Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1851, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1851 Page 1
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T H WHOLE NO. 6842. AlDUUin. fJOVTERVTHEATRE-THE PUBLIC IS RESPECT J full/ Informed that this establishment w ill He re open >d on Monday newt, July 21, having been closed for thorourh nihellishment. Improvement, and veuillation. THe whole attrior hn> bern newly painted andrtlitted Tlie drainallcf ature eelected la the grand apectacle of a?aCI? The Proligal.ia whleh.Ur Eddy, Mr. J. Gilbert Miee A idertoa, (of he Broadway theatre.) Miss Annie Walter*. tse popular laaeeuaa, combined with the talented company of this heatre, will appear. Pull partioulara are now annonaoed n the bllla. T. B. H AM Bills, Proprietor. \r AXIOM AL THEATRE, CHATHAM STRCET.-BOXEB, v W cent*; Pit. 12% ota.; Orchestra ficksta, 50 eeaU; Pri' ate Boa Tickets, (1; Eacluaive Private Boxes, admitting I , ight peraonr, $#. Saturday evening, July 19, the entertaiaicnta will commence with the I.RUAU dXt'L'nil't.V? <r Saoxay Buobba, Mr. L. Pox; Solomon Poppa, Mr. Herbert; Ira. Snoxay Booths, Mrs. Hautonville. To be followed by he drama of the SHOKMAKKK OP TOULOUSK-Jaoob det. Mr. J. R. b'oott; Duke de Pr<>osar. Mr J as. Brand; 'k largaret, Miaa fox. To onnoluda with the fsroe entitled he ACTRESS OP AM. WORK -The Manager. Mr. L. Pax; redorlok. Mr. Drew; Maria, Mlaa C. Fox. ROUGH AM S L i'C'EUM, BROAD WAT, NEAR BROOME , . B tree a.?Dress Circle and Parquet. .V/eente; Family Olrif. 13 oente: Oroheatra Stall Boats, SI; Private Boaea. $4. >oer< epea at 7.S; to Login at 8 o'clock Saturday evening, ! ulr 19. will be presented, for the llrat unit In tbls city, U.l.t EST I'OLIE?Sir Bernard Arleigh, M. Robert Kent; ,e Deeteur Yollack, M. Durieux; Sir Maxwell, M. Bresatani; oasthan Vac her, M. Edonrd; Lady Anna. Mile Leoale J'Armi.i.t \ i Hi V.. PI. K? f? ' 1-0 Ik. ...1. raBdeville'entitled CNE F1LLE TERRIBLE n? da Dunoulin, Mat Fcjgnet; Auais Dumoulin. Mile. Malice; Du oobor. M. Kdouarl; Durooher, sou till. V. Bruseiaai. MECHANICS' HALL, NO. 47! BROADVAT, ABOTR Grand street.?Open every night during the week nutil urth?r notice. The original and well known CHRISTY'S ilKSTRKLI, eotncrUing an ageism and veraatlle "oorpe"* * "talented" ana "experienced performers," under the nenagement of K. P. Chriaty, whoae oonoerte in thie city, or a encoeoeiOB of "Ave yeari," hare born reoeived with avor by highly reipertable and faehionable endienoea fieketo 3d eeato. Doore open at 7, and will oominenoo at 8 'clock. The patronaof C? riety'i Minstrels ere reepeotfully cformed that the Saturday Afternoon Concert* will be dieoatinued fbr the lutare. Q RAM KLIN MUSEUM, iTd CHATHAM eqtAIUL?uEO. d. LRa, Sole rroprietor.? Admission?Seats in Private fcoiee.40 oente; Stage Soate, 37 H oenu; Boxee, it oonte; i'at|iot, Ilk oente ?Elegant Saloon performance* every After Bon and (veiling, autertainmenta comweuoe in the after 'oea at So'eiook. and in the evening at d o'olook The ?n' brtaiamente are varied and eelret. and onofc ae oan beeeen it no other place of amueeinent la New Verk, ouneuting of ea'e Female Ethiopian Opera Troupe, numbering fifteen wrformere, being the largoot and at the oame time the moet slanted band in the United State*; a troupe of Model Ar >ete who are oeleoted for tbelr beauty and hgure, a*d who onoaate a number of beautiful tableaux, taken frou tht letnre* ef anoient and modern time*, n company of Arab llrta, who go through a variety of feat* of strength and dog arity, Madame Rosaline, the only Femule Juggler in the mrld; n oompany of Male and Female Artiste, who will give A exhibition of Marblt Statuary unequalled in the world egother with a variety of Intoroottng perform an ooo every ftern eon and evening. Fir Dart!e'er* v VI* e' enob i ay. Raymond * herr dkiesbacus nenauerib.Thi* oelebrated Menagerie?the lergeet and beet oennoted in the known world?embracingainoet every animal nowa to nntnrnl hietory, and whioh hue received the ptrunage and applaueo of hundreds ot thousands of the moat ' peotnble and intelligent people of the United State*, hai mt commenced a moet brilliant turnmer campaign, ana will left the principal citioe and towne oi New Cugland in the ills wing order, vix:? Kiptivbonk. Me.. Saturlay, July HHh; ace, Me . Monday, 'flat; Portland. Me., 1 ueeday and Wed( day, 23d and SKM; V armoutli. Mr., Thursday. 2ith BrunoIck, Me., Friday, i'th Bath. Me , Saturdiy aich: Wlxaaeot. Me.. Monday, 2Hth; Damariecotta. Tuesday, .9.h. rBE LATE l'ROFE.iM)R SART1S' CELEBR ATED COLlection of W a< Modelo, illuetrating health and disease, t the Society Library, .'Wi Broadway. This beautiful colectiou of full lecgto figures will be on exhibition f ir a very hcrt time previous to tho sale. Popular and iuitructive cturei on the important science ol health will be IHue-ated by n model of the Moorioh race, euhjeet to seventy five irtione. at tlie hours of H. Shi. 7 and Mi Tuesdays for idiea, when Vtiiiue Snrti dcmunntrutea. Ittoroieiliutedaya ir gentlemen. Open from V A. M., till 10 1*. II. Tickets 23 taw. , SONCEKT SINGERS WANTED. - TWO LADIES OF 1,1/ nowledge-J mutieal telenta, and who arc cap able of liiag leading parti, aud can eing ballade * .ag-i, gle it. U, re wanted to ting In Philadelphia, H,Hun ire, and the mthern ritiee AcHrrea S. L. MPoit Ofli i. Ladies and gf.nti.emen or rni pro ession (of aeknow ledged Mull I ? r > j i I -n < u a ? ta ' r i k casai&K ece?en. at the Plteonrg th atra, will pleeee ddreu, poet pud. Joaeph C. Fouter, to tba care of 0. T. 'artloe, Bartoa'e Theatre. New York. IHlPPlMb. For savannah.?the steamship Florida. t apt. Ij i. will tail an Saturday, lilt iaet., at 4 .'clock, n tn Pier No. e. North hirer. For freight or peatexe, apple itUM'LL MITi llll.L. IM Front etreet. Alabama, Capt. udlow, Satarday, liitb inat. C?OB SAN PHANCI3CO, III KECT-Dl SP ATOIl LINE " lb: new and elegant New York built clipper llORFT, Captain Laurence, at pier No. ill, K. it , having the renter portion of her cargo engaged and rapidly g >ing on oard, ia expected to aail about the lat Angu.t. From care a ken in the ocnatrnotion of tbia veaeel, it U confidently exe'etcd eke will make the i|niekeet trip yet made to Sao Fran'i laee. _ E. B. SC ffON, m Wall atr,ct. I'llE ROYAL MA 11. STEAMER MERLIN,' CAPTAIN A 3arap...a, mill aail for Bermuda aud St Thomaa, on riday, Hth of Aognet. at noon. She haa excellent aeoommoxtlona far pataeagera. Price of paeavge to Ueruiuda. $ i>, io St. Thonaaa. $71) There iaa regular mail communication atwe n Si. Tin mil and all the Waet India lelande. Uataaa, era Crni, Ycnemela, Ac. The Merliu will take freight. I ply ta E. CPNARO, Jr., 3k Broad**. P. 8. Na letter* or mail# will be reoeired oa board of the (trlia, except through the Poat Office. l)ACIFlC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPa N k ONtil I Through Line ?Fare Reduced ?On Saturday, July 28, at o'clock P.M. The aplrndid donble engine eieamebip CUEUS RE, l.-VE tone hiirthea Henry Wiugin. com nanaer, will ell precieely at 3 o'clock P M , "com her pier et the foot of . arrea etreat NR. with the Government Maila. direct for avean and Cbagrea. Ch agree paeaen,era traneierred at iaraaa to theapletdid dcnhle engine tt-am.tiip FALCON; I n netting with the regular mall ataamahip NO it Til EK.N ER, I > aail Irena Panama oa or aboat tea 11th of Anguet. Tor I cerate. epplt at ilia office. M South etrnet. or at 177 Went at. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. -THE ONLY i I-o*. ? far# reduced. Oa Monday, July 1|\ at 3 vT"r'n. ;>l?adid double entire itttaiMy <>U It), .1. ?M t<>pi burf h#a, ' . Fladlmy Scheaok, U.S. N , loaatndor, will tad oa Moa. j ay, July 2\ at 3 a cloak. P M preciaei/. from bar pier at ! r font of Warren atreet, Nortr R.rer. tha Govern .cat Mailt, lot Chacree. oonaeetlna with tha farortta United ' tvtee Mail itoanoliif NOKTl' I R.N E K. to laata Paatiaa a or aboat tha l&th of Aacuat For freight or paaaara, , i ly at tha oMce, 34 and M South atreet or at '77 Waal ?|, APPOSITION To MONOPOLY IN UF.I' EN DP, NT LINE \ * for Cliagrc* direct, and through tlokela fur Calilurnia. ' t a further reduction in price#. Tha aaw aad rplmilld ' ctmahip llHOTIir.K JONATHAN, tha faatnat aa<l baal entllatad ateemrlilp in tha world, l.aul tona relator. (1. leire, Commander, will tail for Chatrca direct, on Moadaa, oly 2H, at t o'clock, P M , from PlerS, North rivar An tha id Monopoly Liua, aided by governarnt patronage. arc nabled to pay A oar ?al commiaflnaa to rnnnera, aud mo p.Tiie thair t tillable aeratee*. toe Iad-pen lout L?im, aa a roper olfaat, have o?arludtd to make a further redaction ol 1 prreeet forth# direct benefit of the trtaalllag pubUa. ralcht Idl nroU tor able foot. For freiaht or pintpi ap ly oaly te K. M I I.UV Attn I. 31 i'ourtlandt efrcat, N. V. , >ACiric mail steamship ?jompamf.-i on li i Tkroafh Una for Callfnrala aad Oregon. }?Tn? pablit r. informed that andar Uio aaw arrangement of tin. Cos any, at I am err Inapealed aad unproved l>? tha Navy Or part ?at, aad nurryingtha United >i?tee inula, will on time tt art Paaaina and Saa Fraaolaao tha let aad l.tah day of aaok oath, aalaaa detained bv aaaroidabla a indent. aad will uah at Acapalea. Saa lMagc. aad Moateray. Tha following ataam paekata baloafina te "he I'aoiae Mail leamehip Company are aow In tha PaolHo, an# nf whlak will 1 alwaya la part at eaah aad af tha rout#-? REOOlf I Ml tone. REPUBLIC I.SUU tea# nam A. ,,. ... l.""7 tone. CAROLINA di? ta* ALIFORMA ...l.OAi) team COI.UNBCS IUI toaa RNNMSHIE... .1 SUil toaa. ISTHMUS toaa OdTHEkNER. .I.JIO toaa. UNICORN dWJ toaa OLUMBIA... . Ht*l tona. FREMONT Ml) toaa NTELOPB toaa. The aaw ataamaMa COLUMBIA will ply aatwaaa Saa ranalaea aad porta la Oracaa awaiting at th- former port .? arrival af too watla and pamengere frea Panama, ant turning without delay with tha maila aad pne#eagen lot te ataamar fraai Saa rraaelaca. A r*aular llaa ?f propellere will aa kapa ap tor th# irana cation of fright and traaamat paeaana ra between Pa . mi aad San Fraatdaaa. Th# well known ataamahip SARAH SANDS, #f I. dub torn 1 rthen, a#w nn ler charter to tk# aompany and parnliarl] adieu# la h#r cabin arrangementa. win ha kept raaalnt < aa aatra lainllj boat. On# af tar abee? at#am#ra will Kaap ap th# eoaa#eUoa aa a?a Aeapairc and th# #th#r M#ai#aa port#. Th# ?#an##ticr la th# AMantie will ba maiataiaad by the cited State" mall ateamaiiipa II CoROIA l??i toa*. CRRACIffrclTY MWaaaa | I HIP low twi CIIBROKRI I.XMon* | KPIHE CITY, 2.l?*? toaa. PHII.ADRl PHt A l.l'?i to t. No Torkf ( Churn* oa tha 1 l?h nod M of ?m> 1 h* n*W ttrnmahipa PI, IH>KA l><) * < PAI.CON will far* | dtraatltaa batwaaa Ntw Ortaaat and Gh ***?*, lanrlat a I i*h oorladt a* will In tap* at lliilo detention at poaalbla oa I a Itthmaa. an4 forniaa. wlih tha Paoita atoamahlp*. * iroBRh liaa to inj (ram Now Orl-aat and port* la VailM, [ tllfarala, ant Oracoa. Paaan*#* from Now Orlaaat taa * aaaarad from Armatron*. La mat* a A Oa., a*aat*. at thai 'Tha fart far thr?<uf> uakat* from Maw Tart ta !laa Plat aaa hat ha*a rttvo?d from M ta ttata roam A to UN, ta lawrr oaMa. ta BflU, | aJUU, ia atoora**, ta RIM. I Tht ratM from Ntw York ta Chaaraa will ha at tAa It a am I 4 op tad by an* tafa taa <t*aia*f hatwaaa thota port* I Par abataa of hartht, apply at tha afla* of tha Campaay.Ai I wd M Kaath rtnat and at thatr *m*f in Woo* ...... \ I Ml*. BRITI.4II A If D IfMRTB AMERICAN MOT A I. M A I L ' I. PtaaaMibipt hatwaaa Now York and Idrarpool 41 root, an 4 . ifctwaaa Roaton ta4 lirarpaat.?Tha Rot ton ah I pa onlyaaU I It at Haltfaa t<> Iaa4 aad taaalaa mailt aad paaaaatata:? | [ftARIA, Capt. , AFRICA. A. ftfrla, I l! PRAIA. Cwpt. , SURorA. botA I ImA. C. H C Jodtiaa, NI A" A R A.J. Atnno, I t.lRRlCA, M. Shaanon, CANADA. W. Ifarrltoa. CAMBRIA, J Lattah. nMVMWia rry a rioar wniu l.rht ? . mm h.aa. mtm 1 .tarkoarH tow, rod no yori bow ( unoda. from DOM HMuMtef. W Jal;. A-ia. from N*? Tork Wodaaoday, jith Jaf*. Aaitrioa. from ?ootoi^.... Wodnooday. Ath Angnat. Macaco, fro" Row fork...Wt.lnooday. uth Anoaat. turopa, from Boataa.... .Wodaooday. *Hh An*aat. Africa, from Now Tork.... Wodnorday. r th AnaaM. Olaaoda, from Bootoa Ifrdaooday, M Nootoinbdr. Aula, from Nrw Totlt WodB??dar, l?Hh ftoptoiabaf. Iimii from Now Tork ? Boivon to Uooroool, Ilrot oaVia $l? la tho orron I.. .. 70 lUrtko aot oorarod oatll paid tor. freight will t>? nharaod oa opeoio beyond aa amoral for I'-rroaal aapeaooo. Ao oopof1oa<-?d ooryaoa aa koara. All lawn and arwopapora moot paaa lb rough tho Peat Of U. ?.?... o-oj .fl(Vd jt p rnaaa, aadothor foreign aoo.|? roootrad aaa Piommnn with Rrlfteb ?"?dt Throagb Mlla of ron la IJarro for Now fork ioodloa to toko paooaao ?o Pnoltn.' to h? Rot mofcioo. art rodoootod to roll at klta ofroo, So oiwVtUtfkf lit itfoi iitktl too abfja art E NE %t ~~~ NIBL^SOARDEN.-MANaQBR.MR.JOtfN SBFT??i? Tick* is. W otnti; Prifitt Boxes, $5. Doors op in ft' 7i te commence at 8 o'olock. Another capital comedy added to tie ?'.truerimi of the Toodlee. wtiloh ooutinvei unabated. Foil aud faehloeable audieneet every night. Mr. Burton ae Ibeneter Sodden and Ttmothy Toodle. A neat io-S'Vffi'V.i J?UrJA_wlU ^ Pt%F* th# ceenady of of HKRa( U OF I KOMISE?Eheneter Sudden, Mr. liertoi; Mr. Jabber, Mr. John Dunn: Mri. Trooper. Mre. Hughee. To conolude with the TOODLES?Mr. Timothy Toodle, Mr. Burton; Fanner Frank Acorn, Mr Bland; Mre. Timothy Toodle, Mre Uucbee; Mary Aoorn, Mine VFeeton. ITALIAN OPERA, AT CASTLE GARDEN.-MAX MA* retiek, Manager and Conductor. Admieaton, SO oentd. Saturday Etcnino, Jui.y 19, Will be performed the opera of LUCIA DI LAMMEEMdOR. Lucia Signera A. Boalo. Edgar of Kavenewuod .Signor Bettini. Lord Aeliton Signor C. Iltdiall. Kaniondo Signor Colotti. Arturo Signor Barattiui. Do ore open at 6){. Performanoee to oommenoe at 8 j'clook. No puetponemeat on acoount of the weather. FELLOWS' MINSTRELS, AT rELL0W3' NEW MUSIcal Hall, 444 Broadway, between Howard and Grand street*; open erery night. Tht? jnetly oelebrated and ellcient eorpe of talented and experienced performer*. under theeole management of J. B Fellow*, whost ooncerta In this olty for the pact year bar* been reoeived with the rreateet favor be the elite and faehion from all part* of the Union. FelWwr Mu(ioa) Haiti* one of the molt ipacion* and beat ventilated building* in the world. Admission 2i cent*. Door* open at Ti concert to oommence at 8 o'clock, An afternoon nonoert tvery Wedneaday and Saturday, for the etpooial aooonno latum of famille*. commencing at 3 o'olook, P. M. BARNl'M S AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BARNUM, Manager and Proprietor; Jihu Greenwood. Jr., AaaiaUnt Manager Admittance to the .Mueeuin and performance. rente; children under 10 yeare, cent*; Parquet. 12% cents extra. Saturday. July 19, grand holiday attraction*. Snperb afternoon performance*, repeated in the evening. Last of the Red Monitor. Saturday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, and evening, at 8 o'clock, thr<lling Tight Rope feat* by Leon Javelli ana Herr t'line, Pna Arragonaii, *y Mile, Dolores and M. Fntreanalei, the DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM bv the euperb dramatic compary. r11K RED MoNnTEK, tl.e new and popular pantomimo, for the la*t time. The Happy Family, composed of up* ard* of one hundred trained j auiiiiula nud bird*, of the moat diverse and antagonistic aha- : ractere, living together on teruis of amity, can be seen at all hour*. CASTl-E GARDEN.?'TWELFTH SUNDAY EVENING Concert. Aiiinisaion, V> cents. Sunday evening, July ;8>th. Programme:?Part first?1. Overture. "LaMu. ttede l'ortici, nuber; J. The Witches' Revels, I.anu-ir; 3 Yiolln Solo, grand concerto, executed by Mr. Krolluian, hit lirst t pearance in Amer ca, Do Iteriot; 4. Souvenir de Philadelphia, M'retiek, 5. Paganini in Ohina. Gung'l. Intermission. Part second?8. Overture, "La Fille du K-ximent," Oonlsctti: 7. Solo, Oboe, composed and eaecuted by big. I>? Kilns; a Polonai.-e. A Sunset on the Battery. Maret/.ek; 9 Solo Violin, l.e Carnival de Venice, executed by Mr Krollmau, Piganini; ID. Grand Festival March, Strauss Performance to con.iueuce at 8 o'clock precisely. No postponement on account of the wenther. C1ASTLE GARDEN.-THIS DELIGHTFUL SUMMBI J resort is now open to vieiteri throughout the day, from t A. M. to 6 P. M. It is the largest and oiost beautiful room In this country, and the view from the upper galleries ot out J aoble bay and harbor ia alone worth more than the price o< admieaion?one shilling. General cf.orce Washington, whose me- | mory all republicans are proud to rivere, wasdistin ' gi.isl ed not only for hit ardent patriotism, his expansivenoes I of mind and energy of thought; but a* well for his physical , and athletic power. When a mere boy, according to bis bio- | grvpiier. he ?u permitted to indulge freely in nil the manly sp< rt??such as areacting. running raoea, pitching quoits, (tc , nud whtuii tended fully to develop ui:< physical capacity. Is more mature yeare, and during the dark and perilous hours of the revolution, when a moment could be i pared from duty to rroreation, hia chief amuaement eonelated in the mere intellectual game of billiard". The identical table upon which he played may now be seen. free of any charge, at IIASSFORD'S Colon Room*. No f>:?J Broadway, next door to Nlblo't. The antiquarian or the enrione should n .t neglect the opportunity of seeing it. "Procrastination is the thief of time." T^HBBATMCALS. ?A PERMANENT SITUATION 19 oflcrtd to lady vooalieta, oapahlo of auttaining parts in the Burleaqoe Operas at performed by the New Orleans Optra Troupe. Addreae. post paid, to S. 8ARIEL SANFORD. Manager. Baltimore Museum, Baltimore, M l. P. S.?The above troupe are now performing at the Walnut street Theatre, Philadelphia. TO l.ET.-A LARGE EVHIBITION IIA I.I,. M It V II'. feet. Foreale cheap, a great bargain. Calyo'a Panorama of the Connecticut river?a anperb inveatment to make a fortune with a email capital. Apply to Mr. BTOPPANl, No. Xm Broadway. AMLHKMKNT8 IN BROOKLYN. MILITARY GARDENS. BROOKLYN.-OPEN V. VER T H tvenlng with the popular Vaudeville aud Burlesque Cimpany from Brougham's Lyceum, New York. The per forinancea coiumeuoe at 8 o'clock precisely, and termiaate at 10)f. Admiaslon, 23 rents. Benefit of Mr. T. It. Johnston, baturday evening, July ill, the perf irmaooos will eommenoe with the comedy of the SERIOUS FAMILY?A ?insdab Sleek. Mr. Johnston: ('apt. Murphy Maguire, Mr. Phillips: l ade Sowerky < reamly, Mra. Dunn; Mrs. Torrens. Miss Julia Gould. To ccnclnde with the QL'EKN'S OH'N -O'vmirk, Mr. Johnston; Captain Vivian, Mr. Palmer; Eliza, Mies t'rockrr, Mary, Mrs. Dnnn. KXCtlKMIONS. MAON1FICENT TOUR TO TOE NEW ENGLAND seaports?Newport. Nantucket, Boston ke ?Gentlemen cl re?|?ctability wi'btng to join the nssocietien now I forming for nsplendid trip at n moderate coot, are reqnosted to obtain the prospectus at om e, at the oAce of the New Yorker. RIO Nnoann street, SHPI.ENDID SUNDAY BXCCRSIONS TO FLCSHINGf are 23 cents, each way.- The new andheautilulaotm^r 18I.AN l> f'IT Y, ('apt. bllii Reynolds, will, on and after Sunday, July Ml. IhSI, Isave Fulton Market slip, at 9 o'clock, A. M. end /and d P.M. Refnrning?Leaves Flashing l?'j o'l lo k, A M. and P M . landing nt the foot of Broome anu i-ntu until, 1UI mtr. <acn way. 1 ue laiarnl IHy ill leave Kluahlng ' Saturday evcmnge, at hall peat 6 o'clock. Si \dav triptik'OI.dspring, west point, and Ro Aland Lake, landing at Vonktri, llaetinge, bilki' Kerry, Terr-, t. ten. Slap Sin*. Rockland Lake, llavoretraw, : Vrrplaak a. Peekakiil. and rui'ni' Dock, touching at ilaiamond atreet each way. Kara fifty reota to Cold Sprinp The l)? and eplrndid ?t?am?r TIKI A. K. Ut'l.SK. Caotiin K. Van Wart will leave New York f re in the foot of Cham >e re atrrcl, Sunday morning at hnlf-paat aerea o'clock, for the ahove plaeee. Kitertiog, Mill leave Cold Sprint at one o'i lock 1". M. Si ndat excursion to strattonpokt. he tw-, n Flnat.iap and College Point?fare >4ln centveacn way. Iba favorite ateamer oTUKI.LO, ('apt. II K Fi?h, will make an racnraioa to Strattonport oa Sunday. July hi. IrOl, leeilrg a? follnwa ?North rieer? llainmond a tree I, at II o'clock; Sprion aireot, at Via do. Kaat uver-Pack alip, at \i\ o i'leeki Grand afreet, at lll'A do.; Tenth etrout, at IOf( do , af'rr nbh h, the will make a abort trip np the .omn 1, r-turnlng, will land her poMangora at Strattonport, wlere t! ey uan remain about thru* hour*, befoie returning to the eity. Ticket? inty bo obtained at tha nth ot j'mi.n A. IT. A MM fcR, 22S Wooet, r ?' rcet. two 4MM front Amity 4 rdltAVD SUNDAY EXCURSION TO St.W KDCflELt.E * and Lh-aiove.? Sunday, .inly 2 I. ? fare. trenty-llve icnta each way. The favorite ateamer ISLtNhKK will maaa a plan -ant eamrib n to the above placet, Irav In* the ' loot of Hammond atroel. North river, at half-peat eieht ] o'i lock, A. M.; spring atreet ata quarter before nine; Catharine atrect fceat river, at a quarter paat nine; llm I atreet. half paat ngie; Tenth atrcvt, at a quarter before tea; and j new pier., ?et,*y-?lvth atreet, at a quarter paat ten. Ke turning nil I leave Glracove at half paat three, P. W. and ' New Rooheile at four. All who are in favor of healthful : re< rcallon Mill tied tide earuraion a rretiljin* oee. A (nod opportunity offered to th"ae f?ad of ttahln< or a- a be.I,in* ) hit nor formal < d at f ret rlmea hctelv at Maw Kecballe. I N.B.?A pood enpply of relreehmeata on board. (~T RAND PIC NIC AND COTILLON EXCURSION. IN I M honor of Wnync Chapter No M, II. U. A.?The ttret an- j tuial pic aioand entiilon r reunion ?f Wa>ne Aienrietlou will I I !?' ? At tl.t* I ptuli'ul an 1 romantic villas 1 en tCrdueedry, July >'M, with the ipaclone and miiuiiiceot tteitntr ORKiON and the an* and eplendld duuMe deckel ltr>( H A'lllNOION, M.rllmi'iei>lfl>ri(i4 Andl'in I'jfn? t and C'ollllna llanda hare kf"n for the or nioa lie Ivw'i l/itiw hae he?n hi.tired fur Mio company Dtnam til l? rruvidcd at t'erry'e Hotel. for II oenta each. C?rriarca *111 I* ia readlt.rea to conray the company to '>jk Mill ' >?et? ry. Rm kland l.akc I'lcrmont. or any part of the earri rsiliaa enntry. Iloheta. to a Jmit a lady and leatlemnn. f I each; ratra ladfra' tioketa, An rente each; which can he ol ttinrd nf John Voorhta. t'reaidcat. No. V Cornelia atrect; .'arr. 1. atrama, a lee fncid. nt. V tlrora atrect, R. II. On Vota, Secretary. 13 i reran it h arrant; J. R Kent, Jr , Traaeor?T. M Mcl/i tig el atrect: tlrn. C. Nc*maa. Ifi Front at not., F Spelt, or any of the member* of the Chanter The heat will loaro l>?lanciy atrrat at paat 7; |>("r No .3, N H at t, to H; Canal atr it at *; Ifjmmond triatat naat . ana l Id tcrnth if real at >, part e Tichcta limited N ft?The Committee nf Arraagt meat* helng detcrtnlnaI that thi i eatnraion ahall, la pilot of ap'eudor and acccmniodatlnn, aurpaaa any crer bafora offered to tha palillo, bare, at a jrcat eapanae, auccnoded in chartering tha atramrr Oregon in the place of the Month America, ai athrat annooarcd. Grand excursions to oonkt island, land Ingot Fort Hamilton each way?Fare 13% Caata.rt.n aaw and aplaadid atoaaer TROJAN, Capt. J. N. Rod ana, will make dally aarnraioaa to Coney Inland, for tlieaea ion, Icarlnt ae followaNomina Trip?From Sprint atmnt tt I alf pact I o'clock, da a a a half paat II aad at AW From Pier S N R . at half paot ff, In, 1 aad 4 o'alook omina trip from Fart Hamilton at ff A. V. EXi tTMtOKBTOTflK FISHING RANRSRVRRV DtV. except Saturday. Tha ran aiaamcr BUR FaLO, Capt Smith, It area tha foot of llammend atraet at 7t< o'c'och Canal atreet at 7V. Grand tract at *W. Catharine atr at at tk. Tier No. S, North riror, at I A. M.. returning by 5 P. M Refrejhmenta, halt, and ffahlad tackle provldrd. Faro, * oaaia each way. A hand of mnalo will ha on hoard. rx randsioht?capture or a whali-ai.l wishvl Ina to Join the aienraioa, la a eteamer. to the whaling haaka frr one week, ae adrcrtieed a few daya alaoa, wilt hold thcmeelree In readlaeaa oa the 2*.dh laat. All partlnnlara will ha glrcn In thia paper of the Sid, Ztl. aad 21th Inetant Charge* moderate, and the eteamer ta ha la port arary night _ lirPINH. Virpki.8 wantp.d?at pom Richmond, nrar PhH w)?lf>hi*. to rorrjr coal to all parta of Now Raalaad. (Iroil rrolnhta pai.l, tad fteod drtpatoh r4tob. For Rorm A upton and iiavrr.-ti1r onitri) At a In Moil Rtoamahip franklin, Jomoo a. Wottin. Cr rrmaa<i?r, will lotto for Htrro, toaohlng il Aouthamptoa to land tlio mailt to A patatnatra, oa Saturday. July /(Hh, tt 12o'tlook. from piar No. 4, North Rirrr. Prloo of piwwo f 120. Rpooio, In tntna atnonntlaa to twenty thnotanil ponndt. Kill ho doltrerod In London forft-IAtha of oao par eont. Apotio mart loaont oa hoard tho day prariooa to tailing. I.ngitge not wantod dnrlag thr royoirt iboald bo toat oa hoard tho dajr hoforo aniline mnrkod bolow.-1 For freight or pottage, apply to ioRTIMER LIVINGSTON. A*tn?, No. M Broadway. (i?OII I.IVRRPOOL?I'NITEP RTATRA MAIL ATRAM ahlo BALTIC. Capt. Coniatork ?'Thla atoamthlb will deport with tho mailt for Paropo. pooltiroly oa Saturday. itrta H, at It o'rlork. M.,fnwi hrr botth at tho footof Cona'abroad To horlh toon rod till paid for. All lotto ra and popota moot taaa thr nek the Poot URIro. Pop frtlght or paaoagr, harlot io? inaliod aocomatodatinaa for olaaaaeo and oomfort, applr 0 RD? D K. OOLI.INh. AT. Wall atreot. PoMtlootjr aa froUht will barooolrtd oa hoard aftor Tharw lay aranlna. Jaly if. Tho attataar PACIHO WUI Mt^tl tht BALTIC. Ml (all Ave at L WIO MORNING EDITION?SA' | ADDITIONAL CALIFORNIA NEWS. ARRIVALS FROM TIE ATLANTIC PORTA I TBS LTVOB1SV CI OATS. VERDICT OF THE COftOTER'9 JCKT. CARD OF THE LYNCHING PARTY Dinner t?rTerrence Ifellevr >Icilanu?, the frith Patriot. A/iiial of the fali'ornia at Panama, with $1,430,09:) in Gold Dust. CASUALTIES, fee., Jm., fco. The Brother Jonathan, which arrived at thia port 3B the 17th loot., reports having seen the steamer Orescent City going into Oliagres about 12 o'olock on the night of the 7th Inst. The Alabama was lying at Ohagres when the Brother Jonathan left. Annexed is the report of the steamship California, from Ban Francisco to Panama. It came to as by Gregory & Co's famous express:? Started from San Francisco 14th Jane, at 8 P. M?the rropeller Commodore Stockton having started ou the 2th June, at 4 1*. M.. and the propeller Columbus on the 13th, at 6 1>. VI. On the 22d inst . at ? A M . passed the Commodore Stcrkton. On the 23d. at 10 P. M . arrived at Arapulco Took on board coal and water, and left at 8 H M , on the 24th Passed the propeller Columbus on the28th,at 8 A. M. Arrived at Panama on the 2i July, at 7 A. M making the passage in 18 days 5 hours? allowing 30 hours for detention at Monterey. San Diego, and Arapulco. The steamship Pacifle arrived at Acapulro on the 23d June, at 10 30 I'. M . 7 days 0 >4 hours from Panama, and left for Han Franclseo at noun of the 24tb. The steamship Northerner arrived at Acapulco on the 24th June, at 6 A M . 7 days 10 hours from Panama. The steamship Oregon, bound up, arrived at San Divgo at S A M 17th June. The following is the specie Ust of the California: ? l'kg,. Pkft. Brebe A Co 6 liowiand A Aspinwall. . 2 George A Phelps 1 Kichard H. Rogers. 1 Order 6 Wainwright A Tappan... 1 O. Scull 1 Atkinson A Rollins 1 F. Nirkerron A Co 1 8. linker 1 Oulick A Holmes 1 Alsop A Chauncey 1 W C Piekersgiu A Co.. 1 Isaac Meyer 1 A. Vanvalkenberg 1 II. Houthiuayd A Son.... 1 MoUer, Sand A Klera... 1 K W Clark 1 Taylor A Merill 1 F II A J. S Bacon.... 1 J. l> Walter A Co 1 K A R K Graves 1 Spofford. Tileston A Co. 1 Dexter Fsy A Hons 1 Sohloss Brothers 1 (1. Koscol>erg A Urothar. 1 Ilcoper A Graff 1 Muwsnn Brothers 1 i i. jliii'o i iur Aaivncm r.x itanK.iu Stout 4 Ward 1 Brown. Bros. 4 Co 1 M Roseubaum 4 Co.... 1 A W. Cantlrld 1 John II. Browning 1 Johnson 4 Lowden 1 y.arhrifi n. Nelson 4 Co. 4 II. Daight. .Ir 3 Van Pyke 4 Trevor.... 1 Taafr, llQMI 4 II >gan 1 I)r<w, Robinson 4 Co... 3 John Falconer 4 Co 1 Aaron Jacob* 1 II Joseph! 4 Co 1 Thoa. K Brown 4 Co... 1 I! at book 4 Co 1 (ilid.ion a William* 2 It II. (In-one 4 Son*.... 1 Bowie, Wsrdwell 4 Co.. 2 P. Nay lor 1 Wlli-on. Young 4 Co... 2 D. WalWnstetn I Hlerr larger 4 Kaufman. 1 Win Huge 4 Co 1 Allen 4 I'anon 1 Phlli? Anthony 1 t'smmun 4 Whitebou*e . 5 Jones 4 Wise 2 WUletts and Co 1 Kamsey Crooks 1 Saml WalkiDN 4 Co 1 Louis NYgbuur 1 Coffin. Bradley 4 Co 1 llernheim. Brothers 1 John Bertrsin 1 Brett, Vo-c x Co 2 Chamber* 4 llelsi r I 8 Wormser 1 Renjimln A. West 1 Thompson 4 Hitchcock.. 2 Marvin 4 illUhoock .... 1 W F. Burgess 1 0. 8cheffer4 Bro 1 P. II Tueka 1 8 4 B Harris 1 8. II llanford 4 Co 1 Ball. Austin. 4 Co 1 John llemy 4 Co 1 I J P. MU-hon I W-?k?, K-lly 4 Co 1 J. Spalding 1 Sampson 4 Tappan 3 Geo II llnton 1 J. Blo -mlugtale 4 Co.... 1 Hndth 4 Rnynton 2 Peter Kd*s 1 Foster. Elliott. 4 Co 1 Kendall 4 Plympton.... 1 Alpkeu* P- ties 1 Adams k Cn 12 8i utters. Sjmiugton, 4 Pill<ijury tt Sanfurd 1 Robinson 1 For England 20 Chas King 4 Co 1 ? Burnt Austin 1 Total packages IS) Magrun 4 Bona 1 ?? Total value fl.4fQ.BJQ Tlic following vessels, wltli assorted cargoes, arrived at Ban Francisco from the 1st to the 14th of June, the date of the sailing of the steamer from that port; ? Preset. tThrrtJr?m. Sailing time ??"V !?.. i i via ' Elainore " l:? ' Bark Fanny Major " IM " ' Corn walla " 'Sit " 81.Ip John Brttian Boatoa 121 " klattlda ' ISO " " Arah " |7H ? Bark Walter L'laxton ... " l.Vi " " Paladin Philadelphia. I'll '* Pbip .NarrarinaeU " 1?1 " " North Carolina Baltimore 177 " Brif J. C. Leitrand " IHO " " lialaa " 143 " Ihe Caionrr') liiveatlKwiIon In the Lynth. I UK C'aar of Jrnalna. (Trai thn .-an h'ranoiroo Courier, Juno 14.] An lii<|ueet wan hrlil by Coroner llalUfhrr ji-trrlay, upou the tody <>t lb. man knnwe a< .! >bnN.'iikin?. who wan hung on lb? Flaii yeeterday morning Thn following hie the name* of the jury erupaneilivt:?T M heaeeaaorth foreman; Wm M Hildy, W J Mpnrrj. John Ontt, T. HUlr A W, Oauetoek, JuhnO. Ortawold Frank Turk, K hinghbuiy The ini(uiv.t wa? held in J udge McQc ? an a r<m, tb. holy having prcri >uidy b. i n <>x irainml by thn Jury in thn dead honaeln the City I bill yarJ Ibn hrat wttnnia aworn w?? Captain Kay. of thn Second Dirt I let Police who rtited that on rut-aday evening lie won tiitornioU that a cafe had hnna ttolen on hong wharf, and atarted down there to make thn arreat M hi u arriT. d. hi- wan inf'>rm?d that In had been taknn away, and went up to tho house of 8. Brannun. at tue corner of Bu-h and Sansome street*. Captain Kay kaecfead at the do r. Mr Bmbbmimmm hB yrBUi um r; ? n|M?m iuij '! u??* |>i.w?r i?mannti nqin-trd him to wait a minute; i.i about half ?? Itriirta tiwkid iqrain, awl wa* a?rain rciiwitnl by Mr lirntii.ati to wait. ho *aitcd an hiux longer, then colInud ? fi'M, l ut eaw It w?? ti-rl- ^ to attempt ti> make a mrur; I hi' Dolt ho n* of Jitklm ?*? on the I'Um, ho hed ? rr|i' arouril hU nock; did not reco*niui an* olo who hail held of tho pri-.iier; I proclaimed to tho crowd that the man wao my primmer. when I throat i oid ? y tho en wd; I wao rcixed by elx or eight men. and hold till I hoard the pulley croak I know who * one of the m> o were; Idicline elating who they Wrre, unleothe question lo tnoi.Mcd on. (Ilere a ijin/i lcti um anion* tho jury, aa to whether It wa> not proper to leatn the name* of tho men, and Mr 1 uik n qurrtrd t'ap'ain Kay to giT* tho nam' a.j Mr Thouixa Met ahi!l wua ? no of the in- u who ooiaed n.i ; a piMol hod heeti held t" my head, aod a man hi t d trie with a olung ahot; I think Mr MoCahill relied me In a friendly manic r. to -are me from hum; I had pri tinu*ly ee-u Jerkin* revei al timet; 1 did not ncignpeany cue whohadboldof tho rope; the noooo of the n pe wao thrown owor my hea l; I wao olo-e by th? prin nor; 1 can name witnae-co who know who had hold ! of the ny e; I>*rid 0 lltoderlck la a witaeaa who know | acme i'f the|aitiof; I haro newer wro tho block aod tackle before I'm id C. Bre d* riek.?I aaw a man liAnglng In the H<|iiate llila morning; I raw Ihe man brought in th dqtiare abr tit two o clock; I wao ataodio* near tho II herfy pole when Ic> wm bnutiht up, I ? <- tliore to old the eOlhorltlrx to preTent the execution; I attempted to go Into the crowd and told the m-lice to take the man lo the etatlon houee; Win. II Jonoo and another man rau?it bold of me and held n.e hack, I had a concern* Ion with Mr. Jone-; 1 raw a crowd with a rope which war thrown owei the eroae piece; .lore* hod hold of th Tlf-a; llir pn-"lt*T I.ail on l";a Rrmnu inn UHI R win-u flirt aaw him, I w* ? mitn *ho ??< giving or lara rn?h down to put lha mp? oral blx naak, ha bad on a dark rial with braua l*ttnH; waa a tout man, I ?n t It waa < aptnin Waki-man, John Kagan had hold of tba prh OM f; ha app>arad to ha daalrou.t of having him hum, I Mi niialfly afiar tba prtanmr waa hui?tad, I *? a inan ran d IVilij, ?bo waai naonragtng IW party who ptiUM ti e t< pa. anotbar mm Vary pt -mini nt, waa Captain Kd atd a King, I aaw aa rural with piatolf in thalr handa; Ebtn Nllra rania running up to ma, ami ?iM m? l( I a* lha man who pulli-d tha ropa. I told him no; h? raid ha n? Haiti Ha ami Hyatt; I ana,I out naaaril tlmi? for tha Marrhal and hbarlff. but eonl 1 hatr nothing

fthini, aftar tha harming. I aaw aari-rai p?ri"niat tha t nl< n whnapfi ari d to ba n rr anklouo to hara It known thry bad parilripatad in tha affair; among thai* ?* fannn I llranoan alao Hm II Jonaa; I am not aur- f raw yrtirg Mr Howard nn tha Plain, thlrh I did, Mr Jom a aiwuiad to ba In favor of hatutlng i-varyho-ly thai didn't halnng to hia party; I apoka to him about tha roorta. and hla ri-ply w??, ' to hall with tha ronrta fnm all I -aw. I think tba banging wa? tha work of an oiganln d bard, who romlurtad tt by a pravtona arranga mi nt, Mr Jem a atati d that ha waa una of tha aiMnmitti'a ami that thay wara gnti g to taka thing* Into thalr own hattda; I did not aaa Ool. fltavanaon. Prmtol Hmnonn- 1 waa rivrant whi-n a mart waahmtg in tha Plnra; T npdar*to?d lo- waa nrr tad f-w robbary, I don't know who had hold of tba ropa wit -n ha waa hung. I taw a ropa on tba man. don't know whathrr It waa an dar hia arm* or round hla nark; hoard aomabody aay It w#? rrcrd hta naak: ilon't know who It waa; I flr?t aaw tha man oornar of Buah and tanaoma at root#, two non had htm arm in arm; I undaratond tbvr wara tha mm who arraatad him; thoy I aft him In tha nmt?a d? i. t km-* who ti i k rharg? of him, ha wa? nntfattarod; thara wi/ya a oomhar ot paraona proaant, ""ma wara f ? mllvp hint lo tha atati.>o botMa. otli<r? f->r aardlng f>? lha witni-".aa, tliay wtra taot f-r, 1 daalln- anaw.-rlnt TOritur thi wltnaaaaa an-ra akautlni-d on tha ground Milt It may arimlnata myaalf, I holiara tha man had a fair and impartial trial; ha waa triad bof-wa from alxty I toilghty tnon, I halu va tho rorili- r of guilty wa? unani motia, and tfeoy on mi to (be CblK'iiiatvil unaniaowi/ t9 R K H TUHDAY, JULY 19, 1861. bang him: 1 don't know how the jury wae empaneled; . think they empaneled themeWvt *; the jury oonatated of the committee of rigilance; rtiey wrre all citiiens of the town; I don't know that the committee hae by law.-; the declared object of the committee *u to conaider themaelTee constantly or duty, to protect the Urea and property of their fellow- citizen*, to ?ee that they are not troubled by burglara. and tnoendiarleff, and murderer.*, and to arreat and punirh promptly partiea o.tu^bt in the act; the man wan executed in accordance wtth the (trading of the committee; I tni-lcntood a reord waw kept of the eridence adduced on the trial, aix or eight witneetee were examined; the prisoner had the priri< #1?i i?~ I- i? hi. luiltulf ..4,1' k. I Ml W M..- Ml M" | had hut one witness, who cimr and testified thai ha (lid not know him; there was no counsel aasigued him; I don't know whether the man's witness saw him; he mid i he did not know any Mich inau, before he reached the house; don't know that the witnesses were put under j oath. I did not make any motion that the man should i have a new trial; don't know whether any other perM>ns than those of the committee were in the room; a man is admitted to the committee on a nwtion by a frier d. who vouches for his character. and thut he will ! devote a portion of his time to wa'-chinji for burglars and ' other scoundrels; 1 don't know of a ivy other eecresy ; than that of an honorable mar ; there is no oath used; 1 the object if to assist the law and administer justice; ! ' do not belitre the prisoner would have besn hanged if the committee had not found him guilty; the commtttee are good citizens, and of good standing in soiiety; I saw j the prisoner's witness out doors; heard him say he didn't know any such man as Jenkins; don't know whether be went inside; did not mWw could not give the nami-i of any of the witnesses; I object to giving the names of ; any of the c<gnmittee; (have understood that threats j have been made against their properly and lives; Phaw heard threats made; I have heard it said that my own house would lie burned; thr-ats came to me from the prisoners in lhe county prison that I should not live ninety days; I know of nothing done by the Yigllauce ] Committee that they would conceal from the ollioers of the law under proper circumstances: the avowed object ' of the committee is to protect the city and punish crime; I know of no other purpose tor which they are organised; I believe it was through the instrumentality of \ theci niniiltee that the man was hanged At l>j o'clock, the jury brought in the following Terdict:? We, the jurors of a jury of in.jii-st, smpeselled by the ' coroner of the county ol Sau IraucitHto, i.> inquire iuto ; the cause of the death of one John Jenkins, wn<> came to i his death on the morning of the eleventh of June, between the hours of two and three o'clock, by v.oleut | means, by strangulation caused by lieing suspended by ; the neck by a rope attached to the south end <>f the adobe building on the I'laza. at the hands of, and in pursuance of a prt concerted action nu the part of an n-soriation i f ritiM-ns. styling themselves a Committee of Vigtlmee, of whom the following members are implicated oy direct testimony, to wit:?('apt. fcldgar Wakeuian. Vf II. Jones, Jatm C Ward. KcwutdA King, T It. BatteUo. Iteiij. Reynolds J b Kagan. J (' Derby, and saniusl itriiu- I nan; aid the following member*, by (heir voluntary ' avowal of pardcipatiou in the act [lien- follows the list (f mtmbeiaof the committee, published yesterday.] An unanimous veruict. T M. LEAVKNWO&TU. foreman. T1IK COMMIT I KK OF VlQIbANCB. jii a n.ui iii jt i)i me rigiihnc.- c oiiMBiiiee. ni Id IW evening. June l:>th. it we.- unanimously Rt solved. That the member* of the Vigilance I'ommit'ce remark with surprise the invidious verdict reudervil by the coroner'* jury, after their inquest upon the b<dy of Jenkina. ?1 j| niptnn, after we bare nil notified I lie laid jury I M( |<uhli<' that we wer? all participator? iu the trial vu-outlon of salil Jenkins W. desire that the |iu. .*? will understand that Capt K. fl'?krm?n. W il. Joim-p, James (J. Ward. 1'. Iward A Hi up, T. K Hat telle, lb nj Reynold*. J. 8. Kagan J. (' lb thy and esuiucl Uranus u. h?re been Hiiuoccssarily pirkwl from our numbers, asMic coroner'a Jury have luid I full evidence of the tact tbat all the undcr'iqucd hive j la i n equally implicated. and are equally responsible with their above nainid associate* [8lpred by the committee, whose names were published y eHetday.] MEETING ON THE Pt-AZA. I'ur-uant to ailjoiirnmeut on IVedne sday evening. a { large meeting of the rtti'/en* was held on the ITaxa yes- . tcrdsy aftmioe D. Captain Webb railed to the chair. ! and Dr. Itlael.uian appointed Vice l'rcsidc-nt We did ' dot learn the names i f the other ofllocr* I'pon taking tl.e rhair. the i fflcer* addressed the meeting, statin" the i ohject of the assemblage. A aeries < f reaolutiooa were pn si nted to the meeting, for adoption by II I long K~j . After the resolution* had been read by the chairman ; of the Dieting 1) 0 Broderick. mi mber of the hegislature. a-krd the privilege of adilresaing tbe me-tiug upon the reooiutx ns. and in opposition to tin in. which request was granted In the course ol his remarks lie bee ante personal, and he was stopped; but ha*iug made apologies, he was permitted tt proceed While drclaiatint against the i \i cut ion o! Jeukins. he pledged his he% I that he would have ail the persons whom he could aseer tain ar having la-en concerned in it, hung by the law, ami he bimeeif would aaeiet. Another geiitb man then addressed the meeting in opposition to the retolutiona. In a gentlemanly and eourte our manner, and be was listened to attentively. When the question was about to be taken on the resolutions considerable interruption was off. red by those opposou. wbirb was promptly hissed and put down The question on the re#< lutions war put and carried afllrmatirrly by a large majority. Just as the quest'on was taken by the ' president. Ilroderick stepped up to fclm. snitched the re s< lotions Irom hl? hand, (inland thwy had not passed. and destn y< d tliem. Col. liuit- was tln u called to the stand. and made a rery tinsilde speech in fernr of the re-i I tit ion- aud ad- ! rocutli it the eium ad' pted by the IV pie's Committee of Ksfety llr was loudly thiw ! throughout, and l'.sterml to with (Trent attention Tl><? moe'lni wasaUo ad- ) droM by I>r. tan l>jrke ard serirai other pentlte.a u, | who itrf ngly endorsed the principles and policy rwc mimended by the re wdut ions. In the curse of Col Mule's I -Wisrkr be anm unced the fiict that Mr Hnxl.rlck had j destroyed the resolutions. This caused a genera! rush for I b hi tut the pei pie were restrained froui commit tinman/ i violence upon his person lu e< Delusion. we may remark that Mr Ilmderick's eoni duct war in the ilia hi It degree idl-nsire and unju-t The ! 1 ernducl of the police in aUcniotti'g to dirli.rb and break upa piaciahle meeting of the eitlxens was an outrage . We hope they will learn a lesson frirn this not to he forgotten Dinner to Terrenee ltd lew M?Monit?, the 1 Iilah I'mrlnt. (Vroin the Kan t-rauetrco I'oat. June 13.J Tlie high snil prai.-eworthy testimonial of re<|>*ct and , welcinie to this oppressed son of Ireland f iui" off lust j night. 1 oei rding to appointment, at the Ka wet Hon**, on llurh itriet It wss. without exception, the most hrililaM eau n.Uy, with the greatest nuo tsr of enthu-iaetie and ilri ly speeches ever rnaijn in this city. tt'n rat* rot room for * mil rrpcrt of m?. out fno rt f ular ti iiata will a(?ak for tliem-elrea The hall w? ta*t> fully dwiiilnl with our national Hagr ; melton table* xt<oiilr.|f the whole leng'b of the iinII were tHI i i fill) (I by iur meet influential citiaenr. The -timpany , liakmi') it Ih*tiU? it wfi d o>lock numbering ah nit r?0. Mayor I'.rtnham a* chairman ot the ennui it tee. \ templei! the w at at the cf the table On hi* right mi >lr. Tern irr IMItf McManna, on hlr left our honorable P< nator Oaln. m. the riiclit and left rat t ol Wel'av. | lion, Thoroaa butler King Gen (ireen. II.a. t?nao K j ll< Imoa, Judge Murray lion I'atilok W T< si|dlM, 0> ii At der?)'ti. Hon H.N Mrl.ane ami una? other dtat.rgeilxb>d men from nil f 11.? of (he Mate. The dinner wa? fair?lli? ?li e MtrtUx; Lat the eer,fluent. go al I fi>lil<|t. rntliliilaiai ramut he rxi etlo.1 Alter JU- i crneltr fully the dinner, the clnlh whx retrieved, an I the ! aeritnbly tailirt to order hy bUyor Urenhnin, who pmCin'if to rite the regular tuaxla Iti.dr I * lit Ivig'a cornet hand. Mayr rnnliam add toured the gentlemen %x#etnM?.l. in a ihort hnl extlleit anereb. alluding briefly to the ci noli Ion ol Inland. and ike evurae and career of their curat. which wax reccirrd with groat favor, and read tho folh wing itctiti to arm t. Ti e Cuioo of i ur fltatea? I he nf> ruard of our hep pineaa. now) r, end llh> rti?? and the hope of freedom to . the world? llllah'ed l<- th- hand erer rolled to divide or dlxttn h It Vtuale? St. I'airleh'a Day.'' 2 The rriaid'Dt of I he United Matea?The flr?t ma I glalrate of the VepnUie. and the flrat free cltlaen of a tree |M i pie? may hla vlrluea lend an artlvelnatre to h|a office, and ihgnifr th- ?iin tntitrnttoa . t hi< dtitli > S. lint gueit Terrenoe Belew JlrManua?Ireland gave him hirlh. England a dungiot. America a home, with a rumurau id< li-?au wm uiin ? mwW' uunr, owrr III ma " Mr WrMatua aro*a with amotion. appaarad priatly affi< I'd ami with a heart rrcrflnwlng with ur ?tlttitlr, n | lird I rl'fj anil with animal inn. anil pointing to th< ttag plidrd hiRaelf that where*t and whanercr It rln nld I* In Hangar. hi? right arm ah'>uld ba glr?nlf' ly In Ita d>frn<c, and took hlaaaat amid tbr now: taraimuoin npplatiaa. 4 Tha P'ateof California? Tha Or.ld?n Finplra of tha tt'tat ard lh? out-poet of fraadi m on tba Piu'ilto rnnal, tha rtfttge of the patriot, impn gnablc againat tha oprav For. k. lion B'm M Owln?Our alda and dl*tin;ril*he.l rej oacntatWc In lha L'nltad tftnta* Bcnata Mu*l<- ? flail to th< I kl'f." 1>T (Iwln ito? and thaeked tha gentlemen for tha'r i ' mpliutrnt, walaamad tbair gnaat. and Fubmltted tba following? Onr Crunfry?Free and independent?what' tha op. prarM d aona of liberty alway* find an a*ylum without faar i f tnoiaatatlon 8. Tba Army and Nary?Tha bulwark of the rrpiildla iyoaand land?Ihalr arm? carry e<'ti<jue?t ?ad:h?lr OrOriaa glrr ! > lha nntlona clTtlicalln and fraadm Kmc? Star Ppangled Banner. 7 * llliaro Smith IrBrian and hla companion* In aslla ?Hil-t la to their go*ernm<nt patriot* t<> thalr country, irarljra to llharly thay I oat tha day, but thay hare aimd immortality A lha propla of Iraland?borer* of liberty, though 'hay ' hj'y It not ?whan at langlh raganarat'd may thay alway* rtinamlM I tha man who tufarad to aohleTa thalr . fr? *<1< ni 0 Tha Baptiblirana of Franoa. and tha Patriot* of iM't-iarj? 1 ha mod, ratV.n of tha former In rioter* ha* had lu'tra < n thalr attcceat?tha h>*roi*m of tha latter In dafaat ha* blnr.t'd tha asa of llaynau. nod ownmat d-d tba 'ymjr?thle* tf tha nation* IP Tha Callfa.rnt* t'tonoar* Tba hold and adtantar | -u* herhirgv* of a naw Hat* ?thalr net* Ice* to Call for t la can nam ha forgotlan II Tb* City of Ban Franc taeo-Tt* paopla and llapmgrraa II Th< Natlra Callfamlan* Tba fonndara of tha great ctr.imarelol commnnwikitb nf tba raetBe Htr tbr D*? Tbonm* Bttt -r kit* ?* cktlrd fo( I ?? 1 - ERA] whi n he are?e made 4 abort i-^eech. Which waa lotull/ applauded, and pare the fallowing;? Oppre anion?The eeed of liherlJT?it baa been sown broadcast in Ireland and inoiatennd with the bioxl of her gallant aona Ma/ It apecdlly proAuee an abundant hnieest. Cel. Wi lier followed in hie urual impaeai'Wfd at/le, and It la ?Jr ubtful If he wan e?er happier In ao/ (4Ma efforta. Itcn Ieaar K llolmi H hrtoK called for. rerpMWted In a tuily elc quint etrain which ?*? biirhlY anDlaUdad Hlirerhek Were made hv the Ho M K. ^ P. W. Timpkin*. Judge Murray. Capt HimptoA UoF Vt hite. and many other*. Muj volunteer senticmita ' Wert offered. which *c have not room to give At 12 o'clock the company left the table for the rail ' room. Caiaaltltr. A letter from Poor Min t Creek. Feather river, dated ' June 6, announce* the death of Franklin Morse, by the 1 explosion of hi* gun. while on a bunting excursion. lie wan about twenty year* old, It-longed to the vicinity of Boston. and bad'inbl? MM fl 600 in gold which ix now in thepotkcssionof James O. Smyth the writer of the letter. Michael Fallon, rf Roxbnry. Miuta wat drowned iu the North KorH of the American river on t he 6th of June IV P. Brown recently from New Vi?rk was killed in * an affray with Dr. /tedding at Vt'ubbervllle, ea?ly iu June. Maj. Fruncir Kountaiu. a Frenchman, wa-> killed at Smith's liar, North Fork Feather river, recently, by the fall of a bucket while be was engaged i t digg ing a hole , lie ? > in the Mexican war. wht ru he h.'ld the office of ! Sergeant Major undo (VI. Ilarney Martin Schmidt a Herman, formerly of New York, wa* killed at San FraucVaoo. on fbt 11th of Jti -e, by jumping or falling into a well forty A et deep, while suffering under au attack of delirium tremens ('apt. Jair-rs Kverewn. of New York, was recently drowned at Red Mountain bar. Tuoiuuiuc river, by the ait kingof a beat He was thirty-nine years old ("apt Snow, ef Thomastoo Maine w:ia murdered by two Mexicans on the lUih of Judc, who stabbed him V. lie was wcigblvy some gold dual in his tent, ut P-agoon (Jaieh. near Sonora Intelligent* Pein the fatltnana off Panama T1IE E\H I TIOM OK TWO OK 1IIK I lUOhkS MI'RDKR nay?sttrat'LAK amd ixtemive **tii?ery ok a CA JHOLIC PRIEST. We have received by the 1 trothsi Jonathan. fll?? ot the J'amtma IJtrahl and Slur to the I'll iOst. The only items of intelligence of any interest-are tlia following ? CATHOLIC PI. (EST ROUHEI. Of $56,000. H'rrui the Panama Herald. June 3b ") We announced in our last number the rumor of a large rr hbery v hieh. It was alleged, hivt ju?t occurred, i and of which w e receive ! a- our paper was , going to puss The ruun ' his to t only been eonflruied, built has i.eer ascertain* d to be much larger thus was ,, at fust supposed, and the whole robbery involves some . vi ij extraordinary laets. whi h we hHve gathered for the Isai fit i f oar readers j n v mi? lie j.-icsi "> '"-71 ""i"- ; Maria hl*DC". ha* been forsees'al year- th* guardian "f two or ihrt? orphan*, the children of hi* deceased k roller. The pn perty of these orphans thin priest has had c? LTi-rtrrt inti d< ubloons and gol 1 duet, and in this way l>ad eccumulatt d m vend hundred thousand dollars together, which he kept in a wooden ch-st in his room h lumbar* near Cathedral I'laza 'Ihe amount U state! at not las' than three bvndr?d th? oxand dollars, the gtcsti ryotth n of *li rh belonged to ' he orphan children | and >.b eh ho t! us kept secreted with a large quantity if his own furds in 'lucsday-yening last, the old podrr had ueeaaion to leave bis ri'i ti) lor an he ur or ao ??. o. on lux return, he , ??)* he met three men, apparently just Inuring the j building l'hrie men l.e nad wen t>ef' ?e, and he reiueml? r* their baring Vnoclted at his dor- one evruiug, and | a ben be admitted them they aps.logi. ed by saying th?y ' were looking for re uix. and retired I'pon ii aching his room, the old gent li mad tor..el that Ids treasure (lu st, which stood out in tli-? toom. had been hiokt u open; tut in in the large arn iint of money ooolaii 'd ib it. it ear laapoex-M* to a;curtain what am mut had twee Mohu Du W dnesday the padre very quietly made known the ririmmstance ot the r.ibIcry to one or two perional friends, with the singular j request lliat roiling be aid about it. u.i he - would rnihrrli e the ami ut>* tbar run th- ri-k of losing more ' by bavlrg the authorities count the balance." hut ids w.j-bc?. in this re'p*ct were not gra'itied?for, in a fe\> hours the terrified priest found uu- self beset by Inquisitive visiter*. poking all sorts of quest ' uu at him. ai a getting all sorts of rery short answirs Tfce ruinor Li tsno xpn a<l throughout the city; lit', three individual* wlioiu the prii-el lutd met at the lsor of his card, were aought tor and could not kt> found; many su picioui clrclimstances connected With their leaviug the city were tal i d up and tlisi u?-i d; the aiith<>illies began to be agitata d; a public iuvesligatton waa proposed by the frt nds ot the orphans and the dignitaries of the legal tribunal, which was strongly r--iett d bj the holyfalh-r; and a parly c misting of Penor Colnnjc unit Col. V. Ainay stnrteot <H iu puisuit of the fugitive*, with lull authority to arrest and bring them lw.;k to this city ciaitu' slior: has Is en msde by the authorities. with the foiiowii-g icsuita:?Priest Itlaiico canMot say what amount of gold waa contained in flinched, thi ngli he thinks Ihrie waa soots fdl'k) OUI As near as ran Is supposed the tbieeea got about I poo opening th- chest t- trake an -aauiin*- ( lion ti| w,.rii?of thr?? thousand Spanish doubloons and ft turpi'((tiuijMiy < ! gMil u.i?l tuo.'iii.i wor. loutiu. ins whole cI ahnli *. a? 1.I.1 11 t.y an orilei iin.l pit i.<4 In the hai de of hi* Kxci lli-ncy. Iliiwrnnf Iflai for ufa-krapiDK; ibu* ii< print# the piii at of a charge whieh. it la alleged, hi- wna not ?? i) m'i'ui nlou.1 hi tun# Ue MBiriof ihr perron* for wli"Ui writ* h re b?fn it-unlare J ltupey. or Duptr. pain I'lor Iroui Now Orliar*, ? fitter formerly cugag'd iu tha mule und '.relit p. rtnllon >i>, and Jo pimpaoo. a hotel runner There are Ilia tbtea pen on en by the pmkrr tearing hi? l.iUMin tbe en niLg of till robbery, and tin T were aim met Ly olbi r prm a iu Ibe ft reel, who Jen : .be them an tii'ir* appaii utly hailed Joan a I'll e. onthing heai y, the potkeU ot their rack i "at.' teiug euataioed by their i lie . ftp I<u|?y ha* ?li:m been wen at Crueev at d we hare uo doubt hut that the whole party are at I'lipm,ready to lake tU fir>t dtimr ft; the Inited Unlet two or t ttK riiAm-ra MritM.Rrns K'*cvto>. [ In R) the I'.anama Utar, .Inly 1 1 Yoten'av areuli.g. at half final fonr o'Vilook, Franelaco Medrano hi. 1 Je?i Maria Itadlllo two of thn men eonrtrti it of hoeing ri tniullted the repent murder* An the < haitt" Heir paid the penally at" red to their erime by the law* of the country ty being ?bot In frnut of the til) jail. It th. m; tile of ft.* .lav two le-etr h..d hii-n erected in Ib<- I'lma m ar Ibr cut art. wail of I be jail, to eaelt of which labor in I bo dat. attached a label, i;ir nit th? bam*. place of birili, ami (Haw committed by tb* eJlpnt A? the hour ?t proach?'d wh-n the nrrvtloa wa? |n taka place, rrowdn of pet p'.' fhvkid to tbo I'laaa, ami it.ty bn.cony and other prominent placa. from which a ?i< w could |.o oblutoi I oarly occupied A larK<' dwInitii.iit of the rational ||rud ati umlor irno and nil* r iriMcb'OK aril count 01 mat-loin: through tha principal ?tr>eln if tbe city. they mora drawn up in Tory It* oil .IjW. forming thr>-a iMr of a ?, uare near the tail Afterward* a vttard of regular soldier*, under tbi* roll of n triiffli d Jrtrua, twmdbcied tha print *i? fttm their fella (o'the plafa aMntloa : al irr the two priest* heard the la-t enf??ioo* that tin m rtlt tliiii-d had to ntakr ?td ndmlni>t.-rod to th-m all the t arthly tx too let Ion tbot rr.t* iter church < iuid gitra. Ihle done. a white bandage wan tied artar the eye* of tha I ri(or?-r?. whlrh at the *?'*. lime botin.1 theti h>-a>le to th. lt rrrpfftlte p-?t* I hn nfllwr in ' (??f th>>>; 'make ready." ' aim " and tha rattling round of total, tlj pit?lint. I thai the 'aw wan jit-litl-d Una of th. prio n, ra dlrd Without a drtipda?n MO bating entiled an etUry.fiom which tha |.|o?d npouted upwanta an Item a foot tain The?tber nb ?t< a leader of tha J (nil it it uidt ten and who pr.ulm d. when arrant ad. that he w?? r rdy nnrrjr he had tod k il.-d I wife a- many (topia. and who, throughout bin whole imprisonment, ban il la played tha nto-t linrden. J and defiant lone wan not roqliMly <le*patrh?d and a oenml rolley wan inalerlly dltrh?ig*d at him. Ptlll he wan not killed, hut anothi r t?U? y netit hie noul befrne that tied who had ((anted It. ttfc. Clod, it in a fearful thine To net. (be bun,an Mini take wind In ntty nbape, In any mood " I'rem the moment of the execution until 6 o'clock. the hoolee ol the crtnli.aln w? re nuffered t?remain expoead to the gaee < f the curi?u* crowd, who had anerinbted to I,..i?l. At l?.,ir r.. no e> d mid. we prcnme derrntly interred We cannot eione our remark* without eeylng that the whole affair went off n,o?t orderly mud quietly, nut aloud or angry word tetng Ik ard tn the IT*la dnring 'ho wh-de tftMKN aid i lit) the I w r<d?? of th* innf'ed dr im and Iha murmuring round of the many ? >ico? dkf turbing lLa roltirlitt) of the oc<a*inw Tlir i*TNMt'a RAIT.ROAn. |Friin the I'm nan ; lieiald. July 31 a obeerea Mr Archibald, tho gentleman engaged In I ho n retee of tlia I'anaui.i Railroad Company, in thi* j elrinily. ha* made eonaidrrat la (r p??? upon the lina | C,f rUrIf ) tiui intr Ike part weak. I he roinpany eeera* to : lie ingniarly fortunate in tl?? rhoiraof tin ir principal u?j.|? j f Hal thia lima Sewernl ,-han*e* hara t-ean made In the Higher di partmant* of labor within a ahort time. iimI Ilia gentlemen r. erntly in?UIH are of the mwt reliable and energetIc rharaeter Kerry aepeot af tha rrmpany'a affair* at thl* time warrant* the Boat eaa- j guilt* expectation* for the *pe*dy completion of tha j work pA.??rtoiEK? ron CaliforniaTha rteamer Tonne**** 'atlad on the I at, and tha Freno nt < n the 2d. a* adefrtKed, with a full oompleaient of pa?;*?ig*t', W* think, hy tha way, there >,*, n<d beea a [era exception* Mr ac*emVr of p*-**ttgrm In I'anam-i for the pa?t aix month* Among tbtiae whoae ?irr?'"aWe ?orlrty we enjoyed, wa* (VI Colin Wlleon of I'enrvrlraeanla. I 8 e< Hector of the port of Scott?rille t'mptua dUltlct. Oregon kpartaa* I,?tferyr Ticket*. l>?r4*T*!i:.*T er ffi ?t?, .Inly 17. IHA I Inf-rtnallon haeing rcicbi d thl* Department t> tha effect that ?ix hundred ticket* of the c??i * >r linary drawing of the lottery, ah' h took pie or tn llncaim, on tha 71h rf March l*?t. har, been enanmgfrii ?d aad *wbl In the rtty af New Itrlean* atd aa. in all probability. the aatnr *ra?daiou* fraud may again 1? tempted, tn the aertrira injury of our own rittren and other- the public la, tl refora, caullom J tn he on jj. (f ^a* J| Main*' ? a h mp *ttv n for tkr fjiiftr* ? LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. 1TEW8 BY TELEGRAPH* Arrest of John C. Gardiner. WiSiiiioTow, July 18, 18S1 3. C. Gardiner wan arrested la>t nlgbt on a charge of prijur/i auu km, vu? mirruwa, uivuguv Ufiwr JUU|f Crawford, forth* admission of bail lit- wuf attended by Mmr Carlisle and llradley, aa counsel The di.trirt attorney contended for f'JO.OOO. which was resisted bf Carlialc aa exorbitant. The court Anally decided upon ft,MO. Dr. Tin,ma* Miller became surely, and Gardiue* was liberated. More Trowble about (la* Canal Bill?Ra* niored Alteration, dec, Albswt, duly 18,1MI The official copy of the Canal bill appears in print for tee tlrrt time to-day. with a supposed material alteratkh to the 12th section, via., the words '-Canal Board" are esiVstitotrd for -Canal Cummi.?ioner?," which war* in th? bill, a* la alleged, when it passed the Auenbiy. ' The original lu the Secretary's office, it is also stated, has the word ' said" erased, and canal" inserted, by which alteration the giving of contracts is taken a Way from the eoui mictiotert aid engineer* Therein much excitement in eonse<]aence of this discovery. and?the slber gray- are up in arms as the transformation takes all power out of the hand) of their men, the chief aud subordinate engineer* Krsm Boston. THE RETORTED RELEASE OF MX. BR.Vi-R?SUppOMffi M> 1IDKR WITHIN THIRTY YEARS?TWO DEATHS Bt MOW9HNO?TUI blill' KACKK. L'oeTO*. July 18, 1M1. A letter fha Vii'nca dated June iflfc states that Mr. Br?< * ?>as only bee* freed from close confinement H* had arriv? I al Pr-lh, where Its was under police sarvafllaun awn t ag IUe *rr snna ion of hie trial before the military c< wrt at that city In ygi.g up laudation rfan old building, at Noa (4 Cernl L now . ?nrd by the tifty associate*?tfcjb m ruing about let I. below ?K- surface. tend unilerUrath til' sldeenik th> aurkmrn hImmhwiI tbn b?M of a being oppose4 to hare teen murdered rhw bones of the arm* and I' *' bad boon sawed M two, a? a* to enable Iho murderers to sht.v# the body lot" the hot* The skull was in an excellent stste of pre-erwauoa. ami n unj of the teeth Merest ill nounu The buinitag has boon ert otod 1 hi-ty-thri e yours and the uirtTitor mnpt havr lieen committed within that timo 1'ho murderer* had evidently gone into the cellar. puitod away two ar throo atone* fr< m tha foundation. and dax the crave of their victim undorui ath the sidewalk. and then el >9ed up tho wall again. At Hudson. Ni w Hampshire. on Wednesday. Ilonry iluid at.d Ncyis Woodburae were drowned by tha upratting if a boat, wh ist ti.-hing T1 e cow clipper ship Kacer did not leave Newbury* port yesterday, in con-equsuee id the una arrital of tha t xyi eted steamer to tow her t" New Vork She is reprarented as a splendid yeesel, aud has been much visited and lid mi red. Tbr tire at k'nthtt In the Juniata Kim. I'lltLAPXI SHI I, July IS, 1861. Tho fresh t in the Juniata has bee n most disastrous The fsmily drowned at Water street was that of Mr. Hotel i Kit, hard The crops along the river had been oat, l<ul not housed, aud were swept away At iMrUrauiieks Town, lluutltgdon county, seviral d?i llings were swept away. The various creeks were all higher than ever km wr. hi li re. The farmers sustained Vi iy heavy lowe*. Families crct.pi d to the hille. in many place* aiian louii g their dwi llings and furniture All lb? lower p .niou of tlie borough of lluutiugdou is co?er*d with watuu The damage to the canal and railroad is suppoan.1 to Ba very great, the i nibaukinent bi b w Huntingdon for sewwral mile* ha* been completely torn away, aud not a vwa:lge i f the canal left Another Kalal Railroad ArrtOent. Km iirtTia, July IS. 1961. As th.i express train Was going east last night, about eight o'clock, it came in contact with a horse and cart. I ) which the owuir. Christopher Wood, aged about ttfly years was instantly killi d The cart was torn from tha horse, ai d smashed Wood was caught on tha cow cati in r. aud carried about half a nine before Ih-> train could In- Stopped, when he was fouud to be dead, having a coiituelou on the aide of the temple aud his face maoik it jtired. Fulling In of a Hnllrontl Wharf. I', M>., July IH, 1M1 This morning about two hundred tret of the Atlantis ard hi. La wiener INmiaiy'- railroad wimrf gava way. ratty ing with It twelve hundred tons of railr< ad Iron aaC ll.n e cars loaded adth pressed hay. Four hundred tons or tlio Iron I ol < ngod to Wood, Hlaok It Co., and tho balance to AndroM-oagiu and Kennobook riailroaj The property rank in right or ton foot of walw at loir tld?. From (lie Month THE NEW ORl.r.ANS III EL?M< KliKRKK 1119 MMI-fflLAW, ETC. Fit.rtMoar, July 18, 1361. Tho South- rn mail a.< Into a* duo. haa arrlred Tho Now Or lcan.? pap. rr contain particular" of tho dot lotarrn Mmii r at and Hunt. It wan fought with double liarroh d guno at a dirtanro of forty pao?a 9yna the mc< ml fro. a bullet paneed through Mr Irort'i Wft brraot and ho died within half an hour aftor John ? Wormley, a lawyer, deliberately ihnt daad hia on Ir -law. Anthony * R?Umt. at l h>"lerth Id Virginia, on Wedueeday Robioti ?v form, rlr deputy ?b?rlll, and *.io Tory wealthy. Tho partiea had bad a quarrwi Flrr In Potlaallla. Putik iota. I'* .July 18, 1881 Tho otora orcuplrd by Meter* tVinogarJoaor k M adfe, together "llh E?nt? large hrlok ilwolling, woro "illnlf dctroyod liy tiro la*t oemilng From Norfolk. MARINE 1 I9A6TEB? ATTEMPT Tel EIUE A NCWSrtfU OPPICE. NuaroLa, July IT. 1881. The ototmor Atmnida broka tor -bun jo. tonlay An XI' iDpt ? ? iwtr yesterday to dnlroj tha Ib'mtd off re I.J tiro It no f"rtuimlrlj dlacnrertel la time to |>r- etui any rertom drmw Intelligence f rout J a ut a too. f* lit*.- r? c? itrd iiih Kla<*ton (J?. > Jomrttaf to the ]ltk itiMint, alao cur r Traapondeuc to tha Mat day? Tin- Jfttmal giro, lb* lolk'tln| paragraph ? Tin Am. rlean bri|t 1 m tUn, which arrte-d ynetacday In to Miw Yirk. hn i.*ht many rnlnrj imiu'ar.nt* from the Mate* It it not -taled for watt purp w? thay h*?w r< nr hi-rr. bat to ranly Wlf?? that they bar* mot thlt.* to do a lib cotton rultleatlnn la th?* I-land i >at |,i Dllttnrt hitrlnK recently arrteed h-re fmni .nftato iD??M>gatc the r:ip tbilitlt * of Ibttoli lor that i>r eiurtte*. OfR KltO*tON COMSSPObDINCS. KirotToa, (Jam ) July 11 1M1. IVllrMil Mi'11 Strami rt? 7*Sr ( tuUrrm ? Tie Mrrkttm. The royal mail at cantor Conway, with th* ITth "f Jam tell* from Rtidaad. arrived bwr* a the 9th tut fraaa ht Thoaiar. ti.o loft <>n the 10th for Havana Tit a prival mail at. iittar II* at 14' imtam la liw>tra.l In* on thr llitb, fr< m V?? Cm? fl)?? I* not I word of nr*< Tho chnlrrt U rory Ml in 8nr In Mtr. the pari-h of tVaatm?r<-land 11k pricoa r u front aro not ri %4j In Ham for thin -'tin rr but will m nj on b; III I'Mwut City, riprriod km tory noon, front I'bwmi Thorv at* nrrrni ?inoota loading In tho i?i*n.l for Kttgland. to anil on tba Urn at Ai>iruat; among th>m aororal foreign oooa A largw quantity of >ugar will b? wnt away thia araoon. Pr*ythirgladull. I lntir i? J?? to atlo moal ITn Nothing wattUd tn tho Hint k?t N>?t rmv thi Ntarwii M Inom ?W? hart rooolrog fto /VI. nr.t?n of t bo 17th. and ? rrrepondrnoo frua* '.nbalnn of tbr Jl'thof May from n orreop >ndaal'a Irttae ?a rttrart tho following not Iff of tbr aiarbof-at I ahalnn, Mny Vtith ? ' t>?r plant ore hare had n rory food aonoon, and thorn ! a good <|tiniitily of oyrtap and onmo ongnr on hand. Pytup l? lit id nt A r?nla hat ronld bo bought fbr loan, btifno n inprrior artlolo. olrnr. light and lir? ly. hold a> T rrnta, f. rngn au*?r? fiaflornta. podor lut litllaoHM tn 1'iH a l.i . ?nu i ? r? ..wing to frary ft.aU but bow t hay an mmi?? down fir? thv mountain in Una <rdrr. good also, and p<?*T. ak 98 2ft a f 2 78. and f 8, tbay ?? probably ba abl- tn fornt-h tbrm at M M?f Ball waak; and Will you allow ma toark.canwnaot ??p|ly y nr wiuhat i?t ?4 par bhl bara. I lid aa) %'i Biort for freight and agprnsa. and aall thorn to y.n ikMpd (ban you ran at.wd tomlas tham * TWra atr but frw ?0M?lr B ? I) log hafw lor nargoaa, and WW V>p. ihst lOBrof tha largo float you Kara wtil ba roang nar, and lata oar prndtiro an.l gtr* Imlnia? a atari, aa It la talliar dull with ua bar* jnat at pr*a> nt." In lit r?'ywoi?ti ara tha reports of Knonl ina Minis tar of lha Intaiior awl of Robert t'rli htnn Wjilia, Mtnlrttr of foreign lirlatloM. t'trm tha for war wr learn that tba number of forelgntrawtrihaTa takan tha oath of alheianoe daring tha t art yaar la 181. cltliene of tha following a..dairies ? 1 nitr a Plate* Hi) China It Ureal Hrttaln 87 flouth Atnnriod fraree 4 Kaat Indies t I'nrtngal 6 Meat Indira J <>i 'many 5 Polynesia. l>el tnaik.... Mm.... " rrtwala 1 _ Thr a?rarl t f tondr a< Id at aoetloo In tha tiawa'tn* Klnad'to during thr I* l yrar, wa# f'rwt ??<? 2,'*, ? lha a mow it teeelTid fbrptiMIe Iteenaea la pJt.idB In real a-'at* the mi m leg of rnjal pat'nta grant*? during lha yaar la ;lllToAlhae * T ?dX " * U

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