Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1851 Page 3
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ZMTBmxuiszxro XiBttshs. I Owr flitwi|M Correspondence. * (J kanaka he Nicaragua, June 4, 1H31. I 37it Common Feeling against Americans?Ignorant Condition of the People?Imjiri.sonment of Americans and Attendant Ctrcumdanees?The AIartier of Mr.Maynard?Want of an American Consul? 'Jhe Canal Company?Casualty and Loss of 4rc, frc. There is always heartfelt joy among the Aineri cans hereon the arrival of the ILrald, and it is read -and re read till the reading matter is nearly obliterated. Before arriving in this country, in November last, I was led t > believe the people were most hospitable and well disposed towards Americani; but { soon learned to the contrary. I even supposed they Were partially enlightened, and knew something of the arts and sciences, but 1 was equally disappointed; for since the times of the old Spaniards, they have been retrograding as fast as a mixture of Spanish, Indian and negro blood can impel them. Living in a country which naturo has lavishly supplied with all the necessaries of life, and fruits of the choicest ami richest kinds?abounding in nuinirals and useful metals, precious woods, and various kinds of medicinal productions? with a soil second .A nnna fnw ltd>. ?.wl ? II! ? v v ?. ?- wumvwb, -?M ?* viiuitanv w'juai uug tuut of "sunny Italy," they have been, and still are, going rapidly to decay. A stranger, on entering tho country, is immediately struck with the picture of ruin on every hand. Old haciendas, or plantations, overgrown with weeds and trees?churches dismantled, with perhaps a miserable mud hovel stuck in one corner, that has not been included in the general ruin, and the roals unworked, and even the streets, in some of the principal towns, torn by tho 'devastations of war and the elements. Tne city of l^eon, the very heart and centre of Nicaraguau refinement and civilization, is the focus of destruction and slothfuloess. Here arc congregated the President and the government?the army, whose bayo- ' nets support it, with tho bishop, and the higner functionaries of the church. Here the aristrtracv dwell, and here is what may bo called the Paris and Xondon of Nicaragua. 1 Before the entranco of tho Americans into the t Country, the only money current amongst them was {Spanish and l"kiuth American coin cut into pieces , ol from three to twenty-live percent in value, with a few gold pieeeB from the mint in Costa Rica, which, ' at present, ore refused by everybody. Trade was carried oo by a system of barter, which is still con- ' vinued to a great extent. I Arts and sciences they have none. Evon the ( 'most common articles of use are of the roughest and ( -mesh-primitive kind. Tho plough consists ol a crook ed stick pointed with iron. j Although they are so many centuries behind tho | Test of mankind?although they huve no commerce, < i no manufactories, no treasury, no system of war, or even of defence?though they have no hoalthy cede of laws, nor any of tlie attendant benefits uUll ' from such a system, but are left subject to internal commotions and attacks from without; still they ' view with a jealous eye the introduction of Auieri- J cans amongst thein. Tho very people who will, if j favored at all, snatch them from oblivion, and give f them a rank among the nations of the earth, are , disliked. It is almost impossible to account for this , transition of friendship, which Mr. Squierhas said | so much ubout, to a feeling of almost hatred. They ^ cirtainly have never received cause from the Auic- t ricans, and foreigners (as they are all classed under the head of "Americans") Tho oauso inust lie ( with the disseminators of opinion, tho ruling power . of the few in authority, combined with the priests { who are constantly filling their ears with tales of re- ^ ligion ; and, as they believe all heretics will bo eternally lost to heuven, think we are no better than so many brutes, who have no feeling and are tho J nf C...I A V nntnA ?i nil ? u r.. synonymous. and as such should receive 110 respect or sympathy from them. There are, it is truo, some | bright and redeeming characters to be met with, but they ate belated, and their iuilucnce is small compared to tbe mass. It is rt ally dangerous for an A merican to walk the streets at night, uidtss he go armed, and even their insults extend to broad daylight. A friend of mine was met in the street a lew dayi since by a native, who flourished a muchete about his head? a large knife which the working class always carry with them. According to the penal code, published in English, the currying of side arms less than three feet in length is prohibited. yet the natives always carry knives and inackcitt with impuuity. ."Several instances have occurred where Americans have hud their t nuns tuken firm them, and tines of $15 each iih]M>sed upon them, in February lust, two men, .Messrs. Colby and Robinson, were thrust into prison amongst felons and thieves of the worst class, for a disturbance thut took pluce on the lake shore. They wer.c fluid $15 each, and their pistols taken from tbcm; still they were kept in durance vile without the shadow of u trial, or even a hearing, until tbe subject aroused the Americans, who sent a petition to the Judge of the First lus'.uucc, rcluesting a speedy trial, and if innocent of the charge I hut they should be liberated. The petition, mo-1 respectful in form and speech, was signed by -tventy-eight men. It was rejected, on the'ground that it was not written in .^punish; secondly, no |a'tition can be received unless in political caies, and signed by only live persons; but the Judge would iiilorm tbe Americans of Granada, that they could uui in iiivcviii^s, a.-* uc UAU ucaiu mat iiuc/ Lad threaten* d taking ilie uieu out of the prison.? They insy kill two or three of us?perhaps half of the towu, Lut they can never leavo the country alive." ."Hieh wa- the language ol lh<-gtav c judge, wbo, the second day following this bombastic threat, tehared the two men without a bearing. A lew evenings since, a l>o;tor K. was sitting on the steps ol' bis hoarding bouse, conversing with a friend, when u native drew a kutu on bin. but bo luckily dodged the blow, atid the felloe uiado Lis cs'upe in the dark. There was not the least sign of provocation, as the man wa> perfectly u lknown to him. 'J he taint gentleman am out a to 1 a poor man's aim which wo nearly jut ell by a blow from n mm kite during a light, and at'ended hitn about sux wveV.s, till ho completely rccivir d. when the authorities of the town sent lor Iniu and demanded to know if he hid n license to practice inedioino in the country, inlortning him he had made himself liable to a lino of (i25. lie informed tbom he Old not intend making any charge, hut attended the man for the sake of suffering humanity, knowing beforehand thut he would never receive one ccut for his services; when tiey expressed themselves as tgrcutly obliged to him, thanked bun in the name ol the ."Hate, and bowed him out of the room. The treatinint towards Americans does not s'svp k at insults, but extends to robbery and murder. \ ou have heard of the death of Mr, Maynard, who was personally known to me, and the at tick upon his companions, one of whom they loft for dead in the road. I noticed a -ininun icat i?n in the //ni/7, over the signature of Mr ><|uier, thinking that u< h cannot he the ease ; that there must oeriainty lie some mistake in the matter. We . innot call this peculiar feeling of that gentlem in towards these people by any other tame than gratuitous and undeserving charity. There are two gentle men ii pn.-vni in ir.e tiitne nouo tout. i i n, wao |( Were knocked from their horae* at dillerent titaifa. , n.d one ot them robbed of all hie m ney. Although , the murderer I of Mr. Maynard hn e been arretted, j, ii id their k utlt proved, nothing ha* been done with c ibrni, altuough we were informed taey were to j have keen thot, long eince, in I*eon. Beaidea these instance* ot intrigue and murder c<'tiimtlU-d uj >n ^ i M Hum m4 property if Auirii m 111 aa, otMfi could be adduced, if mkimt; ; hut 1 have already ? extend Ml thk to a great length, I, There are but t'e * Americana a: present In tho conn- ? tiy. and they ail lock to each other for protection. j. ftill, we ate left alone, without a perron to repre- .. nt ua, not eien a consul. If w, are insulted, v robbed, or imprisoned for a fancied grievance, we ? have no one to look to for redrese. If oar citizen* v re murdered, we bate no one to hear our corn- i fl plainta, and demai dofthif weak and paatllaninioiu | yuvernmmt that the gntltT one* rhail meet their tuat rewaida We are liable at any time to I e be?et by a bund of cut-throat*, in the o.'rut of a re- j, volution, and have our property desfr ,ye J and ear- ], lied ofl ; atill, we have no one to look to who will ,, ay, The got eminent which 1 represent will pro- j, t. you " ? We are looked upon a* a party of adventurer* who have no fixed Lome, probably discarded by our goieminent, and that we name from (| a pleoc called Id Norte. What thai place ia ? .? what it* power, wealth, and rwourcee are, j, a a thing of which they Lave not the slighteat idea. M Our government ia loaing what little credit and dignity it ever po- cased here, aimply for the wnnt of a representative What ia t ongrea* doing, that it v canon i:i?< a nine attention to tbi* part of the .. world T rarely, it* interest* are not so tnognilioant, w >r the Atn? rioan |*>oi.|e *<> p.-orlv represented by |> vhat h" thorn tire here, as to lose nil considers tion. .An Knglisbinan in thin country never re- cj rei\tr mi insult, if he i* Known to i>? auch, a? the MHO of < hettielil I* in the mouth o( all. He i? ? looked ufion a* n iui enmturnl b'lng, or nome great , , monstrosity, but still tho nnine carries with it re- J "ject Why i* thin ! ' or the simple faet that the (| chip of England lire looking into every haven and took of the coast, and her agent* look to the in- .i teteati of her rubjeet*. If an hnglishman ha* a grievance, redress is immediately demanded, nnd iu it refu.-od, the 8tate i* instantly thriatened with the bro*d-iilee of her men-of-war. There certainly .ever was mere need ofa government agent than in ' his country at the present time. I hone (Vongre** (t tin > made *ome provision for it, or wili do as before ,|( th/acaaion expiree. i I here are other aahiecta tranapired and tran<?b-- h( r print, us a oonaul or charge d'affaires ia the only 0 e to attend to it. This is the commencement of the rainy aeaaon, altogether the pleaaanteat time of the year, as it seldom raina in the day time. Nearly every nigtit we have a shower During the months of M ?y, June, and July, the crops are put in the grouuil; but corn, 1 am informed, will grow any time between the months of May and October. The weather here is not so hot us many suppose it is. 1 have often suffered more in New Vork with the heat than I have here. The nights are delightfully cool and inviting to sleep, and during the day a pleasant breexe is always stirring. We are all in tho dark here as respects the canal company. The only thing we know is, that a steamer has been sent out; also, a party of engineers, who have surveyed and cut a road from a point on the lake, called Virgin Hay, to San Juan del 8ur, on the Pacific, including a distance ofubout twenty miles. Tho road is good, with some trilling exceptions; but the port of San Juan is miserably adapted to be made the terminus of the great work, being very small, and exposed on the southwest directly to the ocean, i am surprised that a party 1 of rncD, with Col. Childs at thoir head, should have adopted that for a transit route. Mr. Horn, the agent of the company, has published a notice stating that the route will be ready for the transit of passengers on the 1st of July. On Thursday, tho 28th ult , a Mr. David Nelegin, of New Orleans, was knocked overboard by the boom of the sloop John Mitchell, and was drowned. The poor man had lost the use of his arms by rheumatism, and could not swim. All efforts to save niiu proved useless. tie icit a very amiable wile und family, in New Orleans, to mourn his loss. OnsKitvga. ' Our IVWellington Correspondence. ' Washington, July 7, 1851. Politics of the Day?Visit of a Pennsylvania Whig Delegation?Breakers ahead?The Gardiner Claim? The Claim vyon Portugal in the Case of the Shiy 1 <Jtn. Armstrong, |t. 4"r. Very little attention in the North is paid, just now 1 to the political movements in .South Carolina, and i to the corresponding organizations in Georgia t Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas; but * tluy will result, before two years are over, in one of two things?either in the election of a President o the United States upon a Southern platform, or in ? combination which, before we are prepared for it wilt boldly strike out into tho experiment of a j Southern confederacy Tho Northern whig party 1 seems to be wilfully blind to these things, or inconceivably stupid not to porceive them. Tho administration is in a better position for a better judgment, and the speeches of the President, ] ind Mr. Secretary Stuart, at tho 1'redericksburg 1 iirirer, show that they have ceasod to suppose this l Southern cry of secession a mere humbug; and that hey uro earnestly solicitous about the safety of the Union, notwithstanding tho compromises of 1850. Tho speeches of Mr. Webster iudicate the same nisgivings. There would be no use in his repeated i; exhortations to maintain, if there was a universal y dfection for the Union; indeed, if the Union were jcrfectlv safe, there would be little to be gained of political capital, or public respect, in these succesdve Union speeches. There is danger yet, and it , s the more serious, from having assumed a form of . systematic co-operation in the South already. If ho Presidential election does not break up this -outhcrn conspiracy, it will extend and strengthen, intil it is strong enough to convene a Southern Jougress, and declare for a Southern confedo- 1 acy. > We look, therefore, upon th? approaching State 1 dertions in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, as Mfscssed of higher interest, and as involving maters of deeper moment, than all the elections in all be other States put together. If tho abstract right >f secession is carried in all of the aforementioned " states, or in any one of them, with a formidable * ninority in the others in favor of sustaining the c| ight to secede as a theoretical Question, it will irobably be enough for South Carolina. Let V Jeorgia admit tho right?let South Carolina act K mnvi it nnrl flsssH. Arid nrliorA will ('....nfia H.? if I' he feiloral government attempts the coercion of ler neighbor 1 She will inarcn to tho support of -outh ( arolina as sure as the rising of the sun. It is highly probable that the superficial aroa ofthe <> h'niou is as large as we can venture to mike it g irith any confidence of holding it together. And ret we shall have further annexations of territory 0 the South, slavery and all, in the Union or out )f the Union, before many yeara are over, by MMMUt or hostile means, and with or without ^ he consent and co-operation or connivanoe of the ' eierul government. The cotton crop of the South is worth $10(1,000,000 1 year, it is produced by sluve labor. South 'arolina, (Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, I Mississippi, and Arkansas are the principal cotton <pr< during States. The top and bottom of their political system is the preservation of their existing >ystem of slavery. In the Union or out of it, they uuit stund together. South Carolina understands n t. She sees tLxt if sho moves, the cotton pro. iucing States around her must come to the rescue die is alienated. She is, in everything but the A onus, out of the Union already. The Southern flections of this summer and fall uiay sufiice for her purpose- With a hint that tbey are ready, she wili * itrikc. The consequences may readily be conjee- , ured And yet the Northern whig party aro b naking friends with abolitionism ana free soil, as f the South, alter submitting to the loss of Caliortiia, were impotent, broken, powerless, and aor.ile, and would submit to anytbtne. While we are gratified at the sober and sensible iew of tbin subject eotertained and expressed by ' be Aduiiniatiat ion, wc rruiark, with the most natu al misgivings, thut all the movements of the whig arty in the North are calculated to widen the irtath between the two sections of the I nion, and he two tccticDS of the party, the Northern and the h Sruthcrn. In l'ci.n.>yl\ania, in Vermont, in New I \ ork, and cej>eci*lly in t>hio, the otticial action of be whig party in unsatisfactory, if not aolually iirnacing and in.?ultirg to the Miutb, and the whiga f the M ulh. It appears an manifest an the satis- ,, action of Reward & t o , that the policy of the K Sort hern whig party for 1KS2, ia to runtieueral -eott an a Northern whig candidate upon a North>rn platform, abandoning all expectations or calouationa of a ninglo Mate south of Pennsylvania We m v thin in a matter of alarm; because it ia n tieat Northern inovt incut to alienate 11 ml <letn;li ( lie N>utli fiom the Union, l>y an ignoble depend- , rice upon a mere Northorn majority. Though not ikily, it ia |ainnible, that nucb a policy in the cauiaigh of 1K>2 may succeed. Hut if it doea succeed, t will, pcrhapn, be well to have a military man at be head of affairs. < The movement in Pennsylvania, at the I-aiica^tcr 'oinrniion, ban rcsilud inthc desire, on the part of he ailuiinistration whiga, to know whut they think ' if M-ott here in Wanbington. A few days ago, ac- ,, ord ngly, Mr. .lotiah itandall, Mr. Mnator < ooper, iid Air. llampton, of Pittsburg, came here to iu[uire into the matter; and, we believe, they ure nil in town. Hut from all that has leaked out, the 'resident is muni, or indiflcrcnt, or neutral, or does V <>f care a button about it. and intend* to hate no- ? hitk to ray not to do in the Pennsylvania State lection next i >etobcr. If the whig* succeed, well nd good ; if they do not succeed, it will iwrhspi bo fill better. At all event*, tbe administration doo< j, ot w isb to he considertd as aiding and abetting |. >e Coepcr clique ngnirst Iho Lewis and Lei in I que, or rift txrun. They must manage thi* usmer* auioi.g themselves. I'n; privately and oiilidtntiaily, we take the liberty to sny, that he ditrat ol Johnston would be regarded, in ? his bailiwick, a* a victory < f the administration, tnd *! should 1,01 In- in the least surprised it John- (ton received st-iuethiig coi.-olerablr lets than hi* \> imjority of tim e but drcd and loity in lelft, when e was lacked up by ail the glory of Old Zack, i d nil the pre -pe t? of incrc*e< .1 protection. If he i elected, the Administration must look to tbe ontb, ai d to the policy ot' a Union ticket for the ?i rth nnd South, ug.iinst -V ilt, tree soil see-ionIn in, and against the eoniidete aln nation of the outturn Males from the I nion. which most reult frt ui the sutccss of a purely Nor .hern ticket. ') l.t nniuc of tlcn. N-oit is a tower ol strength iiheN'oith. It will take a powerful ticket to re- T< lit liiin; hut the free soil auspices under which he Tl i brought forward, if not set a-ide for a more en- 11 irgtd, libcial, and national policy, will he disasreus in their tendencies to the restoration of the atmony of the Union; disastrous to an extent for h ch the incredulity of Northern fanaticism i* not id it pan d. ,h tun. ,wcott is, no doubt, general enough to soo ist to surrender hi* |K>sition in tbe Nortu without ny equivalent gain in tho South, ho would be a >ol. Wo do not cxpcct bitn to -urretider it; but we .. i| l o?c be will adhere to it, and let tbe South go i th?y please, depending upon tho majority in the orth to do the business in the wr? teeth of ?h,. I ?. -/ ?" A I nuth. If Hie ekitioo ?f 1852 i* carried upon n ich a platform, omi third ol the Southern States Ut ill prot>nbly be wishing before the campaign of The (lardiner claim has only ceased to be the exte incut troni the absence of newdiscloiurci on the ihjirt. We ui.<lrr>taml the President intends to (')t ml down to San Litis I'utosi a cominir ion to inlire into the fuels of this singular case a thing bieh ought to have been dene by the comuiissioiis upon a claim for fl.tMi OtKi in the very beginng, lor the sake of appearances, if for nothing E' re. Autong the arrivals here lately, I notice that of Ir. Samuel V. Keid, jr., of Louisiana, who has ,. mo to look after the (.frn. Armstrong claim " gainst the government of Portugal As the great icitcmrnt about this claim haa died away sue ctw ral Taj lor ordered the fleet off the Tagus to T< wand it, its position haa been loat sight of A te treaty, however, pror idea that thia claim shal nr > arbitrated by some friendly power. I'ortuga is named Swtdrn, and the WmtcVStatcs, France "" Ai soon as Portugal ratifies the treaty, which has been sent out by our Charge at Lisbon for that purpose, a commission will be made up for its arbitrament. Mr. Iteid is a young lawyer of New Orleans, of great energy of character. By the late New Orleans papers, it appears he has been solicited to run for Congress in his district. The government may rest assured however, that he will not let this claim rest until ultimate provisioii is made for its payment. i he Intrlligtnrtr and lirpulJir have at last come out with Mr. Webster's Fourth of July oration, after having had it "promptly revised," as they say. The revision, however, amounts to the addition of a paragraph or two, and no more, as can be seen by c< m|>ariiig the oration as published in the Htrnii, of July 5, with the "revised copy," as published here | July N, in the old sleepy organs. They were wait- \ ine for a "revise." that is to sav. " over the l?f. " i Tiie fiirt in, lifter finding the oration in the I If nil I, in iid\ance of them, the organs, like the New York Wull street journals, thought there must have been some conjunction or legerdemain in the business; and it took them two or three days to be persuaded of the astounding fact, that a speech delivered here on the Fourth could bo puolished in New York on tho fifth. Every once in a while the Uauld has to wake them up. New York Congressional IMstrtcts, WITH TlIK COPULATION AND VOTE IN EACH FOR GOVERNOR, IN NOVEMKEK, 1850. I'lKST nisi HU T. Population Hunt, Seymour, per Census (1KAif.) (Item) of I860. Suffolk 1778 2.308 30.820 .jiu-eus 1,733 2.099 36.832 Itiehniond 010 842 15.060 Kings (except ISroukiyn nil Williamsburg).... 410 578 11.203 Total 4,840 5,825 09,087 Democratic majority, 985. Ski ONI! DISTRICT. Brooklyn City 6.187 4 606 96.850 Whig majority, 582. THIRD DISTRICT. 1st ward, N Y. city 590 835 19,755 !d do., do 331 441 6.416 id do., do 1.105 690 10.355 >th do, do 1.071 940 22 691 ith do., do 1708 1,431 34,413 Total 4 808 4.337 93.630 Whig majority, 471. I FOURTH DISTRICT. 4th Ward. N. Y. city 345 1,381 23,350 61 h do,. do 360 1.163 21.699 1 0th do., do 1.202 1.187 23,316 1 4th do., do 620 1.341 25,206 < Total 2.527 6.0T2 96.571 I Democrat ic majority, 2,545. i H?'TH DISTRICT. I 1th Ward, N.Y. city 1,148 1.583 43.772 5th (10., do 1,684 880 22.564 7 th do., do 1685 1,621 43.780 Total 4,417 4,081 110,110 Whig majority, 333. SIXTH DISTRICT. 7th Ward, N. Y. city.... 1.490 1,363 32 097 3th do.. do 1.002 1,045 28,244 t'Uliamsburg city 1,147 1,038 30,786 Total 3,619 3.446 91.727 Whig majority, 193. SKVr.NTH DISTRICT. Bth Ward, N. Y. city.... 1,870 1,679 40.675 6th do , do 1,679 1,686 62,887 Total 3,649 3,364 93 562 Whig majoritya184. EIOHTH DISTRICT. 2th Ward, N. Y. city..., 382 421 10,453 8th do., do 1,359 1,046 31,557 9th do., do 796 688 18,463 Total 2,539 2.155 60,473 Whig majority, 384. This district comprises the upper part of New York laud, and is rapidly increasing in population, so that it ill doubtless soon be the most populous district in the ity. Ninth District. ' i'estchester 3,437 3,810 48.267 < oc Aland 685 1.399 16.965 ] utnam 795 1 ,254 14.144 j Total 4 917 6,403 89 366 ' Dtrnt'cralic majority. 1.540. j TENTH UIRTBICT. range 3.638 1,188 67.164 < Lilt van 1,781 1,817 25.090 ? Total 5,419 6,005 82.254 ? Democratic majority, 686. I El.1.11.NTH DIBTBICT. f later 4.063 4.662 68.406 t Ireene 2.607 2.828 33.124 ^ Vr.?*l A ATA T ABA f? ABA 1 Dtmocratic majority, hlO TWKL?'TII DI9THK T. >utclie<a 6 074 5,224 58.904 oluuibia 3.704 3.781 4a.U>4 Total 8,870 0,015 101,096 I>timrralit majority, 136 iintui5rN PirratcT. Irnaaeiaer -6,080 6,010 73.435 W big majoilty. 331. rut aTit9Tii DirraitT. ibany 7,42b 0,461 93.207 W lug majority, 006. , rit-TKCKTN nirraicr. raahtaflM 4,186 2.781 44.751 i'afwm 1,130 loot) 17.169 I a unit nil 140 200 2,188 < aratoga 4,326 3.0.18 45,020 < Total 9,767 8,016 100,718 \ W big majority, 872. | aiiTKr.iTH MaraiCT. '***X 2518 1.036 :il,203 linton 2,044 2.230 40,054 1 ruukiin 1,600 1.711 ii.lU ' ToUl 6,062 6677 04,373 I M lug majority. M I ai:?anti i.itm ottrail t, I I l.avri oep 3.481 4.895 43.034 | Lrrkimar 2,Mi 4,064 38.267 TbUl 6,329 8,949 101 301 ! iH-mitratic majority. 2 620 IIVMTI.IMM DISTaitT. ulton 2107 2101 20,168 I loutgi nnry 3.020 2 126 31.013 < iu iii ciady 1.732 1.462 90.057 cbobario. 2,831 3432 3,1.63d | Total 0,600 0,620 106,644 >1 big majority. 70. MntTMNTM nimauT. WfM9 4 55.1 6.026 1171m 'ilaaari- 3,673 2,784 30,872 Total 7 006 7 811 88.618 I Whig majority, 06. j ImMb "f.MB 8-3* W'1' l)i ?uocr?Uc maji-rtty l.OfK i latMt-ria-r mhwt. ] lunar ro ii.T4 i 4 048 40..-1 n. mi" 2tml 2.W* .'lU.titW < urtlaniit 2?>3 MM *** Total oTu 8.714 88,'Wl I iHuueratic majority. it. t?Mltl-IKW? (intKT. I tallica a;i7? 3.441 43.081 , h?,>0 3.814 4.7HO 6S.IM | Tot.! 7~W2 *?? 105 331 | iHinorratir majority. 017. TWMtt-IHIID IHITIK T. t"i r- n 4.800 .'>.784 08.156 J Mb l.ein MM 81.470 I Tctil MS 7.70? 82.738 | I>i tin ciatir majority. 1.237. 4 t?? air-rot am warairr. , j n ndara 6 ?10T Si.MO j j lii no cratic majority. 427. larait-rtttlt Mrrattr 4 fco-t 4.728 54,489 i ay or 4 t*u .".h?7 4?.9??7 r T.lal 8 MS KM 100.446 , V l?* majority. 837. tiitH Diaiatrr. 1.1 arii 4.IKM 2.717 MR 1 l a-. .. 1 wt 2 lo t 34 442 1 at. a I.W 2.068 20 5!?0 > Total 7,033 (.I'M WI.00V 71 hi* maji nty. 844 laraii-rntatamuiit. 4 miikinr 33?44 3474 38.748 1 813 2.336 2421*4 . ii 1,876 2,011 ? tW ' Total 7~334 0 418 MW I>? mi rratio majority, 1.1M ] T?RRT1-RICMTM MITRIrT ringainti .1.967 2,564 40.887 ] ? uU n 4 423 5.175 64.766 ? Total 6.390 7,739 104.672 I * big majority, ft>1. ! J Y??:RTT-niWTfl OlMRtfT * otirop 6.7 It t.179 87,834 14 Mg majority. 1.5'i6 | TltlRTllTII OIHTRI. ? 1 1 l'RRUy 3,640 3.106 Tff.tM) * ymiing 2.7*6 J.1U 66.143 " mfpp 3.049 1.681 2?..r>.'8 Total 9,088 6,850 98.541 * 14 l.ig majority 1MIRtr-l IR?T OIRTRH T. ! I fur* 3.80'' 2.86 42.221 1 ban* 2 636 2 491 69.494 > *< Total 6,944 6 077 79,6*1 14 li'g nmj irlty, Nt7 b T?iiRtr-?n ?mpoirrRi( t. ' at ! 6.866 6 356 101 1U 44 log majority. 1.4401 _ THIRTf TMtRn MfTRK T. ,i lRUftufjiH' 4.766 2 368 6*i,#2l ? ittaraugUR 3 956 2.775 38.91J J Total. 7.721 0.108 ? 14 hi* majority, 1,618 E 4al?14 big dVtriota 3I> Dp mop ra tip da 1 p, At tho rlrrttofi laat fall, in tha 34 t:nngr-?? 4Mrii t* ? portion to thp laat appnrti?nnipnt, tWrr ? ** If atalg* id 17 d? wwiti dMUi J tSlM2lL.ah Ul.kctkicai. pmcnoatknon at Nkvv Vnurumu, Mass.?The New Bedford Mercury publishes A communication from u gentlemen of that city, giving *n account of a singular electrical phenomenon which occurred at hie residence on the evening of the 5th inst. lie was seated in hU library, loading, when his wife cauie iu and seated herself in a rocking chair at the other end of the table. Finding the solar lamp a little too far from her, she drew ttie chair over the carpet towaris the table, partially raising herself in the chair, but not getting entirely out of it. The instant the chair moved, an explosion took place, exceedingly sharp and as loud us a Chinese cracker. He wassiinewhat alarmed by it, aua the alarm was increased by an exclamation from his wife thut she was hart in the band The tirst thought was til it some one had thrown a cracker into the window. Hut the window was closed. Upon taking the eyes from the book, a luminous body, about the size and ncurly the shape of the tluiue of a candle was seen Moating in the air, and moving to vards the opposite side of the room. It hud neurly reached tno partition when first seen, and when it hid reached the wall it appeared to sink down behind the sofa, where it disappeared. The color of the body was a bluish white. It wat seen with greut distinctness, so that its shape and coior were accuruieiy ueieruiineu. i no room was filled with a pungent odor, whoso character conveyed the impression that both woollen cloth and sulphur were burning. It was uiuch the strongest at the spot behind the sofa where the meteor expired. Upon removing the sofa, two or three minutes after the explosion, the smell was so strong as to be highly otl'eusive. It was as powerful as that which accompanies the ignition of a match. It was thought that the carpet was on fire. The hand of Mis. U. was found to have been burned near the knuckle of the forefinger. The spot was ubout as large us a dime, aud fur a while was exceedingly painful. It was much discolored and swollen. It remains a dark purple, and painful to the touch. It was thought possible that some explosive article or material might have been introduced into the room. Every part of the room was carefully examined, but nothing was found to give any plausibility to such a supposition. When it was over nothing was to be seen but the dark spot upon tho wounded hand. The wiiter finds it ditfioult to disconnect this incident from the extraordinary, if not (to us) unprecedented, tempest of Thursday night and Friday morning, lie caunot counter them by any chain of scientific reasoning, but may be allowed to remark, that it would not be strange, after such a wonderful exhibition of the potency and activity of the electric foices, if we should observe somo unusual minor manifestations of the same extraordinary power, lias it not been mentioned that in certain nouses in New York, the carpets become, at times, so charged with electricity, that they communicated shocks to persons passing over them 1

The last Tkaoeioy at Lvnchbi ro, Va.?We are called upon this morning to record another most painful tragedy, occurring between gentlemen who may almost be considered citizens of this place. The circumstances which caused it, however, being of the most delicate nature, we shall allude to them only in so far as may bo necessary to make intelligible the sal termination of the affair. < >a -Sunday evening lost, about dirk. Dr. Lorenzo D. Willintnfl. inn a f Inn tvi William* vnairlin t? iii j! across the river, on the Amherst side, eloped with the eldest daughter, agedahout nineteen, of Cupt. llichanl G. Morris, who also lives immodutely over the river, with tho purpose of marrying her. The couple, ncoompanitd by one of W.'s brothers, and a Mr. hduiuud Hill, took tho Charlottesville route for Washington citv. The family of the young lady, getting wind of the elopement accidentally, in a short tune after it occurred, Cupt. Morris and his son ; Kxhard G., prepared immediately for a pursuit. They overhauled tho runaways in ( harlotttsville, they having been disappointed in meeting a ready conveyance from that place. The daughter was concealed in tho hotel, but the father and brother got possession of her, and then had Williams and his party bound over in the sum of a thousmil dollars each. Both parties left for home, and on Tuesday evening they put up accidectnlly at the same hotel, in lovingdon. N'elson county. When Williams'party and poung Kicbard Morrii were seated at the supper :able, opposite to each other, some indignity was jffertd young Morris by tho other party, when ho blew his plate into the face of Williams. Morris, Williams, and 11 ill then eomuiunced a general hooting, which resulted, after some eight or ten ounds, in the death of young Morris and of Hill, ind it is said of the mortally wounding of Dr. Williams. Young M. was shot in the body by Williams' brother llobert. Hill was shot by Morris in the centre of the breast; and Williams was shot by bitu in tno side or back. When this >ccurrencc took place the father and daughter were n their room up stairs. A message was forthwith lispitcbed to the families of tho parties, and they irrivcd here at an early hour yesterday morning, i'ho nows of so dreadful a tragedy of course created die greatest excitement and regret in this community. As to the feelings of the unhappy families involved, whose cup of grief has boon perhaps forsver iiubittered, we shall not attempt a description. Language would he inadequate to tho task.? l.ymhliurgh (I a.) lirjniMoun, JtJi/'.l. Mkssaok ok Gov. CaLHoi n, ok Nkw Mkxk o ? ' overuor Calhoun, of New Mexico, delivered hi." Srrt message to the Legislature, which couiootd it Santa he on the 2d uit. It ia brief, and confined to the affairs oi the territory. We quote the following passives relative to peone and free negroes, lie says:?"The relation.* between master.* and peons should be distinctly defined, and each should understand their respective obligation.*, and appro- j priate remedies for a violation of them, upon the I art of cither, should be provided. Free negroes aie regarded as nuisances in every St xte and Territory in the I nion, and where tncy arc tolerated rociity is most degraded. 1 trust the Legislature will pass a law that will prevent their cntratee into this territory. The disgusting degradstion to which society issuhjected by their presence, is obvious to all. and demands a prohibitory act of the severest character." lit gnrding certain property in Santa Fe claimed by the Csth die ( hutch, and seized soino years ago, ai d since used by the military government, he says It is perfectly evident that the uiililiirv church in this city was designed tor the u-o of the Catholic clergy in their ministrations with the military community and otbeis. and it appears to, me the Lcgltlature should not hesitute a moment in restoring the church propt rty here alluded to to those who rlr uld rightfully enter it for tho purpose of aJministeiirg the rites of the Catholic Church. This may In accomplished by an *ct of the Legislature. I further recoinmend the Legislature to memorialise I'orgrcs* on this subject, and ask that body to relinquish all claim they may |>oss?fs to the Catholic jlergy now resident in this territory. This course. I << nrcive, will he ,ius! mini proper, und will avoid ill litigation, m,d'|Ulet utiiiojuncc that uiuy uot be Othemi'e escaped. 1Tc.-j?i ti? c the 1'ucLla Indians, (.iorernorC. thus 'penks:?"It if|erb:ips advisable t<> pass an act Mitliorising the extension tf the laws of this territory )\?r the 1'uetlo Indians within its holders, wlpiaitg their extmsion to sin li period us ma/ le ntrrs.-ary to con iilt the government of the I tilted states in referenjc t<? the polisy to be par* itied with these Indians. That polity should not lie dieturbed In the meantime, however. 1 recommend that if any one or more ol the I'ueblos should manifest a desire to abandon their separate cxist as a | oo| le. that the law? of the territory h# mneiiixtily extended oterlheui, under such regitations as you may prescribe." ThetliV I. Inenl and family. miealonarl?-? to Arrasn. -alhd i>a the Htli last In the ship Maro-lluo for Catutta. iMtWts. PAt r.KTS Ft"? HA VKE -SfcfONO MNR.-TnE rt)L. tuoina slops -ill tears Users ?a the liith, sat New rots aa wis 1st of each nsoeitA rwa Im Now York. fleers Ship ST. DKWtN Job I l*k IS I.IXU toaa burl lira. Map I Jons IS I'ollaeske,-, nuui S?pl. I Oct IS Slip ST. MCHol.AS. Feb. I MorhlS Iistltono hurt lira, Jaas I felt l( N. W. Eeeleteh, master. Oot. I Nne. IS AMp 11A I.Tl MOKK, March 1 April IS 7>S?tons hurt hen, jnIy ' Ate IS R. t>. Ceaa, mastar. Noe 1 D*?. If blpWft l.lAli TKI.U(aew) April I Mar U l.a*i tons hurt hen. A<11 1 g. pt IS Jehn SI iltaH. matter. Dec. 1 Jan. IS The? art all Srat last Nsw Tefb kails ehlpa.proeis -S erlsk II rfjatslte articles for the comfort aaS eonsoateace of pnerarera, anS oommanSeS kr men of etperlenee In lh> traSa. he pries of peonage le All*), wlthoat winee "t Honors.. GooSt >ai t? th* autmnVra will ho forwarded Iraa froa way bargee but Ihne* a<-tnelly Inearred. _ BOYD * HIRCKRN. Amu. 1*1 Pearl itrwk. CtOR SOI Til A BI'TON ANH HAVKK.-TIIE V. R NAIL " etremehip PKANKLIN. Jea A. Wottoa. 1 ?mmander, ill leaet for llarro, tearhlna at Southeast oa t<> laad the laila had paeeeaftrre, ea Saturday, July ?>, at 12 a'rloek, nni pier No 4 North rirer. I'riee of peooar*. *I5U All let m iau*t paea tliroiuh the pnat oflrr. An raprrteaoed eur>ow la attar he* to tlx ehip. for frai*l t or pn?nra. apply la NORfTMRR LIVINUATON, Agent, No. &J lltoadway. JtnR Lit KRPOOL-TUB CITT Of GLASGOW -THIS L fat twite eUmmhip will aall from Philadelphia, on Thur* ly. tli? 17th inat , at 12 e'rlnrk. The r??ular paaear** of ua ttesvehlp. and hrrelrient areoaiNndatioae. make kar a met drairahl* con?t yanre for tlmo" ahout tiaitint Europe are ia the aaloan. kin* f>ra ruble. V*I PedBengere will airorklrd aiih Railroad Tirkata b) tha areata. Pot freight'ly t? j IIOMAS Eirben** plar*. TV apl-odi l * at amaliiy 0IT1 "f HANI tl Ks fRR ill nantd the My of Cilaegow, nad aall froa Philadelphia ' 'I " "I Aupaat. J1 OR IJ VKRJ'<ViL- -d N ITF.O STATES NAIL STRAMM ij BALTIC, Cap! ft metork ? Thia ot*eiuehii> will dwirt with th? wiatla for lati'ir. poaitin-lr n? Saturday, Jala >. at II a'elork. N. from h*r berth at tha font of Caaaletreet. 0 hrrth (tenured till raid for. All Irttrra and paper* mnat ie? thr ugh th* Poot t rAre. for freight or p?"?egr. heetag aofwall** arroaawini'at.i'.fia for tlraanr* and rumf. rt. apply 1 RUN D R. COLLINA, m Wall atreef. PoaHir?lr ar. fr*t*M wdti k* roeatrrd on Vard after Thare ?y eieninr. Jwlf IT Th* ?t. am*r PACIFIC Wiil Koatf it UAJU11C. and aeildaly IS. abuikhkiitb. National thrathr, Chatham street -dress Circle and Uuici, 26 oente; I'll. !?>? cent*; Orohedtra 'Jickete Ml ccuti; Frivute Bn Tiekets, ?l. Door* open at 7 t?i curtaiu nee* at 7\. 'i hur*day cream*, July 10, the performances will commence with the drama of the EOKCSTS OF HOb FM I A ? Cnarlc* de Moor, Mr J. K Scott; Frauru da Moor. Mr. >. li Clarke. Ileruiau, Mr J. Ilrad*h?w, Amelia, Ml>i C Fci. To be followed by the FAIRY UAUOUTEKS OF Til E C'KOToW WAT KK3?The Tyrao Bachu. Jolly-nnco, Mr. C. Tavlor; Joeey, Mr. i.. Fog, Fortianua. Mum C. Foa; Sprinkle. Mi*a M. Charles; Frunella, Mice l.udlam. To ccnclude with the t HI AC KXCl R3ION. B KOI GUAM SI.VI fclM. BKOADWAV. near BROOM i street.?Dreee Circle and Faniuet, Ml cenic Family Circle, 25 centa; Orvheetra Stall Seata. $1; Frlrata Boaee, $.1. Doore open at 71,, to begin at S o clock. N. IF?The ventilation on a new principle, by Gervaee Wheeler, E? | , Architect, having tocu found ci ui|iletcly ettiuaoiana, the Mvntceiiicnt has the ph autre to anu uince that the Lyceum i< Ui w the coolrat and nioet cou.lortablc place of amusement in the city. Roy Other open daily, fro in 1(1 till f. Firat night ol the French Ctinpauy. Thtiredav evening, July 10, the ?>? commence with DON L'JCSAK DK It A / A.S. drvuie en cin.| acta, uicle de cliunt par Mes>ieur* Liiuiiiiivir et Fcuuer>?Charles II., Kol do Heparan, M. linsMai.i; Hon Ceaar ile Baxau. >1 Kohcrt Kemp; Don Juee de Santarim M. Iiurieu* ; be Mar.mi* de Montclinr, m. Foouard; la Mur.|ui*e dc Mnntetiur, Mine Foiuuet; Maritana, Manteuae dec hue*. Mile. Leonie DAnnont: laiarillo. Mine j.ichtr; I ii> Lupitaiue, m. ILoueigne; I u liatelier m Jusephe; Injuge, M. Guetave. Seigneur*, Ceuple, Soldatc ot Uoheinieue. After which, the favorite French vaudeville, written by llesnoyere au.l Miilesville, known in English ai ' A n tuny and Cleopatra." entitled INDIANA FT ClltKj.FMAhh K?Indiana, Mile Felice; Ch?l.n.." | Dreseisni: l.sndlord, Mum. Eugene; I.'Amoureux, Moue' Lstiitc Performances on Friday and Saturday evsainge Box book now open. Mechanics' ball, no. m Broadway, above Grand itreet.? Open every night during the week until further notiee. The original and well known CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, euui vriaing an eflciontand eeraatile "ourpt" of "talented" and "experienced performers," under the management of E. 1*. Chriety, whoee oonoerta in this city, for a oncoeeainn of " tiro yeari," hare been reoeived with favor by highly reepectable and faahionable audienoea. Tickets ah cents. Doors open at 7, and will oommenco at 11 o'clock. Thepatronaof Chrietv's Minatrels are respectfully Informed that the Saturday Afternoon Concerto will be discontinued for the future. Theatrical notice.?f. s. ciianfkau, propki etor uf the Brooklyn Museum, intending to travel through the I'nited States and Europe fur sume months, is desirous of leasing the above establishment to some responsible person. The Museum is well storked vtith new and beautiful scenery, painted hy the first artists in America, and will be let by the night, week, month, or year, on reasonable terms, by applying to F. S. Chanfrau, care of C. Parsloe, Burton's theatre, N. Y; John K. (aiuiriejer, T, Stanton street, Brooklyn, or C. Burke. Esq., New York. HlPFIKQs The new yore and Liverpool unitid state Mall Steamers.?The ship* cum prising this lins ars tk following:? ATLANTIC Capt. West. PACIFIC Capt. Nys. ARCTIC Capt. Lnos. b a LT1C Capt. Cometoek. ADRIATIC Capt. Grafton. These ships having been built by contract expressly for government service, every care hat been taken in their construction, as also in their engines, to insure strength And speed, end their accommodations for passengers ars unequalled for elegance or oomfort. Price of passage from New York to Liverpool, $131); exelusive use of extra xite state rooms, $S26; from Liverpool to New York, ?36. An experienced surgeon will be attached to eaoh ship. Ne berth oan be secured until paid for. rnoroani} hates or SAn.iwa:? From New York. From LirerpooL Saturday, June 7. 1861. Wednesday, May fc, 1861. Saturday. June 21, " Wednesday, June 11. ' Saturday, July 8. " Wednesday, June26, " Saturday, Jnly 19, " Wednesday, July 9, " Saturday, August2, " Wednesday, July'23, " Saturday, Auguat 16, " Wednesday, August 6. " Saturday, August 30, " Weduesday, August 20, " Saturday, September 13, " Weduesday, Septembers. " Saturday, September 27. " Wednesday, Septem'r 17, " Saturday,October 11, " Wednesday, October 1, " Saturday, October 26, " Wednesday, October 16, ' Saturday, November 8, " Wednesday, October 29, " Saturday, November 2E " Wednesday, NdVember 12," Saturday, Decembers, " Wednesday, November 26." Saturday, Decembers), " Saturday, December 1J, " oaiuruay, i>eoemoor w. For freight or paeaage. apply to EBWAKD K. COLLINS. No. M Wall atreet, N. T. BHOWN, Silll'I.K Y It, CO., Liverpool. E. Q. ROBERTS It CO.. 13 Kings Arm Yard. London. L. DRAPER. Jr., S Boulevard Montmurtro. Paris. The ownera of thane ahipa will not be accountable for gold, eilver, bullion, specie, jewelry, prociooa atone*, or metala, union* bill* of lading are aigned therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. After the drat of April next, thereto of freight by the abort teamere from Liverpool will be materially reduced. TIIE BRITISll AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYALMAIL Steamnbip* between New Tork and Liverpool direot.and between Boston and Liverpoel.?The Loatoa ahipa onlyoell log at Halifax to land and reoeivo mail* and paaaengert:? ARABIA, Capt. , AKKR A. A. Ryrie, PERSIA, Capt. . El'KOl'A, k. G Lott, ASIA. C. H. E. Judkina, NIAGARA, J. Stone, ABkRICA, N. Shannon, CANADA, W. Harrison. CAMBRIA, J. I^itch. Theae vessels carry a clear white light at meat head, grata ta etarboard bow, red on port bow. Africa, from New York... .Wedaeaday, Ifith July. Canada, from Beaton.... .Wedaeaday, 2td July. Asia, from New York '-Wednesday, .luth July. America, from Boaton Wednesday, 6th August. Niagara, from New York... Wrdnnaday, l.'ith August. Europe, baa Boaton Wednesday, AKh August. Africa. from New York.... Wednesday. Z7th August. Canada, from Boston..,.. .Wednesday, 3d September. Asia, from New York Wednesday, loth September. Paaeag* from New York or Boetoa to Liverpool, liret calm $1*1 Do. in the second 70 Berths not secured until paid tor. Freight will be charged on specie beyond an amoaat for personal exponeee. An experienced surgeon on board. All letters and newspapers must pass through tha Post Of aa. For Ireight or passage, apply to E. CUN AKD, Jr.. Si Broadway. French, German, and other foreign gooda received and brought in oommon with British go< da. Through bills of lading are jiiven in Ilavre for New York. Persons intending to take passage to England la tha Royal Mail Steamship*, are reiioeeted te call at the office, 38 Broadway, before believing the reports Umt tha ship* are fwlL OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COM PANT.-FOR Bremen, via Southampton.?The U. S. Mnil steamship HERMANN, E. Crebtree, commander, will sail for llremem via Soiithampt! n, on Saturday, July Wth. from 1'ier No. I North River, at Ia'fletl, P M. An experienced Surgeon ie attached to th? ship. All letters must past through tha Post Office Sped' delivered in Ilavre. For paeaage or freight apply to MOl.LKR. SAND k R1ERA, AgenU. U Broadway PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPAN Y.-( O N L T Through Line for California and Oregon.)?The pnblla are informed that nnder the new arrangement of this Company, steamers inspected and approved ey tha Navy De pa raciest, and carrying tin United Slates mails, will eonUnea ta leava Panama and San Francisco tha lat and lAtb day of eaob month. UlllcM dllUlBSd hw UBA*AidAliU AAsidanfc ABil am411 touch at Acapnlco, 8au I>fe*o, and Monterey. I The following ataam packet* beloaylat to the Pacific Mat] Bteamehip Company arc an* In tha Pacific, aaa of whloh will be alwata IB port at each end of tha route ? OREGON 1,Una. REPUBLIC 1.?? toaa PANAMA....... l.l?7 ton*. CAROLINA '*> ton*. I'A 1 I I'l'KN IA ...I.iiAU toaa. COLUMBUS fltt) tona. Tr.NM.iMiK... .ISM ton*. ISTHMUS tona. NORTH EKN EK . .l.a? toaa. UNICORN *w toaa. COLUMBIA... . 600 ton*. FREMONT *M toaa. ANTELOPE ton*. * The new ateamehip COLUMBIA will ply between Saa Franoteon and in Oregon. awaiting at the former port th* arrival < ! tl.c nail* and pxaeui cere from I'en ima. and returning without delay with ttio malla and paeaengera foi th* itranier Irom Ran Franclaco. A regular Una ?l propeller* will b* kept ap for th* Iran*pnrlatli'B of freight and tranaleat paaoengere between Paaamaend 9*e 1 ranclioo. The well known itcamehlp BAR AII SAN OS, of l,!k*l toaa , burthen, now under charter to th* company, and peculiarly 1 *"iaiui.dl>m ir. her c abin arrangement*, will b* kept runalni a* ar. extra nmr.y boat. On* tn? above euamrre will keep ap th* eonnactlaa b*> , tween Acapn.o and th* other Mexican porta. The correction In tha AtlantIO will be maintained ky th* United file tee mail eteamahipe GEORGIA It.Ugl tona. ORESCENTCITT l.NW toaa. OHIO ..........S.W0 taw*. CIIERORP.K .,..l,.tVUu I EMPIRE CITY .. S.IIB tona. l'lllLAOEi.PIII A l.llU toaf. Idtt lac N *w Turk far (Jbagret on th* Utb aad 2fith at tnoh month. The new ateamehlp* EL DORADO an< FALCON will form a direct lina botwe-a New Orleaae aad Ch agree. leavia* at j tneh r< nodi aa will Inanre a* little deteatioa aa peeelhlt aa j tht lethmue. aad forming, with tie Pacific ateamehlp*. a I Ihf 'ffi lin? to and from Now Orl-am and porta in Metio*, i California, nod Oregon. I'wki ) Irom New Orleana ?aa ! be e.our?d (re m Aim-iron*. Lawraaon fc Co., agnate. at that place. Thr fare for throngh ticket# from New T*rk te Baa Frw , airco haa kern redncad fr?m tli". ta alate rroaik. to $T?. !W, ta lower ca.'in. to 12M1, JHf. la a terra* , to 118*. The ratae from N * York to Chagrea will ko kt tho lowagt I adopt, d hy any (kt* irk ateaiurr between th"?e port*. Fi r choiee of brrCie, apply ' tho office of fh< Company, 64 aad 66 Nenth at root, and kt thalr icany, 177 Waat atraot. FJMlR MW AND lNDRTRNDRNT MM VOC CALL M. forma, tik Nicaragua.?The ttamaliir l'R<>MP'.rilKI 3 Bill Irkra pi r No. 2 North river. oa Monday, July 14, kt .* o'clock I*. M , for Fan Juan direct. connecting with tho lira and rlr?aat taaaaliip ravine. taptaia hatTey, to Irar* Fan Jaan eel hod on the 28th. Pace m*r? will tako a am iron attawiar at tan Juan, lent tlirr* for lh* purpoaw arc pare op thr river and acroco l ake Nicaragua to Virgin Nay, and par* over k good road twrlr* mile* diatant to tli* Partite, Bier* tho linkiitifnl ateainahip I'krlftr will ha in rradlnc** f?? receive them, r averager* may aecure through ticket* I'attcry plac*. PACIFIC MAIL NTRAMSIflP COR PA N'T.?ON LY tl r< ugh tine for California *t d Oregon, via Chagrea dir -oa. I I ere redo, cd. fin Saturday. Jnly 12, at 3 I*. M. The iplcndld vteemehip I.Mf'IKR I'llV. I,7t? toaa bnrth?n. J WUfna, commander, Bill rail on Natnrday. July U, at.1 e'eloek.F M. prn to ly, from har pirr kt thr foot of Warren afreet, North River, with thr |ovrrnwi*nt Biaila for Chagrea, connecting aiiii tie favorite t'. 8. Mail atw* n*hip Pa mat, to leave ranama on or ahoat the let of Aagnat. For parraa- ot freight, apply at tha office. f? aad 68 loath atreet, at 177 Watt tree I, corner of Warren atrrat. L*OK CALIFORNIA, VIA CflAORFS. DIRRCT -THR I a new gteamohtp LATA YKTTF,. I.tkattoat burthen. Charing Stoddard, commander (late of ateamahip Creaeeat City I, will I anil from Philadelphia for Chagrea direct, oa Thnreday, 10th Jnly, at It o'clock, from her wharf. Bear Lombard atraot. The ahove (trainer haa proved heraelf a vary faat aad r*mifktlkl* kkfp lit t hianl iKpikf aw n(i Ka? Aval nvawa frnaa Earope.lead her AeeoromodetloBa |?r Inl and eocoad olaen paaoenrera are anenrpamad. Tliroaph Mekete to Kan Fraa- i etero *(11 ha fnralehed at rodaead rataa. Pertona -aaa(Im { ??(' ia Na? Vnrk will be praa(4a4 *(th ttakaU to Philadelphia fraa. For Delphi ar peeeape apply to J. 0. WILLI AITS. IPP Froatetraab. pk< inr hail ptfanphip compamt -onlt JT throath line-tor Pan Frenrirm, ala Havana tad ('haprea. fare redored Oa Friday, Jnij II, at S P M Tha aplendid double entine ateamiliip UEnitiil A,Capt Porter. V P. I*.. I a-mmander, will aall na Friday, Jnly II, at preeiaely J e clock, P. M.. from her pier at the foot ?f Warren atr??t. N. R., with tie povrrnmaat maila, for Chapr?e, via Havana. TaMenprra trarafrrred at Havana to the aplendid double anplne eteamehlp Falena. Pneeenpera leaving In IhaOklo will aonaeet with the favorite L'nlted Ittatea Mail etoaaiehlp Panama, to aail from Panama aa ar ahoet tha lit Anpnet. Pot fleleht or pane ape, apply at tha oPIee. id and M Peath treat, arat 177 Weat ail eat, eoraer Warroa atreet. For pan francipto tia rio and talparajso.The new and e()eadld 4?wkle oapiaa atoamehip UOLDIR OATR, of 2,Ut*> toaa hwrthaa. Carlila P. Patwreoa. U, R. Naey, Coaair aader. will have quiek deeaatch for S?a Franatano, atoppinp at Rio and Talparaiao. TheOoldnn Bate had been belli to aarry tha U. P. maila between Panama end Paa Fraaoiaeo, la donble iron braced, aad baa naawrpaaaad anaommodation for paaaeapara. Far paeaape. apply Vt OtUNOh APrlNWALL. M Pout.h a treat M. T. E-VtR lAt ANP'AH. ? TUB NRW AND PPLFNOID r ateamahip ALABAMA, Ca|t l.ndlow, oa Paturday. 17th Jaly, at t o eloek P M . froai Plat Na. 4. Marth river, Frrftedpht or paeaape apt ly to PAIII Eb l? MITCHFLL, IM Fr .nl etreed. TTit FJ.t'RIDA, ( apt |an BaUicday, J?U July. AVll'SBBlKNTS. UttOAilWAY THKATKE.-E. A. MARSHALL, SOL* LBS" r~ **.' ^ H- Barrett, Manager. Dreaa Ciroli u< I'uiuk tlf!?. '/" \?** }^*4 ' ? ? *; Qallery. 13* oto.j ,i*? J**a5 t>0#? "pen 71$; onrtaiii rie-w at cloak. Thureday evening. July II), will bo performed bAkoMAn ( tiA?A4> of Ma? URTU-Mwboth. Mr. IlnohnI>*n-caa, Mr. Matl.ewo; liau|io, Mr. looter; Roeae, Mr llarrie, Lennox, Mr. Keenan; Sexton, f ri'i.BfTfS Mr Reynold.; lot ? Itch. Mr. Scharf. .'I * itch Mr. l>ovid?c 3d Witch. Mr. E. Show; l.adv Macbeth, Mine, l'ouieai. Tocooclude with m I'm do Deux by Mono. Schmidt And Mile. Therein. NIBLO'S (Ia It DEN.?Ol'EN RVIRV NHJUT.-manaoer, Mr. John bellon. Ticketo, SO cento; Private iioxen. *S. I) ooro open At 7; te comiuenoe nt m o'clock. Toodleo ttrtl time tin. oeaoon. The proprietor lino much plenum In an11C aueing tbio very popular drama, which, in addition to itn extraordinary and continued ouccAoo at Mr. Ilurtone theatre, boo been j'layrd at tnio eotabliobmcut to the largeeA uudienceo ever known, eliciting the loudcot laughter. Mr. liurton in bio own ininiitabiu character of Timothy Tnodle. A new farce, flret time in America, liurton in a new character Tlitiroday evening, July 10, will be played the TOODLE8 and ACIIEAI' HIDE O.N THE KAIl.ttOAD. ITALIAN OPERA AT CASTLE HARDEN.?MAX MAretzek, Manager and Conductor. Admiooion, SO cento. Piret appearance thia oeaoon of Signer Ceoarr liadiali. TLuraday evening. July 10. will be performed the opera of LUCIA D1 LAMMEKMOUK. Lucia Signora A. Roeio. Edgardo Signer Uettlni. Lord Aohton Signer C. liadiali. Kamondo Signer Coletti. Arturo Signer Barattiui. Dooro onen at ti. 1'erlornianOH. to eommaneo an * o'clock." No postponement on account of the weather. Opera every night. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSBUM.-P. T. BARNUM. Manager and Proprietor; John Greenwood. Jr , Aaaiataut Manager. Admittance - oeuta; children 12K <?enta. Thursday ,>nd Friday. July loth and lltli. In the afternoon, at 3 o'clock, a a rand comic Divertiaemont, by the celebrated MnrtinetO Family. After it, T1IE CHEAP EXCPBIj'llawed by the mirthful pantomime of THE MAGIC la the evening, at X o'clock, will be preaented 1 111, HOLD l)KA(liH)NS After which, feata on the Tight *"H' '"? Herr time; and THE MAGIC IRUMPET. 1 he Happy Family, composed of upward* of one hundred trained animals and birds, can be acen at all hour*. Phi lows' MlNSTREl.S. AT FELLOWS' new Musical Hall, 144 Broadway, between Howard and Grand trecti; open every night. Thia juelly celebrated and efflciaah eorpe of talented and experienced performers, under the coin management of J. 11 Fellows, whose concerts in this eity far the past year have beeu received with the greatest favor bw the elite and fashion from all parts of the Union, Fellows' Musical Ilallis one of the most spacious and best ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 25 cents. Doora open at 7; concert to commence at S o'clock. An afternoon conoera every Wednesday and Saturday, lor the especial accommodation of families, commencing at 3 o'clock, P. m. CASTLE GARDEN.?THIS DELIGHTFUL summir resort ia now open to visitera throughout the day, from 7 A. M. to S P. II. It is the largest and most beautifnl room In this country, and the view from thu upper galleries ol oar noble bny nnd harbor 1* alone worth more than th* price of admission?one chilling. Franklin museum, i7> Chatham bquark.-obo. LEA, Sole Proprietor ?Admission?Seats In Priest* Boxes,60 cents; Stare Seats, 37>4 cent*; Boxes. 25 cents; Paijnet. 12K oent*.?Elegant Saloon performnnoea eeery Afletaoon ana Evening. Entertainments commence in the aftoraoon at So'clock, and in the evening at S o'olook. The entertainments are varied and sel.est, and *ueh as oaa boss** at no other plaoeof amaoement in Now Tork, consisting tf Lea'* Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering IflMa Cformers, being the largeet and at the same time in*moat en ted band in the United States; a troupe of Model Artists who are selected for their beauty and Sguro, and who porionate a number of bountiful tableau a, take* from kite pictures of aaoieat and modern timee; a company of Arab Dlrla, who go through a variety of feato of etrength and damtarity; Madame Rosaline, tho only Female Juggler la tha world; a company of Male nnd Female Artlata. who will give aa exhibition of Marble Btotuary unequalled in tho world, together with n variety of interesting performances every afternoon and evening. For partioalars see bills of oaoh lav. ~ HEDIUAL. THI MARRIED WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL OOMpanioa?By Dr. A. M. Mauriccan, Professor of Disease* ot W c,men ? Twentieth edition, 1H mo., pp. 250 l'rio* gLYears of suffering, of pnyaloal and mental anguish to maay an affectionate wife, and neotiniarv difltnnltiaa to kK* h?a_ band, might have been spared by a timely possession of thi* work. It is intended eepeciaWy for the married, or thee* contemplating marriage, u it diecloeee Important eecreU. which should be known to them particularly. To thoee whose health doeenot permit at an lnoreaoo oC family, it if of eepooial importance. Llere, aleo, every female?the wife, the mother?the on* either baddlng into womanhood, or the one in the deollae *C yeart, in whom nature contemplate! an Important ohaagew can discover the caueee, symptoms, and the moot eOoieat remedies, and most certain mode of care, in every eompiaiah to whioh heroes iseubject. ( Est ract of a Letter from a Gentleman in Dayton, Ohl%> llivros, May 1, Ul; Da. A. M. Mat'merer : ? Mv Dus SiH My wife has been perceptibly slaking foe some three years or more, in cons?<iuenoc of her great anguish and fullering eome mcathe betore and daring her eontnement; every sacceeeive one more and more debilitated and prostrated her. putting her life in imminent danger, and which was. on the last occasion, despaired of. I supposed that this state of things was inevitable, end resigned myself to meet the worst. At this time, (now about two month*,) 1 beard your book highly spoken of, as containing seme matter* Beaching my case. On its reoeipt and perusal 1 cannot asCrrse to you tht relief it aBnrded my distreesed mind, and he joy its pages imparted to my wife, en learning that th* great discovery of M. M Desomeaoi provided a remedy. 1% opened a prospect to me. whioh 1 little conceived was pood tie But for tnis, ere another year would have passed eve* my head, in all human probability, my wife would have teem in her grave, and my children left ruetherlesa. It is, of course, impracticable to convey more fully th* various subjects treated of. ea they are of a nature strictly Intended for the married, or thoee contemplating marriage. For sale at 223 Broadway, andlat the Pnbliehing Offloa, 19 Liberty atreet. New VorV: Little It Co., Albany; Joes yd Tucker, Mobile,Alabama; T. B. Peterson, IWChestnut street* Philadelphia. On the receipt of $1, a copy will be transmitted by mall* free of postage, to any part of the United States. All letters must be addressed. roet-psid. to lir. A M. Mauriaeen. haw 1.234 Nr* York eiti. OMca 130 Liberty ittwt Paris and londom treatment or peitatb dlKAMt, in b tew heart, by t vegetable applioatioa. without iiui. In debility, brought on by improper babtta. tod eonetitutiontl affection*. he combine# medicine* with the loot) remedy, tnd can chow tny one there ore thoueaada who etnnot be cured without It; ** be ho* cteee doily, of Grare duration, from the other phyeiciaue. In alt, begnarnaee o permanent cur*. He boa etrioture* dolly be tan* Without caueMc, which ether* uee, caueed by their net at pelling the former dieeae* coon enough. Hi* diploma, with three, and the hundred* of certificate*, ebow that none earn equal It. You cured me In one day.?D. M. Corbyu. One local application cured me In a few hour*, after another dawtor tried a long time.?C. Der ud. 1 paid over fJWJ. in *v? yeara, to be cured of weakren fn m eelf-abuee. wltbont ben* at. yet von cured me by local and general troatmcut, in a chert time?Jae. Evaaa. Yen cured m* of the wore* of aypbilitic ulcere on my body and face in a ahort time, after I bad been under three phyeiciana for a /ear, hoetde* aciw every quack medicine 1 oould hear of.?R m. Pergueon, HertC Amboy, N . J. Thoa* at a diatano* ran. by enrloeing fee, b* treated by mail. UfBeo hour* from S A. M. to 3 PTm., and 7 to t I' M M LARMONT. M. D.. U Read* >tr**V twn door* from Broadway, not in the (tor*. New medical boors.-acomplete practical work on the nature and treatment of delioat* die*****, and all tb* kiadrvd affection#?tlluetnted by a great namber of beantifully oolored plate*, aa large aa life. by Home* Boetwiek, M. 1*., lecturer on Surgery, aad dieeaae* of tbn above named nature. It ia a large quarto?.W pace*, eecond adition; price $10. Extract lr u> the " Roetoa Medical aad Surgical Journal :**?** It may be eaid, fearloeily. to be equal to llicord'e or Aotoa'a work* oa tb* earn* ttmily of dieeeeca. and far enperlor to anything ?f the kind ever publiehed in tbia country." Author of^'Tlio raimly I'hyaieinni prion 2h route. Author of work on " Self- Abuee, nnd iu deplorable effeete, Mo.. an." aiath edition, lonneen plate* mi** *1. For cile at Uio pnbliaher*. HTKINUEH* TOWN BEN Ik. 221 Broadway, nnd by tb* author, mm Broadway. ?ouu ellio mixture for th* car* of print" die?rd?r*. It dsIn * apoedy our?. without the liut reotrictinn* of dtodo drink, oipoaiir*, or ebniift* in application to busian**. Th* proprinlor ehalletifM * nin*le rooo which too alitor* will not run, under the forfeiture of #?* hundred dollar*. It to not op in bottle*, with loll direction*, It >1. Ono bottto lneta I wook- moo* nr* cored in two 4>jri. for iilityd. II. RING. 191 Broadway. nod HIS Bayard afreet. Now York? to. It. LittU, IIM Unnovor *tre*t, bottom Wnrhlk Co.. Bra OtlMtl VICTIM* or TIIR QUACK DOCTORS, LOOK ?G? th* old nnd Inn* oatabliet.ed ilonterian OOpnnanrjb number thre* Dtrtiiou atr-ot, Now Turk oitjr, by Dr. Hunter, who, from ?? raperiene* that Tory ewldeto fill* to tli? l?t of any oa* phyoieian, lo enabled to warrant a perfect and lartin* rwre, in any and all raor*. Thi* io th* only pla?* la thi* oily whoro hi* mil remedy. Iluntor'* K*d l>r?p, can k* obtained. a mcdietaw nctrr known to fail In rnrio* th* oory wnrii forma fduoaato of a print* naiuro. The Di> penaary it oo arran**d that th* person calling will or* no on* hot th* dootor hiiuaelf. who to in < nataut attondano*. in hi* print* room*, roady aaa wtv* line to lire r*li?f to *11 who may rin him a rail. Hundred* of certificate* *> l*ntarilr (ire* of turn. All afliotod art Inrltrd lo maho iinmodlito applioation to l)??tor IIant r. who** huh profoaaional eaUhrlly. reap -tnkility. and lot-* ritj of charaotrr. challenge th* Mvrr.'it acrutiay, and an a ?nr? rnarante* to th* p*tf?nt of a thorough eurw art honorable treatment. I'rirefl. II offal" agency, No. I P*?f) front. N. B.?A mrdioal book or prim* treuti** gno* witfc oorh *1*1. Th* < nl* r*m*dy on earth that **r*ro* th* psti**t a*ain*t ae.ciniary attack* Treatment by iottor, (T*in* minat* do**riptinn, p**t paid. No riKTiLLcuMBu.-uit?.cooi-an as u Muarrv. 2S. KoomtiU *tr**t. from thoir unparalleled tnoeam > di**a*?*. may h* r*ll*d oa in th* trntmcat of th* mn?tnb*tff nat* i aor*. without mercury. I>r C< <p*f'? natirat* will And him at lfc R*o*?**lt *tr**t. near Chatham and rowhto* I**. Beware of th* ?aa*k* la Dnaa* atone*. *a*i of ChathamMEDICAL LECTURES ON SEMtNAI. DIABASES. BT R. (lUrar, M. D ? Tl.* I rat number gioea th* e.mtoam **< and csr* of a I laaa f t dio*a**a generally not well naderatond hy medical men. Treatment ahnwu by enno* tad *n?rn*it!*?, and * new inafruraent, which iartgnratea debilttated oriana for anient 222 Broadway, and by th* authatw No. 12 Ann *troet. Trio* 2ft cent*. Evert mothers book.-tiib tears or poterty, and the nroapeet of too I are* a family of rhildren. prevent many prudent people from mnrrytng, bwt bar* lia nook that will tell yon many Important oocret* which wtln O**rcomeall aneh objection*. Price ?l for Ml# by Dd a.rnmraiao. at ?na I rrtnenrae a*?nry, r?o u ino Utun dlrartad u abort, lo Ml 1,4)2 Naw Vorb T. U? wUB DB? convus i'rivati bbdicai. orrici, as Third avtaaa. N T., ?kn? ha limwItM la WMli diwamt tad lenlaal ?>aMm. Re l>r C, hw had, ft* Hfleta ytan, * m<,?t ?itan?lTe praetleo In thaaaaad dlnHaw. tha effee ta of or 11 a) and ladiacrotlon. The oletlma of diaeaaa, who wonld aoold jinaaka and tbatr all* n liaaa, may (enure Mnafl and ?rf' lent aid by opplyln* to Dr. 0. I'ntlmla la In* eonatry may eoaaalt Dr. C. ?j litMr, fa* paid.?eaeloaiaa a fta. N B Or C.l' lnti|arallt| OardlaL tie raly rimtdy for debility of tba organ#, eaaawd by aodfpolation. for aafo, M a kottla. thrno bottle# Mir *A. with lmfortaat adrlea to tba marri?d and daila^fir* ardrd to Ida axon try r?r aal?. ?l Broadway 1*7 Grand (treat, aoraav af Ittiryi OR MoRTAMORE WOULD INFORM THE HUNDREDS who apply to hlaa for tho oara af diaoaao, tbat ba halda ont ao dolnaira hop., that ha will <ar? thoia la two aw threa daya." Ha la aallad apon dally ta witnnaa tba aad a If rata of ao alrkod a deeaptioa. worthy paadoanoalam IteaM. Ila wwnld, baworar. aooarr tboaa who may roma an daw bta eare, that thoy may roly npon a aheap, plraaaat am apoady rara. In from 8 A E.lof U Sunday# airrptai Adolro gratia. I, BORTAMORE. M.D.. I? William at. ? 'i(Wl REWARD?I'RORSEAN 8 8l?R(MriC BIXfllWVV tarn.?Of all romadira yrt diaearored. tbla la tbm moat rrytaln. It makao a ?r--dy and pormanont aara, ntthaat tba Iraat reatnotlon la di?t, ariab, oraapoaaro, orehaagm ta application to bnnlaaaa. Many aro eared la two daya. Bold at tha dm* atom. 173 Broadway, corner of fbambafP (treat, aim at ha. In Aatar II ???; at III* Broadway, aad Ml Ealtoa a tana t, owraaa af WllHam. . n*. GOOD'S EXTRACT Of COrAfTA-A CEBTAW aad rpoady (pec ill a far prlrata diaordnro. Tbla ntdb alna la guaranteed to rare la a abort tlma. Ilaay nan onpn# la two daya. It la wltbont diaoarooabln taata aramaU. aa4 n ill a?ree wtth tha Bloat daliaalo tomaah. I banco la dMk la not aaaential, nor la aapoanre to tha wtnthep bo ba fan ran. Bold by Rrlaham R Millar, IT Aoanna Di R Lnt. 471 Oinnd pbroat) and at Hruaca ad a. f Bti Ja at fret, oppasSR Mtnit'b

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