Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1851 Page 1
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f 1 TII WHOLE NO. 6833. _ FIBAWCIAX.. 3^ MIGRANT INDUSTRIAL SAVINGS II INK, 81 VJ Chambers street ? July Bemi Annual Interee'..?Depositors are Iwreby notified that the Trustees have direoted nterest to i-e paid out of the earned profits of the Hank at the rat? of 6 per oent upon all sums dep isited exceudin $'< and ti per cert upon all sums leva than $-V00. The iutereat payable on and after the third Monday of this month; and if ..lot called for, n ill be added to the principal, and draw interest accordingly. The Bank ia open daily from S to 7 o'clock. P. M. By order of t he Hoard, July .I, KM. GREGORY DII.LON, President. ?ANK OR SALISBURY.?NOTES OR THE BANK OR I* Saliabury, Maryland, redeemed at one per oent diaCvunt, by E. HOUGHTON, 63 William atreet. l^kCEAN BANK OR THE CITY OR NEW YORK.-THE B ' dirvctore have declared a aemi-annual dividend of five THT cant, payable on and after the lUth inat. The transfer gxoka will be cloaed until that day. lit order of the Board, New York, July 1, ltv',1. J. S. GIBBONS, Caahicr. <2? 1 *) nnn TO loan. in one or two SUMS, FOR '5> A U)WO three ycara, at six per cant iutereat; alao Ir-J.UM) and bl.fillU. Wanted, S12 tkRt for ttvey*ara, at aix per cent intareat, on valuulde city property. Alao, $1,000 - or live years at n ven per oent intareat. RODERICK LA WREN t'E, dfe Wall atreet, basement. H 1 O |W) T() SJO.OtM WANTED-ON REAL ESTATE (J> IWiWv security, of the very beat kind. Any parson hating money to loan may hear of an opportunity to .cake a very eureand profitable iuvuatinent, by calling on A. 8. EASTON, 117 John atreet. New York. T)AHI8 BANKERS.?THE SUBSCRIBERS, AGENTS J for tbe banking house of Mcaaers. AlliuiSi Grand, It Rue do Trev laa, Paris, will open credits upon them for parties importing goods from Erance, Germany, and Switxerland. Also, fcr travellers going to the Continent and to England. For terms apply to C. E. HABIOIIT fc CO., 9d Wall atreet. addressee ot manuiaciurer* mrougooui switzeriana, r ran* ?, and'Clerinun v can be fmiiilu d. FLORENCE ENGLISH HANK AND EXCHANGE AND A|ipi)f CMkjli No* 4JU8 Md 4,SM, \ia Kondinelli. PiasSl IieUoo.?Mr. J. d BROWN maMbii is to cash bills, letters >i credit, circular Hoi##, tec., at 111 *. highest rated of cxihangt, without any MMilMOB or charge whatever. llii il??ral mode of buMAMfl i well IBOVB to BClS of tin* Am-rilam wha visit El orcnca, and who axpariaaea agraat Bavltf <3 cashing their hills through him. Air Brown undertakes Ho the pvrobaas and ihipMBl of paintings and works of rt, for Which bis pOliMOB dVN hi in facilities. The wj |( *d To* Warohoiso li Bill door SO the Haok. The New . i flora Id .in be s.o n at hid < tti?e. IX7ILXINGTON AND MANCHESTER RAILROAD? f 00?j(kOOUsOYOn per cent Mortgage Bonds.?Sealed proosals a ill be received hy thu subscribers until Thursday, he li'th day of July for three hundred IhOBMld dolars of the first and nlj Mortgage Bonds of the Wilmington nd Manchester Railroad CmflBJ, bearing interest at the ate of seven Mf cent W annum, firlinipal aid islstnl fj rafthlt in the city of New Vork ; the principal on the lat unc, ltfwi. The Bonds are in sums of 01,000 each, with coupons payale at the Merchants' Hank, New York, ou the 1st December nd 1st June in each year, convertible into the capital stock fthe company, at Mm option of Iki hotdoria They are ililld under acts oi the Legislatures of North nd South Carolina, secured by a Mortgage, or Dood of Trust, ) Edward Sandford, L- k , of New York, in trust tor the olden Of the Honda. The Heed of Trust covers the entire line of the road conleted and to be completed from V\ ilinii* gton, in N. C., to lanchesttr, ll S. C\, a distance ol MB BUM, costing, when mptotod with a be vvy T rail ndogwippod, ll,IOO^(li. The itraordinsry adapt* dness of the country to the construction [ a railway MMlBti for this lowMlt The Trustee if MBpOWIIldf It case of 01 days' default in lymeiit of principal Of interest, to take possession of the Hire line ol road, with its equipments, stations, income, ai.ohise. Ac . the OMM to sell, at his dlsofiUoB# So the kheeS einler for cash. U pay arrears of prist pal or interest. T o whole ameunt* f b*?nds authorized to be issued by vote llM stockholders, at a meeting called for that pifjlM It pril last, and an order <?f the MiilfOtd Hoard, is $d00,000^ ? raise means to pay She residue of the iron rails and e<{\iiponta, otlj IliOAW of w hit h are tow < fftred for sale. The Company will owe no other debt when the road is comuted. Thil road will prove sn important link itShtgttSthtit ri. 1 roads from Boston, New Y??rk, an<l Philadelphia, to ew Orlaaaa,ooBBttSitg tS WtitUtgSot with sht kUitith id WUtUsgSot Railway, now in tttttttftl operation. at ttthttligf with Sh> trsil IttSh Carolina Miilreat leadlag in Charleaiot, it the direction of Montgomery, Alabama, ? in tiie receipt of mat a million ..t dollars annually from s business; will tTtldShe present dlligfttlhlt sea vo?age m Wilvmnetxi to Charleston, shorten the travel to New rieans one day's ti?c, facilitate the mails, aud will bring ? S<>uth in more immediate aud direot communication with io North. The position of this road, its connections North and South, s tttf grsdes, (none over thirty fttS St the mile,) freedom Ml i urves, and cheap coniSractiet, is such as to put it be>iid the competition of any other lino of road, for the imllhliltlTtl bstwoot Sht Ktrth ltd New Orleans. Tin greater part el this road Srartfttt Sht MttS populous kd 1< rtile portions *<t South Card in a, tftdteitg cotton, rn, ib v., in great abundance. Its local business alone will IppOfS it handsomely. ] ' n/*us ol ItfiU atowa that the di-trict of oonntry which ill he trihutar) to this r< ad. aud d?peadaut on it for trans. ;iio n to market, prodw adit lddPaavaatj thousand bales cotton, of an average weight each <?t |A0 lbs. '1 he Company has one million of available stock subribed. most of w hi* b bat been paid la atd applied St tta* ru< tion. to mhi? h < an ?>* added, st any Ums. at the opSftot the Company. SWHMM subscribed Ly Shi Stale oi North areliBA ??n certain eotditiott. it .. .. ( mix! that the net annual profits will reach 12 r t--tit per Tutitim. Atout hbc half of Hi* entire line h ua boon graded anil hridre-l, it irote tn being in the cour,* of delivery. and will be ml) fur the iron mi'* immediately. Tl e eatiro line i? under contract fur grading and bridging id iu * forward elate toward ooni|>lelion. SMithoueand two humlred lone ir-n roil*, T pattern, hn i en pure l.eeed and are in ine court* ?l unlivery. About tiUii.iXw ha* already hern open-led in vouitrutkln, ludmg payment for the rail* purche-ed It la eapei ted that abont ""roller from Manehoeter Kaat ill be completed and in i poratiou in the fall of I la* year, id the entire line to Vt ilimngton early neat year. 'IT* management of thir Road ia in highly rest* - table and mpetent l.anda. N? ? rk in the Mouth undertaken or proI ted meet* with more piiblu- favor than thia. lor further and more particular information we refer to a luted Kaliil-it" ait ine full detail* of the road and ita at :r?. whirh rontaiua a Map of the line *itli It, mauy coun tioBi. eople* of the lh n ind JJortga ?, opinion of CoitaI. Itr., prepared by lien W U llarilee. I'r -nident of tha a.pan \, a hit h may be ol.lainod on application at the aflloa tli* Company, at VlTlnunaton, N. C.. r of the nn-ter[Urd, by mail or other*lm, with nny other inforuiatioa aired. * e deem the aeenrity a deairnbl* on*. The State* of North id Sootl- Carolina, and tin- > ariotia ocirp ration! chartarod It am their limiU. which hero hean borrower* of money, ite ut ti rmly and, under the moat adtera* oircumatanee*, or. ptly met their p---uuiary en..iv*ui-nl- I'ul-lio aentieot in thoer State, haa aim aye taken high yr- und in rord to ptrui tnal fulfilment of public aadprirnt* pweuuinry -ligation*. The Jetmi.t**' nill be di-i- aed of abaolntely and without rerve to the higher! bidder. ? aled propoanla, f--r any amount not l??? than $l,i??i will re.-rii ed at tit* office of the undmaiguod until S o'clock on e |Uth of July pruaimii. I'rop. enle to he r,. d to WtKMI.OW, I.ANIKR (k CO.. Wall elreet. New V- rk, eudorand " ITopoaala for W. and nirheeter Railroad Honda." I'artlea whine bide era *'''?pled will be r-oiulred to pay enly per I ent upon the amount aw arde-l to t'u-in upon hoo ..-ilAoJ ' n, ool.tnr,. a ,,f Kirfa an I till* PUIlilin i in mnnl imnunU < n the liret daye of September, Oelohtf, o?t mb< r nnJ !> ,mher !) ?t. party will be nt liber to nay it full at nice it Availed. Internet will eemmenoe m the day of I vyio.-nt. INAI.OW, I.ANIER It CO.. 42 Wall etreet. HOMBSTBADa. T|1F. MEW VILLAOB OF ATKATTONPORT ? SITUnted within m mile* of the t'tty llall. eppnelte llarlem, 'h> Plnel ing llay. toi.'Oi lor itn wild i.wl. ptkr and n I jr I. * 11 a mil.- fr m I'lti. long, toe , rlt the foliage lot. The above heenliful building alte ba*ina bem curved and laid out into Af?l |nte (Ml by PIO feet) about one ..uth. einte whii h time there hate be n ai t half the lote ponrd I. Thry are ch< ?? Iron all parte, and oon?n eatly there la etill a rood rholee. at all parte, W be diaaed of, and at the unlrr-mantionrd prioee ? I late above or eaet of Lafayette etroet I 74 It.,, brtweeu Lafayette and lllgh at rti .. to. do. High etreet and Amelia 121 jo,. da. Ami llu etreet and College avenue IX Jio. on C? Urge avenue and the Itay 1*1 i nter Iota will be invariably eold at an advance of f IS r 11 Iidjoit my lot.. I he etreeta and trenwa are now being gr?d?d. in Kaeuraton will be made every Sunday until furthtaoe. TlebeU tan he obtained of Mr. Flaiamer. rti< cenditi'ina <f rile no $-" a?h at the time of nor tee. and the balant e in monthly inetalm nte of (10 Thie . r?rty enmpri?ee the handaomrat watey privilege*, of a half te in ea tent, embracing unparalleled proipecta of th- Beat -r. village of Flaehing, Newtown ehore, Riner'e Inland r-onr in 11 rt, d and th.1 novel ?pn nclenfth Pelt dr K < he and Cutnhtll Monntnineto Weet Point; neeeeeihle ?t-r?I timrt n it), hot) by Innd and wet.r. I r map*, and . rv information relating lbr-< apply at Mm nffli of J. FLaMMER, as Woontef etreet, two doom front Amity. H The Amite etreit >ta?ee paee by tan dovr nvery Set nn'.ce during the dny. I.IAfct OK*. \ALLI MORB'8 OLD BTOHR IS STII.I. ON HAND AT " lea ll< net.,a atri't. corner of Hu<herry. Bvarvbodj we thr etend nml lt? t elehrity for n *o-d glnee. The pn na may d-iind on niy Alee, Porter. *o I have madt raagrtnmta for a very large enpply for 'he nomine eeaeoa ep.g tltilly vonra, AM BROSB DAl.l.lSdKB. 'O IMPORTERA AND DIALERS IS ?;fV TIIBMB at rtber bege leave to Inform the trade, tnnt he r.iatiaara erel'f erB to forverd to hit honer in Rotterdam, nrdert the direct in it rtvtior into any p rt f ill I'mt V it,,-, d Panada, nf W"lfi> . Anna Lin. II" lite, in r u?t Ih hie hetjther, Imported rince the rear I- I. the nh ,T? -nd of gin. eti well tnown to the whole trade of the United t . It t .it hi. I, lln< or end enf? ri tr i|iialilv Now landing a, 1 :t 11 In. o-rt Ir,., Kn-t.-rdim, * P eSeanfll. ..tale from whart fv I liOI.PIK) WJI.FK. U it. verr et .It advertlevment of Mre-re. Aclitu hnrdt Ik (Jet,l,?rd, wht h I i tretl in enteral of the morning pt| rt of y -t. rd vv if i 'in 11 .ii ?k i in lit a- b) ' i' ii 'ii' iff '""'i r? 1.4b) III. oonrt. VDOLPUO WOLPE Srif'F. Tit IMroRTKIMor OIN TH? AI I'IKIOR >?rt of tlw Atata nf Naw Vork liavina urn n '? I n. an n'irtii f'.tn.n.i I irti. 'r m In pirtln*. t-llior "r *1 .rtlaj lay Gin nltli tradornark of a "awan. ' >r talilna i,y ) v'iitl.rff ft* *n<1 i >r ' "win Oin ml.-ill l > |.| nir"l rimi, .iti'fiv ?n i ion all mjur'T' ( nod d?alara in tin. nt t" In I r jay (in with tin Swan Brand. n alnr ta> anil anjr Oln ! ami for "Swan llln,' itnlaaa It ha pr . iir< " n?, aa tlo Will "ft. TWi.r Mkka thrinaalvra II all I * a di 11*aa and an a< nun at l.yw Allllt i llARTIT !k CiFIIIIARO. I Mil \ KCBBRH UOODH. pAlWiS TO TMK 1*1 III IC. AT,I, \ I'1,0 A N 17.11) 1/ ?.? rnlVf, r- wll i" Mai . ao l ii*-ar ..lorn nut ktantpil ) llorai-r II I'njr, "Ii nit y. .r'a I'at 11, u ..r Imj .. hi- ir nam in I i. 11 ii- fr-'ii yir a an Infria t? a. nt odyar'a | it"kti*. and all danlrra in. or pun im r. "f >? c'"?H< .! a i'iallj liaiila, at tr ?paa <t? up n odjrn a arkp. " I'ol '( r ' ta, n I* llorao" II. Day I <m ..If, {lit %V. r - f am li roniiJ and "III j , .nrn'.ad ra rait l.aa alii'i."' f r- in (iiodt i ir to ina kr ai..?-..) r, (a I>( aid a I * an all art t--|. .? Yj 1 > i o ? tar.fl ? ii'i' c r^-nta pnr yard, an" 'I t" ahnu' tw i milla .| n >|. ! at I 'np irt" I . t? w Ml. t l? I.JT lii"i?"lf I ' arj.-a 1 n a" I r j atr |. f 11..' n?.. ? ?.n? I V a iff da I- a g t . tK i-'l r- I' I It. 'O A11 t I IW I' a ' ' ' " . ? II I > > an o Irw"""' Ffn Onndy??r a patmta, and a'l daalara thar?m "drrtlaalvaa llalila In daiaagaa b* Mr (iuoiiyiar, taa . ..pirn la hrhaf tha Mar*arI RnhVr Cn.; Mmata I. R. Cn; t i.Jrord M and ntltcra. I ' E NE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IMPORTANT LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. FINAL PASSAGE OF THE CANAL BILL, Large Number of Bills Acted On. Items from All Sections of the Country. E W YORK LEOI8I.ATDRE. (SPECIAL 8ESSION. V BAIN'S LINE, OFFICE 20 WALL STREET. uuU. Ai bant, July 9,1851. daouerreotvee l linuim ok senatohs. A petition whs presented by J. K. Oavet, asking the Senate to purchase the daguerreotype likenesses of the Senators. It was referred to the Committee on Retrenchment. assessments ix new york. Mr. Cross reported adverse to the bill to regulate the aasessn. nts for lecal improvements In the city of New Voik, and to grant the necessary power therefor to the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the city of New York. The Senate agreed to the report. medical. inhuirv and instrvction. Mr Rohinson reported on, and asked to be discharged ahhaj. vut> 1/1 ii tv puuiuir UltUii-ai lUtjUlI / UUU 1 IlttlX UC11UU. COIYTr.STKU NT. AT. On motion of Mr. Cook the following resolution was adopti d:? , Kesolved, That in the opinion of this Senate, the elector* of i the T?rnty-hlth Senatorial district, in petitioning that Joaiah 11. U'illium* may !,e admitted to a seat in thie body, exeri i'ed an inherent right wl icli belongs to every eleotnr in thie State; and that the Committee on Privilege* and fcleotion* have jurisdiction to inquire whether Joeiali It. William# or Heary It. Stanton is legally elected to repreeeut the 'iwenty-hfth Senatorial district. hills hffortkd. Mr Moioia reported the bill to promote instruction In the uiedical colleges and literery institutions of the State, and making an appropriation therefor, from the United States Dt posit Fund revenues. This bill appropriates (5.000 each to the Ilochester and Genesee, and i (1 OCOeach to five medical college!. The remainiug (17,- | CtH? is to be divided by the Kcge.its among all the colleges j in the State, except Union and Columbiu. according to the number of students in them. In the same way as to j academics. Ordered to a third reading. Mr Williams reported the hiil amending the law relative to the Police and Justices' Courts in New York city Ordered toa third reading. Mr. Joiissun reported complete the bill incorporating tie l nion Steam Vessel Company Mr. MoariA.% reported the bill allowing the Merchants' ' Fxchange Company in New York to redeem it* capital stock and borrow money. Ordered to a third reading. j Mr lhvHT reported the hill authorizing the I'lattsburg and House's Point Kailroad Company to build a draw- j , bridge over Iiig Chazy river, l'asoed to a third reading hill* rxsacn. The bill to abolifh all tolls on railroads, was passed, by " ayes -- i ays 0? all the New York Senator* voting in lue 1 affiimative. The bill providing for paying back the money paid by c merchants of New York, under protest, to the Mariners' Fund 1 To divide the Sixteenth ward of New York, and to create the Twentieth ward. | 0 The bill appropriating (15.000 a year, for two years, for the support of the New York Volunteers. The College Appropriation bill reported by Mr. Morgan. 1 Mr. Bei KM** move l to re-commit, so as to except from the operation of the bill the Central College at * McOrawville. He held a report in his hand of that college which took ground to opposition to the prejudices, 1 as they termed them, against the common intermingling 1 of the sexes. He contended that those prejudices should I be done away with. He read from the rep >rt. Mr. Cxsaoi i. iaid the report refernd only to educv . tion It contended only that woman was possessed of ' intellect, as well as man?that was all right Mr lls.r.KMAV read on. The report contended for no distinction between the colors. He hoped the Senate ' would consider well before they gave aid to ruuh an in- t Slllutiou. At this college, the iwoatxe* recited together. He protested aguiust that. In New York this was not j allowed ' Mr. C*shnLi. heard nothing from the extracts showing that the grounds taken, that they attempted to do away ( with the distinction of the sexes, was theirs. He hoped < the Senator would withdraw his motion. Mr DiitMix ?No. sir! Mr. Dimxiii a ssid if it was possible in Now York city to keep tbe sexes distinct, be had yet to learn it. 1 (Laughter.) As to the Central College, Mr 1' said he had at*<d authority for saying that this Institution was well aud ably rouducted ' Ilia authority ta? Mr Woolworth the well known, capable and efficient principal of the Homer Acad<uy, which wa? eituated throe mile* j from t hi* c< liege lie ({arc him (Mr I) ) to understand that it aaa an inrtilution well worthy of imitation, eo far oa it? character for faithful inatruction wuMb ceroid Mr I> did not look at the color, but at the j < ha racier, of the atudeiit. The queetion wa? taken and the motion waa lout by a rote of 5 to IN. Ma>r? llabcock. lleekintn, Bi'andrewh. Crollua and Curl n< voting in the affirmative. nrci'Titc ninoa. The Penile went into Kicculive aeaalon. and the following IMOWIkllll were mode: Knlaiii i Cut-tic in ATric I ark City ?Jeremiah Dtdje, Jr., ' John II. M'hlte. Ihoniai htewarl. Nichnlaa 11 air lit. tJeary i W. Glutt, J Minefield lliiici, Chi*. C. Nott, Kdward r. ' Iietaaeey, licrtre M. Kunltt, Richard f. I'anten, Jolia NiilM.n Uahriel I, Lewia. John T. Hodman, Lima J. Wadaw< rth. M m. 9. Mlllrdollar, J. Q. Kaae, W. K. T Joae*. Alt' i) W aelnnct. n, J. t ha'wood, Jr., tVm. II. Bri?n, Theodore I Ilrapcr. Mm A. M n.>d? ard, C. MrKinatry, Stephen D. Van Schaack, Cha*. Trary, Lucia* Fltkin, John Hiikjon, 1*. M . Turory. ( naaaiioTifr fur leaning Certain Mon/pi if/ the Unittil Sitifri.?N Jarvia, ,lr A receaa war taken till four o'clock. AFT! MOOM MMIM. atoai: an.Li raaer.o. An act In Iticorporale the M?<li?>n Hotel Aaaoelatlon. An act to incorporate the Union tttenm ice-el Aseociation. An aet to allow Auburn to auberrlbe to the atnek of a railroad to connect Lake Ontario with the Krie Kailroad. The Senate then adjourned AMtmhly. Ai.aanv, July 9, lAjl. vnr pi tuiei rt'tui oriKtM. An net in rilation to the power* and dutiee o' public officer* and proceeding* against them The queation > I ending ?hin the llouee adjourned jnUrdi;. wa.i up>n llr I rroj > motion to recommit, with Instruction* to nd. Mr J. Hi *? on r i.fTi red an amendment to the motion relating to the power of the Attorney General in case of injnnrtlone. The amendment wa* adopted, and the bill wa* recommitted TNr oomaiv The concurrent resolution* to relation to the public domain were adopted. tnr b11.l ar.LariTc to orrtcraa. Mr IIr*itt reported complete the bill In relation to the power* and dutiea of public .offlecr', with amendmonta, M instructed Mr. I.- aor moeed to recommit, fur the purpoae of fur- I tber amendment I.o?t After aome further diacuaeion, the Speaker announced the- aperial order. thi coil an.i. Mr. Ki niaaiu moeed to atrike out aix in the drat aerHon and inaert Are. boat. The various other amendment* offered by him in Committee tf the Whole, were roted upon and loet. Mr l.i *o? moved to recommit to amend a* proposed h} him elille in Committee of the Whole Lout Mr lit a am one moved to recommit with inatructlona to amend, ao that the (leneaee Valley and Black River < Canal ahould be completed by the opening of navigation in the ipring of ISM Mr B diacuaaed at length th? ' right of the Legislature to legislate upon particular aub- i jecta. and the service of auch power. lie reviewed the hbtory of the rreolution adopted by the Senate, reuniting the opinion* of the Attorney General ?a to the constitutionality of the Canal bill lie neat proceeded to notice that clnuae of the con*tllutlon. which. It wa* pretended, waa in conflict with tin- provision* of Ik# bill, and the debate* thereon at 'he time i f It* adoption The epifii. n* which the At-' lort.ey t.eneral (who wn* a number of the Constitutional (!i ttTi ntiiifit i-r.f* rtiaitK'.l that tim? witc ?4 ho?tlk tr? ibe canal policy t< now; and tii? deei'lnn that th 'ta'ulng of tit* ratal revenue certificate' w?? In confiict with the conMittition 'f the I nlteil State, had boon treated with ab< lit t a mix h rcp< rt and ngard n* amt other ?'?ertii nc that had cminatcd from that dUUngutnlMtl flit ctionarT Ha *x the only lawyer In the State, aJmoet. <f dietlnctlon. who had made tmh a decUbn lie (Mr H) had li'tened to the di'cui'l in of tlit? bill whil" beftre the Senate, and wax 'urpritid that different degree* of friendihip were pri ffered for the canal meaeiire* j but tic. for onr, waa diefaipi i| to ithtru't eiich profe-don." It had bien ai-cited that there waxalar/e number of corrupt lobby nu n harping ahnnt the l.egt'lnture and who had wiret a'tarhid to certain member*. which, upon being pulled, eau-'i d the mea.Vr* to dance up and down lih? puppet". Hut who had eeen them ! lie had not Mr H 'aid he w. nld like to point out xome fourteen or fifteen monlwri ? hi. bed hi en worked b? wire" pulled by n?> n in the toh. hy. lie p. old do It They had not plajed the puppet in tM* ehnmher ffo. thai k find' They had met at n;, I t, and It waa e fit time for them to meet. Indeed fie i alluded to the caurtv Ui ahl-h It wax agreed that rertaip W YO MORNING EDITION?TH Bens tors should resign to defeat this bill. I a the Congress of the I'uited fttaUn, in 1KS0. certain Southern member* thri ii trued to resign | and what. said Mr. II . did you at the North say to thut ? \ ou denounced it anatreaeonableoperation and eodid the papers hi the North regard it. llut what did the Senators of thin Legislature do last winter ? They have carried out what the Southern Senator* threatened; they had practised what the Senators preecribed, but some of those Senators found it much easier than to be resigned. It had been asserted on this floor, during the present session, that tbete was one democrat less here than last winter, and the ground for the asser tion was. thut on* democrat advocated the position of the whole bill Tbe allusion was. doubtless, to himself, but he disclaimed the idea that a constitutional question was properly a party question; and because one wan believed the Canal bill was constitutional, it did not argue that he was not a democrat No, sir! No mm had aright to assert that?not born an imperial Herkimer, with his purple robes, lie considered tbe postponing of tbe enlargement would result in a loss of $3u.000,000 to tbe people. Last winter he had adduced arguments to prove the assertion, but which he would not now repeat. If tbe completion of the enlargement should now be abandoned, the railroads would eventually monupolt/.e tbe whole business of transportation, and. by a corn's nation among themselves, extort whatever prices they chose; and if. when the enlargement was completed the New York and Krie railroad undertakes to compete with the cabals, it must reduce Its rate for transports' ion. Mr II. here resigned the floor, intimating a design to occupy more time during the discussion. Mr Woosi > a i'O lowed, in answer to some of the personal asseiticns of Mr. It. lie also alluded to. aud comment id u) on. the argument advanced relative to the appropriation of the canal revi-nnea for the speedy complete u ot the ?nlarg>m-nt His views in relation to the constitutionality of tIre bill had been capres tej at large hi n tofore as also bis views in rtgard to the pr.?priety t the various amen Imenta which had been and would be proposed to this bill. Tbe hour of recess arrived before Mr if. concluded. AFI'KRNOON SKssrON. passaus ok 1h). anal k.m.akop.mknt rill. The Cauul bill being the order. Mr Woostkr rrsum"d I lie tat, aud discu.-sed tkf provision, which would allow, as lie asserted, a construction sanctioning the expen< iture of double tbe amount origiuaity contemplated by the bill. It was one of tbe most unwholesome and objtctionable features In the bill Mr. Mai hick followed, and viadicatcd,ln tome extended r> marks, the resolutions offered by him in the early part f the session and which Mr Burr High* hail assailed. Lie denied that they emanated from a democratic caucus; they originated entirely wrii h biunelf Tbo act of the re/lpuati jn of the Senators of the last session hid been denounced as revolutionary and no?e); but it had its precedent The Ohio Legislature, in 18Ft, witnessed precisely such a scene; aud the AVis York Tri'nine, at that time, upbtld and sanctioned the act fhe opinions of the late deflator Brow a had been alluded t by tbe gentleman from Orleans. ( Mr. Burroughs.) and tie (Mr M.) felt called upon to reply, lie did so. and, in alluding to them, paid a lieuutiful and touching-compliment to the nieiucry of his deceased friend la relation to the bill under consideration he agreed with- his fricrd from lleikimer (Mr Monster) that one of the most objectionable features was that section which ad mitti d of a cou-tructir n that would aanction the xp( i.dlture of double the amount of the sum originally :outi lnplated by the bill 11c wished it to be dUtinotly jnderstood that he was not an enemy to canal*. His atlu r before him was a tirm friend of Clinton's, and of ;1 e canals, and be (Mr. M.) felt that he had aa horediary friendly feeling for the canals Mr. Hi HHoroiis fobowed in a few remarks, In reply to. Messrs Woo-ter and Maurice. The question was then taken upon Mr. Wooater's imendment. which was lost Mr Burroughs' amendment was lout. The several other an eDdments proposed in Committee if the M'bolo were also lost Tin hour of six having arrived, the Clerk proceeded to cad the bill, when Mr Mai an s: presented a protest, signed by a number >f democrat*. Hgaiiml lli?' pa*.-iiig of the hill. Tb*' prutvit vum received by the Clerk, but, not beiu.t u order. the Clerk pioceeded t>? take the final vote, aud be bill paeeed by?Aye*, 81; Naje*. 26. Mr Mauriee* pruteet wan, on motion, ordered to be ntered in tbejouiual of the Clerk Mr O. Auun m >ved to re cuueider the vote on- Ur wi-rageof the bill Lost A receea was then taken. EVKN1.NO SESSION. 1111. ASTI-OAMRI ISO an.U. Mr RiAHor moved that the Uamblibg Mil have it* third cading. i.aid on the table The hill to reduce the capital etnrk of the Merchant*' Kxcbanae Company wan coueurred In, having been intended bj the Senate. AMI IlICA* ARTirra' tMOI IATIIUI The hill to authorize the Aineriraa Arti.U Aseojuit ion lo uie; OSS of tlo ir work* of art, was M. mw toaa loujar or pharmacy Mr T II III srout gave notice of a hill to Repeal the chart* r of the New York Cot lege of Pbarmaey connitKAainiAi. ?HMtiu*a?AU. The minority of the Committee on the Oongreaalonal Apportionment lull *w received They deny the potvvr of the Legidature to dixtrict the Stale TIIK (our The bill amending the Code of Procedure. *?< p*?.-d, tml then the IIoum- went into Committee of the Whole on the < oacarRaiaaai ih'thm rivo mix. The Committee of the Whole Wont through with the apportionment; vario\t? eflirte were niadv to amend it. but all were voted down Motion* were made by Mr Awthov to attach Richmond to the Third district, and toat'ach Wa?ich?ler to upl-* r ward* of New York Roth motion* were lort, and the till wa? ordered to a third reading THt: t.MHIRAVIO* U*l. Mr 1Ta>imaa reported complete the Senate bill amending the emigration law*, without amendment The bill waelaid on the table by 'ivto 'ii ? out a quorum The lb uae then adjourned. From the State Capital. by moksk's link, office 16 wall ST. I ROM OCR If t * IAL < OR*?..ros ni ST. Aliavi . July J?P. M Another farce occurred after the Senate assembled thin morning Mr Cook announced that the petltlnncri ronti-ting the seat of Mr Htanton. had i on heard before the Committee on Privileges anil 1 rt? II now lircimr n?eeseary that the matter should be dla posed of Itnd he introduced a resolution declaring thai electors t ad a right to petition, which was adopted, ami thus the great egcit.ment about the contested eeat. wan disposed of. The III One. thie evening, hue been In the highest stat' of ricltrmmt They were engaged on the bill apportioning tbe Mate into Congressional districts. Mr T II Benedict, (whig ) presented a cou iter report from that prepared hy the Senate Mr A A Thompson mrdi a spearh amidst the greatest ocitement and disorder Mr Anthon (whig ) also wl-hed to ara*nd but thi Il< tire was finally compelled to adjourn for want of I quorum The hill will paas. as it did in the Senate The following ts in substance, the amendment prop-Met ly Mr Bewry, In the Assembly, to the bill ?m*ndini the charter i f New York city and whieh was adopted b] a vote of I'd to 11; hut In case the Mayor should neglee or refuse to wmtnate the chief officer of th- hurean. in i police department de-ignated as the chief of police f? five days alter the commencement of the s-#?ioi of the Ct nmon Connsil. to be hoiden In tiiau-t IH-il I shall le- thi dutj of the B *rd of Aldctn n to appoint -u d rffeir forthwith and In ra?e the Mavor should mak soeh reinitiation nod It shall he reje. tiil hy the It >ard o Alderman, the Hoard of Ahlerman shall have p wer at any regular session of the Common Council. to appotn stirh i tti -rr. provided that Ave days of any ?uch ae-aioi shall lepee wlflw ut snothev nomination being mad* In tbe Mayor, and that no appointment of such officer shal bo made ? h.IWlaffi re I r vi.led 1 be .lenny hind concert la going on In egeell- nt or d< r Che ia delighting a thousand persona in a 7 hy rburch while 000 In the streets, men and women, are en joying Iter melodious notes with equal gratification. Til audience outside who remained in silenre, are equalll delighted with the ft auditors who are sweltering witl ihe uit> am ?< laamn the church M rots me Anna Itishop sings again tomorrow night at d Jenny on krtday evening The Albanians are en raptured with Miaa hind, and are endeavoring to pro long her visit * - tt'..Kl..rias fits'. U iiHtKnrin.Juljr l>, 1 V?l. The *te?m*hlp Golden Gate will leare Annapoli* 01 Mondey with Mr HVbtirt and family, for New fori Mr Wtbeter will go on to Mar?hlleld Penor f t?e In Ciie?ta publishes a curd In the h'atiimn hMfitmor Ihl* nrnllf, denying the truth of erer; It* tn of the rtatement m to hi* teatlmony before th Grand Jury in (lardlnrr'a eaee. From Trina?4 holrra nt lltw Orlenna. RAi.TiMonr. Joly 9.1M1. Tlir Font hern mull ha* arti*. d .with Galreaton date# t the 8Mb Juno Col Hockley, * natlra of I'liilndidphii who participated in thr battle of Han Jar Into. died a Corpn* Chrietle. I ate ra jr.* had benefitted the Tcga* erc-p* generally lfh' ugh In rome rotintbe the dmnuht wttil continued There were th rty fire eholi ra death* at Now Urban during tha work ending the 'JNth ult. Knfal Accident. Aeon N Y.JulrH 1M1. Mr John llowelt, a re?pertcd re?id?rit of Ihl* towr wa* thrown from hie wagon yertwrday, and In.-tartl kill* 4. The I'Inrlila nt 'tatannah. July I. Iljl

The ?ti?m l.ip Florida. Captain hyon from New VorV r<rrhed here early thlr morning making thepawag- il risty f>n lio?r? front wharf to whart RKH [UKSDAY, JULY 10, 1851. Item* front Boston. SAILING OF THE STEAMSH KUROPA?HEATH OF GEN MILLEK, ETC. Bos ion, Ju'y 9. J851. The royal mail dtramchip Knropa. Oapt. Lott, called at dcon to-day for Liverpool, with 101 pafcongerc, and 16 for Halifax. AnneAed ic a liH of her intccengcrs I' C l.ouell. ltdy, m.vte. two daiiKliten..anit soa; Hies Putnam. It C llrooka aud lady, Mr., Wiuthrop. Mica K Tixlor, ii M Tapley, t Haxcctt, S 1'sck, 8 K fatten. lady, and cert act; W Putnam. A Putnam, Coo Ilonuia. 8 Cowsll, J t; Cropper. W Whitintf, Mrc J Dove. J Smith an ? lady. Aadover. Mao; W U Law ton and lady, P Peabody, Moa Peahody. K M Martin, J llall. II Seeh'ihm. K I.indrev. J M llo ki rv F.nalaii'l. I. 'Ihlet, Cambridge; W t'???tar-jilii Sicily; 11 IV Uarr. Newbcryport; W baiter, Coluinb.n; M Pedro M Chatnoirs, Col M Kaybord, France; Mr Mil.ami nn-t, llimi.'ton, Canada; S Kamfuiiarr, J Culver. IJaaiel MrNuk, W A Wondoock, W II Morae, 11 Handy, John F Brown. New York .1 lolinaon, J Smith, W Mal'onnngh. RSIoraton. Ml John; P W Valfour. ('apt J W C'ator, 11 A; J C-ruely, Now limp-hire; N l.ti/ariu. Italy. F llrew, Hanger; V kirkpatrl-k, Kingston, C W, Mr Turobull. (ilaraow; Hugh Kerr; John A Donltp, Louisville, Ky; Sir Koaborough. Jamaica; ./'nquin Sarc, June Myrag*. Havana; llogun raid nun New Orleans; John Fprou', Ohio: J Armstrong. Horaoa W'itli%ni . U S Slatlneeon, A K Mairhat. A Herinod. J T Ford. Mr KeihaqJ and lady, Wm Frewaell, IVMcKockait. A Alul.u.'m Mr 11 in ( ruils. Mies Fadl' vr, Hula, Mr Avignon. Jeau Iferand, 3 Urer, M Castra. lady, and two children; Mri Atigaoa. John lipsty, New rinwpsliire?Total, 101. There wore, beaided, 10 for Hal .tax. The Kurop* taken out t>6J5.000 in syeolo. principally American gold. lien, .lamed Miller, who nerved with distinction in the last war with (ireht Britain, died at Temp'*. New ll.wnpshire, on Monday evening After the war, Uen. Miller was appointed (lovernor of Arkansas territory. lie aftcrwarda. for n long eerietrof year*. held the post of collector of the port of Falem?resigning it in lii?. Since that time he has been a rcaideut of his native State,New Hampshire. The immediate cause of his d-atli was apoplexy. Col. IV ui fk-houler, editor of the Ho a tun >QHai came near being drowned on Monduy evening, by the opsettiug ofa boat, near Kast lloslon Tlie loss by the lire at Conway's tool factory, la stated ut $86>000. Itogu from CI ncln matt, vlivlhe Krle Knllvonrt. NtHRowsai an, July 0. 1861. The rattle train passed thin morning, loaded with fat hogs front Cincinnati for New York, also a quantity of sheep and cattle from the far West. Arrival of U. 8. Stsanwr Walker. Noasot.a, June 8, 1H5I. The V. S surveying steamer Walhec arrived at this port yesterday, from Pensacoln. The 0|iera at C as tie (iarden. The production of " La Favorita," with that magnificent tenor, Bettini. in the role of Fernando, is an event of so much importance in our musical annals, that we gladly refer to it again. There has ne t been till now an adequate representative of this part, in the recital nv passages Una or two of the airajhuve beer, inimitably sung, hvth by Faivi and Lorini?the former excelling the latter, V?t the latter gaining remarkable ciedit'for the pathos and feeling thrown into it on two occasions, whan he wui encored. Never till now. however, has (die continuity of tha personation been perceived, and, of course, the dramatic unity of the character has been kept out of sight. Bellini 1ms none of this weakness. He sustain* the character throughout, with an eurnest tenderness, an ' alantton, ami a truthfulness, ut once relccshing and de1 licit,us. while the noble qualities of his voice are disj played most brilliantly?Ills style being marked by beauties which are rarely combined in one indiI vkiual. Indeed, we mav sincerely soi.itrutu'ate our* on powaeaeing the ability to enjoy a tenor ' rarely equalled in Kurope, and. probably, taken ail j in ?U uuvcr t>urpa**cd in the power o? giving AatUfaeI tiou to a popular audience. We may mention. also. the I rcuiaikablv dm impd-eei >n made by lloeio in the rtUt of "Auua Uolctta." aui liter opera that baa been produced in a eljleof commendable excellence, and wnich gim* lie the due duel* between Mil* VVIiitit g and Bo*io. and an exhibition of the ekill ol' Marini. lanm. and Caroline \ ietli lloeio baa triumphed in thi* per?naation. aud Let energetic portraiture of thu chaxacter and h< r dekigLtful eocaliiation. make tli? performance truly charm, iug A repetition ot the epera will not pace uuheeded ; and we altall anticipate one of thoee Urge audience*, of four or dee thoUKiDd pereou*, when It i* rep. .tied. tor it I it admirably executed Tite announcement for thin i *v? uing tt will be aeen, is remarkably attractive, and, at thoie who have muaic lu their rowb> wiU wi?b to be premnl a crowded house may be expected to enjoy the en trrtaiiisueat. the moon lighted bay, the cuol brie ve, and a scene without a parallel in the world. TlxektrlCMl and Nntlral. Hhoaiwai Tin 4T?r?The iulcrcel crealtd by the ap pears lire of Neatie aud Huclutiian?whoee trial of ekit Li to conlitiuc night* more only?drew a crowded and la.thiunaWe audience last night, and the house vai fontid to be much more ugrceable than hitherto during the wurui reason. a* Urge ventilator* have beeu plo .-diu the roof The performance of the tragedy of "UMcllo" wae. under the circuuolance* of the <? o.taion. one of the nioit exciting nature, and botli |*oformer* received. la xvvry tcetie, the most hearty recognition of their *uo(SM li W M be tafHHMH to draw any IMtMlH I Utwren the respective merit* of Nrattn and Buchanan Indeed, till they have gone throurh the allcr1 nations of character, it would be improper to c" mpare them It may be raid, however, that Neafle's I l>thello surprised hi- nunieri u* friend* aud thu public. . 1 h< re wa* a breadth and intensity in it little aoticiptt' ed. and the brilliant point* were work*d up wi'.h greet tkiil audi fleet, Buchanan's I no w.i a com eoiiou b ith ii< w, variotln. and nt< i Uiuing prt 'renting the phanrr of the character in a vprj itronn light. Tbe ruhdurd rtyle ol the performance. in councqucurr of the oci-munil n atImnpMifUwiiMttMC*. ma in m lur point* inaudible to I lu re not luiulliar ?ill) the language, but the botdaein and originality Ol' lite per ronat loll ?Mich ?>< exneuled in ihn higheri artlntb al nM In, produced an imprendnn of tin innet favorable Kind Indeed, both pcrfbrmnrn have dintuigiiinhcd themrelver highly. To-night, " Macbeth" mil be perbirnied?Buchanan prruinxtliig the hero, and Nialie appearing an Macilull Tb excitement will probably incrtaae. In rrnpt ct to Ibene artintn, till the clone of tbe engagement. Ni?m>'? Uaamtw ?TIiU cool and pleaxant dramatic temple in crowded IO exerat, every evening, to Witneaa Ibe extraordinary prrfornianree of the llavein." and tbe unrivalled dramatic represent*! loan ol Hurt >n and hi* company of atara. The bill announced for thee evening in xceedinglj entertaining, and enibraena all the meet favorite artiita alterhel to Burton'* company Tka eominenriog feature of the ovenlug will he the favorite dnmoptic drama, entitled the " Toodl *," In wnirh Mr Button will personate hie Ininilablu eharxeter of Timothy Til dir. rupported by Mi John Dunn and Mra. Ilugbi a The amu oui* ule will teruiluale with tlio new farce. exiled "A UkNf hide HI a Railroad." Mr Burton lUntainii $ the principal character. Thta will ceri-ainly i la-one of th< moat nniu uiig |a rformaneoa of the aeaaou. ! 1 he Have In will appear to-wiww evening togcthci with the MUcr. 1 ranch, in ' I* Ihitbl- a tfuatre." Nuiomi Tinxrax.?The entertainment* of thin reufon have met with the decided approval of the numetoa* patlonx of thin elegant Ineatre I'urdy In IndrfttigtMe In bin rntrrprbr. and we are proud to nee Ina ex*riinu* no amply rewarded Three excUent piece* are anuoune d tor thin evening, commencing with tbe celebrated J drama entitled the ' Foro.-te of Bohemia. ' Mr. J. K. | pool! appealing w? ( baric* Lie M<a>r. .Mr S II Clarhe an brand* de Mour. Mr. llradahaw an Herman and Mian 0. box an Amelia Thin will hi- nueeeeiled by the operatic I' mniitic i xtravaganxa atyled tbe Pair? D,n'liter* of the IMut Waltn," in which Mine C. Fox and llio l.udlalu will pemonatelbr loading charactern. at d 111* c including puce will l>? tbe new comedietta nailed "A 1 cheap b'.xeur-ioo." Cast to the full ntrenglb of the company Thin bill alfot dn a pleaaant evening for the I ivern of the drama Oo early, in order to areata couif liable acuta Itaot oiuM'n Lioiom?Thin favorite dramatic reaort wdlrr-open thin evening with the celebrated French vaudeville rompaty comprising noine of Mm moil talentid artiiti l bat have ever appeared on the Am-rican board* The f.i<ening piece will t>e the celebrated b'rvnrh urnmacallii lhm l eaner de Mm in In which .He-era bnininni, H te rt Kemp, Dov, reux. Mm b'iogoet Mile, leoiiic li'Ainnut. and Mine Itiolor will appear, and the conriiid,ng feature will he the favorite vaudeville of 'Indiana ft ? barhmngno," powetfully rant The fro qiontenof thin reol and elegant theatre will euj <y a tu-h Itbht K? *tlni>4kiltir tit* ali.ita iinritalluil r\*>rf<>r<ii n mm*. H.?> htnuri taenia git i> here laat eeaom were i r> wnrd with nuet brilliant Miremw. by full tail f**htonalilr audlebce* and we W confident the hIi >?< new programme will tn? * t with the *auie p' polarity J ll*a*i w'a Mi ?nrM.?Wa did not think U poadble that j >wh crowd* i otild be collected, at till* eraeou in any one place. a* Wr Wftnewed jwtrrdi;, at tha perf ormam . * at '' Itarnnm * Mum um In the morning and in the erruing The pi*c?? tut i (T with grmt spirit Mr. (larke ha* K'tnl na*on to ho proud Ho wa* called out by tli* delighted *udu?ee, and acquitted liiroolf charmingly I hi >li?M * Ileum made a groat hit. A iplcndld rariety laput up lor thi* afternoon at Harnum'a. and a glorlou* 0 i tmhination of attraction* for thi* arming 1 l'h?i?tt'? Miaeran.a ?It I* truly astonishing to wit.' t nci? the crowd* that nightly congregate to enjoy the per' formatter* of the abore highly popular and inimitable r, hand c f ni gfo performer* The programme for thi* evening I* very attrn. tire ' hi i icw* Mi**t?i i??Thi* unri7*lled company con tlmie a* p* pular a* e?or?their song* ara rendered with hiirrnrny, and the instrumental pcrfortuance* elicit ercry tli Budi?tration ol approval An excellent aeleetioi in annoui red for thi* evening. , Mntr**? Gator*. Paonai rr ? Brougham * celebrated f.yeerm c< mpaby will make their second appcarann f here thi* i <n twonf their mo*t farortte?ml ainn* ing piece*. The commenc eg one will ti? tile papuUi C< liicdletla oft he " King and i'naielha." and the laugh able farre of the * Lottery Ticket " will conclude Arm i o Komu ?The wonderfnl Nora Hcotl* iliac t eon i, time* to attract large aeon,binge* Mr Ihnrdall. thi gentlemanly dooikeeper will take hi* bene: l to day. V'Ui Hl^ame. i* piiiyimj at Tray, K I, ERAI 1 The Bm* Vork Institution for (he Inntrme- j tlou or the Deaf and Onmb-Intercltlng (examination of the Pnptli. Tin- thirty-third annual examination of the above j institution, commenced yesterday, at two o'cloek P.M., 1 before the (ice Presidents, Hoard of Directors, the ' Humiliation Committee, the professors, and between ' si* aid seven hundred spectators. Tb* ||on. Henry 1 Clay, a large n amber of clergymen, members of 1 the citie government, and iwveral gentlemen prominently connected with the interr?t? of education In tbe city and ?tate. were among the gaest's and visitors. At one o'clock a ipecial train of the Sew York and Harlem ' ' Railroad cava *uk in readiness, at the l'ark, to convey . visit' rs to the institution ; anu for several yea** past ?9 large and respectable a soncourse M ladies an! gen- ' tit-men were net in attendance during an examination The chapel, unit tvery other ,wirt of the loUding In which j j, a glimpse of the exercises couM be obtained, was literally i 1 crowded. Shortly after euteritxj the chapel, the pufils " were summoned Trow their varloat apartments, ai d ' j the oycning of the examination Was announced 1 o by the First Vice President, General Prosper M. ' Wet more After expressing his regret at the j absence of the President, llarvey P. Peet, L. L. D.i j fi who is n?w on a Kuropean tour to investigate the condition of the asylums l r the education of the deaf and ! * (>imli in Great llritain and otlier countries, aod after I ^ stating that the nature of the exercises that were about " i to eouino nee would be the concluding examination of P ' the various classes, and that the number of pupils iuI struct'd in the institution during the past year was two ! hundrid and twenty-seven?one hundred and twenty- 1 | eight of whom sere males, and ninety-nine females i w ?(leneraJ Wetnaore introduced Professor Pavid Kly liert- ! hi ! lett. as the gentleman who was to conduct the exauiiaa- | y< I tim in the absence of the President, und who has since " been acting as principal teacher. K PROGRAM.MK OK F.XKRC ISKS. si First ?Kxercises iu the language of signs aud writing, by the juveuile classes. C ' Many usm be rs of 'these classes wrote on the black- ! i I siinl. with gr?at facility, the names of various sensible t< ob)< ots that e< uld be.-eeu within the chapel. and. noti withstanding that most of them were quite young, they 'I ! showed a high degree of Intellectual and mechanical at- c ' talMMat ^ Stnmd?Pantomime, by David 11ilL, grandsota of the 0 i Chief of the Onnudug* tribe of Indians. ?' Tlieyoting Indian showed himself to be an intelligent ' ( folx lar and ri lated. with much plmaing etfeet, by tho 1 i most dexterous movements of his hands, head, and other * I expressive attitudes and 'matures of his body, the various ' . habits aud customs of his tribe, their manner of hIjo iting ' I with the btiw and arrow, and also, their peculiar methods ,! i of aoglirg. Professor Hartlett acting as his interpreter. v 7'/.iiit--Kxi rcbas in writing, by the graduating class. Se veral of t hi so wrote e says on large bLackboariii. the ! siibji cts being geology. geography, edueation. history, n | both saoaed and profane Themochatiieil part of their S I writing, their prolieieney in orthography ety utol-igy and si ' sy ntax. spoke highly of (heir own at'entiou aud abilities, ]< a.- w? 11 as of the care and aeal of their instructors. A Fourth ?Dialogues in the language of sigus. between I; ! Master Height and Mine Walters. li i This was a very interesting pert of the exercises, ami ? : the dialogue consisted chie.fy in a relation t.y young w 1 lloiitht. ot inoideuts connected with the French revoiii- tl tlon. ot 1SW he Is iug a native of that country lin !i d I ijuite yuuug. yet he neluUd with ijuickHcs- aiul precision a long list ot nirruuL-lances that had come within In* j, own observation during the period above mentioned, lie made the idea* which he wished to convoy, sufficiently iutelligille. as ra|iitlljr as the prufvs or coti- ,,j ducting theeaarnination could interpret. h'ijth?lie port of the Kutuiination Committee Sufh?Address by Judge Campbell JJ Snvn/i? \ aledictoiy address in the language of signs, I } ' 1 by Mr. Charles M Crow, one of the hmiiot Mu.lciit*. of j j;i the graduating class. Iuterpivtcd by I'rofeeeor Itnrtbett. /.'igMA?Plat ri but ion of ccrtilieatvs of good conduolto i I"' llie I'liHeM who have served a term ot live years lathe c<> inrt it iition. A'in/I? Distribution of diploma" to the class who ha I graduated lor a tvrni of sevvu year* The following are the n*uic* of those who were presented with diploma*:? j Males?Cbmles M llrow. Juaies 8. W ell#, John E. l-iug, S* lira Driscoll. Jauios M. Canip, .lalues II. WinsPiw, W Mi M right l'eniai???Lucy (iUbert, Lucy A. Uoiightuii, Au- (j guele H.ilin utid Catharine 8 ulilvan An addrera was delivered by 8 8. Randall. K*?t . lie. puty 8upeiioteudent of Ci nnuon 8ch<sil*for the 8late of New York Also, a parting address and benediction in the wi Wngu: ge of signs, by the Rev. Joriah Addison Cary. M. Va A. who i* going to take cliarge ot the State of Ohio deaf and dumb instil ution Prof Cary bad served a period , ot Iiinei. ell yi ars as tn?< r in the institution of this eity, s which be vacated yesterday. All the addrttsses were at| feeling interestirg and instructive; and wut to show that tb?ae who delivered them were deeply Interested in w the pnepcrity of the iasiitutioii. and the educational | '' weitaraif the pupil* eonm-cted with it. The la>t annual n report ot the Kxamination Committee contains a large | au.euiit uf Interesting information relative to the various t( , depart no nta of the usylum. ai d the rapid progress the w I pupils have wade. This afternoon the Several classes, ae- T rouipaiued by their respective tutors, leave the rlly fir Ji the country, on a visit to their^frlend*. They are to he H conducted free of expense by the *tciiinl>oat ami railroad I eompauh ? along the different routes. The duties of the institution w'i.1 l . resumed in ."September jt Police lutclllgrnret l> I'rmnlt Coorngf in .Irrttltng Tuv Thirty ?On Monday f) last, inogt nteel looking young men railed at the residence j j of Mis Mary hhort. No. 2 Maple street, and Inquired for the lady ol the house. Mrs Short appeared, ami the gentlemen were u-licrcd Into the parlor ami desired to j . be seated; *bey then stated that, on In-half of the lire j . IH t artim-nt. tiny were rolled tag MM t-> ai<l the I L family of the unl irlunate young woman who was burned to d> alb iu Proeilwny a lew days slue* Mrs hhort re; | lied, that as her husband was absent she was without money for such purposes, but she would go and cousult Is with her abler; ami forthwith left the room for such 11 purpose, leaving her gold wateh and chain valued at w J40. lying on ihe table In a Tew aocond* Mr* Short a ntnihnl and informed the benevolent gentlemen that it II | ?mi< not tbrn convenient to b-toa imy money, but if llicy would pb are mil again, in a day or two ah* tl would bo lui| |>y to contribute Iter mile to the relief of ? (lie f ire Department The gentlemen bowed politely, tl ' thnnkid lor for her kind conaideratIon, and left the ti hence, but rrarrely bad they |*ft ten luiuutea before I in Mr* Short dbeovered that lor gold watch and chain I bad mulched al-o It uow became evident In the mind u| | T Mr* Short lhat the benevolent gentlemen who had ju?t | r? left wi re n guec. and lha' the application and petition f>r I 1 the lw neflt of the fire Department waa nothing m >r? than a fa lee pretence to gaiu admittance to the kou?, < nnd tin n etrai any valuable artieler within their reach, aa tbey I,ad done by carrying oil her watch Matter* paceed on during Monday aa uaual, and on Tueaday Mt*. Short took a walk, and on going along Cauai a reet who rhonld ahe me but tkeao very two lion who railed at her houee the day before | Mr* Short very prudently kept perfectly unlet, and filling mticM ahe waa u nob-cried ahe foiI lowi d after them from t'nnal atreet into Spring atreet, and olarnrd one of them go to a teniae and enter, atay I a abort time, and c ^me out again and ji In hla aaaoctat* Ac|moii aa the) pacaed otf a aullteieiit dHtanee, Mr*. Short want to the raid houae. and there ahe learned that I the man wanti d to acll a allv, i watch Mr fhri a rani , I continued her pur-nit. until poiiriman Au-tn, of the I S.ivlith ?arl. mn,e in right, and ahe then gave iha two j men III l Oatody The oilieer Conveyed them both to tha j i Kightl' ward police rial em. where* they wera ae-arrhed, | | and i n Ilia |araon of one ??< foutd aeveral ailk eravafa, < valued *i fit or fit), alaei a ai'vrr wate h The ailk era- i vale, it ma. the roguea hid atolen from the ?tnn* ?f ! Hubert M i orrerter, No 1.'* i anal atre*e*t, which atom 1 ! to y h..d .Hirt bit when re* ii Ity Mr- Slu>rf lolhi* ! alene. It reeme. the two rogUc* had entered for the purj piee of rt.aling, and* ooa pure hare-d a ahirt. the i oil?r conceal*.I the ailk rravala in hir pocket Mr < i foireate r and Mra Short appear**! yeaferday before tint n maghtratc iiiiiI identified (lie two rogui? a- Inn part lea I I' naitirg their |il?of?. Tint accu-ed firtirt | I Jtttv tin it hk llectnr 0 Nirholm.n ind Kdward I.. I Iii.hii. Hnil (h? Juntlca cuuimitlnl them both to priaon ' for trial. 1 fiiVliltj an Atrhmp O/firt? .In Krprrl Tti*/ ?On TwiM), a In nl noon an ingenioua Pfin managed to 1 litain an entmnre into the pirhangr nffleo, No 30>'. Oraml atrent, kept by Mr William Farrow, ami ?to?l thrttfroM fl'K in mutiny, anil thi n make g 1 bin capo. It tooiua that, ab.n't tin- dinner tgpm of Mr Karma, thi' rogtM. knowing that the proprietor had (conn to I ( bin dinner, euteiad the atom neit adjoining. ami pro- t tended. from lit-nianniT andjiinatioDa put to th* lady i in thn atom. to l? a lira warden. or an inapector of mi am kind, a ll lug quiationa about tiir yard, at thn Mmr time , atlhing to the par. and in an tnatnnt Jum|.ing orrr thn j r? ar fi ta n into tin- imxt yard, mar of thn i'trlungr, ri- i rla Ming that hn wr ulil examine that yard alio. The lady. In lb rirg all to bn rorrnnt. thought no mora about . it. ontl! rim board that .Mr Karrnw had bean mbbnd.and I it thru appoan d that thn MtM took that method to ob- j i tain an i ta to thn mar, aa Mr Karrow had looked and bi It I'd hia door m it thn atmnt and lefl hi< atnra by thn mar Thn th Inf. knowing thta fact. rntomd by thn roar and Infl by thn frott door, carrying with liim > too la bank billa. fri ni the till No arret at pmacnt Wjuwn-Ifi rf Kiirclaty?Offloera llmd and Kanfa ar mated yci tot day. two pormna well known to tlm poltiin by the nam*a ot Mark M irriaon and .l?hn l.ynch, al i< Tn nton Jubnay. abut l.m k'inith .lack (from tha fact ?f i ' hia lining an excellent iliap to lit a kny toa bask), fti two ItulurtrloiiK indiridualK wnre tak. t? tiito awatndy at a porter houan in Canal atmnt. on attapiekon of htting burglariously entered thn atom No l'.bM'anal atmnt, ot? > the night i f the 4th of July, an t dealing thnreirnat a j lot of laena. i mbroidrriea. he , ralnnd at ornr f '-O'.i the properly nt Mr Edward M I.Ainnte The Aeeu?ed pnr, tlee wi re Identified an the two rhapr seen lurkin* n'vnt i the i ul'iOo ol the pnuii><K on !!? dxy of the r ?btvry, I And the Mron* preenmpt,ton In that they e *?ktol the , ri 11? ry And burglary Tliey ?W? Mnwjml hrfcf* ItM I hirf of Pollen. who drained them torn further hnarlinc. . Urdh prteoner? ham l?< o graduate* I Slate pri?>n<. J Motrl?'n nt King Mng. ntid l.ynrh at Trenton Sew Ji'tn j p . hrrti fm- ff<r?V nt ?Officer flreen one of |h? attacher at the lower police pourt Arretted. yeeterday, % jonng mr.n he the nanr of Robert l.nrano on a warrent I'/ued by Juetlee 0-h->rn wherein he Itindl rbarr.ed with winning nt the gunv of f ?rn. at one *tts tit ic. ??".0 And oeet. from one yrrdant InltaidnAl, by the nemo of Jnmee R l.ewi*. residing In Itrooklyn. al?n ? gol j * Ait h trorUi aomr f't), frtiu til'.' "ante perron The j D? PRICE TWO CENTS. ,'ambling took place at the corner of ('hatbam a.ioare ind I'ojir gtieet. On the arre?t Of the'accused, the ffcer recovered the ?atrh frttm another gambling rihnp n the Bowery, but tile money a. yet baa not been obained The magistrate beM the accused to hail to newer the charge The Ihituibance fn?t of Tvmty-thir* alreel. anA'he Cilp ntjtet lar?A complaint wiu yesterday preferre J bef jnbe Police Justice, at Jeffer-on Market To art hy <'row well White. the person baring charge of the barge lying at be foot of Twenty ti/ird atreet. Kaat rtrer. for the re ption of butcher'* ami other offensive matter, net lift forth that on Tuesday. awui noon. a iimnoer 01 jwwmscaaie to the pier foot of Twet ty-third street. and wlillly and maliciously cut adrift the barge in attention. th?r ?nie being provided l?y the city. f< . said purposes Mr I hite fcrtLi r stated that be could Identify u number of aid persons so engaged. but that the ramies are unknown 'he magistrate, in rrder to carry out ihe law. procee Jedt esterday afternoon. with a posse of policemen with ? lew of arresting the persons dcntifieiT by Mr Whit* a* be individuals engaged in the iieturbaate and breach ftht public pence. TV- accused purtird, up to a latw lot* in the afternoon, were not arrested % lrrfHt of a Pugitirr Sam I'ht We.Vu'a?Officer Reed nested, yesterday. a young man I y the name of Ueorge<p*neer. alinsll'oyt, cu a bench warrant frcm Phlladethia wherein the said Spencer stands indicted, with two ther ncn. ended Adams and Wiley who hare already .een arrested here, and forward* d on for trial'. The armed parties stand indicted jointly, for stealing two lamond plus. The ace used will be seirt to l'Llkadelphlae jr trial. Sutpicionof Shalirg.?A woman, calitg herself Mararet Uurrvws, was arrested on Tuesday night, by offloer larper. of the Tenth ward p?lloe. on a suspicion of lealing. frojn the fact of ??0 in gold beirf found in her o-sessien. City Viitolllffcnoe. A St'snoiot'eCssK?Pttostm: Mi an* a.?lornnor Oeer as yesterday railed to hold an inquest at the loot of larket street, on the b aly of Jaries Orutrmy. aged So ears, born in Ireland, whose body wa* found laiting in the venter, foot of Judd's wharf. Ilarket slip, . act River The deceased, it seemie lias not lieen seen uce last Saturday night. \?lieti it is alleged he was last ten alive on the dock, in the company of one Joseph ouncr. who is alleged to have throw n the ileoeasssl IT the dock into the liver This story is related' J the Coroner by the brother of deceased. It is mrber shewn that Conner, en the Saturday night in uestion, was arrested tiy the Seventh ward police, and onveynibefore Justice Tunpson on the suspicion of iKsing tins wn a young mau into the river liy the name t Wi Hough by; but as that young man was showo to be Is* where. Corner ?a* Uncharged fVotu custody Now he liody of Crummy lias Is-* n found drowned.enaetty at he place designated by the negro on Saturday night, iho then state>d that he saw a man thrown olf the dock nto the river; and it is now generally believed that .'rummy is the man who was the victim aud'that Oonier was the man who perpetrated the oKbnee. The >bole matte/will be further investigated by the Cornier this day.. Ae< imuvts ?On Tuesday forenoon, about )b o'clock, a mm named Michael I'helau fell through a hatchway, in lilt and Ay res' foundry, near the loot of Twenty-math treet. North riven severely injuring his head, nod other aits ofbis body Sent to the Hospital dangerously ill , young man, named Wilson, belonging to a canal boat, plug near the Jhot of MHiden laue, got, his skull severely raelund on Tuesday by the falling of a box of goods in the Mi of i dveying It to too bout A mrgeon ae cent for. sud Inn wound dreeeed. Wti unieratMid int. ho wae afterwardi conreyed to hia parent*' reaietice, in the i .0111ry. IM ath n? Db-awkiwo.?Owner Qovr jtexterday hold an |ti* at at No. i S Stone si root, on the body of a boy, H d lb yoarn, named Charles Horns, who cnuio to hia (111 by nccid< nl.nJ drowning. while bathing at the end Tier No. 11, howl Hirer. Verdict accordingly. InnitltTiO!) ?lad evening, the Re* John Thompson i? f( rnially n.-iwited a* ntiiiiider of tlie first * "" "Tit* lurch, cornea of brand and Mercer a.recta, befor* a rge congregation The Rev Meaer* t'lelluud. ?f Wi\jnaburg, and lllnir and Clements. of New York, toon rt in the i aiviowh. Neat Sunday. Mr Thompson wUI mmeuho hia pastoral taliors in the aix>*v church. The Turf. I'lKTttuua CouBha, I. 1 ?Thottitu?July 4?Pun V; mile Wats, hen three in five. in hucuca*. r Huge entered blk g. Mask Jack.... ..... lilt Neb.onvater.dg h John Hudii 12 11 Time 2:6ff?2:Kt?2:4#?*. ?. Pabii Uo .?A trotting match for f 1.040. mile heat a, ta igonn? ?ag( u and driver to w? igh J60 lb#.? came off tween two bay gvhliuga. named True John and Ueorga, >ned by private gentlemen of I booh pan which wa* ttlvd in one hvnt, True John di-tauciin; the other (iidily. in 2:48. \ a?oa Cevaev. L I ?July 4.?A ewcapdahe for PM a* announced between g g Prank b. g Troy, and hp. i ndigo. but did not come off. lb ndigo being the only g willing toktart. the otueia paying forfeit Kami Da*.? Turee M. mile beat*, best three in In, > wagons, wagon and drivi r to w.-igh iloO lb- Therw ere lour entries, only two of which camu to tha score, he followiag le the auinmary:? u> It helplcy entered g in Lu; lliing 1 1 1 B?~?eijlcrcd Sorrel Oolt 3 2 dla Time, 34W- -2:68?2:68 Hami Dav ? Paciwo ?Puree mile beats, beat thiuw i five, in harncaa. Sit entriea?four atarted. a Mi Mann entered g g lirro 2 12 11 B entered Idk m. (iin.wrvll.i 1 2 12? wner entered l> g Aavrlcan Hoy it dia. . Austin entered b m l.ady Caa* 4 dia. Time 2 38?2.32?2:46?2:114?2:36 V Dami l>?t?Tnoivino?Match. fllN mil* heats, lA arneaa. aac Woodruff named b g Bay Star. 1 I f. Seaman named br g Brown Tom. 2 I Time. 2.M?2:58. Octnarvtur Corasi, I. I ?Taornwu?On Tuesday lat. a trotting match for )t6b4. mile beat*, beet three in *?. in barneee, drivers carry ing forty pound* oeer'eight. raine off at the alove course. betwee a Reindeer ud lloaten tiirl, which waa won by Reindeer di-iancing ha. ttinwa. f>n tlia> K.-nl .>r U at lhn fffffilffilA rt flour to thr rtarf, nl 1(H) to 70, but aftrr thr first brut. In irarv Nmiii' llii> farorltr at grratrr ndd? Thr rtM - t?kItttr Into rMwidrration thr r*tra wi iglil rnrrird by fir ilrlfM*. (> ' hrarlnrrr i'f tln> tru 'k and thr rtata at lr wrallirr thr ritili falling briskly during thr h.mta? t) I*' nI down w thr faitrrt thin moron t'uil Ihiil?Mintoo (iirt wot thr Inrlitr of lh? trark hry ?i rr rtartid nry rfi-iily. but, aftrr going a fww nil Krindrrr |(ot hioirrtf rutanglrd ?u.| krpl hltefci( until hr rrarhml tha half mikr poll Nit > with thr inarr?rhr dadu-d rood thr turn totk* uaiirr |m It In tbtity-rrfrnmriindr. four or Dtc Irsntkl Jo ail of thr It' ll!inn , ami. on thr bin katrrtob oprnt-4 . (m|> f t fifty or itaii yariir bhr parard thr htlfmilr riti' In 1 in tin thr liiwrr turn. Krindrrr arttlrd, n<t ibaid in thr marr TrrT fart. and. a< hvhi ar w nai'lnd tin honir?trrtrh. In- niakr a itallant bunt Phr tnarr ahi ut half way up thr rtrrtrb. brokr up but nat frry llttlr by thr arrid< nt Thr drifrr of Rnndmr hin l?gan ur>ng htr whip, whlrh hr app'ird unpaiingl) and thr g'ldiug wrnt away frtun It flonty, liming thr marr rrrry rt? p At thr drawgalr thr tnarti gam up and t?rf.irv rhr raeofrfrd Krindrrr war it trr *l?s I Thr drifrr of thr marr harinir n.? whl|s inil rrrf ii|t thr ucrrrrity of r.rnirlliing t. urp- hrr aloof aafrr. bad rrronrwr to hlr bnotr. w| Irh hr uwd rnrr! tionlly until lir rroarrd thr arofw. winning thr h?al by i m rk only. Krindrrr brokr up about frrty yarda from hr rland. and Iraar rould not g.t Inui d"?ti until lha |iol war t ararii Ttmr. J 8A V AoW I ho/.?lb dglng on thr part of Ihr ba?krra of trlodrrr and twi nty to Oft no offrtrd on thr marr "I r liomra wm* rtarti d wrll, but brfoiy thr marr rrlrS~ il thr draw pair rhr brokr up, and. In thr ifTral ann-ty f bir Orlrrr to makr up hrr lor-ra. rhr had a urnrrrh>n if hruulf . f hp i ml cf tin hi-nt vltii'h rnanltiul in K>>r wing ilUliMrd. It r<H|ulrc? an nprrtrni'M whip to rl*< lhi? ?wrf, ami ?r nonlj mlilw h< r otanr n*v*r to ?ato.h hor again url?-a lllram Woodruff hold* th? rlfe?>u?. It I* ?rry doubtful h?wr??r ?tirih? f prm with liram ah* rould t? at K? Indoor. an hi i* now going Irltnlior trofti d ti ry flm-ly around on thia h?at, nownr n aking fn in hogiiiuing to mil making th? inil>- In Im L li ning i? the utnmary ? pair Woodruff n a tin ?1 ch g lb-indoor 2 I Mr. Kaymomi mumd h in II -ton lltrl 1 dt* Tlmo. U'-S-2 86 Hovrmrnta of IHatlngMlahort IndlrltoaU II. balawh, Now York ; 1> Klllot. I'hlladidpbla ; O. lark. Iiii-inn; K Buckingham. Lon.lon, II Murray, kwifi) M Hay and lady Ni w York, woro among tka irmalr at tho I'nion I'la llntol f Hlti hoi oh. \p? Harm, J Cb?* MrrjInJ i C. Andrew. llaltim >ro , T Law, IVnnaylvam*, ' Burkloy, rpool, A I'limnu-v- lliorria. II Wolf* Kl.rila, Hill M lb) ml. la Albany. war* among tbo antral* (or i rday at tho Aator lh n?f line W L. Many. Albany . Tfcnddma Storm* and ro | b. w I'l'iimylr una; Hon .lohn C. Iwtlton I, Haiti no ro ; I? IV C. Tboiii|-< ii. San I rant i-ro; I, May liar it Virginia , .Folin I ap?l ?y and family, I'hi Indolphia , fwtor I'aul and family, I'biladolphi* j S ball'bury. Wnrrirf.r; <1 II Roland and-ia !y Itora Ytnk; Clin C H Ffuart and family Waahlngfan, I.lout Mt-Ai.hur I f.A ; W II (liaham ami 1*1 ay, I'htlaiblpliia. Mra. Tuatotd Montrwnlj Mr? SwSat tint fan . ly. Nr? Mrlrana. Oi l John Jamoraoti, \ r |lola, won- mn rg tb* arrltala at Mm Irving tlous*. yontoiJay. ('apt Krau* M ilmington I. Kaii-a. J t! rbtor Virginia. J Tynn li.i'lana; 1C WhMo. I'lula l l| :d?. atnrrd vralriilaf at tli* Am*rt*an Hot*! P. Stordeeai and party Richmond. V*; W M Bow. il- <n f print fn lil Masa . W. t: Church.II Waft; J L. W bit. . North A.Urn a. M?? A M Fit. h tVt U; J II I U> I pa K<ckrd. lUiooi*. |>r K A Thnttap, l\?n?ma. .loatph Horn and ltd;. Ililtiium-, (lea K Untghty, i in< inrati llrv K A Mill-r t\ . r tier Mu .1 K .!> hasten North l'?r hnn were among thu .arm*!. at tit* Howard Hotel yc?t?Ttla j Hon A. Swift, Ohio; Hon .1 W Oary hnuMin*. W 1. ("apron l.ouonana Or I. I. R. Knot. fbiUhlphK. II M Williams, I'ttraburgb. Capl Uiyrn pack ? hi|i Columbia, W Uibbon#. l<ond< o, Mr Ito/l- d> ; Mr l,<wta do ; Mr Pwtson, Washington; Munn A .n?U ("Molina wtro aiuong the arrival* yaatcrjay at the L'h?t< n Hotel An old missionary among (he rharokeas nawja i T>?n**t P Kiitr a ?llod ?! Owiglit Mi"! n In (no Nation >n tbi'Mh l.nn* Ho hail >?-r*ad amongth" lr, thirty f at and la an id to liaro 1 -ft aiourtg I,la |> ?|? kg n blrtt i'/ ' lb'- Cbrrohcr. nU- b U to la pi.ia.Mhnl

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