Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 4, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 4, 1851 Page 1
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I ' T H | ' ???? rx WHOLE NO. 6828. AMV8EMEJITB. BO WE R Y THEATRE.?BOXES, 25 CENTS; PIT, 12* oente; Suats in Orchestra lioaea, M osiU.-Doon open %t I, to commence at 1* o'clock. Friday afternoon. July 1, the performances will commence with JACK SUKPPAKD? .lack Shoppard, Miss S. beinu. Jonathan Wild Mr. Tilt in; IlluealiiD, Mr. Stcvena; Thames Da-r-U, Mr. Hamilton. K iel, ac), Miss Hilfert. To l? followed by au admired son;/ by Win liiffert. After which, the comedy of IOVJM MAZE? Pinion, Mr Jordan; Capt Holding Mr. Goodall- Rosa, Ml.ia Herring. To conclude with the BROKEN SWORD?Claudia, Mr. Pope: Col. Kigolio, Mr. Steven*; Estiv.m, Mr. GoolAll; Myrtilio, Miac S. Lioniu; Kosara, Mi.s Herring. EVENING PERFORMANCE.?Dooraopen at 7 1curtain Tiara at 7 V. The performances will ouminenoa with the tragic play of PIZAHRO?Kolla, Mr. E. Eddy; Puarro, Mr Til4ou; Alonao, Mr. Pope; Cora. Mrs 11. P. Cratton; Elvira, Aiica Weiuyaa. To be succeeded by the comedy of a HUS- I JtANIi'S SECRET?Mr. Dupuis, Mr Goodall; Valiero, Mr. | 1'opo: Thomas, Mr. Jordan; Mri I>ujvniii, Mrs. Neodham; ^Angelica, Miss Barber. To conclude with the grand lexsnda- 1 TV romance of BLUE BEARD?Abome'ique, Mr. Ttlton: 1 Ibrahim. Mr. LeAnyweU; Helitn, Mr. Hamilton; Slia;abac, jMr. Jordan; First Spabi, Mr. Martin; Fstima, Miss HiUert; Irene, Miss Herring; ficda, Mita Barber. BOWEKV THEATRE.?BOXES, 25 CENTS; PIT, 12* coat*; Orchestra lioxes, 50 Cents. Doors open at 7*i curtain rises at 7^t. Saturday evening, July A. will be repeated the trvgic play i f Pl/ARRO- Rolle, Mr. E. Eddy; iPirarro, Mr. lilton; Alonao, Mr Pope: Cora Mrs. H. P. Cir&ttan; Elvira, Miss W'etnyes. To be succeeded by the oomjdy of a HUSBAND'S SECRET?Mr. Dupuis. Mr. Goodall; i "Valiero, Mr Pope; Thornaa, Mr. Jordan; Mrs. Dupuis, Mrs. Needham. To conoludo with the romance of BLUE BE ARD ? Abomeli'iue, Mr. Tilton; Ibrahim, Mr Lofting we! I; Shaea feac, Mr. Jordan; Sclim, Mr. Hamilton; Fatiina, Miss lliifcrt; < Irene, Miss Herring; Boda, Misa Barber. 1W"ATJ0NAT. THEATRE, CHATHAM STREET.?BOXES J." left c?ut?; l'it, \i% cti.; Orchestra Tickets, 50 cents: I'ri N ate Box Tickets, $1. Friday afternoon, July 1, commencing at 2 o'clock, the performances will ooiutnaniio with thu po- i jii-lar drums oi' JACK KOlilNSON AMI HIS MONKEY? Ki Hulry, Mr. Brandon; The Monkey, Mr Cliuo; Ja?k Ro- I Linson, Mr Be Fan r; Kmiline, Miss Crocker. To he fol- i lowed by the laughable eomic dram* of THE SPITF'RE ? 1 Mr. Tobias Shortcut, Mr. L. Fox; Lieut Seaworth, Mr. L> > Favor; Margaret, Mia* Crocker. To conclude with THE 1 FRISKY COBBLER?Jack Sn >i ale, Mr. Thompson, Sain Vax, Mr. Marsh; Emma, Miss Malviua. EVENING 1'ERFORMANCE.? Doors ipen at7.l?; ourtaln rises at 7Ai- The p< rl'orinancei will commerce with the second and tin: d acta of MACBETH?Macheth, M r. J. R. Sooti; < Macduff, Mr. Went kins; King Duncan, Mr. Stafford, Bin<|Uo, Mr. Brandon; Malcolm, Mr. Le Favor; I ady Macbeth, Mr?. M . Jones. After which, the grand national drauta of I1.ARRY BUKNIIAM?Gen. Washington, Mr. C. W. Taylor; Merry Burnham. Mr Watkins; Ki I.ane, Mr. Brandon; Gen. Sir 11. I Clinton, Mr. S aflord; Mary Mann re. Mian Crocker. To con- I elude with the pantomime of THE GOLDEN AXE?Gilos Clump. Mr. Thompson; Farmer Gnbbinf, Mr. L. Fox, Uucle 1 Ben, Mr. Le Favor; Sylva, Mist M. Charles. ITALIAN OPERA AT CAMI.K GARDEN.?MAX MAret/ck. Manager aud Conductor. Admission, 60 cents. (Saturday evening, July 5, will he perforinol the opera of < MARINO FALIKKU. Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice Signor Marinl. 1 Ilena. Lia wife Kiguora Truth-Beneletti. i Fernando Signer Loriui. Israele Signer Beneventano. I Ocndoliero Slgnor Forth I Leon! Signor B tratioi. j i Bt?no Signer Biondi- . l>oore open at half-past 6. Performances to commence at S o'clock. No postponement on account of the weather. "J\| ECU A N 1CS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAT, ABOVE AvJ Grand atreet ?Open every night during the week nntil further notice. The original aud well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. comprising en e'hcicnland versatile "corps" Of "talented" and "experienced perfTmore," under the management cf E. P. Christy, whose concerts in this city, for a succession of "five years," have hoen received with favor by highly respectable and fashionable audk-uooa. tlii kete 26 cents. Doors open at 7, and will ooinmonoo at 8 O'clock. f>u Friday, July 4th, an aitcrno n concert, o imnuncing st 3 o'clock. The natrons of (. risty's Minstrels are respectfully iniorniad that the Batnrdf y Afternoon Concerts Will be discontinued for ths future. I I^EI-LOPS Ml- ICAI. Hill, 111 -!K" \ I > .V AY, NEXT j door t<> the Olymcic. above Oftn&l street.?Open ov^ry bight.?Thi' n?-w and t>enutifully finished II -all i? thoroughly I ventilated for the Summer eeroon. audHi, without ticoptioti, t the coo!ebt and n.' ht comfortable plbvu ot amuieinout in the j city. Thfi original Fallows' Miiitrtlit lonprUiigi tsnpny of twelve taknted and etJkient p rfor ner#. wiioae oonoerts | In thift cit* U t the last year have reoeived the >uaulm.>u? approval ol the xno?t discerning audiences, under the di- ! lriuitoo i'i j?. rtnuwB, i r* i?>r tt ouu?*'iMy, wuiy i 3d, afternoon and evening:?I'art I.?brand Introductory Ovettuic, Shcppard'f Quick Step, full Band; Operatic Chnru?, Congolese fox Hurt, a la hniuer, Company; O.lcy J ities, U. fcwaire Buckley; Oi l Pine Tree, J. H. Collins; Tap, Tap. Tapping at tlie Window, rtumsoy; Mississippi Ualored M ? - r?, with frog accompaniment, Company; Oft Bemud, K. II. Buckley; ?lci?h Kile, G.Swaiue Boakiey; Duct ( llones and Violin, from thu opera of 1'umpft. a pieoe of musio ticetr' <1 ty any other bone plnyir O. Swaine aai K. i Buckler; Unlit"), Sally in our Alley. J. U. Collins; tiriind I jr.uaicaf ?c?r ? the Fireman's Clmuut, descriptive o( a lire in i ,..-(re i working of engine, Ki. composed by J. Bur' B.:eMi and reppectlully dedicated to t ic New Vork j f c ifc) t, Conioaoy. I'art II.? Burlesque Pelka, | V iUanu cud . intUy; Ballad Tb? Bast Rot" of Summer, J. /' f llu i irlcnne, a la Fanny Eilahr, U. S. Williams; F'.i'r ;io Flir a la Ccrlto, Huntlj: Borlesuae on the [ jlavtr a > . -v'lrotipe; Violin Solo, Matter F. Buckle?; Ba-- j Icf in b> a!'??. with new featurm. entirety original with ( i> . mp'i ' i.cli'phone Solo, F. Ilu.-kley; burki'i'ie llornI e , Mu i> .? in the new etyle of costume lately intro- | dv.eec and i e adopted by some of the mutt fathomable t ? i.. i f etr in.; C'f aracleriiti Medly Dan' e, J. Huntley. I l'?r. HI , re| i -nting the rharacteiistice peculiar to the i?;ai. - o i ikarkic* of the South? Banjo nolo, with etfuiloni n nv ' "ft l,yr,.o, O. Swaine buckley; Cmub Solo, G Swainc j' iiru It a i. jo Solo, II S. Rumley; banjo Trio. u. Swain* g.t >ky JO t. y, aud K. Uu kley: Ta ok riue Solo, U. II. Jv 'b, a' i . ke Bone Dance fl. Sualne Buckley, Rnmnoy, | at Rn . arure Dance, Williams' Song and Dance, 1 uey D it, 1 ley and Company: Finale, ,-rand terpslcho van J ,i>? .rdming the Holiday Festival Dance, U. i u. William* Ramsey aod CoBp itiy. Admia ; o. c. ''xei. i Jim under 12 years of sge, half price. Doom i npcii i T c at S. An Alt ruuon ( meert en I'rilay, j Jay an 'rday, for the accommodation of ladies and yne, eo > ielif at I o'eloek. ?Tf;< vnj . VPIARY?A KEIV AND WOMfDtRFUL J I.'I li lt n Montague place, rtar of Mouta.fUS lUll. ?By l o-ai . a ingenious invent!.'U, 130 a*arm?, or more than ,t' I eea. are ?cen ? orl iug t'g?ther, Haling glaaa 'jo*?i . -as abler* with honey. Miscroscope* are ?r?.?., na. ig the beoa many tioaee the site of life, f.ias* t the visiter whilt watching tbeir curi >u* Opera , ra of the curious In nature oome and aes %?,. g.- , al curiosity. 1'aretita, bring your children, j and let ' .? 1 oe toach them a lesson of industry. All ? ? t ?. ri. i .i' I entertainment may bo both instructed And amused a wittance, 23 cent-, children, Ii1; cants. - asm l 1 * . cents l iberal army g. mints with schools. Ci .-a 'i i r A, to li F. M. N. B.? lerritorial rights for Gtit. s l a t Apiary" may Le obtained at the olfiee, \( iii) \ BUTfilETTRlCAL Wardr6be"is 1 aei > e iOth of August next. Any one capable o mat is,-, or ie above mentioned tims, or haeing a good * toed; v J r sale, w ill m-ft with a pureh-s r. by ad.1r-s P . ii' M a I. lihki I'll U.I., K.'a.. f'O. d dim r ST8 11 PHIL# AD B liPIIl A. I BARNCM'S MUSKiril, CORNER OF "KVRNTll AND Cheanut ftrcota, Philadelphia.?1'. V. Iliruum. Proprietor; 11. Haniurd, Manager?Two porforinaniniii dully, after- J noon Mid evening. Admienion, 26 eguta; children, haU prtco. \ Monday a'enltig, Juno 16, Mr ltooth, the eminent tragedian) Biakeahir fir?'arauc - io "llamlct." During tlx wood tht Martinctte. formerly of the Ravel Family, will Ire their intererting eeoluti"ni and aetounding irate on tho Tight Hope. Mr. Taylor, tl e popular comedian, will aleo appear, during the ?tak. in the ''Lad/ef Lyonv. and other lavoritn flaya. Plraainr larcea l oth atternoou and ?- iiug Phe collection o( wooaera crowded into the eapaoiovie ivl-ona eomprla* nnie haif d .aeo original collect!. n including the fan.uue one he 1'eala. Thorn are all worthy of a vieit, aod ran b? peau, together with the perlormanoea ia the Lecture iloon. Cor the leer price of >6 eeate. iicuinuNi. A whaling rxri RsioN extra (onour weekCoatemplated ah' ut the 21gt of month, on the tbhahag llaoka, near Nantucket, kn ?? n in foot of the , Rh-ele. Rome of the moet evpeet whalem-n in the world aro All ready for the affray?heidamcu aad l.trp-nre, h*r- I | rw< na and lanrea, hoata and lima, from N e IL-dford and Nantiic k. t, to attend tliia grand eg ur^'a. A packet to Attend the ateanii-r, all eiit.lm id with ntting g itr to cut in tho wbalce re root) aa killed. A Urge ,,uaatity of whaloa are alwaya f uad on theae hanka at thir ai aaon of the year, which ia well known to tha Nantucket, New Bedford. and Ineynrd Mi file. It ia hoped the good etciunr M e-aehii etta will he i htatned for thia grand oeea-l n Gentlemen w>mj wiah to he one of the Onimittec of Arrvngeiuenta will ddreea a line immediately, poat paid, lo O. Pr " tt. af the nfllre of thl? piper. AH parti-ulare to b* gl?'n in thle paper hereafter. A apeiial invitation will he ai?e? to all "Of Bu-too irietida to meet na at Nantucket for the ageqriiin. It ia hoped that Henry flat' and Daniel Idolater will ba with ua. to enjoy th- c lowoor Tht rWanter, on trip down, will ntop at New Ifavon. New London, Ne?t *t. an I New BeJ|?rd. Iha atcamor will bo in port terry night. Grand si nday bxcprsion t?> new kochell* and Glca tore Sunday, Juljr ' ?Pure 25 centa en h ' way The favorite rteamer ISLAN DRR, will make n plena- | Ant cgevrafon lo tha above pla- e.?leaving the foot of llam- . mend at N K "S o'clock A M, St ring atrot -!{. Catherine at., K R , 81, t.rand !<>? Tenth!", and new liar Twenty- | oi<Ui atrcet.ll ,. Returning w-PI leave Glen t.'ovn nt oii P i M And New K i helle, I All w.oarc in famr of healthful , pe rretra w II I nd tile eg iirefoi, a gratifying car A good -I opportunity off r-d to thnae load of tiehing or eon bathing. IMnaer fnrniel il by lira' cla?? * at New Roehoile. M. B ?A gold enri'ly of refeeah?ei.t? en hoard. ScSllAV VfiRN iAii'iimaT F'?H NF.WIlPflUlI AND Pougbkcepetc. and landing at Pl-rtront Kockland Lake, Caldwell>, t i rrea'a Dock 1 V* i-at Point >. ? o,d Aprtnc. Cornwall. New Hamburgh, and Milton, touching at Hammond ntyeet each wey. Tare, Mem**. Toe new and awtft nteamer HENRY t LAV, (aft i.\ Tallman, etll leave the pmr f ot of Chambira eirrct every Mnn ay morni'e at 7X o'clock for I the akove n'aoo* Ri turning, will leave Ponghkorpala At S 'cloak. P. V., arriving in Vaw Voek at 6 P. M. Thla trip Will be ronlinti'd for the (eaaon. SPNDAV TRIP TO COLD SPRING LANDING AT Tohkere, lla>ting|i. Dobbe Ferry. I arryt-wn. Mng Ring. Ilaveratraw, Verplaakr, Ptck-kill and tt'ivt Pointyt-*n ihing The new end *t londid iiteainnr TllOJ t. lltH.h'B. ''ent (. Ven t* ert, Will lee*e New Vnrk fmn loot of Chatihere atre.nt. Aundey niornir*. nt 7S n'rl" 0 V, fur the* place* KitnrLinp. Kill lmre hold I pile* it I nVloot P. ? Jimrrnsions to tiir ri. .iim; imnks F.vf.rv A d*? IB til* Wick.?On the 4ln of Jul* the trip will h* attended arnnn.1 the li*ht *Mp. Tha ?? *i.-amnr Hnlfale Brill lee?? lirmrvud etreet 7'. Cmml 7'*; Ufand treet, ? *; Cathetine itrnet, *le; I'lef Nn 9 A. M returntry hy .1 r M II. rreelmient , 1-Mi.* tackle, tie., prevlded on heard Fere. rent* et< I inf. D i i H-1 ro r.)i> ii t nillt'.a ent t nn** Mini Tie etentu it TR1JAN cxntnencee krr trenln* trio* nt ?' n'cln'h P M from pier r'o .1 North Hirer, on Ttiride* July dth. end will ennttnae theoniihniit the leeecn. taniiil * wleliln* a rnol and plei an*nail, with en erenin* *en lath. will Pud thl* boat innet ftnltel to their rnnrenlene*. Tie Ir Ian ?l*n learee pier .-Ne. S w r, and 10 A.M.. and I and ? P.M.. r.i h da*. GftAMtf'BXCVMIONS TO CONKV ISLAMIC I A* I? lac at Fort Hamilton aach w.-,y--Fire 1TW Cant*The new iiil *j,|rr..tld eteeoii r 'l P'i IA >, ? apt. J. N Rod loan, wlllmake deily eteiireiounto Cone* Trlaad. forth* eea nn. traitor follow! > Mumln* Trlr>-Fmm Rprint etr??t at hali inrt 6 nclosk, ?H and half p?.t It end at S Frm Ptr S N. It., at finlf peat ?, 10 1 and 4 n'elnar. Mora in* rip from I art Hamilton at d A M THR I.. R <; R ?NT> ( OVMiiplOt S ? T F. 1 ? F R TATAUNl, rapt W H. I'**h, ean be ehart-red fof eararatone, Ma. for further Inf rmetlr.n, laiolre at JiVt I'earl Vent. ft ttthe captain. oa l card. r E NE AMC8BMRNTI. BHOAPWAYTHEATRE.?E. A. MA RSBAMTsOufL^ tee; G. II. Barrett, Manager.?Lioort open at7*<; curtain rivet at 7?^. Prett Circle an J Parquet, 50 ceute; family an J Third Circlet, 25 ueutt; Gallery, 12% oentt; Private Bo tea, $5 and $o. hi'iday evening, July -I, will be prevented the iday ot the MERCHANT Of VEN1 CE-Shylock, Mr. Vf. Waller; Haaaanio, Mr. Frederickt; (Iratiaoo, Mr. Shaw; Actouio, Vr. Clarke; Portia, Mies Audcrtou; Neritta. Mitt J. Gougeul.erui. To conclude with the latt two acta of AZAEC ?Atael, MrJConway; Reuben, Mr. N. B. Clarke; Amenophlt, Mr. Shaw; Boeharit. Mr. Whiting; JepUteU, Mitt Andr.rton; Nefti, Mrt. Abbott; Lia. Mile. Thereto. BHOA DWAY THEATRE.?E. A. MAKSnALL, 8QLB LKSeee;Q.H. Barrett, Manager. Doom opon at 7VC, curtala rifiOt at 7 V. Droit Circle and Paruuet, So oentt; Family and Ihird ( Iroint, 26 oentt; Gallery, 12K ott.j Private Boxet, (5 kml $K. Saturday evening, July 5, wMl he prevented the i,lav of tin MBKCHaNT OF VENICE - RhvWV Mr W Waller; Bas*anio, Mr. Fredericks; Gratiano, ftr. Shaw; Antonio, Mr. Clarke; Portia, kit) Anderton,, Miss J. Uougenhoim. To conulude with the last two acta of AZ.AEL -Ajucl. Mr I onvrjr; Reuben, Mr. N. 11. Clarke; Aiuenophis, Mr. Shaw; Both-ris, Mr. Whiting: Jephtele, Miss Anderton; Nefli, Mre. Ahbutt; Lia, Mile. Thercae. NIBLO'3 OARDEN.-MANACEIt, MR. JOHN SEFTON. Tickets, HI ceuta; Private Bex* a. $o. Doors open at 7* to at 8 o'clook. July 4, 1.861. Grand Gala Night. Uebtiol and Krsucoia In populni pieces. Military ballet and harltquiu comic j auton.n ic, sontluding with Artwork*. Serious and grotesque dancing, and every species of intellectual und amusing entertainments. This evening, Friday. Overture, Zin | a. To he followed by the military and ootnic pintomiiue of JEANNETTE AM) JKANNOT. To be followed h> new acta on the light Rope. 'l"o oonoludc with the harlequiu comic pantomime ot the MAGIC TRUMPET? Harlequin, Francois Ravel; Clown. Antoine Ravel. NIBLO'S GARDEN.?OPEN EVERY N1GIIT.-MANAper. Mr. John Sefton. Tirkete, 60 cents, Private Boxes. {.6. Doors open at 7: t? commence et H o'clock, Burt-n'a eights, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdaye. Ravels' nights, Mondavs, Wednesdays ana Fridays. Great comic treat to liri?h ti e holidays. Two comedies, embodying a host sf lirst rate talent 'Jr. Placid*, Mr. Burton, Mr. Blake, Mr. Lester, Mrs. J. Walla* k, Mr. John Dunn, Mr. Moore, Mr. aud Mre. Ilolman, Mi r j. Bill. Mre. Hughes, Miss Woston. kic. Saturlay, July C, v ill be played the comedy of PAUL PRY?Col. Hardy, Mr. P.acids; Paul Pry, Mr. Burton To conclude witl. the com* It of BAt BAILOR'S TORMENTS. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM. BROAD WA Y, N EAR BROOME street.?Brace Circle and Parquet, 60 oouts: Family Circle. 26 cents; Orchestra Stall Seats, > 1; Private Boxes ?5. Be ore open at 7 >?; to begin at 8 c'clook. Friday "veiling. Inly I. the performance will comm?nce with the WORLD'S I AIR?Jove. Mr. Brougham; Apollo. Mr. Phillipa Mercury, Miss J. Gould; Columbia, Miss Mary Taylor. Tho "Star Spangled Banner" will be sun* by all tho company. To he r II. vc.l by the SCHOOL FOR TIGERS?Panels, Mr. T. 1>. Johnston; Tom Crop, Mrs. Skerrett. To conclude with the BI.OOMcRS- Mr. Primitive, Mr. Chippendale; Mike, Mr. Brougham; Miss Ueorgina Primitive, Miss Mary Taylor. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROAD WAY, NEAR BROOME Htrcat,?Dress Cl.-cln aud Par*iuet, 60 oonts: Family Circle,26ctnts; Oroheelra Stall Seals, SI: Private Boxes, fcv. Doors open at 7K; to be^in at So'cloi k. Benefit of Mr. G. W. fiiiltli Saturday evoning. July 5, the performances will ;*nnnence with THE TEACHER TAUGHT -Mr. Henry Aubrey, Mr. Brougham; Wise Charlotte Vere, Mias Mary Taylor. Alter which, a Graud Divertisement. To be follow, d ! I.y tkr ball* t of the JOLLY MILLERS- Mean, M. l,**on Ec pinosa; Colin. Mr. G. W. Smith; toilette. Mile. Alber'.ine. '< loo* nclude with the GREAT F.X1UBITI0N -Mr. Tippity, Mr. T. II. Johnston; Clementina, Mr*. Brougham. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM.-P. T. BARVUM ! Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood, Jr.. Asiist int Mi.neg.r.?Liberty's Jubilee.?A glorious welcome to the Arniversary of Indcpcndenae?-Grand preparations for the holiday week. The Manager has the pleasure of anucuueirg a series of p.-forui&n ei for Friday. J uly 4th, lSSl, n hieh w ill collpre all former galas, and render ti e *lay which o.arVs tlx rarirati n of three quarters of a century patsed in union, freedom aLd prosperity the meet brilliiul and attractive in tl annals of the Museum. The performance! on the F< urth will commence at IDo'rlock in the morning and ; continue almost hourly ttjroughout the day. The dramatic , ntertalumcut* will Consist of national on d patriotic pieces, s* a variety of . ow and splendid spectacles, comedies ana arees, ii terrors* d with comic sinzing and burlesque danc- j ug. The combine ' talent cf the eutiro dramatic corps will *II***ur In their teen'* representations. Tho lamous Leon ( lavelli, nnqneertenaely the tr-t Tight Rope denescla Ma sotld. end late a star in the Ravel Family, will appear, with | that irir.'ii I ** rl'i.rm, r ni. * I ? I,,',. R, ... II,. ...l.k.,*.! iii rr Citnc. atd the extraordinary c.|ui!ibu?t ?nd gymnastic Jean Lerieu, in the aftem. on and t-veniug. The vnt Chi :ese, mv<i the million of ouri >eitl - in tin sVoon, to ehich groat additions have been made, will b< open ?t all icure of the <i?y ant evening. The Happy family, nota poled f t"pw arda of one hundred trained Annim!* and IliriU, of the noat appoette nutvrea and iuatiocta?tl.e tie roe uud the tiruii ?the etri nr and the feeble?deol/ons of the and li?no.-tic f-eta?will he exhibited together in on; apartment, orming a paradox In nature iaooaceirabla hy those who ' ave ei t wiinepced it. lu addition to thin, it may bo ni--nli'-M d the kale juien and windows of flamu a s Mumum ifiord ti c very t eal poaition in New Y ork from whi'h to eitn'e.1 tho eitad llilitary Prooca?i,,ti, the boautll'ul display ?? hr works to take place in tiie l ark, and the other fietivi- ' ti t 11 ti e fourth. The American Museum ia beyond oomp-iriicn ti.e ooolrst and.L*-t ventilate J place of amusement. in I \iw Y o*k. f or particular* of tiie onterUinaienia, pro- j trumtie of p-fr' nranca, ace email bills of the day. A tmia ?ion to tee entire Mue-utn. Chinese Collection, S tfoom of i u. infitioa. Happy t smilr Pa perform tm-ea, 30 oente; Children under l') years, U)i cents. l'ariiuet, or reserve ate, tenia ext-a. RAY'MOND Hi 11E it R DIII k<Il A i' fl'S MENAOERIE.? Tf.ia celehrated Menagerie?the large-it and beat conducted in tiie known world?embracing a.moit every animal knows to natural history, and which ha* received the patronage and applattae of liuudreda of thmtean la of the moat respectable had in ailligeut people of the United States, baa inat i TiL-i-necd a Knat brilliant amnm r canjvaitn, and will vlelt the principal eiUra an i towna of New England in the rollow iur order, via:?Tuesday, June 24th, Natlok; Vt'edneklay. 26th, H; Thursday ih'-th. Concord; Friday, 27'h, and Saturday, 2ktb, Lowell, Monday. ."tilth, Lkwr-iaeat Tueailoy, July 1, Youth Reading: H edm-eoay, 2d, Charles', iwbi n urtday, :ld. Friday, Itb, Saturday, 5th, Monday, 7th, Tues1 j Mb, and fadatMu, Jth, Boatni. HUANKLIN Ml lira, 175 CHATHAM tMjrARB.?CBO . r LKA. Sola 7rojirletor ? AdiT,in..ion?Seats in i'rivate Coxes N* cents: 5ta,-e ?e:-ts, 37>? cents: Bcxea, 28 tenu Paijnet, 12>. rente ? Elegant Paleon perfortaacoef everJUlMtif in at <i Evening. Entertainment* commence in the after too.o at do'olook, and in the evening a*. 8 o'elooV. The on i ve-:ainii ent* are varied and eelest and etioh aa oan be eetn it no oth.r tiaoe cf aii.u.,mec? in New Y'erk. corn-let,.ig rf Lea's Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering ttftoon prrformero, being the largest and attheaamo tiw- the m .?t alcated band Ir. the Untied States: a troupe of Model Ar titt* who aro elected f*r their bxsnly and hgurt, and wl o Tift i lilt si Maatifkl tableaux, taken from al victviee uf ancient and modern timet, a company of Arab Jirls, who go through a variety <ef fcnt< of strength and In verity; Madame R- saline, the only Female Juggler ia 'he world; a ci mpany of If ale and female Artie**, who will g't e ?n exhibit!** ol Martla ntrtuar., oni |nallcd in the world *i : r With vs tj of iu'orretin : | it!innaac?i every tf:-,w >or had evening For rtrk ti'ri ea? MH<?' eaoli U*. DIAHKUI Mt 8ECM. 175 ( HATHA M SQ0ABI -KZF tia Notice?Fourth of July.?In erf er tv accommodate j itrengrrs and otluri viaiting the city en the 4th of, the I manager has made arrangements to give "an distinct perf rmsnocs," commenting at the following hours ?Firit, at i' III the Burning: eeectd, at II; third, at I in the afternoon; l?urlh, at A; hrt) . at 5; siath and laat, at 8 in the evening. Prit M I) san.a n? usual. MlHI.fR <iF (illt COUM 111 rilH CIIK.1T NA . til nal It ving i'anorama. di-Ilnentlng, In the mm', accurate ii atim r, I he prim ipai event:, in the annals n| Am *ri ra. fr m the laudin't of to the present time, will . Hi-tint tt'a.-hiiiirtoii llall. ,TH Itrniilwar. on tin Fi-urtli ,.f ' I> ior? open lit; and 7 O'oloek, I. M. Mirror movaa , it .'find A o'clock. I'M Admit'.nnoe 2Scent*; children half . price. lilihitin WednvaJay and Saturday afwnooaa. rl OAXDXK?aftAMDOALA BAY -SFVEVTV j tilth jtor of American in Upon Unco! The rrnat-it ro< ?t i | < pulcr and moot r> ht,*J performac* tt io the oil; In honor of the day w celalrnt.-' Italian <rp?ra. eeUcUl an I p itri dc n.iH' and ttrtnorke i 1'art I ?The or*ul?ir'? porformanco . aill c< tr.u.ftiro ? itii the i elubrated and populnr grand "f-orn. handed nil Air Walter Sc .tt'a *r>"?t novel of Iwtll t>l i LAMMI RIIOOR-I.ocia.ii. nora A. Uoain ; F.dgnr ..f Rav-oiwood. Pignor B.tlirl; loird Aeltu. hi nor li-orrrntann i i Maitnitiil' Wan It I to Arturu. Signer llarittioi. . V r-i-ea ; i I hunter*. n< Idea. Ilridremaida, ate. After th r eiwra. an Irtermieei n of twenty tninstca ! r rrfroalnurata. rati 2 ? Nrand National Orrrtnro, Ijr tha foil ?r?h?etra ; nfter , til htli c olelrat. d patriotic du it, from tha opart of Marino Fallrrc. ruagty Succor Martai and ftigaor Benernataan. 1' a a hula to roiiclada with a r.rand aiinatlr lieplar of tra- i arrka, ron pricing n>mt of tha moat h.a.tnul aai uni ina . iffectr of l ?r> ti clity ; tha whol-eahlbition front tha la- i l ornttr/rfj f< A lrnv EJ/'. I'neo of a tmi-alon throughout Ihr da- tweoty-Av? rente; evening performance Ini ; trr work*, fifty cnatn. Children naif prion. (a a' 11 k OARBEN.-TniS DBLIQOTfrL AfMMRR y rat r la now open to rlaltrra throughout the >tn la. M US I V It la tha Uroait and Boat hrnotifnl room ; ill I hit Country, and tha rlaw from tha nrpcr gellnriri at our tioMa ?ty ai d hatt or la nlcna worth mere than tha price ?t i admitaic n- ona a), ill in z. t'lt A V K.LLnRB' Ol/IDK. QTKAMBOAl RAl K nFTtt KEN l llK RSINDBBR \ M> I' |i?i,r? ( lay, I hnradny, July .1.? Having taan a notice 11 tkr hi Yotn paper", of tha grant raoa hataean ika abora I nami I toata. and of the arrcd of tha R-iadoer being a t much 1 art a tar than the Henry i'lny'a?the Hanry Ola* it n now , h-at and it l?ing hi r hrtt trip to Albany altlt the Rein dear I aiah to any lhara tit no aiartion m ?d in'otrl I tha I lav i . lo at t ha H iod cr, <n her tirat trip to Albany, when tie mnda thr peerage aith a praasnra of 2S lb?. of tuan. I. r en?m teing naw, tha awnm wi old n r> rtnlt hat to ha iirirah np to her aptad, although aha load) tneatr- I tan to tl.e hour while with the Heirdrar. alien in factaloaent at the rata of aiataan milea par honr. Tha llinry t lay left Albany at thirty minntea pw?t It o'vlonbi th.- Rtladaar at ten mtnutea to trtta, with the intention of Prating tin Henry t lay the dilferanet in ?t irtinr Rite n .inutiai and whan at tataklll, n diattnoa of forty mllaa, the itenry Cloy booting tha Koindaar aia minnlei -oiaklnt n dtfTin nan of twanty i-na minntea. The ?p. d of th* II inrr I'lay beit n no muel areater than '.hat nf th? Reindeer, thr Ik n?y fl'.y tlnched her itram loan, after letting Cat-kill. id rame moderately to thr city. and arrived at a quarter to four o rloeb. leaving tha RrinJ>er behind. Tha ownera of U o ll*rry ('1*7 h.10 a ?kti*fl?J cf fwcod, *11 ra<v no nurt. Tl llcrry Clif Iray** N*w V tl *v*ry Vnodty. \< . di c-dar. ?k<1 Friday mraiat. ?? half pa?t ill .> clock m?K?i yalltli* tsrnal l?n.!ln#a. F?r*. Aftycrnt-. N' RW T'IRA ANI? PHILADBl.rniA-NF.W TORR an,I Philadelphia riirct.? tin.tod Stataa Mail l. o*fhrcti#h in 4H hour*. via N*w Ji-trrj Rkilr./ii Faro to |.) for I rotila**. ?nd t- for a?cond clna. !.??? > New Fork at A A M , fy .ni font of Courtland ctr*et, kt.d at 4 A M.andS P M from font of 1,'Vrtr atreel. Um Phit#d?li hi* ?t A and A A. M. and A P. M . r?*m th# font of Wo| MiniMh #0 |Mt>EN AND AMBOI KAtT jtoip I INI AON v ( * 1 > Tnrb in Philadelphia- l,o?ro PlorNn. I North Rifr, 07 I'ean.hoal JLtfiN POTTER. M raio**, kt o>l eh.! *a.Tiii?% Jpn, at ,4 o'ol.iek Far* hy either lino nrwerd AfV 71 Er.ltraat I.Id* * A ' VI oh P. ? ... 41 ,-C_ DMA' I < Uron.AR tat mns tor a mi an t ?fare. m r?ni* - Mt?l? .erred en kolli.-Ol kn.l4fiorM .nl*]. Junr Ml, IfAF tli* now * enift ateiinor NENRV CI.AT, < *| tkla ). f Taltman will lear# tho p|, r I ...t 01 CUaittl rtr>tt??*ry M<nday. Wedntlda?, **-1 frlllf Morning*. it ' S fc 'lrrk. Rott.mlny, will l??. 0 Albany oyrry T#*?day, 1 hnrrdky, #kd A*t?rdky. kt fit* A M. For farther particaItr*. t*i?tiw of th* Captain. on bonrd *fih? l.#ai. piAROlor notr? Tnr itfamfr a not, "apt V.' W , ?k*. for BrM|r*pert, will, on ?nd after Tno?.l?y, J>ily t?l lenrenlrr IA, font of liberty tr". I, N R kt 6 A.M.. oh To**!.. R dneiday.V nr.da, * d Friilky. nad IM noon ?n 'etnrday I will krrir* In BrC.'report 1* ample ***'* ! tkh* th* ftornina train# on th* llnneatonl*. Ne* Ietnrh end Now ll***n Railroad. Far#, Id cent# Fril#l.t ?k*n *t reduced ratal. Apply board, or kt th* efto# on iMffcB. W YO MORNING EDITION?FB FIFTEEN DAYS LATER FROM CALFORMA. ARRIVAL OF Till STEAMSHIP PROMETHEUS. Three Millions of Gold Dust on the Way to New York. Revival of Business in San Francisco. NOMINATIONS FOR STATE OFFICERS EXPEDITION TO LOWER CALIFORNIA. RIOT INI TUP riTY OF MlA/AOA MINING INTELLIGENCE. Agricultural Prospects of Califoruia TZXS INDIAN TROUBLES. Execution in Stockton, fee., &.O., tt0. The steamship Prometheus, Captain IL W Johnson arrived yesterday morning,at an early hour/rom Chagred. via ban Juan (le Nicaragua. She brings advices from San Francleco to the 31st of May?fifteen days later titan our previous dates. We published a portion of her news in a part of our edition yesterday morning. We are under obligations to Mr. K. Lord, the gentlemanly purser of the Prometheus; to Dodge b Co., and Adams A Co.'s Express, for the prompt delivery of Panama, California, and Oregon fee. The Promt theus nrrived at Chajres, on her outward passage, on the morning of the 22tl June. Left Cbagres on the evening ot the *J3d, and arrived at San Juan in 22 hours. Left San Junn en the morning of the 26th, at 1 o'clock A. M., and arrived off Sandy Hook on Wednesday July 3d, at 10 o'clock P. M.?making her voyage from San Juan in sseen dayt and tuvnty-one hour/. Annexed is a List of? PASSENGERS IIY THE STEAMER PROMETHEUS. Mr Medirs, 1 j?Ij. t hr. o children and servant; Mr Bradshaw and lad); Lieut, Bellzoover, lady, child, and servant, U S At Mrs Toireuce and child; Mrs C T Lee, Cant E Chase. Capt T M' llowu*, A D Fry, I. U Crank, Mr Dale Mr Sterling, SCilhcrt, Mr Baldwin, I. B Hanks, Chss Sahntiold, Hugh Miller, 11 C Killgrovc, J I'Osgood. 11 Tucks. Mr .Mapur, Mr HutJIiur, John Smith, Thus Crocker, C K Diton, Stewart Sprsgue, Joseph Evcihart, A 1! Campbell, C t Goodwin, A Hay, J>r Harlan, it 11 Nelson, U II ISoaeh, IS F livrry. J U Cuti-r, T.I Wood, Capt A li Jones, T M Wood, Cant T M Cash, M Gl.<rk, J li Gale. Capt J M Wincho|1, Capt W Ilsnseen, I'r F T Thovn, S B Forbes, 11 W ldriutueli, G-V Covin. C' Gruasky, K 1> Moore, U K Colnman, CaptW Booth, Capt T Cofiuu, C- pt 11 Pease, Capt F Godey, Don Manuel , QuiutaiiB, .Santiago Flores, Capt Bowne, 11 8 Allen, W li Hnnce, H Rice, J II Trow bridge, W P lyre, II A (ford, C li ' Grant, l'hos E dr."worth7, A Biehardson, Jos?ph Wolfe, 1 Capt Leiahtoa, II T I.efitt . Capt G W Cross, C CampV 11, J A , Ki rerr. E tt illis Edward K- are, 8 A 'Fenny, Johu 1. Woods, A Vt Taxter, K Hale, II Anthony, II Danell, 8 Brainard, lor W I. White, W Green, F Bekort, W L Slooum A Morse, J 1'rlt'diard, A l.ittletold, Geo VcKence. S Budget. It Uiokots, 1 it Pickett, II Cmvjt, J 11 Wolfe, T J Grime*. A SaPtcll, Bonj Wallace. S It Moras., .1 II forces, S K Shotwell, J C ItoMn i ion, 11 Derby. I d Thurston, W K Storry, E l A Beaoh, K Frsnklin, John Gale, 1. IV Cobb, tt II Johnsou, A Shell, J . tl alcott. A T Shutre. S It Crump, J II Cornell. W Sinclair, T J Grimes. 1, Uaiisor., (I M..Master, Peter Garner, B llyro, 1 C W I it", ( Windell, II II Marsh. IV II llollada), TJ llry- < ant, T Hale. Moses Wtllarl T W Maine, 0 K Ill-hep, 8 .8 i 1 srtin. I. Gnat, John Mcngo, G VV Bonus, ,N Knote, J . N"V;s?, J tt'tlsou, Joel Lswia, John Msp -r Thos Clark, <? L , Bond, U N Willets, Joseph Moor-, Wut I'i.iltns. tt'wi Pace. ( BRhe. 1 llnttarworth, C I'avy, E Eat -n II Mslonv. Geo Lyon. S Platoaier. Z Side >n, 8 R Scott C W Kneel, C F vhor, ' J Mi Lend, J Mi ore. S Abbhot. W'Mnrford tV Knoe. M Moony, 1 tt* Adams, M t'baudler, A Linton, II Mr.odv J P Sparry, o A is|*rry v. 1. Ad* ?, W N Nhopard i) Sur^m, Janus . Art)". J W K j, V* ni A h*knd*r. t. N l? t . In, ls;*4j, J K? >m.', 11 C Minor < K Wood worth, 1* 1l*?un*. S Draper, O Matioi. Joseph GuHui J I><ane. S fcmitti. W Ilwrih >!o Bew. 8 Chi pill, J S ? hftpin. C N H Ch*pta. It W Cliapin, J 1 X iI lor, Tito* MilUr. M T C tgli*. t) itiirr. Color Oliver, i McGee, C 1 ? virp .8 |t< 1 linger, N Cwple. William Tar , dee, N li Flovd, N .1 Floyd A t Co*t, 8 Foster. C Arnold, i llumoeton, I) li iynoa (I W Kinney. Thomaj ' (hgir. T'uoh C!?i?g. Jr. <J W Deal*. .1 On W%UU.^ It im.n y, ] J 1' Hurr.hiin. .turn*? Car ] > ell .1 d ?'Urune?. M )lr*zi1?ti bud lit' il\. J l-oe? h, VI li l';iv?y. 1. M WiVoly, It CnnniBK, I Lovin M:iM tr. J 8 Ardent, A .1 llolin , ? K < tdc, h 11 ud on i 14 VtifliB, J Hud?ot, G F Meo , * Muds** Jfttob Bhofftw, J AYiBd?BBkr. A Ttckaor.Ch l<ijrcell? ?b4 adf.?T>lal ^#0 A pafH<r^?T DHtn??l Nich<?uL* ^nllai i, of Fulton Ohio, Ui?*<l on the ?8lL June The it? aui( r Kuiplro Citj at ? when the P 1 left. Hi"'Tenncaee arrW< d a' Panama on th 1 Sirth June, with $? WOAHI) in g"ld dii't nod i wo hundred ' p?u-eenir< r< On tin 3d June the idcaiiter* New Orleans acj North 1 rmir arrtYi d at Panama fr-m Sun Fraoouteo? the tirrt 1 with tfhAi.oOO in f old. aud H&u psaaenger* j the latter 1 with jflOOOOO nrd li1) fMu-tiie-n The amounts from fan Frtnriwe are encouraging. A r< int.ltMJ.jM cmrgr is cabihited In th? work of rebuilding and restoring what war so recently destroyed by tire and buairiem nlfairs art rapidly improTiug. The nominations for State Oflleer< and tn?mber? of Oorgnse. made by the d< n:< cratic and whig conrcutioua napectmlj. are as fohow? f*i?iieraJie tVhig. Frr Gtrrrmr* .lebt llitk r Pearson II P. a ling Ll Omnnrr Samuel I'urdy I) I*. Haldwia. Ju\i, Si-j t?ai(.S lleyili iifi Idt. Tod Rebiwon. TVoMwrer., Kltli'u I Ionian J. M. Hurt. CanifUW W S Window Ale*. O. A hell. Qtmrwl S C. liwsticga Wni D Fair. Svneyor (.'srera/.>Vnt W Kddy Walter llerrin. Cai(niiani J.W Vrt' I .1 (' .. ?>n, II l' .??:,a a llMlt li. I1J I Ml' 't A tint. Which threatened reriowa rraulta. occurred at Ni v?(Jn on the 2Ath May It hoi it* origin ill * hunt rtandlup dlapute ?oncoming a lutiil ctalm Uun* and I'll-1< 1 liaU belli freely uaed j but it d-ita not appear tbi't any perron wan killed An attempt rax in Hill- to burn the Oity iioepital at Pen 1 ranch ro. cn the ltdb of May, which prored msec *?ful Tin aperhi wan removed to the vault of the New Content liou-e in Port-mouth cqmrr, on th- 30th of May. with a hmvj micid 1h<- following hi|>? had arrived at fan Kranriaco. prior to the .Hat of May. all of which mailt- rom.wkjnly ahort pax *K' a SuiliJ %/brrirti. Pmaip Pc* Serpent Jan 11 May 17 VJfl 'lay* lent* lit* liytie Jan IS May IS 126 day* rcll|M- Jan la May 30 12i day. Stag Hound Jan. 31 May 33 111 day* She- Km Ferpeut wa- built nt Portamouth N It. The lenbellta llj no wa? built at Philadcipcia. Tbe Kc lip"- war built at New York. The Stag lli und waa built at Uoelon. kyaoptli of Krrntb. fProm tba Alta California May M ] Our city i- built up i gain ' In onr laat taawe for the State? we told of ita deal ruction?now, of it* reaurrection Se me | Unt.s take root and aprout upward in aueh a hurry that they bring the old ah *11 of the germ whenn* they 'ptnng upon the iipahoot'ng atalk. the bulb hu-k at ill clinging to It So it la of onr city. She haa apiiiag no feint her ruin* literally with aahea upon her head cut dtrg upon emLera lVo hare atreeta again, block* again, honeea. atorea, bucinea* excitement, hurtle. prognae pne.pi rtty Three-fourth* ( the atraeta are liaed again with liabltaliona, although not four week* hare riapw d . the flra So. too. tr It of Stockton Amount* from ther* bra very encouraging. Iier people hare not been dishearten d by their gteat calamity, hut hare progr**eert rery far In remedying, by building, the deatrunllon of their gri at lire Thr'e two Area bad not a* much affect a* an antlelpatad in raleiiig pric-a. on account of the graat quanti tba of good* on -chipboard, and Urge cargcet which have nirid lite* I1ie whig and democratic partle* have each made thtir n< m-nalloim l thr rontret rur malt orv?ra aad C'orftiki sa n? w fuily op. m d Thr whip Domination* arm niadr with itigoh unanimity, nod probably th? donu rrata will fifr quit* ar undiiidrd a support to their priti Illrrll Hono r* if Indian dllBeultlr* and akirmlahlng In thr n llhrm part of thr Itetr, air rii'a Thr drrplar<i In Ui?tr hut* pr<?> .1 thmi'i'lvm m l larkint In emragr. Ml II in If' In- duply rryrrttrd that a frW Indiiidu it* I air had tbr pmiif Mid waul nf prlnrlplr whlsh har nrdr n war with there wri-li-hod rPMtiirrr quite pirbv Mr Tb< t* t? Tet baa eli'ted In tbr nature of thr care at y WfeaellJ ft* *urh n depbrihlr condition of thing* Thr prwpt-r l? of agriculture are rery good ? mush better thai ??? at ofr llinr anthipntrd Thr latr rainhrtr tnrti-rialiy Inert-ami tbr pmhahilltlea of goi?i ihft Thlr t-B-plojuntil of a portion of our rltlat-M le< ilaln lo hr an loorenring anil profitable oor Vtrt tirouraging irporta cmne in from thr Tarlou* it- oil p r.r">n- nn<l thr amount of dn<t ahippe.l hnn? i w* thai rar ml nrr harr not glrrn out nor run ab-irt. > with tatidirg th? dry air.lrt )fcr Indian r-nnmUaionrr* harr mil with e*cr||? it -tit main hrir i IT< ri* to pacify tbr Indian*, and onlr oid lh' tUMalaltig arm of g?Teraatnr.| at hune with marMr appropriation* to rrndrr tbr fttatr and oa ii a n i ,-l *r> ll< ill < nlrr Tht llirl turUMon under thr law* if thia "Hale took

laor in M m ti< n on IhurMlay latt It ait for nmrdi-r 'Tilt lin h#i n r m-idt ral ly i-hrrk-'d -t lair and thar-* r IW In p ft* a lirfhr atiUe nf IhlBga ia tbr future 1*011111 a I art. Ira. I hat arr ral hrltigr i w t f tn ? d'di p- if thr p dlilral nrt-rlnr (Th . lli'r* lldatr* ?rl* pillii * ft? i iiai The wl id uwratta him i e l< if pa t ' tutI . ia f Tir ol ih- o-mprn Inlw n-iaitirrr and i < ; l. ml he >w itf |aa*i if if in-in fat 'i i* hp tU? g-a-nd !*.?? r-iairui i'u? < RK H *> ?. ... ^ I DAT, JULY 4, 1851. wfclga think they ehould be allowed to the miners i | to work free of toll or tax, while the demooiats am fa- l vorable to granting them to actual Battler*, who are cltiten* of the Dotted Btatea, a? well as all the public lands. Tba whiga are favorable to grant* of land by the general government for educational purpose*. The Keportcd Expedition ta Lower California. [From the Alta California, May 31 ] The steamer Ohio, Capt. Hubert Ilaley, arrived from Ban Diego yesterday morning The Ohio was detained a few bourn by striking upon the bar opposite the North ltencb, while entering the harbor. (leneral Mors hi ad left Ban Diego on Friday, May 8, ! on hie expedition down the cast When Oen. Morehead arrived in Baa Diego, he had with him about forty 1 men. meet ef whom left liirn soon after reaching the port The bark was eo poorly provisioned that there was not ; sufficient food on board to last a week, and the (leneral 1 got in debt in Ban Diego for Btcres sufficient to provision | lux vessel m mnzauan A report arriving that the Qovernor had isnm-d h proclamation, offering a reward for him. Morehead left the : vessel, and went ovur the linn into Lower California, where he remained two day* The party mode them selves very unpopular in Kan Diet;-), by fighting and j creating disturbance* in the streets The li.irk was , aeeiicbid liy the Collector of the port, but her papers ; being made out in duo form, and no arm * being found on board of her, he did not feel authorised to seize her A number of liU men retinoid to this city yeiteiday, in the oh io In Los Angeles, a party of about thirty, already organized, urv preparing to start, by laud in a few days Into Bouora. The report which they make of themselves is, that they ate going to Pouora to take advantage of the offer recently made by the Governor of that Stab' grant, ing a certain amount of land to settlers within the territory; although it is perfectly understood, from the preparations of the party, that th<^ iuteud mailing a foroibie oeizure of Sonora. Kilning Ojm rnlloiiH?(liinrtz. [Kruin ilia AltaCalifornia, May 31 ] We noticed a few dsys ago, the arrival of a large quantity of g?lil that had been extracted from the quartz by j the very simple process of crushing the rock with a , hammer The mine from which tins gold was obtained is situated M uie ten miles from Sunora. There < Is every prospect that it will continue to yield quite m ] richly, for a long lime to comi, as hitherto liut the quart*/ gold is not confined to the southern mines The Antiiln Journal gives the following account of mining opi rstions in that vieinitj:? ] There are now two steam quartz crushing mills lu fucccsrful rpcrmtion, anil five more in proeer.i of erec- j tien. cneof which is to he started to V"rk in a rtsy or two?this letter by Mersrs. Collins & Cropi t, having six ] stamps. tach wi igldng SoO|ounds and working together ] in a cm nun trough, which is securely built o| the most n lid ma crisis, and capable of viihstandiog any f ree (but m -y he spplie-1, an ! cal ulsti 1 to crush about , 10 tons of quartz per day , Mr. Abbey's B Ul wa? the firs' ore which was S"t to work, having now tccu hi perati iielocc about the 2<lth , FeLraury, and does a !e.r amuui t of husin mu Abort | one and a half miles 1i m Grasa Valley, and near Ophir lull am.11 is being put up ly Messrs. Iticbardsoii \ ( SoWirs. v ith a pro pert if j a very business j when in uprialion. 1 he Im i.vIiisI machine in the VaUey is now in process j c.f election tor Judge IVwish, and is expected to he in njeratlru I y the 1st of June The mill is to commence ( woil; with a battery el eights* n .''50 p. unit stamps, cal- ? ruiatcd tu pulverise lorty tons of quartz per day A? the business of the mill increases, the batteries are to he y increased to forty s' On (h I t of June, it i.- eipwetej the mill of ? Messrs l ei V X Co will s!-o b? in npei-atiou, ilriven by ( in engine ef thirty horse power and cunning twenty p stamps (>f bit] pounds i These will also ho worked H on the improved trim h or ' buz principle " 'Its Faciauicnto eily Company, Colonel J. Uny* k Co , j | w II have tlodr maehioery in op.-r.ittow within a tew ^ L'ays. driving the stamps iu two equal bai terms I V'e hare h m! numerous st*."incuts recently of dis- k reveries of goij in the new Hlete capital. Vailejo, iiut lu. ve regal d. d tliein as weak inv nti'ins,'' circulate | fir j the purpose of rnh.lH'ing the value i t city lots We are t not at All surprised however, at any I ra fule discoveries i ;f that r any otln r | reci'Us m tai in any portion of our t date, snd from tin evidence we now li ?vr an-n <t di? i nei d to dnulit the existence of gold in Vailejo; li'it j I' ! b r to such an i xtenl s.- to en ible it to be worked l.i I idvjulagt we are ium ilulotue Time mint show We I j lave received a sample of gold fruui Mr A >' I'etit, j; niiiiu in- uiniii" i s ?.;< i.iuvn ir- 111 n wrii ne is uu^'in^ it tin! depth of Lflyfour feet from tbr surface. It H in ri-ry clean, bright scales. This sample. worth probably litty cents, was taken frutr. a sluglr wash h.isln of earth I Mr l'etil writer that, in the opinion ?>f tunny, it would j bo profitable to dig fur it, l.ut he htmseif vm< only i:i : lo*nli of (fool fresh water witli an exneiient prospect of i success If hi succeeds in finding the latter, it will pro* n oi greater advaut.iae than the discovery of nay gold do p'fii. to Ih now city. >Ve were shown yesterday, at the oOire of Moffat St Co , k Die fifty pounds of fold sjiecimen*. brought from a gold mine in Calavi rus Ibry M bwn hammered liy hand out ( the quarts rook, and from their appearance the n* V. must ho (he richest wo hate yet so. n Indeed, the wealih i I tin* inini appear* inexhaustible flie BlOt ktou Jrun al learn* that the quarts vein < at Cartou'e Creek are yielding immense return* It say*:? ' In oiio piaeo the * or Item took out PO pound* of pure (fold iu ore day. In Ihree daj a the party took out led lb* of unalloyed ore. To those who are soeptical a* to tie value < f tb> quart a trine whh whieh the whole i ectlou of Ibe Fat Joaquin district la diversified, this acrcunt uiay appear somewhat exaggerated; but from the | nit liorily on whieh we gi*,? thia extraordinary uewa. we j run fully asrgre ail doubters that tbere Ls not more truth in the n Oft ordinary and Wvll ul'ssted every day occurr< i re. 1 iiati there ia in our slat aunt " The tame paper give* the t-llowiig letter from another poition of the district:? Wood's Cmrra, June! ion of Sullivan's, I May 10. ISbl. J Gmvi iwin This cm k maiiitaiua the reputation rarntd two year* finer, for yielding a good return of gut- : , lerir.g real'* to the industrious miner. A party .con'bit . ing of eight men, railing theme. Ives the "Wild Irish l'< lepntiy." turieda bar one-eighth of a mil. below tli? | iuficl. ti i f hiilliTwn's. a short time ago; the proceeds of laal Wednesday's work ess tw i linear-J and seventyfour dollars and lLurselay they took out tlir-e huudred and twelve dollars anJ the are ray to a man ls from on? to two or noes. The Hush House liar Company. half a mile below the junction, are an ruging to a m m Pld p r day. The waler is still vi ry tie ublesomr ' Bank d g gem ' eontlnuo to take out front six to eleven dollars per day The stockholder* eft hi !>? -. r?t Mining Company have juft held tlivlr aiiiiUitl meeting at leia Angeies. This ci nipiiiiy ere in.w in active operation at their mine, ale ut t?' I i i 1 j miles fr tti I?oa Angsle' and 1 hsve two in,us a. a Two shafts have been'Unit, one forly and tin ether sixteen feet deep, and about on- j ] and IHiy U)U? 01 roea nave oecu mrown on- f fUUtbDM'B in iniployeil and preparation* arc being ; r m?d? to rtrrt mon whip The com puny la very ean,juliie i . ifnw 1 al d have eihtl IW MWMntIM fvtlmriv j Tin y hare, ir yrt. had no rihVulty with Uii> Indian* at , tbefr mine, aline ugh r.itue ul Uwlr prnapcrtiog patlli-a hare bei n cbhigi d upon l.j tt?> I'taae, wh i. diacoTurlbg I Tom to bo Americana, treated theiu with the utino<t j , Madam. Tlir dole! ISItiO* Agrrry. (From the Alia California. May .11 ] Ft lint Mr become of the managing gentlcm ti of the | IlluH Ctk|Mf ' M e UN loirj thl< |MliNI MM until *n*l"u< to hare It n.wi-ro.I HV I ran only pay I hat their recent mortnu nta hire km* n jit<ri"ua, Tiny hare recelyed all the mowy paid li by ptorkhjldrrp, lh?y t arc cold the pr> pcller ChrPi-pcak" without 0011'11 log ihrni?now, where'* the Money ' 1 M ill they in>?i r to the stinloider- and to the public * 1 If they in not. ai d that rjuite enon. the whole account of the Iranpartiunp chad te- made public There were Kinie In Pe?t nu n who paid their tneana Into thrt lrea?u ry, and they do not like the idea of loalng their eharac ' ter . a* well a* '.In ir cub. 1 y iri^utallon.*.in c ruac.ju.iuce of tLtlr u of .til aaaoiSaUnu* I 1 lie Iniltnn Trotihlra | aM'lllH INDIAN TKKatt. I>r Wnceacroft. me of the Indlna I'oromUeionrrt, re. turm <1 to thi- i ii) ?' t'Tilay MftlM. lr"m tli Ptac'a | laue river where he hae juei concluded a treaty with p * , trtbra if Indian* Th- treaty grrund waa at ti.-nt * pnerlng. on the ftan'Ovja, wh r- Ml * Indian- rntnn In. ' t'n the '.gib Hi.- w.i? r, u iuUrd They Were |e. | I rated m a tract of land lying between the Ptnnidatt* aid Tuolumne comprising a tract ahout twelre mllr* aitwa by eight nlh a wide. The term- f the treaty wre pretty tnurh the rnnica* thnac mndc wltli the other | til e Old t.'oruliue of the Tu> lumue tribe, h*? been I iilv n a league i f land r .Tiring the tract he hae la-en living r.n aid rtil'ivaliiur fr many yi ar? The fulwnig I aa lift i4tbe ttlbca and I1* ir aevi ral ehiefp ?Oee-Trlnlitad. of the Wi chil la. Va lt kah oTth" 4ukah?; I'ah- r he no if the hi to-nlo * tui*. Itlllppe. of the t'happaV ma. Tu-nU |o. of the Pug wain nl? TIjop? trlbei arc nte ut i tic tln umrd ptrni.g It i.? the Intention of Dr. V i *i reri It to pteei i d in a few daye la Mcolatw. on the | i rtauu nto win re he Will mr. t the iwrnrt. eondeiing of i)i taelinu lit of 1' P Drapron*. r mm inded by Cap. ' Mnnotnan (V mfPiiilcntiiifia hay lie-n ?ent up to II lip peril I p In I i l>ort do county, the aeat of the pre ent k Indian dletnrhnnr<*. to Innt* the lii-liana to Mart the ' n luleei'm r- at r n< ar Ji hneon'a old raiiche about I atlvc Diilep front Mclau by the h:h of duly I>r W tt|*rt*ti teeelTi i cinmui ieallcm fro?H the IVnartMent I " t \l i. hior Ii t: h* I he mii-rmi. r vil li fu el- for the ' CM'Diftp*ion Wr ItW hi 'ill n > b di-*pi>ilnti'l Ml l:ti2 U IIP BAIhr Mil II Murdctod by tin Tiiiiin on Mad rinf \pril W Mr. I nrnoy htniih opiil nlr>11 40 ?mf? Into of tho Una of t Hi'mm 11 U i di t > ' ihimmIIHI rii? I.t.-h-h I i' nil OBO of hi- pnrtT r?, Mi ir I fl lliitph .i It tliy 1 n tho liuh of April nlth a tr*:i I p'r"! imih a an l I nn M? Mi tiinr-itnpi jiiln nniliio in wltii i ti ?n ? t HM-liinp J?ilm oi. h. h |oik<.| friuity rir?r trttip 1o IIm fooullar b v hi i tWo nnirji nb'iit 11*1 : ti r II tii- fittirvi in. t U ih? i%*?*o upttin li uolniri n1 m lio 1 nhin ?*aitlii? * p >r1 i.'Bof Ihi ir-nl? I *. thai } n kllli'd by lila own * hi ih.i w?* ui , * p.ii k a i'-it pair* of bl?n Two Indians win id 1> ?ii? in c ?mi>. am nip \ id ' linTi' liwti lk? l?ri?'tr-i m nl ihonrimi' ' II' I'lmri 1' mn r< n'i.lii Mlrf fi m Hiim inl i? atatlnp thai Col K iii- ihlh ? tuni- r< no i bo nbiMlil I ml an i uu w in?nt wi'h bo IndUna, lit n tub |i tk of iho kn mi r.for on I ho inh Voj lo?imy ?? *. ml b ..r* h?- r itimlnr? Kdwin Ink* of h ioi? III ?*i> km. W Mob "In initially wonrrtid rnnl Mnr.i.n .!?no? ami llioh?rd Thomai * * rorol) w. undi d tt ftl'n a InJ.aus w \? ERAI have fallen. Being bat lodiffcrently prf>vi-doned,and Inferior in number*. the volunteer* retreated. / Riot at Nevada. The Nevada Journal given an account of a riot which occurred in that city on Thursday and Friday la?t The I facte mem to be them- :?Mr Itsydeu claimed a lot on ! Oregon Hill. Othera aleo claimed it. He aold hie claim to a party and went to put them In poneennion He wac 1 attacked by one of thoee who had been in poHeenaion for eome day*. with an axe. while another lired a piatoi. A Rtneral tight took place in which one man wa* wounded. ext morning Hayd n brought an action a.-ainat the I other party whoee name wa* Caasin; hut tke caae was di Inh-hed The partie* went out, quarrelled Casein tired ' at Haydcu who rmhed into Hie court room, followed hy several persons. who fired ?ix or eight timet- in the midst of the crowd, without hurting auy one; and after liaydi-n I got into the street several shot* were tired at him as lie | rati along Mr. White, who had purchased an inu-re-t in Iluydvn'* claim, wac knocked down. hi* tomple cut badly, hie coUar bone fiacturi-d and two or three of his rib* broken, immediately alter the riot, the Marshal, Mr. Barton, made complaint to the Recorder of the rioter*, and llaydcn and C.t *in wi r arrested aud bound over to appear yesterday at 10 o'clock A.M. Marriage* nml Urnlbt In Cnlllornla. MARRIAGES. In Ban Francisco, on the 5th of May, hy the Rev. A William*. Archibald Campbell M'Kcnzio, late of hcotlanl, to nrnigei. uorreu. (? ircmuu. In Sun K ranch-co, on tin* lfith the same, Charles J am ex Martin. formerly of th- Peruvian N vy, to Joanna Kllrabi tli Wiilielml, U'e i f .4 rr?"ny In Nevada city oti tin- 14th Way by Judge Edward*. 1 Mb A. Cotteo to Mi.-? I 1..-1 ilia Cottle In Sen Diego, on the 5th of April hy Padre Jean Holbein. Diiut. Cave .1 Coot- U. IS A,to Dona Yxidore, daughter if Don .'uso Hit dii 1 l'.y liev Jamie Wood.", at hie tin resiih nee in Blockton, on the 11th May, Samuel Pergu.-on to Miss l.ucy Scott. At Maiysvide, Slay 1'2. hy the Ilrv. Mr Driggs, John L. Pert v to Ml.-s Ellen 8 Woody b< th of that city At Maryxville on Sunday evening, Alay Id, hy the Iter. Mr Diydin. Imanuel Nye. of Mary- rille, to Wns Mary Jan. liavi s ot St. Louix In San Prxneieeo. May IS. by Judge Itiiiley, Herman ' ' 3ihl" Montniul. late of the New York Volunteer- toMi 4 Martini did. late i f ( hire England On the 21at of May, hy Judge 1) 1> llullock Jamej tlnrnetx to Alias l.aviin hi Tnbh.i On May 15, at lone Valley, Mr. William llisk? to 1 Mrr Sarah Wilms. 1 On May fi. by Key D. '." Hp Mr Klin* Bobbins toMi-a Serah White. of d'olk county. Oregon On W (dnrrday evening. M*y 7 by the Rev Horace I.)lean W iUiam (.room 's to Alios Na.icy Larotlmr, all of , fotlud, On ?-"i] DEATHS. In Miiryrville, on the Ptli May. Jo?iah Byr.itn #g?l 40 I tears, fctroerly of Poet ltrldgewater, Mass. The dL-oaso *?e cingoMinn of the bowele. At in Id Pun. near Nevada city, Jatner T WoMierel, iged VI ) are, from Cayuga county. N. Y , of inflammation of the tang*. I ] On Monday morirlng, May 10, of erysipelas, Timothy : Irgocd Ward well, of AndovVr. Mass . late of the Arm of ; 1 teiry lili-- tt Co ,Sacrament' City aged 22 On boot'l the eteain,hip Anlelnfx MaylM.cfdy otery, ' ilr Ji m|h Prei. of fletwicny. At Mnryxville on Sunday morning. May 13, James It. 1 1 tubing. >m <f Jan.e i Cn-hlng , late of Virginia, ' p4Nyfantx4 T months ' At l?ryti m May 17, David V Slate, of the city of New ( ' 'ork, aged 21 At mm. cn hoard fttonmrhip Columbtia. lad ween Pa- ' lama end Pan I mi.i i" n Mey t* Lucy Ann daughter of ' 1<o. l' ai.d hn lj ( Newell, aged 2n month-; ?i->>, on 1 ' lit mine tlii|i. May 14, llmlly C.. wife of Oeo. P Newell, 1 ged 2b yeerx On boa id the chip Marianna, from Panama. April 11. ' I. nry 1!< ueh ; iteerxg-pe..'-< t,ger. from Jelh-r-ein Mo ; ^ 7th.JiiHi< - Itowe < f tiiant Co , Wis ; the tlb-eta of t.he ' are in the hanila of ileo. l.utt rford, and ileum of ' he lalti r in tLe bands of SnDiuel Oray On hoard the bark Ralph Iternal from Syitney. Veb 14, ii iat i>2 4* N , long. IJU 5i) W , Al> aand< r llenderaou. ? 1 ahin paivehger. fell overboard, with a sudden lureh of 1 he veer el. during a heavy gale, and war drowned, alia ugh evi ty A or I was luade to rave him At Dong's liar. May 2u Ann >i Abbott, ?g. d 57, of I ic w Albany Indiana * MAiii mo Moarti itv, for the week ending A!ay 24 ? ' 7th. lie nice Warrick. Jot* | U Patterson, 24tu, Solomon ' ulnbrook. iw san PltANCC-rn. * Msy 14?Miehnt I Herman, from lr<<l,ag?'l 6f> years 44 Charles I'.ni^UiiU. ikh '* .Inbu I'cUaii Halliuiore,3f> " Vun N' Ct lioriiM, Mass., 3S. I ' lVnjamlti llurpnyue, N. Y.,29. ' li- Kcnrjf Hiitr< *ii. (imuiiy. M 44 Thomas P Morris. Portland. N. II., 30. 4- T W. Sneider. 8t. Louie. Mn , 23. 44 1??John M llnpkins. N Y , 15. | 44 17?Jobn .It* litres* Jl 44 IVilbrlm Hum. llonnnnjr.tJ 1 44 19?lb nry CarrUI. Maryland 24 44 t'ntbi lin Cum mi UK" Han Franciaei. 2. 44 19?Iiu Manuel. Cliina. 27 44 Matilda Cnprcn, Warren, Mma . GO. 44 Tiin'dbyrO W'ardri-I Andorer. Mas*.,23. 44 20?I iikcuwn man, found near Rim-on Point. 21?Ali hi ?Iit Nus-ent, Kaoport Ma., 44 P.. j.-n.if V W fm-. .Ma.- < 'Is 44 CF.nilea A Wliiii N II. ni^ilcid, 29, 44 23?C. t. < b?pp< II. Luglauil, 44. 44 V Tucker, Oonrgin, 24. 44 24- Mm Will n . S Y 35 44 I.Im-iii zi-r if initb. < >bi?. 20. fc ? rubor. France, 51 44 20?Jr-*e|ih llabe, Heriiuiiy 20 44 'M?lUdwrt McColfreo, New York, 30 '4 3C?M. hnalie, Last Indies, 40. ' Marlittei [Fr- m the Alta Caiilt.ruia. May .11 ] Afti r the tir?-. f. r a lew Jay n Lin re wn* a good demand or many kind# of good*, and a considerable amount of usint s- t ram-ae In]. Tli- 11 Ipnl part, If r >t alt. the auction hou .- > in! t?"i-n burnt cut?eoua.*iurutly but few sulci were umIi- at |inli|ln auction; but, for the l>?( week, the IMtka frnwM Lath.; kM p't up. n.. ny lura . rvattid tbcmsrlri-a otthe mar* f pushing off noanante J >1 itcrk*. t.t.d f ibers wishing to n aliio. a gool i roany goods Lare l -< n fot.-ej oil at Mia moal irregular ' later Tt.i e elminirlar.roa have con-.-d foWer traii-aolitm f t private sab- Wa thiflk. Ii-werer. thutthr surplus sin k will scon 11- worked ' 11, and traJe flow In it* iigulnr rotir??i; ainl If a henry bu.diti -is Is n*.t done, it a id be n nuiiir and at remunerating rates. inept for irtlcti Willi wlileli wc are orrrstneked i'l <je# liare iti.ii ly been m ar fen f r cent easier inn- iu-i. tenner, sneept for c me ft w article# It rannot be otherwise, sftcr mi apt ailing a mdsnuty a.? ti e u't Ore. th in thai own ft rlleuei* abouid l>e tbeci.asei|Uen?"a; but *a feel i-rtain. whin we say that all that run )# by any ilber community ran and will be dour by ours .'dieo-iamove consign nobis i-aiui-it tc mlrl.ied Tin- ri gour trade know tin Ir own wants, sod their nrd-r* are the surest ctvin In rblj pn tube Influenced by laliinTtliLlnrisMssii art in sn ail J.uu i.1 Mas *r-Tt si#? 11t? st. eU Is lar,e end the e'loiijtp n> u u 11.14 1 ' ' ii i' ri! 1 j1j i "ii i" ???/ tr ' 1 p'ji-t rcg, at hand The f' ?r market I In an ur natural [ > !..<n t! Cliil* !'; it u? Laricrrt lioUt' i?nd tlir mark'-l lw I l.etng a* ai-litca* wan aiiti<i| kt> d. La* induced litem to place p>rliona<f Ibelr loch ?tnil tprincipal pi itte ia th<' Interior, partlc * *1. > t ar* lu-reiofur* b'en d hI t* hfcTT ?ithilra??i, ae.l Ib ^u 1 air I tr i 11 u? th y can. nr (1 tin |rfr? nrr Irr.-gu'. r Tb, ir ?n"?rn>ra. i? uu ntutgrti ij t< thrtm<l< II .tall and (lull go II ur ha* re me forward la fit. cid-r. aid *11* Wj mil UaLi nuirk'y and < nte Bo- Krrdh h bar 1 r 7c Hon* **i fin ?? ?-Or thi ir arttrli them anp ar* to l<e lih rc>. i itjr and are ih n.g no ;r oil to th hlpreri Ban a* rrli readily, prim- laari Liirka Lr.ngiag about fM, inferior rpivitc In-* III at tut a. " in 'air d initid Car in- I1ii> article Wnp? [ icli; ngniar. the clock ia act large Cat o, i i liar* rather declined. and are not brick. CrniHiaa mi'fir ret; b.uri.y and dor* in t pay Tfci r?r?lp'T *r? pretty Urge and lite article i not Terr much covghtlor Coal ?Onirg to the tact ll.atthir arc niary article* I at ran he turn. J ?itL much great i fit Uity. there la io moTiBii lit, and it ia uitllull of mie, tin. alocii being 1 argc l omvii -In good rtijoct Cinag?? r,M t I loon* h r? bc< n acid tc arm extent it ti Biuttcralii g price*. I Camay, and Lima Putrt acll aa wioting, at bet i r rati f In i finer#?A gird many pcodi In 'III# lln* h*T* | i urd |Wrck*err? 111 t i ,1 let hate rather fallen back and ran he pur j baud l'?ir , Prim at o Ptv-Prrti* rrt? In rary limited demand i i I m il am'l>rr??t? ?ill y-ctty we!l II if.i napt I* in much bitter demand, and a grwd ' lial doing nt T< tail lifmi arc nt ni"'tit otir la't quotation*. , l.tailim ie Inmielrrate dim nd i 1' mm * ha* rather fallen > 1 except for *cm? fen i ittiil. nr>?l i i>t Im < i.uifii Ti i! all.nit ia it t\a P r?>nt tud I ban |>rW? <|iiat<<l in ovM The atneh mtiAl bar* 1 in u in< iin' un. Mn?; ari lit: r I.lit I.n-c pure In be "IJ , it ,11' tat'. th trtnrigal IiwIdcm being retail tioijmi *akanicnh tale. Nana?A fa r ?uj jiiy lr iratkrt I (Vi n ?A f'A 4 dtiiAiNl b<r point I'ila. i l*Ai?rra? in (ma| rv',n<ft 1 | t'nn*iiie>< ? ftai - nlnui 'j light fit *ck enough t * I y Ivi ninth* ft iiathir dull Ptoolr ef brown large Pi itioin ?1:? n nt rnrale hnTi> iiiiK-b inij-rovel tlio t?<-N; th* ill li:and fur e< oi" article* geod T"ti*rrn Me hat' a I if I" "1 - ipjtly. and priewa j 1 lie Im ri'ly ?> firm Ti ?< lmr n"i mat* > l.i'iy alb nil Pi ami *'? M ao i * are in *u<h a |"?i!l >n a- *'are tina'! to quote ibrni. on account of Uie'if eat rem irr-ga ^rliy . . < Y? mm* are dull The *~hVitirr Kate Heath waa aold ?t | rivnli fhlr fi r 12 '<*? Mmn-liul little doing Mmuj I* not aearre but ( lbi n? M a want of ' rlWi noo in m -t ? >?? -?i. otT'-n .1 mil rate* ara I t? 6 per unit Kv? iiAar.i ran be had at pur, aonie ark more On I,on- I Ion hut III Mo if anything doing. D r ri'lrlinlr hf w)iiw. Ihr ?vnl? lif Itr country will j not allow of Inavy ihirini nl* and adventure* made mtU- | gt kaowlrdfo Of ths ?Mk t will re??U lo luM. T\ A Wm ts\ T*w -jM PRICE TWO CENTS. On* Month L.'tf trom Ot* South Pact flow [From the PtllQ* Star, June 20.J By the arrival of the Krii'ah Paoific mail steamship New OrHnHda. Joy. master, wo have advicee from Valjxvrui.-o, to the IMth May The N O. bring* about $800 000, In silver bullion. Th* newr from the South. iw puMirhed lu the newspapers, is not of much political importance What there >* however, we publish together with m' commercial matter interesting in thin market He take up the following nummary from the Valptrwim Reporter:? CHII-I. It is our duty before we take l< are of our transatlantic readers for another month, to hi ijunint tlu-m with the principal events which have taken place aince our toot report, though tb< y hare le-en. so far an politic* are oearertted. Of but little importance A fit r the entire submission of the troops concerned in the late disturbances, report* were dully received from almost every pruvmoe in the republic, elating tbat nut only no Oiciurbanoee baJ taken place, but that the militia at the first runior ot the ttan'iaRo riot, had iuimedi?t< ly volunteered their cervices for the preservation of peace end in support of government ao that it was ascertained that the ounspiracy bad no ramifications in other parte of the country General Crur arrived ou the 8th iust. en route for Santiago. end ha* repeatedly ex pre-, id himself willing to serve the country, hut sets be- fane again-t any inovant? lit in Li* favor. whu:li might teud to eudagi r its peace. The battKlioii i aulivia hua been ui.-.banded, and ??other haa been organised tu it* ctoad, to he placed under the eimmanil ot Oulout 1 Garcia Gold and silver uud.da liavc been i track, lo-ariii* the Inscription ' Defenders of the l,?w 20th April. 1861,' and have In en di-tnhu'eil an oo.'. t tli oSnwi *n<i uL durs of the differi nt v-. iiii?iits ; |MUular]i hn?l other HHMi-thijrd has nlfo been c nferred < n tbe wounded. aot the widow * ntici fniili. * of the killed. Oae son of ?aab of 1liose fallen iu til" u- fence of order, will be eduaalwl Hi tb* C?I*IIHI of the btme Twenty-seven of 1b* legiment Taldivla were *-nteucnd to death. hut only one hue been executed, the urnUnmo of lb* remainder having been commuted by ilie Pnah deiit ami Council of Mlaie to Various term* of uiiprtauuoient and tram pi nation >aii< u* arrests have been made of individual* mora or lee* Implicated iu tlie revolt, but whune trial* have col y i t reuie i ii. Colonel Arliga. who headed (he rntiai-at after Col Uriola'e death, ha* taken refuge in I ho lioiw of th* l olled Sliilo* Churge d .llfaires Sentries weru planed over the Iioum . hut it i* supposed that ho ha* inadv lite eM'ajie, in.lwitbtlanutngthk procauti u. A gnat and unpleasaut eensatii n ha- boon ereatad amongst the coin tat ri-ial community hy the publication id a deeri e, deli o 'ditd 10.-' . pi old Oiling toe aireutnli- u ot the double n* el Central Auie:'.e*. N ew tlrunuila, and ColiinliiH for 11 e leioiou* of their K-ng short iu weight mid I* low staudiud The lure ;* I.,r the with dravral of othe r foreign dou bl?-.>ur i.'-uu circulation i? ? tended by the tame deerve to th' u ucrth* iu->re from let June. BOLIVIA Hie govenuui nt ha' i-oud a p> -eife'-to or prngrainuM of a constitution hated oil the p.11.sing article ;?la 1 he government will d- feud and uphold the sovereignty mid ind> peiuh i < ol tie republic abroad and peace and tranquility a< hou r itd TheCatlioMc religion nliad bv that of the stii*. 3d I'll* l*-st reiatiou* shall ha mini,mill, ii v .thoihu Au rnsn erul F'.uropean State*, ?nd all trraths irletly rburvod, a* well a* neutrality la liM Uvions nri-irg between them, lib The civil liberty if ciliz* r* and ti e right* i f all shall ho respected is onfoiMily wi'.h the laws 6th The eriine* of <v>n*pir*> y am! Mditii u s) nil he judged hv verbal courts marital, Lh 'J he liberty ot I lie press shad he guaranteed. Tth foreigui i* *lu..l be respected nil protect d in the saw ise ol their trade ami pursuit* Hth 1 lath Couti utii n shiui be couvokvd Uth The lolepeudence of the judicial authority shnll b* rosjeoted Oth. Otfiriai appointment* are ronfli iinnt*. 11th I'he political opinions of aii citizens eboU be respected I'Ztb The Miu. ter* of Male shall he roe' uslide for lie act* if their administration By another decree the convention has Is oavoiod or the Itith of July. Auolln 1 bus al*o h , usl nU ivc to the i unnidation of the law* o, n. fu? inllib' rof depulic* is lo he Ui. mi lit;. The proreedii K* of the Hew gov ruim up to tlx ireoenl appear tavi able for thn maiu'.en. ie* of pew.* ndordtr fivernl important nforn. suggest ! iu the resident's Uie*-age pave been l iken into c deration u t'ongrees amongst other* the law* relating to alacioi-s. muiiiripal government. ?nd various unmurn cm jrrU'd with internal . Pairs generally. The election of liem rs! Vivam-e, toe unsuccessful <iaa lidate for the I'rt lodeney. a* repri tentative iu I'uugriaut, as hi i n dee 'ari il null on the urotiud- ol Ir.s not Imldin* he I brh'-e id Cl'i/.I . I u<>r IU. p rv .1 < ( reel.! -nny re t) tfct Iwt Til. aunouneeoi lit i.t thu chinre of umn-trj it ik recoiled * it !> general kiitb.fMt.uu iu hit lb* 1. partnirnta.rxe. | l Aro<|id|<i>. which rnniinued in a Jut. lurht d rtile; aue n pnt huinUoD ie..i?d liy tlm (lorrrnar. nijiilitic that all mr ? should be debarred iiji to the anIh.'fiti. r. ane tin- f'ltritl fur a fre-h. ut break an J Ar.jtnp* toon prrat ntrd 1 lie appi arrt ce of a lif.itg.-d city: Uttrtwtlti hutli^ ii<11>1 m ltd trenchi? ut.d other d? rtnct'K cui.kinj. tfd i.i ill ti", outran. . a ol tin town to op|.o?c the entrance tff.ho >rte>pt which wife enr-imped is he vicinity Letter. from Inlay rtal? that a r.n.t..raehi. lit of troop* hmtarrir. .1 ut lliat port ruiirtrtinii of >tn? battalion and i. I.ti|!?il.' "I artillrry Store, are ail . loead md I Ukitir e ut * r'anOHtll ai d inauy t.-milie?(-*rrtd f the ct.i..f.|ii. i:. tk liaTt fled into lie country tie it. rml Vlvanca, l.> tah.e |>*rtr 11. >ill-tori .ant.. hare beau rtait tl. I., in | riron in l.nriM. hut whether lie L. prwmm illy iniplicati d if not ae y> kaowu WlhKkla. V?i r*r ?i*o. May 24 lkJl ? ht?r Chile ne*t to nohitf .*k In en dtirn during tin incntli it b. i.>k rather ton lat* nr taiultr. and tun eaily f?r kuiuater Tbt? it J thr a | priii. h.i'K l'r. > id. ita I. ft ion hare m flu irnal iiy. re Mt to r |? rate la} < n.l their must ur/t ni want*. iXhi no dt cidt o iu.pi r. int nt >.?l re a onaMy be n i-eted ntl.eluno tra.l ! < fore th> month of July or A.fnet law*.?I-ull; M to 14 acnta jew lb lard?In fair dat aiid. rtiiridtiabl. eah at 1.' halt llttf.?No inquiry '. al ?St vt ii . i.i i,.e i urriv. t! luring tin in nth. bringing I AIA ti n*. M il the articl. I still un . donMr at anything lie ie hut nut tat. ii- ;. ludto n hoard Much ul the art Btunlh'k arrivi.l ha# Ut n knded. anJ -erorai canjeaa .e?t l.i'pliah hare bet . trl.rn up at 01. .1.1 ? ruble in a.I. ? i i art YtfYK- tri. psrti. iihuly gondquahit -, tht frtt rnralfr inliai.'M wiU command fair price* f PUkh ii-iiiiij !!. i hi fine jii .lii .. ? i.? m-ierata 1. ji. r?11? market is without animation for ni?et 'daeaar >1 rrgar* We I: ve had two arrivals of lYmojabiiac i'a a r ln.anti.1 a Ith (>* tie, which ha. h.wtn ?t 17 rl* , urd the Maria lU.Oi*) rl- . which l? ra Niiihi at In rlk fuither (lie IMorr* Ugart* with i>i wrt i.t l.ititian sty . i. it.d n. t > ?>t offered in the isrlti No t tin r s;t.t?I? nr. expicted f.r mune time if l'titi h and llan-' urgii .r.-.l-.1 ogir no itock* la i.t hand* an 1 i v !i rn bcrreU, or ill uiO nrr jhae. hare <in kolti on drllrery. pr.ret aver?(rir* fr. in in to ]*|^ :lc I iijiht ? no Aii *nmn in tlia market. ind ;< - <1 1;?i da Ki aU I. branny rearer I,unite |? rising. <Rit mr.ll rili" L: t? btn fl> If.I iV ha tern off im4 r<? g iel Atrar.eau. ?t d reft-. d n< ur No?1mI pr>oa |k uy * f * (M. ami *1 I lough Hi' ttu'k Id Ihi market la limit* J. Ihe it< ma ml during the tin nth It** been tnarb mure ao m t at" r? H'.i) . I'.ttala Ijivlng b?fn ? ! !, M I rl? f mi guy fri m f B Ia <,.* (>| The ad vires fr>? OaMf> tola an dlareuraa eg. and lie <i|lr: n o| ei|e rwt in Ibat the atei It er bainl ami t< arrive in t'vlif .rnla. le hill) ttjnai to I'tiii twite UiOi. I be eoifumplloa wtiUM ic i,i * It unl t be lee- lb n ?r *;veted Th"runif lien dvrlrg ll' ln>t J' r r |I|.I ti"t r if J IVifhW kaga alto relit i. ai'il a? nm< h Ir.tlau oorn la fmditM note, ual In at) 'hi|-lu< . t> ?n- Ih iH* i.i i4i ft' la lie I'aM statee, :t l? to t* ten ! tb born will not roily f ra runtime It' t la tiltl ly - iirtlrn during tit r i.lh Am sitfg tHrningl-am. M.T tona fHW; Am bark Hebe. tlf tone fljit N. B?AUjtficaa quoted ia our market r?p?i net |.rire? cwTenr era to t-e 0fcJer>te?l It. be in bond uili a? other wire i vpiemed in tgita are !n a wrrae poet leu tban i ter Or large l'maeian vnenel hanl-eeo taken pat lie i t il' f laatcntb fo taltHb at Alt 1I? 04 e any pert in Ureal Britain or the eontlnetit le twee a laare ncj llauil'ti'g W t jve b nril of tie iranaMtfcmr t.r I r t Imi.'J mo ly at J ft'Jure in . IT- ring The lunBo fi m/an) f.-tn to "barter ? *? ; t *e??la unW HO tnna for at y i ?fe p rt i flrmd. One Ttwel fee Copper Vqn.n.iete 1.11. ijioi I bna lui taken up at A'2 10?. ami IVepertitl Allftbrrfl m'l't le tu i?| at nanl *aiat theMlcwlrgrate ?T<i la i.d.iti A2 to*. 64 A No Butlltb *t?n 1- tel. rj. I A.'* } CJ Jo do . ((una* 0 fell for onh ra at Cork *.'? !? full ' the I o limit |i taiiial Intelligent e T i oin ilit N. ?' . . aitoi WvbnTe lan Wad futra ? i. ?-1 at lout lulu to tl r id "I Mi, Tie /'tip (HIT f 1 ? .1 .< I Ilea Dg ? Wi'liaft. ffoir I. .1 Maui I e '? P ' aid later ill. ?.?. a li i . i, ie? t , tenet the tan ' i f ?toi | rily i. a -r -t . Ir ief pert. P? i 1 et > ai I. *M , . r ti it it alil.eAtt atarea. aaa 1 i alt ti e r atmr the f ?tt. rearit t r .in in' .r?a Ilea err t" r oilhen in?r r*. ?a Irara that tk? eraa a ill u i in t i oie ii a ? ,tHh . i M?y. ?h?a Uiay wtll I ( ati.i.lart ai at I -|?, ileal' At praeent but ahnnt 1! irty ter- I f iai ar r- aired ? kalep lega, an4 not ma? 0 ?itr 11" l |"ai 11 ere are all ? ?"! natting ah int lh? 11 Van mr a. o. n aa thay en* ha gathered, lira a mailer i , m iae?t that tli? ahallng Beat canll i. t pen> ore a fi -1 aiTI'll "f tiia in-tlar faahla vegetable, ltd it le rail a 1 nnel|",'l?i to th.peaaoaa rl*?n ahnra Hat IV., reeaeN law Inoie.j at Maal. fur Calif, rnla markek lerllia the pa-t Inn Mien tig. Tie ftw.i'irtn:: t? 'be |?t?at e nrect nam < e mat. iter I ; i<ai.g. ,li r p.. rial eary af aad i. i t C. i ri 'r I i ' i .it a r?liU hi* a. r-tarr. M ftulit, It, aed t ap'a ii klu a'rt-tr, m act m i ni d hy iVdlaaai flllrr I ml.In > e?. It. el" liar PtflNM 1 I.k ll ail ( Af1 li) 1,11. elf til etoath, K lug and qnr*" 11 ! e ut ear i I i i ar ,.liiim?l a i r -< IT no need la r r'i.f,. thrtih, d t. . t. e? f r the k d pf 'ti rti i?. wMnh luaaian el ipa ai 4 ?n' ia l e i aleayr tn eireJ ia ll.nauaa 'rta nd e.?- feeaed I, i rail ftiradlr aa l isuteally br efti lal n la' I. r a! \ . i ? at - "ila 1 I tw ,n tha ampira at lurrla lad II' ila . lil'iin kiie '. ni H e kin< an pleoaad e rrrl| r'arte tl i ee' 1 n- n'a. Willi ir'at ?"filialiiy. at trraeiiia tin dealra he hn'talnm antrrtaiead ?f rtitlraaing trie at fpleeitlvr a! e? n i liia inieea al alaaty af Mag i and ad.lhi 1. ,.( tli*? th 'train beta ? Mi?a* If t ilf ai d ) r I t ; i iota. an iik.1) to c tdui T> 111 Jf*t In year. maj m*n. At Iffflclt, r f . V?? J, li It k trinat roi*. John T. ' air I i i Vfko? - 11 ti. .1 !? . >,f \i w Ntu?rim, > " . > > i- I r' (. J I if I I I L-<|? dl I aitnluft r, >!?.?? turn. In tl la i Ity. ni t. * tli A ; ' Jntin If Jnapee, Itet . *%'4 u?t> fi irn'i * I " if iri I Vr ' t I ' r.?i.'.i.t at II . ! > i.r.1,1 'jur- ....I .* A fill 4 l'i? ?' in. i ' nvrj>*if<? an t r-'l' *n?t?tr.t? fur II ??ti i?.

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