Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 5, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 5, 1851 Page 1
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TH CTJl" WHOLE NO. 6828. THE FOURTH IN WASHINGTON. ORATION BY TUB HON. DANIEL WEBSTER. TIm Extension of the Capitol, ko., Jus., fco. 'I ho Marahal of tho li.trlct of Ceiuabia, to whom had lx-en assigned tho duly of making the neoeesary itran^'cmeuta for laying the corner atone of the extenalon ?f tin Capitol, announced the following programme for the (ocaeion Tipiit Division-!,. J. Mi Idle'.on Marshal. Marshal of tl>c DUtriet "f Columbia aad Aide. Military Kscort. Offieera ..f tlia Army aad Nary. % p!!t?nr Officer# . f the aeveral Abate* aad Territories. Officer* ai.d Soldiers oftae Revoltiticn. Otfioora and Soldier# rf the tfar cf 1S12. 8;'.own Division 1 r. Wm. B. Magruder, Marshal. Cirir i'roceaaion. V i 'or present at lejingof tho ocraer atoae of the Capitol In 1718. i'neident of tiiet'oited States aad Orator of the day. Ucaca of Department* Cabinet Mentor. of former Ada.lniatratiam. t s.i 'i itees of I'ul lhi Boildinea of the Ren.--J u .? iloprc tentative,, An-hitoot of Capitol, Comiauuoner of ru.llr llulldui** of Bukiii. Judges of the Suit ue Court of the United i>Utoe. Jud*--? of too United Statu Court*. Jtitle,.* of state court*. Diplomatic Cctpe. Cl.apl. iu of tlir. 51et CoagreM. The tieveieod Clergy of the DwtrlM. MoaiSera ot the Senate at.d Iiotiof of KcpreoeuUitito*. U vin on of State*. Delegation* from atntei and T*rriU?ritM. U'lieliiuiiti n Monument Society. Mttul e.r ol i e Suithacn'.au Iastftation. Menilo 1 > of .Natl ,n*l Jnatitate. F,x-Mayor* if th? City of Waehlngten. Corf orate autforltierof Alexandria, GcurgetcwB, VTaihlento a. Member* of the Society of Ciaelr.aati. TuiAd Dinaio*?0. A. Mf.r'bsL T he Ma ?on!o I mterait/. rovnr.i l.ivtet. n? JccojiL LDbey. Harufcal. The sever*! 1 ruif erxuoc Ureter j and SoouUei. Fiitk Ihvik on?M Th .uinecn. Marol <1. Tlie Wi?,,insu>r benevolent Society. The Uxuiaii ft?n*voleut Society. I ht) A.Moclatl'u?, College*. ar.e SoUeetjof th'. DietrUl of < clumhia. Citl?.<n?of the bovoral State*. Citizen* of H aehiagtou. Tut corner atone of the Capitol eitcneioc ?n laid aeeordnp to programing. before a Large aaiomblatfa. The (ration was floe. The President, cabinet, array and navy oflc-er* hare Xi * lo a vplendid turn out. The I'r> eldoot, in the morning, delivered a speech at the Washington m nom?at, on tho rcc*;.tlon of a atone from the Patuivylranla Tennperane* Roclcty. Anno rod L? MR. W EBUTKR'l OKATlOJf. Pu-itow Cimcit* I congratulate you?1 give you joy CD Mia return of this anniversary, and foticitat* you aUo in the tnoro particular purpose of which ifet- orer memorable day haa been chosen to wltnr** the fulSlxucat. Hail!?All hail! I see before and around me a Snau of faces, all glowing with chcorfuloej* and patriotic pride. I nee thousand- of cyca turned towards oto?r ejea, all "parUliDg with g rat ideation and delight ThU la tbo Now World, this U America, and tkL* U Washington the capital of the United State* And where die, IdKi'.-ng the nation*, ran the seat of government be surrounded, on any day of any year, by thoae who h?Te moro r< at-' i tc rejoice in the ble'eiags which thoy enjoy ? Ti'L' is tlx- annlvemar of American Independenee JTbl- ' H.tbt and brilliant morning wltnc-ecs another return of the birthday of a nation, and that nation, of ?w TV* imw uu^iu, uww u ivbk uir mm ponjun traoo) and powerful, -po-ading oyer the continent front ten to Mt Aa>mg the first eolouUt-f from Europe to thie port of Am?>rio?. there were dcabUees, who row a greag J futurity, but, in gem-mi, their hc-pee were limited to the enjoyment, of a taf? aaylum from tyranny, rellgloua and civil, and to re*poct;iblc> fuh*M?nor by industry ai>d i. 11. A thick roll hid t-ur titan from tboir rUlon But tlir prccrcer of America, however alow, could not but at length awaken (p-niu>, and attract the attontloa of mankind. In th? early part of tho n?at century. Biahcp Berkeley wrote bl< well known verac* on the proapcct of jla- ling arte nod learning in Amrrira. The laet atnnsa m em? a high poetical inspiration ' Westward the rx urw of empire taken it* way; The fonr ttr?t actn already paet, A "l'th ehall clone the drama with the day; , Time's noh.v?t otl pring U the lam." Tlda extraordinary prophcey may be coucld< red only a the reult of long foroeigbt and ancommcn nagaolty; of a foree'fbt and ugaoity etimulated by excited fcellag an 11 Igh enthuaia/.m TL;- dear virion of what America would become, wm uot founded on equare mllee, or on ra -ting nomhT-, or any vulgar lawe of etatlMlcr. It Wee an IntiutlTe glance into futurity; It wae a fraud C nceptlnn, embracing all limo Mnea the creation of the wor'd, a-ul all regions of ahirh that world ia oompotod; an 1 by judging of the future by juet analogy with the poet, aa l the ItihnltaV.r imagery and beauty with w? " -b the thought >e cipnwrcd, joined to the conception lie. T. rreh-r It otw of the moit striking passages in our ke. rv.nge. On the day of the der.'eaatlrn of Inlrprndcr, e, oar illustrious ft-there perfenrv-l tl?r Or-t art in tb'r ili-.ina an net, in rr r.l importance infinitely exr<vd. iu'.t I/ia> for which the great English poet Inrok'd A muse of Cre , A ieiogduwi for a steg". prlnr.'F to act. And m-.nerchs to brbo'd the - wailing *?u." 'J ', u> .to In piriag our fitl?-r* war the geni-it of Liberty. a. on Iir? with the j-nn of oppression and a reeclnl.n U> throw It off; the while world wae tiie eta,*e, and i til^hr rkarart>n> tlmo prinnei trod It; lod la UmI of ' ilNkt, rountiki, ?n4 nal.on*. ?rt th?< tjr?. iiohtfct tbo "irrfUnf torn*. H' ? well b? rbarart'ri w<r? ??i in? Weti ??-li f- :!> rii.. 1 ? U?1 hit part. tr.<J wha_ < Umi who'.r part rmu? rt'l'/yt. I?t hiilcry aow artl l.mafter tall. At 11 t>ll ,'Wl | ?rlo4, but brf *9 l> ft-oiarit!?a of ladcp-nlnurr, uL? Hliboy of St. Attpli puV Kr.J a Ub?.'wur <. in whteh. the f'.ilowvnif r< BMktUt j*B' tfk. tr> fuutxl ? ''*t to dIAeait for mas 1 1 to to thr <Wtmyof fatu-> tf??. tha 4?*!*n? "f rrnfidrncr am too Tort ?r. i ?nrr: Vav-d, mi-1 our c*n f nwi-r* ?r* to? narrow, lo t1mil sf r- icl? Mtl Action to our rurto-ity. But wlim ?r? >? May c MM and roTi-rfui rauert rfn. U4.tl7 at wcrl, ?* ranmt <toul>? of Uioit prrd'trltfF prrportioriiWo r ! 01 v Th 'Nktr lo N ? <h tm.-rlca hnv> not ot'/ (afcrn % t and oo.ul.ixl hut f'cnt niny. ottli an TftVlm>4Hywt.ll "u-U apowrrfui f tato. M fturto *. '1. no c. m-- aril Important 'hat'i :<< in human aColrr. j.. kVi-iI fr-m aao ??"T. "f thr njott lr>; ro?'<l and HVV?*wtd part of tho !?t w.rli, ;hry r.?-otm, at It ?rr? by inherttarro, A tl>? iatpt.<rrtutnU an<l dla * v * .? ?f tbeirrn .'h?r ccaatrr; and, it happ>ni fmtu?iV .'7 for Ut'iu.lo tomm.'Cr th> I' fUwirthlng ?tat< at a tlfct? when tbo human on.lnr?t?iu<Jla#' hat altaioc I to J ' ? wr of lt? ynn-r-:, tn<i hat haru> 4 to not with Ttyr end rortaJoty. Th<-y may afai! thin?mir?? nrt c.'y fti>" nxyirltiitt and irtduttry, lot crrn of Uw * -or r*.d mitt"* f! - dtyr. Lot it l>a rron'y -m d, fro hoar many .? a ?rTHt part of tin? world i.po~? -a to haro h- . --i;t at all; law many tiom. thry ho-tf '"?* hii.ticd la *irr In.; r-trtv- - and o< njortcr.*, ?hl\* hit' h'??i Uat iioial^-Hbth'f't-nl^.ai.dtliny | o ft to karoML'fwto'!, '> ^bat A-i?'4ott.-matt?-?t , tt.- . T|1 1 n4'.rt it V wi 1> r*to d, ?' 4 rai'?t I t"tti ?bat Import?ut tik-cor.r.M Sa^ ? t ?a Dtdn in a ? ? y?or?. by a rouotrlor. atth > -1 1 ' al >*i > 1 ito?" at lt>". Ujv ? r I tip!.1. cf utlO|( t'.> I fh>"i'tim Mar wc ait ma* -'*M/ xirrt. that a mii>r of torrlrrit. ponraf. ?4 :t t! ' r. m'*,- *. "u i < . c."?c 1 by unti > mu.-t?' o, w'tb an!) Uu< ! irjrr r# af It' La?an ?nj rh'.o't riiy ropillartL y < oiir;-,* th? tounlai-lrt "f t'ir * T-.r r? t ecu n it rw at #ch th"y or-> frst'.uaN/ apr^to'.tm n?_ cot>?id>rwt at a '".a tin . T"i rru.t>.'l ad. off a lufU pr> 4 lettaoo. ti it ahuti hr*- tf-"T alo -1 a: pi* matt*r f ?r oa uKcrte a? *. t'c i.'rmptatioo At.J tf a rrflarl wtnt a rt>w k . **f ! ci*? b* *"eptn?ln??<l by tb? NMvrt j -?*^i 4 ftiaUv.?try ar t t\ ? rr?. .r.iv I?i ?it' frwrli : u >P*U? f^4B tfcn i*irc of ir.Mlft*. ?ir,i?i!tv< h/ ? <* li?t p> i . i?l c? of . h .' < ?,tUcK m i:k dl tbr : ir.-H f ti.t-m; n. 4 >J >. i i? iijr ? oirtor -n^ru" * f ?'h' *iIb* r*io*i no.ijr it louriet >i.4 r-ul^bt n Mm ??rV> ittudttrult i in to tin if to I Both' *>f it | "* ra*at th> If -t'r-r' l?t Y? x.nj ( (t-mt Arid. p*' )? Ik*} Ma|tain !? ?n?M* nor I* nf i Ml j<i*i n.nwir Hid it. roodtirt tf llfr Wf h?n to Im prou'. aid rfi e Jialor*, of ?n mtt I ot ?n*W? t-lk.M; W( U. * MjU'.Ubl* prtnctpM rn tWoli t *?i fi ?n?i' ?B MjOaI iilBIItm. (iii? or dl m'tr'f % f. ''tip : ? hdf?" ) ot'd 1 j ti* BT-i row 1 Bit <mt ill*'. } I' >n of Mr I , n * or ? ?* ill.- prlc of r'*'l rv." iukI 'fco lf??ru d tin- rlfta? ial miff, r'J|'t r" ? u- -.B". tt'.<ri d n nf M llii-m (ma 'ml o al loHvrt>r< on'ooft inln ,-'ri." Hat b- >?. ir.?-jr r *. i?tr , v o ibvBtin<" it* rl f b .eta gr nttir* 0?nrlnnitf'l llMS IIm BlMl lil n*v" Tim " p" it Of of pnMii mr.i ?i'i prtt fn f. r ?1* *t l?-< 'bf? If tU . ted % i nr? |wrp*tvally %f to flaw' M?ytb*. n 11 fwttl'H I'lw-ftf tfr'nlff I ?J ( T Tit j r'?ot p'iN'* dtrnt'di ?hn? J?*i ?l m I* t . nr >, h'f ; h it PiB < It ''i?t ! ' t i .* | ' f- 1 i. } (k. ,r '.'k.ii 'i VI > fi > (' ?i ? . n ' 4 E NE EVENING EDIT many mm to believe an.t practise it, and all in I evnrral become moat indifferent to it Mar they not possibly be more successful than their mother ciuntry ha* bean, in prneemn# that reverence and authority which ic due to the law*?to those who make, 1 and to tboee who execute them? May not a method be < inreoted of procuring aotne tolerable fhare of the oom- I forts of life to those inferior, useful ranks of men, to whote industry we are indebted for the whole T Time j anJ discipline may dlaeorcr some means to correct the I extreme inequalities of condition between the rich and j the poor, so dangerous to the innucenoe and happiness of both They mar fortunately be led, by habit and : choice, to despise that luxury which is considered with us the true enjoyment of wealth They may hare 1 little relish for that ceaseless hurry of amusements which Is pursued in this country without pleasure, exercise, or employment, and perhaps, after trying some ot our folllee and caprices, and r^eeting the rest, they may be led, by reason and experiment, to that oia simplicity which >u flr*t pointed out by nature,and 1 ha* prcduoed thorn model* which we *tUl aduiire In art*, | eloquence. and manners The dinr-liy of new scene* ; and situation*. which to many growing dtate* muat necessarily pru>* through, may introduce changed In the fluctuating opinion* and manner* of men. which we can form no conception of; and not only the gracious dieposition of i'r*.eidmre, but the visible preparation of cause*, aerms to indicate strong tendencies toward* a general improvement " Fellow. Citisons?On the Fourth of July, 1776, the representative* of the United States of America. in Congress na-cmbled declared that then* United (Monies are, end of right ought to be free and independent St.vos. Thin declaration, made by meet patriotic and resolute men, tinating In the justice of their cause and the protection of 1'rovidence?and yet not without deep solicitudc and anaiety?ban now etood for seventy fire yearn, and still stand*. It war eeated in blood. It tax met danger* end overcome them; It has had rnemie*, and it ha< conquered them; It ha* had detractors, nod K has abashed them all; It has had doubting friend*, but it ha* cleared all doubts away; and now, to day, raising it* august f?rm higher than the cloud*, twenty millions of people contemplate it with hallowed lore, and the world beholds it, and tbc coDMrjuences which hare followed, with profound admiration Thl* anniversary animates, and gladden*, and unite*, all America* heart* On other day* ol the year we may be party mm, indulging in controversies mom or tees important to the public good ; wu may have liken and dblikc*, and we may maintain cur political dilferenccfi often wilh warm, and sometime* with augry f.ellrqp. hut to-day we are American', all aud all, ut thing but Americam-. As tbc great luminary orer our beads, dissipating mist* nnd fogH cheer* the wholeh- mi'phwrc. bo do the association^ conn' oscd with this day disperse oil oioudy and sulleii weather aud all noxious exhalation* ir. the mind* and i - ling* of true American*, ltvery man'* heart swells within him?tfery man a port and besring become somewhat mere proud and lol'y. ?-i be remembers tbet seventy-lire year* hare r K< J away, ami that the great iuheiitaucu of liberty U still hie ; his uiidiminiehtd aud unimpaired ; tie, in al! it* ovig;nal gh-ry, hi* to enj ij, hi* to protect, nod hi' to tiai suiit to futwiv genera-ioiis. Fe llow cltlaeusi?Tins l">et.iaDc? i? not only an inhc.r tsncc of liberty. but f our o?n piculia tmerictn liberty Liberty hat existol In Ul O time*. in oth i o nitric*, and in other forms, tin it- has benst Grecian III* ity -held and powerful, full of spirit O'.oquoine and fire; a liberty whioh produced aauit tu :? of gu at men, and has transmitted one imm irtal Lsrnc,the name u lSvoioaUMiue*. to posterity Hut still it was a libe-t j Ot disconnected hi ate*, sometime* united, in-Ioed, by teciporary leagues and confr iorastcs. tut f ?ii int-ir.d in war* between tb?<ns?lve. The *wt,rd Of r porta turned lla s-harpe-t >u*? agdoxt Athena, in h?r turn. Sparta was compelled to beud before the power of Tliebea And let it ever be romem. | beitxl?< ?to cully lotthe truth aiol. deeply intoall Am irl- I can <1 Intb?ihat it wabtho want of union among tho ten- j ml >-?? ? . wb>rb finally irave the ma?t <ry of ail Urencn to Phil p of Maoedon. And tht re has. alio, been a Roman lilarty a proud amoiitoUH, loiuitrwring imiril, profee. !up fr?e and I'lpukr principle s, in Home urelf. but, erto Id lb?I est day tni the repo otic, ready to carry alarc- I 17 a.d olib n int? her provinces, and through every c< un(r>. orer which her eagles could be borne iV'ho over I* aid if Ubcrty In Spain, or tiaut, or liermnny, or Hrii&in, in the days of Items ? There war ni o- ro-'h. As the Roman empire declined, hi r piovioeea. not inMrucled in the nrinripler of free, 1 popular goTirnmont. one after n nether, declined *l.'?; 1 1 and v l.r l R. mo herself toil, in the ond all fell tcgiltn-r I 1 I have eald. gi 1 tlemen, thut our li hsritacci is an in bmlauoe of AmiTlcau liberty That liberty Is characterletie peculiar end a together our own. Nothini: 11 he it <. sietrd !n former time*; while with ue lis principle* boot mo lnterwoTi n Into the mindj of individual mi n. connecied with our daily opinion* and our daily habit* until it h If 1 may no bay. an (dement cf ociai. aa ai-ilF. of ; oUt<cai lile.and ibocc'cbeoi.ciMNt U,Oi?t towhat- < cti r regi- u an Amerirao clt *xn earri. e hie:-elf he tatri wl;h hiai.ful'y developed in his own ucderatandiog, our | Aunrlcan prirwi) lee and opinion*; and l>< comer ready ' at ' ? c*, in oo-cpcratlon with otherr. to apply thi m to ' tint formation of new governments Ot'thla, a moa: wond-iTul iaatanco may be eecn in tht hlatory of the State of C alitornia. On a former ooraaion, I have n,nfured to r? d urU. that "It U very difficult to establish a friorooiwiTativeguTvrMncutfortherijualadvfcucwuient . ? f all the internets of eoriety it hot ha- Orrtnany dono? j , h am. d ( iiuaiiy. fuller of ancient lore than nil the world Us-Med* What ha. Italy done * Ml-.athavi thny j done wbo dwell on tho spot where Cicero and Justinian livid? Ttey hare not tho power of eidfrgirernraent, WhJoli a c< muion town meetiut with us pcsoi-Mi s. Yes, ; 1 ray. that those persona wto have goon from our t?wn meet tup, to ilig gold io California, are more lit to make a IS pull can government than any body of 01 n in tiercuet y m Italy . becauao they have learned thin one great lot-on?that there is no wurity without law, and that, ! under 1 hi oireumatanco* In which they are pieced, where thi re U no military authority to cut th-dr throats there 1 Isnoeowi I but the w1U of the minority: th?l.then . j ivn-. II vn> j remain, wwy mill' auomil ic loat wui " Ami thl* I b?i*T? to be atrieUv tree Now, fellow-cltimm, If your patience wtli hold oat, I will vcatar?, tefiv proceeding lo the more a| (rcprlstt duties of the da) . to !?<>, In n few word*, what I lake tbcee Amirirm political priocipba in ru butane- to Ic. Thoy c-aaiat ea I thi 1k. in the first place, in the nkli.Uii-liainot of popular govemmraWi by an equal rrpreeentattcn, for It U plain that n pur* democracy. like that wblcb exUl*d in eome of i|>' M?f?? of Oreee. in which rv-Tj individual had a dim if vi. te la the eaartmonl of all l?*i. round pond- I bly exUt In a country of Will riuol. Thia f rine't-lo ol popular reprem-ntaUcn. presaUlnp either in all the braoohea of government*. or loaonie of them, tiaaexMed in the.w HtiOr* aUnoet frmn tlir d-y? of tho Mtt lenient at Vc-rktcwn and riymouth borrowed. or doubt, from th? example of tlio popm.or hraoob of the Britixii l.egika- j lure, the representation of tho people in the Briti?h lionet of Gouunone vh ori?limil> very unequal. ' lodi.-d. It may be doubted, wtudher the app ara nor of knight* aud burgee.-a ajwemUlng oa the tnuuxxna of the crown, waa not rather Intended at Are'. a* an aaaietaore and rapport to Um> re; al prere^a ttv.., lr matteni of ro\^our and Uiatlon. rather than aa a uiodo of aaeeetaining popular opinion Nevertketrm, ret rcrentatlou had a popular origin, and U Flavored an re nod more <4 the ebarmri-r of that origin. if It acquired, by riow degree*. greater and creator etn-Ofi h in toe actual govern'it nt of tha country It wa-. In fact, a form of repreesatation. however, unequal; nambera wi r* eount. <1. and majoeitiee penvalifd; and when our a nee a. tor- aotiig upon thlaexample, latrodoend more equality n? rotation, the Idea aaaurted a more ratixul and dlatiocl ahape. At any rate, thla ma oner of exerriatag popular power war familiar to oer fetiiera. when they r.-lth d <>n tbl* continent. They adopted It. and citu-ntioa ba-i rtc a up after generation, alt aiv knowlt dgioc It, and becoming neqna'atod with Ita l-taeilie and Ita feme And the. neat fuadaiaeatal pii'lciple In foi nyetem U, that tho wiU of the majority, ?;-r-aed tl-r-ugh the rrpr>?eotation. > iuki have the force 1 f law ; and it ia quite ti <h nt that lu a country wituoat thr>nee. or nrletocmnle-, or r-rlvlIrgi d raata nr rlaarei, there can be no other foundation t> r law to ntnnd upon : nod a* the aerc-aaiy r< wu'i of t ib, lbs third elerv nt la that the law la thr auprenu rule f rihe goveri meat of a?i Th? great aentimtnt of Aiiwm, ?o hi autlfuUy j rrwente.l to u? by itr William Jcatv l? aixM 1 itely ladlai- nrlble to tie con <tr acUou and m*!aI' Dn'iee of onr political W hat eanetMutee a elate T Met high raLa'd batlleaieata or tainted me end. Tb ok well or mot ted gate ; Not cttie* proud, with eplree and Ivicdi crown'd Mot te> r and t road sna'd porte, ! It lien, laughing at thr fttorm, rich aavta* ride j Mot etarr'd ar 1 epaugled CvvrV, I V he Vw krov'd litre ue. wnfta perMri* to pride ' No?men. h%h m- idt-d men. | \l ! \ n. .. ..r ... C? . ,kn, . A. 't 1 ~.f~. . 1 In f? r?at". <* <l?n. A i1> a?t *xrel eold rock* and Iramhlor nute ; Mm who '.iioir ttutuvi knvw? Hut k now ll.rir n,*bu. nnd k.iovtng. di.-? raa,'nUln ; I'lvr-nt tb" k'tif aluVl Nm. AndetUrb the tyrnnt whir .Ley nrxi the rbalo tb?"" cw-tlluto a rial* ; Arti ""miolui- !,aw. (hut stata** wilt, K * i.? ft-tp 1.1 ? fita rniwnfog g>4- rrv'*,*'J,w; tu " And. finally. another fcK>?t k-ipe'? ui. part of ib" f-wat fcbeio -f/'cu tear Itbi'ly I*. that them rb?ll N? i?riit?.o ? i fount.*] on the in tnt ditto authority .4 ilmf'k thi cm!* * . tad n-g- luUng a-aJ roc rain n? u', Ibi j" * ottTwid U|M>?i gr r.-rrcwot, wh. tli'" l<?kMMhr, ii??tthkir tudiakiry Thla. MiaV eWMM, 1 ci.! /<?<,?.i le ? Ju?t rna.B try of our AUaftMn 'rlm r j'.' ; trid t ba*?. on IhlJ Idoooiop. Much*. U> Hi** , 1j t'? i piairact, aid In lie tVwctii woKU. Th- n*u;.oty i. >y a> t br erittrciy ruact but I -x pr '? ru.ty bo iHj ?'.i to max luantA't *? tV rhlitir ran. rnU'>n at> 'n i . >?Iron. aad to tlkuncaU* oh. r?- whi may eh'uwo . i i r hit tbo nature of our |w-!".l ni.'.it-i?i?c?, n ?!ji. rt r(?rai th-ory ut*>ti which t> y '.?? fmsM. An-. I * yt ood to ah' tb*t the i?trt if atm tb " ? uv; t "?i of ail lat'ilnai pernor* iunoa(<t tie t w 1 i f ? ..'it t J npp-iC a wri-fui r.til wi * r- Tor- : :cr.t i.i n tl i |*>p-.t!?* pt aclp*i". the ot?norni i dnoathm of ih pnj.1' t awi th? alio di'tmi c "i pur.i no uli'.y ntMMi(M{4 IsAoMnal virtue U a I an .11 -jliiii It ia iiblruittoc r air- b wthcie n ralii/ it ilo a omr Mt wlvr it riia<l ? a*. ; tlktMMHill J**" r b ? thr ?Q|??V?M ui'ti.ep' itl .-al tl *!: . ail #h? ofpaa* i f whlob ? ?- ' i t i )> of hi' n. il>? iiid b- ?lro. Miit fn'ticflc ut at 4 > u" to 'Itffr 0 fi l Ucr H lh? oppiiiio 14ii " to-f'" ; to ilicm 1'Ktii dualp who rr-etii.u ? ' t < 4 ?r/una tnl roaio up iLat r?,-r't?te A.ut ? ?. tiki'HT c".l??Ti?. I ?'.? Ic?1* that pan of I i i' i ; *!/ h I prmowii to | r'; ?o l oian r; . i ita? "H ' my i !f ' ? >r * h w> ? tLo 1 li if Ihir 1.1 <<! W"rn.. tol Uab tuf < bare b ?t| tk* fb.pi-fl.b ?k a T"> vbvtr?oA" d* WYO ION?SATURDAY, JULY it* return: and joining with you in the hope that ?"*ry rtrrdflBK yenr shall renew then* rejoicing* to the end of time. I proceed to uUrtn you. ehortly. upon the particular (ccmi 'D of our aMembling here to-day. Fellow citizen* : By the act of Congrew, of 30th Sev teoibcr, 1M0. prorWon wna made for the extenaion of the capitol, according to ?uch plan a* Blight be appro red bp the President of the United State- , and the neeeeaarr rams to he expended under hi* direction, by *uch architect a* he might appoint Thi* meaaure was imperatively demanded for the nee of the Legislature and judiciary department*, public librarle*. and the occasional aecommodatkn of the Chief Karcutlre Magistrate, an 1 other object*. No act of CoDgreHa. incurring a large expenditure, ha* reccirtd more general approbation fr?m the people The President ha* proceeded to execute thi* law. He ba? approved a plan ? he has appointed an architect. and all thing* are now ready for the commencement of the work. Tie anniversary of national lndepon denee appeared to afford an auspicious occasion for layin* the foundation ?tone of the rt.lUU.n.l That ceremony has now been performed by the President himself. in the presence end view uf this multitude Ue has thought that the day and ti e occasion made a united and Imperative call A>r some abort addreM to tbe people here assembled) and it is at hie request that I hare app< ared before you to perform that part of the duty whirb war deemed incumbent on ue. Beneath the atone is deposited. umoDg other things, a lift of which will be published. tbe following brief account of the proceeding* of the day. in my baud writing ? ' On-the morning of the first day c<f the seventy-sixth year of the indepenoe of the United States of A nerira. in the city of Wasuiugtcn. being the 4th day of July, 1851, this stone, designed as the corner stone of "the extension of tbe capitoi. according to a plan approved by the Pro sldtnt," in pursuance Of an ast of Congress, was laid by Millard Fillmore, lire-ident of the United States, assisted by the Grand Master of the M.ieonic Lodges, in the preecnce of mauv members of Congress; of officers of the cxi cutiva and judiciary departments, nutionui. State, and district; of officers of the army and navy, the corporate authorities of this and Heights ring cities; many asMciatlons. civil, and military, and ma-onir; officer* of the Smithsonian (u?titutlon and National Institute; prof users of colleges, aud teachers of .schools of the district, with studiuU and pupils; a vast ccncr+irse of people from places uear and remole, lneluding a few surviving gomlemen, who witnessed the laying of th? oornvr stone of the Capitol by President >V ashington, on the 18tfc day of Si ptcmber. (ITf'll) st vchtcen hundred and ninety Ihree If, therefore, it shall he hereafter the will of Uod that this structure shall fall from Its base, that its foundations be upturned, and the deposit beneath this atone brought to the eyes of men. he It then known tliat. on this day, the Union of tho United States of Amtrioa stands f.rtn?that their constitution still exists unimpaired, and with all its original usefulness and glory, growin;: eresy day strouger and stronger in the affections of the great body of the Aacriocn pe. pie. and attracting mere and ir.ort the admiration of the wo] Id. And oil here tsx mUid. whether tolongir.g to public life or to private life, with hearts devoutly thankful to Almighty God for the prce? rvati in of the liheity ai d hapf loesa of tho country, unite in sincere and fervent prayers that this deposit. sod the wUis and arelrts. the. demos and towers, tho oclumus and entablatures. new io be erected over it. tray endure fcrevcr. God save tbe United Mates of America DANINL WBBSTUE, Bccretujrcf State." Fellow Citirecs? Fifty -eight years ago. Ww hint tea stood on this spot to execute a similar duty ho that a hich has now teen performed Ho then laid the corner i:tono of the orlgizud capttoh He wo al tho head of the govi mment. et liiat time w_al. in reaourcca. turdencd with debt, just etiu-rgllcg into political existence, and agitated by lb>* hi a\ irg waves which were overturning Eur< penn throDes. But even thou in many important respeets. tbe government was strong It was strong tn Washington's own great character - It was strc ng in tho wisdioi and patrioi vim of other eminent public men. lis r*OlitlfJli ftDlff>ilif#l nnil ff-vlriw JnJw*s??rc It ir-oa sltv.n/v to the affections cf the people, Since that tluu-, asto bhtafr change* hire Iw a wrought in the condition aid proep-cti- of tb-' American nation ; and a degree of prrgt-M ?IUiue*<d. which the world con furnlth no p:.raIrt A* we rexiew the coor*. of toot progress, bonder and ems'am-nt arreet our att'nt! n at estry st< p. Tlio ptesent oocaaioc, ? ! .?log of no- lengthened rvmirk*. may yet, perhaps, admit of a rhort coutparatin. statement ht*HD im| orient huojocU cf nation*! interest, a> Um> existed at that da}, nod a* tiey now rxiat. I hare ade pt- d. for this purpnee, tbe tabular form of f-talemeal, i* being the u>- -*t brli f and the most accurate. Com aaart-/ Tapi.f.. 1TW 1?H. Numl-cr of Plates Id SI It. p??wntatlT?e arvl tknatcis in Coogrw* U| ?96 population of the T. Ptr.'.e*, 1660 3,929.1i:& X SttT.HH Do. Boston, do. 1*038 13ty?7l Do. Baltimore. do KiM IffM-M Do Philadelphia. do. *16*0 1/09.014 Do. Now York, (city) do 03,131 f-IS.M* Do Washington, do. ? V>f\7f> Amount of iccelpi* Into Treasury, do. *6 730 621 ^3774,848 Amount expenditure-, ofU. 8 , do. 7.639,67( 39 ;->r.,J?l8 Anv-uut of imports, do 31.00(1000 1TH l.'tA.SIS Do. Kxports, do. 2G 109 000 161 Bus 73ft Do Toonago, do 330.704 3 536 434 Area of the I'nlU-d 8'ales, do. 601.4*1 &3I4 3M Kaofc aixl M- of the army (.130 10.000 Militia. (enrolled.) ? itKK.160 Nary nftheD States, (reeaols,).. Ncne Tf I?o Armament. (nrdnanoe.).... ? 1,0V! Number of treaU-? and cooren tlno* with foreign powsr* 0 90 Number of light bouse* and light boats f -772 expenditure* for do 112.C61 329.260 Areaof the llrrt eapltei building (in square feet.) ? 14,641 Do. present cap'.tot (Including extension.) ? 4 u vro* Line* t-f railroad*, in u-ile* ? 8 MXDo Telegraphs. ? lit 000 Nomhrr of post office* BOP 11 .>61 Nuoeber of mile* of po*t rout*.. 6,613 178,071 \tr unt of rertnu-: fru po*t office >104.747 }*, 363,811 Amount of expenditure* la the To*t Office d? ourtm.nt 71040 (.213,963 NumbcrofmU'.-',(mail transportation) ? 46,(41.426 Mile* -< rallr-ad ? 8 MX) Dnhllc libraries SB 094 Number of volume* in d* T-,o00 3101.633 Hrhnoi ill.ruhu ? 10 OOP N umber of rolura** In do ? 2.000,000 I A abort not* U brr a<l?W respecting the growth of Wcttrrn tnwto ami oommarca, oxtraetwd from an ?<1 Arm* belhro tbo Historical tk*U ty of Ohio. Ly WiliLam />. (ImlagU-r, fj-i . I?e0:?' A few Cieta will inhibit, us wall ru a Toiumo, tbo w -nderf'il jrewth of Wertern trade and roDDrroo I'rcrlour to lb* j'*r J?00. Homo rlybt or U u ke-i boat*. Of tw nty or twoniy- flro ton* oaefc poc farmed all tbo carrying trad. txit wo?o Ctaainuatl and Pittsburgh la lftot tbo 6r*t gorernm< ot rrrwd appoaridoa Lake ErV. In lttl the OriA Acmlxat (the Orleans) w*a Uuuohe 1 at Pittsburgh fa lBtti thr water* of hlrhigaa were (bit plowed i f tlx.' h>> i of a ?b amboat. a |?ieaauro trip to (l"r.>n Hay bein3 pUunrd >1 rurubd ia ILe lurnuvr of til* fcr In ISM. a .(can.boat flrat appeared at Chleaf- At the pm?nt time, tbeeitlrw mnouar cf atefmbe at* ruanlbg on tb? ML.'bwIpfJ end Oho. and the?r tritajiarU . It tour pre mbif new than nadar aia huodr. <t. tl.r agMppNa teenage of which la not short cf one buadrd and for y lb> ? '*dA?a larger o>unb-r of *L'!uubcatr liiau h'tir'nud ran nlxltr, and a greater tr<un eotiitn rria. marine than lhat itnpioyod by 0reaBritain and her d?>p"?Ki< aria." ia 'la- department of lovaaitoa. there 1 nr. bona WOU;b rfoj aj.pi>r???etw ct oieoe? t? ar*?. within the la?tri* y year* 'Ihe apaekms bail of the Palcnt tdtlce ia at oooo the i?prmitrr> ami tbcprrpof ABurtcan ineoallw art ind aeniua Thei' m-mie ar- nen In tV nnuirrnw mp - >v*merd* by wlileh Iiubmi InbOf lr a'rUfM. Wltli:ut great: inta d-talis; It mar bo -;tV<en? to .ay. flat n..e*ir*U.?>? of et'wc. "... pom dice ant ?>enwf letnoa, of ?lrctH< Ity and uapnrtiam, to th" proluetioti of mechanical motion, to the electrical toio. t>. nci ra'. n of a' '.t oomlml ph-rvwiin*, to Uie art of multlpl/iag engm* lam. tl?e intpduc Lion and laiprrm tn?nt a among He cf all tlx iaiportan nmuUouc of thr old wvrkt. am atrlhlni.-ty Indkatire of 11* adeann< of >),:? count m ia tbo u?- fui aria. Tb a. twork of railroads and lewirraph tine* by wbleb ihie mat country la rvtleulau*: hare nit only bmiopM it* roeoureee, but unit. I ariphatieill In motaJPr b> nde nil pert* of tire Cnlcn Tlirhj w-fba of New V?rK CblU'*-.ptiiA. and fleiton. mrpma.iaritrutaiwi ia>port?ru-?, thow of nnel> nt R ma nit we ba?o not eotiQan.1 onr Btt?nfi n to th< trim, (late apollrat <>n of eoianee It the ttiefal art* ; w* havo mt?n<d tiac r.<i?t of "^"tnal reacarefc atd here en't rgnl lh? ?a.n?tde "f aeii-nflAc kaoTWdgr Ptgty reur* ago, beIrtro tlhi brillliat.t di ewwriw of rrauktlu .rtit.etriciiy. wise ly anything l adbwn done an.- eg it* In the way nf original fn .n otic a. thirmea of acl< ner, wi r>e c ntent w.i- irteatlag Un ctperlaeatf. ana ipffminp a Jem wlid.r jf the d'?eiw??<ei of the win of the old World, '<iKiit tltinslinf to add a in~t ir.wfi.rt oi "irW- tr thr e\Vd4if rtorit. t* i L the lai>t twenty Aw wU'irtf y afH, ( fpmrri'ol- ./OFTPTPPirnt DU tab'-a -'t. <1*m< r< Our nrt<?T* , I.IK' < " h?? br?n oxf > ?* i? ?li Ita IxW'trn; .-ur pf ,?]J i.1- lurritU ?tih ??wH? of th? hlrl* t Iwni t' frftetliM ?t .1 t n-.ntiftti ptI? ?>pi . pwotitt" but" l*?"t ?avi i put' pfc? n .pit? aixl iip<,lrV<itj, uriipti li?v? tl 'if til.' ?''M TV wtipl. I Ml n *, t Mi* | d MHror 4' 17 It thle p?.intry w'lhln th?? 1 -I <f >?'ir?, in ?[ j?i to tfc'.t I. a-'" dur 1 thf *?t l? *11 tbr wv.rki b? In IT03. iton w?? fb tt>* V)bM<4 M la?tni"?tit Wth *Mr;-? ol i?r h? ?r?rJy l> <il< e.'ttlii V bim!#. i' .p *j<- mi* rtmnffltoat ?mhiiv:'.' <* ' 11 IB I* Mil. 1*1 oa) to t':o#- r.t IV 1 >t > ' i\r- <fnn ob ' "it : a -i l.ii fv'wl .<!* > * ?' 1 b titr p??if, ?lt*i n i.? 1 ift-t ft' .- j? ib ?M# crnnirjr, mr* nr or th? Birt b>tl|i?ut of ihrMn. Our I:n"?l?d(p* f 'hp rorj^tftI ?l*l toj?T)i-i; iiy 1 fib Vak rtcnn ami lit. b w':p-in - ii"i *t? by It -- UVr ai d"*totw of tt.-c^l irai * b. I n t. 4 > toti" nnoy.tst 4<11h -tri *V? of an ik InU'.-wit, 11 d '. nt k ?<s imw r. itl ijl frc .. tho phi -.?ri * nt o?.r ?_ lb ttot t 'BiliFjMH fn> 'for '' <>f 'h.' PolW 3lAt?v *' ? rr1w rnid. wblrh *i tbo% liar. H *vi ?uptv?pa no 'liftiW it ?<ft? pci'i?|? ! at t" "t Xb work H*. b ?rtit p. ?? Ith mtrMk'-i Till*. ulnVf ft nMltn IWI liMninM in i8>t?r,A?p? ?rwl 1 xirnt. i+fOni *nj pt> ?'!ih. (ftbo k'rri r?prtofhr-bttooiptpd ta- ? fwm lu. ' ig p * 1b.1t 1 fT> ? 1? tliv h U It B1P VI'l. !<- <. 4t|4/ '? 'h* t!?l llPntlP' ?>t ( . 1f to tfcp ' 'I '. S . *>' > *'> frouc" it* f. In lt? tm*tl<4ftt Iip ???> 1 bfiu. ' !? " *? mii^l ' r *t#pt to lit* rriuto,t.'t!i 0 ? "j.ll'iti I ?ii" nf l? | <?, ?. .4 r .,.1 t*i, .or i if,.-** '' ?n In'ppt.-r j ^ j .1 , K 1. <1 'l t?

RK H 9, 1861?QUARTER-PAST but thorc of Jonathan Edwards have any perm.n at Talus, and aome works on local history and politics, like Hutchinson'* Massachusetts," Jefferson's Notes on Virginia," tht ' Federalist," ' Belknap's New Hampshire," and Memo's Geography." and a few others, Auuu'ica bad not produced a single work of an) repute in acktH'e or literature. Wo were almost wholly dependant on imported books. Keen our bibles and testa, menta were tor the moat part printed abroad. The book trade is ni*w one of the greatest branches of twine**, and works of standard value, and of high reputation in Europe as wrdl aa at home, hare been produced by American author* tn every department of science and literature While the nation has been exonndinx? in dimon slon." In ntir^r*. *nd in wealth, the government ha* applied a wise forwast in the adoption of m-os*ary wsuc-urrs, wheo the world shall uo longer be at peace to maintain ' lie national honor, whether Ly approprlHtc dBsptaye t)f rigor abroad, or by well adopted means of defence at hoiae. A ?u?Vy which ha< ao rlten illustrated our luster) by here*} achlovement*, though restrained in peawfui times, powrjwn In ItM admirable element* Cnr no ana of gr-st and meld-u expansion, hikI is justly loked upon by the nation a* tberlghi a rat of it# power?an army etl J isaUU f, but not le.v perfect in ita detail", which hue. on man} a Arid, obibited the military aptitude* and prowi-as of the race, and dcmoii/trwtnd the wisdom which ha* presided ovtr its organization and government While the gradual and slow enlargement of these military arte* t:aa bee n II|*llll| bf a jealous watchfulness over tiv putlie tit asure. there has, never!betes.*, bee n freely ijtvm, all that ear needed to perfect their quality; and tuchallc'iti the nucleus of any ontargemeiit that the public exiyeu etc? may demand from 6h< million* ot brave hearts and strong arm* upon (ho land and water The navy U the aetivt and up great Ive element of national d* fence ; and, letlocre from our own sea eoaat, miiet display ita power in the-ecus nnd channel*of the enemy. To do this it an d DCt be large; ami it <-ua never be large enough to defied, by ite pretence at home, ail cur porta and barter?. Bur, tn five absence of the navy, what rax: the heart* and strong nrms of ihr army and militia dc against . th - en Dih-r line, of battle ship- ai:d eUiitrurs, failing without notice upen our couatT What will guard ot* cities flrrm tribute, cur mesrhant resets and our navy yarda ft cm ocnflugiaUcnf Here, again, we Sec a wire force .--si in the system of defensive measun a, which, c* rtelal'.y since the olcee of the war wtlb Great Britain, ar bet ti ?te"*Hly ft Uowecl by> our governmvnt VVUiic tbe peril* from wl.icb our great e <?1>I "bint-nt* bad Ju*t eacsped, were yet fresh in recollection, a system of fecti ftcatk>n.< was begun, which now though uct ?;u!'c. e >tnpieU\ fi iic?v? in our im;?rt<ril point* with imp lasatle strwofdh. More than four thousand cannon may at any moment,within strong and permancut wori,*. arranged with ail the advantages at d appiUncc* that ibe art af ford*, br turned to the protection of tb> ser. coa-it auil be eerv d by the men wlioao hearts they shelter. Happy for us that it is ao, since these are means of security th it time aloae can supply; and since the improvements of Biar'tiu>? warfare. by making di*toot etrpcdiUeRg ca?y ajid oevdy. have made thetn more nrd-alte. em4 ?t ll>? ran*-time moreiiitticult to anticipate and pro*id- ngalnrt The ce-iiif fortifying nil the important point* on our ?b<v Atlantic and llulfof Mrr.ieo frontier will r.Miiowd liie amount eiptaded cn the furtifieaticnc of Pnri.-i. In thin oorauvtion. one ntuM itnpertnat facility in the MtHI uf the country ir not to lw overlooked, it fr tbo aim- in.ftost&Deon* rapidity with wi.irh the rei diePBOf lit? army nu-1 any number of the mUIUamrpc ma/ now lie brc.wbt t hot point wl ore t hcrtiie iXtaci. nay bo mvdr or tbrroUmcd AH thl? (Xte u-ioc of territory rioiraoed within the bolted SlaUa, lutrtMt <f itn jx uulntkin. cosnmrreo, a-td max eta tor il< Teityrmcnt of it-i rw? li> cho.ur aixi ralU'c-ada. and rapidity if intcroomirtuueattca by Innumerable i-teuuboatF and telegraphs, ban Imer. nocotnpiirht d wltbcut cn-rtfcrow of, Alt. Ia>i(f> r tc, the public HberUee. by any ?: sumption of military power, and. indeed. without ao- rennnrrnt lucrensi^if tJ? army. except for the pnrpcuc i f frontier de' fence. andafordiDg r. Jott (tumiI tc the prit< rtj ; I or of the uavy. any farther tluin (o suuri the uarlgntor that, in wuateorer ron he aha I' rail hi- *tip, b>- Is prcteoted by the eta.-r and at ripen f his country Ail thin, without the slvdding of a drop of hlrwd for Itttacu or rebellion?*11 tAla, while pyHwss of popular n.proeenlntion h**e regwiart; been supported in tk* State governntenU and in.tbe ff -ncmifc-.vorr:mi ute?al thee while law*, national and State. of curb n character have I < 11 pc-ud. aixl haw U* a to w'.-ely ad nlnl?:-w <t that I may aland lip hen tc-dtiy. tied declare, li- I now do. it the fare of ail the intelligent of ike aire, thai for the period which lis a cfcir-rci ft* m the day that Washington laid thi fimn d * t ion of thU ropltca to the prev ent time. then, has train pccountry upon e.rth in which l!fa. thirty, and isrv pert7. have been more ao.'dy and ateadily icenred. or 1111 r;- freely O^oyed. than In tht><- tolled* of Ame. rlra. that will U*ny this* W ho I.. there nrepar. d * ifti a yn ntcr or a better cxa.nple' Who U 1 here that dan ?and upcr the foundation of fnctr. an ImowWd^".. or proved. and nitx-rl that M* ? our r.. publican liiMIt uil-.n*. has- not arunr. rnd th< tiui en<t of gor- 11. moot-beyond nil precedent inhuman M<lo-y*? There U yet another tIcw. There are stUI higher tonalderatlou Man ! an Ititelluatunl lx inir. il.?.Ltn<.l u. uamortuiity. Ih/rc tx a -pifit in L'm. and the breath, of thi - .Mni.jrbty hath pin n li'.ui uiklrrxlatvllrrf Theo Mlt, If b? tend! of; towards his two destiny. while U? mcLx for l.tjowliflp" or rirtuo, for the all! of hi* Maker, and tor ju-t eooo. pl -e* of h> > can duty. Of :ill linpor tant <jui stton*. thrrrfwas 1.1 thi*, the most important o nil. lx> fln-t a-Xod antl tli-t answered, in what country o the La! iti.'Ur Klobr, of (fecal eitrot uidlarg- population art- the tuonnx of lno*Wd#< the meat generally ditfu'ed sad cl-Jr j*d -inK-n, thx po-jpl-*,uo"liau alinltso' one ami out/ on? arm r It i* her*?It la here,in tbew TuiUd Ptat-r?It U among the d<vK?a<lanU of tlie-f who r*tl|ed nt 1 c-rktown?of tHoaa who Were plgrinw on tlw show of I'lymonlh ; and of t!?? other ma i at men, who, in anbuoqui-nt timer ham bo r iiw j-.nod in (bla ins at American famlly Let one fart, ltcar*i?L? rt or dl*puto, *ali*fy ?rory ni'nd on thi* point. The population of the United atatos l? 2 .? -J. Now tnlte tie map of tLo r< Diluent of Koropo *pr*rd it out hafnre you. Take your Mate and ymr d.viosix rnd lay off In cna area, in any sliapo you pi-wro. a triao. V, ar(uar?-. cirr'.o, ptraUcifyr-.m. or tiapN?il.ii<|rf au ajroii that nhaii rot-tain Iih OOO.POO of pot ) <*, awl '.hero wil' to found within th? United Stole* n ori pcracnt who do habi'iwlly lead ?nd writo, ihnn can V i ioLi xxxl within (be lino# cf your drinarra lion It-.d there i* *cnvrtbi?v; e*t-n more than thl* Han U m.4 i nil an Intellectual. hut l.e i? alxa a reiifioaa b-'lup; ar-l btx n ligiou - ticUnfr- an t btiliu miuirr cuill??< swi I < t the rvlidku* dement In ruaa't. nature be pWvt-d. lot turn bo Influenced ly no LLhrr motiro* than low wh-lotot *t, and J to im ttrt vg+r re raid llu a the limit* ol ciril authority, and hr hooouica the err at'ire of aeif. !i pa-ek-us or blind fWnaliei?m. Tl<e t iw'twi. of n nation, poworfoi nnd enllrht o. d. but without thilxt'uu filth ha- i?t-upre?etii<d.aiiii"i witluuoiir own day. as n wurulmt h ??n for the nnUon'. On the otiwr bar.|. (! e oeltlvaf>ou of thr rclhrloil* ?ontlEont repjTHTi . llTi-nlioollon to t'outral l-cu- T-4rno< , aralfhe pnx''- ai I'v'wrlo'pm'T.i of thr bcr thariioo I of man, o?plr - ri rpoct N r low nrvI rrd-r, arvl )?lrre fctri ti?tth to ll??. wbek T> rf?.i f?' r(o; til" ra.iio tll?v? It o nd-?-.l? the luu .au will iipwrjd to ti>? sutlwrffllr I.T|p|r Ax f ar of Itx nor.<?arr o im<)ii?i?rf i. It may. I tluuk, U riiu-d with t. utt>. th.U in no roan:ry, in properiled t- It i ' si.-. ur~ tkut M MtUp I crohui*. f?T.i! %iohi euix, I !bif\ ntj??ir tiyrj- sal tr.iot a T-ktW-r. KupticrUfl 1-> ptlril? a?t poirato o- . iri' fith. i>*. a* In en* fMf Tin-a- hiv al'? Inrlitui' ff i* c lb- id teiUon of 1li. Wind I'k- deaf i.rxl d'.iiuh. of idiota, fir tie r- reptl m <? orpiao ,-uxl d>- tltulo ci.UJr.u. for rn-'wai ndrakda aiptwd h>r rhll-lir 'i aiu! i.n.aii a ro?-;<--tinly; ir.Kt't.a>oa? !?<r tho rrfocioatl.?n rl rrtmioalT not it *po?r of th*?? it' nw poi-.' ? sliUiir!.uk nt? in ajjj??' rvwry r untry and town Id 'It* I nitwl bialo*. for tho r-o>?ptluu oi th? a|ps|. In'o-m ai*l <l? Htutr p- *. ma ay ot w?,.,ui har* U- <i tj our hL vik to **.-a{o Uw- pomrty and v iwif brdtr - cf thair cxwlitf a at L?'nn*. In tb" ' . tu. i i.o alanfc -?f i. hue at . or ccoif hLirdirai auth-r'*y fi-t-o'-il by ( 'Wfrniiwnr i Mi!" w-ndfip ;i ne o-toltr-L *ito*r I>t avli.ntaryo n tri'-otioo , or by tmat- wiai dinutlonacf a charitable I or'ptn Ne w. 11' Ink it -af- to taj that a^r.-wtrr portioa of the p- ojlo ' ( U. LnlU-d State* itiml public wiT?Mp. Joota'ly ci wr?l fc w i?ed. aod wri. rrar.d. tt.en >( itry otn.-r r 'iBtry 'f ?i>e cWli J world !: ]!.mt?c' r- l*(rb a ar" won rT?r)wh?i<? Tt.-I? a<tf o rate crt ?. jii arnuut t" ".o Iuim iiBi cf in- !> } tln-y ace, l? tke p'-i*?ral. hopt lu food repair, a>ul tb* : wi"" of putilo waraliip In thoa* 'dl'k-. thu popi- f iu.ii.djr aw- ralio OB I ho Baht-ith J ?jr which Lt rarroJly a-t upart Br a at W all eia n ^aoi oeuiar employm nt and fir m-IiHohi m>Jit*t' n ai it werohif. to lt?tc j t> tli* r?H?t "f th? t>-'/ .criptrma and die.iv.-.uM (Yu?u plotu in.'iate?a M tuc ?ef*r*l denomination* T!ik alUrtd<ii t? th-- w?r'.? ?f th*'latettert andcf tb mul <ia '.?*uli-*tod ty th' ? Ion tary rtipp-Tt of wii <._>; . and c.Uerea. of church*- and VB.-Toinn' Irvtltnti'.n*, la one of the ? at rr?urW>> character! iKioji of the Atierireri p f ?. not lea atrlMnt: I? "V Wal hi the new tl.^n in the c.kl<-r rHUnmonta - t UW wiiUT. OBlfce apctwh.-r-iti.- f<r-tiree.-rf?h"furot i wrte f> lied n -ar the nb-o<' of the pinnerr . are to ha ?f"0 ri. tnc toy thcr the nhrtrch aiek ih" wIkmI h n H< -lie ;t >> n f^anUv lay-ruiin^, >o4 lio%t,T?iit .hat thu It may continue. 'Mm tb?r itioraa. aL-iro li?etr t ? ? % lu eulka pomp the tail eatb-etrai frewwi ??l fend "v,r Ir.ety ton .It thiow, Tb?'r ?lendo- rhado* i on the1 a'ha beaew ; Pcarfe M< vi? lb' wind that- rw hi. wtx-diarvl (rv-^t, l!ir latph'. |> rfucw fi " ? U^? i^tti. T'a kxr. K.-' H!ic a Vi?l( u of the MtroirK air, 11 a rl rh'. rraa'(i atani(ih'marfer tbn luntw * T t fa'thV pttri hjtnii brnooUi H? iboltor r?i4?s I' i atb?-? out a? rwo? tly U the 'an|rt?l wood A a wVn the rny? tkr-nmli Wwiior f-rl'-k po?r, (in inatt>i? ahaft ami loam Ua?ml Booa.'* yt'io. dona not adaH tfial tM? unfaradote-t r? ,w?A of ' i roeBi rlly aurt rrt?rw?' an tlwrn-iuit- under P^awiu?m*e, of tho 'Jiihaof Itnee HW?? m Art a y n ra. rwoA.i'u'.i' B nhi. >. guiradtV la each (itata a fontiMln? f m nf y?Tvii m*nt. aa-l ?<?? ni the > 'iJoym<-ua i?fK IH^o t/ ?i rt tin' nur?t,lt"f knpv'i"**' ft** foot* tifi' tftony n?- teaiaath ni dorilsati' ?. To bring V-rv ttit* o a to I e pmat nern?rt''ti. ?If d<o? uot rl?al wk'O Prr^id> ( \v arhirrtoo l?W Mm haul ? th? tanad .iiou nt tb? tr*t rnpttol MMiig. ho tietf'iTaed a gr\*t m -rk of fv.r; tnatirn <f tho TJr'or a'?J 'ha rorp-tltutioa ? *b,i d'te not It?I that I ht? "eat of the K'm rtl^otrruumu. healthial la it< eituivttoo. eeaitrai in lu. |> dtWtn. r< to tl r tn< iiDlalne Irotc *!?*?< guvli ?pi 'oe? ?f fir 111fi 1 tltinn. toenilnv' with laatiimti rieHrA pmduotn. m d )et B"t fa? frt re ttn- ber'.and iht gtoBt owoarti* "f th? ?? a. ear fly reo* 'rlUe sod* y. noraliy agr?faMe In otl> tnal' and a wolai ?b. d?>r ?r.,r yer rtrongth tntbonnl'iu if I hew- Btatae; that thlr elty Iwariag an linm rtal raft.e, e 1th f' t.ruad ^r- ?i,. .and *erou.?a. It pnMlc urie-nmf piif llll x.nt ed'flrre of the y ue-al ?n*> rue -fit. ran,Uxl for Vfv? a?rpM< cf ranr'nf oa witltie I. ni i fcn Iret i'w1 hnriai-ar . 'tho reerra) 'eranru. nt1" iir*, Ivf* p.l B if ?VU l-lf>J *?i tf i "*" nt fits ERA ' TWO O'CLOCK. I tin* preservation of the records of American leurnin, fed genie-, of totenslve colUcll<>U of the prodncU o nature .mil art. brought hither for study toil eomparl 1 mb lro'.'i all part* of tbr world; adorned wjth ntrmorvu churches a rid.sprinkled over, I am happy to say.with man; public school*, where all the children of the oitjr, wttbou j distinction, ar" priTlded with the luirtiu of obtaining I good education?where there are academic* and colleges j profuseicnnl schools and public libraries ?should coot ma i to recidve. as it has heretofore, the fostering care of Ooa gross, end should be regarded as the permanent seat e the national g<n?rnment Here. too. u citizen of tic ! great republic of letters?? republic which knows noi | the metis .'Hid bounds of political geography?has iinli j cnttd, I, prt phftloally. to this uatlon a wide and i city a commanding position In the fluid of science Hud I liters t.i~c, l>} ftidowhij hers, and piacin^ under th> guar I dlanship <il the gi T* rnment. an institution " for tin- ill' c-reav and diffusion of kunwli-dgs among nan." Witt each succeeding y< ar new Interest Uuddi-d to the spot II hi fomce connected with all the historical association* ol oof ?out try. with iiorstatrenv uaiwt her orator*; Mud alas lt? errneti ry Is anmuiely enriched with tho ashes of hci chosen nods H't rr u< is rhi brc *d and beautiful river separating two of the original thirteen Slates, and wbicl I a late Prv.Alcnt. a man of tie termini d purpose aud in tli iib?e w.'.' but patriotic heart, drdrnd to spaa witf of over enduring granite, i ymfcniiaal of the firunij ciL' gtftt union of the North and thv iouth. l>o iti baa Its r."p?'< tha m-haa of the Father of his Country nod at ouv side, liy a singular felicity of position, overlooking the city which lied slgued nud which t>orw* his nnrne rise. to SC< mi m rj tha marble f olunui, eoJ.iiiao in it impli grandeur, aud kuy Intended to reaoh aloftict Iieirht than any sitoilsr structuni on the surface ol the whwie earth I .! the wotiw ofTer'ag of his grateful ciejotrymr a be freely contributed to curry higher hiid atiii* higher this aicr-uajnt May I say, a* orranotliev occasion. " Let it ri-w let U ri:e- ! till it shnil meet the sun In hie coiring?let the earliest light ol the mrratui; gild If. and parting day linger and play on its sinnmit " i'edew cit*?. *<?Whet rcdtrmpL'vtioag are awakened in our minds ar wa xs* tubU> b<w* to rs etwl a sceai 111 c that perfo-med by Washii.fttow 1 MrtlJnlo I see his v tvmwlc :'. 'm isow 1-elcrt-ntc, as presetted in the glcrlousshattr ty Ilcudon, now in the Capita of \ irgiuia. He Is dignlf ed ten l?rrre, but atwrnern nnd anxiety scow to rofn a tbe ilneiico-nta of hi* countenance Ths govbi nmuot over which he pn-eldcj l? yet in the critic of ? X t?rinK nt Not free from trock'-i at home, he ?er the w rtd in cerumotl'ii art* nrrn^ nit anmrut him lie s*oi that imj f. ir-ign j <,<** r" Mvvbali di .poed to tr/ the Stivtigtb oi the rtecnuy catabilefaad American government We perceive that a-i-hty tfcougoU, mingled with tears as w if as w'th hopes. are r-'jruggling within him Ho f ad i a r-bcrt pi Km c ion over these theu nuked tlelil.", he r i Alice vernier striou: en a fallen tn?i he asrends to the I-.>p of tie..- eailr.erco. vliose original eater. ol the t cist slue*.! as tbie!: around him rs if the spot had Iron d< vrt 'd to Druldlcai worship, he perfect; i tlse e'.i'jouit, c Jut: of tic da7 A-.d it-w, o;i>, up if this rlelon wKt it resiiity? IfV/mhUi^tr n actually sure hmt nji-wton?and if In <n-u.(J tlrsv, around hitu the (hades, cf the great public mt ti o' hi t own day ?patriots cndjwirrrier-, orator* und etatcziw n-and tower tc address. i:? In their (rem too, would hi* pot say to U??-Ye men of this ip'Tioratioa, 1 rojcice and thank O xi for bring able to > tiutl our labor.. sad tcllu, a;*' so."rlflce. were not in nun I ou arc pr>u.??jrt: arc hr.fpy?you arc gnatcful. The. "re a lilwrty hurra brktiti) and steadily in your tieidrt*, t.b!b- duty and th. law rt strain It frnuvhurating forth in wild and deafruc tirs confotfiratlon ilwrldi liberty its y< u lotc it rljoc'eh itt neuritis*. an vou wi?h U> pre trttt it Maintain the constitution which wo Ub?c-d K) pa It-fall j to establish. r.r.d which bast hem to yon such a so'ir-M of ic,?etic.abh> bli-ulDpt I'ri -ersc the union of th. $.a'.< .. cem. *> -d a. It war by cur p-nyer*, cm; tests . nrd our blood lie true tr. Uvd. your c -untry, and your duty. Sc tbtll the (belt Eastern wt rid follow Iboctoipis g sun. to contemplate you a* a nati >n; ao shall si: *u. ;* d!rt get* ratione honor yets as(hoy hoiior u?, and w> shall chut Aienigbry rower which so graciuio-iy protected us.and whirls co? probate y ou. almwi r Itserer!..*: :iv upon you and yaur [ isteiity." Pr ihfc'iit FlMarr>; It Is your singularly good fortune U petto Bo an net s ich as that which the earliest of '/ ur p- -d-ircisors ps ri vwu d fifty-eight years ago V>u slaod where h: rtcod You lay your hand on the c rnor stone of a tuUlirg d-elgnod ly t? aitfiiit that w lio-e* cor d-re tone he It. J Changed chain d. is ererytl.irtf; around Tie ? si.n. Indeed, shono upon Ida lv ad which ut v shine* upon youre. The same broad rlrer roiled at ht. f??t and U.thr bis litat rifting place, that new rolls a, y ore But tbr rite of thirdly w as tb<n Rjtio.y n?. open deed Slt'-ets eud avcouca haro slnc? bof d p Id cut and ocrpleted ?s<(uarre and public rm?M*rar!.iad u>4 erntnKilcd until the cllr which bears hi# umbo, although cs rui uuatireiy inconsiderable In tieilUM r- and wealth, hoc b< . oose guile fit. to be the id th. got. . aim at cf gtstu and unltiel cioplo. Br. may tl- roasconenfes cf the duty which you perform s t auspiricu.-ly If -doy. i?iu*l those which flow, d from h's art Nor this only May the principle* of your ndii.iii.ct ate"3 and the V.V.f4a of your pditirai conduct, ho such a. (hat thf wrr'd of the prea il day, and all history her after, may ho at i?. lot- to y<moire what Ctarople yr u t-.Tr Btf? J r.ur stpdy Yeliow Citizens?I cow I ting this addr ? to a close, by i ip.v-elog ti yotc In the wcrds of the great Roman orator, the iV-pvt srtej. ot my lw>crt. and srtisih I kuow dss ply p?u< tfnt< I the tiecrta of :dl wh<> hear Lie flu* mn'u twe>- ej?'e i tms'st. r f THwimt ; cy.tlu n ft?>san'.ia ii'c um r?Vr>^iw?ta i Iwnalii tffw a fiit i.nmortatlbui dtri ntftU pctrtl: a/fri'itn. W it* n < tnsial, vt d< r-j??\''Vrt (uieyur ?w?v. And ocsr, fcUosr clll??ti . with hen. t- woid of haired, cost, and malloo towards our rwn count yni?>i>. or auy ri ux u:. vr ifnu/vf uk piiujrriK ur ? m im iv *h i-mmt n mm?Bl , or It nardt anj m. rrlvr of the nroat ftmtiy of man. but riul'li,' nru< r: brio*', In our o? o poo< < . m runty, and hnpfinrm. in tho tr~it fu. rrr<iirrtion of the pa*!. and fit purieui \< i*lli" fulurr let u> r.<orn to our Li idck. arul with ail l.imiiit/ xnd Urvotioii offor out thnai;* to fh? Father if nil our luiwelea?political, ac?-ial ?aj relink u<. THE FOURTH OF JULY. Atronnl of the Celebration In and around \ew fork, k\, But., ha Tli, n biiitrlJi ?w Juif wlii.-h bn? b <>n *?l*lotl?l nil owcrtho land, IVi.'n <w? m U> o*< ?m. with tbr prorM far V. of that rp.-'.Vr? Crow liberty, lu.l<|vadiur. ami pro*polity, ! *-< I <<.n ou 'rut-4 In hi w o-* Itb Bore U?a. UMioi ut t Pv ob a lonrtb of Jcljr lint not b.? u mvib for Ma/./ a at/ Ail tin fa/, frooi n-.a tUJ rr>, thr atroinwwi Ui t with human Ulnt^n, and ltftjulwa wat alt.vtrt Ip JL'-tnn. Thg lap* oiryt rr ,r of arllUrry, tb- rear of .1 nritntfy, p' tMr. Ilr? rr irU?? wb^rtr. a...', wtr/ drorrlr C' u of (irowork* an.", fir. at ma am r oi-?M<t for aa illtaat. 1-rriy mo 0 .m, { baif trt-l [ trtth the of fw-v in, ao-l tlx* prpotWtloa af th* 1 day ro?< narr-*! to Li.friaA.ri.lit to tbr ani. of tla*?. I TV . ni d-rb(. (*ra. riiiiais and a-l/krl. nr ra?rlij (??; but too goodly r?u?.t>ki of koipiatr < rni: irt./ip rri Minim nc*> tbr Foartb cf Ju:> ??tw?Ich< all that It nr-V if tn->?u r, or' ! huirin i. ? or I<ia"? lb-' fir of il>?vf y It b-r- liiit, Ilka *hr ?"*J ?nVri i upon Um a?<ar of T' lta; aad th. r ia? 1/ ?bo rrp.mV' ?t' ir brew rii?, la o w'u. tUo oMMif M Urt 'n aid tmarkaa a.-*. w?>| iw>*r f, ry-1 t,o iri/l 1 of tin Mrortrirft Uioy ni./?y in a/i/w iifo, cr ahrfak frrai abMJtn.. tlo ir If m-'.v^arr, to tyl tbr llb?rt..? won \rf i.t..i of tUclr too- 'tor*. Tv un'oaitM ?aa I of irromu. <uxj tb? rtui4> tur.'iixrtj with tham. mip a rac of f net tfl b* oan<;??rp?I by ttar biro iii* toonpa of lh-- X *t ; t? i t Ult iod ?iwW. Honrx frw ft-iT^nrfi wfr> axr to* an < aou?:r la Urn try tfio Mttiilitnvrfllib N>Bi.tr7, ? 11* 'fc*yb*V tbom Kb Uiatityyr i m; . t>> 4> Id to- anno/Min- to tbalr I >y il fraihi,~.H Of tfr> r-WVf?U?? of th-.W'waili of'Hart/and R|?Mli>Mika *.ToT r -"fc-rhy u4 (ffiri l.'t. Thry tool tlvy l"t bw ^t*? thorkln# din. It in not t? ti* wwid< r?d at; aod *mo wkn -ail tk- m aalTra AtnofVana, *bv ar nW-jr. oa Ilia nam- ?o ? wltii t! am. TV?y M batlor rco u-i of thorn to*'< tW to K?T>^n'. ?Vf? !bn i- ttr ilr.r^ar of ?uoh out >ya.B*?. TV -tupy nj la V? t> ritrra < ? - #iuiy frio?~?t?.t ?rtth Tok^d 7P wt?l a *??*" .Ifv-.J ?| m ar??r-. Ttnywbol" ally tlw a Mat of lb" natloant hv'.1 l?j of ilia Vinto* i 8iafra Riux frw m?y Kara 4*1 tow-hoary hf anr*?! ??:?*>/ tfiriU; btl ?P1 thnt ranon-i? j-?>oiiIUj h> ' thn ra? Uoi. ?.! ' ti>? do/, lal it U a-t \vhnij to ha it ' U 'afrd nil.' ?>iy patvaaan -an -Ana'. I Hilar,:""- lot/ pa-wl j.ft ir. i?d Taronany a -t a, ?rMui'' uru&i Tir *r ma aa raootio?y*t <a> iWUmad t>7 Mr. Vt rtgbt ItA-hro. wt aa ado iraj, > ila* aftwvta Jftat a r-?y ir?r%"laoi< pw'iaWtl tbr *k** 3? tN? orroari 'ifra TP-. Mit.ii'rv rtn.p*Atria' altMn'o.-. k jr-< rla; -.-.ii-atar. lb' M?ron dent BiUUaof tHacHy. uihi. r ? oiaaaadwf .'.ijof J* n ral Chan tandf' id v t Ir Vv rt? o '? ?iw - M l kfW ftrvi.'or lata ar'frr t4 p.*ra<vs tta? aaatil .4 * i to NlathaTTtiiM ooa,;tln Pcmrrrr'b avwai to Ppu IID.t aa lli'oijao/ IB 1'iioai to*' to w?T ? utOM, oliWf leemawl-Ttte l^aai'ca 'tor'4, ,'MttNorn a MtiodiUvv^iV rsit.a-t "I'd ?< I K- ft-. -Ml p-f-lnfbrLrt/ Tlall torcrk.w tf I/., y jot sx-rs |r? i> m -> 7 ?r -- ?, ? w ? > ?!' um>j l? of nH?o?( ?? *'*? ? ife? ?iWil-Mjr frr.-owlrtt. 8? ?m*A '' ihr i'n?\-myX : or, th' ? "? rfc1* cf thr TV#.. 11?| C ? tfciri f * i* A thn">b<k> rlwT >'icj tr?w? iKVortt" r: Dlioli .?;,je/or ire r ' i W? " n?joul< i T . Vv r<?. i:< t u ?r<? ?? >'? *?<*? f?n I ' ) ? I : n'?'w?.'T .-f ^-r -tM il >: fl!ai--.?fcW? I' iff f '#<! < ? f . .T) I- rt??i W * ' A I ' ' ' v * VA . ]. .. - ll-L-J LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. ? quarter", in ChauAW" ?trc<-t, *hcre rtto? partook a * t lunch tud rrfrrxhoK-nU for thr cA<i(t? Smrr%l flu. |.airtotk- *p.*%U< s wen and tcmt. dnwli, * after which the ocuipaof aeparaUf r HA'COillT. t Ftx?t troop W.-hitifrton J M. * I1KAO OK UIV1NO.V?, ' Utori-tl Sandflprd nn.iliK'iX' tlH.i Hhc*AJ>i:. Brigadier Grmral Hplccr Afiil Stotf I tint W*iB>eu?, r<-mui?ixl< a bj Col. UjfW (Xbit M * m M p*r%tU4 ? cavalry, their (run* Imiv.; M 'writ Till*. - tvaoiMj n giwent. c< Qiuitiniiid bj ThiH rrgrment, (liur/ai.j f >inaiaud?tl * 1 ! Bc-cia 1'atHlc; 1 I 4?1?M> Mut.ADI>' 1 I Uvnl 1.^,1 .I.IT 1 fourth regiment. r ><Jrd by Oolourt Yale* >il'l< nv?i?l l>; Wiiriiir? ' ! Pi?th rugtaierI, eoaaaiattcied by Colonel l'etr. ' j THAV MM-tlir. f lirwn) Hall an# t-iaiH. i .'! *?.dJi r<? .~atent p< BiBUtrxled by I.ieutooant Gt r Pr< ftaurfcotf (Coirmti Pnryae K< l?p eWnt ) i j l-pJuh rppslmeot. oomrojanied by Cotoual hero? ' i Ni-viii b'.yn M, ot.uin antied h> Colt net Kerria. I Oi, I ttl BKtCAlte. 1 j C?"nftia! ICwrn ?r.<! nts(T. f 1 Ti nth reciarnf, (YVt Mahay ) ctnun- tv'td by M?ao*' 1 Smllh. 1 ! l.'crn'.tb regimcac, f.?ra?Mi-d by Cri-.Bfi Morrto. I TviMilnyuiriri.eraiiiiitiid^bjr ilolcaW Hrnrr. l.aeh ntim nf ?r>t! ?oecui|iaand by u I and. and a coa1 I tinned strian ?>t mart;*'.. u?ii< ual and patriotic ulra wa* kept uj ilr.riiy the trgoV paikde. The nCtifory proce* ' 1 aioti maJ;; a' grand it! grf-y, tkoiuaad.. ot p<cpl? thrcr.g! ?i the ctr?-et?. <>i> hath ct<le? Ttv> mil whisb CcM durii i- the pr?r?tlinft' tii/fc- tnadeth? ateoetti r;nltr di?a greet. I. .e, : nd i r.fu r h Mkkig ibr Pari.. Vkv ir.ei. weca qmtc t.wsitd^ with r?>.?td. Pi* day wm Out- a ltd coot throe ;;hout, although the .?-> (.t;noe out quit? bfllianHy I At m ii 'i^* 7*ktertt.*.y ritPTil?^. tte ?>*l< >at: fio.(liir??W 181- [KKMtti'd to (hi- liaile*/ end flred r crttonnlodk luU . Tve wr.a l apeeUd n( immm, (Ad ugfUu rt etinaetk A/t.-r'.lau.ilittry rf,nd the?.afi<i the Park (hey *nw? : followed by th? Hiltermaii Hrwrttrat titirtai hooiot?. 1 dffexitd .n the bodtc-.. of their artier. hooded It a fca? band, and curryLn- aercrui It*? I >r.n terra ci.uMfUInW wltr. varkrjt. dnriejd. Then cine the Now Vorfc Sooiaty of H John Uulkptitt Tint Mtlrt) wne ridded by about (out or hundred of ti* eauue order, froan (Vnada ?tk> ( rr?ntrd tbeut irith jcehip-ait! banuat la th? n nrni y. at the liaiOry Dto<kai ro.vs, km 1 Ail the hotone puLtJe and oth.? prlnelpai h?. il.ttr.ja. W"rv?dercral<d e?tb national tlHg> ?> u a <v, i JuriM llr-'kf 01 gMu-tuid pMoie vrr.e kept up Jwnr the whole tiwy r lie. el a f.veetcr p.-,rt of tlae p touring ai^bt Tf."U-v.nd- at P Of Y lift the p'ty u turei-o< U- diif r. a* plan t ?rct. >^M'Od t|x fou-tb. whu. (fc ?J,. ( r.?< Ird l?1 | t?Od' the fouutly litwl n?St"h >*it?g U #ti? to ( Wobr?t?j th<< antiivi rsa: j iu the :a< trofelia TIM KJKKWVUKA. ' Alwt right o'cicct ia tile < veultv' i r'A-di- of p'.'ipW throti,;*-*! (Ij? PaiU to v?itfie-e the dioclaj/tf Croworka, . ? hich cxn rjoot c*al ahMc half put c^tl >ml ronMaued j tlh >j n o'oioek, nhil Ai.,; i-ciy raer-tj ef e.piond<d i eti|>efceaji? ate I *Uuoiliutit< the atltaifuoiv in tb? ] that not fr-ow than Cf'-rW j?-r?on.< wi-rr ere* tii d to aod i r-out ! the Vai k TL? quk-;t? * arv1 rrdre p-rw *a led during the ?'.xv day aiul rvt-obf fheao da? i | la/i- ft tin wi r?.? ueT ut fe m pkin. mjearr. M tdUaa wiuaav bad clio r pero--j but not c n no yroit i. M/k M | ti i*rla IVcnt i* the Oily llaii, At curb |d.?< of cahibt Hfu or- *AH h nx^iRtor. w- PI c atmn^raUda nd a i _od of uiuwx wsm lo alteinlar.t-. | ??t<B>?;wrAT:oN op a ba^er?vmrF.AMS <w IHli Cut ?I' tki- i-urtiTuto cf t h* nrltiu rr? na-uta I bat fconp ' ? piirHu tb<- EuemufaMe War cf IRl'J who rxddet in tfc+v ?Itj aixl ita tv-^ihlcitu-ol, were l-rnai' a pi-giowm*. which lit kocwt: hy the rarrr of the (Vrp# of WlV.1* There wi r. mt> i 1 H*? roll am! ?t-r at ISA of lli-a aje-tmb ;*! yt?-t-rde. Blurnin.;, ia front of the Mow Cltjt Hall. 1a mar-h g <rde- and r-union r-d-d by ( olc-tief Itnil'.ht, to r-iflro a rta-xl of o?-b .? fr'-ir l?l* florae the UojOr the gift <f a you k lad/ ah**- hum ??< r.?% pteen. taerpt HiMt oh. ?ri (If il'j'ischltr cf one ot th* ) oid.. i'- who rereod in that wp.r. dhoft y aft?*r nine-tiU lienor tlx Moyor arrived, ar ?-v tlx. IU-* l/r Spring end the !- ? Mr fa* Halt. ai d tcrtk Ux Ir *e..U on the t urh rf thi t up -rta* Couit rton. I'v. epilog en It. right. atol f Van l"?U raa_ tl a btl ?( the Mi/it The ret. rs tu weet then ma robed li.U'tlx ro-u: afur which the bo n?u'r wu - U ?fUr!ed. and there trat- a feurlb of t ru'af-eic The ot rm.i.oy wae tlM-n <v a.u . imd w'ib a frayr by Dr S| tiiii, inruaiag the bitlnt- ?fti:r aiiii-b th Mayer re <c and t pet* a# frdf. w? :~ (Jkrrn i Mae ? It mi wlib ( rWe, I rat a wt- yon. that I ant luelhit to l>r ?iib y-nj. Bird, niiwt of all t.< perform lh<- pltix-loe. <lu' > of pat- ntiiij l<. 700 (iila bt tir.i r It la a tribute tnewt jvrtly (tie yau. U-mto m/ o ft.-t.- what M* ecr rourtx it inijbt p:o?'i?-?t. yott will all u duwbV a^r<-? witb or that it I.' fr-u.i tlx- byt-i ot, tx>4k ^t. uf irx at purr Tla | rcdurtloa of tUr fair bc/i r?. prompted Ik/ Ua' tkaois and pulricitr < f aaobLue'r daUKfcus. Ou thtr tennir rm ifo-hlri{ 1 * .andKat'tof rur aatlotMd b'uxxi j uttthx It--tfiat. lid I'dtiM fri-f-K-ui and pro mm if arr do-p-ax.! to all u/warft..?ad ly aoy union upom rerlli Tlii-< baa L.I u anha\> .1 an ' ??vxu?ri ty thi Labonw prienll .'n?. no itln*. and death'- of \*ry tmanj of our rttl.-'Qa in tlx- war of KTi and' tho woe <f rnooph tinn. d cirr ,t Jkicr the 1Mb. IMt. ia kiek ia.t. )'iii:iolhl ara the kknorvd aurriocro. i b. dht rt. iir'fr m tkr rw. if htt.-r/, clroiitaaloaaoa and taenia whirn ?i- to mine and ctny Amrrieae Im url. di-tply iiiteTea'injf. leut it t-xd-dd 1 thin- l-o i-upxr fiucut |i)i? arr atd* tm- or.iuti it will, them uodi r aatuap n ry Bim.y cawr *?? *. y, u purtlripnnU la thr icnak dtrtirudk-"I MIH which axrurrd the lilxirty anl kappi ne? w c?w orj-.y wl.iob wa'rotutn nr <1 mid r- ?t< odd 1 for by yo'dr h'-n-Tixl pr?d<<<- m>\* In Uu war of 177<t I nd< 1 thr enrlc? r( th- rtripo- and nar. and wtth , U-r rxtt-he of u. .*tii . ?. drvni aad iif. dkl you aod : ctb?-rr rbn-rfuilf IiUx.i tu fnjtn Uicaj rotrunolkicxete ' ?y.Un?iln* Buy lo tin Nary lard. si. KrOoUi) i), dial "Ci thl* tit; ol ru m llnrl llito U- Man Hal i tauvtU' mJ m (*,? ti? ihlnr Um ownaaa'id U? I< xm Uiloj our tt- n witfc; und In iktvJ ji ?i raw, l):.i klT> w fi. jri ? fotuut rill. f.oai ad . hmK >i im t?- (- hmUi r.. in Umw?> tNirbmrMc, iiij ?l* iftni In had about U?i? harWwfc fmmlw: an lai,-*n? tra1iJr wail < I m fro** U> tiiw city, agiaiiml *;./ ' ojn tfcat our p?n"*Tloi m-aij c << Diluent ol.Wi thi jr taritij aoknc itodcd, cxrbaogiag tin ir *<*?<. -f i i?rai.v?- tv tl>? aoti'h wtic?r for.r 'csMt n .a arai*rml*!-! tbriii mi.I pi>? a ni.udactor) rooip f II n !?? ?n? Qti ti IV Ari Jiiot~ nt ttV hinctou an.I nv n did on Urn f our aMl n*' h! t( ry Vrkmo rah aivora.ol tl>" ?*ar of 1Mv. it would til kvrm* n*> I* , rharx* y ? to <1? fi ?ul mi .1 |>tnl #t tUi. tmnor aur ? . lion I H.'IM-J< U bat* nJr< ad 7 Ion n trlnt and | i' *ao and nut riii mi Hunt but 1U.C00 i< rn cl our riaUoo*a rifcbtn. onf n?iin'? k<uor ?m cf <mr ii.m' n ii lud<^? d? m o whioh w fhU day p. M.inUi, hu.t (A tlic i r uoaat flnit trinrii ibi dry I h* ~j tb# !> vrln fri??ot a? Uaa r. pc??M'i?p oi jwuu? nnvikm no.)- a:. tfa* it?iifit>t?r of a U?<Jv ranbin r III* hcoor tm n pr* i?m<< tl r iui,iatmi 1*1 lo ? f cAia* l-r I wkmi I IU*(!it>ll'?n??l Wr-Tnie IIad bit it j u Jir-.^oal t>i th? *rtm aa o rr? <f tti war of IM< Iti. oi l Dill, ?boc\ I ham. tl? ti .1 toe., nniaud. U r> wliij h< jour hand* ha tfea l"iof Ma i 'rau-rf (bkntral iia-1 pii.i-<'>?lo rilj ami (km r- prcn ttaii?r ci ill \. tivwm Jon-i,-. Tin I ila? t aim be* piimd lo iflw. ant, indpidt ?ctr? aa?% T uuiu. a- I i ^iii> n'aijr To u.1, air. tba om I", i. on M a m vr?j 1? it* ?tulj *f.| rmlailc; our eeritero a taiuaiti' t" u>t 'niMlcu t'-r our labooa fih'.tint r ?ed ? ittna la liif Ntrjttt caaoc of mi r. tit trj'? ili-lor.? nndbrt>-r. lVriail bio hcairaUo alt you, cn' y < I u J"Ui< lad/ wMa u tl-.- ooin-i if Uiin < v r\m*. and net raioabia- trttrataa ar J to c aaitiuc'oh#o lo L - Ihr iiuaniimua ngn i of tMm or.rpa tlio'. k*r nanm- l? uo'.o *fn '? llhta. tadUe*. aUk ?Vi t U-di i) lathaor ttripro and uf'-n lh"ae -ouo-lli]' thr r?|lo uj?.o ihi- IV id of Mm and tka 0r?< 11 hr'd nj tin cc/a'? I ? !ii W 'h tiki wcoir 'f.'^wdai t Hi,1' r f inlivl U OTrrwl.i im at ?Db mcJ-.lwuiw tt tl a fmt, ami tbo fatara lont u? ila li-tacro U tuna rf ?? v. mi.:; M. TW Hrif a am Uw ^trtam woioM a( ftutm, 'Vrh >! -racf*! by rt*r. > Iiiala*Ui'afll n U> *?r 1774; ?ui*? ntiy ?Ur haw bea? ft.T ,/ ( #'?> rrvrvlatt. orffcnlfcal a*A i4 ?Kt>4. TV. w?f cf UHwm uawtk't uMm af pud I* ?b4 ik? !? > kt U?i?. mu?nn< Si-^ p,-?rt.diir Ik'# '? rfny nC JaiT. lv' J Tbo > mlrn <#" *t-t(wa, j^r* ??1 lUi Urrl,^n> nin. twk it-f svdn o<i l'" tri <v Ir\/to? .1 7!r. tbi> nrp<R.-i? Ui.'. to/? V'nhwUou <4 ft fairy t-wiU Tb-> fanrj |.?.iara> ?*ip i w- mitt * i >>!-??.n -si *o ?< a<i]!k?(UMt | nrt.lld po'ktit^ K ('> f'luf. J- t ilf *. w. ic't T'mJvj* it, H <t no afvnm cr fumy. Ni i? ? 'r! 14 to rra.'?) ' Jt v? a r J.*1 r' 't *lw w * oa.. .tnui.fefarm I li i" ?!?? ' ?* .' in tV." r.-liijr' IVai'jaiK *ari I H'lury -0 ..yl' ??? >v ait r?>*? >? Ibai 'oHoy | I rt?? a"', fli/iai*, ^.ii.ifi ,iJ f* I | ?! ' o n? <? ti> " M?1 Uara4 Ill" atik'trvtlt ? ' ' <ti <-l<*t'>a' |t?ipl"t ltd b*B a t f> Via -??(; I- < :.. ?0<i W B?r>4 * '1 rtor?4?bi f.-?r h4.n?V h: urr ^"4 < S??t." n.'n.w *tt ir m. 'rmly f III ?k.?/t ?Hr? t atl'ti,. W IJIa'W j TV'.t ft'? in !WI tin utU. iw I g "Tib I tV'r'a*' it? ;?? nrU ?< .V%?rts ?t>- la tielm. Tbvy 1. ir **r sk.l In p.a v . unf IDI.vw ?' ?? n?t> tml It. /-!)? t lion ' ' 1, . 1 <? \.r P"1 ?u * b'.nl* ?. H* rt prr I _ 11 ^ . ,.<.4 nflll Ir k, M? m. 7,. . . ? * J * , _ .. .y - - ?? r?. ? r? gr Oil" ?is< 'BM.1 r ?<1 ?? jf. ... tM ?* h.v" T *?><.< tt ci?,' * 0, M??l \j ?S? 4U Ju V* >!' of t\ '? t J o' '.vy TS?? >* ?> ? tfai tt *? *> t? <i C*r\'it frnn< 4 ' J ^ In fr< t >it tl? T.' r? Ci'.f IIa)'.. t ' f? f.,1 ff m )/' ? V, l i J Uttl ii-tb Sir- ??i ?>? M ? ' Juirh (? I'm *V#r? Km m-? ir \?? ?' ?( 4- 41 rT>M4 % d'rfv?'f <*?' t** l??'< W Alii. ?f rr 4,11 , v Ivrv'l ? l! i !l> lit*' ? .?!, w'.H ?4" ? * ?*.< s v?^'o?" v* > utv a. I'ttt vrr *?.r?? r >(f.r?|jrt ' I J f , n?, /? .v ?'?i?t? j- lni4 J u to' ) . r j? rlr t, *"> rrrty ?-< t* r * ' #\? t %ar A niuu I B!> HMtmI ?>' ?tv' *! ' Iti'l**? t <J *v i,; I >w f) ?h'- d'.?-l ,r ? V '*?5 in J p ?.? ? fl?u?S (MO >rh (j..*.r ii-'V i nn .?4t ?t xtf C^Tf > *?' / H r re.t Ir. I li dttknrfll, r r-'-^ *b'' '*Ki'ii;tt c.kt'-t ? Mv< j.'pM ?"?i ?tff- nuir~?| < In I . j ? !.?! i- ?> { *' ' M> * tutr "1. .' ? f < ?' ' ? ijirw< ' *?r r?A ? ^ ? 0f'' ??r (? .m > t (h? ATr <>f ( >r vi>.- ? <?> to ' f 4.' *4 r<*laad ? t A. . it ; :^i in ?? * V I,.. ? Tt i .|h( t ?? _ * ?mk nr, Wr >->r 1 *,? t* " ?V <? i

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