Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1851 Page 1
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= , rp rr WHOLE NO. 6fti?9. vii roviTB or jili. Account ?r llie Crlebritilon ia and around New York. THE TAHKINY HALL JIIHLEE. ORATIONS AND OVATIONS, lie., &c . Sui The ever-memorable Fourth -f July which ha* bwi Oolebrated all over the land, from ocean to oo-an. with the proud feeling that spring* from liberty, Independence, and pr'-spcriiy, has beeo oeleb al.-d in No# York with BOM than usual c< lal 8u<-h a Fourth or July hv< not been aeen for many a dny All the day. from morn till ere, the atreete wete tile d with human heiogt, and Jlroedwuy waa almost impassable. The inoe- aut roar of artillery, the rattle of musketry, pistols. tiro eruokera. Wheels, and ewi ry description of firework* and llrnarina. never coast d fur an instant Kverv on'- se-m-d half oi.-td With the spirit of freedom, and the recollection of the day roost tarred to human right* in the annals of tints. The eapeiise, no dnulit. Ik enormous, and aeoldi nte noceaaarily occur; but the goodly custom of keeping ia e verlasting remembrance the Fourth of July outweigh* nil that it co?ts of treasure, or of human life or limb. The tire of liberty is kept alive lino lie saored e nbirs up"u vur iiiu hi rexia; una nicy UlU a li'i egplnda thxlr firewrrks in connection with the name of Wadiington ai.d American independence. will never f rrget the origin Of the IdtM-xingx they enjoy in af r i t . or xhriuk from ah adding tbeir blood, if iiecex.ary. In df-nd th- librtir* Von by the blood of their aucextorx fbe uniliitlled line Of flrearmx, and the child'e familiarity with th-m. enan re a race of fr? emeu nr.t to be mniquerej by the hireling troops ot the deapotx of the old world. ?(? * few iorvlgneri alio are mean enough to lira by , the iiuditutirinx of this country. wli 1-t hey h .t. tb 'in left 'lire oily yexterdny. to avoid the annoyance to ttieir 1 >j il feeltnga. of the celibiution ot ti e triumph of lib -r y and jrepuUioaLbim over monarchy anil npprexxlou. i'hey paid they eould not bear the allocking diu It i- not Co be wondered at; ami Morn lira xoun who call hem frelvia Anierlc.-.nx. who u-e about ou the .-aui- let i with th. m. They had boiler go. all of them tor-th-r, tn Europe, whero there la no danger < f muXi ?n:i iy*B '<t. 'The abl|4>ing In both river* w?a -curat* t with flxgx. and proeented a brilliant appear -toe. fne ?n do city wore the ae|ect of the national (nil day of i q.. Ilol'-d P>at??. Borne few may have got i .p.p.xry ny ?u Utnranoeof apirita ; but r*Ven that egoxxx i* peculiar to Xlie ocluuu nt of the day ami it I* not likely to b? attend) d with any pel mam ul v I fleet. Independence Pay paxxed i ll in Did faivnaiiy with more than M-ual u-Ut I hole wax ?n ek-eltonl orauin di liverad by Mr. W right llaw'aoa and an admlra'tin |:at ot toaeta drunk at a veiy rex pec table ei;:,-.taioinoutat the cioxe of the reri moniex THK Mlld'IAKY PA K AOK About a'ght t'fiii'k in the m-rnin-. i h- ind 'vnnt militia ot tbtx city under cuinni o.d f ,M ij ir Oene rat Chan Bandford. not tu fourteenth atnw-t am) altar forming Into order ot parade, they countcrm vrjlic I d >*n to Ninth avenue, up fuurta n'li xtrt?t to lt-wa IVxj.doan Itroadway to (.'anal etr et. to WV*l lira* | Way, tjur'ig Weat liroadway to tdiauila ra mix t. up >} i* n>?rx >P'ret t and around (tie Pat k. entering ?t the Kut gtta. fc\,d paxeilg ihe< it y Hull in ti riew ny the day or meiaIJ.X rx hi the cpy government wfhrrx of the navy aui tiiioandx of a|H'clatora. who gathered to viio..? iutkililmy ymctrrkiu. Btireral nf the ragme n a dixuti-wd On lie- wept wide of the Park, anil the ?ch>r? |?o ai tiip-ugh the next pate to llroadway. wuer* h y xeptiatid fn nt the main laxly, each couipinv or r.i >p gui ig to V -ow II quartern 'I hc Major (letieral and x ntf en.fiximd tij a large number of general aiiJ ,i|i itfl n **, itho Mayor, the lion Mr B-ard.n-y. ami a an Tier j ' <i other gt nth men promedol i in- ileiieral'x t?-ul gjliarterx. Id Chanilwrx etreei. where they parloi* .It a | Auwh and nfrexhmente piepared f-r in .-ca-i ?n. .T?ve X"al tile pairititic x|xa clie-'.vi re mtde, aud Uiaetx draog, , Ofler which Ito com pit n) xeparaled. kht'OKT. > in. t troop W ; lanytnu liitialnJ. t far inn | Ilk. \l> t?* l>l> I luv M i^i>r 0< w;?l ami Mall tl?tT IKiUtllt T5rl#r*<Ji? r Uirn-nl npurr nml di?iT f-irct rej^mi nt,c'>iniiii?i?)- <1 ><y Cot. K)rf ( FnU rexttnuat pnia-irti a* cavalry, their yum b?-i i|t at Y..r?riU? ) *e?. Ml r> p-llli. .it. d nm.i.D'1-il by 'Ibvirt. LMixl nyiinitui, (Utirzai?.) n i|tiiiiauJ?U by t'oloml d hi <> k" Co-titj k>cv-i> iinom-v (mtn-iai dplner kihI it?lf Poertli r.s^.uo nt r laimviulril by 'ol Yit**. Flflh rwvlun-ui. c annniilrd by OolnitW iVaruar 8l?U) C 'f.iunn'l'eJ i?jr Cot Peel* tiihip iwutM. ' riieml It til and t?<Cf fi ?fOlk rwwlmant. cmioatMlnl by l.|. tit. hunt "it?. llrinb erl nfl, ( ?l l>nry??* b*in< ?ben ) I'tfldh nyttmeat. omommM by ' dmi I S hft.b r "glu; I)'. room Miilil by Col V?tn ?o i i < lotion* Qtmral hw.,u a no ???(T U'fti'h fytm-nt, (Col 1'al-ey ) c< ni'U?ufl.ot t , t?in i.-vrtth r?*imriil, by t' .| m-i i TwviHh reylinnt, cnmiu <11 lo t by ! 4 I ? Korti rrgftneut ?u ?<y,imp.nirti by a bt-ul * *1 > oi tliiiavl ilram Hi nartLI. iu<i. mil ami o?li o.c a ?? ? I In |it up dtirll^t the whole pal,nil* Tin.' y .> *??< f ui iiiade a gmi.1 iliapln*. end IhoiintMda ?( pe tit* . tlil *a,. 4 Uw ktrv U. I'U I tli ?U|. || Hi" run whi.-h Ml durtt'K tkr preo< 'lug i.y.lit modi tli ?ir> nw .j<i>im dim p.naW# i.ocl Afur rmehlnir the k*?rk, th">n-n <r-r? quite b*?pattered with in'id. Tilt? d.iv wae Hue Anil e hi) ti'muphiAil. eiihvai.l, lb. nun ?h'.ni- out .julle hrillioiitir At Mia-riM). lb# trttren id ISI& pi no ait. <d to ibe Wafer/ and Htm| a national mine tin Via repotted It UieiB, xod ntfain at mill \( er ti.M milder/ por?e<1 Uir./ti, h the Htri ti e/ * n foUur d by tlie Hibernian belief' ieot iin^l denial/. ^ 4n??tl in the UiigM nf llieir '.r.ler. hea l <1 hy a tine 1?mI, and rurn tny flne Nittrri ?>i?'> 4ll>h 1 prltb TarWwia d. f W* 'ihon uann-ihe >?* V irk < all- y Cf PI J"hn the Hkptifl TntaaocMy w tidied by bru* frill or ftt" hi. it died nf Ihe rente >.r.i-r fr >tn l!? taja ? lir prefect- d I hi ui with it I. ,;out L tun. r lu the j? .ruing, at the battery. lit. "iBATinftA. *rr. All tie bnt.'ii, pttlil.- an.l <dh?r nro'lpd Ku.Ui'ngr, yt<e- di ec.rated with iintinnal Hag., miu tin iuuoi II run Ct piine and pirttd. wa- kept up linn* Urn ? h or I if Pie) a pteau r part cf the p'reiating iiyht I'm lie and' nf i * pie lift lb.- clt/ on eironaett' to diif.-n o' pi ten <*' U' tn rpepil tbi f' urtli. while ih ii cr.ifM it ""hi the muntf y and inigtihoriti^ tu#u? tu calibrate .; iioniftraaij In the nu ll. p> Ue TM* t iKtariiKlt. Abeut iliiht . 'gl'ik in tin- rmwde nf pe .pi# th engfd li ? Talk lu wit wealth' di'ilny >.f lirew..rke w hlrh .ninirncel atr.ut half peel nighi end r .eiiou d till ten o'rfnefc. exhibiting e*.ry f.e ,-t/ nf rpi# |.J<J |.peatati<T, and IliuaiioallnK <he aili.irphere In the f. audi"t ai d niurt ini|'"<K fintuter ll ?? e.iimtte i ti al in I ftwrr thau tn. 11O permeor were ernw.ted in iftd m. ntihd the I'ai k I lie rritlft ifUHltuekr and er ler pre fa Id (Inline the win In ilk/ and efru< I O liter t||e play, of Iwf.fkt (bill* 08 at fuO)|>klne IJU ire did .eon pfi.kri'. klid (.liter | itn 1 , hot ii'it nu >e 1* e tl a fie e tiwf lahcat of ili?ij|i| IImiI Ai.a-h id .r.ifeihhl tinn rrnwtl < 11 11" -tatnr> *. e* e >ngr?gali .1 an.I e Pan 1 .if p'u-ic wa* In aitenileiire Till VSrVKAWM IIP tAli Cut oi tin >-f Hi* famine 1. f nu nu t h it tn>.i A |4tft hi Mte num. *r! enrol l*IB eh . r <11111 tblr City atn! ite tv-ight*.'time!, were f rim.I a r-dtni iit, p l.u Ii it V11 wn I./ Ibr hMi.e i.f the V t it I I' ifpe >( iM'i " Th. i- fri *a- l'i t u ill# mil and ate . two "f 10#"1 K N.bird the in.../ ff 11' of IP .? w l!| y In.II. In limnii"i% nrder. r ininaiii .1 Or fdnii lialght. to-pee'fr a t.and nf e>4 >P? 'mm n.? il >u .r me A'k>. r. till' gi't (f k /"Ulig U'l.f Oil II.Ill WK'i.l pint. 1 nr.11 the; klu- fm the itatmhier ?f up nf the lidIIrt wlw rftffd in ilia! anr Mr rt v iter n ne he II.Of r *he tier <r errif d ? Ci u | mii> *1 hy It >* h" t I'r ^filing ami Int It ? > " I'm I clt Ulit K'I IlK'Irmal* m III' t? nrh { Hi- <iig fl"l <"turl. Iir H|irii.,f on the , jilu ??'il Mr V?n I'-l* .n (1 l?ft >4 *' ? Ma/nt 1h? wiiHIm rm' ih. n t rh <1 p ti I I I IP. (< i ?fc, I! Hip hp finer ? ,1 II p i I I I I |h I* wap p lear'-h i>l litimjntp 1 lir I'p-rmm if ? n U'eii pi niniri.M'l with n |*n)rr h? Iir *|iph 4 mm* iu lie ImvIin W-?<liie, kflt r nult'u Hip Mi t'r T'-e ami l> >k(V f. ?!. w? - Uiaiir* ?--It I.' wltli |>Hip. Trarat'iri fmi. I'. tl I mm lu?IW"l I lie ?lih )>p?l ami. M >-t i'f all In |mtiii-? Hie |ihannf ilwy 1 f |?i?vp'titina In fmi lhi? limner l> Ir a If'hu'" nunf Ju- ij ii a jmi I in-n trmn li 1 i*.Hir n -ii*? It inl||lii paeeiil. jnil a.II nil 11 i| win. 1/11 e wittn ? (hai II I Cm in ihi hialn a 11 ifclt?t. mil 'ii-t |i?tp-4h" I'mdi.r I mi t,f Ih - Imr 011^ r* i? ii,>l il it llif ??n iiii |niln I hemi if a 'li| -r - i!a i/nnr ' 11 thla Wi nf ati ' ?' 1 'i*-!- himI ? ? a 'f nMf iiaMmiit if J |i 11 ; tile 1 IW f fi I "I fi'lile frei it li ami |ir 1 up'Inn . I . 11 ii - 'iii "i' tl 1 mi | a-p 'I h 1 pip n 1 1 1 ii|i<ia MnMh 1 hie In ? ?? 1 ti'hniiil Miirnrnl Hi tlielilii' i 1 (1 iralkaip. pi tine- ami il a 11- nf aerf me of ' .cur ritln o. in ( ' r a.f liTtl ami Ih - 1 t r tifl< In >. dp t. .luip in 1 1 is) j 1. lim). I1 ;-i nr?'It vrw I'm li 1 .n <1 aur? ? * I a -ahl nrl.e fr 111 11 I' "I ham y ei'Piini iv .? -v 4 1 ti ma p?'ili h ii-. ! *iii hp ni .1 % 1 y I n . -an . I mat I hi |.ly . 'I ? I ' n. flume. aa )i>n fa trail 11 |UaiUtcil ItllIhi ei ami lit m my. ? -*/ mi y I.iat wan t"U |t<rtl.'ifiaiiln lit the | ?(i fCii.anlr ef lilt which ncitrwil Ida liberty an! barfi ni wiln wpij . i.|. -t li.r wl, > i? r m 1/ r?f Ucti , jrt<Pftawnrr in thy "at ni |;i? ' E NE Under the ensign of the stripes and .-tan. and with 1 the reveille ot the aoui stirring drum and life did you and 1 01 hern cheerfully labor to form thorn- eotreuohm-ruls 1 exten-ling from Oowanus Bay to the Navy Yard at ' Brooklyn and on Ibis inland from Hurl (lata to Manhattanvino; and ?uba<*|uently under the command of bia excellency our then worthy and honored Governor, Iianiel If Tompkins, were you/ound.with others from adjoining countieK. at 'your ports as soldiers 111 those en- 1 trenclimeiite, and elm-where in and about title harbor, > homing iuj impenetrable wall of defence to this groat city, against soy force that our powerful enemy 0 >ul<l | columnnd, which tbey tacitly acknowledged, by chuaging , their M em- of operations to thodouth. where your brothers in urns received them and gate a -ati-factory reoup- | tiou now on file iu the archives at Washington, aud enrolled i n the pages of our nation's hNtory Veteran sur- 1 vivors of the war of 1812, it would ill Iw-o ?me mo la j charge you to deft nil aid protect this banuer. our nation's eusign. You have already two n tried and pr -vcn, and not found wantiug an defenders of our nation's right*, our nation's honor and of our nation tl iu b-pen- I diwice. which we this day celebrate, aud of the national ting which this day I have the honor to present, as the i representative ?f a young lady unknown, only as tie; daughter of a brother soldier Ills honor then presented lha colors, and was responded to as foilowr, by Cnlout I llaighl:? Honored bir?This Hag which y- u present to th* vetoran corps of the war of 1812 1812 and 1811 whom I have the boner to command is reoelvod at your hauls as the oloef magistrate <f this great and pa riotte eity. aud tnu representative i f its uuknowa duuor. Tie- e .10 oiiiuuis j y< ubnve been pleased to exvre**, are, indeed. extrem-ly g aud highly complimentary To u-. sir. tho ox- j pressloiin of a warm heart, duly appreciating our sesvicen iLk t-nlllii-IM in to- V to 1 It to Klu A/imniinukMnn 'as a.i* I . K .-j? privations and sacrifice* in the common eto<? of our country 'r dofeuee Hini honor Permit ine. h >n >rt)d Kir to thank you, and through you, nit. iho young Uiiy wno ' id the Conor of ltd- ele unit and uio,t valuable tribute, ' and to communicate to h?r thu unauimm regret of nils , snips that her union i; unknown to tin'm. Indeed, sir, | * In n 1 l'? k upon ih *?' stripe* and upon th ?#e stars, surrounding tin eagle upou that held of blue an 1 the | sen 11 held by the eagle's beak. with th- weirds R I'iuri'i.u I'liutii." n J D.ind n? overwhelmed with remiuis iencej ot the past, and tlic future loci in the distance ot tun of j what shall he. Thi"? stripes are tb" ori^ aal union of tliiiteen htates, each represented hy a .star, h oumn r ! thirteen in the w?r of I77U; suh-eijucutl), a star low btieu j mldul tor each new elate created,poopicd Organised and j annul ii d. '1 ho war of Ik 12 *i? under tli? tluwi of a'.ripe* i and eighteen star*; and now 1 ook at this our im'l'tlil ling preset tidi'ii thiadtb day of duly. llil-tlis union >t h'iijhh purr and uuMaiucd. with th'rty-nue star*. ami the motto on the aeroll?trim lodiool, sir. this anpettrj tike the pr .tuition of a fairy laud?the fanny plotu t) ot imagination, wtongbt ami presented to us. tiiliigitni past. and pointing to the future. Is it a d o nil -i< it fnuey?or. is it reality' Sir, it is no d ean or fancy It in true? it Is reality it is, sir, p.nv'i" | bial of Ainirieau wire* and daughters that the d > ' lne't'c biarth is the school of th.iight and change of opinion on all matters rrl iting to the r i' ng topics i if the day?civil, n, philosophical atid ;>*lltle?l';aud I'hink air. the tinker, tint ittc-sl l!i ?se lll es witb the DC' d'c. aud dir cl?,i the p.atUl'T uud ht> work, has lain thoroughly schooled, ami her mind will fton d with our nation'* hisl?. ? A il %vu.>ri ! in h'r'.n. wh.rh is so trail ;'ur-v>i'? j it is union?one one aud iudmihrn ii'itsu lblfi corpa recetvid. in 181:1. th? uale-uil II ig r'th j thrlie-n stripes and eighteen stars in u.ilij. Cd-y Mi'si by it in peril and iu need, tu war ami ni p.-.nwi, u i- I til tim? hue uuraheied lliirly-oue all iu uai ?u iVe dm* , meive thlk ttn^ fiT'iin yoitr ht nore.l hands . Uni r pra si Motive if its donor, still to be our guide. our p ilar j star, through the remainder of life, ai d to pa s dowu to , , posterity what we have dint? to Maud Acuity, boldly, i truly, by w< rd rind by iked, to thi Utiiuu th ?-e states I ?. ,ur fi minor, c.uutry Tbiy viko theu niarehi d dowu stairs, forui o in line i In fn nt of tl im w City Hull, then uijJtoel iiuul iha old t'ity Hail luto Krokdway. to a obureii in j i (ami street, where the Hey Mr Viu iMt d-iv-ed a ' 1 den urre au'tali.c to the uccasind; after v.l.i i they rn I | turned to the City Mali aud. wi;h thu iuri.ei guests. 1 i partook of a cold collation j i ACc'iOKir* asti iNciprvi-s. Fortunately, we have Dot learned that as many arch dints i reurreil as night bav* loeu expected. y?l >?. 1 aie sorry to say tba". nam d'd take p'.fte \ mil | i an.i d >iu huel t'aiie got h?s tnuiub and tnr.-mrt ir -h >1 , 1 'II while discharging a pistol id luo I'-r lenb-r ' luail. nalueill'radihs K got hiruss lt wnjndfd It I-tu >lkUt . | u.or'ally. at the eor . ' of \t aier and It eia *.d'. sw- ts, in lilw lisesll g a p'sloi While endeavoring to sthc. a , eharge >lie pisloi wi u' aT. the raiurisi teoiir in i n h >r- ) r> I wltieh p! uetratml his atotnaeh 10 the d-pf'l *f il> ' It j ' three or four leches lioth tterwons Were o niv -* i to the hospital We hare hearo of ntbrrn who weio in* [ jurnl but could to' awertaiu tueir us iocs 11 1 He M 1)1'} VimIII) ll .Infill llnri,) J W l? tl?In.' ))II :l p -10 oil itie lUllrrjr,iiu Friday uHertnMn. it*lur*i and ?o- | ' verey injured iiiui iu the uead Mini tto* Hi1 Irjicltil diet r A I! Lie pirl. about eight ymtr- of age w?* ?eei m-ly burred IJ I lie expl.elon of lire pr-tek. r?. ou Friday all T- ! Iiik ii in 1'eii'h K*e> ue nenr Forty l urlli ntrcet. t'hiu'i e Hurler, u m vidhu whilo in tlie net of lon.llnr a , l let .l. (rot I n nOrhlly injured by tlie nu'l'i.-n .liech?i(re i f lli. plat o| Oi. ftjiirxdey e?..|.lfi(j while eome biy? wrw firina <It i j mirker* >b toe nelal h rn eij of lltil ou etreet. ? *|i>rk . > 11 Initio Wer II til*! He* pa* lii? lit the time fh j lnl-rlH k tight .il.d ei t nil at full -peed. UUlll thejr I rm e In ton i. mi||i tin hi ?.'i n( lie II.'.Jem hue ; ! liei H4I.1 C'liri-en .. eln. h, nf . r bi'InK J. tn'heii tr ial one 1 ' o'lb- P..I w . ilrir.t to their ?t ihlr. no l ni* ! took >i .> I . IT kii irking down on* of their j or * r an iittunti )> m ? ry -ererely. He ? *- Knit jV i I r tiv p iloe uud lakeu to Ul? re*4d* in i 'I'lit i Minium > Hall Celebration. | i e -i ail. .e Mil at Migwmn p.<-. <! off with r - .it. .i I'tie t?o. - oij Boeirty mil ut 1J , 0'ihKk ' t Inrfii room of the Hall was thrown oin ie-i' ii of member*. iorlti U gu nt- and lr - in eie-iely, aitb ladle* neceoip inylng the.a | ,'i i ii time It wan wi ll tiiWd. and tb" alien Wane of ii. lair n a ?a? nitmeronn Meantime l> >dw.?rt 1'n laid I'eriniined In a -j irited tuaiintr, on the W| em y. u vetal air* nu'.tid to the Natuniu holiday The i anil, were huug round with picture* reprencu'luc the thirteen original Rtaln, unit their Coat* of aria*, which tad a hin*t pleu*in^' ell. rt Alto rln a llin t'i unell of daelu nr. marched Into '\n ri era due .i d lb the regiiliit of Out order. and took their place* on the platform Tbr atid thin pror' rdrd to the Otcbeetr* I'miiel K l>i l ivnii. 1" .fj., f.r'.Iid Saehcn.. prearnte I him r If to the audience, nuo raid tin- cxrrri > ? of tbi* m - n rablt d*y would with the r.wdimc of the ll > rlaratn n of Independence by lit. tb. r Clinch ! Camp Mr Camp Uten prom idol to read tha I' rt u ati m of In M I* ndi nca to .. rlru and ili-tlud mmitor. rtiliiir j ilu t it a?, ? litt>< Rroi'li far-alutilo of tlia nrlgiool. < in- | dud a?? i tlji ot from tlia iul-rl. m attorn mid oihtr 1 ma: k' piruilar to or I drwl dctumntf. Tb- b .11 r>a xi ! hni d i. ahirh Ji l.u lint/cock ai|(U"<I liif Mill* at t**< bo ad of lb* llot, Mid ohKb mkmI to oaf. futb* wr. ?o' ??ljr fn arbatdii t. 'Oil rb< i lip foilowi d tta- re?d,ii,{ ; till dia umant alid tb< tiainr. of lliv Uluotrtour 111 a a Uo ri*l U It. Hi onao 8a< m?m then fall' if ftr thric ahaero fir j U? Itorlolitlioi if ImIi trRdrOM OWl >ho nniU ia r he'll I I ? n ??; dj r?f|? mild l" u?ia ? Mail ?'"ljmhia 1 ha Oikmj f* ii m> ? th n lotn lurrd l)r >uii r tVrtfht ' ftaakea to tbi forn ty mmI tbr aildieuan tin Oiator of II a Oil) fcr Ha?atr ibllfrrait nn ?x< rilt nt ora'.ioo |j aliU-h to' 11 j! lit\1 u| i II tlllwUl j anl? of | JlitO- IUUTiH. | ami nt'tiMfil lb*atroagaat *)mpulliy tof atriM^ii at r?? p't In atdim in ! um|* . and ibo tro-1 r rd id In pa fir t|? j lit at nrltiif ovir Ilia iroru nut. f nia 1 drap iltnn otn. h mumI ItMalM in tbo M *wfM tfa m A.eaItiilM t Ue.ll III. 10 la' lno i|t'ttatiP In ri tall na |n IIM' ? Li ol fn. l oi lUllitin for an auri|Hli')ii fi m? Kiiav >u il 11.I10 to tor ? alum tn?a i ?i lf l?? t arTuntyliyoar* if ?|i i-acl ouiO'ti tr? nlJ barn H* dajr in li t.l if i ?f liMn f r I'r.ittd. IV a had u t t .Mf.Tib .if a.i> MMfMa i It. (< o lit a did tbrt tbo r. pit tit ir ma of in n| I aird Im .at a itb n ilb h' v oil iita nn-tn ora*? 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K? * t?? tli ti? it hit fturd tn nil i?- ??H,i'?i *t riM* m-i "in mi v, ind tr*< Um ** * ' if Mi 1 f < i iid?irK,?. ml . ! "Mint H Ht. a? i1 li o , ! f, ?l if j'tlvuv >( I 'luim It'irty thMUflioiil li* V i nr .. # i ii r f ?rit Hml ???'? ft 4 th# f f ih# ft#?"luff n ?ft* i ? I'in fr ny | ri?h. *bf ?H?? Afh ? f ??f '' nl ??? m i? f.*f I ? ?r l) r*?f! 0 rl ? tr.*f -to** t?j I '* WlifilMi' itn rftfffftl m ? fin nMrr *n4 i\thft i Ai Im. I ?? r* f|4 An* *1? WA) t tuf^oiueu, %?t - |*n( m hu im li'Aftf tfcftil pimU Of *??? W YO SUNDAY MORNIIS t >a*u.-? vkall anywhere plead, for a tree. (rational eon- ! 11 i'?titutio?al liberty, thoee heart* (hall tmthrino the me. nory. and thvre louavea pr lonf the fame ot *'Waahianten and the Ueroe* of the Revolution." Mu*io?"Befl Spirit* He?t." Ji fferson and JHokacn?The two arret chining li<ht* ef Rrpubiicanirin, ia all It* purity?Tho wreath* on other I row* may fade away, but time wilt only add a greeuer frt hhueee to the evcrUelii $ verdure of their laurel*. Mu*io ? 'Iileor l are they that are above." The lit roe* of the War of 1*12 and of the Rattlea 1 j M?tion?Hie mow* of the North wore orimaouetl with the patriotir blood if th> former, and the broad holila of Mrxioo were ataineil with the tfore of the lattor?but the aaored tlado ol liberty, in defence of right, proved to th? world, tlet Jurtlie rvrti.inr I the eomiut'ror*. Made?"I'caioto the aoule of the llorot a. ' 'J he Provident of the t'uitvd State*. Mualo?"Preeldo-tf* March." The Governor and I.iout. Governor ef New York. Muido i d'fievmtf1* Mwth," I 1 Jurat ion?Ihr pivot on which liana* the political *alvat ion ef t ill rv*?t RepuMIe?The mar in that form it?aiaaud* form tJ'.e motintaioa. or Jrnn* foetn IIim a?a_*u L> K.l?..>?t..n ' only appreciate the 2i\ il and reli/iout liberty design*-.J to be 1 secured by our free instituti jus -May our legislatori evor I rem* mber, that K?lu *. ?tinii o ths sufiyunrd cf liberty, and ? tit true wealth of the aUtc. Mud0?"Uii oflfMltisftoa." Thf ft mpiio at&tV-Great iu iu rosour *?. its power and ' itriotln t k>ce? Mity it be tbe first In the Union to load forth 1 in defetto* ol 'i.* Lav ol It hand. au<l t!?? Ooaili ftMai, \ at* expounded by its tmn era. Music? "Our Flag is there." Ihe ( on promise Monsurc* of the Last Congress ? l'lto La w of the Lao?l?a re-enactment of one of the fundamental y principle npoi vrhloh tfct Uiiin of tfti Sl?M tM fwiai? , u pri? cipls ^auctioned by Washington and upon a faithful , adherence to the measure, depends the existence of this gicat h? public. Music?"ilurxu here's Columbia forever." 1 The Public l>^n?aii? ? A nobis inheritance for posterity? vv i> th*1 time to secure it tor the free and inali-nablc uh , ol 1 Mpdl(JSC settlers. ftluaie?Struct liome." 3 The btrugrlob tor freedom throughout the world?May tU bflbtucc, tti power, the aymi tny of %Ms hapfj sftlioi ' continue to ? k? i?e a sprit ol patriotism in trie breast o { tie oppressed of the world, till .very vestige of monarch/ ] i, trump-ed in tr? dust. ?us|r? 4 Liberty forever." j 'i he- r?ir?Our sweethearts, our wives, and our daught <* , ?May they never c? use to l?n the breeie o Libert) ir a the crndlt" to the grave. Music?" Let the toAjt be, d *r ftl SB/' 'i he Orand Sachem tb? n give the following vciuutoe toast? 'Vt'rifjht TTavrkos, Esq. the Orator of tie <U?- I) H* gui-J < d aiihs i* r bis eloquence ai d Ids de.a crat.- primipits.' I he toast was received with much sppinunv Iierc the folding door* werr* opened and a number o" persona came in. the tiraud .J;uh?iu inviting them to n ice forward, h* th?to was room euou/li tor nil Mi I in when being loudly culled for. sa?d hi* only respor*e would he (uitching up tho idea of ro.iiu) flint th? re urae rixiui euougL ju Twin many II ill for v rrr> true di in?.Tat (Vehement cheering ) lit* tluuiki-1 them foi ih? ir klncm ?s and pave tin following cent up*-fit ? 4 1 ninu, 1 abor. Liberty?Union f r tho country, Labor for a J. tfud 1 ib-rty fir all.' (CJreat apj I sum ) 'I he following seal linen la were then given aai rapt i ii? d t? ? I v Ki(fli K Camp, reader of tho Ihclurmtinn. II e J its.-?The r t utu! lover that sustain* all liber?jr. Its p'V-tr is i?T-? tl.e luuiant foutitaiu ot light?as it etUuds its 11 tlill pci it moves tfo world. \y t?l Daniel K I Ma van. Grand Sachem. 'ihe 1 niovi of tho Mates, and th* union nf heart* tc swa'aiti it? May the rreht ?' publican party ?o ?i in?al it in &j to banish its dissolution, till the end uf all time, fty linitlp r tiea Morrn.*. 1 riMimi-y Society?A band < f Irothero cemented together b\ :? love of liberty, and by n Ucsirj t?? emnucip.ttc mankind t Irfcin the tbialdetn aud t jprisdio. vf ail ain^-i, p a-utavi-.a, pr LcipntlTii ai.d f-own;s. May tne or? iusl khh teiu link* vhuh ri d ' a, never rust; and may the additional ones, >-rr'i leinufic of i-v>r iiutinual ? arctr, s? r\e t str< iigtnca btiil stniifcr the chain which shall bind tho ccuti&out ia one i.j. f rokm t iiion. ) > Klijt h V Puitiy. i 1 !.e '> 4 rulr> throufhout the wi rM ?May ex?rtioui *r de- c L.ocrstio liberty be crowned iflt!* sp .< dy suc.cai. I l h* i' llowmg clrcuihr ( f iuvitatioa whh wddreftvtii to I l! 1.-1 i.iLU.-hi d oHimds throughout ih?- L'niou ? ? I'aaimaiv Ham. Nj.w Venn. 11 )*, Ik.".). 2 pit.' ?TimSihHcij of rathunmy. or <'ulamoittu o.iii-r, t i npiuati (I at an Hflx null crtlir*! ficrlou ofour repatd,i ni. bbft'i). )>i h fia iTtilly of patron*. pnbinuiy c iuce- < anil the popular liberty, mi l (tic j. Ik ml iiiiinD of our conntrjr ti? i>uucil< ?em ver trt- < niliu.t tot the prop, nation n| it. nw'ionat trca- ' im i-(r-in tin gra. |i ,?/'kc. uf the irciK h? rnui -iu 1 ih c I (A II * (Millet Jl bee Ctl*" ilil 0 111 ih brilllil Nlood III Ally of Itii lied lilitflniiUf eleleeluuii, paUlol.- tlill bi-ru'r till li.iti r iiu-iiilmi<i tlic historic ImotKrii uf the pae.itul llir preret.t a*e. And It Ii nielli-,(he jre-ent !i ur. Upliirl ?itk lie primitive p ril. una true to the imiui.' hi n a i not. Aiic tit: I be nb Hrntiou* whtcli up ootipIiti.'h/ti ?'i J Ut. . II ji in i.( nil Its iiipiijii m. iiiiik* ir tin iv r.ttire up ui . Ilii ir u ..?? i I duty ai-il Ma ornlly MM tr MM M||taW , n tl i Ir t.iial rt;U irati riul voi'iti'u>. tltua the due neicI )ht M i) 11 very ri-t uitiii.g mudrer-iAij . Mite glial >u> lie- | rliiifetii n id our Niitiuiini li.d. p. iidi ucu ?that I- ui.'ih , ilny I duly ? vliii b amy elm b denned luitllltciy to the fr. iiti u. ot llie e ( rid ? in uu ft.tul ip, i - i iitlallyr Tr nut'imal chcmclar. and | ( pnlitii.di) a(i|n atiDK lu tile fcally iind Inlelitv uf ucery I , clliirii it the Auit-riotu I'bIhd hen induced thn t>?> I , Cieiy if teaiiiany to cleM-nt" tbo nppnwiliing atuii- | , vira.y it ttiHl day will thi liiyhept vbim'ch it otl t b'ii ir of the ordir lu lulultb ii to in. , ?t. uimiiou. ny , it dipiu in bed auil (tilled o, Mill be delivered, uud | , 11)1 li'|r lute 11 or p Unlit I i"i (iri/VI id. Tkr unibrpijitieil, hunttniltiHi uf iirrai)i:i'un.i)t , to a n?n? the a" MVMtu* a nod luvttuta m > r Dm omi 4 m have j j 1 n deputed tie -t n .-(" i''ii'. y and ('< . ''uly iu?:l. y ur all uuai.' to |.?rlii i(.KI. lit tfie ei.juyo uit'ili.' le tl f ral hull to atiuwicul the crr'Uu- tioe ol patriotic pex.iUll Id Willi Ici-ilU: which It i? I'.ePI. tlell to (Tela 'I.e. It 1* le'|m11, Diciiciir, that it will prove to be an ncca- j, lou on wb'ch ry trare of laccruun hgln.g. lu?l uhay . , bett rir Mird arncof tuc brethren ari-licj l><iui <|u?a- i In r>< ton i.'u to tin ol.ji eta aud political N?l'iiu> ?i itan r biA'irty. .'biill le id uti rated f 'tvrer, ill nee rdiere with p? unci prli rifle and | "llry. i n which licld y oucivu:* i t denearctic ri public<111. 01 malt be ilfit atrly r titiil hi d XJI.I.0K1 tlin 'Ughoill the I all h. IVi art. air. tin at I. | cUwIly, Ki uAM F Ki aiu. Ilinat frcl'u, Hii.immJ Bboww, Nhhh* II I'o.iam i r, Tiumiaj Jb'M AC. C< IPR1 ten of Art?ii{ru.(aU. IMM KI. K DKL ' V AN, Uiaul cavUi e. 8itn pi IV Ih ru ?. en'tt'ianr In rvply to the fori goiup. paUiotic li ttera w<re tli*n r ad In III llir e llowli p, alio* i uy in nI.e. eltlu r pi.hue iii pneate. poai Mh U Ihnr aft* I'leuoe at tbi Ii -ilealUou le>?i?tiM lion, nwryp i< I'ii aa. i ll a fill V\ le.Uoury. liou. .'inu'i I'-ucLauao. U .j..r j it.,, fi jm.ii r. ? it i it'll till' i ;> tl'i'H'Wrg II >11 I J'.tli C. .ttiUbtr lit u. A. J l l?t u, Hub. OMM 0. I ' bit I ti?. licit. I g. fuel llul-tur.t. ct Maui., II >n I limrtiilljllt*. t( HiwieliMi'ilr; Men Jimc- |'?(t> el I ! lniHot i| lit it Ith imru \*ji, tie ; ilea, lite nut U t U nr. II"it 0 1. l-uibi'tlcin ll.>n Slr|thf i l). ' JUiiim .t I'oit L?u.H*) Humtli. Iluu H4nrr.f1. llit> W ai I. Siui. y, Ju.lgti A J. litrkir, ilea Tbilisi Albn, ('iTinur >r liiiu.ic '-I nl, a.ij.ii un Oiuvr?l kiwi Ji'iiit tttituiil iIitk'. t'.t.t-uM, .! uir?l IVrmfar ruuiii. le u .1. Ii-. i-rci'ij. i f i h iflilpiu*. II ii J?iiu i. ||< ii lieruiio yc/ieOcr lieu k h lYcfctw.ra, In it lit in> bieu. rti'ii. iit-u I; K Ti mpm. Cub W. H l'bilti It JbJ|t I> I' liyruhuit. F.uniijrcr fpr . /utv of I rtt ki)i., lieu. J I' >n Ani.rmau fan* J, I'hlitt Ai'U ; -iui. T. I* Ilii'iiitrO. llitn. J.oi. Tu?u>taa lull Vt.llb.l 1.1> HiU,lit. lieu llictuii NltrkM.ll K at lilt A. It lit u 1 bolii?r tl lulln.otitic. .Mriiolu' Kr.iii, hi) lt?u Ann.' Mild. II It (Ukli). Kh| , tlcttrjj- r M i. nit M i| . JW{? lllnltcli. Iltn. A J f'.ttpii .it., Mir lull, ktuit it i<( il'iwji lien. Tlnitit Hurt m In i J-.u.c W llmdl ury. lien. Jehu A l.ult. II > .loliu I', lb )U lieu A C. lit jTi1, Altltimnii A Ii. "nuti- .It hit II t?t, lieu AMU II. I .lui.t-. Met-., t u>? fuUcwlu,: fur |itttti tent Ion ? 1 ROM UfcM CA?M. IlumnrT, June 2V tMl i.f?tlirii" n ?Wltiir I return y>m my .. , n..<r*ol#-.u?iil? it )..ur r. la. ibiriK* 1.1 uu ituc'im ita u ' > to I,true I m 11.. .. t' lMH'll I our Unlit > *1 I 1 lit.In) bj Hie ruin to-ibi) I rt*r*? U'?t ll Mill nt> in iny p. ..?r to y in >t u up u llal iitiirr<tiD|[ urrwltn I t v the irMlU'tllf In ycitrii'tii-riCRi m> * ti n ?pf?It'it'L. mi tl I 11j tit ihoi iLot truly ; tlr.ttac una tiiicri t mi. i ? r.t.llt.u ti dt it iu.ui d. in mu tuiprv .*lrc iii??iMT. ( In ii lily I M olio, but ut In III. rnio-lituliim of our r .tin ( t'j .ii tl in out . f ur count?) V inttl I l.u?c Ion# ha. ?n ( t t InU.u Ml ) .< < n 17 It* pllurlpbt, Milt, it- r.T .rn, in I | ( I I'kl 1 k II* * I Insi i I I ll. kiul'T* knu (til t|?c Hi. Ill 1 i if )i til I tl.i* 1-t l ?iu?*? r< .IT.I.J lu *Nlf til' | t* y > ! iliiii Imi.'l.. j*r i i.i n*n * nt trinti.i-i mid >' ; I < I . ,. .l , hi ( till. I morn nhi-rutMil illl'l B'tTH i alii'li nt' i.j il ni iiMt-t) rnr liatr tlM rnuMtluttoii an I | I i i. ot ll. -? mtu* ? 'iy nl'i rr fi Uinl lu rn mini I c in*i i iil hi il ii ?l. ur mifi ruin* thnii unuicit lt> uii'in I inii* 11 ai In ?i IJ to-inmi n I., ihii u j b.i? into i | tin umt id ni.iMilrj ?tibvak In.t'ng to tit" i*ij(h'I II |V|. lilt 111 In illtk) Buk h Iia|?r. In* nlwnjfrLiyil It-lit Mont K it? tirtn d.?f .id rn It* nurniuk *i ..I ki'ltm In mi! ?i*h |i> mur. 1 / urnry Iim draatf* . fi t'pli ll." Intnl. BiiU ii. ii.-u low, i U n-l r* m il it* it I* i ilit* ten t thou* iimtMuih-iwi iiiti hnri- *l?nn tu 1 ji' kin ?miiu ii |ifi?|n*ritj ih?n ?i*r bnf.iti* fid totli. I. i 11 k ) I . A* a ?iil? y* t). I trtirt tbi.t tbi* occaMon "ill *** annul I't j inuinl dkilHij t.Hliirrn o( lu.* *muii* puny, nml |tii iIni i t. j ci oni In riniti r will h li">? ?. mi ill n mt i. i. l.ikiii linn* tiiii* I'l u.ri|ip r ol tm ifornri.mi* It OM* ifI * in a in on I nil. Inum o, "tiuii linn hm*n . ki . ti m ki* ot li t* ii piioiican puny, rtii b?*i- b-i ii bii,.kiu Ii) lUfHk, una by tin prm-lton of W Uin^t' ? I*no .11 III In Ii Mid Mi. JOB. lib*! . iik-H*. 1 mn. p> ml* m n, ? tliU ll nU mill f. How rltl?kn. I.HWM CAM. I I'^nh F Tudy. Willi* ji 4 ttmwn. Ibuio I'uulnp. In nry rti i*i?. hirbmi It i i.ini"l:;, l.?|*. l unoiUw 11 Ai ii i * u.**iili? n' ' . 'HiMnJi, (I- nd .-?< I. in of lhi.Ta.ii.jnny r i nj ("opo. u /. ! titj i*n. SwroUry tM'H MO*, o. M. 11*1.1.A". 11 Mi'?m pit. rn" I-'UI. i f}> i II. n< n? f? la villi tit r. inii. <1 r?gtrl lliit I f* I rayHll linnKll Kl let f|l| Jl'Uf IllVttnllol. Ill mtriwl ?l til. lnl.lal a ill. ?l III. tin. Surtrt y of lmulii.ii j li.tirl Mi Iml.iii iviiii inmr) .t ihr Mrtlii'ilni m < ?u . III'. M il . III! . Ill* in- fl. ??i I I jr. mr II'*' hill*. I'Wlii ! ' ' I I. < ii . , ri. ?l In lo i. . |In. u iu m ii. .n uml | rn?i r i. nab v 1..H, Mr )<>n I tl'.aV-. i? Ki'iicral mi.i nfw*K .fi.H n.lil* ii i # in i liliii'i.". fr. iii maimf Ui? bfihh . ). mini. I i i-i> irnrmj Im'i-rx'in feellilg i i|i tu uuiiiii I" f> n l|)fi In II* i?l.ji i'IH ami piltli al r '? I.i i.p '' A Hal H ii ii nirdul A Uuioii' I ml tin* a,ill. il itiV* "til. ki .. ti 4 inhl Hi" iwrii* irl ' at B | it llif "in h M Jul/, 'nilkl, at ?f?? rr tl.'Bi i i i,i.ii -i . ti. i,an Mlin?miM. f>. it?ry? lit tin hl| I i- l ilia 'f au-incim- ai.'l wnrllij of tbf i ft, \ I In I' rrt tin* id rtuuilrm.'n, th?t the ib-linney o? i II.1 (1 I Ilia I I'll al. ma'iu tinnil* ahuBld abato' Hb l*tiiil ai u |in liiH|ia abm <ta l.a*a bjHimnfi'.l out i I. unity 11* V?i I l4 (1. 14* Mli| #V I % a RRH ru, JULY 6, 1851. lata to avert lh" worst of catastrophe# Be e*rnf.*t -be pri nipt?be whole-hearted, tn your acta of Without a wish to undervalue any ono?for there uro many of the whitf party wliosu uaertieo* and ?ac rifle as entitle the in to platitude? 1 cauuot resist the conviction that tbo safety ot America, and of her system of governmeut.

rests iu the band* uf bur democracy That driuorracy bold* unabated and immoveable faith lu ths constitution?Id the strict equality and tb? reserved right* ut the States recognised by it?la the eaured and paramount obligation of its guarantees?iu tho social fraternity it inculcate*? and in the I'lib u it at once moulded autl inauguialed for common defeocc, coinuion trampiility. MMM intiriHt. aud umtrrw! aduiiralion. Oo a! at can we tcly Whither cau we turn fur hope, if the . n.i ciucy tall away, disbanded by oue uituor cause or ii uii froiu these long cherished attachments and fur dauieulal principles f lu the actual temper of the I idle i at the viry blink to whlcli tweiity years f North I'tti fanaticism buvc at last brought us, in est nit democratic discoid be ct(uivulenl to tedcral disunion? See the lei. Dthse eiusade pushed onaaid by our organized Sppooonts iu Vermout. iu Miosaeliuseita. aud in Ohio. And wlial le s then |>i< dpr< * of active alliiiatiou and suppoit. though thinly and timid!) disguiaod, can bo doJuci d Ik hi the recent co-operating soeoe* at Albany and !.un. aster The revolutionary tendency, if not the rololutiouury purpose. is flagrant; aud, fellow citizen', shite it is almoin impious to de-piir of tho r. public, rest issured Ibut the eticoess of your projected reconciliation will take from every truly patriotic heart a load ol auan ty U U not for nic to conjecture your plan fsr restoring tlemociallo nniiy. i.e it what it may, lu such hands it iuiliI 1?. luiniirubU, II... I .. .... [ hen. v ill ceum Uo I'M h loi>eidi d I. nihil?u? lou.H'f h vey-cl uu birbeiun endf. neatly hall' eiibmertjed?but righted, placed uu iui e?t n lit >1. ill! | icli of hut com p..-ah veiled, 11U iviijr tut of hur Umbers equally buulcai.d and imual'.v but j iiut ! i uiii, gentlemen. tn<vt reaped fully, \ our l'rn nd and follow citizen 0. M. DAI.LAS. I no,11 JUDOK \V"OliBT-nV. I'okuvi/i in. N. 11., Juo" t!a. 18jJ. ju: . Vasivi L. Diuviit:? Dear bit?Ho pleated to present fo the Committee el" Irtengi ini-uls toe the booioiy of l'anunaiiy, my bunt a* ii,i wl? ii|.iu<-iitH lor their p" lite Invitation for mo toj.uo li, n, in the celebration if tke iipprourbtui; ai.iiirctearj I i t.i i atu mil iiiJ I'i'iiiit i.o 1 rig.i l that my oltlouil eiyac. lui-nlo will probably 1?. IK II k.< til lllVllIlt 111) llllf 1 foul Ui'UO tl'.i* > ? auxiuur ihiii tln hnpe* should be readied on tbn otcarlon which the rouiaiiituo , >:pre*s I Lit' tiny trace ut lacerated feolinn" which tiny hare Itoliiliid 1.11,1,1 ft the brethren. ahull be oOiiler.Hed f T nr. hrti.iim anru Uiau lueh u fortuna u event eeomi nuling V" m.ure the I run,pi! of Found principles in ilirMatu. lu.d, Indnd, in' Vr:y tu-nocli i f the gem rul ,<uvi inn)?. and by uothtli;. .an your society, iiiiuy .ptulon u.ur tniy obow t.ud promote what ymi ooumt. r i? (ripiuat otpi ct?" solemnly cuum era u d in tnu ludu a- jet,re ibe pop ular lib, rty. mid the fedt rai l.,'ui>t of >ur totally '' Allow me, than, to ofter a* a sentiment for the ooat >i,? - The Inch pen deuce, tin I'npular Liberty, and the F'o ral I iit'ti ol our to jotrv." he: pool Sully, ' I.KVl WOODBL'RY r- U11 Huh J AMI > UtillAN'.N. iViu iTiiil, l ueiir h.,wo.i -ten. July 1. lb.,I Cvit.irD eli 1 have Lt-.u hoiioird by your u v cation, II la halt ol the Tammany COeiety. to HI!,.... WI1U tn.11'1 in - libiaiiUit tl.u upp .roueliii'i: aumvirsary of our iiuioiiat : |a im I unci Hutu- ly Beetfe you III t it would i a m tur< ol high trialtle-atiuu I |4 u,f to uoik- ailM the i. Uiboteof )ou, i?uio huuorid. r. ui a hod. mid p art Mlo oiil ,u, ou that iu i*?rl*ni occ.u ion, ana turret ,re, mi| iy regit that mag inenf m i:iy l a u hiviiediaM i< 'ihlariH.ul li i uer Ibli uupovlbie. tiiuieh) wIui-u ' 'Hi / nr hoctibg n: y b i|>roduciiv-? i| biuoh j. libil,* >?u . He (.oo.u.og- i u) h how olluellh wn h the vuop CouViClloo in I a hieitul and lanhlui obedience til tliu et-u.-iiliKioa and ,u lawa le nbri lull ly l.ia, :iry. at the preaulil oiailL IBg lieu III i ui hliluty, tu Jlo i lli the I i.loii. 1 rtuiaiii, your? very iu, JAilhP HI,CHAN Ah. FROM HEN. WHO!.. ffi ... July 1 1 e,',i. In oil, mi I, ? 1 l a .o the lioti* : tu at auow,edye t'le revtjii il ll.oi.iL'J iiiiiiat'oii ot ih" iiueieiit ri.ioiely of , n mat y," to alii i d the colol ,ul|o;i od if . cu.-iiut; anlivi l*..rj l,f /.tin-rimii liiUrt ouUeuo.. aed t"(?i. I Hat ey ilbin i ii u,i in'a'r ol i o ru! i.?iw..l at thie kill .1.1,1,1. II,k nl -n II. 111., rilurn if Ii . ?t>iii\? r.-uiy Ur*r t > rtiTj hmrl It i? Jtf I tnliJij if tbit UN fty wthtrh cur furvf-Ut-r-i nl,l " ?!. noil ?I\U-h ?e liufe hu loiiy euj **eU. 'I'Ih f >> I' I) (I 'flliiU.Moy UH. Hi ulit.-irljt day .. out Uletory, r;.-.i i*m1 In jii?-?r?u iLi.U yv. t* ct. ilo -n *r-a. pruiei| ' ll m re t inlii/ined III ti e UhcIiUhIKiu l! lliiteflu i ?*. no ktiirh win n< i u;;rfcTii J up <u the c -> li- i uli n ui.cti-r wliii-li ?e ii<- Tl lut? i ur lit J hiu u ri: Hi I i.i Ii l?r> * un- it the JHli'i -l iiliil mint -unite.i jui-.i?t foul ci Ulitryr lltr e**u kcil lire* lutte ewer our.led mil in mil-'m.-!.Ml hi. a I ?*il! cooiituut to hm ill 11 'iplit ujinii I lie country, nn thnu/b itijii ii u ilkil'.t mm mt? to- n tin i-. ilimi >Mii pu'iiiHi n.iru m bo)* ibe ? yr *m- ^ hi{ < eletii^' n n-..ji li in< i >uii / ?n,-i: ii, it. ti?A if U>. dun ti l-reluieu of 1 ue Mil** |.riiini|4 r.i.m(th?uu . >. ?il liMtitoi. rriirJliM f (.'?I lilllil-iu-ee, iiiule to |>i ere-"We tt.oM- principle*, i o 11* 1*1 oi**ci ii mi j? i pev4?t?* tin l iilou- ihe ho|H- of j iliwlioftiwlil*- U- 1- pwUiM* kui ) r*i periiy of It I i nmii mw U ili i iit ni-ut* if iti I if h--t rt rt ,.?tt t ittem, I tluMiu, wery l-p.owuu. >uur au nt b iti- m -e.waul, Mm t u >1 rm ii<-v i> s t>ick iot.-w. lli.M 11 *u i t-1. JlIRe 1*0, t >61 ( efiiiimeDi? I elMfMlvlj Ti-jfTi l that t)??ln*-* eu$* I"u iu? uiil not ntiow n-H t*. )irtu-i|*i i- 111 ltipr-..-v?l j mill* lie (il>lwiiiriibl tu t| |-M*?k'l|I uuu*n*4l uttuler-ki) l*i Ifi- lfocb-t> tf fkunoaky por-uaut t*> y.ur laiti ii f imilMl.oti loth* li* pe tout ti e i-aiumry *r lui romui M'tiu l u?tiourI i-rii*cli-le? *>f ihi?imcie- t k-iJ UH-itl-if let-wit) rmy he ii i uli ?i*-*J mnl d ltu-i-il ti:) Atuitw -liul teem the ptici-li * i*iue f the , i.i* a ??-tt rkri i un k-.Vut ilm-lu.f-ir I> (.-1| tnliy ip I* tbt liuo |iftl Ci| Jew if tin- roll it it utl iu tuil wuii i' ? re. ) ti u> tin- rulits i*f *c*i ri mn tiiatr* I min* ihr .i 11 r 11. tin. Mnh t.h ripat i. your fti* ii.l ami fellow MM) V M. MilKNMR. IT.O". itoi nw r MATItn:. t* in i-i Ni*i Vr? Uoal'i hwmiiii.'Ohii i.l Twe.. Jnui *7. MM. | tl if l.* V.I..M1 f 1*. Ill II* * - I' in it tee ot Ariuugv ut* i t iii.o.ikuy hoctetjr. kr. (*i 11.* ti i ?*- Vi or tiiver *.| ii .. t^tn. lufUiiin un to par l'r11 n.1 III lln fe?ilwitie*i . your li-*rmia| nii.i re-p* ct*?l - e. y I li lilt- llh ill July M*-m. nt lutliiiiHliy II til. Ii* ilol/ rieihul. Ilhtltij )l* wo - j m i-* 111J ah iniilullefi to ji In n./Mi no in m <*t) In tin nn-uioi.. of III n.ty I *h?l. Iw <trp of ih* i-li-ktu.-i* of meet io/ |<)i i ! - on ilutt Met Ion. ll i SI ..i I iWi your rencnti- 4 n.-li iyt wltkih n 1< i 1.' <j I )- J i.i | u t ' >4. u.i iu ? .ri ?'i in- | Iim!.?" ill tjir <-?<i>l>ltrh; h ill i t our Bntii'Mil liuli|'.n- ! i<tri mil *hi<K, ni?i il?l tun*. In the iirrwnl h-iar. " ?ii t | atrt i ic r I lhi ltitpri >l> of i ttr counij ?t??ifiy tin- Viitmi ami tti< f. u " khnal.1 it lr- ti it i. b^r iDiinu uiooiii r thin |ir ?t in if Au.' r i Nt. ffmlim K?*T?Uiry ii* IrUllKl to I* pmwut ?ith yew. r.n?l in iU ill a in* on ?f (irsufnl ?''.n'i?li U"?nt? t" yi ur '.I ii ' ii .'friitff nf tfer muuiltlr* t"i f"tir Imtt it!> n. I W|iU. < ) > * hy ppmMic jou tU* annrxi-l .? i.iltai.1 Yttyliuly.) WiM'l Mti't, JOHN C HVTHIR dip nnyy?am# ?mt rl i|ixtt j'f.ojpri i>f llii I brVi: .o U- ... i?|i?? ty pMp iliHjOpnt mvl putrti.iic in j. it l 1.D4 <.bi I"mil*. tin? Oi n-tmitii n, i.n I tli?f Un." TRisi KT I VA* nT r;rn. Nm-Yimi, July S I vl (..ntbirir ? I 1 dtp n< !* d > urmitp inttiinjf ??, In t> lib If if t|u- TkiMC??y P- p-ty In unit* nith ilum in ?|p|T?lliy th? m .? ?r>nt*r .i?fi if our liuli-i nJ-npp, >. A | V p.rl II nt ? f'Ti-ti' Ii- i npi'j I nt ill ,t,t. , mc ot in |A? ii-v of popptiu, tlflr irtl'.MiHin Yi a -y .ib in I i* j mi u p triu' t tin ii >u?t of lb? h"t>kt' ! i n rtr'i r ni n ?. i r of lit* dm-loty of faiiiiimuy. I iii ill. - ip r*irytMH0 In tlwi |MN|mMn4 th? lutlj M il If |V dr*i"i -: ?? put/ "f fn I olnn. t'1 I 4.ti . fi'in>'i.r nrliut Institution Hi tin ?t itrttH ; itu > ( it- rti?l t'tU't.lit rnunrtl* i.'" i:11'm' i?t f*t f-if rmii null ''l tin iwihfn ft in J Inn i- I h |ul t^Trmrli*. Irnn^kl Inw p ui't ict If It) IHt.1 < ci--an. but by fMif diatatnn- I f : it if l< " in' V li "I tfiii (?? a*' a it'll ii'il ait.1 StlU>. ?hi' h wr V- i n unable |i> avert, bat tin* timet >? : li v n ay rn>lly rnrrvrl Tn ilf ? i ? >i uM t.iil n filler to fi* fur attention on h? fwtor . us1 ii t in ttu' tmf. Mini nay VBn tr.l un) ).ai ' <! i at Buy prni u? rirrUvn. tuny !? m| < imitt w himalf it*l may Iwri-i* very pm|?cf 1.1 J" I it II ik.ll *l"n i'-li iinliiblii .1 in a can-li'lata it r Itlrr : I ut. In thi tin in I low the Imp-flint in |iill) li'tl rti II" i -tat'- i an In. m ?h..l hntinrablc way I" 1*1*1 n I 111 It ? * Of tin ean bfniwhl In I'n * mi rt a! 'til uir ?t< 11 iotm ' r ni" ?rr Ui the Inquiry nb t'fly In, by auO|*-tihi g tr forgrMl-'K p* I W"'nnfn?. i-l ("dully nnlim, In prow-nt enntotn Al'b "ill if t # 'V)>'nili.n.- ranch inyml n>y indln't- tl . It in in fiain ini4k It ibat tln-y arc ntaiaiy in.tun' .1 by it I ) inn i ait i lima Inn l-ni nucb aa n rami In B" tf j.r w bill I (aeonc imndidn.i fer nUna % nnilab'r |>|< Itnt iiy t'll In J.frh t?fi '3 (.1 bom for napffiring ?>r i (ii ii i ii a il , but in II mean tlric. I' I- the height "t 'fly tit nibarifx pri i?tm ,-itcnn by Idle <llMH<ilfn In f paid to It. IliOiann 1 tiUi in fitard to ot'idt In ll?.? t a I. aa Ik in f tin nut at: ,< A,a it in toe !?(Iti< nnfi >r ar ?b"iilil enn'.na mil e*rr. ii i n. in ilia firat aiai'f lolb llirlm of ?mr nun *tate II ,r I ha ilni'i.illn p- i .1 ,h' Hi?< in p-a.r an I tin i iith.d. c r.nt . ,n'? ?.| ;ha '?ni -n nrtil -land >)tid>iml)li4< * Tin m< r tot t ir<iih t tut ti" (ill* mntf (l< n* tin' I??l<-r tVh-n. > *>. If- Ii r iJ If Trim y t >t llnr S"W-Vnrli wr*< * ' li i. y Jt ?'i no M flt?> inn?t -nti l)r furr<x>?l by limit it tli en uti K i iwi i H mil ttiolr Biiv?r*?rni* i" ,i ilb to if B I..ii it.I mot iftiilf |mllny?puitji >ninf tli I n r f net 11 i.?i f?ti< V f'II 'hi* Pbniilflliiil i i iill il tt } t V ImIb ihi? lull mi i*ii nib -r ..f ?'nn<ri -* (i> irl W,.i i.-i - it,. (,H;r t*. ? U?i?Kliin t?iiil Win? in'til H< Bffli i r? W ih iB'innifloAtit pi|i>i?.?, t mi' ri id n'lj ttnlii 4 nit i]N?-*tlOBi nf .In v ibi'T ri?? i tn?tfutw unlit? if tin. i'mmt 1.1*1, wbli-h i. w i'^i <ti ?b ut I i ?<? ?-ill* Im-nti jiri. ni y. |irfifl'it n"jr, mil r ofrtti n *1 b'h lut" ii m bf?f ibn ritrwf n( din *klg IMf> in tll< MkIi (if hjinitii ll ami ??i'?v ' hibI d? i i in n d I y ii# ti i*t?t? t f i *?*y hinto bihI on <. lloidBn- Ibr pi in r mljb rt? of inquiry nm , oMnn it lit fx tl i b^itn ii W' | i *? wn noi. tl i . B tn ? fi^BCBUd HTorl t? f?fl| (.iolbe frvfli vy ?**> ' ? Pil"| ERA] u 'City Hall, ami Mtfur to the New. Turk democracy one of itit oUl faehloued Ticlorin ! Wc can , and ymr ucirDt mid honorable aociety can do much to promote It. l'erfect the organization of tbo parly?without orf aniiution we arc a ht-lpler* prey to the disciplined go! Terumont troope we are con trading with, liury paat I contests among ourselves. Treat those wbo dig then up a* oilier of the whig*?for the success of the wnigs U the sole purpose tbey can promote. Confine our conventions. : In their rcfoluliouM. to sabjecut of State policy, coupled. If | ytu like, with as strong denunciation* nf the general administration at Washington as the mwt vehement member : of the c<-nvent ton may deidre. So far we ran all h morahly agree t'n national ijueetlons. as tbey now present themsrlves, we ditfer. I sincerely hope, wnen the Preside tial rlect'en ri mes. the aspect of thi ne questions may I Ufl ?Vl I* 11 U1 ri lku< two n?tl nil a e*ui. a n a...>u e.l ? now we cannot and w? rhouhl a?.>i t th m Online our convention*. al-o. t'> nomination* of State ' candidate* Let ihe I'reeidi ntlal i|uee(ioQ r.*t Tim ! driin-oratie party haa thousand* <it patriot* in it? rank*. ' auy one of whom. if properly nominated. can bo triumph antly elided the mil I'rweldrnt of the United rttate*. | I ioi< id there are lew in it* rani.* lli-ii cannot be audi ; i will not allow royrelf to fear that Mich an unhappy inpi'liuily would be piuctlMd hk 10 leot eucli an llut i thorn o iiODxd to anticipate difli lultW-i. It would ba | imwire iu uk to manifold preuialur. ly. a* a part/, a prt li renew for any man to till tiiia litpcli offloe ll.i-.iile*, : the wit-lira >f a minority command eUiaiV mp ct from , , political c uvt utiouj*. 1'ut the d inocrai ic party of .Vow I i \ oik in ? uiajoil'y at home and the preference of Mew i . \.rU will to very apt to he the preference ?f th? na! tional convention. V e can that pro Into the national | | c<>ute-t with honor and with > al We cau repeat upon I a linger theatre. ih. cor toe wh\b wo ehall have reI h' areed at b< rue. M e can re.-di r<- ip-i d> inocraoy of tlienv| lion to that a-ci ndai-ey whkh they have ?o lou* held and . which he- r d- iiudi U e"> larmsy t" the true internet* and hmh h.:. r of ihe republic Wo can revive tha brnrhteat e| o< lie in nor party r-an-cr when il had a Jackein in the | Ireeidi olid chair, a I raaylh a Car. a tiruudy. and a I Taney, h the cahim t ; a Went iu. a Wright, a Walker, ami a 1'jchanan. in iu? SeMi e; aud when it ?p-ik-> in ne v< ice, thai wtie heard and heal.of fh?vu^h the iu1 c. mi dibit* and fearteuM or||aii ( ! Illair and Itivoe I'heao | were the paiiny da>t>of the party,anil no lee* no of the ; lit i lc ur fiup, *u* rvaperted in every m a and port, j I'v; ciii/ei.e wi ri- pf.ioelrd and i wieiouiuudat h>>mwand ahr.nd Ih.-innin )"<l ite he?il r.od eowervd before lae , | in r-j id Jhcl -< ti and i hi atateMu. n who eurr .uude.l hi-n , Jt ir n-y i mi cro an: *anM*t di-iie that IhU gl-.riou* | ti> u *} n>u?e ?p id. i nn i would luaki any eurreuder of ( |a- -i uai teeim, Ui;d at.) r ?.? n tlue aanriiie > >d H ue i- niriinr. ti *.n t ote a ri .t hi. hi uorahle to the dciuo- . ( crall.' pfcity i-en n aitvu-. ;> ou thi country 1'.; spccifuLy a ui trul) your*. j i.inbui'.kv i Holt major ponki.sok I mi.% .ro*. Jul*'., 1841. .1* oth in. o:?. hew r 'ci iv..! (! tlep luvoaMea, I.mMt u f ' In-nj'pr' nchtii'i aiui.t irntry nt our iu t*onii dm.'.- l y tin-Society t ithlm-coul l h- in >r? ( ( rttlfJUif; u.< than t> cmpl; r atti tlm nit latum, I ut t uie i f ny ?-u?a^ ,'iut uti h m uniiM-H tt i.u- , po-i-tl lo 1(4' t.'c to do HI , 1 bam i in hidtl ti TrnrraMi n for y .jr uncli-ty. IntriiiR 1 , I ?rii.Ik n (4 iff b-Hpit'tlity wbeu ,m a yuuih in th? , mite ill tit la. "a. J?i+ .un iu lh.' > ?rt x.i the i the , ill' I t )? ur city I Mac pno 'lit wti.l lit tovalol lh? , pintK'ilii tin '.(,v 'in' r <! .V w Vorli.out! vm-tiueplj , in pir-i-n lj) ti1-| ui r-u* umnurr l:i trim li y.iur it* in]! . H itltinoiit nf pii'.riotiNUi. <i?i*rlt JivJ ' , ll< liaprn) >n M'l" * ' 'f P-r > pull ml u iitij m I it till die < I li i t t' <1 In n. r ti. u i.ituit' wh' li < v ... t lit *i | P l!l>?t.el- h pleat .nunc hIi . principle, itttl. u^U it v .a not tin n in entire bt'i'uiopy wun lU , vhrhthr ttovticitlfi. that pr iiinplM rtc'V?iH*a itul , ttl cl liii. m i'r? i'o.iI) cumin*u 1 d li e pu ill;r?'|? ot ( | 11 r it- p'uoi'ti i in h, ai..< it- u itfini ly h. aithy iu hi I ft1 t.D tin ttll It. I* of the I iUlitl'J in tin' ;-pr. ii u .1 ! in . ( 'oMi-m. I c?'i well o?- , it. vat out. tin mr! iiip .-1 tho ii-ttii-n ' *1 "id fttOtuia i J , vl.rii in* a.liii<11.'?t itmmioi uto t . tiirtli at * n tti m , Ai tlllf la 1 . iw ? . I. t-i 11... | le, I III >1 tin. Hi'* Hill {>? | itt k t- ti'- liu. ti d: tit I j .lie p.-.tri'ta m tr\n r ? , II.t'.n. 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