Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1851 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 6835. AflUMIillKNTa. (VJ ATIO.N Al I lltA I l.t, I ! A I ll A rf 11'Kt.BT. I I" C'ir<la a?4 Bnaea. 76 cent* t'll, U'j Oont*: <>r<ii?tra J T ii leta, Ht?enta; Private M >x Ticaem, SI. Unora > >en at ' "4; curtain rlr?4 at Sat irlsy ?. eoi u<. / > 1 v I ' th-p ?- ' format eee will romuieuco witli tire drama of NICK OF Tiif I OODS?blow! v Nathan, Mr. J. K. Suott; Roland F Truster. < Mr I s Favor; I'oli o?l llruoa. Mr T.wl >r. tiu'ph -Itcs. I < u la, Mr. For; WinnuKO, Mr. Britdaha*: Trlie Uoe, Mix C. ! Vox. Te be followed by the FAlRl iiACiilirE td JF TUB ' CROTON WAT Kits?The Tyran ttac'iua Jolly, nnm, Mr. C. ' Taylor; JoMy. Mr L. Fox; Fcrtianiia, MiaaC. Fox; Spriukle, ' MisaM ( liarIre, I'mnella. Mlm I.udlam. > f TAI.IAN OPERA AT CASTI.IS 'JARDEN -max ma A retuk. Mannxir aud Conductor. .VI ninta.ou, .'<0 ccute balarday eveuiiii;, Jalt '2, will !> performed ANNA iiOLKNA. * Anna Bolroa li;no:i A. Boalo. 'Omaatlion, fcer rage Sinnora c Viutti. C.,ady Jans Seymour V. Wnitin* Min? Henry VIII ?i< Ma rial. 'Lord Percy Aiznor Loriai. .{ootiefnrd, tire Queen's brother Mi^nor Hi >u II. i-orl llertey, the Kinx'a r.fll.jer -ii^aor P-trotti. Door* open at ?t?. Pertormaaoea to oomiuence at 8 o'clock. jUi-BLtviro MinniKbLS, AT riiLLUWS' N S W MUSI * 1 ral Hall, 411 Broadway, between tJ <? ward and Grand | ?otreeta; open every m*lit. This justly celebrated and etftcieul j oorp* of talented and exuerienoei performers under t'tesole t <management el J. II. Follows, fboM MBOsrW in this city fot i '-he pa*t year have beeu received with the areateBt favor bj j Che elite and fashion from all parts of tieLni'U. Follows j Sfuttical Uallis one of the moat spacious and beat ventilated j "'Uildin?s in the world. Admission 2T> cents. Door* IfW at c '/; concert to commence at H o'clock, An afternn ?n concert c VtVjr ITsd?day and Sstardtv. for the especial MMiia j 4ation of families, commencing at 3 o'clock. P M. j Barm u s American museum.?p. t. barium ! Maiiagmnd Proprietor; John liroauwond, Jr . Auivtant M?i ?ner. A liiaittunoe t > the Mn*eum tml pirfonnan '9. J? > tuU: children amier lOycnrv, 11','*"eiila: I.'^f-hU i ontra. Htm tit oi Leon J*ri-ili. Miurtty, July 12c . nil, . in the afternoon, at J o'clock, the remedy of VOU k \ > -V , VIIAT I MEAN. After which, Jkir-clea uu tlia lirht Rope >jy lit rr t lint. a tlritnvi K< pe Ar lenidon hy 1, ;ou Jave'li, aud the Magic Trumpet hy the Mnrti-ietti Family. Il t-ie ev?n , iig. at 8 o'clock, Feat* on the Tight K?i>e hy l.eon Jtvell . tndiftrr C'lroe; li.adnuin of tin CR.tMtJNU Hit HI, and . Jie pantomime of the M %UIC T.lUdl'Et'. 1 h? II ippv F1 .oily of ouo hundred animal, and birla, oi an tag-iiittic character!, can ho eon at alt hour, < Franemn Ml ?r.L*. I7? CllAillAM StguAKA.-?*0. 1 LEA, ttoio t ropnetor ? Adiniwion?Seate la Private 1 lloaee, SO oonte; Htaco Scat,, 37 iy uenU, Boaea, th cente; Par met, Ilk conn?EYoaknt Malm a pcrfori* auoea every After- ? uoon ana Evening. Entertainmente coiaioonce la the attar f toon at Jo'ob ok, nud in tru- evening at n o'olooa The < I iwa>n??ntg.are varied and ae'.-et, and eucn aa eau Ittaeea , At no other place of amuj-mionl in New Verk, ooaeiatiag of , .' ?*'? Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering dftoca . [Tarformera, being the largaat and at the eame time toe moat Salentod band in the Un'-ed Statt-e; a troupe of Model Ar Mat# who ara aelectcd far their beauty aud ftgura, and vrha peraonate a number of beautiful taoleaua. taaea from the / MMM of rncicnt and cioderu tiuee. a company r.f Arab ,,, Curia, a ho go through a variety of foal a of etrength and daa a W erity; Madame IloaAline, tne v,?!y Female Juggler in ?h? ,, Arorld;a eompany of Miio end Feinala Artiste, who will give c LA exhibition of Marhlo Statuary nnr<|uallod in tba world (, together with a variety of intaroatina pertnrmanuea every ),j vtfieraorn and even tat For part!""!?ra m Mile o' eacb ft!: I The i?aik 8igwok SARtra oeleiiRatcd col- t lection tf Wax Models illustrating i>?att;i aad disease, k at tbe S?i |MJ l.i? rsrv. Ill BrOtlwtJf.-l NVlsttlo -*lt t tl.e aLo\e elaborstc workp of art. tt e y ^iii i>j on ext ibi- H, ai.-n for a wry b.'.'T-. Hmi fostlsf lliIuW??liVI UolMM ^ Hill l>? Rivi B on tl.i prim Kl ;tl BflN, BS4 1 ??f t ?o MoOfisIl g< <e, suMoctto sec felons, tach day. at 11, 3>?. 7 saa ^ tJ n.Hdies udmittb'd ??n Tuesdays aul Fridays, w uu Miss Stni ^enifmstVHfecs; ?ufeermcdiatc days for <^nllcmou. Opuu I'rum g 0 A. M till V, M. Ti VtK. ceiats. ( TliEATKICAl. NOTirt.-r. ?. CHANFRaU. Ptt iPRI- ^ etcr of the ltro>k!yn Museum, iut^udiu^ t?> travel ' >irou>rh MmIfsMsd v?tu and wtM for some BS|feMtis de ^ airous of haMLX the a' jve establishnavnt to s -uj ro'P-n?i*ble mrsoti. The Museum is well Blocked with new oud o*au- r find HC'Bi ry, fvaintod hy the tirnt arti>ts in Aliflii* And Mill te let by the ni*b?, waek, mnnih. i r y?sr# ou reiiS >uab t ' therms, b) S. C'bsnfrso, rare vf C. Parslos, littf'illmMif N i ; Mm la. ffmr*T. 9 Stanton tj ' ntri'ct. Hro? kTJ U, | r t . liurko, F.a | , Now York. aiMPPiflv. (B^OR SOCTDAM PTOK AND II A v KK TIIK V. S. MAIL J JT etraiuship I KAN kLIN, Ju. A. Vt uttun, Comintiitf?r, Vrill leave fna bltrt, kiacbiu at Southampton to land tne tnails and passenger*, oa Saturday, July gii. at 1J o'clock, from pier No. 4 North river. Prioo of passage. flVO. All lotAcre luuet paee through the poet office. An rsperiuuced ?urU'ou ia at'ached lo the thip. Fur freight ?r passage. apply to MORUMEK 1.1 VINGSTOS, Agent, No. .VI Broadway. a ,j.n()k i itkkruoi.?i'mtku states Maii. steamiv ahlp KaI.TK . I apt. Comstock ? Tine steaiuahtp will dopert with the mell* tor kurope. positively on Saturday. July St, at IX o'elork. .V ..trow her berth ut tiio foot of Cane: elroet. No lorth secured till paid for. All letter* and papere inuet ipaea through the I'oat" (bee. For freight or paeauge, having unequalled accomniodaiio"* for oirranca and comfort. apply Ati H>? II K. Clll.1,1 Ns, 5<j Wall street. Priitlvrly po freight will be rerei red on hoard after Thereday evening. Julr 17. Tha rteamer PACIFIC will succeed toe B ALT |7\ and aail July lb. Opposition to monopolv?independent line for chagee* direct, and through ticketa fur California At a further r iintim in price*. 1lie new and splendid mteaniahfp LltUl III.K JONaTIIAN, the faateat and best m utilated Mtai'iehip in the world. I,pal ton* register. U. Squire Cotiiiuandrr, will aail for I'ha.-r ? dir. et, oi Mob I ?y. b July i?t, at o'clock, P. M , from Pier.t, North ri/er A* tns 'Hd Monopoly aided by govern sent patronage, art <nahled to paj & mr lenteoiniuisaioa* to runuera. Bad mo- 1 aopoliia tin ir valtinlde aerricea. th i lalep-mdaut Line, a* a ? proper offset, have Woucluded to make a further n< tact I n ?( ei In percent forth* direct heneht of >ha travailing publir, A J reagl.l tgl "< nt* p-r cubic foot. F r froiglit or passage ap- I' l>ly only to F.. MILLS, A/.nt 51 Courtlandt (treat, N. V. I' II IT HE NEW AND INDEPENDENT LINE FOR CALL = forma, via Nloaragua ?Tha ataauiahin PKoMEfllECS will Irate g'ti r No. 2 North river, ua Monday, July 14, At 1 o'clock P. M , for flan Jnan direct, connecting with I tha Bvw and elegant steamship Paoifle. Captain Hailsy, to I >ava San Juan <?l Sod on tha 25th. Pasaengera will take a II caw iron atramvr at >an Juaa, aant th. re f?r tha purp.-aa, f And paee up tha river and acrova l.aka Nicaragua on Virgin -lay . aad pass over a good road twelve mlloe distant to th* 1'aciflo, where tho hcautiiu! steamship Paciho will be ia rwadinaae tn receive them. Passengers may s-cure tbraagb a wieketa at N'o.fl Itattcry plaoa. J Pacific mail steamfliiip company?unlt t through tin* fnr California aud oregoa. viaChagrv* direct n Varc ii du? ed. On Saturday, July 1J. at .1 I'. M The aplrndid I" SteanasSl* EMI'lKF. (Mil, l,7(IU tons burthen, J. tViltob, b erociaoiy, lr m her per II the foot of Wimi itrnt. North Kirrr, tha (mtrimeil nilll for I'himi. eoiweliai ?ith the faturite 1*. 8. Mail at? aahip Panama, to laaoe i'aaina oa or a boot tha lat of Auaaat. For or a fr??li|, apply at tho offt r, 81 aad M South atraot. ar ITT wee* atlMt, corner of tlarraa it root. | ft () K CALIFORNIA - UNITEDsrtTEi 4TEIB h l.h INI'IHE I II V, IZtli Inatant. ?Sparl tl notion to ? . leltera to t ail'ornla tt r f,?l It our ,i?ty to ?>r hill,* a ountr)iu?n t* >tiito tnat our ui|orlni'" line ? .evluoa.l ua u hat tha only reliable through line to California l? tha II. 8. f Mail Line i oto Ithatantf in < the orer rauoh hoaatina of tha a lelf it/led ladependrnt l.lna. Peerage oa tho U. It. Through I in* raa I a had cheaper than oa tho iedeMudeat Liaa. and '.on I'. 8 Mail eteamera art aot la tha habit of hreakiea ioOB. F or pe?ea?e, eoply to BFMFuUUfc CO , 2 Vaaoy atrrat. A'tor II u?o. j THE BRITISH ANDVlKTU AMERICAN EUtAaUli ft'eemehlpr htto tea .Saw Fork and Lieerpuol hired, and ' II -?ifi an I l.i r r i pool. 111.. H.' u ahipa oolyaal " dng at Halite* t" Ior I end roo*l?o roaila aaa ro-..o??rd - ' < ARABIA, < apt , AFRICA. A. Ryrto. PF.KAIA. I apt. , El. KOI'A. E.O. Lata, " ASIA. C. II E Judhiae, NIAUaRA. J. Stone. AMERICA. N Shannon, CAS A l>A. W. Harriaom. ANURIA. J Ultch. Thro* aaaaola rnrry a clear whlta light at atai need. cma> an atari oar0 kow. red ou port how. p Africa, Iroai Naw Vara... . Wcdncodey. I'ith Jnly Canada, troai Ho,to... .H rdeia lay, .'VI J uli. i Asia, fr-ai Saw York .... Wedi-atey H.*i July n Aaierica, fr?ai li">'oil tt?di. -loi at, Au?uaa I Niagara. Ir a Saw > ?rk...ta edaoaday, iJth Auaoaa I, Eur*.pa, from R,.at?.i Had no-dee Mt Auguet Alnra. Irora New Y?ra. ... Wedao-dey. .7?h Auaoaa Canada 'roa Bo.ton W odaaoday. .hi Njii-atitt Aala. fr-an Nrw Talk Waueo-?a?, I'Nh Sapu-nikoi Fa.i'n froia N?* York rr ||.,ai>.n an f.ia-r flr.l I rahia !?' 1 JDa. in tha a< c< nd 71' ' Bertha aot aacurnd rntll paid tor Frataht will ha charged at lywia "tyaat aa eaaouat fu< paraoaal a*p-r.-. a. AII *r p*Mrnraa airman aoaru. All lattar. tn1 ti.arpapcr. nmat fui tl>m< pa tit* foot IN ' Ac* F*r trrl*M ?r r*aoaao. tppl) to B I ('< ARn. Jt K Itroo-lwot ' fr?o'h, Otnr.a, an-l inrr f- rti?n . . I. rcc.|,c<1 tat trooiht la r mtnan nlth fhrnoah hill* a4 1* U'iat tco *ivan ia H??r* for Naw Tarh I'ar.ona iataa-lto* to tali | -a*. F. - I?o o 11% tha R?i al Mail Bt?*?i?fii[? ara r?taooll -? tha < flr? V * Broadway, Wof> rn Wio?la? l^n mport* that tho ohlan an " ?iB * PAI'IHl MAIL ATRABHIIIP I'UflM . - ? < N L ? Throoph l,m* fn I'ullloriiia and panHa arc inl .rnir.l I ? t und-r ila n f tit. ' on t paay, otaaiao,-. taap? * -tl and ocproood ?f tlia .\?*>i i*?par * .aoat, and tart > int u t I r.itad, w ' f?a?o l'an*n a wort Son Fra.tola ., mo on* lit* da* ?l aaa koath, aal*** datatnad I) ?"a??idahla act dant ??l ? 1 *,onoh at Ac?i'?I?ii, Son In ao N -niar-) I Tho folic*io< ItaiM (trkit, wl to i,i- !'*? V. I StaomaMp I'mnraa* oro oon in tha Po- lhr. on* ** w t-K ?> A* alnata la par* at ? ?< ,, and ?f th- rant* \>R?UON I.ita* toaa KB "ITAM' M*? * Panama ...... i ikt t?a* OaiNabV-a w>mm CALIFORNIA ...I.OV toaa. i'n|A:ainUA ??' ta?? TIN N Ba>RB... .!,?*" ta* 11*1 laiTft,.. .... * ' vMiRTIIf RNfcR..|,??l tuna. IJKII'IIRT Nai to*. I COLUMBIA ... . ?"? toaa FHRMuNT .... *" too ? ANTBLOTB mi. Tl* aa* ataaiMhia C(H,|:?BIA will pi) a*t*r**n a* Fraaaiaao and porta in Orraon, awalttn* at to* f. .rotor tor* ddio arrlral of tho Bail* and pa***n<aa* frorr. 1'aooma. am < crtornlag without tola? with i ta m%|!a ..a m.wnrn m | mho al?m-f from San Fr.o -iac. A molar llaa of pr<>p*llar? mil a* k*p. op lor ma rraa. aortal ton of fratpht and tcanai -at paaonorom So?wao?i ? * aiaaiaaaA Son ?"-anct?ao. Tho wall known it ,or-.i,|p So 4a II ban US. *r i.MMiv , ninnn, ww m>un ?MTVf fx KIpUl an d r < allAl ?o?iMdl??i (a hat rahm nrrt'ic Mato wl'l *>* a?t,? ennrai a aa rMn I ami! j heat. Oat af ?? ' akota ?1<uihi will Heap ne ik? aanaeatn.a t>? wtna Aeapn.e* aad tha other Metlean pnrae. The reaaartiea ia tha Atlantic -aill ha -aamtainaa ky UUnited Ball eteaBehlpe ItOROIA S,IM> W-aa CKW?:RNT?JlTr i Mi waa ,, OHIO ...... *.?? CWBKOKRB .!.<* torn , KMP1RC ClVv. . 2.1m tnaa. ril I I.A ntl.PH IA I.I d' tnki y let?la? Hew Taih fat nhanaa w Am Uth aad Sili af aarf anoath. Tha aew eteaaahlpa CI' DOHaIMi aa? r A I.CO it will fora f, dtdlraetllae between New Orlajna and nhatrra. learim pneh prHada aa wilI latum aa llttta Attention aa pe??lh!a aa Aha I (thane. aad f-rmlaf, with II* Ta-ife teataahiva. a thfonah Una to and fr"? flew Orlraae end r'-'a In II* t a tJnilforntn, aad Oi?t?a. Pnaaapne *r?B flaw 'a-'-ane > aa 1 Aa aaaarad frea Arin.tron*. Lawman* A fa.. areata aa t? a) 1 ***"1IW fat threngh MdaMftaa Www Tati ?a Nap P?a? '' i haa kaea rtdaced from n A ?. la etate r- eat. to AA*. * I? Mrat ahia. ?a tWO. P W IP* *?*?, * ?i? _ _ ? fha raaaa frea flaw Tork te t:ha?Taa ?r*ll ke aa a.'ia Inner- ' V adapted ha aat aafa aaa itaaaw between than pert* f?t ebefaa of bnrtbe. apply at aha of* en af aha Cnapkay. la " I " E NE AflllllCNBNTI. OROADWAYTHEATKE. ?B. A. MARSH ALL. SOLI LB?U ace; U. II liurrett, Mauagcr. Droit Circle tad Parquet, A) oenu; lentil) one Third Circle*, ib eta.; Gallery, I2)t uu ; u.. .. u at.* (l end to. Door* open et 7Si; curieW rUea it i< o'clock. lleueht of Meeer*. NceHe end Buchanan. Siuruay av. niuii, July 12. will be performed Mhakapoare'a lite.) C.I Mel UhTll?Marbeth. Mr Noeti*; Mecdulf. Mr. iuci.aiiHii, Duncan, Mr. Matbc* a; Itanquo. Mr Puater; r leniu e. Viaa M a Ilia; Lady Macbeth, Miss A uderion. After rlicli, i. 1* a dr Deux by Mnna. rkluul It end Mile. Therein. InciMelu ? with the quarrel rcene of BRUTUS AND CAS I CS? l(i utua . Mr. Neabe; Caaaiua.Mr. Buchanan. NIDl.O'S GARDEN.?OPEN EVERY NIGHT.?MANAuer Mr. John Sefton. Tickota, SO conta; Private Uoxee. IS. Duora open at 7; to commauoo at 8 o'o'o-k. Great nuo eaajof theTuudiea. the muat iUouUliiux la'ijh provoker of lie aye. Burton ho Timothy loo lie. hia original character, .'eyed by hun upward* of three hundred ui<nln. aeooud i iti.t of the new farce. Two comic niece*. Saturday eveo|'k, July 12. the eutcrtaiuuicnta will cummonoe with the IOODLK8?Mr. Tituothj Tuodle. Mr Burton; Farmer Frank tcuri', Mr Bland: Ceo. Acorn, Mr. Johu Danu; Mm. Tun i ,hy Inodlr, Mra Iluahee. To conclude with A Oil BAI1 HIDE y.N 1IIK KaII.hDAD? Mr. Snoxay Snobhi, Mr. Burt-n. B ROUGH AM'S LYCEUM, BROADWAY. NEAR UROOMB atreet.?Drvaa Circle end Parquet, SO cents; Family Oiriie, 2S oeute; Orohaatra Stall Seata. $1; Privet* Box**, $5. Qooia Onen at 7'.: to berin at a oclock V it ?ri.? --- ilatioa on n new principle, by Gerva*e Wlieelor, Esq., I krcl.itoct, having been found completely etfioact ms, the . it nagemtnt b?a the pleasure to nnnounoo that tne Lvcuuir a in w the oooleat anil moat comfortable place of amusement I 11 the city. Box Office open daily, from 10 till 4. First night I the French C'i lupany. Saturday evening, July Id. tli mtertainmenta will commence with DON CESAR LB lA/.A.V Ursine in cinq acta, mele da chant par Mes.-ienra -umanvir et lienaerv?Charles II., Koi de Bspsgue, M. n ?m*i, i, Don Cuaar de Uatan, M. Robert Kemp; Don Joaa te Sameritn M. Durieux ; Le Marquis de Uontetior, M. ' idnuard; La Marquise de Montc-Hnr, Mine. Foignet; Mxritnna, i lanteuae dea huee. Mile. Lennle 0'Arinont; Latarlllo, Mine, i Uehtr; L'n Capttaine, M. Ilunsignc; In Bateller. M. Josephs; ; ,'n Jugs, M Oua'ave. Seigneurs, Couple, Aoldata et Bo- , lemiena. After which, the favorito Frenoh vaalcville, iritien by Deanoyera and Maleaville, known in Eugllsh at 1 ' A ntonr and Cleopatra." entitled INDIANA FIT CIlAK,111AGN E? In liana, Mile. Felice; Cliarlein ipie, Fiona, tre.-aiani; Landlord, Moua. Eugene; l/Amourcux, Mont, .abtte. I'erformancca on Friday and Saturday evenings. j lux book now rpcn. If EC 1J AN ICS' IIALL, NO. 4T2 BROADWAY, ABOYB i V Grand atreet?upeu every night during the weex until urther notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S ; I1NSTHF.LS, com trising an e^loient and versatile "oorpa" f "talented" and "experienced performcra," under the i lanaxement of E. 1*. Cl.riaty, who.) concerto la thia oity, I ill eueceeeioa of "Are years," hare becu reoet?od with Ivor by highly respectable and faahionablo audieneea. I 'ick'tsgj cents Doore open at 7, and will oominonoo at 8 'clock. The patrona of C< riaty'a Mlnatrola are respectfully iformcd that the Saturday Alternoon Concerts will be dlsLiotinii'd for tbe future. VCARD.-SACRED AND MISCELLAN-LOCS VOCAL Concert, by Mr*. Segnin, Mr. T. Biahop, and Mr Scguiu, a Tuesday evening. July L>, I oil, at Library 11x11. Newark, .J. .and on Wrdueeday evening, July 16, liM. at Washixton Hall. Morristown. Selectiona from tho Oratorios of lijxh, 1 he Creation, Mosee in Egyn*; also, from fatorite lerur. Concert to commenoe at a o'elock. Tlckots, 90 nte each. if IKhOR OF k'l'R COUNTRY.?TH! J GREAT NA vL tioual Moving Panorama, delineating the Principal tenia in tbe At xals of America, at Washington llall. 1K1S roadway, every nigl t, and Wcdnetday and Saturday afteroona. The Panorama will he accompanied wivli a Vocal nd Irrtrumeu tal Concert, by the Uonialet Family. Mrs. entail r will premie at the Piano. Doors open at half-past it en Mirror moves at II o'clock, P.M. Admission, 23 cents; Inldren half-p'ice. Castle garden.?this dbliuhtfcl summer -V resort is bow open to visiters throughout the day, troa a M. to 5 P.M. It is tbe largest and uiost buautifnl room . i this country, and the view from the upper galleries ol out <ible bay and harbor is alone worth more thaa the prioe ot Amission?one shilling. rBE MARSHALL TESTIMONIAL, -TnERE WILL BE a meeting of tbe Marshall Pestital Committee, at t:ie , etor linuee. thia sieving, at tall ptatS o'clock. A full ' ml punctual attendance ta requested, as mat era of ituporinoe are to be artanged, MUSICAL.. ~ ; yiu* VBM utnuBAai ami LUOILI bi* oouil band Pianoforte, Boston mads, iu good order, will b sold at a gront sacnttoc, in oonse'iuencn of tha family t reaking up housekeeping. Apply to N. P. b. C4JHTISS, Sent for Howes' American Patent Action Pianofortes. Ne. Broadway, where it nan be seen. In>MY I.INI) ( BAND PIANOS.-J. BBCKIKll CO.* ' No. 3U'knst Hroadwuy, New York. respectfully iaform lie p blio that they are manufacturers of Brand Pianos e Xlueively. 1 liree instruments are seven octaves?of the bust > ? kniaiishlp, and hnest tone?made ol rosewood, after the lost elegant stylet, mounted in solid silver. and richly srvtd < hey possess all the modern improvements, partiularly the newly invented metallic dampers. '1 he uiaaufac>ry if J. lleeker A Co. is extensive, and their prices very h derate. Each instrument will be wsrranted for two years, heir Brand I'ltuos nra always to be seen at Mr. 1). barley's. >o .167 Broadway, Copy of a letter from Mis* Jenny l.iud : j 0 Messrs J. Beckt n A Bo., N?l Mast Uroadw ay, New York. Gi vti rakv-l am very much pleased with the Brand i Iano which you made lor lue. The newly-invented metallio uiper, I esteem of considerable value, especially in this m ale; and I hnvs no aouht that your instruments will sberslly sue satisfaction to the public. 1 can onlr hope Vat yon will meet with the success that your industry and sl> nt deserts, and shall be most happy to luara that y u |?l done so I am. Gentlemen, yours truly, N i w Yobs. 7th of June, IsSI. JENNY LIN D. [>1ANI)8.-A GOOD SECONDHAND PIANO FOR S7.V 1 out do. for $36; a auw il>j octare rosewood I'iaao. and ne of I 'i octaves do., very low: two Malodeoua; Hole; , ceerdeoi j two Upers (.losses; hftccn Bold W'atchcs ao setsi irsndotss, M.ObO heyars. ke. Path adsaneaaun >ry Co, da, Groceries, Hardware. Furniture, "laoo* fahkii, Hooks, Me. I. F. JUN It. Si Ann street. 2d Soar. HIPPIItU. P?'R SAVANNAH. ? THE NEW AND 3PLEN DTD " ttesmthip A1. a IIA Ma, Ctpt Ludlow, on Saturday, .'(h July, nt 4 o'clock P.M , from Pier No. 4. North rivsr. tr freight or pa-sayr apply to 8AMLLC L. MITCHELL, 194 Front stmt. The FLORIDA, Capt. Lyon, on Saturday. I'.th July. POR LITKMPOOle?THE CITT OF OI.ASOOW.-TniS " favorite steamship will tail from Philadelphia, on Thar*- i ny, the 17th iust., at 12 o'clock. The regular passages of his steamship, and her elegant accommodations, uiaee aer n ! met desirable convey ance for those about visiting Europe re id ?i.* taioon. 51 '"r? eatl*. VJU. raat. ?*rra *111 r presided ?nh Railroad Ticket* by tit* ag> Ql*. *'?r freight r pauagc. apply to lUOMAS RICHARDSON,41 Eirkang* plar*. The apltndtd new ?t..m.hip CITY OP M A N C tl CS TKR rill HMtt d th# It jr of Gliegoa, and tail from Philadelphia Lcullle.T'lh of Augaat. JCRAN HT K A M NAVIGATION COMPANY.-P?R ItraBiea, ti? HoulhamptoD.?The U. S. M mi I atnninahip IBHMaNN. P. Crabtrea, commander, will wmil for limn**, iB Southampton, on Saturday, July IJth, from I'itrNg.i 1 lurth hirer, Bt lo'.loek, P. M. An eapertaared Surgeon 1 etlet lied to tht (dip. All letter* moat p?*a thro <<h trio 'rat t ?fbce Sperit deltierad ib II*ere. For putipr or fldtbl Hie to Rlif I.BR, HAND fc RIKR4. Agent*. M Or tad tray INHTKl'CTIuir 4 I. A It Y Will, n |T M KlJf STREET, irlAB a Br. idety. lotewn lr m? (ad Sprinr it rem, for* port Mate only, t* leach all kiada ol paintiaga ia a few laa Ml aire. Lair braiding for bratelria. lta|t ? mod. Hi"* 1 > 1 re, trnita. ana Iruroa. In abort, all klndn t f ueefjl, 1 IIIRIklll and pruhlabla art*. Speelmeae may bo 1 kfldl*. 1 l.ur day and Friday A loo. a aaw and eerr u? I I |T. nnoiu iai atioa to aoll. Money taa bo made at homo. ! r to traitl. Term* ntwutbla IrUB MVP tlAWlM H KIR DABClA IV litta end l.a Te?|>eto ? Prlealo leaaona ia taa ?bir? | i polar daatoa will be rim by Mr llenry II. Palmer, roll a*, r of * ring, I oadoa. by wnom they were tntr tjin ad It H i, ftlltfy. Apply at Rr. WillUm Vandernoaa'a ! uric Barerte.nil, 47V HmadWep. wliepa the motto air bi d. Aa Mr It H. I hUldf rt turning to Eaglaad ia a I i w daya. an early applit alio* ia aeceaaary. LBUAL NOTICES. pi I N AM IHINIY t til' RT.? IIP.N J AM I N VtN K II7r re t, plair.rifl again-i < a.per II Mae , and Mai a Mto a le wife ItatM Maet.e William Henry M te" n, Kit a dultia. tary t.or?l a#t Hanaah Miller, drfeadaata ? An aoti n to reel, at a m or'.gage?1 *Caapar H Mutt Daeid Maaao.MMlam l enry Maxta Ellra Maat n. Mar* Gorakain. and Hanal Ml Her ?lab* **tfo? thit yo* at* nerwby ?*'<>' I ml iqttirt d te aaewer the coma aint la thit actios, whio* ? a* ltd Ir the elBre of the flora df th* c. nnty of I'uta am. oa be twe Iff1 day o' Jane, InAI, and to ai re* a dope of y.iar an 1 r a|~ n me, at lie ?tllaee of Cold spring, Puiaata rennty, tew V t rk, atil IB iwt't ty data after too aoreire of thte anal> > i.|o? y.?w, rvelneiea of t>? dapef am h aertloe; and alto I t-ke at tire, that if yii fail to a*twer (aid entaplalal I'll* "Al ft*) a * *f. reeald. the pli'Btlff trill apply t th* ti l 1 l,ttri I.,r Ihl relleltemietet i. th. V.?.t " lrir.-*, cufr i rtniotiri a tt*rn< y, Cold Spring, N. T. Da tod ; ? ITth. In/1. ji ru vi <'i rt wii.i.iam n mimii.ton va ? 1 toll A lltiiilltoa.?Juuim?Bi for Divoro*.?To Cy?In a lli lima? MoiUbi ? Von arr liorony noimBoB-d t? nonrp III ' ai plaint in thin UBM, I copy of n lti<-H l> h-roIII ,?r?- I n|? b yon, and to n?rv* b imp/ nf your ir) Bi -.No Ml Br ">mn ntroot. in tho ell/ if N?? oik, bii.An tnraly ti/i aitor th* irniw horuof nrlgiln i tl.o Buy of nioli Brini; and If yon foil to Bum or tno fi'f'lRii t Bfi ronald. th? plaintiff will apply to llm r <nrt t rallal d<Biaailrd in th* ri aiplaint. ll?M Kij li, |AI|. I It IIAKRISON, Jr., VIoUtiB a Att?rt?T, No. M Brootnu otrort. Thp orpifUiri in thli notion oil tilrd In tin o.iiib of t>!0 1 '<r> of to* I it/ and C'onnt/of Now V?rk, ob too 6ib day f Juno, 1*61 INDIA OOODN. '' a it icn to Tim rrnuc.-ai.i. vulcanizbd ml. . rnht-r. on woll on hinok oml nt i'i.Ium -aaipad ht IInrare H llay."Uoodyrar'a ?'*iriit," a ->rdlti* > I la mi mat in hi* Unman Iron (Joodyrar la a* Infrin** n lit <." d/i ar'a pat.nta. a ad all damora la. "r pomha.ra of Ihc finiil* 'To ri'ially liahlo, aa trrapawra npta <?* ?*? - >.t rnwlrdgna r'Rlita. with I'Taaa II l)ap him If. ' manor ..I inch Rnada. and will ha pm~aonf.aU aoo >rdi?' /. bay hi* a llift.a- fmro Gondyaar to naka ahlrmd ?a? only, and a few amall artlrloa by pajrln* a tariff to oodyaar of thm* nontr prryard, ?|nal to ahnat l"n mill* a rarh pair of t'na (r?aa bant*; whllat l?ay hlmarlf rhnr<?* -a ?fpta |-?r f adr for tha ?? ol Ooodyaar'a ahlrridicooda la oparraa -".it* to tho hardw .rb'iitr ahoomakara. All 11# ntfla Rnbhir ?h", i n m made >)r Horaio II. Day am an ladnrrmort Pi? a floodmor'a paloata. and a< 1 doalor? thorrta f*fn t th??ia- It ?a llahla la atBiipia u Mr. Uaodyoar, tha a tar tv: In hrha.1 of tr* Harvard Rubhnr Ca.; Newark I. R. C#.; k I'andi ' Fur.. A l o.t and othara. HobUCflTRADA. CHUT vas II m OWN MN?l,l>RI>. -AtmtlCtN Id I., i Hall fiat A'aorlatlon ?trarr memhar of tht* 'ft fttlaa l? r. ^nrtt- ' t.. rl had th? no it rr (alar moating. (Intra, a atra o*. July I.Vtk, at Warrm holt, aarnar of 'rrr ai d liar ty atrmtr. f. r th* p irp to* of mnkinr tho nofhiti arr?f rniirnta to t.eromo lao< rp rat 'I a arrth. aot 0? fly pa?.?n l.y ti e l,*? lolrtnr- All who arr naahta to Mr if a ill ploaor ulrr wrftfra oa*>.or|fy t r thrlr I-loo la to pr .-at th. Ir Irtmat. or Irarotnolr a tanro at tun An to >r>'a ofllrr, a* It <a armoarr thatrmry aaonthof odooM h* >Fr??pt?d. !* JF.snt KI N. sk. re'.ary. Offica, 7 Cllhtoh u?t. fu. kftaa atrnet. w ro MORNING EDITION?SAT! NEWS BT TELEGRAPH. VERY INTERESTING FROM WASHINGTON. Gen. Talcott found Guilty, and Dismissed fro n the Army. ^S^A^VVWNAVWWV I Important Relative to the Tehuan- 1 teneo Survev. THE LATEST FROM ALB AN Y. IDJOl'&XfflFJIT OF THE LEEMLITTHE. THE CLOSING SCENES. Acts Passed during' the Session. GREAT STORM lit TEXAS, diC., die., diC. From the State Capital. ADJOURNMENT Ol' T1IE I.KOISLATLKK? REVIEW OF the last nA\'s rtocmmi juwnr lmd, in. at MOKSk.'s Utl, OI'KH K 10 WALL BTBr.IT. Albany. July 11, 1851. The last hours of the l-egi.-lature were dedicated to the most nmcrupulou* act* of profligacy and recklessness. Fur five hours, both houses were engaged in endeavoring to overreach each other, in getting sections in ( he annual supply bill, for their friends to draw money | upon. An incredible rum has thus been squandered upon favorites, in the shape of rewards fur extra services performed about the capital and HtaU offices. Among the meanest acts was the payment of half a dozen members of the house for attending the funeral of tha like 1 Senator Brown, when all their necessary expenses had prcvkusly been paid by tlie Htate. The bills to erect the mammoth Park, to incorporate the Isaac Newton steamboat Company, and to alter the , charter of tha city of New York, so that tho Common i Council may remove Mr. Mateell. are among those which were driven through to-day, the latter within flvs minute* of the final adj lurnment. Mr. Crollu* believe* | the Common Council will oontirm Mr. Matsell's nomination; but said if they do not, the people will make him County Clerk at the next election. Nothing liko a little persecution. Among the bill* happily defeated, is the one approprtat ing money to encourage amalgamation in CourtUnd county. A few hours previous to the adjournment. Diminick. a Seward abolitionist In the Senate, aided by Cook and two or three other*, run a hill through the Senate, giving thi* negro concern $1,500, mating it $1,000 le*a than originally demanded Tho House very rights only ( refuted to concede. The consequence is, that no appro- ? priutions have been made to any of tho desert lag colleges in tho State: and $60,000. the income of the Called \ States Deposit fund, remaiD* in the treasury. Mr Mioturn waa engaged with a committee of the Se* i nate. nearly the whole of the night, in perfecting a bill in | relation to euiigiant passengers. This morning it passed 1 the S? nate, but was not reach-d in tho House. Its pro | visions were somewhat stringent, but would have done I much towards rescuing ignorant foreigners from the tin- i ? posith ns daily practised upon them. The bill in relation j ' to the Health Officer at Htalen Island, was finally passed 1 one hour b? fore the adjournment, aud Doctor ,-Huart re- ' 1 mains in office until January. A mammoth c jocern, ' called the Madison Association of theeity of Now York, J having for it? obj'-ct the erection of a monster hotel, sue- , cesdid in sti uggliDg an ai t of incorporatioa through i both bos ses, but the Vi to of tlov liuat righteously ar- t rt sled the project. It is ssid the combined niltuencc of tbe *sior and Irving was brought to bear against it. Tbs lismbliug bill wss pushed through amid the u ii-o an 1 (xcfustou ineideut to the aifjoi' nment. It will not I j tateb the first gambler. It is a mere dead letter It? , fangs are all drawn out Uive the people joy that they have lived to s< e the end ol the career of this Legislature Jenny Lind's second concert 1* more fully attended j than the first. The church is crowded to sul.ioation , the is in better voice than before, and at the end of each i piece, the applau c and mcori doubly Increase The Albanian* ore perfectly crasy aiuid paroxysms of won ler and astonishment. Many are supsrstitious en >ugh to < think her more than mortal, and wonder how such musical powers ran inhabit a tabernacle of clay. Jenny miuhf Kintr 1(1 uiuiiwrtAaa nf f K/v.s -a?.<1 K..?. f..w - ' mcuth. tut i-hc cannot remain The crowd outride ItU- I tonirbingly large, but not ro orderly iid attention in lift- i euirg a* there ?u on Wcdni'MUy ui>jht. The iiota* | and contusion auiobg tire thousand i? no annoying that ' t the wlndoe- linr been cloeed, a hicli Mim tin* Ural i Inside ?cry Inn-tap. BT-ml carriage a led wilb l?d #i I i and g? nib di d an- in the atrvi ta aurrouadiug the church i rati bug the shrill oi-lod'.ra of tbi Nightingale Tne i-u a ibuilaMu in New York, upon In r arrival In tbx country, | could not hiiTr fa-en inor warm and welcome, Loan haa | fam run d< d to her In thb elty Hhc Imti-.i lu-mi<rrur . afurnoon for I'tica. Inporlant from Washington. T1IK VERDICT OK Till! COCKf MARTI AI.?tJKMERAI. ] TAI.COTT CONVICT*!)?DISMISSAI. OK CATTAIN KR A21EK? MR. \M:uvll,u's lltMII s ATI U.N CO.! I'RAftlC fKD?Till: OARD1MER CLAIM, ETC. WiMimoioi,.luly 11, 18,'<l. The court martial on General Taicotl found hint (uilly of the charge*. The tlndlug baa fawn approved by the rn-aldent and he boa fa an dismissed from the eervloe, ( without any n-neriatlou. Captain frailer, of the revenue service. now aUMon--d ' In California, baa been dismissed by the President for 1 1 tyrannical conduct and violation of the act of Congress afadtrhlng Hogging. There la no truth whatever In the rumor of tfeb-ler'a n-slgnat ion. nor Is h<- going to Norfolk, or any where alae. ( to apeak. i Judge Crawford yr?trrday lectured the Grand Jury ; here f> r what a, p< anal in the Hrrald relative to Jarara'a J tcMimony. To day he apologia-*! to the jury. | , n luai v"ir'"T?n I'Kllin' 10 tiiruin'r a? tuiide ill tabalf of the Curwlna, who aec 11ri < 1 it, and ?bu fivrind ibr ivtrtl, tllj' 009 arfl^nrd to Corcoran l! tibc. tbia xplaiti*niui li The threw appiaiM r* at Urp ara to meat here in the 1*1 b trvl , to r? r-iT* iu>trurllon i *o a* to aeeitru a uniform appraiM m< lit of imported a aula at all lira port* of tba Vtilled tialrl An itivitalii n ha* hi?en extended to the Pre?Ment an I 1 Cat 'net to ar- t mpnny Mr M*.b,ter on hl? j ouruoy Nor.b I in VI I;.. . i tiif rly o| It Mtnn. ha* beeu i< ii j v- i dn ?l ti ,<i i|tult'ti. Plenary tim hi-m anil leave here tomorrow for hi. hi inn in North Carolina Iron lelipe Moftiiui. Kuroy Plenipotentiary of Cwta Itm. ji * tenia} pri ? i i'0 tu* credential* tn the *l?*err *ry lit Male, dull war tve*d a* Cltarga of the Republic of final* ma la The PtaaMt nt rrcngjiten Joaquin Maoeo* Paku'lrgi j ' t.'oliml of Pr*lu. at Nan V mucmco, anil lfmi?(l,'k II Ftell, t'onau. of Naaeau, at leaa*. Rrporl on lb? Tthnantrprf Trcnfy. WatMtnnTov, July 11, l#il C*pt J. M Mercer. of tbn Trhuantrprr eurveying party, arrived hrrr to day, twenty day* frnm theaeenr of nprruthn* llr it n vrrk In adranrt of (ha remainder vlthe party. Ha report* that upon the Atlantic aide the font xaroalcoa river la navigable for tweoty-fle* n il< a above it* mouth, for ahlpa diawlog eleven feat of atrr At a point railed Minatltlan. wheri'the rtilro-Kl f Una a? already laid donn. It cot.ini.oce*, and pa*vop m uui inn n iiiury. i<tin ini' wu a nowf ami o?i tie, alm<?l in a wild etnto, until it firiktxupon ih tire of Taltrpec rlr?r In llita diatanrn of emy milo* j llnff wcbo otior d'lHriiltiri to encounter tnnu ibxwt n n m<>n lo undulating oiuitrln From the T?li"'ivf ?i i<m? upon tin* Malaiengo mill horn horn our llrei ' ytede dt fin j fi et U'c thru vrxiid tbiny mil**?from ihe pinlairngo to thr Rterra tladre mountain*. n chain ,, of the i ntdiilrran?through which eereral pa*?( a hare U i n mm ? d llitt nf U Chirrlt hti Ikcii tnimrii an the I* at at <1 uiort feasible, and through It n ftfty feet lit ?() ha? !* it run, which prudent* a inwt feafihte runt* On the l'ar I Ac aide of tlrrrt Madrr. tkw>' arc i.?.lull ^ < ulttea to contend with. A atraight lin* to Vent ~v on the I'acifc. brii g? you over a great plain * thirty uiilea , The el mate i? ret/ heabhy I'heofil.'err and m i, 'f( ? ' time in number, are all well, and hare no . J Trimble Willi Meatro Antlelpn'erf. RFI 1 *AI. or A < I.KAkAMCK Ttl THK I K it AaTF.MK' aiKiMKit ttniD VTAfBtr?OKTRnaiaAtiori r> r I'KOVr CI l'K 1IIK WORK, K'lf. H Saw Oairara .Mlly t, lt d. The railroad mm) any'* rteann r 1'nTted Mtate* wa? to

leare for tt huautrpeo yeeterdny, with a bearer of di e- ^ patchee, rnppored to relate to the recent net of lh? Mi clean authority* ordering all American* engaged on I the road to ipil; the place reili). tioamrer. we l-nrn 1 that a rttKMNM wan reiun-d the eteanier by tne Meginari Com til at tbi* port, age I net which the company hare i,I. red e i?4 , 1 he cimi| ,iiy eectn determined to gr< en with the work, and hare I?mh4 an adrerinement for oMI laoorera and two rlraittboaie, they Intend t? ?end otf luira jint-fr. , * I RK H URDAY, JULY 12, 1851. KW YORK LEO^LATDftBSPECIAL SESSION. BY BAIN'S LINE, OFFICE 29 W*x STREET. lbajt, July 11,1851. tiik HlffLT bill. The in Oct of the morning was occupied in the dl?cuslion of the Supply bill, which, after being amended, was lent to the Assembly The discussion again ar.we, when it wae eent back, but at last all parties united on it. feudal tkauai:*. Mr. Bcmoonmabf.b's report on feudal tenures, waa ordered to be printed, and a large number flaed. THANKS TO HErOKTEBS. The following resolutions was adopted without dissent : RssolveU. That the thanks ol the Seimto be tendered to the re| rerentutivet of the press in the Senate fir tiie uniform kiudness and faithful report* of the proceedings of this body i a?l I HHKOTtrE likenesses. The Henate refused to purchase thu Daguerreotype* of the Senators of the previous Senate. ibi oarotaTioN or the union steam comtant. The bill to incorporate the L'nion Bteam Vessel Compnny was passed. This bill has beeu about four times lost, and reinstated. BILLS Ari'bovi r> BV THE uovebnok. The Gorernor transmitted bis approval of the bill to proTidefor tbe suppression of gambling, and ubo tin' bill providing for the abolition of all tolls on railroads. amendment to the iti a hti's os- arw vos* cirt. The bill amending the charter of the city of New York, and relativo to tbe Obief of Police, was rend and passed. Messrs. lieekinun. Cvoliue. iind Morgan Toted for it, aid Mr. Williams against it. The vc.e w?<,ayes 20. nays 4. the new same hue Basis*. The Psrk bill came op from the Assembly, with amendments, to wuioh thu debate agreed. AU the New York ivnators voted for it. kim. vetoed The Governor transmitted a veto *o the Madison Association bill, providing for building a hotel. new yoke tempenant k ibdi'imhial home. All aninuitcd discussion arose as t( the propriety of giviLg fl i>00 to the Temperaart Industrial lioiiie in Now York, audit was carried Tins is the society wuicli his wrought such a reform in th* neighborhood of the Points thanks to 1 he lieut en awt uovehnoil?leiiek in bkflt tiikbtto. A vote of thanks having been passed with perfeot unanimity. to Ltrutenunt Uovernor Church, tl.'o fullowing communication was received. Mansion Uoi sa, Albany. July 10, l"<6t. Pknatobs:?i have the honor to &ekno wtei'ne ELerecelDt of a rt solution purporting to have beuu unanimously adopted by the Stnaie, expressing your approbation of the manner iu whi;h 1 ha>e aibrharged the duties of the Chuir duriug the present session. Au amount of bueiQess unp Vctdented. 1 think, iu the ai aalit ot lcgit?la*iou iluriug the same period, line been acted upua during tin* session. I caa cueerfully bear testimony to the iudustrv ana assiduity wnicri you have coiiBtaii tl> exhibited in the discharge of your duties, hany of the subjects which you have beou called upon to pass, are of the highest moment to the people of this fit ate, concerning wbi?h, wide differences of ogHniou have bxiiteo, and uot unfrequeutl v, exciting politic ?1 dim usaioas have arisen; and whi e 1 do not elaiui to h.t\ e leenextmpt froai the iiiHovucu ot those |> irty mow* and feelings winch bo often bilud the judgment aivd ?*r*y tue pa>? ions, your resolution furuie .e>* a p enstn < assurance chat 1 have, in tome measure. succeeded in my origin* design, to administer the rules imp,rti illy, aud taercoy scours to ell equal right* aud privileges, or at least. i? I have been guilty ut any delinquencies iu thin respect, that y?u have n t t re e liireu it up. iba uniform kiadueaa whici ha-, at alt ttuiee been extended towards tue by ex cry member an 1 every o tirer of th? ficnale, aud eapeei lly tins re ereed exprespion of app*o>ai, a- wo are about to eepnrats, are duly appreciated and recoirea the grateful a.-know ledgeauntsof uiv heart, lhe joyful antieip tions of beiug roll a*ed from your arduous labors ,ai?d in returning to the more oongtnisi atmosphere surrounding the domestic circle are, I doubt net. saddened by the reflection that cue of your kiimher. whose manly frankness, oxalted character aud kind heart had endeared him to us all in rudormg tics of friendship has by aa inscrotabla dispensation of f'rovideaoe, Peen suddenly reuiovad by death ffwtn among tie, aud. if we are psrn itled by a safe return to our respective h. tuss, to glid-lin ;ha hearts ut those ?<> dear to us, let us not forget to extend ur warmed sympathies to tne worthy family of our late itteciale, w ho. by this aud<i?u b?r*at euurnt. have been is>rivod of their earthly protector, and turuvu into the d'?pist nflliction. this melancholy went is calculate*! to . r- iUl IMTtM u? with thu el??-| n.g and fmikfjl ftllBfl >t earthly h< fc?m, and in lbs ooiupsratix h lu significance of |Wa0t4*M wli'h art habitual? r -girded by im - f ||| attat imports me . and it Whoped that we in ty all tneke i suitable use of toe les*on which it impacts. f Uh my best kiahae for your future nappiu *a? and su?*w?aa. 1 bidyufxreNK I UfVUfcD K tfiC RCfL iHsnae to mix mo tkm, Mr Dart ? tiered a resolution as t?4l<?w* ftceolved, That the thanks of the Senate be tendered to Hen Etwin l>. Morgan. Presid -nt pro run of the Senate, r the able and impartial manner in which he haa did'barged hie duties. 'lLo ft in luti<*u was adopt* d uuaniuiuiLaly. TIIR IBIl.KAM (OMMIMMINKH RII.L. Tbi- bill rum up so nmcixlmi as to provide that the ihytiHnn of the Marine Hospital shall hold oa til liibnui) ht Mr. Km.mux* said it was a com premise tnd it piMed. rxv ion pkntiiu thk i.awr. Tin' Kcnato ili ternum it u> pty tha nowapapcr* f&O 'iu U fur priutU |( the law* of I hi' *pecutl reunion. AMH II AH nil I. ArrHOTKO. Thi< Governor transmitted hU approval of the bill to ncorporal* the Maubaltau eteauudiip Company. 1 III: ttiitDiriu v?. The iTfrmonifi of oioring up tlia *e**ion were gone h rough with in excellent feeling nod with great kindin*. Mr tltn.AV the I'mlJfnl prt Irm of tbe Senate," an appropriate acknowledgement for the court**? ht.wn blm by (lie Senate, and prouaunocd tlie Senate djovuni d tin* dit. Aaatmbly. Aliait, July 11,1951. rue iiuao hi itii\i, or mils. An art In relation to tb<- paeeenger law* of tba city of K?w loik Mr. J. L Tram moved to recommit. with instruction* .o rtrlke out tbe 5th and Cth *ectlon* Mr llictti hoped the motion would not prevail. Sir Kunmn hoped it would preTail. lie could not rote for the till, unlee* there arrtion* woreatrikrn out Ibe object of tbe bill purport* to he economy The rrletid? if tlio hill ray they will lavo $5 OOt, now paid to Ibe reridrtit phyrielen to the Marine lloapltal. ThU wa* ui.ttlie care?lor. under the provision* of the reelIon* lie leiniid i hjertionable. tbe tiU will allow of a oonrlruolii.n ranttionlng the expenditure of tbat amount forth* |M rfi of the rami' dude* It it alleged that Or 'ti wart, the resident phrrlrian. it a rilrrr irrav mlu hy ?i-h to ki t rid < f lilui. i)?7 pr?p<><>? to kbolioh lh? for th* *?k" uf ri iik vitiK the lean. V r V iim *i t-tatrii that thr *h !* ijucation rrrolM In It di'?ii to tin* -M m it imp >rtaut t< r tin- Inter. ?t of he pad) lit* In th* laid ho?plial that th* offl * of phy*t aii iboii'd remain* Th* otifiiial pr >|>oaitlon i.yihc i ii/moni in r? i f Emigration wa? tod t i ai>.|i?li ihi* flic* hut to limit it* i*rm and to reduc* ita atltry, but I In* pr p "itiOa to at?'ll?b tt? office h* deciiod far III'1' * preh table. Mr. (?. Ai ti * thought th* prr.Tl-ioo i f the b II which lift it dinritim nry with th* Coiuoiicrl tier* of KungraIii n. en* of ih* boat in th* h II 111 notion toetrih* i tit ?? l-wt Sir lti ?i a?Tci*i Bin*, d to recommit Lo*t Mr Kent aai* mured to rrgumuut to tb? Mm! i n* mini i iippo nti d ji*? nlajr to iu?i*tig.*i* th* affair* of lh.- t'on mWioi.ri? of Emigration. ?lih iurtru.'tlona to n-i. rt to lb* m it l.*ni?lalur* U.-l Thr bill ?a< thi n pa a d by ' H to It. *111* arau Hutu riMr. rti, An art in rotation to th* i or or pi .rat too of eiile* and rib go l?*il. Au net to chart! r thr Manhattan StnmihlpCompany Pfad. An art rrlatiT* to money* paid nudi r protcettothe Mariner.* t und l'??il An a. t nlatirr to thr auln of firewood in New York ;ity ii i An act to incorporate thr Madiron Anociation. Pnrard An act for tho bcttcrr rrcurity of mechanic* in th* illy of hew York INmol Mr llraaoi* moT*d to r*oon*lder th* rote ineorpoatii g th* Hmi|m? Ar*oriation l.o*t An art nuihcriziiig th* Comml-iatonrr* cf th* t.and Iffti * to *.11 a pi rtion it th* ai*f?itn at Ming .?ing .Mr hi i ant. h* d to lay it on th* table. Lo?t. The bill wn? ih? n mid and pa--rd An act to aull orirr the construction of a rteam *?w mil in .> w i m rn j rvi'<| Ihr bill in rt-lation toa public park in ffrw York city. I ' Mil A riTf?Ti?rl tmlnlki war mrlri'4 from thr 8rnat?. ??i|< mi>< tbr time <>f aljourumt nl to twoo'cltrk. nmmt in An m l lo itrorporatr ihr I'nlon 81 earn \>>o?l I'omary l.rtl A mot in to rrronrldrr waa lltM. Aliift in i laiii'i tr thrp. wtra nod dull'* rf tbr i nimtarlonrir ?t (emigration lirconimiiird. An trt In trlnl'oti to th> coml mrnj boat. An ant to amend tbr militia law IVmu d An act in irlalioti the puhll atiou of rrrtaln dornli||< rrlatlt |t to t!,r rotonial Inrtory of Ihr Mate of Itw Till nmd An art to Incorporate tbr Metlran Otoai Mail and In ird Attain Nn*l|iati( u Ct mpet-y Pliitrnr the r> mtlng ' f (he nntro d bill, thr tuoply 111 returned fTtan thr Aerate, with amendment*. a art <f which wi-ra rotrurnil in Ihr Mt s*ran itrran Mall and Inland Company bill wu hi n pat at d Mr Btainr mtiftd to iwconeldi r thr aote on tbr hill tu f atlrti to tl,o I'nlt n Mmni Xr'n I Company Carried nd tbr Hilt *ai rectnrlilervd and thr bill parsed. Monona. ar.aoi.t noaa. ntc. Mr W in a n atkt-ri to introduce a resolution inermr np tbr iiunibt r of th? o ninittrr to tiieertigate tho uf?lrr of Ihr t'onmilraii nrra ot ('migration l>enied Mr ItiMi- iffrnd a r>a< Iniioii to rrarltid thr rtao. it ion i.ppotnltog n o> nimittro to inr.-tigatr thr alt air* f thr ?'i mmlridrto ra of (emigration I, at Mr M iiimoi i tfrrrd a rr?t It bton that thr Heorotary f Mate tor*Ml Un library if tlir Amrriran Intltute nt hr rlty of ^rw York, a copy <4 thr araalon transact Una. lot-unit lita hc.ytariy Iset. tisii or anropaawrOT foerroaro A eonrmrrnt rrantntlon waa adopted by both hotlAea. xetfontng the line of a^outnniaai kc 3 i' V. ERAI tiik ant, I Tie Berate returned the Supply hfll. with a t) at they lead concurred In all the ninendwe nta, with one exception from which latter the Hnuf" receded. lomvliwrat to tin arret** m?p omrae. Mr. Mai ri< k offered a resolution. conTeytn*. in flatter- I leg ti rma. arete of thank* to the Speaker. lion. J 1J. i % aruiini Jr . for hi* impartial and arduous duties. Highly com pi nentary remark.* wara made upon tha resolution, by Messrs Maurice.A A. Tltompena. Wheeler, Burroughs. Severance. and Klderkin. the latter of whnni ! occuph d the cbair for the tuna; after which tban-sola* I tic n was unanimously adopted. A rota of thanks was also returned to the offln-n of I the House. The Committee from the Senate. Messrs. bynn and ; Miller, anocunred that the Senate wera ready to adjourn. \ Tttr riTtn or Tiir ssssiow. Mr. Wiirat e* i fferrd a resolution that ? coramittea U.u.1 ?- U ?- .A U ? A* ... A I Stilwiit t0 inform them that She ITounu *u ready to I adjourn A simllir committee. consisting of Meet-* Wheeler and Maurice. wax appointed to waH on the (lovernor. The comiiltteea reported that they had discharged that duty; whereupon the Speaker addressed the House aa follows :? Qi.vti We are about to clone an actire atri la- j borious acsslon. wfaich will conclude a period of four mouths of Icgixlbtioa a session destined to be lnag ' remembered for the important public measures which , have been matund. IKwevcr much we may have dI-'- | fered ax to the propriety if thexe measure# it Ix gratifylug to rt fleet that we (-hull all unite in rejoicing over any j remits which may add to ths prosperity and resources of | our en at and flourishing mate The fact that the | volume of kral and private laws relating to alraoat every department of life, becomes larger at every | session of the l.egtslaturc. furnishes striking evideuce < of the increase of oor population an-1 buxinex.x purauita, ' and of the insufficiency existing in the general latra to meet all the varied phases of human tiansactione and i while it may excite a just apprehension of hasty and un) wise legislation, ail e.vpi rii nee shows tha* it is much easier to comment on this evil than to point oat the remedy. The position I have occupied. gentlemen. has ] bein rendered peerr inrly pleasant by the indulgence you have on all occasions extended towards nw If t hxve lx-i n aide to give satisfaction. I must lxdi*ve that it is mainly became 1 have had few of those delicate duties devolved on me v hieh so fienuenUy embarrass the Speaker on the openiug of a regular cession The rules lip? n which we have acted, have been somewhat different fri m those of former session* and in actii upon the in. I endeavored to acfliere to the const ruelion established by the usagt a ol the last lession. Until it became apparent tiist the alternative was between no rules at all. or a refusal to xu-pend i x ?f-t upon specitic notice and by unanimous consent, which last though it urty bine occasioned temporary confusion and embarrassment. in the end tt ia believed to have ten fed to the more s|ie?dy conduct of business. The resolution you litre adi pti d will be appreciated aa no idle compliment ; and the expression of your acutiuienta. as well as tha br nor yi u have conferred upon me. I shall long retain in grateful remembrance Aud now we we new to separate. Cur intercourse with each at her on this Hour has. notwithstanding the many party questions wtvv-b have oceuptid our attention, has been marked hy fc-wer exhibitions of t* mper or hitterneexof ft-ellng than perhaps might have been expected; hud it is to be hoped that we shall cany away with us none but the most agri-ruble a-aoclationa l'elltical friendship ia thought to be cidieineral; but in no pc'tliou do welearu more of each other's eiiaracter ! ?in nous is honesty of purpose more thoroughly appreciated than in the balls ofthc Legislature, win-re we see men in almost evi ry position and influenced by the most , vmli d motives. and the per-oxal regard aud respect vhu h is he Tiled,, with said opportunities to judge, is nut soou erueec troui the nvsniory Though we lm?e been i all lookrag fi rwiird w'lh anxiety to the moment there 1 are tew at na who will Dot. at times, revert to the ex | >>. ><. ? ... i.ri-|.n.r mo will. u IW girt: ai d ehould we thu epot. memory will i (.ihI very object with the tint* of the p*el The?e 1 wall*?tnoee neat*?will recall mmw ween** in ?lin h we have participated. nod n*tny f .miliar fine* ? have been ?r. urt"Uied to r?lute A few ! tif thine laoer will perhaps be here; but the pUre* iif ii.oet will le ocoup<ed by stranger*, and over route the 'untie of UiHth will hive ob-cured our view for ever. Thi re me eonie now present who a. I ?pe,k. will tuvert to year* not far bank, ami recall many eueb with whom tbey acted fir year, together Itul within ? l few day*, the cii'.raure of the IviuR of Terror* tut ' lh/r Capitol haa )*>llid our clieek* at it* atari!ni{ I sudd. ut a*. nr all work out for our??lv?* auolt a elatidaid of hi novable ambition a* shall te> bi*cd up >n a rt um-tenth ua dtvire to do well our duty by tin 1 an t our i ietlow ni< o. ao as that thoae who are to rue -eed u? in ' (here place* ma v have no occa*lon. by our iiiih*ei|U"iit caret r, to dlrtiurt the purity of m?r motive* iu oil our aetlnor iturinp the important aenaioo of 1*41. | The lloma-lben ai'journi-d tin/ die. VMM at \cla PASwrri AT Ttllt EXTRA MINMO!* OP TKP CEOtil.A li H, MBit m TTni mk:> < * TH 10 ih Ml or Jl XV, AM) EM'tl) ON TilE 11 I'll HAV OP JL'LV, I INM | '/'It A'l'a./ert arc retdtrtu/W /rem lit Adt fiMitKti in v\'v Urtnlil. | i ' 448. To enable John iUpHst* Feriere, Jtan Raptlste ! liaiaw Catharine. Mamuriile. and Mario Auue Cribelier to hold and ct.nvty real wlilv 440 Th authoiiie the Superintendent of Co-nipon Feb' ol* to purcba/a M'ekatvr's uuabrhijfed dialiouaiy for the con tnon reboot dtatrici* <f tlila State. 4*0 io amend the aet entitled ' An act to provide for i the incorporation ol villages." passed Dec 7.1*17. to far at the r*n r rt lalta to the viiiag- of Oneida, in the county of Mtdircn. 441 To confirm the title of (leorRe Webstar to real eel ate rosvt yd to hint t-y Jamea Cbappell. 447. To inct qorate the Union W harf Company at OH* nptTt 4.41 To divide the Sixteenth ward of the city of N'vw York inio two ward* 4.>4 Mekinp appn prlatlon* for the State l.ibrvy. and to the Regent* of the I hlveratty. for literary and ecientifr paijwtc*. . 444 To exit nd the act in relation to anlt* by and apkinet ji tut *t.* k rout| anh and aaaociatioa*. to com- | |?Mi? 1 avititf joti.l or <x mm m luumt la pruprriy 4j?l To iiniii.d the rhartrr of |hr r hagr of llrrkun-r 467 To incci potato thr Butchon* County daring* Bai k. 4.V8. To Incorporate thr Aubura W?li r Work# t'orajiu.y 4. t* H>i|uiiinn the Canal Hoard to hear lh? olvlnii of ijaine* lliauy ml I'ntrlrk fltxlnum n# < 0 To auirinl lh? harlard diaiutc* la relation to aim ami) proendUfa. 401 To rrcoti r the po#ae?rloa of land* for the relief | if 11n ma? W bt-rlrr. aduiiubdraWir of Joba Jacob Mang, d?n mm d 4lu ami nd a part of thr Kactrrn Colon Turnpike | lilkd. 4i?j I n relation to tbo Tillag* of fort Plain, i 4M Tooi tifiroi ilirtitln of ."amurl W|nt? In certain rral rkiatv conrtytd to hun by Uuih kloAnicii. an lira. 4id To fl?i? tothc Now York Medical College power toliutdai.J niainlaiu a hospital concealed witb auch 1 (*(>11* |t<> 4<>o for th* rtlirftf tbr Truatork of District No 2 io I tin mail of (m ulbi-art 4i7 To i?lia>r the Iterator and Victory Hank Road I Co In at the ronatrucfion of a part of tlieir ami 4r(i To auibitlfc thi> rrlii banc and ItiehinoodeUlu I'lai k K< hi! Mi to borrow umiifj 4t!i. lo lurtrpiiale tbr Hoimt Faring* llaok of lib Pain. 4ili To pay RvJWell B Ilurrh for eoaf and ripen** Inrutiid by him in rvmii|Uit.r? of retaining cerium nlol aioLry *bile acting a* arbool coiautl aiourr f >r h*? I it a. 4*1 'In Incoip'rate thr VYeaternrlUe Water Work# ( on prof. 47 * Toamiiid article 1. title .T. oha| t-r 7, part 3 of tl r I.eriM d Maluia, entitled ' Of t?k<ug ron liti iuail/ 1 11 i< 11110.1 II) if will arte* *i: Inn Iblr Cat* ' 47.1 To t?|?al Mb act rntl'lrd An art to Incorporate 1 tbr Narrau Turoplk* Company," pawed April 14. 1444. 474 tor thr Mill f <1 blind Coburn. 47fo latilallia lo Uir p r? and dutira of thr Trua- j | tee* of the ?iI!m||? of IV liliatnchurit 4*6 to antfionae thr appi'lniuiriit of two additional j j ai tarie* put lir in ai d fi r Mir cliy id Troy. 477 To anthi ria* the Merchant*' Kaoliang* Company j I lb I hi* 0)1) i f No* Yi'lk to miuor UK capital atork and to In no* mom j to pa) it- di bto 47b kilain* to th* A>ai inrra' Court of thr city of Altai!* 4*t? To authi ri'o thr Corporation cf (ho city of An burn tc button mum y for th*- purpo*e of aiding iDr cum lit union fd rallr. ail. pae-icg ion ugh raid city, and ribiictlny l.akr Ontario nnli ilia >r* Yu*k and Krtc liallioed or tbr I'l) uga anil A I*mi* liaiina Railroad (Mi I I bn.Dg tor Mundane* oHhe tillage of llor-ebi ml iu tbr county of Chemung ill In k mi.??l tbr art f-int. im tu ih" rltr of Aliiaiir pan-id fclmi ii ?1, 18Mi. mid A|<ril I'i Ikfl 4*-J 1o mm i.d tlii' art rnti lod An not to on * Ida for tba ion tporation ni p. u p?i If* to p. im rm i pUok r>?u. m U pi iopani>? to moat tin t lurnptha r.?4a." p?? at II <j K i??: 4NI To rrgnlata thp plinth g and taking of oy?tpr? and olhar 'lull tl-h In tbr llar.oui rtfar and tnp eovbuf H mi l.niir rowdy. 4M To aaipuil lb*Cod* of rrwdura 440 To hin*tid an apt to ano-nd rooai.lhlV" lb* MTnalarta nlating to tba ptty of Ultra paaard Haian 81, )M? 4Mi T" ami i.d tha act ant It lid " An art to aitabUah a UtUlt Ot Pporlai bfiahiua In and fur tlH Pity of Albany, aid to rot t*r tun hi r juillrial po?*rt upon tba Roc.irdaf ot mid city." pa a an Man'h 'J7 lk-1# 487 Autboritlng tha duvrtora ot thr Hua?la and N .rib . tiagr Malik Hnad Company to bnrn>" P4.MV. and in- I orrarr tba papltal torlt of aniii company. | | 4KH Hi > parting tha p. am and dntla- of Male nMeaca. and | ti r?t iling" analint tbi in 44# t i i tl.p of'.lian Ogla 4Ht lo rotation to Hoard ot ?tt|? rriaofa o< tha taunt* of Kin#v 4#1 To Imorpooata tba truitra" of tha Qorinan 4Uali n i liun h and piitl(T*gation f tlir f.'f of Um-haatar 4W Making au appropriation fur Improving thoohant il i f tba i uiUt of t'imro laka in llamiHan rouuty 4#S A uibirtih g tbn Ib-ard of ttupiCTlaori of Vila boar nutty to r. gutala tha aalaijr ot Dhlrtrt Attnrnay of raid ri uoly 404 In It.p. rporata tba Colbgtata Institution of tho pliy of hi " Vofi 4K- To autharlta tho Common Con op II of tha city af R<< ha?ti r to "tdan tha allay loading frmn I' .ur; atr*ct to i lb* ai unty jail in tatd rlty. 4<? To r*mm intvmt of ibis Mata t? lTd PRICE TWO CENTS. ~ r Undi- to Krntet Uiraud. an;1 to authorize Utter, of aJ nioietration to be i-.ued to Mm of the personal estate of FrareU CherroUt. deceased. 41*7 To abolish tolU on railroad.. 4i>8. Making appropriation, for the support of goT.ronjt at for the fiatai jtar commencing Octobt t f. 18ol. 4ti> Diriding the State Into Congressional districts. 610. To legalie. the act. of the seteral aehoo| t? alrict* in this State, piGtidiug for the rapport of conunos aohooi. 001 To proride for the rtiUrgeroent of the locks of the Ornego canal 609. To establish an a^lum for idiots?making aa appropriation therefor [ 03 In relation to draltring the Cayuga marshes. 604 Mora effectually to prevent gambling 106 Authorizing a new election of town officers in tbw tewn of Yelham. Westchester county 609 for the relief of the city of Rochester. 597 To vest HUzabeth Jenkic* with the trt> of certaiw rral tstale 609 For the reVtef of the survivor* of the Yirst Keginent of New York Volunteers, who served la the war with Mi xico. 609 I'll amend an act entitled - A* act for the preservaUVO 0< W"hiD'ton''' Head Quartet*, panned April Id, 619 To provide for the appraisal and payment ofraaai damages to Kicbard K.apsey 611 To provide for tbv completion vf the Kris Canal enlargement, and the Valley aud black Km* oanala. 619 Aa aet providing for the laying out of a road fruiu Jobtihburg. Warren county, to tue vast branch of the Hacoud.igo river, in said county. aud for coualrurtIng the same. t>13. An act for the better security of nwchanirs and others ending buildings, and furnishing mi t rials therefor, in the city and county of New York. 614. An srtm relation tothe justices' court* in the city rf \i w Yc.rk, and to s mend -An act in relatlcn to justice*1 aad police courts in the city of New York." paused March 90. 1846. aud as the wane has been amended. 616 An act to prohibit the sale of tire wood-in the city of Tew York, by unlicenw U persons. 61-9. To provide for the appointment of an Mllltional number of commissioners of deeds in and lor the city anc county of hew York 617. To amei <9lha act cntitb d An art for the better security ot mechanics HI d others erect nig builulags. and tumbling materials therefor, in the several citiea ot l ho htate. except the city ot New York Mil in the viAiges of hyracu.-e. Williauirhwrg. (ieueva. Canauduigua> Oswegu and Au'surn." past-id May 7, Ik-U 61S To incorporate the Mauhutt >n Steamship Company 619 To amend an act for the incorporation of vi<4-\gs a, passed Dtt 7.1047 t.'J) Authorizing the I'lattsburg and House's I'olat Kailrcad do . to erect aud uia'nlaiu a drawbridge oa Use Hig Cobaeey Itivi r. do ofUhrlvn. 691 Mui.n g appropriation f >r the St. Lawrence Acadi uiy discharging a mortgage upon its academy buildings knld by this stale, t?u whicu is duo au arrearage of interest 699. To authorize the erection of a steam saw mill, of wed. on the Norln nrer between Twenty-seventh sort Twvuij eighth streets, iu New York city, aud between Tvi nticib and Tw.-nty-tirst streets 623. T o amend chap +"-5nf tbe laws of '47; chap. ,Tf 9 of Ike laws of '-19. cliap. 276 ot the laws of '6U-, arid ohap. 3-13 cl the laws ot lfei b. acts concerning passenger* comiug La the city <f New Y'ork and M e public health. 624. l'o preside for the appraisal auii payment ot rsi al damages to Reuben byuu 626 Uivmg authority to the Commissioners of the mju i.nirr 1i> rv11 a portion ui luc a* aing 1>M g. t'.o Tor the settlement of accounts of Chnuncy Smith, la!-*- Hgetit ol tko hi lag eiog prison 6V7. ti change Him name ot I.ivingxtou Contey t* Livn g-ion Thorn TZh To rep. u ion act entitled 'An Act to aid in repair>Bat ami in.pri ring the rotul hading Iron the State nitl n> North Hudson t? Mill brook iu the town of M-irino 6'JV. To provide tor the removing obstructions front th* < till* t of fa) aga Lake, and for l<iwariug seal lake W*J I'roviJttig tor the settlement with certain persona lot money past under pmrest t<> the Mariners' Kund Mil To incorporate the Mrurau Ocean Hail and lain t d f > mpany bd'J. T*> authority the Troy and Roston Railroad Oom|. ti) to I* ? ? a part vl tha Western Vermont Kiilr-sul, and to build a branch road into the village of dchagutlcoke I'otet bio. Iu relation to the duties of Superintendent* ad the 1'uor. I'M To amend tha act for lh? relief of Daniel Clark, larri-d April 20. 1V.2 tilb tl< lative to the powers and duties of the Major Alu<rm?uaud fomutoually ot the city of New York, in the matter of lakiut po-M*>ion <f and Itying out. oeeta'n tor a public parti, iu lha Niueleeulh ward of auid otty. 6.6 appropriating the revenue* of 111* literature and deposit fund. Id" Tor the r* lief ef the eetate of Daniel Rice, late of the torn of Knrt Ann. decerned. 6d8 To change the name of Vt'n. II Pease, to Ilenry Winter. butt In relation to a ruperUitrndcat and overseer* td the poor. in and tor the couuty of Or rani MO To provide for the elec ion of a special county Judge, in tb<- coui-ly of Cbeaaugn. 641. Tor the relief of Thomas *V Dixon MJ. To an? nd the net eutitl* d An art to amend tha chatter ol the vlty of Naw York.'' 643 To Incorporate the Uolou Steam \ easel Company. 644 An act to provide for the payment of ccrtalnaxpetwes ol the government M5 An act to incorporate the Journeymen Tailor*ad the city of ItulTalo 64f> To provide for the reappraisal of canal damage* to lbiijumin Richardson. Jr 647 I'o provide t?r the re appraisal and payment ad ransl* - to lllram htonr MM An act to incorporate academies and high rchoala in this Stair Violent Storm In Texan, STEAMUOAT %V*KCklCl??V*S>itS DIIVKM AAIIUM ? cvrruN iNJb'Bx.i, k re. New OaLKsva July 9. 1861 Advice* from Texas to the 6th lu,i. annouuc* thai a terrihlo a.orm pre?ailed oa the cna-t for eoferal day*, la bub Ilia llrilro. CortUndl. and Villlta I'irn lying in Matagorda Rajr. wera driven aehoro TW etr?Bnr Maria Hurt, ahirli lift tlalreoton on the 2Uh i noi-tinten d the aame gale and t>< totally I >?t. Many bourrr in Ti?a> were blown down and I ho jnung enUaa rt<<|> partially destroyed. Ho far aa aecerlalued, no llt>? wore loet. From the Writ. C 1IOT.brA AT riRCIRNATI?COI.'NTBRrilTKk AIHK? ED?THREE MAM llKOWMtll, r.TC. Cmt'iiiin. July II, 1U1 The IVard of Ili-all li report JDC. death. In tho oily ditr n g tho paat week, of which 19 wora from cholera and 1*4 wrn- rbildr. a uador In yoara of ago Wr bate n> altrdrrry uofaTntable report* nt tho health of t--?a# throughout tin- fi untry John l.ondon a noiorioui countarMter from Virginia aaaarrt-tid a f.-w day? ilarr.ou l-nar-l a aloata-r. m iinhfit Till. On thr olBrrrn Bp^ioaohlog lie ro.i-t.-d Ibi hi. and dn * n bowlo knlfo They, bowerer kh-A at b-ai. aid hi a ly aerur?d him II. I. n ? ?u bi. ??;a I llf Imb W b- n arn-ool be had hi. family with ana and elan $lotW> la good moo.y 1 btee |o im tie ai re drowned at Cleveland je.;erlay, bv ah mnibue backlog tt the pier lulu the ri'ir A 111* at * ay uooborv'. li'Diifwr jmlwilij, pro po rt j vaiu.oi at ?ltt?UO No iu-u. alio* Artlval Of 111* ( hrr.ikrc at In* OrlraM. Ntw iNi mi. Jul; 7 IMI. Ttif >Mn>hlp l'k*mkm (.'apt W'lufl* tr? m .Van To*% > ? Havana air I rod at thl* p-wt t-> tiny bringing J?l aaanngvr* an<l a Mnall amount of gold duat All waa i?i#4 at Havana abru ih- 0 Ml. Naval NoaroLB. July 10 1M1. Ttic 1'nltvU Stat** ?hlp At L? ui* lay* b*k>o tfUioughby a light boat Nona of i he nOvri have yet arn*.*A feiro iMaia by lb* Way of Ualilmor*. N?i.*tMoa*. July II 1M1. Wy to night'* Sout horn mall ?f Irani t bat I ho Union mm. la the third dirlrk-t of Urorgi*. bar* uomuatW Ab aloai II t'happvll for Conyraa* Tb* Savannah papi-r* roronl th* .loath of aoaraytaia Jacob Ililflr. a natl** of Alain.At the atnitiU mooting of tha utork bolder* of lb* Magnetic Tol.-graph Ooaip toy. hold ywt'riij Wdtkiun M paain * itnaiilm-u-ly fa-alert -l l'r*>ldool; A. It othin. oaorrtary, anil Jama* A Aald.-ii Traavitrar AH tba old dliartor* aara at*o fa ?lor lad A d*v aloud of tan par rant ? * .l.ol.rirt Tba*vy?>a altiaatu UatAai. " T1 Oluramanta." by MorradaiUe. la aw oprr* irtkrwi.* h r It* ouproo'lva molodlr-. and f >r th.? h??.ry of muay ol It* dramatic itfrrto ft to w?U noiu-d t.i I ha |w?*c? >4 thr inblf to ob< 01 ti b?? Wfo *Mru~H4 for raprooMi. tattoo, and If* rrp??i?*n? ?ui nwt with fc??r Om Tbunday . e?* tbc ommmUo <4 Modioli ? *r?* *pp?**aurc tbta rraoon a ?rrj tar** aadlencv a -?aoKi<~4 I* *0j< J thr rntrrUtnmaat ?birh ok aduirahi* xuitalanl tbiooah'Ut. Tta# uiaolnal pubi<v arc brdlanlnf to ?pprrctat* then roarkabie no* IWarr-of ih* pn*>ut opera trout* ard Or prroum* that at tbo optoadot pnioi?# o* t Ma i rrolvy olll he n?lt>f Ij li" |ir?a?nt W a aif ?*,? n* bt< d to find that lb* hou*** ar* i?to>< *a larjr* 'a at thr ronimetiwomt el tbi"?i?ia-?'iumMaf, tn<|<<M.tlJ. orrt fair thousand prre*>ae TM? to a t?*?? U-et tba nuilrat art retain* it* b-td of tb# p .puUr u*t? InprrlM ( aart?OpM-lai Taraa, rtibf J? *!? . uaklr* otil gtr? ofartaJ UN* to JV * UJaVloit, U

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