Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1851 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 6834. TUB WATKEIKOPLACH#. NEPTUNE HOUSE, NKW EUCHELLE, NEW YORRC. Peek. Jr., Proprietor.?Thie delightful lummtr reelttenee (a now open for the eeaeoa. For further partioulare, tn <1111 re ofThompoon. Paok k Nlaoa. KM Broad war. nnrnof VfHuane (treat FORREST OKOTI HYDROPATHIC IN8TITOTI4 Behnoley'e Mountain, June 11, IM61.?William J. Taylor Ml. D., William J Moon, M. D., Phyeioiane. Th? above Inetlhiutlon will he readv for the meantion of invallde the early Tart of Jul? KXC6KBION8. ORANlt 8PC DAY EXCURSION To N KVT ROCHE!. LE and (lien Cove. Sunder. July L!?Fare 25 ovale uaah * Vay. The favorite steamer ISL ts L?EK. will moke a pluue?nt excursion to tie above place.?leariu;. the foot of 11 am {round it.. N R o'olook A M. Shrin* eiruet SJt?. Catherine tE- R., Grand Tenth end new nTer Twentyeixth etreet, ll>'4'. Returning will leave Glen Cove at 3W P. M , and New Moohelle. 4. All who are in favor of healthful Tovreotiua will tied thie eeeiireioa a gratifying one. A k?oi1 Opportunity ?0< red tu thuee fund of Uehini oreea bathing. Jliunec furnished by hr?< elaee loteli at New Roohelle. C B.?A (rood supply ef refroehmente on board. VHIIIIOII TO STRaTTOXPURT, BETWEEN -lid Flushing end Colkute I'uiot ?The aieamhout OTHELLO will mekean eecueeiuu to Strattonport on Sunday next, July X3th, leaving aa follows:? Hen.mond street. N. R , at 7 o'olook, A. k. Kobiueon struct, N R.t at 7.1. " " Peek Slip. Kaet River, nt M* " " Catherine etreet, K R., at SiJ " '* Grand street, do. at !i " " Tenth etieet, do. at "J'e " " I.andine at Mratlc e|?<t, :md remaining about an hour, after which ehc mil make a a '>rt trip up the Bouud, aim returning Wtll arrive in the city ahout fi o'clock I*. Sf. Tictmtefir the tirtnlon may be 1'btuiiied from JOHN A. FLAMdKR, 223 "bVooat?r atreet, two door* from Amity street. Fare 12)* cuntaiacli way. Grand excursions to coney island, land Ing at Fort Hamilton each way?Fare 12)4 Cent*.? The new and aplenilid ataauer TROJAN, Capt. J. N Rod Scan, will make daily eacuraiona to Coney I aland, forthoeonaoD, leaviag aa follow* Morning trip?From Spring etreat At half, paat (I o'clock, 9)4 ana haif-usat 12 an>1 at 3)4Trom Pier 3 N. R.. at half paat t). 10, I tod 4 o olook. Ruaaaa trip front Fart Hamilton at S A. M CI RAND .SUMMER EXCURSION FROM NEW YORK. F by tiie N. Y. and Erie Kailioad, to liuuairk and K .it.tlo. ?in purauanee of arrangemeota^i. da with the N V and Erie Jiailroad Company, ticket* for the above E?cui*ioa. going And coming, will he aold at the low prioe of Ten foliar* for the trip ?a>*?i>gere will leave New York on the (3th, loth, ?>r 17th of July, iu the Con pany * ateaiuere at the foot of 2)uaae etraet, and will retnrn froiu Dunkirk on or before the Still, et tluir eption ; affoidina as opportunity to viiit .ViaRora Fall a, or Detroit acd *he Upper Lake*. Thi* la the frdateat opportunity, at tin henpeat rate, ever offered for ravelling upward* of one thoniand mile*, and enjoying the fccat ecenery in the United Statea. Ticket! ean be had only ?f L. W. WINCHESTER, Harnden'e Expreae,ti Wallatroet. Excursions to the fisiuno hanks rvery day, eaoapt Saturday* ? l'he tea ateamer RUFFALO, Capt. SnaiU, ni l leave ilammond atreet at 7)4 o'olock; Canal, at 7\; Orand, at .-"a; Catharine, rt>4; Pier No. I.N. uB , at 9 / M . returning by h P. M Kifreshmeata, bait, and Sailing taoklv provided. Fax# 2b cent* eaoh way. -7i.PP.NO FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE-THE u. s. MAIL ate am* hip FRAN KLIN, Jen. A. Wolton, Commander, .prill leave for Havre, touching at Southampton to land tb* Small* and paaaengera, on Saturday. July 2i>. at 12 o'olook, From piar No. 4 N ortA nvar. Prioe of paaaage, $120. All lett ;r- muat paaa through the poat othoe An e.cperienoed aurwee o ia attached ta tho *hip For freight or peerage apply ta MORTIMER LIVINGSTON, Agent. No ? I Broadway. FOR LIVERPOOL?TUK CITY OF (lUASUOW.-TllIS favorite aU-exnahip will aail from Philadelphia, on ThuraMar, the I7lh mat., at 12 o'cloc k. The regular paaaagra of thai ateamalitp, and her elegant acooinmodatiou*. make ter a Mooat deairal lo conveyKuce for thoae about viaiting Europe far* in the aaluou. SloO; lore cabin, f Ml. Pa**engnr* will tie provided with Knilroad Ticket* by e agent*. For freight r paaenge, apply to 11JOMAS K1CIIARDSU 1 ExcUec pi The eplrndid aew Htcamahip If K MA > i K ZR ill ruoowd lt? Ity ol Ulargo? ..I fr das ; . About tho Iftlth of dugnrt. FOK liverpool?unit* .8 MAIL Iteam hip UA l.'l It', I apt. Come oaatraiu. doKrt with th? m-ilr l< r humor. por . olv no Sator :?>. July , nt IX o'clock. M..froiu her hurtli a, th? f<> tof Cana. atraat Vt berth MN( till paid loi. LUItlt tui |>i|.irt DuM |>iu.r through thr Foot < thru. tor In or paeeiucr. utriun kiuequklUd looomiu dntiuna for elrg . nud comfort, apply to l.l>* D K. 1:111,1.1 Nr. 116 Willi trvat. PooKiyely no tMdit will be received on Iunrd after Theru4ny evening, July 17 Thr itatmtr PACIFIC will idoom4 8hr BALTIC, and rail July 19. FOB SAVANNAH the NEW AND SPLENDID auntnrhip ALaHAMA, (opt Ludlow, on Sntnrdny, , ]"th July, at I o'clo ; M , from 1'ior No. 4, Nortn rirar. ftt freight >r |?>i 1* apply to SaMCKL L MITCHELL, 191 Front <tr?t Thr PLdHI DA. t apt I yon. on Saturday: loth July. For CALIFORNIA.-p.8. STE tMKrH GEOKU1A AND hMPlhL till'. Ilth and inet.?Mpacitl uotioa to iritrra to lan'imia? Ma fool it our duty to our to itaia that our exparienoa naa ouvioord ur Adial th. only r-liaklo through lino to California la tha 17. 8. Blait Line. 1 ot? ithrtandiu ( tha oarruir'h hnaatiuc of tha T'lf rtylad In dep. nd. Dt 1.11 Carnage ..u thr U 8. h,rough ine own la had ohm per than on tha Indepeixli nt i.loa. and the U h Mail ataamara art not In thu liaMt ol breaking I dlown. i'or paraad'', apply to Bl.kl'OHD 4 I t) . 2 Vaaay atraat. .Art >r H luaa. The new and indf-pkndent line for caiifornia, via Nicaragua ?Tha ataaraahip I'ltom BfU el.'d ill laaaa pi?r No. 2 North riacr, on Monday, July 14. t 3 o'clock 1' M . tor San Juan direst, conureuag with Aha naw and elegant ataan rhtp I'aoiHo. Captain hailay, ta laaaa Shn Juan ual Hud on thr 26th- I'arer agere will taku a W < iron Taw it at an Juan arnt thi rr fur the pnrpoaa, mad pane up tha rivar and aurora I,aha N icarai oa to Viricia iia 1. and parr orar a good toad twrlva toiler uu-aut to tho J*arite, wnrrr tho l?autitnl ateatnahip Pantile will ha la T> adlnrir to raceine thrm. I'aaaaneart may a?ourr tbronji Edchotr at No.9 Hattary plaoo. Pacific mail * amhiiip oompajtt?unlt through liar furl alih u la and (tregoo. ataCf agree direst. Tire r. dnued tin ratur ,, J uly 12, at 3 P M Tho aplond.d ptmouhip EMI'IKL CI i I I.7W tone hurlhaa, J WileoD, eoniTnanarr, will aail ?n * urday, July 12, atSo'oloak. P m. Swciaaly, from bar pirr at tor foot of Warren riraat. North ITOT. with th< gsvirument mail* for filagree. eonoratlad ill. tha favorit- I' S Mail rW aalilp Panama, to l?n*? Jc.uajna on or about tha lit of Auml. Fur pae-a?e or Vn-lght, apply at iha ..Hlca. At and M Ninth atraat. ar ITT tteet, corner of Warron atraat For california VIA cHAUkft. oikect.-thi new atoan ahip 1.A fayette. ItM) tone hurll. en. L'hnrlee Stoddard, oomn.andrr (lata of ?toamehip Craaoant City). will :poil from Philadelphia for Chhgrae Ureel. on Thnraday Iflil .July, hi 12 0VI01 k, troin har wharf, amr l.oinharu atrto* Tha ahnua afanmnr hae proaad hornalf a aary fnrl and rw knarkakly aafa ana raaaal, (ben,* now on har drat anyt^a fron kiuroDo.) and har aro-nnuiodatioui for Hr?t and raoond claw pnaa o ^?ra nra naaurpnaaad Throngs Uoaata to Han Frna wipco win ? rirnntii at remi??'i rato* r#rann? aiimr np ??'???" in Nf? York will ' * provided with VokotP to Vhlln alpliia ft"* Yor fralrht or t>>?u( anpljr to f.f} Wtl.LIAWH IV Front <?ro-? *>a(iric MAIL ate AM I'll ip COMPANY.-ONLY J throagh lire for rtuHwt, ru lltttnt iM ' h?<r?w .Vanraduoad Ob Erda?. JiH* II. at 3 P. M I1>* ?! *odld -Aoahl# <! <* (toaauMp OKoKCI A CorUr, C " 1 . t'oinindtr will lap .4 Yrt- ay, July II, M pr?"U?lf 4 ?'?loPh. P. M. froai hrr p'er *t tB? foot >( A'arwa ?w *? j 1L, with II* gn?irna<-at mail*. for Phagrra, tia Jlim.a 1 Ptwt??n trai ifrrrwl at Hkmi t? th? *ni?n>U<l ' l? R(tN 1 Irtfflililr Faln n Puwiwrt Ktlni (n IhtOi 1 ill anarpt with the Cyutpd Stat?? Mall ?tp?ia? 1 PaMama, to aall froiu I'*; a na on or ahont tht lit An? ?? Mrvlalit or p*a?ago apply at lh? "fTIci %4 and AA Sowtii a* "?i r at 177 w??t at- not, ooraor W arrna ?!r#at. OCJan si NAVtUATloN CO mm > . Hrtaira. Tin Annthatnptoa.? Th# t'. S. Mall Ikvu ..ip HERMANN, K Crahtroa. oammnndrr. will * ! for H ,u Tit h?alhaa|Ai>t, >' Rotorday, Jaiy I Ah, from PI-rNu Nvrtli hirer, at Sa'rlorh, P *. An aaportea-od An-* i 1* atU'hrd to Ok olilp. tlll-tt-m amt ptan thro i*h JP( it (Hti? , I !|t?rad la Harra. Ear pni<?*a or fr*Uiii thpplp to MOI f.ER. RANK A Rl? Rt. A(*nU. Ml ftp >n.t a? Pacific mail steamship company.?t u n .. ? Through Lin* for < aMforat* aad On-goa. f?Tl.p pni .'i n tntorwpd that uudot un aaw r "rangeim at of thi* lira I D'.ny, itiaam 1 upon tail aaa iHirmm bi tbr Nary Ui|?r , ?*r.t, aad oarri in/th< I'm tod ftai-i mail*. Mil o-at' top V , Soaro Panama au>1 *<a Fraaotnoa tho latar-' 'St' fajol 'wl I month, oil'ii dotainad hy aa*?nid>bla a< aidi-xt. aad HI ( Menrh at Aaapalro. huu Dtoga. aad Moataroy. # The followiar atoam paokata haloaaiat ta ttaa Paaooa Man Jit. Kiwpiiip Cam poor ara aaw la th* t'niSo, obp af whtah HI' i nlwaya la part atpaoh aad of the mot**? ORSOON I,"P toaa RRP'jni.IC 1.MM nan* I 'iPANANA. ...... I.i*?7 mat CAROLINA ? ) tout AJaIIFORMA ..,1.1*1 biaa COMTMBl'S i**M?a* "TENN ERMBE I..MI mat. IRT'lMfB. laai iMORTHKRNRR. l.Ji> mat. (,'NICORN fn t ?' dCOl.t'MHIA ... . AH toaa. FREMONT *? ton. I ANTELOPE t?aa. I Tha aaw ataaiaahip POI.T7MBIA will pit batwo-n Rai JTra aciaaa aad r rta ib 'tpwrna, awaltiag at th* formor port [ tth* arriral pi th* mail* and paaanagnr* from Pannran. aad **A> ti.ii.* nrl'.hnnt dpla) with th* aiatl* aad tMwmro fat | AJ.r Upip't fri n Ran frnuriteo. A rpanlar lia* ot prr>p?ll*r* HII b? knpt ap fnr th* trau > Jpartatlna of rroight aad i>Mdi*t pataowgam hatww*n Ps taaasa aad liar Fraaotaaa Tha WPlI haown nt?ainp|v<p RAKAH RANDS, of I.Nki l ul I Snrthpi, now naiar -ihartar to th* pntap-n*. aad ppoaltarlf 1 naiBiodiona in h*r rahin arranaoaiaatm will ho ktpt ranaiap <M aa pair* laaiilp h?at. Oa* ef thi awona rtoaanor* will kaap aptha aevnopti a ha Swa*a Apapwlpo and th* athar Moatpoa porta. . n- i-.inaanni' a la ?" * 1 Ml MP will M tnatalA'a?? ay t/f Vait*4 SliU> mail atoamahlpa tlOKMA Mill MM t:RKA< ?N'i ?:ITT i.kri t?aa . HIO imtNi CH KHOKfel ,l ?lWti Mrmk rm . ..nm ton. pmii apki.phi t1 mimar. ImiIm H?* f ?rt f?t Himtm ?i Um IIUi m4 VUi ?f ? ?( , *oath. Tk? aaw Maoiuatiin. ?,t, Ill ik A I'M* ana FA LOON Will i "ft I l ilrrat tin* hatwami *>*w Irliini and Chapraa, Irarin* a Monh parind* * Will iranr? m IIHla drteatina ? poaa?Ma ?i ( Mi* f*tliiiiaa. an 4 fnrmlnt. with Ua PanlPa ttnomaki|<< , thfoaph liar to tnl f?-m Vaw Orlaaaa aad porta In * <ri*? California, an* Or- run Paaaaipit from Naw i?rlnan > opt. Re aaenrnd from HMT?i?n?t, tatwraaaa IIV.knnH ttthti ?!*< Th* 'am fnr thrunpr. uoatafrom 14tw Tart t* Raa Fran i Ian* ha* ka*a radmwd lr-m (Mi ia *taU r> ?ma. to Mi i.w. la lawar noinn. to *wi, ia*), in at?ara?*. to f 1? Tha rataa from N?? York to Cb tara* will a* at Mi* i*wa* RAnptod hr any aaf* aaa ataamar katwaaa thai* porta ' Pat ahalaa of hartha. appl? at MM r^aa af th* Com pan/.I* Pal M Month atraat. an* a* ISati aran -t- ITT *aat atr-at TRAVKLIiMHI1 Mill?. 'Wriw TORK AND rUll.AI>RI.PHlA-NKW FOM 11 aad Pblladnlphta 4iraat.-Vnitad Stotaa Mail Ua*.? Throoah ia4H hoar*, ait N ?? Jtnij Railroad. Far* raMunadtn tR for iirtt olaaa. aad R2 W for aanoad nlaaa. U ?r Ml*ar Tart *t A. M , from font "f Conrtland a?-*ot an* a' AM.todIP M fpnm foot af Mhart* itrant. 'aa?'J'i: at * a a* H I ao4 * P 'mm th? fnat <n ? ' ' A*DEI* AHP ARHOT RAM ROAD MM PRO* ' K? f Tort ta PMiadnlphl* lain PlarNn. I North Rltar, b? (iamtait JOHN PliTTRR, Marninp Man, at I *'al?nlk I AAatMa Mat. P* id a'alort Far* by rithar linj^ BR* u L- tvMlf I E NE' NEWS BY TE LK GRAPH. | IMPORTANT FROM ALBANY. THE LEGISLATURE HOT ADJOURNED. , Flare-up between the Assembly and the Attorney General. THE CANAL BILL. | Charges of Bribery and Corruption* The Commissioners of Emigration. LIST OF BILLS PASSBD DURING THB SESSION, i THE GARDINER CLAIM AT WnmRllTAX. to., fro., &o. Highly Interesting from Albany. BY MORSE'S LINE, OFFICE 16 WALL ST. FKOM OUR srCCIAL COilBCSrOXDCNT. Ai r.A m . July 10?9 P M. The most Important tract lotion which occurred in the legislature to-day, was the proceedings in the Ilouso upon a report of the committee instituted, no doubt, to investigate tho alleged offer of a bribe to the Attorney Oenerui. Mr. J. J. Townsend, chairman of the committee, arose and gravely stated that he had received a most insulting and ubusive letter from Mr. Chatfleld, in answer to a summons to appear before the committee and testify. The Attorney General's letter, dated the 8th inst . was read; in it he acknowledge* that a bribe of $10,(100 was offered him some two weeks since?but he considered the matter by no means criminal, because the Canal bill was not then a law. lu alluding to the corruptions of the Legislature, Mr. Chatfleld stated that j the House had suppressed the report made by the late ; Cuual Fund Investigating Committee, to screen a whig j office holder; that a very important bill, which passed I < both houses, taxing curtain great interests, and deeply ' interesting to a large portion of this State, mysteriously ] disappeared when in charge of a public officer, between the Senate chamber and the executive chamber; that a ' public officer of high trust was accused before the Assembly, of making a report to the Commissioners of the C..nal Fund and transmitting it to the Legists- | ture, without authority, ana with the names of the ^ c< mtni-Mom-rs forged upon it; and that upon this charge s committee wns raised, but investigation was smothered; that a public officer, having custody of the public money, has without authority of law, taken the linking Funds, in d used them tor unlawful purposes, but that no in- s quiry has been madi; that some twenty persons have la i n designated as an organized company to take the entire contracts under the ''anal law; and then, he < says, if these matters are hot of sufficient Importance b to iigHge the attention of the House, with what pro- ? pnety can it take cognizance of the alleged bribery case? The House, feeling itself insulted, adopted a i*m lution returning tlic communication to the Attor- c< ney'iemral; but bo re-transmitted it, deuiauding its insertion upon the journals of the House. Tho whole allair has mded in smoke A strong effort wus made, in the Senate, to run through aj the bill abolishing capital punishment. Mr. IStboook j a succeeded in di testing it lie thought the question | Would bear heavily UL political elections j '' A ci nipvoniise has been made with the Commissioners ' of Km grat'on. and Dr. Ktewart remains in office uutil I Wi Diii rfvl pniiun is bring male to iwurc the mea P IWt NltiM Gwavt W Mi- II froin the oflb-e of Chief ? ot I'oflre. New York The strongest whig delegation I ]' tl at hnale-n licre during ihe session. are uow urging i exi y meanr, hut th? firmntseof Mr B&hflock, of the I feists. will save the chl-f. Mr II. absolutely refuse# ? lo reunU-nance any movement to 1- :.-:date Mr. Mat sell I lit of i Aire I Ji '1 he hill Hbolit-hing telle on railroals has just passed " the lloti e; and the lion - h ie also Ju-l ad >pt --l a reso- I lotion txteudi g the u until noon tomorrow. Tl e fen# te w 111 spree The resolution oOi red a few days sinre. by Mr Dewey, j In the Assembly. sppiiuliog .? Committee to investigate the transactions of the (.'ouunbr-lnners of Kmigrali >n, 1 wae adopted I hie atternoon (Tell llessrs Devi tin Min- I turn U (to . to set their house- in order.) A very strinjn n? bill lias ju t been lnt rodur. d by Mr. ' ^ Be< hman. a* drawn up by Older of the Commissioners of . Kmtgrfcth n ; It poesesws mnuy extraordinary features, but n in rkable ae tie j are the hill will pass both House*. I It le Mud that tliie will I lie noun* el giv:og power t? , Ihe oou>miaeionera to unite with the steamboat an i railr< ad uiotinpoliA*. in forming a combined mouopoly for lie transportation ot emigrant* from Quarantine to Chi Hgo This will disband emigrant robbing between New I fork and Buffalo. i Wm V Kusseil demo rat. and K J Tl intrl fry Wl :. , !> ? Jnst been appointed a committee to exa.. ?e t.h# , iccounU of the Treasurer, Comptroller, rul u riitejh nt of the Bank department. The M raj raw bill amalgamation sob -4 havii a.fu'o ' been fruetratad in the House. in t-btaiiiii,: an <r -in.', of labile funda, sure ej'<d thiatnorningin iu. ning - ,U ; Ihe Senate a bill airing it $1 :*jo It wm Ill Ure. together with bills grsntlor large amount* to Ibe Korherti r ,tnlversityJ Albany sertariau conrsrn, nut the Gene we College from the feeling in the House to night, there is no prosper! that either will pa?s. The Governor baa appointed John 0 Hpenrer. Wm la. Marry. Key Dr Klpp. franklin Townaend. Y A and ; James Ii Titus of New ^ ork. trustees of the State A?y- | lum for ldlote?a new Institution IKW TURK LKVlDLATllHli BPKCIA1. SKRSION. y bain's link, orrios 2.9 wall strict. t < Mr riwfc. I Albany, Jul/ 10.1861 rrt'DAi. tuwvbbb. A long debate ensued on a biltforea* lOgul-hing feudal titufua, bared jpru ib< following:? L Tl?l Ui< Jriti. , Cotrml' ^ be In -fronted U 1 r> |-nrt at the > trltef i pm uli, b?ar i mil I >r the ippntatn j< ill Win i. Am?/. 0-?i B. filiriM, fta-i a.nriahC. 0 I $ M IbrM iliii a Iwi i?r- t? ? i r .i '' i > t valaa \j rrarrva ? rt <1 r - , i . , verm. an4 ,i I Mlrtea, re*. < inn ' iir'il |r una r n f - i: p -tiaa | r li i a: i . . i , > i,ri m jr?4 a i . > ? i? ju-? . , i .if | r-.fti i.. i",an n? ' I . I. *1.1 ' ( f? if I !U. ., ?r J?'| I IIIi ?.| leal lor- A ate| -r S. fill u. all- i fill's Pal i . iifu'" i? timna A f tyrant y. at il '' w tha I ? i i (i.i. pi y with as a t. I! i.i wai-r .?? fit hi I t.' ai to; u p, l. I nt'ttna P' . tlietn, mi it ha* n In p?.t pip, t- > f -li? frai;? nr I.. i ii / nf tliuaa baa?itt-d a; ?t. ' nil an f?< n. a want : f ' i?lita? to ita renin i fn^. ..1.4 "lin llim #pn 'an uilr faai ita eVaeta ' o ?f in I'm,-a ? I It .?tona;tiai n < latlananaa, it in ad- I o t i* ,i p ail that it I.i tl f i rr|if tsatiua t? contrary la 1 p | > n?l?.r. .i. i It i ll; rlat to truth aaJ Jo.tioa , la>t;i iagi.;a"ir? a'.oaid riytrd tha ariartaoaa of thnta . I'?II r "Br tliia t?anra aa rpnn?-|drtt in no amalt dasrer fwaw ii . . i i r. *i.;,, .pi . ii r .?* * tbelrrapr am iariwr ii i 'if ..f ti. Iunur? aii ratlin mmmi.rH> at ' .re itiaiP'ttl it tha whola p . nl!' should roatritnita, la S'ltna. W tiia rnmoral o" I lan'ili- . mrnl I f iMa tennr* and ita lari imtf np-ia t . . u labia Urn a to all par tan. | lbs bill ami rvooluion were laid no th> taM?. Ban anal. HjctlMl. A hill panned. providing that wher aiv-roi .in f ' ii- ( ' r? torn of railroad rompnniee la appoint II in i id t n " Mt nday. it ma/ be hi Id on tlir Weduemlay f? 'a y oarttaa miinit Tlir Srrala poneurr,*! in lb. amendment of tho As to the gi nere of) rop,inlioti bill, which appro- ) " pi Intrd twi nty tin ur. ) ii : uv to the rplian a-yluin* j T in the Plate, but out id' 'in i \J of New Yon t Mao,IK RKi.aiirc To nr . mt, non or aroaroK*. A rerolutlon. amending ibe emou tuition an that nna i Im'f ot the denAlorr alerted should i"> out each year, was , . adopted * tmk noaoat aon rntan rtntri p Mr Ptp ot a rrported adrrr*a to the bill appropriation r. Br It try to pay the ekpeliMa of an agent to gu to Kurpe. i tl to pr'rura |r*tini ny oonr. iniiiK Ilia title i>7 tha ilotnliy and I'tait Bey ealaia*. and llir bill wsa rajeelail. | t TMaaaa to I.IKt't. nor. I'MirBCN A re? Iution of thank* to Lieut Hoy Ohnerh wai iinanlnioualy adoetrd. and Mr Mnr^ao aa I'reald-nt It im fea-f-ar. took tue rhnir HOTiaiiRY BALaTitI i" * ?raorn*rr> aaoLtro * a' or eariTai. Tha bill providing for eommltting to prlwn paranna a I' sod wti 11 ty of inurdiT. tlu ra to ri inntn tlli tha llorer ii' r * iu*'i n w*n r*p.Miii"n. mni?- up u?r ro?iuwryr?T T'?n Mr. Mni umo advnoatrd thle Mil n? a "ti p in tha pmrt'ea of the (lav. and la demanded by Ilia tncraawd *| - lelllaatkoi. of Iha aga lla alludad to Michigan a* a (lnlrYbrt* tlu- (("id cITact of tha ch taga waa avtitanaeil Mr Hiiimk Mid that Iha Ibnul ir from tha third tniflrt (Mr It illlamai had cj tint art Michigan aa and p Ha of tha gor>d affeet of an abolltloa of aapltal pun r| al.n #t)t, ft la a moat wolul axatnpla. and nna full of p fiarful lliuatrationa. Raa tha State of Michigan, remnilred l-y atarrllia rpactarla ?-f conaplrary?hoaatail of n .ml gloated otrr?to daatroy an antira train of pawn i.T" Murdi i? by tha wbolaaala In that Rtata ara to ba ,not(d aa an llluatratl?n of tha gnr*| to ba J >na by ahol u h ng rapltaJ punlelimant. Mr H protaatad agatruit tha i araaga of tha law II It ap|x>arlng prohabla that a long debate would an?ua, ha bill waa laid on llta tahla A racras waa taken till half part ?aa? n. evknimh sk**ion. attia araaarrn a? rur narravoa. Th< OoYernoT tran"mitt< <1 hl? approval of tha follow log hllla;?To (M?hl* tha Rtata Into ('ongraaalrnal dlaInata Iha Canal Hrilt'gamant MU tha hill providing Toy ?lo< nlng tha lrek? on tha Oowego canal the code ofpnv Pill a 'and the Oanarwl Appropriation hill An all thaw re ding nu-arur.* of i ha raaaioralMYa baooma Inwa THt nrw roaa e itt cNtaraa Tha mmate, in t'ommlttea of tba Whole at 11 o'rtewk, W YO 4 MORNING EDITION?T1 proc<-eded to consider the bilJ amending the charter of 1 the city of New York, and which bill includes a removal ' of the Chief of 1'ollce. ' Mr. Wu.liams moved to etrlke out the second section, i which include* the provision* relative to the police. i Mi. Mohoan opposed this motion. i Mr Cook Mid endurance in respect to an officer hold- 1 Irg over might oeaae to he a virtue. It acemed as the law la now. that one man blocked the will of the Alder- ' men and Assistant Aldermen of the city. Mr Ct'Rvia said this seemed like a rebuke by a Whig Legislature to a Whig Mayor. He did not kuow that it was not proper in him to interfere. The Senate did not finish the consideration of the ' New York Charter Hill, hut took up the Supply Hill. P They will probably adjourn till to morrow, as the Legislatuie has extended the session to uoou to morrow. , I Aaacmbly. Ai.bakv, July 9?7P M. The following is the protest offered by Mr M auric* to ' the passage of the Canal bill, and which wax ordered to be entered upon the journal of the House:? To the Hon. Joa. B. Varvvm, Speaker of the (louse of Assemble? We. the undersigned member* of the House of Assembly, fav< ruble as we are to the completion of the canals, , but mindful of the obligation of our oath to support the j oonetitutiou of the Stale. and believing that the btU now before the llouse of Assemb y, for the enlargement of the Kric, ami the completion of the loneeee Valley and , Black Kin r cnunla. violates the constitution, do solemnly and earnestly protest against such bill, a* unoonstitu tional; and request tbat this, our protest, be entered on the j< urual of the House Aaa?.?ini v Chambf.r. July 0,1861. . James Maurice, of Qoeeus, A. Congdom, It C. Leroy, of Onondaga, 8. Ootfiu, Noble S Elderkin, of St. A. I., Lawyer, ' LtvrssM, P. Leans Rockwell, J. H Wouster, of Herkimor, John Button, Charles, ot Steuben, C. P. Snail, Egbert T. Smith, of Snffolk, John Stevens, Samuel Minier. of Chemung, Sam'I Doyle, Lurau Hushnell, of JoSerson, David Noble, 8sm'l Jayne, of Vatea. D. Dennisou, John Pool, D. Shall, Is wis Ryder, R. Itahooek, S. Stilweli, of St. Lawrence, O. C. Thompaon. J. Shatton. of Sullivan, M Dougherty, John P. bat is, M. Wright. Charles Robinson, 11. F. Lewis. Milton Karnes, The following Is the vote on the Canal bill ? Yi As? 11. Albn, Authun, Atwood, J. W. Bubeoek, Barkbouse. Baker. Belknap. J. Benedict, T. H. Uenediet, Bird, Bishop, Black.tone. Bradley, Hraytnn, Brigga, Burroughs, tr' Inmpl-cll, Carrtugtou. Chamherlin. J. Clarke, Colvla, L'ooku. Cursor, C urtis, Dewey. Douglass Rlwood. Ely, Parr, Feller, Ferris, Filthugh. Fordyce, French, Oilbert. Uleason, Crshasn. 11 Gregory, W. 8. Gregory, Green. 0. Barns. L. Harris, llrath, lino s. Howard, iloppin, Humphruv, Inger.o 11, Kellogg, Lake, Langdon, Leggett. Leslie, MoLouth, Hacombtr, Moss, NoUuu, Norton, Pardee. J. L. Perry, Roi:.?,, Kumscy, Kyan. Severance. Sherman. Shults, k Smith. Stereos, Swords, Townseud, Tuthill, Undorso. I. F amnio YVakcmsn, Ward, Wcldon, Wheeler, Whiteside, Peomaua?81. Nora?K Babcock, Boorue. Ha.hnell, Coffin, Davis. Denilson, Doyle, Elderkin, lltgby, Uortcn Jayne, Kiatlry, awyer, Levi, Lewis, Maurice. Miles Minier, Noble, Pcolo, tyder. Robinson, Shall, E T. Smith, Snail, Stewart. StiiA'eil, Strattuu, A. A. Thompson, O. C. Thompson, tfeoster, Wright? 3t>. AiBv.iv, July 10, 1861. the railroad toi.lf. In Ajwembly to-day, Mr. BKAvroa presented a remoitranoe against removing tolls from railroads. anti-oaMhi.ino iiii l?cMANrrnv accovrm. Mr. Bak.-K moved to take from the table the Gambling j Ml. and to refer it to a nclect committee to report forthlth. Mr. Cadt moved to increase the Committee on Chan- | CKJ At't'VIUitS VU UTP. Iil'm. the (ommon school laws. > ' Mr. Rubkouciis c ffered a resolution that the Qorernor t prxHut a roniiuMlouer to embody Into one act Lbs oocaion school Laws of this State, and that he be required j report to the next Legislature Adopted. THE C ??4 MISSION KB or EMIOBATION. Mr. Csov oflen d a rerolution, that a committee be ap- B ointeo to love-tlgatr the attain of the Commissioners f K migration of the city of New York, and to inquire r to alleged abures arm pecuniary embarnutim-nia exiAg in that department. Mr. J Hi.neoict mired to substitute the resolution Acred a few day* sin. ? Tho amendment was adopted. Mr Moss moved to amend, by appointing a conference l onimittee oombitlug of two from the House and one r in tin Hecate * Mr. 0 Allen moved to lay the whole subject on the libit*. L< st, by 3? to 50. Mr Moss' aintialmeut was lost, 20 to 40. * Mr Rxvebano. morvd the previous question on the doptiou of thL resolution. Adopted. Y nr. chaboe sau1ih to the artemrtlll bribind or ATTonnn* oenbbal chateielo. Mr. Townsinu submitted a report of the committee ' ppolnted to investigate the charges in relation to the literacy General having been ottered a bribe to not ling an injunction against the Caual bill. Mr T also c rerouted a commuuicalion from tbe Attorney General, rlio bad Is eu summoned I" attend the in res ligation, but tad faiitd to do so. The communication was read by the Clerk 1 Mr Tohnseno submitted some remarks upon the dolin lit lie said It was one of the most unparalleled in " he ri-c< rds of our country No such document had over 0 en addressed to auy government, and should not now I'H-ood lij eilbiut reusun* lie concluded by say lug ' hut the Attorney General hail been guilty of a gros. I1 usultuig rouleuipt of Ihs Legislature. lie thought the rt }a*r unde to pursue w?? to return In -d nt contempt, " he coiiiuiumealion received fr m tbe Attorney General, rithoul note t r comment and if It wi< necessary to havs * committee appolutcd to thnrougldy investigate Ibe hat gin of ct rruption made by him lie olfer-d a series of " eeoiutlons request irg that u committee be appointed, 1 ensmiiig in high terms, the course pursued by Mr. ;tiuificld n Mr fi Uovred lie attributed this whole wn | * ?t'< u to the vain *lori>u? flcurl-b of the groUeir. n 10m Wevtchcetet (Mr Hrlgga) Had he b-.-n alto. r>r haety and waited until the gcntli man fr in St I-uw ! 1 ik? (Mr Lidi-rUn) had m:ide an explanation. l*> , KfWlll; for lhlj> lnveetitfation would hare bean euper- v ded . ink rouKne ?ni> nt-nro or ri'iuc orrtnar Mr O. Ai.iic moved tliNt the matter ho lat<l on the iibic until the Vote could be taken upon the bill report d title no mlng from the Jiidlclnry In relation to the o*i r? ai.d dutiee ul p Mio officer* Carried Th< duiction nan uj? n concurring to amendonente nade It the Senate. The amendment* were not con MM in ink rat iTcanrwr iiiitokto tn> aTTrmrrao eererer 'Jlie matter In relation to the Attorn-/ Oener <1 wm 'ounnd Mr A A Tweornoa rubmlthd a f'-w p marke in-a-n-a ' f thecdirrn purmed bjr lh- Attorney (lu-rU Mr han.oa fell, w.-d explaining the eirriipiataare un- * ler wliieh he hud BMitid the committer of lnve?tigatl"n Ce ??? net in hi- erat when the charge w*.-< made by >1r ildetkin that an att< mpt had hen made to bribe the ittori iy Ueui ral lie. hwweeer, did mi on the flrit callable opportunity, after bung In hit m at Mr M*i aire offered an amen liu-nl. th it the commitie |M'dhi hatged from th' further roin-lderati >n of the * nhjeet Mr F.i rrexin followed in tmue remark- In explanati in fhit pcrtr n lie bad intended no dl rrtp'ri to any ' ne, in ataertinf that an ilfer had been made to bribe he Attorney Uen-taL The rum r waa rife in the vicinity f the place where be Mopped Mr. WitrMaii m v>o the prtl ik rjr--Hon on the doptitm of the rceoluttuna. and the mot >n mtadiylil. " Ttir. lOaNiwioRKKt or kmu.m .tn?e. Mr Tvtiiik t mov-<l to take from tlx tatl' < nd <>r |*r to third reading the bill In relation to tnc Cj-utaii a.-.nom ried Mr bw?ai. < tti red an amendment ao that the earthen f the till in relation to the abolition of lh? office o hyelrhiti lotle Marine lloepipal ihonld not take effect mil the ftr?t day of January neat. Carried The bill ' a? tben ord< nd to i third reading Till aCTI ok ri al o errirKKI. Mr H vath railed for the ceneldi rmlon of the reaotn- I if >i to appoint a committee to investigate the acta of the T<muter, Comptroller, and Nanking Iteoartmeot The bturof balloting wae poetpon.-d until ft P U. Tin coMMimioaiae or iiiaia tnoa to*lit. . Mr O Ai i rw offered the followingreeolutlon ? keeilred. That the !t-lee? Co" ifilitee, which have heea er- * ned ?>> ti n lleaav totaeretlzv- tbr affair* of the Kin at I migration, mailit ef the Select Com olttee wh?h I' HM 1 ? fi twit ? ? li tJ iikme ? ' aelallao ,k*' in mtiiii a. altb thr addltiua *f Jaaie* Df wev bi chairman _ Hereof Mi Ki ntnai* moved to Wj th* revolution on the table !NTM warairrtwcs riir *t*t* ' Mr Itinn moved that the bill In relation to the diatriot rftbl Mat) l > ad a third time Onmed * Mr l.ikot move?j to recommit, with inetructlona ta iril a out Ilia erect ing eUoee |,oit Mr Townainn mov"! to recnfnmlt, with iLetruotlooa to dj a in a taction Carried aii.i.a ai roan-n roMn.rr* Mr Horn reported complete the tinmUIng hilt. Mr T II Iiiidkt reported complete a hill maklag n (.i.ropriatlntw to oartaln colbyaa Mr moled to lap on the table Carried I Mr t'aoaaeaon muted to reoonetder Lint. Tin aaw a*aa in a?w roan. , Mr tt 8 Oainaai hid that the committee having I Iiarpe I tho New York I'liNic I'ark ba required U> rw- a of forthwith Mr It'aaaaiaa mflVed to amend, ao that the com t, littie la ordered to rt port foflhwlth Oarrlad ii a a?w ar.T or cowranwiaa attain now* Mr Am mow naked to introduca tha following reaolu- t, foita ; Natolved, (ifthaSenal* eonenr.), That the adaption of lie i( mffiniioi at tha con titntlnn wa? anaatial to Ml irmitton and that tin Ir fattl-.fnl ob#<-vvino* I* aeeawary to t> tha pirpatnlti of that rnaatttutioa aad tha praaervatioa tl f 'he unit) which it ha* Maai Ke?e|red (If th* SanMe i "near.) That, whlla wi aanaot a icril " i1 iir own opinion* allh ri?fd to th* ItniHdicj of l( i me of tha detail* of th* no ni pro mite m*?*nro? of tli* l?*t ia?tca of Cnn?r**a. wo deeia it highly improper to pre** hi *e ohjaatt a* for tha pnrpo** of ?(ll*lioa or I ? th* n*h of " roOncir* or ret l*tn* motional *o*teoi aratev or emMtteria* lopibkhkal dlvtaion*. . ii Haeolt ?d, <tt tha Senate poaenr.) That th* South ii aatl ? led |o law* rffleent to acaar* the n?ht? guarantied to tt ader the ( enetitntiow and that ahile we earaeatly hop# >r a* amendment, or mndiSratioa. af aoiae of tha peat Idoai III-', low-. pat, ia onr opinion th# tim-of a*eltaanat la ' nttlie time for wii# and prnrtant aetton. N.wetted, (if the Senate roarer,) That w? r*'peet tha RKH

w 1 ? ~ ilDAT, JULY 11, 1861. right of the varioni Statee of this Union, to regnlate their internal policy according to their own ronrlctioae, and that no will n< t, in an* nj, interfere with thane right# Rreolied, (if the Senate concur ) That the Com prom iee ncnauree of tlu< laet reunion of Corgreaa, wero enacted coaitituti nally. and in conformity with all tlie rei|?ir?naente ind foruie neceaaary to aeoure obedience, and to demand lubmiesion to their provieiona Objections being made, the resolut long were not Introlured A reccce wag taken till half past three. AKTKKNOO.N SESdlOS. Till: rkW run. Mr. Swords reported complete the bill in relation to ,he New York l'ublic Park. HILLS K> AD A THIRD TIMK. An act to ertabllah an Asyluui for Idiots, passed. Mr. Bird reported complete the bill dividing the State Into CoDgrt aalonal districts The bill war read a third lime, and pureed, after cover*I motion# to re-commit were loot. TLn Uunalu atikaaniiAinllw anwaaurl *l?a smaaJmnnl' lid the Uovernor having signed the bill, it is a law. ri-HLic nmctu. Mr 0 Allen, front tho Conftrenoe Committee, report) d the bill in relation to the power* and duties of public officers, with amendments, which were concurred in. new methott op electing senators. The Senate's amendment to the resolutions proposing to amend the constitution in regard to the election of Senators, were received and concurred in. railroad tolls. The art to abolish tolls on railroads was passed, after protracted discussion. l'rplt rill. Mr Wkeelrr, by consent, reported tho Supply bill. the iiovr por adjournment. Mr BvrnoL'oHs presented a concurrent reeolution to idjuurn tomorrow at 2 o'clock. 1* M It wasami'ndcd so as to read 12o'clock, M., and adopt)d as Rmended. A recess was taken till half-past eight o'clock. EVENING SESSION. the treasurer'* accounts. Mr Kkiros withdrew hi.- s ame as a candidate for the ippointment on tie committee to examine the Treolurer's Recounts The Assembly then proemled to ballot for candidates or such oflVers. RDtl witb the followiugjrcsult:?Walcott I. Humphrey was elected ou the first ballot, and W. F. XusM'll on the second. in or iii r communication prom the attohnkv general. A coiDiiiutilcution was leoeived from the Attorney (>eleral returning hiscommuuicatiou which was belore the House ibis morning lie asked that it might be entered jpon the journal of the House On motion of Mr Underwood It was ordered to be reuxned, unanswered and unnoticed. | special nKur.ii. The IIouro went luto tlominlttee of the Whole, Mr fitibugh in the chair, on the Supply bill After several unimportant amendments, the Supply >111 was reported to the (louse, where it was read a third iuic and passed academical appropriations. The bill appropriating moneys to certain academies, rfcs read utd passed. steam jaw mill in nkw york. Mr Swords reported complete the bill to authorize the Taction of a stesm <-?* mill in New York city. tiie anti-gamrlino hill. Mr. Barer moral that the Anti-Uumb'.lng hill now Jure Its third reading. Harried Mr. Buiior moved to recommit, with instructions to imrud. by Inserting a new section. Lost. Scvi ral other amendments were proposed, and either h-clareo out of order or voted down. Mr. A. A Thompson moved to umand, by inserting a >roTlsion excluding thiyctty and oounty of New York torn the operations of th>< bill, host The hill was then read and passed?7 to 8. Mr. Morris moved to reconsider, l.oat by 8 to 54 The Senate returned the amendment reeolutlon. fixing be time for a final adjournment to Friday, with a uiez age. iufoiming the Uoure tha' they had ooncum-il In hit- fame nrtirr mix. An act for the relief of Jhmiei Clark Nr Mil in i muTixl to re- ommlt Loet The hill wae then read, and panned. The Awembiy then sojourned to 8 o'clock to morrow lorning. Title* af Acta *WID AT THE EXTRA e%-MON OF THE LR0ISLATVItE, V IIICH COMMENCED ON THE I0TH DAT OP J JTI8F, AND ENDED ON THK IOTH DAY OK JULY, 1831. 7V Not atr rtmlwhrtl farm Ihr Iju i of (Ac rr^idar utntum ] 210 In relation to the Vienna and Clifton Springs i'iank load Company 217. To pmrlde for the enotionof recorder* lo cities. 218 In relation to the bridger orer theOroton rirer In h<- crnnty ot Wmtchi ster. 212 Te authorise the election of a Atiperriaor in each rard in the city of lit lea tor tU relief of Blearer Hill* 221 To amend the art Incorpi rating the Saratoga Muual Fire li surance Conipany 222 For the relief of i'alriek It offer* 223 For the relief John 0 S.nlth stid Warren Norton, ontractiwa on the suspended aorka of the Orange canal. 224 Authorizing the 8ui<errifora of Oneida county to orrow money to build a bridge orer the Mohawk 22ft T<> Incorporate the luidns1 llnioa Aid Society of he Met In dirt Episcopal I'hurch In the city of New York 2U?i To provide for the ereetion of a tire proof building r the Mate hil raiy, and for the betUr accoinniodatiou I tha Legislature 227 To enaMe the Rr tie. ter Ixickoort and Niagara Hllf I'allroed Comptuy to e'rnighten aud olherwiae 1mrorr the track of their road 228 Authnrtrtng the Nottbern Railroad Company to , len Mr ila capitalatock. 22V To anc ud an art to rwrta* and amend the reTaral rtr relating to the city of Brooklyn passed April 4. IS >0. 230 Making appropriation* in part, for the expeu ez f govrrnioi nt for the fiscal year uoinui-uoii g Octo'jcr ft. I860. ..nd for other piirpoeea. 231. To anilouizM tha Mayor. Aldrrmaii and Oomlonalty U f he < it of New York to raiae m -nay by loan, i .i | public fnrvl or atock to be called tba t k< lit * Far Ceut lock for Ihicfca and Slip*. 2 ei. I rlae the Clerk of t haulaui(ua county to r. i in a i*ai tor said county To >n. rv a at the number o! the Board of Trufteaa ??t. 1 ?* r< i.,. Academy . .4 l'i i nanga the name of Mary Owen to Mary Owen >1 H"I)U. !(< < s atilhoiife tbe Mayor, Ahleriren and Oommonliy of l lie nty of Nea Vor k to ralea money liy loan, and o create a pi .3ic liind or stock t? be called C rot on Waer Flock M IDs etty of New York ZU' To amend IIn tut entitled an K"t to Inprurc the !a;t>iraCrtiL road, in lb* count; of Krie, |.wn?4 March 7 ihU an To an ln.rire the pa;meut of cam damage* to .In tiratr Humphrey. S.'tM In relation to the width of highways In the loan ruukt 2"i* To clung# tin* name* of l.oui*a Handle; and Imtiiv ll?ndi"j to I hum tlaudljr llall and M.iu a no U? 'idle) Unit MS Giving to the pafffliwn and jnvttce* of th* ? ? ol til* town of Morri u.wn in tbo count; ?f At p< wer to leaae ami rcgulai? certain fcrriei, in aid town 841. To amend an art entitled ' An Act to Incorporate p< l mate I ntial.oii in lb" count; < f Kioliniond " Ut To aulhonae the Inhabitant* uf the town (4 I'lttar>rU to ratre atone; b; tax. to la; oat and open a ccitain <a?l in the cmni; nt Mi i roc. 24c To provide for tlic duration of the children of be 7 to car. ra Indiana in the count; of Niagara 244 To provide for the eteeio>n i? truatn-i of the lit hi dot Kpiif (.J il Mfirt; -if the Ullage Of Hand; Hill nd It. vh; 24.i li incorporate the h: d*d a ?y Saving ' Til liiutlon Wo To incorpi rate the A > iu n lor Trianutv ' do;* in In elt; ii| Ne? York 247 Sor the relief of Jamea Stewart, enntractor upon ib" Mnptlaird Vorit on the Oawego canal 24k Sir tb-reiief of A I' M Donald J..on II Nichol.c, !. J. lie lira*. ai d lleur; lie t.raa i-.'Uirai tor- upon th# u?pe i did ? th* on lie Otwigo canal 4vl' In relalton to the Oawegn count; Agricultural orlet; 21.' To authnrire the mnireiMdnnora of highwa;a of lie to? n of W awarding. drier count;, to loan money, .bo to pi ovule ftr the pa;nil nl thereof 2frl To .mo ud the charter of the village of (Ir-enhu h 262 I'o ci'iotliute that part of the tocn of *1. tleo, it;. i)lng within ih? corporate limit*of Mid llhtr a aeparate road dirtrict 2.. I To auibotitH lhe Connt; Clerk of Wayne count; >r?e rd eertaln deedt. 2M To approi date mone; to the Society fi t the Refnr.alton ot Juvenile IMini|Uenrt In the el./ of New York, U ft In antli'tirr the city of Troy. and certain railroad I >r| < ration*. to Ftiheorltie tor and hMOMIkairfTMi uf | l<?li for I he omiFtrurttnn of * mi! road through Ihr . h.le ?r mm portion of the city of Trvy itM. Toamtnd an act ntitld ' An Art to amend the Fttral arte In reUIInn to the tillage of Anmii-rdam la . he ci.oi.iy ot Montgomery *' pawed Mtjr if> Intl. 8f>7. To amend an art par ed Ma) <1. 111.Ill entitled | An Act to Itiecrpotato the Alt.any count/ ill turn In cr*riee Company '' U K To triable the ftnperttanr* of the city and county t Nf? V?rk to mtae m inry by tax J/.H hi?klng appropriation for the Clinton State lleon MO To antliortre the conetructlon of n drawbridge croae the fttil klfli la Itiebmindi unty idll To antl.mlre'he *gpral*aj aid payment of canal enrage* to .Inniee Woodward 1M To autliodte the Northern Railroad Company to ?ke tti ik In a rallnod U Potedam tillage, or to ron ruct the fen.c ae a branch IKS k xteiidlng the benndarleaand amending the c?.ar rof the tillage ?d itgdetiFhurg ltd To aire ?d the act cnlltied 'An act to Incorporate he i illage of linth " To incorporate Mm Central City Sating* Inxtltulon VOA Aiilb. rixing the e<n?t ruction of a drawbridge ci'"" the Ityiam rltcr. from the tillage of Rortchetier. ? the com ty ot M i debcrter. to the Connecticut ?hote S?7 To incorporate the Marefaal Infirmary la the city f Trey ? K To grant to .Tame* N Sackett land* under water a the town ot klFopti*. and to autbortxe him to erect end dhtain dork* upon the enttie Id I' To protide fir the equitable *ettb'm?nt of the laiin of gtm Jobncou and hoc in an Huller, on their etui connect. TO. To amen 1 an acf enlitlid An act On author!** the ERA] ! lUltnrDt of t nulMooa on land owned br the State la the elty of Syracuse." passed January 25.1849 271 To provide for laying out and construction the Dal ton and I<ong lake roed 272 To authors the town of Sterling. In the county of Cayuga to borrow mom y aud to tax the town for the payment of the same 27a Appointing comn leeloner* to lay out a public highway in the towns of Westmorland, Vernon, aud Ve| rona . In the county <f Oneida 274. To Incorporate the New York Academy of Modi' cine. i ?75 To facilitate the construction of the J.ewlston Ri< lroad and to authorize the llulfalo and Niagara Kails i Railroad Company, and the l.ewiston Railroad Company > to unite in oue company 276 To lnonaeo the powers and duties of the deputy collectors of assessments In the city of New York 277. Declaratory of the act to unthorl/.e the recording of wills, of real estate aud of exemplification of judgment records, and decrees iu partition suite, aud for other pur poses, ps-sed May 11. 1846 ZJB. To iiU't-Dti the act to Incorporate the KtnigrauU Industrial SavlDgs Bank, passed April 10, 1W>0 279. Id rilatluu to the Slate arsenal iu the city of Net York. 2S0 IVcliiriiig valid the proceedings of the Superin Undent* of the I'oor of the county of Niagara. aud th effect of certain proceeding* of the Hoard of Suporrisor of eaid county t '/hi. In relation to the Onondaga salt spring*. 2K2. To amend the act entitled "An act to amend th charter of the village of l-ansingbarg." kc. J8:i To authorize the Couintismoner* of the Land Oflie to coll certain lards b< longing to the State, situate It the city of Syracuse, and purchase other land* 2t?4. Kor the relief of the Brewettou Bridge Company. fl^2b^J In relation to the cnDal d- hi--, aud maintenance o te canal* for tho fl.-cl year, commencing October I 1M1. and to provide for the completion of the work connected therewith 2*?i. In rt latirn to mortgages on premises in the city and eouuty of New York, taken by the commissioner* fot loaning certain money* of the United States 2S7. To enable trustee* of consolidated district No 2 In Batavia. to levy a tax for the support of a school house V-H Autl.oruii g the Commissioner* of the Land Office to giant curtain lands under water. 2k9 T<> authorize the appraisal of canal damage* to tin Hiiflhloand Bluck ltock Kailroad Company 210 For the relief of Philip II. Boccstal 291 Making h| pr< prialions for oerttin acadi mies for the year lkMJ 2W. To change in part the northerly boundary of the tillage of Ulster. 293. To incorporate the Onondaga county Saving* Institution. '.".Ji In nlatlon to the District Attorney of KJnga county 29ft To revise and amend the several acts to incorporate and to increase the capital, and extend the powers el the Sod us Canal Co. 296. To incorporate the society for the relief of destitute children of seamen. 297 To amend the act entitled ' An act to incorporate the Orphan Asylum Society In the city of Brooklyn." 29k. To amend the act entitled "An act to create the Ctoton Aqueduct liepertmcut in the cily of Ntw York." j 2#9 Kor the n lid of the trustee* ot the Strong Place : Baptist Church, Brooklyn | iin?. To suthrriz Hog, r Patterson, an alien, to hold | and convey rt at estate. I 291. To authorise the children of Oeorge 8. Tiffany, to j take rial estate by descent or devise .192 To establish the- location of the Cacastota and I Morrisvllle plank road. I ix.'t Tu amend an act declaring Racket river a public highway 1X4 Authorizing the Mayor, fcc of New York city t? , rreate a public turd, to be called Public Hutlilinjr Stork No. M. Ua'i Confirming proceedings of certain town officers oI Lorraine, Jrltmun county. 3W?. Authorizing a rvilioud company to cousiruct a roud tr> ui llirkjtvtlle to 1>1<1 npring Harbor. 81 7 To incorporate tint Orleut IVharf Company. i-OH providing for r< pajmeiu of money* in the town* of ( lay nno hi hi" pp. 1 Amending ttir act relating to the Tillage of Fort Aid MO. Authorizlrg the election of officers in Silrer Creek fill. Betiding to k road district in tho viltiga of i'latUburg ill'.' Ami tiding the charier of the village of VVestfleld. 81n. ItelatlTe to the bchuharie and Luaiuduirg Turnpike Hood < ' injany tin ItelatlTe to a toll gate on the Niagara Kails and l.t wi.ti.u p|;mk t.oad M.i To provide for building a bridge on the aite of the Oswego fall* bridge. lilb To eoiMtruet a canal bridge in Oswego. 317. To lni orporate the Lewlrl<>0 Wot. r Wo-k? Company bid For the relief of the Middletown and I>elhi Plank It oast Company 31V. To au.end tbc act eutltled '-Ar act In ndat'oa to the aieee-meut and coUiction of taxee in the city ol New Vork " ?2u To arm r.d the act to provide for the Incorporation of Tillages. paced Devon: bor T, 1M7, a* far ai reistes to tin village <4 Corning. 321 Authorizing married women who may b-> member* and stockholder* id any t ik-oi porated company, to VXe at l> rt ten of ding-tor* and trostn s 323 To proTidn tor the publication of general laws in fotm, iu rt-ialiou to the care and maintenance of the poor. KB. To authorize the Fchoharie and Albany Plank Bo?u la tnpaii) to borrow money 324 To Itiocrpuiate the itooi* Saving* Dank 326 To incorporate the I.hua Hydraulic Company 8*tt To d the eharter of the village of Havana 32? Declining I hawan<]uo rivet a public highw?? 328. In relation to the Home and Hnwegu Kailroad Gotnl*i > 32V Torhargetbe name of tba TlainvUle Methodist ?pirro|nl Society in Yntee county 3Jl> Autbiwizing ihe toard ot Supervisors of Tompkins comity to divide gospel a' d school nwoeys b'doog. II ? Ilia tns... of V..I . I I II-? Ills ool. In oltUirb a frrr; tcnw tbr IIuiIwd r-r,ir?. * N< a liainliUrK to Hampton 33X 1o n c.Tjx'iato thr NrW York Jurrnin \ry m 3341 Aui homing Phioraa It ltrahr 'o eatac l*u a I' *r? acroer the U< Dwr nrrr. CI4. To turtlier aim nil the act f >r thr rvli. f of L .h Mi rri*. To pcrwrTT thr Pridire orrr thr Onwngo Jtiial and Orai-po rtrer. at ttawrgo tulle rtnii Kuithrrto HiiK tut nn art to ron'oltilato and amend th< art to lueorpmnUi thi city i t HufTdo li.'IT. lorontlnii ihr i Itlcai arte of Henry Krerett. Addim ii Mini ten uikI Junior McKitea roiaml."U?iiTr, ke Ht ll,e Irllfl ' I K m Hprr,o<r W A moodily tlx acta Incorporating thr ? dingo of Fulton .'MO To amend thr art j maiding Mr the^arntioa ol illiagi a no tar an relate* to Uw ii.I<k> of Ocbjci 341 Kii|Uin?4 lha tr> a. urwr of Fuilon rouaty to refui d rrrtaiu ne.uira : 34 Aviiherti'i (. the Northern ttall* *d Company to rati lid Hi |ii*i ?t MotireV point, on l.ake t'hampum lit In r? latum to tha li>a>nn canal 144. In tin <*tn thr I later and TiroU .Faery Cab Jivtb To emend Chipter *. part T, of the nrei*?d >tatut?* in fetation t?. orainine -a.iinpv lie. 84l< To change the name of Flo ha Rrrwu Hogmirr. U Kloha liii mire Ittnmi : i" Autbnrtainir tlx 0 dnpttl Mrr to l>an to thr town ot Miettnld, LhauiaO jUi county, f 4 WW to build a bridge he 34* Aftbor1r.ii g thr t'lno Heard t?? rrttla thr rlaiia "I lie mar I Put lianan rod llmrf Cobb 3>W Am- ndil a lie rhilt' t of thr riilage of le rkport 360. Authorising the -upemaora j( Kmg? county to ct i air a loan mr thr >recto n of a penitentiary 361. 11 thor to | tend f.jr thr laaiot' uanrr of thr I analr To pr ?idr for thr ttlrmrnt and adjustment of aa aaard ii> fa?< n4 Horan Hoti .ktrrand iTm P. hailA, areitiM thr arret of ."log hint pr on. I .163 Au' In ri?'i>? thr ( anal Hoard to make an r-initabtr actII no ni for thr tmldiog of a bridge acrua* thr Oawvgo canal ai lite tillage of Uawegti . 64 In aniatiil aa act to incorporate tha ellUga cf Kul' ' :ii'5 For the relief of Thotnar J Mtrong and George W. Cheney. ? 0 further to alio i.J the art to aatahliah thr Dntcbeai Turnpike i ontpany 767 Auihutmt g the Therraa and Alexandria Plank | road Company to borrow money ; ;>h To aau nd an art authorising thr inrorporation ol rural r? meter j axroc latin na 36W I n ?lunn lor tlir appraiaal and payment of raoa. damagta to tHirei liar lei Mai p.a thr r? llrf of K Ndaou 'Jeer and t'taarlra 8tie Da rontiartora on the in?er.> canal - . r *>*iwii'k m im iijuraiinii 01 cni.or?n ni Titawanda Ionian* :** Kor tbr n un-nt of thr flutmtr rlrrr ?nd labl.Ut Tnannnd thr rhartrr of the viUagr of Pirrin mt in thr rmitity of Itirklrnd j ;u Auih. rmn? Mi my 1: Pnnlrr io latobliik fr'ry i aci i-rn tbr Minion riori from Cold dp ring l.anl nn tuj I l'lii:li| ill mi in lutcum county, t>< ih# ??rt ?n -rr iaft An art forking Mil n r* errrk tr -at brook, in Mrcrx and W arirn rountirr r. public high ??j ' <?. To aiioiul an an in rrla'lin 10 frr? acb> la in tbr tli> of I'll ) and trhi <>i dbtrirt No 10 in Utumnghurg M'7 Toirlra-r thr iiiHrrnt of tbr *tato to errtain rral ot?ta of ahkik John Ihitiry dird rriard. to Kd??rl I'on try and ftbrm Jk h. To inror|Mn-ato fhr fir* Drpartmrnt of Nrwburg SMi. To rontirtn Uir till* of John ilralaoo, jr., to irai rrlalc a*U T> int ?r| rat? (hr Iroiig b?Yln?*' In-dltuti'n of Niw V?/k S71 To aob|?rt certain debta "wing to non reridrnta to taxalic n i."2 To amend th? art extending tbr bonndarioa of 'to tillngr of l ipitrnxburft :n? Atithi tiring If mrrrynfa |.nt.lir highway land II f tn m Korbr?lrr to I.ewMun rallrd Kldgr rood. lot 1' dilirut'tic tin- r.-n'-arr of thr ocrupanta ol lh> In UM al il a-hii afon lloilow, Hutrhr** roooly. i7f> Au.boil*n> liir ruperobora and jti?tlrrr of th? )* M r of the t<,wn ?'f N' "ton. to delegate tW" |ilana il .awl town to t? ward ft* tkr r >b*loiiakent of priawnrr* .'CO III rlathn ti tbr aalory of agmta of th? Ooon napa Indiana .77 li t thr rtltrf (f Iitirlll CkltMa. : 7N In r< lallon to i anal apptaiacr* Tn i i an An l in corporal* th" rllhfr rt Artnri* " iJ A? To eoi film t bo title of Anna Maria SwiUitocor tain rtii tat alt in I'rtr emit) LD PRICE TWO CENTS. - <f-i | 381 Authorising the aupertUor* of Saratoga county to relieve J oh n Ta) 10- :idgr 382 Authorising trustee* if School District No. M, ta the town of Livonia. to collect a tax ' I >83 To change tin- name of l.niuea Rogers 1. rgett. i 384 Authon7.l1 g .label Uoodell nud Henry f ifiloox, or either Af tln ir h gal repraeentativea, to improve tha i ; channel of CallemuguBcreek. 386 To rep. al section 8th of au art entitled ' An Ml to alter the ooinmlceionera' map of the city of l.ronfctya, and for other purposea." 38<i. To amend and re<lur? t<> one act the various Mia I relative to rouimon echoo * in the rlly <A New 1 orh. 38T. To pay the Syracuse Coarae Salt Company, fcr land taken to abate a nuisance 388 To incorporate the Buffalo Siupenniou Bridfa Company. 389. To amend and consolidate the several acta IV [ lattng to the otty of kocbester > 3Mt Providing for the appointment of r.n ml titioMl number of uotarh a public in the city of New York 301 In ielation to the Warwick and Moniaiuk Tuva1 pike Company 392. The Port Iiuuter and Albany Plank l.ovd Com r pan lee authoring to borrow money. 39.3 To rev al an act to revise and amend the not, 0t?tltled " An act appointing commissioner* to lay out a e mad from I'erkekill. in the county of Westohcutee, ta a the store of Jaa Toner in the couuty of Putnam," M far an tha name in any way relate, to the town of Torfctown, except a* to certain portion* of .aid road, e 394 To incorporate the New York House and School ui inuuMry 396 To amend Uni>u Mutual Irnurancc Compear at i Port Plain*. 396 Por tli? prerervatlo of a copy of the natural Matory of the State, at the Kxecutivu mannion, at Wad* f ingtou. 397 To provide for the collection of mi-paid feeeasd p?T'|uii]te? for official nervlre* rendered by oouady judge* and atirrngatre. which occurred upon or after cha r find Monday in July. 1847, aud prior to the eecoud dap r of April. 1' 19. 396 To auieud an act eut iiled a n act t> cataMUh a , fri e rchooi in district No 3, in tie t< wn of Newwva," 1 pun ? U March 16. 18oO 309 To confirm the official acta of I:-aac B. Bluoher, a i jurtioo of the peace. 4(0 To aim nd -An act to Incorporate the -ity ofdyracue?," paned Dec 14 Ihit. and alio, the tot aaMSdisg the Mime.'' poiaed April 5, IS49, aud alio, the ' AaM amending eaid act." paen d April 4. 1060 401 Toertablbh a letupdici-rtct in the riilu?e of fmitk kia p*ie nud to provide for eulurgipg auch dietrieta, aud lighting ilit mice. 402 To provide for the appratrel aud payment of eaaai damage* to Il. ury Cmum 403 In relation to the gackett* Harbor und Kliiaburg l Hull road Co 404 To prevent fire* in Pougbkt-eprie. 406 To confirm the title of the liivcr luauranoe l Co to certain rerd relate in the city of New York. 406. Making Minerva Creek and Tr ut Urn >k, la tke com,tie* of h-.-ex and Warren. a public highway. 407 In reUtiou to the Oneida river improve'neat. 4< K To incorporate the Northern Now York Idea Stock Irsurance Co 4ow In relation U the Newton and Maepeth Ptank Head Co 410 An appropriation for rupport iu part, of a CMy Dovplfal 411 T > authorise Marion Urig<;i to take, hold convef| and di vin- cetfjiiu real crtate 412. Autlloiii-.tig tiie Jamaica and Broo klyn Ptaak P>i ad l\ to iucriaee their cnpilai Htock. 4>3 To Hutlioriae the Pi rt Plain aud Cherry TiS^ Plank Riv d Oi.m|?iiiy to borrow money. 414. Ti author.r.K the County J'-d/e of Quewu'f niln4y io rigs the certificate of the proof* of certain wtlla r? cori'.id In the r urn-gate'* office in that county. 416. In rtlalirn to the iudiriuieut and place of trial tt nuiiauce*. > 416. To provide for druining certain land* in the tows and eily of Otwego 417 To authorize the city of O.wegn to borrow n<iM 41S To n leadw the internet of I be -1ate lu certain rem i (date of wbieb hdwaid iarly died lu iaed, in Jamea Paw ley and otbc rv ami to remove the difficulty of alien i-m. 4111 To anu nd the act entuied An act to am-nd the rbaiD r of tiie vi l ige of Auouru " panned April 9 DM. 420 ft r the apptiibel and payment f canal da<aaget to Johns Van Schealck. \nibo..y il Van Sehaaiek. AV bert C d ! lo.a V nuuutaou. hu> wtfa. 421 To authorize the 1% inuiheiotn rr of the Laud OflUt to ariju.t c. rti in elm no- to a p - ev of land belonging te the State in 'be town oi t\ aicoti. hy rale or olheropte. 422 Atiihorltllg thi tiu-ia-e- of the Whit* Plaiaa Acadi my t v cell aud di-(i m of i?er academy. and IS* lot id ground connected tiiorewith, < u which cite nil' la tltinu d ] I, p.. lut Utn tr? t hs il. mJ. e. as. ... ? * J ? Ian.l kirpn of junk i hop, in il> nly of hew York. 4/4 To unit" the of the Coiniuou be a "vol district of thr village of tilru'e KnUr 4?2n. To ereet r ntl t rtrMu-h a public highway on tk> | banks of the rot.nwiu.dii 'i- iIit. tu thr fount iasot' '>14? * til- til M r . > 1ST. To authorise thr KniwrtiwiN of thr county 0 Washington tn re l*r money h) lax on Uir taxable grs perty. ical am! |-< ru.uai of be town of foil tun In said county, to buiui a brtitgn nser ilir <h?w|lain canal at Conietock e Lancing, in >aid town 4.h Toeobtlitu hi it render valid thr record# of Mft VHJ * of thr torn i f Ohwi pair In r 4.V To revlee anil amend " An act to appoint com mis eh tuTt to la) out ami construct a rod ti in t.'imaaem*. rille in thr town of Ti mpkiu* tn .he < onuty of IM?warr, to hhehockli g, to the town of II hi,cook, In nM county." parir<l April i!?. W2V 4*1. ToirguiaU the i-ni|-eiiimt|on of thr A * iiumi 0 Uir ?tn rl Depart** nt it tin city of M*w fork kt Iu relation to the Htaiw Trim** 4*1 To autf ortie M>r..u I'ond to eh inge his uama. 4153. A in In rtmi g thr I'artal H.nnt to grant a rr-bracing In thr ran' of W alnnlj awl ilk ham tor eiM at low am for acrk ru baske on thr t 'h. ngo ranal 434 To ami l it An art fl'l leil a n t'i v*rt rrrtntn } oners in (iia free holder* and lubarui, n? In the rtUag* af oe|ctMV*a in thr i uulr ot Oewrcg " |1 rrd Juuo It la)', ai d the art ruie.riai <?ry of I he .ante Kir the relief of HiHnauun familea, Rubast Ihrr) , u and t<aiijr krnyoa A Tu revive and ralrrd an art auth"-iaiag John I i r and others ti rrrrt and maintain a rolling iM m?a ths buojo- hai ua rmr In thr town of Milfer* n. 'I . r. . i.ty i Uawego 43T. To lejH ai the art entitled -An art to Ine irpaiala thr I>ov?r anil luioudatr Turnpike Head f?f ** pwe d Aprd lNlfi l.tb To atitlmrtrr thr oomnuwil.iorr. of high ways lbs tin toaii ol 0) !. i hay. county of l/ueen , tu lay ant a highway leeathau thi re nut* wide Mi To I net i Jurats the i'.uiaic Aradrmy of Ukr laurel lit art 440 To provide for thr rrttlement of thr claims of ? ...?niu ?ii bm i biimi eomrarta 441 helut'rir t? tlir court* of (lemral ar?t Rpaethl danft"l? I f ihi 1'iatw. ill and fur Ihr oi'y ?ul eon My <4 * YulV, and to anlimriie Ihr Hoard of Atiprrrlaora ri nil ci j and Qiur.ty to tlx the *iiary ul the Ulatttnt *4 um? y , 44*4 T'lfcutln rite the B'mrd of tiprryl* ra nf U* rear ral onuntlre of tbo Alrtr to in ike the ofll t.i of II trial HI tort* j raiaiied It.-r and to da the mlary tkcxf 443 T" alter tin man or iilan of We cl.r i f N?? ftrk I JT attending w aihingti-n ntleet in *aHf city from tt? pra m n* tn initiation at llaaaarieurt atrart. tu t'eeliUi kraal 1 444. Ill f 111ti' u to Uwu of ftraatnw* I 44k further t > amend U wt roIMli-d, ' An net ta <aporpotalr tbi- Altar) (Yu*?tery." |M<ml April H 1441 [ 44d T- aloi l d nr. rotIio4 All art I > orgnalrr the Kliilr Llilaltr A,->lr.m. and nt'irr ffeeit ally to pr >?id? fir the tare naln i ihihw and rarvrery uf the imaon.* r paeMtl April ? h. IM'i 447 To auihi rite the >la*(?Oi An una an. Toil Hr'dtta Onn pan) lo innrii'Mae tl?e?r r- ifMiale pr-perty. tn arte to mire Bone) to enable ttwui t > plank mnr road front Washington t'liy. TilK OARlllNKIt A!?f? MKAH* CI^IMa-BO Ani.trrtSU \*r or Tttk klAlTKB, KM W mMIWTilt, July 10 IBM. I uimIi r lai J It ?a> a mlriaka la atailnc the draAl ? ha?? lorn drawn hy Ha-?r Coien a dot bant of f*a liUU IVUal Tba ttnlene- of nerai .l?mro la c ?n4d rred at bearing rrrj I'lur'y agonal tlir tiardlaer nod Mi air claim* nci only a* 'eg?ni? lh< nuieketleer mlUy but thr *. rtIon that the pmper'y of An*riea? < MM 1 w*a in no Instance eonltar . .rd or 4e*iri? Boh da tiardiner and Mearr rlaUba a err baaed upna ihr <4Wg.d fa? that thilrpr peny ? ** r nlh >tci and d? . rtmrnl by lb" Mexican trraaanl. aitt 4fb llryMt unalde to prctr or at i l rreoU UhI not pier Ihr llBa of the officer who mm milted Ulli allrgd ha?i?. Acquittal t.f the Mormwna In Tlchlfaa. Dararar, July ! ttbl. r The trial nf James i fttran* and otbrra of the Anneal I 111an< pilantier* man indict. til r ..(> !ru-llna the 1'wWlll luiw Bill, wbleh ha-h..-n .'?r <l*;> pMM) in the 1 8 tYuM. wae yeet-rday concluded I7 tk<- ?v qulllai rf retry i1> f- ixlnnl The rate ?u unmiitH la th< juiy nn Tuodey mi* g. ?nh inline ione to im dir a eealed evr-llrt Th. ienttrl ??ii(in4 to nHk trt hir-tancy fcy the jury, who wwr* r-ut hut a faw minster Com ait lag ITtnnder HlnNi at Rimtim-dtj MnrwHal Ph?t, Unm. July in, IMI We I mil 1 Tory Wrj thunder ivira In tjle clip tat cWlnity, (hit morning. ab--ut b clock The llaptbd ehurrh it Cambridge *11 timet hj light ilng. and <w>a ! tldrrrbly damaged The hoti?e <4 ?lr Cane Engineer nd the Old 1 olnsp Kailrnait In ttllfon waa 1-adly danitgad I hp lb* light nmr We bare board of no Itertoaai lujunee | li e thunder war fearful , There a e irporla In town that the Cit* Marahal <4 , I'aogor bar been ehnt dead hr the owner of ?.?me Ikju<w that he war eelaing under the uew It* 1 ! Fire LlTN l.oat by tha 1'inrtUag oft Raat. ' r Vn Jaiy ,1?1 Fire yonng men rrere drown- d thi? aflera.ion. tn Otteb nawanglng pond Monmouth, hr the upeettlng <4 thdi boat The ptriy l OLtltteil f ihr-e beofhera armed | Clone-h and Mr l<anli tt.aU >4 H.-nmeath, aadCbartee ' I Claik. of Newport Three of the I owl lea had# been reI fetrtnl , 1 Ttre Teltril Matrt Ship HI. Ualt. dr. ' iNoaini a, duly 10. 1*1 The United 8tatea ihb M Itubtr Commodore "'nob, ' I fi - ?i- It lr> hae arrtred l? Famptttti It-atli

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