Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1851, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1851 Page 4
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.NEW YORK HERALD.! JAMKS UOHDON K.tllKTI, rKOFHIKTOK ANDTtMTUtt. mrric* n. w. cor.vcr or ri lto.i a.yd Nassau its. I*IIE D.III. Y HKHJiLD, 1 ctnlt Iirr copy? IT per '^THK WEEICI.Y HKH.1LD. ever* Saturday, of eenta per earn, or $.( per annum ; the European Edition, ft per annum to any jwirf a/ Great Britain, and $3 to a.iy part a/ the Continent, both to inelude 'he pottage. TsIBIT i ~ "" ABUSEHENTS TUI3 EVENING. CASTLEGARDEN?ITALIAN OPERA-Ee*Am. BO WERT THEATRE. Bowery?C'oirt Fool?Boa* T Good Luck? Rombrz Macaire. BROADWAY THEATRE, Broadway? Ladv or Lvo** ?TMoariBb LsuAcr. NIBLO'S GARDEN. Broadway?Who Warts A Gvi A. NATIONAL THEATRE, Cbathaa tlroo*? Ladt or Lyase#? Barry Bvssham. BROUOUAR'S LYCtl'H. Broadway? Tbachcr Tsi-ont ? *t Pikioi's Bitsy? School roR Tiber*?Great E.\- I hirltion. CHRISTY S MINSTRELS, Meobaaio*' Hail, tTi Broadway ?Ethiopian UiaiTtiur. FELLOWS' RINSTRELS. Fellow*' Muaioal HaU. No. CM ' Broadway? ithuma Miebtrelsv. AN ERICA V MT*y ECM, A aaie* FsRrORMAiscw ArTRRnaoE ani Evbwibo. DOUBLE SHEET. Vi h York, Tuesday, July I, 18.11. Telegraphic Summary. Our special telegraphic letter from Albany is so full and pe fect, that we refer our readers to it for information concerning the proceedings of the Leg is- ! lature yesterday, which they will perceive were very interesting. According to present indications, the Legislature will not adjourn as soon as we expected it would. The proposed apportionment under the new census, an outline of which our correspondent has sent to us in his letter, is important information to politicians and the public generally. It is to be hoped that party feeling will have no effect in this matter. The court-maTtial on General Talcott is proceeding at Washington. We are satisfied?no matter what the retult will be, as far as any technical finding of the court?that the General will not be found guilty of any of the charges that have been made against him. in the opinion of the , public. Tht Partition of Mexico? annexation of Lower California or Sonorn, or liolli. As early as the beginning of January last, we received information which warranted us in saying that a scheme had been meditated for some time previous, by a portion of the adventurous spirits of California, to organize an expedition, add proceed to Lower California, with the view of assisting the people of that territory iu declaring their independence of the Central Mexican government, and afterwards in annexing that department to the United States, in much the same manner that Texas w;t- annexed. we rccoueci very wen mac tne ?.xprt*s newspa- [ per, of this city and probably soine other journals, denounced our -tatement a.- a weak invention, and unworthy of credit; but it seems, now that netrly J tlx months after we published the fact of the intention of the invaders, that not only the Erprc.?.? , but the Ti ibttnf, dish up to their readers it (urination of the same character, which they placed before < their readers yesterday in long editorial arti- ' elt'i*. The period that has elapsed between the ti ne when we made this fact public, and the time when the Espy rat and the Tntntnr did the same, is a fair criterion of the character of those journals, com- , pared with the Etruld, as channels of news and early intelligence. We published it six months ago,and it appears that these papers got the information within a few days only. The TiUmnt sayj it is a matter of uncertainty, at present, whet he r the territory of I.ower California, or the department of Sonora, is the meditated theatre of operations, and the Erprtss talks as i( the whole of Mexico is destined to be overrun by the Americans, and, in process of time, anncied to the United States, piece by piece and department ( ( after department. There is no novelty in this idea, for it has been iaiu down over and again in this |apr The mailer is perf ctly clear. It is only a I qon -lion of time. The whole of Mexico and Central i America. M w. .l M the Canada*, the British West I < uba, and the rracdwi.h 1-1 irds, tnu-t all j become i arts and parcels of the territory of the UuiUd btates. Wc cannot prevent it if we Would Th? gigantic .. crease and growth of this couutry J kr.i>w no limit, except the oceans on each side of it, and the island* of loth the IV. ific and the Atlantic. | After acquiring there, perhaps we may cxteud our j operations further. The movement to annex I.ower California, or Sonera, or, peil.a] s, both, i* not, however, confined ?- > -11* - 1l I. . ? ir,n a .1 I... . ., I U .. H, ..,, ?._ W ? v,u?. .. rn ^*'.(1, and is more popular there than iu Califnrcia, crpecially among those who entertain the project of establishing. At some future tune, a great Southern confederacy. Tb" secessionist* of the Main bare always contemplate J, in their schemes an<J arrar genu nt?, a vat; accession to the Southern Mates?op?*cially of the *itt<>n growiog portion of the Mexican republic?so a? to enable thein to conticue t< 1 la monopoly of that great stape in the markets of the world. This has entered .urge!? into their calculation?, ami fortified th<ni it the position whi'h they hare a to* ward-the North . at, i: 'hcirjusl rights and privl- 1 Jc?. ur.der the c r.stituti n. were Jenie 1 to them, thev 1 would iccede and orgm .re a confederacy of th>!r own V> ho can estimate the agricultural wealth ard mineral re" urces < I a confederacy embracing the outtcm c t itei. nedw-h Mexico, nnd such adoitional'errit -y a- 11 y ni g., acquiref and who | cah help perceiving th.-t it would be, in a few year*, mu'h greater and more powerful thin the Northern and New Lngland States e ?uld, under any circumstances, be by the ineclres ! This project of parti tionirg Mexico, and annexeither vono a or Lower California to tho United Mates, will undoubtedly be opposed by the present * aimiuiitration. who bare planted themselves on the Compromise mea urea of last Congress. l' the subject were f >r a moment favorably entertain? I by thru. It is ensy to see that tho slavery agita'ion, with all its d'fflrulfb", Its dangers, and pros|? ,ive horrors, would be immediately reopened. aid lorm again a dividing line b 'tween tLo Northern ard the Muth-rn Mateo. The .-*oufh feel chagrined and mortified becau-e the U*.lmot proviso was Imposed n Mexico; and we venture to *+ ?a v ' li V w i. i , i -' II* any arrarfrocat by which that proviso -hall 1 be attached to any tarrit.ry ?< mh of 38 .10. This need not be tip.rtfd. lb" '(Ucstion. b'twteef, in All prebability, u,u>t bo at*'.; and if the parties who are engaged in this expo.lit ton o-etir them- 1 | elves, and commence carry.rg tb?ir project into I feet, nothing can prevent it f ?m g-tting lot., th? | Presidential election 'I IW2 Thia aould up ?t ' ] the < ompromiao platform, for it would run like wildfire in the Sou'h. and would be popular in the North alro '1 he truth is, that tb" people of thie 1 country lire a* much in a year aa those of other countries do in ha f a centory ; and the piatformor programme that, accord.rg to present appearances, would do now for a pary to enter the IVesi lential contest u(on. would be of no service si* months boner; for, according to all probability, another state of thicgf, would exist, and a different p! vtforrn would h? neces?ary The C'simproiuiac platform may do for the present; but no nw cm tell what a mouth, a week, or ?*eu a 'lay, may bring forth in this c tlraordioary. erer changing republic, whose 1de??in7 Is Irresistibly leading na on to some great foal whivh the mind of man <.a<inot conceiTt Prime Coat of fahUc Meat Fair play is a jewel. The Boston Commonu-taJth and the Albany Atlas, both publish the fallowing article agaiDgt Mr. Webster:? ' Mr Webster has bad a professional income, stated by hisfliruds in tbe newspapers (see New York H^Ttn) at tw? uty five thousand dollars per annum, and is known to have r? (rued at one time > ne hundred thousand dollars for his professional services in the recovery of the Upauish claims lie. too, has received contributions. More than two hundred thou-atid dollars have been contributed to hiui by the manufacturers and merchants of Boston, in gratitude for his tarifl labor* in years gone by. In addition tt this, about five years since, these same gentlenicD finding it quite impossible, even with tbe largest dotation, to place in comfortable circumstances tin ir friend "neither rich nor a bachelor." actually raised a fund of fifty thousand dollars, (it was to have been double that amount, but New York did not reapond to the call as was expeeted.) and that it might not be wasted as former contributions had been, they placed it in the bauds of trustees, who now hold it. aud pay the income tor the benefit of Mr Webster during his life, the capital fund to go to his family after his death. Finally, after the famous dipl< matic Haven correspondence of last cummer, in which everybody could see "a wink as good as a nod." forty-six thou-aud dollars were raised in Boston and New York, and paid to Mr Webster. Now, it is well to hear both sides and all sides. According to an estimate tnide by an ex-treasury clerk, Martin Van Buren has received, by and iruui j'uouc umce, upwiirus ui tot -i. He wis four years President, during which tiuie ho got his bouse rent, fire-wood, candles, table linen, towels, beds and bedding, and furniture, including gold spoons and iron, Dutch oven and kitchen furniture, and rent of stables and garden, all free, and besides, got one hundred thousand dollars in cash, for his salary? all, together, waking at least $156,000 00 As Minister to ling land he got. say. in all ways 27.000 00 As I ice I'm ident he reo ived $20,000. besides, say. $600 in gilt edged stationery 20.SOO 00 As becietary of State of the United States he received. as salaries. Ac . Ate . say 20.000 00 As Governor of New Virk he got. say. in salaries. Ac 4.000 00 But it whs as Attorney General of New York he ruade the greatest haul. for. while in that tftice. he made his great Western New York speculation, which, with salary and fees, Ac, Ac Ac. amounted to 161.651 21 Total $060 451 21 ' So with respect to Lewis Cass:? He received a round ?um as Marshal of the I tilted Stntes for Olii". before the war of 1812. which is estimated at $08,000 00 As an < fll? er during the war of 1812. including erst of '.he im r,| he broke la the ground 11 005 00 As Governor of Michigan Territory, aud 3upern'erdent if Indian Affairs, including sundry allowances. ab< ut which the whig* made so much utise three years ago. he received, say 141*184 43 Af 8errel?uy of War he received, say do 060 00 I As Minister to irance 46 OuO 00 As Senator of the United States 15.000 00 His California gild ring. Ac 1 (.CO 00 lie made by his Detroit speculation it is supposed 250.000 00 Total $4ol.68V 4d a? mjamiv r. auvLEa. While in the Cabinet at Washington say ... 36.000 00 W hde District Attorney of New York 150.000 00 W hue Cashier of the sandy Bank includirg stated preaching gratis 40 25 Total $166,040 25 I JAMS* SI HI'i*. As a member of Congress 42 000 00 J Aj Mil . t. r to Kussks IM.uOo oo j As Secretary it Stale 24.000 00 ' Total $100,000 00 | lias is an American "plum. In r.ngland a 1 " plum" is A'100 u;0. Mr. Buchanun is a bachelor, ha.- no wi*'e or children, no poor kin?has not been run to much expense, aul lias saved pretty nearly the whole of the above amount. cistitL wmrirLD ?corr. fits emolument". l'"J rations, fuel, quarter*, fce., if siuce he fcr-t entered the army it Is estimated. amount to about (172.000 LeeiJee. tr be* received inn-lry fwords medals, be . rnbith :o?t. say 20 000 Total .. $192,000 In the above estimates, except General Cass's L'alifornia ring, is not reckoned all the rings, watches, chains, breast pins, canes, swords, hats, coats, pantaloons, Ate., Ate., received by the statesmen above named. To Mr. Van Kuren and his , fii- rds, we * uid say, in thair allusions to Webster, "he who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.'' TheCace of the British Deserter.?There was an enthusiastic meeting in the Park yester-lay, relative to the liberation of Stephen Walsh, the British soldier. We give a report of the proceedings in another column. Mr Brigbam, the United States Commissioner, did not pronounce bis decision in the case of Stephen ; Walsh yesterday. It is anticipated to-day. Counsel will doubtless appear for Walsh; and if the Commissioner has any doubts as to the propriety of his discbarge, will ask to be beard. The first ground upon which he should be liberated, is the j c. i.struction nut urontbe tenth article of the treat* by Lord Atbburton, Lord Palmerston, Lord ManIty. Mr. Macaulay, ai d tbe British Attorney General: and Judge* Lees, Sacdcrlan, and Gal an, of Na sau ; and by Lord Aberdeen and Mr. Uunuing. All these British functionaries say it does not extend to slaves who, to escape from the United States, commit murder, robbery, or arson. Lord Ashburton so told the Abolition Society in this city in 1*42; and exprvssly said to Gerrit f-mith, that for i slave to steul a h >rse to run away upon wat no , rime. The Bahama judges abort named decided , hut murder and rohbory by a slave in the United -tates, if necessary to enable him to escape, were ' iot crimes that the Lriti-h <r re nment wculd yield jp a fugitive for under the treaty ; and they r*fu?ed , g;ve uji the seven negroes who cuirnitied th -e crises, and fled from Florida to Nawau If that | decision it correct, and the E'itbb government ap- . | roved of it, a private in the F itish army invy j coauiit murder, robbeiy, or arson, to enable him ! to escape from military slavery, and the United utates are nut bound, uoder the treaty, to turrend -r him. What is ?auc? for the goose, is sau-o for the ! garder;" and we have no idea that we shall yield , up a white moo t" Brili -h rai'.itaiy slavery for t-iki lg a jack knife and keys as h* escapes, if the British I roverrm<nt refu.-e to yield up fugitive slaves who j lave ccmmitted murder, a-son. and robbery. Lord 1 AiLlurton told the abolitionists expressly, that be j 1 <1 net j urpoie to include deserters iu the treaty, brcatse if be had, slaves would have been irisere 1. j 1 hr federal eorcrnuictii of the Uuited Mates have bo??nlib* ugh the Pouthern >'tat?? bare sought to { prt it to?enf-rced tlie fulfilment of the treaty by Lirrat Britain. a- to the fugitive murderer* from ' Florida; and 'treat Britain cannot make any J !fl- ' cully if Wal*h i* dietharged, till tbey have fulfill' d their obligation* We b< p* the leciiion will I lit- in faror of Waltb. und upon thit broad ground 1 hi* ii the true and all-eufficient ground. Tint Wkib ami V it.i.n Aif Attt.?rt will he *een, by a reference to our report of the proceeding* in thi? re-e. taken yetterday before the refer* e, that Coltntl Wehb ha* been obliged to do abut he unglit hare done long *in"e with a good grant?tan>? iy. to delirer np the ^orreepondcnce of Mi*e Inman (now Mr*. C> ddington), which he eo I ertinaciomly lit Id in hi* po-teaaion, in rin'ation of the faith in wbi< h it ?? -onfided to hi* eare, and er< n in defiance of 'be authority of the judge* . 1>I no ian?i. n?* nniri' nhi cnpir* i?k*mi uj i bim hive alto been delivered up, and destroyed in ' presence of tba referee Nothing now remain* but for < olonel Webb to prepme for an artillery of I libel suits, wbieb will be brought against bim. in- , Icm, indeed, he rwak?? a full ?onfe**ion of bin error*, Mich a* we, being a good Catholij a* wo are, j would make to Hishop Hughe*, in onier to obtain hi- forpirenee* and hi* blearing before we pro-eel I upon our travel* If ( olonrl Webb will do tbi?, though we cannot promise him entire absolution, or a "plenary" for fu'nr* sin*. yet we will endeavor to >et inntter* right t>?twr?? hint and Mr* Coddington. Willi* and \\ ehh may settle their libel* at id lie* as best they may. PTaTtST't * fir N?w Y?>bk.? W had half prepared a statistical amount of th? progress of New ^ork city for the la?t, sit m oiitbe, when w? fonnd j tb?t it Would not be hclf n* interesting as wo had anticipated. having from time to tim? givn ft In our column* I nder these eirentn*tauees, th"*efore, we have dtteramed p'uiuultt ng it. Tht Mew PwUge Ltw( The new postage law of the United States goes ' into operation to-day. In our columns wil be found a synopsis of the rates both for letters and newspapers sent to domestic and foreign poet towns. In the subjoined table we have endeavored to facilU j tate the decisions of our readers with regard to the amount of postage which will be demanded for the Herald, daily or weekly, according to the natural interpretation of the law TABLE OF POSTAGE ON THE HERALD, DAILY AND WEEKLY. WIIKN SENT TO lUMcaiBKBS. Daily, SO milee or under per <jr 25e. Weekly. Se per ^r. 300 # " 50e. ' 10c. 1000 " ? 7So. u 15c. " " 2 000 " " 100c " 20c ? " 4.000 " " 126c. " 26c " " over 4.000 miles " 150c. u 30c " All these rates to be paid by subscribers quarterly, in adtauce. at the respective post <111 es. TRANSIENT OK NOT SENT TO KK01T.AR SI BSCRIBERS. raaraio. rsnin. Daily Herald, single. 600 miles and under.. . 1 ct. 2 cts Daily Herald, double. 600 miles and under.. .Sets. 4 ct*. Wiekly Herald. .'>00 miles and under 2 cts. 4 ct*. Daily Herald, single. 1.600 miles and under.. .2 cts. 4 cts. Daily llrruld. double, 1 .'00 miles and under.4-cts. 8 cts. Weekly Herald. 1 600 tniles and under 4 cts. 8 cts. l'aily Herald, single. 2.61 0 miles and uuder. .3 cts. ti cts. Daily Herald, double.2.600 miles at d under. .6 cts. 12cts. ntt-MY iiir.iiu. ijw mac s uuu uuuer ow. u cm. 1:n11 > llirald single 3.500 miles and under. .4 eta. 8 eta. I? ??!> lli rald. ilcuble 3,500 miles and under. .8 cts. 16 cts. Wt-i kly Herald 3.500 miles at.d under 8 cts. 16 elf Daily Herald. siDgle. oyer 3,600 wiles 5 cts. 10 cts. Daily Hi raid, double, over 3.6(0 miles 10 cts. '30 cts. Weekly Herald, oyer 3 500 wiles 10 ots "30 cts. Tin1 In aid daily or weekly, going through the United Kingdi m of (ireat Britain and Ireland, to' European countries, always to he prepaid 4 cents. The Herald, daily and weekly, by the Bremen line prepuid, going thus direct to the Kuropean continent 2 cents. The daily or weekly llnuld. to the southwest coast of fouth America. Bonayeutura and Bogota (New Granada). liuayanuil and l^uito (Ecuador), and to the towns of i'eru. Bolivia, und Chili, prepuid in all cases 8 cents. The daily or weekly Iltruld. to Havre. France, or any town of that republic, or to Germany. or to any place on the European continent, where the United StaAes steampackets touch. (Great Britain und Ireland excepted) aLd to Cuba, and the British West Indies, prepaid iu all cases 3 cents. The duily and wetkly Unuld. to the West Indiu Islands, (not British) Mexico, ports or points in the Gulf of Mexico, or places on the Atlantic coast of South lull- , rica. not in British possession 4 cents. It will thus be seen, that our subscribers will be obliged to pay, at their respective post offices, quarterly, in advance, the rates of postage as indicated above, having a reduction where they have paid under the old law in advance. In some cases, it will be perceived, there has been a reduction or the old charges for newspapers, while the postage on transient newspapers, sent unpaid, in some eases is enormous. However, the table above given, is very explicit and clear, and to that we call attention for any and all ir.foimation so far as the daily or weekly Ilenihl may be concerned, whether by those who desire to mail newspapers to foreign countries or to our own cities and towns. The postage on the lleruld to California and Oregon is exceedingly severe on those who may receive newspapers without finding ihe postage prepaid. More Light on the Recent Mexican Claim Fi kivrw ?Wa rrnvn in Hemlil. n. hint to the public that a large fraud had been committed on the government, in referenee to a Mexican claim, and on former occuions we gave intimations oI the character of many other Mexican claimi which were paid by the government under the i award made by the commissioners. More light on these matters is being shed every day. We find, \ in the Tulunc of yesterday, the following paragraph, IiiMisir Faivn ns tu>: GoimvwrsT?We are in p"*- | 1 ICISioa of tl.e name of it party who is charge-1 with I taring r< mniltud a fraud on our general government. ( undi r which he has ol mined marly a half milli >n of ] <li liar-, without a shadow of right The whole evidence ' I) wl.:rh l.e ohtaintd this immune sum. he is stated to 1 hi re confessed was false, and the gnrcrument are now in possession of the information which will probably I lend to the arrest of the guilty party, who is about to i Irate the countiv for Europe- For prudential reasons i w.- suppress, for the present, the name of the party Im- I pli-ated. ' I There is every reason to believe that this is ' 1 correct in the main; but it is by no means all that might be elicited by a Congressional examination j into the m de in which many Mexican claims were , made up, settled, and awarded. From all the facts that have leaked out, it is very certain that frauds of a most extraordinary character have been perpetrated in the business of the Mexican claim*. It was admitted in the Tribune, by one of its correspondents, that Mr. Corwin, Secretary of the Treasury, bad made eighty thousand dollars, more i or less, by the sale of bis interest, as agent or counsel of claims, previous to bis induction into the | cabinet Mr. Corwin is not the only ex-Senator, ex-Congress man, or member of a cabinet, who his made a fortune from the position he has held as < sger.t or counsel for Mexican or other claim*. In reference to the immense fraud ou the governsttcLt, mentioned by the Tribune, if it possesses the name of the party would it not he well to come outojenly, and give some intimation a* to who he is, and how the commissioners, so eagle-eyed as they are. were deceived in the matter 1 Innocent 1 members of the cabinet, and members of both i l< u-es of Confrere, will be liable to unwarrantable susjieinn, it this matter should not lie probed to tho Kott' m Put v c would ask the Tribune what vns the laim in which a relative of .Mr. t'orwin, Ftertlaiy of the Treasury, was agent; and what was the claim in which Corcoran bi Kiggs, of Washington, bud a fourth part, <>r some such intersat ! 'I'h *y seem to know all about it. We want more Jigbt. Tub Pits n*ji! and Cart.acr on tiik'K Perk- I i naiiin Mr hi < iianan n \u f-r thi j PHLSIMM Y.?We give in our columns to-day, re- i port" of the jeecher delivered by Mr. Fillmore, Mr. W< bster, and other m< mbcrs of the cabinet, in Virginia, where Mr. W?b?ter s'.ill remains, and which State Mr Fillmore and some of his cabinet lately visited. We do not find anything new in these speeches; tut they will be read with interest. notwithstanding, warm as the weather is. Of con-sc. the i'nion and cn titution sentiments met with a hearty response in the < 'Id Icouiinion, which ia row, as it always has been, true as steel to the I Lion atd to the country. There never has been try !aik of patriotism, of?trueurf (tiiiM r.imp, in Virginia. B it, it may well be asked, what is ibi use of earty:ng etuis to New Castle? what the use of speechifying about the necessity of ndh'rrg to the compromises of the constitution in Virginia, for who could doubt that Virginia would uphold them to tbela*tl The fact is, that all this oa munition has been expended to no j urposo. Why did not Mr. Fillmore and his cabinet, if they wanted to do their country and their party seme service, go into IN nnsylvania, previous to the meeting of the Lancaster Convention, and 'p*ak there, at *h"y did in New Vork. and as they hare recently done in Virginia Y That was the i lace on whUh to operate- But they did not do mi, and the result was, that (leneral x-ott was nominated for the Presidency on a platf >rm that gave a lukewarm endorsement of the compromise measures, but which distinctly left the Fugitive Mate bill a- a nest egg for future and further agitation. Mr Barbarian's speech, which we also publish in another part of to-day's pnp*r, is in the nature of a ?tt II I epoch f' r the I'f -oleney. 1H| l? f-oOatily only tbo prtrtncr of a number fr"in 'he ?mi>, and frnn other Hurof*. Tbe apeecb I* an excellent one It will 110 doubt be unacceptable to 'he higher law politician* throughout the country, but -ane a.'n generally will like it. We advise tbi* atmop- , ii g. nnd we would recommenl orery a?pirant to < the 1'ietidcnrj, no matter t*> what party or faction be may belong, to take the Mump and give u? a touch of hi* quality, whether it be in the rhape of a [ bae y plate ot roup or otberwire. Fcioep:** of Sra* I*h I/HWY Tick FT* ?Tba ' a| tain <ieneral of < uba baa communicated to 'he ?*)anbh Miniefer, who ha* officially advired our government of the fart, that ticket* in the lotterie* authorized by the'colonial government at Cuba, have been forged and leaned largely at New Orleana an I in that neighborhood. Tbi? communication to our goi>tnincnt ha? been medew'h re en i e t i it* j tun gation b* the bucCt of our count rjintu in South'in citiea. I THE CASE OF THE B t- ISH DESERTER, Enlhulutk Meeting of CltKena In the Park ?Speeches?Subscription for Walih'i Dc fence, Ac., Ac. Pursuant to a call, published In yesterday's II ruM. a meeting of citizens of this city took place in the I'ark yesterday morning. About a quarter past ten?o'clock, Kdmoad Blank man. Ksq.. took his stand in the vestibule of the City liall. there being at the time not more than twenty jersons assembled; but in a few minutes about five or six hundred gathered around. A meeting *a, then formed, and Mr. W. P. Power appointed President Mr Blawkman then mounted the stand. He prefaced his speech by reading the proceedings of the trial, as reported in Saturday's Hmild, and also the editorial in the Herald of yesterday morning, relative to Walsh, the 1 deserter. After reading at length, he spoke aa folio we? j Gentlemen and fellow citizen*?My reason for reading from the Herald was. that tne peaple who are here assembled might know for what they huve been called together, and that they could well rely upon the able report which appeared in that paper on Saturday last giving a full account of the inveritlgation of the ca*e before the I'nlted State* Commissioner, who 1* now holding it under advisement whether he shall surrender to British tyranny and oppression a man born in Ireland, and who, through want and necessity, and to sustaiu life, had enlisted as a soldier under the British government; but after serving her Royal Majesty the I Queen a sufficient time to convince, if not to satisfy. hint that the yoke of British oppression was not to be borne by any one who possessed a skin ' as fair and clean as the greatest nobles of the land, I the four wiud* of heaven whispered to his mind that not far distant there was a land, aud that land the home of the brave and the free?the asylum of the j victims of tyranny from all ijuarters of the Globe. And : shall we. a republican natiou, rivet the Knglish fetters and chains still closer and closer around this brave , nobh man of nature, who comes here amongst us to ; seek that asylum and protection which the British go- | vernment had denied him I?which, if we did. would be an act for the British mlnislry to gloat over. (Great applause, and cries of No?no') This, gentlemen. is only a feeler put out by the British government, through their minister. Sir llenry Bulwer, wh< m 1 consider the vilest minion that the British government could have sent here to represent hir; but, thank God. this act of the British ministry?acting as he dees, under the instructions of his govermm nt?has so far exposed their hideous deformity, that they now may be loathed and abhorred by the peo{.le of this great republic. It is not long since that .Sir Imry Bulaer acting as the British Minister, went to one of < ui neighboring bout hern States for the purpose of tampering ?ilh the open dksutiionists of the South; but he. on his arrival, finding liimscif an unwelcome guest, came to the North, even to our own city of New York,

and at a public dinner given ut the A.-t. r House? where he wus an inviti d guest to partake of the kind hospital!- . ty extendi d to him by our citizens?he there I,rinded the people of Ireland as a race of Celts and barbarians. But he found that be could uot feed the editors of our new; papt rs wun r ugii-n i'iiiui puiming aim nia^i wi-i; and the speech which he there mi>de. nil shown up. the m-xt day. in its true character anil light through the columns of the \tw Voik llertdd, ill such a uiauiicr as taught the Briti.-h ministry, in uiy opinion, a salutary lesson, that not only the American puopls themselves, acting in their imlivuiual capacity, would resent such it gross insult, hut the able and distinguished editor i of that newspaper cauie boldly forth and devoted the c< luinns of his journal, which was. in truth, the champion of the oppressed and in.-ulled on that occasion, as it has proved to be on the present. He (the editor of the lh i uld) it is w hom we have to thank that this most foul and damning tian-actbn of an attempt, by the agents of the British government, to carry away and kidnap one who bad shaken oil the tyranny of English oppression, for the purpose ot seeking a home in the laud ' of the hraTe and of the free," i has been made public. This man Walsh is charged, 1 and falsely too. with the crime of robbery; and, genlhmeu. who are bis accusers f Number one of his accusers we find to be a drunken corporal who. through the fiar of the English lash, swears to anything that may suit or accommodate his principles, aiders and abettor* in this most vile, deep, and datnualde conspiracy on the pnrt e.f the British government, and her rrr.urhiug menials, for the purpose of conveying this man back to English thraldom, on the pretence of having him triid tor stealing a penknife and two ohl keys, of the Taiue of sixpence, being only such as a drunken corporal in the British army ran possess bo you believe, fellow citizen*, that the British government would go to the expel se of at least a thousand lollars. besidi a defraying the expense of a drunken corporal and iiis su| erior officer from St John. New Brunswick. to the city of New York, for the purpose of apprehending such a trivial offender' Wty. gentlemen I only I wonder that they did uot charge him with having purloined theijueen's breeches, when he made his escape out of the barracks of thraldom, (tlreat applause;, and cries of hear.) No. geutlemen. this charge is only a subterfuge, resort-d to for the purpose of carrying this man man back to tile dungeons of British oppression, from whence his step will be short to the grave. Then it will be for poor Wal?h the soldier, to say Forever farewell the shrill trump, the spirit stirring drutn, the ear piercing flife, the royal banner. and all the quality pride, pomp and circumstance of glurlcus war." There will be- no mere left for him save the closing i f the marble Jaws of the tomb. Hut. gentlemen. believe me. the MM government with h 11 the shrewdness, running, and strength the British 1 li< n can boast of. cannot so far impose upon the ere- i Juliiy of the jurors of the State of New York as to in- ; dace-them to surrender this mau under the Ashburton treaty, for the offence which they prefer ugainst him. but ot which he never was guilty Our government will require stronger proofs than the evidence id'a drunken coiporai. uniier wie icar 01 me wu. to oui-ur up mi i* r tten anil tyratiuical per*ccuti?n. which they ee?k to carry cm Hgaiiiet an unoffending citizen in a r? |>u>>lien 11 land, where* the rub aud poor are put upon an ritual footing in the eye ( f the law. Uentieinen. au-h a charge mu-t t>e made out clear and dietinct. li 'fore the r< mmi?loner will concent to rend him back to llrilieh opprre?ion; Mid a- th- ca-e n?w alaude. the pi irocct'a t irtu* a will plei.d like augele trumpet-tongue 1, again-1 the de< p damnatiou of hie taking off And -hall we. aa an Am* rican people, woo ebould liar the d xir again-t the opprenur. etaud cooly by and -ee not only Injustice done I ut in-ult after lu-ult heaped upon our bead-' (Crie- ol no. no ) [1 he young aud eloquent orator. Mr. Itlatikman. after going at full length into tb* law regulating the treaty und< r which thia offence la charged, concluded an able rpeech amid the mot enthu-iaatic applau-e ) Mr Joiia Lett can neat t<e>k the etaud lie ep >ke f ir ah<>ut tire niluutc-. hut during the greater part t.f the time he continued 'peaking lbs cbveringaud seittnnnt <m re mi great that tin ugh lie -p 'he pretty loud, It wae lltiporelhle to follow III ui accurately. Hut the IIlowing wi beard bin distinctly my.? < will not occupy your attention many mituilea I hare only to -ay that i n reading the //.,?/,< of thia in ruing my feeling* were worked to the h'gheat pitch of indignation iigaiii.-t a goeernment who could dare to drag away from tbi- land a man who h?? aought relnge auiot.g-t ua from the difeat tyranny Yea. I read the llriuJd of till- morning and taking the account therein Mat* u to be true evidence. 1 my that orery in Mew York, lie he a native or adopted eitiaen. ab'-uld Hy to re-rue the prl?oner. fftwphen tVal*h from the -iutrhe- of OppreeeloB It I* on the evidence of the ffnuM I came, and it In ou that evidence that I call upon you g'-ntleiuen. to cay whether you will calmly allow the n tun o- of an cppte?ivv governa ent to -natch from your Inid-t a man who baa been driven by dc-poti-m to eeek -heller among vou (Loud cheering and crtea of-Mo. w? will not.' ; It ia ion bard tbwl ibv liriti-h M nit-t< r. acliug on the that be atolv a jack knife and two old key a, -In old get the pri-'n-r buck Mo. gent I* men. believe me. the repre-* ntalh n that he at le a knife i- but a lame pha to place tbia raae uujer the law regulited by A-hlurten John Pud ia but ao particular about am*ll k- to go to It e trouble and kpeiiM of -en lirag h-re fri n. \i a llrun?wii k fi.e a loan that -t'.le the Value of a abiding Nn, gentlemen, the true etc ret i?. hat Wai-h in t ilt? rt?r tn>iu the y? k* iff tyranny. mi l Inn oppre?f"r* have ad pted I bin mean *ul>tertuge to place him Rgmin ui.<i< r ilic inllitg larh Mr l?cu)ar<i concluded by rating ibal hi would huh w? the rii; off Mie# V >rli in aiLr iLun that the fogitiac piim o< r ?boold In* Ukna baihlw N< w hniL-wirk aiidtball'tnMrlt Khlm'T* and bin rabin t in hlit an w. II iuu,> into the Uulf dlrnn an to el.tir him up to the llrlti h agent* Mr hmo m next followi d in a apreeh of a " length, calling upon the mi nting tn adopt imnm Iiiatan imrw to procure r< unnni f. r ihn prinuni r lli? obaerraMuua * r* liuiilar to thee* i f the preceding epcnkcr*. Mr and turn- or four otber* nlao epke all . di tioi i tat < ry of tl r attempt made to lake the tugitiv* M nlib hark lo thn ItritIn h army Mr biaor., wbo wue Db'ri it Attorney under Martin i tan Hurrn adni'uotrattnn. f< rthn Ti rrltory of Wi-ron*tn. next m< unt?d the table II* raid?item omen I. alibi ugh a atranger among you coming fr in the tar Went, ami l.atit g read in I tile morning* Ihn ail of thin 1 renting tuily rrntiiting the a< r. not* ih-min contained, canm htm. a* ba?n iuai y bund red * who afe now around no for tbn purg? ee of i-tti ring my anrelm*?not only in a ; pr< fonuaal point off ?? l>ut a? a citi?? n of tin* repanild ? to aid in tnlb ting one of our citiacu* Iroui the yoga of iitiii?b opp*e#?ion After a tow mm* brief r? mark*. Mr Htrong contributed f toward* the d< fence of th< pilaoner Mr. tt it i iam Timurnii. countable of the ffoCoQd I ward wne loudly called upon to (peak. lie took Hie .tancf and mniathed at lengih on the A-hburtoo treaty, and argued that under no protlan.n* "f that ac<eem-ut could ti e britirh goTert metit d> maud the fugitlre WaUh lie raid the llitahi ha- taken a n< bie aland on the prcaetit , a* It baa invar lahly done on all oi < n? where in*ult I'M'I been i (Tend to Anierii >n nil/' n?, or wnere me in i til' rountry railed f'r the energetic and indo | i"l'nt ?< i I' ll (if th< preea, th only palladium of tb? pM>| h> tl|btl M4 frmcm fie ralicii u|">n h? ncel- | n g t? rtep manfully forward mi j ill ? not In w rJ? but in action and perunlary m-anr that tiny (it dotal* I Diinod to act ao the |o?> r* of freed m Want of rpve 1 ri mpela un to omit Mr Thompson * tpoeih a? mil a? thi'w of other* who adilre.-e-d iho Bo oting Mr T. eonclu<lid an<iil rho?rinir and applause Tho meeting broke up about id o olnck and a commit toe wan appointed to enipli y counci l tn defend tho prl* eeper before Hit II P t.'ircuit Court, ehould lueb tie derated rrqaleita About t.'l.'i wore rolleotnl for th- pur pear of defraying aapeaae* itobert Kuun. tand K lllankluin . Were employed an roull?el Ierrt.i.MBwra anew Be cm Awmir*.?InteUigeaoo fr? m ttrgota to May 20 ban been rooel?< i| Powgroaa waa Inertra ? ? lon on the ?n>y?ct of tbo difll'-ul " ? with | f'<iu?dnr?the Oorornor ad?i?ing a d- laraii 'it of war , I I ?> ing a f'rco of ten tboii-nnd men. The I ;*l re r wore al?o mak ng preparation* ft>r a rot teat amll|w|r i (feet' d that titer would be ae*i*id by I'era <l"ntral ! re? it waa thought would c? tairand hcauxUixry f irct J m I'erj I I A rclition or the Pujmbment or Death.?A reaction has taken place ti public opinion on this subject, and lires are now spared, whore the law formerly took them away without remorse. A dogmatical edict has been issued by Mayor Kingeland, that dogs running at large may be caught up and put in tbe publio pound, by Dogberiys or others, who will receive fifty cents for each canine specimen so impounded. Ladies' lap degs, too, are now subjected to a kind of inquisition. Should they walk into any of the parks?the Union Park, for in- i stance?and behave with perfect propriety, moving about in the most respectable and quiet way, they will be seized by tbe officials who guard the gates, and carried off. This is never done iu any other civilizei country, and would create a revolution if undertaken in the Tuileries or Hyde Park. Little lap dogs need fresh air and exercise as well as dogs in office, or any other dogs, or even ladies und gentlemen. ijakuk iii MMEii ur AHK1VAL3?l csr.eruay, quite a large fleet of vessels entered our port, nun- ' bering K3 vessels of all classes, viz:?44 square rigged craft, including the steamship Merlin, and 39 schooners. Marine Affairs. Steamship City ok Glasgow.? At a mooting of the ! passengers on board the steamship City of Glasgow hold iff Cork, on Friday. May 30 resolutions were unanimously passed, expressing their acknowledgements to Captain i Campbell and his officers lor the kindness and courtesy extended to them, and for the comfort they enjoyed. ! wbile on a voyage from Philadelphia, and particularly for the good order aud discipline exhibited throughout ! jn the conduct and management of the vessel A separate paper wus also drawn up and signed by five clergy. 1 men. of various denominations, expressing their sense of | the courtesy and kindness of Captain C. in making arrangements for the performance of divine worship on the ! | Sabbuth day, aud also every evening. I'mteu States Coast St'avr.v.?The United States | survej ii g schooner Gailatin, Lieutenant Commanding j J. N JJattit. U. S. N . arrived at Smithville on the aid I , inst. Tins vessel has been ordered here by Professor i A. 1> Dncbe, Superintendent of the Coast Survey, on the appliration of the merchants of Wilmington, for a sur- ] vet ef the Main Bar and New Inlet, that the actual condition of the channels, at this time, may lie projected? j ' alio the set and velocity of the current, with the probable j influence it exerts upon the bars. Professor Baehe lias ' (iireetid that the work shall be accomplished in time to I j tuitheV the views of the nierchauts of Wilmington in j < their anticipated effort to ibtaiu an appropriation from j i the gi ru ral government, for the improvement of the i ' entering channels of our river.? IVUmington (.V. C.) Coiiimcicial. June 118. More Indictment* against the Stool Pigeon laUllg. hempstead col *t iioi se??<l i lxi cocntv, long island. i i GEORGE WILKES, A. M C. SMITH, OOM1NICK CRAS- j j SOI S, AMD OTHERS, INDICTED Foil OKA.NHLARCE.NV, I AMI HELD TO HAIL TO ANSWER. j ; It will be recollected by our readers, that about two | ' years ago a considerable sensation wus end, avored to be j created in the public mind, by George Wilkes, the editor ; of the l'ulice Oazellt respecting the arrest of Samuel Drury. of Astoria, and his son, on alleged charges of send- | irg a v torpedo" box to the house of Thomas Warner, j with an intent to take his life (ou all of which Mr Drury : lias been honorably acquitted.) af the history of which our nadi rs must have a strong recollection, from the frequent publications made in the public journals on the subject, and. therefore. It would be unnecessary to go further now iuto detail lloweVer. we may state, in order to show the came authorizing the indictment) found by the Grand Jury of Mueeus county, against W ilkes. S mith und tin ir aiders ami abettors, tor a grand J larceny that. <n the lMth day of November. 184'.'. Mr. j Diury was arrested by A. M V Smith Crafsous, Wilkes, and company, and was secretly conveyed to the Tornb* ' locked up. without being allowed the aid of counsel. Tbut m uiv attcmoou ti.e.rge l\ like*. One- Lye.l Thompn n. A ?1 C. smith. iKmiiniek Craeeuux, Joh. ph bowling. Pet tii? William II Je-ukiua. and Jeremiah K Eaht r. proceeded in two curria^es to the reaiJencii of Mr Drury eit tinted at Aftoria. Long I*Uud. and there, in t he abrecce of M r. Drtiry they are charged with forciI'y entering the home, without any legal proocsu. seizing hold of jewelry and ( tin r properly, during thu process of ransacking the looma. whi^ji they are accused of appr. printing to their own u-eAAUiouutiug. in value, to between two and three lhciu*M dollar*. The following ie a ropy of the indictment, wherein in set forth a number of articli * -aid tote stolen by the accused parties ;? (Ji no. Con M v, * .?The Jurira for tlic people of the State of Vera, in and for the body of the county of <v?im r.?, upon tlicir oath*, preaeut, Thai Alexander >1. 0. Smith, (J. org. Vt ilken. I), ininick t'rsaeuna, Joseph D.v. ling, I'ecma Oowdican. and Jeremiah Kaker. lute ot the town of Newtown, in the county aforesaid, on the aixteenth dry ol Now inter, in the year of onr Lord one thousand eight Hundred ana forty-nine, at I he t..v u and in the county ? t.d, with tore* and nrn.a. one bar ol gold metal, of the calm I four hundred and eighty four dollar* aud twenty-four < eat-; .c\en diamond*, of tlie value ol three hundr-d and two do'lsr* and eighty one ceuta; filly auiall diamond*, of the value of four hundred and hv ; dollar*; Afty ruble*, ott lie value f one hut dr. d end thro dollar* end nfly cent-: eight emerald*, ol the value of seventy seven dollar., one diamoii I (inf. of the value, f eighty do) fart* one diamond ring, of the . ,luc ot eixty dollar*, < n.-diamond ring, of the full I Afty t wo d llart; one diamotd ring, of the value ol thirty-eight dot. !ar>; . it diamond mourning ring, of the value of seventyflve dollar*: three clu-ter ?et diamond rin. , ol the value f ninety- in dollar': one opal and ruby-ring, f the value of ei?tyfour nop are; three gainet ringf.v slued at twenty two dollar*: one pair ol opal ear drop*, of the value of forty-four dollar*; r ue diamond I remit pin of tl.a vain, of sixty dollars, two etueter < t diamond pin*, of the value <>r ?c\> nty dollar*; one opal Ireart pio, valued at eighteen dollars; one pair of gold I ncktra. of tl e value if fourteen dollar- tire, gold |on< il?. valued at twenty-four dollnri; two r .11 p-ncils, of the valnt of eb ven d.dlara; one t> rtoi?e-h. II h..< and cont<nt?, .1 fie value if hfty dollars: and one gold t! imlle, of the \ alue of seven dollar*, of the goo da, chattel*, and pro- | p. rty . f .re Samuel t'rary. then and t lie re l.eing found, telo- [ nil u*ly . : 1 steal, take, and earry i*iu to the great damage ; of the tai.l Samuel Drury. againit the form ?t the statute in gncli ca?e made and provided, tad against the peace of the ' l" '1 jo|'|> ,(;'rAMhrER^/vVinrr'tAVtfrn'-y. W? ?ldw true liillx of indictment were f> uod by the Grard Itujuert. during the Jure term. and ucH warrrnte w< r>- arci idingly ii-ru.d f. r the arreet of tlx- acri.-?d par le-therein nam. d tin- rheritl. ha? lug the pror.>. hirupht th.ui (with the exception of IVilk.-a, who i? in F urop. to Jnlhal<a. on Saturday la-t. before Judg" I (tdick. ? bo to. k hail b r tbi m in the lull iwicg i rd? r A M r FinUb and George lVilk> ? were hel l In the ?u :< of fl.M'ti ra-h. to an?*>r Edmund I'llipnld and Tl i wax J I'air. into eecurity f?r Sin th ami A lullra It Hi dure. >henff of Klnga count/, became aa< nrity for Wilke. Crarrour, I>< wllrg Dowdlcan ainl linker were held In ' the urn of fCIO aril .lolin It oar h mi l A M <' Smith became th. lr lecurity. and they wire tben dl-charged Itorn curt'dy The trial i? ret down for the neit term of the Court of i Gmeral Seerlonr. to b<- held ill lieeember next. at tbi Court 11' ure Il.n Hoard of IniiervleoMi < AIKETISO. Ji*? 30?The lion, the Recorder In the chair. The j mlnutca of the preceding n.e. ting wi re read and ap I r- *i d hi Tl ral email bill* conurrted with the police departloent w< rc pre*cutcd and ordered m *. p.ii l A Mil "f , the fount/ Superintendent of Common School*, for : t'.m 60 for travelling eineneee. Ac . w.n referred A bill of Jul u? Hitchcock for fto for tin? day ? attend, aniea an i lTlser on the Court of '>/ r and Terminer r.-fctrnl A bill i.f K Frrnrh for 07 for one hundred and fit'j-four meale for juror- lc . in theraie of the p.wrple r? Me. I an ar <1 a bill of IIIllir.rd d? put/eherlff. f r >b?l, w. re referred to the n nimi ttee "ti criminal court*. T ic tben adjourned to Morula/ vv> uing next. 1 IIK II KIIAI.D KOll 111 RIIPR. Mail* ion It kurk ami a m, nv iiik BRtri-it vrc.tNMiip niaoaraT! e Pritlrh mall tteamahip Niagara will leave thlx port to-morrow noon for Liverpool hhe will carry out tbe icml.we. klv mail- Tlo v will cl< ?< at h.df-i e-t ten o'eli ck to-morrow m' rtiinf Thf Wnii.i flrnair>.*ilh tli" late t in'print- J in Kreneli anj Etiili b *iil ba putlirhed at half-part uln* o'clock to morrow mornirg Single co|>i?i ailpeore. Orrrn Tnrlle tei-eliejr nt llnynrel'a ?kaip, V tli, Trm^li, kt., fee., eeree<l at til hour# of th? l.iy 111 '???!?*. A Card. ? Ilriiri llerfortl At Co. aaminnnrc thatna the let day of July teat, the ir new cheap | 'me fe,ninth na ya iatn effect, arid they will enrato to delieaf ' le'tera in hen I ran'hea in advance of tha V. it. mail, ami *ith ireatef eafety. I'ader their n?w p..eta ? mtblatieei" the portage on a eiarle latter to Ran 1 ran ?i?e". l? only J alt other placer la <'aliforrtia, I ( HI new?papera. 1 c nta to California. Gonda delivered In ! Pen I rare :> < a in thirty throe daja, at <0 cent a per lb. Neat hiI ?*nt on th li th July. BI.Rft'RII k CO . t Te>ey atr*> t. Aat><r II net. IVIagara Kn tin Dainrrrrolypeil nnel on tmn at M A Ik A. Rati ? railerr. en RfuWelway. capn>r af franklin atfael. Alio, the I rayon llagucrr typaa, taken aaly at their Gallery. Admiaaioa free. nagaerrrtilyite of the l.targrat Itfnn In tlir World.- Ilaltnra. #"' Rroadeay, hae taken a pi tore af the arta?'?t lieiar irtant in ai'rteace, repraaantiaa aU?. np?a tl e aatne plate, th t r< anwaeit Mainr Rteyrne. rr la la n ?r-?t coaatry t*r arrat men. pretty a?a<?, fat latter, fine dacm rre<>ly pea. fto. i all on Holmea if yen relah n line picture Uailtry, 2>f Rroadnay, fourth atory. .Inhn II. Hie h. Dentin!, rcapce-tlnHy Informa hie frlonde and the public. Hint he eonftn<* himer II ei tire la lo the practice ol hie prefe aeinn a? lien tilt. Hr. Huh hae r> moved to III Tenth atreet, tea doora ereat of Broadway. dllka Reelnrrel In l*rlre.?-lumen Brrk A Co. hare reduced the pr'fer of tlieir Rpring and Somniet Han-tea. Janmte. ? i?.,n* Fonlarda, Callonea, Man* Milan. Shawle, I'ronch l;mbr"iderie?, l.aeea. fce., below ooit? Ladie* will Bad torn* treat barrainn at ,tto Broadway. A Wore! In Htawin -Thlt In Ihr llmr to ir ahe on* of th? <" let rated /'fhjt I'nd'f Shirt, whl -h la ao much rja)*d by It* wean-re. It la aa ""ft. a* Willi, litfl aa *n?"amtr, eorl ?? '?1 ?>T>ld d?" r?. and will both waati and aitr. It i* a "i-fet-iord from a idd .n chill*, and tha aarjr , attp lo for Ua hot n?ath?r. * HA*! ; V k HAY. 101 ll.wrrjr. T,l?tl* Bnoimrr C inlt?l?in ?r? I?*flnl ?nll? ? An ti ipot'oti n d.r-ct Irom Ulna*. W a haaa a f*a r?nta id Vt?ta ittll' o ha i LiVJt k Hi AM, IX Maaaau attack 1 I Drab Btavrrt, Panamas and Straw Huts, of almoat imperceptible lixhtneiia, reireehing to the wearer iu aeaann of v anutli. . au l.? obtained at Bulla# Ex tenaive Hat and Cap Eatahllnhment, Ilki Canal atreet. IIo ia iicl'inx off lii* aumwer Iiata at re luted price*. Call ou Banta, lOii Canal atraei?you tan set auminur hate atai> at* at your own pricea. Rcp?iiUnt?i?The rrlcbrnted Puritan. preacher, John Knox, called nil men to repentance; and/ there ia the difference between him and our modern Knox, of 12h Fulton etreet: for when any one-all" upon the latter! he never rcpente, tut ia ulway* very slud that he wont; for " the haie wbieli he eelle rive utiverul aatiatuetion tee all pur eh vera. He haa on hand uow a moat beautiWI article fuSeummer wear. | . 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U'?tet...a ,m.l II..1.1 ?-?? ?..."--a I - J If any of our readers wl>h lo gtt a Serviceable I'at?ut Leather Bu< t, Shoe, or Gaiter. at a moderate rati-, they would do well to call upon I>. brown, tl Court laud' street, under the Merchants' Hotel, whero they will fiu a larpc assortment ?1 line boots. Shoes and Ousters. Klrgant Shoe Eatiihllxhiurnt.?Cnhtll, .'17? Broadway, hue the largest and most elegant stock of Sheen and Hoots, for both ladies and gentlemen, to bo found ir America. Mr. ( '. has recently imported a n?-.r style of Halt ers for the Indies, which are now. sll the fashion in kari' They are really very beautiful, and we bavo no doubt wilt attract their special attention. "The l.atrat News."? Brooks, Yn. 1.19 Fuk tan street, is introducing some entirely new styles of lo.> . gear for summer wear. 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TIioks- xv lto wish to Itiivr tliclr hoiwtii clcnrcit jf Knts, Mice,, lledhugf, etc., would do woll to cell it Coster's 1>. pot,HI Broadway, v I ere lher ??n purchase tbe f xtermioator that is infallible, en 1 that fur surpass* inpthing ever oflered to the public, leaving uo iinell or nuillnce. SI OR BY MARKET., June 'V)?A P. M. Tli< re lias been ro change of consequence in the stock nnrket, since Saturday. The hot weather is driving peculators out of town, nud a few days, with the therni,meter at ninety, would make Wall street a very quiet dace. The brokers, as well as outsiders, are hastening nto the country, and we do not expect much activity n the stock market until the return of a inori com 'ortable atmosphere. Stocks are well held, and we do lot believe tl$0 there will be many forced sales during be dulness of the lo t season, speculation has boon iut off till the fall; but it is possible an upward movcnent in some particular fancy may take place, even in lie face of general inactivity. Heading Railroad was a ittle more buoyant to-day. and it looks like advancing till further. Tbe rspsrts relative to the July dividend ire very contradictory Much depends upon the post .ion ( f certain parties as stockholders, whether a dlviIcnd will be declari d or not; and fri w the recent rise 11 the ninrki t value of the rWk, and the fact that large urcliases have lately been nisdo on Philadelphia ue. cunt, we should judge that a dividend "f some ilnd hud been dots rminrd upon. Norwich and H'orc<ater Railroad has. for several days post, been 1< predating, and has fall> n < IT dudng the past week four ,r five per celt. Tbe cause of this was the circulation of s ports by parties interested, that the dividond in July rculd be less than anticipated. This report was put brth, in a semi-off) rial shape, for the sole purpose of doireciating the market value of the stock; and it not only Mill i .nn - it ii a i maiu rn jar in ui' u mi a ui uin>vvuiK> >ut the rate of dividend is. in our opinion, regulated with uck an object in view In tbe last annual report "f thi ompany tbe director* *ay?" There is, therefore, no reason existing ?tiy the stockholder* should not hereafter ccaivo regularly, in semi annual dividend*. tho net anting* of the road; which, taking the business of the k >ast year as a basis, will not be less than flee per cent ]>er incnm on the entire capital, when all is made pref-rrvd t?ck." And we hare not heard that anything has trans. |dnd to dee trey these anticipations There has been an Ecrcase in tbe receipts each month of the past year; notwithstanding whirh. the dividends hare been less Iai't Itecember seme of the directors played the sums game ;1 ey are nr w engaged in. and made a great deal of money ^ by their op. rations. It is time the stockholders had their jos open t<> the impositions practised upou them by those In power. The failure of a pretty exten-lre banking house in Wall street was announced to-day Tho concern w... ? isrgily inter, led in California nfluir-s, and It la said 111 it Iheir liabilities are very heavy. We do n?t know wh the losses will fall upon, but ire understand that the capital employed in the business <f the tirm h is been Itno-t entirely cleaned out. We b .ve no doubt th?r. ire other houses, in 11.1-and other cities, In a similar condition, and they will be known one of these days The rsc. ipts at the office of the Assistant Treasurer o.' Ihi" port, to-day. amounted t" pa<i lo-i 2-'i; payment 13.044111)4 73, of which fS'.SOOO was on aerount of th. tbileau indemnity?bidance on hand. |1 Oil'.04 tkl A large portion of tl am- ur.t paid to-day was appc prlats.I f.r the liquidation of tbe semi-annual interest :>n lb.* governm. nt debt, due to- morrow Tlie balance In ibe Pub Treasury, to-day. is mailer than we have known lor more than a year. e.l.-n nl syIiIMI. Ihs Fsssinlisnl .1;.. burn t> nif of Ihi- Trrn*ur> r * offl je during th" nn nth i f June. 1601 ? Ankiut Tnunriri'i Ptitrwrtr?Rn t.irr* * ?!? Dn KMORKfl Jew*, ] ML * .lun?- l, 1?r,l?filMWi lii 10 krttiph. On a'eotiM of ru-tom-. (2012 0S0 U I at. fitful a.lut (rj 1'ift <?(*< ? Df|iartnifnt..., 75 *73 12 >11 u> ? l 2Jtf 9 933 91 A 4,6*4,116 07 rajmrnt* 3f.9fl.P74 46 Tnamrt draft*.. .... 416fa? 01 6.600 JM 41 Judo W. INI-Mtae* 1,014.464 66 .iun? 1. liil? Py balance of fuml* to j??y I BMA nl Inten-t and coupon* .. J *' " Addll i appropriation*.,. 1262040 71 rnynvnt" 1.244,076 -& On instalment duo July 1. '60. CO tin " Jan 1, 41. 2.317 40 Treasury nntr? 19 42 Com on- 2 400 00 4 922 92/ Balance 1 260 1'.} 4' Trcarnry note* funded 456 00 14.-M tt.t-for cut lorn* in rear ?a4tii|( June i' :i? 1*31. 3W..4M.K10 W ' ?*< ( ? In lS'il .. 4 .W.rrU M Totnlrrcpt* la th" jrnarenJin? June :*?. 7.0 2V0M812 ol ' ' - 1M1 .vuoi ?ol [ir ' Paymcnta 14 ? 1H.V). Bmi ji) (|i 1V.I. 31,',t* .110 3 . Tha total amount of rr?rnn? from mitotan r?r?lfcd al tl.i? port for llir j.-ar i-tiding Juns 90, llol, ?oi ;rr?t?i than ana rirrivr-d in the whole mun'.ry fr< pi the ?am?' aourco, a few >?nr* atnoc. Tb? rcrcnu# for Juno, thif* year, afcowa a ur?-at Inert-arc on that f'T the month loat. being mora than one half of thn Increase for the whole jenr. The land ealaa of Illinois State flank har* boon p-nt p< toil to 8ept<ml>er neat. The ?ah'a recently i*?<V wer< at improved price* The ni'-*t vigilant roartlcmn o? thr part ot the -toekhnlder* nn atone aeenre any pijrarnt on th*ir tihal'. a* much oh?? urlty I* practised by thos. who with to piirchao land for Ihe lasuea of the bank, at the i ip?HM of the utockh ?idcrr. The r- <. tpts of the Chicago and Helena flallr'>ad I'lm pan. t- ! oo.n'h of May I'M wa? tl?l 122 11 -nri-ic' IM.I I |f UmMA n MM ?lmwlng an lorrrase of fSPOft tit) for the month in 1*.">1 Rot k? for subscription to the capital *toek id Ihe Pnt?non and N?w York f'ltnk Railrtad L'ompmy. have

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