Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1851 Page 3
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RELtlOI OVI NOTICE. ^ MjCVNDINAVISK < folge OP ? ferdring l>? Sere herreereude SiLtndlitvur. ril Factor ^Vlhdertba-a prwdige i Aftcrmiddag, kl. 4. i Job Lutherske WF Kirk* 1 Walkrr *tr*?t. P wahts. ^ ! TITANTED-A FIRST RATE CANDY MAKER. TO OO FT to Petersburg. Va. Good r. former a will l>? required. Apply to PAW. OILMAKTIN at OO.. MM Front at. WANTED-A COI.OKEl) HAN ABOUT EIGUTBEN or twenty year old, * Wniter *aii Coaahm?u. ll i ma?t naderttand bit buaiucsa, nod good situation will h* jpwt n. Apply on Rergen lllll. Now Jur??y, after 3 o'eloek. r. M., next buuae to tl>? Court llouw. 'JL' ANTED IMMEDIATELY?TWO FIRST RATE FT Whetlwrighta. tbut under.taud iliuir business wo I. A* two koya that liava bon imua tiino At tbu train, and with to )*aru. Inquire of XICUAEL MULLONE, 2d MoutfowMry street, Jersey City. WANTKD?FROM NOW TILL TUB FIRST OF MAY neis, by a I any who it acou-tou *il to rurtuomenl and living wull, hoard and unfurnished aparfnouta. I. catui aotaoot* Twentieth nor beluw Amity utreet. nor cast ot Broadway. Auy on* having a wis la odor, and not requiring references, may addrta* Mrs. D^oamcron, Herald oih WANTED-SIXTY MEN AND IIOVS, THIS DAY. TO work oa faraa; alto, lour colored Waiters, trail ro tumendod: four boya tu mind hurtaa; forty plain and lirat fair e>.oka, tor (on a f th* hc.t pi n ot in Vow Vara; and teeats Cuoka and Diirymuida, fur tho country; alao, a few IOtaiab*! maids, Mailers and Nurses. 0. MASON. ioO Bruu iwav and 1X< Bowery. IM7ANTED-THO GOOD OOOKS. NINE CliUIIWy meld*. I.auudreasei, nil a*F*S girta for geuerat lousework. for place* in to* citv and oouutrv, now vacant, II d for wni h good girl* ara vruntal iinuiediataly; kin, [ colored a alters, aid several laboring ia:n for the connby. Apply at II) Chambers street. 117ANTED-A riRSC RATE CABINET MAKER, TO W1 go a abort c istance iu tho country A young m tu, witu Pgouo *be<t of tools p.oferrcd. Inquire at the aoapbf'g shop, p Liberty atrcct. MIT ANTEIl?A GENTEEL PERSON TO WORK BY TUB ?T day at plain tewing, in a private family; muet perfectly bndtrMand the makiux up of line liutn Apply, with tainpit of work, after ID o'clock at MS Uroalauy. Will bo Bante t for two or thrre works. I'PARTNF.K W ANTEU-A YOUNGMAN. WITH A CASH ifr capital of ?> > <) to $I,HW, to invest in an old established Bui'Be.e ikM v ill i n; from two to three hundred |" r tout er mouth, cutUf.ctory intormation will lis yiven by ad dressing a. a. k I.'.ii'ii Broadway Poet Uliice SrlUNll u Mil Bod win re in int r.ic* can be ... I. which will 0a treated |tn. 11 y eontidential. )i.i < f h wantsd-at im it am ait man. ( &? H meet.) i. J' o v ",11 oI. m ].''' 111y obtained tor U io'i kNf Ob. *1. in WriMa. Seln-l Touchers, Porter. for ?t ires tela aim iteaiyors; Uuvs to Utn IMfMMM trades, Ha* twrii, h i.:-iv ,vo. huN fwff imoUMljlHI alwuy< Baoy. A I'pll'-anti At a dictation Irom .Now Vork, ?leelBg B free ef postage, describing the sitiinii >ii repaired, can b? But.'.1. TBoMAd iflNK, A|Ht SITUATION VAXTID-AS OBOOM AMD BODY SBRP vunt. MMtHM unJ 0m4mN| i" oi" who Nftn to i I r 'Ol' t in I lo V-r. PIMM li4jM 0, 11., Bo s 1,110, Post Bhce. im1'okt er3 OR jobbers Of dry qoods.-i B wiali a situation ui saleHiuun. I have hail live ycarsexli'ii" In Um MlIN In this city 1 do not wish to torce )- >' mi on) man that dors net want. mo. 1 donot wish any Bi to employ jin tlmt in not satistied with ne?not for one Hnuicnt. 1 do nut wish to live witli any inAn from wham I Kit to forte my aalarv ??k* will give me no mori than hall n valno nf B) NVfitW, mile I eomp' 1 him I do not wish By man to >u ma MM than he tuiuks AVMfllata are vurth. 1 will give .atinfactory rvfureuue. Address Hickory, Oilier ol' the Courier and Enquirer. ftiin, li s n i: its e -\v \n rer> a middle aukd woman. None n'ml apply unless thoroughly competent to take charge of nn infant. Address Box li.uli foot OdT.'O. BDARUimO, AM. Board in the country.?families can ukactotnnio luted with board and eligible room*. The house k, c.mnit dinr . and pleasantly aituuted near the Hudaon river. . Steamboats ply daily to and from New York. Adoreea X. t|., | h' i lb Uavvratravr. Rockland county, New York. Board near Broadway.-a few sinule oe\ 11? men cab be accommodated with pl.asaat ruoan and krcakfa.t and tea: with dinner on Sunday, at No. l.A.'e - Arand elreet, two door, w e-t of Broadway. Board?very piev.ant rooms and good hoar.' Can be obtained by itpplvlu t Ini nudiately at lit) Tooth atrcot. The lonae is nu? id the lint class. and is very nka.aDtly lo.'it'nd, within a (hurt distance of Broadway.? . JLhrence. exchanged. Board, wimi furnished ro.isis, in a small private family, where there aro no hoarders, In the central part of the city, where two ladies and ft* aUemen can i ke atoommr dated, w ith beard for the ladies, and no questions ' asked. For particulars, address a notj to Vcrgmia, Herald ' Ace. Board in hoboken.?a i f.* single gentlebi? eaa bo accommodated with furnished rooms and break last end lea, it No. ?1 Washington torraee, Hoboken. two minute.' welk from the ferry. Hot, eold, and shower baths in the House. Reference rirhangcd. run SAbn Alll I U lib li I ASPAriOl S KOO?, WITH UOOU BOARD, OVER TIIE parlor, on the second Moor. with pantry adjoining, Is Walki r street, near ISroa lwa*. to let to two or three ?in?lo ??>'nm, or a gentleman aud lady. Tho above are dctlrahle apartments, and will to lot reasonable to a goad applicant. Apply at 111 H'alkr a tract. Fl'HMMIII) ROOMS. A FRONT Oil BACK I'ARLOR. with attic bed r?om aud use of kitrnnn, will ho let till lit of May next, to two persons, married or single. Tha i h<>U": It No. If, Wnit Broadway If a tenant offer who may 1 want to purchase furniture which Is on the preiniaoa, thfa rraogement ran alio he made, ai the present possessor will plvt ap Lia two parlors, two bed ruome, kitehon aud usa of yard. t'reton water In tha hoaje. Apply to C., on the premises. FOR SAIL OR TO LI T \ N EW AN D RCAI'TI FI'L cottage rtsidcuee at Dearman, on tho lludion. For terms. A' ., apply to John Sedgwick, at tho nfli a > I John Jay. Eay, 3D Nasiau street, or to Mr. George W. Mcarman, | at I- nan. TO LEASE.?FRANKLIN llorsE BUILDING A.?THE Salesroom, on seeond Hour, of 1S6 Broadway. romtr liev etri-et Also, tho front half of ace-nd floor. 197 Hroaiway. conimnuicatlnjt with the abort, an rding a fr >n tare of fcfiy feot nn Broadway, furnished with water cloaots; loo., and ejreedlrrly w?ll lighted. Willtel-aaed separately, U ( quired. Apply to U. J. S. TMOMFSON, 81 Coanlandt street. Alao, four pleasant llSeii la the abave hnildlnaa. TO LEASE?THE STORF NO. 8 DEV STREET, NEAR Broadway, (now undergoing altcra'lon,) will be finift> wd wit!, the modern Improvements, and t<amta tomtit.? 1 Ready f?r occupation A ii? est lat. Apply to U. J. 3. TUOKPBON, M Ceurtlaadt a treat. rpo LET?A REAR DWILI.INO, COMPRMINQ AN A ordinary room w ith fire-plaeo and eupboarda, two ho i feme, and amnieniaut kitchen, w't i good yard priaMay-a. Ci lie wht?r. Ac. Tha pr> mlsi a will very comfortably aaAn n, date a family of ail crown persons. A tenant wit! ont ahddrvn would bo preferred. In inlra at <- Frankfort street. rpo LET-TO SIM.I.E OF.NTl.EMKN, 81ITF.3 OF I ranuia. elc-aitly ',7il?b?d, In Brooklyn, within a juar . lor ol a lulnnte a walk of the Fulton I "fry Apply to LEOKHB 0. SICKLES, TV Nassau street, If. T. rpo I.It. fl'rnished, A front far1.0R. with 1 I II. a maO.1,.,.1 . w. Lada.1 alii aiai.tlw frral-l" d in "i? ha?t atyla, * ilhout h >ar I I nijnin* at 1<I9 Wnt Broadway. Ut*MD H littn and franklin utranta. ipu l.r.T-TWO BEAt'Tirt/Li ROOMS ON TIIB SRf'OWD X (! '<r of ihe new m l apaoioua bmldinr, corner of Or??nwith and < 'nrtlar.dt alre-l". No. IN)- /ion obtruDee, and non'o ho an admirable lorilita fur a daxuorrtaa artiat. Inantra it >ii I'aittlttdl tre't. B. to LET?AT almxos. A VRRY QRWTEKt. COT- I 1 M/a. rontalni. a >ia renrua *ith kit-, h?n and . 'filar. and a t?a r>* m. ti irty nil loy Ik l< rim 'H nkiil flft-an a-lii*.I* a aalk fr>'iu Ilia la idtnr. and ad r la ona of iha mml { t?m ir. iit \Icira ef tha North rlrtr a- n ry. Rent, fl(W Ff. a it . ar< n laqalti af I ranela HI-n -\ t. 2 0 ?l ith at B?ii. Wf. ra ? A. k , or fr no A In H H M. for mi.i-tiir drhrablr i ro- i , |riij known aa tha k irrla?:t tlnataa Mill ill ?o> Idii a y III nil. Watt'-I- -ft liar!' m Rollm-d, and ill in n of a narrr fniltn* tf?aui f wot.-r, la< iodtna , atarni ir.tlra ind hollar, m? dilnnry. t\. all n? * au'l in py od ' I far lay I atarim power I cvfii.vuati na l?r a family on th.i prmticra, Arplyto OBOROK BR' i't. 111'kaa'afl RMi rro i fit-tart or tiik ptork. m? broadway. X l??a haan naad aa a p'li' tbln.; aatahlnhro it for tha It t I |T.r 'ran hant modnr-ti .ti fly l l A. J. fltlVKf, Di i aa radii a I 'aat- rar, on tht prr'i. It w?aU tail w ill for a I Ola I Bt r ___________ 1*0 T, K T?TWO f.NM.T. ROOMS Rl lTMII.K K'lR alreplM r> ma .r II t mtchaul al pirtmaaa, on fia app<r tory alhaurc "1 Ni?as.u atr t. liiulraiatkilxrUl HCI?r. IN MORRHANIA TO I.IT OR POIt SAI.E- | " mar "I ? a-Mr>*! a aatnoa an I l lfhth atr?at ? Tha | la.t t? It 1 at v houaa :ti l.j 3l f" -t. and ntonl? I'i i r< an I an ?h*rr?at ry on the top Tha li mno la r"t>l?t<> Ith arrir eoararlanra, anrh ai a kitoH?n ran ?, a lar^o ex (.par h liar. '"Id, II an I ahoner hatha, mar'l *1 ' > taoal* with 'in* and r- Id wat?r. at nkinr tuhaa, l-lla, k . A a*rri?r fcnnea on Ilia pmnWl Tin almt a la vary ult%kk for a irivata ra idan.n or k?inll?t-tom?. Apply to til oRtir, KRL'f 'R. IS t'Samh-rn atrnwt. XMRNMHf r? ROOMS TO I RT TO SINGLE. OtNTLF.V kin lar fnril hadi a avltaM< f r t ? I fi aa. Al'naaiar'a r-" m filth ile for ir? per? n. A|p1j it tha Commeraial C' IT* H tiw, No. > Doy itrnrt, ii Mt-h > ( tnutAoiei. *r. ~ 1 I "ii i FOR SAt.B -A TIN! I>.M(K M A ill. RIND ? m ?i ? i r i ? ti ? a t ; j * . j i i ?i n ' - nr* "tu. i * * v i* r? ith ? n and harmi? * Ml I ? ' Nttnltwi ?t'.cr. 11 t < : . . Ari I > to W iltva aa<i Ha| iNvn. TMtt "of alt {. nt-or l'.i-hlh a< ran*. A a* B' H It or A *l\ruc OH DOLDI R rr.AR, ><>R V/ lata.?A ytrj fin f.rTf of II r??, HflM Ml !i ?.rv> I, t'tt in n: I rpo*d. nad of rrtat hltea? m . I i.. n . | - i I lljlllj of l bai?* U wl ty tlah. An* und Inat Mora*, i*i ?q juira old, nonl luf ^B .at'* of 'I'liki* l *m.?i lad thr aaddl*. warraatad aound. I.' If l>( nil I ijh, villi a li?M Wa on and Hiiraata tn *ofr*aI fan J. prloa l olli 111'-iirIoj to a rrlial* ftaatlaiaaa. ?iio I1,1 to-' | Ad'r-M A ,fruna ^B w A, 1.01 Afn A Harold tin. m<>R All K?A I.IOIITHOAO wr toliv MCARt.V *?*: ^B I1 ? il? hnrl lii lift "I W II. ^B 1 IV '' I"*1*' - A ?I*AI? or ( AKRI M.K riORAKA AMD I I p ial * i.M hat I *?tA .1 'n> TI hrr**aara lorna and l?lit yoara ai I, ?la In? n I o via M*l, il .ft ! ??. Mack li T -n j bnlll: ?mad aad ^B Hi I A.Id low -for tanl of n| ir V Ijr or t'ir??h*r I A 11 I v ' r R J i M. T. tiimi MI in^Efr\IMV TORK A*i|) rilM.AIlil I'lllA- NKW TORR Brla and I'Aili.t l|.l ii ilro*t ?I nitod fltatca tall Mao ? fh.?t,;h 'n |i^ hoara, ?ia Hot J<-r??jr Railroad. ?vr p r? A\ d "> > i for it-U 'aJa, an I t-' J1 for I data. I/Wara a Vara atfl A. M fr i f t of f? r.rtlvid and at ' A >. nd ' P. V fr m font "f I |A*|t;r a'r it. I .ana* I'lilludo'iih-a mil and t A. M. aail 6 I*. H., trati visMot of Wal^^B twtatratii. aaammis ami amrot raii-roadliir rnoti ?kw lila la # - -ni. ?t ..'I'M HOTTrH. M'ftilnf I. ni. at A i nl'.-lj Ao-rnoon I inc. at .1 nVlooli. f if" " jr ail' at Una, t.f| ? r(?r< ! t, II. fnlrtMl Lloa f.' ' o'fl It P. <l.| (ant, at VI. I: TIMRR. A**at. I |)i' i i AM im lv 1 i I nda< Ffldar W h R''iirnlnr. tti'l Al'taf r.rv Tnwltf, nn -ati'fdajr, al'.A M. fnrtliar fatUat* al tbo A .?| .aia, vb Utff ?f lli{ ttal. ALBS IV AUCTION. Auction not ice-groceries, rice, nuts, Huketrl, luUi .1, T??. tfr>ndy, Sogars, luo.?'?u r ?? day, July *, at half pisi 10g' > in (r iot of the ium 57 I ' Dey ??.. (lie*. Bruil n> d Chestnuts Raisins, To*. L?u >n sal : l>iog' r Syrups. hump. Cs udlcs. Sut, Pi >kl is, Se/vrs, lir.u- 1 dy. tiiu, CUrit. M.deiru, Slurry and Port Wiues; Mm* i { roni C-yenno Pepper. Shad. Salmon, Mackerel, Herrings, ! Mm* Unl, Bay hum. Cork', 71* Blun, Me. W. A. CARTER. Auctioneer. H Dey itmt. ' HOTKLiST j WHITE LAKE UOTEI.-rAMII.IIS DESIRING A ' residence in Ilia country, where the Unext Lathing, fishing, busting, with delightful drive* an I proiacuad< *, await , tl.t*), ax wall as pure sir. spacious bedrooms, and the eujoy. meats of real country Ills, will select this place. Terms aid j reasonshls. Address U. Scant. *M Broadway, or White Lake I , Post office, Sullivan souuty, New lurk. PIJ W ELTON BOUSE, NkWBl'KOII.?PERSONS i | wishing to visit tliis spacious and elegant family 1 . hotel, situated one mils from the village, upon au eminence 1 i commanding a splendid view of the Hignluiids and river, and , ] eurrouI,dtdly a delightful country, can leave New York in i tli* stcsuicrs New World or Reiudeer, ateevsn o'clock, A. M., and ariiv* at Newburg at ten o'clock, where carriages.belonging to the house, ais in waiting to tako th 111 to tho j 1't Helton House, where they rsu dine and return after din- , ucr, hy the ruilroad traine. at four or six o'clock. P. M. Hie steanirr tvanta Clans and traine, leavo New York at { four o'clock P. St.. and arrive at the Powelton House to sea, i and return next morning after breakfast, arriving in New York hdwren I iue and ten o'clock, & KEED. , N. B ? The I'uitcd Mateo Hotel, in the village, ie also conducted by thu subecribero. II. k U. , Neptune house, new, new you? C. Pock, Jr., Propriotor.?This delightful enintner roxltenoo is now open for the season. Vor further particulars, niiuire ol Thompson, Pooklt Nixon, 3U* Broadway, oornsr >1' Dunne itrcet. i rviil.l'K KVH PRIVATE HOTEL AND BOARDING EH. u t ibllnliueiit, t*> llarlcy tre.t, C'?v?n<ii?h 3.pi?ro ?Th* I A. Kul kcu (hu?l>aiid of tim late Ma<lain iJalcliou, (xauist to b*r Majesty.) has the honor to announce that he lioa tltted on hit spasmus premise, at the ahovo addrem. with a union I of elegance and comfort, to adapt it to all the purpoieo of a 1 inperlor funiiiy hotel, in the very centre of the faahionable >iuart?r of the metropolia. Thn eharnee are moderate. Th. A. Iiul.'kvn ha* Oeen kindly pemitttd to refer to th* followinK gtn'lemen, via:?f'ol. T. it. Laareoce, of Uo'ton; Ool. 1 Van Ales, and U W. Oerard, Jun., Ea-| , ol'Now York. | PORT WAbHINGTON PAVILION HOTEL, 3HRKW3- 1 buy, Kuh JcrHy-Riftmm & Rogers, Proprietors.?Phs | a ho* e well ku-wn hot* I is now open for hoarders. Its situation. for batbirg, tithing, and tailing, in uu*urpassod. Rooms < uir\ and delightful. Persons sucking a relugo from the heat and Gust of the city, cannot bat be v%ell pleased. SEA BATHING AT lOOKifAT, L. l.-TIIE PAVllion Hotel is now upen for the rsooptioa of visiters. .cave the South Ferry, Brooklyn, at 'J o'clock, A. M., and I ('cloak, P. M.. for Jamaica, where stages will be in readiness ie convey visiters to the house. A note left at the (low&rd Sotel, corner Broadway and Maiden lane, or J. Ogden Smith* 3 Front street, will moot with prompt attention. Juno 'Id. 1*61. J. M H tUNTNALL. EXPRESS lSi>oi?si 2k BERFORD & CO.*8 GREAT CALIFORNIA EXPRESS, postage three cents, I Uh and Jtith of every month, tbrough to 1 nlifornia io thirty days, iu charge of spjeial mest-**ng*>rs. We respectfully announce that our arraQgeinuts for transporting Gold Dust, Goods, I/Otters, and Mvtpapers, cannot be surpassed by those of any other Exp?i Our goods arc received by our agents, Messrs. Ever* k Waterman, formerly Messrs. Han, Runnels & Co., at C) seres, and arc transp rtod by them to Panama with tin) ? |TtlUliipiteb; and they give AO pfufeVUAfU t>? any express } company in f< rwnrding their goods in advance of anyothc* j express. Our rates for transporting goods through are from < ten to twenty p?-r cent 1 ss than th se of any other expr- .-H | ( e mpany. Our mniln leave New York two days after the , 17. 8. mails, and arrive in San Francisco sruioltuueoutly v it I) t\>k in. Osv piftl|l on A static l' ttc.r, AUb vsighiu rkn hum j-tii aa suae, Is oaIj tbn i iisaIs. Ifpfi siif Our postage on newspapers Is three cents, pre paid, without , regard to weisht; and ex? hinges for all the press will be \ token free. We seid a mail to all the ports of South Am**- j HlA SA llM Fltifltl Alts to Its Saa4wmI| I lit Ads* China, | t'rc.'on, and all parts of California, Ch acres, aud Panama* Drafts. debts, notes, too., collected iu California. All goods i must >e pntup waterproof. Passage by the C. 8. 'Only ' Thr? ugh I.ins" to California secured at our otftce at the 7 lowest rates. Our otlice ia the California Ex shangt, a fire- i proof bnildinr, though surrouu icl bv the thunes ia the late i hie, a as not injured. ItEKPOKD & CO.. No. 2 Veasy street. As tor Mouse, New York, alto corner Clay and Kcarucy ?ts., Portsmouth *|u\rs, I Eat Fran< iseo. OlsOTHISOe ! CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED.? Ladies or geutleuitn leaving the city, ur breaking np itakt ptap? tAA obteta the big Ml ish pirtaefer Olstlliia ! Furnitnro, fee., by sending thr ?ugh the post, or at hit rosi- i dince. L M. DUFSELDOUP, 1J Kluistreoi. f N. B.?Ladios attended by Mrs. Dusacldotp. j C*.?iTi?rt" (T.oriilNi. M'ANTEH l.AUU'.SAM) UE\ 1 tlemtn can obtain a good price for their left??IT clotliiug, ! by sending to J. Good w in. N o. 27 City If all place. Ladies and gentlemen waited on at their residence*. : (11ST OFF CLOTVIMO, COSTUME, ACN WAN TED.J Cint'c mm, or families, having any per-tonel effects which they would convert into casn, will obtain the most liberal pricfs. hv ecndinr f r the subscriber through the Post i Gffi'C, or othet wise. II. LI. V KIT, No. W LI in *t., upstair*. i GENTI.F.MEN 8 NOT ICE.?THE ONLY WAY To K KEI* e*?ol this weather is to send tour summer slothing t-. No. V3 Pearl street, near llroauway, whero y??n can g? t them properly cleaned from perspiration an 1 dust, alterati ns, repairing and d)cing, m slmrt notice, at .V?J Pearl St., hv A. CORTISS f(iriii**rlv of M rnv itfnct. NIS( KM.ANKOI S. A rare ? HANCE for a PERSON" of rome CAI'I 1*1 to make * fortune. A ireutleinan, who U fi" in* to Europe, ?Uli?att> <lif-o of a Mntuli Factory, wtbali i* at I r. < nt in perfect working order. Will sell out ataitfni arriftce, a* bulimia of im|?>rUnne compel* him to g" to Fur' pe immediately. Can be iveu daily, from ill A.M. to 2 P.M., ot 138 Cedar itreet. Avtomaton seamstress ? tiie subscribers, "wteriolA. A. Wilton'* Patont He win ( Machine tor t lie following State*?Vrriniiit, New II a in |? hire, Vlryioia, Indian i. Wiecunein, Lottiauna. Mi*?i*<ippt, Cali'urai i and , Oregon, are now prepared to ?ell an> "f the above territory to ault pnrcbaaer*. Reference*.?Ilundrada of tailor* fiat hare in eucrraaful operation in different part* of the rnitvd Stctea. re adduced k. e. l.e*. EarU'a Hotel. Nee York eity; or Royal Ilall, Troy, n. Y., postpaid, will rv eel?a immediate attention. Oeueral depot, i 'd and 1*7 Broad*ay. e. E. LEE. _ royal 11 all. i INLAID ROSEWOOD ri RNITI RE;-FoR SALE. TOR | In* than half the enat, two Ceaehea, or Lounge*, aud four Chair*, covered with Frem-h datnatk. made to order in Pmto. Addreaa J. 8. T., nt (ho ott< e of tlm N. Y. Herald. TM1F. NF.W C03TI"J!E?FoR GENTLEMEN, NOT LA- 1 did?ha* made ito appearance at the Boot Maker*' Unl on, e'2 Naeaau ateed. Triumph U ito nemo. The Triumph Gaiter Boot*, wbieh hare Ju*t been patented, auperaed, ercrytliinf heretolore liitrodurod for the feet. SEA BATIIINC?LONG BRANCH. N. J.-TIIE SCBai-riber will open hi* heuae for the re.option of natter* ihie day. JtmnEU*. I8H. IIEN RY UOWLAND. ' Fine trench paper hangings, decorations, Be., No. 4.36 Pearl alreet. bet .ren Mediaonand Chatham. Thoee in wast of the above articlee honld not omit to look through our ratabliahaent. a* their intercat and t*>'o may i be beat oonanltad by a ealL TUoMAS fayb It co. P' NMANSBIP.-MR OLIVER II GOLDSMITH Wll.l. 1 rercie* pnpila for private imlruction in Piatnanahin, , en Tneadaya, Wtdneadaya and Tliureiaye, el hnura agreeable ' to | u| II*. I.ailiea' ci * ???, at II a. m and do'olook P. M. { Genii'men day and evening. To be had at tlm ronma, -Si j Mr> adwny. floldiiuith'e tiema of Pennianahip. prle* (I ao. |,S IV e PIANOFORTES FOR Stl.E. OR TO HIRE rhtap ? I'ricea, S3", (K. SI LI, fclii, and one n w aevn .t ? 'Ml, ,.e f.. hire ,i . ' C >'Ml .,,,l?l,,.r month. A l I'lj ti. M.'Dumtday, Teachar of Sluiio, li?j liraVi tttet. bhi Molt atrctt. MII.ITAUT CI.OTUS.-TWO BALES BM P. ONE DO. Illu?, on* d*. Bcarlat, imported cxpraaaly for military * *. and for tal* hy WARD. BABCOCK k CO.. V Park Row. J I hT Rt:< El VKD?1,000 FRESH SKINS RLSSI t U t th?r. H III he fold to tlx trad* for 't'h. In l?t* to Jit BBrrhtort. Api'Ijr to McifllMlM t BAKER, Strtioaeri, i'lPine tn*t. (.NRENCH LOOK I NO tilASS PI.ATES. AND ROVCH r plat* ?;) * Tor ?ky light*. Irom th? inanu'*< wrjr ol St. Marl* d't>l*nl<*. f?r *'< by FVbLLEN k COI.llATE. *7 and *< > P-?rl *tr*-t. r u rwat* may b? had an Application. WHITE FRENCH ZINC PAINTS.- FIFTY CASKS Saow Whit*, la oaakt from two to throe hundrd weight each ; ltd) ea*k*. No. I. do. fr -m fur to nix hundred weig.-.t i srh ; ID ton* ground, In refined oil, in dfty *nd "a* hundred I pack****. For Ml* hy SCHANCK 1>"W NINO A Co., 100 and lut F niton ?tr**t. agent* for tk* manufacturer*. E.SREM H PAPER II WOINOS.-SOLOMON k HART, I ? f?3 Rroadaav, "tier ' r * ? h 1 > <al j nod r*ia.i. the Let ai* ot French paper hanging* in the city, at the eery |t ?eat market f ri' *?. Their *t?oh compel* * rl li d*ei rative yalTl t. f id. | annel. oak. aatiu and otner pirer* with I rderatn eorre-pund. Alao, r<>a*taatly on hand, auperh I* ? and mn*lln curtain*, eormit-aa, hand*, pin* curtain bib[ t*riat* aud upholstery go- da of a*tryfd**''ripti?n. Tiie brotiifrs tiiowas from parh who r. '?tiMI?lnnnt la Bltnoted at I4S W'ooator *tr-*t tall the attintion of nil pi reona * titling to hare worka ot i< - rati n and ornum?nt* In Carton PI- rm, mad* in th? a*w and old atyle. to thnir stock. Thny takn aim order* f t \ painting and gliding fur nrartmeata and ftartna; they hs>* * clinic* (election ofktaotlfnl rr>*are? for r ilin,-*. Tnosr. wno wish to hate thei* hocsbs elcatod of Ratr. Mien, Rotaho, lle.U.ugi. etc., would d? I wall to call nt t'oetar * l>?pnt, Ml Hr ado-nv, ? Mm th*y enn I pnrrhra* the Ritermiaator that i* tnfallthl*. and that far I *nr|**eet anything arnr oZercd to tho pxlllc, leaving ac am-llcr nniaaacn. _____ _ I V' AS III t ENTIRES PRFtlM M BL.AI'M NO. NO. ; WaaMngton Btrert ?F? C. Ilatard Lino laager author- | Ib**I tn procure order* for till* Ma< Hoy. Hunt otner* mil b* , waited upon by 0*<>rg? King, e I t. will hnv* with him a aileer medal an arded I y th* Aroertean ln*titnt?. it I in \ an df.vf.vtrr. A pakD-JAMF.S LASCAI.A RBSPECTFI'I.I.V IN I /V l r?* hi* patron* and th* public that h* haa n|.en*d * I FaaKmaaMt i'trfuimry Store, *t A Nlh'o'a (larden, fi'l j * Ilr<-adw*y, whore ? Urn* awrtment nf Mk mnat r**h?r<ih? ' 1 ?-' l*aof il.o Toll. M? ran be fnnnd, to nl. ao theim-atf**- i Mulon* laata, and alan. laarala'o rtnnwmd Shampoo Water, . ! ami Cr. am ..f Roar*, h.r th* health uf th* iivr, and ?*par*t*I 1> fr m th* atnro will ho f"?n4 hie Halo in for Mi* Toilette, ?h?r* >11 will dn the baet in hi* power to merit a ahara of th* | Faille paUoan*. I in RB THKY if i i?r? II ?)n be.htead joint*. In wolneent rra.ka, Wl.*r*'?r yon ?* Mi* hedhna traeka, And whrro the maehea hid ', Throw I ym't Powder, and foil *ool Th.-y'll ftarrer on*, aa In a awoon. A ml Hi* hy enfold*. Vet w h.Hly potion la#* m*s la tMa onrtra'h d ln*?*l l'?a{ W Ml* th* Mr.yn. t(. Kill? Will OWP*r?ed# not* trap* find ?att, B? hllllot off th* ntte* and rati In Hatlllna*. harna, and ratlin, tyen'i depot, n't liroadany, and prineipal of5n* ?f the M* n*t|r Pow H*r and Pi! I*. 1VIIMIR .H PATfNT SAI.AMASDF.II SArKA HOI I ? t fMara* Ca. *r llm *aly tmtV?*? of Wtldov ? -h HI- h'o, In tne United Atitei Sl-i'of th* i en *a prntfrr i tit ,r awakonta uninjured daflaf tha la?* ft laniitono fr* in Pan Franriaro. Sninero.* rrrlid. r*t*a > r Irate, In nt*td* nlal flrra, (Mi* only trata In b* r*ti* I nr< p.) ,un he ?t?n at A. ?. MtKVIMS, Ill Wilier atr**?. nARtir.iR. rm?T mi alita sr. mi I' !m i .. nl. at, ar 1 . - . *>* n lillANl ft iLDRIIHIP n*a-f? "tf* . I Iff' .1 IHIHFIA, FIRST ifCAI.I I t DOMINICA, Id r *r At, n.l I. f ? ! 'r R. IIKASI II FlIiRtnof, *0 Br-arar t*r?t. Ir.flll IIOXFS MW PfltOVAO SMOKI.D 'IFR- I . * 111 ( f riny ; iit i.r Itii.I .n llay R.tlni ?; * > har rr|. n*n ,M? :krr. I. I'OI; i1*' I *rr*l? n?w | f.-klrd Cn.lf.rh For alt|y JflLSUS WBLU ft 10-, N P<y Urni 1 A A1U ?Jb MU ft'r*. National theatre, ciiatii.?m .vtreep.?boxe*, 26t?uu, Pil, 12% oU.; OrobMiu fteteta. JUoouta. PriBoa Tickets, $1. Re opening iu gre.?t splendour. fan I he at re thoroughly reuoviicd. rc punted, oru 4in?u - >d, an I iccorated, una will rc-opiu on m<?uday eveuing. July 7, with t powetlul company, when will be proment* i Schiller'e celebrated drama ol the forests of a?chariot do Moor, ar j k- l^it; Frauds do m>or. Mr n. b. Clarke; IKrmm., Mr. J. Br<da/.aw; amelia MIm O. Pot. will be iircbcktec. furtlislrht tim?. Tda. female uiu*lliri?d? L>r TH a croton waters, or the fem ale f l vg y II RAMAN. To conclude with the ACTRESS OF aLL WoRR. Brougham s lyceum, uroad?ya y. near broo\ie Htrcet.?l>r? aa Circle aud Parquet, 6u oeuU; Family Oir<dc, US cents; Orchestra Stall Sea .a, $1; Private Uii? %'?. Dooibolol at 7 %\ to begin at M o'clock. BomIIMMt. Do* | mil*. Monday eveuiug, july 7, the performancej will coot* in en co with the KIN li \ > U i d I VII .w 1C?Fr? derie, K. ug of j Prussia, Mr. L> use; Stolbaoh, Mr. Brougham. Lo Z.ugar:11a. by Mr. O. W. Smith aud Mis# Malviua. o bo toll ?wjd by the capital tarce of ALL I UK WORLDS A STaGE. To (M ilelude with the liLOOMEES? Mr. Primitive, Mr. Muip[ endale; Mike, Mr. Brougham; Mis* (ieorgiua Primitive, Mian Mary 'laylor. BaRNUM s muse i'M?after a moat successful ran, ibis establiahnient cloaed it* season (a* it i:? calio 1) luot evening and will eouiiuence it* uew ouc on Mou lay. a compiny ol dramatic performers, of rtre ability, Una beeu piovided. we perceive, and auchni, in our upiii *n, will uo tide to get out alinoet any production with distinguished taste and satisfaction. The great Javelli is also, wa *oe. rerugaged. ?a aellae llerr Clineaud Moos. Uriia. a'iofwii'in are aurprhiny artist*. The Martinctti Family arc also to rerosin awhile at Iturnnni'a, no', to inentiou that straugest of ill ttrunge VlkdlAi the " lUpfJ Family." Mev II an I os' fl ALL, no. H2 BROADWAT, ao iYE Grand street ?open every mgnt duriug the woe* uutil further noti> e The original and well Iiujwu CHRISTY's MINSTRELS, com >riamg an e hcient aud versatile "corps" of "talented" and "experienced perloriuwre," under the management of a. P. Chruty, whose ooncerte in this city, favor by highly frpectable and fashionable audieuies Tick* W 26 ceiat*. iKors open at 7. and will uointuuiiuo at 8 clock. The patron* ot C listy's Miuatrels are reaped ully Informed that the Saturday AHeruoon Concerts fill be did cMiiinu d tor t .? tmure. CAS'I LR GAKDRN.-TENTH SUN DA V EVENING Concept.?Admission 25 centa.?Sunday ? veiling, July Trogramino?Turt I ?1. overture. o mrou. 0. 4. v. Htbcr: 2. l^.reky, Keiuklangc. Gungl; 1'olonaiae. SuuMt mi the B*ttcry. lliird time, by general doaire, Mnrctiok; I. tuo from ti. li^iiio, for wiad luitriavuu only l>o ?ir.ctti; A lJagaiiiLiii in 1 hina, by general duoir , l>u?ig'L Intermission. Tart II?h. Overturn. La CaA*? L^dri, kodNiui; 7. 'ihe boniiiuiubuiiat'd Wanderings, i ? S Sner-'i Music. Le Treehe A anabaptist, from the le bra? I Op ?a ot the Tropin t. Mt->erh?*r; !J houvonir do Chin* I dp ia, Marttsnfci iij. TheMaodard Biavir'a Mm h, liitrtpnaUT Ttrforuiitiice to commence ot H o'clock preciaciy. No p>atpoiieinvnt on account of the wcatucr. RAVHumi a UMMM duiesbagITS MENAUKRIE.Thia celebrated Menagerie?the largest and huso con iucted in the known world?embr-tcir g a,most every auuna) known to natural history, and which ha* received the pa orotiagc undappluute of hundreds ot thousands of the most respectable auu in .cllig'-nt people of th? Lmted States, has Just commenced a most brilliant, summt r campaign, and -.rill nut the principal cities nn A towns of New England in Che , follow ing order, via:?1 uenday, Juue 2ith, Natick; Wednes lay., 26th. H althum; Thursday 2oth, Concord; Friday, 27th, *du Saturduy, 2?th, Lowell; Monday, 30th, Lawrence; Tuesday, July 1, south Keadiug; Meonesduy, 2d, Ch:irlcstown; rimrsday, 3d Friday, 4th, .Saturday, 6th. Monday,7th, Tuesday. -ill. and vv.itneaday, ?tt.. Uo.ton. National OOKCBM ITALL so. tt CANAL ST. A lew doors ti?di Broadway.-i.rand > acred Concert, on 'uday etenii g, July ti. ISM, under the directum ot Mr. Ju.lbs rude, llclt'li 10 eeid,. entitling the vt itora to a releflmunt ticket. Doora mo at halfpaat . vrn o'clncit; lot ctri <o eouineuce at eight o'olook. All rcireehraont. of lb, brat kiud, including all tlie dclicaaiea of the ivimi, ice resin, i to. A11.ANTIC GARDEN.?UNDER TDK NEW PK0PR1etorshtp, this popular pi tee i? rcoeivmg a largo ami inressing patronage. in addition to the usual luxuries of die nr.sou, the proprietor baa .ogaged Slu lton'j celebrated Hand of Muaic, which will ploy, if pleasant, every Tuesday ltd Thursday evetltig of each week. Admittance tree. Castle garden.-tiiis DiLiuiirruL summer retort ie now open to viattera throughout the day, trom 1 a. M. to 5 I'. M. It le the largest and uio,t beautiful rooui n thie country, aud the view trom the upper galleries ot our >oll? bay and harbor it alone worth more thau the price of tdaitsiou?one billing. ffMllATRICAL NOTIfC LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, A of acknowledged tal nt, wlabinr to employ their time, ?r a few week* during tho summer, will plca?e apply to Vt'ili. to Morto n, 1K> St. Mart s Place, who purposes to opea tae Brooklyn Museum on or about the loth of July. MUSICAL.. FUR SALX-A VERY HANDSOME AND COSTLY second hand I'lanelorte, Boetuu made, in goad order, will >e sold nt a groat eacrihce, in cmaouuence of toe family irenking up houaelteeping. Apply to It. P. U. OURTlSS, kgenttor 11 ewes' Anjerlcan I'&tent Action Pianoforte, No. 121 Broadway, where it can ba eeoa. " ? SPOUTING. EKTREVILLE COURSE, L. 1.?TUB SUBSCRIBER J hat lately be.otne aware that an impicaelon haa hoe a proniulffAttd?ililid VfYtAtitlv. no doubt, bv IllAUV. on AOOOUUt of i Hie t.rj fast time that has been made ou.tne tra<^?that hig course it not a fall Dill* round. Nov. ta those whudvtibt III'.' lact that th? courau la not a mil* m lefiftll,' and are atill willing to give publicity to their ?i Inlon*. I hereby oflfir the following wavers, rlilat. 1 will bet biuO ngnin.t t!> that the track, according to the uiual meusuremunt, which i? three feet from the pole, la a lull Kuglish mile ; 2d. I will hot (lit) that the track la a full Kncli-h mile, (i7ie> yards,) two led from tho polo ; and U-tly, t ?ill hot $|i? that the track I i? a foil Rile us ch it ua any uorto can w alt. trot or mo to the pole, Ifccahove wagers are merely offered to settle the i question whether the Ceulrf vllle ia not the beat and , tnalitt trotting course iu the world. Should the above bete leiuktn, the niraeureun nt u, nat bo loft to two of the be it fTactical aureeyoit that can be found, and the lover muat out the bill. \ Irtl. JOEL CONKMV. pi. B.?1 he above wagers wjll be left open for a week from 1 date. Cr.M R1 V1I.I.K i 1)1 llSf., L I.-TKOTTINfJ. I I day. July Mh. at .'f o'clock I\ M.?Orest m't.h lor g ,<>; , mil* heats; beet three in five, in harness. tie err mrn-i aud i drives b. m. burton Girl; J. Woudrnll name, ch- g. Reindeer. IInated do Kendall's line of Omoihuaea will leave I'lilton Ftrry, Brooklyn, for tba Coarse from 12 M. until 2 o'clock I". M , returning aa toon aa the ap"rt la over. JUKI, CONKI.IN. Proprietor. FOXIS.'rOXKS, FOXES-XVI t.D Vtll'NIi ONE*. | wan ed hy the Spirit of the Timer, en or before the IIU I of July. Any one that can procure them will pleaje write. I ACIIAI.LF.NOK TO TU YACHT ORION. AND IIM: he hers.?I. Robert Fish, do oiler to tail the ym hl line, a 3'ill. 't the ta'ht Orion. for thousand dollars teidt ?a hlly mllre rare. The race to com* off in the waters i ?f Philadelphia within on# month from data. One week'* aotire to be alien to the und? reigned. K. FISH, No. 40 Water atrt 'L New York, July k Ml. KIN A NCI A la. CIO flOft To $ LSI.IkXI WANTED?ON REAL FST \TK I g) i VjUXfv itcuriiy, of the art ry beat kind. Any periok lawag money to loan may hear of an opportunity to Bake n very aure and profitable laveatment, by calling on a. a. BaATON, 117 John atmnt. Nnw York. fa') hnO CI'SIN"kS3 WANTED. -THE AliVKR JJIwjVvUi liarr ie de,irons of meeting aome respectable party about opening a new flret data Hotel, to whom he would loan tw? thousand dollars, aud he employed t.t manager or ofllec clerk, under a salary; la well versed in e\.ry dapartmtnt of the business. Adilrtst J. S., hot 121 Broadway Post office, New Turk, p >,t pn.i n? lU'iuth. H, It ?No oblfction to go to a Southern or XT' rn t tty, f I 1 nH ANO 11.10-TWO ODD auFs or M ? iP I ) I VO and k'.A), to loan for a term of years, on Impiottu eity protte-ty, at a. ven per not interest. Apply t) JA Mr.S Pith L, oilie, |,"> lludn i .treat. SjE it/Wt WANTED?AND AN KN i EH I'lli s I vh tplJj"7U\7 nmn, to engage in an esclnsi e mmufv t aria g hbslaeSS, in t hlladrlphia. The article it in gl ad I inaiid; sella tor raeb only, and a fortune may soon be realised. I or particulars addre?a B. B., this office, stallag time aa<i pice for an interview. SIX KI NPhEI* IHJIXARS?WANTFIt. A I'ARTXF. R in Ibo l'M<h Making bnalnrea, with oneb copitel of J|u fH<"; tlia burin- -a elr-ady edtnblialicd m l dnin* mil hei'irencc required. AJdrote 8. O., litrnli ollioa, I inline wbare iai>itni?? way Nk?4. MM Kori'l.i I A % Hank - I N ^ Ti.e nnal lartalmcnt of Flit; d-llnre prr rhare tha Capital Stock cf tliin Uenh, It rrqnircd to k? paid at the Itanklnf b'.n?e,M Wall atr??t. on Wedaredar, ti e aiath day of Jolt eat. By ordor ol t!.o Board el re. J. t. H Il.l.lAM?. Caahie*. ST. I.ttl'l? B<?> I**?FAU.ixAk?TUE RCBiC'KI RRR3 OF- | fi r t<> tboae e ho are leeklny twil and arf* inic-tmcnta, the tin percent year bond* of the city of St. I. tin, patablr.ptlaoipal an I ? mi-tt<nval I'.i inia llank ol Nta Vofl. We toneidi r them ataaf i an in<-atmeotae tiueirnnx at <r State Loaaa. and they rtn bo bad at a price 1 Which will jle'd a ninth (rratcr iiionma. The City of si. l.ouia ia In a moat flonriaMny roadl'.lon, and alwajr nccta bat roaditloke promptly. The reetonrte of the 1 Ity let the premitpeai will aaited fall a million of rollara, and by Bp oriel lama In the City Charter, the intarrtt >n h?r bondod debt n ait ic Brat paid, b.f. ro appropriationa are made for otbar ebjocte. Tlo debt of the city will not exc ee one aed a ball million# of dillara at the and of thit year, and brr tnoana. ia bar corper >te capacity, at arretted by tbe Aw di'or. oor?i?tii| af whtreea, atorat, watT-worke. Re., eat. ada twoand a onartor milliona of dollaea. Full particnlart will be fnrntahed, and doenmeiita eh-mine the pre til pneitlon af the olty'a 1 naneot ran lie etatoinad, be otllina at our office. K W. I I.ARK, IxiDUR kl'ih.M Wallet. LA> D WAkMANT.n BOtQRT OR LOCATED TN THC Mateo of Wi irln, llliaoia, tod Iowa, ?p n carcfnlly at lifted lando, ky W aehbnftte W Woodman, Wia- ral I'oint, Wiaoonain. W\ k W. will pay tha hiahi-at priret for Ian la looatad ly tltmeelrea. hterra. Rostra V Woodman, lit William atrr-t. n V.. ?ill pnrehaac the land warranto for na. and attend to all Imam. ?-e nm < t< J therewith, Coerce waadwai.Cennatllar il Lnw. til WUIiant atraet att 'idn o obtaining I end VI arf ante. I'cnriona, kc, for ioidiara of \ o'.! art entitled tberat /\cfan iiank or tii f. citt or nf.w rork.-tin " " hata declared a aami-tnnujl dlridead ul u .o p-r cent, payaM. nn and altar the Huti tnit. Ttictn-uf r In oka ? ill I* cl< red aotil that day, By "rder of the B inrJ, -i rk ..I-it i. i-.M. J. t. GlHBUBH, Caahler ('apitai, one mi li.ion stkltmni! l:\nk 111' j Britlah Berth Am. ?i. a, london Ino >ij raid by k >yal ehartrr. Caart ..f Inm t ara?Bcnry Barnowall, Bap; lb. maa ii Brnohiny, k?'|; Sir Rnht. Caatpl.all, Bart; Bolt Carter, f.?>t . w. k. Chapman, f,?t? William Chapman, Eta.; Joiriog Julia i ainnuaa, rap; j anion l>oaad?, v?; ; miliar larr-r, k?.|.; Alexander iille-pi*. Ea, ; Sir a. Pallet Green, h b ; John Steaart, fa.|, Jiearetary?oeou" d. b. Atta>?od. e>.|. Iirp*. t.,r. l Hrauebea?i" lutaa* i eton, ka.i Ayei.ta la Reve York-Me?r# Richard Boll, Win. m. 1 arhlan, and ii e Ranrom. Ilraa. h?a of tl a u. ii. n. a. ? ifnahea, Montreal, Toronto, kinyrton. Hamilton, Caaa la; Haitian. Neva Scotia; si John, Near Hruarwiek; St John*, b. nfoi a.Mand. Ayiniaa In Canada- Be town, lliantl *d; Dvadif, (.?u. Draft* ..g tit ll ii. v a., London, and tY> branoliaa alnyi?an Iht htanrhea of tha Provincial Hink of ttalatid; aad National lint k of Scotland Itillc of Karl anya t-nrrhared ami collarttd and rrrdi'a nayntlata.l with

I Of land, Ireland. Scotland, and the llrltiali l*f.irlartt of S< rtk awnrica, I y kit-hard Hall, W ni Mai,a< I.Ian, and ii. f llaaaiin aymta, 4.1 Wall atrcrt, Beta Verb. Paris b a b k krs.?Til r sitiim' hi likra. AtiFNT? forth* hanklny Imnaa of Mac?cr?. A'.ilrafc(lraad, II Rt.r da Tratla*. Pnrlr, will open er-dltr op.-n tnem for partl?alra pcrtlay ymda from Franca, tlrrmany, and SnilreCand. AUo, for traveller* yolny to tha Coitlnuat and to Knylaad For ttrma arily to C. F. n.tRtrilT * CO., S4 Well alyoct. Addn?cca of maaiifactnr-ra through-at Nii-ii?. rl.-.nd, Franc., and flartrany can he fuml?li.-<l. _ _ LKUAL NOTItlO. SI I'HI V R I f>l RT.-WII.I.I tM D. HAMILTON *S I jatl la A. Ilamlltoa.?bnnmiona for Dtroraa.?To Pint'in A. Ilninilton?Marta'iir?Von arn harabjr nmeanned to ai twir II . ui iplaint la thla a?t-'?>, a copy of * ' i ' ! U r with rtrtc I tip. i yor, and to r.-ree a npy of your on?? f on meat my SI r. So 5!l Br-omc -tr.-.-t. in tha rity nf Bi # V??k. altl in tmrnty .laja alter the acreic.. haranf, ct |n?l a of tl a ?tf at >.oh .ef aioe; and li'y?n fall In aa*? > r'-ha c mplali ' aa af ."raid, tl.c I latntiiT till apply to jhc oo?rt fot raliaf demanded In thai mplnu.t, llitil k?j I;', Kil. It. NaRHISON. Jr.. Htlnt.lTa tltnrn-y. No. .'ill Brnoma ttraat. Tl a romt hint in thla notion nan lilad in t'i? . In ' ol tha < ). rk uf tl.a < it} aad Cuwata of Baft 1 afk, en tkd etk aay ?r juaa. icei. ablmthkntb. Broadway tiieatke.-e. a Marshall.solki.esi?. 11. Barratt Maunder ?Door* o|h?u at 7li~, uartMo rwr? at 7% brae* Circle and Paruuot, '*u uuuio, KaiuiIj *ud Tiiitl t irvKd, B c?uu; Gallery. 1^.^ u?uu, Pnvnifl $5 and $ti. li< uetlt of llr Waller- Moud&y availing. J ily 7, * ill b? |>r??t'i*tcd t?*a tragedy of Ko.vtKo A^l) JULlKTlt<-n.*o. Vr W?l;?r; Mer?uliu, ' r. Conway; dr. H Mtiup; Juliet, Ml a AndeLady Capu at. Mrj. k. ug t. fai? da ? r*.*, by M?*na ."climidi am Mile Tii*-rtae I'o conclude aitlit a laughable i ilK HiiMil TUFUK ?Ur. O'jioif, Hr li. 1 utliill. Country dauoe, by the ladio* aud giutlcmeu of the Cvrpa de HuiWt. NIBLO'B (i Ah DEN ? M a N A i K K M K. JOHN' SEKTON Ticket., 40 ueata; I'male li- *.., > > 0 .ur? <.,)ju it f; i.tiniH cm. at a o'clock. The public it ro.pecttuily iu| tin III. d III. hnrvl family li.vvu made addition. to their oil . rv. ii? kti.iua auii ctfi. i n t company. bv the engagement of thine grrtt favorites. t e ?i.ur? Mllu*. Cule-tiue and Yio irlue k'rauck. Oalriclaau 1'rsuoi.i.i lu original character*. I Eurdey. July 7, 1*61 Overture full urche.tra Tight H .pi I.) II.. Huiel fuuiily >ud Mum. Illun tin S if'ceded by tne ball, t |*uluniimi', mli.-d LE tUAlil.E A OlATKE To 11 i. elude ?:lh th? i uiulu pautuuiiwe, aitli tu# bc'.uery, by MutMMi ni UUb kN?K1. Italian opera at castle garden.-max marutitk, Manuci r and Cuudiicwr. Adiui.eiou, Ml emu. Miiviiav t, Jlll.v 7, Will b. performed tbu U|.?ra of kh.n a.n i. Elvira Signora TrutBi B?u?J;ttl. Krnani Sic. Uettini. Lark* V Sig. Ueueveutauo. Suva ......... Sii. l>?.i r? open at halt-past 6; Performance t-? uoiutueuc* * 8 o'clock. >o pohtp.mrment ou account of tho weather. Optra ever* eight, Saturday not excepted. Fiulowi' mitmiii, at rikiofi1 vif koiv? < al liall, 441 Uroavlway, let a j?ii tfowwrd aud lie tad bireslr; ? peu every uiglit. This justly o- lehr&ted and eifU-i ac ci rp? of twleaied t>od cxpvneuord p tr'anuurn uuder t ie so e mansgt intriu cf J. B Feiiows, w hose oca orrt* in tins city or tl.e pa^t year have he en received with tie greatest favor by the ?lift, aud I'usM- u from all partj of thel'uim. Fell .rvn' \1 u?ii al l* all ie one of t e tuoet spacious and best voutilat id I uildiugs in the world. Admission i-r> cuts. Moors op m. at 7* concert to coiiimcuca at h o'clock, au afternoon concert e\rry Wcdw?s? ay and Saturday, for the e-peciil accommodation cl families, euiutuenciug at 3 o'clock, I*. Al. LM(AMiLlh 176 t/iia I'll \i ofiu LLa. Sole Froprieior ? Admissiou?tteats in Pn??>? , ioACj.ftj oeuta r tare Scute, 37 >* oouts; Boxes, lb oeuts, Fa* (VM| uM MM ? HiMAat haioun perttHlilll IVItf AHn soou till kveuiug. kntvrtaiDuienta uoiuuieno? in the after \ood at "o'oltiok, a*.d in toe evening at 8 o'clock. The or > nrtainu.eiita are varied and eelea* uud such at can bene.? %% no other plate ol auiueement in New York, consisting * f 1*1 Female KtUepiai Ope ra Troupe, oum.-eriug ifMta ?ertoruicr?, being the largest and at tho eatne time trie uio t latcntcd band in the United States; a troupe of Modol At iliitb who art* delected l*r their beauty and figure, and win ;erncnate a nutuoer of beaotiful tableaux, takon from the sicinreb of ancieut and modern times- a company of Arab Jiru, alio go through a variety of teats of strength and de* verity; V.xoauie Rosaline, the only Female Juggler in the vcild; a company of Male and Female Artists, who will give vn exhib ition ot Barbie Statuary unequalled in the worl?* itgcther with a variety of interesting perform an'*e e??rv ifternoe? and evening. For particular* see bills ef each aav. 1*BB MODBL APlAftY A KBW ABD fOkTDBKfVL Lxl.ildtior., on Montague pi wjc. rtur of Montague llall. ? By una ii f of uu ingenious invention, I .Ml swarms, or more than A,0UU,l ( y >f I ess, ure .sr% n \* i,r? lag together. tU11ng glass boxes, jsrs end tumblers with honey. Misoroscopcs are arranged, magnify lug the bees many times the sue of life. Gists esse* pr. ttct the visiter while waiohing their c a rims operation*. Lovers of the curious in nature ooaie and ses this great natural curiosity. Parents, bring your children, and let the busy l ee t**ach them a lesson of induatiy. All who seek ration il entertainment may he both instructed and anmstd. Adn ittuuoe, 25 cent*; children, I2,t? cents. Pease? ticl rts, 50 ceuts Liberal arrun contents with schools. Oiwn from 10 a II. tod P. M. N. B. ?Territorial rights for "Gi)m<>re'e Patent Apiary" may be obtained at the otftco, Brooklyn. AMlbklUk^iTd 119 PIllliAOflLPHlA. BARNl'M'S MUSEUM, COBB UK OF fBVBBTB Atfl Chesnut streets, Philadelphia.? P. T. Barnuiu, Proprietor; II. Sanl'otd, Manager.?Two performances daily, afterloou and evening. Admission, 25 cents; children, half price. Monday eveniup, June Iti Mr Booth, the ciuiucnt tragedian, rakes his tirst appesrance in " Hamlet." burmg the week the Martinetts. formerly of the Ravel Family, will give their interesting evolutions and astounding feats on the Tight Rope. Mr. 1 sylor. the porular uomedian, will also appear, during :hc week, in the " Lady rf Lyons." and othorfavorite plays. Pleasing farces both afternoon and evening. The collet tion I if wonders crowded into the capacious saloons comprise tome half dozen original eolleetions, including tho famous | me by Ptale. These are all worthy of a visit, and oan bo icen, together with the performances in the Lecture Room, Tor the low price of 25 eents. PEHSOIVAL, INFORMATION WANTED BY MARY SAVA iE, OF her aunt Catharine Malowny, who was married ?.< John t.* liens, native of the county Clare. Jrclanl, and came to ItiM fir v .if N?u. v,.rli in I KM I An. . ., I.. ?..i.. t i.. n ?A tind thrra wotld h? respectfully received at M V#Diin eti-- t, in the basement. AIISAI.OM Al'SUN, A NATIVE OF BUCKS. ENGl?nd.?iii Reward.? VV hrrtia no advertisement appeared in one or more Fnslieh papers, nineteen years a*o, for the neat ol kin ol the above named Absalom Austin, who Mm in America, and is supposed la Itava built exttb?ively in some parts of America. The above reward will-b" paid to any person who can produce the advertiseWent. or can ;;ive full partieulare of the time ivheu an 1 where t>e said Absalom Auntiu died, the nature 01 his will (if auy), who are the executors, and what hij svd prouvrty , eonsistsof. A letter addressed to Mr. Anstin, Geor^o street, ! Bernioadsey, London, Luglaod, will maet with immediate attention. IIO.UKKTK AIM. I INDUSTRIAL HOME AS.SOt IATION NO. 1. THE members of the assueiation aro hereby n itltied that the drswibir lor the Ion e ni lots will tako place iu E v*lc llall, eirner of Delanrey and Chrystie street>, on Monday, July 7, CeninieneinK at 1 A. M. liy order CORN'S. A. COOPER. R. S. EFF.RV n r. xiiuui r> M KM OWH UXMOUt lie would not then be compelled either to sii'uiitlo tne annually in reatrd rxtortion ol the landlord, or by his n ere reprice or tyranny driven from hooee to lionso, te sntk n mere halitation. and that, too, olt< n attended itith the yreatrst ineonvei ieiice, lots of business, and sometimes to the entire ruin of hit future prospects, ss Well as that of his fsnily. 'Ihe eh. le remedy is in Ida own hands. Be re mn?, the money be it now psylni for a tw el <tnsttt liml iti/hl ho made to purehtt-e a plot of froehold land, on which he mild erect a house, which he could truly rail Ids liom?. Then and then only are yon ir dc|-endeat. for no man ran deprive you of nshtltsr, tien should yon bo so unfortunate as to contract dtl t whuli you are unable to psy. us t o ln? is r lstio. to honisetesdt. your creditors cannot tou ih your houec or lur- | nlturr. To those w bo thiuk with us, we say decidedly and > mpl it < ally, c > and a u I ninn Town, the no* and popular vIIlaps, only, u miles from the city, opp isito l'tcr | Hu nt, and live n laiitrs'walk from the village of lis-tines, I nd. tnte our word for it, yon will to it- lightod with the | I'laeo. 1 l,e office of r- id property i< ?!5 U*u?fter street, two I a<>' r? from Ainitj ?tr> t, where mape sail in format!>a arc at II Unitu et.certully im n by John A. FUi MM I, II proprietor. The daya for |nrU? within* ayvn'i to aeuootpany tl.rni nod (how thorn ihu lot?( are 7 c >?>\i ma Fridaya. The loti ?r? all .'41 by lid feet, and are a llium fmin >711" SI.V) wording to Ic-'atjun. N. II. The property i? Irti fr m all rnenmhranrra, and a warrantee deed all! be given aa ioji m all the km; Ik ykt*. I Till. NEW VlLI.tGE OE H7R AT rONI'OllT ? SITU- ! (led within A uiitea <>f the l it; Hall. r\poeite llarleui, ' on tbo rinehlne liay. eo noted for U( wil l fowl. |dke. and I clama, only half a mile from Fluahiny, toward* the C. llega 1'otnt. The ahovc leeuiiml buil'Hat eite having hem tur1 vejed and laid out into h 41 lota (.? hy I 'd te. t > (V.ot out | loonth, einoe which timn thorn have to n about hall to tola diapowd of. Thry are ehtacn from all p irt?, and n?? <iurntly there la (till a good choice, at all parte, to be doii poaed of, and at the undermentioned prleoi All lot* above or eaat of Laiuy. tto etroot ? 7> 1 l>". betwten l.afaji He and High elf "t* Hi j !> ". do. High atreet and Amelia I'd". , lio. do. Atn-lla atr,'vt nnd < oil re areniio ... I.VI I lie. co. Collar aecnoo and the liay... It'll | Corner Iota will be invariably (Old at an advaneoof fill | over the ndjoiniur lot*. lb* (tret ta and go uo<? are cow b'-lnr graded. An Kamrainn v.ill h? nmdoevrry Aand?y wntil frrtharaotie a. Iht'tpenn be obtained of Mr-Flamm* r. li e aondltiena of aal* are. t'Sl raeh nt tht time nf par' rhiwe, andtl lalan e la monthly Inatalmeata of 510. Thi< prop rty eon.| ri?e? fbr hand?"me(t water prlvlleg??, oi a h vll ; a ile in v tent, eatrt' tor unparalleled rf p*"U ot the f. .at river, tllltfr of I tommy, N' ?t?wu ah ro. Klaer' Ideal Morrteania. Vi ?h Irian*. >r | the am el eprvnel" ?l the Pvt. ( do Hi' Ka and Ca tat III Mountain a to Wi at I'olrt; nop i ll revrral timea a < ;, both b> land end wati r. F.t mapi, en I , every In), rmitloh relating thereto. apply at the o?e- ( J. A. I I.AMMI.M. IPS Wooeter otr t, two it re from Ainitj. N.B.?Tio! Amity atreet rtagca pnea by thedo>rui ry live , .iante.i .11 riiv toe di y. 11T H>T MOI ST \lllMl\-TI.ITiiMt Hi iM E* TH 11> | f? Aeai latlake?Membrre, and ibber dei roar i In i aneh. are reone.ted t? attend the reialar mi nn< a* | Itildcrbraiidt . 1(0 lieaterittaet, on Tl EdtiAV,,Jaly nth, at 1. CM IMSTKICTIOM. \| r a. rr. r. ?\r/, stcdrktoi Ti:r. iiw tst i?l I'r i>< r-ity, who ha> b' u a (eieatii\ ?l aid literary w I It'r la tome of it ; ? period v.lptib.i I I audi' i r< alitor Hrofiaaor of the ApaniCi ! tnguag' in thlaetty, *?. I In a a few loienre hour?. w ill devote them in giv la ; le v >n? in 1 -aid lanena *n at hia atndy, of la any part of tue etty ir iM vlrlaltr and. as Mr. live;, hia a bn ? edee ei' the Kngllah laoim r<, and 11 ae |avtnte.| with the cltaailt' viioo. noo.rn< ml or" and lerhi ieal name# ot .i n' ... i i i- ipoloa tlona to ir'a. iudnatry and ciri'Wltnre. Id. a a . a lent praetbe at ttanalat r. will alao make tMoaletieaa * tU r' rnfeva and per. tvialilt. Addrva V> 1 l>ey a'r .t, ?* d< o'k fr> m | not in) Dr'adway. Ilk r t. Fl RLIt'ATItlNd. flARRHUTCRl .it r i nr.! in > \r rt i. m.i\ V.' atreet. N"(. I and ?. of IJniiit u;' a Amirlean Wn?e?iin a I hariiarle Alhnni. la halfmonthly eer'ea of t ur ?o! n.tid [ I ilhotrapl' rar h anuber : ah > lo all ll 1 Cttrti .1 and | Oldlt|o( . f Gelt am an I i'onr'rj fife. I'olitit*, Fa.' l?o., 1 "na.-.lpe. A', fce. I'rlee, o4? Shilling a kumhof. Av-nH | lot the cooktry wanted. 1NIM \ ttt BUKn UOOIM. In Mtutr <>r inn NnnTVtkD irnNKH > >rn*rh Indit Mnhl.or Co., I.. < andoa, IVrd dt ' " . t*h?e A1st- a. aid otbar*."?A trail irm< ponel1 "i lam- I vldual, nlth ? lanyrr'a canning, ehapra en *dtrrtie m 't to i appear na if inroad hy tha abor parti *. fhaa ld*"tnb* I iia'f of " ounnip* r relieve* reap?n?ibin Partiea from I gn<?> ee of litivl. Ti* n I irn? that I infringe Ooo.l/#tt'? 1 pat" at-my grade arc mad* by inr ran pnlintt-o b->jj *?? , Uoedyi ar'a patent. lliejofy at Trenti n.t.rfore J>vlg? lirirr, in the Inltcd Rtataa Court, triumph ntly pn'a the real up-** that *tal> faleahoc'l. One of Ihe l?ene* tried by It" i?fj. ' I oharc f me with ming flo' iyear'a rati nt, and in* rerdlet i i and jadynx at wa? tn my fai or, and tlx r? * *? bnt rw irltl ' I ba?r 1i patent", m. ny ?f erl ieh are p rate I by the eo.-i'oi J I nation; and my anlta aralnet Ooodyear, I 'ed. * ? nark Co., ' I "I nl' n C?.," and othtre, will bo bfenght to trial a? * -n a" j I molt le. All poblPh. d atlaek* aiid llbcli on in' e-ien* J | i tretn Win. Jndeon, asalnet whom I hare "itit-f r II !. Mr ! ((. I df nr? hottf r, ehenpor. and hindaerner t' -in any In the I mnrKt, and I thank the ovtrhi- atlon lof a tv rtlilag Ui?w. llftRA1 Kit. 1) \ V, 2'. f VjrtUiidt ?tn*t, i Mann'ai ttirer of Indtn Rub!, r good*, *uJ aula turner of ! 17 pat" ate tn the rubber hnaiai < (tAi rifiN to tiir n frisiwD I / white mtb?r. a* will a* blank, and other avian, i.?* ' atimpedby Harare If Dny "lieodji it'i I'a'.ent, ' *oe?rdint i to Lla aovenonl in hia fr. -n t.oodyrar, i* an infrltvi' ! mant on Goodyear'* patent*, and at) d< ai> .a In. or purohae | or* of tbeae gooda are aqnolly lia' >|. . ."* trreraaerra up O iodi tr'a MknewUdprd ri a. with H-rftll. U..y I,I o eelf, the toahi r of auch ro,.ds onl a LI be rri feinted no- fd in.tly. All tho India XuM?r 9i ona now n ade by Horn"* H L?#> nr* an infrinyi meat epon Goodyear'* patei t*, and all derWe thir. m re,.h r t:,.r?e ive* ii??l ln a-ircr ? ?. t? Me. (?. od\, *r, tho In tolialf of ih" Ifnyword RopbetOinprny: Newark In din Rnhtir Vanu'netnrire Company; ll C anion. F,-?4 h Ca.I Rhoe Aenoeiatra, and ot. ere. I.'HI It?i?. ot it f ~i iip. m siNn np nr.mrvivr crt rlta, hrtel'ifor* e. nV-ted I r Mr C. II f'laf*. ! > "" ? . . t'on n Ith Mr. J *n II er in on. H 111 h* In fn tnep reertvd o It tl.i nn<lrr*tined, nho ha* p'ir"hi"et| thaeptir. ink r t I ti.e itilf llt'.lat. tn th1 he-ini**. All na'rt Imgaer'nntem i't bo aattlad nith th nn.l -r*l?i. I ? N*v> t ?rlt, Jplyll. lx?l. Jt.A.M J OS FT II I'OMTK. PHUUtij, M) lightL Itftat. VMf*. U WntiC iHaai. I THE FOURTH IN WASHINGTON. I ORATION BY THK HON. DANIEL WEBSTER. The Extension of the Capitol, *C., lie., &o. The Mari-hnl of the District of Colauibia. to whom had I beeu assigned the duty of making the ueces^ary arrangements for lay log the corner rtouo cf the extmisioo of the C?|>>tol. aunouuced the following programme for . the occasion Fiodt Division? L. J. Middleton, Marshal. Marshal uf tin lh.tnc I i Columbia and Aid*. Military fc.oort. Other, of the Army and Navy. Vilitary Officers of the several State, aud Territories. (Miner, aud Soldier, of toe Kov.ilatiou. (.Itinera tod Soldier, of tho Vt'ar of lH|o. BbcOnu Division -I r. Win. II. Mngruder, llar.hal. Civlo Procession. Person, prs.ent at laying of tho eoraer stone of tho Oapitol. In 17UX l'r**iUtiit ok tae i dii'-a in'i urator oi Utt ufty. Hi *c? of Department* CiMntt il<'inborn of fi rmer A J *iini?tr?li'>ns. ComDii'tn ? of I'ullic Building* of too AtiuaU nod llo-iw of heirt: mlat i> e?, A re In to it at Capitol, Cuumuamuer of fuoliu Buildings. Head* of Bureau*. Judge* "f tha Sour we Court of tlve United Status. Judge* of toe United State* Court*. Judge* uf State . ourt*. Diplomatic Corp*. i Chaplain of tlie Hut onugre**. The Kovrremt Clergy of the District. Member* of the 3enute and House of lteprcaeatatt re*. 0'ivtiriior* of Stutes Delegation* from state* ami Territari**. 1 Washington Monument Snuiety. Meuihe a of toe Smithsonian Institution. ili-mI i t* of National Institute. I la Mayor* of the City of W v.nington. The Corporate autlioritle*of Alexandria, Georgetown. Waah- ' iugtnn Member* of the Society of Cincinnati. Tinni> Division?Q. A. Seherarxmaa. Marsha). 1 he Ma?uuio Fraternity. 1 Fourth 1-ivisio.v?Joaeph Lihhey. Marshal. ; Ihe (everal Itiuperunov tirdera aud Soeietio*. 1'ir i h Division?m Thompson, Marah .1. I 11 e tt atulngton Benevolent Soolety. j '11 e Ci rmau Benevolent Society. I.iterary Aaoccialiona, College*, ami School* of the lhatriet i of Ci I mi. hia. i Citiituiisof the several Stale*. C itixena of Washington. i The corner i-toue of the Capitol extension was laid ac- j cording to programme, before a large assemblage. The ? oration was flue. i Tbu President, cabinet, army an.l navy olfloere made \ a splendid turn out. The Preaideut, In the morning. delivered u speerh at the Washington monument, on the i reci ption of a stone from the l'eno-y lrauia Tampcriuiot i Society. ? Annexed is < MR. WEBSTER'S OR AT IO W . < VklcowCirixr.iva I congratulate you?I give you joy ' on the return of thin anniversary, and felicitate yuuaUo ' on tbe more particular purpose of which this evor 1 mi morable day has been chosen to witness the fulAinu nt. Hail !?All hail! I see before aud arouud m<- a mass if face*, all glowing with cheerfuluc** aud patriotic pride. I see thousands of eyes turued towards other eyes, all sparkling with gratification aud delight. This la tbe New World, tbi* is America, and this la Washington, the capital of the United stales. Aud where elsei among the nation*, can the seat of government be surrounded, on any day of any yeax. by thoce who hare more rtasvn to rejoice the blearing* which they enjoy ! TbIs Is tbe auuirert-.vy of Ameriean Independent This bright and brilliant morning witnesses another return of the Lirtlnlav of ? n?lin? an.l >.?? ...tin.. ?( I however recent origin, now among the moot considerable and powerful, spreading over thu continent. from sea to Among the flrrt colonists from Europe to thin part of America there wort* ?unr. doubtless, who saw a groat futurity, but, in gout-rat, their hopes wore timitad to tba enjoyment of a tafe asylum from tyranny, religious and civil. nnd to rc.pc rtable mbeiatenoe by inda try ami toil. A thick roil bid our time* from tboir vision But thr progress of America, however slow, rould not but ut length uwaken g? nlus, and attract the attention of mankind. Iu the early part of the neat century. Bishop Berkeley wrote his well kuowu Torse* on the prurpoct of planting arts nnd Warning in America. Thu last stunaa stems a high poetical inspiration - W . stward the eour.-e of cuipire tak> > its way, The four first acts already past. A tilth shall close the drama with tin- day; Time's noblest oihpriug is the last.'' This extraordinary prophecy may b- eon-idcr?d only as the result of long foresight and uncommon sagacity; of a foresight and sr^aeity stimulated by excited feeliti' and high < ntburia.-tn This clear vl-ion of what America would la come, was not founded on square miles, or on existing numbers, or any vulgar laws of statistics. It was an Intuitive glance into futurity; It was a grand conception, unbracing all time since the creation of the world, sod all regions of which that world is eompo-od; and by judging of the future by Jast analogy with thr past, and the inimitable imagery and beauty with whlrh the thought is expressed, Jellied to the conception itse lf. render it < no of the most striking pa-Mages in our language. On the day of the declaration of in impendence. our illustrious fathers performed thu first act la | llitr drama an act. in real iui porta 11-c inllaitely exceed- i ll*g that for which the great tlngtih pinrt invoked " A nunc of fire, A kingdom for a *t*;.o, prinec* to art, j And Bxriurchr to behold the -welling noeixe." Thi mu-e in-piring our (kilter* *?< the g. uiu? of Uber- i ty. all on tire with the mw of opprvn-inn and a rw-nlu- ' lion to throw H off; the whole wrild wan Uv -tagn, and J higher i hnrarter* th in prince- trod it; aud innlcad of i in. nar.'hn. countries, and nation*, and the age beheld 1 the xwelllng nceoc. II. w well the character* wen' rant | and how well earh perfume r acted hi- part, and' t rnioth n- the whole | arformanea riclt'J, let liintor/n iw ' Pd hereafter tell. At a ruh r<|nent period, but l>of ire t the d< rlarat ion ef Independence, the Bli.hop of it Anrpb o puhlbbid a dl -C'iir-e. in which the following reinai kahi < I a -agon are found ? ' It In difficult for loan to l?*>k into th do-tiny "f fa- f tore mi' the ,l?-'.pu? of l'roridcnca are too w.thl and 1 e< O'plici ti d aB'i our i wu power- are too narrow, to a-1- | nilt of Biarh lati-f o lV'n to onr eurknlty Hut wlen we j ??e n aoy great and powerful rmi-c- nonntantly at work, 1 we d. ui.t of their pi.-lo-iog pmpnrti limbic ? i fleet-. 1 he r.-lnnir* iu V rth America lure n <t only taken 1 to< l and lr<|Uiied strength, but ncm b intoning. with an I c ecU-ia, id prign.- . to melt a powerful Atatc. an ntayiu I tl- ?irr a D> w and important cliaoge In limn in all urn t I'. HI.did fri ll, audi-tir* of the m at Improved and I el liyliti m d part i f the old woild. Ihey receive, ai It < wite ly Inlu ri arre. all the ImproTeni 'Btn and dia 1 ei*.?< tien of tin irui'dher eonr,try : and It happen* f ?rtu- t l.?t. Ij fi r thi m to c. niou r-r in ir fl-iiridmig State. ut a time when th" ho.nan under-landing ha< atlaiuod to thefne lire of it- |e wer*. anil lion learned to not with ?'ti r and reitainty. Thi y nay at. I ihim-ln? nut (lily i fill* ex pi lie ore Mil tudii trj, tut efeii of the rmr- am iiii-iake*. of lormrr diyt. le t It ha couaMirni.f r bov mauy age- a great part of the world appear net to hnte th uglit at all; b w m.uty more, they l,ari bun hurled in forming rytei.i* and conjecture*. | whui itaM.ii ha-Inen h *t In a labyrinth "f < >rd*. and Ihey m ti r- i in io hare nn?p?<teil. on what fMrolou . matter* ' thi Ir irlr.d-wen employed And let It he well what rapid inpawwi im at i. what Important dincorer.e* > hare le?r Bade In a few yean by a I w eountrle*. with j II r < wn at tin Ir In ad. w lib have at I .?.-! di ..ver? d the ligliltmlh' . of i -itig their faeulile- Vaj we no', r A 1 M i ?My ix|ri t.tbat a NKtiitof proTlnrca. panaeoaod of Uii I" i<lruli|,i?. Mil i(?l?flii'4 liy mutual ouiul d ion. mih i?l; tbi- rtnnv n pri ?~r>* "f th-- human uiind. h'Uld Tiry conaldcraMy orbiTR.- I ho tinmUri: i of rrhiior Ih. ?? t n-ntiui tit iIm If ot r whioh they ;.rv in dually tpn oUli'it. muy t* conoid*-rod aa a trov , mm, tit aMmMi of Mnl |MMI<H| tint ilii.ll In r< after htfo?J ample mn'.'.-f for commerce ' alid O'11? luf lutii It And U w Tf Si-rt what a atook 1 ii| Pinal. ilirv int.jr bo H -ouBinliit. il by tho ooti'tint 1 pmanoa it indmtry and oboTral ioD, f? t with fro h ?np- ! llliofuBi Ibo lloi't c iiaturi , 11 -oloti il RomeUmoa by tbwe ha| py ?(? I of rhanr , ahlrb mn-K ill the pontic ' i u.T' mil ami Mi?irti<Mt by ibo mprrtor harartara ' ililcl i.rlto 11 oi Dully to Inotiuot an I ru'dgblou tbo 1 w?i!il It lo diftlotilt itvh to Imi^noto whit hriyht of ' ii]-. >.? it .11 MriM M|I .tor-d. Anil, por- 1 hrpa th-/ Biay r. ako a* conalilorahU iUT..ur?a in thoarta ifcltfl RnTonrtiM-nt and tho conduct oflifo. Wo hatro naron to bo proud. and en n j. al'ua, id an xnnUont r. i tiiut'.. n; but IhOfo equitable priori,>|no i>n whloh It ?i f Tim d. an i i|ual n pro nlutlin. (Um boot di>c i?ery of p* lit.mi wtr bti ) an l a Juid and eoinm diont dtotrtI niton <4 pone. unieb, with uo. tbo price of rlTU*nr? ami tbo rtwrrd nf the rlrtuaa au I tulTriloft 14 < ur aneoet(t? di rctnd to tl > tn no a natural lahwt laero. without t< U or |aln.' Hut mutt Ihey ro?t here no hi ibo?iit??'.?t tlTirtof human Renin*? CanehnUCo nt d tinuMha wi dim ami tbi iti?t1 nee of public mm i it to hew ropii dy aiia'.net the orU* thi lf tko and mr.hitKB nri' perpetually apt to ean?< ? May ihey ii * . Iiopt Bill, ut pn -unit I'ou t< pr?. rro afr.wtt.r alfnr i I bty mil ] U' Ic rttridlon than *' hate d.oe? our i it ran bardly l.a| ] an to t)iom, an il hn? ti u?, thai wlieti j ( H i', '., nb bo?' undotoi d iitnl rendered oe.?i pun' nud | tetnvnl oli ulH Ve I' prioitoUm wlt?ti j ^ Brory r.ior to lilbra and yCDCtUD 1 an I all In , , in- at lirrtr.o tno?t tad'ffi-n-tit t' It. Hay tl.oy ; r.i t jv?tl| iy I ! tooro an.o. .s(ul thin tin* ' mother o. i.Bti) L.i born. In proo-inn, 'it mr. rouoo and oiilt i n'y Dlih tl It itnt t tbo loa? - to tb i who ritako. | and t?. thi-if who t Mo nt' then ' Hoy a Bvthml lo . II H Lttd I f tin tltlr; -nir. I'd. rabli ban of the 0"m ' nil o| ufoto Ihma Infii'i-r iHiful .u.K- >4 mon. tj 1 I i iin!n try ?c ari udtblHl foclh" Mb 4" ' Timo oi <11 l-i i|:<i . L.oy ilitr ii r . omo n ui? lo oorrcrt lit* ! . ... I, . i i.,' .,li,ii uif r i ilHI' ti lolwii ii ih ri Ii an 1 | i| . | r no dai ii"?? in 11 Inm-oiuo n i l h i |.lrr'< , nli.iii ll.i) may lortDi.aliiy I- l> d. by hnh.t and i I III I.. (lull- I ... Il at 1'ITn.y abi'b li o. ! I I;-r 1 wllh ii- lilt 111. CI.'O) aii'i.t if Dr. ,,1 b 'II. y i.iif luii. | IIIllo Muh tor that roa?n>? ! rry if iiuiit- j niiato Dblrh la pur umI In tbu r uniiy wttbout I ybaiufo, carrtlir, or iDnloymoDt, and. j->iba^< a|tvi 1 trying w?w of our follies ?uj caprice*. tail rejootlag Iba rrsl. ihrj may b? b d. by mm>ii ,tn<| experiment. bo that old simplicity which wae Br-t piloted out by aatan.aaj bar produced those model* whWh we -t'11 aduiiro ta trta, rlr'jw nee. and unmfer* The oiverstty of new soeMtf aid rituttious which ao many gmwlug dtate* muit wcrssaiUy past through may introduce clung.-* In tbO fluctuating and manners of men. which ire om& foiui no conception nf ; ami not only the grar.i >ue fir p? ritiou of I'rt ruli uce. but tne timM- preparation of caiun s. areine to tnd'naW etroug leudeucies t?war.feg| (idi ml improvement " Ftllow-Citliem ?Ou ttao Fourth of July, 1T74, the rw* preset]tntivee of the United ft?ie* of Anarriota, toOon* gte.* us>embk-d declared that theae United Cokmiaa *ft| a> d of right ought to be. free and imb-peudent This declaration, made by ou st patriotic ami laaulut# men. trusting In the justice of their cauao and the pnja tritlmof rrorldenoe? and yet uot without deep noUefe tude and anility? ha* now a'.ocd for seventy-tlra y?ar% and stilt stands. It wua sealed lu blood. It taa met danger* and orarcoui" them; It haa had eneinion^ and it baa conquered them; It haa had detrwotonQ and it baa abashed tbem all; It haa had dkibtln<g friends, but it haa cleared all doubta away; aa# now. to dav. raising its august fjna higher Sham the clouds. twenty millions of people oontemptata with ha.towed lo?e. and the world heboid it, us<9 th> conr?<iueDccs which have followed, witb profound admiration. This anniverssry auiuiates. and gUdtenftj and unltea. all American hearts On other days of tho year we may be party men, indulging in aontroveniea more or leer important to the pulilie good ; we may have litea and dislikes arm we may maintain our putitiuw] diffi reuces often with wurut. and sometimes witb angry r?elirj?. But to-day we are Americans, all and oil, n< thing tut Aui* rieens As the great luminary overoun brads. dl->iptating mint* and fogs elieera the whole herniapi ere, to do the associations eounecied with thin day dispeise all cloudy and sullen weather and all nualouj nhulutions in the mind* and feelingN of true Amerioau*. Kerry mau'* heart swells within him?erery non e p< rt and bearing become somewhat more proo-i ami lOfty. as be remembers that *? venty-tiee years kirg rolled away, and that the great inheritance of liberty Ia (till bis ; bis undiminished and untm|aired ; hie, In di ,?h original glory; hU to enjoy, bis to protact, and his to a ao-mit to future geneialious. Fellow ciliaeni :?In set nheritance is not only an inherit>noe of liberty, hut >4T ?ur own p< culiar American liberty Liberty bin existed n other tints, in other countries, and in other form*, rbere has been Grecian liberty, bold and powerful, full uC ipirit e'oi|uenre and tire; a liberty wbicli produoed unlit ndts of great men. and has transmitted one immortal line, the name of Demosthenes, to posterity. Bat still it; as a liberty of diseonuected Slab s, sometimes urn Ual, ndcrd. by temporary leagues and eonfedara-dea, butt (ftsn involved in wars between themselves. The -word >f Sparta tnrued Ita sharpest edge against Athena, nslaved her, and devastated Oreeoe, and* n her turn. Spuria waa compelled to bend >efcrr tba power of Thebca And let It ever be remain>ered?i specially let the truth sink deeply Into all Atmrtan minds'?t hat it was the want of unlisu vmong the ?? real Hfates. which Dually gave the mastery of ail t}ra>-o9 o Philip of Mucedon. And there bos. ahto. been a Ko> can liberty, a proud, ambitious, domineeriug spirit, pro cssing free and popular principle*. In Komu itself, but, Ytti in the best day < of tin* republic. ready to oarry slavo y and cbniDM into her province*. ana through every sountry. over which her e?gle* could be borne. Who ever icard of liberty in PpuiH, or (luul, or <iermaoy? >r Riitain, in the bays of Rome f There *w? lono mch. Ah the Kountn empire declined, her pi ovlncc*. not instructed lu the principles of free, popular gov. rnni-tit one after another, declined also; mil w het Home her-e|f fell, in the end all fell together. 1 have raid, get tlemeu. that our inheritance ih an in ? ritanee ?,( American liberty That liberty Is obaraeterHtic. pi ruliar. and a together our own. Nothing like ih dinted iii former time*, while with ut its principle* late here not interwoven iuto the minds of iudiri.tual nen. coiim rfed with our daily op'uious and our dally labit*. until it in it I muy ao urn*, au element of social. a* reli as of |K>litical lite audi be eouseijuencei*, that towhatver region an American citizen cartiea him-etf ne tak-sS llli him fully devetn|>rd iu hie own understanding, our mi rieun principle* and opinion*, and becomes ready t ot ce. in co-operation with other*, to apply them U> lie formation of new governments. Ot thia, a moat w >u rful instance may bo >een iu the bielory of the f California. Un a former occasion, I hare renin d to renark. that "it i* very difficult to aatabtisls fn e mnret vat-tve government for the ss|u*l advancement f all the internet* of eoeiety v\ bat has Germany done?? aitud tiermany, full.r of anrtauv loie than ail th?r u.rld beside* ' What lias Italy done? What have they one who dwell on the spot where Cicero aud Justinian iitd? They have not the power of lelf.g rrwrument, ^ hicb a conim-m town meeting with u* po-seneca. Vw, my. that those person* who liuve gone from our town netting*, to dig gold in California, are more at to tutk'j r< publican goverMuent '.ban any body uf men in Ovrnany or Italy, beeause they hnve learn.d this one ilfou?that there ia no security without law, and that, iLdertlie circumstance- inwhicQ they are places!, w ler.t here is no military authority to cut thslr ihrua'-s. then* i uo#< i> reigu will" bill the will of the majority, thabtberenre. if they remain, tbey must -ubmit to thai will " Ami Li* 1 txluve to be strietly true Now, f llow-oiileus. If your patience will hold out. 1 will Ventura, crura froMMIVK lo the mum appropriate dutlea of taa lux . to Mala. in a frw word*. what I lake there American Mlitical priori plea In *uh*ianrt: to be Th.y coaatat. a* t Link, in ibe tirat place. In Uiu catahliahineut of popular ;oveimnei>tt by an equal representation, for it Ik plain bat a pure democracy. like that wbicn exl-ied in *<>tnw >(tbe Mate* of fireece. in wblrb every individual bait i dirirt vote in the enactment "t nil laa*. cannot poo-k>ly i \i?t in a country of aide extent. This principle uf ><>|u)ar nprraentatlrn. prevailing either in all th.? .uncle* of government* or la-onie of ihem. ba*exUt*4 u there Mate* altnnet fp m tbe d y? of the neltlument at k'otklown ?nd Plymouth . bne-uw. 1. no doubt.from tba xatuple of tbe popu ar branch of U Brulnb Legistaure. The representation of the peopl* in the llntk'ht llou<n of Ct miii?D? wbh originally very aiie>|n?l. Indeid. it may be doubted. whether the appearItre of kbighta aud burg.**** a**einbling ou th* un.uion* of the crown, vu* uot rather intendcj it first nx en as>i?taice and support to the royal prerogaiive, In m. tter* of revenue and taxation rather tban ad i nud< of a?t? rtaitiiDft popular opinion. Neverihelc.**, epn irritation had a popular ori|tiu. and I* savored mor? iad more of tbe rbaracltr of that origin an it acquired, iy >lo* degree*, greater ami floater Nlrcng h tu Uie aeual tfoveinnu lit of lha c-umry It wa*. lu f?M. a Airtn f n presentation, however. unequal, u it inhere v?n i lint. d. and majoriUca prevailed; and wh*n our anoe*. Ol*. aetll.K upon till* e J ample lui reduced more e<|uality f r?presentation, tha idea acutued a tnom rational anil list it et abapv. AX any rale, iliu manner n| ?it renting opuiar power waa familiar to our father*, a ben they tlihd on Ible continent. Th.y adopUal it. ami ent rails n ba* ri??u up after generation. all aoitowh dging It. aud becoming ae |t?t luted with iui i art lie and II* fcrm* And the next fnulamuotal rinciple lu our lydm ka. that lite will of tbe m.ij inly, tiitly expn*sed thr? ugh tta. mean* of repre?eIllation, haII have tbe A ire of law ; aud it I* '|ultc . tliat, n a roualiy without throne*, or rtriatocraclea. or privi yriirnMwor <-1 I'M", men ran r>. u > other l<>uii<J lUoia r iaw to aland up?Oj mil ;i* the D< r?wrj rvult of hi*, the third eh tin n) I" that the la? i- the -m>n ine ruUa 'tribe jroreretoent if all Thi' (neat urniluient uf Al II ur, " |i auliluli) pr*?ente,| t? u< by Sir William Jonea, abrMutely inn*, emit I* to tb* ooua tru'lion audiBiiii ?.ai e* it our pi lit ire I lyrtim* H t at fiwlllatrra Male ! hot b'ttb ral*'d lattb mcata or )at<ov'd imon l ll'ii k ?-il ?r m ?! it pilr ; Nut rltin prvnid. wuh *pin? ami turrtli cream'd; f i taj* ami 'irnad arm a porta, IV ti. laughing at Ihr -t"roi. ritb narioa rile ; hi t M.rr'u ami puiorled court*, ft bar* low brow 'it tw-irnra* waft.* perfume It prwja. Jto- nu n. hlph minded men. W iib pi wtn-a* f*i abo*e dull brutes andu-d, In ! n it. brake, ?r den, A - l? a -1 xn I mid rack a and hramhlea rnda j Mi ii aim ihi ir liuiir* know? I lit kl.oW their right*. and Knowing, <t*r ma ml on ; I'll villi tin- long B'tu'il Mow, Andrmli tbi tyrant while they r>md lb- chain There oil* tit late a ?late ; Ai d ri'teii'lgn l,aw. tbut Mate'* tdketed will, O'i r and gh'bca elate Alia iripri *, crowning g? d?reprecing ill ' And. tinally. another Moat important part ef the groat atiflo d American ithirty I*. thai there ?ball be written tftutioiiw. founded on the iunnidtUe authority of I i neople tIn ni.ii lei a. and regulating ami nwlralulng ill tin |'? wrer* conferred upon goacrumcnf, whether le:i*!ot!v ' Xi' iitiTf. or judiciary. Tnla. fellow emaana, L up) ?e to be a ju?t umtiiary of o?r \m? rioaii prtnrlplea; and I have, on tbla occasion. nought to eapraM Ib'ui in tbe plainer!, and In the fcwaM word*. The *aimmaiy mi y m I b" entirely eiart hnt I Imp* It may tax iliAeh tit ly ?o lo mat e uianiteat to tb* rt iu/ ^wmmUon tin, I f ourm lira, and to tho*e*l.a where. who may chewn to Ir-i nre tnto the nature of our pottltoal meutulmn*, 1.4 l)i- p. noral th. . ry ii| on which they aru r.united. And I how proceed W adl that the "troog an I iWp f.ttWd r< miction of ail intelligent pavaatiu amnng?t on la. that in cid< r toaupport a oa ful and wIm. guv eminent open the* popular principle* the general education of tto pooj |e, and the aide dill union of pur., morality an 1 tru. r? Ugn n aie Independable Indietdual virtue la a pall of | ill.lie tirlue. It la difficult to eonceive bow iherit can n ina.ii morality In Ihe g< ? eminent wh*n It alrntl era .. to i *M among the people- or how the aggregate rflli. polth al it rtiiutk ii*. all the organ* of wb..heon let Of ly of mm ahonl t be wire. and heneft. .-nt, anil r<ni;>itiM to ln?plre amftdenee, If the ?pp.->itei litiMt oa belong lo tkoaa Indlrldnala who eon.titut" I I.I aw tiKila, ami make up that aggregate A rvl li? fi How eitirena. 1 take leave of thla part of II o I'titj al.ich I propoar.l to pot form; and one . 1 < .lain ? j * at d bijn H that our e yea hare cecn thw li? bt .t tin. bit".I to..riling, in I that our .an ht?.< h. ?rd l.r el., utr altlt alilcb p yuria lh"U>aiol" wele-ono Itarrtnm. nod joining Willi y< u In the hope th* . ee.-ry nr. it i p >t at bn.l rt new Hiore r.)ol.'ing? to the *nd .if tii e I pi...?d to nddrcaa yon eh irtly upon the partiei liritriilili.fldr a-?etnt>..Ug b-rc to-day It lion cllioti. ; Hy three* uf Congre-a, of Wth Vpt< II I >r 1 halt. Mutidvl wna made for i he e*tan-Ion of the < epili I. 8. e. idtrg to Mich plon ae might he appwired by lli I ii .0. nt < I iha I nited elatec. and the it hi* |o t e . ipointed tinier hi" o r. .o|oti. by i?.'h arahit?rt a* be m* htapp. nl I hi-m? *?.ir? wn? Imp-retlra. ly d. nit .4 lor lie ?-> > f the leel-PUffr" and jldlotacr i.< | at no. lilt Itt-ra ri? ?. an J the orea" timet we "IVhu ticllt h ot ll.e I hb f fi' cnMte Mag' traie, anl "th-.r il,.r|c. h. not e,f Tongr. aa. In. umng a l ug- "ip ndlluie. 1.n? general approbation from the jufla lbt I'rv.idmt ha* prm-ided t? eaeaute titty

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