Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1851 Page 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 682G. AMUSE3IBNT8. Bowery theatre -boxes, a cents 1 hit, 12* sent* Seats in Orchestra B 60 oents.?Door* open at 7V, to wumwei at 7J? o'uiook. Wednesday evening, July 2, Kill be performed the grand nautical drama styled the OCEAN Or LIFE?Hat Merritnn, Mr. B. Eddy Sir Timo'liliy Tadpole Mr. Johneon; Captiln Bltin i?l. Mr. Pooe: Hal Jloreefield. Mr. Tilton; linn, Isabel a Morville, Miss C. iVeiiijsn Mir* Jemima Jt-nkinson, Mir* Harbor; Miis Fannr V'ubhiv lire.'Brood ley. To ooncludo with M A->8AN I EI.I.O? Aiaesauiello. Mr K. Eddy; Quisepoe, Mr. LeflVngwell; Aliuusn, Mr. Pope; Fonella, Mis* S. Deniu; Elvira, Mi<a Uer Ting: lJriella Mrs. liroadley National theatre, Chatham street?noxes, 26 oon'.r. Pit. 12K ooot*; Urcuestm Tiokota, #0 oonts; .'Private Boa Tickets, *1. Boors o|?n ?t7S-?; ourtaio ri-.'* at 7 V o'oloek. Wednesday evening, July 2 the entertainments vill commence a'th Ike play of IlKl' t'US ? Luoiui Junius Brutus, Mr. J K Scott; Titus. Mr Watkins: Sextua Tar 3uin, Mr. Brandon. Aruns, Mr Brew; Tnllia, Mrs. Meliuda ones; Tarquina, Miss Crocker; Lueretia, Miss M. Charles. To conclude with the grand national drama of II.akry IBURNI1AM?flen. Washington, Mr. C. W Tavlir: fl irrv ilurnhnm, Mr Watkios; Ki Lane, Mr. Brandon; (Jen. Sir 11. Clinton, Mr. Stafford; Mary Mann re, Mine Crocker. ITALIAN OPERA, AT CASTLE WARDEN.?MAX HA rctxck, Manager and Conductor. Admission, Si) oonta. B iiiKKfDAT Eve.iiMU. Juov 2 Will be performed, first time tliau season, the grand Opera of ANNA liOLENA .Anna Helena Signora A. B'leio. Smenthon, her page.. . . Signora C.^Vietti. Lr.dji Jane Seymour Misa V. Whiting King llenry \ 111... Signer Marini. Lord Percy Signor Lorini. IRocheford, the Onsen's brotlier Signor Hionli. J or f Ilervey, the King'e officer Signor MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 4T2 BROADWAY, ABOVE Oraud street ?Open every night during the week until further notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, coin Bribing an efficient and vereatile "oorps" of "talented" and "experienced performers," under the management of E. 1'. Christy, whon ooncerts in this city, for a eucoeaaion of "five years," have been received with favor by highly respectable and faehionable audiences. 'Tickets 2A cents. Doors open at 7. and will commence at S o'clock. On Friday, July 4th, an afternoon concert, commencing at 3 o'clock. The patrons of C risty's Minstrels are jrtsoectfully informed that the Saturday Afternoon Concerts spill be discontinued for the future. FELLOWS' MUSICAL HALL, 444 BROADWAY, N EXT door to tlic Olympic, above Canal street?Open every night.?This new and beautifully finished Hail is thoroughly t entilated lor tho Summer season, and'ie, without exception, the coolest and most comfortable place of ainiiscuieut in the City. The original Fellows' Minstrels, comprising a company of twelve talented and efficient performers, whose concerts xn tkis oity for the last year have received the unanimma approval of the most discerning audiences, uuder the direction of J. U. Pallowa, Programme for Wednesday, July J2d, afternoon and evening:?Part I.?Brand Introductory Overture, Sheppard's tjulck Step, full Ban l. Operatic Chorus, Congolese Fox Hunt, a la Raiaer, Company; Dolcy Junes, l>. Swaine Buckley; Old Piue Tree, f. H. Collins; 'Tap. Taj), Tapping at the VViudow, Rnmsey; Mis-issippi C?Aorcd Waters, witn frog accompaniment, Company; Oh Lemuel, R. B. Buckley; Sleigh Ride. O. Swaine Buckley: Duet Jfones and Violin, from the opera of Zatnpa a piece of music xierer attempted by any other bone player, O. Swaine and F. Jluckley, Ballad, Sally in our Alluy, J. II. Collins; Oranl musical sceua, the Fireman's Chauut, descriptive of a fire in dlroadwsy, the working of engiues. Me., c imposed by J, '.Burke Buckley, and respectfully dedicated to the New York .Fire Department, Company. Part 11.? Burlesoue Polka, Williams and Unntley; Ballad The l.ait Rose of Summer. J. 31 Collins; Cracovieune. a la Fanny Ellaler, fl. S Williams; Ethiopian Fling, a la Cerito, Huntley; Bur'ea.ine on the lUavana Opera Troupe; Violin Solo, Master F. Buckler; Barlsa<iuu Shakers, with new features, entirely original with thin company, Melophone Suio, F. Buckley; Burlet'iue liornSipe, Williams, in the new style of costume lately introneed, and now adopted by some of the most fashionable ladies of our city; Characteristic Medley Dance, J Huntley. 3>art III., representing the characteristics peculiar to th? .Plantation Darkiea of the South?Banjo Solo, with effuiiont from laird llvr ui. G. Swaine Bucklev. Comb Soto. G. Swaine .Buckley; Banjo Solo, 11. 8. Rnmsey; Banjo Trio. G. Swainc Buckley, Kunuey, and K. Buckley; Tamborine Solo, G. II. ?Rich. Hongkong Bone Dance, G. Swain* Bnckley, Ruimey, and Buckley; Measure Dance, Williams: Song and Dance, il.ucy Long, Huntley and Company; Final*, grand terpvioho. renn display, introducing the Holiday Festival Danoe, G. twainc Buckley, William* Kiimety and Company. Admi* Oinn. 25 rente, children under 12 year* of age, half price. Door* open at 7; concert at 8. An Afternoon Concert on Friday, July Ith, and Saturday, for the accommodation of ladie* and juvenile*, commencing at 3 o'clock. RAVMOND SL HF.RR DRIESBACMTI MENAOERIEThi* celebrated Menagerie?the largest and beat conducted in the known world?embracing aimont every animal known to natural history, and whinli hat received the patronage and applause of hundred* of thousand* of the moit (respectable and in lelligent people of the United State*, ha* <u*t commenced a most brilliant ivnimtr campaign. and will wisit th* principal citie* an 1 towns of New England in the (following order, vig:?Tuesday, Jcne 24th, Natick; Wednesday, 25th. W alt ham; Thursday 2oth. Concord; Friday, 27lh, ;snd Saturday, lfi<th, Lowell; Monday. .'kith, Lawrence: Tuee lay, July 1, South Reading; Wednesday, 2d, Charlestown; 'Thursday, 3d. Friday, 4th, Saturday, 5th, Monday, 7th, Tuaa<iay, 8th, m! Wsdnoaday, fth, Boaton, Franklin museum, ir? cha i-ham syl are.-gbg LEA, Sols Proprietor ?Admiveiuu?Seat* in Hrivnt jBoies.SU cents; Stare Seats, 37X eents; Boies, 25 osnte; Par 141st, (3H ecnte ?Elegant Saloon performance* tvory After moon end Evening Entertainment* commeno* in the aft?r noon at So'eloek, and in the evening at 8 o'cleok. The en Mertainmente art varied and felest and *ucb a* ean be sees ikl no other place of amusement In New Perk, consisting o< 1 Xea'? Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering tifteea ptriormsrs, being the largest and at the same time the moei s (talented band in the United States, a troupe of Model Ar, Mists who are (elected for their beauty and figur*, and wht ' {personate a number of beautiful tablaaui, taken trout the {pictures of ancient and modern timae: a oompany of Arab Girl*, who go through a variety of feat* of strength and deiUerity; Madame Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in the World; n company of Mala and Famala Artists, who will gto* inn eihlbltion of Marble Statuary unequalled In the world, together with a variety of interesting performances ever (afternoon and evening. Tor partienlar* tee bill* of one] Mat. The late signor rartis celebrated colleetioe of anatomical aad pathological life sise Figures, St the Society Library, llriadway Previous to the sale of Ihese elaborate worksol art, they will to-on (inhibition for a short time in this city. Ladies admitted Tuesday* and Fridays. when Mine Sarti demonstrate# the Moiri.h Venus. Intermediate days for gentlemen. Open from 10 A. M. till 9>* IV M Drnionetratioii* on the Moorish Venus every day, St U, 3\, 7. and 8)(. Tickets Xi cent*. A(ard-a fi ll theatrical wardrobe is wan ed, by the iOth of August neit. Any one capable o! making one by the above mentioned tim . or having a good (ready made) one f< r sale, will meet with a purchaser, by aldrissing J. ilEMl'l.E, E?u . No. 9 Minor street, I'uiladelphia, A. ~~ AWt'HKMKXTM IN PHIL.AO ?C L.PH1A. mivi n *1 vri'a i niivrt or sFt'RVTii awn MJ Chcanut atrecte, Phllndelphin.?P. T Harnura, Proprio%er; H. Stanford. Menager?Two performance* daily, after, no >11 and evening Admierlou, *> centr; children, half rrice. Jf .nday evening, Jnna IS. Mr H >oti, tin- emineut trace iian, fmakirhi* nrat appearnnce in '"Uanili t " linn og tha w era tha RlartiiiulU. I. rtm rly of tha Ravel Family, will give their inAereetii# rvolufl' na and autounding fenta on the Tight Rope. *r. Taylor, tl.a popular oomedlan, will alao appear, during tha weak In the "l.adyrf l.yone" and other tnvoritc playa. H'leaalag faraea hoth aliarnoon and evening. The oolleotfnu f wonilera crowded Into the capaelona a.tloona aoinpriaa Home half d'?.en original colleOtlotia including the ra-nont Out by P*al?. There are all worthy of n ?Ult, and can ba feci, together with the performance* in the . vturn Room, for tha low price of 25 aenta ioriiiik Neptpne hois k. new hociieli.e. new yokkC. Peck, Jr., Proprietor ? Thie delightful rummer realJence ianow open fer the aeaaon. For further partioolara, " Enquire of Tliompaon. I' uk A Ninon. MB Broadway, corner I Dunne atrcet. Mansion iiopse. key port, n. j.-kli jiotts. Ft* D. Proprietor?1hi? aplei did and apaatawa fatal la lie open for the recaption ot hoarder*; no pamr uoreapene Will lie pared to render comfort t" all elu may faeor me With hie patronage. U <r*ea and carriagea to let at all h >ara. Morris iioi sr. hy jacoh wnworr morkih, . Monmout i county. New Jcracy. f>AVll.luN both#. nf.iv rlhiieii.r. t'sdfk the n aiiagemrnt of tt' Dillon, ie a * oj en for tha neai u. A few aulta of fix in*. auitat.le f r fanii!i*e, ill -.en/age 1; alao. ingle room-. Irrnie tai V' I r w k. t'o nmoau atiuni left at S3 Uraad atrcet hrw D rk, will be att. ndad tn. HAMII.HiN IIOISE. t'lRT IIAMII.TtfM, L. I IS NOW open lor tha aona?n Per n dartre na ?>f vtuuut thi? delightful iuiudo r reatdeuc are taforwd taat tha aieamheat Trojan lean a pit r No. .1 it i . In A W . an J I and a P. M. Steamboat John llart. from i o r f t of t he nbere *tr< at, at f P. M. A hcnutiful octinge adlniain * th ho.i? b> let. iia tt i.f.v d. CI. a i't. <*SOXZENr ? F.ST TO!NT IIOTEl -PF.R- >NS PF. -J of tirltlng S'eat Point are inh r ned tnnt rteum oata and rail traina leave every day, (Sunday* agcopled ) we follow a -Steamer* New World, (Chamber* afreet) r Relndtr, ( Hurray atrcet,) at 7 o'clock. A M Santa I'leoa. illnr lay atre. t | a o'clock I" M t ola nhla or llod- 1. Ilaf riaoa etre. t. j ft o'l-loi k P. M, llod n Ri*er Hattr id mine, 7 A. M , * A. M . W, P. N.. l.V P. E . ? P F Vleit Ore for Coiaene Hotel thoutd atop at Carrrtrnn'e station. WM. II I. 3. DUrnr.S'f I'RIVATK UllTRL AND HOARDING Ft hu llarlcy ?tr i t, Cai*-ndUh <|iarr -Tt? A. Dal ken (I inl and ofthr Uk1 Nidiui I'nlokou. rwaniat to i8*r Majrati ) haa th? h'-noT to ann nnre thol ho haa lltted op hi a nf ari.>?> pr-naUea tit the lUti addrraa with a union of tlnfnarc am) run fort, <" adapt It t < all tha purpoara of a . T* rl-.f family hnttl, in th? Tory mill of the fuliinuMi iinart?r of tha m> trefoil- Thr thar*oaara modi rate. Th A Dnlcknu I aa torn k illy prinitt-d to nfir t tkn fol.'.vniBC *?t.'|. m a, *1? f'ol. T II. Lar toner of Hort.m OoL 'Van Alar, and O. W. Grrird, Jun., Fa ;., of No* York. ajf.A BATHING AT ro< kawak l. 1.-THR PAvi w lion Hotrl ia bow opi .1 for tho raoaptlon of riaitor*. Cara heart tha South Parry. Hrookiyn. at 9 o'clock, A. M.. and < p'tleak, I'. M , for Jamaica, ?I.ere ataa ? will he In raadim aa ra oonrcy tliiirlf to tf.o honor A note loft at tha Howard petal, corner llto?1wa> aud Maiden taoe, or J. Uftdm Smith, fcl Front atrrrt, will n.ort with prompt attcatlnn JnnaM. IKM. J H. HKINTNAI.L. Ufi BATIfiNO?I.fINO ItBANIII. N J ?THE 8CBf-5 arrtbrr wilt open Ma houaa for tho rmiptioi of *l,.|t,rr Uiia day. Jan flat. 1*51. lit*Hf ll'ttt l AND TIUVKI.hKHh' l.f ll?K. Wf* YORK AND PHII.A DM, PIII A-NRW YORK fcw *?d Philadelphia dir. t I'm-d .*> >< > N I i.-.-i Jrhronah in I), hour*. tin New lor'oy Railroad. rar? retimed to 95 for tlratolaaa -.nd f'J I'l for aaooad clara. I#rar? y>'a York at II A. M from loo*, of (loartland treat; and at IIA M. and 5 I*. M from font ff.lieitr atr-it. Ien\ Phi I ade'rh-a at B and * A. *, and 5 I* M , frao. th frok of tTalUltlHNh rf t a Nil fn am? AMHOV kaii ?<>a'> i.ins from new ^ t'.fk to Philadelphia? I ,m Pt. I N. rth Kir h? flteaniboot J'iNN Pf'Tlk.K, M'relay at d o'olor'i. .Ar'r?nonn l.lir at',4 o' I at '.y I iihoi lino, s Forward di ok, >2 ftnirrant Idie al r. o'thok P. M f>m. tl "at t_ fir taa arM,?. /' I'ANt.K OT IfiH'R TffF STR.tMPR .t.tCR "A'T Worhi f r flrld *1 rt will, < n * nd itf*- r Tn ? laa In! a 1 tear- i ii l.i to til ih rty I- t N. R. at I 'I -adaj.wi I otdtr.Thur-dayand Vrldar nntl'iyi. ,otti fdatnrdi) I'Awtrrtn will ar?i*a in t> it'V'.tt ? an;', t'arp I# r fhr a. fal atralnatnli H inatoair \i awt'i-kard New Harm R iJr-ad Fare :Ytft'i. | r |.!:| kaku ot r. dortd Jht.j, Ail'jlAh j.'d, Oi ?t Ut ,1. 'j V ? fed**, wm E; N E AMUSKMKNTS. BKOAPWAY TUKATKE E. A. MARSHALL, SOLII.ES ? >*, O. H. Barrett, Manager.?Door* open at Tit; ourtala rirt-i ut IV. Pre** circle and l'arquet, 50 nenU; Familvaod Third Circle*. 1V> cents; Gallery, lv\g cent*; 1'rirate Box#* tS and $t> Wednesday evening, July 2. will be performed Sheiidan Knowle*'admired play of VIRlllNif (JS?Vir^inlun, Mr. Waller; Iriliut, Mr Conway: DentitiU, Mr. Froleriok*; A|.piu* Claudiue, Mr. Clarke; Virgin! I, Ml** Anderton: Si-rvla, Bin* Abbott. To conclude with the famrit* fare* of MV t'RECIOCS BETSEY?Mr. Bobtail. Mr. Davldae; Mr. Wagtail, Mr. Shaw; Mr. I.angfnrd, Mr. lliiid; Mr*. Bobtail, Mrr. Knight; Mr*. Wagtail, Mr*. Abbott. NIBI.O'S GARDEN.-Ol'EN KVEKY NIOIIT.-MAtfX ger Mr John Sefton.?Tioket*, 50 oeut?; i'rtvat* Bote*, f 4 Door* open at 7; perfnrmaore to oommouoe at 8 o'olook. Rarel*' night*, Monday* Wednesday*, and Friday*; Burton'* ami celebrated Ravel Family in four entertainment*. Qa briel in a new character: Francois In an old one. M ile Burtin. Mine. Mar/utti, Mile Cape), Mona. Collet and Hone. B? in popular dnncne. Wednesday, July t, I,A FETE CHAMPKTltk?Lourdau, Gabriel Ravel. To be followed by R0REHT La DIAKLE?Robert. Mr Paul Brillant. Toconelude with NICODEMUS?Ntcodemus, Francoia Harel. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROAD WAY, N EAR URUUM E atreat.?Dreaa Circle and Parquet, IMiota.; Family Cirele, 25 centa; Orcheatra Stall Seats, $1: Private Boxes. to. Doora open at7>^; to begin at 8 o'clock. Benefit ol Mr. Chippendale. Wednesday evening, July 2, tho performance will cumuttnce i with the comedy or USED UP?Sir Charlca Coldstream Sir I #'?. Don: Wuriel, Mr. Taylor; Lady Clutterbuok. Mri. Dunn; Maty Wurtel. Mra. G. Loder. Af'er which the new piece called A CARD CABS?Major Pepperly, Mr. Chippendale: Barney Fllnn, Mr. Brougham; Ribbona, Mra. Brougham. I To conclude with the SC HOOL FOR TlClKkS-l'anela, Mr. T. b. Johuaton; Tom Crop, Mri. Skerrett. BARNUM'8 AMERICAN"!HUSEUM.-P. T. BtRNUM, Manager and Proprietor.?Wednesday and Thursday, July 2d and Sd. Afternon. at S o'clock, TWO EVES BETWEEN TWO?Yeauf, Mr l'arry?and the farce of CHEAP EXCURSION. In the evening, atSo'olook, the national drama. OUR FLAG. New feata on the Tight Rope by Loon Javrlli and Berr Cline. To conclude with the farce of DEAD SHOT. The Happy Family, composed of upwarda of one hundred trained Animate and Birds, of the moat divert* and antagonistic nharaotera and natnrea, and yet living together in the same encloaure on terma of auiity and laeting friendahip. Thia singular aaetmblago can be seen at ail hours. Ad mission to the entire Museum and performances, 25 oenta; children under 10 years, 12 ( centa. AKNUM'B AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNCM Manager and Proprietrr; John Greonwood, Jr. Aaaiat ant Manager ?Liberty's Jubilee.?A glorious welcome to the 7Mh Aunlversary of Independence?Grand preparations for the holiday week. The Manager hat the pleasure of announcing a aeries of purformanoei for Friday, July 4th, It'll, which will eolipte all former galas, and renderthe day which marks the expiration of three quarters of a century passed in union, freedom and prosperity the most brilliant and attractive in the anuals of the Museum. The performance! on the Fourth will commence at 1(1 o'clock in the morning and continue almost hourly throughout the da*. The drainatio entertainments will oonsistof national and patriotic pieces, with a variety of new and splendid speetaolea, oomedies and farces, inter- pcrs'd with comlo singing and burlesque dunning. The comtdned talent of the entire dramatic corps will appear In tlirir scenic representations. The famous Leon Javelli, unquoationahly the first Tight Rope dancer in tha world, and late a star in the Ravel Family, will appear, with ! that graceful p*rformor on the Tight Rope, the celebrated 111 rr (.'line, aril the estraordinary equilibrist and gymua-itic Jean l.arieu, in tho afternoon and evening. The vast Chi : neee Museum, and tha million of curiosities in the as oon, to I which great add ti-nc have been made, will be open at all hours of the day and evening. The Happy Family, composed J of upwards of one hundred trained Animals and Birds, of the most opposite natures and inatincta?the fleroe and the timid ?the strong and the feeble?denizens of tire wilderness aud > J| mil-tie pete ? will be exhihitcd together in one apartinout. forming a paradox in nature inconceivable by those who j have not witnessed it. In addition to thia. it may be men- I tic red that the balconies and windows of Barnum'a Museum cfiord the very best position in New York from which to . witness the gtund Military Procession, the beautiful display o fireworks to take piai 4 in the Park, and the other festivities of the Fourth. The American Museum is beyond compali-on the ccolo*t and beet ventilated place of amusement in j New To*k. For particulars of the entertainineats, pro- j gramme of prrf.rmance, see small bills of the day. Admts j ei<-n to the entire Museum. Chinese Collection, Saloons of . I Children under'/if years, ill>i cent*. Par] net, or reserve j scats, Icent* egtra. I B' ROADWAY THEATRE. ? LADIES AND GENTLE- ! wen wishing to form engagements for the coining then- ! | trical Htfot, at this theatre, will pleaae to apply by letter, | postpaid, t" Mr. Thomas Harry; or at the Walnut street , Theatre, Philadelphia, to Mr. Peter Kiching*. E. A. MARSHALL, Lessee. { FKEE CONCERT:*.?OTTO COTTAGE, It ) BO It EN ? | Grand lnetrumental Concert, Id performers, Noll's Shakepsare Society Danil, every Monday, Wednesday, and Kr'dmy. commencing at 3'J o'clock. If the weather Is stormy the t cncert will take place the neat day. " hamiain ! Vr IRG1N1A SIX PER CENT LOAN?FOR JI.UOO.OUO, irri deemahlc hefore INNi, in conpon houds of ?601), (l.ttuO, and $t,UU)each ; interest payable semi-annually. Orricsc ok Antticlt Alen Totlins Aorvcv, ) Washington, July 1, 1AM $ The undersigned are prepared to eaeonteordees for investment in the coupon bonds of tne above newr loan, winch is Justly entitled to rank among the safest Public Securities uX the L mted Stat. s. PALMER & SNETHEN, 5 Carrull l'laoo. Capitol Hill. WILMINGTON AM) MANCHESTER RAILROAD? seven per cent Mortgage Bonds ?Scaled proposals w ill be reoeived by tha subscribers until Thursday, tl.e Mtfcday of July next, for three hundred thousand dollars > f the first and only Mortgage Bonds of the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad Company, bearing interest at tha rat' ol seven per cent per annum, principal and interest redeemable in the city of No a York ; tha prinoipal oo the 1st ' June, l*it>. Tit Hand J are in sums of $l,Hltl each, with coupons payable at the Merchant* Hank, New York, on the 1st December . | and 1st Jun in each year, convertible into the capital stock | of the company, at the option of the holders. Ihey are i < d under acts of the Legislatures of North and South Car' liua. sc. ured by a Mortgage, or Deed of Trust, to Edward Sanuiord, Lay, of Naw 1 ork, in trust forth* boldor* of the Bond*. The Deed of I'ru.t covers the entire line of tha road oomph ted and t-> l.c completed from Wilmington, in N. C., to Manchester, in St. 0., n distance of liij miles, costing, when : I ; t. .1 w I . n Is - v ? T rail and equipped, (l.tiOO.iba). The ' ' extraordinary adapt?lie.-* ?f the country to tha construction c! a railway account. for this low coat. 'Iha Tin .too is empowered, in case of 60 days' default in | 1 paimnt cI prin ipal or interest, t? take possession of the , ' entire line of ro d, vnthiis e-impm.-uts. stations, income, franchise, (be,, the same to sell, at his discretion, to the iiii^' est fiifderf. r cssly to pay arrears of principal orjntercsl. of the stockholders. at a mooting railed for that purpose in April last, and mi < rdur i the Ilsiiruad Board, ia $ ssi.tmt, t- raive meant to pny the residua of the iron railt and a-imp pent*, only $.M),i??) of w hich are now offered for aale. 1 he Company will owe no other daht whan the road ia eom- ' plated. lliia road will pro to an important link in the (treat chain ol railroads from Beotnn, New Vork, and Philadelphia. to New Orleans, connecting at Wilmington with the Haleigh and M ilmiugton Kailway, now in eoeceiaful operation, at j Banchrater. with the peat South Carolina Kailruad loading ' (torn Charleston, ia the diva tioa ol V ntgnmery, Alabama, new in the receipt of near a million of dollars annually from ita business ; will avoid the present disagreeable aea votage from W inning! ,u to Charleston, shorten the travel to Sew I Oru ans one any' tin e, facilitate the mails, and will bring lie houth in more immediate and direct communication with j the North. The poaitl?l of thla road. Its connections North and South, I Its easy grades, J noi tor thirty (Ml to tlM m I".) lr Ion from i urres, and cheap construction, is each as to put it beyond the competition of any other line of road, for the im menee inland travel between the North and New Orleans. The gn ati r | art of this read traverses the most populous and fertile portions of ttoutn Carolina, producing outtoo, o. rn. Sis.. in great abundance. Ita I real business alone will ujrort it handsoim ly. 1 he renans of IVg) shows that the itiatrtet of coantry which | Will be tributary to this ri ud. and dependant en it for transport stun to market, prod mi t m ISW aevoi ty thousand balea j ol retina, of an ave-ago weight eaoh of diifl lbs. Tie Company has one million of asailable atook nob- | torll < d. most of wliiuh has hoen paid in and applied to eon- j atril'tioa. to ohirh an ho added, at any time, at the option ftlu Company. (JIM*"1 soSeoriled by the State of North Carolina on e?rtain eogititioaa. It Is estimated that the net annnal profits will reach 12 peroral pov annum. A loot one half of the entire linn l.aa been gradod and bridaad. II - rr -s ties being in the burn of delivory, and will bo 1 ready f t the Iron ral'e immediately. Thai itire line is nndor eontraot for grading and Irilg'.ij 1 and in a foreard state toward completion his thouaiiiid two hundred tons iron rails T pattern, ha t I boon purchased sad nn m the course ?f dellvtry. A'ont (rthi.tsat I a- already hoen eapeudid in conatmctioa. Irrluding pay ment for tf? ra ti purer,a ud. It it c?ported that about !fi miles fr< in Manohest r *?st f Mm o< ropl?t. d and n ..p-rili'n nth? hi!'if tbia ft*t. 1 tnJ too entira hno t1 \S tmin.-ifn i-urly no at yo?r. Tha mnn*,{on>oiit i.f (liit R"?d ft it highly fimctablo and f?'i I '?l N? m rl> In the South undort.tkca of pra|. ? I ?ll tttt ?tl public favor than In*. I I fx tnr'b. rint ni' i part oltr inf"rmati<in wt rofer to ? priniod " it" tfvii k full d t*il. of tha r"?d tad itt alfatr?, which rnfii|ii?t k mk[< of the lino with lit many cona t., n?. rnpioo of tin II. ii I toil Wortjtft. opini. n of 0. naill, k> prrnamd by Dm M . H . Uarlliw, Proaidoat of the Cor par t, which may I < b'alti I oa application at tha nflioc of ti... Company. at W riaiina'"*!. If, c., off of tho aaaip ti.m'4, hp ai-.ll <r othorwlro, with any other Information i d??lr*it. W o 4i. m ?hc to. rpltp a daa'raMo rat. Tho Stataa of North and Noalh I arollaa, at I U.o vaaioaa oorp rationi chaatorod : Within theft limit.. a blah have haon korrowart.f moaty. hai a nt Ift riiily and, nn l?r tbo moat ndvorao ctrriiiattaaooa. I promptly mot tl. ir po-nniary i i.*a??monti. I'utlio aciiMin. at in tlio?o Rtatoo h-a nlway taaca high yr. nod in r? yard in punctual fnlalu ut of public tad private pocouiary | obligation* The V" **' ? ill bo dl.praa J of at'o-'lutaly nad without ro! tcr?c In tbo bight*! Mi.lor. Seated prop?,oal?, for any am-aal ant loao than f LOW. will 1 bo feMvod at tbo . fllr- of the uadoraiyntJ until 3 a clock oa tbo litli of Jul) or.iaiiuo. I ropomlt to bo oddn-tod to WfNM ON', t.ANIRM Ik CO i ?: all .tre t, V w V rk. . ti l rood " I'r .petal* t?r N aad Mouoi ootor Mailt! ad Honda." rarti.? whoao Ida *r* airoptod trill ba rorinirad to pay twenty p^roont p| n tl.o ami unt awarded to thorn up.m ha It.? notlb.d of tl. ifcctlntn of tboir bida. and tl.o remtio dirlar^nalomonnlo'nth* flrot data of September, Oet.her Nnti mbor and December noat. bat any party mtil bo at llbor ty to pay in full at obcc 'i *cairtd. latere*! ?ill ooiammm lr>>ui tbo day of pay tip nt. triNPIditt. tANIRR %CO. M Wall atyoot Inro. DRI.R'nfNT. 1.TOIRON It CO. RANKRRK. A wculd ft?| etfnllp la innil tholr friend* an t tl.o public tl nt. Iiarli j aat'ld thi.r bu'V* and jiayer* during tb? Into ?rr rr*dv to trinnM hut butfa*** which m? . be confided to thrlr f?tc 1 lie; '.?? i'r thi ??h? ?n i?i?- m tli* A''' h< n.iil flr c, I' Umnnth 3 jvkrr fun rnorlMo, U*r I", NM. MM KOI'dUTtN ilAN K -IVhTAl.? VT- T' ? :ln? tnMn'rr' nt cf I 11 ty d - llftrr ff T thor i ? hi V ? l! i- I". h, ii rtniridto he pmd ?llh? BiuVmj I n?r, IM Writ i in r t. Oti V . J wtAT, I h? pin h day of J > la n**i Bt will if tli* R. iri i( t) nd rr J. It. tt 11.1.1 AMS, ('Mbi?t. IMNK f'l Ml ihrt.i OI lif n.? n ; <>* II i. 11 1 r M > r>! ? d 1 " i ' ( o f i f r r i ? i * 'I i , oinrt. til F U'MMITON, (ki it iiliim r.rrw*. Cl JI I'll w'amtcii -Ati>rir.M?N wunMvn ^'1^''"'" I rot. t <"> ' "i ..'.hi, ,,r | I. in fMirvr or It?j nr., hri'lith lie will piv wi c r,T nl ii .rot =#d i hi >l ?)'ip, if ?p?lli'?*i n t .r , i. in ir r lirtrlj. Prln pr!- r ty aiMri'?? 3 M-r?id ?' V. il II \ ,, AV| ' " ' 11 Tll; I*1'*1 1 "r " >* t t'Af. 7*1 I'M' I, r Ii I ("iritv ttn | *1', . Pt r I ft i t MM ?111 le *1?i ti l? r? p "'.nt.'o Imi-Ii' I tv P*i oM t?. t if f niton fi r?. kid {' i ill. ?r.', !i."?'.dff h> ' f i d n ' it. ? ?" A'.um ht from !!?? I.'l unt |?| r ?t ?n: I Will t? r?W. kAi f ff?i-llr?l , A tM ,%?i;c -) I 1 v.tdli?. fiUvhi. a. TV TO MORNING EDITION WED GREAT UNION FESTIVAu.., ON THE MOUNTAINS OF VIRGINIA. 11 I MR. WEBSTER'S SPEECH AT CAPON SPRINGS' j SPEECH OF SIR II. L. Bl;LIFER* Speeches of Hon. Messrs. Levin and Barney. Enthusiastic Union Assemblage. * Great Anti-Secession Demonstration in Northvi..:..:. ursinu iifgiui?r i Tbe IIob. Daniel Webster having accepted an iuvita- < tioa to visit the valley of the Shenandoah. in Virginia. ' left Washington last Tuesday, on his way. He arrived J In Winchester on Wednesday, and was escorted by the fl Mayor and city authorities to tbe hotel, where he waa f heartily welcomed. Mr. W. responded, breathing the * spirit of Union in his remarks, which met with an earnest f response in the hearts of the greater portion of his auditors. On Thursday he left for the Capon Springs, situated t on the North Mountaiu. about twenty five miles west of c Winchester, where he arrived, and took the apartments * prepared for him and his family by the proprietors of that c Splendid establishment, the Mountain House. On Satur- F day. be was invited to partake of a public dinner at the ? hotel; and short as was the notloe, and unexpected as t was his arrival, the news that he was at Capon spread far " and aide. No public conveyance runs to the springs. * rave one stage from Winchester; yet, notwithstanding r this, on Saturday, at three o'clock, over three hundred of ( the Virginian farmers sat down to a sumptuous dinner j with him. The most of them arrived on horseback, and c others In their own conveyances. About sixty ladles, I Including Mrs. Webster and Mrs. Levin, graced the fes- ? tive occasion with their presence and their smiles. a The gentlemen present were about equally divided bo- t tween the two parties?whigs and democrats?but all j; evidently were opposed to secession. p The head of the table was occupied by Wm. L Clarke, ii t'.eq . of Winchester, and Col. Hugh II Lee acted as * Vice President We noticed present. Sir Henry Lyt- y ton llulwer, Mr. Kenton, Secretary of Legation, Hon. j joDn namey. uan. i,. u. Levin. Jona U. L'ary, Esq.. and ~ Charles 1.annum. Ksq. After full justice had been doue t to the bountiful repast spread before them, the chairman li announced the following regular toasts? ^ 1. Th? Union of the State*?Kslo Ptrptlua, j 2. The Kight* of the State*?Their heat security. a faithful oh*ervauce of the guarantee* of the federal constitution. ]' 3. Tl-e 1'reeident of the United State*. 1 4. The Army aud Nary of th* United Stat**?Their hiatory ? 1* their glory. c 6. Daniel Wchater, our Diatingniahed Gueat?The juriat ? and btatrauianwho haa illustrated the glory of our country? ? the chainpiou of the Conatitution and tho Union, who ha* own the aeed of eonatitutioual liberty broad oaat over the 1 olvlliztd world. 1 before reading tills toast. the Ciiaia a poke at follow*:? 1 am about to announce the uext general toast The ( w ut'un nts expressed in it are in no wise distinguished o fur novelty. They are known here In the secluded recesse* * of North Mountain, as they are known in the national ,, metropolis, or at the court of St. James or Vienna. * They do not belong to, nor can they be appropriated by. f1 any locality, by any State or confederation ot States; but p wherever man is free, whereTer ho 1* the subject of con c atitutlonal freedom, or is struggling for that boon, there, f In whatever clime or latitude he may be. he claims to u piiilicipate lu this general fund. Announced now on h this oc Hsiou, as they have been announced heretofore c over uud OTer again, they will be re-announced again and ? again by the present age. and by all future aget, so long c as liberty and Union are one and inseparate. (vp- ^ plause ) Our distinguished guest, who i* the subject of . these sentiments, has bivn so kind as to say that here in * the bosom of \ irginiit, he i. at home; I think he said lie ? felt' hiinsell at home Mr, wa intend you shall be at t home (Applause.) We have given you not only our admi- t ration?that the world gives you?but we have given you ? our affections. I.otig ago you eurhaiuedour understand- | lngi?now you have thrown a spell over our hearts You u have emperilled uil for us; and Virginia i* not the dwell. ( ing V'ace of ingratitude. Ton hive asserted the vital p rights ot the South?a tottering power of the geueral ,, government lean* J against you fir support, and you ? u|.iiei.i 11 luuriaunsu i wuuon, uoi merely uy a |( silent vote or a formal spit-ch in the Senate, but you htve y travelled into your adopted dtate? the State of Ma<s?- , chusetts?which wan bone of your bona au.J which for a quarter of a century had given you all she hail to u give. iinil 1* ready to ijo it ngtiu?and there, eren (here. j( with the shadows of tha'great devolution-try m onuinsnt j, over you, and in the bngtin're of your great prototype dt eland ? Vc inen of Athene, ye worship an unkuown li d ' Aud you hare but returned from the great State of New York and Ihcre. in her central parte, where these hydra yrhwiyW first received wtim political .rg * tivn. even there, rung?with a moral dubtunity all your " own?luto the uirs of ivery civil officer in that r?dt * d< minion. the fearful challenge to look In anil re.-peot " the nalh he had taki n to support the constitution of tha I uited Stated Mr. you cniu? among us suddenly and I " can add. unexpectedly. We hare neither pouip uor cir- J1 cuuidtancr to glee you; hut we have a deep aud abiding ' sense of the inestimable service you hare reudered our * belovi d country. and we hire sought and do now in >-t u earnestly seek, to impress your mind with that con- 1 victiou Mr Wxmti a. in response, rose amid much cheering and said:?Ladies and (tenth men : Fellow Cltixene ?f Y Irglnia?It is my first duly to expire, however inadn ( quately. my gratitude to you, one and all. for this unex. pected token of respect. I ain aware that many of you have come from great di taucrs?uiany of you. I know have come upon the saddle, under a burning sun?anil you have done this to tender nie this ttdcen of your regard I know, also, that many of you hsve left your estates and harvest tielda at a lime when every h >ur. whether of proprietor or of workman is so important. For this g< ntlemen. I thank you I m afraid this courtesy which you have extended to me. ha< been to you costly and inconvenient [ aud therefore. sil ks mere deeply in my heart. 1 thank you gentlemen. It has been my fortune, gentlemen, to have seen much of Eastern Virginia and of Southern Virginia; in past times also, gentlemen, I have seen something of Western \ iryiuia? those counties bordering on the Ohio river; but not until this week, gentlemen, was it my fortune to t -een snythlng ot the beautiful and renowned valley wlir- I now stand. 1 esteem it as my great fortune to have had a few days leiau re. or at least, a few days that I c< uld spare from my official dtl'ie* to fdlow the course of thi I'otomac, penetrate the itiue Ridge; and, turn in t (/kit*, I..ft allktlif tlio Tailor <t f I ho Mhon-kltillYdh SM? aliffll1 I thir't of the country between the Hlue Kidge tad ill' Alleghany. My Journey through your country m< far. ha; Km one of (treat pleasure ami adiniratioa I .tut fro to c nf. es that from the time I rrnonl tV Pot mac m.<t leaving it went with the train upward* along th valley of the tthenandnah I hare teen a country abound It >g in fertility ami remarKahle for It* va?t rtrhnoM an I I nitty (Applaum ) 1 have seen the great grain growing r ntitrj of Niw V uh. and of Ohio, and other Western Mi l? I f Kngland from Hertfordshire to the borders of Pci I land?but I hare never aeon anything anrpa eing that which I crossed from the time I left tlarper'a Perry till 1 r? Ached H Incheeter I hare been told that the sane rich country egtwadr beyond and la to be found through ;tbenr 11'1cati Itocklngham. and Augusta rountlea I hope gen tlen.rn >oon to have an opportunity of wiinwuing the truth f that stal-tui lit (Applause) 1 admire, too. your u >uu t <in sere ry ? I admire it for ita auhlimity and grandeur though 11 * hap" there mountain* are not adapted to that high degree of cultivation for which the valley ia ao l (..arkahle. atill they are picturesque and give rla*- to th' ughls and feeling* which tend to elevnti nod dignify the nian who te holJ. them I aamre roil, gentlemen 1 would feel nv -t happy, If my time would permit and I h? | t efore long that I may have the opprrtnmty to pro in I atlll further lu thb region cf the ittate te go weal ward *" I ''IT' * I I inp l"MIIU Ijrn jrn i?i uir i i-r-utr. ?. , llistpreal ro rn sT&*lo r odi! o ittln ml'irvrcoitntrj ofwhloh , Ibtiti h.?rl no t "f ? lili It 1 haec rci'L *n mu( I. for nearly , I r!f my lift ( kpplauie ) lint thl?. at present. my tiinn ( 111 tit tallow This la tap trst VI. It to this part of k If pni i nl I Vt? K'D'.>iurn, It will tot the ls?? ] (Applan ) Tk>i?irt two demote which ronatitute rontitrjr-.?.Jt ai 1 climate arc one, men atvi womeu th- other (T.anj'htir ) ll?r? they arc both to b? f< ttr.l #oh cti b If there wera no men an<t women In tins r. (>ifV itirrMatry would .till be Valuable ami tw aii t ful; ??* if It were lis barren a? Joadrr rook polni uu | ihti ti.*h :h? wlmlnv t- i hl/h iuttlnp rek wittcBn'er Id'^t if H erilleT ) hilt *n>. tllli ft with latvlllfn ct nw-n ami >r1Vw tl end Vtlucalt-J ?f trial, like tt> . ? i :v w th us iw : i.".U ll Wi fill re. jit 1 ll A . il tlri : wire In jif i'lintrj wruM l.e he.?'>' 'alainl I: -IT ' " 'II I fill I. V ' . . in it I : i both ^ ' ! ,t cor. - i (II (]<li l i I Hut I B t>t i ' W Itirr 'y ntl ft lh' (i st wMeh hr? I vi n rrn.i t s mt frti n I? a tri. i of lout iti.fidtup? at the lit ail if tt teld I rn-t hilr;> ule ll< tt rti t tlie ; .rtialtj ft cio'iMp srrl cm sure th?i

it'iyp"' f tnew a'rateave lit' lalm hielmt lute ii. bli x In -ft t ?! *. !, in v a In t , i nut, naimr l il ' i. ic<): '.If! U. ' 1 f'n i In n v .ii . tie . r v.,.n- , dh l i ef I " r.t.-.- f >r er I Itwt ?1 ti-tliili to tie r 'Mr/ I nl It |'-j* l?c j( >'t ikf.i (Ajp'.-n 1 ? tn ' p n' .trer ,, I I ; V. t.'*M ' ' " ? 1 . n lo loiirst* , T ,1, fl.-'ii .' ftn:iPP? I i TP i'.u li i ft tfi ' njiuf t RK H NESDAT, JULY 2, 1851. are rtudied but little else of a political nature .Ml be public act* of my li!e hare been performed in the jfrice of the Reneral government. 1 hare never told ^.pj^ce under any State government, and witti tbecxDf a sttj^* * *a>9 on'y' I have never been a tueitiV r ??t nnd l"?Ki>l?ture I am. a* you may know, a law DOW the breA" neeeridty ? laborioua one 1 know u/t bit of ll in mv'f idlene?n tant?d. for I have never had a "avin > of Mlf*omtfh , (prtV *PI>b?<?- > TM,. per bap toned. If, in the diitallou' but 1 ho& ltb' [ho jvrfornmnce . I my ft" 01 " J,Pub0c Jl ''ll TJ ...?. V.... u iu..iic serviee*. my pr/rai- inter. ;ompeuiatod by the hope thiilf ?. ji",7,^f to rich accumulations, I shall lek b f". M rit tnce, not eutirclv disreputable. to i**) X ifttr me. (Enthusiastic applause ) f(.JS bod, to have acted throughout my life uj? thoi(^ p/^,. iples which governed your ancestors. and u u \,-w England ancrvtors. in the time tbat tried meir j hat is to ray. ta the revolutionary struggle, andT. ,.~7 ?tb?v moat imjxrtant period wbicb witnessed the eiii. J ixhnvvut of a general government. All kuow tbat in | lux I net high a lie. important proceeding. Viiginia took in eminent lead. She xa* thit. to the dlx*race of the 'ouutry, the debt of the revolution remained unpaid, and hat galiait officers aud brave soldiers who htd brought rounds and scars and broken limbs from the battle leltfs of liberty, were reduced to poverty and want, and ome of then almost literally beggiwg their bread The ;reat aud good men of oilier States felt the same evil, ind their hearts were wrung by * similar auguish. tn English poet ha* said that there wan a time when, or an Englishman, it was fame unongh? " That Oliai ham's language was hie native tongue, And Wolfs great name compatriot with his own.'' Now, gentlemen, it is fame enough for me. if it may be bought that in my political conduct 1 have maintained, lefended and acted upon the principles of Virginia tad Massachusetts as those principles were proclaimed .nd sustained in the two great epochs iu the h-xtory of if our country?the revolution and' the adoption of the itcscnt constitutional government If I have worked teadily to this end, I am sure that whether much has >eeu done, or little has been doue. it h'a* been directed owarde a good purpose. (I.oud applause ) All that I ay to-day, and all that I may say on other similar occaious, 1 Wish tu be in the Fpirit of Washington and Madiou. of Wythe and l'endleton. and the proscribed patiots of Massachusetts, Hancock and Samuel Adams. Applause ) If these, aid other great founders of our iberty. and fathers of our constitution, erred, then have erred?then have I been the inoxt incorrigible of policial sinners (haughter) But, if they were right, then venture to hope that I am right also; and neither prinipalities nor powers, nor things prevent nor things to ome shall eradicate that hope from my breast (boud nd prolonged applause.) The leading s? ntiuient in he toasts from the chair is the l/nion of the dates. The b'uion of the States ! What mind cau omprtheiid the conseuuenees of tbat ITnlnri tuut resent and to conic ! The Union cf the ;e States s the all-absorbing topic of the day?on it lilt men rrlte. apeak, think and debate, from tho rising of the un to the goiug down thereof (Applause.) Aoi.i et, gentlemen. I fear its importance has been but asuttlcieutly appreciated. Like all common Messing*, lowover great, it baa been of late year* too little the uhject of reflection The unthinking and careless lordly take heed of that atmosphere which supports their ivra from day to day and from hour to hour As the sun iaea in the morning, follows its track through the hcaena. and goes down at night, we notice its course, enjoy ts light and heat, and wheu we aee it aiuk beneath the reetrrn horizon, we have no doubt, we do not think of he possibility, that it may not appear for another day; re are in no fear of perpetual darkness, or the return of haos ho it i* with our political system ULdvr a united 'orernmeht and uational constitution ; to these most of is are born, we hare lived under their daily lilessiugs as if hose blessings were not only matters of course, but iinrerishablr also, liut alas, gentlemen, human structures, lowever strong, do not stand upon the everlasting laws >f nature They may crumble, they may fall; aud republican institutions of government wid assuredly soouer >r later crumble and fall, if there shall not continue to ie among the people an intelligent regard for such iostiutions, a just appreciation of their benefits, and a pint) d purpose to uphold and muintain them ; and ihtn they shall crumble and fall, the political smtastrobe will lcseuiblc that which would happen in the natural rcrld, were the suu to be struck out of le aven If this uion were to be broken up by nullification separation, seessiou or whatsoever event of equally repulsive name and baracti r, chaos would come again, and where all is now ght.and joy and gladness, there would be spread over h a darkness like that of Krebus Vet geutlemen. 1 ave little patience with those wdio talk flippantly of **essiou and disuniim; they do not uppcar to ine to uudertand >>f what tlxy speak, nor to have the least idea of ts coDsegnences If ihey havi' nny meaning, 1 do not onipreheud that meaning Suppose this Union were iseolved to-day, where would we is- to-morrow? I think state of things would arl-o in which I should feel disicevd to take shelter in the ravcrn* of the mountains, or eek some other place of obscurity in which I should not ritnees the degradation aud ruin of the couutry Kvery ucu Huiirij'nit n presents n gloomy ?n-l Horrible picure, it is a vast Serbonian bog?1 never saw a happy on in it. uulu*a lir thought he *a< abou' getting out. low ruuld n nmn be happy in it, hopelessly up to his iiddle in mud' (limit laughter.) Tin-so who l ire the nion ardently mid who nn-an to defend it gtliutitly. ure appy rbeertui, with bright and buoyant hopes for the aiur-. and full ol n.Hiily firmueaa and resolution. Hut ncession ami die union are a region of gl -om, and mora**, nd awaiup?noehei rful breeaes fau it ;,n-> s| lrit of health 1mle it It is all malaria, It is all fever and ague. I.augliter and great applause ) Nothing beautiful or selul grows in It The traveller tlirough it breathes ilarma and treads among everything unwht losome and latbsouie it la like the region of your great Dismal waiup, it i.< all * Tangled juniper, lieds of weeds. W illi niauy a fen wherti the serpent feeds. And mau ne'er trod before (Daughter ) or one. I liuve no desire to breathe such an air, or to ave meb footing for my walks (AppJau-c ) Us-utle en I am aware mat the rerpeet paid to ine to day is i conseijuet ceof inj support ot the adjustment measures f the la-1 Congress Although 1 wish to raise mi false Isiin nor create any fears, yet I believed in my ennci? nee tbat a rrtsis was at bund?a dangerous and fearnl crisis; and I resotvedlto meet it at any haaard, and ilhwbaliVtr strength 1 po?.-i ssed. A true patriot, like faithful marim-r. must be prepared for alt exigencies, n the wvids of the old song. ??" lie Is horn for all weather; the wind.- blow liigh or blow low, Ills duty ki eps him t- his tiller. And where the gale drives he must go '' Applausi ) The suppr rt of the I'tilon Is % great prarttal sulyn-t, involving the prosperity and glory of the i hole eountry, and alb rting the prosperity ufev-ry in llvidual in It. lie me about to take a laige and com lilieuslve view of It? to io"k tolls vu-t r>--iilt< and to be consequence* whieh wenld fl -wfrom it- - n-rilir-* It s dot a no re t -pic for iiigeni>.iisdi?|Uisi i- || or tli.-sretiaaJ r fanatical critiei-m Tin se who .isssll lb- tfoion at til" in-sent day. sei in t-- he persons of one Pie only and m? ly f lb-m of but ball an idea. (Apj-lan- -) They plant) lion bftleries on some us-1- s slot a i n. some talse ogn-a. <>r some gratuitous ss uinptb u, or. perhaps it ay be more proper to say that lb- y look al It wi h tuitoe opio ey> s. ae-'kliig f--r some spot., or ?peek, or blot, r I hit and if they find anything of this kind. lliey are ,t for overturning tin* whole fabric And when ..ia?...i.. >iii ....... ?. - _? nniM Hji.-tia 'I a lii|ibrrli>? Utlllcmftl. this Ninth M -uutaifi Is >K>' 11<?- l.iur Kitlcr liitil.t-r rltil tin-Aliiulumy hi;hir ban rlth< r, and jrrt thi-litghrr law rang*"* untu r ih?u >n sgli's llinlit ab-.rr tin l.litlo- d pvnksut'tlis \Un{li?njr l.miihtir ) bo common ?i?l >n ctm .lio-urn it, u<>rn.uiioo mil unMi|>lil.-tlrn*i ti 101 rlrnif ?> f.-cl it -ihr iiniIlK of common men miir li-rns its hkfb behests, >t d tin ii f< r> Kin' tri'iilil l tiii.I; i- k .it l.i tn b? ten d upon in lost Irrs ot Ihr bh.hf*t pr.<riii ?i moment It is ihr rode, hvwen r. i f the a11 > i i t of the North llirimi loalsts of ttii Houtli take .? diWo- at hours* of iDaih Tln'jr air li ai in ?l ami <*l |i?'.it th-jr arrant i.atril lull of spirit. Iliry arr t.t^h inn; I I and chi iri us, tbejr slate I to ir snpiK-m-d to irio s ij rui-e* if complaint in rli Kant phra'ca ai.J inal i il tours of | is i ll Itiit thi r rianj laints at*- >14 tagns tod cen.-ral to y< u gridh won. that i kn n > hjnlr.Mta'W iisssurr strong ruoiiKli to 1rln< ih--m tnt any solal ortii in arhirli tiny uld in oat or Mt (^htar nd appiaioa ) Ih' j thinh othrralsr. d-.tiblwcs; >a>t or i'in- I rati dhwnr nothing rs-\| or well ;r< rindfAia hrir complaints If I map lie allowed to hr a I ttin fro naloi aI I aotalil s-ijr that all (hi ir rooiplal'jt* and lltgr.l grievance* ai r Ithr a Very insiittti i.-nt )>l* a ill tlie aw. ttii y arr bad on ? nrml -k Baum-r. fur war.tafsubtan.-r (I'Oud laughter. ) Hut I am not disp. ai d to ru.roach tlir.i-grptli men. or t? t peak of Uiain wrh illsaspect I prif.f to leave them to tlnnr oifn Tvde.-lions inakr no argument against resolution*. convent! >ns, s-cesrlnn *pe? rhes. or pr.-ul.t mat tans 1s t these tlt n jl o on Is to lie ho-|lrt| *,|1 U>? -n r. and mm will return to a sound.-r m ,j,- ot thinking tut i in- thlrg ffi-i.tli turn. Is. assured of _th.> first step ak' ti in ihr |.roi? ran mo- of see Ion. t rht.h shall t so irlual iufi'. . nail of the ronititution, or t In law-, will ? pr. tnp'ls no t (OfNl iffiMM.) A(4I<MHMl main an hour In any adminlstrat t. p tl, >t-h ul l o t v ' * n"J "uv11 * """l" ?i < l III riMilll uu 'n n.ii ili?- law rQ< ctunl'y nnJ ?t rue*, (prolongs! >|> Ihu?p) nuU I i-?n ?m?T* yoa. ** 4j|,,,,, ,, ,h?t .til '.ill hi tn I i.Bi It pr-*i lit MM* iBted |n thr v. rt>i*:it. roil lulu tb" xiB>?'ii (id"! 1'Urpi ?? (llmrvij np|.l*n-P, iitl.cli.i'? ) AiilK'* K' nil* anil lit til' advert t" ? -lirri'.i'g and nmtiryluRi fiurf. Let Bi- il h .nor to .our fc-f ; t %nl ?url. nt i einnvn*.nit!i rf Vitvlt it I ft n - ? jr lb. I. in n j iipimon. ill.' rwHiitlnw H'-nlbj b? f l.i wiil?inri* ?t tf,H i?.t nrwlon. in ?b'"h i m>'?. ntii oi. b rn.w pri ?.|| lorr t lit* rfwtnilll Mpr t? ?nd Mipr- r ..j f n n r. I hnpi--thu nn'.iin 1 i>i?r;.t B '*' !'unit rifW confi.(l..f? ;l. ? (iin'*t ji ? '-< ) AlUii.p. f ,,f diruni a founded upnfl the pro >t:i c.ri if l iritlnlii. nro iltwlpBled into tliln ?l* I'l.M t I Anur ji,i-nt itmtli-iMm. in the Ni-hrtile <V?i ni|..?., i ( .. ..!* . | i, ,!,,t i ir^nl,. w, n? ?|ih in1 II ?"? j tut lib' IV lifl In going fut el tbu I up n, tllit i /.. >.Ii rn *'lnt? ' nld rht'rrful* f.tllnw hi t A'1 In Hint If " **? ? great ?b?t n'l>> i *' I 'I tt innimrt itli Import ?a at .tuUig II \ ii, lu?* ? v; i i, i . t( 1 Hut *li . t!. i' 1 >' ?. I f i "1 "#Mil?l - Hi lltlMll ' * ; * t ' - * ? i ... Xt d"f It tilt tf Ihtt | . ila.ti ?i|lrit \ f t('k - llftl kr' ? p:ilfc? lit ' i .!,? 'it "I Ii1 r , 1 . l i.i t w:. ' :t i. p! ' Hi i l ? .l.tii 1 - i- r'if n itrrl P it i . Iri- if iintl i-i riti.illj r in! lv f ' K -'P * ritlT'ii' l tut ' l .11 , f |.-r r .rl < B ' 1 "ihir< ?lt) run Ii t .f I ?ii. ji n i xpprl ' i r 1. :i 1 ii i'ii. if"-Itii mi My f cnftu l??v ,rtii ? lt? ' M lJ5-~ , ti fut Mr J- ta'M " '.'fit f " M ! . Vir L . M?li k. roitiBi't III uphill U M l9? ERAI t' o ? ivfi of the Atlaatie aha>l lent on the ihom of the o?e, I < or ?l?. Allt-iihuni'i fetaaiti firm oa their baste in the Urrito- | ric of the other. I 4 11 in sentiment *.111 reOeiTed with the uioet unu.utl 1 ili aoM(htltin? of (n^uyr l b* room rotoim-fed with ( the plnudh* i f the crow A noil the cheem fol- . lowed each ether in ?ueh tiuick eneeeneion. that it ap- , peered a- if the euiT?jndiii|? mountain peaks were , threnped with It pione of t'nion men t The reauiar fna.-tn were, after unme tin:*-, resumed ? f The Ncrth and tV South. fha Ea.t amf tho'Weat; .- Mr , Whale country?Hfture, in inirrktni; our dirltiona, iiaa da- ^ erred m r Union. (Afplauae.) ' 7. Wareaelmaetta trt.l Virginia--They atoe* rhouldor tr? 1 kIk iilii-rin ttie war o the Revolution; they will be hand ? and I a*if In maintain** the Union. i t S Onf 3 ilin?uiihrd ?ueet?The U-arned and ac.-^tnrlieluid I } Minister Trim the Cearl *f St. Jstues, wh" uplioUv tl..- dig | nitj of 1 is *miner t stst>'?. guards the Interests of hi* own ptonle. snt/Wini the good *111 of cure. (Loud cheo.-vng and * applause.) I ' Sir Ukmu Ltttow Bilws thus responded ? Mr. Pre- 1 stdent and < evatlemeu?All"** me to Fay that the tenor , you bare confe/ved upon me, and. indeed, tbet the whet* | > ' tiis act-no. taaes me com pie Vly by surprise Whet a , ; -.ndertukes u iaunt or jouraty, he generally, in soo^. I -nticipate* the business or the amusement he | expects to with; and I can nsaure you that when t , I came 'Bto the mountains of Virginia, though I might | hare bed some fai.? ?f Hngiin)j for a trout or hunt- , iug after a rattlesnak. j n(,l ^t. remotest conception of the prolfcibility or possiqjjtj of being present at a public dinner or yf making a xpeeo,. (I..alRbter and applause ) Culled upon thus unprepared, l *m you wlu not pect from Qf so learned a disqntsitio*. w that of my honorable frl md from Baltimore (Mr. Barney;, upon the institutions and celebrities of the State of >irgMa. nnr that 1 should describe to you the origin and progre*. 0f governments and society from those early times when Adam delved and Eve spun," down to the moment alien we are here assembled at the Mountain House, with the logical severity and eloquent and poetical fsncy of my honorable friend from Pennsylvania (Mr Levin) But this I can truly and sincerely say? that with your kind and generous expressions still pre- I j sent to my memory, and with the honest and hearty I looking countenances of those from whom these expres- j sioue proceeded, before my eyes, and with the knowledge ; that you. the gentlemen and yeomen of Virginia, hare ; here st a ucnicul's notice, assembled to do honor to my Illustrious friend, whose voire is as eloquent as that of nature herself in these romantic solitudes, the pleasure I experience is?following the ordinary rule?the more j lively from lieing altogether unexpected. (Applause ) j With jour political parties aud discussions, gentlemen. ( J nave nothing to do?to them I am. and wish to be. an entire stranger, but. iude}>endentiy of all such parties and < I ? ? ., Bil..rul u *%. I --a .1.1 I 1 cat sentiment. Tb<' orator of old. when asked what quality | was most essential to the exercise of his art, replied, "action;'' and when Hiked again what was the next quality. again and again answered, "action,"?by which . he did not mean the waving of the hand here, or the lift- . iug oi the arm there, but that eariestness which is the expression of true feeling Gentlemen the modern Pi mosthenea (applause) who is ihis day amongst you, ; ' when asked igain and again what la most essential at 1 this moment to the welfare of his country, has said, i < with that earnestness which his predecessor described, again and again, I'uinn. ((treat applause ) His answer is, Union. Union, Union! (Applause and cheers ) j Gentlemen. I am the citizen of an extensive empire. c the ruhjeet af a sovereign whose dominions, stretch- ' ( ing out lrotn the crowded Thames, extends far a> wide over the surface of the globe, and is lost ill th c great waters of Oregon, and I rail well comprehend <j and sympathise with the statesman who. proud of the t j authority and majesty of this va-t republic. shrinks with horror trom the thought of its being split up into petty ' j commonwealths, comparatively insignilioant in power I I and small in extent. 1 do not however, agtee with some 1 j prt ceding speakers, that it is altogether uunatural or un s | ci nun on to tind in great States men who speak with in- ? difft re lice of the possibility of those great States becom- I ing iDiall ones. There are such meu in my own country, ' I and 1 am not astonished at it. If you want to know the value ol health, you must not expect to ascertain it from ( | enquiry of the strong and robust. It is the invalid who . t will tell it to you ; and thus it is with nations If you t i wish to leal u the value of national power and national I I gleatnesf, you must ask the i|Uestlou of tile Pule the I \ I netiali the Genoese?of the people who. owing to their 1 divisions and their weakness have lost a national exis- ] I tenet ; or yon must direct your enquiry to the people of i those riuaU btates In Kurope or America which stlH exist, i but while they enjoy the name of independence, are alter- > i ' nately uucer the dictatorship of domestic factions or foreign force (Applause ) Honor, then, to the man l who collects from the aggregate wisdom of a great community a sufficient moral power to assuage local passions, and k< ep within appropriate limits party discontents. (Applause ) Hut, gentlemen, if it be a great and noble { task thus to unite and keep united the various elements | which constitute the character and greatness of one nation. tl is surely a task as noble and as groat to unite to< getlier and keep united two mighty nations, who. by their joint authority as th" representatives or that admirable j c< nibiuatiou of liberty and order which is everywhere the sigu and symbol of the Anglo-dtxon race, may exercise a lionet! -cut and universal influence over the happiiii ss and destines of mankind (Applause ) Grntlei meu, with this idea now present to my (noughts. I. as an Knglhhu an. ray to you, a* American*, I'nton ' Uniou ! I Union!'' (Loud aud long applaure ) Ay' let than- not oiiiy be |n ace uuioog u??let there be Union alao (<!unj tinued iippUu-e ) The word resound* through rhese i ball.- appropriately ; let It reach the ear 01 Mr Kb-ard. | le I e not. gentl* men. the type of l uiou for ha* ho not unili d all the charm* of aceuory and of xociety of water i and ot wine, in thta lovely *pot ' And a* 1 Itark around me. and M-e the animated look* and admiring eye* to my i | lift and the gentle glance* aud graceful smile* of the lain r,north n of my audieuce to my right, can I be wrong in conjecturing that there la a favorable di?po*ltiou on all aide* ot nie toward* a united *tate ' ( Much laughter.) For my own part gentlemen whether a* regard* I the union between the dillereut Mate* of till* federal re- j ' public, or whether a* regard* the uniou betweou u- Kug| lii-lnon or you American*, or whether a* regard* the i union between woodlaud ai d waterfall, and go<*l chwer I end goial company, or whether a* regard* the be.*t and j clou *t of all possible union*?that between warm heart* and willing band*?I declare myrelt prufeeeedly end em- ! plinth nil) n Union mail?(gieit ippUu-e)?and, a* *ueh. I j have i nj' yi ?l j our fr-tiviiy. partaken of your eent intent*, ni d bow l eg to leave among you my kind <et thank* and niotl 11 arty good wialie* (Three cheer* for llulwer. aud ! 1 shoot* ( ! ' Urlwer ftgvvir ) I Hth.?F.ngtaad nnd the United St?t???One ltngiupt? < one cfecd-cue tui?*ion, | i In (liedii nee to fre>jiient call*, Mr Hi i wr* reapnnded to thl* aentlment, by aaylng? 1 (.? nth aim *l?i ie 1 have been here, a book liae Iwen placed in my hand* which 1 have n ad will* uiurh phesure In It wa* tbi* sentence ' Language i* the barometer of nnlitial feeling and national thought " If tl*i?* be *o, we have the >auie barometer. and I {errantly hope we will alway* live lu au r<|ual temperature." (AMlMM I Col l.t i.?Mr l're*tdent?we have to:*?ted the Minister?I think it become* u*. a* Virginia gentlemen, to toa-t the n an I prop "e the health of Sir Henry Uulw.r (Loud appUuae ) Mr If. i m > e lelurut d thank* V'th?Tlie ladeitrial Eabitiilii*?The Peve* Cot *r> el the it erld. I tl .?-1 l.e h itl er* of the tfaiwa?May thilr teat | rei e alw *) w ori hy ot their aire*. ild'i?The II.d lleiolulna?S!ie witl e-e? eh*ri*h the Slave* and *tate?niea to when *heha? jitea hirth I I -'ll.e l.adie*?The charm of the preont?the l.i o- *i the lultire. II e i.lie gavi. a* a to?v*t. the health of the Ilia .!i hi. I.en ' y ' f l*e IIIDire?which called up thai goalie- j an. who ii ponded a?f .How* ? Mr I'ri-ident. aud 'di atl-men of Virginia?Afterihe | rwil rV('H"! I I BU'I I I nfuriirn 17 "11WM /ml kt?> l??n regal. tl. S realise that any thing lean n ?i tilu b. a tuitleer rflort to guild th-ica-refiiied gold. or , aOd pel feme to fragrant t Urt Wit. *mr an J Inn Ij base l*eu the cnbrentraled nurntr of deight to poet*, kmu aid pkiliaiiprrn, n?r aiuee the flood. 1 deaire > incorporate an ther element in hum <n , bappine a A. *la?. am. and aoura, ifi now th r< inbiu<d n 'Wivn of my adaira ion In early Ufa. it ?*> ] my good feituna toloten. in the llritirh I'arhatn-it. t 1 tin ?ari< i\ and ndiUrn rlreitnurr ul l"ltt. Im, Hurtle I and MierWan and. at a later p> riod, to b?i in tbr council* (>t the wtkm. with th" all acrnnp^nhe I and li'-U v. d Clay ?With Calhoun McUnffle ttatgeaitt 1'rayten I aria Rri rett, tl<>rhaai foraytlt, tW two Vrl.enia tin* two barboura Randolph Kit en. a ad mtuy . <tb?r?.rqaallydUtlngu.rhcd a\aong?t bom n'liid proud ly pr?emim nt youri1lu?trl<>uague?t I w.-|l ree gleet that 1.11 tl>e faMn na JnehUry qoertion ?after it luti lw u 'lirrti' <d ftr all ne?-kt?aorn oat?thread bare and atbatiaWdtbe it't-1 n?i>ataV!e \t idieter took It up threw in-w l?ybt?ar nod It?pr? entcrl original vtiwa. ao event ' and cnhcluMre that many abandon -d their own on irtc | th-n* and adofWd tie oatnon* 8ueb w?? the cni\tr >1 ini* InTiietiee <f hie plant and orer ma. tering Intellirt a qnartrr of a century ago And I now a-n | firmly tnittMtd that to one great 8ta'e, and to ' < to pn lit mind, we nf In lebted f. r the pre.-rat j thii of Ibb glorious I'nicn Could Virginia bare leo-n ' Itutnrt d In * wi rt fh-li her appropriate po-uton th- main pillar of the Inn n undaanett nadou bun wnf.-d ra-y ? hiol Ibe 111. ..'ire Inti llert of Air. IVI b.-trr direct. 1 hi. | i to rgb lo a 'Ti i ate tlie p> bey of aec. a-om In argnm. nt vavi rlnf fnlMl aaalnrt I? ? no I dlaa'trniM wnuhl n if | bi i t\ Ihr tt i-tdU And lu re fi r lilt mo to rem 11' that | ?hi)i vllh M>r? nndmt) than truthfulm- h> 'nn j tl-rtini.T nnTo to nthi ? i than titiiiMdl li- hn ' n ?h-- 1 . an *1IV t.t il'uni'tiaitnu th? flitnaniriit of la'r r ?nd ' Mil 11> ofTtiyrul tft** W>n within hi tt wnwH \?T" turn? ; I i a ? mltl T llln tit a riin I'nt, thanko to hnti b Virfitilt I r< >*tt>i <1 ot??4lH<at to that Vulva which ?u> a w ahVail I? i MxMitli by tkt lnu>h i ?p< i??tlfii-' i'f V.hhI a id linn Ftitf nod nn bin t)'1 In ?ln'?? I' t i A .it- Um*n J hi >>i'Mii ti > n: nun tl.o i lei- 4 frioo a. * i.l t no n oi >n ? if 01 d dd (rtr lui-hrd h) l.ic ?<?' Jjir ami all bo1 rum tr m .-?? It. I u- a . \ ? ' i li r? i i tin fi < f>t lb"' I ra tiM im i'/ito it ni.. n| M the : j at-ntli ? ? ii li?li Itt yi. ifci > t I it \ 1 ' ' > 1 ' i Hj ' tralni ?. .> i ' H ; in! 11 I i.ii ?i I ii from i'i 4\ : thai In ' wIn ii ,tia ?nt dt ,tin.|. of in r hit'- : vi.n *? r Inl v_ (. < if1. ?bi' %*.,ari d to t tj nn. nn1 lull (iii ttil- ft iIn tid.ti i Liributtcn if lie1 thirl" n Pla. "), to rti ,o'iu tli ffini-ral (mrranrnl -thla. at , "urn brf a.-?. -4 ts'uv fil bft4 r" ??mmmmmrngm a D. PRICE TWO CENTS. state m but onr hundred millions nctr fire hundred ind thirty million* tier derotion to th4 pure principle* >f republicanism. rec?*ni'itg all m< n a* free and equal, ras Illustrated whea,ut the termination of the reroluinnary war, the gallant officers of the a??y reaolred to >er pet uate their friend-hip. m nted by eight yeara' iUflerlDg. by forming thrirwelvei i;ito the Mc'.efy of Cinliunatl to endure so long a.? they shall endure, or any at beir aiale poets-rCty or ooWateral branches Oeneral Washington raw therein the germ <f discontent, and rajuestt d Mr JcfftTKOtato accerhi'-tl aud apprise tons of tho itate of public opinio*; and when informed that it waa ooked upen as ireati-lg a distlrv.-t'ion or pre-enjiuenoe, dike objerthinablc and vliou*. bo averted himself eucles-fully at fhe first meritng to a.Serthe constitution, ind the here "tary princi.-de ahd right of primogeniturw ias abolished, is d on the g-ddencaglr tNe emblem of the iBclety being nibpted. he d.reeled the Secretary Oeneral -rase his ii.-oir from ti - n|h Thtss, to Virginia tntJ her sons we "*e the cuus t ration of she principles of republican e(|U?hry?no hereditary rights?no permanence -no order b'.ti that of tserit. In this age of progress it is gratifying to realise ihat she keeps pace In tho match of improretu wt ; her roads and canals attest her liberality aud enti-.-drUe year* sin.**-, the eloHUenl ?n>sarcastic K mdolpli are "Ted that her highway* were her reproach?a Werbonian Vog. from Oeoqoan to 0hickhwau"4? Now. <-.-wii*. arnet fork of rallrrsda. and peifectly graded turnpiVs, enabb the traveller to traterSe her va. * dominions-tferoughou* their entire-length aud breadth with comfort and oiler ty She has given t.e our oommn* country * Washing bn a Jefferson, ? Malison, u Monroe. I'utrii % Henry. avl a host of other di-'inguii-bid pshriots. ' l.twstrious in history, without a blot cn her name, 8h-',ooke proud p to Heaven midst the "coordsof fame.1* Permit me to offer ? The CoBituonaealkh of Vlrgi it?The e.Niit daughter af the re 'vlutton ; tl 'mother of ivw, patrto**. herdca. tad elute,in?n?may her prosperity b. as euduriL* a* her fame la mrerishable In response to a crsnplitnenta.-y tca-d, tfc# IfOB. Lewis C. L?.vm. of l'hiiadel -tola. mtst .doqueiitly end forcibly ddressed rhe nssemb -*f{* for thrr V-ijuartera of wn hour, lie ?\amincd with gre:i? nicety th* systems 'tpcrn whltsh were fOaCl|, 4 the ancie.rt republic*- pointingwet the erors (n tho*. systems, which wer. so happily nvol led and guarded against in ' nr represi -jtalive form of government IIv etM,orate /, yet mos'.' entertainingly, ill-* tated upon the superiori"? of the , onstjtatior of the I uited States, when osuprfi j with the form of governuient of any other nation, ancient or modern To # )cure the rast and luvaluabl -blessings t ' be enj iyod only under such a government. h> uriced a strict adhesion to the constitution, and it* In *4abflity ; tliue only could the I.oion lie ui smlained?i.od ou the Tininteuitnce of this 1' uion depended the hn| Tin ess of every one within its borders, and a!?e the hnpt < of nil friends of liberty, lie was frequently interrupted.' in the co.irso of his remarks, by plaudits and cheers Mr. J N. Bat < r.. of Winchester, being loudly called for, expressed himself delighted to hear the sentiments qpressed by Mr. Webster, and declared that, although tie had differed from that gentl.-m.xn long and on nearly -very quest!on i f public policy, be txtended to him. most ilncerely, bis meed of approbation After son* remarks jpon tie value of tbe Union, he., .'.ft It. conclcded With .he following sentiment ? The Fugitive Slavs Law?Upon its faithful execution dt? veuittbc perpetuity of thsUoion. (?.ppi*u*e ) Mr HVimtf b said?I am glad to hear these sentiments " >f derotion to the Union expressed by Mr. llruce. who. is 1 understand, has differed from ncetipou many (sheets. as many other respectable and worthy men hare lone.' But. whatever may have been the differences of ipinion which have existed between re heretofore, on >ther subjects, they are now forgotten, and ths only [uestion that is now asked of any man is. ws you a Union nan? (Great cheering ) The question at this time, is he Union, and how to preserve its bieesings for the ireeetit, and for all time to come To preserve that 'nion we must observe, in good faith, the- constitution ind all Its parte. If that comtitution be not observed, ind its provisions get aside, the whole of i Senses to lie dnding. It would be absurd to suppos.i thii eitbsr the North or the South lias ibe power or the right to violate iny part of that constitution and then claim from the ither observance to Its provisions. (Applause) If the louth were to violate any part of tbe constitution, vonhl the North be uny longer bound by if aud if the North were deliberately to violate any part of U. would Lhe foutb be bound any longerto observe its obligations ' How absurd it would be to suppose, when different parties enter into a compact for certain purp'sms. that ither can lieregard any one provision, and expect the Dlher to observi it ! 1 iutend to observe, and maintain, snd carry out. to its fullest extent, tbe constitution of the United States, which I have sworn to support (Cheers) It is written in the constitution that persons bound to labor or service in one ittate. escaping in* ar.i'iiirr. man Uoi tie uiM-nargou iriui urn laixir or aerTirr txcauxe of the law* of th? Stat* inu> which the; ma; exc?pr That 1* ux much a part of the conxtituUoo ax an; other, and a* n|uall; binding and obligmmr; a* an; other (Applauxn ) And who dene* thia ? No one but the abolitioiiixtx of the North Aud. pray, what 1* It the; will not den; ' (Ureal applaw?e ) The; have but the ' nu idea, mid It would xeeiu thai lb?Mt fanaAio* at the North and the ?ece*#ioniiit * at the (touth art puunif their head* together to tr; and device xome meanto defeat the g<*>d tierlgnx of bonnet and patriot!* mm (Applau-e ) After aotna other remark*. Mr W. preceedi-d 1 do not hexltale to aa;. aad repeat, that if the Northern State* ret ina, wilfully ai d deliberate!;, to carry into effect I out or aa; other part of the eonxtilutlun. tin- South would an I' tifri r he bound b; the couipwrt (!tam -oee ap pi* t>e.) A bargain broken ou on* aid*. I* broken on all Kile* 1 xay to jou gentlemen in Virginia an 1 raid on the liorderx of hake Krie and in the cit7 of Boaton, and an I will ra; again in the city of Hoaton. if 1 am xpared to hare an opportuuil;?(appUuwi) ?that ; >u wf the South have ax much tight to rec >Ver yorr fugitive aiavra. ax the Morth liae to an; of it* right* and privt! gex of navigation aud ? mm r? e I deeire to ba under ntood, here among you aud throughout the ro entry thai in hope, thought, and feeling. I am altogether an Amwrl ran?and. altogether, nothing hut an Ann-riaan (heprated rhieritig ) 1 am for the c iixtituti n. and tbe w h< le conetituUon lama* read; to fight and to fall for the coiixtitutional right* of Virginia aa I i m for than* of Manxacbuxettn I pour out to you gertlamen mj whole heart, and I ax-ur* jou thnxe are ra; freiiugx (Cheer* ) I would no more *ee- afeathe. f-iUcked from the honor of Virginia. than I would aee one plucked from the honor of Mae-acho-ell* (Ureal applaw** I It bar been xald thai I have by the courae 1 havi thought pro. per to | uraue. di*p i a itt a portion of the ; oople of Mae-nrhu-ett* W ell, xttpp-?i I did Supporw I diaptaeftwd all the people of ttiMb State?What of that ! (< I real ipplauxe and rhiiritig.) I *?< In the Senate of thi tinted Male*, and had worn to upport the eouatiiutt'in i f the I tilted State* I hat conatHutlob made me a A* nator of the t'uipd tVuiU-*-in; vote touudtbe wh t? rountry. I wa* a Aerator for th? whole eonotry (Applatixe ) W hat had I u> 0>> with in-trurlion* M?*xarliU>-ett* Upon a <<^ie*tion allertnig lie whole nation' Oti matter* of general polity, ami afTi-dirt# (ha intoraal* (4th? UMiiti I j. u nl.t- o I i'?r<-<] u > m.-n f r tin Inrtnirtli'W I itw?i lni-rv< than I d<<l fa* thi ff of ?i; i-thea Kill* It Woubi a-ju t a? I* a- i.mhb to*X|MCtni>' III tdl* M lb-l^rttcul af tlll?TI?U / tl?'? cliu lib rtijulttiV > 'I *i 1*1*1 I*- i .i n;wt that %* %i irbilnti r hrtti >t fifunitil ItnlltliMilii I wa? Iriuiid t< olr) tli? In-lru sham- f nut otio f ill -n (-tppl?u-*| I ti!d I do 11 ih i lla?" I iii i d .1 tn that l-Tet ' (i'rta? i f" N"?er ' V.?*i "i Mn I I ii"V"i ?,U (A* l-lauat ) Mr l^biitr tfnln wtr A I tn f foe i iiii??ju< nn? ?d a dir-oluu'iti i t tin- 1'nioti?t> -inteil out the j . at M.ii fro |? i ll * fnwi-r and ,-t n of th* Stn'.? a a* una an lion III it;i^i if iln >iru. nu? <0-1 ii* <m tn Kiinfn between ri'i-ifuin titliiii rt ortil in I trln'taf |. ? ?. mi InrtilaV-bU) mi nt I n 11- * burin." ?)' *lrtl to llua jn I in a Wttar aiidri t o-ui n -tie It Ml" uorv to thr -Motrins i Jiata" it it' r-. (Thin ral'eii forth Utnr hiartjr tin r? l"f the h inr to Hut- mam) It" then pen ci i ilril at m no li Kiith to l?' e tlo ? 4. ni of r"|iul)iliiu (( titi niii>, th" | J frratii ! if popular ret- r? eutstfc n ami th" 11" ?t-n lot It tlint th" will >4 th* Tinjiir.aj c ratltotii * llr eavr-dwd. afoautd h On *'?4>rrnti !a? utnl thai ' i thionnUlimf, Mb| tlk Mali*' ootli-ctml mil iWnlil lm tbfi l In cun-l-i<twn Imtah-Tin I" pt'li >"I Ih' mv m ntiniintn I IntnW tn In lit f??t to tin tn o h" fi-w n monlhi -taj - f ia> III" in till hop" tlint ?h"ti I ill" 1 mat rliwe ni) nyoaob fric ht|p* united iri rii K t> lltnairr.P nf IW iwrfr ka?lnjoli'i<rTr4llM plin.ttri the r-a<lr..w < w h whirl! Sir ll. nrj- I. llulww* iu< no lit" uinti rnthbd th rhutrli > mj to rnt-r Inta th* fieliniin if tha |h -l ie. -fu.-.d ill" f-l-owiiig toluntee* U??t Th* Sifn *rrt*?i\i "f Ureal Hrttala?t?r? at Brother Jaan *1 > ' Irteinl*, akin l>* ii n'?l tr at i ate h'owclf at boat. I At pi a i * ) Mr ho a a I' ton-it ? Tl'Ttr Mr- fid ll?r>r..Mr?. tin falna rrrnt-l m nhl-1 mu ? t IM-* It | lor- the ttrtl j,;ai* ef U* i"*tt J ut fit *>f I' ? - % ' H^nfff l#htt* thi in a* at tlo-<i -tin oi * rape itnti?> ?f tkt m-Mtue ? tl no all. 11 * t art ? * Hr tt I. t i i n v j I mal.tnnl of ih" day f?ti at Vtritain *it4 th* I nite-i Mat p It- thor and th* dat>?U- r. ? an ar-l f r ntf NhVo ri un ml - r m btm*ti** wi-na rf""cnt*il. nth ami rl-i rr* 4 tl ?" no-J 'ru> ' thrtu bar in* the onion ft their glnrlfU at h f> ami ear -mu anil -tiaunli n f-if that* rill roll. II rio I ti* It IV- Wert k<|4 up tttl a lata i .> .. -i... .u.Uhii K" n. with thraa fhri-f* f"t W'l?l>r,Mi 'ktrtrrt .h.irt f,.r th> prrppfvl'-p of lW? 1'iik n. Hi r PI: lli nrj Hulwi r *11-) ?vJtp l"?t? tho nc Mi 1 .i?? IhPtV'ili'ii tmit pi'lthp II.>n tPinlrl W. )wrt?? n Tim itiiy l*!r Hi. ?t.l Uhtc I., fciu i tutu a r<>? flrV:atjvti ufUn1 im?l f?? iW? iuiprr?Kl'.iu'i>f hi? Jijjnlty nhilil) fctiii lopb phatarti r ah ? ktotpi m*n I i>Mwt plntp tin* ik<U'li of lh? Vit4M ftmtlral la Utnpihltp rnvmy >ir vn ?Mhvui alii'dli* to th? pilifli -J und k mUii <i >Ii?ii tin ! > the pfwprlatorB of tin Mn.kl?iri Hmi?f T i-ifi la aw of tU l? .1 .'I t>. ktt.d lu Il.c 1 .natty. N re. in la M'trutoga or r.i.t Ni 1 ilurn a*li tit g plopi oun rtimparp ?ith th? Mil f.t.d .llttiiip hull lnT" Wl 'li'tiry ntirrr 4e c.: r ! IImt bo t.p r any rt>"*? of to k'B.I o.) ? ! to , ll-i il i lri lial ' T> i- r,(my / pf ? nt It rjiiwf 11 11 1 It tl?t* 11 air ?' "I'lt ndi.i 0,11 rant*, p|. m? . 1 .!? > hp- ti 1 j. ? 1 ppph 1. i\< |P t ttr .im "f ti*f ' Pj ill"'. . tin' rut II..11 .iri".! I- It ^kod ihfi f* 1 ill it i fe* .f. il lij t'oaiiirl t i"'l ' tf'"i'i,?r ""kt'ii* I .-ill 1 ..i ? ti r fin- lu tiwira uW?ow.l a tn'i'i 1 .1 a-- j . ili 'ti H' ( tin 1 1 i .-1 1 11 1 .< 1 ',f :n pao h rr t| i.l thf tif r o 'i It*, iv ' ? i*it? lint * pip nWi in r* f. S? jtliHri' rrt?i w.ih jaffprt nnurtlj hi d a'.ip t o I 1 1 i". lr ' 'I' 4 ;,h. r Ij a IU f' t : cmprrt. i.rat i of ihe adbof * ^*ippi(jpp* -?M rtp?r.->. s ! f B mott now ??|U? KoitB. |> f t . tmf ?Vk 1

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