Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 12, 1851, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 12, 1851 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. JAUEB WOHDUN KNBKTT, PROPRIETOR AMD EDITOR. pice n. w c-oa.ika op rot. ton and nassau sts. THE IK1II-Y HEH+JLD, 2 cniti prr copy? $T per THE WEEKLY HER.'i1.1), every Saturday at tent* l 'i ropy or ?3 prr annum, the European Edition, M i'*ronnum lo amy part of Great Hntain, a id %o to any part of the I militant, both to include the postage. rul.l ST.1HV CpRRBSPOXDEN'cE. containing important >i,?i'? talu-iledfiam any quarter of the world S if unit, will b. t.finally paid for. Ovc Pur cm a Con * ?* POAIIRTR AMI PAR Tier LAC I.V >[I|I'UTI!U TO ACA I. ALA Unit II A *l> I'Am AO MA AC* r TO t'?. JILI. I.ETTEHS by mail, for SubsrripHont, or witK otdi ri litriariita to bt port-pud or the pottage deducted from Ike money remittedVolume XVI No. i?l AHUSIMINTS THIS EVENING. ca9tlb garden?a**a Bolcra. BROADWAY THEATRE. Brocdwcy.?Ma. utth. NI BI O s GARDEN. Br*td?Ry -Thc Toodlcc?A 0??f Rll > O* A R All,HO AO. NATIONAL theatre, C'liuthAia ?tr??t-NicM or tai Wm.|U-PAIUV DAVUHI'AKH OA THC CROTOR tYATCCC. fr BROCGHAN'S LYCEUM,*aj-Doh C*aar Dc % . Iama-Iaiiiaaa >t Charlamacrc. christv'9 min8tkkls. Ball ?72 Br?cdwcy ?ethiopia* HiAiTtluv. yellow 8' minstrels. rc!lo??'mtawri iiau. No. 444 BruMdvRy?ethiopia* AMERICAN WCSEI M A?''??A rttroia arccu A??AM AWfN ARU I . CAIRO. j New lurk, NuiuiHuy, July I'd, 1*51. Nummary of ih. f.nt. *l Intr lllgiuc. Our traders will find elsewhere, iii our columns to-day, the concluding proceedings of the extrn j senmnt f tu? New lork Legislature. It will be ittii that ^ number of iiaportnnt buls were ptssed vcseiday, the details of which will bo found under ur t< ligraphic head. Wo ahull take up the doiugs j tf the extra session at our leisure, and passdispassionate judgment upou thorn. While there is j ii.uih to praise, there is luu h to liud fault with; but I tf thin, uiorc anon. For a review of the last day's proceedings we refer our readers to our special leh'giai hie correspondencefrotu Vlbuny. We pu > lisb, in at other column, the acts that have been J a.-rt d. in addition to those we ha we already given. \ The repoit that Mr. Webeter has res g ied his > of).re as Secretary of state, is contradicted, ffuch an e'.' i.t, however, is not at all improbable, at some futnt day. If our correspondence from Washington is oorrect, Gen. Taliott has been found guilty of the eha:ges preferred against hitu.aud he has been du?Kissed the service. luti mtli'g 1 ruin ,n? il? ?i? I he rrliuantcfM-e Treaty, 'I be telegraphic news from NewOrleant indicates phat d.ftd ultiis may arise between Mexico and the j United <tatc?, respecting the passage across the Isth- j kus of Tehuantt pec The McxtcanCoogress have | repealed the law granting to Gamy and others the light of way,and the privilege of constructing a o i- i nal or railroad from the Gulf t? th- i'acilic; and the aatLorities have forbidden those who have become I a?oo. ii.tid withGaray, fiom coniiuencing the w o-k, and have rvfu.-t;d to allow the surveyors, engineers, | laborers, and their tools, implements, provisions, weithai.disc lie., intended to be used la the con Struct ion of the work, to be landed at CoatxacoxletM, or its vicinity, t hie rearou given by the M -xi tan authorities al,n. that the teirt named IS not. bv the law? of that repuY.ic, a pott of entry or delivery, at which only can fo'eign vessels enter or land their |>a>M.Lgttl or cargoes. This courtt of Mexico is attributed ny" som-i to fiiitirh influence in Mexico, our legation there lia ii g but comparatively little influence and might I with that of (Jrtat Britain. Mr. Letcher, ' Miil.-'cr, |j, tact, was, (Ituiflg tnost of la it winter 1 spring, in the United .States That the British govcu incnt, previous to (Icneral Arista's election, had lull knowledge of uiost of the State scerets of Mexico, and, in fact, pretty well controlled her foreign diplomacy, we b*wo little doubt. That her and intrigues had a great deal to do with precipitating the war of 1*46, we have alwtys believed Her course was adopted to embarrass u, in the Oreguu business, and to prevent a British and American war respecting that territory, and It was, in a measure, success ui. Mr. l'oik did Dot admire having tbc candle lighte.^j^^o'b ends; and seeing what was iuevitabfi), Wi to Mexico, agreed to the line of A!*- it is of fstrle coo- 1 ?<|U> nee wLerher or not the intrigues of British ' ein saaiies effected the anuulmcu; of tiaray's grant, so far as it relates to Mexico and the I'm ted Stat. ?. If the Mexican Congress had the right to utiul the giant undur their constitution and laws for Boa-faltiluefit of its conditions, or for any other ca is , there is no treaty stipulation between us an i Mexico guaranteeing '.be inviolability of this grait, then the I nited Skates goveriimsnt have nothing to ao with it. Theie is no treaty. MexiM ex- | pr? sslv refused t<? make any stipulation respseing this grant, in 1*1* The grant i?a privite mitter betw.iuib. grantees and Mox en. Hie holders of >1 ! j ' I I U?" m r. | u liiid <l n in in r.n^i in i or Ho.mud, instil a* ? '! n-K their K'lti rritu'ijl- ti? jptcrfere wr.?l compel lb* t'uited Sut*4, or th ?-.* flati-a, to | ay tb'-tu Tbe TckaWf p*v epocalAtoM, tb"t;yb Kii.? of them x.iv u iMHJMt ii of tbe I'mted Malt*. U'J*t ol? y the l i*< of M sicn in all r<!?>ocU A* to rherefu?il of tie M> licb'i oon-ul *t to jfHe the lUiaistr a ?!eirani-?. wo witkLold our o] tali ti till we Are tu?~c ful.jr Apprised of lb* ciretiiu-uuct( fruitlf. tf it w.u* cJ. Arlj faiteiidvl to be a b'i-tilc.n^ciitiou 4?Aiu4t bi* own otttrr, be who jueiiflttl. i fif tLc fri<odljr diapoaition of tue I'reii lent of : Mrtirii to ihm ronn?'y we Are entire jr mti<fl?d. \be Mil join iilrMtn from an oritf'utl p-trate letter from too f'leiidrot, written t?? a frirad n ?w in th'* oity. (M?iti<l a f. w <l.ijr rloce. wh'ih h "peak* hi* frieaUljr ferlir g? to the I'luted .* iU?, And hi* ja?t ud rktitrd thwi w t? tb< rifblof w.tjr ivintf fur the uee <>f the WotM 1 M< biti*n> film ? [ I liA?e nr.'iT>d. with th- (*?il?' (H >oir-, y nr l??t t?il utter of the loth alt trhicii i* V u?e ? n?? proof of r? n - oit.rmnre of y?-or espr> ware (iwA Wily ?u.. lt I Vetuin ! M i Yt.y tc? the ht*h Apt.reeintlou I entertain f r the t #el<l.raoO ?4B< r b?i.i*l|. ote ?r.d * It oi ler-tai l iftetl lh >1 ' U [IF 1.1. T II II Ymiipeafe. tlMi . the |U'-ti >0 of Ik* rfMn( *?| t"l> ' >r ita rioi.iru jti ?> M *i- ' r< 4< tr? It it" dou't ni' r than the Mil>iU<of tliI nli>4 -!it? but ?h?- that it aball h r\?l? f..r the utility of the ?ti"l? wof.J. "n legal nit "(UiU >1* f>r Ctpte- ? h i<* h viii Mtr h. r oalioi.oi ty ml r.gii'a f iu *<ll perauaded <A what ?|U laae pA ' I 1 tmH l?-ttrr I'poo Lb* ?|0 llatt IWAtK IK whiri M t fertwyn tin* gt.errtin.eol (lid but niif Hayo amend r.f nil* and you train' the *? if??? itf' tin I hellcee H proper for yo* to w. ike bl! J"vr mAi. in rH'T to aetti. lit*' q ??wtP>n ?m?i *IM brMiitki tai<<uc for th# two r un _?; I huf tlb pUaaure to ?*lote you. ?nt de?ir? to you Ui')u tlfj' ) < - your fmini ml if 'U 'iiate ?r??lt, f >1 \tl i> AllHM To (Ptior CamdidaT**' K?( r?M -IVft are Ab-ut thirty jfrntlotiK n. more or lera, whoae friend* or* proving fthrtu to become Candida t?a for I'reaideocy. and Vbo, m they ham no reasonable ?* u?t<* for do. liairg, oro " c<>n*t mine 1, by the urg. at aolieita- , tionr of ftrir partial fellow cltiionr, to ?i| ,? tbeir aainr* to be a*ed " ?>ity the and condition of t went j nine of lb?*e gent lemon, and aocord legly prr?ent. r<>r meir upo, * pimwoi inrji i pi> Bfucp, cut fron the Clark*vttl* mow. ni a-i wieure for refuainft to be a candidate, which rati b fcorrowtd by aoBe twenty-Bre of (.be PrerilenUal Waiwiilat. $ T? rut Ciort r Orxliut -Ha?lnf 1-imed fmanftow ? MP" thM 1. ?TCU I. W"Old be eleenel t? fl? fenete laJI I. I the ptMlbili'y tfl4cul4 end knowing BLe ram* to t<e r? | iiauant to my wif.' * fbailafl* whi-ai it.? ? alone I aak (e perpelaale. I r-epeet Jaby aitl.diaw mj name M 41 ft'RXIK The em ufe. ? believe, won't anawer for Mr Ha hanen, in.r Col William H. Klnjj. and we d->abt if Snare than one or two of the other* e?n prefer it ritb entire tiuth. Pat it will anawer m the p'ao# fa better, ovtwHba'.aadinic The New Poet ' Byatcwa?Ita Oppraahr* rkkixltr. The new portal arrangements have been in operation since tbe 1st iust. With the exception of those hdieting letter postage, they are found to be illibol rel and oppressive. We are continually receiving complaints, a few of which we publish iu another ' column. Hut these complaints are nothing to the general effect of the rules, as adopted at Washington. Tbe law, as it afl'ects newspapers, is sufficiently outrageous, but the rules applied to it cap the climax. It is announced in all the papers, that Berford & Co.. of this city, will take letters or newspapers i to Chagres, Panama, or San Franciaco, for three cents. The law bas luckily afforded loopholes to enable indiv ideal enterprise thus to defeat the disastrous edects of governmental stupidity and obstinacy, which have forced upon the people postal arrangements at onoe complicated, bungling, ex pensive, and onerous, aad scarcely paralleled in as" verity, even iu despotic countries. The Post Office author.tics, as if a-hauied of the disgusting exactions demanded on the transmission of newspapers, puldi.-h the rates of letter portage, but ari significantly silent with regard to the former?probably not willing to make known, through their adverti-ernents, that transient newspapers, when sent to California, must be taxed ten and fifteen ceats, or a trifle less, when under the weight tf two ounces. The tntj-luyirs of tha Poet Office have in ore sensibility ai:d modesty thun Mr. Postmaster General .'lull, iu whom.' bureau the repulsive regulation* of the luw were conceived aud prepared, for the sSsc-nt of an inefficient, culpable Congress?de?.-ived and imposed upon by the vainglorious and ignorant inventors of this new postal law. With respect to the trai stnissi?n of ncwspajiers to regular subscribers, who uiay iave a temporary I residence lor a period lees than three months, as if to put a ridiculous climax to the absurdities of the law, we huve the annexed brief manifesto:? Poit Orrici. Dtr artkkm r, ( Arrois stir Uirul, Juiy 7. 1851. / Id r< ply to yours of tA? lit instant, you arc iufurmed | ti n all m wspapers smt for a less period lhau thlce | no i ths. win tber sent fr- ni the office of publication t r ; ( tl.i rwiee, will eoine under the head f trunirut news- , pup re upon which the postage must be pre-paid at tue > tC.ce when iraihd V?ry respectfully, Your obedieut sort ant KITZHEJiRY YVAUItEN. Now, we thb.k the Postmaster Clotieial might have sparid Mr. Fitxhcnry Warren the trou ; tie of exercising such (yruuuical cruelty upon the I p?op e. who have hitherto bccu eu] jiosed, under jut I instilut ' PS. to be the frun ers of th-ir owr, laws. ' IU> m'gLt Lave paused lor a luoid interval to visit him. that, by the exercise of the commonest \ scho :-boy judgment, he might come to a decision . more favorable to the thousands and hundreds >' ; tboufui ds of iidividuuls who visit the country for a fow wn ks during the summrr iea-"? t. 3ut no J sui h ha] | y contide ation of circumstance', and o' the des its of the people, can enter the b-i-om of , sui h a custodian of the public re.enue, from ' postal regulations, us the present Postmaster ' Central. It is, in his selti.-b view of the feie- i rai tcoti n.y, much more requisite thai a theory of bis own should be supported, for the purjsift ot making a revenue balan iu the postal department of the United Mates, than tb it the poople Lull haw the j.rivilig? of reeling newspipers ut ! their own will and pleasure. Kngland an 1 France stumptbeir Eew-pupers. and license tUeir publication; but by meant of there ? law, levelled at the de* j aire* of the people, a prohibition in virtually placed upon the Lewspuper preff; ai d if tbe i'oatmiutor ( iUeralcaa tarry hi.- theories fully ou', pet hup* be cay be able to stop tLe circulation of newspapers altogether. We tu pect that the Peitiui:ter cicneral has dtU i lulled to uaake a political manoeuvre out of Lit ] raetical ex?tu] lifieutiou of his postal theory. Un no other ground can we understand how any uiuu of common foresight and every day sagacity, could concentrate so much folly on at y plan for postage reform. Sjuie nolitica' aim UiU-t be hidden under the matter, for we cannot imagine that ignorai ce coull perpetiate to inui h. No blunders are t<" gross where a political wiidbill is sought, and uo absurdil cs too groteojue where a j optician hopes to improve bis condition; hut it is too much of a curse on the people of the I uited States that politicians should ride over taeui rough-shod, in the sh jjt- of postma.-ters general, ui >uiited on the mails nr.U levying tribute 'or Cic-sr, as, withuue or two tlsrUivLi, has been doue by th >*e ut t he head of the postal department during the last twenty-Aveyears. The f-eople ol tbe United Mutes u.u-t mlure with patience the loud put Upon tmui by th i Postmaster General, till the Siext rc.-sion't t ingress, *w he a, out of tbe evils of which we are fo. < d to out plain. may tome a Uryer amount 01 go<?i iuxu olbtrwiee could be cxfifctcJ, and h nearer ap| roach to the syatem of uht:u,> jwmta^e than the | rcreut botched and wangled one?which reduces the tax on ktti ii L- but which wore than makes u|> lor tic vaunted redutioa, by an uijuit, oppressive, hii'ouxcaioui, auJ extremely baruioiajr Ux on newspaper* ?the wry aeliu by wbiib mucli of the Inevitable a 1 Deo;isury cor. n poudt'i.ce, virtually to bo *i o-towiijed, of tae (oorai.d industrious p'-ol- of the l/nited ;4tates a srrtd on. Tue friend* A to. poor laborer in ( alifornia caLiicl a c t nuiii' U?, Withoat the (jotoblc and exi-en- cf *'rit;ng, tb>?? oriih,ry lid.i g,t which the *'.11 J > w.'x-japer a .4 ths aouuty journal u.hv rental* and iho coi'teota of wh.cli * r so laijonant to the p-er liburar. It i? this feat arc ?li?b 1< jo odi >u* to the mass of the p- rple of the I 'icu Elates, ali< i3 tbo'rie laatineta ait Miiticlj alive to any peratfan of the la v wl < h facii iatc ti e wealthy in toe world on iLiir read to pr>, ; crltjr. atid pla?< chocks on lie comforts aid hipp'teei of tae poorer ilcwf. who keep neither ehrk nor -cep-taries. and whose r? ynition if the e -n. <f f.tnd-h pau-l k< vluia i ia conveyed ly yolk- j? -o i'e-ana by public jour tale alone M e trust that th D#It < o?fr'?s Will rn tVe It a find duty to giv? .dr. IVtaastar General 11 alj t< ur.dertard th'.t h> i/ not to fasten upon the rvuntry such a lUia a thi new law ?ier* for co?t? wpUtioe. xt 1 or tie regret of those whose yiealot frilc i* to w.tne** the popular io-titutieti* uncer oar ?>." maw-nt. a lm in stare 1 with a Lolrsono regard for ell lasers and condition! o' i r?t ?, ?o that tb tr ?*t ;?n?*r?l ?n??nf happi i ? ? may t* Uitlu* J c <*rywherr, and that eaeh on* may itmidrr tlat. w'la ut r- gar?J lo hi* wraith. ha baa fritil< g. of lb* morti'beial character, ?<|ual to hi.* own indivi luni J aire ? ?h*re thuae d*-*ir*? ara ration* and with jbt ir.jary to the ."lata aod hi- Baight'r*. Aii ut ;>rg?mt conducted. oar po?ta| mm* mi* cutrajn oat. I. if Ian 1. fro n on* and to thr other, i* arunted by the fad t h it ahout flft*en renta it charged on h.itirh ?ew?paperi g< ng into I'nteaia but how ihu U Dio c e*u*e far Complaint bar* tin |.co| la of t a L'niftd !*tat*a, who ara tax <d by their own jfoicrnait-ri' an e'|ual mi n, for nrwij *j.?r? rent frcoa 'Hit Mat* of tha confederacy to the other ' lint wr I are hop-* for a better day The ne?t < ?ngret* trurt rl.p tnc wings of the a* firing I'oetn.aater ' frurral. NmaHnl* ? DtMlnfalakud l*4lrManla. UoT J'hr on <>f l^tii laaa. I* at Saratoga riprfng* f-l-?er llod-' ti ami iatJy Boat' n, I. lanti*. 0 Cmlth, I f'< nr.?ei|-ut f?r Ho alio turn*. Vew bondoa. a A I Tattle Ohio. J W t'l iWf rd *e? Y-rfc. K bale*. ?** '/"" oa ??ra tha arrival*, at tha t'alia flare I Hotel K 'i Millar I-I, Isd- lf fita V. < il>y T*?wi lloyktaa I* .til-tilia M U-waa. Philadelphia J Hoy. !? < Tl? n?. II r|i?iaaatl; W Huu^f *> Fr?hir? AtaUma Irr tlu-y tUiaoU ?*re aiii'tig tha arriralr ywtarrlay at tba Aator W MyrW h h??ti n li Cat-lay K J?. wim? 1* MtMoII'bliatMyhia J Waiklnr At John > II . II MofVv | iild.Nrviirliaiv J H (tray V II tt? nnat U>wrr C'aoa j 4a arrlra.l j atarcar at tVa American J t I'liflu llalK'l Ink* Ri?rr< Canada C 0 RlaHaM?n M.irphit Term J C I,,a. Aooth' afoltaa: I?r ill C. W hit#. eltamer I'myti* Cht. Jr.lin PhllHj. <'ana>la llanry Alter Aprln^fl'lil, lion lira II.m Marmannaetta, W C A.noa. I lilladrlyli'a. A! T Afnater N.w Kara*; A A Catty Kantmhy. .1 (I Hanl-a-mi li..rt?n. if a?ovg th? arrival*. at tbt dinar* dotal. jiA'thy Cttjr Intelligence. Thz li" Poi k'uiin (iiki-caric?Si'Mcmimen *r the Kit.hi h W*ao Pot 11k rue hi* Familt?A meeting of ttv member* of lb* Kighth Petrol illitrht wu held et t* Klpbtb ward flatten boiuc, yeeterday. Captain Ob*-*** ' 8 I urnbull ere* celled to tike eheir. end Ami*tanp?Pteiur kiorri* De Camp and Uert B Weed were apwtuted ! Mcreterira The following preamble *nd ree*ution* ; were uuanimouflj adopted:? j Wberea*. our late brother. Officer George V Olliwpie. of tbe f ourth Petrol dlatrlct. we* killed, on W morning of the loth ioft , we feel that hi* life wa lilcod in tbe discharge of hi* duty and in euxtaiung tbe reputation of tbe department; atd in blm hi*Jeree?ed family hate loet it* protection?e bind and Jelored ha* baud, and tn utlectii nate father?towboni *? extend our mott iocele and beatlfeit condolence. Kc-olvei. That each member of -bla district appropriate ? he day'* pay for the benefit A our deceased brother olfiet r'? family Kesolvtd. That a copy of tboabotre preamble and re*<>lot loo* be cent to tbe tainily O the deceaaed Heroind That the folluiahg committee be appointed to carry the rame into elle't ?llenry Ciougli. Jonatbau huapp, W dliaw b Wired John Iteynohla, Johufi. tan liureu. bo doubt tbh praiseworthy act will be followed up by otbet aatd* of tbe d. /Mirtmeut aud noinething handsome will (n- contributed? something to alienate the suttcrixg* if tbe widow and orphan* of the deceased Pitioi li i iMlnt ro Coao.ii* (!*?:*.?Yesterday, ab >nt noon, a* l)r. tlaer. Coroner ot thin county cat on'hi* w?y to execute hi* official dutic*. while turning the corner of Chamber*?lieet?nd Centre, In hia wagon, the iron part altarh'd to the trout wheel* suddenly broie, thus do. tacl i'g the front part of the wagon from the rear, precipitating l>r (iter, and likewise Jir. Lidell. who was alio in the wagon, rn bully headlong into tbe street t>r (it? r wa.- badly injured, striking hi* uo*e and right ej throw on Ibe atom *. cutting hi* note and indicting a M Vl'lC Ci lii UsloU Oil the I'Jl' bolie lliH left kllCC W.l- severely injure d having eudeutly (alien heavily oa iho km. cap. 11 dieting a wi uuil of about uu inch in leng'-b ai d otbi I* in- bru.Mng the bout' badly ilia right arui was also injured hr l.iJell, luekiiy. received but a slight injuiy in tin- c bow of Lis rigbt arm Dr. Uwr was convey i d hou r in a carriage. and the horse wb i hi rime friglitiiid and ran away, was subsequently , cuigbt iut balbaiu street. without injury teiiMt.HT Mian i.m.t ? ??n Thursday night. as Major Richardson was reluming b urn at a lain hour, be wo* knucki d dow u. near the corner of I uiversity place, by one > i two aiu, a- it is tnpposed with tbu intention of robbing hiin. fortunately. two gentlemen turned tbe cvrntr in uu dial) ly after be received tbe blow, wln'Q tbe pal I li s rati >11 purrued by ene of tbe gentlemen. but tbe night was eo daik tbal tbey were mwu out of sight Tbe at lack wb# #o sudden tbal Ibe Maj >T did uot see his assailant*. ?bu i lie. however. Very coinmou looking ineo. until ibi ui'u ent before be ?? kn a ked down, runs, we believe i* Major Richardson's second experience of tbe haid bits ibat aie soumi un s dealt in New Vork Little uo re than a year ago be rei eired a blow from a stung slut bib nd the ear. which drew half a pint of bioi u. at il lain Inn up f r f wty eight boors. He afterwards kn> w the in.>a who struck him, but never prosecuted. lis bih from til t et rnTS of tiir si v.?On Thursday afternoon, a uian named Ilalley. while driving a cart in Thirty-sixth street. was sum-true*. He was immedial) ly conveyed to the store of Joseph Bar celt, auJ a'.- . tended l y l>r. liorsbeld but he died iu a few minutes #' i r. Deceased *as au Irishman, and had be:a but a liw weeks in tti* c> utury lie has a wife aid fauiily resvd i f at No (iieinwieb street, l'he body was taken lo the station b Use and afterwards Conveyed to Ibi lestdi H e < t hi* lainily where an inque t was held on > i relay n."i nmg ana u verdict returned in accordance w itki the lai t* givt n. Itar.'isjn no. i'm IIo'sita!., Carsrn hv tht FIi.vtok uu m v? V ilbiii the ln?t ihiie or four d iys several purs< 1 s have bet u sub struck. or sll-eti d by the extrem in st. So iba' ii was Oetined n< Cessary to seud tin iu lo tic lily ll< spilal ni d yesterday three persons died luiu Ibe ilhits 'Mieiorouir lield lnqu-sts yesterday at ibe t ily Hi *| itel i n the body ot iieni'y d rate! Ink. be m in Li tbu-iiy. ag<'d - > years; al-o on the l'd\ el 11 in i .tin. aged HO years, iu IrelauJ. aud liki wire on t lie b< dy <>f an unknown mm aged about U'years whose tiu'tisweii eaus.d byexpwuic lu tbe sun. A verd > t wu.- re udi ri d accordingly Diviner Daeiwsisu. rv a OnLi t?io> with the 9(EamReiv i l oil vin s? A'.derm* n Iriu.Uli, in consequence! of tb>' accident happi nibg to Dr Ueer. held au iu quest on thi body ol John Mulchcy. aged 3s years, bom in IrsUnii. wLosi l.oty was found m ibe Ne>iib river, at i'ier No 7 it up] i sir- I hat l In if ceased was in a sail boat on li-t sui day night, while in the l.?y a colli-ion toik puce let wit n llie Is at ami 1 lie steau. laat tlulumhu-: the iv nil 1 i at ?h? tp.-et. and John llalcbitj. tlx ilmrt??l nl.o wa- in the tx St. wax drowned. and the b *ly only fofMuxJ )<>t?rn). 1 lie jury rrDilrnil tin* following t.t(1 i t ? Tl at the d-eea?ed came to hix d.atlr'by being run into while in a mail bi?it by tin- xte.imb >at Ouiumbtia, en bui i)xy ? v. uli g laxt, whether the remit of earutewtuxx on tin pert ol there managing tb- xtt ami r, in to : tbix jt.ry ui.j'Hiiiiiiid iinni a A i itrxr ?Voter Jay afternoon. a laborer tun >1 Kdw:,i.i Krmdy. fill from tbr t<jp of a ladder in Nil t li i Lib itrrn and fractured hi* jr?w bone broke hi* arm anl lacerated the He-h on part* of hi* b< dy in a frtghuul manner *m conveyed to the 11 -pital. win it- lit layx an object of cumuiixreration At i it i !st ? A woman nam-d Anu Lett Ir. re-iding at No be. Lwirh airnue wbile at llobok-n. on Thurwday ?Truing fell and broke ber ankle ain- van taken to tli* Urty ?Lt) placed lb charge of an oftrer. wh i conveyed her hi ine. I tine ? hetwien 9 ami lOo'ctnck on Thurxday tight, a fire occurred in tLa attic etory of b-u-e No. iirtt Molt xtrett It wax ran-, a ty a lighud candle filling upon a hi up (f rag* It wa* cxliDguixbed m a abort time, doing I but trilling daman. bin Watxa Haihiwi. ? Nothing la mite conducive to h-alth during hot weather, like the prexenl. than anlt wmet batbii g It openx the j>. rex and iuvigorat < the whole yyalt-m No letter pre-criptiou for laxxltti le anxI ing Iri 111 the hi at. could be given than a dip in the i W a-hinpti n liath at t'axtlr liarden the water of which | ie alwai* purr, and tbr attendanre all that eouid Iw de. xind It ix a wonder that our clti*en> go not indulge mure fxeely. in thlx great luxury lhau they do. Police lutelllgwnrwi 5n;/a??f t'.r tfllbwral Ay ? Cbi* ?tin Monday la?t. a yi ui g n an by the i aim i f hewn Uorlhwlck. a clerk in the in.pliy of U Joliry It Co No lko William xireet. corner f x| rnrw Hmt. *? entruxted with (714 to make a di poxit in the lb . an Bank but did n< t do no. and it I* >U|po'<d he bax ab-condad with U e money from tbr | fart that he bar not been ?een lore by hi' rtnpl >yer? * it t biting the rt-i m where he U>arded. hi* trunk wax ti nnd m'pt'i d of the be?t of hi* elotluug thereby leaVii.g a *?ry fait in pmxh n that hi* intention wo to run away )?rll?ick ix dexeriUd to be about IM y-arw of ari L'lib: ui. ui xix fret, light hair and m lion kiiaktB iyir. villi a dn (i yellow circle ar und th'in. an 1 tltipr r< lotdrralny wbra walklOK llf it ? ."cotrlim in I j tirtli Slid -lh<* lirmian Ur.punjrr fluently Mr. J. lie) < 0> r? a rewa d <4 * Hki kf the arre-t of Rorthwo-k kiitl iininj if lU d.i orj,cr H>0tor It. rthwickalue. I *?i|> -j turning m l>?i?Tnlrrd*), tnr of the atin 111 - ?t the ! ? r ilcr court. amrted a eolor-d una ly ti c t auii- of MtuiiB lirrrn, i n a warrant i--ued by Jiirtlx oln m ? h. niu lor an urril rt mdreliar^nd with t'i, K|idiriti Ikamwikto ti two lot* of laid, btiU In K (ility I iurtb rlnet. In tlir T ?eltth ward Th" raid Iota ?f land air claimed l>y om M iliiiim f ,'mHi l>o a rolcttd v an who reta lortb lu an affldirit i rirretbt )mr lhU In- litr been owner of laid lou, the ran r Iintii % bra franrferred to him by KJward Ilauiilti i kid ?)> ly died l? artiif da to "dirt day of July 1H.II. aid ba- < ?n m re ri mailed la bir p""*e"rioB ami uijiirr bit C i tr< I IM. tliat lir bar ju-t btten inform-d tbat 1.1 r uhi. i.ihd tlir arm? ! party in thla uiplaiat. r.nn.r tf l? the ? anrr of -aid pr.<|erty. by e.r' U" of a iimlii ?'<B??yai?i-r fnai cotnpialnnnt bearing date l i|. |. r ii'. l'ii. aidlLal U|H.n eiannuiOrf ttir at tl? lirylater ? t flue of r an )aurn. he buj< a dri d | Ul|< i*|| tc t< bete brrn rircuti d by him MmithjdiU d i rti Lrr Mi. lib. i ml -iroidtd Aiiyu-t 7 IM7,cooviyily to -aid Mb.00 bnta the aaid two lo * of land. for tl.r *t lit, train n of ?TMi; khlrh deed purinrtt to bart? D mi Uti J th tlir prermre of Clifford Itelrtrr and W ilk in li lo-pri * a- ?uU'-ribif|t wltm-".- uaiibrr of bill dt" tlir c* ni| tall ant kno a although tbr rertifi rati- < f a? kfi' ?U d|B at tr purport. d to hate br< n made by Vtni II frit-aoid. a c niml-M'-ner of deed" n thr 'all' if ideMit) ii.ail< b) raid Vtui II beyraw foiib furl In r rayr that be d d I 4 rkrruu raid deed. or make rb Id > i bo- ab iip? lit. aid r?< arr that tbr d< nl thoi ?* i u'ta la a fi ia ry. aud ar Htntoii Ultra ia fouad in tbr |otn r-i< ii ? f ra I deed tbr warrant of art. ?t war mat. a|ra Ml Irai in oidrrthat tbr rifle ful owner miyht br |d?< <d in the |a rr< rrt< a of the property, and tb? guilty (.Him bt< t?,l.I to jB'iicr ffwtr'aif ? ft air rogue bnr*ii ri< n?ly on Thitraday B), bt. found an entrance by ibr n ar way Into thr liquor atoie 164 Lwnard rtn?t. orrnfiir.l hy Mr K m ith rtraliif tl.riitr'.ni a rtitrr watch, and hMita tank I II. at <i tptcie. ho arrett at pc-rent 'ffrw-yr ml .Saaab ty Jaryiti| inlr IV ItV tr ? The police tif 11.? I it tryib ? ard yrrtri.,*y rt-rord fn>in IriiaUf noddle rytd ? Biab by tbr in.n.. of klita > ultrr who tbi< w In in II intr tbr rtrer with an iatriiinf c m-alt'i if I a .it .dr Hit ui fortunatr h'dBali war Notrjnl Irfot Jatf rr TIk.| H.|| who rrit mlltrn hrr to prtroti tirllr?|a| h< r to hr nmnr brarcriy had thr tirrn In a crll an b'i r t?fir?Mr Oltttr tbr deputy krc|>rr of thr jail, dtt. Trtni hi r rurtr I ilrd by tbr iitrk to thr irn| bir- of tl. nUalldi w It Mi-Bir "br took off hrr drrti and pttllrcat and a-r ib' ln Into rtnpt wh.rh "br twtatrd tifrthrT aad Biadr a rupt and thru ru-prndrd brnu ti bytbrnok Mr lilltrr. l?owi-.rr arrlri'd la timr t< . mt litrii w? aud raTr hrr lifr Tlir mafittratr arut L T <1. *? tr. I ha Tl n.u fnf I llf in? It* rlidti llf Iff I If !*:1 mi iUi| i f l.ali>g inantia W unilrr>UDi| that thii tnl'rtuuii *>rni (nr ? n? tun? pa-t bun two of Id t.nyrratr t?lu- *hl<., i? MHN U? hura tieantha fi?-? 'f til* wt> ?M lirfifilt; eha ha* I liitrr of r* |<rt*l iltl) r. aiding In Brooklyn .'vifowi <J . ? *m ?An Italian hoy. 11 y<?r< nf tf m n.?<i <hr?t? pb? r Wn laona. In lha ouipl j of Martin (iilnn lukrr So filVnlir Mtrlit plae*. tw arratad on W'<Jr.??.|ay night by otgear Hannatt. '?f thr Four l"hlh nnid on uapio.ii (I button eat lira tuthf l>r>n.i>?> ft m th< fa. t of tba Mrrj hrlif dliro?m4 'n fir? ahtla tba ?i rhnm atdaap. and th- boy baring near.ouely thraata that ha r?ul 1 turn r> eefga fnfeMra m.aglmd ?r"t?n ha belb'Tad hat hean lona Inm Tl.a arru>ad >u cunrayad Iwfora Juatlaa ltap*<n ?bo datamad bun In prtaon f>r n fartl." ban ring .1 bnlmiil Hry ? Tb? pollra nf tba Tanth wnrd arraal<d'n W ?oi..-day night. a b?.y riamad J.din Ifa?l*. hotii fnrn arli In tba' y of Mr Ruinnual Hoff man. ?.t Ko 72', Hcrrary and atota from bio antptoyar tin add then alar ndtd On bia arrant '*) nf tba etolan mr>n< y war rranaarad Jo?tlee Timp-on aouinuttad tba aruM d to pruon for a fnrtbar ataml nation 1 hk ( Claim. ? Wn are b**ared, on the beet aohority, that Mr. Port did make the *t* of t intdiner'* eonferrinn* t" bim to two different gentlt men nf undoubted trerneity and eh? ractrr We learn Mr. P it in thit city Malta far Ktirape. Tba rtannt-btp ll-rmann. t apt C'rabtraa. will kaea tblr port day 1 ba mail* will al'jn* at th" naual Una >t tba pot rfkea Vmmmm Comndl. no mi i) or nndnii. ITKIil H1KTMU. Jixi 11.?A toauuulutiog from bin Honor the Mayor van read, eon veoing a meeting of both Board*, to take into eon eideration the propriety oft uiiding house* for certain ci mpanies of the Wre Department. After the reading of | the May or'a conunuuleatlon. it wae moved and seconded I that the reading of the minute* of the last meeting I he die pet red with, which was carried. A report of the Committee on th" Fire Department, in favor of the erection of a building in the Park for the nee of Engine Company No. 22. and Uoee Company No. US The following resolutions were appended to the report:? Received. That the Commissioner* of Repair* and Sup- j fill*h hereby directed to advertise fori proposal*, and o contract for the erection of a three story building in the l'ark frontiug on Chambers street, and to extend from C utre -treettonearthe Rotunda, in accordance with the | plane thereto annexed, caid building to be occupied bvEn- . ginr Conipany No 22, Hose Company No. 28 and llook and Ladder coni|>any No 1; and for such other purpose aa may be designated by the Common Council; and that 1 the cum of $15 UOU be appropriated for buildiug the saute. , The report wua seconded, and the resolution adopted. | The io aid then adjouxued till live o'clock to-morrow ?veuiog. BOARD OP ASSISTANTS. The Board of Assistants met, and paused the following resolution:? Resolved That that pbrtlon of the communication from I be Mayor relative to the removal of engines and book and ladder apparatUH.or to re-locatiDg them, bereferred to tbo Committee on the Fire Department, and ; that they be requested to lake early actiou thereon. Adjourned tiil to-morrow, (this evening ) Board of S?pervliora? Jri.v 11 ? lu the absence ol the Muyor and Recorder. Aldermen Morgan* wan called upon to preside The minute* of the last meeting w< re read and approved. miTIOM ItrtlHKD. Kdw.n K C?rey. f?r compensation for extra services; M ni. C. Hampton, for reduction of tax on p-rsonal property to $75 060; from the came, to redune tax frotu $30,l'i,o to *20.1uo, from the Metropolitan Rank, lor there mission ol lux. iovpT?oii.rH'ii Rrro*T. Tic rejort of Joseph K Taylor, Comptroller. respecting the relative value of real and personal estate in the c:tv and < ( uoty of New Vork. a* as.-c.-sed lu Kit) and 1651, war read and adopted Ahsikait o? the RtaiTiti Vai t r. or the Real and Pi:h oval Kvtate iv hie the City Ooi'htv ok New I lou*. ah asoksiep in 1860 and 1 y."? 1. Altr.MMENTI OK I860. H'uti/s. Krai F.stutr. I'trtonal Fstatr. Total. 1 $28 674 383 00 $3:1 7(4 Till 00 $01,.V8,594 00 2 15,123.20000 1.071401 as 17.094.001 as , 3 13.i40.900 00 6 495.466 68 19.730.106 68 4 8.108.070 00 1.090100 00 9.108 770 00 j 6 9.740 030 00 2 290 870 00 12Oil.oil) 00 ' 6 7.&L7e'.00 00 1.113882 00 8.08I.U82 (8) | 7 10.903 023 (0 2.830 403 31 13.824 .'Art 31 8 11.683.225 00 1 431.722 00 13.014 47 (M) 0 10.430 850 00 2 024.023 .18 12.901773 38 10 0.609 600 00 902 700 00 7-472.200 00 1 1 6 756.700 00 410 607 00 6.100.207 00 1 2 8 3d'8(05 00 816.900 t'O 9.205.818 00

1 3 4 476.DUO 00 456 006 73 4.930^05 73 14 7 895 601 20 2 192.779 33 9 688 280 69 1 1 6 17 973.510 00 14,613,401 8? 324S0.904 88 lo 10.832079 00 883 800 00 11.710,179 00 1 7 12232.460 fO 2080 008 00 14,913 308 00 1 8 17.442 230 00 4 041.387 50 21,48J 617 50 1 9 (Included in Twellili Wird ) Total.. $207,140.176 28 $78,939.240 48 $280,085,410 74 Ammlssmentv of 1851. Word*. Krt.l F.state Perianal F.state. Total. I 1 $39,762,680 00 $39 301384 42 $80.143 947 12 2 19.477.3DO 00 2063448 19 17.640.903 19 1 3 14,409.650 00 8.821.245 64 4J.2W.89.6 54 \ 4 8.238.020 00 1..352 043 00 9 590.006 00 6 10.242.960 (0 2.783884 00 13026.614 00 6 7 8 57 260 01 1.127.850 00 8.985.100 00 1 7 11 121.726 10 2990.440 00 14.112160 00 8 11.986 200 00 2 030 939 00 14 022139 00 ' 9 11.435 360 00 1 918.593 34 13 353 843 .18 10 6 622 :00 00 1 200 450 00 7.891,'250 (Mi 1 1 6 fa 0 4M 60 620 321 62 7.180 771 52 1 2 3 274 400 00 611000 00 3 730 000 00 13 4 661 860 00 639.705 73 6 301.805 73 1 4 0 677 801 20 2.519 893 10 10.307,61)4 45 1 5 18 ..47 594 (0 15 275.270 00 33.(122 604 00 10 14 870.000 00 1 021).!) .0 00 15 S'(u 050 00 1 7 12 479.325 00 3 970.521( 00 15 44? 8X3 00 18 25 255 HO 00 6 490 187 00 30.746.787 00 1 9 0.014.157 00 314 *00 00 0.928,957 00 Total.. $227,015 650 2ti $03 004.501 97 $320 105,358 23 frcuMAB*.* ? motor. , T-ITHJ.. H ??. I'trsonal. Ural. Pergonal. I ncie air. i 1... - $!4(e.JU0 (*l $5,157,164 SI $7,5 >6 364 3.7 2... ? 354,100 00 92241 57 44 >..'441 51 , 3... ? 1,188.750 00 $..345,778 98 3,494.52* 96 I 4... ? 129,980 00 24 ,945 00 3*1.495 00 ! 5... ? 502380 00 4*2794 00 9U8,09t 00 6... ? >*,730 00 14.JWKU 304.018 00 7... ? 127,-03(0 160,976 00 2*7 779 80 8... ? 401.975 Oil 605,217 00 1,007.192 00 9.. . $1C6,33U 00 49* 414100 ? ,t?j H;,i ?> 1"... ? 112 700 00 S4..730 00 419,450 00 II... ? 804 730 (4) 216.814 32 1,090 3t4 *2 I2t .. 19,530 CO 1.398.692 00 ? l.V? 112 > 13... ? ?6?4((0 144 700 00 271,144( 00 ?4... ? 4-C.HH 00 327.11.7 80 >4(9.413 8? 15... ? 374 ( 94 00 761.885 12 1.1.35 (M0 12 16... ? 4,037.721 00 1.37.150 00 4,174 471 00 17... ? 246.925 (JO 2>4>,W4 (4) 530.479 00 18.. ? 7.813,37" 00 1.44.8,799 50 9.202.169 50 19.. . (ladodrd W(th T? elfth ward. ) $12.'., -81 00 $19,867 (PO 00 $14,? ,141 4" $0.->22.''11^49 Total Titluat.oo .n county $ ;20 1 (>8 .V,M it I>". do. Lamp District 309 740 500 23 i l>o do. 8?Btli of eentrc of Thirty-fourth rtre? t 305.301 651 23 Amount of InrrcaM) by ArMonon In 1861. 7.721 ((96 95 1 1><>. do. T?x i'om ra. 1861. 90X10184 64 ' JOflEl'U K TAYLOK, Comptroller. * la Ml a^tat# no decrea**. ' With Nin?t??ath warJ. The rata* of t?ia( ion for the year will Ih-nrforv, b* 91 cent* 96-100 par $100. i4< nrtar or r.nin jrnnna The report of the M-eial rommitt'-e on in-rea-ina the number 'if tirand Juror*, ami Id f i tot thereof; ;imi aUo Id relation to appi rtioulnj; the nam*, war ad ipted A r< " idlii d incrrartuK the allowance of tax couiini?*lon? r* t<> two thousand p r annum fr.'in tin* flr-t "f .Innnry lart. war adopted The Hoard th"U adj urwj to Mod da J nut, at 4 o'clock. Tbr Oxford Bank Com. IP for* J u*tlc? MouDtfurt Jilt 11 ? Tkt Slalr at Ikr fam/Jainl of K-tlmt B-nhrr MiJri .1 hiotHt'j Jor OUtiiiMf Mnwy f'olto J'ir:rtirri ? t'rora examination of lieujuuno t Weyui >uth ft Dtiourd Tbi> witnr** d--irr* to explain h;* ?n?wen to the lart tlx >i noetic. III. tn the I art 'lay of hi* cro** x-'itDioatioD. and make* tbe fnUnwind ptatein-nt:?At . the time 1 m< t Mr ll.irter in Wall <lfict. I am unite positive that I ?l;il not rtate to Mr llrvlley Lad awindi'd biro or wi rd* to that effect I may hare raid *o rlnco, In our xariou* con rerwatinn*. bat 1 h??o no recollection of the particular tluie. or of the word.* t have tired to him on that euhject. tj ?llnw ha* your recollection been refreshed on the j rulijcct ju?t rifeircd ! *lnce /our la?t examination ' A ? It wii* by reedii'tt the to*ttmouy In the //. ro/J tin he kit'K >t o?i r I Ibi uxbt there wo* an apparent eontradirtl'.u and 1 wirh to explain It in that way M ? Vou ray now that you are quite pi-ltlre that at the rctTir-a'ion In W all rlreet, you did not *tate to heiler fb t Hmdley bad *wii>oh'l biro, or word* to that | i fT et; ar.d in your la*t examination you rtate that you do not ren li<ct whether you d d or not. but that you n ay hive told turn o Vi 111 you atatc how you reconcile lh' re l?n a to Be r* * A ? I n can to eay that at that time I dhl not tell him W; lut that I ml.'lit have t?lri him ?t> afterward* The 1 I'lBtr ,m tit ii ii .'lu<l' ? two i,ue*i ona ? h?'h?r at that I tine ir al ai.y time afterward*. I had caUt ?o t vj ?Vi.u l -ay that you bare ul 1 afi<r?af 1* I wl-h y u to goewer whether you ilkl ?o or not ? A.?1 4'*11*1 r-c.41. rl whether I did or art *4 ? t? it j uf heal recollection that you ?t t -aid an or of A ? My V-t reeolleetloo la that I nrrer 41.1 g?W -u ya pr-avnt at any coneer-at?n or eoowerralht-at-t J Ii> ? office h tang Barter. Bradley ft John. aid llotmrt, or any of them on the outg.-ct of the I bank, fuifiia-.' ' A - I lied ronreraatione with Mr T 1* Bt John, but I don t kb w el.'h-r any of tlie oth-ra named in the qne>tl< n wr?? yrnrnt I think I newer nrt any of tha (theft tin)<->B Blight bav> i?? a llobart, at one time at j ft 1-ha < flic on thla-ui-jaet I don't reeolle-i any other Nttrr iUaa wnh st John than that 1 hare . fated g?When yon eoHioiualeet'-d to Mr Bradley the Je .deration of Mr llafber. after the original pumhaar had fallen through that Mr Bradley aught be l(itemted in the |.uirha*i I arte r >ald ha wan going to undertake, hut that hie .Bradley'*) n tme mud not he known in r? let lot. to It what w*e Bradley a anawer ' A ?1 d< n't tori II- et particularly what it war. I think 1 ho tai l he w< uht do all he eould do to a-atel barber to rarty it through, or wordg to that effort t ? Yi n ray that yon romuiunlrati d thi? declaration of timber'* Mtiialiimr* l? lire.toy after bie and your r-lum from Wurceater War Biadley'e anawer alwaya ihe tame' A ? Pretty much the ram" thing; I don't rweotleot any tbit g different. g --t* hni if ??er. did yon llral aee the Waggoner draft, nliteh. a# y< n Mate cancelled nod replaced by the one ret err. d to In Pehedule 0? A?f-aw IB In Mr H-.hart a hand* flrwt If t retvdlaet I right I ant not certain whether I ?aw It In hla hand* or Mr liarler- lirat; I think I raw It Drat when the mtliament ma- made with Barton, al Olforff. g?Ala you i|Uite poeiltea of that' A ?Mo. air I am not my beat reeo||e?U<n> la that 1 aw Ii hrat at the time when the aet'.lement ea? made g ? W hen waalt destroyed' A ?that I don t know. C ? t-ld yt u aee It afterward-' A ? I don t know whether I did or not; f think f did, I lit It In hi r ItarheT a haul- I think at Florence a ll< te 1 In Mew York after Barter - return from Pennaylranla -hortly after the aett lenient at Oifwd g.? Had the new draft on W aggoner b en then mada' A ?I don't knew what time that *e made g ? When and wheie did yon lirat gee It' a I < .t a I J. .hi. . kIR? a hen Rra/tlrv had It Ilhrrr; I oiifht haaa ?? n It Mnr? g -*h thr lr>( draft d*?truy*<i Imfori tha oanoad n?* va> mad*' A ? I don t know that; I *a? only told that th? Br?t I i n* *a? (fcatmyid, but I don t ra?nllrct that I ?ra? tntd I It drmni}?d l#N? thr * ot * ?ar mad* V ? W hat dn jiu ai*ao thru thru jpnn nay la yow dir. rt raaadnatto*. tint aftrr lluhart had (Iran tha iwuriiin t?? h?il<r. thr flrat draft war dKtp.jiJ aad a M w i n* war n ad* f"T tha nam* aainnf h*ln< tha no* ?i* ntl?m 4 la frhtdalaf A ?I aar U Id li *? d*?trny*d bat I *nnld ant t*U tha i ?*a*t fiat*, a hi ii or hafor* ih? a*? una wa? sail* < khrt ard ah. r* dM jna flr*t ??? Mr Harliaf na Ih* mtji *1 of th* aantwd Waf(f"n*r drall' A ? I di.a't raaoilMA ?h*r.- I <a* him flrat aof tha I tia>*. t. Ilaa* you Bn rranlW rl inn oath* ?nhj**f at all ' A N * it ft* i k |iartlrulartbat I eould any tlm>. ar ylaro g -Aboat what tim* war't t Defendant' (onawl objected, as the witness had mi J bf bill oo recollection. ttw counsel for plaiutlfr insisted on an answer The witness than auwrrnd?I think I taw Mr Burber about it before Mr Barber's endorsement wm unit. ?Arc you poaltlra ' A?I don 't think I am. y ?If you arc uot positive about it. how ean you state that Barber wished you to get Ht John s endorsement on it. and the other circumstances connected with that eudorn moot, aa given in your direct examination ? A?I think, on refli'ctiun. that I did see him several time* before 8t John's endorsement wax on it, and that he requested uia to tea Mr. Bradley to get St. John's eudorn ment' y.? Was there any endoraement on the draft when Barber fit at requested jou to see Ilradley to get St. John'a endorsement f A ?None except Mr. Bradley's, If I remember right; I think his was on it. V?Are you positive of that ? A?I think bis name was on it; I think I am positive J cf it; I am not certuin. hut 1 think it waa. y.?llow often did you sec Bradley on the subject of this draft before St. John's endorsement? A.?I dot t recollect; I think I saw him several ; timet y.?Who had the draft at these times ? A ?Mr Barker bud it some of the time; I don't krow v bo hud it the rest of the time. V?? as 11 lii urautey a possession at any lime oner be drew it. and before Bt. Jobn endorsed it 1 A.?He bad it when he and 1 went to St. John's; but I dt n't know how long before. y.?Do you know of your own knowledge who gave tin draft to Bradley before St. John endorsed it ? A?So. eir. y ?How eame you then to state. on your direct examination, thut llarberthen (thut Is after requesting you to rie Bradley on the subject of St. John's endorseuient) gave the draft to liradley to get the eudoreement of St Iota I A.?Bradley told me so: Barber was not present; he never te Id uie so in Barber's presence, that I recollect; 1 war net piese nt When the draft was given to Bradley. Q?Had you aeeu Waggoner'a letter of credit bciore thief A ?I had seen It sometime before this, In Barber's possesion. ? y ?Was the lettT of credit in Bradley's possession when 1 e asked St John's endorsement' A - I don't know; 1 don't recollect that I saw It when Pt. John endorsed the draft; I am quite sure I did not te" it theie hut 1 am not certain whether I did or not; Hail , r was not present when St. John wrote Ills name on the draft, nor at any (art of the conversation which led to it. y.? V ho were present at 8t. John's endorsement betides you and Bradleyf A ?I think T P. Bt. John was present, y ?Don't you r< nu mber whether he was present.' A ?i thick be was. i y?Are you certain of it? I A ? I thick I am quite certain. t\ unsel f. r defendant?Hood Hod, what kind of a witness you are! You kDow nolhirg. Counsel for plulntitT?When you get angry with your own witness, what am I to think? (Laughter) ' ] Coucsi 1 for defendant?I never get angry except for , an obji ct. ( y?You have stated that Mr Barber wished you to , get Bt John's Dame, for he said that if you could get ( that, he would get the money on it?when did he say so? i A?Pome days before this; I dt n't recollect the lime, y.?Y\ ho was piesent? j j A.?1 dint know that ary cue was present, y?Mate, as rear as you can. the lauguuge of Mr Bar- ; ' hi r at that time? A ? 1 don't recollect the wrrds that he said; we wore speaking at out raising money to carry the bank matter j tbri ugb. and he said if be a uld get Mr. St John's name, ! he c> uid g< t the money i n it from m me of bia friends; 1 tliii k that is ab <i.t the aubstance of it y.? How did be ei me to request you to get St. John's nume on the draft? A.?I don't kuow . except that he had en ployed me in | j the first | lace to go to Worcester to assist him iu getting 1 his money back. 1 y ? How iliu be come to ask you to use your influence , wnn pi jennr i It A ?I auppore hr krpw I was ar painted with 8t. Joho, i but 1 den t know bow he knew 1 tj ?Bid you agree to go to St John for that purpose ? ] A ? I ?i ut w ith Mr. Bradley at the time of the endorse- , iDPCt; 1 don't recollect going at any other time for that i ij ?t\ a- it before or after Barber asked you to got St. ' J( hn'a enderrrnn Dt that he inked you to ace Bradley, and get him to do it ? A?1 don't recollect whether it was liefore or after. < t,>?Bid Baiter tell you why ho wanted you to get Ilrauley to ?ee St John ' A - -I don't know; I think he said Bradley could get it , done, or (.(.nothing to that effect g.? Bid Bradley tell you. before going to 8t. John'!, wbeth. r be expect, d St J >hn to endorse the draft ' A ?1 don't recollect whether be did or nut 1 g.?Lid Bradley tell you. before going to St John'*. , at.) thing on the subject of hie credit, or that of hla bank, i wnb St John ? A.?Not that I know of. ti?Bid you know, or had you heard, from any one before that time of any reason why it lu supp'Scd Bradley could get St John'* endorsement.' A ?1 don t MmHmI g ?M h. n and hy whom wan the Idea first suggested ol Bai l>er'e end' r-irg the draft above 8t John? A?The firet I hi ard of it. I think ?ai at St. John's 1 Ofll-e at the time; 1 think Ansel St. John tlrst suggested it. to the best of my recoil.etion g ?V* h.n St .lohu named this condition, what did you | r Bradley say T I A ?I d< n't know that I said anything; Mr Bradley 1 aid he would see that that w?- done; if it was not done. I be (aid St John's name would be ftricken off, or soiuething to g?W as that all that passed on the subject of Barber'* ] endorsing above St Jobu ' A ?1 duu't it collect; tii.r. might hare been more . said. g -DM either Bradley or you pretend at that time to ] have any authority from Barber to agree to that coudltl< a r I A ?I think Mr Bradley did; I am not surw. Q ?M bat did Bradley say about his authority to agree I to that e< edition ' I A ? 1 think be told Mr St John that he had spoken to Barber on the sulject. and that he had agreed M> do it, 1 or .< nothing to that .fleet. it U I... #li.t ?/? nn* .1.1, .I.Ik nn.,n illraw*. 1 eiaminalh j A ?1 * a- not aeked tbr question, anl I did not reeolIrct partieu'atly. at that time y ?Hftf y U not arked. u the only <|n ?tlon. on your dir< <-t . limitation ou the suhjeet (.f the Wa?i{oonr I draft to ftato unJor what circumstances tbn KVOOO tt afpotitr drill, un-nth m <1 it folo <. u!>- 0. with Anael 8t. ' J> 1 l ml' r>? meat up< u if. wan (firm to Mr Barber A ?I d" not recollect whether It wan or not ?Hare you m a stated all th it was .raidat ?t John's tflire. about iLi V. r d:aft! A?Thire ear something raid about the fund* being ttM-d l"r tbr piirporo of purrhaairg the bank. That was our 11 tbr rrncitlona of thr rndor? moot as I nndrr?to >d. y ? Md AdmI M John ?iTr any rcs'on for making it a condition if Lis *nd"i>etu?nl that Barber should ondot.-* above t<im f A ?I do not know T do not recollect. ?l>o you know si what time the Waggoner draft mat into tie pomerrlou ol Mr Marliu L HbelJon ! A ?I do not y ? M ar It l? fore or affi r fit John'* endorsement ' A ?I think it sir before; 1 do not know nb< :brr he 1 bad it at all or not t, ? W er<- trou prrrent at any conversation between lisi and I *m* r *h< n this draft ?aa referred to * A?I don't ntiM: I think I railed there one# in t> n to ih< diaft or the I'lio nix Bank certiorate, I 4oa t rem niber ebirb ; I called I think, on Barber'* L?I.air to *#r * In tb> r be bad rot It dbcounted t, ?It bm Iridic) nent ?bh toe draft to Barber to get b s erelorn meat. wl.?re did ih>y meet ' A.? They Diet al the Howard Hotel y ? lu what part of the house did the Interview take place 1 A.?In the reading room y -Ma* any oth.r prrw n than Bradley, Harbor and y< line If pit nt at tbeaonrervatlon ? A?I dot temtmber that there was anybody els* prrrent y ? ft bat * a< first aabl when the parties met and by ?1. m A ? I think Mr Bradley as near as I ean recollect. told Mr harts i that he ? uid h?T? the draft, if be ?? uM nd< r>e it ovir N J' I n . Mr Barber at Orel objected an I be and Mr ftmdley then had sonio conversation by tbiDo-lTrs I think 'tat of the room; when they earns lack they neat to a small d*-k in the corner of ths n Di ai.'i I ttisd by tlom ; Mr Bradley he>d the draft c b the dryk. r u<l Mr I'arhcr took a pen and signed It ' ? m? I'.t.n # I Jiut'f Pi r*i..mhe.r that f heri' Mtfl it ytftnag mote. Bndlt; thin kuiWtl llwb>r tl duft U ? In a l??f win limber ml Bradley Id private tv antitiki f A ? A frw minuter. not rrrv loaf V ? Md ti aitt iht m ibilc ibt; ??r? oat of the rnoa' , A ? I thtnk hot. V ? M hen ttiii HndW produce the drift' A ?1 think !? prtdurcd It I* wton ae be nut Mr lUr 1.41 Inul?}k4|t it ill the linn* ti I V fiTrt It t? Hir her if'41 tin. 41 .loTxim nt W? ltd they fn oat of the ro .tn Imaie Hit*, j upon Hi 1144 r> r? t unI to ridnrh' A ? Th.) did n nearly m I run ree .lleet (J - Mir rnythlng raid. or did anything takr place. j after their return eirept Barber r rigotng the draft aad Brruiet th I rertr f It to hi?' A ?I don t r-rollrrt thai then araa anything laid bn I ft to Itir t: ? Hire yon aHhln the iaat three amnthr etated to I Mr. Thrt d4 re I' lliardile at the Homrd Hotel that the ' dra t air delletred by Bradley to llarher. with the end>rx aieit of M Jr In and ilthonl that of Barber' I A ? {. mpbattrally) No. eir. aor to any other man I V ?flare ?nu at aay time retailed any pay N yonr ret rim in tbtr hank nef<'tiatlon, aad if eo. hoa uiueh. ! and ft 4 n i *hi n ' A ?1 hnre rerelred from Mr Barber, ahen be em| If ted ate (n aerirt In getting hie money baok tl'JO. ! ablrh aae ibnot my eipen-ef j I reoelred nothing from I atr niMi?j wr ui;i|ii?>xi>i<r ptnm u ? not that iyn b.>rr??od moury f>r tho par- , po?r nf going It, Ihiladt Ipbia ! A ? I g< t tho flr?i ?jo to g<> to WowtKlr on tho aagoI I lotion V ?ITaa HOO of thr annoy gnt fr?m Rtrh r nbtainod Vy j' u In naMo yu to go to I'hiladolphla to yonr i afcro'a wtddmg ! A.?I (i t the flOO tbf day I woat to I'blMolphl*; bat I I mMldmt it ? pay for ??r?W< rmdrr.d to Harbor l| ?I id y d not dlatfaotvy -ay to tr Harbor whoa ynu got (bat *> Dry, il at yeu wlahod him tn load It to yoa ' A ?I do D'-t rmt llt rt tbi tbrr I did or Bwt. <V ? llaoo ytn ant within (Ira tnlnutrt at thia lahlo, a'atrd II at you thought yna had a'kod It a* a loan, but that )<? rotirhlrrrd it aa pay for your aoroleaa? A?I do i ot irmllort t,la a burlaw** am you now anyagod ' A - 1 ratio t My that I am cngagoj In any partiroiar I uiin?? at thla timo IV.? Ilavr jt u hrm in any hwiarM; If an. what for tho I lart all irn u hi ' A ? I ha?o I*m on^agod In foiling a?a ntd?? 4i?ot uDti d. a? a hrrbtr <V ? llaoo yon any plaro nf buoinoao * ' A.-.l'br. rstopt la tho ilfwrt and ay bnntd uf ' I s ] h"UM- 1 did hare 1* fore May. a deak in ?o oflet mt 50' J Will etreet?lb? "Bff of tliii Prutwtliia inaurauce >'3uit? ' ,f| pan\?I mean i be Pudiauu Live Block iiuucauou Ooixh t pany. (l.auqhter) * y ?How long were you there ? A ?About a year; J am not connected with the corn puny. y?llare you been concerned with Mr. Bradley or tbo < St John*, in any other negotiation or buaiueaa thu.' thl*. aithin the laelyeur? Count-el f .r defendant? I ahull object to thla. Count-el for plaintiff? ( knew you would. The objection ? ? rewired for the deeielon of the Juetice. uud the caee war adjourned. Absurdity of the New Postal Arrangeimnta.. TO 1 UK EDITOR OF I II K IIKRALD. May I beir an explanation of thu anneaud auction of tht new port office law ? Di'ti'tiona '/.? All drop letter*, or letter* placed la nay Kit oil ce not for truneiuieeion, but for delivery only, ihaf. charred with poatag* at the rate of one cent eaeh. I bare thla morning i ec?ived a circular from Buffalo, (dlatance about 600 inilee) weighing one quarter of at ounce nre.nairl one rent. whinn nreonilni* to the alto** law. ell-urn it from that office to thin; yet the carrier wh< distributes lettt rn for the Fifteenth ward, charges twt cents tor deliveilug it a distance of 1>? mile, Urs bt authority for doing no ? A Si mm kiheh ever since the " Moral War." TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Dm?The mails from Pastor, Pennsylvania. reach thW I city at 4,1, o'clock. P. M. Oho you Inform me how lonj it takes our Postmaster to hare the name distributed? Truly, fcc. A SUBSllKIBKH. New York, July 11 1H61. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERAI.D. 8i?--AVill you gin me and the publiu information what time in nerrssary for the mails to travel from Jamaica L. I to the lower part of the city of New York? I re ceived a letter, thin day . post-mar Red July 7th, Jamaica L. I.: it arrived at 6 o'clock, P. M.?mailed early Hon day morning?from 6ti to till hours, at the rate of four and-n-hulf to tire hours per mile, lireat speed that muni ih-! If it n quiren from fio to to hours for the regular conveyance of the mull. I. for one. am perfectly willing to dispense * .tli the mails altogether. AN OLD SUBSCRIBER. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Sir?As a nuhscrib-'r to the 11,,,dd i take the liberty rf making the Inquiry if the reduction ou the rates ol letter pentuge ha- increased the rules on newspaper pn?tsisi' I bare frequently sent the Herald. (both singh and double sheets.) to friends residing iu the South, aud ntrer mis ehaiged more than 1,'g cents (always tl neute on a si in 1 - * paper.) Today, in si uding the Herald to th? iflieb. the Ln-arer returned with it. saying oue of the rlerks charged 64 aud another 4 cents, (both weighing it.) for a single copy, double slieet.of the llerald Hy giving your views in regard to the matter, y ia will oblige iifiiendto POSTAGE IIBKOKM New York. July S, 1*51. Brooklyn Cliy IntelligenceLose. Island Baii ?if?Injinction.?Judge Edmonds lias granted an injunction, which was, on Thursday rvi u on the Mayor of Brooklyn, restraining him and tin Uon inou Council fiom taking any further wcti-iu iu the uikttei of l he late ordinance prohibiting she u-e of steam carriages within the city iNqi KSTs.? The Coroner on Thursdny held an inquest n the body of Archibald Boyle, who died at the station In use fr< in the effects i f iutempentnoo, s< previously tatid Verdict, congestion of the bruiu. Also, oaJohu McCoy, wlic died suddenly in Pacific street, aged til. A Card ?Having htnrd rep?)rtn unfavorable ton?) credit (arising. probably. from a r*?-nt failure). I i Cjt!c&> t to fH} . I Mill f'.o WRJT affCCtt d by the ?ll?Mia?|u|i o; iny'one. 1 am the 1? *-t?e aid -role proprietor of the Claren* dor. ha vinr along lease of the at me. nud furnished iteutir?d> a ith my ov u met us au i credit from meehaatos /tod tradeirncn. and expect to mee* my pwra-nn at maturity. I a I no hen leave t<state.that lam now having ereoted by T. N. II??l)irt?-r. l--?i . ai. auditn.ii of almost one hundred r?>ouK, to be completed on the firnt of October, wMc'i will be arranped and liiiifbi'd in the name beautiful style, with all the modem in proveiucnte introduced ?uch as bath ro.>nu, ?' ? lets, Ac concerted with each of apartment"; and I *hall furnish it in the cbipb ?tyl? throughout that I hare tin port now oprn. 1 design to make this a hotel f ?r families where they rim have every comfort and retirement which the traveller andrcs; and wt?n completed, 1 challenge the world to produce ita < ?|ual for coinf>rt, convenience, an I elegance [>f finish at d furnishii ff. Clarendon, corner of Fourth av?[?ut and Liffhtetnth street. O. C. PCJTNAH, Proprietor. \ A liici lt-fi ri Pianoforte A H4IN*I! I Ion*Komuled upon the priuciplta of the building and Accumulating Fund Association. and ext?ndi*K their henetita t- r the purchase 11 d distribute u of I'iauofo.'tes. 1 he -yrtern i* tint of mil lual benefit and in that every person, oven m mod rate*. can now "? n a valuable instrument. Aluo, [>ne tli&t many, who hire pianos, tnav aave their money. Ia< h men her c boosts Ha n?n instrument from the tir-t manufactory m in tl e city. The or-xxnitatioe of the tira roelety already ahow a the benefit* of ti e Aasoct ttioa. The brat intra hat been r* deemed, and the Piano awarded to one It tl e mt ml r*. And undreds ol 1'ian s will now he din trlbiited to thoie who ba?e not the m;a?.e to purchase one outright. A U persons wbo feel interested in this pop lUt movement, an* respectfully in\ited to call and snbcorlne. Office of th? AfiOiiatioi , No Broadway. L-ifnr/*: Buildin ga, room N u. 5, Jhi KhVN k W'AndN, trustees, Harpc, Harp Music, Hiring*, dir., at J. K. Brown*'a, importer and muuufautur r, t A Broadway, a 'ew doors above the Irvine House. A large aud wry choice #o|lection of their beautiful instrument* on eale a* t wva. Toe admirers of the elegant and tasteful la art and music are svitcd. Gentle mm m Milrtn ? Not every one proretting to maks " Gentlemen's Shirts," taa make shirt* fit for gentleman. At (iRCJtN'S, 1 Astor llouee, style. At, ma terial and workmanship are guarant. cd. aud every garment premised ia scut Lotus at the appointed hour Khlrfn for the Million, well nuute and war I'hanihere aod fiteann iu.'i struts. Also, tho-r Oni'linl Zeptyr Hiinimrr I'oderahlrt s. I'nttK, llur SI?oV?, I.incu l>ra*?r>. Ac. TIMIllAH O MoLAriitll.tV Corner of (.'hum era >ml tireeuaicn sire.ts. Pine Apple Diru (loodi.?Cor the aemn* nciiation ot those Uiite who liovo not ae yet purchaut tlioie unique an<l moat fashionable ltr?aa?s, a- Man far anrnnaalpy in dureluj.ty any thin* aa ynt manofns lured, Mr. I'untaib tin laft a cwilitt Assortment. for a taw day a only, at C1'3 Mroednev nrar fourth ?traat. Larrl and Kiiibroltletlen of all htnda, new, pretty. and i'h<a|<?A Iplendtd aaa?rtei?at af the lollisrii/ articles now in ator. l.ati and Mnattn Itlaevea; Valen rial bm; <' Hart; Cnflt: < Inmia. tl-a; Capes; K-rtha? Vail.; tin'.fotdert d llandkrrc: iefe. ratra 'heap, l.ata Mitts, illfant'a needlework Kohce; Waist., t'af)?; Via. t Trim in ic Latti; Mrtlliia; Kit bi ns and tome >f the most bountiful . worked CoUara on Jn n< ? B i s? las, rear (tared for salt ky K. I K A h Hi. jo I) road way, Irvia; Houav. Boots mid Hlioee.?\ latlKr luaortnirnt of ladias,' riutlenon's, an * tblldrn'a > I'.jr u.vie Moots and hfcore, ot the I.est quaily. an I at tin) lo*a~t prioae, lor rath it No. Iw Fo't'U atr it. ?.<t sf Knead .oy. oppodts M I'tnTo churchyard. llilllS ItKdhKV e leh.i.hiue it la the otliin .l of tha aaoi- ao calah-atad for tha V d artnha Olitrvo. the So |H? aa thrr- are uthcro of tha tam. name in the atmt, IB tha aama banar.i. Ilaitdaonia- Ft el, ? llni.alsoiiie Fret Bra a desidiratnii' with h itli la. i ? and cnt'eta.*. lir .cr o, . l.MI Fulton atrrtt, Biavra h< am I ol a nd ?.>r > In oh'a Moot a a id Mini a, and tits II am to nra'e | < d >1 mtrsiiiillsi nfitl ao ol I 'd tastr mill skill i hai . m n an ii|ly root, olad in his wr's. ketones ?|,iurt and at' act .e, linen anils man; mort I imts s nd Mmcs 11 an half ,he oth r dealers in ti.? aoislry. So Bonder-ho arils iieiltrnt and e! a ip "Baa The l*p-To?n u I'uih anil the Bliuintrr Coa? tnme are rr>atina unite an ec iteiuanl; hut ho s KudttKlf can sill tuch hraotlltil f all nt l eather d.ins, a irr tilled not in track, at each a low | rite. e*c ite* kha wonder of all am hare Mrn th> ni A tilnl nl ?? |#?ir will aaani > ttiS nsnit ariptieal tlat they ar tt. I. t irt..l acr-a r d t the pnldie t.amlrntao tn aunt nl i ?m . ?il at tun Old Stand, Ii7 Maiden Isur. cum. r ol Willi .in atrre Citut at and aliin r >f in < t#l tt-tll ul ' i>n In (it it? kfl R'mta, h ..on. and ?< ??! af Colter*. at V tii.rin.aki r?' I ana ' i Ntiian >lr rl, ?l,?r? t nr/< < >(> meat <aa fa found at retail ft I whvl*?ai? prior*. ooti, Moot*.?Thar rhraprat and Iwd |dacr la ti t tlty t? itt a aaiarii arti.-U n. 11. a a/ if a li .t, lb"* nf C altar, ia at 41 C*uiiiandt itr at, itnl#r Cm M*f> tbaate' Unitl. I'lta** * all add hxI m t ir y??ratlt < l?. K.lUthV. A Qaratlaii ol llalt.-Uliai kind t?r tball I a < ar t ?< rt??? ahlt , I la. ar alrav I !" >* q an* lb t> tan t* cal l) uatai rad. i'alt na Kan. I-* l' i tan atrai-t, ana aaaaiit " Inn Ko k; M. ii jt tin Mm . ri. am ) >?< Ittil a a III e a nil. at t.r it. If ton ahnal t p r r i r * <im hat natr tlilr rrally a. ,?fn r arti*l?, "la ata ir a rat it ?f> atanaltc, aai. I.ia ! ?.< * rt intrkab > r*aaoaa la. aaiMtr lima ?- K*rrjr ??> !* of lba h> tfaoatain. drab ht*>?r. Par :iat. L<o (i, . it ai. I fait Hilt, aill ? foand at W. r. l ati n, >M Hraadaay, mt id dur.r fr?. 01 I'aaaa at rati. 11, arl.i want of aa, i. iknallmr. tainl) lit# blai a tail. Prio.M no I, rat". Ihrm |,1 H?lia ronalal of Cloth Coot, !'.? alnirtt Paata, and Uar) ? adt. fan dr*a* an I fr. a i 0o? a hi fill# >6. 4HII air "f I'aai ?."?' n'n t > ht: i'l tr. 'al-aai. . tr |2. A larfa l"t of koar" r r riothiaa a*llin? at a r da* <toa ia pricra. Ui dl all"**' Hall < rntr ai brand ?a.l 0* ?tia atrctt#. By Hlllii( ronll> yoa?d Mlinra, Ualhlna, 114 Iallta Ilrrrt, atadlr* Hit ana a* *all aa h. raabtia ra' in Croat I'nrar an * >a p?rol,a?t of In* ar* iin of n- uin* I u a vrrtn of thair mot/ Mo iirrnia t'ltl rrarl* ai#d la bit ratable, mrat. 11 Iht Wo ,to > *?.I. oaai tar tutad oa tbo irrtaia** .ttrwirri, btf.rt cdt. In.a,*, ahoald Itatt tbtir ai*a tr*. Hair Dye audi W Ik* ran bo foard hi tit* (T**t**t prrltrtioa at Rat halo* a. Mo. 4 R all air?#t In. a lit aad 1"ti|*o* ara nati rpaar, d f?r nit m: apo**r?no. aad r.nraklllty. Hi* II ur !>)> *aa alao bo pr ataril at air drii?>lata and portuaioii** la C.aa or oooat ?. H?*ara id loitatioaa. aad cm Ibr ad.lrtx Hyatt'* Lift Bnlai m ? 'Inrr Proof! *1 IA. poor r ol thin prral p' ri'? int ** nt oi rr lt?ra n. Tli# nt o Aldrriata l> II llri?a*. 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WalU'a Rmnaa AntMotr.-lt 'a>g|il pawhap# ba anllrd aton* to fall ibopln ? > la *> Wm?tr> dlaaaaad, dabllltatad, or lonautnptltn ; but. ?l II ip IuIhim hat I hara tl la laat'* ?r?V- f t'i? lalali/ poanr of tbla nrivna c<n| mad, it ia tnrj a-. i 'rut to in.- 'I. ? tnooid lu>. H. D'IkiI'.iM,, 3 t o lam Haul I ahall rrmala for a fi ? a tr a* lot r to antmlta aay?'oi*. io pnornrdlnpa, bp Ihr ntawnt of 0i. Wat'a. til Ur.?n?rtoti. aural, and then patliah tb- rnaord. Iwtrhlwpa' Vi??lablr l)> ?)tr|?ta Hlttrra? Pnr-nr tHa narm an .a.ahm It- ?>#'. 't m omplrf I a rmatrat-d. and Ion af ippMltr and In ilpaatl"# follow a. tl nra ia ao madlrina thai can ba aai d ahii i ao atr<nKt'iea Iba antirc pn.m ,1 r*? rap to tha atonaah, and aitor- , to Ibo 'Iranian or ?i a. . an ' to 'hone Mta?r?. Jtbfbnllp abeold ba nlthoat It. A alrpVt bottlo nap bn Iba mat a# o# itrraamna. throapli ll.ia aleair aaaaoa, mar p llaaa It aawn Va bad at tha prlaai| el d'fwt. >e 123 Feltai, atr*at- fa**. M iNla par boitla.

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