twoi..r Camber ytrla. W AMTED.-.ALI, THE LADIES Wilt) KEEP IIOU3E TP III Brooklyn. and whn au lllm Platod Af tic !???. which I he v ?Hih r. i I a ted in auperior etyln. cno lince U.em dune by C. At W A I.K F.R, Fnrrnrer, Sileer Plater nnd t.ihii r. II S l'lnc?t pie etreet Brooklyn. N. H-H? hninc r?l article# hand, which be iu tell far bale* atora prtrro. W AMED?SITU ATIONS FOR IRISH. SCOTCH AUK TT 1 I ? ? ' ? 1 reliMt,. rtl At el re, (MMtMiM, N urean, Clemherninlda. Lauadraaeea. WiH?n. Ida linen Tarn.era, Re., Hlln "Sclcci I'mM tut tea ay." 7 I ermine rtreei near Ble-eher atreeA. ait II tha " i)M I Society Hthce," Ithit harahera itraet?tha only oiReea patron Iced hy tha brat familiar, nnd tha eery biat tereauW. Tama ltdaccJ. HTASTED-A V A I.ST. TO TR A V F.I. TO EUROPE, who ?nd< ratanda Ilia French Italian, an I Spauiab laini-ayea Apply at Aha !)? r Id iff a for part.mlara. W ANTED-A SAI.ESMAB, WIIO SPEAKS THE yy I reach and Enrlieh lar.yaawcr Nona nrcd apply who ranttt yircaooi riKPtct. Call at L. J. Detioui I* a, Broadway. IIFANTED?A SITUATION. BT A VOUNO BAM. A3 o C l?rk in a Hardware Store. of Aa?i?taut Bookkeeper. Tha beet of rrfcrcara iltra A rata iddr'n't *' II and Irtt Iff him at tbia "Sea, will ho thankfully r aired and ni ter dad to. Uf ANTE t>? A FIRST (1.1*3 HFAD At" \ ITER AND ataward. to (? in tha country. The be?. of rah rtacea required A| ply at tha New Y rk Hot I, at Id A M. iy ANTED-A TOCNfl MAM, AB'd T FEVEVTKRN TT of elahteen j-ara of apt. aa a titer in a til n Apply immediately to Waller It S"n. M i ofaeturar- and importer! of ee nfeetlooary, 713 Broadway. 11* ANTED-A YOUNG ?IAN OF OOOD ADDRESS AMD ft appaaraaea. to attend bar, and m-Ae > iin??lt (onornliy aaafnl aboat tha hotel. One front I' to dt wul ha preferred T? eaec tronhla. none bnt Amerinne Bead tpply. Call at 31 Liberty etraat, room Ma. II. from II ?t|| I o'clock 11' ANTFC-BY AM ACTIVE TOI'Mfl MAM. TWENTY ft one yeare of aye. who haa for aoeoral yaart had ehnrre ,f a croeery, a eiteatinw to drtea an Ftpreae, or Cracker W\ f a. or la any reapaeteMa cut done bu'ineas. Refer, to hie rotaier or preaent emplayara. Addrcea " Buaiaaaa." cart of flaotfe Killer, tit Fan dam itront. Ur A M T E D? A BAR TENDER. AT 4tl It ROOM F. etf eat. corner of t roaky?one nhn thoron?hly nnder ? ?aod.iho hclnate nwalifi-atima raiuirad and naoee?*ry ?incline ou-ine.a .jnaim mi i me ra^nirwn ana naoca*try le.r O aproeeenth n of n etrletly latithnate hn-moia N?i> athern treated with, tad are ronneetrd not to mtka arp'i ? Won. A M BROKE l>A I.I.I MOKE It iy ANTED-riVF COOPERS AND THREE CARPEN f f tare. A i ,di Una da* to At' 11.1.1A M (l. CROtlFR. 117 South (treat. U'ANTFD A YOt*NC. MAM THAT UNDERSTANDS opaniac cyttara, at " Lira And Let Lite" Salo n. 211 lireadway. UTATCHMAKER S.-TnRFE fJOOD WORKMEN wanted toco Snath; alio a jewelry jobbor. Inquire at Bo. 17 Maiden lane. iy ET Ml RSE WANrtn-A RF.PFi'TA RLE IIEAIe ff thy noiaaa la tha eanatrr, to watanraa a San ' ? af iht m< nth?. who ia t ? I ? pla. a t under her -hare,, and on (mm aha moat ha mtlirc to .w a mothor'a care To aneh an r.aa, keinc Able to ofe- a elaan and comfortable home, a literal r>ent aert''aa *111 be paid Ad drift for oaa ? k. " Orphan," Herald eff 'a. \yiT nurse aa astfi> ?wanted, a healthy ff woman?ore ii. In* In tha e.,ontay preferred? iWt a 11 lid fonrmoat'e !d h. ma. to nnfaa, tip weaned An Anierii an only. of e d 'haraeter. and er f i let mod refa r aece. mill a? it Addyeae. f. r one week, ciTinc all parti a aolnra. X T 7. . nernld effi ?. ISO MEEf HAMTTAII.ORS -WANTED A SITUATION, by aa aererianeed Cutter. Beet af mieraaca ytean. Ad d ran A D., tbl? tBtt, 'I'llE A t>V F.STtSFR WANTS A SITUATION AS V.A I let. to trarel with a (eatlrman : hae no akjaati <? to Rn to any (art of tha *.<fId ( en ho t ,.neo|oa ti inaly re-ii i weeded by tha Sr?t merchant* in the rlty. Addreaa W K , boa *74 Foft tiff, e. ISO R Jt'OR f.RS?A OIRLOE llto IA TE A RS HI.O. MO tlryl whoea fhthar a focdhoea artlat. tnachaala. or fr ? ta wi? to wake a t mpe rare aai '.tnaa ae|?h a hoy I jetreoldto lure I IB tha trade; lh? yirl w old ho taken r a eeeal >erw ? ond, r U e tharye ..f taid koj ' atoth.'f, for aa I arltah adnaatina wne o, drawinr. Tench k? ,|r. Bent a ad ar<fTy aalaaa aha be fr-m ?ere raayeotai la parenta, mi d di f#,fti?a, onich pareaption. and oentcal arpoaraaea Ap P'l to C K RHWRS, N) haoaan etraat. A WANTS. "bookbinder WANTED.-! wish to RNFLOT ? bK.iiLLbui r wi.o v?ii run uuu hiiisn. lu sum, a p r Kiii, fair wages will be paiil. A n?(< uni will be preferred, as 1 have a has room. with bad, chair. Ac , iu it. for the una af a young man, fne of charge. Ni>ue need apply that ean lioL rule and finish. Addraua baa 34 l.yiiahburgti. Va. w ii.1.1 \ h j Polk is. YOUNG MAN. or GOOdYaMiLy AND EDUCATION, ? btuaiiMalMia H i mala tumuii la a pwiuaaa, l.iilier travelling or not ) or aa Mtewanl an an cutate. Ila. been accustomed to correep u.leneo, and the manage'ii-nt of property. Can give ,ood references. Addrvaa 0. W., box 2,1 I, latter PollCttuo. YOUNU 01 hi,, or AHOl'T SIXTEEN WISUEH A situation >? Chili'a Nurse, or Chambermaid. Can refer to the fatnily ? here she now is. and has here tor the last year, and only leaves aa they wish a French nurse No objection to *?< to the country, Please apply at AO Lexing t. n ion ne. < orrtr Twenty? Afth street. RESPICTA bT.E~f km ESTANT YOUNG IvOM AN w. i.s e itnati ip as M ese and Seams tress, or Cham bermaid and Seamstreae. Please call at JoS Bow ary. Can be s, < ii t. r two days. pnilK WtSUb-uNK vb tits THOROUGHLY UN~. V dtrstamla rutting for the wholesale trade, and not e <? Nr Arid* to .1 W. LEWIS A CO., 3)1 Pearl stroe', corner of Maidrn lane. Datb tLblih HshUU-A YOUNU MAN UA.VING a thorough know I. dge of the retail business, and rsn induce unqutrtioiuble references; none others need apple. In tuire ot Ersdk T. tju.r t. Druggist, corner ot Atlantic and Coinnibia atreets. Sonth Brooklyn

xTotict? wanted, a situation as wet nurse In ? respectable laiuiiy, by a lady wtionas recently lost lei child: out w ho can come w ell recommended and briti { n teitihcate from a reipectable phytician, if required. For ,... i.e. lurf. Inc. i o' st 12*' Mwlhavpv street. |>o n I JV r.lto n.v.iitu-isu UK I MMil, I'bltni.vS, I with fr> m to ^N.OOtt each, to invest in a profitable ynsinrssont of the city already established. Address U., Iltraldi dies, where an interview may be had. REWARDS. ffi -in REWARD.?STOLEN, ON THE NIGHT OF THE D**Vr .stt, of June, the folluuiug articles, via?ID oil teshioi ed Table Fr>c>ons il marled, in an ova'. 11. S J . and 4 marked L.; 12 Silver Forks, 6 dinner and 6 dessert Forks, narked it. F. L?they may nave an d also, iuterine.liato; ij lea Spoons, marked G. F. M. Li 4 SaltSpoons, une pair frtn the others, marked I. ; Huap Ladle, mirk. | I. - 2 Mutter Knives, L ; 1 large Marrow Spoon. Apply at 67 Walker (tract. i9Anviifr-ipir, am inst.a mrmoran 5?d" dum Book, containing a check on the Ucrehanta' bank in tl e city of New York, to the amount of four teen hundred dollars, payable to Jonathan M r-c The finder will receive the above reward, and I hanks of tho own er, as payuiert has bten stopped, by leaving it at the rievc laaf Hasaa IV Liberty street. JONATHAN m .k-k i?ia RSVAKD will be paid FOR HI IRCO * I" very vl a stal ring, lost on the21st instant in liroad v ay. The stone i? ? square deep-red cornolian upon which ?s cut a coat of aruis. The initials F C. are upon the inside of the ring. Apply to PUTTER At KCfiiEL, No. 5 Nassay street. j*. REWARD.-LOST. A SHALL BOOK CONTAINING I $1* or ?? money, and an LinrlGh five pouu<J r.< rt. on Thvr^xy mornlug, It the upper part ol* the city, j 't hi fiuier aill receive tht tlianka ,?f the owner as well at tl.p revurd. by leavi- g it at No, 74 Third aveuue, ueac LU trrthitr-rt. It b*.luags to a | our inau, and a ?trauj?er in tM country. IOST-1N GOING FROM BAST BROADWAY TO S?- I J <<tnd aviMif. through (. linton, Oraad. and Chryntia I ptreMi*. u f b# (?hM < to which wai attached n five I CIum and Gold Fsncil C**c, on which wu engraved the otn tr't* name. '1 ua tti a* r will be tuitauiy uurd?-d t.y leaving t? ?* Rrme .it No. hi < cdsr *fcr?ot ? -?HCI I OST?ON WEDNESDAY, THE 3YT1I INST, A J A -J nary Bird ?? a goodaitn*r. VV ????.? ver will return him , t> No 44 Bo* km an ptrf^t, ehall be mutably rewarded. IOhT ? UN TUESDAY NIGHT OR WEDNESDAY J i?riia|.i ctretlir Oild Lodtb with* Uaak nerd at tut-hed, con aining the Pagntrreotype likeoeis ??f a gentle ii an. Tnc liacUr will tr liberally rewarded by letving it at 4* fctr?et. up etuirn, tr at I'M We?t Tmrouty Second r reet. I OCRL7 .41 ON Til S EVENING OF THE I I 1J in*'a? t. &t JNiblo'n, a Gold Locket, imtiala G. M II. *?ngrtvtd on tie out?ule. The hnd?.*r will c??uf?r a great ta r. (an it OMitain* tin- hair of a doe#a*ed relative, wl.ioh c ?bi bit te replaced.) and rive the value of it. l?y leaving it with Oei'Tjr* A. Hiowt., ("oiler. i?r'a oifi-e, Cuetom liouie, or at No lr/ Weat N ineteenth atreat. ?? j FVARUNE LOST.?LOST, ON THURSDAY NIGHT. THE X lYth i> -in nt * I. in* rajiroa<i netwepu liu ta.o and ,\i tany. A Black Leather Iron Frame Trunk, with a p ?rt-nin teau top, marked J. C. M.,in white paint on the end, "T. klitchell, i'hilaoelpl.ia," ou a braaa plate in front. Bajyw msatera on the road will have the gone it ?* to look for it. II fr.vpd forward to Rev. Dr. Tyng, *>>) ?o?t Sixteenth street, New Y'ork. lit l A Ii 1)1 N(?, Ar. A LADY, RESI DlvU IN A PLE ASANT LOCATION near AMng.'rn iqiir-, w??ul?I bo t**i py to r -cive, as | inmatea of her laiiiile, a few persons to hoard, where can ho ? rtalutd an agreenhla h< me, with m<d* rut" tor ma; ret rc-nons ! exchanged. Apply at Gift Greenw ich atrowt, near Abiu (don i ?^uart. I Boabd in brook iwoor mnn ? urn rectus, cither furnished <>r uuluruiai.aa, with full or I partial board, fur g?ntlemet at d their wives, or aia^te g?a tl.mra. ran b? had in High <tr rt, within ine minutes walk I of Pultun Ferry. Halercnccs eachaugai. Address S. A., I II ruld.fT. ?. I BDAHI) IN TWENTY SECOND STREET GENTLE men and tleirwive. na ba accommodated with lane I rooms on first and second floors, with pantriaa nttaibad, with I fYtll ur partial board, at L>2 W??t i'weuty second at-cot, lu t?e?n fisth and Seventh avenn.s. 7ha house contain, tine ! bathe, water closets, ko. Refrrenca given at d required. Boxsn at manor II a l.l.. vonkkra - a few board, rs will ke takes at this beautiful suuim.r residencs. Apply to G. P Edwards. VsalCCS. B04RDIM0 t FEW BOAKDEAB CAM BR ACCOtf. mudat.d fur the sumnier. at Manor 11.11, Vssktrt V, Y i rk Apply OB the premie, s to lif.ll P EDWAKDi Boarding at uoboken.-bxcei.len r n u\ i .1 rd A| artments ran be o .tamed, with full or i board (private table tf desired), in tlio new and airy h?a?i fronting the bay, with all the .u i. -n improvements, eo.d. warm, and shower baths, within two annate, walk of the ferry, boats plyingtvery tan miontca. Apply at No. 1 Had iub t. rrsco. BOARD -I CRMIRKBB ROOHR. ON the sr. OND floor, to let, with board?privalt table, if reqa r?d. Ap ply at .'dW Broadway. HOARDING-PRIVATE FAMILY BO\RDING HOUSE, I) soBth ecru, r of Mroadw av and I w. nty eighth at., is bsw cpen fur the r> ceptu b of families and single gentle men. The is pleasantly lucated, sad comMues all Cia comforts it.e.-saary to a respc.tahl. private family boarding house, boing replete with the modern im|ruvemeots. T a rooms are furnished in style, aa te inspire c >uflden"e, to give salislartion l? su. as may desire t.i patronise the , etnh lishment. References fi.'hanged. Ealraaca oa Twenty oighth at root, n< >A R I) ?SEVERAL MM. IE GENTI EM EN Ml ?? acromnii.dated with full ?i partial board, es.'client rnni. aid prlvilerer of warm, sold and shower baths, fine vie* of the Lay; wltliia two minutes walk of tho fvfry. Ap ply 11 31 W a. I tog Ion Terrace, llcboken. Board two gentlemen can i?f. aci ummoda fed w it h a large room, with breakfast and tea week day a. and diar i r on Sundays, in aplea'iat nrtvaleh nee, SI' us ted a I out t wo kick* Iron, the eorner of Broadway and l stal Full pai titular, .en ba learned./aadr tiog s 0. te tv M B.,at tho othee of H i. ptp.r Board wanteb-by a youvo oenyleman ind hia wife, laths upper part of tha city, AldnsiJ. W. R., Post Olflee. Boarding?a geniliman and his i.ady, or two or threo tlarlo geatlemoB. eao bo aecummodaWd with full or partial I . ard. by immadlato applicati .n at :?H Broadway. Also, transient b?ardars ess be aceom.., .dated. Oft ORTWOC RNTLEB EN < AM BR A COKMODATID ?.t). a pleasant front r u m. with or without break'e?t and tea. Apply at No. X Tnoaty-oovsatb street, near F .urth a vet bo, WhdHsr. V2' I 1 IIP KN FA Ml I.1 . VIMTING NEW 1"HK M t V . s-Miiev.ry de-Ira. lo spartu.ents, siagly or "Ob e s.te, wIt '.dcard, ib en? of th, pi. aevntoet, loeaLllea ia tho sitf.? Ap,ly at ? II. Marks Flare, l.( straav. MIIM.INUB, dBg. ABFACIOCT ROOM, OVER THE IARLOR. ON TIIR Mfon<i ft< or, wio pant'} I'Jotrif. Il -trwi, aaar HrnBdaka, lo lot f i tw "T tl.r-r ? t (It gantr an or !? nt l> ? an and ladt fht ?' .r? art dmratdn ijUftnwn't >i .1 mil la !? I rtaaour.t o t a . of ??t. Apply *1.1 * alktr tlrtit. APARTMENT! ami hi ?' tl f AMILIRS AN.i OEM tli nan may ? bt>iu m a i r>>at? lam lr *?? apart ? at* atd autta of rooitx, lit. lr ai.<1 ? la,*ni.t!y farai'tad, in It* >?r? ?? ?Mf ioaa h?a? aitcatod Mo. 7*T**y. Mttm r..? tt aa.l N mm .if to. Tba yaa aid rui n in tba lioom. h?f?r?ao?o roqatr.d. EM IMMUD RLOR*.?TWO OR THREE RfMiMB TO r k* lat ( oi'hout boi'f ) to otnylo goatl at B. Tha ttoaao to idraoar tit olmatod tr ntin* ?fia Battofy. Priaa from |l< to (?1 i?r aioath. IfplfO Ma. I ("lata atraat. aoratf af NMtafall itraai. _______ hIVRNIBBED ROOM A I KM 1'l.F.AMVr HR niahrd roam* In Ul, to nay l? tontlomaa. A?lf at tNa l . n iror. ml C If" Baaoa, No ?* DtJ atra?t, ?M 1 r lr Urn oairh Itroot. FH'RNIHIPD ROOD A TO I ET. KIK "INOI.E ? INTtl nan alth bfoabfatt. tf r R uttA. in a ??? all family ?aarthr Itaiiory A aait of ro?m?. art'h a fr >nt aa.t l.a k |-rlnr. alth < lo.ata loto"o?. oi.itablo for Ian > r thr.o r?a tlimoa diht bo had laiair- No. 21 Lraaaonk o'root? K?f*r?Br? ataaa BBd ramrod nthMbliiT rt KNIfHRO PARLORS AMD BED , roor.a to roab, tlUk aaorly Plaoo. I U DO IS OB M AT RF. OBTAINED. roR BINOLE OEM J bio man ?r lad'oo (alth r fof no* , at pi. ft AO ant >1 ? r ?o?k. Tho arlrlii. trhood la ?or? ot-oorfal, an'l tha hoaoa I aht and afry. It }ttiro at No ? fliaaaatah alraat. fTllT- IRO I'M rt'nMrHEU PARLORS, III I Rranma ptfaab. A ha Mo.-ka aa,t?f Hronlaat.tim al< foatlati.. a. ? r a man anil Ma a ifo Apply ailTllr ma atraat, friat ) to S IV M. H-f?r.reo (iron and r-"t?lr?d ft O l.P.T-IN I A AT RROORI.f N, Wlf.LOl OlfRV 1 atroi-t. a ?r f'tty HalL loo y?cy plavknt frno'ad T< ma, a it:, I r. akfaat. on aaaond hoar i f a iiandaom# i riaai-t h uao. far alnrlo \ 'titinaan. i. ilr fara?ea fo |atro i. I t ?> dr-.? it jafra at tlia dr 11 atora, rnor of Adam i an I I al ton atraota, BrnoMvn. qv> f?Nt, or two iin< i r. '.rvri f*i* a 1 kaid.omrla laraUhod kaok p-irlor, a thn lr?? *? r of tlioibma No. I.'O Koado aira-t, n. ar <.*??? oateh ?trrol, oat J fdod bjr a r?kf'-o| fkaillv. lo)t ;r in th ? froat parlor. El' AN Tift- Hi A I tilt A No ' IH Vn.RR A N, A TT larfo ??ll 'urni-Tf.l r<" at, la A Rolat ftr?r?a.? tf a a-at ?tda ' i hrotdaat. and aftot ?? jprtm afrot t. atlkkiartror t'rla r Imtiloltiau rtorln Band n ? anavor A lar ,? A. E. B , flora! J ##'<. iiot SI R, ROOMN, .Nr.. WAITED, f TNri RN i?nrn apabtmenta wanted a Rt't c a taklo fkmiU of fro | - a I r to fiito tkfoana'af mat o I faari , a fthont hoard, ia i * rl tatty of ft- adaay ar d ( oral atr ?' N,rt aat to aa tad ?I0 f. r Roatk, %? drooa R? ? m-. Horatd Ron. II RKMOV Al.". |E I NOV AI - TIIE OLDWtl'N If V n EWBRfPfR, RT ftP II a ra of ft,a (.o'mn? fat t.n - m irad to in ao||. ?at tot ?< o. r l fl' ar t-t N tain otroot, fair iton I -ttfri-a ? . n ? r . o. a I or" oil! fo found ft ? laryo.i oflof, n . f R ?l alt ?o. t ?< an t Iria't a?a| ir"a ii< N-? V .rk M?a? f m roar'j o?. ry aonntf in k ot'ar d A Ion ?ton If* ooat-. 1 loatr krtay ail of I ,. n fk" m < m ? till Kl rotiiny C oo.d o? soodaya No bar No tmnblny. rtfOTAI"- HP. ALDAN OOt.DBRITII 11A A RRROTtD fio rfloo froia No, f Park Placo to N IN Bfoadat, N. I toraorof Pmnkiia atroot. ( oaoalta'ioaa fr m oiy'.t ? ? A M. t? tan p M . and at tail Fonrtti a?onaa,Tta taaoa Nlaataaatb aad Taaatit tA ttraota.trcw f< it a cloth la RM P. ML THE TURK. UNION COl'RSB, U I,?TIIOTTINO AND PACING. I'lMti July I, ak J o'clock, P. M. Purae ??i. ti ? htata, beat 5 in 5 Id haruaaa: free for paclug horeee that o-vrr won a nurse over tM J. Wkalpley cutrrerr. a Hones: Joe, \t m Vt h.lan rulers bl. g. Hamilton, J. 1>. M M?-n enters gr g. J.ern, Jutiu Austin enter, dun m. Lady C'oea, P. U. aatera bl. in. Cinderella, Owners rulers b. g. a marie in il ?y. Immediately alter, a purae of (SO. mile beat*, b?at I (a I to na;una, wagon aud driver to weigh HHU Iba J. Wbelpley entera gr u>. Litay Dixon , II. J one# enter* Providence (Jirf, b. Hcagland enteis Bay Colt, W S. enters Horr-1 Colt. JOHN I SN Kill K EH. Proprietor. UNION COURSE, I. I.?TROTTING, MONDAY, JUNE '?) ?Puree $S0, mile heat*, beat :i in J, In haraa.a, for hortea thatnever won a puree over (.'<U. Entries to k ? maJo at Uaddcn a. on Saturday evening by 10 o clock. Throe or more to make a race, and tun to atart. JOHN I. SN EDIKF.H. Pr prietor. (^ENTKEVII.I.E COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?PURSE J f.J); mil* heats, beat three in live, in ham--**, fr i> to til horaea that never won a puree; to come ' it June .Kith, entriea tocloae Fiiday evening, June 37th, by in o'clock, at Madden'* Hotel. JOEL CON KLIN, Propr .et.r. SPORTING. SI'ORTINC?AT GRAND STREET II ALL, NO. 177 Grard atroit. Friday evening, June 37, 1HJI, a Kit rnatrh between two email Don, owued by two gentleman, to kill twelve rati each, fur (2S aaide. There will bo uther ratting and eaninmpnri* a* nautl There will be a ahow of black tan*, which will display their ratlin.' 'inalltire for n Oillar. Tn conclude with a hattle royal of rate?i'airate i u hand. Ticket", SO cent*. D' or* o|>"n at hull pent re van. To commence at half-poet eight precisely. PUBLICATIONS, LITTELLS LIVING AGE?CO KMC NCI NO NEW volume?13d, ccut*.?Content" of No. 373:?1, Lamaoism in 'i artary audi hi bet, L 'I in burgh Revi w, 3. Mr. Thackeray's I.ctturce, bnectator: a. Volcanoes and Earth.pinkoa, Ilritish Ounrterly Review 4. Burning U'nato of Ulaskmanaaa, Time,; 6. The United Mat's in the Exhibition, Miruiug Chronicle; 6. Foreign Copyright la Great Britain, Ti nes 7. The baying, of King Charles II . Gcntlemaa'a Ma,; ulna; 8. A lianoe oi Russia. Austria, ami I'russia, Morning Chfonfcln nnd Spot ta'or Proabyterinn Synod <iu tbo Papal Ag/roa *i n. Morning Clit' inclc. 10. Cabmen, Times: II Jerusalem, my Ilappy Home. Gentleman's Magazine. With |uietry, an I rhort artic i a Pntlie'ed weekly, at aix dollars a y ear, by E. I.iiteli A Co., Huston. and sold by HEW il l A HAVLNPORT. Tribune ItuiMin;* N Y. MISS MAKTINEAU'S AND ATKINSON S LETTERS on the I.awa of Man's Nature and l)eve>opeincut ire now etrreoty I'hing at Beaton, and will aoun he puiilieh' 1. This w ill be the firat reprint of these talenteu'und intereeting lettcra in the United btatee. Orders lor them received bv JOHN MORKIbON, l.'IS Chatham atrret. New York, and by J. 1'. MENDUM,J& Washington at rot, Uoatou. JUST RECEIVED?AN EXTF.NSIdE ASSORTMENT of illustrated and scientific Frtnrh books. Apply at the Sice of the Preuch Illustration, and Mouiteur Auiari eain," 2b7 Broadway. AW'S MISSISSIPPI SCHEME; II DUTCH C.tRI 'A turea; vtry curious rtre old Volume*; thous au la of S> rap Prints. Book, and Engravingabought and aold at the (ild Cmioaity Shop, in N'usean atrert. Ilogartli'a Worka. A) N'i &' . The publia are rn>|uest?d to drop iu aud tare a li ok at the curiuua collecti n inside and out. tag. J. P. NEAGLE, 103 Nassau (treat. L FIEEWOKKH, 1^1 REWORKS FOR Til K FOURTH OF JULV-IIOb I? .MAN K 11ILI*. 130 U iUUm ntrc?t. Mooml door h#|ow Fulton, (upbUfarf) have now in ?t ?re, ou uuusi/mii'iut from the b*pt manufacturers in the United State*. a large 4"*ort n.eut of Ft*vworks, consisting in part of I'utm Trees, ilutt* rus. hoc kets. all sues; Roman i'audlos, all ni/.e*; V?rti tl M'hcfls, Ftri-atners, J'iceons, Bentota l*ig its, ? attiarine Wheels. Flyers Mines, Irt tuples, TurpSdos, Crackers. At Bit*. AiiM'i it which can al*o be found new and boa itif'il Et hibitional Fleets, jrot up eaprPNsly for hiosII exhibitions, .All aorkf warranted of superior quality, and sold whole* ? rile and retail Plea** call and examine our aasortoieiit b* I re pnreliattrR, a* we are Conbdent a? ^ai? ?tv? mors f'ln for the nune amouut of m< uey than any other house 10 New V ork. UHY 00008, <Su ? DKY OOOD8-LK BOUTILLIER BROTHERS, HAVE greMly rpduod all their ?|>rii?ft and iumm?r in ord?T to dicpodc of il?% whole be tore their re wot i tie u> aire e*trvi?ive ptt tiPBCB. The ht<.ck eciiMBi of Mlka of vari us kind*. Hartfrs. Tii?u?l, Lawni, Bar?*?* de I/nines, a lar^a Znsntity of Kittoba, Kuibrotdoriee, (tl >ve?, Ilonierjr. U ci, .in? u.h. Muhliiis, 4kC. No. C anal street, three doors from Broadway. M N I*A 1*10II HANGING*, Ac. Ill INK FRENCH PATER HANGINGS, DECORATION!, fcr., No. 4-J*i Pearl street, kotWddk Ifid.a M and Chatham. Tin..* in want of the above artielca al,?uld not omit to l>?.k t<in'ucI. oor ? atabliahuicut, aa their interest and may be hurt cnuault'-d bv i cull, THOMaS PA YE U GO. M1SCKL.L. A N BOOS. PIN EA FFLES?NOW LANDING. OT MOSTSUPERIOR luaiity, t* lekohuer Mechanic, Iron, Aulunv at in r JJ, North rie.r. K. 11 a AM. II KLUttlbUE. S) Bearer ititct. n.iTAKv cuim-Two balm serr. oni i><?. Blue, on, do. Scarlet, imported eapreaaly for military ??, and for ?ale by WARD, BABCOCK k CO., V Park Row. \]kT00DWORTH PLANING MACfllNE C'OM.'LETB, TV all of iron, warranted to girt the boat aatiafactiou, and to l< mpotior to planing maohiuea of any other kiud iu 'joflN II. LESTER, Ml Fulton atr-et. C'OAL SCALES - A Sl'PERIoR ARTICLE, VI r J IRON ' Kiert aad attel henriu*. at reduced price*. FAIRBANKS A Co., So tt'ater airec. .)() SALBI BAHAMA SPONGE; .1 DO. GLOBS DO: ?" 3 M ? ditereenrnii, tine and 'mro; '?? k>i j,a K lirli t'htmota abUe-for ?>le low by ANDEKmin fc. Ma t 1.A > , I'll -gUta, is and l'<) Fulton llreet. English cocking gi ns-si peiuor quality, Jil.t r, reived and for aal* ch?ao. Alee ou hand Ml )lu*krta in food order, and a lot o *,nall ?'i-i.?>!?, fir aala low Apply at No. Ml Catharine atreet, uenrOaL. __ JOSEPH ROSE. JR. IINNT LIND BOOB PLATES-TIIE Sl'IISCKIUER el baa juet finished acme atw and elegant I ? .. >r Platao, Nun,bar I late*. and 11*11 Tulle of the Eltia betl at, and J< on> Llud pattern . they are tho to. .t ? legaut aad fathioiiablt pattarnearar gut up. Call and eaa.mae tho above artic). a K. ROBERTS, Mil Broadway, near Priaooe troot. I'O Bl ILDF.RS.?CIIE A PER THAN HKOR N STONR. Cait Iron Liatle* and Pot*. *.|uar* or mind, plain and (rnnmcnttl. of DngUii and aiieo engpiird at ah, rt notice, at il.e BlMOOstA Iron Wort.. corner> (lath itrttt and loath atenuo. North rieer. J DTI i E TO H'GAR REFINBits.?THE UNDEK I CL. I May eol* p ??. .?or ol the impr, ed in?tr,., i ..f <!? suing and coloring Sugar Mould*, In twea a tu.aner u to laetlor year*, without uflocting the health of the workman, and roc,,,ailed at the beat by Meter... Stuart and * the fa, il ia method of Informing the Sugar Kehn. re t ,?t a ? rn.uin <1 I,la. a l ak'r l.y trade, ha. ing (? it the employ u the uudor rig at J, now irlee to luiltato my Irunroeod method I tin. thenlort, vomprlled to earn If,* public, and to inform them that I. elone. ae iu.enlnr o'lhl# method, am *b|# to uianu far lure tlx a* ninulde eo ae to anrwer the daeire I purpuw. ,<< It la mjulaita that all m*t>rltlt ahould i>e autda by me, morh injury mutt arir* by the uae of mould* loeiebyany peraoa aot thoroughly acpiaiated ia thie braaoh, Bad too aideralle Iota accrue to reliuer* by ep.riliag Ueo auger. and the h -e of all repoaiei iueurred. I, thorcfors. bog ,1 ra ftaere to addrcee tbemeolaee to me, personally, and, la all tax a, I will warrant my manufacture. Ffo HOPM KtFi'EK* TIIF. EI.FCANT AND P'EFUL 1 preparation, I arber e Furniture Clove. eleana. poll. ?*?, ai d leauiihca luruitaro with a rir I, laatru, iir hot tot thaw aarntehlag. aad la n,u, h a*?d and rained r?r Ms remarkaMo pr"i?rH*a of rev ten** aad brightening furniture, thrift, Ae. l etter ? F u rait ,re Uloe. h-? I.e. n arl ue ? It neet l,f the ladh I at New 1 orb, Philadelphia, ai d "thOT , I tic. ho hue altta the heariu et approral of it. g'aat merit. Toe Uloet It at pll'< with the greateat ? at', by tar lad), in a m m mi iftir-e. Price >.'? I CI te per buttle. Sold at M. <e , ?th Sec-nd r Ireet. Nn. at'N orth Slath ?treet, -Nn H Spftwg dea nre.1. and No. fit Cheeaui *trc >. Philadelphia. New T?*h E t'embe. yw- (.'rand atraot: Bru -klcn C. Co ah*. It 1 lllary atreet; llaltfmure, A II M<ip. .1:7 Iti tlm .r* i<re-1, I iatlnnali, S -Ioe Palmer Irw Mala xroet; Bwdale, N Y , D K. 1 an Allen,'-1 l.loyd-treei If , J,.t,n t. Hat - ra I eneX-r. Pa. Ere Sarah Una ley I'lurlr t.g.e, C J,a. W Barrtma, 7> Meeting e' ret. At ear a ah, Geo ? elliaa k Balkiey leANryaaWr et; Laerange. Teia>, fat. C. lerUe. Mcrehai Id in ftiee and e untry will had tho ?.l ?e a eeleable aad pr atrkle artlrl* of handle*. E PARNIK Manu'tr to ret add I'ropftotor. Adlrcae P. (I. b e ? a. Plilad. I| kid. Pa BE CNION INDIA NL'BBP.H CtiMPAN Y.-WaRR huoe* Id Naaaaw atreet.?Tht. cmpaay ia oflkriaf. at oil' leealo. (icodyear'a Patent Metallic li.i t Kokhortie, u.| Oooat^' I ia purt o| crate, c'oaka, leiitoa arm> tr.J oacy g edo, Rfe preeeTTert. earriage - loth*. India rwklarahoea. horoaolatka. taterferir.g ?trri. Re. JAMP.S HISIKIP Proot-tewt. WAKHEN A< REKM AS. Vie* l?r*eid#nV N. WILLIAMSON, Treaaorer aad Seo'rw. CAPTION T<? THE PCRLtC ? ALL TCLCAMIBJB ohtto relief, aa well ae Meek, and other i dorr, e l auri|<ed by linrae* II llay "t.oedyear a Pateal." teenrdlng ?* hiaeeteatwt ia hit lieen?e Ir-ru i...,.e>e*r. ia an infrieg*. m*nt on Goodyewr'a patent*, and all d alerr ia. or porn tri or* af ennda art equally liaMa. aa tfoonaaatrt npna (liodyetr a aekaewledged rlgl t?. with ID re-til Day him. eelf. the ma t> r feuchy. .da aad will bo pf. .e ote.l aorord tnglr All tho ludi* Riihltr Shnea nuw made hy ||. rrre II f*.i are aa infringement ufoa Oeudr'-r'a patents, aad all dea'ere ther? n reader themndct* l*ebl* la iamag*a. to Mr. br edttar the pateateo. In let ill *f the llaynard Rnhber Cempanyt Newark In dia Rubier Mawafdetnrtat 1'impddjri L. " a a da a i F rd k ('? ( Shoe Aaeociateo, aad ether*. spkYt.GR t SCPBBIOR T" t N*PA RENT SOAPS,? I Tin re are tl i awl* real!* Tranapn nt Soapa mad* in O.' tailed S la tea and the ealy -ae. that baee eeer taken *>" ireu.iuaia at tht Fain ia Ph'UJelp .i* aa l New V rk. Snririia . taHial.d by lie of the awlttfUaedo id IMI Tl eakoi-, with a earietyof oor other sell known S rpa ar, t'ld in Ni? Y<rk be Nt'ilawe. Re .- iki!#, Br. wrrk Elnaeilt: D Rrrriew, Jr., k 1 o II R k < kaet t Ik Merri'-k; A. B at D Sand-, tt II W e.g t o. Thomar k hurt; Ruahtow. Cart * Co., Prt e k hdnth. %MT< NBtti i I, ii scoter v tiAir rt-i! tvr.s TT heard ' f the great r .terminator the e??i , ... . d*ten rata. n,|r... aad r. arhe., alto belhnga, * . an l ie ryi iBgaarett time tw 'I e ', koctnre it leacta n nal? (art > t ail f?r inf-ematien tt H N. Cootar'a D put. tad Fr adway I ri< e t; i% ooat* per I ? e spiit vermin or or pic a, m I)', ). ? hear the p< litieian ? I'm ie Sam'* aitett dhyai iadd Pr> a-l leg ea-h a ."leinn ? rm n All about II uae otfiee e.rrnln P M-ealng pr ral ly and r,< ily, Paftli?r,> whr. .teal pntp., *y. Thddd df? dShof kiadt of thinya ' n. S rr,r that ereen and aceia w,ih winy* tody 1 hat ileal . nr.frm arwek and erwowy, Soiling apoll. |f there la toy Tieae hy l^rott'i Pill* an 1 pooler. Sum lie d. aid a* clatna in rh wder. R"*r hea. huya. h,a[; Rata and mi" die by hi* pill* Bepet Of I. VON S Magt" ire Pow ieya and Plllr, lid Be ad Way l/ht I'llONS or TilF. ?KIN, - I'.T RHRi M IT It, MJ rec a m Iffi.fnl*. hafber a (t ? D. e- - ild er?* | It, mtfewrtol di-eaaea, kloteb*! r dia- toyed eklo, pioii ?a n fhef-re k.. < aey..|l a medicated t*| e aot' h?e aki ladme Botha, 4 Oreat Jnwoo atyeot, ar? ' ,r * r- et m-n ' I by lb ? m it. nice* t pbyalefaaa *a a rem ly l>r the ah ,r* eem t'alafa I^r top H.tVR Pi MPI.SS, PRRCRI F 'It BL'RN, let, dark . r jr'laa ? ? n n i1 in e II e >re I1 w a., ?:Te<. ?Mil) ae tl e trwy JWMrS Hallon ?' ?? ?, al S ,p It n r tea "-a otin and eempi. . n ?l,i?? awl e'eae r ?oe|. g ktlaewptlroa ftrekiet, ai d diafttwr-We? * Bd| ,t a' pil I'read a ay the depot H" true Spawi.h Lilly Whim for looter * ooik. BAI,*1 hIaDS, HIT 11F A ISdtD I nP.RRBf ? ?'if ibkt my hair waa lorelng gr.a. akJ Pia* - i a ilaee i a*? Jaaea a Crrat Ha t kftoraMte it ?.?< ?alloir e*a* d'alDai-iadriW-nafaar a*d h*. a , dark l >k ll?f-fw lOted Jineg'a f oral Hair ID-t r.ri.e I -orwhod out landfult at hair daily. .1 tt illiama Salt r. Drood*, h rtrott. 1* gmrt y?a kij Uii only at MS S|>ad *ay. n HA MCI Ale. KTBOPOLITAN ?A.N A-INSTALMENT-The*^ U.talmeat ?( ruty dollar. per (bar* ea vaywa block of lhi? Bonk, 1. required to bo paid J* bho kou.e M W?" Itroot, ?"? * -dueaday, the nlath day of Jul* neat. ' By order ot the 14...ard of Ca?h?t. ,,T i/ii m hond*?yvi.wi.?the su?tcA1HMQM suajsgi otSewr Wk.i W'?MW" d t, C4nbe haJ?t apnwo Covrrn?ont'?StaW mS ?r?tor ??'?>">? The Clly of 8*. which ?iM jio d a tnuen *r . ^ and alwaya meet# 1.001. i? J* a nio.t d"uri? i ? r<.vcnnet 0f the -ity for tbo bar condition, promptly. T . mjm?B ?f dollar*. aad b? preront yea. ?"?;? *r e intcre.t ?u bat boaf i .p.rial cl.u a III iha < ity Charter. tne' t, , Krt ??da ed debt U ..I be ttr.t paid, beforo appropr u ><>t 0B lor Other object.. I be daH ? I bha a y (Ua y#4f Bn4 mid a half loillioii. of dollar, ob'1'11 b, tho Au. Imuran., inter ?0,V;ir,u w?i. r-work., Ao.. 01 | di'or. aoa.i.lia. ?' "^VoA^/jXi pariieo al'our * IW' CLdRla. UO..GE A CO.. M Jail .?? I)tNN8V1.VANIA COAL ??ZX23&SgS . S,7,:y^v.d.tTo?c.^ *tr> rt. iu the city of New lora, ^ 0f ^ ot nii uoy, and on .ueh t?rui.. a.ithey "'*f : mort?mteall for the ih of ???id eomrnne. and to rled*? and ?aor 1"^ or any purl ot th? . .tat. .' inn roaenionU, privUojoa. owom, sv.',;rra ? k%J<rx.a?v?^y? lice or Hob. u??. ?.i railroad are abeot 41 The Company , ttoo f" . unaware and Uud.on Canal. lonj each, a.undm* 1'itutou. on tha North at tlawl-y. i. Wave.,r,"1'; riy?r ia thi bounty of Lo ^r"! whYr? tl.? prlnolpai aad lar,. ooal dapoaitoof tbn Company are located. The Company hare received? $3,287,290 ^n^^'iMVyiho^ckiiiid^-V"^^ wva And hare ?apiul iW.7:.. ?? ? ? _j*If ^^^"'.M-d'.^for' land, and P?rma.e.t ?? .ml r'.rcnta of.. .. ???;?; iU0Yn? tl?n? their mine. and brlnj Thee"mwnyarc n..wpr?du >?Ulrjrr,jlrnad ;,nd t|i? Data in x to the >< * I ra " " ? . t , ;;<iy.UUU ton. of ooal a and II ud.on Canah at tho rat, ? ^ ^ 0, Myi.OUU. (, r U'.' lvU:i?V'?U ar. "wln'ited. i. ehie?y wanUd to pro for which pr |o . t M HLJ other improreaionu. ro Ti,ie "dditional an nf |,U,,UU., eoutemplalad fo* qvirod tot the inrfe ,"nrr-"1 , f .. . t?,udB, !>.r which t1 C en uinr year ; and the U(, i!ter, if reqdirod. the til' -?< doa. will be 1 ? ba.tnee. of the company, lo fbcffiaf and further e.t nd tne j u b, ,n %o meet the c.pac ty c ^Ty * .,!,??!? Coal Company, dorrcd. ?? I'ropo.ala for loan. I e. n y . 4 apntioatkOA Ani further information may '?? ??-e of ^ oranj. to , therof U ? ??' '..'I! RiiHCKT B. MINTUllN. BuVe8 ta .U.^ ?VV"'HAVMEtMr l t, >rii w m ii?CRI HEW, AGENTS IJ.tHIS llAVKh.R.l T1 K ? r, a'Ii. ' ?i ''.rind. M Huo i-irii'-t:;:..;: 1, r term, appl) t- nfPHT A CO , 91 Wall .broet. Addrcoooo of U?"-r.r. thr:?,.i?.t hwitaorlwd. \ ei~w t.ut, larlif wed th?lr ,, h it notMo* they .! artrou. nr. ?nd baring h-rtuaatcoy ^ ,oliA(Kld v, already t? tr.n.actaajr tah?u an oOca m iK'iru u!:.7ii r^..uar. Claaa. Ann FtaneUcO, May Ui. tdSI. ? ? ? j n th? ? ut ib? \ w , t9 rowiM sab* ,tr. t on Monday, the Nth 1.1 I ? ^ Hi h .rd Borrell. ertptlcn. to capital . o; k ,f( it?oaine, {.,i.:<,M,nn,;:1'i:hn /'? Bor:t..t.r. j.u. u-,ur. ???,?? ft "lO I U>0 TO" N!' ?Stt aV.dnwati1 ?npR^??2^ JjOUjUUU ,n ..."'.t..I "Yin" f V'.trn and ,.ai etlal-. t" t I" T ut. re.t on city propef rr A?.Sk?Ulh? bkttn.y.^11 Wall .treouin tLoCrv S n tt et.r < taooBKAr? OAA WAVTF.n t COOD BI'MNBS *?V. $2 ,5?0? t;. j;...?t;-'. aV,'p^'r addr.Vr''' li'aVo'nZ'* fierald offoo.'with r- .1 ? an I ad tr- -j " rSLEURABH. 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