Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1851 Page 1
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n ?7 >iiT PI *1 *' " ' - * <1 WHOLE NO. 6838. DOUBLE SHEET. (MEWS BY TfiLKUH&PH. From Wuhlngton City. I INVESTIGATION INTO TI1K GARDINER CLAIM?PRESENT POSITION OF THE CASE?EXAMINATION OF M. PORTE?CllArLIN's RECOGNIZANCES FORFEITED. Washington* July 14.1851. The Gardiner investigation U still going on before the Grand Jury. To-day Mr. I'orte was examined through Mr. Carroll. Mr. lirent also acted us interpreter, Porte (giving his evidence in French. A subpoena was despatch, od for Mr E 8. 1'arrott. If I'orte testified in accordunce with his note of yes terday. the onus now rests upon Parrott to prove the ttuth of his communication to the President, and which led to the present inquiry. As some of the correspondents from here have sapiently endeavored to make it appear that the Herald started the matter, the truth had better be stated. Mr. Parrott ( told the Hon Edward Curtis that Mr. Porte had Informed him that Gardiner had confessed his claim was a fraud, and Parrott also wrote to the same effect to the l'resident?thereupon the President ordered the investi gatiou. It ban been objected that the evidence befor the Grand Jury has been published?the propriety o.otherwise of doing so is a matter of opinion; and your correspondent having received bis information from gentlemen in ahum he had confidence, and who had a perfect right to give it. considered that it was a matter o importance?the subject having engaged the attention cf the President, cabinet aud Grand Jury?that the faots should be published, lie hat impartially given ail the facts as they transpired, and does not consider himself responsible whether these facts bear for or against Mr <>ardlner. it end as it may. the course of the President. and the honorab e sensitiveness of Mr. Curtis, entitle them to high prai.-e. The Department, as yet. has only suspended Captain Frarer, of the revenue service. The evidence ot his own logbook, however, shows that he not only violated the law. in lloggiug one of his sailors, but thai be forgot hut character as an oflicor, and called his sailor, in to judge what punirhment should be inflicted, He also left hi* ptation on the coast of California, and took the cutter on a pleasure trip, to the Sandwich Islands. A Large deputation of New Yorkers, from the "Golden Gate," at Aunapolis. made their appearance at Willard's io-day. General Chaplin not appearing in the Criminal Court to answer the charge of abdnetiug the slave of Mr. Toombs. suits have been Instituted against William BLancbard, David A ilall. and Selby Parker, the sureties, 'or forfeiture of their recognisances. Ferdinand Von hengerke has been recoguized as Consul for California, and Carl T. Adoe for Ohio, for the .Duchy of Oldenburg #uJge Smith is the Union candidate for Congress in the Fourth district of Alabama; aud in the Third district of Georgia Colonel Bailey has been nominated for Congress A discussion took place at Barnwell, 8. C , on the 4th Inst., between the friends and opponents of secession. At the el on, . there were not a dozeu in favor of seceding. jSeTeral of the speakers were secessionists. Affairs at Albany. O IV HUNT OOI.NO TO SI.NO SING?JUDGE I1RONSON IN FAVOR OF THE CANAL BILL?COURT OF Al'l'EALS, ETC. ETC. Albany, June 14. ISM. Governor Ilunt left this morning on a brief visit to West Point, and also to look into matters at Sing Sing. Judge Bronson has corns out in favor of the Canal Bill. He says the act is clearly within the scope of legislative power; that it cit ates no debt Hgainst the State? that the State is under no obligation to pay, and assumes no duty beyond that of resetting and handing over the money lie entertains the firm conviction that the act does not conflict with the fundamental law. There are persons in this city who heard the ei judge express an opinion against the constitutionality of the bill, before be left the bench He had a proposition before the Legislature, desiring the State to purchase his antiquated law library. He has now a law office in the city of New York. The act amending the Code of Procedure declares there shall be four terms of the Court < f Appeals anfciuaily, for an indefinite pi riod. and they shall all be held in the city of Albany Additional term, also may be held. The Jenny LinJ excitement in Ctlca is fifty per cent higher than in this city. Interesting from Baltlnaare. ItilMNi, July 14. MM. THE STEAMSHir OOI.DEN GATE?FES TIVAL?HER ARRIVAL AT BALTIMORE ? THE PRESIDENT AND dam mm< I have ju.?t arrived from Annapolis. The Golden Gats rrlved this morn I"s *t i?i/ i>*.i ?*? o clocE, in 37 hours from HatJy Hook, a distance of upwards of four hundred miles Karly on Saturday night her journals became heated, and her steam was reduced to six I ache, during the night, the engine being frequently stopped to cbtsln soundings. Her speed was not developed, though obe made good time There wa.- quite a festival on the trip Speeches were made by Mr. Law. Mr Jennings. Mr lloxie. and Mr Wainvright and others, and soug*. anecdotes, and sentiments by others of the company. A special train was ordered to Washington to-day. by the company. t>. make arrangement, for the President 3nd Cabinet to-morrow The citixens of Annapolis will hold a meeting this afternoon. to make arrangeuients The ship leaves to morrow afternoon, at live o'clock. A ball will be given on board, and a large company of ladles, of Baltimore. Waebiugt n and Annapolis are expected to make th? excursion down Chesapeake Hay In additiou to the President's company. I understand that Messrs Webster and Hall, and their fauiiliee. will to In hi r t<> New York. Bhe excites general admiration in these waters. From New Orleans. THE TEH' AVn.l'EC BIl'TICtrLTY? EDITOR KILLED IN A DUEL?TRINITY CIl'RCA BT'RNED, ETC. Nkw Oblcasi. July 1 '?, 1961. J O Benjamin. Ksq . President of the Tebuantepec "'.Ailroad Company. finding that the Mexican* vera G rowing all their influence against the completion of .i? work. left here to-day f >r Washington where ha noes ta lay the fact* of tbr raaa before tba fudaral govarnment A dual baa !>aan foaght batwa?n Doctor Thomaa Hunt, and J W Croat, of Uia New Orlaana Cittern!. In which tba lattrr wa? killed baring racalrad a ball through hi, heart. Tba weapon* used ware gun* Writ* of arrest bare baan Issued for Dr Hunt and the seetnd* In the ofT'iir on char/-< f murder and accessories The Trinity Oalbolia Church, ahich wa* aaitad by the rberill in consequence of aoma difficulties bat we, n the bishop and pa-t-T ha* ju?t b*-an destroyed by fire The .? hi k nowii f i ! - of i he ra-c -ugg' -t that it war poa*ihly the work of an incendiary a party to tba quarrel Loss 06 000 The pasaenger* of the stcarnsr Maria Bnrt. lost on her 7>** age from Ualrrfton to this perl, were all narad. but ebe lioat la a total less The steamship Winhald Scott. from New York, arrired on tba forenoon of the 'Ab Inst Itema from Boston, rAIAh ACCIDENT?AKRK-T OF A BANK BOBBEB? MURDER. I"?r i*. July 14.1961. Co Saturday afternoon, while B njamln Howard. Rcq , ncrchaut on Central wharf wa* riding In his carriage with his wife. si* tar, and niece, the hones ran away and the party ware all thrown out Mr Howard's slater died 'rom the Injuries she sustained. ye?urday The others were not eeriounly hurt. William f>e?oe, notcrlour bunk robber, wa? arretted at Woodrtnrk, Vermont, on Saturday II# ?u padding n onry of the Dmtintrr *01) Milton llank. dtoien dome tlnr ago. and tnapp?d a pi.tol and drew a knife on the offlrera but wan decor I and I k I up A colored un.n named lUneom. lirlng in fponcer. Mdrear hum-tie on Paturdajr. after m-eerrly beating hka Wfe. dragged her into the yard, and ttabbed her to the heart , lie hae made hid etcape. Dealrwlhe fire at Cincinnati. 1 Ciefi*">*Ti.'July 14,1451. Wood'# Mu.ieun eat destroyed by fire laet night, with three dry good* <t< rer. and one rhoe ?tore r.n the recond door of the btti,ding - Put little'" of the'property wad (ae#d, and the whole building I* a beap of rulna . Amrrlran Manufacture* In Canada. Toeoere, July 14,1461. The Toronto Poard of Trade hare eeneured the Council, by a rote (t It to 2. for warn irlalltlng the gorernMient to Imp differential iStln agalnat American cnanuffbctarai Tbe Cholera Care at Pltlibnrg, dec. PiTTim an duly 14 1461. A death from cholera occurred at tbe Marine lloepltal to day A large meeting war held on Saturday night, in f.iror of the Hteuheneilla Railroad, and a committee war appointed to rirlt Philadelphia TO.' nrrt m urura* four INI in inn rninDfi Mrrrrmanta of Jtnny 1,1 n 4. t'rtr?. July 14. 1M1 Jpjtnr I.M and ?ui?c arrlTall h?r? on Hatur lay c??n tag liar rnacwrt will take plaaa to nl^hf all th? tlr k*ta f.?r which bar* tawn ?ll?poa?<l of Rha will wlatt Trant .a 9?L* to or row ?al oo Vf . iaaa.r HUH la Bftaeme. e:n e iInteresting from thti Cape of Good Hope. Bostow, July 14, J861, The English brig Liberty, arrived at this pert. I>rinf* dates from the Cape of flood Hope to the 15th of May, being two weeks laUr. The English steamer Vulcan had Arrived out. with seven hundred troops. The intelligence is to the effect that the Kaffir war still continued, without any visible impression being made by the English. The property of the settlers is continually captured and carried off. and many colonists have been murdered. At Tambookiea, Capt. Tyldt u had a battle with the rebels, in which two hundred and sixteen of them were killed i The Dutch frontier boors behaved with great bravery. Three hundred men of the levies were to march from Fort Hare fcr Band's Post on the 21th ultimo. The Winterburg is again infested with Kaffir and Hottentot marauders. who bnd taken up their old position in the Wa , terxiooi. ana uau a sxirunsn wun a party 01 me cunnisis, in which two of the latter and eight or ten rebels were killed. A rebel chief named Masosi. ha t been attacked by Major Donovan and defeated. The Kaffirs lost three . hundred men, sixty-four of whom were drowned in an attempt to cross the river Notwithstanding these vie; toriee. the Kaffirs still appear in force, and the industry of the colony Is at a complete stand-still. Later from Havana. Bii.timorf, July 14,1851. We learn, by to- night's Southern mail, that the steamer 1 Isabel arrived at Charleston on Friday last, having left. Havana on the 8th inat. There is no political news of importance. Sugar was unchanged; molasses was held at ljtf a 2 reals. Freights were lower. Intelligence from Mexico. EFFORTS OF THE GOVERNMENT TO RAISE MONEY? INTERESTING IN RELATION TO TEHUANTEPBC ? STAGE COACH ATTACKED, AND TWO KOIIBERS \ KILLED, AC., AC. [From the New Orleans Picayune.} We have received Vera Cruz dates to the 28th ult., and city of Mexico to the 24th. The Bonita left Vera | Cruz on the 29th ult. Among her passengers were Captain J. P. L?vy and Mr Gardiner. on their way to Washington, we believe, with despatches. 8. T. Cliesold, Kx<i , and the Hon. C. W W. Fitzwilliam. From verbal accounts which we have received, we ! are led te believe that Arista's popularity Is on the de! eline. and that a revolution against his government is | extremely probable. Indeed, many persons consider it certain, and say that it will occur In a few weeks. It is said that the President has abandoned the liberal party, and allied himself with the clergy for a bribe This : course, it Is understood, was adopted by the clergy to , secure their large possessions, which were menaced by the government, in order to replenish the treasury. , These reports, however, receive no continuation in the newspapers. The Monitor, which still yields a quasi support to | Arista's administration wages as vigorous a war as ever upon the priests, while the Unirmal, the acknowledged Jesuit organ, continues to exhibit the most bitter hos- I tility to the government. The rumors of revolution, j made public by the press, refer to the designs and mxchi- , r at ions of the ^antanistas. These rumors have received more credit from the circumstance of the recent journey of one of Santa Anna's agents to Mexico, and the singular announcement of a Jamaica journal, that the ex- | President would return to his conntiy ir June, in accordance with the general desire of the people. We have before us a supplement of the Monitor of June 15, which is filled with an article entitled -* Ikliriua it lot Rn-oltotot " It commences thus :? ' The indefatigable patriots, the able agents of the , 1 illustrious proscribed, those who will not sven eat while the country which is so dear to him. hare engaged in the wild undertaking of causing ft to be belie red that the rietor of Cerro Qordo will some day return to thin capital; and tbey add. with a candor worthy of compassion, the most condescending assertion that Benor Arista, no doubt from pare fear, lias resolved to gire up the government to Benor Craga. and retire to San Luis I'otosi." Congress is busily engaged in devising ways and means to raise revenue for carrying on the government. The Chamber of Deputies have adopted the proposition in regard to the Hrrrrtw ilr esntumo " This imposes an additional tax of eight per cent on all foreign merchandise imported through the maratlme and frontier custom houses into the interior ot the r.-publkc. Tim Cham- j her rejected the re-establishment ot the abuMa in the district. The oUalxila is a tax on the transfer of property Benor 1'eca y Cuevas had introduced four propositions for the raising of revenue The first imposes a contrii bution of four dollars ou a thousand, on all the urban | and rural proje-ty of the republic, excepting only . | churches and benevolent or charitable institutions. ' The second re-establishes the capitation tax; the third I provide* fur collecting the duty of three per cent, lu?j posed by the law of lkdl on the production of gold and ' silver; and the fourth imposes a contribution oi fire pnr , | cent on the eons urn pi ion of tobacco. It is doubtful | | whether any. or all of these measures can effect any- ! | thing in the way of relieving the government from its [ embarrassments were but ?-T00 000 in the treasury, while $500 000 ! are owing for May slone, and it will be still worse during I the summ. r months T1 e government seem* determined to follow strictly ' the lead of Congress in the Tehuantepec affair. In ac- i | cordatice with the late decree annulling the grant to , i Oaruy, the Supreme Government has addressed the fol- | lowing official communication to the authorities cf | Oajacs "In another note I communicate to your Excellency the decree rendered to-day by '.he National Congress, annulling the decree of Nov 5th. 1840. which prolonged I the privilege conceded to D. Joss de Oaray fir the opening of an lnter-<?eanic communication across the Isthmus ofTehuantepec 4. 1 f &?a L' tk. n.?sl.len? iiniloasf an.lintv f\ta imperious duty imposed on him by the constitution, of causing the will of the National Legislature to be enfarcid. desires that your Kxcellency publish the aaid decree without lose of time ; and that, in the proscribed manner you prohibit alllabor or scientific reconnolssance at Tehuautepec or Coatxacoalcoe.making the Americans concerned in the work depart from the Hepublic ; or. if | thi y be permitted to remain, giving them to understand that urdrr no consideration will they be suiT-rad to to prosecute their work, and that they can only remain subject to the laws of the nation. In the same manner as any other foreigners." We learn from a private but a reliable source, that 400 regular troops hare been ordered to the Isthmus to enforce tills decree, lbs Ttait J'l'nitm assert" that foreign diplomacy hid nothing to do with the action of Congress on the tla'ay grant. That body alone must tear all the responsibility. The gen rnnient Itself eannot be accused of participate n In this act. which was passed against its in-diqations. The only r> pr<?rh which can with propriety be urged against the administration is. that it did not oppose the proceedings of Congress energetically, and with all the mi ans in Its power. The diligence between Vera Cru* and the city of Mexico was n rently attacked a short distance this side of I'uebla. l-y a small party of robbers. There were eight p?am i gers inside, and one on the box with the driver a* the time Among the passengers wera two Kngli-h e-ntle. men, Mr 8 T (.'llesobl. and the Han. 0 W W f it-.wlllistu. the latter a son of the Karl of fltr-WiUinta The nian on tha box was a Califorolaa. armed oily with a small and worthless revolving pistol, but both the Kngli-h gentlemen were well armed with double barreli d guns and as the brigands adranced and prcsenli if their pistols. Oliseold lodg" a heavy load of buck-hot directly Into the breast of one of them As he was falling, ons of his companions raised hire by the collar to support him on his horse, when Cltssold din harged a second bwd of buckshot into tha side of the second r -,blcr. The entire pariy then took to flight, ami'.he stage went nn It was afterwarls ascertained tl at the flr-t mbher shot at died immediately, anil that the other lii gi-r-d four days am! then expired. The af fair bail entii.i not ? little excitement on the road.. A mnJiirta w to leare th" city of Mexico on the iTJ ult for Vera ?*ru?, with a large amount of apecle, The Captain Un;eralnf the Inland of Cuba ha* offlciallr <l< minded if the Mexican gorernment the recall of M lint naTi ntura VIto Mexican Con?ul at llarana. on the ground of leirg connected with the partiaan* of hope*. The Captain Ot neral intimated that If the Conaul waa not recalhd hi unjnmtur would tie withdrawn Notwithstanding the Mexican goTernmrnt la condneed of the lonvcnce of Pennr Vlro It waa compelled to dtaplace Lim Angel Iturhlile har te en appointed to the ollloe The port of Vera Crux for eome time haa been almoet competely de*ertrd br reeeel* of all kind* It will Im" recollected that anon after th* opening of th* port of Tampico to foreign flour, the city nyuntumimto impOM'd a tax of a bit on ercry barrel Imported Thl?, It war thought. wa< rot legal, aa the State* hare no power to l*y dutlea on foreign importation*, and. oonanjuenUy, the commercial hour** cf l>t?go d* la l.aatoa and I>e|ong k i imai he r*fti*ed to pay the tax ttn thla an offlcer and Dti- polieetnen went to thee* bouaea to enforce payment The merchant* atill refuaed. earing they would not yield till the "Uprrme government *000111 decide tha ooeetiOB; and. therefore, the ayaa/aau'enfe ha 1 to hack cut. .* . ^ ? ?? ?t** " * a Sxcftrranr W? a*rra ? We think It proper to atate. aa wean- authoriaed to do. that th*r* I* no troth In lb* , 1 atofy circulating through the paper* that Mr We hater ha* reglgtied the ofllee of Secretary r4 Ptate, elth*' abeOluti iy of contingently Mb WVbater ? health ia iw? p?r-' fectly'grod?heller than It haa been for a long time;' hut he naturally look* forward with concern to that p? rlod of the yi ar In which he la, and haa been for aeraral year*. Tl*lt? dfw|th ? dletreaeing catarrhlor the dt*oa*a whlrh la commonly railed In Knglund andln thla country the har ferer i'hia ia peri< dical and come# on In Augnat lie euffered much la** year from tha neoeadty of amending the hotlext part of the rammer In iii? pptihtp, nno umn d?* cinrp *?* ?m> fb I art mi nt of Btate, which he could not leave until miiii? tlm? after llongre** had adjourned, lie hope* hy travel and hy change of olhnate to roKlgate If not aeert. tie attaek of hi* unwoloaae elalter the preeent aeaeon P?me of hi< medical friend* hare adeteol a tea voyage, and other* a eleit to the medicinal *prtng? In the Allrgnanle* of We*t> rn Virginia Mr. W?be*er ha* doultlr** *aki that If he *h?uU finally c< nnlnde to adopt the former cour*e. It would probably lead to the nee eerily of hi* leaving the department Thl?, We believe, I ttatee the vhtle caee in regard to the honorable :Weatary'* Intention*. and thl* It la, we preeume, nut of which I U?e eprung the rn?o, nf bl* rerUnallon ? lfat>-uit h' t- Higrr.vr. ju/p It \V Y O MORNING EDITION?TU] Political InteUl|(encr. Ohio.?The whig party of this State haslaii down its platform, and Gen. Scott has been chcien by the convention as the choice of the whig* of the State, as the candidate for the Presidency in 1S52. In the northern and western part ofthe State, this 1 movement har been received with the greatest eolat, arhile it has created a great deal of fear an i distrust ,ror the result in the southern part. The Cincinnati G'.vsttte, the leading whig paper ofthe State, and one fit the first to espouse the cause of Genoral Scott when he was first spoken of for that responsible p<*Uion, looks upon the action of tho convention as ill-timed and inconsiderate, and says it must militate against the success of the whig party at tkn (1 ?,?vrr i n r* Sit a f a no Mall ?????? I ? j?A ?" cicviiVii, an ttou w a^aiuvv the ultimntv success of General Scott before the national co/rvention. The resolutions passed by the State contention, while they did not advocate the faithful enforcement of the Fogttive Slave law, expressed a corlial and hearty support of the constitution of the United States in all its-provisions. The gubernator'.al nomine* of the Whigs, Hon. Samuel F. Vinton, on being1 apprised* or nis nomination, said, that while they must exact from all others a faithful observance of all the requirement < of the constitution, they must themsolveeoe equally ready and willing to respect all She rights that are secured to them by that instrument. The whig*, therefore, have laid down a conservative coorse; but it is well known that the tendsncy of the party throughout the Stato is opposed to the Fugitive I Slave law. Virginia.?There is n great divcrjity of feeling i | in this State, especially in the democratic party, and there has, as yet, been no movement to unrtenpon a common ground, the different factions.-The Richmond Etujuirir, for many years the lead ing journal of that party, is loud in its denuncia tion of the course of South Carolina, and the ultra disunion politicians of the South, It censures, in the strongest possible terms, the proceedings of the fourth of Jnly celebrations at Charlestown, and other places. There Is no doubt but a large majority of the people of Virginia are perfectly satisfied with the Compromise measures, and oppose any movement calculated, in the slightest degree, to endanger the safety of the Union. The Soutli-fU ikmcxrut, published at Petersburg, a democratic journal, is quite as strong in its opposition to the Compromise measures. It is conducted with marked ability, and doubtless sways a great influence ia its immediate vicinity. The whig party of the Stato have ever maintained a conservative position, on all those questions affecting the stability of the Union. There is a division in the whig party, in its choice for a candidate for the Presidency. The whigs of the western portion of the Stato are favorable to Mr. Fillmore, while those of the east favor the nomination of Mr. Webster. The de mocrats have not yet moved in the Presidential question, though there is a strong feeling in favor of General Cass. Soi th Carolina.?Though there has been an evident change in the feelings of the people of this State, especially in the interior and western sec- n tions, the spirit of disunion prevails on the seaboard, and with most ber prominent men. The proeedings of the fourth of July were marked by a bitterness of opposition never before so fully manifested.? ? Every other consideration is lost sight of in the anxiety to tear asunder the tie which binds her to her o: Sffltpfl ( Invprnnr Mfinq hno nlrcndv isannd a hiii proclamation fur the election of delegates to a . Southern Convention, and the next anniversary of | her declaration of independence of Great Britain, ] as a colony, in February next, has been spoken of as ! aproper time to declare her separation from the confederacy. There are bnt a few papers in the State to oppose this movement, and even among that few there is bnt one which does not desire an ultimate formation of a ^< uthcrn confederacy. Texas.?This Sia* since the adjournment of the last Congress, has occupied a conservative ground. Most of the journals are favorable to the nomination and election of General Sam Houston, though there are some of his own party which oppose him with unwa. ring firmness. There are a great number of - indicates for every office to be filled at the ni si c'.ction, and each scorns to be levoted to the nion. There exists h general satisfaction with the action of Congress, in the settlement of the uiflicnlty with Now Mexico, while the agitailou of the slavery tpiestion has had less effect than with any other of the more .Southern States. j Ai.abama.?The parties in this State arc again battling for the ascendancy. A short time since, the gubernatorial candidate of the Union party. Mr. Benjamin G. Shields, withdrew his name from the campaign, on account of ill health, as well as < upon considerations of a personal character. There was then but one candidate in the field. General j Collier, who is measurably supported by the disunion party. Since that tiine, however, Mr. Shields hss written a lett< :n wh'eh he says he j acknowledges the right o; the pie to demand his services, and though not s? candidate, if the people elect him, be snail feel bound to dischargo the duties of the trust reposed in him. The issue u mane up on tne qsmion 01 <11* union, tnougi it i.? j probable there i.? not a majority in the State who , think favorably of an immediate aeceieion from the other Statei. Theatrical uud Mnalral. Kiat.o'a f< mora ?The me .'* of the performance* pro- I i dnced bcr, thi**?a*on hare iwen fully appreciated, ulght 1 after night the theatre i.< crowded with the m?t faahlon- 1 able audience*, who beet upon the entertainment* the moat enthu\ln*tlr mark* of approbation The (fr-at *uci ee*? which ha*crowt I the endeavor* of Mr Nlhlo nan onlv be attrtbuteil t be earn?*t and mneterly manner with which h? enter" fur the public, llurton. the Inimitable com wh' lame In the dramatic heinl-phere rlareeihlin with the brighteat * tar* that hare ever abed luetre on the Kurof- an or American board*, will appear ! thie evening lo 1 celebrated eharacter of Timothy I T< < die In the fan u* comely of ' The Toodl?*," eupp ed by hie lodi-i.u ably talented company The favorite farce of My Prtrloua Ilet?j." will conclude the amueenieiite of the evening. In which Mr llurton. Mr. John I>unr,and Mine J. Hill, will *u*t tin the priui ipal charvt< r* IV avion* i Titrirae?The performance* of I net evening attrai t< J a very large araemblage at thi* (louri*hIng dramatic edit* -e; and we perceive, lo the bill* of tonight. that advantage ha* te-en taken of It by the proprteti r, a* he eum i.nrce the iim> performar.e ? for thl* evening Mr I'urdy ie adequately adapted for the manegerial chair and hie untiring exertion* have uiway* I*en bountifully ?u*t.inrd by the pnblle. The elfec'ire tragic plav. entitled 8t. Clara'* Kve," will commence Ike *mu-?ir.i nt* of tble evening. In which thoee eminent artn.te. Meeerr. J. K. hoc tt and V H Clarke, and Mr* II f Nichi l*. will pereonate the principal character*. Thi* will lie followed l,y the aoiu*lng farce of ' A Day In Pari*." MbaC Fox eu*ta!ning live dletlnct charectere; and the termiuatipg piece will be the comic (ketch riyled the ' Three Wive* of Kagdad Mr L Fox appearing a* Alext* and Mine 0. Fox a* Zoe. One of the moat eitmrive and effective national drama* ever produced in thi* city, which i* d-unatirrd from a revolotlonary tale, la to be produce* bare, neit week. It wilt embrace (h frill strength of the impany Ram .ham'* hrrrvw - The pereonatlon* of the French vaud) vllle rompan). new performing at thl* epb-ndl t theatre, are exceedingly imprrMlve; there la a mlldnea* In the characters they ; ortray which will win for them the Arm adrocary of the nubile Thel. .urc-ss last week gW< n favorable proof of the bright dramatic abilities with ahlch they are endowed The perf 'rminiwi of thu mtini will hf i repetition of the em i -"i?fnl dntout. entltlrd 'Don 1'rnr dr liana." in which Mr hemp (appear* a# Don Cir?ar Mr Purtem u Don Jose, and Mile D'ArBMtna.Martt*i.i; and the favorite vaudeville. entitled " Indian* c'.-harlemagnc." will be (he concluding feature, with thoee popular and accomplished artiste. Mile Felice a to I M Dreaalana. perron* ting the leading rharaet<r? The enthusiastic approltation which was bestowed on these performance* since the dcW of this ci mpany. must ensure a house crowded In every depart mentto night.. The drama of Kile eat Voile." and the vaudeville of "Cne Vllle Terrible" are to be played tomorrow evening t CnaisTt'i Miktiiis announce a rarM and attractive programme for this evening ' JThe Voyage Mu-drale" contlnues aS popular as,rvrr Their singing Is rendered wltl the greatest harmoey; and (Icorge's eccntrlcltled rente rear* of laughter. Fviiow'a Mit?STaii.a.?This talented band of negro Brformer* offers a line entertHinment to night Their II Is well ventilated; and their audti-oce* retire fttUy atlsfl'd of the sterling merits of the performer* Miiitabv Diartsi. Hanoauv: - llrewghaps, l.yceum Company continue to share n lib- ral portion of pnbttf approval. Their perfnrmanees are fnltnltely mora attractive than any ever produced In B'.vtehlyn. an?l are oalcu r?T. .i 1.1 . frn,wn r7 i.? lr,a arum* wnirn iw rm I**" *'ty will liar* rj rownn to h? pen, I nl Tba prrfrrsmm* I suad for tlila rranlnc roo ?Ma of tha por?'M aomady of tba " Kin a ,n,I tha jrfimW.." la whloh J '/""a Mf. rhllllpa.ond. Slr Uaoh will p.mnnata tba prlnrtpol rharactara, and iha r?nrlu<lia( f> atura will ba ths loral pocollatlty ca'.lad "Tba Mooinara. or Pots la Panta " Pnrra-at against Willis. .. _ "f .trn state* rnr?T. Jrtt 14 -Wa ond. r^and thai Mr Porrast has aomE*nrri Prr* **'-Ins* l i th* t'altrd Platas Cnart. against Jy -* "l'"-,B *r a.two t?r lihat, la whi,h Mr. P lays hla damaa.-. ?< >20 poo In auty Marshal Walsh jsatsr ?*7 N I* W illis with tba prrlimiaary o itk-a of V'1'. Mf Fotrnst prnrrssta In Iha llslW Plstin ha ly > o ot IV ~.?y'ranis RK H ESDAY, JULY 15, 1851, THE FORREST DlVORCC CASE. Inpertor Term'. Bjfbre Gh'.?f Justin- Oakley. Jrf.Y Farrut ??. CatKarint If. Fprr'tt'. Jfr O'Coner, in behalf of the defeudetet la thls'sUft, moved for as order compelling the plaintiff to' dine outlaw hie proceedings la theOoart of Cothnftpa Pleas of PMiedelphia. Wore repairing the defendant to auswt-r la flie suit instituted try him in this Court tq proqure a divorce from ber on the ground o# adultery 'flap foU lowing are the notice and ttildavlt onwblch Mr. (TConor made his motion-.? Superior Cout t ? Catharine X. Forretf, at the iuit ef F.dwin FWvwrt.?To Van Buren and Roblwmn, Requires:? Oentlemra?On an affidkvit, cf which a true copy ia row herewith .wred upon-you, and Jhe other papers anneoed to such affidavit, of whl?b copies -we also now served uponyou, and n-io n the pleedingx, ordkvs, and afttftrVita which ' have been mode and used in the nation of Catharine N Forrest agalaet Kdwin Kirrrent, in this Court, and upon the complaint in thia alllnm, we intend to move this ; Court, at a speclat term thereof, to be hotden at the City Hall of the ciiyfof'New Y'trtr, on Saturday next, at 10 I o'clock in the forenoon, at tho opening of the Court on that day. for a rttteor order in this actlcn, that ail proceedings on thr part of the plaintiff in this actice be etajed until the :tif plaintiff .-hall cause He be entered of record in the Court of Common Pleas for the city end : county of Philadelphia, an crder in ti'ie form, oe- I

rnriHnir in t hu rnn%n a ml rm/it(na rtf that i absolutely dlsconCuwing and dismissing from and out of that court bin alleged libel or trwit therein' against the defendant.1 Catharine N- Forrest, atd that the' defendant be allowed ;8? days to assurer the complaint in this action after the service upon her attorneys in this action of a copy of such order. ceitiLed by the Clerk or 1'rothonotary of said Obnrt of Common Plena ; and that the paid defendant ;"wy hare eueh other laliet <i : Miuh further relief or both, in the premises, aa W tre ! laid Court may then and there seem proper. toy 7, 1851. Fours,fcc., HOWLANiS Si CHA81', DefendatA's Attorney!. Catharine N. Forrest. Def asismt, at the suit of EJurin Finest.?City and County t^Wew York is?C'atha; foe ft. Forrest. the defendant lr.' this actio*, being duly rwom. says?That she hath never been guilty of a ?y tnrhaste conduct, or mfldeli.^ to her husband; aid hat the charges contained in Vi! complaint in this ar'.an. are wholly unfounded, F\*further says, that an* lsgnd are copies of the procee.ttags had in a certain . Mm prosecuted by her against The said Kdwin Forrest, n an action in the Supreme Court '< this State, with the daw, among other things, of enjoining him from prosecut* ng a certain pretended suit and libel, hied t>y him in he Court of Common Pleas for the city and county of tiihidelphia: and also copie s of her complaint in a cerain action fi an absolute divorce. prosecuted by her iu his court, and of the answer and reply therein, and of IB davits which have been used in the last named scion. aa well on a motion liy this depooent for a special ury. aa on a niotlou by the said IM? Vn Forrest to posttore the trial of said last mentioned action Aud this Icponcat says, on information and belief, tiiat the said CUwio Forrest claims that, his said pretended suit or ibel, hath been duly commanded in the said Court of >f Common Pleas, and is duly pending and undetermined herein, and she is advised and believes that a due re:ard to her rights In this action, and justice iu the pre- j nises. require that the said plaintiff should be compelled 1 ormally and absolutely to dismiss and discontinue ot [ ecord his said pretended suit or libel. in the said | Jourt of Common Pleas, before any further proceedings re had in this action She further says, that she has not et answered the complaint in this action, and is very [esirous of answering the same at once, but is advised hat she should withhold such answer until the said intended suit or libel is go formally and absolutely disaissed aud diaeontinued as aforesaid. CAT1IAK1NK N FoRItlST. | Sworn before me, this 7 th day of July. 1851. Iitvinu Paris, Commissioner of Deeds. " Mr Van Kuren opposed the motion on an affidavit, of a hich the following is a copy:? I Edwin Furrtstact. Catharine AT. Forreot?City and Couuty J f New York, ss :?Kdwin Forrest, the plaintiff, being " uly sworn, sajs that on or about the first day of May, * M9. in consequence of the discovery by this deponent of a liTumstances which excited his suspicions of the Infl- 11 elity of the defendant, he was con-trained to separate ' om her. That deponent had previously disclosed to * ei ui? rviuewre* <n eucn iiinuctuy. ana announced mat " tit-y must ecparHte. to which she i.wntoil. Tlutt on *ueh n paretion he made to her an allowance of fifteen hun- I red dollar* a year, being nearly one half of hi* available ttcome. and shortly afterward* removed to the city of 'hiladelpbia, where be ha* since resided. That at the imc of so removing he had no thought or Intention of aking any proceeding* to procure a dlyotee from hia rife, although repeatedly told by her that ?he wa* Wll - | ni; to go out of this Btate to obtain a divorce. If he de. lred It. That having no children.and hi* family havin wen broken up by *aid eeparation, and tha hou*? which le bud occupied being rented on the llr*t day of May. he emoved In Rood faith to a hour*' owned by him in I'hlla lelphia that he had ao owned for twenty year* an 1 rhirh had been <>ceupted by hi* mother and abler*, luring the|lifetime of hi* mother and *lnee her death >y hi* three eieter* up ta tht* time That he OClUpird a bedroom and library in said h?u*e, and iept there hi* clothing moft of hi* papers. and other aricle* which be m|uired for daily u*e. that he ate an t lept frequently, and fur many day* continuously at *al i louee and It wa* then and ha* ever ?inc. been, and now I*, lUonly mtdence and home That hi' ha* frequently since hat time, made vi*ita to the city of New York, where a argr portion if hi* property l?; and al*<? to til* premi?e. it Kent hill, in \Ve*tche*tercounty. on which he ha* been ind *till i* erecting a large dwelling houee. That *aid Iweiling houee w?a in the rourna of erection at the time leponent removed to Philadelphia, and 1* of cour*e, 'aiueleo* until completed; that he ha* been endeavoring o complete the same. and the ground* about It. but that aid dwelling houee ha* never been completed or furliahed nor ha* thl* deponent ever xlept or taken but nemeal therein. That when at Kont'utll over night, hi* deponent occupies a email firm houee upon the iremiee*. In which he ha* a few article* of furniture. *uficient to enable him to ent and eleep upon the pr-miic* ["hat tbi* deponent never ha* intentionally made the remi*? ? at Konthill hi* residence nor ha* either of >i* eieter*. who now rompoee hi* family, ever visited or wen the same, to his knowledge; nor die* he own, nor ta* he eince June. 184k. been the owner of a furnished Iweiling hou-e in the Btate of New York, which he i* at iberty to occupy a* a residence, except the farm houee it 1 onthill. such a* he has described can legally tie *o , regarded Th?t thl- deponent, in the fall of 1B48, voted j n the town cf Yonker*. at the general election, under ) :re Impm-oii n, owning n?l rotate In the cruutyof ITMchfrtpr. lie bid a rignt no to Tot*, and n.? hi* *<?te ait* rnt challenged, hi* ?ttt>utlon wao not, until Ion# luboeoueiitly called to tin- fart that he had TOted without a legal rifM Indow Thit being deolrouo of oaring hlo Mid wife f> 1.1 tlii I. ? ami ocandnl of a public e*. !>?>oure of bar * I r? i . ho preirrred an abaoluto [ liieucr a? to the i i .. . - f their reparation, until 1 [><< 1111 lo r follow! 11(5 when, ending tint mi^r preoT ta- I lino, which ho Wietm to hare proceeded from her, or? mmlr m to the r?uw of her Reparation, and the lame thereof war attempted to bo r ut upon him. he rlt hlmrelf compelled to apply to tho l<eg|ilatiirw if Fennijlranio. to obtain a divorce. That thi* ippliratlon rcoultcd in tho paoetag of a lanr (irlif o ll.o Court of that State juriodirtin of hlo ra?e. and n or al>out the month of Augiut following, ho inatltutod ilo rult ngainot tho defendant for that purr, -e In tho Vnrt of Comm m l'loa* of tho county of Philadelphia; hat afterward*. In the month of September. while in '.ho Ity of New York be wa? *ercod rrtth nunnur In two itilto Icotitiiti d by tho defendant airainot deponent in ho Supremo Court of thlo State ono ihoroof for a llmttod io pa ration on tho around of abandonment and erudty, ird tho othor for an ahooluto divorce. That tlia aald llrat ouit wao aim instituted for tho furthor purp< ? of ditainna a porpotual injunction againit d-ponont ? pro enling to obtain a dlv >rro from hia aald wif. in any it her State than tho State of Now York. That in ni l Sr*t ouit a writ of no ot*?if wao obtained doponont. ind ho wao hold to hall In tho mm of ton thonor.nd dollar*. and an injunction to root rain him from partinc with hlo pmporty; and aloo to restrain him from going into my plaoo whore hlo oald wlfo wa* and from ainmptiif toromoTo hor oat of tho State of Now York, which Mid writ and injunction*, except In tho roopoet hereinafter mentioned wire, on motion, oot aoido by tha Court on tho ground that thoro wao no fact, or rhnumotonro proved by tho dofondant to furniih ground far either; that thlo doponont put In an anower to the defendant a romnlalnt In tho Supreme Court. In hor ault .*>r a dlrorco, ' r>n the coming In of whirh. *aid dof ndant dii-ontino. it hor mid ault, and paid thlo doponant '<oaoto; that the notion mndo to diasolve the Injunction which rootrninril the proceeding* ?> thi* deponent In rannayleania waa denied by the jwdge who granted paid in junetlnn. and depo- 1 nrnt*ppealedfr<>ni*nchreta*altnth?(JaaeralTerao(th# ' tupmine flonrt. but aurh appeal ha* nrt yet been | ' That a *ult ha* al*n been commenced by v. id -Ufrndant ?gnln?t thi* deponent. in thi* court, *tnm> the Jiarontiauanre of her paid ault In the Stiffem* Court, f?r a dlvoroa which la b?? at iaaue; thah In **ld ha*t mentioned auit. defendant, during the momth <4 May I art, mi red fa* aplruek jury and thia h-poent mor*d for a rommlealontr eiamina Aj>naVU>war.a wlteem, redding in (he city (f New Orleans, which kM/ motion waa reeiated by tht raid defendant and it wax (/aimed br aaid Jefen I dant that, if rorh motion ih?vM %e granted, one of the term* of granting the mm# JhqtTd be the restraining Nth deponent from arguing .+.J motii-a In the Nupr-me tiart until the aaid Ippuc. if, th* aalt In thi* eourt yhttulJ be rrachei in OoteVr ne*t. That hi* Honor Judge l>uer, who heard aiutAleeided aueh mrtion* for a 1 p?hhh jiin m w< mii wt/w ion i turn l>wh v lb* dti-trf In an) |mu* eonaiat*d, not only "I a daaial of tha dofrnilanVa/rharf*". but aim of poiiw'.ar rhantaa of a4?lt? ay agnl/w i tha aaid rtafandant ou wh*ah. tf "uatalix ?1. a 4?tn ?#. dltoiva mi*ht b* urantad in faaor of Ihia d*?ouan?^/nnd tha qMatinn" at l?au? bntwaan th*m aiitfbt ha dlaim"*!* of at m?" mil for Ibal |>?r|K??,'jnlpht b* inatitutad In thla a ourt bj thla dafnaat Tn which aii*?"?1tnn. t'bnrl*a Oonor. K?| . lb* anunaai ft* aald dafandcnt. tapliwd that if that w?ra d?>na by thia d? pot.ant the m?1A I ?lliar*n" N Fntaal w<uld Join U*w at nar?, and th? two caaaaa "hmOd pro**< d t> fathar That In eadnpflafic* with tMa ??*aaatlnn tha ?tlir,n j< nf thla drpr nanf a" ha la tnfn?n*<i ar.d balb aaa no thalMh day of .Inna brl ad lraa?'f. a tiota t<> the n't" ,rnay? fix the +.f*r?l?nt. whi? li ?** r>caiaad by l ha jt, a ad of whiali tha folh win* la a o? y ? Nrar Yoa<, .tuna 11, JHil, Miaaaa IPcaiof 1 Cm*": Oantlaf jrn?On examining tha "taint* w*V.aa aJ?i"?d Mr that the matta of tbia iHat- h'.ao jvriadkr- ! lion t# d< vraa a iiaorra twtwean him riU'tlif* Jiwraat. i nn bia aypit, at ion, found*.! no har afuH>ry. aithnnxh In t?r h a?,,ft hi* tha: gee would ha tnr.flniel to vtcltery . "!? Mf'dd bat if llP r W n4 ?? ftDbaj-awia ?> i/w^ota BBai?M ri! i at?no? ERA] proceed against Mrs Forrest to obtata this relief On the argument of the motion made by Mrs. Forrest In the suit in the Superior Court for struck jury, on or about the lfcth ult, Judge Duer stated that in case Mr Forrest applied for a decree against his wife in this State, a comprint might now be filed, issue joined, and the two cases proceed together. Mr O'Conor stated that for this nrpose Mrs. Forrest would join issue at onus. VFe now inform yon that on Friday we shall be prepared to strve a complaint for this purpose, and we wish to know whether Mrs. Forrest Will join issue, so that the testimony of Mrs Flower and Oajitaln Howard, which is to ft? taken on commission In Mrs Forrest's suit, ntoy be read in both ernes. An early answer wlN oblige, Venn respectfully, YAW lit REN k ROBINSON 39 Wall street. That as this depvnent is Informed and behaves no answer has as yet been received I7 the attorneys of this de poneut ? aaid communication. (bat on the Friday men- i tloncd ij the foregoing note, one of the attorney* uf this deponent, ax he in Informed and believe*, tendered to the I said O'C'oxor, In open cburt. a copy of the complaint in (hi* rate, who declined to receive the name. That letter* sogati ry lwre been applied for by xaM defendaut in the raid Milt imtitnted in thri court, to examine Joira \V. /omey a* a Witness for eaii defendant, and a commLniou hj? also beer -cranted on b?r application, to exar-ine William A. Ii sward, of California, and George Koberte, of Chiton, on her behalf, and a commission ha* also hen granted on deponent's application, for tbv examinationof Mr* Anna Flower, of New Orleans. That after the raid oler to join ivje in a euit fin be instituted by deponent ayeinat the defendant in thV court, to procure a divorce waa entered into by this deponent that th< argument cfaaid appeal should not be brought on In thrlhiprrme t'nrrt untUafter the aaid suit of defendant is this court should be reached in its order on the calendar in October aext. and a condition to that effect waa. on the motion of the counsel fcr the dvfendaut J* thia euit imposed by the court on a Saying the proceeding*, for a r "turn of the Toaunisaiou to examine the aaid llva llower That in January. 1849. deponent discovered secreted ic a private drawer of the defendant. a crtain I lecSer written >> her by on.-~<teorgeW. Jamiraou. known as ibe Conauelo latter which, on deponent s charging hi* I aid'wife with the infidelity ft? which it bc*re witneaa. ahe <)m:tted ahe Cad received from aaid J unit-son, on or bouj the 14th day of May. 1S4*. at C'iu tiunati when eponent and am were ab^nt h-aviug Cincinnati for Pitteb n-g That aome two week* after t)Mt time, deponcut a as staying with ill* raid wife at the-Oity Hotel, n Cincinnati. and upon going it to hi* private-parlor, he liaeovt red hi* aaiu wife atan ling betwn-u tl'r knees of -aid .'atvie-oti. win was sitting on a aofa. with hi* mud* upon her person That after the receipt of aaid leter.ahe hed kept the wtme eoncealed from deponent, and tad repeated interview's with aaid.'acslfton.aud pi vserved :ilibretti n rvlationa of intimacy and friendship with him I hat in the answer interposed by -deponent to the couiliaint of the defendant in her aaid suit against deponent n tiila court, he alleged the befo.vntentioned ciacum fiances In relation to tisu receipt of the aaid letter by ie defendant from said Jamieaon. :wid her intimacy rith him T1 at according to the understanding of deK.aent of the agreement ao a* afore -aid acceded to- by h said O'Ccwor, hi* complaint ir? thia suit was to ortaiu only snob rhar~W8 against the defendant a* rer> contained in hi* said answer, in the suit instituted >y the defendant against iepouent in thia court, and aid complaint wis *o prepared, and ce issue wa- t<-uiered thereby, which i* not already mads and pending ,nd undetermined in this suit That the deferni,nt Una heretofore made a motion in this suit to tiike out from aaid complaint the charges resting to the aaid Consuelo letter, and an such melon, the court, ty au order made therein on the th of July, inst.. directed such matter to be stricken ut of avid complain, the Judge who heard such motion ring of the opinion that the matters ao charged in reiaion to said Cousuelo letter were such a* should rather >e offered in evidenre on the trial, than set forth in sai-i on:plaint And depouent further aaith, that he doe* lot believe the Judge would have imposed upon dep.*- - iciii in* restraint upon nm proceedings in I'niiude.piiia. i a rendition for staying, proceeding* in tbt-Huit brought ' J raid di fendant In tin- court, at aforesaid, if the -aid ; Conor bad not declared bin readiness to joimiminediAle ' <sue in any Milt instituted by this deponent, in thin > tate. for a divorce from bis said wife, on the jrround of dultery. That deponent eapect* to be aide to prove etc of adultery, committed by the defendant subse (u?nt ' ii? J "in ill's .-aid removal to the oitj ol Philadelphia. Inch arc not charged in hie con plaint in this cause. and bleb, as he is advised by his counsel, and believes, eaa- | ot lie the foundation ol a decree for a dieoroe in favor , ! tl.i- d? 11 n< nt against the defendant, in tin-runt-- hut , ' n | 1' I . llMwtl of r. lii fin the suit instituted '.J his j the Mate of Pennsylvania That whea this deponent , ad commenced his said prereedtlig* liefore the Leglsia- , are of Pennsylvania, the defendant, in her remonstrance > suc.h Legislature said ? Whenever summoned. I am i ady to spp< ?r in a court of justice, and there to : ate my p< rfect innocence;" that this deponent, therepon sum mooed the dcteudaut in. the said Court of Com- | ion pb as. of the city and county of Philadelphia ' rberc ills pn eeedings were enjoined by the defendant as ! leielnbi fore stated; that in the complaint on which such ! njunclicn was obtained TU< deh ndant stated that no ) Hrson who is. or could be. a material witness for either i tertjr, upon any Issue that could arise touching the | luiige- in Mud libel resides or is within tbe State of | 'emisylvsnia; 'and has sinoe obtained letters rogatory. , or the examination of John W t'orney. who then and till resides in Philadelphia, as is ats-ve mentiou*d. on nraflidavlt thai he '-is a material witness for thi-deorent (the defendant) in the proeeetiMon of this rtlon " That, In her .-aid complaint in the Pupreme 'ourt. rhc alb ged she could aot have a fair trial in Iho , ity < f I hUidrlpliia. and that this deponent s object iu net (ding in Philadelphia, was to her of su-h , air trial. That the defendant, on her wtH lavit " that it ill te extrt mely diflh ult to obtain a fair and impartial i ml iu this action. ' and that the has 0 , doubt that inis.-aiie- will tie employed to approach and Influence ' iny jtuy that ruigl t be called.'' - thai May liapp<>n to be usrcptat le of influence,' moved fora struck jury in her aid action in this court. which motion was denied by he court: but a suggt ?ion having heen made by the I -curt, tint a fair jury might more certainly be obtained i n a mode pointc . out 1 ?. the eourt. provided both par- | ie? assented hereto, ini- deponent gave such assent, ut her counsel, have as yet. ? tl? potent believes, negicted to avail themse ees of sum eon-nt. That this uit was brought, as l ereinbi for. stated, on the sugges. | Ion ot lha court and on the offer, in open eonrt, of Mr. ir<ncr to join inane at once the ein and to illow the two oases to proceed tog?tb r. and. al ruupr ine Mimntona ara r nipira! wore a? a ><<iMiit U informed and belieTe-, aerved on th-* Xth day of June la>t. no an.?wer La*, at ve t. xt n j ut in l.y tin iKt-nd:.nt IiitMil tlxrwf, a Botloa jm? l? i n made aa licfore et?t? d. to atrik" out a portion of ;hc ri mplaint. and a motion t? m w,'to r mptd tblr li ponetit to withdraw hla anlt In IVnnrylrania lu red** t ,ti which tbii ai?l<l defendant In hern nipUInt t > procure ot injunction thereon a> aforesaid, atated. under oath, bat " abe baa not appi ari d, or commuted to appi or to i l e raid like! in aald court In rhilmlelphia endaliehra It*tt rn.itod not to appear to the aaioe Iliad and wld rholly and ikaolulely dot lino refits' and omit to up- I ar'' Tltat tbri* n | oatod rrfuaaU'if thp dn'ondanl to | ratialled with thr trlliunala aha bad incited tbli. di pt- . nt into, aail thr number of unfuuiid'-d rnmilainH, ropoai'inna withdrawn atlpulationa violated. v-iatioua i tlrtla. rmueleai and idle Injunction* preferred and ot?- ' aintd by thr defendant agalnat thta deponent. ha?r en*. I in t'd tbi. depom nt that thr wboir object of tbr Ic.'nd int. and bar amenta and eouuael la to harraa* tht* l.-po.1 nt. without wrr idcwiug thr charge* of adultery rhirb h* bar preferred agaluat her and ou whl~h It1* rt 1 a a dlTorcr, to be inn tiitatrd by any court rnmpe nt lo grant him thr rrlirf hr ??k- That tblt drp"ti?nt r eonfli an d In thia lirllrf by tin1 arandaloua natui a of br rbaigrr preferred againat him by thr d- f-ndant. and bo lOrrupt mrana urrd to procure testimony Ir an. 1 ain thrill and to deatroy tlir character of lb- wit- ' nmk of thia deponent That tbia leponetg baa 1 Jnady denied. under oedh. tbr eharzea in "aid i *fend- , nfa c mplaint. aa evidence of ?u n oorrupti n, thu lefandant rtatra that be baa in l?ia p.ta-eagalon an ifliJavit of one o} the inlivilaala with, whom ir la charged with adt Jtery. declaring hi* Inr.nwrnor of nch charirr. and atatim that ?hc hml been offered thro* undrrd dollara to t artify to ita troth Tlmi thi* drp> rnt la rbnrgrd in aridrotnplaint with adult wy withaai J I I'll* r I III .*! 1 <U* .1"W I. -* !*? I K .HI I .. I rlii, at a limr or t an ?l? n ?h . w?? on h <r way to Mow >rlt *n? ty lb* * ". <>f th* North Ki**r an-' hnrfal'i That ill rharf of ad ?? ry ngaln-t J.'|?>nmt ?tth *al.t Ann* rtowar a?* fain tad ?<-andal * tnd iuanuf*"turw1. u t.l? Ji |? n?nt laUwin. for tU .ode yur>w of impairing i?r trt'imnny '* a wit niM to pror* adt:JI*ry hot w*?n th* laid d< f*ndan as<t nn*Ca| tain llnwatd That on*!**ni- 1 in I Mar*d*n Xajnunl r?a?ntly mala an affl Urtt on I I i h-f.ndant. >> whioh 11 *pv *r I Ikll 1 Anna Hi ?. % (than Ant ? MM|J whan atari I m*1 aacaiti A nuil Captrta Howard. a# th* putaMfe Uth*r fa (hill \o*n hnrn.rt to wbi<-h ?b* *a< Oout to fir < birth, wa {ut*tiilh> A* <a)il Ka./tii n I aa ?h* frii'nj f paid llornrd hy th* yayrarnt to h*r of m I farnl'hini to hwr thr m*ana to p*aor? t< N*w i)rt**n* Ttiat i*. now am i art that tha fald Aiai* t>wt* wu wdii"! In th* nnyf of thia itaponi-at. a a t aa thla Jwp nwnt h*li*r*a. by khw aald Howard. a.A although luch ? ilu .in n wa? li*^wn to th- wfHn.lant < ah* ha -?e*nt'.T awtra, ah* rrtatand th* 'aid Anna K|o?*r in h*t wrrlr* an I oonrralid Aorn thl* d?pm*nt th*fa-t of aivrb **dur ti>n . nor did thh d"pnn?nt h*ar until ? m? r?ar< nfti??rd?, that -.ay Impriip/ti'tr had l*?n romin<t?d by tba aid Anna t |n?t. or waa charged agatn?t Wr. whilat ia Mp **r*lr? ar%t ahw oth#r tlmr , that tht ..|*p"n*nt ba? th? i-m iaiit <f, ?ald tnna l'lowar by wM*l> I' appaar* ab* wltn*?f?lap act of adultery c 'amltt" I tatwwrn ?*M 1*! ndant and t'aptaih Howard, in Lha year'Mt, and thla dcpontat he'li * .i tbat th* deduction of the "aid Anna "/ >?r ' ? !??.?? II U> ?. I. W<. .ur .... . ? blnr ?*n tiar rtarartrf wata mntrirrd of oonulrrd it by tb" >fr ndaat for tba ptirpoaaof dattmying thaarldonra of brr own ibainr. and further th? drp 'uaut aaith not ' v KiWVJN r?KRl?r $*< ; ? bafora r.? tbi? 12tb .lay of July 1H >1 | TllOi H SilMMKRN ' om of (hv U Mr O'Con ? tha . -irifad a. *' >ji>J f?. ri'i >. Uh | r.otion that It wan within tba powar of tha rourt to do ao. and that tha j>apar? liarloaa 1 "a* of oypr-?iio? upon hi* cli"o' which rallad upon tha Onnrt to axarciaa tbiapowir Ha atnt-4 'nt two aulti w?ra inatit'itad in diffrn nt Htat< a. on tb? um? ground. lo obtain tbr >am? tnUrf. and that tha idnintift ?uffht lo ba ra?juirr.l to 4tatontinna tba prnrrrliny* In PrtjnaTlrani* Mr. t an Bufnti contaftdf d.ttrat that 'hn Court Had no powar to grant tha Motion?that tba p'aintiff had au nbao'uta rylit to proread 'n tbia Ptnto aacond *hat If tha C?lift had tha pow . thara wa? no O -n fo? it ta* ciaa. ar.d (feat 'ha plaintiff ? afttnvtt abt.-a-. that whllat ha bad >ja' >4 lo ramaU ma vrrtta. Idir pri^rcu M'U and fa.ja- rlamor Ua l>nd m*J-> afar* fSnft a t* Irtbuna. tw 'b- trial ol bja r bar If 1 at.r ^ M? J M?o rbJ U bar " _ - ? '* Li D. 'j ?' -I PRICE TWO CENTS. Very tult had been brought at the sugg'itioo of JvtfgW Duer, on the promise of Mr. O'Conor that he would J<Mk issue therein, and allow the two eulte to proceed together. Mr O'Conor stated that as the plaintiff ? affidavit mm read in oppoaltlon to bin motion, he had had no opportunity of denying the statement made In regard to himself." Mr. Van Buren eaid that Mr O'Conor might hare that opportunity then, or at any future day towhioh he wished to ask to let the motion etand over, when he should feel at liberty to deny nnder oath, the facte charged against him Mr. O'Conor declined availing himself of tMs offer Mr. Van Buren continued tooontead. thirdly, that the case in Philadelphia and the case at tli? bar. Werer essentially different?that the charges in the Philadelphia suit implicated two individuals not charged in this soft. The nets of adnltery, which were the sabject of inuul/p In this suit, were only such as were rammtttod while* the plaintiff and defendant were both inhabitants of thev Btute of New York?that the plaintiff had removed to. Pennsylvania in June. 1MB. artf had ever since rsshled1 there. The courts of this State, therefore, could not itrant a divorce on his application, except fbr offences' ommitted Yy the defendant prior to that time. He, coaneet. referred to Second Revhwi Statute*, p: 141, sec 38. subdivision 1. The plaintiff's affidavit showed that he intend -4 to prow, in the Philadelphia stilt.actr' of aifaltery ci tnxiith l aprr June. 1810. which could aat be the fouuilatioa of a dwree of di7-*ne in this State. PsurthJy. Mr Y. U contended that the Philadelphiasuit war now the t'rtiject of an injunot'.tn, which would not be diksolved un*il October, and the > was therefore no presold occasion for the interference of this court, and the defendant ought to be compe'led to answer. 1'lfthly. that there waeno pret.-nce of verwtibn or incon iri lliruor it'iuc lonr ii hi ?nur? euu, iui ^uc ^K'uiuai had solemnly sworn. in her complaint In the Buprems Crart. that she would -wholly and absolutely decline I refbsw and < ?it to appear witLtn the sa'd State of Pe.rnejd rani* " aud the < aarges \hich were the subject of inyuii y in this cult, were alroa 11 at issue. and had to be tr >1 111 the suit instituted by Mrs Forrest againrt Mr. iSmstln this court Jbr a limrcc Sixthly, that if the yiaiutilF wee comptlled to discontinue hie proceeding in Philadelphia, tile defendant should- be required todlsaolre the injunction obtained upcn thorn proceeding*, to diamine the bill upon which it was granted. sad pay the plaiDtiff i costs Mr O'Cen* r replied?lie stwttd tht< ha would not make an .WBd aw it in opposition to the plaintiff; but if plaintiff 's cnil eel made an affidavit, he would consider of It lie urgei I as a re.1*011 why he objected to having the two suit* pi ocit'd together, tl at the plaintiff'a suit might delay 3n> defendant, that ail the charges In plaintiff's suit wire already at issue in-the suit brought by Mrs. Forrest stall it bar hisban J. and a verdict on theua would be concisely e between the piTties. The Court hi ;uit ed whether, its case the jury in that suit should acquit 1 lr. Forrest and ccavict Mrs. Forrest, a deciee of div?m< could be granted in Mr Forrest's favor. Mr Van Burea said he preferred t'lat Mr O'Coaar should answer that qv intios, Mr O'Coaor replied that n eh a deer w could not be Biade. The Court intimated t,'iat wltoever might be the strict rule of pleading the Court, under the powr of amendment given by the cede. 11 light .-take such a decree Mi. O'Couor continue! at some length bo argue the pi wer and duty 1 f the coul t to grant the relief asked for. The Court sail he would, give Lis decision on Wednesday. Court of Gen eral Insisnii 8U1REMK CC'l'RT XOOM. Hi fore the Kecorder and Ai lermen Miller and Uawes J 1? 14? 7" 1 fSgalt 1 . IMi h'<iy ? This can-e. which . lay over from Falurday can te up vgain this morning. Counsel for defendant staled t hat he- concluded to withdraw the demuirer taken by M cKay, and to put in aptoa of uot iruiltv An Hotilirstioa was tber made on hetuM it J 1' Cryder aud Alexander ' JauiUtn, to reducathesr I ail to such sum a* the Oi art tu gbt think reasonable. It teems that each is held to bail in V -MX) The Oourt. afler considering all the facts * id cir "MUntanoi-o of tha ca.-c and crpiclaby as the liistrh -t Atti rmy declared his readiness to proceed with the trial rf'tne parti-* on Weiiueiday D'xt. thought thero were-ro grounds, at present to .educe the I>uli, but in the event of the trial rn t taking ph oa on Wednesday, tha default r of the puhuc prosecutor, tha appiViatioc might be rw- < DeWed Before Judge llebce and AlJcrtne u Millar mid Cook Afii-r tl.e disposition ot tha busiur se ai ?w?.nv?utiona<l, tha Keccrdrr an 1 ilawii li ft tha bench A ury was empanelled and the regular b.nrf^ess proeeedad ith 7?iirj 11'? Jt-jglor ?Thf ma# U'NriL y. "ng Ban about eighteen years i f age indicted for herniary in tha thir 1 degree, was put to the liar i John l'.y le exnniiv d?Is one of the Abbot Ik . Co . 4-11 llrondwuy, tin y moved Into the store on the laat if May. the same night the witness fast.?aed up tha store it was on Baturuay night when he c-rw Ihrra oa I Monday mtruing. he tound the doors broken open, tha ahop rifled. and the b' Us and a wardrobe, in which ass li male apparel, broken open, aud :? l-xrge i|ll an- ) tity if good., carried 08 cut of the shipr thare wara ? sixteen to eighteen pairs Of pantalocfos aoaaa P jackets and a dress track -rat. taken away; thowearing- a apparel and other property in the boles tu the aaaond ? si i ry was carried off. the value of tha entire prwp< rty wae upwards nt f-00 the pantaloons rasa worth fo the pair; the jackets win also worth $4i a-plow W itnese was subsequently Sent fur by the police of tha Ft tut? entb Jhtriet .at I upon going to the -- ation houae. be found the prisoner there aud was show i traoer thraa pair* of pantMf our arid two jackets, which ls? IdculiBsd s as the property Sftbi Ann , Garrett lleru-tt sw -rn ?Is one of the q nlira of tha Fourteenth ward, knows prisoner, arrest d him oa tha morning of the Xd ot June, at the corner of Walker and e Orange streets, ha had a bundle at the tinuof his ar rest, I, in which were two or three jackets, wbiah were soon a!let identified by the last witness as hi' property/, be. the prisoner had also on his parson about *5 in I ><>oay and iwo pledge tickets; they turned out to he tic! .eta for two pair-of pantalgia pledged at dil Vient eAoeain the uauic cf Thomas O'ttrll witness r- is'iuiad the pootalc, r- and they were afterwardsldent">4by 7 Ir Dwyte the witless; at thattme of tha arrest of the prisoner there was another p. raon standiug a'ainst a lump pis v m ar *>y. who was |siinti d out to witness as an accou, * Eltcc < f the prisenrr wher he raw the prim# ier tnrrti I. e ran iff, it was a neighbor of witness,' named Mrs r Vfoi-d. who kreps a sec cJ hand < oikitr j store, that, pointed them Oft to witness, -heltal witness that sheleliered he prisoner, had stclen f-?>p. rf y. an 1 ifesirw^ j* witne-i> to look after him as he h ,i Iwa in Iter shop. an 1 fiered to * U It to her The Jury, witbou t Wariojt the b .t.ft i ,nd the pi i?o?. ?cuilty IlV wa? then mtiMnlt. dim;* .iiansMt in tW pri-on for fo-iT year*. John .Vln n. indicted f.r a dan -.?* ?? mo suit and batt<-y on niotna-1 w?? put t the bar The pri?n?? raae Indlrt* d ueJ'r a ifnt ''at -U* mM to prohibit tin carrying of an Inatruinetit c U?d dung ahot Thomiii l.yncb caamliied?K- *j i at #1 R".?e.*tU it aftit i>?? or knew the prtroraa u itil the ntglit. of th? lStb.lutir alien h? -truck a "jae* , with a idling ahot, ?itn? rt wrote a letter on that ojjrfef . and went out to get ao eutreiopr; wito?--raw eon* dfc t* *b?o;? on the oppiedU , aide of tbo dnet. aLd wast n wt ,1 In* aire into it; hw the pri-oni r etrike an old m-u r tiemet rued with hi? I h" aekrd wltn> *e what he L .? ? > do with it. and them pulli d out of hie 'rea*i the 'U ig -boh, and made a Mow at wittier*; witn-e- pot up Va arm and w.odod off thai' How. witnr** went lH? <atei ? ?ul g>t two ollwi%' ?nJ irare th< prie-'Per mt cug 'It thcaluoii but ?m fi uod with him, and giret. .to 'the Jmliot im g.-traUe ttaw . beat morning. * ' ' I 11a honrh examined-Ig on- of the police >,f tf? . Fourth ward knew the j e????ier taf"- hi ..rre-t f etw | the pr'*or? r biandiiidn. a t*ly r< wed hi* Lead. Ihrewtae ing I o kill ahoy, wh? n ha *aw ??itiie** '? <lrrpnad>tf ,* hilly wltm pirked it ip and wouzht rt "with kind ta the etal Ion hour h# jfterwaria game I to the '.wf ?. tr to. wttneM kiM * i yi*ont-r fW a length "f Unw< It ?la t mo.' d to dmrtiiM in I in .> t Tba priaooar ? ftiuad * n i l ?rnt<Tu>?.V to Itu * M?.t> prUanfor two jmr?. . c< ur-;'J;au a<^ -9 j*><t Marina Afhi.rk ' J Frrapawnr Fa ?n ti i*r ? T*ii tmn.-hlp?irriaod yaatar- / day n-.orainf fror? l!a?r??aiada tha roya.-a Iran Cowaa to t j? port in alarm '* ? and two howra, which I ^ twlaa bourf tjnrtar ;bu any <6 bar pr?rV.<a* Weal* ^ p>M|ra ' T*< hti*o. ?Capt Tt^tinaon ? I no achaonar par hi ? %' V?rWiu.;i. haajuat *a la tv - app.-axaaaa in our w A loutil c?i on a crula* to raa. W? undantand Ik /T'^ 1 ?iWo:*h and tha M-?*ra Kilyar'a aehooaar C hara mda a matah to nail round tk? inland of Z _ , . . . and bark Thl.? itrikas ua x> ba the trua aplrl ?^h; * ir? . oi yaco.Nu* Boar ro* Tiir Jaairr t?it> F?*aa- - w?4 ? f? r tba Jaracy City ft-rry wn* ia?i?-h?'d yr ' th? yar J of BurtU h Mnrjtao Br nkV _hf\ . . , . < capacity an 1 al ganc . will yo far ahaa - ota? f. W ?'} '?? mL7.J*** ?!? *"i !><" ad ,ia* J riUoa "'I "SIS* "J 1h7J^'h"f >">?" .18 Not. Mtk 12 frrt ilrptk Of be id M? l? *?roW ,( fc ^ pantrm "V;**!",' will ba an liaprorad ' 7th 44 '"fh ""''I" 1o fa-t atmka ?bb-b 1.1 |ia# hor fT'at joat, a rrady on tkia f. rry ara largar thantb.aa of any ^ ,h? oth,T f#^,? h.t tbu now ona will arllpa-all oft! * ampinyad ftha l? rallad ColJau. aad waa built /J . ro? of" 4-VoW nit : by M*. . V .'"L'rmmSn i* i V "f wtr"5 **?'? the Watei!;M M PTAHU J m imuu ssjrsrs^v'' ?? a. > n! X*" *r" M ' ",I* OnrdMt. :?'fr farnlonab'' *F ^rtfultl'"? P"*7?*? lef-we yey cni,.., * "fid intelligent mi I nee ?R-ttinl Hater*' *n' Truth riietainlng the chief rharao?! f.Vrl..- WM *? the be.t Tntee- but ?h?n ha i fVl * work. h? rune with *reat ?fleet and drew .v^T'v* .f?t protraeted plaud"* Radlali ?a* artlelleai , -t and >h complemented by the *vner?l null* ?. . t the targe audi****, while Trufll di 1 effeetlra jT . fbr the eomw ?er In her riU. Cnlettl aire re? ?,n^ . hie portion of the opera Trry.indleiouelr. while ln* f horue and crrheetra were prompt end. In the main ?OT lect In the tnnele To-night " I.netenia Horgta" bi to I w / presented with fhe faaclnat'og and popular peiwe jnetw T?o?lo, Marlnt, t.ortnl and Itenerentano Another crrwded botiee maybe eape-ted Aalrl ia e* parted t>? arrlre in towo Imlat, am! wi.l appear ?hnrtiy, we pr?t ume In eotne far-trite opera The trial nt akiU between him and D*ttini vU. i'ri' th* op'n' ^na of twaJant ' crlUoc .? 4 ? ' # . # ?

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