Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1851 Page 3
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gives the speculators. id very great, and they can well af ford to pay the ioufur expected. Any man wishing to get cut a warrant and a patent without delay, oaa, by making ? present of ten dollars lu oach of the two offices above named, step before twenty or thirty thousand warrant* which hare been for a long time on hie, waiting their turn, and come Into the market sufficiently lu advance to com mand a high prke. Speculators who are so continually engaged In looking up claimants, buy up claims for abou* *7?, cash. By paying $10 for hurrying the certificate# through the hand Office, and as much more for harrying the warrant through the 1'enskou Office, making $2), which, added to the first cost, makes a total of $00?and the market price here Is $150 each, giving a profit of $60 vd each warrant?the speculator thus has almost the monopoly of the market. The iniquity of this system will more clearly appear when It is considered that the certificates delayed so long by the preference given to those who pay for it, are the only ones actually owned by the poor soldiers. Thee hurried through in the man ner described above, belong to speculators who have taught up the original claims, and whatever advantage i" gained by being first in the market, is so much addi tional profit to the speculator. The Secretary of the In ,erior mast look to this. Every claimant should take his turn; and no one should be able to obtain an advan tege by l aying for it The matter must n)t be lost sigh1 of?It is of vast Importance to a large class of people, to whom justice must be meted out with an even hand. Secretary Stuart must purge hie department of all who have so little regard for the public, whoeu interests are entrusted to their keeping. Stork Eichancti $:?<? u S ?'s, *2 111 WOrhsIric RR p&n S3>; 7400 do t>7 lid'.' 100 do *30 S3W 400 do 11??2 7?0 Ilarlem RR 73); 170UO do 117 400 do s3 73'. M'OO do S's, '5.1 101.700 do b.3 73j2 4000 N T fe N II Hda US", ?*) do si 7.i\ 1000 Erie 7's Dee dt> IDs S H>0 do bl3 73', MHO Erio Income 97'4 TOO do b60 74'; 1000 do 97', 2.700 do b.1 74 441*1 Erio Coa 71 90'. :*i0 do ?dn 74 2MKJ0 do 96 100 do bio 74', 4000 do b3 96 600 do 1.3 71', 27000 do WU' 11*) do bid 74', 4.'"00 do s90 96 ', lis) Eoag Island RK is', MM) do b6 9.7', 100 do is'' .VMHI do #4 op* 96'', KSI Read lag RR .76)2 8 eh# Bank Republic 1011), II**) do 56?; 10 1 lorenee fc. key port 2S', 660 do K70 .77 38 do 2f V US) do rOO 66); 700 Can ten Co M5 73 400 do 56', ?<) do 660 7?3d 300 do >10 56', ?00 Erie KR S3), 5" Stoningtcn RR 44), 100 do bdO Si .70 do 44'., ?00 do opg (Clt; 75 do 44'; 300 do Id after* S3'? 55 Jfor k iVorRR til); 40 do op* W; 1.70 do 61 4110 do 2d J u 1 v S3', ID Rooh k Syra RR 115 .180 do a.*) Hi, 50 Hudson Riv s6w? 75); 40 do 88', 27 Portsmouth D Dk 7A? 138 do r&e KD, 7.7 do 7 )2 Kl? do a 10 W, VI do b60 7', **) do bfil) M 341) Morris Canal bit; DO do rill 83V 2X) do b!H) 16'; 200 do b60 M SElONQ BOARD. ? I'**) Erie Conv'71 9.7'; lisi ,hs Rending RR s'W .77 80 rhs Heading RR 57', 31" do b30 87 2H*> do .771, aw Erie RR opg S3S ?*> do 67 300 Harlem RR 74V 3*1 do #60 .77 100 do 1.30 74'J 14*) do 57); | DV ERTl&EM ERT8 RENEW ED EVERY l)AY. pekmkal. ^^WABuTnWM^Gl^E^ WA^TID, TO SEE K . kit brother, T. Wahl. at ?2 Duane itrMt. | . , fMHtO?O* the ZID INSTANT, A GENTLEMAN. b:'SFtSSvS;T^"4Ms''^H \?r street. ?? - ^C^"\yoirm Frank,L etr-et. New Jer?ey papers plsaweopy. INFORMATION WANTED OF JOHN < E<,R'?IE^I,OIJJ: 0teM?s?s?? Ohio, where be is .?PPJ?*? to re..u. *<? f;-?? - York i'inoiDnati papers pleasa to copy. ???==== BPSCUli MOnCBI. tr\^ State, wll! ^OY.V^ 4?*pfctchtd p?r Humboldt. ? ? ttSsms^S&Ww-Mrt the <i?.r on the aeeaini ?I tb? Leeiwra. iMt^%^ssai?sia*?K!'5u"2 S.UVIi .f. ?? .itV. ?"???"???>? "? ?? ?> D"5v?A>.?fSj. iltV (Klde SE?5:SS?r-s *fj"s WMf MINER. Oraa? Mil**' VOTHF-Tlir, ?TOCpRHOLDtRSOr TMJgM|W? rootld. retiom the Vh" VoHar,. (makln* the Mid???Lfc;;;jz4 th^SSi* dollare.) aaS aloo to mhol* k#Eiiinf thi operation* of iti'l coin ...aider the J.JrXI on b.alne.. there, pan, in the eKy..' ffifitfiM MlTlltt.N J Trnate.a of ?a? aa it < ' 11 \ V E J KfUpiM If??? GEOKOE SHERMAN, S Dreeilai Ce. ?? a t11 it fiRDVR of UNITED AMERICANS IN 2'eeuSr'a'u/l'h;... J? lro?..??..t, ?. R.. r.; T"'llV M*V#H*tCh.>{ii??m Committee of ArranjamaaU. V b'?VhM. w?I W Vwro Cotillon Ra.d. a. b~HL o. vj^xsw& - XrB THOMAS VAN VORST. JrJ |)D V *?-?? ^V^.'.w'^rrTday "h?!i Sr' S?SSa@S rStfiaa^ NrwV \*M.?h. B.ilder N'.i^X.iam Jo.raai: k; tsf^sass: xwe* ?sEsSsksk teL-fta?* till 10 In the eeemi.1. CT.eed ?? Sunday.. Ne bar, H emokin*. ._.___ . ? ? 1 J . eeaN^w".**^-,.Mb.MHdM t'^SS *''H itf" "t Aww c nn'.fn fQ> nti, Lsibml* ( In tie *?' .f A VaN V ALERN StROI.'iwV"r? Mjet. New VeebgHH meat with prompt attention Sao Fr.MHMi May IS. ISI. aMW tor." At tbie "Sire. ????== ~ rol'RTM or IVLY. nATTLt* OF Trt.-QRMAT CEI.RBR ATION Of THE JBf 'toaty Afth aanieoraary of '.d^^Bewka?h. ?*^.f kuisti'i Uutrt#r*. dedicsted t?jr f?*n. ScoU, J,W \ V'S-Th-Une a. 4 popular .tMmhoaJJftw C.pb i Klder wiH SX2VW-W r^Um etr...M&?uf * ;;;.d":.kd J^VtV. asa^ fc w?e "ViehM. in:,\vr Brooklyn. _ ?? ?? 1 U i 1 roi-RTII JVLT EXCCRStONS r*oM NEW I S/) I . T-rb t. fhllad.lpnla, hy Camden a.d Amboy * t Waad?Fl?j??eee?t2^01ll"?eHeV i ? I?*Ta M tin* i t Arnhny, ?????? kjr lh? ???* ? M t ?tAfidld ttr? t. PMUd?tphls. fUt?min?. will Mjt r. 11*, i i foh r. V, 0 01 or.'t wharf. O. tho Oh atfor s P. V ..d - th. Mh oth and 7th of J.1?. by either of the bn.. "f'thet atudeti ..d, ? n iialefrhtaaodTre.,.. lUil , ,,d CompAAiea. fare tor tiie eieuraio.^ ?gLlM Aj#|l4 H ^XI I'RSH'N ON I.AKF, TRI* ON TO. R^Til 1 Id Ji V.' - T!i epl-iiii.l MM ra M.V MONlIsrATM At AIIaMA, and CIIAKTEH. ?t I mnbe eirnrato.a ir. ILake b.t. o. the lih <>f Jul* ne,t. leatlnd Dunkirk MrtF IM H* m Mine The K*y St i.e rtate ? III. if eufli tent ..mher of r,. Va? r- e?C?, riwaia up. , the l-.h t twoi or tkroeda,.. T ? tir i tht moet inteeeatln. . .lata. th. Alahauii will t) .?<rk In the m mlrr male a trir UP ? ,rn In ih* atrntl.* Th. Charter w.ll leave in th Beflblo aed reftea th. .am. er-nlne. aff;.rdl?. an ?r *.',;,t. i. tlml N it/ara tell, and Hnfftlo. raw a era TI t V'tfi t >?? I r?? R* lr->*d mi Ih* tn^fnlnf #; . ? i ,. it r (t in MiiVifV fhstiff. fVPnhl.lli WAITt. WANTED-A^tOMAN. TO QO TO THtnAYANAS, io the ciMoit; of None to a Spulah family. She tuuet apeak the English language without any accent, flood reference* required. Addrtao boa 3,26U, Poat OSee, poat paid. WANTED?SITUATIONS FOR IRISH. SCOTCH. AME rican, Enaliah and colored Cook*. General Worker*, Seamstresses. Nurse*. Chambermaid*. Laundresses. Waiter*. Coachmen, Farmers, bo., at the ?? 8. leot I'rote. tant Agen cy." 7 Carmine atreet. ucar Blceckcr itreet, and at the "Old Society Otkce." MS Chamber* itnet?the only office* patron ized by the hrst fasniliea, and the very brat icrvant*. Term* reduced. WANTED-A VALET. TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE, who underatanita the French. Italian, and Spanish languages. Apply el the Herald office for particular*. WANTED-A TOUNO FRENCH OIRL A8 SEAM *tre*?, in a private family. She uiuat apeak lone Kog li-h, and bo akle to make ladiea' and children'* dress*#. She will be expected to go in the country with the family in the rummer. A comfortable home ana fair wage* will be given. Apply nertonally at 173 lludaon (trect. near St. John a Square, from 12 till 3 o'clock. WANTED-A CLERK IN A LAWYER'S OPriCE.-A young man with *oma experience, who can write a good band, desires to atndy. and la willing to work, will bo preferred. Addre** fl, A W., Box T7 Poat ufloe, in tho hand writing of the applicant, -tating residence andreference*. WANTEIi-BY A REM'ECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN, a dtuation aa Chambermaid aad Laandteaa. The beat of city reference given Would have no objection to go to the country. Apply at 105 Eaet Seventeenth (treet, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*, hrst ffoor. WANTED? BV A RESPECTABLE VOONfl WOMAN, a situation a* Chambermaid and Nur*e; would do light hen*ework Best eity reference given. Apply at 105 Eait Scventei nth etreet. , WANTED-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE woman, a* hr-t rate Cook ; underttund* making all kind* of pastry and jellies; can give good city and onuntry reference. No < 1-jcction to go in tho country. Can be ieon for tno day*, at 2d City Hall place, secoud Hour WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young nun, ** Wti'er in a hotel or gentleuiau'a fa mily. lie is willing to make h.uiseli u*eful. Can bring good reference frim hi* last place. Inquire at 41 Forsyth *kruet, in basement, room No. 4. WANTED-A FIRST li LTE WOOD CARVER AND pattern maker. None need apply tnat do not under Hand the business, sod can comr recommended both for com petency. sobriety, and industry. Address Carver, box J. II. C., Herald office, with name and addrese. WANTED?A BAR TENDER. AT 4.10 BROOME street, corner of Crosby?one who thoroughly uttd ir stundsthe business uualiltuatioua required and necessary for the prooecutt) n of a strictly legitimate business. None others treated with, and are request'd not t < main applica tion. AMBROSE DALLlMuKB. WANTED?A FEW SMART INTELLIGENT MEN TO operate a* agents, for the Meehauic* limit i Assurau-e A.-sociu titm. Office, No. 50 Canal street, corner of fir >ud wsy. Oflioo up stalls. W. II. DEAN. President. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO SUPERINTEND THE eating counter at the Union. 41*1 Broadway. One who c?n come well recommended. Apply this morning before if o'clock. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young w man, as Nurse or Lady's \laid, or Chamber maid an d Seamstress. Good rafereooe given. Apply at 119 lwcntieth etreet, corner of Third avenue. WANTED?A PERSON TO TAKE CHARGE OP AND driven pair of horses. One fully competent ia every rtrpect, with the best of city reference, (and none others mid apply,) can hear of a desirable situation, ly apptving at the tiret hour* *b ive Twenty-seventh street, on Madison sveuue, right hand side, between tho hour* ot 7, and if o'clock in the eveniog. WANTED?AT NO. 2 DIVISION STREET, BASEME VT. crner of Bower: . men. woman, hoys and girl*, for all kind* ot employment; chain hernial)**, seamstress) s, waiters, nnrses, ocoks, houitwcra and errand girls, clerks, salesmen, bookkeepers harkerpers. cuaehmso, gardeners, ftrmers, ap prentices, hostlers, driver-, weavers spinners, firemen, en slavers. laborers, quarryinen, boatmen, miliers, dto; II/ANTED BT a RESPKi'TA Bt B YOUNG WOMAN, Vv a situation as Nurse and Seamstress; can cut and tit i lii'i'ren's riot* es. can sir* ths beat of vi-y reference, and i an be seen uith the Indy with whom she resides at prcscat, st tic comer of Clinton und R ressu streets, Brooklyn. WANTED-B. A RESPEfTABLE TvL'NO WOMAN, a situation as professed Cook : understands all kinds o' prttry and hread bakirg. Boat of eity reference. Apply at No. lib Broome street. Can be seen Saturday and Monday. WANTED?A SALESMAN ACQUAINTED WITH TUE clothing trade. Apply to JOHN P. WARE,tl" Chatham atreet. WANTED TO PURCHASE, FHOM THREE TO THIRTY s> re* of good tillahln Land, lyin^ oa either side of Ui* Itinlson River, commanding a river view. Location above the Highlands Any one l aving sueh to disnose nf. upon r- nam able terms may address, (p-st.age paid J " Decatur," *11 any, New York, stnting locution, und price per ncre. (peculators need not apply, C1GOK WANTED AT I2rt COLUM HI A STRI ET. BROOK / lyn. lo save trouble noue ueed npply unless perfe ?tly qualified to rook, wash, and Iron, and able to produce un questionable refeieaoe. Coachman and groom?a young man re oatly arrived from Belfast. waals a situation in the ahovd capacity; he thoroughly understands his husiisst. as his testimonials full* ruLstantiate. Apply to Mr. Sinclair, corner broidway and Eighth st'ret. _____ DRUC CI F.RK?tt'ANTF.D, A YOUNG MAN TO ASSIST in th* d:spenring aad gestetal work of a ffrst class drug stole. Ou# with good refsrtnoes only ueed apply. Aidrvss X, Ilcrsld olc*. Ct RA IN DISTILLER WANTF.D?TO GO A SHORT IMS X tan s South, to take charge of a four hundred bushel h n'e Good references required and given. Apply to J. M. I'fiMllN. Lovejoy's Hotel, _ 1*0 LAWYERS WANTF.D. Pill OF A .SUIT OF OT teel in W all street or vicinity, for which n reasonable rent will I e paid, ifdiess A. L. A., nt thia Won. TO BAKER*?WANTBBk A STEADY YOUNO MAN. to work on bread, ne second hand, and to assist on cake. Apply at the corner of Fulton and Clinton street*, Brooklyn. KKWAKDR. ft in RLW ARD ?SIOLKN, ON THE NIGHT OF THE W""wvFi'eih of Jnn*. th* foliouing articles, vis.?10 old laehmrrd Tsble Spool*, <1 marked, in an *Tal, U. S. J , and 4 marked L.: 12 Silver Forks. 6 dinaer aad 6 dessert Forks, narked fl, F. L.?they may havens M oloo. intermedial ?, 12 Ten Spoons, marked U. F. M. L.: 4 Salt Bp >ons, one pair different fr< m the others, marked I. ; Soup Ladle. marked L ; 2 Butter Knivee, L ; 1 large Marrow Spoon. Apply nt 57 Walker street. {OS REM ARD? LOST, 24TH INST , A MEMORAN LP dum Book, containing n check on the Merchants' It*nk in the city of New Tork. to the amount of four teen hundred dollars, payable to Jonathan Mors*. Th* Cndrrwlll receive the above re ward, aad thank* of th* own ?r, so ps \ men! lis* bren *t*pM d. ly leaving It at the CUvo land llouse, 127 Liberty street. JONATHAN MORSE. LOST-IN GOING FROM-EAST BROADWAY TO 8E eond avenue, through Clinton, Grand, and Clirystie Streets, s Ore Gold Chain, to which was attaehsd aa Eye Glass sad Gold PeaeilCaso, on which was engraved tho own er's name. The tirnler will bo ouitably rewarded by leaetug the eatne at No. Ml Cedar street LO.ST-A LEATHER TORT MONNOIE, CONTAINING (boot thirty Ave dollar* in meaty, principally hills, ?nd a small rtmeo head, wae lost yesterday alternoen ia a Broadway omnibus, in patting from Bund to Thirteenth tirett. The Under n ill he suitably rewarded by leaving It at this oilloa. Trunk i.ost.-lost, on Thursday night, tub HHh it slant, ou the railroad between Buffalo aad Al bany, a Black leather Iron Frame Trunk, with a pnrtmaa ? . I i marked J. C. M., ia w hite Mint on the end. "T. MiUhell. Philadelphia. ' on a trnso plats ia front. Rtggnso mast.rt on the mod will have the goo?seet to look for it. If found, forward to Ker. Dr. Tjrag, ad East Slxtssnth street, Htr Twit. INHIHANCKB* Mechanics- union iikai.tii association, or lice No to Canal ?trnet. corner of ay, erer the Krgduay Irgnrnnet Company. Tbli U an neenciatina for tli'iniitiiil Mtiilxrrcf nrk other. la enga of ninkanaa or arcli'cnt. Tbl( ????niat|oa ?u organized o i th? l?t of J?aa> try lift, aril baa not an aoaamalatnd capital of S> tan. aa<t rapid); la r*a>la?; by t aping S3 p r t?ar jroa will dnw 44. iv. per wrck. when aick; It drawa pd. S3 draw* *7 We.; 1T iltivi SIU. Hf-Laaa and regalatlone. aat further In f< rmntion ran bo bad at tba efltee, No. SO Caaal etrent, oor tirr cf Broad* a jr. ntte? boura fra aln- A M. to ntaa P. M. W. B. OEbN. Praaidaat. HOMBI, CARMAOId, *e. POWERFUL OKAY IIORSE. RISINU SEVEN mate old, tittooa and a half haata high, eapihleof drawing a mat ?night, aaj aultahla for aay detrription of *?rk; warranted aonnd and gentle Will bo gold ehoap. Apply to Oh.OKGI. RAPHAEL, i>2 Tnarl atrtnt. CSOR SAI.E- TWO MARES; ONE A GREY. THE OTHER r yellow l.ay both baadgMM, ?arranifl young. gonad aad kind hriek !r*ytll?Ta. prompt drtvera aad rnry pm mining, aa the/ I am water I ana traiaad. Caa ka annn for a few daya at Joha I. Sn. dikcr'i Hatnl. JaaaaUa turnpike. r>OR SAI.E?A VERY SI/'PRRIOR SADDER HORSE, I: eight y> *ra old; haa hnnn rtiidna ky'a lady ataaa SiNkl la go aad, kind and atrllah. a ehratmit aerial may on anna at Cl MhW'i 'table, la Cherrr atraet. For she.?a first ratf. fanily horse, is* baada high, annnd aad kind la all harana*. and a (Inn aaddle horee. Alao, a two aeat rook away, and aahlttlngtop baggy wag n ; hoth light, aad In good ord?r Apply at LyneVe itaMo. No i? Twenty flmt etrent, annr Broadway. ClnOTIIIilO. (NABTOFr CLOTHINO AND f URN ITt'RE W ANTED.? J lha highml ptien ran he ? tamed hy lading nnd gm.tin men who kava any left off Clothing Farattnrn, and Jnwelry, Ac , to diaponn af, l? aeadinr through paat or oth-rwlne. fi r J. I.KVI NAT V Id, pal Broadway, ap atalra. Lad lea attended to |,y Mra Lovaantya. (T AST I.ri CLOTHINO. COSTUMES, 'F.WELRT, FIHH J Arr-e. Ae. ? nntnd.-Oantla ii'n or f imlllna having the a he vno Mo red artlelna for aalt. will hn att-.dol at thntr maid rSI e l.ylnatlh rdi r?, or ad dm* Ing a linn thrangh thn l',.at i ifta> e, to H. Li V t.TT. No. I Ban lay atraat, raraer of Broadway. TASTOI I Cl.oTIIINO AND FURNITURE WANTED. J | adiea or gantlemen leaning thn nlty. or breakiag op hnarekeeping. ?n obtain tha hlghrat raah prlen for ClotHlng, Fnraitum, Be., hy amding thr'ugh thn po't. or at hln raaT d'nee. I. tf HISS*I.In ?M P. IS Elm etrent. N. U ? Lading a i two .led bg Mra. Daggaldotp. ( Mdl'ORS. _ DAI.I IBORE'S OLD STORE IS STILL ON HAND AT All H nnton .treat, corner of Ba'hnrry. Ereryhody known the ataad aad iu eninhylty f< r n go * glare Tha pa ti I I may d'cnnd en tny Alne. Porter. Be I ha?a mad* orranren I ntn rot a ?afy large annr ly ? r -he coining e?aa..n RmpietfaHy yaara, ABBMOSi Da i.i.ik1 iRE. / t IIA MI'ACN T, WfNKP?JI'nT RECtlVRD A SUPE " rlor I I ?f ChtS|M 'aa W| re, of ra-.tie* e"1?hrntad It'ada Pi font in aant an? garnea'l. n t*d a., make - id lei ra pur-'I n?, at H A ? M NukH'S cwlcbmt.d Ri ardr Stay*, |i,- me etr nt, et-toe ,, i r. at v. I "f QC AS' pi ?. " , , t. y-f . i . h. r -t' urn tf tl empty h.ttl ? II. k KA Ik Httlnr, ,M Vt *?t IblsMaBtk ?t. Ututrt hy djepatch poet aiaat be prepaid. THE TURK. nENTREVILI.E COURSE. L. t.?TROTTIN Q.?MO N O day, Jane 90, at tw? o'uluck precisely. mate!) for half Bile lieata, beat three In i?e. ia harness, between two homee belonging to Newark, N. J. Mr. Sandford names cb. gelding; owner namoe eh. g. Robin. At three o'clock, a puree ot $.'?*. utile heate, best threw in Ave, in harness. C. Watts enters ch in Lady Jackson, owter enters g. h. John Budd; O. S. enters *. g. Gray Major; C. Saedtker, b. g. Siphaa; G. Kaynor enters, ch m. Merrill; B. McLean enters b. m. Sally Drawer; P. N. Lishaw d euSers b. g. Plough liny. At four o'clock, a pacing natch, mile heats, in harness, for $'-tW, between two horses from New Jersey. JOEL CONK LIN, Priprietor. Ilutted ft Kewdnll's line of omnibuses leave Pulton ferry, Brooklyn, from II A. M until 1 P. M. UNION CWR8B, L. I,?TROTTING AND PACING, Friday July I, at 3 o'clock, P.M. Purse 8.Y). Mile heats, beat 3 in 5 in harness: free for pacing horses that never won a puree over $.10 J. Whelpley entersgc. g. Hones'. Joe, Wm. Whelan enters bl. g. Hamilton, J. D. M. Ma-u enters gr. g. litre, John Anstin enters dun m. Lady Cass, P. B. enters bl. m. Cinderella, Owners enters b. g. * morioan Boy. Immediately altrr, a purse of $90, mile heats, hoc* 9in 5 to wagons, wagon and driver to weigh 3501bs J. Whelpley enters gr. m. Li?y Dixon, II. Jones enters Providence Girl, B. Uoagland enters Bay Colt, W. 9. enters Sorrel Colt. JOHN I SNEDIKEK, Proprietor. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING, MONDAY, JUNE 30.? I'urse floll, mile heats, best 3 in 5. in harness, for horses that never won a purse over $30. Entries to b? made at Madden a, on Saturday evening by 10 o'clock. Three or more to make a race, and two to start. JOHN I. SNEDIKER, Proprietor. BOARDING, die. A GENTLEMAN AND I.ADY WISH BOARD IN A small privaie family, w here there ara no other hoard ers. or with a widow lady, whers a mutual centidenee could eiiet. will furnish their room if desired; location respecta ble, and below C anal street, or near Fulton ferry, Brook lyn. Address J. M. C., llerald ufflju. AIADY, RESIDING IN A PLEASANT LOCATION near Abingdon square, would be happy to reeivu, as inmates of her Liinilr. a law persons to board, whers ean he r> mm d an agreeable home, with moderate terms; references exehanged. Apply at (124 Greenwich street, near Abiugdon square. Boarding at hoboken.-excellent furnish. ed Apartments can be obtained, with full or partial board (private table if desired). In the new aud airy house fronting the bay, with all the modern improvements; ooid. warm, and shower baths, within two minntcs walk of the fi rry; boats plying every ten minutes. Apply at No. 1 Hud ton terrace. ' Boarding?a gentleman and uis lady, or two or three single gentlemen, oan bo accommodated with full ir partial hoard, by immediate application at 370 Broadway. Alto, transient hi ardera can be accommodated. Boarding.?a gentleman and wife. AEBTfO sinnle gentlemen, can be accommodated with board aid pi i a tan i apartments at No. 102 Liberty street, near Broad way. helerence required. Board in the country, at rose cottage.-a lew genteel families can be accommodated d iriug the snmiurr atone of the most delightful loca'.i mi on thedlml s ii. Aoie the Dighlacds, and four miles below Newburrh. For lull her description and terms, apply to Robert Sinclair, 754 Broadway, corner Eighth street. Dt LCKEVS PRIVATE HOTEL AND HOtHOI.NG ES t ibliahirent. till Barley street. Cavendish Square ?The A. Dul. ken ( husband of the late Madaui bulck-u, pianist to her Majesty.) has the honor to announce that he has titled np his spacious premises at the above address, withaunim ot elegance aud comfort, to adapt it to all the purposes of a superior family hotel, in the very centre ot the (aehinnahle quarter of the metropolis. The oharges are moderate. Th. A. Dnlcken has bteu kindly permitted to refer to the fol lowing gentlemen, vis:?Col. T. B. Lawrence, of Boston; Col. Van Alen, and G. W. Gerard, Jun., Esq., of New York. ONE < Ht TWO I ENTLEMENCAN BE ACCOMMODATED with a pleasant fr uit room, with or without brvak'ast and tea. Apply at No. 37 Twenty-seventh street, near Fourth avenue, third floor. _______ Room w itu board wanted-by a respecta ble married lady, whose husband is absent.. Location 1> or ntar Broadway, between the 1'ark and Union Piers. Address M. Y., llerald oflice. LODGINGS, Ac, AM'Ai'llirs KOIiW. OVLU TI1K PARLOR. ON TUE second floor, with pantiy adjoining. iu Walker ?treat, nrar Broadway, to let tu twu or three ?tt gle gentlemen, or ymtlcuuin and lady, the above are desirable apartment*. ? o>l will la It t reasonable to a good applicant. Apply at 21 W ulkrr ?treat. Apartments and rooms.?families AND GEN tletnea may obtain in a private family See ?|>art junta and suite of rooms, new ly and elegantly furnished, iu the very c n.modioli* Uonse situated No. 7K6 Broadway. between Eighth and Ninth streets, Tbe gas and L'roton in the house. Iteleroncrs required. A front furnished bedroom to I.F.T to a eingl* gentleman, without hoard, (or breakfast tar nished it desired, > in a small private lautily in a he tlthy part of the eity. Terms moderate, l'lease call at No. 19 ortrtit street, near Canal street. f ODGIhGS MAYBE OBTAINED, FOR SINGLE OEM IJ tli men. or ladies ( nith referent e), at >i. $1 flo and SI rE r week. The neighborhood is very cheerful, and the house al t snd airy. Inquire at No. 6 Gieenwich street. Ini/G I NG ROOM S ?U A N DAOM ELY FURNISHED e ledyin- rooms to let to single gentlemen, without board, in the uiryand conveniently located house at 117 Chambers street. tpVtO H KMMII.D BEDROOMS TO LET IN A 1*HI Jl vate family, to single gentlemen ltath and water clo sets for the nse of occupents. Location unsurpassed. Re ferences eiihaugtd. Terms ysry moderate. Inquire at Juti Broadway. T~~oTl E T?- TWO UNFURNISHED PA RI.ORS, IN hMM street, a frw bloeks west of Broadway, to sin gk* ssutlemt n, or a man and hie wile Apply at d'-V Broom* street, from .'1 toft P. M. Kslerei.ce glvea eu<l required. TO I.ET?TO ONE OR TWO PINOLE GENTLEMEN. A handsomely furnished l,eck parlor, <>? the ltr?t flour of Ike Isuse No. lot* Reede street, neer Greenwich street, occu pied by a a ' ? See! lemtly. Inqeire ta the front patter. IIOiRKI, KOO.H.H, Ac,, WANTK1), WANTED-TO LEACE A STORK IN A GOOD BUSI arss locality, adapt, I for ths grorsrr and liquor trade, or to purchase t he good will si ,| sto-a of an already esta blished cruoery and liquor bnsinesa. Cmnmualeath ns ad dressed A. II.. Brrald otflca. stating where locality is Slid print, will receive imtnediala ana prompt attention. WANTB D?THREE OR FOUR UNFURNISHED apartments, on tbeseennd or third floor, by a gentle man, his wifa. and three yonog children, or'nrnnhrd rooms, with hoard <private). Aleoa turulshed fwm. with breakfast, fora gentleman. Locality, near budaon street, lecltherease tirms must be moderate. Letters for A. D., at this tt t. will bs called for on M.ndav. Aobntleman having occasional use FOR a furnisbed bedroom, wishes to hire one in the eieiaity of Br< ndway, or Fourth to Sisth eyaaees, botweea Tonrts- nth end Twenty-third streets. A liberal price will ba paid to iu ople who are not Inquisitive. Address " ll-ary T. Allen," Union Square Post office. No other location will salt. WAKTED-A PART OF A HOUSE. FURNISHED, consisting of Three Hoomo and tha use of a Kitchen, frum Uanai tu llouetun or Amity streets, north of Broad way. Addrtas J., Herald office. ...... WANTED-BT A SMALL, WUIET FAMILY. PART OF e house, with Crotoa wafer, fct , above Canal street, for which a fair rent will ba given, and paid promptly A line addresoed Guard, ilernld office, for two days, will bs attended to. HOUSE WANTED-BT A FAMILY (FEW IN NUMBER) of grown person*; two rooms and two bed rooms, or two rooms and oae bed room. pnsaeaaios required he 1st inly. A note, prepaid, slating particulars, directed In D. A., boa 1?. olhco of this papi r, will bo promptly attended to, TTN FURNISHED APARTMINTS wa ~ TKH AKr I'll table family of lv* person* dtslre t* hit* three uafur niohrd rooms, without b-ard, in the vicinity of Broadway and Canal street. Rent not to oaoeed $10 per month. Ad dress Rooms, llrrold office. " WIN A NCI Ale. r ^ Metropolitan rank.?instalment ?Th* naai Instalment of Fllty dollar* per share an tba Capital block *f <hi* Bank, Is required to be paid at the Baukin* hoase, ftf Wall streat. on M ednaadav, lb* ninth day of iuly ?oat. By ardor of tb* Beard of Director*. J. E. At II.LIAMS. Cashlar. Dividend notice the sini annual inte. feat falling dne la this illy on th* first day of ialy prog, in. . on th* following named oecaritiw*. will be paid on and ?'ier ti at day. at th* ofie* of th* nndortiflnod. on proa en ta tu n of tb* proper coupons yit ? The B< ads of tb* Stats or Indiana, fsr Ranking Parposeo, Isensd In IMI, being tbe $1 .SO iati loan, ft per eente. The City ? I Plttebonh, Pa . Bends, issued to tbe Ohio an l Pe, asyl.ams Hai'road t umj any. 6 per 'Cats. Tha City of Allegheny IV. Hoeda. issued to the Ohio aad I Pernaylsenin Railroad Company, ft por eenti. The Hoaia of the City of C viagt-B. Kanteeky, i#sn*4 te lbs Coytngtm end Leiitgloa Railroad Company, 4 per cents. 11 s Bond* of the City ef Nan Albany. Indiana, leaned to the New Alheay and f alem Railroad Company. T per recta. The Franklin County. Ohio flenSI. issued to tha Cleve land. Celumbas and Ciniinaati Railroad Comptny, 7 per cents. The Crerne County, Ohio, Bnada. ieanad to tbo Colnmbn* ?ad Xri.ia Railroad Company. 7 per cants. The Bonds of the t'onoty of etarke Ohio, lssa?4 to th* 01 io end Petns) Ivaeia l.ailmad Company. 1 i>*r eente. The Bonds of that aunty of Champaign*. On e, laaeed to the Colembus, Piqaa aad' ladiaaa Kailroad Company, 7 per cant*. li e Rends of th* County of Alleghany Pa., spoeial loan of $7ft,l0l>. ft per eenf*. lit Ohio aad Pennsylvania Railroad Company'* Martgat* Bond*, 7 per rents Ike Indlsnepnlis and Ballefoatala* Railroad Mortgage Bonds, 7 pereenfe. W INFLOW, I.AMFR N CO.M Wallstre.t. Bank or salisbi ra notks or the bank of Salisbury, Maryland redeemed at one per oont dis count, by E. IIUL'GHTON, nd William street. P LAMs road NOTICE THR BOOKS Of THE V oV.rkw1 ?!"> '-'otanaay will be penrd at the office . f if T. Morgan, Kaq . No fhi Wall -tr-11. on Mm 1st. O ? Ml last . at hi A V , to reo*|e* tnh l .';',1 j'i.I""" n * "Lth* Rl-hlrd MorJJn. I Slid J A, I. f * on ll.erv AV llo'ler, Can I <{,.*> Vine ^^^^t^^?^ah^I?^>atwator. inha Unyier, C miais oners. C~,d| did lit" l?M>os LiiMi ANDMOBTOAOB, CIC" "j vE" In seme t" s> It a idleeefe, on productive t?al estate, in this olty ?r Brooklyn. Puma of f'okfi aad upward*, will he loaned at ft p-r rent tu'ernat on ofty priper ty. Apr lv to S. R. BhO A D, No. II W all street, in lb* Cro taa At ater ofll.-a, baaament. L^t'R SAI r - A BOND .AND MORTGAGE 'If rm it ? hundred aad flftw dol art on property wrrth four thou sand. Apply ?n F IfROA N, 7ft S as-ae street. Ll? TiHUITI or III f II01 MM AVANTID imniedinfely, f r cash, hv TA VI.OR. intof HERS. No. 74 Wall street. ?*TaNTFD-ON RoND AND MttRftlAOB-TWlLVE iV hundred end fltfy dollar*. on pepertj worth tea tiuu ?end A| ply to F BROW N, 7? Naseeu street. UJ ANTFD ?.W?ART Vol'NG MtN. fl WING rivi hnrdr d dollars in cash, eaa have * good h n>" of sifqn t ? n. ?nd * go? d f r*t In d aod m etgnre of oecr $1 t*l will le tiven se seenrlty I n nlfe l r<' en e gle.n and f ' Wired. Addr-se B. C. G . Il-ct d oMts, with r-al um>. I - tv o diys. IN NT lilt TIII1. ~ I> r Nf 1)1 M OR A > IT' ' C.I rip ? V -N. p-.- k . -Iff.. h , nu rale f cot la a sertannn tease ) w ill i * att? tided to as * ell se hie .dn-attnn. Addreea Omega. Ilerald o?c% New Tort, statia? loeatioa. torms. k? PUBLIC VI".? RE A DY THIS MORNING, TIIE INTERNATIONAL Mayaaino for July.?The I nterjiptioual for Joly coin pltUi lul third volume of the n'ork, mi l ia wore IBau uaually rich in original article*, and repnnla ot the Imn forviyn literature. Anion t the "rMnal writer* are Mix lennimom Cooper, J?m?, fee. Content* ? Kit* Greene llalleck. Portrait. Benevolent ln?tltution? <d New York. Illustr ated. Adventurta eud Observation* in Nicaragua. Iliuitnhd. Ti e Couerirkcy on I'ontike. Dr. Mnjo, author of " Kkl?oleb.?' Portrait. The t'rjelkl I'nlkce?A Letter I raw Illustrated. French PeuillttoLivtea upon Lou.ion. Schalken tho Painter? A Ghost Story. Eke tehee of Life in Sweden. A t'ren ihtuaa'a Opiaione of Ameri. en Fema'e Toot*. Jeei lie Marie and l.yricnl Poetry ia Germany. A ul hora nnd Hooka? I'M art ielea. The Fine Arte?10 article*. Nicholas Von der Flue, by elite inop"-, kotbur of " Knr .1 Honra." A Story without a Name, hy Jamoa ?Continued. Horace Waipole'l Opinioa? of oia Cont.'iupirariet. Die Count M ote -Leon*. Coutinued. Scem-a at "-'ffltilT -Prfi?r* Mayazine. The Grave of Grace Agnilar, by Mr? II ill. ? Art Journal. Cloister Life of the Emperor Charles V. Part 11.?Pra ter'e Madeline. Diokrua and Thackeray.?North British Review. "Work Auay."?llouaehold Words. Our 1' nniuiu Ship: Japaa.?Household Worda. My Novel, by Sir E. I.vtton Ilulwer. Coutinued. Historical Review of the North. "1 Knent Deaths Ur. Mortoa?Shiel? Richard PhiUlpi? lion to u, the Comedian?Admiral Coddriuytun?Lord Cot tenham. Keci rJ of Scientific Dlacovcry. Ladies't aahiona for July. Illustrated. Tirnia?'1 wenty hv? cents a number; S'l a year ?The work can he obtained ol Book seller*, Pedndioal ayenta, and the publlahere. The thro> volume# leaned within the pear con tain nearly two thonMnd payc# of the ohoieiat Litirature, with Pictorial llluatrutioi i ot a superior clam-, in each uu u bir, emhraciorcartfully prepared Plate# of the Loudon, Pa

ria. and New York t aahiona. The numl era from the commencement (Anruat, INK),) can be furnished ; the first and aeooirl and tinrt votuman uo i taininy four ruml" ra each, hound in paper, each S ?neatly bound in uiualm. fil.iW Mualia oovera lor either volume can l.e furniehed when ordjred. "The beat readable periodical of the day."?New Orteane Picayune. "A work which puta all butter y monthly maea/ines iu the thade."?Boatun Courier. "Antony the many monthlies that ls-ue from the Northern prcaa, none, in our judgment. ia e.jual to the onu eufore ua " ? Eicleaiastic (Ky.) Reformer. "Thia ia the moat maauiioent monthly klayaainc in the world."?Fort Meiys (Ohio) Kevtille. "It stand# at tin head of the three dollar monthlies."? Buffalo Commercial Advertixi r | - ..urn ? i .f?t 'Altera thorough eaaminalinii, we do now hesitate to r. - eotumcnii it aa far superior to any mayaz ue we receive."? Eaatun (Md ) Gazette. "It ia the lar^ei and heat monthly of the kind, the beau ideal ofa inayaiiua."?National standard. "One ol the heat ma {Mines of literature, art and aclene ', in Ihe Knyliali lauizuay" "?Ohio Statesman. "Thia ex< client mouthly ie decidedly the heat, w- delth'r ately think, of Amerlau periodicals."?Uurlm. t ,u (\t) 1 ree Pre an. "In literary merit and artiatic (kill it ia a perfect p ira.-on.'' Indiana Democrat. STRINGER h TOWNSEND, 2?2 Broadway. MISS MARTIN E ACS AND ATKINSON'S LIClir.lln on the Lane ot Man'a Nature and Developciuont are now atereotyphiny at Hoaton. and will toon lie publish!. Thia will he the lirat reprint ot theae talentcu'nnd int. renin* letter# in the United State#. Order# tor tliern received b> JOHN MOKKISON, 136 Chatham afreet. New York, and by J. P. kl I.N DI M. itt Waohinyton (tract. Hoaton OLD BOOKS, NEW BOOKS, E N G HAVING S. BY Stranye; Studlea, by Julhen, col'd; Shakspeare tllua tration*, Portraits of distinguished Americana, fifty dlfferentl Lranmont'i Memoir-, lid plate#, (in Kram It.) etc., the wh do of this admirable lolleotion free to the public, at UU N i-a?u ?treat. J. P. N L.wil.E MUSICAL.. W ANTED-AN OBGAN19T.?ONE ACCUSTOMED TO m tin* Episcopal service preferred. Address Ur.auiit, llcretd office. /VOL. DCRYEA'S QUICK STEP AKSWGED IOKTIIF V J pianutortc, computed fey C. S, Grafalla, autuor .tf Cap tain Shepherd's very popular Quick vtep, Is J jet receive.! and lor sain at MM. \ A.N DLKliI EK d Music Store, No. ?7J lir.acxny. IVOR 9AI.E-TWO SUPEiilUR MOCKING BIRIM. TWO year, old, fins? night and day, aad are the neat in the cHy. Also for sale. tlve superior vouuk m ile lord*, tbs b?at in the i ity. Apply at the Station I, KW, Hid Slip. FOR saLE-a mr Dandsome and costly sk cond hand Pianolurte, Boston made, in good setter, trill be sold at a crest eacriticc, in HMMMN ot th? family breaking un housekeeping. Apply to N. P. B. "'UKTlSa, Agent for fleers' American Patent Action Pianoforte#, No tali Broad a ay. win re it can be euos. Musical.?pianos for sale cheap?a rplf-n did 7 octave r?aawtiod Piano, with all the tnolcrn itn I n vciurnts, but very little used, for $173; a mahogany ri octave one, for $?-<'; one for S'kone tor y> si; and one f r $ If 1IKNKY* BEN A H F. .'CQ lloaery, * cond floor. rKLKOHIPII. Another tilegkaph office.?the managers ol "Ih* MAGNETIC TC1.EGR.MMI COMPANY.'' ?boss line Si FIVE WIRES extendi t>> Pll I I.A DEI.P III A, end FOl'R WIRES to U A l.TI Mi >KE A N I) WASHINGTON, them e oosncctin* ?ill, the GHEAT WESTERN SOI Til WI.Mi.KN and SOUTHERN linee of TaUgraph. in then (Sort* to furnieh the public with every accommodation and fncility for the transaction nnd diepatch of business, have lu?t c| ened and Mud usi tno.bcr olflce at NO. Ait BROAD WAY, two doors bslow Fulton SIC est. we.t aide, front which our citiirns whose places of business or residences are above Wall street, strangers and others at ths hotels, can tele graph direct to Philadelphia, italtunore. Was ungtou, and ill stations south nnd west, without the trouble and delay of Laving to go or scud to the old established General Ottea, eorncr of Hanover and Beaver streets. The condition of this line has bcru lately grea'ly improved, retrieving it reliabls, except in cares sf accident or severs storm, and iU mods of business has been systeinxtited in both transmi.sion nnd plan of delivery ol messages Ths Company have now two ?m**? In Philadelphia, and two in New 1 ork, es well as one in Jersey City, Newark. New Brunswick. Princeton. Trent n. Wilmington, Havre de Grace. Baltimore end Washington. The NEW YORK OFFICES are nt Ad BROADWAY, two doors below Fulton street, west side, and corner of UAN OVIR AND UKaVEK STREET* It is hoped that this forth,-r effort of "The Magaatis Tele graph Company," and its every effort to serve the pnbUa, Will profs agreeable and advantageous. WE. M. SWAIN. President. New Yerb. Jan* 23, 1SA1. HISCKLLAIIEOIIS. VEBT PINE PAN AM A*.?COI.EM a N. HATTER. M Nnrsac ttreet, has just iis|>ortod from Ptnaiua dim t, n few do.en of the kneel Panamas that hnva been introduced to onr sitiiens tht- season. / ' ENTLEMKN 9 .SUMMER HATS.-THE CHEAPEST ? ' and best place to get ntsshiennble Drab. Ilsaver. Pearl, Fur, or French Gray IE aver, is nt Baata g. l<*> Canal street. Be has a largo stork sf Panama, Leghorn. and straw Braid Hats, which he is selling ofl at reduced prices Call on llaata?you can gel Summer BaU almost nt yournwu privet. Military ci.otiis.-two bales bi ff onr do Blue, one do. Scarlet, impogtsd expressly for military nae, nnd for ante by WARD, BABUOCK A CO., V Park Row. LIMES' I.IME9 " I.IMF.8'"?ONE IICNUREO BAR re's, daily eipsctrd from Dominica, nnd fir sale hy H. BRANCH Kl,OKI DUE, HI Beaser street. IH BERMUDA POTATOES -TWO HUNDRED BAR re A, now landing from brig Swig, in good condition, and prims duality, suitable f< r the table, shipping, or plant in I-, f..r sale by M I DDI.ETu.N A Co , , I New ?ir. ? I. Delicious, exhilarating. \nd cheap, are %he Ave pound packages of Tea so d by the Ne? York and China TeaCvmpaay. 7J Catharine street nnd aIch street, established IKMb Ull RI9TI ANSON A CO. N JENNY LIND DOOR PLATES.-THE SUBSCRIBER has Just laishad tome new an I slegaat D mr Plates, Number Plates, and B* II Pulls, of the Elian bettaa aad Jraay lied pat'era ; they are ths most shrtel aa l fashionable pattsras ever got up. Call aad saamiAs ths above articles. R. ROBERTS. M2 Broadway, a ear Prises! treat. TO BUIl.DERS.-rnr. A TER TB AN IIROWN ATONE. Unit Iron Liatlrs aad Posts, si oars or ranad, plain and i rnamen tel. < f various laagliis aad sisas. supplied at short antics, at the Miaaeaota Iran Worts, aaraar Tvranly siath itreet and Taath aveaus. North river. WHIITI FRENCfl UNO PAINTS.?PIFTT CASKS Snow Whits, ia ranks from two to throe haadrad weight aarh ; IW casks. No. 1, d >. from Ion* to ain haadrad weight each; W toss ground, ia reSaed oil. in Afly and one haadrad packages. Portals ky ?fllANCK DOWNING A Co., Il? aad IWi Faltoa street, agents far tks maaafactarara. NOTICE TO SUGAR REFINERS?TIIC UNDER signed, being sole poae?SKr sf the improved mem,a of clesaiag and coloring Hugar Moulds, In such a manner as to last for years, without affecting f lis hen'th of th ? w irkman. and recognised at tbs best ky Mr set. hinert and .thari, tehe this method of Informing the Voter H, finer .s that a work n ia ol I is. a baker fy trade, having left thn employ of the 'indar signed, new tries to Imitate my improved t-i?fhod. I in. 111 led to aarn tne | uhlte. and to inform thorn Ihet I. alon*, as inventor of this method, am able to maun factors these msnlda to as to answer ths desired purpose. As it is r nnieite that all materiel* should >?* nil ? , me. mach injury must arise hy ' i* use of moulds male I* any persoa a< t thoroughly a. insisted tw this braneh, aad eon stderable loss aeerns to raAnrrs by spoiling tns sugar, aad ? i ?' I ll 01 raw I. t .ersfore, bag all rs ?ners to ad Jraaa themselves to at, personally, aad. la all eaaes, 1 will warrant at maenfaatura. 11. FETTER*. No 31 Howard atrs t. THE UNION INDIA RUBBER COMPANY.-WaRR I hotus IP Nasaaa street.?This company wholesale. f^Ddyear's Patent Metallic India Rubber Geods. consisting la part ol ooata, sloakr, ponnhoa, army and navy goods, life preservers, carriage clothe. India rut bar shoe* Boras cloths. Interfering streps. A" JAMF.jf BISHOP Prrstdena. WARREN ArKERMA.N, Vine President. N. WILLIAMBON. Treasurer and Ree'ry. TRACTION to TIIE I'l P,l 11 ALL TCLCANI/.AD V/ white rubbsf, as well as bV k. and ?thsv eolors. sot stamped by tlnraeg || Day "G dyeay's Patent," accorling tsi hit covenant in his liseaee fr on Goodyear, la aa infringe ment nn Coodysar'a patents. and all dealers la, ne pnreoaa ers ,.f there goods ary si)aally Utile as tr-snassars u|,.. Oondyear's acknowledged rlgl te. wl'h IL.rae* 11 Dny him aelf. thg maksy of surh goode and will bt prase atad Weneyd ingly. All tbs India Rnbbyy Rh"?s now made by II ,r. ?. H Day art aa Infringement n| ve 1?- di-sr'i patents. and ?i dsslers Ihsyrlk raasler themselves Itsble in damagea. to Ms 0" ?i ? >r, ths patentee In * i ? if of the Harvard Rubber Company; Newark I-. d'a holler Mannfact nrlag Company; L. >'aa las: F rd h Cw.- fis Asso. let,a. aad eahs rs IV II I V r K M r N op O r r i ? r. I?o yna henrfhe pi lltielAkS fii'-le Ram's a note tihvsliaaa? I'rsaehiag each a se.lemn ser ana All about" those ofHi e ve*mla P Meaning, probably, and rightly, Part.a. OS who Steal politely. There are other kinds of things, tns. Borne that creep and some wi'h wiagt tea, That ileal nut fram sraeb and eraaay. , Benin;, epfill, If ther is mp These by Lyon's Pills ?ad powder, Burn lie dead aerlamsl* eb wday, R*r ehee. bnss ble y wdyy kills: Bvf and w ie* die by bis pi.,s. Depot sf LTtfN'R MagaeM* r??.i aad PHD. IN Rysvaa OF CAU7etV.?*, ?:V''a-drr.o.-n-!,,:;'o ??y. In v ?re! gy. L -.and 1* ? m" leri Inf. rpr*a* Oreams, Ac . by l.oeVa ond scieec . r- lied or Napoleoa; and will tall tbs name i f the lady of tentlamai they will marry. Also the a a met of the riaitsrs Resides All Grand t tree A Lad i so tftp eawta. Oaa vlamaa m dollar IAL.ES BY AUCTION. WM. M' COIMIL'K, AUCTIONEKR.-AUCTI0N no tloe.? W in McCoriuiok It. Co. wil ?? 11 im. dwy, at 10 o'clock, at 13 Spruce street. to pay adv in.-e **.d storw. t, a B?od Pianoforte. one Parlor Organ, xlx i e eolleeti m uue il Paintings and ln;n>iugs in frame. A 1m. the ? men bunt tailor, cou listing of Coats, 9*' k i. V t-, Pson. V ? BY J. n EC EM AN, AUCTIONEER.?MONDAY, Jl'VE 3 , at half peat ?ue o'clock P. M. at the c-uracr of Co lumkla and Orange streets. Brooklyn Height*. Geulitsl fur niture?A general ass rlmcat of I'xrl jr. Chamber, ami Kitchen furniture. Catalogues will be ready at ttio sales room ob Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. Auction notice-thomas bell, auctioneer. By II. N. Bush? lory* sale this day at lu>? o'clock, in the Auction Koouis, 10 N rth William street. 1 valuable houn-kee) iny articles, furniture, spl. udid Paintings dr.t rate Pianoforte, Hotel and Refectory furniture, S ifa*. lie 1 ?teads. Looking Glatees, Bureau.. Carpets, Mattresses A ? *1 BIT THOM AS BELL, Aaeiio meer. Auction notice-thomas bei.l. auctioneer By II. N. Bush?Monday st MRe o'clo- k. at the old stand cnrnir of Duane and Chatham streets, will Le eontiuued end closed, the huleuce stock of choice furniture, of all de crip'ions?by order of the proprietor and luvimeoturer. Mr. U. W. Uasros This sale will eompriaa the best of the fur niture, Sofas lie . which could not be aot ready in time.? Every article mil without reserve, and must beta ken same day as the building will be takcu down t.rst July. T. HELL, Auot.oucer. HOMESTEAD*. Florence and eeyport.?these towns are situated on the Delaware and on the Rafitan, in the di rest line between New York and Philadelphia. They po s st tvary advantage tor hustneee or r"sldeuee A |>l ink road is ibont to be ceii-trui ted betwe n them, which * ill be tbo per nun* nt thoroughfare between the North and tne South, and be erne the site of all the prominent manufacturing opera Hone of the country. Plans and information may be bad at tie othc" ? of tiie Florence and Keyport Company at Flo rence or Key port, or at the transt. r offices of the Company, corner of W alnut and Dock streets. Philadelphia, and No. 1 Hanover street. New York. FDR SALE AND TO LET. CANNON FOR SALE -A LOT Of BRASS AND IRON Cannon, oi all sorts and sites, suitable for ship or land service Also, ammunition of every d serif tion. Apply at I'Ki Maiden lane. For sale?a fine country residence, with in til teen minutes' walkofthc New lin n. Hartford and New Y<rk Kailr ad Depot, an l three iniiiut.s' ualk of toe New Hit ecu and New Loudon Railroad Depot. The ? t.iatini is eecond to none iu New Haven county, lmving a view of Long Island Sound, East and West Ro k, and the sur rounding country. The house is nearly new, and contains twelve rooms c invtuieoh utly arranged and Is wermud throughout w i11. a furnace*. and has a iargw rang') for cc< k ing? a good well of water an I cistern Tne groin it arc hand.uti ely laid out, with a clu ice esleotlf n of bearing Iran trees of every description; also a line ..Tscti >n of ornaineui al frees, and a g arden lull of ? hoioc (lowers. Terms to suit the purchaser. bor particulars, inquire ol it M. A. Ki.f NOLDS,123 Chapel street. New tSOR SALE?THE M M AND SPLENDID STOCK Of Cooda in store 737 Rimed way. 1 he store ha* a good and protitel le set of eust. n .r<, an l aff -rds in ax- client oppor tunity lor a person wishing to engac in hmine.i. Terms literal, or would be exchanged for real estate. Inquire at the store. f/OR SA: If. - A GENTEEL, LIGHT, AM> VERY PLEA w saat Cash Uu.iness, realising eery large pr-tlts. and has b, en established a Ion ; tune; s-dd on account of the owner going South. Thia opportunity seldom offirs T. Bl'TLEK, HI Grand street. Jj3()R 9 AI F-T11E 8T<>< *, LE.V-E AND GDOD WILL m of a Wholesale tirncery anl Produce Commissioa House, tngaved in an artivu trade, location go- d, st 'Ck light. Addross K. W., at thitullice. DOR SAl.E, AT ?17 WASHINGTON -TREE1'. SOME I h.sntilul whit* French Lspd >gs. They will be sold rl.ap, l.y applying s o,n. A' o, one beautiful King Charles' Dog. lately tr ui England. EUKNDIIKD HOUSE TO LET.?A CONVENIENT *? bnt t three atory lionee. plainly fornWhed throughout, situated in Prince street, hut a -host distune*' west of Uroai wsy. It* nt, ? itli furniture, S7IM from the 1st of July to the 1st of .May next, without furniture. *hii*l. A letter directed to L. M . Broadway Post olh will be attended to. II OTTL,BOARDING.HOUSE. <Ht KESTAI RANT,Situ ated at the corner of Washinston and first streev lloholen. to let. snd now newly flulahed for tbo above pur post's, '?iintrecf A. D LOGAN, Merchants' Exohan-c, el J. li. M OH NOT, hew York lintel. House on staten island to let?a modern built two story house onStiteu Islsni containing two large parlors, thrse light and airy bed rooms. a'.tie room-, bas-'tr* nt end 'ellxr with gerden. w ithln taree minutes w alk tr u. Vxnderbilt's landing: beautifully situ-ited on tlo> bay. pent "fdliu till 1st of Slsy next, lnuuire Ne. '12 Broadway. > p stairs. <0 LEASE?FRANKLIN HOUSE 111 1LDINGL?THE Sale-root.i, on second floor, ol IDA Hrnadway. cornsr A Salesroom, on second floor, ol IDA Broadway. corner l<?y street Also, ti e front hair uf second floor. IIC Br >a I way c. ainimtienting with the above, nfl rdiug a frouttgc of Hfty fest of, hrotdway, fwrni*li-d witli water clusits; A' ? nil exceedingly well lighted. Will be leased - parately, if required. Apply to G J S. THOMPSON, .'.1 Ceiirtlaudt street. Alrn, four pi* ssaat Oflot J in the ab>vr buildinyx. TOIKT-A HANDSOMELY AND IIIDKHI till LV fUR nished house, distant tliree-quarters I a mile fr m the village of Lenox, Berkshire. Massachusetts. In quire of H. D SEDGWICK, H Wall street, or t If AKI.ES SEDGWIC K. Lenox. ? ANTED Tti DISPOSE oF-ONA, or THE <)LDE" an J best publ.c houses iu the .-i:y ol New Yuen, to th? r with a long Ivaso Location iu ane of the m<*?t p i sw it "up isu< ?< tun iii out; "i *ii? bdov y ir ? nd b?^t ihovonnhfar^t \% thii ? ty. i a|itul r jnirwci tip ft ur Id tlx llioiiRBnd ?lollarn. Any ntl- iiRn ? ishinx t ? 1 uBt# in |>?tlic life mill do ?r?II Id notice thlc. An ixU"vi? Ho dbtilit, Bill hf porfPrtlj Mti*f>fturr to tny hirii. I'Iox. ? ddro?? W \\ H"., at ll> rald ?tatina Bitten aid a 2 intenicw can U bad, which will b? iiuaiediaUtiy attiu fd to fp<> l.EA.^E?1TIIE 8TOtK NO. ?? DKV STKEKT. NKlR 1 Rr< iu*?y, (it'" . niid?rurt>iB-r alt?*rA im.) will ba rtoiMh ??d with th? ni tdt rii inij?ro>"iti?*tttei, and t inuita ? Rrady f? r occupation a u^rmt lat. Apply to ti J. S. TUOMP BUN, 61 C< urtlandt *tr?*t. rpo r.IT, AT HASTINGS, A VER Y GKNTBKIa COT A t?ge, % ?>ntRinin^ Fix rootuii with kit -hen an i c-llir and a Uatoi m thirty let lon^ It ia oituatetl no out I ?? iniautoa walk fr? ui th? I and inf. and aftordi on? of t m< ft tua<nifl wb? iifwi ?f tbf North river ihty Kent $MHl to th? lat Noffmtrr, or 6^0 to th?* lat of April n?%t In^nir' of Fraiifia lllmichtt, ?*) Sixth a\?nut. b-f *r< n A.M., or <>001 to * !? M PAPEH flANOlXG*, Ac. PINE FRENCH PAPER UANGINGA, DECORATIONS, Ate., No. CM Pearl (treat, between Msdieon and Chatham, Thuee la want of the above articlee should ct ouiit t*> look througi our establishment, ee their Interest sod taste may i ho best ennsnlted bv a eali. TlftiMAfl FATE h. CO. LKUAL NOTMKS. SDriEH COURT.-WILL1AM I>. HAMILTON V* Hamilton.?Snmmona lor Divorce.?To * vn? tlii* A Hamilton? Madam ? You are hereby ? ntnm.ned tu anewrr the complaint in thin action, l copy of which t? here ? ith icrved up. n yon. and to eerre a copy ol yonr ana war oa me at my oftiM, No. Ait Hr >?rae etreot. ta Ilia rity of New York, within twenty day/ alter the eervio* horoot. iiriiuua ot the day of en?h ecrvive; and if Won fail to enrmcrthe r niplaint aa aforerald, the plaintiff nil) apply to th* < mrt lot r< lief demanded in the complaint. Dated Bay I.', INJI. U. HARRISON, dr., a Attorney. No. Ml llrooine ?tr'et. The complaint In thia action waa tiled ia the office of tha Clerk ol the City and County of Now York, on tha itli day of dnaa, Iffll PUTNAM f'ftl'NTY COt RT.-H*VJAtlIN VON KFX ren. p a in tiff, araiuet i'n|?r H Maeoa and MoUaaa Mi ? ?r. hla wife, Dand Mneoa. M il i uu Utary Baaoa. I.l ia Barton. Mary (luretam. Hannah Mill r. de'-nitnti-aa no tion to foreohieo n mortxag*. To C'aep-r If. Maeon. Itartd Ma on M (litem llenry Maeon, Ellit Maiton Mary (jnrihatn, an t llennrh Miller, take notice, that yon are hereby rom roon-d tad reynlr'd to anaw?r tha -omt laiat In thia a ll ,a. which waa tiled in lie olBoe of tha CI- rh of the county of I'utaam, oa the twelfth day of duaa, 1*51. and to tar a a copy ot your aaawer upon ma at tha village of Cold Spring. I nlaata r> anty. New 1 ork. within twenty daya after tha aerelra i f thiaaummoae nnon yon. eaeliiatva of the day of anah evrviee; and alao take notice, that if yon fall ta am war ?aid complaint wl'hlw twenty daya aa aforeeald, tha plain tiS will apply to tha aaid court for tho retlof deaitadel la tha atid e< milaint. D?l?d June It i??J. V urv ke , L. fl MvCOV, Plelntira Attorney, Cold Sprlng, Putnam county, N. Y. R KXFRKMN AUKTCIRk.Ar. EDITED RATIB.-TRANSPoRTATIOM TO CAM form*. via the lothmna of Panama, by Zaohriaaoa, Not awn t Co. far particular". apply to A. AdClllMUH k CO.. Areata, *7 Wall etreet. BH fSF' RD k CO S ilRFIT CAI IFO.tNf A EYPttrSA p< r Crea- ant City, thiaday, la charge of Mr. A. II. Pri 1* ot our New Y> ra office. Irui.t twewtv yr c-at 1'iatnn any other E?pr??? Packacwa weired till 12 ?'cl >ea: par reia and laetera tilt S P. M. BF.RFORD k CO , 2 Vea-y at reel, A' tar Hoaae. # i Alt FOR MIA None* b t OM SHIPrKO wy hy A B Miller k Co '? Calif" mi a K.aprwae are la varia bly placed on board tli? mall neam ra at Panama I a adeam a of the mail and paaoenaera, and by no other eayreea Fir"t tone. Itrat (erred," I? tha ot,ly " eaolart ? a privilege ' granted Wi any. wheteeer athcra ma< advertiae. and oar fn> illtiea are known to all who haea croaaod tha lethmna Neat ahlp ?eat p?r t't event City, P*th. < 'thee. N.i. It M'a'.l at reel. fUIffiRMt IVPRF.SS NOT If* FXTRf MttB* V k Co'? Great California reeight, Paekare and Parcel Eapreaa, t>er etenmar t'reacent Cltf, on Saturday. June 2<th, and per at"amar Tennoeiusa. fr-m Panama, oa th* l.'.th Jul*. In roneegneace of tha recent deetrn -ilea e laftagratiwae ia Ran I ran' I"< o aad Stnekton. and tha Immediate demand for aeery demlption "f tner- handle# t* eopply the California market, wa Pave made arrtngemeatv fur-end' r oat a large Kvprere Freight by the etoamer of the AHh ?nd the m ?ra mutually t? guard agaiaat tha poveiMlltv of wetoatiua from thr e*n?y ra>na at thle araeun np?n tho lathmut, Mr A IV. Aertt. eo faeuraMy known an car Freight Agent between f'brvwe and Panama and wi n le now ia our moloy up a the lethmna, baa. in of the reqni'itloa. made the O '-et ample pr'-eieion thronghnut tha entire met* for thetperdy Irani It ?f onreapraan to Panama, in aaaeow fop tie I A Mail etenmrr Tenaaaaee. on lAth Jnlr. for Ana Frar claco A epvmal fwjybt eg?nt nod a ape ial m'???<"t, fr ni i.or New Yurb office, ?l'l accompany the earreea thr. ugb. ae uanel, to lie deet|nati?n. Ahlppcre drlfnue of g? ttlba their go .da forward with great dispatch will do well to atail themeelera of 11 tw opportunity nf aeadlng hy ont line, a- by an arr. egement with tlia C. A Pacltle Ball Suati. thip t'tlipane ?nr -1 preee fright takra prwccdnca of alt otherao? it etr -C amera AM large fwlg it. to go by tbla at preee ? Saturday. PAk ln?t , meat be deltvewd bo na I with ln?ul?ra| ? o or before tha t7'h leet Rmall pareele an I die pa'ebee w|l| be rereleed natll lu'eloekP.M, on the day ot eeiimg. Norbarre to ahlpuerafotCwatw? Monaa clearWuee or f'i neuter . ertlfl' ate? Iverytt in? aaat h* thia line and be put np la eater prnnf condition, or it will b? at the owner'ertek No pack ge ehnnld a? ecd IJfi l*a weight. A DA MM k CO., I? aad I- trail atrawt. N^Bltril F. Tf? MIIPPItRA TO CAtlF'iRM A -GREOO rj a t allf> rt ta F.apreaa, - Per rteamen Brother Jut It en and t re cent City, . n Thunday ?ad Maturdae, JHtb tnd 'fr\b dene, at Ao'efneb. P. M ? e bare the plearnre tw Inform our patrcne and the pnu tic, tint cor (Hreprcot) nfB?a in San Fiantleco hae tgrln tnd for the f I ird time, encceeefw'ly reeleted a conllagratl m which tretruyed all other hnildtarr In ite el dnity. All onr booke, ptpere. mcrehandiee, aad traarnre. were pree> re. d naln)arrd Fi roup or mj titode I* d epatchinr guide from New Fork t ? ?in rren'l .CO. the eati?f> -ll we ' i ? r ?"< or petr n?. ?t?r? et- t-ner. lied tw ? t w> e*n r Rl an euyttilng w? -aw eay la oar own be. who .hi* r? ne na ????.) ia fee Wtti r fi half Fcf a long pwr "d, we he *e been in *he bal it of ? made Ailg 'demuet (c|nt np i-rf.c'ly wt- rpr of, or thee will be at the ehipprr'e rltk Pa-etga ticket# fnralahed aa the akcre ataaaen. attha I wett reu* TUuMrSON It HITCBCOCK, NEWS BY THE MAILS. Oar Luicnttr C'?rrt?po?<Untc. UhchtUi (l'?.) June 26, 1161. The l.unttitrr Cvnimtivn?i'm>. >ytiama foiUut?M'i liiruiTings in tkr IV/ug forty, tie The W hy Stole Conn ntion boo idjaunw4, titer !!< minating Mr. Johnston tor Govrrnoi, John gtrohm for I'udi.1 C'ltruiicrloner aud Richard Colter, Juahua W Oiuly. George fhainbcra, William M. Meredith, ud W ill;.iu Jeioup. for Ibe 8upr< ine Bench. Tbio U I vi.riut i"ii from Ibe original |>Un, though ito tnuiu features have been preserved with the servility of party and the ilwdlenre due to an ? xperienced manager. I predicted. more than two day. before the mealing of the I'ouveution. in uiy published letter of the ?4th loot , It at the contention would be oootrolled by the friend* of Governor J. boston, that strong Scott resolutions wi uld l.e pas i d. and that a mizrd ticket would be oomi Mtid for tie Bench. All theae thisge were dona, but late ou Tuesday evining? not before?it was determined to .tart gtrohm aearlvaltoUeorgu V. Lewrenee,for Onnal ('<n.iui'siuuer There ??< a .harp fight between the fritud. of the two eaudidatea; the eity delegation voting for him. to a man, and the pre.ident of the convention, and vlre-prestdenta aud secretaries. for Lawrence, but, in the sixth ballot was declared nominated by s< me five or six majority The whig* of Philadelphia, (ibe compromise whig", n> culled.) consider this a. a gr? at triumph over Johnston; but. you may d pend on it, liny have " caught a tartar" 8trohm is. to all iutunta ui u purposes a foe coder My own opinion la. ha ie an tboliUuiilst. slyly put forward by Stevens, but ai d so tillte tiuw left to the con tention to consider his case, that th* unifi d city dele pausiiiitri. without a-p.cial introduction In a word. Tbaddvus St. veils and Slrohui are cronies; Ste vens put him forward and Governor Johnston just lont lorn i uough ol Ins < wn force 11 have him nominated ovt laiwrence. J oh list ou was nominally 'deserted by hie fricrds." and the city delegatus voli d fi<r what appeared to tin m a couiproiui-e man, us gnoit a? ;ti-y could tind in Lancasti r county, it was a broad boux, but It was suc cessful. As to the judicial ticket. Mr Thaddeos Stevens (the of Governor Johnston) was iu favor of ren uni nuiiug the wliaia l.eiieh a- it uow stands ; aud that unit witb insuperable objeclious ou the part of those dele gates who v uoted to tiring out their own men. aud w:n especially i pp >M'd by the delegate* from t inca-te ? couDty. who were determined t> put forward V I.'. Krunklin i f Laneaster. a silver gray Mr 8trohm, who was hi mmM a d< legate having beeu nomiu itcd and elect ed as a silver gray ('; hint even the kindness to nom - Bate him; but withdrew hioi eariy to-day Thus t?H that farce By killing franklin. rtuddeus Stevens g it rid of the dangerous opponent iu his ow n count/, and revenged Iiuiim if for ihu -mall vole by which he wag reuoniii ated to Congress mother objection to ren*minating the whole bench, wis tlie dolt i of Chief Ju-tice Gibsou m* to run on the whig ticket, aftir accepting the nomination by the democrats. Philadelphia city aod county, there fore bsd to U' lutnaie a cand.du'e iusteud ot nim?one ot gn Hi h gal knowli dge ao t e |ual res|M ctabilily; and they alight ail. in their search, on Mr Wiliuun .M Meredith, a com plcuous mt* inter of I be late unl tiueutud Taj lor ad miuiM ration, who. ihey opi?d. possessed ail the legal at '(uin Urei.Ls aod all th.- p rs<>nsl i|Ualifications of a chnfjusilce Mr Mendirh is no doubt, at the head of the I tnlum Iphia bar and incproactiahle n his private r. - laii ns as a gentleman and aeitis u The city delegation had. i.evei theli ss. trouble tu getting lion on the tick. I .and succt ? d d m ly ly p|. dip s tosupp ?rt the gubvr ramrod lickM. nutn 1. tainting tb" resolutions, whloh they could not couscieni imisly sup|a.rt by their votes Afier all the werk.and alt the icrsu ilKN'S. aud alt the bar gaining Mr. Mi n tin li ot.iami d seventy nioe votes while Mr hichunl Coulter now-ou the bench and an appointee of UoWIBOi chunk obiaiind a hundred and htleen.? Messrs l'i uly aud J en.-lip hive uoi teen ku'wu much as p< iiticiaii- and Mr Meredith only as a t.a.1 uou , so, ? u I he whole, the judicial tnket appears to have been rib rted heyi nil the usual pu in u- ot p- lilies, aud in that repaid will undoubtedly com maud the rcspeot of tilo lux i iij. Is . f Ike btala .a The nohiiMUua of Gen. Scott (f >r the fourteenth reso lution is equivalent lo a i ouunitlion.) )? a he%rtlc?a piliticai hluidir If Johnston is beaten for Governor, land there is no doubt, iu many minds that Higler wiU bi at hiin by a majority ? f over tcu tliou aud.) then the chai ns ot p?ot . colt are at ouce gone forever. Ponu syhatiia is. no d Boot is .'.mnghold , but tho la st nag may be ui-iaicid by being br eight on the course too susni I have ai*..y? u. euied It a shocking bad practire in Knglana to allow convicts to mtrry before ibiy are sent to llotai.y Hay. J..hii?t>n knear bis failii g populaiity , he knew he required in w stifle n ingtosiaid up be for. the ei.etora 0< Ihe c.uiuiou wealth, and as f. r that | urpo-e he oouid nut lira v ou tho It is' i ry of his on. arblcv. merits. h~ aeieeted Gen fteott as Lis endorser?with what avad. the re-ull of the next Oct! bat electiou- will sis..1 pr.NU to the omintry. lbs M. bster niev are d. lighted vilb the proceedings at 1-a Beastsr. thiol ing that itn-y must in.v.tably re.ult ica. the oxrthiow .f Gov Johnston's fan lieu. aud tn the 11' the coustltutlou aud the laws. In liua o.uae, lieu t-cott. Gov toward, aud Gov. Juhuuton will umvi tably be slu IVed lugethir The history of the resolutions Is ton imp irtant not to deserve special mentkM but the suijeet is so Intricate, and >o friiugbt with rons.s|ueiicea to the whole country, that I must treat It in a separate letter. G Our BalUwnrt Ctrrr<poii4eiiM. Hal11moke, Juue'Ai, 1*51. Cttrbrulwn of the Ft urtlt oj July ? Ifi* Lhbtort' JuOi - Ut?.V.wfcarc o/TJ.e Condtn Murderer t?Great Ll ntetiirnt in liuwai d District?llrprirvt of a Ptuo ner, fr Ont I'ity Council having declined to appropriate any fund* to assist in a public celebration at tbo Fourth of July, effort# are making to raiae sutfieiea^ by private collection, which h is so far been <|Uit? successful. The now constitution supercedes tbo old one on that dsy, and our jail doers will be tbrowuopvnto the prisoners for debt, early to tho morning, and I doubt not that inaoy will be pre aeiit to see tb.-in turned looee. Mnce the adoption of the constitution, those having money owing t<J them have pushed up their accounts at a tremend ous rate, and the effect has beeu to fill ap the debt ors' apartment of the jail beyond all prcodent.* There has been as many as sixty taken iu during one week, all lor debts varying Iroiu piiJ-tw |*0 Judge Lbamberr yes erd?y seat..need Nmhilae Muipl.y, Abraham Taylor, and iViiliam Walton, in the Kent County Court al? hestertowo, to death, for -.he brutal uaasacre of the Cwsdeo family. When asked what cuuse they could why sen tence of death should not be proa-ninced apoo them, bktiten replied?" I have nothing to say. eaeept that I waa not there,aud knew nothing about it" Taylor's reply was?* I am as innocent a* that boy in the bar; the witnesses Sbaw and [trum mond have sworn falsely? there is uot a word of truth in what they have sail, except in tbe state ment of fShaw, that 1 took a drink at the spring wiib him " Murphy replied?*' I am oot guilty; I know neither part or ptrvel of tbe matter 'I hvy were convicted mainly on the testimony ?< Fhaw, who was with them, as be allegea, against bis will, ar.d ran .iff as soon as tho deed waa coin - mitted Tbe story he told on be stand eorraho rst.d with a confession he made to a third party at daylight on the morning ?fur the murder, ting be fore iiuy tidings of it had reached the vicinity to which be bad tied. Tbe negro, Amos < iroen, nndei sontenoe of death in Howard district, for rape on a white woman, aid who was respited twu wee Its since, h H again he. n nop.tod by tioternor Ue?, to eusble bun to investigate Mlfhih statement* made to him, that ?. i in to throw some doubt on the guilt of tbe a<v cured. It ia allsgrd that the woman .? of very bast charneter, attending the negro dai era, and drinking with thi tn constantly, throwing some doubt on the n liability of h< r testimony The people, however, not knewirg hut thi wi.iau wits honest and vir tuous, i.o defence having been rn.iie on the trial, are loudly clamorir g fet his hlood, and great fear* are entertained that he will be acixed ami bung oo Friday, in despite of the respite tiivernor Lowe b ts imn?ui.ced that he wi I decide on tbe case on Monday next, and in the interim the Nherilf will (lotiMIt -?? bring the prisoner to Baltimore, to seeuro his safety. Rurismt. June 27 1X61 F. t i'lminl in IhrmJ Dofoit?TV llont iag Cott Pott' j nmd?for t ?-nmutotum? Mi h lory Ocdrrsrf Oot? frnfritmamat fur ftk C'tt. 4' 1 hi- will tea dsy < fgrewt excitement in Howard dis trict. alxut twrlvs miles fern ths city on nor own', of the ween.I respite hy th- ?J- vernor of it B'fTo rained Xmn. tJricn csntrnccd to b? hitwg for a rap- .....omitted oa a white woman named Josvphlue Pepee At the trial ao deft-we Wee made f. r the nejr?. and he wv* eot vtteed at Hlio.t's at ut tarlva u. i- s ft? m the vicinity of th* dec d co cur I ? it ? present who knew the character oj Ikrw. m>s t>n I. >|iiitj try th ? minister l-i atrertdaaes .alb. cwlpfit It lie * he. n ascertained that ih?. w<wnnn Is ?! hart rharaefer e n-iaml- a "eiatirg. danelnc. and iltilillil si'h'fcn ?? degraded of the hlaekc A th cd party I as n w lie. n hr. ue'.t hthrc th'? il'.vernor, who stsi.s hat he was wot .uaimoncd at i he tn?l hat that i;r..-n o"itht n..t to t.e huna; the' he ?as with the <s?eien at the purl e time th's off . e* t'Ok p.acs. The prianner ? .h? .1 <hnt this wltm ?? Bilght he sujuiDotkcd at the trial, I tl Id" e. unset r.eirl. Cted to do ??? ?? to the nnorc . f the ? leitem nt In the district, ths foil. a me hst dbill ?b;'h hae b. ? n clreulaacd far and aide will show ? f?.. i ??!?>.? * ? Umrrt 4 Cown'y TW*c ,V?(io ? Inost (Ire. w I* Iiiircecs. ' 1 roit'e Kittson Priday, June 27'h at II o'clock A H It i< h"|re<l the ri'iaena WiU tbiu ' ut ar.d Dfc.n *? *. ?l . rde. ** th. Ir services a*/ Is Wkiit> el AV ' tint i fr> in wo Kr ' * Twa Pnarut" (1 troll' we, who I nr? lit Ibis erty ..w hearing d i| | sr. Ml' or, . .< d st.. nip'to h tits the man hy V .. I ? . u < I ?J-"tW?c W> I old h i,ise.f In . i 'I . wl .. at. in p ? f t i -t w nil ear I.. . ,, n >. ,? .h?-? Iiase led th# f. > I touts.', r. o >. i. . if a hum to in ing, It I It ai if. t.e. iii.i, r i < il > . i "let resentment 0" v. rp? r Ix.we t? a w a" < t nerve h"*?ver and whilst he Is tfcv last man to bv Iwluvuccd by aay rjm

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