Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1851, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1851 Page 9
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ftmddan ud Singular OlMppcuuiM front the World of Fashion in Paris. [Paris letter in the Loudon Atlas, Juno T.] The sudden disappearanoe from the world of fashion of the Maruuis de F and hie beautiful wife, with the wondrous story oonnected with the eauie of such a sudden and unozpected step, has given us ample food for gossip, scandal, and excitement during the past week. Their loss will be greatly felt by us all. They were the kind purveyors of amusement to the idle, of gossip co the scandalous, vf endless subject of investigation to the prying and curious; and were it not fur the mysterious tale of their sudden lotermination te retire from the world, every particular of whieh 1 can warrant to be ..true, and whereby they leave us a legacy worthy of the high name they have always borne in the annals of Le Spoil, we should almost regard their secession as a mortal offence. Without laying any claim to the high aristocratic influence of the Faubourg St. Germaia, the Marquis de F had always held a most conspicuous place in the Parisian world by virtue of nis enormous wealth and the beauty of his wife. This last element of success is infallible in a place where beauty is rare ; and the Marquis hau become more influential through this means thaneveii by the great pains he had always taken to entertain his frieads in a maimer becoming his great fortune. Tho origin of the Marquise herself was a mystery evon to her best and most intimate friends, oven to the indefatigable hunters after news who abound in Paris moro than in any'other city. By sonio she was given out to be a Srisette, with whom the Marquis had fallen in love uring the time he was & student residing in the Pays Latin; by others it was suid thut she had been a singing girl at one of the cafes he had frefucrued; by some that she had been a rider at 'ranconi's; and by others that she had been a lion queen at onu <ji me uieuagcnes uu the Boulevard du Temple; all agreed, however, in praise of her grace and beauty, and of the adiniruble manner in which she did the honors of her salon, giving us a succession of Jftes from January to December, each one au cording to its season, and each in its own good time. There was the winter divertissement lasyear, of which evervbodv talked so much, when the ball room of the Hotel de F was transformed into a complete imitation of the Ice Palace oftho Empress Catharine; then we bad endless clays and proverbs in the little theatre, all Derformeu by amateurs, and which furnished us with gossip and scandal sufficient to occupy us tho whole year through; then the summer fetes at the beautiful little cha teau at Passy?they were tho most delightful of all ?first, the fete des I Alas, then the feteite Seringas, then again the Feast of lioics, at which all Paris assembled to dance, and Hire, and make lovo in th ; shade of those tall chestnut trees, beneath which Franklin had once meditated and philosophised? all these are lost for over, and, what U worse, tho queen of all these revels has disappeared also, to return no more. A vile decision of the tribunal condemns the fair Marquise to exile, and her friends to despair; and the circumstances of the story are so whimsical, that all the while we are mourning the loss we have sustained, we cannot help rejoicing to find that the fates have not forgotten us quito, and that we arc still to be furnished with subjects for fruitletous and vaudevilles as long as there shall be society in Paris. It appears that about j seven yews ago, upon her first entrance into the world us the Drido of the Marquis do F , the I Marquise had made the conquest of a young noble- 1 man from the south of France, who, having just inherited his father's vast estates, was making a Sreat noise in Puris by reaion of the trcmcuous rate at which he was living, and the various follies he wus committing, of the nature of those which all young men just -let loose upon the world, having been kept rather short of cash by a niggardly father, are sure to fall into. From the first hour of his meeting with the fair Marquise, however, the whole dream of life : seemed to centre in her alone; he gave up much of his wild course of conduct to spend his whole time in her society; he relinquished his graceless companions, with whom he had hitherto associated, to devote himself entirely to her. All this, be it understood, was rti tout bien tout hnnrur, and by the entire approval of the good honest Murquis himself, who might be seen any day at four o'clock, driving his carriage round the ( hainps I .Jyscos, while tho dear little Marquise and her sentimental toupirutU reclined within, talking reaso? and morality w,th the most earnest interest. Now, all this is quite allowable by our French code of morals, and the arrangement being here so very common, we aro led to suppose that there cannot possibly be any barm in it, and lhat it is only an old fashione 1 thin skinned nation like the English who ran see any objection to these triangular friendships,so highly appreciated on the continent. | The y iung man, meanwhile, was observed gradually to droop and languish, and lately to present every appearance of rapid consumption, and it surSriaed none of us to learn a few months ago, that the rst doctors in Paris had pronounced his case to bo hopeless, and lhat he had nut a short time to live The good little Marquise, however, would not bo lieve in the gravity of the case. Mie went on dancing and flirting, in her good uaturcd ctTorts to i amuse him, with as much vivacity as ever; mil. in the month of January, she gave the most spleudid ball at her own house, with n vicar to cheer lie friend, and arouse him from the state of lango into which be hud fallen. The poor youth's power were already lost for wait* and polka, an 1 be danced but one quadrille, and that one of course with the Marquise. It was observed by all present that, during the momenta of repose allotted to the dancers, the pair were most eager and earnest in their conversation, the young man evidently imploiiDg and supplicating, and the Marquise endeavoring to dissipate the serious humor by which ho was influenced. When the dance wns over, the young man bade good night to many friends, and a tender farewell to the Marquise, ao<l, complaining of great fatigue, disappeared, to be seen no more upon this earth, for that very night ti? diril. h&vini' mutt,* Kim will tlm ibiv hefiiri. leaving the whole of his property to the Marquirc? his hotel in Paris?his chateau iu Auveigne?his forests in l^orraine?to coiutensatc for the want of the dowry which had failed her on her marriage, and to afford a token of his admiration of the high mind of the Marquis who had sought out and shown himself capable of appreciating the great beauty and tulents of the poor portionless girl he had so generously made his wife. These are the very words | contained in the will, and this had been the subject of their conversation while dincing the quadrille, . and the poor little Marquise with tours and trembling loved to repvat the very words which the poor young man had uttered. How be had Uld her upon what toleinn iuty he hud been employed during the day, nd how be had left his whole loitune to ihe person on earth he loved be?t; ho v she had tried to turn the conversation, and had recounted to him an anecdote of her .childhood, when a wild g'p<y woman had told her of the high fortune which would beful her, and of the great marriage she would make, bsd warned her that evil days would begin by a rich legacy which she would one day receive, and which would be her ruin should sue accept. She declared that.the jourg man was so overcome at her story that he had turned quite pale, and that it was at thnt very moment he hud hurried away. It appears quite cirtain that the Marquise was decidedly iu favor o:' a total rejection of the bequest, and (bat the strove hard with her husband 19 obtain his consent to the measure ; but Ihe Mai quia, who, being a philosopher, cared cot fig or gipsies rr their prophecies, being already enormously rich, of course had a natural desire for more wealth, insisted upon acceptance, and therefore the chateau, .he woods, the mines, and forests of the dead man were all registere I ts belonging to the Marquise de F??, and ac irding to the marriage law or France, becoming likewise the pioperty ot her husband bwr a time tile hippy pair "ere doubly courted, doubly llitlervd d iiiuiy envied, and doubly slandered in consequence of the rich U gacy, and their/We* were attended with renewed r.eul as soon as it became known that frmu rue ucrvarc 01 mriune uic cmr juis ivim-n n> increase hi* entertainment*. A few week* ago. however, a cloud was observed to ri?c upon tit** hitherto funny honsoe; the Marquis. who hod always been bled wi h the calmest of tempers, ' ^ grew suddenly gloouiy and tacit urn; the Marquise, whose butterfly existence had never been tlurhel by the slightest hee/e, became suddenly noivo i* end irritable; the /cte< so brilliantly announced were countermand*d, ai d i lie e*tal>l <11110111 instead of b? ing increased according to anticipation, w.n diniinishtd; and what excited astonishment uiott of all was the fact of Kiunklm's Vill i at l'a*<y being put u|> for sale at the very mo ncnt of all the I lilacs, seringas, and roses 01 which the dear little Marquise know* *0 well how to inake 11 <0 in her effort* to entertain her friends The murder's out at last?the rreret is divulged hy the anpearanee last week in the Oaxrtlt rfr* IVti warn of the docis < of one of the thousand courts of the i'alace of .lustiee which condemns the Marquise de F to the payment of the whole of the deht* of the Karon de L , lately deceased, In virtue of her acceptance of the style and title of his heiress, to which ?1 ..f r.ieinl rutHin where bv she liro'laiaif her e? If willing to receive the legecv of the heron beer* enisle witneae. It seem* that the debt* of the hapIcim heron emount to more then double the value fthe estatea; end hi? creditor*, reckoning upon the high character for honor ?nd integiity borne by hie ancle, ore of the richest tnailrt dcfiirgu in France, hed remained quiet, with the perfect conviction that ell wonld be |*id hy him, but he, of eoarae, being no longer responsible, thev beve fallen with redoubled appetite upon the poor Marquia de F . who, if not ab olutely rained by the affair, ia, et ell eventa, much injured, end obliged to retire for a?hile from the jay ties of Paris to n Country real. wheie he will have aufficient occopation in 01U lining end erranglng the affairs of hia wife'a ' end, *o eato get out of hia diffirultiea M far from total rain a? possible, while hia wailing little wife t ever reaaes teminding him of her preeentiment end ?f the gipsy's prophe.y to which tie would not lia> tn while i( wee yet time. The Trial of the Count and Countess de Bocarine continued. The trial wan resumed on Saturday, the 7th inst. Mille do Dudr.eele, to whom the deceased was t > have been married, was first 'called. She was a good deal agitated. She said that the marriage was resolved on in August last; anonymous letters (urainst her were written to M. Gustave Fougnies. This led to coolness between them, and explanations were given ; uf'.er which a reconciliation was effected, and the marriage was fixed for November. Deceased had told her that his si iter and brotherin-law were opposed to the projected union, lie suspected the anonymous letters had been written by them. He was always afraid of eating at the chateau, lest he should be poisoned, and would never accept any presents sent from it. He had also told witness that his father on his death had declared that he had been poisoned by the people at the chateau. On the 21st of November, witness received a message from the chateau, sent by the countess, that Gustave bad died suddenly, witness had received anonymous letters against Gustave; one of them stated that be had several illegitimate children ; they appeared to have been written by the person who wrote the anonymous letters to him. Three other witnesses then severally deposed that they were at the chateau on the 21st of November, ana saw the body of the deceased. Their evidence, however, was not of much importance. A gendarme, named Lambert, said that in the prison the count had told him that his wife had pourea tne poison into ueceusu s glass oy ini mane. A man, numed Wilbaut, gamekeeper on the estate of bury, deposed that after the death of Gustave the oountess ordered him to go and tell "those two coguines," Mdlle. Dud/.eelc and her mother. The count, on his return, gave him papers to burn. Once be made him taste some of his chemical preparations. The witness stated a number of other circumstances, but they either had no bearing on the case, or had been related by preceding witnesses. One of the judges having become indisposed, an adjournment took place to Monday. During the whole day, and especially whilst the evidence of the gamekeeper was being gVwif Madame do Bocarinc was greatly agitated, and wept a great deal. The court re-assembled on Monday, and proceeded to hear the evidence of M. Stas, professor of chemistry at the Ecole Militaire, living at icellea. It waB to the effect, that after a number of experiments, he had ascertained, beyond all doubt, that deceased had been poisoned by nicotine, and that he has succeeded in extracting a not inconsiderable quantity of that deadly poison from his tongue, stomach, liver, and lungs. On the clothes of deceased, and on the floor of the dining-room of the chateau of bitremont, witness bad also discovered traces of the same poison, lie had likewise found niootine in the partially putrified remains of the gray cat and other animals which the count was accused of having poisoned. He had tasted the poison extracted from deceased, and it burnecTthe tongue like a red hot iron; he hud also killed birds by an excessively small quantity of it. It was the oonvictioii of witness that the poison had been given to deceased when he was lying on the floor ; he did net think it could have been poured into the glasses by mistake without its strong smell causing it to observed, lie was further of opinion that, after taking nicotine, it would be impossible for any one to walk, but he could not say that they might not cry. A witness then deposed to having taken a considerable quantity of tobaceo to the chateau, and a laborer, numed Debliquy, stated that he had assisted the count in making nicotine and other chemical operations. The court then adjourned. The Countess de bocarmc was so affected at the details of the chemical operations on the persou of .n.,..,i . .1.. i.? m s.,..? ik.i .u k.,., posed, and the trial had to be suspended for some time. Do Bocarmc paid great attention to the evidence. It will be observed that it tended to destroy hie means of defence?viz that the nicotine had been poured out and taken by mistake. This trial had not terminated when the last accounts were received. According to lihUi^mini, in the sitting of the court on Tuesday, Dr. /oude, a physician of Tournay, deposed that he had examined the body ot the deceased in the chateau of Bitremont en the I'M November, and had been struck by the bruises and scratches on the face, and i by the burnings, by what appeared to be sulphuric acid, about the mouth, lie had afterwards made an examination of the tongue, stomach, and other | parts of deceased's person, and the result at which i he had arrived was that deceased bad been poisoned, and that the poison had been forcibly administered when he was in a horizontal position, lie had also examined Count do Bocarmc, and had noticed scratches on his hand, nud that marks of & bite , were on one of his fingers. In answer to the advocuto of the female prisoner, witness stated that it was possible, as deceased was a weak man, with only one leg, that the poison had j keen forcibly administered by only one person; the person administering it had evidently placed one . kiue on him and the other on the ground, and that was why a bruise had been noticed on one of the ! count's knees. Dr. Mnrour.e, of Tournay, medical attendant to deceased, stated that he had also examined the body, and his opinion was that death had been caused by poison forcibly administered when deccated whs lying on the giound. Witness had never observed that the countess had shuwu much affection for her brother ; on the contrary, she seemed very indifferent to him. l'our witnesses were then called on behalf of the countess; their evidence was to the effect that she ItuH al?nv? aliriurn n fl? of inn f\ hur hrnttiAr* and thur immediately after being arrested, she, whilst weeping bitterly, had raid that it wan her husband wh> had knocked down deceased, and forced the poison into bis mouth. The l'rotureur du lioi then proceeded to present his rcijuisitory. lie began by rein irking on the enormity of the criuie, a id maintained that it had long been premeditated by both the accused, lie denounced the count as a vile swindler and cheat, as an infamous iltbamht, as a brutal coward, and as a monstrous hypocrite; and his wife as a vain, frivolous rrcature, without renl affection for anyone, lie then entered into an elaborate examination of the (arte of the ease, an i argued that they lully prow d the cool and deliberate peruetration of a carefully planned murder by both the accused. 'I he I'rocureur du Hoi had not concluded whin the t ourt rose. M. Or Ilia on Nicotine. [From lialiguatii's Messenger] At the last sitting ot the Academy of Medicine, at Paris, M. Orfila s rejort on nicotine was read 'i bis report, which coutirins facts already known, contains many new observations of interest to chemists and medical jurisprudence, relative to the propel ties of the poison, and of its traces after death. According to this document, nicotine was disco* I lu ll i... l ... 11... -...I ... k. C.......I in diflcrcnt kind* of nicoiiaoa, in varioun proportion*. Hatana tobacco contain* tiro per cent; that ol the j Nord, nix; Virginia Marly at-veu, and that of Lot, light f'lnnkera, hy inhaling ibe fuuren of tobacco, iroroduce into their eyntcm a certain ipiautity (though nnall) of poinotioua matter. I'ure nicotine I an tiie ? p| car a nee of nn oily, traiinjotreut licpud, of n pale yd ow color, which, after eipoMro, turns to biown. It in very not to the tante, and it* acrid Mil id! nligbtly rcecoibles that of tobacco; hat when v ilatiiiud by beat it thrown out characteristic v.v < jorn, which aie 10 oppressive that breathing bcI V' U<*r difikult iu a room where a drop of the juid | has Ict h -p'.'.l. An a pomououn nuu-laneit wanitf , | onnertca t xcesnive power. In experiment* made utiout Un jeaiit ago, in ten minute* M Jrtila killed u m.) dog.', on the tonguea of which he had applied Dvc drotr < f tsi* alk ill; with twclvo drt;m death ' rtwncd in two minute* Hut thin powerful poi?on j cannot i m n|c the investigation of men of art I'ure nicotine (acttiming to the ooncludnnn of Memrti. Oitiln and Ma*) hn* certain character* by which it in di tectcd an canty an n mineral poinon. It can bo dmioveii d in the digcntive channel, and ita oxintei-cc Ihcieiu proved, though that channel contain i but a few dioim Aid even when the poisonous i fuloinni e bu.' been ahsoihed?when it ban pa?ed n o the other organ*?it can ntill be discovered in I t| o*? >n warm, and wnorcfally in tlis liver M Orflia hue tried, on the liter of at loan poitonol with twi It i or fifucii drop'of uicotioc. too method* of j (I clonal ni.a jM* which be d<'crihcn, and he ha* I ' I l. - - I li.vaiinrtij pucwiucuni |?rmurmg cvrimu '|u?uuwoi of the poisons fought foi M (?i?. I.y making use of a third method on the body of tiactvu Fougnu-a,extrac'rd nicotine from the tongue, the ituMdl, mid Ibjuid emit lined therein; he also found some in the liver and lungs, lie moreover obtained it from the wood tl mring of the tilling-room in which (?u?t?vo died, alth iugh that floortug hnd been washed with soAp, oil, and arm water; and in his learned Investigation the I Helgimi lexicologist had received no indication from the Judge d'l net ruction. IVfore bo Wiis informed that H<>< a. iiii ba t In en making experiments relative j to lobaceo at d nicotine, he had already found that tie poison intioducod into the bud* of the victim was neither sulphuric arid (as had been sup(Hised) nor acetic acid, but ci'.her contain# or nicotine. 1 be progress which medical jurisconsults have made recently, ia so great, that poisoning by morphine, strychnine, prrssie aeiil, and other vegetable i Mihstanc?hitherto regnided as inaccessible to our ' m?aris of investigation, may now be detected and rccogt ited in rbe most inconteslible wanner \i Or Me, in closing hit notice, might well say, ?"After these results of judicial medical investigation, the public need be under no apprehension. >o doubt intelligent and clever criinirials, with a view to thwart the surgeons, will sometimes have ! recourse to very active p dsons little known by the mass, and difficult of detection, but icienee is on the alert, and soon overcomes all difficulty; penetrsting into the utmost depths of our organt, it brings out the proof of the crime, and furnishes j one of the greatest pieces of evidence against the Thsrr wrre 14ft deaths in Philadelphia, during the i Week ending the 28th ultimo. INTERESTING CASE OF A FALLEN PkIBST. ? It Will bo recollected, that a few weeks ago a German Catholic priest, named Theodore Lawrensen, was committed for the larceny of a watch taken, while intoxicated, from the public house of Mr. Reinhnrd, in Third street. The venerable appearance of the prisoner, and the unusual circumstance of oneoctMs pyiug his position in soiiety being arraigned *n such a charge, naturally excited considerable interest, which was increased when the history of this extraordinary man became known. Eminent counsel, in the true spirit of charity, volunteered in his behalf; but the unfortunate man was inconsolable ; in the depths of bis repentance and despair, he insisted upon putting in a pica of guilty, though the circumstances under which the offence was committed were such as to leave a doubt as to whether the property was taken with felonious intent, and he had, therefore, a reasonable hope of acquittal. On .Saturday tho ease was again brought up, on motion for a withdrawal of the plea. The court seemed dicply to sympathise with the condition of the poor fellow, and listened with great interest to the eloquent apptals of counsel in his behalf. As the case is oue of peculiar interest, we give below an extract from Mr. Fleming's speech, which embraces a short sketch of the unfortunate man's life:?He was born near Dusseldof. on the lower Rhine, studied in the Royal Gymnasium of Westphalia, graduated in the University of Bonne, was set apart to the priesthood in Cologne, and installed Fariih Prieit and Rector of the Gym Dasiuin in the city of Cleves. Twenty years elapsed, in which this old mail performed thu duties of his vocations with fidelity and with sunless, when he made u pilgrimage to Rome. He carried with him letters of recommendation to the famous Cardinals Francisconi and Mezcofauti. His reception was flattering, and through tho good wishes of the Potary of the Uoiijun Court, he had the honor of interviews with Pius the Ninth. From Rome, he came to Lyons, where he officiated as priest and professor in a college. Appointed by the Superior of tne House of Missions in Paris to a station at Dubuque, in this country, he stopped on his journey at tit. Louis, by the advice and direction of the Archbishop of St. Louis he accepted tho cure of a parish in the vicinity of that city. A difficulty occurring between him and the archbishop, he refused to remain any longer under his episcopal stafl, and removed to the diocess of ( bicago. The archbishop gave him the uinBt satisfactory testimonials; but, for reasons best known to himself, afterward* revoked them. Those testimonials are in my possession. But Lauronsou's best appeal is the appeal he has put in my hands, and instructed me to translate. [Translated from the Latin.] Honorable and Venerable Judges?In my present most misorable condition?a coudition which I have incurred by a violation of the law, agitated by the profcuniest grief, 1 humbly implore your consideration. 1 was on my road to Philadelphia wlien I did the act charged against me. My miud was disturbed rnd perplexed. Had 1 been myself, I wou'.d not have been a supplicant to-day. It is the first act of tbe sort which can be imputed to mo; never have I been before a judge or before a court. My testimonials, in every relation, are the best, and my counsel is empowered to produce thorn. Most humbly, therefore, and in a spirit of the deepest penitence, 1 beseech the court that they wiW regard, propitiously and cluincitly, all the circumstances, and look upon me, a stranger in the midst of stiangers, ignorant of their language, friendless and penniless, more in pity than in severity. Your most humble and obedient servant, T. Lawrensen Tbe Court, on tbe application of counsel, granted the withdrawal of the plea of puilty of larceny, and the substitution of that of guilty of petty larceny. The prisoner was not sentenced.?Pitts burgh Corn Murine A flairs. Pin Ska Poi'sdisgs ?We hare the pleasure of layiug before our readers the following interesting letter from Captain barren to Commodore Warrington giving a line of dei p sea poundings aeropp the Atlantic ocean These are physical problems of high import, which hare commanded the attention ami occupied the thoughts of the most eminent philosophers. In the discussion of these problems are involved the ocean and its depths by virtue of an art of Congress authorising the vessels of the navy to e< operate with Lieut. Maury in procuring material t< r his investigations into the phenomena of thrgreat dt p. a circular letter has. with the sanction of the g cretaiy i t the Navy, been issued by the Chief of the bureau ot Oidualire and Hydrography, requiring the coaiintinlrrs of our ptrhlie cruisers to gi l a deep sea snuuding. wuenever It is calm. In whatever part of the ocean It is remarkable that this problem of deep s*-a soundings which, sbove all otlu rs. has most perplexed and botherel navigators. should as soon as taken up by the oBcera of our i avy. bi come, in their hands, one of the most simple and < us J of execution Tile difficulty heretofore wa* lu gettirg a line U ng enough, and in knowing when (be plummet had reached the bottom Lecourse had beeu had. ly either navies, to wire of great length and tenuity; and the greatest depth ever kuowu to have been reached, befi re Ibe subject was taken up here, was the sounding oy an i flirt rot ibe Luglish iiaTy. in 4 tiOO fathoms, which was by i o means satisfactory Lieuteuant Walsh, hi the I n ted Mates schooner Taney, has reported a suuu.ling without heitlom more than a mile deeper than tins ln.-'iael f the rluiu-y and costly implements used for sounding (he eh pi lis of the ocean, our vess, 1- are simply rupplinl wiili twine, tu which they attach a weight a id when the Weight ceases to sink they know it is on the bottim; ano thus the depths of the ocean in the deepest pints, may. without tiouble or inconvenience, b as ccrtaint d in every culm of a few minutes' acquaint tuca With this simple contrivance, the Albany. Captain Plait has run a line of d> cp < a soundings across the ilulf of Mexico, fri ui Tampico to the Ptraits of Florida I'he basin which holds the watcta of this (lulf has thu been ascertained to he about a mile deep, and the Gulf si re un in tLe Florida Pass about :s U00 feet deep. In like ina'imr the John Adams. Captain Itarroii.bas mule a step in giving us the shape of the grant Atlantic basin between the Capes of Virginia and the Island of Madeira, stnw irg it to In- at least five miles and a half di-ep Men of science will recognise In these results some of the ui>st interesting and valuable physical discoveries of the day Thi y r? fleet the highe-t credit upon our navy, and tta -? who planned and set on f.H>, these simple and lie tutlful an augments, which have cleared away the difll allies wiib which all have found themselves beset who herotofi re Law undertaken to fathom the sea at great depths. I'. 8. Pine John Aosvis I Miosis a May 29. ISil / Pis ?1 have the honor to report the following deep rea soundings." tlx Mat d?Latitude 33" u0' liorih. longituds Si* 31' west, trmiii'iature of the air (M*. water 63", had a fair " up and down sound with VtiK U) twenty-six hundred fathsims of line Time of i tinning out 1 hour, '?1 minutes, lu > mi??one t.'-poumt ?not on tri?* linn. Mat V ?Latitude il'i' Oil' longitude 44* 47' w?*t; tornpetal me it the air Oil', watt r 04*. tint bottom with (ft CM)) tit* thousand titf hundred fithi hm of line out. rime ol Milium* out 'i hour*. 44 minute*. 36 aecond* |iiiff <f *bip 3 uiilea. Lout two 32 pound phot, and ft.ftoO fathom* of line )lo 10 ? latitude.71' 01' north longitude 44' 31' wr*t; tt nipt rut -.ire < f I to iiir 66 . HH W Qol MM Ml (V.itVO tw.niy three humtrtd faihma of line out. Time ofruniiii>K out. I hour. 04 mioute*. ilu wcoiit. Mat 17?IVak of I'ico. tearing north 18' eaat distant t *i ot y-fi ur nnli * found Imttont with (",'0) mi hundred anil ft Tt nty fathom* cf title. Tunc of running out, 12 minute*. 04 -econil*. Mai 21.?Latitude 36' 07' north longitude25* 43' went; iMi pemture if thr air 66*. water 04*. (1 040) one Unit .ami and forty fithomti fund button) lime of running i at. lit miliUti a. 6H aecotul* U i hair made frequ. nl otherra-U. hut in con?equene? i f t he * ? ell a nil motion, and large drift of the *hip. without any *ati*fartory rraulta ?I h ue the honor to be, air. friy re*pact fully, your obedient m-rtant. a (higned) N BAH HON. Commander. (Vnimidrre l.ewla Warrington Chief of Himauof Oxdrtatice and neurography. WmUhtglon, It C. ? M a'Aingftn FefuiJic Tim RirAMiatr AaiTir ?Th* fnitid State* mail hau-litp Arctic, t.'aptaln Lure, railed from thia port for AiwYotk en W edit r? day morning at twenty tninihtt part nit.i o'i lot k Mie to. It out mill tier ninety *l? firet rlaaa. and tile tirrad rlara pa?ei gera; ami one of the hi gut height* rTer lore earned ny any inner to the I uiled Ptatra. looM-ting prtnrip.iliy of grenrh gia da ato fli e lliltoh manufacture* ller |a??enger*' farna mnlite ihe *um i f A'fMMt wliieli imludca provbdon* tor the ? Afnil June 14 ??t ?The flna ahip Aatrra about P0) ten* owned In It. *ton will t.e launched fr-on the yaro of Ofgood k MrKuap. New bury port. ou Tuer d?T July l?t. Hecolpf a of I'riHluec. V 1 ItK llt'DMMI RIVER IRMTS. .liar 27 l.Til. At watt atd Cawal l.n ?J Ollle?pl? ? Harg? l're*ldnnt?10 rarka aalira Cnwing 4* Co ; 700 bbia. Ilutr. E Cook; 4tlldo.J II i(e?i| 4tM do. J M lloyt *i Poll*; f it do.. In.w* ,V. Carey; 2 w o burhela corn. Ih ury .Na*<ni; 1M0do . W ork h brake; 720 do . Habcock k Co., 41 bbl*. wkfakey. O C William* l _ 'i-_ .. . .... i \? af i'.l.l, a c. 1'iat AinJerinn?14 r?ik* aehe*. Thctnu* A: l?nT*n|>"rt; 6 do K It l.itrhficld At Co; 3 Jo , lluydaui k Co ; MI7 IbU flonr. TV A Broan k Co I'Ni.ttKnn liiKt.?Bt?l Well*?Ml bbl* f|(?. .1 B la (kiln; 40 )kg* butter, C K llrown, ill do., C. Adam* At Co ; 46 Ixiin che*?e. J. H l'?rwp Omrt iim * Von* Tun* Liar ?Barge Clinton ?716 bid* flour ,1. I. Ilulkley At Co . 4-14 i|o .J H Wright It Co j lid ilo . Italph Mnd fc Co.; 1 HI* lot-In N corn. Ilenty Niina; II) Mil* limit mm-*, IVtcr Van .n?*t. Ill kntl Ltfll ?Marge Marti..wer ? il" M.N ITur M adanortli At Cln-ldeD, 6 246 t.ii-h.N oat*, Bawl* At Seymour; 2.1.11' l u-ln It corn, M II. Itarilett Ot n Taut Liai ?I'ojo) Cm tin?limit" E Learned--7 mil iibr*. 12 liil" butter. 2 Mil* "Kg' Titu*fc Marin-*; 7 I I I I- II. or ll> IIry Ninon, HI2 do.. U K Sage; lull d.v. Ii.wt At I'arcjr: hud" .1 At Irl-kn A l'? ; I *16 hmhel* corn. U B llt-i.j?niin; 62 ion* of m*rM" E, Ih.ugla* INmroo a * it IVi.nm l.ii*?H. at Waabiugton?700 M.I* 11' nr. Powell 1 Co; Ml package* atarcfc, idaa* It Tbetnpunu. NilTittr Lin* ?J. II Bedfleld At Co.--Barg* Kentut kj?4 bill* ntbe*. C. K I'nrk A Co.; 1.126 bt>l? flour. N II. B'dfr; Ml do.. Bow* At Carey; lli.tdo. J V Kirk At Co ; 178 do . 20 do rgg?. Mini 4..'ml do corn. Xawl* k Seym- ur 160 M.I* flour, J. W Ih'.rn" At Co; 134 do , S Bitart* At Cv ; 111 do., J B Wright A Oo; 1(M do, A. II I' ,?nr, 110 do . Ileach A Chapin; 2 700 bu?tud* ri rn. Ollmn. Stoekwrll At Co.: 37 bid* wlibkey, Litchfield A to,; ill do. Iiouteau Merle At Sandford; 2i do, Brribtn r At I ootid**; 60 pkg* butter. .I A' Hall. T*or ?nn Kair. Ian* ?A C. I<efft At Oo ? Barg* Ida? 13 mrki *ib*i. Hi lit. I'lag ft Cn , 20 bid* flour J II At Aon*; (.1 do. and > I'd buahil* coin, Henry NaM li; 100 blirhel* do.. K lieuld t?o? ?*n Oinrim Liar.?IV T ll<>*?it*r?Boat Dew drop? M l.hl* flour. Dan* k t'ary, 2A do .lt r Ba?*. 2.247 l ufbel* rye, Watcou At Co.; 247 aide* leather, II Nrlkllat.d N Vardkwater's 0?wkoo Line?R. J. Vande water -- i Boat Leffiugwell?2,700 bushel* wheat. Down b Carey | . Boat Grampus?8 casks ashes. Deter, Strong b Co. ; 2,820 I J bushels corn, J. B llerrlck. ti H htun Lake Boat Link?Boat Tracy?Seask* aahe*, i T K. Cook; 3 do., Stewart b Co.; 2.-KM) bushel* cum, Cham- . p berlin. Lee b Co ; 4 bbl*. eggs, 11 pkgs butter. Tump- ?. kin* A Co J) Total?114 bble. ashes. 9 781 bbls flour, 650 kegs pork, ( 260 do. beef. 614 do cut meat*. 213 do butter; 05 do. w cheese. 7.200 bu-hels wheat, 5.747 do. rye. 12,245 do. eat*. ? 60,600 bushel* corn, 214 pkgs whiskey. V 8ati roay. June 28. 1851. j | Hi nion River Line?N. H. Holt b Co?Barge I'ly- j 1 mouth?8 pkgN. ashes, Stone ti Starr; 7do.,Couian b ?; Hopkins; 4 do , Hap Clark b Dibble; 4 do., Kent. Page b ?. Co.; 073 barrela Hour, Smith, Wa.lace b Co ; 430 do., , R. V. Sage; 310 do, Oibiw n. Stookwell b Co.; 6,000 m bushel* corn, W. C Heaton; 1.624 do.. Down b Uuiteau; M 710 burhela do., liabcock b Co.; 21 pkgs. butter. Kent, ' ? Poag b Co ; 62 do cheeee, J. Sperry; 28 do., P. \V Steb- * bins; 28 bales wool, Velverton b fellows f< Old Oiweuo Lim: ?P. J. Littlejohn?Boat Lewi*?0 cask! ashes. 6 pkgs butter. Cooper, Storm b Smith; 17 | nkgs. butter, Condlt, Noble b Co.; 225 barrel! Hour, 1 IIy. Naeon; 1.020 bushel! of corn, to the ugent. Bout Waterman?10 casks ashes, Blydenburgh b Co.; 2,650 j bushels rye. Watson St Co. I Oswkuo TaA.MroHTATion Link ?Cougdon b Jamieson? E Boat Scotland?1 cargo of lumber, to Watson b Co. Syracuse and Osweuo Link.?Bout St Lawrence?2.589 8 bushels rye, Joseph Ketchum b Sou. Boat Admiral?713 barrels flour, Gillespie, Dean b Co. t to t u:.... m a, / >? n ,..? Congress?2,400 bushels com. 25 ca-ks high wines, 42 hbde. I tobacco, to the agentf>; 10 keg* butter, J. 0. Nye; 29 J hacks wool, 11. w. Sl Co. Boat Chamberlra?9 casks ' ashes. Coman, Hopkins & Co,; 4 do., 2.441 bushels corn, ? and 15 bales tobacoo, to the agents Boat Racine?2,500 bushels corn, to the agents; 30 rolls leather. E J. Brown; 63 bales wool. H W At Co. Boat l'orter?1(5 casks ashes, 1 Sherman It Collins; 15 barrsta Hour, to the agents; 100 a do., l'eparn It Olcutt; 172 barrels beef, Wallace, Wicks I] It Co.; 108 do., Hubbard It Son. ' Total.?88 barrels ashes, 3.901 barrels flour. 4.100 ? bushels wheat. 5.409 bushels rye, 37 195 do. cirn. 25 h barrels high wines. 30 rolls leather. 725 pkgs. pork. 530 J do. beef, 137 do. butter, 740 do. cheese, 27 hhds. tobacco, * 25 barrels whiskey, and 120 bales wool. J BY THE ERIE RAILROAD. r Friday, June 27.?19 hogs. 62 pkgs. butter. J. Wick- ? bum; 6 do. and 9 hogs, Capt. Hill; 54 pkgs butter. 7 hogs. 8 calves, and 8 lambs. J. Andrews; 39 pkgs. butter. 11 ] hogs, 7 lambs, and 8 calves, Capt. Kiny: 155 sides lea- il tiler. N Oilman it Son; 23 pkgs butter 9 hogs, J. Dill; ?' 10>j tons pig iron, W. 11. Townseud; 145 sides leather, ? 0SO l'alen it Co.; 9 pkgs butter. U 11 WhiteitUo.; 11 Jj do.. J. Boyce; 4 bales wool W it. Strong; 6 pkgs butter. L. y Raymond; 4 dw cheese, Wm Clark At Co.; 14 pkgs. butter, bi Wm U. l'latt; 17 bales wool. Chapin At Co.; 3 do.. Brad- f; ner It Co.; 77 do.. M Reach At Co ; 11 do . W. 11. Strong; s" 19 bbls. eggs. S. M. Cady; 7 pkgs butter. T. K. Brown; 6 do.. Work It Drake; 38 do., Condlt. Noble At Co : 39 bales _ wool, Flint At Co 380 sides lea her Miles At tliiman; 1> v pkgs. butter, M O Lure, 55 do . Thomas At Davenport; 1 50 bags oats. Mills At Thompson; 14 do. cheese. 1*. W. O Stebbins; 227 pkgs. butter. 11 bbls eggs. 31 calves. 16 " Fheep. 14 bogs. 920 sides leather, 22.000 baskets strawber- J] rich, to various orders. J 8 K Weekly IUiiort of Dentiu In tbs City and Couutv of New York, from the 21st day of June, to the 28th (lay o7 June, 1851,

Ben. 66; Women, 77; Boys. 1 ID: Girls, 104?Total, 366. a diseases. _ Abscess 1 Fever, puerperal 2 I Apoplexy 14 Fever, remittent 2 f Atrophia 4 Fever, scarlet 4 ? Anyioa 1 Fever, typhoid 1 * Bleeding I Fever, typhus 14 Bleeding from nose I V v?r, nervous 1 f lll?coingfrom lungs 4 lieart, disease of 3 '' Burned i>r Scalded 2 Hooping Cough I T1 Bronchitis 5 Inflammation 1 Cancer 1 Inflammation of train 16 Cancer of breast 1 Inflamiuation of bowels... 12 V Carbunslt 1 inflammation <d lungs.,., 18 2, Casualties,, 7 Inflammation of stomach.. 7 I Cholera infantum 14 Inflamiuation of throat.., 1 CI sl< ra Morbus 1 I nrtaniinatiuu of womb.. . . 1 Consumption 43 Iuflammatiou of liver 1 Croup 5 MUraamue 17 f, Conn ntlon of lunge 2 Moualea 6 J Cyanoaia 3 Mortitloatiou 1 : Debility !? Old age 3 J1 Delirium tremens 4 Premature birth 2 , Dinrrhcca 13 Scrofula 4 *' Drop?y 8 Smnil pox 4 ,, Dropey in the head 13 Sprue 2 Ptep jf in the ohett 2 Suicide 1 Jj. Urn pay of heart 1 Suffocation I Drowned S Teething 3 . Dyaentery 13 Ulceration of inteatinen.... 1 I Bryaipelae 6 Ulceration of atomach ... . 1 Fever 11 Unknown 4 Fever inflammatory 2 acr. I a fader 1 year 110 From SO to 44 year* 3s 1 te 2 year SO *1 X te ft ' 30 So to fal " 20 6 te 10 " 18 60 to 70 " II 1 10 to 20 " 8 70 te HO ' ? I SO to 30 " 38 80 to 20 ' 4 J Pi.Acua or Nativitt?United Statee,; Ireland. iM England. 10: Scotland, 3; (ieriuaoy. 13; France, 1 Sweden, 1; j J Auatria, 1; Italy. 1; l'rustia, 1; lirltiah I'uaaeaaiona in North I ' America, 2; Poland, 1. FnoM? lle-pital. Brllevne. 12; Penitentiary. RlaokwelFa ' laland. 3; H'ard'i Inland, 2.'.; kandall'e Island, I; City lloe- j pital. II; Alnieheuee. Rlackwell'a laland, 4; Colored llonie, : , 3: Colored Orphan Arylum, I Colored peraona. 13. liitt rn.ents it turned from VVard'a laland. 2">. A. W. WHITE. City Inapeetor City Inspectors Office. June2\ I8A1 aaiffnct OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COM PAN V.-FOR UrtTien. via Southampton.?The U. S Mail etvamahip j i HERMANN. E, Crabtrce, commander, will sail for Bremen, ' id Southampton, ou Saturday, July 12th, from Pier No. 3 I | N.rth River. An experienced Surgeon ia attached to the ! , slip. All lctter? must paeathrongh the Post Office Specie , delivered in Havre For paaaage or freight, apply to MOLLKk, BAND (t KlERn, Agents, 60 Broadway. T?hE ROVAL MAIL STEAMER MF.K1.1N, CAPT. SIMP Jl eon, will anil for Bermuda and St Thornaa, ou Tuxeday. { 8th July, at neon. She hae eaerllent acuomuiodatione for paeeengera. Price of to hermuda, $36; to St. l'ho- , ma>. $7ih There I* a reaular mail ecmmunirntioa between St. Thomae and all the Went India lalamle, Havana, Vera Crua, Venture!*. So. The Merlin will take freight Apply : to E. CUNAltD, Jr.. 38 Broadway. P. 8.?No lettcra or mailt will ba received on hoard th- . Merlin, except through the Poet Office. 13 llfc N 11W VOKK AM) 1.1 V fclU'oill. UNITED STATE Mail Steamera.?The ahipe comprising thie line art th i 'ollcwing :? ATLANTIC Capt. Wee*. PACIFIC Capt. Nye. ARCTIC Capt. Luce. I HAI.TIC Capt. Cnmatock. i ADRIATIC Capt. liruft-u. cae ships having been built by contract eapr< ?(ly for ...rnu.vot aerriee. every care hat been taken in their eon? v clicn, ae alee in their engines, to insure strength and . I u and their accommodatioi? for paeeongvra arena- ' r ii. lied for elegance or comfort. Price of passage from New \ lu Liverpool, $130; eiolneive una of eetra ?f?? atate i n ., from I to New York. ?35. An repwri><i unnrenn will he attached to each ehip. No berth ona , red until paid lor rnortapn nana or iiiim:k'rom New York. From l.lecrponl. , :'?l> r ny. June 7. 1*51. tYcdneiday, May |R lHfll. | k oruny, June illt " Wefnoaday, June 11, " I f i cntay, July 3. " Wrdnerday, June J5, " Ba'-ur uy. July IV, " Wedueedav, July V. " > '.i?y. Augurt 2, " WednraJajr, July A " h- nl.iy. Anguat Id, " Wedueadiiy, Auguat A " \ !*|i hi, Augeat.lO. " Wednesday, Au<oit 211, " I y?tt,i'iiiy. hcplemiier 13, " Wadueaday, Sept. inber 3, " j ( pa" i pii-nlirr 0, " Wedn??d?y, Septctn'r 17, I Patur<**y lliliiitr 11* " Wednesday, Oct Iber I, '> > i. tohe r S5, " Wedneaday, October 15, M Saturday N ..yeml et K " Wediicedey, October 9, " Sarnrdwy Nneoa ter 71, " Wednerday, Noermber 12," 8?t ,>i'V?. !> "euiherP, " W.'dneaday, Knt'rabtr J6." Batur'.a> !' eembcr'Ji), " Saturday, lleeeinber II, " Saturday, December 27. " t r "t i raeeeee. apply to ID* , .) > t "I,I.INS, No. ftf Wall etreet. N. T. 'i,' ' !!! !.KV ft ro l.iTerpool. k. i , iii f :<TS ti CO., |J Kin*'* Arm Yard, Londoa L M,A ' It Jr., n B' ulerard U atmartrc. Pnria. i . rtlMM afipe will nob he aceuuatahle torgo'd. oIIhci. ' i io Jewelry, precinne ttoner' or inetali. valtrr ' , ' ling art rdtbeJ therefor, and tho 'alue thereof tbi: ti ai r????d. Aft. f Aprl neat, the rate of freight by the above tleairi' rpool will be materially redneed. P.?. . ? H 11A VHK - Mi ON D UNB.-TUI nie Ir i. ii will lea?e Hurt* oa the ICth. and Now I York v., u f f ??eh tavaU- ? from From New York. Havre SfpeW e RN IB, Jan. I F-Mf !,??? tone onrthea. Nay I June I* Alonao k il ''eo, waiter Sept. I Oct. 14 Shipbi N HoLA.a, /c?. ? S?r<M? l.i" rthae, June I July 111 V. W V maetdi Oct. I Woe. 1(1 Shi, . i'iSuRA March I April l? "n 4 no I 'll .en, Jnly I Aug. If R. D ler. N ? I l> " IhipH II i \ M I F.I l? (aewl April I Mayl* I.UV ' ' I itbea, tea I Sept. I* 1 | John v. n? nine ley. l>ec. I iin. in The/? laee Nan York holll ahi|?e.provided with ftll rvi|? r 'or thn noinf' rt and convenience of f si a n/.ri. I -.ndod ij men of veperienee In thn Ira-it I The pro i? oil'.out wire* or li'inora. floode aenl to I v' ?r? nill tt forwarded free fYcm nop | Chora" but " titallr Ikciirmd BnV k Acmiti PurtHiM. PAtll I V A II vTr.AMKMIP C't'M P A N Y. -I UN LT HH Tin I alifomia and Drafton I?The public are Infill I thet r i at Ilia new arrangement of thn Com I pan/, at? n r| and arpf ved > ) the N ?vy Depart. ' irent, an i - i > lie laited ."talea mail*, irlll nnntinua tr i |ea?e P i w? >n Praneiarn Ilia 'rt and IMI da/ of ea-e month, - '? ned hy naavvtdat-> accident. anil will | t?neh at to.,i. >'n? Itlepo, anil M -nti rey The foi' . m paeketa hel >n/in* tn the Pa' tie Kali ' Bteamehtp i .!, o c ,re n?? in the Pnclhe, ana of whiah will he alnayi ,n , V ?i cneh end of Hie mate ? ORIOOh <!?? tone KRI UIII.IC I ."I tone PAh-AiMA . I l?-7 tona. CaRIH.INA ?? lont CALlfVUMA i I*KI tnna. COM'KIH'S ??> tona TtNMtn-F i. l.Htitina. 1ST Hill's t?na MONThFi'M H 1,100 tona. I NK URN i*?l tona C01.I MI mn tona. PKKNONT ?hi wma A N I F. If 11 I tona. Tht nev imahlp COIiVVllA will ply betwneu San rrannl?<" an t rtn in Oreann. awaiting at tha former port tl.e arrive! r f ( maila ana pnoaonrrre fr in Panama, and ' retoraii e l delay with the mail* and paaeeugara for | thaetian ' *aii Frtncleoo A reanie l.i n I propellere will ho kept np for tha traan' pertatloi of .It and t'anatent paanenaere hetwaan Panama and an I anaiaea. The wi il In n ateamehtp SARA ft SAN PS. af i.Siil tool hnrtlo 1 r aharter to tha nempany. and peculiarly aemmodi e n her onhin arrnnaement*. will ha kept rnnnlni ae an etli % I'-m; tv 'nat Una nf tbi ?' if eteamera will keep up thn ooniketioa bptwren An-| n' id tha othar Meaiean pnrta. The ronio u In thn At Ian tin will b? nialatalaed by the 17fitted f?*t* e 01 a 1 ete*l**hip* OEORltt ? 3,1*11 ton* CRIIfClNTUlTY I.IWU ton* OHIO., 3,(100 t<>n?. CH KKOK KE L1. .I.3IV ton*. EM PIRt ill ,2,'?l ton*. Pill I.A MI,PHI A I. KM ton* Lentine Mi t V'irk forChngree on th?1lth And 36th of **at month. i The new >tJ"nikn* EL DORADO *n FALCON will form * direm itn- heteeen New Orlenn* And Ohngre*. leering ?t neh perio>v an ? III Ineore ** little detention * p-?eiM* o* the lithmf <t d forming, *ith tie Pecige etnamahtf*. * through lin? ( and from New Orle*n* end port* In Metleo, Cnlifornin, trd Oregon I'lnnn from New Orleen* e?n he eeenred ffem Arnutrong, Lnwrn*on lb Co.. Agent*, nttbnt pl*ce. Tli* tnrr fir through ticket* from New Terk to (ten Prna iMO he* heen r. .timed front two. In *t*t* r< om*. to $.W. 6339, in lower nhln to 6WI, 6200. in *teer?*e. to f US. The r*te* from New York to Chngro* will ho *t the lewttt Adopted i f *ot unto **A ete?m?r hetween thoee port* Por eholoe of herth*. Apply At the otke* of the Company, M Hd ? Mnth *treet, And ni their Agency. 177 Weet *tre*t. AMUSEMENTS. JUWIKY THEATRE.?BOXES, 16 CENTS; PIT, 11% I Ll hhU; Orchcatra Boaae, 40 cull. Doora open At 7'?; our- J im rieca at 7 V o'oloek. Doorkeepcra' ami Offliera' Benefit ' ueaday evening, July 1, will li? performed the historical ' lay of Til E COURT FOOL- Fraucia the Pir?t. Mr. Tillou; f riloulet, Mr- Eddy; De Brion, Mr Guodall; KInuoha. Miye J cntu. To be followed by BORN TO UOOD LUCK- [ audceu O'Rafferfy. Mr. E. Eddy; Count Caliari Mr. Bowee; * ounteae Viteria. Mri. Broadley; Lady Julie, Mra Leffinc. ell To conclude with the brat act ol ROBERT MACAIKE * Robert Macaire. Mr. Btcyena; Jai|uea Strop, Mr. Jordan; J arie, Mra. Broadley. 5 ATIONAL THEATRE. CHATHAM STREET-BOXES,. ] v -J6 cento; Fit, 12% eta.; Oreheatra Ticbeta, AO rrnta: Pri- ? ale lioa Tieketa, (1. Doora ipeu at 7 %; curtain riaea at 7% Jj clock. Benefit of Mra. M. Jonea. Tueaday evening, July I, e eutertainuienta will commence with THE LADY OF *' YOuS?Claude Mrluotte. Mra. .Belinda Jonea; Col. Damme, '' r. C. W. Taylor; M. Deeihappellea, Mr Thompaon; Glavia, >' r. I.e Favor; Pauline, Mra. A. P. tiratton. To conclude G ith the national drama ..r 1IAKRY I1URNHAM?len. ?i i a alii ne t on. Mr. C. W . Taylor; Harry Burnham. Mr. Wat- r? oe; Ri Lane, Mr. Urandoa; Gen. Sir 11. Clinton, Mr Staf- " INI Mary Munnera, Miaa Crocker. J1 ITALIAN OPERA AT CASTLE GARDEN -MAX MA- I L rctaek, Manager and Conductor. Admiaaiou SOoenta 1 Traauav BvaNino, Jm.v 1. CI Will be iierfurmpil the Oiuri a9 Di ernam. . j< ' 1 vir? Signers Truffil Benedetti. ?o rnani Si)t. Hettini. Ai ftrloB V Sig. Beneventauo, 1" ylva Rig. Mariui. '? Doers open at ball-past 6; Performance to commence at 8 1 'clock, ao postponement on account of the weather. ' Opera every night, Saturday not excepted. 11 Broadway theatre-ladies and gentle- 1 men wishing to form engagements for the coming then- ' rical reason, at this theatre, will please to apply by letter, > ost paid, to llr. Thomas Harry; or at the Walnut street 1 hcatre, Philadelphia, to Mr. Peter Richings. E. A. MARSHALL, Lessee. ? U ECU AMOS' HALL, NO. 4T2 BROADWAY, ABOVE ? Grand street ?Open every night during the week until 1 jrther notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S P IINSTREL9. com arising an eMcicnt and versatile "Oorps" " f "talented" and "experienced performers," under the lanagement of E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this city, P >r a succession of "hve years," have been received with P tvor by highly respectable and fashionable audiences, G ickets 25 cents. Doors open at 7, and will commence at 8 * 'clock. On Friday, July 4th, an afternoon eoncert, oom lencing at 3 o'clock. The patrons of Christy's Minstrels are J terecthilly inf?rmcd that the Saturday Afternoon Concerts * 'ill be discontinued for the future. J FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSI- = calHall, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand ireets; open every night. This justly celebrated and efficient orpt of talented and experienced performers, under the sole gi lanagement of J. II. Fellows, whose concerts in this city for J le past year, have been received with the greatest favor by fB le elite and fashion from all parts of the Union. Fellows' usical Hall is one of tho most spacious and beat ventilated . gildings in the world. Admission 25 cents. Doors open at eoncert to commence at 8 o'clock. An afternoon concert rerv Wednesday and Saturday, and on Friday. Julv 4. for it espeoiai acsommt latioa of families, commencing at three ? olo. k P. M. _ A ^ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?TUESDAY, JUI.Y J I, ISM.? For the benefit of Miss Caroline Chapman, n this Tuesday evening, at eight o'clock, the dashing nd popular comedy ol the BOLD DRAGOONS will be en- 3 :tea; and Leon Javelli and Ilerr Clitie appear in their suirh entertainments on the Tight Rope. In the afternoon, at o'clock, the new and amusing farce of the CHEAP EXCURION, and the popular Eastern extravaganza of TWO d V ES BETH BEN TWO. "Tho Uapi.ily Family." number>g one hundred Animals and Birds of hostile spcoies, reconled by discipline, may bo seen at all hours of the day am) 3 lening. Admission, to the entire Museum and performDces, 25 cents; children under 10 years, 12>? cents. lAYMONI) Ji HERR DRIESBACH'S MENAGERIE.- C' -V This celebrated Menagerie?the largest and best oon ucted iu the known world?embracingalmost every animal (J Down to natural history, and which has received tho pa ronage and applause of hundreds of thousands of the most igpcctable and lalaUlcSlt JKSoalt if the United States, has ist commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will isit tho principal cities ani towns of New England in the Mowing order, vis:?Tuesday, June 24th, Natlck; Wednessy, 2Ath. Walthain; Thursday. 26th, Concord; Friday, 27th, q Dd Saturday, 2bth, Lowell; Monday, 30th, Lawrence; Tuosny, Jnly 1. South Reading: Wednesday, 2d, Charlestown; hursday, 3d. Friday, 4th, Saturday, 6th, Monday, 7th, Toes- c ay, hth, and Wednesday, 9th, Boston. rllF. I. ATE SIC NOR BARTl'S CELEBRATED COL- c lection of anatomical and pathological life site Figures, t the Society Library, Itrondway, corner of Leonard street rcvious to the sale of these elaborate worksof art)they will c in exhibition for a short time in this city. The merits of Hese s< ien'ifle productions have been attested by the highest q edieal authorities both in this country and in England, adirs admitted Tuesdays and Fridays, when Miss Sarti delonstratcs the Moorish Venus. Intermediate days for 1500- j) len en. Open from 10 a. m till9>, 1*. m. Demonstrations n the Moorish Venus every day, at 11, 3'j, 7, and r ickrts 2A cents. r 1 amlk garden this delightful si mmer resort is now open to visiters throughout the day, Irom A. m to t P. m. It is the lamest and uin.?t heantifnl room (; ii this country, snd the view from the upper galleries ut our Ms bey and harbor ia alone worth in* re than the price of Omission?one shilling. ============ C AMUSKMKNT8 lit PIULAUE 1.1*111 A. Barnum'S museum, corner or seventu and Chrsnut streets, Philadelphia.?P. T. Uarnum, Propria- q sr; U. Sanford, Manager.?Two performances daily, afterioon and evening. Admission, 23 cents; children, half pries, loudsy vi cuing, June 16, Mr Booth, the eminent tragedian, nskrsfiis first appearance in "Hamlet." During the week the p lartinetts. formerly of the Ravel Family, will give their interesting evolutions and astounding feats on the Tight Rope. Mr. Taylor, the popular comedian, will also appear, during the week, in the "Lady rf Lyons," and other favorite plays. Pleasing farces both afternoon and evening. The acUectmn >f wonders crowded into the capacious saloons comprise I me half dosen original eollections, including the Ism pus wen, torotbtr with* the prrformanooa in the Lecture Room, for the low price of 2ft cente. mkd1cal.. 1 Forrest grove hydropathic institute Schooley'* Mountain, June II, 1K51.? William J. Tayloi ' U D., William J Moon, M. D., Phyiician*. The above inatl iution * ill It ready (or U>* reception of invalid* the earn part of July. MEDICAL LECTURES ON SEMINAL DISEASES. BT K. Clover, M. D.?The lirat number civee the come luenei* end cure of aclaaa of dixaeee generally not well un Mr*teed l,y mnln al men. Treatment ahonrn hy eaaea and niirnvlnga, and a new instrument, which invigorate* debili :atid oreani. For rale at ?13 Broadway, and by the author , No 12 Ann street. 1'rire 28 cent*. DR. OOOD'B EXTRACT OF COPAVIA-A CERTAIN , and peedyeur* lor private disorder*. Many are eured b> It in two day*. Thi* medirin* will agree with the moat lelioate atomash Sold by Brigham k Miller. 17 Avieci D, , ind at Drummond'*. 40 Read* *tr**t. oppoeite Stewart *. (> KRT.MN DISEASES. IN TIIF. VERV FIRST STAGES, , J curt d by Dr. Del.aney?* new local remi die*, in one day In old and complicated caeee. aim, the advantage* of hie I r? neb mode of treatment (without mercury ) are now ao < r< rerallv known, it i> not deemed neceaaary to enlarge on I he in. Office &| Liepenard atreet, near Broadway. No rtetii.LCURED.-DR8. COOPER AND MURPHT . 2S KooMvelt (treat, from their anparalleled auecci* It diaeaaea may be relied ? in the treatment of the moitobati hate caaee. without mercury. Dr. Cooper'a ration'* wtl: And him at RooeeveIt atreet. aear Chatham, and nowher? lae. Beware af the quaeka in Dnaneetrnet. eaetof Chatham DR FAWCETT CAN BE CONFIDENTIALLY CON- J ulted at hi* office, 14 Dover atreet, on *11 d*ll'*te 1 direa'ra, which h* euro ?tthout mercury. Recent diaeuaua cored in a lew day* Ilia llalni of /.ura l'?r aervou* debility I roiirht < n I v cell al uae, la the nioal Invigorating im-dli n e I r that diaeuac ever known In thla country. No fee till rur??l. I OR. MOMMIBQM IS CONSULTS l> CON PI DENTIALL1 1 <a certain diacaeei, which he treat# without tutrcur? R* cent taaen cured in k few day* Thirty-one yaara" praetl.f inntlee him to core nereone debility, toe., anting from aw Itttnae Sec hia London diploma In bia prteato nttoe i(M> Pulton atreat. N. B.?No fee till cored. PA h IH AND 1 "N DON TKF.ATMKNT OF PRIVATI diacaera. in a faw honra, by a vegetable application without pata In debility, brought on by improper habita and aiaatltatlaaal liNellaii, he aembiaea medicine* witi the local reait dy, aad can ahow any one there are thoneaadi who cannot be cored without it; aa he haa daily, a yearaduration, from the other phyaiciane. In all. heguaran tiee a i-rrmanent core. He haa atrlctnree daily he our* without rati.tic, which othcra nae, canard by their not tipel ling tha former diacaee won eaoogh. Ilia diploma, wlti there, and the hundred# of certificates, ahow that none oaa j e-|tial It. Von cored me in one day.?D. b Cortye. Onlor:.I aphlicatioa cured me in a few hoore. alter another doe j toe tried a long time ? C. Der nd. I paid oeer V*h'. Ir dei I year# te he cured of weakneee fr< m eelf-atuae. withnnt bene I Hi; ).( yn cored me by local and general treatment, ia I abort time? Jaa Reana. Van cored mo of the wore I c ay | Millie ulcere on my tody and fore In a abort time aft >r ! I had been uno.r threa phyrieiana for a year bertdei usiai I ev.-i i iaek medicine I cnnld hear or?Wm. Pergn.on Pert, j Amhoy. N J Thoae at a diatance can. by en cinema lee bi 1 treated by mail. Office l.oura from It A. M. to S I'T*.. and I ? to II p. M M I.AKMoNT. M D.. a Keade atrret, tWt d. ora from llrosdway. e. t in tha atore. EVIRV NOillEHS IIOOR.?Till FEARS OF rnr. rty, and the nyawpert of aoo large a family of children Ir. wilt man. prudent people from marrying, but here le a l-nck that ? ill till von many important aecreta Which a ill ecru me all .m h bjectii ns rri-e fl For .ale br Dt R.aetaldo, at tha Portngnt?a Agenre, No. Ann street l.ettira directed a* abort, to bog l.api Naw Torh P. II., wiL | to ana waved . NLH Mb.DIt Al. BOOKS.-A COHPLBTR I'KAt Tlcto e orb .-a the aatnrr and treatment nl delieate dl.eaaet ind all the kindred site- tinae? illnetrated by a great num ' her ot hranlilully colored plaice, aa larga aa life; hy llomet Boatwick. M. D.. lectnrer ?a Surgery, ane disrage* ot th. j innea nam* d nalare It la a large ijuarto?;tNi pag-a. i.iml adltina; price bill. Egtract from tha " Bogt-.n to-di-al ant 'urrloal Journal It may he raid, to h? eqa*' lo Rimrd'g ?r dthe'i norka on the ne. family of die?aaet >nd lar .operinr to anything of the bind eeer published li hia eonntry " Author of "The Family Phvaieaa; pticr ; & cent. Author of a work on " Self- Abnee. and it. depie ahle effect# tic fcc " t'ath edition, fourteen plater: trio. I F> r rale at the pnt ll.hera NTH I NOB* to TOH Nf END I llroadway, and by th* author. KB Broadway. TT~? ~ TMIR PAhKIBD WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL CON j I I i anion ?Be le A. tl. Maurieean. Prefe.. .r ,.l I)u?.m t H men?Twentieth edition. lH mn.. Ii|> IW fiiii ^1.k aero or eufferlan. of pheeteal and mental atifumi t? man] in alDetiot ate wife, and pecuniary diflkrnltiea to tha bui I tend. miyht haee boon optirod by a timely poeeoaion of thb ? rh It I* intended e.peainll* for tha married. of thorn 'ontow | Itttn< airriaii, at It dieeloeea Important oecreta I ? htrh onould he known to tbtm particularly. To tboto abooo health doaa not permit ?t an inorcatt a rtirl'.y t it ol eepeeiat importance Here tlx. every female?thi alt*, tho mother?tha o? tillii r Indd at into ? manhood, or tha out in tho docllaaa I roart, li whom natnro eontemplatee an Important chtnffe I ' an dl?" t. r tht . antoo. eymptonn. and tho inoit efficient romrdlot. and moat .renin mode of tnra. In a?cry roinflaia' lo which heree* laeiihleot I Rvtrnet of a l.ottor from a Gentleman In Dayton. Ohio J Davtoo, May I. IW |)a. A tt Hai-hii iai Mv Lit a* hm : -Hy wlia nan noon perceptibly making f? toniot'rca yonrt or mora, in cnnaninrnca of hor treat aa fulrh and AtiffrrlnR ooroe niontht before and dorin* hereon hmniootj otory tnccootior ono more and more dahilltatat and nrortreted hor potting her life in Imminent dancrr, aaf nht. V wao. on the laat novation, deepelred of. I tunpoaad that thii ataft ?f thintawaa inoeitahlo, and reeignea mytelf M moot 'ho worat Atthit time, (now about two m on tha. t J hoard > onr hook highly awoken of. at rontainint oemo raattan rotikint ra> rate tin Ite roooipt and porntal I cannot at front to ton tha reltcl it afforded n; diatroraod inind, aaf lie joy ut patet wnpartpd to my wile ?a leaning that tnt INtoV oaua provided a remedy. I' opened a rroepoctto me which I little conceived waa notal lie lint for thle. are another year would haee inoood orr my ho- in all human probability, my wife would haee lent In her ttete. end m) ehlldren left motherleee. It la. of oonror Impracticable to ooneny more folly th> I rtro.wo riitjicu tren'od of ea they are of a nature trieti} i Inii odod for tho married, er thoae contemplating marriage. i F' r rate at 21 Br-adnne, and at tho PuhllaMng Office, IS ; l iter') otreet, Doe Tork: Little Ik Co.. Albany; Jorepl Tnrkrr Hohlle. Alabama: T. R. I'etnraou. W I'heatnut rtraet Philadelphia l-n tho retolpt at |l. a copy will ha trnnemltted by mall Free of p. etage, to any part of the I'nited hta tee. All lrttan rrw >o addreeeed, prat paid, to Dr. A M Haurleoan, lei > 294Dow Tetl city. OSre 129Ldkarty treat. ??? AIHJIKMESTlt ^ droadwa ytheatre.-e.a. Marshall,soli leeU *ee, G H Barrett, Huuar.-Doori up*a at 7M; tofaia fee* at 7 V- frtu Circle and Parquet, 60 oente; Family aad "bird Circlet. 2ft cent*; Gallery, I2>? cent*: Prlrate Bmii, 1ft and >6 'iucaday evening, Jul* 1, will be performed the -ADY OF LYONS?Claude Melootte, Mr. Waller; Coleoel iamaa. Mr. Davidge; Glavia, Mr. E Shaw; M. Dcachappelle*. Ir. Matthew*; Caanare, Mr Key) old*; Beanaeaat, Mr Hill; 'auline, Miaa Anaertnn; Mine. Dcachappelle*, Mr*, Iskeroud. To conclude with tie farce of A THUMPING LEIACV Philip Geroniuio, Mr. Wbitiag; Jerry Omlaou*. Mr. charf; Roar t! a Mr* Knight. VIBLO'F GARDEN.?BUMMER SEASON -MANAGER, Mr. John Seftom.?Ticket*, Su cent*; Private Box**, $1. mor* open at 7; performance to ooumenee at 8 o'clock.? urt< n'a night*, Tuesday*. Thuraday*. and Satnrday*. lael*' night*, Monday*, Wedneaday*, and Frtdaye. Aa old ieml graced with many u< w face*. Fir*t time theae twenty ear*, George Coleman'* tire act comedy of Who Want* a uineal?Mr. Placide, firat time, a* Andrew: Mr. Burton, rat time, a* Solomon Gundy; Mr. Blake, tint time, a* Tornt; Mr. Letter, Brat time, a* Sir Larry; Mr. Bland, 8r*t me. a* Baeford; Mr. John Dunn a* Oldakirt*. Tuesday, uly 1, will be played WHO WANTS A GUINEA. __ BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY, NEAR BROOM! J atreet.?Dreaa Circle and Parquet. 50 cent*; Family irole, 2ft cent*; Orohe*tra Stall Seal*. (I; Private Boaee, %o. oor* open at 7'*; to begin at H o'clock Benefit of Mr. T. B. )hn*ton. Tneaday evening, Jult I, the performtnee* will mmenre with THE TEACtlEK TACGHT-Mr. Henry ubrey, Mr. Brougham; Mia* Charlotte Vera. Miaa Mary Tayi r. To be followed by MY PRECIOUS BkTBEY-Mr. Bob .11. Mr. Jeftemor, Mm. Bobtail. Mr*. Lodcr. After which, th; III.I.I illU V III k IT H I'an.l. Mr T R .Inhnatoa: Turd rop. Urn. bkerrett. To conclude with the GREAT CXUt IT ION -Mr. 1 ippity. Mr. T. B. Johnston. LTRANKLIN MUSEUM, 17# CHATHAM 8<JUARB.-OM " LKa, Bole Proprietor ?Admission?State is iMnk loxtt, 6U rente. Stage Seats, 37)4 oente; Boxss, 29 oente; PA* net, 12)4 cente ?Elegant Saloon performances every After* oor. end Evening. Entertainments commsnoe in the After* oon et 3o'clock, end in the evening et 8 o'clock. The em* erteinmente ere veried end eeleet end eaeh ee cee he lilt t no other piece of emueement in New Verk, consisting OC ice'e Female Ethioplen Opere Troupe, numbering flftees erformere, being the largest end et the seme time toe men elented bend in the United Stetee; e troupe of Model Ar* iete who ere selected fer their beeutv end figure, end who ereonete e number of hveutlful tableaux, teken from fcKW ieturee of encient end modern timee: e eempeny of Arab lirls, who go through e variety of feete of etrength end dexsrity; Medeme Roeellne, the only Femele iaggler in tSt rorld; e compeny of Mele and Femele Artists, who will gleg n exhibition of Marble Stetuery unequalled in the world, rgetber with e variety of interesting performenoee every fternoon And evening. For nertioeUre eee billa of ene) AV. VROnUE AOVMltVIMUnWfle rKA V ELLERH HAND GUIDE. R CLASSIFIED LIST of eatabliehmcute in Loudon, Liverpool, end Paris, eere* illy selected and recommended LONDON LIST. CCTIONEEK, HOUSE, AND ESTATE AGENT. De Brruerdy, 2D John street, Adeljphl, by appointment to the Nnrdinieu, Bolivien. and Peruvian Legations* the Spanish end Uruguay Coneule. RTISTS' COLOR AND VARNISH MANUFACTURERS. Newman, 24 Solio 8<|uarc, artists' materials of every deecriptiou, ol hr?t quality. Wholesale agent in Ndnr York, Eyre A Vt'ara, Cliff street. Robertou A Co.. Al Long Acre, ertiete' colore And draw* ing tnetcrieU. RUSH AND COMB MAKER* Metcalfe, Bingley A Co , to U. R. Q. Prince Albert, 130 B. Oxford street. Unreell. John, 64 St. Peul'e Church Yerd. RIDI.l BIT. STIRRUP, AND SP'?R MAKERS. Letchfurd, Benj , to Her Majoety end Royal Family, 1] Upper St. Martin's Leue. OARDING HOUSES. Mrs. Mister, 66 Gloucester Road, Hyde Perk, superior accommodations. DI RT DRESS MAKERS AND MILLINERS. Mrs. Hill, to the Quoen and Royal Family, 171 Naw Bend atret t. URONOMETEK. WATCH AND CLOCK MAKERS. Deloluiu Henry, 4.S Rathbonc Piece, Oxford afreet. Arnold & Co., Ches. FroJsham, S4 Strand, corner ef Cecil street. Vieyros A Repingon, 1211 Regent street. Job, (late Job ? Baab ) to U. R. if. Grand Duke ?f llesse Darmstadt, 15 T itchbome St, Regent etroet* ITTI.kKY AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Moaelev. John & Sob. 17 ?nd 18 New atreet, CoTtnt Qai? den; needlea, Ac. II11.1 >. BED. AND LADIES' LINEN. CUck A Co., l?Ludgate atreet. wedding order* and ladies general outfit*. AKFET MA.NIPACTLRF.HS. Lnpworth, A ..Ik. Co , 22 Old Ilonil atreet; to Her and Ken al Family. WaUvn. Ball A Co., to Her Majeaty, 36 and 36 Old Bond atreet. LOTll MERCHANTS AND FANCY WOOLLRN VAAIHOUSEMEN. Hull & ? ileon, 62 St. Martin'" lane. RESMNQ AND TRAVELLING CASES. Kennedy. 411 New Bond atreet, cutlery, atatienery, ka NOHAVERS AND PKINTERS. Ualfhidv. g., to Her Majeaty and i'rine* Albert, 7 Ctltlr try atreet. Warrington. W A Son., to Her Majeaty, 27 Strand. Biden, John A Frederick. 37 Cheapaide OLDSM11 IIS, JEWELLERS, AND SILVERSMITHS. Hunt A Roakell, the aueeaaaora to Storr A Mortinar, 198 New Bond atreet, tu Her Majeaty and all the crowned head" of Europe and the taat. UN, PISTOL. AND RIFLE MAKERS. blieacit, John, Manufacturer. 321. 322 High Ilolbom. Deane, Adam* A Deane. 3D King William atreet, Crty, t? U. R U. Prince Albert l.aneaatcr, Charlea. Manufactnrer. 161 New BoilItftai OLD I.AC I MEN, EM liKOl DEKER. AND ARMY AOCOL'TR KMENT MAKER Holbeek l.ouia, to Uer Majeaty and tba Royal Family, New Bond atreet. 10S1EKS. (.LOVERS AND SUtRT MAKERS. Coy Evana A Co., geiitleiuen'i outfitter*, 17B Piccadilly. and 24 and 26 t'ornhill. HummeII. Brockaopp A Co., outfitter*. 6 Old Bondltrwd Pieeadiily. Codrell. George, ladiea' and geutlemea'a warohon**,!) Regent atreet. Pop. A Plante. 4 Waterloo Place, Pall Malh, mannfR turrra ofkoaiery and aurgicml elaatic atockiaga. Chinton A Son. VI and V2 Oaford atreet, ladiM' *4 fitter*. Threaher A Glenuy, to th? Queen, 162Strand. 90L8E AGENT. De llernardy. 16' John atreet, Adelphi, agent (or Pari* ante the Continent, 90TE1.S. London Coffee Itouae and Family Hotel, LndgaU Uill, Loeegrove Clo'ater Motel, for familiea aud gentlemen. Pit'adill/ and U< rkeley at'eat, Berkeley Square T. A P. Dale. 1'iuta Ta> ern Hotel aud Cuflce.tlouae, Corent'Uardenj F. Ilarriio n. St Jamea llotol, Jeriryn atreet; Nr. Stewart. Pentoti'a Hotel HI St J aloe" atreet. The e-ro ntal. FaiaMiah, d I7S9. Vere atreet, Oaford atreoR Nolle alii' king aaloon RISH POPLIN MAM PACTCRERS Mlaa Elliott. 64 St. Jawca atreet; eielsaly* ante of Tailnot or Iriah Poplin. PORT M.\M EAI S. THINKS, AND PAI RING CASES. Soiitl gate. J . 7t> W "king "tceet. City, Mannfacturni of 1 he Regtaterrd Portmanteau PIN. NEEDI.E. a Ml Fl?ll HullK M ANUFACTVRBRfl. Kirhy II. ard A Co., Cannon atreet. Loadoa, and Raw Richelieu 78. Pari*. biding habits. Lndcrwood A Co., Ladiea' Riding Habit Maker*, 1 VIft atreet. Oaford atreet. STATION EEkS AND ACCOUNT BOOR MANUFACTURERS. W atcrlew A S. na, 66 to 6" London Wall, 49 Parliameak atreet and 24 Btrrlun . wh-leaale and eaport. SILK MERCERS, LINEN DRAPERS. HOSIERS AND Ul.llt Hi,' t |l . Alliaco. J. II"".., 341' nod 342 Regent atreet. Ix l ent au,, Sun ?i Freeliodjr. 44 Wirmore treat. ClfM> dIi-li ^qgtn, Perch A Il-rrall. dAnad *4 Edge were Road. iCOTl II MuOl.l.l.N ? AKfclllll HKNIN. I.l< ? 11} it A t>|.it'll. 2 'Md Hood atreet. plnlda,*. "AVIKNN. 1 hi' AII inn, (Simpann'a.) M Oreat Runnel I atreet fa rent Cardea?dtaiur and aunper rouma, amoktng aalnoa.Re. Cremolae CarUna, ('bil>il-4lf|Ul place of eiiinmcf amaaement, Sunday table d'hote. private diuoere, raitanraat. rA JI?' HS AND ARMY CLOTHIERS. Vt eal.y A Cnni l| f'rin . ? atrrat. Ilanorar *qnare. Emr'icjr, Charier lientley. 33 Great Marlborough atree^ Keg. Be atrei-t. / Cot line A.. M New Bond street, court draaaei ui ladira' riding halite. Fletcher. II and O , 12" New Mind atreet. I tirlcwia It Co., S* Conduit atreet. Regent atreet. Allen fc i n , 134 New Road atreet Curort At Co., .VI St Jann atreet. CPHOl.NTERP.KA AMI CABINET MAKER*. AI tin" n S. <o , 7' to 7J Weatnilnater Bridge Roe I. Cafp't and Oeriral TurnirMug Worehooeemen. Jacka< a Ik l.raham and 37. dX Oxford atreet. aad carpat naoiifactarera. Blill' MAtr.KN Snail" la Adcaey, maanlacturera to the tjueea. IMTIt radiliT. wool I IN AND MANCIIF4TKR W A K E IIOl'AF.MK V. Brniu'l tea Hint At Bmaclitno, X-2 Oxford atraet. I! II V .... .1 Mm 11.1... lie III M.rl.n a Inn. I'h.e.nn I'fi M. R'te A Tr.aenre IT Meryl. l? n- etreet. K.??nt .treei, fimri tr> wr?rii? anil br-.aii.I'.the. HA*. A l't. R N A < >11 AN > tallow (HANDLERS. Je.ken, R.. l?/> I'icca dilly. ? J?P. andle tad otl tw?> k?BM. AMtTMMKKTS Royal (ia-drna, Vannhatl, ..pen eeery 'renin*- Eqne*. trtan, Dramatic, Dentin* and Pyrotechnic Anine*. Mill R( Ti! St-er jr 7col..ftcal (iaremr. patr?n.aed 1 y the Rcyel FeunP Aninwsmli if the m at anique and re?her<l.2 character ?>pen daily, Saturday eacepted, frm. I till dual?admittance <>a* hlllm*. Ba'tj'aGrand Valto. al IIipt.odr. m?. Kenainctaa, apt* dnil> ? I hj aralUlcd ft?l? of e qaettrinn art. Ch?v h lijrl'H. t W"? Muaic. Dancinc. Firework#, las. table d'hftc ai d rr-tauraot IIVKI'.I-OOL LIST JOt T'SMITfl JEW All FN. AND SILVERSMITH. Plemcrr, Th?mae, to the l^neea and I'rieee Albert, Bold treet corner "f Han. v?r afreet 'f IK MFRimH, LINEN I) It A PKRS, hosiers and til (>t I.H - I, I C J Uro. Wnnt ah A l'.'mr.t.n II.. nee, Church atrueA, I .?h aire* t, and Burnett eWe.t, carpet wareboaaa. TAILORS, Borden A l.ew, 17 Chureh etreet, ahirtuiekere. hoeiera, lialtcra. Be. 1'All IS LIST aornts. Webb 1 . .At Rna da Riroll. npertaiente. ah(ri>ln? ul v Si torn iftl Root Ma* rk Ra.-q.iarl Ht-irce, 7 Rua dra rillea St Thetaaa, riaee la le Bcnrae. rum 1 si*. Hot* J p., Caqliah ehrmiat to the Amertenn aad llritiaA I111I ae-ire, 2 hue Caatiglleae, Ihrea d??ra frnai Re? not dsmV-ih, jeweller, and silversmith. 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