Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1851 Page 1
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j T H WHOLE NO. 6841. do ublesITe et7 1NMTHOCTION. RESIDENT GOVBRNLSS-AN ENGLISH LADY. OP the highest respectability and the mutt th irougbedneain desirous of a situation as above. Beaid-s the usual routine of a rood I nglish education, abu ie perfectly oompe\ei.t to imtrurt in luurio and singing, Freuoli a id (ierntan, whieb accomplishments elm aa been engaged in Washing in dl.isoity, iu tin. first families, to whom reference will bo given. Address " Alpha," lli raid office. A i.ady will de at iw ei.m stieet, near Broadway, between Broome and Spring streets, for a short tintr only, to iraoh all kinds of paintings in a Few losi" ne ; elm. bur I taidiDg lor bracelets. rinas, eto.. modelling visa float re. fruits and figures. In short, all kinds of useful, ornamental, and profitable arts. Specimens may be seen 'luesday. Thursday and Friday. Also, a new and very useful premium invention to sell. Honey can bo made at home, or to travel. Terms reasonable. Teachers ? wanted, a gentleman quale tiec to teat h } ranch, Draw log, (I vrauutice am* k' isie? ^ the latter quaUlieefion not absolutely requisite, .sons eg. ci pt Parisians or 8w ies ueed apply at chestnut Grove Boarding School, Cl fve, Stolon Island. tCXCCHNIONS. SUNDAY EUt'RSlON TO STRATTONPORT, Between Flushing and < oll?ge Poti t?fare \i oenti aaoU v y. The favorite etoauier OTHELLO, tlapt. II .it. Fl.a, v ill make an exonrsion to ntrataonport on Sunday July'W. l -'l, Icmv ing ae follow ? North river?Hammond stre-t, at V clock; r p'lng itp'rt, at !' ? dn. r.ast rlrer-reck slip at : 4^ "dock; Orand s're-t. at, IUI4 do.; Tenth street, at 10 < ?l" ; af < r which the will make a ?l ort trip up the oun i, -lied oo returning, a ill lana her passengers at Strattoupvrt, v ore they tan rtrnsin about three hours, lefma returning t theolty. Til l. to m iv he nhtulno.l at thi o'lnc ut J'MtN gt. I I.AMRFH. " 6 Wnns'er street two (loora iru?n Ainity.l CI BAND SUN PA V EXCURSION TO NEW RonflKLEG 8 end t.lcncoi. ?Sunday, July lit?fare, twenty-five cote each way. The favorite ate-'mer ISI, vNtiMK will lake a pleasant excurri- o to thu above places, leaving the :dot of Uammool etroet, North r vor, at half-paet euht I'olook. A M ; S| ring atreet at a tiuarier heforc niue; Cat mrluo ilrtot Last riv.r, at a quarter post uiui; It rand aire t. Juaif-paet cine; Tenth etrrut, at a .juartce b fon ten; aod t 'W pier,M weoty-iiath atreet, at u quarter past teu. Ke turning *111 loa e (ilencove at half past t roe, I*. .tl. and V'? Roohclle a< four All who ure in favor of healthful rcirchtun will t nil thir < > rural,.n a gratifying one. a good j| portuoity oderod to. thcaii lord of Ashing or sea bayhiuz Dinner furoithod at tirat class hotels at Now Kochtlla. N.B.?A pood supply it refreshments on board. <"d HEAP ANi> ftKAM> EXCURSION TO TUK FISHING y Hanks?fare |g_tj cents each way?The splendid stoa n pi MMKOH w ill n.akc au exouraion on Friday, June ISth, leaving Hri vtri street. f. K , at 7H A M ; Catharine street., 7\; pior bo. 3. N. K . 1 o'clock; llauimoud atr-et, Kt^. retomug by ft I' M Fishing tackls, bait and refreshments, provided on board. fT RaM> SUMMER bXilKamrv FROM NEW YOttlk. T by the N. V. aad Eric Railroad, to liuukirk aod Buffalo. ?i e purnuanro of arranccmer. tahnads w ith the N Y and Ens Railroad Company, t.clio'a tor 'he above baciiislou. goiug And coii.ioy. will be sold at the low price ut Ten 'ellars for t.he trip Faascrgers will leave New York on the lith iiith or 17th ol July, in the Con pauy's steamers st the feet o) i>uane street, and will return from Dunkirk us or hetore tut at their option ; at!..idiot an opportunity to vltit \ia voru Falls, or Dwtrclt srd the Upper bases. Phis is tin itreatest opi?irto"ity, at the cheapest rutc. evor offered tor travellibg upwards of cue thousand uiiles, aad enjoying the test new eel in the United Hlalsa, Tickets can be had-.cily ?l L. W. vf INCHEST EK. II trr, dsn's Kxp el.t> Wall street Grand excursions to coney, usr lnv at Fort Uamilton saoh way?Faro U114 Cents ? The new and Iploudid eUwtncr TROJAN, v apt J. N Rod tan, will make daily excursions t<> Coney Island, forthes'a on, leaving as fellows Moruiua Trip?From Spring street At halt past 8 o'clock, and half-past If and at .i>f Iron- Pier ft N. R., at halt-past t>, 10, I and 4 ?'?l?ok (HomtOff *rir*rAn> *rt itiniilton n.* * V w I^XCVKMONhTOTUK rittUINU bankskvekv oay, Ed e<?pl Stti.rOtf Tim oea si earner lit Ft" vLO, i.'apt hu.ltli, Into the foot of Hammond street at 7>? u'o'ook. i i.D?l etrc. : kt 7*4 (.rsud street at N1., Catharine atr el tt " %. IHer No .1, North river, at P A M , returnm* by 5 M. heireahanru ta. halt and tl-hior tackU provided Fare. ifi eente Mach way. A l and of muaio will ho on hoard<1 KAN I> S1CHT?C A PTL'R E OF A M*M A I.1C?A LkWINU1 l?r to join Dm cacurrlou, In a steamer, tv lie whaling hanks l< r cue w at k. a- advertised a tow day a oil- Co, will b-> J themeelvra in r> a<tin?re ?u ti-o 21'tb Inot. All porlluulara vl'l t e given iu thia paper of the *.2d, i'la and 21th ina'aa' t'hsryee moderate, and the ft amor to ho iu pott every oik it rilU IVATKK1VO PlaACKA. PAYILION HOTEL. NEW RoCUfI.I F, BY W. OIL lou. ia now open for the feiaon Aorom no-la'P-n for ftsmiliee and other*, unreasonable terms. Communication, la t'Oioa daily, alio on Sunday , per at'tmer lelaudor POKT WASH 1 NidTON PAVILION llttTEl., SUKtM'S tury, Nea Jersey?Maniui k Kuaara Proprietors ?Th? above wall known bole! i> now open f-r boarder#. Iu ait nation for lot! ley, liahinr, and sailing, if nnaurpaoed. K urns airv and d< tlohtlul. IVfnona reekinga ri Inge from the beat and duat of the rity, rannnt hot be well pleased. rpur M W aM> M'l.KNDin STEAM hit TUOMaI J. iftlNT, t'apt A. II llaaaerty, will eo:n .none* har tripe bo hbrew.lury. Lour Brsnob. ke., on Saturday, li'th iu?t., froai I'wk alip, I art Hirer. UKa B Alii I N u ? 1.UN li BhANCH. t* J.?THE 1UUKJ annher will opou hia bouae for tho reception ot rianera kiladav. June *lat. InAI. memo' IImwi.a n u. SUB* am) II It kb 1;a I II I mi.? til e IH'ftn HOI -e. SLr wabot) is uew opened for tbe reception of visit ra it. A. b A tli k tv a. KXHHKMM AliKWITKit, Ap. BLK1 Oh I) bcv S l. HE A 1 t al-lt OhM A EX"Htfvt. rough in thirtjr day*.?Lottore. throe owntt, uewa u,r?f frtigiit J' j**r c?o( Jm? trun by an> ot! cr ii|>rr??. Throu*li ?n ch ??-* ; m*tMi. <-r* by ?t* ar ?r Oh**, h tai-t No 2 v#*eV ?tr* i A*t<*r f|?? too nUVOLUUUP HVUNk Kcw tokb aKu P4iLAi>KLi'Ui*-i>iew rnu and Pbilndilphi* llnci-l'mM SUM Mall List Through ia 4hnurt, via N*n Jorooj Rnitmad Part m ^urod to ?1 tcr hrttclaa*. aad 12 HI lor roooad rli?. Loav4 > o ? tort at ft A. M.. from foot of Coartlaad llrMk Ml a* A M. and ft P. M. from loot o( Liborlr itrrot. Leare Phi at fi and ft ft. 11 and 1 *' M.. m.n the font n< ??l Uatatrnat. m 'am i>?; is Aft I- aMBOV kaii.kda i> i.i a. a mo* .<i* Tork to I" Uau Ifhia- l oaw PhirNo. I North Itlnr, bt ttfioitu at JOHN POTTER, Morning Line, at d o'rlock, Alirrnooa IJar, at 4 o'aionk. Ear* by dither Una, M. 'ft.rnard d-.ok. tn Emigrant ',la? at ft o'olook P M. far* ) ?i h Rt.lftA a?*?t UUIT Mltb. IATMfB AM* fJENH.tttl.N AHK II I. it E. BE KK4 ?ir IfuP jr li fi rm "i 1 hc|r ran obtaiu tlit lull r iluo. It i't?n, for itcntiJ liaatl or ra*t off Clothing oferorj In AOliptftna, and In an/i|U Mit*i)r largo or mnall, ay guiding U. iraddr- > throngl. poor, or r .11 log on J t M - 3 Mi I RON El, at hut Clothing Mora. II oraaga otrrot, naar Cnatbam, CiWtWVOMTIIMVAim UMttftMEflW tirmoa an eMail, n good prior tor tnair laft of clothiug, hynrnomg i? J Owitwlt .No 27 ' Itv Hall piano l.allo* ttu grallt-nita ttlirl oa at thalr imIiImch. d'ASTIiff OMtTIIINU aNU riiK.MfUII #?MIH).~J l.adlra or gortlunirn loatiag lha city, or iimking a* ft upokooping, nan obtain tho hlgi.-.t oath prtco for Clothing, /omitnro Me., by oandlng thr uign tho iH,?t. or tt la* r?*i4"?on. L M. OUd!t*M>nKP. 1.4 Elm oiroot N. U - Ladl. i attended b* Mra flnoooldntp I.IIIU Kl BIIKH HII'tlM. P|*i> SKI IMlMtl'l.-IMftlA nI) H>tkK 3IIOES.?4IUR I Attention ftaalimn rnilno toaa adrortin-ioret. bt tloraw ll l>ay. pohliolid In tho At* Pork lioraid of llth July, lift!, anil tho Cnt'tiff and l.n |iiir-r of na ,*<. da'". ia trnma, alter nmob a*n>*rl'rd abno* f nr attorn**, 4f m Jndaon. ft ?q . ho iinih that rra dtrr not charge hiio ?nth pirt'iag < < crotr'o rat Ml to, under oar oni nairoo; and ' ia! no d'?o? A< t io ft it ?r Oootj rar'o PihtU la tlir unua'itlurr nt C,?i M * h?<r puruhae*u our lli>oa*ro for lb* manufautur* of India Mather Aim under txmojroar'o Patent*, and |>tid or money and am da'ty pa> lug a tariff for tho ?* ; and %oy e.11' r p< roon t Igftt ha r? d 'I.c tho nnir if diipooel to do no. than piiote i.pon (inert v ear'. Patoalo Mi tl.ii t it mm jo.i tipnmhtaaa right to no* a ralld >'?tcnt. than to inir<ngr It. Mr Dn*. baring boon pmooontnd arbnonlodr* I lloor ra tr't tliMn mad* a rettlian at. and agreed In lulum lot ia lv irinirr hi? llrlt i.nft nttilr pliny n?* only tu Infringe rII'1 Patent*. |?l to II-J or* lift, ft *? ?h" have, for largo i?ftOidrrftal"a. { rliftn d n?r Uemr-a. and anw work undor Ineai: nad We Chars* Mr l>oy directly, lad thllnfr nnr own ftidinmmr ? Mil p ra'iiift l?o< dyrorV P> U at> In the mat. ulndnr* ?f the !Sh?wa ft hleh ho l? now olfortnf In Ihft | ohlie, and ?r? ?l?* n< <lc? U>i I bo. anil all ala are ooooernod ?ith him In p ir< I'ftftltp nr TT ndl a Mr Miooo, mad* In rlnlftllnn nf ?-?id latent KI|I U, will bo arnrnlwl.-ktft Voth. July II, 111 I. CA.MibK fit Jftar.l Ktibh. IV?) MM A Mil' Kl *"OH A M, Trftfti. 'Ittn NtWftrh liidift Kftbvrr Manufacturing f'o., II lllir III President. FltKU Si CO. Bflll.I IjiAT DIM'OVKRlKd ?"Till. DMT a PITaTIOM ?l lh'*. h#trnh. F.ftq , t.nnimi .cineer of Patent*. h> tho narrnllftr " wnr ear of Day's nut woftdrrfnl dift oro flea, ' In honor <>1 which" In gats "onion dmnrr' In 1* n?Hngt 'ft Iftftt wiott r Tlila dUcairrrp, h nrtrf, ?a? imatrlnatlftc merely th* payment t? imndroar ia 1*47 of fAjOi lor ft Hon re to work under Onodtonr a Patent, which On hftft inly Intel) liomtir?d ia of no nftn. la a <f??t dnrnrur, 'tiimim l<H Into to berth! him. |i?y'?e'erof fdi reward * "f Ihn conftli Hon of Infringers on 0<"d year's I'atrnt., on ft hlrh he Miriftlf bar hren the chief, an I la now thn only In ..rli.aor, warn hrllllant or neeptlon of Da?'?. aod undoubtedly origins' villi h'm Day's niwi riry of i??o<I rear's gr Itreiet of toleaniriry Rubber a full year hofnrr nir?poltottioa far Ma potent therefor ?t an Mpna> ? to Day ofonlrdHO. r aid li, a mar oho had leornnd thn w et** ia Qoodynar'r f*n tort, war ft ir,111*1,1 nthihitlon ?' Intent!** senior and ftf fnrda ar'rifttm- proof of how rloooly oao invent,<r wl'l maallfoaadol|ow nana rha hoola of another ASIIOR1 aN.iH hH Til UM Jl;t>-MIN AND TTl < Rnhlwr CnmMnnflnnt or 'he past roaih Ihft papers bar* loo moil it I, a fro.h mipplv of falro and mall lour ?? ftaokft agaiart II II Day and his bualaera. all emana'.lng frem Mm Jndron, thr agent, parlnor, and oountel 01 tlio rnl hot wioaopr Mft'a. a lo*al opinion from rnoh a aooioe li of irurfft not worth anr*erlng and hio ai>na? la nejunllr eontfmpilblr Palling la 'hlr, ho no w a-ramoa to -p Kk f?r the *' rnmhlnation " of rnhl -r moaopoliatu an d threaten* to jj>r? 'XMl It ton nid ? trick In h? |.?tnic<t. nnd thr fiuMIe otn I hr tanillcd * ? Itnrrr Tl.o l"ti i".od. will nniMnl it c *n?r'( . mid If lk? " m niMrHii ii" tin retllj mtko thuir noodt ttrnnfd ir* to ' Ororl/rtf't Pn'tnt." #11 their thrrtta Mil not rotho j IIHr *nndt mil. nc |r????ii m *n.? .mnrr from hnrtig tnj R'odt, which Ml not undo uncording to (joodionr't .Inn no I m Ittrri |w*?nt. I'or thn p?*t four yotr- th??? ?holo.nlr m. nopnllicrr r'tho HgMt of thi p?of.|?, who ?>n?n < * mpniltlon hf thrrntt of thn Inn, hnrn dt'ly ont tho? lui'i limn hnd on?, n?Mint hn nonld n't tt?nd it iny lun(*r ; And ?o? hn it on hnnd, rtndt nnd n'.lr *? nter In mvnttln hit rlfl M In tin only 'whi"h thn t'l?Mno*i >n "for dnrtil to i ring U trim, thcj tnro lotim, tid D ? fot ? rordM; hot tin hna not I rtrd vet thot Mm* hnre pnid the r wta. for arhkih tliHr rnrrtin. trn IIaMo. I. ? th-ni l-ftng tholf nntlonn t. ftrtnl nnd I t."'.miro them Intr nnd loitico ?? thnlr hrtrf. nontout. Int I I ran mine Iota oo url Thnrp iif. of thnlr etrti gn.d?. nud thoir thrrolt ngvinrt my ci-tmrr. |r riitHf nil. IV nihil m (Irr4 c* "I'h homing E NE FROM CALIFORNIA. TWO WSTS1 LATER. ARRIVAL OF THE BROTHER JONATHAN. great Kxcminrr m nx francisco. ??? Robber Arrested, and lluns; by the People. Sscope of Verrence Bellew MeManas, from Sydney. Attempted Escape of Smith O'Brien. FATAL STEAMBOAT DISASTER. | GENERAL STATE OF AFFAIRS. THE 6AK FRAilCISCO RlAltkETS, tel.. te., te. Tb* Httsm-blp Brother Jonathan, C?pt. II. Squier - - ?v j/n/i nt, IHVO uuur imf b 11I?UI, I rum UhigM'#, which jiort ahe left on the eveuiug of the 7th inet. 4 The newb from San Franeleco U to the 14th ult two wonk-i later. The duet iu the band* of the Brother Jonathan'* panw-l gor* i* fJlkVl/OO She brings pu*wt.ger*. of whom the following is I a lift.? Judge Jbl.oa and J stamper, Jno P lincauaa fee. art, h C W Kin k-v, ' hi* W Ulbiama, II L Kaxtnn, I.evi Weeuield M hullivau, K a Saxmn, f Kenit.le, J Mi'talf, Mr w utkinr, John Jouee, I J Kidder, MrOldr, W K Key*. I t Ipgraham, hr HealU, l,t J 11 Monr, U S N I* 1 i.uertirfc, J llobby. 11 ,K Hu-kxoa, pto < ' ore 1 ill, J Haywood, 11 C Hunter, CSX li 1 H I i ney, l< IVrUDt. lion G H P.>et, II h VI I lark, Juo Mi dcalf, Hon K H'ella, A J Stray 8 I' SiMI, Hon J B Oavoe, 1 1 Sm iii ii, J G liruff. Mr 1 urxuf-on. UniKeid. Jr, J K hhrjil erd, Mr Me Donald, J Liamond, ft Kciii1h!'I, Mr Lnmhord. Mr Aiu.flrong, Holt H ilaou, Mr Hughe*. Alnerlhau, J'S Hooch, Mr J 1 Bloom&cld. i l .vx Aoh T Btalow. MrS W Sauaon, So* lialmia, M Hathawar, TK una, J H' order*, 1 Kuu t 1. Kilry. KCIappcIl, K (J Vt'illiima, K L u-vett, 1 Mot aba, H I'ienev. T V atrtire, I 8< h? h rait, J a hitldle, D B Kober, M (...liiInt. O h w oodworth. G B Trolla, t% i.a ?d, J Leon, J Krr* n, J Galan, M Yr.tee, J Gains, Mr Field, M LaMilee, W Doda, M llliani Utilnic, M Hclih, W T Andrews. J Mary man, A Boulo. .1 U \ndrewa. J li t? ilu.n. It A No kolla, A Allan. Uerrv < ele, M 1. I'aher, J Golden, a Murray. J t annin. Mneee Mill, A VV 'I illitta II w i.odenda, M Ki ru*aor, a Fray, Joel Furly, M I) 4 we ney, II A Kidder. Jar York, hicnard ll'ion, .1 A handburo, A Brown, Geo Wood uff, I. (, Fi.jali ('adding, A Kanaom, Mr Sfctnig, M m Itynn, W Calkin. | Ji.hb Iirr.mmrnd, J M liurk, Calvin Lawn, i John kuirat. Win Sander, A Standlah, J V I!omton, .1 a W I Martin, I U ? shaner. I; Si Grum, K Thomaa, i MrGruii.iner, J Knaa, N W'uani, I H in Burlma-a, 8 W Seeater, J A Hoi oh, Ai d ljartin.u, Mr I'urti.nmn, G W Barney, i Joil Burn a, Mr Cburoliell. CH Wextful, llonrj linrht, MTNuyee, J Sarett. I* Inner*. 11, FTex.nejr. < Chamberlin, I.'1' tarr, G ( il.l.ine, 1 Curt, K 1" Woodman, W Ginbina, J Sttmuer, J A Krrt. J I'..irk. J Holme*. F li el eitjp aoe, J IV Orr, J : *%u:ei. J k luting. 1. Iirr, J J Honor, w 1 o I'lH, C J G..rgae. Thoniaa ilook i a, H .Ma im, r.lW K udalt, Wni Bootha, Wit King, M Greenwood, J Mrlinnald, I 1 Men'of, G to wia. K Whituey, J Bailey 8 <>n?T, Win ?*>?i!ipw. i " irnagh. T Bland ard, B Millie u, .lamer Stephens, Jan i a Bono.It, Ei'imwuH. li lii.ikiy, Tl "lnk? Bailiy. M W allaa, .1 1 Hotiaeon, 'ibrrnaa B il~on, Mr B Wi ld. ! t P. rrl i an M lie ar m. Jnn.aa A lima, I rial. Mioi.ner, Thorn no Bratner, J m.ei IMloee. ! J M M Urr. V i< e?hn?t..u?, M IVlidna, 8 Sievi nar.n, GiH ort White, UC'i .'a, G K>Vin.e 8 W S?k<a. Jnn J Wyat, II Karkhaut, Jainm Mill nor, Janob i| <?jrl, J r ?..o.o i' T 11?il f i I loil I.AN Kent, if l.niwh'a, 1 lopt 1< Clerk, Wm K indwell, C tisanrr, R I! 1 ,'t < I- Iri'h. hnbt Ayr"*, Jm Harris, CWI nlkio, ChssCsrr, i T* ,? , r. jl W w iso. W Morris, R N linker, W H ? I.e. \V Carver, II But, Wm Pr din, W Vl'ateia, Oil JMIhH, Hnmn Bditr, I Untrlilf^. tl will be observed that the Hon. James M Jones, ! Jedge of (lie Southern district of California; Hon Ale* Will*, lion 0 H I'ost, and Hon. James B Dovoa, editor of the Cahj'irrrin Stale Journal, rune pasm ngart In the Hiollii r Jonathan, The Isthmus was gencrdly free from sickness Twoo* tie miscreants who were concerned in the murders on the ClisgTes river, wore i ho! in the Cathedral I'll in on the lunh tilt. Their nanita Wi re rraneir<-o Medrano and Ji hi Maria Padlllo Trevious to the railing of tue California from Man Iratcieoo, on the 14th ult., building- bad heen erected u] on the greater portion of the burnt dietriet, and bn?ine was slowly but steadily reviving The matki-t. generally, hud been but little influeneed I l>y the dl-astroux eonUapratluu The gnat i|iiantilina of got <|m on hoard stoni stilpa In the harbor, were thrown into maiket with sueli rapidity that Ihuee was a glut in I the staple articles of produce, uud a slight decline In I prices was the con-exC'encc A Sydney convict, who gave his name as Jenkins,stole a safe was arrested, tried, and convicted, by a number of ; cilisi ns. and was hung by Ihctn at midnight, on tha { I'lcta at San I'raDoisoo. The C P sloop-of-war Vandalia, Com W. If flardner. was at Can Diego at anchor, on the 17th Juna. all well. fft ate indebted to Ptirser Wm. A. Mills, of the t*. J. f'r full Pb s of papers, ar.d valuable information Car Mkpowb dphwnta ara likcwlMi <lua to Maoar* Adam* h | Co.. K flout k Co., uil Mr. Thomson, axprraa atf-nto, .1 R D?rr?. K-ij . and aarrtal othrra, for placing *1 our ilifpoll I ho latrat ilati i. Our California t'orrrajmnda/ire. Haw fnaiuct, July 14. 1ki1. | Mar Ihmg 'y I hi Ptoplr- fUrnpr um/.4rrtca/ of Mi (Janjt I tfu Irith Prtruri, fc Tha Mi amil.ip Connm-dora IMurkton l"ft H?|| Vrani iar . on hrr ?n-t trip to Panama ou lb" 12th of MtJ. j | ' atr) liiy 1(0 |>Hiwrnir-TA and #2iH UDO in g.dd ilu-t The I'* I-11 on tin 13th for Panama. an t the | California on tba lJlh 11.*- moil Martllug itim of Inti'lllgenni. which I *audby thin Mi ano r. la thr l.ynrh la* rarttmiant at *au Fran- I i?oo nliu h wai- pat t lot pat < ii in t>j a Urn* proportion of th" I Oil *t n ?p? rtalilr rltlteti* 111 for* tb# "lumililarlng ruin* | of Ihr nfi ut i xti'tiMTi- ronfliKration had b*?n fairly cot nd a matt, named howl*. ut deb-clad aim-at la tba rcry i ai t of atlting Atr to a large (vital on Ia>B( Wharf, and 'a it* nrreM d by tbr poller, the popular** amcutblad to ha of aairal 1 h< n-ninl, and daman.Id th*'. 1 hr nhotild lia p|ar?d la thatr hat da for pnulahiDrnt V bile. bnwitpr. preparation* wore making for atorm- | I ltd the Mutton hoton. Ilia prlaomr waa lak'-n i u* Ik* bark may. and conducted to a pla*e of lalrty. h*)oitd tbr reach of tb* itrilal popnlara Tht* ut tempi ( and tLr frr.|U"nt and iiiiniomun aacapaa , fn at JtiU'? of tin* deaperal* itttun* who tnf at'^in i Flat i brii, on ataaparatia tbr prop* riy Imldar* thai thay ; aorinl li'il privately, to the nutilar of una or two buu I | ill ni and rnroltiil tbtMrlna a* a " Commit ton of 1 fair') " fit ll?- i'l ih>- rii.ifoii? fhi-l-tfrtlon | n1 mintl air. at.d till' faithful eipriition of ihr tawa |.l~d/- ! 11 ii diili litw and lor tbr f il'lilul prrf rMi ll i-l ?lull? r 1I1111"T wl ?li?iild WitHorniiiii il up iii i) ili no-ji rlij oftli cum mill i? lly lawa wetv ml >pt J.tflli-tia (bi'rti.arJ a l.uil.llii* wMril tor hnl<liiiir ini i" iiij n il-d tin trial of rruirnal*. Thr corn-a It tup 11. nil n (I tmnninl I in no ml r? t.?i.k> r?, indeMnmi. atioililirll and lb fact, alni' at i'?i rj prufi rdnn an-l raiting. lri|t lt?)iri. An i.rRamtation ?a? hardly p. rfn?tod lilrr- a lirilbu loatancn if lln-lr datrrmlnatlna to ni.lih rrtn.1' *aa fru otnl to thw rltlr?na null an hi niil kayn tnrur to the brarti of tlin prowling 1 aillalna. | Ol June tUh. a flfdni j man n*tn il John Jenkinaa/iu* | in j ti n aim iii Im nd In r, irking off i? mfr from an ffli ! iin |.' ||| M harf.P n Frat.oiaro. and afl*r n atrng I ah- ant arriMt d in hi? hunt iii- ?ra* In mrdiatady tak.ii ! 11tin- Ihr i'< uioiiltn' of f-afidjr. riin>l-tiri i f ono or two I til dlid ell in ua. Irii-d. found ifuHtt, tnj rant-nr -d lo i 1 If liiiiia a an h< nr .1 niiolninr wan n nt for who j toll m i ii il to a. inln?t?r coiieolation. lint wlioao olf rt< i v err i idlri 1| dl?n par-leal by t) r u*,-. . n?-d eourtrt.. At I ino o'cli i k at night lie wan taken to Ihe public I'laxa l>y he(\ nmlllo and Ihr rrMill l.? thua irlri n h> iho tbraUi j of ih?- in *t morning ? ' Arrtyi d at the flrg-ataff noma were cllaiblijg op It to I >fTll|i lh? halter. * hi n an earnrrt t ) ??? ral-eil I./ ! il). tre-iut For floit'a fiki to. to ' Ion on II... tlirtj pf'l< " Th?- n|t|tr?i **.3 hoard, nnl i.hnai In .turpi- ?-f ihw monition niour>t<>d tbo feoftma on lh? * l-otrh id llm n.loh"?* ?? ?tr<'trli?(l nern*? * i |?ii p " 11 Ibo mi|>pnrtir* to th<-r-ijjli .if ?hmh M> < h m .1 i-uMn ?.r?- fn?1in <1, nnoll* r r )>< i?? run I ?l tc ti?h tliln wtth noo*? at on. .-ml. Vutani rr*r-r? n I- rt I r ii> itntn lb.- nttrr rrH Tim pri.on- r. who livl ' or *%* h. n r w-ril m hr ? *p roul 1 h-or, rtnrtnp tlm ' > r nrrh nml lh< dnmlful pr>o %rnllnan g i?? on 1 lift!. Mm lak.-n l.? M.? po.vtl bnnnnth tlm bnno, 1 tJj en*- nmin-1 kit ?' ?k, *i>4. In ?a 'wt*o?, 1 W YO MORNING EDITION?FH at ten minutes past two o'elook. he was jerked high Into the air. aud buDi dangling from the beam lie wan a vety tall, etcut, heavy man, and hie struggle* were lolent, and continued several minutes Gradually tbry cea-ed, aud he swung slowly round and round. Those who were executing elm held steadfastly on the end of the rope?keeping it tense and allowing no Interference. They held him thus for twenty minutes, when, no doubt, the effort being very great, or the rope aire tolling. the hanging wretch imperceptibly lowered until hla feet hung several incbea below the top of the railiug. No effort was made to avert his fate. Several hundred persona were on tbo ground at the t me of the execution. VVben we left at hull past two'o'cluck. he was still hanging. and a proposition had be* u offered to appoint a committee to hold him thereuntil day light. The hardened man walked to the gallows smoking a cigar, and had dropped the stub before he wa- launched into eternity The rope was adjusted about his neck by Captain W ak* man, well remembered in New York for having runaway fna that city with the steamer New World, while the Sheriff's officers wen- on board Immense excitement prevailed at San Francisco when the steamer sailed, and Immense gatherings had been held on tbo l'laza. participated in by both those I Id favor aud against the banking There waa much feeling manifested towards tli? ' Inquisiti >n." a< It is termed that if tbe Ktarnal City bef 're the abdication of i he l'i-i-e, *? conducted with groat secrecy far uioru than might have been autictpWcd from the number- < mbraccd No aricxts have boon made for the hanging, though the principal actors in tba solemn tragedy urn wall known and arc even named in the verdict of (hit Coroner'* Jury The populace seem to feel that dcspi rate di.oa-es r. quire desperate remedies T rrenca Bcllaw lie Ylanu*. one ol the Irish exiles, arrived in 8an l-'rmicisco on tba bib of June, having undo his ei? ape from Lauuceston. AustraMa. nud beau carried away on board a British bark His arrival at San Krunolsto wa? c< leorated by a public dinner, at which the M ayor presided, aud which was attend) d by the Senators. Kepri sontative*. and many of the most distinguished men of the Slate. Me Menus look) i l capital h'tilth and spirit* About the time of bis escape, a like attsmpt was made iiy Smith O'Hrica. O'Dotnghuu. and O'llolu-rty The huui of a'buo had been put in the hands of an Englishman named Ellis, to purchase a brig. which was done and afier loading and clearing at the Custom House, a concerted xtgual was to be given by the exiles, on the beach whi n u b-at wa* to be s) nt on shore from the brig The villainous, how. evir. had Informed the government officers ol tbe during the day and as soon its the signal was given f >r the boat, tbe exiles were wvuted by the --flloers and car. ried back The baik immediately sailed for this port, ami arrived on th> same day that Me Man as entered the liolden Gale a free man. Summary ol a Fuitnlght'ii Kventa In Call* lot nla* [From the Alta California, July 14 } Since the sailing of the lVuuessee. some few events of stanlit g interest have occurred in our community, au-1 others I leva note. Tb? steamer l'atjuma with I.*. 8 in-slb, ami news nine days later from the Atlantic, arrived on the l?t ln-t.vut in lb days and 0 hours from I'anania having ace implishcd the shot test pa-sag) ev)rma-l)- hetw.-eti the two ports Five men were drowned in fan l'ablo liny ou thaVSSlb of May Their nanu s and former residences were as follows:? Dr Reuben Knox, of 8t. Louis; Jobu Allen, of liurlu-gton. Vt ; James ! ' Graham o) N-jrth Carolina, nephew >f lion Win Graham Secretary of the Navy; u Mr Davis, of Malic, and an Indian boy. Newspapers ur>- increasing in number, aud in different recti) ns. The .V,m /logo /iVioWaudthe Iaji *1ngrltt Star have no nil) la en aoui d to the number. hi viral i scapes of prisoners from the City Hull fltattui j Hi use, in this city have taken place, giving strong cuius I < I suspicion that e<me 11 the police were a-Donated with j ti-iui and aided their departure A Long Island Indian, nauisd Frank Brewer, was fi tit d dead in >1oul(ti Ditr/ street, <>u the .'J iost l is support il tc bare Intii drugged to deulb for thu pur pose of robbing bini u exnibmrul orenrrwi mi the M inst., on the occasion of tin irrent or a man by the name <>f B-tj. Lewis. Krueed of tiring a building <u hong Wharf The , indictment was the i<i?nd Jurr hating breu | illegally i wpniiellt d. ami the primm r was ri wanded to ; avail the tclii n el lie' next lira ltd Jury 1 he li dinris I'ate bnn In ukiuvBe in Ihe southern taction of the Hate, A company of wliitc men uni t j a l ap'ain Irving, are reported to hare committed in my outrages upon the inhabitant!, of L'> Anpeie.i valley. Hie citizens roluuteeii d and went in pursuit Itm the last account Itttlted is. that the Indiana of a certain mission had destroyed Captain Irving and his eleven men. lien Morehrud's expedition, reduced to forty-live men. letl San Lnrgo on the 11th ult. lib destination is unknow ii Hie cap of the sh am clu st of the sloantor M-vr H'orl l bl?? otT. wi de sin was on her p-wag. from .-i icnmont to this clt>. mi the Oth instant the st? am ru-hiug out and killing two pi rsons. one name tiukuowu. th? other I'elir Marks, fuvoian Tic wounded, alt of whoiunrs rnw erring. are ?Frederick Ftoulaky, llmuany. dun gerouily; (has Yionaus Maaa.. dark of th? brat; Chan Fi Ike III ; F < . King. 011*11 limit, New \ ark j J?T M. Snllirsn 11 M. I'olieu, John Jrtiiiiug* uud Aaron ! hards New York Char. W liasto II. Henry Br.aik. and i Joseph 1'iynoids, Boston, Thus (lasklll, lloiliury. tf-na ; ! I'd N Jaekron. ttacramrnto U"m T Bponeo and SleTt n Jones (colored). New Yolk T? rence IMlew MrMstm one of the Irish patriofa, whose-Crcape from New cuuih M ales had hei n known hero lor n ine time prrvlofla afrired here ahoir. tip. ftth Julie, and has received a n>o?t r.-rdlal and en> liurtaslic to ptiou l.y all classe. of our community lis escaped fren) his pern < till ra liy some no ?n? and hi* sOO--1c.| in reas hiug these shores, whi re h? will b" protected and may et jo> s* na t hlng of that freest. t.i f r wtj, b h? con tende<l tu i lie green old l?la " Th- re 1* >-nt one regret at hie arrival, wlii-h Is. that all his ciiled companions I are not alike fortunate Crime had increased to such a feveful ?x?<nt in this lity and so totally had ihe court* and pNe* tailed in noting out adequate punishnienl. that a roi-iotcvr aoia inlt'i* of our mo?t res|?ct?hle ctt'r< r hid been t?run-d ?..? M?iual..> 1 ?..l l . - I. .?i? >.. ....... i . . .. . . . a . u . M'I> ? I <1 ?t<kliDg. ?b? Mitcuiarily trvtl by tv-m I urid guilty. ! rnudtnmetl todrath and hnifthrwi' ni/hs. The Coronet V im|Ooat up n the bialy of the riiwilti'J ma'' w?nt i ?'opMtt-ly into ih" TtdcM,? i ?nu?-ted aim i llM' ?bi In prMii'illpn and In their ?'T.ttot Itnpheittn the | no-mbi r* ot Ibi' ConnlitM of VlglLuict. an the cmi. of I lil - Jt nth. The l.'ouiifll barn at length po ? <!. awl ib? Mayor but ript:i <1 ao ordlnaiiee granting to Ami U Merritteld the right el laying plj*-* through tin- utrnl'.lnr tin* pnriium of iDlftlut it u water Into the rlty from hi iniialri I. tk? 8eTen ItWIi wen drowned at karll'ii Bar laef. Week. Tbeif Ii?bmi atr J Btull. 11 Mtnltrbtirirh, Charl ? 0 >? Mr Htdge, pernio I Miller, .Imigaii, a Jrreiirliin .u, and Yiui i nt. aleo 1 rent It Tlx- all# it.| to to burn the rtl jr bur? teen t nntiittrout to iteapilulitU'. too Iwlj noil malignant to al'ow .any ! other iiit* n rt ta'l"0 than % >! lennined plan to I trn lit- , city but t ur rltin lot are vigilant, ar-1 wee to hid who ! It i HUft) t In the 11 n iiiifUMii >( iln rnni" I,mite mt Mingo bare been In 1<I m-h day alnoo tb? 1 rucvtontf Jerkin- upon lie* I'lura, but they rwaultod | it t.i t>ti-pr I npnita Irotn tho placer* ami <;tj-.r*a tnlne? are g*n? ra'ly Ia*nral4w. Kutihty rle uU al*ey- be racwieed wilt) n *t lal grtilnr n< olio*a on Humor live* In tue family Of I lie gtiitl eeektra. Apr etiltutal prorpirt* are ttry ir??el I*. !itIrx ar? rulbt r hi a lull Hi the State but I' t? a klo I of mulaont -tilliopi pri taring the ot.-ei of two artnie* 'I'll* I* I nrtkr bare g? ot aJiy orpaolar*! in the different c 'U?Ilea i r wi Hi in r 11 imc na? i* < n t ry p i ml witii p* | rapt oUP of orrioiotinl hi*h wind- hi.J million dual In tbtp ? itj llrmw Jrub) l.lnd Tnmtri. I uilt by Mr. tfagTirtrli tr lb* laU- << i fipgratk n. w ? op.iird l?>i nlgnt by a part of Mr S'lath p company. The pamo proprietor hait tngrraa of i met Ion another thratrp of tior dlmer-iou* to fa bud! if tnrk Ttir rilitcr a-loa. ami drmlatfon of tho la?t irrrtt firr. I?ir ik *i ly all dlpapp<HF.d before ill-new build li |r? ami iiuprmeniriitr. wIm b biivi* f'tinned upon th? path i f IK flu- rtorin like ibe i.-rn *- and fier'.!.*" wtdrb pf'lIt it' up again nhrti lb* leuipe-l baa pa?*.d away A fine whale w?t iliiti u afbofo. 11>? 4*;< Iftw. mi llii' b rg licarb outplde the Head*. ami th ip<? ?Ij>> kiim In California to arc the i b pliant an 1 bIT" failed in tba ' | i rallou. bad latter rcmprruiim ami go i?Ter aud ? * the abate. Orrat Popular Otilbrrak. arrf-at "P a kimMR ?trial hv a ou?:?rrriti i>f ] CITI/kNO?rtfcCIITH N OF TilR CRIMINAL. [Kr'in tbc Alta California. .luue If ) i Our Pit}. ' t tbf night of th? loth iiiPtant. waa tbr i wn p of niia of Ihn moat appalling tragedtea '.at haa 1 rTM bicD uactnl wltbln Ita liml'.a?an "Xecnrlon hiring lakfD plapp lb tbr public plaai known M Fnrtoi mlk miliarc. a Inlr i f ntunn anion no Jrnliri* and ippui imr>. and a uiiiltiliidp aiding and pupp? ring ilieoi. l y ci nilihirltf iIppiI by their prepenec and nmi I li rli retee The clrcuoiotam-p* toiMbi with the i rr ibrpe:? Call k t" tbi tart amount of oritur which Irip b en p> r |p|ian?l lor a h na'b of tine , ami th" luc piippra r.f taw. of proi'tuing lh? eonretkn of tb? guiliy. 1-epfnwing adequate punlplino-nt wkrn cunricipf of eti n br?plna Un n In rnl'e ni'l'dy a numb -r of mti nllf r.-nltnl lo lakplhp law Info llr'lr own hanilf 1ley act ordinal) ITi anland thi ma> iTr* Into a data.' ttvii and pntii'lltc fon-p, Willi a fixed ifptormlna If n lo fhi?p wloiin I hp) rhould find gulltT if tb? n of any f.|oniuua art. Tin-) *v i otg Up I) prorated quartet* In a budding on th" r? tier of Maupotup and IIiipIi etn? t? Th iiuuprw. rrdifailpp. burgl-ilee anil apfa rf IbPi-uJIariiin. In n'eliHt. ?I) Twwtnj ft'irM h in?n mi-Jin* % t>?" ' ntnlr li k xn Hl'lrc ?|), mt titlv r(nitc honey, attrnct-1 th > ? iintli.ti i t IW tt biti It-Il N?'mi'n it their lUtirni hi totral burl lit* jumped into * boat w lit bin b.v ' pd | ulitrl ?/ut to?Ri(i? tn? end t.f the wharf But I; n otto tite bad t-l.t|iMt*tl before .Mr. Vlrjiln, a grntl tii?u ebo ht*< |>? a btpt hr ' thro on the wharf. - down t> he htM Marti In |inrMilt of n fior,tou who *> 1 Jtl ' irbbttl hie i lhre of n nmll tr"li 'nfe. font*inin< a con ilt nl |r -Aim of n om j 1 bf tiutn with th -I'njr ? a nee mp ported and a immbt-r of th* boat to* n M. a riot) it pnntitt Aft r a ela'p pull th?y tiTorbnnleil htm ?l" ti he ll'tf* kit bmlj mitttnrd A ft or a eery *?? >!? ' 'iU||lf i tit parly of li fltoifn Mirofftittl In *ntiirin< li abllt ai-otht r fill * tl li)* the Im^. ? Inch proflt-tl t ' t i lam the Mtltn ale lli' wee rtitm on efiore and ' < oi rt labor po-imamr of by aome tit thoetir'lnnt o* iitttio w bo rr.ndttetf d bim promptly tothMr ht?d tpa' t?t. wl?re bt- wat trtiC 'n |*"xtiO' of about unit) via.tire tf till rrnilAtr tilting altb el'noj d"Or, 1 j Ibtin cttiTltbU, fltv! eni'itcl to U hutij lit ' RK H IIDAY, JULY 18, 1851. the Portsmouth square that v< rr night. The |pre- | < else mode of trial was, of rourw. a secret. During the time of Its progress the citizens bad accumulated la large numbers about the building and in Portsmouth . quare. the liell on the engine house at the latter locality baring rung a signal to apprise the citizens of the j proceedings going on The populace vrere rery mu >h

excited, but more orderly than we ever ruoollect to hare seen such a numerous assemblage on any similar occasion Pome disapprobation was manifested at the secrecy of the committee's proceedings; but when the result was kno*n. there was a very geueral approval manifested, all hough there were siau) who deemed the punishment ofdtnlb too severe for the offence, and others thought be should be executed in broad day light As soon as . the sentence was passed, the bell on the California En- | gine bouse, mar liy commenced ringing the prisoner's : knell Captain Benjamin Kay, of the police force, ap- i plied at the door of the committee room, aud demanded the prisoner, but was refused several limes, and although ! others of the police were upon the ground, thoy saw it whs of no use to adenine a rescue. About on* o'clock. Mr Samuel Hrannan came nut. and ascctiuii.g the bank opposite, announced the result of the c< mn.litre's deliberations, stating thai he had beanfdr- ! ly tried, convicted upon the strongest testimony, and offered no defence except a denial of the robbury. He , gave lie name of John Jenkins. and professed to be a n?lite of bonduii Mr it staled that he had been allowed another hour to prepare himself for death and that t he j bee Mr Mine* had lieeu sent for to visit him The i crowd pr< rent promptly approved of t he action of the committee. From that time the excitement began to increase aod the matter was freely discussed by knots of cltt/.ensat the various street corners, around the committee room and in the square. A very large majority were evidently in favor of the execution i The pnsouer was perfectly composed during this time, and inuuVed in a segar. Tile clergyman promptly respond* d to tho request to pray with the prisoner, and remained with hiui for nearly ail hour. If we ure cor- | ' rectly iuf* rmed, his presence had no particular cllect j up* 11 the condemned man, who doubtless confidently I anticipated a rescue by the police. About iwo o'clock the doora of the committee room ' were oim oed nnd the oondemted was for the llrst time < presented to the poj u'ace lie was a lull man. of very 1 nipiculav deveioppuit bu. and with rather a forbid-ling c< uritenance lie was smoking a aegar. and appeared ' l atb* r pale I ut < i mposed. His arms were pinioned and ' I is hands tied liehiud him, while he was surrounded by a r- pe thickly manned by armed men. many others eb ling on tbrui determined to prevent his esoape. In 1 tils uauoer, followed by u laige crowd, be was con- ' ilM lul to the public square Ilia arrival whs auuounced with a s|u ut and every description of vociferation? 1 ih< wi| lest scene oi contusion and excitement prevailing we have wituessed for a lowg time The looin obscured by clouds. shed no light, and th < picture presented was j wild sod awful in the extreme dome persons climbed l the liberty pole to rig a hi ck for the execution, but a ' lend shout of' ib II' bang bitn on the liberty pole ' arise \niece scream*d out -to the obi adobe." and n 1 i nsli was made for that edifice, upon the corner of tho equate formerly occupnd as tho Custom House A rush was at i ni * made for the i ud of the building a block vigpid aid a long rope run through it. in the meanlitre a nun l>er of Ihe, who were on the ground J 1 no.ib several attempts to obtain possession of i he pn- | i SI tu r I lit tiny were roughly heudled and prevrntnl; I 1 tad they persist* <1 tiny would have been riddled with i bails, devi ral citizen* denounced the execution, nnd sought to aid the police. T he prisoner, by this t:me. was nearly de-id with f?ar SLd n ugh hauiliiog. ?h* t< a ru-h was made towards h.m 1 a in o-e thrown ? Vt r hi head the rope m inued by t w.-uty ' reaily hands and the henry form of the convicted felon ' swept ihiniigh tb? air and dangled from the block. A i ' I. w fearful struggles, a qu ver of the liciupen cord, a few I I II rv. us twitches, and the crowd gated up m the lit. less coi] s< of h n> upon wh- m such speedy nnd terrible veu- . (o ho been cxicuted by an outraged people A< he ro'iri; ixitnu int Hi'u lUTUi^J DUO'I ttlltl HIUU'l . It H'"1 irptl uw?* appeared to at road through the crowd. who j 1 < I't.W not U-1 thi-rwiM- than imprc-scd by the terrible l tccuir*l>?? hh wly they dhperaed. but when J iy ' bt'ke there *i (t hi ill many gating np>n th" awdieo. < |UI|I> tiMUrtWOt I hi' doolie <1 lll.lll At ait n'cl-ek lb" I I yur kl. Mr ( r wr, nmlrHl lu ib? ipnt. rut i| wn thr ' i Inaij and cociipnul it to the dead bourn*. Tliu* ended j < the fir t rxicutli ti which erer took pi ace In "inn Kr*u- | cbco, where Uiurr rrinx hint beeu committed within t he , 1 | irl jurthiB in any other cry of the aninc p'pal ition I in II. i 1' it it .ii. wiiln ut vir fioplt* ineiance of adequate * pi ui I ii i ut 'M ihv guilt of Jenklna there wit nod *uht ' I >li I.H? b* en known to the |> llrt* for raouib* at n ilxtp-ruie character, fi-tn the penal rolonice, whore he hid 1 j in rot Mary yeare a* a iranapmted coieicl It it only | 1 ti o fin j to nail that thon'connected with the Vi,jt j liM i ii'Diillt e.M and r* nccrmd in tb? eavnuii'n are of | 1 the vi t) Int c aaa of our ciliien*?men of (tic higlitMl 1 rri-pt otaMlity and a'andlng 11 he I orottt w.o iiiTn livhtn K'he matter at th' time i f the at* auier'* tailing. but Ibe principal faeti elicitc i ii) pear to tw r< pdeurcd In the fort truing net'ouit ] |? roll) the Sun Pinneieco Herald. June ii ] We gi*e. eb< w here, a report of the lyirhing of Jenkii.r. I j the 'i o'elia*h tbia morning W * ban h rely aee t" my lhat lie waa tried by a Jury of ' lk< hlght t rtiepe.-tehilliy nud waa uoi|Ue*tionahly guilty ! e.f I he mine for which ha waa condemned I'tt i t ;rr|lo waa lirrible: till if it hare the Cjfeet of ridding o i l lie llilrtrt who infect our city and of the iuren rilarlt e aid neaoiRt by whom lb" lire* of our eltiirna are n . hi y threatened we ah*II not regard the puuiale nutt aa t?o aeri re Thi re ia reaeen to belb?e (bat the i.lib tmni'li man waa of the mort hardened character He wa? fnni fjdin j '*i?niilznllnii of I lie Vl||1lanre Commit lor. , >1 idem- 11 hill lic ue aipajent I" the ntiicn* of Piiii l'r?nrkn that Ihw hi no meurity to life on I yn> perty.eitl.n unit r the revulitlon* of tairiety a* it at pre- j h ni oieta, <>r libdt r the lawe tut now ni|in'ni<iror<Ht, ' ' il I'ltlori', Ikr rlit*? im ?hi?r iimiiik ?pc b'ruiulo att tch Ml. ill III ite IhrU iaiioi into ail ?'?"fl*|iii|| f >r the invtltit.airi i l the pt arr and gnnd ord.-r of mill Mm , 1 innimiii u i'l lb# lin-.i rniil pr tierty of tne citizen* of Hi.ii I in cbfwi. and tin bind ournel?i a each uoto the ' till rt in in am] perform ?Teiy la*ful act for the main iirarcf of law anc order, and t? aun'ain Urn lmtr? wbeo | taili liiliy and pri>|M rlv ?druitii*tered llut wo are de I 1.1li that no thti f. l urular Inc. uJ.irt ..r v<vin Imil I .rape | tmlnhti ent ettlo r hy lite nillUMna of thr j law. Iht tioccwrity of prliona. tio car. Icwnewi or cor | -I ptii u i f i l.i' polico, or lastly ?-f tho*? who protend to ! mill it lalm ju*'ice A ill to rrcurc tbi< object* of thla tvctot'lalUm Jo i ' ) asii-o:? fit I That fbr tniun and atylc of tbo Aaaof lallnn ah ill I <-tie'i mnltlcr if Ylpili.iiri for tha prolaetmn of th? ' liter Did pri'| city of ilia citizen* ami re. blent* of the city 11 ran rmiuipcn. Hn-4'mJlj ?That tbi r* aball bw a r? om ?? f >r th? n? I'lia |( ai d Ili'lil* lallotia if Ilia MNMM al wlllcb II ere iimil to a. um one or mope oieuitwr* of llic c imiu'P I 1 III-. kj pointi d for thai purpo-o in Cototntil attendance I 1 ai aH lii lira 11 Iho day and nttrlit to rrMia tkn report , it any MM Hilar of llo a-aiTtal i<>ii or of an* othor p*-r 1 i i t. i t pi t? almlM y. r, of any act ft ti i orr done 1 intbo p< rroo or property of any en it*u if .tm frt o ( ' raw At <t if In ih?- judgment of the member or men t ar? rt tin ridinitiiee pre-ent II tie aucli an ??l a? ju-ti fra i)e tntotfrrenre of ibia committee either In aid i* in the t at cut loh of the lax or the prompt am] kiln- 1 inhry ptihiabao nt t?l the I Ptnder. the cmnnil' Iw -nail i 1 i f at f nee aaren hltil tor the imrp ? of laktuic anch of to n ar ii li njortty of the commute* wtn-n a---nir'li l, l.ail dtft unit-* up a Tt r ,1? ? It I rll hr tbr itutjr rf *oy iri ml ?t i.r mfm N rrof'Li-1< mui.ttrr on duty ?t tb?- e mimitti* rno'u ( ? )? !> till in niliiNKi- *4 tlir roininUlmi ta n? ittiiiv i?i Miiw I nil In miili' hj Im itrokm up?n irll iifuliil . wi trh ihiil tw pi"|i?i?'i i| nlib i I ivmot iw tinnoto lrt*rM < <-> alarm, Iter aUi..l to ' It dlMit I. *>ii< II < itlrn i! f tO|.p?"l lihrlMj?'hat ?lii? iter omtrl Iff hit" *f<rtnMi><l id ni tinii ihf ilo'lilnii nf Iter Oi^jorili yrnint >b Ji w I unlit.* hi i ?i 'li" nhi'lr riMMKiif. in <1 tint tho?' mm l? if < f fhi rem intlUf ?hnrr nam- *tv h- rrnoto ntti -h i ll 'In 11 ii? lIk Ii h"ii -r mul hrn'.jT Ion I I li tn if-n i ' nil t?l *i <1 mi bin ibi'Ii mhi'f m rirrylnn "Ml th- iflff. it Itiiit nr i?n of ihii r. n.mlMif Bt tlir htiinl if tbi-ir Inn mul II rlrtewrftinrr. K'fililJ ? That ihrri' rball hr clinrrn wn'tel*. ? I'rrali'?M. r?iBiy bi 4 Trra*?nr ind ! ahill h tti?rtuy i 'I ibf Ki frtimj lo dilull :hr mfnibrr? pr^nirmi lo tn- in ' iii .ly Blli inimir. Bt ihr i ounDitlff room A wntmnt* i i am - . La'l hi- nrfiTliiInt *h ?i lutjr it rh ill bf to n v in) iin h no mN r- nf inr-r d-iBil f <filul? Tlin?'r<?t?l 'TO" '1 *11 no nil at. HM<I hr In rnn?unl atlrndiDcr at 'If n lt?r room. Tbrrr ahall b? a alantlng < "0n.ittir of tin ii n bihI qtialltWa'inn. minnal'im "f flrv i fill *| it tin |?lfon hall kf adlitiHifl B nf |tiU flirtation tit'tef" hr hr n rrrprstthlf i"t'?"ll nmt ap I ? ?' d of by iter c miultlM on ^tiaiiGriUi.'ti b luff Bdmh r.i it I 8 1:* ordvnrih. A Hrrnnrn. K ll'iktc. Krrd \ Wool*'ltk (lin.1 OiViy, frtnli t *l?h"nir Kraucla K t*"rb nr l< I' * hull. Jrnir* C ffird Wot N Tliomp-on. 'tn. II John R H WMtmn. Ctmtun ITntft K.|*i-'1 * i-'H <i" I .- I II Mm. W II Howard J l> ->1 1 ?i i m ti tl Krai k Millard. Ilrnr? Diwrbfrldi, 'hM R , Ihiil l> tt 'IfUht J am n liyan, H H t?r"? nit'.tl. HfO l llnaat.t. tt III 'ti m l.rownr * K TVichmanhi r I al. o I'yatt. In M tt fit*. C II ttri> li y. IhMnnrl It t'nrw. n II It ' tri'f .1 t\ ulgii'B Jbiuto K i urila John V Rrvim', H' o I I Mill Id*. I. Il' lrrt' an K Kirlu . A <V ttuSteBrrmHI. K I iil.mdi'l J-Mi n fimn. !!? N 11 1?1<>1- .1 ' I. W t I- ' wnth N' T 1 h< mp? n Weph.n iijrvi VUlhn Hnft. N * t'dtv. C I'i'.T'f)? ')*M On ?'i<d. Unhllrl I '* tnt?r. A U l?. In rlphi )l II** tl A I I tin -1 I' iilii HI' Fnurii'iiiiil Jtmr* ixnihim J 'V Rjnn- I nth II .ItirliM ti *ir'?i:ftl?v X II llonlnmi W I. Ilr in * I. I' |i I'tiil**, 0i'4|* II W?rd, II MlnckitMir, l< IlinNI. I. I. IViuon It II Itarli. Ikt 'n ll*? mu?<\ I H m II '*!.. ? |* Kn ihinfhrni U Ik'-n I-nnc Blnxoui, ' t < X Prb> Trfc,G<oty<' '* ' mfori. '.?thr i? I. Ilull irk, I w Ann in H urn, j hn I' llnff Inbl W Klclrr K HeiK r Jn? T IIhixh Th'* W lOili-r Th-' 1t>rr l\ulh-n?*. ' i ? M*r? J hi tlprmn Jn?i-ph F I'ul. Iah 1 .1 Tb> i * i n. Jt II F Vim I#"U??*lii". .Inllu P 4?hn|lii J X *'?iv- I i " II .1 () rvrhy, J I j nil J.M i'b I" I?rrin?, r J i * 11 Tlxi# *'i i nttll kilpnr W ?fc< man. Wm T Uolrnm. , ' Mnl'?rh AUmiiiwi II .1 b i'lrvk J?da? Mintnrn An n .1 ) I I'*n (' It I 1i?rh. F O P'nki mini, II I T?? -li?iiivSi?r. J ' li? f?. n l\|i,Mt W .lurk-no. tV I. HhIwmi. IV )i 4 * ' yi r J - 4 R Cm 11- W II 1 ilnrgliml. John 0 XrKtm I>r v? i11imn> || iinOixirv J f Mntom, Jnhn Rijiim .1 | I V?rtn r llffrrr Mu : i>n Jnhn II IB nli*"n. .U?h u <iH?n. I' I. Dunn .1 (jmir? (V?l?v Pratt. * utlnw, l.frrgp W p- hitIami tVilllum ll'll|"f. V r 1 I III*. I hittliw II Vail, 8 J BihMh f. Mrnry VI Mm |lw. Wn il ril W n ,1 rkotvnl, Oil' I' 'anfrr. A I. fnbw K IV , I liatif*. 11 N HiiMIn N P IIIP. H m l,?n*r?nii*ti Riu'm ' '?.! |i F I .hrirfc T II lutirll* I, vininrn lliTmnii H * Mi J I' Ta- mlm II llni-tfonl ,lny, ln?n>ln? n * n I'n.iii b. Ji?n f Ilnmtin 8 limn. rhom?? N *1 lUtlB, t Ki irji. Ji r?nu*h 8|mMIIVI,W'IIMI?C Utnbtm V ERA] I Moid Huxley John M Hoophlin Oharle* Mintorn, 3?ml Moiae. jr. Ueorjre Clifford. Howard Canniiwhiuu, C O Brvwrter, Oho tkm jr, Cbaa L i'aae Cbn* L W?kI. Robert 11 Beldeo, Clia* Monro. Wm fell. N Suiitb. .?a* K Duff Ja* Dow*. .lohii 0 Karl, K M Karl K W Crowe .1, Randolph M Cooley. J 1, Van Boohlln A II <fllde?ne-e*ter, Chu* II Ulll. Ueo N Blake Saml f? PdIUId* J Neai. jr, Dowltt Blown Oha* Del Vccehlo. V A Atklneon. Ed K Baker, Joe Pout Oha* Millar f Argent! Jam** Klu* of Win 1 he ulioTe a ponton of the Committee of Vigilance lately eeUliliehetl in thin city for the preacrration of order punishment of vice and tor the purp tee of untieing out that justice ao long wit lib -Id from rriiniinils. uua il ling that the nuinesof u few of their aaeociate* eh >uld bee indented by the eorouer'a jury a* the prlneipai actor* iu tlie trial and ext out ion ot J nkina Inform the public that they, wlib all Ibe m< uiber* of the committee. are eijual ly reei ooaible for t ho tirft a it of juaUoe that ha* icon dt alt to a eriKiinal in Han Franciaeo, kIho Califoruia became ablated our Union Our fellow*. remembering the oseupe if Wither*, Daniel*, and Adaiu*; of Stuart Wiudred. an l Watklna, and the tartly manner in which tu? im-cudiary l.i win i* l-tnie i..ill *.. .-1 .. ' <e ft rougest measures we have adopted Thi? publication aUo Inform those friendly tn the cause, that the Committee of V gilaticc lit* U"'.hint secret in their proceedings, bui n , b mutter* *4 would U-nd to defeat the object for which w* are us- H'la'.ed, were tie y uiarlc public. Vriamblk ?ki> Kruii.l'tio.n ??lUe 'olluwiug ulso euiiU.,teO froui tile Vigilance lomil.itt VI hereaa. The eitiacm "f Sun I'lauciseo, co.ivluccd tliiiillor. xiste wi<hin 1(- Umit.< i bun 1 of rob'r ami iue* ndiui it s. who have several titni * burned a: tt? mpted 10 burn th-ir city rl.o ni ;hliy attack tlmi- persons and break it t< their budding-- c. Toy their unlet. j?op*rdixe thi ir lives ami property.and 5* ricraWy disturb Die natui al ordi rot society At-d wlicr* a.-, many of 'hose taken by the police hate succeeded iu escaping horn their prisons by carelessness. by counivmiee. or from the wat i ot proper means or force to seoure tiieir safe eontiui no M therefore bo it Itcrclod. Tbat the citix*n- of the place be uti le iwure that the Comtuittei of V'igllauce will he ever ready to reeeive intorniiitiun us to the whereabout* of my disorderly or suspicii us person or iienon*. as well is the pern io- themselves when suspected of onus1. IU*" .red, us ti is the c onvict-on of a I ixge ,i linker of i ur ci mens that there i xt*ls in thi-: city a nucleus if convicts aiut disorderly persons, arouuil wtoch cluster those who iiave so seriously disturbed the )'t nee and alb eti d the best interests oi oureity. aui (i us t re known 11 the police of the city or t" members of the Ciuiiiittee of Vigilance, u* fel *u* l>y eouduct or s-si* isth n. la- i .lifted to have our port w'thiu fts-u Juys from this dale, und at the espir-uiou of which lliey shall be ci mis lied to de; rt. if tie y have not done so v?)in thi ly wit Inn the tii.ic spccifiiii. liesolvi d i hat n t'at-ty Ci mmitdeo of thirty persons be a ppoiuti d. wbo.-i sacr-d Inly it shall b" to visit every v* s.-el an ivti g netolious 01 susp. uiu* charactsrs en board. anil unless th* y en present to said committee >.deuce of good chaiucler ami li< aivij, they-null be n i ippad to thi' place fn tn whi ur * tl >y came a> 1 uot b*- permniid to p< uute our soil. Keaolvcd. '1 hal all good citixens l e invited tn join and s sist tin I miuitti i of Vigilance in lurrying out tlie uhi vi u*< asutt-s so necesaary f *r the p, t'oel rest iri'lon r*f tin |? ace. safe1 y. und g??d order of our community. ( cent Kii Ifeiiieiit at Viigrloi. [? < ui ibe Los ai giles M-<r tOxtra wily ?1 J A e* top any of nien. numbering ate u' forty, have b<ea 11 r i l|.| i d mm till ci'y tor MM Wweka pi-t I'll v win c* Diniantii<1 l>y np ?aln (rung, a Texan vho prts ihinnd tbat be bud i*t n irvitid hy the (lore uor of tlia Mud < ! fum-in. in Meat! - to luruir-ti aid l-i exleruiiun.o tin Atacbe*. a number of depis tiaHorir v. ree-mui Ur<l al.ile (lit' owni uiijr rt malted in tbn- vicinity; mm many |x ojile n.pj.i -o that Irving'* re tupauy n- uniting tnn-o i i i lop- then a til (1 ot ru'bc*h. YpUrdaj meriting, cvpr- -?o? reached thin nty front (i l L< roll, aim) trout -creral rnui-herna, iitirp ibli iBiatior tIt*C Irving'* fimiiiMiiy won- moving Jo* b the V > liay tinlint: borate. 1 ililii* cattle. not r injlelli (1 Ik Utrelte* In a Blurt outrHOo u? manner lln-y liaii Ibieaieiu-u to raviith ibo ft-nialer and rn-li tvnin-tn, tUd children. Imd !o't .tin rai.rhf* aud fie J to tii-n IWaa'a .ali (i lor firulii lu u A luoi lil.g au.- In 1.1, yioderduy, hi J the poo; stirred u|i to pal au mil to tn -o outran*** (>eti Itoai -am In mm the Oajon evening lie Bill taw tuo evinuiaud f Mioh l< rro a- car I - rained in tliU city auii at Chtoo, ivilhrr aitk hiaciwi en p-ny IbrMrc- are cotigtipatii * *1 Chino Our ntlrca.-ar -1 ow irurit ring. an l we Judge, front In aplrit u mniV t?i that lew i-neoner* will be taken lln ? hole ci un'7 b-arninp, a?a to the ofoul of a 1 'Iire toairret tbnH marauder- an expre.-s will be .-cut to Major lltb-1' j . a*, the Col- ratio. Mliitiifc InltlllK-iiii-i Tin- Mmyii illi liriuui taunt* from a gcutl man, Mr Maurice witch:-* ju i r. tuund fr-.-tu n ;-i i-nt-cuup liar of lOUn iw w?ck- through the nnrtltdn tunc-*. that at ihi hi a<1 ol Pis-i* Man'ii reek.acme u.-w ?uu rery valuable ili.-covi nee l et u mad* mi il that on NeUoB'a t're -It the no in m w i re doing tolerably m-ll Niai -t'ni about Ibr ?-| t. Iil.-b II Hi :'l . ?L*o -unit temulilui -tpv-imeii-Itail l?i- taken i u aiul mat I he miner* aire there making be ounce a day, ttbd that a gre it uikujr were out pro?|e el I arc Al fiinith'a Iter on account of tb water, they are not dt >i p n i rh. I in at Itirh V r uuml-er- uf miuera ui at * rk. uuiU prnttatdy, and the i .?itiii are all |>ayli g mil fna *b w i* un-ltlm, >>ry nt at the Inad aatera of Panther river; iintl from what could Ire aacertaiMd. Iiolu the up piattUioe ni tbe enow, the water* will be I jWt-r than they hove been ''or St n > tllt.t Ibi'iuelt ibe rutin- 111 1 ma. more ban line Ir al Ubualit. find giiele of every are 1 i? Mr Mubiin bar la t-n nil u?i r the llorntt diggings, aud rbcolrt* the re|a>rlr lecelV ly puldl-h-d of r-HBe very i, Iiia< I !-? i ? i.i- ?.t <ii?artu ? *- * ? cm it j <11 citlo it tt> rtrbi i hr b?.? iT,r to en flie ||| la 11 Iiitfiniiff kit- I a'Wig k'n.ui i.n? oailico to llir liauil I . ilkj tiiiiiitiliMK i- < < ?i'ii><liy oi, tb" ib<nn.<f , tbn n ii < i- ii> i*i < in . on ' i.nil turning tieir ill m ;fila i vwtit- h -tiLii ot burking ?g.itu*t tin- bang." Mr I'mtir. I mm Voir* no tigging-. inkrui>u<tlwt n nit. I'lintal t initial ticnitj ?r uoiiu.- uur >a.;u raljr *ili lit) Miik li.ik-k to lira ?! nth of twonty or thirty ti<? m it iter o rt i *>> for aiuhlug front iho <iu lacr Ttio lailh irrmt hi to tliUhrr l!rnli ntunit ttirir I 111 drill )kilt- iina a load tonally from fill) to fib "Libit TvW?'' kit In u?o, mul on- of II to Him Inn will wa?b t*nmy iuadk duty. Tlio gnl l 0. |i tit il It. tlio Urgo-t |U iutiiti-1 In ml ol*t. intorILII glut ?ltl |lk?l i Jill- ft' ill it UkUlilir MMW >lr. I'l i'.r lout a n lutii|i porliotly pun a liw j?;i -Inor, k. il 1.11)0 to ^ Mr Hull- Pjo fim j i I r. tiirno.t fr- m tin- V ' tie lilt. mum), tin ibal rain linn tlto m-miiy of s- >n Ikii-< n yi .ti i(<?) n.ortili tr. ot h Mtr? t<IV .nr nr < bill). tlx Ik Ik no Mount I moa *4. fkllli ( In tlif in aiitiatiik al? at I'mru l.i I lull |iiw tk tut .rotation of a rain of mirblk airly I .Lent or .-il ill tin- raiitu running iulu tlio Mobile '.ib urar baurib nr a liar lt rt'.ll bi-raafUif, tim! ubt Jly pn ti a 1 ! b iirmnral f >r lagitaliau. Mini llaiikottb Tt-a paper* of ."acrnm. oto ron .nm ! nothing of lutnfirt k lhtb. 1 tiaiitlnu ot a kiuala It. in nf InWlU'DM In ui I ia<i iiil.i'. 101 rt i.'g ibo not.?u tr.>iib<-? wiu-b aa in a n liar to the I now Tito fidmoitttf 11 an ?<11att ftt'fn ILk itiii uaU'.i 1 u ibo m!i of Jan- ? il j .r to ?.'* T.- atth il > ri ui| iiiilok of ilaptaiti I'.ao) and I'u.Nk. 1. t.i iijiliilm tog. ihir about Jon n.n I fi Culoiua b tto IDiTfiing ct I' Jtloe 3 (loaning Ij n 11 b a gii-It lib In tin- r.?r of the .'adiaa mca ii> gii bt on tl.i fiitrr 1 o t. Ik-i oTi-utug abd taia a r nog, n tli all nltark Vfr loam by kK'or troni Major it nipt* III l>o|,iily .'III rill kfiinlm ot tbl< plan'. reei-l 1 nd ait n 1 1 g, 1 likI n -ti 1 iky iho fori*. - raina upnu an 1 n*n.|a at 1. n una tin Ionian*. and bum-it IH- ir ran Ill'* II r IIXJI , II 1 "U *1 'ni a II-1 1?%j T II1* IT'1 r" ti*l an h?u a nii>un|ii.i t?m- t" inn.than ll? ii>> i iin fid tUjiir lirnhim f Mr>* >hi' MJi Kurt, i it |i n*?iMi' | ri n iil ihi ir II ?ht in thai \ iiinllnTi'l nji'l i iin'n1 wt Ml Ihi- phw UMift'n iii nai< h il.a fur l- n( tin* n?mh furl nnd pfwvniit in .1 rriwHuti lh? .s<m I tiro Hrr-14. <>f Junn? ?sr? -Wi< am |n<t I ti Ml . II ! j I .nil-nmn if iu Um tuff*!'" that Inin( imI lil" pan). *? ' *" -n .uppoaail tn had* f lOmltta I Villi di pirtlaiiid'a nb nit l.mi Auiiriw ami <>f *h 'ffl hi- .har?1t ni that muuiy na In fWMilt. haau h-wn illliil h ihf Indian". In lie iialgtilvrlin at iif 1'ilnio i 'Ml." Lil'llh' HllibnA I rhtn > It i? battarsd hat In ir riMwt ni iln- liai rln of Oi? I nru., mii?J th Hart in I hi part id ttn-aa Kanoho Inlnm li la anp " diktat I hnv m ra rk?M <?t th* party b?<lilw I IM Ilia ilniiM. 11 l-Mi llirj.i i?ti a I hat Hat Capl HaniUrtl" Kl|?il 1"P> Minphl. al l uiflo. ara in rhnrrfa nf III Mil <lAT) I'ntnnil/i k n no Um t'ucliia, la m?a ab iut ini.|.|i.| lh? <r> rv hi tlil-" kmI f th" linn All tiiK m i Mii'tlldr-VNllil 'h'- bi'iiiilary hatwran thi" patill Ihi- iillu rivt r iiavi- h-m plum'I ami ''ant II I.n ia renin llir i| aliilr inarMa remitim-at at thin lal i? iol a plial portion id Hi- m wt i"b <rvn- an I rllti 'my nmt.n-i. d ?nb th'a norh Uaa ilrvo.rati nn ? hi. at aaA.plI Inil ) Hiat-r at.d In ha- ar.giiil'Kil hi gall m unltLirallki iii-iitaMr tu liini.-il ami Ih? iii Amh'I i aii'.lba. A mral darlitf mhhary ?u pnrpatratad at Oamp Sae?\ i. tha laanlngr i f .lima 7lh Hum dvo toi< rtrau". r* lula ii i r and Mriia?l-i. i ntrtad tba atom of dari-a. .i( ptbaotl H'g .l ikp far armi-il to lha Hi i.u alra irita all n-hap. t?ln n up ? a ali-hl koiaa, hi } ?*I ka a ml waft- ?-U>ni"h? I In ?f a man aianilliil tr - in li t.f lii' in, wnta it I'uti ? reroirer ooekr I lo l?ir hnili tlih ?U nny In M?w ih>'ir bruin* ?>m II (tin m. t mIIi ui| l 1.1 aiaiui Th> ) then item mil J their rift Hera. hiil in k the n-.fe ?. igltimi * < > ) l ten hnnd >J * nnlr r< liimnini; moral tli"il>?l< (hilar* aaj h-fl. ' * > ll ti alee. a* < iiti a- pn^ir.bM allot thtj hnl ?"m lulithrdiKr down wr-.ii-h thr fidttT' hid fattened, iiib an it?, tml nliriiril ihi' ivipiji H'li ?mii dirtiil ul In | til ml. ami f ?llnwej t?i-1?? ? the) h-t<i < lea re I ha raft'and flee. iml Imiiiil llnix to break It i|n<b 'Ibf Man' nun ??r? at the h'tu?n the d?? le'<t-, mnt panted a M d'rr. tehirb th?j frdoillii'il a I '-rttinn nfl? r. t> . It le r?|>|. teed, to n?rrrt*iit .here tin tn"i?j *?? k'i'l. The <?ii Hinitflwn itlneket. (Irt>ai the Aii? i mttorirtak mite II | hlnnr the * initio of II . tut ttiall we hare lial * (reeta! rta^ oath-fi ,r. hn-int *e, and price, (f-rxiair hare n llbtd Vtl' * fait a |t*. *|. ut to flit* lire I a'piantl|<a 11 |,t? tlx Itare htrll hlhtftl at tuotlnu. at rata, trhli-h met rawer henry here- lo the Underlet a n,-t Umltrtl ?b? rub ? tfbrtid e?en at prwelt! .|t|ntaU"h-, anil af-r talta hart heeai mtnr at m.irh h">r rati * I lie lork fn le lerj e ?r.ii w? ran t airily lo * for an) lateral iwtrroce, V iUl Uilh wh^ac f|eee<?iMt-* coiuy-d LD. v PRICE TWO CENTS. th> m 10 eaerihce art-cnt of tbo market The principle n ert-l ante are Inclined to hold for remunerating prtow, h.-pn c i lie advice which have jp-dc forward trill ?t op fuiihtr rhipnit nle. The proepcotr for the future are not enri urt|ri(>K 1 ?'-d oar only ho pee arc In a re-tHatinn of ebipmenia The loxeea Nf Are and the (P rime of prioea, ; prreltnle uay ep< rubtMve ifrinent. Mirny deacripli-io# of ((?.ode ran I* porehawd here at awrfi rate* a." would wn'unt ehlprntnte to the StateH The principal hatdnet". in ih-innr through auction*. tba nun he" "ftbeni l-ainy ({renter in praportu-n tboa .>a any : ether place in the known world At.airt LTraan I?n.?MCi?Ts, eace^t t lew aatidet, muet Iny over for at o'her ecanon Bkrai-arrtra ?Flourremain. very dull, aod a* tbo ' price, we qante. nlthf-mrh tow. uo kien?t ?waa eun tee efleeltd flrain cell, pretty well at rtuotntlitai ' Boots and FW>K? ?Th. inwrlU't a? altogether over, storked. Thert hao been ahn>r*-d dtMrtag ttia Uut year, m"tt bu ?|ual to one cnne for ovory rouiiirnl ot Cali1 t< lTliil |||.H k? are I> t,(? d article. anil are liilalycc. to be. Ml/ >kn??In moderate (kmaud. I'm Ri nt< re than a jobbing fund* in thin mrtlcir*. I'a oi ? hare it ll luithi r di-el'iied Ci o-ihomj ?The rhipm. nls of lb Is a?MoU ?K' altogether beyo (1 tur m imt# Picams ?The r?re|t* are large. nail unless prime ara tiitiiiult i f rale Coal r< main* dull CoatIs h'*e*. a good ileal of Manilla. hwlog i? market. Cm s V AM > (toon- have'wen ?< hi at auction to rooeiJrrt Me extent realising ? email sii-eone t'iM>n ?Mine and l ine putty are rattier bettor Uki ileei>?. kince our U-t. haT? been 1.1 Lea. request, liII'i I Ut 1'ttle C ("tie IIiimi Mm'I are decidedly lower Hio ..a asij lit i. Sin srs are in ?*, request. Fin is ami I'm sim 11 sill pretty r? a<Wy Kim niiir used in Minding. h is -old very readily Mi|i ur are lower, and stock inereooed hy arrivals It H' I'lilice. I niniK IV rather <lnll. I,I VI.I U?>J He kales bare Isuli large Uul the alnotc Wing ample prices bare not been well suBiwUK-d f >r beg few th script,'oiis Mitaia?lies- doing 'or the Lust for eight. Moiassi .?block inert used, fcami tkc lust, and priera torn r \ ens? I'lenty. mua?In fair "request. 1'aists have met a irmly sate > 1'Kii?ls|oas?There is no k'nd of ua? in ins king shlpia< nls to tbia |m it nt present, as the stock I.- innieasr, ai d the di insrd eery small'Hie market well -uppii^d. and I'lnr very 'urge sales of brown have been made for expert. isa>* has deellui'd Knar has declined. pTATtosiei ?The stork appear-to be i Jiptv. and Uk> nisikrt is verstooki .1 with some kinds Tobxco ?The atruk ik qnirr niffiptent tw the demand. Tfak ?Pules bare beeo ninde fw rx p< ?rb and the marh.t if lruch no'J tnore flrmneKF nhxarn Wii.M ni?' high. and itrtm? iiiuhnrreeitmenl cxiniH iu regard to tliem. an tbey abid* by no eoatmot get.ialy \ ustL' pre dull either for ml* frughU cy elia-ter. >1, xtl - H'lt little th ing: (il-Uty Mi the luecikt of tlH me< hatiU'al tu n lichee. but iruderp tnther ci"*v Kkcu.t>?.r -Su< b l? the Ull?ll!ed etate of matte ra pinee the lire that 110 regular rale can be Ki tted, but there lj lie difficulty in geitii g imhi ut i>ar In t ti lurinn ?r remark lk*l tin reentry l? otwetocki d with glide end liolliiuer hut a v ry iteoided faitItlg l ' 111 ehig tin lite will relienw the dlUV-ulty Illnrrlngrt *inl Uratkp. MAkKtED. In 8m. I'ranei.-eo. June 2 by Juptiaa Mellow an, Mr Alfred I'JV'ii to Mi? t'albariuu Me-iiaigno both of dan h'm.cifco. At (ilaco Chapel. It the Hit IXr V?r Mi hem. Jo-eph All-tin I >?| to Mier Am. It* Hill ofSan Knaari-wn lu I'm 11 franrlero June 8. by .lutire Hroau, Mr .loeepb Meelaur Kauerh ftn in ftrekemm, in ()?rrnaniiK to Mi-- afmliin Siun n front Uauaet hath. in k'r.iKwt. At the ISntieh t'eneiilpte, Ho.elu'U eu June 14. by M ilnan. Miller. IU<t . II II M 'Bi'nnaul. ilet.r, Itotitoana, l'i<I . in Ml? Sueaonah Kinder (?ti Mi ) 11 by tin Her T K Taylor. Henry Rhode* I'.mj . to Mlm Sophia Harriett Ciyr only cb'lil < t tfc* lata M iu Cap. Feq I'apii n fqutiri Itaymark.'t. Loudon In San 1'rai etpr.i en Juno ft by the Iter A urilham*. Mr M ill]:.m Jehu It lbnr. to Mim hraucUAtpJna Kingbill tin .li ne 4 b> the KrT Jacire Wood-. Mr 0. K. Smith to Mi-? Iteweba Mm h. ll tH-th i< ban hm,?vie?o. It I let icla it Jute 6. by tbv Ikt Mr W*nllir44tca. OP rebel I'.IDUD, Et<| and lure MaryS M right, all of city. At the Military Poet, in b.uuiii, <n Sunday erenlng. day " > by 'he n ine Mr Hugh A Carroll and Stin Klua Litl'e all el Draii lt t?n'itoiday. June 10 by the Kit J Penman. Mr. CbitlWr lti tie to Mb* Smith M Uarpcr. ail of Sat fiatClfCO. lu Maryprille, Juue 0. by Hon II P. llano Mr. Plcbaid J M baton tu Mu-e i. Huticeruiiiin.both latn ol Miert illt T. . . V 11X111 ><I .rm r ^ ?J Iii-T I? r? n luiauia, nr. Mitlril <'rir|i t All-a NmPcJT ,1 loaf!.< n lli ir.'il of May ly ibo lU'T li M. <Mr. (inrpi H ri hii-hi i.oj Mt>? Mury ?. Hunt.all of l? Intii'ii, Marion rrubij 0. T DIKD At Mutnly'a B<? dim.-in*. Kllrn Preadoa Nhaphrrd dai'tbti r <.f l? ivtit Miid Jam* fihi-phrrd a-i-l ?i* ilaya. > .1 < nltimbia. Tuolumne rniinty, M?j tl urluido k. J.lap> 11 l<l|tmtBihr. U' li liny.rill. . Mar .41 Mi lard r'otraori>. tea of 1 8. and I', t' Ink life d f n.<ttha At (.lurry Kdwhu, nw HaryttlU*, May M. Ij i mind lit all *1" kiii w tilbi Ik. xand-r Al>-n r'tut'ie of l uiili Htli (ii irlinpantrv Naotlard ng?1 24 On V r in.'i Cm k Ma? H id d-op-) la thr cln?t, Mr Ji.?|Ii MiUr it baniurkrt *-ai>4 At III n i'ltd ?|i|ipya. or Ik' rlriilug of tbr 'Jltli of dlartl it : Mr i ba'li loBin. la..-of I'lAiuft'ia (nil If n Put day. July 1 at lift rwld.-u?-a o't lh.- M niirUoa 1'ior id . r a -?i t iliii? Nrr >iunh Smith ?if<id Jotm M MPltb of Ptirktoti K l ai- patiera yimn ?">f At N<ti. nia (I t'.-il .1 May 17 Mr Th?m?? tprkjqta. tpd 'Myitrt. a iiillr" if KatUadAiia Kn*tno<i. Knjrilrh fa|tt> ( toon- n iy 'ii Pan l iutiriioti, Juno ti. .Mr I'atrlrk Murphy, * !"? tm?y -in h m ii l>i ailir la fan I iiurlrpi rrfinrli'il far Iha . it/a ma I > Nalbaulei liray i ty n linn.? Mi y S- Mr- Kllra Briar Albmy. N Y .Ti: P*aaa? 11 ill. I.i| loan V in llaTr iani Mlitrtb'towo. Ot '24 Jouo 1?Jk'iiti l>arl Indiana 'i-l. rhmuaa II Hatut, Atdrumti Maa? . Tt Aiitli .l.y J< f* | h. a M'Ihuau; frank Itnvar. Li c Irland Mi J nut i?I'i ti r Mark-. Inlaid 41; tmk turn man. V Jui.a 4?Imlrtra III ttnib.Uariaaur .IN. A 'no W anion. Ml Mlx 111 u, 4, lial| b I'rtwlo ("tula ill, tVut aiy II. it I). 6? Tatr'ak Murjhy. Na? Yntk.l'i Jill 4 I ? III I r'.^nar Mrilrii ?JU Jun ll-nry Ni tai n -inltb UuiaU-a I-land 44 I June "4? I bti topt .-r No I-on f tan. J1 lb - at. ftaoi t'C . June II kdaar-4 |i . ana of I'htrVw II ml Mar) >. Ti <1.1 aged 7 H ka A* if ' I' ta. f?ai li.iao on .-unlay Juoa I, of alin uM Oil tlira Milium Valarab TI air *i- nan i d wr? front OaltiRmra and a mmMr ?f WililaBi Till I.Mtr N" 4.1 " " f of lliat city. II* ?]| l-? |J| I) fl'III l ba "tani.lilp Am Hope on tha Irk nt iii?l trip tn in t'al amii In "an ftaiwlirn AM i ' rdy "ii Tin-day. tha 27lh of May Albert. ?rti if V'd II .'rhn? >o and Kltta bla ?tfr tfnl I /nam , and 144 day- . Jui. J.. Mr? Ann c na-.rt if Hr Mart Calhnon. nf m-tl'li c< nntf (I r mraU .11 ) in Mm (lain iii Iim Ml HMl da IMV fnnrtly of -n.*. rMUin n ?a >l rlln??t< tiUrt.liJ ?ilh an u.Uni una .lay >.14, ami a lirfr ritr r of 0>. ii "la# llkl itf I. lau.i-ut hat l.iaa Mr Oalbwia . n igrati rt l?i m tli. y ar W7 Ima tha nat? .if V J' M m I. a I d . Ml.JalUi ln? I1IU1I7 near *bar>' ha >>? llara lirr aii. il, h'airh A. iff Papa II "-rn Jim* a Malann. a aanman .4 NawV- ik. by falling f .? lh? oat baa.I nf tha I'll I V| in I Oil tmnld th< alaatn.-r Hold lluntar. .luna t. .tnaiat) llmi. ' (aw I'l.l id rt!uu>a>t .ii. M? III aaitiarH III tba I' liaa C'-un-laiy, (,'r-aton Ulaa.l harh-.f of 111 a 1 alia n \rt> lnta?valiiin iioui Ongaa. The Ph> itM- Mai Company' aiaanirhip iviiamtia l'a|>t la-r. 7. award at ban Praorl-nn Itnai t-U?rWa oh lli.'1.Mb ma' ha?it a mad. the pa-anna In lArea d?fa fhf heiiilil il??? I n! ill p ^aanyr- ra H? Ihla arrtral a a have lilaa rf I tin .IMriam <Ve * ami J'mu . if lata aa puMiabrd frlaf to tha daparrara of tha ilea mar 1 ?. ri. aiaar baa Hull had bran r> paired ami left Cmtlatnl ni. tha 7ih for'lila [?*t. | Ilia IWi Mala# that tha Auparlfit andan t nf lint Ian Afliiir* fur tiraa u l?r Ihirt l-f* 111 tha latw pari of May or a iny t? iMt ila .lifmal tadha irihaa la tha t.-rritf.i) Iter, o 1.7 a'tilt, "f alarna parma* II* . Irr.i. ,1 . I. tinir ih W . !? walm - trromua I'Ulha^l. f|' knur. *. ?I?I the -eTeral t libra in lb* rteiaily I t I'lipt 1 ^ I Tie . l< at Inn for i> delegate Ifl ConjttM tn l territorial i ilbnr??o,d ^totri'ti Itnlnlt t- fur a- heard ft >ot tl . rHi'Wt Intifded that <? neral Jfaepb Lena w<w ut il> ul titilJt ibeird >ho iSmgreaatnnitl delegate W* , >tr?i t ike inline ir * Item#- uf new* from the Int^t 1 he f^riy < f emigrant* commanded by ('apt H.xUell ?l i in we n< ti> <1 la-t ?i?n. an being nrar ihe Hal! . hart- kirlrid. They number iitint fl(M f-r t' na. ha?l?? i ntt-d with twenty flea wagon-. and an, nt tw. hundred and flfle h ad of *t?rk There are rir?l f*?n liea ehn h ?r.'.Inwn f-mal. Tb-y ; I'll bait Ulr "it the JhiIi of Wareb. and arrtrad at I be ; I'mli* klty TO, making On Journey in ?liiy-tw? d?y? I "the health tf the roMiimny ha* Seen (food during 'h.' jourmy Tlsf Were aitnok d by the Inrt'itr t.n HnaKe llr?r. but I ret none of ibelr party. 1 be Indiana lt?pt up a Are arm** tbe rl?rr upon them li f Im Kfurt. ehioh the emlgran'e r?l? ?l kdltng h Tttal Indian* di.ring the tight Tb>'Mormon* at tali I nbe are ?*pmented a* a rery Immoral and >1 poratn mi 11 nn n They nraotlee p?lrr-tny to a *T?at e*te?t t. no ot Ile-ir propled* an- reptearoted a* harm* aa n ?ny at atxly * ret ail take unto themaeirre aa maar ar n ay pirore their fancy and tin Ir mean* will enaifc tl.eni tr> enrya rt Tbe ahnra Information w?a ilarlvad fr-m *.*.'*!, Mbe | atty. aba *p? .ar highly intelligent aid re?|* i labia 11? ,-rnye ara -aid |*> look re mar' ?Hr w?il thnnnihiut 'la ahrae fernt? ?y 1h< unnwtal quantity id rain wbtek hat fkllen thie >rrirg, ha- plan d them 1* b*o?n"*h*l I t-arkaaid ?'tfc. y t t- r; tblnf hid* fair fcf n bh?f-1 .;*? 1 hVTIIt

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