Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1851, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1851 Page 7
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' Sadden mad Singular Disappearance front the World of Fashion In Pari*. [Pari* letter In the London Atlas, Juno 7.] The sudden disappearance from the world of faihion of the Maruuis Ue F and hie beautiful wife, with the wondrous story connected with the cause of suoh a sudden and unoxpected stop, has ' given us ample food for gossip, scandal, and excitement during the past week. Their loss will be greatly felt by us all. They were the kind purvey- , ors of amusement to the idle, of gossip to the scandalous, vf endless subject of investigation to the prying and curious; and were it not for the mysterious tale of their sudden io termination to retire from the world, every particular of which 1 can warrant to be,true, and whereby they leave us a legacy worthy of the high name they have always borne in the annals of Ix Spott, we should almost regard their secession as a mortal offence. Without laying any claim to the high aristocratic influence of the Faubourg St. Germain, the Marquis de F had always held a most conspicuous place in the Parisian world by virtue of his enormous wealth and the beauty of his wife. This last element of success is infallible in a place where beauty is rare ; and the Marquis had becomo more influential through this means than even by the (treat pains he had always taken o entertain his frienus in a manner becoming his great fortune. The origin of the Marquise herself was a mystery even to her best and most intimate friends, even to the indefatigable hunters after news who abound in Paris more than in anv'othar eitv Ri inmn she wns (riven nut to he a grisette, with whom the Marquis had fallen in love during the time he was a student residing in the 1'ays Latin ; by others it was said that she had been a singing girl at one of the cafes he had frequented ; by some that she had been a rider at Franconi's; and by others that she had been a lion queen at one of the menageries on the Boulevard du Temple; all agreed, however, in praise of her graoe and beuuty, and of the admirable manner in whiuh she did the honors of her salon, giving us a succession of Jitts from January to December, each one ac cording to its season, and each in its own good time. There was the winter divertissement las; year, of which everybody talked so much, when the ball room of the Hotel de F was transformed into a complete imitation of the Ice Palace ofthi Empress Catharine; then we had endless plays and proverbs in the little theatre, all performed by amv teurs, and which furnished us with gossip and scandal sufficient to occupy us the whole year through; then the summer fetes at the beautiful little chateau at Passy?they were tho most delightful of all ?first, the fete des Lilas, then the felt at Scringis, then again tho Feast of Rotes, at which all Paris assembled to dance, and Hire, and mako love in th; shade of those tall chestnut trees, beneath which Franklin had once meditated and philosophised? all these are lost for over, and, what is worse, the queen of all these revels has disappeared also, to return no more. A vile decision of the tribunal condemns the fair Marquise to exile, and her friends to despair; and the circumstances of the story are so whimsical, that all the while we are mourning the loss we have sustained, we cannot help rejoicing to find that the fates have not forgotten us quite, and that we arc still to be furnished with subjects for feuUletons and vaudevilles as long as there shall be society in Paris. It appears that about j seven years ago, upon her first entrance into tho world as the bride of the Murquis do F , the i Marquise had madu the couqucst of a young nobleman from the south of France, who, having just inherited his father's vast estates, was making a treat noise in Puris by rcaton of the treincnous rate at which he was living, and the various follies he was committing, of the nature of those which all voung men iust -let loose upon the world, having been kept rather short i or cash by a niggardly father, are sure to fall into. From the tirst hour of his moctiog with the fair Marquise, however, tho whole dream of life seemed to centre in her alone; be gave up much of his wild course of conduct to spend his whole time in her society; lie relinquished his graceless companions, with whom he hail hitherto associated, ; to Uevote himself entirely to her. All this, be it , understood, was en tout bicn tout tvmrur, and by the j entire approval of the good honest Marquis himself, ; who might bo seen any day at four o'clock, driving hie carriage round the t.hamps Llysees, while the dear little Marquise and her sentimental soupiraiU reclined withiD, talking reason and morality With the most earnest interest. Now, all this is quite allowable by our French code of morals, and the arrangement being here so very common, we aro ltd to suppose that there cannot possibly be any harm in it, and that it is only an old fashiono 1 thin skinned nation like the English who can see any objection to these triangular friend, hips, so highly appreciated on the continent. I The yaung man, meanwhile, was observed gradually to droop and languish, and lately to present every appearance of rapid consumption, and it surprised none of us to leain a few months ago, that the first doctors in Puris had pronounced bis case to bo hopeless, and that he had out a short time to live The good little Marquise, however, would not bo lieve in the gravity of the case. She went on dancing and flirting, in her good uatured efforts to i amuse him, with as much vivacity as cvor; nil I. in the month of January, she gave the most splendid ball at her own house, with a vie* to cheer ho friend, and arouse him from tho state of luogo into which be hud fallen. The pour youth's power were already lost for waltz and polka, an 1 ho danced but one quadrille, and that one of eourso with the Marquise. It was observed l>y all present that, during the momen'.s of repose allotted to the dancers, the pair were most eager and earnest in their conversation, the young man cvidently imploiing and supplicating, and the Marquise endeavoring to dissipato the serious humor by which he was influenced. When the dance wns over, the young man bade good night to many friends, and a tender farewell to the Marquise, ami, complaining of great fatigue, disappeared, to be een no more upon this earth, for that very night he died, having made his will the day before, 1 leaving the whole of his property to the Marquise? ! his hotel in Paris?his chateau in Auveigne?his forests in Lorraine?to coiutensale for the want of the dowry which had failed her on her marriage, and to afford a token of his aduiiratiou of the high mind of the Marquis who had sought out and shown himself capable of appreciating the great beauty and tulcnt* of the poor portionless girl ho had m generously made Ids wife. 1'hesn are llio very words contained in the will, and this had been tho subject of their conversation while diricing the quadrille, 1 and the poor little Marquise with tours and trembling loved to repvat the very words which the poor young bad uttered How be bad Uld her upon what toiemn July be hud been employed during the day, and how L* had left hia whole loi tune to I he person on earth he loved beat; ho m she had tried to turn the conversation, anil hail recounted to hi in an anecdote of her .childhood, when a wild g'p?y wruman hail told her of the high fortune which would befal her, and of the great marriage she would make, bed warned her that evil day* would begin by a rich legacy which she would one day receive, and which would be her ruin should site accept. She declared that, the jourg man was so overcome at her story thut he had turned quite pale, and that it was at that vety moment he' had hurried away. It i appear* quite certain that the Marquise was decidedly in favor of a total rejection of the bequest, and tbat she strove haid with her husbaud 19 obtain hi* consent to the measure ; but j the Mat qui*, who, being ft phtioiopher, ??red cot a fig for gipsies cr their pror.tcjie*, being *! ' ready enormously rich, of course had a natural da- j aire for more wealth, insisted upon acceptance, and therefore tire chateau, .he woods, the mine*. I and forest* of the dead uian were all registore I ss belonging to the Marquise de P , and ac irding to the marriage law of Prance, becoming likewise the property ot her husband Por a tnue tne h tppy pair were doubly courted,doubly tlittetvd iliuoiy envied, and doubly slandered in consequence of the j rich legacy, and theirJttts were attended with re- | newed 7.eal as soon as it became known that freiu the it crease of fortune the Marquis intended to j increase his entertainments. A few weeks ago. | however, a cloud was observed to rise u|mu Ill's I hitherto sunny horiioa; the Marquis. wh<) had j ^ always been blest wi h the calmest of tciup'rs, grew suddenly gloomy and taciturn; the Marquise, j whose butterfly existence bad never been flurried by the slightest bee/e, became suddenly iieirous rid irrilutilt* : the fi-tei sn hrillieiitlv announced were countermanded, and the establ skiuvnl instead of being increased according to anticipation, w.n I diminished; and what excited astonishment inoit j ot all wax the fact of Franklin'* Villa at l'assy 1 being put up fur *ale nt the v.-ry m<> n ut of all the j Mac*. seringas, and rote* of which the djar little Mati|ui*e know* *o well ho? to make u ? in her effort* to entertain her friend*. The murder'* out I at laet? the rreret ia divulged by the appearance laat week in the Uaxrtltdr.i iVt/tssaur of the deciin of one of the thou*aiid court* of the l'alace of Justice whieh condemn* the Marquise do F to the payment of the whole of the debt* of the Baron 1 de L , lately deceased, in virtue of her acceptance of the style and title of hi* heiress, to which the act of registration whereby ?he proclaim* herself willing to receive the legacy of the baron bear* ample witne**. It seem* that the debt* of the hapless heron amount to more then double the value ( of the e*tate*;and hi* creditors, reckoning upon the high character for honor and integiity borne by hi* ancle, one of the richest inmlrt dt forget In France, bed remained quiet, with the perfect conviction that all would be j>aid by him, but he, of course, being no longer responsible, they have fallen with redoubled appetite upon the poor Marquis de F . who, if not ab olutely ruined hy the affair, is, at all events, much injured, and obliged to retire for ewbile from the gsyties of Pari* to a Country reI tat, wheia he will heve sufficient occupation in ex- , w t.ining and arranging the afair* of hi* wife's ?. lend, so a* to get out of hi* difficulties as far from " total min a* possible, while his wailing little wife t ever reate* reminding him of her presentiment and ?f the gipsy'* prophecy to which he would not lis- 1 I ta while it wa? jet time. I The Trial of the Count and Countess do Bocarine continued. b< The trial was resumed on Saturday, the 7th inst. C Mille. do Dudteelc, to whom the deceased wan ti cc have boen married, was first called. She was a in good deal agitated. She said that the marriage in was re solved on in August last; anonymous letters pi against her were written to M. Gustavo Kougnies. p> This led to coolness between them, and explana- fl] tions were given ; af .er which a reconciliation was te effected, ana the marriage was fixed for November, ej Deceased had told her that his si iter and brother- ,?t in-law were opposed to the projected union. He b< suspected the anonymous letters had been written in by them. He was always afraid of eating at the at chateau, lest he should be poisoned, and would never th accept any presents sent from it. He had also told < <. witness that his father on his death had declared y, that he had been poisoned by the people at thecha- te tcau. On the 21st of November, witness received a a< message from the chateau, sent by the countess, u] that Oustave had died suddenly. Witness had re- cc ccived anonymous letters against Gustave; one of di them stated that he had several illegitimate chil- te dreo ; they appeared to have been written by the hi person who wrote the anonymous letters to him. gj Three other witnesses then severally deposed that w they were at the chateau on the 21st of November, m ana saw the body of the deceased. Their evidence, lo nowever, wau not 01 uiucn importance. \\ A gendarme, named Lambert, said that in the w prison tho count had told him that his wife had 8t poured the poison into deceasd's glass by mistake. m A man, named Wilbtut, gamekeeper on the estate el of bury, deposed that after the death of Gustave tii the eountess ordered him to go and tell "those two w cfxjuitus," Mdlle. Dudzeele and her mother. Tho rj count, on his return, gave him papers to burn. fa Once bo made him taste some of his chemical pre- II parations. The witness stated a number of other tL circumstances, but they either had no bearing on u, the case, or had been related by preceding wit- 1? nesses. L One of the judges having become indisposed, an a adjournment took place to Monday. During the 0f whole day, and especially whilst the evidence of the c{ gamekeeper was being gWeaf^ladame de bocarmc p was greatly agitated, and wept a great deal. L The court re-assembled on Monday, and pro- ni ceeded to hear the evidence of M. tit as, professor ai of chemistry at the Ecole Milit&ire, living at Icelles. ut It was to the effect, that after a number of experi- ( { ments, he had ascertained, beyond all doubt, that fa deceased had been poisoned by nicotine, and that he hi has succeeded in extracting a not inconsiderable qj quantity of that deadly poison from his tongue, sto- he macb, liver, and lungs. On the clothes of deceased, ar and on the floor of tne dining-rooal of the chateau of bitremont, witness had also discovered traces of the same poison. He had likewise found nicotine m in the partially putrified remains of tho gray cat and in other animals which the count was accused of hav- pi ing poisoned. He had tasted the poison extracted ra from deceased, and it burnetTthe tongue like a red di hot iron; he had also killed birds by an excessively di small quantity of it. It was the oonviction of wit- wi ness that the poison had been given to deceased fir when be was lying on the floor ; he did net think it pe could have been poured into the glosses by mistake M without its strong smell causing it to observed, lie ar was further of opinion that, after taking nicotine, it M would be impossible for any one to walk, but he e? could not say that they might not cry. g{ A witness then deposed to having taken a con- 8t siderablc quantity of tobacco to the chateau, and a of laborer, named Debliquy, stated that he had as- m sisted the count in making nicotine and other che- m mical operations. The court then adjourned. The Countess de bocarmc was so affected at the th details of the chemical operations on the persou of ifi deceased, msde by M. t-tas, that she became iudis- T posed, and the trial had to be suspended for some m time. He bocarmc paid great attention to the evidence. It will be obgerved that it tended to destroy bis means of defence?viz that the nicotine bad been poured out and taken by mistake. ^ This trial bad not terminated when the last ac- ' 4 counts were received. According to Ga/ignuni, in B'p the sitting of the court on Tueiday, Dr. /nude, a ^ tillYfiifMiLTi ?if Tmirnnv flonnttwl thief, ha ntuin. ? . ined the body ot the decease d in the chateau of pr Bitremont cu the 22d November, and had been tu struck by the bruises and scratches on the face, and ft by the burning?, by what appeared to be sulphuric acid, about the mouth. He hud afterwards made ''' an examination of the tongue, stomach, and other (* t arts of deceased's person, and the result at which ,'lf he had arrived was that deceased had been poisoned, ai.d that the poison had been forcibly administered m when he was in a horizontal position, lie had also at examined Count do Bocarmo, and bad noticed scratches on his bund, and that marks ot'a bite 11 Were on one of his lingers. ' " In answer to the advocate of the female prisonor, witness stated that it was possible, us deceased was . a weak man, with only one leg, that the poison had ,y been forcibly administered by only one person; the f< person administering it had evidently placed one *r kme on hiui und the other on the ground, and that * was why u bruise had been noticed on one of the l l count's knees. ? Dr. Murour.e, of Tournuy, medical attendaut to 11 deceased, stated that he had also examined the body, and bis opinion was that death had been ?j caused by poison forcibly administered when deceased was lying on the ground. Witness had never w observed that the countess had showu uiuch atTec- r< tion lor her brother ; on the contrary, she seemed W very indifferent to him. hi I our wi iMM were then called on behalf of the countess; their evidence was to the effect that she liad always shown ufl'tciion to her brother; and that immediately after being arrested, she, whilst weep- ,, ing bitterly, had said that it was her husband who K-j had knocked down deceased, and forced the poison ih into his mouth. Ir The l'rocureur du Koi then proceeded to pre- ?? sent his rci|uisitory. He began by reuitrking on ''J tbe enormity of the crime, a-id maintained that it had lorg kttl premeditated by both the accused. He denounced the count as a vile swindler and cheat, as an infamous <ltbau*ht, as a brutal coward, p, and as a monstrous hypocrite; and his wife as a vain, frivolous creature, without real affection for anyone, lie then entered into an elaborate examination of the tacts of the cose, an 1 argued that re they fully proved the cool and deliberate perpetration of a carefully planned murder by both the ac- "< cured 'I he l'rocureur du Koi had not concluded wl in the < ourt rore. I* M. Oi II la on Nicotine. p. [Froiu lialignaui's AlfHM-nger I (.' At the last sitting of tbe Academy of Medicine, i'i at I'aris, M. Orfilu's rejort on nicotine was read I ' This report, which coufirtns facts already known, '* contains many new observations of interest to chemists and medical jurisprudence, relative to the propei ties of tbe |siiroii, and of its traces after death. , ,* According to this document, nicotine was discovered in iNift, hv \ auquelin; and is to be found in t* different kinds of nicotians, in various proportions. si, hut ui.u tfiViipm rsitifiiitiN fern t*?r rniiL: ihiLf nf t h?* Hn Nord,six; Virginia nearly trveu, and that of Lot, t ight Muckers, by inhaling the fuuici of tobacco, io* reduce into their system a certain ipiautity '* (though nnall) of poisonous matter. Pure nicotine ' " I a* t he ? ppcarance of an oily, transparent liipiid, of , f a pale pel ow color, which, after exposure, turns to blown. It is very hot to the taste, and its acrid vr ruiell slightly rcseniblei that of tobacco; but when v ilatllutd by heat it throws out characteristic va- O port, wbieh aie so oppressive tint breathing boy< Hits difficult iu a room whi re a drop of the H juiJ has been sp'Il. As a poisonous suu-lancrt nwo.tnc , |OMCM?s excessive power. In experiments made about ten yeais ago, in ten minutes M Jrtilakilled ' ' u ai.y dogs, on the tongue* of which be had applied J.'" hve dropr ef tais alk ill ; with twedvo dr?;?s death |a ?toned in two minutes Hut this powerful poison p, cannot eresje the investigation of men of art Pure ?t tiicotine (scorning to the conclusions of Messrs. m Oittla Mas) has certain characters by which it th is di teclrd as easily as a mineral po.son. It can be discovered in the digestive channel, and its exist- in ence theieui proved, though thai channel contain H' hot a few drops Aid even when the poisonous i sbhstniH c has been ahsoihed?whew it has passed i too the other organs?it can still he discovered in 'liosc oiguns, and es|>ccially in the liver M. ' 'rffla has tried, on the liver ot ? i uals ooison d with 1 ta? I Veer fifteen drops of nicotine, t vo methods of j el,rnnral analysis which be >h scribes, and he has i J ' invm inhlv suecei dedin procuring certain o nullities ! !' of the poiettie sough'. Tot" ~ * I ^ M Mas. I>y making use of a third method on the body of ( us: uvu* Kougnirs, extracted niootine from p, the tot guc, the stomach, and liquid contained S i therein; he aim found some in tho liver and lungs. It lie moreover ohtained it from tho wood H >oriug of the lining-room in which Uustave died, alth >ugh that flooring had herji washed With snip, oil, and * arm water; and in his learned Investigation the Belgian toxicologic hail received no indication frotn K the lodge d' I net ruction, Before he w.vs informed |(l that Bo'aimr ha I been making experiments relative to tobacco at d nicotine, he had already found that M tie poison intiodnrcd into the body of the victim mi as nei'.brr sulphuric acid (as bad been supposed) nor acctie aeid, but ei'.hcr conic tne or nicotine. 1'* 1 be progress which mcdicul jurisconsults have 1^ made recently, is, that, poisoning by tnor- 0 I hu e, strychnine, pr jssic acid, arid other vegetable suhstaness, hitherto regaidcd as inaccessible to our pt nitans of investigation, may now be detected and Tt tcrogt tied in the most incontestihle manner. jVi (>tfila, in closing bit notice, might well say, to ?"At'u?r these results of judicial medical investt- * ration, the public need be under no apprehension. * No doubt intelligent and clever criminals, with a view to thwart the surgeons, will sometimes have \ recourse to very active |i drone little known by the ' r,' niass, and diflicult of detection, but science is on ^ the alert, and soon overcomes all difficulty; pene- Sr trating into the utmost depths of our organ*, it brings out (he proof of the crime, and furnishes ,:i one of the greatest piece* of evidence against the guilty." " so Tbsre wrre ISA deaths in Philadelphia, during the ?* We*h ending the mh ultimo. I INTERESTING CASE OF A FALLEN PkIBST.?It Will 9 recollected, that a few weeks ago a German atholic priest, named Theodore Lawrenten, was iminitted for the larceny of a watch taken, while itoxicuted, from the public house of Mr. Keinhard, i Third street. The venerable appearance of the -isoner, and the unusual cireuinstunce of oneooow pug his position in soiiety being arraigned an ich a charge, naturally excited considerable inrest, which was increased when the history of this itraordinary man bccauic known. Eminent counI, in the true spirit of charity, volunteered in his jbalf; but the unfortunate man was inconsolable; i the deDths of bis renentance and desnair. he in sted upon putting in a pica of guilty, though 10 circumstances under which the otleuce was iinuiitted were such as to louve a doubt as to bother the property was taken with felonious innt, and he had, therefore, a reasonable hope of iquiitul. On Saturday the case was again brought p, on motion for a withdrawal of the plea. The lurt seemed deeply to sympathise with the contion of the poor fellow, and listened with great inrcst to the eloquent appeals of counsel in his betlf. As the cuse is one of peouliar interest, we ve below an extract from Mr. Fleming's speech, hich embraces a short sketch of the unfortunate an's life:?He was born near Dusseldof. on the wer Rhine, studied in the Royal Gymnasium of Westphalia, graduated in the University of Bonne, as set apart to the priesthood in Cologne, and inalled Parish Priest and Rector of the Gym isiurn in the city of Clevos. Twenty years apsed, in which this old man performed the dues of his vocations with fidelity and with sunress, hen he made a pilgrimage to Rome. He car ed with him letters of recommendation to the mous Cardinals Francisconi and Meztofauti. is reception was flattering, and through iu good wishes of the Dotary of the lu>un Court, he had the honor of interviews with ius the Ninth. From Rome, he camo to yons, where he officiated as priest and professor in college. Appointed by the Superior of the House ' Missions in Paris to a station at Dubuque, in this luntry, he stopped on his jouineyat St. Louis. y the advice and direotion of the Archbishop of cit. ouie he accepted the cure of a parish in the vicity of that city. A difficulty occurring between him id the archbishop, he refused to remain any longer i ler his episcopul stafl, and removed to the diocese of bicago. The archbishop gave him the most satisctory testimonials; but, for reasons best known to mself, afterwards revoked them. Those testioniuls are in my possession. But Luurousou's st appeal is the appeal be has put in my hands, id instructed me to translate. [Translated from the Latin.] Honorable and Venerable Judges?In my present ost miserable condition?a condition which 1 have cutred by a violation of the law, agitated by the ofcunleat grief, I humbly imtilore your cou.-idotion. I was on my road to Philadelphia wlien 1 d the act charged against me. My mind was sturbed ind perplexed. Had I been myself, I ou'.d not have Been a supplicant to-day. It is the st act of the sort which can be imputed to mo; sver have I been before a judge or before a court, y testimonials, iu every relation, are the best, id my counsel is empowered to produce thorn. ...? V VI.. .1 i : .... .L. . .1 wot ijuuiujjr, (ucrciurc, auu in it -unit ui tuc uucy t penitence, 1 beseech the court Unit they will rotrd, propitiously and cleincitly, all the circuinttnees, and look upon nie, a stranger in the midst htiangera, ignorant of their language, friendless id penniless, more in pity than in severity. Your est humble und obedient servant^ '1. Lawrensen The Court, on tbe application of counsel, granted e withdrawal of the plea of guilty of larceny, and e substitution of that of guilty of petty larceny, he prisoner was not sentenced.?Pittsburgh C'ot/imiul, June 23. Murine Affair*. P?:k?> Sea Bovkdihus ?We hare the pleasure of layiug fore our readers the following interesting letter froai plain Barron to Coniniodoro Warrington, giving a line dc< p sea soundings across the Atlantic orean Those e physical proLlems of high import, which have c>un undid the aiteution aud occupied the thoughts of the art eminent philosophers. In the discussion of these oblims are involved the ocan and its depths By vire of an act of tloiigre.-s authorizing the vessels of the ivy to co-operate with l.ieut. Maury in procuring uialeilslor bis investigations into the phenomena of the great ep. a circular letter has. with the sanction of the S crery dthe Navy, been issued by the i'hief of the Bureau Otduaiirc and Hydrography, requiring the c" nintudrrs our public cruisers to g< t a deep sea sounding wiieni r it is calm, In whatever part of the ocean It is reurkable that this problem of deep sea soundings which, xive all otlu rs. has most perplexed and b there t uavliters, should as soon as takeu up by the officer* of our ivy h> come, in their hand*, one of the most simple and sy of execution The difficulty heretofore was iu getrg a line li ng enough, and in knowing when the piumet bad reachtd the bottom. liecourte had been had. | ! othi r navus. to wire of great length an I tenuity; aud i le greatest depth ever known to have been reached, be- | re the subject was taken up here, was the sounding hy < l officer of the Lnglish navy, in 1 OOP fathoms, which is l.y t o means satisfactory Lieutenant W.ilsli in ih ? U'tad Mates schooner Tain y. lias reported a souu Lug itbout bottom mi re than a mile deeper than tins is'iad i f the rlutu-y and eostly iuiplemi nts used for ii ml log the ih pths of the ocean, our vessi I- are si in nly ! pplii il wiili tw ine, to which tin y attach a weight a id \ lien the weight ceases to sink they know it is mi the | til m anil thus the deiith* of the ocean in the deeii. ' t parts, may. without tiouble or inconvenience b as 1 rtaimd in every culm of a few mi mites acquaint turn lili this ?iwpb contrivance. the Albany. Captain I'latl is run a line < f di ep n soundings across t lie u11" if j extco. fn in to the Straits of Klorida I'll* isin which holds ihe waleia of tins tiulf him thu been certsiuod to be about a mile deep, and the (Jall el re un the I bifida I'ass about II 000 feel deep. In like ina'i- I r the John Adams, Captain Harriot, I as made a ?t?(i in ving * the shape of the grant Atlantic basin between e Capes of Virginia atid the Island of Madeira, ita i* g it to be at leaal fixe miles and a half deep Men of tenre Will recognise 111 these result* pome of the ui"?t ti reeling ami valuable physical discoveries of the day ?iy ritleet the highest credit upon our nary, and th tin p lanried and set on f.xu there -iinplo and lr*iutltul isugrmeut*. which have cleared away the difHeultie* lib which all have found thcm'dves beset who lieretos re hare uudertalt a to fathom the pea at great depths I'. 9. Siur Jmiv Aeon I M vn? iha May 2?. IsJl / 8ir ?I have the honor to report tile following "deep a soundings." via :? M*v 3?Latitude 33* oO north. longitudv 51" 34' sat, trniiieiature of the air 04\ water 113", had a fair up and down pound wit h ilfilOu) twenty-aix hundred thorns of line Time nf running out 1 hour,'Umtuutes, i second'?one lit!-pound *hnt on the line M*v U ?hntilude 31' 00' longitude 41' 47' wsst; tent* laiure of the air Oil', water (is*. (lot bottom with > Mi) live thou-and five hundred fithi ma of line out aie of running out 'I hours. 44 minutes. 1H seconds i ift of ship 3 utile*. Lost two SI pound phot, and 3.600 I home of line Mar 10 ?Latitude31' 61' north longitude 44'81'we?l, mperature of the air U8*. water'*' IW bottom with ,i<W twenty three hundn d fain m? of line out. Time running out. I hour. 01 mioutea. 3o second' Mai I*?1'iali of rico. Nariog north IV east. distant tir miles found linttom with (bid) sit liundred dn ft lily fstlu ma of line. Time of ( mutes. 04 seconds Mav 11?latitude 36* 07'north longitude 16* 43' west; n-psrntnre tf the air ?6*. waterC4*. 11 04(1) one thou i d and forty fsthenic I und bottom Time of running It. lis miliuti* M seconds W have made frequent other cm ta. hut in conseiiuenee I he ?*e|| ai.d motion. nnd lae^e drift of I h? ahip withii ni y pitirfartnr} reaull* ?1 h >?? the honor l" bo, air. , ijr re-pect fully, your ob dicnt aereant. (( igix'il) M. HAUKUV Commander, mn.'d'r* l.ewla \Cai rlngton Chi-f of llimajof OidMlic and llTUr> Kra| hy. MfL.ii>too, I>. C. h'a'hinfiin L,f.ulh< Tnr lntMiMir Aactir ?-The T'n'U 1 State* mall >ani*btp Arctic Captain Lim. railed from thia port for w Yolk ?n iVnlnnilajr morning. at twenty mioultl tt liltu o'clock. Mi* 10. k out with her ninety ala flr*t . im. and litre a?rond rlaea |>ai?ri||rr?; au I on* ol the li< rt Ireipht* ever !> lore earned i>y any Miaiuer to th? , II'-d Hate* I OIIM-III.R prior:|<?oly i.| t'renrh * ? ita | 0 Hi e liilllih niatiufni'tiirra Her laaaeligefa' fare* iiliae the awn of Jt'.'hM) whi'-h ln< tudi a proTleiou* lor 1 Tojnge.? Liiif atl Mail. Junt 14 tar*cm ?The (In* ahip A at re* ab' jt MM ten* owned Hraton will he launched from the yard of Orgnod it rKuap. New bury port. on rue; day July 1-t llrrrlp'i of Prod ore. ?V 1IIK III'DMll hiv l it IWMTA. Ji ar 27 WL Airier **n C***L I." i ?J Oilleipie ?Harge I'realnt?10 raak* tain a Cawing So Co ; 7?M> I W? dour. K ok; 41U do. J II Kent tui d<>, J. M ll'-yt It Pone; 1 do . Ilowa A, *'arey; * u h hualiela com. Ilenry Ma*>n; I 10 do . W rk Ik liraHe, 7iU do , Haticoek it Co., 41 bhl*. Iitakey. 0- I! William* Aanaioia Taaaareatariow liter.?M M CalehfcCo.? | 111 iiMcrtn*?M nn *?iie* iDcinn" it leiTenpor*; in K It l.ilrhtield fc Co ; Sdo, ljuj'laiii k Co ; IW7 >1* flour. W A Hn.*n k t'o l'm?.**kno lb at 44'ellr?50 bbl* egg* .1 B (kiln; 40 ; kg? butter. C K llrown; ill do., C. Adam* t'o ; 46 Irtijri ehiwr. J. R I'crwp llatmut ? Near Yon* **n Tanr L(*r?Burgo Clinton 716 lihbe flour J. I, llolkley k 0" . 4-14 do . J M 4V right Co; lt>ll do. Itmph Hnilk Co; I Kb bu^bd* corn, > my Nmi?; Mi Mil* high ?uie?, 1'eter V?n *?*t In era* Km* l.i*a?Monte Mayflower?,110 blil* floor adaworth k rlielden. 5 '446 limbol* o*t?, Kawl* k Seyi ut; 2.MK liUihi It corn. M It. Itiirllett HiuTmi* l.iwi ?Pofe I'ailln?llarg* B Learned- 7 ?k* iibtf. 12 tub* butter. 2 hbl* egg-i Titmfc Borne*; I. Mil* lb ur. Ilenry bnron; 312 do., It F. Sage; lllU do., iw* k Carey: Itu do .' M Frbke k Co ; I *lt btuhel* rw. <1 B IteiijHuiin; 62 Ion* of marble K. Duugla* (mnrno he bmtmiii Lm m-*t bmmiim 700 il* lb ur I'owrll 4 Co ; U0 package* eturrh. daea k lompaon b*i?T?i*r Lmr?.1 II Bedfleld k 0a?Barge Ken'by?4 blil* ki-he*. C K I'ark 6 Co.; 1.126 bale 11 mr. ii WutAij Ml do., Bowi It Ccny; 106 do. J. M Ki<k I ii , 173 do . 20 do egg* and 4.4M1 do rom. iu?||j ynii ur. 160 bbl* Hour. J. 44 I'horne k Co ; 134 ilo , Mi'birli b Cc.; Ill do., J. B 44 right k Co ; 11X1 do , II l*i men *, 110 du . Beach fc I'hapln; 2TOO bu?he|? rn. Olleon Kii ckwill k Co ; 37 bbl* whl?key, l.itcbfleM lo; 31 do. ! bnuteau Merle k flmidford, 2) do, rlbtnt k l ootldae. 60 pkg* butter. .1 F llall. Tain **i. Run l.i*r--A C. befft k Oo ? Barge Id ?? rark* nilmi. K tit. I'ong k Co ; 20 bbl* flour. J >1 i yt k Pone; 63 do. ami 6.1X0 ktwhel* com. Henry Naii. 400 biiehela do., K> (lenld taoi *?n Oaen.a l,i*?.?M T Roeltrt ?float Mew rf-M bbl* flour l?a?? k i'?r?y. 26 do . K 147 blirbel* rye, 44*Uon k Co.; 247 iMtf leather. II rCkllM-d. WVAWDRWATrm'u Oawaoo Link?r. J. Vandewater-Boat Lrffiugwell?2,700 baahrU wheat. Down h Carey Boat Oram pur?8 ca*k? arhaa, Outer, Strong & Co ; 2,8*1 burheU corn. J. B Merrick. H mtu.1 Labi: Boat Line ?Boat Tracy?Seaak* arber, E. Cook; 3 do., Stewart & Co.; 2.400 buuhela corn. Chain berlin. Lee b Co ; 4 bbU. eggs, IX pkgg. butter. Toinpkinr b Co Total?114 bbla aahea. 0 781 bbla flour, 850 kega pork, i60 do. beef. 614 do cut meat*. 213 do butter; 03 do. cheeie. 7.200 buxhelr wheat, 5.747 do. rye. 12,245 do. ?tU. 60,800 buahela corn, 214 pkgn whlakey. Sahhoav. June 28. 1861. Minion Rivra Link?N. II Molt b Co?Barge Plymouth?8 pkga. aehou, Stone & Starr; 7 do.,Coinan St Ilopkinr; 4 do , Bap. Clark St Dibble; 4 do., Kent. I'age St Co.; 073 burn In flour, Smith, Wa.luce b Co ; 430 do., R. F. Sage; 310 do. Oibtw u, Stockwell St Co.; 6,000 huithelA corn. W C lleaton: 1.6*24 iln . Down b (luitea.ii* 710 bushels do . Babcock It Co.; 24 pkgs. butter. Kent, Poag A Co ; 62 do cheese, J. Sparry; 28 do., P. W. Stebbin*, 28 bales wool. Yelverton V Follows. Old Osweoo Link?K. J. Littlejubn?Boat Lewis?6 casks ashes. 6 pkgs butter. cooper, Storm Ai Suiitb; 17 pkgs. butter, Condlt, Noble Si. Co.; 225 barrels Hour. Ily. Nation; 1.670 bushels of cora. to the ugent. Boat Waterman?10 casks ashes, Biydenburgh At Co.; 2.850 bushels rye. Watson & Co. Oswkuo Tbanseortation Link?Cougdon hi Jamieson? Boat Scotland?1 cargo of lumber, to Watson hi Co. Syracuse and Oswcno Line.?Boat St. Lawrence?2.589 bushels rye, Joseph Ketchum A Sou. Boat Admiral?718 barrels flour, (liliespie, Dean & Co. Troy and Western Line.?Rice, Clapp A Co.?B Kit Congress?2,400 bushels corn.26 casks high wines. 42 hhd*. tobacco, to the agents; 16 kegs butter, J. (1. Nye; 29 sacks wool, 11. W Si Co Boat Chanil.erlru?9 casks ashes. Coman, Hopkins Si Co.; 4 do.. 2,441 bushels corn, and 15 bales tobacoo, to the agents Boat Racine?2,500 bushels corn, to the agents; 3d rolls leather. K J. Brown; 63 bales wool. II W Si Co. Boat Porter?16 casks ashes. Sherman Si Collins; 15 barraia flour, to the agents; 10O do., l'eparn hi Olcutt; 172 barrels beef. Wallace, Wicks hi Co.; 108 do., Hubbard hi Son. Total.?88 barrels ashes. 3.961 barrels flour. 4.100 bushels wheat. 6.409 bushels rye, 37 It5 do. c irn. 25 barrels high wlnea. 30 rolls leather. 726 pkgs. pork. 630 do. beef. 137 do butler, 740 do. cheese, 27 hhda. tobacco, 26 barrels whiskey, and 120 bales wool. BY THE EltlE RAILROAD. Friday, June 27.?19 hogs. 62 pkgs. butter. J. Wickham; 6 do. and 9 bogs, Capt. Hill; 64 pkgs butter. 7 hogs, 8 calves, and 8 lambs. J.Andrews; 39 pkgs. butter. 11 boga, 7 lambs, anil 8 calves, Capt. King; 155 sides leather. N. Oilman hi Son; 23 pkgs. butter 9 hogs. J. Dill; 10>i tons pig iron. W. U Townsend; 146 sides leather, Geo. Palen hi Co.; 8 pkgs. butter, O. B. White hi Co.; 11 do.. J. Boyce; 4 bales woed W it. Strong; 6 pkgs butter. L. Raymond; 4 de cheese, Win Clark Ai Co.; 14 pkgs. butter, Wm 11. l'latt; 17 boles wool. Chapin It Co.; 3 do.. Bradner A Co.; 77 do.. M Beach hi Co ; 11 do . W. 11. Strong; 19 bids. eggs. S. M. Cady; 7 pkgs butter T. K Brown; 6 do , Work hi Drake; 38 do., t'ondit. Noble A: Co ; 39 bales wool, Flint 4c Co 380 sides lea her. Miles hi Oilman; li pkgs. butter, M O bare, 65 do., Thomas A: Davenport; 60 bags oats. Mills At Thompson; 14 do. cheese. P. W. Stebbins; 227 pkgi. butter. 11 bbls eggs. 31 calves. 16 sheep. 14 bogs. 920 sides leather, 22.000 baskets strawberries. to various orders. Weekly flejtort of DeaLiia In the City and County of New York, from the 21 at day of

June, to the 28th day of June, 1861. Men, 66; Women, 77; Boya, 119; Girla, 161?Total, 366. diseases. Abscess 1 fever, puerperal 2 Apoplexy 14 fever, remittent 2 Atrophia 4 fever, aearlet 4 Angina 1 Fever, typhoid 1 Bleeding 1 Fever, typhus 14 Bleeding from nose 1 ** vir, nervous 1 lUte<iingfrom lungs 4 Heart, disease of 3 Burned or Scalded 2 Hooping Cough I Bronchitis 5 Inflammation I Cancer 1 Inflammation of ornin 16 Cancer of breast 1 Inflammation of bowels,.. 12 Carbuncle 1 Inflammation of lung*. ... 18 Casualties 7 Inflammation of st< inaoh.. 7 Cholera Infantum 14 Inflammation of throat... 1 Cholera Morbus 1 Inrtannnatiou of womb.... 1 Consumption 43 Iufl.ammation of liver I Convulsions 26 Intemperance 2 Croup 5 Marasmus 17 Congestion of longs 2 Measles 5 Ci anosie 3 M..rtilioutiou 1 Dehility I) Old ?,-<* 3 Delirium tremens 4 Premature birth 2 Dtarrhcra 13 Scrofula 4 Dropry H Small pox /. 4 Dropsy in the heart 13 Sprue 2 Pup y in the chest. 2 Suicide 1 Dropsy of heart 1 Suffocation 1 Drowned 6 Teething 3 Dysentery 13 Ulceration of intestines.... I Erysipela* rt Ulei ration of stomach... . I Fever ti Unknown 4 Fever inflammatory 2 tec. Under 1 year 110 From SO to 4ff year* 3S It* 2 yeare 40 til to 40 " 21 2 te 5 " 39 fill to 00 " 21) 8 to III IS dt) to 70 " 14 Mi to ? " s 70 to ml " B 20 to 30 " 3H ?0 to 20 " 4 1 Flacu or N a tit it*?United Statea,; Ireland. OS England. IP; Scotland. 3; Germany. III. France, I Sweden. I; Austria, 1; Italy, I; Prussia, 1; British Possessions in North America, 2; Poland, I. FnoM?Hospital. B.llcvne, 12; Penitentiary. RlaekwelPe Island. 3; Ward's Island, 26; Randall's Island, 1; City Hospital. II; Almshouse. Rlaekwell's Island, 4. t'olored II jaie, 3; t oll red Orphan Asylum, I; Colored persona, 13. lnttriLents nturned from Ward's Island. 21. A. W. WHITE. City lnspeetor City Inapertor'e Office. June 2s. 1MA1 MIVflMe Of! IN STEAM NAVIGATION COM PANT.?FOR Hrcnen. via Southampton.?The U. S. Mail steamship IIFHMAN.N. E Urabtree, eommanrter, will sail for Bremen, v a Southampton, ou Saturday, July 12th, from Pier No. a N.rthkiver. An experienced Surgeon la attached to the sl ip. All letters must pass tl.roigh the Post ottice Specie delivered in Havre. For passage or freight, apply to MOLI 4 h. SAN I' N KiKKv Ag elite, fin Hriadway. IthE ROI Al. MAIL ST4..4M4.K MKftl.lN, Al'l Mdl' on, will sail for Bermuda aud St Ihomaa, on Tuoeday, Sth July, at n. on. She has et' rllent aeuomuiodallone lor patten sirs. Price of paserge to Bermuda, to St. Thomas, Evil. Tbcro Is s regular mail ecmraunii-atios batweea St. Thomas and all the West India islands, Havana, Vers Crui, Venture!*, fits. The Merlin will teke freight Apple to E. CUNAHD. Jr., SB Broadway. P. 8.?No letters or mails will bs received on hoard tit' Merlin, except through the Poet Office. T^Ufc NEW Vl'KR AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STA TE M Ull fttflimara ? mhina rnint.riainff tKia 11mm mm ih ' Ui ? in* ATI.ANTIC Capt. WtM. Pacific capt. Ny#. * KIT 1C Capt. l.oc?. H.M.T1C Cap*. Comatoct. \ l)H I AT 10 Capt. draft..u. (Mship! having l<e?a built by Mltfftottipfwlj for rowrnmant *4rvic?. every rara hat lean lakea la their eoa> I. .B. a? al?o in their ragine*. to iaaara atrenuth an4 i p u and thair aceommodatioi a for paaaea(?ri ara uar i. >11*4 for elegance or comfort. I'rica of paaaa<efrom Nat t tu Liverpool, $1.10; naoluaive nae of eatra atie atate u .. $S?A; from liverpcl in Nrw York. A.'iS. Aa ripori o tnrfon will l.a attached to aarh abip. No barlb oaa b; . t;ra<l until paia for raeruicn parr* or aantvn:? Yr?ai Now Yoik. From Liverpool. !!?l> may, Jnna 7. I"M. Fcdnaaday, May SL ldlll. I > tor ?y, June ill, " Wi dnnaday, June It, " t? inlay, July ft. " Wcdnrrday, June itA, " ,i <>. July III, " Weiluaedni, July F. " > r.iuy Auxurtl, " IFaduaaJay. July23, " h r.l >y. Auyuat Id, " Wednraday, .lu*u?t A " - a*. Aufvit.fl. " Wedneeday, Ao<uat 20, " ,??n.he pi em her " fOediieeday. Septembers, " pan "> 'ptrmbrr tl. " W?dn??dey, Septcm'il7, " Patur.ey He lobar II, " Wedaeed ?y, Oct ibar 1. " Haftir?i?> t*''tabef3& " t^-'liieeday, October IS, " ttatil.ay N-.trait er *, " TFedmaday, fletobi r * , " FaiiirU .? November 22, ** Weilntrday, November 18," Seti.r o ?. !> euihcrd, " W Inc.Uy, Nofinbi e " Kmrr'ay Kremhur JO. " Saturday, IPrrntar U " Saturday, DwimWr J7. " I r I raaaaaa. apply to .) k I *?T.I.I S\ No fdl Wall atraat. N. T. HO' MifUY A CO., Liverpool. I P. . ?HiP HI! It CO IS Kinu'a Arm Yard, Lt.gfaa I M.t l It Jr.. " B ulerard ili atmartro. I'aria. Tl., via tueov afipe will aotbe acaojotable tor??'d. ailtri. ' - Ipaata, Jewelry, praaiaaa rtoaea. or matala. value 1. , ' ling ara i.uaeJ kliarrfor, aa* tka value Uu-ra n Iir?*??d. Aft- r Aprl neat, the rate of fr ltM by the above taair i", inrpool will b* mater ally reduced. PA< I ' K BATU-MCON9 UKI T'.iK r>u Dvnn i t will liar* Hurt* * tb* littk. an i N?? Yorb -? tf -??h hk?U ? ftom from N?w fork U.virt PI < ?T ? IMt, J mm. I frl, 14 i,i?? t >,? > *? ,*?, May I Juan K Al'ir?. ? ?*?, >mMr 9?rb- 1 Oct. 14 MM??I m?LA.\ /??. | Sard It l.lMi' - bt rthia, J.iaal July i<1 H. W. Oct. I Mai. 14 Mi, r. > iT.iiKK. March 1 April* 7*a in# km .*?, Joly I Ami 14 It. n ' r?. ,.?? ?. Wo*.! Dec l? Ship H 11 It llUlira) April I Mayl* 1,1a" t .thi*. aii I Vpt. M Jnht Vi ' ?? ; inut'f Dec. I Jin 11 Tbrjr ? !??? Verb bailt nun* cntf All faqa ' 'nf the numf'Tt ?n4 cinrrniinro nf pat I nyrt i I sndul 'j air* of itprrianet in thn Ira-it Thr pm f '. M 1X4, tllliitl AtiN M llpinri. fli>*4? Mil In t -i ' ?r? will r? for?ar4r4 rri# fp<,*i Any (bargm bet " ? tiinllr iwnrrno HmV' A BIlfl'lir.N, Al ila, 1(1 Prill rtrarl PAlll" I All iTEAIfPHlP t'l'd'AKt,?! OKI.! Thi' I ' I ? ( T < aliforaia and Oregon. 1?Th? puMIr Ml ItKn <1 On! ti ? thi tie ?rininnii>ii nf tin* Cos pnnjF. ?- |?4 An4 irpr ??4 t-y tin >%?y Or part irint, ir.'l i ' i r ' In I aitui btnlri wail*, trill miatinin tf l?l?i Ci. ?r in Praarlirn tit* irt aadtbtt day nf la** IT" nth, n l? vimd h* naavoMlK- a?ni4*at. and will V *rh at trip "an Dlrfv. and Mnnti rry. Thr fin' ? > t ni fMrknll hi I .n*tti? In tha Pt< Mn Mail 8'.raniahi|. > . n v art now in tha Fi\d<i, of whtoh will ha alnt). n y -I annh and of tha rontg ? OREGON .'>W Ion KM-L lil.lC I ."I Kim Panama . i.tr7 tona. caromna *w toga CAllP't-MA I (WO tona. COM'MRUS HOI Kim TtNM:?>f.i. 1.31*' ton*. WHMt s fog* N(/K1h?M:K I.JUU togg. I'NIioRN *? t..*a 1(11.1 *1 mm ton*. PRRMONT D?i?h AN I RI OII. ion#. Th? ggw ,'nahlb ( Ol.l 'IRl.t will pi) tatwwan 8ag rr?n?i?." *b i tut ig Orrgng. gwaiting at tha f rmtr port lhi> arma! . ' maila and pngganptra fr?m Panama. ant ratnrntia * ' t dalnp with tho maila and paaanugnra for tl ?. ?n - an rttttllH A rtgnla l.ia.t pT'ptllorn will ha kopt op for tha trgga partatlop f .If and t>g<airal pgggnggara hatwggu Pa noma apo ?n I aneiaeg. Tha W< II kn ataamahip A A RAH RAN PR. af I, Nil toga hurth. i. . or aharttr to tha ormpanr. and pargtiarlp gommodl r n I . r oahin arrkngamagta. will kg kapt running a an agti a on i ' ??t Una nl tb- ' :ta rtaatnan will kaap up tha aagggatlo* kg. twgag Aon) id thg othar Mtaiaan porta. Tha corp. t a In tha Atlaatlo will k? maintained kp tha United Matoe ga ! ataamahipn OloRtll A. . t,l**i ton*. f'H RACtNTCITT 1,/WU t<>a* OHIO .TOW tone. CIIKROKKK ....l mtoaa KM PI Rh i f 2,<ni ton*. Pll I I.A DKI.PItt A l.MM togg l.aat in, N Vork for Chngraa on thg 11th and J8th of gggk month. Thoni w la r ikipt IL DOIIADO am f ALVUN trill font D dirgrt llga hotwaan Naw Orlaanaand Ohagme. lagrin* at inah parioi'o no ? ill Inanra aa llttlg datantion aa poaalhle og thg lathmg*. ?t d forming, with tta Par-ids ataamahipa. a thrrgph lig? t ind front Naw Ortaaae and porta In Kaaiao, California, ard ttrgfog Paaag*na from Now Orlaana ran kg aaaarad ir-to Arwiatrong, l,g?raaon % Co . aganta. at that placa. Thg t*r? for through tlakatdfrom Now Tark to Raw Proa alaao hat ha?o r? daoad from M*i. I* at a la r. oma. te pttl l.\?, m lowar ahla to 7SQ. ftam. ia ataarapr. to |1*S. Tha rtta* from haw York ta Chagra# will ha at tha lowaot gdoftad ng *n? aat< a a* ?taam>t hatwagg thoaa porta Pop aholoa of hartha, apply at tha olRaa af tha Company, M MA M fegth atraat. gad at thair agaao jr. 177 * tat gtragt. AHVIBBKHTI. BOWEKT TMEATKE.-BOXES. 36 CENTS; PIT, II* HDU; Orchestra Hum, 6U mil. Door* upon at 7curtain rieca at 7 V o'olock. Doorkeepers' and Otfi cr?' He-itit I Tuesday evening, July 1, will he performed the historical | play of TlJE COL'KT POOL?Francis the Piret. Mr. Tilton; I Tritoulet, Mr. Eddy; be Brion, Mr. doodad; Blnuohe. Mi;* H'roitu. To be followed by BORN TO UOOb LL'CC? Paudti u O'Raflerty. Mr. E. Eddy; Count Caliuri Mr Uueei; Countess Viteria. Mri. Broadley; Lady Julie, Mrs L-ltin*well To eonolude with the hrst act of ROBERT MACAIKE ? Robert Macaire. Mr. Stevens; Ja>|uci Strop, Mr. Jordan; Marie, Mra. Broadley. National theatre, Chatham street-boxes,. 36 cents; Pit, 12* cte.; Orchestra Tickets, AO rents; Fri1 rate Boa Tickets, (l. Doors open at 7*; curtain rises at 7* o'clock, lienetit of Mrs. M. Jones. Tuesday evening, July I, the entertainments will commence with THE LADY OP LYO VS? Claude Melnotte. Mrs. Meliuda Joues; Col. Damas, Mr. C. W. laylor; M. Desthappelles, Mr. Thompson; tilavis, Mr. I.e Favor: Pauline, Mra. A. P. 0 rat ton. To conclude with the national drama of 1IAKRY BL'RNUAM?len. Washington Mr C U Tailor- Mr UT.t. kins; Ki Lane, Mr. Brandon; Gen. Sir 11. Clinton, Mr Stafford; Mary Manners, Him Crocker. ITALIAN OPERA AT CASTLE GARI>r.N.-MAX MAretxek, Manager and Conductor. Admission, 5U oente. Ti imnv IraNino, Jvi.v 1, Will be performed the Opera of ERNANI. Elvira Signora Truffli Benedetti. Ernani Stg. licttini. Carlo# V gig. Ueneventaoo. Bylva Sig. Mariui. Doer# open at half-past 6; Performance to commence at 8 O'clock. So postponement on accountol the weatber. Opera every uight, Saturday not excepted. Broadway tiieatre.-i.adies and gentleanen wishing to form engagement# for the Cuming theatrical acaaon, at thia theatre, will pleaae to apply by letter, poet paid, to Mr. Thomas liarry; or at the Walnut street Theatre, Philadelphia, to Mr. Peter Richings. E. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 4T2 liROADWAY, ABOVE Grand street ?Open every night during the week until further uotice. The original and well known CHRISTY S MINSTRELS, com arising an eSlclcnt and vcriatile "ourpa" of "talented" and "experienced performers," under the management of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in thia oity, for a succession of " Bve y ears,'' have been received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audicnoes. Tickets 2S cents. Doors open at 7, and will commence at 8 | o'clock. On Friday, July 4th, an afternoon concert, commencing at 3 o'clock. The patrons of Christy's Minstrels are respectfully informed that the Saturday Afternoon Concert# will be discontinued for the future. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSIeal Hall, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand itreet#; open every night. Thiajuitly celebrated and efficient eorp# of talented and experienced performer#, under the cole management of J. B. Fellow#, whoae concerts in this city for the past year, have been received with the greatest favor by the elite and fashion from all part# of the Union. Fellows' Musical Hall is one of the most spacious and best ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 25 cents. Doors open at t; concert to commence at H o'clock. An afternoon concert seerv Wednesday and Saturday, and on Friday, July 4. for the espeoia! acoommt iation of families, commencing at three o'olot k P. M. BARNUM'S AMERICAN Ml'SEl'M.?TUESDAY, JULY I, ISM.? For the lcne6t of Mies Caroline Chapman. On this Tuesday evening, at eight o'clock, the dashing and popular comedy of the BOLD DRAGOONS will he enacted; and Leon Javelli and Ilerr Cliuc appear in their superb entertainments on the Tight Rope, lu the afternoon, at Su'eloek, the new and umuidug farce of the CHEAP EXCURSION, and the popular Eastern extravaganza of TWO EY ES BETH KEN TWO. "The Happily Family," numbering one hundred Animals and Birds of hostile spceies, reconciled by discipline, may he seen at all hours of the day an<) evening. Admission, to the entire Museum and performance#, 25 cents; children under 111 years. 12,cents. RAYMOND & HERR DRIESBAUH'S MENAGERIEThis celebrated Menagerie?the largest and best conducted in the known world?emhraciugalmost every animal known to natural history, and which has received the pa tronage and applause of hundreds of thousands of the most respectable and inlelligent people of the United States, bas |ust commenced a most brilliunt snmincr campaign, and will visit the principal cities an 1 town# of New England in the following order, vii:?Tuesday, June 21th, Natick; Vtedneaday, 2At)i. Walt ham: Thursday. 26th. Concord; Friday, 27th, and Saturday, 2hth, l.o?ell; Monday, .'Kith, Lawrence; Tuesday, .Inly 1, South Reading: Wednesday, 2d, Charleatown: Thursday, 3d Friday, 4th, Saturday, 3th, Monday, 7th, Tueaday, Mli. and Wednesday, 9th, Boston. The late signor barti s celebrated collection of anatomical and pathological lite site Figures, at the Society Library, Broadway, corner of Leonard street. I'revious to the eale of these elaborate works of art? they will be m exhibition for a short time in this city The merits of these srirn'ittc productions have been attested hp the highest medical authorities both in this country and in England, l.adira admitted Tuesdays and Fridays, when Miss Sarti demonstrates the Moorish Venus. Intermediate days for gentlemen. Open from IDA. M. till 9>, P. M. Demonstrations on the Moorish Venus every day, at 11, 3',, 7, and Tickets 23 cents. CASTLE GARDEN ?Til 13 DELIGHTFUL Si ilMER resort is now open to visiters throughout the day, (rum 7 A. M. to 5 P. M. It is the largest and most beautiful room in this country, nnd the view from the upper galleries of our r 'le hay and harbor is alone Worth more than the price of { admission?one shilling. A MUSK MK NTS IN PHIIs ABELPHI A. Barnl'ms museum, corner of seventh and Chesnnt streets, Philadelphia.?P. T. Barnum, Proprietor; U. Ssnford, Manager ?Two performances daily, altersoon and evening. Admission. 25 cents; children, halfprios. Monday si eniug, June lb, Mr Booth, the emiuout tragedian, tnakeafiis first appearance in "Hamlet." During the w??k the Martinetts. formerly of the Ravel Family, will give their interesting evolutions and astounding feats on the Tight Rope. Mr. Taylor, the popular comedian, will alto appear, during the week, in the " Lady rf Lyons." and other favorite plays. Pleasing farces both afternoon and evening. The coUectmn I ?f wonders crowded into the capacious saloons romprisa | l ine half doien original eollections, including the famous one by Peals. These are all worthy of a visit, and can be teen, torether with* the performances in the Lecture Room, | for the low price of 25 cents. MKDICAL. Forrest grove hydropathic institute Bcboolry'e Mountain, June II, 1S51.?William J. Tayloi M. D., William J Moon, M. D., Physicians. The above insti tntioa will he ready for the reception of invalids the sarlt ' part of July. Medical lectures on seminal diseases, bt K Glover. M. U.?The first number givst thecoma uucnets and cure of aelsssof diseases generally not well un aeretood l>y medical men. Treatment shown by oases and n ratings, and a new instrument, which invigorates debili istod organs. For rale at 222 Broadway, and by ths author No 12 Ann street. Flfsl 25 cents. Dr. oood's extract of copavia-a certain and apeedyaurs for privata disorders. Many are sured by It in two days. This medietas will agree with the most delicate etomssh Sold by Brigham fc Miller. 17 Arenas D. and at Drummnnd'a. 40 Reads street, opposite Stewart a. (1ERTAIN DISEASE*. IN THE VF.RV FIRST STAGES, J rursdhy Dr. Del-aney's nsw local rtm?-diss, in ons day In old and complicated cases, also, the advantages of his Ertnch mode of treatment (without mereur>) are n >w so tSSnlh known, it is not drained necessary to enlarge on thtm. Office 51 I.i-pennrd street, near Broadway. fcJO FEE TILL CURED.?DE8. COOPER AND MURPHY i' i S Kooaaaall atreet. from thalr unparalleled iu< ccM It diaaaaea. may be relied on m tho treatment of tba raoatobati taU IIWI. without mcrcnty. I>r. Coopar'a fttMlU wll And Mm Bt 2)d Rooaaealt atreet. i?uChatham, and nowhere |l? Beware of tbo quaeka ia Duane etroet. raatof Chatham nR TA1TCETT CAN BE CONf IDF.NTfAM.V CONpulled at hii i Boacr atreet, on all doli'at* direarea, a Inch ha euro without mercury. Raoenl diaoaaea aurrd In a tew day*. Ill* llalni of /ura lor aarvou* debility I r'Mirht on I * etlf a I liar, t* the moat invigorating modii li r I t that diaeeaa trrr Mum u la thia country. No fan till **r ?????? Pit MOKKIttO N III CONSULT*!) CONBIDBNTIALL1 i a rrrtaia diaraara, which ha trrata without inatonrf R> rrat aaarn enrrd In a faw day*. year*' praoliM aaablaa him to rnra narvona debility. Its., nriaing from arltai uae See hi* London diploma in bia private oMoo iota Ballon atrrot. N.B. ?Nofaa till cored PAhlb AM) LONDON TK E ATM E.N T of mi V ATI diaratra, ia a faw hour*, by a aegetabl* application without pain, la debility, brought on by improper hablta \ and ronalitntioaal affection*, ha aombinaa medicine* Witt thr local roairdy, and ran ahow any oar thrra are thonaaadi who cannot bo curtd withoat It, aa ha baa caara daily, a yaaraduration, from tha other phyairlaaa. In all, haauaran tire a permanent rnra H? haa atrlrtnraa daily ha caret Without rauetic, which other* uar, canard by tlirir nntaaprl liny th* forairr diaraa* aooa enough. Ilia diploma, uttl three, and th* hundrad* *f crrtillcate ?. ahow that nonr ai r.|i:al It. Wn cured ma In on* day.?D. M. Corbyn. l>a< 1 Ion. I application cured ma in a few hour*, alter another do* tor tried a long time ? C. Her ad. I paid oarr yt*l. ir f *1 tear* t* b* cured of wrnknea* fn m erlf at u*?. without b?ar 1 Mi yet y*U cured me by local and general treatment, >a I ] abort lima ? Jaa Kcane. Tan cured me of te weret c I *11hilitic ulcere oa my tody and face lu u ahort time aft j? ! ha,1 hern uuo.r three fop byaar herlde# maj 1 I Am* ?.y, N J IhoM ftt dittan** ?%n. hr nvUm n? b? ' I tr?*t*d ?y 19 hi I t.oar* * A w to 1 ?\? . %ui | 7 t?. tf |v ftf M UKMONT. M D.. U R*ftd? ?tr??t I We 4< on fr*? Broadway, tut in th? iWn. L^wrn kmBBB'l I > ?>k TUB TBABS <>F ' v. Ed rr<), ?< lit |>ri -|*rl ?( loo Urn i (imlly >( rhll tot tr-tant many |<rrdinl |-?"i la frrnn marryli?*. k?i k?r? i< I i k ?ill t<II * in many lnr> rtant teir-ta ? rtifnaxlll imh afcjedtioaa r ri -a ft. For tala kr D? | t-mmW'i. tt Ht r''tt?<ni<* !? ?(?, K?. If Ana Mr* I 1 I 'tti r> <ii>'tnl ii t? k?i I.A'j fit V?rk P. <>., w.l , | lit aaanered Nt? Mkuu AI. iuiiiii.~ACiiari.iTi t'RA< ri< A ( nth i.a H t nature aad treatment of da I tent- MM i and all Ikt kindred effe-Hone? illaetrnted ky a tr?l ?a ; hey at l.taaillvlly colored finite. a? larit at lift. hy ll ioir i Hoytnlek. k. Il loetnyer m Furyery. aaa dieraaea ot an. . ! annta nam d nature It ie ? laryr quarto ~.tfc>\*r nl 1 adit ion; yrto? fin Eatract lr?.m tha " Bnaton Mod'-al am Hum al Journal It nay ft naid. reurleeilt, t<> t>? n)?i to hhnrd'e or Arfc-r'a norke on the earn- family t.f dia-aaet end tar ?n|>or*?r t? aaythiar of tl-o kind ctry t-uhltahej It I Ma country " Author of "Tho Family I'hyeieaa; ptlef I fcorte Anlkor of a uofk oa " Self- Akaao. aad ita dtflaraflr rffrrt. Ac he " e-alh edition, lourtorn tia'.ra rrtaa i f I Ft r atlr at tka r?Mlahero fTRINtlFt V Ti"iH N5IN0 tMM Rroadatay. and ky tho author. UN Rrnadway. 'imik aahhikp mmAN ? mivate medkai. com 1 (union?By In A.M. Manriorau. nl Ihee nt* it W mm?Tnrntieth rditinn. In mo., ty JMk- Trim fI. Vtarr of auftrina- ?f I'htetenl aad mental anyuial' to maaj ta alirtim ate uitr, and pecuniary dlffliultloa to tha hue hand, miyht hare been epared hy a timaly pnee- alon of thfc t tl It ia Intended o?|neiallr for tha matrlrd. or than tonttv t letiny marriage, aa It aieelncoe important ceoreta n'lirhrnontd r.e knoua to than rartionlarlv To thorn wboaa laaltb dnaa not ponnit of an ineraaan hn ilj t la ol tniiuirtanoa II ff alar.. aaory foa.tla?Ult tilt, iha tha on i (t i,, r I ndd m in I, ? man h"ad. or UM MM in thn l-f lis* ttttt. it whom natara rontamplataa an Important ehtoft i 'an dltrryrf tba anaaa. oymplomt. and fha innat afflciani rawtdlaa. t?l attltetania nut* of tnra. la ntary rnmplata' in wblrb brrtrt la mi Meet ?Ktiraai of a l.HVrfrom a fiantlaman In Dayton. Ohio J tlATTOIt, Ma? 1. IW Da. a. M Mnrauaav .Mt Dt ?a am ; My alia naa nana paroaptibly tiailnf inarm# ?' n-a yanrt ?r mora, ia anatauaaaoa ?f har arant aa tilth and aulftrlna aom# itu ntha hafora and dnriar her ooa j Itmitll i-tff) tni-aooaitt ona mnrt anil mora dahllltatM and nroatratad har pvttlay har lift in imniiaont ilanatr, and all, V oat. 11 Ibr latt oc. taton, dotpairad of I aurpotad that IMi Matt if tblnri ?aa inatitabla, and ratianad myaalf M tnaai tba ??ttl At tint lima, (now about ton mnntha, I ) haatdyonr boob hlrbly apobon of. aa oonlalntnr toma ra?ttm roaibiaa ai catt On Ita raraipt and parutal I 'anal at rrtat to ton Iha rallal it alfordod my diatroaaod mind, and ilia Joy i\a pacaa imparted to my oifa on laamina tliat tnt yrtat dtoooyaap ?f M M Datotraaui pmaldad a romady. Ii opttiad a rriiapoatto ma whirh T tlttla aonoaitail waa poaaf Ma l.ntfrthla ar? aoolhar yaar nnnld hata rnaatd orr my b*' m all human probability, my trifa would l.ata bam In bar ytata. and my rblldran laft motharlaaa It la. of oourat impraatirabla to aontay mora folly th> ! ttrn.aa aobyaou ?raa-ad of aa that ara of a nati.ra atriotly | Inti .idad for tba marrlad. or thorn roatainplatlnr marrlara. * r tala at 22 Broadway, and at tba l'ubli?l in? OlBco, IB I ttraat. Daa Torb; Little lb Co., Albany: Joaapl ; Totbtr ttoblla. Alabama: T. II. I'ataraon. W f'baataat tttaat rblladelf bta f>? fbo oa.aipt of *1, n aopt will ba traatinittad by maU fraa of p. attfa- to aay part of tha In I tad btatat All ltttaay bi't1 ta addrattad. pott-paid, to Dr. A M. tarlatan. b?i I OA A aw Tori ally. Oflrt Id* Ldbarty ttraat. i amvbkmknts. OROadw a y theatre.?e. a. marshall,solele8" ana, ti 11. Barrett, NtuuirDouce ?pu at7K, nrtala rjsee at 7 V- rrex Circle and Parquet, 90oeate; Pearly and Third Circles. 2ft cents; Gallery, 12U cents; Private Boat*, fFiend %6. 'i uceday evening. July 1, trill be performed tb? Al>Y tiF I. YON S?Claude Melnotta, Mr. Walter; Colonel Demaa. Mr Davidge; Glavie, Mr E Shaw; M. Dcechappelles. "r. Matthews; Gaspare, Mr Keyt olda; Beaueeant Mr Hill; Pauline. Miee Auderton. Mine. Deschappelles, Mrs lakerWood. Tu conclude with t ca farce of A THUMPING LEGACY' Philip Geronimo, Mr. Whiting; Jerry Ominous, Mr. Scharf; Roaetta, Mre Knight. NIBLO'S oakben.-summer season.-manaoem, Mr. John Seftua.?Tiobate, ftu ceuta; Pfltale Boxes, $? re open at 7, performance to eommenoe at 8 o'clock.? Burt. u's nights, Tuesdays, Thuradaye, and Saturdays. Bneela' nights, Mondaya, Wednesdays, and Fridays. An old friend graced with many ntw facea. First time thaaa twenty Jeare, George Culrman'a tire not comedy of Who Wantea uimaF?Mr. Placide, first time, at Anarew; Mr. Bortan, firet time, aa Solomon Gundy; Mr. Blake, brat time, aa Torrent; Mr. l.eater, tiret time, aa Sir Larry; Mr. Bland, brat time, aa Raeford; Mr. John Dunn aa Oldahirta. Tuesday. July I, will be played WHO WANTS A CUJNEA. Brougham slyceum, broad jpat, near brooms street.?Drcaa Circle and Parquet, .V) cents; Family Circle, A"> cents; Orchestra Stall Scata, $1; Private Boies, %5. Doora open at 71 -; to begin at H o'clock lieueflt of Mr. T. B. Johnston. Totadxy eveniug, Jul* 1, the perforata*** will commanre with THE TEACHER TA I'llHT?Mr. ll.nrj Aubrey, Mr. Brougham; Mia* Charlotte Vera. Mite Mary Tayi lor. To be followed by MY PRACIOUS BkTSEY?Mr. Bon tail Mr Jefter-on. Mr*. Bobtail Mr*. Lodtr. After whicb.thj SCHOOL FOR TIGEKS?I'aoel*. Mr T B. Johnaton; rote i nt. Mn nkerrett. To conclude with th# GREAT EXlik BIT ION -Mr. 1 ippity. Mr. T. B. Johuatuu. Franklin museum, i7? chatham square.?geo LEa, Bole Proprietor ?Admiaaion?S*nt* la Prink Box**, ftu cent*; Stage Beat*, S7 % o*nta; Box**, 26 oanta; Par juet, 12k cent* ?Elegant Saloon perforaaa*** ***ry Afternoon and Keening. Entertainment* commanoe la th* aftertoon at ."i o'clock, and in the evening at 8 o'eleok. Th* *atertainment* are varied and aeleet and *noh aa eaa t*ma at no other place of amuaement in New Yark, *on*iftlng on Lea'* Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering Bftaam performer*, being the largest and at the nam* Urn* the men talented band in tho United State*; a troupe of Modal ifll*t* who are aelected for their beaut* and Agar*, and wha peraonate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken from tha picture* of ancient and modern time*; a company *f Arah Sirla, who go through a variety of feata of atreogth and daxMrity; Madame Roaaline, the only Female Juggler in ma world; a company of Male and Female ArtiaU, who will glvn en exh'bitien of Marbl* Statuary unequalled in th* world, legether with a variety of Intonating performane** every afterao?a aad evening. Per nartiawUr* Nt bill* of ?a?l toy. KUKOPKAN AUVKUTlSKMlUTa* Travellers hand guide, or classified list of entabliahmeut* in Loudon, Liverpool, and FarIX, aarwfully (elected and recommended ? LONDON LIST. AUCTIONEER. HOUSE, AND ESTATE AGENT. De Bernartly, 2U John street, Adelphl, by appointmekd to th* Sardinian, Bolivian, and Peruvian L*gatioa*b the Spaniah and Urugnay Consuls. ARTISTS' COLoK AND VAKMSII MANUFACTURERS. Newman, 24 Solio Square, artists' material* of every description, of brat quality. Wholesale agent in N40 York, Eyre a Ward. Cliff street. Rohrreou A Co.. tl Long Acre, artiat*' oolore and draw* in* matcriala. BRUSH AND COMB MAKER*. Metcalfe, Bingley A Co., to II. R. H. Priaea Albert, 130 B. Oxford etreet. Ufisaall. John, f>4 St. Paul'* Church Yard. bridle bit, stirrup. and si", rt MAKERS. Latchiurd, Benj., to Her Majesty and Royal Faally, 11 I WMF St. Martin * Laue. BOARDING HOUSES. Mr*. Mister, M Glouceater Road, Hyda Park, inperiog accommodation*. COURT DltEsS MAKERS AND MILLINERS. Mr*, llill, to the Queen and Royal Family, 171 New Bend atrei t. CHRONOMETER. WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS. Dcloluiu Henry, 4S Hathbouc Piece, Oxford afreet. Arnold at Co., Cha*. FruJehain. Sd Strand, earner ?t Cecil etreet. Vieyre* A Kcpingon. 120 Regent street. Job, (lato Job A Haul. ) to 11. K. II. Grand Duk? ?f Hi **e Darmstadt, Ih T itch borne St , Regent (treat, CUTLERY AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Moseley, John A Son. 17 and 18 New street, Corent Gaffden; needle*. Ac. CHILD. BED AND LADIES' LINEN. Clack A Co., II' Ludgale street, weddiag order* and ladled getrral outlita. carpet Manufacturers. Lapworth, A.. A Co , 22 Old Bond atreet; to Her Majesty sndKoial Family. Wataon. Ball A Co., to Her Majeaty, 3ft and 36 Old B?ad CLOTIVmERCUANTS AND FANCY WOOLLKN wambUOl SEMEN. Bull A Vt ilson, ft2 St Martin'* lane. dressing and travelling cases. Kennedy, 4!' New Bond street, cutlery, atatienery, a*, ENGRAVERS AND PRINTERS Halfhiile. G? to Uer Majeaty and Priaet Albert, 7 Cortatry atreet. Warrington. W A Son., to Her Majeaty. 27 Strand. Biden, John A Frederick. 37 Chcupsid* | m UUl.UMi i III?, jm r.i.i.r. km a > u sinmsiiins. Hunt ft Hosksll, the successors to Storr ft Mortimer, 156 New itntl, tu Her Majesty and all tht crowned heads 0/ Europe and the last. GUN. PISTOL, AM> KIH.E MAKERS. ftlissctt. John. Manufacturer .121. <22 High Holborn. Leanr. Adims It Leans. .11 Kin* William street. City, M 11. K U. Prince Albert. Lancaster, Charles. Manufacturer, 151 New Lund street. GOI I) T.AC(MEN, EM IIROIDEKER. AND ARMF A0COl'TKhMKNT MAKLK. Uolheck Louis, to Ucr Majesty and the Royal Family, Nsw Hond street. HOSIERS. Gl.OVI.K8 AND SHIRT MAKERS. Coy. Eians It Co.. gentlemen's outfitters, 17S Picon* dilly. and 24 and 2f> Cornhlll. Buminrll, limckaopp It Co., outlitters, 6 Old Bondttr*4 Piccadilly. Codeell. George, ladies' and gentlemen's Reyeut street. Pope If Plants. 4 Waterloo Itaee, Pall Mall-, manufft tur> r< of hosiery and surgical elastic stockings- ' Cliinton It Son. VI aud V2 Osford strest, laliee' e?( litters. Thresher It Olenny, to the Uueen, 152Strand. BOUSE AGENT. Lc llrrnard>. a1 John street. Adelphi, agent (or Pari* an? the Continent. HOTELS. London Coffee House and Family note!, Lndgate 11111, Lose* roe#. Clu ster Motel, for families and gentlemen. Picadill/ and IL rkcley street, Hcrkcley Square: T. la V. Dale. Pittta Ta> ern Hotel and Colics.Uoose, Cossnl'UardtRJ F. Harrison. St James' llotcl, Jcrirvn street; Nr. Stewart. Frnton'a llotcl ts'1 St James street. Th? fro oisi. Establish'd I7W, Vers street, Oaford streets Nol le sno kins saloon. IRISH POPLIN M AN I PACTl'RERS Miss Ellintt. At St. Janice street; ciclusise tale ef Tall* net or Irish I'oplin. PORTMANTEAUS. TRUNKS, AND PAIRING CASKS. Sciitl ?ate. J . 7t> M sking street. City, Manufacturer of the Registered Portmanteau PIN. NEEDLE, a Ml FIMI IIIIGR M ANUP ACTVRRRS. kirby. II. aid k Co., Cannon street. Lsadoa, and Run Richelieu 7S. Pari*. RILING IIAHITS. Undereood k Co.. Ladies' Riding Habit Makert, 1 Tera street Oaford str<?;. STATION REfcft AND ACCOl'NT ROOK MANU'FACTt KLKS. Maurlow ft Sons. <M to W London Wall, 49 Parliament street and 24 Rirchin Lane, ?h<lcsale and saport. SILK MERCERS. I.INEN DKA I'F.hS. HOSIERS AND GI.OVEKS EH'. Allirep, J. Recent flonss. 241' and 242 Regent street. In l-enham. Son A rreehody. 44 Wigmure street, Laeeadish Sunare. Leech ft Its-rrall. *S and S4 Edge vara Road. SCOTi II WnOLI.LN ?? A KKUOUSKM EN. I.lce llynA Mull.2'?ld Bond street, plaida. tartans,ft*. TAVI KNS. The Alt'ion, (Simpson a ) 'Jr> Grrnt Russell street, Caeent Garden -tlssrr and mpt Vseni, smoking saloon,fta. i r< ni mr it?r i-n?, t n* in a?riayani |>l*c? or aiammaff ?iii?>' D?iit, Sunday utiW d'hAia. prtrala diaaara, rt tnurniit TAtl.GKS ANT) AliMV U,OTIIIRRS. M i ?l y A s .i 11 Prlncta atrial, llanorrr Sqnara. Iimrirjr, riarlra It-tit y. ii M?rlborvu(b atraat. Kr(< lie atraet. Online. A . M Nrw Bond atraet. court druiH ul ludna' r'diair haMte. Fletcher. II tod G . I2S Sen Bond atraet. I nrlewia It T'o . t ondnlt etreet. Kraeut atraet. AlUn Rio. \U Nrw Bnod atr-et Gurnet At Co.. 86 si Ji?m atraet. CPIIOI M I K F KS AM) CABINET MAKERS. Attili. n I: O . 71' tn*i tt'eetiiilaater Hndprr Rot I, Ctfl t n l (..nral Furm-Mit* VI'afthnowtn. Jtrkf * It Graham tad J7. ? Otlord atraat. tad earp?% ma?af?ctarere mill' MAKERS Satin k Ad..aejr, atanltctarrrt t? tha Quean. 1KB Pla WeonxV AND MANCHESTER WAREHOUSEMEN. Hrouil tot lli nt a ISrotir l?t.NH|hrd atraat. II it. II a Uat-a. lu St. Martina l-ana. Chariot i'r<??. R'j" fc Tritrarr 17 Maryhh n? rtraat. Rrgant Itrtato fa net tnw?rli ? tad brattrlalta. M AX a rT R V A? >11 AND T il l."If CHANDLERS. Jr. V. a. R.. !?/ I'icctdilly. atop. candle tad oil atrt amuplmbnts R.-t*l Qardtta. tTaanl.all, np?a ?*#rjr *?*bIbr?Rqa##. inn. bratntUr. Duciii lad I'yrotocbata Amnaa. maaia Rt*a< bocr- y Frnl<-nral (lir????, patr?nitn4 t y lb* ley. >1 F*ttnl- ? -In.n-t-minU if th? m at ?i|M lid, -Wo-trr opaa daily. iiitutln aacaytad, far in V till All ? ?adinHaac* ? .hillm*. &?*! abrand V allot al M iM??dr?ltn?. Kaoaia*t*B. opt a dall> ? I a*I araltalad f. - ta "f a |*r*?ri%n art. Cmii a* lM"a- Mnaio. bancina. nrawarka, a. Tabla dV'lf at d mlaurant. inkiii-uill list OOl I 4IIitii Jitt bl i FH AND Al I. V RRARIT1I. iMnaara. Tt> taa, l<> th?- ynn n and Print* Alhart, 11*14 atraal r. rair of llati'V.-r Ilfail All K III hi HR, li.NtM hKAPr.RS. ItOMRHR AMD bl <>l lli- Ml* J #r. ? V A Co., Oif t n Hi-iiaa. Ohurah atraab. I ah alraat. tad lUri.rlt alraat. r*rt-*t war* bona*. TAILOR*. Hurdan A I < w, 17 Chnrah atraat, ahirimabar*. hoa>ra, batten. A*. PARIS LIST anrmts. * abb. J., -w Haa 4* Ri><>ll, apartaont*. biFpiati >*4 aabmltl Rein NaKKK Ra marl Main*. 7 Rut daa rillaa St. Ttiaiaaa, Plaa* da la Donra*. CRFRl'TS. _ II iv J P . 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