Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 16, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 16, 1851 Page 1
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iTH WHOLE NO. 6839. ABIC S KM K NTS. fcTATI0NAk THL ' TKE, CHATHAM STREET.?DRESS i -v Circle and Boxee, At renta; Pit, I'd,ti ceuta: Oroheatra Tloketa, 40 ceuta; Private :J >x Ticketa, bl. Doom ooen at TX; curtain riaea at 7J?- M' 1 >oaday evening, July Id, the veiformaiwea will commence v> : b the play or DAMON AN D PYTHIAS?Damon, Mr. J. R Seott; Pythiaa, Mr. M. B. Clarke; Dlonyaiua, Mr. Ja?. Br oil; Calanthe, Miaa C. Fox: "lermion, Mra. II. F. Nicho'a. To le followed bv the YOUNG SCAMP?Geu. B*HUvaia, Mr. 0. iayior; Mr. Mlldman. Mr. Herbert; Jnaeph, Miee C. Fox. To conclude with CHEAP SXCUKSION?Mr. Snoxay Snobba, Mr. L. Fox; Mra. Snoxay Snobba, Mra. Hautonvilla. BROUGHAM'S LYCEUM, BROAD WAY, NFAR BROOME etreet.?Dreea Cirole aud Parquet, AOoanta; Family Clr:1a, 23 ceuta; Oreheetra Stall 8eate, SI; Private iioxea. $5. Doore open at 7J?; to begin at tf o'clock. Wedneeday evouing, July Hi. will be preaented, for the firat time in thil city, EI.LE EST FOLLE -Sir Barnard Arleigh, M. Robert Kent; ' it Docteur Yollack, M Durieux; Sir Maxwell. M. Urcaaiani; lonatlian Vacber, M. F.dnurd; Lady Anna, Mile. Leonie D'Armont. Nelly, Mmn. Richer. To conclude with the comic vaudeville entitled IJNE FILLS TEKRIBLE?Zeneida Dunoiilin. Mine. Foignrt; Anuia Duraoulin, Mile. Felice; Du.-ochor, M. Edouard; Durochor, eou ilia, M. BreaaianL MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 472 BROADWAY, ABOVI Grand (treat.?Gprn every night during the week until ?ii??npiii ana wen Known 1.1111131 a UlINSTRELl, comprising an tioiont nud versatile "oorpe" Of " talented" nud "experienced performers," under management of E. P. Christy, whose ooncerts In this olty, torn surcesnion of "lire years," hare been reoelred with favor by highly reepectable and fashionable audienoes. Tickets *5 cents. Doors open at 7, and will oommeneo at 8 o'clock. The patrons of Oriaty's Minstrels are respectfully intermed that the Saturday Afternoon Concerts will be discontinued for the future. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT FELLOWS' NEW MUSIoal Hall, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand ntreete: open every night. This jnstly eelebrated and efficient corps of talented and experienced performers, uuder the nols management of J. B. Follows, whoai concepts in thieotty fei the past year hare been reoeived with the greatest favor by -.he elite and fashion from all parts of the union. Follows Musical Hall is one of the most spacious aud best ventilated buildings in the world. Admission 25 oents. Doors open at 7; concert to commence at S o'clook. An afternoon oonoert every Wednesday and Saturday, for the especial accommodation of fumiliee, commencing itt 3 o'clock, P. M. RAVMOND fc HERR DKIKSBACH'S MENAGERIE.? This celebrated Menagerie?the largest nud best conducted iu the known world?embreoingalmoet every animal .mown to natural history, and which has received the patronage and applause of hundreds of thousands of the most respectable and in telligrnt people of the United States, has just commenced a most brilliant summer campaign, and will visit the principal cities end towns of New England in the following order, vis:?July II, Salem: 12th Gloucester: 14th, Newburyport; 13th, Exeter, N. II.; 10th. Portsmouth, N. N.; 17th, Dover, N. U ; lrth, Great Falls, V. 11.; ltfth, tvonnetuuk. Me.: 2Lit, Saco, Me.; -I'd, Portland. CASTLE GARDEN.?THIS DELIGHTFUL SUMMER retort is now open to visitere throughout the day, from 7 A. M. to 5 P. M. It it the largest aud most beautifnl room in this country, and the view from the upper galleriee of our , noble bay aud harbor U alone worth more than the prioe of admission?one (hilling, IADIE? AND GENTLEMEN OF THE PROFESSION A (of acknowledged t*l;nt) desirous of engagements for the ensuing seasou, at ths Pittsbusg theatre, will please address, pest paid, Joseph C. Foster, to the care of C. T. J'areloe, Burton's Theatre, New York. THE WATERING PLACES. PAVILION nOTEL, NEW ROCHELLE. BY W. DILlon, if now open for the season. Accommodation for amities and others, on reasonable terras. Communication, >i? tuner daily, also on Sunday, per steamer lelander. CUt BATHING?LONG BRANUn, N. J.-THE SUBO eeriber will open his house for the reception of visiters this dny, June 21*4. lafil. HENRY UOWLAND. SURF ANDRIVER BATHING.-THE OCEAN HOUSE, J Shrew tbury, is now opened for the reception of visiters. ! W. A. MATHEWS. TRAVKLLKHS' GUIDE. NEW TORE AND rniLADELPHIA-NEW^ YORE ?i Philadelphia direct.?United States Mail Line.? Through ir. 4)k hour., vie New Jersey Railroad. Fare re- | duced to A3 for frstclass, and $2 50 for ivonnd olaas. Leave New York at 6 A. M., from toot of Courilend treat; and at j 0 A. M. end 6P. M.. from foot of Liberty street. Leave Phi adelphia at 9 aad 0 A. M. and S P. M., from the foot of Walastiinsi CAMDEN AND AMCOT RAILROAD LINE FROM NEW York to Philadelphia?Leave Pier No. 1 North River, by I a tea st boat JOHN POTTER, Morning Line, at 9 o'olocK Afternoon line, at [4 o'clock. Fare by either line. A3; forward deck. $3. Emigrant Line at S o'elook P. M.; fare, 81 BO. U BLISS. Agent. HIPPING. Notice?pasremieks per steamship baltic, for Liverpool, will please be en board, at the foot of Canal street, on Saturday. July ltfth at II o'clock, A.M , ! in J send all luggage not wan'ed on the passage, on board, Friday July iStn, marked below, with tlie number of thiir berth TOE ROYAI. MAIL STEAM SHIP APKIOA WILL anil from Neu York tor Liverpool, on Wednesday, July ' dth, 1SS1. CANADA, from I'x stou fur Liverpool, on Wed1 sday, July 2.1, 1981. F' r freight or passage apply to S. , 3. LEWIS, Boston, or E. I I N'AKD, Jr.. 3* Itroadwny. FOR Lit ERI'OOL?l'N ITED STATES MAIL STEAMe ship BALTIC, Capt. Comatock ? This st' amahip will depart with the malls for Europe, positively on Saturday. July 19, at 12 o'clock. M..from her berth at tho rootof Canalstreet. Ne berth nteured till paid for. All letters and payors must maa through the Post ofti e. For freight or passage, having 'loeqmailei neoommodations for elegance and onmfort. apply to EDW'D K. COLLINS, 66 Wall atrnni. PoaHively no freight will ba reeoived on board after Tfiure- j lay evening, July 17. The steamer PACIFIC will suoceed aha BALTIC, and sail An. ust 2 FOR LIVERPOOL-THE CITY OF GLASGOW.?Til 18 favorite steamship will sail from Philadelphia, on Tbure day, the 17th inst., at 12 o'clork. The regular passages of , this ateaniship. and herelerant aeeommodatinna. make her a 'aioet desirable conveyance for tlice about visiting Europe. Farwin the ealoen, flOU; f re cabin, foO. i'aaeeagere will I be provided with Railroad Tickat* by the agent*. For freight or paaeagv, apply to | TIIOM AS RICHARDSON,41 Fvehanre pKce. The eplendid new ateaniship CITY OF M AN^II CsTKR 'I will auoreed the i Ity of (.lasgow, and tail frva f il*'i::phia ) WLout Ibe'JPtb of August. ifo* SOUTHAMPTON *NP HAVRE.-Tilt D A MmL eteeunhip FRANELIN, Jn. A. Wotton. Cv tunndix. will Wave far Havre, ton fin* at Southampton t- lead th? maila and peeeenir're, on Saturday, July J6. at 12 o'clock, ' fr m Pier No. t N ortb river. I'nae of paaeafte, $110. Ail )attara muat pace through the |?.<t offlre. An txperienood turhvi i? attached to the For fraifht ?r apply to MORTIMER I It IN .STON, Atoat, No. Mllroadwny^ | TJAOIFIC M A11. Ft F \VNHIP COM PAN V ONLY 4 Ttroa?li I.ina -Fan Reduced.?On Saturday, July Ihi, at < o'rlixik P.M. Tha a|>l> n.lid double limine ttenmahlp CIIK ifikFE. I,.'aAJ tona burthen Il?ur> tViudle, oonimnnder. will | tail previa*Iy at.'! o'olook P M., from tier pi r at tlia foot of I Warren atrvet, N. R., with the Government Mnila, dire< t fee [ llaraaa and Chaarea. C'mr. a paaaanarra trin'ferred at If arena to the aplendid d ,ubl* envin- ateamehip FAl.COM; - an acting nitli tl.e re-'Ular mail et-ainehlp NOkI'II EI1N FK. :o nail (rum Panama on orahunt tVa l.'ith of Anrnat. For J paatara, apply at tha ottce, l South at root, or at 177 Wool at. DAI IFH mam. STKAMEHlFCOMFANT.?TM1ON LT I Through Lino for Calit. rnia and Oregon. via Ch agree, dl -ret? faro reduced. On Monday, July IK at S P.M. Tha i pleaCid double engine it' ante hip Oil I (J. .l.iaW tone burthen, J. Fiedler Reliance. IT. 8. N . > imma.idrr. will aail on Mon j fay, July W, at 3 o'clock, P M. praoiaoly. from liar pitr at | ha foot of Warren atrcel. North t ut, with tha Govern-nant Mailt, for Cherree, connertlot with tha favorito United j Stetoa Mall eteamehtp NORTHERNER, to leave Panama on or ab?at tha lAtli of Auguet. For freight or peeeage, pply at tha, 84 and M South "tract, or at 177 M eat at. / kPPOSITIO.S TO MONOI'OI.Y I N DEPENDENT LINE Vr fur Chegr< a dirt< t, and through In ki t for California, at a further reduction in price. The new and apleddld ataamahip 11KOTIIER JO > ATU AN. tha faateat and beet veatilated atcamehlp In th- world, 1.4""0 tone ragiatof. U ,-oelre, C'-mmander. uill aail f . Ciiaarra direct, on K adi/, Jdly at 2 o'clock, P M , from Pier*. N?rth river Aa the old Monopoly Una. aid'd by government patronaan, are oaaMed to pay 8 p*r cent coTiiniiael.'tie to runaera, and m>nopolire their tnluable acrvl "i, the Independent L.nfb ae a , '.roptrvilMi, have ConelaDd to mak.' a further r?dnrti->n M I lU per < eiw L>t the direct henellt of the travellina pnhlia. | .'reight CO een taper cabic foot. For freight or paaaaae ap- : ?ly oalyta E. MILLS. Ageut il Conrtlandt atreet, N. Y. | pOR SAN FRANCN9CO VIA RIO AND VALPARAISO.- j r The new and aylaadid double enfine ataamahip GOLDEN ! GATE, of X'??J tone burthaa, f'nrlile P. I'ntleraon, U S Navy, t'ooin under, will hav? r|niok deajgetrh for San Fran | I pm-d fc'illl u> rarrp tho U. S. mall* Panama and 9m Fran*!* a, i* donhlt Iron hraoed. and hu nnanrpaoaed a* o.'uim< IiIwpi for lunni't' F*r taoaago, appto to HOW I AND Jk AS I1 IMF ALL. M Sooth a treat. N. Y PAO'riO MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. H[ 0 N LI I Throngh Lino for California aad Oregem.)?The pahUt are latertnrd thnt no lor th? arw arrangement ofthii Com nanp. itMcin Inapeeted oad arirorad hp the Nawj Departmoat, and *arrpiaa tho 1'sited Sta'** man*, will sontlace U I?aw* Panama and San Kraneiarn tho lit and IMh dap of **?t B?aUi. vnloaa datainod it nnatoidaM* ?~r.d*at, and wUJ aoanh tl Acapvleo, San Dio??. and Moat*r?p. ? Tha f.lli.wio* ataain packet* boloaa nt to th- PaciAe Mai) Si*amehip CompMr arc now In th* I'acide, *a* ol whlok will k* alwar* ia port attach and of th*pout*:? OkEOON I.IWH ton*. RRPt' !.??> tea* PANAMA ... J Inn*. CAROLINA ??? tnna CALIFORNIA ...1,1*01 t .n*. COLIMHCS (I?l ton* rENNRSSFE... .1,31)0 ton*. 1ST 11 Ml 9 ton* NORTHERNER..I,DC ton*. UNICORN 6-0 ton* fWIUMRIA SOP to a A FREMONT ? toa* ANTKI.OPI tor*. Tk* new *tc*m*htp COT I'MStA trill pip h*tw*?a Rat NrM*i?oo and port* In Oregon. awaiting at th* former p*Fl . ha arMral *f tha mall* and *p<?**ar?r* fVnm Panama, and :?tnrnp>* without d*l*p with Ui* mall* aad paMtngettf f*i th* atcamnf from San Frin-lao*. A r*?n)ar Una of prftpeiDr* will ke kopt tp for th* trnna fMrtotioa of fnigbtaad t rati ale* I paaoenpar* hotwoaa Pt .lima and Sar. Irancloeo. The rell knowh atralr.hio SARAH SANDS, of I.MDtoaa hnrthey, now under charter to tho oompnnr, and perallatlp oommodioua la her rail* arrange meats, trill ke kept mania* in* an ektra tamllp heat. i One |f *.n? ahott atearaer* w"l heap nptho oonnaetlan ho Iwoen and the other Vealoon porta. ' Tho conneetlen in tho AtianMa will kt meiat \inad kp tha *?alt*A Mntei mail rteaaiein,? MROHCIA .1.(111) toao. CRB9CRNTCITT l.NW lono >HI0 ,L.?L1,, .S?J0 t ne. CHEROK r,F. ... J,** ton* EMPIRE CITV. . !'*?' ton*. PHILADELPHIA 1.100 toas l?a*tag N*w Yarkfor Chagrot oa th# 11 th and kith *f oaol kasath, 1W* new eteamaMpa FI DORADO and FALCON wiltforw la dltm-t till* l' tween New Orloana and Chagre*. leaving at Fuehronolar will a* llltl* 4*t*aMa? o? |.>?.|h' a* I ha lothm.*, aad forming, with Ida Pa i?o *t?w . . .pa, through l.i.e to Md from Sew Orleaaa and puvt* .? Vexl-e I'alifornia. on 1 Oregon Pt.nagea from Naw .rioona ana |* aoourod from Armotrcng, Lawraeoa k Co.. aganio at that i vsrsir * ? * ?< * ?*? rr?, iff. hw !>? ?? r?4oo?4 from 1*5. in 1* r<>'< >?, to t vm, MS. if h.nof tin, to ?'J?. * ?. < |!W Tb? r?tn? fr .m * ? >nfk to Chvp-* 1HII ? ?i * < lppt?4 k? ?n? rt>?n?f iMiwva tl>n*a |. r?. fgf rt??<n# of h?rWi? ?r?.v m th? # <> !h> Con pony % | >4 Mfjolh rtmttaj ?i <Jmu if? f)ttii|Nt E NE AJHCSHMKHTS. JhTIBLO'8 GARDEN.?OPEN EVERY NIGHT.?MAN A? Jfer. Mr. John Sefton.?Tioketa, M oenta; Private Boa??, 76 Doori open at 7; perfurmanoe to oommenoe M 8 o'clock. The wonderful Rami Family appear title evening. Second week of the aietera Franck, the popular Danoing Artiste, from the Royal Academy at Paris, Francois In two original oharaetere. Antoine a* the Baaket Maker and Whita Knight. Milt. Berlin and M. Brillant, M. Collet and MUe. Capel. Wednesday, July 16, Original Orerture hy Adolph Adam, flncoeeded by the ballet pantomime oalied LE DIAB1.B A OL'ATRE?Mazourki, Antoine Ravel. To oonclude with the GREEN MONSTER?Chevalier Miroque, Jerome Ravel. ITALIAN OPERA AT CASTLE GARDEN.-MAX MAretaek. Manager and Conduotor. Admiaaion. 00 nenta. Wednesday evening. July 16, will be performed ANN BOLENA. Anna Bolena Signora A. Boato. Smeathun, her page Signora C. Vietti. Lady Jane Seymour Miia V. Whiting. King Henry >111 Signer Mariul. Lord Perey Signer Lorini. Roeheford, the Kiiig'a brother Signer Uiondi. Lor I Ilervcy, the King'e officer Signor Paroiii. Doora open at half-paat 4; Performance to oommenoe at 8. BA1W11, .n a AKbttlUAn III SE L St.? J*. T. BAKNU.N, Manager uud Proprietor. Admittance to tbo Museum and performance, 25cents; children under lUyears, 12>, cents. Tremendous success of the Ked Monster. Wednesday, July 18, 1 -wSl, in the nftcrnoon. at 3 o'clock, GEORGE BARNWELL?Barnwell, Mr. Cltrke. Tight Rone wonders by Herr Cline; followed by the pantomime of TUB RED MONSTER. In the ermine, at H o'clock, the two Athlete; after which the amnsing piece of A SOLDIER FOK 1,0 VE; feataoathe Tight Hope by Hcrr Cline. and TIIE BED MONSTER?The Monitor by Mom. I'hilippe. The Happy Family, competed of upwards of one hundred trained animals and nir Jr. of the moat diverse nsd antagonistic oharacters, living together on urn,a of amity, can he seen at all hours. Franklin museum, 17s ciiatuam square.-geo LEA, Sole rroprietor.?Admiesloa?Seats in Privata I Boxm.SU cents; Stage Seats, 37cants; Boxes, 25 cents, Pai- ! inet, 12W cents ? Elegant Saloon performances every Aftertoon and Evening. Entertainments cominenee in the after- ' toon at So'olock, and in tht evening at 8 o'olook. The en- > tertainments arc varied and sel.eet. and such as can besom ; tt no other place of amusement in New Jerk, consisting ct Lea's Female Ethiopian Opora Troupe, numbering flftoen ! performers, being the largest and at the came time the ino.t talented band in the United States; a troops of Model Artists who are selected far their beanty and figure, and who I personate a cumber of beautiful tableaux, t~kcn frou tbs pictures of ancient and modern times; a company of Arab Jlrls, who go through a variety of feats of strength and dcx lerity; Madame Roealine, the only Female Juggler la th? world; a oompany of Mala and Female Artists, who will give ie exhibition of Marble 8tatuary une<;nailed in the world ! together with a variety of interesting performances ovary ! afternoon and evening. For partioultri sec kill* of eaob I toy. WANTED-TVVO LADIES, OF ACKNOWLEDGED musical tttlent, who have been aoouatomed to sing leading parts in concerts or theatres; one of whom must play on lbs piano. Ladies of good personal appearance, and favcrahly known, wishing an engagement to sing at a coacert , of respectability, may address S. L. M., through the Post . vflice, stating terms. | ACARD.-MORRISTOWNAND NEWARK CONCERTS. ' Sacred and miicellanoous vocal conosrt, on Tuesday, S July IS, at Washington Hall, Morristown, and on Welaes- I day, July 16th, at Library Hall, Newark, N. J. Selections from the Oratorios of Elijah. Creation, and Moses in Egypt ; 1 al,? from favorite Operas. Conoert to commence at 8 o'clock. ! Tickets 00 cents. A.MU8KMBNT9 IN BROOKLYN. ' Military gardens, Brooklyn.?acting ma- | nagsra, Messrs. H. I.ynne aad T. II. JtMSM. Open ' every evening witli the^popular Vaudeville and liorles pie j fnrinunoes commence at V o'clock precisely,land terminate at 1< >?. Admission, kfi cents. Wednesday evening, July If), the entertainments will commence with the comedy of the .SERIOUS FAM'LY?Aminadab Sleek, Mr. Lyune, Lady Sowerl.y Creanily, Mra. Dunn; Mr* Torrens, Miss Julia Uould. To conclude with the BLOOMERS?Mr. Primitive, Mr. Lyme; Reuben, Mr. I'almer; Mike, Mr. Johnaton; MUs Georgina Primitive, Miaa Crocker: Frederioa Scant iskirt, Mies Julia Could. ^ music Ala. New music.?Messrs piiilip erxst iand son would announce that they have just published for the piano, the grand German March, whi h created such au en. thuaiaatie .ensationat the recent Bait) wore festival The {ireetnt arrangement, the only one existing, is by II A. Wul- 1 tnhaui't, ana the pul.lisl.ers take pleasure in recommending it as nn unusually faithful and happy transcription. Price, '.'.1 cents. Messrs. Philip Ernst and son Lave also issued by | the same author, tw o little rondos, under the title " Los j Fleurs Americaiuea," a valse and polka. Theso are the easiest piecce written till now by Mr. Wollenhaupt, and us { such, w ill. no doubt, l>e int. resting to many, especially ai they are at the same time eminently pleasing. Messrs. Philip srtii and fin would take this opportunity to state that they hase become owners by purchsse, of the plates an I copyrights ol all the valuable guitar music, songs, etc.. of George Henry Dtrwort, Esq., inclueive of his celebrated " ppanish Retreat." To be had wholesale and retail, Ssf7 I Bieudway, near Walker street. TO MUSICIANS-WANTED FOR Tilt STU UNITED i States Int-intry. five good uvea (single men prefer* I) i for the following instruments, >11., to. trombones. oni I ebenorno, one ophiilnede. an.l one baeen tul er. The mm will ( receive $4 extra pay n r m >nth. Apply at 119 Cedar street, or on Bcdlow's Island, N, Y. harbor, f[*OR SALE-A VERY HANDS.,ME AND COSTLY cond hand Pianeforte, Boston made, la good order, will be sold at a great sacrifice, in eonsej'isnoe of the faioll* breaking up housel'eeping. Apply to N. P. B CUKTISS, Agtitlur He* es' A.uvrtcaa Patent Action Pianofortes. No. til Broadway, where it own he seen. I^RARD GRAND PIANO FOR SALE?ONI\ OK TUB ' A finest grand Piance ever imported from Lrard's faotorr, entirely new. handsome rosewood case?price (oh). Apply to Kerksirg II Breusing, Ail Broadway. KXC CHS IONS. 1 Excursions to the fishing banes every day, except Saturday. The ?* lexmtr BUFFALO, Cxpt. i ?tvt.i*k lo.i ? ? * f . ? II * S -a *1 -. i t. Otiikl rtreet *t 7'4. Grand atre*t *t 8'*, Ctthtrlna ilr?t *t I'i*r No. S, North riser, *t 9 A. M., returning by S P. M. Kefr**).ni*nta, h*lt. mid tithing taekl* provided. F*r?, 39 Coat* each nay. A band of uiuu will be oa board. qtHE nnsT (,?ani> M')oni.u;ut ( otili.dn \vi> A. riotill* 1. . l.i rt n of thr <* ? up th* llai > tittr. *ud *round till lay. W eIneelay vening, July 14, 1861. Tr.? larg* and commodious at-arnbom CAT ALINE, C?pt d" II. IV< I, aeonmpanied by * largo double dfk bar**, mill leas* 1'iltli street, lITP. I.! Grand >tre t, Williameb ire. T1*; dread *tr*et, Saw Yorh, ?V Jay atreet. Brooklyn. '4 ' i 8s I'lerNo. 2. N K., 8; Oil*, m-ar the f?rr* v,t. ntl tlmk Hammond *tmt, ex. Adkina line. and la net Coiilloa Hand* *r? cn<a^. d. The ball and cutil- , U??o I be conducted aad under the direction ot ? J.J. E ui , the fat. rite manager of ball*, Ac. Ticket* AlcU. j (1RAND SIMMER EXCTRSION FROM NEW YORK, ' by th* N. Y. ami Erie Railroad, to Dunkirk un I HnfTalo. - In purananr* olarraiigenien'.atmad* with th* N. V BB.lF.rt* Kallread Company, tl'koia for th* aboy* Kaouraiin, going and cnclnz, will bo aold at tli* low prl"t of Ten Dollars for the t"p. Faaaongers will leaye New York on th* 19th, 1'ith, or 1 ... July, in th* Company * et?am>-ra at th* foot of Dvane atit t, and will return from Dunkirk on or b?for* th* Mth, at their option ; affording an opportunity to eialt Niarara Fall*, or Detroit ard th* tTppur Lake*. This I* th* rT.?t*rt oppo rtunity, at th* chaapeat rat*. *y*r nff-r?dt>r , travelling upwards of one thousand mil**, and enjoying th* beat notary in the Halted Plate*. Tickets ran h? had inly f L. W. WINCHESTER, Ilarndaa'* Eapreaa.C Wall atitcl RAND SIGHT?CAPTURE OF A WHAM-AM. WISH- j > mat. Join th* riruraion, in a 'teaiti-r, to th? w haling hank*, r one week, a* adtertiaed a f<-w day* amc*, will hold th< tn*el< i* in readinee- on th* 29th in?t. All partienlara will be aiyen in thl* paper of th* !>ld, 2td. aad 21th inataat. I (.target moderate, and the eteamer to b* ia port every night ^ KXriCKNN AOESCIKS, At. Bt R!<iRI> A CO.'S GREAT CALIFORNIA EXPRESS- ! 11 roagh in thirty days.?Letter*, three oenta naw*1*1 era, tlitae cente freight, 20 per o?nt la** than by any ctl?r**prrM. Ti.rongh in ehnrge of aperial meaa-tig. r< hy , steamer Cfuienl City. 31th mat. No. 2 Vctey a*reel, Aator Uooaa. INDIA RUBBER OO'JDS. 'KO 1 HE PUBLIC.?INI?1A RI BBF it HOP k ?OCR 1 atteatica he* I'M! called to an adrettieuivat. h| Horace . II. Pa>. ptil lirhed In tha Now York herald of ID ulv, 1 lf'l.and the Courier and >1 Mat date, in ... I after tr.uch urn.erit'.l ahoae < f eur attorn. % M'ra Jnde i, | At I . ha aaaerta that we dare ant charge hH With pirating ;. < dvtar'e Patenta, under our own; and that he dm . not inlnage Goodyear'a I'atonta, la tha manufacture fSboe.. M e hare pnrchaard our lit .neee for the m anufacture if India Rnbhrf Mince undt r (Indveora Paten'a. and paid eur | money, and are dall) pa)ing a tariff lor the eaina; and any Other p. reoa might hate dnae tha aame. If diepoaad to do aa, 1 rati i r than pirate upon Uoedyeare Unl uta. M e think it inera jnet to par. hae- a right to u?- a ralld Patent, than to lairing.- it Mr P r. having he, n pr .eecntcd, acknowle lge| Go.<d) etr'i rtghte. made n aettUm. nt, and agreed la tutura not to la- ' fringe hia Patenta He ta now attempting not only to infringe mid Patenta. i hnt to injure no, a ae. nho hara, for a large conaideration, ptirohare l our llcenoea, and now work under them, aed we , hargeMr Pay directly, and that oerr our own atgcatnrea, I with pirating Ooodjeer'e Patenta, In the mrnufn. tore of tl.a ' Sheet wl.i.-h he la now offering to tha public and we gira ' r ntietthnl he. tad all wku are rnaeernej with hi in in pur- , ehaalng of vradieg hia Shoeo, made in riolation ef mid Patent Highte. will be proeecuted.?New York, duly 12. 1*31. i.. can pre Ileywerd RnhWCn . by WM A Bt t g I No [I AM. Tree lb. Newark India Rubber Mannfe -tuning Co . II. Ill) Tf'III ,N AON, Preai lent. FORD A CO. ft action to the public.-am. vulcanizm) vv wllte rubber, ae well aa hlaok. and . tter eotore, not atamged by lloraee It. Par, "Uoad) war'a Patent," aceording ne hia covenant ta hia Heanae from Uaodyaar, lean infrtege lent . n I.-Midyear# patenta, and all daalere in. or pur hea are af there good* uta equally liable, aa tr?enae*ert up a Obidjraere a acknowledged right*. with lioraeell Pay himeelf. the maker of ouch gonda, and will be pfoaoeaWd accordInglr. I'ay hag a from Goody-or to Hadft ae.'rt-J . googj oitdy. .and a few email nrtlclnn.'by paring a Kr t f# Flo .dyeer of three rente par yard! equal to a be at two mill* on ea. h pair of Congreaa l.o?te; whllet Hay himaoif charaee tea cante per pair for the uee of Qqodeaat e-atMrr-dgooda ia CoagtwM e .ote ta the hnfdw?rlilAg ho.^nahere. nit tha llinn 1QV I! HI P PJ II 'T ' l( | r * 1 IT IU trin*. mrnt upon Onn4?n*r'* pttoBt*, ?n I all J>?l r? ihor"la r<-i dor 'h'?o*lro? Una.* la damage* to Mr. th? fft *?! *.. . ... .... la K'ht.f of th? HorimrJ Rnhbor Co ; N*wark 1. R. Co.; L. Candrn lord* To. and other*. H?ll I I \! T Hill OVKRIE* - TJII OCi.A PITATfON ?t Thu. Enkanh, F.? 1 , < ' njn.i?? *T ot Pateote, If the *a?rutiro," ?** < no of Pay'* in .at ?r">nd*rfvl dHoetori?a, "in honor of nhloh" V* mart a "aelaet '.Inner" in W ??I.>netc.n laat ninter. Thl* itiamTOtr, honrrer, wa? lm rinatir* inertly. T' p |>#f m?nt In Qoodraar ib I**/, of J.V" I f?T * lic*?>? il ? rk unit flo "lje?r t. Patont. iHr fn? only !???;? dlaeoitrtd 1* of no iim>, I* a gr?at diatootry, to' mono too lata to btnrfit him liay'aoda, if V4>r-?o J for tl* oonilctna of Infringer* on On.o|)a*rf on ? hle?> li* l.itntrlf ha* hr?n tn* ohlof, and i? nan th* only if fringtr. waa a brilliant c< neoplmn of Pnt'a, and nndontittdly original ?lth him. Pa> ? dia-ot' ry of O*. t**ar'a gr?at Mirl tf T?I(|*ltln( itliMf nil )-ar hpfor* hl< a, ,..l ? tlon 'or hi* pa* nt ll.nffrr *t aa nrponir to Pa, of on.) And, I* 4 to a man ? ho I ml leam-i* fha amort in Goodyoar !* tnry, ??. ? htfU'nft *?liihiMi n of Ib?o?iM?" g-n't*, and *f f*i|f a riklB,':Rrinf rf how rloaVy nn?li an". - * ' 'jrf 'o'lvf t rvi ll? vV of At if. i W YO MORNING EDITION?WEI NEWS BY TELEGRAPH* From Washington Cltr. WssfiiNUTon, Julj 15,1851. The Oracd Jury hare Indicted Samuel Stettlnius, for the forgery of land warrant*. The New Orleans councils hare memorallzed the Secretary of the Nary, to establish a Naral Depot there. Further proceedings with Mexico respecting Tehuantepec are not expected to take place before January next. The lion. Daniel Webster and family left here to-day for Annapolis. Interesting from Baltimore. THE PRESIDENT AND PARTY AT ANNAPOLIS?THE STEAMER OOLPEN OATE?FATAL RAILROAD ACCIDENT, ETC. Baltimore, July 15,1851. President Fillmore arrircd at Annapolis this morning, and was receired by the Mayor. Corporation, and a large Aran. ..l, .h. Kim 111. V.w.l ll.knnl and thence to the steamer Golden Gate, which came up the bay with a large party, a* far as Fort McIIenry which she saluted, and then started bach. Hon. Daniel Webster arrived at Annapolis this erenlng. and will leave to morriw. in the Golden Gate. His reception war most enthusiastic The burthen 'rain from New York ran off the track, this morning, lulling Mr. Clarke, the tlremau. and dangerously wounding Mr. Meredith, the conductor. The Southern mall has arrived, but the papers contain no news of importance. The Commencement of 8t. Mary's College was attended. to-day. by a brilliaui audience. Asaault by the Anil-Renters upon a Deputy Sheriff. Albany, July IS. 1851. During the last few days, an examination has been progressing before Justice Cole, in reference to an as. sault made some time ago upon a man named Fish, by a party of men in the town of Berne, disguised as Indians 1 est) rday. under-sheriff Franklin Smith, while engaged in serving subpoena* upon persons to appear before Justice Cole, was attacked by three inea. disguised as Indians. who dragged him out of his wagon, took his papers, and tied his hands behind him. They then baudag'd his eyeH. and were proceeding to give him a coat of tar. when a f urth of the party came up. also disguised as an Indian, aud persuaded them to release the deputy; which thuy did, upon Smith's promising that he would not make a return of having served the processes, which he had uctu&lly succeeded in doing. From New Orleans. THE LATE DUEL?WHIG EXCITE VIE NT?THE LATE STORM IN TEXAS, ETC. New Orleans, July 14, 1851. The parties engaged in the late duel, whereby Mr. J. W. Frost, editor ef the Cresmit, wa.- killed, have been indicted for murder. The duel arose out of a political quarrel. There is much excitement here among the whigs, relative to their Congressional nominations. The late storm on the -oast of Texas has wrought very great damage A number of buildings were destroyed, and all tbe wharves at Port Lavacea swept away. The corn crop of Texas has very generally failed. From Moat on. HIGHWAY ROBBER KILLED?TIIE MEXICAN BOUNDARY COMMISSION, ETC. Boston, July 15, 1851. i.asi funaiiy evening. as nr. ureen was proceeding to Woonsocket in a *t?nn. ? man suddenly stepped from behind a bush and Mixed hie horsa. Mr. Green sprang fn m the vehicle. Lad struck the man a violent blow with hie flat, killing Uiui instantly The affair has produoed much excitement in It oonaccket. and will undergo a legal investigation. A letter fri in the llonndai'y Commission states. that Mr. Karllett. the chief of the commission, had been severely in 'ireO by being dragged from his horse, which became frightened, and ran away among some hushes. The party sere at hanta Kita del Cobre on the loth of May. Their health generally Mas good, though some of the soldiers had Keen sick with scurvy. Parties for the Uila would leave as socu as practicable. A Moat Yillaiiuua Acta KocHrm a, July 16,1*41. At Palmyra, last week, a gentler an and lady of reiu pectablllty were married and proceeded to their plaoe of residence. which they occupied'Vene da the night following thiir w< Iding day slAmaiiig nu n proceeded to the house and after aerui. it|r1|jB^w?od. they eadb perpetrated the most disle ileal 1 ut^j^up >n re stifMM They made then escape, but some of thefh diava^udHP bea u arrested. Among thee still at large, the uaaH^r John McKlhiuny. a young mau formerly employed in the l'oat Office, is mentioned. Serious Kffnlaof n Hall Storm. Postla.vd. Me., July 16,1S51. A very destructive hail storm passed over Klttery and York. Maine on 8unday last, by which buildings and vegetation sustained great injury. It is estimated that five thousand panes of glass were broken in Klttery. and the com grain, fruit, and p >tatoes. in the range of (he Storm. Were gene ally destroyed Trees were stripped of leaves, and many of then of th-lr branches, while s< me wi re torn up hv theroota. Geese turkies chickens, and birds wars deal oyed ant lay dead upon the ground A piece of ise was -heu up in hittery. measuring two feet njuare and t inches in thickness I ..... ?i .. i-.I? i M < n'v iisn The concert last evening was crowded to overflowing, Miu the l""?t of feeling prevail, 1. There was a great throng < uUide. bit m> disturbance occurred IMftahurR ni.rt Nltubrnrlllc Itnlltoail, Ac. I'lf 'in so, July 16, KM. More than tlOO wore subtended toward* the Pittsburg and Steuben tllle railroad jestcrday The river la tailing slowly. with four fret of water In the channel. Interesting Murine luteHlgeiicr. July 16.1661. The packet ship I'aniel W. bstrr railed at noon, today fur LiTtrp<><i. with 103 passenger* and freight aim d at near giUUobO betters ree-etved in this city from Calcutta da'ed May , no litlon that the ship Ariel, Capt llur. h, from I Csh-utta for China, had I .en destroyed by Are at Hau ls II, ads No Urea were lost. CHsatESTow, July 16, The steamship Southerner, ('apt Itieklnson. arrived at ' her *liarT. at lite o , look tins morn in* lhe Astoria, e.f New Vork. for Vera Crux, has put Into this port lu collar |tirnc? of the sickness of the saptatn Siesta ill, July 16 1661. The steam* r Alabama, Capt l.udlow, from New York, reached here in lid hours from wharf to wharf. Jiulgs Wooilhnry on the 6'ugllltr Slate I.Htv K*? I lenient. The following la an abstract of the charge of Hon Levi Wordbury, to the ?1 rand Jury of the I nited Sta'?w lii-trirt Court, now In cession at Newport. R t : ? So far. there f,*e. as the subject ol this excitement is viiut'tiTv ?nii n > rmi iK nn nuinaa iioeny. II ir cer t* nly calciilatid to r ympathy and in *om. reap rt* to riruw error wl opinion Hut while M w>' uni?1 ! * to *11 d If rei.ce* of mere opinion, and to fti ' dl*cu*>!on. jn t if the* rod in ha J conduct. *1 mint reprobate and court* of law muit punieb that conduct, I or liccnme thrm*< ler* im'dirated Indeed opinion* in a country Ilk* thl* will b unchained?ehnuld rore free'* air freedom of *perc, too wh'l* dlceonnected with tin-di*turha:n * rf public h-db* and the public ti~n quIllitT, or with pereonal elanoer, or bla*phemy. or ?i horUlion* to rloli'iirf. in*J lie wild a* the war** Much of the *t?*tn in *nrlety here t? I* let off by th*t rent, a< a *afety rairc, harmlea*ly. or without dangerou* rt. plo*ion*?but proceed to deed*?to force--to Inrocalioa* t > the actual n miui.-i iou of crime*?to the public dearrratlon ol the l*w*. and the deetrnrllon nf order?and the whole aeptet of tha raw I* changed. and prUchm'-nt luurt be ii -dieted or rutnou* anarrhy i* Inerltable There la*t bare alway* ewfirtltutcd a penal offence y the law* of tbe land, and not by the Fugitive Clare law* tneralr; though the enforcement of there la*t (rem* to hare bee* tha immediate icrtilna fbr moat of tbe recent eiciti went and outbr-ak* llut a* a matter of fact, whether I bear law* he defi ctlre in form, or rrn*t|AkU'' in operation?be liked oe dirllkcd by many at the fti.tah ? b hot th- *re*t liM,uiryfor you or tht* court on the j r. ? i.t 11 < ?-r'o Thai won Id be Very material for us legiaiHthm, and Condi tied to'dbtMk ebaogj of IktM law* t)n the nrd.trary, del to enforce t he'lli iff a iudli < 1*1 rapacity, your duty I* V a?r*ttaln whi thet, in po-nt rftart tlie en dtU n of them t y i he diiij, appointed <>f> fleer* ha* oot been rewlrtetf by fifre* wfyf thi* atlll a t* rlfir^trrbe rvpeatrd and therefite* not hr n?f, oath*, i ur drub* and tJie'eafeif nf *owp,.|t. t?. ?onill|(nly ptmlrhed. Nor I* the' qneatlon a /natter 'of opinion,, what her clarify I* not to uerally Vrong ? nee on thai point. In hew I.* r? d there it/ pmhahty' nnly on* pinion llut it la, whether, where thw Inrtltntlon I* ?oli miilj ri ci imln d to ealut In e.?i> Mate* t>? the eon rtltulfor ?nd *r1f of Ct)Pgra>ta ?m| mailt roatinur to V I; tk? reMornllcr. k4 th<- fn^iUTe till th ft M tan chiK-Hf !? aholiali It. '.rr tHl the coii?tltutir>0 and net* nf <'on*n>?? 0*1 thi* pa-tut *? tifrrl, any indlTidu ti if jUhtifl'-d and la 1o tn I i-ft nnptinl<h>'d. f-ir attacking VlchiHly the pubi.e r>'iioti'>TiKri< < In malar to pm?ctit tbi-dn* paita-rnia-ncc, a -j tht- mattaf. ef th'ir nffl. l?l obllK?tH IIK ' * * * ? ? Hlnrnrj a-nUtcat thcr an. -hit m< ?l "f the thlrta-a-n pm Iitip, iv'm Hit *-?t< yt dt it *?* MMh ! ? ?t ll N' fth than titha- VH. MVtrtflrw "4 my It atlfla ra-nca*. a)', titilta al. hwirl. hand, ami bat*4. Ii tppvatog th ?v ivr,< n ftn (1') and. nlti r the rlu-y nt th? HcTaalu *.ta p a'.'i again nulla d In ihc aacia- t?t, t" run rant th' It c nun <t? rtRbt . \ j a, r"? nidi rui-tltntlun and a in-ita-n( [

o< mpfiriv Qplii .m, to ti> t'lt- cu'v-uanc? oC this In R K H 5NESDAY, JULY 16, 1851. atltution by each, till each. In Ita own independent and sovereign capacity, might deem it a&fe to abolish it. The foreign slave trade could be provided for without peril or encroachment, ita abolition belig within the eoutrol of thr general government as an attair of foreign c can mere*. It waa. therefore, regulated and virtually abolUhod. prospectively. in the conatitution itself But the institution of slavery, in each State, could be regulated only 1tj Itself, without making each a slave to the rest, and could not at once, and over the whole I'nlou. ha voluntarily abandoned, without imminent danger to life, liberty and property af the white population, by letting loose all the terrmc tnruM or rauattclsui, eomDineu witn extreme IgnoruiiT ar.d bad passions. ***** * * Without entcring into the ituestion of abstract right*, but recognising the property claimed by others, elsewhere. m this elans of person*, as Is done through various parts of the constitution?and solemnly engaging as we hare, to aid its restoration, when escaping?we did only what .the fraternal fevllngs of all lead them to do. without constitutional engagements and oaths, as to other property?that is. to aid friends and neighbors in regaining it, I if lost? should it escape into our boundaries. And if that j property existed in the service of even a white minor , child; or white apprentice?as it often does?it would be j no less just and right to assist in its recovery, both at the , South and the North when appealed to by kindred blood and a kindred uniou, the hopes of the future, and the I common triumphs and glories of the past. These reci- 1 procal duties must also be discharged by deeds as well as [ aorda?boldly, faithfully, with true loyalty to the Union, ' aud not with evasiou or procrastination, For if the promise is kept only to the oar, and the pledges of the constitution not fulUlled honorably in acts to others, how ran we stand en et as a moral, honest, and manly people, or expect that the benefits of that constitution will be continued to ourselves in other respects?to our numer- ! oils privileges under it us to our commerce and rights; | abroad, as well as at home; and in war as well as in peace i ******* It is due to the pr. sent non staveholding States to say, that no censure can be cast on them for desiring the limitation and extinguishment of slavery, llut wbeu carrying these nutural ?ishes into effect by legislation, j so far as regards their own States, the dilliculty has been j for them to act only within their own rightful power*, and not in conflict with the spirit of their duties to the other States, the geueral government, and tile Union, i For. if legist sling *o as to prohibit auy State officer in bis private capacity, or in a military station, (owing duties. as is ofteu if u >t always the ease, to the general government as well as the State.) from assisting to execute process for the restoration of fugitivi s, it would trans- j rend all lawful measures in principle. The charitable j construction of the existing statutes seems to me, how- j ever, to I* that they intend to punish Statu officers only wbi n acting as such officers, and not as citizens; else they would most unhappily come in direct snllision with other and permanent acts of Congress; and citizens rely, ing on them, and refusing aid. would tlud themselves in a most perilous position Mistakes on this subject sometimes arise from not distinguishing that a S*tate officer, who holds bis commission from the State, and is accounts ble to it. may not he obliged to perform official duties tor tin' general government. from which he holds no commission; whereas a citizeu anil officer, as a citizen. owe.- allegiance and duties to both governments, and neither can exonerate him from what in due to the other: but w hen each cornmuiuds. the rejuwitioiiH of the general government are highest, or )iaramount. Indued, in olden limes, the straight forward, good faith of our fathers, it is believed, in every Mate in New Kngland. imposed an oath on every officer, which is still taken, however fulfill, it by some, to support the constitution and the l.'nion 1 luunut believe, therefore, that the legislative officers of auy State have any where been io forgetful of fraternal feeling In our fraternal Union, as not only. I) legislation, to refuse its prisons for constitutional purposes, mud to punish its judicial offiesrs for aiding the general government, or to punish the 1 owners of fugitives for arresting and regaining their services; but to punish, and understanding!.!' mean to punish, the citizen or militia man. as such, lor obeying the commands of the marshal to assist in the service of judicial precepts. Tli's can hardly b? credited to any Slate composing a part of this very government aad Its Thion, and, by its K< prvsentativesand Seuat >rs in Congress aiding to pass ti.. e very laws for mar.-hals. and to appoint snu regulate this very marshal in all his official duties, and under the ir ton also aiding to discipline. arm and go .a r. . . very militia, and their use, to ! help to execute laws u resisted And how uuuecessajy < r inconsistent would be the provision in the con- ' stitution itself to reFiore fugltlv s, and intbeactsof J Congtess to bold marshals liable for escapes and rescues ?piovidt d they bad not the right to com maud from all | citisens necessary assistance f And who compose their i porn commit a tu* ? Who can they resort to for aid hut i the people of each district or State'?a people who be- 1 li ng to t he government of the V nlon as well as to a State, , and who are often op-sated upon directly aad indivt- | dually by that goverum sat. And if each Atat-eanin tills way legally exonerate its |e?ople Oota ola diencs to the summons of the marshal, what becomes of the supremacy of the laws of the b'r.lcn. and how exp ued on this principle is every sacred and invaluable right enjoyed by a on and others under the wing of our Union f Congress 'piyv.did. tb? very first year of its exiatenoe. that every am-hal "si..iil have power to r minand all necessary I fAafislanc* in the execution of bis duty " [I statute al ! '.7 section of act of ?ep> -4. 178W.) And if the MfcVte of a Mate provide .rfat whoever gives this as' ietaliee hi^ye case,-hall h puiii h.*i. a Mate might just as prop r!j a" fjfiijptc, cxhou'rate its clt.scns fiom 1 all obedience to-.aI g vernment?cren from si rving as militia^"?ffnT' ordc. of the President to repel a murderous invuSTou of your i vast, or to help execute the laws against pirates who p lunder your cargoes? I or murderers of your sous on the ocean, or the wretched iricun. fiiu wuiuwj v? * . j\tur tcrmv vr unuiuj m '?iurl y.iut officers >u the lonely waste* of the Atlantic | orl'sciCc. Ilic Opera at Castia Harden. The iUnc*; of Bosio, la.-t evening, made it necessary I for the managcmi nt to substitute u F.rnani," id ti.o pisce < f" bucrexia Borgia " Of course, we had Uettiui' which was a treat quite acceptable to the public, while Slaiinl, licnerentano, au<l Trufli tided the other rdlrr of the opera The perf mance went rff with great spirit, and a rery large audience h; predated all the excellent revaluation of the performer'' Hettini sang with great I for and taste, and added to his laurel., while the other | artiste shared in the applause of the audience. To-uight the public w til hare an opportunity of hearing "Anna llcli nn ' with a pnw< ful est Homo and Miss Whiting ! hare splendid duets, and the ft her vocalists scenes tu which their talent* may shine to advantage Tom ir ' row night, the long promised ' Jltobert j Devorcnx" is to he produced. The weight of the opera will fall upon Bettinl, who will sustaiu it, no doubt, with extraordinary skill and power. IlK'iitrlcnl mul Muslral. Nistn'a Ossoris.?Tli a. - meut to witoess the per. f( rmsnces of the ?> ndi rfnl Kairel family, and th iee fascinating dsn.' t US's. tl e M 'lies French. whose grace and perfect sliilitle* in tb< Terpsichorwi >i art. hare won ths ! sduiiration of ihe joet ahecrning and fashionable as- | t< mblsges. com turn s more intense tbaa erer. The tri- t tin ph> i f this romtiinatlou have been more genuine than were erer necrued ;U dramatic annals Tits announcements f< r this?vening provide a bill of f ire which will be tin ?t palataol* to ttie frequenters of thi? e.tabllshmcnt. ' Is* luaoie a Quatca" will l>e th-comaienelng ti store, aid " The Green Monwh r" will l?e the terminating piece. Nsticsai. Tnraiar ? A powerful nal'iment Isan- j neniirt d fi'f this evening, at the n' excellent theatre T% , ?li lipuieil tils* Ntvlfil llHiuon 3hf.fl I'vthit* '' which Bihmcrr in Ita cart thro rmlnrnt aiH't* >! ? m J H : fr. lt N It. i Wrk.-. J?? Urnod, Mm II Y Nlchollr and 1 Mil* 0 Fo*. will (? th? ! adlrg ptwrr of thia owning. . Tbi? will bw urcrrtltd by thr Umrlt# pirc* rmll-d ll.r ' ' Yono? l?'?oip. ..nd U>* amurrmmta will run.-lint" with It* i'<-w iuror?rliil farrr "Mitlod A Chrap Rtdir- | flow." Mi na /aryat ,>waUi ar 1 M(. < l.udlam, wl.o h ire Ire nr.,ultr popular, will lid inntk rflMt to tbr MlTi ,?i I .It* ? ?! ' *nf, by tlir .ntrodn.-tlon of pom of their f. vol it# ilanrr* > .wwii lb* ptrara it?. ii.hiii'i Lit i v --An intiie fhwiigi- of performaftn 'o It fiw. n by tow Fn-nrh < n j an, lLI< < wnlng. ' Ml t F''le " ? draina of intrarr Interval will be prrdiiri.i or th" flrot tlmr in thl? <lty, and "Cor Fill* Ti iiih'i ' a rrr? pnpuliir Tandarllle. full of fan. will aieo l r nrtru. In i am of whli h all the principal member? of thr ci P'pai y #| pror It la atm i-wary f >r u* to i-nt?r Intor n mi nt upi n thi nrrlta ot there performer*, their great IMtro la CoarlQwlTr orldenre of thrtr rtering I IF '??. MulJlra It to >-ay, b rlrit to Br.ugh.iiu a to-night will -.(lord great (.eaau.e Oiiautr'- Miaaiari a ? Thi* inii taMr I continue to draw ir> wilt nlgh'ly. and their perf.-rtn?ni e< are re- | crir I with Unix undid enthuiln*ui An i-icaUout pro grmun,. I* anm uurtd for tbia erenl .g. Fn.i.owi' Miw .Taur an- nightly breomlng more popular hwame'i. negro OeUm ation? rrente roar* of ' laughter. and t'oilina' liallada are recoirrd with great teat A Qfcr pre gramme fo? to ul. ht Hiinm'iMi nra?The iliarmiog reriea of perform" 1 ane*a at the Mure.itn attracted grwat ?u.llence? jrr?t?r | day. and thr pie .prrt la fair f.n atmdnr ewnt to day -lieorga Hnraw 11 ' I* a moral tragedy <f lliw moat y | tilar kind. I la to be performed tula afletnnrn. w> P?T. ?H ^ null ! " IH W [ IMiUllMIl' in HIT . A"l #t?r " Thin ty> iiirg tho I!?J Mo?.<f#r" in to bo re tnhd. ni:il A f.lilicj fit I.<??i* p?rf.>mw<l boiido# loir ? yup <i?i bin ( ftrn'-rtliunr* fiat# on thoropo. b h aft. -nron itit] Toning ' lliiitaor tHomt*. not h#T attract Iro hill j# ki>ii< uflfr.t.'fbr tlito-i * nlng Nrongbam'* company, ffti y-lli f of, the hirnil cotno?ty cnUod "Tho Pwfi itn Frbll). In which Mr I.ynno. Mr Valuta*. Mr I1fll1ip>. Mi;#, Cr< rki r, nnJ Ml#a ( < uUU wttl poomnaW t Iw prtn. i ' I t>rt^ it)4. J t n uMog poruliaryy, ftylcd, "Tho 1/ nMwrtr 6r Frt# In Pont* " Vr l i # loi g ..tni fuToraWy known to tbr public, | a I.. littf llii*wttk fit Albany and Troy, with hi? tir i iiti l.#Mia lit# flrrt concert wili toko placo *t P >u/,h | i?|.'lf, l? Tkffbln^ ttrnlny ti'tt Tito I'llca. Phanoolady fn.-itipn r><?h< tor anil'.Gillian poitplo wiV. h*?o nti.htnat bo: >r? h* turnt V . i* Aoo 4 Pi .ii?* bo# bo -n nl?ln'ooncoTt#'.t Alhiny #l J Troy wlt'i groat mu<>-? Pho appear# ' Pyrantrt l lli? 111b ol Aubnrr lath.I i ohoi- r ii ?l tut -.Ml and at Piiflolo 2Mb ij Vh Mr ( iinet# ami VI'# FV# l ?ro playing at Pt:l .no 1 i Motii. Ipol ('ouooil 14 llorro, in lining on th# :* il (.{ .'Her, Ti lrd Iba A# to tbo <'it ?? mil tho iifUf< irt btati-o if the Ao< ri"ao I'mm i r >0011101; to th it ,'by doramo- '? and -no,' which ?rw r. Jcj> ??'t"4 la lb! j uldvj) Of ItuT'". E R AI Tl?e 0*for?l BhiiIi C*?e. Before Justice Aluuntfort, Jult The Profit ill Ikt Complaint of Robert Harbtr i ?. Milrt A. Bradley. for Oblaininf Money under Faint Preletiret?Cross-examination of Benjamiu F. lVeym>uth concluded ?-This rase mm adjourned from the 11th inst. , t# the 11th, when it was again adjourned without any- t thing being dona, in consequence of the absence of the ! 1 counsel, who were engaged in another case This day ' the caaa Was resumed, and the question objected to by ? defendant's counsel on the last day of examination, wax wrgued by eonnsel on both sides, when the Justice de- | eiled that the question should he put. | ? Benjamin f Weymouth wan then asked?Have you 1 8 been eonrerned with Bradley or either of th* 8t Johus in ?Dy other negotiation or hnsinoxs than this, withlu the last year f And he answered ' No." 1 Q.?Hare yru had any conversation or negotiation ? alnre the first of January, 1S60. with Bradley or either of the St. Johns, other than those you have detailed, re*- , pteting the purchase of the Oxford hank, or of any i ' bank ? Ohjeeted to l>y defendant'* counsel, who *aid *ueh question* might do eery well to make a show in the column* of a newspaper, but they were out of place in that eouit. Mr reporter, don't take down these private conversations Reporter?I am only taking dowu that you object to the question. The Justice dtciiled the question should be answered The witues* answered?1 have had no negotiation* with either of the parties I have ha l conversations I have had to conversation* with Itradh-y respecting the Oxford Bank, unles* those I have mentioned. I have had conversation* with him about other bank* I had a conversation with him in relation to a hank in Georgia, within the last six months, and since the termination of the Oxford Bank negotiation We spoke also of one in Maine, at.d Rhode Island We spoke of getting a new charter for a hank in the State of Maine. 0 ?What about Rhode Island ' y itest ion objected to. Witness th< n said that he had no further conversation ab< lit a purchase, but he talkrd? The witness wa* interrupted by defendant's counsel, on the ground that the que*tion related to the purchase of hanks, and not to everything about bank* H The witness then answered thut part of the question that related to the 8t. Johns, and said lie spoke to them jp about the purchase of the bank in Georgia. W ?Ilad you any conversation or negotiation with Bradley since January 1st, lhjO. respecting acquiring any interest in a bank in Rhode Island ' A.?I don't recollect that I had j, y.?Ilad you any conversation since January 1st 1830, with Bradley, respecting abauk iu Rhode Island' and. if bo. what was the ua.ure of \1 ? A ?I may have spoken to him to try aud see to got j, on? there, or something to that affect, y.?Did you ? W| A.?I am not certain e, y.?When was thin ' ^ A.?If I had any conversation. it must have been siaco D, the termination of the Oxford Bank matter | wj y.?Are these the only bank* respecting an interest in rH which j ou had talked with Bradley since the Oxford Bank negotiation terminated ? hi A?I think they are. | a y.?Who was the proposed, or intended, capitalist in t j, the acquisition of an interest in the bank respecting which you and Bradley talked ' A?Bradley was the man. if he could raise money; I was not to do it, we had very little talk about any y.?Did you knew, or had you been informed by Bradley. at any of these conversations, what means or re- jjj sources tie had. with which to obtain an interest in a bank ? 1(| Mr. Ilomayne, defendant's counsel, having first de- ol sired the witness not to answer, asked ?Is that question k. proper? Is it right to inquire into a man's private af- hi fairs in an investigation of this kind ? Then addressing the reporter for the iletuld. 111 a rsther excited manner:? Mr. Iteporter, I see you writing I don't want you to take me down ?s objecting to the question re Ht porter?1 understand you as objecting to it Do q,. yea n t defeat to it y Mr. Kcn-'syne ?1 do not Its porter.?1 have only taken down what you sai 1 nc Mr Ilomayne?But you have no right to take down g,. what recurs across the table between me aud counsel at the < ti er side 1 Iti porti r ?I know what I have a right to do. and you mu.-t not dictate to me, or interfere with me In the discharge of my lut''s th Ccuum 1 - It i. have no right to take down private con- n venations. Jieporter.?1 her* is nothing private in the matter I I tr h ive only takeu down what has openly transpired in court, and I shall continue to do so Dl Counsel for the people?1 moke it a point never to in- ? terft re with reporters, and 1 seldom have any reason to complain of the course they pursue Defendant's counsel withdrew his opposition to the question, a d * The it'.vss then answered?I did not know, or was * not ii ruied by Bradley, of his means or resources V - nave you over nau siijr cuavrrNauou sun mm ?n IkinUwl ' A.?1 don't recollect y ?Had you, yourself. any capital with which to com- i .. plrte the purrbu-e of a bank, or an interest in one aa '' spoken of by you and llradley ' Defendant'a counsel objected The witness. however, subsequently answered?I was not to have any interest except my commission; Bradley ?a? to be th Mto j urchaier as far ?. i !.? .. Si hn j*' wa- not to In interested with tilm. as tar us I know. y ?Did you or Bradley make any application respecting the purchase of. or an tnt- reel in any of the banks you hav no utioto .1 ' I I A ?I wrote a letter to C.eore' Ilcrw defendant's "crwarl t 'ed. He said?Third parties may sutler i u U i cross-examination This all app-'ars in I . on t a wspaper and it la headed. "The Oxford tt n. loj. lire is done to the 1 tank, and its credit lu t' ua-cl for people?i u t think the dir> -tors of that '* l ank are entitled to any mercy. W itness said? 1 will answer the'question. I wrote to Favsnnah to make inquiry of a friend of mine. >Vm U ladding, whether that* was any lutnk about there for sale. . ? (Daughter) I m< an any charter. " y ?II as I hi < one for sale' '* A.?There vus chart. r which It Was arid could he II got It was in Macon I do not recollect the nam*. I" >i e did nothlrg -111 .It It I n-Vi'r no-we ed ll.e |et*? ?'< y?M .i-th. the hunk In respect to an iutrieit in hi which y. u tali ed to T 1' Ft .lohn as w-U as llradley h. A.--The v / same There was n'tli'ng more than ni that Its" u U Mm ah >ut it to get an Interest in it 1 don't k- * what be said at that tlm but it eventually fill t! ugh. n> t?> ? I?f.? :,adiey or Ft John, or either of th in. say th anything < von afterwards, sc to carrying out or declining the purchase of the (ieorgtu iiank' A?I m't licoUeCt that the lutyect was talked of aftvrw ?. j, y ? ir you named all the barks respecting which y< n hi. uegi tiatcd with, or for ,?t, John, or c-nvers' t K, with h'm about, with a view tw pur. ha e or get an inter. : m r establish same' ! f t'e uiisei for defendant said he objected to bringing j th.rd parties in this way before the public. This was a | tort <>t fishing examination t'runsel for the people?We know all about the bank n< you wa. t to fciep back Tl.e e Mners thin answered?I think I have t.xlkej t| with r I M John respecting a bank in New Jersey 1 uoan ri'parting getting an interest in it. y ? ihin't y.u know tou talked of it? S I sk! It ? ? % ?? rr Conner I for lirfiniUnt ?fl?|) Conner I for people.? It ir the Ainlioy Bank .to 1 we will u, bate It out Witneaa ?Put that down Ceur.eel for people?Yn. after I get your a newer. Ilir IIih*< ih*n ancwegwd U w tlie hat.k of Amlxy. No uniipuratr are f>inpieted ? B| tUt r fj rt. <; - Are thry In prugre.a I'rfrtKlatil'* counsel otyected. r? u pi. e t'r coui.-el ? It ha* t??u decide I before. m Def* .I'cet'p connect ?t bare objected to the wholw j,, till'' if ir.e Ita' eg V. ttnrae ?I oan answer It ec ml. iP? ewnrrl ?I wi-b to kif>w where the limit if to he 1 b < inquiry Into the :illalr? of third partier U I the greater! talee that a rourt of juatice can he pot to. tVmj lainant'e rminwl eon; rnJed be Itail a right to go into transaction* rimtlar to the care of the Oxford ?anfc. . I al i<ef?th! int ? crun?"l nialu'nined tb it unlera tttaeiley lad loaietbing to do with the Amboy Hank It war n>>t g< I n t e* ! j ut the .|tir?t inn ' ^ Per , .inaDt'e counsel replied that if tin wltne.. or 8t. || * . n had anything to do in t be matter, the |Ue?tion ?a? f, iwifeetly proper. Ih-fi mlani's r< un?cl?This ix ail wrong, if thare be a . negotiation the very Ihet of the publiration in m-w?p?. f, pi* may defeat the whole matter, and thur injure third p part n ? I, The court held that the miction ihouM not be put I ml r> marked that the natural Inference u tliat -rv. , merit* are in prisma, . . Ihfetailant'r ronnrel?If that be your imnreaaiou. Mr t '"'ni '' wt**h i wiranraw xnr opjrciirrn r"r i wnm \ :" > iota t bat iiuprat afciti ' js 1 V wliti. ?? thon aiifw.rod?'TV n-jotlatlon. art not (toUij o?\ ibny Mf* boo* tNniftM bfBt* John; trad- |, l< ) lia I uotlitUK to J wilt lb> m ? V - Wirwyrmth.* ' for, unlr yonWorn (| hew C:.? r U My Itradlay bail m>thin? ti"> do with it * J , 'i -t-Adhrit rw?i* ?* , ? lli w <|n . yon Inn* that tha arransnnont" harp j h.n Dkmlntpa by T IV 81 John' I / A -^A. far a* 1 am rnncrmod try. .if ami no fa- a* my 'j ku< wlnlrfi' ritonda; I do not know anything mow about It; t bad nothing to do with it. tl <t ? ffh'T, worn ?b. arrarnfmrnt' abandon ml * A ? TV) tirr moor l-fui.. th.y wrrr only condor, mticfea. .?Mow nfton bar* yon born at Amhiy * j A ?I ha*r not bo?n ihfir at ail. of at Wow or<o* In , ri i?tli n to ih.t bank, m r rnrro?|io?di d en tin* Wutyw t , ( tl ?k bo d'd yo <r form pond' A ?I do no* know who wrnt or rorrraft all t) ?Did y ti n*or?o with anybody o^ (ho mhjrtf 1 A ?I ei'iiro' o.l with !*t John, and /|M.ko to l?a:'?r ?n tin -i.l ii it .?. ?' jotttt* bim to fo tnto tho pu'i hro. D - HIhii d'J tnm .p.?k with b^n>' A i d< n t Muduot tlio U no. ft to ai-rr hi* rr fur* ft< ni i^'t* ^ " I I Mi* w 1 ? - !?W ! ? ?* c.4in* a _ iii d. Jin t tt |j.a p.. .ft , (n n r, ?-.# IvL .... * -f * ? ? _ - .^IW> ' ? ?- ' j D. PRICE TWO CENTS. Q?State wb*t you Mid to bim and he to you' A.?I do not recollect the words. I could uot begiti the conversation end state it Q ?Who spoke ltret about the Amboy bank' A ?I do not know who spoke first. Q.?What was >aid' A ? Barbel said be had money enough to buy a bank, md would K*'t before he went baek. I told him 1 thought the Amboy hank ronld be pot. I do not reootect further That is about tbe substance of the confer at ion. Counsel for defendant?Co cm and state if auythin< ras said about money Witness?He mentioned the amount of money ha ould raise He nauted >30 000. V ?Bid you remember this last remark till the rounsek f She other side suggested to you to state what was aaldl bout mouey. if anything'' A ?I dont know whether I remember it or not. Befendant's counsel asks the witness to state what ha neans by the last answer and witness asy? ?Theaug[estiop about money, brought to my mind the amount mentioned by Barber l<! ?Was anybody present at this renvwatiiou bftwws you anil Barber ' A?I don't remember, y.?When was It ' A ?I don't reeolleet the time y ?Where w?e it ' A.?I think it was at the Irving House, tf ?At whose suggestion did you converse wfth Barber >n this subject ' A ?I think it was at hia (Barber s) suggestion, but i mi not certain y?I)o yon know, or have you heardfrom Bradley anyiliing ae to the nnaos or resources ot the l'h.jruix Bank, >t Cincinnati ' A ? I don't know ; anil I don't think he ever told tna. y ? Do you know Langdon. the ostensible caahier or eiler ol that hank ' A.?1 know him by eight; hut I dotr'C know anything bout hie business y?How long ie it elnre you saw hitu in New York ' A.?I think I saw him about two weeks ago I wan llting at the Merchants' Hotel, and he paused, y - Do you know how long be was here ' A.?I don't y - Do you know where he is gone' A?I don't. y ?Has Bradley told you where he is gono' A.?1 don't recollect; but he told me he was hers at lat time. y ?Did he tell you Latigdon was cashier, or teller of ie bank ' A?I don't know. y.?Was hiingdon concealed? A ?I don't know. He was not when I saw him y.?Did nrt Bradley tell you not to mention that haog>r hi re' A.?I don't think he did y.?Do you know the character of hangdon' Defendant's counsel objected, on the ground that mgdon is not a witness Counsel for complainant contended that the question as proper, front l.angdon's connection with Bradley aa ishier in the l'lioenix Bank?the man putting afloat lose $10,000 kites In the market l.angilon is the only an to give credit to these securities, lie is the man ho signs them Mr Bradley puts forward two certifites of $6,000 each, purporting that he has deposit* ere to that amount, Surely it is right to inquire into s character. It would be proper for the Judge to hav? at man arrested if th? re wore no deposits there at lha Die the certificates were Issued Defendant's counsel?Yes, if you could prove it. Counsel for people?Your own witness has shown that has neither property nor credit Defendant 's counsel denied that Complainant's counsel referred to the testimony of . John, aud -aid he was willing to rest the whole oawt >on solvency or insolvency or me rnienii nana iney und Mrmili v negotiating all this time for the purohae* u bank. without a dollar in his pocket. as abundantly pear* from the cTideneo. and leaving Longdon behind m an cashier to manage Couoft I for defendant?No, he was teller. Counael for complainant?Well, that ia more fraudulent ill. for the anbordtnate officer had no right to stgu th? rtifieate* at all; leaat of sill, certificate* that Bradley posited $10 000 in hla (Bradley's) pocket, for Bradley himself the bank. Counael fot defendant?Here you show that you know dhing about banks, for the teller ia the officer whn uorally. if not always, signs certificate# of deposit Ctuneel for people?Thank (lod I do not know much -out banking c peratiom for they arc, for the mo,t part. 'nulling transactions Counsel for detendant went on at great length to argnn iat It was unlair to implicate the character ol Langdon. was impossible for any man's name to he mention >1 ia ich a en weed I on. without being hitatdl Ikpots wontd main even if a man's character came out slcar. for tha ublie. in looking mperficially orer the columns of a ew.paper, will say. Ob. that man bad something to ia ithlt.'' ? * The Justice decided that everything that had a ten- ? ? to show that the paper was bad. was relevant It as c< mpetsnt to ark what the rharncter of Langdoa ' as. In point of integrity, not what his character wm# i urrally. It was a part of the charge ol" false pr. teucys, liat the paper was worthless The question was theu put as ,'ollows ? Do you know the rhan.rUr of Langdou for integrity * Counsel for deb ndsnt again objected to the juiw- * on. lie said Langdon was a mere agent, and was nut * 'sponsible . C< unsd for people answered that he wa< , The Court overruled the objection ? The witness then answered?1 don't know I have not rard of him for the last six years, except seeing him la le street a few days ago. as I have related above y ? When you knew him. where did he live * A ?In rhiladclphla lie went west In ltM y ?Is yourrecollecticn perN-ctly distinct and clear vt ' i Ike language used by Mr Barber as stated in your dl n eisnuruiicn in reapeci 10 uiesurn airanrej t>y mm Mr llrradloy ' I?t fendant arena set objected. on the ground I hat th? n?rtion ought to be limited to thr Oxford Bank O unael for thr people showed that counsel for dondnnt asked a question Iron thr witness ar bma<l, smcly?' What warn thr amount of Bradley'? indebted* rssto Barber'" Witness war herr rrjnrrtfd to withdrew that hr rnght r>t hrar thr sugg< stem, of thr oonnrrl for defendant, r then withdrew and counsel for the prosecution coo* 'inled that the wituers ought not to Iimt? any iu*rry. r war brought up to contradict Mr. Barber on thr n>n?t apertant part of thr case; and if he war ignorant, and >uld not read and wiita there might lie minn excuse f .e > m llut thl- was not thr rare. It wn< tn be luesum-d ' wai nu !nl< lligem man. for br war thr aid of a (iotvfw irot ire Ptatr, und war accordingly created a Col >nrt. Ocun?*' for defendant paid he only wanted fair play After seme further argument, during which thr wito "turned, the question war slightly modified, and ? v red? As to the language used, I caiiwet yt? rtlon is rb'ar I'MMnio wo dant ?I was right, after ail Counsel for (ragM.?In, the witm s- got his cu? !- >oa >tt. y ? Do jou pretend to atatr with accuracy the laa> ;?ge ured by Barber in thoae conversation*' , A ?I do (retend to state the substance of it. y ? Is yonr recollection iietlcr than It wac no y;m* " Irect examination' A.?I don't think it is ~' y -* hen did Itarber (<11 you that Bradley's In Ir'ited* >sr to him war fl ./Oh! e a t? ... >i?. .ii.wktr.a .... nt n. <-..? < n..i >?. lM*f '?' g.? lanopt you stnte no* thing mote arrumte' * A ? t think it ?w 'ino? n* Wunwl Pom the Wnt. g -- W hot *o* Borbern Isnguafv u near a* 700 -i? <-U?ct. in mnking that ntat. uirnt ' A - I dnt feeoUrct the particular lor.411*4- '.hot h? ?, a g.~Answer n near u you can ncoUfrt' A - I r*nn?t toll . >* g ? Pit he -ay anything > l?< * A ?lie Nbl In- ? >alil settle fjr that aal ; -a 1 all hi*-orurltie . ' . g_ W lio mi fn nt at ttvit n nverinllcV , A.?I 4<>o't ktinw that *ay no- ?? g ?Ptd not PaiW tlx n say thai Urn day a??li hien ire, hot that ha would m ttl* f- r >1 >,0, rather thn? ie* I rouble / A ?1 duit't know that li<< did snv no. at that pvAirulaC meersatinn l<tat hi- did la ai v. r:ii otVt* g ? May he not have mild no In that coayrrViUcn' A ?I don't recollect that he did , g ?Po you rccollc <-t that he did cijl! y ^ A ? I *m not positive g -W hat precise amount lid Parbs-r < # y ha hat ? ^ laedm tin Wmhmdroll' .t . * t'ounnel for de|?me otijert* t.i the VuewUnn 'B '** , no-n.1 that it assume-that f ?e *>ltn? .? has l-t <r- an- % erred that h- did BOt ails'"' r l foe is pen?euon withdraws the ijurstlon on the y round that c >un.*4 \ ir defence *iigge*>d the ans-ser ? tf ? 1* lien you ray Unit Ru1 -r /.ated to ytt lhat"tb? unt, in (ha a?{re|ratr id IJi v|r?Ml'i Bmdlay, rtbepnrpoae of putrMtf ? ue rtorl of tbi Ottir4 'ink.. **e *7 MH) do Ton ?.au tint hi- told you thd h* H<) niter adtannd flm Ih-y at ,y other raony' A?I don't think ba told i?* that he had neter adtneed any oth?t mow* / W ? Hatr you not. -*v> bi? inquiry ivimmenrad. nU, a t th? Iftinit IIviit* In."ir. BarW, in tha praaenee ni tr John l? I ft*. W O?ertto lioiArt, nud Mr K'lto rh'raliel. <>r tni? 7t t'g m. that Barber had ba? n twin- ? * led out of'bin not# y, anJ~tbat It wa? th" ?.l . not* ttanka< Won f (ini.,1 h ra atnilad)?tha moat efl. inotie ttnnmneUo't vou hud aTar beard of, or word* tn hat / A?>n not W, my r?(*Mlactl?n 1 am quite aum t la hot / t-A-yo/ po.Hj??' A ?To 11/ heat of my reanliertlon, I am pnai'ire t id not ' V -It I* llkelj l. you hud Mid no within no ah tot a !?? u?, nr.uld hae forgotten It* A ?' think I ahouldnot v" IMd tnu, at the time the partiea wera at. Oaf ird t? r'* .? nith Barton, aay t.i lia.tri. In the pre?enoe 4 ^ (>rqa llobart. that l?arb< i had been ewtndled. and uiht tc be righted, ?r anything ana If an. nhat %? ?hn? rffrct' * A.?I bare no fwollrrtlon of aaat baaing aiiJ v# urh t tiirg (i ?On y it not he pr iW(f on that point i , A?lac ma |iilt? p< ?ia. . i'! aa f.-O.T a*a fj ?Iti a |er? a?<A l??tTt>ai'k aiatng I at v ? mbef Ji.a (i'? eaalu ith ( ? 'ha a-'u h?telln?*f -n rlt. t and the toon 1 ' r th pruriitt! <> mf? ?, t ft- ? K n'l e .| I Hi it.? ( :? Ifl ? - e . < ia It ?rel if itl't w m u : " hr u i T iailmnd, m tu'J

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