Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1851, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1851 Page 9
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Political Intelligence* Ohio?There is considerable (rouble in the whig party of this State, and some of the more prominent members have identified themselves with the free ?oil party. A short time since, a meeting in oppo sition to tbe Fugitive Slave law was held at Toledo, when the principal speakers were the newly eleeted Senator Wade, Joshua R. Giddinga, and Judge Spaulding. The latter is professedly a de mocrat ; but in his speech at that meeting declared the Fugitive Slave law to be unconstitutional, and | if ever a case was brought before him, under that law, acting upon the idea of its unconstitutional ty, he would not be governed by it. The Cin;innati Enquirer, a conservative democratic journal, speak ing of the course of Judge Spaulding, says there can be no decent apology for his conduct. He has disgraced himself, and that journal has no notion to allow that disgrace to attach to the democratic party. Nearly the whole whig press of the State nas declared sgaiDgt the Fugitive Slave law, and particularly in the Western Reserve they have declared tney will not support any man for the Presidency who is not pledged against it. There has not been, as yet, a great deal said upon national questions, the parties oeing too much occupied in the campaign for the new constitution. On that question, the democrats were in favor, and the whigs opposed ; and the result, so far. has been an overwhelming majority in its favor. General Scott is the choice of the whig party in the State?at least, of the whig press. The democrats have not yet made a movement, and it is impossible to say wbo will be the choice. Illinois.?The parties in this State are in the main conservative, and the laws are promptly en forced. A short time sinco a fugitive slave was arrested at Chicago, and, after duo form of trial, discharged, because of the want of testimony on the part of the claimant. All the papers of tha city gave the proceedings, and said nothing against the law, except the Democrat, published by Hon. John Went worth. That journal called upon the people to rescue the party accused from the clutches of the man stealing law, until it became necessary to call cut the militia, to prevent an out break. But that did not atTcot the people of the State beyond tho borders of the city in which it occurred. On the question of the Presidency, tho Hon. Stephen A. Douglas is the almost unanimous choice of the democratic party, there being but two journals of that creed in the St journals of that creed iD the Stato whose columns do not bear his name as the standard of their choice. Tho whig party havo as yet said very little. They are in the minority, ami will not make an eflort to carry the State, the chief object being the election of members of Congress. The Chicago Democrat says it feels authorised to say that Mr. Van Huron is willing to sign a letter, in conjunction with General Cass, surrendering up all claims for the Presidency, for the sake of har monizing tiie democratic party, thereby throwing Geneial Cass entirely out of the field, though the Democrat is strongly opposed to Judge Douglas. Indiana.?The people of this State, without ro gard to party predilections, arc conservative upon tbe compromise measure. The democratic party, if the press is an index of the feeling, jg, with two exceptions, in favor of General Joseph Lane for the Presidency, and several county conventions have already declared for him before any other candidate named. There is, comparatively speaking, very little opposition to the compromise measures, and, except in Mr. Julian's district, there is scarcely an objection urged against it. Tho New Albany Hcgii ter, tbe most prominent democratic journal in the State, has, throughout all tbe agitation, maintained a conservative course, an J calls upon the democratic party to stand to anl abide by the laws of the eountry. The whig party has made a few nomina tions of candidates for Congress, but the party is so small in tbe Mate that little effort is made to gain tbe ascendancy. Georgia.?The position assumed by cx-Governor McDonald, the secession candidate for Governor in this Mate, has thrown an entirely new aspect on the secession movement throughout the Mate, and places it in tbe same position with the moderate party of South Carolina. Mr. McDonald, in his letter of acceptance, says he shall, if eleited, en deavor to carry out the laws and constitution, State and federal, though he holds to the abstract right of tha State to secede at auy time when she may feci so diaposed. The same ground is maintained by Hon. Joseph W. Jackson, the secession candidate for Congress in the Savannth district. This, says the .Savannah Gtorgutn, is the view of nearly the whole democratic party of the State. Ttie contest now lies in tbe right to secede, and the parties join issue on tnat question. The Augusta says there is no doubt bat tbe Southern rights party will carry the State ity. The Savannah Repub/tctn, by a large majority.! in opposition to these views, calls it a treacherous movement, and one wholly at variance with the spirit and intent of the constitution, and tbe origi nal compact under which the 1'nion wa< formed. The party in opposition, composed of whigs and a portion of the democrats, support lion. Howell Cobb, who entertains like mows. Tbe election will bo more cloecly contested, as tho idea of immediate secession is aban loned, and only the principle of an abstract right entertained. In almost every rounty in the State the Union party has held con ventions, and declared its adherence to the couipro luise-measuroe, end, without regard to old party considerations," determined to sustain tbe platform adopted by tbe State Convention of lHuO. Alabama.?There seems to be considerable e in fusion in ibis State. The Union candidate for Gover nor, Benj G. Shields, has written a letter to bis party, declining to serve, in consequence of ill health, and bas addresse 1 a letter to Governor Collier, the op posing candidate, requesting hie views upon tho position proper to be taken by the South. Iv the State there are rery few in faver of tbe immediate aereation of tbe State from the confederacy; but tbe great trouble seems to be what should be done should the federal government attempt t> coerce South Carolina, in tbe event of ber secession. The Sontbern Lights Convention, recently in session at Montgomery, declared by resolution that it was the duty of the Southern States to oppose tbe fede ral government in any surh movement. Bat there seems to be some trouble in the secession party ? Governor Collier's uitraism is doubted, and several counties have proposed the name of William L Yancy, wbo is known to be a thorough and un wavering disunionist. In the Congressional nomi nations the most bitter opponent of the Union has been nominated hy the Southern rights party. Colonel Cochran, the nominee in the second dis trict, in a letter, says he does not think the Union will be dissolved immediately, but rejoices in the belief that there is a leaven of disunion, which, hy a Em rfectly certain process, will leaven the whole mp. The speeches of Mr. Webster in New Y'orl are criticised severely hy the secession journals. Tbe Mobile Regtutr pub.ishes the cor rection in tbe Buffalo s|?<e -h, and de-lares that the correction was made solely for Southern cir culation. Tbe question of the Pre side ney, in this, as in nearly all the Southern States, seems a mat ter of minor consideration, and is scarcely men tioned, except in opposition to every candidate spoken of for that office at the North Tennk??ik ?The contest for State officers in Tennessee has turned upon the Compromise ques tion, and upon that issue tbe parties are working for ?uccese. The nominee of the whig party for Go vernor, Col. Campbell, is oppose 1 to the ab tract right ofeeeeation, atd favorable to the On the other hand, the nominee of the democratic convention, Governor TtousJllh opposes the whole proceeding of the measures of adjustment, and holds to the principle that any State has the right to secede if the compact nndcr whi h she en erf 1 ihe Union is violated. The Nsshvillo Union, th 11 organ of the democratic party in the State, has thus ^!tly eoriser tar maintained a t>erf?ctly conservative coarse,and | stands upon the platform of the Baltimore Conven tion. C?en. Cars is the preferred candidate of the party for the Presidency. The whigs have, in seve ral conventions, spoken in favor of Mr. Fillmore, and from the tone of tbe Memphis Eagle, anil other whig prints, be is the choice otthtt party in Ten n? sees. Ma**Atm:??TT?.?The parties in this Xtnte nre !? n moet curious position. Tbcr? ia very little doubt bat the free foil party will m ister their force*, and thereby errata greater distraction in the old partiee. The whig party is rery maeh divide! in the choice of ita candidate for Preeident in l^'l The Boeton Crmritr and A-trnthrr, two old and long established whig journal*, oppose the holding of a national convention by the whig party, bat deelare i? favor of Mr. Webater, before the choice of any convonti on. The whole of the whig preee of i'>oeto% except the Atku, I* in favor of the nomina tion of Mr Webster; and that journal save, it i' inexpedient and ill-adrieed to pre** the efaimi of that candidate at thin time. The New Bedford Mtrcwir. rpvaki'ig oi the iiihi*ct, says, that while the peerless abilities of Mr Webster arc conceded, wh le tbe whig* are generally willing to allow that hie B-.Uu* ore net to imp cached, or hie honesty ? atrong man at the polls, even with the whig party of MMsaehuaetts. The effects, therefore, of torcing of pufpot>e denied, the opinion ie rery extensively entertained among the whigs, that he ia no longer a State nomination of Mr. Webster by a State con vention, through the means of political machinery, will be to divide and distract the whig party to a most serious, and perhaps fatal extent. Both these journals were among the first to declare their pre ference for General Scott, and the Atlas published a list of his battles, and his achievements on the field, as an evidence that the people of the United States owed him a great duty, which could be best paid by exalting him to thr Presidency in 1832. In several of the smaller cities of the State the people have nominated him, as iu Springfield, Salein, lloxbury, Lynn, and Lowell. The democratic committee have issued an address to tho democra tic party of the State, which calls for leridod ac tion on the old and tried principles of the party. "Diey will soon hold thoirconvention, when the plat form for their future government will belaid down. Maine.?In conso juence of the postponement of the State election until 1832, there is very little political news from this State. The Portland Ad vertiser, the whig organ, speaks a preference for Hon. Daniel Webster for the Presidency; and though somo of tho papers of the party are favor ably disposed toward Mr. Fillmore, from tho lan guage of the Advertiser it is evident the party will favor the nomination of Mr. Webster. The Au gusta Age, one of tho most prominent of the demo cratic journals of the Stato, has for some time past, afld still continues to advocate the claims of Geueral Houston for the nomination ot its party lor the Presidency in 1832. The deinicratie party of Maino occupies a conservative ground, and, through its several conventions, has declared in favor of the compromise measures-. 1'iKNstLVANiA.?The campaign in this State is now fairly opened, and the views of the candidates for Governor, on national questions, are well un derstood. Col. Bigler, the nominee of the demo cratic party, is the friend of Mr. Buchanan for the nomination, by his party, for the Presidency, and occupies strong national ground upon tho ques tions of slavery and tho compromise. Gov. John" ston, the nominee of the whig party, is opposed to the Fugitive .Save law, and tho firm friend o Gen. Scott for the Presidency, whoso claims were also advocated by the resolutions of the convention. After the nomination of Gov. Johnston, he refused to accept, until he knew the character of the resolutions to be adopted by tho convention, as any direct or implied censure upon his course ,in refusing to sign the bill repeuling tho law, conflicting with the federal law for tho rendition of fugitive slaves, would prevent his acceptance. Tne issue, then, is fairly made up bctwoen sectionalism and conservatism. The Philadelphia North Amrritn, one of the first to advocate the nomination of Gen. fcott for the Presidency, speaks in most extravagant terms of the claims of Gov. Johnston upon the people of the State ; but has not one word to say upon the resolution nominating Gen. Scott for the oAice for which that journal was first to bring his nunie forward. In the convention, a resolution was offered in regard to the rendition of fugitives from service; but it failed by an overwhelming vote, while those of professod attachment to the Union and the constitution wero passed by a de cisive vote. The I'ennsyloaniun speaks confidently of the success of the democratic party, on tho issue as made up between the constitution, the com promise, and the rights of tho States, against sectionalism, freesoilism, and hostility to the solemn behests of the constitution. Movements of Distinguished Individuals. Col. John 0 Christie, West l'oiot; Kilwiti I.Mn?-o. lto-ton; J II. Tombs. San Krancleco; 0. A Legnr. New Oilcans; Hon. J Turrill. Oswego, Mrs. Col Grayson. De troit; T. McQuinn, Charleston; Y Sherman, Conn; Ira Cory. Ohio; M Ball KDglanii. wrie among the arrivals on Monday at the Onion Place Hotel. Hon. J. Pursell. Oswego; Win II Duncan and lady. Hanover, N. II.; K. 8wetf and lady, Boston; Itcrford tlic ton Wilson. Ksq . II. B. M. Charge dn Affairs to Venezue la; John Corey, Ohio; Charles Goodyear and lady New Haven; Captaiu R. II. Maekennan. K N.. and lady. Kog land, Mr*. Col. Grayson, Detroit, were among the arri vals at the Union Place Hotel Hon A II. Duel and family, Detroit; Gen. Cadwallader Philadelphia, Hon Simon Cameron and lady. Pennsyl vania, P Dexter Tiffany. St. I.ouls Maj >r G. M. Uaiunau. Philadelphia: 8 Mrt'utchon. Saw Orleans; Robert Itada. Baltimore, lion. It. M. Charlton. Ravannah; J M Niles. Cincinnati, were among the arrivals at the Irving House, on Monday .Mr* minus lady of the President of the United Plates, and M P. t'lUmore. son of the President; Right Rev. Bishop Hopkins. Vermont; Hon H MeClallan and lady, Hudson, A B Dufour and lady. Georgia; I.tout Penman, U. 8. A.; II. N. Corey, Philadelphia; Hon. N. H< yd>n and lady. Salisbury. N. C.; A. J Dooels in. Jr., Weft Point, W II Duvall Baltimore; If. MaDoweU. 8t. l.onls, K C. Wiggins, do ; W R Griffith and lady. II ir rtfl.urg. Pa . were among the arrivals at the Irving House yesterday M Pairehlld, Connecticut; T Senior, do ; J. Kenny. | Boston. W W Stockton do; 11 Dunniag. Chicago T Anderson, do . R II .Montgomery. N?w Orleans, arrived on Mondav at the American Hotel W R Mailield, Philadelphia. W Phalp*. Massachu setts; 8. B Knox. I'. 8. Navy; Y Ksk. do ; VV K Hop kins. Virginia; L. D. Read, do., arrivad yesterday at the American 8 Alien, Danville. C Miller, Philadelphia. Mr Carr>U. Washington; Mr 8hen. Halifax. Mr VIunson. New Haven, T. Jordan Philadelphia; W Klila, do., were among the arrivals on Monday at lha Vstor Mr llarber. Virginia;.I Burns Springfield, II Tbomai Washington; K. Thomas. I.' 8 Marines; Kd Woodruff, Cincinnati; A. Kdwards, Condon Chaa Page. Washing ton; Bishop of New Jersey. Iturllngtori I), Maleck. 8a vannah, were among tba arrivals yesterday's! the Astnr i II< use Kev Dr Morgan. New Roebelle. K C Boynton, U 8. A.; II. A BeleiDg and lady. Newl.urgh; Rev Mr. Down ing and Rev Mr Hoffman. Connecticut, were among the arrivals at Prvderlck'a Hotel G II Heap and lady, Chester. Penn ; M II Munla. Ithaca, N Y : J Kludge an I lady. Springfield. Mass ; C H Bit s. do ; James Rice. New Haven. Ct ; L P. Gardner, Troy; G 8 Obrar. Georgia. J?mr< Sloun. Baltiavr*. Md , J A Welden Providence. W Griflltli and Udy. Boston; P K Randall. OgdfDslKlTgh; B R Jewitt, Buffalo, Wm Atkinson Quebec. Thomas A Hardy. Norfolk. Va ; Wm T Hardy, do . Hon Wm 8mith. Wetertown. N V J R Benson. Cleveland Ohio; M C. Holmes. Machlaa. Ms , have arrived at the Howard Hotel K. Bwett and lady Bswton: A Van 8lyek. Rochester; tl Bupgett. do , John l.tghllH d, Canada West; J. feel. Ppringfield; J Cutting Boston. Major Anders.m. II 8 A.; Major Thornton C 8 A ; J A Potter. Providence; T W Moore I'iallfbnrgh were among the arrivals at the Howard Hotel yesterdsy lion Luke Lea, Indian Commissioner lie Truman fro an C< nn ; Hon John A. Rock well, lion William Nelson N Y ; and Miss Aon C. hynch. N Y , were iU Chkago. Ill , on the fid Inst. Anperlor Court. Before lion. Judge Paine Ji si 34?Cdwwrrf Cee* re KUtkm I l.lrhfrH ?This suit is brought to recover the vaine of f.?ur promissory n< le. dated et Del r- it. Michigan, made by one Carew. and psi side I . Ike order of aud endorsed by d-fevdint lie III tes were for $740 eaih. and payable at t. Iff, II. slid PI month, fri m date with Inters*!., at the llmk of Niw York, in this city. The defence was. that the de i i * tit e. v> r li ol r. <?. i>. d due notice of the non-pay ment of the notes, and that, therefore, as endorser, he was discharged fh m liability And areondly. defendsdt contended that, before the eomnieneenien t of this enit. s -oil had been hronvht in the I'nilen I'? -: r I ? iff if the 8tate 11 Mi?-l t<?o , notes The jury nnder tha dlrrrtion of the Jndge found a nrn t p r plnlntUI for $3.4X1 M, subject to the opinion of the C? nit. Bofore Judge Mason Ji sr. 2o.?Patrirk Mmrktrr re firm Ryder ?Tills is an ? * ion on % contrast. v ? over n hnWns-e ? ! ??Hi .ij 1 lie eentract was entered Into leivwn the parties on the -.-I til i f Julie 1 -."si whs r. by the plaintiff sgr. 1 !?? bl'W up n nek st lite corner <f 8<ienth avenue and Thirty ssrrr J afreet, the dimensions <4 which w> re "4 hy 41 bet sod 7 f. s t ilsep Is h w ths1 curb ?tone to h ave tlis leittnm of the s iravatism level and to remove the stones and ruhMfb. kr the work to filihhed h f tli" Joth "f |t) gust, ihsn mat. the d'fcnlaiit to I sty TV cents per cubic font, the whole anion uIn/ to >;ss out eh I ; ??, i ant paid (4Afl. laaving the at>ove claimed. The ?Is fs-m e was. that tha wotk was not ffuished within the t rie mentioned In lb* contract. neither wna It dona no eorillog to the terms stwclflrd hy said contract. In c >n?e ?|Mhs e of whinll. tho nefen I ml ?ll?g< d th it lie snff.-re I Meninges to the nmount claims d The eanse was snmmed up this ever.;i g. and will given to the jury to BU'ir w KUhlt. Vnltecl (Mate* Dtatrlrt (onrl. Bifoff lion. Judge IUtt? Jr?er 34 ?The JuOp ??. ted that a great deal ofbud nerr wae yet to l.e at'p'-. J of In thie o.urt, *< an ?eru. mutation ? f clrll em?ee w*? cau-ed ley hia in it- p > III >n | for time laat year He had intended. ther. feere. to In I<1 rrurt through the July t?rm Th? gentlemen <?f the ; 1 ar had. hot?wr. ropHrt'd him to adjourn the rtlmdar for that month, and h? f it it hia duty to reciprocate that kindneaa whtrh tiiay had. on the occadoa ot hia lllneea, a I tended to tfee court lla tharrfora accedtd to th? ir appeal The criminal trtaia (etcept that of th?e eountetfriU ra.) will ha postponed till Jnly The pr???nt citll calendar alii ba con tit Uad tm Saturday* and Mon day* aa well a? other daya Tlia criminal calendar will ha proceeded with In July an4 August TWal rj C<mntrtjritrrt ?Two <:>rmana nam 'd Trait and Frank. ware indicted for making and paea irg counterfeit money. Prank, who had pleaded not gnllty. withdrew that plea, and pleaded gu>'ty. The rrldrnce wae tending to ehtw atrongly that ne i ad hean ? mployed by Frrla to pat, and aealat In paaeing ?purtoua coin, mhrleatad hy Frank; Fralt. howacar. denying hia guilt. traceraed the indictment, and atood biatrial Tha I nited Ptatea I>latriet Attorney appeared for the proa*, cutlon. and adduced teatimony ?imilar to that whieh wae glrm hef'ra the commiaaloner It appear* that police oflcer Jahn tlannlfen. aeein* tha two prl? .n?r? prowling about tha Flee Poluta. and having watched thalr m< aementa for aoma time, followed them Into a candy at ore where thee had paaaed eounterfWt money He erreelwd Frank, and cawed Freia to be taken Into rwtodT hy a eitlaen named Rohlnaon He brought them to tha Mar*hal r rillca. and deputies Waleh and Rackele wita went to 'earth their realeteueea. where they dia eorered a quantity of rpuncM money. and u?f lament* for coining ilullty. The Pirank of July In New Jersey. Whykovf, Jane 25, 1851. Jamks Gordon Bennett, Esq., Editor of the New York Herald :? Dear Sir?The Committee of Arrangements for celebrating the ensuing anniversary of American Independence at Whvkoff, respectfully invite you to join them in the celebration. The distinguished and high-mindel course that has marked your career, and the tone of your valua ble paper, the New York Herald?distinguished alike for its ability, energy, and enterprise, and also a firm supporter of the compromise measures on the subject of slavery?has commanded the re spect and admiration of all ilasses of our people. The committee flatter themselves that you will avail yourself of the opportunity now offered, to become personally acquainted with a people where fanaticism and faction can find no plaie, and where a veneration and live for the Union of the States, and the whole Union, is heartfelt and sincere. The Committee of Arrangements respectfully take this occasion to express to yoa their high con sideration, &c. By order of the Committee of Arrangements. C. A. Worte.ndyke, Secretary. Our Postal Arrangements? TO THE EDITOR OK THE NEW YORK HERALD. In your paper of this morning yon complain of the imgularity of the mails, and the defective postal arrangements In various parts of the country, citing as an example the length of time required for a let ter from Morristown to reach New York Perhaps you are not aware of the tact, that the time necessary to com municate. by n ml. bttWSM the latter city and our own. distant !r< m each other about five or ten minutes' sail, Is eighteen to twenty-four hours 1 A letter mailed at either place, to-day, will not its fiMtiMttM until to-mor row. U. 8. M. Brooklyn, June 23. 1851. Collins and his Steamers. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Is it not mott time that the New York merchants begin to think of paying Mr. Collins some compliment All st em proud of what he has achieved; but I have never heard that he has received any pubiic thanks for his many years of unwearied exertion?which have not been as profitable us some people have imagined. 1 'lease call a meeting, or, in some other way. set this matter on foot. The people will nut be found uu willing to respond to the call. They simply require the oppor tunity. W. HfctlpU of Produce. BY TIIK MOUTH RIVKK BOATS. New York. June 24.1851. AmeRicat TaATsroa-'ATioT Co.?M. MeCiUeb A. Co.? boat Lor ell?14 oa-fc# ache#. Newton. Window Si Co; 0 do . W. II lloyt; 219 package# and 34 bbls. hams, Work A Drake; 75 package# do , D II At W Mones; 40 do , Jewell A Harrison Boat Fither?2.600 bushel# of corn, Gibson. St i ok well 4t Co. Grieetih'* New York ?ai> Trot Lite?Barge McCoun?775 bbls. flour. K. F. Sage; 522 do., McBride At Sheldon; 1.212 fides of leather. Ballard At Fratler; 545 do., J Matlisnn, 15 bbls pork. Chouteau. Merle At Paudfbrd; 17 peckHgen butter, and 3 do , beeswax, Babcock Si Co.; 25 do cheese. Ilurlbut At Co. New York atd Beteca Fall# Line.?Boat Schuyler? 220 hhta. flour, and 100 half do., N II. Wolfe; .2 do., J 81. II..} t At Sons; 1.000 hushehl feed. Bawls At Seymour; 75 bbl# whiskey, llerriek A: Van Uwkerk; 35do. L. Cham la ilin; 9 obi t jrgs. J. C. Daniels Boat Thos. Schuyler? 14 packages butter, A. Bennett At Co.; 10 do., and 43 do., eggs, various orders. Old Osweou Lite ?F. P. Llttlejohn.?Boat Highland Mary?22 bbl#. ashes. Wood At Grant; 4 do. Yelverton V Fellow#; 253 do flour, R F Sage; 1.160 bushels corn lo the agent. Boat New Kra?16 bbl. ashes, Dater At Mil ler; 22 do , Hoffman At Barley: 7 do , Barrett At l'erry; 10 do . Thos K Blown, 4 do. Gondii, Noble At Co.; 3 do , South#ark hi Sherman; 747 bbls. flour. J. M. lloyt At Sons. Old Trot Lite.?Bope Cutlin?Barge Troy?745 bbls. flour. Suydam. Heed At Co.; 550 do , J. B. llerriek; 360 do Kent. Poag At Co; 175 do . Bogart At Knee Land 50 do! Wadeworth At Sheldon; 3 200 bushel# corn. Gibson. Stockwill At Co ; 30 do. cement. W. Blake; 34 do. high wine#. Lltcbiield At Co ; 13 do., Chan. Starr. Jr., At Co. Pwiftscre Lite.?Kedtield St Co.?Barge Lady tan llenselaer?552 bbl# flour, N. II. Wolfe; 400 do and 2.662 canTas#ed hams. Gibson. Stoekweil At Co.; 151 do. Dow# and Gulteau; 40 do. and 250 bbl#. whiskey. Dow# A Oary; 320 bsg# malt. W. B Iluun At Co ; 8 bbl' egg# Mead Si Co , 02 do. and 21 do. butter. Work St Drake; 14 do butter. Blydenburgh A Co.; 60do. Kent, Boag Si Co.; 110 pkg# provisions. K II. Burdett. Trot atd F.rie Lite ?A C. Tefft fc Co.?Barge Bur den?10 casks ashes. S Judd A dons; 4 do Wright A Co.; 1.2M bbl*. flour M lloyt fc Son#; 70 do high wine# Dayton A Sprague; 10 do Litchfleld A Co. Trot a?id W'estert Lite.?Rich. Clapp A Co.?Boat Helen?13cask# ashes. Hopkins A Co.; 11 do. Goes A Mar h; 4t0 bbls flour. J. B. Wright A Co.; 103 do. Ne ainn k Son#; 60. Blydenburgh A Co ; 20 firkins butter. Iialer A Strang, 20 do Work k Drake; 17 do. Babcock k Co.; 16 this whiskey, Dayton k Sprague. Boat Wil liam#?2tl6bu?hrlscorn, to the agents,47 masses copper. Westkrt I-are Boat Lite?Howell k Co?Boat Woodruff?10 ea ksasbes. W. W It Co.; 31 bbls. flour. Camp k Wells; 2 500 bushel* corn, to the agent Boat Howell?56 bbl# flour, Herrick k Van Boskerk; 2 500 corn, to the agent. Boat Mediator?2 660 bushels corn C N aad II ; 26 bbls. whl-key. to the agents. Total.? 261 pkg* a?he# W.uoubbls Tlour. 2SA10 bushels corn. 2??5 do pork. 2862 iiuwwd hams, 581 pkgs. cut meats, 191 do batter. 624 bbls whiskey. Wedtisdat. June 26. I'M. Ai ratv Catal Lite -J Gillespie--Barge Clinton-700 bbl# flour.J. II Wright kCo ; 58* do. Dow# k Carey; 407 d< * B Litchfleld; 288 do and 25 bbl# whl#key. lloyt k Sons; 236 bbie flour. J II Reed, 149 do Philip# fcAborn. 16 parksgee butter. Bennett k Brokaw;17 do Babcock k Co 20 sacks wool, A k B J. Dyke Barge Marshall-15 casks ashes. T Moulton k Co ; 14 do Cowing k Co ; 4 do Hubbel k l'atton; 677 bbls flour, Litchfleld fc Co ; 049 do Adams k Pturge#; 100 do J B. Weight fc Co.; 47 do J W Thorne; 41 do J. U. Reed; 5.300 bushel# corn, Bennett k Brokaw. America* TaATEroRTsno* Co.?M McCaleb k Co.? Boat Benton?716 bbls flour. Adam# k Pturge#. Catal Boat ETTEaraitE.?Z750 bushels wboat. Jones, Himrod k Titus. . , Di rstt. Lateimt k Co.'a Litr?Barge 8lock?I 400 bushel# corn, F. C. Durant, . , K. reord Ute -L. W Bralnard-Bsrge i onnlng-7 bbls ashes. Litchfleld k Co ; 761 bhls flour. Hm th Wal la re k Co: 472 do. Bennett a ?roka*; 367 do.. J I N.-fiu-, lo4 fc M do., J % Sheldon; 100 lJ?s meal Co* k Tru-low; 2 0fl0bu#heU rorn, Babcoek A Co.; 614 bbl# flour. Then Berry A Co ; 18 bbl# eggs, Bower# A Co.; 119 bbl#. proyleion#. D Ma boney; ?* bblS whl-key Litchfleld A Co.; 178 do. Uor riek A Van Boskerk, 35do., Dayton kPpragu#; 88 do., Fuller k Kellogg. Gsieeith's New Yorr ato Trot Lite. Barge 0 casks ashes l.ovell A Pomeroy, 68a bbls flour, R ? Page; 500 bbls hams. DM do *t>oulder*. 16 long side*. Jewell. Harrison k Co ; 6 boie? ham#. Buck fc Blunt; 37 i,kg# lard and 4 do. butter. Kent Poag fc Co ; 1. halo# wool. Babe. sk A Co ; 6 do Day Ori.w dd A Co II, dsot Bis. a Litr -II N H'dt fc Co -BargeJeman town?17 pks ashes Willard A Wood, 10 do Dater. Mil ler A Co ; 10 do C'Onan Hopkins A Co ; '#*) bbta ""ur. , L N Delllcker; 1130 do . th>w# fc Caiwy; 70 do . Clark A Coleman; * pkg# provisions, Wadsworth A Sheldon; 27 bales wis.l Bradnor k Co. Old Oawm.o Lna-F P Llttlej-ho^-Boel 'y"11"* 16 rask# R-hes. Kent. r?eg k Co lldo.J nndlt. Nob* k Co ; ? do.. Conklin Berne# A Pheppard, 6 do , Bkbeock fc Co - 4 do . Mthsnrlh A GUu?on, 4 dr, Stewart A Co ; 3 do W I.lpplncutt; 3.150 busbels era, to the ageot. Old Trot Lite ? Bore C*tH?.?8?ifl? Oregon-BOObbl#. fl. ur 3 Wright k Co , 239 do , J II Keed 180 do . J M. lloyt k flons M)di rtmsnl W Blake 10 000 bvi#he}" ecru Wadswrrth A Pbeldtn; 20 bids ry# ? >ur. anJ 100 bar- "???? K K I.irennore: 9 rasks asfcea. and 9 Eug? butter earteus orders; 154 keg# nail#, and 133 bundtse Iron. M Trimble. 4?1 bids high wine#. Litchfleld k o;1.5 do . Charles Starr. Jr , k Co . 11 k. g# buUer ?M?er. MM- , ler k Co ; 24 pkg? cheese P W fltebWo#, 13 do II. Bur- | r,Os*E?e C#t ?t. Lsnr?I. tlilbert-Boat Bard?2 600 tu.bel. grain Buy dam. Keed k Co OlRISS TsAT#r.>RTSt.O* Ute. ? Boat Not^'"1'"-"^ bbls ash. #. In .mall lot# to various order#; 300 bbl# 1"UT K F rage, 222 bU# nhukey, Chouteau. Merle A Sand " "ifoME atd Naw Yorr I-.te-A Whedan -Boat Rem# - , 3?0 Rides leather F Watson k Co ; 122 do. MndbmnB Kly; 26 pkg# eheree, J ltojee; 8 do . White k Co ; 3) bat-# wo?d. ?'n Hannah# _ Pvasi t'SE atd UTE-llumphrey k lligbee _ Jsfler#. n- 2>0 bW? flour. R F S??c; 100 dr W. II Ponsroj 714 bushel# wheat Tbeo Kigney PeiE-m SE Lite HedfeldA Co_-B*rge i'fiam -?5? Md# ?<-ur R V Pag. 2*0 do. A H B.merry, 19103, A lams A Pturge#. 877 da.. N II J"" Carey 24?> <lo . W A Brown; 5 JU0 bu-b-1. corn Oibeou, Ptrcirwell A <7o ; >J0 sides 1-ntlier to order; 37 pkg# but ter Pwift A Co ; 11 do . p 8 A Co ; I do ?*>?**?****% , Co ? 217 hbls whiskey, Chouteau. M'-rll A Pandb rd Bsrge Hoi bard?? ca#ks a-be. 17 pkg? butGr Boboae* A Co; 1113 bbl- flour. J H Wright A On ; 4J8 do, N H. Wolfe; 372 do T>ow# A tluiUao; 200 do . A II I omer 7, , 162 do and 3 half do . Parker A Coniewr: l?d? Phi lips k Ahern; 17 do,. Dorr, fc Carey. 78 do . Re* ord A Pijmour, 37 cask# bacon. F. Deny A Co ^400 ptee-, rop per. Tho# cirglow, .-2) bbl# whiskey. Peribuer A ? .e lege F.air t.i-r ?A. C Tefft fc tV-lWgs ID^J- , lay.? cw, bbla fl- ur. Litchfleld k Co ; 110 do . J F fc 3. O Frost. ?? da Dayton A Pprugu ?; 3 9-20 hu? "heat W II Matt; 26 pkg# butter *1-?d k t 17 do tW II ITstt. tfl do . BalTtoek k Co ; 11 do . McBrtde k.88 I 1 ? VASDEWAtra's OawE.-u l*#r?B. at lloi*1 ?2-7UH b i ciu. J B llenick Boat Camden?10hh'? aHwA i?*ar k Ptrorg. 2 600 bii# gom. J B llerriek ^ Boat Pplen 2 7w> bu*. eorn. same. 4 ca-k? ashes. C B'.l## k ' n Ti.v ?i ?2f.3 bWs s#| .? 1* 412 d- fl ?ur; '20 do rye fl. or 200 i kg- meal. 11220 bus wheat. fl.lMldo. oat# , 67 710 do rom. 137 pkg' p rk.673 rutm-at# 3-6 t e hub ter. 737 do .he.-s. 1 010 hW? wht-~ey. 96 bale# w.?l Th' S'div. Jnn ' 28. 1851. Fearoan Ihte-I. W Brainsrd-Barge RookeateP 13)M!> flour. B J NeTins k Poo; 9-*> d" . to the Arnn.; '.M begs m. si Co* k Tru-low; 2 694 bu# corn. Ls-ve k Margsn. 2,f92do Da brock fc Cj.; 14 packages uaUef. Halter', k Co ; 40 bbls uhi key, Hernck A tan lVw R Fun k Ce 'e Ltw? ?Baft' Tlrglnia?fDfl hi*, eorn to the agents; 2 *66 do Bennett k Br?kaw R,w Y?aa k Catspa I .te -R'al Ptpr n/-2500 bu# oat# C R Jane# Boat Pen Bird- 1 6CO bn? cat? ## "j ' Naw York k Ci#? i##?n U#r -Ch?m>wrlnln and 'hst man ?B. at Yorkt?wn?2 DiO bris eorn. to the agent Boat Wiley- 2 700 to the same New Yore k Pete, a Litr?Boat Watch?.v) bbl#, J Pkaals; 10(10 bu# (*t?. l D-O do. eoru, L. Cbam *7', " OsweoO Lite -F P. -Boat 8 1M bus Rje.Wateon RCo. FrankHn-ASA) d-.. to "oi'd Trot Lite ?Pope Catlln?1.094 bbla flonr R F f gaai ero do J. L Bo. kley k Co , 5 9<>0 "urhels corn. Oft sen. Ploekwell k Co . 306 bo*ee camtlea. J N Ptickl# A ( o , 1 bbl aches J Boyd. Jr ; 25 bale, f r# and 1 rack do P ChautEau. Jr k Do ; jl bale# hemp,Chenteao. Movie k Pandford. 95 bbla high w.nea, Dojton k Ppt, sue. 2b do Litchfleld k Co ? 13 rolls k*?her W k I> lir.vt, 10 tierces ham* Work k Drake. 4 do . J. C 1 9?u*et Taapsreavanep Litb.?B at f'#ri&er?3 ct?ki beeswax, K. Mead fc Co. j 325 tUa Hour, Bennett It Bro ||W. Bwirmni Lien? RetlfleM k Co ? Barfe At Ian tie?I bbU ajha*. Cuuover A fabagb; 2,018 bbls . 190 bait bbU. and 25 phg* whiskey, J. M. Iloyt k Bone. Taov ten Kuik Line.?A. O. Letlt?Barge LefTt?400 t hbls. flour, 2.600 bushel* corn, Hy. Nnyson; 300 bbls tlour, D. Jobneon; ISO do., R. K. Sage; 72 do., Kullur a Kellogg; 66 bble. high wine*, to order; 12 pkgs htms, UubbardM>n; 13 bales wool, Howe, Woodruff k Carter. Tao* iKD Michiuon Line.?Tracey. Backus k Co.?Boat | Mason?12 casks ashes, Condlt, Noble k Co.; 8 do., Stewart k Co ; 3 do . Beckett. Belcher k Co.; 3 do., Coman, Hopkins k Co.; 2.000 bushels corn. Churchill. Lee k Co.; 12 hhds. tobasco, H. Usher k Co.; 8 do , K. L. Maitlniul. Tao* amd Ooweuo List?W. 8. Koasiter?Boat J. Bates | ?2.860 bushels rye. lVatson k Co. ViSDi.?sir>:>'i Osweoo List?Boat Aurora 4 ashes, Dater, Strang k Co.; 5 do , atd 301 bbls. tlour, Yelverton k Fellows; 1.208 bushels corn, J. B. Herrick. Boat City of Oswego?26 bbls. ashes. Dayter. Strong k Co ; 660 bbls. flour, Yelrerton k Fellows. Wi Line ?Boat Adams?3,180 bushels middlings, Rawls k Ss ymour; 201 bbls. high wines, J. B. Wright; j 45 do., K. L. Howell k Co. 1 Total?166 bbls. ashes. 7,760 do. flour, 284 bags meal 276 pkgs. cut meats. 6.000 bushels wheat, 12.620 do rye, . 56.484 do. corn. 11.000 do. oats. 471 pkgs. whiskey, 13 bales wool. ItY T1IE ERIE RAILROAD. Tvlspay, June 24?342 sid?s leather. L. Andrews k Co ; 140 do. (Jeo. I'alen k Co ; 16 packages butter. CI. W UueUve k Co.; 2 bales wool, W K Stroug; 650 sides leather, D 11. k A Kinrteod; 6 tons pig iron, Townseud; JO bbls cider, "A D. B;" 75 pkgs butter, J Wickam; 11 , do. do.. 4 hogs. Captain IliU; 170 sides leather. Oilman k 8on; 36 tubs butter, 2 cows, aud 13 hogs. J. Dill; 13 sheep. 3 lambf, 4 hogs. 6 calves, 46 pkgs. butter Capt Andrews; 13 ealres, 67 pkgs. butter, Capt King; 23,000 bkts. ber lies. 221 pkgs. iiutter, 13 do. eggs, 25 ealres, 14 sheep, 10 , head cattle, to vailou* other orders. Wednesday. 25th?176 sides leather. Bullard k Co ; 3 packages butter, Southworth k Slauson; 3 bales wool, "L"; 130 sides leather, Thorne. Watron k Co.; 125 lambs, 16sheep. B. Cook; 600 sides leather, Oilman fc Son; 4 horses. Thomas Cummins: 9 cal?e?. 20 packages butter, S K. Strong; 17 calves, 102 packages butter, 7 hogs, 2 fh?ep. Captain Uow 7 3 Packages butter. 31 hogs. 2 sheep. 7 calves, Captain Blake; 60 packages butter. 4 calves. 34 hogs, Hovt k Wilcox; 46 packages butter, 15 bogs, ("apt Hi ugh; 31 CIOO basket* strawberries. 216 packages butter, | 30 hegs, 22 calves, 26 sheep, to Tariou* other orders. Tin hsday, June 26-8 bales wool. W. K Strong, 4 bbls ashes, Wilson k Cobb; 6 do . 11. Brown. 245 sides leather K. Stoat; 189 side* leather, J V. Van Wort; 190 do. Bart k Bros ; 27 head cattle, L. William*; 8 sacks wool, K C.; 20k<gs butter, M. C. Morgan k 'to; 10 bbU ashes. S Slawson k Go ; 142 live sh. ep. J Miller. 152 do., und 14 head cattle. Allen k Suuionyaii; 383 sides leather. Jlel

vin. Knoppk Co.; 421 do. Th >no>? Small; 23 sheep, 2 cows, and two calvts Thos iv denough; 400 aide* leather. A. Lapfcam; 29 ?h.?j 4> Uml?. and 5 calves J. V. Ames; 290 aides lea:he I .ir w- k Co.; 150 do.. Geo. l'aleu k Co.; >80 d > I'm > 1 Miles; 715 do., Gil man k Son; 5 hales yarn it- 1,1.1ns; 74 pkgs. butter, 3 eulves, H 11 Cadwell; 13 h<*- 6 pkgs butter. 0 and calvts. Chandler k J./, 10,1 and 38 pkg< butter. H. Tuthill; 2calves 4 sheep, 30 tubs butter, Dill k Walling; 90 do.. Capt Blake; 30 hogs. 51 |,kg*. butter, 11 calves. Capt l'o?t; 25 tons pig iron. 5V 11. TownsenJ; 232 pkgs. butter.28 calves. 31 sheep, 18 hogs. 2 100 side* leather, to various other orders. 0AKKKT8 KI.SKWUK1UC. rrocK Bos-row. June 13.? Hrokrrf" Hoard?39 shares Western Railroad. KJ3 a 193V'; 73 Old Colony Railroad. 64: .VI Be Vi la c ItAilroAd. bflt'd. 3s; 60 do.. *3Ud. 28; lit', do., >; 25do.,, b?M. 28k: 60do., ?6d, 28j 10 Sullivan Railroad, s30d, 32; 10 do., bJOd, 31k: 215 Vermout Central Railroad, 3654; 50 do.. sliO alter 10d, 3SV; 900 do., him. 3hJ4; 44MI do., oiimattcr 301 .15k. 1 Worcester and Nashua Railroad, 49; 611 Rutland Railroad, 65; 8 Concord Railroad. .55 a 64V; 2 Bo#Ion und Maine Rati* road, 106k; 6 do , b.3d. 101: 8 Ogdeneburgh Railroad, J8*,; ? Mid River Kailroad, 717: 20 South Reading Kailroad, HC'*; 3 Michigan Central Kailr. ad, 111!'.: 125 Canton Company, U.304. 73'-: 30 do., 73; It) Bank of North America, 102',; II Bank ol Commerce, 10254; $ 1,000 Sullivan Railroad Mort gage bonds. 81k Stcond Hoard .30 ihare* Ogdoiiel.iirgh Railroad. SeV; Ml do. hied. 3854; 50 dn? b60.l. 39; 40 < anion Company. 71; 3 Merchant*' Bank, 110; 2 Western Kailroad. 10354; .30 Reading Railroad, Mid. 2*',; $1,000 Vermont and Matiachoetta Railroad bonds. (*,)$? Ji nk 24 ? Hroker, Hoard-7 eh* Boston and Providence Railroad, div. off, 90; 8 Northern Kailroad, 70k: '20 pfdats bnrgh Kailroad HUM, 39; 70 do , 38 54; 60 do., b7d.3844; 50 do., S8k; 40Philadelphia. Wilmington aad Baltimore Railroad, .11; 21") Beading Railroad, 27!$: 100 do., etiOd. 27%; 2.5 do.,. h?sid. 28k; 465 do.. 28; '2 Boston and Worcester Railroad, 10354; 1 do ,103k; 25 Wealern Railroad. KM: V2 Boeton and Mam* Railroad. BM; 2 Vermont and Maoaachoeetts Kailroad, 30',; 27 Vermont Central Railroad A34,; 4 Eastern Railroad. 102 ?; 52 Canton Company, 74; 2.3 Edgeworth Company. 8'^; '_3 do., Mod, 9; 26 Angueta Water Power Company, ISk; 25 d? 12, 1 bank ef Commerce, 102V: 6 Tremont Bank, 107: $90 Bo? ton, Concord and Montreal Railroad dividend, 40. bec&nd Hoard?10 shares Reading Railroad. St'*i 5 Canton t ornpa ay 7.3'4: 25do., bSOd. 73V: 160 Vermont Central Railroad, A3W; 50 do., ,1'Od. A3',; llM do., b39d. 50 do., Mm. 3?k; 60 do . Mm. A3'.: 1WI Ogdenebur<h Railroad. *4m after A'd. 38 .30 do., ,4m after ?>d, 38',; 231 do., 38: 50 Michigan Cen tral Railroad, 10.3; 2 Eastern Railroad. 10.3',. Pwiladbi^wia. June 25.?AVrrf ifnard-tn.3 Pennsylva nia 5'r, 93*4: 2 l?> do., 9.3k; 1,280 do.. 9.3k: 1 '*? L*hif.h In tereet. 86: iw) do .80. 6,090 do.. I>3, s0; 1.IW Reading flo. 70, 74V; 2.000 do., ef, 74',; 15 eharee Mechanics' Bank, ti*?, 2t?2; 19 do.. 29k: 6 Penneylvania Bank. 1I9H: 2"' Reading Railroad, >',, 'A?ldn.. bi. 28L; Mido., 100 do a3, 28; 1141 Morris Canal. It.'a! 100 Jo. b5, 'hk $A1*I0 Reading ???.'TO. 744?: ?*? eharee Reading Railroad. | 60 do.. 27',. 8 P. ansyleenia Bank. 119',. ?V''r, Sa'f ? hare* l*anne) lvnnia Railroad. 42; 160 R^tdlag Railroad, -? ? Weekly Ilcport off Death! IB Hi? Cty bu4 tonati o( N?w twrlj. feo?u ih? U*a Hj of June. t?' tCa il?t4uy of June. MM. . I Men, 711 Women. 04; Roys. 117: Olrle. Ill?TeUI. 3t?A Diseases. . Akroeee 1 Fever, typh.e. *) tHglsty " Fever, conreetive I Atrophia 2 Fever, nervous. I 1 Heart, disease of Bleeding fr>m Innge 5 Hooping toogh Horned or fealdeo 1 Inanition . Bronchitis 9 InBamiuatmn of brain. ... .1 1 Inflammation ot bowels... Carnal tie*. 2 Inflammation of ehest ' Cholera Indantam 9 Inflammatiea e? lnnge. ... 2 Clelera Merbae 1 laflainmatioa of etomach.. f,]|, I Inflammatina of lieer Cnnsuii rtlo a .,,,,,, ,, , . .42 I.flammatlf-n ef leg., ..... Convnloions 31 It temperance ? Jaundice Congestion 1 Waraemns t'encoetten ef lung* J Moaelee. r ?aissoss ?i - ? , Debililv " Mnrtiflnallon 1 Deli-tea irement * { Diarrkwa J , Mrepev A Poieon 1 Deeper te the bead If Premature birth 4 Dtomyln the I Plenrisy J Drewned ? Rnpture 1 Dysentery !? Jerofttln J RryetpetM. ... f ?>??". 'S I rartnrd ef tbls^l. J Fpianl dlreaw ....2 Fever latermittenl J J Fever, fnerporai 6 flnieide.. ? Fever, remittent......... 2 Trethiaff J Fever seorlet 10 I lceratlon of throat I Ftver! typhoid 1 Bnknow* 6 A.S. ffnder 1 yo.f >01 From 9 to 4$ yoaro 32 IU 2 ytiri 45 J# ?? " 2u ? *5 ; }; 9 to Ml ** 21 ?" tc Jfl " U MUD ~ 99 76 to flfl " 3 Su3fl ?? ? Putm ?r Narmrv?Rnltod fltateo. 237: Irolanfl. ,2. Regions .. fleotland. ?: Waloo 3: (loneany. 30; Froneo. X Auetna. 1; Switrorlnnd, 1; Italy. 1; Woot lodleo. I, La kaaan. 4. Fbom?Haepita). Ballevaa. Ml PvaltoaUnr*. BUahesoire lelaaS. 3| Small P-i. d? . 1. Loawtic Aotlam. do k Word e lalaad. 17: Raadallfl lelaad. 2: Oty fri' ran 2 llousa of Rrfnge. I. Almohoono Rlaokwoll S loload, ? CalaroS Homo. 7, ff.Urod ^"..a^ ^ u^#wf Clt* laopaetoCo fWlaa. Jaao 21. Iflfll ? HIPF1NM. PIHt( IFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PANT?THE OWI.T Thruyh Lie* for California ul Orayoa, via Charrad, direct-Fare Radactd.? Oa Satariay, J an* S<th. at J P. M. th# tplaadld itaamahlp CEESCEXT CITT, I .WW tana hnr thrn, J Tana.r, Unnu4>r. will atil on Saturday, Jua# >th, atpraciaaly J ?>!' k. P M . from Mr fl'r tt thaf?t o1 * arrva itr?l, North Rlttr. ailh tb* f.ovcraiaaat Mailt far CI'itrM.ntarrUit with th# favarIM Vait'4 Stain Mail aiaamahip T*nnaaaaa, to Una# Panama ?? or ahcnt tha lAth July For frciyhl ar yantft, Apply At tha oflle#. 177 W'aat a treat, eanivr Warren ilrtri ______________ FOE CALIFORNIA. VIA CTIAORES. PIRRt'T ?THE naw a oaaal i| LAFAV ETTE, I.4RI tuaa Kartlaa, Chart## ??< d.'ard f. ir ran 4< r (lata ofataameiiip Craaoaat City), Bill tail fma? PI ilndalphia for I hay rat direct, aa Thnrt<lay, Itlth Jaty, at 13 o'clock, from har wharf, Baar Lombard ?iraat. tit ahata ttaamar hat proaad haraalf a vary far t an4 ra n -.rtally at fa aaa aaaao' (belay aowr oa har llrat voyay* fmia horny*.) Bad har accommodation* far Irat aa4 aaaoa4 elaat |aa*aat*ra arv anaarra**4. Throayh tiahata to Saa Pran vitro will ba furaiahad at rr4arad rata*. Partana anyaainy Anittya la Ntv Yarb will ha pmridad with ticket# to rhila 4alj 1 it frvv. ft r ftviyht ar i>ar*ay* nnply to ) 0. WILLIAMS. IN) fraat itraat. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANT.-f O X LT Tt rooyk* fay California an4 Oroya a.)?The pnhlft ar* tali rai?4 that aa4*r tha aaw arraar*ai*at ofthit On pany, tt*amrrt lntp**t*4 and aapmaad hy thv Navy Oepart rornt, and carry lay tha I nit*4 fttloa mailt, will anntlnn* ta laavt laaminendSaa Traaclar* tha I*taa4 Utah day ofaaeb month, v fie at 4?taln*4 hy anavcldnhlv aorid*nt. and will t.wrh at Aaapalan, Dan Hieyo, and M"it?r#y. tha fnlli ainy ataara packet# holonyiny to the PaaiSa Mell Straanhlp Company arv sow lath* Pnrlhe, aaa af which will I- alatyt ia port at rati, cad of tha roata ? ORlejcN I.'*?# toaa. REPUBLIC 1.BW fna. PANAMA l.n?T mat. Ca tt'i!.I n a CaI IFORNIA ...I.OSftaaa. ('"l.t'MHI'S (Ml ton*. TENNESSEE l.N<0 toaa. I*THMIS tona NORTHERNER ..I.MO toaa. UNICORN fttMnna. CHI.CM Bit ... , MIO toat. FREMONT 6?> load. ANTFI0PR ton*. Iha naw atato *hl? COLUMBIA will ply h#twa?a Saa Frtnaitan and p- rla In Orrroa. awaiting at tha format port tha trrital "f tha mall* and r ?wwarrra front Pan nam. tad r-tralry a Hhont flat with tha mall* aad paaaaayara far til* tlaamar from San Frtneltao. A raynlar Una af propel:, r* "III h# kapt ap for tha traat p.rtatioa t>l fright and t.aaaiaat paracnyara katwaan Pa atmnard han I innataaa. Tha vrtll katwn ataama! ip S * RAH SANDS, of I..WW toat hnrthaa. now under chart' r t" tha rampant. and prrnliarly ?otr modi, ot la la? cabin ArranycmcnU. will k* kapt ranaias aa aa ritra fami'v boat. Oa* ef th? ahav* atcamrr* will ka*p np tha connection ha twarn Acapnlco and tha otc?r M*vio*n p rti. Tha rnaaaiki' a la tha Atlanta* a ill be maintained by th# United S'ataa mail *tran.*hii a C.?"RGIA S.SDE toaa CRrselNTCITT I sotoaa OHIO ........ S.'W) tort. CH BROKER .. . I.tntoii. EMPIRE r H' ? ?4? tea*. Pllll.Aori.phi A UtMtaaa. I rtiiaf New Fork tar Chayraa aa th* tlth aad Idb tfaach m-.cth. Th* raw atcamaMr* FT, TK?R AOO ted FAI.CON wll farm Adirratlin* 1 'wa?a Naw Orlr , tand Chayra*. laariny At torh jcricda a* will lama* a* li'tl* detention a* poaalhl# oa ? .a I a r 1 mat. tnd fnrmlna. with tie PacISc t'awm.Mp*. a |hr< ryh Una to ted fr*n New Or!**** aad p-rt* In Motlco, Cal'fomia. aad Orry a. PateM^'t (mm Now Orlaant raa hr teenrad frtat Armatroay. La? raa' t b Ca.. ayvata. at that p'aca. Th* Sir* for ihrc' Rh tl'kata frow N?? Fork ko Saa Fraa eit' ? hat he*n mdncad Pmta (?tn, ia tttte rromt, to ja*W fitl, la Iraer eahin to fjai. ta*?. ia ttarray*. ta |!? The rate# from Naw Tf rk ta Ctnyvet will ha at tha lawaat adrytrd hy nay aafa aaa ataamar k*tw*?a thaaa porta. T'T choice of hartha. aptly at th* aSlc# af to* Cowpaay.hd Bad 86 Swath ttraat. and at thalr ayaaay, 177 Watt atrvat IH.SI.OATINi, rill RRACON and RCOTlrOR HATrr raa ShaAla? I'm petal* will h? r? e* I r #d at thd Caaat S?r vey rfllc, Waahlartra for a* iraa keaena aad hall, and far an ima hnoy, natil tha 16th day of Jaly. to ha deltr. red at Tltttrra* Ir t, an ' r vef. re the Itt day of Oetoaar, ISSI ?> tl e rfhrer alrr?ed with pTaciay th-m. Tha hall Sr?i*n to ha f lett ima. faat levy and r> feal h*am. Tha hnay to 1) IS feat f ??e(,?? taay. and d feat d IrehM Itrct diameter, aad la ha hoilt ia aarorlaa >t wick drawiat* on 1 apaaiftaatlnay to bf oca At thit aff ?# SAMUEL IIEIN. Mtsrfkl Ditbartiay A(?Rt V. 3. Ctatt Sarray, B iff AHVSBHENTI. UH IRY THEATRE-BOXES, 25 CENTS ; PIT, ?H Milt; Seat* i> Orohestra Boxes. iU oente.?Deore open it 7V.; to iinsnei At 7% o'clock. Fri'lay evening, June 27, will be acted the LADY OF LYONS?Claude Melnotte, Mr. E. Eddy; Col. Didu. Mr. Hamilton; lleauseant, Mr. Pope; Glavit, Mr. Jordan; Pauline, Mix Wemyss: Miue. Dcsohap pellet, Mrt. Broadlev. Alter which, .Mitt Hllfert will sing the popular song of Ben Holt. Mr. Leltingwell will alao >idk opulsr comic ton*. To conclude with the drama of the lOk EN SWORD?The Baron, Mr. Bower; Claudia. Mr. Pope; Col. Rigolio, Mr. Stevens; Estavau, Mr. Ooodall; Myr tlllo, Mite B. Ueniu; Koeara, Miaa Herring. National theatre, Chatham street-boxes, Jbnents; Pit. 12K oente; Orchestra Tickets, 60 eente; Private Boa Ticketa, $1. Moore open at 7Si; ourtain ri>se at 7Jt o'clock. Benetit of Mr. John Herbert. Friday evening. June 27. the entertainments will commence with the play of THE STBANGBK?The Stranger, Mr. J. K Scott; Baron Steinfort, Mr. La Favor: Mre. llallrr. Mrs M. Jones; Annette, Mrt. Herbert. To be followed by the farce of (II.E Bt'LL ? Ebeueicr Calf, Mr. C. Burke: Mary, Mrt. C. Herbert. To conclude with the SPECTRE BRI DEO Kt >OM?Hickory, Mr. J. JefTeraor; Paul, Mr Herbert; Lavmia, Mre. J. Jetfcreon; Georgina, Mice Cornelia Jefferson ITALIAN OPERA, AT CA8TLE GARDEN.?MAX MA reU?k, Manager and Conductor. Admiteien, 50 oente. Friday Evkmino, Ji'sk 27, Will be performed the Opera of DON GIOVANNI. Donna Anna. Signora Truth-Benrdettl. Donna Elvira . . Miea Whiting. /crlina Signorn Uoeio. Hon Giovanni Signor licneventauo. Hon Ottavio Signor Korti. Commendatore Signor Roil. I.eporello Signor Mariui Mssctto Siguor Coletti. Doors open at half-past C. Performances to ooiniuenoe at 8 O'clock. No postponement on aooouiit of the weather. Opera every night, Saturday not excepted. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 171 BROADWAY, AH91V Gnand street.?Open every night during the week until further notice. Tha original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, comprising an etlicient and rcroatile "corps' of "talented" and ' experienced performers," under the ma nagemeut of E. P. Christy, whose conoertc in this oity, for a succession of "live years, havs been received with favor by highly respectable and fashienable audiences. Tickets fl oonta. Doors open at seven, and will commence at eight o'clock. An Afternoon Concert will be given on Saturday next, for the accommodation of Ladies and Juveniles, nnm mencing at 8 o'clock, P. M. On Friday, July Ath, an after noon concert, commencing nt 3 o'clock. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW M I 'Si cal Hall, AAA Broadway, between Howard and Grand street*; open every night. This justly celebrated and effioient corps of talented and experienced performers, nnder tire sole management of J. II. Fellows, whose concerts in this city for the pa?t year, have been received with the greatest favor by tbc elite and fashion from all parts of the Union. Fellows' Mueical llall i* one of the most spacious and best ventilated buildings in tbe world. Admission 25 cents. Doors open at 7; concert to commence at 8 o'clock. An afternoon oonoerl evtry Wednesday and Saturday, for the rspecial accommo dation of families, commencing at three o'clock P. M. BARNVM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, Proprietor and Manager.?Leon Javelli, whoes name is intimately connected with tho Ravel Family, in his wonder ful achievements upon the Tight Rope, appears every even ing this week. On Thursday anil Friday afternoons, tlie farce of Til 1MBLF.RIO, and TWO EYES BETWEEN TWO In the evening, FAINT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY'. After which, daring and extraordinary eeplotts upon the 1 ight Rope by Leon Javelli and llerr Cllue. To conclude with YOUNG AMERICA?J J. Pooley, K? i. Mr. Uadswsy. D.e Happy F..mi!y, composed of upwards of one. hundred trained Animals and llirda, of the moat diverse and antagonistic characters and natures, and yet living to gether in the same enclosure on terms of amity and lasting friendship, can he seen at all hours. A dmission to the entire Museum and performances, 25 cents; children under 10 years, l.'X rents. 1MIE CXLXBRATXB Nova tOOTIA GIANT SOY will hold his Receptive Levees at the APOLLO ROOMS, on Monday rext. Jnn- '.'lid,and every morning, afternoon and evening nuring the week. The entertainments will bo ac companied will, Music. Doors open at 3 and 8 o'clock. P. M. ANGUS McKASK1LL Is considered the greatest Wonder in the physical world. Hs la eight feet high, w cighs four hundred pounds, is only nine teen years old. and is still grow ing. Admission, 25cents; children half price. POWER'S GREEK SLAVE WILL BE EXHIBITED FOR a short time, at the C hinese Building. Broadway, com mencing Friday, June 28. Hours of exl ihition from f A. M till y P. M. A omission, 25 cents. Season tickets. 60 cents. Pamphlets, 6*4 cents. Free concerts.-otto cottage, hoboken. (trand Instrumental Concert?sixteen performers? Nc ill's Shakspeare Society Band, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, commencing at half-past three o'clock. If the weather is stormy, the concert will take place the next day. ?HIPPlNOi () * i? A N STEAM MA 1 liiATiox'^oJpAlJy^r&ii HtRMAN^Vr ?"??"??mptc.-n, IT. S. M?H .tVam.hip ylf WlVa-'?E; tr?bti*?. commander, will .ail for Bream ?.a . outl.ampton, on Saturday, July 12th. from Pier No * ?hip in htUnVT''"1 u Surgeon la attached to the dr fvfM. iL Ili.,^Up ,'t" thrwu*1' tlic ?'o?t <>?,?. Specie THj* TORK and mverpooi, united state foll.?ini8-,,l,ntr,-Tb,,hil? ui.,? ATI.ANTIC ^ PACIFIC ARCTIC ciEi" ?' Baltic il-,V. ADRIATIC .tapl. luiuitooi, ?oTtram'Jl'f* hV'B" *"*? boil' hir i'ontrMt fi|",r,Vly'*or 5tr *c7i? m luo^k'ir5' "", hM Ul"? "> thri/eon '?? '? tb?" engine#, to inauru atrength and aonali.iTr ,b*ir tcciminiidalion for paae.ngere art uo Vork to uArpool0*t]"a,ol,'for,t' iPl1" of ?"??*? from Now "chW ?. I r. Mta or UIUX!? Saturday, duly IE, ?? Wedneeday j' ,T ? Saturday. Augaat 2. ?, Jul??L A?a?tB*B l?? ?? Waduoaday, August d, " Saturday, Auguet 311, ?? Wedaeeday Auguet jrt " Saturday. September 12, ?? Wedneadar' Senumhwe a ? Saturday. S.| wmb?r 27. " W'adneedkT ' SetTtem r 17 ? B ! J ^ i *? VldttMdiy October 1JL M 5cturd?y, S< \?NiI*-r *, ?? Wtdneadfty, October 29* " jAturilEv Na?a|,t#r ^ M Widnndiv Navsnhir 11? P*turti?v. !??., ?vth#r4, ?? Wrdnesdiy' NotsmUr A'* Saturday. l>rc?mb?rSi, ?? Saturday, iWeembor 11, M For freight uy paeatwy, 27. - *T * draper!1!^ BouiaVardB4o,*BiartiVVarta'*** SSS1 p..TuSv^t: thvrei f theriiu a?oraaard'* "l"4 ^ ">* "'?? ArrU oaat. tharata of rr.lghl hy tha ahoya ttaamara from Liverpool will ha materially raduead. PORSOUTHAMPTON AWl HAVRE -Till UNITED ffrd^SiW? rH^V-Toe"i:fik7.7.u^i'u^^,P^^^ Thurada. 7- . raceir.d on board after A* ta parte, cad nfnaa la attachad l? tha this. For ircilht Of pAMlrs. apply to MofcTIMER LIVINORtON. Aga.t, No d3 Broadway N. R -Parceli per Humboldt. will he ruralved until Tri d.y aftaraooD.3 I VI hy I I v |m.- |,,v Mll py RETS rtiR HAVRE?SECOND LINE -THE POL. Pro* Pram Ship ST DENTS. /a. "'*' rJbVd at ' .Mai bartbaa. May I June id Aloato Pollanahaa ma.tef Srpt I Ort Id ShlaST. NICHOLAS. Hn MaJh il '.'.? tuna burthen. Shi oil #M^ I* Wo nT '* 0?t I Nay Id ?fif. a ?v ' Marah 1 April Id . V Ufa hnrlh.n, July I Aug. Id E D r. an. mooter. Nor I n? i. Aip WILLIAM TRLMMV) Aprii I N?*,'id I,Jill u-na burtbaa, Aur I Sant IA Jaka M illard, mattar. Den. I Jan Id Thay are all drat rlaaa New Tork built ahtpa rr tided wilt all requieita artielaa for tha e?mf?rt and re ny-nieana of ra. 5""", ??< eouimaadad bj man of aipartmra in tha trada The prita af paeeage ia ?nn, without wlntw ny llayora 'Onoda ?eat to the auba.rih.ra will ha forwarded frla fremani abanaa bat th.aa actually laaarrud. "" ""TU * HINi KEN. Acaata. 1?.| P.arl alraat. SPHE MOTAL MAIL STEAMKK MKEI.IN,~CAPT. S4RP. so, j7i".' ?i .""J ?* Tbamar. an Tu.eday st'iJaly. at nana. Sha baa aaaallaat accommodatloaa fit ET*Mmwi2rt,f U ?VV to St Tha ???#. 970. . h?r? ii ? rrfulAr mail c mmuaicttloB kmxwoom St_fh._a.aa aad all tba Waat lad,a lil.Ji H. v!I! Craa. Taaaauala. Aa. Tba Merlin will tube fr ight. Apply W. . . .. E. CI NAKD, Jr., Xf Broadway at ? ~?* malla will be raraired oa hoard the Marl,a. aaaapt throath tba pnat OfEra. F*?r*?TrT* C?t < r. rv,1'"' ^ U.inm. /S A J ffk i .i t C aD on ?atoHiy, t>t^ J m? ?I 4 O eloek. r M h?m PW 4, notih rt tf. I .r fSSrM w tbTlMr'l am P" V' MITCH II.L, m ?7on7 JTmrt }ily Clp. T. I.jroa, on Bit jr4ty, 5th DOR SAN FRANCISCO VIA RIO AND ? t i (f,, ?' IJ^L f-l? !r ,"1M <???>!? aatma tt*a?a ip UULDEN 2 *,ft Wll hnrthca. Car it U P P?ttcr^n U a Naej, C orb will hay# ?|?slek 4ecp%t'*li f r fun I r\n eiaro. atoppint at llio and Valparalan the finldaa Out. hat ha?w twill to carry tha 6. S. ma,I. batw?, aad Sa. Fraasiain iadouhlalroa hraaad. aad hat untuipiw- d ac aonurr dat'nn L r pa?a?n?.ra. Far pa...,a. ar rlk t. HOB LAND W A SI' I N W A LI. R Son that not. N T. A r:fMII IN THE STEAMER HI RROI PT (TO aati jf* ? a . alurday ) f?r aalt rhaan. Afplyat the Naahtil a laturaara aad Tmat Campany. T7 Wall *tr..t ? VACriT MART FOR SAI.r. WAV BE SEEN RE I tram lha and Kahmaau'a Hit',. For Btr' ?? lara, tddreaa Vaaht, thboWae. yorpartica ???iiaim Dt ERy MOTHER'S IIOOR THE I Mlt op pr)V I!'/* "f ".f Ur'" * f?" "p ' i'-" CI ?k.? ViCfi people from marrying, hat ia a th?l y|ll tell rnn many fmr-irtant ???-?ft? which ?t'1 StliHrrJd^ ia*?2? ohj'-'t'ooa Pr e, $| r r aalt hy Hr li<r?f di^' ? a Partatnaaa Agra-y. No |j Ara etr? t it aaauered L1*'- N't* V rh P. u , wiB lAR. RALPH. AI THOR OF THE PRACTICAL FRL V,u Va " Mo ?t?fll"a bnora, ? to 12 A. M d to I I M .(t.ndaya (.r-nwi-, atreet. Trsa the uarommnn medical advaatagea t',. author hy. rn -.y.-i which ha would iaatane# having rvaid"d eertfwl ?? art la I aria for the agprrra purj ?e , f atudii.gth.ea oia.aaee. followed by a I nag and rary atfenalt. rrvrt'-n |% li ?|',C *1*thl* fpo'TOHty. he ran. with e .nhdenra, prowlae more certain, eafe. and n Ileal cn^a, It -q ... v, T ??F ??h" ?onree ia Am., ra. In ef ?ttirtayy, aad la tba faid >rah!e eoaaeiuea-'a of tarly im proper baMta. aadar h<a paeallar plea " trMtoaai ??. me.i ahorlnta aad parfa.t rare la tnmired. Eran tbaaa ef tha ?"'"?"haraeter , ft., aith I^aa.Zmpl^ttJ2 ba haa kareyfoaed laewyahle, thnagh thay mty raiu ra anmt paraav.ranna. Theaa who aptly in the .arl^ tWaTa! prirata diaeaaaa will ha (rativi {} fha .... and rapiTtr a tha fWM ahteh i. Jrta, adNaf/le a yary few lay,' *1 baa boon a matter af anrpyiaa to a ma. that nnr en. af ro. b?T'i?? and ef prnfaaainaa! attalnmeata ahn?M dareta bia attentfea to diaeaaaa whi.h pa- rl# af erorr dtanyfo. droaa Reg SlVnat *>E|.a*'* lattar. nd ^JE^ICAL^LtCTURBlMIN^SEMINAL DI?Bt<E9 RT aaarata and enra of n cleaa of di^a-eVrT '^ViVa it w *11?T deratood hy medical man. Treyimmt thnenhy ' ,i eagmrtnga. aad a aaw, whi'h ,i?tI r'tla- d.hil. talad , rgaaa. For a.1. at 222 Bread way (,14 J . Ue author Mo. 12 Abb itrtat. fjlct **'?*? "? ?" ??**?*. awmkiiw. BBOAOWAT TBBATBB.-B. A. MARSHALL, SOLH Liihi, 0. H. Barrett. Mauager. Doer* #Mi al 7Ja; eur tola rUae at !%? Dnh elrela and panuat, NmM /amiIf aad third olrel#*, * etr; Gallery. ll>4 ota; Prieakaoaaaa, $5 and 66 Binelitof MU.C. Cuifiman. Friday ceaaiamJuan 27. mill be preaentad the play #t HENRY TUB EIGHTH? king Henry. Mr. Wblting. Cardinal Woolaay, Mr. Cemway; Barf of Su7w". Mr. N. B Clarke. Via... Katharine. Mm C. C li.hman; Anaa Bullea. Mua A Gougenheim. To caaalad* ?ith tha comedy ol LON DON ASSURANCE?Sir Hareeart 'ourtley, Mr C H. Barrett; Daxtle. Mr. Conway; Meddle, Mr Daridgo; I.ady Pay Spanker. Mlat C. Caabmaa. NIBI.OB GARDEN-SUMMER 8 E A SO -M A NA OU. Mr Joha Seftoa.?Tteketa, 40 eaata; Krtrata Boaea, M. Doora opea at 7; performance to oommeneei atlla etoeA-lRn aela' uighta, Mondaye. Wodueadara, and Friday Bartong nighte, Tueedaye. Thuraday*. and Saturdays Cbawgeolper formance by tie unrivalfed and far med lUrU Raimly. Gabriel. FranaoU ia three character*. TheTbraa OlAdt***"' by Ante inc. Francois and Jerome Ravel. Firettimeel L laid dra Nymph*. The eatraordinary Bona. Blondin. M*n*. Mar/ctti ae Jocko. Mile. Hertin and Mona. Brillaat in ng I dance*. Friday. June 27, the Tight Rope, L ISLE DE3 N 1 MI IIS. tha THREE GLADIATORS, and JOCKO. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROADWAY. NEAR BROOME olrcet. ?DraaaCircle and Parqott. Met*.; Family Cirele, I 26 centa; Orcheetra Stall Seat*. $1; Prieat* Itoiaa, $& Doora open at 7 K; to begin at 8 o'clock. Friday *?*ai?|, Jane Z7? the p. rforuiance will commence with the LOTTERY TICK ET?Worm* ood. Mr. T. U. Johnaton; Snaan, MUs Mary Tay lor To be followed by the BLOOMERB-Mr. rrimiUr*. Mr. Chippendale. Mike. Mr. Brougham; Mi** Primitive. Mi?* Ma ry Taylor; Jac n*tte, Mrs. Brougham. To ?o?eludaI witfc th? new extravagania called the QL'F.EN Ol TIIE IROi,S? I King Fulminono, Mr. Chippendale; I'rincead Caniiinia? JftitS Aiary Taylor; OpeBooiUtta, Mill Julia (Jould. BROUGHAM'S LYCEI M.-MISS MARY TAYLOR RM apretfully iuforma 1 er friendaand the public thathee leet ll< netit will lake place on Saturday evening, J una ?\ oit wbieh oica-iou Mr (' W. Clarke ban kindly volunteered, and will appear in the SERIOUS FAMILY. Sea bill* of tha day. Box book now open. . BROUCI1AM S LTCEUM.-EI'ECIAL.-BROUGHAM B Benefit. Monday next. Jane laat nigbt bot fovC of the \ rcnent aeaaon. B<?.\ Book now open. ROLGHAM'S LYCEUM. BHOA DWA Y. -TIUS POPU lar and elegant eatabliahment. beautifully ?tooked Willi acenery and wardrobe, and all neceaaary appliance*. and et- . fectualiy ventilated by Wheeler'* patent *yntemol air fun nels to be let from July 7th to the middle of A ugu. ^Ap plication to be made to Mr. Brougham, *61 Broome street.^ VOCAI. AND INSTRUMENTAL GRAND CONCERT by L. A. Benjamin and E Von lleeriugen ? Llastes o. One Tkoniand Young Ladie*. uaiated by the new Inlfcu. Drummer and Whi-tler, only two year, and four month s eld. at the Broadway Tabernacle, evening, J una 27th, 1^1, the cxtrcinea to con*l*t of Vocal Solas. Choru.ea, and Single and Double on played irom Prof. V n llcirinuei. . New System ofNotion. I out I rt lo ooinmeiiff at a quarter t" s. Tickete -> eente. INRANKL1N MUSEUM. 176 CHATHAM r l.EA, Sole Proprietor -Admiaaion?Seat* ia Ptiratn dcxaa. 60 centa; Stage Seat., S7 Scent.*; Bo??? I net, ViX cent. -Elegant Saloon periormancee *r*ry AftW aoon and Evening. Entertainment* oomra*no*tn the afUt aoon at So'elock, and in the cveniug at Socloek. Th*ea icrtniuraeuU are varied and a.leet and ?uoh a* e>******"! it no other place of imuiement in New Yer Lea'* Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering nitee* performer., being the large.t and at the aame time the mo*k I talent, d band in the United State.; a troupe 0'M^*lAf | H.t. who are .elected f.r their beautv and Bgure, and wto personate a number of be.utifui tableaux, taken from *bj xioturc* of ancient and modem tiraei: n company oi Afw? Sir)., w ho go through a variety of feat, of .treugth and dex terity; Madame Ro.alin., the only Pemnle Jugg^let la tb? world; a company of Male and Female Artiete. who w: an eahibition of Marble Statuary une.|ualled in the world, iegcther with a variety of Interesting performance. *vorT afternoon and evening Fo* partionlarn *en bill* at mu tor. BAHMMS *M( SF.I'M TIIE UN N 1*1 CONSEQUENT upon the elevation of the <|uickeilver, only .erve. to .well the andienoe. at the kwun. Uulte n hit^hn* bee* made with the new < strav.gama of TH O El E8 BETH EF-.N TWO. to be repeated, with a favorite farce, th? afternoon. In the evening. Javelli. Uerr Cline, nnd Laneu with the flower of the vaudevUliit*. take part in the varied enter tninmcnt*. Raymond & mp.kk driesbacits benagerie. Thi. celebrated Benagerie?the largest and be.t con ducted in the known world?embracingnimoet every animal known to natural history, nnd which ho* received, tkf >*: tr< nage and applause of hundred, ol thnnaandi of the n?? respectable and inlelligent i>eople of the United State*, had lust commenced a mo.t brilliant summer campaign, nnd will visit the principal citiii an I towne of Now England in the foUowing order! vi, June Jfth, Nat.ek; Wcdoe. d.y 2oth, H'alt ham; Thurndny. iARh, ( oncord; Friday, 27 th, and Saturday. 2rth. Lowell. Monday, .k'th, J day July I. South Reading; w'edn*V1*>>M2d' Thursday, 3d Friday, ftb, Saturday, htb. Monday, 7tb, Tuen day. Sth, and W'edneadny, >th. Boston. AMUBEMERTS III PIU1.ADBLPHIA. . B"^ARNl'M'S MUSEUM. CMIBI "f SETENTH AND Cliesnut itwcUe Thiladslphia.?P. T. ""numPropne ter; U. Sanford. Manager?1 wo perform an cee daily, arte r noon and evening. Admiaalon, 26 cento; childran.halfpriea. Monday evening, Juno Id Mr B,otb. tha eminent trngedian, makes?i. first appearance In "Ilamlet." During the woek. tbw Martinetta. formerly of the Ravel Family, wUl give 'b*lr in teresting evolution, and abounding teau on Mr Taylor, the popular comedian, will aleo appear, duna* the weak, in tha " Lady tf Lyuna." aad other Pleasing farcee both afternoon and evening. Th*i celleetioa of wonder, crowded into the oapaeUn* wlo*i. *?mpTl?n ?om* hnlf doMn original eoll.etion. i.cUdlM the'amon. one by l'cale. TI.cmi are all worthy of a vDlt an* ean ^n MCI,kegethrr With the performanoee In the Lecture Room, for the low price of 2S eente^ _ MEDICAL. CftlKRI" OROV *tUYBRV^T^2lJmVTMut r Sehoeley'* Monntain, June II, rT I M. D.. WUliam J Moon, il D.. l'by.lcian.. Tbe above lotion will be ready lor the reoepUoa of Invalid# the nartB part of Jyil V; - P' abis and londdn trf.atment OF FRIVATH diMSeea, in n few boura, by n vegetable ajppiicaUon. without pain. In debility, brought en by Improper habttn. and ? on.tltntlonal nffeetion*. ba eamblnen mod Ulnae wttfc the local roincdy, nnd can chow any o?t thtro arc thou*a*4fl| who cannot be cured without it; a* he kae eaae* yeart duration, from the other phyrieinae..In al ?.J lira a iwrmaneat cure, lie haa etrietuiwn daUy he enrni without eanrt.c, which other# m.e, eau.ed by their not ^ea^aU ling the former dieeaee eooa enough. Hie diploma, wiW Hires, and Ihe hundred# ef eerllBeaUn. .how that ?????*? equal It. Yon eurad nia ia one day.?D. M. Corbyn. On* ioeal applleatlon eurad ma in a few houra. afUr ano11*r dow t?r tried a long time.?C. I)er,ad. 1 paid ever pRW, In tvM year# to be core* of wcakueae fr' n wlf abuee. without bon? ily.l you cored m. by and general jw*kln ? abort time ?Jaa. Evane. Yen cored me of khn worirt of ?yphililie ulcere on my body and face ia a rturrt Uwo^afteT I ha* been under thro# phyeician* fur .mjmot, bnaide* us Ian every quack mediciue I could hear #1?Wm. Fer?u?en. PartS Amboy. N.J. Tho? at a dl.tauca ran treated by mall. Dfllee lours from ? A. n. is I r. n., tad 7 to ? P. M. M LARMONT. M l>.. U Raade etreet, kw* doors from Broadway, not in th# store. r 1A1 EW MEDICAL BOOKS ?A COMHIJHE PRACTICAL ^1 work on the nature and treatmnmi JldslisMs di.infi*. and all tha kmdre* affeetlone-llinstrated by her of beautiiully colored platee. at large a* life, by Boatwlck, M D., I.eturar onSnrgefy, and dteeaeee efuj above named nature. It I. a large auarto-Sfltl pages, MoonR edition- prlee ?!?> Egtract from the ' BoeUn MedUal an4 ???lenl Journal ? may be, fsarlsse r. * ba .q. J to Ricord'. or Atton'* wi.rke on the came family of Mid tar superior to anything H U. kind ,,w pnbB.b^ K%?S-4p,.V'ii^m7?^aT?'WaUS: 221 Broadway, an* by the author. BO* Broadway. _ NOTICE?YIELDING TO TIIE EARNEST fOLlCITA tions ef very many who hare have ernally I y oertalo self puthng ladleidnal., the uwJeralgae* will e*n t(Lm" t*pre.eriVe. re'-Iarly. for that partH ular-elaae efdlr i.s", to Which their boasting aAearllwrnenU hllnf a. lThJ*n a be have ignoraatly injured them^ I at it ef youth, may al." apply _wItk n aaFUInky nl entn. Treatment b, iattar. m V dE LANEy! Mi D., 61 I.ispennrd .treet, near Broadway. NO FEETILLCl'RED?DM. COOPER ANDMCRPHT, l>t HooMTlltitrMt, (ma th'lr . - pa ra' lo lod ane e??e >? dieaaeea, may M? rolled In U>a treatment of lha nrnot ohetd aate eaeoa. wlthrat rnmrrnry Dr. C'anpefe patiaate will ?r.dhim it Rooerall otrvet. noar Chatham, uliitkm ?laa. Mawara af tha enaohala t>?r- "? ?I ct\tu\ reward-jErpBiEir antidote, a spb <Jr toe mlatarefor tko eora af private diaorWora Ik n.ahre a a|?ady euro. wilhoat the laaet ?? ?t> -ti no of fin, drink, ii|tnn. ?f tkui> la nppMentioa k# kaaiakM. Tbk preprin r a >m?l? caao which ib* anikara will a< ? rnra nndar th? f' rfMtnra nf tir? kindred dollnrn. Ik li fkl^ft mme tw fall llfiiMia^ak f i Oa? to ?Ua lutiKHk- mnar kr? enrrd in two dnye. Tor oalo by H NIVI. . '. Ill ana Of. kk'l lif Bayard atraat. Now Tori| ? H i.utto. 104 II nao< or otraat. boeton, Wriyht* Co.. Nrm Orl'iaa The married woman * pritate medical, com panii a? Hy l'r A M Manfireaa, Profaeaar at DieeaeaA of ? am lotilklh tditioa, In mo., rp. JDO--Prtee El.? Vooro of onforlai of phyalral and tnoalnl anaatoh to many an nlfrrtloaato alia, and paountary diAaaltlaa ta lha kaa t arid, mlfiht hata boon oparod by a timely pioaoaaloa af kUl wrk. Ik 10 latondod eopepintlr for tha marrlod, or Uiooa " r'omplatlno marriaira. aa It dieebooa importaat oafnla. wkla k thnalf bo km aa to I boat particularly. To ihoao whooa health 4naa aat permit el an iaoraaaa at family, it la af eepaeial impart ear# aloo, roory female- tho wifa, tha molboy?tha ?4 oltl.ff I ndd no Into womet hood, or th? o#o la tko doollao af yooro, la whom nataro eon tern plalaa an Importaat -haa?B? I aa ilifoo. at tha eaaaat, rymptamc and tha moot ofEotank ron odtoa, and m> ot roTtala mada el onra. ia orory aaaplatol U ob|rh horooa If onl iopt. (Eotraet of a Latter from a Caatlamaa ia Daytwa, Ohio ) Dayraat, May 1,ISO. Da. A. M MafBic??r Mi D??n ."in Mr wifa bao baaa per-eptlhlyat a k lag fof ?an.o tfroa ? are or mora, in conoooapapa af bar mat aa r .h rod ?r p. rite n me months aaforo aad during her eon hn.t .at; rr.rj OtkCorolaa aat mora aad aora dakilltaaat ond nr. ot otrd hot. potting hor Ufa In Imalaaat dinger. aat all. I. ? oa. ontbo l?ot nppaoioa, diopnlred of. I rnrpoead that this state of thing. woo iri otlot le, and resigned myoplf la r,,,lt'oa rot At thin time, (o'wabnut twomooU.o.) I h t o } oar book highly o| 'ikon > f. at enatninla* oamo matter* rre-hmg my raaa fin NlfyMjH and patnoal I raaavt aa tr >otaraatka r<llof it adorded mr diotraooad lalad, ltd (ho J lie poor# Imparted to my wife, aa learetag that tha (root oiop. aary of M M Daaon ran* nrortdo | a romody. It Pp. i,rd a pr ipeelti ma which I little ooarairod aao noaai h.. Rat lor thin, trr atiothor yaar woald hart aanaad oaaf r j h ad, in oil homaa probability, ray wifa weald bar* Iota in her iraii. mdn) ohlldr-a Irfi mothorlroa. It i?. of poaraa, unpractical.!' to raaray mora fully the run onlje If troaiod of to thoy aro of a natora ftr.itly int.uded fof ihr marriod. or tliono eontemplatiag marTiaco. I r tala at 23 lln adna*. aad ot tt.o I'obliohla* OfEro. (? r'l fir.Pt. bio Tort. I.ittla Ik Co , Mhony, Joaopdt Tm tir Mobile. Alabama. T. B. Patoraoa,MCbaataatotraaa, rHIadrlphta. ... On thr looaiyt oi rr will ho troattnitkad hr wall, froo f pootnyo ta aay part of lha I mtad ntataa. All lakkaf T It bo ap.irooood, p at pi-d. to Dr. A M Moarlaoaa. Mat I 224Now Tort ott*. fiMra rWUhafky otraat. Dr. COOPER, 14 DCANF. BTREFT. IIAB. FOE TTIII la i niaetata jpere, darotod hit prapiioa to tha ttett n eat 11 di .eopo lie pan < are t ia iaoet tnrtrtltd dte*a<po. a. f IF' I aooa ren ? red in a lia doye. Ptren/era. don t b? d'Crlird by ni 'ir.tptaoh who pereaaetaa my aaai. ead beetle In pndtnee t? ftyle hir-olf I'-rtar. If yoa rain* y r ho?|ir o( on thebaic Impooior. Dt. C. Il a member ef II Rew fori I nlrer-ity. end hit diploma may k4 ttaa ilk li- ffea A -aro (i.araatp?d ia aaeh knee. _ _ M;?D1cai,aid pRKNi n antidotr. rni*cMEAP i tad brn> B' rnt Frenoh remedy la kanwn to k# lha haek and at iy poolkm i-nre for aetnal difeaaot that hanyat keaa i!io. rr y o; it matti ra a-t a) at are. tea. or otaja of?ka dla tr r 11 la n ? era, niitrl>'d paprrimpat. f.?r it I ae bp in no, A in all tl e lerye rlliea and h'-pitelo in Iraaej, and le aa i.: i*l farorlte IE Rirnrd'e Oraal H'tpital in I'arle, wkara ItVt. I nn in nie riyl tern rearo. It la tha only remedy that . ? Pi eatiro'y ? red" eto th> p> i' a fr rathe er-tem, without t'e ?.? ef rarrriirr PHef ?! *? I? Paltea atre.t: llf H'airy. coraer tlreod Itreet "21 Hroe lway. and tha Medio eel ifltieSI r ar I VnkW ??t?ek. Efdgt aill ' ? en yraiio t ?k< ?? 'bo bnr Bold landadM|h?m 0 1 - onth Ib.f I fkreek, and la PWkobapjh at^Rmgh^M oi PT FATRnf Of C'lpATIA?A CBRTAIW ? ,. Hin.i - ptrate d'o rdara. Many ara mod ky It II ta do,. T . I .,r?. with the ra Ik 4. te rtomnth fold kr hrNkam > Mll tf, Jf Afdjtt D> aad at Diammoad e, dl? Reade ftcetV orfektta Etewart t, D'

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