Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1851, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1851 Page 3
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L i Mve, during the ;uri IMS. 70 days; 1860, >3 days, 1861, m 4?ji RirEirn or Paoni'ce at Tin: watbb. Canal open Map 1. 49 .i/U 22. 60. jipl 15. '61. ytour, bbl* 4x0.110 005 >16 1,277,803 Wh?t bush 043.015 US6 307 000.577 Worn, do 2.760 670 1.607,378 3,503 861 Barley, do ItfgttO 120.MJ1 104.031 Bye, do lOOTrai 138.070 104.542 Other grain. do... 910.413 773 S01 1,335,489 Beef, bbl* 17.828 26 790 30.309 Bork. do 62.238 43.143 42.780 Ashe* do 18.320 10.233 15 309 Butter, lbs 1681.141 925.844 1.222.710 Bard, do 6.760.341 6 000.080 9.395.270 ' Cheese, do 3.465,539 2.691.171 1,223.581 L Wool, do 2.002,602 1.779,455 1,447 956 ' Baoon, do 0,072 896 7,509,046 9,583,363 | There appears to be no Tailing off In the movement* of produce towards tide water. The increase in reoeipts, last Week, was as great as in any previous one this year; and as the crops of grain at the West are coming in most abundantly the probability is that we shall hare more j extensive arrivals as soon as the new grain is in market- | able condition. The last annual report of the Michigan Central Rail- I road Company presents the subjoined exhibits of operatious during the year ending May 31,1851. compared with for the year previous:? Mk iikian Cknthal r hi.road. yier ending May 31 it, 1850. 1851. Receipts from I'assengers $375,695 $595,604 , from Freight* 270,050 412.362 " Miscellaneous 44.125 48.778 1 $698,870 $907,101 j Expenses, exclusive of interest, lut including loss by fire..... 301.049 400.840 | Net Income $397,227 $560 204 | Surplus lust year 18.032 j $584 320 i Int< rest paid $277,470 Bividend, December, 1850 230.544 $508,014 ; balance of Income account $70,312 | The gross earnings and expenditures In each of the T.Sft IV ur vears. were a.s annexed ? Operating Ex(hom pentrs. inclnd- 1Vet Earn- j i'turt Ending. Earning!. i/ijf Shite 'I'ax. ingt. M.iy 31,1848... $401,047 02 $201,863 4C $199,189 0(5 May dl, 1849... 427.429 6J 235.233 70 188.195 77 May 31, 1850... (591.972 42 301.040 13 300.323 29 May 31.1851... 947.347 29 341,'504 (55 ?55,032 74 There are very few railroad companies in this .State that ran ?how Mich a rapid Increase in gross and net income an this. The dividend paid in December last was nine per cent. The amount of capital st'ick, $2,638,100; < tiure uvertihle hmds, 8 per cents. $1.142 950; convertible bond*. 8 pe? cents $2,305,500; unconvertible bonds, 7 per | cents, $354,500?total capital and debt, $(5,441,050. Stock Kxctiniige. $20(00 t; R O'e, '5.1 I'll'a 1(K) she (trie Rlt WV I KW Ohio 6'r, 'CO, 1*30 KHJJ .'<0 do blO IH)I 1 Wl'tBuS't 81 290 do 84? I CHU Uric 7'o, ?? IH'i 60 d > at 60 da Siji :mi do '89 l'ii? 100 Morris Canal 160 | 25060 Irie Couv,'71 !'si5 50 do li'?a. i 2?100 do i'"i 26 Albany it Sch 9d 10000 do 160 !' ?, 40 1.011* Island 17!;,' fiOUO do 9-'.,' 475 Harlem KR 7 04 10 alts link Am Id!'*, 100 do b"0 7( 2?! Kerch E.t US 10 do 7.1 U 28 People's Bank l"2 25 do 7I>. J'<> N J Ex A; Min Co II 5o do s.i) 73? V1 do II>4 600 Reading RR .8, 60 do U'.4 11W Nor it VVorRR.bC'J 57 40 Hank NAjn 1U2 50 do fid4. 26 Mi,rib Ex link 113 125 do Si', , 78 Canten Co 5 Hud Riv RR 76 i 1.8 do C>T, Mad kind 99 50 do lie1, ;to Rocb as Syracuse U7'.? -.5 do b(50 69 >? 75 da 117 410 Erie RR but) 85 SECOND BOARD. $0*0 F.ri* 7'?, '59 10354 500 shs Rondio* RR.slO ,85*f 6(00 trie Conv,'71, MO SC . 50 Morris Canal, b0(! IB1, i lOshs Hanover llank looej .50 do 16', 16 llaua NAni 102U 19) Erie RR, 50 845, 10 do lOh'i iDVKRTlSEMENTS RENEWED EVERY WT THE M ARSII AI.L, TKMTIMONI ,\L,. ' | ' nr. r v' a.. "it iiiu i- " n " r- i v - t u r. iiao iauhi j 1 pla> e between Ethelb rt A. Marshall, Esq., and In* Irifuus, and ordered to be printed:? Naw York, July 12, 1S?1. E. A. Manati tl.L, Esq.:? Vicar fir?The undersigned, your fellow citizsns, desirous of acstilying ttieir respect for your Mftl and etlorts in upl.oldiug the cause of the drama during your managerial career in this and other cities of the t'niou? qualities mure f.artic ilnrly manifested in your management of the Broadway Theatre? unite in tenucrmg to you the compliment of a benefit, which we ben you will accept, ami that you wild allow us to arrange the proposed testimonial t> take plac* at such and in such place as shall seem best, to suable B> to arrive at the object we have in view, uumely?a com{.'intent worthy tha drama, of yourself, and eommensurate ssilh the esteem in which we hold y< u as a manager and a man. Yours, respectfully, HENRY F. yrACKENnOS. Secretary. On behalf of the Corresponding Committee of the preliminary meeting. Subjoined is a list of the gentlemen who have given their names and influence to promote this object: ? lioai. Washington Hunt, lion. A. C. Kingsland, Christopher Morgan, F. A. Taliruaige, , Kobtrt D. Morris, W. R. Ho. be, Jainta Brooks, Thomas Carnley, Vtm. V Brady, N. B. Blunt, W. W. Woodworth, Aid. Morgan Morgans, Samuel E. Johnson. (ieorge If. Franklin, R. Gilchrist, in i Uriffla. E. G. Squier, J. Miller, Thos. N. Carr, Robert llaws, E. V. R. Wright, James R. Ball, Major Gin. Bennett Riley. Warren Chapman, I . 8. A. Daniel Dodge, i J 1'rcscott Ilall, Isaac B. Smith, N F. Tallznadgr, Wesl?y Smith, John W. Nelson, Oscar W Sturtevant, \ < . rge W. Morton, Goi. II. Franklin, Joseph Bridgham, .lames M. Hard, It. A bey ni'ur. N.C.Ely, Jamea 1. Kugglca, Pat. KeTly, Edwin F< rrust, Joaaa F. i'onklia. I Join Van Iluren, II. B. Bolster, Kebert Emmet, M. ('. Edwards, A. Aid. I'. B Cutting, B. W. Osborne, < Mas Maret/ek. J. T. Bleak ley. I a ,, .* r, t as. I m ... i W H t< h l>r? w, Ri Iiidiui 3l Co.. U. C. Wratereelt, I. C. Clark. Iianiel II. Carroll, V D., | >.<l*ard Uo'lirc, E. D. c'onnory. M. D., tiro. II. Br?a<lliea<t, I*. A. 1'utnaui, M. D.. Uao. W. H'Lean, W'm. II Ma,well. M. D . l<t?ln Ludlow, Henry P. Uuackeuboa, M. !>., JonaaB. Phillip*, B J. Blink in an. M. D., l-nj. tlalbraith, Alee. P. Veeh*. M. D.. J Jatin T. I'urdj, 1>. Fraari* Bacon, M. D.. i B:.Iidi Lock wood, Geo. K. Siatare. l>.nel E hiakler. H M. Noah, J TruBiti.ll 11u lent. Win Okcll, Ixaiel U. Il< ward. Solomon Kt|>p, ' Coleman fc !?t?taon, Jatne* Barley, riiarlra A. Secer, Job Taker. Jo?. E. Coflee, Chan. T. B. Wars. ! ?' U id,on, Fnitoa II. Hod,ie*. W. (i Brteu, I >: c. Pray, J. 0 Brian, O. (I. Porter. I'n<!lfy Perate. Warren ha,ton, binith. Sanaa, A Co. tleorr, Loner. Win. Venae. Charlea C. AdniSO, a houaiey R. WaaVo W. C. Hamilton, J.Harrow, Cliarlea K. tiraliaoi. Ntrholi, Krauth, It C . u'.J- W. R K' tineon, wall, R. tl. It-ilird, Tliomaa M. I'mlon, H. <1. Clara, Jolm Thompaon. Boer, A ll"f*rt, A.J. Wllllama?n. Cl.aa. .1 Carey, Bertram II Howell, Lewi* Oajrlor'l Clark Henry (anakartjf, Leo. P. M rria. Hiram l'nll*r. P. Arpin, It. H Coinatock, a J. II. CaffTty. I . at W. Leland. J. N. riimtirede, Jam** Beck, Joe. Kyle, A. hteerne, T. V. Cauii 'oeH, W. B. Bean, D. C. M< rel.end, M. D . C. E. Niriiol*. John Taylor, ,'nMpb Bitter, Alfred Pre. man. . Wm. Ely chile"a J lm N, (lenin, lame# m Mill'?, Henry Storma. Ai eon Hereirk, Win. Tairmaa, at n McCartv. Carina D. ttmrt I < w?lt. a. (ten I < . Jollia, ' 8. S. Sawthworth. Cou-jtti. I Wbi.U Dealer, J. R. ( lark, a Vuirtui V?'ia. T. Porta*. I #<ha D. Cheaalkr. Wa.riM?Biri(r I Rett. Bait, 1'. B. Iiorkharlt. I R ko?M t. Rt'nrir Or<<?tr. Turk ft Bailey, Alet Hamilton, J.1F. Norton. J aim II"-jr. { JdM Iwtlalt, T. P. RteSarda. i Knaa Rickardaon. Jal.a A. K?Mu, I la. M. Lxutrrl. P. II. vt'arraa, Jr., i II. B. 1'olamaa, Rohart Smith, t. ray, R. n. I nadirk. J. 8 Manilla. JoeeRh C. Hart. J. L kaayp .laataa K. fltatkina. Oaa. P. RaaMtt. D. P. Ilard n. JiMjh Crawford. J.-' m F I'ortar. T A. lamaa, Philip llaaa. r W Bare. B<imoad HWnhmar. B H li. jd, J C. H'llaad, A Hillta, IIh. II. liarrett. J S. H Uaa. W Rihlatt, Co. C lark. H.aa. C. So. ilk, Joha Kroiuham, IWary Saoar, t karlea Jnaaa. t.. r*a II Pack. H. B. I nwlar, J. P. Bra.kwry. B. Faa Da??r, J. D. Ma? well, c 11 hart Oak lay, Jaka f. R.paa, M. Ilavdaa, I err I'lonktll, It ill aia Uaklry. T. W. Rti?haa. MR. M wtu a Raai.v. j,,,T t4< flaatleroca ?Ilia with im .tiona of eincere aad profouwd gratitude 'hat I acknowledge the receipt of yoar fa* ? ol tha 12th io?t , iotitia* th* aecepune* ?f a complimentary ktnaht fr. m tha eitiiea* of tl>* commercial emporium of the Union I ha?# heretofore repenfedly dc tinrl any audi tea tlaiomala. flratlked aa.l rrateful aa 1 felt, at the rotoileatetlon? allodait to, I alirank from a rawar.l whlah, th* mra It w aa tailed, tee mad the wi'fe die | roporti ne.l t? my olaime Hut when I And it rer.i wed tijr > many gentlemen "" highest so< lal .minenco and private worth, I feel that It Would |.e Indceereut antl ungrate'ul t < decline eneh an honor a? pvoflered. *? an individual. I a debtor heyond the h' l.? of rcouital. I t unnumbered arte of kindness end enurtvey from Ihe ettiicne "f New Torhi and, as a manager. their I probation and anpp?rt hare bean my constant Incentive an I m-?t g? netens recompense. To win. in any enterprise, the confidence and applanse of a public e? allghtened. Would be a eobiert "f the most earnest e? If rratnlatl n: in hove ?"cnrcd them In the peffnrmanee of th? manifold, divertiNe). always lal.on ns an I enherraesieg duties of the manager of a metropolitan theatre muht well satl'fy eten an Inordlaate amid ion Bo nn-epeeted and flattering a testimonial of ynwr approbation, and that of the frl'nde of the dratna generally In New V- rk, la an honor the grateful reeoltortion of Wl f-h Will inritr m- < en ? I and more vigorous fl"rts to t Indicate yonr eontidence and regard. Tb drama is a (treat power for rood or for evil. Rising in the earliest dawn of ll-ersry refinement, its light has lingered to the latest twillirht of Its evenlnr. Its "rl i 11 at object, m all rennlries, was the inculcation of thb holiest truths-, and it Ima always been most popular and nenerfnl when pnr?sl. To minister, hurerer humbly, In thetemile of the drama?to pr-test it from pollution, and I eheriah the Urea npon Its nltars In all their original pnrity and hrithtnesa?Is a part worthy a juat oiahillon. If I hare dene anythlnr, however slight the servioe, to elevate, purify, and recommend the stage to the favor of the wiee and a?' d?If, In shnrt, I have merited. In the Wet decree, the honor which yon propose for my nooeptanee, I am a thousand fald rewarded.?I am. gentlemen, with eenti mcnts ef the trueel re'pvct. yonr obedient servant. I. A. M tflsllAU,. Te Henry F. ijuaobenboa. M D., and the gentlemen of tin rorreeponding I'ommitt* e. In inrenanee ol this object, then- w HI I e a genofat meeting 1 f bi War- aire friends, at th- \-t t II ?s. n Friday tv.ningneat l?th Inst, at c'? o'clock, for the pnrp so of appointlnc the necessary eommitteev, and adopting eifeoti-. e ineasnrea to carry out tne intent! >ns of th" movers. In the bestowal of ti.ia compliment. A | unetunl nttendanoe Is re annate*. , Ity ? rd- e of the C<Bin.;'tce of the nrehnll Teetim aial. .fily M, MM. MOUL dOTICKR. NOTICE. THE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE Ninth and Eleventh Regiments of the New Volk State Militia. ar>- reapectiully invited to attend tti? funeral of tin late Cupt. llnnigan, uf ttio lirigu>.j l.auo re, oa Thursday. July 17, 1M1, atTiatfpuat tliree o'clock M.. lr 'in his late residence, 311 Third street. Tg08. M. CLANCV. qcand1navia?accordinq to THE wish of A 1? constitutional number ul uieiubera, au c xtru meeting ot thia society will b? held at its regular place of meeting. in Saturd ay e> at in*, July the Idtli. Members are respe< ttull) notified to attend. By order of the l'reaideut. OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER OF Jl'RORS, NO 7 City iiall, July 15, lNtl.? Persons exempt from iurj duty, who have not registered their exemption at thia office are notlhad to make such registration on or before the 25tL it,#t. WM. A. v, AI.KF.rt Commissioner of Jurors. Notice to an amateir.-for sale, a hand some new double-barrel Gun, mouuted with a bayonet made by one of the best gunsmith* of Pari*. Also, a new invented powder eaniator, sculpted gourd, a Catalan hunting knite and hunting sword of the time Henry IV.; thcti arms nre rare, and much admired for their beauty and au ti iiiity. To be seen at No. 113 Celar street, Hotel dt Nancy. ^ PEIlMNAli. IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EVE OF DIANA UOUS ton, who left Baltimore on the 10th of July, she wil please call at the Sun office from 10 to 11, or from 2 to 3. PARTICULAR NOTIi E -INFORMATION IS WANTF.t of Arthur McGuirc, a boy of 17 years of age, w ho left hh parents in Syraeuec, in Septsmbr-, ii*l!?, at the time of th< State l air, and has m t since been heard of, though diligent!; sought alter by ' is uueeIII late paronts I'ho boy ie not ol perfectly sound rniud, has a mark of a burn on the uppei part of his right foot, also a murk of a cut on his left elbow lie is of light complexion, fair hair. Any information ona ccrning hint, uddresscd to thu office of the Christian En piir ... Il.?,., . V.,,0 will l.c oratcfullv reeeiced hi Ills afflicted parents. Will our exchanges be so humane a: tu copy the above. I KIT ! I! S HOME. ON THE 3?TII Of MAKC1I LAST J Wm. Taylor, of Sheffield. England, aged 4<> years, mi l die sued, stout, fresh complexion, euady whiskers. Tin business that troubled him ia nettled. Any iafornia on aril be thankfully received by his afflicted family. Address t SAN DKRBoN, BROTHERS U CO., ltlCTiff atroct, N.Y TIIK KIllK.At K.N. A CARD?CROTON ENGINE COM!'ANY. No. lri.?A1 a meeting of tin- members of Croton Engine Company, No. Iti, held at their engine house, after their roturn fr..m Ncwhurg, the following resolutions were unauiuiouslj adopted Resolved, That the thanks of this Company he, and are hereby, tendered to the Fire Department of Newbury, foi their splendid rceeption on our arrival at their village. Also, to Engine Companies Nos. .1 and 5, of Potighkeepsi . and Nos. 2 and .'1. of Matlewan, vie also return our sincere thanks. Resolved, That to Chief Engineer Gardiner, and his Assistruits, Messrs. Wood and Thomas. We return our siltcert thanks, for the many favors and attentions during our visit to New bury. Hesolved, To Engine Company No. 4, of Vewbu'x, in particular. we return our heartfelt thanks, for their unexpected liberality and cure for our wants, during our stay in Newbury. Resol ved, That no language ran expr s the feelings ol'eaoh individual on that occasion, torthe mam favors rc ecived, and we hope the day is not far distant win n wo shall have the pleasure of uieetiug the members of Engine Company No. I in New York. Resolved, That to mine host. Mr. Fitehe, and lus lady, we also return our sin .ere thanks, for their atteutiou during our stay at his hotel. Resolved, To Captain Talinan. of the steamer Henry Clay, is entitled our heartfelt thanks, f .r his geutlem inly eouduet during our trip to and Irom New burg. Resolved. Thai to the members of the Williamsburg Brass Band, for their untiring efforts to please during our absence, we return our heartfelt thanks. STEPHEN MITCHELL, Chairman. Roi ubt Con i > r, Secretary. ,\ T A MEETING til' THE MEMBER'. Of AMERICAN' 11 llose Co. No. I'd. held at t ie Carriage House on Tuesday evening, the 16th inst., the following preamble and resolution were adopted Whereas. It has pleased Divine Pro.idcaee, in the exercise of that wisdom by which the atlairs of men are governed, to remove from our midst <mr brother and frieu l, Henry V. Montgomery, late Assistant Foreman of this Company : ther. t> re, he it Kisolved. That. I.y this affliction, the Eire Department ii d? priv. d of the services of one, than whom none was more pr' nipt, or more active, w hen duty called forth hi' ?ft .rt or benevolence actuated to exertion: and that while it becomes the members of the Department in general to i nirn the loss of him whose long s. rvii e and unblemish 1 char ie tcr contributed lur>;? 1 y to the etliclen y anil h?n >r of that body?the members of thii company, who, in toiling at his tide, haie so often felt the spur of hij example. feel a deeper grief, as we contemplate thu vacancy thus made in our small number. Resolved, That the death ef one so long and warmly en dcared to us by all the social virtues, the p.sscssion of which formed a prominent feature in Ids chariotcr. afeets lis w ith the grief known only to those w ho have lost a cheerful companion nnd a trusty fro nd. Resolved. That in the afflictive dispeniation which has made us to know the mourner's woe, wt rccoirnicc the hand of " Him who d"< th all things well." Resolved, That the sympathy we feel with her who Is thus deprived of her partner in life s joys and sorrows, is not "The frmen pity that but mocks our rrief," hot it the wnrm Rushing from hearts that have themselves been torn fv this sodden rupture f " a thousand olin iocs." Resolved, That the usual emblems of mourning bo worn by the members of this company thirty days. Resolved That a copy of these resnfntions. signed by the ufticirs ot this mmisj, he sent t" the family ef the deceased, and that the same be published, HF..NR1 iv. It tNKS, Chairman. Samvei. B. Thomson, Secretary. LOST, Abe. ttlAO Rr.WAKl>? LOST, o\ BOARD TBI I AO *3* ' vsvs \. mtun, a ti uliogauy llos, with three letters euir?Ts< sb It, ssnUlnln *t Hum MukMi and mm private nepers, of no i n-euuenee but t<> the ..wner. Any 'lie w ho Vrings the same, or the v ntents thereof, to Mr. T. W. f . Moore Northern Hotel, <' rrtluudt street. New York, :>r. in his absence, to .Mr. Anthony Barclay, No. 1 College I'laee, will receivs $100. C*in '"nA RKWARI. -I/.-t. VI:M'ki:I)\V u>KN ing, in < ing fr> in Knox'a II it Stirs, in Fult n street, to Chambers street, Spring atreet and Broadway. >n east aide, a Pocket Book, containing one hnndred and thirty dollars and fifty cent-: i.e., eleven ten dollar gold pieces, owe twenty shilling do . and the rest in smalt bills. 11.c a hove reward will be pall to any one leaving the earn with (1. Harrison, at Lawrence's Daguerrcan (Jallery id.i Broadway. (Ml ft REWARD Wll.l, llF. i'.\I D FOR TilE DELI V35* IV cry at No. 174 M onster atreet, ef a small Mack and ton King Cr arlss Spaniel Slut, luisscd from the premises on Monday afternoon. STKAVF.D OK STOIfN FRO* Till. PAATVEB AT Burnhsm's, on Friday night, llth inst., a Bay Horse, it mt I.1.' in Is high, short twitch tail, a little lamofirasrd. Whoever will return said horse to Hurnham's, or give nt rmation where lie laay be found at II Charlton street, will be liberally rewarded. FREDERICK U LI,LOW A, Stable, II Charlton street. I OPT OR STOLEN?A POCKET-BOOK. ON BOARD J steamboat Connecticut, last Thursday afternoon The rid- r can keep th money, but he will please return the Pocket-book to Box K.'N lower Pest OSes. TH Id TI'KK. UNION COURSE : OHO ISLAND TIIF. I'KOPRIEtor offer* the following Pnr-ee nud Stakee. to < ome utl hr iilln part of Angnrt an4 lu September. Free fur all citing hocee, in borneae'? N<>. I.-Fuh > ( S-Mi, w lb an ineide it.ike of tZiO. b. ft., ,br?e mile licata, in barnee*. Free tor all hureca. No. Z?Puree $ *K, with an maideetaki ol b. It., two nitv htnte. in hnrnen*. Free lor >11 bor?e?. No. .'I ? I1' r?e with an ineiile etnke of *Z"iiV h. ft., nil o heat*, bcellhnein bee. in haraent. Free for nil honor. N ". 4.?Por.o >f gtlo, with an iaaide *taki-at |1UU. h. ft., nlli- heate, but three in live, in herneee. Free for all lorree. N. A?Puree of SNai, with an inaidi etnke of 1110, h. ft., iwo mile hoale, la I arueM. Fnui lor all trotting tallionr, tairpt St. Lawn-in e, Eolrlufi r the almve porrei na l rtakn to rloee at Mad hue, No. lo> Chatham eipiare. en Monday, July Jlat, by ten / lock, P. M. Three or m r t? make a race, and two to itart. JO UN I. IkEDlKIS, Proprietor. TIIK WATKHINU PLACKS. Pavilion ii<> rei. new Rociiui ir w. ?n loa, ie aow op,a lor the eeae-in. Accointno Ittmn for 'amiliea and ntbarr. on reaaonable term*. Commnnieatloa, n* tinier daily, aim on Sunday, per eteamer lelander. JuRT WASSINUTON PAVILION HOTEL, SHREWSI bury. New Jerrey?Slimin la Kogere, I'roprietorr.?Tlie ito\e well known hotel ie now >pen for boarder*. Itr rituation fur Fathinr. Kthine, and tailing. ia uueurpaeeed. K ioni tin and delightful. I ermne eeekioga refuge from the beat inJ dart of the city, ranaot but be well pleaetd. \JLT ASIIIN* TON IIA LI., BIOII BRIDGE, TORK If I,land ride. The aln? e new and elegantly oon-trm tid Hotel ie now open lor the* reerptinn of permanent on I tranrieat hoard'ra. r.very luxury can here he found that rhararteriiee a hrrt claea hotel ? affording one of the moat ro. 1 and delightful n treats froro the beat of the city, that the enetrona of New Vork potaereee. Thegrcundi attaehed to the Hotel ronnutad the eery linnet view of the Bridge and enrrounding aceaery tiiat ran be obtained. Route, lac kIe, Re , nlwiya In realineaa, under the that*- of Jnha R'cardua, late of kingebridge?the llarlom River being celebrated for il< eacellnnt ftehiwg. Carriage* ia waiting at ti.e dep 1 (llarlem) to convey pueeenger* to thn " IVaahTagton,"on the arrival of every tram from the city. AWn the Moor*'* line ef from City 11*11 p!*<-<' direct. A MX. R TtlORr, I.*t* of th* Paeilion, Shrew* bury Rir*r. CI HI A \ D R I V F.R li A Til I N (J Till (H RAN HOUSE, ij Shn-wtkury, i* now opened for the r*?epti.n of vialtcr*. W. A. MATHEWS. TO CONTRACTORS. IN Dl'STRIAI. HOME ASSOCIATION. NO. l.-l'ROPO rale for dralnini *n<J rradin* tie landl of thla a.aocla tmn will be raceive 1, till th* flr*t day of A>i*u?t., Ml, by O One*. < 1 * Broadway, and by Jobn Stephana. oo th* (round* near Ea.t cheater, at cither of which place the plan, apoolll ration*, and all neteaaary information p*rtainin( th?rct< may be obtained. RVS LIGATIONS. TO LAWYERS-THE AMENDMENTS TO THE CODf jnat adopted by tbe l.ejtialatnre, will b? pnbli.hel thil m rnia*. in a neat pamphlet, at th* rfSee of th* Evenini Poat, by M M. C. BRYANT k CO.. llNaaeati atreet. (A or FRENCH BOOKS -RECEIVED I'EF J Franklin, a larre nnm'er of Cafaloyne* of ealnabli work* Jviet pnhliahad in Pari*. To be had aratuito<ialy, of LIVINGSTON, WELLS k CO., ri Wall atreet. wanin. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TOCHO WOMAN wanfa a aitnation aa Waaher and Ironer, or to do (*n* ral houa?work or ebamberwurk. I'leaae call at lid Eltventt aire*i, front rooni. No. 7. a DiarrrTint r mot uianr* a aiTi'aTfiiar It J\ a prlrate family. > t'hainherni aid, and to do line *nh in* ma Ironing. underetande Freai h fl ilinr, and < a *nm Plain re*er. Ka objection lo the conntry flood city re fi rrnre (Itm. I'lcaee r ail at No. ti Stuy veiaat etreet. ARI SPRl TAIll F. PROTESTA N T WOMAN WANTS / eltnatirn la ft -wall fawiily, to do general homework She hie e" d city reference. Apply at Jfii Greenwich etreet flrrt floor. Housekeeper wanted-a smart, active, in daetrinne woman, who tboronchly nnderetanda hoar* ket pin* in all ite eerioae depart men so, ie wanted to tak' the mperrieion of a Inrte. tint daae prirate hoardii * h??M She molt nadrretand perfeetly. pickling. pre*ertin*. pre penny dereert diehee, keeping account*, and the manap ment of eervante. UndnahteJ referoncee will bo repaired AI t H at |0| ( >mmln r' It feet I1APM WEEK -WANTRD. TWO MEN Of (JIN yjt A V/ tli manly addrrie to o'lticit tabeerlhare for a net work of nalvrreal intereet, eplendidly illnetrated. and th only edition in the trade. N. B ?A lorro ileal plate enitrae in* ylren with the Bbo?| to each lubecribet. Apply at I Vcreyeireet. WJUITI. ^ WANTED SITUATIONS FOE ABOUT FOUR BUNdred good ecrvanta, triiih, Scoteh, English, American, I colored, Ac., Uooke, General Workers, N ureee. Seau?screes?e, Laundresses, Chambermaids, Waiters, Farmers. Coac iiuoq, Ac., at the "Sclri-t i'rotustant Agency." 7 Carmine street, and at the Old Society Office, 10?l Chambers street, about the only uflicce patronised by the meat respectable families and brat elan* eervante. WANTED liV A KESPF c'TAIll.E YOUNCUIRt., WHO ran apeak French and German, aud ia a good plain seamstress, a situation lr some private family. Good refereuoea aill be given, at Ike Maideu lane. Please inquire at I 'U 1 lapenard street. WANTID-A GOODSERVANT AS NURSE, TO WAIT on a lady with two children to travel fr?ui Neve York t" ?uu Francisco. Apply 2Uii Fourth atreet. WANTED?A ( 00K; A I'ROTESTANT WOMAN, Colored or whi*r; one who thoroughly uudcxatands meat, vegetable, and pastry cooking. None need apply except the very boat of rooks. To such a person liberal wa/ea will be allowed, with steady employment. Apply at 171 Front at. WANTED-ltY A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, A situation as Wet Nurse, who has a fresh hreeit of milk; ran give the best of city reference, l'lraeu call at '?) King atreet. front basement; can be suen for thrue days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE young woman; ia a good plaiu cook, aud would be satie1 bed to aaaiat in washing and irouing. The best of city reference from her laat plane. Can be eeen for three days, at . 347 Twelfth street, third floor, back room, between First aud ' Second avenues. } "WTANTED?EY A RESl'EiSTABLE YOUNG WOMAV, J * situation to do tho housowork of a private family. ' Good city reference Kiven. Apply at <70 Cireenwioh atreet, M I i11 r. i :tit bi M B f r two i |yf, ' I WANTED, -A hEAVt-IKE8.S WANTS A SITUATION! i ii is an American, aged 23; relers t? those she ia at pre' lent livlL/ with, who are about discontinuing housekeeping. ' Addrese industry, Herald office. flTAMTID-ir A respectable VOL vr. WOMAN, t? a aitnat'on as chambermaid; ia a good waaner and " i ironer, and has no objeotion to moke herself generally useful, j 1 Can be Been for three days, at 321 First avenue, between J Nlneteenth and Twentieth streets, in the store. TITANTFM-A SITUATION At ( (>ACHM AN. BY A I ?T yonn* man who thoroughly understands his busine ia. Is a good groom, end ;an come well recommended. A lvorI tiser iaa Protestant, and would go as travelling groom, if no < I coachman's situation should offer. Please address J. S., by , letter, at his office. _______ WANTKIi-A KESPI M . I 'DI. E A .!' I) Protestant weman. aa Seamstress and Nurse, to take I I charge of three children, the youngest four yeara old. Th best i ity refereuees required. Apply at No. lit) Butler street, | South Brooklyn. | EE7" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOK AN ff a aituati in as Wet Nurae. She ia young and healthy, i and is *illinr to malte her-elf other* ise useful For furtner I irticuiari inquire for Mrs. Ruggers, at No. :,) Tliirt, WANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST RATE COOK, understands all kinds of pastry, cuke and bread, luI quire at 30 West Broadw ay. tl/-ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vY young woman, to do cooking, washiug and ironing; understands her business perfectly well. Best of city reference can be given. Please call at llt'Tenth avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets, front room, second Boor. BBTAMTBD-BT A RESPEt TABLE TOUBQ TOMAN. " a situation in a private family either as Chambermaid or to do general housework; is an excellent washer an! ironer, understands cooking, be. Can give the best city reft ri nse. Please call or address B. D., 31 Roosevelt street, for three days. TIT" ANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION vv us Plain Cook. M asher and Ironer. ' r to do chamberwork, and asust with the washing and ironing; isan excellent washer and Ironer. Can give the best of city reference. I'll asc call at No. b Pat chin Place. Amos street, between Greenwich and Sixth avenue. Can be seen for two days. W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOM \ V, A situation as Nurse and Seamstress, She is capable ot doing chamberwork, and has no objection to travel with a respectable private family. Best of city reference. Pleaae call at 1(4 N inth street, near T! ird a venue, in the r ;ar. Can be teru for two days if net engaged. II r ANTED- A SITUATION, IN A WHOLES AI F. OR I* retail boot and shoe house, ly a young man who has (oiislderab! > experience in the business. The best of ity re. t'erence can be given. Address J. C. S., otlice of the Herald \LT ANTED--BY A RESPECTABLE Vol NO WOMAN. ?T n situation in c private tamily. either as Ch amber maul or to do geneva) homework : is a good washer and ironer. and ' nderstands j lain cooking. Oan give the lest of reference. Can he seen ut the Oroiiry Store, corner Twenty-second street and Second avenue. VHAinill BT two RESPECTABLE ^YO! N . PR' Irtrer: the otlu r a* C) aiuberuiald and to assist in taking ere of u child. The heat of city references riven. Please tall at MIS Broad way, at Mr. Real's Can bo aeeu for two days, if not ensured. \ITANTED?A SITCATION, BV A RESPECTABLE TT irir 1, t" do the work of a private family, and is a rood w orhtr and ironer; the heat of city referents can he given, if runtiired. Can be aeeu, fur two days, at Juu Nassau street, Brooklyn. ll^ANTEK A Ml IKT. ACTIVE YOUNG I.A UY. ro V V attend in a saloon, 107 Canal street, an l t > hoard in the family. A pily between the In. rs of ! and 10 o'el >.-k A m. WM.B COPPR. BIT ANTF.D-BY A RESPECTABLE, STEADY. PR ITES" tant woman, a situation in a gentleman's family as children's nur-e, and to J.. |dain sewing. t an mo good eily reference. I'lea-e call at No. 7' Third avenue. In the rear, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, where she can be seen for two lays. WAMD BTTVOMSPBCTAiii EYOI no women, if situations, oat m Chambsrtnald and W niter, and the other to do general housework she i? a good washer and ironer The l ost of eity reform oe sieso If re.|W>red. They i an be seen for tw o days, at No. 11 Amity street. BIT ANTED - BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS. 8ISIT tars, situation as Children's N ursee, or is " 10; -tr >? a, or tliey are willing to ti.ake themselves g n> rally useful.? Please apply at No. J02 Ninth street, between avenues C and D. Respectable reference given. I \JkT ANTED.?A TEMPERATE BOY SIXTEEN* TEARS if of age wishes to apprentice himself to same raepeotable trade Good reference given. Please call at No. 1/7 Mott itrert, any day this week. \JkT ANTED ? A SITCATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ev rming woman, as Cook, W asher. and Irouer. or to do grneraf housework, lias the h> st of recommendations Iroin I ir last | laees. No objection to go to th? eo ir.try Can be seen for two days. Please call at l?l Atlantic street. South Brooklyn. 1\* \ \ I f I. A SIT1' A T11?N, B Y A PKt I'/KnTA NT C. I HI. II as Nurse and S< r mstress, or at Chambermaid. is well a usti lord to the work. Good rity reference can be given. Apply at Its! Greenwich street, thirl floor, back room. IVANTFD-A SITUATION It V A R ESI'ECT A II I.E "V fouii* VMM M Cwk : ?Mkil|and ir>>nin?r if re'luired. Heat of city ref?rencea can bt nini from her f .rloriner employers 1'leaee toll at No. 5 St. Mark's place, c. rniT of lijliili strict. ANTED-A SITUATION AS I I AIN COOK. NO TV ol-icction to go in the country. In iuire nt M U\<t Broadway. \k'AN I F.l> - IN A rKIVAlE I" A M 11 I A I lAKBII. TV mild. ailUr Uil wtoutr'H. Th .uuWrmi'il mmt I. a food waahor and Drawer: tho aaite', a yutin* woman bother oyhly understands her kosiwess: and th>- aeawtre-e to he tully competent. N no Bred apply. etcrpt thn-n wl can hriug uuevceplieenl le reform s, and * no have li\cd nt Dast ai\ months in their last plr oe. Au| ly between | III iD'l II A . M, or 0 aud 7 I' M . and No. .v- East Twenty I tilth street. WANTED BY A PROTESTANT YiH'Ni WOMAN. A itiiaiton us Cliamtn rnmld or vi alter, alao, a nni woman, of Hi years of ago, lately nrrIr -I In thia uutry, to mlad children or to rail-1 in housework: l? a I'rotostnat. and would go a short distance iw til* country. Can he seen. for two ilaya, at No. t'V fourthatrect, between firatan I Second atinuci. ii' vntid?A YOCNO french, itama\. OEKM aM vf of Rpawiab tonaa, wha wonld In willing to make herself an agreeable com pan in. and teach a puil?mnn eitner I of the Above Ian uages. Addrcaa A L. W intari illc, Herald ffue. r?r a n i r d i.m't.nvEKs 11 i ? n o? strff.t. ff Brooklyn. Tkl fMlliM ! I.r 1 :ti. m I It? >1 m:y, rr<iulrl?ir competent male anl female etreante, aich aa K irliDitn. rrv0B>?. waiter", fee.; ro 'ke, I ainbemitide, aim*, ean.rtrr'arf, lirla f< r peaeral houeework and email atria, ran ha euttrd t>jr ?rpl) m* aa abort. Thoaa preferring I r> ti atant a?rv aat a are iu it. t to sail. VIr ANTED?A 8ITUATION, A? COACIIEAN. BT A ff r> ( tat I. > >ur..' ntt. Brat of reference n? t> chira< t<-r atiJ > apnbility. No objection to tho rami try. Addreae T. M. v., llmM oAeo. EE*ANTFI' A GfKtD BOOK EEEPER. WIIO CAN ff coma well recommended. lo mire nt r u Broadway. EI7ANTED-A ROTATION, BY A PROTECTANT ff yr urR w nan. a- Aeamatrraa, and would do lirht cham birwork. if re mired. Tbe krat of ctty reference given laquire atf>7 Baet Tkirtrrath atrtat. near Fourth arran bit anted-tor generai. boi'sbwork. a vin ff dl< ayd American a?maa. Sbrnmt la nrat in hrr I.n>Itw. a i d * caber and Ironcr, and plain r?ok. Mutt bring good city reference. Apply at 474 Grand atrevt. WANTED?BY A RI. * P F.( TAI11 F WOMW A oitfation at Cook, n ho undcretanda hrr hnelneee; no oh* Jerti n to a reportable hoarding hnnee: would l>r willing to araiit in waehina in a email private family. No objection ta (o a abort diatnnca in tho country. Can ha wen for two daya. Beat of city rrfrrrnrea. 71 Seventh a treat, ?rat floor. el* ANTED?A NEAT AND RESPECTABLE OlRf.. TO ff do the general hoaatwofk of a priate family, and to aeetet in ecwinf. None hut a competent tmraoa need aiply, The beet tfrefrrencea required. Apply after It) o'clock, at 47 Suffolk etrret. EE* ANTE D-A BITCATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ff yonn ; woman, to do general honaework in a amall private family, la a rood plain eook, and a pood waaher and Ironer. The beat of city reference gfvea. Apply at 12 Ear t atreet. _______ ! W ante D-A RITIATION. bt a respect abm 1 ff young woman. a? R> amatre-? and Chambermaid; wotild aeeiet ia the rare ol children: hat the heat of city reference*: . w onid have no objection t? po a ahort diatanaa In the eona| try. Can ke area, for two daya at 171 II eator Meet. eet ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOt'Nfl WOMAN IT (? German ), a altoatina in an F.naliali family at Cbambrrmald. flood rtty rafrroara. May ba aaon at VI Broad at. WA N TF D?Af SITUATION, BY A BCRPBCTAMIS airl. to In (Mitral honitwnrk for A ?m*ll private fa , irily Aha rinlr a-en for two daft, at lirr laat plaea, 7iH Raabiraton atreai. [ WtT k I' I I I SITUATION WANTED BY A RE TV rpoetabla woman, with a fraah I rraat of milk, laat bar I 1 aby tbrae wrtka old. Canalro (ood rrferaneoa. Apply at Fifty ninth itrtit. beta tta Tenth aad Kitrtalk aftaaaa. Mr. Ward * Foundry k WF.T SlR?<r 9IT' ATH>N WANTED BY A RE FT aportaM* yoout woman, ia a ?mu, .!'hy nnman. Tbt k< at nf pity rtftrtarta (Iran, ami may ka t.aa far two ' dajra. Plaaaa apply at No. 711 Mott atraat. SITUATION WANTED. BY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH (irl. aa Conk, Waabar and Iraaar in a amall family, of aj Cliambarwiaid. B'aahar and lynor nr to do roarrnl hoatt work, or would rn aa lanadraaa. Good raftronn (Iran. Can . bo a?rn for two daya. Arply at lid Elm atraat, toraer of Howard. rLERK WANTED-1N TIIF. RETA1T. OR<>< IRT BUM naat?A man who baa a thornuyh knowlodyo cf tha I? .in? m mar obtain a aitnatlnn by apolylna at No. 3U Car, aiina atraat. Apply aftrr II aVIork A M a ~ - ? NOTICE -CARPENTERS B ANTED AT NO V St Ffolk atrnat. Moat but (ood baada a#<d??;dy. City or country work. r. u (uuhle. HOIIHiCB, ROOMS, Sc., WANTKD. WiMCC-A SUITE or APARTMENTS. WELL FURnished. in the vpper pert of the city, with hoarl for a lady? with a widow lady preferred. The aitu itiou iuu?t ke , Oool am airy. All communications will be held striotiy uoiw fideutial. Please address A. CI., Herald office.

WANTED- .? COUNTRY It ESI DENCE FURNISHED or unlurn.<hed, f a K' loiiiau'e family. for a period I of Irom three to hvc ye 11. if either the Now Uaven or Hudson Riv r K> lr . . n- to exceed idl nor tinder rfi miles I iu one city of N * A ore. Apply (propeid) A. T. W , Lake Muhopac, by Croton frlli, h. 1. WANTED-A SMALL HOUSE. WITH A FEW ACRES o! lend attached, situated between Sev-otiot.i and I loth struts, near the lludavu or Kant river Posseision wanted thia fall. Address Hoi Lower Peek OR e. WANTED-TO RENT, A STOKE, INTENDED F< Mt the grocery and liquor trade. Addreaa F. A . Herald I office. WANTEDTO KENT-A STORE. St 1TABLE FOR THE Grocery and Liquor trade?it must he in a good location; I cr to pnrchaao, aUrocety and Lh.-ior Store, already estab, lihhed. Couitnunioatione addressed O. P., with particular! respecting price and location, will receive prompt attention. WANTED?A COTTAGE AT NEWPORT, RHODE I eland.?A furnished oot'age or furnished apartments for a lainily of six, wanted at or near Newport, from the i 1st August. I'lease address with full particulars of situa'iou. 1 uumbcr and si/u of rooms, and price per mouth, Al. P., at Mr. I Jay's ulhee. street. Wanted?BV ailady, a ROOM and BEDROOM, in a genteel situation. Rent paid iu advance. Ad dress II. 8., Herald office. AN OFFICE ROOM WANTED. AT A MO DERATE RENT, in some central part of the city. A thruugsi business place ia not required. Addrese B. C., at thii effioe. KilH. SALE AND TO L.UT. FOR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK, AND FIXTURES OF a I'acket Otligrocery itor- and Lar attached, doing a good business. The reason tor selling out is inconsequence of the proprietor retiring .rum cueiaots. Apply at lis) South treat. For sale- a fancy t ash busine's-eijTaklitlied seven years, and the only one of toe kio 1 iu the | country?connection ertendlng through the United Statet ! and Canada*. I'rottts fr- io S'S.OUO to #d,000 a year. Ronton for selling, proprietor going t > Europe. Apt ly at lAti Broadway, room No. S, or to ilOWES H BKAMilll.l., NJ Na-aan , street, and -t.W Broadw. y. If OR SALE, TO LET OR I.EASE.-THE EXTENSIVE j A manufacturing staloiihment. with water power, situated at West Karma, Westchester county, at the l.uad of navigaj tiou on the Bronx river, distant eleven miles from the oity of New York, cow occupied by Richard I rawther, Esq.; f.,r the mannfactariug of Brussels Carpets, together witli the elegant mail-ion house attached, in which are all the modern i in provements. This property contains about live acres, with numerous buildings thereon, which may be used for a greet variety of manufacturing or other business purposes. . For further particulars, apply to FRANCIS J. BARK r TO, | No 6 Broad street, N. Y'., or to Francis Bur.'otto, Blythe, j near West Farms. BIOS BALI?IN TBI I.I'WTK PORTION ok HU i JT city, a Drinking Saloon, of the nr i standing and c aracter. ll.e present receipts Irom the bar w ,II average thirty i* Hint per day. M .at be sold iuiued.ately, as the | cs.-at ewuer is required to leave town, in cans- queue i of ill 1 health. Apply immediately to HOWES X UKAMUU.L, J t:i Nassau street, or 158 li oadway. Michigan lands for salb.?eicut lots, or from Sb to 330 a. res, in KAlMUUoa and Van Uurea < unties, near the Central Railroad, nun in I< nla county, on and near Grand river, all verv desirable lo iti. ns. and th.c land I of superior quality. U'w. S. TOOLE, Id Broadway. nOTBL FOB SALE?RITUATID ON LONG ISLAND, tilty miles from New York city, ccntaininr sixty room*. Attn torn-1 I) I ' . \ \ Tk iri is a constant trav< tlir thi il i * necessarily stop at tb s hotel. The ten-pin alleys will more than pay Che expenses of the house; and fwr a summer board, nitf house, it cannot he surpassed, it being oul,- one huudrtd yariii from the Sound, where tubing, g.inning, an?l *ea bathing are moat al.umlaut. There is daily communication ty steamboat and railroad with New York city. T o pre sent owner being engaged in other busine f, will dispose of this property >'< r i further part .cola re, term", k , apply to 11 STON BY, ' Id Broa aj New York HOTSL TO L11U.-THI 1 N DIES! IffBD I EE I f rebuilding *he National Hotel. Detroit, Michigan, and ex poet thai it will bo ftidv for mpstioi by tho 1st D b..- next. This house will hare more than two hundn t : xocms, and he much larger than any hotel heretofore built in ! Detroit, it will have a beautiful and imposing front, iv, ttorus in height, one hundred and sixty-two l'eet on Wood' ward avenue and Military 8quare, atd one hundred ari l sixty feet on Michigan a\enuc. The fr ut elevation is highly ornamented, built of Connecticut freestone, and surmoanted by a l.andfomc dome, which will commac ' an extensive view ' i u?- Detr ri ad Lake St lair lions wii bo i oisbed wit. marble m itels, gas t; %t res tad all tbsutoi dern imnrovem* nt*. The dining hail, ladies'saloon, and par1 lore, will te largo and plea-ant. Tho former will be twenty feet in height. for? i -five f? ?-.t in width, one hundred and twenty f?*et in lengt' without columns or obstructions of any kind, and with ornamental windows with metal sash an i | stained rl its. No expense w ill he spared in the tinish of this room. \ he ladies' saloon will be thirty-two IVvt in whit' j seventy feet in length, and have an ornamented bow t'rant. i The barroom, barber's shop, and bathing rooms will belarge and pleasant No caro will be spend in the internal arrungtment of this house, to make i; a most fashionable and j attractive hotel. It is requisite that t artias who nny wish | to lcaie diall be meu of character, undcrs'unding the business, and with sufficient capital to ti rni-ih the house Application may be made to DANIEL C. ft'ATE KM AN, ALBERT CRANE, D< troll M ! AN BXTBN8IYB BO IDLING SALOON AND BAB i I\ Room, fitted up where a large business cau be done, to let on very favorable terms.?Also, tnc stock of an old established Clothing Store, w liere a very profitable business i has hten dnue. The owner, being out of health, will m ike it an object to take the stock, or will let the store for any rood business, it being about the best stand in the city of Yro).?Applv to T. (iKAlUU. IVarl street, New V-* I or to J. fl. sTKA II AN , \S? Kiver street, Troy. i BIT ANTED TO RE! L-TRE GOOD WILL, LE \RK, i vt 1 oo'a. Lumber, Ac., of a Carpenter's Shop, low doing ; a good business; the ow ner having to leave th??-itv, will din I pose of the same i heap, if applied for immediately. To an i old ountr.vmau j ust arrivin. here, a good opportunity ? | to get into im iu*xs. Also for sale, a Circular Raw .? it, > thi i t, uJ mi last. Address Joiner. . I mcc. ' rit" let the pleasant and convenient X three atory and ta-ement house, No. >2 E.iat Twentyi tilth street. The family now ocupyiuy would be williay to furnish tlieir rooms. and take the rent in hoard. Inquire at tl.e |?i alNi. ' I.LT H I TIIOl I BOARII TWO LARUE K< ' \J - > X on ierond floor of houfa 33 Allen etreot, (llfltlilkad,) ?\ itahle for a yentlemnn and lua w.fe, or single gcntle-ten, who derire audi accouituodationi: er partial board might he I finished. ItO LET. 401 WEST STREET.-THIS STOKE ha* been rebuilt in a euhefaiitial manner, and ia adapted I. r I the ship chandlery or atoruie b.iaineea. for terma apply to M hi RKE, H Hall at root. rpo let. lease. (.11 roR BALE, t new BUILT X Cottage Uouee. with eirht r?>otn?, slidwti* door*, atable, A' . ami f< r I ts of t.round i n Eighty-fourth street. n?ar | th'iii .onpiigdale road. Inquire at Mr. P. Brei.oun a coal | yard, < pf ntr. Iso iet-a obocbbt store. ml iii two boom! on the same floor, and fault, a rood stand for any kind IbtMiMea Proton water in Mm Mni rent ch-ap t. a go< d tenant; poeettaion immediately. Apply on the pr- unset. V 57 Cl< aby street, near Spring. 1 so lease?tbankl1n hol'se iii'ii. din os.?the Salesroom, on aei nd floor, of id Broadway, enraor Der afreet Also, the front hall of second floor, 1ST Broadway, oomc. unletting with the ahoye. ntf .rding a frontage of City feet on Broadway, furnished with water eleaet*; toe., and tactodingly well lighted. Will he leased eeparately. if retnired. Apply to c.j. s. thompson. 51 Conrtlan.t atreeb. Alen. fonr pleasant Offioee In the nliovo buildings. 1,5 1 It N C-ll 111) HOliMS III I. IT A \ I It f PLEASANT ? iftiv r > m ftnti ui',iroom on aecoaa iiior, nun on- room oo Ihlrd floor; tin butt* la very pleneantly ait latvd, ou t boa hot, cold, and (bower I at In. I?i|airr y.'J Amity itrnt. INIITBDCTIor RESIDENT G0VBR.NE88.-AN E.NUf.Mfl I.ADY. OF the hliilioat re?pe<tal>ility and the m?"t thorough edoe itloa. ia drciroua of a eOititicn oa above, R;*ide* the nanal routine of o food Eighth education, aheio perfectly competent to laetruit in mode aad tinging, Krenrh aad lierman, which accomi liahnenti ah* ba - beta engage I ia tea'bin no this city, in the flret fainiliea, to whom reference will be riven. Addrcea " Alpha." ilerabl office. Al AbV Mill ItF. AT l?l F.I.N ST JFF.T, NEAR Itroadway. betoeen Hroomc and Spring atrceta. for a al ort time only, to teaoh all kinda of palatini* ia a few leeacne: alao, hair braiding for brmeleta. nag*, etc.. modelling Iwni flowere, fruit* and henree In abort, all kinda of tie till, ornamental, and profitable arte. 3p*< imeaa may lie *ean Tueeday, Thnraday and Friday. Alao, a new and very u*iful premium invention to II. Money ean be made at noma, or to travel. Term* reaaonable. INDIA Kt'BBKR SO'lOA. TO Til F. PUBLIC.?INDIA RIHBER SHOBA?OCR attention baa been relied toan advertiaement. by Horare II. Pay. ptihliehed In the New York Herald of llth July, 1*61, and the Connor and Enquirer of ma* date, in which, after niueh unmerited abnae tf eur attorney, Win Jud*on, Kaq , l.e aaeerta that wa dare not charge htoi with pirating Gordyear'* Fatenta. under onrowo namea: an I that he doce a< t in triage Good year* Patent*, in the manufacture of ffboee. We have pnreharcd our Ik- n?et for the manufacture of India Rubber Slioti nnder O&odyear'e entente, and paid aur m nry. and are daily raring a tnriff for the tame; and any olhtr peraoa might hare done the aatne, if diapoaed to do ao, rathir than pirate npoa Goodyear a Fatenta. M e think it inere juat to purehaae a right to uae a valid i Falent, than to infringe It. Mr Pay. having been proaeent. d, acknowledge] Gooffynir'e | right*. made a eettlem-nt, and agreed in futnre i >t to lafnngo hia Fatenta. IP ia now atteinntiag not only to infringe taid Paleuta, but to injure ua, a>ao, wlio hare, fur a large eoaaideratiea. purchaeed our licrneee, and aow work under thein; aad we rharge Br. Pay directly, aad that over our own eianature*, with piratina Ooodyer't Patent*, la the manufacture of the lihoee winch lie ie now offering to the public and we giva notice thi.t he, nnd all who are concerned with him in pnrehaaing or rrndiag hia Shoe-, made In violation of tnid Patent Righta, will he proaacuted,?New York, July IS, 1*61. L. CAN PEE. Hvyward RnkherCo., by WN.A. HMKI Null AM. Trcne The Newark India Rubber Manufacturing I o . ii. iiv ivn t a-reei'ieu*. roKD v < " (f ACTION TO Tnit PCBLtC.-ALL VILCA*I7.KD J White, a* well a* black, and ?t!>*r color*, not tamped l.j llorare H. Hay, '(ioo.lyar'a Pateat, aeooriiag V lila eoyeaant in hie licoatc from Ooodyear, lean infringement on floodyear't patent*, and all dealera in, or pnrchaoor* of theae good* are llaMe, aa tceepaaaar* upon Ooodyear* a acknowledged right*. alth lloraee II Dap hlm*elf. the maker of anoh good*. aa<l a all he protoeaUd accordingly. Day haa a I Irene* from (loodyear to make ehirred ooda only, and n few email article*, hy paring a tariff to Ooodyaar of three rent* per yard, equal to ahent two mill* on each pair of Contra** I < ot*; whilat Day himaelf charge* ten *?nta per pair for the nee nl (loodyear a ehirred go >da ia Coaarree* boot* to the hardaorking aho*makert All the India Hi-*' er ahoe* now made hy lorac* ft. Day are an Infringem nt :poti 0< dyear patent*, and all dealer* therein render thorn?*lt?# Cable In damagoo to Mr flood year. tho po ton too. In hehnlf of tho Harward Rubber Co.; Nawnrk I. A Co.; L ('and**: Ford k Co.; and '.thaNi BRILLIANT DISC Off RR1R9.?" Til It DECAPITATION of Thee. Kwbank. F.aa , t'ommi**ioner of Patent*, hy the eaeewtire," wa* on* of Day'* mo*t wonderful diaeoaoriea, "In honor of which" te gar* a " telnet dinner ' ia Waehinrton ln*t winter. Thla dtacoTary, hnwerer. wa* Imaginatire merely. The payment to Goodyear in 1*47, of f.VOOO for a llcenao to work aader Ooodyear a Patent, which Day ha* only lately di*ooverod i* of no n*e. I* a great diocovery, hut made too late to benefit him. Day'* of, r of V*t reward for th* conviction of infringer* en Ooodyear * Patent*, on whieh he himaelf ha* hoen th* chief, and ia now th* only ia: friager. wa* a hrllllant conception of Day'*, and undoubtedly original with him. Iiay'a aiacorery if flood rear* great reetat of rolcanliing Rnl.her a full year before hie application for hi* patent therefor, nt an egf enae to Day of only 4d*. raid to a man who had learned tho oecret In Ooodyear a factory. wa* a brilliant oghihitlon of iarentire genln*. an I af ford* a atrlhlng proof af haw < lo*aly one iartntor Will ?!> ?tuatt(oU*? upon th* Athte ( another. lOAKOlHO, ?e. | Hoarding at statin island, for a gentleman aud wife, in a very pretty cottage and small fnmi- J l.v. A [>|-I> immediately, at 191 Washington street, corner of r Pulton. ! v ... . t Boarding.-good hoard and comfortable i rnonio, fur tingle gentlemen. Apply at 8 Miuctt., street, ! I fourth door lr< m Hh ekrr. ' g Boarding?furnished apartments, suitable ' for gentlenu u. or a gentleman and Kid wlfo, to be let, ' I with ?r without breakfast. a? 1 o* Spriug street, wnot of ? llroad* ay; also, n front basement, suitable for au office. iu ( a small family whero there aro no board- ro. Ttruu u. -it ! rate. | i Boarding.?two gentlemen can be ai com mod sled with a sitting room and bcdr m, witli hr--ak! fast, (private table): also, single bedroom uud the privilege | otabath Apply M Mrs. m.-dhurit ?, Ml BtlltMMMh Board-a single gentleman can be accommi dated with a pleasant room, and breakfast an l tea, | in a private family, central location, near Canal street. ' References esehanged. Address a note to llome, at the : oitiee of this paper. v i dolis wanted ? a small. neat furnished NA Room (exeepit Led and bedding.) with board for a lady .. I i"1}'.. *1 location below Canal street. None need answer i but those having no other boarders, and who are not at all J I inquisitive. Terms must be low, and will be paid prompt Iu advanoe. Addreaa C. K 8., at this office. Board wanted?by a gentleman and wife. i .. ffi^^te family, within a lew minutes walk of Gity , liall. 1 Ism furnished room; partial hoard for gentleman; ?, terms must be moderate. Address C. Uenry, II raid office, .. stating terms and location. ?! Full board wanted, in Brooklyn-aboct tilteen minutes walk from the South Ferry, (or two or I I three single gentlemen, where good ae, ominodations and c I , r.imfnrtn hl?< }i iitrids i an hit Tirocu p??il. Ail-lr. a. Is.),.. ti u I office, until Friday night. '1 (MM NTH V BOARD.?PLEASANT ROOMS. WITH I J board, can be ot tailed on Staten Inland, two mile* tr m v, VamderMlt's Landing. There is a tin? view from tin of the shipping entering and leaving the Bay. Commuuica- . tffin v?ith the city is frequent and regular. Address Box i 1 3,310 Post Office. | niAiouk ' i > df1?L OOfl70LOANAT SIX PER CENTINTEREST, S i",vVV t.n bond and mortgage, for live year,, in i en? or two ,11111,, on productive real estate in thii oity. Apply i > tu JOUN P. DONKEY, No. IS Wall it., ?or. Broad. fflii) iuwi sin.(ioo, kooo, $5,000, $.i,.sw, $a,.vjo ' ' S!i WH1, to loan for* term "f years, te- I I i and I > bond una mort tage on productive city pro pert, > ; Apply ?t the Ileal Estate and General Agency of RODERICK , J,AM HENCE. 3K M all street, basement. a CIO OOO WANTED, ON IlONi) ANI) MMRTW AV/jv/V/vr gage, at 7 per cent interest, to be secured en , ] brst class brown stone house and lot aituatcd n Seventeenth ' | street, near Fifth avenue, worth $18,000 in cash. Address il. ' ' L , at ti.i., rib ., CO OHO WANTED. ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, at t> per cent interest, to be secured on house i ' ai d lot situated in tlie First ward, worth $13,iJUU in cash. I 11 \ !p m B?, it (hi Heiald C't nun WANTED ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, ' I at 7 Percent interest, tob?- nenred on a four * st rv nrick house and lot, situated ou Blev?nth street, worth j . i. - it, A iiir* f.-t VV ., at t1.- c r | J tifcl nnn ?wanted, a business that, with a yp A jVJV/vr one thousand dollars, and the services ><t (l ( an active competent man, will pay a decent li\ing. Hen- ta t If in en who offer fortunes for the above sum, are respectfully i informed that the advertiser only expect* to work hard for a living, \ddress Robert, Herald Office, (jood reference i (. given. I ?? ?? ne "11TANTED?SOME RESPONSIBLE 1WRTV, TO N? | an tt gotiate a 1< hu of from SIM,(UNI to $'250. (Mb Newured by | property wortli one million. 1 he money wautedto improve L ?t. A literal eommiteioa will be Mil Address ll. B ad * Poet Office, ap|>? intir-. time and place of meeting. ari pr A PARTNER WANTED?IN ONE OF THE BEST *' Saloons in the city To a good man this ii a chance tin never before offered. For further particulars apply to Le HOWES, Nassau street. A PARTNER WANTED?WITH SOKE CAPITAL. A ? seafaring man preferred, to assist the advertiser in W Mrutntntf, ftnd "full the crcaiucntnl worh neoex-ftry on hoard ? vospel. Th?* advertiser has knnwlcdand e\pcri- ^ eiu ?* in thin line, !i?\ in.' b?eu director of such works in three w ilillcnnt navy yards in Europe. For further particulars ftp- I1 11> at the st< re, 10S Pearl fin t ., PARTNER WANTED?821.BNT OK ACTIVE-TOINv? bt ^l.OU) in a inannfncturiftK husine.?*. where the pro- at t U are I arte and without risk. Amu*, meats t<? commence |# iinn.KiMittly arc in progress. Appluatiou by letter must be NVt made iuiniedihtcly. Addre-s I?. M. II .raid ftc. i th TO CAPITALISTS OR T>: FSTEE8.-?IO,UIO~-A GEN - |{ ileman, having .11 iih-iiu 1 1>7'-" per annum during lilt, secured by bond and murti'g< n ity properly, w ill sell ^ at n en, rilice ul' Sd.UW1, lor ready c ! . A Uriel boa A. Ii., a! Herald offic*. The trustees or tiif. seamen s hank, fox ' = Savings have ordered, I kat interest be paid to all depo?il. r entitled He reto, f< r the six m nth. .num.' t"th June. u? follow s ?On all sums of nve hundred dollars and under. I at the rate of aix per oeLt per annum; and mi all mm* ex- * reeding live hundred dollars, at the rate ot hve per cent per 1 p?, aen 11111, payable on and after Monday, 21st inst. All int Test f'1 v.ill It credited to depositor*, ns principal. 1*. PERIT, President. I Wit 11m Ns-t.noa. Secretary I Bank or samsblkv -noves of tiie bank or F Salisbury. Maryland, redoeiued at one prr centd.a- i * ' J oount, by E. HOUGHTON, >U M illiain street. ^(l Dividend notice-office of the albavt ! T> and Schenectady Railroad Company?Albany, July 1 J'' | 1ft, 1-ftl.?At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held thia 1 ' ' I day, Unas o j Resolved. That n dividend Of three-and-a-half per ronton . tlieca|ital stock of this company he, and i' now declared I | , out' f the net earnings "f the six months endin, n Ml. IM * lust., payable at the .dochanics Hank a the city of New | I'1 York, on the first day ot Aurust, proximo. And in declaring this dividend, ti e dire, tors submit the following statcmunt of the earnings and ilishurseuients of I ? ti e pa.t -ix no nths, via ' ? Heeeiptn from passengers, freight, Ate fcl2U,((|u ftS \ Dishnrsemrnts ol all kinds, including interest on I ai debt and canal tolls 1'>,9'Jh .'Ft j 44.071 Ni Deduct div idmd of.3 per cent, niw de< lared SS.Ukl Ud | I I.'avin* a net surplus i n hand in cash, out of the 1 Inst six months earnings, of. 9.071 A3 w hich is nenrlv t ne per cent on the capital of the Company . j reserved. Ami they would state to the stockholder, that t| tl e earnings, as now progressing, will. 1* their opinion. Jus- c, if) henceforth their makiug seiri-nnnnal dividends of not ,, J lets than lour per wit, or eight per rent per annum. The m It ran 1 ft r books w ill he closed from 2>th inst. to 1st August. ti By order of tha Board. 1.. F. FOSTER, Jr . Se. 'y A . fc S. R. R. Co. I Office of Tiir. madison and indianopomb Ku>1 r-- >1 Coui| any. Mauix'in. Ind.. July I '. InM.? I 1'ividnl Notice.?The B ard of Director. of tf.ia Company l ave thia day declared a dividend of Five per eaat out of flic ret oarninaa of tlie past nix montha, payable on the li">th July instant, on etock reaiatered on tlie transfer hooka in | the oily of Now Tork, at the oftce ol Winaloer, l.aaier k Co., [ No. .' ? M all alroet, and on all other .-took at thia See. H I. N. JACKSON. M. A IKK Co. . / NOT! 1 E IB HEREBY fllVKN. THAT THE Rt'SSI AN ,, fi ur ami a-llalt p. r Cent Merlin* II nd". the partioo- *1 | tare of w l.irh ate below, have been fraudulently ahatraetod l from the owner: and the public is hereby warned aaainst it 1 I nyinft cr aegutiatittR the same. 1'ire bonds ol J.I.IMI rach, 01 i *1/ ? Bene SI I No. iVW | |lo. SV No. .1Ja? 1 ; Do. M' N... S,*72 k I Do. 7? No. A?Ji I Do. M No. 4,411 | Ton konda ol f-fthil each. 1 Bene d-fl No. W,IU| g ! Do. m No. Sins 1 Do. I2A No. 4.1*1 m Do. All No. iW.iKi*. tr Do. 61 No. 2,4.'.4 ,n I Do 2UC. No. IO.O.VI en Do. IX No. 7,?W7 ?i Do. 2i: S t. I2IMJ. Do. fl" No. 2I.7HI f | Do. SO No. 2.flt'i 1 1 Information respecting the above bonda is reoneat'd to be ? liven to Meeara. RAN FORDS. l'ORTER k STRIKER, At- | ? I. >h.l I'.||?,II o ?? lle. a.loav V? V.?V I. ST. LOUIS Hon OS *fln.nU0.-Tnt SUBSCRIBERS Of ai fer to thopo who ?r? are kin* rood ?n<i ??fr In \ mei. la. ti | the all fff rent twenty year toad* of the nty of St Louia. (.| I payable,principal and aemi nnnnal Ptnraia Hook 0t of New York. We f ounder them m aofe an inveatit'.-ft a* VoTernmeat or State Loom, tad tkejr eta k* had ?t a price C ? ' ? i! I j ield a much prra'rr mmm*. Tko City ul Ik C l/ieii it la > nut ft uriehlo* roaditlon. and alway* aioeit ti t r no yr ni'tty. Tho reeeanee ol the city t r tho ,, prraent year will eareed halt a mHlu a of di/llar*. aad by | aprrial -lame in tho City Charter, the tnteroet m her hoad- ,|, I ed debt mu*t be Brat fai l, before appropriation* are madt II I for other object*. The dent of the city will lot eacred on* > it and a half million* of dollar* at the *ad of tbi* year, aad I ai hi r mean*, la her rorporate eapaeity, a* aeteeeed by the An- | * I dltor. roneietin* of whareea, atorea, water-worke. kr . aa- b< ; read* twoand a aaarter tllioa* of dollar*. Fall partien- I I tare will be ftirnlehed, *ad doeament* thowln* the preaeat ? ' poaitlon *f th* cite'* flaancea ran ta eaamlaed. by ralliur 1 at ear oflr*. K. W. CLARE. DODQK ft CO.. i* Wall at. Jf ? et ^ CleOTHIMO. TI LADHS AND f.TNTI.EWEN ARB IIERBR V Rt peetfalle informed that they ran obtain th* full ealne, in 'a eh. lor a*rnnd hand or raat off Clothiae ofeeery do- / erriptlon, and la aay inantitv. Inr*e or amnll. by *en<hn* " thelraddree* through |o at, or lalllneoa JAMfth MORONET, wi , at hla Cl' thla* Store, 11 Oranae itrret, near Chatham, li ? AST OFF CLOTHING WANTED -I. A DIES AND GRN d* ' tlemea ran obtain a **od prie* for their left off cloth la*, by fendiai to J. Goodwin. No. TI City llall pla*?. Ladto* , and (eatlemen waited oa at their roaidearea. 1 ^ C AST orr CLOTHING AND FCRNITCRE WANTED.- 2 Ladle* or ffentlrmea leaeinff the eity, or hroakia* ap , '* boa**k**pia(. tan obtain tho hiffhoet oaoh prio* for Cloth,lac. I I Faraitu e, fto., by (oadlag thranch tho poet, or at hla raat- V done*. L m. PI PSELDORI*, II ftlm etreot- *' N. B?Ladle* attaadod by Mr*. Da*Mld*(p. >? ('AST OFF CI.OTHINO, COBTr NFS. fcC.. WANTED - I J Urntlemea or familial havine any prraoanl rffeeta * which they would concert into eaen. will obtain th* raoat *' liberal prlrea, by aendiaff for tl * eabtrriber throuffh th* * poat oBreor oil i-rwiae II. Lit ETT. No. 1 Barclay and 2K> Elm atreeU. >' a r*?T orrri.oTniNo, ru* witter, watthmand Jonclrr anaied?t.adic* or gen thai on hariaa tlx a boy* f t" of, can rrkli.c It leaot Jl Mr eaat more ttiaa h*r? i tofnro roeolfod, on making ai>plteati..n. ky act* oy othorwio* ? to th? aubacrlhtr. at nil iiflci. IAAAC O l.VUW, ,1 17 W?ll Itooet. 1 m> ii h. CAST orr ClOTRINO AND rrRNlTTRE WAWTEP f ?Lad,** or gentlemen learta* tho olty, or breaking af *, hnn.okceplag. can obtain the huheet oa*h price for Clothing. hi F traitor*. It*., kf a*ndin? through th* Poet. or ?t Hi* r**l- Hi dene*. M. 8. l-OHBN.k Riattroot. ? It. ?Ladle* ItUldH by Mn. C?hM. c? UMU ItOTIfR. I' SrrRF.MR rorRT.-jonv hiltow Bi rr. ^ *i.n>s *{ Bnel. /. ** IIowm Bad Pliileada Howe* Ml * ** ?i, Bnel. Iliram Bailey Bad Margaret hi. ?ife. AogtMta. ?l?-- I, Oirk. Moore IMmmlck, I>i?ml*h. a fia?k??r ? ? - " 'Bain lHmtnnV, deemed, who ?a. MB of t'Urlndo pia- I tick. Edward Locmta, lircr." M. UfBl., JbortnB Ho.l, Hannah Try. n, daughter of More. Bool. deoenned. and her kuitaad. George Bn?l, Chnrlotte ?M . Ihlrr y Burl tad Caroline Bnel, Anumto* Movoiir Abb? Al?-T??t?l ?To th# *bote n??rH dofontlaiiti ?V?n Are h fr V lT,JJlrf". Il iwtr th# roreflainti of the aboto n*m#d IJointilT .Ion* Bil- 1" ten Burl, In tho Fnprem* Conrt of tho "V* ^ Which wai hint ia tho Clerk . other of nnndn county, on II, hth day of Jure l.'.'-l. and t ten * n ecpy of ynnr nnowor on w mo, at the oltyol Itlen, within twoaty lay* altor th* aor- I. tiro of thi* mmm mo, tacloolr* of th.-day of inch aorrioe >t And If yon .kail fail t? an.nor th* complaint within tw?nty Bi ditto after .crtic* of th* *t.B.mnna, th* plaintilt nil! apply to U th* C? nrt for ti c relict dc n?nd?d in the complaint. flatod B Juvt l>, ISA J. WILLIAM TRACT, I'laiatifl a Attorney. tf AlilCS BY AUCTION. A CCTION NOTICE?TUtiS. BELL, Al'CTlONRML 1* By li N Tliii day, at lU>i o'clock, in tb? auction uouie, It) North William .tract, Jar*. .kl( of elcgaal ami alueMe hoiwuH furniture tf all description.?Hair Matreuet. Sofa., Couch... ..v.u .plcudid fainting., Oil Cloth, lat Stand.. KefrigcraG m. Ike. rriday. in continuation, era. .took of Clothing, Dry Good., Ao.. by Tirtue of a mort?*? THOS. BELL, Auctioneer A I TION NOTICE?GROCERIES MACKEREL. SAL r* mop, Natl, Chec.e, Brandy, he- Ou Friday, July Wth. it U'}-t o'clock, in front of the .tore '>7 I>ey .treet, corner of ircrnaiih. Mackerel, Salmon. Herring., Filbert., Waluute. ir./i! Nut.,, Fig., Chee.e, Scan. Candlee. Segar. null Indigo. Olive Oil, Tea. iuaocaroiil, Pipe., Salt, Bran ly, Gin, Whi.t ?y, I'ort. Sherry. Ac. H . A. 1 A KrEK, Auctioneer, N7 Dey tt., cor. Greenwich JOHN KF.ESE, Al'Cl IONEER?SPECIAL AND U?7reierved Sale of Wine., Liquor*, and Brandice ? l.ymaa . Kawdou will .ell, at their (ale. room, 1177 and 379 Broalav, corner of White .treet, thi. ( morning, July 7th. at II o'clock, a choice a.eortinent of old Madeira, Sher), I'ort, Claret, and other Win.*. Alto. Champagne., earin brand*; dark and pale Brandy, Jamaica ItoM, Bui, t'hi.key, Ac., Ac. Sale punitive, and without re.erie. I1UKNBM, CARHIAOBfiS, AM. POI SNI F?TilE TROTTING MARE "LINDA. ' EN quire at the Ita.aar, in Croaby etrect, near Grand treet. LA O K SALE.- A VEKV SI I'EKIOK GRAV HORSE, L fifteen and a hah luiud. high, hve year* old, kind ,o II mnrk, and tnr hi. ago fa.t. May he teen by one hour'* de from the city, "n the farm where he i. owned. Any periii de.iriug a tin< hur.c will learn particular* by addrcMiny; ox 1,767, lower I'. O. ?t?R SALE-A LIGHT III t.GY WAGON, HADE BV Dcarloru. to order, Lr the i re nt owner; ha. been run it three month., and will he aold at a low prioe, for :neb, i.tnire of JOHN l'. BI T I I K, 102 Cr shy .treet. JH>R FAIE CHEAP H>? CASH OR WOI'l.D EX change tor a larger pair. a pair of kne Hack Horses. ell matched, sound and good. styllgh, and fast travellers, vc and ?U years old, 15', hands high. For particulars, in A t . BALDWIN, a and 10 Cedar street. POH JAI.C-A VERY HANDSOME DAPPLE (.KEY l Horse, is y. ort old, s.und, kind, and gentle: rood Oder the saddle, end well train : ! to the haruees. Has all lie re ;uuitesfor a tirat rate Pinuly hnrao, and would make very hue military hone. Will I, told low, it at plied for II. May he -eon at UUR80NS Stable. 17/ Twelfth a treat, ear I niveraity place. MOR SA1 E.-A CAPITA!. ROCKAWAY CARRIAGE, L lor two horses. It has latent mail axle*, spring ereli, patent leather top. lined \ it!i wlnte, holds four per 'lis. ' 'It o.ould I aaily lie altered to hold ?ix, at it aai h nlk r that purpose- It ia strong and but little used, and will e m Id heap, an the owner has no further use for it. An ly t.larvia'e, earner liroadway and Twenty-seventh street. POR SA I.E.?A PINE CI. ASS FRONT CA I EC BE, C made by Wood, T 'tulinf- ? St Co., at a .-out ol pl.OUo ri tln r with a superb pair'* Hi roes, perfectly sound, and re jo pt, handsome drivers. A Iso, harness, made by oee of the iot ity make's, handsome dross blankets, and two sets ,taI 1 lankelH, kc. No. Tlie above w ill be sold cheap, the owner a\ inir f- r Europe in a few days. Can be seen at the ' Nepi" House. New Kovhell' bor further particulars, aipiy . Wood, Tomliusoii k Co., till Broadway. IORSES AMi CARRIAGES HPT ON LITERT BY I ANDREW J. I.AVTON, IV) Crosby street. JEW YOHK HORSE BAZAAR, HI CROSBY STREET.? Auction sal" of ilor*cs, Carriages, llarnors, Saddles. . evirv Monday and Wednesday, commencing at 12 .lock. Perron < h?v ing property to dispose of will plessn II and have it registerd JOHN H. OATF1EI.D. Propel,jor. 1 IG FOR SA1.K?WORCESTER PATTERN, LIGHT * ai d in Rood order. Also, a set of plated u- Harness, nrlyuew. Apply at the stable, coruer o? Fourth avenue id sti enteentn street. H. WELLS. SAMII.Y noRSE POR SALE. IP APPLIED FORTIUS week.?A Bay Horse, inly hit years old, pood traveller, d warranted sound: brought from the country by the suit owner, only two Months ago, and soil for wantot e. Any one desiring a family horse, will do well te cadi dcel.itu. Alio, if desired, a act of silver mounted Haras. \pplyat Bellows'stable, II Charlton street. \TA? ON WANTED.?A EIGHT. ONE IIOR-E, TOT wagon, new, or nearly new. Address boa I.oSl, Post hce. DKY UOUUS, Am-. y>R SALE CIIEAI'. AT Til R BOWERY SAVINGS J**"r?-. I3fi Bowery-12.0U0 yards elegant Printed Lawn; 'it.: bnil'do. hytlntfi?l at 2s.; I.St) do., rich Ba~ >' do l.aines, at It id. and 2? A great bargain. InO doze a nt If men i> colored bordered l.ineu Cambric Handkerchiefs, Is.f-d. to.Hs I'd.; dtrndutcn ladies'c-olnred bordered do., at la., ."d.. and so on to lis.. some very beautiful; ,'IJO dozen plain it? Linen Cambric, at only le. the finest ever off- red in is market nt anything near the price; .VM dosea cer.ti do., Sb'and S2 60 per dozen. Some food bargains alio in AhawW, : I ?, Flannels, Linens. Unmasks, llosiers, tiiurhitiai, Prints, ., Ac. Drapery?Muslin* we aro selling at Is. tid. worth . and at lit. wortl. l?. Huuimer wear for men and boys? a caeellt nt assortment very low. Jf, W A W. F. OILLEY A CO. niKCELLANKUlilt. ALEXANDER. NO. :vw WALKER STREET, NEW York manufacturer of gold dust baas, mon y belts, buck rtes, bu 'kskin irioves. leather pautaloons, drawers and u ts, military belts and pistol holders, and all kinds of ither good* for California. Southern and Western markets, ired lor sale at the lowest prices. IN. DICKSON, SAN FRANCISCO.?DICKSON, DE Wolfe, ft Co , Cominhsion Merchants and General e uts. bun Franeiaoo, California. Refer to Messrs Weils A. . G. M. A Co., San Francisco; Messrs. G. At J. Laurie, M. Ever. At Co., New York; Messrs. linker A Morrill, .os I smb. Boston ; Messrs Jno. s. DoWolfe A Co., Li r|*ol; Chas. Archil aid, F.-ip, 1' R. S., Comm. rcial Bank, "ion: Messrs. Fairl auks A Allison, Bon. S. Cunard. ulifax, N. S. 1 01.DBEATF.US AN D JEWELLERS IIAV I NO BOUGHT E or melted down cold cuttings or scraps, under ens eiotls I ire ore stances, will oblige tlie subscriber, aud be well ward. <l. by giving a dosinpti >n of the (erson from wh.u, light or melted. J. L. M a HI II, 112 Franklin-treet. N ACTION-All. PERSONS A RE rORBID rRL'STINu J a boy, named John McGomgle (formerly an indentured pprentice), ou my account, or patina any bills in my naino - suid boy. J L WAl'Olt, Gold Leaf Manufacturer. 112 Franklin street. L"ONKF.RS AND TIIE IION. W W. WOODWORTII? I gentleman * entry into this once dull and mam at- spot, has teen at bealtblul as the hriirht rays ol the sun. udthe dews ol heaven are to vegetation. Ev<ry part of th< lace has imnroved beyond conception. It is indeed strange it t lie could bate been induced to leave his former fnagninct residence st H>d' I'ark. and locate in V'.nk. rs. Unwer, lie lias nearly consomated his anticipation*. by adding uch to bit large fortune, and made all about luiu o.innari isly rich By and through the .ludec'a enterprise. Vook'TV sicca In rl? rendered the garden "f the Universe. Ill* n.pcsition i? of luch n cheerful, elastic, end adaptable naire, that all ere riveted to him. ton! ri <lee| ly required hat i he lias got ifni... rli ?a man who dare > and h. lp hi* neirnl. ru a* well ua himtrlf. Beautiful and at tailing ateaaicra are runtime daily, at f , eenta each ay. The Hudson River Railroad Cara run almost'every mrla th. day, at tcry low tar M..p at Kellm-er a Maou houio, aud be taken care of to as to induce yon to col' rain. ' I.MI II * PA TENT S< H. AK AND I.ARI) I. V M PS J t'handeli. r*. tliriindule*. Mantel Candelabra*. with irro?' and paintma* in centre, of new atyiea. at lew; Iter i >aftd on Herman silver Tea Seta. ta?tor?. Cake Uaats. Table f orks, $7 Spoons, J.J d'.iea; will bear eugravIf. A H. V'ifKlAN, I f William, between full .a aud Ana. I poaite the Church. FRENCH LOOKING CLASS PI.ATM. AND ROPOB 7 Plate Class for sky Iighu, Iroiu the maaufaotory el 31. aria d'Oirnies, for sale by IMI.I.F..N A C?I|,<1 ATE, *7 and IS!) Pearl itreek. RR- Price Currents inay be had oa application. 1()|.(iHf.l> DAOI'EHKEOI \ PEA f OH FII'TV CENTS.? ' King's skyllabl rooms, ICK*> llow.ry, between Heater d flrand street", the only estatli ihnient in the otty where "t rate skylight Daguerreotype. handaotuely colored and lined, are taken lor ttfty rents, and larger sizes at ually 1< w rntoa. No charrd unless perfect satisfaction is ren. Afh WARRANTS IlorilllT t'R LOCATED IN If 1 A State* of W iecensia, Illinois, and Iowa, npon carefully laeted -nds, bv Washburne At W .odiuan. Mineral Poiat, .sr. nam. W h W will pay the highest prices |. r lead* swd by themselves. Me.-re Roger# fk Woodman. ?V illiam street. N. Y., will purchase tks land warraate ler i. and attend to all business coaaccted therewith. Oeergn o.,diner, Counsellor at Law. If William street, aiteadesw taming Land Warrants. Pensions, Re., for aoldiors or ikere entitled thereto 3 A FE ' SAFER S A FEAT -liAVLERt SAFES- Al.l. na who roqalra a r. ai Salamander Snfb, m whdoh i set urr their books, mna. y piste. Ac. lr?m Uro. are enuoncd not to select any but '(layler " Mr is the c r ig i a*.; it entor and and patentee, and n t one of bis "Anlamau re" has ever felled, when esposed to nre, and aever will nndreda haeo been moot fully tested, and three aiaoo the h of.Inly las* (See .erti'. atss ) (layler* Salamaaderw ? not tilled with "plaster of I'aria," like m ist others, but ifhhiaowae nipotitioa, which readers them "tiro proof job ! a doubt C J hA VI.ER. 90 dot a at root, rner.f Hold street. A3E IN WALKING, AN1> COMFORT TO THE FEET.? a Hall'* pannu*-coriuin Bout* aad Shoe* arc tha Mflaat. lltil, an ! moat eomlortabl* av*r oflarad to tha patlis. ?* htaiag coraa, bnntoa*. ot an v taadaraao* ( th? loot, ii Ind on trial thoir great tupariority ?t*t laathor. R CEO. BALL. No. 3 A*t?r II*?m, ItrtlafitrNi I OA I HAV1NO TAKEN A NEW YARD. AT THE* ' erre< r of Ootrah and Kxingtoa atrtata, ta aoaaartiee Ih IT) Old F.*tabli*h>4 Yard at King aad Oraaaariah ttrr.ta, mraa to Mil t'oal ot tk* brat quality, aa aaaal, aia -quick la* aad email profit*. for a-ti oaiy. Rad Aah. Ir ta boat, livartd. ft, White Aah, $.1 Tb- frotn yard, 3d raalt a>r?. rltTEK CLINTON. bAKI M-T. k J ALDRIPOI9 lit'PEON COtTNTY ' Oabnm Wort*. llargan. Now Jtroay, (Ik mil** from < ? York.) Order* by mail promptly attended to. I'arooa* i.dina by mall will tilaaaa any what hiad thay want El a ?ti| < nor or American aa?y Parana* wiihiag t* n?it th? Kor* work*, or having bu?lne?? with tht proprietor*. * *o by takiag tha ataoa from Jcraay City Forry, which a a a* for Bergaa eaary hall hoar. PET EE ANP AO I F H i bkiHIP k > O A EATER*! ~ nator, tlfllc* l> Fulton atr**t. (Ana Hnllding, I up. lair*. ib bine claaa bottle* Tina article ha* aetar beta nown to tall of making a prrmanant car* It ia lor *nl* at oak* Drag Store, aorarrot tirtnd and Allaa atraota. Then* ring in *e> tiana of oar onnntry whvro thi? diaaaaw pattella, 11,1 *"h " ' "'it'ii w*v n"k'><q''*!* \baaa. t nnn iwt/) or bottler, niarlt, or oe liUt'l/iUt 1' Kclllnger a l.lnimant haaa boaa Mid I tholaat trn raara. making Iritada ia atafy quarter af tha lob*, aad . a ring all mannar of dime** aad waaknaaa la mala nd frmnla. It* brat m*ed* are tta beat. It ha* b**a aaad ,r > >11 hy tha Bon M. II. Oriaanll and thsaaaada af athara. Lia aiMi<- fluid r?at?r'i tha hur on all or jrowa?. aa aarMia . It la naril. la madlratlni f?r tha hnman family. tha daator I* ko? naarlnokad tha anhlanf af all anlmala, tha horaa. U.l pin.nt ia vr. hanp?aold in tary laraa battlaa alVtaonta .4 >1 aa. I. It and %* a dot-n, aaah It haala all aar?a, if. brniaaa, rail a*II. thraah. wind challr inataatly. haava - i r n<r..aa.< nrh. (plant and aphvta.a tha r aatlr *? a. and work tha* dally Thlaaaathrr arti<*la arar la marahanta any thay aall h.mlrad# to oaa -.1 nay athar n a markat. aa a Tory hottla rtraa aatlra aatlafaatioa tal ain-llaaara. k Brown, Rayn?lda k WaarVtha Bar J*, and tha itw* praprtatora aaaarally. uaa It alaaya 4. ?Tha laboratory la at Yaahara. It nadrly aappnrta two laadll ataaaara and own annaath alanp. frairhtiac it into Ity. thraatripa aarh aay. daily, at only IV eaatafhra ipaf for llnlmant No r*> Jvnrl ataaat. idd and t7* Braad ly, whita fraat, halwtoa Urand aad Brjo?.a itroata. JRATVIIOHT MAI)F. E ASV. OR OOW TO Wll* A "J l.oTar.-Profaaaar Lawtoa. of London. ha?ia* imiti oatoa. will a? nd to aay addraaa. oa raaaipt af oaa dollar.. at paid, plain dimntinaa ta tnahlo ladiaa or raatlaaan ta lain* aarotad nfMrtioaa of tha ?ppontf an*. Tha araaaaa ampla, hat aa oaptlvatiac. that all may ha aanrrfd. Irra artira of aca. appaaran'a, or poattiaa. aai la?V thon?h it laaat. It can h? arranaod nith nn?h anoa ant dnlionay > .at d?taoti"a ia impoaaitla Addr<"?. Prafaaaor UaVa, ton, Maaa Bo Mm takah fro* tha l'ait 0#aa, nkiahhs it poita# || paid.

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